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 - CPU INDUSTRY REPORT    - Taligent to Debut      - Wildcat & QEMM 
 - WordPerfect NEWS!      - Compaq Earnings UP     - Virus Author Nailed
 - Delrina & Chicago      - The Final Shakeout     - ProCom+ Ver. 2.0
 - JAGUAR NEWS!!          - People Talking         - STR Confidential!

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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      The weatherman routine must be getting old by now, at least for me it
 is, so I won't even mention the humidity or whatevers.

      Things are however, heating up in the computing world as most of the
 major companies are diligently gearing up for the big Fall Comdex push and
 Christmas Sales.  New fast and powerful versions of most everything will
 be making an appearance as a result of the pending release of Chicago.
 (Windows 4.0)  While I've seen many references to Windows as Windoze...
 (usually made by someone with little or no experience with Windows at all)
 The truth is, Windows is the ticket!  I have been using WFWG 3.11 for what
 seems like an eternity and I might add, its been an eternity of computing
 pleasure.  The likes of which I've never really known until I got involved
 with Windows and all it has to offer.  Sure, I had a fantastic GUI at one
 time in the distant past.  Right along with one of the very best MAC
 emulators put together, ala Small.  But I must admit compared to what I am
 using today, well frankly there is no comparing at all.  Windows is the
 top banana and that's all there is to that.  Its multi-tasking is very
 fast, rock solid reliable and the power simply incredible.  
      What's the point you say?  Here it is in a nutshell, I've been
 lurking in a few areas around the nets and am reading a few threads that
 are simply amazing.  These guys are very busy preaching the wonders of
 either a dying platform or one that's as dead as Kelsey's whatevers only
 nobody cares to admit it.  To top it off, they're castigating another poor
 user for having admitted he bought a PC!  They're putting the blame on
 this hapless user for having contributed to the pending demise of the
 platform they're on!  No, its not an Atari or Commodore thread... its MAC! 
 One must wonder if they too, are beginning to see the handwriting on the
 walls.. all the walls.  Within the next sixty months we shall most
 certainly know.  (The final shakeout is definitely at hand)

   In the meantime...
      If you are planning a change... don't think twice!  Go PC as you will
 find support and variety you never thought existed.  The old idea that
 MIDI music, DTP, Photography and Graphics belong with the MAC is truly an
 over blown myth.  I use Canvas and a host of other suuposedly "only for
 the Mac" software on a PC!  How? Because Deneba like every other software
 publisher who has "seen the light" has written and released Windows
 versions of their highly acclaimed Mac Software.  All equally as powerful
 and easy to use.  With Windows 3.11, WFWG 3.11 you'll enjoy a world of
 computing the likes of which you've never experienced.  Producing rsults
 you never thought you would be capable of.  On top of which, Windows 4.0
 is reportedly the finest GUI yet to be released.  Superior to everything
 in use today regardless of the platform.  Don't waste your hard earned
 money on pipedreams, if you are contemplating a change, go PC and discover
 the truth.  You won't be sorry. 



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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #30
                         By: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                   ** Taligent System to Make Debut **
    Taligent Inc says it will unveil its Taligent Application Environment 
 (TalAE) -- an open, portable application system -- in a live code demon-
 stration at the Object World trade show in San Francisco next week.
    The demonstration will feature Taligent's Task - Centered Computing 
 model and its People, Places and Things user interface metaphor.
    Taligent ultimately plans to market its new application system, which 
 is based on object-oriented technology. The product will be open for ex-
 tension at all levels by software developers, hardware OEMs and systems 
                         ** IBM Reports Profit **

    IBM Corp. this week reported second quarter earnings of $689 million, 
 its third consecutive quarterly profit after two years of staggering 
    Reports say that IBM earned $1.14 per share in the quarter ended June 
 30, which exceeded Wall Street's expectations of 73 cents per share, 
 causing IBM stock to soar $6 to $61.875 in mid-afternoon trading on the 
 New York Stock Exchange.
                      ** Compaq's Earnings Double **
    Compaq Computer Corp. this week reported a second quarter profit that 
 more than doubled from a year ago.   Reports say that Compaq earned $210 
 million (or 78 cents a share) in the quarter, compared with earnings of 
 $102 million (or 40 cents a share) last year.
                       ** Muppets Come to CD-ROM **

    Jim Henson Productions and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Starwave 
 Corp. say they have joined forces to create a new interactive digital 
 entertainment venture. The companies plan to deliver their first CD-ROM 
 and game system titles in 1995.

    The companies say the new products will allow families to interact 
 with their favorite Muppet characters, including Kermit the Frog and 
 Miss Piggy, while having fun and learning. Jim Henson Productions is 
 also launching a new interactive media division, Jim Henson Interactive.
               ** Quantum Buys DEC Storage Business Biz **
    For $400 million Digital Equipment Corp has sold its computer storage 
 business to Quantum Corp., the world's largest maker of disk drives. Re-
 ports say the sale includes Digital's disk and tape drive manufacturing, 
 solid-state disk and thin-film heads operations.
                 ** Nintendo Changes Memory Technology **
    A new memory technology is being embraced by Nintendo of America to 
 bring three-dimensional graphics capabilities to the new 64-bit Nintendo 
 video game system, the Ultra 64 system.
    The technology is designed by privately held Silicon Valley startup 
 company Rambus Inc., which counts among its investors Dominion, the 
 investment vehicle of Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates, and venture 
 firms Mohr Davidow and Kleiner Perkins.

    Reports say the Rambus technology is "an interface that connects the 
 DRAM memory chips to the microprocessor, providing a significant per-
 formance increase," adding that; "systems using Rambus technology run at 
                   ** Change Seen in Apple Licensing **

    Observers say Apple Computer Inc. has backed off its effort to licen-
 se its operating system to independent computer makers.  Instead, Apple 
 has focused on licensing its system to Motorola Inc. and IBM, its part-
 ners in the PowerPC chip alliance.
    Reports from officials close to Apple say IBM and Motorola have been 
 negotiating with Apple to license Apple's System 7 to run on their own 
 PowerPC computers, though a deal reportedly is far from being guaranteed.
                    ** Apple Unveils New PowerBook **

    Apple Computer Inc. has unveiled the PowerBook 150, the lowest-priced 
 member of its PowerBook notebook computer line.

    Priced at $1,449, the PowerBook 150 is designed for higher education 
 students, home and small office users and desktop users with casual 
 second system needs, as well as customers who are entering the mobile 
 computing world for the first time.

    The PowerBook 150 replaces the PowerBook 145B. The new model's enhan-
 cements include a software bundle incorporating ClarisWorks and the 
 PowerBook Mobility Bundle, a larger display, a larger hard drive and 
 increased RAM expansion.

                  ** 'Chicago' Upgrade Priced at $99 **

    The "Chicago" upgrade of Microsoft's Windows software will be priced 
 at $99.  Microsoft still expects to get Chicago to market sometime this 
    Chicago is expected to include a new graphical user interface as well 
 as increased processing speed features including a gateway to online 
 services such as Internet.

    Reports say "Analysts believe Chicago has the potential to be Micro-
 soft's most lucrative upgrade ever, generating more than $1 billion in 
 revenue,".  "Some trade publications have speculated that Chicago will 
 not hit the street until early next year, despite Microsoft's promised 
 end of 1994 deadline."
                    ** Gray Market' CD-ROM Campaign Set **
                           CD De-Bundlers Targeted

    The Software Publishers Association says it will begin an aggressive 
 campaign against businesses that engage in "gray market" debundling 

    Debundling, a violation of copyright laws and distribution agreements 
 between software publishers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), 
 occurs when software intended to be sold with hardware is separately 
 sold into other distribution channels.

    The SPA says it has retained investigators to purchase unbundled CD-
 ROMs and track the source of the products. The SPA notes that it expects 
 to file lawsuits against any company that trades unlicensed CD-ROM 
 software in violation of the applicable distribution agreements or the 
 copyright law.
                    ** Feds File Computer Porn Case **

    A California couple is on trial in Tennessee on federal charges of 
 transmitting obscenity through interstate phone lines via a computer 
 bulletin board system that offered members sexually explicit pictures 
 and text.

    With testimony starting this week, the trial raises questions of how 
 to apply federal obscenity law and First Amendment free-speech protec-
 tions to the sea of words and images flowing through computers across 
 the land. Some feel the case could wind up before the U.S. Supreme 

    The trial marks the first time prosecutors in an obscenity case have 
 gone after a BBS operator in the locale where its material was received, 
 rather than where it originated.
                  ** Online Pentagon Files Vandalized **
    Large portions of the Pentagon's unclassified computer files report-
 edly have been infiltrated through the Internet. Vandals have stolen, 
 altered or erased records and even shut down systems.
    That is the report in The New York Times this week, which adds that 
 intruders apparently haven't tapped into classified Defense Department 
 systems, which control critical functions such as nuclear weapons. 
 (These functions aren't connected to the global Internet network.) The 
 Times said the invaders are from the United States and abroad.
    A spokeswoman for the Defense Information Systems Agency told the 
 Times that the compromised systems include those used for ballistic 
 weapons research, aircraft and ship design, military payroll, personnel 
 records, procurement, electronic mail, supercomputer modeling of 
 battlefield environments and computer security research.
    "There is no information to indicate that command and control systems 
 were affected by these intrusions," the unidentified spokeswoman added.
                  ** Clipper Chip Alternatives Open? **

    Vice President Al Gore says in a letter disclosed this week the 
 Clinton administration is willing to work on an alternative to the 
 controversial Clipper chip wiretapping technology.
    Reports say that Gore's letter to Rep. Maria Cantwell, D-Washington, 
 says the administration would "welcome the opportunity to work with 
 industry to design a more versatile, less expensive system."
    The hotly debated Clipper chip was developed in secret by the govern-
 ment as the preferred encryption technology for scrambling digital tele-
 communications messages.
                     ** Game-Rating Council Formed **

    The Recreational Software Advisory Council has been formed by several 
 computer trade groups as an independent nonprofit organization to admin-
 ister a game-ratings program for the software industry.

    The backers also say the application form and ratings categories to 
 be used in the program now are being reviewed by experts and soon will 
 be made public.

    The council -- launched by the Software Publishers Association, the 
 Association of Shareware Professionals, the Educational Software 
 Cooperative, the Shareware Trade Association and Resources and others -- 
 "will assign ratings to software titles before they are shipped to 
 retailers and investigate consumer complaints about products believed to 
 be misrated," says a statement from the SPA.

    The council will include "parents, teachers and concerned experts 
 from various disciplines," the statement says, adding, "It will not be 
 controlled by the software industry, but instead will be a separate, 
 independent organization."

    The organizers say they have nearly completed work on the actual 
 ratings categories, and will introduce a rating program in time for the 
 holiday retail season.

    Glenn Ochsenreiter, SPA special projects director, said, "The ratings 
 application will inform RSAC of potentially objectionable content in in-
 dividual software titles and provide the basis for placing those titles 
 in specific ratings categories. We created a high degree of objectivity 
 in the application to provide a consistent basis for ratings."
                 ** Australia: 59% of Software Pirated **

    More than 59% of business software installed on computers in
 Australia has been copied illegally, according to a report issued this 
 week by the Washington, D.C.-based Software Publishers Association.

    Reports say that the pirated programs have cost the software industry 
 about $350 to $400 million in lost revenue in Australia.
    The world average for pirated business software is 47%, with Great 
 Britain and Ireland boasting the lowest figures at 27% and Latin 
 America, India and Pakistan with the highest at 95%. The SPA estimates 
 that business software worth $7.4 billion was stolen worldwide last 
    While the rate of pirated software in developing nations is astound-
 ingly high, the largest monetary losses to the software industry are 
 from illegally copied software in the most advanced nations since their 
 markets are larger. For instance, losses in Britain were about $194 
 million in 1993, while losses in India and Pakistan were only $103 
                   ** Alleged Virus Author Arrested **

    A man from the port town of Plymouth in southwest England has been 
 accused by British authorities of writing three damaging computer 
 viruses. U.K. police say the unidentified man has been charged and 
 released on bail awaiting trial in November.
    In London, authorities are asking to be contacted by victims of any 
 of the three data-destroying viruses, called Queeg (named after a 
 character in a TV science fiction series), Pathogen and Germ.
    "Once triggered, the viruses display a message on the computer 
 screen: 'Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast... Unfortunately 
 some of your data won't.'"
                  ** Survey Says Home PCs to Rise 21% **

    A new study says PCs purchased for the home will make up nearly half 
 of the entire U.S. computer market by 1998.

    The research, conducted by Dataquest Inc., a unit of Dun & Bradstreet 
 Corp., predicts home PC shipments will rise at a 21% compound annual 
 growth rate while the rest of the U.S. PC market will grow at an 8.9%.

    Reports say more than 5.3 million PCs were shipped for U.S. home use 
 in 1993, making up 36% of the market.

    Dataquest estimates that by 1998 a total of 13.9 million PCs will be 
 shipped to the home market, 49% of all PCs shipped in the United States.


 > WinFAX Pro & Chicago STR FOCUS!


