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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      Hmmm, Is it the middle of the summer??  Nope not yet.  But Chicago
 was 110 degrees today it was so hot they had to close the USRobotics
 Factory because the Air Conditioning broke down.  I also saw where they
 had a "dust storm" out west.  The first in many years.  El Nino is really
 raising Cain this year.  Why all the weather talk?  No particular reason
 other than its still safer than talking about the various modes of
 persecution going on in the world today.  Besides the weather's neat, just
 when you get used to it changes.

      Actually, there is a great deal of good reading in this issue.  Next
 week's promises to carry some real fireworks.  STReport is doing a shot
 for shot comparison of OS/2 Warp and Win'95.  In the meantime, please let
 us know how you feel about the relentless pursuit of Microsoft by the DOJ. 
 We are very interested in your input.  Let us hear from you!


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                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #28
                    Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson
                               (Lloyd's on Vacation)

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                     Apple Names Advanced Tech Chief

      Apple Computer Inc. has appointed Dr. Donald A. Norman vice
 president of its advanced technology group.

      The Cupertino, California-based computer maker notes that the
 advanced technology group is responsible for managing advanced technology
 and research operations, working closely with the company's worldwide
 marketing and customer solutions groups to ensure that future
 technologies meet user's needs.

      Norman became an Apple Fellow in 1993 when he named the company's
 "User Experience Architect," helping Apple to enhance and maintain its
 systems' ease of use. He is a recognized authority on human interfaces
 and design and has published extensively. Norman is the author of
 12 books, including User Centered System Design, The Psychology of
 Everyday Things and, more recently, Turn Signals Are the Facial
 Expressions of Automobiles and Things that Make Us Smart.

      Norman has a long and distinguished academic career, says Apple. He
 served as chairman of the Psychology Department at the University of
 California at San Diego and was founding chairman of the school's
 Cognitive Science Department. He was one of the founders of the
 Cognitive Science Society and is a member and fellow of numerous
 scientific societies, including the American Academy of Arts
 & Science.

      Norman will report to David Nagel, senior vice president of Apple's
 worldwide research and development division.

                      Top Apple Newton Exec Resigns

      Shane Robison, vice president in Apple Computer Inc.'s Newton
 System Division, has resigned to join Cadence Design Systems Inc., a
 Silicon Valley software company.

      Apple spokeswoman Betty Taylor told Susan Moran of the Reuter News
 Service that Robison's departure from the Personal Interactive
 Electronics Division in no way reflects any pressure or friction from
 within the Newton division, adding, "He simply had a tremendous offer."

      Reuters says Robison will be the senior vice president for worldwide
 research and development at Cadence, which is headquartered in San Jose,

      Taylor said Robison temporarily will be replaced by Sandy Benett,
 currently head of Newton Software Engineering Group.

      Says Moran, "Robison's departure raises questions as to the
 direction of Apple's Newton efforts. Some industry analysts have
 speculated Apple might spin off the Newton division."

      Moran notes Robison's departure comes about 15 months after his
 predecessor, Gaston Bastiaens, left Apple "amid speculation he was forced
 out by Apple's failure to bolster flagging sales of the pen-based
 Newton." (Bastiaens currently is president/CEO of software publisher
 Quarterdeck Corp.)

                      HP Readies New Ink-Jet Printers

      Reuters reports that Hewlett-Packard Co. will introduce a new line
 of color ink-jet printers on Monday. The units will be targeted at office
 customers, a company executive told the news service.      According to Reuters, HP's top-of-the-line 1600CM is equipped with
 an HP JetDirect network print card and PostScript Level 2 software. The
 unit also comes with additional memory for use with Macintosh systems as
 well as operation in mixed network environments.

      According to Reuters, the new printers can print color documents at
 a rate of up to 4 pages per minute and black text at up to 9 pages a
 minute. The units are reportedly twice as fast as Hewlett-Packard's
 existing 1200C ink-jet model.

      H-P began shipping the new 1600 models in Europe this spring, says

                         Office 95 Due in August

      Microsoft reports that its Microsoft Office for Windows 95 business
 software suite is scheduled to become available on Aug. 24, the same date
 as the planned released of the next-generation operating system.

      The Redmond, Washington-based software publisher says its Microsoft
 Office for Windows 95 Standard Edition will include the Microsoft Excel 95
 spreadsheet, Word 95 word processor, PowerPoint 95 presentation graphics
 program and Schedule+ 95 scheduler.

      Microsoft Office for Windows 95 Professional Edition will include all
 of the applications provided in the Standard Edition plus the Microsoft
 Access database. Also included will be a coupon that can be redeemed by
 its holder for a copy of Microsoft Access 95 when the software becomes
 available. The database is slated for release by late October.

      Microsoft has also announced the Coming Soon Program, which will
 allow customers to reserve a copy of Office 95 at their local reseller
 beginning July 15. Customers won't be required to pay for the product
 until they receive it.

      Microsoft Office for Windows 95 Standard Edition will cost $499.
 Microsoft Office Professional Edition for Windows 95 will sell for $599.

      Microsoft says it will offer a $50 discount to licensed users of
 Office 4.x and certain competing programs.

                      Business Card Software Ships

      Claris Corp. says it has begun shipping Easy Business Cards, a
 new Windows program that aims to help small business users design and
 print business cards quickly, easily and affordably.

      The product offers over 290 pre-designed card styles. It supports 29
 PaperDirect card designs and includes enough paper to print 250 business
 cards. Users can also send designs via modem for professional printing.

      Easy Business Cards costs $39.

      Claris is located in Santa Clara, California.

                     Packard Bell Has Remote Control

      A remote control to run communication and entertainment features
 and to perform basic tasks like opening files is the attention-grabbing
 feature in Packard Bell Electronics Inc.'s new home PC lineup.

      Business writer Evan Ramstad of The Associated Press says Packard
 Bell, the current leader in computer sales in the U.S., also has
 created several new designs for PCs, "making them resemble other
 consumer electronics gear that blend in with the furniture (including)
 an ultra-thin model that resembles a CD player and a diamond-shaped
 one that fits into a corner."

      Packard Bell CEO Beny Alagem told the wire service, "We are
 creating the deepest line of computers for a consumer to consider."

      AP said most of the machines will be run by Intel Corp.'s advanced
 Pentium chip although Packard Bell will continue to make some using
 '486 chips. All have at least 8MB of main memory and 28,800bps modems.
 Hard drives range from 540MB to 2,100MB. Prices run from $1,400 to
 $3,000, including monitors.

      Alagem says the models should be in stores late this month and
 will include coupons for buyers to get Microsoft Corp.'s new operating
 software, Windows 95, free when it becomes available Aug. 24.

      "While keeping pace with technological features, Sacramento-based
 Packard Bell has emerged as the most innovative in external design of a
 PC, seeking to stand out in a sea of rectangular boxes on a store
 shelf," says Ramstad. "Last year, it introduced snap-in color accent
 panels. It sells some computers in charcoal black cases rather than the
 typical beige. This winter, it offered models with two CD-ROM drives
 instead of one but the company found little demand for them and scaled

      The remote control device has buttons to start the computer's
 built-in speaker phone, FM radio and optional TV tuner as well as
 program the CD-ROM drive to play a music CD. A thumbpad controls the
 on-screen cursor for running computer programs.

      The company also has developed new keyboards, including one with
 angled keys, and added features to its Navigator software, which
 explains the PC to a novice, AP says.

                     Netscape Broadens Web Page Ads

      An online multi-tiered advertising program is being launched by
 Netscape Communications Corp. on its heavily travelled pages of the
 Internet's World Wide Web.

      Computergram International reports this morning three levels of
 pricing and defined exposure will be offered to the more than 25
 companies that currently advertise with the company. Labelled the
 silver, gold and platinum, the new tiers carry monthly costs of $15,000,
 $20,000 and $30,000 respectively.

      "Up to now, it offered a fixed advertising rate for banner ads,
 but that pricing was based on audience expectations derived from a
 one-week statistical survey conducted in May," CI reports. "It learned
 that its Internet search page is accessed more than 308,000 times a day
 while its Internet directory is visited more than 125,000 times daily."

      The advertisers will rotate through predetermined locations on the
 company's Web site, the newsletter says.

      "Advertising is a relatively new source of income for Netscape,
 whose main business is selling Web browser and server software," CI
 observes. "However, the company's information-rich Web site has emerged
 as one of the most frequently-accessed areas on the Web, turning the
 firm into a potential goldmine for World Wide Web advertisers."

                        Court Approves Hayes Plan

      Modem maker Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. says a bankruptcy
 judge has approved its proposed reorganization plan, including a
 $45 million debtor in possession financial facility with General
 Electric Co.'s GE Capital.

      Reporting from Atlanta, the Dow Jones news service quotes Hayes
 as saying:

      -:- The reorganization plan pays all valid creditor claims in full,
 plus interest.

      -:- The court extended exclusivity through Sept. 30 for Hayes to go
 forward with the plan, making the plan the only one which will be
 reviewed by the court.

      -:- The company will use the combined assets from a previously
 announced planned merger with Boca Research Inc. to emerge from Chapter XI
 in the fall.

      Hayes officials told the wire service it will use the DIP financing
 to retire about $23.6 million of secured debt from NationsBank Corp.

                       Medio Bought by ConnectSoft

      For undisclosed terms, financially troubled Medio Multimedia is
 being bought out by telecommunications software company ConnectSoft Inc.

      Reporting from Bellevue, Washington, United Press International
 says Medio's creditors and ConnectSoft's shareholders must above the
 deal, which may save Medio from Chapter XI bankruptcy.

      Medio laid off half its staff last month and has not made payroll
 for several weeks, the wire service adds, quoting Medio executives as
 attributing the problems to sagging CD-ROM sales and the high cost of
 developing new products. Medio's primary investor is Microsoft co-founder
 Paul Allen.

      In a prepared statement, ConnectSoft Chairman/CEO Mitchell London
 said, "Medio has great product distribution, the best-selling CD-ROM
 magazine, numerous award-winning titles and has made significant headway
 with hybrid CD-ROM/online technologies." UPI says the deal could close by
 early August, ConnectSoft said and that the company will retain Medio's
 35 employees.

      ConnectSoft employs about 140 people and markets a series of
 Windows-based telecommunication programs.

                   AT&T Puts $8 Mil. in Internet Firm

      AT&T has bought an $8 million equity position in Internet service
 provider BBN Planet Corp.

      Reporting from New York, United Press International says the
 purchase follows by three weeks a n AT&T-BBN agreement to provide
 businesses with a broad range of services for access to the Internet.
 Additional financial details about the equity purchase were not disclosed.

      Alessandro Piol, an AT&T Ventures partner, told the wire service
 AT&T's decision to buy a position in BBN Planet was based on its
 confidence that the companies' Internet access agreement will provide
 customers with a broad and robust array of Internet-based solutions.

      BBN President/CEO George H. Conrades said AT&T's equity purchase
 strengthens the relationship between it and BBN, a Cambridge, Mass.-based
 subsidiary of Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.

                      Egghead to Move Headquarters

      Egghead Software is moving its corporate headquarters from the
 Seattle suburb of Issaquah to Spokane, Wash.

      The software retailer says the cost-cutting move will involves the
 relocation of 250 employee. It says current employees will be encouraged
 to relocate to Spokane. The move is expected to be completed by year's

      In January, Egghead moved its customer-assistance center and other
 operations to Spokane. The headquarters move will give the company about
 500 employees in Spokane.

      Egghead operates 160 retail stores in 30 states.

                      Canon Launches Scotland Plant

      A new plant to produce bubble jet printers is being set up by
 Japan's Canon Inc. in Scotland with production to start by next summer.

      In Tokyo, Canon officials told the Reuter News Service that Canon
 Manufacturing U.K., located in Glenrothes Fife, Scotland, is expected
 to produce 50,000 printers a month by the end of next year.

      Reuters says Canon also is expanding production facilities at its
 Tijuana, Mexico, plant to start producing bubble jet printers for the
 North American market. That facility will produce 25,000 bubble jet
 printers a month by the end of 1995, and 100,000 a month by end-1996.

      A Canon spokesman commented, "The sites were chosen because of
 their proximity to our largest markets for computer peripherals -- the
 United Sates and Europe."

      Reuters says Canon produced 4.4 million bubble jet printers in
 1994 and expects production to exceed 8 million this year.

                   Gateway Moves Into Japanese Market

      A top U.S. maker of PCs, Gateway 2000 Inc., is entering the Asian
 market with a new subsidiary in Japan.

      In Tokyo, Gateway CEO Ted Waitt has told Associated Press writer
 David Thurber, "It's the right time for Gateway 2000 because we have
 the resources, and the right time for the market because it's growing

      However, to succeed, says Thurber, "Gateway will have to overcome
 the reluctance of service-conscious Japanese to buy goods over the
 telephone. Virtually all of Gateway's U.S. sales come from phone orders."

      Waitt says to help in Japan the firm may open a showroom, perhaps
 hire a Japanese president and may tailor its advertising, "but," he adds,
 "the cow spots will still be part of it" (referring to Gateway's
 distinctive packaging and advertising that plays off the rural South
 Dakota location of its headquarters.)

      Last year 10-year-old Gateway was the fifth-largest PC maker in
 the U.S., but only $190 million of its $2.7 billion in sales came from
 outside North America and most of that was from Europe.

      Waitt said his firm is considering a manufacturing center in
 another Asian country because of Japan's high costs, but considers
 Japan its main market in Asia. Until an Asian plant is built, systems
 will be imported from the company's Dublin factory, AP reports.

                       Mac Clip Art Manager Ships

      Corel Corp. has announced Corel Gallery 2 for the Mac, a new clip
 art manager featuring an album with 15,000 clip art images and symbols,
 500 fonts, 75 sounds, 10 QuickTime Movies, QuickTime 2.0, Adobe Type
 Manager (ATM) and a font management utility.

      Corel Gallery 2 for the Mac supports both the Macintosh and Power
 Macintosh systems. Users can drag and drop items or convert them for use
 with virtually any Macintosh word processing, presentation, page layout
 or graphics application.

      The program offers visual multimedia file management, file viewing,
 batch file conversion, batch printing, slide shows and font management

      Users can preview images in CMX, JPG, PICT2, Photo-CD and numerous
 other file types. The software's file import support includes Windows BMP,
 PICT, Zsoft PCX, Targa, TIFF, JPEG, Windows Metafile, MacPaint, Computer
 Graphics Metaphile, Scitex CT, Amiga IFF, Lotus PIC and PixelPaint.
 Export file types supported include Windows BMP, Zsoft PCX, MacPaint,
 Photoshop 2.0 and 2.5, PICT, Scitex CT, Targa, TIFF and Windows Metaphile.

      "Corel Gallery 2 for the Mac lets users manage their clip art albums,
 search by keyword or note, or export items to EPS or PICT file formats,"
 says Michael Cowpland, Corel's president and CEO. "The huge library of
 clip art and fonts, as well as the visual multimedia file capabilities,
 make it the most comprehensive and versatile collection available on the

      The software is designed to run on a Macintosh with a 68020
 microprocessor or later or on a Power Mac with a PowerPC CPU. The program
 also requires System 7.0 or later, a CD-ROM drive, 8MB of RAM, (16MB on
 a Power Mac) and approximately 10MB of available hard disk space.

      Scheduled to ship later this month, Corel Gallery 2 for the Mac will
 sell for $99.

      Corel is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

                      TI Offers Mac Printer Drivers
      Texas Instruments Inc. has announced new printer drivers for its
 microLaser 600 and microLaser Pro Series printers operating with
 QuickDraw GX in a Macintosh environment.
     QuickDraw GX has become Apple's new standard for ease of printing,
 portability and print management. Dallas-based TI says its new drivers
 will enhance QuickDraw GX printing improvements and take advantage of
 key microLaser printer features.

      The new drivers support the automatic matching of paper size and
 paper source and are designed to improve print job setup and
 maintenance. The drivers offer selectable features, such as set print
 time, start, stop, hold and resume of print queues and jobs, as well
 as the dragging and dropping of jobs between queues.

      TI adds that the drivers are compatible with after market printing
 extensions such as Apple's N-Up Printing.

      TI says the new drivers will soon be available on the Internet at
 TI's web site

                        Memory Prices Seen Stable

      International Data Corp.'s new Semiconductor Market Planning
 Service forecasts that the demand for DRAM and SRAM memory devices will
 exceed the available supply, but that memory prices will remain stable
 for the next few years.

