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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      With Labor Day right around the corner, it hails the closeness of
 Fall Comdex.  Comdex Fall'94 is being termed "The World's#1 Information
 Technology Event.  Comdex Fall'94 takes place this year in Las Vegas
 Nov. 14-18 1994.  Known as the "Comdex Convergence", is made up of 
 Network Computing, Multimedia, OEM Sourcing, Office Systems, New Media,
 Enterprise Computing, Mobile Computing and Communications.  These are 
 the main themes for this year's show.

      Today's computer and communications technology is converging on one
 central platform.. the personal computer.  Over two thousand exhibitors
 showing thousands upon thousands of new products coupled with over one
 hundred seventy thousand attendees with an additional twenty five thousand
 International delegates makes the Vegas Comdex show the number one "IT"
 Conference.  As such, the new goodies, as indicated above, will flow and
 show like never before.  What a year this has been so far and still
 promises to be better.
      EditPro was talked about slightly last week.  By now it should be
 available on your favorite service and/or BBS for your download pleasure. 
 This is _the editor_ to replace the enemic Windows Notebook.  EditPro, is
 our choice and we highly recommend it to you.  Look for it and give it a
 try.  The review/overview of EditPro by Ian Meade will be in next week's


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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #35
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                  ** Rand McNally Ships Map Software **

    Rand McNally says it has started shipping TripMaker, a trip planning 
 CD-ROM program for families and individuals arranging car trips in North 
    The Windows software covers more than 640,900 miles of road and 
 125,000 cities and towns. It also describes recreational activities and 
 attractions and provides detailed itineraries and maps.

    A Trip Guide wizard takes users step-by-step through the trip 
 planning process. The software cross-references itineraries to pages in 
 the Rand McNally Road Atlas.

    TripMaker has a street price of about $49.

            ** America Online Surpasses the 1 Million Mark **
    America Online (AOL), claiming to the be the fastest growing consumer 
 on-line information service, says it has surpassed the 1 million
 subscriber level.  The company reported 900,000 users a month ago, and 
 800,000 in May.  Analysts say that AOL appears to be growing 28% per 
    CompuServe is believed to be the largest consumer service with 2.4 
 million, followed by Prodigy with 2.2 million users.  But Prodigy counts 
 multiple users per paying account, and it's believed that Prodigy only 
 has 1 to 1.3 million paying customers.  AOL is in third place with its 1 
 million paying customers.
    Delphi, fourth on the 'Big Five' online consumer services list,
 declined to give its user figures.  Surprisingly, Genie, fifth on the
 list, is estimated to have 100,000 users.

                 ** NEC Considers Going IBM-Compatible **

    NEC Corp. has announced it may introduce IBM-compatible computer
 servers in Japan, a dramatic move that reverses a long-standing company 
 policy of only selling machines that use NEC's proprietary technology.

    NEC is the only remaining Japanese computer maker that exclusively 
 sells computers based on a chip and software it created. The rest have 
 shifted to machines that are compatible with the IBM architecture, Intel 
 microprocessors and Microsoft operating systems.

                   ** Random House Makes CD-ROM Deal **

    Book publisher Random House Inc. has struck a deal with educational 
 software maker Knowledge Adventure Inc. to create, produce and market 
 multimedia CD-ROM titles.

    Random House says it now will distribute Knowledge Adventure's cur-
 rent software titles, including the 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, Undersea 
 Adventure and 3-D Body Adventure to bookstores.

    The first co-published title, due in stores by November, will be the 
 Random House Kid's Encyclopedia, a CD-ROM multimedia encyclopedia designed
 exclusively for children ages 7 to 12.
                     ** Oracle Launches Quickstart **

    Quickstart, a $400,000 hardware-software product designed to speed 
 the transition of financial computer systems from mainframe to open 
 computing networks in no more than 120 days, has been launched by Oracle 
 Corp. and SHL Systemhouse Inc.

    Reports say that Quickstart is available in the U.S. immediately for 
 user groups of 16, 32 or 38. The price includes hardware, software, 
 installation, and on-site education, training and support.

                  ** IBM Cuts Prices Up to 27% on PCs **

    First Compaq Computer Corp lowered its prices 22% last week, then 
 IBM, this week, reduced prices on selected models of its PS/2, Value-
 Point, ThinkPad and PC Server lines by up to 27%.
    IBM officials said all models of the high-performance Server 95 
 family -- designed specifically for complex enterprise networks -- are 
    Some specifics:
    -:- A Server 95 566 running on an Intel Pentium 66MHz processor with 
 1 gigabyte hard drive and 16MB ECC (Error Correction Code) memory, was 
 $9, 802 and now lists for $8,647.

    -:- A PS/2 77 running on an IntelDX2 66/33MHz processor and with 8MB 
 RAM and 270MB IDE hard drive, which was $3,235, lists now for $2,860, 
 IBM said.

    -:- The ValuePoint Performance Series now can be had through IBM PC 
 Direct for $2,075 for a system running on an IntelDX2 66/33MHz processor 
 and with 8MB RAM and 360MB hard drive. Previously, the system could be 
 purchased through this channel for $2,455.

    -:- The ThinkPad 510Cs color subnotebook, powered by IBM's fast 
 486BL2 MHz processor, which was previously available through PC Direct 
 for $2,399, can now be purchased for $1,799.
                  ** Nikon, Fuji Make Digital Camera **

    A single-lens reflex digital electronic still camera that stores 
 images in a high-speed memory card has been developed by Nikon Corp. and 
 Fuji Photo Film Co.

    Reports say the card allows operators to use a personal computer to 
 store and process images taken by the new camera, which, a Fuji 
 spokesman says, will cut the amount of effort and time required for 
 developing film.

    Fuji and Nikon "have separately developed digital cameras but there 
 wasn't a (single-lens reflex) type before," the spokesman said. "It was 
 too costly for us to develop a new camera separately, so we decided to 
    The developers say they expect the new camera to be especially useful 
 to press photographers, and people in the medical profession, the 
 fashion industry and the publishing business.

                ** US Robotics Ships New Courier Modem **

    U.S. Robotics Inc. is shipping its first V.34 product, the Courier 
 "V.Everything" modem.

    Reports say Courier products with a V.34 support are available 
 immediately and that additional desktop products supporting V.34 will be 
 shipped throughout the fall.
                   ** Dell Rolls Out New Desktop PCs **

    A new line of desktop PCs for business, including some powered by 
 Intel Corp.'s Pentium microprocessor for less than $2,800, is being 
 rolled out today by Dell Computer Corp.

    Reports say the Dell OptiPlex line is "aimed at large corporate and 
 government buyers who want PCs that can easily be added to a network," 
 adding Dell says the systems will form the core of its offerings for the 
 next year.

    Vice President Doug MacGregor of Dell's desktop systems said "The key 
 is to figure out what technologies are going to be relevant over the 
 next year so our customers can catch the wave early and have a period of 

    The new models are the first from Austin, Texas-based Dell that have 
 so-called Plug and Play capability, in which the computer automatically 
 identifies a new accessory and reconfigures itself. Dell has also put 
 new chipsets in the OptiPlex models that allow them to power down to 20 
 MHz after they have been idle for a short while. That exceeds the 30 MHz 
 target of the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star conservation 

    The computer maker also equipped the new models with an Enhanced IDE 
 feature that improves the speed at which data moves through circuits 
 outside the main chip.

    A Pentium-based model with 90 MHz of processing speed, a 210MB hard 
 drive and 14-inch monitor will cost $2,749. Dell also will begin selling 
 a range of new 486-based models. One using the lowest-powered 486 33 MHz 
 chip will cost $1,349, including monitor.

                         ** CD-ROM Sales Soar **

    The Software Publishers Association this week released figures from 
 its CD Software Sales Report, which tracks sales of software sold on CD- 

    For the first quarter of 1994, the total sales of 73 reporting com-
 panies were $135.8 million, a 366% increase from $29.1 million in the 
 first quarter of 1993. Unit sales were 4.44 million, a 256% increase 
 from 1.25 million in the prior year's quarter.

    CD-ROM software sales in the final quarter of 1993 were $102 million 
 on about 4 million discs, and accounted for half of the sales the SPA 
 tracked in its CD Sales Program for all of 1993. Sales in the first 
 quarter of 1994 were $135.78 million on 4.44 million CDs.

                   ** Online Stalking Bill Proposed **

    A Maryland congressman has proposed federal legislation against online
 stalking and harassment.

    Democrat Kweisi Mfume has introduced the proposed "Electronic Anti
 Stalking Act," which Communications Daily this morning reports is 
 intended "to prohibit use of modem, telephone or other electronic device 
 'to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any person.'"
    Mfume told the newsletter his bill (HR-5015) responds to "numerous 
 reports of harassing and threatening messages" on computer networks, 
 adding that along with the benefits of "the information superhighway ... 
 come the dangers of abuse and misuse." 
                  ** Marvel Distributes Comic Online **

    The first edition of the new "Generation X" comic book is being dis-
 tributed online this week by Marvel Comics. It is making its debut in a 
 new CompuServe forum.
    The 40-page comic book is available for downloading in the new Comics 
 Publishers Forum (GO COMICPUB). Gary Guzzo of Marvel said in a public 
 note there that the publication's premiere issue is being distributed 
 electronically because "we felt that this comic book is about members of 
 a generation that is navigating the superhighway by the time they utter 
 their first words. Therefore, it made sense to us to debut this book in 
 their language."
    Also, he said, "many of you who stay in touch with us have told us of 
 your affinity for computers. We thought this would be an entertaining 
 way to acknowledge that interest."

    Reports say that because the comic will take a long time to download 
 -- an hour or more with a 9600 bps or faster modem -- Marvel indicates 
 it has no plans to regularly distribute its products online.

    Says Marvel President Terry Stewart, "This should be seen as a pro-
 motion to make the world aware of the launch of a new product." Still, 
 he added, "For right now this is a promotion or a marketing extension, 
 but there's no doubt you'll begin to see more comics online."

    Observers say, "Many fans of Marvel's 'X-Men' comic book are sop-
 histicated users of computers, Marvel's research has shown. 'Generation 
 X' is a spinoff product, involving a new generation of mutant heroes."

    Reports are that Marvel also will make the new comic available on 
 America Online, GEnie and Internet after this week's debut on 
                   ** Bob Dylan Sues Apple Computer **

    Singer/composer Bob Dylan has sued Apple Computer Inc., alleging the 
 firm is promoting new software packaged like a CD recording and called 

    According to a report in the trade paper Daily Variety, the suit also 
 alleges Apple misrepresented facts to the U.S. Patent & Trademark office 
 in its efforts to register the name and mark of its new program.

    "It says Apple executives had previously assured Dylan's legal 
 counsel that the company's use of his name was only as an in-house code 
 name for the new software program".
                 ** Porn Photos Overload U.K. Computer **

    After a British student stored hundreds of hard-core pornographic 
 pictures in a computer at a United Kingdom university, the machine 
 overloaded and shut down for two days.

    Reports are that the unidentified engineering student transferred the 
 images from the United States via a modem and telephone lines. He has 
 been severely reprimanded.

    Robert Barnes, administrative secretary at the University of Wales, 
 said, "The abundance and profusion of the graphic material he invited 
 into the system simply took up too much space, and it overloaded."


 > Corel Draw Fix List STR FOCUS!          Draw5.0 Maintenance Release


 Major Issues Resolved in Draw5.0 Maintenance Release
 D1- Paragraph text not displaying in wireframe mode with some video

 D2- Intermittent functionality rotating objects on systems without    
      coprocessors. RESOLVED

 D3- Error reading files containing artistic text with  Overprint Outline 

 D4- Improved speed in opening files with artistic text

 D5- Improved welding of text - multipath characters like  D  were being
      filled in.

 D6- Bitmaps now display correctly in Print Preview.

 D7-  Problem reopening a file with PowerClips containing text . RESOLVED

 D8- Large number of styles with paragraph text could cause errors.RESOLVED

 D9- Error Reading File - Adding bullets to imported paragraph text .

 D10- Error message when saving System Info on non-networked systems.

 D11- Error message when using the Windows HP Plotter driver. RESOLVED

 D12- Errors Importing some monochrome .TIF files RESOLVED

 D13- Problems reading some EPS Placeable files. RESOLVED

 D14- Improved header information on EPS export.

 D15- Printing bitmaps to printers with error-diffusion no longer prints
      lines on image

 D16- Bitmaps now print across several pages when tiling.

 P1- Problems opening .PCD files RESOLVED

 P2- Added EPS export with clipping paths

 C1- Scatter Charts now have Data Analysis available.

 C2- Added progress meter for import to Data Manager

 C3- Excel 5 filter added.

 M1- Corrected volume, channel and skipping problems with sound engine

 M2- Added  Constant  option to Cel Sequencer in the Cel field

 M3- Added Preview for Import Actor from bitmap.

