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________________ ________________ / \______________________________/ ___ ___ \ / o | || | \ / _____________________________ |___||___| \ / [] | __ ___ _____ _ __ __ | [] \ | || | | | \ \/ /|\ \ | |\ \/ / | || | | | | | | _ || | | | \ / / | \ \ | | \ \/ | || | | | | | | _| |_ || | | | / / | \ \| | <\_> | || | | | | | | |_ _| || [] | |__|_ | | | |\ | /\ \ | [] || | | | | | | |_| || | |____| |_| |__| \__|/_/\_\ | || | | | | | | || | | || | | | | | | || | T I P S & T R I C K S | || | | | | | \ [] |_____________________________| [] ___ ___ / \ ATARI | || | / \ _____________________________ |___||___| / \_________________/ \________________/ NOTICE: Free-Net users may search for a specific cheat by pressing "/" at a page break and then type the game to search for. The LYNX Cheats file was originally created and maintained by Damian Gick. He unfortunately lost his net access and couldn't continue his support. The honour of maintaining the LYNX Cheats file was then passed on to Kevin (Tazzzzz) Dangoor, who provided exemplary service to the LYNX community by not only maintaining the Cheats file but also compiling all of Robert Jung's game reviews into one handy file. As an added service he made these files available through a highly efficient mail server. Kevin sold his Lynx and has passed on the torch of maintaining both the Reviews and Cheat files to yours truly. I have some big shoes to fill, and I will do my best to carry on the tradition set forth by my predecessors. The LYNX cheat file is now more comprehensive than ever before. I have added several more tips and tricks as well as changing the format slightly. I hope that you will find the changes refreshing and I look forward to any comments or suggestions that you may have about them. Incidentally, the LYNX Cheat file is also available in RTF format (which includes bitmapped maps). If you would like to submit any tips or tricks that you have come across or discovered, please e-mail them to the address listed below. The FAQ, the Lynx Game Reviews, and the Lynx Cheat files now reside at the anonymous ftp site: in /pub/uploads. Special thanks should be extended to Mathew for maintaining the ftp site and mail server. -- Peter Hvezda (Internet e-mail: [APB]===================================================================== A.P.B. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level skip: In APB, if you hold down OPT 1 and OPT 2, and run into a donut (or through the Donut shop) your quota will be filled and you will be returned to the station and proceed to the next level. Skip to level 99: When your quota is met, hold down OPT 1 and OPT 2 when you touch the Officer Bob parking space. This will warp you to level 99. (The game will not end, just repeat level 99 with random quotas). [AWE]===================================================================== AWESOME GOLF -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hole in one: Entering LANDLORD as your name at the beginning of the game. Use the OPTION 2 button to swing at the ball. Hitting OPTION 2 while the ball is in the air, will sink the ball! [BAK]===================================================================== BASKETBRAWL -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play with Michel Jordan on your team! Put in MJ?? to play with a partner, supposedly Jordan. Replace the ?? with any two numbers. Pause, hold down Option 1 and press Option 2. You can change the pause message to anything you want! (from Star*Lynx BBS) Level codes Level 1-1 AAAA Level 3-3 IIII Level 1-2 BBBB Level 4-1 JJJJ Level 1-3 CCCC Level 4-2 KKKK Level 2-1 DDDD Level 4-3 LLLL Level 2-2 EEEE Level 5-1 MMMM Level 2-3 FFFF Level 5-2 NNNN Level 3-1 GGGG Level 5-3 OOOO Level 3-2 HHHH Taken from January 1993 EGM (Edward Mann). Someone at Atari is very imaginitive. These codes transport you to the beginning of each level with maximum power-ups and allow you to shoot at the hoop in any level: Level 1-1: 999Q Level 2-1: PP9T Level 3-1: 9PPW Level 1-2: P99R Level 2-2: 99PU Level 3-2: PPPX Level 1-3: 9P9S Level 2-3: P9PV Level 3-3: 999I Level 4-1: P99J Level 5-1: 99PM Level 4-2: 9P9K Level 5-2: P9PN Level 4-3: PP9L Level 5-3: 9PPO (from Deena Krutak in June '93 GamePro) [BAT]===================================================================== BATMAN RETURNS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invincibilitiy: You can make Batman invincible with the following steps at the title screen (the one with the Batlogo): press up 8 times, down 12 times, left 15 times, right 19 times and option 1 27 times, press A or B to start the game. Once the action starts, press pause. Then use option 1 to skip to the next level, option 2 to make Batman invincible! Falling can still kill you, however. From Video Games and Computer Entertainment. [BAL]===================================================================== BATTLEWHEELS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get the Spray Gun While on Foot: When you're on foot, pressing OPTION-2 + OPTION-1 will get you a paint sprayer. Lock Your Viewscreen: When you are looking at an alternate view (left, back, or right, by using the B button), press and hold OPTION 2 before releasing button B. When you release button B, your view will be "locked" in that direction until you press button B again. Stealth Mode: On the character selection/options screen, pick the female driver with the short blonde hair. Now pick the green car, and keep the highlight box around the car. Hold OPTION 1 and press button A, and your car turns to an all-black design. When you play, your car will be invisible on radar and "by eye". You will be seen if you leave your car, and finding it again can be tricky... Super Car! On the character selection/options screen, pick the male blonde driver. Now pick the tan car, and keep the highlight box around the car. Hold OPTION 1 and press button A, and your car turns to a red body with a black top. When you play, your car will have unlimited ammunition and rapid-fire for all weapons. [BIL]===================================================================== BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WalkThru From Portable Addiction Electronic Magazine First of all, collect all the notes you can get and find the gold nugget. Now go to the guarded building and give the nugget to the guard. Enter and find the man that tells you about the staff. Return to the telephone booth and travel to 15OO BC. Use the scare stone. Find all the notes you can get (remember to count by sixteens!). Enter the valley and find the paper note about the fake staff. Travel back in time and put the note at the pillar. Go to the South-East of Egypt and find the royal ankh (You must wade through shallow water). Travel to 15OO again and find the boat at the South-West part of Egypt. Use the royal ankh. Find your way thru the water (it's like an invisible maze). First go to the place where you found the ankh in 17OO BC. Enter the temple and find the secret passage which leads to the harp. Return to your boat and go to the pyramid. Go into the pyramid and open the door by walking over the red spots on the ground. Then, when past the wall/door, walk over the four other red spots and take the staff. Find the two keys and open the corresponding doors. To get rid of the two creatures guarding the room, just lure them out of there and then run away. When you return to the room they will be gone. To take the staff, use the harp. Return the staff to the man to get the flute. Use this flute in 17OO BC at the North-East to scare the animals over there. Then find all the notes that are hidden under the trees to find a phonebook-page. Travel to Rome. First, enter the dungeon. Find all the notes and the two keys: Blue and black. Remember to visit Caesar at the north of the arena when you have enough notes. Outside the arena you must once again find notes. When you think you have all of them, go to the statue. Push the four pieces around the statue in place and the push the statue. Now do this again and then go stand in the middle yourself. After you get launched, find all the notes around the house, but don't enter it. When you got all the notes, walk into a roman to get kicked out of the garden. You are now outside. Go West, to where a roman is guarding the entrance of the city. Now go down and find your way through the forest. Somewhere in the forest there is the next page of the phonebook. You must collect all the notes in the forest and you must also find the little building. Enter it and find the way through the maze until you find an apple. Leave the building and go to the guard. Give him the apple and enter the city. If everything is right you now have 8O notes. Travel to Europe. In Europe, enter the mansion. To avoid the furniture, stay on the green dots on the floor. This may take some practise! Find the white key and then find your way to the backyard. Use the black key to open the gate. Go to the North-West of the screen to find a red key. Use it to enter the small house nearby. Avoid dracula and take the magic wand next to his coffin. Return to the mansion and find the organ. Use the wand to shrink it down so you can carry it. Return to the phonebooth (The wand causes the furniture to stop). Travel back to Rome. Do the trick with the statue and this time enter the house while using the organ pipes. You can now safely walk thru the house to the backyard to take the lyre. Return the lyre to Ceasar and you will get another lyre. Enter the dungeon and use the lyre to scare away the lion that guards the white lock. Use the white key to open the lock and take the page of the phonebook. Travel to Rome 7O BC and enter the dungeon. Use the black key and put it back where you found it (Bottom-right). Now travel to Texas. Collect all the notes you can get. Somewhere, hidden under a skull, there's a golden coin. Go to the station and buy a ticket. Walk to the train and use the ticket. Now use the train to find the remaining notes. You must also find the golden nugget, hidden under yet another skull. Travel back to Egypt and replace the golden nugget at the place where you first found it. Now travel to San Dimas 2691 AD! Yeah, most radical, dude! Be careful on the step-stones as you can only jump from one to another if they are in the middle-position. Again find as many notes as you can and find the dynamite. Return to Texas. Use the dynamite to release Billy the Kid. Return to San Dimas. Go to the place where you usually get overwhelmed by enemies and use the harmonica. You can now safely enter the next part of San Dimas. Every time you pick up a note in this part, a block will disappear somewhere else, thus letting you reach other notes after which you will be rewarded with a golden key. Return to Europe. Collect 16 notes. Use the golden key to enter the previously unaccessable house at the swamp. Here you will find a mandolin. You can use this to enter the previously locked part of San Dimas. The Grim Reaper welcomes you, and you're now ready to play his game. As the exact route isn't easy to explain in a solution like this, I'll just tell you what to do. The objective of this part is to collect yet another 16 notes. Sometimes it is necessary to shove blocks over the lava in such a way that you can go to other parts of the playing field. The princesses have got the last note. If you succeed in rescuing them you should have 144 notes by that time. To get back to the entrance of the playing field, go east from the place where your rescued the babes. The go south and walk clockwise (ie: south, west, north). When you are standing against the north wall, walk west to the corner and go counter-clockwise. Once in the northeast corner you must go west, south, west and north to the exit. You'll have to find the correct tiles to jump on all the way yourself. Now you must return to the phone booth. The Grim Reaper is guarding it, but when you play your guitar he suddenly realizes that he has LOST! Enter the booth and travel through time to finish the game! [BLU]===================================================================== BLUE LIGHTNING -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The mission codes are: Code Mission No. Code Mission No. AAAA 1 LOCK 6 PLAN 2 HAND 7 ALFA 3 FLEA 8 BELL 4 LIFE 9 NINE 5 Landing upside-down: How About an Upside-Down Landing? In Level 6, you land and take-off from air strips. Try doing a barrel-roll (Pressing Option 2 and turn left or right), and then hold the plane upside-down, while pressing Up over and airstrip (to land). You will then land upside-down, the cockpit opens from the fuel tank, and you take off backwards! Bonus points: For bonus points, hit your afterburniners as you enter the canyons on level BELL. The Gutsy Bonus will give you 30,000 points ("You've got guts!"). When you're in the canyons fire your afterburners for 65,000 poins (Lunatic Bonus) "You're crazy!!" The points are added when you land -- but if you do both, it will only display the Lunatic Bonus, but you get points for both. (A good place for the second bonus is right before you enter the second set of canyons) [CAL]===================================================================== CALIFORNIA GAMES -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although the manual says it's two player, up to 4 can be Comlynxed. It may take a few tries, but keep at it. (It's also a bit slow, but hey, it wasn't meant for 4 players.. :) BMX: If you stay just a little (about one pixel) above the place where the grass meets the dirt there won't be anything in your way (Like those pesky bales of hay). You can crash the game by hitting the bale of hay on the bottom of the track just before the finish line. The game will freeze and the only thing you can do it turn it off. Tiny tid-bit: If you're going _really_ fast when you cross the finish line and jump just a little after crossing it, you will end up crashing into something you can't see way to the right. SURFING: In the surfing game, you can ride the pelican. Run your last man into the bottom of the screen a few seconds before the timer runs out. The bird will fly across the screen until the timer runs out and you'll land on it! It's possible to do an UNREAL 360 (5 360's) for 1200 points (As opposed to 600 for a Quadruple 360) FOOTBAG: If you spin right after jumping, you spin faster than normal. Thus, jump and hit the bag with your head, then spin away... Also-- in the manual under Foot Bag it says: "Score an extra 50 points for hitting the seagull in the beak with the foot bag (but only in this game -- be kind to the birdies in the other events)." [ Thought that was pretty cute. :) d.g. ] HALF-PIPE: Hitting Option 2 while skating will show off the Lynx's awesome scaling capabilities. [CHE]===================================================================== CHECKERED FLAG -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Course