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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      This past week's weather has reminded me of the typical summer
 weather in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.  The air
 conditioners have been off for the last eight days.  Why am I talking
 about the weather?  That's easy..  Its about the only thing one can talk
 about these days without some over zealous, dribbling at the lips, senate
 thumper or congress critter jumping your bones about "off-color, smut,
 incorrect, unfair, out of control" or, "lookout!  Its a militia thing". 

      Then, to radically top things off..  The Department of Justice is
 ever so busy attempting to discover something they can either persecute or
 prosecute Bill Gates and Microsoft with.  Why Microsoft?  The one _real_
 success story in the USA in the last decade or so!!  Why??  Why does Janet
 "WACO" Reno & company appear to desperately want to do them in??  What
 Gives??  What the heck is really _going on_ in this country these days?? 
 Reports keep filtering in ..  "The DOJ is busy checking Microsoft this and
 Microsoft that.  Pick - pick - pick, certainly, this incarnation of the
 Department of Justice is not the one we were all taught about as children. 
 You know, the truth, justice and the American way??  I don't think so.  
      The DOJ is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find a
 way to do Microsoft in yet, the ongoing flow of DRUGS into this country is
 at an all time high!  Cocaine in one poisonous form or another can be
 found on almost every street corner.  At this time, Columbian gangsters
 are flooding this nation with extremely high quality counterfeit money
 (100.00 bills) with ease.  But amazingly,  we see "The DOJ" hardheartedly
 pursuing Gates and Microsoft.  What is wrong with this picture?? 
 Microsoft puts "bread and butter" on how many people's tables in the USA? 
 Both directly and indirectly?  Microsoft pays big time taxes while law-
 breaking "Hair Ball Politicians" like Packwood, Rostenkowskie & friends
 are seemingly allowed to slide into obscurity instead of the Defendant's
 Seat.  Again, what's WRONG with THIS picture??

      Can Ms. Reno and the DOJ be _that_ hungry for the headlines??  I hope
 not.  But if such is the case, let her resign!  She'll get plenty of
 headlines.  If it wasn't for Gates and Microsoft, chances are, we'd be
 saddled up and stuck with an operating system and hardware totally
 imported from and fully controlled by Japan!  Clinton can't seem to get to
 first base with Japan on the balance of trade.. yet his "Attorney General"
 is feverishly trying to stomp on the most recent proof that the USA does
 indeed "have what it takes" and that the "American Dream" is very much
 alive.  That is, until Reno & Co get hold of it.  Why??  What is the real
 reason??  It cannot be attributable to a "government afraid of being
 "bought out" by Gates".  Sure, we've heard plenty of jokes about that one
 but in reality, its just that ..a joke.  

      Could one of the major causes of the MS's persecution be the crying
 and lamenting of Microsoft's lame duck competitors?  You bet!!  Can you
 imagine if those who are so busy crying and groveling put as much positive
 energy and goodwill into their research and development as they do their
 snitching and crying??  They'd be busy putting an end to the US Trade
 Deficit, balancing the US Budget through increased tax revenues while
 gleefully running to their banks with the profits.

      Then.. we regretfully find we are now blessed with Amato, Mr. Purity,
 proclaiming all kinds of lily white.. oh, so pure postures.  Amato's a
 confirmed clown who, periodically, has to apologize publicly for his
 unprofessional "off the wall" actions.  And then there's Exon and
 friends..  He and his buddies are gonna clean up the Internet.  They
 haven't a clue concerning what the Internet is really all about.  What
 these "do-gooder", "wanna make a name for themselves" politicos should be
 doing is CLEANING UP THEIR OWN HOUSES!!  Then and only then should they
 begin to worry about the houses of others.  

      Seems ..the various proposed actions against the net managed to grab
 some national headlines so... along come the rest of the "spotlight
 leeches", the "Johnny Come Lately's"!  They all want some of the
 spotlight.  Including Mr. Bitterness, (I wanna be President!), himself!! 
 None other than; Robert (Screw Hollywood!) Dole!  Anybody notice how
 "alone" he's appeared publicly in the last month or two??  His cheap shots
 at Hollywood and its Stars finished him REAL FAST.  And thankfully, not
 too soon too!  This fine, upstanding senior statesman doesn't know the
 "Internet from a Hairnet"!!  But now, while basking in the spotlight of
 today's events..  He's "gonna re-write the rule book" on; "morals on the
 net", "accessing the net", "telecommunications and the net" and finally,
 more.. de-regulation of the monopolistic cable and phone companies so
 "they can offer competitive rates with more and better services".  Right
 Bob..  Not everyone is a confirmed "pineapple" as you seem to think.  What
 interests in these companies have you?  Which.. company will you be
 appointed an officer in when your term is mercifully over?  

      Imagine this for a second folks, they are gonna protect the US
 citizenry from moral abuse via the Internet!  Who?  In heaven's name, do
 they think they are kidding besides themselves??  I say let 'em know with
 telegrams, E-mail, netmail, faxes and voice calls that we'd rather they
 protected each and every one of us and our children from the huge flow of
 illegal drugs, both prescription and recreational, pouring into this
 country!!  Protect us from the hordes of illegal aliens taking jobs away
 from US citizens desperately wanting to work!  Protect us from the
 outrageously lopsided international trade flow both in Europe and the
 Pacific Rim!!  Finally... Protect us from those on "The Hill" who wish to
 re-write The Bill of Rights!  Enough is enough!!  Tell them loud and clear
 ..let's tackle the REAL THREATS!  The threats to the prosperity, peace,
 safety and serenity of the citizens and taxpayers of USA!  Instead of
 trying to "create an "imagined threat" so the "real deal" can be ignored
 tell them to do their jobs or, we'll vote in those who can and will.  Yes
 sir, we'll _all_ diligently remember each and every one of them in the

      Maybe..  Ross Perot is right.  Perhaps.. we genuinely do need another
 political party in the USA.  A party that's by and for the people.  One
 that'll be stand-up and truthful.  One that will sincerely have the entire
 constituency at heart.  Finally, a party that will defend the Constitution
 with all its heart and soul instead of trying to re-write it in an attempt
 to satisfy selfish temporary goals!  

      This Great Nation's birthday celebration is coming up fast..  I hope
 and pray the three branches of our government, Executive, Legislative and
 Judicial, from the President on down .. feel and positively respond to the
 gentle nudge of the patriotic wake-up call only The Fourth of July can
 bring.  Please gentlemen and ladies, no more rhetorical B.S., let's get
 the country back on track.  It should be the US Government by and for the
 US Citizens.  Not the convoluted way it seems to be today. 



                                McAFEE UPDATE
                      ***Important Notice of Trojan****

 NEWS UPDATE - June 15, 1995
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 other innocuous program.  Trojan Horses are not viruses).  When executed, 
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 VirusScan has a program named Validate to verify that the VirusScan
 the user downloaded is the real one.

 Although this problem is not widespread, it is a good practice to follow 
 the instructions in the VirusScan documentation:

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                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #24
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                   >> Gateway Backs New CD Standard <<
    Gateway 2000 Inc. has become the first major PC manufacturer to for-
 mally endorse the MultiMedia CD (MMCD) format proposed by Sony Corp. and 
 Philips Electronics NV.
    The MMCD format accommodates up to 7.4GB of data and is compatible 
 with existing CD-ROMs. The discs based on the standard can hold movies 
 ranging up to 4-1/2 hours in length.

    "We have carefully evaluated other high density disc formats that 
 have been proposed," says Ted Waitt, Gateway 2000's president and CEO. 
 "The Philips/Sony MMCD offers the type of reliability, affordability and 
 backward compatibility that is essential to meet today's expanding 
 optical storage requirements."
    Several drive makers, including Acer Peripherals Inc., Alps Electric, 
 Aztech Systems Ltd., Mitsumi Electric Co., Ricoh Co. and Teac Corp., 
 have already endorsed MMCD. The format is also being backed by several 
 audio CD player makers.
    The MMCD format competes against a similar standard supported by 
                    >> Europe Probes Microsoft Plan <<

    Microsoft Corp.'s new online computer information service is being 
 examined by the European Commission which is concerned over the 
 possibility of it harming competition on the European Union market.
    In Brussels, a Commission spokesman said the move follows Microsoft's 
 notification to the agency of its plans for the service.
    As noted, the new network is set to be launched in August with the 
 company's Windows 95 operating system. Reports say the U.S. Department 
 of Justice also requested the cooperation of the Commission's compe-
 tition services in its assessment of the case.
                  >> Gateway Launches Win95 Upgrades <<
    Gateway 2000 has launched an upgrade program to the Windows 95 
 operating system. The computer maker also says it will offer lifetime 
 technical support at no additional charge.
    The company notes that all customers purchasing new Gateway desktop 
 and portable PCs as of Tuesday, June 13, will receive Windows 95 docu-
 mentation at the time of purchase and a software upgrade at no addition-
 al charge when the new operating system becomes available. Windows 95 is 
 currently scheduled to ship on August 24.
    Existing Gateway computer owners can call the company to reserve 
 their copy of the Windows 95 upgrade package.
    Gateway customers may also purchase, for an additional charge, 
 upgrade and add-on installation packages that include on-site 
 installation of Windows 95.
    Additionally, customers can purchase larger hard disks and more 
 memory in order to better utilize Windows 95, and have the hardware 
 upgrades installed by a technician if so desired.
                  >> Hayes Offers New Business Modems <<
    The new Optima 288 and Optima 144 business modems will be available 
 from Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. sometime next month. Retail price 
 for the Optima 288 is estimated at $579, while the Optima 144 will be 
 priced at about $519.
    The company said that the modems transmit data at up to 230,400bps 
 and offer solutions for remote node access to a LAN, shared modem access 
 from a LAN, transferring large files and multimedia. They also feature 
 remote configuration, fail-safe flash ROM upgradability, access control 
 and call back security.
    The units are bundled with Smartcom Message Center LE software, which 
 offers messaging features such as voice record and playback, messaging, 
 fax on demand and paging integration.
                   >> Another Home Computer Show Set <<
    Softbank Exposition and Conference Co. says it is teaming up with 
 Microsoft Corp. and Ziff-Davis Publishing's Consumer Media Group to 
 launch ComputerMania, a national series of home computing events.
    The announcement follows the news that CompuServe Inc. is joining 
 forces with Microsoft Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp. to offer the The 
 Home & Family Computing Supershow, a similar consumer- oriented computer 
 show that will be held this fall and winter in Boston, Atlanta, San 
 Francisco and Dallas.