 T1- Edit Image function now calls PhotoPaint

 Mo1- Improved printing times for printing thumbnails

 Mo2- Header and file info now included in thumbnail printouts


 > Hayes NEWS! STR InfoFile
                        HAYES ADDS RIPSCRIP GRAPHICS 
                           TO SMARTCOM FOR WINDOWS

 Announces Version 1.1
         ATLANTA, GA, 17 August 1994 -- Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
 today announced Version 1.1 of Smartcom for Windows which now includes
 RIPscrip Graphics Emulation.  Version 1.1 provides the same capabilities
 as Smartcom for Windows 1.0, Hayes full-featured asynchronous
 communications software package for Microsoft Windows users, but now
 features an enhanced Calling Directory, Automatic Data/Fax Discrimination,
 Windows Socket Support, and a Smartcom Tools Icon in addition to RIPscrip
 Graphics Emulation.
         Popular on many bulletin board systems, RIPscrip Graphics
 Emulation allows users to view screens using text and graphics.  RIPscrip 
 Graphics Emulation can be used with bulletin boards that support the
 emulation to display screens using text and graphics, including on-screen 
 buttons you can click to send commands to remote systems.
         Smartcoms Calling Directory now provides fast access to the phone 
 numbers and custom settings used to call various remote systems such as 
 bulletin boards.  A feature included in Version 1.0, Calling Directory now 
 appears immediately when users log on to Smartcom.  Calling Directory 
 also includes pre-defined Settings Documents for use in contacting popular 
 information services.
         "Users and reviewers have identified Smartcom for Windows as the 
 communications product that fills the void for an easy-to-learn graphical 
 user interface --the feature that made Microsoft Windows so successful," 
 Hayes President Dennis C. Hayes said.  "With Version 1.1, weve added 
 features such as RIPscrip Graphics and enhanced features such as Calling 
 Directory -- making the program the best choice for the beginner or the 
         Smartcom for Windows now provides automatic data/fax 
 discrimination for users who receive data and fax calls through the same 
 modem.  Smartcom for Windows also supports connections via third-party 
 network software developed according to the Windows Sockets Application 
 Programming Interface.  This provides network connections, such as 
 TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, DECnet, and XNS when used with third-party 
 software that is Windows Sockets Compliant. 
         In addition to the functions formerly available through the
 Smartcom Custom program, the Smartcom Tools icon now provides access to
 new Share and Compact utilities.  Share allows users to share buttons
 sets, keyboard layouts, scripts, and general configuration between 
 communications sessions and Compact enables users to save disk space 
 by compressing communications documents.
         Smartcom for Windows and the Smartcom Communications Editor 
 enable users to customize keyboard control of the communications 
 program and Editor.  For example, users can select a standard terminal 
 keyboard for Smartcom for Windows and use different keyboard 
 assignments to implement familiar editing actions when using the 
 Smartcom Editor.
         Smartcom was designed for use with high-speed modems, ISDN, 
 Hayes ESP Communications Accelerator, local area networking, and third-
 party TCP/IP internetworking.  Smartcom for Windows is a global program 
 that enables multi-national organizations to standardize on one package 
 using the option to load the language(s) of choice.  The software
 interface supports five languages -- English, French, Italian, German, or
         Smartcom for Windows 1.1 is available for US$79 and CDN$105.  
 Smartcom for Windows 1.0 users can upgrade for US$29 and CDN$37 
 through Hayes Customer Support.  Hayes Multi-User Software Licensing 
 Program enables corporate, government, financial, and educational 
 institutions to make 10, 100, 500, or 1,000 or more authorized copies of 
 Smartcom for Windows for use at any user location, not just at one site.  
 Customers who are interested in a multi-user license should contact 
         Smartcom for Windows 1.1 comes with Hayes Bonus Bundle, a 
 package of software and coupons that enables users to "go online" 
 immediately with popular online services such as America Online, 
 CompuServe and GEnie.  


                Official Hayes Modem Communications Companion
                           by Caroline M. Halliday
         ATLANTA, GA, 12 August 1994 -- Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
 is pleased to endorse an authoritative, third-party guide to online
 communications.  Official Hayes Modem Communications Companion, written by
 Caroline M. Halliday and published by IDG Books Worldwide, is different
 from other such works in many respects.  While this book very thoroughly
 covers the basics of PC communications, modems, and how to get started 
 with online computing, it also gives additional helpful communications
         Hayes worked closely with Ms. Halliday, who spent considerable
 time at the company's Norcross, Georgia, headquarters, interviewing R&D
 engineers, technical support staff and, in particular, Dennis C. Hayes. 
 Aimed at beginners and intermediate users, it is most certainly not "yet
 another book on modems." 
         In the Foreword, Mr. Hayes writes, "We have a unique perspective
 concerning what people want to know about using modems and computer
 communications.  Our customer and technical support team members speak
 with more than one million modem users every year.  I know firsthand that
 this type of interaction can build a huge information and knowledge base 
 among Hayes employees.  I say that because I answered the phones myself
 during our early years, and today I spend much of my time talking with
 customers and use what I learn from them to improve our products and our
 company.  Now you can benefit from our years of experience and enjoy the
 exciting world of computer communications like never before." 
         Smartcom for Windows LE, which is bundled with the book, is an
 asynchronous communications software package for Windows version 3.1 based
 on Hayes Smartcom for Windows.  This easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, fully
 functional limited edition program uses the graphical interface of a
 Windows application.  The Windows fax communications software enables
 users to send text or graphic documents from within any Windows
 application to fax machines or other fax modems anywhere in the world. 
         Ms. Halliday has a degree in electrical engineering and writes
 books and articles for the PC industry.  She is an active explorer of
 online information services and in her work makes this technology
 understandable to the small-business owner and home user.  She is on the
 InfoWorld review board and is author of PC SECRETS, also published by IDG
 Books Worldwide. 
         Official Hayes Modem Communications Companion is available from
 Hayes Customer Service, computer superstores and local bookstores for the
 estimated retail price of US $29.95 and CDN $39.95. 
         Best known as the leader in microcomputer modems, Hayes develops,
 supplies, and supports computer communications equipment and software for
 personal computers and computer communications networks.  The company
 distributes its products in over 65 countries through a global network of
 authorized distributors, dealers, mass merchants, VARs, systems
 integrators, and original equipment manufacturers. 
 Hayes, Smartcom, Bonus Bundle, and ESP are trademarks of Hayes 
 Microcomputer Products, Inc.  Windows is a trademark of Microsoft 
 For additional product information, customers should contact 
 Hayes Customer Service: 
 Telephone                               Online with Hayes BBS 
 404/441-1617 (U.S.)                     404/729-6525 (ISDN U.S.) 
 519/746-5000 (Canada)                   +44 1252 775599 (Europe)
 +33 1 34 22 30 15 (France)              +44 1252 812560 (ISDN Europe)
 +44 1252 775544 (Europe)                +852 887 7590 (Hong Kong)
 +852 887 1037 (Hong Kong)               +61 2 959 5287 (Australia) 
 +61 2 959 5544 (Australia)               

 > UARTS - FIFO STR InfoFile       NEW Settings and Updates

 Knowledge Base
 Title: Windows Support of the 16550 UART 
 Document Number: Q119579           Publ Date: 22-AUG-1994 
 Product Name: Windows For Workgroups 
 Product Version: 3.10 3.11 
 Operating System: WINDOWS 

  The information in this article applies to:

   - Microsoft Windows operating system versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 
   - Microsoft Windows for Workgroups versions 3.1, 3.11 


  The universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) is an integrated 
  circuit that contains the software programming control of the PC serial 
  port. The 8250 was the original UART to ship with the IBM personal 
  computer. This UART & the improved 16450 version are limited to one input 
  register that holds only one byte at a time. These UARTs are not usually 
  suitable for modem speeds greater than 9600 bits per second (BPS) because 
  of possible input data overruns that can occur if a character is left in 
  the input register when the next byte is received.

  The new 16550 UART allows reliable data transfer at high speeds with its 
  16-byte first in, first out (FIFO) input register. The FIFO feature can 
  buffer up to 16 bytes at a time, which improves serial communications by 
  preventing data overruns in applications that are 16550 aware.

  This article outlines the use and history of support for the 16550 in 
  Microsoft Windows.


  Windows 3.0 and Earlier Versions 

  Windows 3.0 and earlier versions do not support the FIFO feature of the 
  16550UART. Instead, the UART remains in the 8250 UART compatibility mode, 
  allowing a byte to be received at a time. If the incoming character isn't 
  read fast enough by the computer, the byte is lost. Lost or "dropped" 
  characters are likely to occur at speeds faster than 9600 bits per second 

  There are no UART-specific switches in the SYSTEM.INI file with Windows 

  NOTE: Third-party communications drivers (such as Turbocom by Pacific 
  Commware) are available to add support for the 16550 FIFO feature in 
  Windows 3.0.

  Windows 3.1, 3.11, and Windows for Workgroups 3.1 

  Windows 3.1 was the 1st version of Windows to support the FIFO feature of 
  the 16550 UART for Windows-based applications. (MS-DOS-based applications 
  run under Windows 3.1, 3.11, or Windows for Workgroups 3.1 do not support 
  the FIFO feature.) The receive buffer (RX) is set by the serial 
  communications driver (COMM.DRV) to 14 bytes. The transmit buffer (TX) is 
  not enabled.

  [386Enh! Section SYSTEM.INI Setting:

     COM1FIFO=0 | 1 
     COM2FIFO=0 | 1 
     COM3FIFO=0 | 1 
     COM4FIFO=0 | 1

  Default: Enable the FIFO if detected and the setting is not in the 
  SYSTEM.INI file.

  Purpose: Specifies whether the FIFO buffer of a communication (COM) port 
  16550 UART is enabled (1) or disabled (0). If a serial port does not 
  have a 16550 UART, this setting is ignored. If you set a numerical value 
  other than "1" or "0" (for example, COMxFIFO=2 ), the setting is ignored, 
  and the FIFO is enabled if detected. Using TRUE, FALSE, or any other non- 
  numerical value sets the switch to "0" and therefore disables the FIFO.


  The COMxFIFO= setting is not fully Boolean aware. To properly use these 
  switches, use the following syntax




  where <x> is the number of the COM port you want to set.

  The SYSINI.WRI file from the Microsoft Windows Resource Kit for version
  3.1 incorrectly identifies TRUE and FALSE as functioning with this 
  switch. Page 196 of the Windows Resource Kit manual incorrectly  
 identifies "On" and "Off" as functioning with this switch. Again, using
  any non-numerical value sets the switch to "0" and therefore disables the

  These values are used by Windows for both standard and 386 enhanced  

  NOTE: Third-party communications drivers (such as Turbocom by Pacific 
  Commware and KingComm by OTC Corporation) enable FIFO support for MS-DOS- 
  based applications running under Windows.

  Windows for Workgroups 3.11 

  Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is the first version of Windows to enable
  16550 FIFO support for MS-DOS-based applications running under Windows.
  In addition to Windows-based applications, your MS-DOS-based applications
  can now use FIFO to prevent data overruns without using a third-party 
  communications driver. The Windows for Workgroups communications driver 
  (SERIAL.386) can also use the transmit buffer (TX) of the 16550 UART. 
  Previous versions of the communications driver use the receive buffer  
 (RX) only.

  [386Enh! section SYSTEM.INI settings:

  In addition to the COMxFIFO setting outlined above, Windows for
  Workgroups 3.11 introduces two new settings, RXTRIGGER and TXFIFO.

  RXFIFO Setting:

     COM1RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14 
     COM2RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14 
     COM3RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14 
     COM4RxTRIGGER=1 | 4 | 8 | 14

  Default: 8

  Purpose: Sets the number of bytes to enable for the receive FIFO buffer 
  (RX) on the 16550 UART.



  where <x> is the number of the COM port you want to set.

 NOTE: In general, you should not change the RXFIFO value. Increasing the 
 value of RXFIFO to 14 causes fewer interrupts to be generated, but it also 
 decreases the space in the remainder of the buffer to 2 characters. On a 
 busy system, which may have an increase in interrupt latency (the time
 that it takes for an interrupt to be serviced by the CPU), this may cause 
 characters to overrun the buffer. Likewise, decreasing the value for
 RXFIFO increases the number of interrupts generated, which could lead to
 interrupt saturation, negating the usefulness of the FIFO on a
 multitasking system.

  TXFIFO Setting:

     COM1TXFIFO=0 | 1 
     COM2TXFIFO=0 | 1 
     COM3TXFIFO=0 | 1 
     COM4TXFIFO=0 | 1

  Default: 0

 Purpose: Enables the transmit buffer (TX) on the 16550 UART. If enabled,
 16 bytes are sent to the UART with each empty transmit interrupt



 where <x> equals the number of the COM port you want to set.

 NOTE: Enabling the transmit buffer (TX) may result in better system 
 performance during a high-speed file upload. It does not affect downloads.

 Additional reference words: 3.00 3.10 50Z PS/2 modems docerr

                   COPYRIGHT Microsoft Corporation, 1994.


 > Thinkin' Things STR Review

                          EDMARK'S THINKIN' THINGS

 The Kids' Computing Corner

 Reviewed by Frank Sereno

      Thinkin' Things is an educational program for children ages four to
 eight.  Thinkin' Things is intended to enhance children's abilities in
 abstract thinking and creativity.  It is available for IBM compatibles and
 Macintosh computers.  Requirements on clone machines are MS-DOS 3.1 or
 greater, 580k conventional memory, VGA graphics,  a sound card, a mouse,
 and seven megs of hard drive space.  For the Mac, requirements are a color
 Mac with four megs of  ram and seven megs of hard drive space.  This
 review will be of the IBM version and testing was done on 386 and 486

      Installation is accomplished by running the INSTALL.EXE program on
 the first disk.  After the program has completed the transfer of all files
 to the hard drive, you will be prompted to select your sound card.  
 Edmark does not recommend running Thinkin' Things from Windows but they do
 include a PIF file for launching the program.  Unfortunately, the included
 PIF did not work on either of my test machines because it did not include
 the working directory of the program.  This problem was easily corrected
 in the PIF Editor.  The program is KidDesk aware.  This allows the program
 options to be set for each individual in the family or classroom.

