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                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                       Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                        ABC Launches Net News Site, a 24-hour news service that will draw on the resources of  ABC
News'  flagship news division, has been launched by ABC and Starwave  Corp.
The service will be supported by advertising revenue and  available free to
online computer users. ABC says it will upon world, national and local news
coverage  provided by ABC News and other ABC affiliates such  as  ABC  News
Radio,  NewsOne  and more than 200 affiliated stations.   The  Reuter  News
Service  quotes Tom Phillips, president of ABC News Internet  Ventures,  as
saying,  "This  is  a  medium where you can tell a story  in  a  number  of
different ways. This is truly news on demand. It's fresh."

ABC  executives told the wire service they believe their service will reach
a  broader  audience than the existing Internet news sites  of  their  main
rivals,  MSNBC and CNN. MSNBC, a joint venture between Microsoft Corp.  and
General  Electric Corp.'s NBC, was launched last July.  Reuters  notes  CBS
also  is  planning  an entry in the Internet arena. A  spokesman  said  the
network will unveil its plans at its affiliate meeting later this month.
The Internet address of the new site is

                         Oracle Eyes Netscape Unit

Look  for  Oracle  Corp. soon to announce plans to buy a unit  of  Netscape
Communications Corp. that designs Internet-access devices.  Neither company
is  talking  publicly, but reporter Kourosh Karimkhany of the  Reuter  News
Service quotes industry executives as saying the Network Computer Inc. unit
of  Oracle  wants to buy Netscape's Navio Communications Inc., which  makes
software  for  browsing  the  World Wide Web  through  devices  other  than
personal computers such as television sets and video game machines.

Netscape  established its Navio affiliate nine months ago  and  Oracle  was
among  several consumer electronics companies to announce support  for  the
venture at the time.  Notes Karimkhany, "Oracle's network unit is designing
software  for  so-called network computers, or NCs. These relatively  cheap
devices are stripped-down computers that get much of their horsepower  from
corporate  or  public  computer  networks, such  as  the  Internet.  Oracle
Chairman  Larry  Ellison,  who  runs the nation's  second-biggest  software
company after Microsoft Corp., has been pushing the NC concept as a way for
big companies to cut computer costs, and to get computers into the homes of
less affluent consumers."

Analysts  point out that until now, the Oracle unit has been  concentrating
on  corporate markets, but a Navio acquisition would give Oracle's  network
computer  unit expertise in making consumer-oriented devices.   Also,  says
analyst  Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research Inc., buying Navio  would  help
Oracle  get  consumer electronics companies to rally around  the  NC  as  a
standard  and  stave off Microsoft in the battle for primacy in  consumer's
homes.   As  reported,  Microsoft in March  paid  $425  million  for  WebTV
Networks, the Palo Alto, California, firm that designs set-top devices  for
Internet access on TVs.

                       Zilog Develops New Net TV Box

An  integrated  design for building television set-top boxes  for  Internet
access  that can retail for less than $200 has been developed by  chipmaker
Zilog   Inc.  and  privately-held  consumer  Internet  software   developer
PlanetWeb.   The  announcement  follows a  number  of  similar  designs  by
Internet  startups such as ICTV, NetChannel Inc. and Microsoft Corp.'s  new
acquired WebTV Network.  From Campbell, California, the Reuter News Service
notes that, unlike the other offerings, the Zilog-PlanetWeb offering is not
currently available and it will rely on manufacturing partners to build and
market  the devices, "but the devices themselves are well below the current
level of Internet devices now on the market for up to $400 each."

A  major supplier to the TV industry, Zilog says in a statement the  device
specification  includes a built-in modem and allows  users  to  access  the
Internet  using  virtually any Internet service  provider.   Says  Reuters,
"This  is  a  contrast to WebTV, for example, which as the pioneer  of  the
Internet television space requires customers to also use its WebTV  Network
service  in order to be able to use its set-top devices."  Zilog  said  its
Internet  appliance reference design -- licensed from MSU Corp.  of  Milton
Keynes,  England  --  includes four megabytes  of  memory  for  storage  of
downloaded  Web  pages  and  two megabytes of  downloaded  read-only  flash
program  storage  memory. The design also allows for  users  to  print  Web

                             Acer Ships NetPCs

Acer  America  Corp.  has released a new line of NetPCs.   The  scaled-down
business  systems, which are designed to rely on the Internet for  most  of
their  computing power, begin at prices under $1,000, including  a  14-inch
monitor.  Standard features include Pentium processors ranging from  133MHz
to  200MHz, 16MB to 32MB of EDO memory and a hard disk with up to 2.1GB  of
capacity.  The  systems also feature a 3Com Network Interface  Card,  Intel
LANDesk  Client  Manager, and Windows 95 preloaded.  "For the  first  time,
Acer  can  provide  businesses with an out-of-box,  network-ready  solution
preconfigured with industry leading software," says Steve Lair, senior vice
president  of  commercial systems sales and marketing  for  the  San  Jose,
California-based company.

                     HP to Launch New High-End System

A  powerful  high-end  computer and other products are  being  launched  by
Hewlett-Packard  Co., hoping to  appear to be turning up the  heat  on  its
competition with rival Sun Microsystems Inc.  Reporter Samuel Perry of  the
Reuter News Service notes an important analyst meeting is coming up in  New
York  City  and  "HP must shake off a perception that it has been  muddling
through  a series of product transitions while the rest of the industry  is
moving  ahead  at  warp speed."  Editor Andrew Allison of  Inside  the  New
Computer Industry told Reuters, "HP's lost momentum. There is a chance  Sun
can overtake them, but I wouldn't count them out yet."

Perry says the showcase item of Hewlett-Packard's new products announcement
is  a  new  range of high-end V Series computers developed with  technology
from  its  Convex  Computer Corp. subsidiary.  Reuters says  the  V  Series
computers  will  be pitched as alternatives to mainframe computers  of  the
variety  made by IBM. This is the same market targeted by Sun Microsystems'
Ultra  Enterprise 10000 machines, code-named Starfire, launched in January.
The  Sun  machines recently hit full production and have been so successful
that  output  has  already  been  raised.   "It's  going  to  leapfrog  Sun
Microsystems' Ultra Enterprise server," says analyst David Wu of  ABN  AMRO
Chicago  Corp.   Watch  for  Sun  to  counter-  strike.  "You  can   expect
enhancements across the board" to Sun's top-end systems, says Shahin  Khan,
director of marketing for Sun's Starfire business.

                       Adobe Releases Dimensions 3.0

Adobe  Systems  Inc. has started shipping Adobe Dimensions 3.0,  the  first
cross-platform version of its 3D rendering tool for Windows 95, Windows  NT
4.0  and  Power Macintosh systems.  According to the San Jose,  California,
software  publisher, Adobe Dimensions 3.0 simplifies the process of  adding
3D   elements   into   artwork.  The  product   includes   a   variety   of
production-quality  3D  modeling enhancements,  new  editing  controls  for
precise, real-time feedback when modifying graphics and tighter integration
with  Adobe's  other  graphics  applications.   Adobe  Dimensions  3.0   is
available  now  for  $199. The upgrade price from any previous  version  of
Adobe Dimensions is $69.

                     Adobe Ships Enhanced Illustrator

Adobe  Systems  Inc.  is now shipping Adobe Illustrator  7.0,  an  enhanced
version  of  its  illustration software for Windows  95,  Windows  NT  4.0,
Macintosh and Power Macintosh systems.  The cross-platform product provides
new  productivity  and flexibility enhancements that are designed  to  help
users  create designs and illustrations for multimedia, print and  Internet
applications. The San Jose, California, software publisher notes  that  the
new  look  and  feel  of Adobe Illustrator 7.0 allows users  to  work  more
efficiently  and intuitively across Adobe applications. The program  offers
menu structures, palettes and keyboard shortcuts that are identical to  the
ones  found  in  Adobe  Photoshop  4.0  and  Adobe  PageMaker  6.5.   Adobe
Illustrator  7.0  is priced at $595. Registered users of previous  versions
can upgrade for $99. Competitive upgrades are also available.

                     Adobe Ships After Effects Update

Adobe  Systems Inc. has begun shipping Adobe After Effects 3.1 for Windows,
an  updated  version  of  its  desktop tool  for  digital  compositing,  2D
animation and special effects.  After Effects, which can be used to  create
content  for film, video, Web or multimedia applications, runs  on  Windows
95-  and  Windows  NT-based PCs. The software is cross-platform  compatible
with  the  Macintosh version.  Buyers can select from a  Standard  Version,
which sells for $995; or a Production Bundle, which costs $1,995. Both  the
Standard  Version and the Production Bundle include a CD-ROM featuring  the
application,  Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 software, online  documents  in  the
Adobe  Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe Type Manager 4.0 for  Windows,
QuickTime  2.1.2  for  Windows and trial versions of other  Adobe  graphics
programs and sample movies. Also included is direct access to After Effects
product  and  technical information, updates and plug-ins  via  a  link  to
Adobe's  Web  site.  The Production Bundle adds three  sets  of  additional
effects tools.

                     Netscape Releases 'Push' Preview

Netscape  Communications Corp. has announced the first preview  release  of
Netscape  Netcaster,  a new component of its Netscape  Communicator  client
software that enables the "push" delivery of sound, video and other dynamic
content.    Available   to   developers   from   the   DevEdge   web   site
( today, Netscape Netcaster will be available
for  public download from the Netscape site (  next

According to the Mountain View, California, company, Netcaster gives  users
the ability to subscribe to dynamic Web content, called "channels." It also
allows  users  to browse channels and Web sites offline, and  to  create  a
Webtop  --  a  favorite  channel that's anchored to the  desktop.  Netscape
reports  that  several leading content providers -- including,
C/NET,  CNNfn  and  Wired  --  have  already  created  channels  that   are
immediately available for free to Netscape Communicator users.

"The  addition  of  Netscape  Netcaster  complements  the  already  tightly
integrated   e-mail,   groupware  and  browsing  components   of   Netscape
Communicator,   by   providing   even  more  advanced   functionality   for
automatically  receiving  and  viewing subscribed  information,"  says  Bob
Lisbonne,  Netscape's  vice president of client  product  marketing.  "With
Netcaster, Netscape Communicator users continue to gain tremendous value by
being  able to receive rich, dynamic content delivered within the familiar,
easy-to-use Netscape Communicator environment."

