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March 27, 1998

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    HP to do own JavaLesson fromWindows Past Digital Loyal to Alpha
    Once Upon AtariPeople TalkingClassics & Gaming
Congress Divided On Internet Tax Plan
    Intel Shows Merced, New Chips At CeBIT
    Appellate Court Judge Withdraws from Microsoft Case
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Florida Lotto - LottoMan v1.35
            Results: 03/21/98: four of six numbers with 3/3 number matches 
            From the Editor's Desk...
            Jonesboro Arkansas and the rest of the Nation will long remember 
            what happened there this past week. Lord knows, I was just writing 
            about how we, as educators, politicians, professionals etc., set the 
            examples for the nation's youngsters to live with and mature with. 
            As stated in Frank's comments about this tragedy, the current crop 
            of adults in this nation will be very busy trying to "pass the buck" 
            in trying to place the blame on what caused this horrible incident. 
            There is no single area to fix the blame on except all of us and in 
            particular, the Nation's Politicians from the city councils to the 
            federal levels. 
            Granted, there are many good career politicians out there but. Sad 
            to say; it appears the punko politicos far outnumber the good ones. 
            There isn't a day that goes by where we don't hear about another 
            politician resigning, indicted, convicted, caught, or simply getting 
            nailed because of any number of criminal infractions. Take the 
            recent joke of a Mayor The City of Miami had the clown and his 
            lackies falsified the the write-in ballots to force their win. He's 
            out now but incredibly, even after an audit he's still trying to cry 
            foul. Every kid in the State of Florida watched that story unfold on 
            an almost daily basis. 
            How many times have we said to ourselves how long is that crooked 
            (enter your politician's name) going to keep getting away with it? 
            Or, if it had been you or I who did that, they'd put us away 
            forever. Yet, these politicians seemingly take care of each other. 
            Look at Newt... he gets caught for hustling his book on taxpayer 
            time and money... was he forced to resign? Did anyone holler 
            impeach? No, not a peep from any of his cronies in fact one LOANED 
            him the money (over three hundred thousand) to pay his fine. The guy 
            who loaned Newt the bux was none other than Bob Dole. Who is now 
            working in the private sector. Wanna bet he's involved in something 
            that will, sooner or later, come back to haunt him in the "conflict 
            of interest" area? After all, he holds a pretty hefty note on Newt 
            and although its not likely but Newt is in the succession line to be 
            President if some should happen to those before him. Can you imagine 
            Newt as President? Now, there's a real tragedy. This and a great 
            deal more is all going on now. Its in the newspapers, on TV, Radio 
            and spoken about almost anywhere a youngster might go. How can we 
            expect these kids to do the right thing when many of the leaders of 
            our cities, States and Nation are not.
            The schools across the nation are not "lily white" either. Just 
            yesterday, at high school in Georgia, there was some sort of "Coca 
            Cola sponsored day" going on. One of the students wore a Pepsi T 
            Shirt instead of the Coke T shirt that was distributed. The goofy 
            principal booted the student out of school and a possible suspension 
            is in the works for the student being disrespectful of the Coke Day. 
            Sad to see the school's authorities force feed Coca Cola's 
            commercial efforts upon its students. Again how can we expect the 
            kids to do the right thing when the adults "in charge" fail to do 
            so. The control freaks in our school systems across the nation need 
            to be weeded out. These schools need to get off the track they are 
            on now and get back to basics like education. It seems to be taking 
            a back seat to conduct enforcement to the point were students and 
            parents alike are losing respect for the schools leaders and 
            starting to actually resent the current crop of people in school 
            boards in most every city. 
            I can tell you our school board, in Jacksonville Florida is a comedy 
            act. Many folks here watch it in session on TV to get a few laughs. 
            I don't think many in this city take the school board seriously any 
            longer. Its proven itself to be incompetent far too many times. Its 
            been investigated by the FBI with indictments and arrests. 
            Segregation is still haunting this system. Once again, how can we 
            expect the kids to do the right thing when those "in charge" 
            seemingly cannot? The schools must get back to teaching! Not feeding 
            their egos by running dictatorships within the schools. Its bad 
            enough that many parents are fed-up but when the kids begin to take 
            matters to utmost limits something is radically wrong.
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STReport Headline News
Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson
            Appellate Court Judge Withdraws from Microsoft Case
            WASHINGTON - U.S. Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman removed himself 
            from a Microsoft Corp. case, saying in a letter that his 
            participation had violated ethical standards. Silberman said in the 
            letter to attorneys in the case, which was seen by Reuters, that he 
            recused himself because he is a trustee of a trust that holds 
            Microsoft stock. He was replaced by another member of the U.S. Court 
            of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Judge Patricia 
            Wald. Wald will hear oral arguments in the case April 21, along with 
            Judges A. Raymond Randolph and Stephen Williams.
            Silberman said that while teaching at Harvard Law School last week 
            he was "reminded of the basic proposition of trust law, that the 
            trustee holds legal title to trust property." After consulting 
            colleagues who advise judges on their ethical duties, Silberman 
            said, he concluded he has a "financial interest" in the case and 
            "therefore, my participation in the case has been in violation." In 
            the case, Microsoft has asked the appellate court to throw out a 
            preliminary injunction against it granted last December by U.S. 
            District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson.
            Microsoft had also asked the court to halt Jackson's use of a 
            special master to advise him on the facts and law of the case. The 
            three-judge panel, with Silberman as a member, granted that request 
            temporarily. The case arose because the Justice Department sued the 
            giant software company, arguing that Microsoft was violating a 1995 
            consent decree aimed at expanding competition in the software 
            Judge Orders Microsoft to Remove Java Logo for Now
            A federal judge ordered Microsoft Corp. Tuesday to remove the "Java 
            compatible" logo from two of its software products, pending the 
            final outcome of a lawsuit brought by rival Sun Microsystems Inc. 
            The preliminary injunction, issued by Judge Ronald Whyte, hands Sun 
            a major victory in its effort to stop Microsoft, its biggest rival, 
            from fragmenting its Java computer programming technology, Sun 
            executives said. Under the ruling, Microsoft would have to remove 
            the Java logo from its Internet Explorer 4.0 browser and the Java 
            software developers kit, a set of computer programs that help 
            programmers write software in Java.
            U.S. Lawmaker, Governors Agree on Internet Tax Bill
            WASHINGTON, March 19 - U.S. Rep. Christopher Cox said today he has 
            reached agreement with state leaders on a revised Internet tax bill 
            that will enable the measure to clear the House before Congress 
            adjourns for Easter. The pact, which is opposed by a key Senate 
            sponsor of Internet tax legislation, would mandate a three-year 
            "time out" on state and local taxes that target the Internet and 
            electronic commerce.
            This is a "major victory for taxpayers," said Cox, a Republican from 
            California who originally called for a six-year moratorium on 
            Internet taxes. But in response to concerns raised by the National 
            Governors' Association and other state and local groups, he narrowed 
            the moratorium to three years and made other revisions, all opposed 
            by Senate bill sponsor Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat. The bill would 
            ban for three years taxes on Internet access and online services, 
            bit and bandwidth taxes, and any multiple or discriminatory taxes on 
            electronic commerce.
            Congress Divided On Internet Tax Plan
            WASHINGTON - A revised Internet taxation bill may have overcome a 
            major hurdle in the U.S. House, but the compromise is not getting 
            the same reception in the Senate, a Capitol Hill aide said. The aide 
            to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., sponsor of a leading Senate bill on the 
            issue, said his boss was "consulted" on the new House language, 
            which is backed by U.S. governors, but does not support it. 
            "Wyden continues to support the legislation as passed by the Senate 
            Commerce Committee," the aide said. "He thinks we have a good bill 
            and we can get it passed." Wyden's bill would set a five-year 
            moratorium on state and local taxation of Internet transactions. The 
            House compromise would curb state and local taxation of Internet 
            services and sales, but only for three years, USA Today reported. 
            Also, state and local governments could keep any taxes on Internet 
            or on-line services already in effect March 1, the paper said. And 
            the bill would impanel a congressional commission to study the whole 
            issue of Internet taxation, the paper said. Earlier this month, 
            Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott said the Senate will not take 
            action on pending Internet tax legislation until state and local 
            leaders are "comfortable" with the measure. Lott aides were 
            unavailable for comment. 
            U.S. Lawmakers, Governors Propose Timeout on Internet Tax
            Congressional lawmakers and state governors announced Thursday they 
            had reached a new compromise over legislation to impose a "time out" 
            on taxes targeting Internet commerce. The revised Internet Tax 
            Freedom Act would bar states and localities from levying new taxes 
            on Internet access and online services for three years. The bill, 
            sponsored by Rep. Christopher Cox, a Calif. Republican, would also 
            set up a 29-member commission to study how to proceed with a fair 
            Internet tax system once the moratorium ends.
            Firms Get Down To Internet Business At CeBIT Fair
            HANOVER - From the titans of technology to hundreds of mid-size 
            firms hoping to ride the Internet wave, business leaders on 
            Wednesday will use the CeBIT trade fair as a venue to promote 
            conducting commerce in cyberspace. IBM chief executive Lou Gerstner 
            will kick off the annual information technology mecca as keynote 
            speaker at the official opening ceremony in the evening, sharing the 
            stage with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. 
            Gerstner's speech is expected to focus on "e-commerce", as IBM calls 
            trading goods and services online, and seek to convince European 
            enterprises wary of doing business on the Internet to waste no time 
            entering the new frontier. Around 600,000 visitors are expected to 
            attend the fair and 10,000 journalists will be on hand as nearly 
            7,300 companies display mobile phones, computers, and networking 
            equipment from March 19-25 at the world's largest information 
            technology fair. 
            Deutsche Telekom, Europe's biggest telecommunications group, gave an 
            inkling of what could be expected at its news conference on Tuesday, 
            when it announced plans for a broad launch later this year of 
            Internet telephony services. Several of Telekom's main rivals will 
            take the stage on Wednesday. Viag Interkom, a joint venture of 
            German utility Viag, British Telecom and Norway's Telenor, are 
            expected to announce the launch date for their new mobile phone 
            network in eight German cities. Jozef Cornu, a senior executive at 
            Alcatel Alsthom, the French industrial giant, will outline the 
            company's strategy for the broadband networks needed for multimedia 
            German media conglomerate Bertelsmann will discuss the fast-growing 
            online service market and its European joint venture with America 
            Online, the world's biggest online service. There is also room for a 
            few political surprises to emerge from beneath the din of multimedia 
            presentations. Kohl will make his first public appearance with his 
            Social Democrat rival Gerhard Schroeder, as Lower Saxony state 
            premier host of the CeBIT fair, during a tour of the fair grounds on 
            Thursday morning. Later in the day Kohl will also meet Malaysian 
            Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad for talks that the Bonn government 
            press office said will range from Asia's financial crisis to 
            Malaysia's efforts to attract high-tech investment. 
            Finnish telecommunications group Nokia announced on Tuesday that it 
            has applied to join Malaysia's high-technology Multimedia Super 
            Corridor (MSC) zone. The MSC, a 15-by-50 km (nine-by-30 mile) zone 
            south of Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, is being proposed as a 
            testbed for developing multimedia products and services. Malaysia 
            hopes the corridor will become an Asian Silicon Valley. Companies 
            with MSC status are provided benefits including unfettered foreign 
            worker hiring, intellectual property protection and tax breaks. 
            Malaysia will be promoting the project at the CeBIT trade fair. 
            Kohl, Gerstner Sing Internet Praises At CeBIT Fair
            HANOVER - IBM chief executive Louis Gerstner, opening the CeBIT 
            information technology fair, predicted the market for Internet 
            commerce would hit $200 billion a year by the end of the century. "I 
            believe that's a conservative forecast," said Gerstner, keynote 
            speaker at the world's largest technology trade show. "It's not 
            hyperbole to say that the 'network' is quickly emerging as the 
            largest, most dynamic, restless, sleepless marketplace of goods, 
            services and ideas the world has ever seen." German Chancellor 
            Helmut Kohl, sharing the platform with Gerstner, also sang the 
            praises of the Internet as the engine for new jobs and a vast global 
            marketplace that never sleeps. Kohl said Germany was rushing into 
            the information age and that the booming sector would create 
            thousands of jobs.
            "Over the past two years 100,000 jobs were created in the 
            information industry. This year alone another 90,000 new jobs are 
            expected," said Kohl according to the summary of his speech. A few 
            hours earlier, the fair's organizers were embarrassed by the crash 
            of a key communications network which put on hold the work of 
            thousands of reporters, business executives and assembly workers. 
            "These are complicated networks and these things happen," said Peter 
            Mihatsch, board member for telecommunications at German industry 
            group Mannesmann, whose firm installed the network. He blamed the 
            problem on the failure of a fiber optic cable. Around 600,000 
            visitors are expected to attend the fair and 10,000 journalists will 
            be on hand as nearly 7,300 companies display mobile phones, 
            computers, and networking equipment from March 19-25 at the annual 
            information technology fair.
            Gerstner praised Internet companies like book seller as 
            pioneers that were reshaping business practices, predicting huge 
            consequences for public policy. He urged governments to ensure that 
            people have cheap access to the Internet and warned against 
            discriminatory taxes on electronic commerce and that privacy be 
            protected by allowing encryption of private and business documents.
            "Governments have to encourage competition and end monopoly 
            structures," he said. "The news from across Europe is starting to be 
            encouraging here." That reference to the explosion of competition in 
            the European telecommunications industry since the market was opened 
            in January was clearly demonstrated at the trade fair, where new 
            phone companies held a beauty contest to show off their services and 
            lure customers.
            German telecoms newcomer Viag Interkom said it would revise its 
            business expectations sharply higher because of the strong public 
            response to new phone services. "The entire market has been 
            underestimated," Martin Furuseth, Viag Interkom board member, told a 
            news conference. "We will probably raise our estimates for customer 
            numbers twice as high as previously seen in our business plan. There 
            could be 100,000 to 300,000 customers this year."
            Viag Interkom, a joint venture between German utility Viag, British 
            Telecom and Norway's Telenor, said it would launch public phone 
            services in May. Commenting on the boom in mobile communications, 
            Nokia senior vice president Anssi Vanjoki said worldwide sales of 
            mobile phones would continue to accelerate, hitting 470 million 
            units by the end of 2000 from just over 100 million in 1996. Jozef 
            Cornu, president and chief operating officer at French 
            telecommunications group Alcatel Alsthom, took the wraps off new 
            network technology that he said would enable Internet access 100 
            times faster than today's networks. "Internet business will increase 
            exponentially, with 10 percent traffic growth monthly and the number 
            of users worldwide doubling each year," he said.
            The prospects for doing business increase as the networks get 
            better, faster and cheaper to use. "When I see all the developments 
            in bandwidth on the Internet, I see huge opportunities for 
            electronic commerce," said Hans-Juergen Mammitysch, general manager 
            of the German subsidiary of Dell Computer. Dell currently generates 
            $4 million in turnover worldwide each day through personal computer 
            sales over the Internet. In Germany, the company's Internet sales 
            total around $1 million a week. Klaus Eierhoff, multimedia chief at 
            Bertelsmann, Europe's biggest media group, said German companies 
            were more reluctant to embrace Internet commerce, but that the times 
            were changing. "Electronic commerce is not the distant future for 
            us, but already reality," he said. "But we are at the beginning. 
            We're at the place where the U.S. was two or three years ago."
            Intel Shows Merced, New Chips At CeBIT
            HANOVER, Germany - Intel today presented a simulation of its 
            next-generation "Merced" processor and demonstrated an array of 
            computer chips due for release later this year. The demonstration 
            took place at the CeBIT trade fair. The Merced simulation showed the 
            technology that Intel is counting on to keep chip performance on 
            pace to double about every 18 months well into the next decade. 
            "This will be a pretty significant change," Intel senior vice 
            president Albert Yu told Reuters in an interview before a news 
            conference. Intel plans to produce the chip on a 0.18-micron 
            process, the next step beyond the 0.25-micron process it began using 
            in the fall, he said. "Next year we are going to go to 0.18 and we 
            already have early silicon in 0.13-microns," he said.
            The 0.25 micron process etches wires in silicon that are about 400 
            times thinner than a human hair, and is being ramped up to make this 
            year's new chips for portable and high- performance computers. They 
            reportedly include a 400-megaherz Pentium II chip for high-powered 
            desktops and a 266-megaherz Pentium II chip for mobile PCs. By the 
            end of the year, Intel should have high-end chips at 450 megaherz 
            and portable PC chips at 333 megaherz. Its current speed king is a 
            333-megaherz Pentium II processor. Its fastest mobile chip is a 
            Pentium multimedia chip running at 266 megaherz. Merced, a 
            collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Co, is expected to run at 600 
            megaherz or more, industry reports said. Also at CeBIT, Intel 
            demonstrated the Celeron chips it plans to release in the next two 
            months for PCs priced under $1,000. They will reportedly run at 266 
            Wired World Edges Nearer At Germany's CeBIT Fair
            HANOVER - If the world's leading technology companies attending 
            Germany's CeBIT trade fair are right, it won't be long before the 
            vision of a wired economy is a daily reality. In Europe, where 
            high-tech firms have long been frustrated by slow growth and 
            trailing the United States, executives see signs of a coming boom 
            that could help close the gap. During the first days of the fair 
            that runs to March 25, one trend became clear: companies are 
            increasingly turning to the Internet to do business and 
            liberalization of European telecoms is creating a competitive force 
            driving down prices and forcing carriers to provide fast, innovative 
            An International Data Corp. survey, presented at a news conference 
            by U.S. chip maker Intel, found that 18 percent of companies in 
            eight major west European nations were trying to sell products over 
            the Internet last year and 39 percent planned to get into cyberspace 
            this year. The volume of goods and services purchased online in 
            Europe would surge to $26 billion in 2001 from $3 billion this year. 