      "Based on our research, which includes manufacturers' projected
 memory consumption, software requirements and capacity RAM projections,
 memory products will continue to experience limited supply relative to
 demand," says Alexa McGloughan, a group vice president of Boston-based

      "A variety of factors, including memory manufacturers' move to
 16- and then 64-bit, and ramping up of manufacturing to accommodate
 this shift, indicates that memory prices will remain stable for the
 foreseeable future," she says.

      McGloughan adds that the market situation is good news for memory
 manufacturers, who typically experience a 15 percent price drop per

                   CD-ROM Prices Vary Up to 30 Percent

      A computer magazine is advising CD-ROM buyers to shop around
 because the cost of major titles at superstores, discount outlets and
 specialty shops can vary by as much as 30 percent.

      In its August issue, PC World says that, for example, a version of
 Broderbund Software Inc.'s Myst computer game sold for as little as $40
 and as much as $60, while the Maxis Sim City 2000 CD game ranged from
 $60 to $90.

      The Associated Press says consumer editor Roberta Furger found
 superstores generally had the best combination of prices and selection,
 while discount outlets were inconsistent in both areas. "Specialty shops
 on the average were the best source for hard-to-find titles, but were a
 little more pricey," AP reports.

      The wire service says Furger did the price comparisons among San
 Francisco Bay area stores, but visited mostly national chains that tend
 to sell their CD-ROMs for the same prices across the nation.

                          Compaq Ships New PCs

      Compaq Computer Corp. has added 120MHz Pentium models to its
 ProLinea and Deskpro business desktop PC lines.

      The new ProLinea 5120 and Deskpro 5120 systems, available today,
 range in price from $2,599 to $3,599.

      The new models offer 16MB of RAM, a 256K secondary cache, a 1GB IDE
 hard disk, TriFlex/PCI support, ISA and PCI local-bus architectures and
 high-performance graphics.

      In a separate move, the Houston-based computer maker has announced
 across-the-board price reductions of up to 8 percent on server models
 that ship with pre-installed hard disks. Compaq has also announced price
 cuts of up to 29 percent on its server hard disk options.

      The server lines affected are the ProSignia 300, ProSignia 500,
 ProLiant 1500 and ProLiant 4500.

                      Multimedia Sales Set to Soar

      According to a new study by SIMBA Information of Wilton,
 Connecticut, publisher revenues from multimedia title sales will grow
 by 85.1 percent to $1.46 billion in 1995.
     Multimedia title revenues, buoyed by the consumer market, reached
 $786.1 million in 1994, says the market researcher. Sales of consumer
 multimedia titles, which rose to $681.1 million in 1994, are expected
 to hit $1.28 billion in 1995.

     The number of multimedia-capable PCs -- those machines offering
 both a CD-ROM drive and a sound board -- will increase to 27.4 million
 in 1995 from 16.3 million in 1994, according to SIMBA.

      "The strong growth in multimedia software revenues resulted from
 several factors, including more multimedia-capable PCs in the home,
 the rise in non-OEM sales, falling title prices and increased marketing
 efforts," says Tom O'Reilly, a SIMBA editor.

                       IBM Completes Lotus Buyout

      It's official. IBM has completed acquisition of Lotus Development
 Corp. for $64 a share.

      The Reuter News Service, reporting from IBM's Armonk, New York,
 offices, says the total -- $3.5 billion -- is the largest price ever
 paid for a software company.

      "All of the outstanding shares of common stock of Lotus not
 previously purchased in IBM's tender offer were converted into the right
 to receive $64 cash per share," Reuters says.

      IBM said yesterday 97 percent of the 47.4 million outstanding Lotus
 shares have been accepted for payment by an IBM subsidiary when the
 tender offer was completed Monday.

      As reported earlier, IBM on June 5 offered $60 per share in a
 hostile takeover bid for Lotus, a leading creator of software for
 personal computers. Seven days later, the deal turned friendly when Lotus
 agreed to a $64 per share offer. The arrangement received clearance from
 antitrust regulators on June 21, allowing IBM to contact Lotus

                     Ziff Sells Book Publishing Unit

      Simon & Schuster says it has acquired Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.'s
 Ziff-Davis Press book publishing operation for undisclosed terms.

      Additionally, Simon & Schuster's Macmillan Computer Publishing USA
 unit will, in cooperation with Ziff-Davis, develop new computer books
 bearing Ziff-Davis brand names, such as PC Magazine, PC Computing,
 MacUser and MacWeek. A list of 75 books and multimedia products covering
 technology, science and health topics will be offered this year.

      Ziff-Davis Press will remain based in Emeryville, California.

      "Computer book publishing is one of the fastest-growing parts of our
 business with significant growth potential in both international and
 electronic markets," says Jonathan Newcomb, Simon & Schuster's president
 and CEO. "Associating with Ziff-Davis and publishing books bearing their
 world-renowned magazine logos will allow us to share in their credibility
 and influence and to build upon our own position as the world's leading
 computer book publisher."

                   Olivetti Rumored to End PC Business

      Rumors are circulating in Italy that Ing C. Olivetti & Co. may quit
 the computer business. The reports, sparked by Olivetti's decision today
 to press ahead with restructuring plans, also have analysts saying such a
 move would be easier said than done.

      Reporting from Milan, Crispian Balmer of the Reuter News Service
 says Olivetti is "effectively aiming to turn itself into a holding
 company by the end of the year," with the loss-making PC business being
 turned into a wholly-owned unit and office products as a separate group.

      Balmer adds Olivetti "firmly denies it wants to sell its computer

      Still, says analyst Carlo Barontini of Banca Commerciale Italiana,
 "Despite the fact they're denying it, they would sell the computer
 business if they could get a good offer. The (PC) market is going
 through consolidation and producers like Olivetti will eventually
 disappear. The trouble is it's hard to think of any potential buyers."

      Gianluca Manca, Italian equity analyst with Robert Fleming, adds,
 "The PC business has been a black hole for Olivetti. There's clearly
 been a complete lack of proprietary technology." Nonetheless, he said he
 did not see company president Carlo De Benedetti hurrying to leave the
 hardcore computer industry, seeing the firm instead seeking to form a
 joint venture.

      "If this restructuring is aimed at creating a joint venture,
 especially in technology, then it is good news," he said.

      The wire service also quoted an unidentified Milan-based analyst as
 saying, "Manufacturing computers by themselves is not going to work.
 Their assembly costs are too high ... and they are too small to try and
 force the pace in the price war."

      Reuters added, "If Europe's largest computer firm decides to sell
 its hardware business or else try and forge a joint venture, all analysts
 saw Olivetti's core business in the future shifting to

                     China's Computer Industry Soars

      A Chinese trade journal reports that the nation's fledgling
 computer industry is booming.

      According to China Machinery and Electronics Daily, in a story
 relayed by the official Xinhua news agency, the nation's computer
 industry has registered an annual growth rate of 70 percent over the
 past five years. The paper adds that China has some 15,000 computer-based
 information companies with a total of 300,000 employees.

      The trade journal also notes that "through years of efforts the
 country now has a remarkable design capability in the fields of PC and
 external equipment manufacturing, though it was regarded merely as an
 assembly base five years ago."

                      SPA: PC Software Sales Climb 

      The Software Publishers Association says North American PC
 application software sales reached $2.03 billion in the first quarter,
 a 24.8 percent increase from 1994's first quarter.

      The Washington-based SPA notes that it's the second straight quarter
 in which software sales topped the $2 billion mark.

      Unit sales increased by 73 percent.

      The SPA says strong Windows software sales fueled much of the
 industry's revenue growth in the first quarter. Sales of Windows
 applications increased 43 percent, reaching $1.43 billion.

      A total of $307.5 million of Macintosh applications also were sold
 in the quarter, a 10 percent increase.

      The news wasn't as good for DOS application sales, which fell
 25 percent to $268.6 million.

      Windows application revenues now account for 71 percent of total
 sales in the North American market, says the SPA.

                     India Promises Piracy Crackdown

      A nationwide anti-software piracy campaign targeting more than
 50 private firms has been launched by India's premier chamber for
 computer companies, aided by a new law.

      Reporting from New Delhi, the French Agence France-Press
 International News Service quotes officials with the National Association
 of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) as saying the group will move
 against the firms within six months under the Copyright Amendment Act.

      Nasscom Director Dewang Mehta told the wire service, "These companies
 include both piracy shops and corporate-end users."

      AFP says the campaign is a joint effort by international anti-piracy
 software body Business Software Alliance and Nasscom.

      Mehta said Nasscom has received thousands of complaints, noting eight
 cases have been filed in courts by four leading software firms, accusing
 the defendants of illegally duplicating software.

      The wire service says that if the defendants are found guilty, they
 could be jailed for up to three years and fined up to $6,250.

      Nasscom says the Indian software market is estimated at more than
 $3 billion and that the industry has put the annual loss from piracy at
 about $60 million.


 > Frankie's Corner STR Feature

                         THE KIDS' COMPUTING CORNER

 Hometime Weekend Home Projects
 CD-ROM for Windows 3.1
 approximate retail $40
 from IVI Publishing
 7500 Flying Cloud Drive
 Minneapolis, MN 55344-3739

 Program Requirements
 CPU:      486SX-25   
 RAM:      8 megs   
 Video:    SVGA     
 Hdisk:    1.2 megs
 CD-ROM:   Double-speed  
 OS:       Windows 3.1  
 Misc:     sound card, mouse

 by Frank Sereno

 "Hometime Weekend Home Projects" is intended to help the home weekend
 warrior to improve his living environment.  This multimedia educational
 program mixes QuickTime videos culled from the Hometime television show
 with instructional text and a calculator which helps the user create an
 accurate shopping list for his next project.

 "Weekend Home Projects" has a very friendly and intuitive interface. 
 Simply use the mouse to start a video on the subject of your choice.  The
 user can then choose to watch more videos, read related text, calculate
 project supplies and equipment or move to a new subject by clicking on the
 corresponding icon.  The video can be advanced, paused or reversed by
 clicking on icons resembling the controls of a VCR.  The program also
 includes a help video featuring Hometime host Dean Johnson in which he
 explains all the different aspects of the interface.

 Twelve project categories are covered in "Weekend Home Projects."  These
 are ceramic tile, plumbing, framing, power tools, windows and doors,
 wiring, cabinets, wallpaper, flooring, painting and staining, drywall and
 decks.  A lot of suitable topics weren't covered such as roofing,
 insulation, pouring concrete walks or driveway, etc.  Perhaps these will
 be covered in an additional title.

 The main flaw in this program is that on some topics it simply doesn't
 provide enough information for a beginning rehabber to accomplish that
 task.  The videos are really too short to convey all the information
 needed.  The user must rely heavily on the text portion of the program. 
 That text can be printed out but it will not include the illustrations
 which are shown on the computer.  This is a terrible omission considering
 the advent of laser and ink-jet printers which can print the illustrations
 very competently.  I doubt many people want to drag their desktop
 computers or an expensive laptop to a project site to view the
 illustrations which can be very critical if someone is doing wiring work.

 The calculator could use improvement as well.  It only accepts
 measurements in inches and has a limit of 999 for an input measurement. 
 If you are doing a large project, such as painting the exterior of your
 home, you will have to do several calculations to get the proper shopping
 list.  The list of needed tools provided by the calculator is quite

 Overall, this is a nice program with an excellent interface.  In my
 opinion, the program lacks enough information on several projects for
 beginning rehabbers, but it is excellent for the moderately-experienced
 handyman (or handywowan).  "Weekend Home Projects" is easy to use and it
 is very entertaining.  

 Activision Nostalgia

 Come with us again to visit those thrilling days of yesteryear . . .

 Activision has released the second title in a planned four-volume series
 of Atari 2600 games for play on computers using the Windows OS.  "Atari
 2600 Action Pack 2" includes such classic as Barnstorming and Keystone
 Kapers.  These games will help bridge the generation gap between adult
 gamesters and their joystick-wielding children.  Perhaps a fast-paced game
 of Ice Hockey or a quick Dragster race will encourage mutual admiration
 and bonding for parent and child.

 Many of us can remember the tales of how tough it was for our parents when
 they were children, yet it was also the best times in their lives.  Now
 you have a chance to give your children the same thrills you felt when you
 had your Atari 2600 gaming system.  I remember it as if it was yesterday .
 . . and with the Action Pack it can be the same all over again.

 Infocom Classics Reissued on CD-ROM

 Activision has assembled the classic Infocom text adventures onto five CD-
 ROMs representing the genres of comedy, adventure, fantasy, science
 fiction and mystery.  Each volume will retail for $19.95 and include at
 least six games.

 These games were created in the infancy of home computing, a time when
 graphics were incredibly rudimentary at best.  The incredibly descriptive
 text of the Infocom games allowed the player to imagine the scenes and
 characters to the most intimate detail.

 The Mystery Collection features Ballyhoo, a suspense thriller set in a
 circus; Deadline is a whodunit mystery in which the player assumes the
 role of an ace private investigator; Witness, a police potboiler mystery; 
 Moonmist, a mystery set in an eerie English castle; and Sherlock, an
 adventure to save Holmes from peril.

 The Adventure Collection includes Border Zone, a spy thriller from behind
 the Iron Curtain; Plundered Hearts, an adventure on the high seas;
 Cutthroats, an undersea race to sunken treasure; Trinity, a journey
 through time and space to the dawning of the atomic age; and Infidel, a
 search for a lost pyramid and incredible treasures.

 The Comedy Collection spotlights Bureaucracy, a land in which Murphy must
 run the government because everything can and will go wrong; Hollywood
 Hijinx, a search for treasure in the world's movie capital;  Ballyhoo is
 featured again; and Nord and Burt, which has a skewed sense of humor
 similar to Gary Larson's Far Side comics.

 The Fantasy Collection features the magic of Spellbreaker; a magical
 showdown in Enchanter; a rescue mission for a lost mage in Sorcerer; a
 magic stone makes wishes come true in Wishbringer; and a dive into danger
 on a submarine in Seastalker.

 Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy highlights the Science
 Fiction Collection.  In Suspended, a player can only use his mind to save
 the world.  Starcross features a rendezvous with an alien spaceship.  A
 Mind Forever Voyaging challenges players to the most important mission in
 their lives.  Stationfall is the sequel to the hit adventure Planetfall.

 Each CD-ROM has two bonus titles.  Each collection will get Planetfall as
 a bonus, plus one of the five Zork adventures.  So if you are looking for
 an escape to yesterday or if you are looking for challenging adventures
 that won't slow your computer to a crawl because of the eye candy on the
 screen, these Infocom adventures may well be the answer you seek.

 Engineering Animation, Inc.


                        SOLVE MYSTERY OF JESSE JAMES

 Researchers Investigating Famed Gunfighter's Death Will Exhume Body, Use
 Computer Animation to Help Determine Identity, Cause of Death

 LIBERTY, MO--Engineering Animation, Inc., a company specializing in
 computer visualization, announced today that its cutting-edge animation
 technology will aid researchers in the investigation into the death of
 famed gunfighter Jesse James more than a century ago.

 A hearing here today resulted in a court order to exhume remains from the
 grave identified as that of Jesse James.  Researchers led by prominent
 forensic scientist James E. Starrs intend to determine whether the grave's
 remains are those of Jesse James and resolve ongoing questions of how and
 when Jesse James died.  Attorney David Weinberg, EAI's national director
 of litigation services accompanied Starrs to demonstrate EAI's computer
 animations of James' home, and to explain how animation technology will
 aid researchers in the investigation.

 "EAI's animation technology will allow us to 'see' into the past in a way
 not otherwise possible," said Starrs, a professor of law and forensic
 science at George Washington University.  "As they have done in numerous
 other forensic investigations, the visualization experts at EAI will play
 a crucial role in settling, once and for all, some important mysteries
 surrounding an important event."

 EAI has previously teamed with Starrs to investigate the 1953 death of CIA
 scientist Frank Olson, whose family disputed the government's story that
 Olson committed suicide, and to depict the probable evens preceding the
 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994.

 Questions of Death Trouble Jesse James' Descendants
 James is believed to have died from gunshot wounds on April 3, 1882 in his
 home in St. Joseph, Missouri, leaving two children, a brother and a
 sister.  Some have argued that his death was staged, and that he lived to
 father additional children.  A steady stream of people have claimed to be
 blood relatives of Jesse James.  The identity of the murderer, the type of
 gun used, and the path of the bullet or bullets are also in question.

