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      A number of interesting incidents occurred in the last few weeks that
 have led to some exciting developments for both our readers and STReport. 
 STReport had been granted some  room  on a server site thus the WEB Pages
 and Domain Name.  Much to our chagrin, we discovered through a series of
 calls to Internic that many of the  small insignificant charges we were
 asked to cover were not real.  Or, at least not in the way they were
 explained to us.  We then found that our passwords for file access and
 email, (one was changed with any warning!),  had become  common knowledge 
 among a number of individuals associated with the site holder.  As a
 result, we decided to pull our files and acquire our own site.  After all,
 we had three quarters of the needed hardware already.  We now have our own
 lines and site.  The new site is already under construction it will be a
 six gigabyte Pentium 100 running on the latest Intel Triton system.  We
 expect to have the site up by October 01, 1995 and fully operational by
 mid October.  Maybe even sooner. <g>

      We will be offering personal web pages, commercial web pages,
 industry listings and cooperative linking.  Additionally, we will offer
 domain name mail boxes for use with telnet and FTP sites both anonymous
 and dedicated.

      On another related, but serious front, the nation s ISP s (Internet
 Service Providers) had better  smell the coffee  and wake up!  The
 gouging, misinformation and most of all, the abysmally poor service, both
 on and off line, is about to catch up with them.  It seems a large number
 of complaints have been lodged with the FCC and the DOJ about certain
 glaring  irregularities .  This reporter inquire of IRS about the various
 operators themselves in light of the recent Clearwater ISP Bankruptcy. 
 The  Taxman  was very interested.  Its apparent to this reporter the
 complaints are being investigated and followed up on.  One Investigator
 quipped;  It appears the  Super Highway  has a large number of  operators 
 who believe in the PT Barnum premise.   Well, they re in for the  rude

      Apparently, the investigation is starting at the very top with phone
 companies in various locations being randomly picked for scrutinization. 
 The big question there is why the huge difference in charges from one
 locale to another??  This for everything from a T-3 on down to a single
 line ISDN hookup.  This reporter was appalled at the rates the local ISP s
 quoted for their various  premium services  that really didn t amount to
 more than a haphazard 14.4 connect that was shaky at best.  Folks in NE
 Florida are well acquainted the complaints we've received have been

      Beginning next week, we shall detail our findings in the NE Florida
 and SE Georgia area.
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                    Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                    ------------------------   ----------
                   Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                  Issue #38
                        Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                 -/- Net Wags Dream Up New 'Viruses' -/-

      The latest let's-pretend pastime on the Net has been dreaming up
 new kinds of computer viruses. The Washington Post this morning sampled
 a few of them. For instance:
      -:- Oprah Winfrey virus: "Your 200 megabyte hard drive suddenly
 shrinks to 80 megabytes, and then slowly expands back to 200."
      -:- Politically correct virus: "Never identifies itself as a
 'virus.' Prefers 'electronic micro-organism.'"
      -:- Adam and Eve virus: "Takes a couple of bytes out of your
      -:- Ted Turner virus: "Colorizes your monochrome monitor."
      -:- Government economist virus: "Nothing works, but all your
 diagnostic software says everything is fine."
      -:- Federal bureaucrat virus: "Divides your hard disk into
 hundreds of little units, each of which does practically nothing, but
 all of which claim to be the most important part of your computer."

                 -/- Sides Agree on New CD Standard -/-

      In Tokyo, two competing industry alliances have put aside their
 differences and agreed to standardize on a single high-capacity CD
      The next generation disc will be able to store feature-length
 movies, music and computer data. The standard calls for a maximum
 capacity of 4.7GB, compared to the approximately 600MB capacity offered
 by current generation CD-ROMs.
      The pact brings together Sony and Philips, which supported the
 MMCD format, and Toshiba, Time-Warner and several other companies,
 which backed the competing SD standard.
      The as-yet unnamed new format, an extension of current CD
 technology, integrates all of the technical requirements set forth by
 both the computer industry's Technical Working Group and the Motion
 Picture Advisory Committee. It offers forward and backward
 compatibility with current industry CD and CD-ROM standards.
      "This new high density CD format will address all consumer and
 industry needs for a single music, game, motion picture and multimedia
 platform." says Michael P. Schulhof, president and CEO of Sony
 Corporation of America.
      The alliance allows the industry to sidestep a repeat of the VHS
 versus Betamax format war, which confused and frustrated many VCR

                 -/- Netscape Offers Net Publishing -/-

      Hoping to get a jump on Microsoft Corp., Netscape Communications
 Corp. is set to introduce new software that gives electronic publishing
 capability to users of Internet's World Wide Web.
      Reporting from Mountain View, California, United Press
 International says the new Netscape Navigator Gold 2.0, which will
 enable users to create home pages and other multimedia offerings, will
 be available for free on the Internet at the end of October and go on
 sale in January.
      The program is an enhanced version of the company's Netscape
 Navigator 1.0 "browser" program.
      UPI notes, "The company currently has three-quarters of the
 Web-browsing market. But it could soon face competition from Microsoft,
 which plans to introduce a set of publishing tools for the Internet
 next year."
      Netscape also has announced two other programs, an enhancement of
 the current Netscape Navigator aimed at businesses and one that
 includes a relational database.

                 -/- Security Flaw Found in Netscape -/-

      Two graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley
 have found a serious security flaw in Netscape Communications Corp.'s
 Internet web browser, jeopardizing data such as credit-card numbers
 that users pass over the Net.
      The company acknowledges the flaw and said it is issuing a
 software fix, "but," reporter Jared Sandberg of The Wall Street Journal
 observes this morning, "as is often the case with Internet security, it
 may take time for users to adopt the fix, leaving them vulnerable
      Associated Press writer Nancy Mayer says students Ian Goldberg,
 22, and David Wagner, 21, determined a knowledgeable computer user
 could break Netscape's coding system in less than a minute. The
 findings were published in the "Cypherpunks" Internet group Sunday
 evening, where mathematicians and programmers routinely discuss
      Netscape Marketing Vice President Mike Homer told AP last night,
 "We regularly monitor these newsgroups and, when we saw it, we had our
 engineers work on it immediately."
      He added the company will release a repaired version of the
 software within a week that can be downloaded from its World Wide Web
 site (at Web address
      Homer said the company was not aware of any security breaches
 among the program's some 8 million users. Thousands of companies use
 Netscape software for advertising and sales. Some use the programs to
 check bank balances and for catalog shopping. "Customers give their
 credit card numbers to companies that provide online services so they
 can be billed automatically each month," Mayer notes.
      Meanwhile, Dietrich Kappe, a partner with Red Planet L.L.C., an
 Chicago Internet consulting firm, told the Journal the flaw is "a very
 big trapdoor. You can drive a truck through it. Somebody goofed" at
      The Journal reports, "Netscape uses so-called symmetric key
 cryptography to scramble sensitive data so that they are unreadable by
 hackers snooping on the network. That key is essentially a mathematical
 formula so long that it makes it impractical for hackers to crack, even
 with powerful computers."
      However, Goldberg and Wagner told readers of Cyberpunks that the
 random number that generates the mathematical key was "fairly trivial
 to guess" and that the key "usually takes less than one minute to
      Says Sandberg, "Rather than try to break the encryption 'key,' the
 two graduate students examined the so-called 'random number generator'
 and discovered that the number isn't so random, allowing them to guess
 the encryption key. It took the two students ... two days to identify
 the vulnerability and write a software program that could guess the
 encryption key in less than one minute."
      At Netscape, Jeffrey Treuhaft, security product manager, told the
 paper, "The information we were using to create the key is now a known
 set of information. We feel it's important to let our consumers know."
      As reported earlier, Netscape also sells a far stronger version of
 the program that includes 128-bit key length, but is prevented by the
 government from distributing it on the Internet. The government fears
 that such strong encryption could fall into the hands of terrorists who
 might use it to communicate without fear of being tapped by U.S.
 security agencies. "Security experts, however, noted that the same
 problem exists with the stronger software," the Journal says.

                -/- CompuServe Starts CD-ROM Database -/-

      CompuServe has launched a new database called CDROMBase Online as
 a searchable directory of more than 9,300 CD-ROMs, including
 descriptions and pricing information.
      The resource, including titles from some 1,800 publishers, details
 discs that run on Windows, Macintosh, DOS and 11 other platforms, with
 prices ranging from $4.95 to more than $50,000 per year.
      Rich Bowers, co-founder/director of the Optical Publishing
 Association, compiled CDROMBase Online. (When Bowers created the first
 directory of CD-ROM products in 1986, there were 42 titles listed.)
      Says Bowers, "CDROMBase Online is one of a kind. It's the largest
 and most complete database of CD-ROM titles available to the general
 public. Putting it online with CompuServe makes the database easily
 accessible while allowing for frequent updates. Our plan in 1996 is to
 expand coverage of CD-ROM products available outside North America."
      To reach the database, GO CDROM.

                 -/- Survey Finds Online Interest Up -/-

      A national phone survey of households with annual incomes of
 $35,000 or more found record levels of online service usage and plans
 to add online access capabilities.
      In a statement from Princeton, New Jersey, Response Analysis Corp.
 reports more than 60 percent of the households surveyed have at least
 one PC; 38 percent report having data or fax modems, 18 percent use
 online services, and 10 percent access the Internet.
      Based on consumer plans, Response Analysis says it expects a 20
 percent increase in online service users in the next 12 months.
      However, the online gender gap still is wide: Only 42 percent of
 online households identify a female user, while over 80 percent
 identify a male.
      RAC Vice President Raymond Boggs identified "three inhibiting
 factors that could dampen the enthusiasm of prospective and current
 users," including:
      -:- "Fear of Nerding." Curiosity about online services "can be
 offset by concern about the commitment required to be a successful
 user," the statement says. "Consumers desiring to be online literate
 are sometimes discouraged by the effort they think is necessary to
 negotiate the Net."
      -:- "Post-Traumatic Web Syndrome." Once people go online, they may
 find the experience less than satisfying. "Some consumers enjoy the
 challenge of independent Web-browsing," the statement comments, "but a
 growing number are more interested in the destination than the voyage.
 Online dropouts (rather than Nerd converts) are the inevitable result
 of user frustration."
      -:- "Windows 95 Overload." Regarding the addition of the online
 Microsoft Network to Microsoft's new operating system, the pollsters
 say, "Rather than just add online capabilities, consumers must consider
 whether to upgrade to the new operating system, whether to use the
 built-in MSN access, and maybe even whether to upgrade existing
 hardware. These considerations may cause potential online customers to
 delay making any decision at all."
      Boggs also commented, "We know that virtually all computers sold
 at retail over the past five years are equipped with modems, yet only
 half of PC households are aware that they even have one." He says he
 expects "modem consciousness" to increase as more households acquire
 PCs for the express purpose of going online.

                   -/- Intel Plans New Chip Sites -/-

      Intel Corp. has announced plans to build a new research and light
 manufacturing facility in DuPont, Washington, approximately 50 miles
 south of Seattle.
      The facility will be Intel's first new U.S. site since it
 announced the creation of its Folsom, California, campus in 1985.
      The company plans to begin building on the 192-acre site as soon
 as all necessary permits, contracts and agreements are approved. Phase
 One of the project will include a manufacturing facility and office
 building at an estimated cost of $50 million to $100 million. Intel
 hopes to begin operating the manufacturing facility by June 1996.
      Intel expects to have approximately 1,200 employees at the DuPont
 site by the end of 1996. Total site employment could reach 6,000 within
 five years. Approximately 70 percent of the employees will be devoted
 to research and development, with the balance dedicated to
 manufacturing computer systems for the OEM market.
      "With personal computer units projected to grow to 100 million
 units annually before the end of the decade, we need to take steps to
 assure that Intel can meet the demands of this rapidly expanding
 market," says Craig Barrett, Intel's executive vice president and chief
 operating officer.

                   -/- Fujitsu to Boost PC Outlets -/-

      Look for Japan's Fujitsu Ltd. to try to boost its PC sales by
 expanding its sales outlets from 3,500 currently to 5,000 next year.
      In Tokyo, Fujitsu officials told the French Agence France-Press
 International News Service the company also planned to boost its share
 of the domestic personal computer market from the current 10 percent to
 35 percent.
      A spokeswoman told the wire service, "Our products were mainly
 corporate-use oriented before, but now we are targeting individual
 computer users."
      AFP says Fujitsu produced 450,000 PCs in the year to March and has
 targeted output at 1.3 million units for the current year, although the
 spokeswoman says the firm actually may produce as many as 1.5 million
 units. She noted production in the three months to June came to 213,000

                   -/- New HP Printers Make Debut -/-

      Hewlett-Packard Co. today announced two new printers -- a
 high-performance personal laser printer that will sell for less than
 $500 and a mobile ink-jet printer featuring wireless printing
      The HP LaserJet 5L, which replaces the current LaserJet 4L
 printer, is expected to sell for about $479. It features a 600 by 600
 dots per inch (dpi) output resolution and HP's PrintSmart, a new
 software suite that aims to optimize printing within Windows.
      The HP DeskJet 340, which is expected to sell for less than $300,
 is the industry's first notebook printer to support wireless printing;
 it replaces the DeskJet 320 printer. The product features an infrared
 capability for wireless printing, a 30-page sheet feeder for improved
 portability and paper handling, and a higher-capacity ink cartridge.
      The DeskJet 340 prints black text at a 600 by 300 dpi resolution
 with HP's Resolution Enhancement technology. Customers who want color
 printing can purchase the HP ColorKit for approximately $39. Users snap
 in the color cartridge in exchange for the black cartridge when they
 want to print in color.

                   -/- Seagate to Buy Rival Conner -/-

      Disk driver maker Seagate Technology Inc. has agreed to buy arch
 rival Conner Peripherals Inc. in a stock swap observers say is valued
 at about $1.04 billion.
      In The Wall Street Journal this morning, writer Charles McCoy says
 the proposed transaction, subject to due diligence and regulatory
 approval, would combine two of the four largest makers of disk drives
 and other computer-memory components.
      "It would make Seagate, already the world's largest drive maker in
 terms of revenues and its most consistently profitable performer, an
 even more powerful competitor," McCoy observes, "expanding its market
 share and broadening its product line."
      He quotes analysts as saying the two companies' combined share of
 global drive shipments currently stands at about 35 percent.
      The paper describes the deal as a surprise and "full of ironies,"
 noting that Conner has been "lagging lately because of product snafus
 and other problems."
      Recent rumors have named Samsung Electronics Inc. or IBM as making
 a possible take-over bid. "Seagate wasn't considered a prospective
 buyer," the Journal says, "in part because of the bitter rivalry
 between the two companies and their leaders."
      Conner founder/chairman Finis Conner helped start Seagate, but
 left to form his own company in the late 1970s after a falling out
 with Seagate's co-founder/chairman Alan Shugart.
      "Since then, the two companies have been slugging it out in one of
 the most fiercely competitive businesses going," writes McCoy, "and
 friends of both say the rivalry at times became personal."
      Analyst Todd Bakar of Hambrecht & Quist told the paper, "Conner
 and Seagate have been archenemies for years, and to see Conner and
 Seagate getting together like this is a little bit of a shock."
      The Journal says Seagate proposes swapping 0.442 of a share of its
 stock for each of the roughly 52.2 million Conner shares outstanding.
      Analysts characterized the deal as part of a bold strategy by
 Seagate to diversify and, says the Journal, "to essentially impose
 consolidation on the disk-drive industry, which is notorious for savage
 price competition that has led to sharp swings in earnings and stock

                  -/- Suit Challenges Net Anonymity -/-

      Anonymity in cyberspace is being challenged by a Caribbean resort
 owner and a scuba instructor who claim they were defamed online. They
 are asking a judge to force America Online to reveal the name of a
 subscriber so they can sue the person for libel.
      If Arnold Bowker and John Joslin are successful in obtaining the
 name, "it could have serious implications for millions of people who
 use (online services) to think, write and debate in a world where they
 are identified by their ideas, not their names," says Associated Press
 writer Brian Bergstein.
   Daniel Weitzner, deputy director of the Center for Democracy and
 Technology in Washington, told Bergstein he and his colleagues fear a
 morass of court cases to try to hold computer users accountable for
 what they say anonymously online.
      "What this case brings up," Weitzner said, "is the specter of
 millions of libel suits every time there's a disagreement. ... I think
 it's a critical issue."
      AP says the motion filed in Chicago's Cook County Circuit Court
 charges Bowker's dive shop at the Carib Inn in Bonaire, Netherlands
 Antilles, and instructor Joslin were defamed by a message posted on an
 AOL bulletin board for scuba divers by a user identified as "Jenny
 TRR," who in June wrote that she had a bad experience while learning to
 dive at the Carib Inn with an instructor who she alleged used drugs.
      Said the note, "Since I'm a little new diving needless to say
 diving with a stoned instructor was a little scary. ... I won't mention
 his name but he's the only white instructor there."
      Lawrence Levin, the attorney for Bowker and Joslin, said a
 frequent visitor to the Carib Inn told Bowker about the allegations,
 adding that much of the inn's business depends on communication with
 customers via computer.
      Says AP, "When Bowker investigated the charges made by Jenny TRR
 and found them untrue, he posted a message on the same bulletin board
 rebutting them and asking Jenny TRR to recant, Levin said. When no
 apology came, Bowker decided to sue for damages, claiming his business
 had suffered. But first he must find out the identity of Jenny TRR."
      Levin commented, "The person who used this abused the privilege of
 being able to communicate with people worldwide. ... This has serious
 repercussions for businesses."

                 -/- Two Charged With Cracking Tower -/-

      Two California computerists have been indicted on federal charges
 they cracked the computers of Tower Video stores nationwide and
 collected information on 2,000 credit card accounts.
      Reporting from Sacramento, United Press International quotes
 federal prosecutors as saying the two -- Terry Patrick Ewing, 21, of
 Berkeley, and Michael Yu Kim, 20, of Los Angeles, indicted on
 conspiracy, fraud and willful destruction of computer information --
 collected private account information on customers from California to
      If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison and $250,000
      Authorities allege that between April and August, Ewing and Kim
 used their PCs to invade a computer network used by Tower Video stores,
 creating a file of credit card information on 2,000 Tower Video
      The indictment says the pair attempted to cover their tracks by
 deleting log files used for security. UPI notes court documents don't
 allege whether the men actually used the information.
      "While the Sacramento Tower Video store was the primary target of
 the hackers," says the wire service, "stores in Berkeley, Las Vegas,
 New Orleans and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, were also hit."
      UPI says the alleged scam was discovered by the computer company
 in July, prompting an investigation by local law enforcement, the U.S.
 Secret Service, FBI, and U.S. Attorney's Office. A raid on the men's
 Berkeley home uncovered 2,000 Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American
 Express account files, investigators said.

