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                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                       Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                     Jobs' Decision May Come This Week

A decision may come this week on whether Apple Computer Inc. co-founder
Steve Jobs wants to become the company's CEO on a permanent basis.
Reporting from San Francisco, the Reuter News Service notes Jobs returns
today from a vacation in Hawaii. Earlier this month, while addressing a
Macromedia Inc. users conference, Jobs was asked when he was going to drop
the "interim" from his title. Jobs said he was going to go on a vacation to
Hawaii and "think about it."  Analysts notes two of four other rumored
candidates in Apple's ongoing CEO search have recently joined other firms:

Last Friday, PointCast Inc., the pioneer of push technology on the
Internet, named David Dorman, formerly of SBC Communications Inc., as its
new president and CEO.  The previous week, Joe Costello, formerly the head
of Cadence Design Systems Inc., said he was going to head up Michael
Milken's educational services company, Knowledge Universe.

As noted, Apple has been looking for a CEO to replace Gil Amelio, who was
ousted by Apple's board in July. Rumors are Apple had narrowed down its CEO
candidates to Costello, Dorman, Ed Zander, president of Sun Microsystems
Inc.'s computer business, and Sam Palmisano, a senior vice president and
rising star at IBM.  Jobs was named interim CEO of Apple in September after
joining Apple's board in a major board shake-up in early August, which was
announced at the MacWorld  show.

The company also stunned the computer industry by announcing a $150 million
investment by its former archenemy, Microsoft Corp.  Added  Reuters, "Jobs
has already made some sweeping changes at Apple, including halting the
company's licensing of its operating system to clone makers, starting a new
marketing campaign and folding the company's Newton handheld computer
business back into Apple, instead of spinning it off as planned."

                      Jobs Declines Apple Leadership

Steve Jobs has reiterated he doesn't plan to become Apple Computer Inc.'s
permanent CEO.  As reported earlier, Jobs had indicated he would have a
decision on the post when he returned yesterday from a vacation in Hawaii.
Now The Wall Street Journal quotes analysts Jobs briefed in a conference
call as saying the Apple co-founder has turned down the offer.  Jobs has
held the title of interim CEO while the company searches for a permanent
successor for Gilbert Amelio, who left the company in July.

"Remarks Mr. Jobs made during a technology conference this month triggered
widespread speculation that he might take the job permanently, after
considering the matter on a vacation that ended Sunday," the paper observes
this morning. "But during a conference call following an earnings
announcement by Richmond, California-based Pixar Animation Studios, where
he is also chief executive, Mr. Jobs said he isn't in the running for the
Apple job, analysts said."

Jobs expressed confidence that Apple would recruit a new CEO before the end
of the year.
The Journal notes the conference call took place after stock markets
closed, adding that Apple was one of the few computer-related stocks to end
the day in positive territory, after A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc. raised its
rating on the stock. Apple shares rose 31.25 cents to $16.75 in Nasdaq
Stock Market trading.

                      Samsung Creates Tiny DVD Player

The world's smallest portable digital video disc player is being announced
by South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co.  Reporting from Seoul, the Reuter
News Service quotes Samsung officials as saying the player is about the
size of a medium-sized book -- 7.9 by 6.3 by 2.2 inches -- and weighs two
pounds.  Samsung told the wire service the "P-Theater" could be connected
to a regular TV or a big-screen projection TV.

It also could be connected to a personal computer for use as an external
DVD-ROM (read-only memory) drive.  "Outside the home," adds Reuters, "it
could be connected to a head-mounted display which, worn like glasses,
would give the effect of looking at a 40 to 70 inch screen."  But don't
look for it on the market yet. The player still is only a prototype and the
company says it aims to offer a commercial version in the second half of
next year.

                         20GB Tape Drive Unveiled

Tecmar Technologies Inc. says it has developed the industry's highest
capacity Travan NS tape drive.  The Longmont, Colorado, company reports
that its new NS 20 drive provides network users with up to 20GB of capacity
at a 2MB per second transfer rate for about half the cost of comparable
tape products.  Volume shipments of the NS 20 are set to begin in early
1998. The internal unit will sell for $649.

"With the arrival of NS 20 technology, the Travan NS platform has advanced
the price-performance curve of 3.5- inch tape technology," says Fara Yale,
director and principal analyst at San Jose, California, market research
firm Dataquest. "Based on the widespread industry support from Tecmar,
Imation and others, Travan NS should prove to be very attractive to OEMs
and integrators."  Visit Tecmar on the Web at

                     Xerox Reveals Laser Breakthrough

Scientists at the Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center have generated a blue
diode laser beam, a development the company describes as pivotal
technological achievement in the eventual development of a new generation
of high-speed, high-quality laser printers.  Xerox says it is now following
up on the research to create light-emitting diodes and laser diodes that
operate in the blue to green region of the visible spectrum, where the
shorter wavelength of the beam could result in a two-fold increase in
printing resolution.

The spot diameter of a blue laser is half that of a conventional infrared
laser -- particularly critical for color laser printing, where accurate
spot placement and size control are necessary for higher quality printing.
Blue lasers could also someday replace infrared lasers in compact-disc
players, increasing the amount of data stored on a CD.  "While we still
have much work ahead of us, this is a significant step towards realizing
our goal of using this technology in Xerox printers and digital copiers,"
says Mark B. Myers, Xerox's senior vice president for corporate research
and technology.

                      Tool Offers Net Access to Blind

IBM Corp. has unveiled prototype software aimed at helping people who are
blind keep up with their sighted colleagues as the workplace embraces the
Internet.  The new software "reads" aloud the information on the computer
screen in a synthesized computer voice through small speakers attached to
the computer. IBM notes that the tool is the first screen-reading software
built using Java technology. The company's inventors have code-named
prototype "Java Jive."

"Because Java is becoming so popular, we need to take action now to make it
accessible," says Dennis O'Brien, product manager of IBM's special needs
systems unit. "If we don't, computer users with special needs will once
again be left behind."  O'Brien expects that early efforts to make Java and
network computing accessible will result in Java-based adaptive products
reaching the marketplace as early as next year.

More information on IBM's Java initiatives can be found at
More information on IBM Special Needs Systems can be found at

                         CompuServe to Reach China

CompuServe says its Network Service division is working with the Chinese
government to provide companies there with internal computer networks --
known as intranets -- and Internet access.  From its Columbus, Ohio,
headquarters, the company said it has entered into an agreement with China
to bring its corporate network division to the country, adding initial
service will be available in Bejing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen by
early next year.  The Dow Jones news service says the agreement was signed
with JiTong Communications Corp., the communications branch of the Chinese
Ministry of Electronic Industry.

                        Report Advocates Web Chats

"Service-related chat," a less-known byproduct of the ever-popular "social
chat," will have a profound effect on the competitive positioning of
commerce sites and online marketers, claims a study released this week by
Jupiter Communications.  The report recommends that businesses should
consider adding chat rooms to augment their Web site services with
"publisher-to-user" communication, in addition to rooms where users may
talk among themselves. "This type of communication will not only foster
better client relationships, but also aid in marketing products, closing
sales, competitive positioning, and building communities," notes the

"While there is significant interest in social chat environments, the chat
market is growing in different directions." says Kate Doyle, a Jupiter
Communications analyst and the report's author. "Social chat has a definite
place as a value-add on for niche-interest Web sites and large aggregators.
However, this application is also becoming a great asset in terms of
improving customer service and promoting cross-sell opportunities."  Chat
will add incrementally to publisher revenue over time and bring positive
returns in overall site traffic, advertising and commerce, notes the
report. The audience, however, is not likely to grow significantly. Jupiter
Communications 2002. In addition, sites that use chat as a primary content
offering will have limited market potential since they lack either the
traffic of the aggregator sites or the affinity group audiences of
niche-oriented sites.

The report also notes that the chat market is still evolving with instant
messaging applications playing a large role in the common perception and
usage of chat. Almost one- quarter of the online audience use these
applications today. Jupiter predicts that this usage will grow dramatically
in the next few years, surpassing that of chat rooms on Web sites.  Visit
Jupiter's Web site at

                      Microsoft Sets Cereal Box Promo

Microsoft Corp. is teaming with Kellogg USA to launch a national cereal box
promotion.  The promotion will be posted on more than 80 million cereal
boxes in supermarkets, club stores and mass merchants around the U.S.. More
than a dozen Microsoft titles will be offered on 16 of Kellogg's
ready-to-eat brands of cereal.  The promotion offers rebates on selected
Microsoft software titles and gaming devices. It will also provide
consumers with the opportunity to obtain additional Microsoft titles from a
special collection for $4.99 plus three proofs of purchase from
participating Kellogg cereal brands.

"As PCs become more mainstream in American households, what better brand to
partner with than Kellogg's -- a name known and trusted in every home,"
says Ruthann Lorentzen, director of division marketing for Microsoft's
interactive media group.  For Microsoft, the promotion with Kellogg USA is
designed to generate consumer awareness of its holiday products. Other
Microsoft consumer promotions have included such companies as Kraft Foods
Inc., Dole Food Co. Inc., PepsiCo Inc. and Campbell Soup Co.  Visit Kellogg
USA on the Web at

                      Compaq, Dell, HP Lead PC Sales

Taking advantage of the PC industry's strong 16 percent worldwide growth,
Compaq Computer Corp., Dell Computer Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. have
pulled away from the pack in the third quarter, increasing their market
share by more than a third.  Writing in The Wall Street Journal this
morning, reporter Jim Carlton quotes figures from both International Data
Corp. and Dataquest Inc. as saying the three manufacturers each increased
unit shipments by more than 50 percent in the quarter.

Meanwhile, the other big sellers -- IBM and Packard Bell NEC Inc. -- each
lost market share.
Carlton says the three fastest-growing makers accounted for 26.2 percent of
total shipments, up from 19.6 percent a year ago, according to IDC.  The
Journal says:

z    The market's overall growth remained at the same robust level as in
  the second quarter on strong demand in most parts of the world.
z    The U.S. remained a booming market, with IDC and Dataquest reporting
  an increase in PC shipments here of 20 percent and 22.9 percent,
z    Recovering Europe turned in a gain of 14 percent, according to IDC.
z    That performance helped offset a stunning slump in Japan, where IDC
  reported that unit shipments actually fell 12 percent in the quarter from a
  year ago compared with a blistering 37 percent growth rate in the same
  period of 1996.

"The real story of the quarter, though, was the surging growth of Compaq,
Dell and H-P," Carlton writes. "Compaq's shipments jumped 56 percent and 52
percent, respectively, according to Dataquest and IDC, to widen the
Houston-based company's position as the PC industry's top manufacturer. In
the quarter, according to IDC, Compaq's share of the world's PC market
jumped to 14.2 percent from 10.8 percent a year ago. In the U.S. market,
Compaq's share grew to 18.8 percent, nearly double that of the No. 3
vendor, Dell."

