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>From the Editor's Desk...
     Christmas is almost here.  It gives every indication of being a "White
Christmas" and the "technological sales" for Christmas are doing much better
than expected.   One thing is obvious though, the consumers are clobbering
their charge cards and credit limits..  Check writing hasn't been as low in
the last few years.  So. the entire Christmas "economy" is seemingly based
on plastic. Could this possibly be an indication of "things to come"?
Plastic money, both types; backed by deposits and backed by credit is the
mode of tomorrow.  I believe tomorrow is here already.  I also believe we
shall all being using this mode of transaction within five years.

     Christmas has, in recent decades, become more and more materialistic.
This is sad.  After all,  shouldn't we and our Children rejoice in the glow
of faith, good morals and hope in a bright future?  What better time to do
so than Christmas.  If one considers for a moment, this short story. it all
makes good sense.

     "A very long time ago, an account of an incident that happened then..
sounds so much like today.  A man and a woman pregnant with child are
virtually homeless, they're forced to take shelter from the cold in an old
animal shelter. After a few hours of painful labor endured by the woman a
boy child is born.  The unwed mother, the man and the child are fine.  

     To me,this account accurately describes the plight of many young, 
homeless couples in many cities across this nation.  Yet it truly is an 
account of the humble birthing of the Christ Child.  This year. while you 
are enjoying the company of your family, think of the homeless in your area.
Do something kind for them.  Make your Christmas Holiday that much richer."
Merry Christmas to one and All!


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                           STReport Headline News

                   Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                        Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                         Judge Rules Against Prodigy
     The  judge  in  a  much-watched libel case has refused  to  vacate  his
earlier  decision holding Prodigy Services Co. responsible for messages  its
subscribers  post.  As reported earlier, a $200 million libel  suit  against
Prodigy by Stratton Oakmont Inc. of Lake Success, New York, after one of the
online service's subscribers posted a message accusing the brokerage firm of

     Last  May  Judge  Stuart  L. Ain of the New York  Supreme  Court  ruled
Prodigy  could  be  held liable for damages because it  exercised  editorial
control over posted messages. In October, Stratton Oakmont dropped the case,
agreeing to forgo opposing Prodigy's challenge of the ruling in exchange for
an  apology  from Prodigy. Stratton later set up a restitution  fund  of  at
least $1 million to handle investor claims against the firm.