    ComputerMania will begin with two events: Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 at the 
 Anaheim Convention Center and Oct. 13 to Oct. 15 at the Dallas Infomart.
    ComputerMania attendees will be able to buy exhibitors' products from 
 major national retailers at the event. In addition to exhibits, 
 attendees will be able to test computer products at Interactive Learning 
 Zones sponsored by Ziff-Davis.
                  >> Cypress Makes Pentium-Class Unit <<
    Cypress Semiconductor Corp. says its new hyperCache Chipset for 
 Pentium-class PCs will help improve system performance at reduced power 
 and a lower cost.
    CEO T.J. Rodgers is quoted as saying, "Cypress is a natural to design 
 and develop the first Pentium chipset with cache memory, the next step 
 in the evolution of the personal computer,"
    The hyperCache chipset consists of three semiconductor chips -- the 
 CY82C691 PCI and Memory Controller, the CY82C692 Data Path Chip with 
 integrated cache and the CY82C693 Peripheral Controller -- with an 
 optional fourth chip, a 16K by 64 cache RAM, the CY82C694.
    The chipset will be available in the third quarter. The three-chip 
 version is priced at $48 in 1,000-lot quantities. The four-chip 
 hyperCache chipset is priced at $62 in 1,000s, the company said.
                   >> IBM Said at Work on Mac Clone <<
    IBM is mum on the subject, but reports are circulating the computer 
 giant soon will announce an agreement to manufacture Apple Macintosh 
 clones for Radius Inc., a company that makes video monitors and other 
 peripherals for Apple Computer Inc.
    Reports note that Radius, which is one of a few companies to have a 
 license to make Mac clones, also is not talking. "At this stage we have 
 no comment," Robert Saltmarsh, Radius chief financial officer, told the 
 wire service. (Other Mac licensees include Power Computing Corp. and 
 Japan's Pioneer Electronic Corp.)
    The executive reiterated Radius' previous statement his employer 
 plans to contract the manufacturing process out to other companies 
 rather than to make the systems itself. Said Saltmarsh, "In January we 
 said we would be looking for a partner. I can say the field has gotten 
                    >> Apple Cuts Macintosh Prices <<
    Prices on two of Apple Computer Inc.'s Power Macintosh desktop com-
 puters and four of its color PowerBook computers have been reduced by 5% 
 to 18%, effective immediately.
    The models include its DOS Compatible Power Macintosh machine. Apple 
    -:- The Power Macintosh 16/500MB, originally priced at $2,759, will 
        sell at $2,629.
    -:- The Power Macintosh 16MB/2.0 GB, originally priced at $6,379, 
        will sell for $5,799.
    -:- The PowerBook 520c, 4/160 MB, was $2,289 and now sells for 
    -:- The PowerBook 4/240 MB was $2,499, and now sells for $2,289.
    -:- The PowerBook 540c, 4/320 MB, which was $4,079, now sells for 
    -:- The Powerbook 12/500 MB was cut from $4,999 to $4,449.
                  >> Six-Speed CD-ROM Drive Unveiled << 
    Aztech Labs Inc. has introduced one of the industry's first IDE-based 
 six-speed CD-ROM drives.
    The company says its CDA 668-01E drive offers a data transfer rate of 
 900KB per second and an average access time of 225 milliseconds. The 
 drive also has a 256KB cache buffer.
    The unit features a 16-bit host interface that allows a burst mode 
 data transfer rate of up to 8.33MB/sec. Also included is a "soft-eject" 
 motorized front loading mechanism. A power-out eject mechanism allows 
 the CD-ROM to be removed from the tray during a power shutdown.
    The CDA 668-01E is scheduled to ship this summer. No price has been 
                  >> Lotus Agrees to Takeover by IBM <<
    A week after the launch of IBM's hostile takeover bid, Lotus Develop-
 ment Corp. has agreed to be bought out by the computer giant for $3.52 
 billion, or about $220 million more than was originally offered last 
    IBM's initial cash offer of $60 per share was twice Lotus' market 
 value at the time. They reached agreement this week at a price of $64 
 per share. (Lotus stock closed at $62.87 1/2 Friday on the Nasdaq Stock 
    As reported earlier, IBM seems most interested in the Lotus Notes 
 software, a leading product in an emerging niche called "groupware."
                 >> Microsoft to Offer New Windows NT <<
    New versions of the Windows NT operating environment that add support 
 for PowerPC-based computers have been announced by Microsoft Corp.
    Reports say Windows NT Workstation version 3.51 and Windows NT Server 
 version 3.51 also add features including support for applications com-
 patible with Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 95 operating system, due in 
 August. (Windows NT is Microsoft's high-end operating system, intended 
 largely for enterprises that use more than one computer in a network.)
    Microsoft officials said the pricing for the system is unchanged from 
 previous versions. A "Network Value Pak" is $999 for a server license 
 and 10 client access licenses.
    Reports say that customers who are on maintenance agreements with 
 Microsoft or who purchased Windows NT Server or Workstation after April 
 15, will receive the latest version at no charge.
                    >> Intel Announnces New Pentium <<
    Intel Corp. this week announced its fastest production microprocessor 
 to date -- the Pentium Processor at iCOMP index 1110\133 MHz.
    Available immediately, the chip is targeted for servers and high-
 performance desktop computers. It is the second member of the Pentium 
 processor family to be introduced in as many weeks. There are now nine 
 versions of the Pentium, each with different prices and performance 
 points for different market segments.
    Intel said the new processor is the second product to result from the 
 company's investment in advanced 0.35 micron, 3.3 volt manufacturing 
 technology and is expected to be used initially in high-end desktops and 
 high-performance servers. The 133-MHz Pentium processor delivers 155 
 SPECint92 and 116 SPECfp92 of performance, which is more than twice the 
 speed of the original 60-MHz Pentium processor introduced in March 1993.
    The 133-MHz Pentium is priced at $935 in 1,000-piece quantities.

                  >> Senate Passes Anti-Smut Measure <<
    The U.S. Senate has passed, by an 84-16 vote, an amendment to a tele-
 communications reform bill that aims to crack down on pornography on the 
 Internet and online services.
    The measure would outlaw the posting of obscene materials and hit 
 violators with penalties ranging up to a two- year prison term and stiff 
 fines. To avoid prosecution, online services and users would have to 
 prove they made a good- faith effort to keep indecent material from 
 falling into the hands of minors.
    Commercial online services like America Online, CompuServe and 
 Prodigy would be required to provide barriers between children and 
 indecent materials on their computer networks.
    "It is children who are computer experts in our nation's families," 
 Rep. Dan Coats (R-Indiana) said.
    Critics claim that the rules are unfair, cumbersome and will be 
 impossible to enforce.
                  >> Internet Rating System Proposed <<
    A voluntary rating system is being proposed for the Internet by three 
 software publishers, along with an electronic filter that would allow 
 individuals to block access to sexually explicit content.
    Microsoft Corp., Netscape Communications Corp. and Progressive 
 Networks Inc. have formed a group to create industry standards for 
 rating content and for the software filter.
    The companies made the announcement just as the Senate approved a 
 measure that imposes stiff punishments for those who knowingly 
 distribute obscene material over computer networks.
    Reports from Seattle say the companies have founded the Information 
 Highway Parental Empowerment Group and plan to issue a report by the end 
 of the year on ways to prevent children from gaining access to elect-
 ronic bulletin boards and discussion groups considered "inappropriate.
    It's felt that Netscape Communications "is likely to add some kind of 
 parental filters into its Netscape Navigator" web browser software.
    A Microsoft official said the effort is part of that company's 
 commitment to make "family friendly" its forthcoming Microsoft Network 
 online service.
    The third participant, Progressive Networks of Seattle, markets an 
 audio-on-demand system for the Internet.
    The new group is inviting other companies to join the effort.
                    >> Agency Not Seeking Net Cops <<
    Federal proposals to help flesh out the nation's computer networks 
 aren't intended to call for a new federal agency to police them, says 
 the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.
    The Wall Street Journal wrote earlier this week that a new federal 
 agency was being proposed in a set of plans to help secure and police 
 public and government computer networks.
    Officials said news accounts that said the agency would be a federal 
 one were premature because the officials still were studying ways to 
 carry out an emergency-response function and ways to preserve the 
 network in case of natural disasters or war.
    Said one official, "Security could be a multi-entity-based system."


 > Delrina Updates STR Spotlight

                      Delrina Sneak Peaks New Products
                               for Windows 95
                             at Microsoft Event

 BELLEVUE, WA -- June 5, 1995 -- Delrina Corporation (NASDAQ:DENAF,
 TSE:DC), the leading supplier of PC communications software for Windows,
 today provided for the first time a preview of its yet-to-be-announced
 Delrina CommSuite<tm> 95 at the Microsoft<R> Windows<tm> 95 Reviewer+s
 Workshop being held in Bellevue, WA.  Delrina outlined plans for
 WinFax<tm> PRO 7.0, Cyberjack<tm> 7.0, and WinComm<tm> PRO 7.0, all
 included in an integrated package called Delrina CommSuite 95.  New to
 Delrina+s line-up, Cyberjack has been designed to make the Internet as
 easy to plug into as one can to a household phone jack.  The products will
 be released within 60 to 90 days of Microsoft Windows 95 shipping.

 Designed as true 32-bit applications, Delrina has built its new products
 to enhance the use of the Windows 95 operating system by maximizing the
 use of the powerful common elements in Windows 95 including, OLE 2.0, MAPI
 1.0, TAPI, and Unimodem.  All products will be Microsoft Office compatible
 and Windows 95 logo compliant, with drag and drop and right mouse click
 support.  There will be a common user interface across all applications
 and a single common installation procedure.

 "Delrina CommSuite 95 is the total communications solution for Windows
 95," said Marc Camm, general manager, Desktop Communications at Delrina. 
 "By providing leading edge, integrated, full-featured applications for
 fax, data, e-mail, voice, telephony, paging, and Internet access, we will
 turn the base functionality in Windows 95 into a streamlined, productive
 communications desktop."

 Delrina+s Windows 95 products leverage the company+s expertise and
 position as an industry-leader in fax communications software, with more
 than 10 million copies of WinFax shipped to date.  "Our WinFax PRO 7.0 has
 been enhanced to take advantage of Windows 95 and includes additional
 voice and paging features," said Albert Behr, senior marketing director,
 Desktop Communications at Delrina.  "Cyberjack brings together for the
 first time many of the elements that users have been seeking in an
 Internet product and makes the Internet as simple to use as using WinFax
 to fax from one+s computer."

 Delrina's Windows 95 Products
 * Delrina CommSuite 95 -- The Total Communications Solution for Windows
   95.Includes three-full-featured applications, WinFax PRO with voice and
   paging, Cyberjack, and WinComm PRO.

 * WinFax PRO 7.0 -- The best way to send, receive and manage faxes in

 * Cyberjack 7.0 -- The best way to jack-in to Cyberspace.

 * WinComm PRO 7.0 -- The easiest way to go on-line.

                  DELRINA WINFAX PRO 4.0 SUPPORTS NEW 3.51
                       RELEASE OF MICROSOFT WINDOWS NT

 Premier PC Fax Product Now Runs on Premier High-End Desktop Computing

 SAN JOSE, CA and TORONTO, ONT -- June 7, 1995 -- Delrina Corporation
 (NASDAQ:DENAF, TSE:DC), the worldwide leader in PC fax software today
 announced that WinFax<tm> PRO 4.0 supports the new 3.51 release of
 Microsoft<R> Windows NT<tm>.  Beginning today, Delrina will make available
 a set of patch disks to current WinFax PRO 4.0 users who have either
 purchased or upgraded to Windows NT 3.51.  WinFax PRO 4.0 customers should
 contact a special Delrina hotline at 1-800-239-2318 to obtain the patch

 "We are very pleased that our software is now supported on the Windows NT
 platform," said Marc Camm, general manager of the Desktop Communications
 business unit at Delrina.  "There was a lot of development effort and
 willingness at Microsoft and here to make this happen."  Delrina and
 Microsoft received many requests from Windows NT users wanting to run
 WinFax PRO.  The companies collaborated to ensure that WinFax PRO 4.0
 would be able to run under the new release.  Delrina developed a special
 set of patches for WinFax PRO 4.0  to enable it to run under Windows NT
 while Microsoft developers architected the new version to support WinFax
 PRO 4.0.

 "The WinFax PRO 4.0 patches fix some compatibility problems the software
 had running in the 32-bit Windows NT environment," said Tony Davis, VP
 Communication Strategy, Desktop Communications, at Delrina.  "WinFax PRO
 4.0 is still a 16-bit version designed for the current Windows and Windows
 for Workgroups operating systems, but it now runs under Windows NT 3.51."
 Delrina will provide technical support for Windows NT 3.51 users through
 its forum on CompuServe.

 Delrina is making the patch diskettes available at no charge, only a
 shipping and handling fee of US$9.95 applies.  Users will need to provide
 the registration number from the first page of their manual plus the date
 of manufacture of their WinFax PRO 4.0 (found at the top of the README.TXT
 file on the WinFax PRO 4.0 Install Disk 1).  Users who have Windows NT
 3.51, but who do not currently have WinFax PRO 4.0 should call the special
 Delrina hotline to upgrade their existing WinFax (versions prior to 4.0 or
 WinFax LITE) for $49 ($65 Cdn) and receive the Windows NT patches.

 Delrina  Corporation designs, develops, markets and supports innovative PC
 software  products and services in the fax, data and voice communications,
 electronic  forms,  and  consumer  software markets.  Founded in 1988, the
 Company  is  ranked  in  sales  among the top 15 PC software publishers in
 North  America  and  is  recognized  as  the  world  leader  in PC fax and
 electronic  forms.    Delrina employs more than 700 people with offices in
 San  Jose,  CA;  Bellevue,  WA;  Washington,  DC;  Boston, MA; Toronto and
 Ottawa, Canada; the United Kingdom; France; Germany; and Japan.

                                  - ### -

 Windows,  Windows  for  Workgroups  and  Windows  NT  are  trademarks, and
 Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.  WinFax is a
 trademark of Delrina Corporation.


 > STR InfoFile

                              D-Lite Update FAQ

     - What are the current versions available as of 6/11/15?
     - What are the new features in The Win-D v1.02
     - What is new in D-Lite/MAC v2.0.1b?
     - Will the DOS version be updated soon?
     - Is there a difference between D-Lite/DOS v2.04 and v2.04d?
     - Where should I send questions about the new versions?
     - Where can the new versions be downloaded?

 Q. What are the current versions available as of 6/11/15?
 A. D-Lite for Macintosh: v2.0.1b
    D-Lite for DOS: v2.04d
    The Win-D (D-Lite for Windows): v1.02

 Q. What are the new features in The Win-D v1.02
 A. New Features in The Win-D v1.02 include:

   - A new NEWSWIRE menu for UPI and Reuters News automation.
     This is a "2-pass" automated system, similar to Usenet's 2-pass

   - a "Filter" option in USENET newsgroups that allows the user to
     limit newsgroup access to only messages with matching keywords

   - the capability to include a "Subject" line in a "KILL file".

