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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      How many days left before Christmas?  Not enough you say?  Its a
 wonderful time of the year though.  Well, for almost everybody.  Only
 those who ve managed to miss their Christmas release times and schedules
 will have to  face the music .  Or, should I dare say the litany of the
 disappointed.  Oh well, it only serves as a teacher of what not to do for
 the coming year.
      Novell s Word Perfect for Windows 6.1 is out and about ready for your
 perusal and enjoyment.  That s right enjoyment.  This new version is
 superb in most every way imaginable.  Try it!  You will soon discover this
 version (WPWin 6.1) is the real thing.  The new user interface is lovely
 and it seems it was written especially to look exceptionally good on the
 Mag 17" monitor.  Well not really but the view from here is really very
 nice.  Word Perfect has outdone themselves with this version.  I have
 noticed that every single one of the minor annoyances that irked me are
 gone.  Hat s Off to Word Perfect.  This version by the way is the closest
 I ve seen yet to being a true DTP package for the SOHO.  Imagine that, a
 document processor that s an affordable light duty DTP ensemble also. 
 What a concept.
      The year is rapidly coming to a close.  My, my, did this year go by
 fast or was it just me?  Seems like only yesterday we talking about the
 arrival of Spring Comdex.  But the fact is, Christmas and New Years are
 just around the corner.  Those wonderful Christmas parties are beginning
 to blossom up left and right.  Enjoy!  But ..Please in all your holiday
 celebrating, the one thing I must beg of all of you; don t drink and
 drive.  The life you save will not only be your own but in all likelihood
 your loved ones too!  Not to mention the innocents out there with you and
 around you.  So please, give the keys to a designated driver if you are
 going to lift a few.  
      According to all the studies we ve received, this Christmas is
 strongly predicted to be a banner consumer spending season.  Extraordinary
 sales are expected due to a very strong effort being taken to cater to the
 consumer.  In fact, its predicted that those firms that take the extra
 steps to satisfy will in turn, be most satisfied.  In other words, very
 large sums are predicted to change hands this season as opposed to the
 eight past seasons.
                              The best of the Season s Greetings to you!


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                                              The Staff & Editors



                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #49
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

       ** Intel Apologizes For Pentium Error, Issues "Warranty" **
    In a letter now posted on the Internet, Intel President Andy Grove 
 has apologized for a computational error in the Pentium chip, and has 
 issued a "life-time warranty" on the chip to users "engaged in work 
 involving heavy-duty scientific/floating point calculations."

    Intel has also opened up an 800 number, typically accessed mainly by 
 engineering customers, to all PC users with concerns about the error.
    The error was originally discovered by Thomas Nicely, a mathematics 
 professor at Lynchburg College in Virginia, according to John Raftrey, 
 an Intel spokesperson. Nicely determined that the Pentium can return 
 erroneous values for certain division operations.
    Grove said, "The group concluded after months of work that (1) an 
 error is only likely to occur at a frequency of the order of once in 
 nine billion floating point divides, and that (2) this many divides in 
 all the programs they evaluated (which included many scientific 
 programs) would require elapsed times of use that would be longer than 
 the mean time to failure of the physical computer subsystems".
    "In other words, the error rate a user might see due to the floating 
 point problem would be swamped by other known computer failure mechan-
 isms. This explained why nobody -- not us, not our OEM (original 
 equipment manufacturer) customers, not the software vendors we worked 
 with, and not the many individual users -- had run into it."
    Intel has since fixed the design, and has recently started to produce 
 corrected chips. The error, however, is present in all of the estimated 
 two million Pentium chips based on the original design.
    Callers to the special "800" number (800-628-8686) are answered by a 
 "live person," Raferty added. Each call is then routed to a staff member 
 with "the appropriate level of expertise" to handle the particular 
                    ** IBM to Replace Bad Pentiums **
    IBM says it will replace flawed Intel Corp. Pentium chips in its PCs.
 "IBM considers any problems with the system to be our responsibility,"
 said general manager Bruce Claflin of product and brand management at IBM
 PC Co. "Our customers bought IBM personal computers. If they have
 problems, we're going to be there with solutions."
                   ** Gateway to Swap Pentiums, Too **
    Following IBM's lead, PC maker Gateway 2000 Inc. says it too will 
 offer selected customers a replacement Pentium chip. The company says 
 that upon determining the customer's need, it will provide a new Pentium 
 chip to replace the flawed model originally provided by Intel Corp. The 
 support will continue throughout the system's life.
    "We will incur some additional operational costs offering this level 
 of support, but our customers deserve it," says Ted Waitt, chairman and 
 CEO of Gateway 2000, which specializes in direct market PC sales. "Right 
 now our Pentium demand is stronger than ever," he notes. "We feel that 
 if people just look at the facts as they exist today rather than the 
 perception, demand will continue."
                 ** Dell to Support Pentium Customers **

    A Dell spokesman said the company would support those customers who 
 purchased Dell computers with the faulty chips.  Reports say that Dell 
 feels the problem is unlikely to affect the typical user. "We're moni-
 toring the situation right now and working very closely with Intel and 
 with our customers," said Dell spokesman Roger Rydell.
                      ** Compaq Sues Packard Bell **
    Alleging infringement on three patents in its desktop and notebook 
 machines, Compaq Computer Corp. has sued rival computer maker Packard 
 Bell Electronics Inc.
    The Wall Street Journal says the patents at issue, one of which dates 
 back to 1986, relate to power-conservation techniques, graphics systems 
 for monitors and systems to filter commands to the microprocessor.
    Packard Bell said in a statement it believes Compaq has no basis for 
 the suit, while Compaq officials declined comment.
                  ** Kodak Shows Cable Photo Service **
    Eastman Kodak Co. has demonstrated a potential future interactive 
 photofinishing application in which photos are transmitted over cable 
    With the Kodak system, a consumer would drop off exposed film at a 
 photofinisher, just like today. The photofinisher would develop and scan 
 the photos into a computer that's linked to the local cable system. 
 Then, the system operator would send an electronic notice to the user 
 that he or she has new images to preview. The user could view small 
 "thumbnail" images of the pictures on a TV or computer and select some 
 to view at full-screen size.
    After viewing the photos, the consumer could use the system to place 
 orders for prints and enlargements, as well as send them to friends and 
    The consumer could create custom photographs by recomposing and past-
 ing pictures onto creatively designed backgrounds to make personalized 
 gifts and photo greeting cards.
                  ** Study: Apple Makes Top Notebook **
    Apple Computer is the highest ranking notebook computer brand in 
 terms of customer satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power and 
 Associates 1994 Notebook Computer End-User Satisfaction Study.
    The market research firm says Apple posted an industry- leading index 
 score of 106, narrowly outranking IBM Corp. with 105.  Compaq Computer 
 Corp. was third with an index score of 104.
    Seven major players in the laptop, notebook and super- portable 
 computer industry were examined in the study. AST Research Inc., Dell 
 Computer Corp., Toshiba America Information Systems and Zenith Data 
 Systems all fell below the industry-average index score of 100.

    J.D. Power says Apple's industry-leading performance was based on 
 strength in ease of computer set-up and understandable documentation. 
 Its notebook computers also scored well with users in terms of design 
 and price-value. IBM's strength was in design, batteries and ease of 
 portability. Compaq was strong in price-value and compatibility with 
 other computers.
                    ** HP Plans Cable Modem System **

    Hewlett-Packard Co. says it plans to develop a cable modem system for 
 hybrid fiber/coax networks. HP notes that the system will give PCs the 
 same kind of interactive access traditional modems provide, only much 
    HP's cable modem system will allow cable operators to provide access 
 to online services, the Internet and potentially other services for 
 home-PC users. A cable modem connects a PC to a standard coaxial cable 
 TV line in the same way that a traditional modem connects a PC to a 
 telephone line. HP says its cable modem system will include all the 
 hardware and software necessary for an end-to-end solution from the home 
 to the headend (central cable office).
                    ** Safer Keyboard in the Works **

    Officials with the Ergonomics Laboratory say they are closer to deve-
 loping a safer keyboard that could serve more than 30 million Americans 
 at risk of wrist and hand problems such carpal tunnel syndrome, 
 tendinitis and muscle disorders.
    Lab Director Dr. David Rempel said, "Most companies that employ 
 heavy-duty computer users, like programmers, word processors, reporters 
 and data entry operators, are unable to halt the rising number of cases 
 of workers with muscle, nerve and tendon problems.
    Rempel is quoted as saying keyboard design features, such as hand 
 position and the amount of force used in typing, may play a role in the 
 development of the syndrome by affecting the pressure exerted on the 
 median nerve.
    Reports say, "In one study volunteers type on a keyboard split in 
 half so that both sides can be rotated up and down or moved apart to 
 form an inverted V. The keyboard is adjusted 10 ways, with typists 
 working for 20 minute stretches on each configuration. Their hands and 
 wrists are attached to electrical wires, each movement, such as arm and 
 wrist angles and fingertip force, is recorded on a computer."
    The lab uses infrared cameras to record motion of the fingers, wrist 
 and arm as the volunteer types on different keyboards or performs other 
                     ** GE Computer System Invaded **
    Word in New York is that General Electric Co. computers connected to 
 the Internet have been invaded by digital intruders.
    The Wall Street Journal quotes a GE spokeswoman as confirming inva-
 ders gained access to research and proprietary information on GE 
 computers in two cities.
    The paper says the intruders managed to penetrate robust "firewalls" 
 security barriers and to look at files pertaining to NBC, the TV network 
 owned by GE.
    The Journal also said the hackers also obtained the passwords of 
 workers who were using GE computers to connect to more than a dozen 
 other Internet computers, including at least one other company and 
 several universities.
    The GE spokeswoman said she didn't know details about the computer 
 break-in, "we just know that the system was compromised." She confirmed 
 that after the breach was detected more than a week ago, GE pulled its 
 computers from Internet and revamped its security measures. GE 
 reinstated its Internet connection Friday night, a GE employee told the 
                  ** Program Offers Online Confession **
    "Online with Jesus" is a new program from a German computerist who 
 intends it, he says, as preparation for Roman Catholics who are nervous 
 about confessing their sins to a real priest.
    Programmer Hartmut Landwehr showed how the software takes users step-
 by-step through preliminary prayers, questions them on their misdeeds 
 and deals out their penance.
    "The only thing the computer can't do is absolve people of their sins 
 at the end of confession," reports say. "Landwehr is quick to deny he 
 has any dark plans to make priests redundant or challenge their right to 
 hear confessions, one of the Catholic Church's sacraments."
    The user is first told to prepare for confession by making the sign 
 of the cross. ("For those out of practice, a cross appears on the screen 
 with numbers from one to four to make sure they bless themselves in the 
 right sequence,") The program then provides texts for several 
 preparatory prayers, all accompanied by pictures of the Crucifixion.
    Landwehr, who runs a computer company in Duesseldorf, acknowledges 
 this all might seem blasphemous to some, but he defends his work. 
 "Through my program, Christians who would normally never set foot in 
 church can look into their souls," he said.
    According to sources, "At the end of the electronic confession, the 
 program calculates the sinner's penance according to points scored for 
 each sin. The sinner is ordered to say prayers like the Hail Mary or the 
 Our Father as many times as the computer reckons he needs to make good 
 his transgressions. Conveniently, the forgetful can click on a window to 
 call up the full text of the prayers."
    But the church is not impressed. "It's a joke," spokesman Ernst 
 Werner of the German Bishops' Conference said. "A machine can't replace 
 a priest. ... We may be talking within the church about a renewal of the 
 practice of confession, but there's no way in the future that believers 
 will sit in front of a screen and make priests superfluous."
                  ** IBM, HP, Microsoft Sued Over RSI **

    A woman who contends use of computer equipment caused her to suffer 
 repetitive stress injury has sued IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Microsoft 
    Susan Rosenzweig, a former employee of E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., 
 says in a suit transferred last week to the U.S. District Court in 
 Wilmington, Delaware, that from September 1993 to September of this year 
 she was diagnosed with "flexor tendinitis of both lateral wrists, 
 DeQuervain's syndrome, and repetitive strain injury."
    According to sources, the suit says the plaintiff, who was a clerk at 
 duPont from 1987 until September 1993, used a keyboard, computer and 
 mouse made from the three defendants and contends her physical injuries 
 were caused by her use of the products.
    The suit alleges the three "willfully, recklessly, knowingly and neg-
 ligently failed to warn or advise plaintiff and others of the dangers 
 and hazards" of their equipment.
    The action adds that in August 1993, Rosenzweig says she began to 
 feel "numbness, tingling, pain ... of the upper extremities, neck and 
 torso," symptoms later diagnosed by doctors in Delaware, Pennsylvania 
 and Maryland as repetitive strain injury.
                    ** SPA Settles Two Piracy Cases **
    The Software Publishers Association says it has settled two software 
 piracy cases for a total of $450,000.
    In a statement, the SPA said, "In addition to the penalties paid to 
 the SPA, the organizations were also required to destroy all illegal 
 software programs and repurchase authorized software. The organizations, 
 whose identities must remain anonymous, were using unauthorized software 
 from over 50 members of the SPA."
    The trade group says the two matters began as calls to the 
 association's anti-piracy hotline (1-800/388-7478) and were handled 
 through SPA's corporate audit program.
    The SPA also said the level of domestic software piracy has declined 
 from a high of $2.6 billion in 1988 to an estimated $1.6 billion today, 
 but "there remains a significant amount of work to be done so that all 
 software companies are fairly compensated for their works." 
                      ** Realty BBS Goes National **
    HomeSteadNet, a home/real estate computer bulletin board service, 
 rolls out nationally Jan. 15. Subscribers will be able to access two 
 hours of usage for $9.95.
    Officials with developer Genesee Region Real Estate Information 
 Services, a subsidiary of the Greater Rochester (New York) Association 
 of Realtors, say the board will offer data on "the world of real estate, 
 home and lifestyle, from buying and selling property to nationwide 
 mortgage rates and real estate financing, to future trends for the home 
 and e-mail."

    GENRIS says HomeSteadNet will be test-marketed in the Rochester area 
 next month and invites those interested to a free preview with a modem 
 call to 716/424-1170.
                    ** Brochure Advises Online Kids **
    A new free brochure explains how online computer services work and 
 offers tips to parents and youngsters about staying out of trouble when 
 using them.
    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children of Arlington, 
 Virginia, published a brochure with financing from the online industry. 
 Copies can be obtained by calling the center at 1-800-THE-LOST.
    Reporting on the publication recently, The Washington Post noted 
 these tips to online children:
    -:- Don't give out personal information such as your address or the 
 name of your school.
    -:- Don't agree to get together with someone you met online without 
 checking with your parents.
    -:- Talk with your parents about how much time you'll spend online 
 and in what services.

 > Word Perfect for Windows 6.1 STR Review          A True Pleasure 
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""      A TRUE SOHO DTP package!

                          NOVELL S WORD PERFECT 6.1
                              MICROSOFT WINDOWS

      The update itself was painless.  The anticipation of things to come
 was a different story.  After all, the  resource munching , the
 unexplained GPFs, the cranky speller and of course, the slowness of the
 previous versions in certain areas were all desperately in need of
 attention.  The good folks at WPerfect have royally outdone themselves as
 far as this user/reporter is concerned.  This version is fast no.. Its
 very fast.  It was installed at this office on a number of machines
 including; 386/16, 486/25, 486/33vlb, 486/50 and a ZEOS Pentium 90.  No, I
 am not about to try telling you the performance across the boards was the
 same.  Hmmm what a concept!  I will however, clearly state that where the
 previous incarnations of WPWin were almost unbearable on the 386, the new
 version is tolerable.  That is something slightly above extraordinary.  On
 the 486 machines, regardless of which was in use, the program performed
 quite well and was noticeably faster than its older brothers.  
      The biggest point to be made is this version has every facet of
 itself screaming that this is  the version  all the others should have
 been.  Its nice.  All the features I ve tried so far work fine some even
 better than described.

      Included in this article are a number of the features in the new
 version and how they relate to prior versions.  That inclusion is a
 segment of the read me files included in the new WPWin 6.1 package.   

 The READ ME file listed below contains the following information.

 1    Changes in WPWIN 6.1 Canadian versions
 2    Notes on Upgrading from WPWin 6.0 to 6.1
 3    WPWin 6.1 Enhancements
 4    WPWin 6.1 Additions
 5    Other WPWin 6.1 Changes
 6    Installation of Existing Files
 7    The DDEML.DLL File
 8    Macro Help
 9    Modifying the Personal Information Dialog Box in Templates
 10   Using WordPerfect Outlines in Presentations 3.0
 11   Installation of Bitstream TrueType Fonts
 12   Windows DeskJet Printer Drivers & Printing Envelopes
 13   Error 21 With Windows HP LaserJet 4 Drivers
 14   SQL Database Import
 15   ATM Fonts Under Windows NT
 16   WPCFONT.INI File
 17   File Activity Log
 18   Custom Windows Colors in Help
 19   Restriction on Renaming Network Directories
 20   Optimizing WPWin 6.1
 21   Talk->To PerfectOffice Speech Recognition System
 22   ODBC Setup
 23   Note to Borland Office 2.0 Users
 24   Documentation Changes

      In previous versions of WPWIN, Canadian English versions used a CE 
 language code in filenames that indicated the Canadian English version. 
 In WPWIN 6.1, the Canadian English version uses a US language code in
 filenames, while the internal language settings are set to CE.  Note:
 Canadian French versions now use FR in filenames and CF internally.

      This will require changing the application language code in macros
 from CE to US when modifying macros created in WPWIN 6.0/6.0a.

      Document Expert templates now use a single address field for "City
 Province Postal code" as opposed to three address fields--"City",
 "Province", and "Postal code".  Custom templates created in WPWIN 6.0a
 will have to be modified to combine the three fields into one. This can be
 accomplished by editing the template and using the "Build prompts" feature
 to insert a new address field where required.  Old fields can be deleted
 by blocking and deleting them.

      If WPWin 6.0 or 6.0a is already installed on your computer, WPWin 6.1
 will be installed in the same directories unless you specify otherwise. 
 Version 6.1 will overwrite version 6.0/6.0a.  See Installation of Existing
 Files later in this READ ME for information about installing in existing

      If for some reason you want to install version 6.1 in different
 directories from version 6.0/6.0a, you may either perform a standard
 installation and choose a different drive, or perform a custom
 installation and change the directories.

      If you perform a standard installation but specify a different drive
 for version 6.1 than the drive used for version 6.0/6.0a,only the
 WordPerfect program files for version 6.1 will be installed to the new
 drive.  The PerfectFit files (or shared program files) for version 6.1
 will be installed in the location currently used for version 6.0/6.0a's
 shared program files, and the WordPerfect program files for version
 6.0/6.0a will remain intact on your disk drive.  If you run version
 6.0/6.0a using the Perfect Fit files of version 6.1, the Button Bar in
 version 6.0/6.0a will look different, but it will still be fully

      If you perform a custom installation, you can specify new directories
 for version 6.1's PerfectFit files (or shared program files) as well as
 its WordPerfect program files.  The shared program files and WordPerfect
 program files for version 6.0/6.0a will remain intact in their current

      The WordPerfect setup program determines whether version 6.0/6.0a
 is already installed by checking the WIN.INI and REG.DAT files on your

 Running Versions 6.1 and 6.0/6.0a on the Same Computer
      WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group, recognizes that new
 versions of software programs such as WPWin 6.1 may require sometime for
 training and transition, especially in large organizations.  Therefore,
 the Software License Agreement allows you to have both the current version
 and the prior version on your computer, as long as you do not run both
 versions at the same time.  Please be aware of the following items if you
 run both versions of WPWin on the same computer.

 - WPWin 6.1 includes Grammatik version 6.0 (WPWin 6.0/6.0a included
 Grammatik version 5.0).  Once Grammatik 6.0 is installed, it is the only
 version of Grammatik you can use.  For example, if you run Grammatik from
 within WPWin 6.0/6.0a, you will be running Grammatik version 6.0 instead
 of version 5.0.

 - WPWin 6.1 includes new fonts for the Multinational character set.  Only
 the fonts from version 6.1 are available once this version is installed. 
 When you run WPWin 6.0/6.0a, you may see empty boxes on the screen in
 place of some multinational characters.

 - WPWin 6.0/6.0a and 6.1 can use the same .BIF file.  Preferences for
 version 6.1 will be stored in the WordPerfect 6.1 group in the .BIF file.

 - You will experience the least disruption to your 6.0/6.0a environment if
 you use different shared code (or PerfectFit files) and different .BIF
 files for WPWin 6.0/6.0a and WPWin 6.1.  Use the /wpc startup option to
 specify the location of the shared code or PerfectFit files, and use the
 /pi startup option to specify the location of the .BIF files.  See
 Appendix F: Startup Options in the WPWin 6.1 User's Guide for information
 about using startup options.

 - Both the Draw and Chart modules of WP Draw are updated when you install
 WPWin 6.1.  TextArt is also updated.  You may encounter problems editing
 drawings, charts, or TextArt objects in version 6.0/6.0a.  See the notes
 below for more information.

 Notes on Using WP Draw in WPWin 6.0 After Installing WPWin 6.1
 Please keep the following tips in mind if you need to edit drawings,
 charts, or TextArt objects in documents that are exchanged between WPWin
 6.0/6.0a and WPWin 6.1.

 - When you are running WPWin 6.1 and you edit a drawing or chart created
 in WPWin 6.0/6.0a, that drawing or chart is converted automatically to WP
 Draw 3.0 format (WPWin 6.0/6.0a used WP Draw 2.1 format).  Likewise,
 TextArt objects created in WPWin 6.0/6.0a are converted to TextArt 2.0
 format when edited in WPWin 6.1 (WPWin 6.0/6.0a used TextArt 1.0 format).

 - You cannot edit a WP Draw 3.0 drawing or chart, or a TextArt 2.0 object,
 in WPWin 6.0/6.0a.