            U. S. e-commerce would total $22 billion this year and top $155 
            billion in 2001. Worldwide, the total would hit $28 billion this 
            year and $223 billion in 2001. "A year ago, we were describing a 
            technology deficit. Europe was well behind North America," said 
            Intel Europe chief Rob Eckelmann. "That is rapidly changing, the gap 
            is closing." One example is Schuhhaus Eduard Meier, a German shoe 
            retailer that lets customers view video clips of how it makes shoes 
            by hand and see available models in 3-D images that can be turned 
            and seen from all angles.
            Another is Rombach und Haas, a German maker of cuckoo clocks, who 
            turned to the Internet to boost sales. Shoppers around the world can 
            use its website to view its clocks from all angles and hear their 
            distinctive chimes before pointing and clicking their way to an 
            online order. Like Intel, Compaq Computer used CeBIT as a venue to 
            outline its strategy to tap small and medium-sized businesses. It 
            says this segment of the PC market is growing by 18 percent annually 
            and will represent more than half of the total PC market by 2000. 
            Intel, maker of the engines driving the technology railway, 
            displayed dizzying gains in computing power that also would open up 
            the market for home and small-office computers priced under $1,000. 
            Intel demonstrated a PC with a Pentium II running at 700 megahertz - 
            more than twice the rate of today's speed king, a 333-megahertz 
            Such leaps in processing power would help to spark a boom on the 
            Internet and a rise in the world's PC population to more than one 
            billion in the next few years, from 200 million now. The cost of 
            going online has been a huge barrier to the Internet for many 
            Europeans. But fierce competition since markets were opened in 
            January is driving down prices. Germany's new phone companies 
            announced price cuts for long-distance and mobile phone services and 
            seemed surprised by the strong consumer response to new services. 
            "The acceptance on the part of our customers is enormous," said 
            Harald Stober, chief executive officer of Mannesmann Arcor & Co., 
            the main rival of dominant carrier Deutsche Telekom. "We are 
            handling five million call minutes every working day," Stober said. 
            Each of the three leading rivals of carrier Deutsche Telekom 
            unveiled plans to start national Internet access services. Telekom 
            responded by slashing charges at its online service T-Online and 
            unveiling plans for a massive launch of Internet telephony services 
            in the autumn, one of the first of the world's major carriers to do 
            LSI Logic to Introduce New Chip Technology
            LSI Logic Corp. said it plans to introduce a new chip technology 
            Monday that will combine onto one chip all the system functions 
            needed to create future communications, computer and consumer 
            products. The technology, called G12, was to be unveiled Monday by 
            the Milpitas, Calif.-based chip maker. LSI said the G12 technology 
            will have 223 million transistors on a single chip, and will include 
            functions such as mixed signal, logic, embedded memory and radio 
            frequency components on a single chip. Prototype designs of the G12 
            technology will be produced in the fourth quarter of 1998, the 
            company said, and initial production will start in the second 
            quarter of 1999.
            Applied Voice to Buy Voice It
            HOUSTON - Software developer Applied Voice Recognition said it would 
            buy consumer electronics company Voice It Worldwide Inc. in a stock 
            swap that values Voice It at $1.50 a share. Under the agreement, 
            which is subject to both companies' shareholder approval, Voice It 
            shareholders will receive 0.6 Applied Voice shares for each share 
            they hold. The deal is valued at about $7.5 million, or $1.50 per 
            Voice It share, based on Applied Voice shares' closing price of 
            2-1/2 Wednesday and Voice It's 5 million shares oustanding. Applied 
            voice expected to close the deal in the third quarter. The companies 
            previously agreed for Voice It to license a minimum of 50,000 units 
            in 1998 of AVRI's VoiceCOMMANDER speech-to-text dictation software. 
            Applied Voice develops voice recognition products and software while 
            Voice It develops consumer electronics products.
            Source Says EU Approves Digital Acquisition
            BRUSSELS - The European Commission has granted regulatory approval 
            to the acquisition of Digital Equipment by Compaq Computer, a source 
            at Digital in Brussels told Reuters today. "The Commission has 
            granted clearance," the source said. The Commission had no immediate 
            reaction, but a formal announcement was expected later on Monday or 
            Tuesday. Compaq, the world's largest supplier of personal computers, 
            announced in January it was buying Digital Equipment, which also 
            makes computers and commercial data processing hardware, in a deal 
            then valued at $9.6 billion. The acquisition required approval in 
            the European Union because the companies, although both located in 
            the United States, do substantial business in the 15-nation bloc.
            The Commission had until Monday to clear the deal or deepen its 
            probe, after the companies filed their plans for EU approval on 
            February 20. If also approved in the U.S., the deal would create one 
            of the world's largest computer powerhouses, rivaling 
            Hewlett-Packard, but still small compared with giant firm IBM. The 
            U.S. Federal Trade Commission recently sought additional information 
            on the Compaq/Digital deal, effectively delaying a final decision by 
            a few months.
            Network Associates To Buy Magic Solutions
            Network Associates said it agreed to buy Magic Solutions in a cash 
            deal valued at about $110 million. The company said the deal, which 
            is expected to close in its second quarter, will establish it as the 
            world's largest provider of internal help desk applications for the 
            Microsoft NT operating environment, and the second-largest provider 
            of client/server service desk solutions over all. The company said 
            the acquisition would not affect its first-quarter results but would 
            result in a "significant charge" of about 80 percent, or $90 
            million, of the purchase price in its second quarter. It said that 
            during its second quarter it would also take a write-off for its 
            recent acquisition of Trusted Information Systems The total charges 
            could be as much as $190 million, the company said. "It will be a 
            significant charge in the second quarter," Chief Financial Officer 
            Probhet Goyal said. "It could be pretty significant, over $100 
            million definitely but (likely) in the $180 million to $190 million 
            Chairman William Larson said the acquisition would not change 
            earnings, adding that he is "very comfortable with analysts' 
            estimates for earnings. We have no change in guidance for the 
            quarter." Analysts expect the company to report first-quarter 
            earnings of 54 cents a share, according to First Call. Paramus, 
            N.J.-based Magic Solutions pioneered the internal support market 
            with the introduction of the industry's first packaged support 
            application in 1988. Under the terms of the deal, Network Associates 
            will pay to Magic Solutions' stock and option holders about $110 
            million in cash. Both boards of directors have approved the merger, 
            which will be accounted for as a pooling of interests. Santa Clara, 
            Calif.-based Network Associates was formed by the merger of McAfee 
            Associates and Network General.
            Microsoft Launching British Test of WebTV Service
            SEATTLE - Microsoft's WebTV Networks will launch a test of its 
            hybrid television and Internet service in Britain this month, 
            company executives said. The test, which initially will involve less 
            than 100 selected households, is aimed at at determining the market 
            and technical feasibility of offering the service nationwide. WebTV, 
            which Microsoft acquired last year for $425 million, currently had 
            300,000 customers in the United States, up from 250,000 at the end 
            of last year, a company spokesman said. WebTV also was launched in 
            Japan last fall, but subscription figures for the Japanese market 
            were not available. 
            The service allows customers to surf the Internet and send and 
            receive electronic mail using a standard television set equipped 
            with a special remote control and set-top box. Users can roam the 
            Internet using part of their television screen even while watching a 
            show using the provided "picture picture" technology. The British 
            trial is being done in conjunction with British Telecommunications 
            Plc's BT Internet service, with set-top boxes provided by Pace Micro 
            Technology Plc and Philips Consumer Electronics. After the initial 
            limited trial with friends and family members of Microsoft and BT 
            employees, the test will be expanded to several hundred customers 
            nationwide. Company executives would not say when or whether the 
            service will be launched commercially in Britain, saying that 
            depended on results of the market test. 
            Microsoft Windows 98 Pre-Ordering Starts
            NEW YORK - The release date is still three months away, but 
            Microsoft's much-awaited Windows 98 took a step closer to market 
            after an Internet-based reseller started taking orders for the new 
            version of the operating system. Official pricing for the software 
            has yet to be announced by Microsoft, but at Chumbo -- a reseller 
            located on the World Wide Web at customers 
            could "pre-order" Windows 98 for expected delivery on June 25, 1998. 
            The price: $94.99 for the upgrade version and $179.99 for the full 
            Microsoft had said Windows 98 would be available at prices similar 
            to those for Windows 95, which is currently available at about $90 
            to $95 per copy in the upgrade version. For customers who pre-order, 
            the software will not be available any quicker. Chumbo founder and 
            Chief Executive David Prais said the company would ship copies of 
            the software the night before the official release date for delivery 
            on whatever morning retail outlets are due to offer copies. 
            Customers who opt to pre-order online will not be charged until the 
            product is shipped, he said. A Microsoft spokesman was not 
            immediately available to comment on the pricing levels or confirm 
            whether the company had begun issuing firm dates and prices to 
            OzEmail Completes Global Web Phone Test
            OzEmail Interline Pty said it now has the technical ability to 
            deliver Internet phone calls to more than 200 countries, positioning 
            it to become a global telecoms player. Interline, established in 
            July, is owned 48% by OzEmail Ltd, 40% by German-Swiss retail group 
            Metro Holding AG, Europe's largest retail distribution company, and 
            12% by Ideata. Interline said it has completed testing of the 
            central computer hub that will route its international Internet 
            phone traffic to places where the Interline network does not have a 
            local gateway link. Interline Phone comprises voice digitization and 
            compression and Internet transmission technology.
            Sun Microsystems Faces Tough Task With Java
            SAN FRANCISCO - Sun Microsystems faces a tough task at its Java One 
            conference next week, as it seeks to keep control of a programming 
            language it conceived as a universal way for computers to 
            communicate but is now dividing the industry into separate camps. On 
            Friday, Hewlett-Packard said that it was creating its own version of 
            the Java for small consumer devices. It also announced that 
            Microsoft, Sun's biggest foe in the industry, will be its first 
            licensee, as H-P's Java can run the Windows CE operating system for 
            small handheld devices. The new strain of Java by H-P will compete 
            directly with a new version of Java that Sun plans to release next 
            week, targeted to the so-called embedded market, called the embedded 
            Java API. After a public review of the specifications, the product 
            will then be available later this year, Sun said. Java, developed 
            over two years ago by Sun, has been touted as a "write once, run 
            anywhere" programming language, which lets applications written in 
            Java run on diverse computers.
            It has become popular in developing software for the Internet and 
            for networked computers and is starting to be used in smaller 
            devices. Sun signed a deal with TCI to use Java in set top boxes and 
            Motorola will use Java in products ranging from cellular phones to 
            other devices like pagers. "This is not a circumstance where they 
            are going to control and dictate the market for embedded systems," 
            Harry Fenik, an analyst at Zona Research in Redwood City, Calif., 
            said. "It's a problem for Sun ... it signals a very large partner of 
            theirs deciding to step away from Sun's supposed standard, which we 
            all know is a proprietary product," he said. Analysts said that they 
            expect more companies to follow H-P's footsteps and begin developing 
            their own strains or versions of Java with their own capabilities. 
            H-P does not have a license for the "light" version of Sun's Java 
            due next week, and it said it independently developed its own 
            "They said they are building a clone, "said Jon Kannegaard, a Sun 
            Microsystems vice president of software products. "I intend to beat 
            them. It means that Java will be everywhere. I don't mind playing 
            Intel if they want to play AMD." H-P said that it decided to develop 
            its own version for several reasons, including its own expertise in 
            embedded systems such as printers, and because Sun's licensing terms 
            were unattractive.
            Spyglass Launches Java Consulting Unit
            Spyglass said it established a Java Consulting Practice to work with 
            clients interested in adding Sun Microsystems' Java and PeronalJava 
            technology to their products. Spyglass, which provides software 
            enabling everyday devices like wireless phones and consumer 
            electronics to work with the World Wide Web, is also cooperating 
            with Sun on developing Personal WebAccess, a compact Web browser 
            based on Sun's HotJava technology, the company said. "The demand for 
            Java and PersonalJava applications exceeds the supply of proven, 
            expert services," Mike Tyrrell, executive vice president of 
            Spyglass, said in a statement. "Device makers and others are 
            seriously considering Java technology and they absolutely want a 
            choice when it come to applications, but they are hard pressed to 
            get the integration done. That's where we can help." Spyglass 
            already provides consulting services for other operating systems and 
            Altris Software Named in Shareholder Suit
            NEW YORK - A federal lawsuit has been filed against Altris Software 
            Inc., alleging the company concealed accounting irregularities and 
            overstated earnings, causing the stock price to be artificially 
            inflated, attorneys for the plaintiffs said. A statement by the 
            attorneys said the lawsuit was filed against the company and 
            "certain individuals employed by the company," on behalf of 
            shareholders from April 18, 1996, through March 11, 1998. The 
            lawsuit also alleges that defendants continuously disseminated false 
            and misleading statements regarding the company's financial 
            performance and business prospects. No one at the company was 
            immediately available to comment. Altris recently said it is 
            reviewing results from 1996 and 1997 to see if generally accepted 
            accounting principles (GAAP) were followed. Altris said last week 
            that the review likely will result in "downward restatement" of 
            revenues. The lawsuit was filed by the law firm Weiss & Yourman in 
            U. S. District Court for the Southern District of California.
            Imatec Sues Apple Over Patents
            Image technology developer Imatec said today it has filed suit 
            against Apple Computer alleging infringement of three patents and 
            seeking $1.1 billion in damages. The suit alleges Apple infringed 
            Imatec patents "by its making, using, and/or selling its 'Color 
            Sync' color management systems and inducing others to do so," Imatec 
            said in a press release. Imatec is seeking preliminary and permanent 
            injunctions against Apple, the release said. Apple officials were 
            not immediately available for comment. Imatec said it filed the suit 
            in U.S. District Court, Southern District, New York. The patents in 
            question were issued to Imatec President Hanoch Shalit, who granted 
            exclusive licenses to his company, Imatec said. "We have formally 
            served Apple Computer with our complaint, " Shalit said in the 
            statement. "We are confident that the patents will be upheld in 
            court." The company said it seeks a jury trail.
            EU Formally Criticizes Internet Address Plan
            BRUSSELS, Belgium - The European Union has formally criticized a 
            U.S. plan for reforming the Internet's address system in comments 
            that will be submitted to Washington in the next few days, EU 
            officials said. The text, drawn up on behalf of the EU's executive 
            commission and the 15 EU countries, complains that the Commerce 
            Department's proposals would give Americans too much control over 
            the global computer network. "The proposals appear not to recognize 
            the need to implement an international approach," the text said. The 
            response is virtually identical to a draft drawn up by the 
            commission last month and forwarded to EU governments for approval, 
            the officials said. It expresses concern that the initiative would 
            consolidate U.S. jurisdiction over the Internet, including trademark 
            disputes involving address names. The U.S. proposal would phase out 
            the American government's management of the address system for 
            Internet locations such as World Wide Web and electronic mail sites 
            and end the monopoly of U.S.-based Network Solutions Inc., which 
            registers all name addresses ending in ".com," ".org" and ".net." 
            It would create up to five new domains to supplement those three, 
            and companies would compete to register new addresses. But the EU 
            said the U.S. proposals "appear not to go far enough to ensure a 
            level playing field and fair competition." The EU faulted the plan 
            for failing to mention a competing proposal for managing Internet 
            domain names drawn up by a global coalition of companies and 
            organizations, which has already set up a Council of Registrars 
            (CORE) in Geneva. It also complained it ignored efforts to set up 
            Internet dispute resolution procedures within the World Intellectual 
            Property Organization. The Commerce Department has given interested 
            parties until March 23 to comment. U.S. officials have said they 
            were likely to modify the plan to take the replies into account. 
            Americas Block Negotiators Seek Cybertrade Advice
            Trade ministers from across the Americas agreed Thursday they could 
            not ignore cyber-commerce in negotiations to create a 
            hemisphere-wide free-trade block. The ministers from 34 countries in 
            the Americas agreed to set up a special group to study how to 
            regulate trade over the Internet as countries negotiate the proposed 
            Free Trade Area of the Americas, due to come into effect within 
            seven years. Trade ministers from the FTAA countries met in San Jose 
            Wednesday and Thursday and devised a calendar for formal free-trade 
            negotiations scheduled to start at a presidential summit in 
            Santiago, Chile, in April.
            WTO Sees Challenge, Benefits in Internet Trade
            The World Trade Organization said Friday the rapid advance of 
            electronic commerce should bring major benefits to rich and poor 
            countries and give an extra boost to the global economy. But in a 
            detailed study on the growing sector, it warned bringing electronic 
            commerce under the WTO's open trading rules would present a major 
            challenge to the organization and its 132 member countries. The 
            blossoming of so-called e-commerce, the study said, "is likely to 
            result in many valuable and new opportunities for beneficial 
            economic transactions and international trade, and ultimately for 
            people to better their lives."
            U.S. Ready to Open Up New Internet Oversight Board
            The U.S. is ready to include Internet specialists from around the 
            world in a planned panel to oversee the further development of the 
            global computer network, a senior White House official said 
            Thursday. Ira Magaziner, President Clinton's top Internet adviser, 
            said Washington wanted a broadly-based supervision board to replace 
            a U.S. monopoly over the system for managing Internet addresses. He 
            spoke to journalists in Paris after meeting French Finance Minister 
            Dominique Strauss-Kahn and an aide to Prime Minister Lionel Jospin 
            to discuss his recent proposals for reforming the system.