                      Bell Atlantic Unveils Net Plans

Regional  phone company Bell Atlantic Corp. said today that  next  year  it
will  offer customers a faster way to connect to the Internet and send  and
receive other data services over their computers.  Associated Press  writer
Jeannine Aversa quotes officials with the Philadelphia-based phone  company
as  saying the firm intends to offer by the middle of 1998 a new technology
that  will  transmit voice, video and data over existing  copper  telephone
lines, adding the technology is 100 times faster than using existing  phone
lines  with  the  speediest modems, which now move data at  56  kilobits  a

Also, says the company, the technology is considerably faster than existing
high-speed  lines  using  "ISDN" technology  which  206,000  Bell  Atlantic
customers  now  buy.   Years  in the making,  the  new  technology,  called
Asymmetric Digital  Subscriber Line, or ADSL, moves data up to 6 megabits a
second.   "For customers to use it," says AP, "they would need to buy  ADSL
modems  and an Ethernet card for their personal computers -- if they  don't
already have one built in."

President  Fred  D'Alessio of Bell Atlantic Consumer Services  said,  "ADSL
puts  consumers in the seat of a Ferrari, roaring past analog  modem  users
still  in  the  bicycle  lane."  Look for Bell Atlantic  to  roll  out  the
technology  first to residential customers, then to businesses. Spokeswoman
Joan Rasmussen told the wire service monthly charges for the new high-speed
connections, which would be regulated, have not been determined.

As  reported,  Bell Atlantic is merging with New York's Bell  phone  Nynex,
meaning  that  once the merger is  complete, it will serve local  customers
from  Maine  to  West  Virginia.   D'Alessio commented,  "Today's  Internet
applications  are  becoming rich in multimedia content such  as  video  and
audio.  Consumers are hungry for faster and faster speeds to take advantage
of  this  content  and  for  telecommuting or remote  access  to  corporate
computer  networks."  The firm also has entered into a  four-year  contract
with  DCS Communications of Texas to provide the equipment and software  it
needs to offer the high-speed connections.

                       Microsoft, HP, 3Com Lead Poll

A  poll of U.S. brand equity in both the channel and the enterprise markets
has  found  Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and 3Com at the head  of  the  pack.
Just  completed by CMP Media Inc. and Interbrand Schechter Inc., the study,
called  The  Power of Simultaneous Branding, is said to  be  the  first  to
evaluate  the  strength  of technology brands in  these  two  key  markets.
"Through more than 2,400 interviews conducted during February and March  of
this year," says CMP in a statement from its Manhasset, N.Y., offices, "the
research measures 24 brands in six product categories against more than  20
key factors."

Vice  President Jeffrey L. Strief of CMP's Enterprise Computing Group  said
the three firms that ranked highest "have demonstrated their competency  in
branding  simultaneously  to  resellers and IS/network  managers,"  adding,
"Their effective messaging and consistent execution are 'Best of Breed'  in
high-tech."   And  John Russell, vice president/group  publisher  of  CMP's
Channel  Group,  says  the synergy between resellers and  their  enterprise
customers  has  never  been stronger and "the study underscores  the  clear
opportunity  that  exists for high-tech marketers to increase  their  brand
equity  overall by developing a communications strategy that includes  both
the channel and the enterprise."

Categories   included  in  the  study  were  desktop   PCs,   mobile   PCs,
intranet/Internet  software,  PC  servers,  networking  hardware  and   SQL
database  applications. Twenty-four hardware and software  vendors'  brands
were   evaluated,  including  3Com,  Acer,  Ascend,  Apple,  Bay  Networks,
Cabletron, Compaq, Cisco, Computer Associates, Dell, Digital, Gateway 2000,
Hewlett-Packard,  IBM, Informix, Lotus, Microsoft, NEC,  Netscape,  Novell,
Oracle, SunSoft, Sybase and Toshiba.

                       Sun Skirts Encryption Policy

Plans  to  sell advanced data-security software from a Russian supplier  to
overseas customers means Sun Microsystems Inc. will be skirting U.S. export
regulations and so is likely to receive close government scrutiny.
Reporter  David Bank of The Wall Street Journal says Sun is set to announce
it will sell encryption software licensed from Elvis+ Co., a company formed
by scientists from the former Soviet space program.

Bank  notes  Sun  has a 10 percent equity stake in the Russian  firm  whose
Elvis+ products will be shipped to overseas customers from Sun distributors
in third countries to keep them from falling under U.S. jurisdiction.
"Sun's  move  illustrates  how  global  market  pressures  are  making   it
increasingly difficult for U.S. officials to control the spread of advanced
encryption  hardware and software," Bank comments. "The  technology,  which
scrambles  data  to protect it from computer eavesdroppers,  is  considered
vital  to  the  growth  of  electronic commerce.  But  export  of  powerful
encryption  products is barred under U.S. export-control laws,  on  grounds
that terrorists and others will use it to evade surveillance."

The  Journal quotes President/CEO Jim Bidzos of RSA Data Security  Inc.  as
saying  the  Sun  action will cause the Clinton administration  to  face  a
difficult decision. "The government," he says, "has to shut this  down,  or
else  the competitors of Sun probably have to say, `We're going to  do  the
same  thing.'"  Bidzos, a long-time critic of the export controls,  praised
Sun's move as "blatant and in-your-face."  The paper says Sun appears to be
the  first  major  company  to  use foreign  software  to  supply  overseas
customers,  adding the company's executives say they hadn't  discussed  the
plans  with  U.S. government officials but had strictly adhered to  current

Humphrey Polanen, general manager of Sun's network-security products group,
told  Bank, "This is not being done to subvert export-control laws  but  to
deliver solutions to customers. Never before have organizations outside  of
the   United  States  had  access  to  such  advanced  security  software."
Meanwhile, privacy advocates, like Jerry Berman of the Center for Democracy
and  Technology in Washington, D.C., say Sun's initiative will boost  their
goal of making high-strength encryption widely available. Said Berman,  "We
think   the   benefit  for  security  outweighs  the  liability   for   law

Elvis+  products  are  based on a security protocol called  SKIP  that  was
developed by Sun, but Sun says it provided no technical assistance  to  the
Russian  company.   "The distinction is crucial," says  Bank.  "The  export
controls  cover  any  product developed with such assistance  from  a  U.S.
company."   To  be marketed under the name SunScreen SKIP E+,  the  product
employs  various  encryption algorithms, or formulas,  including  so-called
three-key  triple DES and 128-bit ciphers, which security experts  consider
to be virtually unbreakable.

                          New Net Threat Appears

Internet Security Systems Inc. is urging network professionals to eliminate
their  vulnerability to a new potentially devastating method  of  attacking
Windows-compatible  computers on a network.  The hacker  technique,  called
the  "WinNuke" or "Out of Band" ("OOB") data attack, has been  reported  to
have  already  brought  down  thousands of computers  worldwide,  says  the
Atlanta-based company, which specializes in Internet security products. ISS
says  it  has  products  available that allows  network  managers  to  take
corrective  actions  and guard against future attacks.   More  details  are
available on the ISS Web site at

                      Slow Growth for Online Services

Subscriptions  to online services grew at a sluggish 6.6  percent  rate  in
1997's   first   quarter,  according  to  new  research  from  Cowles/Simba
Information.   The Stamford, Connecticut, company notes that more  than  51
services  reported  a  total 27.6 million subscribers for  the  three-month
period  ending  March  31,  compared to  25.9  million  at  year-end  1996.
"America Online has so many more subscribers than any other online service,
that  when it suffers, so does the rest of the industry," says Karen Burka,
editorial  director  of Cowles/Simba's Electronic Information  Report.  The
service  grew its subscriber base to 8.0 million in first quarter 1997,  up
6.7  percent over 7.5 million at the end of 1996. "It's imperative that the
service  gets  its  network capacity up to speed to  ensure  its  long-term
growth," says Burka.

                       Retailers Heading to the Web

Retailers are continuing their slow but steady move toward providing online
shopping,  finds a new study jointly conducted by Computer  Sciences  Corp.
and  trade journal Retail Info Systems News. Along the way, they  are  also
boosting  their  investments in data warehousing and executive  information
systems  as  they  strive  to  find the right balance  between  operational
efficiency  and customer intimacy.  As the Internet becomes more entrenched
in  the daily lives of Americans, notes the study, an increasing number  of
retailers  are  looking for ways to use the World Wide Web  to  fuel  sales
growth cost effectively. Nearly 20 percent of respondents surveyed by study
said  they currently offer online shopping -- up from 11 percent in   1996.
An  additional 39 percent say they plan to have operational cyberstores  by
1999.   The  study  finds that the heaviest users of the Web  for  shopping
transactions  are  book and music retailers, grocery and  department  store
chains and non-apparel specialty stores.

"Retail  has  made the electronic shopping conversion from parlor  game  to
business system -- from 'Visit my neat Web site' to 'Click here to order,'"
says  Steve  Biciocchi,  a  partner with CSC's consumer  goods  and  retail
consulting practice in Cleveland. "The next great leap forward will  happen
when  the  capabilities and flexibility of online applications  mature  and
truly  meet customer needs, as in, 'Tell us where and when to deliver  your

                      Internet Changing Biz Landscape

Internet  commerce is changing the business landscape, finds  new  research
from  International  Data  Corp.   "The use  of  Internet  technologies  is
projected  to  become pervasive in the near future, leading to  a  dramatic
change  in corporations' business models," says Susan Tan, a senior analyst
in  IDC's  consulting and management services research  program.  "Already,
upstarts  are  using  the  Internet to challenge  the  market  position  of
dominant  players."  Although true Internet commerce -- allowing  customers
to  transact  purchases over the Internet -- is still relatively  uncommon,
notes the Framingham, Massachusetts, market research firm, 46.4 percent  of
companies  are planning to offer this capability. "This function represents
the  highest  rate of response for planned use of the Internet.  The  trend
suggests  the  first stage of use of the Internet has  been  mainly  as  an
electronic publishing medium, while the next stage of use will involve more
ordering,  selling, and distributing goods and services. Internet  commerce
is   clearly   in   the  early  stages  of  adoption."   IDC's   Web   site
(  contains additional  information  and  recent
news releases. The site also offers full-text searching of recent research.

                     Gingrich Puts Budget Docs Online

House Speaker Newt Gingrich says documents dealing with the balanced budget
deal will be put on the Internet so all Americans can see how it came about
and  what's in it.  Gingrich told The Associated Press a home page  labeled
"a  balanced budget for America's future" will allow people to consider the
amendment  "at  the  same  time as the Washington insiders,  have  all  the
knowledge we have and truly move toward a balanced budget in the right  way
with the American people participating."

AP  says  the  material  actually is available  to  two  addresses  on  the
internet.        et.html        and  In a House floor  speech  yesterday,
Gingrich  commented,  "Every talk-radio show host, every  single  potential
critic,  every  columnist will have access to the same data,  but  so  will
citizens  without  editing by anyone."  He said material to  appear  online
includes  letters on the balanced budget sent from Senate  Majority  Leader
Trent  Lott, R-Mississippi, and Gingrich to President Clinton and his chief
of staff Erskine Bowles and summary documents on the budget agreement.