 - To determine the format version for a drawing, chart, or TextArt object
 from within WPWin 6.0/6.0a, right-click on it and notice the first item on
 the QuickMenu.

      If the QuickMenu reads                  The format is *
      ------------------------------          ------------------
      Activate WP Graphic 2.1 Object          Draw 2.1 Drawing
      WP Chart 2.1 Object                     Draw 2.1 Chart
      Edit TextArt Object                     TextArt 1.0 Object

      Edit WP Draw 3.0 Drawing Object         Draw 3.0 Drawing
      WP Draw 3.0 Chart Object                Draw 3.0 Chart
      Edit TextArt 2.0 Document Object        TextArt 2.0 Object

 * Tables in this READ ME file are formatted for display in the setup
 program.  Columns may be misaligned if you retrieve the file into a text

      When you want to edit a drawing, chart, or TextArt object in WPWin
 6.0/6.0a, it's always a good idea to right-click on it and check the
 QuickMenu first.  That way you can tell whether the object is still in the
 old format.  If it's not in the old format, don't edit it in WPWin

      For a summary of enhancements since the initial release of WPWin 6.0,
 as well as a summary of changes since version 5.2, see What's New in Help
 (in WordPerfect, choose Contents from the Help menu, choose Additional
 Help, then choose What's New).

 The following enhancements have been made to WPWin since version 6.0a.

 PERFECTOFFICE 3.0 INTEGRATION -- WPWin 6.1 shares a common user interface
 with other PerfectOffice 3.0 applications.  This includes changes to the
 menus, Toolbar (formerly called Button Bar), Power Bar, and status bar. 
 The appearance of the dialog boxes has been slightly modified, too.

      Changes to the menus include the following:  Preferences has been
 moved from the File menu to the Edit menu, Select Printer has been moved
 from the File menu to the Select button on the Print dialog box,
 QuickFinder has been removed from the File menu (it's still available from
 the Open File and Save As dialog boxes), the Layout menu has been renamed
 Format, and the positions of the Tools and Table menus have been swapped.

      OLE 2.0 -- WPWin 6.1's support for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
 version 2.0 improves in-place editing, drag-and-drop across programs and
 document windows, and linking or embedding of any OLE object.  TextArt and
 WP Draw both make use of OLE 2.0.

 You can press the Alt key while double-clicking an OLE object to
 edit the object using open editing.  This is not mentioned in the
 WPWin 6.1 User's Guide.

 WP DRAW -- Both the Draw and Chart modules in WP Draw have been updated. 
 See the WPWin 6.1 User's Guide and the OnLine Help in WP Draw for more
 information.  If you have Presentations 3.0 installed on your computer, it
 can function as your graphics editor in place of WP Draw.  Whichever
 program was installed or run last, either WP Draw or Presentations, will
 be registered as your graphics editor in WordPerfect.

 FIND AND REPLACE -- The Find and Replace dialog boxes have been combined
 into a single dialog box.

 GRAMMATIK -- The Grammatik grammar checker included with WordPerfect has
 been updated to version 6.0.  Grammatik 6.0 identifies grammar errors in
 your document and then rewrites sentences for you when you click Replace.

 TEMPLATES -- Templates have been made more accessible.  Now when you
 choose New from the File menu, you can immediately select a template, or
 you can create a blank document as you've always done.

 QUICKFORMAT -- Now when you use QuickFormat to copy the formatting of one
 heading to other headings in your document, those headings are formatted
 with a QuickFormat style.  When you change the style in one place, the
 same style is updated automatically in the rest of the document.

 UNDO AND REDO -- A Redo feature has been added, and Undo has been enhanced
 to catalog up to 300 of your last editing and formatting actions, so you
 can go back and undo or redo anything you decide to change.

 TEMPLATE MACROS -- Macros assigned to templates are now a separate
 category on the Tools menu from macros that are stored in files.

 CUT AND PASTE -- Cut and Paste now "clean up" after themselves by adding
 or deleting spaces where needed when you cut, paste, or drag and drop
 words and phrases.

 MERGE - The new Merge option in File Preferences lets you specify a
 default file extension for merge forms and data files.  Also, a REPEATROW
 command has been added to make it easier to merge information into a table
 from a data file.

 POWER BAR -- The Power Bar is now implemented as a specialized Toolbar and
 is edited using the Toolbar Editor.

 SELECTING A PRINTER -- The Select Printer dialog box has been modified,
 and a Windows Default Printer option has been added.

 displays a message when it reformats a document for the selected printer. 
 The option "Reformat Documents for Default Printer on Open" has been moved
 from the Environment Preferences dialog box to the Print Preferences
 dialog box.

 TABLES -- You can now use spreadsheet-like row and column indicators to
 select rows, columns, or the entire table.  You can automatically size a
 column to the width of a selected cell or to the width of the cell with
 the largest number of characters.

 QUICKFINDER -- The QuickFinder dialog box has been enhanced and is now
 easier to use.

 QUICKCORRECT -- QuickCorrect can now make several types of sentence
 corrections for you, such as capitalizing the first letter, changing two
 spaces between words to a single space, and changing a single space to a
 double space (or the other way around) at the end of a sentence.

 WATERMARKS -- A Shading button has been added to the Watermark feature bar
 so that you can easily adjust the shading (or brightness) of a watermark. 
 When you create or edit a watermark, WordPerfect now zooms automatically
 to full page view.

 HELP -- The OnLine Help includes an expanded How Do I section, an Examples
 index, and Coaches you can select while you are in Help.

 GRAPHICS IMAGE BOX -- Image has replaced Figure as the default graphics
 box type.

 TILING WINDOWS -- Using the Window menu, you can tile windows vertically
 as well as horizontally.

 IMAGE SCANNER SUPPORT -- If you are using an image scanner with a TWAIN
 compatible driver, you can now scan images directly into WordPerfect.

 ODMA SUPPORT -- Support for Open Document Management API (ODMA) provides
 tight integration with document management software, most notably

 UNC FOR SHARED CODE -- You can now specify the location for shared code
 using Universal Naming Convention (UNC).  However, if you have installed
 GroupWise 4.1 or you plan to continue using WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows
 on the network, do not use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) when
 specifying the location for shared code.  If you do, GroupWise 4.1 and
 WordPerfect 6.0a will not run unless WordPerfect 6.1 is already running.

 NEW COACHES -- Coaches have been added for the following features: 
 Columns, Styles, Templates, and Watermarks.

 CONVERSION DRIVERS -- Conversion drivers have been added for the following
 word processor, spreadsheet, and database formats: Microsoft Word for
 Windows 6.x, Quattro Pro for Windows 5.0 and 6.0, dBase V, Fox Pro 2.5,
 and Paradox 5.0.

 WORDPERFECT CHARACTER SETS -- New typefaces have been added for better
 font matching in the Multinational character set.  WordPerfect now matches
 Roman, Helvetica, and Courier font styles.  Also, four characters have
 been added to the end of the Hebrew character set.

 ABOUT WORDPERFECT DIALOG BOX -- The About WordPerfect dialog box,
 available from the Help menu, now can list your Personal Identification
 Number (PIN) so you can have easy access to it for Customer Support

 QUATTRO PRO BUTTON -- If you have Quattro Pro installed on your system
 when you install WordPerfect, your default Toolbar will include a button
 for Quattro Pro.  This button appears in place of the TextArt button.

 The following features have been added to WPWin since version 6.0a.

 WORD FORMS -- WordPerfect now can use word forms in the Find and Replace,
 Thesaurus, and QuickFinder features.  For example, using the Word Forms
 option in Find and Replace, you can search for the word forms of "go" to
 find "go," "goes," "going," "gone," and "went," or you can replace all
 word forms of "run" with "walk" to replace "run" with "walk," "runs" with
 "walks," "ran" with "walked," and so on.

 Thesaurus lets you look up words using any form.  When you select a new
 word, Thesaurus inserts it in the same form as the original word.  For
 example, if you look up the word "processing," WordPerfect will recognize
 it as a form of "process."  If you replace it with a form of "operation,"
 WordPerfect will insert the correct form "operating."

 With QuickFinder, you can now find files on your hard drive or network
 that contain any form of a specified word.

 DOCUMENT EXPERTS -- Advanced templates called Document Experts have been
 added to simplify the process of creating many common documents, such as
 letters, calendars, and fax cover sheets.

 TABLE EXPERT -- The new Table Expert offers predefined table formats that
 you can quickly apply to your tables.

 MAKE IT FIT EXPERT -- The new Make It Fit Expert reformats your document
 to fit on the number of pages you want it to.

 CHARTS AND AUTO UPDATE TABLES -- You can now create a chart from a table
 in your document, and have the chart automatically update when you make
 changes to the table. 

 DROP CAP -- The DropCap macro has been replaced with a new Drop Cap
 feature that offers 12 predefined styles of drop caps for paragraph
 beginnings and also lets you customize your own.

 DRAG TO CREATE -- With Drag to Create, you can insert images and size any
 type of graphics box by clicking and dragging anywhere in your document.

 OPEN AS COPY -- An Open as Copy check box has been added to the Open File
 dialog box.  This option lets you open a read-only copy of a document. 
 You can then use the document as a model for a new document without
 worrying that you will overwrite and lose the original document.

 FEATURE HISTORIES -- WordPerfect gives you easy access to your last 10
 search strings in Find and Replace; the last 10 macros you played,
 recorded, or edited; the last 10 files you opened; and any number of
 custom Sort definitions--right from the dialog boxes.

 /DTF STARTUP OPTION -- The /dtf startup option tells WordPerfect to use
 the Document Initial Font specified in the default template, instead of
 the Printer Initial Font, each time you create a new document using the
 default template.  Unless this startup option is specified, the default
 template always uses the Printer Initial Font as its initial font.  This
 startup option was not included in Appendix F: Startup Options in the
 WPWin 6.1 User's Guide.

 Besides the enhancements and additions listed above, the following other
 changes have been made to WPWin since version 6.0a.

 WPAMIPRO.WPT, WPWIN52.WPT, and WPWORD.WPT have been removed.


 TRANSITION ADVISOR -- Transition Advisor has been renamed Upgrade

 WORDPERFECT PRINTER DRIVERS -- WordPerfect printer drivers are no longer
 available under a custom installation.  To install WordPerfect printer
 drivers, run the setup program again, choose Install, choose Options, then
 choose Printers.  Also, the files WP60DM08.ALL, WP60HP02.ALL, and
 WP60PS02.ALL have been removed.

 CONVERSION DRIVERS -- Several conversion drivers for word processing and
 spreadsheet formats have been eliminated from the standard installation
 and made available only under a custom installation.  For more
 information, see Conversion Drivers in README.FIL.

 GRAPHICS FILES -- Several .WPG files have been removed.

 TRUETYPE FONTS -- The following TrueType fonts have been removed: Brush
 738 (TT0806M_.TTF), Blackletter 686 (TT1044M_.TTF), Bitstream Arrus Black
 (TT1149M_.TTF), and Bitstream Arrus Black Italic (TT1150M_.TTF).

 When installing WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows into an existing directory,
 WordPerfect checks for any existing template, macro, or graphics files
 that have the same filename as the file that is being installed.  Instead
 of overwriting the file, WordPerfect will rename the existing file using
 <name-of-file>.!?? as the naming convention.  For example, the existing
 file DRAGN.WPG is renamed DRAGN.!PG.

 To determine if a file already exists, WordPerfect checks the date of any
 .WPT, .WCM, or .WPG file that has the same name as the file being
 installed.  If the file has a different date, a backup copy will be made
 of that file.  Note that the Environment files (files with a .ENV
 extension) are also backed up and new Environment files created.

 NOTE:  If you have modified the STANDARD.WPT file since originally
 installing WPWin 6.0/6.0a, the following changes will be made to that file
 when you install WPWin 6.1: 

 1)  A new STANDARD.WPT file that is included with WPWin 6.1 will be merged
 with your modified file of the same name, creating an updated STANDARD.WPT
 file.  The merge will accept any new objects that you have created for the
 template, such as a new Toolbar, but it does not merge with modified
 objects, such as the WordPerfect default Toolbar.

 2)  Your modified file from WPWin 6.0 will be renamed to STANDOLD.WPT.

 3)  The new STANDARD.WPT file that is included with WPWin 6.1 will be
 renamed to STAND61.WPT.

 4) The files STANDOLD.WPT and STAND61.WPT will be moved to the OLDTEMPS
 subdirectory of your WPWin 6.1 Template Files directory, along with any
 other templates you created in WPWin 6.0/6.0a.

 We are aware of conflicts with a Windows file titled DDEML.DLL dated
 4/22/92.  The correct version of this file should be found in your Windows
 System directory (for example, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).  If the above file is
 found in your Windows directory, and the correct version is found in the
 Windows System directory, the file will automatically be deleted from the
 Windows directory.

 If you are installing WPWin 6.1 for the first time on your system, and you
 choose the standard installation, the OnLine macros manual (or Macro Help)
 will not be installed.  The WPWin 6.1 OnLine macros manual is available
 only under a custom installation.

 Macro capability has been added to WP Draw.  The Macro Help file for WP
 Draw is available only on the Utilities Disk.  To order the Utilities
 disk, call one of the Sales Center numbers listed below.  If you are
 outside the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or
 Canada, please contact your local Novell or WordPerfect affiliate or
 authorized reseller.

      (800) 451-5151 (toll-free)
      (801) 225-5000 (toll)

 When you create your own templates, you can edit the _AUTOFIL.WCM macro to
 add or delete fields in the Personal Information dialog box.  However, you
 cannot modify the fields in the Personal Information dialog box used by
 WPWin's built-in Autofill feature.

 You can create slide shows in Presentations 3.0 from outlines you create
 in WordPerfect.

 Presentations uses paragraph numbers (not styles) to distinguish one slide
 from another and one level of information from another.  For example, each
 first level item in your outline corresponds to the title of a new slide,
 and each second level item corresponds to the next level of information on
 that slide, such as a bullet point on a Bullet Chart slide.

 To create an outline item in WordPerfect that will be displayed as a
 subtitle in Presentations, make the outline item be a third level item
 following a first level item.  To do this, follow the steps below.

 1    Choose Outline from the Tools menu.

 2    Type the text for the title of the slide (the first outline

 3    Press Enter.

 4    Press Tab twice, type the text for the subtitle, then press

 5    To add bullet text (or whatever the next level of
      information is for that slide), press Shift+Tab, then type
      the text.

 To view WPWin 6.1 templates as designed, the Bitstream TrueType fonts must
 be installed.  Without these fonts, system fonts will be used, which will
 cause display problems.  The Bitstream TrueType fonts are installed as
 part of a standard installation.  If for some reason you did not install
 these fonts, follow the steps below to install them.

 1    Insert the diskette labeled Setup into disk drive A (or B).

 2    Choose Run from the File menu in the Windows Program

 3    Type A:SETUP (or B:SETUP), then choose OK.

 4    Choose Install, choose Options, then choose Fonts.

 5    Make sure the Install from and Install to text boxes contain
      the proper pathnames, then choose OK.

 6    Follow the prompts until the fonts are installed.

 The following changes need to be made in the Paper Size dialog box if you
 are printing envelopes with a Windows printer driver on any of the
 following printers:  HP DeskJet, HP DeskJet Plus, HP DeskJet 500, or HP
 DeskJet 500c.  With these printers, Envelope #10-Wide needs to be the only
 paper size for envelopes.

 1    Make sure the appropriate Windows printer driver is

 2    Choose Page from the Format menu, then choose Paper Size.

 3    Highlight Envelope #10 Landscape, choose Delete, choose Yes,
      then choose Close.

      Now when you print envelopes, the Envelope #10-Wide paper
      size will be selected by default.

      NOTE:  If Envelope #10-Wide is not listed in the Paper
      Definitions list box, delete all of the paper size
      definitions by selecting them one by one, choosing Delete,
      then choosing Yes.  When all the paper size definitions are
      deleted, choose Close.  Then repeat the steps above.  This
      time when you choose Paper Size in step 2, a new list of
      paper size definitions will be created, including both of
      the envelope definitions.

 When loading the envelope using a Windows printer driver, place the
 envelope face down in the printer and gently push it under the rollers. 
 Do not press the envelope button(s) on the printer's control panel to
 preload the envelope.

 NOTE:  If you are using an HP DeskJet Series (version 3.0 or 3.1) Windows
 printer driver, you will not have a Manual Feed option as described in
 step 5 above.  Therefore, you will need to select either the Default
 option or the In Tray option.  Printing an envelope that is appended to a
 document is not supported with an HP DeskJet Series (version 3.0 or 3.1)
 Windows printer driver.

 After making these changes, you can print envelopes by selecting Envelope
 from the Format menu.  Make sure you select the envelope paper type from
 the Envelope Definitions pop-up list.

 If an Error 21 occurs while you are printing graphics at 600 dpi
 resolution on an HP LaserJet 4 family printer (while using the Windows
 printer driver), we recommend that you make the following changes to the
 driver settings to possibly allow the document to print.

 1    In WordPerfect, choose Print from the File menu, then choose

 2    Highlight the appropriate HP LaserJet 4 Windows printer in
      the Specific Printer list box.


      Select Windows Default Printer.

 3    Choose Setup from the Options drop-down list, then choose

 4    Change the Graphics Mode from HP-GL/2 to Raster, then
      choose OK.

 5    Choose OK to exit the Setup dialog box.  If  your printer
      has additional memory, you may consider turning on the page
      protection option before exiting the Setup dialog box, then
      try printing the graphic again.

 6    Choose Close to return to your WordPerfect document.

 If you are importing an Access database file using spaces (instead of an
 underscore character) in the field name or the table name, make sure you
 place a double quote (") at the start and end of the full name, otherwise
 a syntax error will occur.

 The SQL database drivers that were included with WPWin 6.0/6.0a are not
 included in WPWin 6.1.  However, they are still supported.

 Adobe is currently not supporting ATM under Windows NT, therefore Type 1
 fonts are unavailable for use. 

 WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows has the ability to read a .INI file and use
 the information to translate and map fonts that do not match fonts in the
 current font list.  The purpose of this file is to translate font names
 from WordPerfect 5.x and 6.x printer drivers to windows printer drivers. 
 The file should not be used to store all font names that do not match
 since performance is affected by the size of the file and the number of
 names found in the sections.

 The WPCFONT.INI file consists of three major sections:

 1)  Printer Name Translation
 2)  Printer Font Translation
 3)  Substitute Fonts

 Printer Name Translation
 Because many printers use the same drivers in Windows and in WordPerfect,
 the font translation sections for those printers will be the same.  To
 avoid duplication of translation sections and to keep the file as small as
 possible, translation sections are given unique names, and then printer
 names are equated to those unique names. For example, many of the
 PostScript printers in Windows use the same driver.

 Printer Font Translation
 These sections are printer specific and list font name translations for
 fonts that are the same between WordPerfect printer drivers and Windows
 printer drivers.  To keep the sections as small as possible, base font
 names are listed with the styles in braces.  The rules of .INI files
 require that the names on the left side be unique because they are key
 names.  For consistency, the WordPerfect driver font names are listed on
 the left, and the Windows driver font names are listed on the right. 
 However, the order does not matter because, in trying to match a name,
 both sides are compared, and if a match is made, the name on the other
 side is used.

 Substitution Font Section
 This section is a general font substitution table and is checked by
 WordPerfect for all printers.  The table attempts to match the name on the
 left side of the equation to the name from the document.  If it matches,
 WordPerfect then checks all of the names on the right side for a match
 with the current font list.  One or more names can be listed on the right
 side, and WordPerfect will search the font list until a match is found. 
 The names are separated by commas.

 The File Activity Log feature provides a log file that records the date
 and time at which the following actions occurred:

 - WordPerfect was started and exited
 - Files were opened, closed, or saved (with Save or Save As)
 - Changes were discarded
 - New files were opened

 Along with the log file, File Activity Log verifies that files are saved
 correctly by DOS.  File Activity Log detects problems that may occur when
 DOS or some document management programs have trouble saving a file.  It
 then warns you that there is a problem so you can find some other method
 of saving the file before you exit WordPerfect.

 File Activity Log is inoperative by default.  To enable File Activity Log,
 add the following lines to the [WPCorp] section of your WIN.INI file:


 IMPORTANT:  Specify a full pathname with the filename to ensure that File
 Activity Log can always find your log file.

 To disable File Activity Log, set FileActivityLog to 0 in your WIN.INI

 WordPerfect checks the settings for FileActivityLog and
 FileActivityLogFile only when it starts up, so changes made to the
 settings take effect only after you exit and restart WordPerfect.

 IMPORTANT:  Information is appended to the log file as you use
 WordPerfect.  To preserve disk space, you should make regular backup
 copies of your log files, and then delete them and start again with new
 log files.

 The WPWin Help screens were designed to use specific colors for
 background, text, and so on.  However, if you have customized your Windows
 colors, and you would like to use those colors in the Help screens in
 WPWin, you can do so by inserting the following line in the [Windows Help]
 section of your WIN.INI file:


 Because network directories can't be renamed using NetWare 3.x, you will
 get an error message if you are using NetWare 3.x and you choose Rename
 Directory from the File Options drop-down list on the Open File or Save As
 dialog box.  If you want to remove the Rename Directory option from the
 File Options drop-down list, see Disabling Open File Options in

 There are no restrictions on renaming network directories with NetWare

 Many performance issues can be resolved by configuring your computer to
 run optimally under Windows.  As a starting point, we suggest the

 - Use a disk cache such as SMARTDRIVE.

 - Set up a permanent swap file.  For example, one common configuration is
 to have the total of your computer's physical RAM and your swap file equal

 - Have an adequate FILES statement in your CONFIG.SYS file.  We recommend
 50 or more if you are running Windows applications.