     However,  The Wall Street Journal reports this morning, now  Judge  Ain
has  refused to vacate that earlier ruling, in part because "there is a real
need   for   some  precedent"  for  "this  developing  area  of  the   law."
Furthermore,  the  judge  noted Prodigy failed  to  explain  why  it  hadn't
included  important facts in its original case.  Martin Garbus, an  attorney
for Prodigy, told the paper he will fight, adding, "We will get the reversal
-- if not from Judge Ain, then from an appellate court."
                         Judge Denies AOL Injunction
     An  advertising agency's motion for a preliminary injunction  to  block
America Online from proceeding with a marketing program has been denied by a
federal  judge  in New York.  The Wall Street Journal reports  this  morning
Judge Deborah A. Batts denied the motion yesterday because the plaintiff  --
advertising  agency Mezzina/Brown Inc. -- failed to demonstrate evidence  of
irreparable injury and didn't meet standards showing likelihood  of  success
on the merits.
     Meanwhile, an AOL spokeswoman told the paper the ad agency's claims are
"frivolous."   The  Journal reports AOL is being sued by  Mezzina/Brown  for
alleged breach of contract and unfair competition. In court documents  filed
in  the  federal court for the Southern district of New York, Mezzina/Brown,
which  had  been  in  discussions with America Online to  initiate  a  joint
marketing  program,  asserted that AOL "has misappropriated  Mezzina/Brown's
confidential and valuable intellectual property and breached its  contract."
The suit seeks unspecified compensatory damages.
                       Microsoft, NBC in Joint Venture
     Microsoft Corp. has agreed to pay $220 million over the next five years
for  a 50 percent interest in MSNBC Cable, a new 24-hour news service it  is
forming  with  NBC.  The companies also expect to invest approximately  $200
million  over five years to fund the operation's cable and online  services.
Microsoft  and  NBC  say MSNBC Cable will be developed from  the  outset  to
integrate  news  delivery across broadcast, cable, and  Internet  platforms.
MSNBC  Cable  will feature NBC News correspondents, live coverage  of  world
events, news analysis and a multimedia presence. It will also include  local
news  coverage  from NBC affiliates for both television  and  online  media,
offering  viewers the ability to watch local events as they unfold.  In  the
evening,  the  service will offer a "dynamic prime-time schedule,"  say  the
     "Microsoft  will contribute on the technology side -- in  understanding
software  platforms  and the need for new graphical interfaces  and  tools,"
says  Bill Gates, Microsoft's CEO. "Advances in digital technology will give
people  new control over news and information. They will be able to call  up
news  on demand, at their convenience. They will be able to customize  their
news  service. They will be able to watch breaking news on TV  and  then  be
able  to get more in-depth information on things of interest to them online.
We  will  be working with NBC to create innovative interactive news  content
and  an  integrated media experience."  NBC CEO Bob Wright adds, "By linking
the  local, national and international newsgathering capability of  NBC  and
its affiliates, as well as NBC News archives, with Microsoft's technological
leadership  in  software  development and   commitment  to  Internet  online
services,  MSNBC will create a continuum of news delivery that meets  viewer
needs  at all levels."  The service is scheduled to make its debut  in  mid-
1996 on NBC's America's Talking cable channel.
                       Online Super Bowl Site in Works
     An Internet site available to football fans for the month leading up to
the Super Bowl game is being created by NBC and the National Football League
with the help of Microsoft Corp.  A Super Bowl preview show being created by
NBC  and the NFL will be shaped in part by suggestions made via the Internet
site, according to the Associated Press.
     The  wire service says the Net site will open later this month and will
remain  in  operation at least a week after Super Bowl  XXX  is  played  and
broadcast  live  Jan.  28  on the NBC network.  "The  service  will  feature
advertising  along  with coverage of news conferences and  opportunities  to
exchange  views with principals in the battle for the NFL championship,"  AP
says. "On game day, NBC will offer analysis of the game as it is played  for
computer users who can tear themselves away from the television set."
     Site visitors will be able to suggest topics to be included in the one-
hour  TV special on behind-the-scene game preparations, which will be  aired
the  night  before the Super Bowl. AP says Microsoft will  help  create  and
manage the service.  As noted earlier, Microsoft last week announced it  was
investing  in a new 24-hour cable news network and online news service  that
NBC  hopes  to  launch  next  summer.  Both NBC  and  the  NFL  are  selling
advertising  packages  that  include  slots  on  the  online  service.   Ann
Kirschner, an executive for NFL Enterprises, said the online ads were  going
for   about  $100,000,  and  said  at  least  seven  slots  were  available.
Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to distribute a CD-ROM and seat cushions  to  the
80,000 people who attend the game in Tempe, Arizona.
                        Net Rating System Nearly Done
     A  system to let information on the Internet's World Wide Web be  rated
like  movies  or video games is nearly done, but attenders of  a  conference
this  week  about  the  Web say important questions remain  about  its  use.
Reporting  from the Boston site of the Fourth International World  Wide  Web
Conference,  business writer Evan Ramstad of the Associated Press  says  the
technique  was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, a group  of  more
than 90 companies and universities.
     Ramstad  reports  a  draft has been available on  the  Web  for  public
comment  since  last  month  (found at Web address,
adding  that  the  consortium committee responsible for the  technique  will
close  the  comment  period  next month and may  make  some  changes  before
declaring  it available for use.  As noted, the effort began in late  summer
in  response to congressional pressure about "obscene" material on the  Net,
but  the consortium is interested only in providing a method for rating, not
determining how content is rated.
     Says  Paul  Resnick, director of the public policy office at  the  AT&T
Research  Laboratories and a developer of the  technique,  "With  the  right
tools,  we  don't need so many rules." AP says the consortium will encourage
producers  of  Web  content to rate themselves and other groups  to  develop
rating standards. In addition, software needs to be developed to filter  out
material based on its rating.
     "Consumers are not going to be confronted by the familiar G, PG, PG-13,
R, X and NC ratings," says Ramstad. "Instead, many different ratings methods
are  likely."  Different values can be represented by different ratings.  On
this,  Resnick commented, "I'd like to see lots of rating services and  many
choices of selection software."
     But at the Boston gather, several Web site creators complained they may
ultimately  be forced to spend more time working with various rating  groups
than  creating information. They said filtering software may come along that
doesn't  allow  access to any material that is unrated, a  development  that
would harm the reach of the Web.
                        Nielsen Net Study Challenged
     A key adviser is criticizing results of Nielsen Media Research's recent
study  that said 24 million people in North America use the Internet.  Donna
Hoffman,  a business professor at Vanderbilt University, charged  the  study
"isn't  representative of the population, and therefore the projections  are
flawed"  and  possibly inflated.  According to The Wall Street Journal  this
morning, Hoffman contends the study "is skewed toward people more likely  to
be  on the Internet, so that makes the estimates inflated," particularly  in
respect  to  household income and education level. She  called  the  Nielsen
survey "basically useless" unless mistakes are corrected.
     Nielsen,  a  unit of Dun & Bradstreet Corp., which conducted  what  was
billed  as  the most comprehensive, random-sample survey of Internet  usage,
stood  by its work, which also found that 18 million people over age  16  in
North America use the Internet's multimedia World Wide Web.
     Vice President David Harkness told the paper, "We are looking at all of
the issues being raised, but we haven't found anything yet that would change
the  results  in a substantial way."  The Journal commented the  controversy
"underscores the difficulty in producing reliable data on the usage  of  the
Internet,"  adding  that critics say too often "surveys  are  based  on  the
biased  audience of online users, which inflates the numbers  of  users  and
time spent online."
                      House, Senate Near Net Smut Bill
     An  agreement  reached last night by key House and  Senate  negotiators
would  outlaw smutty materials transmitted to minors over computer networks.
The   pact   reconciles   House-  and  Senate-passed   bills   to   overhaul
telecommunications laws.  Rep. Rick White, R-Washington, one of the  primary
negotiators  working on a final anti-smut provisions, told associated  Press
writer  Jeannine Aversa, "I do believe we have an agreement."  And  Sen.  J.
James  Exon,  D-Nebraska, the other major negotiator, released a  statement,
saying,  "An agreement has been reached that I am very pleased with  on  the
computer pornography provisions."
Aversa says the measure:
z    Makes it a federal crime for providers -- such as a publisher of an
  online magazine -- to transmit sexually explicit and other "indecent"
  materials to minors under 18 years of age.
z    Would not hold liable companies that provide access to computer
networks, such as CompuServe or America Online.
z    Calls for violators to be sentenced up to two years in prison and fined
up to $100,000.
z    Defines indecency as "any comment, request, suggestion, proposal, image
or other communications, that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms
patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual
or excretory activities or organs."
     Aversa  notes  that definition "closely tracks the legal  standard  now
used  to determine what is indecent on television and radio."  Officials  of
the  conservative Family Research Council and the Christian Coalition praise
the  compromise,  saying the measure will help parents keep  their  children
away from sexually explicit materials.
     However,  opponents call it an unconstitutional government  restriction
on legal speech.  At the Center for Democracy and Technology Policy, a group
representing computer users, Director Jerry Berman promises to challenge the
measure  in  court  if  it becomes law, adding the provisions  would  outlaw
electronic  transmission of novels such as "Catcher  in  the  Rye"  and  rap
     Meanwhile, protests against the pending legislation took place  in  San
Francisco,  Seattle and New York City yesterday. For instance, Linda  Dailey
Paulson of United Press International says about 500 people gathered at  San
Francisco's  South  Park, holding up signs with slogans such  as  "Save  the
First  Amendment" and "No Legislation Without Representation."  Two  people,
one  wearing a rubber mask of Vice President Al Gore, the other  in  a  Newt
Gingrich mask, burned a sign reading "First Amendment" at the start  of  the
event.  Some wore T-shirts saying, "USA out of my URL," which refers to  the
location  of a website.  Organizer Todd Lappin, an editor at Wired magazine,
quipped  to UPI that if need be, the online community would hold a  "Million
Geek  March"  in  support  of the First Amendment. "This  single  spark  has
ignited a prairie fire," he added.
       Paulson called the speaker roster at that rally a Who's Who of  cyber
rights,  including  Mike Godwin, legal counsel for the  Electronic  Frontier
Foundation;  John Gilmore, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation;
Jim  Warren,  online activist; Howard Rheingold, author  of  numerous  books
including,  "The  Virtual Community"; Audrie Krause, executive  director  of
Computer  Professionals  for Social Responsibility;  and  Michael  Goldberg,
publisher of the Internet music magazine Addicted To Noise.
     "If you really want to protect our children, find a better way to do it
than  to force all of us who engage in public speech and expression to speak
at the level of children," Godwin said. "There are laws already on the books
that  prevent the exposure to children of obscene speech, and that  prohibit
child  abuse.  Before you start passing new laws, make sure  you  understand
what the old laws do. It may be that no new legislation is required at all."
     Paulson said speakers were especially critical of Rep. Pat Schroeder, D-
Colorado,  and  Sen.  Dianne  Feinstein,  D-California,  saying  they   were
disappointed such liberal Democrats did not support their views.  Said  UPI,
"The  issue  has centered around children's exposure to so-called 'indecent'
materials  on  the  Internet.  Parents  present  at  the  rally   said   the
responsibility for protecting their children lies with them, not Congress."
                      Lab Workers Punished Over Net Sex
     About  100  workers at the federally funded Pacific Northwest  National
Laboratory  in Richland, Washington, are being disciplined for  using  their
work computers to access sexually explicit Internet sites.  According to the
Associated  Press, the lab has suspended the 21 workers who used  the  sites
most  frequently.  Another 77 workers will receive written  reprimands.  The
suspensions begin tomorrow and last as long as two weeks.
     "Most of the scanning of adult bulletin boards occurred on workers' own
time,"  says  AP,  "but  still violated company policy  against  using  work
computers for personal business."  Lab spokesman Greg Koller told  the  wire
service  the  usage was discovered when Battelle Memorial  Institute,  which
operates  the lab, was trying to determine its Internet capacity for  a  new
building. The sexually explicit addresses showed up on Internet records.  He
did  not  have  exact figures on the usage.  The lab on the Hanford  nuclear
reservation  operates under a contract with the Energy  Department  and  has
about 3,700 employees. Battelle, based in Columbus, Ohio, does a variety  of
research  at  Hanford,  much  of it on how to clean  up  the  nation's  most
polluted nuclear site, AP notes.
                       Cyber Speech Protests Continue
     Organizers  in  Austin,  Texas,  say  their  community  will  join  the
spreading  protest  aimed  at prodding Congress  into  dropping  efforts  to
regulate  "indecent"  speech in cyberspace as part of  a  telecommunications
reform  bill.  As reported earlier, protests against the pending legislation
took  place Friday in San Francisco's South Park, the Seattle Public Library
and New York City's Cyber-Cafe.
     Now  Linda Dailey Paulson of United Press International says a  protest
is  slated for Tuesday in Austin, part of what activist groups is a  growing
nationwide  movement.  Todd Lappin, organizer of the San Francisco  protest,
told the wire service, "The feelings of the online community have registered
in  Washington. The Internet community is now mobilized and aware they  have
to take action."  At issue, as noted, is an agreement reached Thursday night
by  key  House and Senate negotiators that would outlaw "indecent" materials
transmitted to minors over computer networks. The pact reconciles  House-and
Senate-passed bills to overhaul telecommunications laws.
     Paulson   says  Voter's  Telecommunications  Watch,  a  New  York-based
watchdog   group  that  monitors  telecommunications  and  civil   liberties
legislation,  attempted to track telephone traffic into legislative  offices
as  the  week  unfolded.  Board member Steven Cherry told UPI, "The  message
count  peaked in the late afternoon Tuesday at over 70 per minute.  Many  of
those were from people who called several offices. ... By Wednesday morning,
the  count  was over 18,000. ...So all told, our very rough guess  is  there
were well over 50,000 phone calls and faxes made on the one day."
     UPI says some of those calls came in on toll free lines established  by
the  Christian  Coalition, which is pushing the issue  based  on  protecting
children  from pornography. Parents supporting the First Amendment say  they
should  screen material for their children rather than allow the  government
to  regulate  it.  Some aren't optimistic about the protests' potential  for
swaying Congress. "It looks like this legislation is going to go in  and  no
one's  going to contest it," says President Henri Poole of Vivid Studios,  a
San  Francisco web site developer. "I'm going to continue to make calls. I'm
going to let the politicians hear that this issue is extremely important  to
     Paulson  says that as the debate continues, several organizations  with
World  Wide  Web sites have posted information about the pending  censorship
legislation,  including  American  Civil  Liberties  Union  (ftp://ftp.aclu.
org/aclu/); Electronic Frontier Foundation (; Electronic
Privacy    Information    Center    (;    and    Voters
Telecommunications Watch (  Also other websites contain
reports  on  the  San Francisco First Amendment rally, among them  MediaCast
(; and Vivid Studios (
                        Hayes Tries to Block Diamond
     In  an  effort to thwart Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc.'s  unsolicited
merger proposal, modem maker Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. is seeking to
dilute  the  influence of a key shareholder.  Mark Boslet of the  Dow  Jones
News  Service  says  Hayes  has filed documents  with  the  Atlanta  Federal
Bankruptcy  Court saying it would offer the stockholder more for her  shares
than the $10 million offered by Diamond Multimedia.
     "In  the filing," says Boslet, "the modem maker said it will offer  the
shareholder, Melita E. Hayes, a minimum of $11 million for her  9.4  percent
holding in the company. The company reserved the right to increase the offer
to a maximum of $20 million should competing offers for the company climb."
     This  is just the latest in the hotly contested battle for Hayes. Modem
industry  leader  U.S. Robotics Corp. also has made  an  offer  to  buy  the
company,   though   both  it  and  Diamond  are  being  spurned   by   Hayes
Microcomputer,  which has sought financing to get itself out  of  bankruptcy
court on its own.
                         Apple Woes Raise CEO Doubts
     Yesterday's warning from Apple Computer Inc. that it may report another
quarter  of disappointing earnings sent the computer maker's shares down  $3
and  prompted  analysts to raise doubts about Apple CEO  Michael  Spindler's
future.  As reported yesterday, Apple says it expects to post a loss for the
final three months of 1995, despite recent price cuts that have resulted  in
higher  sales and shipments. The news pushed Apple shares down three  points
to 35-1/4.
     Also, the Reuter News Service quotes analysts as saying Apple officials
are  considering  several restructuring steps aimed  at  shoring  up  first-
quarter  profitability including layoffs and outsourcing of some jobs.   And
the  company is considering narrowing its sales focus to target key business
geographies, in a strategy similar to a recently implemented plan  aimed  at
key segments such as education and high-end publishing, analysts said.
     Since  taking over for former Apple CEO John Sculley in 1993,  Spindler
has  tried  to  revamp  Apple's operations and  improve  profitability.   "A
combination  of  factors," says Reuters, "including stiff  competition  from
less  expensive  rivals  like Compaq Computer Corp.  and  Packard  Bell  and
nagging  production  problems has hampered Spindler's  efforts  and  stirred
doubts about his survival."
     In  fact, says consultant Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies, "it  does
challenge  Spindler's past performance. It means he has to  get  this  thing
back  in  order  if  he  wants  to stay with the  company."  He  added,  "My
understanding is that everything is under review, including cutting costs in
manufacturing,  staff, and R&D."  Analysts also told the wire  service  that
executives  are  investigating a plan to focus business operations  in  core
geographies. Sales and marketing functions in certain other locations  would
be significantly reduced or outsourced, Reuters said.
                        Apple Takeover Rumors Thrive
     While  Apple  Computer  Inc.  struggles  through  a  surprisingly  poor
Christmas  sales season, analysts say renewed speculation about takeover  of
the  computer maker may keep its stock from falling farther than the $3 dive
it  took  on Friday.  As reported earlier, Apple announced Friday it expects
to post a loss for the final three months of 1995, despite recent price cuts
that  have  resulted in higher sales and shipments. That news  pushed  Apple
shares down three points to 35.25. Reporter Eric Auchard of the Reuter  News
Service  this morning notes Friday's closing price was just shy  of  Apple's
low  for  the  year of $33.625, which came after the company cautioned  that
unit  shipments, revenues, and gross profit margins may slip below  internal
goals  for  the  fiscal  first quarter ending in December.   But  securities
analysts  are saying the stock price might have tumbled into the $20s  range
if not for the takeover sentiment.
     Said  analyst  William Milton of Brown Brothers, "The lower  the  price
goes,  the  more likely a takeover is. That's going to keep a floor  on  the
price."   He  predicts  the  stock  will  remain  above  $30,  barring   new
disappointments.   Of  late,  Apple  has  been  mentioned  frequently  as  a
potential takeover target, and the general and computer media have  named  a
number  of suitors from Canon Inc. of Japan to IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co.  and
Oracle Corp.  Reports have indicated a buyer might be willing to pay  up  to
$55 to $60 per Apple share.
     Milton says industry analysts, who had expected a profit for the  first
quarter ending this month, are preparing to chop earnings estimates for  not
just  the first period but the fiscal year, adding, "This is the big quarter
of  the  year, so if we are seeing a loss I wonder if we will see any profit
at all for the year."  Meanwhile, says Auchard, "to dispel a perception that
Macintosh  system computers have become lame ducks compared to low-cost  PCs
running  the Windows 95 system on Pentium chips," Apple has been  forced  to
slash prices to gain retail shelf space and consumer dollars.
     On  this  point,  analyst Richard Zwetchkenbaum of  International  Data
Corp.  says, "They have had to be very sensitive to the lingering perception
that  you  have to pay a premium for Apple products."  He added,  "If  Apple
wants to continue to participate in the hardware end of the business --  not
just license its Macintosh operating system to other players -- I don't  see
any  way  it  can  avoid getting leaner and meaner and  having  to  be  more
effective at execution, time-to-market and forecasting."
                      Taligent to Become IBM Subsidiary
     Apple  Computer Inc. and IBM Corp. have confirmed recent press  reports
that their Taligent venture will be folded into IBM. About 200 jobs will  be
lost in the process.  The Taligent Object Technology Development Center will
continue  the  development  of Taligent technologies  and  accelerate  their
integration into IBM products. IBM will assume responsibility for  marketing
and distribution of all future Taligent products.
     Taligent  was  formed  in  1992 by Apple  and  IBM  to  develop  a  new
application system based on object-oriented technology. Hewlett-Packard  Co.
became the third investor in 1994.  "Taligent's pioneering technology is  an
important  element in our object-oriented software strategy for  enterprise-
wide  distributed  computing," says Steve Mills, general  manager  of  IBM's
software  solutions  division.  "Today's  announcement  will  allow  us   to
accelerate delivery to our customers. It reinforces our aggressive drive  to
provide  software developers with powerful, cross-platform,  object-oriented
software  that  adheres to industry standards and meets  enterprise  needs."
The  new  technology  center will be located at Taligent's  headquarters  in
Cupertino, California.
                        Electronics Employment Rises
     The  American  Electronics  Association is reporting  that  electronics
employment  at  the  end of September 1995 was 2.543  million,  the  highest
monthly total in almost five years. The figure marks an increase of 134,000,
or  5.6  percent,  over the 2.409 million people who held  electronics-based
jobs in September 1994.
     Employment in the industry's software sector increased by almost 60,000
from  September  1994 to September 1995, notes the AEA.   Defense/commercial
guidance systems was the only industry segment that failed to improve in the
period,  falling 9.1 percent.  "The dynamism and robust health of U.S.  high
technology  is  creating high quality American jobs at a rapid  rate,"  says
William T. Archey, the AEA's president and CEO. "Current employment  in  our
industry  is more than 10 times that of the basic steel industry  and  three
times that of the automotive industry. We expect this trend to continue into
next  year."   The AEA's employment estimates are based on data provided  by
the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and are subject to later revision.  The
AEA,  a  high-tech  trade  group,  represents  more  than  3,000  U.S.-based
technology companies.
                      Company Recalls "Memory" Program
     SoftRAM95, a Syncronys Softcorp program designed to mimic the  benefits
of  having  more memory chips, is being recalled in the wake  of  a  federal
government  inquiry into claims the software doesn't work as promised.   The
Associated Press says the software works as advertised for Windows 3.1,  but
is  ineffective with the newer Windows 95 operating system.    "The  company
said  in  November  it would put stickers on its packages warning  customers
that  SoftRAM95 would work only for Windows 3.1," AP reports.  "The  company
issued the recall because stickers didn't make it onto all the packages."
     The wire service says SoftRAM95 has been one of the biggest-selling for
PCs  in the U.S. this fall, capitalizing on Windows 95's need for additional
memory  to  run effectively.  Officials with the Culver City,  Calif.,  firm
told  the  wire service the New York office of the Federal Trade  Commission
has  started  an  inquiry into SoftRAM and that the company is  cooperating.
Also,  two  lawsuits have been filed against the company over  the  problem.
Meanwhile, Syncronys officials say the firm is developing a version  of  the
program that will work with Windows 95 and plans to ship the revised version
to  registered users and make a program that repairs the original's  trouble
available through online services.
                         Mattel Eyes Software Titles
     A  line  of  software built around toy giant Mattel's best-known  brand
names -- including Barbie, Match Box cars and Cabbage Patch dolls - is to be
introduced  sometime next year.  Mattel spokesman Glenn Bozarth told  United
Press  International,  "We've been working on interactive  applications  for
more  than  a year," adding the company will disclose its exact strategy  at
the New York Toy Fair in February.
     Look  for the software to be in stores in time for Christmas next year,
according  to  Doug Glen, president of newly named Mattel  Media,  who  told
Computer  Retail  Week  his company has an advantage over  other  children's
software  companies  because it owns characters  and  brands  that  children
     Says  UPI,  "One  of  the  planned software titles  is  Barbie  Fashion
Designer,  which will allow users to design a wardrobe for the doll  on  the
computer,  then print the pattern on sticky-backed fabric using  a  personal
computer printer."
                     Home Page Wizard Goes With the Flow
     Steve  Lohr  writes for this week's New York Times that the World  Wide
Web  "has  helped bring the Internet to the masses...Without the Web,  there
would be no Internet craze. No Wall Street fixation with Internet stocks  or
instant  Internet  millionaires." The Times edition featuring  Lohr's  piece
contained  no  less  than three Web-headlined articles  and  two  additional
Internet  features.  CompuServe members are clearly a  part  of  this  major
trend,  and the service is responding daily.  The Internet Publishing  Forum
has  recently  opened  a  new section, "CIS HPWiz  &  PubWiz,"  focusing  on
resources for use with the new Home Page Wizard and Publishing Wizard.  Home
Page Wizard allows any CompuServe member to build a personal World Wide  Web
Home Page. There is no charge for Home Page Wizard, and it may be downloaded
with  no  CompuServe connect-time charges incurred, although  communications
surcharges  may  apply. The download time does not count toward  a  member's
monthly five hours on CompuServe.
     Internet  Publishing Forum's Terry Cotant asks, "What's the  difference
between  the  HPWIZ  and  the  Publishing Wizard Program?"  Christina  Gibbs
replies,  "HPWIZ is the name of the downloadable program. When  you  execute
it,  it  creates  a  number of programs and files. HpWiz is  the  Home  Page
Wizard,  which  is  an  HTML editor. Publishing  Wizard  is  the  part  that
publishes  the  pages  by putting them on CIS's Web  server  for  you."   GO
INTERNET  to  access  CompuServe's  basic and  constantly  updated  Internet
services. Check out the Internet Publishing Forum's Message Section 20, "CIS
HPWiz  &  PubWiz,"  "CompuServe Home Page Wiz," and  other  helpful  message
sections and libraries for instructions on producing your own Home Page.  GO
HPWIZ  when you're ready to download. Once you're on the Web, find the  home
pages  of other CompuServe members by directing your search to the Web  site
"Our World,"

