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     Mid March and its cold up north again and the weather is laced with
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gawking at the Hobby Stock and Grand American Class Cars literally fly.
Soon, there'll be one out there with STReport's Name on it and a Mariano
behind the wheel.  The Mariano Racing Team is about to become a reality.
My four sons are forging ahead with their plans.  The motor and
transmission are complete.  To the tune of almost four thousand dollars for
the motor and three thousand for the Transmission and related components.
Who said racing is not expensive?  The Car, to be number 35, is a Buick
Regal.  The brand is nowhere near as important and the body style and
weight.  It going to be fun and I might add that anyone, from a single
individual to the larger corporations out there that would like to assist
these young men and at the same time, gain a prominent name placement on
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     This week, Hewlett Packard, one of the more reliable names in the
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rather cranky piece of beta software is installed.     The HP SureStore
Tape 6000's have proven themselves to be ultra reliable hardware products.
The NEW HP Tape Backup are covered elsewhere in this issue.  It's a lock
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                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                       Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                        British Royals Get Web Site

The British royalty now has a seat in cyberspace. Queen Elizabeth II has
inaugurated the royal family's web  site on the Internet.  A home page
called, "The British Monarchy, The Official Web Site," opens at with a color photograph of the queen's imperial
crown.  The Associated Press  notes Web surfers can see the royal family
tree, get answers to frequently asked questions and read articles  about
the crown jewels and other subjects.  "There are many unofficial web pages
about the royal family,  including some satirical and even obscene ones,"
AP observes. "A palace spokesman has described the official site as an
attempt to 'make the monarchy more accessible.'"

                            UUNET Goes Overseas

Net company UUNET Technologies Inc. this week is launching its Web hosting
services in Britain and Germany and is expected to soon expand throughout
Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.  Paul Hoffmann, UUNET's
manager of business development, told Patricia Willens of the Reuter News
Service the company, a unit of WorldCom Inc., has purchased or bought a
stake in several service providers in a race to stay ahead in the
fast-growing Web hosting market.

Web hosting firms provide businesses with the services and network
facilities for creating and managing Web sites.  "Localized Web hosting
speeds Internet service internationally," says Willens, "because it
eliminates  the delay associated with having to update Web sites via
crowded overseas network connections to the United  States."  Hoffmann told
the wire service, "We really think big companies, small companies, medium
companies are going to be looking for a Web service provider. There is just
going to be no other choice."

Reuters says UUNET currently provides Web hosting for customers like True
North Communications Inc., the SciFi Channel of USA Networks and The Motley
Fool investor service.   Hoffmann said he was  expecting to get global
business from between about 10 percent and 20 percent of UUNET's existing
domestic cusomers as well as from new clients.

                       Digital Offers Voice Plug-In

Digital Equipment Corp. is offering Digital Voice Plug-in, a free browser
plug-in that allows users to record and send voice e-mail directly from a
Web page.  According to Digital, the tool works with the most e-mail and
audio applications. No additional software is necessary. Since it functions
as an element of a Web page, rather than as a separate application, Web
publishers can place Voice Plug-in wherever they want feedback.

Digital notes that the software allows visitors to immediately "speak their
mind" about what they see with a simple, intuitive, graphical user
interface that makes talking much easier than typing. The e-mail address
and other parameters can be customized by the Web page. As a result,
recording and sending a complete message can take as little as three mouse

A free download of Voice Plug-in is available at Requirement include a sound
card-equipped PC, Netscape Navigator or Gold 3.xx and Windows 95 or Windows
NT 4.0. Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator
is planned for the next release, scheduled to become available in the next
few months, says Digital.

Voice Plug-in was designed as a part of the Speech Interaction Project at
Digital's Cambridge Research Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "This
is part of a larger strategy for Digital," says Chris Weikart, the
software's primary developer. "Our goal is to build an infrastructure for
deploying speech applications over the World Wide Web."  The lab intends to
enlist Voice Plug-in users in an effort to build the
world's first Web-speech database, something Digital views as an essential
first step toward deploying speech across the Web.

                       Packard Bell Adopts 56K Modem

Packard Bell NEC Inc. says it will incorporate 56K bps U.S. Robotics modem
chip sets into future Packard Bell and NEC brand PCs.  U.S. Robotics' x2
technology, built into modem chipsets manufactured by
Texas Instruments Inc., willbe incorporated into both desktop and notebook
models, says the Sacramento, California, computer maker. The high-speed
modem-equipped PCs are expected to be available in the second quarter of
this year.

Packard Bell NEC is the second-largest PC supplier in the U.S. and the No.
3 supplier worldwide. The  company is the No. 1 supplier of home computers
worldwide.  "With the need for speed in today's Internet environment,
Packard Bell NEC chose U.S. Robotics and Texas Instruments, two world-class
companies, to bring innovative, high-speed modem technology to its Packard
Bell and NEC PC customers as quickly as  possible," says Beny Alagem,
chairman, president and CEO of Packard Bell NEC. "We will make an enhanced
Internet experience available to the greatest number of people worldwide
through our established leadership in the home PC marketplace."

                      Netscape Adding Push Technology

The next generation of Netscape Communications Corp.'s corporate computing
software will be built around new "push" technology that sends data to a
user's desktop so the users don't have to retrieve it themselves.  In The
Wall Street Journal, reporter Joan Indiana Rigdon this morning
characterized the move as Netscape's  "latest effort at technological
one-upmanship against Microsoft Corp.," noting, "Among other things,
Netscape said its new desktop browser, code-named Mercury, will feature an
electronic agent -- a  preprogrammed software element -- that can
automatically retrieve not only data, but certain faxes and voice-mails.
And, the new server software, code-named Apollo, will be able to 'push'
many types of data to user's desktops."

Netscape officials told the paper both products will include more security,
so companies would have a standard way to give each other access to certain
parts of their databases.  "That would allow a retailer, for instance, to
search a supplier's inventory for new items," Rigdon reports.  In general,
notes the Journal, analysts are lauding Netscape's plans, saying the new
software is a significant improvement over its current products, the
Netscape Communicator browser and the SuiteSpot server.

"But," the paper adds, "analysts fear that as both Netscape and Microsoft
emphasize push, each company will have to integrate more tightly their
server and browser software. As that happens, it could be difficult for a
Netscape browser to view content sent from Microsof's server software and
vice versa."  Both firms are "stumbling over themselves to convince
customers that there is no schism, since each one is using so-called open
standards that the other is free to follow."  Nonetheless, the companies'
standards often conflict with one another and "as the software becomes more
complex, the companies will be less  and less likely to adopt all of each
other's innovations," the paper says.

                        Toshiba Unveils Equium PCs

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. has introduced its first line of
business-oriented desktop PCs.  The new Equium systems, based on Pentium
MMX processors, are equipped with 32MB of EDO RAM, 12x CD-ROM drives, a
Universal Serial Bus and built-in 100MB Ethernet communications support.
Hard drive capacities range from 2.1GB to 4.3GB. Graphics support includes
3D acceleration and full-motion video at 30 frames per second.

"In designing the Equium line, we carefully evaluated the needs of our
customers in an office environment.   knowing that desk space is at a
premium, we created the 5160D, 5200D and 6200D compact desktop  computers
with significant expansion capabilities in a case that is physically strong
enough to support a large  monitor," says Peter Ashkin, general manager of
Toshiba America's Computer Systems Engineering Division. "In addition, all
components selected for the Equium line underwent an extensive battery of
tests to  assure that the Equium line met the same high standards for
quality and reliability as Toshiba's notebooks."
Toshiba's first business desktop PCs follow the September 1996 release of
the company's Infinia home PC  line.

                        UMAX Plans First Wintel PCs

Macintosh clone maker UMAX Technologies Inc. is planning a spring launch
for a family of high-end PCs based on Pentium MMX technology.  The UmaxPC
series will feature a 166MHz or 200MHz processor, a  3D video accelerator,
a 3D sound system, an Internal 33.6K bps DSVD modem and an optional 17- or
21-inch monitor. The tower-style systems will also offer 2MB of EDO RAM, a
12x or 16x CDROM drive  and a 2.1GB hard drive. No prices have been
announced.  Vincent Tai, president of Fremont,  California based UMAX
Technologies, says the company "recognizes that there is a group of users
out there looking for Windows-based high performance workstations for both
graphic and business applications."

                        WinCE Availability Expanded

In a move designed to bring the Windows CE operating system to a broad
spectrum of products -- from  factory robots to consumer electronics
products -- Microsoft Corp. says it plans to expand the availability of
Windows CE to embedded systems manufacturers.  The software giant notes
that for the first time,  embedded systems manufacturers will be able to
acquire a Windows-based portable operating system,  opening up their
products to hundreds of thousands of developers already familiar with
programming for Windows.  The new licensing program follows Microsoft's
continuing efforts to deploy Windows CE in targeted product categories,
such as mobile computing and consumer entertainment products.

The first of these products, the Handheld PC, was introduced in November
1996.  "Following the successful launch of the Handheld PC using Windows
CE, we have received increased interest from additional companies wanting
to develop products using the operating system," says Harel Kodesh, general
manager of Microsoft's consumer appliance group. "Licensing Windows CE
allows a broad range of dedicated devices to be developed in a manner that
allows manufacturers to adapt Windows CE to the particular requirements of
their product design and to bring that product to market quickly."

                      U.S. Robotics Makes Cable Deal

An end-to-end system for providing Internet access over cable television
networks is being introduced by  modem maker U.S. Robotics Corp., designed
for rapid deployment, as well as long-term flexibility for cable
operators.  The Reuter News Service quotes U.S. Robotics officials as
saying the new Cable Access Business Unit provides operators with a new way
to deliver data over cable quickly and cost effectively and will be
demonstrated next week at a National Cable Television Association Cable 97
trade show in New Orleans.

The business unit currently is in talks with cable operators and expects to
begin technical and field trials this  summer, with widespread cable access
system availability to follow in the fall, Reuters says, adding the
two-way cable access system is expected to be available in early 1998.
Robotics Chairman/CEO Casey  Cowell told the wire service, "With the
introduction of our new cable access system, we offer a head-end  solution
that is based on our proven Total Control network platform. Further, our
approach is desiged to  eliminate the inhibitors to a mass market for cable
modems and establish a true retail environment. This  strategic approach
dramatically reduces capital costs at every point in the network and makes
cable Internet  access a far more practical reality."

                          Pentium II Almost Ready

Intel Corp. says its new Pentium II processor will soon debut in high-end
PCs.  "Between now and the end of June, we will be launching the Pentium
II," Intel product manager Tim Miller told the Reuter News Service at the
CeBIT computer trade fair in Hannover, Germany.  The chip -- which combines
Intel's MMX  multimedia technology with the company's existing Pentium Pro
processor -- will run at speeds "well above" the current top speed of
200MHz, Miller told Reuters, adding that the Pentium II will debut in PCs
geared for producing 3-D graphics, complex simulations and special effects
for movies.

                        3.24GB Hard Drive Unveiled

Hitachi America, Ltd., says it has developed the industry's highest
capacity slimline hard drive.  The Brisbane, California, company notes that
its DK226A-32 drive delivers 3.24 GB of storage in a package not much
larger than an audio cassette tape.  The DK226A-32 sets a new standard for
capacity and performance in the slimline notebook disk drive market," said
Werner Glinka, director of marketing for the storage  products group of
Hitachi America. "It is the kind of drive that top-of-the-line mobile
systems manufacturers  need to differentiate their products in a crowded
marketplace, and we expect that it will be designed into the  industry's
leading notebooks during the second half of 1997."  Sample quantities of
the DK226A-32 are set to become available in April, priced at $595 for a
single evaluation unit.

                         120MB Floppy Drive Shown

At the CeBIT 97 trade show in Hannover, Germany, OR Technology Inc. has
demonstrated a 120MB  slim-line floppy drive.  The Campbell,
California-based company notes that its new a:drive is capable of  reading
and writing standard 1.44MB and 720KB floppy disks while offerin 80 times
the storage capacity and  five times the performance of conventional floppy
drives.  "This demonstration marks an important milestone in the
development of the slim-line a:drive," says John Haughey, president and CEO
of OR Technology. "I'm pleased with our progress and confident in our
ability to bring this product to market on schedule."  The unit, which fits
inside standard PC drive bays, is set to ship this summer for $149. Disks
will be priced at $19.95 each.

          JTS Introduces MMX-ready Hard Disk Drives for Pentiums

Corp. (ASE:JTS), a world leader in the development of hard disk drives,
Thursday announced the availability of the Champion family of 3.5-inch Fast
ATA-3 hard disk drives with capacities of 3.0 gigabytes (GBs), 2.5GBs,
2.0GBs, and 1.7GBs.  Targeted toward the Pentium-based desktop PC market,
the Champion family is MMX-ready offering the capacity, speed and sustained
data flow needed to support full-screen, full-motion video for multimedia

"The high-performance Champion family sets new industry benchmarks for
value and quality in the desktop performance market segment and puts JTS in
direct competition with industry leading hard disk drive manufacturers,"
said Tom Mitchell, president and chief executive officer of JTS Corp.  "The
Champion family is key to expanding the OEM customer base for our desktop
products and an important component in our distribution strategy."

The Champion family is ideal for use in Pentium PCs and is MMX-ready,
supporting sustained data transfers of 3MB/sec.  It features embedded servo
to eliminate data flow interruptions and enable high-speed video and audio
data transfer.  JTS' new hard disk drives are ideal for video conferencing,
games, digital recording and other high-performance multimedia
applications.  They were designed to provide the features needed for
today's Pentium-based applications and to support MMX-based applications.

The Champion family offers disk rotation speed of 5400RPM, 256K cache
buffer, access times below  12msec, advanced PRML read channel and Fast
ATA-3 performance allowing for transfer rates of 16.6MB/sec.  The drives
also incorporate industry-leading triple burst on-the-fly ECC (Error
Correction Code) to increase data integrity at high throughput rates and
embedded servo to eliminate te need for thermal recalibration.

Embedded servo allows continuous throughput of data making the drive ideal
for MMX and multimedia applications, while the low acoustics provide
whisper-quiet operation.  "These products strike a balance between cost and
performance for hard disk drive storage, allowing JTS to meet the needs of
a broad range of desktop PC customers," said Phil Devin, vice president,
storage research, Dataquest.  The Champion family incorporates the advanced
Adaptec chipset, including an integrated IDE controller and embedded DSP.
Key advantages of the Adaptec chipset include more powerful ECC capability
and overall improved throughput.

Like all JTS hard disk drives, the Champion family is encapsulated to lock
in quality, protect against handling and ESD damage, improve drive
reliability and provide for easier installation.  This unique feature gives
the installer the ability to handle the drives on all surfaces without
touching the PCBA. This technology also reduces electromagnetic radiation
interference to and from the units.  The MTBF is an industry-leading
500,000 hours and each drive is backed by a three year warranty.   The
high-capacity Champion family of hard disk drives is shipping to several PC
original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and also is available through JTS'
worldwide network of distributors. Estimated street price is expected to be
below $299 for the 3GB C3000-3AF.

                       Server Makers Face Price War

The PC server market is beginning to experience many of the same price
pains experienced by the PC desktop market in recent years, according to
new research from International Data Corp.  The Framingham,
Massachusetts-based market research firm notes that the PC server market's
maturity and a trend toward commoditization has begun to erode
manufacturers' once safe havens of profitability. It notes that the server
market has entered a new phase where the low end is being swallowed up into
price turmoil.

IDC predicts that early 1997 will be a hotbed of activity when Intel
onceagain opens the doors on price reductions. It believes this action will
usher in a round of cuts as vendors vie for price leadership. The
researcher also expects that Pentium Pro shipments will continue to grow,
forcing vendors to start weaning off Pentium-based servers.

