1200 Baud Modem (SX212)/Hardware/Commercial

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/27/91-10:47:33 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: 1200 Baud Modem (SX212)/Hardware/Commercial
Date: Sat Apr 27 22:47:33 1991

1200 Baud Modem (SX212)

     This upscale design desktop modem is specially engineered to connect with
most popular computers.  Use it to transfer data back to the office or
to connect to thousands of communications systems throughout
the world.  Supports up to 1200 baud, offers a built-in speaker and more.
See your Atari Computer Dealer or call (800) 443-8020.


Taken from: APB Vol.I, No.2.

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