                    -/- Radius Slashes Workforce -/-

      Radius Inc. says it has reduced its worldwide workforce by
 approximately 20 percent.
      The Sunnyvale, California-based company says the cuts were needed
 to align costs with current market conditions.
      "We need to streamline the company and improve operational
 efficiency given the reduced margins that are characteristic of today's
 personal computer market," says Charles Berger, Radius' chairman and
      Of Radius' approximately 430 employees worldwide, approximately
 90 positions were eliminated from all areas of the company, says a
 statement issued by the company.
      Radius designs and markets Macintosh OS-based computers and
 graphics products for Macintosh and Windows systems. The Mac OS-based
 systems are built for Radius by IBM Corp.

                   -/- Apple Warns of Low Profits -/-

      Fourth-quarter profits "significantly below" analysts'
 expectations are being predicted by Apple Computer Inc., which says its
 income has been dragged down in part by a component shortage and new
 product delays.
      Analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research on average had
 predicted earnings of $1.04 a share, business writer Catalina Ortiz of
 The Associated Press reported this morning.
      "It's disappointing, certainly," analyst John Girton of Van
 Kasper & Co. in San Francisco said. Until yesterday, he had forecast
 97 cents per share profit, but he lowered that to 51 cents after
 studying the company's statement.
      "They've been growing in the 20 percent (range) and this will
 suggest their growth will certainly dip below that," Girton told AP.
      "That could hurt Apple's attempt to boost its share of the
 personal computer market," Ortiz comments. (Last year, the company's
 share of the worldwide market fell to 8.3 percent, according to
 Dataquest Inc.)
      Apple said in a brief statement that demand for its PCs remains
 strong and that production will increase compared to the fourth quarter
 of last year. However, it predicted total shipments, revenue and gross
 margins will be hurt by component availability, product delays and
 pricing pressures on its older products. The company will report
 results for its fiscal fourth quarter in mid-October.
      Ortiz observes Apple also has underestimated demand for the Power
 Macintosh, a new line intended to compete against PCs using Intel Corp.
 chips and Microsoft Corp. software.
      Said Girton, "It's fairly well known they've been behind in
 production, so it's not a great surprise. The hope has been that they'd
 rise to the challenge and increase their production in a timely
 fashion, and they haven't been able to do that, apparently."
      AP quotes Apple as also saying it has stopped shipments of its
 recently announced PowerBook 5300 portable computer because of safety
 problems with the lithium ion battery.
      "Within the past week," says the wire service, "cells within
 batteries in two PowerBooks at Apple got hot enough to cause flames and
 damage the machines.... Fewer than 1,000 of the new computers have
 shipped since their Aug. 28 introduction, and only a few hundred have
 reached consumers."
      Company spokeswoman Lisa Byrne said Apple is contacting purchasers
 and is replacing the lithium ion batteries with replacement nickel
 metal hydride ones.

                -/- AT&T Restructures GIS, Cuts Jobs -/-

      AT&T Corp. is preparing to slice as many as 10,000 jobs from its
 computer operation, charging $1.2 billion against earnings to pay for
 the move, reports The Wall Street Journal, which adds that the company
 may eventually get out of the PC business altogether.
      The job cuts, representing 20 percent of AT&T's computer
 workforce, are part of a major restructuring at AT&T's Global
 Information Solutions Inc. unit, the former NCR Corp.
      An AT&T spokeswoman had no comment on the report.
      "Now facing a multibillion-dollar showdown with the Bell
 companies, which plan to attack its long-distance market, AT&T may come
 to view GIS as an expensive distraction it can no longer afford,"
 states the Journal.
      The newspaper notes that Dayton, Ohio, where NCR was founded more
 than a century ago, will bear the brunt of the cuts. "The once-thriving
 center of the world's retail and banking system market, Dayton can no
 longer count on the successor of the mighty National Cash Register Co.
 to keep it flush with tax revenue," reports the Journal.

                 -/- Missing Youth's Mom Still Hopes -/-

      The mother of a Maryland 10-year-old whose disappearance prompted
 a two-year national FBI investigation of child pornography online hopes
 this week's dozen arrests will shed new light on what has happened to
 her son.
      "At least something good is happening out of this," Barbara
 Burdynski told Jon Jeter of The Washington Post.
      The FBI probe has not yielded any new clues into the case of
 George Stanley "Junior" Burdynski, who disappeared in May 1993 from his
 Prince George's County neighborhood while riding his bicycle. The FBI
 suspect he was lured by computer pedophiles. The boy was never found.
      Mrs. Burdynski told The Post that FBI agents say they will
 question the people they have arrested about her son and will check
 their computers for information about her son. "They specifically told
 me if it wasn't for the investigation of Junior's disappearance, they
 wouldn't be able to do this," she said. "He's a hero."
      As reported yesterday, the FBI arrested a dozen people accused of
 trading in child pornography by computer networks, and more arrests are
 expected. Federal authorities say their probe monitored America Online
 to catch suspects distributing child pornography, as well as those
 alleged to be arranging sex with children. AOL cooperated with the
 federal agents, who said the online service itself was not under
      Authorities say the disappearances of Junior Burdynski prompted
 the undercover investigation, which it dubbed "Innocent Images."
      "I wish I could get a resolution, something," Mrs. Burdynski told
 the Post. "You can't go on for the rest of your life wondering.
 Sometimes I think it's slowly driving me crazy. I have to stay busy,
 or I get very depressed." She added that the FBI investigation "is what
 keeps me going."
      Jeter says the search for Junior Burdynski led police to "a ring
 of pedophiles who preyed on boys from the Brentwood neighborhood where
 Junior lived."
      Says the paper, "Although no one has been charged with the boy's
 abduction, detectives discovered that Junior and his friends spent time
 at the Winchester, Virginia, and Hyattsville homes of James A. Kowalski,
 64. Junior was one of several children who had used Kowalski's
 computer, playing video games and sending electronic messages to
 others, according to law enforcement sources and the boy's mother."
      Sources told the paper the exchanges typically were innocuous,
 "but Kowalski also used the network to boast about his sexual exploits
 with children and to send obscene images of nude children to other
 network users, including his friend Stephen B. Leak, according to
 sources. Although neither man has been charged in Junior's
 disappearance, both subsequently were convicted of multiple charges of
 child abuse and pornography and sentenced to jail."
      Meanwhile, in The Wall Street Journal this morning, reporters
 Jared Sandberg and Glenn R. Simpson note this week's porn crackdown
 "has inflamed the debate over whether new laws are needed and has
 confronted America Online Inc. with a hazardous public-relations
      The writers observed that the raids have drawn praise from both
 sides of the current cyberporn debate, "jockeying for sound bites."
      Sen. James Exon, who has sponsored a tough proposal for trying to
 regulate online speech, said in a statement the arrests "illustrate the
 growing problem of computer pornography," renewing his call for "more
 stringent laws" to "punish those who transmit indecent material over
 computer networks where children have open access."
      Jerry Berman of the Center for Democracy and Technology, countered
 the crackdown shows new laws aren't needed at all. Said Berman, "The
 good news is something can be done about this. We hope this will frame
 the debate and convince Congress we don't need the kind of blunderbuss
 approach advocated by Sen. Exon."

                  -/- Democrats' Health Data Stolen -/-
                        (Shades of WaterGate!!)

      From Washington comes word that a computer containing Democratic
 data on health care legislation has vanished, apparently stolen, from
 the office of a senior congressional staff member.
      A committee official told the Reuter News Service the desktop
 computer was taken during working hours on Tuesday from the office of
 the top Democratic staff expert on the health subcommittee of the House
 Ways and Means Committee.
      "Republicans on the panel are drafting controversial Medicare
 legislation, strongly opposed by the Democrats, that is supposed to be
 made public shortly," the wire service noted.
      Democratic Ways and Means spokeswoman Ellen Dadisman told the wire
 service, "We're very distressed," adding the committee did not have
 backups for all the most recent information. She said the entire
 computer, including the monitor and mouse, was taken.

                -/- Organization Warns of Net Perils -/-

      New figures from the Computer Security Institute reveal that the
 Internet can be a dangerous place for businesses.
      According to the San Francisco-based organization's 1995 Internet
 Security Survey, one out of every five Net sites has suffered a
 security breach. Additionally, while almost 40 percent of Net sites
 don't have a security firewall in place, 30 percent of breaches
 occurred after a firewall was installed.
      Despite the less-than-foolproof protection offered by firewalls,
 CSI estimates that sales of the anti-hacker software will grow from
 $1.1 billion in 1995 to $16.2 billion in 2000.

               -/- Magazine Claims Win95 Email Flawed -/-

      A computer magazine is reporting it has found a flaw in Windows
 95's electronic mail feature that "can leave proprietary data
 unprotected." However, Win95 publisher Microsoft Corp. says it isn't a
 bug, but a feature.
      At the heart of the issue is the Exchange "universal inbox" that
 comes with the new operating system. In a statement from Manhasset, New
 York, CMP's Windows Magazine says "a security problem" in Exchange
 "means that budget reports, salary information, personnel files,
 confidential company documents and more, can be left vulnerable to
 exposure and theft."
      MS Exchange is an option that allows users to handle MS-Mail,
 faxes and email from CompuServe, Microsoft Network and the Internet,
 among other capabilities. "It is so attractive," says the magazine's
 statement, "that many people who are installing Windows 95 are
 converting their current email files to MS Exchange. And this is where
 the problem lies."
      Editorial Director Fred Langa comments in the statement,
 "Exchange, as it turns out, has a security hole that gapes so wide that
 literally all your electronic mail may be at risk. You can close the
 hole, but if you aren't aware of it, you'd be in for a very nasty
      When Win95 users convert their old email to the Exchange format,
 he said, they are "fooled" into thinking that Exchange will use their
 old password to protect their new email.
      "Wrong," warns Langa. "If you're using Exchange's default
 settings, chances are any of your co-workers can walk up to you machine
 and gain access to your 'private' email account with no special
 hacking, cracking or other knowledge required. By default, there's
 effectively no protection at all. Even though Exchange asks you for
 your old password, the software doesn't use the password to protect
 your files."
      Langa commented this isn't the first time Microsoft has shipped a
 product whose default behavior caused security problems.
      "A while back," he said, "Windows Magazine discovered and reported
 that a default setting in Word 6.0 meant Word files sent electronically
 could unexpectedly carry all kinds of possibly embarrassing or
 confidential data along with them. When asked about the security hole,
 Microsoft told us it really was a feature, not a bug, and the default
 settings were just fine."
      Microsoft is saying the same thing about the Exchange
 characteristic that Windows Magazine is terming a "security gap."
      The magazine said Win95 users who want to change the password
 setting must do so manually.
      Says Langa, "Even if you think you're password-protected, go to
 Exchange's Tools/Services menu, select the Personal Folder file (or
 whatever it's named on your system) and click on Properties. Now click
 on Change Password, enter a new password. Finally, make sure the 'Save
 this password' box is not checked."

 > Adaptec 294x FAQ STR InfoFile


 Q: Why wouldn't an AHA-2940 BIOS banner be displayed when installing the 
 A: Either the board is not in a bus mastering slot, or the PCI slot is not 
    enabled for bus mastering in the CMOS setup.  Check your motherboard 
    manual to find out if the slot is bus mastering, or how to enable bus 
    mastering for that slot.

 Q: On boot-up I get the error message "Host Adapter Configuration Error."
 A: In CMOS setup, enable IRQ for the PCI slot.  Alternatively, you can
    one of the IRQs as free.  Be aware that there may be an IRQ conflict 
    with a built-in controller on the motherboard.  For CMOS settings,
    to your PC user's manual.

 Q: On boot-up I get a message "BIOS installed Successfully", but my system 
 A: Verify that the CMOS interrupt structure is set to "INTA" and the CMOS 
    IRQ level matches the jumper setting on the motherboard.  Refer to your 
    PC user's manual.

 Q: When I invoke the <Ctrl>-A option, the message "Can not locate host 
    adapter" is displayed.
 A: Update the AHA-2940 BIOS to version 1.11 (checksum 8200).  If you have 
    an EPROM burner, download the file 2940.EXE from the BBS.  Otherwise, 
    call Adaptec Technical Support at (408)-934-7274.

 Q: My Intel P90 system hangs during boot-up, while displaying "Starting 
 A: Contact the system vendor to obtain the latest system BIOS.

 Q: When loading ASPI8DOS.SYS the system hangs, and then displays the error 
    message: "Read BIOS Parameter Failed."
 A: Update ASPI8DOS.SYS manager to version 1.10 (EZ-SCSI 3.03).

 Q: The ATI (Mach 64) video card installed with my AHA-2940 shows no video 
    or causes intermittent hangs during boot under DOS or Windows.
 A: There are known compatibility issues between the two PCI cards. 
    ATI for possible resolution of these issues.

 Q: The EZ-SCSI installation hangs on installing the AIC-7870.DLL driver.
 A: Update to EZ-SCSI version 3.03.

 Q: Upon boot-up, a 486 AMI BIOS system displays the "Device Name Not 
    Available" message during drive inquiry message.
 A. Contact your system vendor to obtain the latest system BIOS.

 Q. I heard that there is a new BIOS release for the AHA-2940.  Do I need
    upgrade my adapter?
 A. The BIOS v1.11, which replaces v1.10, corrects a problem for the OPTI 
    chipset only.  The problem prevented the user from accessing SCSI
    when selecting <Ctrl>-A.  An error "No Host Adapter Found" will appear 
    after selecting <Ctrl>-A.  BIOS v1.11 corrects this problem.  Unless
    have an OPTI chipset, there is no need to upgrade the BIOS.

 Q. How do I determine which AHA-2940 is the primary card if I am duplexing 
    under Novell?
 A. During boot-up, check the LED on the AHA-2940 cards to see which one 
    illuminates first.

 Q. I recently upgraded from a previous SCSI Host Adapter to an AHA-2940
    adapter and the 78xx.SYS driver.  When I removed the old adapter from
    system, I connected the hard drive to the AHA-2940 and re-booted.  Now 
    the system will not boot.  What's wrong?
 A. A possible solution is that when the new driver was added to the 
    NTBOOTDD.SYS, the old driver was also there, and was configured to be 
    activated at BOOTUP time.  The new driver must be set to start at 
    BOOTUP.  This can be done in the Device section of the Control Panel. 
    The old driver needs to be deleted from the NTBOOTDD.SYS if the card is 
    no longer in the system.  If the old card is still in the system but is 
    not controlling the boot device, choose the Service section in the
    Panel and select the original driver to be started at SYSTEM time not 

 > McAfee 2.26 STR FOCUS!

              Errata for VirusScan Version 2.2.6 (9509)
                Copyright 1994, 1995 by McAfee, Inc.
                     All Rights Reserved.

 These release notes cover what is new in VirusScan 2.2.6 and the
 August DAT release (9509) of VirusScan for DOS, VirusScan for
 Windows, VirusScan for OS/2 and VShield.

      ! NOTE: OS/2 users.  IF YOUR OS/2 SYSTEM IS CONNECTED TO OS/2  ! 
      !                                                              !
      ! McAfee is working with IBM and with several large            !
      ! organizations, which rely heavily on OS/2, to alleviate the  !
      ! corruption problem.                                          !
      !                                                              !
      ! The temporary solution is to put VirusScan in a start up     !
      ! group.  Not in the log in script or in the start up command  !
      ! file.                                                        !

 Note for NT users:
    You must add the following line in your DEFAULT.CFG and PROFILE1.PRF
    file (or any other profile you have chosen to use), residing in the
    same directory as WSCAN.EXE.


    If you are not familiar with profiles, please refer to VIRUSCAN.TXT
    or your printed manual.

 2.2.6 New Functionality:

 The new VSHIELD.EXE is required for VSHIELD to make use of these new
 detection strings (DAT files).

    Now understands the data format of a Microsoft Word (tm) document
    file format in order to search for the new breed of Word Macro
    viruses.  For example:

    SCAN C: /ALL /REPORT scan.rpt

 Detectors added or updated in the 9509 DAT file (149):
 BACKFORM.2329 (2345)
 BACKFORM.2365 (2381)
 IVP 365
 WINWORD.CONCEPT (see below)
 WORDMACRO.DMV  (see below)

 Winword.Concept (alias Prank Macro, WordMacro.Concept, WW6Macro)

 The new virus, Winword.Concept, representing a new class of viruses,
 has been discovered!  This virus is a Macro virus.  It infects the
 Word environment on any hardware platform (PC Compatible, Mac, PowerPC,
 etc.) and its .DOC and .DOT files.

 Winword.Concept is a benign virus.  Your only symptom if you have this
 virus is a one time occurance of a dialog box with only "1" as text and
 only "OK" as a choice.  Following that, it replicates a set of macros
 into your global template file (usually NORMAL.DOT) and changes any
 file saved using the "Save As..." command to be of the template type.

 VirusScan 2.2.6 can be used to scan your .DOC and .DOT files.  You must
 use the /ALL switch as described above.

 If you discover that you have this virus, please enter into Word and read
 the .DOC file included in this package.  Follow the instructions and apply
 them to every .DOC or .DOT file which VirusScan detects as being infected
 with the WinWord.Concept virus.

 If you determine that you are not infected, please take this opportunity
 to protect yourself from this form of viruses.    In Word, go to:


 and enable the "Prompt to Save" option.  This will alert you
 to any future attempt by any macro viruses to infect your system.


 This one was published shortly after the outbreak of WinWord.Concept.
 It is not as widespread as WinWord.Concept.

