Using the Portfolio Card Drive

From: Tony Thomas (aa699@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/07/92-07:02:18 AM Z

From: aa699@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Tony Thomas)
Subject: Using the Portfolio Card Drive
Date: Tue Jan  7 07:02:18 1992

The Portfolio Card Drive for the IBM PC and compatibles can 
significantly increase the usefulness of the Portfolio as a 
personal or business productivity tool.  The Card Drive enables 
you to insert Atari Portfolio memory cards and read from them 
and write to them just as if they were a disk drive.  Cards can 
also be formatted quickly and easily through the use of a 
special utility that comes with each Card Drive.
Configuring the Card Drive is relatively simple if you are 
familiar with your computer hardware and DOS.  First, you must 
insert a circuit board into a free 8 or 16 bit slot inside your 
computer.  When doing this, make sure you turn off the computer 
and ground yourself by periodically touching your computer's 
chassis during the installation process.  If you are unfamiliar 
with how to install a circuit board, let a knowlegable friend or 
your local computer dealer perform the installation.
When installing the circuit board, make sure that it fits snugly 
in the slot and the contacts are meshing firmly with the slot 
connector.  Connect the cord supplied with the cord to the 
connector on the board and to the Card Drive.
Next, you have to copy a SYS file to the root directory of your 
hard disk and include a line in your CONFIG.SYS file. 
(DEVICE=CD.SYS)  That's all there is to it.  After you have it 
set up, check to see that the Card Drive is operating correctly 
by accessing the drive with a shell program or with DOS.
If installed properly, the Card Drive should respond just like a 
normal disk drive and you should be able to copy files to and 
from the Card Drive using DOS commands or a shell program like 
those included with DOS 5, PC Tools or Norton Utilities.
You will find that it is much easier to get information in and 
out of your Portfolio using the Card Drive.  If you work in an 
office, you can equip one of your computers there with the Card 
Drive and give your secretary or assistant a card with 
information to be edited or printed out.  The Card Drive is a 
timesaver.  And in some cases it could be a lifesaver!!

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