CHRISTMAS! STR FOCUS   .......A familiar tale, with a new twist!

                          The Night Before Christmas

         'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ship
                Not a circuit was buzzing, not one microchip;
                The phasers were hung in the armory securely,
              In hopes that no aliens would get up that early.
              The crewmen were nestled all snug in their bunks
               (Except for the few who were partying drunks);
              And Picard in his nightshirt and Bev in her lace,
              Had just settled down for a neat face-to-face...
              When out in the halls there arose such a racket,
          That we leapt from our beds, pulling on pants and jacket.
                  Away to the lifts we all shot like a gun,
             Leapt into the cars and yelled loudly, "Deck One!"
         The bridge Red-Alert lights, which flashed through the din,
                  Gave a lustre of Hades to objects within.
           When, what, on the viewscreen, should our eyes behold,
          But a weird kind of sleigh, and some guy who looked old.
             But the glint in his eyes was so strange and askew
                  That we knew in a moment it had to be Q.
               His sleigh grew much larger as closer he came.
           Then he zapped on the bridge and addressed us by name:
               "It's Riker! It's Data! It's Worf and Jean-Luc!
                 It's Geordi! And Wesley, the genetic fluke!
              To the top of the bridge, to the top of the hall!
                Now float away! Float away! Float away all!"
             As leaves in the autumn are whisked off the street,
             So the floor of the bridge came away from our feet,
                 And up to the ceiling our bodies they flew,
           As the captain called out, "What the hell is this, Q?!"
              The prankster just laughed and expanded his grin,
                And, snapping his fingers, he vanished again.
              As we took in our plight and were looking around,
            The spell was removed, and we crashed to the ground.
              Then Q, dressed in fur from his head to his toe,
                 Appeared once again, to continue the show.
                     "That's enough!" cried the captain,
                         "You'll stop this at once!"
               And Riker said, "Worf! Take aim at this dunce!"
                 "I'm deeply offended, Jean-Luc," replied Q,
               "I just want to celebrate Christmas with you."
            As we scoffed at his words, he produced a large sack.
              He dumped out the contents and took a step back.
          "I've brought gifts," he said, "just to show I'm sincere.
              There's something delightful for everyone here."
                 He sat on the floor and dug into his pile,
             And handed out gifts with his most charming smile:
              "For Counsellor Troi, there's no need to explain.
                  Here's Tylenol-Beta for all of your pain.
           For Worf I've some mints as his breath's not too great,
                 And for Geordi LaForge, an inflatable date.
               For Wesley, some hormones, and Clearasil-Plus;
                 For Data, a joke book; for Riker, a truss.
                For Beverly Crusher, there's sleek lingerie,
         And for Jean-Luc, the thrill of just seeing her that way."
            Then he sprang to his feet with that grin on his face
              And, clapping his hands, disappeared into space.
             But we heard him exclaim as he dwindled from sight,
             "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight!"

          Based on "A Visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement C. Moore
                 Adaptation Copyright 1990, Eric R. Rountree

ARCsolo TBU STR Focus                         The "Rolls Royce" of Tape Back-
up Software

 SCSI Tape Back Up Software that WORKS!

                           ARCsolo for Windows 95

From; Cheyenne Software Inc.

by Ralph F. Mariano
part one
     Every once in a while, a "Masterwork" in software comes along.  This
software package is a top notch "event" in the lines of software released in
support of Windows 95.  After having gone through the "Death Valley"
gauntlet with the wanna be TBU software that has been impersonating Windows
95 support software, "ARCsolo 95 is a breath of fresh air."  One must see
this powerful scsi tape backup ensemble to fully appreciate its thoughtful,
in-depth design.
     Truly, "ARCsolo is the backup software package designed by computerists
for computerists of every level from beginner to advanced systems
     Its been a full week since I installed ARCsolo 95, it has done
everything claimed it could do with no difficulties at all.  I purposely
created a disaster situation. actually, my Registry File did what it does so
well.  It corrupted itself again.  I felt it was a wonderful time to check
the disaster recovery feature of ARCsolo 95.  What's to say other than it
worked as described and I was back up and running in no time at all.  Among
the TBU software generally available. ARCsolo is by far, the very best SCSI
Tape Backup Software package on the market..
Partial List of Features

z    Full backup of Windows 95
ARCsolo backs up all Windows 95 files, including long file names, file
creation date and times and access dates.
"    Fully protects Windows 95.  Also protects important configuration

z    Multiple Backup Options
ARCsolo provides several backup options: Full (with or without clearing the
archive bit), Incremental and Differential
"    Network Administrator can customize his backup strategy balancing the
  window with his own disaster recovery requirements.

z    Multiple Verification Methods
ARCsolo provides for two methods of backup verification.  Scanning the file
headers or the more complete byte for byte comparison.
"    This ensures integrity of data after it has been placed on the tape.
  Scanning provides a faster check, byte for byte provides an exact check.

z    Filter Options
Filter options provide another level of user configuration for backup,
restore and copy.  Filename, directory, date created/accessed/modified and
file extensions are among the available filter options.
"    Allows customized strategy to include or exclude specific information.
  For example, an executable application need not be backed up everytime a
  full backup is performed.  These can be selectively filtered by file

z    Open/Skipped File Handling Options
Multiple options for handling open files: skip, retry, deny none, deny write
and lock modes are among the available choices.
"    User may choose how ARCsolo handles open files thus ensuring the backup
  is handled according to his own priorities.  ARCsolo will backup open files
  as they appear on the disk at the time of the backup.

z    Tape Password Security
Each session is secured by user defined passwords.
"    Passwords prevent unauthorized users from accessing and restoring
  critical data.

z    File Grooming
Transfer older, seldom or unused files to tape for safekeeping.
"    Frees important hard disk space for current information by archiving
  older files on tape.  Using the database, files on tape can be located and
  restored quickly when needed.

z    Preferred Shares List
Allows the Administrator to create a list of preferred or commonly used
points which will be stored in the browser.
"    Allows preferred share points to be easily located and selected without
  having to browse through the Network provider tree to find them.  This
  feature is essentially a convenience for users who routinely select the same
  files and directories for backup.

z    Flexible Scheduling Options
Backup and or restore jobs can be scheduled by various criteria includng
day/date, time and or repeat intervals.
"    Backup and Restore can be scheduled to occur at the most appropriate
  times which will accommodate each user's data protection strategy.

z    InocuLAN AntiVirus Scanning
Allows file to be scanned during backup, copy and count operations.  If a
virus is detected, predetermined actions can be automatically executed.
Including; skipping, renaming or deleting infected files.
"    Data is scanned for viruses immediately before backup, copy and count
  operations.  This virus scan provides an extra measure of security even if
  regular virus scanning is employed.  If the full InocuLAN for Windows 95
  product is also installed on the server, ARCsolo intelligently uses the most
  current virus scan engine and latest signature file kept in the InocuLAN
  home directory otherwise, it uses a local copy of these InocuLAN modules.
  Note; This feature does not serve as an alternative or replacement for
  InocuLAN for Windows 95.  It does provide a last minute check of files
  that have been selected for backup as an extra precaution against putting
  a virus on your backup tape.

z    Intelligent Restore/Multiple Recovery Options
The Database may be viewed in several ways;
1.   server file directory tree
2.   tape directory tree
3.   direct query
Recovery from a specific tape without using the database is also supported.
"    User can easily locate and select data for restores even to the dated
  version of a selected file.  The file versioning even shows the tape to
  mount for the specific version required.

 More next week...

ARCsolo is this Editor's Choice!  Once you use it for the first time, it
will be your choice too.
Want more Info??
Call Cheyenne Software Inc., at 1-516-484-5110  ask for Paul Clapman he's a
great guy.
. Let `em know you "discovered" ARCsolo here.

ANOTHER INTEL FOOTSHOT? STR Spotlight    WHO is running things out there??

                          IS INTEL "AT IT" AGAIN??
                               TRITON DRIVERS

by Ralph F. Mariano

After  some  good old fashioned hunting and digging around the  edges  of  a
"missing driver" story.  This Reporter discovered that there is indeed  fire
where  there  is  even the slightest wisp of smoke.  The Triton  Chipset,  a
widely  used really quite good PCI component, has been getting a bad if  not
ugly reputation lately.  It seems that no matter what users do and no matter
which  operating system they're using on their PC, Win95, Win3.1, OS/2 etc.,
they're  experiencing unexplainable I/O errors, corrupted  files  and  other
related  nastiness.  In digging deeper, it became obvious  that  there  were
definite answers as to WHY these errors were appearing.  After a week and  a
half  and almost exhausting my extensive sources of information a number  of
things became rather obvious.

The  Triton Chipset was causing the problems but only in an indirect manner.
The  drivers  that were in use on the various platforms were  the  culprits.
The story then began to get interesting.  It seems that whoever was directly
dependent  upon  INTEL was extremely reluctant to talk  about  this  matter.
Claiming  everything  from  ignorance  to  lockjaw.   Truth  is,  they  were
obviously  afraid of losing their sources of income.  But  as  always,  with
diligent  digging, a few well informed and highly respected individuals  who
shall remain unnamed.  Volunteered the right combinations to gain access  to
what  we  wanted  to know.  It all led back to INTEL.  Once  contacted,  the
folks  at Intel while very polite and professional proved to provide exactly
what  this  reporter was looking for.  Verification that  newer  and  better
drivers existed and that they were NOT being made directly available to  the
end user.