                       Bill Would Keep Net Tax-Free

Legislation to keep the Internet free of state and local sales taxes as
well as taxes for hooking up to the global  computer network is heading for
introduction in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  To be
offered by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Rep. Chris Cox (R-California), the
bill also calls on the Clinton  administration to develop a comprehensive
plan to address the issue of electronic commerce taxes, the Reuter News
Service reports.

An official in Cox's office told the wire service the bill is "aimed at
ensuring the continued technological  development of the Internet by
protecting both Internet users and electronic commerce conducted over the
Internet from burdensome state and local taxes and foreign tariffs."  As
reported, the Clinton administration  last November said no special taxes
should be imposed in cyberspace. It also said in a report that the
Treasury Department is not considering any new type of value added tax,
"bit" tax, or other new excise tax  on electronic commerce.  Reuters notes,
"Businesses, meanwhile, are struggling with a variety of tax proposals from
state and local governments that would affect cyberspace."

                     IBM, Robotics Hit With Modem Suit

IBM Corp. and U.S. Robotics Corp. have been named in a patent infringement
suit filed by General Patent Corp. International of Monsey, New York.  The
suit aims to enforce four of GPC's patents, which cover "smart connectors"
in PC Card modems and related computer communications devices.  Alexander
Poltorak, GPC's chairman and CEO, says other companies have also been
notified of infringing activities.  "More litigation may be necessary if
companies decide to test GPC's conviction in enforcing its intellectual
property rights," notes David Fink, GPC's attorney.  "I hope that
infringing companies will respect the  patents and license the technology
without litigation," says Poltorak.  IBM and U.S. Robotics had no immediate

                        Vandals Hack NASA Web Site

NASA's Internet site was invaded by vandals this week who a political
manifesto, forcing the U.S. space  agency to take the site down
temporarily.  Reporting from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Reuter News
Service  says a group calling itself H4G13 left a message online claiming
responsibility.  Brian Dunbar, NASA's  Internet services manager, told the
wire service the group berated officials for jailing well-known crackers
and promised to launch an attack on corporate America for commercial use of
the Internet.

The online message from the group added, "During the next month, we the
members of H4G13 will be  launching an attack on corporate America. All who
profit from the misuse of the Internet will fall victim to our upcoming
reign of digital terrorism."  Reuters says the message was up for about
half an hour and the site ( was operating as usual this
morning.  The wire service says this is the first invasion of the site,
which is located at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
NASA officials added they will move the public Web page, at to a new

                     Widespread Security Losses Found

A new computer security poll finds that three out of four organizations
surveyed have suffered financial  losses from security lapses.  The study,
conducted by the San Francisco-based Computer Security Institute,  notes
that the cause of the losses included fraud, theft of proprietary
information, sabotage, computer viruses and laptop thefts.  The CSI survey
was comprised of questions submitted by the San Francisco office of the
FBI's international computer crime squad.

CSI says 26 respondents reported a total of $24.8 million in losses due to
telecommunications fraud;
z    22 experienced $21 million in losses from theft of proprietary
z    26 reported nearly $4.3 million from sabotage of data or networks;
z    22 declared nearly $4 million from unauthorized access by insiders;
z    22 lost $2.9 million from system penetration by outsiders.

Computer virus infestations resulted in nearly $12.5 million in losses for
165 respondents. Laptop theft was responsible for $6.1 million in losses
for 160 respondents while employee abuse of Internet privileges caused more
than $1 million in losses to 55 organizations.  Nearly half of the
respondents, 49 percent, reported some form of intrusion or unauthorized
use of computer systems, compared to 42 percent last year.

                      ACLU Weighs Net Suit in Florida

The American Civil Liberties Union may file suit in Orlando, Florida, over
the Orange County Public  Library's policy to block sexually explicit
Internet sites on public access computers.  Librarian Dorothy Field  told
United Press International the sites were blocked in November after parents
and other patrons  complained the pornograhic pictures could be seen across
the room. She said she believes hard-core pornography has no place in a
library supported by taxpayers. She says she does not intend to change the
policy.  However, the ACLU's Florida executive director cited First
Amendment concerns and said if the policy is not scrapped, her organization
will file suit in a few months.

UPI quotes the ACLU's Robyn Blumner as contending the library is supposed
to be providing information to the public, but in this instance is spending
public resources to restrict information.  "Blumner maintains that the
policy is inappropriate because the library loans books with graphic sexual
material," UPI reports. "Field agrees the facility loans materials
containing pictures of nudes, but says they are not pornographic."  The
wire service adds the library's screening software does not block pictures
of simple nudity.  Meanwhile,  the American Library Association says about
44 percent of the nation's libraries offer some Internet access,  but it is
not known how many have instituted similar blocking policies.

                        Texas Passes Net Porn Bill

In Texas, the state Senate has passed a bill that targets computer
pornography.  Reporting from Austin, United Press International says the
measure by state Sen. J. E. "Buster" Brown of Lake Jackson "would clarify
and update language in the state's child pornography laws to include
advancements in computer technology."

UPI says the bill would:

z    Create a new definition of visual material, specifically including
  disks or other physical medium that allows an image to be displayed on a
  computer or video screen.
z    Cover images transmitted by telephone line, cable, satellites or other

Brown told the wire service child pornography "is a horrible exploitation
of children, no matter what medium is used."

                       Firms Form Software Alliance

A drive to make it easier for their software products to work together and
help corporations to run their networks of computers more smoothly is being
launched by four major high-tech companies.  Officials with the four --
IBM, Sun Microsystems Inc., Oracle Corp. and Netscape Communications Corp.
-- told The  Associated Press they aim to develop common technical
standards for developing software that would work across any computer
operating system.

"The initiative," says AP, "takes aim at arch rival Microsoft Corp., by far
the dominant maker of operating  systems for personal computers. The four
companies are trying to keep Microsoft from extending that  dominance to
the computer networks that run large corporations and the Internet."  AP
says the idea is to prevent Microsoft "from dictating the underlying
standards for developing software so it runs best on  Microsoft operating
systems, forcing corporations to buy software and computers based on those

                     Most Americans Resist Technology

Three out of five Americans who use some form of communication technology
tell pollsters they see themselves as resistant or hesitant toward such
technology.  The new survey released this week by MCI polled 1,000 people
to gauge their attitude toward such technologies as the Internet,
electronic mail, paging services and cellular telephones and found:

z    68 percent of the respondents said they did not use the technologies.
z    And of those who used them, 59 percent described their attitude as
  either "hesitant-prove it" or "resistant and frustrated."

United Press International reports the poll was conducted by MCI One along
with clinical psychologist Michelle M. Weil, who treats techno-phobes in
her Orange, California, private practice.  "Many adults," says Dr. Weil,
"formed their attitudes about technology more than a decade ago, when
technology was difficult to use. Their attitudes about technology have not
kept pace with changes in technology. Techno-phobes are unaware that
technology has become easier to use, more affordable and more relevant to
everyday living."

MCI says its survey also found more than one-third (39 percent) of the
non-users said they will be using one or more of the technologies by 2000.
Non-users said they would use these products for "business purposes" or to
"stay in touch with family and friends."  Weil told the wire service, "Many
are taking this stepbecause they believe they must, not because they want
to," adding the key to overcoming techno-phobia is figuring out which tools
make sense in a person's life and will give them more control and,
ultimately, more  enjoyment.  "The enjoyment part of the equation may sound
a bit far- fetched if you're techno-phobic today," she said, "but once you
start using these tools, you'll be amazed by the benefits they provide in
terms of access, efficiency and saving time."

                       PCs and Game Consoles Compete

New research from IDC/LINK reveals that home penetration rates for PCs and
video game consoles are running neck-and- neck in the U.S., while in Europe
the PC is typically the platform of choice and in most of Asia/Pacific
video games are more popular.  In fact, notes the Framingham,
Massachusetts-based market researcher, many consumers in search of the
ultimate gaming experience haven't been content to stick with just one
video game system and consumers in many countries who have invested in one
of the two platforms are also more likely to own both.

"Based on price issues alone, one would expect higher income PC owners to
have disproportionately purchased the relatively low price console systems,
and that is the case in all countries except for China and Japan," says
Richard Zwetchkenbaum, director of IDC/LINK's new media consumer research.
"In Germany, for example, where entertainment is the number one reason for
buying a first computer, PC owners are nearly four times as likely as the
total population to own a video game console."

In two highly entertainment-oriented countries -- China and Japan --
consumers who have made the commitment to computers tend to be PC-centric
in their gaming pursuit, and less likely to own generally popular video
game consoles, notes IDC/LINK. Still, in both of these countries (as well
as the U.S. and most of Asia/Pacific), video game console owners are much
more likely to own a computer than is the general population, suggesting
consumers of game systems will pay the price to consume many gaming
technologies and extend their entertainment experiences.

           A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N

                              LEXMARK OPTRA C
                               LASER PRINTER

For a limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent to
you  that demonstrates LEXMARK Optra C SUPERIOR QUALITY 600 dpi Laser Color
Output,  please  send  a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope  [SASE]  (business
sized envelope please) to:

                     STReport's LEXMARK Printout Offer
                               P.O. Box 6672
                     Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155
Folks,  the LEXMARK Optra C has to be the very best yet in its price range.
It  is  far superior to anything we've seen or used as of yet.  It is  said
that  ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  The out put from the  Lexmark
Optra C is worth ten thousand words!  Send for the free sample now. (For  a
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If  you  would  like a sample printout that's suitable  for  framing.   Yes
that's  right!   Suitable for Framing.  Order this package.   It'll  be  on
special stock and be of superb quality.  We obtained a mint copy of a  1927
COLOR  ENGRAVER'S  YEAR  BOOK.  Our Scanner is doing  "double  duty"!   The
results  will  absolutely blow you away.  If you  want  this  high  quality
sample package please include a check or money order in the amount of $6.95
(Costs only) Please, make checks or money orders payable to; Ralph Mariano.
Be  sure  to include your full return address and telephone number  .   The
sample will be sent to you protected, not folded in a 9x12 envelope.  Don't
hesitate.. you will not be disappointed.  This "stuff" is gorgeous!

           A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N

Shareware Treasure Chest STR Feature         "The Latest & Greatest"

                         Shareware Treasure Chest

By Lloyd E. Pulley

I'm back!!  After taking a two month sabatical in order to have a triple
bypass heart operation, I finally feel organized and coherent enough to
give this column another try. (Note: I call the time that I took off
'medical leave', Ralph calls it 'goofing off'. <g>)

For you who have never had bypass surgery, it's not something you want have
done - if you have a real choice about the matter.  But if you don't have a
choice (which I didn't - not if I wanted to keep living), it's not like it
was in the old days.  Today there's an average 95-96% survival (from
surgery) rate.  Not only can it keep you alive (I've met people who had
bypass surgery 20+ years ago and are still going strong), it can greatly
improve your quality of life.

This column is going to be larger than normal (probably about twice its
normal size).  I might have taken a two month sabatical, but the software
developers didn't.  While there's no way that I can catch up with
everything I've missed in the last 2+ months, I can attempt to catch up
with the last couple of weeks.


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

HotDog 32-Bit 3.0.21               3/13/97    4.30mb   Shareware $99.95

  A really good editor. It has a ton of features like floating toolbars,
long file names, Style Sheets, Dynamic Dialogue Builder, Dynamic Button
Builder , Massive Plug-In Support, On-the-fly Image Conversion, Create
Gif89a Animations, and much more..

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Pegasus Mail 2.53 beta             3/4/97     1.7mb Freeware

  A really good E-mail program that's free.  It has a lot of nice features
like a spelling checker, mailing list support, and much more.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Space Explorer 4.0                 3/8/97     1.0mb Shareware $25.00

  The ultimate disk usage program.  Features include runs on Windows 95 and
Windows NT 4, create/save folder lists using Explorer-like window, see
folder sizes in Explorer-like tree (which you can drill down, save and sort
by name, nominal size, allocated or wasted (slack) space or date),
multithreading support (view one group of folders while other groups are
being analysed; and set thread priorities), see folder sizes in pie charts,
bar charts, line charts, and spline charts (and change their colours,
patterns, and fonts!), View, rotate, and print 3D charts, highlight trees
that exceed a certain size, UNC support, MDI support, Drag/drop support
Explorer, launch from Windows Explorer menu, Lots of customizable options,
Install/uninstall, full context-sensitive Help.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Blood                              03/07/97   17.00mb  Shareware

   Blood will immerse you in a world of horror unlike any you've
experienced before. Brace yourself for a nightmarish battle against the
bloodthirsty minions of an ancient, forgotten god bent on wiping humanity
from the face of the earth. As a former member of the Cabal, you have a
good idea of what you're up against, and the odds aren't in your favor. But
the hunger for revenge can be a powerful ally--and you've got some old
debts to settle. (It's a pretty nifty 3D shooter).

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Turbo Launch 32-bit 4.0 beta build 349        03/09/97 .26mbShareware $20

  It's a fully configurable tool-bar style application that can be set up
to run many programs and perform certain pre-programmed actions. Like a
toolbar, pictures are used to distinguish what a button is configured to
run. TurboLaunch uses the best icon automatically, but you have complete
control and can change the icon to whatever you want!  The buttons on
TurboLaunch are easy to configure! By dragging and dropping programs,
files, shortcuts, or folders, you can instantly configure that button to
run the dropped object. You can also configure buttons manually by
specifying their command, parameters, working folder, and window style. You
even have the ability to assign a shortcut key (hot key) to any button,
allowing you to quickly run that button!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Cookie Crusher 32-bit 1.01         03/07/97   1.90mb   Shareware $10

  On the World Wide Web, 'cookies' can generate profiles of your visiting
habits. Many sites now utilize cookies and their use is expanding. Most web
users, when alerted to this, are very concerned about their browsing
privacy. Internet experts and analysts recommend against accepting cookies.
Protect yourself with Cookie Crusher! Cookie Crusher will automatically
reject cookies before they hit your hard drive. This true 32 bit program is
fully compatible with Netscape Navigator/Communicator and Microsoft
Internet Explorer under both Windows 95 and Windows NT.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

NearSite 32-bit build 545          03/07/97   .84mb Shareware $49.95

  A new offline web reader. Keep you favourite Web pages and sites close at
hand and up-to-date with NearSite's Autobrowse. Capture a slice of the
Internet ready for off-line browsing whenever you wish. NearSite retrieves
your favourite Web sites, automatically and as often as you like. And
NearSite won't waste time grabbing information you already have. NearSite
asks whether Web pages have been updated before using your on-line time to
refresh them. As you browse NearSite stores the Web pages you view,
including images, sounds, video and other files. You can look at these
pages again, anytime - even when not connected to the Internet. NearSite's
Cache Explorer makes it quick and easy to locate the information you're
looking for in your off-line cache of Web pages with powerful search and
sorting facilities.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Intel Internet Video PhoneBeta 1   3/6/97     3mb   Freeware

  The Intel Internet Phone is the world's first standards-based, audio web
phone. It's easy to use, offers outstanding audio quality, and was designed
to work with either Microsoft Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Requires a
Pentium processor.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Graphics Workshop for Win95 32-bit 1.1x Beta 8      3/09/97 1.00mb
Shareware $40

  It's a powerful Windows-based graphics viewing, manipulation and
management package. The latest release has new features including TWAIN
support, a slide show, password-protected images, Windows 95 long file name
support, move and copy, PNG support, MPEG viewing, QuickTime viewing,
direct uudecoding, multiple image and interlaced GIFs, conversion to CDR,
improved colour reduction and much more.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Internet Neighborhood 32-bit 1.0   3/10/97    1.00mb   Shareware

