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The AtariLink Directory - Last updated 31 Dec 1994 This file is not maintained by, overseen by, endorsed, or otherwise associated with Atari Corp. or any of its subsidiaries. It's a listing of Atari users maintained by myself only. I also didn't even write this warning or the Jag logo, they're from R. Jung's Jaguar FAQ. =) BTW, since this IS the AtariLink Directory, I'm open to including the ST if enough people tell me they're interested. Keep in mind that I know -nothing- about the system, though. All I know is that Midi Maze is a great multiplayer game... Any other ST games link up like this? Info first, description later. =) BATTLEWHEELSDOOMSPACEWARULTRAVORTEX A _ _ ____ _ _ _ ____ T | | / |/ ___\| | | | / | _ \ T | | / | | __| | | | / | |_| | L /| | |/ / | | |_ | | | |/ / | _ < E | |_| / _ | |__| | |_| / _ | | \\\ S \___/_/ |_|\____/ \___/_/ |_|_| \\\ P \\\ HEREAIRCARS BTW, the names comprising the "box" are simply titles that I'm pretty sure are going to use the network and/or modem, but I could be wrong, you know. City E-mail Name ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Glendale, CA Denny Hyett Los Angeles, CA Howard Chu San Leandro, CA Bobby Tribble Snt Cruz/Stanford, CA Phil Patton Stockton, CA Marlin Bates Melrose Park, IL Dan Iacovelli West Lafayette, IN Allen Braunsdorf Boston, MA Karl von Laudermann Hastings, NE Kenny Kant New York City, NY Darin Reid Columbus, OH Matt McCabe Lancaster, PA Donald Way Lewisburg, PA Christian Svensson Cheyenne, WY Tim Steed Laramie, WY Ethan Larson Ronneby, Sweden Richard Krejstrup Wermland, Sweden Christian Andersson RAMPAGEWARBIRDSCHECKEREDFLAGXENOPHOBEZARLORMERCENARYCALIFORNIAGAMES O __ ____ __ __ _ __ __ H B | | \ \/ / |\ \ | | \ \/ / A O | | \ / / | \ \ | | \ \/ N S | | \/ / | \ \| | <\_> G Q |__|_ | | | |\ | /\ \ H U |____| |_| |__| \__| /_/\_\ A A I SOCCERJOUSTBATTLEWHEELSRAMPARTSLIMEWORLDGAUNTLETCYBERBALLXYBOTSBILL * Bad E-mail address. If you're reading this please update! City E-mail Name ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Berkeley, CA Brian Osserman Glendale, CA Denny Hyett Hayward, CA William Osser Los Angeles area Scott Le Grand Los Angeles, CA Howard Chu Milpitas, CA Daniel Oak Mountain View, CA * (ref) Robert Hanson Mountain View, CA * (ref) Gary Hanson Sacramento, CA Bill Glaholt San Francisco, CA Jason Ligon San Jose, CA * David Cagle San Leandro, CA Bobby Tribble San Leandro, CA Jonathan Chew San Luis Obispo, CA Francis deLeon Snt Cruz/Stanford, CA Phil Patto So. SF Bay Area, CA Timothy Wilson Stockton, CA Marlin Bates Denver, CO Dave Weinstein Chicago, IL Michael White Melrose Park, IL Dan Iacovelli Northbrook, IL Jim Leonard West Lafayette, IN Allen Braunsdorf New Orleans, LA Barry Cantin College Park, MD Josh Adams Ellicott City, MD Steve Jonke Rockville, MD Mike Barton Boston area John Orthoefer Boston area-Waltham Laird Popkin Boston area-NH Border Ralph Barbagallo Winston-Salem, NC Tony Majors Albuquerque, NM Mike Arms Las Cruces, NM Stomper (?) Las Cruces, NM tgfe/Jordan Ficklin Cleveland, OH David Wright Columbus, OH Matt McCabe Columbus, OH Jim Harmon Kenton, OH Daniel Woodard South Carolina Robert V Porter IV Austin, TX L. Rene' Castro Austin, TX Brad Bishop Austin, TX Ben Gilbert Richmond, VA Joel Priddy Laramie, WY Ethan Larson Ottawa Ontario Canada Costa Karamalis Montreal, Qc Joseph Hogan Bristol, England Andy Norman York, England Andrew Hague Denmark Lars Jeppesen Fahrdorf, Germany Stefan Damerau Kaiserslautern, Germany Rouven Gehm Cordoba, Spain Javier Alvarez Uriarte Ronneby, Sweden Richard Krejstrup Australia Kerrin Pine Australia Ellis Sydney, Australia Darren Challis --- "What is the AtariLink Directory?" One of the greatest features of Atari's line of products is their link-ability. The Lynx allows up to 8 players to compete against each other simultaneously. The Jaguar has the ability for players to compete via networked game or over the modem. The AtariLink Directory is a way for anyone with e-mail access to hook up and play. For networked games all you need to do is look for someone on the list who lives in an area near you (or an area you'll be visiting) and drop them an e-mail message to set up a time and place to get together and Link up! Modem games are even easier as they're only a phone call away. You don't have to give out any personal information, just your e-mail address and what area you live in. Mail you get about Linking up can be handled in any way you want, including ignoring it if you're in a bad mood. =) TO ADD OR UPDATE YOUR ENTRY: Just send e-mail to and include your e-mail address, name, and area that you live in. From now on I'm only handling the "short" listing of people as the "long" listing was starting to be difficult to manipulate. I'd be happy to include a one-line message under your name, though. Users of outside services that can access Internet mail such as CompuServe, America Online, GEnie, etc. are welcome to join. For friends who want to join but don't have an e-mail address, include your e-mail address for referrals. The latest version of the directory can be viewed by fingering "". A copy of a recent version of the list is also at Andy Eddy's ( - an extremely nice guy, BTW) FTP site at in pub/vi/vidgames/faqs. If you are looking for a FAQ chances are it's there. Also, here's the plug for his magazine - read Gamepro! =) MISC: Some things I'm wondering about are: Does one need the Atari voice modem to play modem games, or can you use a regular computer modem as a substitute? I have a USR 14.4 Sportster external, so that's mainly why I'm asking here... =) Can one play modem games over the Internet, allowing savings of long-distance phone bills? The main problem with this is that the Jaguar has no terminal program (so far =) and I don't know what connecting through a PC, unscrewing your cable, and attaching it to your Jag would do. There's a lot of if's here, and actually I doubt this would work, but it's neat idea... [for more info, finger]
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