 For additional information, see General Tips in Appendix H:
 Troubleshooting in the WPWin 6.1 User's Guide, or refer to your Windows

 Talk->To PerfectOffice, for the stand-alone version of WordPerfect 6.1 for
 Windows or the PerfectOffice suite, is a speech recognition product that
 lets you run commands simply by speaking into a microphone.  For example,
 instead of using your mouse or keyboard, you can use speech to start an
 application, open a document, move within a document, work with menus and
 dialog boxes, or save and print a document.

 If you purchased either the stand-alone version of WordPerfect 6.1 for
 Windows or the PerfectOffice suite on CD-ROM, you already have the
 software necessary to use the Talk->To PerfectOffice speech recognition
 system within these products and the electronic version of the Talk->To
 PerfectOffice User's Guide in Envoy format.  You can order the additional
 items listed below: 

 DragonDictate Microphone - Necessary for using the Talk->To
 PerfectOffice speech recognition software.

 Cue cards - A collection of speech commands that are task oriented and
 specific to the product you are working in.  For example, the cue card for
 WordPerfect lists, among other things, custom speech commands for
 navigating your WordPerfect document.

 Getting Started Guide - A guide for the new user to speech recognition.

 DragonDictate Starter Edition - DragonDictate Starter Edition is a
 dictation system that allows you to insert or "type" words into the
 application, using your own voice.

 For ordering information, please refer to the enclosed coupon.

 NOTE:  If you purchased the stand-alone version of WordPerfect 6.1 for
 Windows on diskettes and want to use the Talk->To PerfectOffice speech
 recognition system, you must order the WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows CD-ROM
 Media Package.  This includes the Talk->To PerfectOffice software.  For
 ordering information, please refer to the Customer Services appendix in
 the WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows User's Guide.

 If you will be using Microsoft's ODBC to import database data into WPWin,
 you will need access to the ODBC driver manager.  The ODBC driver manager
 is typically included with database programs that use ODBC, but if you do
 not have the ODBC driver manager, you may obtain a free copy for use with
 WPWin 6.1 by ordering the ODBC Setup disk.

 To order the ODBC Setup disk, call one of the Sales Center numbers listed
 below.  If you are outside the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin
 Islands, or Canada, please contact your local Novell or WordPerfect
 affiliate or authorized reseller.

      (800) 451-5151 (toll-free)
      (801) 225-5000 (toll)

 NOTE:  The ODBC Setup disk is included in Informs, the electronic forms
 package from Novell's Groupware division.  You need not order the ODBC
 Setup disk if you already own Informs.

 The version of Desktop Application Director (DAD) included with Borland
 Office 2.0 will not function properly with WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows. 
 An updated DAD will be included in PerfectOffice 3.0.

 Because of program changes made since the WPWin 6.1 User's Guide was
 printed, the following information in the manual is incorrect or

 RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS -- The disk space requirement stated on
 page 3 is incorrect.  WPWin 6.1 requires approximately 32M of free disk
 space for a new, standard installation, including 1.2M for OLE 2.0.  The
 files required for OLE 2.0 will be installed only if you don't already
 have them on your computer, or if you have older versions of them.

 STYLES -- The information about Updating Styles on page 536 does not
 apply.  The Update feature has been removed from the Styles button on the
 Power Bar.  However, styles are still updated automatically as described
 under Automatic Paragraph Styles on page 536, and you can manually update
 styles using the macro command StyleUpdate.

 now start automatically when you select them from the Tools menu or from
 the Toolbar.  You no longer need to choose Start as instructed on pages
 189 and 512.

 SUPPORTED DATABASES -- The dBase V and Paradox 5.0 database versions are
 now supported, but they are not listed as Supported Formats on page 525.

 SHARED CODE -- In several places in the User's Guide, you will find
 references to "shared code" or "shared program files."  For example, there
 are several such references in Appendix D: Networking WordPerfect.  These
 references are generally to files that are installed under the PerfectFit
 Components group in the setup program.

 APPENDIX E: PROGRAM FILES -- The list of files included in a minimum
 installation has changed somewhat since the manual was printed.  Also, the
 complete list of program files is located in README.FIL, not README.WP as
 indicated on page 717.  Please see README.FIL in your WordPerfect


      As you can see, the read me file is quite extensive.  It is
 indicative of the typical documentation one receives from WP Corp.  In
 this respect they try to leave no stone unturned.  This version of Word
 Perfect for Windows 6.1 truly approaches the DTP level in many ways.  In
 fact it far exceeds the company connotation of  Document Processor .  So
 far, in just about twenty two hours of usage, its safe to say to this
 version is everything its supposed to be and then some.  It very nicely
 done, rock solid and to top it all off, it is fast.  Much faster than its
 predecessors.  Go for it, you will not be sorry. 


 > Frankie's Corner STR Feature

 The Kids' Computing Corner

 by Frank Sereno

                            Adventures in Flight
                               Sanctuary Woods
                              1825 S. Grant St.
                                  Suite 410
                             San Mateo, CA 94402
                            phone:  415-286-6000
                           suggested retail $39.95
             separate CD-rom versions for Windows and Macintosh
                          for ages seven to eleven

 IBM Requirements                     Macintosh Requirements

 CPU:    386-SX or higher             CPU:    Mac LC or greater
 Ram:    4 megs, 8 recommended        Ram:    4 megs
 Video:  SVGA                         Video:  8-bit color
 CD-rom: Yes                          CD-rom: Yes
 H disk: under 1 meg                  H disk: under 1 meg
 OS:     Windows 3.1                  OS:     System 6.0.7 or higher
 Sound:  Snd. Blaster or compat.
              Printer recommended on both platforms

 Can you remember back almost a lifetime ago when you were learning math in
 grade school?  Did you wonder what usefulness it would have later in life? 
 And now you have a child who is asking the same question.  Sanctuary Woods
 has provided a way for children to teach themselves the importance of
 mathematics through the fun learning activities of Adventures in Flight. 
 Adventures in Flight is designed to teach children ages seven to eleven
 about how the different occupations involved in airlines use mathematics
 daily in "Real World Math" situations.

 Adventures in Flight uses a point and click interface to allow children to
 explore an airport.  The five areas of interest each have five areas of
 further exploration.  Each of these twenty-five areas has a Data Demo
 which explains how math is used in that area. Each Data Demo has a Data
 Quiz in which children answer questions to gain points.  The incentive is
 to gain enough points to move to the highest flight level.  Along the way,
 children can print out certificates of progress, plans for constructing
 paper airplanes or they can watch videos of planes morphing from one form
 to another.  Once the child reaches 15000, he will have clearance to fly
 the space shuttle.

 The program includes a short tutorial hosted by Vicki Van Meter, the
 youngest female pilot to cross the Atlantic.  Vicki explains all the
 features and functions of the program.  Also, all activities are explained
 at the beginning and further audible help is available clicking on the
 "host" for each Date Demo or Data Quiz.

 Many Data Quizzes involve solving a math problem such as division or
 addition, but others involve observation.  Children will learn
 measurement, operations, geometry, graphing and problem solving.  They
 will also become familiar with many occupations in the airline industry
 including pilot, ticket agent, flight attendant, baggage handler, aircraft
 mechanic, controller, service technician and customs agent.

 Children can learn at their own pace and they will immediately see how the
 various lessons apply to real-world situations.

 The graphics used in the program are above average.  Still images are
 colorful but not finely detailed.  The animations are very good with many
 amusing touches.  The program makes excellent use of sound.  The music is
 lively and interesting.  All voices are easily heard and understood due to
 excellent diction.  The many digitized sound effects are properly employed
 and have great sound clarity.

 The interface is excellent.  Audible help is available throughout the
 program.  Maneuvering through the program is very easy.  The manual is
 very concise but it includes advice on setting up the program and
 troubleshooting guides.

 Play value is very good.  A child should spend at least ten hours before
 he has finished the 500 data items to be found in the twenty-five Data
 Demos.  He can also print out certificates and paper plane plans.  And
 then there are the 375 math problems he can solve in the Data Quizzes!

 Educational value is outstanding.  This program teaches children many
 important math concepts and shows their application to real situations. 
 The program also introduces children to many possible careers and the
 tasks for those jobs.  Adventures in Flight is designed to be used with
 the cirricula of Addison Wesley's Mathematic Series Quest 2000 and the
 NCTM Standard.  A school version, available for $59.95, includes a
 teacher's manual and an individual student report generator to highlight a
 student's strengths and weaknesses.

 Bang for the Buck is excellent.  This program is reasonably priced and
 provides an excellent blend of entertainment and education.


                     Graphics ............. 8.5
                     Sounds ............... 9.0
                     Interface ............ 9.0
                     Play Value ........... 8.5
                     Educational Value .... 9.5
                     Bang for the Buck .... 9.5
                     Average .............. 9.0


                               Sanctuary Woods
                              1825 S. Grant St.
                                  Suite 410
                             San Mateo, CA 94402
                            Phone:  415-286-6000
                           suggested retail $39.95
             separate CD-rom versions for Windows and Macintosh
                           for children ages 3 to 6

 IBM Requirements                         Macintosh Requirements

 CPU:    386DX or higher                  CPU:    LC III or higher
 Ram:    4 megs, 8 recommended            Ram:    4 megs, 8 recommended
 Video:  VGA, SVGA recommended            Video:  13" monitor
 H Disk: 1.9 megs or more free            H Disk: n/a
 OS:     Windows 3.1                      OS:     System 6.0.7
 Sound:  Sound Blaster or compatible
      Printer, microphone and mouse recommended on both platforms      

 WordStuff is an interactive multimedia picture dictionary for preschool
 children.  The program combines bright graphics, amusing animations,
 sounds, music and children's voice.  Children will be presented language
 learning opportunities in Spanish and English.  Over seven hundred words
 are represented in WordStuff.

 WordStuff features four exploration areas which are accessed by clicking
 on the children on the title screen.  Children visit a farm, go on a
 camping trip, play in snow or play games at a fair.  These areas then have
 three play areas called I-spy, I-play and I-sing.  I-spy features nouns. 
 I-play features opposite words, noisy words or action words.  I-sing
 allows the child to hear and sing a traditional song.

 A common menu bar to the scenes features a WordStuff logo to return to the
 main screen.  The I-button allows the child to stay in one setting but to
 choose another I-activity.  A printer icon will print line pictures and
 the microphone icon enables the child to record his own pronunciation of
 each word.  The speaker button will play back his recordings.

 I-spy allows the child to click on fifteen objects in a colorful scene.  A
 large, blue cursor will open his eyes when he passes over a selectable
 object.  Upon clicking on such an object, the cursor will change via one
 of eighteen animations to point at the object, then the object's name will
 be pronounced aloud and displayed as text on the screen.  A picture can be
 printed of each noun which can show additional words if the label option
 is chosen.

 The I-play mode will feature the same scene but now clicking on an object
 will open a small animation box.  The animations will define a word for
 the child by presenting an animation.  If he clicks inside the picture, he
 will get an animated surprise.  He can print out a picture with a sentence
 for a "Big Book of Sentences."

 The final activity is I-sing.  Three additional buttons are used in this
 activity.  A green arrow is the play button and a red octagon is the stop
 button.  The final button is a face that will flip between two images when
 clicked upon.  If the mouth is open, then the computer voice and
 instrumental tracks will be played.  But if the mouth is closed, then only
 the instrumental track will be played.  He can record his own voice track. 
 Sheet music of the four songs is provided in an included booklet.  A
 picture can be printed also.

 This program is entertaining and educational.  I do see a few
 shortcomings.  The interface could use some changes.  Parents have no
 control over whether the child can or cannot use the printer short of
 turning the printer off.  A menu should be available to the parent to
 control printing, recording or copying of files to the hard drive. 
 Another shortcoming is that each time the child does print a page, he is
 asked to type in his name.  Perhaps it would be better if there were a
 menu for the child to type in his name at the beginning of the program. 
 Also, having this login capability could allow each user to keep his own
 recordings on the hard drive for future reference.  In the I-sing section,
 a nice addition would have been a karaoke-type presentation of the song
 lyrics on the screen while the music was played.

 The graphics in this program are bright and colorful.  The animations are
 very amusing.  One shortcoming is that character's lips are not synched
 with the animation.  Sound is very good.  In a few instances, the children
 doing dialog had some small diction problems but their words are easily
 understood.  The music is joyful.  Sound effects are realistic and are
 implemented a great deal.

 The interface is good, but I do think some parental control menu should be
 available.  I would recommend that parents supervise their child when
 using this program or their printer may run out of ink!  The manual is
 concise but detailed.  It includes technical tips and troubleshooting

 Play value is very good.  The program is fun and amusing.  It will take
 many hours for the child to find all the hidden surprises in this package. 
 The program also provides for hours of off-computer activities with the
 coloring pages and some included word cards.

 Educational value is excellent.  Children will learn many words by
 definition from this program.  Remember that this program includes Spanish
 language versions of each screen so the child may build a small vocabulary
 in that language as well.

 This program is a very good buy for the play and educational value it
 presents to the child.


                     Graphics ............ 8.0
                     Sounds .............. 9.0
                     Interface ........... 8.0
                     Play Value .......... 8.5
                     Educational Value ... 9.0
                     Bang for the Buck ... 8.5
                     Average ............. 8.5


       Sanctuary Woods Announces Release of Three New CD-rom Programs

 On November 28, Sanctuary Woods introduced three new programs.  All three
 products are enhanced versions of products from their recently acquired
 Magic Quest line.  These programs are available for both Windows and
 Macintosh.  For Windows, the programs require an MPC Level 1 computer
 while on the Macintosh the system must have a 13-inch or larger color
 monitor.  Suggested retail price for each title is $39.95.


 The first product is Math Ace Jr.  It is intended for children ages four
 to eight as a tool for teaching fundamental math skills.  Children solve
 math puzzles to equip their own multimedia aquarium.  They will learn
 fifteen essential math concepts including adding, subtracting,
 multiplying, patterns, counting money and telling time.

 The program has been enhanced with more math problems, more character
 animations, digital sound and video and a new pilot activity which allows
 the child to drive the submarine.  They will learn map reading skills as
 they guide the submarine to treasures.


 Word City is a language arts program which integrates spelling,
 vocabulary, reading comprehension and alphabetization skills into an
 entertaining arcade game.  Designed for children ages seven to fourteen,
 the program features 2,400 words and nine activities featuring interactive
 graphics and music to maintain children's interest.

 Children solve word problems to thwart an alien force from destroying Word
 City.  They can also explore topics and concepts of interest outside the
 arcade game.

 Word City has been enhanced with several new activities. "Sounds of the
 City" challenges children to identify 500 antonym, synonym and rhyming
 words.  "Sea & Describe" allows children to describe full-color pictures
 of people, places and things.  "Listen & Do" has been expanded to utilize
 hearing as well as sight recognition to increase children's spelling

 Finally, a new game module called "Wizard" provides challenges for older
 children and adults.  The original Word City featured two levels of play,
 "Prodigy" for ages seven to ten and "Ace" for ages eleven to fourteen. 
 "Wizard" provides new reading comprehension activities, 1200 vocabulary
 words, 400 spelling words and a new "Analogies" activity.

 These titles can be purchased directly through Sanctuary Woods by calling
 415-286-6110 or through many fine retailers and discounters.


 Please remember, I'm looking for additional staff to help review some of
 the children's programs.  Please send a writing sample and a brief note
 about yourself to the addresses listed below.  You won't get paid (don't I
 wish!) but you will get to keep the software so please tell me the ages of
 your children.  Please include your phone number so I may contact you.

                     FidoNET:   Frank Sereno at 1:2235/10
                     U.S. Mail: 528 West Ave.
                               Morris, IL 60450

 And I thank you for reading!  


 > STR InfoFile            CIS  Photoforum Events and Doing s

                        * The PhotoForum Bulletin *
                            Issue #1/December 94

     WELCOME to the first issue of the PhotoForum Bulletin!  This is
 something new we're doing to help busy people keep in touch with what's
 happening in PhotoForum and the world of photography.  We hope all
 PhotoForum participants will appreciate this effort, but if you don't,
 just let us know so we can put you on the exclusion list. 

     Rather than use too many precious bytes telling you what this is or
 what it might become, we'll let this issue speak for

                        -- Jerry O'Neill, Editor --


     Read WINTER.RUL in library 1 of PhotoForum for complete information on
  how you can win very special prizes.  First prize: a collector's Deluxe
 Limited Edition of John Sexton's new book, LISTEN TO THE TREES, valued at
 $750, which includes an original 11x14" signed print, "Aspen and Spruce
 Forest, Near Snowmass, Colorado."  Second prize: a Kodak Portable Photo CD
 player, valued at $350 (US model). Play your Photo CD discs and audio CDs
 almost anywhere! Plus, more prizes!


     We're proud to announce a new PhotoForum message section,
 NANPA/Nature, which has been established to help promote this
 organization's stated goals:

  "The mission of the North American Nature Photography Association is to
 provide education, foster professionalism and ethical conduct, gather and
 disseminate information, and develop standards for all persons interested
 in the field of nature photography.  NANPA further seeks to promote nature
 photography as an art form and as a medium of communication for the
 sciences, nature appreciation and environmental protection."

     The founders and board members, many of whom will soon share their
 wealth of experience in PhotoForum, are the great nature photographers of
 our time. For more about NANPA, GO PHOTOFORUM and see message #541131.

 - NOW-1/29 - Sexton Show in Monterey. GO PHOTOFORUM & see message #533676.

 - NOW-1/15 - ONLINE EXHIBIT - Shadows of Wildness: Images of Raptors by
 Joel Albert.  GO PHOTOFORUM and see message #537136.

 - 12/1 - Start of Winter Photo Contest.  See WINTER.RUL in PhotoForum.

 - 12/11 @ 9pm Eastern - Pro Digital Imaging - Sinar Bron, Inc, Conference.
 Join our guests Jeff Isaacs and Mike Brunzell for a special PhotoForum CO.

 - 12/12 - Ian Summers' Creativity Workshop - Formerly creative director of
 The Black Book.  This exciting workshop is a 10-week event.  GO PROPHOTO
 and see message #16650 for details.

 - 1/13-15 - NANPA's First Annual Forum in Fort Myers, Florida.  Those
 presenting include:  Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, George Lepp, Galen Rowell,
 Dewitt Jones, Pat O'Hara, Jane and Russ Kinne, Gary Braasch, John Nuhn,
 Jeff Foott and others.  Watch for online events soon to follow.

 - 2/9-12 - PMA's Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas.

 - 2/28 - Winter Contest Deadline!


 - Shopping for a point & shoot camera?  See Don Hinds' great file,
 P&S95.TXT, in PhotoForum's Cameras & Lenses library.  Also, get tips in
 PhotoForum's new Point & Shoot message section.

 - The 7th edition of PHOTOGRAPHY by Phil Davis, Emeritus Professor of
 Art, University of Michigan, is now available. Beside's Phil's own work,
 this excellent textbook has illustrations by forum members Bob Clemens,
 Joel Albert and Spiros Polemis. Call 800-338-5578 for more information.

 - LISTEN TO THE TREES - check for it in your local bookstores.


 About 85 people were on-line with forum member John Sexton for a real-time
 conference (CO).  Highly regarded for his large-format photography, his
 printing, and his workshop teaching, John's photographs are in museums
  and exhibits worldwide.  The CO centered around his just-published book
 LISTEN TO THE TREES.  The topics included:

     - How did he select the photographs for his new book?
     - What are his favorite b/w films, developers, and papers?
     - What photographers have influenced him?
     - What is his "secret" of photographing?

 SXTN#3.CO is in PhotoForum's General Photo library.  There you can also
 download SEXTON.INT, an exclusive interview with John which picks up where
 the conference left off.


 Landscape photographer Stephen Johnson made the first digital view camera
 photographs of California's Yosemite National Park using a 4 x 5 view
 camera and the Dicomed Digital Camera Back, and exhibited 28 x 42-inch
 digital prints at the Ansel Adams Gallery.  See YOSEMT.TXT, by Jerry
 O'Neill, in PhotoForum's Digital Imaging library.


 Photographers have recently won some major court cases about copyright
 violations, and others are still underway.  Here are three cases of
 special interest.

 GO PROPHOTO for these text files in the Legal/Copyright library:

 Stock agency FPG wants $1.4 million from photo pirates at NY newspaper
 Newsday -- they used two scanned-in photographs without paying.  See

 Florida photographer Jerry Greenberg collects $195,000 for copyright
 violation from T-shirt manufacturer who used his photos. See GREENB.TXT.

 Portrait giant wins copyright case: Olan Mills Inc. and The Professional
 Photographers of America (PPA), won the case against Iowa photofinisher
 Linn Photo for copying portraits.  See LINN.TXT.


 Read Steve Pollock's review of GDS 3.1b, a DOS shareware program for
 displaying, converting, and cataloging graphic files, with recently added
 JPEG support.  For more about GDS, see the following in PhotoForum's
 Util/GIF/JPG/ZIP library:

     - Steve Pollock's  review:  GDS3.RVW
     - For more info about GDS:  GDSDES.TXT
     - The program file itself:  GDS3.EXE


 - See Photokina through Jerry O'Neill's experienced eyes: read PKNA94.RPT
 and PKNA94.QTS in PhotoForum's General Photo library.

 - Should Kodak let electronically retouched prints win Gold Awards?
 GO PROPHOTO and see a very interesting editorial, BERKEL.TXT, by Adrian
 Berkeley in the WCPP Int'l Corner library.  Read about Charles Green's
 images that started the brouhaha in GREEN.TXT.

 - Most WinCIM users have probably noticed that we have a new forum logo
 that incorporates one of Bob Clemens' photographs of a beautiful model.
 Bob received $100 and free time in PhotoForum for as long as his
 photograph is in our logo.  If you don't have WinCIM, see HMLOGO.GIF in

 - 1001 Idea Stimulators by Ian Summers!  Need to get your creative juices
 flowing?  GO PROPHOTO and see messages #14462, 16282, 16280, 16281.