information: RIDGEWAY Odo Side SHANGHAI 0.3 Right PORTFOLIO (w/picture) 0.7 Right CYBERBALL 1.0 Left ATARI CORP. 1.2 Right [atari logo] 2.1 Left ST (w/picture) 2.7 Left Total lap distance: 2.9 miles GRIZZLY FLATS Odo Side ATARI CORP. 0.8 Right SLIME WORLD 1.3 Left SHANGHAI 3.2 Left [atari logo] 3.7 Left Total lap distance: 3.7 miles SKULL VALLEY Odo Side WARBIRDS 0.2 Right RAMPAGE 0.9 Left AWESOME GOLF 1.5 Left PORTFOLIO (w/picture) 2.3 Right Total lap distance: 2.7 miles GREAT BEND Odo Side SHANGHAI 0.5 Right AWESOME GOLF 1.4 Left SLIME WORLD 2.3 Right ATARI CORP. 3.0 Left RAMPAGE 3.5 Right Total lap distance: 3.8 miles PALM SPRINGS Odo Side ATARI CORP. 1.0 Right PORTFOLIO (w/picture) 1.2 Right ST (w/picture) 2.0 Right TT (w/picture) 2.4 Right [atari logo] 3.3 Right Total lap distance: 3.7 miles DEATH VALLEY Odo Side KLAX 0.2 Left STUN RUNNER 0.6 Left ST (w/picture) 0.8 Left RAMPAGE 1.1 Left CYBERBALL 1.4 Right MS. PAC MAN 1.9 Right [atari symbol] 2.7 Left ATARI CORP. 2.8 Left SHANGHAI 3.3 Right PORTFOLIO (w/picture) 4.1 Left Total lap distance: 4.2 miles REED POINT Odo Side LYNX (w/picture) 1.0 Right CYBERBALL 2.2 Left Total lap distance: 3.1 miles LOGAN SPEED Odo Side GEO DUEL 1.0 Right MS PAC MAN 2.3 Left STUN RUNNER 3.5 Left Total lap distance: 4.7 miles WOODLAND Odo Side KLAX 0.2 Left BASEBALL HEROES 0.6 Right STUN RUNNER 1.0 Left PORTFOLIO (w/picture) 1.2 Left MS PAC MAN 1.4 Left Total lap distance: 1.7 miles EAGLE BEND Odo Side KLAX 1.1 Right CYBERBALL 1.8 Left AWESOME GOLF 2.3 Right TT (w/picture) 2.9 Right [atari logo] 3.8 Right Total lap distance: 4.0 miles VICTORVILLE Odo Side CYBERBALL 0.5 Right SHANGHAI 1.3 Left BASEBALL HEROES 1.8 Right MS PACMAN 2.4 Left KLAX 2.8 Left GEO DUEL 3.7 Right ATARI CORP. 3.9 Left Total lap distance: 4.0 miles PHOENIX Odo Side STUN RUNNER 0.9 Left RAMPAGE 1.1 Left ST (w/picture) 1.6 Right LYNX (w/picture) 2.2 Right [atari logo] 2.5 Right ST (w/picture) 2.7 Right ATARI CORP. 3.0 Left TT (w/picture) 3.1 Left AWESOME GOLF 3.6 Right SLIME WORLD 4.2 Right Total lap distance: 4.4 miles FARMINGTON Odo Side WARBIRDS 0.9 Right RAMPAGE 1.8 Right LYNX (w/picture) 2.8 Left Total lap distance: 2.8 miles MIAMI Odo Side TT (w/picture) 0.3 Left LYNX (w/picture) 0.6 Left BASEBALL HEROES 1.0 Right GEO DUEL 2.0 Right AWESOME GOLF 2.5 Right WARBIRDS 2.9 Left Total lap distance: 3.1 miles BLACK CANYON Odo Side RAMPAGE 0.3 Right ATARI CORP. 0.7 Right BASEBALL HEROES 1.3 Right CYBERBALL 2.2 Right Total lap distance: 3.0 miles MOUNTAIN VIEW Odo Side LYNX (w/picture) 0.1 Right TT (w/picture) 0.4 Right GEO DUEL 0.8 Left (atari logo) 1.6 Left CYBERBALL 2.4 Left ST (w/picture) 2.7 Right Total lap distance: 3.2 miles COLDWATER PASS Odo Side WARBIRDS 0.4 Left LYNX (w/picture) 1.0 Left PORTFOLIO 1.4 Left AWESOME GOLF 2.1 Right SLIME WORLD 2.8 Right TT (w/picture) 3.0 Right Total lap distance: 3.2 miles DARLINGTON Odo Side BASEBALL HEROES 0.9 Left MS PACMAN 1.9 Right STUN RUNNER 3.1 Right ST (w/picture) 3.6 Right Total lap distance: 3.7 miles Transmission information: Gear (7-speed) Top Speed Gear (4-speed) Top Speed 1 29 1 49 2 55 2 106 3 83 3 172 4 107 4 219 5 148 6 179 7 219 [CHI]===================================================================== CHIP'S CHALLENGE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHIPS CHALLANGE LEVELS LEVEL CODE NAME |LEVEL CODE NAME |LEVEL CODE NAME 1 BDHP LESSON ONE | 51 IGGJ I SLIDE |101 RPIR APARTMENT 2 JXMJ LESSON TWO | 52 PPHT THE LAST LAUGH |102 VDDU ICEHOUSE 3 ECBQ LESSON THREE | 53 CGNX TRAFFIC COP |103 PTAC MEMORY 4 YMCJ LESSON FOUR | 54 ZMGC GRAIL |104 KWNL JAILER 5 TQKB LESSON FIVE | 55 SJES POTPOURRI |105 YNEG SHORT CIRCUIT 6 WNLP LESSON SIX | 56 FCJE DEEP FREEZE |106 NXYB KABLAM 7 FXQO LESSON SEVEN | 57 UBXU STRANGE MAZE |107 ECRC BALLS O FIRE 8 NHAG LESSON EIGHT | 58 YBLT LOOP AROUND |108 LIOC BLOCK OUT 9 KCRE NUTS AND BOLTS | 59 BLOM HIDDEN DANGER |109 KZQR TORTURECHAMBER 10 VUWS BRUSHFIRE | 60 ZIVI SCOUNDREL |110 XBAO CHILLER 11 CNPE TRINITY | 61 RMOW RINK |111 KRQJ TIME LAPSE 12 WVHI HUNT | 62 TIGW SLO MO |112 NJLA FORTUNE FAVORS THE 13 OCKS SOUTH POLE | 63 GOHX BLOCK FACTORY |113 PTAS OPEN QUESTION 14 BTDY TELEBLOCK | 64 IJPQ SPOOKS |114 JWNL DECEPTION 15 COZQ ELEMENTARY | 65 UPUN AMSTERDAM |115 EGRU OVERSEA DELIVERY 16 SKKK CELLBLOCKED | 66 ZIKZ VICTIM |116 HXMF BLOCK BUSTER II 17 AJMG NICE DAY | 67 GGJA CHIPMINE |117 FPZT THE MARSH 18 HMJL CASTLE MOAT | 68 RTDI EENY MINY MOE |118 OSCW MISS DIRECTION 19 MRHR DIGGER | 69 NLLY BOUNCE CITY |119 PHTY SLIDE STEP 20 KGFP TOSSED SALAD | 70 GCCG NIGHTMARE |120 FLXP ALPHABET SOUP 21 UGRW ICEBERG | 71 LASM CORRIDOR |121 BPYS PERFECT MATCH 22 UZIN FORCED ENTRY | 72 EKFT REVERSE ALLEY |122 SJUM TOTALLY FAIR 23 HUVE BLOBNET | 73 QCCR MORTON |123 YKZE THE PRISONER 24 UNIZ OOR TO GELD | 74 MKNH PLAYTIME |124 TASX FIRE TRAP 25 PQGV BLINK | 75 MJOV STEAM |125 MYRT MIXED NUTS 26 YVYJ CHCHCHIPS | 76 NMRH FOUR PLEX |126 QRLD BLOCK N ROLL 27 IGGZ GO WITH THE FLOW| 77 FHIC INVINCIBLE CHAMPION|127 JMWZ SKELZIE 28 UJDD PING PONG | 78 GRMO FORCE SQUARE |128 FTLA ALL FULL 29 QGOL ARTICFLOW | 79 JINV DRAWN & QUARTERED |129 HEAN LOBSTER TRAP 30 BQZP MISHMESH | 80 EVUG VANISHING ACT |130 XHIZ ICE CUBE 31 RYMS KNOT | 81 SCWF WRITERS BLOCK |131 FIRD TOTALLY UNFAIR 32 PEFS SCAVENGER HUNT | 82 LLIO SOCIALIST ACTION |132 ZYFA MIX UP 33 BQSN ON THE ROCKS | 83 OVPJ UP THE BLOCK |133 TIGG BLOBDANCE 34 NQFI CYPHER | 84 UVEO WARS |134 XPPH PAIN 35 VDTM LEMMINGS | 85 LEBX TELENET |135 LYWO TRUST ME 36 NXIS LADDER | 86 FLHH SUICIDE |136 LVZL DOUBLEMAZE 37 VQNK SEEING STARS | 87 YJYS CITY BLOCK |137 HPPX GOLD KEY 38 BIFA SAMPLER | 88 WZYV SPIRALS |138 LUJT PARTIAL POST 39 ICXY GLUT | 89 VCZO BLOCK BUSTER |139 VLHH YORK HOUSE 40 YWFH FLOORGASBORG | 90 OLLM PLAYHOUSE |140 SJUK ICE DEATH 41 GKWD I. C. YOU | 91 JPQG JUMPING SWARM |141 MCJE UNDERGROUND 42 LMFU BEWARE OF BUG | 92 DTMI VORTEX |142 UCRY PENTAGRAM 43 UJDP LOCK BLOCK | 93 REKF ROAD SIGN |143 OKOR STRIPES! 44 TXHL REFRACTION | 94 EWCS NOW YOU SEE IT |144 GVXQ FIREFLIES 45 OVPZ MONSTER LAB | 95 BIFQ FOUR SQUARE |145*******THE END****** 46 HDQZ THREE DOORS | 96 WVHY PARANOIA |146 JHEN CAKE WALK 47 LXPP PIER SEVEN | 97 IOCS METASTABLE TO CHAOS|147 COZA FORCE FIELD 48 JYSF MUGGER SQUARE | 98 TKWD SHRINKING |148 RGSK MIND BLOCK 49 PPXI PROBLEMS | 99 XUVU CATACOMBS |149 DIGW SPECIAL 50 QBDH DIG DIRT |100 QJXR COLONY |150*******THE END****** _______________________|____________________________|________________________ The code for level 146 was found on level 34 (Cypher). That level spells out: JHEN which is the password for level 146. CHIP'S CHALLENGE FRACTAL GENERATOR PROGRAM INSTRUCTIONS Chip's Challenge has a secret. In it's many codes for levels of play, there is a code which will allow you to enter into the infinite world of fractals. A fractal is a geometrical or physical structure that has an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales of measurement between a greatest and a smallest scale such that certain mathematical or physical properties of the structure are greater than the spatial dimensions. If you can understand the definition, that's what a fractal is. Fractals were discovered by a man named Benoit Mandlebrot and he even named one of the images you'll see in this program after himself. There are lots of different images to be seen in this program, so don't just stay in one area. Now, on with the fun of fractals. The code for entering the program is MAND. After it is entered. a picture will start to form on the screen. DON'T TOUCH ANY BUTTONS UNTIL THE PICTURE IS DONE. When it's done, then you can move around and zoom in to see more details. NOTE: Since each picture has extremely fine detail, it will usually take a few minutes for an image to form. Especially if there is black in ore around the picture. CONTROLS FOR THE PROGRAM: (B) Button: When this button is pushed, it will create a box outline on the screen which you can move around. When the button is pushed again, the image on the screen will zoom away from you. (A) Button: When this button is pressed, it will also create a box outline. When pressed again, this will cause the image to zoom towards you. NOTE: After the image has either been zoomed away or towards you, take the outline off the screen and let the Lynx adjust the picture to more detail. OPTION 1 Button: This will create and vanish he box outline. NOTE: Always take the outline off the screen after you are done with it. OPTION 2 Button: This will create the box outline and starts the color cycling on the screen. One push on the button causes the cycling to go forward. Another push causes it to go backwards and a third will stop the cycling altogether. NOTE: To change the color of the cycling, go to the index. PAUSE Button: This button will cause the MANDLEBROT / JULIA SET EXPLORER INDEX to appear on the screen. In the index, you can change the depth, color and cycle rate of the fractal's and also create your own pictures. The index should look like this: MANDLEBROT EXPLORER X: FE.0000000000 Y: FE.0000000000 STEP: 00.0800000000 DEPTH: 0100 PALETTE: 00 CYCLE RATE: 04 XJUL: 00.0000000000 YJUL: 00.0000000000 You can change anything you want on the index and it will not hurt the Chip's Challenge game. But, before you change any of the X, Y, XJUL and YJUL settings, look at all the different images that can be found in the pictures on the screen. You can change the palette and cycle rate without messing up the programmed images. NOTE: There are two different programs to play with in this game. To see the other images other than Mandlebrot's, go to the index and push OPTION 2. It will change the title from MANDLEBROT EXPLORER to JULIA SET EXPLORER. PAUSE + Option 1: This resets to the original viewing coordinates of the set. PAUSE + Option 2: This copies the X,Y coordinate to the Julia set index, enables Julia set mode and switches to the original viewing coordinates. That's all there is to this program. Hope this help's you have lots of fun exploring the infinite images of the fractal generator. NOTE: These instructions have been created by KALE SWINDELL 1990, and updated by Harry Dodgson 1994. The Lynx Mandelbrot code does 48-bit fixed-point math using 8 bits of integer and 40 bits of fraction, via the hardware multiplier (16x16) and a lot of help from the 65C02. The comment line on it (the source) says it was written by Steve Landrum of Blue Lightning fame. [CRY]===================================================================== CRYSTAL MINES II -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Mines 2 Codes --------------------- List compiled by: Greg Littlefield and John Hardie Completed by Charlie Craft 5/11/92 Text file begun by John Hardie 4/10/92 1 - TSLA Down In The Dirt 2 - UEPT Logan's Run 3 - MTFQ Blocks And Bombs 4 - IRTR Wren's Nest 5 - ZCXP Out With A Bang 6 - DPRX Tanya's Tangram 7 - OIGT Monster Go Boom 8 - YHYR Dan's Deadly Maze 9 - VYHK Rocky Horror 10 - ITCU It Grows On You 11 - QCFK Easy Trap Of Doom 12 - BXNG Rock And Roll 13 - MOXA Bombs A' Plenty 14 - IDWJ Catacombs 15 - RFVC Red Herring 16 - GHSI Behind The Lines 17 - SKHU Impervections 18 - TRFN Blasting Zone 19 - LQRE A Wrinkle In Time 20 - AURV Bolder Dash 21 - TYGU Mud Wrestling 22 - FUIX Buried Alive 23 - QFXV Crystal "Mines" 24 - XVXU Can't Touch This 25 - KYPO Felony Arson 26 - HBTR Sandbox Bullies 27 - SFEB Stake Your Claim 28 - HXRE Dry Vein 29 - TRVJ Quiver 30 - FQCS Boulder Mania 31 - ZOIH Pipe Hype 32 - LHJV Stuck In The Mud 33 - GVYU Rat Race 34 - EMTV Split Infinity 35 - OHXY Switch Swatch 36 - GSTB Minefield 37 - UXRC Chimney Sweep 38 - PWYH What A Blast! 39 - XQCE Hardrock Headache 40 - PNGU Nuke Zone 41 - DZDI Down Is Up 42 - PIPH Lucky Number 43 - PKAV Of Gravity... 44 - TBUM Shape Up 45 - CXRI Gravity Wise 46 - QIPZ Slime Pit 47 - HBJP Candlestick 48 - NXKU Bouncing Boulders 49 - IGPY Cloudbuster 50 - INUK Whirlwind 51 - LPHD Block Mania 52 - NEBX I Get Around 53 - JVNL Hot Pursuit 54 - CAQS Runny Stocking 55 - KEHL Cakewalk 56 - EMSE The Sewers 57 - ZLAE Crystal Factory 58 - MSXV Drop A Rock 59 - JXTD Magic Mirror 60 - SOVS Cache 61 - GHGV Rock Concert 62 - QVOZ Crystal Tomb 63 - ZCEL Make My Maze 64 - COYH Pardon Me 65 - HJHT Take Control 66 - DONQ Castle Mania 67 - VBHF Rad Drops 68 - JSMJ Crystal Cannon 69 - HTRA Tick Tock 70 - WBHD Crossroads 71 - MVJX Rain Dance 72 - ANZI Jungle Gem 73 - EDLA Zero Gravity 74 - PCMN Boulder Exchange 75 - YJKJ Monster Mania 76 - RAIQ Which Way? 77 - ZRWH Mud Boggin' 78 - ECMO Safe Cracker 79 - AOTP The Howling 80 - SVWK Trial -N- Error 81 - VRBO Squeeze Play 82 - SVYA Jailhouse Rock 83 - KRFH Dodge Ball 84 - CNQR Sidewinder 85 - YNXR Ghost Of A Chance 86 - CWQU Plumber's Helper 87 - YXFJ Change Machine 88 - SRDW Triple Threat 89 - PDSQ Out Of Order 90 - QKOA Robo Rooter 91 - CKLQ Riddle Me This 92 - KHBA Cheque It Out 93 - MZKM Joel's Conniption 94 - DYDO Saturn V 95 - IDIC To Boldly Go 96 - WVOM Who Knows? 97 - NJCU Pipe Dream 98 - WUQR Volcano Vacation 99 - BSZB Pipeline Puzzle 100 - RERF Asylum 101 - WNON Slime Jar 102 - IVLC Around The World 103 - PJOL Crystal Trap 104 - RGEI Central Square 105 - WCEF Down The Drain 106 - DSGY Creature Comforts 107 - PHUF Swamp Things 108 - NCDS Gravity Ball 109 - KOMZ Herringbone 110 - LFXQ Water Closet 111 - WAET Xenophobe Zoo 112 - YJNV Conveyor Belt 113 - TAUJ Mutation 114 - IMOZ Towering Inferno 115 - NBFD Take Your Pick 116 - ZAPR Shopping Spree 117 - BXFT Elevator Muzak 118 - GEFA Kaleidoscope 119 - QIKD Gemnastics 120 - GMWJ Death Zone 121 - MKIH Don't Be Greedy 122 - ULEL Multi-abuser 123 - KBDW Bombs Away 124 - QEFP Sound And Fury 125 - SFJX Make 'Em Yourself 126 - LQXW The Four Seasons 127 - INMQ Lobotomy 128 - NMAD Hell And Back 129 - RHEM Pipe Organ 130 - YHVR Newton's Nightmare 131 - FSHF Jail Break 132 - EIKJ Quantum Quarry 133 - CQCR Running On MT 134 - AIYA Haunted House 135 - SXOE Arrow Phlegm 136 - EKDR Bohemian Rhapsody 137 - DRVY Lift Lackeys 138 - RGUM Spacin' Vaders 139 - FEDC Avalanche! 