 New Chicago Version to Greatly Expand PC Fax/Communications Market
 SAN JOSE, CA and TORONTO, ONT -- Friday, July 1994 -- Delrina
 Corporation (NASDAQ:DENAF, TSE:DC), the world's leading supplier of
 PC fax and forms software, today announced that it is developing a
 new version of WinFax PRO<tm> to work with the next version of
 Microsoft(R) Windows, code-named  "Chicago".  Delrina WinFax, the
 leading PC fax software in the world with more than 5 million units
 sold, will have a new version designed specifically for Chicago which
 will be available soon after Chicago ships.
 Delrina has been working on its Chicago version of WinFax since
 November, 1992 when Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman & CEO, first
 discussed Microsoft's approach to messaging with Delrina executives.
 Since that time, Delrina has been working closely with Microsoft to
 ensure that its products will dovetail and continue to add tremendous
 value to Windows.  Delrina's expertise with WinFax will be used to
 build even greater fax features for Chicago.
 In March 1994, Delrina shipped WinFax PRO 4, its fourth generation
 fax communications and management software. Delrina WinFax PRO 4
 redefined the PC fax market with usability improvements, special
 functionality for mobile users, expanded messaging capabilities, and
 over 50 powerful new features.  WinFax PRO 4 also includes seamless
 access to Delrina's new enhanced communication services -- Fax
 MailBox<tm> and Fax Broadcast<tm>.
 As the first non-Microsoft application to integrate Microsoft At
 Work, WinFax PRO 4 has already begun to exploit the messaging
 infrastructure that is at the core of Chicago.  Delrina will build
 upon Chicago's basic fax capabilities by adding robust features such
 as a customizable interface, mobile capabilities, annotation tools,
 OCR, scanning, a cover page designer with over 100 cover pages, and
 enhanced viewing.  Moreover, Delrina's 32-bit WinFax PRO Chicago with
 multi-threading will support Plug and Play, OLE 2, extended MAPI, and
 TAPI to fully utilize the communications infrastructure in Chicago.
 Brad Chase, General Manager of Personal Operating Systems at
 Microsoft commented on Delrina's move to support Chicago, "Delrina's
 support is indicative of the huge opportunity that exists for
 software developers to build applications and services that can take
 advantage of Chicago.  Delrina is taking a leading position to
 capitalize on this opportunity and develop robust applications that
 will add value and leverage the underlying messaging plumbing in
 "Chicago is one the most exciting developments in the industry with
 the potential to explode PC fax and communications usage," said Mark
 Skapinker, Delrina president.  "Delrina has been working closely with
 Microsoft and other partners to leverage our leadership and ensure
 that we are in the best position to capitalize on the communications
 convergence and Microsoft's vision of 'information exchange without
 Bert Amato, Delrina Chief Technical Officer added,  "We have spent a
 great deal of time understanding Chicago messaging and we will be
 launching products and versions of our existing products that will
 leverage this new operating system to the hilt.  Our focus remains
 fax-centric and our products and services will converge further and
 further to take advantage of the growing opportunities resulting from
 the convergence of the PC with telecommunications."
 "We expect the next version of WinFax PRO and Windows to grow the
 communications market significantly", said Dennis Bennie, Delrina
 CEO.  "As fax modem usage has grown, our user base has grown
 proportionally.  History has shown that applets (piece of an
 application) in Windows have grown markets.  While some users will be
 satisfied with the fax component included in Chicago, most will still
 want full-fledged fax capabilities beyond Chicago."
 Industry analysts agree that Delrina's new WinFax PRO for Chicago and
 Microsoft's new Windows will expand the PC fax/communications market.
 Peter Davidson, Industry Analyst, Publisher NetFax News, Burbank, CA
 "Microsoft's move to incorporate messaging as part of the operating
 system will legitimize PC communications to a new level of acceptance
 and use.  With a larger and more sophisticated communications market,
 Delrina is in an ideal position to cater to this emerging new
 marketplace.  Users will still want to do much more than the
 communications Chicago will offer."
 Craig Giudici, Facsimile Analyst, Dataquest, San Jose, CA
 "The PC is evolving to be primarily a communications tool.  Chicago's
 32-bit architecture will provide better responsiveness than Windows
 3.1 allowing third-party vendors to build more robust and flexible
 communications applications.  Delrina is in an unique position to
 deliver a fax communications solution that takes PC communications to
 the next level of opportunity."

 Delrina develops, markets and supports PC-based software products and
 services for the fax and data communications, electronic forms
 processing and consumer content markets.  Founded in 1988, Delrina
 employs more than 500 people with headquarters in Toronto, Canada;
 and offices in San Jose, CA; Washington, DC; Kirkland, WA; the United
 Kingdom; France; and Germany.  Delrina can be contacted at
 Public Relations Contact:
 Josef Zankowicz, Delrina Corporation, (416) 441-4658


 > Designer 4.1 STR InfoFile

             Information on Designer 4.1 Technical Edition (TE)

 This article outlines product strategy and direction regarding Micrografx
 Designer and hopefully answers some questions that have been posted
 recently.  I will attempt to keep the marketing rhetoric to a minimum and
 provide information as candidly as possible so you can 
 understand the reasons behind the release of Designer 4.1 TE.

 The release of Designer 4.0 (last year) represented a major step from
 Designer 3.1 .  A major new interface, a major new code base and many,
 many new features.  Although great in many ways, Designer 4.0 also created
 some unhappy customers.  Many of you have voiced your concerns on this

 Through comments from people like yourselves and through our research, it
 was clear that Designer 4.0 did not achieve its mark.  We needed to
 regroup and ensure we were providing the right solution to our target

 The strategy behind Designer 4.1 TE was a two part process:  One,
 determining who our target audience was and then secondly, ensuring we
 were providing the right features that solved their needs. 

 Although a "minor" (point) release, Designer 4.1 TE represents a "major"
 release in providing what our customers have asked for: speed, quality and

 Also, the "Technical Edition" or "TE" in the product name was used to
 highlight the technical orientation of Designer and catch the eye of
 people needing a technical illustration tool.  It is the 
 next version of Designer (ie. from 4.0 or 3.1, people should upgrade to
 4.1 TE) and there are no plans for other "editions".

 As a long time product in Windows, many different types of customers
 bought and used Designer over the years: engineers, desktop publishers,
 home computer enthusiasts, professional artists, and occasional drawing
 users to name but a few.  

 As we researched our user community to determine what was required moving
 forward, we found that the majority of Designer users from around the
 world were either technical illustrators or engineers.  Furthermore, as we
 researched emerging growth opportunities in the Windows illustration
 category, we discovered a great opportunity for technical illustration
 (for a more complete explanation, see the Jesse Berst column in the PC
 Week June 27 issue, but in summary Jesse states "Micrografx found an
 unexploited market").

 As the software industry evolves, companies will continue to succeed based
 on their abilities to understand and deliver appropriate products to their
 target customers.   Micrografx is no exception.  The release of 4.1 TE
 represents a clear focus on this technical illustration target customer.  

 Does this focus mean it is not good for desktop publishers, or for the
 graphic artist?  Not at all.  Many of the same features technical
 illustrators need are what desktop publishers or graphic artists use. 
 However our marketing message and focus will be aimed at the technical
 illustration market.

 The target audience asked for 3 main items: improved performance, specific
 functionality and a quality product.  Designer 4.1 TE provides all of

 Designer 4.1 TE is significantly faster than 4.0.  Customers will see
 noticeable speed improvements in key areas.  One is initial start up.  To
 give you an example, on a 486/33 with 8 MB RAM, initial start up time has
 improved almost 20% over 4.0a.  

 Further items that have been significantly improved include text redraw
 that is faster, gradients that draw faster, screen redraws that are more
 "intelligent" (and faster) and the return of a 
 number of the Designer 3.1 keyboard shortcuts and commands (e.g., Print
 View command, all commands available for right mouse button, and opaque
 text to name a few).  In fact, a number of our own employees who tried 4.0
 (and went back to use 3.1) are now using 4.1 TE since the performance is
 so much better.

 Another way we have improved performance is eliminating the 3D code from
 Designer 4.1 TE.  Unfortunately, the current state of Windows 3.1 (a
 16-bit operating environment) does not lend itself well to working quickly
 with 3D.  In fact, as many of you know, we delivered a 32-bit graphics
 engine with Designer 4.0 in an attempt to rectify some of the limitations. 
 Unfortunately, this did not work as well as we would have liked.

 Furthermore, when we researched 3D use amongst our users, we found very
 little use of 3D.  And when we asked if they would give up 3D to get a
 speed improvement, an overwhelming majority said yes.  So based on this
 feedback and the resulting speed improvements, 3D was removed from
 Designer 4.1 TE.

 There are a number of enhancements in Designer 4.1 TE that will be a
 welcome addition to our customers.  Listed below are the key highlights.

 Designer 4.1 TE's import and export filters have gone through a complete
 overhaul and now support over 40 import and export filters.  Perhaps not a
 "glamorous" feature on the surface, it is an essential feature addition. 
 Enhancements includes a new DXF filter that supports layers (in and out,
 keeps layer information in tact), a new CGM filter, a brand new IGES
 import filter and significant improvements to our EPS filter.  All created
 knowing corporations need to seamlessly transfer data in and out of
 graphics programs.

 Also added was a new PageMaker 5 filter.  Now Designer files can be placed
 in PageMaker 5 for great looking technical documentation or desktop
 publishing work.

 A new "drag and drop" clipart manager provides quick visual thumbnails of
 the 1500 clipart symbols (10,000 more are on CD-ROM).  And many of these
 symbols are specifically targeted for technical illustration.

 Additionally, we have licensed and provided 500 (of the 1500) specific 
 TechSymbols from a company that specializes in technical symbols.  Also,
 this new ClipArt manager takes up much less workspace, has configurable
 thumbnail sizes and helps you quickly get the clipart piece you want.  

 Designer 4.1 TE has a new expanded status line, it introduces quick one
 button access to what used to be hard to access elements (fill colors,
 line styles, snap points, etc).  And the new way to add colors to palettes
 is real fast and easy.  New detailed selection information is also
 displayed on the status bar.  The status bar can be displayed as a single
 line or two lines of information or turned off altogether.

 Easy to use and create dimensioning lines that retain "associative" status
 when resizing an object.  The new dimension lines can be horizontal,
 vertical or aligned and you have full control over automatic extension
 lines and gaps as well as arrow heads, fonts, unit of measure and 
 amount of displayed precision.

 To assist in learning Designer 4.1 TE, it comes with a new interactive,
 on-line CD-ROM tutorial.  Old and new customers alike will be up and using
 new Designer 4.1 TE quicker than ever before.  

  Other ease of use features include bubble hints that pop up next to all
 buttons in Designer 4.1 TE and a floating hint window that contains
 context-sensitive hints on what buttons and dialogs do as well as step by
 step instructions for using Designer 4.1 TE's tools.  Of course, these 
 features can be easily turned on or off.

 Now creating text along a path (curve) is easier and faster than before. 
 A completely new interface makes creating and editing text more intuitive
 to new and old customers.  Included are many predefined placements for
 open and closed shapes as well as interactive placement.  When
 interactively editing the placement of text along a curve, a new ribbon is
 displayed that contains buttons to control the direction, offset, and
 formatting of text placed along a curve.

 To be accepted in corporations and by users around the world, software
 must be reliable.  Although some of our competitors continue to release
 significantly buggy code, it is not acceptable for Micrografx and our
 renewed focus on customer satisfaction to release anything less than fully
 tested software.  Once again, Designer 4.1 TE will stand out with its
 quality.  As some of our QA group said, 4.1 TE is "10 times better than

 Designer 4.1 TE represents a complete commitment to our customers to
 deliver what they have asked for.  Designer 4.1 TE delivers a product that
 will rank as one of the fastest in its category.  It provides essential
 new functionality to ensure our customers can perform their jobs easier, 
 faster and with more accuracy.  And finally, it is a quality product that
 users can depend on.  

 This release is not just a bug fix as some folks have suggested.  Yes it
 does fix bugs.  But it also provides the additional functionality and
 speed that our customers have requested  The value that is delivered with
 Designer 4.1 TE is well worth the upgrade price of $49.95 ($149.95 for 
 Designer 3.x users).

 I encourage you to try Designer 4.1 TE.  Only after you use Designer 4.1
 TE will you share my belief that this is one of the best products
 available in the Windows market today.

 I look forward to comments and will be happy to answer questions.    

                        Grant Wickes, Vice President
                      Professional Graphics, Micrografx


 > Kid's Computing Corner STR Feature

 Kids' Computing Corner


 by Frank Sereno

      Word Tales is a multi-media learning game intended to teach spelling,
 phonics and vocabulary to children ages 4 to 7.  Available on floppy disk
 and CD-rom for IBM compatibles running Windows 3.1 with a 386SX-16 or
 higher CPU, 4 megs of ram, VGA display, a mouse and a Windows compatible
 sound card or for Macintosh computers running System 6.0.7 or later with 4
 meg of ram and color display.  This review will be of the Windows CD-rom
 version although the floppy disk and Mac versions are very similar.  The
 test machine was an AMD386-40 with 8 megs of ram, a Diamond Stealth video
 card, a single-speed CD-rom, a Sound Blaster Pro audio card and a Logitech
 Kidz Mouse.

      Installation is not particularly easy.  Most programs include a
 program to install an icon on the Windows desktop that will run the
 program.  Word Tales has no such program and its manual asks that you
 start the program from the File Manager.  You can create your own icon and
 .PIF file to run Word Tales.  I feel it is an oversight and inconvenience
 that Word Tales does not create a program group or icon for the user.

      Word Tales begins with a couple of unimpressive opening animation
 sequences, then a green creature named Milo introduces himself and invites
 the child to play.  The Control Room consists of 5 small video screens, a
 larger video screen and a control unit with on/off buttons and a volume
 slider.  Also shown are some very small characters that become animated
 when clicked upon.  The larger screen occasionally shows Milo and the
 smaller screens are the entryway to the Word Tales drills. Click on any of
 the five smaller screens to begin play.  Upon completion of 5 Word Tales,
 the child will be sent back to the control room and one of the screens
 will have the image of a bonus arcade game.

      Gameplay is very simple.  After clicking on one of the video screens,
 the game screen is shown.  It consists of one large window with 3 smaller
 windows on the right side of the screen.  An object is displayed in the
 large window and below it is the word for it minus the first letter.  On
 the left of the screen are 3 letters to use to fill in the blank.  Milo is
 pictured in the upper right corner of the screen and he will ask the child
 to find the first letter as he pronounces the word.  Below Milo is a black
 box which will be used in the next screen.  Below that are a green door
 and a red door.  Clicking on the red door will take the child back to the
 control room and clicking on the green door will take him to the next
 exercise without finishing the current one.