 - Home Office Deduction?  Are you wondering if your home office deduction
 is legitimate?  GO PROPHOTO and see Burton De Fren's messages #14223 and
 15076.  Enjoy Burt's wit and wisdom in a collection of messages,
 BIZTAX.ZIP, located in the Legal/Copyright library.  He _almost_ makes
 taxes fun.  <s>

 - Clip Art Photo Disks and why pros don't like them!  Scott Highton, ASMP
 Technology chair, covers the issue in CLIPRT.TXT, CLIP1.TXT, CLIP2.TXT,
 CLIP3.TXT, all in PROPHOTO's Stock Issues library.

          Do you have an idea for our next issue?  Let's hear it!

         --== Until next time, Happy Holidays & Good Shooting! ==--


 > STR InfoFile -        Borland s dBASE 5 FOR WINDOWS WINS AWARD
   """"""""""""          ========================================

        International Honors Continue for New Borland Database

      LAS VEGAS -- Borland International Inc.'s new dBASE 5.0 for Windows
 has earned PC/Computing Magazine's prestigious Most Valuable Product 
 (MVP) Award for database management software.  The MVP Awards were
 announced at a ceremony here Sunday in conjunction with COMDEX, the
 world's largest computer trade show.
      PC/Computing's MVP Awards focus on user productivity and usability,
 as well as technological innovation.  dBASE was chosen over Microsoft
 Access 2.0 and Lotus Approach Release 3.0 as the best database of 1994. 
 The MVP Award is the most-recent accolade for dBASE for Windows from
 magazines and trade shows around the world.

      "We auditioned a huge cast of showstopping products, but only the
 stars made the final cut," said the magazine's editorial staff in its
 annual MVP Awards issue.  "dBASE for everything a relational
 database is supposed to be."

      "This MVP Award shows that dBASE -- the most popular PC database in
 history -- is also the state-of-the-art Windows database for the 1990's,"
 said V. David Watkins, vice president and general manager of Borland's
 dBASE Business Unit.  "We thank all the editors at PC/Computing who
 selected dBASE 5.0 for Windows as the industry's best database.  dBASE for 
 Windows' combination of unmatched compatibility and next-generation
 technologies makes it the clear leader in the database market."

 Other Software Awards

      The PC/Computing MVP award is the most recent of several prestigious
 international awards that dBASE 5.0  for Windows has won for its superior
 data management and application development capabilities:

 The SMAU Industrial Design Award for Software (Italy)

      SMAU is the largest and most important computer and electronics trade
 show in Italy.  Each year, a select committee of prominent Italian
 architects, educators, and industry executives choose the best new
 products from over 150 entries.  In October, dBASE 5.0 for Windows was
 presented with the 27th annual SMAU Industrial Design Award in the
 software category for its overall design, graphical user interface, and
 innovative blend of state-of-the-art technologies and compatibility with
 previous versions of dBASE.

 Personal Computer World Magazine's Editor's Choice Award (UK)

      One of the oldest and largest personal computing magazines in the
 United Kingdom, Personal Computer World Magazine recently honored dBASE
 5.0 for Windows with its Editor's Choice Award as Best Windows Database
 Development Package.  In its December issue, the magazine said dBASE for 
 Windows' "rich programming environment puts it head and shoulders above
 FoxPro in terms of its ability to exploit Windows features fully."

 PC User Magazine's Gold Award (UK)

      PC User, the leading business computing magazine in the United
 Kingdom, has awarded dBASE for Windows its distinguished Gold Award.  In a
 September 1994 review, the magazine's editors praised the product "for its
 elegant design, two-way-tools and DOS compatibility."

 Computer Buyer Middle East Editor's Choice Award

      The largest English language computer magazine in the region,
 Computer Buyer Middle East has given dBASE 5.0 for Windows its Editor's
 Choice Award over competing products from Lotus and Microsoft.  According
 to the magazine's November issue, dBASE for Windows is " of the most
 reliable databases around and has always changed itself to follow market

 About dBASE

      With an estimated 15 million users according to Computer Intelligence
 InfoCorp, dBASE is the worldwide standard for application development and
 the most widely-used database of large corporations and government
 organizations.  Available now for Microsoft Windows, DOS, UNIX, and VAX
 VMS systems, dBASE supports the widest range of computing platforms of any 
 desktop database.
      dBASE 5.0 for Windows, winner of PC/Computing Magazine's 1994 MVP
 Award, is the most powerful and advanced Windows database and application
 development environment.  Built upon the industry-standard dBASE language
 and easy-to-use object-oriented technology, dBASE for Windows enables 
 users to access the most popular corporate data sources, including dBASE
 and Paradox, Oracle, Microsoft/Sybase SQL Server, Borland InterBase, and
 all ODBC-compliant databases, such as Informix, DB2, and AS/400.  

 Borland:  The Upsizing Company

 Borland   International  Inc.  (NASDAQ:BORL)  is  a  leading  supplier  of
 databases,  programming  languages  and  tools  for  personal computers. A
 pioneer  in  the  use of object-oriented technology, Borland is focused on
 delivering  products  and  services  that  help customers "upsize" desktop
 applications  into  networked  and  client-server  environments. Borland's
 award-winning   products  are  supported  through  programs  for  software
 d e v elopers,  value  added  resellers,  systems  integrators,  corporate
 customers,  computer  software  retailers  and end users. Headquartered in
 Scotts  Valley,  California,  Borland's  products  include dBASE, Paradox,
 InterBase,  ReportSmith,  Borland  C++,  Borland  Pascal  and Sidekick for


                                Diane Samples
                         Borland International Inc.
                               (408) 431-4705

                                 Steve Curry
                         Borland International Inc.
                               (408) 431-4863


 > STR FOCUS!        Borland s dBASE 5.0 for Windows. SUPER DEAL!
   """"""""""        ============================================

    SPECIAL OFFER...........SPECIAL OFFER...........SPECIAL OFFER........

 dBASE 5.0 for Windows. Best Database. Best Deal.

 dBASE for Windows is the top-rated award winning database. It's the clear
 choice for all your data management needs. Get your work done FASTER with
 dBASE for Windows!

 Here is how you can get dBASE for Windows

 For a limited time, dBASE 5.0 for Windows Competitive Upgrade is now
 available for an estimated street price of $129.95. All existing dBASE for
 DOS owners, other database owners and all office suite owners qualify. A
 $30 rebate ($40 Canadian) is available directly from Borland to All owners
 of previous versions of dBASE. In addition, you get the EasyStart Pack
 absolutely FREE. The EasyStart Pack consists of Dashboard 2.0 for Windows
 (1994 PC/Computing's Most Valuable Product - Best Utility) and Learning
 dBASE for Windows 90-minute video.

 To take advantage of this promotion, call 1-800-227-8885, extension 1285.
 Customers who have already purchased dBASE for Windows prior to this
 promotion are encouraged to call 1-800-437-8446 extension 1281 Monday
 through Friday, 7:00a.m.-4:00p.m. PST.

 Since its introduction in August 1994, dBASE 5.0 for Windows has won
 several prestigious international awards for its superior data management
 and application development capabilities including:

  PC/Computing Magazine's Most Valuable Product Award (US) - November 1994
        PC Magazine's Technical Excellence Award (US) - November 1994
       Windows Tech Journal Star Tech Award (US) - December '94 Issue
                  PC User Gold Award (UK) - September 1994
             SMAU Industrial Design Award (Italy) - October 1994
    Personal Computer World "Editor's Choice" Award (UK) - November 1994
      Computer Buyer Middle East Editor's Choice Award - November 1994
            PC Actual Best Database Award (Spain) - November 1994

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
 600dpi  24  bit Photo Realistic Color Output, please send a Self Addressed
 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

 Folks, the FARGO Primera Pro has GOT to be the best yet.  Its far superior
 to the newest of Color Laser Printers selling for more than three times as
 much.  Its said that ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  Send for this
 sample now.  Guaranteed you will be amazed at the superb quality. (please,
 allow at least a one week turn-around)

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N

                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 Fire  up  that  high-speed modem and head for your favorite GEnie Software
 Library!   Effective October 10, 1994, you'll be able to participate in an
 open  beta  test,  offering  access  to  GEnie Services at 9600 bps for as
 little as $5.00 per hour.

 As a result of an arrangement with Sprint, GEnie will be offering 9600 bps
 access  from almost 300 SprintNet locations.  Best of all, this high-speed
 access  will  not  be subject to high-priced surcharges.  The normal $2.00
 per  hour  SprintNet  surcharge  will apply...even at 9600 bps!  This open
 beta test is expected to run through the end of the year.

 To find the number of the SprintNet access number nearest you, simply type
 PHONES  at  any  GEnie menu prompt (or use the "Move To Keyword" option in
 GENIE  for  Windows and type PHONES).  Remember, this rate applies only to
 9600  bps  access  via  SprintNet.  So be sure to choose the access number
 showing  "9600" in the "Baud Rate" column AND "SprintNet" in the "Network"

 From  the  "Fine  Print"  department,  please note that the $2.00 per hour
 surcharge for SprintNet access is applicable even during your initial four
 hours of monthly usage.

 So,  whether you're into downloading software, reading bulletin boards, or
 accessing databases, it's about to become cheaper to do it faster!

       GENIE Information Services copyright   1994 by General Electric
             Information Services/GENIE, reprinted by permission

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                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GENIE users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > STR InfoFile                   NOVELL'S VISUAL APPBUILDER
   """"""""""""                   ==========================

                        INDUSTRY SHOWS BROAD SUPPORT
                         NOVELL'S VISUAL APPBUILDER

 Over 80 ALMs Now Available

 PROVO, Utah--November  15, 1994--Since Novell's announcement of
 Visual AppBuilder earlier this year, the product has received broad,
 enthusiastic support from customers, developers, Independent Software
 Vendors (ISVs), and end users.  Visual AppBuilder, now called
 AppWare, is Novell's high-level programming tool that enables customers
 to rapidly construct custom applications using pre-written, reusable
 software components called AppWare Loadable Modules (ALMs).  There
 are now over 80 ALMs available for developers to choose from.
 AppWare includes the Visual AppBuilder application, the ALMs, and the
 AppWare Bus.

 AppWare cuts development time and costs, boosts programmer
 productivity, enhances application portability, produces better
 applications and makes developing network applications easy.  In
 addition, developers can easily add sophisticated network functionality to
 their applications, such as NetWare Directory Services (NDS), and
 Tuxedo transaction processing.

 KPMG Peat Marwick, a recognized leader in the field of information
 technology management, is one of the many companies choosing to use
 AppWare to develop applications.  Allan Frank, national partner in charge
 of enabling technologies said, "we believe in the concept of AppWare to
 such a degree that we have developed a standalone business called
 AppWare Business Solutions.  This group of people is dedicated to
 developing enterprise-wide solutions using AppWare.  The bottom line is,
 we are talking about truly delivering the dream of cheaper, quicker, and
 better applications."

 Additionally, many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are using
 AppWare to develop applications in a fraction of the time and cost it took
 using traditional methods.  These companies include Attachmate, Btrieve
 Technologies, Cerebus Corporation, Cheyenne Software, ECO High Tech
 Group, Hewlett Packard, HiTecSoft, Hesk, HyperActive, Inc., IDAS
 Corporation, ImPower, Inc., International Software Products,
 KnowledgeWare/Clear Access, Parallel Software, Peer Systems, Quinsy
 b.v., Reach Software, Revelar Corporation, Sales Kit Software,
 TechGnosis, Inc., and Wall Data Inc.

 "AppWare is key to Novell's success as a provider of leading network
 applications and development tools," said Bob Frankenberg, Novell
 chairman, president and CEO.  "It's great to see the industry realizing
 the productivity, cost saving, and time to market benefits of AppWare."

 ALMs--Helping Customers Create Better Applications

 ALMs are the software building blocks that customers use to create
 custom applications using AppWare.  They provide access to functions
 that are provided by local operating systems and network services.
 ALMs range from user interface utilities and multimedia modules to
 network services such as database access and messaging.  Novell now
 offers more than 80 of these ALMs, making it even easier for customers
 to develop the custom applications they need to solve  their business

 How AppWare Works

 AppWare allows developers to build applications by graphically
 arranging ALMs on screen that represent the application's sequences of
 operation and data flow.  The software designer then uses the AppWare
 Bus to link and compile the ALMs into a working application.  AppWare
 applications that are created for one platform are portable to another as
 long as the necessary ALMs exist in both environments.

 Novell's business is connecting people with people and the information
 they need, enabling them to act on it anytime, anyplace.  Novell is the
 world's leading network provider.  The company's software products
 provide the distributed infrastructure, network services, advanced
 network access and network applications required to make networked
 information and pervasive computing an integral part of everyone's daily

                                 Paula Taft
                                Novell, Inc.
                               (801) 261-7922


 > STR FOCUS!        Spectrum Holobyte Ready For Christmas Sales
   """"""""""        ===========================================

                           WITH EXCITING NEW GAMES
                            THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

 ALAMEDA, CA, November 15, 1994 - Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBYT)
 and its family of companies have some exciting new holiday gift game ideas.

 Spectrum HoloBytes game STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION(r) "Futures
 Past"(tm) has become one of 1994's top-selling interactive games for the
 Super NES, and is now engaged for holiday gift-giving among Trekkers and
 non-Trekkers alike. True to the look and feel of the television show, the
 interactive game offers its players a gripping story line, with the
 ability to play as any one of the seven main characters, such as
 Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Counselor Deanna Troi.  As players explore
 the vast universe in this adventure game, they will visit strange new
 worlds, encounter alien life forms and defend the Starship Enterprise.

 Visit and explore another new world in Sid Meier's Colonization(tm),
 MicroProse's(r) latest award-winning and top selling IBM-PC product
 developed by innovative software designer Sid Meier. Based on the
 acclaimed Sid Meier's Civilization(r), Colonization focuses on a single
 era in history from 1500 to 1800   the discovery, exploration and
 colonization of the New World. Players control economic, military and
 political growth and strive to establish independence from the mother
 country while competing with other imperialist countries for dominance.

 MicroProse's Ultimate Football(tm) combines a 3-D simulation of all the
 bone-crushing action of the National Football League(tm) with the
 Franchise Football League(tm) Fantasy Football program. This IBM-PC
 CD-ROM software is the only computer product that allows you to
 download the real 1994 NFL stats from the Prodigy/Franchise Football
 League Stat Service or from the Fantasy Sports Properties, Inc.'s
 bulletin board service.  With the Super Bowl approaching, this game
 will be a real favorite.

 FALCON(r) GOLD, Spectrum HoloByte's leading combat flight simulation
 product, will be flying off the shelves this holiday season.  It has hit
 best selling lists every week since its release in mid-summer.  New
 versions of Falcon(r) 3 .0, Operation: Fighting Tiger(tm), MiG-29: Deadly
 Adversary of Falcon 3.0(tm), Hornet: Naval Strike Fighter(tm), and Art of
 the Kill(tm)  are included in this unique, attractively priced "Gold
 Collection" CD-ROM, released for DOS platforms.

 MicroProses X-COM UFO Defense(tm) is an addictive strategy game that pits
 the player against aliens terrorizing the Earth.  Players must command
 groups of scientists, engineers and soldiers as well as develop a strategy
 to ensure human survival.  As commander, players intercept UFOs, track
 alien activity on the Geoscope rotating globe display, take charge of
 tactical operations in the 3-D isometric Battlescope display, and monitor
 the political situation.  Released for PC and PC CD-ROM platforms, this
 product offers extraordinary 3-D graphics.

 Master of Magic(tm) , an in-depth strategy game with the same flavor as
 Master of Orion(tm) and Sid Meier's Civilization(r),  is the first game to
 place two popular game genresadventure and strategyinto an ever-changing
 fantasy realm. The player must consider resources, magic energy and other
 wizards in an endeavor to conquer the world.  The player will experience
 new fantasy worlds and mystical planes of existence is this fantastic game
 available on PC and PC CD-ROM platforms.

 BreakThru!(tm), a puzzle game in the tradition of Spectrum HoloByte's ever
 popular Tetris(r) products, will be a favorite for every member of the
 family. Players are required to raze a wall brick by brick. The bricks are
 arranged by color. Beyond the wall lies the skylines of international
 cities such as Berlin, New York and San Francisco.  By clicking on a
 certain color group, the player eliminates all of the same-color bricks in
 that group. Once the wall is razed within a specific time period, the
 player moves onto the next level. BreakThru features one- or two-player
 action, multiple levels of increasing speed and challenge, a dual wall for
 simultaneous two-player action and a special Child mode for younger

 Spectrum HoloByte's Wild Blue Yonder(tm): An Epic Adventure Through the
 Age of Flight,  a new CD-ROM-based series on the history of aviation was
 developed by Digital Ranch of Burbank, California, whose principals are
 the Emmy award-winning producers of the A&E Network's "Brute Force" TV show.
 It is a next-generation interactive CD-ROM product, and one of the first of
 the new products to come out of the synergy between Silicon Valley and
 Hollywood. Wild Blue Yonder combines network-quality, live-action color
 aviation footage, pilot interviews, and text written by Walter J. Boyne,
 former director of the National Air and Space Museum.  It includes
 stunning graphics and a soundtrack covering more than 80 years of popular

 SpaceKids(tm): Where's Grandpa?, an animated interactive cartoon adventure
 on IBM-PC CD-ROM, encourages the development of thinking and problem
 solving for children ages 410. Children manipulate the storyline by a
 simple touch of the keyboard or mouse. The software package contains a
 colorful computer screen frame and stickers, making it a perfect holiday
 gift for children.

 Experience multiplayer virtual reality in CyberStrike, an arcade-style
 game where the action is nonstop, and receive $50 worth of free GEnie 
 on-line time. In September 1994, CyberStrike was named "the hottest
 arcade-style game on-line" by The Washington Posts Fast Forward magazine.
 The installation and interface are easy for both on-line experts and
 beginners and available in MS-DOS for IBM-PC and compatibles.

 Fleet Defender Gold, the first multimedia flight simulator to accurately
 recreate carrier-based operations, is a value-packed IBM-PC CD-ROM
 product. Some of the many features include a fully interactive cockpit
 tour, flight school series of instructional modules, actual Department
 of Defense flight recordings, dynamic footage from Aviation Weeks "Flight
 Deck" video, and gun camera footage of a Libyan Mig encounter.

 A multimedia IBM-PC CD-ROM product, 1942 The Pacific Air War Gold(tm)
 contains digital video speech and images that teach players how to fly and
 fight in World War II airplanes over the Pacific in advanced air combat
 maneuvers. Players have the  option to fly under either the Japanese or
 United States flags. Other features include a virtual cockpit that gives
 same fields of view as the pilot and modem-play capability.

 Often times during the holiday season, people dust off their train sets
 and build transportation networks. Now, MicroProse gives would-be conductors
 and builders the chance to make tracks, make connections and make it big
 with Transport Tycoon, a strategy game in the style of Sid Meier's
 Civilization(r) and Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon(r). Buy, build and control
 networks on rail, air and sea in a game that contains high-resolution
 graphics and  has a  simple point-and-click interface, available for

 In addition, Domark, an affiliated label, has several new phenomenal
 titles available  including Flying Nightmares for the Power Mac and Power Mac
 CD-ROM, Out of the Sun for the Power Mac and Power Mac CD-ROM, and World
 War II for the PC and PC CD-ROM.

 Spectrum  HoloByte,  Inc.  is  a  developer  and  publisher of interactive
 entertainment  software  for  use  on  CD-ROM  and  floppy-based  personal
 computers.  The  products  are  available  nationally  and internationally
 through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants.


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                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

  > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      There have been rumors floating around in recent days, weeks, and
 perhaps months about the possibility of Atari licensing TOS and the
 Falcon to a third party company.  Well, the news came to light, in
 public, on Wednesday, through various sources.  As sketchy as the info
 might be, it appears that C-LAB (Notator folks) will be upgrading the
 Falcon into a high-end machine, specifically for the MIDI niche market
 (so who says non-MIDI users can't use it?).  Possibilities include a
 tower case, an 040, separate keyboard, internal SCSI drive, and more.
 It sounds like what Atari users wanted in the first place when the
 Falcon was first announced!  As we learn more specifics about this
 agreement and future plans, we'll be sure to pass along the information
 to you.

      Well, that's some good news with regard to Atari computing news!
 Whether or not this news does anything to re-vitalize the Atari market
 at all remains to be seen.  My first impression is that many will take
 a wait-and-see attitude.  It's really too early to make any kind of
 prediction.  I wish C-LAB the best of luck!!

      The Toad Computer Festival is this weekend!!  For those of you on
 the east coast, you may want to check out this extravaganza put on by
 the Troys!  It should be a lot of fun.  Check out the details a little
 further on in this issue.

      The folks at TAF have also announced plans for a 1995 show,
 Details are below, as well.

      Let's get on with the show, as we're running real late this week
 and I know you don't want to miss a thing!

      Until next time...

                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (11/30/94)                       
  (1) DR. NECRO DEMO                *(6) MYDRAW V.1.10V3 VECTOR DRAWING  
 *(2) ATARI INTERNATIONAL FTP SITES *(7) BACKWARD II 2.80                
  (3) LHARC 3.10 SHELL & ARCHIVER   *(8) OUTSIDE 3.3 DEMO                
                            * = New on list                                 
                            HONORARY TOP 10                                 

   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently    
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                       
                  STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  10.48)                 
         Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.          

       TOAD COMPUTERS -- HOLIDAY FESTIVAL '94! -- DEC 3 & 4, 1994

                  == THE SHOW IS APPROACHING FAST! ==

 The show will take place at TOAD  COMPUTERS in the Park Plaza Shopping
 Center in Severna Park, Maryland.  There's  unlimited free parking and
 lots to see  and  do  nearby,  as  we're  nestled  between Washington,
 Baltimore, and Annapolis (eat the great local seafood!).