                      The 'Eyes' of the Net Re-emerge

Twenty-five  years  ago,  when programmers at the  University  of  Southern
California  needed  an image to test the burgeoning technology  of  digital
compression,  someone decided to scan the eye of the "playmate"  centerfold
in the November 1972 Playboy.  That image -- of Lenna Sjooblom's eye -- was
sent  to  engineering labs around the world over the Arpanet, the primitive
predecessor to the Internet, and today, Sjooblom's photo is believed to  be
the  most-viewed  image on the Internet. It also is the  standard  used  to
compare and test various graphic compression techniques.

Now  Sjooblom is making her first public appearance since her 1972  Playboy
pictorial, attending the 50th Annual Conference of the Society for  Imaging
Science  &  Technology in Boston this week.  Says Playboy  Magazine,  in  a
statement  from  Chicago, "At the conference, many of the  world's  leading
digital  imaging  authorities will meet for the first  time  the  beautiful
woman  who has been a mainstay of their work for the past quarter  century.
...  Sjooblom  lived in Chicago at the time of her Playboy appearance,  but
soon  returned to her native Sweden, married and had children,  unaware  of
her notoriety in imaging scientific circles."  A tribute to Sjooblom now is
available  on the "News Desk" on the "Playboy Home Page" on the World  Wide
Web (

                      Feds Probe Microsoft-WebTV Deal

Microsoft  Corp.'s  planned  purchase of WebTV Networks  Inc.,  which  lets
people  cruise  the Internet from their  TV sets, is being investigated  by
federal  antitrust  regulators.  Associated Press  writer  Jeannine  Aversa
quotes  Gina  Talamona, spokeswoman for the Justice Department's  Antitrust
Division,  as  confirming, "We are looking at the transaction."   AP  notes
that under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, planned mergers in which the acquired
company's sales or assets exceed $10 million must be reviewed by either the
Justice  Department or the Federal Trade Commission. The Justice Department
review   determines  if  the  $425  million  planned  merger   would   hurt
competition, raise prices or otherwise harm the economy.

Aversa adds that among the things the Justice Department is looking into is
whether  the  Microsoft-WebTV  merger  would  impede  competition  in   the
developing market for software contained in set-top boxes or future TV sets
enabling TV viewers to connect to the Internet, said industry sources close
to   the   investigation  who  spoke  on  condition  of  anonymity.    "The
Microsoft-WebTV  deal," says Aversa, "comes as the  computer  industry  and
existing  TV set makers race to define what the next generation of  digital
TV  sets  will  look  like. The prize: $150 billion in spending  needed  to
replace  the  existing 220 million analog TV sets in  the  United  States."
Adds  AP,  "The  computer industry's vision is essentially  a  large-screen
computer  that people use not only to get  a crystal-clear TV  picture  but
also  to  surf the Internet and send e-mail. TV set makers have a different
vision:  a  wide-screen  TV with superior picture  and  sound  quality  but
little, if any, computer capability."

                     Apple Loses Another Top Executive

Apple  Computer Inc. has lost another top-level executive. George  Scalise,
the  computer  maker's chief operating officer, is leaving the  company  to
become  president of the Semiconductor Industry Association.  Scalise,  63,
is  the latest of a half-dozen high executives to depart Apple in the  past
few  months.  He  says he has accomplished all his goals  at  the  company.
Prior  to joining Apple about a year ago, Scalise served as executive  vice
president and chief administrative officer for National Semiconductor Corp.
from  1991  to  1996. He has also served as a senior executive  at  Maxtor,
Advanced  Micro  Devices, Fairchild Semiconductor and  Motorola.   "I  look
forward to the challenges and responsibilities of working at the SIA," said
Scalise. "While we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the invention  of  the
transistor this year, we're still a young and dynamic industry. We've grown
at  an average rate of 17 percent a year and continue to invent information
technologies that are transforming the way we live, work and play."

                     Woman Duped Online Gets $264,000

Some  $264,000 has been awarded by a Virginia judge to a woman who  met  on
the  Internet  a person she thought was the man of her dreams  --  only  to
learn  after  four months after marriage that he was a she.  Administrative
assistant  Margaret Hunter of Alexandria, Virginia, will  get  $250,000  in
damages and $14,000 to cover what she spent on the couple's relationship --
including $9,500 for their wedding before 70 unsuspecting guests last April
at a fancy hotel, The Associated Press reports, adding the ruling came from
Circuit  Court Judge Alfred D. Swersky in Alexandria.  As reported earlier,
Hunter, 24, met Holly Anne Groves, 26, of Bryan, Texas, online in the  fall
of  1995.  In  computer messages -- and later in person  --  Groves  called
herself  "Thorne Wesley Jameson Groves," and told Hunter she was a  jet-set
businessman  dying  of  AIDS  (an  alleged circumstance  that  Groves  said
prohibited physical intimacy between the couple).

Groves also bound her chest with bandages, saying she had rib injuries from
a  car  accident.  After their marriage, Hunter grew suspicious when  Grove
did  not  seem  to be getting sicker or receiving any medical  bills.  When
Grove's  parents  called  and asked for "Holly," Hunter  went  looking  for
Grove's  birth  certificate and learned she was a  woman.   Following  this
week's court verdict, Hunter told reporters she hopes the fine will "send a
real strong message" to Groves and others who misuse the Internet.

           A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N

                              LEXMARK OPTRA C
                               LASER PRINTER

For a limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent to
you  that demonstrates LEXMARK Optra C SUPERIOR QUALITY 600 dpi Laser Color
Output,  please  send  a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope  [SASE]  (business
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                     STReport's LEXMARK Printout Offer
                               P.O. Box 6672
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Folks,  the LEXMARK Optra C has to be the very best yet in its price range.
It  is  far superior to anything we've seen or used as of yet.  It is  said
that  ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  The out put from the  Lexmark
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that's  right!   Suitable for Framing.  Order this package.   It'll  be  on
special stock and be of superb quality.  We obtained a mint copy of a  1927
COLOR  ENGRAVER'S  YEAR  BOOK.  Our Scanner is doing  "double  duty"!   The
results  will  absolutely blow you away.  If you  want  this  high  quality
sample package please include a check or money order in the amount of $6.95
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Be  sure  to include your full return address and telephone number  .   The
sample will be sent to you protected, not folded in a 9x12 envelope.  Don't
hesitate.. you will not be disappointed.  This "stuff" is gorgeous!

           A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N

Shareware Treasure Chest STR Feature         "The Latest & Greatest"

                         Shareware Treasure Chest

By Lloyd E. Pulley

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Internet Explorer 32-bit 3.02      5/22/97    .82mb Free

  The update for Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 provides RFC 1867 file
upload capability which up until now it has lacked (Netscape already had

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Windows 95 TCP/IP Out-of-Band Security Fix    5/22/97  .25mb     Free

  The information in this article applies to:
z    Microsoft Windows 95
z    Microsoft Windows 95 OEM Service Release versions 1, 2, 2.1

On a computer running Microsoft Windows 95 (all releases) using the
Microsoft TCP/IP protocol, the following error message may occur when
certain data is received over the network:

     Fatal exception 0E at 0028:<address> in VxD MSTCP(01) + 000041AE.
     This was called from 0028:<address> in VxD NDIS(01) + 00000D7C.

After this error message occurs, the computer may not receive further
network data until Windows is restarted.  This error message can occur if
certain, very specific, "out-of-band" data packets are deliberately sent to
the server during a TCP/IP session.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Eudora Pro 32-bit 3.0.2 beta 4     5/16/97    6.00mb   Shareware

  One of the best email clients around. It features: *Enhanced message
filtering *Multiple e-mail accounts *Plug-ins *Stylized text *"Drag and
Drop" support and almost everything else you can think off.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

WinRAR 2.01                        5/18/97    490kb Shareware $35.00

  The RAR compression format compress files better than the ZIP format most
of the time, but it is relatively unknown right now. It also has a cool
interface, and also supports the ZIP compression, but needs pkunzip.exe
and/or pkzip.exe.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Time & Chaos 32-bit 5.2.8          5/16/97    2.00mb   Shareware $45

  A really nice PIM that allows you to send email, faxes, make phone calls,
and visite web sites all from the "phonebook". It also has to do lists,
appointments books, and more.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

ProPick NFL Football '97 1.97      5/15/97    1,847kb  Shareware $15.00

  A Windows NFL tracking and forecasting tool. It comes ready for the '97-
'98 season with statistics it uses to make judgments on game outcomes based
on weighted averages. It contains schedules for all the planned games for
the year, including where the game is (home or away) and the day of the
week it falls on. The program automatically figures out standings based on
scores that the user enters as the season progresses to hone in on the
winners. View weekly results, results by team, or predictions for upcoming
games. Schedules, names and locations can all be modified through the easy-
to-use pull-down menus.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Hardcopy 6.3                       5/19/97    652kb Freeware

  A utility that is used to print out your screen or window. A title with
the date, time, hostname and username is printed. Key [Print] - prints out
the current screen. Key [Alt+Print] - prints out current window. A click of
the hardcopy-icon in the taskbar prints out the current screen. You can
change the settings that Hardcopy while saves the srceen, and doesn't print
it, You can change the settings so that Hardcopy prints the screen to an
other printer as the default.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Excite PAL 32-bit 1.0 beta         5/16/97    .64mb Free

  Excite PAL is a confidential messaging service between you and your
network of friends. You will be able to tell when family, friends and
colleagues are online, plus you can send and receive messages
instantaneously to anyone logged in to Excite PAL.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

pcANYWHERE32 7.5                   5/17/97    4,770kb  Shareware
  The fastest and easiest way to access applications and data remotely from
a home or office PC or network-anywhere, anytime. Make quick and easy
connections to check e-mail, support clients remotely, download files, or
simply run remote applications as if you were right there.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

IPSentry 32-bit 2.1                5/17/97    4.00mb   Shareware $129

  PSentry is a Windows NT / 95 utility that will continuously monitor all
your internet and intranet TCP/IP services 24 hours a day, ensuring your
email servers, web sites, ftp servers, news servers, and any other TCP/IP
based services are active and responding. In the event of failure, IPSentry
will notify you (according to the defined schedule) via any or all of
several different methods; PAGER, EMAIL via SMTP, AUDIBLE via .WAV or PC
speaker, Launch external command. Utilize alert frequency scheduling,
machine downtime scheduling and many more feature.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Norton AntiVirus 2.0               5/17/97    5,710kb  Shareware