  Internet Neighborhood is a Windows 95 Shell Extension which is used for
browsing remote FTP sites as if they were directories/folders on your local
computer! With KnoWare's Internet Neighborhood, there's no longer any need
for those 'Explorer Like' applications and utilities; It's all integrated
into your existing namespace. Why launch a separate application to browse a
remote FTPsite, download the file, close the application, then run
Explorer? Simply launch Explorer directly, browse your way through the
Internet neighborhood, then drag-drop the files/application directly into
your file system.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Microsoft ActiveMovie for Internet Explorer1.0      3/6/97  600kb

  An easy-to-use graphical authoring tool for creating .asf files; these
files are specifically tailored for low bit rate networks, such as the

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

DDClip Audio and Video Editor2.1   3/7/97     2612kb   Shareware

  DDClip is professional non-linear non-destructive multitrack real-time
audio and video editor for Windows95/NT. It allows mix in real time up to
16 CD quality audio tracks on your PC with any sound card (each audio clip
has volume and balance profile). DDClip is especially effective for video
clips scoring, creating audio commercials, synchronizing voice with music.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Security Breach Fix for MSIE3.0/3.01          3/5/97   300kb     Freeware

  If you're running Internet Explorer 3.0 or 3.01 for Windows 95 or NT 4.0,
you can now download a code fix for the security breach discovered this
week. Even though no customers have reported any problems related to the
security breach, Microsoft strongly recommends that users download the fix
to protect their computers. A malicious coder could potentially take
advantage of the breach to access a user's PC.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Loki Diary 32-bit 1.16.02          3/08/97    3.40mb   Freeware

  Loki Diary is a Visual Basic 4.0 program for keeping a diary or journal
with a little something for everyone. Designed to be easy to use, it
features a calendar for quick navigation, a rich text editor, options to
print any range of dates, with the ability to search the entire diary for
keywords, and security functions that support an Access95 compatible

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Dots 1.1                           3/7/97     61kb  Shareware $5.00

  This is a computer version of the pencil and paper game of Dots, where
players compete trying to close boxes in a field of dots. This version
sports a nice computer AI, and the ability to player human vs. human, human
vs. computer, or computer vs. computer. Special "real paper" backgrounds!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Auto-Bot 32-bit 1.0c4              3/08/97    2.00mb   Freeware

  Auto-Bot will download your waiting email, setting your system clock to
the Internet time, and (for the power users), executing timed telnet
sessions. This is just the start, with more actions coming in future

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

My Yahoo News Ticker 1.4 Build 15  3/08/97    .27mb Freeware

  A new program that delivers news, sports, stocks, weather etc to your
desktop. It resides directly on your Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 task bar
and works with existing applications, including screen savers. It uses the
preferences you've established in your MyYahoo! account to do this.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Eudora Pro 3.0.1                   3/08/97    3443kb   Demo

  This program will update Eudora Pro version 3.0 or higher to version

Eudora Light 3.0.1                 2/16/9     74207kb  Free Beta

  This is the final version of Eudora Light 3.01. New features like
filters, Capability-Enhancing Plug-ons, Drag & Drop Capabilities, and
Floating Dockable Mailbox Window.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Vinnie's Tomb, Chapter One - The Road To Vinnie's Tomb (for lack of a
better title)BETA 4.0
                                   3/3/97     7500kb   Freeware

  Vinnie's Tomb is the first game in an exciting new trilogy. Everyone in
the world knows about the legend of Vinnie's tomb, except for the people
who don't know about it. You'll meet bizarrely sketched creatures and pick
up desirable objects during your quest to find Vinnie's Tomb.  It's a role
playing game that includes an original soundtrack and dialogue.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Desktop Goodies3.0                 3/8/97     1830kb   Shareware $10.00

  Desktop Goodies puts an icon in the system tray. Clicking on it gives you
access to 4 programs. Conversion Tables converts most measurements.
CountDown is a timer that counts down to 0:00 time, then plays a Wave file.
Reminders will let you know of upcoming events for the next 7 days and will
also keep track of the time and date that your computer starts up. Sticky
Note is a scratch pad to jot down quick notes and memos.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Let It Ride for 95 1.31            2/20/97    1111kb   Shareware $10

  Let it Ride for 95 is an incredibly exciting and popular poker game
played in many casinos. The object of the game, as with any poker game, is
to get the highest poker hand you can (so you can rake in the cash). The
computerized version is great for entertainment, practicing your strategy,
or just plain saving money!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

ClipPlus 1.0                       3/7/97     161kb Freeware

  ClipPlus is a Windows95 clipboard enhancement utility. With ClipPlus you
are no longer to a one Clip limit in the windows clipboard. You can easily
save all your favorite clips for access from any windows program. Real
handy for surfing the net, chatting, programming and MORE!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Amanda's Yahtzee 95 1.0            3/7/97     888kb Shareware $5

  A commercial quality Yathzee game for all those people who are tired of
downloading bad Yathzee games. True sounds, true rolling of the die,
amazing graphics and many, many options.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

TurboZIP 1.1                       3/7/97     1696kb   Shareware

  TurboZIP (tm) is a ZIP and e-mail file manager. The intuitive and
versatile interface makes zipping, unzipping, encoding, and decoding files
as easy as it can be. More importantly, it provides essential supporting
tools so you can fast view, print, search, and launch files within ZIP
archives without first unzipping the archive or having to have the programs
that created them. TurboZIP also creates customizable SFX (Self-extracting
EXE) for unlimited redistribution. You can include personal message to the
SFX recipients for them to read before extracting the files. In addition,
TurboZIP Auto Backup (tm) effortlessly saves your critical work in industry
standard ZIP archive format. It is the ideal archive organizer for those
who love to download files!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

TextPad 2.3                        3/7/97     949kb Shareware $27.00

  TextPad is the most powerful and flexible text editor on the market.
Clean and uncluttered, the interface does not get in the way. Yet hiding
just a few mouse clicks away are powerful search and replace, macro
commands, and a highly customizable interface. When you need more than
notepad can offer, TextPad is the obvious next step.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Wyvern Solitaire 1.01              3/5/97     1200kb   Shareware

  Wyvern Solitaire is a high quality solitaire game with a clean graphic
interface, customizable MIDI music and standard or Vegas scoring.
Registration is free (with shipping and handling) and the registered
version can play with any of hundreds of downloadable deck styles and any
MIDI files.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Polyview 32-bit 2.90 beta 0        3/09/97    1.40mb   Shareware $20

  PolyView is a BMP, GIF, JPEG, photo-cd, PNG, and TIFF graphics viewer,
file conversion, and printing utility for Windows NT and Windows 95.
PolyView features fast image rendering, panning, and zooming that is
optimized for Windows 95 and Windows NT. PolyView is a 32 bit application
that uses multithreading to enhance usability and allow time consuming
operations, such as image file reading and writing, to be performed in
parallel with user interface operations. PolyView's multithreaded nature
also allows the reading and writing of multiple image files at the same
time. With its image appearance manipulation, copy and paste facilities,
and DDE execution capabilities, PolyView is an excellent companion to your
favorite Web browser.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

WinDownload 32-bit 2.7             3/10/97    1.20mb   Shareware $10

  WinDownload is a great utility that lets you schedule the download of
selected files. WinDownload is a 32 bit, multi-thread application which can
maximize bandwidth on any size pipe. Drag and drop a shortcut from Internet
Explorer or Netscape and keep browsing. You can download the files on
demand or schedule them to download anytime you want. Copy and paste a
valid URL from any file or copy shortcut from your browser or add a new URL

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Freeloader Gold 2.5                3/10/97    3.00mb   Free

  FreeLoader downloads Web sites for you and saves them on your hard disk.
FreeLoader's caching feature automatically converts downloaded Web page
links from HTTP addresses to paths that work on your hard drive. You choose
how much hard drive space you want to allocate to caching. Downloading goes
on in the background, so you don't waste time waiting on the Web.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Mail Express 97 32-bit build 97.3.10          3/10/97  1.00mb    Free

  A nice email client that features: *comes with a built-in spell checker
so you do not need to purchase Microsoft Office just to send email without
errors *RTF (Rich Text Format) Mail Message format. We acheived this by
combining the MicroSoft RTF standard with HTML, and Plain Text (non
formatted text). By doing this you are empowered to write email in
different fonts, and your recipient will receive that message exactly as
you sent it *CyberCreek RSR (Rapid Send Receive) allows simultaneous
sending and receiving of email. Featuring Email with inline Images, Video,
WAV and other OLE objects!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

DayCare2.1                         3/10/97    5300kb   Shareware $39.95

  Home DayCare management system. Tracks children, guardians, shots,
expenses, scheduling, activities and produces numerous reports. Very
thorough and useful.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

EZ Loan Manager 97 4.12            3/7/97     1417kn   Shareware $5.00

  EZ Loan Manager 97 for Windows 95 provides the simplest tool for you to
evaluate and manage your loans and mortgages. With its easy and flexible
interface, EZ Loan Manager is just for you, whether you have a fixed,
adjustable or biweekly loan, or like to save interest money with early
extra payments. If you pay your loan early, EZ Loan Manager will show you
how much interest you will save. This is a maintenance release with
improvement in inputting loan information.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Numerology Star Reader 8.0         3/10/97    707kb Shareware $15.00

  Numerological.. Astrological.. Past Lives Readings.. Love Spells..
Finally you can unlock all the secrets to your past, present and future!
Numerology Star Reader 8.0 gives you the ability to read your Numerological
and Astrological predictions for any day in any year! It also interprets
over 1000 dreams, superstitions, and any name! Many leading past lives
interpretation techniques were incorporated to bring you interpretations of
your deja vu, dream, vision or any other paranormal experiences!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Wallaby 4.0                        3/10/97    1800kb   Shareware $19.95

  Wallaby for Windows '95 is the fastest, easiest and best way to zip and
unzip in Windows '95. But thats not all - Wallaby can also create Self-
Extracting EXE's - perfect for an installation/distribution, it also has a
unique "Favourite Folders" which will seek out and locate your files.
Wallaby is also tightly integrated with the Windows '95 shell, right-click
any folder or drive and in minutes it will be compressed.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

ARITEK Sketchpad 1.01              3/9/97     2884kb   Shareware $29.95

  Conceptual design of a house. Snap rooms together to create the basic
house shape. Quickly move, replace, or change the shape of rooms. Overlap
rooms, and the program will automatically clean up the corners. View in
plan view, or fully rendered 3D. Output to CAD via DXF/DWG or create VRML
file of interior and exterior walls. Although designed for conceptual
design of houses, this program can also be easily used to layout space in
existing facilities -- such as commercial office buildings. Developed by
ARITEK using the cornerStone CAD developement Toolkit. 32-bit shareware for
Windows 95, using Watcom's 32-bit development system.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

After Dark Online 32-bit 2.0 beta  3/10/97    3.0mb Freeware

  After Dark Online is a collection of screen savers that bring news and
information from top sources on the Web directly to your desktop. Get news
from sources you know and trust: DBC Financial News, Sports Illustrated
Online, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Journal Interactive Edition,
and ZD Net Computing Central.After Dark Online also gives you stock quotes
and sport scores.  Best of all you customize the news you want, and you
determine how often the news is updated.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Microsoft Netshow 32-bit Player 2.0 beta      3/11/97  1.00mb    Freeware

  NetShow is the easiest, most cost-effective way to stream audio,
illustrated audio, and video across intranets and the Internet. Normally, a
user has to wait for an entire file to be transferred before using
networked multimedia content. Streaming lets users see or hear the
information as it arrives, without having to wait. Unlike other streaming
products, NetShow lets content providers generate compelling productions in
which audio, graphics, video, URLs and script commands can be synchronized
based on a timeline.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

WinPack 32-bit 1.40                3/11/97    .84mb Shareware

  WinPack32 Deluxe supports Zip, Gzip, Arj, Lharc, Tar, Unix Compress (with
LZW option) Zoo, UUEncode, XXEncode, Binhex 4.0, Mime, and Base 64. You can
create as well as extract from any supported format. Features include,
ability to view any file type within an archive, archive conversion, built-
in self-extractor, drag-n-drop, recursive subdirectories, multipart archive
support, subarchive support, disk spanning, self-extracting disk spans, zip
decryption and encryption.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone 32-bit 1.6.0   3/11/97  2.50mb    Freeware

  Internet Gaming Zone is Microsoft's online FREE gaming software/service.
You can play games such as Hearts, Bridge, Spades, Chess, Checkers, Go, and
Reversi.  It's not all board and card games though, you can also play most
of MS's new games like MS Golf 3.0, Hellbender, Monster Truck Madness and
Close Combat.  It also has ZoneLAN, which allows players to use multiplayer
games requiring the IPX protocol. (Like what Kali does).

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Wake Me Up! 1.51                   3/11/97    167k  Freeware

  Wake Me Up! is a simple application which acts as an alarm. Instead of
the usual beeps or messages, you can wake up to a music CD (via Windows95
CDPlayer) or MP3s (via Winplay3). Waking up to a CD is simple, just make
sure you have the Windows95 CDPlayer and a CD in the CD-ROM drive and set
the time and you're off. Waking up to MP3s is not much harder. Just specify
the path to Winplay3, make the playlist of the songs you would like to hear
(not even Winplay3 does this!) and set the time and you'll be waking up to
your very own MP3s!

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Digital Voice Plug-in 32-bit 1.11  3/12/97    678k  Freeware

  The DIGITAL Voice Plugin allows you to record and send audio email
directly from a web page. The use of industry standard protocols ensures
that most people can receive and play these messages with the software they
already have. If you publish web pages, the DIGITALVoice Plugin can be a
great way to gather voice comments about your work!  Note:  Only works with
Netscape Navigator or Gold 3.0 (beta 5 or newer).

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Peak Net.jet 32-bit 1.5            3/12/97    3.00mb   Shareware $29.95

  Peak Net.Jet will dramatically speed up your browsing when you are
visiting new sites that contain reading material or articles that you spend
some time reading. You will find that as you read through different
articles on a site, the new pages you go to will load into your browser as
if they were already in cache. This is because Peak Net.Jet loads all
available links so that it appears to anticipate where you are going to go
next, and gets that page ready for you to read. If you are used to browsing
with graphics turned off, you are going to see very large performance gains
using Peak Net.Jet. Note that as the amount of graphics on a site
increases, the effectiveness of Peak Net.Jet will decrease. This is the
nature of the Internet.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Ooze 1.3                           3/9/97     1269kb   Shareware $15.00

  Ooze is a simple yet challenging mind game, where two players (human or
computer) test each others' wits and foresight by moving small glops of
ooze on grids of varying shapes. Ooze features detailed graphics and
animation, computer players of varying intelligence, numerous boards to
play on, and saving of high scores.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Personal Stock Monitor 2.0.1       3/11/97    1300kb   Shareware $25.00

  This little application brings time delayed stock quotes to your desktop.
(There is a delay of approximately 10 to 15 minutes). Has alarms when
stocks reach new highs.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Dynamite Joe 1.1                   3/11/97    1409kb   Comercial Demo

  You are Joe, alias Boom-Boom Joe or The Explosive, better known as
DYNAMITE JOE. You've been rotting for 3 years in the slammer already, and
the pressure has been building up. You've had enough: it's time to break
loose and escape from this lousy stinking rotten jail.  You dig your way
through the underground using existing tunnels, or make your own as you go.
Nothing resists you and you may even find treasures buried in this barren
soil!  On your way you will collect keys for opening the door to the next
level. The door is in the top right corner, below the key counter.
Obviously the wardens and police forces will do everything to catch you,
dead or alive.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Amazing JPEG Screen Saver for Win 95 1.53     3/9/97   150kb     Shareware

  The Amazing JPEG Screen Saver for Windows 95/NT is a true 32-bit screen
saver that lets you have your favorite JPEG images FLOAT across the screen.
Supports 256 color and true color displays. Great for CORPORATE LOGOS,
family pictures, and anyone with A LOT of images! Options include different
image movements, image resizing, auto changing images and much much more.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Streaming Shockwave 32-bit 6.0b5 Plug-In      3/12/97  2.60mb    Freeware

  Macromedia Shockwave gives you fully interactive multimedia clickable and
dynamic animations, graphics, text, and audio from directly within your web
browser. Install Shockwave and get immediate access to:
z    Thousands of cool web games
z    On-demand, streaming audio
z    Live concerts and radio
z    The latest interactive news, sports, and information.