 Confirmed 1994 attendees include:

         - Tom Harker, ICD Inc. (CatBox and Star Battle)
         - Roger Burrows, Anodyne Software (ExtenDOS CD Driver)
         - Gribnif Software -- Dan Wilga / Rick Flashman
         - Wizztronics (Falcon enhancements & more)
         - Bob Luneski, Oregon Research
         - Jim Fouch, Fouch Software (Mailing Manager ST)
         - MajicSoft
         - Binary Sounds (Hybrid Arts Product Line)
         - Joe Waters, Ed. of Current Notes
         - Greg Ondo, Steinberg Jones
         - Charles Smeton (STraight FAX!)
         - And of course, the Toad Gang -- including
           Dave and Jennifer Troy

         ATARI ST / TT / Falcon, Jaguar, Lynx, Portfolio and 8-Bit!!
         Come SEE IT ALL at the nation's premier ATARI Outlet!


         Saturday December 3rd    10:00am - 7:00pm
           Sunday December 4th    10:00am - 5:00pm

         Toad Computers
         Park Plaza Shopping Center
         570 Ritchie Highway
         Severna Park, MD 21146-2925

         Voice:          (410) 544-6943
         Orders:         (800) 448-8623
         FAX:            (410) 544-1329
         BBS:            (410) 544-6999
         TOADFAX:        (410) 544-0098

         information you may need, please call us!
         The local HOLIDAY INN is offering $59 (reg $90) rooms for the
         show. For more information, please call us at (410) 544-6943!


         - 5000 Postcards Mailed in mid-November
         - Featured on the back of our latest catalog
         - Advertised in Current Notes & ST Informer
         - Advertised Electronically (Internet et al)
         - Highway Signage


         ICD is offering a special promotion at the show. Buy an
         AdSpeed ST/STE for $159 _INSTALLED_.  The board will be
         installed & your computer shipped back to you FREE or,
         time permitting, the board can be installed at the show --

         This is a great opportunity to get your ST going faster
         and save a little CASH! Bring your machine to the show
         to take advantage of this great deal!


         - Falcon030's (LOW!)    - Hard Drives
         - TT030's               - Hand Scanners
         - 1040STE's             - 450 Mice
         - Stacy's               - 125 Trackballs
         - Mega STE's            - Joysticks
         - Laser Printers        - ALL NEW SOFTWARE
         - CD ROM Drives         - STraight FAX! (Show Special)
         - Monitors              - Disks
         - Power Strips          - Mousepads
         - Books                 - 8-Bit Hardware
         - ST Hardware           - Games
         - DTP Software          - Printers
         - Multimedia Speakers   - Internet Demos
         - Lynx / Lynx Games     - Jaguar
         - NEW JAGUAR TITLES!    - Codehead Stuff
         - Printer Ribbons       - FAX Modems
         - Great deals on all hardware and software
         - Full selection of Atari hardware & software
         - Atari Falcon030 Computer Systems at Special Discount Prices
         - Super Low Clearance Prices on a wide range of items
           including discontinued hardware and software, store demo
           equipment, and much more!
         - Our Toadally Cool Dog, Zoe

         - Free Hot Apple Cider (and cookies if you're good!)
         - Special "Kid Korral" with fun stuff, like crayons
         - Dave Small's Own "Live Rust" Neil Young Album,
           The One To Which Spectre was Programmed!
         - Demos of hardware and software!
         === MUCH, MUCH, MORE! ===


         - Over 14,000 ST Games
         - ImageCopy 3.5CD (Supports Photo CD Pictures)
         - NVDI 3.0 (New Version)
         - MagiC (Newest Version)
         - Desktopper (Falcon Case)


         - Jaguar System (Raffle to Benefit Habitat for Humanity)
         - Jaguar T-Shirts, Mugs & Bumper Stickers
         - Codehead T-Shirts
         - Free Toad T-Shirts to First 25 Attendees
         - Games
         - Lots more

 How much would you pay to be a part of a celebration like this? $3.98?
 $14.59? $75.00 Non Refundable?  Well,   no   need!   Admission to TOAD

 In the immediate area is historic  and scenic Annapolis! Annapolis had
 been the capitol of the  thirteen  colonies  under the Articles of the
 Confederation. Its historic state house is  the  oldest in use in this
 country and its  white  dome  was  built  without  the  use  of nails.
 Annapolis has a truly  quirky  personality  that  is a  combination of
 southern hospitality,  northern  charm  and  historic  clout.  For you
 military buffs, Annapolis  is  the  home  of  the  United States Naval
 Academy. It is  open  to  the  public  and  features  several museums,
 exhibits, and historical buildings. Annapolis is  also home to some of
 the best seafood in the world, straight from the Chesapeake Bay.

 Toad Computers is TEN MINUTES away from downtown Annapolis.

 Also nearby is Baltimore,  home  of  the  recently renovated and world
 famous Inner Harbor -- a   huge   shopping   and  eating fiasco that's
 just minutes from some of  the   city's  most  historic  sites. In the
 inner harbor area,  you  can  visit  the  National  Aquarium  (home to
 thousands of species of marine life)  which  also  features  a working
 rainforest in its pyramid  shaped  dome.  Visit  the  Maryland Science
 Center, home  to  a  huge  I-MAX   theater   and   also   packed  with
 hundreds  of  constantly changing  exhibits  that  relate to  science,
 computers, and more. Visit the  home  of  Babe Ruth, Betsy  Ross,   or
 Edgar Allan Poe. See  the  new  stadium  for  the Baltimore Orioles --
 Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You might also want to visit Fort McHenry
 -- the rampart that still stood after a night of bombardment  in  1812
 that  led Francis Scott Key to  write our national anthem to the  tune
 of  an old drinking song. Find  out why this happened! Visit  the  B&O
 Railroad  Museum where you can learn about the story of the  rise  and
 fall  of the greatest  form  of  transportation  this country has ever

 Toad Computers is THIRTY MINUTES away from downtown Baltimore.

 Lastly, you may want to make a stop in Washington DC -- murder capital
 of the world and Capitol  of  the  United  States.  Where else can the
 mayor of a city smoke crack  and   get  RE-ELECTED? Come see the White
 House -- maybe you can visit Bill  Clinton at home and give  him  your
 ideas  for   healthcare   reform  (yeah,  like  we're  gonna  see that
 anytime soon). Visit the Smithsonian Institute, National Art  Gallery,
 countless  memorials  (Iwo  Jima,   Viet   Nam,  Jefferson,   Lincoln,
 Washington  Monument), and more.  There  is  more  to do in Washington
 than I could ever begin to list here  with any justice. If you do want
 to  go to Washington, check  with  AAA  to  make  sure that you're not
 missing anything. It is truly a city with something for everyone.

 Toad Computers is FORTY FIVE MINUTES away from downtown Washington.

 If you plan to visit the Annapolis  area  from out of state, there are
 several hotels in the area that we may recommend:

         Sheraton At BWI Airport                 15 Minutes Away
         (410) 859-3300                          On Airport Grounds

         Loews Annapolis Hotel                   15 Minutes Away
         126 West Street                         Downtown
         Annapolis, MD 21401                     AAA 4 Diamond Rating
         (410) 263-7777                          Somewhat Expensive

         Days Inn                                10 Minutes Away
         1542 Whitehall Road                     Next to Outlet Mall
         Annapolis, MD 21401                     on U.S. Route 50
         (410) 974-4440                          Near Bay Bridge

      ** Holiday Inn                             15 Minutes Away
      ** 6600 Ritchie Highway                    On Ritchie Highway
      ** Glen Burnie, MD 21061                   (MD Route 2)
      ** (410) 761-8300                          SPECIAL $59 RATE!

         Historic Inns of Annapolis              For you lovebirds who
         (There are several)                     are just dying to
         Church Circle                           have a romantic time
         Annapolis, MD 21401                     in the "ancient city."
         (410) 263-2641                          15 Minutes Away

         For more information, please call Toad Computers at
         (410) 544-6943.

 OK! So you're coming! TERRIFIC! Here's everything you need to know:

  When:  Saturday, December 3rd 1994     10:00am - 7:00pm
         Sunday, December 4th 1994       10:00am - 5:00pm

 Where:  Toad Computers
         Park Plaza Shopping Center
         570 Ritchie Highway
         Severna Park, MD 21146

 So come see the  Jaguar,  see  Falcons  in  flight, see Toad Computers
 (America's Atari Source and the only  Atari Superstore), see the local
 attractions and have fun.  And  help   us  ring in the holiday season!
 We look forward to seeing you!


 For a map to  Toad  Computers  and  the  immediate  area, see GEnie ST
 Roundtable file #25969 (PostScript)  or  #25970  (Img Format). Or just
 call and we'll FAX or  mail  it  to  you.  (This  is also available on
 TOADFAX!, our FAX-on-demand service.)

 Come Visit! We're Expecting You!

 From Annapolis:         Cross Severn River using US 50 bridge (east).

                         Take MD 2 north (first exit across bridge).
                         Turn left at sixth traffic light (McKinsey
                         Road). Turn right immediately into Park Plaza
                         shopping center.

 From Baltimore:         Take I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) south to MD
                         route 10 (to Severna Park). MD 10 will
                         intersect with MD route 2 south. Take route 2
                         about 3 miles further. Turn right at sixth
                         traffic light, onto McKinsey Road, then
                         immediately right into Park Plaza shopping

 From Washington:        Take US 50 (begins as New York Avenue) east to
                         Annapolis. Follow directions from Annapolis.

 From Columbia:          Take MD 32 east to I-97 north (to Baltimore).
                         Exit onto Benfield Boulevard towards Severna
                         Park. Follow Benfield Road to Robinson Road to
                         MD 2. Turn right onto MD 2; second light on
                         right is McKinsey Road. Then turn right
                         immediately into Park Plaza shopping center.

 Once Inside
 Park Plaza:             Locate and face Jo-Ann Fabrics. Turn left and
                         proceed about 200 feet. We are on your left,
                         across from the Signet Bank drive-through

 The street address is 570  Ritchie  Highway.  If  you need any further
 assistance, please feel free to call us at (410) 544-6943!

 We hope to see you  here!  Last  year,  we  were really happy with how
 things went. The holiday  season  is  a  really  wonderful time to get
 together with Atari folks and  it  adds  a  spirit  of real levity and
 excitement that is often missing at  other Atari events. We're looking
 forward to putting on a first-class  show,   and  we hope you can join

 David Troy
 Jennifer Troy
 Ray Mitchell

 David Troy


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     _/_/     _/_/_/_/_/_/    _/_/_/_/_/      Phoenix Newsletter!
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              ~~~ The Toronto Atari Federation ~~~
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         There have been a few events that captured the imagination of 
 Atari Users over the years. One of the most significant of those 
 events was ATARI CANADIAN EXHIBITION '92 - better known as ACE '92.
         Memories are long - especially about great successes! 
         ACE '92 was all of that and more. It provided unprecedented 
 opportunities for an enormous number of DEALERS, DEVELOPERS, 
 SHAREWARE authors and (most important of all!) ATARI USERS, to 
 gather in a venue which was bright, extremely busy, accessible 
 and interesting. ACE '92 was well organized, highly successful 
 and a profitable experience for everyone who participated.
         We're doing it again!
         ACE '95 IS COMING: ** April 1, 1995 - April 2, 1995 **
         We have booked the North York Civic Center, MEMORIAL HALL 
 facility - 5,000 square feet in four rooms! The superb Civic 
 Centre Complex features excellent highway access, high speed 
 local route access as well as airport, bus, subway, car and truck 
 access. In the main complex itself you'll find the NOVOTEL HOTEL, 
 Civic Center SHOPPING MALL & an excellent FOOD COURT immediately 
 adjacent to the Show Hall in addition to other RESTAURANTS and 
 SERVICES. We're also located on Toronto's famous Yonge Street! 
 The location features high traffic volume & a site central to 
 several thousand Atari users from Toronto, Southern & Eastern 
 Ontario, Quebec, Western New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Michigan!

         The Main Auditorium (The Burgundy Room) is 2400 square feet 
 of show/display floor, with a full sound system, proscenium 
 stage, projection facilities, three entrances/exits, medium 
 height ceiling (very intimate!), loads of electricity and direct 
 access to the main foyer. The facility entrance is integrated 
 with the Main Concourse traffic areas and prominently features a 
 Canopied Main Entrance. The second hall (The Gold Room), is a 
 1,500 square foot room with direct access to the main foyer as 
 well. The Gold Room has ample power, projection facilities, 
 medium ceiling height and two entrances. The two smaller 
 conference rooms are being slated for continuous LECTURES, DEMOS 
 & WORKSHOPS throughout the weekend. The conference rooms also 
 feature large picture windows, which provide loads of natural 
 light (these are the same rooms which TAF uses for its regular 
 teaching seminars!). We even have a dedicated MIDI room! The 
 music people can *really* turn it up, without disturbing anybody! 
 Show hours will be from 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday April 1/95 and 
 9 AM to 5 PM Sunday April 2/95.
         Every EXHIBITOR who attends will be supported by a large 
 group of enthusiastic TAF VOLUNTEERS: for directions, support, 
 banking, show liaison, etc. Transportation for Registered 
 Exhibitors from the airport (Pearson International), will be 
 provided free of charge (you must book this service in advance).

         ACE '92 saw over two thousand visitors and this time around, 
 we know our visitors will be even more eager to shop for all the 
 great products being offered, attend the SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS, 
 see the very latest DEMOS of all the terrific new Atari SOFTWARE 
 and HARDWARE and best of all.....have a terrific time!

         FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, we're presenting a THREE-TIERED 
 RATE SCHEDULE. We know it will provide for greater participation 
 by the smaller Shareware and Single Product Developers and User 
 Groups. Show rates are as follows:
      COMMERCIAL SUPPLIERS: *$350 Cdn/$230 US per booth, not 
 including hotels and meals. This includes 8' x 10' booth, 
 electricity, transportation from the airport/bus depot or train 
 station, ACE Liaisons (during show hours for directions, 
 services, services, show support, etc.), 3 display tables, 6 
 chairs, table skirts & partitions, discount hotel rate, setup and 
 tear down help, access to the Hospitality Room. The ACE '95 
 Registered Exhibitor's Kit consists of a floor plan (showing 
 your booth, parking and loading areas), City Map, directions, TAF 
 brochure, pen, ID badge & the Toronto Tourist Pack. We will be 
 mailing Kits to all Exhibitors, of course. You must pre-book 
 your Booth(s). Attendance will be very high, and nobody 
 arriving without a booking can be accommodated.
 **Show management reserves the right to make a final determination 
 as to who qualifies for this rate!
 developed or marketed): $175 Cdn/$115 US per booth, not including 
 hotels and meals. This includes a Half-Booth, electricity, table 
 skirt and partition, transportation from the airport/bus depot or 
 train station, ACE Liaisons (during show hours for directions, 
 services, show support, etc.) 2 display tables (1-Std, 1-Sm), 4 
 chairs, discount hotel rate, setup and tear down help, access 
 to the Hospitality Room. Registered Exhibitor's Kit (as above). 
 We will be mailing Kits to all Exhibitors, of course. You must 
 pre-book your Booth. Attendance will be very high, and nobody 
 arriving without a booking can be accommodated.
 *Show management reserves the right to make a final determination 
 as to who qualifies for this rate!
 #C - USER GROUPS - All User Groups are invited to bring their 
 Disk Libraries, Newsletters and Membership Kits, etc., and set up 
 in our new USER GROUP CENTER! It will be set up in the Main 
 Foyer. The fee per User Group is *$55 Cdn/$35 US, not including 
 hotels and meals. This includes a single table section at the 
 Center, 3 chairs, table skirt, general liaison, access to the 
 Hospitality Room, electricity, Registered Participants Kit (as 
 above). We will be mailing Kits to all Exhibitor's, of course. 
 You MUST pre-book your space in the User Group Center. Attendance 
 will be very high, and nobody arriving without a booking can be 
 accommodated. Please Note that used hardware and software (for 
 sale or trade) is not permitted at ACE '95! We know the User 
 Group Center will be perfect for exchanging ideas & practical 
 solutions to fund raising, membership drives, newsletter 
 production, library management, club account management, seminar 
 & workshop planning, BBS networking, Sysop'ing, and much, much 
 *Show management reserves the right to make a final determination 
 as to who qualifies for this rate!

 VISITORS - Show tickets are only $6 per day or $10 for the entire 
 weekend. Your Single Day or Weekend ticket will give you 
 admission to the ENTIRE SHOW including, all LECTURES, 
 SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS (1st come 1st served, of course), all DEMOS, 
 & the Keynote Speaker. You may pre-book a room at the 
 Novotel ($89 Cdn/$68 US per night - single *or* double 
 occupancy). We have advance ticket forms available which include 
 Hotel Booking forms; you must have a Visa, M/C or Amex card to 
 book a hotel room. All Show Tickets are automatically entered in 
 all the DOOR PRIZE and GRAND PRIZE Draws - extra Draw Tickets are 
 only $2 each. For advance forms, call, write or E-Mail; see 
 the addresses and numbers below! NO VISITORS RESERVATIONS ARE 
 NECESSARY. Come as you are!!
         We have a large, modern facility that is well equipped. We 
 have a very large Volunteer base for Show Support. We have a 
 large user base that is screaming for another ACE! We have 
 inquiries coming from as far away as England, Germany, Taiwan and 
 Alaska. Atari Users want and need this show. We will be 
 advertising the show far and wide. The budgets are done. The 
 planning is done. All we need is for you all to bring your 
 Products, your Expertise, and Yourselves!

 Many Exciting Show events are scheduled: especially the Awards 
 for our BEST OF SHOW CONTESTS for Graphics, MIDI, DTP, Video, 
 Animation as well as TAF's Official Software and Hardware Awards.
         We've got a surprise, too! A very special Guest (Keynote) 
 Speaker actually, who will be addressing everyone at the 
 Exhibitor/Volunteer well as giving a SHOW SPEECH. 
 Believe it or not...there are great things in Atari's future!
         For Booking Kits (includes Floor Plan, Show Booth Contract, 
 Hotel Booking & Ticket Booking, etc.), or Visitor Tickets/Reservations 
 contact the Chief Organizer, HOWARD CARSON as soon as possible on:
                      GEnie:      H.CARSON1 
                      CRS Online: Howard Carson 
                      TAF Online: Howard. Carson 
                      Atarinet:   Howard. Carson@51:5/6
 by mail: Toronto Atari Federation
          Attn: ACE '95 Chief Organizer
          5334 Yonge St. Suite 1527
          Willowdale, Ontario
          M2N 6M2
 by phone: (416) 752-2744  or (416) 225-5823 (CALL-TAF)
 Howard Carson, Chief Organizer - ACE '95


 > Lexicor Expands! STR NewsFile!  -  Lexicor Entertainment Forms!

 Lexicor Software is starting a new sister company, after Radiance
 Software for the SGI, We are please to present:

                     Lexicor Entertainment Software

  Lexicor Entertainment Software is proud to announce:

                           PINBALL DREAMS

 The ultimate in Pinball games......see the colors, hear the sounds, get
 the extra million for your next ball.

 4 Tables: IGNITION
           BEAT BOX
           STEEL WHEEL   -my personal favorite
           NIGHTMARE     -brilliant!! 1 to 8 Player Action

 Great reviews from a large number of industry magazines:

 AMIGA ACTION 87% " Superleage Accolade "

 AMIGA MANIA 92%  " The best ever pinball simulator"

 THE SUN -GAME ZONE  " We reckon it's one of the liveliest most playable
                      computer games ever "

 DATOR  98%  " SMASH HIT "


 In the USA:

                     Lexicor Entertainment Software
                         36 Queensberry Street,
                                 Suite 6
                            Boston, MA 02215
                Tel: (617) 437 0414 - Fax: (617) 437 9413

 In the UK   - 16/32 Systems - (634) 710 788

 Second Game


 LLAMAZAP for the FALCON computer System from ATARI Corp.

 LLAMAZAP IS RELEASED THIS WEEK!!!!! Orders are now being taken for this
 supercalifragerlistic shoot'em up from the master Jeff Minter.

 You need A) A Falcon of more than 1MB Ram
          B) A Jaguar console pad
          C) Lots of time!!!

 Suggested Retail for both games is 39 U$D

 You may contact:

                Lexicor Entertainment Software
                    36 Queensberry Street,
                          Suite 6
                     Boston, MA 02215

           Tel: (617) 437 0414 - Fax: (617) 437 9413


 > The Light House Tower! STR InfoFile  - A User's Do-it-yourself upgrade!

 [Editor's note: Please use this info at your own risk!  STReport 
 cannot be responsible for the accuracy of this procedure!]

 This article has been written to show what your system could be 
 made into with the aid of the LIGHTHOUSE Tower system.

                               What is it?

 I will assume here you all know what a tower case is.   The  main 
 tower  comprises of three metal component's,  The  first  is  the 
 internal frame.  Imagine a suitcase with it's lid turned over and 
 the  front removed.   You have a top and bottom,  hinged  at  the 
 back.   The  mother  board  fit's into  the  base  section  while 
 floppies,  Hard Drives,  Extra PSU's and interfaces go in the top 
 section.   Next we have the two outer Metal shell's.  These  give 
 the  tower  it's 'case' and makes it look like  a  proper  tower.  
 Lastly is the front plastic panel which contain's the holes  for 
 the  floppy drive cover's,  which are cut to the  required  size. 
 There  is  also  a hole for the Power switch  and  reset  button.  
 Other bit's include  a multi-board which control's the  floppies, 
 reset switch and thermo sensor.   A replacement power switch  and 
 reset  button  are  included along  with  a  keyboard  connection 
 socket.  A bag of nut's, bolt's and other such item's is included 
 along  with  the tower's own rubber feet.  Also included  is  the 
 keyboard  kit,  this  comprises  of a metal base  shell  for  the 
 computers original keyboard to sit into, a small circuit board, a 
 plastic cover and the essential rubber feet!.  Also included is a 
 cable to connect the keyboard to the tower system.