      Upon clicking on the correct letter, the child will be told his
 choice is correct and he will be rewarded with an animation surprise. 
 Then the picture in the main window will be replaced with a new one
 containing many objects.  The child now is asked to click on all objects
 which start with the same first letter as the original object.  In the
 black box on the right side of the screen will be a number of blank lines
 equal to the number of objects which must be found.  When an object is
 found by clicking on it, Milo will pronounce the word and it will be
 displayed in the black box.  The object will also be animated as a reward. 
 Upon finding all the objects, the entire screen will be animated while
 bright music plays.  Then the child will be sent to the next Word Tale or
 if he has completed 5 tales he will return to the control room where he
 can choose to play the arcade game.

      The object of the arcade game is to use a robot to bounce apples
 falling from a tree into buckets on either side of the screen.  The game
 is not as simple as it sounds as the top of the robot is curved causing
 the apples to fly at odd angles and the player only gets 4 bounces off the
 top of the robot or the ground before the apple disappears as a splash of
 applesauce.  The gameplay seems to be inordinately hard and I have yet to
 get more than a few apples into the buckets.

      Graphically, this program is not particularly impressive.  Animations
 tend to be slow and are sometimes jerky.  Sounds are not synced with the
 animation.  Still graphics could be more colorful and detailed.

      The sounds and music used in Word Tales are above average.  The music
 is interesting and varied.  Milo's voice is quite clear and easy to

      The interface is another of the point and click variety.  Beside the
 problem of no installation program, when starting the program there are
 various options for gameplay but these involve holding down different keys
 or clicking the mouse.  It would be much easier if the program allowed the
 parent to create a configuration file on the hard drive and have that
 control the different options.  On the child's side, operation is quite
 simple.  Negative feedback is very gentle but positive feedback is lacking
 in enthusiasm.

      Play value is about average.  My children did not display a great
 deal of interest in this program.  One shortcoming that I see is that each
 letter only has 1 Word Tale.  Once a child has done all the letters a few
 times, he will lose interest.  The MPC version only used 21 megs of
 storage on the CD-rom and that blank space could have been used for more
 lessons. Since most stores charge a premium for the CD-rom version versus
 the floppy version, one could reasonably expect more value from this
 version and it doesn't appear to be delivered to me. 

      Educational value is good.  Children will learn the sounds and the
 letters of the alphabet.  Children will also learn many vocabulary words
 and learn to associate the words with pictures of the objects.

      In my opinion, bang for the buck is only a little higher than
 average.  If you can find this title during special sale, it is a fair
 acquisition but I cannot recommend purchasing it at full retail.

                     Play Value..........6.5
                     Ed. Value...........8.0
                     Bang for the buck...6.5

      Next time, I'll run a listing of the average scores of all programs 
 reviewed so far as well as a review of Micrografix Crayola Amazing Art

 Of special note.....

 TRO Learning, Inc.

 A few weeks ago I mentioned an offer for discounts on from TRO Learning,
 Inc. on their line of PLATO  software for the home.  I would like to
 provide more information on PLATO that I have gathered through
 correspondence and an interview with John C. Super, Vice President
 Strategic Sales and Planning.  First will be the letter I received, then
 some notes from the interview.  I would like to thank Mr. Super for his
 cooperation in providing further information about his company.

 "TRO Learning, Inc. acquired PLATO from Control Data Corporation in
 September, 1989.  Since that time, we have made a substantial investment
 in the product to help it better serve education and workplace markets. 
 As we have continued to expand our sales in these areas, we have
 consistently been asked if there was any way we could bring the
 instructional power available in learning labs to home computers.  We have
 begun to do so with the release of 'Math For All Ages'.

 This version of PLATO has been specially configured for home use.  We
 simplified the extensive education management system to allow parents and
 students to easily enter and use the system.  Since CD-ROM systems are not
 yet widely used in the marketplace, we made the courses available for hard
 disk installation in this first version.  A unique course install/de-
 install feature allows for easy free disk space management.  Later this
 year, we will add to the PLATO capability by releasing a CD-ROM version
 with audio capability.

 Math is our first focus area.  During September, we will make available
 reading, writing and life skills courses.  Also, we will add complete
 geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus courses to 'Math For All Ages'. 
 Finally, we are considering the possibility of releasing several of our
 workplace specific courses if our market evaluations indicate they are
 suitable for home delivery.

 John C. Super
 Vice President Strategic Sales & Planning"

 I talked to Mr. Super on July 5th and he told me a great deal about TRO
 Learning and PLATO.  The PLATO curriculum includes lessons for students
 from 2nd grade through college studies.  PLATO also has individual
 programs for teaching life skills such as job seeking, career evaluation
 and life coping skills such as understanding yourself and others.  All of
 these programs are currently available for use on either mainframe
 computers or with LAN networked systems.  TRO is hoping to later introduce
 a series of programs to teach parenting skills.

 TRO also offers workplace courses for building communications skills, team
 building and leading, and the use of statistical process control.  These
 concepts and skills are all part of Dr. Deming's Total Quality Management
 approach to business. His ideas have been implemented in businesses all
 across the world, most successfully in Japan.  One of the better American
 examples is Saturn, the newest division of General Motors.

 TRO is now moving to simplify the core management program for use on
 single-station home computers.  A core program will manage all the various
 modules that you may purchase.  If hard drive space becomes minimal,
 modules may be temporarily removed from the system and reinstalled later. 
 Modules will be made available on CD-rom in the future.  An upgrade path
 will be provided for the owners of the floppy disk modules, but the
 details and costs of the upgrade have not been finalized at this time. 
 The CD-rom versions will add vocalization of the problems and lessons
 along with animations.

 The PLATO curriculum uses tutorials, exercises, applications and review,
 each with feedback, to teach the student.  Once a student has completed a
 module, he can go back to it later for self-assessment or review of the
 subject matter.  TRO currently sells directly to schools and alternate
 learning facilities.  They are now implementing direct-to-home marketing
 via their toll-free information and ordering service at 1-800-44-PLATO (1-
 800-447-5286).  The company's directors are still contemplating the best
 method of retail distribution so it will probably be a while before you
 can purchase these programs at CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.  Call
 the toll-free number and request a catalog of TRO Learning's PLATO
 curriculum.  In the future, software demos will be available.  I hope to
 review the software demo and provide more information about the adult
 curriculum in a future article.

                     As always, I thank you for reading!


 > ProComm Plus v 2.0 Windows STR FOCUS!            A Cut Above....

                             DIFFERENCES BETWEEN
                    PROCOMM PLUS FOR WINDOWS 2.0 AND 1.02

 FAX - seamless fax integration with support for Class 1, Class 2, and
 SendFax modems; fax viewer with 12.5%, 25%, 50%, 100% image zoom; fax
 image rotation for faxes received upside-down; coversheet editor allows
 you to create your own coversheets; scheduler for unattended fax
 transmissions; support for local and remote polling.

 User-customizable Action Bars Load up to five separate Action Bars made up
 of the icons of your choice.  These icons can run a Windows ASPECT script
 file, DOS or Windows program, transmit text, or dial an on-line service or
 voice phone number.

 Easy-access interface now includes the Quick Select bar, allowing point-
 and-dick changes for terminal emulation and communication settings, modem
 lights (great for internal modems), receive and transmit buffer graphs,
 real time clock, and more.  Setup and Dialing Directory also feature a new
 look with easily-recognizable buttons and sub-buttons.

 Dialing Directory - supports data, fax, and voice phone numbers; entries
 can be moved into groups; support for 'traveling' dialing directories that
 will automatically include '1+(area code)' when necessary; support for
 phone company calling cards (AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and user-definable);
 assign up to 5 Action Bars to any directory entry.

 Automatic detection and identification for over 700 modems.  PROCOMM PLUS
 for Windows version 2.0 will examine your system and identify the modem
 and COM port you are using!

 The Windows ASPECT script language now supports global and local arrays,
 and has removed limits on the use of controls such as,checkboxes,
 listboxes, etc.

 Automatic conversion of Dialing Directories, ASPECT scripts Meta Key
 setups and more from PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 1.x. And if you're a WinFax
 Pro 3.0 user, we'll take'@our Phone Book and transform it into a PROCOMM
 PLUS for Windows 2.0 Dialing Directory ... hassle free!

 File transfer protocol IND$FILE for use with IBM mainframes.  Supports VM-
 CMS, MVS-TSO, and other operating environments.

 Full-featured CompuServe script that supports off-line mail reading and
 integrated phone book as well as forum message threading.  The MCI script
 now also provides off-line reading.

 Capability to add external, DATASTORM-provided terminal emulations
 (.DLT's). These emulations (such as Minitel) can be downloaded from the
 DATASTORM BBS (when available) for seamless integration within PROCOMM
 PLUS for Windows 2.0.

 PWEDIT, the PROCOMM PLUS for Windows version 2.0 script/text editor, which
 can edit large files and includes automated access to ASPECT specific
 tools (compiler, dialog editor, user window builder),

 WINLINK, a PC to PC file transfer script which allows the tagging of files
 and directories for quick and easy transfer between machines.  Great for
 notebooks and laptops.

 Built-in MAPI awareness provides Network E-mail users with mail hooks for
 forwarding CompuServe or MCI Mail messages, faxes, and text from the scf
 een or scrollback buffer.

 Host Mode now offers fax integration.  Callers can specify files to have
 faxed back to, them.  Each user can have access to private and public

 New network extensions included in the package to support NCSI/NASI and
 NetBIOS connections.

 The Scrollback Buffer now supports up to 1300 pages of text and graphics
 which have previously scrolled off the screen, exactly as they were
 originally displayed in full color.

 Rapid dial can now dial groups of Dialin Directory entries.

 BBS Doorway mode for sending IBM-PC scan codes to BBS doors.

 Print logging now features a TrueType font for accurately printed screens.

 Support for Caller ID, Distinctive Ring, and fax and data call
 discrimination (automatically switches to fax mode for incoming fax calls
 and data mode for data calls).  Requires a modem capable of these

 Meta Keys and Keyboard Remapping now support internal PROCOMM PLUS for
 Windows functions.

 Easier to use Setup and Dialing Directory interfaces.  Improved
 organization of menus.

 File Clipboard now supports Windows 3.1 Drag-and-Drop capability.

 Next week.... a detailed review of DataStorm's ProComm Plus v2 for


 > WILDCAT & QEMM STR Spotlight

 WC DESQview and Wildcat BBS
 Quarterdeck Technical Note #282


 by Brian P. Doud                                    
 Last revised: 6/28/94                                 

 Subject: Troubleshooting and configuring Wildcat!BBS under DESQview.

      There are several issues that need to be taken into account when
 setting up a BBS (Bulletin Board System) under DESQview.  Though Wildcat!
 is the focus here, many of the concepts presented here may apply to other
 DESQview-aware BBS systems as well.  In addition, much of the information
 covered here can be applied to DESQview/X.

      The topic of running a multi-node BBS inside DESQview is often
 confusing, primarily because of the lack of information available on the
 subject.  With this technote, it's hoped that some of the fears and
 problems associated with BBSes in DV will be alleviated.  There are many
 issues not covered here which more than likely have to do with the
 configuration of the BBS in question, rather than DV or DVX.

      Some of the confusion associated with BBSes is in the terminology, so
 a few of the commonly used terms will be clarified throughout this

      A BBS node is the way for a caller to contact a BBS.  It acts almost
 like an interactive answering machine, picking up calls as they come in,
 then sending information back to the caller.  On a Wildcat!BBS, the node
 program (WILDCAT.EXE) is started within a batch file, which assigns a node
 id to each node so the BBS software can tell the difference between them. 
 The batch files for multi-node BBSes are usually identical except for the
 node id, so great care must be taken to use one node id per batch file. 
 Repeating id's over several files can result in incorrect operation of the

      Though a lot goes on in a node's operation, it can be treated pretty
 much like any other program that is run in DV.  There are two main
 processes that go on when a node starts that can be related to DESQview. 
 The first is the loading of the node program itself.  It requires some
 minimum amount of memory, so it is important to make sure that the system
 has been configured to provide DESQview windows as much memory as

      The other thing that occurs is the initialization of the modem.  When
 a problem occurs with the modem's initialization or operation, it can come
 from a variety of sources, so the true nature of the problem must first be

      Modem problems are, in the vast majority of cases, an issue of
 hardware rather than software, so DESQview is usually out of the equation
 when trouble arises.  However, there are some things to keep in mind when
 the BBS isn't functioning correctly as a result of a modem problem.

      The first thing to do once the BBS has been set up and testing of the
 nodes begins is to run the nodes individually in DOS.  This will ensure
 that the node works with the existing hardware and software configuration. 
 This way, it can be determined whether any problems are related to
 DESQview.  If a new problem arises after the BBS has been operational for
 some time, this procedure should be tried again, to make sure the problem
 is not related to DESQview.

      When setting up a BBS under DESQview, the first thing that should be
 checked is DESQview Setup, particularly the Performance section; this will
 help to prevent problems down the line.  For best results, the Task
 Processing Time (Clock Ticks) should be set to 2 foreground/2 background
 on a 486 machine, 3 foreground / 3 background on a 386 machine.  Also,
 Optimize Communications should be set to Y for the benefit of high speed

      Additionally, there are several settings within the DESQview .DVP
 file for the nodes which must be carefully set.  What follows are some of
 the key .DVP settings, and some notes about each (the option in
 parentheses indicates the DVX wording).

      - Memory Size (DV and DVX): tells DV the minimum amount of
        conventional memory necessary to start an application.  The
        Wildcat! manual recommends 350K, though this number may be
        changed if necessary.

      - Program (DOS Command): specifies the .EXE, .COM, or .BAT file
        that is run.  When running a multi-node setup, make sure that
        each .DVP is using its own unique batch file.  Failure to do
        this can result in the conflict between nodes.  This cannot
        be stressed enough; many of the problems between nodes are the
        result of more than one node using the same batch file--this
        WILL cause a problem, and must be avoided.