Analysts say Compaq's masterstroke was to flood the retail market with
sub-$1,000 PCs, at a time when competitors such as No. 2 IBM still were
waiting on the fence to enter that popular new consumer category.  The
Journal says that as of August, Compaq's Presario line dominated 71%
of the U.S.'s sub-$1,000 retail sales. "Similarly," says Carlton, "Compaq
has moved aggressively into the laptop retail market, broadening a product
line that used to include mainly high-end machines. As a result, Compaq's
share of the U.S.'s retail laptop sales soared to 30.4 percent in August
from just 5 percent in the same month a year earlier."

                    Netscape Browsers Lead Home Market

Netscape Inc.'s Navigator and Communicator are the most popular World Wide
Web browsers in U.S. households using Windows-based PCs, finds a new study.
The report, issued by Media Metrix, finds that 12.9 million U.S. households
own one or both products and 9.5 million households actually use the
software. Microsoft Corp.'s rival Internet Explorer browser has a projected
ownership of 8.8 million households and usage of 6.4 million households.

"Netscape's household leadership tracks to trends we see in other
productivity software that have a strong corporate leadership," says Bruce
Ryon, vice president and chief technology analyst for the New York-based
market research firm. For example, notes Ryon, Microsoft Word has the
highest household ownership of any productivity product. "There seems to be
a propensity for households to prefer what they use at work."

Media Metrix's Web site is located at

(Editor Note) All one need do is access the STReport WebSite  and go to the
site survey page to see the truth about which Browser is the most popular.
STR's Site Survey is "auto-generated" and un-edited.  Its updated every
thirty days.

                        9.8 Million Kids Are Online

A new study says 9.8 million children -- almost 14 percent of all kids
under 18 -- use the Internet and/or online services, with more than half of
them teen-agers.  The survey -- conducted by telephone by FIND/SVP and
Grunwald Associates, contacting 13,000 randomly selected U.S. households --
found that of the total, 16 percent were under 10 years of age, 21 percent
were 10 to 12, and 60 percent 13 to 17. (Three percent of respondents did
not reveal their children's ages.)

Speaking with reporter Grant Buckler of the Newsbytes computer news
service, Peter Grunwald, president of Grunwald Associates, said that when
his firm last looked at children's online use, in 1995, there were not a
significant number of kids going online from school, while about 4.1
million do so now.

Other findings:

z    About 5.6 million children are using the Internet or online services
  from home, nearly double the 2.9 million found in 1995.
z    Fifty-two percent of all children who use the Internet go online from
  home, 47 percent from school, and 18 percent from other locations (since
  children may connect from more than one location, the numbers add up to
  more than 100 percent).
z    The 9.8 million children online live in 6.5 million households, with
  an average of 1.6 children per household, the survey found. Those 6.5
  million households make up 18 percent of the 35.3 million U.S. households
  that include children under 18.
z    32 percent of children aged 16 and 17 spend five or more hours online
  each week, and said school-related activities are the most popular online
  pastime for children, engaged in by kids in 57 percent of online family
z    Homework accounts for almost half of online activity by children under
  eight, but less than a third for other age groups. Electronic mail and chat
  accounts for about 25 percent of 16- and 17-year-olds' online activity.

                     Market Dive Hits Computer Moguls

Five of the computer industry's richest chieftains lost more than $3.5
billion in yesterday's stock market dive.  The Associated Press this
morning lists these five high-tech billionaires and the drop in value for
their principal holdings:

z    Bill Gates, chairman/CEO of Microsoft Corp., $1.76 billion.
z    Larry Ellison, chairman/CEO/president of Oracle Corp., $666.9
z    Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp., $600 million.
z    Michael Dell, chairman/CEO of Dell Computer Corp., $324.4 million.
z    Gordon Moore, chairman of Intel Corp., $236.2 million.

The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 554.26 points yesterday, the worst
single-day point drop ever and the first time since the 1987 crash that the
New York Stock Exchange shut down because of heavy losses.  And, while Wall
Street was sinking, the Internet was clogged, as people scurried to
computers to visit financial news sites and trading centers.  Editor Dave
Kansas of TheStreet.Com, a financial news site on the World Wide Web, told
AP the traffic was so heavy that some subscribers were sent messages
warning that too many users were online.

"That's never happened before," he said, adding that the traffic surge
started last week when currency instability from Southeast Asia spread to
Hong Kong.  Meanwhile, the Reuter News Service notes that the central
computers of online stock brokerages groaned under a crush of trades at the
height of yesterday's market plunge, but most of them continued to operate
without a hitch.

"The online brokerage sites of companies like E Trade Group Inc., Charles
Schwab & Co. and Fidelity Investments each reported slow response times
because of record trading activity," says Reuters, "but none of them
stopped working or failed to execute a trade for customers."  Reuters adds
that the online stock-trading business has been doubling every six months
by some estimates, yet some investors have been leery about opening online

                       Fed Computers More Vulnerable

A senior U.S. intelligence official says more than 250 Defense Department
computer systems were broken into last year and that the number of
attempted break-ins is projected to double this year.  Air Force Lt. Gen.
Kenneth Minihan, director of the National Security Agency, told the recent
annual convention of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, "We
have evidence that our known network and computer communications
vulnerabilities are being exploited by real-world attackers."

The NSA, the ultra-secretive Defense Department arm that eavesdrops on
global communications, released Minihan's talking points to reporter Jim
Wolf of the Reuter News Service.  "Last year," said the NSA statement,
"over 250 unclassified (Department of Defense) computer systems were known
to have been penetrated. Number of attacks escalating; will double this
year."  The culprit or culprits were not identified by Minihan, nor did he
say what sort of information they might have stolen or what damage they
might have done.

Reuters notes that in May 1996, the General Accounting Office, the audit
arm of Congress, cited Pentagon estimates that the number of unauthorized
efforts to enter its computer systems may have reached 250,000 in 1995, but
the report did not estimate how many of the "attacks" were successful.
Pentagon officials were quoted at the time as saying they knew of no
instance in which secret information had been stolen.

Minihan also commented that:

z    Mounting U.S. reliance on computer networks has heightened
  vulnerability to "adversarial nation-states" as well as guerrilla groups,
  narcotics traffickers and organized crime syndicates.
z    Threats involved network "sniffers" -- an eavesdropping program that
  monitors communications or commercial transactions -- as well as
  "malicious" software and sophisticated information "attack" tools.
z    The U.S. is more dependent on computer networks than any other
  country, with what he said was 42 percent of the world's "computing power"
  and 60 percent of the "resources" of the Internet, the worldwide network of
  networks. (By contrast, China had one percent of the world's computing
  power and Russia less than one percent.)
z    America is woven together by 1.3 million "local area" computer
  networks, a number that he projected would jump to more than two million by

Minihan said the U.S. built its information infrastructure on a "poor
foundation -- and we will eventually pay for it," urging stepped-up
awareness of "cyber security" issues.

                       Millennium Bug Threatens Oil

Computerdom's so-called "Millennium Bug" could paralyze the offshore
industry in the North Sea, one of the world's biggest oil production areas.
That is the warning of major oil companies which say that in a worst case
scenario, oil platforms would be forced to shut down just over two years
from now simply because automated systems fail to recognize the year 2000.

At a conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, experts noted this week companies
like Royal Dutch/Shell British Petroleum Co. Plc realize they are "sitting
on a time bomb," says reporter Hans De Jongh of the Reuter News Service,
"and are racing against the clock to check millions of microprocessors.
But, they fear smaller firms have not yet fully grasped the threat to the
oil industry."

As noted, the problem stems from short cuts taken by computer programmers
in the past. To save memory space, they abbreviated dates to their last two
digits, so that 1999 becomes 99. But unfortunately, computers will read
2000 as a meaningless 00 and may crash at the turn of the millennium.
Reuters adds, "At the 'Project 2000 in Oil and Gas' conference, industry
suppliers and service providers were warned that time is running out and
urged to act soon to prevent major upheaval.

                     Digital Signature Law Struggling

Uniform legislation governing digital signatures is being opposed by the
Clinton administration, despite varying laws adopted by some states and
other countries.  Urging Congress not to enact the law, Commerce Department
general counsel Andrew Pincus told the House Science Committee's technology
subcommittee, "It is too early -- and we do not know nearly enough -- for
the federal government to endorse a particular legislative approach."

But industry officials have told Aaron Pressman of the Reuter News Service
that some limited federal legislation might be appropriate to harmonize
conflicting state laws.  Pressman notes, "Digital signatures, unique
identifying marks generated by computers and attached to electronic
documents, are increasingly being used to authenticate e-mail and
contractual arrangements made over the Internet. Without a digital
signature or similar technology, a bank could not be sure a message it
received from a customer was authentic, for example."

Attorney Stewart Baker of Steptoe & Johnson told Pressman that some states,
seeking to encourage the use of electronic signatures and thereby encourage
electronic commerce, may act hastily and enact undesirable laws, adding,
"This is a technology that is in danger of being loved too much."  Reuters
reports Germany, Italy and a few other nations have passed laws mandating
excessive regulation. Baker urged the U.S. government to oppose such laws,
saying, "That is coming to be a crisis and it's a crisis the federal
government needs to face."

Visa USA Vice President Ken Lieberman told lawmakers new laws might be
useful to provide a "safe harbor" assuring the validity of digital
authentication means used in private networks like his company's payment
system.  And, says Pressman, "Industry officials also urged lawmakers to
separate the digital signature issue from the more contentious debate over
use of computer encoding, or encryption, technology."

At issue is a bill approved by the Senate Commerce Committee that seeks to
link the system needed to verify certain digital signatures with a system
used by law enforcement to decode covertly encrypted messages.  Netizens
and high-tech companies as a rule support the use of digital signatures but
strongly oppose the law enforcement system, known as key recovery.


z    House lawmakers are considering limited legislation, according to
  subcommittee chairwoman Constance Morella (R- Maryland), who said, "A top
  down regulatory approach would stifle the dynamic nature of the electronics
  industry. There may be, however, some need for legislation either in the
  area of ensuring universal interoperability or in liability protection."
z    Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) has said he will introduce a bill early next
  year to "authorize and validate" the use of electronic authentication
  technology in the financial sector without dictating use of particular
  methods. The bill may also encompass use of electronic authentication by
  "appropriate businesses" beyond strictly financial institutions, Bennett

                       New York Subway Signs Hacked

The words weren't exactly clear, but the message itself was: New York City
subways are not impervious to hackers.  Electronic signs that usually tell
subway riders to "Watch your step" and "Have a great day" were flashing new
messages yesterday in what authorities figure was the work of computer
intruders.  The Associated Press says signs at a Manhattan subway station
briefly displayed the messages, "Volume Fourteen, Number Three," and "The
Hacker Quarterly."