                       Who's it from and how much.

 In England the Tower is available from:
      System  Solutions,   Windsor  Business  Center,   Building  2, 
 Vansittart Estate,  Vansittart Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1SE, UK.
 TEL: 01753 832212    FAX: 01753 830344    (U.K. Dialing Codes!!!)

                            The manufacturer:

 LIGHTHOUSE, A&G Sexton GMBH, Riedstr. 2, 7100 Heilbronn.
 TEL: 071 31/9 57 20  FAX: 95 72 34
 (If the above mean's nothing to you then join the club.)

 The Price's vary for each system's requirements.
 The STFM Tower Cost's L200, but a Falcon Tower is slightly less.

                        The Clause and comments.

 This  is  not an instruction manual or in any  part  designed  to 
 help in the construction of the above tower.  The writer takes no 
 responsibility and is not liable for anyone attempting to  follow 
 these  documents.    This  is for information only  and  no  part 
 herein may be published as instruction's or a guide for assemble.
 I  am  a  qualified electrical engineer and  have  used  standard 
 static prevention to ensure the long life of my I.C's. 

 There is one MAJOR problem with the Tower kit.   It's the Manual, 
 What can I say really,  It's in German (I think!).    I can't read 
 another  language  so  the  manual was no use to me.    You  will
 probably  find the same.   However there are plenty of  drawing's 
 included  and  these  help a great deal in the  assembly  of  the 
 tower.    System solution's will give telephone help or will make 
 your system if you send you computer to them. (Cost's more!)

 I  could not afford the expense of sending them my ST and also  I 
 had a few of my own item's to fit,  so took a few day's off  work 
 and built the system with music and solitude.  It took me 5 day's 
 to build the complete system and a few week's to iron out all the 
 bug's in the sound system.  Find out more about that later.

                The Original STFM. (Before disassembly.)

 Inside  the STFM we have the mother  board,  Tos  1.02/2.06,  4mb 
 Memory,  High density controller module,  one High density drive, 
 T28 accelerator board, my personal mono/stereo bit's, PSU and the 
 keyboard.   An external high density drive was connected and took 
 it's power and HD signal from the ST. (Added power port)

                            The Disassembly.

 My first task was to check I had all the bit's with the new tower 
 case.  Then a hour or so looking at the diagram's in the  manual, 
 the text was no good to me. Once I had and idea of what went were 
 and how, I started to disassemble my STFM......
 ......   O.K.  we have all the internal's of the ST safely on the 
 table ready for reassembly.

                              The Keyboard.

 The  original  keyboard  is used to give a PC  like  free  moving 
 keyboard.  The  mouse  and joystick still  connect  to  it.   The 
 keyboard  metal  base  had a interface PCB put into  it  for  the 
 connecting cable from the tower. The keyboard was plugged into the 
 PCB and the plastic cover placed over the top.  This was  screwed 
 together and the feet stuck on. This is the easy part of the kit.

                             The Main Tower.

 First  the stand off bolt's were put into the base of  the  tower 
 system and the mother board mounted on to these.  Once the mother 
 board  was  securely in place other connection's could  be  made.  

 The  M-B was screwed into place where the internal  floppy  would 
 normally sit.  The power and ribbon cable were connected to this.  
 The reset button was fitted at the front (The old one is left  on 
 the  mother board.) It's wires were lead back to the M-B  at  the 
 back.  A wire was soldered near the original reset switch and was 
 lead  back  to  the M-B.  The M-B can hold the  computer  for  an 
 extended reset on power up to enable a hard disk to start up.

 The  power supply was fitted into it's normal place after  having 
 the power switch removed and some connection block's attacked  to 
 the wires.  The new power switch was inserted at the front of the 
 case  and  the  wires  lead back to  the  connector  block's  and 
 connected  accordingly.  A new metal cover was bolted  above  the 
 PSU.  The  thermo sensor was attached to the metal above the  PSU 
 and  it's wires lead back to the M-B.  It's accompanying LED  was 
 wired across to the front and fitted.  The M-B had all the  wires 
 connected to it.  The thermo sensor not only light's the LED when 
 the system get's to hot, but will also switch on up to 4 fan's to 
 cool  the system down and will then switch them off  again.  Like 
 the reset this is variable.

 The  floppy  Drives  were  mounted in the  Top  of  the  case  on 
 stand  off mount's and a power cable and ribbon  cable  connected 
 between  each and the M-B.   To get drive B working I  needed  to 
 solder a wire onto the Yamaha chip.  However I could not do  this 
 as I have the high density driver module attached,  but I did get 
 the connection in the end. This wire connect's to the M-B. If you 
 do  add two drives make shore BOTH drives have the jumper set  to 

 The  keyboard socket was bolted into place next to the  cartridge 
 slot and it's wires taken across the mother board to the keyboard 
 plug  on the mother board.   An earth wire was attached  under  a 
 bolt holding the mother board down.

 The  T28  and  Tos 2.06 have a  switching  capability,  one  for 
 28Mhz/8Mhz,  one for the cache and the Tos for 1.02 and 2.06.  An
 LED was wired from the T28 to the front panel to see when we are 
 operating  in 28Mhz mode,  the cache work's on the fly so can  be 
 switched at will.  As the front panel comes off I needed a way of 
 connecting the switched with the ability of separating them  from 
 the system.  Also I have my extra special sound system.

                            The Sound System.

 What is it? Well, what I did was:
 I  removed  all three sound channel's from the mother  board  and 
 connected  them  to some ribbon cable.   The switches  were  also 
 connected to this ribbon cable.  I used 25 way ribbon cable and a 
 male and female low profile 25 way 'D' connector's.  This  mean's 
 the  mother board and front plastic panel could  be  disconnected 

 The  three channel's were wired to the front panel and through  a 
 switch,  resistor  and  capacitor network which takes  all  three 
 channel's  and  makes  them mono for sampled  sound's  and  put's 
 channel A on the left, B on both and C on the right. This makes a 
 faked stereo and chip music sound's great!   The switch makes the 
 change from mono to stereo and stereo to mono.

 So  in  my boxes of bit's I found an old walkman PCB and  3  band 
 graphic equalizer.  The sensitive input's had to be grounded  and 
 the  left  and  right were connected in the  next  stage  of  the 
 amplifier. The output was connected to a large stereo jack on the 
 front panel.  (A lot of cutting to get the volume control, 3 band 
 graphic,  switch and jack was needed in the 3rd spare bay  cover.  
 The  jack  is a switching type.  If you plug into  it,   it  will 
 disconnect  the next stage.   The next stage went back  down  the 
 ribbon cable and terminated in a left and right speaker din.  Two 
 2 Watt speaker's were connected and the ground lines and  +5Volt's 
 for the amp were wired accordingly.

 There  we have it a sound system that gives mono digital  samples 
 and  stereo chip music.   There is one hell of a difference  when 
 playing games, the music sound's alive and the graphic enables me 
 to wind up the bass in those MOD files. Let's groove!!!!!!!!!

                          Finishing the system.

 The  mother board is in place,  all extra's have been  connected, 
 the front panel can be connected at will and the power supply and 
 floppies are installed.   Let's make it look like a tower.  First 
 I had the fun of putting about 20 little sprung nut's into square 
 holes in the side of the internal frame. Once done   outer base 
 section  was  found and the internal frame lowered  into  it  and 
 bolted together.   A check to see that all was well was done  and 
 testing could start.

 Connecting the power,  video and keyboard left me feeling like  I 
 had missed a cable or two. Power up time.  Apart from drive B not 
 wanting to worked all was well.   The High density module worked, 
 the  Toses  worked,  The T28 changed modes.   Getting  the  sound 
 system just right did take me a few week's.

 To finish the system the top shell was bolted on (After I powered 
 it  down.)  then the front panel was connected and  slotted  into 
 place. Last of all was to stick on it's feet and there we have it 
 a completed tower system.   Plenty of room inside for a hard disk 
 of two and other extras.   An expensive upgrade?  Yes,  But worth 
 every  penny in my view.  Hope you have enjoyed reading this  and 
 hay, get a tower get some space!

 S J Churchill 1994


                               JAGUAR SECTION

 DOOM!  Dragon!  AvP/Rebellion CO!
 Trivia Contest!  New Games!
 AvP Review!  DOOM Cheats!
 And much more!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      Well, it's been an exciting week for us!  This is usually an "off"
 week for our Jaguar edition, but with all of the news happening, I
 really couldn't let this news wait around for another week.

      I attended the OnLine conference held on CompuServe a few days
 ago.  The scheduled guests were members of the AvP design team at
 Rebellion, along with quite a number of Atari luminaries!  I was unable
 to attend a similar conference on GEnie doe to my work schedule, but
 I'm looking forward to reading that transcript.  We'll have it for you,
 hopefully, in next week's issue.

      I was somewhat disappointed in the CIS conference.  It wasn't the
 topic or guests that were disappointing, but a number of the questions
 being asked.  There were quite a few questions that really didn't have
 a place here.  You could tell that a number of the attendees were of
 the "younger set" and their questions reflected this.  I, like many of
 those attending, were hoping to learn more about Rebellion and AvP.
 Those questions seemed to be rare.  The conference lasted for over two
 hours, but it was easy to tell that there were a number of questions
 remaining to be asked by the time the event ended.  It just couldn't be
 helped.  Also, a lot at the beginning was used for public relations
 items which may have been better handled as a small announcement which
 could have been downloaded prior to the conference, or afterward.  But,
 these events are few and far between that it's difficult to really know
 how an event like this is going to unfold until it's well underway.
 Regardless, it was fun to see all of these people OnLine!

      We've finally got Marty Mankins' AvP review for you this week.  As
 it turns out, it works out well on the heels of the conference.  We'll
 have at least one review of Doom for you next week!

      We've included some AvP tips/cheats for you, as well.  These hints
 are in the conference transcript, but we've also pulled them out as a
 separate item later in the issue.

      I know you're all excited about Doom and AvP, so let's get to
 those and other items of interest this week.  With the Thanksgiving
 holiday out of the way, things are finally starting to normalize again
 and perhaps my schedule will allow better organization and time.  Then

      Until next time...

 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

    Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

     J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
     J9001  Trevor McFur/
            Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
     J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95       id/Atari Corp.
     JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95          Telegames
     J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99     Rebellion/Atari Corp.
            Doom                 $69.99       id/Atari Corp.
     J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $59.99         Atari Corp.

     Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

             CatBox              $49.95               ICD
             CatBox +            $69.95               ICD
     J9007   Checkered Flag      $69.99              Atari
             Club Drive          $59.99              Atari
             Theme Park           TBD                Ocean
             Syndicate            TBD                Ocean
             Troy Aikman Football$69.99            Williams
             Sensible Soccer
     J9012   Kasumi Ninja        $69.99              Atari
             Cannon Fodder        TBD               Virgin
             Hover Strike        $59.99              Atari
             Iron Soldier        $59.99              Atari
     J9042   Zool 2              $59.99              Atari

     Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

     J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $249.99        Atari Corp.
     J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
     J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
     J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95

 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

  CONTACT: Patrick Toland/Laura Paden
  Edelman Public Relations
  (415) 433-5381
  For Immediate Release
         The 64-Bit Jaguar Boasts the Release of Four New Titles
 SUNNYVALE, Calif. (November 23, 1994) -- The video game jungle is
 rapidly becoming Jaguar territory as Atari plans to enlarge its current
 library with the release of four new game titles in November, including
 the highly anticipated Doom, the PC cult favorite. The Jaguar version of
 Doom is the best version we've developed for any video game platform,"
 said Jay Wilbur, president of id Software.
     Atari also is releasing three additional titles including Checkered
 Flag, Club Drive and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.
     "These game titles are just the tip of the iceberg of what's to
 come -- we'll have more than 20 titles available for the Atari Jaguar by
 year's end," stated Sam Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari Corporation.
 "Our software library will continue to grow rapidly in the coming months
 and the coming year with titles designed to capitalize on the
 revolutionary technology of the 64-Bit Jaguar system."
     With Jaguar's cutting-edge graphics, 24-bit true color and CD-quality
 sound, game players experience the latest in video game technology.
 Following is an outline of planned Atari releases for late November 1994:

          Game Title         Game Category         MFG.SRP
          ----------         -------------         -------
          Checkered Flag     Formula Racing        $ 69.99
          Club Drive         Driving Simulation      59.99
          Doom               Action/Combat           69.99
          Dragon: The
          Bruce Lee Story    Fighting/Martial Arts   59.99
     Since its release, Atari's Jaguar game system has been named the
 industry's "Best New Game System" (VideoGames Magazine), "Best New
 Hardware System" (GameInformer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the
 Year" (DieHard GameFan).  The Jaguar is the only video game system
 manufactured in the United States.
     Over 200 third-party developers have agreed to create new titles for
 the Atari Jaguar. The November game releases are part of more than 20
 games scheduled for availability prior to the holidays. Other Jaguar
 titles expected before year's end include Iron Soldier, Kasumi Ninja,
 Val D'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding, Zool2 and Bubsy.
     Atari Corporation markets interactive multimedia entertainment
 systems, including Jaguar, the world's only 64-bit system, and the only
 video game system manufactured in the United States. Atari is
 headquartered at 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94089.
                                  # # #
  Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
  trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
  or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

  CONTACT: Patrick Toland/Laura Paden
           Edelman Public Relations
           (415) 433-5381
  [] Checkered Flag -- Players choose sound and visual effects, music
     and pit crews and one of ten tracks.  Once practice runs are
     complete, drivers take a crack at the qualifying heats. Then move
     on to single and tournament race options and make a run for the
     checkered flag!
     "This one-player game offers a selection of more than ten courses,
     different cars and equipment, a pallet of car colors to choose from,
     even changeable weather conditions. Checkered Flag has a strong
     Virtual Racing feel."  (Gamepro, July 1994)
  [] Club Drive -- Choosing from four different themes, players cruise
     through the streets of San Francisco in a souped-up hot rod or plow
     through an Old West town in a futuristic speed machine picking up
     randomly placed energy balls.  Players will never get enough once
     they strap in and join the 64-bit club. 
     "It's like Cybermorph on the ground! Race through and explore several
     different scenes, the likes of which have never been seen in any
     driving game. These polygon graphics might take you to places you've
     never been." (Video Games Magazine, June 1994)
  [] Doom -- Doom, which has received a national cult following, is an
     ultra-fast virtual reality showcase that plunges the player deep
      into a 3D world filled with legions of gruesome fiends. As a
     renegade marine, players use both state-of-the-art weaponry and
     their own wits to survive. Dramatic, high-speed animation,
     incredible graphics and Jaguar's uncompromising multimedia realism
     bring this PC favorite to 64-bit life.
      "This game has already created a sensation on the PC side and is an
     unqualified addiction for those lucky enough to play it."  (Video
     Games Magazine in June 1994)
  [] Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story -- The spirit of martial arts master
     Bruce Lee lives on in this dangerously life-like combat simulation
     based on his biographical film.  Players apply discipline and a
     devastating array of age-old fighting techniques to subdue opponents
     more cunning than the real Bruce Lee ever faced.

     "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a superb 'purist' kung-fu fighting
     game for Jaguar" (Electronic Gaming Monthly)
                                 #  #  #
  Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation.  Atari is a registered
  trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
  or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

 > Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  AvP Design Team & Atari Online!

 The Atari Jaguar Video Game  conference is beginning
   Your moderator is Ron Luks (SYSOP)   (1)

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) 'On behalf of CompuServe and the Atari 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Gaming Forum, I would like to welcome our...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) members to the Atari Jaguar/AvP. conference.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) My name is Ron Luks, and I'll be the moderator 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) for tonight's conference.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))      - 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Tonight, our guests include members of the 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Alien Vs Predator Design team headed by 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) "Purple" Hampton, James Grunke, Atari's 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Director of Audio, Ron Beltramo, VP of Marketing 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) and other folks from Atari Corp..
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     - 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Later during the conference, we will be giving 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) away a Jaguar Video Game system, a copy of 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Alien vs Predator autographed by the design 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) team and other prizes.  But first, the folks from 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Atari want to announce a Jaguar Trivia Contest 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) The questions will be listed before this conference 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) begins and the ANSWERS will be given during the 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) conference.  (A Conf. transcript will be available 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) for downloading from ATARIGAM later this week 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) in case you miss anything.).
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     -
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) I'll be back to give you instructions on how to 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) use the CONVENTION Center software in just a moment 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) But first a few words from Atari Corp. about the 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) upcoming trivia contest.

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Tonight, participating at one of the terminals 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) at Atari Corp., we have the following Atari folks: 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Ron Beltramo, VP of Marketing 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  James Grunke 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Mike Fulton 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Purple Hampton, head of AvP design team 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Dan McNamee 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Lance Lewis 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Paul Foster 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Mike Pooler 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Hans-Martin Krober 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Greg Labrec 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  John Mathieson 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Scott Saunders 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  Don Thomas 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  J Patton 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  and Francois-Yves Bertrand.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))  (apologies if I missed anyone's name)

 (#33,RB-Atari)  Hello! (from Ron Beltramo, v.p. marketing)
 (#33,RB-Atari)  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Please accept my thanks for joining us this evening. I am
 (#33,RB-Atari)  aware that everyone would enjoy having conferences more
 (#33,RB-Atari)  frequently and we will review opportunities for more
 (#33,RB-Atari)  conferences in the future. As you might imagine, we have
 (#33,RB-Atari)  been working hard on getting more software for the Jaguar
 (#33,RB-Atari)  on the market as quickly as possible. In itself, that
 (#33,RB-Atari)  not be hard if speed was our only concern. By reviewing
 (#33,RB-Atari)  message threads forwarded to me and the results of focus
 (#33,RB-Atari)  groups and retailer feedback we are convinced that you
 (#33,RB-Atari)  the type of quality software that features the most
 (#33,RB-Atari)  immersive and challenging gameplay that can be created for
 (#33,RB-Atari)  the 64-Bit Jaguar system. With that in mind, we have been
 (#33,RB-Atari)  firm in our resolve to create a new caliber of quality
 (#33,RB-Atari)  software. The feedback we are receiving on Alien Vs.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Predator, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Tempest 2000 tells me
 (#33,RB-Atari)  we are on the right track. As we have all discovered,
 (#33,RB-Atari)  patient and committed to this standard of quality pays
 (#33,RB-Atari)  This is turning out to be an exciting Holiday Season. As
 (#33,RB-Atari)  many of you know, we have started to ship Dragon: The
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Lee Story and Doom. We are shipping these titles as
 (#33,RB-Atari)  as they come in to us, so make sure you stay in touch with
 (#33,RB-Atari)  your retailer if you are looking for these titles. On the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  heels of these titles are Checkered Flag, Club Drive, Iron
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Soldier, Val D'Isere Skiing, Bubsy, Zool 2 and Kasumi
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Ninja. Look for a fast flurry of these titles within the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  next few weeks. I am particularly excited about the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  diversity of these titles as well as quality. I think this
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Christmas, there is something for everyone on the Jaguar.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  This special conference is in the honor of the hard work
 (#33,RB-Atari)  put forth by the AvP team with their successful release of
 (#33,RB-Atari)  their new hit. I know people would like some updated
 (#33,RB-Atari)  marketing scoop, so maybe I can address that topic quickly
 (#33,RB-Atari)  before turning the entire focus to them.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  First off, we are wrapping up some studio production work
 (#33,RB-Atari)  for three new television commercials: one featuring Kasumi
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Ninja, one for Doom and one for Iron Soldier. The Doom
 (#33,RB-Atari)  will be finished this week and be on air next week for a
 (#33,RB-Atari)  three week blitz leading up to the Christmas holidays.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Soldier and Kasumi Ninja will be completed next week and
 (#33,RB-Atari)  air going into the new year. All three are shaping up to
 (#33,RB-Atari)  be great ads for three of the next great Jaguar titles.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Those of you who live near Venture Stores (a chain very
 (#33,RB-Atari)  similar to Target with stores mostly in the midwest) have
 (#33,RB-Atari)  seen their promotion of the Jaguar in recent circulars.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Jaguar and the Lynx have also been featured in recent
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Incredible Universe advertisements. We have also succeeded
 (#33,RB-Atari)  in selling an impressive number of Lynx systems on the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Shopping Club. Toys R Us has expanded the distribution of
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Jaguar to 300 stores accross the country. Jaguar is now
 (#33,RB-Atari)  being launched into Japan and every Toys R Us Store in
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Japan will be carrying the Jaguar this Holiday Season.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Bill Rehbock, v.p. of software business development, has
 (#33,RB-Atari)  recently revealed that Primal Rage will be coming to the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Jaguar although the timing for release has not yet been
 (#33,RB-Atari)  announced.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  The long awaited Tempest 2000 Soundtrack on compact disc
 (#33,RB-Atari)  expected in our warehouse within the next 10 days. I think
 (#33,RB-Atari)  this item makes a perfect Christmas gift at only $12.99
 (#33,RB-Atari)  plus shipping. Contact Don Thomas, director of customer
 (#33,RB-Atari)  service to order. He tells me he has reduced the shipping
 (#33,RB-Atari)  and handling to just $3.50 on this item for onliners.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  The Alien Vs. Predator cinema-quality poster has been such
 (#33,RB-Atari)  a hit, we have brought in more. As a matter of fact,
 (#33,RB-Atari)  EVERYONE that attends this conference tonight live can
 (#33,RB-Atari)  receive a postage paid free AvP poster. The SysOp will
 (#33,RB-Atari)  track of who attends. You must send your U.S. or Canadian
 (#33,RB-Atari)  mailing address privately to 75300,1267 to get your
 (#33,RB-Atari)  If you are reading this text after the conference has
 (#33,RB-Atari)  concluded, you can still obtain a free poster, however,
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Atari's minimum $4.95 shipping and handling fee applies.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  The most recent edition of the retailer's Jaguar demo tape
 (#33,RB-Atari)  is reaching stores now. Some of you have ordered one for
 (#33,RB-Atari)  yourselves and are receiving them. I hope you will feel
 (#33,RB-Atari)  free to loan that tape out to friends. <hint> This 40+
 (#33,RB-Atari)  minute tape was produced by Greg LaBrec, director of
 (#33,RB-Atari)  creative services. It features 30 Jaguar game sequences
 (#33,RB-Atari)  plus copies of Atari's Jaguar commercials INCLUDING the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  popular AvP spot; all professionally edited, reproduced
 (#33,RB-Atari)  and labeled. (Greg has been known to sign a few before
 (#33,RB-Atari)  are shipped upon request <g>)