 Removers added or updated in the 9509 DAT file (74):
 ALFA.3072 (MBR)

 False Alarms fixed:

 Top active viruses other than those presented above:
 AntiCmos (alias: Lixi)
 Byway (alias: Dir2.Byway) (*)
 Da'Boys (**)
 NYB (alias: B1)
 V-Sign (alias: Cansu)
 WelcomB (alias: BuptBoot)

 (*) Effective 9508, we adopted the CARO name of Byway. To remove
 this virus, boot up with the virus in memory.  Copy all executable
 files to floppy, with a non-executable extension.  Copy all the data
 files off.  Format harddisk.  Replace files.

 (**) To remove Da'Boys from a hard disk infection, one needs to
 boot from a clean corresponding DOS version and execute the
 command "SYS C:".


                       ADOBE SYSTEMS PLANS TO ACQUIRE
                            CENECA COMMUNICATIONS

 Ceneca's Products Expected to Revolutionize Web Site
 Creation and Maintenance

 Mountain View, Calif., (September 18, 1995) (Nasdaq:ADBE) -- Adobe Systems
 Incorporated today announced it has signed a letter of intent to acquire
 Ceneca Communications, Inc., strengthening Adobe's position as the leading
 vendor of professional-quality authoring tools for the Web. Ceneca is a
 privately-held developer of World Wide Web publishing and site management
 tools. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

 "The Web continues to experience explosive growth," said Charles M.
 Geschke, President of Adobe Systems. "Adobe has long held a leadership
 position in the professional and corporate publishing markets with its
 popular authoring tools. Now, with the combination of Adobe(TM)
 Acrobat(TM) and Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), and Ceneca's
 exciting Web authoring and site management products, Adobe provides a
 powerful solution to customers interested in taking advantage of the
 opportunities provided by the Internet." 

 Last month Ceneca announced its new suite of Web authoring and site
 management tools that simplify the process of Web authoring. Ceneca
 PageMill(TM) makes creating Web pages as easy as producing a
 word-processed document, while Ceneca SiteMill(TM) dramatically simplifies
 site management. In the past, creating Web pages required an understanding
 of the details of HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), as well as knowledge
 of URL addresses and various image file formats. The Ceneca Web authoring
 products eliminate the need to understand all of the complexities of HTML,
 URL addresses and image file formats. Pricing and availability will be
 announced shortly. 

 "We are very excited about becoming part of Adobe," said Robert Seidl,
 president and CEO of Ceneca Communications. "Adobe's distribution into the
 corporate and professional publishing marketplace with its authoring tools
 and more recently with PDF will allow us to address a much wider audience
 of customers. In addition, we look forward to combining our technologies
 with many of Adobe's existing technologies to offer customers a full suite
 of solutions for Web publishing." 

 With this announcement, Adobe continues to strengthen its position as a
 supplier of solutions for Web publishing. Earlier this year, the company
 announced Acrobat product integration with Netscape, AT&T, Microsoft (for
 its Microsoft Network) and Spyglass. In addition, the company recently
 introduced Adobe PageMaker(TM) 6.0 software for the Macintosh(R), which
 allows users to create HTML and PDF output. 

 Adobe Systems Incorporated, founded in 1982, is headquartered in Mountain
 View, California. Adobe develops, markets and supports computer software
 products and technologies that enable users to create, display, print and
 communicate electronic documents. The company licenses its technology to
 major computer, printing and publishing suppliers, and markets a line of
 application software and type products for authoring visually rich
 documents. Additionally, the company markets a line of powerful, but easy
 to use, products for home and small business users. Adobe has subsidiaries
 in Europe and the Pacific Rim serving a worldwide network of dealers and
 distributors. AdobeUs 1994 revenue was approximately $598 million. 

 Ceneca Communications, Inc. develops, markets and supports communication
 tools for the World Wide Web. Its products are aimed at marketing and
 communications professionals developing external Web sites, as well as
 corporate communications professionals and users of company-internal Web
 sites. Its main office is in Palo Alto, California. 

 Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat and PageMaker are trademarks of Adobe
 Systems Incorporated or its subsidiaries and may be registered in certain
 jurisdictions. SiteMill and PageMill are trademarks of Ceneca
 Communications, Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple
 Computer, Inc. 

           A T T E N T I O N--A T T E N T I O N--A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
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 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

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                          /____|/____| /__/|__| /__/           
                       /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/_____
                      /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

 MAC/APPLE SECTION                            John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > GATEWAY 2000 Updates STR InfoFile

 For Immediate Release

 Gateway 2000 begins PC sales in Japan

 Nihon Gateway 2000 K.K.

    NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D., Sept. 12, 1995 -- Gateway 2000  [Nasdaq: GATE]
 today announced that its Japanese affiliate, Nihon  Gateway, began selling
 PCs last week from Yokohama City, Japan.  Gateway 2000s direct sales
 business model, which has proven very  successful in the U.S. and Europe,
 has been implemented in Japan,  according to Ted Waitt, Gateway chairman
 and CEO. 

    Plans called for sales operations to start in October, Waitt  said.
 However, considering the great response from the July  announcement, plans
 were moved ahead of schedule. Weve studied  the market and waited for the
 right opportunity. The time is  right for Gateway to enter this market. 

    Gateway will offer Japan the same product value and support  that is
 offered in the U.S., including customized service and  support. 

    The initial product line-up will include five desktop systems  loaded
 with Intel Pentium processors ranging from 75MHz to 133MHz  and one
 notebook system featuring Intel's 100MHz DX-4 processor.  Customers can
 also take advantage of Gateway's build to order  manufacturing process for
 specialized needs. All systems will be  Microsoft Windows 95 compatible. 

 About Gateway 2000

    Gateway 2000, a Fortune 500 company founded in 1985, currently  sells
 more PC-compatible systems through the direct market  channel in the
 United States than any other PC manufacturer. A  recent study by Computer
 Intelligence/InforCorp shows that PCs  from Gateway 2000 led the PC
 industry in repeat purchase or brand  loyalty ratings during 1994. 
 Gateway's rating far out-distanced  its nearest competitors.  The
 company's 1994 sales were $2.7  billion. Gateway 2000 is listed on the
 Nasdaq market as GATE. 



 Gateway 2000 readies all Pentium Processor line up for holiday  season 

    NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D., September 12, 1995 Gateway 2000  announced
 today that Pentium processor platform sales have  reached nearly 90
 percent of systems sold and that consumer  desktop advertising will be
 devoted exclusively to its Pentium- processor systems. 

    Gateway has been recognized as the leader in Pentium-processor 
 sales,said Rob Cheng, Gateway vice president of desktop products. 
 Devoting all consumer desktop advertising to Pentium-processor  systems is
 the next logical step to give greater exposure to our  comprehensive
 Pentium-processor line. With the recent  introduction of Windows 95 and
 the popularity of the Internet,  customers are demanding more from their
 PCs and performance  begins at the processor. 

    Pentium processor-based systems have met consumer needs for  PCs with
 enhanced multimedia and communications capabilities,  said Mike Aymar,
 vice president and general manager desktop  products group, Intel
 Corporation. Gateway 2000, due to its  ability to respond quickly to
 consumer demand, is one of the  leaders in moving Pentium processor-based
 systems into mainstream  consumer markets. 

    Gateway will continue to recognize the requirements of  corporate
 customers and will continue to provide 486 systems to  meet their needs. 
 However, for the consumer market, the Pentium- processor clearly provides
 the best value based on a pure  price/performance standpoint. 

 About Gateway 2000

    Gateway 2000, a Fortune 500 company founded in 1985, currently  sells
 more PC-compatible systems through the direct market  channel in the
 United States than any other PC manufacturer.  A  recent study by Computer
 Intelligence/InfoCorp shows that PCs  from Gateway 2000 led the PC
 industry in repeat purchase or brand  "loyalty" ratings during 1994. 
 Gateway's rating far out- distanced its nearest competitors.  The
 company's 1994 sales were  $2.7 billion. Gateway 2000 is listed on the
 Nasdaq market as  GATE. 

 Gateway 2000 - "You've got a friend in the business"

                                 P5-133 XL

  Intel 133MHz Pentium microprocessor
  Tower case with 145 watt power supply
  256KB Pipeline Burst SRAM cache
  16MB EDO DRAM expandable to 128MB
  1.44MB 3.5" diskette drive
  Sanyo 3 Disk Changer CD-ROM drive
  Ensoniq 16-bit Wavetable sound card and
   Altec ACS-31 speakers
  TelePath 28.8 fax/modem w/ voice mail
  1.6 GB Western Digital IDE (9ms)
  PCI Enhanced IDE interface
  PCI Local Bus graphics accelerator with 2MB WRAM
  17" Vivitron color monitor, up to
   1280 x 1024 non-interlaced resolution
  2 16-bit ISA slots, 3 32-bit PCI & 1 PCI/ISA slots
  104 +Keyboard
  MS mouse & Gateway mouse pad
  QAPro hardware diagnostics software
  Gateway Gold Premium
  Microsoft Windows `95 
  MS Office 95
  Fully FCC Certified
  3 year limited parts warranty
 PRICE $3999
 Substitute one of the following for MS Office 95** on CD 
 Gateway Generations Bundle
   Microsoft's: Encarta `95, Cinemania `95, Bookshelf,
   Works 3.0, Money 3.0, BOB, Publishers Pack, Design
   Pack, Schubert, Beethoven, Mozart, Wine Guide,
   Dinosaurs, Entertainment Pack #1-4, Arcade, and
   IVI's: Mayo Clinic's Family Health and Family
   Pharmacist........................................add: $N/C
 Publisher's Pack on CD
   CorelDraw! 4.0, Corel ArtShow, MS Publisher 2.0, MS
   Publisher Design Pack, MS Works 3.0 and Money 3.0
   Multimedia Edition...............................add: $N/C
 MS Office 95 on diskette**
   (with Word,Excel,& Powerpoint)...................add: $100
 **Please note that MS Access(diskette customers) and MS Access
 and Bookshelf 95 (CD customers) are available for an additional
 $10 handling charge, and will be sent separately upon release 
 Microsoft later this year.  
 Substitute MS-DOS 6.22/Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11
 & MS Office Professional 4.3 on CD.................add: $N/C 
 MS Office Professional 4.3 & Money 3.0 on diskette.add: $100
 1.2MB & 1.44MB combo diskette drive (replace 1.44MB)add: $ 70
 540MB Western Digital IDE drive................subtract: $295
 730MB Western Digital IDE drive................subtract: $255
 1 GB Western Digital IDE drive.................subtract: $185
 2 GB Seagate SCSI drive with
     Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI adapter...................add: $300
 14" CrystalScan 1024NI color monitor...........subtract: $425
 15" CrystalScan color monitor..................subtract: $340
 15" Vivitron color monitor.....................subtract: $285
 17" CrystalScan color monitor..................subtract: $ 75
 21" Vivitron color monitor..........................add: $940
 PCI local-bus graphics accelerator
      with 1MB DRAM.............................subtract: $150
 PCI local-bus graphics accelerator
      with 2MB DRAM.............................subtract: $100
 PCI local-bus graphics accelerator
      with 2MB VRAM..................................add: $N/C
 PCI local-bus graphics accelerator
      with 4MB WRAM..................................add: $165
  Multimedia Software Starter Pack( Seven exciting
     software applications, Allsop's CD cleaning kit
     and CD storage rack)............................add: $ 59
 Flight Pack Software with Joystick..................add: $ 99
 Kid's Backpack......................................add: $ 99
 Sports Pack Bundle..................................add: $ 99
 Wavetable audio kits(replace sound card/Altecs ACS-31)
    Ensoniq Soundscape & Altec ACS-5............subtract: $ 60

 Telepath 14.4 fax/modem w/ voice mail..........subtract: $ 70
 Jumbo 1400 CMS internal tape backup (w/tape)........add: $199
 Trakker 350 external tape backup (w/tape)...........add: $259
 3COM Twisted Pair Ethernet adapter..................add: $ 89
 3COM Triple Media Ethernet adapter..................add: $109
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 > Corel Info STR InfoFile

 Dear Corel User

 Please send e-mail to me directly so we do not clog up the Forum.
 Send us a fax, give us a call or write.  Details at end of file. 

 This is for all those users who have ever had a problem importing
 a CAD DXF file into Corel.  Who still want to retain the geometry
 of the CAD objects, however you want to be able to import the file
 easily and SUCCESSFULLY.

 We want your input on features that you would use or like to see 
 in our new software tool, BEFORE the it is finished and released.

 This is what we think the tool should be able to do
 The software will be Windows based and process CAD DXF files 
 according to a user setup.  The setup will be from a single window
 with point and click options for RAPID and EASY use.  The setup
 will let you do the following to the CAD DXF file.

 Layers ON/OFF
 Any of the layers in the DXF file can be switched on/off before 
 processing.  This will allow you to remove unwanted layers before
 you import into Corel.  Would this be time saving for you?

 Objects ON/OFF
 You will be able to globally switch object types on/off.  This means
 you could stop all the text from coming through or all the open
 polylines or circles etc.  Have you ever wanted to do this?

 Setting up line widths, line types etc.
 The setup will automatically pick up the CAD linetypes and polyline
 widths or you can set up a global line width for all objects and a
 global linetype to be used.  How would you easily do this now?

 Sizing & Scaling
 You can setup the sizing/scaling and positioning of the CAD file to
 fit onto standard page sizes and orientations.  Have you ever had a
 sizing problem?

 Monochrome and Color
 The software will produce either a monochrome or color file.  You 
 set up to use the CAD colors or overwrite them with any color.  Or
 you import all the linework in a gray scale to use as a tones 
 backdrop.  Would this be a usefull feature?

 All CAD text styles will be converted to any defined PostScript 
 font.  All of the text will be editable as if entered by Corel.

 Converted file
 The converted file can be saved to any drive or directory.

 The software will be under US $100

 What other features if any do you want?  What problems have you 
 encountered with CAD files into Corel?

 Please send all responses to me directly via CompuServe, phone,
 mail or fax.

 We are taking advance orders of interest prior to shipping.  If you
 think something like this could save you time and money, let us know.
 Once again please contact me directly via CompuServe, phone, mail 
 or fax.

 We have considerable programming experience (3 years) in this area
 and already have production software on the market.  However, we 
 believe that a RAPID and low cost solution to this problem is needed.  
 Your help will confirm our suspicions.

 Thanks for your co-operation.

 Contact information:
 John Walker [AutoSET]
 John Walker Graphics Pty. Ltd.
 11 Grandview Avenue
 East Ringwood  3135
 Melbourne  Australia
 Phone: ++6 13 9879 4388  Fax: ++6 13 9879 7074
 CompuServe: 100353,1354

 LapTop & Entertainment                            Marty Mankins, Editor

 STReport Jaguar Game Review: Super BurnOut

 -= Available Now =-
      Developed by: Shen/Virtual Xperience
      Published by: Atari
      Sugg. Retail Price: $59.95
      Ease of Play: Average/Intermediate

 by Marty Mankins


 Behind every driver of a car is a person wanting to get onto a race track
 and open it up and beat the rest of the drivers.  Atari's first attempt to
 satisfy this craving was not done as well as what were expecting. 
 Checkered Flag was ok, and had some good options, but it was simply
 lacking in control over the car.  While waiting for another racing game,
 Atari decided to sneak Super BurnOut (known as SBO from here on) and many
 were pleased.  I, for one, am grateful.  SBO is an amazing racing game,
 pitting motorcycles against each other in a race for First Place.  You
 will be sure to spend many hours playing this game and taking the
 different tracks with the assortment of bikes and your skills.

 SBO is easy to play.  You get a bike, pick a track and go.  Steering is
 done by the cursor pad.  By default, pressing B will get you acceleration. 
 A push of the A button will stop you with the brakes and the C button is
 used by the clutch. (for the manual transmission, if you choose to pick
 that over the more convenient automatic gear box)  There is some confusion
 in the buttons when selecting options and starting games.  C normally will
 start the game, but sometimes B will get you to the next level of play and
 start the game.  Pushing A will exit you back a screen to change your

 The first thing I did was went into the Option screen and changed the
 controls so that A is accelerate, B is brake and C is left for the clutch. 
 This helped a lot, so that I could use my two fingers (middle and index)
 to stay on both the gas and the brake.  Then when I am racing and come to
 a corner, I can leave my finger on the gas, press B for the brake at the
 same time, and then let up on B once I come out of the corner.  This also
 allows me to tap on B a few times to slow down just a tad, making sure I
 don't wipe out, but being able to take the corner without losing too much

 Two-player mode was fun, but the split screen was bothersome.  It seems to
 be the best way to have designed this game.  What would be really nice is
 for the jaguar to support two monitors with SBO.  This way, each player
 has their own screen, just like in the arcades with something like Virtua
 Racing.  Maybe a future title that works with the CatBox to support
 multiple monitors.  Who knows?  I bet someone else in your house will be
 willing to give up their TV for a few days to let you play. <g>

 Amongst the many tracks to select from, there was no one favorite.  You
 get used to each one by playing them over and over.  The tracks are
 America High Speed, Australia Technical, Brazil Technical, Canada High
 Speed, France Semi-Technical, Germany High Speed, Hungary High Speed,
 Japan Technical.  The curves are not easy to take at high speeds and all
 tracks have plenty of curves.  It's nice when you hit a straightway like
 on the France track, and it does help you to get caught up real fast.  But
 a curve comes a bit too soon and you must slow down a lot or prepare to
 get bucked off your bike.

 This is where bike selection comes in.  If you are a speed maven, you need
 to pick a bike that had less grip on the road.  The better the grip, the
 slower top speed your bike will reach.  Your choice of bikes is Super
 Rabbit, which has a medium grip and a top speed of 155mph.  Or you could
 go a bit slower with a lot more grip by choosing the Killing Turtle.  And
 a slow (148mph) bike this is, when compared to the others.  Reflex Z is a
 bit faster, but still at 169mph, it's not going to break records.  For
 that purpose, pick Wheels of Terror (200mph and a low grip), Lightning
 Racer (maxing out at 217mph) or my favorite, Sliding Thunder.  The grip on
 this bike is very low, so you must slow to a crawl on corners, but man,
 will you fly on the straight track..  With a top speed of 227mph, is
 doesn't get any faster.