   Fixes in v1.02 include
   - Fixed erratic usenet posting
   - Fixed GPF from too many newsgroups
   - Fixed GPF from newsgroup deletions
   - Fixed Zmodem Text uploads to databases

   This is a free upgrade to for registered Win-D users.

 Q. What is new in D-Lite/MAC v2.0.1b?
 A. If you are currently using v1.x, the interface in v2.0 is completely

    Also added to the program are:

    - Automated "2-pass" USENET newsgroup automation.
    - "Kill files" for Usenet
    - Full-featured Address Book
    - Broadcasting support for mass-mailings.
    - Carbon-copy and mail forwarding capability.
    - Stored "Signature" files
    - More utilities for managing SIGS for easy deletion, renaming, etc.
    - much much more... :)

    If you are currently using v2.0.1a, the bug in Signature and text
    "imports" has been fixed, and you can now select your own font for
    message displays.

 Q. Will the DOS version be updated soon?
 A. Yes, hopefully by the end of the summer.

 Q. I am using currently using D-Lite/DOS v2.04, not v2.04d.
    Is there a difference?
 A. Yes!  v2.04d fixes a few bugs that were in v2.04, and also provides
    a workaround for a problem in USENET Newsgroups where message-ids are
    unusually long.  If you are currently using v2.04 (or v2.03), you
    should upgrade asap.  The upgrade is free to v2.03/v2.04 users.

 Q. Where can I download the new versions?
 A. All new versions are in the D-Lite SIG database (GO COM DLITE).

 Q. Where should I send questions about the new versions, or to report
    any problems?
 A. Please post questions to the D-Lite SIG Forum (GO COM DLITE) and
    we can best assist you there.  Besides the D-Lite SIG staff, there
    are many knwoledgable and experienced users that can also help you
    with just about any problem you might run into.

                                              Thank You!


 > Frankie's Corner STR Feature

 The Kids' Computing Corner

                Imagination Express Destination: Rain Forest

                Dual format CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh
                                ages 6 to 12
                           approximate retail $40
                            by Edmark Corporation
                               P.O. Box 97021
                           Redmond, WA 98073-9721
                               (206) 556-8484

      IBM Requirements                     Macintosh Requirements
      CPU:    386DX-25                     CPU:    Color Mac
      RAM:    8 megs                       RAM:    8 megs
      Video:  256 color SVGA monitor       Video:  256 color, 13" monitor
      HDISK:  2 megs                       HDISK:  2 megs
      CD-ROM: Double-speed recommended     CD-ROM: Double-speed recommended
      OS:     Windows 3.1                  OS:     System 7
      Misc.:   Sound card, mouse

 by Frank Sereno

 Destination: Rain Forest is the newest addition to Edmark's enchanting
 Imagination Express package.  The program encourages children to explore
 their creative writing skills by allowing them to mix words, graphics and
 sound to publish multimedia stories.

 The setting is the rain forest of Panama.  The program includes a Fact
 Book filled with interesting information about the land, people, animals
 and plants of the region.  This information will also spark children's
 imaginations when they create their stories.  Also featured is a Story
 Ideas section which provides thematic suggestions.  A parent's section
 gives information on the program's educational features and contains
 suggestions for enhancing your child's enjoyment of writing.

 The most important feature is the story editor.  Children can choose from
 many backgrounds for each page.  Then any number of "stickers" may be
 added.  Destination: Rain Forest includes dozens of stickers of people,
 plants and animals.  Some stickers are animated and some even include
 sound effects.  Stickers change in size as they are moved fore and aft in
 the scene to maintain proper perspective.  They can also be placed behind
 objects in the background rather than simply being layered on top of it. 
 Some characters can be rotated in three dimensions.  The creative
 possibilities are endless.

 Destination: Rain Forest offers children the option of recording dialog
 and sounds for the stickers in each page.  They can also record a
 narration for the page.  Simple editing tools can be used to write the
 text for the story.  Several fonts and sizes are available.  The program
 also provides music of the local people which can be used to introduce
 each page.  Children have an infinite array storytelling opportunities
 with these many options.

 With outstanding graphics and excellent audio, Destination: Rain Forest is
 a delight to both the eye and ear.  One small flaw is that the program can
 only be run in 256-color mode.  The authentic music is quite different and
 interesting.  Voices and sound effects were digitized very well.

 The interface is a rather complex point-and-click device.  Audible help is
 not provided so it is best for adults to aid younger children.  The manual
 explains the many interface features and it becomes second nature after a
 short time.  The manual also offers excellent technical tips.  Some of
 these tips keep the program moving at a good pace on older computers.

 Destination: Rain Forest has great play value.  Children will enjoy
 manipulating the many animals and bugs which are native to the rain
 forest.  They will spend many hours discovering the features of each
 sticker and then writing stories.

 The educational value is excellent.  Products which can ignite creative
 thought are still rare in the educational software market.  Destination:
 Rain Forest and Imagination Express inspire creativity by giving children
 the tools and information to create original multimedia electronic books
 based on unfamiliar scenarios.  Most children will never visit a rain
 forest.  By using the fact book and their imaginations, they can go to
 this important ecosystem in their minds.

 Destination: Rain Forest provides a rich learning experience at a
 reasonable price.  It is an excellent value.

                     Graphics ........... 9.5
                     Sound .............. 9.5
                     Interface .......... 9.0
                     Play Value ......... 9.5
                     Educational Value ..10.0
                     Bang for the Buck .. 9.5
                     Average ............ 9.5

 Thank you for reading!


 > Creative Settings STR InfoFile

                             Sound Blaster Series 
                               Hardware Settings 

 You can generally tell which type of card is in a system by examining the
 SET BLASTER statement.  A typical SET BLASTER statement follows:
    SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6

 This indicates that the card is using base address 220, IRQ 5, Low DMA 
 Channel 1, High DMA channel 5, MIDI port address 330, and card type 6.  SB 
 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and Pro cards will not have 'H' or 'P' parameters.  AWE-32 
 cards may also have a 'E' parameter which indicates the location of the
 first portion of the AWE address range on the card.

 The possible card types are:

     T2  - Sound Blaster Pro 1
     T3  - Sound Blaster 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
     T4  - Sound Blaster Pro 2
     T5  - Sound Blaster Pro MicroChannel version
     T6  - Sound Blaster 16, including AWE-32
     T10 - Sound Blaster MicroChannel version

 All of our cards can be identified by the CT number on the card; this list 
 currently only covers cards officially released by Creative in the United 
 States.  Cards are listed roughly by order of introduction.  Default 
 selections for a setting are indicated with [] (square brackets) around
 the setting.  All of our sound cards also make use of the standard Adlib 
 addresses (388h-389h), and game port addresses (200h-207h).

 Sound Blaster 1.0 & 1.5 (CT1310, CT1320, Discontinued)
      IRQ:  2, 3, 5, [7]
      DMA:  [1]
      I/O:  210, [220], 230, 240, 250, 260 ; Range: 2x0h-2xEh

 Sound Blaster MCV (CT5320, Discontinued)
      IRQ:  2, 3, 5, [7]
      DMA:  [1]
      I/O:  210, [220], 230, 240, 250, 260 ; Range: 2x0h-2xEh

 Sound Blaster 2.0 (CT1350)
      IRQ:  2, 3, [5], 7
      DMA:  [1]
      I/O:  [220], 240 ; Range: 2x0h-2xEh

 Sound Blaster Pro 1 (CT1330, Discontinued) 
      IRQ:  2, 5, [7], 10
      DMA:  0, [1], 3
      I/O:  [220], 240 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h

 Sound Blaster Pro MCV (CT5330, Discontinued) 
      IRQ:  2, 5, [7]
      DMA:  0, [1], 3
      I/O:  [220], 240 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h

 Sound Blaster Pro 2 (CT1600) 
      IRQ:  2, [5], 7, 10
      DMA:  0, [1], 3
      I/O:  [220], 240 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h

 Sound Blaster 16 BASIC / Value (CT1730, CT1740, CT2740, CT2749, CT2770, 
                          CT2779, CT2230C, CT2239C, CT2230S, CT2239S)
      IRQ:  2, [5], 7, 10
      LDMA: 0, [1], 3
      HDMA: [5], 6, 7
      I/O:  [220], 240, 260, 280 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h
      MIDI: 300, [330] ; Range:  3y0h-3y1h

 Sound Blaster 16 Value IDE (CT2291) - 
      IRQ:  2, [5], 7, 10
      LDMA: 0, [1], 3
      HDMA: [5], 6, 7
      I/O:  [220], 240, 260, 280 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h
      MIDI: 300, [330] ; Range:  3y0h-3y1h
    IDEI/O: 168-16F, 170-177 (and 376,377), [1E8-1EF], 1F0-1F7 (and
    IDEIRQ: 10, [11], 12, 14, 15

 Sound Blaster 16 MultiCD (CT1750, CT1759, CT2230, CT2239) - 
 ** Includes the base address range for the Sony CD-ROM interface.
 * MtsmI/O, etc are the settings for the Mitsumi CD-ROM controller.
      IRQ:  2, [5], 7, 10
      LDMA: 0, [1], 3
      HDMA: [5], 6, 7
   ** I/O:  [220], 240, 260, 280 ; Range:  base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h
  *MtsmI/O: 310, 320, [340], 350 ; Range:  3z0h-3z3h
   MtsmDMA: 6, [7]
   MtsMIRQ: 3, 10, [11]
      MIDI: 300, [330] ; Range:  3y0h-3y1h

 Sound Blaster 16 SCSI-2 (CT1770, CT1779) - 
      IRQ:  2, [5], 7, 10
      LDMA: 0, [1], 3
      HDMA: [5], 6, 7
      I/O:  [220], 240, 260, 280 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h
      MIDI: 300, [330] ; Range:  3y0h-3y1h
   SCSII/O: 140, [340] ; Range:  base + 1Fh, ex:  340h-35Fh
   SCSIIRQ: 9, 10, [11], 12

 Sound Blaster 16 Pro (CT2290, CT2299) - 
      IRQ:  2, [5], 7, 10
      LDMA: 0, [1], 3
      HDMA: [5], 6, 7
      I/O:  [220], 240, 260, 280 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h
      MIDI: 300, [330] ; Range:  3y0h-3y1h
   +IDEI/O: 168-16F, 170-177 (and 376,377), [1E8-1EF], 1F0-1F7 (and
   +IDEIRQ: 10, [11], 12, 14, 15

 + Some early cards MAY have different default settings for the IDE

 Sound Blaster 16 AWE-32 / AWE-32 Value (CT2760, CT3780) -
 ***This card is effectively a SB16 MultiCD card with the following

   AWE I/O addresses are based on the base I/O of the card.  The AWE
   portion takes 3 separate address ranges in the form:  6x0h-6x3h

   For example, if the base address of the card is 220, then the regular
   base address range is 220h-233h and the AWE base address ranges are from
   620h-623h, A20h-A23h, and E20h-E23h.  With these settings, there will
   also be an E620 in the SET BLASTER line in the AUTOEXEC.BAT.

 Phone Blaster (CT3110, CT3120) - 
      IRQ:  2, [5], 7, 10
      LDMA: 0, [1], 3
      HDMA: [5], 6, 7
      I/O:  [220], 240, 260, 280 ; Range: base + 13h, ex:  220h-233h
      MIDI: 300, [330] ; Range:  3y0h-3y1h
   IDEI/O: 168-16F, [170-177 (and 376,377)], 1E8-1EF, 1F0-1F7 (and 3F6,3F7)
   IDEIRQ: 10, 11, 12, 14, [15]
 ModemIRQ: 3, 4, 10, [11]
 ModemIRQ: 2E8, 2F8, [3E8], 3F8 ; Range: base + 8h, ex:  3E8h-3EFh


 > ACT PAK! STR InfoFile

                     ACT!PAK! v2.0h for Windows
                       ACT!PAK! v2.1 for DOS

                                                     June, 1995

 ACT!PAK! for Windows 2.0h:

 ACT!PAK! for Windows provides a collection of functions that complement
 and extend the capabilities of ACT! for Windows.  ACT!PAK! allows you to
 use ACT! as your database for storing contact information and export the
 data from the ACT! database into a Windows word processor and/or
 spreadsheet application.  ACT!PAK! also extends the ACT! scheduling
 capabilities with scheduling templates that contain a pre-defined sequence
 of events.  Generate reports not possible with the standard ACT!  Report
 Writer.  Users benefit through improved integration with other Windows
 applications and less time is spent inputting redundant activities.