140 - PRKL Evil Twins 141 - ONKO Leftright 142 - QXPL Meltdown 143 - JRXP Girls Best Friend 144 - PADJ Phase Shift 145 - KGLI Spiral Of Doom 146 - FDXR Mouse Trap 147 - BLKS Zen 148 - TJGB Freeze Frame 149 - QKBT Check Mate 150 - AUEC Terminus *NOTE* Upon completing level 28, you are awarded a 1 million point super bonus. Bonus Levels ------------ 0 - ZERO Secret Vault From Level -- 1 - KQVW Deja View From Level 9 2 - QATR No Time To Think From Level 18 3 - DBFQ Bonanza! From Level 27 4 - LEJM Nimbus From Level 34 5 - ODJY Monty Haul From Level 39 6 - BVOS Pinball Wiz From Level 43 7 - SKLR Ping Pong From Level 48 8 - JPGR Twist And Shout From Level 52 9 - BIOH Time's Up From Level 55 10 - BNRY Time Bomb From Level 59 11 - UJIL Time To Spare From Level 61 12 - NMXS Lava Slide From Level 66 13 - LKBI Slam City From Level 70 14 - RNSK No Way Jose' From Level 73 15 - STRA Hide-N-Seek From Level 78 16 - YTST Snake's Belly From Level 84 17 - HBJO Flood Gate From Level 89 18 - CHRN Killing Time From Level 96 19 - WIFC Way Out From Level 100 20 - ESBD Hermit Crab From Level 106 21 - TMCB Menagerie From Level 111 22 - GCSQ Yuchsville From Level 114 23 - PNZS Mine Shaft From Level 119 24 - KDVI Surrounded From Level 125 25 - DHZY Pool Queue From Level 130 26 - IVRQ Pit Of Lost Souls From Level 134 27 - OSNY Shoot The Moon From Level 138 28 - LOTL Tarmaze From Level 143 29 - MWOH Safety Dance From Level 146 30 - JCXZ Downtime From Level 149 Level skip: Enter the password KIMI but don't press the A button to start the game. Instead hold down Option 1 and Option 2 buttons and press B. You will hear a sound like a machine gun and you'll see the first level (Down in the Dirt) appear on the screen. Press A to skip ahead to the next level or press B to move back through the list. When you see the level you want to play, press any direction on the control pad to start the game. [DIN]===================================================================== DINOLYMPICS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: (A. Thissen) Level Codes: Level codes are only revealed for every four levels completed. Level name: Code: 1 Let's get the spear LYNX 2 Let's get the torch 3 Nobody steals our idol 4 Let's get the rope 5 Let's get our friend KRIS 6 Jump over the mammoth 7 Rescue the witchdoctor 8 Visit a girlie 9 Feed the god CAVA 10 Rescue Fido 11 Visit a friend 12 Go fishing 13 Let's go hunting DBBS 14 Visit your cousin 15 Visit a girlie 16 Our idol is missing 17 Feed me TINA 18 Recover the boulder 19 Find your friend 20 It's your wife's birthday 21 Go home for tea KITI 22 Get those fishies 23 Find your brother 24 Get food for party 25 Party time [DRA]===================================================================== DRACULA THE UNDEAD -------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: First, get the notebook from the chest of drawers. Go into the bedroom and get the tinder box from the table and the crucifix from the bed. Use the crucifix. Go to the dining room, get the oil from the table. Talk to Dracula, and immediately afterwards, use the notebook. Go to the antechamber, open the window and look out of it. Use the notebook. Climb out of the window and go to the next window on the right. This room should be the bedroom. Open the window and climb out of it. Make your way to the top right window (it should be a big window like the one you climbed out of initially). Examine the table, then use the notebook. Get the lantern, fill it with oil and light it with the tinderbox. Go through the door on the right into Dracula's money room. Get some money, get the box, then open the box. Use the iron key you find in it on the door. Go into the crypt. Turn the lantern so that it says "The lantern has been turned down". Go down, right. Get the twine. Go right, down, down. Get the crowbar, examine the coffin, use the notebook. Find your way back to Dracula's study. Climb out of the window, and go back to the top left hand window. Go to the south wing landing and use the crowbar on the door. Enter the sewing room. Wait to be returned to the bedroom and then use the notebook. Climb out of the window and go to the top left hand one. Go to the dining room, get the sugar from the table. Go back to Dracula's study and get the lantern. Light the lantern with the tinderbox and enter the catacombs again. Go down, right, right, down, down. Get the small brass key from the coffin. Return to the south hallway and use the small brass key to open the clock. Get the small key. Return to Dracula's study, examine the desk and then use the notebook. Get the hook from the drawer. Go to the money room and turn the lever on the bottom wall. Enter the library through the door which opens and examine the books. Examine the book you get, then tie the twine to the hook. Enter the catacombs and go down, right, up, up. Climb the ladder and then use the sugar on the horse. Get the spade and use it on the well. The fishing line on the well, then climb down the well. THE END. [ELE]===================================================================== ELECTROCOP -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the codes to all the doors and what they contain. Level 1 D1 = 2473 -> Level 2 Level 7 D1 = 6021 -> Level 4 D2 = 9874 -> Level 2 D2 = 5824 -> Level 9 D3 = 8743 -> Weapons Level 8 D1 = 7698 -> Level 6 Level 2 D1 = 3287 -> Lvl 7 (Right) Lvl 3 (Left) Level 9 D1 = 0170 -> Pla.Cannon D2 = 5409 -> Empty D2 = 1092 -> Empty D3 = 7102 -> TriLaser Level 3 D1 = 9284 -> Level 4 D4 = 4726 -> Empty D2 = 7210 -> Level 4 D5 = 1375 -> Level 11 D3 = 3936 -> Smart Bomb D6 = 2857 -> Bi-Laser D4 = 7395 -> Plasma Cannon D7 = 6998 -> Tri-Laser D5 = 8294 D8 = 1798 -> Tri-Laser D9 = 4321 -> Level 1 Level 4 D1 = 0394 -> Weapons Level 10 Left Exit -> Level 11 Level 5 D1 = 8658 -> Weapons Middle Exit -> Level 9 D2 = 5462 -> Door 7 Right Exit -> Level 2 D3 = 9973 -> End of Game D4 = 7642 -> Door 1 Level 11 D1 = 0293 -> Bi-Laser D5 = 0912 -> Door 2 Left Exit -> Level 3 D6 = 0974 -> Door 3 Right Exit -> Level 12 D7 = 7865 -> Door 4 D8 = 4285 -> Door 5 Level 12 D1 = 2987 -> Pl.Cannon Stingrays -> Level 10 D2 = 6473 -> Pl.Cannon Open/Closing Doors -> Level 1 Level 6 D1 = 9722 -> Level 5 D2 = 8765 -> Level 12 [Get the lynx cheats rtf file which includes maps to all the levels!] Crash the game: To crash the game go to either level 5 or 9 and get as many programs hacking the door codes as possible. It may be best to set the code to the one over the actual code (See above) so the program won't find the code too soon. Level select: Turn off your sound at title screen, now hold up and left on the joypad and keep tapping both A & B buttons until it says "LEVEL 1" instead of "NOW TELEPORING TO LEVEL 1". Use joypad to choose level. (from Star*Lynx) [GAT]===================================================================== GATES OF ZENDOCON -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Following are all of the codes, maps, and some hints for GATES OF ZENDOCON: SPOILER WARNING: If you enjoy discovering things for yourself, you should probably stop here. This file takes a lot of the fun out of it! General Strategies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GZ's monsters are completely predictable: Every time you play a level, they will appear in the same places, in the same sequence. In addition, the "alien helpers" and other objects in the level appear in the same places. Thus, the key to mastering a level is to first explore the level. Move your ship up and down, up and down, as you proceed through the level, so you can see everything that's there. You might have to sacrificing your ship lots of times before you manage to get the whole level explored. After you know what's there, you can develop the best strategy for getting through the level. This might involve moving your ship as little as possible to reduce risk, or it might involve moving it as much as possible so as to blow away more aliens. The Levels ~~~~~~~~~~ In the listing for each level, the gate(s) which exist on that level are indicated with a letter, an arrow "->", and the name of the level which that gate leads to. Different letters indicate different possible positions of the gate, as shgown in this diagram: +--------------------------+ | B | | A D E | | C | +--------------------------+ This is meant to be a schematic representation of the level; your ship starts out at the left and proceeds towards the right. For example, in the first level ("BASE"), it says "A -> ZYBX, E -> RAZE". This means that there are two gates: one at position "A", and another at position "E". You have to go through two "waves" of alien attack to get to a gate at position "E". Each level's entry also tells which "friendly aliens" can be found on that level, and where. The symbols used are as follows: @: "Floating Eye". Hovers below your ship and shoots a fireball horizontally. *: "Plasma Ball". Hovers above and behind your ship, until you fire, at which point it wanders off (usually towards the closest enemy) and attempts to destroy enemies by touching them. ^: "Death Arising". Hovers above your ship and shoots a red "laser beam" straight up. >: "Sonic Dart". Hovers above and slightly ahead of your ship and shoots a vertical white "sonic pulse", which moves to the right and enlarges as it moves away. The result is a continuous triangular wave of pulses which "sweeps out" virtually everthing in front of your ship. The description also tells where the alien is found. Note: You won't find the alien if your ship is already accompanied by an alien of the same type. The levels are numbered in such a way that the gates always lead you to a higher-numbered level. Also, whenever possible consecutive levels have been given consecutive numbers. (Most levels only have one gate.) 1. BASE: A -> ZYBX, E -> RAZE 2. ZYBX: B -> NYXX, C -> XRXS, D -> NEAT 3. XRXS: A -> ANEX 4. ANEX: A -> NEAT, E -> BARE 5. NEAT: A -> YARR 6. YARR: B -> EYES. *: Near bottom, at end. 7. EYES: A -> NYXX, D -> BARE 8. NYXX: C -> ZYRB. @: Near top of screen. 9. ZYRB: A -> SRYX 10. SRYX: A -> BARE 11. BARE: A -> STAX, D -> XRAY As soon as possible, move the ship straight up to the top of the playfield. Do *not* move left or right. The dragon will fly into your tailjets and get killed instantly. A description of the "real" strategy for killing the dragon is given below under level "NERB". 12. XRAY: A -> RATT. *: Near top of screen. 13. RATT: A -> NYET 14. NYET: A -> RAZE One easy way to get through this level is to stay on the bottom and never shoot. Of course, you don't get many points this way! 15. STAX: A -> SZZZ 16. SZZZ: A -> RAZE. *: Middle of screen, at beginning. 17. RAZE: A -> TRYX, B -> ROXX, C -> TRAX, D -> TERA 18. ROXX: A -> NERB 19. NERB: A -> TREY. @: Stay above partition, after dragon. The dragon in this level is like the one in "BARE": It can be killed only by having its "head" contact your tailjets. None of the alien helpers affects the dragon. To slay the dragon, note that it travels on a grid of circles. It will always stay in this grid. Here's a rough sketch: : : : : '. .' '. .' '. .' .'''. .'''. .'''. .' '.' '.' '. : :xxx : : '. .'. .'. .' '...' '...' '...' .' '. .' '. .' '. : : : : The dots, quotes, and colons represent the path of the dragon. The key is to get your ship into the position marked "xxx" in the center of one of the circles. Avoid the dragon until you can see where the "center of the circle" is, and then put your ship there when the dragon is out of the way. Once in the center of the circle, your ship is entirely safe. After a while, the dragon's path repeats; when it comes round the circle again, it will fly through your tailjets and die. (Actually, this doesn't always happen. Sometimes your ship is a little too far to the right and the dragon will just "chirp" a little as it goes by. If this happens, move your ship to the left a *tiny* bit and wait for him to come around again. Note: This strategy has to be modified somewhat in "SSSS", where you get more than one dragon at a time. 20. TREY: A -> STAR. >: Third set of partitions, top. 21. STAR: D -> SSSS, C ->BYTE. @: First set of partitions, bottom. The "B" gate is under the second partition. It's also sort of hard to enter. 22. SSSS: A -> BREX The dragons in this level come in groups of two or three. This makes things more difficult, because they don't always travel on the same "grid". The strategy is the same, but since the dragons travel on different grids, you'll have to keep moving your ship. If you can't move fast enough, use your shields -- they will get you out of the way much more quickly. (However, you'll be dead if you're caught between two dragons or caught between a dragon and the edge of the playfield.) Dodge the dragons repeatedly until you see what pattern they follow. Each one follows a repeating path. Then, kill them off one-by-one, using the method described in "NERB". 23. TERA: A -> BYTE 24. BYTE: A -> BETA. >: Near bottom of screen. 25. BETA: B -> TRAX, E -> NEST 26. TRAX: A -> ZEBA 27. ZEBA: A -> TRYX, E -> ROXY. @: Near top. 28. TRYX: B -> STYX In this level, the "floor" restricts the ship to the top half of the play-field. However, there is a "hidden feature" or "easter-egg" which allows you to access another gate "below the floor". Here's how you find it: *** HEY! WOULDN'T YOU RATHER FIND THIS FOR YOURSELF? I THOUGHT *** SO. IF YOU'RE NOT A WIMP, YOU'LL SKIP THE NEXT FEW PARAGRAPHS. Immediately put on your shields and move the ship down, to kill the alien tanks. Then, start dropping bombs (using your shields when necessary to kill newly-appearing aliens). You will notice at one point the bombs appear to go through the floor. At this location is an invisible "hole" through which you can fly your ship. It will probably take a few tries before you get through, because the hole is rather small. Once you get through, you maneuver through a couple of minor obstacles and then find the gate. It leads you to the "easter-egg level", whose name is " ". (Four blank spaces: this level, therefore, can't be accessed directly as the others can because its name cannot be entered.) The easter-egg level is fun. It also gives you all four alien helpers: @, *, >, and ^. *** END OF WIMP'S SECTION *** 29. STYX: A -> YARB 30. YARB: A -> BREX 31. ROXY: A -> NEXA 32. NEXA: A -> NEST 33. NEST: A -> EBYX 34. EBYX: A -> BREX. *: Middle of screen (can't miss it). 35. " ": A -> NERB. *, @, ^, >: all near bottom, near beginning. This is the easter-egg level. Description of level "TRYX" above tells you how to get here. Since this level leads back to an "earlier level", it is possible to loop, and thus (in theory) to play Gates of Zendocon forever: NERB->TREY->STAR->BYTE->BETA->TRAX->ZEBA->TRYX->here->back to NERB. 36. BREX: B -> ZEST, C -> SEBB, D -> STAB. ^: Near bottom, after a long sequence of towers with yellow-and-gray pyramid-shaped tops. 37. ZEST: A -> ZORT. *: Bottom of screen, under stalactite. 38. ZORT: B -> STAB, E -> BRAN 39. BRAN: A -> BROT 40. STAB: A -> BOXX. @: Middle of screen, at beginning. 41. BOXX: C -> SEBB, E -> TENT Here's a map of this level. "[]" represents a box which is hard to shoot, "<>" represents one which is easy. "C" and "E" show the locations of the gates. (left half:) +--------------------------------------------------------/ | <><> [] <> [] [] <> [] <> [] <> / | [][] [] [] [] <> [] [] [] [] [] \ | <> <> <> [] <> [] [] [] [] [] \ | [][] [] [] <> <> [] [] [] <> [] / | [] [] [] [] [] [] <> [] [] [] / +-------------------------------------------------------\ (right half:) /-------------------------------------------------------+ / <><><><> <> <><><><><><><><>[][][][] [] | \ [][][][] [][][][][][][] <>[][][][][][] [] | \ [][][][] <>[][][][][][][] <>[][][][][][] [] E | / [][][][] [][][][][][] <>[][][] [][] | / [][][][] C [][][][][][][] <><><><><><> | \--------------------------------------------------------+ 42. TENT: A -> BROT. *: Near middle. 43. SEBB: A -> SNEX. ^: Near bottom. 