This new version also streams the animations/movies to your computer
instead of having to wait for the whole thing to download first.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Teleport Pro 32-bit 1.28 Build 254 3/12/97    1.57mb   Shareware $39.95

  Teleport Pro is a fully automated, multithreaded, link-following, file-
retrieving webspider. It will retrieve all the files you want and only the
files you want from any part of the Internet. Teleport Pro can --- Create
an exact duplicate, or "mirror" of a website, complete with subdirectory
structure and all required files, Completely download a website, enabling
you to "offline browse" the site at much greater speeds than if you were to
browse the site online, and Search a website for files of a certain type
(and even size).

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Hot Spot 32-bit 2.1                3/12/97    .05mb Shareware $10

  CT HotSpot is a small utility with which you can create 2 hotspots - 1 to
turn your screensaver on, and the other to turn it off. This can be quite
useful when downloading a large file or doing a tape backup. Having a
screensaver come on during these activities can wreck havoc with your
computer and your files. Run the CT HotSpot Setup program to define your
preferred hotspots first. Then put the CT HotSpot program in your StartUp
folder, restart Windows, and you're in business! You will see a little flag
pop up when your screensaver is disabled, letting you know that CT HotSpot
is doing what it's supposed to be doing. As long as the cursor is parked in
the appropriate corner, your screensaver cannot come on. Simply moving the
mouse will restore your screensaver settings. Of course, CT HotSpot will
also set up a corner to start your screensaver, which can be pretty handy
if your boss walks in on you in the middle of a solitaire game, or if you
want to impress your friends with your latest screensaver "find".

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Hanes T-Shirt Maker & More 1.0     3/12/97    1344kb   Shareware

  Design great looking tshirts and other neat stuff right out of your
computer. Hundreds of clipart graphics, templates and fonts--or import your
own photos or art. Preview the tshirt, mousepad or other item right on
screen. Then print it out and iron it on for a long-lasting great looking
shirt. A special transfer paper is required but is available in numerous
stores and on the net.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Icon Obtainer 1.0                  3/12/97    138kb Shareware $1.00

  Allows you to view and save Icons contained in dll and exe files.  Also
converts bitmaps to icons.

   Download Site -


Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Quarterdeck CleanSweep 3.0         3/13/97    7.73kb   Commercial Demo

  Quarterdeck's demo version of their Win95 cleanup and desktop management
software. CleanSweep tidies up your hard drive by clearing away that
digital mess.  It tracks down disk junk of every type - duplicate files,
redundant DLLs, orphan files, even infrequently-used files, quickly and

   Download Site -


                      Internet Explorer 4.0 Overview

Internet Explorer 4.0 is the open, integrated suite of Internet software
that provides end users, MIS managers, and content/software developers the
premier Internet client and basic collaboration solution. The vision behind
IE 4.0 is to completely integrate the Internet and the PC to provide the
easy, personalized, and complete way to get the most out of the Internet.
There are four key areas of innovation in Internet Explorer 4.0 that
deliver the comprehensive solution we think of as the "Web PC". These are:

z    Best Browser
z    Complete Communication and Collaboration
z    Personal Information Delivery
z    True Web Integration
In making dramatic technological advances in each of these 4 key areas, we
have set core functionality requirements in the areas of easy control and
administration, improved performance over IE 3.0, faster delivery of cross
platform versions for Mac, Windows 3.1, and Unix, and great compatibility
with existing Internet standards. To more fully understand the IE 4.0,
please read the IE 4.0 Technical White Paper.

The rest of this document highlights the initial progress made in each of
the features and functionality named above. Best BrowserCore to the having
a great Internet experience is the browser. With IE version 3.0, we
delivered the best browser on the market in large part due to significant
advancements in usability - via an innovative user interface - and support
for viewing great content - via leading support for Java, ActiveX, and
HTML. In Internet Explorer 4.0 we aim to continue providing the best
browser by innovating in the area of usability via offline browsing and
IntelliSense-like features. We also support the most advanced HTML
authoring capabilities via support for Dynamic HTML.

Key areas of improvement in providing the Best Browser:

z    Ease of Use Innovations and Personalization Improvements
z    Ability to view the widest set of Internet content - especially
  Dynamic HTML
z    Offline Browsing
z    Performance Enhancements
z    Security

Ease of Use Innovations and Personalization Improvements

Based on significant usability studies and customer feedback, we have added
IntelliSense-like features in the browser as well as tuned the execution of
common tasks such as searching. The net result is that users are
dramatically more productive and surfing is a lot more fun.

                               Key Features

Search Bar A search bar in the browser view stays open while the user
selects the search results, allowing perusal of the search hits without
ever hitting the back button.

AutoComplete Similar to the IntelliSense technology implemented in
Microsoft Office products, Internet Explorer now helps users fill in the
URL being typed into the address bar. Clicking the right mouse button in
the address bar brings up a shortcut menu with other variations on the main
URL that the user previously visited.

Offline browsingThe browser is now architected to easily read Web pages
stored in the user's cache. Combined with the personal information delivery
capability described later, this makes it easy to surf your favorite Web
sites easily and inexpensively when not connected to the Internet.

Improved Favorites Favorites are now "smart": they inform the user with a
red visual (a "Gleam") on the icon when a favorite site has changed, even
indicating via a Tooltip the exact site change. Other enhancements to
Favorites include:
z    Thumbnail views in the Smart Favorites dialog box quick visuals of a
z    Better organization of Smart Favorites via Drag & drop in the
  Favorites menu
z    Navigation History on Back and Forward Buttons
z    Right-click on the forward or back buttons to see a "history": select
  one to quickly jump back or ahead to pages previously viewed.

Improved Printing Richer printing functionality that includes background
printing of documents and intelligent frameset printing options that allow
printing all or one frame on a page.

Ability to view the widest set of exciting Internet contentInternet
Explorer 4.0 continues in the tradition of providing the broadest and best
support of Internet content standards. With the Dynamic HTML, users now
have a faster, more exciting, and more functional way to view and interact
with Web sites. In the next release, IE 4.0 will support the latest
improvements to Java as well.

                               Key Features
Dynamic HTML This exciting new technology enables the creation of totally
interactive multimedia titles and Web page applications, and allows better
Web page manipulation and control via HTML and scripting. The effect of
these new applications will be to redefine the Web experience for
developers and users. This new experience is possible because all HTML page
elements are now exposed via an Object Model. This allows content authors
to create richer Web pages that dynamically change the display or content
of a page entirely on the client machine, without requiring a trip to the
server for a new page reload or refresh. The specification for Dynamic HTML
is currently in draft format with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Dynamic Styles
HTML authors can dynamically change the style (element attributes or CSS1
styles) of every HTML element in a document.

Ability to position HTML elements in x- y-coordinates, and z-plane, as
specified in the W3C Working Draft on Positioning HTML with Cascading Style

Dynamic Content
Authors can dynamically change the content of an HTML page based on mouse
events or other user interaction.

Filter, Transition, and Animation Controls
Multimedia controls enable the creation of captivating visual effects to
elements in a page or to the entire page without scripting.

Data Awareness
Internet Explorer 4.0 incorporates several features to integrate data with
native HTML elements, including automatic generation of table rows from
data records and data-bound form fields.

ActiveX Support
Internet Explorer 4.0 now supports OC96 ActiveX controls, components that
are faster, smaller, and more integrated than ever before. This improves
ActiveX functionality to benefit both Web surfers and Web developers. These
new features include:

z    Windowless Controls
Allows creation of transparent and non-rectangular controls, which combined
with 2D placement enables authors to overlap controls on a page.
z    SBindHost service
Internet Explorer's supports for SBindHost service allows controls to
download additional data asynchronously, providing better performance for
controls that want to download images, or other complex data.
z    Java Support
Java support in Internet Explorer 4.0 continues on Microsoft's commitment
to deliver the fastest, most robust, best-of-the-breed JavaT development
tools and Java run-time implementation available
Full ActiveX integration
ActiveX and Java Beans components can now inter-operate, allowing
developers to access the functionality of an ActiveX control from a Java
Bean and vice versa.
z    Extended Object Model
The Internet Explorer 4.0 object model is now exposed through Java
libraries, allowing Java developers to manipulate the Web page dynamically.
z    New multimedia class libraries
All the functionality of DirectX media and DirectX foundation is provided
as cross-platform Java class libraries, enabling developers to manipulate
and animate a full set of media types.
z    Internationalization support
Unicode support simplifies developing worldwide applications because of its
support for multilingual display and input, and an easy resource format
that facilitates localization.
z    Java AFC Support (Coming Soon)
Upcoming releases of Internet Explorer 4.0 will support new Java
Application Foundation Classes (AFCs), providing a complete set of building
blocks for developers to quickly create commercial-quality, cross-platform
Java applications.
z    Active Script
With its support for ActiveXT scripting, Microsoft Internet Explorer
provides fast, comprehensive, language-independent script handling
capability using VBScript, JScript (100% JavaScript Compatible), or the
scripting language of the developer's choice.
z    Multimedia
Exciting multimedia effects can be implemented against text and other
objects in a Web page, or to transition from one page to another. These new
controls include:
Graphic and Animation Effects
z    Sprite
Creates animated images.
z    Structured Graphics
z    Provides high quality, lightweight scalable, rotatable graphics.
Alters the appearance of any item on a Web page by applying a graphic
z    Path
Easily moves objects across a two-dimensional path.

Music Effects
z    Interactive Music Control
The Microsoft Interactive Music Control is a lightweight control that
provides dynamic musical accompaniment and software wavetable synthesis.
z    Mixer
Mixes multiple wave files together dynamically.
z    Page Effects
z    Sequencer
Easily controls timing of events on pages.
TransitionsAlter the appearance of any item on a page, or the page itself,
over time.
z    Behaviors
z    Applies high level behaviors to controls and Dynamic HTML elements.
  Hot spot
Establish regions of the screen that can process mouse clicks.

Offline Browsing SupportInternet Explorer 4.0 can automatically switch
between online and offline modes to allow fast and cost-efficient surfing
of Web sites stored in your local cache. With the information delivery
feature described in the next section, this provides users an easy way to
view their favorites from a laptop on a plane or when commuting in to work
for example.

Performance Enhancements

Internet Explorer 4.0 provides technologies that will make the user's
experience faster and more efficient than other Web browsers do today.

                               Key Features
z    Dynamic HTML; Dynamic HTML lets Web authors create even richer,
  interactive pages than was possible with HTML 3.2 and CSS1, while reducing
  bandwidth issues at both the client and server because content is created
  in lightweight HTML. It also allows the client to respond more quickly
  because fewer trips are needed to access the server for page refreshes, and
  reduces server traffic because fewer calls are received by the server.
z    Java Just-In-Time compiler; Java applets run faster than ever before.
  Plus, support for an open, backwards-compatible compression technology
  means that classes download to your computer faster. Version checking
  ensures you don't have to reload class files every time, and that older
  class libraries don't install over newer versions.
z    Basic Performance Improvements;  Continuous performance improvements
  throughout the development cycle concerning how pages are downloaded and
  displayed will increase the browsing speed of Internet Explorer 4.0.


Support for the Internet security standards available today is important,
and Internet Explorer is a safe, secure browser supporting SSL and PCT. In
addition, Internet Explorer provides an extensible architecture that
supports the best and broadest range of security enhancements of any
browser, including Authenticode and the CyptoAPI. Many of these features
introduced in IE 3.0 continue to be the most advanced way to safely and
securely surf the Internet.

                               Key Features
Microsoft Authenticode Support When users download a piece of signed code
to their computers, Authenticode verifies that the code hasn't been
tampered with. In addition, Authenticode technology irrefutably identifies
the publisher of the software. Microsoft Wallet Microsoft Wallet lets you
store important, private information in a secure central location such as
credit cards, electronic drivers license, ATM cards, and electronic
cash.CryptoAPI 1.0 CryptoAPI provides the underlying security services for
secure channels and code signing. Using the CryptoAPI, developers can
easily integrate strong cryptography in their applications.NTLM
Challenge/Response Secure Channel Services via SSL and PCTTransport Layer
Security (TLS) (Coming Soon)Personal Information Exchange (PFX)"Cookie"
PrivacySOCKS Firewall SupportPlatform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)
Code Sandbox Complete Communication and CollaborationThe second major area
of functionality and design in IE 4.0 is in the area of communication and
collaboration. The collaboration term and market is broad and Microsoft
sees two distinct areas into which users fall. The first segment which
appeals to 80-90% of all computer users is "basic" communication and
collaboration which consists of functions such as email, newsgroup reading,
chat, internet telephony, etc. The second segment is "full-scale"
collaboration which is a much narrower market normally found within
corporations and consists of advanced features like groupware, forms
applications, workflow and routing, etc. For the latter, Microsoft offers a
complete solution via Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Exchange server.

IE 4.0 targets the former segment and provides an unmatched solution in
terms of completeness and best of breed over rival solutions such as
Netscape Communicator. In particular, Microsoft offers a better email,
newsgroup reading, authoring and conferencing solution compared to
alternatives, and uniquely provides video conferencing, application
sharing, broad and multi-casting of media and a personal web server.
Additionally, Microsoft innovates by allowing the user to use any of the
`suite' of applications or substituting and upgrading to more powerful
options providing by products such as Front Page or Microsoft Outlook. IE
4.0 also provides best implementation of Internet standards protocols such
as MHTML, S/MIME, IMAP4, LDAP, H.323, T.120, ASF, and natively integrates
into the Windows Taskbar to provide the easiest way to access applications.
Each application also shares a common look and feel and Toolbar making it
easy to learn other applications once you have learned the first.

Key areas in the Complete Communication and Collaboration area:

z    Messaging - Outlook Express
z    Conferencing and Application Sharing - NetMeeting
z    Broadcasting - NetShow
z    Authoring - FrontPad Publishing - Personal Web Server and Web
  Publishing Wizard
Messaging - Microsoft Outlook Express The Internet Explorer 4.0 suite
includes rich tools for on-line communication, with a full featured email
and news reading client called Outlook Express, and support for the latest
protocols such as IMAP4, LDAP and S/MIME.

                               Key Features
z    LDAP Support Full LDAP directory service support gives access to a
  virtual Internet White Pages and makes it easy to find anyone on corporate
  LDAP servers, or to use the built in support for Four11, InfoSpace,
  Bigfoot, or WhoWhere to locate anyone on the Internet. IMAP4 Compliant When
  email is stored on an IMAP4 server, this enables users to get their email
  from any computer connected to the network running Outlook Express. HTML
  View and Edit  Users can edit, send and receive full Web pages from the
  Internet or intranet, and the message contains the full Web page.  S/MIME
  Support  Support for Secure MIME enables users to encrypt and digitally
  sign messages, as well certify senders with digital certificates.
  Integration  Outlook Express is tightly integrated with the rest of the
  Internet Explorer Suite, making it easy to use together and switch between
  applications seamlessly.
Productivity Enhancements  Users can create multiple, hierarchical folders,
and drag and drop them any way they like.
Auto-add builds the Address book on the fly so that all important email
addresses are saved easily. Support for multiple mailboxes makes it one
simple step to get email from multiple service provider accounts.  Inbox
rules have been enhanced so users can forward, move, or copy messages
automatically. Internet Conferencing and Application Sharing - Microsoft
NetMeeting 2.0, Beta 2Microsoft NetMeeting delivers a complete Internet
conferencing solution providing a real-time communications client, and an
open, extensible platform supporting standards-based (T.120 and H.323)
audio, data, and video conferencing functionality. Support for standards
also provides compatibility with third party standards-based communications

                               Key Features
Video Conferencing  NetMeeting supports using a video capture card and
video camera to send video during a conference (using the industry-standard
H.323 protocol), enabling the other participant in a conference to see you
for face-to-face communications over the Internet or Intranet.