 What's New In This Release:
       Supports ACT! for Windows 2.0.4 or later

       Interfaces to new OAK!RPT! for ACT! (includes 2 introductory

       Associates Word Processor Documents with a Contact

       Interfaces to Street Atlas USA CD-ROM (if installed)

       Includes OAK!Phone! for ACT! Software

 Features & Benefits:
 Word Processing Interface:  Enjoy all the capabilities of your regular
 word processor (Word, WordPerfect and/or Ami Pro).  ACT!PAK! for Windows
 installs the ACT!PAK! icon on your ACT! toolbar which opens the ACT!PAK!
 window.  Your word processor name is a pull-down menu in the ACT!PAK!
 window.  Using standard Windows dialog boxes, you create templates in your
 word processor and merge names, addresses, and any other data fields from
 the current ACT! contact or group into pre-defined word processing
 templates.  ACT!PAK! records the word processing file name in the LETTER
 DATE and LETTER NAME fields at your request.

 Scheduling Sequencer:  With ACT!PAK! you can define a series of Calls,
 Meetings, and/or To-Dos as a scheduling template.  Then when you need to
 schedule that sequence of activities for the current ACT! contact or
 group, on command schedules all of the activities in that template.  You
 choose an anchor date each time you apply a template.  The template
 identifies how many days (-999 to +999) fall between the anchor date and
 each event.

 Define as many scheduling templates as you want!  For example, a new
 contact needs a letter (To-Do) on day 2, a Call on day 8, and a Meeting on
 day 15.  If your anchor day is May 1st, the To-Do is scheduled for May
 3rd, the Call is scheduled for May 9th, and the Meeting is scheduled for
 May 16th.  ACT!PAK!'s PREFERENCES Menu lets you indicate how to handle
 events falling on Saturdays or Sundays, AND which days YOU have reserved
 for holidays or vacation!  A powerful time-saver for anyone who frequently
 enters the same series of activities for different contacts.

 Spreadsheet Interface:  Transfer data from the current ACT! contact or
 group to a new spreadsheet in Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and/or Quattro Pro. 
 Manipulate the data in the spreadsheet and save the spreadsheet.  Use
 ACT!PAK! to "associate" a spreadsheet name to a contact (or group of
 contacts).  One spreadsheet can be associated to multiple contacts.  One
 contact can have multiple spreadsheets associated to it.  A great way to
 perform mathematical calculations on your ACT! data AND produce reports.

 Interface To Other Products:  Activate OAK!CHK! for ACT! and Street Atlas
 USA CD-ROM Map packages directly from ACT!PAK!.  Utilize the OAK!RPT! for
 ACT! menu selection to generate reports from your ACT! database not
 otherwise possible.  Two reports are included that print summary reports
 showing how many records there are for each ID/Status and each Zip Code. 
 The OAK!Phone! software that is included reformats data from SelectPhone,
 DirectPhone and FreePhone.  Data from these powerful CD-ROM products
 becomes directly usable in ACT!.

 Requirements & Installation:
 Software:      Compatible with ACT! for Windows 2.0.4 or later, 
                WordPerfect for Windows 6.0 and 6.1, Word for Windows 6.0,  
                Ami Pro for Windows 3.0 and 3.1, Excel for Windows 4.0 and
                5.0, Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows 4.0 and 5.0, Quattro Pro for
                Windows 5.0 and 6.0, and Street Atlas USA for Windows 2.0.

 Hardware:      5MB of disk storage, 8MB RAM, 486 processor.
 Installation:  Automated installation program.  Installs in minutes!  
                Supports multiple word processing or spreadsheet
                applications via ACT!PAK! preferences.
 Changes:       ACT!PAK! does NOT replace ACT!'s Word Processor.  All
                standard features of ACT! are always available.

 Cost & Ordering Information:
 ACT!PAK! for DOS 2.1:

 ACT!PAK! for DOS provides a collection of functions that complement and
 extend the capabilities of ACT! for DOS.  ACT!PAK! for DOS also provides
 an interface between the ACT! for DOS database and word processing
 applications.  Now you can produce quality-looking business correspondence
 without rekeying name and address information.

 What's New In This Release:
           Supports WordPerfect 6.0 and 5.1 for DOS

           More F2 UNlimited Popup Fields

           Ability to "Cross Use" UNlimited Popup Lists

           Ability to EDIT an existing UNlimited Popup Entry

           Supports MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY International Date Formats

           Includes OAK!Phone! for ACT! Software

 Features & Benefits:
 Word Processing Interface:  Send correspondence using your favorite word
 processor and enjoy all the capabilities of the word processor:  graphics,
 fonts, file management, thesaurus, spell checker.  ACT!PAK! for DOS puts
 your word processor on the ACT! WRITE menu so that you can merge names
 addresses, and other data from the ACT! database into form documents
 stored in your word processing application.  Your can activate your word
 processor, taking along the salutation and closing from ACT!'s standard
 LETTER.FRM file.  When you EXIT the word processor, you automatically
 return to ACT! and the LETTER DATE and LETTER NAME fields are updated if
 you approve.  Also toggles between ACT! and word processor for general
 Tag On The Fly:  Create a group of ACT! contacts by adding a contact or
 group to the current "hold file" group as you locate each contact.  Then
 process the group by merging them into word processing form documents. 
 This provides an indirect interface to any other DOS or Windows word

 UNlimited F2 Popups:  Standard ACT! provides up to 26 F2 Popup entries. 

 With ACT!PAK!, an UNlimited list of valid choices displays for a field
 when you press F2.  Each entry can be edited.  Popup lists can be used by
 multiple fields.  The @CURRDAT & @CURRTIM keywords automatically place the
 Current Date and Current Time in the ACT! field when chosen.  

 ACT!TOT! Generalized Report:  Create management summary reports about your
 ACT! database in ways you never thought possible.  For example, print one
 line for each unique ID/Status field AND print the total Contact count for
 each ID/Status.  Also subtotal any numeric field!

 Time Stamp On Notes:  Each time you press F9 to enter a note, the current
 date AND time are automatically entered for the next note.

 DAZZLE Graphics Screen Saver:  Displays continuous kaleidoscopic patterns. 
 Pressing any key brings ACT! back.  By running DAZZLE when the PC is not
 used, you (1) avoid "burn in" of ACT! Screen and (2) reduce probability of
 ACT! database corruption due to unexpected power loss.

 Export ACT! Data To Fax Phone books:  Export contact names & phone numbers
 to an Intel Satisfaction Fax Phone book or other fax phone books.

 .DEF File & F2 Security:  Now you can prevent end users from changing
 field names and/or F2 entries.  Especially useful on networks where
 multiple users access the same database.

 Alternate Data Format:  Supports MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY LETTER DATE format
 utilized by ACT! International versions.

 Includes OAK!PHONE! Software:  For reformatting data from SelectPhone,
 DirectPhone and FreePhone.  Data from these powerful CD-ROM products
 becomes directly usable in ACT!.

 Easy Installation Procedure & Fast Execution.
 Requirements & Installation:

 Software:      ACT! for DOS 2.1, with: WordPerfect 5.1 or 6.0 for DOS,
                Word 5.5 for DOS.
 Memory:        85K Conventional Memory or 28K Conventional and 63K 
                Expanded Memory.
 Installation:  Automated installation program.  Installs in minutes!
                Changes ACT!PAK! does NOT replace ACT!'s Word Processor.  
                All standard features of ACT! and all other products are
                always available.

         ***  Yes, ACT!PAK! for DOS runs on networks, too!  ***

 Cost & Ordering Information: 
                  COST & ORDERING INFORMATION:  

 ACT!PAK! for Windows Release 2.0 is $109.00 per user.  

 ACT!PAK! for DOS Release 2.1 is $89.00 per user. 

 Price includes 30-day Money-back Guarantee, 90-day no-charge technical
 support & shipping anywhere in the world.  Prices subject to change
 without notice.  Multi-copy Discount:  2% per copy - maximum 10% per

 Specify DOS/Windows & 3-1/2" or 5-1/4" disk size. 
 Add 6.75% Sales Tax for Illinois destinations.  

 ACT! is a registered trademark of Symantec Corporation.  ACT!PAK! is a
 registered trademark of Symantec Corporation licensed solely to Oakhurst
 Systems, Inc.  Order with check or money order payable to:

                       TROCK SYSTEMS INNOVATIONS, INC.

                       29W391 Emerald Green Dr. # 32F
                         Warrenville, IL 60555-2037
                  phone (708) 393-2701; fax (708) 393-0377
                            CompuServe 70400,2611

 Sorry, no credit card orders.  COD orders are available, for $15

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
 600dpi  24  bit Photo Realistic Color Output, please send a Self Addressed
 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

 Folks, the FARGO Primera Pro has GOT to be the best yet.  Its far superior
 to the newest of Color Laser Printers selling for more than three times as
 much.  Its said that ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  Send for this
 sample now.  Guaranteed you will be amazed at the superb quality. (please,
 allow at least a one week turn-around)

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N

                            ___   ___    _____     _______
                           /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/
                          /____|/____| /__/|__| /__/           
                       /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/_____
                      /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > Phone Lists STR InfoFile                   Support lines 

              Symantec Worldwide Corporate Telephone Directory


 Symantec Corporate Offices, 10201 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014-2132 

 +1 (408) 253-9600 
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          Corel Multimedia Technical Support Document #1211 6/14/95

                              Corel Corporation
                            1600 Carling Avenue,
                           Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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 Multimedia Technical Support hotline            1-613-728-1010
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 3. If you require European Technical Support, German, or 
 Spanish language support for;      
 CorelSCSI, Corel CD Creator, Corel CD Home, Corel CD PowerPak, 
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 Corel Technical Support hotline Ireland   353-1405-2300

 4. If you require Japanese Technical Support for;
 CorelSCSI, Corel CD Creator, and Corel CD Home

 Sumitomo Technical Support hotline Japan   03-5476-9802


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

  > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      It's been a LONG time since I was in a "political" mood in one of
 my editorials.  But, since that's what this space is usually meant to
 reflect, why not?

      Recent articles in the press regarding "policing" the Internet and
 online services, and other "regulatory" suggestions has really got
 under my skin.  I really believe that there's potential for things
 getting carried away in this regard.

      Let's get realistic here, for a minute.  If minors are getting
 hold of pornographic materials online - where are the parents?  Give a
 kid a computer, modem, and access to an online service - as a parent,
 you had better know what your child is doing online.  There're not only
 pictures of naked women, but the potential for other online "hazards".
 How about piracy?  Flame mail?  Obscenities?  And more.  Parents need
 to monitor their children's activities somehow; or teach them to avoid
 this stuff.  Why is it any different than television and the movies?
 Stop putting the responsibility of parents with government agencies!

      On the other hand, child pornography is something different.
 However, I believe that the online services (legitimate pay services
 such as CompuServe, Prodigy, etc.) should be self-monitoring.  If items
 of this ilk arises, it needs to be readily eradicated.  Child-porn is
 illegal, and should be.  Private bulletin boards should be dealt with
 in much the same way as piracy - maybe moreso, and more punitive for
 those who are caught.

      One of my complaints about generalized policing of such things as
 the Internet is where will it stop, if started?  What gets censored;
 and what doesn't?  As an online friend and I discussed a few days ago,
 the Internet reminds us both of the days when CB radios were the fad of
 the decade, some years ago.  With the advent of technology, computers
 were a natural movement for CB users.  With CBs, people could talk with
 one another, or in groups, without the "fear" of really knowing "who"
 you were talking with.  The Internet (at least with those using
 "handles"), it's very similar.  Instead of actual voices, you have
 messages.  However, some of the garbage that you see online is no
 different from what was being said over the CB radio.

      How is any agency going to enforce speech?  The Internet has
 always been a terrific forum for the exchange of ideas.  Certainly,
 there will always be a few who act like idiots online, but they can be
 ignored.  With users starting out younger and younger; and the Internet
 and online services being advertised to the hilt, the atmosphere of
 these services will change accordingly.  What should be taught at home
 should also apply in all facets of life.  Teach them the same good
 ethics for being online.  It should be that simple.  Keep the
 government busy by doing something important, like curbing crime.
 Off my least for this week!

      Until next time...


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               -/- Lotus Seems Ready to Deal With IBM -/-

      A day after Wall Street expected Lotus Development Corp. to seek
 a "white knight" to deflect IBM's $3.3 billion hostile takeover bid,
 analysts now say Lotus appears ready to acquiesce, if it can get the
 price and terms it wants.