            Network Associates Ducks Encryption Rules
            Network Associates said it will skirt U.S. export restrictions on 
            encryption technology by channeling products aimed at overseas 
            buyers through a unit in the Netherlands, the Wall Street Journal 
            said Friday. The move is likely to draw close government scrutiny, 
            but the company could have shipments en route as early as Friday, 
            the Journal said. Company executives said they developed the plan to 
            meet demands from global customers to protect the confidentiality of 
            e-mail without providing law-enforcement agencies with the means to 
            monitor the communications, the paper said.
            New Microsoft Database Virus Found
            LOS ANGELES - A company that makes software to protect computers 
            from viruses said it had discovered a new virus capable of spreading 
            through Microsoft Access databases, the first ever to invade that 
            product since its introduction in 1992. Trend Micro heard of the 
            virus from users of the Microsoft database, but said it has not been 
            found to be "in the wild," or widely circulated. The virus is 
            capable of spreading to other files, but not of destroying files. 
            However, an analyst for Trend Micro said there was concern about the 
            potential of this new strain. Microsoft Access is an application 
            contained in the popular Microsoft Office software. Microsoft said 
            it was looking closely at the new virus but noted its Office 
            software has built-in protections that alert users to potentially 
            malicious code and allow them to disable it. It also said the 
            likelihood of contracting a virus aimed at a database was pretty 
            low, since databases were not typically circulated around the 
            Man Admits Blocking International Internet Users
            A man trying to set up an alternative to the government-sanctioned 
            Internet naming service pleaded guilty Thursday to preventing tens 
            of thousands of users from reaching his competitor. Eugene 
            Kashpureff, 33, of Belfair, Wash., and owner of AlterNIC, pleaded 
            guilty in federal court in Brooklyn to one count of computer fraud 
            and faces a possible maximum sentence of five years in prison and a 
            $250,000 fine. According to a complaint, Kashpureff designed a 
            software system that allowed him to block Internet users worldwide 
            from reaching the Web site for InterNIC, which administers Internet 
            addresses under a government contract.
            Another Form of Computer Hacking - 'Ethical' Hacking
            The once-lumbering computer giant International Business Machines 
            Corp. has again ventured into territory previously deemed 
            unthinkable for the formerly staid, buttoned-down company - hacking. 
            But this group of IBMers, based in its Research Division in Yorktown 
            Heights, N.Y., call themselves "ethical hackers." They are a team of 
            about 10 elite security specialists that make up IBM's Global 
            Security Analysis Lab, with half in New York and the rest working in 
            Zurich, Switzerland. They break into corporate computer systems and 
            networks, with a company's permission of course. Well, maybe one or 
            two executives know. But the point of trying to break into a 
            company's system is to test its security, see how a company responds 
            and make recommendations to fix the problem.
            Insurers Say Year 2000 Bug Won't Ground Planes
            LONDON - Fears that the world's airlines will grind to a halt on 
            January 1, 2000 because of the Millennium bug are exaggerated, 
            aviation insurers said today. "Responsible carriers are very safety 
            conscious. They are not going to put their crews, their passengers 
            or their assets into dangerous circumstances," insurer Tony Medniuk 
            told an insurance industry news conference. The Aviation Insurance 
            Officers' Association has made good progress with Lloyd's insurers 
            on preparing for 2000, when doom- mongers warn of catastrophic 
            consequences if computer systems do not recognize the date change. 
            Aircraft insurers are developing an exclusion clause for the risk 
            and a questionnaire to help them assess an airline's preparedness 
            for the event, AIOA chairman Keith Selby said. Aviation insurers, 
            like most in the industry, classify the Millennium bug as a known 
            event for which blanket coverage will not be available. However, 
            Medniuk, managing director of British Aviation Insurance Group, said 
            the aim was to achieve clarity so that insurers could "provide 
            sensible coverage on an agreed basis where possible." Airlines were 
            taking their own precautions, which could include not flying to some 
            destinations on or around January 1, 2000. "Carriers are not keen on 
            some destinations, but you'll have to ask them about that," he 
            Don't Create Panic Over Year 2000 -- Clinton Aide
            Regulators must not create panic as they push banks, securities 
            firms and others to prepare their computers for the next century, a 
            Clinton Administration aide told lawmakers. "While it is important 
            to increase world-wide attention to the urgent necessity of solving 
            this problem, we need to avoid creating panic and precipitous, 
            counterproductive activity," John Koskinen, chairman of the 
            President's Council on the Year 2000 Conversion told members of the 
            House Banking Committee. The turn of the century is expected to be 
            problematic for computers and other systems that normally use only 
            two digits to denote the year. Koskinen noted that while federal 
            agencies are making progress they need to pick up their pace because 
            there remains only 647 days until Jan. 1, 2000. "No problem facing 
            us is more pressing, especially since, unlike other Washington 
            problems, neither the President nor Congress can push the deadline 
            back," he said.
            The so-called Year 2000 problem is rooted in the way dates are 
            recorded and computed. Some older systems have typically used two 
            digits to represent the year, in order to conserve memory. With this 
            two-digit format, however, the year 2000 is indistinguishable from 
            1900, or 2001 from 1901. As a result, system or application programs 
            that use dates to perform calculations comparisons or sorting may 
            generate incorrect results, or not function at all.
            That means automatic teller machines, wire transfer systems, check 
            clearing, security vaults and even telephone systems may not work on 
            Jan. 1, 2000. Koskinen said that while the President's Council needs 
            to be aware of the progress with federal regulators, state and local 
            government and leaders in other countries, it should not directly 
            manage those efforts. "While the Council will have a global 
            perspective, I would like to emphasize that it will not be a 
            centralized body that will relieve the agencies and others of their 
            individual responsibilities to actually do the work necessary to fix 
            the year 2000 problem," he said. "Not only would this require an 
            extremely large staff, it would be a misguided effort."
            Apple Stock Up on Hopes Jobs Will Keep Job
            Apple Computer stock jumped on investors' hopes that Apple 
            co-founder and interim Chief Executive Steve Jobs would take the CEO 
            job on a permanent basis. Press reports in recent days have said 
            Apple's board was meeting Tuesday in the hopes of pressuring Jobs to 
            take the CEO post on a permanent basis, offering him a lucrative 
            package of stock options and restricted stock that would give him 
            more than 5 percent of the company. An Apple spokeswoman in 
            Cupertino, Calif. declined to comment on the agenda, location, time 
            or other details of the company's board meeting. We consider this 
            confidential to the company," an Apple spokeswoman said.
            However, the office of Ed Woolard, the former chairman and chief 
            executive of DuPont Co., who is an Apple board member, confirmed he 
            was in California, attending an all-day board meeting at Apple. 
            Woolard himself was not available. "The stock was up on this," said 
            Lou Mazzucchelli, an analyst with Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co., 
            adding that investors were hoping Apple would make an announcement 
            after the market closed Tuesday. Apple executives have said they 
            have tried to persuade Jobs to take the post on a permanent basis. 
            He has been interim CEO since September, after the board ousted Gil 
            Amelio last July.
            Jobs is reportedly torn between his duties at Apple and his role as 
            chairman at Pixar Animation Studios Inc. and wanting to spend more 
            time with his family. Executives at Pixar, based in Richmond, 
            Calif., did not return calls. The spokeswoman for Cupertino-based 
            Apple said the company's search for a CEO was continuing. "We will 
            make the announcement of the CEO when the CEO is actually hired and 
            we will do so on a timely basis," the spokeswoman said. The 
            once-struggling computer maker is expected to post a profit in its 
            second quarter, and analysts say expectations for continued profits 
            and Jobs' possible return have helped rekindle interest in the 
            stock. Analysts said they expect the board to put serious pressure 
            on Jobs to take the post or at least give a definitive response to 
            the reported offers. "I don't think they will let him walk out of 
            there without making a decision," Mazzucchelli said.
            Analysts also said Jobs was under more pressure to accept the job, 
            because Apple is finally turning around, spurred by strong sales of 
            its G3 Macintosh and other recent actions by Jobs and his management 
            team. "Short of putting a gun to his head, I think the board will 
            apply a considerable amount of pressure to get him to stay," said 
            Daniel Kunstler, a J.P. Morgan & Co. analyst. "Unless they had 
            somebody else (in the wings to take the job), you would send the 
            wrong message about the company. Apple is on a bit of a roll right 
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EDUPAGE STR Focus Keeping the users informed
            Chadwyck-Healey Tries Database FundraiserHP Breaks Ranks 
                        On JavaBe Unveils Intel Operating System
                House To Consider 3-Yr Moratorium On Net TaxesNetwork 
                        Associates Will Sell Security Through SubCourt Sides 
                        With Student Who Used Web To Criticize Teacher
                Apache Offers Free Web Server AlternativeMore Small 
                        Businesses Use ComputersHP Chief Has Concerns About The 
                Tapscott Book Climbs To Top PositionGroup Blasts U.S. 
                        Plan For Domain NamesNew Java Licenses For Use In 
                        Consumer Products
                Computer Security Down Losses UpApple Demos 400Mhz 
                        MacNew Data Storage For Small Computers
                Online Voting In Skating CompetitionMicrosoft Creates 
                        Software Group In IndiaOn The Uses Of Supercomputers
                New Multimedia Web Browser From MicrosoftAnother Online 
                        Bookstore In The WorksWorried About Y2K? Now There's 
                Singapore May Let Net Stock Trades sans BrokersDigital 
                        Stays Loyal To AlphaFCC Backs Away From Its Plan For 
                        Free Air Time 
                Latest Wireless Auction Nets Over $830 MillionOnly The 
                        Paranoid Stay On When They ResignWell Okay Then How 
                        About "Cappuccino"?
            Publisher Chadwyck-Healey is trying a new approach to marketing its 
            ArchivesUSA database -- a fund-raising drive. The company has 
            promised to make the database free to users in the U.S. and Canada 
            if it can raise $400,000 through library donations by the end of 
            April. ArchivesUSA contains a searchable Web index of documents, 
            manuscripts and other artifacts found in 4,400 libraries and 100,000 
            special collections in the U.S. The novel campaign has netted the 
            company $125,000 so far, with an additional $50,000 pledged. Some 
            librarians have criticized Chadwyck-Healey for taking a nonprofit 
            approach to a for-profit business, but the company's president 
            replies: "Such skepticism is entirely appropriate. But I don't know 
            of another for-profit company that is saying publicly what amount of 
            revenue they'd like to bring in. This is an experiment, but one that 
            I think is generally worthwhile." (Chronicle of Higher Education 20 
            Mar 98)
            Hewlett-Packard will develop its own version of Java run time that 
            enables it to sidestep Sun Microsystems' licensing fees and 
            technology implementation requirements. To avoid infringing on the 
            Java trademark, HP will term its Java version "Java compatible" or a 
            "Java VM" clone. Sources say the company plans to market its Java at 
            a fraction of the cost of Sun's officially sanctioned version. 
            "People that are getting bled by Sun have an alternative now that is 
            potentially much lower cost from HP," says one analyst. Industry 
            observers say HP's move could open the floodgates for a wave of 
            non-sanctioned Java run-time implementations: "It's not unlike when 
            Compaq and Phoenix first cloned IBM's PC ROM BIOS in the early 
            1980s," says the president of NC.Focus. "That sparked the PC clone 
            revolution. IBM couldn't stop it, and there's probably nothing Sun 
            can do to stop this." (InformationWeek 20 Mar 98)
            Be Inc. has announced a new version of its BeOS software, designed 
            to work with Intel-based machines. Release 3 for Intel is still 
            primarily for programmers and enthusiasts, says the company's VP for 
            engineering, but a Release 4 version for general consumers is 
            scheduled for a September rollout. The BeOS is built from the ground 
            up to be a multimedia system, with streaming audio and video support 
            designed into the kernel. Be's goal is to capture 25% of the 
            multimedia publishing market. (TechWeb 19 Mar 98) 
            The National Governors Association, which had opposed legislation 
            providing for a six-year moratorium on taxing goods sold over the 
            Internet, has agreed to support a House bill that reduces the 
            moratorium to three years and that, in addition, sets up a special 
            commission to study the issues and propose a new system of levying 
            state sales taxes on Internet and mail-order products. Local 
            governments say that they are being deprived of important tax 
            revenues on goods sold via the Net, whereas industry groups say that 
            taxes on Internet transactions will slow the growth of electronic 
            commerce. (Washington Post 20 Mar 98)
            Network Associates says it will use its wholly-owned Dutch 
            subsidiary to market its Pretty Good Privacy data-security software 
            to European and Asian clients. A company VP says Network Associates 
            can avoid the need for an export license because its U.S. parent 
            will not be providing technical assistance to the unit selling the 
            software. All the information the subsidiary needed has already been 
            published in a book by Philip Zimmermann, the developer of Pretty 
            Good Privacy. Unlike computer code, books are protected under First 
            Amendment rules and aren't subject to the Commerce Department export 
            rules on encryption software. Network Associates acquired Pretty 
            Good Privacy in December. (Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 98)
            A federal judge in Cleveland, Ohio, has issued a temporary order 
            reinstating a student who had been suspended from school because his 
            Web site included criticisms of his band teacher, calling the 
            teacher "an overweight middle aged man who doesn't like to get 
            haircuts." School officials contend they have the right to 
            discipline the student, whereas a lawyer for the American Civil 
            Liberties Union argued that "the school cannot control the 
            communication off the school grounds." A full hearing is scheduled 
            for April 3rd. (AP 19 Mar 98)
            Web server software companies are losing business to a rival product 
            few people have ever heard of -- Apache. The software -- offered at 
            no cost -- is the loving labor of a loose confederation of 
            programmers who, working in their spare time over gin and tonics at 
            home and collaborating on the Internet, wanted to build a better way 
            to serve up Web pages to the millions of people who want to see 
            them. Once they completed the software three years ago, they 
            released all of the technical details on the Internet, allowing any 
            Web site to use it gratis. Apache server software is used by an 
            impressive range of companies and organizations to run their Web 
            sites, including Kimberly-Clark Corp., McDonald's Corp. and Texas 
            Instruments Inc., as well as the New York Yankees and the Atlanta 
            Braves. (Ottawa Citizen 20 Mar 98)
            An International Data Corp. poll indicates the number of small 
            businesses that use PCs rose to 78% in 1997, up from 73% in 1996. 
            The increase ends several years of flat or minimal growth. IDC tied 
            the rise to lower PC prices, easier-to-use software and a new crop 
            of computer-literate business owners. (Investor's Business Daily 20 
            Mar 98)
            Hewlett-Packard chairman Lewis E. Platt has some worries about the 
            way the Internet may be developing: "Technology has made our society 
            a little less personal, and this trend will only increase as more 
            and more interactions move into the electronic world" and, like 
            television, begin to "dull our senses, reduce our attention spans, 
            convert intellectual conversations into sound bites." The Internet 
            "could change the way that we educate and learn. It could eliminate 
            the boundaries of time and space, and it could bring our world 
            together. But as the Internet becomes more pervasive, as it becomes 
            more commercial, it runs the risk of making our world worse, instead 
            of better." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 22 Mar 98)
            Don Tapscott's new book "Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net 
            Generation" has become the No. 1 best-selling hardcover nonfiction 
            book, according to Tapscott has appeared several times 
            in Educom Review and has been a keynote speaker at the Educom 
            The Internet Council of Engineers, a Geneva-based group of Internet 
            experts, has filed formal criticism of the U.S. government's 
            proposal for changing the way Internet addresses are registered. 