Multipoint Data Conferencing  A comprehensive suite of tools for
collaborating and sharing information with multiple conference members in
real-time using ITU T.120 protocols. Tools include:
z    True application sharing to share an application on your machine with
z    Whiteboard to share graphics or draw diagrams
z    Text-based chat to send messages or take meeting notes or action items
z    Binary file transfer capability to send files to conference members.
Internet Telephony/Audio Conferencing NetMeeting lets users can collaborate
with voice, data or video conferencing capabilities over the Internet or
intranet in real-time using communications standard H.323.

                    Broadcasting - NetShow 2.0, Beta 2

Microsoft NetShow brings rich broadcasting to the Web, enabling Web surfers
to view and listen to live or recorded broadcasts without waiting for
downloads or slowing down network performance. NetShow is both client and
server software that extends the power of broadcasting to Internet Explorer
4.0. It includes audio, illustrated audio and video on demand and live IP
multicast audio, video and file transfer.

Key Features

            Client Component Designed for Internet Explorer 4.0
The NetShow client is an Active X control included in Internet Explorer 4.0
that allows the user to play back multimedia content without a long wait
for file download.

NetShow supports a variety of network transports and protocols including
TCP, UDP, and RTP-IP. Also, NetShow supports H.323, and includes G723 and a
H323 codec.

        Broadcast TV metaphor for publishing and receiving content
Allows publishers to deliver content organized into Channels and Shows.
This is just like on TV: e.g. MSNBC is the Channel and the MSNBC 10 p.m.
News is a Show. On the client site, the NetShow Program Guide provides an
intuitive user interface to enable Web surfers to find Channels and Shows
delivered on a specific site, just like an Electronic Program Guide.

                 Streamed, synchronized illustrated audio
NetShow provides on-demand content streaming to users, enabling content
providers to create sophisticated productions that use graphics, slides,
photographs and URLs synchronized with the audio stream.

                           Live multicast audio
By allowing many users to `tune into' a single multicast transmission,
network managers are able to dramatically reduce the load placed on their
networks when large numbers of users want to listen to live events.

                           Live multicast files
Multicast file transfer can be used to dynamically change large quantities
of data on Web sites to be simultaneously distributed to many users.

            High quality, standards based audio and video codec
NetShow includes new standards based codecs (MPEG 2 layer 3, and MPEG 4)
for enabling the delivery of higher quality audio and video content over
dial-up base speed up to broadband speed. In addition, NetShow supports all
ACM and VCM codecs. This means that every ACM and VCM codec can be used
with NetShow - in fact NetShow ships with more than 15 different codec
schemes from different vendors. Customers can choose the best codec for a
specific type of applications and network bandwidth.

                      Simple tools to create content
NetShow comes with simple, starter tools that enable corporate content
developers to stream illustrated audio. Files in WAV, AVI, QuickTime,
PowerPoint, JPEG, GIF and URL formats can all be used to generate
illustrated audio. You can also leverage all the existing multimedia
authoring tools to get your content ready to stream!

                           Authoring - FrontPad

FrontPad is a WYSIWYG HTML editor based on the full-featured FrontPage 97
that provides easy to use HTML editing capabilities, allowing even novice
users to create Web pages easily.

                               Key Features

                         Personal Home Page Wizard
Create your own home page! This wizard takes you step-by-step through the

              Java, JavaScript, Plug-In, and ActiveX Support
FrontPad supports top Internet technologies to make your pages more


Users and small business want an easy way to publish Web pages on intranets
or the Internet. These tools make creating a personal Web site easy with a
few simple steps.

                    Key Features - Personal Web Server

The Personal Web Server turns a Windows 95-based personal computer into a
low-volume Web server, integrating with the Windows 95 taskbar and Control
Panel while integrating well with Windows 95 security model.

                      Easy to install, use and manage
Personal Web Server installs easily and includes an intuitive HTML-based
administration utility that also supports full remote administration.

                        Standards-based technology
PWS fully supports existing standards such as CGI and includes the open
Internet Server API (ISAPI) extension to the Win32r API that is up to five
times faster than CGI-based applications.

                   Key Features - Web Publishing Wizard

Direct support for standard protocols: FTP, UNC, HTTP Post
Support for third party services: AOL, GNN, Sprynet and Primehost
Support for system-independent protocols: CRS FrontPage Extended Web

                     Personalized Information Delivery

The third major feature area of IE 4.0 is Personal Information Delivery.
Pull/Push solutions are numerous today, but users still lack for a
complete, easy solution that integrates the best of each option. IE 4.0
innovates in this area by providing an open, extensible architecture that
allows any information delivery system to plug-in regardless of its
proprietary protocol. Thus IE 4.0 users can receive the broadest set of
information be it a Web page, software applet, or email message. Moreover,
IE 4.0 provides a low cost and proven solution via the shipment of a
webcrawler application that can turn any Web site into a Channel publisher
- unlike other solutions which require the purchase of an expensive server
software solution. And consistent with the usability strides in other areas
of the product, IE 4.0 provides an easy method to setup and schedule
information delivery tailored to the user's needs.

Key areas in Personalized Information Delivery:

Premium Channels
Take the Web With You Offline

Premium Channels (Coming Soon)
Not in the Platform Preview release, but coming soon, IE 4.0 Channels give
content providers an opportunity to truly innovate using Internet
Explorer's standards-based Web content support, turning a portion of their
Web site into a dynamic channel right on users' desktops.

Key Features

Premium Content (Partners)
Users get access to the top IE content provider channels, providing the
richest Internet Explorer 4.0 experience available.

Use the channel bar to select favorite topics, and Internet Explorer will
get the information for the user, to read whenever they want - even while
on the road and offline.

Active Platform Support
When viewing Premium channels, see the most interesting, interactive
content available, as they are specifically designed for Internet Explorer
4.0 with support for Dynamic HTML, ActiveX, and Java.


Today users spend too much time going back to the same Web sites, to
manually determine if the latest information is contained there.
Subscriptions solve that problem by providing an information delivery
architecture that builds on the basic concept of Smart Favorites. But they
go even further than Favorites by delivering Web pages right to the user's
PC, for when the user has time to read them, providing a perfect vehicle
for off-line reading. Subscriptions include an easy to use interface for
scheduling, notification and delivery options. Subscriptions are a boon for
Web Masters, because the architecture for subscriptions allows any server
to be subscribed to, without any changes needed on the server to support
this functionality. And it's a win for users, because creating
subscriptions are easy and they're free!

Key Features

Creating Subscriptions
Users can subscribe to any Web site via a check box option called Subscribe
to Site in the Add to Favorites dialog box, enabling IE to display the
Subscriptions dialog box for setting user preferences for scheduling,
notification and delivery options.

Scheduling Page Downloads
Once in the Settings Option of the Subscription Dialog box, users can
choose to schedule when they want IE to retrieve the information they have
subscribed to, based on daily, weekly or custom schedule options in the
Subscriptions dialog box.

Notification of Subscription Updates & Delivery Mechanisms
Users have a number of options concerning how they want to be notified of
changes that have occurred on the site, including a visual on the
subscriptions icon in the Task Bar or email notification. For delivery,
Internet Explorer supports caching of the data on the local hard drive with
a number of different options including number of Web pages deep, maximum
file size, options for including images. In a future release Internet
Explorer 4.0 will support delivery of entire Web pages in an Outlook
Express Mail Message.

Take the Web with You Offline

Users can obtain access to the latest Web information, even when the user
is traveling on the road and does not have access to an Internet connection
thanks to Internet Explorer 4.0's innovative scheduling and caching

Key Features

Offline Reading
Once users receive the subscribed site or page, they can "unplug" from the
Internet and still work with the data.

Maximizing Internet Connect Time
The computer can automatically download the content users want at scheduled
intervals, saving on connect time they might use aimlessly searching for
the information they want.

True Web Integration

The final area of innovation in IE 4.0 is the ability to provide True Web
Integration with the operating system. This concept embraces the importance
of integrating Web tasks into a proven and popular user interface design
that leverages current investments in training and solves key customer
problems that exist today. As the Internet clearly advances to permeate all
aspects of the user's basic computing experience, the ability to natively
integrate IE 4.0 features into the OS is win for users. Rather than layer
additional functionality on top of the operating system and changing the
user interface, True Web Integration, provides users a single easy way to
access information - be it on the local machine, the LAN, or the Internet.
Moreover, integration of the Internet into the OS shell means users can
create their own customized personal workspace or "newspaper" if you will
that gets updated and works seamlessly with user-created information. In IE
4.0 Platform Preview, we make this an installation option so that users who
don't have the system resources or aren't ready to upgrade their OS shell
can do so at their own pace.

The key areas of innovation in True Web integration are:

Single Explorer
Your "Start" for the Web
Active Desktop

Single Explorer

With a Single Explorer application, the process of finding information is
unified in one utility to universally view local, network, intranet, and
Internet data.

Key Features:

Consistent Navigation
Users can now browse their local hard drive or the network the same way
they browse the Web.

Context-Sensitive Toolbars and Menus
The user interface detects the type of information presented in the current
view, whether it is HTML or local files and folders, and automatically
adjusts the toolbar accordingly.

Browser Enabled Everywhere
Single Explorer provides the ability to view multiple types of content in
any folder, be it files and folders or HTML.

Global Favorites
With new Global Favorites, users can keep track of any folder, file, or
server along with their favorite Web sites, allowing seamless navigation
from local to Web content.

Web View
Web View extends the original views in Windows 95 (Large Icons, Small
Icons, List, Details) with a fifth unique view which can represent any
folder as a Web page. This allows users to browse local or network folder
as if they were browsing the Web.

Customize this Folder Wizard
Enabling a custom Web View of a folder, IE 4.0 comes with a step-by step
wizard that walks the user through the process of creating a custom view of
a folder on their PC. Access it from the View menu in any Windows folder

"Start" for the Web

With Internet Explorer 4.0, Windows is now "Web savvy", and is enhanced to
support Internet functionality in a number of ways. The Windows Taskbar now
includes commands users need to access Web site such as and Address bar and
Quick Links for quick access to the Web. The Start Menu has equally been
enhanced for the Web and sports items like your favorites, enhanced search
and find as well as the ability to drag and drop arrangement of menu items.

Key Features:

Start Menu does Web Tasks
New commands for Favorites and an updated Find command called "Find.On the
Internet" are on the Start Menu, making it easy to get to sites users visit
all the time.

Windows Taskbar extensibility
The Taskbar has become open and extensible in Internet Explorer 4.0, with a
default address bar for entering URLs, and custom toolbars that can be
created simply by dragging a folder or Web site window to the edge of the

Start Menu Customization
Internet Explorer 4.0 allows users to customize the Favorites menu, the
entire Programs menu, and even the top of the Start Menu with drag and

Active Desktop

Just like the Taskbar and the Start Menu have been updated to be Web Savvy,
so too has the Windows desktop. It now becomes your personal, customized
Web page: it supports HTML content, and can support drag and drop of Web
components that update automatically. As you visit your favorite Web sites,
you can easily add components from the site to your collection on the

Key Features

Desktop Hosts HTML, ActiveX, Java
The Active Desktop extends the existing user interface by enabling users to
view and host Web components directly in the desktop.

The Active Screen Saver displays favorite Web sites with live links to Web

Predefined Ticker (Coming Soon)
Internet Explorer 4.0 provides a predefined, customizable scrolling ticker
on the Active Desktop, notifying users whenever favorite Web sites have

               UUNET Details Nationwide Deployment of IDSL Technology

 New Preferred Access(SM) Service Delivers Affordable Leased Line Internet
                 Access To Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

FAIRFAX, Va., March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- UUNET Technologies, Inc., the
world's largest provider of Internet services and a subsidiary of WorldCom,
Inc. (Nasdaq: WCOM), today announced the deployment schedule for its new
Preferred Access service, a dedicated Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service
that delivers leased line performance for Internet access at about half the
price of a fractional T1 line.

UUNET is the first Internet Service Provider to make this type of service
commercially available nationwide.   The new service will address the needs
of LAN users in small and mid-sized businesses or branch offices of  large
corporations in the United States by providing a cost-effective, dedicated
Internet connection for  mission critical applications.  Preferred Access,
initially based on UUNET's IDSL technology, allows an  ISDN router to
connect to the Internet with the application flexibility and stability of a
leased T1 line.  While traditional ISDN and analog dial-up Internet access
can support web browsing and email use, they are  not designed to support
Internet applications which require full-time, dedicated access.  Such
applications  include remote LAN access and web hosting.  IDSL, on the
other hand, supports the full array of Internet  applications.  Another
benefit of the IDSL technology is that the connection can be monitored end-
to-end.  This means higher reliability with proactive troubleshooting by
UUNET, as well as the ability to gather  traffic statistics to help small
companies plan for growth.  "The innovative approach of UUNET and WorldCom,
along with telecommunication deregulation, is making  leased line
performance and flexibility available at a substantially lower cost," said
Alan Taffel, vice president of marketing and business development at UUNET.
"Preferred Access 128 provides real value to  the end-user; the connection
uses a simple data-grade copper loop, bypasses switched voice networks, and
avoids the congestion and limitations that have  plagued many dial and ISDN
Internet connections."

The IDSL service will be supported in 117 cities throughout the US.
Deployment will occur in stages.  The  first phase of deployment has
already begun in Northern California.  Over the next 90 days there will be
a total of 25 cities throughout the State of California placed into
service.  By the end of the third quarter of this  year an additional 92
cities across the country will launch the IDSL service.  Additional cities
will be deployed thereafter.  Preferred Access will give small businesses
an uncomplicated upgrade path to higher bandwidth.  Initially  UUNET will
offer Preferred Access 128, a dedicated, monitorable service which supports
data transmission at 128 Kbps.  In the future, UUNET will also offer
Preferred Access 768, based on HDSL technology,  offering bi-directional
768 Kbps bandwidth.  By changing only the customer premise router,
qualified  companies can move to the higher bandwidth service.  As with all
UUNET connections, Preferred Access 128 receives monitoring, proactive
troubleshooting, and  UUNET's  business-class customer support 24 hours a
day, seven days a week.  Installation coordination,  including local loop
provisioning, is handled by UUNET.

About UUNET Technologies & About WorldCom, Inc.

Headquartered  in  Fairfax, Va., UUNET Technologies, Inc.  is  the  world's
largest  provider of Internet  services, offering a comprehensive range  of
access  options,  World Wide Web hosting services, security   products  and
consulting  services  to  businesses, professionals,  and  on-line  service
providers.   The  company's  network is comprised  of  Points  of  Presence
(POPs)  throughout the United States and in Canada, Europe  and  the  Asia-
Pacific region, as well as connections to Internet service providers around
the  world.   Founded in  1987, UUNET is recognized as the first commercial
Internet  service  provider.   UUNET is a  subsidiary  of   WorldCom,  Inc.
(Nasdaq:  WCOM).   UUNET's  World  Wide Web address  is
WorldCom  is  a global business telecommunications company.   Operating  in
more  than  50 countries, the  company is a premier provider of facilities-
based  and  fully  integrated  local,  long  distance,  international   and
Internet services.  WorldCom subsidiary, UUNET Technologies, Inc.,  is  the
world's largest provider of  Internet services.  WorldCom's World Wide  Web
address  is  The common  and   depositary  shares  of
WorldCom  trade on the Nasdaq National Market (U.S.) under the symbol  WCOM
and  WCOMP, respectively.

