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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      On another platform quite some time ago, where I enjoyed my humble
 beginnings in learning my way around computers, there was a large number
 of issues, editorials and essays that were critical of the company that
 made the computers I learned on and was so fond and proud of.  Oh, it was
 all very much deserved.. of this there can be no doubt.

      Atari was buffeted repeatedly for what seemed like forever in
 breaking their promises of delivery of its ill-fated "Falcon" 68030
 computer.  Why do I mention this?  Easy!  This past week, one of the
 "still going".. Atari enthusiasts came forward with this argument.  "Why
 don't you harangue Microsoft about their continued non-delivery of
 Windows'95 the way you did Atari over the Falcon?"  

      I felt it was a good question that at least was deserving of a civil,
 honest to goodness, answer.  So here goes.  One major focal point is that
 for Atari, the Falcon was the "do or die" breakpoint in the computer
 business.  If they blew it for the Falcon, they will have blown it period. 
 And blow it they did.  Big Time!  Now they are into "game machines" once
 again.  It appears they are giving the Jaguar the same "treatment" they
 are so famous for.  But that's another story for another time.  As for
 Microsoft and Windows'95, this is a entirely different situation.  The
 following factors must each be taken into consideration;

           A - Microsoft does not have one foot on a banana peel and the
 other in the corporate grave much as Atari did during the heydays of the
 incessant Falcon delays.  Microsoft will be around for many decades to
 come regardless of the success or failure of any particular product they

           B - Windows95 is a far cry from a new computer being put in an
 old computer's case and hawked as something rather new , distinct and
 wonderful.  On the other hand, Windows'95, even in its current beta
 incarnation, is already more widely distributed.  In fact, there are more
 copies of Win'95 out there in the hands of Microsoft's various levels of
 beta teams than was ever dreamt of Falcons being sold.
           C - By the end of 1996, Microsoft's Windows95 will have earned
 itself the distinct reputation of being the most widely acclaimed and
 widespread in use operating system thus far in annals of the computing
 world.  Some say it will surpass NT by an easy country mile and could when
 fully released possibly remove the need for NT altogether.
           D - Last and most importantly, one must really consider the
 "green with envy reactions" of many over the millions of dollars Windows
 itself earned for Microsoft and W. Gates.  Can you possibly imagine the
 fits of apoplexy and outright throes of chartreuse envy some will have
 over the billions of dollars that Windows'95 will earn Microsoft and Mr.
      In closing, there can be no comparison between a failing computer
 company attempting to offer its last ditch hope (the Falcon) for survival
 while suffering from repeated crippling, debilitating delays and a fully
 fledged, highly successful computer software giant such as Microsoft.  To
 engage in such folly is just that.

      One can simply not offer enough praise for the new Novell
 PerfectOffice package.  Its "simply wonderful".  If ever a combined
 package deserved praise this is it.  Like the Popiel commercials say; "it
 does it all and does it better than any others".  Take a moment or two out
 of your busy schedules and take a good look at PerfectOffice.  It really
 is perfect.  Perfect not only for a few.. but for everyone.  Especially
 the SOHO business person.  From letter writing, document processing and
 glittering graphics to easy desktop publishing, this package is hard to
 beat.  It really is tops in both performance and value.


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                                              The Staff & Editors



                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #07
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                  >> NEC Develops 1 Gigabit DRAM Chip <<
    DRAM chips with a capacity of one gigabit, or a billion bits of 
 information -- bigger than any now on the market -- have been developed 
 by Japan's NEC Corp.
    In Tokyo this week, NEC Vice President Hajime Sasaki told a news con-
 ference his employer will start sample shipments in 1998 and to start 
 mass production as early as 1999. He estimates capital investment of 
 about 150 billion yen is needed to start mass production.
    Said Sasaki, "The DRAMs will be suitable for use in future multimedia 
 terminals such as video-on-demand terminals and next-generation mobile 
 notebook computers."
    It's noted that a one-gigabit DRAM chip has enough capacity to hold 
 the information contained in about 4,000 newspapers, four hours of 
 compact disk quality sound or 15 minutes of video images.
                  >> Bidding for Commodore Nears End <<
    Two new bidders have entered the contest for the remaining liquidated 
 assets of Commodore International Ltd.
    Reports say that one is German PC maker/distributor Escom AG, and the 
 other is "a major American technology company" represented by Louis 
 Ulysses of Seattle, who declined to reveal its name.
    Reports quotes Escom's attorney as saying the German company had been 
 willing in September to pay $12 million for the remains of Commodore, 
 and is still interested, but probably will no longer be willing to pay 
 that amount, because the sale has been delayed so long.
                    >> Sony, Oracle to Collaborate <<
    Sony Corp. and Oracle Corp. say they have signed a letter of intent 
 to work together to develop video, audio and text news database 
    The companies initially plan to combine Oracle's expertise in multi-
 media database management with Sony's strength in television broadcast 
 and production to create a new digital electronic newsgathering (ENG) 
 video system.
    The companies' first goal is to increase broadcast newsroom produc-
 tivity by combining video and audio clips with wire service text on a 
 single edit workstation.
                      >> IBM Cuts ThinkPad Prices <<
 Prices have been cut 6% to 11% on six models of IBM's ThinkPad notebook 
 computer line.
                    >> Pioneer to Build Mac Clones <<
    Pioneer Electronics Corp. says it has reached an agreement with Apple 
 Computer, Inc. to license the Macintosh operating system for use in a 
 new line of audio/video (A/V) personal computers.
    The deal's terms weren't disclosed.
    Pioneer says it plans to create a new market with a computer that 
 will integrate A/V peripherals and desktop computers. It notes that the 
 integration will take advantage of the company's experience in the A/V 
 and optical disc fields.
    Pioneer intends to sell the systems under its own brand name. The 
 company plans to release products this summer. Pricing and availability 
 details will be announced later by Pioneer.
                    >> USRobotics Buys New Facility <<
    Modem maker USRobotics, Inc. says it has entered into an agreement to 
 purchase a 302,000 square foot facility on a 23 acre parcel in Morton 
 Grove, Illinois, from Northern Telecom.
    USRobotics expects the new facility to create more than 500 new jobs 
 during the next three years. The firm expects to invest more than $15 
 million in the facility.
                 >> Virus Closes Australian Tax Office <<

    The Australian Taxation Office was struck this week by a virus named 
 "no frills" that brought 15,000 personal computers across the country to 
 a complete halt.
    Reports say that the virus, which may have caused some data loss, was 
 discovered in the Box Hill ATO office in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.
    The virus not only rendered the PCs in that office useless, but it 
 also led to a total shut-down of the Australian Taxation Office's 
 national PC network until the virus could be eliminated.
                  >> Motorola Offers New PowerPC Chip <<

    A new version of the PowerPC microprocessor aimed at makers of 
 consumer-electronics gear has been unveiled by chipmaker Motorola Inc.
    Called the PowerPC 602, the chip is the latest in a family of micro-
 processors jointly created by Motorola, IBM and Apple Computer Inc. 
    Motorola officials said that 3DO Co., a designer of video-game 
 machines, will be using the 602 chip, and that Japan's Matsushita 
 Electric Industrial Co. will use the 602 in its next generation of 3DO 
    The firm also said the 602 chip will be aimed at makers of such 
 things as small computers and wireless-communication equipment.
                     >> Sony Unveils Giant Monitor <<
    Sony Electronics Inc. has introduced a high-resolution computer dis-
 play with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
    Designed for graphic arts, satellite imaging/remote sensing, CAD and 
 other applications benefiting from a unique horizontal view and larger 
 image area, Sony says the new GWM-3000 monitor is the first model in a 
 new series of specialized wide-screen displays.
    Incorporating a 30-inch Trinitron tube with a 28-inch diagonal viewing
 area, Sony notes that the GWM-3000 offers a usable screen area of 23.6
 inches wide by 13.3-inches high, providing more work area for graphics,
 spreadsheets and simulations than any commercially available color
 computer display. The GWM- 3000's super-high, non- interlaced resolution
 of 1,920 dots by 1,080 lines, or more than two million pixels, displays
 characters as small as 0.1-inch high from corner to corner, anywhere on
 the screen.
    Sony notes that the unit's Digital Alignment technology allows for 
 precise display adjustments, eliminating the need to call in technicians 
 or use specialized alignment equipment. The company also says the 
 display's Auto Calibration optimizes user- selected color balance by 
 detecting and controlling the CRT beam currents to stabilize white 
 balance automatically and continuously while the monitor is in use.
    The monitor accepts both RGB and composite signals via five BNC input 
 connectors on the back panel. The unit complies with Swedish MPR II and 
 TCO safety standards for very low frequency (VLF) and extremely low 
 frequency (ELF) magnetic and electrical emissions. The GWM-3000 also 
 incorporates an EPA Energy Star-compliant power management system.
    The GWM-3000 will be available in April. The unit will sell for 
                     >> Borland Introduces Delphi <<
    Borland International Inc. has formally unveiled Delphi, its long-
 awaited visual application development software.
    The product is scheduled to become available in single-user and 
 client-sever versions by the end of February.
    The software publisher notes that Delphi combines the power of a 
 native- code compiler, a visual development environment, an object-
 oriented architecture and scaleable database technology. It says the 
 product can create applications that run 10 to 20 times faster than 
 those created with first generation visual development tools.
    Delphi Client/Server sells for $1,999. The single-user version costs 
 $495 and has a 90-day promotional price of $199.95.
                 >> Group Challenges Microsoft Network <<
    ASCII Group Inc., a buying group for 1,075 independent computer 
 dealers, will ask the U.S. Justice Department to take action against 
 Microsoft Corp.'s planned online network.
    Representatives of the group have said they believe Microsoft will 
 illegally bypass them by allowing computer and software makers to sell 
 their products directly to consumers.
    Microsoft has said it will provide services for hardware and software 
 companies on its planned online network. The ASCII membership says it 
 fears this will disrupt traditional retail relationships with customers.
    The members says that for retailers to stay competitive, they will 
 have to sell PCs with Windows 95, which will feature the online service.
                  >> Apple Cuts PowerBook 500 Prices <<
    Apple Computer Inc. has cut prices on its flagship Apple PowerBook 
 500 series notebook computer.
    All configurations of the top-of-the-line PowerBook are being offered 
 at price reductions of up to 17% per system in the United States.
    Apple says it will back up its price reductions with strong adver-
 tising, direct mail, and promotional efforts. A radio campaign kicks-off 
 today in key markets around the United States. In addition, Apple will 
 provide dealers with in-store merchandising and "dealer taggable" radio 
 and ad slicks for use in local markets. Apple will also initiate a 
 targeted direct-mail campaign.
    Finally, Apple will give away a free carrying case from Austin Case-
 works of Austin, Texas, with the purchase of any PowerBook from Feb. 15 
 through March 31.
                     >> Compaq Offers New Services <<