      - Writes Directly to screen (DV and DVX): tells DV whether the
        program writes its information directly to the screen rather
        than allowing DV to manage the video.  This option is an
        informational setting; it tells DV how a program operates,
        rather than what DV should do to the program.  Since Wildcat!
        is DESQview-aware, this option should be set to N.

      - Virtualize text/graphics (Virtualize text): tells DV whether
        it should try to put the program in a window.  Since Wildcat!
        is DESQview-aware, this option should also be set to N.

      - (Display DOS Window): this DVX-only option specifies whether
        a DOS window should be displayed before the application attempts
        to start.  While this is generally unnecessary for X Window
        applications, it should be toggled on for DOS programs.

      - Uses its own colors (DV and DVX): set this option to Y in DV or
        toggle it on in DVX to allow the node to start in its normal
        display colors.  Setting this option to N will cause the window
        to display text in the colors set in DESQview Setup.

      - Can be swapped out (DV only): communications programs should not
        be swapped to disk, as they will lose the phone connection; this
        option must be set to N.

      These are the most notable settings in DV and DVX that must be
 specifically configured.  For more information, please consult the
 Wildcat! documentation.

      Memory in DESQview is arguably the most difficult aspect of DESQview
 to configure.  Fortunately, BBS node software doesn't usually require an
 unusually large amount of memory.  The advantage of running a multi- node
 BBS under DESQview is the ability to run other applications concurrently
 with the BBS software.  This advantage can be compromised when that
 application requires significantly more memory than the node software.

      A common hardware device used in conjunction with a multi-node BBS is
 an intelligent multiport board, such as that offered by DigiBoard or
 Arnet.  This device arbitrates COM ports through an interface board rather
 than through standard serial ports.  This is certainly an advantage for
 BBSes of 5 or more nodes in size, as it eliminates the need for several
 multiport serial cards. A slight disadvantage is that these boards use a
 64K area between 640-1024K to function.  This limits the amount of High
 RAM available, as the area will need to be excluded with a parameter on
 the QEMM386.SYS line in the CONFIG.SYS file.

      In order to assist in any way possible, we have other technotes which
 cover this process in greater detail.  There are two technotes that
 discuss the subject of getting more memory for each DESQview window.  For
 DV, you need #161 - WINSIZE.TEC; for DVX, #252 - MAXWINDO.TEC.  Whichever
 one you need, the problem will likely be corrected by following the
 suggestions enclosed.

      A door, simply put, is a DOS shell.  A door is the method for DOS
 applications to be run in a node.  There are many types of doors, ranging
 from the most common--a mail door--to innumerable game doors.  The
 interface to this is frequently a TSR that is run in the batch file that
 starts the node.  Front Door is one such type of interface program, though
 there are others available. A frequent exception to this is mail doors,
 which are generally handled by the BBS software itself, without the need
 for a door interface program.

      With regard to DESQview, the most common problem is that of the door
 program exiting shortly after startup, or simply not loading at all.  At
 times, an error message is seen which indicates a memory problem.  Usually
 the reason for this is that the program is requiring an amount of
 conventional memory that just isn't available in that window.  This
 problem should be handled in the same manner as any program that has
 insufficient memory to run under DV or DVX:  get more memory to the

      As mentioned previously, the information in this technote is geared
 toward troubleshooting problems with multi-node BBSes, particularly
 Wildcat!, in DESQview and DESQview/X.  Some of the problems encounted,
 most notably with hardware, are independent of the multitasker.  In those
 situations, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer of the particular
 hardware in order to get it properly configured.

  This technical note may be copied and distributed freely as long as it is
      distributed in its entirety and it is not distributed for profit.
              Copyright (C) 1994 by Quarterdeck Office Systems


                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

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             Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission
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 > Word Perfect NEWS STR InfoFile

                        F  A  C  T      S  H  E  E  T
                    N O V E L L  G R O U P W I S E  4.1
                         Enhancements for End Users 

 In an unprecedented product release, WordPerfect is releasing Novell
 GroupWise 4.1 on 12 client platforms, all of which are identical in
 functionality and feature sets (aside from platform-specific
 features). The product is built on a "C" engine, containing all the
 core functionality for both clients and servers. All the features and
 functions are in the GroupWise engine code, the code is then ported to
 each of the client platforms, making GroupWise the only seamless
 cross-platform messaging system on the market. 

 Novell GroupWise 4.1 is a fully integrated messaging application that
 combines electronic mail, personal calendaring, group scheduling, task
 management, rules-based message management and workflow routing into a
 single application. New enhancements to the products include Simple
 MAPI support, Custom Message and Custom Command capabilities for the
 Windows client, AOCE and AppleScript for the Macintosh Client, Native
 PowerMacintosh Client, seven new Unix clients, Electronic ListServer
 capabilities, and a new line of mobile computing solutions which
 include Macintosh Remote, Telephone Access Server and Pager Gateway.

 Electronic Mail:  E-mail is the foundation and most utilized component
 of GroupWise. Through the GroupWise e-mail component, users can
 communicate with any other GroupWise user or non-GroupWise user in
 their organization. Users can send messages to other users anywhere in
 the organzation within a matter of seconds. And through GroupWise's
 connectivity solutions, users can communicate with almost any other e-
 mail user in the world. 

 Personal Calendar:  The personal calendar in GroupWise enables users
 to keep track of personal and scheduled appointments, meetings, and
 events. The product ships with several predefined calendar views
 including a day and week view with windows for notes and tasks. Users
 can also design their own calendar views to view calendar information
 in a format that makes sense for them. GroupWise also provides users
 with native printing capabilities for the supported client platforms. 

 Group Scheduler: Through the scheduling component of GroupWise, users
 can schedule individual users, groups of users, and resources for
 appointments, meetings, and events. The Busy Search function enables
 users to check calendar conflicts across post offices and platforms
 spanning multiple time zones. While a user can retrieve and view
 several users' calendars side-by-side on the same screen to see when
 they have available time, the confidentiality of the other users'
 calendars is maintained. 

 Task Management:  Similar to sending an e-mail message or scheduling
 an appointment, a user can assign another user a task. A specific date
 and time can be assigned for the scheduled task to appear on the
 assignee's task list, and the sender can specify the priority of the
 task when it appears on the assignee's calendar. A completion date and
 time can also be specified for the scheduled task. 

 Ordered Distribution:  Serial routing in GroupWise is accomplished
 through the ordered distribution feature. Ordered distribution enables
 users to send a single message to a specific group of people one-by-
 one. After the message is delivered to the first user in the
 distribution list and that user marks the message complete, it is
 automatically routed to the next user on the list.

 Rules-Based Message Management:  To help users deal with information
 overload, GroupWise includes advanced rules for message management.
 Rules enable users to predefine an action or any number of actions on
 incoming and outgoing e-mail messages, schedule requests, scheduled
 tasks and personal messages. Some of these actions include forward,
 reply, move to a folder, delete, reject, and delegate. Rules can be
 triggered by any word or combination of words in any part of the

 Status Tracking:  Through the information screen in the GroupWise Out
 Box, users can determine if and when any message is delivered, opened
 and deleted; who has completed and who is holding a routed message;
 and who has accepted, rejected, or delegated scheduled requests. The
 Out Box also enables users to retract, modify and resend schedule
 requests, scheduled tasks, and unopened e-mail messages.

 Proxy:  Through Access Lists, users can grant read or read/write
 access to their personal calendars, e-mail messages, tasks, and notes.
 However, messages marked private cannot be accessed by authorized
 proxies. A user can also grant other users access to message
 notifications and calendar alarms. 

 Enhancements to the Windows Client
        Improved and simplified installation of the Windows client for
        end user workstations

        Improved third-party access, including new capabilities such
        as accessing information in the Address Book, and accessing
        any item in the GroupWise 4.1 system (e.g., mail messages,
        appointments, and tasks) without opening or closing any of the
        windows on the screen.

        Support for Simple MAPI-enabling integration between GroupWise
        4.1 and any other Simple MAPI-compliant application 
        Integrated remote capability into the Windows client, which
        allows the Windows client to run on an Intel-based laptop with
        the same executable program that runs on the network. This
        eliminates the need for retaining two copies of the software
        on a laptop that is connected to the network and also work

        Support of PerfectFit Technology, allowing greater
        interoperability with all WordPerfect Windows products,
        including enhancements to the macro language, Coaches and user
        interface tools.

        Improved performance when running the Windows client under
        OS/2, reducing the amount of polling by the notify function
        The ability to attach a file with a rule
        Ability to automatically set alarms on personal items based on
        preference settings

        Ability for corporate developers and VARS to create Custom
        Messages and Custom Commands

        Enhanced View Designer to allow macros to be added to the
        recipient personality of a custom view

       Custom Messages enable users to extend the electronic messaging
 services of the product to other applications. Through the use of custom
 message mechanisms, other applications can be registered in the system and
 identified in a user's In Box with a unique message type icon. Based on
 the conditions defined in a custom message, an executable or DLL can be
 executed to act on the information contained in the custom message. In
 addition, through Custom Messages an application can use the
 store-and-forward mechanisms of the GroupWise system for providing
 inter-process communications (IPC). This can be used by technologies such
 as OBEX which needs a transport mechanism to exchange, update, and publish
        Example #1:
      An electronic form from Novell InForms can be represented in the
 GroupWise In Box with a unique icon. No longer will an electronic form
 need to travel through the system as an attachment to a mail message or
 assigned task. In addition, when opening an electronic form, the custom
 message will automatically be opened into the InForms Filler program.

        Example #2:
      When a completed Novell InForms electronic form is returned to the
 sender, the custom message will be able to detect that the form is
 completed and automatically place it into the database specified for that
 particular form.

      Custom commands enable users to access other Windows applications
 through any GroupWise 4.1 for Windows pull-down menu. Custom commands can
 also be incorporated into any message view, which could then trigger any
 action or set of actions.

 Enhancements to the Macintosh Client 
        Support for AppleScript 
        Support for AOCE that will enable GroupWise 4.1 for Macintosh
        users to create messages in GroupWise views and send them to
        PowerTalk users
        Support for drag and drop of attachments
        Integrated remote capability into the Macintosh client
        allowing it to run on a Macintosh Powerbook with the same
        executable program that runs on the network. This eliminates
        the need for retaining two copies of the software on a laptop
        that is connected to the network and is also used off-line.
        Improved Address Book functionality
        The ability to define external addresses in the Address Book
        Support of administrator-locked preferences, including dimming
        of locked elements
        Native support for PowerMacintosh
        Improved support for viewing attachments through SCC viewing
        Improved printing with support for printing multiple calendar

 Enhancements to Unix Clients
        New Clients: Hewlett-Packard UX (HP 9000), IBM AIX (IBM
        RS/6000), SCO UNIX, Data General UX (AViiON), Sun Solaris 2.x,
        SunOS 4.1.3 (Solaris 1.X), and SVR4 for Intel platforms
        (reference platforms NCR & Novell UnixWare)
        Support for multithreaded, multitasking application for the X
        Window System
        Support for Resizable views
        Mail-enabling technology for WordPerfect 6.0 for Unix

 Enhancements to DOS Client
        Improved and simplified installation of the DOS client for
        end-user workstations
        Upgraded Speller and Thesaurus to be compatible with
        WordPerfect 6.0, 6.0a, and 6.0b for DOS

 Mobile Computing Support
 WordPerfect offers a wide variety of mobile messaging products that
 enable users keep in touch with information while away from the
 office. Novell GroupWise 4.1 provides customers with remote access
 through Remote GroupWise 4.1 for Windows, Macintosh, and DOS. All
 three remote applications allow users to connect to the GroupWise
 system through either direct, asynchronous, or wireless connections.
 Customers can also access the messaging system through any touchtone
 telephone using the Telephone Access Server; and users can access
 other users through the GroupWise paging services.

 Remote for Windows, Macintosh, and DOS: GroupWise Remote products
 provide mobile users with the same features and functions found in
 GroupWise, enabling users to send and receive e-mail messages,
 schedule meeting and tasks, and update personal calendars. The remote
 product will also allow users to take advantage of GroupWise's
 workflow capabilities.

 Unlike other e-mail vendors, WordPerfect licenses a single mailbox for
 GroupWise users, regardless of platform or locations. When GroupWise
 Remote users download their mailbox while out of the office or while
 connected to the network, they are downloading a copy of their mailbox
 from the server.

 Other Remote features include:
                Download and upload filtering capabilities based on
                message type, message size, attachment size, and
                message priority. In addition, users can download and
                upload folders, address lists, rules, and personal and
                system groups.
                Calendar and mailbox synchronization
                Background processing for Windows and Macintosh Remote 
                Direct or modem connection
                Time-zone synchronization

 Telephone Access Server 
 Through the Telephone Access Server (TAS), users can send and respond
 to e-mail messages; accept, decline, and send meeting or appointment
 requests; listen to and update their calendars, accept, decline, or
 send tasks, and listen to and send notes. Users can also determine if
 any message they sent was delivered, accepted, acted upon, and
 deleted. In addition, users can have any calendar item or message
 faxed to any location if the GroupWise Fax/Print Gateway is also
 installed on the system.

 To convert text messages into audio messages that can be heard through
 the telephone or computer speakers, WordPerfect licensed the OS/2
 version of Smooth Talker by First Byte. TAS requires that Dialogic
 Boards be installed in the server machine. The boards act as an
 interface to the server and allow the server to communicate with
 multiple telephone lines simultaneously. 

 Pager Gateway
 The Pager Gateway gives users the ability to send pages through local,
 regional, and national paging services. The gateway can be used in
 conjunction with, but is not limited to the national paging services
 of SkyTel, the Regional services of US West, and the local services of
 the Motorola Site Connect Server. Additional features of the gateway

 Full status tracking through the GroupWise Out box. Status indicates page
 transmission and page content Ability to send all GroupWise message types
 (e-mail, appointment, task, phone message, and note) to a pager Powerful
 addressing that allows pages to be sent to users configured in the
 GroupWise 4.1 system, as well as to people with pagers not in the
 GroupWise system. In addition, the pager gateway allows pages to be sent
 to configured and unconfigured service providers.