 Drones are the other bikes you race against.  These guys just simply are
 the ones to beat when playing against the computer..  You get to choose
 the number of laps to race, from 2 to 7.  Racing modes are where you pick
 what kind of racing challenge you want to experience.  Training mode is
 where you get to try out your skills.  This is where you learn the tracks,
 bikes and road conditions.  Versus Mode is for racing against another
 person.  Two-player mode is really fun, but make sure to watch your own
 screen.  The screen is split top and bottom, so it can be distracting at
 times.  Championship is where you race all tracks in a row.  When you are
 finished, it shows you want position you placed in for each track and how
 many points you won and the ranking.  Naturally, I hardly ever got past C
 (rankings are from A for excellent to E for not so hot).

 Record mode is good if you don't want to see someone else's best times on
 the screen.  And what's nice, there are no other bikes to get in the way. 
 Just you and the road.  Oh, and the same curves you need to slow down for. 
 The drones are missed, but once your record time is on the screen, you can
 go back to Trainer mode or go racing for the top spot.

 In all options, drones can be set to be weak, average or strong.  I've
 raced with strong drones and normally come in 5th, 6th or 7th place.  They
 are hard to beat.  The number of laps I like to race is 7.  The reason for
 this is that it gives me more time to catch up when I get behind.  If my
 thumb is hurting really bad, then I'll drop that down to 4 or 5.  Two laps
 is just too few, unless you are wanting just a quick trip around the

 Super BurnOut is a racing game that deserves to be played often.  It's
 addicting and the exciting game play keeps you coming back for more.  It's
 very good at working around the lack of control that Checkered Flag had
 and keeps control of the bike you are using.  The graphics are nice and
 the tracks are well designed.  This is what makes the Jaguar worth
 playing.  Games like SBO need to happen more often.

 Graphics:                9.0
 Sound FX/Music:          8.5
 Control:                 8.5
 Manual:                  8.0
 Entertainment:           9.5
 Reviewer's Overall:      8.5

 This is one game where graphics matter.  And they do in this title.  All
 of the best screen rewrites are here.  It's nice to see that this game
 does appear to use some 64-bit technology.  You couldn't do this, with the
 details of the bikes, on a 16-bit system.  The Sound and music is really
 good, but could have added some skidding sound and maybe a few voice
 enhancements for the riders (e.g. "Hey!" or "Watch it!").  The opening
 voice is done well and is really nice, giving it that actual racing feel. 
 The manual is ok, but lacks some details like the control options and a
 few more tips about playing in two player mode.  The entertainment value
 is excellent and is going to remain a Jaguar favorite for quite a while.

 STReport Jaguar Game Review: Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls

 -= Available Now =-
      Developed by: Tradewest, Inc.
      Published by: Williams Entertainment
      Sugg. Retail Price: $59.95
      Ease of Play: Intermediate/Difficult

 by Marty Mankins

 As a teenager, I used to play the original Double Dragon in the arcades. 
 Many quarters were spent trying to get good at this game.  I remember the
 different levels and the many times I had to save my girl from the evil
 gang.  And beating these guys up was just half the fun.  Well, it what is
 supposed to be the fifth sequel, Double Dragon makes it to the Jaguar in
 Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls.  You have all new characters and they
 are done well, but there is something lacking in this game.  Maybe it's
 all the time I spent in the arcade and I expected more after years of
 revisions.  But, not all is lost.  There is some good game play and it
 works very well.  But it's not the best.  It falls somewhere in between.

 The general idea to Double Dragon V (known as DDV from here on) is to beat
 all opponents until they you have gone through the different levels. 
 These levels are Dragon Dojo, Cody's Nutron Grill, Metro City Sewer
 System, Chemical Factory, Dusty's Garage, Fusion Plant, Shadow Dojo
 Interior, Shadow Dojo Exterior and Metro City Hotel.  Your first game will
 start you at the Metro City Hotel.  From there you fight with any of the
 characters.  You can choose which character you would like to be.  Or if


 you are in two player mode, your opponent chooses which character they
 want to fight with.

 The characters are often referred to as dossiers.  The list is impressive. 
 You can choose from Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee, Jawbreaker, Bones, Countdown,
 Dominique, Sekka, Shadow Master and Sickle.  Each has their own power
 weapon.  For example, Sickle will often throw a lightning bolt your way. 
 Your job is to duck out of the way.  Learning the controls is what you
 need to get good at.  Learning the special moves of each player is also
 good to get used to.  It seems that the special moves are done to take a
 lot of power from the enemy.  And once you learn how to do them, they
 really do help.

 Using the cursor pad, there are 8 different moves you can make.  Also
 listed in the manual is a special move for each character.  These special
 moves are helpful when the chips are down and you need to take more life
 away from your enemy.  Jawbreaker's move is my favorite.  He lunches
 forward into a headbutt.  And it's one of the easiest moves to make.

 All three buttons are used.  A is for a light punch.  B is for a medium
 punch and C is for a hard punch.  Also, on the keypad, you can use 3 for a
 light kick.  The 6 key is for a medium kick and, the obvious 9 key is for
 the hard kick.  While not exciting, there are a good amount of moves to
 make.  And if for some reason you don't like these default key locations,
 you can customize them in the Options screen.

 There are statistics on each player that are good to read, as they inform
 you of what kind of fighter you are up against (or playing with).  DDV has
 some of the better fighting characters on this type of game, when compared
 to Kasumi Ninja and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.  But, maybe there should
 have been more than one special move for each character.  If there were,
 then you add a bit more variety to doing the same moves.

 One really cool feature is being able to choose what and how many
 attributes your fighter will have.  You get a total of 11 attributes to
 use.  The more you have in one area, the better you will be in fighting
 with that attribute.  Strength is important and I will sometimes make that
 4 or 5, taking away from the Special attribute.  Defense is important, but
 so is the Reserve attribute, which you should leave at least one in.  Try
 the different levels of attributes for each one.  It's fun and makes the
 game a little more interesting.  I've played a game where I try to stay
 back most of the time, but have my Strength at 9, with 2 in Reserve.  This
 can take down your enemy really fast, but one hit and your just about

 DD5 is good, but not really good.  The fight moves are nice and they do
 have some action to them, but this game is not a 64-bit version of Double
 Dragon.  It's a 32-bit version living in a 64-bit game system.  The
 screens are nice, the fighters are detailed to a degree, but there are
 some game play values missing.  I find that there are other options that
 could have made game play a bit nicer.  Also, the fighters seem to move
 faster than is needed at times.

 Double Dragon V is not a bad Jaguar title.  In fact, I like it.  But it's
 not all that good.  There is room for improvement.  Perhaps when Double
 Dragon VI comes around, we'll see the 64-bit enhancements and have a
 better chance at gaining some more gaming value for the high price it

 Graphics:                6.0
 Sound FX/Music:          5.0
 Control:                 5.0
 Manual                   5.0
 Entertainment:           5.5
 Reviewer's Overall:      5.5

 Graphics were the best thing about Double Dragon V.  The details were good
 and the fighters had some details when moving and jumping.  The sound and
 FX were lacking for a fighting game.  Kicks and punches should have had
 more definition.  The control of the players is good, but nothing stellar. 
 Actually, the amount of moves that were possible was good, it was how to
 execute these moves that needed a little work.  The manual is very
 interesting, as it is laid out like a comic book, telling a story of how
 to play the game.  It's different, but not completely welcome.  Stick to a
 regular manual format.  And the entertainment value is good for a fighting
 game, but it could have been better.

 STReport Jaguar Game Review: Ultra Vortek

 -= Available Now =-
 Developed by: Beyond Games, Inc.
 Published by: Atari
 Sugg. Retail Price: $69.95
 Ease of Play: Average/Intermediate

 by Marty Mankins

 No one makes a fuss when there are tons of fighting games for a game
 system.  Of course, when this system is the Super Nintendo and there are
 over 300 games available, then 4 fighting games are not a big deal.  But
 when you bring into play that the Jaguar has 3 fighting games (Dragon,
 Double Dragon V, Kasumi Ninja), adding a fourth game of mean dude vs. bad
 guy brings people into thinking that maybe there are too many fighting
 games.  But, bring in Ultra Vortek and you forget about the other 3
 fighting games.  In fact, you will be so busy with Ultra Vortek, you will
 wonder why it took so long to come out with this game.

 Never fear.  Ultra Vortek (known as UV from here on) is here to stay. 
 It's amazing how much this game has blown me away.  It has chewed up a
 good 40 hours of my time, and I've had it less than one week.  No game
 since Pacman and Dig Dug has taken this much time in a week.  So enough
 about the talk about how great UV is.  Let's get into this game.

 The basic goal of UV is to fight all of the characters (and some others)
 and to get pieces of the Ultra Vortek tablet along the way.  Then you must
 fight the guardian.  This sound easy, but it's really hard.  You have four
 levels of play: Training, Normal, Hard and Killer.  I've been through both
 Training and Normal levels and have beaten the Guardian (who is tough son
 of a gun).  But the Hard and Killer levels are where I'll spend the rest
 of my time trying to beat and get past that Guardian.

 Speaking of the Guardian, he's one of the creatures you need to beat to
 get to be the ruler of the Ultra Vortek.  Being able to beat the Guardian
 is really hard compared to fighting with the others.  You get to pick
 which character you want to fight with.  I've chosen Volcana for this
 review.  She's the most popular (well, not with my wife) and has a certain
 "fire" about her.  Her main weapons are the ability to throw fireballs and
 to dissolve into a cloud of fire and smoke to get away from the enemy.

 Lucius uses a lightning blast that really hurts if you're not used to it. 
 He's also got a secret hawk attack that far from a tickle.  Dreadloc is a
 remnant from Jamaica and likes to fight near my residence (kicking and
 slicing people near an older Utah site you find while playing the game).

 Buzzsaw uses an actual saw to take skin off of you.  Skullcrusher is one
 of my favorite, not for the fact that he can use his laser eye to zap you
 (and cause a shock wave in the ground that sends you to your feet), but
 for the fact that he takes his head and can really give you a headache. 
 Grok likes to rock and roll, literally.  He can make you hurt by simply
 running into you or by taking his rock formation and pounding some blood
 out of you.  And finally, there is Mercury, who reminds me a lot of the T-
 1000 Terminator (from the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day).  He tends to
 melt when you nail him just right.

 Enough about the fighters.  Let's get to fighting!  As I mentioned above,
 I picked Volcana.  She's a fighter.  And not to sound like I'm some male
 he-man, but this chick can really beat the crap out of someone!  She's got
 moves, she spits and throws fire and she can really disappear when the
 going gets tough.  Then re-appear on the other side of your enemy to give
 them that fatal kick or punch.

 The first one I fight is Skullcrusher.  I learn to duck from his laser
 eye.  I learn to jump when his laser eye beams the ground and causes a
 shock wave that needs to be avoided.  After two rounds, I fight Grok.  The

 rock bad guy is really not that hard to beat, but you need to make sure
 you keep kicking him and knocking him down.  It's hard to punch and kick
 him, so the slide kick helps take him down, albeit slower.

 Taking Mercury out is a bit distracting.  You are in an abandoned subway
 station that's closer to hell than you think. (given the 3 structure poles
 with the number 6 on each of them).  Occasionally a subway train will go
 by, which is where one distraction comes in.  The other distraction is the
 deconstruction around you and getting stuck next the edge of the debris of
 this subway station.  Fighting Dreadloc is done in Utah, as is noticed by
 an older site in the game (for the second time, I won't tell! <g>). 
 Avoiding his bladed-staff is not easy, but can be done by making sure you
 are moving out of the way before he gets wild.

 Buzzsaw is no easy task to avoid.  It's amazing how much power he holds in
 his hand.  Just stay low and kick hard and you can take him down with
 several hits and punches.  And Lucious, or as I like to refer to him as
 "Lightning Man", comes on strong.  He'll take you down if you are not
 ready.  And it hurts, really bad.

 Ok, so you've fought the other fighters.  You feel ready to beat the
 Guardian.  Not so fast.  It's not over quite yet.  You are placed in the
 round with the shadows of the previous fighters.  Not only are the shadows
 mad and ticked off, but they are harder to see.  You really have to watch
 your ass, literally.  Playing Volcana was not easy and I always had to
 watch out for every move.  I even got to fight my own evil double in
 shadow form.  And just when you think you have beat them all, you need to
 beat another.  And you don't get a refresh of your power meter.  You must
 last through several shadow fighters before you can end the round.

 And just when your thumb was starting to feel good, it hurts really bad
 when you reach the Guardian.  Beat him, and you have both a numb thumb and
 a holding spot of the Ultra Vortek.  To get to this spot requires a lot of
 kicking to the head and getting out of the way before you die.  The
 Guardian is like a mini-Satan, with a tail that will whip your ass until
 you are beaten.  And you often don't have a chance to get out of the way. 
 Just keep yourself back far enough and you will be safe.

 The background scenery is awesome.  It's very entertaining at times, and
 as the subway station shows, it's slightly distracting.  But that adds to
 the game play.  And the action never slows down.  The graphics are
 incredible and the display of the characters are without flashing.  Their
 movements are perfect and very easy to control.  I found many times of
 wanting to look closer at the details than at getting myself beaten down
 by Buzzsaw.

 Ultra Vortek is a must buy.  If there is any doubt in your mind about
 whether you should plink down $70 (or less) on this game, erase it.  This
 is the title all Jaguar owners need to have.  Even if you don't like
 fighting games, you can learn to like this one.  All fighting games should
 wish they were this good.  So what would they do for an encore?  Ultra
 Vortek 3D.  How about it, Beyond Games and Atari?

 Graphics:                10.0
 Sound FX/Music:          10.0
 Control:                 10.0
 Manual:                   9.5
 Entertainment:           10.0
 Reviewer's Overall:      10.0

 What's to say after seeing the numbers?  The only exception is the manual,
 which could have been slightly better at explaing the game levels. 
 Instead, it told the story, which was entertaining, but for game play, a
 few bits of information could have helped.  Not a problem, since the
 manual is not really looked at after you start playing the game all the


 ATARI/JAG SECTION                                 Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      I've had the Suzy B's Software double-CD set for about a month now
 and I still haven't managed to look over everything that's available to
 me!  If you have a CDROM attached to your favorite Atari computer and
 you're a collector of public domain/shareware programs, graphics,
 games, animations, and TONS of other topics - order this double-CD set
      Michael Burkley has been collecting public domain software for a
 number of years and he and his wife, Suzy, have been offering PD disks
 for sale through their "Honey of a Deal" program with Suzy B's.  Now
 you can buy most of that collection, on two CDs!  I did.  I'm still
 deleting files from my hard drive that I've been collecting over the
 years - it's nice to have some available hard drive space again; and I
 can use a bunch of floppies to "store" other stuff!
      And the programs that, even though they've been around for some
 time (in some cases), I've never seen before or never managed to
 download!  Unbelievable!
      Most of the programs and assorted goodies that I've looked at so
 far are all for the Falcon, primarily.  Since my Falcon purchase is
 relatively recent, I haven't had a chance to look around and see what's
 available for it online.  Now, I don't have to bother; Suzy B's
 provided much of it for me!  I figure that maybe by the end of the
 year, I'll have managed to look at most of the 1.3 gigabytes of
 software!  And, I understand that a new collection is underway!
      I'm still working on other CD articles; and I'm also looking into
 obtaining some more for review.  I'm anticipating a well-rounded "best-
 of" series to provide you an informative review of what's available.
 You'd be surprised what is out there that's not Atari-specific, but can
 be used with a CDROM on your Atari machine.
      This is going to be a longer-than-usual issue this week due to a
 lot of exciting news on the Jaguar front, so let me move on.  It's
 really getting difficult to split up my time looking at CD titles on my
 Falcon and getting in some playing time with the Jaguar!  So little
 time, so much to do! <g>

      Until next time...

                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (9/20/95)

     (2) T.A.F. WWW BROWSER             (7) GEMHEXED 1.00
     (3) REJOINDER                      (8) FOG - FALCON DISKLETTER 
     (4) GEMVIEW 3.15                   (9) CINDY SITUP MPEG
     (5) PYSGHAM 1.5                  *(10) ORACLE SOURCE: DELPHI VERSION

                             * = New on list
                             HONORARY TOP 10

  The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently
  out-performing every other file in the databases.

                 ST REPORT (Current issue: STREPORT 11.37
        ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: VOLUME 4, ISSUE 7
          Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.


     SEVERNA PARK, MD, USA--Sept. 12 1995--Toad Computers, a supplier of
 Atari hardware and software, today announced that they will make
 available a mirror of the University of Michigan Atari Software
 Archive. The University of Michigan Atari Software Archive has been the
 primary FTP site for Atari eight-bit and ST public-domain software for
 years. However, due to its popularity, it has often been very difficult
 to get into the site. Various mirrors of the "umich" Atari site exist
 (, but these are sometimes just as difficult to
      Toad Computers this week announces that they will maintain a
 mirror of the "umich" archive at their ftp site, "".  Toad
 spokesperson David Troy explains, "We are very excited to be able to

 offer Atari users something extra; something that goes beyond just our
 homepage." Since November 1994, Toad Computers has offered a
 World-Wide-Web homepage which provides news, prices, product
 information and online ordering to Atari users. Since August 10, 1995,
 Toad Computers has been connected to the Internet through a
 high-speed/high-capacity T1 line (1.54MBps).
     The Toad Computers "umich" mirror can be reached by ftp at the
 following address:

     The Toad "umich" mirror archive is updated daily and contains
 over 700MB of compressed public domain software for the Atari 8-Bit,
 ST, STE, TT030 and Falcon computers. It is accessible from anywhere in
 the world through the Internet and such online services as GEnie,
 Delphi, CompuServe, America Online, and the Microsoft Network.
     Toad Computers is a reseller of hardware and software to Atari
 users and also provides Internet services in the Annapolis, Maryland
 area. The company is one of the largest Atari resellers in the world
 and ships worldwide.