44. SNEX: C -> ZAXX Yes, the "tank/truck" objects can be destroyed! However, it's a very complex operation. 1: Wait until the first tank is about halfway across the screen. 2: Move behind its cannon, then down behind it after the 2-legged walker isout of the way. 3: Follow it closely, and simultaneously maneuver the ship so that it's 3 pixels off the floor. Move almost all the way to the edge of the screen. 4: Keep the lasers on continuously. This should kill additional walkers as they approach. 5: As each additional tank piles up behind you, the score increments by increasing amounts. When the score is incrementing 10 at a time, the one's digit will be constant. Shortly after this happens, you will kill a walker. Just after the walker is killed, move up slightly, wait for a missile to fly just under you, then move back down into position. 6: Continue to the end. When the screen stops scrolling, leave your ship still for a bit; the tanks will all simultaneously be destroyed. 45. ZAXX: A -> BROT 46. BROT: A -> STOB. >: Near bottom. So-named because of the Mandelbrot Sets used in the background? 47. STOB: A -> XTNT 48. XTNT: A -> BOTZ 49. BOTZ: A -> SNAX 50. SNAX: A -> ZETA, D -> NEAR 51. NEAR: A -> ZETA. *: Near bottom. @: Near top, immediately after *. >: Near bottom, shortly after @. 52. ZETA This is the "penultimate level", as it were. The object is to shoot at the object which slowly moves up and down along the right edge of the screen. Every now and then, this object will "open its eye"; this is the only time when it's vulnerable. The second time you successfully hit it when its eye is open, everything on the screen blows up and you are sent to the endgame. NOTE: If you have alien companions, they will be destroyed along with everything else! (However, they still help you get through this level.) The consequence of this is that when you face Zendocon, you always face it alone. 53. Endgame In the final screen, you fight it out with Zendocon itself, the evil spider-monster which rules all the other aliens you've been fighting. To make it through this level, use the following procedure: Zendocon appears on the right edge of the screen and moves horizontally towards you. While firing the lasers continuously, move your ship down slowly. You will eventually find a point at which your lazer-fire makes "explosions" appear on the monster. When Zendocon is getting close, move your ship to the left and *up* out of the way. It can touch your ship without hurting you, but you want to avoid having it cover your ship entirely. Use your shields if it's a close call. When it starts heading back towards the right, move your ship back down to fire at Zendocon's "soft spot" again. Use your shields when necessary to keep the "eyeballs" from hitting you. After the first couple of left-right "cycles" of Zendocon's movement, you'll be able to position your ship so that you can hit the soft spot and also avoid touching the eyeballs (because Zendocon slowly drifts up as it moves back and forth.) Using this technique, you should be able to hit Zendocon enough so that it dies after five or six repetitions of its left-right path. If you don't, it will start moving around the screen diagonally. This means it's probably too late -- but in a last-ditch effort, put on your shields and fly into its "mouth". This might do it in. If you kill Zendocon and then "commit suicide" by crashing your ship into the floating eyes, you're given another ship and have to kill Zendocon again. If you lose your last ship in this way, you lose the game. Killing Zendocon multiple times doesn't increase your score all that much, but it's something to do if you have lots of extra ships at the end of the game. Shortest Route From Start to Finish ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fifteen screens, plus Zendocon. There are three equally short paths from BREX to BROT: ,->ZEST->ZORT->BRAN-. BASE->RAZE->TRYX->STYX->YARB->BREX--->STAB->BOXX->TENT--->BROT-. `->SEBB->SNEX->ZAXX-' | ,---------------------------------' `->STOB->XTNT->BOTZ->SNAX->ZETA->endgame At BASE, take the second gate. At RAZE, take the first. At TRYX, STYX, and YARB you have no choice (disregarding the easter-egg in TRYX). At BREX, choose whichever path you like best (if you choose the upper path, take the second gate at ZORT; if you choose the middle path, take the second gate at BOXX.) From BROT to SNAX you have no choice; at SNAX take the first gate. A typical final score for the "shortest route" is around 100,000. (Or 10,000,000 in the "hard" mode -- good luck!) Gates of Zendocon Map: Each level's gates are numbered left to right, top to bottom, as the terrain scrolls from left to right. Start AAAA -->BASE 1 2/ `--. / ZYBX 2 / 1/|3 `--. / / | XRXS / / | | / / | 1 ANEX / / | .--' |2 / / NEAT | / / | | | | YARR | | | | | | | 1 EYES | | | .--' /2 / | NYXX / / | / / / | ZYRB / / | | /______/ | SRYX / | \ / | BARE 2 | 1| `--. | | XRAY | STAX `--. | | RATT | | | \ SZZZ NYET \ `--. .--' `----------->RAZE___ 2 1/|3\4 `--------ROXX / | \ `--. / | \ NERB / | \_ | / | TERA TREY / | | .--' / | | 2 STAR / | | .--' |1 | | BYTE SSSS | | | | | | 1 BETA | | | .--' |2 | | TRAX | | | | | | | 1 ZEBA | | | .--' |2 | | TRYX ROXY | | | | | | STYX NEXA 1 | | | |2 `--. | | YARB | NEST | \ | | | \____ | EBYX | \ | .--'-------<-' 1 BREX .---'2| 3\___ ZEST | \ / | \ / | STAB / | | ZORT | | | | | | | 1 BOXX | | .--' |2 | SEBB | | .--' TENT | SNEX / | | / BRAN ZAXX / `--------`--. / BROT | STOB | XTNT | BOTZ | SNAX 2 1| `--. | NEAR | .--' ZETA -- Howard Chu @ University of Michigan [GAU]===================================================================== GAUNTLET -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solving the plant problem in the last level (Level 40): 1) Take the first plant in the second group of plants. It will spit you out of another plant. 2) Escape from this plant and take the top plant of the four. This will spit you out between two more plants. 3) Take the left-most plant and get the Star Gem! Immediately give it to Noj and all the robots turn to gold. To Select Levels 1) Choose your character. 2) Start the game, but DO NOT move your character. 3) Press the OPTION 1 button, this will take you to Level 5. 4) Repeat this to go to Levels 10, 15, and 20. [KLA]===================================================================== KLAX -------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can warp to level 56 by getting a "Big X" on level 11. You can also warp to level 51 by getting a "Big X" on level 6. Both of these give you bonuses of ~60,000 points. [LEM]===================================================================== LEMMINGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Mon Sep 27 14:57:28 1993 CODES FOR LYNX LEMMINGS ----------------------- FUN TRICKY TAXING MAYHEM --- ------ ------ ------ 1 N/A 1 kellieseye 1 seeittonon 1 nearlygone 2 dinkiedoos 2 singleduck 2 justforyou 2 lemmingoue 3 whenyousee 3 lookandsee 3 runandflee 3 spendspree 4 opensadoor 4 manyanmore 4 doortodoor 4 onthefloor 5 lemmsalive 5 cansurvive 5 stillalive 5 uncleclive 6 onesinafix 6 lemsbricks 6 fixedmyfix 6 clogclicks 7 luckyseven 7 walkingstk 7 anurebevan 7 difference 8 onefatlady 8 dontbelate 8 helpmemate 8 waitanwait 9 washinline 9 doinitfine 9 drinknwine 9 eatanddine 10 jmajorsden 10 lemmsagain 10 tenpercent 10 tentontess 11 lovelylegs 11 lemminlegs 11 stickuptwo 11 binisthree 12 justadozen 12 ontheshelf 12 digindelve 12 twotimesix 13 unluckyyou 13 yourinluck 13 hisbadluck 13 returntome 14 atenanfour 14 fourteenie 14 teensforth 14 twicelucky 15 threefives 15 fiveteenie 15 teensfifth 15 nineandsix 16 verysweety 16 sugarlevel 16 notsosweet 16 charitynum 17 sevenanten 17 yeartowait 17 driveukcar 17 stillyoung 18 keyofadoor 18 agecanvote 18 votesforme 18 comesofage 19 lasteenage 19 lesstwenty 19 tenstonine 19 olderstill 20 secondscor 20 totimesten 20 doublesten 20 numbtwenty 21 todaytoday 21 halfanswer 21 lockandkey 21 olderlemms 22 doubleduck 22 duckstwice 22 twoelevens 22 lemminduck 23 twoanthree 23 oneisforme 23 justforeme 23 soonbefree 24 sentrydoor 24 playinmore 24 lemminmore 24 lemmsstore 25 quarterton 25 lemsstrive 25 jiveanjive 25 lemmsdrive 26 thisisafix 26 chopsticks 26 lemsinafix 26 yourinafix 27 lowendevon 27 aluckyduck 27 lemsheavon 27 lemtodevon 28 sellbydate 28 shutmygate 28 gardengate 28 twostoplay 29 goldenline 29 wotsmyline 29 startowine 29 oneafterme 30 dirtygirty 30 hurtyhurty 30 fivexsixis 30 lemmgfinal Here's what you get when you win: --------------------------------- ALL DONE! congratulations!! you've completed l e m m i n g s everyone here at dma design salutes you as a master lemmings player not many people will complete the mayhem levels. you are definately one of the elite. programming brian watson (biscuit) with graphics conversion by mike dailly gary timmons scott johnston level editor by steve hammond (using amos which was an atomic-size mistake) original music by tim wright and brian johnston lynx music tony williams additional graphics jamie grant levels themselves were converted by john harris and john delayney psygnosis/atari liason greg duddle graham stafford and john skruch testing mike clarke gray mercer craig duddle faran thomason and sean patten original concept by dma design tea boy mike dailly scott johnston and russel kay sprite generator mark ireland Electricty supplied by scottish power which was originally contained in a big hydro-electric dam which was powered by water that got its energy from the sun and so on and so forth right back to the very beginnings of the universe and now the traditional scrolly message things. the following items were consumed during the making of lynx lemmings; 520 cans of coke 200 bags of crisps 108 custom built sandwhiches 300 cups of tea 64 tracker bars 1 fruesli bar (blech!) and a lot irreplacable fossil fuels and the following equipment used in the course of the project; 900 gallons rocket fuel 1 teleporter 4 hard disks set of spanners nicam tv set 15 amigas 22 pcs desk lamp paintball guns farside calendar amos compiler blank disks too much paper cranky old amstad printer satellite system screen blanker star trek video tayside buses cfcs welding kit soldering iron hammer nails circular saw 30 rolls wallpaper bucket and spade power sander hover mower paint strpper particle gun cold fusion reactor comic rays fan telescope digital thermometer lemon curd sandwhich fridge microwave oven jar of loose change gobstopper business card vacuum cleaner stickey backed plastic with invented assistance from the following people and places. nasa cern synchrotron hubble space telescope jodrell bank corner shop cray research edinburgh zoo starbase 47 not forgetting the hinderances from these; road works headphones network crashes solor storms ozon depletion chocolate cake pcs snowstorms tidal wave earthquake disk errors volcanoes blocked drains hangovers yogurt coffee perculator are we clear yet? anybody listening? no? good. important message ---------------- 5 4 3 2 1 we're going for the record now.. What's the largest scrolly mesage ever seen on a game cartridge? no idea? miniscule, thats what. we at dma design in our shiny green office building are attempting 40k worth of message. pointless, futile, mesage. thats 40960 characters. we even employ someone purely to write these scrolly mesages. we have more text. loads! loads!! loads!!! and then some!!!!!! speaking of characters, there were some very strange ones involved in creating the game. I myself am a member of the the guild of scrolly message writers, not the everyday messages that get flung around on demos but a bona fide scrolly embedded on a rom cartridge. few are qualified to reach this level of expertise. if you wish to do this youself there are special night classes you can attend. you just have to know where to find them. thanks go especially to the sandwich ladies and the chocolate cake that caused me so much trauma trying to slim down.. so anyway, in several thousand years time some archeologist is going to dig up this cartridge. i may as well explain a few things about 1993 first of all the location of atlantis. it is in fact in the tay estuary just next to dundee, sctoland that fact alone explains why atlantis has remained so quiet over the years. who could take them seriously nowdays with the think highland accent and a claymore come to think of it, wielding a claymore in front of people does tend to make them take you seriously. so why did atlatis sink? it was the constant rainfall that did it. I may as well tell you that the scrolly message classes are held at the following address. the university 1 south underwater st west 15 atlantis enclose around 20 quids worth of stamps for all correspondance and now vampires. are you one of the legions of the undead? does the sun make you peel until there is nothing left? do hordes of irate locals armed with sunbeds try to ruin your night? if the answer to any of the above questions is a resounding yes then you really have got problems I suppose in that case you'll have been playing lemmings in the middle of a transylvanian castle in the basement. in that case, make sure you've got plenty of batteries. can't leave out aliens: why would anyone wish to leave aliens out of a scolly message (a note for the pedantic: under no cimcumstances is a message text called a scolling message, it is always a called a scolly ) so anyway: aliens. we are of course talking about the suckers that come from space and not the ones that try sneak in you're country when you're not looking. I am confident that no-one at dma design has in fact been abducted by aliens although several of them may actually be aliens themselves. have you ever seen whitley strieber's communion? if so then i can give the true explanation. the alien is large, white, bald and has enormous eyes. now consider what michael jackson is doing to himself, and it will instantly become clear that this is what michael will look like in several hundred years. considering his reputation for eccentricity and his vast wealth i have no doubt that he will fund a time machine and go back to the eighties and pretend to be from outer space. or not. a word about piracy. yes, even cartidges can be copied. it's not very nice is it? if you do try it then the jokes on you. inserted into this text is a powerful magical spell to shred the very soul of evil nasty people who would take away our livelihood. nasty pirate go way. you'll never live, to see the day, when evil triumphs over light, 'cos we all think you're full of * zzzt * software failure there* mmm, never mind. on with the next topic. the pentagram graphics should take care of it anyway. 