      In The Wall Street Journal this morning, reporters Laurie Hays
 and Steven Lipin write, "The two sides have met three times already
 this week, starting with a dinner Tuesday night in Manhattan between
 IBM Chairman Louis V. Gerstner Jr. and Lotus Chairman Jim P. Manzi, at
 the request of Manzi, a person familiar with the situation said. The
 two men also met on Wednesday and yesterday along with their financial
 advisers in the offices of CS First Boston Inc., IBM's financial

      In addition to the meetings, which the paper calls "especially
 unusual this soon in a hostile takeover battle," the companies'
 financial advisers broke up into small working groups at the offices
 of First Boston "to find ways to hammer out a possible deal."

      The Journal quotes A person familiar with the talks as saying IBM
 and Lotus are working to "see how we could come closer together."

      Hays and Lipin say it appears Manzi has dropped his insistence
 that Lotus should remain independent and has expressed concerns on
 "philosophical and cultural" issues.

      "Some people close to the situation," says the paper, "expect
 Manzi to seek a higher price from the computer giant, even though he
 appears to be in a weak bargaining position because no other potential
 buyers for Lotus have yet appeared."

      Nonetheless, there still is talk of a possible new suitor. The
 paper reports speculation Fujitsu Ltd.'s ICL subsidiary might be
 interested in making a bid for Lotus, though a Fujitsu spokesman in
 Tokyo said, "That's news to us," adding the ICL unit doesn't have the
 resources to make such an acquisition.

                 -/- Lotus Agrees to Takeover by IBM -/-

     A week after the launch of IBM's hostile takeover bid, Lotus
 Development Corp. has agreed to be bought out by the computer giant for
 $3.52 billion, or about $220 million more than was originally offered
 last Monday.

     IBM's initial cash offer of $60 per share was twice Lotus' market
 value at the time. They reached agreement late yesterday at a price of
 $64 per share. (Lotus stock closed at $62.87 1/2 Friday on the Nasdaq
 Stock Market.)

     Reporting for The Associated Press, business writer Evan Ramstad
 says, "Though the details took several days to work out, executives
 said Sunday that the head of Lotus became serious about the deal a day
 after IBM's initial offer."

     Apparently, Lotus CEO Jim Manzi agreed to proceed with the buyout
 after meeting IBM chief Louis Gerstner Jr. for dinner Tuesday. Gerstner
 agreed to raise the purchase price, preserve Lotus' autonomy and leave
 Manzi in charge of the company.

     Says Ramstad, "The deal has the potential to reorder the personal
 computer software industry by putting IBM in a strong position to
 challenge Microsoft Corp., which leads the industry through its
 dominance in operating system programs that run the basic functions of
 a PC."

     Late yesterday, Gerstner said, "We are really delighted at IBM that
 we and Lotus were able to reach an agreement so quickly. I'm looking
 forward to Jim's counsel on a whole host of strategic issues at IBM."

     Meanwhile, Manzi commented, "This serves up some very big
 opportunities that we didn't have before."

     As reported earlier, IBM seems most interested in the Lotus Notes
 software, a leading product in an emerging niche called "groupware."

     But, says AP, "while the deal gives IBM a chance at taking on
 Microsoft, analysts are cautious about the company's prospects."

     Editor Jeff Tarter of Softletter commented, "I don't know where we
 get the magic that creates a different competitive situation."

     And editor David Coursey of PC Letter said, "IBM is paying too much
 but it's what it took to make the deal go. They had to come with a price
 that was face-saving for everyone."

                 -/- Lotus Deal Seen as Blow to OS/2 -/-

     Could IBM's big $3.5 billion buyout of Lotus Development Corp.
 signal the beginning of the end of Big Blue's long efforts to push OS/2
 operating system software? Some think so.

     Writer Bart Ziegler of The Wall Street Journal comments this morning
 that establishing OS/2 as a credible rival to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows
 has been IBM's "Holy Grail" for nearly six years, "consuming the work of
 hundreds of employees and more than $2 billion."

     Says Ziegler, "Now IBM has made it clear that Lotus's hot-selling
 Notes will become its strategic centerpiece in personal-computer
 software -- a role long held by OS/2."

     Noting that despite massive advertising OS/2 has barely dented the
 Windows operating-system franchise, a longtime IBM executive who left
 the company recently told the paper, "It's like the Vietnam War. After
 a while you've been there so long you can't get out."

     While an IBM spokesman says the company remains committed to OS/2
 and "fully supports" it, other observers told the paper it is highly
 unlikely that IBM will promote as its main strategic direction both
 OS/2 and Lotus Notes, a leading product in an emerging niche called

     Ziegler points out IBM Chairman Louis V. Gerstner Jr. has been
 "sensitive to criticism that Big Blue historically has confused
 customers by backing too many strategies," and "given the cost of buying
 Lotus and building on Notes, some executives question whether
 Mr. Gerstner and his tight-fisted chief financial officer, Jerome York,
 would continue devoting the same level of effort to OS/2, estimated at
 close to $200 million a year."

     As reported earlier, Gerstner as said the takeover "has nothing
 to do with OS/2," Ziegler's source said, "I can't see them co-existing,"
 suggesting IBM might fold some of OS/2's features into Notes, then let
 the operating system fade from view eventually.

                -/- Feds Propose Net Policing Agency -/-

     A new federal agency is being proposed in a set of plans to help
 secure and police public and government computer networks.

     Writing in The Wall Street Journal this morning, reporter
 John J. Fialka says the moves, outlined in a 33-page report, "are part
 of a growing, government-wide concern that escalating attacks by hackers
 and disgruntled insiders could undermine the nation's faith in electronic
 information systems, including telecommunications networks, databases
 and advanced computer systems."

     One unidentified administration official told the paper, "People
 need to be able to trust this infrastructure or they won't use it."

     The effort is part of a government-wide task force called the
 National Information Infrastructure Forum that, Fialka says, "is
 proposing the rules to strengthen the security and reliability of
 advanced-communications networks."

 The task force calls for:

      -:- The Securities and Exchange Commission, Treasury Department and
 the Federal Reserve to examine banking regulations and procedures to
 verify information that will be needed to prevent counterfeiting and
 consumer fraud in electronic investing, electronic banking and the
 consumer use of so-called "digital cash."

     -:- All federal agencies to extend their oversight of outside systems
 and step up the security of their own systems so they can serve as a
 "model user" for industry.

     Backers says the new federal entity would be modeled after the
 Computer Emergency Response Team, the Carnegie-Mellon University unit
 that has its hands full responding to an ever-growing number of
 intrusions and other emergencies experienced by Internet users.

     As an example of how vulnerable government systems are, the paper
 notes that the Defense Information Systems Agency, using teams of its
 security experts to "hack" into 12,000 Defense Department computer
 systems attached to the Internet, succeeded in penetrating 88 percent
 of time. And 96 percent of the attacks weren't detected.

     Also cited is a Rand Corp. study that found 1,172 computer intrusions
 and vandalism incidents occurred during the first six months of last
 year, nearly three times the amount from the year earlier.

     "In addition," says the Journal, "the new I-way patrol agency would
 build on the experience of the National Communication System, a small
 Washington-based unit where government and telephone industry experts
 work to preserve the integrity of the nation's telephone system in case
 of war or natural disasters."

                 -/- Internet Rating System Proposed -/-

     A voluntary rating system is being proposed for the Internet by
 three software publishers, along with an electronic filter that would
 allow individuals to block access to sexually explicit content.

     Microsoft Corp., Netscape Communications Corp. and Progressive
 Networks Inc. have formed a group to create industry standards for
 rating content and for the software filter.

     The companies made the announcement just as the Senate approved a
 measure that imposes stiff punishments for those who knowingly
 distribute obscene material over computer networks.

     Reporting from Seattle, the Reuter News Service says the companies
 have founded the Information Highway Parental Empowerment Group and plan
 to issue a report by the end of the year on ways to prevent children
 from gaining access to electronic bulletin boards and discussion groups
 considered "inappropriate."

     Reuters says Netscape Communications "is likely to add some kind of
 parental filters into its Netscape Navigator" web browser software.  A
 Microsoft official told the wire service the effort is part of that
 company's commitment to make "family friendly" its forthcoming Microsoft
 Network online service.

     The third participant, Progressive Networks of Seattle, markets an
 audio-on-demand system for the Internet.  The new group is inviting other
 companies to join the effort.

                   -/- Microsoft Online Plans Probed -/-

     Word is the U.S. Justice Department's antitrust division continues
 to examine how an electronic network Microsoft Corp. plans to launch
 might affect the online industry.

     Washington Post reporter Elizabeth Corcoran writes this morning that
 CompuServe, America Online Inc. and Prodigy Services Co. all received
 requests from the Justice Department this week for information, with the
 responses due by today.

     She adds the Justice Department won't confirm the exact nature of
 its inquiry into Microsoft's electronic network. Spokeswoman Gina
 Talamona said, "We're looking at the possibility of anti-competitive
 practices in the computer software industry."

     Meanwhile, Kent Stuckey, general counsel for CompuServe, told the
 paper, "We have a lot of this information assembled. The request is
 actually a continuation of a dialogue that had been going on for some
 time. I expect we could respond pretty promptly."

     And Microsoft spokesman Greg Shaw said the company could not comment
 on whether an investigation was ongoing.

     Microsoft has said the new version of its operating system software,
 Windows 95, due in August, will include the software to reach its new
 electronic network, Microsoft Network. Competitors argue Microsoft's
 dominance of the market for operating system software gives it an unfair
 advantage in the new realm of online services.

     This is the Department of Justice's third investigation of Microsoft
 business practices. In April, it filed a suit against Microsoft's plans
 to acquire Intuit Inc., prompting Microsoft to drop the deal. Last year
 Microsoft agreed to change the way it licensed its DOS and Windows
 operating system software after a five-year government investigation.

                 -/- Microsoft Defends Online Plans -/-

     In response to news that the Justice Department is investigating
 its planned move into the online services field, Microsoft is defending
 The Microsoft Network, claiming that the venture is "entirely

     "We believe Microsoft's entry into online services will benefit PC
 users," says William H. Neukom, Microsoft's senior vice president for
 law & corporate affairs. "The online services business is an emerging,
 growing field. We are a new entrant to the field with a terrific new
 product that we believe customers will want. The result of our entry will
 be increased consumer choice and lower prices."

     Neukom adds, "We regret that some of our competitors, faced with new
 competition, have resorted to complaining to government regulators rather
 than competing vigorously in the marketplace. The nation's antitrust laws
 are an important part of our legal system but they exist to protect the
 competitive process, not particular competitors."

     According to the Redmond, Washington-based company, consumers
 running Windows 95 will have a broad range of online services from which
 to choose. A Microsoft statement notes, "All of the major online services
 are developing Windows 95-based client access software for their
 services. Windows 95 will also run the Windows 3.1- based client software
 that online services subscribers are currently using."

                -/- Justice Broadens Microsoft Probe -/-

     The U.S. Justice Department's probe into how Microsoft plans to
 market its new online service apparently also will look into whether
 the firm is unfairly limiting computer manufacturers' ability to sue it
 for patent-infringement claims.

     Writing in The Washington Post this morning, reporter Mike Mills
 quotes officials at Microsoft's Redmond, Washington, headquarters as
 saying the Justice Department has requested information about a provision
 in its licensing agreements with computer manufacturers that will include
 Windows 95 with their computers.

     "The provision requires the manufacturers to agree not to sue
 Microsoft for patent infringement claims involving Windows 95," Mills

     Microsoft Vice President William H. Neukom said the firm has been
 including the provision in some licensing agreements for previous
 versions of Windows since 1990.

     It is necessary, he said, "to create an environment for Windows 95
 users in which patent infringement litigation is minimized. Microsoft
 and the [manufacturers] that already have agreed to this provision
 believe it is in the best interest of consumers, because it lowers prices
 and allows everyone to focus on building better products without the
 distraction of costly and time-consuming patent-infringement litigation."

     Neukom said Microsoft often was dragged into disputes between other
 software makers and computer manufacturers solely because the Windows
 operating system was sold along with the computer involved in a
 patent-infringement lawsuit.

     But California attorney Gary Reback, who represents companies
 critical of Microsoft's business practices, told the Post computer
 makers think they have no option but to sign away their patent rights
 because most customers expect to have Windows on the computers they buy.

     "It's Windows or you don't have anything," Reback said. "That gives
 Microsoft overwhelming market power and negotiating leverage."

     And an unidentified industry executive told the paper most large
 PC makers have resisted Microsoft's attempts since 1990 to seek
 protection from patent suits and that now that Microsoft is coming out
 with a new operating system, "they have a chance to really shove this
 down the industry's throat."

     Says the Post, "Computer industry sources said a number of major
 computer manufacturers, including AT&T Corp., Compaq Computer Corp.,
 Dell Computer Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. also received requests
 for information about the licensing provision. Those companies and the
 Justice Department yesterday declined to comment."