  Removes viruses automatically, while providing the ultimate in Internet
protection. It installs in minutes, is easy to use, and works in the

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

AntiHack File Protector 1.0        5/16/97    139kb Shareware $40.00

  An unhackable file protector with multiple protections system. You can
use the AntiHack File Protector to protect all of your personal files and
not to worry that someone can see it. AntiHack will protect your files with
password protection. But not just a simple password protection, It has a
tremendous technique of password protection from VisuaLand Technology. You
won't get any crackers trying bypassing your password, because it will ruin
the other data. AntiHack is equipped with powerful level-protection system
that has been tested to some professional hackers, and they admitted that
AntiHack can't be easily cracked. We have created AntiHack for your best,
simple and efficient personal data protection because AntiHack will also
compress your file.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

SubSpace for Win95 1.25            5/17/97    2.20mb   Free

  A space type shoot 'em up with a difference. It's played entirely over
the internet with all human opponents. The game itself reminds me in a way
of the old Atari 2600 game Asteroids because the movement is basically the
same. However instead of being one one small screen and blowing up
asteroids, you are on a huge level and blow the crap out of other pilots.
By itself the game is pretty good (nice graphics), however when you add
real human players it really shines. At almost any given time you can find
around 50-60 other people playing, so the action is always hectic. You can
make squads, join teams, send messages while you play, and generally cause
havoc. This game is really worth the download, it's nifty.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

NetToob Stream 32-bit 3.2          5/17/97    1.20mb   Shareware $19.95

  Provides the ultimate software-only solution for playing all current
digital standards on a Windows based PC including MPEG-1, Video for Windows
(AVI) and QuickTime for Windows (MOV) as downloaded media, and varied frame-
rate MPEG-1 on-demand media without server software." With Net Toob, users
now have the choice of playing media on-demand, simply by clicking on it,
or by downloading the entire file and then playing it.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Stiletto 97d                       5/18/97    650kb Shareware

  Perform cosmetic surgery on your programs/files interface with Stiletto:
access commands by any mouse click on a tiny button bar, customized menus,
tray icons, hot keys, screen corners, desktop clicks, submenus of your
Start Menu, alarms, or timers. Instead of littering it with shortcuts,
enliven your desktop by randomizing your wallpaper, sounds, and screen

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

WinZip Self-Extractor 2.1 Release  5/15/97    593kb Shareware

  Self-Extractor creates self-extracting or self-installing zip files.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Quick Cab 3.0                      5/15/97    999kb Freeware

  Lets you create .cab files for internet distribution, or just for
archiving and backing up your own files. With an excellent interface, and
easy to use options, Quick Cab is one of the best utilities of its kind.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

FutCal32 7.0                       5/18/97    35kb  Shareware $35.00

  Futures Calculator. The calculator evaluates futures fair values, deltas,
thetas, rhos. Futcalc also determines the premium, basis, index value and
implied dividend of the future. The index value is what the underlying's
spot value should be given futures price. The implied dividend shows how
the future's fair value differs from the market price. Spreadsheet template
provided which shows how to use all the features of addin together with
whatif analysis and charts.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Net Term 32-bit 4.2.0              5/18/97    1.10mb   Shareware $20

  A windows communications program that provides a combination of ethernet
and dial up telnet, ansi bulletin board support , and dialer programs, all
in one. Enables fast dial up for SLIP/PPP Internet providers, as well as
Internet SHELL access. At last, zmodem file transfers over the Internet!
NetTerm will even allow editing a host file on your local computer, with
just one command, 'netedit'. Need to print a unix file on your local
printer, no problem, NetTerm will do that! NetTerm now supports
International keyboards and VT100 line drawing support.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

InfoTree32 3.2.1                   5/15/97/   2,530kb  Shareware $39.95

  Freeform information storage for Win95/NT from iSBiSTER Int'l. InfoTree32
is a great program to help get your information organized, whether it is
meeting notes, project planning, home inventories, or even your recipies.
Take those scraps of paper and piles of sticky notes and organize them for
fast searching, retrieval, display, and printing. Build links to Web Sites
or attach files. Includes full-featured text editor and MAPI email support.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

IPage 32-bit preview release 2     5/18/97    2.00mb   Free

  With ipage a quick glance of your list of "friends and associates" will
let you know who is online at that moment. Contact any number of friends
and associates and bring them all to a private chat room for group
discussions or just to catch-up. Send links to any Real Media file to
friends and associates and ipage will instantly launch the Real Player.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Cool Clock! 1.0b                   5/18/97    509kb Shareware

  A very configurable digital style clock which is actually displayed on
your desktop, not in a window! It is texturemapped and animated. The time
and date formats are totally configurable. The time/date can be scaled to
any size and moved anywhere. Fonts are also user-definable. Built in CD-
player and CD wake-up alarm functions.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Carmageddon Updated Demo           5/19/97    13.00mb  Commercial Demo

  Pit your wits and wheels against 25 other maniac drivers over 36 race
circuits in your quest to become the Prince of the Pile-up! Your car and
those of your competitors behave in the most accurate manner yet used in a
computer game. Watch your wheels moving independently on their suspension
as you slide your car into your unfortunate competitors. Ram a competitor
from behind as he corners and watch him flip over your head in a terrifying

You are also actively encouraged to destroy other contestants' vehicles on
the track, awarding the victorious driver with credits, depending on the
extent of the damage inflicted. These credits can then be exchanged for
automatic damage repair to your car or better and more deadly features when
you visit the parts shop.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

EoEdit 32-bit .79                  5/19/97    .03mb Shareware $5

  EoEdit is a stripped-down text editor with the programmer in mind. It is
a simple, fast text editor. Features include:
 *Font Style, Size, Color and Background Color Selection
 *Multiple Document Interface so you can work on several files at once
without having to open
   more than one instance of the program and more.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

POPit 32-bit 1.7                   5/19/97    .12mb Shareware $10

  POPIt is a Windows 95 and NT 4.0 winsock application which sits in the
Taskbar tray and monitors up to ten (10) POP3 compliant mailboxes. POPIt
continuously displays in the icon tray the number of received E-Mail
messages. InstaScan displays the headers of any received mail. Any recieved
message may viewed and printed using the InstaView feature. Un-wanted
messages can be deleted quickly with a simple button click. Audible and/or
visual notifications can be programmed to occur if new mail is received
during a mailbox check that occurs at programmable intervals. You can also
launch your favorite EMAIL application with a single button click.
InstaReply lets you reply to received mail from a simple dialog box without
having to launch your EMAIL Program. The InstaNote feature allows you to
send a text message to any EMail address on-the-fly! The 'URL Trap" lets
you go to any URL location embedded in a message from InstaView!

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

NetLoad 32-bit 3.6a                5/19/97    .31mb Shareware $34.95

  NetLoad is a fully automatic smart file transfer system which maintains
remote sites using conventional FTP. Only new or updated files are
transferred, and entire directories and sub-directories are recreated based
on your directory structure. It now includes mirroring of remote sites.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

WebVCR 32-bit 1.0.4                5/20/97    1.60mb   Shareware $19.95

  WebVCR works like your home VCR: you program it with the sites you want,
it "records" the web sites using your preferences, and you view your sites
by "playing" them back on your favorite web browser. Unlike first
generation offline browsers, WebVCR has a powerful, wizard-driven Windows
95 interface that puts you in control of recorded content, allowing you to
specify exactly what you want to record and what you don't want to record.
Plus, WebVCR doesn't limit you to a single cache of downloaded web pages.
It allows you to create as many "Web Tapes" (recorded web pages stored in a
file) as you like in any location on any media (hard disk, Iomega Zip,
SyQuest SyJet, etc.) which makes it easy to archive, transfer, or
distribute the web content you've recorded.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

DynamIP 3.0 for Win95              5/20/97    3.10mb   Freeware

  DynamIP is a free Internet Utility (32bit, multi-threaded) for Windows
95/NT with the following features: - Dynamic IP address poster (updates
your web pages with your current dynamic IP address; up to 5 connections) -
POP mail checker (up to 5 e-mail accounts) - PC clock synchronizer (works
with any NTP server) - IPchat (chat with other DynamIP users and establish
a point-to-point connection with MS NetMeeting) - HTTPscan (scans arbitrary
sequences of IP addresses and searches for web servers). DynamIP now
includes a timer controlled RAS dialer and event driven program launcher!

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Netscape Communicator 32-bit 4.0 beta 4       5/21/97  13.40mb   Free

  The newest version of Netscape navigator. It features: Enhanced visual
appearance and user interface, Taskbar that enables easy access to
Communicator components, HTML Editing, Collabra Conferencing and a lot
more. This version is the same as the last beta 4 [last week] but this
version includes the netcaster add-on ("push" capability).

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Windows Commander 3.02             5/20/97    850kb Freeware

  An excellent replacement for the Windows95 Explorer. Small, quick, great
features - everything you need!!!

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Tanarus 32-bit beta .88            5/21/97    6.00mb   Free
  [formerly called Armorgeddon]

  Tired of playing against your computer? Then prepare yourself for the
ultimate online challenge in Sony Interactive Studio America's ArmorGeddon,
a futuristic multi-player action/strategy tank game in which all the
competition are other players just like yourself.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Screen Print 32 1.2b               5/21/97    10kb  Freeware

  Print your screen by simply hitting the Print Screen button on your
keyboard. No icons to clutter up your desktop. No configuration neccesary.
Will also print a specific screen area if required.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Java JDK 32-bit 1.1.2              5/22/97    8.00mb   Free for personal

  The Java Developers Kit (JDK) lets you write applets that conform to the
applet API for the Java Programming Language.

   Home Page Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

FileHound 32-bit 0.9               5/22/97    .24mb Shareware $15

  FileHound is a simple Winsock application that fills a serious need: One-
step, robust file downloading from both FTP and Web servers. I'm sure
you've used your web browser to download files, but you've probably
experienced failed transfers, corrupted files and some horrifying lag
during the downloads. FileHound ensures these things will never happen
again. Even if you haven't had a lick of trouble, take a look at the
features offered:
 * Multiple-file download queue with stop, start and resume.
 * Never gives up on a transfer. Will retry and resume automatically.
 * Advanced options for default directories, login ids, passwords.
 * Manages downloaded files, including file Open and Delete.