 Toad Computers is located at 570 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park,
 Maryland, 21146; 410/544-6943.
        ORDERS:  800-448-8623
           FAX:  410-544-1329
          INFO:  410-544-6943

 Toad Computers offers the "umich" mirror as free public-domain and
 shareware software, makes no warranty as to its suitability for any
 application and assumes no liability for its content.
       NOTE:  The "at" symbol in Internet addresses does not
              always translate correctly; there is an at sign
              in info"at sign"

 ------------------------------------ (C) 1995 Toad Computers Inc. -----
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 ***************************** ANNOUNCEMENT ****************************
 Coming soon:
 ** SampleC - MIDI sample dump, sample conversion and librarian program*
 **           for the Atari ST, TT, Falcon series of computers.        *
 List of features:
 1) Supported formats:
         AVR signed and unsigned, AIFF including Cubase Audio, AIFF-C
         (uncompressed), WAVE (.WAV), CDP soundfiles. Stereo and mono,
         8-16 bit.
 2) Can receive and transmit 9-16 bit samples via the MIDI sample dump
 3) Supports Atari CDP soundfile system (Soundstreamer etc.).
 4) Converts between all supported formats - stereo to mono, bit
 5) Non-modal interface, optimised for MagiC operating system.
 6) VA_START and FREEDOM support for multiple file loading. Recursive
    file selector allowing every available sample to be loaded in one
 7) Intuitive interface - drag and drop samples, enhanced GEM
    facilities, 'iconification' on all TOS systems.
 8) ST-GUIDE on-line manual, KOBOLD support.
 9) Active registered user support.

 SampleC should be available within the next month, and will probably
 cost 12 UK pounds for registration within the UK - overseas costs TBA.
 An unregistered version, which is fully functional but places an 80K
 limit on all sample sizes and does not include the ST-GUIDE manual,
 will be available.

 If you would like to receive the unregistered version, please send me a
 DSDD disc with a stamped, self addressed envelope - I cannot return
 discs with no postage paid.

 Send to:          SampleC demonstration,
                   Richard Evans,
                   3, Gervis Crescent,
                   BH14 0LR.

 Your details will be stored on computer for reference, they will not be
 passed on in any manner to any individual or organisation. If you are
 willing for this to happen, please include a signed statement to this
 effect. If you do not wish to have your details stored, please state
 this in writing also.
 Richard Evans.           
                      All trademarks acknowledged.
 Richard Evans | JANET |

 >In This Week's Jaguar Section  -  It's JaguarCD Time!!  Rayman!
  """""""""""""""""""""""""""""     Ultra Vortek!  VLM!  VidGrid!
                                    Blue Lightning!  CATnips!
                                    And MUCH more!  Let the Games Begin!

 >From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      I don't know where to begin this week!!  The exciting news is that
 the JaguarCD is available and selling well (according to the few
 retailers that I talked with this past week).  It's nice to see that
 Atari is finally getting some good press for a change.  The users are
 happy, the retailers are happy, and Atari is glad to see the JagCD
 finally out!
      We'll have ours shortly, with special efforts by Atari's Jeanne
 Winding and Don Thomas.  We've received a number of items lately,
 including an in-progress version of Highlander.  Our Jaguar staff is
 playing and reviewing a number of games at the moment.  We hope to have
 some in this issue, if all goes well.  If not, look for LOTS of reviews
 in the next few issues.  Games are coming in and going out just as
 fast!  My local post office workers know me by sight these days and are
 constantly asking me which games are going out with each visit.  I have
 a feeling that they're all going to be buying Jaguars after hearing me
 talk about the games while waiting for them to be weighed and shipped!
      Well, this issue is jam-packed with news, information, online
 comments about the new games and the JagCD, and reviews (hopefully!).
 Let's get to it!  The weekend is upon us and I'm going to grab a couple
 of Pepsis and settle in to my easy chair and turn on the Jaguar and
 play until my hands get too sore to play any more!

      Until next time...

 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

     Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9005  Raiden               $29.99           FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
      J9001  Trevor McFur/
             Crescent Galaxy      $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95           Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95           id/Atari Corp.
      JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95           Telegames
      J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99           Rebellion/Atari Corp.
      J9029  Doom                 $69.99           id/Atari Corp.
      J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9003  Club Drive           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9007  Checkered Flag       $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99           Atari Corp.
      J9042  Zool 2               $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9020  Bubsy                $49.99           Atari Corp
      J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99           Atari Corp.


             Cannon Fodder        $49.99           Virgin/C-West
             Syndicate            $69.99           Ocean
             Troy Aikman Ftball   $69.99           Williams
             Theme Park           $69.99           Ocean
             Sensible Soccer                       Telegames
             Double Dragon V      $59.99           Williams
      J9009E Hover Strike         $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J0144E Pinball Fantasies    $59.99           C-West
      J9052E Super Burnout        $59.99           Atari
             White Men Can't Jump $69.99           Atari
             Flashback            $59.99           U.S. Gold
             VidGrid (CD)                          Atari Corp
             Blue Lightning (CD)  $59.99           Atari Corp
             Flip-Out             $49.99           Atari Corp
             Ultra Vortek         $69.99           Atari Corp
             Rayman               $69.99           Ubi Soft

      Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE                MSRP         DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

              Pitfall              $59.99             Atari
              Power Drive Rally     TBD                TWI
              Dragon's Lair         TBD              Readysoft
              Hover Strike CD      $59.99             Atari
              Demolition Man       $59.99             Atari

      Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

      J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $189.99        Atari Corp.
      J8001  Jaguar (no cart)    $159.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95
             CatBox              $69.95             ICD
             Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99        Atari Corp.

 >Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

 CONTACT: Patricia Kerr or Jennifer Hansen
          Dorf & Stanton Communications, Inc.
          (310) 479-4997 or (800) 444-6663
       Atari Jaguar CD System Pounces onto Multimedia Marketplace
 SUNNYVALE, CA -- (September 22, 1995) -- According to video game
 enthusiasts, it was well worth the wait. Atari Corporation's highly
 anticipated multimedia compact disc player for the Jaguar 64
 interactive home entertainment system has hit the stores and is jumping
 off the shelves.
 Atari Corporation has already sold out of its first production run of
 the CD peripheral, and is stepping up production to fill the high
 demand of retailers' reorders.
 "Our first order of Jaguar CDs has been largely consumed by our
 customer pre-orders," said Peter Roithmayr, Senior Buyer from
 Electronic Boutique. "We have already reordered and are excited by the
 strong sales we are seeing for the Jaguar CD."
 The combination of the Jaguar 64-bit console and the advanced CD
 technology yields a system with explosive power. As the first CD system
 coupled with 64-bit technology to hit the market, the Jaguar CD is on
 the leading edge of "next generation" home entertainment systems at
 only $149.95.
 Gamers experience intense true color, full motion video and CD-quality
 stereo sound when upgrading to the Jaguar CD system. The CD component
 plugs into the Jaguar 64 console providing 790 Megabytes of raw data
 storage. Approximately 15 Jaguar CD titles will be available for sale
 later this year including hits like "Myst", "Primal Rage" from Time 
 Warner Interactive, "Black ICE\White Noise", "Highlander", and
 "Commander Blood".
 "The launch of our Jaguar CD exemplifies Atari Corporation's commitmeet
 to providing consumers value priced components for their Atari
 entertainment system," said Ted Hoff, President of Atari's North
 American Operations. "Now, Jaguar owners can quickly and economically
 upgrade to a CD system and dramatically enhance their gaming
 In addition to the awesome gaming capabilities, the Jaguar CD elevates
 home entertainment to an entirely new level as it plays audio discs
 while providing simultaneous access to Atari's cartridge media. Players
 can experience a laser light show in their own homes with "The Virtual
 Light Machine" that is built into the Jaguar CD system. As audio discs
 play on the Jaguar CD, "The Virtual Light Machine" morphs, contorts and
 pulsates psychedelic light with the beat of the music.
 With a suggested retail price of only $149.95, the Jaguar CD system is
 undoubtedly the best value on the market.  Atari Corporation, however,
 takes their commitment to value-pricing one step further in giving
 Jaguar consumers a bonus pack with the CD peripheral. More than $100 in 
 fast-action interactive software will be included free with the system.
 The software bonus pack contains:

  * Blue Lightning -- Gamers pilot a plane from a squadron of United
    nations operatives as they fight to stop General Drako, the UN
    member turned terrorist. Players design flight plans and use their
    quick maneuvering skills to destroy key enemy locations and basis.
  * Vid Grid -- An innovative way to "play" music videos. As players
    watch the video, the screen is divided into squares and placed out
    of order. Players must unscramble each video before it finishes
    playing. Vid Grid features videos from hot rock artist Guns 'n Roses,
    Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Ozzie Osbourne, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili 
    Peppers, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, and Sound Garden.
  * Myst -- Jaguar CD consumers will be treated to a demo of the first
    level of game play for the wildly popular title. Players must use
    their intellect to unlock the secrets of ages past. Every detail,
    no matter how insignificant it first seems could be the key to 
    unlocking the mystery.
  * Tempest 2000 -- Consumers receive the audio CD to this all-time
    favorite Atari hit. With Jaguar CD capabilities, the Tempest 2000
    soundtrack can by played with "The Virtual Light Machine".
 The Jaguar CD peripheral with the bonus software pack-in is available
 in stores nationwide. Atari Corporation notified tens of thousands of
 Jaguar 64 users of the new Jaguar CD release through the company's
 Jaguar Alert consumer postcard program.
 For more than twenty years, Atari Corporation has provided consumers
 with high quality value priced entertainment.  

 Atari Corporation markets Jaguar, the only American-made advanced
 64-bit entertainment system and is located in Sunnyvale, California.
                                  # # #
 Atari, the Atari logo and Jaguar are trademarks or registered
 trademarks of Atari Corporation. All Rights Reserved. All listed
 software is authorized by Atari for use with the Jaguar 64-Bit
 Multimedia System.
 VID GRID (c)1994-1995 Geffen Records, Inc. and Jasmine Multimedia
 publishing. All Rights Reserved. Produced by Norman Bell and Jasmine
 Multimedia Publishing. Licensed to Atari Corporation. Vid Grid is a
 trademark of Jasmine Multimedia Publishing and Geffen Records Inc.
 MYST software copyright (c)1993 Cyan, Inc. and Sun Corporation. All
 Rights Reserved. Atari Jaguar Adaptation (Worldwide) (c)1995 Atari
 Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Myst is a registered trademark of
 Cyan, Inc.
 Blue Lightning (c)1989, 1995 Epyx. All Rights Reserved. (c)1995 Atari
 Corporation. Blue Lightning is a trademark of Epyx, licensed for use by


 Atari Corporation.
                                  # # #

 SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (Sept. 19) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 19, 1995--Atari Corp.
 Tuesday morning announced the launch of "Rayman" for the Jaguar 64
 entertainment system. 
    "Rayman" is a challenging, unique game developed and published for
 Atari by Ubi Soft for the powerful Next Generation Jaguar. 
    "Rayman" transports players to a mystical world with vibrant
 animation and an upbeat soundtrack as they help the affable adventure
 hero defeat bizarre enemies, rescue his friends and restore peace and
 harmony to the world. 
    Combining challenging game play, cartoon-like animation and
 authentic sound effects, "Rayman" appeals to gamers of all ages and
 skill levels. Players explore multi-layered worlds with independently
 scrolling backdrops leading to clever enemies that learn each gamer's
 playing style and fight back with wicked skill. 
    "Ubi Soft has developed an outstanding game for the Jaguar 64,"
 said Ted Hoff, Atari's president of North American operations. "The
 animation for 'Rayman' consists of over 50 hand-drawn characters,
 65,000 colors and 60-frame-per-second movement, all of which highlight
 the superiority of Jaguar's 64-bit technology." 
    Gaming capabilities and sophisticated visual presentation have the
 industry buzzing about this new game for Jaguar 64.  In the September
 issue, Electronic Gaming Monthly awards "Rayman" for Atari's Jaguar 64
 the Editor's Gold Choice Award. 
    "Rayman" is rated (KA) for kids through adults, is in stores now and
 has a suggested retail price of $69.99. 
    For more than 20 years, Atari has provided consumers with high
 quality, value-priced entertainment.  Atari markets Jaguar 64, the
 only American-made, advanced 64-bit system and is located in Sunnyvale.
    With headquarters just outside of Paris, Ubi Soft develops,
 publishes and distributes video games and computer entertainment
 software throughout the world, with offices in the United States,
 Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

                    -/- Sega Enters CD-ROM Market -/-

      Sega Enterprises Ltd.'s Sega of America, best known for its video
 cartridges for dedicated game machines, is jumping into the PC game
 market this fall with its first CD-ROM games.
      Reporting from Redwood City, California, the Reuter News Service
 quotes Sega as saying it will port enhanced 16- and 32-bit Sega games
 to Pentium-based PCs running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 95.
      Initially, the Sega CD-ROM lineup includes "Ecco the Dolphin,"
 "Tomcat Alley" and Comix Zone."
      "An upgrade of Sega's hit arcade and Sega Saturn title 'Virtua
 Fighter Remix,' which requires a multimedia accelerator board by
 Diamond Multimedia, Systems Inc. is scheduled to hit the market as a
 pack-in with the Diamond Edge 3D board starting in October," Reuters
      Also, later this year look for the Sega Saturn "Panzer Dragoon"
 to be available for the PC using the Edge 3D accelerator, the wire
 service says.

                  -/- Microsoft Offers New Joystick -/-

      A new joystick is seen as Microsoft Corp.'s latest weapon in its
 effort to lure video game enthusiasts to personal computers.
      Part of a growing line of Microsoft hardware peripherals for the
 consumer market, the joystick "is aimed in part at taking advantage of
 the Windows 95 operating system, which is being positioned as a far
 better gaming system than previous versions of Windows," says the
 Reuter News Service.
      The Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro, available in mid-October for
 about $60, will operate older games, but will include a total of eight
 buttons rather than the usual four, to allow game designers to add new
 options. Microsoft officials told the wire service the product will
 take advantage of new digital-optical technology to give gamers more
 precise control.
      It will be packaged with Activision's MechWarrior 2 combat game
 for about $80. Microsoft also said it will offer a two-button analog
 joystick called SideWinder for about $30.
      With the new Windows 95 system, Microsoft has made a major effort
 to entice game players and developers from rival platforms, such as the
 Sega and Nintendo dedicated game devices.
      "Not only are the video-game devices far less expensive than
 personal computers, until now they also have provided faster response
 for action games than computers," Reuters comments. "Microsoft
 officials are hoping that game players can be won over to computers by
 improvements such as the new operating system, specially designed games
 and input devices."
      Besides the joystick, Microsoft's consumer division produces
 several mouse units and an ergonomically designed keyboard.

                 -/- Panasonic Plans PC/Mac CD-ROMs -/-

      Panasonic Software Co., the entertainment publishing division of
 Matsushita Electric Corp. of America, says it will begin publishing
 CD-ROM software titles for the Macintosh and PC.
      Panasonic Software, located in Santa Clara, California, was
 established in April 1994 to publish interactive software titles for
 the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system.
      The company first PC title will be Cyberdillo, a 3-D adventure
 game in which players guide a half armadillo, half cybernetic machine,
 on a scavenger hunt. Cyberdillo will be available in November. No price
 has been announced.
      Planned Macintosh titles include Theo the Dinosaur and Isis. Theo
 the Dinosaur is a children's interactive playbook that encourages kids
 to read and recycle. The story is based on cartoonist Phil Yeh's book,
 Theo the Dinosaur. The title is set to ship in November. No price has
 been announced.
      Isis is a cinematic adventure game in which players must rescue a
 beautiful goddess by finding the gems that harness the elemental forces
 of Earth, Wind & Fire. This game features the music of Earth, Wind &
 Fire with live interviews and concert footage. Isis will be available
 in December. No price has been announced.

 >Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher
 Air Cars                TBA   Racing/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Alien vs Predator       NOW   Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Alien vs Predator CD    2/96  Role Play/Adventure  TBD      Atari
 Arena Football         11/95  Sports              $69.99    V Reel
 Assault                2Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Atari Kart             11/95  Driving              TBD      Atari
 Att. of Mut. Penguins  12/95  Arcade              $59.99    Atari
 Baldies (CD)           11/95  Action/Simulation   $59.99    Atari
 Batman Forever (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Battlemorph (CD)       11/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battlesphere           12/95  Space/Combat         TBD      4-Play
 Battlestar             11/95  Space/Combat         TBD      ?
 Battle Wheels          2Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Black ICE/White Noise  12/95  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Atari
 Blue Lightning (CD)     NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Braindead 13 (CD)      10/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      ReadySoft
 Breakout 2000          12/95  Puzzle              $49.99    Atari
 Brett Hull Hockey      11/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 1Q/96  Sports              $69.99    Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Cannon Fodder           NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Virgin
 Chas Barkley Basketball10/95  Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Checkered Flag          NOW   Racing              $69.99    Atari
 Club Drive              NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Commando (CD)          11/95  Action (3D)          TBD      Atari
 Commander Blood (CD)   11/95  RPG                 $69.99    Atari
 Creature Shock (CD)    10/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi    $59.99    Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           11/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Dante (CD)              6/96  Action               TBD      Atari


 Deathwatch             11/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Defender 2000          11/95  Arcade              $59.99    Atari
 Demolition Man (CD)    10/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                    NOW   Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V         NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams
 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story  NOW   Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon's Lair (CD)      9/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dragon's Lair 2 (CD)   10/95  Adventure            TBD      ReadySoft
 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dune Racer (CD)         1/96  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Fever Pitch            11/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Fight For Life          TBA   Combat               TBD      Atari
 Flashback               NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    US Gold
 Flip-Out                NOW   Puzzle              $49.99    Atari
 Formula 1 Racing (CD)  11/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Frank Thomas Baseball   4/96  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Gotcha!                 1/95  ?                    TBD      ---
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Highlander I (CD)      10/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Highlander II (CD)      2/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Highlander III (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Horrorscope            2Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike            NOW   Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Hover Strike CD         9/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Hyper Force             TBA   ?                    TBD      Comp. West
 Ironman/XO-Manowar      4/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Iron Soldier            NOW   Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier II (CD)   11/95  Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja            NOW   Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Magic Carpet (CD)      12/95  Action/RPG           TBD      Atari
 Max Force (CD)         12/95  Action              $59.99    Atari
 Mindripper (CD)         2/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Missile Command        12/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      Atari
 Mortal Kombat 3         4/96  Fighting             TBD      Atari
 Myst (CD)              10/95  Interactive Novel   $59.99    Atari
 NBA Jam T.E.           12/95  Sports              $69.99    Atari
 Netwar (aka Redemption)11/95  Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Phase Zero             10/95  Action/Arcade       $59.99    Atari
 Pinball Fantasies       NOW   Arcade              $59.95    Comp. West
 Pitfall - Mayan Adv.   10/95  Arcade              $59.99    Activision
 Power Drive Rally       9/95  Driving              TBD      TWI
 Primal Rage (CD)       11/95  Fighting             TBD      TWI
 Rage Rally             2Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                  NOW   Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft
 Return Fire (CD)       1Q/96  Combat               TBD      Atari
 Rise of the Robots (CD)11/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      TWI
 Robinson's Requiem (CD)11/95  Adventure           $59.99    Atari
 Rocky Horror Inter.(CD) 4/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Ruiner Pinball         10/95  Arcade              $59.99    Atari
 Sensible Soccer         NOW   Sports                        Telegames
 Sky Hammer (CD)        12/95  Flying/Action        TBD      Atari
 Soccer Kid             2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Soul Star (CD)          9/95  Action/Sci-Fi        TBD      Atari
 Space Ace (CD)          9/95  Space/Combat         TBD      ReadySoft
 Space War               9/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Starlight BowlaRama CD 10/95  Simulation/Sports    TBD      Atari
 Star Raiders           2Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Sudden Impact          12/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Super Burnout           NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Supercross 3D          11/95  Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Syndicate               NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Thea Realm Fighters(CD)1Q/96  Action/Fighting      TBD      Atari
 Theme Park              NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball  NOW   Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   2Q/95  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortek            NOW   Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games
 Val D'Isere Skiing...   NOW   Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Varuna's Forces (CD)   12/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 VidGrid (CD)            NOW   Puzzle/Music Video   ---      Atari
 Wayne Gretzky NHL (CD) 12/95  Sports               TBD      TWI
 White Men Can't Jump    NOW   Sports (w/Team Tap) $69.99    TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Zero 5                  1/96  Space/Combat         TBD      Atari
 Zone Hunter            12/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Zool2                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Zoop                   12/95  Puzzle               TBD      Viacom

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari - all subject to change]

 >Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

       CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas          (950917)

 I expect this issue of CATnips will turn out being a bit unique. It
 looks like it will be a long one and I hope people like it because I've
 spent hours and hours putting this together. <g> I urge everyone to
 read ALL the comments because I picked a lot of the ones brought to my
 attention for their informative value. Please help copy and distribute
 this issue so as many people as possible have it available to them.
 CD-ROM is here!