Notes AP, "'The Hacker Quarterly' is a Long Island-based magazine that
chronicles the activities of computer hackers. It was not clear what the
message was meant to convey."  Editor Emmanuel Goldstein said he knew
nothing of the incident, adding, "I hope nobody was confused and thought it
came from us." He said his publication offers tips on hacking into computer
systems but does not condone destructive behavior.  Meanwhile, Julio
Lussardi, a Transit superintendent, told the wire service the electronic
signs have been invaded before. "It's more of a nuisance than anything
else," he said.

                      Microsoft Countersues Sun Micro

A legal counterattack against Sun Microsystems Inc. has been launched by
Microsoft Corp., which denies it was trying to disrupt Sun's plans to
establish a universal software language for computers.  Business writer
David E. Kalish of The Associated Press says the suit, filed in San Jose,
California, federal court, "heightens the rhetoric between the software
makers over a programming language that Sun is seeking to establish as an
alternative to Microsoft's Windows operating software for computers."

As noted, Java is intended to enable developers to write software that runs
on all computers, freeing people from excessive reliance on any one type of
machine.  Kalish says Microsoft wants "to punch holes in Sun's lawsuit,
which was filed early this month in the same court," noting Sun alleges
Microsoft distorted the Java language so it works only on Windows computers
and not rivals' products.

"Sun maintains Microsoft, in its zeal to protect its business, is abusing
its dominance of personal computer software to fracture the drive to create
a universal software language," AP adds.  Sun accused Microsoft of breaking
its licensing contract, and now Microsoft contends Sun did the same,
alleging Sun failed to live up to the agreement's terms by introducing a
new version of Java that doesn't work well with previous versions.

Also, Microsoft contends:

z    Sun broke the contract by failing to make public its compatibility
  tests that it used to determine that Microsoft's version of Java didn't
  work well with other software products.
z    Many manufacturers -- including Netscape, the rival maker of Internet
  browser software -- have created versions of Java that don't work well with
  other operating systems.

                      Novell Wins $12.7M Court Award

Novell Inc. reports that it has been awarded over $12.7 million plus
attorney's fees in a case involving a large software counterfeiting ring in
Southern California.  The U.S. District Court for the Central District of
California awarded the damages against Softcom Computers, Software
Distribution Center, Allnet Computers, Advanced Digital Corporation,
Digital Soft Technologies, Inc., Grand Software Corporation and the
individuals Mohammad Asadi, Dusko Molak, Tony Simic, Tony Alvarez, Mohammad
Shahzad Salermi, Yahood Eshagh, Hossein Asadibagheri (also known as Hossein
Asadi), Mike Benz, Allen Bernstein and Michael Bernstein.

Novell says the parties involved counterfeited Novell's NetWare and
distributed the software throughout the U.S. and Europe. The counterfeiting
activities included printing boxes, labels and altering Novell upgrade
products by removing the word "upgrade" in some cases and by covering the
word with fake markings in others.  Novell filed the complaints in February
1996. Many of the companies and individuals have come forward and settled
out of court, says Novell, but some chose not to respond to the complaint.

"We are obviously very pleased with the court's judgment in this matter,"
says David Bradford, senior vice president and general counsel for Novell.
"Once again, Novell's anti-piracy team has demonstrated that individuals
and organizations who violate the rights of Novell and our customers will
be identified, caught and brought to justice. We will now focus resources
on enforcing this judgment against the defendants."

                        Gartner Buys Jupiter Stake

Computer industry market research giant Gartner Group Inc. is making a 32
percent equity investment in Jupiter Communications LLC, a New York-based
provider of Internet and interactive industry research services.  The
transaction's terms weren't disclosed.  "We are very excited about this
business relationship and are extremely optimistic about Jupiter's
prospects for the future," says Michael D. Fleisher, president of emerging
businesses at Gartner, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut.

"From a strategic viewpoint, this investment allows Gartner Group to
leverage Jupiter's success in new markets like new media and consumer
technology, and Jupiter gains the ability to leverage our skills in
building a world-class distribution channel and research methodologies."
Fleisher and John J. Neeson, Gartner's senior vice president of worldwide
marketing, will join Jupiter's board.

"We are extremely happy with the nature of this relationship," says Gene
DeRose, Jupiter's chairman and CEO. "Jupiter gains the resources it was
seeking to build itself into an independent, world-class company, and in
Gartner Group we now have a minority partner that brings exactly the
expertise it takes to accelerate the development of our sales force,
analyst practice areas and international presence."  Visit Gartner Group on
the Web at Jupiter Communications' Web site is
located at

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           A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N

"Unforgettable" STR Feature  "Thanks Binky!  This is a good one!"

                               A Nice Lesson

By Sister Helen P.  Mrosia

He was in the first third grade class I taught at Saint Mary's School in
Morris, Minn.  All 34 of my students were dear to me, but Mark Eklund was
one in a million.  Very neat in appearance, but had that happy-to-be-alive
attitude that made even his occasional mischieviousness delightful.

Mark talked incessantly.  I had to remind him again and again that talking
without permission was not  acceptable.  What impressed me so much.
though, was his sincere response every time I   had to correct him for
misbehaving - "Thank you for correcting me, Sister!" I didn't know what to
make of it at first, but before                 long I  became accustomed
to hearing it many times a day.

One morning my patience was growing thin when Mark talked once too often,
and then I made a  novice-teacher's mistake.  I looked at him and said, "If
you say one more word, I am going to tape your mouth shut!"

It wasn't ten seconds later when Chuck blurted out, "Mark is talking
again." I hadn't asked any of the students to help me watch Mark, but since
I had stated the punishment in front of the class, I had to act on it.

I remember the scene as if it had occurred this morning.  I walked to my
desk, very deliberately opened my drawer and took out a roll of masking
tape.  Without saying a word., I proceeded to Mark's desk, tore off two
pieces of tape and made a big X with them over his mouth.  I then returned
to the front of the room.  As I glanced at mark to see how he was doing, he
winked at me.

That did it! I started laughing.  The class cheered as I walked back to
Mark's desk, removed the tape and shrugged my shoulders.  His first words
were, "Thank you for correcting me, Sister."

At the end of the year I was asked to teach junior-high math.  The years
flew by, and before I knew it Mark was in my classroom again.  He was more
handsome than ever and just as polite.  Since he had to listen carefully to
my instructions in the "new math," he did not talk as much in ninth grade
as he had in the third.

One Friday, things just didn't feel right.  We had worked hard on a new
concept all week, and I sensed that the students were frowning, frustrated
with themselves - and edgy with one another.

I had to stop this crankiness before it got out of hand.  So I asked them
to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper,
leaving a space between each name.  Then I told them to think of the nicest
thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down.

It took the remainder of the class period to finish the assignment, and as
the students left the room, each one handed me the papers.  Charlie smiled.
Marked said, "Thank you for teaching me, Sister.  Have a good weekend."

That Saturday, I wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of
paper, and I listed what everyone else had said about that individual.  On
Monday I gave each student his or her list.  Before long, the entire class
was smiling.  "Really?" I heard whispered.  "I never knew that meant
anything to anyone!" "I didn't know others
liked me so much!"

No one ever mentioned those papers in class again.  I never knew if they
discussed them after class or with their parents, but it didn't matter.
The exercise had accomplished its purpose.  The students were happy with
themselves and one another again.  That group of students moved on.

Several years later, after I returned from vacation, my parents met me at
the airport.  As we were driving home, Mother asked me the usual questions
about the trip - the weather, my experiences in general.  There was a light
lull in the conversation.  mother gave Dad a side-ways glance and simply
says, "Dad?" My father cleared his throat as he usually did before
something important.  "The Eklunds called last night," he began.

"Really?" I said.  "I haven't heard from them in years.  I wonder how Mark

Dad responded quietly.  "Mark was killed in Vietnam," he said.  "The
funeral is tomorrow, and his parents would like it if you could attend." To
this day I can still point to the exact spot on 1-494 where Dad told me
about Mark.

I had never seen a serviceman in a military coffin before.  Mark looked so
handsome, so mature.  All I could think at that moment was, Mark, I would
give all the masking tape in the world if only you would talk to me.

The church was packed with mark's friends.  Chuck's sister sang "The Battle
Hymn of the Republic." Why did it have to rain on the day of the funeral?
It was difficult enough at the graveside.

The pastor said the usual prayers, and the bugler played taps.  One by one,
those who loved Mark took a last walk by the coffin and sprinkled it with
holy water.

I was the last one to bless the coffin.  As I stood there, one of the
soldiers who had acted as pallbearer came up to me.  "Were you Mark's math
teacher?" he asked.  I nodded as I continued to stare at the coffin.  "Mark
talked about you a lot," he said.

After the funeral, most of Mark's former classmates headed to Chucks
farmhouse for lunch.  Mark's mother and father were there, obviously
waiting for me.  "We want to show you something," his father said, taking a
wallet out of his pocket.  "They found this on Mark when he was killed.  We
thought you might recognize it."

Opening the billfold, he carefully removed two worn pieces of notebook
paper that had obviously been taped, folded and refolded many times.  I
knew without looking that the papers were the ones on which I had listed
all the good things each of Mark's classmates had said about him.  "Thank
you so much for doing that" Mark's mother said.  "As you can see, Mark
treasured it."

Mark's classmates started to gather around us.  Charlie smiled rather
sheepishly and said, "I still have my list.  It's in the top drawer of my
desk at home." Chuck's wife said, "Chuck asked me to put this in our
wedding album." "I have mine too," Marilyn said, it's in my diary." Then
Vicki, another classmate, reached into her pocketbook, took out her wallet
and showed her worn and frazzled list to the group.  "I carry this with me
at all times," Vicki said without batting an eyelash.  "I think we all
saved our lists."

That's when I finally sat down and cried.  I cried for Mark and for all his
friends who would never see him again.

STR Editor's Mail Call    "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             Editor's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

     We received this reply or, should I say "comment" relative to our
Editorial and Opinion about the DOJ Tilting at Windmills..

From.. Anonymous:

"The Amazing Ralph said:

">From the Editor's Desk...

"Whaddaya know!  Old. Janet (Waco & Ruby Ridge) Reno is at it again.
Persecuting Microsoft.  This time though, I'm willing to bet she's throwing
up a monstrous smoke screen to hide her "pussyfooting" around the Slick
Willie Campaign $$BUX$$ issues and the abysmal failure of the Justice
Department to put a stop to the runaway Drug Problems this nation is
suffering from.  Yes sir, the DOJ is a master a diversion.  Imagine that.
and its not even election time yet.  Elsewhere is this issue, we cover the
matter with an opinion of our own.<"

Gee whiz, I'm not a great fan of Clinton, either, but this implies that
Bill Gates is a white-handed innocent  cherub.  Get real!  I have to deal
with MickeySoft every day - they are arrogant, technically ignorant, and
would be laughed out of business if there were any competition at all!
The Microsoft policy of demanding that PC makers snub the M$ competition
/is/ a blatant violation not only of the agreement that M$ signed with DOJ
in 1995, it's probably the most obvious example of why DOJ ought to force
M$ to break up the company - OSes  in one camp, all other M$ products in

And I'm making my living making things that make M$ go, so while I would be
perfectly happy to make other OSes go (like Novell, for example),  I do
have something of a vested interest in seeing M$ survive as a company."

