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HIGHSCORESSPEEDRECORDSACHIEVEMENTS I __ ____ __ __ _ __ __ C G| | \ \/ / |\ \ | | \ \/ / O H| | \ / / | \ \ | | \ \/ R S| | \/ / | \ \| | <\_> E C|__|_ | | | |\ | /\ \ S O|____| |_| |__| \__| /_/\_\ H R I HIGHSCORESSPEEDRECORDSACHIEVEMENTS The "Official" Lynx file of High Scores, Speed Records, and Special Achievements Maintained by Jim Leonard ( Notes for February 8, 1994 -------------------------- Boy, I feel like I've been through a hurricane! I've gotten a raise, moved into an apartment with my fiancee, worked out a free email address that goes directly to my new home, and suffered through cold as low as 25 degrees below zero! Fahrenheit, no less! Needless to say, the List has been neglected, so please find it in your heart to work up some more scores. We need contributions! (Shouldn't be too hard, right? Aren't there new games that you want to be king of the hill of? :-) NEW email address for contributions! "" Introduction ------------ Due to the (unfortunate) shortage of Lynxers around my area, I've taken to recording a high score from everyone I've come into contact with, both for bragging purposes (a little competition never hurt anyone), and also to see just what is possible. Without other people to compare against, I have no idea if my achievements are good or lame. To combat that, I've come up with a "high score" file, with more than just high scores. A description of the categories are as follows: High Scores: Well, just that. All scores are assumed to be given in the game's native allocation unit. Examples: 170,400 (points) in Robotron, 1,850,000 (buckazoids) in Zarlor Mercenary, etc. Speed Records: An achievement of how fast something was completed. Only applies if the game itself has a timer. Examples: Completed ElectroCop with 12:30:44 left on the clock, etc. Achievements: Any phenomenal achievement. Example: Reached level 57 on Robotron, finished the American golf course (Awesome Golf) 2 under par, etc. Game completions will not be counted. This is because almost anyone can complete a game if they put their mind to it. IMPORTANT THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: - If there are more then ten scores submitted for a game, only the top ten are printed. Scores are now sorted with the skill level accounted for, making the top score the top "best" accomplishment. - It is, of course, assumed that all scores, records, etc. have been achieved without the use of cheating. Honestly applies. - Whenever there is a dispute over a score, a question mark will appear next to the score until it can be verified. Example: A Surfing score of 8,347 isn't right, because Surfing counts by fives, making a "non-multiple-of-five" score impossible. In the above case, it's assumed that the producer of the score is either lying, or can't remember the exact score. It will be reported as Surfing: (?)8,347 - PLEASE submit your scores! Submission information is at the end of this list. - Whenever possible, include your email address, so that other Lynxers may congratulate / challenge you through email. - As this list is new (inception 7/20/93), there are undoubtedly many scores that I haven't listed, so please email or contact me with new developments as they occur. Also, most of the scores are mine, as I don't have many contacts yet. 8-) - A new list will be posted to and once every month. The most recent list is available from me upon request. Well, enough of that. Let's get started. High Scores ----------- APB: 73,225 (day 15) by (James Hague) 10,765 by Jim Leonard ( BlockOut: 99,864 (3-d mania) by Mikko S Nykyri California Games: 11,245 on Surfing by Jaime Villacorte ( on 8/30/90 11,150 on Surfing by Stephen Davis ( 10,905 on Surfing by Mikko S Nykyri 10,235 on Surfing by Douglas Dorman (cb207@cleveland.freenet.Edu) 9,850 on Surfing by (C.X. Sawran) 8,515 on Surfing by Bobby Tribble ( 6,270 on Surfing by Justin Scott 1,410 on BMX by Dave Litchman (dave@admiral.uucp) 1,112 on BMX by Mikko S Nykyri 1,070 on BMX by Louis R. Castro ( 950 on BMX by Stephen Davis ( 825 on BMX by (Brian Osserman) 817 on BMX by Bobby Tribble ( 718 on BMX by Justin Scott 640 on BMX by (C.X. Sawran) 610 on BMX by Adam Schenker ( 508 on BMX by Jim Leonard ( 29.986 on Halfpipe by Chris Frost ( 27,385 on Halfpipe by Mikko S Nykyri 25,926 on Halfpipe by Jaime Villacorte ( on 8/5/90 25,726 on HalfPipe by Bobby Tribble ( 21,896 on HalfPipe by Jim Leonard ( (?)1,234,184 on Footbag by Douglas Dorman (cb207@cleveland.freenet.Edu) 35,390 on Footbag by Jason Hamilton 31,482 on Footbag by Justin Scott 8,452 on Footbag by Jim Leonard ( Hard Drivin': 167,605 by Mikko S Nykyri Joust: 600,000 by Benjamin L. White ( 291,000 by Rob Locher ( Kung Food: 26,200 by Jim Leonard ( Ninja Gaiden: 140,600 (game