 As you will see, Atari has had an explosive end of week last week. Not
 only has "FlipOut!", "White Men Can't Jump", "Rayman" and "Ultra
 Vortek" been released on carts recently, the CD-ROM is hitting stores
 in quantities and gamers are ecstatic. I don't expect you to take my
 "biased" word for it, so I've collected "a few" comments from
 CompuServe, the Internet, GEnie, CATscan and Prodigy. It seems that
 Mr. Hoff is a bit of a hero at Atari. In my opinion, he deserves the

 On last Wednesday, Mr. Hoff helped launch the CD-ROM with a live RTC
 (Round Table Conference) on GEnie and within hours of that event,
 CD-ROM's were being cited in popular gaming retailers across the
 country. My EMail box on all the popular services is filled.  Special
 thanks to Frans Keylard for his tireless efforts to keep me up-to-date
 with Internet traffic. (Yes, I appreciate Travis Guy and Dana Jacobson
 too. <g>) Another unsung hero is Mr. Laury Scott who has had to put a
 lot of work to meet the deadlines established to keep Atari's
 schedules. I also think Atari's Customer Service Department deserves a
 LOT of that-a-person's (politically corrected that-a-boys <g>). In
 particular, I'd like to say "thanks" to Carolyn, Barbara, Renee,
 Claudia, Geraldine and Arnold. They put up with a lot of people who
 have, well let's say, very anxious ways of telling Atari that they'd
 like their CD-ROM. <g>

              "Coming October 6, Plug in the WIRE network."

        "On October 6, Atari Corporation, CompuServe Information
           Service, Atari Explorer Online Magazine and Silicon
            Times Report unveil something big for the online



 Before I unleash the frenzied feedback from friends who found the
 CD-ROM <g>, let me offer a suggestion as one of the first audio CDs
 you may wish to play on it. Just recently, a young lady who we (my
 family) know in the humble town of Manteca released her first album on
 CD and cassette. Her mother used to babysit my son, and I remember the
 long hours that her daughter would practice singing and training her
 voice. The other night, I took my son to see "Hackers" (got to keep up
 with these things <g>) and the theater was playing Kristin's new CD:
 "Neon Romeo" before the movie started.  Wow! Kristin sounded good!

 It occurs to me that there may be a few Country Music lovers in the
 Internet as well as on the major online services. I think Kristin may
 very well teach me to appreciate Country Music a lot more. I admit I
 am biased, but Kristin has a unique quality in her voice and she has
 managed to perfect it over the years. I think she has a great shot at
 making a name for herself.

 Kristin's mom is a super lady. If she's not doing something for
 Kristin, it's for another family member or one of her friends. Kathy
 has co-produced the CD and the family made the trek to Hilltop Studios


 in Nashville, Tennessee to record it.

 It's been a little while since I have seen Kathy and Kristin Rich
 since our son is now on a different schedule and they don't watch him
 during the day any longer. I do think Kristin sounds great and I know
 how much work their family has put into putting out their first
 bonafide album. So, I've offered to help spread the word... especially
 since all the Jaguar owners I know are getting something cool to play
 Kristin's new CD on. <g>

 Here's the deal... The CD is $15 and the cassette is $10. The cassette
 and the CD are professionally packaged (although I can't find a
 barcode... hmmm). As an offer to anyone reading this, both Kristin and
 Kathy have agreed to sign your copy. (Kathy and Kristin both sing on
 the CD). You can have the sleeve signed, the CD or both. Just ask.

 There are 10 songs and Kristin's best is in every one of them. Since
 this is the teenager's first, this may be a great opportunity to
 preview what is in store for her fans down that Country road! Here are
 the selections:

     Just Wanna Rodeo With You      Take It From Me
     You Said You'd Call Me         Trouble With Love
     A Mile a Minute                We're Talkin Tears
     Never Stop Lovin' Me           Love's Looking Back
     Runnin' On Love                Forever Young

 If you're inclined to help launch this young woman's success AND
 benefit from a great "limited edition, signed" audio CD or cassette,
 then send $15 for CD or $10 for cassette (plus $3.00 S&H) to:

     Kristin Rich - NEON ROMEO Special Offer
     c/o Artisan SW
     P.O. Box 849
     Manteca, CA  95337

 Checks and Money Orders accepted. Make checks out to "Kristin
 Rich-Neon Romeo offer". California orders, please add sales tax.
 Distributor, resale and bulk purchase inquiries welcome.

 SMALL PRINT -- Please note that this offer is not endorsed or
 affiliated with Atari Corporation or it's licensees. I am admittedly
 taking advantage of my distribution channels to help Kristin sell her
 new CD. I have not nor do I intend to personally benefit financially
 or otherwise from this offer. Have I missed anything? Send E-Mail
 inquiries to:



       Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 02:47:26
         To: Multiple recipients <>
    Subject: RAYMAN!!!!!!
    Comment: Discussion of the Atari Jaguar and
             video gaming industry

 I picked up my copy of Rayman today. The moment I got home, I made
 straight for EB. Sure enough, it was there on the shelf (the empty box
 with the NEW RELEASE on it anyway), I headed to the checkout so quick
 I was just a blur. I struggled to write the check fast enough, and
 waited impatiently for the clerk to clear it. I took the fast route
 home, and had Rayman inserted into the cart port the instant I was
 through the door.

 So far I've played for a little over two hours, and I'm having a BLAST!
 The control is perfect, the sound is great, the music is OK (I was
 hoping for stereo, but I guess memory is limited when graphics this
 detailed are used), and the graphics are extremely sharp. Parallax,
 shmerillax, the three scrolls are detailed enough to suffice. It's my
 guess, that the only reason the PSX version has more parallax, is
 because it has plenty of space on the CD, and it doesn't play music
 from memory. UBI has packed a lot into limited cart space, the
 characters movements incredibly varied (I just love breaking the teeth
 out of the fish's mouth), and there are tons of little mushrooms
 moving, stacking up, and jumping around in the first word. I can't
 really say if I've seen any Slowdown (TM Nintendo), I think this game
 is so fluid, that I just imagine it, but it rarely occurs, and only an
 extremely tiny hint of it then.

 The music fits the game extremely well, it's crystal clear, and as
 stated before I would've preferred stereo, but that doesn't bother me
 (unless my Jag isn't hooked up right, my TV is supposedly smart and
 detects mono signals when cable is connected to the right input jack).
 The SFX are clear and fit right into the action, there is always sound
 coming from something. The only thing missing in the audio is voices,
 at the startup screen, you can see Rayman's mouth moving as to say
 "Rayman", but no voice is heard. Also, when you stand still for a
 while he says something, but nothing comes out. It doesn't impact the
 game though.

    Well, that's my review.

    > >Stephen > >



    SERVICE: PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service
       TIME: 09/16     3:01 AM

 Don --

 I just picked up copies of Rayman & UV this morning locally in the Bay
 Area -- both are fantastic & were worth waiting for. Rayman in
 particular is spectacular. As you wrote, my local dealer said the CD
 unit should be in by early next week. I can barely wait!! And on behalf
 of everyone on this board, I wish to take this opportunity to
 personally thank you for your candid input on the Jaguar.  And also
 thanks to all the Jaguar fans who post notes on my favorite board. See
 you all tomorrow night.




       DATE: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 23:59:00
         TO: Multiple recipients <>
    SUBJECT: I GOT MY JAG-CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    COMMENT: Discussion of the Atari Jaguar and
             video gaming industry

 YES, YES, YES!!!!  Ya Mon!   Woo Hoo!!

 The moment I saw the posts that the JagCD was out, I grabbed the check
 book and flew out the door <zipp>. The moment I got to EB I sighted my
 crosshairs on the Jag stuff and locked on to the CD display box. After
 an excruciating(sp?) wait at the check out counter, I hurried to my
 car. Just to make sure it was really real, I opened the box and looked
 in, it was real! I never thought I would visit EB two days in a row
 and walk out with something new (not returns or trades) both times. 
 Rayman and JagCD within a day of each other, hurray for us! I guess my
 patience paid off ;) .

 The only thing I didn't like about getting them is the tax, around here
 it is 8.25%, which is high for tax in this area. I've got Rayman and
 my JagCD, so I'm not going to be spending any more for a while anyway.
 As soon as I got home, I fulfilled my promise I made a long time ago, 
 the first disk I put in it was the T2K soundtrack (my old one, I'll
 keep the new one in the wrapper), VLM is everything the hype makes it
 out to be.  My mom likes it as well, and my dad keeps saying the images
 are fractals, I don't really know but I don't think so. Next, I played
 the Myst demo (talk about short demo), very nice color, the sound that
 goes with the FMV was a bit scratchy, but that is common with most FMV

 Next, I played BL, the cinemas looked really good, and the music during
 the game is crystal clear. Load time is minimal, only about 10 seconds,
 it jumps to the FMV quickly too. It will take a while to get used to
 the control, but its not impossible, I've only played it a few times


 so far.

 The Jaguar can now be truly called a Multimedia System. I could be
 wrong, but I can say that I speak for the majority of Jag owners who
 are impatiently awaiting their JagCD when I say "YES!!  YES!!  YES!!
 YES!!  YES!! YES!!  YES!!  YES!!  YES!!"

 I don't normally listen to country (I feel the need every once in
 a while for some reason), but the VLM seems to respond well to it.
 I'll have to try some of my soundtracks next, most have a bit of
 orchestrated tracks in them.

 Excuse me while I go watch the VLM some more..... =8)

    > >Stephen > >



       DATE: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 19:06:15
         TO: Multiple recipients <>
    COMMENT: Discussion of the Atari Jaguar and
             video gaming industry

 Well, I got it and WOW.

 This thing rocks and you cannot beat the price. A kick-a$$ system and
 4 discs for 150 dollars. Vid Grid really shows off the system's FMV
 abilities. Blue Lightning is not that great but it will do. I haven't
 listened to the Tempest soundtrack yet but still, It is great techo
 judging from the game. I also haven't opened Myst but it should be
 nice. The VLM is ultimate and really works well to the Dangerous Minds
 Soundtrack. Well, I have to get back to playing and I just hope that
 this doesn't go the same way the Jag did and take almost 2 years for
 a good number of games to come out. Good Job Atari. BTW, I got it from
 Babbages in St. Louis in case anyone is wondering what areas have
 gotten them yet.

    > >Derek > >



       DATE: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 21:03:27 -0400
       FROM: (Marlin Bates, IV)
         TO: Multiple recipients <>
    COMMENT: Discussion of the Atari Jaguar and
             video gaming industry

 Well, I got mine today. Just thought I would do a quick overview of
 the system and software.

 Location: Stockton, CA  (Northern Calif)

 Bought it at Electronic Boutique in Concord, CA for $149. Last one out
 of 10 they got. In a nice box similar in design to the Jag box. Comes
 with the four discs which you know about. The holders for the CD-ROM
 games (except Myst) come in very cool tri-fold CD holders (similar to
 the ones some audio CDs come in). Myst, since it is a demo, is simply
 in a Cardboard sleeve. The power supply is IDENTICAL to the Jag base
 which is cool and odd at the same time.

 Included is of course the multi national owners manual and a flyer
 about a Memory Track. It is a cart sized memory backup for high scores
 on CD games. Which is very cool to know.

 One thing I was disappointed with was the loss of the boot up roar. Too
 be sure the new effects with the Logo and VLM at boot up are too cool!

 Also, I did not think I was going to like Vid Grid but it IS GREAT!
 The difficulty accelerates at a good but challenging pace. I'm not too
 hot on all of the groups but they picked songs which span a good
 variety and don't annoy those not familiar with all of them. Also the
 opening shots in here are OUTSTANDING. Very fluid.

 If you fail to put either a cart or disk in a cool ? Disk comes up
 (similar to the Mac ? disk) when you do not put a disk in at boot)

 Blue Lightning is graphically excellent but the controls are a bit

 MYST IS EXCELLENT. I had owned the Mac version and this is BETTER
 graphics and speed wise and this is only a demo!

 All-in-all I would rate everything about this a 9. And not a 10 only
 because I have had to wait so long!

    > > Marlin > >



       FROM: (Frans Keylard)
    SUBJECT: Re: Ultra Vortek Opinion
       DATE: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 21:39:45

 In, (Tiptron) wrote:

                       Ultra Vortex - Beyond Games
                         Review By: Larry Tipton

 Ultra Vortek finally answers the question "Can the Atari Jaguar Do
 Fighting Games?" The answer, a resounding YES!!!

 If you are a fan of MK/MKII, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter, or NEO
 GEO fighters go out and get this game now!

 The control is splendid, the special moves are new an fresh, the sound
 effects are bone crunching great, the music FITS this game:
 Hyper-Grunge-Garage Band Guitar Rock.

 Ultra Vortek is not hyper fast like some of the fighter games are
 today. You know, where the characters move soooo fast you cant see
 them and they nail you with 100 punches and kicks in 2 seconds. The
 action in this game just feels right.

 The look.... No blurry images. Incredible backgrounds. This thing
 oozes with next generation style. The playfields are about two TV
 screens wide. There is plenty of room to fight, escape, etc. The first
 two levels of difficulty are pretty easy. I was able to reach the
 Guardian in Normal mode. What an ugly dude!!!! Watch his tail! Ouch.
 The Hard Level setting is where you can find the real game. The Hyper
 level is for folks who love to feel pain of losing to a superior CPU

 The move are easy to pull off, not frustration like those found in
 Kasumi Ninja. It feels natural! The booklet does not give away all of
 the special moves, well have to figure those out for ourselves! I've
 seen quite a few Annihilation moves performed by the CPU at the hard
 setting. Three by Mercury alone. I have not figured out how to do them
 yet. All of the characters have the same basic moves: Punch, Pummel,
 Kick, Jab, Uppercut, Sweep, Retreat, Escape, Jump, Crouch, Block.
 Feels very similar to MK/MK2/MK3. But, they also have their own special
 moves. Lucious' Hawk Attack looks incredible! Buzzsaw's Pain Machine
 looks like a Daggit on steroids! And who wouldn't love Skullcrusher's
 "Choke and Thump!" Volcano's fire moves are Hyper-Toasty <g>.

 Did I mention that the backgrounds are incredible? Or that the control
 is top-notch? Yes! -and- Yes!

 Oh, and the shadow fights are also incredible looking. Look,
 transparencies! Very tough too! Save your strength, you are going to
 need it. :-)

 Rating on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest score

       Graphics:  10
        Control:  10
          Sound:  10
          Music:   9
    Playability:  10
    Originality:   8


        Overall: 9.5

 Beyond Games and Atari did this one right! I just can't say enough good
 things about this title!!!!!

     > > Larry Tipton > >



    SERVICE: CompuServe
       DATE: Saturday, September 16, 1995
      TOPIC: Jaguar General
    SUBJECT: Congratulations, Atari
       MSG#: 92804
       FROM: Daniel Skelton, 73742,464

 To Don, Lynn, Laury, Loic, and everybody at Atari who've had to put up
 with lots of griping over the past few weeks (much of it from me):

 Congratulations to all of you for the finest week in the life span of
 the Jaguar. Rayman, Ultra Vortek, Blue Lightning, Vid-Grid, Virtual
 Light Machine, and the Myst demo. Okay, I don't want to hear ANYBODY
 complaining about no new software being released. That's SIX new
 programs in one week, including what may be three of the best ever
 released for the system, Rayman, Ultra Vortek, and VLM.

 Finally, the Jaguar has a world-class platform game, one which is
 being released at the same time as other platforms' versions (not
 months after), a game that screams "next generation."

 Finally, the Jaguar has a solid two-person fighter, one  which has
 aroused even my interest, and I have about as much love for two-person
 fighters as I have for memorizing DOS commands. Every delay taken by
 Atari to improve this program was time well-spent. I can only hope
 that Fight For Life is utilizing its extra time as well.