      The main screen features six boxes which can be clicked on to start
 one of  six learning activities.  One box shows Oranga the orangutan.  His
 activity is called Oranga Banga.  Another box shows a series of birds
 representing Feathered Friends.  A box featuring a large bird named Toony
 Loon and a xylophone is the icon for the Toony Loon activity.  A box
 showing a series of strange-looking creatures called Fripples represents
 the Fripple Shop game.  A box with several spheres on it is the icon for
 the BLOX-Flying Spheres activity.  The final activity is BLOX-Flying
 Shapes and it is represented by a box with polygons.  Thinkin' Things also
 includes an adult section which is accessed by typing alt-control-A.  The
 program can be set to monitor children's progress so that the difficulty
 is increased automatically or parents can set difficulty slides to the
 child's capabilities.

      Oranga Banga is an activity which promotes the improvement of memory
 by learning sound patterns, creativity by playing drum solos and auditory
 discrimination by learning to recognize the sounds of different
 instruments.  Oranga has a complete drum set with a bass and snare drum, a
 gong, chimes, triangle and more.  In Creativity Mode, the child uses a
 drumstick cursor to play the various percussion instruments.  When he
 clicks on Oranga or the play icon, Oranga will play back the child's song. 
 Unfortunately, Oranga does not keep the same beat drummed originally. 
 Question and Answer Mode is entered by clicking on the question mark icon. 
 Now Oranga will play a solo and child must repeat it.  If the child has
 difficulty repeating the solo, Oranga will do it again more slowly.  Once
 the child has mastered several solos, Oranga plays a celebration solo.  
 For added difficulty, the child or parent may choose "lights out."  With
 this option, Oranga plays his solos in the dark and then the scene
 reappears when the child attempts to repeat the solos.  Clicking on the
 stop button will take the child back to the main screen.  Negative
 feedback for incorrect answers is very gentle.  Since Oranga is a
 musician, his positive feedback is fairly mellow and uses such expressions
 as "groovy" and "yeah."  His various facial expressions as plays the
 instruments are very amusing and the animations are fairly smooth.

      Feathered Friends promotes the development of visual discrimination,
 recognizing and completing patterns, and using parts to create a whole. 
 In Creativity Mode, the child has four choices in the categories of color,
 pattern, hat and shoes to create unique birds.  In Question and Answer
 Mode, he will be presented with a pattern of several birds with one spot
 in the row being empty.  He must choose the correct attributes for the
 missing bird to complete the pattern.  In the early stages, he will only
 have to choose one attribute as the remainder of the bird has already been
 assembled.  In later stages, he will have to choose all the attributes of
 the missing bird and the patterns become much more difficult to discern. 
 If the child chooses wrongly, one bird will ask him to please try again as
 the computer removes one or more  wrong answers.  Continued incorrect
 responses will result in only the correct choices being left.  Positive
 feedback is a simple thank-you along with an amusing animation of the
 birds moving off the screen to various sound effects.  This activity will
 definitely make a child think and it is entertaining also.

      BLOX-Flying Spheres is an exercise in experimentation, creativity and
 music.  The activity consists of various icons placed along the left side
 and bottom of the screen.  Filling the main portion of the screen is a
 gradient background which gives the illusion of depth and distance with
 darker shadings.  In the upper left corner, there is a box filled with
 colored spheres which may be placed on the background.  Below that is a
 box containing musical notes which changes the music when pressed.  Below
 that is an ear icon which turns the music on or off.  In the lower left
 corner is the stop sign which returns the child to the main screen. 
 Moving to the right, the next icon is an erase button which removes all
 spheres from the screen.  Next is icon featuring a light bulb which is the
 Ideas icon.  Nine different ideas are shown which the child may choose to
 build upon or try to make himself.  The child can also save nine of his
 own creations by holding the shift key and a number key.  The next icon is
 for changing the background among the thirteen different gradients.  Next
 is the color icon which allows the child to cycle the background through
 11 colors.  The freeze icon stops the motion of all spheres.  Next are
 three directional buttons which will force all the spheres to move either
 horizontally, vertically or randomly.  The final icon allows the child to
 switch to a full-view screen.  The child can catch spheres by clicking and
 holding them with the mouse.  He can then set the sphere in motion by
 dragging the mouse in the desired direction and then releasing the mouse
 button.  The sphere will move at a speed relative to that of the mouse. 
 This exercise is very fascinating.  I would like to note that the spheres
 never collide.  Perhaps this concept of physics was considered too
 difficult for younger children to grasp.

      BLOX-Flying Shapes is similar in format to the Flying Spheres.  This
 activity is meant to develop spatial awareness and foster creativity and
 experimentation in building designs.  The child now has three different
 groups of polygons he can use to build his designs.  The polygons can be
 spun on an axis, made larger or smaller, and be placed on top of one
 another.  The three groups each have a set of nine ideas and the child can
 save nine for each group also.  Each polygon has its own sound and the
 child can record new sounds for each polygon if you have a sound card
 capable of sound input.  The icons are similar to Flying Spheres.  In the
 upper left corner are the polygons.  Below that are two green arrows to
 cycle through the three groups of icons.  Below that is the microphone
 icon if your system has that capability and if it is enabled in the adult
 section.  Next is the ear icon to turn on and off the sound.  In the lower
 left corner is the stop icon for going back to the main screen.  Along the
 bottom is the erase button for removing all the shapes from the screen. 
 Then an idea icon shows the saved screens.  An icon with triangles of
 increasing size allows the child to increase the size of all the shapes. 
 A rotation arrow is next which will rotate all the shapes in one
 direction.  Next is the freeze icon which stops all motion of the shapes. 
 The three directional icons force all the shapes to move horizontally,
 vertically or randomly from the center of the screen.  Last is the icon
 for switching to full-screen viewing.  The possibilities for designs with
 this activity are endless.  Just looking at some provided ideas was mind-
 boggling.  The graphics were fairly good but the shapes with angled lines
 often had "jaggies." 

      The next activity is Toony Loon, another musical activity.  It is
 intended to help children recognize variance in pitch, strengthen auditory
 memory, remember and repeat patterns, and develop creativity in music.  In
 Creativity Mode, the child uses the mallet-shaped cursor to create a song. 
 Clicking on Toony or the play icon causes Toony to play the child's song. 
 By clicking on the new icon, the child can cycle through five different
 xylophones.  The chicken xylophone is very funny.  In Question and Answer
 Mode, Toony creates a pattern of three or more notes and the child is
 asked to repeat it.  If the child has difficulty recreating the pattern,
 Toony will play it more slowly.  Negative feedback is very gentle as it is
 only a shake of Toony's head and being asked "Once again . . ."  Positive
 feedback upon correct answers is very enthusiastic.  When the child has
 mastered repeating patterns with the "lights on," he may then try with the
 "lights off."  This will definitely develop a child's ability to recognize
 pitch.  Toony's expressions are well animated and the only nit is that
 Toony's beak is not always in full sync with the audio.

      The final activity is the Fripple Shop.  Children will learn Boolean
 logic, develop observation skills and learn to follow instructions.  The
 Fripple Shop contains twelve Fripples which have various identifying
 features.  Orders to purchase the Fripples are sent to the shop by
 telephone, fax machine and customers coming to the shop via the front
 door.  Telephone orders have audible cues while fax orders have visual
 cues, but in person orders have both audible and visual cues.  The child
 can wait for an order to come in from the three sources or he can click on
 one to get an immediate order.  If there are no orders waiting to be
 filled, clicking on a Fripple will result in hearing a description of that
 particular creature.  As the child progresses, discerning the correct
 Fripple becomes more difficult.  For example, he may be asked to find a
 Fripple that either is red or has stripes but not both, or to find a
 Fripple with curly hair and spots but not big eyes.  If the child clicks
 on the incorrect Fripple, he will be asked to try again.  If he continues
 answering incorrectly, Fripples are removed from the store until only the
 correct answer remains.  Negative feedback is very gentle.  Positive
 feedback depends upon the method used for placing the order.  Fax orders
 result in the Fripple leaving the shop to hop on the delivery truck.  On a
 phone order, the Fripple will leave the shop for the truck.   The customer
 will stay on the phone until it is delivered and then say a brief thank-
 you message.  Each of the drop-in customers has a unique thank you.  Some
 are more enthusiastic than others.  The graphics in this section are very
 colorful.   Animations of the Fripples leaving the store are fairly good
 but I was disappointed that the drop-in customers' lips and mouths do not
 move at all when they speak.

      Overall, the graphics are quite good.  Some animation sequences could
 have been smoother.  The sounds are very good.  The music is varied and
 interesting.  Musical sounds are very realistic.   The voice acting is
 good and all speaking parts are comprehensible.  The interface is good. 
 Everything is click and point.  Most of the activities have audible
 directions upon beginning that activity.  I would like for a help icon to
 be available as well.  In the BLOX activities, there is no audible help
 but these activities were designed for open-ended experimentation. 
 Audible directions or instructions would probably stifle creativity in
 these activities.  Play value is very good.  When the children tire of the
 simpler activities, they will have infinite creative possibilities ahead
 of them in the BLOX activities.  Educational value is also excellent. 
 Thinkin' Things has a suggested retail price of $50 but it can be found at
 discounters for $35 or less.  This program has excellent value and it
 would be an excellent addition to any software library.

                     Graphics             ----- 8.0
                     Sounds               ----- 9.5
                     Interface            ----- 8.5
                     Play Value           ----- 8.5
                     Educational Value    ----- 9.5
                     Bang for the Buck    ----- 9.0
                     Average              ----- 8.83

 And I thank you for reading!




    So, You thought you'd been everywhere and seen everything while playing
 Ultimar VIII: Pagan. This fall you'll be able to explore a land you never
 knew existed in Pagan when you play The Lost Vale, the "add-in" game to
 the latest adventure in the Ultima series. ORIGIN plans to release The
 Lost Vale during the first half of the fall.
    In The Lost Vale, you'll discover a forgotten valley created hundreds
 of years earlier by the Titans of Earth and Water. The Titans imprisoned
 their enemies inside this hidden world, when they commanded the walls of
 the valley to rise in the largest tomb ever created. As the Avatar, you'll
 realize the secrets of this lost civilization could lead to powerful
 alliances in your ongoing struggle against the evil Guardian. You'll
 battle new monsters unique to The Lost Vale and you'll search for magic
 items and acquire increased stats you can use in the outside world of
 Pagan. There's the City of the Ancient Gods, which is suspended in clouds.
 There you'll look for advice that could help make you one of the most
 formidable beings to ever set foot in Pagan.
    The Lost Vale will add several hours of game playing to the world of
 Pagan. And since it's an "add-in" disk, you don't have to finish Pagan in
 order to explore The Lost Vale. Just install it and begin your journey
 inside this game within a game.
 Current system requirements for The Lost Vale are:
         IBM-PC, 486/33+ or 100% compatible system
         6 MB of hard drive space
         Core game of Ultima VIII: Pagan installed on hard drive
         4 MB RAM
         256-color VGA graphics
         MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, mouse
         MUSIC (optional): Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, General MIDI or
         100% compatible sound board
         SOUND EFFECTS (optional): Ad Lib, Sound Blaster or 100%
         compatible sound board

 Expected retail price: $25-$35


 > WPWin 6.0a Enhancements STR InfoFile

                         ENHANCEMENTS IN WPWIN 6.0A

 Speed improvements have been made in the following areas:  basic
 formatting, scrolling, printing, graphics handling, table manipulation and
 editing, importing WordPerfect 5.x documents, generate, document compare,
 outline, launching WordPerfect Draw, automation of ExpressDocs Templates,
 and opening large documents. 

 Many changes have been made to improve the overall reliability of the
 product.  Every effort was made to address reliability issues raised by

 With the Windows or WPWin 6.0a (*.PRS) printer drivers, the printing of
 tables, borders, and bitmap graphics is much faster.  Also, WPWin 6.0a now
 downloads ATM and TrueType fonts to PostScript and Hewlett-Packard
 printers, improving overall printing speed. 

 Better Conversions
 File and macro converisons have been improved to address the needs of
 WordPerfect 5.x users. 

 Conversion of Fonts
 In WPWin 6.0, converting WordPerfect 5.x documents to the WordPerfect 6.0
 format would sometimes result in fonts not converting correctly.  Fonts
 will now convert correctly if the same printer is selected in WordPerfect
 5.x and WPWin 6.0a. In addition, round-trip compatibility from WPWin 6.0a
 to WPWin 5.2 and back to a WPWin 6.0a format will result in accurate font

 The last four fonts used are displayed at the top of the font list,
 accessed by clicking the font button on the Power Bar.  This is similar to
 the existing capability to display the names of the four most recently
 used files on the Files pull-down menu.

 256 Color Driver
 If a problem is detected with a 256 color driver, WPWin 6.0a will advise
 you to add a /fl startup switch (for example, c:\wpwin60\wpwin.exe /fl) to
 the command line under Properties for the WPWin 6.0a icon.  This will
 eliminate known problems with certain video drivers.

 We are aware of conflicts with a Windows file, DDEML.DLL, dated 4/22/92. 
 The correct version of this file should be found in the System directory
 (c:\window\system).  If the version of this file (DDEML.DLL, 4/22/92) is
 found in the Windows directory, and the correct version is found in the
 Window s System directory, the file will be automatically deleted from the
 Windows directory. 