EDUPAGE STR Focus        Keeping the users informed


Battle Over Top-Level Domains Heats
Study Warns Shortage Of Tech-Savvy
Workers Looms
Cigarette, Tobacco Internet Ads
Attract Children
Microsoft, Netscape Compete Over
Dynamic HTML
56-Kbps Modem Race
Flat-Rate Net Pricing
AOL Says It Got Incorrect Stock
Info From S&P
Vandals Crack Into NASA
New Security Flaws Found In
Software Piracy
Computer Crimes Pervasive
Swedish Cracker Disrupts Florida
911 Systems
HP Steals Some Of NCs' Thunder
DEC Rolls Out Millicent
Schools Offer Webmaster Degrees
Apple May Reconsider Licensing Fees
Does Net Improve Learning In
Primary Grades?  Study Says No.
Live Video On CNN Web Site
High Tech Jobs
Fun & Games On The Net
Spring Cleaning Time For Some Web
News Link Site Sued Over Hot Links
WebTV Solves The Churn Problem
Teledesic Moves To Resolve Spectrum
Microsoft Wants To Standardize
Internet Broadcasting
NCAA Gives FBI Info On Web Site
Canadian Immigration Rule Change
For Skilled Foreigners
Teleglobe & Ameritech Strike Deal
Microsoft Teams Up With Intel,
Internet Usage Has Double


A group of six small Internet service providers and three independent
businesses, calling themselves  Enhanced Domain Name Service (eDNS), is
challenging the current domain name infrastructure administered  by the
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.  eDNS has proposed that it maintain
the Internet's root servers,  including the current domains and the ones it
will create, leaving registration authorities in charge of  administering
the root system and allowing an unlimited number of registrars to create an
unlimited number  of top-level domains.  eDNS's founder says his plan
"ensures lower registration costs and better service  through competition,"
but some observers have noted that running the same address on different
root servers could cause chaos in e-mail delivery and Web access.  "I'm in
favor of free markets, but this is not a place  you can have competition,"
says one independent consultant.  "You have to respect the bounds of that
technology."  eDNS is already operating five root servers, but only about
one-half percent of the Internet  currently recognizes eDNS's root servers.
(Communications Week Interactive 7 Mar 97)


A report by the Information Technology Association of America warns that
one out of every 10 jobs  requiring information technology skills is going
unfilled due to a shortage of qualified workers.  The  association surveyed
2,000 large and mid-sized companies and found at least 190,000 unfilled
information  technology jobs.  The report cited a decline in college
graduates with degrees in mathematics or computer  science.  "It's like
running out of iron ore in the middle of the Industrial Revolution," says
the association's  president.  A VP for Cap-Gemini America, a U.S.
consulting company, predicts that if the trend continues,  U.S. companies
will opt to send more of their work overseas where they can find eligible
job candidates.   For a copy of "Help Wanted:  The IT Workforce Gap," check
out <>.  (Chronicle of Higher Education 7 Mar 97)


A study of 300 Web sites conducted by the Center for Media Education over a
six-month period found that   tobacco and alcohol companies are targeting
consumers between 10 and 20 years old with their online ads.   Citing in
particular sites operated by Molsons and Budweiser beer, Malibu Rum, Camel
and Lucky Strike  cigarettes and Jose Cuervo Tequila, the study's director
says:  "These are sites that use lots of color, music,  interactive games
and language that appeals to young consumers in order to promote the idea
that drinking  and smoking are cool...  The Internet is a hot new medium
whose users tend to be younger, so your target  market is there and the
fact that it is unregulated gives these companies a loophole.  That is why
we feel very  strongly that Congress and consumers should take a strong
interest in this issue."  Alcohol and cigarette   manufacturers discounted
the findings, calling the study absurd. "There are enough consumers of
legal  drinking age that no one needs to target underage drinkers," says a
spokesman for Jose Cuervo Tequila.  (Miami Herald 7 Mar 97)


Microsoft and Netscape, already deadlocked in a battle over browser
software, have upped the ante with  competing standards for a new
technology called dynamic HTML, which promises to add pizzazz to Web
swites - allowing users to take control of animated figures, for instance,
in an online game, or rearrange  rooms in an architect's online floor plan.
Pages constructed with dynamic HTML will speed up the  downloading process
for the average PC, because the technology will run on the user's own
computer, not   on the publisher's servers.  With regular HTML, any command
that makes a significant change in a Web  page means the user's PC has to
make a new request for data sent from the server over the Internet.  "If
widely deployed, this could make 28.8 modems useful again," says an analyst
with Zona Research.   Microsoft has submitted its dynamic HTML
recommendations to the World Wide Web Consortium and says  it will follow
whichever technology the group chooses.  (Wall Street Journal 7 Mar 97)

                            56-KBPS MODEM RACE

Boca Research has begun limited shipping of its Boca 56K Internet Modem and
plans to expand into full  production later this month.  Boca's technology
is compatible with the K56flex technology being promoted  by Lucent,
Rockwell and a group of other communications manufacturers.  An alternative
technology,  dubbed x2, is used in modems made by U.S. Robotics.  The Boca
modem is expected to retail for $149 to $169.  (InfoWorld Electric 4 Mar

                           FLAT-RATE NET PRICING

What is the future of flat-rate pricing for Internet access?  Whereas
America Online recently began offering  it, Netcom is planning to drop it
and concentrate instead on satisfying heavy Internet users who prize
reliability and quality more than flat rates.  Forrester Research says that
flat-rate pricing will only prove   sustainable for very large companies
like AOL, which can also bring in ad revenue and make money from  online
transactions.  (AP 7 Mar 97)


While acknowledging that it posted some inaccurate information about Ben
Ezra Weinstein & Co., America  Online blamed the problem on bad information
it had received from Standard & Poor, its stock information  supplier.  An
AOL spokesperson says:  "We don't make the stock prices.  All the
information is computer- translated, and occasionally the information we
get is wrong."  But the chief operating officer for Ben Ezra  Weinstein
suggests otherwise:  "AOL just acknowledged that they've known about the
problem for a few  weeks but couldn't correct it until they got a certain
software.  When I asked AOL to put that in writing, they  wouldn't...  We
believe the problem is with AOL, and we have asked them to fix the problem
and provide a  screen saying there been errors, and they haven't done
either."  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 7 Mar 97)

                          VANDALS CRACK INTO NASA

Software vandals cracked their way into the Web site of the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration,   posted a diatribe against
commercial use of the Internet, threatened to unleash an electronic
terrorist attack against "corporate America" within a month, and demanded
the release from jail of some well-known fellow software crackers.   (AP 7
Mar 97)


Microsoft confirmed the existence of another security flaw discovered by
University of Maryland student  David Ross in its Explorer software.  The
flaw could allow a Web site operator to run programs secretly on  someone
else's computer, forge e-mail, and do various kinds of damage to a victim's
computer.  Microsoft  says software to repair this flaw, as well as other
two other security problems identified by students at  Worcester
Polytechnic Institute and MIT, will be available on Microsoft's Internet
site.  (AP 7 Mar 97)

                              SOFTWARE PIRACY

The Los Angeles District Attorney has charged two Chinese nationalists
doing business in California with   Piracy of Microsoft software.  A police
search of the suspects' Monterey Park-based company yielded  23,000
counterfeit copies of Windows 95.  (Newsbytes 7 Mar 97)

                         COMPUTER CRIMES PERVASIVE

About three out of four of 563 U.S. corporate, government, financial and
academic organizations survey by  the San Francisco-based Computer Security
Institute reported financial losses from computer crimes within  the past
year. (USA Today 7 Mar 97)


A Swedish computer cracker was able to dial into 11 north Florida 911
systems, tying up lines and harassing  operators, the FBI reported Friday.
"In a few of them it was just a one-time incident where he would hook  up a
911 operator with another 911 operator.  In other jurisdictions it was
multiple times," says an FBI  agent.  The man has been arrested and
convicted of a misdemeanor in Sweden, because it has no laws that  address
electronic intrusion.  (Tampa Tribune 8 Mar 97)

                      HP STEALS SOME OF NCs' THUNDER

Hewlett-Packard has unveiled a new software called TopTools that it hopes
will deflate PC critics' charges  that full-feature desktop machines are
too costly to manage and maintain.  That argument has been the  foundation
on which the NC -- network computer -- is building its case for streamlined
machines that rely on  connectivity to central servers for applications and
file storage.  The TopTools software will be installed on HP's new line of
Vectra Computers and is the first of several initiatives planned by HP as
the company  moves toward its goal of unveiling a Net PC -- a less costly
PC with a disk drive that's easier to manage --  by the second half of '97.
"I wouldn't necessarily call it the first salvo in the NC battle," says an
HP general  manager.  "I think it's the most visible one for sure."
TopTools allows network operators  to tap into other  computers on the
network and inventory the system; they can also use the software to switch
on networked  computers for maintenance and upgrading.  "Anything you can
do locally on the PC, you can do remotely  with TopTools," says HP's PC
business unit manager.  (Investor's Business Daily 10 Mar 97)

                          DEC ROLLS OUT MILLICENT

Digital Equipment Corp. has taken the wraps off Millicent, a software
system designed to handle very small  monetary transactions on the
Internet, enabling vendors to sell items for 10 cents or less.  The company
is   making arrangements with a couple of banks that will serve as "scrip
brokers" -- dispensing $5 or $10 of  Millicent scrip who can then use it to
purchase inexpensive information such as movie reviews, horoscopes,
encyclopedia articles, highway traffic reports, stock graphs, or a 10-
second use of a computer software  application, from online sellers.
Digital is currently seeking content providers to participate in a trial
program.  (Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 97)


Universities are heeding the call from companies for more qualified techies
capable of designing and  managing a corporate Web site, and are now
beginning to formalize such training with degree programs  geared toward
producing "Webmasters."  Rather than stressing computer science skills, the
programs tend to  lean toward either library science (with a special
emphasis on technology) or graphic media design.  Included  in the degree
programs are courses in such disciplines as organizational psychology,
library science, graphic  design, and business.  For example, Indiana
University offers a master's degree in information science,  building on
the library science program for which it has long been known, and John
Brown University is  about to offer a bachelor-of-science degree in digital
media.  Other programs can be found outside the U.S.  in Australia and
Canada.  (Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Mar 97)


With sales of Mac clones rising, Apple Computer is reevaluating the
licensing fees it charges companies that  build the clones.  Clone sales
are  largely responsible for boosting the Mac share of the U.S. business-
computer market from 7.8% in November to 11.2% in January.  Currently,
Apple earns only about $50 for   every Mac clone sold, and a company
spokeswoman says Apple will decide in the next few weeks whether to  up
their fees on the new operating system due out in July.  (Wall Street
Journal 10 Mar 97)

                              STUDY SAYS NO.

A survey of 6,000 U.S. teachers, computer coordinators and school
librarians found that 86.6% believe that  Internet usage by students in
grades 3-12 does  not help students improve their classroom performance
although 76% value the Net as a research tool).  The study was conducted by
the Market Data Retrieval organization.  (USA Today 11 Mar 97)

                        LIVE VIDEO ON CNN WEB SITE

On March 24, business cable television channel CNNfn will begin providing
full video coverage of two  programs on its Web site
<>, and plans call for airing its full lineup live on
the Internet by the end of June.  (New York Times 10 Mar 97)

                              HIGH TECH JOBS

Canada's House of Commons Citizenship and Immigration Committee will begin
developing a fast-track  immigration process to help ease a shortage of
10,000 skilled workers in Canada's high-tech sector.  (Ottawa  Citizen 11
Mar 97 C3)

                          FUN & GAMES ON THE NET

America Online plans to create an "Internet-based network on the Web";
Sony Corporation is creating an  advertising-supported entertainment
channel <> offering online versions of  Sony-
owned TV game shows such as "Jeopardy";  Microsoft Network is preparing a
new season of its "TV  channels" format;  and NBC is offering several TV
spinoffs at <>.  TV executive  Brandon Tartikoff, who is
leading AOL's entertainment activities, says:  "My vision is, ultimately,
one-stop shopping for anybody seeking information, entertainment or chat
rooms in TV, film and music, the key  components of the entertainment
world."  (USA Today 10 Mar 97)


According to AltaVista, which has indexed a total of about 30 million Web
pages, five million of them  haven't changed at all since early 1996, and
some 424,000 pages haven't been updated since early 1995.   "People have
enough enthusiasm to design the sites once -- but it's not clear that they
have the resources to  update them regularly," says Louis Monier, the
architect of Digital Equipment's search engine.  (Wall Street  Journal 11
Mar 97)


A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in New York City accuses Phoenix-
based TotalNews of "blatant acts of  misappropriation, trademark dilution
and infringement, willful copyright violations, and other related tortious
acts."  The plaintiffs, which include CNN, The Washington Post Co., Dow
Jones, Times Mirror and  Reuters, are upset that the hot links provided
from TotalNews to their Web sites display their content framed  by the
TotalNews home page and its banner ads.  Bruce Keller, an attorney for the
plaintiffs calls "a parasitic Web site with no content of
its own."  However, TotalNews says it's simply  providing PC users links to
some 1,200 news sources, allowing viewers to compare information from each,
and that if the case goes against them, the precedent will endanger the
ability of Web site operators to  provide hot links to other sites.  "Hot
links either do or don't violate trademarks.  That's not new.  Framing  is
new. And framing and selling ads is pretty damn new," says Keller.
(Broadcasting & Cable 3 Mar 97)

                      WEBTV SOLVES THE CHURN PROBLEM

While many online services are wondering how to retain fickle customers and
make money in an increasingly  cutthroat environment, WebTV Networks seems
to have solved the "churn" problem -- by making  subscribers pay too much
up front to even consider leaving.  The company boasts an enviable 5%
turnover since its launch last November, thanks to hefty investments by
customers in equipment needed to use the service.  WebTV customers pay $349
for a set-top box that allows them to hook their TV to the Internet,
providing them speedy connectivity and good-looking graphics, and another
$19.95 a month for Internet  access.  The company has sold somewhere
between 50,000 and 100,000 of the units so far.  (The Economist 8 Mar 97)


Teledesic Corp., the proposed wireless communications system backed by Bill
Gates and Craig McCaw, is  close to resolving a conflict with Associated
Communications LLC over which part of the radio spectrum  each will use for
its service.  Under the proposed agreement, which has been coordinated by
top regulators at  the FCC, Associated Communications will be assigned a
new segment of the high-bandwidth share of the  spectrum, which would
eliminate the conflict in frequencies with Teledesic.  (Wall Street Journal
13 Mar 97)


Microsoft has proposed a standard format for delivering television-like
channels through the next version of   its Internet Explorer Web browser,
capitalizing on the new strategy of using "push" technology to deliver
information to customers, rather than passively waiting for them to
retrieve it.  A Microsoft VP says the  standard would make it easier for
other Web site operators to personalize their sites for individual users,
and  to add animation to their pages:  "Internet Explorer 4.0 allows you to
take any Web site and turn it into a  channel."  Netscape is proposing a
competing standard, which is incompatible with the Microsoft technology:
"Both companies have decided, 'Hey, it's time to batten down the hatches
and go into battle mode,'" says a  Forrester Research analyst.  (Wall
Street Journal 12 Mar 97)


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), victimized by a vandal
who cracked into the NCAA's  Web site to post racial slurs there, is
turning over to the FBI all details of the malicious entry.  The Kansas
City Star says it has identified the vandal as a 14-year-old high school
freshman. (AP 12 Mar 97)