 Finally, the CD-ROM is available, and Virtual Light Machine is the
 kind of program I dreamed of running some 15 years ago when I did an
 electronic music radio program on college radio - this is EXACTLY what
 I had wanted to broadcast on video to accompany the music.

 Keep up the pace, keep up the good work, and many thanks from one
 happy Jag owner having a GREAT weekend!

    -- Dan Skelton
       Antique Videogame Aficionado and Proud Jaguar Owner



       FROM: (Frans Keylard)
    SUBJECT: Da_n UV ! It gave me a blister!
       DATE: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 21:41:00

 In, (Michael
 Nelson) wrote:

 I picked up Ultra Vortek this morning. The game is excellent! In fact,
 I haven't had this much fun with a Jag game since IS. The graphics are
 crisp, smooth, and interesting. I have no idea where the animation
 complaints came from. I was also impressed by the energetic music. Not
 quite in the same league with T2K, but still very good. They make heavy
 use of a heavily distorted guitar sound - >very cool.

 I was a bit concerned when I breezed through the trainee level
 opponents (uh oh, KN all over again). Fortunately, the game got harder
 on the normal setting. The guardian kicked my weenie a$$.  A big
 problem I had with KN was that opponents (even on Ninja God level)
 would fall easily to repeated attacks. I can run the table using only
 a high kick. UV opponents, though, will have none of this. Only on
 Trainee level could I repeatedly use the same attack and consistently
 win bouts. This is good.

 Do I have any regrets about buying this game? Yup, I've got a great
 big blister on my joypad thumb. I'm gonna have to wait for it to heal
 before I play UV again.

    > > Michael > >



       FROM: (Frans Keylard)
    SUBJECT: RAYMAN is awesome !!!!!!!!!!
       DATE: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 21:44:26

 In, (Richard CDeBaca) wrote:

 Just bought Rayman this Friday and all I can say is I feel sorry for
 the people that sold their jaguars, the fun is just beginning. The
 bright colors, and animations even look great on an old cheap 13" TV.
 Everyone in my student apartments that walks by and sees the screen
 wants to know more about the Jag. Who cares if people only find out
 about the Jag now. It is never too late. I think this game will
 definitely sell some systems!


 > > Richard > >



       FROM: (Frans Keylard)
    SUBJECT: Reviews: Rayman and Ultra Vortek
       DATE: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 21:45:55

 In, (Boomer)

 Yesterday I bought, sight unseen, Rayman and Ultra Vortek from my local
 Babbages. (They had *two* whole copies of Ultra Vortek shipped to
 them?) Although the sales person seemed somewhat surprised, I couldn't
 have been happier when I got them home.... and that was after paying
 Babbages exorbitant price of $69.99 each (what can a guy do when only
 one store in a city of 100,000 plus carries Jaguar stuff). Anyway, here

 Rayman (after about one hour of playing)

 A new classic in the realm of platformers. Though I usually don't pay
 much attention to platformers (my daughters do), it beats, hands down,
 any other platform I have played.... including DKC. Of course, I prefer
 game play to prettiness, so keep that in mind. I'm sure, over time, I
 will put in the effort to finish it (something I usually don't do).
 Definitely a *MUST BUY*, even at $69.99.

 Ultra Vortek (after about 30 minutes of playing)

 This games rocks....and I don't just mean the soundtrack. I have played
 MK, MKII, SF, SFIIT, Primal Rage, etc., and I personally think this
 beats them all..... truly a Jaguar victory!!!

 The graphics are superb, the music is superb, the gameplay is superb!
 An 11, 11, 11 straight across on a scale of 1-10. Buy it, buy it, buy
 it..... if you like fighters, you won't be disappointed. I really
 question whether MKIII will be able to beat it.

 Bottom line... I think the question of 64 bits? (one I never doubted)
 has clearly been answered by both of these games.

 BTW, I have the disposable income to buy Saturn or Playstation or
 whatever else I want, but with the release of these two games, I see
 there is no longer a reason to even think about them! There is no doubt
 in my mind that Atari is on the right track and there are many
 *GREAT* things to come.

 See Ya,

 > > The Shirt > >



 Without Atari's almighty pong
 No video game console would be going strong
 If playing any console and thinking "Hey, this is for me"
 Be sure and thank the creator, the mighty Atari!


    SERVICE: Prodigy
         TO: DONALD THOMAS JR    (EUKG11A)
       DATE: 09/17/95, 12:59 PM


 The VLM is a universal favorite because it's such a mindblower! I mean,
 I was looking forward to it, and it still far exceeds my expectations;
 I'm having a wonderful time running all my old psychedelic CDs on it,
 with incredible results. If Atari can keep stuff coming that blows
 people's minds like this, the Jag can still hold its own against the
 latest onslaught from the Far East. I'd also like to say that I think
 Blue Lightning is much better than some of the reviews I've seen; it's
 the best fighter simulation I've played, though I don't have an
 exhaustive knowledge of the genre...


     SERVICE: Prodigy
         TO: ALL
       DATE: 09/15/95, 4:47 PM

 YES!! The day after I scored a copy of Rayman, what else did I see
 sitting on the EB shelf... can it be... THE JAG CD!!! (I'm here in
 NYC.) How is it?

 F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!! Here are my initial observations, after just a
 few hours messing around with it:

 1) THE VLM IS WORTH THE PRICE ALONE!!! Yes, I qualify as an "ex-hippie",
 but you have simply got to see the Virtual Light Machine in action to
 believe it. This is the finest light show I've ever seen, and it's not
 at the old Fillmore... it's on your TV, lighting up your favorite CDs.
 [Don Thomas, if you're listening, you MUST show the VLM in a TV ad;
 words and a static picture alone don't do it justice. And it's a
 feature none of the other systems has!] What's really cool is to pick
 one of the nine VLM banks and set the Jag for random, so it changes
 effects within the bank every twenty seconds. AWESOME!!! Smoke 'em if
 you got 'em!!! Minter to the rescue!!!

 2) Blue Lightning looks great too, with texture mapping on all
 surfaces, smooth flight, choice of planes, intro FMV, voices, stereo
 is the video selection, which seems to favor videos with quick cuts
 and weird images, like Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer. The only gripe is
 I hear some static on the audio, which I don't hear when playing audio

 3) Demo of Myst looks impressive too, with interactive demo of library
 plus slide show of later scenes. I was so excited to have the CD (and
 so broke), I didn't even look to see what if any games were available.

 Between Flip Out, Rayman, Blue Lightning, and Vid Grid, I have plenty
 to keep me occupied for a while.  There is also mention in the package
 of a separate "Memory Track" cartridge which plugs in the cartridge
 slot and retains CD game settings; I'd like to know if this is
 available yet too. At any rate, Jag fans, I HIGHLY recommend the CD
 unit and suggest you RUN, don't walk, to your game store to pick one
 up. (By the way, I was afraid mine wasn't working when I first hooked
 it up; it turned out I hadn't plugged it all the way into the base
 unit -- make sure you hear it click into place...)

 Happy to answer further questions when I'm not playing. (I'm currently
 "watching" the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour, and it's something to


 CATscan E-Mail (209/239-1552)
 Sent By: (#27) John Hardie
 Sent To: (#1) Don Thomas - Atari Corporation
 Sent On: September 16, 1995 at 8:35pm
 Recv On: September 17, 1995 at 3:47pm
 Subject: CD,etc.

 Jag CD, Rayman, and Ultra Vortek! Don, I've gone to Atari heaven!!!
 Everything is great, VLM, VidGrid, Blue, Myst Demo, all are very good.
 Thanks again for the informative conference the other night. All this
 talk of Oct. 6, should I get myself a CompuServe account?? Talk to you

    -- John



 Message: = Open Discussion =  #221 of 221 [20 Lines]
 Sent On: September 17, 1995 at 12:55am
 Sent By: Marlin Bates - All Hail the Fuji!
 Sent To: All
 Replies: None
 Subject: JAGUAR CD

 Just thought I would call and post a message to the effect that I think
 this Jag CD is COOL! Another quality program from the people in he
 land of the Fuji! I am curious (but very happy to see it) as to the
 Memory Track cart and when we will see it available for purchase?

 Everything about the Jag CD from packaging to performance is top notch.
 Blue Lightning is a bit tough for my not so nimble reactions but other
 than that I am VERY glad to have purchased it.

 I do like the new opening Logo screen. I also have to admit that I did
 not think I would like Vid Grid (h_ll, I don't even like some of the
 groups!) but Vid Grid is incredibly addictive. I just keep playing it
 and playing it. Sometimes just to watch the videos! Outstanding game!
 Will we see more of these? Maybe volumes II & III? Howsabout some
 Elton John (since he has some Geffen albums)? Dan Folgelburg?

 Keep it up! I love it! BTW, the Concord Electronics Boutique was sold
 out of Jag CDs! I bought the last one!




 DATE: 9/15/95, 08:49 PM
 CATAGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!


 Ok I'm still a bit excited, but gee was I happy when EB called today
 and I cruised to the mall straight after work. :)

 First impressions.........  The unit is very well built. it always
 looked so flimsy on the advertisements, but man this sucker is strong.

 VLM.......  Looked a bit weird at first, but once I began playing with
 it..... its great! Cool effects and tons of options.

 VID GRID......  Actually pretty fun. The videos are a bit grainier
 than I had expected, but it certainly looks better than standard MPEG
 movies on the PC. I only played this for maybe 15 minutes so I'll have
 to make my judgments at a later time.


 MYST DEMO.....  Graphics are nice and the demo is fairly interesting if
 you like this sort of look at stills and interact with them sort of

 BLUE LIGHTNING..... Graphics are really cool...  FMV is used but is
 easily skipped by pressing a button. The FMV is of a nice quality, but
 I hate FMV as a rule so I doubt I'll ever watch it again. The game is
 basically the Lynx version with a 90's paint job. It's good, but not a
 game that will last the test of time.

 TEMPEST CD..... Already have a Minter signed copy so who cares???? :)

 Good job Atari. I'm glad that the week of Sept 11th was a true date.
 I only live an hour from EB world headquarters so we in the
 Philadelphia area may have a jump start on other Atarians, but believe
 me the wait is OVER!!!!



     SERVICE: GEnie
        DATE: 9/15/95, 09:12 PM
    CATAGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!

 I bought six Rayman and three Ultra Vortek carts today from my local
 Babbages'. One of each is for me, the rest are Xmas presents. Don't
 you wish you were on my list?



     SERVICE: GEnie
        DATE: 9/16/95, 03:19 AM
    CATAGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
        FROM: T.STEED1

 Hi folks! Sorry I haven't been on lately, I've been busy playing....

 R - A - Y - M - A - N ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

 Yahooooooooooooooooooooo! My little buddy was everything I expected,
 and more!!!!!! It was SO impressive, we hooked up a Jag to one of our
 monitors (don't tell anyone!) and let passersby play it! Lots of people
 asked "Is this the Playstation?" And I had to frequently answer, "No,
 it's the Jaguar, at almost half the price. Sure LOOKS like a
 Playstation, though doesn't it? Except the case is cooler!"  Just
 today, I sold 3 systems WITH Rayman alone. Sold more Jags today than
 the Playstation and Saturn put together.....

 THEN..... when it was getting sort of slow, Mr. UPS shows up with
 Ultra Vortek. Now, I normally am not a fighter fan (Though I eagerly
 await Primal Rage) but this title was worth the wait, too! The evil
 voice person should be hired for Atari Customer Service, and that
 Volcana chick can come by my place anytime... oh, the game! Yes! It
 sure is a relief after Kasumi (no slam intended). WOW. Anyone have any

 AND THEN, just to ruin my day, I read the latest issue of DHGF which
 also arrived today... and in the Dragon's Lair review, they mention,
 AGAIN, that the Jag CD is single speed. Well, being the smart-allelic
 that I am, I took the liberty of writing them a scathing letter
 (civilized, but scathing) and,..... get this!.... I mailed it in a 
 box with about 200 Jaguar brochures, the one with the JagCD specs on
 the back, stating that it is indeed a DOUBLE SPEED drive.... I don't
 know if they'll be happy or not, but I continued my role as
 smartie-pants...mission-complete. :-) DHGF will be assimilated....
 resistance is futile.... you will become one with the Fuji.... inferior
 gaming magazines will be assimilated.....

 What a MONTH.... WHAT a MONTH Atari.... (clap, clap, clap, clap,



     SERVICE: GEnie
        DATE: 9/16/95, 08:18 AM
    CATAGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
        FROM: B.LAMBERT4

 Last night, on Friday, September 15, I walked proudly into the
 Electronics Boutique at the Mall of America and purchased a Jaguar CD.
 I had, after buying Rayman, originally planned to wait until next
 month, but several things changed my mind. First, and foremost, was
 the fact that -despite- talk here and elsewhere, they really did ship
 in quantity this week. That was what we were told would happen on the
 24th, and all previous delays aside, that's actually what -did- happen.
 Second, I've been feeling very pro-underdog lately, and with the
 Playstation out, it couldn't hurt Atari to have another first-day sale.
 Third, Rayman for the Jaguar made enough of my Genesis platformers
 obsolete that I got a good discount for turning them in. :)

 First, I'd like to thank  Atari for producing such a dang fine piece
 of hardware. A box with a plug. Simple, easy, snaps right in, and gives
 me a brand-new cartridge port (which is great, seeing as how the old
 one was acting up!) Second, I'd like to officially nominate Jeff Minter
 as Programming God. VLM is fantastic. It'll take some experimenting to
 find the really cool effects (nothing seems to work very well with
 hip-hop yet, but I'll be looking) but as a piece of work, -wow-.
 Third, it's a good thing they included Blue Lightning as a pack-in,
 because anybody who actually -bought- woulda screamed bloody murder.
 As a pack-in, it makes nice eye-candy. Fourth, Vid-Grid's a lot more
 fun than I thought it would be. But "Enter Sandman" is gonna give me
 the fits for weeks, I think. Strobe effects, anyone? Fifth, boy, that
 Myst demo is... limited. Sixth, I have -got- to go and get me a new
 composite/stereo cable.

 All in all, it's here, and it's a Good Thing.



     SERVICE: GEnie
        DATE: 9/16/95, 10:16 AM
    CATAGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
        FROM: EXPLORER.3

 Picked up my Jag CD and Rayman here yesterday at the Queens Center Mall
 in NY. Didn't even hook up the CD till around 10 last night as I was
 running Rayman through it's paces. Needless to say, I was up till
 4 a.m. Briefly, VLM is great!, Vid Grid is excellent, but seems to get
 hard pretty quickly. Also, some parts of the videos are crystal clear,
 while others seem a bit too grainy. I haven't gotten into Blue
 Lightning too much yet, but the graphics and sound are great. Myst
 Demo has some great graphics, but if the game requires me to read all
 those books and remember what's in them, I don't think I'll enjoy it
 too much. I've been rockin' with the T2K CD for a while so it was
 nothing new. All in all, a great package and as someone else said, It
 actually was available the week of the 11th.



  ANYONE GET A JagCD???...

     SERVICE: GEnie
        DATE: 9/15/95, 11:50 PM
    CATAGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
        FROM: T.MCCOMB

 This one dynamite package folks. Run. Don't walk.

 VLM: words don't (can't) do it justice.

 Blue Lightning: Not ground breaking, but FUN none the less.

 VidGrid: Very interesting. The Wife likes it. 'Nuff

 MYST Demo: I'm VERY glad they included this. I didn't
            think it would appeal to me at all. When it's
            released I'll be first in line to buy a copy.


 T2K CD: Got one already. But what a great way to exercise

 Buck for buck this package CAN NOT BE BEAT.

    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!
    I got my JagCD!!!

   -Tom McComb
    {11:47 pm}  Friday, September 15, 1995 runs rings around Saturn.


     DATE: 9/17/95, 02:12 AM
 CATEGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!

 I'm playing Beethoven's String Quartet No. 13 in B flat, Op. 130, on
 the VLM. Anyone who says the VLM won't sell Jaguars is a MORON. For
 the VLM, Minter deserves the Nobel Prize. Zeppelin are next. VLM is
 incredible. Who the **** cares about videogames?!


  GEnie MEMBERS ARE GEnuises...

     SERVICE: GEnie
        DATE: 9/17/95, 06:42 PM
    CATAGORY: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
        FROM: SAM-RAPP

 Here is the most recent list of CD+G discs I could find on the
 Internet. There doesn't seem to be a lot.

    (p) - disk is available as a promo only (not for resale)

    [*] Alphaville            "The Breathtaking Blue"
          e                                         Atl 81943
        Anita Baker           "Rapture"
    <*> Laura Brannigan       "Laura Brannigan"     Atl 19289
    [*] Crosby, Stills & Nash "Live It Up"          Atl 82107
    <*> Firesign Theatre      "Eat Or Be Eaten"
        Ella Fitzgerald       "Ella/Things Ain't What ..."
        Flamin' Groovies      "Groovies Greatest Grooves"
                                                    WB 25948
    [*] Fleetwood Mac         "Behind The Mask"     WB 26111
        Frozen Ghost          "Nice Place To Visit" Atl 81875
    <*> Emmylou Harris        "Pieces In The Sky"
    [*] Jimi Hendrix          "Smash Hits"          WB 2276
        Honeymoon Suite       "Racing After Midnight"
                                                    WB 25652
    [*] Information Society   "Information Society" WB 25691
    [*] Chris Isaak           "Silvertone"          WB 25156
        Little Feat           "Hoy Hoy"             WB 3538
        Little Feat           "Representing The Mambo"
                                                    WB 26163
        Van Dyke Parks        "Tokyo Rose"          WB 25968
        Gram Parsons          "GP/Grievious Angel"  WB 26108
        Bonnie Raitt          "Green Light"         WB 3630
        Bonnie Raitt          "Nine Lives"          WB 25486
    [*] Lou Reed              "New York"            WB 25829
        Simply Red            "Picture Book"        Ele 60452
    <*> Phoebe Snow           "Something Real"
    <*> Donna Summer          "Another Place And Time"
    [*] Talking Heads         "Naked"               WB 25654
    <*> 10,000 Maniacs        "Blind Man's Zoo"     Ele 60815
    [*] Various               "CD+G: A New Dimension"
                                                WNM PRO-15027
    [*] Various               "Tribute to Woodie Guthrie"
                                                    WB 26036
    [*] Various               "The Home Video Album"
                                               RCA 60354-2-RC

        J. S. Bach            "St. Matthew Passion" WNM 15010
        Beethoven             "String Quartet No. 14"
                                                    WNM 15011
        Beethoven             "Symphony No. 7"      WNM 15008
        Beethoven/Liszt       "Symphony No. 9"      WNM 15009
        Hector Berlioz        "Symphonie Fantastique"
                                                    WNM 15015
        Anton Bruckner        "Symphony No. 9"      WNM 15004
        Placido Domingo       "Belcanto Domingo"    WNM 15014
        Gustav Holst          "The Planets"         WNM 15001
        Gustav Mahler         "Symphony No. 5"      WNM 15007
        Felix Mendelssohn     "Symphony No. 2"      WNM 15029
        Felix Mendelssohn     "Symphony No. 3"      WNM 15003
        Felix Mendelssohn     "Symphony No. 4"      WNM 15013
        Mozart                "Abduction from the Seraglio"
                                                    WNM 15016
        Mozart                "Magic Flute Highlights"
                                                    WNM 15012
    [*] Sergei Prokofiev      "Peter And The Wolf"  WNM 15028
        Henry Purcell         "Dido and Aeneas"     WNM 15005

    Alphaville            "The Breathtaking Blue"   Atl 81943
        A series of black and white photographs are panned
        and scanned while the lyrics (1 - English, 2 -
        French) are constantly displayed below the pictures.