7k of message! ah we never quite got to 40K but I think it is still enough to count. i think it's a... world record for a console cartridge. you! until next time a little message from the programmer. enjoy your lynx. it is the best of all of the hand held portable machines. only with your support can we produce software for this lovely little piece of hardware with a goal keeping the machine alive and kicking well i may not have plans to do anything in the immediate future on the lynx, but if it is still around in a few years maybe I'll do lemmings ii on it. then again maybe not i suppose i would have to be mad to attempt it but then again anyone who attempts a major programming feat using a 6502 must be mad but don't forget the lovely hardware this little machine can do more to the display than an amiga can thanks to rj mical and his team for being insane enough to design such a nice piece of hardware and having the foresight to produce their development software on the amiga maybe it's because they had something to do with that as well? bye... | Ken Sumrall [HOC]===================================================================== LYNX HOCKEY -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play with the PERFECT Hockey Team! Enter the password "BATSXPEB". The "X" will turn into a heart and then pressing "OK" brings up a Bat cartoon with the lines YES SIR. NO SIR. THREE BAGS FULL SIR. Then when you go to the play game screen, you can choose a new team from Group D: "The Bats", which has *perfect* stats! Two notes: if you try to re-enter the password BATSXPEB then you get a still pic of a bat (sleeping?) with the message BORING. Also, the Bats are an American team, since the anthem played for them is the US National Anthem. (There is also some color change of the LA Kings uniform, possible others... but I am not familiar enough with these teams to know... we don't see much Hockey down here in New Orleans...). From APE [MSP]===================================================================== MS. PAC-MAN -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. To get a lightning bolt, PAUSE the game and press OPT1, A, OPT1, and UNPAUSE 2. To get 5 extra guys, PAUSE, OPT1, B, B, A, A, OPT1, UNPAUSE (Thanks to Steve Ryno of Atari for this one) Both of these should be used while the game is in progress. The lightning bolt can be used as many times as you like, but you can only use the Extra man trick once. 3. To skip levels PAUSE (during the game) and pressing OPT 1, B, B, B, OPT 1, and UNPAUSE. Now press OPT 1 to activate anytime during the game. 4. To get a lightning bolt at any time PAUSE, hold down OPT 1 hit A, B, A Then release OPT 1 and hit OPT 1 the 2nd time. The Lighting Bolt will appear. Hit B to activate. [PAC]===================================================================== PAC-LAND -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get ten extra men: First get a high score. Put 330NE as the high score name. As long as that's the highest score, you'll get ten extra lives when you play. [POW]===================================================================== POWER FACTOR -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invincibility. During the game, when not standing next to a monitor, press OPTION 2 to see the "bomb parts" screen. Press Up, Right, Up, Left, Down. The game will buzz, and you're invincible. Doing the trick again turns off invincible mode. Weapon Power-Up. During the game, when not standing next to a monitor, press OPTION 2 to see the "bomb parts" screen. Press Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Up, Option 2. You'll have all weapons at full strength. Repeat as necessary. Stage Select. Stand next to a monitor, then press OPTION 2. Press Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Right. The game will buzz. Now press up or down to choose a level; the number in the lower-right corner of the screen indicates the level number. Pressing up and down also toggles the score between 00000 (go to start of level) and 00128 (go to end of level). When you've got the level you want, press OPTION 2 to go there. [QIX]===================================================================== QIX -------------------------------------------------------------------------- QIX Codes Codes found by: Patrick and John Hardie Flushing, NY Text File by: John Hardie 03/18/92 After level 255 you go back to level 0. There is no known code for level 1. 2- GFGHEF 3- GFGGEN 4- HAHEHF 5- HAHFNJ 6- HAHGOI 7- HFHCPI 8- HFHNGF 9- HFHMIJ 10- IAIKCJ 11- IAILLE 12- IAIMAN 13- IFIIJE 14- IFILHJ 15- IFIKBJ 16- IFJFBF 17- IFJEHI 18- IFJHCM 19- IFJGIE 20- IFJBAI 21- IFJABE 22- IFJDHJ 23- IFJCBJ 24- IFJNBE 25- IFJMHI 26- IFJPCI 27- IFJOBH 28- IFJJHJ 29- BFAIFP 30- IFJLDF 31- IFJKHC 32- IFKFBJ 33- IFKEBF 34- IFKHHI 35- IFKGCM 36- IFKBOD 37- IFKAAI 38- IFKDCE 39- IFKCLG 40- IFKNBJ 41- IFKMKI 42- IFKPIC 43- IFKOBJ 44- IFKJKL 45- DFBIDC 46- IFKLBJ 47- IFKKPF 48- IFLFLF 49- IFLEBJ 50- IFLHPE 51- IFLGLF 52- IFLBBJ 53- IFLAPH 54- IFLDLF 55- IFLCBJ 56- IFLNPG 57- IFLMLF 58- IFLPBJ 59- IFLOPB 60- IFLJLF 61- BFCIIJ 62- IFLLPA 63- IFLKLF 64- IFMFCM 65- IFMEIK 66- IFMHAI 67- IFMGKJ 68- IFMBIC 69- IFMACM 70- IFMDAF 71- IFMCJJ 72- IFMNJA 73- IFMMJK 74- IFMPKJ 75- IFMOJA 76- IFMJJK 77- DFHIMF 78- IFMLHO 79- IFMKEL 80- IFNFKJ 81- IFNEIC 82- IFNHJF 83- IFNGIM 84- IFNBCM 85- IFNAIK 86- IFNDAI 87- IFNCKJ 88- IFNNIC 89- IFNMCM 90- IFNPHF 91- IFNOJB 92- IFNJJP 93- BFEIDF 94- IFNLFN 95- IFNKJP 96- IFOFCA 97- IFOEJJ 98- IFOHHF 99- IFOGPK 100- IFOBAM 101- IFOAIG 102- IFODHF 103- IFOCIG 104- IFONMJ 105- IFOMDI 106- IFOPID 107- IFOOAM 108- IFOJJF 109- DFFIMF 110- IFOLJD 111- IFOKCM 112- IFPFIK 113- IFPEAI 114- IFPHKJ 115- IFPGIC 116- IFPBEL 117- IFPAKL 118- IFPDIC 119- IFPCJF 120- IFPNIA 121- IFPMBJ 122- IFPPKL 123- IFPOIC 124- IFPJAF 125- BFGIHA 126- IFPLCH 127- IFPKII 128- IFAFKF 129- IFAEOB 130- IFAHJJ 131- IFAGAF 132- IFABNL 133- IFAAAM 134- IFADKF 135- IFACHF 136- IFANJI 137- IFAMCM 138- IFAPIK 139- IFAOAI 140- IFAJKJ 141- DFLIDC 142- IFALGL 143- IFAKKL 144- IFBFIC 145- IFBECI 146- IFBHKL 147- IFBGIC 148- IFBBEM 149- IFBAID 150- IFBDFF 151- IFBCIC 152- IFBNCM 153- IFBMIA 154- IFBPAI 155- IFBOKL 156- IFBJIC 157- BFIIJF 158- IFBLMB 159- IFBKCH 160- IFCFII 161- IFCEKF 162- IFCHOB 163- IFCGJJ 164- IFCBAF 165- IFCALI 166- IFCDAM 167- IFCCMF 168- IFCNHF 169- IFCMJJ 170- IFCPCH 171- IFCOIJ 172- IFCJKF 173- DFJIFB 174- IFCLJJ 175- IFCKCM 176- IFDFIK 177- IFDEAI 178- IFDHKJ 179- IFDGIC 180- IFDBCL 181- IFDAKL 182- IFDDIC 183- IFDCHL 184- IFDNPF 185- IFDMLF 186- IFDPDI 187- IFDOPF 188- IFDJLF 189- BFKINM 190- IFDLJF 191- IFDKFF 192- IFEFKH 193- IFEEBL 194- IFEHPF 195- IFEGLF 196- IFEBAF 197- IFEAJI 198- IFEDAM 199- IFECAF 200- IFENHF 201- IFEMJM 202- IFEPCH 203- IFEOIJ 204- IFEJKF 205- BFNIHB 206- IFELJJ 207- IFEKCM 208- IFFFIK 209- IFFEAI 210- IFFHKJ 211- IFFGIC 212- IFFBCL 213- IFFAKL 214- IFFDIC 215- IFFCFL 216- IFFNPF 217- IFFMLF 218- IFFPJF 219- IFFOIC 220- IFFJCM 221- FFIIFK 222- IFFLBI 223- IFFKPF 224- IFGFLF 225- IFGEAF 226- IFGHIF 227- IFGGCL 228- IFGBKI 229- IFGAIC 230- IFGDCM 231- IFGCLH 232- IFGNAI 233- IFGMCO 234- IFGPLG 235- IFGOAI 236- IFGJBC 237- BFPICG 238- IFGLCH 239- IFGKIA 240- IFHFGJ 241- IFHEKL 242- IFHHIC 243- IFHGHF 244- IFHBIC 245- IFHACM 246- IFHDIB 247- IFHCAI 248- IFHNDA 249- IFHMLG 250- IFHPAF 251- IFHOIA 252- IFHJCM 253- BFOIBK 254- IFHLAI 255- IFHKDA O- BFBFLM [RAM]===================================================================== RAMPAGE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a trick that will let you select ANY level in Rampage. When the character selection screen appears, pause and unpause the game. Now when the game continues on to the headlines screen(you must, of course, select a character.) hold down option 1 and move the joypad. Now you can select ANY LEVEL! Showing the digitized picture of the programmer (it is very nicely done and even has some "animation"): Activate the level select trick (Pause and unpause when choosing your monster). At the newspaper, hold down Option 1 and select Day 6. Press Pause twice. Hold down Option 1 and select Day 15. Press Pause twice. Hold down Option 1, Option 2, and the 'B' button simultaneously. The game will end, but there will be a "smiling programmer" instead of the winning monster. ===== Levels and City Names ===== 1. BOISE 32. MINNEAPOLIS 2. PORTLAND 33. MILWAUKEE 3. SEATTLE 34. CHICAGO 4. SACRAMENTO 35. DETROIT 5. OAKLAND 36. CELVELAND 6. SAN FRANCISCO 37. DAYTON 7. LOS ANGELES 38. CINCINNATI 8. SAN BERNADINO 39. INDIANAPOLIS 9. SAN DIEGO 40. LOUSVILLE 10. LAS VEGAS 41. MEMPHIS 11. SALT LAKE CITY 42. NASHVILLE 12. PHOENIX 43. JACKSON 13. TUSCON 44. BIRMINGHAM 14. EL PASO 45. ATLANTA 15. ALBUQUERQUE 46. TAMPA 16. DENVER 47. MIAMI 17. CHEYENNE 48. CHARLESTON 18. BUTTE 49. CHARLOTTE 19. BISMARCK 50. RICHMOND 20. SIOUX FALLS 51. BALTIMORE 21. OMAHA 52. WASHINGTO D.C. 22. LINCOLN 53. PHILADELPHIA 23. KANSAS CITY 54. PITTSBURGH 24. WICHITA 55. BUFFALO 25. OKLAHOMA CITY 56. SYRACUSE 26. DALLAS 57. BOSTON 27. HOUSTON 58. PROVIDENCE 28. NEW ORLEANS 59. NEWARK 29. LITTLE ROCK 60. NEW YORK CITY 30. ST LOUIS 61. SUNNYVALE 31. DES MOINES ===== Headlines (XXXX... ON NTH DAY) ===== GIANT MONSTER GOES ON RAMPAGE (level 1) ALL-OUT BATTLE... CITY-STOMPING... DEADLY DISASTER... FEROCIOUS RAMPAGE... INTENSE FIGHTING... MASS DEVASTATION... MONSTROUS MELEE... NATIONWIDE MAYHEM... PERILOUS POUNDING.... TRAGIC ONSLAUGHT... ===== Captions ===== AQUATIC STARLET WADES INTO DEEP TROUBLE... AVOID LIGHTNING IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO CONDUCT YOURSELF CABBIES CRY "NO FARE!!" CITY HOWLING MAD, SAUSAGE SCAM EXPOSED DAIRY EXPLODES - UDDER CHAOS EVERYWHERE... DRINK THE FINAL POTION TO INDUCE YOUR BACKWARD MOTION EAT FOOD ITEMS TO INCREASE HEALTH... EVER-GROWING CONCERN OVER MEGA-VITAMIN... EX-MUTANT IS ARRESTED FOR STREAKING GET A BANG OUT OF LIFE -- PICK UP DYNAMITE GIANT APE THROWS MONKEY WRENCH INTO CITY WORKS GIANT WEREEOLF GOES SHOPPING...SACKS 5TH AVENUE... GUILTY LAB TECHNICIAN DISCOVERS CURE GYM SOCK THIEF THWARTED...SUSPECT BEING HELD (AT ARM'S LENGTH...) HAVE A FRIEND FOR DINNER...BURP HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THE "MONKEY-IN-THE-MIDDLE"???...OUCH!... HINT: FOOD BEHIND OPEN WINDOWS... HINT: WANT TO EAT WELL? PUNCH SLOWER... HOVERING HELICOPTERS HERALD HUMONGOUS HURT... IS THERE NO END TO THIS RAMPAGE? JOB OPENINGS IN NATIONAL GUARD KEEP THE SPRY LAB TECHNICIAN IN SUNNYVALE...OR ELSE!! LAB SCREW-UP WEARS OFFF...FILM AT 11... LAB TECHNICIAN SIGHTED IN SUNNYVALE... MEGA VITAMINS -- JUST SAY NO...! PLAY "TROLLEY HANDBALL" WITH YOUR FRIENDS POTIONS GIVE SPECIAL POWERS... PROPERTY VALUES AT ALL-TIME LOW... RADIOACTIVE LAKE CHANGES WOMAN'S SCALE REAL ESTATE PRICES PLUMMET...BUYERS BEWARE REAL LIFE JEKYLL AND HYDE STORY!! SHORTAGE OF PRIME OFFICE SPACE...MARKET COLLAPSES SOMETHING'S BREWING ON THE ROOF AT THE ARGLEBARF CHEMICAL COMPANY SPOUSE OF MUTANT FILES LEGAL ACTION TANK BUT NO TANKS... THERE ARE NO (BUY A LYNX) SUBLIMINAL (OR TWO) IN THIS GAME (BUY A LYNX) VIDEO PIRACY IN CITY HALL? MAYOR IN REEL TROUBLE...! YOU CAN LEAD YOU BUDDIES TO WATER, BUT YOU CAN'T MAKE THEM SWIM WARNING!: ELECTRICITY IS SHOCKING... WITNESS SHEDS NEW LIGHT ON FLUORESCENT BULB SCAM... [RAP]===================================================================== RAMPART -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Pretty sketchy--sorry. Would someone like to send me the complete cheat?] Clear two veteran levels and ??? and push the joypad left as if you were trying to select a different battlefield. The highlight will disappear and then you press A or B you will play on one of the two player levels. Playing tip! During the cannon stage, if you click five times on a place where the cannon can't be built, you'll go on ahead to the firing stage. One strategy is to place the cannon over a boat you plan to target and click five times, so that when you start the firing stage the crosshairs will already be over he boat. If it starts getting a little hairy when you try to refortify your castle (ie. to cluttered with wall remnants), then try clearing those pieces away in the next cannon stage by shooting them. [ROA]===================================================================== ROAD BLASTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to skip levels in RoadBlasters. Start game normally and choose the Rookie starting area. Accelerate car, while holding down the "B" button to about 25 - 50 mph and steer the car so that it is riding on the left shoulder of the road. Keep holding down the "B" button. Eventually, you will hit a tree which is growing on the side of the road. When you do this you will see a digitized picture of one of the programers and a short message. You will also see in the upper right hand corner a number. This is the level you are on. Use the OPTION 1 button to move the number forward, and OPTION 2 to move the number backward. (Note: gently tap the OPTION keys. This function really zooms thru the levels.) Once you get to the level you want to play, press the "A" button. You're now back in the game. you will now continue to finish level 1, then the next level will be the level above the one you chose, i.e. if you picked level 48, after you finish level one, you'll be on level 49. (from Star*Lynx) [RYG]===================================================================== RYGAR -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Floating shield trick: Throw the shield in front of you, then restart the game with Option 1 and Pause. When you restart the game, your shield will be floating in front of you. As soon as you fire, your shield returns to normal. (programming glitch?) [SCR]===================================================================== SCRAPYARD DOG -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free Shield METHOD 1: At the start of any level, move Louie half way across the screen, then pause and press the B button. If you did this right (positioning is very important), You should see a message at the bottom of the screen that says "SHIELD AWARDED." METHOD 2: When the timer reads 299 press pause, then press button B (this is a more reliable method than method 1). In the beginning this always work, but not in later levels. Scrapyard Dog Cheat Here is a method I used to obtain lots of shields and lives in Scrapyard Dog. If a shop you are about to enter has a red $5 money bag on the same screen, take the money before entering the shop. Then exit the shop. The $5 money bag will appear again. Take the money and enter the shop again. Repeat this over and over to build up your money supply. Don't worry about losing a life or two by running out of time for the level because just ahead in another shop, you will buy yourself more lives ($35) and max out your shields ($10) to nine. This method can be used on another level towards the end of the game to get lots of lives. WARP to FOREST To perform the warp, you must be on JUNKYARD Level 2. Move right through the level to the stack of tires. Jump onto tires and press down. The can room will appear. The following table show where the arrow starts and where the prize ends up: Start Finish 1 5 2 1 3 4 4 2 5 3 You are now small in size. This allows you to knock on the WARP door and warp. As you move to