Canada is conducting a pilot project that should reduce the time required
for highly-skilled foreigners in six  specific high-tech categories to
enter that country.  The experiment will end the process under which
companies must prove there are no qualified Canadians available to fill key
jobs. (Montreal Gazette 12 Mar  97)


Teleglobe will soon be providing international calling service to Chicago-
based Ameritech Corp.  Reuters  reports Teleglobe is also negotiating deals
with two other regional Bells, BellSouth of Atlanta and Bell   Atlantic of
Philadelphia.   (Toronto Financial Post 13 Mar 97)


Microsoft, Intel and Cisco Systems have announced they'll be working
together to promote the development  of multimedia applications, providing
technical assistance to software developers and network operators.  In
addition, the three companies hope to set industry standards for multimedia
products.  (Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 97)

                        INTERNET USAGE HAS DOUBLED

A study by CommerceNet and Nielsen Media Research concludes that Internet
use has more than doubled in  the last 18 months, from 10% to 23% of all
persons in the U.S. and Canada over age 16.   A Nielsen  executive says:
"Not that long ago, the people using the Web tended to be a rather
homogeneous group --  young, upscale and rather well educated.  The big
gains that we're seeing now are coming from outside that group."
(Washington Post 13 Mar 97)

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are available.
Email us at  or, for quick action call us at:
VOICE: 904-292-9222 10am/5pm est   FAX: 904-268-2237 24hrs   Support BBS
DATA: 904-268-4116 or, write us at:
                           STR Publishing, Inc.
                               P.O. Box 6672
                        Jacksonville, Florida 32205

SURESTORE DAT8 STR Infofile   HP Continues Ultra Reliable Line

                           HP LAUNCHES SURESTORE DAT8

Introduction of New Device Sets Industry Standard for DDS-2 Reliability
PALO ALTO, Calif., March 11, 1997 -- Announcing a new level of mainstream
backup reliability, Hewlett- Packard Company today introduced SureStore
DAT8, HP's second generation of DDS-2 technology. The HP  SureStore DAT8
incorporates innovative features to provide industry-leading reliability of
300,000 hours  MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).  This offers a 50 percent
increase in reliability over the current DDS- 2 market leader, the HP
SureStore 6000, which the HP SureStore DAT8 replaces.  The device is
further  distinguished by the unparalleled levels of connectivity and
compatibility that characterize the entire SureStore family of storage

The HP SureStore DAT8's reliability results from new DDS-3 technologies
that have been implemented  within a DDS-2 device for the  first time.
These include innovations such as TapeAlert and new head-cleaning and time-
tracking mechanisms.

TapeAlert is a self-diagnostic tool that enables network administrators at
both local and remote sites to  recognize storage problems as they occur.
TapeAlert enhances the reliability of tape storage by dispensing
comprehensive online advice -- via a network's backup software -- on events
ranging from media and  cleaning errors to more complex hardware problems.
TapeAlert technology already is compatible with  leading software backup
applications such as ARCserve by the Cheyenne Division of Computer
Associates  and Backup Exec by Seagate Software. TapeAlert is expected to
be implemented by Legato, Novastor and  Stac.

In terms of hardware innovation, the HP SureStore DAT8 includes an
automatic, internal head-cleaning  mechanism to sweep dust and debris from
the tape drive's magnetic heads before performance degrades.   This results
in a reduced need for user intervention and even greater backup integrity.

In addition, the innovative implementation of time tracking allows the tape
drive to make continual  adjustments, keeping the magnetic head perfectly
aligned with the tape track.  The HP SureStore DAT8 has  the ability to
read tapes written by all DAT drives (whether HP or not) at unprecedented
levels of data  integrity -- even when those drives have written tapes that
do not conform strictly to the DDS specification.   Time tracking enables
the data held on legacy archives of old DAT tapes to be restored seamlessly
when  required.

"With HP being the market leader in tape, the launch of the SureStore DAT8
demonstrates our commitment  to DAT as the mainstream backup solution for
today and the future," said Robert Hill, marketing manager at  HP Computer
Peripherals Bristol.  "HP has consistently identified trends in end-user
priorities as they occur  and channeled resources into research and
development in order to satisfy those priorities.  The DAT8  answers the
end user's demand for greater backup reliability within medium- to large-
sized distributed  networks, without jeopardizing tape's traditional cost-

The HP SureStore DAT8 has a compressed capacity of 8GB, a transfer rate of
1MB/s (3.6GB/hour), and is  fully read-and-write compatible with prior DDS-
1 and DDS-2 drives.  The external device initially will be  priced at $928
-- inclusive of the full support of HP's premium two-year Express Exchange
limited warranty.   The low price of DDS-2 media allows the HP SureStore
DAT8 to continue to provide the low cost of  ownership associated with DAT.

The drive conforms to the DDS-2 specification roadmap set by the 22-member
DDS Manufacturers Group --  ensuring full backward compatibility with an
installed base of 6 million DDS-2 and DDS-1 devices.  It also is
compatible with all major network operating systems, including NetWare and
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) NT.

"Cheyenne aims to provide the most powerful applications for safe and
reliable backup," said T. M. Ravi,  vice president of marketing, NT
Division, Cheyenne Division of Computer Associates. "In turn, the HP
SureStore DAT8's very high levels of reliability make it a great companion
to Cheyenne's ARCserve products for Windows NT and NetWare."

HP's Information Storage Group, which focuses on the rapidly growing
extended-storage market,  manufacturers and sells information-storage
products based on tape, magneto-optical and CD technologies.   HP storage
solutions include digital-audio-tape (DAT) drives and digital-linear-tape
(DLT) libraries;  minicartridge (QIC) tape drives and software; CD-writable
drives; and magneto-optical drives and jukeboxes.   HP also provides media
for all these formats.  These products are sold through a variety of
distribution channels under the HP SureStore and HP Colorado brand names,
as well as to OEM customers.

Hewlett-Packard  Company  is  a leading global manufacturer  of  computing,
communications  and  measurement   products  and  services  recognized  for
excellence  in  quality  and  support.  HP has 112,800  employees  and  had
revenue  of $38.4 billion in its 1996 fiscal year.   Information  about  HP
and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at

        Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
         Windows is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Kids Computing Corner
Frank Sereno, Editor

                        The Kids' Computing Corner
                    Computer news and software reviews
                       from a parent's point of view
                              Amazon Trail II
                          Windows and Mac Hybrid
                            $35.00 Street Price
                               Ages 9 and up
                             One Athenaeum St.
                            Cambridge MA 02142

                           Program Requirements
     IBM                                     Macintosh
OS:       Windows 3.1, Windows 95            OS:       System 7.1
CPU:           486SX/33                      CPU:      68040
HD Space:      Yes                           HD Space:      1 MB
Memory:        8 MB                          Memory:   8 MB
Graphics:      640 by 480 with 256 colors              Graphics:      256
colors, 13" monitor
CD-ROM:   Double-speed                       CD-ROM:   Double-speed
Audio:         8-bit Windows compatible sound card
Other:         mouse

review by Jason Sereno (

Amazon Trail II is a new release from MECC.  This program teaches your
child science and history that is relative to the Amazon River.  The
program is full of different animals to photograph, many species of fish to
spear and numerous people with whom to interact.  You do all of these
things while traveling down the Amazon in a canoe.  Your goal is to reach
the end of the river and to enjoy the incredible experiences.  Along the
way, you will be magically whisked away to other times and places to do
various activities and to learn much about the world's longest river.

You may be familiar with MECC's classic title, Oregon Trail.  MECC includes
this program with Amazon Trail II as a bonus.  Although both games are
somewhat similar, they have many differences.  If you have ever played
Oregon Trail, you know that the game only takes about twenty minutes to a
half-hour to finish.  Amazon Trail II takes a considerably longer time.
You can get off track and take long delays, and the overall game takes a
long time to finish.  There are many different tasks to do while on the
river.  Each must be done correctly to gain full credit.  Each task usually
takes a long time to accomplish too.  You can save your game in progress if
you have homework or chores to do.

The programmers have altered the interface also.  You might remember
playing Oregon Trail and seeing the map, the wagon, and the list of current
events all at once.  While playing Amazon Trail II, the view is a 3D-type
first-person perspective.  You are looking from the bow of your canoe and
you are constantly dodging floating branches and other obstacles.  The map
and other diagrams are shown as icons that can be enlarged to show you
different information when you wish to use them.  Personally, I think that
it would be a lot easier to have all of the screens available to you at

When you begin Amazon Trail II, a jaguar speaks to you.  He talks of your
goal of traveling down the Amazon and that you must fill your jaguar
emerald with all the distinct stones needed.  You must complete a different
quest to earn each stone.  First, you need to pick a guide.  You can choose
from four guides, each with individual characteristics.  Whichever guide
you pick will occasionally speak to you using the QuickTime movie format.
The only time that they are actually needed is to tell you when your are
sick or when you need food.  You must also pick a travel pack.  There are
only four travel packs also; each one has greater numbers of certain
things.  One pack might have more fish then clothes; another will have more
camping supplies.

As I mentioned before, you must travel back in time when on a quest.  There
is no warning before this happens, but it usually happens while you are
passing by each city that is on the banks of the Amazon.  While on these
trips you will meet many different Indian tribes and some very interesting
people that really did work and live along the Amazon.  For instance, you
meet Henry Ford on one quest.  On another, you meet an Indian tribe that is
resisting being placed in a national park.  Each occasion you time travel,
you must complete the task that the people you meet ask you to do.  You
must ask them all the questions that you have available on your screen.
Most people you meet have very valuable information for you and some items
that they give you are crucial parts of the game.

An interesting feature of the game is the myriad animals, insects and
plants that you will find while on your journey.  When you are fishing, you
will need to identify the fish you have caught to see if it is safe to eat.
If you choose the wrong fish to eat, you will become sick even if it is
very large and has a lot of meat. You can also stop and take pictures of
rare plants, animals, and insects while on your journey.  After you have
taken pictures and correctly identified these items, you will put the
photos in your scrapbook.  You will find that your collection will grow
very rapidly.

Although there are some great aspects in this game, there are also some
inconveniences.  One flaw of this game is the lengthy QuickTime movie
sequences that are included.  Many times I found myself waiting for the
person to stop talking so I could just hurry up and complete my quest.
There was a lot of very interesting information, but most of the scenarios
were of the same nature.  Some times completing a quest just involves
talking to the people that are on the screen.  You talk to a lot of
characters in the game and each one has at least two full minutes of
talking.  The sessions get somewhat lengthy and very dull at times.  If I
tried to advance before a person finished speaking, my computer froze.

Although there are some drawbacks in this game, Amazon Trail II contains
very interesting information and it is fun to play.  The game can be boring
at times due to its length, but you always come away from the computer
learning something new about the Amazon River.  I would suggest this
program to parents that are fortunate enough to have kids with a long
attention span due to the length of the game.  Adults and older children
that can sit at a computer for a considerably longer time will probably be
able to benefit from this program, also.  Don't forget that MECC products
come with a 30-Day money-back guarantee.  If you are yearning for knowledge
about the Amazon, pick up a copy of Amazon Trail II!

                              Windows CD-ROM
                                MSRP $69.99
                            For Ages 6 to Adult
                             GTE Entertainment
                      2035 Corte Del Nogal, Suite 200
                            Carlsbad, CA. 92009
                            Phone 619-431-8801

                           Program Requirements
                              OS:            Windows 3.1
                              CPU:           486DX2/66
                              HD Space:      50 MB
                              Memory:        8 MB
                              Graphics:      640 x 480, 256 colors
                              CD-ROM:   Double-speed
                              Audio:         16-bit sound card
                              Misc.:         mouse
Review by David H. Mann

Timelapse is a 3D journey through time.  On the way, you visit Easter
Island, Mayan, Egyptian, and Anasazi civilizations climaxing in the lost
city of Atlantis.  Yes Atlantis, the fabled technological super
civilization (or at least one artist's beautiful rendition of it) that
archeologists have searched for but have never found.  Timelapse is a
puzzle-solving, Myst-like, well-researched game that leaves you with the
question that all semi-fictional games should ask, "What if.?

You are an archeologist who receives a message from an old friend,
Alexander Nichols, who trusts only you.  He has found an "alien device" on
Easter Island that he says connects the Anasazi, Mayan, Egyptian, and
Atlantian civilizations.  He wants you to come to Easter Island at once to
help him investigate this device and its connections.  You rush to the
island at once only to find an abandoned campsite, a detailed journal, but
no Professor Nichols.  Equipped only with the journal and a few clues from
the campsite, you try to find the alien device and solve its mystery.

If you have only seen still photographs or bad movies of these
civilizations, then get ready for a "photo-realistic" romp through history.
Timelapse uses 640x480 256-color renderings of what these civilizations
could have looked like in their time.  The research done in some of the
renderings is stunning, and gives you the feeling that you are there.  The
game surrounds you in a 360-degree world of time gone by, and the animation
of indigenous animals of the each region completes the illusion.  Where is
VR when you need it?

The puzzles are some of the most engaging I've seen in some time.  The
story follows a logical progression and each puzzle solved takes you to
another civilization or another part of the game. You are given a camera to
take pictures of important information and artifacts for future reference.
Use it often because clues pop up in the strangest places.  Observe
everything!  A rock, or even an animal, can contain a clue (take a picture
of it).  Items collected in the game also help with progression.  Some
items you see cannot be collected so take a picture instead.  The game also
has several endings, so replayability is excellent.  The mouse controls
movement, and all items can be accessed through an easy menu.

If there is a sequel or upgrade to Myst, then Timelapse is it. If you like
solving mysteries, puzzles, and looking at the past (or at least an
excellent rendition of it), then this is your game.  If you want to know
what if these civilizations could be connected by some alien presence,
you'll love this game.  If you like the X-Files, or just love a challenge,
buy Timelapse.

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Many grateful thanks in advance for your enthusiastic co-operation and

                         Ralph F. Mariano,  Editor
                         STReport International Online Magazine

Classics & Gaming Section
Editor Dana P. Jacobson

>From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

I'm going to forego my usual editorializing this week and get right to the
first installment of creating a web page.  It'll be brief this week, but
you'll understand why as you read on.  Next week, we'll continue!

Until next time...

Okay, so I put my foot in my mouth last week and now I have to deliver!
Writing web pages - how the heck do people put these things together?
When I first started my web-surfing a couple of months ago (I had finally
got STiK/CAB to work!), I was amazed at the quality of some of the pages
out there.  My second impression was that most of these pages had to be
professionally done; or, some elaborate software was used to get the end
results.  You know what?   If I had to say now how these pages were put
together, I'd say that  "amateurs" did a professional job!

I kept hearing "HTML" and had no idea what was involved with this language.
Then one day, I hit the  "Source" button while logged on using CAB and saw
"source code".  Most of it still looked strange and I  didn't pay much
attention.  Then I came upon "HomePage Penguin" - an Atari program designed
to put  together web pages.  I tried it and put together my first page.  It
looked archaic - very basic, but it worked.  I  wanted to do more!  But,
HomePage Penguin appeared limiting.  The program offered you some basic
choices for design; you followed an ordered step-process and then you were
done.  The varying options allowed various background colors and text.  Add
a graphic, or not.  And a few others.  Like I said, it was basic.  But, I
liked the program and wanted to be able to do more.

I printed out the HTML code for my first sample pages and sat down to
attempt to understand what was  happening, and why.  Some was pretty simple
while other parts weren't as obvious.  I started to experiment  by editing
these pages and adding or changing stuff; checked out the results in CAB;
and "fixed" the errors  and moved forward - ll by manually creating the
code.  I looked at a bunch of various pages to get some  ideas.  I figured
that the more I saw, the more I'd understand the capabilities of HTML (and
limitations on an Atari set-up!).