 Starrs has assembled a team of experts to exhume, test, and analyze the
 remains to determine conclusively whether they are those of James, and to
 reconstruct the events of the crime.  In addition, researchers hope to use
 EAI's imaging techniques to study several photographs that are believed to
 depict the gunfighter, using EAI's proven imaging techniques in
 conjunction with the remains.

 Computer Visualization Reveals "Hidden" Secrets
 Assuming that the mitochondrial DNA tests reveal that the grave's remains
 belong to Jesse James, researchers will use EAI's computer imaging
 techniques to reconstruct a model of Jesse James' body.  After examining
 the remains to determine bullet trajectory information, researchers then
 will use this computerized model to trace the path of the bullet or

 EAI has already reconstructed a realistic 3D computer model James' home in
 St. Joseph.  EAI's engineers entered detailed dimensions of the house, its
 rooms, windows and doors, based on present-day photographs and floor
 plans.  This virtual environment, combined with the bullet trajectory
 information, will help researchers visualize the events of the murder and
 test various theories about how it unfolded.

 To authenticate photographs believed to depict James, EAI will create a 3D
 computer model of James' skull using detailed tomography (CT) scan data. 
 By superimposing a photograph over this model, then aligning the model
 with the size and angle of the head, EAI experts will help the team
 project whether the photos in question match James' skull.

 EAI's Experience Important in Credible Visualizations
 EAI specializes in advancing scientific visualization technologies both
 through direct services and with its VisLab commercial animation software. 
 Its technologies enjoy a broad range of applications in such areas as
 engineering, litigation, biomedical visualizations, education and

 EAI's realistic animations are admissible as evidence at trial, most often
 in support of expert witness testimony, because they are based on rigorous
 scientific principles and prepared by highly trained engineers under the
 direct supervision of the testifying expert.  EAI's visualization
 techniques have helped juries decide a wide range of cases, including
 automotive, aviation, construction, environmental, fire, medical, patent
 infringement and product liability lawsuits.  Most recently, EAI created a
 realistic 3D animation depicting the force of the blast that destroyed the
 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April19, 1995 in the tragic Oklahoma
 City bombing.

 The imaging techniques EAI will use to investigate Jesse James' murder are
 similar to those EAI applied to Starr's 1994 investigation in Frank
 Olson's 1953 death.  In that project, EAI created a computer model of
 Olson's skull based on CT scan data collected when Starrs' team exhumed
 and autopsied Olson's body.  Known photographs of Olson's face were
 superimposed over the computer model of the skull to help identify the
 remains as those of Olson.  Next, using exact measurements of the scene of
 his death, EAI portrayed key trajectory information about how Olson might
 have fallen from his 13th floor hotel room.

 One of the nation's leading visualization companies, Engineering
 Animation, Inc. provides three-dimensional computer animation services and
 markets its commercial software, VisLab, to the engineering, biomedical,
 litigation and entertainment communities.  EAI has created animations for
 use by Ford Motor Company, Merck & Company, Conoco, ITT Automotive,
 Johnson & Johnson, CNN, John Deere & Company, the Houston Museum of
 Natural Science, Walt Disney Theme Park Productions, and others.  With its
 technology center in Ames, Iowa, EAI has offices in Chicago and New York.

 For more information, call 515-296-9908 or fax 515-296-7025. 



 For Immediate Release
 Special Upgrade Price for CorelDRAW 5 Users

 Ottawa, Canada --July 12, 1995-- CorelDRAW 5 registered users will be able
 to upgrade to CorelDRAW 6 for $249 US, Corel Corporation announced today.

 "After careful consideration and feedback from our valued customers, we've
 decided to offer a special upgrade price for CorelDRAW 5 registered
 users," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer
 of Corel Corporation. "This upgrade pricing offers tremendous value to
 CorelDRAW 5 users as they will gain a new modeling and rendering
 application, a complete presentation package, plus powerful new drawing
 and image editing tools."

 The CorelDRAW 5 user base is estimated at 550,000 while the combined
 CorelDRAW 3 and 4 user base represents approximately 2 million users.

 The upgrade prices are as follows:

 CorelDRAW 5 to CorelDRAW 6              $249 US

 CorelDRAW 3 and 4 to CorelDRAW 6        $425 US

 All upgrades will be offered on CD-ROM.  Users may purchase the
 equivalency in diskettes as a special order item through Customer Service
 Centers.  Corporate license pricing will also be available.  For more
 information, please contact Corel's customer service department at
 1-800-772-6735 (US) or 1-800-394-3729 (Canada).

 CorelDRAW 6 is Corel's first 32-bit Windows 95 offering. It is scheduled
 to ship in August of 1995 and will contain four full-featured modules and
 nine utilities, plus extensive libraries of fonts, clipart images and
 symbols and photos.

 Corel Corporation
 Incorporated in 1985, Corel Corporation is recognized internationally as
 an award-winning developer and marketer of PC graphics and multimedia
 software.  CorelDRAW(, Corel's industry-leading graphics software, is
 available in over 17 languages and has won over 200 international awards
 from major trade publications.  Corel ships its products through a network
 of more than 160 distributors in 60 countries worldwide.  Corel is traded
 on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: COS) and the NASDAQ--National
 Market System (symbol: COSFF).

 Corel Contact:                               
                               Fiona Rochester
                           Media Relations Manager
                            (613) 728-0826 x1172

  July, 1995

 Dear Corel Software Enthusiast:

 Greetings from Corel! This month our attention is focused on preparing for
 the release of CorelDRAW 6 and the Corel $2,000,000 World Design Contest
 in Ottawa, Canada on August 10th. We continue to release a barrage of new
 products in our CD Home and Professional Photo CD product lines. New
 products designed for Windows 95 are in development and scheduled for
 release in the coming months.

 On June 28th, Corel officially announced the pricing policy for CorelDRAW
 6.  CorelDRAW 6 is Corel's first 32-bit Windows 95 offering. It represents
 the most comprehensive and complete graphics suite developed to date by
 Corel Corporation. The product is on schedule to ship in late August and
 it will contain four full-featured software modules and nine utilities,
 plus extensive libraries of fonts, clipart images, symbols, 3D models and

 CorelDRAW 6 includes the following software modules:
 CorelDRAW: a comprehensive vector-based drawing application
 Corel PHOTO-PAINT: a powerful paint and photo retouching application
 CorelDREAM 3D: a 3D modeling and rendering application
 Corel PRESENTS: a business and multimedia presentation application

 In conjunction with the launch of CorelDRAW 6, we are mailing CorelDRAW
 registered users in North America an invitation to attend a FREE seminar
 in 28 cities from August 24-31. These events are open to the general
 public and we invite you to come and see the exciting features in the new
 version. The seminars focus on DRAW 6, Photo- Paint 6, Corel Presents and
 CorelDREAM 3D.  All seminars take place from 9 am to 12 noon with the
 exception of Orange County, California. Corel is giving away free copies
 of CorelDRAW 6, Stock Photo Library, CorelFLOW and CD Creator at each
 seminar.  Approved Service Bureaus and Training Centers will also be in
 attendance. For more information on the CorelDRAW 6 Preview Tour call
 Corel's Customer Service for the date and location nearest you or you
 can request information via the Corel FaxBack System at 613-728-0826,
 extension 3080 and request Document #1080. Space is limited, so you must
 call to reserve a seat for the city nearest you. To reserve your seat call
 613- 728-0826 extension 85095.

 Previews of CorelDRAW 6 for the general public are also scheduled for the
 United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala
 Lumpur, Jakarta, and Bangkok in the end of August.

 CorelDRAW 6 will be available exclusively on CD-ROM with a suggested list
 price of $695 US. CorelDRAW 3 and CorelDRAW 4 customers can upgrade to
 CorelDRAW 6 at a suggested retail price of $425 US for the CD-ROM version. 
 CorelDRAW 5 customers can upgrade to CorelDRAW 6 for a special upgrade
 price of $249 US.  To order CorelDRAW 6 please contact your local reseller
 or call Corel Customer Service. In North America call 1-800-772-6735. 
 Comprehensive documentation on CorelDRAW 6 product features will be
 available after July 15th. A `white paper' covering the new features in
 the product will be posted on our FaxBack System, in the Corel Forum on
 CompuServe and through the Internet on CorelNET and on the Corel Home

 In conjunction with the release of CorelDRAW 6, Corel is adjusting its
 existing technical support policies. To meet the expected increase in
 technical support issues related to Windows 95 and the CorelDRAW 6
 product, Corel is expanding its in-house support team. In order to help
 customers through the initial learning curve, Corel is offering 90 days of
 free support on a toll line from the official release date of the product.
 Thereafter, customers will be offered 30 days of free support on a toll
 line from the date of their first technical support call.  Free support
 within the warranty period will be offered directly from Corel's in-house
 support department. Extended support beyond the warranty period will be
 offered to Corel customers by third party suppliers. Existing support
 plans will remain in effect for all other products.

 In Europe, Corel Ireland will handle all warranty support calls as per the
 above plan.  Corel Ireland will also handle post-warranty support along
 with Corel Approved Support Partners. Corel is continuing to qualify and
 add new Approved Support Partners in all markets world-wide.

 Although Corel is not shipping a diskette version of CorelDRAW 6 to
 retailers, diskettes will be available to our customers as a special
 order. CorelDRAW 6 is the equivalent of 40 diskettes.  Customer Service
 Centers will handle requests for the diskettes from registered CorelDRAW 6
 users who have purchased the CD-ROM version. Users will be required to pay
 $149 US as a supplement to the purchase of the CD-ROM version of CorelDRAW

 Special corporate site license pricing is set for CorelDRAW 6. The site
 licenses are available for both the full retail version and the upgrade.
 Ideal for corporate customers, the license pricing model offers discounts
 for customers with requirements for 20+, 50+, 100+, or 250+ users. For
 more information on license certificates and pricing, please contact
 Corel's Corporate Resellers or our Customer Service department.

 Corel's CD HOME department is shipping more new exciting multimedia titles
 for children this month. Scheduled for release before the end of July are
 these 3 new titles - Wild Board Games, Nikolai's Trains, and Blue

 Wild Board Games contains 5 popular children's games for ages 4 to 10. It
 also includes fun hot spot animations. Learning how to play chess,
 checkers, reversi, snakes and ladders and unscrambling puzzles has never
 been this much fun! Play any of these popular board games against a cast
 of zany, fully-animated cartoon opponents in a variety o f fun-filled
 settings_the attic, the basement, the backyard and the kitchen. In
 addition, each room contains exciting activities such as a paint editor,
 cake decorator, arcade game, doll maker and a switch puzzle. Wild Board
 Games has a suggested list price of $39.95 US and is both Windows 3.1 and
 Mac compatible.

 Nikolai's Trains is a story of two friends_Nikolai and his toy cat
 Neow-Neow. Each colorful page in this fully-interactive CD-ROM has dozens
 of enjoyable animations set to a background of music and art. Children
 will learn about the solar system, trains, diesel engines, or discover the
 ecosystem all within the context of this story designed for children
 between the ages of 4 to 8. Nikolai's Trains is an English/Japanese CD-ROM
 supporting both Windows 3.1 and Macintosh based systems. The title has a
 suggested list price of $39.95 US.

 Based on the popular children's book by Alan Rogers, Blue Tortoise is a
 fun-filled interactive storybook on CD-ROM featuring colorful pages and
 dozens of activities.  Designed for children ages 3 to 6, this story
 recounts the tale of the Tortoise's race to the picnic. You can have the
 narrator read the story out loud to your child in either English or
 Spanish.  An electronic coloring book is also included which allows
 children to color each storybook page. The pages they color can then be
 saved and used to create a slide show. Blue Tortoise has a suggested list
 price of $39.95 US and supports both Windows 3.1 and Mac compatible

 We're very excited to bring you these new products and we look forward to
 your questions and comments.  With all of the new products scheduled for
 this fall we are planning to visit your area with `Product Showcase'
 events in order to meet with you and demonstrate these new technologies.
 We encourage you to make arrangements to attend the scheduled events in
 your area. Corel Technical Specialists and Support Partners will be on
 hand to answer your questions. Watch for mailings and information on-line
 regarding these upcoming events.

 Thank you for expressing interest in Corel software, please call if you
 have additional questions.

                                Arlen Bartsch
                          Director, Sales/Marketing
                              Corel Corporation

 Corel is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation.  CorelDRAW is a
 trademark of Corel Corporation.


 > Arcada Storage STR InfoFile

                               Arcada Software

 Arcada Software, Inc. develops data protection and storage management
 software for multiple desktop and client/server environments, including
 those from Microsoft, Inc., Novell, Inc. and IBM. Founded in 1994 by the
 merger of the software operations of Conner Peripherals, Inc. and Quest
 Development Corporation, Arcada has developed a wide range of popular
 backup software products and utilities. 

 These include the native backup utilities in Windows NT and the DOS and
 Windows backup utilities in MS-DOS 6.0 for Microsoft, MaynStream for
 Maynard, QICStream for Archive, EZTape for Irwin, PMTape and
 EZ-Tape/Dual-Stor products for IBM, and both the DOS and Windows versions
 of "The Norton Backup" for Symantec. Arcada now markets its products
 worldwide under the Backup Exec and Storage Exec brand names to OEMs,
 system integrators, value-added resellers, retailers and large corporate
 users. Significant U.S. channel partners include Tech Data, Ingram and

 Backup Exec for NetWare is designed to meet the data protection needs of
 today's diversified Novell NetWare market. Arcada's award winning Backup
 Exec family provides comprehensive protection for both stand-alone and
 enterprise environments.

 Enterprise Edition -- Provides a scaleable, client/server, enterprise-wide
 data management solution. The Enterprise Edition enables organizations to
 control and monitor data backup operations automatically from a single
 NetWare server or DOS/Windows or OS/2 workstation located anywhere on the
 network. Includes "Agent Accelerator" which increases the speed of remote
 backup up to 300%. 

 Advanced Autoloader Module -- Provides user-friendly advanced automation
 and control for autoloaders and multi-tape drive environments, and extends
 the flexibility of autoloaders and multiple drives supported by the
 Enterprise Edition. 

 Single Server Edition -- Delivers server-based data protection for one
 NetWare 3.x or 4.x server, and all DOS and Windows Workstations on the
 network. It provides a cost-effective solution for comprehensive data
 protection of critical server data on smaller networks. 

 Windows Workstation Edition -- Targets small network users; designed for
 environments in which a workstation, rather than a server, controls the
 backup and restore functions and the tape drive. 

 Backup Exec For Windows NT is the premier solution for both stand-alone
 and enterprise-wide environments offering true client/server flexibility
 and performance.

 Enterprise Edition -- Delivers a true 32-bit client/server data storage
 and management solution designed for large Windows NT LAN/WAN
 environments. The exclusive ExecView monitoring utility allows monitoring
 and scheduling of servers and workstations from any console on the

 Single Server Edition -- Delivers a true 32-bit client/server data storage
 and management solution designed specifically for single server Windows NT
 networks. The exclusive ExecView monitoring utility allows monitoring and
 scheduling of servers/workstations from any workstation on the network. 

 Autoloader Module -- Provides random access loader support for Backup Exec
 for both Windows NT Single Server and Enterprise Edition, allowing it to
 back up larger Windows NT Server networks. Tapes can be divided within a
 loader into groups, and tasks directed to specific groups, or all tapes
 can be used sequentially for large, unattended backups. 

 Workstation Edition -- Provides an affordable, yet robust suite of backup
 utilities for Windows NT users who do not need Windows NT Server level
 backup to protect their data. It is specifically designed to protect
 single-user data at the workstation, or to back up data in small
 workgroups where Windows NT workstation is configured as a file server. 

 Agents -- Arcada Software extends enterprise backup capabilities with a
 Backup Exec UNIX Agent, and Backup Exec Macintosh Agent. These powerful
 modules allow enterprise-wide protection for today's advanced UNIX and
 Macintosh environments, with transparent support from Arcada's
 award-winning line of the Backup Exec solutions. 

 Storage Exec for Windows NT Server -- Provides data management tools to
 configure, schedule, monitor and control both local and remote data
 storage on Windows NT Server networks from a central location. This is the
 only enterprise-wide backup solution available for Windows NT Server

 Arcada Software, Inc. offers a suite of advanced desktop products designed
 for the OEM marketplace. Arcada's desktop family is the premier OEM
 solution because of its ease of use, superior performance, and broad
 spectrum of device support.