 (#33,RB-Atari)  clip below and spread the news!
 (#33,RB-Atari)  *************** AVP ON-LINE TRIVIA CONTEST
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Atari is proud to introduce another online attraction...
 (#33,RB-Atari)  It's our first ever "AvP Trivia Contest"! Here's how it
 (#33,RB-Atari)  works... Below are five questions regarding Atari's hit
 (#33,RB-Atari)  64-bit Jaguar release of Alien Vs. Predator. Each question
 (#33,RB-Atari)  may be answered by A, B, C or D. Entrants must submit
 (#33,RB-Atari)  answers along with their mailing address and daytime phone
 (#33,RB-Atari)  number. Entries should be sent directly or through the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Internet to one of the following addresses:
 (#33,RB-Atari)     or
 (#33,RB-Atari)     jaguar$
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Entries will be accepted anytime from November 29, 1994
 (#33,RB-Atari)  until midnight of December 9, 1994. This contest is open
 (#33,RB-Atari)  to all onliners who have a North American shipping address
 (#33,RB-Atari)  (50 U.S. states and Canada) who have complied with the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  terms of this contest. BBS users can submit their entries
 (#33,RB-Atari)  by sending a private message to the SysOp of CATscan BBS
 (#33,RB-Atari)  by dialing 209/239-1552. Sysops are encouraged to
 (#33,RB-Atari)  distribute the details of this contest. The winner will be
 (#33,RB-Atari)  randomly selected from all the correct entries. Due to the
 (#33,RB-Atari)  anticipated volume, individual replies to entries CANNOT
 (#33,RB-Atari)  made. Only one entry per person will be accepted.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  of CompuServe, GEnie or Atari are ineligible.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  To make things REALLY easy. You WILL find the answers
 (#33,RB-Atari)  within the text of the November 29th AvP conference on
 (#33,RB-Atari)  CompuServe or the November 30th AvP conference on GEnie.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Here are the questions:
 (#33,RB-Atari)  1) Alien Vs. Predator by Atari for the 64-bit Jaguar
 (#33,RB-Atari)     interactive multimedia system features the ability for
 (#33,RB-Atari)     the player to become any one of three characters. What
 (#33,RB-Atari)     are those characters?
 (#33,RB-Atari)     A. Ripley, an Alien and a Navy Seal
 (#33,RB-Atari)     B. An Alien, a Predator and a Marine
 (#33,RB-Atari)     C. A ship's navigator, a cook and a doctor
 (#33,RB-Atari)     D. None of the above
 (#33,RB-Atari)  2) Which film studios produced the Alien and Predator
 (#33,RB-Atari)     films?
 (#33,RB-Atari)     A. Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox
 (#33,RB-Atari)     B. Disney Studios and Twentieth Century Fox
 (#33,RB-Atari)     C. Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox
 (#33,RB-Atari)     D. Universal Studios and Twentieth Century Fox
 (#33,RB-Atari)  3) Alien Vs. Predator is a virtual world challenge which
 (#33,RB-Atari)     is described in the manual to be:
 (#33,RB-Atari)     A. a tactical simulator depicting the events following
 (#33,RB-Atari)        the fall of Camp Golgotha Colonial Marine Training
 (#33,RB-Atari)        Base.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     B. a reenactment of events created by a supercomputer
 (#33,RB-Atari)        based on the ultimate terrestrial war Alien vs.
 (#33,RB-Atari)        Predator.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     C. a dream sequence of space mining personnel aboard
 (#33,RB-Atari)        their own contaminated ship.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     D. a hypnotic recall of the nightmarish events
 (#33,RB-Atari)        experienced by marines on a recent war mission where
 (#33,RB-Atari)        germ warfare was used against them.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  4) An effective tool to be used while playing Alien Vs.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     Predator is the H.U.D. which offers status displays.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     What does H.U.D. stand for?
 (#33,RB-Atari)     A. Heads-Up Display
 (#33,RB-Atari)     B. Helmet Ultra-Diatometer
 (#33,RB-Atari)     C. Heated U-light Diagnostics
 (#33,RB-Atari)     D. Hampered Utility Detector
 (#33,RB-Atari)  5. One of the many obstacles to avoid is referred to as a
 (#33,RB-Atari)     Facehugger. A Facehugger is which of the following?
 (#33,RB-Atari)     A. A creature that attaches itself to the face of its
 (#33,RB-Atari)        host.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     B. A helmet instrument used by the Predator that
 (#33,RB-Atari)        a poison into anyone else who may attempt to use it.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     C. A "gripping" gas that stretches the skin of the face
 (#33,RB-Atari)        until it tears.
 (#33,RB-Atari)     D. None of the above.

 (#33,RB-Atari)  Whew! <g> There is still another Jaguar, AvP and three
 (#33,RB-Atari)  T-shirts to be given away by your host this evening during
 (#33,RB-Atari)  this conference.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  I know people are anxious for more titles as soon as
 (#33,RB-Atari)  possible. I also know we all have a lot of questions
 (#33,RB-Atari)  regarding networking, voice/modem, CD-ROM, VR Helmets and
 (#33,RB-Atari)  more. I assure you we are anxious to release news about
 (#33,RB-Atari)  these products as soon as we can. I urge everyone to stay
 (#33,RB-Atari)  tuned to the Atari/Jaguar areas of GEnie and CompuServe
 (#33,RB-Atari)  the news as soon as we can post it.
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Now, finally, to the topic at hand and
 (#33,RB-Atari)  Alien Vs. Predator...
 (#33,RB-Atari)                                              Regards,
 (#33,RB-Atari)                                              Ron Beltramo

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) In addition to the trivia contest just announced...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) we will be giving away a Jaguar system...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) tonight to a lucky participant.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Before we begin, I'd like to mention a few items
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) instruction and tips for online protocol.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     -
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) To get in line (into the queue) to ask a question,
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) type the command /QUE.  You will be recognized by...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) the moderator when it's your turn to speak.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     -
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) When typing your questions,
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) please end each line with "" to indicate you are...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) still typing, and end your question with "GA"
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) meaning "GO AHEAD" so that the speaker will know
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) begin his answer.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     - 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Second, please ask only ONE question at a time...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) If you have other questions, get back into the...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) queue and wait to be called again.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     - 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) SUGGESTION-- type lots of  short lines...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) rather than 2 or 3 LONG lines.  
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) This is easier for the system and keeps 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) things moving quickly.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     -
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) If you need help with any of the online
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) facility commands, type /? or /HELP.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))      -
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) okay...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) now, lets start the questions.

 % Moderator recognizes question #1
   Karega (4)

 (#4,Karega) Hello
 (#4,Karega) I just neede to ask 
 (#4,Karega) a question about...
 (#4,Karega) the new Jag2 that is supposed...
 (#4,Karega) to be out...
 (#4,Karega) can you give us any info onthatGA
 (#4,Karega) GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) There are a lot of great things our R&D department are
 working on. 
 (#33,RB-Atari) I think most of us know that Jag 2 is a very real one that
 we are looking at.
 (#33,RB-Atari) We have a long way to go to exploit the power of the Jaguar
 we know today,
 (#33,RB-Atari) but we will announce new products as soon as we can.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#14,Ranma) Hi
 (#14,Ranma) I wanted to know
 (#14,Ranma) how long did it take the AvP design team...
 (#14,Ranma) to make the game and  what are those 12 extra Buttons?..
 (#14,Ranma) Ga

 (#33,RB-Atari) James, Purples... these are good questions...
 (#38,AVP Design Team) Dan: It took about 12 months from the time the test
 (#38,AVP Design Team) department started working on the levels.
 (#38,AVP Design Team) James - Probably a total of 18 months
 (#38,AVP Design Team) GA

 (#49,Alan) TuiThis is a general question about the Jag...
 (#49,Alan) It's about software development...
 (#49,Alan) What sports games are scheduled ofr release...
 (#49,Alan) Anything from EA?
 (#49,Alan) GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) Troy Aikman FB, Charles Barkley Basketball, Brett Hull
 (#33,RB-Atari) Ja Nicholas Cybergolf have all been announced... more to

 (#16,Alex) IS THE JAG GOING TO...
 (#16,Alex) GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) Bill Rehbock happens to be in Japan right this moment on a
 (#33,RB-Atari) mission. We will report his success as soon as we can.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#7,KeNnY) hi...
 (#7,KeNnY) well, i was wondering what Karaga was...
 (#7,KeNnY) talking about when he said...
 (#7,KeNnY) The jag2...
 (#7,KeNnY) I have never heard of this...
 (#7,KeNnY) What are the differences?
 (#7,KeNnY) ga

 (#33,RB-Atari) I think Karega was the askers name... we need to invite
 some questions regarding
 (#33,RB-Atari) the guests of honor. <g>
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#53,Tom A Langworthy) Hi.
 (#53,Tom A Langworthy) I'd first like to say good job on the game...
 (#53,Tom A Langworthy) Is there gonna be a AvP2?
 (#53,Tom A Langworthy) Ga

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - there could be.  :)
 (#38,AVP Design Team) no announcements yet Ron    GA

 (#48,justin) can you play regular computer cd-rom games

 (#33,RB-Atari) "Regular" computer games are not compatible on the Jaguar
 so we can
 (#33,RB-Atari) "unleash" 64-bit power! <g>
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#51,Cyrus Lendvay) Are there any easter eggs in AVP??
 (#51,Cyrus Lendvay) If so, what are they??  :-)
 (#51,Cyrus Lendvay) GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) James - As soon as purple is done typing <very
 slowly> there may
 (#38,AVP Design Team) well be...   :)
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ga

 (#33,RB-Atari) NOTICE: One of the trivia question answers is:
 (#33,RB-Atari)         Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox

 (#20,Brian) Hi, I heard you made a contract with Sega..
 (#20,Brian) that you'll share infos...
 (#20,Brian) Does this mean only technical stuffs or...
 (#20,Brian) games too?
 (#20,Brian) GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) I understand that there are up to 5 games per year... the
 technical stuff
 (#33,RB-Atari) is mostly existing material from the older systems. The
 data share does
 (#33,RB-Atari) not regard Jaguar or Lynx specific secrets.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#32,david) GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) James - Comes with Cybermorph ga

 (#2,Amol) hello
 (#2,Amol) When will the jag Cd come out?.
 (#2,Amol) how much will it cost?
 (#2,Amol) GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) The Jag CD is expected by the end of December or early
 January. The cost has 
 (#33,RB-Atari) been announced to be $199.95.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#27,Jay) hi
 (#27,Jay) The Jag 64 bit Jag..
 (#27,Jay) is the processer and machine itself...
 (#27,Jay) 64 bit, and plays 64 bit games.
 (#27,Jay) or is it 32bit machine playing 64bit games?
 (#27,Jay) ga

 (#33,RB-Atari) The Jaguar has TWO CPUs that are 64 bit and 5 total. The
 system addresses
 (#33,RB-Atari) memory in 64-bit chunks and information travels on 64-bit
 (#33,RB-Atari) It IS a 64-bit machine. Correction: 3 of the 5 are 64-bit.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#85,Matthew Kaplan) Hi.
 (#85,Matthew Kaplan) I'd like to say how good a game 
 (#85,Matthew Kaplan) AvP is.  Now it is done, what is Rebellion's plans
 (#85,Matthew Kaplan) for the future?  GA.

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Dan- Legions of the Undead, Hammerhead.   GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) James - Purple just finished typing a little
 treat...  let us know
 (#38,AVP Design Team) when your ready for a text file.   :)

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) okay.  We're ready for a treat.  Is this the easter
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) James - uplaod in roughly 1 minute <to reach minimum
 (#38,AVP Design Team) distance....>
 (#38,AVP Design Team) Simulation loading...
 (#38,AVP Design Team) James.  "c'mon. anytime."

 (#33,RB-Atari) Cheat Codes Part I
 (#33,RB-Atari) This is the first of two parts of a cheat code. Best used
 for when
 (#33,RB-Atari) playing as a Marine. Below a re a few definitions:
 (#33,RB-Atari) Hold= Whenever it says "hold" a certain key, you must do so
 (#33,RB-Atari) throughout the      entire process.
 (#33,RB-Atari) Press= Whenever it says "press" a certain key, just press
 the key
 (#33,RB-Atari) and move       on.
 (#33,RB-Atari) To Activate the code do the following from within the main
 (#33,RB-Atari) screen:
 (#33,RB-Atari) 1. Hold PAUSE
 (#33,RB-Atari) 2. Hold OPTION
 (#33,RB-Atari) 3. Press the "1" and "3" Keys
 (#33,RB-Atari) 4. Hold the "2", "5", "7", and "9" keys together
 (#33,RB-Atari) This code enables the following functions:
 (#33,RB-Atari) Press OPTION + 6  To Raise Security Level
 (#33,RB-Atari) Press OPTION + 9 To Lower Security Level
 (#33,RB-Atari) Press OPTION + 8 To toggle tracker on/off
 (#33,RB-Atari) WEAPON ACCESS:
 (#33,RB-Atari) Press OPTION + 1- 4  To access Marine Weapons (1=shotgun,
 (#33,RB-Atari) etc...)
 (#33,RB-Atari) Hold OPTION + Press "1", "2", "3", "4" at same time

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - .whew...   :)

 (#33,RB-Atari) That was from Purple... he asked for some help <g>
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA
 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - before just now, only two people had that
 info... :)
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ga

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) okay. Thanks!
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Now, back to the question queue.

 (#72,Bob Vila!) Hi guys...
 (#72,Bob Vila!) My question concerns 3rd party deveopers...
 (#72,Bob Vila!) and quality control...
 (#72,Bob Vila!) Is there any?
 (#72,Bob Vila!) Meaning: Can just anyone develop a game for the Jag...?
 (#72,Bob Vila!) And when's Primal Rage And Assault due to be released?
 (#72,Bob Vila!) GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) James - and they have to be registered devlopers
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ga

 (#33,RB-Atari) YES, anyone can develop, BUT they have to meet minimal
 technical qualifications
 (#33,RB-Atari) In other words, we do not steer potential developers away
 UNLEss the softwa
 (#33,RB-Atari) Right, to become registered means they meeat minimal
 qualifications, but we
 (#33,RB-Atari) welcome all developers. Primal Rage has been announced
 recently by Bill Rehbock,
 (#33,RB-Atari) we have not gotten a target release date yet. Assault is by
 Midnite and we hope
 (#33,RB-Atari) to see it 1st quarter.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#81,jack) Nice to meet you. I would like to know why the jaguar.
 (#81,jack) controllers are so big...GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) The Jaguar controllers have been selected from many models.
 We were told
 (#33,RB-Atari) they are very easy to hold and ergonomic for a 17 plus
 joypad controller. <g>
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#18,Mike Pooler-Atari) Ours seemsbig because some of the other's are so
 puny :) GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) NOTICE: Another answer to one of the trivia questions.
 (#33,RB-Atari)         Heads-Up Display

 (#89,Carlos Cuenca) HHow many game do you think will come before the xmas

 (#33,RB-Atari) We are still counting 20.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#36,miki) what is that about jag2??? GA

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Miki-- theres nothing we can say about the JAG2 at
 this time.  Sorry.

 (#47,Mr. Vedder) Hello
 (#47,Mr. Vedder) Why is it so hard to find a Jag in stores?  GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) In some areas it may be. We are constantly expanding the
 number of storess
 (#33,RB-Atari) we are in. You will notice in my introductory text that we
 are in ventures
 (#33,RB-Atari) now as well as EB, Toys R Us, Babbages, The Wiz, Goodd
 Guys, etc. More to
 (#33,RB-Atari) come.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) okay...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) last question before the prizes...
 (#40,Josh Houghton) Will the Jag CD-ROM come with a game?  GA.

 (#33,RB-Atari) We are looking at several possibilities and will be making
 a formal
 (#33,RB-Atari) announcement soon.
 (#33,RB-Atari) GA

 (#33,RB-Atari) NOTICE: Another answer to one of the trivia questions.
 (#33,RB-Atari)         An Alien, a Predator and a Marine.

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) To recap:
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox  (1)
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) HEads up Display (2)
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Alien, Predator, Marine (3)
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Tactical simulator (4) and...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Creature that hugs the face of its host. (5)

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) We've sent a representative off to the 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Atari Gaming Forum CO area to access the CompuServe 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) software that generates random numbers.  
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) We will award tonight's prize based upon 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) these random numbers and your CIS logon number.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     -
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) But first, to be eligible for the Jaguar Game 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) system drawing, you must be able to answer the 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) following skill-based question: 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) "What best describes the Jaguar Video Game 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) System: 8-bit?  24-bit? or 64 bits?" 
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP))     -

     (at this point, everyone in the audience type in "64" or
      "64 bits" or some variation.  edited out for brevity.)

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) okay folks...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Looks like we'll do a random number drawing of
 everyone who..
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) answered correctly "64 bits"
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Our rep is drawing a random number now...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) in the Atari Gaming Forum software.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) The winner is job 74...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Roger E Pedersen!!!!
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Congrats on winning the Jaguar Game system..
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Now,, lets award an autographed copy of...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Alien vs Predator...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) The winner is job 60...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Tom J.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Congrats...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Now we have 3 T-shirts to give away...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) The first number is:
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Job 43.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Michael Giaquinto!
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) next winner is:
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) job 54.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Josh Willis.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) and the third winner is:.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) job 14...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Ranma.

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) All 5 winners will be contacted via EMAIL within 48
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) for your mailing addresses.  
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Prizes will be shipped directly from Atari Corp.

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) I'd like to thank all our guest from Atai tonight...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) including all the folks sitting around the typists

 (#33,RB-Atari) No way. Are we done?

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Wanna answer some more questions?

 (#33,RB-Atari) Sure.

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) okay folks...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) lets ask a few more .

 (#38,AVP Design Team) we are still here for a couple AVP questions

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) (lets try to stick to AvP questions please)

 (#5,Chuck M.) Thanks, I hate the 'bubble'...
 (#5,Chuck M.) In programming AvP, what percentage of the Jag's power was
 (#5,Chuck M.) (IOW, is AvP also a _full_ demonstration of 64-bit usage)? 
 (#5,Chuck M.) And, were there any interesting  features/special effects
 that were left out?
               (which and why)?  Keep up the good work!! Thanks...G

 (#38,AVP Design Team) of the Jag while leaving some headroom for climactic
 peaks of
 (#38,AVP Design Team) action...
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ga

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - ...we left about 75% of the original design
 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - in order to get it out ASAP.
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ga

 (#18,Mike Pooler-Atari) I would say AvP is just the beginning...
 (#18,Mike Pooler-Atari) we learn more and more about how to exploit
 all the power...
 (#18,Mike Pooler-Atari) that's there. Doom has an even more powerful
 engine than AvP,
 (#18,Mike Pooler-Atari) soo expect more advances in the future. GA

 (#34,Kenneth Drake) Hi all!
 (#34,Kenneth Drake) I was noticing the absence of music on Doom and AvP...

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple and James - It was intentional on AVP, and we
 (#38,AVP Design Team) the environmental sounds add more to the game play
 than music 
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ever could.
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ga

 (#34,Kenneth Drake) In your opinion.
 (#34,Kenneth Drake) do you feel that "immersion" type games (first person)
 (#34,Kenneth Drake) be more evironmental in the future?
 (#34,Kenneth Drake) ga

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - I can only hope So!!! I would really like
 to see..
 (#38,AVP Design Team) .. and take first person games beyond the current
 (#38,AVP Design Team) .. where the primary action is shooting at things.

 (#35,Danny) How much time was involved in the creation of AvP?
 (#35,Danny) and how much was actually involved with programming code?
 (#35,Danny) ga

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - I worked on A.V. P. for close to 23 months,
 (#38,AVP Design Team) .. the programming was invloved for about 18 months.

 (#29,Dana @ STReport) Hi folks, thanks for being here tonight!  To Purple
 and the "gang" 
 (#29,Dana @ STReport) If you had a little more time and a little less
 (#29,Dana @ STReport) what would you have added to the game, or changed? 
 Also, how does it 
 (#29,Dana @ STReport) feel to see _your_ game featured in an Atari Jaguar
 commercial?  GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - With any project, you always want MORE to
 go in..
 (#38,AVP Design Team) .. but at some point you MUST pull the reigns and
 save those..
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ..ideas for that "next" project. The trick is
 finding a 
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ..balance. And when your Mom calls you up to say
 she's seen..
 (#38,AVP Design Team) .. your game on TV, it makes all the hard work worth
 it!! ga
 (#38,AVP Design Team) James - I would have added some more pred..
 (#38,AVP Design Team) whispers.    "over here..."     :)
 (#38,AVP Design Team) ga

 (#12,Joe @ STR)  Hey there!  Has AvP made it into distribution in Japan

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - I've heard unconfirmed rumors of it being
 in Japan..
 (#38,AVP Design Team) .. but haven't got any definite feedback (yet!). ga

 (#11,Dimitri @ AEO) Hi all!  Now that you've got AvP behind you...
 (#11,Dimitri @ AEO) what games have each of you on the design team...
 (#11,Dimitri @ AEO) moved on to, and can you describe them briefly?
 (#11,Dimitri @ AEO) GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Dan - Purple is working on Highlander (based on the
 cartoon on USA)
 (#38,AVP Design Team) among other things.  I'm working on VLM, and the
 rest of the group
 (#38,AVP Design Team) are working mostly on HoverStrike.  GA

 (#66,daniel buck) greetz 
 (#66,daniel buck) I have a question about whether or not the jaguar cd 
 (#66,daniel buck) can be played through or hooked up to a PC 
 (#66,daniel buck)  -- GA --

 (#38,AVP Design Team) The CD is specifically for Jaguar.  now back to AVP. 