EDITOR REPLY:  Rarely, will I offer an "anonymous email"  a reply.

But I felt this, "off the wall" noise, needed to be seen and addressed.
If, for any reason, you feel I should not have used such a post, please
understand  its done simply to show our readers the IQ level of some of the
mail  we, unfortunately, receive.  <g>

In short reply mode..
     Sport we ARE real. as is Bill Gates and MS.  They have one of the
WORLD'S largest payrolls and pay an enormous amount of taxes to every level
of Government from the corner town hall to the granite grist mills of
Washington D.C.  The truth is.. MS is a competitive Giant in Business to
make a profit.  In doing so, MS keeps tens of thousands of hard working
people gainfully employed.  Just because a couple of DOJ Nimrods, out to
make a name for themselves, begin listening to the erroneous garbage being
spewed upon them by Netscape and friends doesn't mean its correct or, in
fact, slightly believable!  The truth is;

z    Netscape is the most popular Browser.
z    Netscape enjoys a wide margin of leadership in online usage of its
  Internet Products.
z    Netscape forces the users to download well over 15mb of code
  especially when one figures in the "motherload" of Plug-ins needed to allow
  Netscape to come close to the performance levels of IE4.
z    Netscape shuns all HTML code advances and enhancements that MSIE4
  allows. (affording the developers of HTML, DHTML etc., the opportunity to
  SEE the results of their efforts using IE4.)

Of course, these "slight" Netscape transgressions (Forget JAVA) are
conveniently overlooked by the moaning and groaning trolls dancing on the
desktops at DOJ demanding action.

On another note.. From a friendly reader.

Just like to say thanks for providing a up to date quality online weekly
resource to "what's new in the computing world".  I depend on STReport more
that those ZD counterparts.   Keep up the good work!  Larry Mears author
of IG for the Atari ST(online graphics in 1985, one of the sparks that made
the WWW what it is today.)  I have  more ideas but my bones are dry. :)

Thanks for the kind words Larry. you have no idea how much they mean to us.

EDUPAGE STR Focus        Keeping the users informed


U. Of California Plans New Online
10 Million Kids Online
Proton Memories
NEC Develops 128-Bit Encryption
Lucent Technologies Tackles Spam
Telecommuting On The Rise
Live, Streaming Educom97
Boston U. Sues Term Paper Mills
Microsoft Countersues Sun Over Java
Intel-Digital Settlement May Signal
End Of Alpha Chips
Online Classifieds Could Be Big
Money Maker For Microsoft
Jobs Says No To Permanent Apple Job
IBM Offers Design Kits For Copper
New Standard For Parallel
Processing Workstations
Xerox Develops Diode For Laser
Live, Streaming Educom97
Shake-Up At Silicon Graphics
BT May Buy Out MCI Share Of Concert
Rockwell Ups The Ante In Modem Wars
Motorola Pagers Tie Into MTV Info
Whither Digital Now?
U. Of Minnesota Links To Internet2
Internet Ethics Code
IBM Offers Design Kits For Copper
Live, Streaming Educom97


The University of California System will create a completely digital
library, with the entire collection available  online.  The California
Digital Library will concentrate initially on building a collection of
materials related to  science, technology and industry.  One goal of the
digital system will be to encourage professors to publish their  research
online.  "We would like to change the way information is disseminated for
scholarship," says the  Digital Library's first librarian.  (Chronicle of
Higher Education 24 Oct 97)

                          10 MILLION KIDS ONLINE

A new report by FIND/SVP and Grunwald Associates, based on a survey of
2,000 households, reports that almost 10 million children are using the
Internet -- 14% of the approximately 70 million children under 18 in the
U.S.  Nearly half of the children currently access the Internet from
school, and most of them use it for  school or homework as their primary
Net activity.  "There will be a fundamental shift in the market in late
1998/early 1999 when more children will go online at school than at home,"
says Peter Grunwald, president of  Grunwald Associates.  "This is a result
of government and private initiatives to wire classrooms."  For more
information, call 1-800-346-3787.

                              PROTON MEMORIES

A team of scientists at Sandia National Laboratories and France Telecom has
developed a prototype digital  memory device that uses protons to save
crucial information, even in the event of a power outage.  The work  stems
from research for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is
seeking radiation-hardened,  low-voltage chips that could survive a nuclear
event.  Researchers report that the protonic device is simple to  produce,
low-powered, and inexpensive -- characteristics that could finally bring so-
called static memory  devices to the commercial marketplace.  (Popular
Science Oct 97)


Japan's NEC has developed 128-bit key encryption technology that makes use
of an algorithm to create fake  keys, which are then substituted for the
real encryption keys when a potential hacker tries to crack the code.
Under Japanese law, the product cannot be exported from Japan.  (InfoWorld
Electric 22 Oct 97)


Lucent Technologies' Personalized Web Assistant offers a filter between
users and unsolicited bulk e-mail.  The  service originally was intended as
a privacy screen for users filling out Web-based registration forms, but by
adding an intermediate proxy server between users and any Web site they
might be visiting, the Personalized  Web Assistant can filter incoming
mail; if users are being bombarded with junk, their addresses can be shut
down or they can trace the source of the spam.  "The concept was to give
the user a system that manages e-mail  and identities on his behalf," says
a research scientist at Lucent's Bell Labs.  "The antispam feature was sort
of a
consequence of how we generate e-mail addresses.  You can use your own e-
mail filters to handle spam domain names, but domain names can change.
We've found that if they really want to get to you, spammers can easily
adapt to crude filters."  Lucent plans to release a commercial version of
the Personalized Web Assistant next year, and is considering offering it to
ISPs as a value-added service for their subscribers.  (InternetWeek 24 Oct

                         TELECOMMUTING ON THE RISE

A study from Telecommute America, an organization formed to promote
telecommuting, indicates that 62% of  500 companies surveyed have more
employees working at home than they did two years ago.  The survey  defined
a telecommuter as an employee who works at least one day a week at home, a
satellite office, or while  on the road, keeping in touch via computer.
(USA Today 24 Oct 97)

                         LIVE, STREAMING EDUCOM97

The three keynote sessions at EDUCOM'97 this week will be available as
live, streaming webcasts via  RealMedia at Viewers will need the RealPlayer,
Version 5 (at and at least a 28.8 connection to the
InternetWebcast times (CST -5000 UT) are 9:30 am October 29 (Educom Medal
awards and address by Eli Noam), 9:45 am October 30 (address by Sherry
Turkle),  and 11:15 am October 31 (address by John Perry Barlow).

                      BOSTON U. SUES TERM PAPER MILLS

Boston University filed a lawsuit last week in federal court against eight
companies that sell college term papers  over the Internet. The
university's suit charges the companies with wire fraud, mail fraud,
racketeering, and violating a Massachusetts law prohibiting the sale of
term papers. According to B.U., its lawsuit is the first  federal action
brought by a college or university over the sale of term papers online.
The suit seeks unspecified  damages and legal costs, along with an
injunction barring the companies from doing business in the state.  In
addition, the companies would face seizure of all term papers, theses and
research documents available for sale.   The companies have responded that
they post disclaimers on their Web sites warning against plagiarism and
sell  the papers as research tools only.  A university spokesman calls the
disclaimers a "sham" and says B.U. would  welcome any other universities
that wish to join the lawsuit.  (Chronicle of Higher Education 31 Oct 97)


Responding to Sun Microsystems' lawsuit against Microsoft over alleged
violations of the terms of Microsoft's  Java license, Microsoft is now
suing Sun, charging breach of contract related to the Java license, breach
of "the covenant of good faith and fair dealing," and unfair competition
for Sun's "repeated failure to live up to its  obligations under the two
companies' agreement," according to a Microsoft statement. "We stayed
within the absolute letter of the agreement and Sun tried to rewrite that
agreement,  after the fact," says a Microsoft group  product manager.  Sun
says they fully expected a countersuit, calling it "your garden-variety
legal tactic," according to a Sun spokeswoman.  (InfoWorld Electric 28 Oct


As part of a settlement ending a patent infringement lawsuit brought by
Digital Equipment Corporation against  ntel, Intel is paying Digital $700
million and royalties but Digital is committing itself to develop computers
based on the next-generation of Intel chips and competing directly against
Digital's Alpha chips.  Thirty-five  computer vendors have already promised
to use Intel's new chip when it comes out in 1998, and industry   analysts
see Digital's commitment to Intel chips as a signal of the end of its own
line of Alpha chips.  (New York Times 28 Oct 97)

                         MONEY MAKER FOR MICROSOFT

Web sites that publish online classified ads are beginning to generate
revenues, but still lag far behind  newspapers in classified ad income --
$100 million for online ads in 1996 vs. $16.6 billion in revenues for
newspapers this year, according to New York-based Technologic Partners.
The research firm says online ads  could grow to $1.5 billion in the next
five years.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is eyeing the field, and is actively
developing transaction-based Web sites and classified ad services.
"Microsoft represents an immediate threat to  newspapers and their
classified ad revenue," says a VP of Arlen Communications Inc.  Microsoft's
CarPoint site is generating $10 million in car sales each week, and the
software giant is planning a real estate listings site for  the second
quarter of '98. (Investor's Business Daily 28 Oct 97)


Interim CEO Steve Jobs says he's not interested in a permanent position at
Apple Computer, and is confident  that the company will find a successor to
former chief executive Gil Amelio before year's end.  (Wall Street  Journal
28 October 1997)


IBM says that in January it will begin offering manufacturers chip design
kits, allowing them to use IBM's  breakthrough technology using copper
rather than silicon for computer chips.  Copper chips will be significantly
faster and more powerful than chips currently available.  (Wall Street
Journal 27 Oct 97)


Compaq, Digital, Intel, IBM and Silicon Graphics have agreed to support
Open MP, a new standard developed  by Silicon Graphics and Kuck &
Associates to allow programmers to write a single version of their software
that will run on parallel processor computers using Unix or Windows NT
operating systems. The new standard  will hasten the trend in which
scientists and engineers choose high-end workstations rather than
supercomputers  for complex computational applications.  (New York Times 28
Oct 97)


Xerox has developed a semiconductor diode that generates tiny blue laser
beams with shorter wavelengths to  produce more dots in an image and thus
achieve much higher picture resolution than is possible using  wavelengths
at the infrared end of the spectrum.  The new technology is not expected to
reach the marketplace for at least five years.  (Wall Street Journal 27 Oct

                         LIVE, STREAMING EDUCOM97

The three keynote sessions at EDUCOM'97 this week will be available as
live, streaming webcasts via   ealMedia at Viewers will need the RealPlayer,
Version 5 (at and at least a 28.8 connection to the
InternetWebcast times (CST -5000 UT) are 9:30 am  October 29 (Educom Medal
awards and address by Eli Noam), 9:45 am October 30 (address by Sherry
Turkle),  and 11:15 am October 31 (address by John Perry Barlow).