   Home Page Site -

EDUPAGE STR Focus        Keeping the users informed


Multifunctional Smart Cards
Corbis Drops CD-ROM Project
House Judiciary Endorses Lifting
Ban Against Encryption Exports
Steve Jobs Wants Apple To Dump The
Net Censorship Attempt
HP Disconnects Modem Business
VidModem Sends Two-Way TV Over
Phone Lines
On The Internet, Nobody Knows
You're A Woman
What Kind Of Web Animal Are You?
Ellison Sees Himself As An
Enlightened Egotist
Safe Surfing Guidelines From ALA
E-Rate Approved By FCC
Dr. Know
Espionage Goes To Cyberspace
Oracle To Buy Netscape's Navio
Sun To Sell Encryption Software
Through Russian Firm
Gateway 2000 Debuts NetPC
Key Recovery System Is Full Of
HolesNew Graduate Requirement Calls
For Web Page CreationPushing Ahead
Of Security MeasuresMicrosoft Adds
Business News Partners To Explorer
CD Sales Soar On The Web
AT&T WorldNet Security Hits A Snag
Sony Aims High In New Optical Disk
Solar-Powered Satellite Phones
Technologies Americans Love To Hate

                        MULTIFUNCTIONAL SMART CARDS
Mondex International, a subsidiary of MasterCard, is leading an effort to
develop a secure system (called  Multos) for "smart cards" that could
securely handle multiple functions (credit/debit purchases, an electronic
cash purse, supermarket loyalty points, a security pass, a rail pass, etc.)
on a single chip embedded in a plastic  card.  Functions could be changed
or updated without re-issuing the cards.  Other companies working with
Mondex are Dai Nippon, Gemplus, Hitachi, Keycorp, Motorola, and Siemens.
(Financial Times 16 May 97)

                        CORBIS DROPS CD-ROM PROJECT

Weakness in the CD-ROM market caused by competition from online content has
led to a decision by Corbis  Corp. to suspend a major CD-ROM project it had
been working on:  a biography of the photographer Ansel  Adams.  Corbis was
formed in 1989 by Microsoft chief Bill Gates to develop an archive of
digital images. (Wall Street Journal 16 May 97)

                        AGAINST ENCRYPTION EXPORTS
The House Judiciary Committee has approved the "Security and Freedom
Through Encryption Act" -- a bill that  would lift most restrictions on
computer software and hardware products containing up-to-56-bit encryption
technology.  The bill now goes to the House International Relations
Committee for consideration.  The SAFE  bill would also allow U.S. citizens
to choose the methods they prefer to secure electronic transmissions;
the sale domestically of any type of encryption; prohibit the government
from mandating key recovery systems;  and make it possible to charge
someone with a federal crime "who, in the commission of a felony under a
criminal statute of the United States, knowingly and willfully encrypts
incriminating information relating to the  felony with the intent to
conceal such information for the purpose of avoiding detection by law
agencies or prosecution."  (BNA Daily Report for Executives 15 May 97)


Apple founder Steve Jobs, who was forced out of the company by then-CEO
John Sculley but who now serves  as an advisor to current-CEO Gil Amelio,
says Apple ought to sell off its Newton technology used to produce
handheld computers.  Wearing worn jeans with patches, Jobs told a meeting
of Apple developers that the  company could manage two software projects at
a time (Mac/OS and the next-generation "Rhapsody") but not  three (those
two plus the Newton operating system).  Instead of working on the handheld
Newton, Jobs thinks  that Apple should be developing stripped-down "network
computers" that could be used by "mere mortals" as  alternatives to PCs in
accessing information and software from the Internet.  (San Jose Mercury
News 17 May 97)

                          NET CENSORSHIP ATTEMPT

A group of parents in Columbus, Ohio, wants that state's legislators to
require pornography-screening software  for a new system that will tie
together the state's 700 public libraries to the Internet.  The group,
called Citizens  for the Protection of Children, says children should be
protected from material on the Internet that depicts rape,  torture or
mutilation, and "chat line" overtures by pedophiles.  A number of Ohio
librarians have said the  screening is too close to censorship and should
be opposed.  (AP 16 May 97)

                       HP DISCONNECTS MODEM BUSINESS

Hewlett-Packard is scrapping its high-speed cable modem business, deciding
instead to focus on its core  activities -- making PCs and peripherals.
"We want to sell the servers that feed the pipe and the PCs and the
printers that receive content from it.  We just don't want to provide the
pipe," says the operations manager of   HP's broadband program.  The
company had been working on a QuickBurst cable modem and router products,
but now says that a recent standards initiative made further investment in
QuickBurst unattractive:  "The MCNS  has the potential of saying everyone
has to start all over again."  (Broadcasting & Cable 12 May 97)


Objective Communications Inc., based in Chantilly, Va., has patented a
signal-processing technology called   VidModem that can accommodate
simultaneous two-way video, voice and data over the standard copper
telephone lines already found in homes and businesses.  VidModem transmits
via an FM signal rather than the  AM signals used to transmit most
television program over the airwaves or via cable.  The technique uses
compression technology to squeeze the 24 MHz FM signal into the 20 MHz
bandwidth that the phone wires can   handle.  The company plans to start
shipping a commercial system by the end of the year.  (Business Week 19
May 97)


A court in Virginia has awarded $264,000 to a woman who married a
"businessman dying of AIDS" she met  over the Internet but whom the woman
discovered -- four months after the wedding -- to be another woman.
(Washington Post 17 May 97)

                     WHAT KIND OF WEB ANIMAL ARE YOU?

Columnist Peter Huber says there are three types of people on the Web:  the
cheetah, the hippo and the cow:   "The cheetah hunts.  He pursues a single,
specific target, selected before the chase begins.  He runs in a straight
line and, despite his great speed, covers little ground.  He is a narrow-
bandwidth beast...  The hippo is a  different beast entirely.  You won't
spot him sprinting across the Serengeti Plain.  Instead, he lumbers from
here   to there, browsing on bushes and shrubs as he finds them.  He covers
a good bit of real estate because he craves  variety in his greens.  A
medium-band beast...  Cows graze.  They inhale their grass, uncritically,
in massive   quantities, in the blandest of pastures.  They are high-
bandwidth, low-cal beasts.  They are bred for television.   The Web doesn't
yet interest bovine herbivores at all.  It won't until bandwidth goes up
another hundredfold at   best...  The leading indicator for prosperity on
the Web is bandwidth -- the speed at which Web connections  transmit.  And
bandwidth is now increasing fast.  There's enough to feed the cheetahs
already.  The hippos will  follow before long.  Even the cows will come
home, just as soon as the trail to gets broad enough."  (Forbes 19
May 97)


Why has billionaire and Oracle founder Larry Ellison wanted to buy Apple
Computer?  Because he has a  mission to put a computer on the desk of every
American child.  "This is all being done pro bono.  The question  is:  What
do you do with your life?  This is what, after the first several billion
dollars, keeps you going...  I  mean, the goal is not be the richest guy in
the graveyard.  I don't care how much I'm worth when I'm dead.  How  do I
make myself feel good?  The only way I know to make myself feel better is
to make the world feel better.   on't mistake that for altruism.  It's
egotism. Call it enlightened egotism."  (Vanity Fair June 97)


The American Library Association has drafted a set of guidelines for
librarians, suggesting ways to assist  patrons in using online searches
without incurring liability for ones that turn up potentially offensive or
"indecent" material.  The guidelines offer "some easy things that a library
can do at this point rather than trying  to block access to the Internet or
put up filters or do something that is so restrictive to their patrons'
access to  the Internet," says the assistant director of the ALA's Office
for Intellectual Freedom.  The recommendations include:  educating staff,
library board, governing bodies, community leaders, parents, children, etc.
about the  Internet and what it offers; establishing and implementing
written policies on Internet use; reminding parents  that they are
responsible for their children's Internet use; creating and promoting Web
pages with recommended  sites for parents and children; and placing
terminals away from public view so that others are not offended by  any
particular user's choice of viewing material.  (Chronicle of Higher
Education 23 May 97)

                          E-RATE APPROVED BY FCC

The Federal Communications Commission last week voted unanimously to
approve deep discounts on  telecommunications service charges for schools
and public libraries.  The "E-rate," as it's called, will be  available
Jan. 1 and will save schools anywhere between 20% to 90%, depending on
poverty rate and telecommunications costs.  The discounts cover phone
calls, wireless  services, Internet access, and the  installation and
maintenance of internal connections within a building.  Companies that
provide the services will  be compensated through a universal-service fund
created by fees paid by all telecommunications providers.   internet
service providers do not have to contribute to the fund.  Secretary of
Education Richard Riley pointed  out that the biggest task is yet to come:
"We have a great responsibility. Most of all, we must show that it really
makes a difference in theclassroom."  (Education Week on the Web 14 May 97)

                                 DR. KNOW

Xerox and its Japanese sister corporation Fuji Xerox are recognizing the
world's transition into a "knowledge- based society" by establishing a
"Xerox Distinguished Professor in Knowledge" chair at the University of
California at Berkeley.  The first occupant of the chair will be well-known
management theorist Ikujiro Nonaka.   The effort underscores Xerox's belief
that the role of knowledge in the Information Age will become increasingly
important.  "The difference between being effective and being just
efficient, is the ability to access,  define, utilize and disseminate the
collective experiences of everyone in the company," says John Seely Brown,
head of Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center.  The hope is that companies will
learn how to document and pass   on "tacit knowledge" -- best practices for
solving specific problems or creating specific products that can be made
electronically available to others in the company.  "It would put an
intellectual library at digital fingertip  reach," says a senior VP of
strategy.  (New York Times 19 May 97)

                       ESPIONAGE GOES TO CYBERSPACE

Industrial espionage is on the rise as warfare increasingly is waged with
information, not bombs and bullets,  says leading U.S. computer security
expert Winn Schwartau.  Schwartau, author of the 1994 book "Information
Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway," told government and private
sector information security  experts that the emerging global economy and
the growth of cyberspace raise new concerns about economic  intelligence
and hostile corporate covert actions.  He contends that in the information
age, companies and  countries must warily guard new targets: their
information and the computer infrastructures that support  financial,
power, transportation and communication systems.  This notion, which the
U.S. military has embraced, holds that global conflicts will increasingly
revolve around information and the profits they promise.   Mr. Schwartau
estimated the U.S. economy loses more than $100-billion annually through
economic espionage,
growing by 500% since 1992. (Ottawa Citizen 14 May 97 F3)

                      ORACLE TO BUY NETSCAPE'S NAVIO

Oracle Corp. will purchase Netscape spin-off Navio Communications, created
last year to develop software for  information appliances.  Navio has been
developing a version of Netscape's popular browser that will work with  TVs
operated by remote control and "smart" phones with small display screens.
"If they can put together their  technologies and generate some
efficiencies, it makes an awful lot of sense to me," says one industry
observer.  (Wall Street Journal 19 May 97)