    The new ProSignia 300, a server intended for small businesses that 
 might be considering moving from stand-alone computers to a networked 
 system, has been unveiled by Compaq Computer Corp., which also 
 introduced ProLiant 1500 for corporations.
    Reports say the ProSignia 300 will sell for under $3,400 while the 
 ProLiant will sell for under $5,700. Both use Intel Corp.'s Pentium 
    The computer maker also introduced four new storage options that 
 provide customers with increased performance, greater storage capacity 
 from the same number of drives and enhanced data security.
    Disaster recovery services also are available to Compaq customers 
 through an agreement with Comdisco. For $495, Compaq and Comdisco offer 
 Recovery Planning Software.
                  >> Sierra to Design Nintendo Games <<
    Sierra On-Line Inc. has been signed by Nintendo to design video games 
 for its Ultra 64 three-dimensional home video game. Sierra says it will 
 develop and publish its "Red Baron" flight simulation game exclusively 
 for Nintendo.
    Reports from Nintendo's headquarters say the game will be played on 
 the new 64-bit home video game system now being developed by Nintendo 
 and Silicon Graphics Inc.
    Nintendo says its 64-bit system, which should be available for home 
 use in fall 1995, will carry a suggested retail price in the United 
 States of under $250.
                  >> Mitnick Nabbed in North Carolina <<
    Fugitive computerist Kevin D. Mitnick, described by one official as 
 "the most wanted hacker in the world," has been arrested at an apartment 
 in Raleigh, North Carolina.
    The 31-year-old Mitnick, wanted for violating federal probation, was 
 arrested by FBI agents and state and local law enforcement authorities 
 after what the has been described as "an intensive two-week 'electronic' 
    Mitnick was convicted in Los Angeles in 1988 on charges of stealing 
 software and breaking into corporate computer networks. He received a 
 one-year prison sentence. In 1992, he vanished from Southern California 
 and a federal arrest warrant was issued on charges that he violated the 
 terms of his probation.
    While on the run, Mitnick is alleged to have broken into corporate 
 and communications networks in California, Colorado and North Carolina, 
 causing damage and stealing secret information, authorities contend. The 
 U.S. Justice Department says Mitnick also faces investigation by various 
 state authorities. Most recently he has become a suspect in a rash of 
 break-ins on the Internet, the authorities allege.
    Reports say that one of Mitnick's latest victims, computer security 
 expert Tsutomu Shimomura of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, was so 
 angered that he made it his crusade to track Mitnick down and that it 
 was with his help that the FBI traced the computerist to the Raleigh 
    Mitnick faces charges of computer fraud, punishable by 20 years in 
 prison, and illegal use of a phone access device, which carries a 
 maximum 15-year sentence. Both crimes also are punishable by $250,000 
    "He was clearly the most wanted computer hacker in the world," 
 assistant U.S. attorney Kent Walker said. "He allegedly had access to 
 corporate trade secrets worth billions of dollars. He was a very big 
                 >> Man Arrested for Internet Messages <<
    A University of Michigan student has been arrested on charges he 
 threatened another student by writing about her in at least one rape-
 murder fantasy story he posted on the Internet.
    Jake Baker, a 20-year-old Ohio man, was charged in federal court with 
 transmitting a threat to the unidentified woman student across state and 
 national borders.
    Baker was arraigned in Detroit before U.S. Magistrate Thomas Carlson 
 and ordered held without bond pending a hearing. If convicted, he could 
 get five years in prison.
    The arrested student contends he did nothing wrong, arguing the tran-
 smissions were protected by his right to free speech.
    An affidavit filed by FBI agent Greg Stejskal is quoted as saying 
 Baker admitted to writing and posting stories about raping, torturing 
 and murdering the woman and using her name.
    Said Stejskal, "The transmissions distributed by Baker through 
 Internet described Baker's desire to commit acts of abduction, bondage, 
 torture, mutilation, sodomy, rape and murder of young women. The 
 depictions of the criminal acts are extremely graphic and detailed."
    The agent said the woman knew Baker because they attended a class 
 together last fall and that she was "frightened and intimidated" when 
 she learned of the transmissions.



                    PROCOMM PLUS for Windows version 2.1

 Release Notes
 February 13, 1995

 The following changes have been made for the PROCOMM PLUS for Windows
 2.1 maintenance release:

 What's New in Version 2.1?
 A new utility named PWFTP provides ftp file transfers, file viewing and
 simple disk management over TCP/IP connections.  PWFTP features an
 intuitive split screen interface with its own Action Bar and Setup

 PROCOMM PLUS 2.1 now includes support for TCP/IP Telnet connections. 
 Dialing Directory entries can contain IP addresses or alphanumeric site
 names instead of telephone numbers, and the Telnet emulation also features
 a basic connection dialog of its own.

 PROCOMM PLUS 2.1 now runs under IBM's OS/2 versions 2.11 and 3.0. 
 However, we recommend that OS/2 users experiencing problems either install
 a 16550 UART chip, switch to replacement OS/2 communications drivers, or

 CISMGR includes a number of new features:  the ability to track a personal
 high message number, an option to skip to the next agent while online, the
 ability to rebuild corrupted message links, and an option to compact
 message files to save disk space.  The CISMGR logon script has also been
 externalized, making it easy to modify for those who need a custom logon

 A new Toolbar was added to the FAXVIEW utility.

 A number of new PW2.INI entries have been added.

 What's Changed in Version 2.1?
 The FAXSEND command now supports the MULTIPLE parameter as described in
 the manual.  When a file consisting of fax filenames was specified with
 the MULTIPLE command, only the first file was faxed.

 The ASPECT TERMRESET command now resets the terminal and exits scrollback

 FETCH DIALENTRY ACCESS now sets FAILURE correctly and sets the string
 variable to null when access is set off.

 The STRCHR command no longer generates an error 107 while referencing
 global array elements.

 PROCOMM PLUS no longer runs in a maximized state when launched from an
 ASPECT script with the RUN command and the MINIMIZED option.

 The ASPECT SET QUICKOPTION command now works as documented in the ASPECT
 Reference Guide. 

 The ASPECT UWINPAINT command no longer results in a divide by zero error.

 The ASPECT command GETCUR no longer results in an error 107 for an invalid
 data type.

 Fixed a number of CISMGR processing problems, including some that caused
 General Protection Fault errors during message threading and aging.

 CISMGR now encloses a search string in brackets instead of quotation marks
 when searching Catalog Agents by User ID.

 CISMGR now allows you to delete highlighted folders while using the Browse

 The CISMGR Browse message tree now saves the entire thread when you select
 the Save button.

 When adding a new message agent within CISMGR, the "Select" button is now
 disabled; however, the Section field remains enabled for users that know
 perhaps one or two sections within the Agent's forum that contain the
 desired files or messages.

 CISMGR now records the last size and position of the Message Read window.

 Current Setup
 In Current Setup, under Options, PROCOMM PLUS no longer returns a General
 Protection Fault after 16 sets of Current Options are saved.

 When installing a generic INT14 port connection in the Data/Modem
 Connection setup, the Default Baud Rate was being set to 19200 rather than
 9600 baud.

 Display problems that appeared when saving customized options within Setup
 have been corrected.

 PROCOMM PLUS no longer returns a General Protection Fault if you remove a
 user defined Terminal from the Terminal Options setup after the new
 terminal is saved to disk.

 Dialing Directory
 Phone cards are no longer used if the Call Type for a Dialing Directory
 entry is set to "Local" or "Internal".

 Under certain circumstances, the Dialing Queue window couldn't be closed
 until you exited PROCOMM PLUS.

 The Dialing Directory now dials the area code only when necessary if a
 phone card is being used.

 A converted PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 1.0x Dialing Directory with a blank
 Meta Key field no longer locks PROCOMM PLUS 2.1 when dialing a queue.

 When selecting a directory entry with custom fax options, the
 corresponding settings are now loaded correctly from disk.

 Multiple names can be removed from the Send Fax Recipient(s) list.  The
 Remove button for the Recipient(s) List in the Send Fax dialog box was
 disabled after removing one name from a list with multiple names

 Certain modems displayed only a portion of the fax header on each page of
 a faxed document.  PROCOMM PLUS would send cover pages with the correct
 headers, but documents had partial headers.  Faxes with multiple pages and
 a coversheet also displayed partial headers.

 Owners of some modems were experiencing problems when PROCOMM PLUS issued
 the AT+FCLASS? command.  If the modem didn't respond appropriately, the
 modem wouldn't initialize and PROCOMM PLUS couldn't send or receive faxes.

 PROCOMM PLUS no longer locks up with Intel 14.4 modems during Class 2

 Scripts using the FAXSEND command with the COVERSHEET option no longer
 result in a "stretched" font within the received fax.

 PROCOMM PLUS no longer requires a Windows association to prepare a
 document for faxing.

 Broadcast faxing no longer results in FAXSTAT locking up or faxes
 disappearing from the Scheduled Faxes log.  If the transmission runs into
 problems (such as a busy number or a transmission abort), FAXSTAT now
 handles the Scheduled Faxes log correctly.

 PROCOMM PLUS no longer "drops" columns on the left or right of the page
 when sending a Memofax with the default font settings.

 FAXSTAT now checks to see if phone cards have been disabled before

 FAXSTAT no longer returns a General Protection Fault whenever a Dialing
 Directory entry is configured to "Phone Card: Current" rather than a
 specific card.

 The ASPECT FAXSEND command now reports the correct number of pages when
 sending faxes.  FAXSEND also passes the "Company" field and the contents
 of the "Notes" field to the Cover Sheet Creator.

 The Fax menu Initialize Fax Modem option now performs a simple
 initialization of the modem instead of resetting the maximum send and
 receive rates and the fax class.

 File Transfers
 ZMODEM now correctly calculates the available download free space for
 large network drives of several gigabytes.  Formerly, PROCOMM PLUS would
 display the message "Not enough disk space" on these large drives.

 Font Support
 The PCPlus 437 font mistakenly mapped 0xFF as an apostrophe.  It is now

 The MemoFax font has been improved to enhance readability.

 Host Mode
 Host users with level 2 access were limited to 12 characters when
 specifying the path for uploading and downloading.  The field now accepts
 20 characters.

 Host users logged on as SYSOP that request a faxback document no longer
 receive a message stating that they're not authorized for faxback.

 The Host User Editor now allows the sysop to add new users after the 51st

 The PROCOMM PLUS install program now informs you that Windows will be
 restarted so the user may close any applications currently running in the

 The Keyboard Editor now correctly handles editing of the Delete key or the
 Tab key in all emulations.

 Saving and re-opening a keymap now displays the 84 key dialog where
 required instead of displaying the 101/102 key dialog by default.

 The Shift-Ctrl-Tab and Backspace combinations are now correct; they're no
 longer cross mapped.

 The User Window Editor now correctly clears the Filename Variable Name
 when a new directory is selected in the Bitmap Object Open File window.

 Fixed a number of Action Bar editor problems, including some that caused
 the wrong button to be removed while using the Delete function.

 MCIMGR no longer gets stuck in a loop if an address is incorrect and the
 user attempts to enter the address manually.

 Terminal Window
 In PROCOMM PLUS 2.1, you can determine whether reverse video sequences
 displayed in the Terminal window will be sent to the printer with a
 PW2.INI setting.

 By default, the Edit menu ScreenTo option sends the current screen in the
 Terminal window; however, a new PW2.INI setting allows you to send the
 current logical screen to the destination (as in version 1.x of the

 Terminal Emulation
 The IBM3101 emulation now sends function key escape sequences properly in
 Block mode.

 The dedicated print option now works correctly, acting as a true
 passthrough device to the system printer.

 The Quick Select Line now properly clears the baud rate and line settings
 field if you select a NCSI connection and the port is in use.

 PWVIEWER is now added to the registration database. 

 Owners of Ambra 486-66DX2's were experiencing problems with NETBIOS2.DLC. 

 PROCOMM PLUS now automatically uses DSTASK.DLL when DSTASK.386 isn't

 Certain custom PROCOMM PLUS dialog controls were causing conflicts with
 other programs using the file MUSCROLL.DLL.

 PROCOMM PLUS was causing a General Protection Fault under certain
 conditions when switching the current port from a COM setting to an INT14h

 The Scheduler now reports the time and date properly when a new event is
 added and a change made.

 When placing an Action Bar on the left or right of the Terminal screen and
 selecting a script file by clicking on the icon, the scripts are now
 displayed sorted in alphabetical order.

 Military time without a separator is now displayed correctly throughout



             DATASTORM adds TCP/IP to PROCOMM PLUS for Windows!

 Columbia, Missouri - (February 13, 1995) - DATASTORM, publisher of the
 world's best-selling PROCOMM PLUS for Windows, today released a new update
 to the product that adds integrated support for Telnet and FTP

 Following the June 1994 release of PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 2.0 

      - recently ranked the single fastest-selling software program by PC

      - version 2.1 adds impressive TCP/IP features.  

 A new utility named PWFTP allows FTP file transfers in binary, ASCII and
 L8 mode, file viewing and simple disk management over TCP/IP connections. 
 PWFTP features an intuitive split-screen interface with its own Action Bar
 and Setup options, including anonymous logons, support for a range of
 popular host operating systems and a "passive" mode for Internet sites
 using firewall protection.

 PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 2.1 also includes support for TCP/IP Telnet
 connections with the addition of Telnet to its extensive list of
 connection types.  Dialing Directory entries can contain IP addresses or
 alphanumeric site names instead of telephone numbers, so users can begin
 Telnet sessions from the Dialing Directory just like data and fax calls. 
 The Telnet emulation also features a basic connection dialog of its own.

 "PROCOMM PLUS has long been the worldwide leader in point-to-point PC
 communications.   With version 2.1, we have extended our technology to
 support the rapidly growing family of TCP/IP networks," said Ron Bower,
 Director of Research and Development.   "This enhancement will be very 
 attractive to corporate customers with in-house TCP/IP networks as well as
 individuals accessing the Internet through SLIP or PPP accounts."