                       SHAKE-UP AT SILICON GRAPHICS

Ed McCracken has resigned as chief executive officer of Silicon Graphics
Inc. but will remain as chairman.   The SGI board of directors has also
decided that the company will lay off 700 to 1,000 employees in its 11,000-
member workforce and will continue to try to transform the company from a
high-end graphics workstation  manufacturer to a provider of server
computers.  (San Jose Mercury News 30 Oct 97)


British Telecom says it's considering buying MCI out of its 25% share of
Concert Communications Services if  the two companies don't merge.  "If MCI
is taken over, we have the right to reclaim that company if certain
conditions apply. But the way to look at it is that, in just about any
circumstances, Concert Communications  Services will be controlled by BT,"
says BT's CEO.  Concert is the cornerstone of BT's ambitious global
strategy  to form alliances with foreign carriers and offer one-stop
telecommunications services for multinational corporations.  (TechWeb 30
Oct 97)


Rockwell International, in an effort to influence a current meeting of the
International Telecommunication  Union, says that within a year it may
introduce computer modems capable of transmitting data over  conventional
phone lines at speeds up to 20 times faster than current models.  "We hope
that, by presenting this  technology very early in the ITU discussions, we
can accelerate the standardization process," says a Rockwell  VP.
Meanwhile, 3Com's U.S. Robotics has developed a competing standard for 56-
Kbps modems.  Rockwell  says that if its standard is accepted now, it can
provide "a seamless transition" between 56-Kbps technology and the next-
generation consumer digital subscriber line standard.  (Wall Street Journal
29 Oct 97)


In a marketing strategy to make its pager products more attractive to young
adults and teenagers, Motorola  plans a new line of pagers that display
news about contests and programming on Viacom's MTV cable network.   The
devices, which will also provide traditional pager services, will be
available next month.  (Los Angeles Times 29 Oct 97)

                           WHITHER DIGITAL NOW?

Now that Digital has settled its differences with Intel and will turn its
Alpha plant over to Intel in return for  cash, CEO Robert Palmer says he
plans to move Digital ahead as a provider of computer hardware services and
consultancy, similar to Electronic Data Systems Corp.  And although Digital
plans to continue making  computers with both Alpha and Intel chips,
Digital founder Ken Olsen, who was forced out in favor of Palmer five years
ago says, "Alpha was a good chip, but they set about to destroy the rest of
the company to build Alpha, and that wasn't smart.  I hope they're finally
seeing the light."  (Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 97)

                    U. OF MINNESOTA LINKS TO INTERNET2

The University of Minnesota has completed its hook-up to the Internet2
network -- a high-speed backbone that  links the national supercomputer
centers at speed up to 1,000 times faster than the original Internet.  The
OC-3  link-up to Internet2, provided by Norlight Telecommunications, is 84
times more powerful than a standard  university Internet connection, and
more than 5,000 times faster than a typical home modem, according to a
Norlight VP.  Besides linking the University of Minnesota to Internet2,
Wisconsin-based Norlight will maintain  and monitor the connection under a
two-year renewable contract, says university Chief Information Officer Don
Riley.  (NewsBytes 29 Oct 97)

                           INTERNET ETHICS CODE

The Canadian Direct Marketers Association, which represents 80% of the
country's $11-billion annual direct  marketing industry, is amending its
code of ethics and standards of practice requiring its 650 corporate
members  to respect consumer privacy on the Internet.  The measures, to
take effect in January, focus on two areas: giving  consumers a clear
opportunity to reject unsolicited e-mail (commonly known as spam); and
informing  consumers about what personal information is being collected
from them on-line and how it might be used.  (Toronto Globe & Mail 24 Oct


IBM says that in January it will begin offering manufacturers chip design
kits, allowing them to use IBM's  breakthrough technology using copper
rather than aluminum for computer chips.  Copper chips will be
significantly faster and more powerful than chips currently available.
(Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 97; revised from Edupage 26 Oct 97)

                         LIVE, STREAMING EDUCOM97

Yesterday's live webcast of Eli Noam's speech was viewed by at least 120,
and possibly as many as 500 people  located all over the world.  That
speech, as well as today's address by Sherry Turkle and tomorrow's by John
Perry Barlow, will be available for viewing on the Educom Web site for the
next month.  Tomorrow's keynote  session at EDUCOM'97 will be available as
a live, streaming webcast via RealMedia at Viewers will need the RealPlayer,
Version 5 (at and at  least a 28.8 connection to the
Internet.  Webcast time (CST -5000 UT) is 11:15 am October 31.  Feedback on
the webcasts is solicited on the webcast page.

                     STReport's "Partners in Progress"
                            Advertising Program
 The facts are in... STReport International Magazine reaches more users per
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               "Partners in Progress" Program.. Call Today!
STR Publishing, Inc. (STR, STReport, CPU Report);
z    maintains a commitment to utilizing the power of the Internet and Web
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z    offers highly informative Hardware and Software Reviews, Press
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Or, write us at:
                           STR Publishing, Inc.
                               P.O. Box 6672
                        Jacksonville, Florida 32205

10% Holiday Discount for Month of November.

Kids Computing Corner
Frank Sereno, Editor

                        The Kids' Computing Corner
                    Computer news and software reviews
                       from a parent's point of view
                          From the Section Editor
Hi, readers!  I've made it two weeks in a row.  I'm going to try to get
back to the weekly grind.

I'm still looking for contributing correspondents to add to the Kids'
Computing Corner staff.  Your compensation for this task will be the same
as the editor's, which is zero.  Maybe if Ralph hits the Lotto, then he'll
be able to pay for articles.  On the positive side, you will receive
evaluation software packages from me to review.  I always try to send
programs that will fit your children's or students' needs.  The only cost
to you is the time to write your review.  If you've had a hankering to
become a writer and would like some free software, here's an opportunity to
get your feet wet with little pressure, flexible deadlines and a very
understanding editor.  For more details, send an e-mail to

                             Name Frank's Baby

And now for something completely different, it's time for a new contest.
Name Frank's Baby is the contest's title.  The doctor said to expect a boy,
but you're welcome to send names for a girl too.  We won't necessarily use
the winning entry, but the person sending that entry will get a children's
software package as a prize.  Just send your entries to
with the title of Baby Name.  You can send one male and one female name
with each e-mail.  Each name entry should include a first and middle name
(or initial).  The parents are supplying the surname. All entries must be
received by December 1st (the current due date is December 12th).

I had hoped to be able to include a sampling of the entries to the contest,
but there haven't been any yet.  Maybe it's because I didn't name the prize
last week.  Well, I haven't picked it this week either, but it will be a
software package worth $25 or more, new in the box with no costs or
obligations to the winner.  I might be able to offer a choice of programs
so you can be assured of receiving a program suitable for your kid's needs.
Or we can bypass software and I can offer a current Beanie Baby (Yes,
Beanie-mania rules supreme in my home, too) as the prize.  I'm open to
suggestions.  The e-mail address is
                                In the News

                        New Programs from Davidson

Just in time for the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwaanza,
Hanukkah -- take your pick)!  Davidson's new titles in the Blaster Learning
System are now shipping!

Math Blaster: Ages 9 - 12, Math Blaster: Pre-Algebra, Math Blaster: Algebra
and Reading Blaster: Ages 9 - 12 -- all brand-new titles -- will hit stores
next week.

Current titles with their new names and boxes -- Math Blaster: Ages 4 - 6
(was Math Blaster Jr.), Reading Blaster: Ages 4 - 6 (was Reading Blaster
Jr.), Math Blaster: Ages 6 - 9 (was Mega  Math Blaster), Math Blaster:
Geometry (was Geometry Blaster) and Reading Blaster: Ages 6 - 9 (was
Reading Blaster 2000) will also be in stores then.

Math Blaster: Ages 9 - 12               Windows/Mac CD-ROM
                                Approx. $30 in stores

Players embark on a new journey with the Blaster Pals as they build
advanced math skills in subjects ranging from simple addition to complex
number patterns.  Highlights include cool video, graphics and sound; a wide
range of gameplay and difficulty levels; and a bonus spreadsheet program.

Math Blaster: Pre-Algebra               Windows/Mac CD-ROM
                                Approx. $30 in stores

Students roam Dr. Dabble's mystery mansion in search of the math-stealing
machine that is sucking away the world's math knowledge. Students unravel
the mystery by completing different activities and solving word problems in
each room, mastering a wide range of math and algebra topics.

Math Blaster: Algebra           Windows/Mac CD-ROM
                                Approx. $30 in stores

A fun and interesting way to learn a full year of high-school algebra, this
brand-new version offers great graphics, challenging thinking puzzles, and
five exciting activities.  Other features include a video chalkboard to
visually display algebraic concepts, lots of tutorials, hundreds of
practice problems, and a glossary of algebraic terms.

Reading Blaster: Ages 9 - 12            Windows/Mac CD-ROM
                                Approx. $30 in stores

Dr. Dabble's mansion, which has been abandoned for years, is the perfect
setting for an intriguing reading adventure.  Players get to play
detective, exploring the mansion as they build important skills  such as
reading comprehension, inference and vocabulary building.

         Headbone Interactive Launches Television Animation Studio
Headbone Interactive, an award-winning leader in children's software and
Web publishing,  announces the opening of their new fully digital animation
division.  Using proprietary technology, Headbone Interactive will be able
to quickly produce high-quality, low-cost animation for both television and
the World Wide Web.  In the near future, the company will be providing
television programming featuring their trademarked characters.

Headbone Interactive also hosts one of the Web's most popular sites for
kids.  The Headbone Zone ( features the Headbone
Derby, an interactive educational game that encourages children to search
the Web for answers to multi-disciplinary problems to win prizes ranging
from software to computer systems.  The contest is designed for children
ages 10 to 14 and involves team play in an interactive story.

                            Ray Dream Studio 5
                        for Macintosh & Windows 95
                        Suggested Retail Price $449
                        Estimated Street Price $299
                                Upgrade $99
                           Sales:  800-846-0111

Review by  Donna Lines (

MetaCreations has come up with another crowd pleaser with the release of
Ray Dream Studio 5.  This major upgrade boasts vastly improved rendering
speeds, more 3D tools, an additional modeler, and enhanced animation
features.  RDS5 now supports MMX and SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing) on
both Macintosh and Windows 95/NT.