I then asked around online for some recommendations for books pertaining to
HTML and web page design.  Not finding the ones suggested, I browsed (no
pun intended) a few book stores to find a book or two which described HTML,
gave examples, and showed a step-by-step process for various programming.
Most of the  books were either extremely technical or they were over-priced
(for my needs) because they included CD-based programs and "online
tutorials" with the book.  I needed/wanted something basic that I was going
to understand.  And, "HTML for Dummies" wasn't in stock!

Okay, I had my book, some sample code from a few pages, and the desire to
do some web page designing.   Now I had to decide on what I wanted to focus
on with my page(s) - what would the topic(s) be?

Since I'm an Atari user and wanted to focus (but not limit myself) to Atari
topics, I chose a few ideas to start  on: my user group, my BBS, and my
wife's Star Trek interests.  I knew that I'd want to expand on these  ideas
at a later point, but let's begin this "tutorial" with the basics.

I now have four central topics to work with.  Now I had to decide what I
wanted the main body of each of  these pages to convey.  I knew that I
already had some information to include in each of these pages, saved  as
some previously written text.  I could start with this and expand and edit
as the need arose.

Well, you just can't start putting together a web page without knowing how
to use HTML to design it.   Here's when I began to "study" my example pages
and read through my reference book.  While doing so, I  dabbled with
various coding to see what would happen.  My first two recommendations to
those of you who  are entertaining the idea of putting your own pages
(especially by manually writing them) would be to decide  on a topic idea
and then bone up on HTML code.  You don't need to become an expert at this,
but learning  the basics will help immensely - it is, surprisingly, very
simple for the most part unless you want to design  some complicated pages
with special effects, forms, interactivity, etc.

I'll give you until next week to think about it and then we'll start on a
real tutorial to set up an actual page.  I  have my topic already, how
about you?

Press release
8 March 1997

Atari Computing was launched during the summer of 1996 at Atari shows in
London and Birmingham and  completely sold out on both days!  Delighted by
the response we reprinted Issue 1, and increased the print  run for issue
2. Both have now subsequently sold out. Mike Kerslake, the publisher, with
over fifteen years  experience in the industry has teamed up with Joe
Connor, ex Reader Disk and PD/Shareware editor for  Atari World, to create
this new printed Atari magazine.

So far Atari Computing has featured contributions from respected and well
connected Atarians including:  Frank Charlton (STF features editor), Graeme
Rutt, Jon Ellis, Nial Grimes, Mark Baines, Denesh Bhabuta,  Carl Lofgren,
Harry Sideras and Kev Beardsworth (Atari World regulars), Colin
Fisher-McAllum  42BBS/AtariPhile/FFF), Howard Carson (Current Notes), Xav,
Thomas Binder (ST Computer), Al Goold  and Ed McGlone (STAG), Roy Goring
and Chris Good (WAG), Richard Spowart and Chris Holland  (Maggie), Steve
Llewellyn (Calamus User), Jim Hornby (Wrinklies), Martin Milner (999
software), Colin  Polonowski (Atari Times), Neil Martin, Mark Wherry,
Andrew Harvey, David Stevenson, Robert Paton, Thomas Mains, Colin Munro...

We've also signed deals with the two leading disk based magazines,
AtariPhile and Maggie to publish regular  sections within the magazine.  If
you've never seen a disk magazine before we think you'll be amazed to find
out how much you've been missing!

Atari Computing on the World Wide Web

Atari Computing now has an official WWW site at: So if  you have web access why
not pay us a visit and leave a message.  There will be a major update with
every  new issue of Atari Computing, and it provides an excellent taster of
what you are missing if you haven't subscribed yet.


The closure of Atari World and ST Format during 1996 left the UK without an
Atari specific newsstand  Atari magazine for the first time since 1987.
The men in gray suits expect us to move onto other platforms  but hang on a
minute, let's take stock of the situation...

-    Atari machines can be purchased and repaired on a shoestring
-    Atari machines can produce superb printed output
-    Atari machines can surf the Internet and run BBSs
-    Atari machines can form the nucleus of a digital music studio
-    New software of better quality than ever before is still being

That doesn't sound like a dead platform! The Atari platform has been
emulated by just about every other  platform, we're owners of cult
machines! Have you ever noticed ex-Atarians animatedly talking about the
'Good old days' it's a feel good factor missing from all the current
machines.  We don't need a new platform  but we do need information and a
printed magazine is undoubtedly the best way to ensure we see in the

Apart from a darn good read the other thing most of us like is some new
software to play with. The Reader  Disk concept offers all readers the
chance to get their hands on the hottest new software around along with
exclusive versions not available anywhere else. We offer a Reader Disk to
accompany eac issue, buy it or  not, the choice is yours! We need is your
support, it's going to be tough to keep going and it really up to  *you*!
Instead of wishing us luck post us a cheque to order your copy today!


As we're sure you'll appreciate launching a magazine in a declining market
is a very risky venture and our  print run has to remain conservative - we
can't afford to maintain a stock of back issues for long.  We're not  a
newsstand publication so don't bother looking in the shops. The Atari
platform needs this magazine and we  need your subscription so do yourself
and us a favor, take out a subscription or order an evaluation copy  today!
If you decide to subscribe you will receive the first available issue, if
we've sold out of an issue your subscription will start with the following


Many of you (and most of us) lost money following the Atari World debacle
and we're determined not to  make the same mistake. Atari Computing
subscriptions are refundable at any time. Cancel your subscription  in
writing and we'll return any outstanding credit to you, minus a deduction
to cover our costs.  We are  continually receiving new subscriptions. As we
only print "what we need" of each issue, this means that if  we have run
out of a particular issue, your subscription will start from the following

United Kingdom

Send cheque/PO made payable to the 'Atari Computing Group' to:
Atari Computing Subscriptions
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ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe

Compiled by Joe Mirando

     Well friends and neighbors, I can tell right now that this is going to
be a short column.  Atari news  just isn't what it used to be.  There's no
real surprise there, is there?  I mean, heck, Atari hasn't made a single
computer for years and has been a non-entity for a while now.  Just in the
time since Atari made its  last computer there have been TWO new processors
on that big blue platform.  That's quite amazing when  you stop to think
that there were only two processors ever used in the ST/TT/Falcon series in
all the years  that they were in production.

     I'm wondering if anyone out there would have a problem with my
including posts from the UseNet in  this column.  Since you can access
UseNet groups from CompuServe, it would still be Atari news from CIS,  just
not from the Atari Forums.  Things are getting quite interesting on the
UseNet concerning TOS images.   It seems that you can use a program called
TOSDUMP to make copy of your version of TOS on a floppy or  hard disk and
use it to either run an emulator like GEMulator, or load it into another ST
for compatibility.   There have been a few people who have asked to be send
copies of TOS but, to my relief, they've been told  that it's not legal to
do so.  TOS is still owned by someone (JTS) and it is their property.
There have been  arguments about whether or not it's okay to distribute TOS
because there is no Atari anymore.  Someone has  even gone so far as to
say, "I'm not going to pay for TOS because it's such junk".  The first
though to come  to me was, "Then do without it!"

     It seems that a large number of people now use 'relative ethics', so
that what's not okay for others is  okay for them.  Let's call it what it
is folks!  It's piracy.  Piracy is theft.  Theft is wrong.

Now let's take a look at folks had to say on CompuServe this week.

>From the Atari Forums on CompuServe

Guy Lewit asks:
"Has anyone been able to get in touch with Rod MacDonald, editor of the ST
INFORMER Magazine?  I  have not been receiving issues and my E-mail and
regular letters have gone unanswered...Is he keepin on?"

Sysop Ron Luks tells Guy:
"I think ST Informer bit the dust..."

Actually, what I've heard is that ST Informer lost its major advertiser and
couldn't afford to put out any  more issues.  Scuttlebutt has it that the
publisher is considering selling the magazine or looking into transforming
it into an online magazine available on the internet to subscribers only.
My heart goes out to  Rod.  I wrote for him for a while and must say that
he's always done his best to give the people what they  paid for.  It's a
sad sign of the times and I hope that people understand that their
subscriptions aren't enough  to put out a magazine. The cost of publishing
a magazine is paid with advertising dollars, not subscription  dollars.  I
do hope that STI is able to refund money to those who are still due
subscription issues, but if the  publisher went out on a limb by using the
last of the money in the coffers to put out the last issue and then lost
his biggest advertiser, there may not be anything left.

When Mark Showalter asks about what he has to do to use CAB (Crystal Atari
Browser) with CompuServe, I tell him:
"The ONLY way to use CAB on CompuServe right now is to use it, MiNTnet, and
the Cab_for_MiNT  overlay.  PPPKIT14 provides dialer scripts for use
instead of using STiK (which won't work under MiNT at  all).  There is also
a dialer called GLUESTiK available which DOES work under MiNT, but I
haven't used it  at all.  The setup does seem quite a bit more complicated
than STiK, though.  The commercial version of CAB and the Oregon Research
PPP program are supposed to be out in about 2  weeks... I'd HIGHLY
recommend waiting for them.  The TERMite programs from ORA are supposed to
be  VERY easy to set up, and CAB 2.0 should not be any harder to set up
than version 1.5 is.

The only problem is going to be cost.  We've been spoiled with CAB in that
regard... it's been freeware up  until now.  I haven't heard what ASH may
charge for CAB 2.0, but I'd expect it to be in the $40-50 U$D  range.
TERMite is supposed to be about the same.  If they both work as I expect
them to, it will be worth it  except for the fact that CAB 2.0 still will
not handle JAVA programs.  Your modem/modem port should not  need to be
reconfigured between TYMNET and CIS (assuming you find a way to access a
PPP connection).   You may, however, need either HSMODEM7 or FastSerial to
increase the serial port buffers.  HSMODEM7  works slightly better, but
it's a royal pain unless you read german.  FastSerial is painless to
install and use  because it is less flexible than HSMODEM."

Jondahl Davis posts this about the Oregon Research product:
"I called Oregon Research the other day and they said the Atari browser
would be out in April at the earliest,  more likely May or June. I looked
at som com programs on a Falcon-only disk. One package had docs that
stated you only needed a couple of files from HS-Modem to get started.
Fine-tuning of parameters wasn't  really necessary. I loaded DRVIN (?) and
SCC.PRG in the AUTO folder,and they seem to work with STiK.  AntMail is a
lot faster listing and retrieving with no errors. The only problem is, I
can't view the messages.  No matter which drive I pick to put the mail
folder in, I get errors when I click on the file and click "View".  It says
Drive alpha: not responding. Not Drive A:, but the Greek letter alpha. Any
ideas ? I even tried using  the floppy, but it doesn't work. I get files
like INBOX on the disk, but I can't view the message."

I tell Jondahl:
"I've had similar problems with AntMail (never seen the alpha symbol,
though).  What I finally had to do  was delete the Antmail folder, run ST-
Tools to scan for and correct any problems on the partition, re-install
AntMail, and double-check the configurations (what kind of files go where).
I now use NEWSie for both  NewsGroups, Email, and FTP since Antmail doesn't
provide nicknames or multiple TO: addresses. I have some of the same
problems with NEWSie as I had with AntMail, but I get do crash in FTP now
too! <g>
Oh, try to use an external viewer to read the mail.  If you already are,
try using the built-in viewer.

May or June for TERMite?? Damn.  I was hoping it'd be sooner than that.
Yes, you can sometimes just pop  DRIVEN.PRG and SCC.PRG into the AUTO
folder and have it work just fine... I wasn't that lucky though.   I assume
that you are using a Falcon or a MSTE since you used SCC.PRG (which deals
with MODEM2).   My MSTE showed _NO_ improvement under HSMODEM until I
messed with the configurations.  If there  was just a full english
translation of the german docs, it'd be the best piece of software
available today."

Mike Myers asks for help with hunting down a program:
"I've been looking for a program I once had that shuts down a modem when
there's been no activity for a  specified time. (I just got a bill for 339
minutes in CIS from the phone company. Anybody recognize it &  can give me
a name & library?"

I tell Mike:
"Go to LIB 2 and download DCDDTR.ARC!  339 minutes?? Yikes, that hurts. I
thought that there was a  later version that actually did a hangup, but I
haven't been able to find it, so I must've been wrong.   DCDDTR was a
Double Click Software "program of the week"... boy, THOSE were the days!

Ben @ TOC Oz. posts this to me:
"I noticed you didn't have a chance to upload V1.45 of WebSpace. So I have
uploaded it into the telecoms  library, (& it actually worked !) I don't
know how to give it a commentary, so I didn't. but it is actually  better
than V1.40, and it is very fast. I tried making my own web page, with
forms, and images, and  WebSpace eats CAB 1.5 for speed, especially with
images. Though the demo is restricted.  I soon hope to have a real copy of
WebSpace, and will let you know of my progress."

I tell Ben:
"I thought I _had_ uploaded 1.45, but I guess I messed up.  I've been
trying to use it to "proof" my own web  page as I construct it, but
WebSpace seems to be much less forgiving about badly constructed than CAB,
because it crashes on something in my main page.  You're right though, it
does seem faster than CAB on  pages that don't break any of the rules."

Ben replies:
"I found when testing my html document, if WebSpace didn't like it, It
usually worked O.K. in CAB. But  WebSpace is restricted, and won't link
backwards to a previous reference etc.  You will also find that TABs,   and
spacing is weird too.  So I ended up doing all the proofing in CAB, and
just ran it up on WebSpace to  see how it looked, and how fast it was."

Joe Villarreal asks Ben:
"Did you use Stik with Webspace 1.45GB to connect to the internet?  I've
been using Stik 1.12 and CAB 1.5  to connect to the internet thru another
service.  The Webspace 1.45 demo has an option for connecting using  Stik
or PPP; I thought it was just a demo and you could not actually connect
with it."

Ben tells Joe:
"Yeah that's right, the demo is off line only. I use friends PC's to pick
up html files for inspection.  OXO  have indicated to me that all the
restricted portions of the demo, will be fully oprative in the commercial
release.  In my experiance with commercial demos' the companies who make
them, see these demos from  the point of view that they are only to give an
idea of the functions of the program, and the feel of the user  interface.
After that point they just release them and forget about them for a while.

What I'm saying is I normally take demos with "a pinch of salt", and if
they're interesting, I'll take a closer  look at the commercial release."

A while back, Philippe Bogdan asked about a 25 MHz Stacy he saw advertised
for sale.  It turned out that it used a T28 accelerator, so Philippe
checked with the manufacturer  and told us:

"I'm afraid I will not have a chance to try the T28...  I got this answer
from Sonic Solution: "I'm sorry to report that the T28/36 are now obsolete
and we will not get any further stock."  Thanks for the info anyway.  If
you find a place that still has the T28 or T38, I'd appreciate if you could
send me a note."

Simon Churchill tells Philippe:
"Thank you for the info, it's a shame really the T28 is a good accelerator.
I'm glade I have now got hold of a  spare 68000 chip for it. If I blow it
then I can replace it.   I know the T28 originated from germany, I only
know this because my first one went bang just after a year and I had to
have it replaced, a couple of call's  and a trade price sale for a new one,
(As it was out of warrenty)  made me a happy chap again.    That's  why I
have got a spare chip.  So far this one is working perfectly, as to any
idea what german company?   I  don't know, I've had a look in my bit's but
can't find anything."

Nils Solberg tells Philippe:
"I don't know about 25 mHz Stacys but I can tell you I've been running a
Stacy fitted with a T28 accellerator  running a 68000 chip at 28 mHz. It
flies like s*** off a shovel! Only trouble is that Creator won't run at
that speed, and that's my only sequencer. But everything else is fine."

     Well folks, that's about it for this week.  Tune in again next week,
same time, same station, and be ready to  listen to what they are saying

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