            "The Internet doesn't need a plan for the U.S. government to get out 
            of domain name oversight... It just needs the U.S. government to 
            quietly step aside," says the chairman of the group's executive 
            committee. "The government is asserting itself over a process they 
            really shouldn't have addressed." Yesterday was the deadline for 
            filing comments on the plan with the Commerce Department. (Wall 
            Street Journal 24 Mar 98)
            Sun is working on several new deals to license its Java programming 
            language for use in consumer products from Sony, Ericsson, and IBM; 
            it already has 150 licensees for the language, including Motorola 
            and Nokia. However, some of these companies are also in talks with 
            Microsoft, whose Windows CE operating system competes with Java for 
            use in such consumer devices as phones, stereos, and set-top cable 
            boxes. (New York Times 24 Mar 98)
            Two recently conducted studies report that losses experienced by 
            Fortune 1000 companies as a result of computer break-ins were higher 
            last year than ever before, despite increased spending on computer 
            security measures. A study by the Computer Security Institute and 
            the FBI estimates 1997 losses from computer crime at $136 million, 
            up 36% from 1996. About half the respondents cited the Internet as a 
            frequent point-of-attack, with the remainder citing internal 
            corporate networks as the favored break-in point. Meanwhile, a study 
            by WarRoom Research LLC found that a large majority of Fortune 1000 
            companies have experienced a break-in by an outsider in the past 12 
            months, with more than half reporting more than 30 security breaches 
            during that time period. Nearly 60% reported losses of $200,000 or 
            more for each intrusion. Mitch Kabay, director of education at the 
            International Computer Security Association, notes that even these 
            figures may be understating the problem: "It's not possible to have 
            truly accurate information on break-ins, because you can't know how 
            many of them went completely undetected and you can't be sure how 
            many of them are not reported." One former cracker, who recently 
            completed a prison sentence for his activities, says networks are 
            getting more vulnerable, not less: "You don't need even a basic 
            skill level to get in." (Internet Week 23 Mar 98)
            APPLE DEMOS 400Mhz MAC
            Apple Computer interim CEO Steve Jobs last week demonstrated a 
            Macintosh running on a 400Mhz copper-based chip, based on technology 
            developed by IBM last fall. The new microprocessor, which will be 
            produced under joint arrangement by IBM and Motorola, will be 
            available for Macs in early 1999, says Jobs. (St. Petersburg Times 
            23 Mar 98) Meanwhile, analysts are predicting a new inexpensive, 
            high-powered Apple laptop by the end of May. The G3/233 will sell 
            for less than $2,000 and will feature Apple's new PowerPC 750 233Mhz 
            processor. (Tampa Tribune 23 Mar 98)
            Ioptics Inc., developer of the technology behind compact disks, has 
            come up with a new data storage system for portable computers. The 
            company, which has financial backing from Microsoft, is marketing a 
            palm-sized optical reader that can transfer up to 128 megabytes of 
            data from a storage card smaller than a credit card. Ioptics hopes 
            the device will become an integral part of the next generation of 
            small, portable computers, but faces stiff competition from Zip 
            drive-maker Iomega and from Sony Corp. (Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 
            Visitors to the Excite Web site this Friday will be able to register 
            their own opinions about who should win a live ice-skating 
            competition broadcast on CBS. The final standings will be determined 
            by Web site voters. Participating in the show will be Olympic 
            veterans Kristi Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton, Katerina Witt and many 
            others. The show's live audience will be given handheld computers so 
            that they can vote along with the home viewers. "Excite is about 
            personalization and giving people individual experiences on the 
            Web," says the company's executive VP for marketing. "For the first 
            time ever on the Internet, we are giving the online community a 
            voice to affect the outcome of a live television show." (Net Insider 
            23 Mar 98)
            Microsoft is opening a 25-person software development group in 
            Hyderabad, India, focused on creating new business software and 
            components of the Windows NT operating system. The Redmond, 
            Washington-based company has for the past seven years operated a 
            similar center in Haifa, Israel. A Microsoft executive explained: 
            "At some point we realized we might not be able to get all the 
            talent we want to move to Redmond." (USA Today 24 Mar 98)
            Although, following the end of the Cold War, the U.S. government 
            placed civilian and military scientists roughly at parity when 
            supercomputer time is distributed, the distribution in 1996 was a 
            2-to-1 ratio in favor of the military, and will become a 5-to-1 
            ratio by 1999. Civilian research using supercomputers is funded by 
            the National Science Foundation, whereas the military side is funded 
            by the Department of Energy. Larry Smarr, director of the NSF-funded 
            National Center for Supercomputer Applications at the University of 
            Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, says: "Unless something is done, this 
            is bound to pull more academic scientific researchers toward the 
            Department of Energy supercomputers. Where does that leave basic 
            scientific research?" David Cooper, associate director of the 
            DOE-funded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, says: "I don't 
            think this is an either-or situation. I have some sympathy with 
            their situation, and I'm concerned about the prospect of the NSF 
            centers falling behind." (New York Times 23 Mar 98)
            Microsoft has developed a Web browser code-named Chrome and designed 
            to deliver TV-quality 3-D animation and high-fidelity sound at 
            dramatically improved download times. Chrome, which will be an 
            option on Windows 98, will work only on high-end Windows-based 
            computers not generally available at the present time. It will send 
            Web pages in "skinny" text instructions that will be interpreted for 
            optimum display. (AP 26 Mar 98)
            Bertelsmann AG, the German media giant that is currently in the news 
            for its purchase of American publishing company Random House, is 
            planning to develop an interactive Web site to sell all books (not 
            just its own) on the Internet. It will be a serious competitor to 
  , Barnes & Noble, and Borders. Cowles/Simba Information 
            says that Amazon now has 50% of the market and Barnes & Noble 6%. 
            The Borders and Bertelsmann online sites will not be in operation 
            until later this year. (USA Today 25 Mar 98)
            Experts predict financial software may go haywire if the Dow Jones 
            Industrial Average tops 10,000. Many software programs are designed 
            to handle only four-digit Dows, says one software designer, who says 
            that concern over the D10K problem soon "will spawn the usual parade 
            of opportunists" to fix the bug. (Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 98) 
            Singapore's stock exchange is considering allowing small investors 
            to trade directly on the Internet without having to have their 
            orders routed to online brokerage services for execution. The 
            Internet trades would be limited to about $30,000 (US) a day. 
            Brokers expressed displeasure with the idea. (AP 25 Mar 98) 
            Digital Equipment says it's not giving up on Alpha; to the contrary, 
            the deal it recently struck with Intel giving Intel ownership of the 
            Alpha chipmaking plant will strengthen its commitment to the 
            high-performance microprocessor. "There are concerns about Digital 
            giving up control of Alpha. But in fact, we did not give up control 
            of Alpha. The concerns are a result of people misinterpreting the 
            deal," says a Digital VP. Digital retains the rights to the 64-bit 
            Alpha design, and will have a contractual relationship with Intel 
            requiring Intel to keep supplying Digital with chips. Beginning in 
            late 1999, Alpha will share the same 0.18-micron process fabs as 
            Intel's 64-bit Merced chip, enabling the two chips to continue 
            developing in tandem. (InternetWeek 25 Mar 98)
            In the face of strong political opposition, Federal Communications 
            Commission chairman William Kennard says he will not try to move 
            ahead now with his proposed rules requiring broadcasters to give 
            free air time to candidates for federal office. "It is clear we need 
            some time to develop a consensus for doing something before we 
            proceed. That's what the reaction certainly taught me. We've got to 
            move the debate from the very abstract to the more specific so 
            members of Congress and others can see what's within the realm of 
            the possible." (New York Times 26 Mar 98)
            The latest round of spectrum auctions took in more than $830 in 
            gross revenue, which analysts say is in line with expectations. 
            After discounts, the government will net $578.6 million. The 
            licenses auctioned are for local multipoint distribution service, 
            which will compete with local telephone and cable services, enabling 
            customers to receive telephone, data or television service via a 
            small antenna mounted on a windowsill. (Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 
            Andrew Grove -- Intel chief executive, Time's 1997 "Man of the 
            Year," and author of the book "Only The Paranoid Survive" -- is 
            resigning as Intel CEO, to be replaced by Craig Barrett, who has 
            been the company's president and chief operating officer. Grove will 
            remain with Intel as its Chairman of the Board. (AP 26 Mar 98)
            Noting that Microsoft doesn't have Sun's approval to produce a 
            modified version of Java, the software language developed by Sun, a 
            federal judge in San Francisco has ruled that Microsoft must stop 
            using the Java logo of a coffee cup with steam rising it from it. 
            (AP 25 Mar 98)
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            Kids Computing Corner
            Frank Sereno, Editor
            The Kids' Computing Corner
            Computer news and software reviews
            from a parent's point of view
            From Frank's Fingers
            I'll start this weekly little snippet of personal news and opinion 
            with a bit of levity. I've changed the name of my column's opening 
            salvo to something a bit more alliterative. Hopefully what appears 
            started first in my noggin before being relayed to my fingers and 
            then saved in this file, but sometimes words have a way of writing 
            Now I have to get serious. Once again, armed violence has occurred 
            at a school. I wish to express my condolences to the people of 
            Jonesboro, Arkansas for the tremendous tragedy that took place. The 
            loss of those sweet lives is inestimable.
            Numerous experts are debating the causes of this murderous behavior. 
            I'm sure that many will blame the motion picture and entertainment 
            industries, others will blame the easy access that children have to 
            guns. Some will lay the blame on the school system for not 
            recognizing the warning signs that they feel must have been evident. 
            Legions will heap blame upon the parents of the accused. I don't 
            think there are any easy answers and I am sure that there are many 
            contributing factors to this act. 
            It seems as if we are losing our children. So many are jaded, 
            dissatisfied and disrespectful. We have to find a way to connect 
            with our youngsters, to give back to them the innocence and joy for 
            living that we remember having in our own childhoods. If we fail to 
            save this generation, then our future will be very bleak. May the 
            violence end and understanding begin.
            Featured Review
            I'm still working on the research for my next reviews. Next week I 
            hope to review Fisher-Price Ready for School 1st Grade from Davidson 
            and Collier Encyclopedia from Sierra On-line. Let me give a brief 
            look at each program now.
            Ready for School 1st Grade is a well-rounded program offering a wide 
            assortment of activities suitable for children ages 5 to 7. While it 
            has great content, I feel it lacks the appeal to keep youngsters 
            coming back for repeat play. With Davidson's 30-day moneyback 
            guarantee, there is little risk in trying the program and it is 
            certainly affordable at $29.95, but I'm not sure that it will be 
            every child's cup of tea.
            Sierra's Collier Encyclopedia has all the multimedia bells and 
            whistle. It encompasses three CD-ROMs. Unfortunately, it's slow as 
            old dog hobbling on three legs. Even when running on a Pentium II 
            with a 24-speed CD-ROM drive and a fast video card, the program 
            crawls. Combine that with constant disc changes and you get a very 
            unsatisfactory experience. Perhaps it was a mistake to use Netscape 
            Communicator as the interface. It makes me wonder if maybe the 
            browsers are what slow down the Web rather than bandwidth problems.
            Until next week, best wishes!
            "It doesn't get any better"
            Adobe Retail Promotion Offers Free 
            Self-Paced Training Guide with Purchase
            San Jose, Calif., (March 23, 1998) - Adobe Systems Incorporated 
            (Nasdaq: ADBE) today launched a retail promotion to help new users 
            master Adobe software quickly and easily. With the purchase of a 
            full, retail version of Adobe Acrobat, After Effects, FrameMaker, 
            Illustrator, PageMaker, Photoshop, or Adobe Premiere software 
            customers will receive a free corresponding book by mail from the 
            best-selling Classroom in a Book training series. The promotion is 
            in effect in the United States and Canada between March 15 and June 
            30, 1998, or while supplies last. The retail value of the books 
            ranges between $40-50. More information about the promotion can be 
            found on the Web at
            The promotion is intended to introduce the Adobe brand to a new set 
            of customers who recognize the need to cut through the clutter with 
            breakthrough communication materials. These customers include: a 
            small business owner who wants to create marketing materials that 
            are as professional as its competition; a finance professional who 
            needs to deliver reports with impact; an administrative assistant 
            who adds clip art or logos to an executive presentation; or a 
            corporate marketing professional who delivers cutting-edge, animated 
            digital presentations. Adobe provides a full range of applications 
            that work together seamlessly.
            "As the population of people using software to create visually rich 
            communication materials continues to grow, it needs to be supported 
            by self-paced training materials that are focused and designed to 
            fit into busy schedules," said Robert Roblin, executive vice 
            president of marketing for Adobe. "This giveaway demonstrates our 
            commitment to helping our customers get the most out of their 
            purchases of Adobe software."
            Classroom in a Book, produced by Adobe and published by Macmillan 
            Computer Publishing USA, is a best-selling series of hands-on 
            software training workbooks that teach according to the way users 
            learn and retain knowledge. Lessons are short, focused and 
            completely controlled by the user. The compact book size enhances 
            portability, and the design makes information easily accessible. The 
            scope of each book includes both intermediate and advanced 
            techniques. The lessons contain both Windows and Macintosh 
            instructions for seamless dual-platform learning and the enclosed 
            hybrid CD-ROM runs on either operating system.
            "Macmillan's Classroom in a Book series is one of the most 
            successful in the computer book industry," said Richard Swadley, 
            senior vice president of publishing for Macmillan Computer 
            Publishing USA. "Launched in 1993, more than one million Classroom 
            in a Book volumes have been sold worldwide in English and 10 other 
            languages. These titles set the standard by which other books are 
            judged. There is no better resource for people who want to learn how 
            to unleash the power of Adobe's software."
            This promotional offer is valid at Adobe Authorized Resellers, mail 
            order catalogs, or wherever Adobe software is sold in the United 
            States and Canada. To obtain a free book, customers will need to 
            mail in the proof of purchase and the Classroom in a Book offer 
            sticker from the Adobe software product box.
            Offer does not include upgrades, educational, or not-for-resale 
            versions, or products acquired in conjunction with the purchase of 
            computer hardware (bundled product). Other restrictions apply. See 
            official terms and conditions on the redemption coupon or visit 
            About Macmillan Computer Publishing USA
            As the world's largest computer book publisher, Macmillan Computer 
            Publishing USA (MCP) is the industry's premier information and 
            reference innovator. Macmillan's computer book imprints include: 
            QUE, Sams Publishing, New Riders, Ziff-Davis Press, Hayden Books, 
            Waite Group Press, Macmillan Technical Publishing, Que Education & 
            Training, Lycos Press, Adobe Press, Borland Press, Cisco Press, 
            EarthWeb Press and Red Hat Press. With more than 600 computer titles 
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            all major computing and communications topic. MCP is a unit of 
            Macmillan Publishing USA. Macmillan is the reference division of 
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            VIA, VIAB). For the latest news and information about Macmillan, 
            visit its Web site at
            About Adobe Systems Incorporated
            Based in San Jose, Calif., Adobe Systems Incorporated develops and 
            supports products to help people express and use information in more 
            imaginative and meaningful ways, across all print and electronic 
            media. Founded in 1982, Adobe helped launch the desktop publishing 
            revolution. Today, the company offers a market-leading line of 
            application software and type products for creating and distributing 
            visually rich communication materials; licenses its 
            industry-standard technologies to major hardware manufacturers, 
            software developers, and service providers; and offers integrated 
            software solutions to businesses of all sizes. For more information, 
            see Adobe's home page at on the World Wide Web.
            Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, Caflisch Script, Giddyup, Image 
            Club, Mezz, Minion, Myriad, PageMill, Penumbra, WebMorsels and 
            WebType are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Apple, 
            Macintosh, Macintosh Quadra and Power Macintosh are trademarks of 
            Apple Computer, Inc. registered in the United States and other 
            countries. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or 
            trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the 
            property of their respective owners.
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            has STReport. All in the name of progress and improved readability. 
            The amount of reader mail expressing a preference for HTML as 
            opposed to our Adobe PDF enhanced issue is running approximately 11 
            to 1 over the PDF edition.  Cited are size, graphic quality and 
            speed of download.   I might add however, the requests for our 
            issues to be done in HTML far outnumber PDF. So it too, like ascii, 
            is gone. HTML is now a reality.  On our web download page is a 
            selection for HTML (Read or Download). As you can see, STReport will 
            not be caught in the old, worn out "downward compatibility dodge" we 
            must move forward. 
            Many grateful thanks in advance for your enthusiastic co-operation 
            and input.
            Ralph F. Mariano, Editor
            STReport International Online Magazine
            Classics & Gaming Section
            Editor Dana P. Jacobson
            From the Atari Editor's Desk "Saying it like it is!"
            Sorry about last week's issue; it originally wasn't as "short" as 
            seemed. It's ironic, but the more I hear about how "modern" 
            technologically-wonderful today's PCs are, I have to chuckle. The 
            simplest tasks on an Atari seem to be major projects on a PC. I 
            won't go into detail, but our illustrious neighbor on the "south-40" 
            ran into some problems using our simple ASCII text last week. Bells 
            and whistles? We don't need no steenkin' bells and whistles! <rbg>
            We've got a great issue this week! It's perhaps the largest column 
            we've had in many months. We've got more Hasbro/Atari coverage this 
            week, plenty of gaming news, and even some Atari computer-related 
            news. It must be Spring!
            So let's celebrate the new season, and get right into the heart of 
            all things Atari - we're still havin' some fun!
            Until next time...
            Electronic Cow releases new software
            From: < >
            Electronic Cow is pleased to announce the release of two new music 
            software packages for the Atari!
            Scribble Synth 
            (Price 16.00 UK pounds plus postage)
            The first program, Scribble Synth is another software-based sound 
            synthesizer, in the same vein as Elctronic Cow's previous release 
            Snippit Synth. However, the synthesis model used in Scribble Synth 
            is completely different: it's a true additive synthesizer, but with 
            a difference! You actually draw in frequency envelopes with the 
            How it works:
            These mouse 'scribbles' (of which there can be up to five per sound) 
            are transformed into 2D frequency spectrum plots by the software 
            automatically. Both low and high frequency bandwidths can be 
            defined, and up to twenty bands can be comprised in one 'scribble'. 
            These plots are then placed in the time domain, and Scribble Synth 
            interpolates individual envelope shapes for each frequency band! The 
            results are quite amazing!
            Strange sci-fi warbles, time-based pitch and filtering effects, plus 
            frequency modulated sounds are all possible with Scribble Synth, as 
            well as some REALLY deep bass sounds!!!
            Sounds can then be exported to tracker programs, direct-to-disk 
            sequencers/recorders, and sample editors in either AIFF, AVR or SPL 
            formats. Both eight and 16-bit formats are supported, and ANY 
            frequency between 8 and 50KHz!
            Scribble Synth will also allow you to dump the sounds via MIDI to an 
            MSDS-compatible sampler, or the Akai S900/950...
            Scribble Synth's main features include:
            AVR/AIFF/SPL 8/16 bit sample export at any frequency (up to 
                Digital audio playback of sounds on the Falcon and STE/TT
                MIDI sample dump for Akai S900/S950 and all sample dump standard 
                On-line help utilising ST-Guide, plus an eight-page CD-booklet 
                Scribble Synth requires at least one megabyte of memory and a 640 x 
            400 display to run. Because of hardware limitations, no audio 
            playback is available on the STFM, but you can still generate 
            (Price 25.00 UK pounds plus postage and packing)
            Tired of the ridiculous prices for second-hand analogue drum 
            Wish you had Re-Birth on the Atari?