They (Intel's SUITS) really feel that if they give....  GIVE the drivers  to
the OEM's of the motherboards... they've met their responsibility to the end
user.   Think about that for moment or two.... How many consultants who  are
assembling and selling machines are there in North America alone??   Is  the
motherboard maker going to track down each and every end user??  Not on your
life!   Is each and every consultant still in business who was at this  time
last  year??   I  doubt  it.   (Deaths etc..)  The motherboard  makers  want
nothing  to do with the end users, the distributors want nothing to do  with
the  end users.  And.... apparently, INTEL wants nothing to do with the  end

They  also say that since they're giving .. GIVING the driver to MS.... They
say.. MS will have it in their next Windows 95 update.  Will that update  be
FREE???   I think not.  As usual, the user is getting set up to take  it  on
the  chin  AGAIN  at  the hands of the bright minds at  INTEL.   The  Triton
Chipset  has been around how long now???  How many more will be in  use  the
day  AFTER  Christmas???  Or, is this INTEL's method of paving the  way  for
Triton II??   Must Microsoft and Windows 95 take the "black-eye" for Intel??
People all over the world are experiencing weird problems using motherboards
equipped  with a Triton Chipset because of the anemic drivers  available  at
this  time  for the Triton Chipset.  Ask any Win95 user about the notice  in
Device  Manager  about  "Bus  Mastering  NOT  enabled"  ??  Why  wasn't  the
"almighty" INTEL ready with the right drivers for August 24th??  Better yet,
why didn't they provide the correct drivers WITH the CHIPSETS to begin with?
The first (beta Triones) set of drivers were available in July 1995.... then
usually  another  each month thereafter.  I have a number of  them  at  this
time.   To be honest the use of the Bus Mastering Driver, the latest I have,
has  dramatically  enhanced the performance of both my of  P133  PCI  Triton
systems. Can you get them?? Where are they??  GOD only knows... According to
Intel's  "informed  people" ..the existence of  such  is  a  secret!!   WHY?
Perhaps. Because Intel does not want to spend the money to provide the  tech
support  for  something they created and sold ...the Triton Chipset!!    Can
you imagine that???  INTEL suffering from a serious case of the CHEAPS!!   I
don't  care to believe this is the case, but every indicator points in  that
direction.   One can only imagine what will occur when the "Top Bananas"  at
INTEL learn of this fiasco.

In  my conversation with Pat Correia, I insisted all they had to do was make
the  drivers  they  had ready for Windows 95, OS2 etc.. available  on  their
Website  and  it would alleviate many, many problems.  I also  assured  them
that  the various groups providing support for the different platforms would
only  be TOO GLAD to help in the area of support.  Deaf ears... it all  fell
on  deaf  ears.   They  are going to supply the new Triton  drivers  to  the
motherboard manufacturers and leave the "detective" work up to the end user.
How very original.... what the end user doesn't know won't hurt him type  of
thinking.   Its time, once again as far as Intel is concerned, that the  end
user got a little help in KNOWING what is happening, why the write problems,
the corrupted files etc..  INTEL is sidestepping and skirting the real issue
here  SUPPORT!  Intel can more than afford to do the right thing.   Even  if
"somebody" neglected to PUT support into the budget for Triton Chipsets  and
DRIVERS.   (there are never any "atta-boys" for this kind of cost cutting as
it always comes back to haunt the goofy bean counters who encourage the sort
of thing)

These  corporate  whigs... they all think basically alike, they  think  THEY
know what the users want and how they want it.  Trouble is ...they simply do
not  ask the users.  They rely upon a demographic poltergeist and then swear
by  what  they're told.  Its no wonder we see seemingly strong companies  go
right down the tubes.  These corporate geeks have got to get out in the real
world,  bump elbows, scuff their shoes as they hit the bricks and  begin  to
listen  to  the  real people who, by the way, are PAYING the BILLS  ..  None
other  than the Consumers themselves!  Until they do... they'll continue  to
dance  the dance and trot the prance of the "demographic smoke and  mirrors"
shell  game.   A  game  where  the end user is a guaranteed  loser  and  the
corporate  zombie who followed the demographic poltergeist  will  "enjoy"  a
dramatic career change.

 How grotesquely arrogant or, is that perhaps ignorant ...can one company's
                      leadership at whatever level be??

After  the  recent  "Pentium  that couldn't multiply"  disaster....  they're
_very_ sensitive.  But obviously some at INTEL didn't learn a thing from the
jolting experience.  UPI, API and Reuters would LOVE to play with this story
so  soon  on  the heels of the Pentium zinger... Want results??  Bring  THIS
story  to  the  very same group that EXPOSED the Pentium screw-up  "wall  of
silence"  cover-up.  "They (Intel) had better become more sensitive  to  the
needs  of the end users. after all, with the US Government (taxpayers =  end
users)  now having INTEL design the finest for Government use.. "   said  an
unnamed  local elected official.   The official expressed a desire to  "give
Intel an opportunity to correct this annoyance".  Thus, I agreed to withhold
the  identity of said official.  It is the Holiday Season. so Intel, do  the
right thing.. take care of your consumers ..the real ones.  The End Users!
They  really are bungling this driver and support thing rather well.  I  did
raise  a serious fuss with them and I am certain, as an "appeasement", after
I  threatened  them with exposure, they sent me their "latest" driver  dated
11/17/95  ... of course I had been informed prior to this  by one of my very
reliable sources that a 12/06/95 final beta driver existed.  (Recent  Folsom
Conference)  Who are INTEL's pinstriped whigs trying to "kid"??   Wanna  bet
they  sent  a  "November" driver  in hopes it would "show up"  somewhere  it
wasn't  supposed to.   Cute, real cute.  All they've managed to do  at  this
point  is  thoroughly offend me!!  Besides, this reporter is NOT, under  any
circumstances, for sale!

Diana Wilson (PR Person) at 916-356-8064 or, Pat A. Correia at 916-356-5114
(he seems to be calling the shots)
E-Mail : &

Folks, you have my permission to reprint this article anywhere you wish....
especially the desktops of API, UPI, Reuters etc..

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Viable, Meaningful, Fungible
QVC On The Web
Quark For Multimedia
Untangling The Web
Apple Hints At Layoffs
Congress & President Agree On Major
Telecom Bill
Bell Atlantic, Nynex Flirt With
Dreaming Of GEnie
Digital Develops "Super Spider"
Seasonal Shopping Cheers Computer
You'd Better Watch Out -- For
Europe Online, Sort Of
CNNfn's "Virtual Newsroom"
                          Visible Woman On The Web
                            Ottawa Surfs The Net
                         Banks' Grip On ATMs Broken
                          More Internet Statistics
                          For Divorce, Press One...
                                 Net Santas
                           More Suitors For Apple?
                    Calculators Banned In British Testing
                            Profile Of Web Users
                            PCS Licenses Granted
                         New High-Tech Fund Stalled
                               E-Zine Listing
              Funding For Rural Internet And Montreal Free-Net
                              Pay Till It Hurts
     The House-Senate conference committee working on the telecommunications
bill  is struggling to express the conditions under which the Bell operating
companies could compete against AT&T, MCI, and other companies in the  long-
distance market.  The long-distance companies say that until the Bells  face
real  competition in their own local markets they should  not be allowed  to
provide  long-distance services.  How to describe "real"  competition?   The
long-distance   companies  are  lobbying  hard  for  descriptors   such   as
"meaningful" or "viable" or "fungible."   Another dispute needing resolution
focuses on media-ownership restrictions in the bill.  Democrats have refused
to accept Republican proposals to substantially increase the number of cable
operations  a single company could own.  (New York Times 15 Dec C1,  16  Dec
                               QVC ON THE WEB
     QVC has taken its home shopping business online, setting up shop on the
Microsoft Network.  QVC initially will offer computers and other home office
products,  as  well  as  jewelry and kitchen  wares.   The  deal  will  give
Microsoft  an unspecified percentage of total sales, and will allow  QVC  to
migrate to other online services if it so chooses.   Broadcasting & Cable 11
Dec 95 p94)
                            QUARK FOR MULTIMEDIA
     Quark  Inc., maker of publishing software QuarkXPress, has developed  a
program  targeting Internet and multimedia  publishers called  QuarkImmedia.
Due  out  next  spring,  QuarkImmedia is  expected  to  "do  for  multimedia
authoring  and Internet publishing what QuarkXPress has done for  publishing
on  paper,"  says the company.  The software allows publishers  to  assemble
interactive documents that include pictures, text, sound, video, scripts and
linked  text, but doesn't use HTML -- Web users will need to use  a  special
viewer  available  free  from Quark to see pages  created  in  QuarkImmedia.
(Information Week 18 Dec 95 p107)
                             UNTANGLING THE WEB
     A  new  system  for labeling Internet content, developed originally  to
provide  a  standard  format for identifying objectionable  material,  could
ultimately  provide  a  way to sort Internet content  according  to  topical
categories, creating a sort of cyber Dewey Decimal system.  The Platform for
Internet Content Selection (PICS), a product of the MIT-based World Wide Web
consortium,  would  enable  organizations  to  easily  add  descriptive   or
judgmental  labels  to  newsgroups and Web pages, providing  guideposts  for
surfers who want to steer clear of superfluous or objectionable information.
PICS  itself  is value-neutral, says the project's spokesman,  but  it  will
provide a standard for others to use in developing their own rating schemes.
"Ideally,   the  system  will  encourage  rating  not  just  by  large-scale
commercial  services,  but  also by individuals,  school  boards,  political
organizations, and others," says Esther Dyson.  (Technology  Review  Jan  95
                           APPLE HINTS AT LAYOFFS
     After posting a loss for the fiscal first-quarter ending December  31st
(usually  the  strongest quarter of the year), Apple hints  at  cost-cutting
layoffs.   CEO Michael Spindler, whose job has been under pressure for  some
months,  said:   "We  are currently engaged in an intensive  review  of  all
aspects  of  our business, including the factors contributing to our  first-
quarter   results,  and  will  take  appropriate  actions  to  address   the
challenges."  (New York Times 16 Dec 95 p17)
                          VISIBLE WOMAN ON THE WEB
     Last year was the Visible Man -- soon there will be a Visible Woman  on
the Web, courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.  The body was scanned
by  magnetic-resonance  imaging  and computed-tomography  systems  and  then
shaved into 5,200 cross-sections that were photographed and compiled into  a
huge   database.    The  39-billion-byte  database   will   be   online   at
< >. (Business Week 18 Dec 95 p94)
                            OTTAWA SURFS THE NET
     The Canadian government launched its long-awaited primary Internet site
as  the  electronic  gateway  to  more than  40  departments  and  agencies:
< >. (Toronto Globe & Mail 15 Dec 95 A1)
                         BANKS' GRIP ON ATMs BROKEN
     Breaking  the  tight  grasp held by chartered banks  on  the  "Interac"
electronic  banking  network,  Canada's Bureau of Competition  policy  ruled
that other companies offering new services, such as insurance companies  and
retailers, will be allowed full access to the system that runs the country's
bank  machines and controls the direct-payment debit-card system.   (Toronto
Financial Post 15 Dec 95 p1)
                          MORE INTERNET STATISTICS
     A  report  from  Insight New Media says that there  are  now  about  27
million  Internet users in North America and quotes surveys indicating  that
almost half of online users have an undergraduate degree and 20% have a post-
graduate  degree  and  that the average Internet user has  an  above-average
income.  (Internet Facts 1995 p29;
                          FOR DIVORCE, PRESS ONE...
     The info-highway is making it easier for you to tell your spouse to hit
the  road:  a  Canadian entrepreneur is selling kiosks that make  getting  a
divorce  almost  as  easy  as getting cash from a banking  machine.   Called
"QuickCourt," the new kiosks -- complete with video instructions and  touch-
screen  buttons -- make breaking up easier on the wallet since  lawyers  are
cut out of the picture in undisputed divorces. (Toronto Star 13 Dec 95 A1)
                                 NET SANTAS
Here are some "Santa" web sites :
< >
< xmas>
< SantaClaus.html>
(Toronto Globe & Mail 16 Dec 95 B19)
     With  the White House giving enthusiastic support to the final  version
of  major  telecommunications  legislation  worked  out  by  a  House-Senate
negotiation  committee, the bill is certain to become law.  The  legislation
will  remove regulatory barriers that now separate the information  industry
into protected components (i.e., local phone, long-distance phone, and cable
TV  segments);   the  result  will be vastly  increased  competition  across
current  boundaries, along with new mergers and strategic partnerships.   In
the  final  bill,  the Justice Department has been given a partial  role  in
deciding  when  a Bell operating company faces enough local  competition  to
justify  allowing  it  to compete in the long-distance  market.    The  bill
contains  provisions  for  fines  and  imprisonment  of  persons  who   make
"indecent"  material available to minors over computer networks - provisions
distressing  to  civil liberties groups, which say that  "indecent"  is  too
vague  a  concept and that the legislation will violate the First  Amendment
right to free speech.  (New York Times 21 Dec 95 A1)
     Officials  at Bell Atlantic and Nynex are exploring the possibility  of
merging  their companies into the second largest phone company, after  AT&T.
The  new  entity would have more than $27 billion in annual revenue  and  $3
billion  in  profits, giving it a powerful head start in tackling  the  long
distance business.  Approximately one-third of all U.S. long-distance  calls
either  originate in or connect to one of their combined regions.   The  two
sides  are still "a long, long way off from signing legal documents.   Right
now,  they are just trying to figure out if this makes any sense," says  one
executive familiar with the situation.  (Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 95 A3)
                              DREAMING OF GENIE
     GEnie, General Electric's online service, has been for sale since  Nov.
13,  and  now it may have a buyer.  Ed Perrone, who writes daily  horoscopes
for  the  network, is working with about 40 other providers to raise capital
from  investors  for the service.  Analysts estimate he'll  need  about  $35
million for the purchase.  (Business Week Dec 25 95 p6)
                       DIGITAL DEVELOPS "SUPER SPIDER"
     A  prototype of Digital's new Alta Vista high-speed search  engine  for
finding information on the Internet scans not only Web sites but also Usenet
discussion groups.  The program works by creating complete indexes of  every
word on every Web page or Usenet news group it encounters when it sends  out
"a  brood of spiders" (also called "threads") to scan the Internet, enabling
it  to conduct very precise searches.  <  >
(New York Times 18 Dec 95 C2)
     Computer sales have picked up dramatically in the past couple of weeks,
but  analysts disagree on whether this year can come close to the phenomenal
1994  Christmas  sales, which surged 40% above the previous  year's.   While
International Data Corp. and Dataquest were predicting increases of  20%  to
23%  over last year's figures, a Link Resources analyst who tracks the  home
PC  market  for  the  IDC  division, believes a 30%  growth  rate  is  still
attainable.   Many households are acquiring additional PCs, and "the  demand
for  high-performance systems is very strong," he says, adding that some  PC
makers  misjudged  the  consumer appeal of raw  computing  power.   (Houston
Chronicle 19 Dec 95 C1)
     The Computer Emergency Response Team at Carnegie Mellon is warning that
"hundreds  of  sites have been attacked" in recent days by computer  hackers
and  crackers,  noting  there's  been a  75%  annual  increase  in  reported
incidents in recent years.  "This is a great time for machines to  sit  idle
for  a week -- which is a hacker's playground.  These people are  Scrooges,"
says  a  Bell Labs security researcher.  CERT declined to specify  how  much
damage  has occurred or who's been affected by the break-ins.  (Wall  Street
Journal 20 Dec 95 B2)
                           EUROPE ONLINE, SORT OF
     Europe Online made its debut last Friday, but most customers aren't Net
surfing  yet.  Although the company promised service would be up and running
Dec.  15,  would-be subscribers who called the toll-free  number  were  told
they'd  have  to wait three weeks to sign on.  The company also announced  a
potential hook-up with Deutsche Telekom's T-Online service, the largest  PC-
based  online service in Europe.  That alliance would be a blow  to  America
Online,  which  is  putting  a deal together with  Bertelsmann  AG  and,  it
thought,  Deutsche  Telekom, to offer an online service in  Germany.   (Wall
Street Journal 18 Dec 95 B9B)
                         CNNfn's "VIRTUAL NEWSROOM"
     CNN  will use Intel's Pro-Share videoconferencing software and  an  ATM
network  to  produce  real-time interviews online for  its  CNNfn  financial
network.    Dubbed  "inter.face,"  the  computer  link  will   allow   CNNfn
journalists  to interview financial experts live on camera from their  place
of  work.   "It  gives us the ability to get reaction to breaking  financial
news immediately," says the VP for CNN Business News.  (Broadcasting & Cable
18 Dec 95 p80)
                           MORE SUITORS FOR APPLE?
After spurning IBM's offer last year of $40 a share, Apple Computer now
apparently has more potential suitors waiting in the wings.  Rumors are
circulating that Motorola, Oracle, Sony and Hewlett-Packard all are
considering a possible merger, but "The question for Apple now is who would
want to buy it," says an analyst at ChicagoCorp.  (Wall Street Journal 18
Dec 95 A3)
The British School Curriculum and Assessment Authority will ban calculators
from use during one of two math exams to be administered to 11-year-olds
next year, and is urging the country's Education Secretary to introduce a
similar ban for 14-year-olds by 1997.  The Authority cited widespread
confusion over decimal places and a lack of competence with fractions, and
raised fears that overuse of calculators in the classroom has eroded
schools' ability to teach basic mathematical concepts.  The move was
applauded by the London Mathematical Society, which, in a report last month,
had charged schools with failure to teach the basics and leaving
universities to provide remedial training.  (The Times  [London] 7 Dec 95
                            PROFILE OF WEB USERS
A new study of WWW users finds that the typical user has changed "from the
elite enthusiast to the skeptical shopper";  that women in general are less
likely to buy online, even in some categories where they generally buy more
than men;  that concern for security of online transactions is currently an
important reason for their not making online purchases;  and that commercial
WWW sources have moved up to second place (behind only newspapers/magazines)
as sources  For information.  < > PCS LICENSES
GRANTED Industry Canada granted four companies licenses to offer consumers
personal communications services across the country as a cheaper and more
portable alternative to cellular phones.  The first PCS networks are
expected to begin operation in Canada's largest centers within the next two
years. (Toronto Star 19 Dec 95 D1)
                         NEW HIGH-TECH FUND STALLED
A proposal to launch a new fund to encourage investment in new technology is
being debated by Canada's Cabinet after months of difficult planning.  The
fund is a difficult sell since it needs between $150- and $300-million to
start and most government departments are struggling to preserve existing
programs rather than financing new ones. (Toronto Financial Post 20 Dec 95
                               E-ZINE LISTING
The URL < > has recently
been updated to point to most of the principal online newsletters (including
Edupage & STReport).
Canada's government granted $6-million in grants to 271 communities for the
development of free, community-based Internet service providers that will
assure universal and affordable access in rural areas.  (Toronto Globe &
Mail 20 Dec 95 B2) .... The Libertel Free-Net, with a grant from the Quebec
government, will launch a toll-free Internet access service for Montrealers.
Montreal joins a community of 20 other Free-Nets across Canada. (Montreal
Gazette 18 Dec 95 A5)
                              PAY TILL IT HURTS
Sun Microsystems' John Gage wants Microsoft to feel his pain:  "We want them
to pay enough money [to license Java] that it hurts a little bit.  It has to
be something that you take seriously.  For a company like Microsoft, you
charge them a couple of hundred thousand dollars, they don't even notice.
They blow that much on the fruit for one of their press events." (Investor's
Business Daily 20 Dec 95 A6)