New to version 5 is the polygon-based Mesh Form modeler.  This modeler
allows the user to easily create precise 3D objects by pulling and pushing
on the polygons of the object itself (instead of sweep paths and cross
sections as in the Free Form Modeler).  Using Boolean operations, objects
may be subtracted from one another, merged, or intersected to create a new
object.  For example, you can subtract a shape from an apple to make it
appear that the apple has a bite taken out of it.  Volumetric and particle-
based primitives such as fire, fog, clouds, and fountains add special
effects and realism to an image or animation.  Deformers include Atomize,
Bend and Twist, Black Hole, Dissolve, Explode, Punch, Shatter, Spherical
Morph, Spike, Stretch, Warp, and Wave.

They've also added a new rendering engine - ThinkFish Natural Media.  This
rendering engine has seven options to covert 3D objects into 2D hand drawn
styles -- including sketches, paintings, or even cartoons.

The animation tools are second to none and rival those found in packages
costing thousands more.  New behaviors are based on physics, incorporating
factors such as gravity, velocity, friction, and accurate collision
detection.  If you animate a ball bouncing down a set of stairs, you can
use collision detection to realistically depict how a ball would interact
with the stairs.  These new behaviors work effectively with the powerful
animation tools familiar to Ray Dream Studio 4 users -- Inverse Kinematics,
Total Control Timeline, Rotoscoping, Tweeners, and user-controlled

Ray Dream Studio is fully extendible.  With MetaCreations and third party
plug-ins, you can add new lights, cameras, shaders, and even alternative
rendering engines.  You can even use Adobe PhotoshopT plug-ins!

RDS5 supports virtually every major Windows and Macintosh format for image
and movie files including MetaCreations' Painter 5T RIFF format and Adobe
Photoshop'sT native format.

MetaCreations provides two Wizards to help budding 3D artists get started -
- the Scene Wizard and the Modeling Wizard.  The Scene Wizard guides you
through the steps necessary to create a scene, complete with background,
cameras, and lights.  The Modeling Wizard is based on the Free Form Modeler
and is accessed by clicking on the Modeling Wizard icon on the toolbar.
This wizard lets you choose from six presets to mold your design.

There is a tutorial included in the User Guide that covers the basics.
(One of the AVI files necessary to complete the tutorial was omitted from
the CD ROM.  The file may be downloaded from MetaCreations' web site --
look under RDS5, Goodies.)  Many third party books will be available by the
time you read this review to help you explore all of the new features of
RDS5.  There are some minor bugs in version 5.0 and MetaCreations has
posted fixes on their web site.  MetaCreations is very responsive to
customer requests for new features and reported bugs are addressed

The considerable speed improvements (up to 400% on multi-processors), added
animation tools, along with the easy-to-use, frustration-free Mesh Form
Modeler make this one a no-brainer.  It is a must-have upgrade.   Customers
who purchased Ray Dream Studio 4.1 after May 19, 1997 are entitled to a
free upgrade (for a shipping and handling fee) with proof of purchase.  For
graphics users looking for a complete 3D graphics program, MetaCreations'
Ray Dream Studio 5 combines unparalleled performance, function and price.

System Requirements:


486, Pentium, or Pentium Pro Compatible PC
Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
16 MB System RAM (24+ recommended)
Color Display (24 bit recommended)
CD ROM drive

                              Power Macintosh

System 7.0 or later
20 MB of application RAM (24+ recommended)
Color display (24 bit recommended)

Jason's Jive

Jason Sereno, STR Staff

                                CH Gamepad
                             6 button joystick
                                for the PC
                         Approximate price: $19.95
                                CH Products
                           970 Park Center Drive
                          Vista, California 92083

CH products has released the CH Gamepad, their new innovative six button
joystick for IBM computers.  This highly compatible controller gives the
user two turbo buttons located on the front of the pad for a total of eight
buttons in all.  Using the 8-Way directional disk will be much easier when
you consider the seven foot cable attached to the CH Gamepad.  After you
plug the joystick into your gameport you will be ready to play both Windows
and DOS games and see the difference in this products' control.

This gamepad features six front-faced push buttons.  Two turbo buttons have
been placed on the top of the pad for a total of eight buttons in all.  The
shape and design of the gamepad may look odd at first glance, but the shape
fits the users hands very well.  It does resemble most new types of home
gaming system's controller such as the N64 and Sony Playstation.

Something different about this pad is the way the 8-way directional disk is
placed on  it.  The up arrow is actually pointing towards the upper-right
part of the controller and the down towards the bottom left.  It resembles
an X when looked at.   This does feel natural when you use the pad however.
When you place your hands on the controller your right thumb naturally
aligns with the vertical axis.  It is a very simple idea that does make
playing more comfortable.

Two numbers that can be associated with the CH Gamepad are seven and three.
Seven is how many feet long the gamepad' cord is.  This makes for the
maneuverability of a wireless controller but without worrying if your are
going to lose your signal or not while playing.  The number three is for
the number of years warranty that come with this pad.  It is very durable
and made of a stronger plastic when compared to other cheaper joysticks.

The CH gamepad requires no installation.  It simply plugs into your
gameport and you are ready to go.  It works with all Windows and DOS games
that offer joystick play and is also compatible with games that require or
offer six button play.

The CH gamepad is for serious gamers and will outplay other cheaper brands.
The three year warranty guarantees that.   Seven feet of cable is a nice
touch to this product and it adds maneuverability.  The innovative layout
of the pad and the amount of buttons is very good for users that are tired
of four button joysticks.  If you want more than your average joy, try the
CH Gamepad from CH Products.

Special Notice!! STR Infofile       File format for Articles

                         File Format for STReport

     All articles submitted to STReport for publication must be sent in the
following format.  Please use the format requested.  Any files received
that do not conform will not be used.  The article must be in an importable
word processor format for Word 6.0 and/or Word Perfect 7.. The margins are
.05" left and 1.0" Monospaced fonts are not to be used.  Please use
proportional fonting only and at Twelve (12) points.

z    No Indenting on any paragraphs!!
z    No Indenting of any lines or "special gimmickery"
z    No underlining!
z    Columns shall be achieved through the use of tabs only.  Or, columns
  in Word or Word Perfect format.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, use the
  space bar.
z    Most of all.. PLEASE! No ASCII "ART"!!
z    There is no limits as to size, articles may be split into two if
z    Actual Artwork should be in GIF, PCX, JPG, TIF, BMP, WMF file formats
z    Artwork (pictures, graphs, charts, etc.)should be sent along with the
  article separately
z    Please use a single font only in an article.  TTF New Times Roman
  12pt. is preferred. (VERY Strong Hint)

     If there are any questions please use either E-Mail or call.    On
another note. the ASCII version of STReport is fast approaching the "end of
the line"  As the major Online Services move away from ASCII.. So shall
STReport.  All in the name of progress and improved readability.  The
amount of reader mail expressing a preference for our Adobe PDF enhanced
issue is running approximately 15 to 1 over the ASCII edition. I might add
however, the requests for our issues to be done in HTML far outnumber both
PDF and ascii.  HTML is now under consideration.  We'll keep you posted.
Besides, STReport will not be caught in the old, worn out "downward
compatibility dodge" we must move forward.

     However, if the ASCII readership remains as high, rest assured. ASCII
will stay.  Right now, since STReport is offered on a number of closed
major corporate Intranets as "required" Monday Morning reading.. Our ascii
readers have nothing to worry themselves about.  It looks like it is here
to stay.

Many grateful thanks in advance for your enthusiastic co-operation and

                         Ralph F. Mariano,  Editor
                         STReport International Online Magazine

 "It doesn't get any better."

          Adobe Systems Announces Adobe WebType For Web Graphics

12 Best Selling Adobe Original Typefaces Optimized To Look Crisp, Clean And
Legible On-Screen

San Jose, Calif., (October 28, 1997) (Nasdaq: ADBE) - Adobe Systems
Incorporated today announced AdobeR WebTypeTM, a typeface software package
of 12 best selling Adobe Original typefaces optimized for on-screen
viewing.  Adobe WebType is the first typeface package from Adobe created to
specifically meet the demands of customers creating Web graphics with text.
Great looking at all point sizes, Adobe WebType helps customers avoid the
time-consuming trial and error process of creating legible text for Web

"I use type everyday on the Web but often have to select fonts by trial and
error to see which fonts will look  clean on-screen. The beauty of WebType
is that it's an entire group of fonts that have been optimized for on-line
viewing. These fonts are clear, crisp and easy-to-read in my graphics,"
said Eric Johnson, design director at  Ikonic, a Web consulting and
implementation firm. "And WebType is created by Adobe, THE type developer.
I  think designers are in need of a serious set of tools like WebType."

Although customers have hundreds of typefaces to choose from, most
typefaces have been designed for high- resolution printed pages and not the
low-resolution environment of on-screen Web graphics. As a result, many
typefaces can be hard to read on-screen, especially at small point sizes,
and certain ornate typeface styles are  barely legible at all. Many
customers waste precious time manipulating typefaces and experimenting with
typeface styles until they find something that works. Adobe WebType helps
customers eliminate the guesswork  involved in choosing a good typeface.
Highly optimized for the low-resolution environment of the Web, Adobe
WebType typefaces look good at all point sizes and are easy-to-read--even
as part of a tiny button or navigation bar GIF.

In addition to the 12 typefaces included in the WebType package, WebType
also comes with Image Club's  WebMorselsTM, a package of more than 400
images for Web site design--such as buttons, navigation bars,  banners,
bullets and more. Also included in the WebType package is a copy of Adobe
AcrobatR Reader; a tryout version of Adobe PageMillTM (Adobe's Web site
development software program); and a guide  containing tips for great Web
page design and on-screen typography.

The typefaces in the Adobe WebType collection were selected as a result of
interviews with various Web site  designers and include Adobe Originals:
MyriadR Web Regular, Myriad Web Italic, Myriad Web Bold, Myriad  Web
Condensed Regular, Myriad Web Condensed Italic, MinionR Web Regular, Minion
Web Italic,  Minion  Web Bold, Caflisch ScriptR Web, MezzR Web Bold,
PenumbraR Web Regular Serif and GiddyupR. WebType  typefaces were selected
for their readability and functionality and can be viewed on Adobe's Web
site at While Adobe is working on industry initiatives
like OpenType to provide standardization of fonts on the Web, the WebType
product addresses the  immediate need of customers,  working with today's
technologies, to have the tools they need to make fonts in graphics look
good on-screen.  Beyond the Web, WebType typefaces are also a great choice
for other documents created to be viewed on-screen, such as multimedia
presentations or electronic publications.

                            System Requirements
WindowsR: i386TM or faster processor (i486TM recommended); MicrosoftR
Windows 3.1 or later, Windows 95, Windows NTR; 8 MB of RAM; CD-ROM drive;
VGA, SVGA, or higher resolution video card and color monitor. Macintosh:
68030 or faster processor (Macintosh Quadra or Power Macintosh
recommended); Apple System Software version 7.1 or later; 8 MB of RAM; CD-
ROM drive; and color monitor.