    Crosby, Stills & Nash "Live It Up"              Atl 82107
        Various pictures, relating to songs (well, looks like
        the folks who did this CD+G never actually listened
        to the lyrics of the song "Live It Up").  One of the
        best done and nicest looking CD+Gs around -- if you
        can find it.

    Fleetwood Mac         "Behind The Mask"         WB 26111
        A series of band and related pictures are shown,
        along with lyrical accompaniment.

    Jimi Hendrix          "Smash Hits"              WB 2276
        Bizarre, psychedelic CD+G as large pictures (which
        are collages of both computer art and real photos)
        are panned. Through the entire CD+G, the brightest
        palettes are continually being shifted, giving a
        non-stop strobe effect.

    Information Society   "Information Society"     WB 25691
        Miscellaneous pictures (both real and computer art)
        are displayed, while the lyrics are constantly
        updated at the bottom of the screen.  One of the
        nicest CD+Gs available with regard to lack of
        repetitiveness (except lots of the computer pictures
        are cut and pasted throughout the CD+G).

    Chris Isaak           "Silvertone"              WB 25156
        A variety of different Chris Isaak pictures are
        shown, and sometimes, even a pic or two relating to a
        song. Golly!

    Sergei Prokofiev      "Peter And The Wolf"      WNM 15028
        2 tracks - the first is an illustrated version of
        Peter And The Wolf, as read by Sir John Geilgud.  The
        second track (which I believe has almost identical
        audio) is the annotated version, that is the audio
        track is accompanied by commentary about which
        instrument is being used and it's significance in the
        story.  The music is performed by the Academy of
        London (Richard Stamp conduction).


    Lou Reed              "New York"                WB 25829
        Various black and white pictures are interspersed
        with the lyrics (available in English, Spanish,
        French and Italian).

    Talking Heads         "Naked"                   WB 25654
        Each track is displayed showing what instruments are
        being used for what part of each song, along with
        this are 2 lyric windows, one has 4 to 5 lines in it,
        while the other (constantly being updated) shows the
        lyrics along with the guitar chords so that you can
        strum along at home.

    Various               "CD+G: A New Dimension"
                                               WNM  PRO-15027
        Various artists from other CD+Gs are on this sampler
        (including Jimi Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, Chris Isaak,
        Arlo Guthrie and a few tracks from the classical
        CD+Gs). Essentially an advertising tool telling you
        about other Warner New Media CD+Gs.
    Various               "Tribute to Woodie Guthrie"
                                                    WB 26036
        As each songs begins, photos from the 1930s and 1940s
        are shown to accompany Guthrie's songs about the
        Great Depression, WWII, and other events of the time.
        Artists include:  Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan,
        Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Odetta, Tom Paxton and
        Pete Seger.

 Note that not all CDs listed are CD+Gs, for instance, CDs ordered
 through a record club may not be, and also some later reissues of CDs
 are not CD+Gs (for instance Lou Reed's "New York" and the Talking Heads
 "Naked".) Generally there will be a sticker on the CD stating that it
 is a CD+G. If you're dealing with used CDs, then there is generally a
 "CD+G" on the CD's hub (or sometimes an additional "G" after the
 catalog number), or it is quite clearly labeled "CD + Graphics" on the
 title side of the disc. If you have any questions about this, contact

 --Dr. Moze (Steve Marsh)


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 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by
  Joe Mirando

 Hidi ho good neighbors and neighborettes.  It won't be long 'till the
 leaves turn red and gold and we find it much easier to stay inside and
 pound away at our keyboards.  C'mon now, admit it... you've been spending
 less time in front of your computer than you'd like to, haven't you?
 There's always been the lawn to mow, the house to paint, and a multitude
 of other things.  Yes, summer is tough on us computer folks.  But now
 that the days are getting noticeably shorter, we'll have the time to
 just sit there and compute away.  Of course we'll have to watch out for
 power outages and snow storms and all of the other things that go along
 with fall and winter.

 Well, at any rate, you can always catch up on what you've missed by
 loggin onto my favorite online service:  CompuServe.  Let's take a

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Big Dick McGee, DOS dude, asks:

   "How do i view binary pictures that I have downloaded.  I have a
   program to view gif and jpg file but this does not work.  I am using an
   ibm pc with windows please forgive my ignorance on this subject but I
   am new to this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated."

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Dick:

   "If you are trying to view Atari pics, you'll need one of the PC
   viewers in the library here which can view that type of pic."

 I'll tell ya, folks, it's a good feeling when someone with a "popular"
 machine is impressed with pictures for the ST series of computers.  Why?
 I don't know, but it's cool none the less.  Meanwhile, Bob Caroles posts:

   "I've got a question about MagicMac and printing to an HP LaserJet
   4Plus with a JetDirect interface.
   I am under the assumption that I'll be able to run my Atari program
   under Magicmac and print as normal, and the printing will be carried
   out by the Macintosh, via localtalk, to the HP? Is it as
   straightforward and easy as this, or am I missing something?"

 Chris Roth tells Bob:

   "As far as I know, you would need NVDI 3 MagiCMac too. Then, every
   GDOS output can be printed via any Mac printer.
   Can't tell exactly though 'cause I haven't a Mac yet."

 On the subject of using the graphics speeder-upper NVDI with an Atari
 SLM804 laser printer, Brian Gockley posts:

   "I tried NVDI, but there was no way to change the page size defaults
   for my SLM printer. It seemed to always add a quarter inch offset, as
   well as assume an A4 page size.
   I tried the MAKEPRN.APP, but there was no SLM option. With Speedo,
   there was a DRIVERS.PRG that allowed me to "Set Offsets," and when I
   turn them off, a one inch indent starts at one inch. With NVDI, a one
   inch margin starts at one and a quarter inches.
   The only other thing was a lack of any stand alone font selector. For
   a WYSIWYG font technology, this is a real lack. Other than these two
   things, I was really impressed by the speed of NVDI both in printing
   and in screen redraws. The SLM driver was TWICE as fast as the Speedo

 Chris Roth tells Brian:

   "From what I know, the printer driver within NVDI always uses the
   minimum offsets the printer requires. So for maximum printable output
   size, you'll have to set all offsets to zero. I wasn't aware that that
   could annoy someone.
   Strange with your SLM though, I can choose between several page sizes
   wiht my Stylus driver (A4, letter, legal, double, etc.). But even user
   defined sizes should be available. It's really strange that
   shouldn't support the SLM. Did you contact the support already? I think
   they should know that. Same with the fontselector. I completely agree
   with you. Thath should be included in the package. I have recently
   downloaded 'Arkus' which is really quite a nice software. It handles
   all the fonts and shows you information, but again there is a shareware
   fee to pay. I too would have been glad if there were a few utilites

 Brian asks:

   "What is Arkus?  Where is the support area for NVDI?"

 Chris tells Brian:

   "Arkus is a German shareware font manager for GDOS/NVDI. I found it in


   the Mausnet.
   I don't know of any specific support area for NVDI but the company's
   own bbs, the ASH mailbox, which I never called (it's in Germany)."

 Barrie George Keast asks for...

   "Help! I am an IBM PC man running Windows with no experience of Atari.
   My brother in law with no pc experience has obtained an Atari520ST with
   Amstrad DMP3160 printer and SM125 mono monitor. Software limited to
   Atari 1st. Word, Spell It and a couple of games.  He wants to use it
   before lashing out and buying new . Any advice on getting best use out
   of this machine? Basic needs are word processing and basic spreadsheet
   and database. Must say I liked the desktop of this pc despite age and

 Ben Voiles tells Barrie:

   "There are many good word processing, data base, and spreadsheet
   programs for the ST.  I'm just not sure where you will be able to get
   them now.  Hopefully some other members can help.  I had microsoft
   write which was a very good program but it did not come with a spell
   checker and it required two drives to use some of the fonts.  There are
   many good programs, some of them shareware from germany.  I'm sure your
   brother-in-law will get a lot of use from his ST if he can obtain the

   There are many good word processing, data base, and spreadsheet
   programs for the ST.  I'm just not sure where you will be able to get
   them now.  Hopefully some other members can help.  I had microsoft
   write which was a very good program but it did not come with a spell
   checker and it required two drives to use some of the fonts.  There are
   many good programs, some of them shareware from germany.  I'm sure your
   brother-in-law will get a lot of use from his ST if he can obtain the

 Harry Bintley asks for info:

   "My son has a Mega STE and wants to fit a much larger (740K?) hard disk
   for use in conjunction with a music sampler/editor.
   (a) Are we right in thinking the new disk should be SCSI?
   (b) Are there any problems of initialising and partitioning a large
       disk (the existing one is a mere 60Mb)?
   Since sampled music takes about 10Mb per minute, he obviously needs to
   create as large a partition as possible. Does the operating system have
   any silly restrictions like the old PC DOS 32K limit? If so are there
   ways round it?
   We would be very grateful for any advice."

 Frank Heller tells Harry:

   "A SCSI drive would be the drive of choice. I would suggest contacting
   ICD Inc.  (815)968-2228 and talk to Tom Harker (Ext320). What you will
   need is his ICD SCSI HD Utilities package and a LINK II. With these
   tools, you'll be able to use just about any size SCSI drive available
   on the market. The LINK II is a DMA/SCSI adaptor. It is self-powered
   from pin 26 on the SCSI side. If your HD drive of choice does not
   provide power on pin 26 (and this is rare) it can be jumped over.
   The utilities package provides a neat program called ICDBOOT. This
   little gem gets around ALL the restrictive junk that TOS xxx creates
   for HD's. I use this in my 1040 STe and Falcon. I can't say enough good
   things about these products.

   And BTW, Its approximately 1 minute of stereo 44.1kHz recording for
   every 10 meg. of HD space used."

 Harry tells Frank:

   "Thanks for your reply.  Since I wrote my first message the problem has
   crystallized. David's new hardware consists of an external blackbox a-d
   d-a converter and a card (known as Sound Tools 2) which sits in the
   Mega 4.  This appears to use the Atari just as a means of reading and
   writing to the hard disk and the combination is a pretty sophisticated
   digital read/write/edit tape recorder. His Mega had an internal Quantum
   60 Mb SCSI HD - he bought yesterday a Quantum 740Mb SCSI as an internal
   replacement.  When he tried to set it up with Hinstall, he got the

   "No available logical drive for installation of driver" and there is
   not hard disk icon.   I went over to his house (he lives in a town
   about 10 miles away) last night, and could get no further.
   So the problem becomes, how do we install internally a replacement
   SCSI drive?  It is many years since I myself had an Atari STF (no HD)
   and I am unfamiliar with its successors and enhancements (business has
   taken me the PC way - I know how to cope with PC disks!) and am at a
   loss about how to proceed.  The Mega manual appears to suggest
   reformatting the HD.  My experience is mainly with IDE disks, which are
   preformatted (Ilow level) by the factory and have internal logic which
   turns the hardware sector/track arrangement into any logical
   arrangement you set up in your BIOS - so I hesitate to advise him to
   reformat.  However, I may be wrong - the Atari format may merely be a
   high-level format.  I don't know.

   Here in England there doesn't appear to be the range of Atari
   utilities etc.  that you have in the US, nor does David know any
   knowledgeable dealers.
   Any suggestions you have for further progress would be very much

 Frank tells Harry:

   "Ah internal SCSI HD. I had completely forgotten about the
   Mega 4's internal SCSI capability. Right off the bat: my suggestion of
   an ICD LINK II won't help. This is for external units.
   Try this: Make sure your new drive is set for SCSI ID# 0. Run HINSTALL
   from the floppy. Click on the B drive icon (so it's highlighted) and
   then, from  the OPTIONS menu, select INSTALL DISK DRIVE. If you can
   proceed...great. If not...well that may be another story.
   As I am not all that completely familiar with the inner workings of a
   Mega 4, I'll assume it has the same problems that the Falcon does, in
   regards to formatting external SCSI HD's. In fact, a stock Falcon is
   totally incapable of formatting or recognizing anything external if it
   doesn't have an internal drive up and running. This may be your Mega
   4's problem as well. (The Falcon's internal was also factory formatted)
   Assuming the worst...I'll continue:
   (If there is someone else looking in on this thread...please jump in
   if you know something that will help...other than throwing more money
   at it, which I am about to suggest).
   My problem was solved by installing (initially by floppy) a program
   called ICDBOOT. This is manufactured by a company in the US called ICD
   Inc. They have a forum here in the Atari section (GO ATARIVEN). ICDBOOT
   gets around a bug in TOS that apparently blinds the computer to
   external SCSI HD's, which your Mega 4 may be doing. (Again...someone
   correct me if I'm wrong about this) The Mega may be looking at the
   external as an internal. In any case, ICDBOOT will permit you to format
   and partition a new SCSI drive, internal or external. It also takes
   care of a few other messy little TOS bugs:
   (1) Permits creating partitions larger than 256 meg.
   (2) Increases the 14 partition limit
   (3) Permits external/internal drives larger than 1 gig.
   For digital audio recording...these extras are a must. (My opinion)
   You are going to have to purchase ICDBOOT v6.5.5. You won't find it in
   the ICD library, I'm afraid...but there may be a few free utilities in
   there somewhere.
   I would also like to point out that it was someone at the Atari Corp.
   who pointed out the ICD utility package when I encountered the same
   problems. C-LAB, the present company manufacturing Falcons, installs
   the ICD utilities on the factory internal HD, as they leave the
   I know it isn't a Mega 4...but the TOS never got improved in this
   respect as far as the Falcon was I'm assuming the Mega 4
   HAS to have the same problems.


   That said, try: System Solutions 081-693-3355. They may distribute ICD
   in your neck of the woods. If not..try the ICD forum for a distributor,
   pricing and "Will it work?" type questions. Address your queries to:
   Tom Harker. He wrote the program and is a very nice person.
   By the way:
    Here in the US, we have very few Atari developers actively updating
   and selling products as well. (In comparison to Mac or PC developers).
   We do have one major supplier/distributor: TOAD computers.
   800-448-8623 They are the US equivalent of System Solutions, from what
   I understand. Also: Pick up a copy of Sound On Sound.  This is a UK
   magazine that seems to have a fair amount of Atari related musical
   product reviews and advertisements within its pages. There are also
   one or two "Atari only" type magazines published in the UK. I'm afraid
   I don't know names of them...but any major newstand should carry them.
   I'm sure someone else will chime in with other sources of Atari

 Chris Roth adds:

   "I'll try to be of help with your SCSI setup:
   Other than Frank said (sorry ;), the Falcon is quite different from
   the MegaST or the MegaSTE. In fact, only the MegaSTE (and TT) had a
   built-in SCSI harddisk. The Falcon was the first one to add IDE drives.
   So there can't be any conflicts with the IDE bus.
   The internal SCSI bus of the Mega however is not able to perform parity
   checking. So you'll have to disable parity checking on the HD (with a
   jumper usually).
   Set the ID(s) concurrently, starting at #0.
   You _must_ first format and partition the SCSI drive to be able to use
   it. If you have the original Atari software, that would be done by
   using HDX (latest version 5.04).
   Boot the computer with a floppy disk containing AHDI.PRG (Atari hard
   disk driver, latest version 6.061) in the Auto folder.
   Then, you can install the auto-boot driver on the harddisk via
   HINSTALL.PRG, which frees you from using the boot floppy.
   The dialog 'No available logic drive for installation of driver' means
   that simply the harddisk is not formatted and partitioned.
   Don't forget you'll have to assign the partitions on the desktop. It
   depends whether you have an old or a new desktop if it's one or more
   HD Driver is a good choice for SCSI utilities too. It's also available
   in the UK. It's quite cheap and also very sophisticated, as well as
   SCSI Tools. Plus, they're 100% AHDI compatible and support also the
   latest features on the SCSI bus (f.i. bus arbitration for connecting
   more than one SCSI master).
   A good Atari magazine f.i. is 'Atari World', produced in the UK,
   distributed by Specialist Magazines. There you can find a lot of
   British advertisments.
   If necessary, I can mail you the original Atari hard disk software in
   it's newest version."

 Mike Mortilla adds his thoughts:

   "I don't think there is a problem with the size of the HD, but is the
   sampler in the Mega or is it external?
   He probably can't share the HD between the ST and the sampler, and
   transfers between the 2 via MIDI might be a little slow.
   What kind of sampler and editing program will he be using, and can you
   tell us a little about the set-up?
   Finally, if the SYSOPs are reading this, perhaps they will move it to
   the music section for us?"

 Well folks, that's about it for this time around.  Tune in again next
 week, same time, same station and be ready to listen to what they are
 saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING

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