 DOS and Windows -- Provides a full-featured DOS and Windows backup
 solutions offering data protection using some of the industry leading tape
 drives including Conner, Iomega, Microsolutions and Exabyte. 

 WARP -- Provides a full-function 32-bit backup solution, offering
 drag-and-drop restore simplicity using Arcada's Restore Assistant
 technology. This powerful solution is intuitive by design, and offers
 complete WorkPlace Shell integration. 

 Storage Migrator is Arcada SoftwareFs solution for the HSM marketplace.
 This "second generation" solution allows users to migrate and manage data
 from Microsoft Windows NT or Novell NetWare environments from the single
 console. Storage Migrator is an add-on module that provides the interface
 to allow backup and storage management operations. Storage Migrator helps
 to improve network performance, while reducing the overall investment in
 previous generation storage management applications. 

 Arcada markets its products worldwide to OEMs, commercial distributors,
 system integrators, value added resellers, retailers and large corporate
 end users. Leading tape drive manufacturers, operating system developers
 and network server, controller and software providers also are included in
 ArcadaFs customer base. 

 Arcada's software products are compatible with most popular autoloaders,
 tape drives and controllers. 


 Microsoft Corporation
 Licensed Arcada's data backup services, tape format and backup engine for
 inclusion in Windows NT and Windows 95-- marking the only time Microsoft
 has incorporated any tape backup technology as a transparent part of its
 operating system software. 

 Co-developed Storage Exec with Arcada to satisfy Microsoft's internal
 needs for centralized management of the backup process for over two
 thousand of their Windows NT servers. Arcada supplies the built-in backup
 application included in DOS 6.x. Arcada Software was selected to provide
 the backup application supporting the Microsoft Network. 

 Novell, Inc.
 Selected Arcada to write a component of its Storage Management Services
 (SMS) for NetWare. Arcada produced the first certified backup solution for
 NetWare 4.x and SMS, and was the first third party TSA developer. 

 IBM Corporation
 Licenses PMTape and EZ-Tape/Dual-Stor software products QIC Committee
 Arcada's tape format, licensed as the Microsoft Tape Format (MTF), has
 been endorsed by the Quarter-Inch Cartridge Drive Standards Committee
 (QIC), which includes 40 major tape backup companies responsible for an
 installed base of over 98 million tape systems. 

 Arcada backup software products have won many major industry awards for
 product excellence, including: 

 LAN Magazine Product of The Year 1995 
 PC Magazine Editor's Choice 
 PC World Best Buy and World Class Awards 
 InfoWorld Recommended Product Windows Magazine WIN Award 
 Computer Reseller News Test Center Award 

 Arcada operates facilities in Lake Mary, Florida; San Luis Obispo,
 California; and Maidenhead, England. More than 200 people -- including
 over 100 software engineers -- work for Arcada, making it one of the
 largest data management software companies in the industry. 


 > WHAT GIVES?? STR Spotlight


                  The Taxpayers stand to get NAILED again!

 by Ralph F.  Mariano

 seen in a very recent press release by one of the prominent wire

 "The Justice Department recently outlined a theory of a potential
 antitrust case it could possibly bring against Microsoft Corp. on
 Thursday, but told a federal judge instead, its investigations was still

      If this isn't the exact description of a "Witches Hunting Expedition"
 I don't know what is.  What is the "DEPARTMENT of INJUSTICE" looking for
 now??  Perhaps its not the Dep't of Justice at all but some eager-beaver,
 overzealous "Johnny-Come-Lately" trying to impress "Queen" Janet Reno?? 
 Or, is the Queen trying to "save face" after the Weaver Incident in the
 Northwest Wilderness and of course, The Horror of the WACO Holocaust?? 
 Enough already with the persecution of Microsoft!!  It can never possibly
 serve as a diversion.

 "Federal prosecutors are investigating Microsoft's plan to include a
 program for accessing its Microsoft Network on-line system in the new
 Windows 95 software.  "The government believes that Microsoft's forced
 inclusion of the MSN access software with Win95 might, under certain
 facts, violate the antitrust laws, and Microsoft points to no potentially
 applicable exemption from those laws," Assistant U.S. Attorney Anne K.
 Bingaman said in a filing to a federal judge in New York who Microsoft has
 asked to slow the investigation."

      The AUSA (Bingaman) ought to ask the VERY SAME QUESTIONS of America
 Online (AOL) and a few of the other criers.  (So much for fair and
 thorough investigations prior to punitive litigation.)  They have all been
 very busy ramming their program disks down our throats at every turn.  I
 find the AOL software disks in magazines I buy, in hardware products I
 buy, in my mailbox, on almost every CDRom I buy and included in most every
 software package I've bought in the last year or so.  I simply can't wait
 to find AOL disks bundled with my underwear and socks purchases.  I guess
 Madam AUSA (Bingaman) thinks that all this "market cornering" is ok as
 long as Microsoft's name isn't on it .  What it really sez folks is that
 Bill Gates and Microsoft are a real "target" of the DOJ.  As such, this
 can only come from the top!  Each and every one of us must voice our
 DISGUST with this constant hounding, no... dogging of Gates and Microsoft
 to our Senators and Congressional Reps.  Let them know you are totally
 sick and tired of seeing Microsoft being forced into a face off with the

      Computer Users and taxpayers alike, Country-Wide are going to be
 FORCED to foot the bill incurred not only by the DOJ but that of Microsoft
 in defending itself against the overly persecutive efforts of the DOJ. 
 The taxpayers are taking it TWICE "on the chin" again and again because of
 the misguided efforts of BIG Government.  Janet "WACO" Reno ought to
 receive a "get serious" wake-up call from the White House informing her of
 the fact that the monies being blown persecuting Microsoft would be better
 spent curbing the run-away drug smuggling and distribution in the USA. 
 Wouldn't it be great to see the US Government's DOJ save our wives and
 children from the effects of the ILLICIT DRUG EPIDEMIC happening now
 instead trying to save us from the effects of using computers equipped by
 Microsoft.  What is WRONG with this picture?

 "Details about the latest investigation have surfaced just as Microsoft is
 about to begin production and distribution of Win'95, which is due to
 appear on store shelves Aug. 24. It is the first major update to Windows
 since 1990.  Windows runs the basic functions of tens of millions of
 personal computers."  In the DOJ court filing, Bingaman constantly states
 the DOJ hasn't decided whether or not to file against the Redmond, WA based
 Microsoft, the world's largest publisher of personal computer software."

      With such levels of indecision, its obvious the DOJ will do just about
 anything imaginable to slow or impede the march of progress by Microsoft.  
 Such activity seemingly suits the DOJ and Microsoft's competition just
 fine.  Sloth-like, slow progress is the government's middle name (Check
 out the FDA and the FAA if you doubt this)!!  The obvious attempts at
 impeding the Windows 95 debut smack of the very things the average
 citizens of the USA fought against in two World Wars and in the recently
 won Cold War.  The DOJ and its zealots are absolutely "OUT OF CONTROL" as
 is the ATF and FBI.  These FEDERAL Agencies seemingly have forgotten they
 are there to SERVE and PROTECT.  Not to resent and intimidate the American

 "Microsoft requested last month, that a federal judge quash a subpoena
 issued by the DOJ.  The requests by the DOJ contained in the subpoena cost
 "millions of dollars" to satisfy and caused a group of 60 lawyers and
 their assistants to generate considerable overtime, Microsoft pleaded in a
 court filing.  PC makers, nationwide, will, this fall, include Win95 on
 almost all new PCS for consumers and many new PCS for businesses,
 approximately 10 million to 20 million units."

      Who, by the way, is going to be ultimately paying the expensive
 services of all these people defending Microsoft??  Microsoft cannot be
 expected to foot the entire bill themselves as that would equate to being
 punished without due process.  (This process, by the way, is something the
 US Judicial System is becoming famous for!)  What happens if the companies
 and individuals smaller than say, Bill Gates and/or Microsoft are done the
 very same way Gates & Microsoft are being done now??  The process invoked
 by the DOJ soon runs the "defendants" out of money.  The NET result?  The
 defendants have been severely and unjustly punished without the benefit of
 due process.  This is not the American Way or, at least the American Way I
 was taught.  What has happened to our Country's Government?  Its legal
 system?  Its sense of fair play?  Its standards and morals?  When was the
 last time, in history, that the U.S. Government was accused of Murdering
 its own Citizens?? 

 [A] - The Slaughter of the Weaver Family...

 The story has been told in "The New York Times," "The Washington Post" and
 "Soldier of Fortune" magazine.  Somewhere you've read or heard about the
 11-day stakeout that resulted in the death of a 14-year-old boy, a
 42-year-old mother, a federal marshal and one yellow Labrador retriever.
 It is an American tragedy, one that must be retold until some sense of
 truth or justice emerges.

 Randy Weaver lived with his wife and four children in a cabin in the
 rugged Idaho mountains 40 miles south of the Canadian border.  The cabin
 had no electricity or running water, but the family survived, as had
 generations of pioneers.  According to his lawyer, Weaver was "a little
 man who wanted to be left alone."

 According to the government, he was a heavily armed white supremacist, a
 former Green Beret, a member of a cult that believed a Jewish-led
 conspiracy controlled the government.  He stood convinced that God had
 created separate races for a reason, and that the races should remain
 separate. Weaver was, said one agent, "extremely irritable, and saw people
 plotting against him."

 Weaver had every reason to be paranoid. People were plotting against him.
 No fewer than three government agencies targeted Randy Weaver!  

 [B] - Then..  The Unbelievable Horror: Holocaust at WACO

 People in Waco describe the Branch Davidian community as a group of
 ordinary people and as helpful, friendly, and kind. The Branch Davidian
 sect was founded in 1893 as an offshoot of the Seventh-Day Adventist
 church. Many of the approximately 130 people in the compound held regular
 jobs outside, and the group had been in Waco since 1935. They had built
 with their own hands the house that was destroyed in the 1993 fire. 

 James Scott Trim, a researcher who studied the Branch Davidians for more
 than a year and a half, offers this perspective:  "They were no threat,
 particularly, to anybody.  They had been there since the 1930s and
 certainly hadn't done any damage to anybody thus far. They weren't a group
 of idiots."  Various members of the group, he points out, were highly
 educated in theology, comparative religion, and law.

      In closing this part, these truths are sure fire evidence that the
 DOJ, ATF and FBI are indeed operating out of control.  While the DOJ
 hasn't OK'd snipers, the spraying of the Redmond Campus with machine gun
 bullets and incendiary gas devices from helos or the smashing of buildings
 with battering ram equipped Tanks..  Its really happening just the same
 with all kinds of bizarre legal maneuvers, motions and subpoenas being
 used in place of live ammunition.  This legal "genocide" must be brought
 to a screeching halt.

 "Other online services.. like America Online Inc., CompuServe Inc. and
 Prodigy Services Co. have complained of unfair advantages for Microsoft.
 In its latest court filing, Justice spells out in considerable detail what
 a potential antitrust case could look like.  "By including the (Microsoft
 Network) software with Win95, Microsoft is taking advantage of market
 position in operating systems to gain advantage elsewhere," Bingaman
 wrote. "Such use of economic power to gain advantage has been a persistent
 source of concern" under the Sherman Antitrust Act, a key antitrust law."  

      Why hasn't the "ever so fair" Justice Department investigated the
 practices of these "poor underprivileged" online services??  Such as the
 flooding of the entire computing Community with "FREE Software" and FREE
 ONLINE TIME."  Sort of reminds one of the neighborhood junkie offering the
 kids free "hits" just to get them started!  Amazing that a similar
 practice in hooking the American Consumer is looked upon differently. 
 What about one online service's CONSTANT demands of exclusivity of those
 offering services or user support via their service??  Or, what about the
 subtle but forceful practices of all of them when they induce favoritism
 for favored manufacturers with impudent disregard for the truth and/or the
 consumer??  When the online services "put a bug" in someone's ear about
 the free style of the Internet we all saw that government reaction.  In
 any case, the Internet is going to literally eat the online services
 alive.  Microsoft is an Arch-Angel when compared to some of these fine
 stand-up "Online Services". 

 "In its initial filing to halt the civil subpoenas, Microsoft said it is
 cooperating but called the Justice investigation "abusive." The company
 recently won support from Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole, R-Kan., who
 cited press reports of the Justice investigation showed the agency was

      Hats off to Dole... (I said that?)  Yessir, give credit where credit
 is due.  Dole took a very bold step in pointing out the bizarre manner in
 which the DOJ is now operating.  I am inclined to predict he'll experience
 some sort of retaliatory actions by the DOJ or one of its sympathetic
 inter-agencies before its all over.  But for now, Go get 'em Bob!  Has
 everybody noticed how Newt Gingrich has been effectively "toned down"? 
 They're still busy investigating him.  Desperately trying to find or
 possibly contrive something even remotely believable to control him with.  

 "Industry analysts say Microsoft has to be very close to going to final
 production of Windows 95."

      How right they are and Windows 95 is a wonderful product that's about
 to revolutionize computing in America today.  The DOJ's persecution of
 Microsoft reminds one of the efforts taken by the ruling classes in
 medieval Europe in their futile attempts at preventing the spread of
 Gutenberg's Printing Press.  The peasants did learn to read and the ruling
 classes soon fell from power.

 "Bingaman said the department was trying to conduct its investigation in
 such a way as "to avoid unnecessary disruption of Microsoft's business
 plans or a potentially difficult problem of antitrust remedy.  She
 referred to a key problem in the government's case: trying to determine
 whether Microsoft Network represents a violation before the program is

      Bingaman ought to inquire of the many users who have suffered at the
 hands of the existing online services.  By this its meant the high hourly
 rates which now, all of a sudden, are dropping at super sonic speeds!  Why
 is this happening?  Because Microsoft, being on the cutting edge of
 progress and offering easily affordable rates has forced reform and common
 decency into the marketplace.  Microsoft is once again leading the way,
 teaching the stoic, old fogies who run the existing online services what
 its really all about.  People.  Microsoft did just this with every one of
 its products.  They gave the product a solid reason for being and applied
 that reason directly to positive growth with the users and future in mind. 
 Microsoft has literally toasted its competition.  Its a given that most of
 today's computer users have benefited greatly from Microsoft's activities
 and are highly appreciative.  

      You see, if things were to be left as they were.. one of the current
 Online Services would still be busy gouging away with ripoff rates and
 poor service.  Another would still be permitting their administrators to
 abuse the subscribers and businesses online with absolute dictatorial
 powers, charging exorbitant daytime rates while offering antique late
 seventies/early eighties technology (one service really comes to mind). 
 The newer services have seemingly been trying everything possible to gain
 an "edge" including complaining to the DOJ about things the others are
 doing that they too are guilty of but haven't been caught at it yet!

      Please folks if you value the use of your computers and desire a
 better.. easier way, you owe it to yourselves to phone, telegram, write and
 Fax your representatives to stop the injustices.  The Department of
 Justice and all its armed law enforcement agencies should be in hot
 pursuit of the Drug Lords in this country!  Not Microsoft.  They should
 especially be locking up the fine, upstanding members of each and every
 community who bankroll the smugglers, runners and dealers without dirtying
 their hands.  You'd be surprised at just who they are.  Maybe you're like
 me and are no longer surprised.  I'm disgusted to see these horrible
 people allowed to continue bankrolling the slimes that continue to poison
 generation after generation of American Youth.  The youth of today is
 America's future, what does that really say now.  

      Please tell your representatives in the Congress and Senate to demand
 that the Department of Justice get its priorities straight and stop this
 merciless persecution of Microsoft!  Please do it before we are all
 victimized once again by ignorant government interference and the obvious
 grandstanding and career climbing by certain DOJ lawyers.