 The addition of a new tool bar to the fax viewer adds ease of use to what
 was already the best integrated fax and data communications software
 package available.  DATASTORM has also added over 200 new modems to the
 automatic modem detection feature which can now recognize and initialize
 over 900 modems without user intervention.
 The new version 2.1 also runs under IBM's OS/2 versions 2.11 and 3.0 in
 Windows emulation.

 "Of course, everything we have added follows the PROCOMM PLUS tradition of
 being very easy to install and use.   Our customer base will find our new
 FTP and Telnet interfaces to be immediately familiar; this new
 functionality will blend seamlessly with their existing PROCOMM PLUS for
 Windows applications," Bower said.

 DATASTORM recently announced the release of the International English
 version of PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 2.1 which supports international
 character sets and terminal emulation systems such as Prestel, Minitel and
 BTX, bringing the benefits of the world's best-selling communications
 software to English-speaking users across the world.

 Registered users of PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 2.0 can update free to
 version 2.1.  Choose the update option that is easiest for you:

 1.  Download from the DATASTORM BBS at 314.875.0503 (ANSI, N, 8, 1)
 2.  Download from the CompuServe DATASTORM Forum "GO DATASTORM"
 3.  Download by connecting into several Internet FTP sites such as: in directory /pub/pc/win3/patches in directory /vendor/datastorm
 4.  Order a disk and printed supplement guide direct from DATASTORM at
        800.315.3282 (there is a $7.50 charge for shipping & handling)

 World  headquarters are located in Columbia, Missouri USA, with a European
 office  outside  of  London,  England UK. DATASTORM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. And
 DATASTORM,  LTD. are privately held corporations.  DATASTORM markets their
 PROCOMM brand of communications software products worldwide. 


 > Internet-Connect STR FOCUS!  A POWERHOUSE PARTNER for ProWin Plus 2.1

               Internet-Connect (TM), Version 2.1 Announcement

 Core Systems is proud to announce Internet-Connect (TM) Version 2.1, a
 comprehensive TCP/IP Networking package for Windows users to get access to
 the Internet. Internet-Connect Version 2.1 adds significant number of new
 features and utilities to our current Version 1.1 Release, improves
 configurability and ease-of-use features, while maintaining robustness and
 speed associated with Version 1.1.

 Focus for our Version 2.1 has been on serial connection to the net and
 ease of use. Internet-Connect Version 2.1 provides full-featured support
 for PPP and SLIP/CSLIP. Multiple interfaces with IP forwarding and routing
 are supported. Hook is provided for user-written packet filter and
 monitoring capability in gateway configuration. BOOTP and DHCP are
 supported to make network configuring and installing as automatic as
 possible. Also included are Windows-based dialer (with scripting) and
 terminal emulation utility.

 A list of new features included with Version 2.1 follows. For those who
 missed our Version 1.1 announcement, a summary of complete
 Internet-Connect features set is also included.

 - PPP Support. Internet-Connect includes a full-featured implementation of
   PPP which includes: dynamic address assignment, demand dial-up, redial,
   client and server mode, scripting, filtering, header compression,
   userid/password authetication protocol (PAP), callback.


 - BOTP and DHCP support.

 - Multiple interfaces (Ethernet and Serial connection active concurrently)
   with IP routing, forwarding and filtering.

 - Custom-installed packet filter library.

 - Dialer with scripting and dialing directory maintenance features.

 - Terminal emulation.

 - Windows-based network configuration utility.

 - Windows-based installation program.

 For developers, Version 2.1 includes:
 - Winsock API trace.
 - Winsock developer's kit
 - SLIP and PPP data trace.
 - Raw, TCP and UDP packet trace capture and logging capability.
 - Comprehensive protocol, interface and session statistics.
 - Telnet Library, FTP Library and VBX Controls. (available separately).

 An evaluation copy of Internet-Connect Version can be downloaded from
 Simtel, CICA, and other archives, following directories:

 Internet-Connect Summary of Features

 - Complete Winsock conformant: the product fully supports Winsock 
   1.1 Specification. All base and optional functions are supported:
      - Synchronous and Asynchronous function calls.
      - TCP, UDP and Raw socket types.
      - Up to 128 concurrently open sockets.
      - 4KB UDP datagram size.

 - TCP/IP stack , 100% implemented as Windows DLL, hence takes up 
   zero below-640K DOS memory.

 - 32-bit VxD driver, provides super fast data transfer and interrupt 

 - Full featured PPP support, including: dynamic address assignment,
   redial, demand dial-up, VJ compression, client and server mode,
   userid/password authentication (UPAP), scripting, filtering, callback.

 - SLIP/CSLIP support.

 - Multiple interfaces (Ethernet and SLIP/PPP active concurrently) with
   IP forwarding and routing.

 - Custom-installed packet filter library.

 - BOOTP and DHCP support.

 - DHCP Client.

 - Dialer with scripting and directory maintenance.

 - Terminal emulation.

 - Local loopback for testing purpose.

 - Built-in DNS (Domain Name Server) support.

 - Built-in networking databases (such as services, protocols files) 
   to ease TCP/IP setup complexities.

 - Windows-based configuration utility: enables first-time users to 
   setup and configure a working system in minutes.

 - Winsock monitor utility: provides:
      - Packet data trace.
      - SLIP/PPP trace.
      - TCP/UDP trace.
      - Buffer usage statistics.

 - Comprehensive protocol, interface and session statistics.

 - Winsock Spy utility: provides:
      - Winsock call trace: captures and logs Winsock 
        calls and results.
      - Selective enabling and disabling tracing of particular 
        Winsock function calls.
      - Hooks for future addition to trace other calls, such as 
        Windows API.
      - Unobstrusive trace, requiring no modification to 
        application code.
      - Works with all Winsock-compliant TCP/IP stacks.

 - Windows Ping application.

 - Windows Finger application.

 - Windows FTP and Telnet applications.

 - Online Help, Winsock API and Release notes.

 - Professional Windows-based installation program.

 - FTP, Telnet Developer's Libraries and VBX Custom Controls (available

 - Internet-Connect can run with the following network drivers:
      - NDIS.
      - ODI.
      - Packet Drivers.

 - Internet-Connect is compatible with the following LAN networks:
      - Novell Netware.
      - Novell Personal Netware.
      - Microsoft Lan Manager, Windows for Workgroup (3.1 and above).

 Core Systems can be reached at:

 Via E-mail:
              on Internet, or
                        71552,3666 on compuserve, or
           on Internet

 Via telephone voice & FAX:


 > Frankie's Corner STR Feature

 The Kids' Computing Corner

                               SANCTUARY WOODS

 by Frank Sereno

 Sanctuary Woods has developed and released a new interactive adventure
 game designed for children ages five to nine.  The game is entitled "Once
 Upon a Forest" and it is based on the animated movie of the same name.

 The movie and game center on the adventures of three young furlings. 
 Abigail is an adventurous and bossy mouse, Russell is a fun-loving and
 hungry hedgehog and Edgar is a brainy mole.  To successfully complete the
 game, players must lead this trio on a quest to find a cure for an ill

 Children will be introduced to many animals and learn about different
 ecosystems such as marshes and forests.  They will solve puzzles to gather
 herbs for the cure and to avoid danger from predators such as a weasel,
 snake, fox and owl.

 The game's interface features Russell's backpack which contains food and
 the items gathered during the journey.  Also available to the player is
 Edgar's journal which contains clues, plans to useful inventions and an
 automatic map.

 "Once Upon a Forest" contains no written text and is entirely voiced so
 that prereaders may enjoy the adventure.  The game also includes a "solve-
 me" button to bypass more difficult problems and puzzles so that all
 players may win the game.

 The game is available for IBM compatibles on floppy or CD-ROM.  The game
 requires DOS 5.0, a 386DX-33 CPU, 4 megs of RAM and a sound card.  "Once
 Upon a Forest" has an estimated retail price of $39.95 and is currently
 being offered with a $5 off coupon toward the purchase of the movie.  The
 movie now includes a $5 off coupon for the computer game.

 My family has the video and we enjoy it very much.  The movie contains
 valuable lessons on family love, teamwork, respecting others and
 conserving the environment.  It gives these lessons without being preachy
 or overt.  Younger children will love it.


 Sanctuary Woods wins two Innovisions '95 Showcase awards at CES.  Programs
 are judged by experts for distinctiveness and creativity.  The first of
 these winners is "Real World Math: Adventures in Flight."  This program
 was reviewed in STR a few months ago and received an excellent rating of
 9.0 on my 10-point scale.

 "Adventures in Flight" is a CD-ROM title for both the Macintosh and
 Windows which teaches children math lessons and demonstrates how math is
 applied to real world situations and careers.

 The second award-winning program is "Wolf."  This program is a simulation
 of the life of a predator.  The game follows the cycle of the wolf from a
 young cub to leader of the pack.  Players experience the challenges of
 finding prey, mating, avoiding humans and to survive.  Players will learn
 about the habits, instincts and environment of the wolf and perhaps
 develop some empathy for this misunderstood relative of dogs.


 Sanctuary Woods also has two upcoming titles which are aimed toward the
 more mature computer user.

 "The Riddle of Master Lu" is an adventure game based on the life of Robert
 Ripley, the author of "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"  The game is a
 historically accurate recreation of the 1930's.

 The player's task is to guide Mr. Ripley and his feminine companion,
 martial arts expert Mei Chen, to obtain the jade Emperor's Seal and
 prevent its capture by the enemy.

 Players will visit many Far East locales while solving puzzles.  The
 program features an original score and video-based animation.  Available
 first for Windows computers, "The Riddle of Master Lu" requires a 386DX/33
 CPU, a double-speed CD-ROM drive and a VESA-compliant SVGA video card. 
 Suggested retail pricing is $59.95.

 The second title has such a rich gaming experience that it spans two CD-
 ROMs.  "Buried in Time" is an adventure game involving time travel and
 suspense.  A sequel to "The Journeyman Project," this game is a
 continuation of the adventures of Temporal Security Agent #5.  The game is
 played in the first person, so you will have to discover who has framed
 you for altering history.

 "Buried in Time" features over 25,000 rendered frames of animation and
 images.  Players visit five environments, including a Mayan temple in 1050
 A.D. and a space station in the future.  The program uses professional
 actors wearing full costumes and 3-D environments to suspend disbelief and
 make the player believe that he is really Agent #5.

 The player needs no prior experience with "The Journeyman Project" to
 succeed at "Buried in Time."   The game has a beginner mode and has an
 artificial being who will assist the player in solving difficult puzzles.

 "Buried in Time" will be available for both Windows and Macintosh
 computers for $59.95.  It can be ordered directly from Sanctuary Woods by
 calling 415-286-6110.

      Thanks for reading!


 > QCOPY WINDOWS STR Spotlight             "A MUST HAVE program!"


                           QCOPY for WINDOWS v1.1

 Program Description
      QCOPY for WINDOWS v1.1 is a Windows floppy disk copying  & format
 utility written by Ulrich Feldmueller, Bremen, Germany and made available
 with support by BayDee Inc..   It is powerful and fast for floppy disk
 duplication and formatting.  Read once  and  make  one or multiple copies. 
 Program features include:

  * Support for formats of 180K, 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.4M and 2.8M. 
  * True format conversion,  e.g. copy a 1.2M 5.25" disk onto a 1.44M 3.5".
  * Optimizes copying process ie. defragments files in one contiguous block
    onto the target disk.
  * Support for 2.8M ED disk drives
  * Support for external and simulated drives
  * Support for drives A: through Z:
  * Only that portion of the disk containing data  is copied to the target.
    Can speed up the copying process significantly.
  * Copies can be made between disk drives and/or the hard drive. Diskettes 
    are stored to a  *.DSK  file  (image file)  or  alternatively,  can  be 
    "unpacked" to the hard drive.                                       
  * Read the source only once and make X copies.
  * Disk labels are copied to the target, or can be assigned a new name. 

 About BayDee Inc.