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 Kids Computing Corner
Frank Sereno, Editor

                          A Father's Note to Santa

by John Mackowick 74242,2411

Dear Santa:
     My six-year-old boy scribbled out his Christmas list.  It's here by the
fireplace.  The Coke and M&M's are from him, in case you're hungry.  You
know six-year-olds these days.  By the way, the Cheezits are from me.
     Santa, if you don't mind, I thought I'd go ahead and leave my list,
too.   It's long, but please, do what you can.  It's all I want for

  A Christmas List From His Father:

 Santa, let my little boy grow up still believing he has the funniest Dad in
                              the neighborhood.
              Give him many close friends, both boys and girls.
   May they fill his days with adventure, security, and dirty fingernails.
 Leave his Mom and me some magic dust that will keep him just the size he is
   We'd just as soon he stayed six years old and three feet, nine inches.
    If he must grow up, please make sure he still wants to sit on my lap
                at bedtime and read "The Frog and the Toad."
         If you can help it, Santa, never let him be sent into war.
  His mother and I love our country, but we love our six-year-old boy more.
  While you're at it, send our world leaders a copy of "The Killer Angels,"
 Michael Shaara's retelling of the Battle of Gettysburg. May it remind them
 too many moms and dads have wept at Christmas for soldiers who have died in
                   battles that needn't have been fought.
 Let our house always be filled with slamming doors and toilet seats, which
                   are the official sounds of little boys.

  Break it to him gently, Santa, that his Dad won't always be able to carry
                 to bed at night or brush his teeth for him.
                Teach him courage in the face of such change.
  Let him understand that no matter how nice you are to everyone, the world
                      will sometimes break your heart.
      As you know, Santa, a child's feelings are fragile as moth wings.
  Let him become a piano player, a soccer star, or a priest. Or all three.
                  Anything but a tax and spend politician.
             Give him a hunger for books, music, and geography.
  May he be the first kid in school to be able to find Madagascar on a map.
            The kid's a born artist, Santa, so send more crayons.
       May our kitchen window and refrigerator doors ever be plastered
       with his sketches of surreal rainbows and horses with big ears.
Through the years, steer him oh so carefully to that little girl destined to
                                be his bride.
   Let his mother and me still be around when he walks her down the aisle.
           If there's a just God, let her daddy be obscenely rich.
 Grant him a heart that will cherish what his parents did right and forgive
  for the mistakes we surely will have made over a lifetime of raising him.
Let him not hold it against us that he was born with my chin and his mothers
   Time will teach him that these are God's way of girding him for life's
Hold him steady on the day that he learns the truth about you and the Easter
                   May he take the news better than I did.
 While you're flying around the heavens, Santa, make sure God has heard our
                           prayer for this child:
       Lead my little boy not into temptation; deliver him from evil.
    Be careful out there, Santa. And please, close the flue on your way up.

 Portable Computers & Entertainment Section
Marty Mankins, Editor

Tekken Mini FAQ Sony PlayStation STR Focus

                                Tekken Galaga

Mini-FAQ v0.1
by $k@$ght

People  have  been  having  trouble enabling  Devil  Kazuya  as  a  playable
character, which can only be done by beating the Galaga "Challenging  Stage"
load-up  game.  The game consists of 8 stages, which are straight  from  the
old 80's Galaga arcade game.  You need to beat all 8 without using more than
one  continue.  Of course this is easier said than done, thus  this  FAQ  to
help people who've been having alot of trouble.
The only basic advice for beating Galaga is PRACTICE PRACTICE.  You need  to
know  the  patterns, and be ready to shoot the fighters where  they  appear.
The BEST way I know, is to practice with the "dual-ships code," which gives
you  double  fighters  from  the beginning.  Now this  disables  the  "Devil
Kazuya"  option, so beating Galaga with the code is only good for  practice.
(The code is: hold UP, L1, X, and Triangle on Controller #2 at startup)  You
can "earn" double ships by beating level 1 under something like 18.3 or 18.5
seconds.   You can also "continue" by pressing select at the end of a stage.
Basic Strategy:
Use  double-ships, and the "turbo-fire" button (the triangle button).   Each
wave of enemies are basically similar in "attack formation."

z    Wave 1 : Fighters coming from directly above, generally straight down.
z    Wave 2 : Fighters and Galagas (which need two shots to kill) from the
left-hand side.
z    Wave 3 : Fighters from the right-hand side.
z    Wave 4 : Fighters from above, same as Wave 1.
z    Wave 5 : Fighters from above, but "mirroring" Wave 1/4.

This is a general overview, and not all stages can be beat the same way.

Here are the stages:

z    STAGE 1 : Yellow bees (easy)
z    STAGE 2 : Red Wasps (proabably the easiest)
z    STAGE 3 : Blue Dragonflies (can be tricky)
z    STAGE 4 : Scorpions (loopy, pretty easy)
z    STAGE 5 : Red things (loopy, pretty easy too.)
z    STAGE 6 : Green ships (easy)
z    STAGE 7 : Galaxians (easiest when you know how)
z    STAGE 8 : Blue ships (can be tricky)

  Each of these strategies is for dual-ships, except where noted.

STAGE 1 : Yellow Bees
Anyone who's played Galaga in the arcade has probably gotten to, or at least
seen this stage before.

z    Wave 1 - Line up off-center to the right (just a tad).  Fighters come
  down from just off to the right, from above, to the center, then loop around
  and off-screen.  Get them as quickly as possible.

z    Wave 2 - Bees and Galagas this time, from the left, just above your
  "plane-of-existance."  Move to the left, and be ready for them.  With turbo
  on, they should be no problem.  If you miss any, don't panic, but quickly
  move to the spot for wave 1, because they loop around and come down there
  before going off-screen.

z    Wave 3 - Bees from the right, opposite Wave 2.  Same strategy, just
  flipped horizontally.

z    Wave 4 - Same as Wave 1.

z    Wave 5 - Same as Wave 4, just flipped horizontally.

You  need to be able to beat stage 1 without the Dual-Ship code if you  want
to  utilize Devil Kazuya.  It's tough, but it can be done.  You need  to  be
able  to do it under 18.5 seconds, so you may need to start shooting  before
the bees get on screen: learn the timings, they're critical!

z    Wave 1 - Same as dual-ship strategy, but again, start shooting before
  they come on screen to win under 18.5 seconds.

z    Wave 2 - This is the hard one.  Line up about a ship's-width-and-a-half
  from the left, and turbo-fire, beginning with the 1st ship of the wave.  If
  you get them right, you should be left with only purple motherships, which
  you can get  when they loop around.  This is the wave that'll drive you

z    Wave 3 - Same as dual-ship, but watch-out.  You need to get them as
  soon as they come on screen, or you won't get it under the time limit.

z    Wave 4 - Same as #1.

z    Wave 5 - You know.  This is the tough part of getting to Devil Kazuya,
  but if you don't get it, don't push reset.  Just play the stage again.
  You'll get it with ease if you practice.