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


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                      /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > HP 1600c STR InfoFile

                HP DESKJET 1600C AND DESKJET 1600CM PRINTERS


      This document provides basic information on installing
      the PostScript card and, optionally, additional memory
      for your HP DeskJet 1600C printer.
           NOTE:     The PostScript board and/or
                     optional memory may already
                     have been installed. To
                     determine if the board is
                     present and how much memory is
                     installed, print the self
           NOTE:     In HP DeskJet 1600C printers
                     with a firmware of 8.1 and 8.6
                     the SIMM slots are reversed on
                     the self-test.  The manual and
                     the printer are correct, but
                     the self-test is incorrect.
                     This issue was corrected in
                     the 9.2 firmware revision.
      A minimum of 6 MB of memory is required to use
      PostScript printing. The standard printer comes with 4
      MB of memory and 2 MB of memory is included on the
      PostScript card.
           CAUTION:  Because the PostScript card
                     and memory expansion card
                     contain parts that are easily
                     damaged by small amounts of
                     static electricity, you need
                     to take precautions such as
                     using grounding devices and
                     maintaining contact with any
                     bare metal surface on the
                     printer while handling the
                     cards. Handle the cards
                     carefully at all times. Avoid
                     touching the card components
                     or circuit paths. Be sure to
                     replace the memory expansion
                     slot cover after installing
                     the cards to prevent dust from
                     accumulating inside the
      1.   Turn off the printer and remove the power cord.
      2.   Open the rear panel by pressing the tabs on either
           side together with your fingers.
      3.   Remove the paper plug by squeezing the green ring
           towards the thumb rest, and then pulling outward.
      4.   Using a flat-blade screwdriver, remove the memory
           expansion slot cover.
           There are three Single In-line Memory Module
           (SIMM) slots.  As you look at the slots from the
           back of the printer, the slot closest to you is
           slot 1, followed by slot 2, then slot 3.  A memory
           SIMM can be installed in any of the three slots.
           If your printer is set up for PostScript, slot 3
           will have a PostScript SIMM already installed.
           While a memory SIMM can be installed in any slot,
           a PostScript SIMM can only be installed in slot 3.
           NOTE:     Beware that printers with a
                     firmware of less than 9.2 the
                     slots will read backwards on
                     the self-test page.  That is,
                     SIMMs installed in slot 1 on
                     the board will read slot 3 on
                     the self-test page and visa
      5.   Open the memory expansion or PostScript upgrade
           kit package that you purchased and remove the SIMM
      6.   Insert the SIMM card at a 45-degree angle into a
           SIMM slot.  The notched end must be on the right
      7.   Rotate the SIMM card to a 90-degree angle
           (vertical).  Ensure that the card is secured by
           the small metal clip at each end.
      8.   Replace the memory expansion slot cover and
           install the two screws to secure the cover.
      9.   Replace the paper plug, close the rear panel, and
           attach the power cord.
      10.  Turn the printer on and perform the self test.
           The self test will determine if the PostScript
           card or memory cards have been installed correctly
           and print a summary of the memory capacity and
           PostScript installation.  A PostScript
           configuration page will also be printed.

             HP FIRST #:  2872, 10-Jul-95, BPD02478
       PostScript (TM) is a trademark of Adobe Systems
           Incorporated which may be registered in
                    certain jurisdictions.

             Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1995
   This information is subject to change without notice and
            is provided "as is" with no warranty.
     Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct,
    indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages
         in connection with the use of this material.


   Energy Star On    (default) to save energy during idle time
                     (requires slightly more time to warm up for first
                     page to print)
   Centronics Speed  Fast (default) for newer computers. Standard for
                     older model computers.
   I/O Timeout       5-1800 seconds (15 is default). This is the time
                     the printer waits for new data from the interface
                     being used. If no data is received after this
                     time, the printer will reset to the default
                     NOTE: The manual has documented the default I/O
                     timeout incorrectly.
   MEt Usage         Shows percentage of total pages that required
                     Memory Enhancement in order to print the entire
                     page. For example, if it shows 40%, then 40% of
                     the total number of pages printed needed to use
                     MEt. This is an indication that the types of print
                     jobs you are doing require additional memory to be
                     installed in the printer. The higher the
                     percentage, the more likely you should add memory
                     to your printer to improve performance.
   Pages Printed     Total number of pages printed by the printer.
   Serial Number     Permanent record of the serial number located on
                     the back of your printer.
   Firmware Version  Records the latest version of firmware installed
                     in the printer.
   PCL 5 Code Rev    Records the latest version of the PCL 5 language


   Optional Lower    Installed or Not Installed. Becomes the default
   Tray              tray when installed.
   Default Tray      Records which tray (the printer's paper tray or
                     the optional 500-sheet paper tray) the printer
                     will automatically print from.
   Tray Lockout      Records which tray (the printer's paper tray or
                     the optional 500-sheet paper tray) will be locked
                     out when the auto-selected tray runs out of paper.
   Auto Select       On or Off. Allows printer to use default paper
   Paper Size        Letter, A4, or Legal.
   Paper Type        Plain, Premium, Glossy, or Transparency

           NOTE:     Printers with a firmware of 8.1 and
                     8.6 will show the SIMM slots
                     reversed on the self-test page.
                     This was fixed in the 9.2 firmware.
   SIMM Slot 1       Will show whether a PostScript, memory SIMM (and
                     size), or font SIMM is installed in this slot. The
                     PostScript SIMM can only be installed in this slot.
   SIMM Slot 2       Will show what size memory SIMM or font SIMM is
                     installed in this slot.
   SIMM Slot 3       Will show what size memory SIMM or font SIMM is
                     installed in this slot.
   Total RAM Size    Total of the printer's resident memory and any
                     additional memory SlMMs.
                          4 to 100 megabytes for the HP 1600C printer
                          6 to 70 megabytes for the HP 1600CM printer
                     Will show what type of interface card is installed
                     in your printer.


   Typeface          Courier. Refer to your on-line HP DeskJet 1600C
                     Reference Guide for a list of typefaces available.
   Pitch             10 cpi (default) or 8, 12, 16.67, 18, and 20.
   Symbol Set        Roman-8 (default). Refer to your HP DeskJet 1 600C
                     Reference Guide for a list of symbol sets
   Orientation       Portrait (default) or Landscape.
   Copies            1 (default) - 999.
   Lines/Page        5 - 128 (default IS 60).
   Page Protection   Off - Default setting for normal print jobs.
                     On.  Can be used when you have 8 megabytes or more
                     of memory installed in the printer. Will ensure
                     that almost all pages with complex graphics will
                     be completely printed.
   Default Print     EconoFast -    The default setting for fast
   Quality           printing. Great for spreadsheets.
                     Normal -   For quality printing on all your print
                     jobs. (Default)
                     Presentation -      For printing on transparency
                     film and glossy paper.
   Color Mode        Color (Default) or Print in Grayscale.

   PCL 5             Installed.
   PostScript        Installed or Not Installed.
   Active Language   None, PCL 5, or PostScript (if installed). Shows
                     which is currently active.
   Default Language  PCL 5 or PostScript (shows which language the
                     printer will default to if the printer is reset).
   Automatic         On or Off. (For service use only.)
   Context           On (default) or Off. Set to Off when using older
   Switching         PostScript printer software that does not activate
                     automatic language switching.
   Errors            Will list printer errors.

            HP FIRST #: 2862, 10-Jul-95, BPD02471
             Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1995
   This information is subject to change without notice and
            is provided "as is" with no warranty.
     Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct,
    indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages
         in connection with the use of this material.


 > BBS Business STR FOCUS!         Some very good info here...

                          BBS'S BECOME BIG BUSINESS

 by Patricia Pisarski

 Recent estimates indicate that there are approximately 75,000 BBSes 
 worldwide. Although BBSes have been predominately a US phenomena, 
 entrepreneurs in Canada, Europe, and South America are joining the 
 online community at a rapid pace. This astonishing growth is all the 
 more amazing when you consider that the first BBS went online in 
 February 1978, thanks to two computer techies who wanted to keep in 
 touch despite Chicago's wickedly cold winters. Ward Christensen and 
 Randy Seuss became friends through  a local computer users group and 
 together wrote the Computer Bulletin Board System (CBBS) using the newly 
 introduced Hayes modem. Within a few short years, CBBS become available 
 commercially and spawned an industry that continues to grow at a record 
 breaking rate.

 Dubbed the "electronic meeting place of the 90's", a typical BBS offers 
 e-mail, public forum areas, interactive games, megs of shareware and 
 increasingly, online chat. To broaden their appeal, many BBSes join one 
 or several "nets", such as Fidonet or RIME, which share message bases 
 (called "echoes") covering a wide variety of topics similar to the 
 Newsgroups available on the Internet. The echoes run the gamut from 
 technical topics, like C++ programming, to hobbies, like aquariums or 
 collecting comic books. Many echoes are devoted to political, religious 
 or social issues and offer a lively debate on the most controversial 
 issues. Even a painfully shy and timid BBSer can often be inspired to 
 express his or her opinion in no uncertain terms behind the anonymity of 
 an "alias" or screen name. Whatever issue you are "for", there is bound 
 to be another BBSer who is "against" and who relishes the opportunity to 
 tell you just exactly why your opinion is 100% wrong. Frequently, such 
 messages are punctuated with shorthand, such as "IMHO" (in my humble 
 opinion) or "LOL" (laughing out loud), or with emoticons such as :( or 
 ;). (For the uninitiated, look sideways to see an unhappy face and a 
 winking smile.)

 Often sysops design their board to meet the needs of a specific special 
 interest group (or SIG). These boards will cover almost every imaginable 
 interest or hobby. There are BBSes with a handicapped focus or which are 
 aimed at airline pilots or nudists. (There may even be a BBS for 
 handicapped pilots who fly in the nude, but I'm not aware of any.) To 
 find a BBS aimed at your favorite SIG, you need to track down a 
 "listkeeper". A BBS listkeeper is a sysop who compiles and maintains a 
 list of BBSes by topical category and makes the list available for 
 download. A list of listkeepers is available electronically on some 
 BBSes and available in print in Boardwatch Magazine. (Call 1-800-933-
 6038 for subscription information or send e-mail to

 Most sysops start their board as a hobby. Often they begin as avid 
 "board surfers" and get the bug to operate their own BBS.  Most start 
 out small, with approximately 50% of BBSes operating only one phone 
 line. Many potential sysops underestimate the time, energy, patience and 
 devotion (not to mention expense), it takes to run a BBS. Wading through 
 manuals three feet high isn't very exciting or sexy. After all the 
 tedious efforts to get a BBS to run smoothly and problem-free, it can be 
 very discouraging for a new sysop to wait for the (modem) phone to ring. 
 It may take months and months for a BBS develop a following. A BBS can 
 quickly turn into a very expensive and time consuming hobby while a 
 sysop is waiting for his caller base to grow. It's not surprising that 
 many sysops give up after several months. BBS callers evidence this 
 disillusionment regularly when they "surf" a local BBS list and hear the 
 recording of an operator saying "The number you have dialed is no longer 
 in service."

 But, the success stories can be inspiring for the entrepreneur. There 
 are BBSes that have been in business for over ten years serving millions 
 of callers and requiring 200+ phone lines. Some, like Exec-PC and the 
 Well, have expanded to such a national presence that they have almost 
 outgrown the label BBS and could be more appropriately called a "mini" 
 online service. The sysops of the biggest and best BBSes realized early 
 on to treat their BBS as a business with a marketing strategy and well 
 thought out business plan. They identified who their target market was 
 and planned accordingly. Statistics (from Boardwatch Magazine, March 
 '94) show that the average BBS caller is a male between the ages of 20 - 
 45 with an average age about 36. The online community is still 
 predominantly male, with female callers only representing 10 - 15% of 
 BBSers. Despite the popularity of online chat and forum areas, the 
 majority of callers continue to list their main purpose in calling a BBS 
 is to download shareware. Since a large percent of BBSers also subscribe 
 one or more of the major commercial services like CompuServe, Prodigy or 
 America Online, a business savvy sysop knows that he or she must price 
 competitively and offer unique value-added services not available 

 Recently, businesses have discovered that a BBS is not just for 
 hobbyists anymore. More and more companies are finding a BBS to be a 
 cost effective solution for making time-sensitive information easily 
 available to a geographically disperse group of users. BBSes are quickly 
 replacing fax broadcasting as a method for disseminating data which 
 changes daily or even hourly.  Professional associations are using BBSes 
 to electronically publish newsletters and  to allow members an open 
 forum in which to discuss issues and exchange advice. Online 
 connectivity is rapidly becoming the best answer to quick and efficient 
 communication within an industry or profession. 

 The first industry to realize the business potential for a BBS was the 
 computer industry itself. Hardware and software manufacturers have 
 started to provide 24 hour customer support using BBSes. A recent 
 article in PC Today ("Online Customer Support", Oct. '94) concluded that 
 BBSes benefited both the company and the customer -- "For the 
 businesses, it's cheaper than fielding calls via toll-free phone lines; 
 for customers, it's more efficient than waiting on hold." By creating a 
 file of frequently asked questions (FAQ) accompanied by well written, 
 clear answers and making it available online, a company can 
 significantly reduce the number of calls to its customer service 
 representatives. Public forum areas can result in fewer calls, too. It's 
 likely that if one customer is having a problem with an aspect of the 
 company's products, others are too and someone has already posted an 
 answer in an online forum. Additionally, customers can go online to 
 download software upgrades, bug fixes, and to search for technical 
 documentation. With increasing postage rates, a software company can cut 
 costs by making demos and new product information available online while 
 making customers happy that they don't need to wait several days for the 
 information to arrive by mail.

 The creative and profitable ways of utilizing a BBS are limited only by 
 an entrepreneur's imagination. Retail businesses are using BBSes to 
 accept online orders. Two innovative examples are: Peapod Online which 
 lets customers shop for groceries 24 hours a day and then schedule 
 convenient home delivery, and PennyWise, a Maryland based office supply 
 company, that accepts online orders and guarantees shipment within 24 
 hours. Auto dealers can now offer online showrooms around the clock. 
 Imagine being able to search a database of used cars, finding that low-
 mileage '91 Olds you've been looking for and being able to see a picture 
 of it without even leaving your home. Hospitals are using BBSes as a 
 public service to provide health related information  to local 
 practitioners, pharmacists and the surrounding community. Government 
 agencies, like the SBA, EPA and IRS, are finding that BBSes are a 
 convenient way of  making information easily accessible to the public. 
 With phenomenal growth of the online community, a BBS combined with a 
 creative concept can make a powerful combination for today's 


 Patricia Pisarski is the Vice President of ExpresSearch, Inc. which 
 designs, implements and operates BBSes for businesses and associations. 
 Pat can be reached at,, CIS 71242,661 
 or by voice at (708) 304-1048. To logon to the ExpresSearch Demo BBS. 
 dial (708) 304-9804 by modem, using the logon name "Demo" and password 

 Copyright 1995 - Patricia Pisarski and ExpresSearch, Inc. All rights 


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      A LOT of discussion these days continues to be of the Internet.
 For Atari users, this "new" computing highlight has been less than
 fully achievable, until now.  The only way, until recently, to view the
 Web has been text-only while other platform users can view graphics,
      There are currently two Atari WWW browsers available for us to
 use.  Admittedly, these are still not perfect, but they do seem to work
 fairly well according to numerous posts that I've been seeing.

      One, DuFTP, was mentioned in one of our past issues recently.  The
 other, from TAF (Toronto Atari Federation), has started to be posted on
 the online services and the Internet.  We have a brief synopsis below
 of what's included on what's being referred to as "the TAF disks".

      In other news, recent rumors about the bankruptcy last year of
 Gadgets By Small have renewed.  Dave Small, in a post on the Internet,
 describes his recent decisions in this regard to do some rumor control.

      The weather is almost unbearable, and sitting here in front of all
 this computer equipment is not making things any cooler.  Do your best
 to stay out of the heat and stay cool!  Let's wrap this up and get to
 all of the good stuff!
      Until next time...

 > What Happened to Gadgets by Small?! STR InfoFile - Small Speaks Out!