 This feature automatically replaces errors in mistyped or misspelled
 words.  For instance, if you accidentally type "adn," it is automatically
 replaced with "and" as soon as you press the space bar or another word
 delimiter (comma, period, semi-colon, etc.).  QuickCorrect can also
 automatically expand abbreviations on the fly.  For example, you could
 type "wpc" and have "WordPerfect Corporation" appear as you press the
 space bar.  QuickCorrect will also fix two initial caps such as

 WPWin 6.0a understands that you need the ability to select complete words,
 sentences, and paragraphs as well as individual letters.  QuickSelect
 gives you the flexibility to select precisely the text you need.  Click
 twice, holding the mouse down the second time, then drag to select word by
 word.  Click three times and drag to select sentence by sentence, and
 click four times and drag to select paragraph by paragraph.  In addition,
 WPWin 6.0a has always let you click in the left margin to select a
 sentence, and double click to select a paragraph, or use the right mouse
 button in the left margin for more QuickSelect options.

 Transition Advisor
 Accessed from the Help menu, the Transition Advisor helps WordPerfect for
 DOS users make a smooth transition to Windows.  The Transition Advisor
 displays keystrokes and commands from WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS and then
 shows how to perform the equivalent tasks in WPWin 6.0a.  Also available
 is a WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS keyboard that retains familiar keystrokes as
 you work.

 ExpressDocs Templates
 WPWin 6.0a includes a WPLite template which provides a scaled down menu
 and feature list, and several other templates: WPAmiPro, business card
 creation, workgroup, term paper, and an additional form letter template. 
 In addition, to answer requests from the legal community, a pleading macro
 (PLEADING.WCM) and a pleading template (PLEADING.WPT) ship with WPWin
 6.0a.  This automated template guides you through creating a pleading

 The Setup Program includes an Uninstall facility which allows for a
 standard or custom uninstall of WPWin 6.0a.  Improvements have also been
 made to the installation routine.

 Network Users
 WPWin 6.0a includes Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support and
 shareable paper size forms for Windows drivers.

 Password protection has been improved for compatibility with existing
 WPWin users and documents, as well as "case-sensitive" password

 Button Bar
 The Button Bar feature, which allows you to attach frequently used
 functions or macros to on-screen buttons, helps you customize the way you
 work in WordPerfect.  For easy integration with other Windows
 applications, WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows allows you to drag programs and
 files directly from the Windows File Manager to your Button Bar.  Your
 Button Bars can display text, icons, or both, and can be displayed on any
 screen edge or as a floating palette.  Three new Button Bars were added to
 WPWin 6.0a: Legal, Design Tools, and Utilities.

 Power Bar
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows Power Bar gives you quick access to the
 features and functions you use the most to create your word processing
 documents.  This tool gives you rapid access to everyday formatting
 features such as open, save, print, cut, copy, paste, undo, and font.  You
 can also create a table, change your justification or line spacing, or
 bring up the speller, thesaurus, or grammar checker.  The Power Bar suits
 your word processing needs because it is customizable and gives you 81
 options to choose from.

 Status Bar
 The Status Bar is designed to give you key information about your
 document.  You can choose from 18 different options to display on the
 Status Bar such as printer type, date, time, font, and page position. 
 Each Status Bar field can be can be sized and moved, and you can select
 the display font.  Double clicking on any of the Status Bar fields will
 open the dialog box associated with that feature.

 Document Templates
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows includes over 70 pre-defined ExpressDocs
 templates for fax cover sheets, memos, form letters, expense reports,
 awards, newsletters, resumes, invoices, and calendars.  Many of these
 templates are interactive and can prompt the user for specific information
 such as the name on a fax cover sheet.  Templates can automatically pull
 up associated Button Bars, menus, keyboard layouts, styles, etc.  You can
 modify the templates included with WordPerfect or create custom templates
 that suit your needs.

 The WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows Tables feature contains nearly 100
 advanced spreadsheet functions such as formulas, numerical cell
 formatting, automatic recalculation, data fills, and named ranges.  Tables
 can also be designed with dozens of borders, line styles, and fill
 patterns.  In WPWin 6.0a, you can save table data to the clipboard with
 tabs that allow you to read data into a spreadsheet or save it as an ASCII
 (DOS) Text file. In addition, you can save table data to Quattro Pro

 QuickFinder capabilities are unique to WordPerfect and offer some of the
 fastest indexing and text retrieval in the industry.  QuickFinder lets you
 search for files on more than one drive or directory at a time, either by
 filename or by specific keywords in a document, and gives you nearly
 instantaneous results.

 The QuickFormat feature in WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows lets you extract
 formatting or styles from your text in your document and quickly apply it
 to other text in the current document or another document.  The mouse
 pointer changes to a paint roller and allows you to "paint" the formatting
 to selected text.

 Working in WordPerfect for Windows is easier with context-sensitive
 QuickMenus that are accessed by clicking the right mouse button in your
 document.  For example, clicking the right mouse button anywhere in a
 document presents a QuickMenu to change fonts, spell check, or center
 text, while clicking in the left margin presents a menu to select text,
 change margins, or add comments to a document.

 Bullets and Numbering
 The new Insert Menu in WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows allows you to select
 from predefined bullets and numbering styles.  You also can create your
 own bullets and numbering styles and add them to the menu.  Paragraph
 numbering in WPWin 6.0a is equivalent to the functionality found in WPWin
 5.2 and is part of the Bullet and Numbers feature.

 The Coaches feature is like a personal instructor that helps reduce the
 learning curve.  A Coach simply walks you step by step through common
 tasks.  You can either choose to have the task performed for you, or you
 can have the Coach teach you how to perform the task from within your
 document.  In WPWin 6.0a, when you first launch WPWin 6.0a an interactive
 QuickStart Coach appears to give you an overview of the product. This will
 assist WordPerfect for DOS users, as well as users of other word
 processors such as Microsoft Word and Lotus Ami Pro as they make the
 transition to WPWin 6.0a.

 Drawing Tools
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows provides sophisticated drawing tools that let
 you create and edit graphics.  You will find everything you need (Bezier
 curves, shading, and the ability to contour text on a curve) to make
 logos, letterheads, and other illustrations.  WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows
 also supports scanner devices through the TWAIN open industry interface.

 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows can graphically present your numbers as a pie,
 bar, scatter, hi-lo, or area chart.  You can create charts from the chart
 editor, a table, or an imported spreadsheet.

 File Management
 The File Open dialog box features powerful document management
 capabilities that let you quickly copy, move, rename, delete, and change
 the attributes of single or multiple files.  The QuickList allows you to
 give a descriptive name to any directory or group of files.  The
 QuickFinder provides some of the fastest indexing and text retrieval in
 the industry.

 Graphics and Borders
 Including graphic images in your word processing documents is easy with
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows.  The Image Tools palette gives you quick
 access to the editing tools so you can move, rotate, and size the image. 
 You can wrap text on both sides of a graphic image and contour text around
 irregularly shaped objects.  A wide variety of borders and fill patterns
 are included for graphic images, paragraphs, pages, columns, and table
 cells.  You can easily save a graphic as a file from within WPWin 6.0a by
 selecting the graphic and choosing Save As from the File menu.  

 Preview Windows
 Preview windows in dialog boxes allow you to see changes in your document
 before you make them.  For example, you can see how columns, margins, or
 line spacing will look in your document before actually making the
 changes.  Full WYSIWYG display in WPWin 6.0a displays character widths
 more accurately on screen, resulting in a truer graphical representation
 of fonts.

 WordPerfect's powerful Merge feature has been enhanced with an easy-to-use
 interface.  The introductory Merge dialog box includes the three elements
 of a merge (date file, form file, and merge) with their corresponding
 Preview Windows.

 The Abbreviation feature replaces abbreviations that you place in your
 document with more information.  You can replace your abbreviations with
 text, graphics, and formatting.

 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows makes it easy to access other file formats and
 programs.  You can import DOS and Windows database formats (dBase,
 Paradox, Oracle, and more) and spreadsheet formats (Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft
 Excel, and Quattro Pro).  You can also import and export leading word
 processing files. WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows also acts as both an OLE
 client and server and supports DDE client and server links.  A conversion
 for Professional Write files was added to WPWin 6.0a, as well as ODBC
 support, which provides direct support for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
 Access.  In addition, WPWin 6.0a now imports Lotus 1-2-3 version 4.0
 format.  Use WPWin 6.0a with IBM OS/2 2.1.  The OS/2 Integration Tools
 Disk includes seamless integration with the OS/2 Advanced Workplace Shell
 and is available separately by calling (800) 321-4566.

 Ordering Information
 Check with your local software reseller for pricing and availability.  For
 Direct Marketing pricing, please call WordPerfect Sales Center at (800)

                            System Specifications
      y    4M RAM is required (6M or more RAM is recommended)
      y    Personal computer using 386 processor or higher
      y    DOS 3.1 or higher 
      y    Windows 3.1 (running in enhanced mode)
      y    Hard disk with 26M disk space for standard package
      y    High density floppy disk drive
      y    VGA graphics adapter and monitor 
      y    Mouse supported by Windows (recommended)

        For more information, please call WordPerfect Sales Center at
               (800) 451-5151 (US) or (800) 321-2318 (Canada).

               WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group 1994

                 WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group
                           1555 N. Technology Way
                             Orem,UT 84057-2399

 WordPerfect, WPWin, and QuickList are registered trademarks of WordPerfect
 Corporation within the United States and other countries.  Button Bar,
 QuickFinder, QuickMenu, PowerBar, ExpressDocs, Coaches, WordPerfect Draw,
 QuickCorrect, and Transition Advisor are trademarks of Novell, Inc.
 worldwide.  All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered
 trademarks of their respective companies.

                           WordPerfect Corporation
                      InfoShare Information Fax Service
                               (800) 228-9960


                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1994 by General Electric
             Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

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       /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/           The Macintosh RoundTable
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          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GEnie users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > GroupWise 4.1 STR InfoFile

                                GroupWise 4.1

 (This information is pre-release and subject to change.)

 GroupWise 4.1 is the electronic messaging component of the Novell
 GroupWare family of workgroup productivity software products.  GroupWise
 4.1 combines electronic mail, personal calendaring, group scheduling, task
 management, rules-based message management, and workflow routing into a
 single application.  At release, the product line will include 12 client
 desktops, 4 remote clients, 10 server platforms, and 23 gateways, making
 it the most open and scalable solution in cross-platform, enterprise-wide
 electronic messaging.

                            GroupWise 4.1 Clients

 GroupWise 4.1 Client software provides the user interface for the
 messaging system, allowing users to send and receive e-mail and phone
 messages, appointments, notes, tasks, each with attached forms,
 presentations, or documents.   GroupWise 4.1 provides client support for
 12 computing platforms, and with the exception of platform-specific
 features and interface requirements, all clients are identical in
 functionality and feature sets.  

 GroupWise 4.1 Client/Remote Client for Windows

 GroupWise 4.1 Client for Windows runs on networked or modem-equipped PCs
 in the Windows environment.  It has also been optimized to run under the
 OS/2 2.1 operating system.  (Runs on an 80386 IBM-compatible PC with MS
 Windows 3.1 or an 80486 IBM-compatible PC with OS/2 2.1)

 GroupWise 4.1 Client/Remote Client for DOS
 The GroupWise 4.1 Client for DOS can be run from a shared network
 directory or from a local drive.  A remote version of the GroupWise 4.1
 Client for DOS is available for modem-equipped PCs.  (Runs on an 80386
 IBM-compatible PC)
 GroupWise 4.1 Client/Remote Client for Macintosh

 GroupWise 4.1 Client for Macintosh runs on networked or modem-equipped
 Macintosh computers. (Runs on a Macintosh or Power Macintosh running
 Macintosh System 7 or higher--System 7.1 Pro is recommended for AOCE
 support and System 7.11 for Drag and Drop support)

 GroupWise 4.1 Clients for UNIX

 GroupWise 4.1 Clients for UNIX run on networked UNIX work-stations.
 X-Window clients for each of the platforms below and a SunOS
 character-based client will be available when 4.1 initially releases. 
 Character clients for the other platforms will be available within three
 months of the 4.1 release. 

 Runs on the following UNIX platforms:

      Data General AViiON                DG/UX 5.4.201
      HP 9000 (700/800 series)           HP/UX 9.01
      IBM RS/6000                        IBM AIX 3.2
      SCO UNIX on Intel workstations     SCO UNIX 3.2.4
      Sun SPARCstations                  Solaris 2.3
      Sun SPARCstations                  SunOS 4.1.3 (Solaris 1.x)
      Intel workstations                 NCR MP-RAS or Novell

 GroupWise 4.1 Telephone Access Remote Client

 Telephone Access lets users use a touchtone telephone to access and
 respond to any message and calendar item in their message box, whether
 they use GroupWise 4.1 on Windows, DOS, Macintosh, or UNIX machines. 
 (Runs on an 80486 IBM-compatible PC running OS/2 2.1 and requires at least
 one Dialogic board)

 GroupWise 4.1 Admin
 The GroupWise 4.1 Administration program provides the messaging system
 administration capabilities, including installation and maintenance of the
 post offices (user message databases), server and gateway configuration,
 automatic directory synchronization throughout the 4.x components of the
 system, and electronic software distribution.  The Admin programs,
 available for DOS and SunOS and packaged with the Client software, are
 fully plug-and-play compatible with all of the Client and Message Server

 GroupWise 4.1 Admin for DOS
 GroupWise 4.1 Admin for DOS is used to administer all components of the
 GroupWise messaging system.  The 4.1 version introduces an incredibly
 simple and straightforward installation procedure.  The DOS Admin program
 can be used for setting up the native UNIX GroupWise components either 
 using NFS or major DOS/Windows emulators on UNIX. (Runs on an 80486
 IBM-compatible PC) 

 GroupWise 4.1 Admin for SunOS
 GroupWise 4.1 Admin for SunOS can be used to administer all components of
 the GroupWise messaging system.  (Runs on a SunOS 4.1.3 workstation with
 X-Window X11R5, Motif 1.2)

 GroupWise 4.1 Message Servers
 A message server is required when one or more of the following five
 features are needed in a GroupWise 4.1 messaging system: (1) features of
 the client (such as Rules, Routing, Delayed Delivery, Expire After) that
 are enabled by the message server; (2) the system will have more than one
 post office (a group of workers where proxy access rights can be enabled);
 (3) the system will have more than one domain (a group of post offices);
 (4) the system will include gateways and other services (such as, access
 to the Internet via an SMTP gateway); or, (5) the system will run in its
 highest security mode.