 Compatibility with GroupWise rules that allow pages to be sent based upon
 messages arriving at or leaving the users mail box Compatibility with any
 paging device including mobile hard-copy pagers, the Apple Newton with a
 MessagingCard and Motorola's NewsCard Delayed paging allows pages to be
 sent at a given date and time in the future.

 Charge-back accounting interface for all pages sent Priority paging allows
 high-priority pages to be transmitted before low-priority messages.
 Supports both numeric and alpha-numeric pagers standard GroupWise 4.1
 gateway features also appearing in the Pager gateway: include: remote
 administration through the GroupWise Administration program, common
 installation, common configuration, process logging Allows users to
 specify the number of characters sent.

 Electronic ListServer
      Made popular by the Internet, ListServer programs provide a means of
 sharing non-replication-dependent information through the use of
 electronic mail. ListServers allow e-mail users to join forums of
 discussion and automatically receive messages that are sent to that forum.
 In GroupWise, a list is created by defining a mailbox to which users can
 send messages on a particular topic. To be a recipient of a particular
 list or forum, users send a message to the specified mailbox with the word
 "subscribe" in the message text and they are then added to the mailing
 list used to distribute messages sent to the list. All messages and
 associated attachments are distributed to each subscriber. All list
 participants are maintained as Blind Copy recipients on the list to
 preserve the privacy of each participant.

 Once the user has been added to the list, GroupWise will send to the
 user a custom command that will automatically establish a rule that
 will move any incoming message from the list to a specified folder
 which is also established by the custom command.



        All Novell GroupWise 4.1 products completely compatible with
                           WordPerfect Office 4.0a

 OREM, Utah   July 7, 1994   Novell Inc. (NASDAQ:NOVL) and WordPerfect, the
 Novell Applications Group, today announced Novell GroupWise 4.1, which
 features 28 new products and 22 product upgrades to WordPerfect Office
 4.0a. The new product line provides enhanced features and functionality
 for end users, MIS and technology executives.

       GroupWise 4.1 is a fully integrated messaging application that
 combines electronic mail, personal calendaring, group scheduling, task
 management, rules-based message management and workflow routing into a
 single application. The product comprises 12 client desktops, five remote
 operating systems, 10 server platforms and 23 gateways, making it the most
 open and scalable solution in cross-platform, enterprise-wide electronic

      "GroupWise has been designed to balance the needs of three computing
 groups within an organization: end users, MIS managers and technology
 executives," said David V. Clare, senior director of marketing, Workgroup
 Applications at WordPerfect. "Workgroup applications can no longer be
 developed for end users or system administrators alone; robust feature
 sets must be provided for every group that interacts with the product."    

      "WordPerfect is not only the first workgroup vendor to ship all the
 components of a messaging system simultaneously; it is also the only
 vendor to provide each computing group in the organization with
 significant product enhancements for their area of responsibility," said

      Ron Raes of Weyerhaueuser Mortgage said, "WordPerfect Office 4.0a
 currently allows our users to communicate with each other in our local
 offices as well as our remote offices. The product helps us meet our
 demanding business needs by automating workflow and allowing us to get at
 information more quickly. Now that GroupWise is Simple MAPI compliant, it
 will allow our users to mail-enable their word processing and spreadsheet
 applications, making it easier for them to distribute information to each
 and Weyerhaueuser's sister corporations."

 Enhancements for End Users
      Client Platform Support: GroupWise 4.1 provides client support for 12
 computing platforms, and with the exception of platform-specific features,
 all clients are identical in functionality and feature sets. New with the
 release of 4.1 is a native PowerMacintosh client and support for seven
 Unix environments, including Hewlett-Packard UX (HP 9000), IBM AIX (IBM
 RS/6000), SCO Unix, Data General UX (AViiON), Sun Solaris 2.x, SunOS 4.1.3
 (Solaris 1.X), and SVR4 for Intel platforms (reference platforms NCR &
 Novell UnixWare).

      Openness: WordPerfect designed GroupWise 4.1 to be more open by using
 accepted open messaging standards. Support for Simple MAPI has been added
 to the Windows client, allowing users to mail-enable any other third-party
 product that also supports Simple MAPI. AOCE and AppleScript support have
 also been added to the Macintosh and PowerMacintosh clients. In addition
 to industry standards, GroupWise supports PerfectFit technology, allowing
 for greater interoperability with all WordPerfect Corporation Windows

      Custom Messages and Custom Commands: New to GroupWise 4.1 for Windows
 is the capability to extend the electronic messaging services of the
 product to other applications. Through the use of custom message
 mechanisms, other applications can be registered in the system and
 identified in a user's In Box with a unique message-type icon. Based on
 the conditions defined in a custom message, an executable or DLL can be
 executed to act on the information contained in the custom message. Custom
 commands enable users to access other Windows applications through any
 GroupWise 4.1 for Windows pull-down menu. Custom commands can also be
 incorporated into any message view which could then trigger any action or
 set of actions.

      Electronic ListServer: Made popular by the Internet, ListServer
 programs provide a means of sharing non-replication-dependent information
 through the use of electronic mail.  ListServers allow e-mail users to
 join forums of discussion and automatically receive messages that are sent
 to that forum.  In GroupWise 4.1, a list is created by defining a mailbox
 to which users can send messages on a particular topic.  To be a recipient
 of a particular list or forum, users send a message to the specified
 mailbox with the word "subscribe" in the message text and they are then
 added to the mailing list used to distribute messages sent to the list.
 All messages and associated attachments are distributed to each
 subscriber. List participants are maintained as Blind Copy recipients on
 the list to preserve the privacy of each participant.

      Mobile Computing: WordPerfect provides a large variety of mobile
 messaging products that help users keep in touch with information while
 away from the office. In addition to providing Remote GroupWise 4.1 for
 Windows and DOS, WordPerfect is also releasing a remote package for
 Macintosh. All three remote packages are able to utilize both asynchronous
 and wireless connections. Also new with the 4.1 release is the rules-based
 Pager gateway which connects users to local, regional and national paging
 services and the Telephone Access Server, which enables users to use a
 touchtone telephone to listen to and send messages. 

 Enhancements for MIS
      Installation: The GroupWise Administration program now provides an
 "assisted install" procedure that instructs the installer on each
 necessary procedure to complete the install.  The installation of a single
 GroupWise post office and clients can now be accomplished by a novice
 computer user with the appropriate network access in less than two hours.
 Additional installation enhancements include: simplified client
 installation program, automatic update of locally-installed WordPerfect
 Office 4.0a client software and directory synchronization with the NetWare

      Improved Up-time Support (24x7): New with GroupWise 4.1 is complete
 24x7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) up-time support for server and
 database maintenance. This includes on-line automated database maintenance
 by server processes which automatically maintains the integrity of the
 system databases. Also new is automated reporting of  problem files to the
 administrator and support for Simple  Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
 for NetWare Loadable Modules (NLM).

      Administration Support: The GroupWise Administration program provides
 scalable enterprise-wide administration capabilities, including central
 and distributed administration, automatic directory synchronization
 between domains and electronic software distribution. All GroupWise 4.1
 products are fully plug-and-play compatible with WordPerfect Office 4.0a,
 allowing customers to upgrade the components of their systems one piece at
 a time without losing information or functionality.

 Enhancements for Technology Leader
      Client & Server Architecture: GroupWise clients span 12 desktop
 platforms and servers that span 11 operating systems are all built on the
 same core-code engine, making them identical in functionality and feature
 sets. All GroupWise features reside in the GroupWise engine, which is then
 ported to the appropriate platform or operating system. This level of code
 integration enables the clients and servers to work interchangeably, with
 complete integration of  functionality across the enterprise.

      Enterprise Scalability: GroupWise 4.1 provides high-capacity server
 support for better performance, high up-time characteristics and increased
 administration capabilities on the servers. Server platforms supported
 include NLMs, OS/2, DOS and the previously mentioned seven versions of
 Unix. Both the Message Server (MS) and Office Server (OFS) are supported
 natively on OS/2. Support is also provided for native TCP/IP
 communications between OS/2 and Unix versions of the server processes, and
 universal naming conventions (UNC) mappings for connections made by the

      Connectivity/Interoperability: Connectivity between GroupWise and
 foreign e-mail systems has been significantly enhanced at the 4.1 level. 
 The enhancements include better co-existence with other e-mail systems,
 including the Internet, X.400, and SNADS; interoperability and directory
 synchronization between GroupWise and OfficeVision/VM (OV/VM), Lotus
 cc:Mail, and NetWare Global MHS; and a move user utility for customers
 migrating from OV/VM or cc:Mail.

      WordPerfect is also providing a GroupWise Async Gateway for OS/2,
 incoming fax capabilities for the Fax/Print Gateway, a new Pager Gateway
 with support for local, regional or national paging services and SMTP
 Gateways for all seven supported Unix environments.  

 Pricing and Availability
      GroupWise 4.1 Client/Administration Packs (which include 5 licenses)
 for all platforms each have a Suggested Retail Price of $695.  Additional
 licenses range from $135 for one additional license to $9,500 for an
 additional 100 licenses. The Message Server Pack is available for the
 following prices: DOS, $495;  OS/2, $1,495; Unix, $1,995; and NLM, $2,495. 
 All products are scheduled to release in August 1994. 

      WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group, is a worldwide leader in
 providing business, workgroup, consumer and electronic publishing
 software. Driven by its vision of helping the world communicate, the group
 delivers network applications that dramatically improve the way people
 work and communicate.  WordPerfect is widely recognized for its
 multilingual and cross-platform software solutions and is the industry's
 premier provider of customer support. WordPerfect markets software in 28
 languages and in 117 countries.

      Novell, Inc. is the leading computer networking company worldwide,
 developer of network services, specialized and general purpose operating
 system products, standalone to network applications, and programming
 tools. The networks Novell serves span from small businesses to major
 enterprises to global internetworks. Novell s NetWare, UnixWare, AppWare
 and WordPerfect families of products provide matched system components for
 sharing information resources within multivendor network computing

          All brand and product names are trademarks or registered
                  trademarks of their respective companies.


 > WordPerfect Support Guidelines  STR InfoFile

                             WordPerfect Corporation
                        InfoShare Information Fax Service
                                 (800) 228-9960

 Title:   Customer Support Service Options
 Number:  1392-6/94 

                          WordPerfect's Classic Service

            Business           Workgroup        Consumer
            Applications       Applications     Products

 Audience    All Customers who have purchased and registered
             WordPerfect Corporation products.

 Benefits     Toll-free call     Toll call        Toll call
              Six months of      90 days of       Free Support
              free support       free support     for the current
              Front-line         Front-line       version, plus
              technicians        technicians      a 90-day upgrade
              Mon.-Fri.; 7       Mon.-Fri.; 7     window
              a.m.-6 p.m. MST    a.m.-6 p.m.

 Supported  WordPerfect        WordPerfect      Main Street
                               Office           Products
              5.1+ for DOS       3.x and 4.x      Clip Art Home
              6.0 for DOS        all Platforms    Clip Art Office
              5.2 for Windows    3.x and 4.x      Clip Art Premium
              6.0 for Windows    Gateways         Collection
              3.0, 2.1 for       Symmetry 4.1     (CD ROM)
              Macintosh          all Platforms    ExpressFax + 3.0
              6.0a Integration                    for Windows
              for OS/2@        WordPerfect        Grammatik DOS/
              5.0, 5.1 for     InForms            Windows all
              Unix*              1.0 all          versions
              5.0, 5.1 for       platforms        InfoCentral 1.0
              VMS*                                Kap'n Karaoke
            WordPerfect                           1.0
            Presentations                         Random House
              2.0 for DOS/                        Webster's School
              Windows                             & Office
                                                  dictionary 1.0
            Other                                 Wallobee Jack
              ConvertPerfect                      WordPerfect
              1.0* @                              Communications
              DataPerfect 2.2,                    WordPerfect
              2.3* @                              Works 1.0 for
              Language                            DOS
              Modules @
              PlanPerfect 3.0                   Electronic
              - 5.1                             Publishing
              Shell 4.0 all                     Products
              interims* @                         Black's Law
              WordPerfect                         Legal Dictionary
              Envoy 1.0* @                        Dorland's
              WordPerfect                         Medical
              Intellitag 1.0* @                   Dictionary
                                                  Random House
            The following                         Concise
            applications will                     Dictionary
            be supported under                    Random House
            Classic Service                       College Edition
            until the specified                   Random House
            date:                                 unabridged
                                                  (CD ROM)
              WP 5.0 DOS                          Rhymer
              (July 21, 1994)
              WP 5.1 DOS
              (July 21, 1994)
              WP 5.1 for
              Windows (July 1,
              WP for AS/400
              all versions
              (Dec. 31, 1994)
              WP DataGeneral
              all versions
              (Aug. 1, 1994)
              WP 5.0, 5.2 for
              OS/2 (Jun 1,
              (Nov. 3, 1994)

            * Calls for these products are toll.
            @ Support for this product is from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. MST

                 For Classic Service phone numbers refer to your
                                 Reference Manual.

                       WordPerfect's Priority Service

            Business Applications       Workgroup Applications

 Audience   Small to medium-sized accounts and end-users that
            desire priority access to second-line technicians 
            on a per-incident basis; customers who need support
            beyond regular business hours or beyond the free
            support period.