the right, press up in front of the tree to get an extra life. Keep moving to the right and avoid being hit by bullets, dogs, mice, and bird dropings. Jump up where the hub caps are hanging on a line to get invincibility. Also pressing down while on top of the third brown can (the one to the left of the mouse caught between cans) will give you a shield. When you get to the toilet just before the office, jump up on the toilet. Face left and hold down. A red warp door will appear to the right of the office. Move over to the door and hold up to open door and warp. WARP to DESERT To perform the warp, you must be on CITY Level 1. Move to the right until you get to the black cat up in the window above the mail box. Throw a can to get rid of the cat. Jump up to window where cat was and press up. You will now be small. Move back to the left to door by mail box. Jump up steps to get level with door. Hold up while in front of door to get red warp door to appear above the door. Now quickly jump onto mail box, jump to the left edge of the screen while holding the jump button (to achieve a higher jump). This will put you at the red warp door. Press/hold up in front of door to warp. WARP to ARTIC You must be in the FOREST level 1. At the start of the level, move to the right to the log when the rabbit comes out. When you jump on the log over the hole where the rabbit came out, press down on the joypad. You are know small. If you go to the right, you will encounter a tree with two snakes. Enter the door to enter the shop. Exit the shop and the snakes are gone. Now jump on the stump to the right of the shop. Face left and hold down till the WARP door appears on the branch. Jump up to the door and press up. You will now warp to the ICE area. These are the only warps that I found in the game. There may be more. Hope this helps you out! EJ (Ed Saloka) [SHA]===================================================================== SHADOW OF THE BEAST -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind when you read this that Beast is an arcade game, thus just knowing how to do this may not be enough. Quick reflexes may be necessary. Also, my strategy is not perfect in places... if you know how to improve my technique (ie, you don't get hit as much) let me know ( Outside. Start by running to the left. Watch for the bats that will fly down (I've only made it through here unscathed a couple times, normally I just run back to the right a little bit and duck when I hear the bats shriek). There are two different sets of bats, and each set of bats will attack in two different smaller groups. As soon as you get past the second set of bats, there are three metal traps in the ground. All you need to do is jump and land between the sets of "jaws". Enter the tree (there is nothing of value further to the left). In the tree, part one. The small head at the bottom of the staircase will shoot at you when you get a certain distance from it (something you're bound to discover on your own!). Climb down the ladder and head to the left. The game progresses pretty linearly here. You've got a few platforms to jump and a few monsters to dispose of, but there's really only one way to go. When you get past the green guys with the swords (watch out for those spikes overhead!), climb up the ladder and head to the right (passing the next ladder which is heading up) until you come to the ladder that goes down. A bit more jumping on platforms and you'll come to a blue total health restoring potion. Things progress a bit more and you will encounter these golden flying things. When you are at this point, you will climb down a ladder and find a silvery (but with red center) circular device stuffed in a corner to the right (somewhat near a big skeleton lodged in the wall). This is a teleporter that will take you back a ways. Don't use it yet. Instead, head to the left, ignoring the ladder heading down. Next, you will come to the weird eagle thing that is holding a blue crystal globe. Time his fire-breathing activities and get up close to him when he's not scorching the air in your vicinity. Ducking will avoid the fire. Then, when he's not breathing fire, punch the globe (it will flash each time you hit it). I counted eleven hits for it to be finished. You will then have the blue globe in your inventory (you'll get to use it soon enough). Head back to the right the way you came, and then take the ladder down. You will climb down a jog in the ladders, and then head left instead of down. To the left, you will find an area with a key. I've found it easiest to jump off of the moving platform into that section and then getting onto the up-down moving platform without the resident blue guy seeing me. (Basically don't walk to the left at all after jumping off of that moving platform. Just hop straight onto the up-down platform). Now, head back to the right. If you need health, climb down that ladder that I told you not to climb down before and head to the left. All the way left is a blue complete health restoration potion. I have a hint for this whole section. I found it much quicker to avoid catching all the ropes and jumping on all the platforms by simply falling off the ledges. The health potions were conveniently spaced so that I could easily survive these falls (watch out for spikes though!) and leave this area with full health. Climb back up the ladders and hop in the teleporter. After teleporting, hit option 1 and select the blue globe. The blue globe gives you a nifty missile weapon. Head left and climb up the ladder. When you move to the right, a wall will rise sealing you from escape! There is a lone spike "bush" in the middle of this little battlefield. Stand with the Beast's right foot just about touching the left edge of the bush. When the monster rises up, duck. You should be below his shots. Note that before he rises up, he will fire one shot. Try to jump over them, but they don't do too much damage so don't worry too much. I comfortably get four shots in before I have to duck. It takes fifteen shots total (don't waste these shots, I've found them useful later). Hit option 1 and select "exit" in order to go back to regular punches. Off to the right, you enter the second half of the tree and a new save point! In the tree, part two. As you run to the right, you will run past a machine with a lever, gears and a chain coming out of the top. Ignore that for the moment, and jump over the spikes. After you climb down the ladder, there will be some snakes coming out of the floor and spitting at you. Just run up to them and punch them after they spit. After the second and third snakes a bird thing will fly down and you will need to duck. Don't take the downward ladder after the snakes. Instead, pick up the gear and head back to the machine. Once there, hit option 1 and select the gear. Assuming you're standing close to the machine, the gear will go in place. Punch the lever and a platform will lower. Climb onto the platform and punch the lever again to go up. Go to the right and get the torch hanging from a support pole. Head left, beat up some green guys and flip the switch on the wall. Climb up the ladder you past when you went to flip the switch, and head left past the bouncing eyeballs (!?). When the dragon stops breathing fire, run, pick up the key and stand next to him and wait out his next attack. After that, run back to the right and past the eyeballs. If you need health, head to the right and pick up the blue potion. Otherwise, head back down the ladder and the "elevator". Go past the snakes again, and then head downward. Head right and punch the lever. Then turn back and cross the platform that had been extended across what used to be a gap. Punch the lever you find off to the left and then go back to the right and downard (gadzooks! They've got you running back and forth!). Run left after getting to the bottom of the ladder and use the moving platforms to take you further left. You will find a blue "glove" suspended in midair. If it's surrounded by electricity, you forgot to flip the switch in the hallway underneath those bouncing eyeballs. As you head back right past the ladder, a couple of those red batlike things will fly down. Try to hit them, because now is a good time to conserve health. You've got a ways to go before a refill. Continue on downward and avoid the obstacles (I have really got much to comment on here. Just practice your timing around the spikes and try not to get hit.) When you get to the ghosts, if you head right instead of down the ladder to the left you can avoid having to deal with these rocket engines that are mysteriously igniting. However, only avoid those engines if you have the health to take a fall into spikes (and you must also be confident of your ability to get rid of the dragon). Hit option 1 and select the yellow glove. You can't kill the dragon without it. If you watch the timing, you will notice that the spike will drop to the floor and the dragon will stop breathing fire. That is when you need to jump across. You can comfortably punch the dragon five times before you need to jump back across when the spike is down. It takes a total of thirty hits to blast this guy. Use the yellow key you picked up to leave the tree area through the well. Topside once again. All right! So we're out of that hellhole of a tree. Well, there's still a bunch of ickyness to deal with up top. First, stand in front of the cannon. After the nifty little green dude lights the fuse (wait for it to be burning), punch the cannon. The little guy gets blast and leaves a handy gun behind. Now, head back to the right eliminating the baddies that you encounter. The columns that look like piles of rock contain potentially useful items (there is only one evil column in the game, and that comes near the end). The first two you come across have health bonuses. The last one contains a large ball. Push the ball along with you as you avoid the spikes and use it to plug up a hole from which some green and red balls are popping. When you get to the funky pterodactyl statue, don't be alarmed. This is actually a pretty easy monster. He does a bit of damage if he hits you, so don't let him. Punch the statue five times to let the monster out, and then punch him three times to take back the freedom you just gave him. I personally hate the spider forest that comes next, but at least there is health afterwards. To get past each spider, wait until the spike on the right has just come down, and walk over until you are directly to the left of the spider. Punch the spider, wait until just before it hits the ground, and jump into the air. Let the spider go under you, and move slightly to the right to land where the spider had been, between the spikes. Wait until the spike on the right has just come down, and walk to the right. The second time you repeat this process there will be a spider running along the ground which you must jump over. The eyeballs aren't too bad once you see the holes that you can rest in. Duck as the green guy flies overhead, and then punch him as he comes back around but lower. When the flying dragon drops the winged bomb, punch the bomb before it explodes and it will eradicate the annoying swarm of insects. I think you can handle the rest of the obstacles until you get to the castle. In the castle. Go left, past the ladder, and get rid of the green, hoppy guys. Flip the switch. Go back and climb the ladder. You can only punch wooden barrels; the silver balls and indestructible. There are two wooden barrels followed by a metal ball, and this repeats itself indefinitely. Hit the first wooden barrel, and use the ladder up to the next level as a means to dodge the second barrel and the metal ball. When you get to the floor where the barrels are dropping down, run to the left and flip the switch. Climb the ladder to the top floor, and punch the chests to the right for health, except be forewarned that the very last chest contains a green guy who shoots arrows, and the second to last chest can be stood on to avoid the arrows. Kill the green guy by punching the chest before getting the last bit of health. Run to the right, avoid axes and flying dragons. Pick up the wrench. Climb down the first ladder you come to. As you run to the right, watch for green dudes in the floor which throw knives at you. To avoid getting hit by the axes that come down, stand right underneath whence they come, and they'll fly over you from each side. After defeating the three big green mouths, run and jump across the gap. You need to jump at the last second to make it. Punch the little head in the wall three times, and jump onto the chandelier as it lowers. Wait for the spider to go up to run underneath it. More axes. Some spiders need to be punched once or twice before they'll go up. After climbing down the ladders, you'll be back near the entrance. Go right. You might want to consider using some of your remaining shots from the blue ball to kill the red bouncy blobs and the bats after them. The gates here will only be open if you've flipped both switches prior to getting here. Climb down the ladder; don't go all the way to the left. Some health is on the right then. Go left, wait for the metal ball to pass, go left, climb the ladder, climb into the pit, and duck. Wait for the ball, go left, and climb down the ladder. Pick up the spare bullets, and climb down the next ladder. Run to the right until you see the gargoyles; then run back to the left, and punch the button on the wall. There's another green guy in the floor after the axes. Use the wrench to get past the electric field. Climb up the ladder, go to the left, and flip the switch. Arm yourself with the gun, climb down the other ladder, and go to the right. Get in close, and just shoot. And keep shooting. You shouldn't need to refill the gun. Use the blue key to unlock the door. You are now outside. Outside the castle. Go right. Punch the tombstones for health. In the second set of tombstones, the second tombstone contains a ghost instead of health. Kill everything. To kill the final guy, watch his shot pattern. Get in close and jump and kick the face in the middle of his body. Congratulations, you won. [SHN]===================================================================== SHANGHAI -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To View Ending Sequence. At the high score table, pause, hold down option 1, option 2, B, and press up and right at the same time on the joypad. [TOD]===================================================================== SLIME WORLD -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The codes found in this text file were compiled by Mr. Kale Swindell of La Canada, CA. He indicates that these codes will place your character (TODD) at one of the restart stations located in the game. The further along the code is in the list, the further into the level your character will be restarted. Adventure 1: EASY 24CAA1 E8CA6C EC8AA9 118AEA 