 GroupWise 4.1 Message Server for DOS
 (Runs on an 80386 IBM-compatible PC)

 GroupWise 4.1 Message Server for NetWare Loadable Modules
 Eliminates the need for a dedicated machine for message server activities
 as is the case with the DOS and OS/2 Message Servers.  (Runs on an 80486
 IBM-compatible PC with Novell NetWare 3.1x or 4.x)

 GroupWise 4.1 Message Server for OS/2
 (Runs on an 80486 IBM-compatible PC with IBM OS/2 2.1 or higher)

 GroupWise 4.1 Message Servers for UNIX
 Runs on the following UNIX platforms:
      Data General AViiON                DG/UX 5.4.201
      HP 9000 (700/800 series)           HP/UX 9.01
      IBM RS/6000                        IBM AIX 3.2
      SCO UNIX on Intel workstations     SCO UNIX 3.2.4
      Sun SPARCstations                  Solaris 2.3
      Sun SPARCstations                  SunOS 4.1.3 (Solaris 1.x)
      Intel workstations                 NCR MP-RAS or Novell

 GroupWise 4.1 Gateways
 GroupWise 4.1 Gateways provide connectivity to a world of messaging
 systems, message transport protocols, and communications standards.  They
 also provide valuable services such as faxing, message printing, paging,
 wireless connectivity, and telephone access.  Gateways can be used to
 build the best messaging system that meets a company's needs.  The
 following GroupWise 4.1 Gateways will be available:

 API Gateway (DOS, OS/2):  provides access through a keyword text file
 interface to GroupWise messaging functions and directory services from
 other applications.  

 Async Gateway (DOS, OS/2):  asynchronous gateway that allows connections
 via telephone lines and modems to remote GroupWise users or sites.  (UNIX
 versions are also planned.)

 cc:Mail Gateway (DOS):  provides message exchange and directory
 synchronization with Lotus cc:Mail systems.  (A gateway to Lotus Notes
 mail is also planned.)

 Fax/Print Gateway (DOS):  allows GroupWise users to send messages to fax
 devices worldwide or to printers within their local or wide area network;
 also allows incoming faxes.

 Message Router Gateway (VMS):  allows GroupWise users to exchange messages
 and document attachments to other e-mail systems connected to Digital
 Equipment Corp.'s Message Router.

 NGMHS Gateway (DOS, NLM):  a Message Handling Service (MHS) gateway for
 compatibility with a SMF 70 or 71 NetWare Global MHS (NGM) server.

 OfficeVision/VM/PROFS Gateway (OS/2):  Bi-directional e-mail, scheduling,
 and directory synchronization connectivity between GroupWise users and
 users on IBM mainframe OfficeVision/VM or PROFS systems.  (A SNADS gateway
 for SNA-connected networks is planned.)

 Pager Gateway (OS/2):  lets GroupWise users send messages directly to
 alphanumeric or numeric pagers and PCMCIA paging receivers.

 SMTP Gateway (DOS, all seven UNIX platforms):  provides connectivity with
 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) based e-mail systems and the global

 Telephone Access Server (OS/2):  provides capability to send and receive
 GroupWise messages remotely with only a standard touchtone phone;
 important tool for mobile users.

 VMS Mail Gateway (VMS):  provides connectivity with Digital Equipment
 Corp.'s VMS Mail.

 X.25 Gateway (OS/2):  allows remote GroupWise users to send and receive
 messages using an X.25  network; also supports wireless remote GroupWise
 users with RAM Mobile Data's wireless data network.

 X.400 Gateway (OS/2):  provides connectivity with X.400 (1984)- compatible
 public and private e-mail systems throughout the world; also allows the
 X.400 system to function as a long-distance message transport service to
 connect with remote GroupWise users.

                          Suggested Retail Pricing
 Client/Admin Packs and Add'l 
 Mailbox Licenses              Resale    Upgrade        Trade-Up
                               SRP       SRP            SRP

 Client/Admin Pack
      Windows                  $695      $245           $279 
      DOS                      $695      $245           $279
      Macintosh                $695      $245           $279
      UNIX                     $695      $245           $279

 Additional Mailbox Licenses
      1-copy                   $135      $49            $55
      5-copy                   $625      $219           $249

 Volume Licenses (price per license)
      20 to 49                 $115      $40            $46
      50 to 99                 $105      $40            $46
      100 to 499               $95       $40            $46

 Message Server Packs          Resale    Upgrade        Trade-Up
                               SRP       SRP            SRP

      DOS                      $495      $175           $199
      NLM                      $2,495    N.A.           N.A.
      OS/2                     $1,495    $525           $599
      UNIX                     $1,995    $699           $799

 Gateways                           Resale SRP     Upgrade SRP

 API Gateway for DOS or OS/2        $295           $105
 Async Gateway for DOS or OS/2      $495           $175
 cc:Mail Gateway for DOS            $995           $349
 Fax/Print Gateway for DOS          $2,495         $875
 Message Router Gateway for VMS     $5,995         $2,099
 NetWare Global MHS Gateway for DOS $995           $349
 NetWare Global MHS Gateway for NLM $1,495         $525
 OfficeVision/VM Gateway for OS/2   $9,995         $3,499
 Pager Gateway for OS/2             $3,995         $1,399
 Pager Gateway & 50-user Motorola Site
   Connect  Server                  $4,995         N.A.
 Pager Gateway & 500-user Motorola Site
   Connect Server                   $9,995         N.A.
 SMTP Gateway for DOS               $2,995         $1,049
 SMTP Gateway for UNIX              $3,995         N.A.
 Telephone Access Server for OS/2   $9,995         N.A.
 VMS Mail Gateway for VMS           $2,495         $875
 X.25 Gateway for OS/2              $2,495         $875
 X.400 Gateway for OS/2             $4,295         $1,505

      Pricing is in US dollars and is subject to change without notice.

 For more information about GroupWise 4.1 products, please call GroupWise
 Sales Center at (800) 861-2507.

                           WordPerfect Corporation
                      InfoShare Information Fax Service
                               (800) 228-9960

 Title:   Product Information
 Product: GroupWise 4.1  
 Number:  1628-8/94 

                              1994 Novell, Inc.

                 WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group
                           1555 N. Technology Way
                             Orem, UT 84057-2399

 WordPerfect is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc.  All other brand and
 product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

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                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      It's been a week from hell, going back to work after being on
 vacation for 4 of the past 5 weeks (worked a week in the middle of
 two 2-week vacations!).  It'll take me a month to get back into the
 groove!  Speaking of time, it goes by so fast these days.  My wife
 Louise and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary this week and neither
 of us has any idea as to where the time has gone.  Naturally, only I
 have gotten older - she's "still a babe"!!

      As you can tell, I haven't much to say this week.  Or rather, I
 do, but little time in which to say it!  The Connecticut AtariFest is
 this weekend and I'm trying to get ready for that, among other things.
 The show appears to be shaping up very nicely from what I have been
 hearing from some of the ACT people.  I'm really looking forward to it,
 seeing old friends again and making some new ones.  This is the best
 facet of the show - meeting those who you've only "seen" and "talked"
 to online.  See you all at the show, and back here next week!!

                                Until next time...

                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                        TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (8/24/94)                        
       (1) SPEED OF LIGHT VIEWER V3.5     (6) MARCEL 2.34                  
       (2) TOAD'S SYSINFO 2.0             (7) STIS 2 3D PICTURE CREATOR    
       (3) MAZE COMBAT V.1.095           *(8) NEODESK 4 DEMO               
       (4) GEMINI 1.999 - ENGLISH RSC    *(9) 1ST GUIDE                    
       (5) DESKTRACKER 1.22              *(10) DARKLYTE ADVENTURE GAME     
                            * = New on list                                
                            HONORARY TOP 10                                
   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently    
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                       
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  10.34)                 
      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: SCES 94 EDITION)          
        Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.          

 > New "Speed of Light"! STR InfoFile!  - SOL adds mono support!

                  -/- Speed of Light supports MONO! -/-

 I just wanted to let everyone know that the next version of Speed of
 Light (version 3.7?) will support monochrome graphics modes.  This is
 partially so that users can start from medium resolution.  Basically,
 the dialog boxes no longer REQUIRE 16 colors, they just look better with
 them.  I wanted to just switch to LOW resolution from medium res., but
 I tried, and GEM does NOT like to draw all 16 colors because even though
 the resolution is "Low res" the VDI still thinks it is in medium.  So,
 I just draw all the dialogs and stuff in medium resolution (black and
 white) and then switch to low res only when drawing the image.  As a
 nice side effect, this also means that SOL 3.7 will now work in
 monochrome modes (dithering is a must, of course!)

 So, if there are any monochrome users out there who wished they could
 use Speed of Light, check out version 3.7, to be released in a few
 weeks. Other features include a Slideshow option, some DSP JPEG code
 for Falcon, and many nasty bugs fixed.  Speed of Light is Shareware,
 please register!

 -Stuart Denman


 > MasterBrowse Update! STR InfoFile!  - MB at Version 4.7!

 Below is a description and updates list by the author...
 August 20, 1994

                       M a s t e r B r o w s e   4 . 7

                     Copyright 1993, 1994, Michel Forget
                           Electric Storm Software

     There is a new version of MasterBrowse available!

     Using FTP, you can get the new version of MasterBrowse (when it is
 validated) from either of the following addresses: (/atari/Newitems/mb47_bin.lzh)     (/pub/atari/Newitems/mb47_bin.lzh)

     Both of the FTP sites mentioned above can be accessed using a mail
 server, for those who do not have FTP access.  The file will also
 appear soon (with the name MB47_BIN.LZH) on GEnie, Delphi, and
 CompuServe.  In addition, the new version of MasterBrowse will appear
 at soon.

     For those who have never used MasterBrowse before, a detailed
 description of the program will follow the list of new features and
 bug fixes.

 MasterBrowse 4.5:

 NEW FEATURE:  MasterBrowse now has even more powerful windowed dialog box
               editing capabilities.  The following keys can be used inside
               a windowed dialog box:

               UNDO                            = Exit (Cancel)
               Return                          = Exit (Done)
               TAB                             = Next Editable Field
               Control + TAB                   = Previous Editable Field
               Shift + Left Arrow              = Start Of Editable Field
               Shift + Right Arrow             = End Of Editable Field
               Shift + Up Arrow                = First Editable Field
               Shift + Down Arrow              = Last Editable Field
               Control + Left Arrow            = Start Of Previous Word
               Control + Right Arrow           = Start Of Next Word
               Shift + Backspace               = Delete From Start Of Field
               Shift + Delete                  = Delete To End Of Field
               Alternate + [UNDERLINED LETTER] = This will exit the dialog
                                                 box as if you had clicked
                                                 on the button containing
                                                 the underlined letter.

 NEW FEATURE:  MasterBrowse now has context sensitive online help, if you
               use the ST-Guide accessory.  If the accessory is installed
               on your system, pressing the Shift + HELP key will cause
               MasterBrowse to instruct ST-Guide to open a window with
               information relevent to your current position.  Since all
               of the information is external, this option does not affect
               the size of MasterBrowse at all, or how much memory it
               uses.  The entire MasterBrowse manual is available (accessed
               by entering the help system while you are NOT in a dialog

 NEW FEATURE:  When marking a block the SHIFT key can be used to "continue"
               a previously marked block.  This means that the start of the
               block will remain the same, and you are only adjusting where
               it ends.

 NEW FEATURE:  MasterBrowse now has an "Edit" menu; "Clip Block" is now
               "Copy" and "Open Clipboard" is now "Paste".  This change
               was implemented so that MasterBrowse would be more compliant
               with existing (and future) standards.

 NEW FEATURE:  MasterBrowse now has a "Delete" option under the "Edit"
               menu; it will delete the SCRAP.TXT file inside the
               clipboard folder.

 NEW FEATURE:  The keyboard shortcut manager has been completely rewritten;
               you can now add & remove keypresses at will, and change the
               keyboard shortcut for ANY action (not just menu entries).
               MasterBrowse no longer makes any distinction between the
               left shift key and the right shift key.  The interface to
               the keyboard shortcut manager has also been rewritten; it is
               now much more user-friendly!

 BUG FIX:      Selecting "Skip" in the colour configuration dialog box will
               no longer cause MasterBrowse to set that colour to white.

 BUG FIX:      If text or background color is changed, the window affected
               is now completely redrawn.

 NEW FEATURE:  MasterBrowse now has a push/pop feature; this can be
               thought of as a temporary bookmark. You "push" (set) the
               position, then "pop" (unset and move to) the position. This
               is much faster than setting a bookmark because it does not
               cause a dialog box to appear on the screen.

 MasterBrowse 4.5a:

 BUG FIX:      The file selector should not work correctly (again).