            EC-909 is an analogue drum machine emulator for the Atari STE/TT or 
            Falcon. It features sixteen original TR-909 sounds (including bass, 
            snare, toms, rim, clap, and cymbals), with various controls (pitch 
            tuning, volume attenuation, and attack shape), and an interface 
            everyone will have seen somewhere before!!!
            EC-909 can create single bar patterns (in real-time on the Falcon), 
            and then export them into your direct-to-disk recorder or sample 
            editor as AIFF or AVR format samples. Both 8 and 16-bit formats are 
            supported, as well as mono or stereo options. The program will also 
            allow you to export the pattern as a standard MIDI file for loading 
            into your MIDI sequencer! Other features include: MIDI triggering, 
            tempo and bar length controls, and Undo!
            EC-909' s main features include:
            * AVR/AIFF 8/16 bit sample export, either mono or stereo
            * 16 unique TR909 style drum sounds
            * Tempo and bar length controls
            * MIDI triggering for drums and pattern playing
            * Exports patterns as type 1 MIDI files
            * On-line help utilising ST-Guide, plus an eight-page CD-booklet 
            There are two versions of EC-909; one for e STE and TT, and one for 
            the Falcon. EC-909 requires at least one megabyte of memory (4Mbytes 
            on the Falcon) and a 640 x 400 display. EC-909 won't run on the STFM 
            because of the lack of digital audio hardware.
            For more information, visit our WWW page at:
            Or email us:
            Or why not give us a telephone call:
            0411 533133 (UK Calls)
            Hi all!
            Now with the latest release of STinG dialer (v1.15) and the StinG 
            TCP-module I have a fast PPP TCP/IP connection to Internet (using 
            k56flex/HS-Modem) and a constant non-interupted data-flow. So, I'm 
            back, with MyMail again.
            Now when Erik Hall got his Hades back, he managed to release a new 
            version of MyMail after only (two days). Latest version is 0.55 beta 
            and is available to download from either: 
   (My webpage) or 
            There are new functions added for the in-built editor and pop-up 
            menu entries for mark all as read, mark all read as deleted, mark 
            all as deleted, go to next new mail. Don't be to confused where and 
            what URL I have for my Atari-related webpages, I will explain this 
            at the end of this mail.
            MyMail is a STinG/STiK compatible e-mail app. I use MyMail to 
            distribute this mailing list. 
            Updated STinG modules
            Some of the STinG extension modules are updated (Mars 10), you will 
            find them in the MODULE.LZH archive at:
            The archive CORETOOL.LZH for STinG is also updated (Mars 10), the 
            archive with the STinG IP kernel (core) and the STinG tools, such as 
            PING and Traceroute.
            STinG by Peter Rottengatter is the app that gives your computer a 
            serial SLIP/PPP connection with TCP/IP and also have the power to 
            connect your Atari computer with others (Atari, IBM PC and Mac) in a 
            Ethernet Network.
            TelSTar by Peter Rottengatter
            TelSTar is a Telnet client made by the author of STinG. It's aimed 
            to be VT100-compatible.
            You will find this first version 1.0 at my TelSTar support page, 
            located at: 
            This page also describes what you can do with a Telnet-client on the 
            Network clients and servers
            There's a plethora of new apps to use with STinG. The network 
            Clients and servers download bay at Peter Rottengatter's homepage is 
            filled with new apps, such as the CAB Overlay module, FTP-server by 
            Vassili Papathanassiou, TelSTar, HTTP-server by Olivier Booklage and 
            a Network game by Mario Becroft called Manoeuvre.
            You will find links to Peter's homepage, STinG download bay and this 
            clients & servers download bay at my support page:
            Most of my webpages are handmade, by QED. There's an active QED 
            download button in some of them, they point you to the official 
            webpage by Christian Felsch. If you activate the button you will 
            find the brand new QED v4.10 version.
            QED is PD editor by Christian Felsch (Tom Quellenberg)
            Infitra is the latest internet application of Merciful from the 
            Netherlands and is the latest in 'state of the art' programs for the 
            Atari and compatibles range of computers. It gives the user a fully 
            featured and professional email tool until now only found on WINDOWS 
            (c), UNIX, NOVELL (c) and APPLE (c) platforms.
            You can download the limited demo version from *their* website, 
            click on the 'DEMO' button of the left menu to get it! The demo 
            version will send your mail, but will have a fixed signature file 
            attached to all mail you send. The signature file is a blunt 
            advertisement for Infitra and cannot be switched off.
            The other limitations are that the program won't send attachments 
            and won't list on server.
            Infitra is to be found at: 
            My own Infitra support page is located at:
            Infitra is a commercial STinG/STiK-compatible e-mail app.
            My webpage
            The exact URL for my Atari-related homepage is:
   You can use the symbolic link:
   or the mirror
            My Atari-related e-mail address is: 
            and for personal mails
            Mille (also) goes to Germany
            You can also visit my German ATARI homepage at:
            and use the e-mail address 
            Software downloads
            The exact location of the software download page is:
            and the ASH download page at:
            They contains swedish versions of CAB, Fiffi and Emailer with 
            along with multilingual CAB 2.6 versions, CAB 2.0 Demo, CAB 1.5
            Freeware, CAB OVL module etc.
            Best Regards
            Mille Babic
            The 9th Adventurers Convention
            From: Larry Horsfield 
            Hello all in C.S.A.St.
            If you haven't already heard about it, you may be interested to hear 
            about the 1998 Adventurers Convention, which is being held in 
            Birmingham (UK) this coming October, as it has been for the last 8 
            The Convention is being held on Saturday, 24th October 1998, in the 
            Ariel Suite of the Royal Angus Thistle Hotel, St. Chad`s, Birmingham 
            B4, which at the end of the A38M and easy to get to from all parts 
            of the country. It runs from 9am to around 6pm and covers all 
            formats from Spectrums to PC's, including Atari St's. Tables are 
            available if you wish to bring along your own computer(s) and we 
            actively encourage this as we depend on those attending to bring 
            their computers, so the more the merrier! If you wish to bring 
            hardware and/or software to sell you are more than welcome to, but 
            no pirated software please!
            The event attracts adventure enthusiasts from all over the UK, 
            including Northern Ireland, and the atmosphere is very friendly and 
            informal. Many of us staa overnight at the hotel and the evenings 
            can be just as lively and interesting as the convention itself!
            During the day we have the popular "Megapoints" competition running. 
            In this the contestants get 20 minutes playing time at a specially 
            written Spectrum text adventure, with the object of scoring as many 
            points as possible in the alloted time. There are usually cash 
            prizes and special certificates for the 3 highest scores. The 
            adventure this year is being written by Ulsterman Jon Scott, author 
            of various Spectrum text adventures published by Zenobi Software.
            Tickets are available now aad cost 6 ukp per person if you buy yours 
            before 30th June, 1998. Thereafter, or if you pay on the door on the 
            day, the price will be 7 ukp per person. Tickets may be purchased 
            from: Vicky Jackson, 128 Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 
            Please make cheques/PO's payable to V. Jackson
            The Royal Angus Thistle Hotel has special room rates for those 
            attending the Convention. These include full English breakfast and 
            are as follows: 
            Single Room: 37.50 ukp per night.
            Double/Twin: 32.50 per person, per night.
            Please contact the hotel to book your accommodation, NOT the 
            organisers. The address and phone number are:
            Royal Angus Thistle Hotel
            St.Chad`s, Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6HY
            Telephone: 0121-236-4211
            Don't forget to inform the hotel you are attending the Adventurers 
            Convention, otherwise you will be charged the normal room rates! 
            NOTE: The Convention is on the weekend before the start of the 
            Birmingham Motor Show at the NEC. Whilst the hotel have promised to 
            reserve a number of rooms for us, you are strongly advised to book 
            your accommodation AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to avoid disappointment. If 
            you have any queries about the Convention, or would like to reserve 
            tables for your hard/software, please contact me at the email 
            address below.
            Hope to see you in Brum in October!
            Larry Horsfield
            NextGen reviews Once Upon ATARI video
            From: < >
            This is the unedited review of the video documentary "Once Upon 
            Atari" in Next Generation magazine (April 98 issue, page 20). 
            You can also check out the website for this video (and it's creator)
            at: or 
            Here it is:
            Once Upon Atari: The Agony and the Ecstasy video review
            The culture at Atari's console division in the glory days of 
            1979-1982 has always had a mystique about it. It was the seminal 
            videogame development "scene," and many myths and legends grew out 
            of that time. During last June's Electronicon, a Philadelphia fan 
            convention, Howard Scott Warshaw, creator of E.T. and Yars Revenge, 
            premiered a new documentary, Once Upon Atari: The Agony and the 
            Ecstasy. It is actually the final installment of a planned four-part 
            series that explores those days by interviewing the programmers who 
            created some of console gaming's best-loved (and most hated) titles.
            While the video quality sometimes leaves a lot to be desired (the 
            introduction is almost unbearably cheesy), the interviews are 
            amazing. Warshaw has tracked down almost everyone who did anything 
            of significance in Atari's home division, including the people 
            involved in some of the most criticized events in Atari's history, 
            like Pac-Man for Atari 2600 (see "What the Hell Happened?" page 38). 
            The interviews are seamlessly edited together with very little 
            narration, which is good if you are familiar with Atari's history - 
            for those who don't already know most of these names, though, the 
            video may be a bit confusing.
            This episode tries to capture the spirit of what it was like to 
            actually work at Atari, an environment that was both a product of 
            the times - the free-wheeling '70s - and the need to hire anyone who 
            could program the 2600, a feat that ranged from difficult to 
            impossible. This quote from Todd (Pac-Man) Frye is typical: "They 
            were having a problem getting a programmer to do the Atari 2600 
            Xevious. Xevious was a very graphically active game in the arcades, 
            and the Atari 2600 was not really a very graphically active machine. 
            So I went home - I smoked this joint, with a little psilocybin and a 
            little cocaine in it - and all of a sudden it sprang full forth in 
            my mind exactly how to do it. And that was the moment of 
            Other installments will include Nolan Bushnell, Larry Kaplan 
            (Activision, Kaboom!), Rob Fulop (Missile Command), and others, 
            disclosing their personal feelings and stories about everything from 
            the creation of Activision to some of the pretty outrageous sexual 
            (mis)conduct that went on between employees. The remainder of the 
            series will be released later this year. The first episode will 
            cover what it was like to actually work at Atari, the second will 
            deal with the legendary three M's of Atari (marketing, management, 
            and money), and finally the third - and possibly the most exciting - 
            will detail the game design process at Atari.
            The highly in-depth nature of the documentary offers a refreshing 
            contrast to other efforts, like Leonard Herman's Phoenix (see review 
            NG 37), which, in their attempts to cover a broader subject matter, 
            are necessarily more impersonal. Is this video essential viewing? If 
            you're simply interested in the broad history of the industry, 
            probably not. But if the word "Atari" still can make the hair on the 
            back of your neck stand up, send in your money ASAP - you won't be 
            Available in NTSC or PAL. Running time: 28 minutes.
            To order, send $29.95 (postpaid) to:
            PO Box 610787
            San Jose, CA 95161
            Or call with credit card: 1-800-711-3627
            More information can be found at 
            Check it out!
            Gaming Section 
            Activision News!
            'Quake' on N64!
            'Resident Evil 2' New Record!
            More Hasbro News!
            And much more!
            From the Editor's Controller - Playin' it like it is!
            With all of the gaming news coming in, I'm sort of jealous that I'm 
            not able to partake in all of the new game offerings, or the ones 
            coming down the pike. Then again, who has the time to try them all? 
            Where do you people find the time - especially those of you with 
            multiple systems? And now there's the potential for yet another 
            console system near the end of the year: Project X! It should be an 
            interesting holiday season this year; wait and see how this story 
            turns out!
            Well, we have an unusually large gaming section this week. Perhaps 
            the game company PR people are getting out everything before the 
            nice weather really starts working itself in and the typical 
            spring/summer slowdown begins anew.
            Anyway, let's enjoy it while we can. We've got "classics" and new 
            games to round out this week's issue.
            Until next time...
            Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile - The Latest Gaming News!
            Hasbro Expects First Quarter To Be Below Expectations
            PAWTUCKET, R.I. (March 24) BUSINESS WIRE - March 24, 1998 - Hasbro 
            Inc. today announced that first quarter results will be below 
            expectations, primarily due to the impact of recent changes in 
            inventory flow policies at Toys 'R Us, a key customer. However, the 
            company still expects to achieve double-digit growth in full-year 
            1998 earnings per share.
            "We have consistently stated that we expect difficult comparisons in 
            the first half of 1998, which is proving to be the case and has been 
            compounded by the actions of Toys 'R Us," said Alan G. Hassenfeld, 
            chairman and chief executive officer. "However, we remain on track 
            for the full year," Hassenfeld added.
            "Last year, our first half results were boosted by the timing of 
            movie releases of three of our major entertainment properties: Star 
            Wars(TM), Jurassic Park(R) and Batman(TM). This year, the new 
            inventory flow policies of Toys 'R Us are having a greater relative 
            impact on our first quarter because our sales to Toys 'R Us are 
            expected to become more seasonal, like sales to most of our other 
            customers," Hassenfeld explained. "We believe this retail inventory 
            reduction trend will continue into the second quarter, making the 
            second half of the year, which is already so important, even more 
            significant. However, in the long run, we believe a stronger Toys 'R 
            Us will be good for our business."
            The new inventory policies being implemented by Toys 'R Us include a 
            significant reduction in the absolute level of inventories and a 
            change in seasonal purchasing patterns. Primarily as a result of the 
            impact of these changes, Hasbro's revenues in the first quarter 
            could be approximately 15% below the $555.8 million reported in the 
            first quarter of 1997. The Company said a decrease in revenues of 
            this magnitude, in this seasonally low-revenue quarter, has a 
            disproportionate impact on quarterly earnings as fixed costs 
            continue to be incurred. Consequently, the Company anticipates 
            earnings per share could be as low as $0.05 compared to $0.20 a year 
            "Looking ahead to the second half of 1998, we will continue to build 
            sales and earnings momentum," Hassenfeld continued. "The cost 
            savings anticipated from the Global Integration and Profit 
            Enhancement program are on track. In addition, we look forward to 
            the debut of Teletubbies(TM) on PBS in April, the summer movie 
            release of DreamWorks' 'Small Soldiers', and the fall release of 
            Centipede(R) - the first of our newly-acquired Atari game 
            properties. We also expect to close our acquisition of Tiger 
            Electronics early in the second quarter," Hassenfeld added. "We 
            continue working hard to deliver our plan for this year, and believe 
            it is achievable under current market conditions.
            Certain statements contained in this release contain "forward 
            looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities 
            Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements are 
            inherently subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties. The 
            company's actual actions or results may differ materially from those 
            expected or anticipated in the forward-looking statements. Specific 
            factors that might cause such a difference include, but are not 
            limited to, the timely manufacture and shipping by the company of 
            new and continuing products and their acceptance by customers and 
            consumers in a competitive product environment; economic conditions 
            and currency fluctuations in the various markets in which the 
            company operates throughout the world; the continuing trend of 
            increased concentration of the company's revenues in the second half 
            and fourth quarter of the year, together with increased reliance by 
            retailers on quick response inventory management techniques, which 
            increases the risk of underproduction of popular items, 
            overproduction of less popular items and failure to achieve tight 
            and compressed shipping schedules; the impact of competition on 
            revenues, margins and other aspects of the company's business; third 
            party actions or approvals that could delay, modify or increase the 
            cost of implementation of the company's Global Integration and 
            Profit Enhancement program; and the risk that anticipated benefits 
            of acquisitions may not occur or be delayed or reduced in their 
            realization. The company undertakes no obligation to make any 
            revisions to the forward-looking statements contained in this 
            release or to update them to reflect events or circumstances 
            occurring after the date of this release.
            HASBRO INTERACTIVE: Hasbro Grabs Gaming Legends
            MAR 24, 1998, M2 Communications - Leading interactive games 
            publisher Hasbro Interactive has announced this week that a 
            subsidiary has acquired copyrights, trademarks, patents and other 
            intellectual property assets of the Atari Division of JTS 
            Corporation. This acquisition gives Hasbro Interactive rights to 
            some of the greatest video games and play patterns ever created for 
            multimedia entertainment. Atari's properties and assets include more 
            than 75 game properties, including the legendary Centipede, Missile 
            Command, Pong, Breakout and Tempest. Hasbro Interactive plans to 
            release its first Atari title, Centipede, on both PC and Sony 
            PlayStation formats in the third quarter of 1998.
            "We are thrilled that these classic Atari game properties will now 
            be a part of the Hasbro family," says Tom Dusenberry, President of 
            Hasbro Interactive. "These ground-breaking games helped to pioneer 
            the video game industry. We intend to bring these classics back to 
            life by updating them with the latest technology and interactive 
            game design, while preserving their heart and spirit."
            Hasbro Interactive has proven its ability to bring arcade classics 
            back to life, with the huge commercial success enjoyed by its 1997 
            launch of Frogger for both the PC and PlayStation games console. "We 
            plan to implement the same aggressive strategy we used with Frogger, 
            in bringing back the Atari classics," adds Dusenberry. "We will 
            develop games that appeal to the players who loved the titles as 
            kids, while attracting a whole new generation by bringing the games 
            up to today's highest standards. Of course, like all Hasbro 
            Interactive titles, they will be backed by major marketing and 
            merchandising programs." 