Sun Microsystems will sell encryption software licensed from Elvis+ Co., a
company formed by scientists who  worked on the former Soviet space
program. The software will be shipped to overseas customers from Sun
distributors in third countries, effectively skirting U.S. encryption
export laws.  Jim Bidzos, CEO of encryption  firm RSA Data Security, says
the move is "blatant and in-your-face," and warns "The government has to
shut  this down, or else the competitors of Sun probably have to say,
'We're going to do the same thing.'"  Sun's   general manager of network-
security products defends the action, saying "This is not being done to
subvert  export-control laws but to deliver solutions to customers.  Never
before have organizations outside of the  United States had access to such
advanced security software."  (Wall Street Journal 19 May 97)

                         GATEWAY 2000 DEBUTS NETPC

On May 21, Gateway 2000 will unveil the industry's first NetPC -- code-
named Tomahawk -- priced at less than   1,000 without a monitor, and
sporting a 133-MHz Pentium chip, 16 MB of memory, a 1-gigabyte hard disk
and  a speedy network connection.  "This is going to be great for the
corporate market," says Gateway's VP.  The  slimmed down PCs run Windows
programs and have the advantage of the hard disk -- one item the widely
touted NCs (network computers) won't have.  NCs rely on a server for
software applications and file storage.   "With such low prices, that would
allow me to go in to my managers every year or so and say I need new
machines," says a Merrill Lynch VP.  (Business Week 26 May 97)


The U.S. government's plan for allowing companies to export powerful
encryption software on the condition  that they establish a third-party key
escrow system could actually increase security risks and raise the costs of
online commerce, says a study coordinated by the Center for Democracy and
Technology.  One of the 11  scientists who participated in the study says
that having a key recovery system is similar to having a skeleton  key to
your house in addition to the real key -- the skeleton key is easy to copy.
"So the existence of skeleton  keys or trap doors, as the government is
proposing, is inherently risky."  "A key-recovery system is going to be
extraordinarily hard to design and build economically, safely and
reliably," says another.  (New York Times 22 May 97)


Starting with the year 2000, students at Kalamazoo College will be required
to create a portfolio of Web pages  documenting their academic and
extracurricular activities.  Called a "K Portfolio," the exercise is meant
to   improve the academic advising process, by dividing activities into
five categories:  lifelong learning, career  readiness, social
responsibility, intercultural understanding and leadership.  "We're
changing the entire face
of advising, basically," says one of the project's coordinators.  "The Web
organizes things by theme or topic.  It  encourages you to see how many
little physical blue links you can make between different things."
(Chronicle of Higher Education 23 May 97)


The rush toward "push" technology is leaving some information systems
managers scrambling for security  measures adequate to protect corporate
networks from untrustworthy applets.  "The technology is moving ahead  of
security options available to manage it," says AlliedSignal's manager of
information technology.  "Pushing text and data is fine, but when you get
into the executable world, it opens the door for hackers to create a virus
or get into sensitive information."  And while Java has a built-in security
mechanism called a "sandbox" that  limits an applet's ability to access
system files, Microsoft Active X controls rely on a digital signature to
identify a trusted source.  "Once an Active X control is running on your
machine, you have no way to constrain  what it does," says the head of
Princeton University's Safe Internet Programming Team.  (CIO 1 May 97)


The browser wars continue:  Microsoft announced it has signed up more than
a dozen major business  information providers, including Dun & Bradstreet,
First Call, Forbes, Time Warner's Fortune magazine, and  Dow Jones & Co.,
to beef up its "push" channels for Web content that will be included in
Explorer 4.0.  "This is  a real strike against Netscape's attempt to
penetrate the enterprise market," says a Dataquest analyst.   Meanwhile,
Netscape's list of new content providers includes Knight-Ridder, Federal
Express and Excite Inc.   The company had announced earlier that
information providers such as CBS Sportsline, CNNfn and Hearst's  HomeArts
Network will create channels that work with Netscape's Communicator
software.  (Wall Street Journal 22 May 97)

                         CD SALES SOAR ON THE WEB

It turns out that online music buyers isn't just for twenty-somethings,
after all.  A recent survey of Music  Boulevard's customers shows that half
the frequent buyers are over 30, and that "Leonard Bernstein's New York
Philharmonic Review" has been the best-selling disk since Christmas.  "A 45-
year-old guy doesn't want to hand  his Frank Sinatra CD to a kid with a
Mohawk and a nose ring" at the cash register, says the president of another
online music seller, CD Now.  Jupiter Communications predicts that online
CD sales will more than double this  year to $47 million -- up from $19
million in 1996.  (Business Week 26 May 97)


A security window on AT&T's WorldNet service has been left wide open, says
a database engineer who  subscribes to the service.  The account access
pages on WorldNet's Web site are not protected by Secure  Sockets Layer,
the widely used protocol for authenticating and encrypting transactions
over the Internet.  "We  sat there and just started grabbing packages and
dumping them into a database," says the engineer.  "Read them  off and you
can get people's e-mail IDs, passwords, all that data."  An AT&T
representative says they're  investigating the possible exposure, but says
the chances that any damage has been done is slight, because only  WorldNet
subscribers have access to those pages.  (PC World News Radio 21 May 97)


Sony is planning a new technology for high-capacity recordable optical
disks that will hold 2.6 gigabytes, or  about an hour of regular-format
television. The disks are due out by the end of the year.  Future plans
call for a  revised format capable of storing 12 gigabytes of information
on a single side of a disk the size of a CD.  That  product should be
available by 2000, and will hold about 1.2 hours of high-definition TV
programming. (Investor's Business Daily 21 May 97)


Australian national telecommunications carrier Telstra is making a new
connection -- it's distributed to 10  remote communities telephones that
employ both solar power and satellite communications.  "We're not only
providing technology to remote communities, but we're getting away from
using fossil fuels," says the principal  technical officer at Telstra.
"It's clean and green."  Fifteen percent of Australia's population is
spread out over  an area that covers 80% of the continent, and the roughly
17,000 phone lines that serve this group works out to  less than one line
per 385 sq. kilometers.  In some communities, the new Interra Net system
will work side-by- side with older diesel-powered digital radio
transmitters, which are in the process of being upgraded to offer  ISDN,
fax and Internet services. (TechWire 22 May 97)


America's Research Group conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers late last
year, and discovered that Internet  shopping is No. 2 on the list of
technologies people wish had never been invented.  And No. 1?  "What
America calls the dreaded voice mail.  This is where they're put into a
machine that instructs them what to do.  They  press  all these different
keys.  Ultimately, they never talk to anybody.  And many times they find
their phone  call is never returned.  This is not only far and away the
thing they most wish was never invented, but it's also  probably the
biggest negative to customer service today," says ARG founder C. Britt
Beemer.  Internet shopping came in second because customers found "it was
more difficult than I thought it would be.  And it  took too much time."
Another commented, "What happens if I have a problem with the product?  I
can't shove  it in my hard drive and send it back."  Meanwhile, car cell
phones came in third place:  "This was a shock to me," says Beemer.
"People don't like seeing other people using a cellular phone in a car.
Virtually every  woman who was married with children said they thought it
was a road hazard...  They view car cell phones as  devices that jeopardize
their families."  (Investor's Business Daily 22 May 97)

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Kids Computing Corner
Frank Sereno, Editor

                             Windows 95 CD-ROM
                           Street Price: $49.95
                           For ages 13 and older
                          Mild animated violence
                          919 East Hillsdale Blvd
                           Foster City, CA 94404
                              (415) 655-8031
                           Program Requirements
                              OS:            Windows 95
                              CPU:           Pentium 90 (P133 recommended)
                              HD Space: N/A
                              Memory:        16 MB
                              Graphics:      640 x 480, 256 colors
                              CD-ROM:   Double-speed
                              Audio:         Sound Blaster or compatible

                      Optional:    joystick, printer
                      Direct3D:    Creative Labs 3D Blaster and
                              Matrox Mystique 4MB

review by Jason Sereno (

Psygnosis' latest offering is possibly one of the most advanced games to
date for the PC.  Sentient is truly a breakthrough with its non-linear
story line and over sixty interactive characters.  These characters live in
a space station with two hundred rooms.  Sentient features a 3D interface
that utilizes Direct3D.  The program is truly unique because it combines
elements of mystery, sci-fi, adventure, and role-playing games around an
interesting plot.  Sentient also uses a graphically enhanced menu-driven
dialogue interface that is reminiscent of early PC games.  It also contains
many cinematic scenes that contain breathtaking colors and landscapes.
Sentient is the next step in PC gaming and is definitely a step in the
right direction!

You are Garrit, a medical technician from Earth who is investigating the
radiation sickness aboard the space station Icarus that orbits the sun,
Xexor.  The space station is mining a new source of energy that could be
causing this sickness.  While you are approaching Icarus, a solar flare
erupts that causes you to crash into the Icarus docking bay.  After your
rescue, you see that the radiation sickness is not the only problem aboard.
An assassin has murdered the Captain. The station is headed for the sun so
the engineers are considering taking control of the ship, too.  In
addition, there have been strange messages sent to Suzie, the station's

Sentient has six main plots and many sub plots within the game that will
make each gamer's experience unique.  The game contains over sixty
characters with distinct personalities.  One might just hold the key to
completing the game.  Every interaction with a character changes your
relationship with him.  If you give too many commands or do not answer
questions when asked, you could be getting yourself into a predicament.
You must play your cards right to accomplish your mission on the space
station.  With all of the characters and plots, you can reach many possible
endings.  The game is always different and you will never tire of playing

Icarus is very large with over two hundred accessible rooms on twelve
decks.  The rooms are divided by function.  All medical rooms are on the
same floor and the engineering rooms are grouped together, too.  The
station numbers the rooms uniquely.  For example, if you wish to find the
room 123, you would try to find the row of vertical rooms with a one in the
hundreds place.  These rooms would be arranged such as 169,150,141,132,123,
114, etc.  You could also find the horizontal row that is in the twenties
(420,321,222,123, 024, etc.).  If you were to follow one of the rows, you
would eventually find room 123.

The 3D interface really brings life to the story. Player movement is
accomplished with the keyboard. The keyboard is also used to change your
facial expression, talk, or choose an action.  Players use the mouse to
choose objects by clicking the left mouse button on a person or a device.
When holding down the right mouse button, you may look around to see your
surroundings.  When you want to talk to someone, all you have to do is
press "enter" when standing next to the person.  You can choose what you
will say with the game's different subjects, verbs, predicates, and nouns.
You will choose each sentence part in a Windows 95 type menu.  Once you
pick the basic structure of the sentence, you will pick words to fill in
the blanks.  If I wanted to ask this question:  "Does ____ have access to
the _____?",  I would choose the sentence from the questions' list, then
pick a person to go in the first blank and a room to go in the second.
After I finish my question, the character will respond accordingly.