     As reported earlier, the Windows 95 inquiry and its Microsoft Network
 feature is the Justice Department's third major look at the business
 practices of Microsoft, the world's largest personal computer software


                               JAGUAR SECTION

 VR Health Questions!  Team-17!
 CATnips!  Power Drive Rally!
 AEO Video!  And much more!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      Pinball Fantasies is out and the comments (other than my own!)
 have been very favorable so far.  If you like pinball at the arcades,
 you should really pick this game up and give it a try.  You'll be
 pleasantly surprised.  Check out last week's issue of STReport for a
 review of this fun game!

      I had a lot of comments regarding the "editorial" content of Don
 Thomas' latest CATnips article, but I felt that Don did a much better
 job of explaining his stance on personal versus Atari opinions voiced
 online.  Some would like us, or Don, to believe that he has no rights
 to a personal opinion - that any opinions presented online should, at
 the least, have an "I am an Atari employee" disclaimer attached to any
 message or article.  Are you people serious??  Read Don's latest
 article below and see for yourself.  By the way, I agree that it's
 possible for Don, and anyone for that matter, to wear more than one hat
 if he chooses to do so.

      Well, I'm going to cut this unusually short this week; I might
 just have some time to get in a few games of "Stones N' Bones" before
 calling it a night!

      Until next time...


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      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95           id/Atari Corp.
      JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95           Telegames
      J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99           Rebellion/Atari Corp.
      J9029  Doom                 $69.99           id/Atari Corp.
      J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9003  Club Drive           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9007  Checkered Flag       $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99           Atari Corp.
      J9042  Zool 2               $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9020  Bubsy                $49.99           Atari Corp
      J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99           Atari Corp.
             Cannon Fodder        $69.99           Virgin/C-West
             Syndicate            $69.99           Ocean
             Troy Aikman Ftball   $69.99           Williams
             Theme Park           $69.99           Ocean
             Sensible Soccer                       Telegames
             Double Dragon V      $59.99           Williams
      J9009E Hover Strike         $59.99           Atari Corp.
             Pinball Fantasies    $59.99           C-West

      Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

              Super Burnout         TBD               Atari
              Air Cars              TBD        MidNite Entertainment
              Fight For Life        TBD               Atari
              Flashback             TBD             U.S. Gold
              Power Drive Rally     TBD                TWI
              Rayman                TBD              UBI Soft
              Ultra Vortex          TBD               Atari
              White Men Can't Jump  TBD               Atari
              Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99             Atari

      Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

      J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $189.99        Atari Corp.
      J8001  Jaguar (no cart)    $159.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95
             CatBox              $69.95             ICD


 > Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher
 Air Cars                7/95  Racing/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Alien vs Predator       NOW   Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Alien vs Predator CD    2/96  Role Play/Adventure  TBD      Atari
 Arena Football          8/95  Sports               TBD      V Reel
 Assault                2Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Atari Kart              9/95  TBD                  TBD      Atari
 Att. of Mut. Penguins  10/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Baldies (CD)            8/95  Action/Simulation    TBD      Atari
 Batman Forever (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Battlemorph (CD)        8/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battlesphere            9/95  Space/Combat         TBD      4-Play
 Battle Wheels          2Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Black ICE/White Noise  12/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Blue Lightning (CD)     8/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Braindead 13 (CD)      10/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      ReadySoft
 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 11/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Cannon Fodder           NOW   Action/Adventure    $69.99    Virgin
 Chas Barkley Basketball 9/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Checkered Flag          NOW   Racing              $69.99    Atari
 Club Drive              NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Commando (CD)          11/95  Action (3D)          TBD      Atari
 Creature Shock (CD)     8/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi     TBD      Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           11/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Dante (CD)              6/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Deathwatch             12/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Defender 2000 (CD)     10/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Demolition Man (CD)     8/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                    NOW   Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V         NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams
 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story  NOW   Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon's Lair (CD)      8/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dragon's Lair 2 (CD)   10/95  Adventure            TBD      ReadySoft
 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dune Racer (CD)         1/96  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Fight For Life          7/95  Combat               TBD      Atari
 Flashback               7/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      US Gold
 Flip-Out                8/95  Puzzle               TBD      Atari
 Formula Racing (CD)    11/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Frank Thomas Baseball   4/96  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Highlander I (CD)       8/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Highlander II (CD)     10/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Highlander III (CD)    11/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Horrorscope            2Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike            NOW   Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Hover Strike CD         9/95  Action/Combat        TBD      Atari
 Hover Hunter            9/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      Atari
 Ironman/Exoman          4/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Iron Soldier            NOW   Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier II (CD)    1/96  Action/Strategy      TBD      Atari
 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja            NOW   Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Magic Carpet (CD)      12/95  Action/RPG           TBD      Atari
 Max Force               9/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Mind-ripper (CD)        2/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Mortal Kombat 3         4/96  Fighting             TBD      Atari
 Myst (CD)               8/95  Interactive Novel    TBD      Atari
 NBA Jam T.E.           12/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Pinball Fantasies       NOW   Arcade              $59.95    Comp. West
 Pitfall                 8/95  Arcade               TBD      Activision
 Power Drive Rally       7/95  Driving              TBD      TWI
 Primal Rage (CD)       11/95  Fighting             TBD      TWI
 Rage Rally             2Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                  7/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft
 Rise of the Robots (CD) 8/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      TWI
 Robinson's Requiem (CD) 8/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Ruiner Pinball          8/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Sensible Soccer         NOW   Sports                        Telegames
 Sky Hammer (CD)        10/95  Flying/Action        TBD      Atari
 Soccer Kid             2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Soul Star (CD)          9/95  Action/Sci-Fi        TBD      Atari
 Space Ace (CD)          8/95  Space/Combat         TBD      ReadySoft
 Space War               9/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Starlight BowlaRama CD 10/95  Simulation/Sports    TBD      Atari
 Star Raiders           2Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Super Burnout           6/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Supercross 3D           9/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Syndicate               NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Thea Relm Fighters (CD)10/95  Action/Fighting      TBD      Atari
 Theme Park              NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tiny Toon Adventures   2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball  NOW   Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   2Q/95  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortex            7/95  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games
 Val D'Isere Skiing...   NOW   Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Varuna's Forces (CD)   11/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 VidGrid (CD)            8/95  Puzzle/Music Video   TBD      Atari
 Wayne Gretzky NHL (CD) 11/95  Sports               TBD      TWI
 White Men Can't Jump    7/95  Sports               TBD      TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Zool2                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari - all subject to change]


 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

 Sb: #82406-#VR Games?
 Fm: Derek Steiger 73007,2223
 To: Don Thomas 75300,1267 (X)

 Say Don, i've been hearing rumours about VR having certain "side
 Things such as flashbacks, etc.  Have you heard anything about this, or
 has Atari looked into such things?

 Not to rain on anybody's parade.. after all, its just rumor, but we
 don't really know for sure if VR is as safe and fun as everybody is
 lead to believe.  Fun, perhaps, but safe?

 I wonder if it would be dangerous for a person who is being treated for
 depression or some such related disorder, to be totally immersed in an
 artificial environment thus using this as a drug to escape reality. :( 
 We could also see many socially disfunct[ional] people in the days to
 come when VR breaks through in popularity.

 Oh well, I'm opening up a whole new ball of wax here.... :)


 Sb: #82468-#VR Games?
 Fm: Don Thomas 75300,1267
 To: Derek Steiger 73007,2223


 >>Say Don, i've been hearing rumours about VR having certain "side
 >>effects".  Things such as flashbacks, etc.  Have you heard anything
 >>about this, or has Atari looked into such things?

 I don't know about flashbacks, but this is what I know....

 One of the reasons VR hasn't been put out there any faster than it has
 is due to health and safety issues... it's a key reason VR has not been
 any sooner on the Jaguar.

 Virtuality, the developing masterminds behind Jaguar VR, was chosen by
 Atari after they demonstrated that their VR technology was the most
 thoroughly health and safety tested product in the world. Virtuality are
 the same people who have developed the systems for the specialty arcades
 and they have conducted tests that involve hundreds of thousands of
 gamers using the same technology they are integrating into the Jaguar.

 In addition, Virtuality offers the most advanced motion tracking system
 so that the virtual world moves as the player does in real time. One of
 the sources of problems after gamers played on other systems was
 attributed to the fact that the system sluggishly tracked the gamer's
 movements... creating a seasick type effect.

 ALSO, the Jaguar system will have added built-in shut-off safety features
 to prohibit use of the product if the player decides to move outside of
 the immediate tracking zone.

 For what it's worth, I played the VR at E3 for quite a while. I sort of
 expected to have to "reconfigure" myself when I took it off, but there
 was no difference than if I had played any other video game for that
 length of time.

 >>Not to rain on anybody's parade.. after all, its just rumor, but we
 >>don't really know for sure if VR is as safe and fun as everybody is
 >>lead to believe.  Fun, perhaps, but safe?

 Got you covered.

 >>I wonder if it would be dangerous for a person who is being treated
 >>for depression...

 Playing standard video games can affect a small number of people in the
 population as noted as a precaution in your instruction manual. Heck,
 driving a car can affect some people.

 >>Oh well, I'm opening up a whole new ball of wax here.... :)

 Nope. You really aren't. That issue is very important to Atari and has
 been addressed early on.

  -- Don Thomas
     Atari Corporation

 Sb: Possible New Games??
 Fm: Cody  Maloney 75204,3532
 To: All

 <<Subject: Team 17 working on Jag-Games!
 From: (Martin Lethaus)
 Date: Thu, 08 Jun 95 23:48:00 +0200
 Message-ID: <>

 --- schnipp ---


 Yes, Team17 are developing Jaguar games which are scheduled for release
 at the very end of this year or more than likely first quarter 1996.

 These include Rollcage (a 3D off-road racing game), Allegiance (an
 arcade strategy first-person perspective title) and Witchwood (arcade
 adventure in Zelda's clothing ;-) ).

 Oh yeah, the one that will definitely appear this year (October) is the
 already legendary Worms. Regarded by most as more entertaining than sex,
 Worms will set your Jag alight with its humour, multi-player facilities
 (16 players in total) and strong, underlying elements of engrossing
 strategy - that's the PR sales pitch out of the way!

 If you want any more info, you know where to find me!

 --- schnipp ---

 Martin Lethaus (JAGUAR MAG GERMANY)>>

 Can anyone verify this information??  Is it true??


 Team 17 working on Jag-Games!

 --- schnipp ---

 Yes, Team17 are developing Jaguar games which are scheduled for release
 at the very end of this year or more than likely first quarter 1996.
 These include Rollcage (a 3D off-road racing game), Allegiance (an
 arcade strategy first-person perspective title) and Witchwood (arcade
 adventure in Zelda's clothing ;-) ).
 Oh yeah, the one that will definitely appear this year (October) is the
 already legendary Worms. Regarded by most as more entertaining than sex,
 Worms will set your Jag alight with its humour, multi-player facilities
 (16 players in total) and strong, underlying elements of engrossing
 strategy - that's the PR sales pitch out of the way!
 If you want any more info, you know where to find me!
 --- schnipp ---
 Martin Lethaus (JAGUAR MAG GERMANY)


 > From Don's DeskTop STR FOCUS!   "Personal Opinion Edition"