      BayDee was formed three years ago and is active primarily in the
 shareware industry.  We are located in Beaconsfield, a small town just
 outside Montreal, Canada.  BayDee has translated both QCOPY v4.0 (the DOS
 version) and QCOPY for WINDOWS from German into English.  BayDee handles
 the registrations, distribution and technical support for the English

      The DOS versions of QCOPY have been around in Germany since 1990, so
 the software has been well tried and tested.  The English DOS version,
 QCOPY V4.0 has been around since 1992 and is still current and actively
 being downloaded. The shareware version of QCOPY for WINDOWS is exactly
 the same as the registered version, barring two exceptions.  In the
 shareware version, there are two registration reminder screens on loading
 and exiting the program, and a countdown timer which becomes active while
 copying to the target disk.  Of course, the registered versions have none
 of the annoyances and they have some "added features" like great support
 and notice of updates.

    Program Specifications
    Name:          QCOPY for WINDOWS 
    Version:       1.1
    Operating Env: MS-WINDOWS
    Program type:  Shareware
    Category:      Utility / Floppy Disk Utility
    Program size:  600 Kbytes unpacked, 370 Kbytes packed
    Registration:  US $28 (plus $3.00 shipping)
                   CDN $ 35  (plus $3.00 shipping)
    Requirements:  WINDOWS 3.1, Hard Drive, 512 Kbytes RAM,
    Graphics card: Any graphics card.
    Soundcard:     None required 
    Author:        Ulrich Feldmueller, Bremen, Germany
    Translation:   BayDee Inc.
    Publisher:     BayDee Inc.
    Address:       BayDee Inc.
                   P.O. Box 25
                   P.Q. H9W 5T6
    Telephone:     (514) 457-1631
    CompuServe:    70302,557

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
 600dpi  24  bit Photo Realistic Color Output, please send a Self Addressed
 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

 Folks, the FARGO Primera Pro has GOT to be the best yet.  Its far superior
 to the newest of Color Laser Printers selling for more than three times as
 much.  Its said that ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  Send for this
 sample now.  Guaranteed you will be amazed at the superb quality. (please,
 allow at least a one week turn-around)

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N

                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

       GENIE Information Services copyright   1995 by General Electric
             Information Services/GENIE, reprinted by permission

        ___   ___    _____     _______
       /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/           The Macintosh RoundTable
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   /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/____                  Managed by SyndiComm
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          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GENIE users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > Wildcat! 4.1 STR InfoFile


 Wildcat! 4.1 Offers Enhanced OS/2 Support

      BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Feb. 15, 1995 -- Mustang Software, Inc.
 (MSI) is introducing Wildcat! 4.1, the latest update to the world's
 most widely used bulletin board system (BBS) software.  The new
 version features enhanced OS/2 support, a new multi-database file
 system and a full-screen ANSI-based file listing mode that makes
 browsing file lists easier for the caller.

      With Version 4.1, Wildcat! has been upgraded to support direct
 communications with OS/2's serial drivers, improving performance for
 system operators (sysops) running Wildcat! as a DOS process under the
 OS/2 operating system.  Wildcat! sysops can also now use intelligent
 multi-port serial cards from Digiboard, Inc. and other enhanced serial
 devices that have OS/2 drivers in an OS/2 environment, an option not
 possible in previous versions of Wildcat!

      Another key Version 4.1 feature is Wildcat!'s improved support for
 CD-ROMs via the ability to define "groups" of file areas on a Wildcat!
 BBS.  A file group consists of any collection of file areas defined by
 the sysop and each group has a separate database.  This makes adding a
 new CD-ROM of downloadable files to Wildcat! as simple as "dropping in"
 a pre-made database.

      "With the new file system, Wildcat!'s file databases are much more
 portable and managing multiple CD-ROM disks is simplified," said Jim
 Harrer, president/CEO of MSI.  "We have created a system that gives the
 sysop many of the features of popular CD-ROM doors without sacrificing
 the speed and ease-of-use built into Wildcat!"

      Groups can be selected by the caller for listing, searching and
 transferring files.  The sysop's job of processing requests for off-
 line files, such as those contained on a CD-ROM not normally kept on-
 line, can be automated with the upgraded version of the wcFILE database
 utility included with Wildcat! 4.1.

 Full-Screen File Listing Mode Also Added To Wildcat!

      Wildcat! 4.1 also offers a new full-screen file listing mode,
 making it easier for callers to scan through the list of downloadable
 files.  In "ANSI Lister" mode, users can browse through the file
 databases using their arrow keys and mark files for download by just
 hitting the spacebar.  Single-line, two-line and extended file listing
 modes are also available and each user can select the file listing
 method they prefer.

      Importantly, Wildcat!'s "Internet-compatibility" has been improved
 as the software now allows blank "subject" headings on Internet e-mail
 conferences.  Some e-mail systems require a blank subject heading for
 routing purposes.

      Wildcat! BBS is offered in five separate versions, starting with
 the $129 Single Line package popular with the hobbyist sysop.  The
 product line extends to the Wildcat! BBS Suite for $999, the most
 complete BBS solution in the industry.

      The new Wildcat! 4.1 will be available in March '95 and may be
 ordered directly from MSI by calling toll-free (800) 999-9619.  For
 Wildcat! 4.0 sysops, the Wildcat! 4.1 update is offered for only $20
 plus shipping.  Sysops running Version 3.X or older can upgrade for
 $50 plus shipping.

      Wildcat! 4.1 is also available nationwide on the retail level
 through such outlets as CompUSA and Software, Etc., and through major
 distributors including Ingram Micro of Santa Ana, Calif. and
 DistribuPro of Santa Clara, Calif.

 Jim Harrer                         William L. Prichard, V.P./P.R.
 President/CEO                      Robert J. Fisher, President
 Mustang Software, Inc.             Fisher Business Communications, Inc.
 Tel: (805) 873-2500                Tel: (714) 556-1313
 Fax: (805) 873-2599                Fax: (714) 556-1216
 BBS: (805) 873-2400                BBS: (714) 556-1034

                                    Availability: Immediate
                                    Price: $129 (Single-Line Version)

 Mustang Software, Inc.

      Mustang Software, Inc. (MSI) is a single-source supplier of
 bulletin board system (BBS) and related communications software.

      Unveiled in March 1987, MSI's Wildcat! BBS now has an active
 installed base of more than 35,000 system operators (sysops), making
 it the most popular BBS software program in the world.

      MSI also offers the widely-used QmodemPro communications software
 program, with more than 50,000 registered users.  With QmodemPro, ac-
 quired in November 1991, MSI is the only supplier of both a BBS program
 and the communications software by which a caller may access a BBS.

      Formed in September 1986, MSI is headquartered at 6200 Lake Ming
 Road, Bakersfield, Calif. 93306.  The company can be reached by
 telephone at (805) 873-2500; the toll-free telephone number is (800)
 999-9619; FAX (805) 873-2599 and BBS (805) 873-2400.


 | Mustang Software, Inc.  |   Connecting   |   Office:  805-873-2500 |
 | 6200 Lake Ming Road     |      the       |   Orders:  800-999-9619 |
 | Bakersfield, CA  93306  |     World      |   Fax:     805-873-2599 |
 | USA                     |                |   BBS:     805-873-2400 |


                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 STReport International OnLine Magazine is available every week for your
 reading pleasure on DELPHI.  STReport's readers are invited to join DELPHI
 and become a part of an extremely friendly community of enthusiastic
 computer users there.

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                   DELPHI services via a local phone call

                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                 When connected, press RETURN once or twice
                At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

                       DELPHI's 20/20 Advantage Plan 
                           20 Hours for Only $20!

 Advantage Members have always enjoyed the lowest DELPHI access rates
 available. On the new 20/20 Advantage Plan, members receive their first 20
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 20/20 Advantage rates apply for access via SprintNet or Tymnet from within
 the continental United States during home time or via direct dial around
 the clock. Home Time is from 6pm to 6am weekdays. Access during business
 time carries a surcharge of $9 per hour. These rates apply for most
 services, but note that there are some surcharged areas on DELPHI which
 are clearly marked with a "$" sign.

 Who is eligible to take advantage of the plan?  Any DELPHI member in good
 standing.  Applications are reviewed and subject to approval by Delphi
 Internet Services Corporation.

 It's easy to join. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply
 OnLine -- at any time -- for membership in the DELPHI 20/20 Advantage
 Plan. Your membership becomes active at 4 a.m. Eastern Time on the first
 billing day of the following month. 

 The $20 charge will be billed to you at the beginning of the month to
 which it applies. Any portion of the 20 hours not used in any month does
 not carry forward into the next month. 

      Advantage rates may be changed with 30 days notice given OnLine.

                         TRY DELPHI FOR $1 AN HOUR!

 For a limited time, you can become a trial member of DELPHI, and receive 5
 hours of evening and weekend access during this month for only  $5.  If
 you're not satisfied, simply cancel your account before the end of the
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 where you can use up to 4 weekend and evening hours a month for a minimum
 $10 monthly charge, with additional hours available at $3.96. But hurry,
 this special trial offer will expire soon! To take advantage of this
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 twice. When you get the Password: prompt, type IP26 and press <RET> again.
 Then, just answer the questions and within a day or two, you'll officially
 be a member of DELPHI!  

         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      It's been one helluva week for me personally, so please bear with
 me while I go through a brief grieving period.  The hospital in which I
 work (almost 20 years) had its first ever layoff this week.  A few
 friends whom I've known for many years were gone in a matter of a couple
 of hours, with no advance warning at all that it was coming.

      Today's health care industry is rapidly changing and it's affecting
 all of us.  Fortunately, my department came through this unscathed, other
 than a few emotional scars.  It's difficult to fathom this happening to
 others; but when it hits this close to home, it's like losing a close
 relative or friend.

      The Houston show is this weekend, so if you're in the neighborhood,
 drop by!!  The TAF show is the first of April, so you'll have another
 opportunity to make a show if you can't make the HACE one!  Details for
 the upcoming TAF show are included in this issue.  If you can make at
 least one show, I'd highly recommend doing so - they're a lot of fun! 
 Let's hope the "AtariFest" season is a long one!

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                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (2/15/95)                        
      (1) ONLY! VALENCY & WORLD          (6) 2 COLUMNS, VERSION 6           
     *(2) CAIN 1/95                     *(7) MGIF VERSION 4.2B              
      (4) ATARI E-MAIL LIST              (9) ATARIWORKS PAGE PREVIEW        
     *(5) ST-GUIDE V.1.20 IN ENGLISH    (10) BMP FILE VIEWER                
                             * = New on list                                
                             HONORARY TOP 10                                
   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently    
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                       
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  11.06)                 
        ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2)      

          Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.



                               Now available!
   From:                           Munsie
                                5601 Ammons
                            Haltom City, TX 76117
                              (817) 485-9293

 Program name: Asteroidia

 System Requirements: ST/STe/TT/Falcon with 1 meg of free memory.
                      Color monitor/VGA monitor/TV.
                      Double sided disk drive or (hard drive recommended.)

 Note for ST owners: This game was originally coded with STe/Falcon users
                     in mind. But we decided to allow ST users to run it
                     by simulating a scrolling background by using a
                     starfield instead! The effect comes out great. So
                     even though you won't get the bitmapped scrolling
                     backgrounds you still get a fun game to play.

 Enhancements: Blitter scrolling on STe/Mega STe/Falcon/ (TT?)
               50khz in game mod music on Falcon.
               Smoother play on Mega STe/TT/Falcon
               Game runs MUCH smoother in 60hz video mode.

 Description: Asteroidia is an arcade style game that involves
              little strategy but provides hours of fun. You are
              flying around in space trying to destroy all the
              asteroids that are heading toward your home planet.
              You'll also have to contend with little alien
              thingys that want to destroy your ship!
              3D rotating asteroids on a multi-directional
              scrolling background. (Falcon/STe/TT)
              (Starfield scrolling on non-blitter machines.)

 OPTIONS.... ST users: Optional music or sound fx.
                       Normal speed with no slowdown.
                       Faster speed with slowdown.<<<<<

            STe users: All ST features plus:
                       POWERPAD ready!!!! (Or joystick..)
                       Optional Blitter scroll or starfield display.
                       Optional ASTRODIA.DMA file in the same directory
                       will provide a repeating background music sample
                       file. Very nice music. (Hey..I made it!!)
                       (Requires a 2MEG system to run with ASTRODIA.DMA!)

    Mega STe/TT users: All STe features plus:
                       Optional normal fast speed or slower speed.
                       MINUS - No powerpad for Mega STe/TT users... 