The 3D graphics look great in the program, but only if you have a powerful
graphics card.  If you do not have a 3D card, then the graphics will not
look as good as they do with Direct3D.  In tests run on a common 1MB video
card, the program's animations were choppy and slow.  Some of Psygnosis'
new releases are 3D only and will require 3D video cards.  Be prepared to
upgrade both your CPU and video card if you want to play the newest and
hottest games.

Sentient contains few sounds. All characters speak using voice bubbles.
This is sometimes tedious to wait for the words to come along on the screen
and is definitely a drawback in the game.  Sounds are constant throughout
the game though.  You can hear machine type sounds in engineering and when
you open all of the doors there are beeps.  (Reminiscent of Star Trek.)
Music isn't present except for in the video sequence in the beginning of
the program.

This game is truly remarkable in the gameplay aspect.  Never before has
there ever been a game with so many characters and a large area to interact
with them.  The graphics will surprise you if you have a 3D video card but
the sounds might leave you disappointed.  The game is great to play and
will stay that way with the many different endings and the myriad plots.
The menu driven interface is simple to use and it is a different look than
most games.  Sentient is a great sci-fi game with great plot twists and
numerous story changes that will always keep you on the edge of your seat!

Sentient is also available for the Sony Playstation.

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Many grateful thanks in advance for your enthusiastic co-operation and

                         Ralph F. Mariano,  Editor
                         STReport International Online Magazine

Classics & Gaming Section
Editor Dana P. Jacobson

>From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      Ahhhhh, it's that annual time of the year for the "rites of Spring" -
the  long Memorial Day weekend.  Did you notice that due to the politicians
and  retailers,  Memorial Day is observed almost a week  early  this  year?
Bring back the traditionalists!

      With  the  holiday weekend upon us, no one is going to be  interested
reading  editorials  -  including me!  Just the usual  reminder  to  behave
yourself this weekend.  If you're going to party, and you will - please  do
not  drink  and then drive - it's not worth it.  We want to see you  around
next week!

Until next time...

                            Croft Soft Software
Press Release: 16/05/97

Atari Times
Issue 9 of our popular disk magazine 'The Atari Times' marks its first
birthday. To mark this, we have produced the biggest issue ever :)

This issue has contributions from:
        - Matthias Jaap
        - Richard Spowart
        - Ashley Seabrook
        - Robert Goldsmith
        - and a few more people...

The Atari Times can be obtained from the following sources:

        - Croft Soft Internet Publications

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          Send SAE, and disk to:
                Atari Times
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We are also considering starting a email mailing list from issue 10. If you
want to be included on this list then send an email with a suitable request

People on this list will also receive any press releases from Croft Soft

Mole Mayhem
It's still not finished unfortunately! We have had a few technical problems
with the Falcon sample routines as well as a small setback on
the music front!

While we try to sort these difficulties out time is also being spent on
designing the last few levels.

We  are  currently unable to give a release date but hopefully it shouldn't
be much longer!

Croft Soft Internet Publications
Croft Soft Internet Publications is still being developed. It consists of a
number of different sites, not all of which are Atari related. There are  a
number  of new guestbooks so if you visit please do take the time  to  fill
one in!

Visit CSIP at:

Text Editor
We are currently investigating the possibility of developing a new text
editor for all Atari computers. We realize that the Atari market is
currently flooded with them but if we do go ahead we will aim to make  this
one something special.

We have no solid plans but some of the features will hopefully include:
        - Full modern GEM interface
        - Compatibility with all major Atari operating systems
        - Large powerful dictionary
        - Fast operation
        - Search and replace
        - Macro's
        - Support for a number of file types such as STOS *.BAS
          files and others
        - On-line ST-Guide and HTML format manual
        - Full support for multitasking systems such as MagiC,
          Geneva, Multi-TOS, MagiCPC and MagiCMac.
        - Make use of available hardware - FPU, Nemesis etc.
        - Compatibility with low memory systems

As  stated above, this is only a possibility. If we decide to go ahead then
work will begin once Mole Mayhem is completed.

Copyright 1997 Croft Soft Software

Snail-mail: Croft Soft Software, The Croft, Hope Rd, Nibley,
Nr Yate, Bristol, BS17 5JH
Netmail: Colin Polonowski on 90:100/300@nest
Tel: 01454-313352

Colin Polonowski    Croft Soft Software    Atari Times
     NeST - 90:100/300         Fido - 2:252/502.0


NEWSie v0.76 by John Rojewski is released. The Status display is now
placed  into  a window by default. The Load and Save Preferences  has  been
changed  to display all .INF. Account Field in Personal Preferences  Dialog
separates  the  user  account  from the eMail-address.  The  Ftp-dialog  is
modified and NEWSie supports User Defined Function Keys.

You will find NEWSie at:  (web_apps.html)
and of course at:

I have a Swedish support page for COPS - the COntrol Panel Server, that
is a very good replacement for the old Atari XCONTROL.

Best Regards

Mille Babic
eMail: (English, German, Swedish, Croatian)
Atari Falcon CPU40MHz:DSP50MHZ (12MB RAM 540MB+1.0GB HD)
N.AES Operating System with MiNT Kernel and N.Thing Desktop

                              Gaming Section

Broderbund Returns to Gaming!
"Original Gaming!"

>From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

     A long weekend, depending on what the weather is like, could mean some
long  sessions  on the game consoles.  I hope to re-visit some  old  Jaguar
favorites  as well as a new one or two.  The summer months are almost  upon
us;  the  usual  news  "drought" is about to take hold as  the  temperature
rises.   Let's  hope  it  cools  down nature-wise  so  the  news  and  info

Until next time...

Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

                      Broderbund Renews Games Effort

Veteran software publisher Broderbund Software Inc. is renewing its bid for
a   piece  of  the  games  market,  launching  a  new  brand  without   the
family-oriented associations of the parent company.

Reporting  from Novato, California, The Wall Street Journal says Broderbund
has  formed Red Orb Entertainment, a new unit charged with developing games
and other entertainment programs.

Along with in-house development, Broderbund has deals with seven outside
companies to develop products that will carry the Red Orb brand.

"It  can use a little excitement," the paper comments, noting the firm "has
been hurt by fierce price cutting and other problems." Broderbund posted  a
$3.5  million loss in the fiscal second quarter ended Feb. 28  after  a  $9
million acquisition charge.

While  Broderbund was publishing games more than a decade ago -- its "Myst"
still  is  a hit after four years on the market -- but most of its  revenue
comes  from  educational titles such as the "Carmen  Sandiego"  titles  and
productivity programs such as the Print Shop series.

"The  edutainment field has not been nearly as lucrative lately  as  action
titles  such  as  'Doom II' or 'Quake,'" the Journal says, quoting  analyst
John Taylor Arcadia Investment Corp. in Portland, Oregon, as saying, "Games
are less vulnerable to price erosion, and the upside potential of a hit  is
way, way bigger."

Speaking of Myst, Broderbund Vice President Ken Goldstein, who is Red Orb's
general manager, says a top priority will be completion of the long-awaited
sequel to that game, known as "Riven." Look for it in the
fall, he said.

Jaguar Online STR InfoFile    -    Online Users Growl & Purr!

                           The Original Gamers!

By Albert Dayes

In  my previous article on Debabelizer PRO v4.x for Windows 95 / NT 4 there
was  only one service pak. Now there are 3 service paks available which can
be  downloaded form the web site. A demo was recently released so  you  can
get  a  better  feel  of  how  the  program  really  works.  The  demo   is
approximately 3 megabytes in size. For more info see STReport #1305  for  a
product preview and check out the Equilibrium web site.

In  my  examination  of the web coin-op game web sites my  eye  has  always
gravitated  towards  Atari  oriented sites. The  Time-Warner  web  site  on
Pathfinder  had  Area51  and  T-Mek coin-ops  online  for  quite  a  while.
Recently I discovered they had been removed. This was probably due  to  the
sale   of  Atari  Games  (rather  the  entire  TWI  division)  to  Williams
Entertainment  which  happened  last year.  So  instinctively  I  typed  in and a colorful web page came up on my screen. The  words
"the  original gamers" appeared in the upper left corner and infamous Atari
logo was prominently displayed.

Several   options   are   available  including  company   history,   arcade
distribution,  consumer  titles, arcade game room,  send  your  resume  and
contacting Atari Games. Of course the arcade game room was my first  choice
and  currently featured is San Francisco RUSH : Extreme Racing.  (The  game
basically allows you to drive anywhere you want in San Francisco at  almost
any  speed. Nothing gives you the "Rush" like California Street at 200 mph.
<grin>  You  can also look forward to home versions of this game  by  early
next year under the Midway Home Entertainment label.

The  distributor list gives the names and addresses of current Atari  Games
coin-op  distributors. Atari history is well known but you  can  find  more
about  it under the company history section. The Frequently Asked Questions
goes to great lengths to point out the Atari Games and Atari Corp. are  two
SEPARATE  companies  ...  I  wonder why? <grin> ...  it  makes  interesting
reading for sure.

[Addendum]    I   just  noticed  today  at  the  Atari   Games   web   site
( that AREA 51 is back on-line.

Atari Games is a subsidiary of Midway Games ( which part  of
WMS Industries (

The  Midway  Games site has information on such coin-ops  as  WarGods,  NBA
Hangtime, and Cruis'n World. It has a section for current home titles under
development for the different home gaming platforms also.

The  best  site  I  have  found  to  date  on  Coin-op  information  is  at is the on-line home to the world's leading trade journals for
the  international coin-operated amusement and family entertainment  center
(FEC) business, including Amusement International Magazine,
InterGame,  Play Meter,Cash Box International and Street Beat.  The  yellow
pages  has an outstanding number of links to everything coin-op related.  A
good place to start when searching for coin-ops used or new.

Follow this link for current information on Namco coin-ops.

How well do you remember the Atari coin-op games from the past?
This  is  an  amazing site which has most if not all of  the  Atari  vector
games.  Not only are the logos or portions of the cabinet scanned available
for  viewing  but  also  some  of the enhancements,  highest  known  serial
numbers,  flyers,  and  so  forth. There is also  a  raster  portion  under
development which will be a perfect compliment to the vector game page when

To quote from the web page ...