                               Jaguar tidbits
                                 Don Thomas

      I'm going to celebrate this edition of CATnips by giving it a
 I'm calling it my "Personal Opinion Edition!" <g> Last week I was
 forwarded an Internet message from someone feeling I was not entitled to a
 personal opinion or, at least, a right to express it within my CATnips
 format. So to that... I say "Bullpunky!" <g>
      For the record, CATnips is NOT a formal statement of Atari
 Corporation and my personal opinions expressed herein are no one else's
 but my own.  I think everyone on my private distributionchannel (KJAG or
 WJAG for our friends East of the Mississippi <g>) knows that CATnips is my
 own personal means to fill the gap between what is newsy in the Jaguar 
 spotlight, but may not be covered by press releases or formal statements.
 Subjects I have covered have been personal perspectives of E3, my
 adventures with CATscan (209/239-1552 == 14.4 == 24 hours), my impressions
 on games or simply where to find them, previews of neat stuff I've snagged
 for onliners at great prices (T-Shirts, posters, CD Soundtracks, videos,
 etc.), great online comments and more... lots more.  I've even attached
 Press Releases from time to time. You can tell which ones they are because
 of the two secret words at the top of them... (PRESS RELEASE).
      Also, for the record, I do work at Atari Corporation and my opinions
 are 100%+ biased in favor of Atari product. I'm sorry to shock some of
 you, but looking for ways to sell the SNES doesn't really pay my mortgage
 well. For what it's worth, working at Atari is a thrill for me because I
 get to swim in my favorite pool of entertainment products.  Long before I
 knew Atari would scrape grease from my elbows, I was collecting 2600 game
 cartridges, devoted to my 400 and 800 computers (no, those are not
 quantities) and attending Atari users' group meetings in Ft. Worth, Texas.
      Although only one person I know of ever suggested I not voice
 opinions, I felt compelled to be PC (no pun intended) about it and 'fess
 up that I am biased. In the interest of fairness, I encourage anyone that 
 chooses to republish copies of CATnips to point out that my expressed
 opinions are based on those things I think will help promote the Atari
 Jaguar (and Lynx). Those who know me realize I will never falsify
 anything, but I won't go out of my way to point out the occasional "not so
 good" stuff... Kind of like when I proudly show pictures of my son, I
 don't go out of my way to point out that his team lost their baseball
 season this year. Heck, if I'm going to paint, why not use colors I like!
      I suppose I should feel obligated to point out that the preceding was
 a biased editorial based on personal opinion.  Okay, let's move on <g>...
      Some of you may recall that I was entertaining the idea of assembling
 a timeline of Atari's history. Although things like Christmas and E3 have
 shifted its position on my priority list, I'm still collecting goodies as
 sources for information. So far I have over 130 pages packed with material
 and I still have volumes of books and magazines to review.
      I'd like to point out an excellent book I came across. It was
 recommended to me by John Hardie, a Jaguar devotee and CATscan member from
 New York who expressed his PERSONAL OPINION and... oh, anyway, the book is
 called: "PHOENIX: The Fall & Rise of Home Videogames". It was written by
 Leonard Herman who is a freelance writer, award winning lyricist, Atari
 game collector and computer programmer residing in New Jersey. The book is
 published by Rolenta Press with a copyright of 1994. Now the following
 review of this book is my PERSONAL opinion...
      "PHOENIX: The Fall & Rise of Home Video Games" seems to me to be the
 most thorough history of the video game evolution I have seen. Unlike
 "Game Over" by David Sheff which takes an angle from primarily Nintendo's
 perspective, Herman's accounts appear to me (my opinion) to be evenly
 devoted to all the systems that contributed to the phenomenon of
 videogaming. It would have been nice if there were photos or illustrations
 because part of the charm to reminisce is to visualize how some of those
 old blocky games looked. I do not know the accuracy of all the data in the
 book, but the book is extremely well indexed (another opinion) and offers
 a three page bibliography in teeny tiny print.
 The book is 298 pages and perfect bound by a generic looking cover. It is
 available direct from the publisher for $22.49 which includes shipping
 costs. New Jersey residents need to add $1.20 for the sales tax. In MY
 OPINION, it adds something to the book to have the author sign it. You may
 want to make that request when ordering.
      By the way, I am personally looking for a book titled: "ZAP" written
 by Scott Cohen and published by McGraw Hill in 1984. I found a copy in
 the library at Sacramento State University, but I would like to add a
 clean copy to my private library. The book is out of print and no longer 
 available through McGraw Hill. (A FACT verified through the publisher...
 not an opinion.) Please EMail me at or if you have help for me on this. I am also interested
 in dusty, but good condition Atari 2600 game cartridges. Of course, the 
 unusual ones would be most appealing. One such cart that comes to mind
 was part of a Puppy Chow promotion. Before you you offer them away to
 me or anyone else, take a good look at them again. Some of those games
 were a lot of fun and you might see new versions of some of them playing
 on a Jaguar near you! <wink>
      Those looking for great Jaguar press, check out the July issue of
 POPULAR SCIENCE on page 41. (Note, it is my opinion that the coverage was
 "great", but it is NOT my opinion that it is found on page 41.) The system
 is pictured and a couple screen shots of Kasumi Ninja are featured to show
 the version with and without the parental code activated.
      Just as a premature footnote, I have received several comments back
 in agreement with my PERSONAL OPINIONS of "Pinball Fantasies". Look for
 reviews coming up in the upcoming issues of STReport and Atari Explorer
 Online. BTW, "Pinball Fantasies" is available NOW!

 [Editor's note: The review of Pinball Fantasies was in last week's
 issue (issue #11.23)]

      The new July issue of VIDEOGAMES reached me today. In MY OPINION, our
 buddy Chris Gore is at it again. Although our recent lunch meeting with
 Gore was after this issue went to press, there are a few "technical
 errors" which will appear to be new because the magazine is just coming
 out. One of them happens to be the FACT (not opinion) that the CD-ROM is
 still scheduled for release in August... not "by Christmas" as quoted in
 the magazine. Please help notify gamers in advance of this.
      Your favorite press celebrities have been invited to a very special
 FUN 'N' GAMES event at Atari headquarters. Look for early feedback from
 them within a couple weeks. The event will open opportunities for sneak
 previews, exclusive interviews (and the separation of opinion and fact).
      I still get a lot of EMail asking if we still have AvP or IS posters,
 Tempest Soundtrack CDs and videos. Yes, we have all of them for
 collectors and enthusiasts. Whenever I get a chance, I snag some for
 the onliners in case they want to get one. Just follow the instructions
 in the ad to place your order. Please keep in mind that the Tempest
 Soundtrack CD is now scheduled for release as a pack-in with the CD-ROM
 so don't order one if you can wait until then. Also, the best recent
 video (IMO) is actually from Atari Explorer Online. Here's what the
 onliners are saying about the AEO/E3 video...
    Service: GEnie

    Author: C.SMITH89[CLINT/A.P.E.]
    Posted: 06/09/95, 08:29PM
    Message #: 148
    Category: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
    Topic: ATARI@E3
    "...Terrific quality work... Rayman looks killer... 
    Hopefully the rest of SoulStar will be as good as it's 
    FMV intro. Whoa! Missile Command 2000 is looking very 
    nice indeed. White Men Can't Jump looks and sounds very 
    cool. Nice effects. Shut Up and Jam's setup screens look 
    nice. Nice to see that it's being handled by Ringler(they 
    did Lynx Hockey, Mario Lemieux for Sega, and some 
    computer sports games for Mindscape years ago). Fight For 
    Life looks GREAT. Much better looking than Virtua 
    Fighters on Saturn. The best move shown on the video is 
    when a character gets finished off with a vicious looking 
    bearhug. Nice FMV for that NERF ad. Defender 2000 plus 
    looks excellent. Love the aurora and the various sounds 
    (especially the sizzle of the lightning lazer). It should 
    kick with the right music. More great looking FMV for 
    Varuna's Forces. Pinball Fantasies looks pretty good and 
    the music is quite nice. Flip Out...boy what an odd 
    looking(but neat) game. Ultra Vortex is looking 
    great(especially since the background smooth scrolls ... 
    no more jumpiness). Lucius has some great looking 
    attacks. SkyHammer looks promising. Power Drive Rally 
    looks and sounds excellent. Love the reflection of the 
    sky in the water. Ruiner looks interesting. The war motif 
    appeals to me more. Some cool sound. Battlesphere ... WOW 
    ... Battlesphere. Oh my god, it's full of stars! Somebody 
    clone the 4Play gang. I especially love the music. It 
    sounds EXCELLENT.  Also, I don't care who you have to 
    bribe ... keep the Star Raiders shot sound. Who'd think 
    that an 8-bit game's sound effect would seem so right in 
    a 64-bit game? Thea Relm Fighters looks to have promise. 
    Really nice backgrounds.  The FMV on Blue Lightning is 
    incredible. I'd really like to see something of a level 
    where you're flying over ground though before I condemn 
    it (plus, it's probably still being worked on). Primal
    Rage is looking VERY close to the arcade game. Hyper 
    Force strikes me along the same lines as Switchblade 2 on 
    the Lynx. I hope the game is still being worked on (your 
    character looks super stiff). Creature Shock has to have 
    the BEST FMV on the Jag CD. It looks unbelievable.  Even 
    if there isn't much gameplay, it still may be worth 
    picking up just to blow your friend's minds. Brett Hull 
    Hockey (also from Ringler) is also looking VERY promising. 
    Could be a good one. Vid Grid looks pretty good. People's 
    thoughts that it might be very easy to piece together a 
    music video in motion need to take a look (ouch, tough).
    Battlemorph. YES. Great FMV. Visually it's a step beyond 
    the original and the underwater stuff looks great. 
    Deathmatch gives me almost an EarthWorm Jim feel. Very 
    pretty. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it.
    Finally, Hover Hunter looks very neat.
    Terrific job, AEO gang.
    (Oh, when I said the Jag logo looked neat, I meant this 
    cool FMV logo sequence. It's looks great).
    Service: GEnie
    Author: C.BENAVIDES[CB Sez]
    Posted: 06/10/95, 12:10AM
    Message #: 151
    Category: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
    Topic: ATARI@E3
    I just finished watching both AEO tapes (which I received today!).
    They are great. I personally can't wait to get BattleMorph and
    Battlesphere. My 11 year old son wants Vid Grid. Great job by the
    AEO guys.
    -CB Sez
    Service: GEnie
    Author: C.WELLS10[Ginsu]
    Posted: 06/10/95, 02:57AM
    Message #: 152
    Category: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
    Topic: ATARI@E3
    Got both tapes in this afternoon; had to skim through the 
    Atari one real quick before work, getting ready to sit 
    down and watch now.  What brief bit I saw earlier looked 
    excellent!  Rayman, Ultra Vortex, Defender 2000, White 
    Men Can't Jump, Battlemorph, Battlesphere (AWESOME!) and 
    Hover Hunters looked like the best of the bunch, with many 
    others looking really great (or promising on the early 
    ones).  The intros on the CD games were all spectacular!  
    Gotta go watch, more comments to follow!

    Service: CompuServe
    Author: Daniel Skelton  73742,464
    Posted: 0/126/95, 10:51PM
    Message #: 82913
    Category: Jaguar General
    Topic: AEO tapes arrive
    Got mine today, and spent most of the evening watching 
    it. Great stuff again, and thanks!
    Dan Skelton
    Antique Videogame Aficionado and Proud Jaguar Owner
 I am getting a lot of EMail on the E3 Video. Please!... the video is
 available exclusively through Atari Explorer Online. Contact them
 through the Internet for ordering info:
 A lot of people have asked about the software schedule. As many of you
 have heard, there are enough software projects in the works for the
 Jaguar to have a library potential of 75 - 100 titles to have been
 released by the Holidays. Many of them have already been announced.
 Here is the schedule from E3: (although NOT based on opinion, the FACTS
 are subject to change <g>)
    JUNE:       Pinball Fantasies        Super Burnout
    JULY:       Air Cars                 Fight For Life
                Flashback                Power Drive Rally
                Rayman                   Ultra Vortex
                White Men Can't Jump
    AUGUST:     Arena Football           Baldies (CD)
                Battlemorph (CD)         Blue Lightning (CD)
                Creature Shock (CD)      Demolition Man (CD)
                Dragon's Lair (CD)       Flip-Out
                Highlander I (CD)        Myst (CD)
                Pitfall                  Rise of the Robots (CD)
                Robinson's Requiem (CD)  Ruiner Pinball
                Space Ace (CD)           Vid Grid (CD)
    SEPTEMBER:  Atari Kart               Battlesphere
                Charles Barkley B'Ball   Hover Hunter
                Hover Strike (CD)        Max Force
                Soul Star (CD)           Space War
                Super Cross (3D)

    OCTOBER:    Attack of the Mutant Penguins (CD/Cart)
                Braindead 13
                Defender 2000 
                Dragons Lair 2: Time Warp (CD)
                Highlander II (CD)
                Starlight Bowl-a-Rama (CD)
                Sky Hammer (CD)
                Thea Relm Fighters (CD)
    NOVEMBER:   Brett Hull Hockey (CD/Cart)
                Commando (CD)
                Dactyl Joust
                Formula Racing (CD)
                Highlander III (CD)
                Primal Rage (CD)
                Varuna's Forces (CD)
                Wayne Gretzky NHL Hockey (CD)
    DECEMBER:   Black Ice\White Noise (CD)
                Magic Carpet (CD)
                NBA Jam TE (TBD)
    JANUARY 96: Dune Racer (CD)
                Iron Soldier II (CD)
    FEBRUARY:   Alien Vs Predator (CD)
                Mind-ripper (CD)
    APRIL:      Batman Forever (CD)
                Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (TBD)
                Ironman/Exoman (TBD)
                Mortal Kombat 3 (TBD)
    JUNE:       Dante (CD)
 Wow, that's a long list! (Well, that's MY OPINION anyway!)
 ### END OF FILE ###

 Sb: Hyper Force Video Clip
 Fm: Peter Curry 75373,2203
 To: All

 I have placed a video clip in the Video Games library of our next game,
 Hyper Force,   This is work in progress.  Clip includes video and
 sound.  Run time around 45 seconds.  File size just over 2M Zipped.
 File can be viewed in Windows using the Windows Media Player.