 Benefits     Priority Access             Priority Access
              Second-line technicians     Second-line technicians
              800 (toll-free) and 900     800 (toll-free) and 900
              phone lines                 phone lines
              24 hours per day; 7 days    Mon. - Fri.; 7 a.m. -
              per week                    6 p.m. MST

 Pricing      Per Incident fee    $25     Per Incident fee    $150
              Credit card payment at      Per Incident fee    $ 25
              time of call (800 lines)    Credit card payment at
                                          time of call (800 lines)
              Per minute fee      $ 2
              First minute free (900      Per minute fee      $  6
              lines).                     First minute free (900

 Supported  WordPerfect                 WordPerfect Office
              5.1 for DOS                 2.x, 3.x and 4.x all
              5.1+ for DOS                platforms
              6.0 for DOS                 3.x and 4.x Gateways
              5.1 for Windows             Library all platforms
              5.2 for Windows             Symmetry 4.1 all
              6.0 for Windows             platforms
              5.x for OS/2*
              6.0a Integration for      WordPerfect InForms
              OS/2                        1.0 all platforms
              1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 for
              5.0, 5.1 for Unix*
              5.0, 5.1 for VMS*

            WordPerfect Presentations
              2.0 for DOS/Windows*

              DataPerfect all versions*
              WordPerfect Envoy 1.0*

            * Priority Service for WordPerfect for Macintosh and
              Unix is available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.; WP
              Presentations and DrawPerfect is available from 7
              a.m. to 6 p.m.; DataPerfect, WP Envoy and WP 5.x for
              OS/2 is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST, Monday
              through Friday.

        For Priority Service phone numbers call 1-800-228-9960 and
         request InfoShare document #1039, or call 1-800-321-5906
                          for a verbal listing.

                      WordPerfect's Premium Service

            Platinum Support   Gold Support     Silver Support

 Audience   Large Account      Medium/Large     Small/Medium
                               Accounts         Accounts

 Benefits     Account            Account          Priority
              Management         Management       Access
              Priority Access    Priority         Second-line
              Third-line         Access           technicians*
              technicians*       Third-line       One Contact
              Four Contacts      technicians*     Support Infobase
              Four-hour          Two Contacts     on CD-ROM
              Response           Eight-hour       Subscription to
              Assigned Account   Response         WordPerfect
              Coordinator        Assigned         Magazine
              Technical          Account          Toll-free Call
              Bulletins          Coordinator      Mon.-Fri.; 7
              Private BBS        Technical        a.m. - 6 p.m.
              Support Infobase   Bulletins        MST
              on CD-ROM          Private BBS
              Subscription to    Support Infobases
              WordPerfect        on CD-ROM
              Magazine           Subscription to
              Diagnostic         WordPerfect
              Toolbox            Magazine
              Toll-free Call     Toll-free Call
              24 hours per day   Mon.-Fri.; 7
              7 days per week    a.m. - 6 p.m.
              (7x24)             MST

             *Third-line       *Third-line      *Third-line
              technicians       technicians      technicians
              refer to SWAT     refer to SWAT    refer to senior
              and Technical     and Technical    and certified
              Research          Research         technicians.
              Specialists.      Specialists.

 Pricing    $15,000 annual     $10,000 annual   $2,500 annual
            contract           contract         contract
            ($2,500 per

 Products   All current and most earlier versions of WordPerfect
            Corporation products on all platforms.

 WordPerfect Corporation On-site Services and consultation is
 available from third-line technicians for $1500 per day, plus

        For more information about Premium Service programs 
                         call (801) 228-9926.

                     WordPerfect Electronic Support Services

          WordPerfect Corporation also offers 24-hour, 
     self-help service via public bulletin boards, such as 
    CompuServe and America Online, and the following options:

 To receive faxed information call WordPerfect Corporation's
 InfoShare at (800) 228-9960 or (801) 228-9920.

 WordPerfect Corporation BBS
 You can use WPCorp's bulletin board service to send enhancement
 suggestions to development, download printer drivers, utilities
 and troubleshooting information, and transfer problem files to
 customer support. Use the following numbers to access the BBS
 (1200-14400 baud modems): (801) 225-4414 or (801) 225-4444

 You can quickly search the entire WordPerfect Corporation
 technical bulletin database in the customer support forum on
 SpaceWorks. For more information and your copy of SpaceWorks
 software call (800) 577-2235.

                        WordPerfect Corporation 1994

                           WordPerfect Corporation
                           1555 N. Technology Way
                             Orem, UT 84057-2399

 ConvertPerfect, DataPerfect, DrawPerfect, Grammatik, LetterPerfect,
 PlanPerfect, WordPerfect, WPCorp, and WPWin are registered trademarks of
 WordPerfect Corporation within the United States and other countries. 
 Envoy, ExpressFax, InfoCentral, Main Street, Kap'n Karaoke, WordPerfect
 Communications, WordPerfect Corporation InfoShare Service, WordPerfect
 InForms, WordPerfect Intellitag, WordPerfect Office, WordPerfect
 Presentations, and WordPerfect Works are trademarks of WordPerfect
 Corporation worldwide.  All other brand and product names are trademarks
 or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


 > About Paying for Support STR FOCUS!

                                Service News

 The best support money can buy

 by Alison Harris

      WordPerfect's announcement that it will start charging for support
 marks the end of an era.  As little as six months ago it would have been
 almost unthinkable that virtually every shrink-wrapped software publisher
 would be charging for tech support.  Now it is virtually unthinkable that
 you could get it for free.

      I used this space last fall to laud Microsoft on its decision to
 charge for support.  You get better support, you get accountability, you
 don't foot the bill for inexperienced users who use tech support as
 training, and you get the software at the lowest cost possible because you
 pay only for the support you need. 

      All of those reasons hold true for WordPerfect as well, but
 WordPerfect deserves an extra pat on the back, if only because it made
 support something worth paying for.  Its example forced other publishers
 to ante up.  Microsoft alone spent tons of money and hired scores of
 people trying to match WordPerfect's support.

      Long before other software publishers realized how much support
 factored into the sales equation, WordPerfect support was trying to
 delight you.  You know those DJs you listen to while you're waiting on
 hold for software tech support?

      Everybody has them now but WordPerfect was the first.  It knew it was
 a pain to wait on hold at least you could be somewhat entertained, and
 somewhat informed about just how long you would be waiting.

      WordPerfect tech support reps would even shoot the breeze about
 software in general if that's what you wanted to do on their dime, no
 less.  And they would answer more questions on other publishers software
 in one day than many publishers would answer on their own.
      According to Kim Cooper, VP of customer services at WordPerfect 1,500
 calls a day come in about other companies' software. At an average cost of
 $25 per call, you can do the math.  WordPerfect never begrudged that cost,
 either.  It was a kinder, gentler era in support, and I know it was
 painful for WordPerfect to see it end.  It tried outsourcing its overflow
 tech support calls to National Tech Team (again, on its dime), and it
 tried setting up SWAT-style teams to handle complex training issues
 on-site.  But, as Julie Maw of WordPerfect said on an OpCon East panel
 last fall, how many people can you hire?  How many buildings can you

      In addition, given the $49 spreadsheets and $9.95 money-management
 software packages on the market these days, how much can one company

      Would you rather have seen WordPerfect go out of business delivering
 free support to people who haven't bothered to tear the shrinkwrap off of
 their manuals?  Or would you choose to have them remain financially viable
 and able to invest in creating new and better software applications? 
 WordPerfect chose the latter option, and that means you get the best
 possible deal.  You get high-quality software, and the best support money
 can buy from a company that has defined what support could and should be. 
 And for that you should be thankful. 


 > WordPerfect Upgrades Tracked! STR InfoFile


              Easy transition tools, superior file conversions
            and a summer promotion encourage WordPerfect upgrades

 OREM, Utah   July 13, 1994   WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group,
 today announced that more than four million WordPerfect 5.1 DOS users have
 upgraded to new versions of WordPerfect.

 First released in 1979, WordPerfect is the best-selling word processor of
 all time, with nearly 17 million units sold to date.

       In a highly competitive and rapidly changing software industry,
 users continue to choose WordPerfect as they upgrade their word processing
 software,  said Glen Mella, vice president of  marketing communications at
 WordPerfect.  Our focus on usability testing has helped us develop easier,
 more intuitive software that has led to a significant rate of upgrades as
 well as new purchases. Currently, nearly two-thirds of our word
 processing sales are to new customers. 

      A recent report from Computer Intelligence InfoCorp shows that
 WordPerfect is the number one application for both home and large
 businesses.1 According to Chris LeTocq, senior research analyst at
 InfoCorp,  WordPerfect is achieving an excellent platform balance and is
 maximizing its increase in user equity.  WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS and
 WordPerfect 5.1+ for DOS remain attractive upgrades for DOS users, while
 WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows  helps WordPerfect DOS users make the easiest
 transition to Windows.

 Easy Transition for WordPerfect DOS Users
      WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS and Windows each offer transition tools that
 make it easy for WordPerfect DOS users to upgrade.  WordPerfect 6.0 for
 DOS includes a WordPerfect 5.1 keyboard that retains familiar keystrokes
 as well as a text mode identical to WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS. The product
 also improves on the powerful file management capabilities that helped
 make WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS the word processing standard of the past

       My clients find that everything in WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS is in
 just the right place for WordPerfect 5.1 users, said Kathy Ivens of Ivens
 Consulting in Philadelphia.  They don't have to learn anything new to use
 the product and can discover new features at their own pace.  The
 usability touches have made the mail merge feature so easy I could teach
 anyone to use it.  

      In WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows, a QuickStart Coach appears when
 first launching the product to give users a brief overview.  This coach is
 designed to assist WordPerfect for DOS users, as well as users of other
 word processors as they make the transition to WordPerfect for Windows. A
 Transition Advisor is available from the Help menu to display keystrokes
 and commands from WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS and shows users how to perform
 equivalent tasks in WordPerfect for Windows. 

 Superior File Conversions
      The quality of file conversions is a critical issue for WordPerfect
 DOS users. WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS and WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows offer
 seamless file conversions for WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS files and the
 majority of macros. WordPerfect 5.1+ for DOS also directly imports files
 from WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS or Windows.

       The ability to convert WordPerfect DOS documents properly is
 critical to the success of any move to Windows,  said Eric Goldreich of
 the Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton law firm in Los Angeles.  One of
 the primary reasons we selected WordPerfect for Windows over the
 competition was the ability to effectively convert our documents. 

      According to recent internal testing at WordPerfect, WordPerfect 6.0a
 for Windows converts WordPerfect documents better than any other Windows
 word processor. WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows conversions were particularly
 better than Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows conversions with documents that
 included indents, columns, tables, styles, headers and footers. 
 WordPerfect conversions consistently retain indentation, column look and
 placement, alignment of headers and footers, table structure and content,
 and also preserve styles remarkably well. WordPerfect for Windows is also
 the only Windows word processor that can convert WordPerfect 5.1 macros,
 saving users hours of macro re-writing.

       Our firm is currently operating in a mixed platform environment so
 it s essential that our files transfer cleanly between DOS and Windows, 
 said Joy Heath-Porter, manager of the support center of the Sidley Austin
 law firm in Washington, D.C.  It's nice to know that even with many
 versions of WordPerfect, we can guarantee quick and accurate file
 exchange. We also like the choice of using WordPerfect printer drivers in
 WordPerfect for Windows so we can use our heavily formatted WordPerfect
 DOS documents with minimal reformatting. 

      Recent benchmark timings using Microsoft Test 2.0 have also shown
 that WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows is two to five times faster than
 Microsoft Word 6.0a for Windows in several key areas such as opening
 files, scrolling through documents, changing fonts and saving files.

 Summer Upgrade Promotion
      From now until August 31, 1994, customers can take advantage of a
 special WordPerfect summer promotion entitled  The Perfect Upgrade  and
 upgrade to WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows or WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS for
 $99, or to WordPerfect 5.1+ for DOS for $49.95.

      WordPerfect is the only software vendor that continues to offer
 toll-free, no-charge support (Microsoft and Lotus only offer toll
 support). WordPerfect users receive six months of toll-free, no-charge
 support from the time of their first call to support.

 1Consumer Technology Index (CTI), 1994 survey

                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

   STReport International Online Magazine is available every week for your
 reading pleasure on DELPHI.  STReport's readers are invited to join DELPHI
    and become a part of an extremely friendly community of enthusiastic
                            computer users there.

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
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                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
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         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      This heat is unbearable!  I'm nearing the end of the first of two
 weeks of a well-deserved vacation and I've done little but try to find
 ways to beat this heat and humidity, unsuccessfully.  It's been in the
 mid-90s all week, with the humidity just as high.  I had various plans
 to get things done around the house, but no energy.  This stuff is
 really brutal.  Sitting here in front of a lot of computer equipment
 certainly doesn't help much, either!

      Don't forget the MIST show in Indianapolis this weekend!  If
 you're in the area, be sure to check it out.  Details of the show may
 be found in last week's issue.  Also, we've included some tidbits from
 "It's All Relative's" Greg Kopchak regarding some of their offerings at
 the show, as well as Binary Sound's (formerly Barefoot Software), who
 will also be in attendance.  Also, the Connecticut's ACT group's show
 is next month - possibly the only Atari show on the East coast this

      Speaking of these shows, it really bothers me that Atari shows, as
 we know them, may be a thing of the past.  This isn't something new,
 but thinking of these upcoming shows always brings a lot of fond
 memories for me.  I'm sure that they do for you, as well.  These shows
 were a major portion of our Atari computing experience.  We'd be able to
 meet people we've only seen, for the most part, online, from magazines,
 and user groups.  This would include meeting many of the developers and
 dealers.  The Atari community is dwindling and our Atari "way of life"
 is diminishing along with it.  WAACE, the major East coast show, ceased
 to exist after the '92 show; the ACT show, through no fault of the
 organizers, hasn't been able to pick up the slack left by the demise of
 the Washington show.  The Glendale show, the major West coast show,
 will probably happen again this year.  Whether or not it will be able
 to continue to attract the users and developers remains to be seen.
 The smaller user group shows will come and go, but they're usually just
 your typical localized attraction.  Alas, they all may be remnants of
 an era passing us by...

      On a sad(der) note, all of us here at STReport would like to
 extend our condolences to Michael R. Burkley and his family.  Michael's
 father passed away suddenly earlier in the week.  As you probably know,
 Michael is part of Suzy B's Software and AEO's 'Unabashed Atariphile."
 Our thoughts are with Michael in this time of sadness.

      Until next time...