                          Price and Availability
Adobe WebType for Windows 95 and Macintosh are available immediately. The
product has a price of $49.99 and is available directly from Adobe in the
United States and Canada by calling 800-445-8787. Outside of the United
States and Canada please contact a local distributor. Minion WebType will
also be available through a bundle with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

                     About Adobe Systems Incorporated
Based in San Jose, Calif., Adobe Systems Incorporated develops and supports
products  to  help people express  and use information in more  imaginative
and  meaningful  ways, across all print and electronic media.  Founded   in
1982,  Adobe  helped launch the desktop publishing revolution.  Today,  the
company  offers  a  market-leading  line of application software  and  type
products   for   creating  and  distributing  visually  rich  communication
materials;  licenses its industry-standard technologies to  major  hardware
manufacturers,  software  developers,  and service  providers;  and  offers
integrated  software  solutions  to  businesses  of  all  sizes.  For  more
information,   see Adobe's home page at on  the  World
Wide Web.

Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, Caflisch Script, Giddyup, Image Club, Mezz,
Minion,  Myriad, PageMill, Penumbra, WebMorsels and WebType are  trademarks
of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Apple, Macintosh, Macintosh Quadra and Power
Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.  registered in the  United
States  and  other  countries. Microsoft and Windows are either  registered
trademarks  or  trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  All other  trademarks
are the property of their respective owners.

ChromaFax STR Focus

      Windows 95 Users Can Send and Receive Faxes in Brilliant Color

San Jose, Calif., Oct 14. Compressent (NASDAQ: CSNT) announced today that
ChromaFax, its color fax software application for Windows 95 users, is
available at retail outlets. CompUSA already has the product on store
shelves, and ChromaFax can be ordered through several mail-order software
catalogs such as Micro Warehouse, PC Zone, and PC Mall.

ChromaFax is the first software product based on international color fax
standards that allow users to send and receive faxes in brilliant color.

Over the next few weeks, ChromaFax will be available in many other retail
outlets, including Egghead, Computer City, Electronic Boutique, J&R Music
World, and Software City. The product carries a Suggested Retail Price of
$69.95, though it initially includes a $20 manufacturer's mail-in rebate.

This news release contains forward-looking statements which are subject to
risks and uncertainties including those set forth in Compressent's filing
on Form 10-Q for the third quarter ended September 30, 1997, and including
the performance of the retailers listed here.

Compressent (NASDAQ:CSNT) develops, manufactures, licenses and markets
color imaging software and compression technologies for the home, small
office and OEM markets. Its premier product, ChromaFax, is state-of-the-art
color fax software for Windows 95 users. Compressent was founded in 1994
and is headquartered in San Jose, California. Information about the company
and its products can be found at

CONTACT: Brownell Chalstrom of Compressent, 408-879-6600 x235 or or Web Site:

Classics & Gaming Section
Editor Dana P. Jacobson

>From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

     Today is one of my favorite holidays!  Halloween.  All Hallows Eve.
Whatever you wish to call it, it's a fun holiday.  How about Jack Tramiel
for a Halloween costume?  Brrrr!    Shivers down my spine with the thoughts
of that scary sight!  I really enjoy watching the kids dressed up in their
various costumes.  Having lived in a city like Boston, I really  didn't see
many kids come by "trick or treating".   But, moving out to the  'burbs, I
expect that to change.  Our neighborhood is filled with kids; and I
anticipate lots of scary visitors!  It should be fun.  So, watch out
tonight and drive safely - there will likely be lots of kids out after
dark, walking door-to-door.  Let's help to make sure that they have a fun

     So what does all of this have to do with Atari?  Well, I did mention
Jack Tramiel, didn't I?

Until next time...


MyMail, a STiK/STinG client by the Swedish programmer Erik Hall, is up to
v0.21b. This is the third update, so it's under heavy beta testing; so
don't expect too much with this early version. But it works fine to me, for
the very first time I can send and receive Swedish characters with my

A support page with this beta version is at:

Erik Hdll's Homepage is located at:

Here You can find MyMail and several other Atari applications made by him,
such as LedClock, JingleFalcon... ...and he own a Hades.

Atari Alternative Desktops

These web pages are under construction and there are no links to them yet.
Check out:
You will find very nice snapshots, info, download etc of Thing, jinnee,
NeoDesk and Gemini.

My homepage If You can't remember my URL:

You can now, 'course You can type and remember this one:

channel Atari is located at:

If you still can't remember my sites, then type:
 for channel Atari

Mille Babic

                              Gaming Section

PlayStation & Pepsi!  Recall!
P2 Games!  And more...

>From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

     Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!!  Maybe I'll pull out my Jaguar
and load up Doom or Alien vs Predator and crank up the volume for the scary
sound effects!!  C'mon you little spooks and goblins...have I got a "treat"
for you....!

Until next time...

Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

                       Pentium II Arcade Games Debut

Intel Corp. and four game developers -- Hanaho/Kalisto, Inner Workings,
Interactive Light/Immersia and Location Based Entertainment Systems -- have
debuted the first arcade games based on Intel's Open Arcade Architecture
and high-performance Pentium II processors.

Players may score soccer goals, drive race cars, pilot high-performance
aircraft and engage in multiplayer action games on the new systems, the
first of which are now shipping to arcade operators.  "Pentium II
processor-based arcade systems offer operators a tremendous selection of
games, the opportunity to install multiple games on one system, and the
ability to easily upgrade existing systems," says Claude Leglise, vice
president of Intel's content group. "Players benefit from new games, new
features such as Internet-connected play in arcades, and the chance to
enjoy their favorite arcade games on their home PCs."

More than 80 companies have joined the Open Arcade Architecture Forum,
which Intel and other industry leaders formed this summer to help bring
PC-based arcade systems to market. Open Arcade Architecture Forum members
include Acclaim, Gremlin, Microsoft and Sega Gameworks.
Visit Intel on the Web at

            Sony Computer to Recall Unsold PlayStation Software

TOKYO, Oct. 24 (Kyodo) -- Sony Computer Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (SCE)
plans to recall software products for its PlayStation video game machines
that are left unsold at stores, company officials said Friday.  SCE aims to
prevent falls in the products' prices and reduce the costs of inventory
before the Christmas season, when a series of new titles are planned for
marketing, the officials said.

It plans to collect around 800,000 products of about 200 titles by the end
of November, at a price of 2,000 yen each. The total cost is thus estimated
at 1.6 billion yen, they said.   Being the first major video game machine
maker to take such a measure, it plans to recall products marketed in
January or before which have received no additional orders, under an
agreement between software makers and stores, they said.

Sony Computer usually buys all the software packages from makers to sell
wholesale to stores, while rival Nintendo Co. carefully screens products
for its machines.  Sony has marketed 800 new titles this year for
PlayStations, of which cumulative domestic sales have amounted to more than
8.5 million units, the officials said.   The growing video game software
market, however, has recently suffered from overloaded inventories, they

              PlayStation Plans Major Promotional Activities

FOSTER CITY, CALIF. (Oct. 29) BUSINESS WIRE - Oct. 29, 1997 - Further
asserting itself as the leader in the next generation videogame market,
Sony Computer Entertainment America, makers of the best-selling
PlayStation(TM) game console, has teamed up with Pepsi-Cola and Post Cereal
to offer consumers two incredible nationwide promotional campaigns
throughout the holiday season.   The joint promotions with these leading
companies augments PlayStation's calendar of strategic promotional efforts
in 1997, which includes, among other events, the popular PlayStation
Touring Attraction.

This overall promotional effort is a portion of the company's $100 million
marketing campaign supporting the PlayStation brand and a multitude of
other key videogame titles.  The entire marketing effort also includes high
profile television advertising, extensive print advertising, public
relations, retail promotions, merchandising, direct mail, sampler discs and
Internet support.   "Millions of consumers have already embraced
PlayStation as the next generation videogame system of choice," said
Jeffrey Fox, senior director, public relations and promotions, Sony
Computer Entertainment America.  "The strength of our great promotional
partners, combined with highest quality and most diverse videogames on the
market, will further broaden the PlayStation's mass market consumer

"Holiday Power Play," an innovative promotion, gives consumers the
opportunity to win one of thousands of PlayStation(TM) game consoles and
PlayStation game titles, play their favorite PlayStation games while
holiday shopping and get $5.00 off on select PlayStation game titles.  To
kick off the promotion, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Pepsi will
be placing more than 5,000 interactive display kiosks in major grocery and
retail outlets across the country beginning November 10.  While shopping,
consumers will have the opportunity to play some of the hottest games
currently available exclusively on PlayStation -- Final Fantasy(R) VII, Jet
Moto(TM)2 and NCAA GameBreaker(TM) '98.

The "Holiday Power Play" will run through December 31, 1997. Pepsi brands
included in the promotion are Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi,
Mountain Dew and Diet Mountain Dew.  In addition, Pepsi will support the
promotion with national print and broadcast advertising.  The company has
also developed point-of-purchase materials that will feature the three
select PlayStation titles on everything from shelf-talkers to posters and
fountain cups.

A huge campaign is currently featuring Crash Bandicoot on the backs of more
than 33 million boxes of Post brand cereals including Golden Crisp,
Alpha-Bits, Marshmallow Alpha-Bits, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Waffle
Crisp, Honeycomb and Frosted Shredded Wheat. Inside each box will be a
coupon good for $5 off the retail price of Crash Bandicoot or Crash
Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.  Post is supporting the campaign with
dedicated television spots, as well as print advertising targeted to

The massive 68-foot long PlayStation tractor-trailer will continue to tour
across the country, showcasing the hottest videogame titles available only
on PlayStation.  The mobile gaming vehicle features 31 fully operational
game kiosks, plus an eight-foot video wall to truly share the videogaming
experience with all participants.

Since June, the PlayStation Touring Attraction has delivered the
PlayStation experience at sporting events, musical concerts, and festivals
to hundreds of thousands of consumers in scores of cities across America.
Kids of all ages will show off their creativity at the nationwide "Ultimate
PlayStation Videogame Search," sponsored by PlayStation. Kids  will compete
for the chance of a lifetime -- the opportunity to win a $10,000 savings

Depending on their age, kids will draw or describe their ultimate
PlayStation videogame title, which will be judged by four leading videogame
magazine editors.  Children eight and under will be asked to draw their
most creative interpretation of their dream PlayStation videogame.  Kids
between the ages of nine and 17 will be asked to describe their ideal
PlayStation videogame in 25 words or less.