         Falcon users: All Mega STe/TT features plus:
                       Optional ASTRODIA.MUS file that will provide
                       EXCEPTIONAL 50khz background music courtesy of
                       several explosive mod tracks. This file GREATLY
                       enhances the game experience!!
                       Powerpad ready!!!! (Or joystick..)
                       The ability to select your own mod tracks that will
                       play in the background during the game. Run the
                       MAKE_MOD.PRG to point to the mod files on your
                       hard drive. Play them back in sequential or
                       random order during the game!

 ASTRODIA.PRG: You can run Asteroidia from any desktop mode except
               True Color mode. Also, some screen enhancements may
               cause problems when Asterodia exits. If that is the
               case please de-activate them before running.
               Some desk accessories and TSR programs have been
               known to cause some problems with our software.

               While we have tried to make this program as
               compatible as possible we cannot guarantee that it
               will work 100% of the time on YOUR system. Whenever
               possible run Asteroidia from a clean desktop. If you
               can, boot your system without accessories or TSR's
               loaded if there is a problem. If you cannot get this
               program to run on your system, PLEASE call or email
               us as soon as possible letting us know what your
               problem is. Thank you...

               Asteroidia has been tested on ST/STe/Mega STe/Falcon.

    Shareware: This game is being distributed as shareware. If
               you enjoy this game a modest fee of $10.00 gets you
               100% access to all of it's features.

 Un Registered!!: When you run Asteroidia in the UN-REGISTERED mode
                  you will only get 1 life per game. If you enjoy
                  this game and would like to register the program
                  please read the ORDER.DOC file that comes with
                  the archive.
  Extras: There may be a few goodies here and there, sadly
          you won't find any mention of those here...:)

 Other releases to look for:
 Racers - A fast action 2 player car racing game.
 G_Shell - The ultimate GFA BASIC programmer's shell.
 MultiRun - A powerful file launcher with configurable hardware calls.
 Sea Wolf 95 - Aim your torpedoes and fire away!
 Frantick - Slightly updated since our last version. Fast action shooter!
 Choplyfter - The long awaited conversion...looking pretty hot!
 Blazion - A fast action shooter for Falcon owners!
 Megaspace - A arcade action vertical scrolling shooter. 
             (Megaspace could end up being our flagship product!!)
 Quadrys - Multi player Tetrys type game.

 ASTR_FAL.ZIP  has been uploaded to the following file transfer areas:



 Internet FTP sites:

           Germany : FTP.UNI-KL.DE 

    United Kingdom : MICROS.HENSA.AC.UK

     United States : MSDOS.ARCHIVE.UMICH.EDU

 Now you can order/register any of our products directly from some of
 the leading Atari vendors through out the world. These vendors are set
 up to allow you to call them and give them your KEY code and they will
 tell you your registration code over the phone! Or you may take the time
 to mail them your order if you like. Please take the time to consider
 registering any of our currently available products through ANY of the
 following list of Atari vendors.

 In the USA:

 Steve's Atari Sales
 5 West Street
 Woodland, CA 95695

 Toll free order line: (VOICE) 1-800-487-7753
                         (FAX) 1-800-800-FAXS

                              Suzy B's Software
                             3712 Military Road
                           Niagra Falls, NY 14305

                                In the U.K.:

                                Warpzone PDL
                            53 Ropewalk, River ST
                         ST. Judes, Bristol BS2 9EG
                          Telephone/Fax 0272 553758

                                 P.O. Box 2
                           Heanor, Derbys DE75 7YP
                      Telephone/Fax 0773 605010/761944


 > G_SHELL STR InfoFile


       The ULTIMATE development shell for use with GFA BASIC!
                            Now shipping!
   From:                        Munsie
                             5601 Ammons
                         Haltom City, TX 76117
                           (817) 485-9293

 We are pleased to announce that our latest product, G_SHELL is now
 available. G_SHELL truly gives the GFA BASIC 3.5/3.6 programmer a
 professionally written environment to work in. G_SHELL totally replaces
 the MENU.PRG that came with your original GFA BASIC with a serious
 tool that greatly enhances your overall programming productivity.
 G_SHELL includes all of these great features and more!

 * Install up to 30 different GFA BASIC programs.

 * Each program has their own individual compiler options.

 * User definable .PRG and .O file path for each program.

   (Compiled programs can have ANY extension.)

 * Each program can have their own linkable .Object files.

 * Up to 18 TOOLS can be installed and effortlessly launched.

 * Compact, quick, easy to grasp, SINGLE SCREEN, user interface.

   No pretty 3D boxes here, just a serious programming tool that works.

 * Does NOT modify your existing GEM colors.
 * Completely 100% Falcon ready and compatible.
 * Runs in ANY resolution with at least a 640x200 display.
 * You can choose to run the interpreter in ST LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH resolutions!
 * Built in disk tools: Copy, Move, Delete, Name, View, Print
 * Special GFA BASIC programmer tools built in:

 PRG->INL   - Strips header off .PRG files for easy loading into INLINEs.
 VIEW INL   - Allows you to view the decimal contents of an INLINE file.
 COMPARE    - Compares two files. You'll find a use for this soon enough.
 GFA PAL    - Allows you to alter the default colors of the INTERPRETER.
 GFA MANUAL - A special hook that allows you to view the contents of the
              2nd GFA Manual 3rd Edition using an interactive viewer.
              (All files's like a built in GFA MANUAL!!)
 * Switch between 50-60 hertz video. (ST's AND Falcon's)
 * Switch processor speed. (Mega STe's and Falcon's)
 * Auto delete .O file after compiling. (Optional)
 * Compile all. Update all of your .PRG files at one time!
 * Wait on/off, Debug symbols on/off, Move memory on/off.
 * A useful LOG (optional off/on) that keeps track of what you did during
   your G_SHELL session. On going log, appends the file!

 G_SHELL is being distributed as shareware. Even though all features are
 100% intact, some features will be disabled until the program is
 registered. It should be noted that when you register the program you
 will be given a key code that allows you to gain access to all of
 G_SHELL's features WITHOUT having to be sent any other files.
 Registration fee for G_SHELL is $10.00. 

 Now you can order/register any of our products directly from some of
 the leading Atari vendors through out the world. These vendors are set
 up to allow you to call them and give them your KEY code and they will
 tell you your registration code over the phone! Or you may take the time
 to mail them your order if you like. Please take the time to consider
 registering any of our currently available products through ANY of the
 following list of Atari vendors [as listed above].


 > TAF ACE'95 STR SHOW NEWS   Man 'O man .... it's just getting better!!