STAGE 2 - Red wasps

z    Wave 1 - These come down from above, off a-little to the left, stop in
  the center, spin around 180-degrees, and go back the way they came.  Line up
  and fire away, and you should have no problem.

z    Wave 2 - Galagas from the left, wasps from the right.  They travel
  straight across right in front of you, loop around the screen, and come
  again for another pass.  Line up a 1/4 of the way from the left side of the
  screen, and get the Galagas first, and then the wasps when they reach you.
  You can move right while firing to get some extra shots at them.  If you
  miss any, don't fret.  You can try to get them again at the top of the
  screen, and again when they come around to the bottom.

z    Wave 3 - Same as Wave 2, but with wasps in the place of Galagas.

z    Wave 4&5 Same as Wave 1.

STAGE 3 - Blue flies

z    Wave 1 - They'll come down much like the wasps in Stage 2, and these
  flies also go up the way they came, but in a more "evasive formation."  They
  sometimes outrun your missles.  Just start firing before, or just as they
  come on screen, and you should have no more than 1 or 2 stragglers that you
  can blast away.

z    Wave 2 - At first, they appear much like Stage 2 Wasps & Galagas, but
  they'll spin around at about the 1/4 and 3/4 marks, and loop from there.
  Line up at the 1/4 mark, and get the Galagas as they spin.  The remainder
  will loop around the screen and come straight down from the top in a
  straight line.  Blast the flies then.

z    Wave 3 - Same as 2.

z    Wave 4&5 Don't miss!

STAGE 4 - Scorpions

z    Wave 1 - These loop around each other, in a criss-cross pattern coming
  down from above, alittle off to the left, get to the bottom, and loop back
  up the same way.  The best place to line up is dead center.  They spend half
  their time on that side of their loop, rather than about 1/5 in the center
  of their loop.  Blast away.

z    Wave 2 - Galagas and scorpions from the left, looping about three times
  and then going off screen to the top-left.  Get  some good shots in at the
  left side, and then plug away as they loop.  They should spend enough time
  on-screen for you to get them all without problem.

z    Wave 3 - Same as 2, try to get them all as they appear.

z    Wave 4&5 Just sit in the center and fire away.

STAGE 5 - Red things.

z    Wave 1 - They appear at the top, loop around the screen counter-
  clockwise, and go off screen.  Line up along the left side and get them as
  they fly down.

z    Wave 2 - Similar to Stage 4-Wave 2, but they loop in bigger circles and
  less amount of times.

z    Wave 3 - Same as 2.

z    Wave 4&5 Should be no problem.

STAGE 6 - Green ships.

z    Wave 1 - These emerge from the top (a bit to the left), come straight
  down, go right, go down, go right, and then down and off-screen.  Line up at
  the "coming down" points.  The easiest place to get them is right before
  they go off screen, along the right side.

z    Wave 2 - These won't stick around very long, so get them as quickly as
  you can.

z    Wave 3 - Same as 2.

z    Wave 4&5 Boy, these green things are dumb.

STAGE 7 - Galaxians

z    Wave 1 - Don't be intimidated: this is the easiest stage, especially
  with dual-ships.  Go to the right edge.  The ships will emerge from the top,
  move straight across to the left, move diagonally to where you'll be
  waiting, before they try to move left off-screen.  If you line up anywhere
  near the right edge, you'll get them all no-problemo (remember to use turbo-

z    Wave 2 - DON'T MOVE!  Stay about a 1/2 ship's width from the right
  edge.  The Galaxians and Galagas will loop around quickly, but come straight
  down where you'll be waiting.  Turbo-fire them into oblivion.

z    Wave 3 - As soon as wave 2 is done, move to the left edge, and do the
  same thing.

z    Wave 4 - Same as Wave 1, but DON'T MOVE!  These'll come to the left
  side, so stay where you are.

z    Wave 5 - Move to the right side, and get 'em.

STAGE 8 - Blue Ships

z    Wave 1 - You'll be tempted to line up in the center, but you'll be
  better off lining a ships-width to the left or right.  These blue ships will
  come down 2-by-2, loop around to the outside, cross at the center, and loop
  around to the outside and then off screen.  Line up to one side, as if you
  only care about getting the ones on that side.  Get the 1st 4 ships, and
  WAIT until the 2nd 4 cross over to where you'll be waiting to blast them

z    Wave 2 - This is the hardest wave in the game.  They only loop once
  before going off screen, so it's important that you get them as soon as
  possible.  When they've looped, any ships you've missed so far are more-or-
  less home free.

z    Wave 3 - Same as 2.  Get 'em... QUICK!

z    Wave 4&5 Same as 1.

Hopefully by then, you'll have done it without using more than one continue.
REMEMBER!   YOU  CAN USE ONE CONTINUE.  I can't tell you how  many  times  I
forgot that I can use one continue, and pushed reset before remembering.
It  will say "Congratulations," and pressing start on Kazuya should give you
Devil Kazuya.  Have fun, and Happy Tekkening!
P.S.  There  could be mistakes here.  Please let me know of any mistakes  or
suggestions.   I don't think that there need to be any more versions  unless
there are alot of mistakes.
Written by $k@$ght, by request from members of Video Games Forum  of  the
CompuServe  Information Service.  Any portion of this document used  without
permission is fine by me.  I  just hope this wasn't a TOTAL waste of time!

 Atari Jaguar/Computer Section
Dana Jacobson, Editor

>From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!

     It's not difficult to believe that winter has arrived here in the
northeast.  The past couple of weeks have been typically New England-ish
with a number of snowstorms already under our belts.  We've had more snow
this month than all of last year's winter!  I'm really starting to get sick
of it already.  Bring back childhood when lots of snow meant a lot of great
winter fun, and school cancellations!
     With the recent spate of winter "fun", I've spent more time dealing
with the snow rather than checking out the latest Atari CDs that have been
received.  With the holidays almost here, things will slow down and
providing more time to really dive into these CDs and report back.
     On a good note, while speaking with our illustrious "People Are
Talking" columnist and all around nice guy, Joe Mirando during one of our
typical "let's compare notes" phone discussions, I learned that we may be
seeing an Atari CIM like navigator for CompuServe use.  It's still very
early and only in the "discussion" stage right now, but Missionware
Software's John Trautschold happened to mention it to Joe earlier this week.
Missionware, best known for the Flash II telecommunications software, would
be an ideal candidate for such a project.  Hopefully, this project will take
off and Atari users will be able to take advantage of the new graphics
environment that CompuServe will be moving to in the months ahead.  Also,
and if successful, perhaps Delphi Atari users can benefit from a similar
project [hint]!
     Christmas is rapidly approaching.  We, at STReport International Online
Magazine, would like to extend our warmest holiday greetings.  Please
remember to not drink and drive; we want to see you around for years to

               Until next time...

C-LAB Falcon! STR NewsFile!
                        C-LAB Falcon MK-X ANNOUNCED!!

C-Lab  of Germany announced the new Falcon MK-X at the ProTOS show  held  in
Bonn  on  November 25 & 26. The Falcon MK-X is the same basic Falcon MK-I/II
to which we have become accustomed, but in a new, sleek and expandable case.
Based  on  the  successful FALCON MK-I specification and complete  with  the
audio quality improvements which distinguish C-LAB's machines from the Atari
original,  C-LAB's  latest machine is supplied in a new  attractive  desktop
housing  which gives plenty of room for various important internal expansion
options.  The  MK X (signifying expandability) is controlled using  a  PC-AT
style keyboard and Atari- compatible mouse.
The  MK X features the same basic connectivity as a standard FALCON with the
exception of the stereo mini-jacks for audio in and out which have each been
replaced  by  two  standard  size mono jack sockets.  This  gives  a  better
connection  for  the  professional musician, as well as  compatibility  with
standard  audio patch cables. The price for the MK-X machines  has  not  yet
been  announced, but it will be only a bit higher than comparable MK-I/MK-II
machines. Falcon MK-X machines will begin shipping sometime in January 1996.

The  MK  X can be purchased with an optional internal SCSI bus (like the  MK
II)  which  can  accommodate  various 3.5"  hard  drives  (up  to  4GB),  or
alternatively a SyQuest removable drive. Different aluminum blanking  plates
can be fitted to the front panel depending on the chosen media.

Along  with  the  existing RAM and hard disk options, an  optional  internal
digital  (DAT  SPDIF)  interface is available.  Pricing  has  not  yet  been
announced. All Falcons (Atari, MK-I/II/X) are compatible with external SPDIF
interfaces from SoundPool and BlowUp.

C-LAB  Falcon  MK-I/II  owners  can upgrade  their  computer  to  the  MK  X
configuration for just the cost of the new case. This is handled directly by
Toad  Computers.  This recasing might be a good time to add  other  hardware
upgrades  like  RAM,  hard  disks,  or digital  interface  as  well.   Atari
FALCON030 owners can also take advantage of this upgrade, depending  on  the
exact model of their motherboard. The C-LAB audio modifications would  be  a
necessary  part  of  this  upgrade. Prices for this  upgrade  will  be  made
available soon.

Pictures of the new case are available on our web site at, the new Official C-Lab Falcon Home Page. We
have also uploaded these pictures to Genie (TOADMKX.ZIP). The new case
design is sleek and supports many of the expansions Falcon owners want most
-- including the new BlowUP FX Board!! Keep reading!!

The Falcon MK II -- the top of the line in the C-Lab series -- started out
at $2495 for a machine with these features. Now, thanks to the success of
the product and economies of scale, you can take advantage of this HOT NEW
PRICE -- for a limited time!

Falcon MK II, 4MB RAM, 530MB SCSI Internal 2.5" HD........$1299.00

Current Note Lives! STR Focus


From: Current Notes Magazine

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shortly, following hot on the heels of our big Nov/Dec issue! Look  for  the
Nov/Dec  issue in your mailbox (if you're a subscriber), or on your favorite
Atari  Dealer's newsstand. If there's a dealer in your area who  can't  find
the NEW CURRENT NOTES, let 'em know we can be reached anytime at:
                           Current Notes Magazine
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GEnie : R.Boardman    Phone: 416-752-2744  416-261-5997

The  Jan/Feb issue will be PACKED with the very latest Reviews, News, Dealer
Specials, and Technical Support. Look for these Features too:

.........NeoDesk 4, CalAppt, Keyboard Gizmo, and Formatter Reviews!
.........The cutting edge of Desktop Publishing from DMC/MGI Calamus!
.........Getting the most for your TOS/GEM/Atari buck!
.........The State-of-the-Art in Telecommunications!
.........Using TOS, GEM, Geneva, NeoDesk, MagiC, and Ease for Business and
.........The latest news from the UFO scene! Errol Bruce-Knapp explores and
asks a lot of tough questions!
.........The best in-depth series you'll find on setting up a Home Office!

Current Notes Magazine is in its 15th great year! It is published bi-monthly
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On  June  1st  1996 some lucky new Current Notes subscriber's name  will  be
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The  Super Prize consists of the following: Outline Art 3, Calamus  SL,  the
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Graph,  K-Spread  4 Lite, 1 year Membership in the Toronto Atari  Federation
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CyberSculpt, and the Skyline CD (100's of megabytes of Shareware,  Freeware,
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It's  truly a great lineup of software and hardware - a $700 value! All  you
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                          RELEASE ANNOUNCE : CLAv3

ANNOUNCING.....the availability of CLA Digital Developer Version 3.
A complete re-write of the CLA digital electronic design and simulation
system, providing improvements to every aspect of the design process,
wrapped up in a GUI to die for....

Here's a few features:
z    Fully GEM'ed, MultiTOS compatible, colour icons, windowed dialogs,
  multiple design views.
z    Hierarchical design (block structuring) - CA always had it, now it has
a new Hierarchy Navigator as well.
z    New Simulator, with scrolling Logic Analyser & Word generator windows
(multitasks simulation even under single TOS).
z    GDOS support - printing & metafiles, Speedo Compatible.
z    VHDL compiler included.
z    New FSMsynth PAL synthesis program.
z    Graphical Finite State Machine designer.
z    Context sensitive help.
z    Drag & Drop module library.
z    Encapsulation (re-partition existing designs into blocks)
z    Group operations, all new schematic editor that's loads easier to use.
z    Faster Delete & Move operations.
z    NVDI / EdDI off-screen bitmap support to speed up re-draws.
z    Falcon, TT, ST & MagicMac compatible.
z    Auto-routing of wires (only useful on a fast machine).
z    Full color schematics (CLA2 was black on white only).
there's loads more....check it out.
Where is it? /pub/atari/incoming /pub/Atari/incoming

Iomega Drives! STR NewsFile!  Iomega Ships First Jaz Drives

Iomega Corp. says it has begun shipping its 1GB removable disk Jaz drive.
The  company,  based  in  Roy, Utah, notes that limited  quantities  of  the
internal version are being provided "to key partners within the professional
audio  and video industries." Iomega adds that it expects to begin shipments
of  internal  and external Jaz drives to retailers and others in  the  first
quarter of 1996.
Recent  press  reports indicated that Iomega might be forced  to  delay  Jaz
shipments.  The  company  has  experienced serious  backorder  problems  for
several months on the parallel port version of Zip, its 100MB removable disk
                               Jaguar Section

More Games Out!  Battlesphere Update!
Jaguar Now $99!  Atari Karts!
And More...