            With the acquisition of Atari's extensive library of game 
            properties, Hasbro Interactive seeks to strengthen its position in 
            the action game category. Hasbro Interactive intends to develop 
            various titles for all viable and available gaming platforms; PC 
            CD-ROM, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 game consoles, among 
            Midway Home Entertainment Announces N64 Version of Quake
            The Ninetendo 64 Version of the PC Mega-Hit Features Two-Player 
            Death Match 
            Midway Home Entertainment announced today that the company's eagerly 
            awaited Nintendo 64 video game translation of QUAKE(R), the 
            phenomenally popular 3-D computer game, is now available wherever 
            video games are sold. The announcement was made by Paula Cook, 
            director of Midway Home Entertainment.
            With options for single and multi-player game play - allowing 
            up-to-two players to rip through QUAKE's world at incredible speeds 
            without sacrificing the game's intense graphics - Midway's QUAKE, 
            fully utilizes the technological capabilities of the Nintendo 64 
            system. QUAKE features lightening-fast game play, intense weapons 
            and monsters, amazing sound effects, and environments for the most 
            extreme first-person shooting experience possible on a home video 
            game system. Boasting 25 spectacular one-player levels plus seven 
            two-player Death Match levels, QUAKE leads gamers on an intense 
            first-person mission. QUAKE's advanced Artificial intelligence and 
            Rumble Pak compatibility further intensify the QUAKE gameplay 
            QUAKE was originally developed and unleashed by id Software as 
            shareware in June, 1996. The release of the retail version of the 
            game followed just two months later. QUAKE's release was met with 
            great critical acclaim and retail success. In making the 
            announcement, Ms. Cook stated, "We are happy to bring QUAKE, one of 
            the most popular computer games to date, home to the Nintendo 64. 
            Midway's translation offers gamers incredible speed, graphics and 
            gameplay in both single-player and two-player death match modes."
            Electronic Arts Ships Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit
            SAN MATEO, CALIF. (March 25) BUSINESS WIRE - March 25, 1998 - 
            Electronic Arts(tm), the world's largest independent interactive 
            entertainment software company, announces the release of Need For 
            Speed(tm) III: Hot Pursuit for the PlayStation(tm), the latest 
            addition to the popular, adrenaline-pumping realistic racing 
            franchise. Need For Speed returns with eight new, exotic supercars 
            that are based on their real life counterparts and a white-knuckle 
            turning twist... an intelligent law enforcement team dedicated to 
            stopping speeders at any cost.
            Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit is packed with new features for 
            players to test their racing skills. These include eight real-world 
            tracks set in a full 3-D environment; several short cuts and 
            alternate routes to discover on each of the tracks; five different 
            modes of gameplay with multiple options for racing fans of all 
            types; and highly detailed special effects, such as realistic 
            lighting reflections and glowing effects in both day and night time. 
            Racers can zoom down the open road in a choice of eight new licensed 
            supercars that are based on manufacturer specifications. The cars, 
            with top speeds over 200 m.p.h. and price tags as high as $1 million 
            Ferrari 550 Maranello(tm)
                Ferrari 355 F1(tm)
                Nazca C2(tm)
                Lamborghini Diablo SV(tm)
                Lamborghini Countach 25th(tm)
                Jaguar(tm) XJR-15(tm)
                Chevrolet Corvette(tm)
                Each of the cars is supported by a slide presentation containing 
            photos of their real life counterparts and respective specifications 
            such as: weight, torque, horsepower, top speed, acceleration and 
            braking performance, engine type, handling characteristics and 
            manufacturer development history. "Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit 
            will set the standards for what a great racing title needs to 
            offer," said Hanno Lemke, the game's senior producer. "We're 
            delivering what racing buffs are screaming for - smart cops, high 
            speed chases, tracks that have a 'real' feel to them and several 
            million dollars worth of untouchable supercars they recognize but 
            unfortunately will rarely get the opportunity to see or test drive."
            Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit racers can select arcade or 
            simulation mode to scream through the game's tracks, all of which 
            boast real world themes. Players must earn the right to advance by 
            winning the first four tracks -- the tree-lined backroads of the 
            Hometown track which is reminiscent of New England, the colorful 
            canyon rimmed roads of the Southwest of Redrock Ridge, the curvy 
            mountain climbing open road of Rocky Pass and the slick strips, 
            avenues and winding coastlines of Atlantica evocative of Miami, 
            Florida. Only by winning the first four courses will the remaining 
            tracks - Country Woods, Atlantica, Lost Canyons, and The Summit - 
            become available.
            The tracks, all of which can be raced backwards or in mirror mode 
            (left turns become right and vice versa), take on a new thrill 
            through the number of special effects visible in the game which 
            include: police lights that cast a red and blue glow onto the 
            roadway during a chase; night time driving complete with high and 
            low beams; rain that sprays off the tires, varying weather 
            conditions that can be randomly set; and thunder and lightening 
            effects. In addition, the game utilizes a real-time lighting model 
            and reflective mapping on the cars that adds another level of detail 
            and richness to the 3-D environment through headlights that shine on 
            the roadway and surrounding areas, sunlight that creates car shadows 
            on the road, or lights and environmental reflections off of cars. 
            Hot Pursuit Mode: Speed Now Has a Consequence Racers who dare to 
            push the envelope with bone-chilling speeds and slick moves in Hot 
            Pursuit mode will encounter multiple levels of police aggression 
            from high speed chases and road blocks to tire spikes. As in real 
            life, the law enforcement officers in Need For Speed mean business 
            and will pull out all stops to chase, pull over -- using dozens of 
            recorded police commands, cite and ultimately arrest all speeders 
            including the player and/or his Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
            opponents. For example, if racers continuously attempt to outrun the 
            law, police will become more aggressive and strategic with their 
            arrest tactics by trying to ram speeders off the road, calling in 
            additional cops for back up, and strategically placing road blocks 
            and tire spikes up the road. In addition to the police, even the 
            opponents come with an attitude. Because of the game's rich AI, each 
            of the in-game challengers have various personalities, which are 
            reflected through their names. If a player continuously cuts off the 
            "Terror" opponent, "Terror" will retaliate and make it his mission 
            to knock you off the road with some edgy moves of his own from 
            honking to blocking or ramming. 
            The game is equipped with four additional game modes including: 
            "practice" where a player hones race skills around a track; "single 
            race" where the player competes in one race to the finish against 
            one or a group of opponents; "tournament" in which the player must 
            win each race in order to advance, with an ultimate goal of 
            accessing additional cars; and "knock out" where a player must avoid 
            placing last in order to stay in the race, and eventually win the 
            bonus track. Each of these modes is equipped with selectable options 
            for elements such as day and night time driving, setting different 
            amounts of traffic and tutor with navigator speech and on-screen 
            arrows for negotiating turns. Players can choose one of four 
            different camera views from a possible six when in-game, as well as 
            customizing their cars with different colors and multiple tuning 
            options such as adjusting gear ratios, suspension stiffness, engine 
            power, aerodynamics, brake settings and selecting between racing 
            skills, stock tires and rain tires.
            Final touches that complement the game are the two-player 
            horizontally split screen; a frame rate of 30 frames per second in 
            single player, which provides a smooth, fast sensation of speed, and 
            new interactive audio effects and music custom designed for each 
            track theme. Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit for the PlayStation is 
            available for a suggested retail price of US$49.95 and has an "E" 
            ESRB rating. Artwork can be downloaded at: 
            MicroProse Playing To PC Platform Strengths In FY 1999
            Mar 20, 1998 (MULTIMEDIA WIRE, Vol. 5, No. 54) -- MicroProse's 
            fiscal 1999 product slate is focused exclusively on the PC, but the 
            company plans to support next-generation consoles, its president and 
            CEO, Stephen Race, tells MMWire. "We are looking at the increased 
            capabilities of those systems [such as Sega's Katana], and the 
            ability to put our products on those systems as a plus," he says. 
            "You can't do all things for all platforms...Strategy and simulation 
            games are designed for the PC." But those lines are going to blur, 
            Race says. 
            Race says if there will be a new version of PlayStation in 2000, and 
            it takes MicroProse 18 months to develop a game, then it doesn't 
            make sense to come in at the tail end of the system. "We want to be 
            early..." As for the company's fiscal '99 product slate (fiscal '98 
            ends March 31), MicroProse has just shipped a multiplayer version of 
            Ultimate Race Pro (licensed to Mplayer, and developed by Kalisto 
            Entertainment). On Tuesday it will ship internally developed M1 Tank 
            Platoon II. Initial shipments are anticipated in the 100,000-unit 
            range worldwide for both products. Ultimate Civilization II will 
            ship during the company's 2nd fiscal quarter.
            Earlier, MicroProse said Joe Ybarra, former Electronic Arts [ERTS] 
            co-founder, would head up the company's Austin production studio, 
            directing development teams on titles such as Guardians: Agents of 
            Justice and Civilization. Other titles set for release in fiscal '99 
            include Falcon 4.0, MechCommander, Star Trek: The Next Generation 
            Klingon Honor Guard. In addition, Starship Troopers, X-COM: 
            Interceptor and MiG 29 will be released this year. Falcon 4.0 is a 
            cornerstone of the company's marketing plans and its drive to get 
            back to profitability in fiscal 1999, the company says. The title is 
            slated for Q2.
            MicroProse has some great products for '99, but questions have 
            revolved around the company getting them out on time and avoiding 
            feature creep, says James Lin, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan 
            Securities. Race says the products are at a stage where analysts 
            were able to drive the M1 tank and fly the Falcon 4.0 at a recent 
            event. "There was a dark cloud for fiscal year 1998," Race says, 
            "but it has a silver lining...We're about to ship these products 
            that were supposed to ship in fiscal '98. We could deliver up to 16 
            products, but we're telling the analyst community we will be 
            profitable with 12."
            Re-Launch of Mega-Franchise Highlights Activision's Push to Consoles
            Mar 19, 1998 (MULTIMEDIA WIRE, Vol. 5, No. 53) -- Activision appears 
            to be playing its trump card by tapping one of the longest-standing 
            interactive entertainment franchises and supporting it with a 
            multimillion-dollar marketing campaign to make a major push into 
            consoles. Activision's shipment of Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle 
            ($49.95) for PlayStation next week leverages a 16-year-old franchise 
            that has sold more than 5m units. It also re-introduces arguably the 
            first-ever platform game, a genre that helped make Nintendo what it 
            The launch of Pitfall 3D is "part of Activision's aggressive push 
            into the console market," says Marc Metis, director of console 
            product marketing. The move is akin to Hasbro Interactive's shipment 
            last fall of console/coin-op classic Frogger for PlayStation and PC, 
            which put the erstwhile toy-only company into the limelight. 
            Frogger, to date, has sold-through more than 700,000 units, 
            according to The NPD Group.
            Activision leads the second wave of publishers to treat consoles as 
            serious moneymakers. "This is their coming-out party, they might as 
            well be wearing their best dress," as Hasbro did, Fairfield Research 
            analyst Gary Gabelhouse says. And the move is smart, Gabelhouse 
            opines. It "usually costs the publisher more money than they can 
            afford" to build the brand equity that Pitfall already has.
            Metis says each stage of the marketing campaign for Pitfall 3D will 
            play into what consumers already know and remember about the 
            franchise. Television commercials begin in April on MTV, Comedy 
            Central and during syndicated shows "Hercules," "Xena: Warrior 
            Princess" and "Baywatch." Pitfall 3D is one of as many as eight 
            console titles expected from Activision this year, give or take a 
            few, Metis says, noting that some deals are still in the works.
            In previous years, Activision's Christmas console lineup was shy of 
            exceptional. Last Christmas, it consisted of Nightmare Creatures and 
            a Car and Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98. A year earlier, it 
            was only notably marked by Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. The PR 
            campaign for Pitfall 3D began 18 months ago, Metis says, serving as 
            a stepping stone for upcoming PSX title Vigilante 8, for which 
            Activision plans a "very, very aggressive" campaign. N64-related 
            console announcements will likely be held until E3.
            GEX: Enter the Gecko Leaps Off Retail Shelves
            MENLO PARK, CALIF. (March 24) ENTERTAINMENT WIRE - March 24, 1998 - 
            Game's Humor, Amazing Graphics and Challenging 3D Game play Strike 
            Cord With Consumers. Midway Home Entertainment, Inc. and Crystal 
            Dynamics today announced that they have experienced tremendous sell 
            through of GEX: Enter the Gecko at retail outlets nationwide in its 
            first week of availability. The game made its debut on the 
            PlayStation(R) game console February 24.
            Developed by Crystal Dynamics and distributed by Midway Home 
            Entertainment, GEX: Enter the Gecko has been heralded as one of the 
            best video games of the year by analysts, journalists and consumers 
            alike. The game has graced the covers of numerous gaming 
            publications and is being supported with a multi-million dollar 
            marketing campaign, which will continue to inform and excite 
            consumers through the month of March. The campaign is highlighted by 
            a television commercial, which is currently airing on national cable 
            networks, such as MTV, ESPN and Comedy Central. In addition, the TV 
            spot was awarded "best TV advertisement" by Sony(R) Computer 
            Entertainment America at the Publishers Conference held March 16-17 
            in Newport Beach, California.
            "We've certainly had high expectations for GEX, but we were 
            completely taken by surprise with the enormous consumer demand for 
            the game," said Jim MacKenzie, Divisional Merchandise Manager for 
            KayBee Toys. "In fact, we have already submitted large reorders to 
            ensure that our shelves remain fully stocked. "Brian Woodrick, buyer 
            with Blockbuster Videos, Inc. added, "GEX has been highly 
            anticipated for months. We're thrilled that the release of the game 
            has lived up to the hype and sparked significant excitement in the 
            rental market."
            "The responses we have received from retailers, distributors, 
            consumers, and the media have all recognized GEX: Enter the Gecko as 
            a groundbreaking title that has already established itself as a 
            video game classic," said Byron Cook, president of Midway Home 
            Entertainment, Inc. In GEX: Enter the Gecko, GEX returns to protect 
            the world's television broadcasts from his archnemesis Rez. The 
            sequel will push the limits of 3D technology with beautifully 
            rendered environments, awesome enemies, special effects, and 
            free-roaming 3D game play, as well as the sarcastic humor gamers 
            have come to expect from the quick-witted gecko -- who's voice is 
            provided by actor/comedian Dana Gould. "GEX: Enter the Gecko is 
            ideally positioned to be one of the best video games of 1998 with 
            its artful blend of humor, technology, stunning graphics and 
            challenging game play," said Rob Dyer president of Crystal Dynamics. 
            "And, if our first week's results are any indication, we are right 
            on track." GEX: Enter the Gecko will also appear on PC CD-ROM in 
            Spring 1998 and on the Nintendo 64(R) in early Summer 1998.
            Accolade Kicks Off 1998 With Record Selling Titles
            SAN JOSE, CALIF. (March 24) BUSINESS WIRE - March 24, 1998 - Leading 
            entertainment software publisher, Accolade, is heading into 1998 
            stronger than ever! The company announced today that its successful 
            Test Drive(TM) racing series has officially sold more units this 
            past year than any other franchise in the company's history. In 
            addition, Accolade will release 12 new titles this year with an 
            increased focus on the Sony PlayStation market.
            Test Drive 4 and Test Drive: Off-road sold more than 850,000 and 
            500,000 units respectively. Both products were top 20 titles in 
            sales on the PlayStation during 1997. In light of its success in the 
            PlayStation market, Accolade plans to release all future titles on 
            both the Sony PlayStation game console and the personal computer. 
            "Accolade's sales of Test Drive 4 and Test Drive: Off-road have 
            literally sky-rocketed since their launch, making the Test Drive 
            series the number one selling driving franchise on the market 
            today," said Jim Barnett, president and CEO of Accolade. "We look 
            forward to seeing the same success with all of our franchises in 
            1998." In addition to expanding its popular Test Drive and 
            HardBall(R) franchises in 1998, Accolade will release the fourth 
            installment in the popular Star Control(RM) series, with StarCon. 
            StarCon will place heavy emphasis on action to attract new users, 
            yet promises to please die-hard Star Control fans with its story 
            line. Accolade will also release two new titles, Redline(TM), a 
            futuristic gang warfare action game, as well as Big Air(TM) 
            Snowboarding, a thrill-packed game that captures the excitement and 
            feel of real snowboarding. With the exception of HardBall 6 for the 
            PC and Jack Nicklaus(R) Online Tour, both of which will ship next 
            month, all these titles will be launched at the industry's largest 
            trade show, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Atlanta May 28-30, 
            Below are further details on this year's Accolade lineup at E3: TEST 
            DRIVE 5: The sequel to last year's incredibly successful Test Drive 
            4 will include 11 new courses, hot new licensed cars and much more. 