 [Editor's note: The Usenet has had a few questions/theories pertaining
 to the recent bankruptcy report by Gadgets by Small.  Dave does some
 rumor control, below]

 From: David Small <>
 Date: 8 Jul 1995
 Responding to: <3tcg3k$>
 In article <3tcg3k$>,
 Steve Johnson <> wrote:
 >In article <3smqni$>, Dan Valega <>
 >>What lawsuit was lost by Dave Small ? Please fill me in, I did not know
 of any
 >>lawsuit. Thanks...... Dan Valega
 >Dave Small refused to pay the bills for some defective PCB boards
 >that were made for him and he lost the court case against him for
 >doing so.  GBS filed for bankruptcy, but Dave's been talking about
 >starting a new company.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think even Jim
 >Allen of Fast Technologies (Turbo-16, Turbo030, etc.) testified
 >against Dave Small -- I know they were having rather bitter online
 >disputes on GEnie some time ago, anyway.
  But... but ... but ... that ain't what happened!
         (I *should* make up a Gadgets FAQ and post it.)
         GBS had difficulties with a chip on the SST product from a
 supplier. GBA was, after a really significant amount of time, able to
 overcome these difficulties. Lawsuits sprung up both ways.
         Jim Allen was a paid expert witness for the supplier. He did not
 testify, and I'm nearly positive his report was not used at the trial.
         We did not have any defective PCB problems! They were fine
 quality. (How did THIS rumour get started? Maybe we need
         Dave Small as in Dave of Gadgets did all this stuff, not Dave
 Small personally. It's an important legal difference.
   The trial was an experience, I'll tell you. It taught me a lot
 about the legal system, and I think often that trials are used to send
 people to jail .... I guess there is no perfect system. It would just
 be sour grapes to babble about the proof we had, the case made, etc.
 The fact is, the jury didn't vote for us.

         Now, the *parts* probably could not have killed Gadgets, even
 with the interest from the 2 years of delay the supplier asked for (and
 got). However, the *legal bills* for the supplier were substantial. The
 numbers Jim Allen gives, and that I saw, differ extremely. So I don't
 know, but six digits. Gadgets had no way to pay that, and filed Ch. 7
 in November of last year. 'twas the legal bills, folks.

         Free Advice: Don't get sued.
         More Free Advice: A bad settlement is better than a good trial.

         Finally, the Mac Emulator software is owned by me personally,
 not by Gadgets. (Spectre and so forth are trademarks of Gadgets; I do
 not know their status.) In no way is the emulator dead; it's a spinning
 at 3600 RPM downstairs (or whatever speed the HD's use these days).
 I've babbled sufficiently about what I'm adding to my software for
 release, and talked about the need for beta testing, and beta testers.
 Many, many kind people have emailed me (and  mailed) and offered to help.
      The TT downstairs is starting up off the *SCSI* hard disk
 (selectable). While it doesn't (yet) run System 7.1, I know *why* to the
 bit, thanks to the Zax. I'd say the floppy-queue thingo in 6.0.5 was
 harder to cure than 7.1 may be, but that's knock-on-wood stuff.
      I hope this settles down the rumor control. "Got places to go,
 and to have been..."
         Me, I'm proud of the SST and its manual, and nearly everything
 Gadgets did. (That's all written up in the last issue of Current Notes).
         Now, if I can just live long enough to come up with a truly
 classy, witty .signature line, I'll be in fine shape!
         -- thanks, Dave Small / ex-Gadgets by Small VP R&D


 > TAF Atari WWW Browser! STR InfoFile! - TAF Disk Set Available At Hensa

 From: D.Bhabuta <>

 The TAF disk set to install Chimera and X-Windows is now available at
 HENSA. Paths at the end of the message:
 Graphical web browsing is finally here on the Atari.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     MINT - X Windows - SLIP/PPP - Chimera - Telnet - FTP
                   Version 1.0 (BETA)            95/04/23
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 (1) 4M RAM
 (2) 10M (Min) available SEPARATE Hard Disk Partition (other than your
     boot partition)
 (3) An Internet Service Provider with PPP - SLIP acceptable but
 (3) Mono Graphics mode (ST High, Falcon, TT High)
 (4) ST UNZIP Program, TOS/GEM based text-editor (recommend: VI.TTP)
 (1) 14.4 Modem - Appropriate Modem RTS/CTS patch
 (2) A Boot manager (SuberBoot, XBoot, etc.)
 (3) Recent version of AHDI.  (Tested: 6.061)
 (4) Knowledge of UNIX, VI editor:  Not essential but useful.
 720K Installation Disks
 INSTALL.ZIP comes on the first disk in the TAF library (ie. disk #1)
 but ends up needing to be copied to your boot partition.  Since this is
 a download version - you do not need a floppy for this file if you are
 downloading directly to your hard disk.  If you plan to put this in a
 disk library of some sort, please include INSTALL.ZIP and this file
 (README.1ST) on a floppy labelled Disk 1.
 You will need 6 more floppies labelled Disks 2-7
 The following files should be put on the floppies:
 Disk 2 - 2a.tgz ; 2b.tgz
 Disk 3 - 3.tgz
 Disk 4 - 4a.tgz ; 4b.tgz
 Disk 5 - 5.tgz
 Disk 6 - 6.tgz
 Disk 7 - 7a.tgz ; 7b.tgz
 1.44M Installation
 For the 1.44M setup you will need 3 floppies labelled Disks 1-3. If you
 are making 1.44M distribution disks for a library please include this
 file (README.1ST) on Disk 1.
 The disks must be set up as follows:
 Disk 1 - README.1ST ; INSTALL.TXT ; 2a.tgz ; 2b.tgz ; 3.tgz
 Disk 2 - 4a.tgz ; 4b.tgz ; 5.tgz
 Disk 3 - 6.tgz ; 7a.tgz ; 7b.tgz ; INSTALL.ZIP
 After the disks have been set up correctly (this should already be the
 case if you got them from a library) print the INSTALL.TXT file on
 Disk 1 and read it very carefully before trying to start any
 A complete set of instructions are included in that file.
 If you can't find INSTALL.TXT on the disks, it is also included in the
 ***NOTE*** is a complete collection of the rest of the
 ***NOTE*** files in this archive.
 File sizes: 3711248, 215076, 329828, 592746, 505069, 155590, 484172,
             550261, 254899, 155897, 20963, 441978, 3669
 It's online as files

 Download and enjoy. :-)


                  -/- Pulitzer Material on The Web -/-

      A site on the Internet's World Wide Web has been established by
 the Columbia Journalism Review for providing the 1995 Pulitzer Prize
 winning news stories, photographs and music, as well as explanations of
 the judging and biographies of the winners.
      According to The Associated Press, the magazine, which has
 monitored news media since 1961, aims to expand its Web site to include
 material from its monthly publication and a discussion board for people
 to talk about journalism.
      The site -- which can be reached at Web address -- is the first project of the Center for New
 Media, which was recently formed at Columbia University's Graduate
 School of Journalism, AP says.
      CompuServe members now have access to the Internet's World Wide
 Web through the NetLauncher software. Enter GO NETLAUNCHER for details.

                 -/- Gridlock on the Internet Feared -/-

      The Internet's millions of worldwide users now are generating more
 than 30 terabytes of information each month -- the equivalent of
 30 million 700-page novels -- and the network is feeling the strain,
 experts say.
      Charles Stancomb of London-based consultancy SRI International has
 told Mark John of the Reuter News Service the problem could reach a
 critical point in three to five years unless a solution is found, adding,
 "It won't come upon us suddenly like a brick wall, but there will be an
 ever more noticeable diminution of network speed."
      And Vinton Cerf, called by some the "father of the Internet" and
 now a senior vice-president at U.S. phone company MCI Communications
 Corp., says network congestion now has reached a "dangerous measure."
      Quoted by Communications Week International magazine at the annual
 meeting of The Internet Society in Honolulu this month, Cerf said this
 is all the more worrying because the Internet was still "modest in
      Says Reuters, "Despite recently-added fiber-optic trunk lines, some
 users are already complaining that a slowdown in network speed has meant
 it is taking significantly longer to access Internet pages and download
      Experts says the attraction of new Internet pages that include
 video, audio and high-quality graphics was only adding to the congestion.
      "Some of the operators of trunk-lines, such as U.S.-based Sprint
 Corp., are already upgrading their Internet links to add greater
 capacity, particularly in the U.S. market where Internet use is
 greatest," Reuters says, "but some net-watchers fear a long-term
 solution may be found in making users pay for the Internet."
      Dataquest analyst John Lilley says, "The big issue among telecoms
 operators is that Internet traffic could create bottlenecks (on their
 networks). That is usually followed by the argument for a two-tier
      Reuters says such a system -- under which some users pay a fee to
 guarantee a certain standard of network access -- "would run in the face
 of the current egalitarian culture of the Internet."

                 -/- Study Examines PC Brand Loyalty -/-

      A new study from Computer Intelligence InfoCorp of La Jolla,
 California, shows that Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh systems and PCs
 from Gateway 2000 Inc. led the PC industry in repeat purchase or brand
 "loyalty" ratings during 1994.
      The third through fifth brand loyalty spots were held by Compaq
 Computer Corp., Dell Computer and Hewlett-Packard Co., according to the
 CII study.
      The study also found that respondents who purchased PCs for personal
 home use generally exhibit lower brand loyalty than individuals who work
 on employer-provided machines. The differences, according to CII, are
 attributable mainly to price sensitivities among home PC users, who are
 using their own, rather than company funds, and the fact that home users
 do not need to go through the purchase approval cycles inherent in many
      "As the PC industry transforms itself into more of a mass-market
 business, PC brand loyalty is becoming a crucial measure of company
 success," says David Tremblay, CII's senior PC analyst. "The customer
 mix is gradually changing from primarily first-time buyers to replacement
 buyers. The most successful PC companies will figure out ways to leverage
 brand loyalty to capture repeat business."

                  -/- Online Comics Service Planned -/-

   Byron Preiss Multimedia Co. Inc. has hired comic book editor Danny
 Fingeroth to head a new online service dedicated to comics.

   Most recently group editor of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man division,
 Fingeroth has joined Byron Preiss as director of the New York-based
 company's Virtual Comics division. The unit plans to develop new comics,
 characters and interactive graphic storytelling techniques in on-line

   According to Byron Preiss, Fingeroth has worked as an editor and
 writer on such characters and titles as the X-Men, Darkhawk, Man-Thing,
 Star Trek and Star Wars, as well as the character he is most closely
 identified with, The Amazing Spider-Man.

                 -/- Congress Acts on Flag Amendment -/-

      Only a week before the Fourth of July independence celebrations,
 the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.J. Res. 79, designed to
 protect, by Constitutional amendment, the national flag from acts of
 desecration. If adopted by the Senate in a companion bill -- S.J. Res. 31,
 and then ratified by the states, a 28th Amendment would become part of
 the  Constitution: "The Congress and the States shall have the  power to
 prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the  United States."
 Members of CompuServe's Legal Forum are discussing the many ramifications
 of the "flag" amendment.

      Sidney Schweiger says, "The irony here is that one of the nation's
 symbols is being  elevated to a higher place in our society than one of
 its founding principles...if we give up this liberty now, we will never
 have it again, and every special-interest group with an ax to grind will
 be clamoring for its own amendment. Before  long, the First Amendment
 will cease to exist."

      William Marvin notes, "I suspect that if this amendment does go
 through, we will have a little mini-industry for us lawyers, trying to
 write statutes which will define 'physical desecration.' Inevitably, the
 definition will have to include some element of intent, which will, in
 turn, relate to the expressive purpose of the person doing the burning,
 which will violate the principles of free speech."

      Cortland Richmond says, "Objectionable conduct is a price we pay
 for liberty, and we would be well advised to keep on paying it."

      The proposed amendment and its consequences will be a much-discussed
 issue in the weeks ahead. To offer your interpretation, GO LAWSIG,
 Section 0, "General Interest," "Flag Burning Amend." and related threads.


                               JAGUAR SECTION

 Flip-Out!  Battlesphere!  CATnips!
 Jaguar Gamer's Guide!  CD Pack-Ins!
 White Men Can't Jump!  Postcards!
 CatBox Review!  And Much More!!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      A lot of news this week - I have no idea where to begin with this
 week's editorial.  There are games in production as we speak - expect
 to see White Men Can't Jump next, shortly.  Flip Out! should follow
 fairly closely.
    There has been a lot of speculation as to what the JaguarCD pack-
 in games might be.  The latest word, and reportedly the final, is that
 the JaguarCD will include VidGrid, Blue Lightning, and the Tempest 2000
 Audio CD.  These titles are coming directly from Atari, so I believe
 that we can count on it.

      We have the first of two reviews on the CatBox in this week's
 issue.  These were going to appear earlier, but we wanted to do these
 reviews well, so we were thorough.  We hope that you enjoy Joe
 Mirando's review this week - look for Dom Fontana's review shortly.

      As I mentioned at the top, we have a lot of info for you this
 week, so let's get to it!

      Until next time...

 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

     Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9005  Raiden               $29.99           FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
      J9001  Trevor McFur/
             Crescent Galaxy      $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95           Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95           id/Atari Corp.
      JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95           Telegames
      J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99           Rebellion/Atari Corp.
      J9029  Doom                 $69.99           id/Atari Corp.
      J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9003  Club Drive           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9007  Checkered Flag       $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99           Atari Corp.
      J9042  Zool 2               $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9020  Bubsy                $49.99           Atari Corp
      J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99           Atari Corp.
             Cannon Fodder        $69.99           Virgin/C-West
             Syndicate            $69.99           Ocean
             Troy Aikman Ftball   $69.99           Williams
             Theme Park           $69.99           Ocean
             Sensible Soccer                       Telegames
             Double Dragon V      $59.99           Williams
      J9009E Hover Strike         $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J0144E Pinball Fantasies    $59.99           C-West
      J9052E Super Burnout        $59.99           Atari

      Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

              White Men Can't Jump  TBD               Atari
              Flip-Out              TBD               Atari
              Air Cars              TBD        MidNite Entertainment
              Fight For Life        TBD               Atari
              Flashback             TBD             U.S. Gold
              Power Drive Rally     TBD                TWI
              Rayman                TBD              UBI Soft
              Ultra Vortek          TBD               Atari
              Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99             Atari

      Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

      J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $189.99        Atari Corp.
      J8001  Jaguar (no cart)    $159.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95
             CatBox              $69.95             ICD

 >Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

 >Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher
 Air Cars                7/95  Racing/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Alien vs Predator       NOW   Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Alien vs Predator CD    2/96  Role Play/Adventure  TBD      Atari
 Arena Football         10/95  Sports               TBD      V Reel
 Assault                2Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Atari Kart             11/95  TBD                  TBD      Atari
 Att. of Mut. Penguins  10/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Baldies (CD)            9/95  Action/Simulation    TBD      Atari
 Batman Forever (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Battlemorph (CD)        9/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battlesphere            9/95  Space/Combat         TBD      4-Play
 Battlestar             11/95  Space/Combat         TBD      ?
 Battle Wheels          2Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Black ICE/White Noise  12/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Blue Lightning (CD)     8/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Braindead 13 (CD)      10/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      ReadySoft
 Breakout 2000          11/95  Puzzle               TBD      Atari
 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 11/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Cannon Fodder           NOW   Action/Adventure    $69.99    Virgin
 Chas Barkley Basketball 9/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Checkered Flag          NOW   Racing              $69.99    Atari
 Club Drive              NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Commando (CD)          11/95  Action (3D)          TBD      Atari
 Commander Blood (CD)   11/95  RPG                  TBD      Atari
 Creature Shock (CD)     8/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi     TBD      Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           11/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Dante (CD)              6/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Deathwatch             11/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Defender 2000          10/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Demolition Man (CD)     9/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                    NOW   Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V         NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams
 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story  NOW   Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon's Lair (CD)      8/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dragon's Lair 2 (CD)   10/95  Adventure            TBD      ReadySoft
 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dune Racer (CD)         1/96  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Fight For Life          7/95  Combat               TBD      Atari
 Flashback               7/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      US Gold
 Flip-Out                8/95  Puzzle               TBD      Atari
 Formula Racing (CD)    12/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Frank Thomas Baseball   4/96  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Highlander I (CD)      11/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Highlander II (CD)      2/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Highlander III (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Horrorscope            2Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike            NOW   Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Hover Strike CD         9/95  Action/Combat        TBD      Atari
 Hyper Force             TBA   ?                    TBD      Comp. West
 Ironman/XO-Manowar      4/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Iron Soldier            NOW   Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier II (CD)    1/96  Action/Strategy      TBD      Atari
 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja            NOW   Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Magic Carpet (CD)      12/95  Action/RPG           TBD      Atari
 Max Force               9/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Mindripper (CD)         2/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Mortal Kombat 3         4/96  Fighting             TBD      Atari
 Myst (CD)               8/95  Interactive Novel    TBD      Atari
 NBA Jam T.E.           12/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Phase Zero             10/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      Atari
 Pinball Fantasies       NOW  Arcade              $59.95     Comp. West
 Pitfall                 9/95  Arcade               TBD      Activision
 Power Drive Rally       8/95  Driving              TBD      TWI
 Primal Rage (CD)       12/95  Fighting             TBD      TWI
 Rage Rally             2Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                  8/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft
 Redemption (CD)        11/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari      
 Rise of the Robots (CD)11/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      TWI
 Robinson's Requiem (CD) 9/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Rocky Horror Inter.(CD) 4/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Ruiner Pinball          9/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Sensible Soccer         NOW   Sports                        Telegames
 Sky Hammer (CD)        12/95  Flying/Action        TBD      Atari
 Soccer Kid             2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Soul Star (CD)          9/95  Action/Sci-Fi        TBD      Atari
 Space Ace (CD)          9/95  Space/Combat         TBD      ReadySoft
 Space War               9/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Starlight BowlaRama CD 10/95  Simulation/Sports    TBD      Atari
 Star Raiders           2Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Sudden Impact          12/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Super Burnout           NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Supercross 3D           9/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Syndicate               NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Thea Relm Fighters (CD)10/95  Action/Fighting      TBD      Atari
 Theme Park              NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tiny Toon Adventures   2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball  NOW   Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   2Q/95  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortek            7/95  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games
 Val D'Isere Skiing...   NOW   Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Varuna's Forces (CD)   11/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 VidGrid (CD)            8/95  Puzzle/Music Video   TBD      Atari
 Wayne Gretzky NHL (CD) 12/95  Sports               TBD      TWI
 White Men Can't Jump    7/95  Sports (w/Team Tap) $69.99    TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Zool2                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari - all subject to change]


 > CAT BOX STR Review        STReport Rating: EXCELLENT

                       Black Cat Design's Cat Box
                Audio/Video/Communications for the Jaguar

                          Review by Joe Mirando

 I remember back when I was a youngster and a few of my brothers and
 sisters (I have three of each) decided to adopt a stray cat that had been
 hanging around neighborhood.  My father finally gave in with one
 proviso: NO CAT BOXES!