 Peter Curry
 CWest (Computer West)

 Sb: Power Drive Rally
 Fm: Laury Scott [ATARI] 75300,2631
 To: All

 Just thought I would let you know that I spent 3 hours last nite playing
 a beta version of this game.  I really liked it!  The cars handle like
 cars.  I had to re-play a couple of the levels over again just for the
 fun of powering my mini through snow filled corners.

 I am on level 13 at the moment (I don't know how many levels there
  actually are).  So far I have been throughqualifying, some
 head-to-head races (in one of them the other car bumped me off the
 track into a snow bank - and it wasn't easy getting out), some rally
 cross and a couple of skill test levels.  FYI, I have found these the

 I'll send you a further update once I get off this current level.

 (It's a tough job but someone has to do it!)

 Sb: #82998-#Power Drive Rally
 Fm: Laury Scott [ATARI] 75300,2631
 To: Marty Mankins 75300,1770

 I am now up to level 16 and it is getting TOUGHER.

 One interesting feature of the game is that once you have won enough
 money you can buy a new (more powerful car).  I started in the Mini and
 have now moved up to a special Vauxhall.

 I was playing last nite and my daughter came into the room and asked
 what kind of "stupid" game this was (as you can see she is not into
 'good' games).  I put it into the practice mode, put her into the snow
 and ice practice area and within a minute or two she was having a ball
 sliding all over the place.  To make a long story short I didn't get to
 play anymore and she completed courses 1 and 2.



 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando

 Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  With all of the new options available on
 the Internet and the current nail-biting over how to make it "safer",
 it's nice to know that you can always come to CompuServe and not have to
 worry about whether the file that you could find last week will still be
 available this week or whether the powers that be have decided that what
 was "p.c." last week just isn't acceptable anymore.

 It's not because CompuServe is any better than any other service or
 network (although I think it is), it's because CompuServe has been doing
 what it does longer than anyone else.  They've already had to handle most
 of the issues that could come up.  And I've got the feeling that they'll
 continue to lead the way.

 Let's take a look at some of the stuff from CompuServe this week.

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Jean-Philippe Tramo tells us:

   "I am a newcomer to CompuServe. I will be happy to share this
   experience with my best friend. He owns an Atari ST 1040. Is it
   possible for him to join CompuServe ? Does he need a special hardware
   or software ? Where is it possible to get these products ?"

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Jean-Philippe:

   "Yes, your friend can join CompuServe.  All he needs is a terminal
   program, such as one of the terminals in our library 2 here.
   Also, of course, a modem and cable."

 The Big Kahuna himself, Chief Sysop Ron Luks, adds:

   "Your friend can join CompuServe with his Atari ST with no problems.
   There's no graphical interface provided for the Atari, but most
   commercial, ASCII-based telecomm programs can access the service.
   There's no special hardware needed except for the obvious items like a

 Jerry Carter posts:

   "I have a friend who is a musician and has an Atari ST.  I would like
   to download some files from Compuserve for him but I don't know what
   special things I would need to do to make the files usable on his Atari
   ST.  Would I need to download the files and then copy the files to a
   single sided diskette that was formatted on the Atari or can I use a
   single sided diskette that was formatted on an IBM compatitble PC?  Are
   there any special utility programs that I should use either on the PC
   or Atari so that he could use the files?  He and I would really
   appreciate any help."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Jerry:

   "It's certainly possible, and even easy, to do what you want to do...
   The Atari ST shares almost exactly the same floppy disk format that
   the IBM PC systems use, so you can download programs and files to your
   PC, copy them onto diskettes and give them to your friend.
   The "trick" to making this work is to format the floppy disk *ON THE
   Then just copy the files to the disk and your friend will be able to
   load them on his Atari ST.
   You mentioned "single sided"... do you know for certain that your
   friend's ST has a single sided floppy drive..?  Only the most early
   models of the ST were equipped with single sided drives.
   If the floppy drives are *external*, and are marked  SF354  then they
   are indeed single sided.
   If the model number on the drives is  SF314  then they are double
   sided 720K drives.
   In either case, you'll obviously have to format the floppies on the PC
   to match."

 Lyle Raymond asks:

   "Would any of you agree that one of the most important reasons Atari
   hasn't done well in the computer market is that Atari users have been
   forced to choose between low/medium and high resolution?  I know that I
   myself have been increasingly frustrated every time I see cool software
   that doesn't work in mono.  I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong)
   that the main thing that has kept Atari users in the stone age (besides
   a lack of RAM, processing speed, and vendor support) is the limitations
   on our buying power due to our individual machine's screen resolution.
   The way I see it, it literally splits the market in half!  Plus,
   there's no strong brotherly "bond" between users of different screen
   resolutions, since, for the most part, we are running entirely
   different sets of applications."

 Mike Mortilla tells Lyle:

   "Actually, it splits the market in thirds! <g>
   I don't have any med or low rez progs, so my take on the situation is
   a little different... I think the corp is more likely a play thing for
   the owners."

 Barry Reeves posts:

   "Thanks to the this thread I was able to get NOS up and running on my
   Mega STe.  However, after playing with it a bit I do have some
   questions on it. The included documentation seems somewhat lacking.
   With some experimentation I have determined that this program seems to
   emulate a VT52 terminal. Is there any way to get it to emulate a VT100?
   Also, although the program appears to support mail (smtp), I can't seem
   to get it to send any email. How would one do this? Also is there some
   way to get this program to work with usenet or is there a Usenet News
   reader that will work with this program?
   Does the newer version of KA9Q-NOS offer any increased functionality,
   or are there just bug fixes? In either case perhaps you should go
   ahead and upload it."

 Michel Vanhamme tells Barry:

   "My guess is VT52 too. I don't know any way to get it to emulate VT100,
   unfortunately. This caused me some problems too when I tried using a
   Gopher under VT100. Eventually I used CIS's Telnet service for the
   SMTP :  a) I am currently reading a series of articles in a French
   magazine on how to use NOS, but they didn't find out how to use SMPT
   neither, but...  ... b) even if we knew how to make it work, odds are
   we would not be able to use it through CIS, because I've seen messages
   from PC and Macintosh users in other forums telling it didn't work with
   their progs. I guess CIS didn't provide for it since we can use CIS
   Mail for emailing to the Internet.
   Usenet:  Yes, you can work with Usenet. However, I only know how to
   receive articles, not how to send them (yet, I hope).
   a) See if your STARTUP.NOS file contains something like those lines,
   else copy them to it (# comments not mandatory, of course):
   # Configuration Net News Transfer Protocol (NNTP):  #
   ------------------------------------------------ # -Trace: 0-4. With 1,
   only major errors are displayed.  nntp trace 1 # -verbose: 'on' will
   not allow you to work because il will display every # received article.
   nntp verbose off # batch: don't know what it does nntp batch off #
   -directory where your news will be saved (change this according to your
   # config):  nntp dir d:\nos\spool\news # -Address of the news server
   with refresh rate in seconds nntp addserver 600
   b) There should be a NNTP.DAT file in your \SPOOL\NEWS\ directory. If
   not, you can easily create one.  - The first line should be: XXXXXX YYYYYY
   where the X's represent the date (format : Year-Month-Day, f.i. today
   is 950612) and the Y's the time (Hour-Min-Sec) of your last news
   session.  Depending on the number of newsgroups you intend to read, it
   is recommended that you put a not too ancient date in there, or you'll
   drown in the articles!  - Subsequent lines are the names of the
   newsgroups you want to read, one per line, *beginning with a space*,
    comp.sys.atari.announce comp.sys.atari.programmer
   etc... ;-)
   c) Once you have NOS running, type 'nntp kick' at the 'NET>' prompt.
   NOS will begin retrieving the articles. If you want to see how the
   process is going, type 'nntp status'.
   d) When you exit NOS, you will find the file BATCH.TXT in your
   \SPOOL\NEWS\ directory, which will contain the Usenet news.
   It is an ASCII file, so you can read it as it is. But there are two
   Usenet news readers that work with NOS: SNEWS (a .TTP) and Oasis (a GEM
   think. If he reads this thread, maybe he'll jump in and tell us about
   it (Hi, Chris!).
   On the newer version:  I don't know... I'll upload it anyway, with the
   STARTUP.NOS and DIALER.PP0 I and (mainly) Chris have put together, and
   a README which compiles most of what has been said here on the subject,
   plus some things I've read about it. I hope it will be more or less
   "ready to use" for CIS members...
   Credits dept.: Most of what I know comes from Chris, so he's to be
   thanked too.
   Phew, that was a long one again, wasn't it?"

 Barry tells Michel:

   "Wow! Thanks, for all the info. :).  I did some experimentation with
   nntp after I posted my first message. I did get it to download some
   news, but I almost immediatly want it to stop. I had only set one news
   group but it when it started reading it wanted to download some 800+
   messages! To make it worse I had it in verbose mode so I couldn't stop
   it, since it kept scrolling my prompt away. :(.  I finally had to get
   it to just abort the program.  With the information that you have given
   me, now I think I know why that was happening.  I'll try it again and
   see what happens.
   I've been reading up on the MS/PC-DOS version of NOS and from _that_
   documention it looks like you could send mail from NOS but you would
   have to compose it with an external program (such as a text editor)
   save it in the correct format, then configure NOS so it knows where to
   look for it. Now exactly _how_ you would configure NOS to find and send
   your mail, I don't know...  One thing that I did note however, A
   reference to a PC mail program call BM was made perhaps if we could
   find this program, its documentation would give us the clues we need to
   decipher this problem."

 Gary Phillips posts:

   "I am new to Compuserve and am having a bit of trouble downloading. I
   enter a file name for my computer as prompted and then nothing else
   appears to happen.  I am using Flash 1.6 on a 2.5 meg (520ST) and a
   14.4 modem.  I can down load stuff like weather maps and such but
   nothing from the libraries. Any one have an idea?  I download from
   other boards regularly with no problem."

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Gary:

   "You did not say what protocol (download method) you tried using to
   download files.  Some require you to kick-start Flash after CIS is
   ready.  Others are automatic - but only if you've set Flash up properly
   to begin automatically.
   Could you tell us which protocol you're using?"
 Gary tells Jim:

   "The problem seems to me that I am not allowed to set up the protocol
   that I want to use.  If I tell my system to use Xmodem then it is ready
   to recieve and will not let me tell CIS to send.  If I type in a file
   name for my computer as promted by CIS, it begins to send instantly
   without me ever telling my system to recieve or which protocol to use.
   I have tried timing tight and loose.  CHK and CRC, 128k block and 1K
   block size. I know this must be some simple thing that I am overlooking
   but it is drivin me nuts."

 Jim tells Gary:

   "In your default settings (GO DEFAULT) you must have set up a default
   protocol.  Therefore, CIS does not ask you which one you want to use.
   To get around this, you can tell CIS which protocol you want to use as
   you tell CIS you wish to download a file.  For instance, instead of
   choosing a menu item marked "Download", you can type DOWN PRO:XMO to
   initiate an xmodem download.  However, xmodem is pretty slow, so you
   may wish to use ymodem, or CIS B.  In that case, type DOWN PRO:YMO or
   To use CIS B with Flash, you need to have Flash in Vidtex Terminal

 Leslie Katz posts:

   "I examined the ultimate converter program on the weekend. It claims
   to convert from 1st Word to RTF, but not back again, nor does it claim
   to do anything in either direction re 1st Word Plus. I can see that it
   might be turned into a "1st Word Plus to RTF and back again" converter,
   but, unfortunately, I don't have the necessary skills to do it. I have
   now found what I hope is a source for the Marcel word processing
   program I mentioned in my first message. That program does claim to
   import both 1st Word Plus and RTF files and to export in RTF, which
   would be just what I need. I have my fingers crossed that, first, I'll
   actually get a copy of the program and, secondly, that it'll work as

 Chas Cartwright tells Leslie:

   "My own brief experiments with TUC indicate that it could be cabable
   of quite a lot but not without rather more effort than I am prepaired
   to invest."

 Paul Peeraerts tells Leslie:

   "I'm planning to make a TUC converter from RTF to 1st Word, and maybe
   also a convertor from WordPerfect to 1st Word. If this is what you
   need, drop me a line in a few weeks or so.
   By the way, if someone is doing, or has done, the same job, please let
   us know!"

 Well folks, that's it for this week.  Tune in again next time... same
 time, same station, and be ready to listen to what they are saying

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


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