>From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

     Well, Christmas is upon us.  The Jaguar library consists of 44 games as
of this writing and the price is currently at $99.  I can't say that this
holiday season was a success for Atari.  I haven't seen any advertising
blitz to make the public aware of the Jaguar, although I have been told that
ads have been appearing on cable television.  The best thing that Atari did
was to lower the price of the Jaguar; it can only help to sell more
machines. likely as after Christmas sales.  The games have been coming out
on a fairly regular basis, with more coming shortly. Who knows what lies for
Atari and the Jaguar for 1996...
     If you're lucky, you'll find some new (old?) Jaguar games under the
tree on Monday morning.  I know my wife usually hides a few gifts from me so
there will be a few surprises for the holidays, but I don't know if she got
me anything for the Jaguar.  I'll soon know!
     We'll keep this week's comments short this week.  It's Hanukkah and
Christmas time; everything is hectic these last few days before the holiday.
We all hope that you all have a great holiday and we'll see you back here
next week for our final issue for 1995.

               Until next time...

Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's coming

Current Available Titles

     CAT #          TITLE                         MSRP

     J9000     Cybermorph               $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9006          Evolution:Dino Dudes     $19.99    Atari Corp.
     J9005     Raiden                             $29.99    FABTEK,
Inc/Atari Corp.
     J9001     T McFur/Crescent Galaxy  $19.99    Atari Corp.
     J9010          Tempest 2000             $39.95    Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
     J9028          Wolfenstein 3D           $29.95    id/Atari Corp.
     JA100          Brutal Sports FootBall        $69.95    Telegames
     J9008          Alien vs. Predator       $69.99    Rebellion/Atari Corp.
     J9029          Doom                $69.99    id/Atari Corp.
     J9036          Dragon: Bruce Lee        $29.99    Atari Corp.
     J9003          Club Drive               $29.99    Atari Corp.
     J9007          Checkered Flag           $19.99    Atari Corp.
     J9012          Kasumi Ninja             $29.99    Atari Corp.
     J9042          Zool 2                   $19.99    Atari Corp
     J9020          Bubsy                    $19.99    Atari Corp
     J9026          Iron Soldier             $29.99    Atari Corp
     J9060          Val D'Isere Skiing       $39.99    Atari Corp.
               Cannon Fodder            $49.99    Virgin/C-West
               Syndicate           $69.99    Ocean
               Troy Aikman Football          $69.99    Williams
               Theme Park               $69.99    Ocean
               Sensible Soccer                         Telegames
               Double Dragon V          $59.99    Williams
     J9009E    Hover Strike             $39.99    Atari Corp.
     J0144E    Pinball Fantasies        $59.99    C-West
     J9052E    Super Burnout            $59.99    Atari Corp.
     J9070          White Men Can't Jump          $49.99    Atari Corp.
               Flashback           $59.99    U.S. Gold
     J9078E    VidGrid (CD)                       Atari Corp
     J9016E    Blue Lightning (CD)      $59.99    Atari Corp
     J9040          Flip-Out            $49.99    Atari Corp
     J9082          Ultra Vortek             $69.99    Atari Corp
     C3669T    Rayman              $69.99    Ubi Soft
               Power Drive Rally        $69.99         TWI
     J9101          Pitfall                  $59.99    Atari Corp.
     J9086E    Hover Strike (CD)        $59.99    Atari Corp.
     J9031E    Highlander I (CD)        $59.99    Atari Corp.
     J9061E    Ruiner Pinball           $59.99    Atari Corp.
               Dragon's Lair            $69.99    Readysoft
     J9097E    Missile Command 3D       $59.99    Atari Corp.
     J9091          Atari Karts              $59.99    Atari Corp.
               Supercross 3D            $59.99    Atari Corp.
               Fever Pitch Soccer       $59.99    Atari Corp.
               I-War                    $59.99    Atari Corp.

Available Soon

     CAT #          TITLE               MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER
     J9069          Myst (CD)           $59.99         Atari Corp.
               Mutant Penguins          $59.99         Atari Corp.
               Battlemorph              $59.99         Atari Corp.
               Breakout 2000            $49.99         Atari Corp.
               Max Force           $59.99              Atari Corp.
     J9089          NBA Jam TE               $69.99         Atari Corp.
     J9021          Brett Hull Hockey        $69.99         Atari Corp.
     J9055          Baldies                  $59.99         Atari Corp.
               Primal Rage              $59.99         Time Warner

Hardware and Peripherals

     CAT #          TITLE               MSRP      MANUFACTURER

     J8001          Jaguar (no cart)              $99.99         Atari Corp.
     J8904          Composite Cable          $19.95
     J8901          Controller/Joypad        $24.95         Atari Corp.
     J8905          S-Video Cable            $19.95
               CatBox                   $69.95              ICD J8800
               Jaguar CD-ROM            $149.99             Atari Corp.
     J8908          JagLink Interface             $29.95              Atari
     J8910          Team Tap 4-Player Adapter)    $29.95              Atari
     J8907          Jaguar ProController          $29.95              Atari
     J8911          Memory Track             $29.95              Atari Corp.
     J8909          Tempest 2000:
                    The Soundtrack           $12.99              Atari Corp.

Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

CONTACT: Beth Whyte or Jennifer Hansen
          Shandwick U.S.A.
          800/444-6663 or 310/479-4997

            Atari Corporation's Jaguar 64 Hits Mass Market Price
                  In Time for Holiday Sales, Jaguar now $99

SUNNYVALE,  CA (December 15, 1995) -- In a bold retailing move  to  increase
its  share  in the interactive home entertainment market, Atari  Corporation
announced that the Jaguar 64 system will be priced at $99.
A premier gaming platform launched nationally in 1994, the Jaguar is a power
home video game system designed to provide game enthusiasts with top-quality
entertainment products. Atari has developed an extensive software library to
support  the  Jaguar system, and is committed to aggressively expanding  its
list  of  exclusive titles throughout 1996. Four new Atari titles have  been
released  this week alone for the Jaguar 64: "Atari Karts", "I-War",  "Fever
Pitch Soccer" and "Supercross 3D". The new games will be available at retail
stores before Christmas.
As  Ted  Hoff,  Atari's  President of North American  Operations  explained,
"Atari is proud of the depth and breadth of current Jaguar platform software
titles, and we're committed to enhancing this already impressive collection.
Offering  the  Jaguar  64  at  $99 will allow us  to  reach  more  consumers
nationwide with top-quality games."
Hoff  indicated the Jaguar 64 systems will be offered at their new price  in
retail  outlets  across the country effective Saturday,  December  16.  That
means  there's  still time for Christmas shoppers to benefit  from  the  $99
price tag.
With  its aggressive new pricing, Atari Corporation is offering consumers  a
high-end  home  video  game  system  at a  mass  market  price.  The  action
reinforces  Atari's  commitment to the Jaguar gaming platform,  as  well  as
providing consumers with superior and affordable interactive products.
For  more  than twenty years, Atari Corporation has provided consumers  with
high  quality value-priced entertainment.  Atari Corporation markets Jaguar,
the  only American-made, advanced 64-bit entertainment system and is located
in Sunnyvale, California.

 Atari and Jaguar are registered trademarks of Atari Corporation. All rights

CONTACT:  Tracy Egan Public Relations Manager of Time Warner Interactive 408-

                          TIME WARNER INTERACTIVE'S
                                'PRIMAL RAGE'
                                DOMINATES ...
MILPITAS, Calif., Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- "Primal Rage(TM)," the hit  video-
game  featuring  seven  pre-historic  creatures  in  a  battle  for  earthly
supremacy,  now  sets out to conquer the Sony PlayStation(TM).  Time  Warner
(TWi)  today  announced  that the new PlayStation version  is  available  at
retail  locations  around  the world.  Video-gamers  can  expect  an  earth-
shaking,  head-to-head  battle with arcade-perfect graphics  and  game-play.
"Primal  Rage"  on the PlayStation promises to be one of the  most  exciting
versions  yet,  retaining  all the characters,  moves,  and  impact  of  the
original  arcade game while offering home features such as three-dimensional
cinematics  and  new "Endurance" and "Tug-O'-War" game play modes.   "Primal
Rage"  is now available at retail stores nationwide for the Sony PlayStation
at  an estimated street price of $59.95, and will be shipping on December 21
for the Atari(R) Jaguar(TM) CD.
"Primal  Rage"  was  a  number one hit at the  arcades  last  year  and  TWi
developed  a  two-tiered launch to bring the title to  home  video-game  and
computer systems in the second half of 1995.  August 25 marked the launch of
the 16-bit, hand-held, and PC CD-ROM versions which zoomed to the number one
and  top-ten  positions on various U.S. retail charts, and achieved  the   1
best-seller  position in Europe's Gallup poll in September.  Media  coverage
has  been  plentiful  including  all major  video-game  publications,  major
dailies such as USA Today, consumer magazines such as TIME, televised video-
game shows, and even elicited a comment from President Clinton acknowledging
the popularity of the product among children in his address to California in
The  "Primal  Rage"  line  is being supported with  an  $8  million  A-level
marketing  and sales program.  Media buys include two flights of TV  ads  on
network,  syndication,  and  cable  channels;  top  15  metro  market  radio
promotions and contests; four-color half-page spread, and full-page print ad
campaigns  breaking  in all major video and personal computer  publications;
and  consumer  promotions such as in-pack discount coupons, player  strategy
guides, demo discs, and trading cards.
Time  Warner  Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time  Warner  Inc.
(NYSE:  TWX),  and is the oldest and largest software development  operation
within  the  Time  Warner  family.   All product  names  are  trademarks  or
registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Jaguar Online STR InfoFile        Online Users Growl & Purr!


Update 1995 4Play, all rights reserved

     Work progresses on that long awaited 64-bitty title from the 4Play
Team, known as BattleSphere(tm). You will be happy to hear that work is
progressing on the long overdue weapons indicators on the HUD.  Bandwidth
problems forced the re-re-writing of the 4Play sound engine, to ease DSP
accesses and allow the network code to have more time on the bus.  Folks at
the recent Toadfest were treated to an incredible demo of what happens when
you don't give sufficient DSP bandwidth and then burn the uncorrected
version into demo ROMS. :-)
     Work is also progressing on the ship-selector/ship customization
screen. This is where you get to pick your ship and then upgrade it's
systems after battles. The graphics are done, and a good part of the code is
written. So far, it looks nice and 64-bitty, with cool background artwork.
Also, recent work has eliminated an incompatibility problem discovered with
Jaguars containing the Motorola Chipset. It's amazing what testers turn up.
The game is pretty bulletproof.
     Key routines have been optimized, and bandwidth has been re-allocated.
Our memory layout has been 'tweaked' as well. The result is a 5% gain in
framerate overall. This is pretty smooth. Yes, you _can_ get it to slow down
by playing wiseguy in network mode and bunching 8 ships together filling
100% of the viewing area... no system can possibly draw that many pixels at
any better speed... Steph continues to crank out more tuneage.  Scott,
Steph, and Doug are meeting over the holidays for a massive code-o-graphic-o-
music-o-rama and hope to have more good news soon... modem code will be a
priority (local phone calls RULE!)
     Until next time!!!

                                 Atari Karts
Sb: Atari Karts Opinion
Fm: Larry Tipton 74127,601
To: All
Game Title: Atari Karts
Publisher:  Atari Corporation
Developer:  Miracle Designs
Format: Cartridge
System:    Atari Jaguar 64
# Players:  One and Two Player Options

Review By:  Larry Tipton
Atari  Karts, a new racing game from the folks at Atari is, in a word, WILD!
The  game  features  a  weird cast of kart drivers, a  crow,  skeleton,  sea
creature,  bear,  space alien, and several others forms of "life."  Make  no
mistake  about it, this is a REAL arcade racing game.  Each kart  racer  has
its own special strength and weakness -- What this really means is that each
kart has different handling characteristics.
There  are a total of 10 worlds, each world having several different tracks.
There  are dirt, asphalt, sand, cobblestone, snow and other types of tracks.
One  really cool feature of this game is the ability to play the tracks flat
or with slight hills.  The hill option makes a great game even better.  Some
of  the tracks are fast, others require precision control do to the constant
twists and turns.
Atari  Karts  includes four levels of play.  Beginner, Warrior, Miracle  and
Jaguar  Aces.   Initially, Beginner is the only level you have  access  too.
Each level has 3 circuits. A circuit is composed of 6 tracks. In order to
advance to the next level you must place first overall in each of the  three
circuits in that level.  The names of the circuits are Borregas, Carlton and
Tempest.  You can race them in any order.  Once you have successfully placed
first  in  each of the circuits you get to race on a track from an  all  new
world called the Miracle Race.  This new world will be featured in the  next
level.   This  is  equivalent to and end boss.  You  race  against  one  CPU
controlled  player.  If you beat the end boss character, that  character  is
added to the available kart personalities
at your disposal.