 BUG FIX:      AutoSave Options will now always save the options to the
               path pointed to by MB_CONFIG.

 BUG FIX:      If you have previously registered MasterBrowse, copy your
               USERINFO.DAT file into the new MasterBrowse directory.
               MasterBrowse will analyze the file; if it is valid, the
               "MasterBrowse Information" dialog box that is shown to
               unregistered users will not be shown to you.  This did
               not work (at all) in the last version, for which I
               humbly apologize.

 MasterBrowse 4.7:

 NEW FEATURE:  MasterBrowse no longer uses an internal font sel; instead,
               it now interfaces directly with the Universal Font Selector,
               by Michael Thanitz.  The Universal Font Selector is more
               reliable than the internal font selector previously used by
               MasterBrowse.  The MasterBrowse Installation Program will
               copy UFSL.PRG to your AUTO folder automatically, so no extra
               effort on your part is required.

 NEW FEATURE:  MasterBrowse now uses windowed progress displays, so loading
               a document no longer prevents other applications/accessories
               from executing in the background and it allows you to switch
               from one application to another while a document is being
               loaded.  (NOTE:  If you turn off progress displays, the
               loading speed will be markedly faster.)

 NEW FEATURE:  To make using ST-Guide with MasterBrowse easier, you can now
               set the name of the ST-Guide accessory.  To do this, create
               an environment variable called "HELP_ACC" and set it to the
               filename (no path and no extension) of the help accessory.


                You would like MasterBrowse to use TEST.ACC, instead of
               ST-GUIDE.ACC.  Add the following line to GEM.CNF:
               setenv HELP_ACC=TEST

               If you have Mag!X, you would add the following line to

               #_ENV HELP_ACC=TEST

               That is all that there is to it.  In order, MasterBrowse
               will look for HELP_ACC, 'ST-GUIDE', and 'STGUIDE'.

 INSTRUCTIONS: The HyperText documentation has been improved to take better
               advantage of the power offered by the ST-Guide utility.

 BUG FIX:      Selecting "Close All Documents" will now clear the list of
               open documents, so you can use the "Quick Access" feature
               without getting an error message.

 INSTALLATION: The MasterBrowse Installation Program:

               NEW FEATURE:  If the destination path you specify in the
                             installation path contains folders that do
                             not exist, the installation program will now
                             create them.

               NEW FEATURE:  If there is no AUTO folder, the installation
                             program will now create one on the boot

               NEW FEATURE:  The destination path no longer needs to be
                             terminated by a '\' character.
               BUG FIX:      The file selector will no longer contain an
                             invalid path specification if you double-click
                             on an editable text field.

               NEW FEATURE:  The installation program will no longer
                             generate an error if the destination file
                             exists during a copy operation.  The old
                             file will silently be erased.


 > Fast Path 1.0! STR InfoFile - File Selector -> Path Selection Utility

                             |  Fast Path v1.0  |
                             |   Press Release  |
                             |  August 15, 1994 |

 Trace Technologies is proud to introduce FastPath.
 Shipping date: AVAILABLE NOW!
    "A Straight Line- The shortest distance between two points."
           "FastPath- The shortest distance between two paths."
 Fast Path v1.0 - The Indispensable Path Selection Utility!
 Are you struggling with the system file selector, clicking here and there
 to get to your word processing folder or that favorite game?  Sure, using
 an alternative file selector can be better, but have you found yourself
 wishing it had more predefined paths and extenders?  Wish no more!
 FastPath, a demoware program by Keith Gerdes and Trace Technologies,
 works in conjunction with your system/alternative file selector, giving
 you unparalleled power and flexibility when it comes to quickly getting
 to the directory you need.  When you need to get somewhere fast, you
 need the speed of FastPath.
  o Provides 34 user-definable paths in an attractive graphical user
    interface.  Call FastPath as needed or have it automatically appear
    before the file selector.  Select a path via the mouse or keyboard
    and you're instantly there, reaching distant points of your hard
    disk with ease.  Paths can be defined, copied, moved, deleted or
    edited with point-and-click ease.  Displays the current path being
    sent to the file selector along with the file selector prompt and
    filename specifications.

  o Remembers the last 4 paths used in the file selector, for instant
    recall.  Combined with the above, you have 38 paths at your disposal.
  o Provides 38 user-definable extenders, one of which can be passed to
    the file selector to narrow the range of files displayed.
  o Save your favorite paths and extenders to disk for future use.
  o Full mouse and keyboard control.
  o Convenient Help screen.
  o FastPath can access CodeHead's powerful file maintenance utility,
    MaxiFile III, by a simple keypress if MaxiFile is resident as a desk
  o Works in all color or monochrome graphic resolutions with a minimum
    screen size of 640x200.  100% assembly.  Uses as little as 22K of RAM.
    Compatible with all TOS versions and ST/STe/TT/Falcon models.

  o Strong support from one of the oldest developers for the Atari ST
    whose current product line includes Data Diet, Squish II, Data Rescue,
    Load Aladdin, TOS4TRAPv1 -and soon to be released- Missouri, Fast Menu
    and the Falcon030 Toolkit.
  o A demo version is freely available on online services.
    NOTE: Some features are not available in the demo version.
    The full version can be purchased for only US$10.  Consult the next
    section for details.

 Purchasing FastPath:
 [NOTE: Canadian users- please see specific FastPath order info below.]
 Send US$10 plus shipping & handling.   S&H: $3 in the U.S.,
                                             $5 priority mail in the U.S.,
                                          or $5 outside the U.S.
 Texas residents must add 8.25% sales tax.
 Please make payment by check (issued by a U.S. bank), U.S. funds
 money order (drawn on a U.S. bank), or postal money order.

                [NOTEs: GEnie gifts of time are NOT accepted.
                    And no credit card order capability.]
  Payable to:  Trace Technologies or Keith Gerdes
  Send to:
   Trace Technologies [FASTPATH]
   PO Box 711403
   Houston, TX  77271-1403
 What else do you get for your investment?
  -> Tech support and bug fix updates!
  -> Plus special discounts on future products.
  ==== Canadian users ====
 In order to save you money and offer you quicker turnaround, I started a
 registration service with Howard Carson, a member of the Toronto Atari
 Federation User Group.  Howard will take care of processing all Canadian
 orders- including user registration, money transactions and software
 distribution.  Please note, tech support and all other support will still
 be the sole responsibility of TraceTech.
 The Canadian registration fee is $20 Cdn, total amount.
 Send all Canadian registrations to:
  Howard Carson
  #601-2904 St. Clair Ave. East
  Toronto, Ontario
  M4B 1N7
  And make all Canadian payments to:
  Howard Carson
 Howard accepts personal cheques and current account cheques drawn on
 Canadian banks and trusts, as well as MO's, drafts and cash.  He will
 try to service registrants within 72 hours (for cash, M.O and
 draft/certified cheque customers), and within 10 days for personal
 cheque customers.  '72 hours' and '10 days', refer to the actual elapsed
 period before an item is mailed/registered/applied (as appropriate).
  ==== Other currencies ====
 If you wish to setup a distribution point for other currencies, please
 contact me. ==== Order Survey ====
  1) File selector(s) currently in use?
  2) TOS version?
  3) Computer model?
  4) High density disk drive?
 This survey is optional and no item is mandatory- skip any you find
 objectionable.  Your answers will simply be filed away for future
 reference. Customer support is available via:
    Phone: (713)771-8332  [weekdays 1PM-5PM Central Time]
    GEnie: Category 2, Topic 12 or K.GERDES
 Products mentioned are copyright by their respective owners.


 > A Little Bit of Atari Trivia!  - From Delphi's Atari Advantage Forums

 Since the meaning of "Atari" was asked by someone, I thought I'd post
 what an old "Atari Age" mag had to say:

 In 1972, three partners (headed by Nolan Bushnell) founded Atari in
 Sunnyvale, CA.  Their first choice for a name was actually "Syzygy"
 (the straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies), but that
 name was in use by another California corporation. Their next inspiration
 was to use terms from the Japanese game "Go" that they played constantly.
 They made up a list of Go terms and chose "Sente", which means "the
 upper hand".  However, "Sente" was also in use. Their third choice was
 "Atari", which is when one player places the other in serious jeopardy.

 The Atari logo was designed by George Opperman in 1972. At the time, he
 was a freelance artist working for Atari and later he became head
 graphics designer for Atari's coin-op games.

 The logo basically represents a stylized "A".  George stated that the
 symbol also depicts two opponents on opposite sides of a "pong" line.
 The symbol later became known as "fuji" probably for its resemblance to
 a mountain, and/or as a result of Atari's Japanese image.

                 -/- GST Offers Publish It! Support -/-

     GST Software PLC, the original developer of the PC versions of Publish
 It!, has announced extended support for Publish It! users who may be
 affected by Timeworks Inc.'s business closure.

     GST Software says it's ensuring that Timeworks' Publish It! DOS and
 Windows users continue to receive full product support. Technical support
 is available immediately from GST's hotline at (612) 544-4890, or via
 CompuServe mail at 71351,332,.

     The company may also be reached in writing at P.O. Box 26204,
 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426.

     GST says that for the next three months there won't be any support
 charge to users of Timeworks' Publish It! products for Windows and DOS.
 The offer doesn't apply to Timeworks' Publish It! for Macintosh products,
 with which GST isn't associated.


 > Atari Virus Alert!? STR InfoFile!  -  Get Out the Penicillin!!

 From the USENET:

     From: <Koos_Kuil>
     Date: Sun, 21 Aug 94 17:46:58 +0100 

  * Originally from Area 'N.NET.NOTICE'
  * Originally to All
  * Forwarded by Koos Kuil on 2:282/397, 21 Aug 94  18:03:50

 Hello There!

 A few days ago a user named Cor Kalkman did upload me a Trojan Horse
 virus on my Bulletin Board.

 Watch out for a file named XCELL267.ZIP, 149811 bytes long.
 The user describe it as an Excellent Virus killer better then AVK 6.3
 and recognize a lot of bootsectors and link viruses but nothing is

 After unpacking 3 files are existing:

      XCELLENT.PRG (The Killer!  ICE-Packed)

      XCELLENT.DAT (Looks like a data file but it's nothing more then an
                    ICE-packed ZIP file with nothing more then the original
                    pirated Euro version of PC-Ditto!)

      README.1ST   (A text file with information)

 The virus killer doesn't work on TOS 1.4, TOS 4.02 (TOS 2.06 isn't tested)
 but it does his job with TOS 1.2 here.

 When NO HD is connected you'll get a message that you must reboot your
 computer because "there are some resident programs into the memory".  If
 there's a HD it will cleanup all your files on it!

 I've tried it with a Ram-disk on a Stand-Alone 1040 without HD and all my
 files are gone in the Ram-disk after running it.  You'll also get a nice
 message that you're a complete idiot.

 One of my users has a clean HD now after downloading this file, many
 thanks to him for warning me about this ugly file.  It's removed
 immediate from my BBS in Holland.

 All partitions from C: to F: are deleted after running.
 This message is also forwarded to some dutch echos, please be careful.


 --- JetMail 0.99beta8
  * Origin: Willie's Atari BBS, Octopus Developement, Fido/NeST/FAN

                               Jaguar Section

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  "Playin' it like it is!"
      Nothing's changed from my earlier comments this week other than we
 should start to hear a number of games going into production, any day
 now!  There are also bits this week about some new titles being
 discussed by that Jaguar "shepherd", 'Yak' Minter.  Some online
 discussions have been interesting and we've reprinted a few of them for
 your reading enjoyment.

      Let's get to it, while I finish packing for Connecticut and hoping
 I'll be able to keep up with the youngsters at the Jaguar competition!!

      Until next time...

 > Jaguar Tips and Facts Book! STR NewsFile!  -  Jag Book Announced!

  Contact: Ron Beltramo           Joe Harabin
           Atari                  Sandwich Islands Publishing
           (408) 745-8852         (808) 661-5844

  For Immediate Release


  First Authorized Jaguar Book Available December 1994

 SUNNYVALE,  CA (August 18, 1994)  -- Fans of Jaguar video games -- the
 most technologically-advanced games on the market -- soon will be able to
 learn the best strategies for playing their favorite games with Atari
 Jaguar Official Games Secrets. Hawaii-based book company Sandwich Islands
 Publishing will produce the strategy guide, the first Jaguar book written
 with the full authorization and cooperation of Atari.

  Written by Zach Meston (contributing editor to Video Games, Computer
 Player, and Tips and Tricks Magazines), J. Douglas Arnold, and Danny Han,
 Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets will feature: 

  * Detailed strategies for the hottest Jaguar games on the
    market including: Tempest 2000, Aliens vs. Predator,
    Kasumi Ninja, Wolfenstein 3-D, Doom, Iron Soldier, Ultra
    Vortex,  Club Drive, and many more

  * Previews of upcoming Jaguar releases

  * Interviews with Jaguar game programmers and a "tech
    specs" chapter written by Jaguar game developer Douglas

  * A vivid design -- with hundreds of screen shots -- which
    conveys the excitement of the Jaguar's 64-bit power

  Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets  will be available in December 1994
 at a suggested retail price of $14.95.

 "Our secrets and strategies for Atari's library of superb games will make
 for a book that no Jaguar owner can afford to be without," said Joe
 Harabin, president of Sandwich Islands Publishing. Zach Meston, lead
 author of Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets, added, "It's an incredible
 thrill for me to work directly with the company that helped me sharpen my
 hand-eye coordination and get such a great job in the first place."