completed) by Mark Bradley (by712@cleveland.freenet.Edu) 21,900 by Jim Leonard ( Pac-Land: 83,820 (starting from phase two) by Jim Leonard ( 26,530 (starting from phase one) by Jim Leonard ( Paperboy: 290,520 (Hard Way) by Justin Scott Pinball Jam: ~79,000,000 on Elvira by (Peter Hvezda) 44,149,000 on Elvira (HARD game) by Brian Goble ( 70,179,000 on Elvira (easy game) by "Robert A. Jung" 57,942,000 on Elvira (easy mode) by (Stephen Jonke) 49,033,000 on Elvira (easy mode) by (Robert A. Jung) 24,768,000 on Elvira by Mikko S Nykyri 19,000,000 on Elvira (easy game) by "Darin Reid" 27,788,000 on Police Force (hard mode) by (Stephen Jonke) 25,212,000 on Police Force (easy mode) by "Darin Reid" 20,990,000 on Police Force by Mikko S Nykyri Pit Fighter: 1,671,820 (completed) by Mikko S Nykyri 85,280 by Jim Leonard ( Rampage: 3,043,875 (completed with "George") by Steve Wells 202,975 (with "Ralph") by Jim Leonard ( Rampart: 53,109 (veteran mode) by (Stephen Jonke) 40,583 (veteran mode, 1 continue, no "2 player" levels, got to 2nd peninsula level) by (Bobby Tribble) 59,376 (Beginner level) by Thomas Esamie (ak586@cleveland.freenet.Edu) 14,298 (Beginner level) by Jim Leonard ( RoadBlasters: 630,530 (died at level 37) by Jaime Villacorte on 12/10/90 ( Robotron: (!)3,570,250 (Control scheme C, skill 3) by 2,986,425 (Control scheme C, skill 3) by Mark Bradley (by712@cleveland.freenet.Edu) 1,270,200 by Mason Woodford ( 715,475 (wave 37, control scheme A, skill 4) by Bobby Tribble ( 1,105,425 (level 54, control c, skill 3) by "Maretsky, Rob" 613,075 (control c, level 3) by (James Hague) 355,825 (Wave 20, control scheme A, skill A) by Jim Leonard ( Rygar: ~1,800,000 (died on level 23) by Larry Neal ~800,000 (successful ending) by Larry Neal 546,300 (died at level 12) by Jaime Villacorte on 02/08/91 ( Stun Runner: 596,600 (Level 23, warped at 12) by by712@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark E. Bradley) 257,500 by Jim Leonard ( Todd's Adventures in Slime World: 5,360,600 on "Easy" (Adventure 1) by Jaime Villacorte on 9/22/90 ( 1,326,500 on "Arcade" (Adventure 6) by Jaime Villacorte on 10/04/90 ( 247,400 on "Arcade" adventure by Jim Leonard ( Xenophobe: (!)3,925,885 (23 clear, 0 destroyed, 0 overrun) by Mark Bradley (by712@cleveland.freenet.Edu) 247,735 by Jim Leonard ( Xybots: 1,423,600 (won game; warped at 38) by by712@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark E. Bradley) Zarlor Mercenary: 2,173,320 ("Xeterog", Rank: Supreme Merc) by Mark Bradley (by712@cleveland.freenet.Edu) Speed Records ------------- California Games: :52 left to go on BMX by Stephen Davis ( Hard Drivin': 1:14.8 by Mikko S Nykyri Shanghai: Dragon: 8:49 with 0 hints by Fredrik L|fgren 10:32 with 0 hints by (Tony Mason) Jaime Villacorte ( removed all 144 tiles in 16:44 with 0 hints. 02/10/91 Butterfly: 7:26 by Sabrina Helenius Jaime Villacorte ( removed all 144 tiles in 08:55 with 0 hints. 02/12/91 Hawk: 6:22 by Sabrina Helenius Fish: Jaime Villacorte ( removed all 144 tiles in 09:09 with 0 hints. 03/02/91 Turtle: Removed all 144 tiles in 6:23 with 0 hints by Brian Green, Achievements ------------ Baseball Heroes: Darin Reid Home Run avg. of .250; he explains: "I got 25 homeruns in the homerun derby from 'Baseball Heroes'. This is significant, because you're limited to 100 pitches total. So in effect I had a home run 1/4 of the time at bat." Darin Reid got a no-hit game; he explains: "I just threw a 26 strikeout (one ground ball), no-hit game in Baseball Heroes! I was using The Sweeps, playing LA. I just kept putting the ball over the inside (for righties, outside for lefties) corner, the batters never even swung, the only one who did, hit a slowroller to the SS. As I got to the 9th my heart was pounding...FINAL SCORE: Sweeps 20 LA 0" Robotron: Wave 142 on Robotron (control c, skill 3) by Took 1 hour, 20 mins. Wave 54 on Robotron (control c, skill 3) by "Maretsky, Rob" Wave 37 (control scheme A, skill 4) by Bobby Tribble ( Wave 29 (control scheme c, level 3) by (James Hague) Scrapyard Dog: Level ICE-4 by (Tony Mason) Slime World: Randall Watanabe ( was the first to solve Level 6. He writes: I was the first person in the world to solve level 6 in Slime World. After completing the level, I was given an address to write to, and I received a letter stating my accomplishment as well as giving me some tips. For more info, see the tricks I submitted into the lynxserver cheat file. Submission Information ---------------------- If you have something to contribute to this list, PLEASE DO! Jim Leonard (Keeper-of-the-Egos) can be reached in the following ways: EMail: (try or if the above fails.) Snail Mail: Jim Leonard 3679 Salem Walk North Apt. B2 Northbrook, IL 60062 Telephone: 708-824-6113
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