 (#4,Danny Miskin) I would like to know who designed the gameplay in AvP?
 (#4,Danny Miskin) I think the graphics are very well done, the sound FX's
 (#4,Danny Miskin) who designed the gameplay in AvP?
 (#4,Danny Miskin) I felt the graphics were very well done
 (#4,Danny Miskin) The sound FXs are great but I thought the
 (#4,Danny Miskin) CPU Characters could have been thought out better OR
 (#4,Danny Miskin) Differently. GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple- The entire team who worked on AVP added to
 the design..
 (#38,AVP Design Team) so it really was a collaborative effort. I assume by

 (#4,Danny Miskin) thanks but why don't PRed and ALiens Attack each other
 (#4,Danny Miskin) wwhen using the Marine?
 (#4,Danny Miskin) GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) charcaters" you mean the A.I. .We had some pretty
 (#38,AVP Design Team) expectations which we met part way, but the
 intensity of
 (#38,AVP Design Team) the graphics ate into our A.I. processing "budget".
 (#38,AVP Design Team) in an earlier version of the game, the Aliens and
 (#38,AVP Design Team) DID fight each other, but the problem was that there
 (#38,AVP Design Team) much left in the base for the Player to fight!!. GA

 (#24,Doug) GA

 (#38,AVP Design Team) Purple - I have no information to release (sorry!).

 (#33,RB-Atari) There are several lists that have been uploaded in the
 message bases
 (#33,RB-Atari) and libraries.

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) okay folks...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) The moderated conference is ending now...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) The floor will be open for a free for all in a
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) If you didnt get your question asked tonight...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) please post it in Atari Gaming Forum...
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) and we'll get you the info.

 (#33,RB-Atari) Thank you Ron for as great job.

 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) Goodnight everyone and thanks for coming.
 (#1,Ron Luks (SYSOP)) P.s.-- James-- post your special info in Atari
 Computing Forum. [g]

  The conference has ended
  Thank you for attending


 > STReport Jaguar Game Review             Alien vs. Predator

                             ALIEN VS. PREDATOR

                             -= Available Now =-
                      Developed by: Rebellion Software
                          Published by: Atari Corp.
                         Sugg. Retail Price: $69.95
                       Ease of Play: Average/Difficult

 by Marty Mankins

 I've been playing video games for years.  From the first quarter I
 put into Pong to the 100's of Atari 2600 games to the Nintendo to the
 current crop of 32-bit games, I've seen all sorts of things that have
 caused my jaw to drop.  One of the things that I noticed when I
 played Alien vs. Predator for the first time is the incredible detail
 and the intense level of playing any of the three characters.  I got
 into the game so much that I was literally startled when the enemy
 would sneak up from behind and hurt me or instantly kill me,
 depending where my energy level was at the time.

 I've logged over 50 hours of playing Alien vs. Predator and it gets
 more challenging each time I sit down to play.  Most of my time is
 spent looking for more ammo, security cards and new guns.  I guess I
 need to get better at shooting with more accuracy.  Also, it seems
 that the more rooms and corridors I explore, the better I get at
 finding enemies and items I need to pick up.  Let me give some of my
 experiences and also walk through some of the game as each one of the
 characters.  I have to note that I have not finished the game yet.  I
 am close, though.  I play most of my games as the Colonial Marine, so
 I can eventually get to the point of finishing the game. But, the
 more I search, the tougher I get at killing the aliens.  Ok, now
 let's look at the game.

 GAME OVERVIEW AvP is one intensive game, perhaps one of the most
 intense that I've played.  My first 10 hours with the game was
 getting familiar with a new area and then getting killed.  Some of my
 first games were only 2 minutes long, which became very frustrating. 
 I learned quick that I need to take care into making sure certain
 things were taken care.  One is closing doors and getting good at
 closing them fast.  The enemy moves fast and you need to keep them in
 areas where you will still have room to roam without having a
 multitude of them chasing you down.  Finding the elevator and
 remembering where it is will also make for a longer game and give you
 a chance to find more security cards, ammo and food.

 The halls of the game are very detailed and very much like I
 expected.  The details of the three characters are really good.  It
 is very evident that a lot of time went into playing this game
 (according to the developers, AvP has been worked on for almost 2
 years!).  The movement of the characters is good and I was able to be
 startled many times in a game until I was at the point of dropping my

 Speaking of the controller, it was hard at first to get used to all
 of the many buttons when trying to move and fire, but after a few
 games, it became easier.  Now, after some 50 hours of game play, it's
 easy to use and the controls are easy to execute.  The keypad
 overlays were nice, but would sometimes pop off or curl up, making
 the top and bottom rows of buttons hard to hit. After several
 frustrating times of this, I decided to fix the problem.  I took all
 three overlays and began to curl them the opposite way and after a
 few days of doing this, they fit just fine now.

 ALIEN The alien is one of the most interesting characters.  The
 different weapons he has are not in the form of guns but using parts
 of his form.  For instance,  you can use a combination of a claw and
 tail to spin your enemy into a cocoon and leave him to die.  This is
 tricky and takes some practice, but the first time you get it, it's
 really fun to watch (Does that sound sadistic?).  The many claws it
 takes to kill a marine gets frustrating.  So, getting good at using
 the cocoon is actually a good way to stop the marines from firing at

 The maze takes a little getting used to at first, but once you start
 to understand where things are, it's not so bad.  I didn't log as
 many hours with the alien, so getting to the point of winning was
 something that I wasn't even close to.  But, I learned many things
 about the alien that got me to the point of moving around and killing
 enemies much easier.

 PREDATOR When you are the Predator, the playing field looks identical
 as if you were one of the other players, but in a different light. 
 Since you have the capability of going invisible, you have a view
 that is difficult to see and very interesting to  move around to. 
 This changing of the light made game play very difficult and it was
 easy to get lost.  Each time you were hit, the colors would change
 and then as you found more health, the colors of the corridors would
 change again, making it almost "strobing" to walk around and kill
 your enemy.  While the Predator has some powers, I much preferred
 playing the marine or alien and killing the predators.

 COLONIAL MARINE Normally, if you have selected to play as the alien
 or the predator, there are a ton of marines that are after you.  Now
 as the colonial marine, you are hunting down the alien.  I chose the
 marine for most of my AvP sessions.  The reason why is this:  the
 marine is easy to move around and you have normal items such as guns
 to fight the alien with.  While there were many challenges with all
 of the players, the marine is the one that most of us can relate to.

 You start your journey in a remote room of the barracks.  Picking up
 your first round of ammo is easy since there is a dead marine (God
 rest his soul - thanks for the extra ammo!), one of many that you
 will find.  Head down the hall and you will find more of your slain
 comrades that will give you extra ammo, food and the coveted
 security access cards.  With these cards, you can open certain doors
 that will give you more security cards and other goodies to keep you

 One of the tricks to use a lot here is the opening and closing of
 doors.  I mentioned this before, and now we see how important it is in
 really game play.  The aliens move fast, so opening the door, firing a
 quick shot, closing the door, then repeating this will keep you from
 getting hurt too much.  The doors won't actually open all the way
 (they open about 85%), so this gives you time to get a shot in, but
 not enough space for the alien to send forth his "slash".

 Make sure you open all doors and access areas.  There are advantages
 to getting all of the food, medic kits and ammo.  The more aliens you
 find, the more ammo is wasted.  Plus, if the alien happens to slash
 you, your energy goes away bit by bit.  And to make matters worse,
 when you "waste" and alien, he leaves his "waste" behind in the form
 of an acid puddle.  When you walk through this acid mess, you will
 groan and lose some health.

 The easiest way to stay alive is to get more ammo and medic kits. 
 These two items helped keep me going longer than I thought they would
 in most of my games.  Plus, when you get to the mother ship, the
 massive number of enemies will kill you unless you've stocked up
 before hand.  So it could take several games in the same spot before
 you get good at this (Hint: save your game at this point so you can
 go back and try it each time until you are good).  Also, make sure to
 take caution when going around corners in some of the levels,
 especially when inside the airducts.  Aliens appear to move faster in
 the airducts than in the barracks.

 CONCLUSION Alien vs. Predator is one game that is a must to have on
 the Jaguar.  Atari has another winner with this game and would be
 foolish to not market this product like crazy, getting it into the
 hands of all Jaguar owners.  It will keep you entertained for quite
 some time, even if you are good at finishing the game.  There's all
 sorts of things that you could differently to change the game play to
 the point of creating a different effect each time.

                       Graphics:               9.0
                       Sound FX/Music:         9.0
                       Control:                8.5
                       Manual:                 9.5
                       Entertainment:          9.0

                       Reviewer's Overall:     9.0

 > Jaguar Easter Eggs/Cheats/Hints STR InfoFile  -  Solving Those Riddles!  

                           ALIEN VS. PREDATOR
                           Cheat Codes Part I

   This is the first of two parts of a cheat code. Best used for when
   playing as a Marine. Below are a few definitions:
   Hold = Whenever it says "hold" a certain key, you must do so
   throughout the entire process.
   Press = Whenever it says "press" a certain key, just press the key
   and move on.

   To Activate the code do the following from within the main game
   1. Hold PAUSE
   2. Hold OPTION
   3. Press the "1" and "3" Keys
   4. Hold the "2", "5", "7", and "9" keys together
   This code enables the following functions:
   Press OPTION + 6  To Raise Security Level
   Press OPTION + 9 To Lower Security Level
   Press OPTION + 8 To toggle tracker on/off
   Press OPTION + 1- 4  To access Marine Weapons (1=shotgun,
   Hold OPTION + Press "1", "2", "3", "4" at same time

 And more from CIS:

 #: 61834 S14/Jaguar Games/Tips
     01-Dec-94  17:04:31
 Sb: AvP: The cheats I,II,III
 Fm: Merry Wooten 75210,1603
 To: anybody 

 I'm here to share the cheat codes for all the characters in Alien vs.

 Hold- Hold through the entire sequence.
 Press- Press and let up.

 Vol I (Marine)

 Hold pause and option-press 1 and 3 together- press 2, 5, 7, and 9

 If you did it correctly you will here the Predator laugh.
 Make sure you held P and O through the entire sequence, but if you here it
 you can let them up.

 Option+ 1, 2, 3, and 4 give weapons.
 Option+ 1234 together fills you up with ammo for everything.
 Option+ 6 ups your security, and Op+ 9 lowers it.
 Option+ 8 gives you the motion tracker.

 Vol II (Predator)

 Perform the same beginning sequence as the Marine. P+O held +1, 3 tog+2,
 5, 7, 9 tog.

 Option+ 1, 2, 3, 4 gives weapons.
 Option+ 1234 tog fills health pack.

 Vol III

 Option+ The top three buttons (123) disables attacks for a harder

 Good luck with the codes- Michael Wooten

 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

 #: 61158 S14/Jaguar Games/Tips
     27-Nov-94  00:25:45
 Sb: #61045-#I GOT DOOM!
 Fm: Craig Harris 73733,2316
 To: Dimitri M LaBarge 71501,3353 (X)

  > The 32X version does have a better resolution, but that's because it's
  > running with a lot fewer colors in a smaller playing area, with a lot
  > of the animations hacked out.

 Today, I checked out the Jaguar and 32X versions of Doom. I first ran
 JagDOOM, and was very surprised (pleasantly) in what I experienced. Even
 though the resolution was scaled down a bit, the TV scan-lines make the
 pixels look less-defined, making the low resolution less-obvious. The
 speed equalled my 486/66, and there was no "color-swim" (Bill Rehbock's
 term) when walking down dark hallways. Some of the round corners have been
 shaved a bit, and the music non-existent, (except between levels) but it's
 still an excellent version.

 Now, for the 32X - The game window is shrunk, about 2 notches from full
 screen on the PC. People who say the game is in the standard Doom
 resolution are crazy. Sure, up close, the pixels are smaller...but that's
 because of the smaller viewing window. But far back, the same blurryness
 that's in the Jaguar version is also in this version. The movement is
 SLIGHTLY, SLIGHTLY slower than the Jaguar version, almost impossible to
 notice. I haven't gotten far into the game, so I haven't noticed if bad
 guys fight each other. The music is a nice try, using the lousy Yamaha FM
 sound chip in the Genesis.

 Both versions are good; though neither measure up to the PC version, the
 Jaguar is a definite second. If I have any complaints with the Jaguar
 version, it would be the lack of any save game. However, that's a tecky

 I wonder if they could've axed the 16-bit color and raised the resolution
 without any speed loss...the color fade is nice, but it's really not


 #: 61160 S14/Jaguar Games/Tips
     27-Nov-94  01:27:07
 Sb: #61158-#I GOT DOOM!
 Fm: Dimitri M LaBarge 71501,3353
 To: Craig Harris 73733,2316

 Thanks for the notes, Craig!  Nice to have a hands-on comparison between
 the two version.  However, are you sure that JagDoom doesn't have a save
 game feature?  I was sure that it did, from the early reports.

 Dimitri @ AEO 

 #: 61163 S14/Jaguar Games/Tips
     27-Nov-94  03:15:26
 Sb: #61160-#I GOT DOOM!
 Fm: Jason   M. De Bord 75114,3607
 To: Dimitri M LaBarge 71501,3353

 There is no save game feature in Doom Jag.  But, once you complete a
 level, you can begin there again.  Or, if you die in the midst of a level,
 you have to start at the beginning (with only your pistol-- arggh).

 One other thing I've noticed while playing over the weekend- many of the
 levels have been shrunken down.  As an example, you know the level that
 has all those grey boxes laying around, and you can climb up them and walk
 around to get to other parts of the maze of grey boxes?  Almost all of
 that has been cut. Instead,  the boxes go all the way to the ceiling,
 forming a wall.  Also, you know how there are those parts where you
 trigger the ceiling to go up and down and mash you?  None of that is in
 this version.  The deeper I'm getting into this game, the more I see is
 missing (I'm on level 12 now I think playing on the skill level below

 bye bye


 #: 61187 S14/Jaguar Games/Tips
     27-Nov-94  11:46:36
 Sb: #61163-#I GOT DOOM!
 Fm: SYSOP*Jim Ness 75300,3155
 To: Jason   M. De Bord 75114,3607

 Was there ceiling crushing in Doom 1?  I only remember that happening in
 Doom 2.


 #: 61190 S14/Jaguar Games/Tips
     27-Nov-94  12:06:57
 Sb: #61187-I GOT DOOM!
 Fm: Mike Watson 100415,250
 To: SYSOP*Jim Ness 75300,3155

  >Was there ceiling crushing in Doom 1?  I only remember that happening
  >in Doom 2.


  Mike Watson, Sinister Developments, Edinburgh, Scotland

 Top ten BattleSphere Facts

 10. It's guaranteed to support networks and modems.  That's been our
     crusade from the beginning.
  9. There are only 4 people working on this game.  4Play, get it?
  8. All ships have been rendered by Thunderbird using InShape on the
     030. We'd use 3D Studio, but it's just too damned EXPENSIVE and
     has a really great object builder for 1/15 the price.
  7. All music has been composed by Stephanie Wukovitz using Protracker 2.0
     and some nameless 8-16 voice tracker on the PC.
  6. We do support texture mapping and hope to have at least
     one texture-mapped ship in the demo.
  5. I wrote all the graphics and game code.
  4. Doug Engel wrote the networking and sound code and does the artwork.
     Actually, he wrote a text blitting routine as well so I lied about #5.
     Sue me...
  3. Tom Harker of ICD, Black Cat, and 4Play has been responsible for the
     CatBox and getting us all the software and hardware we need.
  2. Battle Sphere pales next to "One" on the 32X!!!!! JAGUAR SUX!  Oops,
     wrong personality...
  1. GreyWorld really exists.

 Finally, Atari has nothing to do with the concept or execution of this
 title.  It is not a port, it is MY IDEA crossed with Doug's artwork and
 Stephanie's musical talents.  It's loosely a cross between Netrek and
 TIE Fighter, but it's really like an old mainframe game I wrote in the
 80s hooked into a zero-g flight simulator...  Therefore, the first nimrod
 that starts blaming Atari because we haven't gotten this thing out yet
 should be soundly sacked.  OTOH, we're a smalltime operation with
 day jobs so it takes us a while to get things done...  If you flame us,
 we're liable to put a caricature of you in the game with the name
 appropriately mangled, we're doing the best we can.  If this title goes
 well, we hope to go fulltime somewhere in the future...


    *************** AVP ON-LINE TRIVIA CONTEST ****************

    Atari is proud to introduce another online attraction...
    It's our first ever "AvP Trivia Contest"! Here's how it
    works... Below are five questions regarding Atari's hit
    64-bit Jaguar release of Alien Vs. Predator. Each question
    may be answered by A, B, C or D. Entrants must submit their
    answers along with their mailing address and daytime phone
    number. Entries should be sent directly or through the
    Internet to one of the following addresses:

    Entries will be accepted anytime from November 29, 1994
    until midnight of December 9, 1994. This contest is open
    to all onliners who have a North American shipping address
    (50 U.S. states and Canada) who have complied with the
    terms of this contest. BBS users can submit their entries
    by sending a private message to the SysOp of CATscan BBS
    by dialing 209/239-1552. Sysops are encouraged to
    distribute the details of this contest. The winner will be
    randomly selected from all the correct entries. Due to the
    anticipated volume, individual replies to entries CANNOT be
    made. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Employees
    of CompuServe, GEnie or Atari are ineligible.

    To make things REALLY easy. You WILL find the answers
    within the text of the November 29th AvP conference on
    CompuServe or the November 30th AvP conference on GEnie.

    Here are the questions:

    1) Alien Vs. Predator by Atari for the 64-bit Jaguar
       interactive multimedia sysdem feht res the ability for
       the player to become any one of three characters. What
       are those characters?
       A. Ripley, an Alien and a Navy Seal
       B. An Alien, a Predator and a Marine
       C. A ship's navigator, a cook and a doctor
       D. None of the above

    2) Which film studios produced the Alien and Predator
       A. Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox       
       B. Disney Studios and Twentieth Century Fox
       C. Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox
       D. Universal Studios and Twentieth Century Fox
    3) Alien Vs. Predator is a virtual world challenge which
       is described in the manual to be:
       A. a tactical simulator depicting the events following
          the fall of Camp Golgotha Colonial Marine Training
       B. a reenactment of events created by a supercomputer
          based on the ultimate terrestrial war Alien vs.
       C. a dream sequence of space mining personnel aboard
          their own contaminated ship.
       D. a hypnotic recall of the nightmarish events
          experienced by marines on a recent war mission where
          germ warfare was used against them.
    4) An effective tool to be used while playing Alien Vs.
       Predator is the H.U.D. which offers status displays.
       What does H.U.D. stand for?
       A. Heads-Up Display
       B. Helmet Ultra-Diatometer
       C. Heated U-light Diagnostics
       D. Hampered Utility Detector
    5. One of the many obstacles to avoid is referred to as a
       Facehugger. A Facehugger is which of the following?
       A. A creature that attaches itself to the face of its
       B. A helmet instrument used by the Predator that injects
          a poison into anyone else who may attempt to use it.
       C. A "gripping" gas that stretches the skin of the face
          until it tears.
       D. None of the above.

 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"


      Our roving reporter has learned the TOS & Falcon technology has been
 licensed to an outside firm.  The actual details are to be revealed
 shortly.  The main reason has been the ongoing demand for further
 development of the Falcon and its DSP by a large vociferous segment of the
 musical entertainment community.  Further, its been reported that the new
 firm is considering the use of towers and separate keyboards  as in the
 real world  of computing.  The main motivator behind the licensing
 agreements is reported to have been James Grunke of Atari.

 - New York City, NY                  INTEL STUNG BY THE PENTIUM BUG!

      The PENTIUM BUG is a simple little old divide error.  There have been
 several 'test' programs and calculations posted on the boards to test for
 the bug.  About the simplest one is as follows:


      Using any 10 digit calculator, the quotient will be 1.333820449. 
 With the buggy INTEL Pentiums while using MS Excel for example, the answer
 you get is 1.333739068.  The buggy inaccuracy occurs at the 4th digit. 
 It's not as remote and far fetched as Intel is attempting to suggest. 
 There have been numerous professional people logging OnLine discussing the
 errors discovered being forced to occur by the buggy INTEL Pentium CHIPS
 in high quality applications such as Auto Cad, Excel and countless others
 that rely upon FPU calculations.

      The real outrage is from the fact that Intel openly admitted to
 knowing about the broken Pentium chips before they began shipping the
 buggy chips.
      Want some real soap opera-like entertainment?  Enter one of the many
 PC Vendor areas on your favorite service.  You'll soon be howling at the
 many threads regarding the FPU BUG.  Actually its some of the most
 interesting reading available.  Simply seeing BIG CORPORATIONS get caught
 with their pants down trying to  play the smoke and mirrors game  is a
 real hoot.  This one, however, is a biggie.  And... a mean one.


                           USA --- 1-800-628-8686
                            Europe --- 0793641469


                       STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"        

        "The Great Big Black Things that  have loomed against the horizon of 
        my life, threatening  to devour  me, simply loomed and nothing more.
        The things that have  really made  me miss my train have always been
        sweet, soft, pretty, pleasant things of which I was not in the least

                                                           - Elbert Hubbard


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