There are 4 boss characters:
Haratari - Beginner Level
Pum King - Warrior Level
Fire Bug - Miracle Level Miracle Man - Jaguar Aces Level
Each have progressively better racing specifications.
In order to advance you must earn race points.  Only the top four seeds earn
points.  If you place less than 4th, you must race again.  You also  lose  a
car.  You  begin  with 3.  This game is a great one player  game.   The  two
player option makes this a must buy.  Go head to head against a friend.  But
its  not just the two of you.  You have to compete against the rest  of  the
Atari Kart racers. The framerate is lightning fast in two player mode too!
Atari  Karts  graphics  are outstanding.  There are at  least  3  levels  of
background  scrolling.  The frame rate is FAST.  The  tracks  are  detailed.
Dirt looks like dirt, asphalt looks like asphalt. The Karts scale in and out
nicely, they are also animated quite well.  The music is very good.  It fits
nicely with the game. The sound effects are also good. Its too bad that  you
cant hear the engine sounds of the CPU controlled cars.
The  game control is outstanding.  I highly recommend the Pro-Controller for
this  game.  The left/right buttons are used to make sharp turns.  I  played
the  game  with  the  regular controller too.  It too  is  very  responsive.
What's  an  arcade style race game these days without bonuses  and  hazards?
Well, Atari Karts has em!
Bonuses include:
Rabbit - Long speed burst
Speed Arrow - Slingshot burst of speed
Wheel - No friction
Steer - No skids
Heart - Extra car
Ramp - Jump over terrain that may slow you down
Turtle - Slow down
Red Arrows - Reverses you pad controls (I hate this one!)
Green - Reverses your opponents controls (two player only)

There  are  other  hazards  like trees, snowmen, snowmobiles,  barrels,  oil
slicks,  water,  craters, ice, moguls, gongs, life guard towers,  and  other
obstacles scattered across the tracks.
The  game starts off pretty easy, especially for a video racing game veteran
like  me.  <g>  The Warrior level is a bit more challenging.  I'm  currently
playing  the  Miracle  level.  This one is a lot  tougher.   The   CPU  Kart
drivers  are  more aggressive.  There are also more obstacles. The  autosave
feature  built  into  the game is a nice touch. There are  no  passwords  to

OK, Game Rating on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest obtainable

                    Game Graphics            9
                    Control                  9
                    Sound F/X           8
                    Music                    8
                    Fun Factor               10
                    Replay Value             9
                    Overall Score            9

Thats all for now,
Larry Tipton

ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

On CompuServe

compiled by
Joe Mirando

     Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Another week has come and gone and
Christmas is upon us.  Time to trim the tree... shop for gifts, shovel the
walk, shop for gifts, put up the wreath, shop for gifts, watch "How the
Grinch Stole Christmas, shop of gifts... well, you get the idea.
     I remember how it was back in "the good old days" when there were lots
of us with Ataris.  Friends of mine used to pick up programs for me for
Christmas... it was easy back then.  Almost every computer store had a
decent selection of Atari stuff.  I could pick things up for them as well
and not have to worry about mail-order, shipping charges, disk format, or
memory requirements.
     But alas, those days are gone and now we even have to fight to remain
here on CompuServe.  As you may know, CompuServe will be going to a
specialized format which is not available for ST computers.  This means that
the areas of CompuServe that will use only this new format, known as HMI
(Host/Micro Interface), will be unavailable to those of us who use our Atari
STs to get online.  And as time goes on, more and more of CompuServe will be
unavailable to those of us who are, as the politically correct would say,
     But it looks as if there just might be a light at the end of the
tunnel.  It has been said (although not confirmed by CIS) that the policy of
not releasing the source code for HMI is being relaxed.  What this means is
that it _may_ be possible to get a version for the ST.  As a matter of fact,
there are one or two developers already checking on the possibility.  I'll
keep you posted as the saga unfolds.
     Meanwhile, let's get on with the good part of this column (no, not the
end, smartguy), all the news, hints tips, and info available every week
right here on CompuServe.

>From the Atari Computing Forum

On the key-note subject of HMI and CIM, Henry Hahlbolm posts:
"I  have not tried to obtain the information on the HMI requirements myself.
But,  I have seen messages on several forums that the information is readily
available.   Several  commercial  programs have  announced  that  they  will
support  the  HMI  standard.  TAPCIS and GOLDEN COMPASS got the  information
from CIS so why can't you."
I replied to Henry:
"Because  CIS will not release the source code, only the compiled version...
and  the compiled version is only available for DOS, Windows, and MAC. There
is  no "Atari source" for HMI and there aren't enough of us here on CIS  (or
in  the  world, I'd wager) to to make it worth what CIS would have to expend
in  terms  of  money or time to compile one and support it with the  initial
release, upgrades, and customer support.
There is also a concern that the "lowly" ST wouldn't be able to keep up with
the demands that HMI would place on the user's computer.  CIS now feels that
256  colors  and  something  like 600 X 800 res is  what  is  necessary  for
accessing an online service.  While I agree that the eye candy is is a  nice
addition, I'd hardly call it necessary.
I  for one would be perfectly happy with a program that used the ST's system
patterns instead of the multitude of colors that don't add to the "value" of
the messages I read, the mail I get, or the files I download.
The Sysops here are the best I've ever encountered, as are the folks who use
the  service.   CIS has been my online home for so long that  I  don't  even
remember  what  year  I  signed up.  I'll be very sad  to  loose  access  to
CompuServe when the last of the forums stops supporting ASCII, although  Ron
has  said that he'll keep ASCII as long as they let him, if the only service
we  can  access  on  CIS is the Atari forum, most of us will  go  elsewhere,
hastening  the forum's demise.  There is still a chance (about the  same  as
that  proverbial snowball) that something can be done for we "orphans",  but
I'm not holding my breath.
I'd  recommend  (as  I  have in the past) that you  write  to  Feedback  (GO
FEEDBACK).  There is power, as well as safety, in numbers and the more folks
write, the more aware CIS will be aware of us... even if we comprise such  a
small  percentage of the membership.  Gee, I didn't expect to  be  so  long-
winded  (although I should have learned by now).  But in a  nutshell,  we're
not  a  big  enough faction for CIS to worry about while they're  trying  to
accommodate the majority."
Dennis  Bishop  asks  about CompuServe's announcement about  dropping  ASCII
"I  just read a notice that CIS is going to a Graphics interface format, and
that  ASCII users will no longer have access. Does anyone have any ideas  on
if there will be a graphics term set up for use with CIS for me to use on my
Atari Mega ST4?"
Head Sysop Ron Luks tells Dennis:
"Yes, its true that CompuServe is moving to a new software standard as  they
upgrade their system.  The change wont happen overnight but all new software
will  be written only for the new HMI (host micro interface) protocol.   CIS
has  support for DOS, Windows 3x, Windows95, Macintosh, and OS/2,  but  they
are not developing software for the Atari.
We  will  keep  running  the  Atari Computing Forum  under  the  old  system
software for as long as possible (perhaps years) in order to accommodate the
existing Atari userbase."
Dennis replies:
"In  their  notice  it said ALL areas, so I think unless ALL  of  the  Atari
people go scream at them, our days here will be numbered and I will not join
GEnie  again, and none of the others have local node numbers here in Hawaii.
Can you say ...  CIS-AOL?"
Stefan Daystrom tells Dennis:
"I'm  not sure which notice you saw, but if you GO NEWFORUM you will  see  a
notice  where they make explicit mention of the exception for forums used  a
lot by Unix, Amiga, and/or Atari users.
Of  course, it still remains a question how they'll interpret _which_ forums
need  to  stay  with the old forum software.  Yes, ATARI C is  obvious,  but
there are others that are less obvious but still needed.  For example, there
are vendors who support Atari products (in a few cases exclusively, in other
cases non-exclusively) or products usable with Ataris (like external modems)
who   are  in  scattered  non-computer-specific  vendor  forums  all  around
CompuServe.   (I  represent one of those on CIS; Binary  Sounds  in  MIDI  A
Vendor Forum.)
What  Atari users need to alert CIS about is _which_ forums (in addition  to
ATARIC) they feel should stay with the old forum software (because of use by
Atari-only users)."
Ass't Sysop, Jim Ness tells us:
"They   ask  the  forum  administrator.   No  forum  is  converted   without
permission. In some cases, an administrator will want a delay, in  others  a
permanent pass."
Michael Robillard asks Head Sysop Ron Luks:
"Seeing that we won't be able to access all of CompuServe will we receive  a
lower  rate.(ha ha).It looks like us Atari owners aren't wanted.   Shouldn't
we  just  leave?   I  thought Atari computers were  big  in  Europe  doesn't
Compuserve function in Europe also you would think with a chance  to  expand
their market to other platforms that their competition doesn't support would
be welcomed."
Since I feel strongly about this subject, I tell Mike:
"CIS' new low price takes for granted that we'll be using some form of  CIM.
CIM  cuts  down  on the amount of work that CompuServe's  host  has  to  do,
thereby working more efficiently and cost-effectively.  I'm afraid that,  by
using  ASCII,  we are getting more processing time than those  who  use  HMI
programs, even though we don't benefit by it.
I  don't really think that it's a case of not being wanted here... simply  a
case  of  economics.   If  CIS has to dump ASCII  (and  almost  10%  of  its
userbase)  to be able to compete with that young upstart AOL, it's something
that  they've  got to at least consider.  With the fact that a  majority  of
"orphan" users also have "acceptable" computers to use, they must hope  that
a  large percentage of us will simply switch to that Windows/DOS/OS2/System7
thing and use CIM.  I for one don't own any of those machines, so I've  been
screaming bloody murder at feedback.
What  I'd  like  to see CIS do is to charge not for connect  time,  but  for
processor time.  That would remove the HMI vs ASCII price argument, although
it  would  still  leave  the fact that many of the new  features  cannot  be
implemented in ASCII (for whatever reason), only in HMI.
And yes, the ST is more popular in Europe than it is here in the states, but
it's still a minor portion of the userbase.
And  NO, we shouldn't leave!  If most (or even many) of us leave, that  will
only  hasten  the forum's demise.  CIS might only allow Ron and  company  to
keep  ASCII  accessibility as long as there is a certain level  of  activity
Sysop Ron Luks tells Mike:
"Atari  computers  are not 'big' in Europe or anywhere.  Atari  discontinued
their  entire  computer line and attempts to have 3rd party  companies  make
Atari-clones appear to have fizzled.
Can you blame an information service for not investing hundreds of thousands
of  dollars in supporting a computer when the company that made the computer
has officially abandoned it?"
It  might  just  be me, but I feel that there is too much  emphasis  put  on
supporting computers, and too little on supporting users.
At any rate, Benjamin Eby asks Ron:
"Since  when have the C-Lab Falcons Fizzled? (and they are not clones,  they
are  a fully licensed compatible)  C-Lab just announced another model,  too.
That  doesn't sound like a fizzle to me.  It sounds to me that you are  just
angry  at  Atari for some reason.  C-Lab makes the computer now, not  Atari.
As  far  as  the  computer goes, just forget Atari,  okay?   We  don't  need
negativism right now.  We need to all pull together."
Ron tells Benjamin:
"Since  when  have  the  C-Lab Falcons fizzled?   Well,  perhaps  you  could
consider them a success in a niche market, but what type of sales numbers do
you think they can report?  50,000 units?  20,000 units?  even 10,000 units?
I'm  not a mainstream musician by any means, but the ones I've talked to  (I
also  now  manage the Rolling Stone Forum) don't seem to put a lot of  faith
behind the Atari-based SW or HW marketplace, regardless of who is making the
And by the way, I'm one of the few people who is NOT angry at Atari Corp, in
any way, for any reason.  I like Atari and most of the folks that work there
and  I  still  use an Atari computer for some limited tasks.  In  fact,  I'm
typing this message on one right now.
However,  I'm  also  a realist and don't see any future  for  this  platform
except as a hobbyist collectors item.  Its not mainstream computing or  even
substantial off-mainstream computing."
Benjamin looks around CIS, comes back and posts:
"Hey  Guys!  I was just over in the Amiga forum, and a developer is  already
gearing  up  to design a new program for Compuserve using the HMI  protocols
that CompuServe has given him.  Now I say that it is time for us to get  off
our  backsides and do something about this situation.  I will  commit  right
now  to  saying that I will gladly pay $30.00 dollars for a similar  program
for the Atari.  Will SOME developer take this on?  If I knew how to do it, I
would,  just because I love my Atari, and want to keep using it as  much  as
possible.  Citizens of AtariLand UNITE!!!"

     Well folks, that's about it for this week.  Please have a safe and
happy holiday... you deserve it!  Tune in again next week, same time, same
station, and be ready to listen to what they are saying when...
                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING

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