6FCBE9 919073 E70926 A809E3 6B4B6C 66CBE0 25CBA7 114928 12C9AA 550894 D7C956 19CB93 198AD2 9D0AD9 45C9C5 5DC9DD 070946 CA090D CCC94F 30C988 4F8B09 0B8BCD 098BC3 078BC1 C28A87 870AC3 8A0ACE 8F0BC8 Adventure 2: EXPLORATION 269AF3 ED9ABE ECDA78 ED9BBF E4DB71 259BF7 EA193D EF58F9 D199B9 E79EB4 EDDE7D EE9EBF D29EBB E79FB5 2F9CF2 6CDCE3 AC5CB2 139CFE 159DF9 D01A24 559925 5A9E23 43DFE9 1E1969 1DDCA0 1899E0 1CD8AF 0399EB 865591 465F57 4EDFDD 75DFD8 245947 085F11 4C5C52 070997 4FDFDD 089ADD 70DCDF 75DCD8 F1181B B51FDA 711B9B 8EDA1A F1DA45 745947 749807 F659C1 B85D87 BD1DC0 B79B40 3DDC80 B79B40 7E5D4D 205F09 7F9E0C 60DEC9 20D988 205F09 Adventure 3: ACTION 9157B6 AB9277 2F1176 919073 198AD2 5DC9DD 15563D 569039 98D638 1796FC 111671 5417B2 1DD7BB 1993FB D052FC 1492F9 D91225 5CD1E4 5CD6E5 011766 DC93A6 1E1262 43536C 42506C 47972D 0D97EB 77D1DF B816D8 7A575B B610D8 72139C 0C1654 8916E9 4D9115 F150D3 CA9095 0892D5 8F9350 B69358 391245 FF9086 BC12C0 BD11C4 3C5604 215601 211746 67970D EAD74B 6B910B 62920F A610C8 Adventure 4: SUSPENSE DD0114 DDC154 9D8154 5DC0D4 5C8114 5C4157 1C4117 DC0117 DCC157 DF8197 9C01D7 9C4197 5D8014 9CC117 5C0097 5CC0D7 DCC0D7 C641D9 C941D8 494158 C9C659 464159 474059 46C0D9 464058 884284 0B82C4 0DC286 8C4280 8E4282 B0824C 34004E C7071C 1A472B 1A076B 1DC7AB 5DC7EB 5D872B 5D476A 5C07AA 9702EB 10C3A2 110362 114322 918362 2E81E6 9146A1 9106E1 EEC666 114621 110661 11C6A6 2E0666 2E4626 2E86E7 2EC6A7 2B413A 2B81FB 2BC1BB 28413B 2881F8 28C1B8 294138 2981F9 29C1B9 24413F 2387F1 200771 E00731 A007F1 6006B1 210671 E10631 A106F1 6101B1 3E0272 FEC171 BEC131 7EC0F1 3EC0B1 FFC071 BF00F1 7F03B1 3C0371 FC0331 BC03F1 7C02B1 3D0271 7C4371 3A0276 FA42F6 BA42B6 FAC276 BA8176 BD42B1 BD02F1 BDC231 A48278 Adventure 5: LOGIC D9E275 9C26F4 9B62B7 02A2FF 9F63B0 C02032 C4E17F C2A1B2 032770 DF67F4 022470 05E7B3 47667F 4621BE 8522F9 06E3B8 8921F8 C966F9 8C65BB CDE665 71E1E1 4C21A4 0EE3A0 CAA3A5 8D62A1 8F22E3 7527A3 336720 CEE565 F52520 39652C 3CA4EB B7E42D B2A662 BA64A8 F162ED 77E3E9 796168 BBA66B 3BE0AA FF61D6 60A417 236516 E02711 A12601 652692 E8E55F A6E61E 6A2798 AD25D8 27A1DF A7A358 7CE2D1 Adventure 6: ARCADE 012D7C 016E39 016938 00EAA5 002A64 INVINCIBILITY: At the title screen with the Slime World logo that falls with a crash, do the following: 1) Press and hold Option 2 2) Press and hold Option 1 while holding Option 2 down 3) Move the joypad to the upper right, while holding down both Options After that, release your fingers, and if desired, turn the music back on. There is no indicator of your success, until you start playing. Things behave very strangely in multiplayer mode tho, so be warned! Hidden Passageways: When you reach the first exit of what appears to be the end of the Adventure 6: Arcade, shoot your gun into the upper right hand corner of the wall. A part of the wall will disappear revealing the secret passage way. If you can't continue on, then try shooting at the wall some more. When ever you find an exit in this level don't be fooled, it isn't the end of the game. There is always (except for the last exit #6) another hidden passage to the right of it! When you are in this secret area of the game you find a message (only readable from the map screen) alluding to the zip popping contest. Zit Popping Contest A 'Zit Popping' game can be played by going to the summary screens and then going to the screen where Todd is pictured green. Press Option 1 and you'll see a zit. Blow it up by hitting the buttons as fast as you can. This also works in multi-player mode where it becomes a competition against your opponent. Playing tips: You can jump out of sticky slime by jumping and pressing shoot at the same time. (I believe Wade discovered this, and it made starting out in combat a lot different) You can climb up slippery walls by timing jumps perfectly so that you jump at the instant you touch the wall. Pressing the button as fast as you can works to a lesser extent.(I don't remember but I'll give this one to Wade as well) If you make two megabombs explode in different rooms at the same time you can create a constantly lit mega-bomb room which will stay lit until some poor fool walks into it. (You can also do this using a jet pack but it becomes somewhat more difficult. I think the easiest place to do this is probably in J-room in level five combat. I think we all discovered this one together.) Somewhere near the end of level 5 logic, there is a wall that you can walk into, and all the lights from the room around you will go out. It's not that great of a trick but I remember having fun with it. It's possible to jump into almost any vertical wall and hide by moving as close to the wall as possible without grabbing on to it, and then jumping towards the wall pressing jump and shoot at the same time. It takes a lot of practice but the rewards are great. It is deliciously fun to hide in a wall where no one can see you, and then open fire on the first poor soul to walk in front of you. The place where it comes in handy is at the bottom left of the combat maze (right next to J-room) Sometimes you get stuck in that room when someone before you took both jet packs. Usually you would have to pop, but if you jump through the wall on the right, you can set up for a good position for a sneak attack. BE VERY CAREFUL though, if you don't jump and press towards the wall at the exact same time, it is possible to become forever imbedded in the wall. In combat with five lives left this can really suck. Just remember jump, shoot, and towards the wall all at the same time. (I think Ryan discovered this) After you get the above technique down, try going to the lower right corner of combat (that big curved dead end next to the big room) if you jump into the wall on the right, you can jump right through and end up in level 5 logic. We suspected that all the mazes might somehow be connected but never took the time to find out. -Randall on behalf of the gang Ryan Marc Terrence Wade Jon Carl [STU]===================================================================== S.T.U.N. RUNNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start out at level 11 (Labyrinth) and complete it. On level 12 (Coathanger) go right and catch the boost and continue going right. You will fly up and then continue and cross the finish line. You will be warped to level 18! [SUP]===================================================================== SUPER SKWEEK -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choose Normal Game from the options. At the map screen position Skweek (or Skruch) over the "O" in the word GARGOUIL LAND and scale until you can't fly any lower. You will see a snorkeling furball. It may take some positioning, but maneuver yourself over the furball and then press OPT 1 so you can go to the forbidden islands. If you want two extra men, scale onto the small island directly to the right of the WELCOME ISLAND in the upper right corner of the dark blue spot. You will see a Skweek next to a palm tree. Hover over it and push OPT 1 for two extra lives. To gain 3000 extra coins, scale over to the large body of water in the PAGALAGOS ISLAND. You will see a Skweek. Hover over it, push OPT 1 and the cash is yours. (from July 1992 EGM) [TOK]===================================================================== TOKI -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freak out mode: Press and hold down OPT1 and UP before the title screen appears get into "freak out" mode. Or at the "Continue?" screen, after the first "beep" of the countdown, and while the timer still shows a 9, press UP and OPTION 1 at the same time, and hold them. You'll see the GAME OVER screen, but keep holding them. The TOKI demo will appear... keep holding UP and on OPTION 1. After the names of the designers fall down, the demo should go psychedelic!! The demo will cycle through colours, a catchy tune will begin, and the pad will allow you to sample digitized TOKI sounds... furthermore, pressing DOWN and LEFT repeatedly will cause the samples to descend in pitch. Conversely, pressing UP and RIGHT repeatedly will cause the samples to ascend in pitch. Note: Once the new demo begins, release UP & OPTION 1. Then use pad to sample sounds. Pressing A or B starts the game normally (from Star*Lynx BBS and Jason). The digitized designers: As the screen fades to black to go to the "continue" screen, hold down Option 1 and push UP on the joypad simultaneously. Hold these all the way through the "continue" countdown. After the "continue" timer expires, you'll see a white dot in the center of the screen. At this point, start pressing buttons A and B as quickly as possible (I noticed presswing the joypad directions will do it too) to make the dot grow. You'll notice, as the dot grows, that this is a picture of four programmers (in b&w). Keep making it grow until it's full screen - the picture briefly turns brown and you get the "game over" screen. [TOU]===================================================================== TOURNAMENT CYBERBALL -------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Tournament Cyberball there is an apparent bug in the game that can be a real cheat. This works well against another human player. I haven't tried it against the computer. I'm guessing the computer is "too smart" to fall for this cheat. Anyways, if you're fairly far up the field, you can run your quarterback all the way to the opposite end of the field, before throwing your pass. "Unrealistic" passes can be completed from the opposite end of the field. Watch out though, some computerized cyberbots will follow you all the way. The advantage of this cheat is simple: It takes out a few of the computerized defenders, and it throws the defense player off by not allowing the defense player to see where your receivers are going. In other words, all you see on both player's lynx's is a pretty much blank screen with nothing but a quarterback and a few rushers....With enough practice, one can have little trouble blindly throwing passes like this. Lastly, don't try this cheat on the "Real" arcade version of this game. It doesn't work. Actually it's quite amusing what happens. When you think the quarterback is going to throw a 70 + yard pass, he/she/it ends up throwing a pass that lands like 1 yard right in front of the QB. Try it if you're ahead sometime on the arcade version. Is kinda amusing....;-) [VIK]===================================================================== VIKING CHILD -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following codes indicates what levels are accessible from each password. Village, Castle: --NONE-- Forest, Mountain: OMEGAMAN Land Bridge, Lake: PATRICIA Labyrinth, Mud Flats, Volcano: REDDWARF Desert, Pyramid, Island: DEWSBURY Codes from Mike Reed from Tempe, Az [WAR]===================================================================== WARBIRDS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tip for new players. When playing alone, pause the game and you can still look around with the B' button. This may help new pilots so they can pause the action, look around and plan their route. To kill the Red Baron: First select unlimited damage, 200 rounds of ammo, no collisions, unlimited men if you're not good at landing, and a dueling start. Once you're in the air, fire your machine guns at the Baron. After he flies by, waste your ammunition on purpose. Next, land. While your men are trying to fix your plane, the Baron will crash trying to shoot you on the ground. Single player grave sight. For single-player Grave Sight, as soon as you die (when the roses and skulls border appears) quickly pause the game. 'A' button will change the viewpoint from plane to plane (And to the point where you died). Look around with the joypad. [XEN]===================================================================== XENOPHOBE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hints: First the basics. I love the yellow electro gun, so all my strategy revolves around this gun. The puffer gun does more damage. I usually crawl along the ground and fire alot. I stand to kill festers and ceiling vines. Jump to move quickly. Festers (the fellows who appear on the sides of the screen) Take these guys out by being just over half a screen away from them. Fire like crazy. You better make sure you are at least half a screen away because these really hurt! You can advance on them once they retreat and expose their hand, makes killing them easier if you do. When they throw stuff, you better be facing them and firing... Getting hit by this stuff stuns you, likely costing your life on later levels. You can kill them with the puffer gun by laying low near the edge of the screen, and standing up and firing as soon as they start to retreat. You can always ignore these guys buy crawling along the floor... but it's good to take them out as soon as you can. They produce other aliens, and create another hazard. You can often kill festers on the adjacent screen by firing very close to the edge. I used this to my advantage alot on level 22, which is almost nothing but festers. Ceiling vines: As I mentioned earlier, make sure you don't move into them while firing. Stop, then aim up and fire. Rollerbies (the armadillo like things that curl into a ball) Getting hit by these balled up creatures can stun you for some time, like the festers can, which means losing your life in later levels. Fire alot at them to make them roll the other way of course. Don't fire too much if there is a closed door in the way, as they'll bounce back at you at high speed. They unravel once they stop moving. I often fire once or twice at them to make them stop. They then unravel and I kill them. Or, I throw a grenade, and fire just enough to make them be near the grenade. These guys are what really threatens your life at the beginning of later levels... Don't underestimate what a mob of these can do to your game. :) One stuns you, then every alien and their brother beat up on you while you can't do anything. Then you lose your gun, and losing your gun on later levels usually means the end of your life, if not your whole game! (you usually get a laser with your new guy, which often is inadaquate). Point blank shots often don't work on these guys for some reason, very important to remember. Laser firing security drones: Of course you can make these stop firing at you by getting the disk and putting it in the security machine. But did you know that you can kill them? You have to fire alot, unless you have a puffer gun. Stand and fire diagonally up, fire like crazy, and don't change directions! They'll move right into your fire. The laser gun does so little damage, it is questionable if you should do this with that gun. I kill these drones on every floor I encounter them until I find the disk. Little crawling aliens: crawl and fire alot, jump if you they stick to you. On later levels, it often isn't wise to jump immediately... you might jump into a festers xray beam, and get stunned, lose your