                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (7/20/94)                       
       (1) SYSTEM INFO CPX                (6) TERADESK V.1.39               
       (3) CAIN NEWSLETTER #4            *(8) MOUNTAIN READER II            
      *(4) NO LIMIT!                     *(9) LOCK CPX                      
       (5) THE OCTALYZER V0.96           *(10) METAMORPHOSIS 24 DEMO        

                              * = New on list                               

                               HONORARY TOP 10                              
   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently   
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                      
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT #10.29)                
       ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 10)     
          Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.         


 > MIST Show Update! STR Show News!  - "It's All Relative - New CDs!!"
                      MIST Show Is _THIS_ Weekend!!

 From 'It's All Relative's' Greg Kopchak:

 We will have at least three brand new CD's for use with your Atari
 computer at the M.I.S.T. show this weekend.

 Be sure to stop by and see three of the newest CD's just released this
 week.  In addition to the three new CD's we also will have the
 following CD's:

   Animals of North America      Winning Pictures MPC - Falcon edition
   GEMini by Walnut Creek        Shareware and Public Domain - Augusbe 1
   Space and Astronomy           ModBlaster
   Fractal Frenzy                Project Gutenberg

 We will have Photo Show, Photo Show Pro and the first public showing of
 Photo Show STe for use with Kodak Photo CD.

 See ExtenDOS by Anodyne Software in action.

 See the first public showing of our Audio CD Master, version 3.1.

 If you're one of the few people in America who haven't got a CD rom
 drive yet, we will also have It's All Relative with BookMaker,
 Forecaster III, View II, a special deal on Sound Lab registration, and
 Abbreviator ST.

 Don't miss Art For Kids - the best junior art program on any platform.

 It's All Relative


 > CAF '94 Update! STR Show News!  -  CT Show Rapidly Approaching!

                          Time is Running Out... 

     I'd like to remind all Atarians that Connecticut AtariFest '94 has
 offered offered showgoers a discount of up to $2 for admission to the
 August 27-28 show in Bridgeport, Conn., BUT you must pre-register for the
 event by July 25.  Details regarding the pre-registration discount are
 available in the Atari Productivity Forum in the news/review/shows library
 (16) under the filename "CT_TIK.TXT."

     Several big-name Atari developers and new Jaguar exhibitors have
 already signed up (more on this later from CAF '94 Chairman Brian
 Gockley), and there will be more, so let's face it, you WILL be there. 
 Why not take advantage of a well-deserved discount?  For information,
 contact Angela or Brian Gockley, ACT Atari Group, 18 Elmwood Avenue,
 Bridgeport, CT 06605, (203) 332-1721, or Doug Finch at (203) 637-1034. 
 E-mail the Gockleys at 75300,2514 on Compuserve, or via Internet; Finch via 76337,1067 on
 Compuserve, D.FINCH7 on GEnie or or via Internet. (Consult your on-line service for
 proper E-mail protocols.)
                                           Doug Finch


 > Binary Sounds! STR Developer Update!  -  Barefoot Software Sold!

                        ANNOUNCING BINARY SOUNDS
                      (Formerly Barefoot Software)
              Serving the Computer-based electronic musician

   Well we guess this is it!!

   WE are HERE!! and the manual will be available at the M.I.S.T. show
   Sat Jul-23. Binary Rick will be there live to Demo Edit Track
   Platinum for your enjoyment (get yours!!)

   As we get up to speed, we are checking out the various products on
   the old line. But we are making available right away, Edit Track
   Platinum, Edit track & SMPTE Track(Software only) upgrades!!
   (SMPTEMate will be announced as soon as we can produce them!)

   Edit Track & the upgrades include the Platinum manual (of course!)
   We are sorry that we must sell the manual to Platinum owners who do
   not have them, but we will support ALL registered user the best we

   We are working on many exciting products, both software & hardware
   to fulfill the needs of the home studio musician at an affordable
   price. We will not say more till we get ready to make announcements!
   We are available online on Genie & Delphi so feel free to ask

   Best of all we will have special "Honeymoon" pricing in effect
   until October-31-94!!!
   As of this time we are not accepting credit cards, so send check or
   money orders (faster) and order yours today!

                          List     Promotional    Sale
                          Price      discount     price
                          -----      --------     -----
   Edit Track
   Platinum 7.1          $150.OO       $50.00     $100.00

   Edit Track & SMPTE Track(software only)
   upgrade from 6.-7.1    $70.00          -        $70.00
            pre 6.-7.1    $95.00          -        $95.00

   Platinum Manuals for Platinum owners only!!
                            $18.95 plus shipping
 (All prices U.S. Dollars)

 Version #'s can be found in the manual and by checking the Desk dropdown
 menu of the program.  (Version 6 is Gold, all other versions are same
 for pricing)

 All prices are subject to net shipping and UPS charges.  Texas residents
 must also include 8.25% sales tax.  Avoid COD charges by sending check
 or money order.  Allow 7-10 days for personal checks, orders paid by
 cashiers' check and money order will be shipped immediately upon receipt
 or as soon as stock is available.

 For orders and support we may be reached online at:


 Our phone #'s and hours for orders and support are:

 Bob (713) 499-3129   6-10 PM Central, TUE-FRI. (Other hours, potluck)
 Rick (713)776-9118

 To contact us by mail:
 Binary Sounds
 431 Oak Dale Drive
 Stafford, Texas 77477


 > Industry News STR NewsFile  -  The Latest Industry News! 

                  -/- Alleged Virus Author Arrested -/-

      A man from the port town of Plymouth in southwest England has been
 accused by British authorities of writing three damaging computer viruses.
 UK police say the unidentified man has been charged and released on bail
 awaiting trial in November.

      In London, the Reuter News Service says authorities are asking to be
 contacted by victims of any of the three data-destroying viruses, called
 Queeg (named after a character in a TV science fiction series), Pathogen
 and Germ.

      Says Reuters, "Once triggered, the viruses display a message on the
 computer screen: 'Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast...
 Unfortunately some of your data won't.'"

      The wire service says police are investigating how far the viruses,
 first detected in February, have spread and how much damage they have

 Reports from Reuter News Service are a regular feature of CompuServe's
 Executive News Service (GO ENS).

                  -/- Feds File Computer Porn Case -/-

     A California couple is on trial in Tennessee on federal charges of
 transmitting obscenity through interstate phone lines via a computer
 bulletin board system that offered members sexually explicit pictures and

     With testimony starting this week, the trial "raises questions of how
 to apply federal obscenity law and First Amendment free-speech protections
 to the sea of words and images flowing through computers across the land,"
 Associated Press writer Woody Baird reports from Memphis, adding the case
 could wind up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

     The trial marks the first time prosecutors in an obscenity case have
 gone after a BBS operator in the locale where its material was received,
 rather than where it originated.

     Robert and Carleen Thomas, both 38, of Milpitas, California, were
 charged in Memphis after a Tennessee resident complained about their
 members-only "Amateur Action Bulletin Board System."

     The two also are charged with sending pornographic videos by United
 Parcel Service, and Robert Thomas is accused of receiving child porn by
 mail from an undercover postal inspector.

     If convicted, they could each face more than 50 years in prison and
 hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.  

    Defense attorney Richard Williams argues prosecutors shopped around
 for a city where a conservative jury could be found. On this, Devon
 Gosnell, an assistant U.S. attorney in Memphis, has declined comment,
 other than to say, "The crime occurred here."
    Earlier this week, TV screens were set up around the courtroom and
 the jury looked at a series of computer-transmitted images received by
 the Memphis postal inspector that showed various sexually explicit scenes.

     Williams acknowledged pictures and text carried on the Thomases' BBS
 were "fetish material" that may well upset the Memphis jury, Baird
 reported, but he said it was voluntary, private communication between
 adults who knew what they were getting and paid for the privilege. (BBS
 members paid $55 for six months access to the system, $99 for a year.)

     The Supreme Court in 1973 ruled obscenity must be judged by "local
 community standards." However, as AP observes, "the whole notion of
 community has since been blurred by networks available for a fee to anyone
 in the world with a computer."

     Stephen Bates, a senior fellow at the Annenberg Washington Program, a
 communications think tank, told the wire service, "The courts will have to
 decide if the community standard makes any sense anymore. The essential
 impact is that the most puritanical, blue-nosed district in the country
 could dictate policy on this issue for the entire nation."

     Baird also commented, "Memphis prosecutors made headlines in the late
 1970s when they went after the cast and producers of 'Deep Throat,' one
 of the first X-rated movies to make its way into the mainstream."


                         JAGUAR GAME CONSOLE SECTION
                  BUBSY, A "NEW" CRAINMAKER, ES?, AND MORE!

 > From the Editor's Controller              "Playin' it like it is!"

      It's still hot!  The local news earlier tonight announced it as
 "official" - it's a true "heat wave."  Gee, I didn't realize there had
 to be substantiated statistics to warrant one!  Officially, there have
 to be at least three days in a row in which the temperature is measured
 at 90 degrees or higher.  Well, we've had that and then some.  It's
 also predicted to be the same through the weekend.  I think that I'm
 close to meltdown.....sigh...
      Nothing major to report that's new on the Jaguar front.  Reports
 of the pre-released version of Wolfenstein 3D being more widely
 available are coming in more steadily.  The "official" release should
 happen within a week or so.  We should also hear of the news that
 Brutal Sports Football is shipping soon, also.

      The majority of our SCES coverage is over.  We're searching
 through our 'files' to make sure that we've left nothing out in our
 reporting.  Our thanks go out to Paul Charchian and Craig Harris for
 their informative reports and articles of the show.
      Well, I'd usually go on and ramble some more, but under the
 circumstances, I'm going to try and find a cool spot somewhere instead.
 Our Jaguar coverage is understandably less this week now that we've
 completed our SCES reports and no new games are readily available to us
 at the moment.  However, stay tuned as the best is yet to come!

                                         Until next time...


 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -  What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""     coming out.

     Current Available Titles

     CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
      J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
      J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
      J9001  Trevor McFur/
             Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
      J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $59.99        id/Atari Corp.

      Available Soon 

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

              CatBox              $49.95               ICD
              CatBox +            $69.95               ICD
              Brutal Sports FtBall  TBA              Telegames

      Hardware and Peripherals

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

      J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $249.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95      


                       Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile
                      Current Developer Lists & Titles

 >Rainmaker Software! STR Jaguar Developer Spotlight!


 This is a standard release describing Rainmaker Software.

 We are Rainmaker Software Inc., a Dallas based company formed to produce
 entertainment software.

 Formed in 1993, Rainmaker is a young company with old programmers and
 artists that have long given up the wide world of UNIX programming and
 switched to the PC.  Now we're switching again to the ATARI JAGUAR for
 the following reasons:

     1. I haven't seen this much horsepower since I worked on a Silicon
        Graphics 4D35GT with hardware options, and that box cost $100,000.

     2. We now have a standard platform to produce for and we no longer
        have to rip our hair out worrying about all the different PC
        platforms that exist in the world.

     3. Atari has a great user base already installed and we're hoping to
        see it break the million mark soon, this is the only game system
        to own if you want real game playing capabilities and that's from
        a hardware engineers perspective.

     4. We like it.

 We do still plan to produce games for the PC in the future but
 unfortunately when you've been exposed to this much power you tend to
 wish everyone had a Pentium 90 installed in there house with a triple
 speed CD ROM and about 32 Megs of memory, so we're going to have to
 watch ourselves.

 Who we are:

 I am Bryan Kelsch AKA 'Mr. B'.
 I have been programming in assembly for over ten years on the PC with a
 little 6502 experience thrown in for good measure.  I have a strong
 knowledge base of hardware and systems architecture and I also play the
 role of Treasurer, public relations, accounts payable, accounts
 receivable, project manager, hardware driver writer etc ...
 Anyone can contact me at:

 CIS: 74164,222

 Bruce J. Mack is the finest C programmer/problem solver you will ever
 meet. I have yet to see a challenge he won't take on and accomplish with
 breathtaking speed. He is also a very good 3D modeler and artist. His
 favorite games are D&D RPG's.  You can contact him through my addresses.

 W. Scott Simmons has a degree in mass com from somewhere in the east.
 He is the finest 3D modeler I've ever seen, his creativity on the screen
 is amazing. You can contact him at my address or on genie at:
 moonson or INET:

 We are always open to game ideas and suggestions and plan to start a beta
 test campaign when we have code ready.

 Due to a great mail response, I think we are going to put Tunnel Rat JAG
 on hold and put Virtual Warriors on the front burner and try to get it out
 around XMAS (or maybe JAN '95) we'll bust a** trying to get it to the
 public ASAP, we promise.

                                         Mr. B


                         JAGUAR ONLINE STR INFOFILE
                         ONLINE USERS GROWL & PURR!

 > E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo! STR NewsFile  -  CES Competition?

 Compuserve's Atari SysOp Ron Luks asks Atari's Sam Tramiel:


     I saw the following news release this morning regarding a new
 electronics show in L.A. which will compete with the show sponsored by
 the EIA (the Consumer Electronics Show):

    LOS ANGELES, July 15 (UPI) -- Officials announced Friday that the
 world's largest trade show dedicated to the $8 billion interactive
 electronic entertainment industry will be held in Los Angeles next May.
      The E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo -- endorsed this week by the
 Interactive Digital Software Association as the industry's official
 trade show -- is expected to draw more than 300 industry exhibitors and
 30,000 buyers from stores, showrooms and direct marketers.
      "The E3 expo is especially critical this spring since the next
 generation of interactive electronic entertainment platforms are expected
 to be unveiled during the show," said Patrick Ferrell, Infotainment
 World president.
      Infotainment World and Knowledge Industry Publications are producing
 the event, which will open at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 11
 and run through May 13.
      The expo, in its first year, is expected to compete with the Consumer
 Electronics Show, which is slated to take place the same weekend in
      "While our members will, of course, attend the show that best suits
 their business needs, the Interactive Digital Software Association
 believes that the E3 show will provide the best opportunity to showcase
 our industry, its products and its future," said Doug Lowenstein, IDSA
 executive director.
      The IDSA's members include Acclaim, Atari, Electronic Arts, Sega and
 Sony, which have said they intend to participate in the Los Angeles
 trade show.