            Available for the PC and PlayStation in the fall of 1998. TEST 
            DRIVE: OFF-ROAD 2: The sequel to the number one off-road racer for 
            the PlayStation in 1997 aims to be the most insane off-road driving 
            experience of the year. Available for the PC and PlayStation in the 
            fall of 1998. STARCON: The fourth installment in the successful Star 
            Control franchise, StarCon is an adrenaline-filled space combat 
            action game. This exciting multiplayer title will be available for 
            the PC and PlayStation in the fall of 1998. REDLINE: Set in a world 
            where gang warfare is a way of life, Redline features a fully 
            destructible 3D accelerated environment. Available for both the PC 
            and PlayStation in August, 1998. HARDBALL 6: Celebrating the 10th 
            anniversary of the HardBall baseball franchise, HardBall 6 features 
            a new 3D world with unlimited camera angles and motion captured 
            polygonal players. Available for the PlayStation this summer. BIG 
            AIR SNOWBOARDING: Big Air Snowboarding allows players to compete in 
            several different types of snowboarding competitions, such as time 
            trials, free style and half pipe in real locations throughout the 
            world. The game will be available for the PlayStation in the fall of 
            THQ Delves Into International Intrigue With 'Broken Sword'
            CALABASAS, CALIF. (March 24) BUSINESS WIRE - March 24, 1998 - THQ 
            Inc. Tuesday announced that the company has shipped "Broken Sword: 
            Shadow of the Templars" to retailers across North America. The new 
            cloak-and-sword graphic adventure game was developed by Revolution 
            Software Limited and licensed by THQ from Sony Computer 
            Entertainment Europe, for use with the PlayStation game console. The 
            story line of "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars" casts the 
            player as George Stobbart, a young American vacationing in Paris. 
            When a mysterious clown swaps a suspicious accordion for a 
            distinguished man's briefcase in a Paris sidewalk bistro, the 
            ensuing explosion catapults George into a labyrinth of sinister 
            intrigue and danger. "THQ is proud to bring a quality product like 
            'Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars' to the many gamers looking 
            for a graphic adventure on their PlayStation," said Steve Ryno, vice 
            president, product development, THQ. "The in-depth story line, 
            hand-drawn graphics and unique characters give players of 'Broken 
            Sword: Shadow of the Templars' a rich and fulfilling game 
            The game features more than 60 hours of game play and hand-drawn, 
            fluid animation sequences in full 3-D perspective. Environments with 
            rich depth-of-field, and a smooth, multi-layer parallax, scroll at 
            30 frames per second. Several characteristics uncommon to video 
            games are showcased in "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars." A 
            senior BBC scriptwriter/editor penned the complex and enthralling 
            story line, and the intense original score was written by one of 
            Great Britain's premier composers, Barrington Pheloung. Designed for 
            both novice and expert game fans, "Broken Sword: Shadow of the 
            Templars" has a simple yet powerful interface, and is compatible 
            with the PlayStation mouse, as well as the standard controller. 
            Point-and-click commands control the action, and players will soon 
            discover that all complex activity and conversations can be 
            accomplished with a minimum of effort.
            The bistro explosion propels George into the recovery of a 
            mysterious ancient manuscript that was apparently written by the 
            Knights Templar, a 14th century order of warrior monks sworn to 
            protect and defend the Holy Land from the Saracens. Also guardians 
            of the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar were a secret society that 
            was allegedly disbanded, although many historians debate whether 
            they still operate today.
            Hints and suggestions abound that megalomaniacal fascists may have 
            stolen the manuscript, which allegedly possesses some "great 
            secret," as part of a mad plot to undermine our fundamental societal 
            values, and reshape the world as we know it. Throughout the course 
            of the game, George hops the globe in search of the stolen 
            manuscript. Along the way, he meets and interacts with a large and 
            colorful cast of interesting characters, including the suspicious 
            Inspector Rosso, sexy French photojournalist Nicole Collard, 
            aristocrat Lady Piermont, Irish rogue McGuire, and more. "Broken 
            Sword: Shadow of the Templars" is available at retail outlets where 
            video games are sold for a suggested retail price of $49.95.
            Resident Evil 2 Sets Industry Record Selling 3 Million Units in Six 
            SUNNYVALE, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)- March 24, 1998 - Capcom 
            Entertainment today announced that Resident Evil 2(TM) set an 
            industry record selling through 3 million units in just six weeks. 
            In the U.S. alone, Resident Evil 2 sold through more than a million 
            units since its release on January 21, 1998. In Japan, Resident Evil 
            2 (known as BIOHAZARD 2), sold through more than 1.9 million units 
            since its debut on January 29, 1998. Resident Evil 2 is a two-disc 
            set and sells at a suggested retail price of $59.99. It is available 
            for thePlayStation game console and is rated "M" for mature 
            "Demand for Resident Evil 2 continues to be strong and it isn't 
            showing any signs of letting up anytime soon," said Robert Lindsey, 
            senior vice president of sales and marketing, Capcom Entertainment. 
            "Our sights are set on selling 2 million units in the US. Now the 
            only question is how quickly we will achieve that goal." Lindsey 
            continued, "The success of Resident Evil 2 is due to the tremendous 
            support we received from our national retailers and industry 
            magazines, not to mention it's the most killer game ever made. We 
            have hit some incredible numbers very quickly and we haven't even 
            released this product in Europe."
            Industry sources also support the success of Resident Evil 2. The 
            NPD TRSTS report ranked Resident Evil 2 the number one best selling 
            software game in January. This listing of the top 20 games is a 
            combination of PC and console software. The Video Software Dealers 
            Association lists Resident Evil 2 the most popular PlayStation game 
            rental. Resident Evil 2 was supported with an extensive, 
            multi-tiered, $5 million marketing campaign that included dedicated 
            television advertising (prime time network, cable and syndicated), 
            an extensive print advertising campaign and a successful in store 
            pre-sell programs that generated more than 150,000 consumer 
            In its debut weekend, Resident Evil 2 sold more than 380,000 units, 
            more than 60% of its initial production. Resident Evil 2 is the 
            sequel to the product that defined the survival horror genre. Nearly 
            twice as large as its predecessor, the development of Resident Evil 
            2 took a 45 member team more than 78 man years to complete. New to 
            the product are computer rendered graphic introduction and ending 
            sequences that Capcom spent more than $1 million to create.
            Windows CE Consoles Offer Developers Two Options
            Mar 24, 1998 (MULTIMEDIA WIRE, Vol. 5, No. 56) -- The expected 
            launch of two Windows CE-based consoles in 1999 will give developers 
            the option to create a game for one platform and port it to the 
            other with little additional cost. Graphics and multimedia 
            technology supplier ATI Technologies yesterday said it hopes to 
            bring a DVD-based Windows CE console to market by late 1999. That 
            would be several months after the expected U.S. release of Sega's 
            While Sega has not said whether Katana will be DVD-based, in January 
            it announced a partnership with Microsoft [MSFT] and its intention 
            to use Windows CE. ATI's main thrust would be to sell its console, 
            Set-top-Wonder CE, as a game platform, officials told our sister 
            publication, Multimedia Week. It also is considering convergence 
            applications of the set-top, including DSS, HDTV and MPEG-2. 
            Set-top-Wonder CE will feature a 56K modem, ATI's Rage Pro Turbo AGP 
            graphics chip and an x86 processor.
            On the horizon of the crowding console market sits VM Labs, which 
            told MMWire in January it plans to secure partnerships with multiple 
            consumer electronic partners to launch its "Project X" console by 
            Christmas. While VM Labs plans to compete with Sony [SNE], Sega and 
            Nintendo, few details of Project X's capabilities have been made 
            Meanwhile, as Bandai of Japan scrapped plans earlier this month to 
            launch its Pippin console, its U.S.-based sister company, Bandai 
            Digital Entertainment, is looking like an early adopter of Katana 
            and Set-top-Wonder CE with its development of a Windows CE version 
            of virtual pet DigiMon.
            Psygnosis Eyeing N64 Business, Enters Sports Genre
            Mar 25, 1998 (MULTIMEDIA WIRE, Vol. 5, No. 57) -- Despite being 
            owned by PlayStation maker Sony Computer Entertainment America, 
            Psygnosis may develop titles for rival N64, MMWire has learned. 
            Psygnosis has not started developing N64 products, but it is 
            something that it will "definitely" consider, newly hired VP of 
            Business Affairs Berry Kane says. Apparently Psygnosis operates with 
            enough autonomy to consider supporting the platform of its parent's 
            greatest nemesis, Nintendo. "There is no reason why we won't look at 
            all available platforms. We want to be open to whatever platform is 
            growing," Kane says. 
            Also yesterday, Psygnosis said it intends to develop sports titles 
            as it made public its hiring of Kane, who will be responsible for 
            managing Psygnosis' intellectual property and securing league and 
            player licenses from the likes of the National Football League, 
            National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and the National 
            Basketball Association. Psygnosis is in discussions with each 
            league, Kane says. While Kane says senior management is "committed" 
            to developing sports games, it has not determined which sport, or 
            how many, are in the company's plans. A time table for release of 
            sports game is pending. In late 1996, Sony was trying to sell 
            Psygnosis, reportedly for $200m-$300m. But Sony took Psygnosis off 
            the trading block in November 1996, citing the quality of 
            Destruction Derby and Wipeout XL.
            Gaming Online STR InfoFile - Online Users Growl & Purr!
            Atari Underground update 3-22-98
            PRE WORD
            First I just want to say sorry for the lack of updates. I've been 
            BIZZY as hell, and it's not like there was tons of news pouring out. 
            BUT I have added EVERYONE that has msg'ed me about being added to 
            the AU list. I'm proud to say the the Atari Underground is ALMOST at 
            1,000 members. If you know anyone who is not on the list have them 
            msg me. 
            Second Annual-
            Atari Jaguar Festival, 1998
            Newsletter #2
            ///Round 2
            Welcome to the second Jag Fest newsletter for 1998. Big stuff is up 
            in the world of the 'Fest...more specifics, more attractions, and 
            more Jaguar fun! Enough of this boring introductory junk, let's get 
            to the goods...
            ///8 Jag Network? You Bet!
            Thanks to Guy Dupre, Jaguar fanatic extraordinaire, we'll be certain 
            to have an 8 Jag network for the Fest, with 8 copies of AirCars, as 
            long as ICD delivers before August 1st ;-). In fact, if enough other 
            people bring Jags, we'll be able to have 2 8-Jag setups running 
            simultaneously! I wonder what the record is?
            But, we'll still need TV's for every Jag, and that's where you come 
            in. Bring a few, at least one for each Jag you bring, and an extra 
            if possible. The more the merrier! If you decide to bring a monitor, 
            make sure it is one that is CatBox compatible, such as the Atari 
            SC1224/1435, or has composite inputs like the Commodore 1702. Here's 
            a list of Analog RGB monitors which work with the CatBox:
            Atari SC1224 
                Atari SC1435
                CBM 1084D
                CBM 1084S
                Commodore 1950
                Magnavox Pro RGB 80
                NEC Multisync Color
                NEC 3D
                Sony 1302
                Princeton Graphics Ultra
                If you have questions, please e-mail me at
            Guy has also agreed to bring his Scuba virtual-reality helmet 
            (designed from the never-released JagVR),and even to make some 
            Jaguar t-shirt transfers if he has the time/capability. Go Guy! 
            ///Dentec Agrees
            Looking to buy Jaguar games at the Fest? Well you'll have no problem 
            doing so since Dentec, a Canadian-based company, has agreed to 
            attend and sell their large selection of Jaguar games at the Fest. 
            For more info, check out their page at They have great prices on 
            even hard to find games like Atari Karts, and may even start 
            carrying the new Telegames titles! Score another for the JagFest! 
            ///Shareware Gets Cheaper
            Scott Walters, of BJL modification fame will be attending JagFest 
            98, and with him will come some BJL Jaguars at a special 
            JagFest-only price of $99. So, for everyone who was a bit weary of 
            buying a modified Jag, you can come check out all the games at the 
            JagFest, and then pick one
            up right there on the spot for a lower-than-ever price!
            ///Definite Date Set
            Just in case you hadn't checked the JagFest homepage since the last 
            update, the date for JagFest '98 has been officially set for August 
            1, 1998. Be sure to mark your calendar....
            ///Take My Games...Please!
            I'm working on getting some Jaguar games and accessories together to 
            give out as door prizes, and for winners of competitions. I only 
            have a few things so far (T-shirts, a Team Tap...), so if you'd like 
            to contribute anything, please contact me (Kevin), and I'll put your 
            name up in lights on the JagFest page :-).
            ///JagFest Contributors
            With Chad unavailable to help the JagFest cause, I took over 
            updating the page (which has a updated look, so check that out), and 
            some others have chipped in to help out. Gotta give a "shout out" to 
            the following kind folks:
            MHz (Newsletter Dispatcher) - Has agreed to send out the JagFest 
            newsletters via his Atari Underground e-mail list in Chad's absence. 
            He's probably the reason you're reading this (or throwing it in the 
            trash). <Dont tempt me Kev -MHz ;)>
            Dave Homenuck (Tournament Coordinator) - Will organize all the game 
            tournaments at JagFest. Also doubles as the JagFest USENET 
            correspondent. :-) If you have any suggestions for games... 
            Guy Dupre (Hardware Guy) - Thanks to Guy, we'll definitely have an 8 
            Jaguar network of AirCars, and Battlesphere if it's released by 
            August 1st. You da man.
            I'm getting some flyers printed up this weekend to promote the fest, 
            along with some business cards, and some full-color laminated 
            posters only for the very special places. If you want to help 
            promote JagFest, go to the JagFest homepage ( grab the flyer and 
            print some out to hang in your town.
            Or, if you have any suggestions on how to help promote the Fest, 
            please e-mail me and let me know!
            ///Game Over
            Be sure to pre-order your tickets for the Fest for $10, see details 
            on the JagFest page. Let's aim high with JagFest attendance....let's 
            make it HUGE! 
            Until the next update,
            JagFest Mastermind
            BIG CAT'S SOFTWARE
            If you have pre-ordered WORM, better check your status. The price is 
            a little higher then expected. But i feel its the last game 
            Telegames is gonna put out on our little cat. ;) gotta make a final 
            buck from us.
            Battlesphere update: uhhhhhhh ;) T-Bird <insert msg here>
            ARE YOU TALKING TO ME ?
            If some of you don't know Jaguar Interactive has moved. Please 
            update your bookmarks to: 
            I know ALOT of you try to set up chat sessions. Just a reminder that 
            you can ALWAYS chat on IRC Undernet at #Atari. People are always 
            coming and going, so stop by and hang out for a wile. If nobody is 
            there, stop back.
            THE BIG DEAL
            If you have not already heard JTS sold Atari to Hasbro. For more 
            info check out this site. 
   (click on news) (thank 
            you Don for not forgetting about us Atari diehards !)
            THANK YOU'S
            Hats off to Wes for keeping me on his web page during down time 
            Jagu-Dome (check out the midi) I'm not 
            sure who has a link for the Atari Underground on their sites. If you 
            do email me and let me know. If you want your web 
            page on future AU updates for the world to see email me about that 
            chat live at IRC Undernet #Atari 
            Atari Underground 900+ members and growing 
            Atari- a term used in the strategy game GO to politely warn an 
            opponent that he is about to be conquered.
            Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
            Copyright 1998
            Mr. Chris Carter
            Fox Broadcasting Co.
            10201 West Pico Blvd.
            Los Angeles, CA 90064 March 3, 1998 
            Dear Mr. Carter,
            In the early eighties conspiracy theories were popularized which 
            were based on a premise that some arcade coin-operated video games 
            were installed to test the talents of our unsuspecting youth. Those 
            who passed specific levels of difficulty set off silent alarms to 
            alert the military that a prospective fighter pilot or guinea pig 
            was playing the game.
            These theories were partially legitimized by occasional reports that 
            companies such as Atari were developing military-specific video 
            games; specifically tank and flight simulators. Hollywood teased us 
            a little with these plots with movies such as The Last Starfighter, 
            Tron, Cloak and Dagger and others. 
            So were any of the video games of yesteryear installed with the 
            intentions of identifying young military recruits` kids with 
            exceptional hand-eye coordination, reflexes and power?
            What about today? Could a video game be designed to test the 
            quickness of the mind, the agility of the thought process, the 
            creativeness of problem solving, the fingerprints from a joystick, 
            the voice patterns, the hidden camera, the integration with the 
            Seems like an X-Files episode that parents would want to know about, 
            video game companies would want to hide, the military would want 
            hushed and kids would die for.
            Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
             Lessons from Windows of the Past
            by Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
            Copyright 1998 - permission granted to distribute/reprint for 
             On Tuesday, March 3, Mr. Bill Gates sat before a Senate Committee 
            that convened to determine if Microsoft engages in monopolistic 
            activities. Netscape's president, Mr. Jim Barksdale, also 
            participated in the hearing. Barksdale is a pro-active catalyst 
            behind the accusations against Bill Gates' Microsoft.
            I am amused by the irony that has brought us all to this milestone. 
            As once having been an employee of Atari Corporation for many years, 
            having once owned my own software publishing business and having 
            simply been an industry observer since the early eighties, I have to 
            wonder why Microsoft is suddenly being called on the carpet now. 
            After all, it was Microsoft's Disk Operating System (DOS) and later 
            Windows that were ultimately the driving forces behind the demise of 
            Commodore, Atari, NeXt and the home computer lines of Texas 
            Instruments and others. As a matter of fact, in spite of Microsoft's 
            olive branch funding last year, it appears that they have all but 
            pushed Apple out the industry door as well. Although IBM may have 
            first successfully introduced an open architecture computer design 
            that ultimately dominated the world's primary use of computers, it 
            has been Microsoft that gave the Personal Computer (PC) the 
            personality that the world embraced. It was Microsoft that took the 
            steps to close the architecture by protecting their intellectual 
            properties related to MS-DOS. It was also Microsoft who dominates in 
            the productivity software that integrates with that operating 
            system; Word for Windows, Excel for Windows, Access for Windows and 
            on and on.