         _/_/        _/_/_/_/       _/_/_/_/_/ 
        _/_/     _/_/_/_/_/_/    _/_/_/_/_/_/    Software Demos! 
       _/_/     _/_/    _/_/    _/_/            Hardware Demos!
      _/_/     _/_/_/_/_/_/    _/_/_/_/_/      Membership!
     _/_/     _/_/_/_/_/_/    _/_/_/_/_/      Phoenix Newsletter!
    _/_/     _/_/    _/_/    _/_/            16/32 Bit Library!
   _/_/     _/_/    _/_/    _/_/            Monthly Meetings!
  _/_/       _/    _/_/      _/            Flea Market!
   _/                                     Seminars!
                                         Raffles! BBS!
      #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#           Support! GRAPHICS!
    Official Sponsor of ACE'95!        SPREADSHEETS! DATABASES!
      #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         DESKTOP PUBLISHING!
                                     TELECOMMUNICATIONS! MIDI!
                                    WORDPROCESSING! MUCH MORE!
               ~~~ THE TORONTO ATARI FEDERATION ~~~
            Largest Atari User Group in North America!
   ~~~ (416) CALL-TAF (225-5823) For Recorded Information ~~~
             ~~~  TAF Online BBS (416) 421-8999  ~~~
        ~~~ CALL 416-752-2744 For ACE'95 Information ~~~
 The *GREATEST* Atari Exhibition in *YEARS* is happening on April 
 1st & 2nd, 1995, in TORONTO!! Look at this incredible *GROWING* 
                     ACE '95 Exhibitors List!
    ACE '95   ACE '95   ACE '95   ACE '95   ACE '95   ACE '95   ACE '95 
       ATARI       ATARI       ATARI       ATARI       ATARI
 LLLL Gribnif Software!
 LLLLL TOAD Computers!
 LLLLLL Branch Always Software!
 LLLLLLL Cybercube Research (Cyrel)!
 LLLLLLLL DMC Publishing!
 LLLLLLLLL Scarborough Computers!
 LLLLLLLLLL Missionware Software!
 LLLLLLLLLLL ICD INC/4Play/Black Cat Designs!
 LLLLLLLLLLLL It's All Relative!
 LLLLLLLLLLLLLL Esquimalt Digital Logic (OMEN)!
 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GEnie Information Services!
 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Suzy B's Software (& CDs)!
 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Schauzmoll Software (The first GUI BBS)!
 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Oregon Research Associates!
 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Lexicor/Computer Direct! (Medusa?)
 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Fine Tooned Engineering (MIO2, Sweet 16)
        ... shhh! don't tell anybody, but the c-lab falcon mkII 
            is going to be at ace'95, too!!
               *****  What a GREAT lineup!!!
               *****  and there's still MORE TO COME!!
 We're looking forward to CGS Computerbild's presence too, as well
 as COMPO, Migraph, Wizztronics, Best Electronics and *many*
 This will be the premier Atari show of the '90s featuring the 
 BEST dealers and developers, Atari users, MIDI users & Jaguar 
 users, User Groups and the finest software & hardware from all
 over North America & Europe!
 ACE'95 will feature continuous, hour-on-the-hour Seminars and
 Lectures. The ACE'95 Creativity Contest is also gathering speed 
 with 20 entries already!!! There are an a-m-a-z-i-n-g  number of 
 creative Atari users out there!!! SEND IN *YOUR* ENTRY AS SOON AS
 NEED SOMETHING? It will be on SALE at ACE'95!
 DMC Publishing, Beamscope, Lexicor, ABC Solutions, Atari &
 several other TERRIFIC contributors, are providing an
 unbelievable lineup of door prizes, creativity contest prizes
 .... and the ACE'95 Grand Prize!
 MIDI, DTP, Wordprocessing, Graphics, Power Computing, Software 
 Libraries, Utilities, Accessories, Databases, Spreadsheets, 
 Custom Solutions, Games, Educational, Internet, BBS, Networks,
 Accelerators, Emulators, JAGUAR Stations, User Group Center,
 INCREDIBLE SALE PRICES, Software, Hardware, and everything you
 need to use your Atari!
 More Atari users in one place than is EVER safe =;^)
               Getting to ACE'95 is *easy*. Toronto is directly 
               accessed by Highway 401 or the Queen Elizabeth Way, 
               or Highway 400/69. Crossing the US/Canada border 
               at Detroit, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Ft. Erie, 
               Ogdensburg, Kingston, etc., will lead you directly
               to Highway 401 or the Queen Elizabeth Way. Take the 
               Yonge St. Ramp north off the 401 and drive to 5110 
               Yonge St.  If you take the Queen Elizabeth Way, 
               follow the signs to get to highway 401. *ANY* AAA 
               or CAA or other Motor League can provide you with 
               a map of Toronto, Ontario & Canada. Please call us
               if you have any trouble! Pearson International 
               Airport is only 15 minutes away! Toronto Transit 
               subway access is direct, too - there's a subway 
               stop at the Civic Center!
               Book your tickets in advance! Book your hotel 
               in advance! Call or e-mail for a Show Kit: for 
               your User Group or organization or group! The Show 
               Site (North York Civic Center, Memorial Hall 
               Exhibition Facility) has hotel, shopping, 
               restaurants and more! NOVOTEL: $89 Cdn PER NIGHT
                                     (single OR double occupancy)
                              ACE'95 TICKETS: $6 PER DAY
                                              $10 WEEKEND PASS
               CALL 416-752-2744 FOR HOTEL & TICKET RESERVATIONS
               Meet Dan Wilga, Darek Mihocka, Bob Luneski, Peter 
               Zalesak, John Trautschold, Craig Harvey, Nathan 
               Potechin, Mario Georgiou, Greg Kopchak, Al Fasoldt,
               Rick Ladage, Jim Fouch, David & Jennifer Troy,
               Michael Burkley, Roger Burrows, DARLAH, Craig 
               Carmichael, Tom Harker, Chris Krowchuck, Jim 
               Collins, Ralf Dowich, Shawn Tedder, Mike Wilhelm,
               Mike Hohman, Christian Ernst, Michael Snape,
               and plenty more of the greatest dealers, developers 
               & supporters Atari users have ever seen!
               *CALL US*  416-752-2744 or 416-225-5823 *CALL US*
 ACE'95 is being held at:
                           North York Civic Center
                      Memorial Hall Exhibition Facility
                      5110 Yonge St. (at Parkhome Ave.)
                               April 1-2, 1995
                             Saturday 9AM - 6PM
                             Sunday   9AM - 5PM

                ~~ Howard Carson, ACE'95 Chief Organizer ~~~


 > STR NewsPlus

                 -/- Bidding for Commodore Nears End -/-

     Two new bidders have entered the contest for the remaining
 liquidated assets of Commodore International Ltd.

     Computergram International reports this morning one is German PC
 maker/distributor Escom AG, and the other is "a major American
 technology company" represented by Louis Ulysses of Seattle, who
 declined to reveal its name.

     The newsletter quotes Escom's attorney as saying the German company
 had been willing in September to pay $12 million for the remains of
 Commodore, and is still interested, but probably will no longer be
 willing to pay that amount, because the sale has been delayed so long.

     "Only Creative Equipment International Inc. of Miami and a
 management team from Commodore's UK subsidiary had hitherto publicly
 expressed interest in the assets," the newsletter added, "and the
 original bids from each were thought to be higher than Escom's bid."

                -/- Mitnick Nabbed in North Carolina -/-

     Fugitive computerist Kevin D. Mitnick, described by one official as
 "the most wanted hacker in the world," has been arrested at an apartment
 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

     The 31-year-old Mitnick, wanted for violating federal probation, was
 arrested shortly after midnight by FBI agents and state and local law
 enforcement authorities after what the Reuter News Service describes as
 "an intensive two-week 'electronic' manhunt."

     Mitnick was convicted in Los Angeles in 1988 on charges of stealing
 software and breaking into corporate computer networks. He received a
 one-year prison sentence. In 1992, he vanished from Southern California
 and a federal arrest warrant was issued on charges that he violated the
 terms of his probation.

     While on the run, Mitnick is alleged to have broken into corporate
 and communications networks in California, Colorado and North Carolina,
 causing damage and stealing secret information, authorities contend. The
 U.S. Justice Department says Mitnick also faces investigation by various
 state authorities. Most recently he has become a suspect in a rash of
 break-ins on the Internet, the authorities allege.

     The Associated Press says one of Mitnick's latest victims, computer
 security expert Tsutomu Shimomura of the San Diego Supercomputer Center,
 was so angered that he made it his crusade to track Mitnick down and that
 it was with his help that the FBI traced the computerist to the Raleigh

     Mitnick faces charges of computer fraud, punishable by 20 years in
 prison, and illegal use of a phone access device, which carries a
 maximum 15-year sentence. Both crimes also are punishable by $250,000

     "He was clearly the most wanted computer hacker in the world,"
 assistant U.S. attorney Kent Walker told The New York Times. "He
 allegedly had access to corporate trade secrets worth billions of
 dollars. He was a very big threat."

     Justice Department spokesman John Russell called Mitnick "a computer

     Mitnick's downfall began Christmas Day, when he broke into
 Shimomura's home computer and stole security programs he had written.

     "Incensed," says AP, "Shimomura canceled a ski vacation and assembled
 a team of computer experts to hunt down the intruder." Then:

     -:- They traced Mitnick to Netcom, a nationwide Internet access
     -:- With the help of federally subpoenaed phone records, they
         determined that he was placing calls from a cellular phone near
         Raleigh-Durham International Airport.
     -:- Early Monday morning, Shimomura drove around Raleigh with a
         phone company technician, using "a cellular frequency
         direction-finding antenna hooked to a laptop to narrow the search
         to an apartment complex," AP adds.
     -:- After a 24-hour stakeout, the FBI moved in for the arrest.

     Adding a movie-like conclusion to the arrest, 30-year-old Shimomura
 attended Mitnick's pre-arraignment hearing at the federal courthouse in

     "At the end of the hearing," says AP, "a handcuffed Mitnick turned to
 Shimomura, whom he had never met... 'Hello, Tsutomu,' Mitnick said. 'I
 respect your skills.' Shimomura nodded solemnly."


                               JAGUAR SECTION

 Electronic Arts Signed?!
 Cannon Fodder Released!
 More I.S. Tips!
 Winter CES Report!
 And Much More!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      The '95 game releases have finally started.  It's been a long
 period between game releases, but the third-party games that have been
 long-awaited are coming.  Cannon Fodder is the first, with more on the

      Up to now, it's been really quiet on the Jaguar front.  Most
 activity has been speculation and rumor - usually directed at Atari
 with questions about the CD-ROM or new games.  During my last talk with
 folks at Atari, the CD-ROM is still slated for mid to late March.

      We've got a lot of interesting projects slated for future issues,
 including a number of game reviews, interviews with Atari personnel,
 and other articles.  We hope you'll enjoy them!

      Until next time...


 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

    Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

     J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
     J9001  Trevor McFur/
            Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
     J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95       id/Atari Corp.
     JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95          Telegames
     J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99     Rebellion/Atari Corp.
     J9029  Doom                 $69.99        id/Atari Corp.
     J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9003  Club Drive           $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9007  Checkered Flag       $69.99         Atari Corp.
     J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99         Atari Corp.
     J9042  Zool 2               $59.99         Atari Corp
     J9020  Bubsy                $49.99         Atari Corp
     J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99         Atari Corp
     J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99         Atari Corp.
            Cannon Fodder                         Virgin

     Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

             CatBox              $69.95               ICD
             Hover Strike        $59.99              Atari

     Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

     J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $249.99        Atari Corp.
     J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
     J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
     J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95
            Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99        Atari Corp.

 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

                 -/- Sierra to Design Nintendo Games -/-

     Sierra On-Line Inc. has been signed by Nintendo to design video
 games for its Ultra 64 three-dimensional home video game. Sierra says
 it will develop and publish its "Red Baron" flight simulation game
 exclusively for Nintendo.

     United Press International reports from Nintendo's Redmond,
 Washington, headquarters the game will be played on the new 64-bit home
 video game system now being developed by Nintendo and Silicon Graphics

     Nintendo says its 64-bit system, which should be available for home
 use in fall 1995, will carry a suggested retail price in the United
 States of under $250.

                  -/- 16-bit Games Remain Dominant -/-

     A comprehensive study of the U.S. video game business has found that
 the market for 16-bit games is slowing but remains dominant since no
 platform has emerged as a viable replacement to the 16-bit systems from
 Sega and Nintendo, reports PRNewswire.

     "This is bad news for developers that are betting on the rapid
 growth of CD-ROM platforms," said David Cole, president of DFC
 Intelligence, the market research firm that conducted the study titled
 "The U.S. Market for Video Games and Interactive Electronic

     Since CD-ROM systems are expensive and will take some time to
 develop consumer support, the cartridge game systems are likely to
 remain dominant in the market throughout 1996. "It appears that both
 Sega and Nintendo will rely on cartridge systems for the next two
 years," explained Cole.

     Of all the new CD-ROM platforms, DFC Intelligence believes 3DO has
 the best chance to challenge Nintendo and Sega for market share. "3DO
 has a head start, strong corporate backing from Matsushita, and is
 establishing a foothold in the marketplace with a growing library of
 software," said Cole. "3DO, not Sony, is the company to beat when it
 comes to CD-ROM platforms."

     Meanwhile, Nintendo and Sega should remain significant forces in
 the industry. With increased competition, both companies will have to
 make due with a smaller share of the pie; however, with the expected
 growth of the market, it will be a larger pie.

     DFC Intelligence predicts that Nintendo and Sega should each
 maintain a minimum 25 percent of the market for the next five years.
 Said Cole, "Both companies have strong brand names, loyal customers,
 and the required technological and marketing expertise."

     As for the growing installed base of personal computers with CD-ROM
 drives, Cole explained, "It is highly unlikely that the personal
 computer will become a significant platform for entertainment software
 anytime soon." According to Cole, the problem with the PC as a game
 platform is consumer acceptance. "It is the consumer that has the final
 say, and right now they are rejecting the PC. The PC game market is
 plagued by installation difficulties and hardware incompatibilities.
 The PC is just not suited to be a mass market entertainment appliance."