"Hello, Welcome to my "unofficial" Atari Vector Page. You will find lots of
info  here  if  you  have one of these old beasts and  need  some  help  or
otherwise  just want to look at the pictures. I have combined  the  "What's
Here"  and the "What's New" sections into this more streamlined and compact
"What's  Up"  section.(Idea  modeled from  Phil's  Arcade  Emulation  Page)
Basically this page only covers the 13 games that Atari manufactured  using
vector  monitors (duh!). Other Atari games that used raster  type  monitors
are contained on The Atari Raster Game Page. The raster page is pretty weak
right  now  but give me some time. On this page you will find Pinouts,  DIP
Switch  Settings, Promo Flyer Scans, Monitor Schematics,  Self  Test  info,
Selected  Operator's  Manuals,  Background History,  Trivia,  Other  Links,
Memory  Maps,  Serial  Number info, Game Hacks, and  ROM  Images  (not  for
emulator use though). Enjoy!!"

This  site  deserves an award for the great amount of dedication, attention
to  detail on all Atari games. The number of links to other sites  is  very
impressive as well.

Is  a  recent  one for Sega vector games in the same spirit  as  the  Atari
vector games web page.

Phil's  emulator page has a large number of links on it to other  emulators
and  how to get emulators working with your PC, and so forth. It is a great
place to start looking if are interested in emulators.

Other home video game sites include:


This  is  just  a  small taste of what is available on the world  wide  web
especially  when it comes to video games of the coin-op variety.  The  best
place to find out more is to point your web browser in the direction of one
of these URLs and enjoy the experience.

ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe

Compiled by Joe Mirando

     Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Unfortunately, there's nothing
wonderful or earth-shaking for me to tell you about this week.  Except for
the fact that Oregon Research Associates' TERMite PPP internet access suite
of programs has been pushed back from early June to perhaps August, and
that STiNG (the self-touted successor to STiK) is available but incomplete,
there isn't really anything new and exciting.  That leaves us with all the
little things that people talk about every day.  But let's under-rate the
importance of the everyday question.  As Frank Lloyd Wright said, "God is
in the details".

Well, let's take a look at some of those details from CompuServe.

>From the Atari Computing Forum

Elizbeth Frayne posts:
      "I have been atempting to use CAB version 1.3 on my 520 ST with 1
      Mb of RAM. My server no longer provides slip and so I need a new
      server or perhaps an update of this program. Would CAB 1.5 or 2
      work on my system with PPP?"

Joe Villarreal tells Elizabeth:
      "A new version of Stik will be available that supports PPP.  The
      author is working on getting PPP working.  At the moment Stik 1.12
      does not support PPP.

      The latest demo of Webspace (Wensuite), 1.70G supposedly supports
      PPP.  I haven't tried this version yet, but I did try version 1.70D
      and it supposely also supports PPP; I tried this version on a local
      provider but couldn't get it to work.  This local provider
      supposely supports Slip also and so far I haven't been able to get
      connected using Stik and Cab either.

      STING (ST Internet Next Generation) will supposely work with CAB.
      I couldn't get this software to dial out.  It claims to support
      Slip, Cslip, and PPP.  Version 1.0 is just a beta release version."

Ben at TOC Oz. posts:
      "I've just uploaded the on-line PPP version of the WebSpace demo.
      (and i think it actually worked this time !) OXO Concepts are Beta
      testing their PPP link and want everyone to try it out, and get
      some feedback.

      The new demo is called WenSuite, the file name is WS170F_E.LZH, I
      not sure if i made that apparent in the description.

      Please let me know if the upload bombs, and I'll do it again. ...."

Donald Janney asks for help:
      "Can anyone tell me of a way to convert a word processor file from
      "Wordperfect for Atari" to "Word for Windows 95"?  An alternative
      would be convert the Atari Wordperfect to a newer Wordperfect,
      e.g., Wordperfect 5.x or 6.x on a PC."

Our own editor-in-chief, good ol' easy-going Ralph Mariano, tells Don:
      "Actually, Word Perfect programs in Win95....  ie; WP 6.0, 6.1 and
7.0 all see
      the Atari format as WP 4.1 and readily convert it to its newer

Albert Dayes adds:
      "The easiest way to do that is download Marcel (a shareware word
      processor) it can convert to different file types. Load your word
      perfect document into and save as/export as an RTF file. Then you
      should be able to use it on almost any Windows word processor
      without any problems and should have most of the formatting still

While on the subject of word processors, Steven Barer posts:
      "I may be in the wrong place, but I just had someone ask how to
      get some ATARI 1040 ST files from WP to the IBM-compatible WP
      format... I'm not sure whether the diskette from a 1040 is readable
      on an IBM or not, so any suggestions would be gratefully received."

Joe Meehan tells Steven:
      "In almost all cases it [the floppy] will be readable.  There are
      two possible problems.

      First, the disk should be formatted in DOS format.  Some versions
      of TOS would do this, I forget which ones, and of course the
      CodeHead utilities would do so as would Universal Item Selector.
      In the event you have a problem just re-format one of your Atari
      disks (I suggest one with nothing on it you want <grin>) on the DOS
      PC then copy the files on the Atari.  The Atari will read a DOS
      formatted disk. Done use HD (High Density or SS Single Sided disk).

      Second some older PC drives have problems reading any disk they
      did not format.  Most of these have gone to Intel hell and are no
      longer functioning.  In those cases they would have difficultly
      reading disk from any other PC."

Frank Heller adds:
      "Try using PC formatted DD disks to transfer the files. The Atari
      can read and write to PC formatted disks. In the case of a 1040, it
      has to be DD (720k). The Falcon can read and write on HD (1440k)

      You should be able to get the files into the PC this way."

Michael Robillard asks for help in making a decision:
      "I just purchased a C-LAB falcon MK1 and was wondering if I can
      just purchase any vga or super vga monitor off the shelf and hook
      it right up or do I need some type of an adaptor."

Angelo Vahatoura tells Michael:
      "You need some type of box like Omniswitch that converts an Atari
      signal into a Multisync signal but unfortunatly the company is mo
      longer with us. You should look into getting an Atari Monitor

Tom Harker of ICD tells Michael:
      "I am not familiar with the C-Lab Mk1 case but if it is the same
      as the standard Atari Falcon, you just need to purchase a VGA
      monitor adapter.  It is a standard Atari part and just a wiring
      adapter (no active electronics inside).

      The adapter has a DB19 on one end and a HD DB15 on the other which
      mates with a standard S-VGA monitor cable."

Rob Rasmussen tells Michael:
      "I have the C-Lab MK-X connected with the adaptor to a standard
      VGA monitor."

Michael asks Rob:
      "Where does one get this adaptor? Would you happen to know the
      difference between standard VGA and SUPER VGA in other words would
      SUPER VGA work with the adaptor you have?

      Are there any monitors that can be connected without an adaptor.
      It seems kinda of dumb to make a computer system without a monitor
      or the ability to purchase a monitor at the store and not have to
      worry about adaptors."

Rob tells Michael:
      "If you call Toad Computers, they can probably send you the
      adaptor you need for a VGA or SVGA monitor. As far as I know, both
      of these video modes are 640 x 480 with 256 colors, so there's no
      difference as far as the adaptor. The vga monitor will also display
      the Falcon/MK-1's true color mode but only in 40 columns, and it
      will display mono rez, which the Atari color monitor can't. The
      Atari color monitor displays true color in 80 columns. Yes I know
      it's strange that no monitors connect directly to the MK-1 without
      an adaptor. I'm surprised they weren't included with your MK-1."

As happens on more occasions than I care to mention, I came upon
something I didn't know the answer to so I posted:
      "Does anyone know what the DIP switches on the stock internal
      Atari Host Adaptor are for?

      My internal HD decided to take a dirt-nap last week and, while
      removing it and re-seating everything inside, I noticed that the
      host adaptor has a block of 3 dips.  I know that this isn't my hard
      drive's problem since it's worked fine for several years, but I'd
      like to know what they are for anyway.

      The machine is a MegaSTE with the same adaptor used in the STacy
      and (I think) the MegaST.

      BTW, the hard drive's problem is that there are now lots of bad
      sectors (300+ on the first 30 meg partition alone).  The drive
      makes a grinding sound on occasion now, and I'm in the process of
      trying to retrieve at least some of the data on it.  Any info on
      the DIPs would be appreciated."

Carl Barron tells me:
      "I don't know what the dips are for, but I can feel for you I lost
       a 1.6 gig external [re-formatted to 700K!] for some strange reason
       once.  Get the data off the HD as fast as possible. Sounds like
       its dying fast!!"

I tell Carl:
      "YIKES!  A 1.6 gig drive formatted to 700K?  That musta been
      something to see!  <grin>  Kind of an expensive ds/dd disk though.

      About 95% of my data is corrupted with no hope of reconstruction.
      (Thank goodness for backups and original program disks).  It seems
      that for a minute or so the drive decided that the sectors were all
      (and I do mean ALL) shifted over three places from where they
      actually were.  This was just enough to scramble the drive up good.

      It now also makes that sickening 'jet engine' sound every now and
      then.  I tried re-writing the FATs the other day and had absolutely
      no luck.

My pal Myles Cohen adds:
      "I do [know what the DIPs are for]...
      They were used to change and/or set the SCSI address of the hard
      drive ..using binary code...Reember?  All off=0...Right-most

Carl tells Myles:
      "That makes sense. So if there are no device id# problems, leave
      them alone. I am getting spoiled with all these 'plug in it works'
      stuff, these days."

I tell Carl:
      "Gee, you must be using a far different system than we are at
      work. With our stuff, "Plug ' Play" means plug it in and play with
      the settings for a day and a half!"

And then I ask Myles:
      "Are you sure about that Myles??  It was my understanding that the
      internal HD HAD to be SCSI 0.  That's why I assumed that it must be
      for something else."

Myles tells me:
      "As you know...I am not any kind of computer expert...but it has
      always been my understanding that address 0 has to be reserved
      because it is the computer's address in the SCSI chain...I could be
      wrong...and if I am...I'm sure that someone here will set me

      Anyway...I always assign address 1 for my root works for

I reply to Myles:
      "I've just been informed that we were both right!  The hard drive
      itself must be set to SCSI device 0, but the DIPs control what ID
      it is reported to the computer as.  This allows you to boot from an
      external hard drive if need be.

      Isn't it nice when it turns out that EVERYONE is right??  _That_
      really ticks some folks off! <grin>"

Dennis Larson asks:
      "Is it possible to use a SVGA monitor on a 1040ST?  My monitor
      died, I'm not sure I want to spend $$$ to fix it.  (It was
      manufactured by Goldstar, maybe any shop can fix it?  Might just be
      a couple of [leaking] capacitors).

      I have heard that it is possible to use some kind of multisync
      monitor; do you need adapters, etc., to make it work?  Is it worth

Simon Churchill tells Dennis to...
      "Look in the lib's for a file called VGA.TXT, written by your's
      trully it should answer all/most of your question."

Well folks, that's about it for this week.  Tune in again next week, same
time, same station, and be ready to listen to what they are saying when...

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING



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