            Many may argue that Microsoft had little to do with hardware wars 
            for reasons which include the fact that Microsoft published versions 
            of Windows for other platforms and IBM was strong long before Gates 
            ever dreamed of looking at Windows. The point is that Microsoft did 
            not evolve out of a conspiracy to dominate the industry, the 
            consumer decided that fate for Microsoft. For example, many 
            consumers bought Atari computers because their urge to buy an 
            affordable computer that would fit on their desk was greater than 
            the urge to buy a PC that was compatible with their office machine. 
            When PC prices dropped, the Atari computer "value" message 
            diminished in meaning. Consequently, Atari owners abandoned the 
            platform and jumped to a PC that was completely compatible with the 
            ones used at work. The same happened to Commodore. The same happened 
            to NeXt. The same is happening to Apple. The end result is that IBM 
            lost tremendous hardware market share by making their system open to 
            developers, but Microsoft captured, in round numbers, the entire 
            market share by licensing developers and keeping their OS available, 
            but closed. Consumers said that compatibility was important and 
            Gates responded. To test this position, simply start telling 
            consumers that a popular PC maker's product will no longer run 
            Windows and watch that company's sales plummet.
            So, in essence, Microsoft is responsible for the demise of a great 
            number of hardware companies. They are also responsible for the 
            demise of companies that publish database, word processing, 
            spreadsheet and other productivity software. They have contributed 
            to the demise of online services by introducing Microsoft Network. 
            On the other hand, Microsoft has fostered and inspired a great 
            number of new businesses. There are companies that make utilities, 
            applications and entertainment titles that are compatible with 
            Microsoft products. There are hardware companies that enjoy the 
            benefits of being Windows compatible. There are unrelated companies 
            that are more productive simply by using Windows compatible 
            On Tuesday, the Senate committee asked Gates and his colleagues how 
            hard it would be to make new products to compete with Microsoft. Of 
            course, that's with the understanding that any new products would 
            probably have to be developed using Microsoft compatible software 
            development tools. The alternative is to go back to the Altair of 
            the late seventies and do everything that Microsoft has done to be 
            where they are; only different.
            So is Microsoft a monopoly? No. There is still Unix and other 
            obscure operating systems out there. More importantly, there is 
            nothing that Microsoft can do that prevents a company to create a 
            new operating system. Has Microsoft established a monopoly in the 
            Internet browser market? No again. Netscape is living proof that 
            Microsoft does not solely own the browser market. So does Microsoft 
            engage in monopolistic practices? Well, maybe, if you consider what 
            companies do to aggressively compete and win to be monopolistic 
            practices. In other words, the same strategies that are considered 
            "competitive" become "monopolistic" if they actually work.
            Jim Barksdale attended the Senate hearings as a prepared adversary. 
            His documents for the Committee contained quotes from Microsoft 
            executives stating that Microsoft had plans to dominate the Internet 
            browser market as examples of what Microsoft is doing that is so 
            I remember selling classified and retail advertising for the Dallas 
            Times Herald in Dallas, Texas years ago. We constantly found ways to 
            convince ourselves that we were going to outdo the competition. We 
            would run special sections and promote or sponsor special events. We 
            did everything we could to absorb the entire advertising budgets of 
            our customers. The editorial department made every effort to attract 
            the best writing talent and reporters were always on the prowl to 
            scoop the Dallas Morning News. Word was that the Morning News were 
            doing the same things. In fact, Dallas is a one-newspaper town now 
            and the Morning News has a monopolistic position in that sizable 
            U.S. market. Why wasn't there a Senate hearing over that one?
            Again, does Microsoft engage in monopolistic practices? Okay, yes. 
            They compete by producing better software and bundling and marketing 
            it well. Microsoft is in a monopoly-like position because they gave 
            the consumer what they asked for, they made it affordable, they 
            opened their technologies to licensed developers and they hire good 
            marketing people. It is the same practice that all companies engage 
            in. The drive to make things bigger, better, faster and more 
            efficient is what keeps consumers going back to Microsoft. But now 
            we have a whiner. Netscape has stepped forward and is complaining 
            that Microsoft is taking their Internet browser market out from 
            under them. Their complaints are that Microsoft is bigger and can 
            afford more talented developers. Microsoft marketing and sales 
            departments negotiate creative distribution contracts. Internet 
            Explorer tends to launch itself on new computer installations. 
            Internet Service Providers are encouraged to prefer Microsoft 
            There is a very real possibility that this nation will adopt a 
            sympathetic spirit and side with Netscape on issues waged against 
            Microsoft. I am one of them. I am intensely jealous of Gate's power 
            and wealth. It would be nice to see him topple from his throne from 
            all the weight of his rich crown. In this specific case, Netscape is 
            a nice product and it competes well with Internet Explorer on a 
            feature and presentation basis. On the other hand, browsers really 
            don't do all that much. The real technology is in the Java 
            applications and the other routines that run in the background. 
            Netscape wants to charge the consumer to enable these applications 
            while Microsoft considers that privilege to be an integral part of 
            the computer's operating system. 
            In an alternate realty, Rockwell's KFLEX modem technology is 
            competing against U.S. Robotic's K56 X2 technology. The fact that 
            they both do not work together and that different ISPs and online 
            services support one or the other is driving consumers and providers 
            crazy. Modems cost more because there has to be so many standards. 
            ISP's hold back offering a lot of high-speed modems until a standard 
            is decided. Ultimately, when we finally pick one or the other, there 
            will be a Senate hearing to determine if either U.S. Robotics or 
            Rockwell created a monopoly. Right?
            Looking through the Windows of the Past, Microsoft's primary 
            competition has always been new and promising technologies. They are 
            constantly faced with the challenge of incorporating new sciences 
            into their products. Netscape's primary competitor has been 
            Microsoft. They are constantly facing the challenge of keeping up 
            with Gates. Not to say that Netscape never has great new ideas, but 
            do we really want Microsoft to be forced to slow down on improving 
            their products so everyone else can catch up? Netscape wants them 
            to. How about you?
            ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine The wires are a hummin'!
            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
            Compiled by Joe Mirando
            Hidi ho friends and neighbors. Yep, it's that time again. Time to 
            take a look at what's happening (and what's not happening) in the 
            Atari world. I'm constantly surprised by the fact that there still 
            is an Atari world to look at. Heck, Atari hasn't made a single 
            computer in years and, despite the valiant efforts and enviable 
            offerings of a few motivated companies, our favorite computer line 
            is fading away. But unlike movie fade-outs the realm of Atari 
            computing is taking more than a second or two to leave our field of 
            vision. Yes, the image gets lighter and lighter even as we strain to 
            capture the vision and fix it in our minds. And if you look away, 
            even for a second, you may loose that vision completely. But that is 
            the nature of things. I wouldn't exactly term this as progress, but 
            rather a transition. "Progress" seems more of a judgement than an 
            actual description. Transition is a neutral description. It simply 
            defines the action taking place without attempting to place the 
            event within a framework of good or bad.
            I've always been a firm believer in the philosophy that all things 
            happen in their own good time and that we have three choices: Fight 
            against the tide, swim with the tide to meet what is ahead as fast 
            as possible, or simply let the tides take us where they will without 
            effort on our part in one direction or the other. Usually I choose 
            the last. I've found that there is much to be missed by rushing one 
            way or the other.
            So I keep my Atari running, adding software and hardware when I feel 
            the need. In doing so I've learned much about not only 'where I want 
            to go today', but also about how I actually get there. Rather than 
            simply inserting a CD and punching "Setup", we have to understand 
            how things work to get them to work. For those who view computers 
            simply as tools, the CD/Setup thing is fine. It works, and it gets 
            you to the task at hand. But for me computers are slightly more than 
            tools. For people who prize the knowledge gained above the immediate 
            results, the journey really is at least as important as the 
            So for me the journey continues. A friend of mine wrote a song that 
            was to be used as the theme song for the science fiction show BATTLE 
            STAR GALACTICA just before the show was cancelled. I don't remember 
            much of the song now except for the first few lines:
            She's a gamlin' ship, she's a stalwart ship, Though she's faded and 
            dotted with rust. She's got a will to match my own. She's been 
            wounded, But she won't let herself bust.
            Kind of reminds me of our Atari computers.<grin>
            The bottom line through all of these assorted musings is simple... 
            "do what ya gotta do". When your computer no longer does what you 
            need it to, get another one. But don't feel that you need a new one 
            just because there is a newer one available. That's just foolish. 
            Now let's take a look at what's going on around the world via the 
            From the NewsGroup
            Greg Evans tells us about his hard drive problems:
            "My hard disk problems keep getting worse. My system had been stable 
            for a while after some problems with my new 3.2gb hard drive. Now it 
            is worse than ever. I just recently upgraded to HDDriver 7.12 and 
            since then I keep getting corrupted directory entries, bad and lost 
            clusters. I have partitioned the drive repeatedly with no success. 
            Should I try smaller partitions? They are currently ~440 mb each. If 
            I reduce them to 255 mb will my system be more stable?" 
            Dr. Uwe Seimet, the author of HDDriver, tells Greg:
            "If you run Big-DOS, MagiC or TOS 3.0 or newer 440 MByte per 
            partition is OK, smaller partitions won't change anything. Your 
            problem sounds like your drives not being properly terminated or 
            your cables having bad quality."
            Greg also asks: 
            "Is there another Newsreader program on Atari besides Newsie? I have 
            been unable to retrieve any news groups through my ISP this weekend 
            using Newsie. It always comes back and shows 0 messages. On top of 
            all the FTP problems I have with Newsie this is getting very 
            Terry May tells Greg:
            "You can always try NEWSwatch with Oasis 2, as some are using. (I 
            use NEWSwatch with a Fido reader, but that would probably be way too 
            much hassle for you if you're not already into Fido.)"
            Martin "Nightowl" Byttebier tells Greg:
            "There is *Oasis 1.35*, *Oasis 2* and *Okami v1.33*
            As for _Oasis 1.35_ I should say it works but contains lots of bugs. 
            I've used it for years. Supports SLIP and PPP.
            _Oasis 2.?_: I never succeeded in using this but there are reports 
            that it works reasonably well. Supports SLIP and PPP (this part 
            doesn't seem to work for most of us)
            _Okami v1.33_: Is an offliner. To retrieve news/mail you can make 
            use of the superb *NEWswatch* and *POPwatch* by Gary Priest. Both 
            utilities work very well with Sting/STik or MiNT/Mintnet/gluestik. 
            Hope this helps."
            John Rojewski, the author of NEWSie, tells Greg:
            "Sorry to hear about the problems with NEWSie. My question is: Did 
            you start using a new version of NEWSie this weekend? If not, could 
            it be possible that your ISP changed something over the weekend?
            I had a traumatic experience several months ago, then I could not 
            retrieve any news articles. I found out that my MTU definition in 
            StiK was too large after my ISP had reconfigured their network. So I 
            changed the MTU from 1500 down to 1006, and everything worked again.
            This could be the case for you as well."
            Joe Kearney asks a very good question:
            "I just got a spiffy new Mega STE and it has all sorts of lan ports 
            on it. I know none of these will work with any sort of standard 
            network but is there something you can do to make the thing TCP/IP 
            capable thru a serial port or something? Any other networking 
            options? Id like to use it to run Cubase and have the files 
            available on my network for all the other machines, etc."
            Nicholas Bales tells Joe:
            "Try STING for a TCP/IP connection, but there is no NFS drive 
            sharing available yet. You can try ghostlink if one of your other 
            machines is a PC, but in any case serial cannections are slow. 
            Ghostlink will mount your PC partitions onto your Atari desktop. 
            You'll find it on"
            Neil Roughley asks about moving from TOS to MagiC:
            "...I've recently been told that MagiC 5 has a display bug in 
            high-coaor mode, which was fixed in 5.20. This wouldn't be good 
            since I'm running a Nova and rarely see 256-color mode. Is there 
            anyone running 5.11 (the most current available to me) with a 
            graphics card and could substantiate the display bug?"
            Magnus Kollberg tells Neil:
            "Yes there are problems with MagiC in modes over 256 colours. You 
            will get the same problems with regular TOS and all other OS 
            replacements what I know of. I'm also very interested in getting 
            this latest version because of this and some other stuff, but I 
            still havn't got it. Now I use a Nova with 5.11 and it works, it's 
            just that the colour icons are wrong. Apart from that there are no 
            serious problems... Yesterday I found a very serious bug in Nova 
            VDI. I find it quite strange that noone else has reported of it. The 
            bug has to do with offscreen bitmaps and make CAB unusable. If you 
            load a page in CAB with an animated GIF, you can in horror see how 
            CAB grows and grows and grows ...... slowly eating up all your 
            memory until you have no memory left!"
            Neil tells Magnus:
            "I haven't experienced what you describe. This must be due to the 
            way Nova and MagiC interact. I've found no memory problems 
            whatsoever with CAB 2.5 and Nova VDI 2.61 (with or without Geneva). 
            I've viewed some pretty big animated GIFs, too."
            Magnus replies:
            "That's strange. I will test it with TOS as well and see what 
            happpens. I don't belive that it's a problem with MagiC. Also, are 
            you _realy_ sure that you don't have any problems? As I said it 
            takes a while before you run out of memory (several minutes 
            depending on the size of the GIF and of course how much memory you 
            have) so it's not something you notice if you don't have a 
            continuous update of your free ram. I have also read that someone 
            else in here had the same problem."
            Jo Even Skarstein tells Magnus:
            "I tried it just now, and you're right, it eats up all available 
            memory. It just took a minute, but fortunelately all memory was 
            released when CAB quit. This could be either a bug in Nova VDI, a 
            bug in CAB or a combination of both. I don't have any other programs 
            that use offscreen bitmaps, so it's a bit difficult to test it. BTW. 
            this was with Nova VDI 2.64, NVDI 4.12, N.AES 1.1.7 and MiNT 1.14.6. 
            I will try again later with earlier versions of NVDI, without NVDI 
            etc.... I tried Geneva 006 (demo) and it was *much* better than 
            MagiC and N.AES. So there are room for improvements :-) There were 
            still some minor problems, but I think those are related to apps and 
            not the AES."
            Aaron Turner asks for advice on a terminal program:
            "Currently I am using ST-Modem to dial up the university here to get 
            my connection, but the maximum speed is 9600 and I have a 14400 
            modem. Also ST-Modem seems to be unreliable on connection. Are there 
            any better, compact, ST modem programs out there. I've scanned the 
            web and can't really find anything. STiK etc would be fine, but it 
            is a bit big for my needs (I only have a 1040STF), and the 
            connection cannot support web etc, since I have to log on to a UNIX 
            machine. Text connection would be fine, just something a bit more 
            user friendly and reliable on dial up then ST-Modem. If anyone knows 
            a way of doing ftp over the connection too that would be very 
            Peter John Smith tells Aaron:
            "I'd suggest CoNNect excellent shareware program. There are no 
            shareware type restrictions on it only a time limit of 30 hours use, 
            which if you're as tight as me with your phone bill will last a long 
            time:) well worth the shareware fee."
            Peter van der Noord asks:
            "From time to time i get black bombs on my screen and then my atari 
            crashes. Is this a virus? Does anybody know something about it?"
            Nicholas Bales tells Peter:
            "That is the ST's way of saying it's crashed. The number of bombs 
            indicates what type of error it has encountered (although not very 
            useful for the average user). It's just like the 'blue screens' in 
            Windows or the 'Guru Meditation' on the Amiga. Not a virus anyway."
            Terry May asks for info about partitioning his new two gigabyte hard 
            "I ordered a 2.1 GB IDE drive for my Falcon. I normally use MagiC 
            5.11 but occasionally will do something in TOS. I'm thinking of 
            having one of my partitions as large as 1 GB, for storing multimedia 
            and demos. Is there any reason why this might not be a good idea? 
            Will Optimizer handle partitions that big?
            Also, I plan to increase my CAB disk cache to at least 100 mb. Is 
            anyone using a cache that large or perhaps even larger? I'm 
            wondering if it will start slowing down too much, due to the number 
            of files in each cache folder. I'm presently using a 20-30 mb cache 
            (depending on free space) and it just doesn't do the job I want it 
            My friend Sheldon Winick tells Terry:
            "The Falcon's internal hard drive is one of the tiny 2.5" 
            mechanisms. Are you certain that is the size you ordered, not a 3.5" 
            drive? You can connect any size external SCSI hard drive to the 
            Falcon's external SCSI port."
            Terry replies:
            "Yeah, I ordered a 2.5" notebook drive. They go rather large in 
            terms of storage capacity these days. Not as much as 3.5" drives, 
            but much larger than 2.1 GB. True (about the external SCSI), but 
            then you have to deal with the Falcon's buggy SCSI port, not to 
            mention the fact that it ties up your SCSI port (unless you have a 
            passthru on your hard drive or CD-ROM or whatever - I don't)."
            Roger Cain addresses Terry's CAB cache question:
            "I went from 10Mb to 20Mb and did not notice any slow-down during 
            operation of CAB. The bit which REALLY gets short of breath is 
            CABCACHE which now takes ages to build the directory when you want 
            to refer to/find an entry."
            Well folks, that's about it for this week. Tune in again next time, 
            same time, same station, and be ready to listen to what they are 
            saying when...
Is the Boss always right?
As of tomorrow, employees will only be able to access the building 
            individual security cards. Pictures will be taken next Wednesday and
            employees will receive their cards in two weeks. 
            What I need is a list of specific unknown problems we will 
            How long is this Beta guy going to keep testing our stuff?
            E-mail is not to be used to pass on information or data. It should 
            be used
            for company business.

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