     DFC Intelligence predicts that PC CD-ROM games will grow at a
 modest pace; however, total revenues will pale in comparison to the
 dedicated systems. Said Cole, "It will be hard for any title to make
 money if it is only released on PCs."

     The findings in the report are based on historical trends, combined
 with an analysis of present events.



                             Atari WCES Report!
                       The Jaguar Comes to Winter CES!

 - A look at what Jaguar items were at the recent Winter Consumer
   Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV

 by Marty Mankins, Jaguar Editor
 It's been just over 6 weeks since the Winter Consumer Electronics Show
 (WCES) was held in Las Vegas, NV.  There were many Jaguar items on
 display at the show.  And since this time, no other Jaguar games have
 been released.  There has been talk of some new games that are ready to
 roll off the production line, but nothing so far. 

 We are all anxious to see these titles and the much talked about Jaguar
 CD drive.  So, lets talk about what was at the show and the anticipated
 dates they should be on store shelves.
                       THE NOW FAMOUS CD-ROM DRIVE

 Since the initial double-city release of the Jaguar, there has been
 talk of the CD-ROM drive and how it will work and possible games that
 will make their way when the peripheral ships in late 1994.  Well, it's
 a bit past 1994, but the CD drive was in full view at the show.  Many
 "Oooohhed" and "Aaaahhhed" at the sight of the drive, it's integration
 into the Jaguar console and the number of pre-release games that were
 shown with the system. I know I was blown away, but for the amount of
 time that has been spent on the CD drive, the "blown away" factor was
 expected.  Not just an answer to Sega's CD add-on or it's portable CDX
 unit, the Jaguar CD drive is very nice, easy to use and has a wide range
 of compatibility.  The drive works with not only Jaguar games, but Photo
 CDs, audio CDs and CD+Graphics compact discs.  It's obvious they want
 this drive to be used by more that just the Jaguar players in the house.
 The price is good, coming in at $149.99 retail.  Expect this to be the
 selling price from most places for sometime (6-8 months).  Software
 titles will be out faster since they are on CD and easier to press and
 create.  Some of the future titles are Battlemorph, Blue Lightning and
 Dragon's Lair.  These and other exiting titles should help sell many CD
 drives for the Jaguar.  I've seen some other CD titles for both the PC
 and the Sega CD system that need help and the titles I saw for the
 Jaguar CD drive were incredible, with details galore and all sorts of
 little things that make the game playable over and over.
 The overall reaction to the CD drive was "finally", although Atari says
 it won't be shipping until at least March.  This gives some of us who
 long for more Jaguar stuff to save some money and get at least Dragon's
 Lair and Battlemorph.
                            NEW JAGUAR GAMES

 Atari had Jaguar stations/kiosks all over their large booth (located next
 to the Nintendo behemoth) playing all sorts of games, some shipping,
 some soon-to-ship and some in pre-release form.  The pre-release games
 were limited in how complete the overall game was, but you got the idea.
 One of the shipping games that received less-than wonderful comments was
 Checkered Flag.  This game could have been much better if they would have
 refined the control of the car.  I am amazed that the main aspect of play
 in this game got past testers, beta sites and developers.  It does take
 a long time to master the control of the car, but it never feels like it
 Kasumi Ninja was thankfully better, but not as good as the hype it
 generated early on. The version I played was the final shipping copy.  I
 had seen some demos earlier in the year (found on issue #5 of IE, a CD-ROM
 magazine) and it looked really good.  So, in my gore enticement, I tried
 my favorite move - blowing off your enemies head clean off. After my fifth
 try, it worked and the graphics blew me away.  The game play is
 hard - very hard - but this could be good for those who tire of a game
 early on.  I think this game will have moderate success, judging from the
 feedback of other players.
 Rayman was a big hit.  Almost everyone that came to the booth waited
 behind one of the Rayman kiosks to play the game.  I found the game play
 to be very close to excellent, with just a few refinements (such as when
 the character interacts with other things on the screen) before it ships.
 I rate this game as one that will sell a ton of copies.  Let Atari and
 UBI market this and people will flock to it.
 Ultra Vortex from Beyond Games was another that looked like one of those
 "Sega Killer" games that the Jaguar needs.  It looked close to being
 done and should ship before the end of March.  Yet another fighter game
 for the Jaguar (joining Fight for Life, Kasumi Ninja and Dragon), Ultra
 Vortex looks clean.  The action is fast and hot.  The players are
 detailed and you get hours of play time that will satisfy most players.
 One game that already has its own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file
 on CompuServe is Fight for Life.  This fighting game is different than
 most.  You fight for the ultimate championship, taking your opponents out
 one by one until you reach your goal: gaining redemption and another
 chance at life.  Many of the on-lookers found this one to be good, but
 there seemed like some things needed to be touched up like the
 characters' details and some of the many other background scenes.
 Space War 2000, Hover Strike and Troy Aikman Football were all well
 received, but weren't quite done yet, so game play was hard to judge.
 The second sports game for the Jaguar (Brutal Sports Football counts as
 first), Troy Aikman Football looks complete.  It has all the NFL teams
 and game play is easy to learn and a challenge to master, making this
 game a good pick.  Space War 2000 and Hover Strike were not quite done
 yet, but the screens that were available looked promising.
                         OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST

 Two other items that Jaguar owners may want to have in their gaming
 plethora are the Jaguar Link and the Voice/Data Communicator.  The
 Jaguar Link allows two consoles to be linked together by standard RJ-11
 phone cord at up to 100 feet away from each other.  This would make it
 possible to have more than two players (depending on the software).  The
 price is only $29.99 and should be available in the 2nd Qtr of 95.
 The Voice/Data Communicator allows multiple players to connect via a
 phone line, being able to play a two player game and talk to each other
 via a headset at the same time.  No ship date was announced, but it
 should be available during 1995 for under $160.
                               FINAL NOTES

 Well, that's about it for now.  So during the short lapse waiting for
 new games to ship, players can read how others reacted to games in my
 next report, when I surveyed 10 people and had them see the current
 top 10 games available for the Jaguar.

 > Jaguar Easter Eggs/Cheats/Hints STR InfoFile  -  Solving Those Riddles! 

 Sb: Secret Kasumi Ninja Code
 Fm: SYSOP*Jeff Kovach 70761,3015
 To: All

 From the Internet's Jaguar mailing list, Travis Guy brings us word of
 the first secret cheat code in Kasumi Ninja:


 It took more than a little prying to get, but here's the FIRST released
 Kasumi Ninja code!

 // Kasumi Ninja "Character vs. Character" Mode

  Note: This requires two controllers plugged in to your Jaguar.

  Note: You should already have entered a Gore Code; if not, pick a very
        easy one to remember, like "111111".

  [] Go to the "options" screen.
  [] Access the "change code" option.
  [] You will see the dialog box asking you to enter a code.
  [] While holding the "A" & "C" buttons on Player #2's controller,
     enter "6" "2" "1" "5" "4" "4" on Player #1's controller.
  [] You will hear an audible "Ha", and the words "Wrong code" will
     appear as confirmation. (The "Wrong code" may proceed the "Ha".)
  [] Exit from the "options" screen.

 Go ahead and start a game, and play characters against themselves.
 (i.e., Angus versus Angus....) The character representing Player #2
 will appear onscreen a shade darker than the character representing
 Player #1.



 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

 Sb: #More EA Rumors
 Fm: SYSOP*Jeff Kovach 70761,3015
 To: All

 Today on the Internet, on the Jaguar mailing list the following message
 appeared containing some information from a British video games magazine,
 'Games Master', about some very popular Electronic Arts titles possibly
 being in the works for the Jag CD!



 I know I'm new round here, and that I've only had my Jaguar 1 week, but
 I think I have some info you lot will die for. It comes from the
 March 1995 issue of a UK magazine called Games Master(#27), which is
 quite reputable and has a high (for UK) circulation of over 65,000.
 This is from page 8:

 supporters of, and main driving force behind, 3DO software) are set to
 bring some absolute classics to the Jaguar when the new CD add on is

 The incredible PC/3DO smash WING COMMANDER 3 is the pick of the pile and
 other titles include some of the best games on 3DO. THE NEED FOR SPEED
 (the racing game which has taken the office by storm) will be one of the
 first to appear alongside FIFA SOCCER and JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL.

 This is a real coup for ATARI as ELECTRONIC ARTS have been long time
 supporters of the 3DO and nothing else in the super-console stakes."

 There now. That was worth taking a little bandwidth for, I think you'll
 agree. And for the record, their e-mail is . I
 wouldn't expect replies from them though, as this is for their letters
 page. Try browsing for someone's personal address on
 their staff if you really can't believe me.

 PS They also say MKII is coming to the Jaguar. I guess as a stop-gap
 until MKIII appears?

 Sb: #71768-More EA Rumors
 Fm: SYSOP*Jeff Kovach 70761,3015
 To: Chris Miller 72733,334

  > I don't think I understand your message.  EA is purely a software
  > company, they don't push any one platform.  They develop for Sega,
  > Nintendo, 3DO and others.  I don't see how the competition between
  > Atari and 3DO fits in?

     Supposedly, EA still has very strong ties to Trip Hawkins.  They
 have made it very well known that they are giving strong support to
 3DO, even before the system was selling.  I think EA may also own a
 significant portion of 3DO - I'm sure someone here who knows can tell
 us for certain. And, EA has a long history of NOT supporting Atari

    BTW, there has been a follow-up post to the message that started all
 of this on the Internet.  Nobody believed the guy there either, so he
 sent email to someone at Games Master magazine to ask if they'd stand
 behind their story:


  From: (Philip Boyle)
  Subject: Now maybe you'll believe me . . . . . . .
  Date: 15 Feb 1995 15:34:45 -0000

  Hi again.

 Fair enough, if you lot are too paranoid to believe little ol' me, here
 is confirmation *DIRECT* from the EDITOR of GAMESMASTER magazine. I sent
 him the following mail, and received the attached reply:
  Date: 15/2/95 11:46 am
  To: Simon Kirrane
  Subject: Could you please send me a short message?
  I recently posted to a newsgroup about the eXclusive you revealed
 concerning Atari and Electronic Arts. The problem is no-one will believe
 me, so could you just send me a 2 line message saying you back the story
 100% ? Thanks.

  PS Some think it is a very early April Fools. Please don't say it is.
         Reply to:   RE>Could you please send me a short message?

 The story, that EA will be developing games for the Jag CD came direct
 from Atari themselves. So yes I back it 100%. Thanks for showing an

 Now maybe you'll believe me. If not, why not go ask Travis?

 Sb: #71738-#More EA Rumors
 Fm: John Gibb 100410,3556
 To: SYSOP*Jeff Kovach 70761,3015 (X)

 I spoke (email) to an EA representative just after they bought Bullfrog
 (the company that EA say is independent, but have monthly meetings to
 say which product they'll can next !). And asked him whether Bullfrog
 will release the Bullfrog games already destined for the Jag and will
 they be releasing any new games for the Jag.

 Quite simply, EA will fulfill all Bullfrog obligations but will not be
 releasing any games for the Jaguar in the foreseeable future as they're
 not looking into that platform.

 I wouldn't hold your breath for EA to release anything for the Jag
 they've obviously decided (from what I've been told) that the 3DO is
 the platform of the future (or is it the 3DO-2 or 3DO-3 or 3DO-4) and
 that they'll go out of their way to crush the competition.

  Someone on usenet came up with a nice name "3DOpes".

  (Jag less and waiting for the possibility of the PC Jag-on-a-card)


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando
 CIS ID: 73637,2262

 Well folks, here we are again.  Before we get into this week's news and
 info, I'd like to tell you a little story.  This actually happened to me
 a little over a year ago and, every once in a while, I think about it
 and get a little case of the chuckles.  Maybe you will too...

 CompuServe had just become the first online service of offer a
 previously un-released song as a MicroSoft WAV file for folks with DOS
 machines and Windows (which I normally refer to as "WinDOZE").  Being
 the type to be interested in every new offering that CompuServe has, I
 decided to download it and check it out.

 It was an Aerosmith tune called Head First and wasn't available anywhere
 but CompuServe... not even in the record stores.  So I went to the Music
 area on CIS and chose the option to download the file.  There were two
 choices:  The stereo version, which was about four and a half megabytes
 long, and the mono version which was about 2.2 meg long.

 I chose the mono version and got set to put my 14.4 modem to work.  But
 before the download commenced, CompuServe's software asked me several
 questions to make sure that I wasn't just wasting my time (and theirs).
 First, they wanted to know if I had an MSDOS computer.  I answered yes.
 Then they wanted to know if I had WinDOZE 3.1 or higher.  Again I
 answered in the affirmative.  Then they asked if I had a sound card.
 "Of course I do" I told them.  Once all the criterion had been
 satisfied, my modem began chugging away, transferring Head Tune from
 CompuServe Central to my lowly little Atari STe.  You see, I don't have
 a DOS computer, Windows, or even a sound card.  But I knew something
 that CIS didn't... the ST series of computers is smart!

 Well,  I  got  the  file,  loaded  it  up  and  played it a few times.  It
 certainly wasn't CD-Quality, it wasn't a particularly good song either.  I
 think  Aerosmith  sounded  better when they were younger... and when I was

 Several weeks later, I was talking to a programmer friend of mine who
 had also downloaded the file.  He has the latest DOS technology,
 WinDOZE, and even a shiny, new 16 bit sound card.

 "Have you heard about that new Aerosmith tune", he asked?

 "Yeah," I replied, " I wasn't real impressed, though".

 "Hey," he said, "when did you get a DOS machine"?

 "I didn't," I told him, "I used my Atari".

 "But you have to play it on a DOS computer... it says so on CompuServe".

 "Oops," I chuckled, "I guess I goofed, then".

 "But the Atari doesn't use DOS, does it", he asked?

 "No," I told him, "It uses GEM by DRI, and TOS... Atari's operating

 "Well, he asked, "Can you run Windows on it"?

 "Nope," I said, "And I wouldn't even if I could".

 "Well you had to go out and buy a sound card, though, right"?

 "Uh-uh" I said, "sound capability is built in".

 He was now getting upset.  He was used to thinking of DOS as the epitome
 of operating systems.  "Well," he asked, "what did you have to do to
 play it"?

 "I just downloaded it and played it through a sound program" I told him.

 To prove my point, I pulled out my trusty STacy which is a portable ST
 and played the song for him.

 After he picked his jaw up off of the floor, he said "Yeah, but I'll bet
 that program cost you quite a few bucks".

 "It sure did," I told him, "A whole fifteen dollars".

 His MicroSoft-riveted world was looking a bit odd to him at that moment.