The search is being held through November 23 in 12 major malls around the
country, including Manhattan Mall, New York; South Shore Plaza, Boston; The
Gallery Market East, Philadelphia; Walden Galleria, Buffalo; North Point
Mall, Atlanta; Town and Country Center, Miami; Northgate Shopping Center,
Seattle; Clackamas Town Center, Portland; Glendale Galleria, Los Angeles;
Fashion Valley Center, San Diego; Ridgmar Mall, Fort Worth, Red Bird Mall,

ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

Compiled by Joe Mirando

     Well folks, it happened again, didn't it? Last week's column was a
carbon copy of the week before's. That must have come from our "Department
of Redundancy Department". <grin>

Editor Note. "Wazzup with `dat?" <g>

Sorry, but I just couldn't resist. Here's what you should have read last

     Hidi ho friends and neighbors. Boy, has this been an educational few
weeks for me! Remember back in school, when you studied the industrial
revolution? With the long hours, bad conditions, and almost total lack of
regard for employees? I'll be you're glad that you live in the second half
of the twentieth century, huh?

     Well guess again! I've been finding out the hard way just how few
protections there are for employees when it  comes to schedules and hours
unless you've got a union contract.     I've always tended to think of
today's working conditions sort of like a heavy, dry cereal, maybe with
some dried fruit added. It's nobody's first choice, but it's better than
nothing, and it will sustain you. But this is  nooooo bowl of Raisin Bran,
my friend. <grin>

     Did you know, for example, that your employer can assign you to any
shift of just about any amount of  hours that he wishes. Even if you are a
'first shift' employee and were hired for first shift, you can be assigned
to  second or third shift! And there is no MAXIMUM number of hours!  And
how about breaks? Did you know that an employer need only provide ONE break
for employees who work over seven and a half hours? That is, of course
unless there are less than five employees on that shift... or unless the
job involves public safety! (Yeah, THOSE are the guys and gals that _I_
want to see go
without a break!)

     "That can't be right", you say? Well check it out for yourself on the
Department of Labor's web page. It's all true. As far as things like this
are concerned, anything that isn't expressly forbidden is allowed (for the
employer, that is).  And if by some chance you don't want to change your
work schedule your employer can 'quit' you. That's right. If he fires you,
there's a chance (a good chance) that you'll be able to collect
unemployment and  then his premiums would go up! We can't have that now,
can we?

     So what he can do is tell you that you are assigned to, let's say,
second shift. If you don't show up, he can assume that you are quitting.
That way you'll have a much harder time collecting and his premiums are
safer.  I won't go into too much detail because there are a few employers
who not only can, but actually do  read, and I don't want to give them any
of the specifics of my case.  What I found most interesting is the 1996
amendment that says that a computer programmer making at  least $27.63 per
hour does not  have to be paid time-and-a-half for over forty hours. I'd
just love to know the  reasoning behind that one.

     Well, wasn't that refreshing? Hearing me rant and rave, and not having
it be about computers for a change? <grin>

     I know that we looked at the UseNet last week, but I'm trying out a
new setup for capturing and using  the messages from the UseNet, and I
can't wait to see how it works out.

                   From the COMP.SYS.ATARI.ST NewsGroup

Peter Rottengatter tells us:
     "Here we go finally. New version is available on my web
     page. It will make many many Falcon users with PPP problems
     very happy ;-) But all other users will benefit too, I'm

Katherine Ellis tells Peter:
     "I asked my provider what software/installation they had for their
     PPP/SLIP , where I could find info about that. They told me to read
     all that:

     well, and all this site actually
     A lot of stuff there, but very techy. This is what they use,
     probably other providers use that too, It would be great if
     perot could check that site out, that might contain some
     interesting clues."

Robert Schaffner posts:
     "I can't ping any other adress.
     No data from host.

     Next point, in dialer setup dialog the path for
     the dial.scr is set C:/DIALER as default.
     My dial.scr is in: C:/STING/DIALER/DIAL.SRC
     STinG can't save this path.

     After any startup I find C:/DIALER as default again."

David Bolt tells Peter:
     "I've just replaced v1.06 with v1.08 and have found a could
     of things have changed between 1.06 and 1.08.

     First, the trace-route in the new dialer doesn't want to
     show anything but numeric IP addresses.

     Secondly, when booting up, I now have DNS cache errors even
     though the DNS cache file is there. Now, is this because I
     set the DNS cache to 128 entries instead of the 64 entry
     default, or something else?"

Peter tells David:
     "Hmm, something's wrong with your resolver setup. Maybe
     reinstall the resolver ?  Extract RESOLVE.STX and CACHE.DNS
     from the package, and put them where the other STinG modules

     Observe the bootup message. It displays the name of every
     loaded module. RESOLVE must be amongst those."

"Jason" asks for help with his copy of MagiC 5.03:
     " Where do I go or what do I do to get help with this

     I installed the program successfully, but when I tried to
     run it, it started driving the screen at 50hz. My SC1224 runs
     at 60hz. What to do?"

Harry Sideras asks Jason:
     "Is this something that changed when moving from TOS to
     Magic, or was it an upgrade from a previous Magic version?  I
     suspect the former...

     I hadn't heard of this problem before, but I can imagine how
     it happened.

     Someone will correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought
     that the refresh rate was saved in the DESKTOP.INF or
     NEWDESK.INF file in TOS.  It would seem that the default
     MAGX.INF file is set with a 50Hz refresh rate.

     If that's true, disable MAGX.INF by renaming it and reboot
     with a utility that sets the refresh rate to 60Hz.  Save a
     new MAGX.INF and then edit back in any previous settings
     (#_ENV lines etc) that you want in your setup.

     Obviously, whether this works or not depends on whether I've
     got the first bit right, but if I have then I think this
     should work.

     Strange that the question's never come up before... to my
     knowledge anyway..."

Terrence Kelly adds:
     "I had the same problem with MagiC 4.  It was fixable by
     editing the Magicram file to change one value at a particular
     address.  I got the information from Keith Gerdes.  I
     wouldn't know if it would still be the same for MagiC 5+
     though.  I'll try to see if still have the message that
     allowed me to fix that problem."

Jason checks things out and then tells Harry Sideras:
     "I've never run MagiC before in my life. It was moving from

     I looked in DESKTOP.INF and couldn't see anything pertaining
     to Hz in there. I have never used or seen NEWDESK.INF in my
     life. That goes with the Ataris MultiTOS doesn't it?  I am
     moving from single tasking TOS.

     I just read the section in the MagiC manual pertaining to
     the MAGX.INF file and its parameters. Nope, nothing about
     screen Hz in that either.  I haven't tried to load MagiC just
     on its internal defaults yet.  But I have a hunch that it
     would come up in 50Hz anyway.  I'm starting to get the
     feeling that I received a disk that was not fully tested on
     a 60Hz machine. I want to try it and see though. It seems to
     start rolling before it reads MAGX.INF.

     What version of MagiC are you guys using over there? What
     version of MagiC are most people using in America?  Did I get
     a disk which was not fully tested on a 60Hz machine? I'm
     using 5.03 right now.

     Regardless, I found my own fix.  I'll explain it in another
     post soon.  First I have to document it.

     My first action in MagiC was to backup a disk with 40 files
     on it.  Disapointed was I when it was soon discovered that
     disk-swap-mania was the thing when you only have 1 floppy
     drive, and don't copy to the harddrive first. This desktop
     told me to swap disks atleast once per file, and sometimes
     twice, maybe three times per file. It was henious.

     On the other hand, the compatability and robustness seem
     very strong. I was able to run Forthmacs with no problems,
     altho it was quite a bit more pokey running through the
     window, rather than just from TOS. that was because the VT52
     was sucking up a lot more bandwidth than TOS for character
     IO. Well, VT52 has a lot more to do than TOS which explains
     why. Things such as print characters which can be resized in
     a jiffy, and output into a moveable window.

     So far it seems pretty decient."

While we're on the subject of MagiC, the preemptive multi-tasking
system for Atari 16 bit computers, G. Greenway asks for help:
     "I just can't get Magic5 and Extendos to cooperate on my
     Mark X.  The CD player acc works okay, but the start up
     message looks odd and I can't get a drive icon. Can I
     download some Extendos patches from somewhere?"

Daniel Rojo tells him:
     "I had the same problems on my Falcon until a kind soul told
     me that only the last version of ExtenDOS works with MagiC
     5... you can download the right patches (up to v2.3b)on the
     Anodyne Software's Home Page:
      URL:                      "

And the last question and answer are for all you MiNT aficionados
out there.  David De Ridder asks for help with setting up MiNTnet:
     "I have been running MiNT 1.12 with init tools for about six
     months, but now I want to install MiNTnet (for the httpd). So
     I decided to install the MINIX FS because that would be more
     convenient (access rights, long filenames etc.). I have a
     SyQuest 555 removable harddisk (44 Mbyte) available for
     minixFS. This disk is currently a 1 partition TOS FS, which
     is drive E: .

     Therefore I downloaded disk1 from the MiNT Distribution Kit
     which contains a Setup program to do the basic installation
     for me. I have configured it right (I think) and when I run
     the installation procedure, it installs MiNT 0.95 and the
     MINIX XFS driver. MiNT executes, the XFS driver is loaded but
     then MiNT complains it can't find 'init.prg' and then exits
     ("Leaving MiNT") although the documentation specifies you
     only need init for the multi-user config. After a lot of
     trial and error, it still doesn't work. I even tried to drop
     my init in several places on my harddisk. My E: is still a
     TOS FS partition and although the Setup prgram has moved many
     files back and forth, my system is still the same.

     Is there any way to do installation manually, if possible
     with preservation of MiNT 1.12b ?

     I currently have a MINIX.XFS which is version 0.55. I also
     have many un*x tools available (ls, chmod etc.)

     I just need to configure E: as a Minix partition and be able
     to access it under MiNT as such."

Theo Hopman tells David:
     "Rule #1. Don't use the Mint Distribution Kit. It's horribly
     out of date, and the impression I have is that the install
     routines are somewhat suspect. You're better off to use KGMD
     or KEMD, or, if you have a working MiNT setup, just get the
     MinixFS package (available from any good ftp site).

     The docs included with the MinixFS package should be enough
     to get you started; I seem to recall, though, that I needed
     to have MiNT running with MINIX.XFS in order to run
     minit.ttp, something that isn't mentioned in the docs,
     although it does make sense. Note that minit.ttp will erase
     everything on the partition you're installing the filesystem
     on -- not surprising, since the layout of the filesystem is
     entirely different.

     If you're running the ICD driver, you may run into problems
     depending on the version. AHDI and HDDriver both work

     Since these posts are coming from the Internet, I thought it'd be a
good idea to include as many questions and answers as possible about using
it. Let me hear what you think. I may not answer every piece of email I
get, but I do answer most of them, and I read every one of 'em!

     Well, that's it for this installment of "Joe's ranting and raving, and
a little bit of Atari stuff to make it all legitimate" <grin> Be sure to
tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be ready to listen to
what they are saying when...

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING

                            EDITORIAL QUICKIES


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