  Some of the tips included in Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets already
 are available on Atari's popular Jaguar hotline (tel. 1-900-737-2827). The
 hotline is available 24 hours a day and costs only 95 cents per minute.
 (Children under 18 require parental permission.)

  Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home
 entertainment system and is the only video game system manufactured in the
 United States. Jaguar, the most powerful multimedia system available, was
 recently named the industry's "Best New Game System" (Video Games
 Magazine), "Best New Hardware Systems" (Game Informer) and "1993 Technical
 Achievement of the Year" (Die Hard Game Fan). Jaguar also recently was
 given the European Computer Trade Show Award for "Best Hardware of the

  Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, manufactures and
 markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems, video games
 and personal computers for the home, office and educational marketplaces.

  Sandwich Islands Publishing is a privately held company based on the the
 tropical paradise of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. It was formed in 1984 and has
 been producing best-selling video game strategy guides since 1990. 
 Sandwich Islands Publishing's books are distributed in the U.S. and
 overseas, including Canada, Spain, and the UK.


 Jaguar is a trademark for Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks or
 registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News! 

                 -/- Downloadable Video Games Tested -/-

     NewLeaf Entertainment and Blockbuster Entertainment Corp. have
 announced that Blockbuster Video stores in Columbia, S.C., have started
 testing the Game Factory, a new system that allows retail stores to sell
 downloaded video games on reprogrammable cartridges.

     More than 200 video games for the Sega Genesis system are currently
 available in unlimited quantities in 10 Columbia area Blockbuster Video

     The Game Factory system stores video game software electronically and
 then it downloads on-demand onto specially-designed reprogrammable video
 game cartridges. Once a game has been programmed onto a cartridge, it
 looks and plays like a standard video game cartridge.

     The blank cartridges can be reprogrammed an unlimited number of times,
 allowing retailers to customize their inventory of rental titles to match
 consumer demand. The system is being jointly developed and marketed by
 NewLeaf and its sister company, Fairway Technologies.

     "The Game Factory system gives customers in Columbia the games they
 want -- when they want them," says David Lundeen, president of NewLeaf

     The test will evaluate the Game Factory system's effect on video game
 rentals and customer satisfaction over a two to four month period.
 Columbia was selected because of its diverse market profile.

     NewLeaf Entertainment and Fairway Technologies are joint ventures
 between Blockbuster Entertainment Corp. and IBM Corp.


 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

 First Jaguar CD-ROM Titles Hinted at by Atari's Bill Rehbock and...
 Bill is a new dad in case you didn't know!

 Virgin are working on Creature Shock (CD-ROM, 1st Qtr 95 release);
 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Cart, by Christmas, maybe); Demolition Man
 (CD-ROM, maybe Christmas or early 95); and Cannon Fodder (Cart, should
 be for Christmas.)

 I couldn't attend CES this time, as my wife and I had our first child
 on June 22nd.

 -Bill @ Atari

 From CIS' AtariGaming Forums and the 'net, Dimitri LaBarge finds all
 kinds of interesting Jaguar tidbits!

 Okay, the latest on AvP production, from Greg LeBreq:  the programmers
 are polishing off the last of the sounds right now, so it doesn't look
 like it'll make it in to production this week, but quite probably next.
 (If you remember from W3D, sounds are always the last to be completed.)

 After the sounds are done, there's one step left, and it's an interesting
 insight to a lot of the delays on this title.  The game needs to be
 submitted to 20th Century Fox for approval, and as Greg put it, they've
 been less than a breeze to satisfy.  While that's not the best possible
 news, the game is very solid and there really shouldn't be much a problem
 in this area.

 More news as it happens...

 Dimitri ['Net Surfer]


 First, a brief note from Jeff Minter on the status of VLM: it's currently
 in final integration with the CD-ROM unit.  Save for a few minor tweaks,
 it is for all intents and purposes done.

 Now for the *interesting* news:

 Jeff Minter is about to start on Defender 2000.

 What do you mean "final integration with the CD-Rom unit?" Does that
 mean it is going to be BUILT-IN the Roms of the CD player????

 Yep, it's built-in and driven from the CD-ROM player.

 A few minor tidbits that I thought you might like to hear:

 A lot of people who played CF at SCES (and saw it on tape) complained
 about the control system.  Rebellion confirmed that the control was
 completely overhauled since then and is greatly improved (which made
 Yak very happy :>).

 Since Yak is back as an active poster (after being ill and having his
 PC blow up on him), I thought it would be nice to include his perspective
 on one of the hot Jag titles coming up:

 >>> > Lets hope it will be as good as promised. <

 - Oh yes, no doubt about that.  I only saw Iron Soldier for the first
 time at CES, and I was just blown away.  It ROCKS.  It's awesome.  It's
 big-time, bad-*ss fun and the coding is just brilliant - loads of polys
 really fast, lovely texture mapped helicopters... gorgeous.

 \ (:-)  Moo Moo Moo
  / <<

 High praise from the guy who currently holds the standard on coding

 And, rumors of a buggy Brutal Sports Football are stifled!

 To All

 BSF and what really happened.

 All of the ROMS used to date, in all Jaguar games have been manufactured
 overseas and shipped back to the United States for assembly into the
 Jaguar cartridges.  This process usually takes 4-6 weeks.  Then the ROMS
 are sent to a company in San Jose CA and assembled into cartridges. This
 process can take 1 to 10 days depending on the quantity to be assembled
 and the manufacturing load of the cartridge assembler.  When finished the
 assembler ships the cartridges to the publisher.  The publisher
 distributes the cartridges into the marketplace.

 The ROMS for BSF were received by the assembler sometime during the last
 week in July. The assembler was to assemble the cartridges and have them
 available on August 2nd for shipment to Telegames.

 Sometime during the ROM chip manufacturing 7 bytes of code were changed
 rendering the entire chip run bad.  None of the chips could be used.

 At this point Telegames had two choices:
 1.  To do another ROM run and delay the introduction of BSF 4-5 weeks.

 2.  To quickly secure as many EPROMs as possible and manufacture BSF for
 delivery ASAP.

 Telegames selected option 2 and the cartridges were delivered to
 distribution on August 9th.  All cartridges in the market place today are
 EPROM versions. 

 Telegames was not able to secure all the EPROMS needed to match the
 quantity of the intended ROM run and for this reason BSF is in short
 supply at this time.  The EPROM version increased the manufacturing cost
 of the cartridge by at least $20 each and I doubt that any profits were
 made on the first run. (When complaining about the high cost of BSF you
 might want to take this into consideration.)

 Contrary to what Max quoted (Message #50547) there are no defective copies
 of BSF in the market and there is no recall.  It will be 4-6 weeks until
 the next batch of BSF will be available.

 We have very few copies remaining and will be out of stock by the end of
 the week.  If you want a copy E-Mail me now.

 For those of you wanting to contact Telegames directly, their phone number
 is: (214)228-0690, FAX number is (214)228-0693 and their US address is
 PO Box 1855,
 DeSoto, TX 75123.

                          Bits of Fun

 From CIS' Electronic Boutique's "expert", Steve Horn:

   Here is the complete Electronics Boutique release list for the Atari
 Jaguar as of 8-23-94:

 ----Alien vs Predator           Atari           9/22/94
 ----BattleWheels                Beyond Games    9/30/94
 ----Cannon Fodder               Telegames       9/30/94
 ----Casino Action               Telegames       TBA
 ----Air Car Wars                Telegames       9/30/94
 ----Club Drive                  Atari           9/30/94
 ----Commando                    Microids        TBA
 ----DOOM!!!!!!!!                Atari/Id        9/30/94
 ----Double Dragon V             Williams Ent.   10/30/94
 ----Dragon Bruce Lee            Atari           11/?/94
 ----Dragons Lair                Ready Soft      9/30/94
 ----Dungeon Depths              Midnight Software  11/?/94 to 12/?/94
 ----European Soccer Chall.      Telegames       9/30/94 (maybe sooner)
 ----Evidence                    Microids        TBA
 ----Flashback                   Us Gold         11/30/94
 ----Grunge                      All Systems Go  TBA
 ----Hardball III                Atari           TBA
 ----Hosenose & Booger           Asg Tech.       TBA
 ----Iron Soldier                Atari           11/?/94
 ----Kasumi Ninja                Atari           9/30/94
 ----Legions of the Undead       Atari           11/?/94
 ----Lester the Unlikely         Dtmc            10/30/94
 ----Lobo                        Ocean           9/30/94
 ----Military Might              Midnight        TBA
 ----Pinball Fantasies           21st Century    09/30/94
 ----Return to Zork              Activision      TBA
 ----Skid Marks                  Telegames       1/30/95
 ----Soccer Kid                  Ocean           TBA
 ----Space Wars                  Atari           TBA
 ----Syndicate                   Ocean           10/?/94
 ----Synergy                     All Systems Go  TBA
 ----Theme Park                  Ocean           TBA
 ----Tiny Toons                  Atari           11/?/94
 ----Troy Aikman Football        Tradewest       TBA
 ----Ultimate Brain Games        Telegames       9/30/94
 ----Ultra Vortex                Beyond Games    11/?/94.....this is
                                                 gonna be a good one !!!!!
 ----White men can't Jump        Trimark         10/30/94

  Here are the titles that my rep tells are are on the way:

 ----Checkered Flag                              10/01/94
 ----Demolition Man                               11/?/94
 ----Assault/ Covert Operations          11/?/94 to 12/?/94

  **** All Dates are subject to change without notice and represent the
 scheduled release dates provided to Electronics Boutique by the titles
 respective Vendor. To reserve a title at EB call your local Electronic
 Boutique, EBX or Waldens Software Stores. If in the VA/DC area and
 specifically the FairFax,VA. area call EBX at Fair Oaks Mall

      I realize that some titles have Atari as the vendor name when they
 are by another company. I'm not sure why our list has it listed this way
 but this is the information provided to me and I felt I should list it the
 same way you'd see it in your local EB store. I welcome any corrections
 or updates if they are friendly.

      Any Questions or updates can be sent to me here.

                         Steve Horn


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by
  Joe Mirando

      Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Well,  yet another week has come and
 gone.  As we keep hearing about Atari's new baby, the Jaguar, I can't help
 but think back to the same type of hype many years ago over the
 "Jackintosh".  That was the nickname given to the 520 ST in honor of Jack
 Tramiel.  The industry was astounded at how any computer company could
 come out with such an amazing operating system in only six months.  Heck,
 Commodore's Amiga had been in the works for almost two years and it came
 out after the ST.  The real story would be less believable than Elvis
 leaving a UFO with the ST under his arm and giving it to the Bigfoot at
 his favorite Seven-Eleven.  Well, okay, so the two stories would be neck
 and neck at the finish line.

      As the years went on, the same hype has been applied to the 1040, the
 Mega, the STe, the TT, and the FALCON030.  They are all great machines,
 but, as an article in a recent Wallstreet Journal pointed out:  In order
 to remain competitive, a computer company must come out with a new model
 every six months.  And except for the 520-1040 machines, none of the 
 models were released within six months of one another.  But new models are
 only part of the story.  A computer company also needs to support the
 machines in order to do well.  Does a lack of support make the machines
 any less useable?  No.  But lack of support pushes buyers to other
 platforms.  And developers follow the buyers... who follow the developers. 
 Can you say Catch 22?  I knew that you could.  The company's lack-luster
 support hurts itself more than users or developers:  Users and developers
 can always move to another platform if need be while the computer company
 is stuck with... itself.  The computers are still as good as they ever
 were... it's the company that needs a jumpstart.

      Even though developers are coming out with very few new items for the
 ST/TT/Falcon machines, the existing software is good enough for many, and
 in some cases superior to the latest wizz-bang utilities for other
 platforms.  One Floridian Graphic Artist comes to mind; she wanted a "good
 item selector for the Mac like Charles F. Johnson's Little Green File
 Selector for the ST".  And I'd choose NeoDesk4 over WinDoze every time. 
 And sound cards??  We don't need no stinkin' sound cards.

      Please don't ask me why I just typed this little missive out.  Most
 of you already know about the situation.  I guess that my point is that
 even though we're "orphans" we still use our machines productively and
 enjoy it.  And isn't that really the important thing?

      Well, I've wasted enough space with this.  Let's get on with the real
 reason for this column:  All the great news, hints, and tips available
 every week on CompuServe.  Let's get busy...

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Terry Cano posts:

   "Even though there seems to be little support for tthe Falcon from
   Atari I've decided to purchase the bird anyway.  Any suggestions on
   price, where to go and latest verision OS ?"

 Dazzz Smith tells Terry:

   "Latest TOS version for the Falcon is 4.04, make sure it has that, 4.01
   has a few 'quirks' I seem to remember."

 Mike Mortilla adds:

   "Just about in your neighborhood is Mid Cities computers (Bellflower,
   CA). Their # is 310-867-0626. Tell 'em Mike from Santa Barbara sent
   you! :)
   You might also try TOAD computers 1-800-448-TOAD. A 1 meg Falcon from
   TOAD w/o HD is $799. A 14 meg system w/a HD goes for $1899. (HD size
   not listed.)
   TOAD also includes Multi-TOS, Atariworks, SpeedoGDOS, and a bunch of
   other programs and ACCs.
   The advantage to going to MID cities is that you can demo the Falcon
   and actually take it home with you! They're also, very nice folks."

 Marty Hall asks:

   "Any suggestions for a good Fax program for the ST?"

 Our own Atari Section Editor, Dana Jacobson, tells Marty:

   "STraight Fax is an excellent fax program.  It's available from NewSTar
   Technoloy and the author is here online: Charles Smeton.  Toad
   Computers is the distributor for the software."