 After having friends and relatives with cats (and cat boxes) I
 understand my father's objections:  They are unsightly, they require
 constant attention, and can be a health hazard.

 Along came Atari's Jaguar, the first (and so far only) 64 bit video
 game system.  The Jaguar represents a quantum leap in video gaming.  If
 you want to use the Jaguar with a monitor other than your television,
 Atari has provided a fairly easy means of hooking the Jaguar up to
 monitors and stereo equipment.  Atari sells adaptor cables for
 composite and S-video monitors.  These adaptors attach to the Jaguar at
 its A/V connector and end in the connectors necessary for the
 particular monitor you have chosen.  They also include audio connectors
 for you to attach to an amplifier or stereo system.

 My problem was that I have two monitors that I use routinely with the
 Jaguar.  Most of the time I use a Teknika composite monitor which has
 only monaural sound, but sometimes (when my wife lets me) I use the
 Jaguar with our 27 inch RCA television which supports the S-video
 standard and stereo sound.  There is one problem with either of these:
 My wife gets a bit annoyed with the sound level that I prefer when I'm
 playing certain games (Doom and Alien vs Predator).  Aside from that is
 the fact that I needed to purchase two different adaptors.  While the
 price for these adaptor cables in not what anyone would call excessive,
 I still had to buy two of them.  And if Atari ever releases their
 networking adaptor, that will be one more adaptor to buy.

 Along come the folks at Black Cat Design with their offering, the
 Cat Box.  The Cat Box measures 6 1/8 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches long
 by 1 3/8 inches high and attaches to the Jaguar via the DSP and A/V
 connectors at the back of the unit and sits between the power adaptor
 connector and RF output.

 But what does the Cat Box do?  In short, it provides audio, video, and
 communications options all in one small package.  All "adaptation" is
 done inside the Cat Box, so all that is required is the correct cable.
 Since the "front" of the Cat Box is where it connects to the Jaguar,
 let's take a look at the back of the unit.

 The Cat Box is loaded with connectors.  On the leftmost side is the DSP
 (Digital Signal Processor) connector.  This is where the Jaguar CDROM
 player will connect.  When (and if) the Jaguar Voice Modem is released,
 this is where the Cat Box user will connect it.

 From here on out the connectors are "stacked" in two rows.  The top row
 begins with the CatNet connectors.  CatNet is a networking system
 devised by Black Cat Designs and follows the RS485 protocol (whatever
 that is) and provides "dual-differential" communications via 4 or 6
 strand telephone cable and the standard RJ11 jacks.  I assume that
 this refers to the fact that CatNet is not hindered by the
 two-player-limit as is the RS232 (standard serial) networking mode.
 Using CatNet, games can be played by up to 32 people at the same time.
 According to Black Cat Design, cable lengths of up to 1,000 feet have
 been successfully used with CatNet, although cables of 100 feet and less
 are recommended between Jaguars.  The down-side of CatNet (as with all
 communications modes for the Jaguar) is that the game must support the
 ability to communicate over this particular network.

 Next is a three position toggle switch.  This controls which networking
 method will be used.  The "up" position tells the Cat Box to use the
 CatNet network, the "center" position tells it to use the DSP
 passthrough connector, and "down" tells it to use the RS232 (serial)
 port (more on serial in a little bit).

 After the toggle switch is the volume knob which controls the volume to
 the two 3.5mm headphone jacks.  Yes, that's right.  There are two of 'em
 and they are right next to the volume knob.  Why two headphone jacks?
 It took me a few moments to figure this one out too.  It's because some
 games support two players on the same Jaguar (hence the two joypad ports
 on the front of the Jaguar).  Low noise amplification makes using
 headphones quite an experience.  When you "plug in" to either of these
 ports sound is disabled on all other outputs.

 Next to the DSP connector on the lower row is the RS232 communications
 port.  This is a standard 9 pin DIN male connector.  I'm not sure of
 what the maximum baud rate is for the RS232 port, but I can tell you
 that while playing DOOM (one of the two games currently available that
 support networking) there was very little slow-down and most of the time
 it was easy to forget that the "bad guy" was playing on another Jaguar.
 The only drawback with playing DOOM in the network modes is that you
 will get network errors.  From what I've been told, this is due to the
 speed at which data is transferred and the code contained within the
 DOOM cartridge's inability to keep up with it.  The RS232 port does not
 support hardware handshaking and fixes DTR on.  This is important only
 to developers, since things of that nature are "hard-wired" into the
 games themselves and are not options that users can change.

 Next come the stereo RCA 600 ohm jacks.  As one would expect, the audio
 quality is quite good.  By using only the left jack (white), all sound
 is passed to it, thereby providing those using monaural systems with
 the full range of sounds instead of just the left channel.

 Next to the stereo jacks is the S-Video connector.  S-Video is used on
 many high-end televisions and monitors and combines in one 4 pin
 "mini-DIN" connector what some Atari 8-bit users used to call "Chroma"
 and "Luminance".  S-Video provides excellent video quality.  If you
 don't have an RGB monitor, but do have an S-Video monitor or television,
 this is the way to go.

 Next to the S-Video jack is the RGB port, a female 9 pin DIN port.  It
 supports analog RGB monitors with a horizontal sync rate of 15.75 KHz.
 These are the monitors used by the Amiga and Atari ST computers.  They
 are usually known as simply "RGB monitors".  Analog RGB monitors are no
 longer the standard since the VGA standard surpassed their quality with
 a H-Sync rate of 31.5 KHz.  The Atari SCXXXX series of monitors are
 considered the by many to be the "Cat's Meow" in Jaguar/Cat Box video
 output.  Since few, if any, monitor manufacturers used the same pinout
 scheme, you must have a monitor-specific adaptor to use an RGB monitor.
 They are available from Black Cat Design and Jaguar dealers for about
 $15.00, or can be made to order.  The pinouts from the Cat Box RGB port
 are as follows:

     1  Red
     2  Green
     3  Blue
     4  Horizontal Sync
     5  Vertical Sync/Composite Sync
     6  Ground
     7  Ground
     8  Ground
     9  Mono Audio/NC

 Inside the Cat Box is a jumper that may need to be changed depending on
 whether your monitor uses vertical sync or composite (or combined) sync.
 This will not void the warranty, since the Cat Box is made to be opened
 up.  The only other jumper inside the Cat Box will enable or disable
 (enable is the default) the audio to an RGB monitor.  You may never
 need to open the Cat Box, but you can if the need arises.  One last
 thought on RGB:  Most Atari SC1224 monitors are quite dark when used
 with the Cat Box.  This is the fault of the monitors, not the Cat Box.
 Most of the monitors that appear too dark can be adjusted.  Some
 provide a means of doing this without having to remove the case, others
 do not.  If your SC1224 doesn't have an external brightness control and
 you are not electronically adept, simply bring the monitor to a computer
 or television repair shop.  It's much easier than trying to dissipate
 all that excess voltage flowing through your body <grin>.

 The last stop on our tour is the composite video port.  This port
 provides the expected composite video signal used in many televisions
 and VCRs.  This video option is the "lowest" quality available through
 the Cat Box, but is far and away better than the standard RF output
 available through the Jaguar.

 One interesting point is that all of the video ports may be used
 simultaneously, providing the ability to either compare monitor quality,
 or keep large numbers of interested bystanders from all crowding around
 one monitor.

 The Cat Box, as shown at several Atari shows, was housed in a dark gray
 plastic case that complimented the Jaguar's case.  Due to hold-ups in
 manufacturing, Black Cat Design decided to release the first batch of
 Cat Boxes in a case of brushed stainless steel.  This makes for an
 impressive sight and avoids the ever-present problem that plastic has
 with scratches, scuffs, warping and melting (if you get this baby hot
 enough to melt the steel case, then you've got bigger problems than
 replacing the Cat Box).

 There is only one area in which I am disappointed in the Cat Box:  The
 connection with the Jaguar itself.  It is tenuous at best.  Bumping or
 moving either the Jaguar or the Cat Box can cause them to break contact.
 It is best to put the Jag/Cat Box combination in the place that you
 intend it to occupy and leave it there.  It's not that installation is
 difficult or time consuming; you just plug the Cat Box back into the
 rear of the Jaguar, but removing electronic devices while powered up
 can cause frustration at least, and damage to either the Jaguar or Cat
 Box at worst.

 This is a fairly minor concern since the Jaguar normally remains
 stationary while it is in use, but I thought that it was worth

 The feature of the Cat Box deemed "cute" by my wife is the eyes of the
 cat pictured on the case.  The eyes are actually red LEDs that light up
 to show that the Cat Box is being powered by the Jaguar (there is no
 adaptor or power cord necessary for the Cat Box).  They also blink when
 data is being transferred over one of the network systems.  The left
 "eye" blinks while your Jaguar is transmitting data, the right blinks
 when receiving.

 What sold me on the Cat Box was not the multitude of audio, video, and
 networking options, but the attitude of one of the vendors now selling
 the Cat Box.  The Cat Box has suffered many delays and, at times, it
 seemed that we would never see it come to market.  This particular
 vendor has always been candid with me (for which I am thankful).  At
 one point, he told me that he didn't think that the Cat Box would ever
 be able to do everything that it was supposed to do.  He figured that
 that might have been the reason for the delays.  Then, one day shortly
 after the release of the Cat Box, he called me while still in a
 euphoric haze.  "This thing is INCREDIBLE!" he screamed.  "You
 wouldn't believe the sound from the headphones!", "It looks great on
 my Atari monitor!", "The stainless steel case is AWESOME!", "The
 electronic design is clean." and many other glowing affirmations made
 me decide to get one at my earliest convenience (the following day). 

 I've got only one more thing to say:

 Hey Dad, how 'bout THIS Cat Box? <grin>

 Product  :  Cat Box
 Available:  Now
 Developer:  Black Cat Design
 Type     :  Peripheral
 MSRP     :  (Cat Box) $69.95 (Analog RGB adaptors) $9.95 - $19.95
 Rating   :  Excellent


 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

 On CompuServe, from Atari's Laury Scott:

 Super Burn Out is now in stores and White Men Can't Jump will be the
 next release end July/early August.  The next cartridge after that will
 be Flip Out which will be out 10-15 August.


 Sb: Flip Out In Production
 Fm: Laury Scott [ATARI] 75300,2631
 To: All

 I just wanted to let you all know that Flip Out has arrived on my desk.
 It should hit store shelves about 10-15 August but the exact date will be
 set by our Marketing group.

 Flip Out is a very nice puzzle game.  Players in our focus groups likened
 it to Tetris.  It is a little difficult to describe but a lot of fun to
 play.  I have brought a version home with me this weekend and will try to
 get some time in playing it.  I did test an earlier version and enjoyed
 playing it.  I'll post some comments after I get a few hours in on it.

 My real problem is that I am nearly done playing Blue Lighting and am
 stuck on level 23 in Power Drive Rally.  I'd like to get through Blue
 Lightning this weekend...I'd really like to get past level 23...

 I know it is a tough job but someone has to do it...  ;-)


 Regarding the scheduled pack-ins for the JaguarCD:

 Sb: #85257-Rayman Delayed!
 Fm: Laury Scott [ATARI] 75300,2631
 To: Dana P. Jacobson 71051,3327

 >>Is the final word on the JagCD pack-ins VidGrid, Blue Lightning and
 Tempest Audio CD?  Or, is that how it stands at the moment?<<

 Unless some marketing dweeb (are you reading this Ron) changes things
 on me in the next couple of days that is definite. <G>


 Sb: Battle Sphere Update!
 Fm: Larry Tipton 74127,601
 To: All

 Here's a bit a information that I picked up off the 'net. Enjoy!
 -lt :)

 Subject: Oh No!  Good jaguar news!
 From: (Scott Le Grand)

 I apologize in advance for bringing some good news to this jag-bashing
 group, but, unfortunately, I feel I must post that the defensive AI in
 Battle Sphere is up and running...  Some ships are sitting ducks... 
 Some ships we have yet to kill because they twist, weave, bob, turn,
 and accelerate like mad...

 No one is going to accuse us of having wimpy stupid robot pilots
 (unless of course they play on baby level)...

 I figure you guys out there that were bitching that the lasers were too
 long range are going to thank god they fire as far as they do now :-)
 although trying to hit people out that far is an exercise in futility
 against an ace pilot...

 Even the authors so far have not been able to kill certain ships and
 that leaves us PUHLENTY of room to fine tune playability...

 Tonight it's onward to adding offensive AI and then fine tuning and
 mixing the two behaviors...

 In case anyone out there is wondering what I'm modelling this on, the
 technique is call subsumption architecture and it was designed by an
 MIT professor named Rodney Brooks for robotics applications...  There
 will be 4 base behaviors and a hierarchy of decisions based on orders
 given to each ship that determines which one they use and for how long...


 Coming Soon: FlipOut!
 From: Brian J. Geiger <>

 For everyone who's been complaining about lack of originality in game
 play and a lack of quality games for the Jaguar, in mid August (so we
 were told) will be FlipOut!

 What isn't FlipOut!?

 FlipOut! isn't a fighter.  It isn't a scrolling platform game.  It isn't
 a simulator.  It isn't an immersion game.  It isn't a Tetris rip-off.
 It isn't an RPG.  It isn't a shoot-'em-up.  It isn't gouraud shaded
 polygons.  It isn't a port of an Amiga game done completely in Motorola
 assembly.  It's not based off of a TV show or comic book.  It's not not
 a text adventure.  It's not a vehicle racing game.

 So what is it?

 It is a puzzle game.  It's fun, it's addictive, it's new.  It's the
 most you can possibly fit into a 2 meg cartridge without involving human
 sacrifice.  It uses all of the Jag's processors.  It appeals to all age
 groups.  The graphics are all computer rendered (not digitized clay
 figures), it's in a 3D perspective, and it'll be reviewed in magazines
 next month.  It has Easter Island.  It has a great manual (unless the
 Atari editors butchered it, I'm kind of afraid to ask).  It has more
 sprites than you can shake a stick at.  It has magic, adventure,
 intrigue, romance (okay, okay, no romance, very little intrigue, only a
 little real adventure (if you could call it that)).  It's PAL friendly.
 It has a cool company logo animation.  It's finished and being produced.
 It has tons of music and sfx.  It has aliens.  It has tiles.  It has
 royalty.  Most of all, it has the Great Tile Flipping Festival.
 Now all we have to do is see if people like it.

 From the geniuses and overwhelming modesty at Gorilla Systems Corporation.