 So he decided to find out about this wondrous new operating system.
 "How much memory do you have in that computer" he asked?

 "Four megs," I told him, "and I've almost never needed any more than

 "Four megs"? He asked incredulously, "That's not possible!  It must take
 at least a meg for the operating system alone... Windows does!"

 "Ah, yes," I said, "but this isn't WinDOZE.  You see, WinDOZE has to jump
 through hoops to get that Intel chip and all of those "optional" add-ons
 like monitors and sound cards to do what they do.  The Atari was
 designed from the start to do those things, so it's not a big deal".

 "Well," he asked, "how much memory DOES the operating system take up"?

 "Just a few kilobytes for pointers and things like that" I told him.
 "You see, the operating system is in ROM, so it doesn't have to be
 loaded up every damned time you turn the machine on.  And there's no
 chance of munging the system files that way".

 "I just paid two thousand dollars for my computer, several hundred for a
 sound card, and about eighty for a WAV sound player... How much did your
 Atari cost you" he asked?

 "Well, let's see," I began, "I paid five hundred for my STe, and... oh,
 that's it.  I don't need any of the other stuff".  I wish I had a camera
 to capture the look on his face for posterity.

 We went on talking about TOS vs. WinDOZE for quite a while, and he came
 away with a new respect for Atari computers... and for me.

 Several people have asked me to relay this story... one of them even
 saying that he'd pin it up on his dashboard for moments when he needed a
 chuckle, so here it is.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about another DOS
 weenie eating crow... I know I did.

 Now let's get on with the info that's available every week right here on

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Lars-Hakan Sundman asks a question that many of us are asking:

   "I've been a atari programer from the time I put my fingers on the
   atari 400 and before it the atari game console. Now i wonder as a
   professional programmer, is there a future??? The PC has such a large
   backing, everything i do is for the PC and every crown iv'e earn is
   from the PC so why shuld i care about which architecture is the best,
   My next market is the Windows NT with Open GL... may the mighty P6 Be
   with you...."

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Lars:

   "There is no future for Atari Computers (TOS based) at this point in
   time. Even the company itself has put all its resources behind the game

 Our own dear, sweet, teddy bear of a Publisher, Ralph, tells Ron:

   " Too true, and the newest "clone" has an incredibly high msrp of
   $3000.00 on it.  The C-Lab Falcon "resurrection".

   It's unbelievable.  Like watching people at a wake.. hoping the
   deceased will rise and walk again.  Bless them all."

 I'd just like to point out that Ralph has ALWAYS pointed out that the
 Atari hardware was fantastic, it was the marketing and lack of serious
 development that "done it in".

 Meanwhile, Jon Sanford adds his own thoughts:

   "I believe there is a Future for Atari Computers. As a Amature & Hobby
    activity.  Similar to Restoring old radios & classic cars.
   It is very stressfull to try to keep up with the Microsoft/Intel or
   Apple/IBM/Motorola...  computer scene.  There is the lure of lotsa
   money, there is also lotsa competition (cutthroat).
   We see in this forum & the Portfolio section a steady supply of people
   who have recently aquired Atari computers. The inital cost of "getting
   into computers" with used Atari stuff is minimal."

 Brad Cross tells Jon:

   "At almost every supermarket I go to there are two monthy magazines on
   VW bugs.Why? Good hardware,lots of parts available, lots of mods to do.
   This is the future for Atari Computers, but only if people stop whining
   and make it so."

 Good point, Brad.
 John Amsler tells us:

   "Without having made ANY changes ANYWHERE, I suddenly can no longer use
   Associated Press Online, or U.S. New & World Report, or any other of
   the services of Basic News.  For example, here's what I get when I try
   to GO APO:
         AocitePrelie AocitePreVieotexNewSerice
                                              orit995AocitePre Alliteere
   eiteAPlieewreortotelie roctoroterwiereitritewitotteriorwrittetoritof
   What's going on?????  (I even tried reloading STalker [3.02] from the
   original disk, and I get the same thing.)  I've sent two separate
   messages to CIS Customer Service via Feedback since Friday, but have
   not even received so much as a "We received your message and are trying
   to solve the problem" type of response."

 Carl Barron tells John:

   "Looks like you are receiving only newlines at end of a line and your
   terminal program does not add the missing returns. Check your terminal
   setup on CIS and your term. prog."

 Ken Goodwin adds his lament:

   "I, too am having the same problem with AP Newswire (Go AP).  It just
   started a few days ago.  I have made no changes in my terminal

 Evidently CompuServe or AP has changed something... we'll keep you
 posted.  Dazzz Smith, a long-time Atari user tells us:

   "I went for a [Mac] Performa 475 with 8 meg ram (4 isnt practical)
   250meg HD and a 15  inch Multiscan monitor (better than the 14" and not
   much more) also get Ram Doubler which does double the Ram if your going
   the Mac route."

 John Amsler asks Dazzz:

   "Do you know if it's possible to put a GEMulator card in one of those
   new Mac models that were introduced last year -- the kind that are a
   PowerPC-based Mac but also have a 486 onboard?
   (Wouldn't that be the best of a bad situation in today's Tower of Babel
   home computer environment:  a PowerPC Mac, MS-DOS/Windoze, *and* TOS
   all in the same box?  I "suspect" you'd be able to run Linux as well.)"

 Dan Parrish tells John:

   "Excuse me for jumping in here but I just today read a review of the
   MagiCMac.  The review was in one of the European mag's, and right now
   I don't remember which one. Anyway, what I read sounded GREAT!!!!!!
   This emulator comes on one disk, and it has only two files, one is the
   install program.  It ran the Atari software they tried, Papyrus,
   Calamus SL amongst others.  Apparently, it is all software with no
   hardware involved.  What I thought of as the real beauty, you can
   create TOS partitions on the existing MAC hard drive without
   reformatting, you can hook up an Atari formatted external SCSI
   hard drive and go with it.  Again. there is nothing special to do. They
   ran GEMBench and found the MagiCMac emulator ran 3 times faster than a
   TT on a Mac Quadra 800. I don't remember what the price was, but the
   emulator was picked up at one of the European Shows, so I guess it is
   in production????
   Just thought I would share that bit of news."

 We'll keep you posted on anything more on this little jewel... it shows

 Jim Wellington asks for help:

   "I have a Stacy 4 and in attempting to install Warp 9, inadvertantly
   copied the Falcon version of the program into the AUTO folder.  Now the
   HD boots as far as the header for the falcon program and then bombs.
   The only problem is that the Stacy does not recognize and partitions
   on the HD when booted from a floppy.  Normal procedure for booting from
   the HD is to not have a floppy disk in its drive and then it will
   autoboot from the HD.
   Has anyone else found a solution short of removing the HD and fixing
   it on a 1040) ?
   I have the Atari Stacy HD disk and can't come up with anything from
   that.  My local dealer is also stumped.  Is there a key combination
   sequence that will cause a boot from the HD even with a floppy in
   Any hints will certainly be appreciated!"

 Carl Barron tells Jim that he has...

   "NO EXPERIENCE WITH stacy particulars. But normally if you hold the alt
   key during the boot up it will boot from floppy. On the floppy I do
   emergency boots from there is an auto folder containing only ahdi.prg.
   Booting from the floppy leaves you in st low if color but no problem
   yet. delete the bad files from C:\AUTO and replace with the good ones.
   Reboot from the HD. [get deskmanager or superboot and you can then
   avoid these problems easily, as it allows you to stop and edit the auto
   folder/da's etc. before completing the boot.] if there is no auto
   folder, you can run ahdi.prg immediately after it boots to the 'AB'
   desktop.  and intall drive C, then it does not attempt to load DA's
   from drive C. But Drive C should be accessable. Delete the bad files,
   and replace with the correct ones."

 Bob Caroles tells us that he's had...

   "...a look around the forum trying to find information on a reliable
   tape backup system for the ST, and I must admit that I'm still a bit
   uninformed. Can anyone out there tell me in straightforward terms where
   I can buy a tape backup system for the Atari in the UK? I'm a simple
   soul and talk of QIC, etc, etc makes my head spin..."

 Boris Molodyi tells Bob:

   "The easiest solution I know of is to purchase Diamond Back III
   program (I believe HiSoft distributes it in the UK) and use it with
   just about any SCSI tape backup unit. You need to have a SCSI tape
   drive, though."

 From the Graphics Support Forum

 On the current hot topic, the decision by Unisys to enforce their
 patents on LZW compression which is used in the popular GIF picture
 format, John Parker posts:

   "There is a widely known law, "The Law of Unintended Consquences",
   that may well come into play and end up biting Unisys on the butt!
   GIF/LZW has rocked along for lo these many years with hardly anyone
   giving it a second thought.  Now, suddenly, Unisys brings it to the
   forefront.   Hundreds and hundreds of really sharp small business type
   people are confronted with the kind of problem small business types
   excel at solving.  The companies Unisys has dealt with in the past on
   the LZW patent are the really big guys who have the megabucks to "go
   along to get along".  They just saw the $20,000, or whatever the
   amount is, as a cost of doing business.  Now, all of a sudden, they are
   forcing people who don't have the bucks to go along to examine the
   patent (probably more carefully than ever before) to find weaknesses in
   it, and/or look for better ways to get done what it is they do.  That's
   a bad combination for Unisys!  Face it, if someone finds a better way
   it might also work in modems and at that point Unisys has lost on both
   counts!  I don't say this will happen, but it certainly is not a good
   idea to infuriate hosts of small business types all over the world.
   Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention!"

 George Ganoe adds:

   "And after all of that maneuvering they did in front of the ANSI
   standards board to get their patent approved for the v.42bis standard
   too.  I wholeheartedly hope some one is able to find a better
   replacement and get the standard amended to permit the new and free
   compression to be used in lieu of the LZW version in the modems. <G> It
   would serve them right in my view.  I don't think that standards should
   promote patented techniques or devices in any case.  If a company wants
   their patent incorporated in a standard they should be required to
   release the patent to the standards organization for free use.  The
   fact that the patent gets incorporated into the standard should be
   enough of a reward, since they would be able to utilize the technology
   that presumably they are most proficient in anyway in their version of
   the standard product.  They shouldn't also be able to collect royalties
   from others as well."

 Steve Rimmer talks about making the process of patenting something

   "Could we make it retroactive? Or no, wait... make it recursive. We
   patent it, and then patent the process of violating it. Anyone who
   violates it owes us for the violation, and for the violation of the
   violation, and for the violation of the violation of the violation, and
   so on...

   Perhaps we could patent specific hexadecimal numbers... or specific
   machine instructions. This would make it prohibitively expensiev for
   other developers to use critical instructions in their software.
   Imagine not being able to add two integers any more. I wonder if the
   royalty would be based on the number of times such an instruction
   appeared in an application, or the number of times it was actually

 Russ Wood tells Steve:

   "You can only patent positive numbers as the government already has all
   the negative numbers sewn up! ...(g)...I think...."

 Dan Richardson asks:

   "How does a publicly accessible online service differ from a shareware
   CD, or a book including a bundled disk of freeware? Unisys has decided
   those are liable."

 David Holm tells Dan:

   "A CD or a book is a product, whereas an online service is a service

 Dan counters with:

   "Both are systems in which you pay for the _delivery_ of information,
   not for the information itself. Unisys has taken the position that the
   fee charged for a CD means the freeware programs on it are not free.
   They are certainly capable of deciding that the fee charged for an
   online service means the freeware programs on it are not free, either."

 Terry Wilkinson posts:

   "Not to nitpick, but .GIF images on most CD *titles* (as opposed to
   simple image archive and library CD's) are used and viewed by the user.
   This requires an engine to uncompress the images, and hence, a royalty
   to Unisys.  It seems to me that is your CD ROM title displayed .GIF
   images you would have to pay a royalty on each and every CD.  Am I

 Glen Chapman tells Terry:

   "Not from what I've read based on the Unisys claims. It also seems
   that they want a % of SRP, without any regard to what GIF/LZW
   contributes.  In the worst case, if I did a EBOOK and had a single GIF
   image as a splash screen I would be liable for the royality on SRP.
   Lot's of groups feel that LZW decoders should be legal without
   royalties, but no legal precedent has been set yet."

 Frank Slinkman adds:

   "The royalty would not be payable on the "single GIF image as a splash
   screen" but on the program which decodes and displays the GIF file.  If
   no such program was on the CD, no royalty would be due."

 Larry Wood tells Terry:

   "In the senerio you discribe, a CD-publisher should be paying someone
   for the use of a drive-engine type decoder, thus that sum would be
   subject to the royalty, at least, according to my understanding of the
   agreement.  For instance, if CSHOW is being used as a drive-engine for
   a CD, the CD-publisher would have (should have) negiotated with Bob
   Berry for the rights to use CSHOW as the drive-engine, making Bob
   liable for 0.8% royalty on any sum he received from the publisher.
   Since Unisys has said to me that royalty is only due once during a
   particular chain of use, I would take that to mean that the 0.8% is the
   only money due Unisys.  Note here carefully that this senerio is only
   for shareware authors; I don't know how this would apply to a
   commercial producer who is using a licensed toolbox."

 Well folks, it is indeed an interesting subject, and will no doubt get
 more interesting since CompuServe has just announced that they will be
 adding another type of picture format.  Stay tuned for more info...
 things are sure to keep on simmering.

 Be sure to tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be
 ready to listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


                       STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"        A true "Sign of the Times" 
   """""""""""""""""             Of Human Tragedy

 Mr. NEWT or Ms. Reno, did you know that...

                  Jacksonville, Florida is STILL TRYING to
                       complete DESEGREGATION in its 
                              SCHOOL SYSTEM!!  

    Quite an example to set for the children in those schools!  They must
        really wonder about the validity of politics and politicians.
  Jacksonville's obvious tardiness is an indelible blemish on the Nation's
                     Civil & Equal Rights track record!

                 Hey PEOPLE!!  THIS IS 1995!! YOU'RE LATE!!
                         LET'S GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

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