 On the subject of problems running Atari's new Speedo GDOS v5, Mike
 Mortilla posts:
   Just when you though it was safe to boot-up your computer...
   I just got the latest version of Atariworks from TOAD and there is an
   apparent problem with it and Warp 9. At it's least annoying, you can't
   see selected text. At it's worst, it might be responsible for
   crashing the prog.

   Then again, I also installed SpeedoGDOS 5 at the same time and that
   might well be the problem. Come to think of it, when Works crashes, it
   won't boot up again until I re-boot the entire system, so it may well
   be Speedo 5 that is crashing.
   Anyway, what better reason to do a new, cool update of Warp 9?...

   ...I can easily go back to the old speedo version and would rather be
   able to use Warp 9 and wait for the fix."

 Brian Gockley tells Mike:

   "I will definitely upgrade to Speedo 5 when I get a chance, probably
   at the CT AtariFest this weekend (shameless plug). Can you tell us how
   it compares so far (aside from the Warp9 thing)?"

 Mike tells Brian:

   "Not having used Speedo before that (this is my first version) I have
   nothing to compare it to. But it adds true type and other fonts to the
   mix, so it should be very useful for that.
   Another "incompatabilty" is that it won't allow Smartdate to work in
   the Auto folder. My work around is to have Smartdate run as the auto
   "install" prog from the desktop. That seems to do the trick  just fine.
   It'll  be interesting to see where else incompatabilities are lurking
   when the prog is more widely distributed (read used.)"

 Bob Wilson adds:

   "On another service I have seen reports that AW bombs with SPEEDO 5
   when you have a screen accelerator in use. There was also a list of at
   least 5 other major bugs when used with AW."

 Mike tells Bob:

   "Aha! That *IS* true but I didn't connect it with the crashes. Often
   (w/Warp 9) you can't see the selected text as being highlighted. I
   guess I'll disable Warp 9 in AW (which is the only prog I have that
   uses Speedo) and see if that helps the crashes."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine asks Mike:

   "What version of Atari Works are you running?  Are you using the same
   fonts (Speedo) only or True Type or PostScript Type 1 fonts?  What
   machine are you running on?"

 Mike tells Albert:

   "It should be the most recent version. Toad Computers just got it in
   last week, but I'll check and get back to you. I have added one True
   Type font from CIS in the DTP Forum to see if it'll work, but the prog
   crashed many times before that.
   I'm on a 1040ST with 4 megs. Accs are: Pro Calc, RAMbaby, Control
   Panal, Warp 9 Acc and the Chameleon. Auto progs are: Speedo5, Warp 9,
   Outburst, Regacc, DCShowit, TOS14fix, and Poolfix.  Regacc is needed to
   run DCShowit.
   My next move is to disable Warp 9 and see what happens..."

 Albert, always "the guy with things to try" when it comes to computer
 problems, tells Mike:

   "My first thought would be disable Warp9 which someone already
   suggested to you.  You might also check your cache buffers and see if
   they are big enough to hold everything."

 Robert from Compo Software (the co-producer of Speedo GDOS) tells Mike:

   "Disabling Warp 9 should fix it. I know of problems blocking text with
   Warp 9 enabled, and I've heard of problems printing, but it shouldn't
   be bombing.
   Please note that these problems with Warp 9 are NOT due to SpeedoGDOS

 CodeHead extraordinaire, Charles F. Johnson, posts:

   "Since you're blaming the incompatibility on Warp 9, I'm curious about
   something.  I'm sure you're aware that there are thousands of Warp 9
   users in the US.  And I also know that we were _never_ contacted about
   any problems before SpeedoGDOS 5 was released.  Was any consideration
   given to compatibility with Warp 9 during development of SpeedoGDOS 5?
   Did Compo test them together at all?
   Often, incompatibilities of this nature can be resolved simply by
   programming something in a slightly different way.  Of course, that
   only happens if a company cares enough about their customers to do so."

 Gregory Whelchel tells us:

   "I am looking for suggestions on how to implement a large screen (1024
   x 768 or larger) on a Mega STe and a Stacy.  I know it can be done out
   of the box on a TT and with mods on both the Falcon and regular Megas,
   but have not heard of any methods for the other machines.  I have heard
   of something from Gribnif called Crazy Dots.  I think it is for the VME
   slot on a Mega STe.  Does it work, and is it compatible with Cubase
   Score?  Any ideas and/or sources would be welcome."

 That wildman from ST Informer Magazine, Brian Gockley, tells Gregory:

   "There are several video cards that work with the Mega, none with the
   STacy. As you mentioned, Gribnif has a Crazy Dots, but there is also
   Lexicors NOVA, Dover Research's ISAAC, and the CyberCube series from
   Cyrel.  ST Informer Magazine has reviewed all but the last, and you
   could order the back issues."

 Out of the blue Mike Mortilla posts:

   "I have these lurking fantasies that someday either:
     1- Some other persons or companies will pick up the flag Atari
        dropped and make the ST-Falcon line what it should have been all
        along,  or
     2- The computing community will realize that the Atari ST-Falcon line
        is capable of doing something NO other computer can do."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Mike:

   "Yeah, me too..  like the company where the employees get together and
   buy out the management and run the company profitably instead of all
   being laid off...
   All the Atari users in the world rise up and buy out Atari.. and do it

 Greg Kopchak posts this...

   "For those who would like to know:
   The new version of Photo Show Pro in development will support
   ST/STe/TT030/Falcon030 computers with a single program.  It will
   support a wide range of output resolutions, most in color or grey
   ST Low (320x200, 16 colors)*
   ST High (640x400, monochrome)
   TT Low (320x480, 256 colors)
   TT Medium (640x480, 16 colors)
   TT High (1280x960, monochrome)
   ..and for Falcon modes, on an SC1224 or TV:
    320x200, 256 colors or true color*
    384x240, 256 colors or true color (overscanned)*
    640x400, 256 colors or true color*
    768x480, 256 colors or true color (overscanned)*
   On a Falcon with a VGA monitor:
    320x240, 256 colors or true color
    640x480, 256 colors
    320x480, true color
   Any modes marked by an asterisk (*) can be recorded directly to video.
   Monochrome modes obviously can't do color, and true color modes don't
   do greyscale (use a 256-color mode for that, it looks better).
   All output modes can be aspect-ratio corrected for TVs.  This is also
   useful for VGA monitors that won't adjust too well and always give a
   tall image.
   ScreenBlaster can, of course, be used for display purposes, but you
   won't be able to record directly to tape with it.
   I can honestly say that 768x480 true color mode looks *very* nice on
   the Falcon!  The grey modes also look crisp, even in ST Low resolution.
   Oh, and you get full effects in all display modes, too."

 Brian Gockley tells Greg:

   "Sounds fantastic, I can't wait to see it on the big screen at the CT
   show. I've been a happy Moniterm monitor owner for years, it's great to
   see programs supporting that resolution!"

 Greg replies:

   "We may have some sneek peeks of the new version of Photo Show Pro
   with extended support for TT and monochrome monitors, but will be
   showing the Falcon true color and STe version at the show.
   We will also have Art For Kids and ExtenDOS 1.21 available for viewing.
   Make sure you check out the animation module for the Falcon Version of
   Photo Show Pro. It is by far the best FLI player for the machine. You
   will be impressed.
   See you at CAF in Bridgeport!"

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 Jon Sanford asks:

   "Can you give me information on how to hook up a CDROM Drive to a
   Atari Mega 16 STe? I also want to use the same drive on a Mac PowerBook
   And a Dell."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Jon:

   "Most SCSI CD-ROM drives work fine.  The most popular is probably the
   Toshiba 3401B.  It should be under $400 easily.
   For driver software you might look at ExtenDOS v1.2x which is
   available from many Atari dealers and It's All Relative also.  I think
   the price is under $30 or so."

 Tom at ICD tells Jon:

   "If you don't already have a SCSI host adapter outside of your Mega
   STE, pick up The Link 2.  It is an external type that will plug
   directly into the back of most external SCSI CDROM drives.
   It includes our own drivers and you can always buy extendos later if
   you don't like ours.
   Make sure that the connector on your SCSI CDROM unit is the centronics
   50 type and NOT the new SCSI 2 type that is appearing on some of the
   newest drives.  Otherwise, you will need an adapter cable."

 From the Palmtop Forum

 Andrew Hradesky reacts to someone mentioning the name "PSION":

   "Psion is a name I have not heard of since the TIMEX/sinclair days.
   What kind of palm top do they have?"

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Andrew:

   "Psion has the Series 3a, which is one of the hottest selling
   palmtops/PDAs in the world (if not THE biggest seller)  We have an
   extremely active Psion section in this forum (section 7).  Check it

 James Barger posts:

   "I recently bought an Atari Portfolio at an auction for $25 and would
   like to find some accessories or programs for it. If anybody has any or
   knows of a good source, please let me know."

 Sysop Judy Hamner tells James:

   "You got a good deal, James. The forum library is bursting with files
   including some very good programs for the Portfolio. I suggest that you
   start with PORT.FAQ. That should answer many of your questions. Check
   Section 17 for offers of items for sale by other forum members."

      Well folks, I know that it's a short column this week, but things are
 tumbling in on me, and I've got to get to them.  Luckily, I've got my
 trusty ST to help me through it all.  If you happen to be in the
 neighborhood this weekend, stop into the Connecticut AtariFest in
 Bridgeport CT and say hello to Dana and I.  Or better yet, stay for our
 seminar on the past, present, and future of digital journalism.

 Tune in again next time and be ready to listen to what they are saying

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Columbia, MO              DATASTORM TO SUPPORT RIP & TCP/IP

 In the tradition of responding to customer needs and requests, DATASTORM
 TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is proud to announce its intent to incorporate TCP/IP
 support in the next interim release of PROCOMM PLUS for Windows.  

 DATASTORM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is also proud to announce its intent to
 support the Remote Imaging Protocol (RIP) terminal emulation in PROCOMM
 PLUS for Windows.

 Current plans are to offer these enhancemente at no additional cost in the
 form of a Dynamically Linked Terminal (.DLT).  However, no availability
 date for these features has been made at this time.  The update will
 likely support the 2.0 RIP specification and be made available for
 download from the DATASTORM BBS and the DATASTORM Forum on CompuServe.

 No additional information is available at this time.  Please stay tuned to
 the DATASTORM BBS (314.875.0503) or the DATASTORM Forum on CompuServe (GO
 DATASTORM) for more information as it becomes available.

 - Toronto, Canada                 DELRINA HAS HEADACHE WITH WINCOM PRO?

      According to our "tuned in" sources, Delrina is having a real "go" of
 it with WinCom Pro.  It seems the consumers are not pleased with its
 behavior and performance.  In fact, rumor has it that Delrina is, at this
 time, refunding sales almost as fast as they are selling this product. 
 Additionally, its reported that there are "in earnest" plans to get the
 situation corrected as fast as possible.  In the meantime, the WinCom Pro
 package is earning a "not so nice" reputation for Delrina.  This reporter
 feels this is not fair as Delrina has another fine telecommuncations
 product on the market that is the "rave" of the Fax community.  WinFax Pro
 v4.0 is quite popular and a huge success for Delrina.  WinComm Pro is one
 that quite possibly may have fallen through the cracks and will soon be
 "perked" up.


      Your next Pizza Hut pizza may be coming to you via the Information
 Super highway.  Pizza Hut stated that recently began testing a new
 Internet pizza ordering system that allows computer users to order pizza
 and beverages with their computers.  PizzaNet, as the system is called, is
 available through the World Wide Web portion of the Internet, and will
 provide users with product and price information with a user-friendly menu
 interface.  "This could be the next big step in the pizza delivery
 business," Jon Payne, Pizza Hut's MIS Director of Point-of-Sale
 Development, said. "There's a huge, untapped market of computer users who
 are looking for different and exciting ways to use the Internet.  PizzaNet
 will certainly appeal to them."


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                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                  Est. 1985

                     1994 SUMMER SPECIALS NOW IN EFFECT!
                        EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND!!
                  ABCO manufactures custom storage devices!

                INTEL 32 BIT 486/66, VLB w/Math CoProcessor 
             8MB ram upgradable to 64MB 1MB SVGA VESA VIDEO CARD
                 Sound Blaster Compatible Stereo Sound Card
               DOS 6.2 - Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Included
      256K CACHE - 1.44/1.2 FLOPPY Drives, Mouse & 101 deluxe Keyboard
              340MB IDE hd - 2 SERIAL, 1 PARALLEL, 1 GAME PORTS
    250W POWER SUPPLY TOWER SYSTEM - 14" SVGA 1024x768, NI 28dpi Monitor
          66Mhz, S&H Incl 1295.00 - 695.00 with order, balance COD
        Other higher powered packages available or, design your own!
               100Mhz - Pentium  Call for value added pricing!
                   Call: 904-783-3319 Anytime, Voice Mail


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            Diamond Computer High Speed Video Cards w/1-2mb VRAM
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            Diamond High Performance Sonic Sound Cards Available
                Soundblaster Cards and compatibles 8 & 16 bit
                Creative Technologies' Sound Blaster 16 SCSI
                  Sound Blaster * AWE 32 * SUPER Sound Card
                    Media Vision Line - True Multi-Media

              IDE Super IO cards & 16550 UART 2 & 4 Port Cards
              SCSI ADAPTER CARDS & SCANNERS COLOR & MonoChrome

                   Call: 904-783-3319 Anytime, Voice Mail

                               COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                        40 Westgate Parkway -Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                 Orders Only
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                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
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                          FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
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