 ------Brian J. Geiger-------------------Millionaire Philanthropist------
 As a mad scientist, I work with chemicals that threaten the world on a
 global scale daily.  And, yes, sometimes they spill.

       CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.07.07)
 I am still hearing great things on "Pinball Fantasies" from Jaguar
 devotees such as Randy Magruder who tells me:
    "Don, ... I have given Pinball a serious look, as has my
    wife and a couple of friends, and its a clear winner....
    I'm going to write a really good review for it in
 For the race/sports/action/multiplayer enthusiast, the word is out on
 "Super Burnout". Here's what one CATscan member thinks:
    >Message: = Open Discussion = (combined multiple posts)
    >Sent By: Brian Mccleary - Loyal Jaguarian
    >Subject: Super Burnout
    Just played it and it is awesome, I think the best word
    to describe this game is "Smooth"! Totally cool racing
    game, with plenty of options!
    It's been available since Friday, and it gets better
    every time I play!
    Last year I waited a long time for a game called "Suzuka
    8 Hours" for the SNES, when I got it I was very
    disappointed..... Ahh Super Burnout is better than any
    "Motorcycle" game I've played and yes, I think it has
    plenty of options!!!
    **** 1/2 Stars, that's how I rate it and I played a
    "Finished" Version, so forget "Video Games" magazine.
    Plenty of options.

 Here's what an Internet User thinks of Super Burnout...
    >To: Multiple recipients of list <>
    >Subject: "SBO" -or- "Ohhh BS"? A review.
    Well, I got SBO today and, after an hour or so of
    playing, here's my thoughts on the game - do with them
    what you will.
    Extremely fast graphics engine with super-smooth scaling.
    Very bright colors throughout the game - the use of more
    colors for shading effects would have improved the
    overall graphics, though. The bikes were very detailed;
    again, more colors (?) and shading would've improved the
    detail of the riders. Regarding the roadside graphics -
    they looked good from what I could tell - they went by
    WAY too fast for me to really critique them. <g>
    Music is great - different songs for each track,
    beginning of the game, after each race, and at the end of
    the game.  Although at times the songs seemed very
    similar, you usually won't notice - you'll be too focused
    on avoiding from flying off your bike at 145 m.p.h.! I
    particularly like the music after each race - cool
    electric guitar.
    Perfect. What else can I say? Seriously, YOU turn, the
    bike turns instantaneously. Sometimes the game's moving
    so fast that it almost seems your bike is turning before
    you tell it to - it's that spot on. Because the game
    moves so fast, though, using a manual transmission can be
    somewhat wieldy - using the finger buttons on the new
    controller (yes SBO supports the new controller when it
    comes out) should make shifting easier.
    Fun Factor
    Can you say sweat-drippin', white-knuckled,
    heart-pounding, screaming fun? I thought you could. I'm
    not even a racing game fan, but I think this one's a
    keeper for me. I have to pause after every lap or so to
    wipe the sweat off my hands and controller so I can
    continue, and my thumb starts hurting from steering after
    about five minutes. As far as replay value is concerned,
    you've got 8 tracks, 6 bikes, and 4 play modes to choose
    from - that's 192 different combinations (correct me if
    my stats are wrong) !!!!! All the mags and Jag-bashers
    say, "There's nothing new here." Correct me if I'm wrong,
    but that's not the point of the game, is it? This is not
    AvP or T2K as far as "innovation" goes - there's no lost
    hours of submersion into and exploration of new places,
    or cool twists on old classics - but it's damn fun to
    play! A game like this you can always just pop into the
    Jag anytime you want for an adrenaline rush. So in the
    end, I feel there *is* replay value just as much as there
    is for other games - as long as you take the game for
    what it is - a speed fix.
    Graphics - 8
    Sound - 7
    Control - 9
    Fun Factor - 8
    Overall - 8
    J. Sean McKay  <<Lynx, Genesis, and Jaguar owner>>
 Here's what ANOTHER Internet User thinks of SBO...
    >From: Geofrey Pejsa <gpejsa@Census.GOV>
    >Subject: Super Burnout
    Dear Don, Just wanted to drop you a quick note from an
    Atari enthusiast. I purchased Super Burnout this
    afternoon and am thoroughly enjoying the fine game...
        Geof Pejsa: Web Homepage:
  Here's what the real experts on CompuServe are saying...
    >From: Mitch Brown 73522,3004
    I AGREE. This game is great. Have you all noticed how
    good the street is? It looks REAL when you are racing on
    it.  And, the moon in the Australia track looks REAL.
    Did they cut out a digitized picture, and paste onto that
    One of the BEST things Jag games have done that I have
    liked is scrolling backgrounds. The first to do it was
    Dino Dudes, and I liked it. This game does it even
    better. Smoother, and the graphics look good. Some people
    have complained about the sound, but I disagree, I like
    Good job Atari.
    I think this is a good one for Atari. It is worth the
    money. And it is VERY addicting (almost as much as PF).
    It IS a constant challenge.
    Any other questions?
    I DO like it.
 Yet another CompuServe gamer says...
     >DAVE SCARPA 73672,2136
     I picked up SB today from Babbages. They got 3 copies,
     not too shabby.  Anyhow I think it's a neat little game.
     The ratings it's receiving are a bit low. The control is
     excellent, the speed is Phenomenal. The graphics are
     nice, although the biker could be better animated. The
     headlights and the increasing darkness are very nice
     touches. I think the one valid point is there should be
     a point or money reward system giving you better bikes,
     but I guess the devs wanted a straight forward HangON
     clone, although this is not a bad thing. The Jag seems
     to be aiming for very straight forward fun Arcade Hits
     i.e. Defender 2000, Tempest, etc. And they are doing
     pretty good at it.

 GEnie members are excited about Super Burnout too!...
     >From: C.GALARDI [Chris Galardi]
     >Topic: Super Burnout
     It is out and it is even in Omaha, Nebraska already. I
     love it!! Excellent control, nice graphics, good sound
     effects/music! I like the two player mode a lot
     also....all in all this is an extremely fun and
     demon-fast game.... I would rate it as an 8 or 8.5
     overall...heck even my wife loves playing it!!! chris g.
  Here's another GEnie fan...
     >From: R.JONES82 [Bob Jones]
     >Topic: Super Burnout
     Babbages in Lansing Michigan has Super Burnout, they got
     it in today. I've been playing it for a couple of hours.
     I like the speed of the game... The two player option is
     better than I expected, the speed is good and is very
     playable. The landscape could have had a bit more
     variation, I assume this was due to cart size
     restrictions. It reminds me of VROOM on the ST, although
     a bit easier to control. I would give it a 8 rating. One
     of the nice features is the ability to choose bikes with
     different handling and speed settings, this way in a two
     player game you can handicap players with more joypad
  ... and another GEnie gem...
     >From: C.WELLS10 [Ginsu]
     >Topic: Super Burnout
     Just picked up SBO at the local Babbages here in NC, and
     it is GREAT! by >FAR< the best racing game out on the
     Jag(duh =)). The speed is unreal, much like in Val
     D'Isere Skiing. The music is the best I've heard on the
     Jag since Tempest(finally!) Nice graphics, great voice
     and control, and a good selection of options. About the
     only two nits I've got with the game are the previously
     mention kind-of lack of variety in the scenery (I agree
     it's pro'bly due to the low cart size) and the fact that
     in the two-player mode there is no music. These nits are 
     pretty minor, tho. Definitely one to pick up!!! ...
     After the great job Shen did on SBO, I'm eager to see
     that!  Any ideas on a release date?
 "What about Prodigy?" they ask in unison...
     >Board: VIDEO GAMES BB
     >Topic: ATARI JAGUAR
     >Subject: BURNOUT--REVIEW
     >From: JOSH FRITSCH (DTVB76C)

     I picked up Super Burnout early today at EB. After about
     2 hrs of playing, I can honestly say that it is a very
     good game. The graphics are very well done and
     everything moves quickly, VERY QUICKLY. The music is
     also pretty good, but it's nothing to get excited about.
     Probably the best part of the game is the control. The
     control is excellent. (No Checkered Flag-like steering
     There are seven different motorcycles you can choose
     from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses.
     There are 8 courses to choose from. Some of the courses,
     like Australia, start before dawn but eventually the sun
     comes up, giving the game a realistic feel.... Very

     If you like racing games, you'll love Super Burnout. It
     costs $59.99...
 The great reviews keep flooding in. To me, the most important factor
 is "fun!" and the Fun Factor has been rated high over and over on this
 game by those who have actually played it.
                           ### END OF FILE ###

       CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.07.11)

 Almost every 64-bit Jaguar gamer has something to "flip for". Some of
 you may "flip over" supercycles in Super Burnout. Others may enjoy the
 true-to-form "flippers" in Pinball Fantasies. Occasionally we may find
 someone "flippantly" master their Tempest 2000 cart. A "flip of a coin"
 may determine who plays Doom first for some. Others jump to the "flip
 side" of the planet in Hover Strike. Don't forget to "flip the switch"
 in Wolfenstein 3D or to "flip head over heals" in Val d'Isere Skiing and 
 Snowboarding. Regardless of how you may simply "flip to" your favorite
 64-bit Jaguar game title, everyone will go bonkers for the innovative
 new game: "Flip Out!".
 What is "Flip Out!"? Glad you asked.
 Flip Out! is delightful and riveting; unpretentious and often impossible.
 It is an alluring world of whimsical characters assigned seemingly
 simple tasks that are not nearly as easy as they appear.
 Welcome to the Great Tile Flipping Festival on the Cheese planet. Here's
 a mind boggling test of impulsive reflexes; a 3 by 3 grid filled with
 tiles, with each of those 9 tiles belonging to at least one space. The
 tile base is underneath the tiles. There is one extra tile that does not 
 belong on the play board. You must match each tile with its proper
 space. All stages of the game will play in much the same way as the
 Great Tile Flipping Festival, although things will look different and
 become more complex.
 You control the cursor with your Joypad, and you can flip tiles with
 any of the fire buttons. The most important tip to successful game play
 is... flip a tile, and the space under the next tile you flip is where
 the first tile will land.
 In Yellowstone, you must match the geyser with the same color of the
 slap-happy characters.
 At Mt. Rushmore, your task is to put the faces back into the proper
 order, without dropping any of the faces.
 On Easter Island, we put the back row of tiles into the Mouths of the
 Heads, and we make the Mouths open and close.  The Cursor cannot move
 directly from Head to Head, nor can the cursor move into or out of a
 Head unless the mouth is open.
 Is all this action making you hungry? Why not visit the Sphorkle Diner?
 Here, the food has to match character colors as they devour the
 incredible eatables.

 Blast off to the planets Hoopla and Pigskin where the Great Tile
 Flipping Festivals has moved its tour to different planets for a change
 of scenic environments. Here, the spectators are much rowdier and there
 are more competitors to play against.
 In the Zero-Gravity Arena you must match the tiles to the proper
 position on the board. However, there are now three boards and many more
 tiles to keep track of.
 There are no spectators allowed at this final event; Fluffy Encounter.
 Here, King Fluffy challenges you to see who is the Master of tile
 flipping. He will use all of his knowledge and experience to keep you
 from replacing him as King of Planet Phrohmaj.
 Meet the family, but don't flip out!...
 Rodeo Rider:
    This character will grab onto a tile and prevent the tile 
    from flipping into the air. In order to buck him off, you 
    must try to flip the tile he is on several times until he 
    loses his grip.
  Red Baron:
    He will jump onto the tile board and act as one of the 
    tiles, forcing you to keep at least two tiles in the air 
    while he is in play. After a few flights he gets tired 
    and returns to the sidelines until he is ready to fly 
  Tile Eater:
    When he eats a tile, he enters play as a tile. However, 
    because the tile covered by the eater, it never belongs 
    in a space on the board. Once the eater is flipped a few 
    times, he will release the tile into play and give back 
    to the sidelines until he hungers again.

  Cursor Decoy:
    This citizen can turn himself into an almost exact 
    duplicate of a cursor. Although he can be confusing, he 
    does not pose much of a threat unless he is ignored for 
    tool long. If he is not flipped off the board, he will 
    start flipping tiles off the board.
  Tile Flipper:
    Can flip tiles into the air.
    Gooey acts as a tile in the same way as the Red Baron, 
    but he is not affected by your tile flipping cursor. 
    Instead, he will jump up for a few jumps when he sees an 
    opportunity, and after a few jumps Gooey will go back to 
    his place off the board until he decides to jump in 
    Will interrupt a geysers flow in Yellowstone and prevent 
    you from flipping the visiting Citizens. After a few 
    attempts to flip, Corky will jump back to the side and 
    digest the nutrients he has absorbed from the geyser.
    While in the Sphorkle Diner, Sluggy (the dog of the 
    diner's owner) will jump onto a diner's table, preventing 
    you from flipping the food on that table. Trying to flip 
    Sluggy will only make him stay longer, so it's best just 
    to leave him alone.
  Graffiti Master and the Janitor:
    While at Mt. Rushmore, the Graffiti Master sprays various 
    tiles with Glopple-Glorb, preventing you from flipping 
    the Graffitied pieces until the Janitor cleans them.
  The Wizard:
    On Easter Island, this character freezes tiles in place, 
    forcing you to break through the ice with several flips 
    before you can flip the tile. He also paints individual 
    tiles to disguise their color until you flip them.
  Space Slime:
    In the Zerogravity Arena, they travel along the boards of 
    the arena flipping tiles as they go, and trying to 
    prevent you from matching the tiles. They temporarily 
    disperse into space when you flip them, but they reform 
  King Fluffy:
    Your Majesty can freeze and change color in much the 
    same was as the Wizard. However, King Fluffy can freeze 
    and change color on a much more grand scale. He can take 
    advantage of the fact that he can flip the tiles, and he 
    won't just flip those tiles at the beginning of the game.  
 *IF* you complete a skill level, congratulations! Now, welcome up to
 three more: Normal, Hard, Insane, and Psychotic.
 Flip Out! is NOW in production and will be in stores within a few weeks.
 Pre-order from your retailer now and don't be fooled by its deceiving
 appearances. These fast-paced puzzles are not challenges for the those
 with too young or weak heart. If you liked Tetris, Klax, Shanghai or 
 Block-Out, you'll now have a well animated game that gives you the same
 challenging mind benders, BUT add the charm and silliness of an entire
 cast of funny new characters.
 I have gathered all the Flip Out! characters together for a gorgeous
 500k+ group JPEG image. Look for the file on CATscan [209/239-1552],
 GEnie, CompuServe and other popular Jaguar support online sites.
 The Arena Football development team are hard at work. Recently I met
 with Brian Rice and David Pochran for an great peak at their work so
 far. The good news is "cool". 
 The other good news is that Brian and David agreed it would be great to
 review the best ideas from the online community as to what might be
 included in the ideal Arena Football game.... If they can, they'll do it!
 Over the next week, please feel free to gather and forward those things
 you think of that simply "must" be in your idea of an ideal Arena
 Football game. Send the ideas to:
        TO: Don Thomas
      SUBJ: "Arena Football" idea
 I will take all the great ideas, compile them into one report and
 forward them on to the design team.

                           ### END OF FILE ###

     CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas           (95.07.12)

 The official Jaguar Gamer's Guide published by Sandwich Islands
 Publishing and written by the popular authors: Zach Meston and
 J. Douglas Arnold is shipping now! Preorders should be fulfilled within
 the next few days and store copies should be arriving wherever popular
 game books are sold.
 The guide includes special features such as gaming tips from Atari's
 own gaming masters. It has exclusive maps, helpful tips and innovative
 If you cannot find a store accepting orders for the book and would like
 a copy sent right away, call or fax your Visa or Mastercard transaction
 to 808/661-2715. The price is only $18.95 including shipping to
 N. American locations.
 If you want in-depth play-by-play action coverage including strategies
 and tips found no where else on almost 20 of the Jaguar's hottest games,
 you must buy this book.
 Orders by mail should be sent to:
      Atari Jaguar Gamer's Guide
      P.O. Box 10669
      Lahaina, HI  96761
 If you are a Jaguar owner registered with Atari, keep an eye out in
 your snail mail mailbox for some nifty new postcards announcing new
 and upcoming Jaguar titles. Often, we onliners will already know about
 the great news contained on these direct-marketing pieces, so please
 save them to share with friends and family. The first postcard
 announces the recent release of Super Burnout.


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