gun, your life, your game... Snotterpillars (big hopping spitting aliens): While heading towards a new screen, if you hear that you are hitting something just before you enter the new screen, stop and keep firing until the sound stops. Then fire a lot as you enter the new screen. Firing at them usually stops the nasty spittle they throw. You should have no problems taking out mobs of these fellows by firing alot. Stop moving as soon you are hitting one, you want to hit them as far away as you can. I am pretty brave with these guys, I'll take on a big mob of them at once. Just fire very very fast. If too many get close, or are about to, move directly away and hit jump twice (or more) in a row. This one tactic is the main reason why I survive so long! Not only does it make you run away quickly, it also has the effect of dodging their spittle. Practice turning around and hopping away repeatly when there aren't aliens around. Make sure you are moving away before jumping, otherwise you'll jump up instead of away, and then you're really If you have the puffer gun, have no fear-- if you fire fast enough, you can kill a solid wall of these guys with it. machine that spits out bombs: Each bomb does 200 damage I think, so be careful. Jump away or over bombs that get thrown near you. hit option two to fix the machine, then hit option one until you have a full load of grenades. self destructing: often a good idea, unless you are about to finish the level. You won't get 200 bonus health, but on later levels you'll probably lose more than that. I usually self destruct 2 or maybe 3 levels. Fire levels: I am continually switching from the fire extinguisher to the electro gun on this level. Put out the fire, run and grab your gun and clear the rooms until you hit the next fire, etc. You can push along both guns, but it's risky. Fires count as part of the alien remaining count... so don't leave the fires for last! Otherwise you'll get stuck with a fire extinguisher on your next level. If I'm cautious, I often gain more health than I lose on these levels. level 21: This level is utter hell. Makes every other level look silly. Be paranoid with every room you enter. I can't stress enough how hard this level is. Fire as fast as you can. Good luck keeping your gun... that's the main thing actually on the later levels, keeping your gun. The beginning of 21 and other later levels is hellish, this is one place where I wouldn't feel guilty using alot of grenades. Those hordes of rollerbies are a real problem at the beginning of levels. level 22: This level is as easy as 21 is hard. Almost nothing but festers. This level might not be so easy if you don't have an electro-gun. I always have one here. level 23, final level: Use my technique for killing snotterpillars, especially hopping away repeatedly when mobs get close. Grenades here can take a wall of snotterpillers, what a rush. :) Keep up a wall of fire to stop their spittle. Be wary of hidden ceiling vines on the edges of the screen. Fire as fast as you can when you see the mother alien, crawl behind her while firing when you've cleared the other aliens in the room. Fire at her head once you're behind her. (diagonally up from ground) It's important to learn to survive with a laser gun until you can get something better. Be very convervative, do most of your killing from the adjacent screen. Hit things as far away as possible. Run from snotterpillars when they get inside your max range (yup, hop twice again..) use grenades if you have to. God I hate losing your gun on the later levels. Free free to mail me any questions and comments. Is the arcade game exactly the same? Michael Kaye Twin Peaks ADDICT Map: Guide to abbreviations BM - Bomb Machine E - Elevator F - Fire FP - Fireball Pit FS - Fire in space station IS - Infestation Screen GD - Green ooze Dripping from ceiling O - Outdoors FO - Floor opening MSU - Moving stars Unit PR - Pestering Robot RN - Research Notes SC - Security Central (needs ID card) SD - Self Destruct unit SXU - Sealed Xeno Unit (needs Key) Notation in header (NN Xenos) - Number of Xenos to kill on this level (F) - Space station is on fire (PR) - Space station has a Pestering Robot that shoots |========================= Space Station 1 =========(63 Xenos)========| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | | | MSU | RN | | | |========================= Space Station 2 =========(56 Xenos)========| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | E | | | O | | O | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | IS | BM | | | | |========================= Space Station 3 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | GD | GD | E | SD | | IS | | O | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | E | FB | | | | | |========================= Space Station 4 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | IS | | E | FO | | | FO | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | FO | | | FO | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | E | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | IS | E | | SD | | | | |===========(PR)========== Space Station 5 =========(127 Xenos)=======| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | O | | E | IS | O | SC | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | SXU | | E | IS | | GD | GD | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | E | IS | | FP | | | |===========(F)-========== Space Station 6 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | F | E | IS,F | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | F | | E | IS,F | SD,F | F | | | |========================= Space Station 7 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | E | IS | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | BM | | | | |========================= Space Station 8 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | | FO | | | | FO | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | | FO | | | | FO | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | | FO | | | | FO | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 5 | SD | | | IS | | IS | | | |========================= Space Station 9 =========(55 Xenos)========| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | E | IS | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | BM | | | | |========================= Space Station 10 =========(99 Xenos)========| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | GD | GD | E | SD | | IS | | O | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | E | FP | | | | | |========================= Space Station 11 ========(122 Xenos)========| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | IS | | E | FO | | | FO | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | FO | | | FO | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | E | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | IS | E | | SD | | | | |===========(PR)========== Space Station 12 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | O | | E | IS | | SC | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | SXU | | E | IS | GD | GD | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | E | | | FB | | | |===========(F)=========== Space Station 13 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | F | E | | F | | F | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | F | | E | F,IS | F,SD | F | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | | | | | | | |========================= Space Station 14 =========(100 Xenos)=======| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | E | IS | | O | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | BM | | | | |========================= Space Station 15 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | FO | | FO | | | | FO | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | FO | | FO | | | | FO | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | FO | | FO | | | | FO | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | FO | IS | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 5 | SD | | | IS | | IS | IS | | |========================= Space Station 16 =========(57 Xenos)========| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | E | IS | | | | O | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | BM | | | | |========================= Space Station 17 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | GD | GD | E | SD | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 5 | | | | | | | | | |========================= Space Station 18 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | IS | E | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | E | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | E | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | E | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 5 | | | | | SD | | | | |========================= Space Station 19 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | O | | E | | | SC | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | IS | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | E | IS | | | | | |===========(F)=========== Space Station 20 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | E | IS | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | BM | | | | |========================= Space Station 21 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | E | IS | | O | | O | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | E | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 5 | | | | | | | | | |========================= Space Station 22 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 5 | | | | | | | | | |========================= Space Station 23 ===========================| Level| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | -----+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 1 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 2 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 3 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 4 | | | | | | | | | +========+========+========+========+========+========+========+========+ 5 | | | | | | | | | |=======================================================================| [ZAR]===================================================================== ZARLOR MERCENARY -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZARLOR MERCENARY / The Game of Life ACCESSING LIFE: The game of LIFE is accessed through the character selection screen of Zarlor Mercenary. Turn on your Lynx with the Zarlor Mercenary game card inserted. Press the fire button twice to get to the character selection screen. At this point you must hold down OPTION 1 while moving the joypad as follows: Up, Down, Left, Right, Up. At this point your screen should say LIFE and there will be a LIFEform known as a 'glider' moving across the screen diagonally. It will go off the edge of the screen and return on the bottom, eventually running into the cells forming the word LIFE and causing the chain reaction that destroys the title screen. Before the title screen is destroyed you may try the following controls: 1. Moving the joypad or pressing either OPTION button or PAUSE will stop the current evolution of LIFE. 2. Pressing OPTION 1 to continue the evolution puts LIFE into a mode where cells that reach the edge of the screen wrap around to the other side. 3. Pressing OPTION 2 to continue the evolution puts LIFE into a mode where cells that reach the edge of the screen behave as though they have reached a solid wall. This may be useful if 'gliders' that are launched are disrupting your LIFEforms. 4. Pressing either BUTTON A or BUTTON B puts LIFE into DRAWING MODE. DRAWING MODE: Access DRAWING MODE by pressing BUTTON A or BUTTON B while LIFE is evolving or after the current LIFEform has reached a stable state. You can tell you are in DRAWING MODE because the joypad will be in control of your cursor, a set of green crosshairs. While in DRAWING MODE, your controls behave as follows: 1. Moving the joypad with BUTTON A depressed will allow you to draw. 2. Moving the joypad with BUTTON B depressed will allow you to erase. 3. Pressing OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 will allow your LIFEform to evolve, as described in 2 and 3 in the above ACCESSING LIFE section. 4. Note that the screen cannot be flipped, but attempting to RESTART the game will cause the screen to be cleared, and you will remain in the DRAWING MODE. 5. Pressing PAUSE and BUTTON A will put you in COPY MODE. 6. Pressing PAUSE and BUTTON B will put you in PASTE/ERASE MODE. 7. Pressing OPTION 2 and PAUSE will copy your current screen to a temporary buffer (see below). COPY MODE: Access COPY MODE by holding down PAUSE and pressing BUTTON A while in DRAWING MODE. You can tell you are in COPY MODE because the green crosshairs will be onscreen with the word COPY in green below and slightly to the right of the crosshairs. While in COPY MODE, your controls behave as follows: 1. Pressing either OPTION 1 or 2 will return you to drawing mode. 2. Holding down PAUSE and pressing either OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 will evolve your LIFEform frame-by-frame. Note that the OPTION button used determines whether screen wrap is on or off. 3. Pressing BUTTON A sets one corner coordinate of a box that you can draw. Pressing BUTTON A again sets the other corner coordinate of the box. Anything within the box is now in your COPY BUFFER. You are now in PASTE/ERASE MODE. 4. Holding down PAUSE and pressing BUTTON A takes you to the LIFEform library, a screen full of goodies for you to put into your COPY BUFFER. After selecting a LIFEform or group of LIFEforms, you will be in PASTE/ERASE MODE. 5. In the LIFEform library, pressing PAUSE and BUTTON A again takes you to your temporary buffer (see above). You can cut items from this buffer to the main screen. 6. Holding down PAUSE and pressing BUTTON B takes you directly to PASTE/ERASE MODE, using whatever was last put in your COPY BUFFER. If you haven't yet selected anything, you may get garbage. PASTE/ERASE MODE: Access PASTE/ERASE MODE either by holding PAUSE and pressing BUTTON B while in DRAWING MODE, or by going to COPY MODE and selecting LIFEforms from your screen or the library screen. You can tell you are in PASTE/ERASE MODE because your joypad now controls whatever you have in your COPY BUFFER. While in PASTE/ERASE MODE, your controls behave as follows: 1. Pressing either OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 will return you to DRAWING MODE. 2. Pressing BUTTON A will allow you to paste your COPY BUFFER. 3. Pressing BUTTON B will allow you to erase using your COPY BUFFER. 4. Holding PAUSE and pressing BUTTON B will flip your COPY BUFFER any one of eight possible ways. 5. Note that the screen cannot be flipped, but attempting to RESTART the game will cause the screen to be cleared, and you will remain in the PASTE/ERASE MODE. 6. Pressing PAUSE and BUTTON A will put you in COPY MODE.
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