 Question:  Does this mean that Atari Corp will *not* be at the CES show
 in May in Philadelphia?

      How will this affect your participation in the worlds biggest
 electronic trade show (Winter CES in Jan 95 in Las Vegas)??

      Estimated attendance of 30,000 is "okay" but certainly not earth
 shaking.  Since Atari's participation was prominently mentioned in the
 press release, does that mean some sort of extra committment to this
 group and do you see this show growing to a significant level of size?

      And finally, if I'm going to have to fly to LA for a trade show, can
 you recommend some good restaurants or a 'bootleg' casino with RED DOG?

                                                    Ron Luks


 > "Bubsy"! STR Jaguar InfoFile!  - Atari's J. Patton Gives a Preview!

 Bubsy will have a new as of yet undecided title.  Here is some more
 information on Bubsy given to me from the producer.

 *15 levels of excitement
 *An all new cast of enemies
 *high quality 16bit graphics
 *music and sound effects from the sound designers of Tempest 2000
 *an all new Jaguar specific adventure for Bubsy the Bobcat

 The Woolies are back with an insidious plot to warp the values of the
 world's youth.  The first phase of the plot involves distorting the fairy
 tales of the world.  To avoid this 'cat'astrophe, Bubsy leaps head first
 into this brand new adventure.  Will Bubsy be able to defeat the Woolies
 and set the folk tales and fables of the world straight?  Find out in
 Bubsy's first 64-bit adventure. 


 > Jag Rules! Rubber Stamp! STR InfoFile!  -  "Don't Say It, Stamp It!"

                               JAG RULES!

 Declare your support of the 64-bit Jaguar gaming system and get the JAG
 RULES rubber stamp.  This quality custom stamp is available exclusively
 from Artisan Software.  Use it as an economical way to advertise your
 enthusiasm of the Atari Jaguar.  Stamp your letters and your envelopes.
 Stamp your arm as a tattoo.  Stamp your money.  Stamp school notebooks
 and post-its.  Use a bright red ink pad (not included) for a vivid
 2.25" by 1.5" image of JAG RULES in the impact of the Jaguar logo type

 Writing a letter to your favorite software company?  Stamp it!  Sending
 a birthday card to your best friend?  Stamp it!  Dropping a postcard to
 your brother at school?  Stamp it!

 Let everyone know you're a Jaguar gamer.  After all, in the empire of
 high technology entertainment systems, JAG RULES!

 The JAG RULES rubber stamp is available by sending a money order for
 $13.99 (includes shipping and handling) to:
                            Artisan Software
                            P.O. Box 849
                            Manteca, CA  95336

 The price within California is $14.80 and includes applicable sales tax.
  For an example of the JAG RULES logo, call the CATscan BBS.
  Dial 209/239-1552. Download file: JAGRULES.ZIP. File is ZIP'd and
  requires PKUNZIP to decompress.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by
  Joe Mirando

      Hello again friends and neighbors.  Yet another week has come and
 gone and the heat and humidity are back again to make my life miserable. 
 I'm actually more of a winter person, but I guess I don't have much of a
 choice right now.  Just wait 'till winter rolls around... I'll be
 complaining about the cold and snow and telling you that I'm really much
 more of a summer person.

      Well, at any rate, let's get on with the purpose of this column...
 all the great news, hints, and tips available every week right here on

      Oh, by the way, check out the photos of Jupiter from sources from all
 over the world... actually, I should say from all over the solar
 system because, aside from photos from amateur astronomers and leading
 observatories, there are also lots of pictures from the Hubble Space
 Telescope and several satellites.  Just log on to CompuServe and type GO

 NOW, let's get busy...

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Peter Boyle asks for help with transferring files from an ST to a DOS

   "I have downloaded STTOPC after reading the "PC transfer software?"
   thread and the program won't run for me. Seems to have decompressed
   alright, but when I try to run it (following its instructions) the
   screen flicks for a nanosecond then nothing.
   I notice you guys call it ST2PC. Maybe I have a bum version?  None of
   the other transfer solutions suggested here will work for me because I
   only have a PC modem (so I can't try Atari downloaded software) and my
   Atari ST won't read IBM disks."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Peter:

   "Your ST should be able to read IBM disks, if they're formatted as 720K
   (not 1.44 Meg High Density).
   (Usually, with the DOS FORMAT command, you can do that by adding the
   /f:720 switch when you format the disk...  then the ST should be able
   to read the files directly.
   I still haven't had a chance to actually use the ST2PC (or STTOPC)
   program myself, but others have mentioned having had good luck with it.
   I'll have to try to get to checking it out myself..."

 As always, I'll keep you posted on what Bob finds.  In a similar
 situation, Doug Amadio asks:

   "Is there a software driver for the IBM that will allow Atari ST
   software to run on an IBM and also allow the Atari disk to be read by
   the IBM."

 Because of a previous request, I won't mention any names, but someone

   "The disk drive on both the IBM and the Atari is compatible. With very
   few exceptions, you can take a disk from one system and both read and
   write to it on the other. However, you would not be able to run a TOS
   (Atari's Operating System) based program unless you first ran some kind
   of Atari emulation. There is a product, Gemulator, which does exactly
   that, allowing you to run TOS programs on your DOS box.
   Another item to note is that there are quite a few programs on the
   Atari that have an IBM counterpart. This means you can transfer the
   information from the Atari to the IBM and vice versa, running the Atari
   program on your Atari, the IBM program on the IBM. A few examples
   include Lotus File, Word Perfect and DBase3+ files etc.. You can also
   transfer any of the standard file formats back and forth between quite
   a few programs. Formats such as TIF, Targa, ASCII, PCX, DXF etc. are
   readily readable on various programs on both platforms.
   I hope this is of assistance to you. If you had a specific idea in
   mind when you asked, please exapnd and I will try to direct you more

 Doug asks:

   "Where can I get this Gemulator for the IBM."

 The afore-un-mentioned party replies:

   "Gemulator 3.02 is the product of Branch Always Software, 14150 N.E.
   20th Street, Suite 302, Bellevue, WA 98007 Fax: (206) 885-5893 Orders:
   (206) 369-5513 Compuserve 73657,2714
   The owner's name is Darek Mihoka."

 Michael Rutherford tells us:

   "I have a 1040 STE that I bought a few years ago anst adapter, adaptec
   4070 controler and a miniscribe disk drive.  The drive is starting to
   act up (it is hard to get it to spin up sometimes) and I am going to
   replace the adaptec controller and the drive with a new SCSI drive.
   Supra told me that as long as I give the format program the correct
   drive specs, I should be able to connect any SCSI drive directly to the
   ST host adapter.  I can get a 200 to 300 MB SCSI drive for about $200
   to $300. That's quite a jump from 30 MB.  I remember when I orignally
   bouht the Supra drive for my old 520 ST, there was a restriction on the
   size of a partition that TOS would handle.  It was 16 MB.  So now to
   the question. Does anybody know if that is still a restriction in the
   STE TOS?  It would be a shame to have to set up 15 to 20 paritions just
   to get at all of the hard disk."

 Dazzz Smith tells Michael:

   "It depends on the TOS version you have, as to how large a partition
   you can use and what software you use, i.e. Supra or ICD."

 Michael tells Dazzz:

   "The TOS version is 2.06 (I have an STE) and I am using SUPRA.  I know
   the SUPRA software will format large partitions, but I don't remember
   ever seeing anything about partition sizes supported by TOS other than
   the original 16 MB limit.  I assume that 16 MB would not be the limit
   with TOS 2.06."

 Dazzz tells Michael:

   " far as I remember TOS 1.4 (which I have) supports up to 32mb on
   a standard partition (Not a BGM partition) So TOS 2.06 should be at
   least this."

 Michael tells Dazzz:

   "I could live with 32 MB.  I'll probably create a bigger one just to
   see if it works."

 Ann Williams asks:

   "Can I put a larger sized mfm or rll drive in my megafile 30.(Replace
   the 30 meg that is present) I found a ST-251 (60+ Megs) at a computer

 Michael Rutherford tells Ann:

   "You should be able to use the ST-251.  Version 4.10 of the SUPFMT
   program includes the Seagate ST-251 as one of the disk drives after you
   select 'OTHER'.  If you need V4.10, you may have to get it from Supra's
   BBS.  I think the version on Compuserve is much older.  I can't seem to
   locate their BBS number, but their corporate number is (503) 967-2410.
   They don't charge for the software. You may also need to select the
   proper SCSI controller.  The one included in my drive is the Adaptec

 Joe Spiegel tells us:

   "I have been experimenting w/a British graphics package called
   Trip-A-Tron.  Basically it is a kaleidoscope-type program that allows
   MIDI hook-up to a keyboard, so it seems to be ideal for combo
   music/light performances.  Unfortunately, I have tried to output it to
   a large TV, but using the built-in RF converter, the output is
   terrible. Is there a way to convert the output from my 520ST's monitor
   port to NTSC video?"

 Dazzz Smith tells Joe:

   "Ah yes Trip a tron, an early forerunner of the Yaks Virtual Light
   Can't really help with your problem, but I can tell you that the latest
   incarnation of the program will be available for the Jaguar on CD ROM
   later this year I believe."

 Tony Clifford-Winters adds what he knows about the program:

   "I own a copy of Trip-A-Tron, the creation of that marvel Jeff Minter
   (Yak), and was aware that it had its roots in Psychedelia (Commodore
   64) and Colourspace (8- and 16-bit Atari machines), but I wasn't aware
   of Virtual Light Machine.  Tell me more.  I've hardly scratched the
   surface of Trip-A-Tron yet but I'm always ready for a new experience

 Rob Rasmussen hands Rick Flashman of Gribnif Software...

   "...questions for you (and everybody else). I've never used Neodesk,
   only Hotwire and of course the desktop. You have said that Hotwire can
   run under Geneva, not as an Auto prg but as another application. You
   also said Hotwire had not been upgraded to allow multitasking, and that
   whatever prg I launch from there will only run in single-tasking mode.
   I'm wondering though, how much a prg launcher is really needed since
   the task manager and/or the GEM.CNF could handle all that. The item
   selector has many desktop features like copy, move files etc. You said
   that TeraDesk could be used, but could it launch multitasking prgs?"

 Rick tells Rob:

   "Charles was at one point planning to upgrade Hotwire to work with
   Geneva (the changes are not too big). But I think those plans fell by
   the way side (not saying I can blame him, considering the market).
   TeraDesk works, but is not multitasking aware.
   Geneva supports any desktop that is written to the MultiTOS
   multitasking concept (which Geneva emulates). NeoDesk 4 is the only
   desktop that currently supports this, but I imagine that there might be
   others out there that I haven't seen.
   It would be a very long letter if I explained in detail all the
   advantages to NeoDesk 4 over Geneva's Item Selector. Needless to say,
   NeoDesk 4 has a zillion amazing features that you haven't seen before."

 Rob tells Rick:

   "I have TOS 4.04, but even with Rainbow TOS on my ST I was never really
   concerned with memory fragmenting. Usually I would re-boot my system
   to run certain programs (like SmpteTrack, GenEdit, TouchUp, STraight
   Fax, certain games that run from Auto folder, etc) that seemed to clash
   with my 'normal' setup. So the RAM space would be cleared when I run
   the program. Who knows though, in my normal setup, I occasionally had
   unexplained crashes, maybe the result of running one prg after another,
   gradually running out of big enough blocks of free RAM. Multitasking
   presents a problem since each loaded program needs so much memory at
   the same time. It seems like there should be a RAM de-fragmenter, since
   free but too small blocks of RAM are wasted.
   I see now how running a singletasking prg that grabs too much memory
   can keep other prgs from loading even when you put it to sleep, since
   all the prgs are still running together, whether single or
   multitasking, asleep or active.
   When I boot with Geneva now, I see how it ignores loading ACCs on C:\
   unless that path (or any path) is specified in GEM.CNF's ACCPATH
   statement. I had thought the ACC names had to be listed in there, but
   it makes more sense Geneva's way. Also, I should have seen that no
   Install Application is needed to auto-start a prg after running Geneva,
   since Geneva will automatically run them, or put them to sleep, from
   the RUN and RUNSLEEP statements.
   Geneva runs the programs I have listed in RUN statements, but
   everytime I run Geneva I may not want these prgs to run. Rather than
   editing the same GEM.CNF, I can probably have several CNFs with
   different setups in the RUN/RUNSLEEP statements, but I don't know how
   to tell Geneva which of these to use during the boot process. Desk
   Manager has a "Custom files" feature I've never understood how to use.
   If I have Geneva read a new CNF after it has booted (not sure how or if
   I can do this), after it has oaded prgs in GEM.CNF, it seems like
   memory fragmenting would prevent this new setup from loading properly.
   How can I manage tiny text in ST high rez problem I was having seems to
   be fixed, as I increased the font size from 9 to 10. However, in medium
   rez, which uses the same font size I chose in high, the text is now too
   big. Some prg's windows are too big to fit on the screen in medium. I
   sort of figured this would happen, since before when high rez text was
   too small, it looked fine in medium.  Perhaps I need to adjust window
   borders, or is this just for gadgets? How can I make it right for each
   rez I use? I mainly use high, medium, and 256 color mode. Low sometimes
   too. Hmm, I guess that's most of them :) With ScreenBlaster modes, the
   'rez' or size of the screen will be smaller anyway, I think.
   I haven't switched between 40 and 80 columns in Geneva, so don't know
   if that bug is affecting anything here. Why would I ever want to do
   that anyway?
   I will try putting all my ACCs that MultiDesk used to load, into the
   path where Geneva can load them, so that they can be in their own
   slots, instead of MD's one slot, and I can have more than one of them
   open at a time."

 From The Palmtop Forums

 William Cheng posts:

   "My old portfolio has finally broken. I have been searching in the
   market to buy a replacement. It looks like there are none.
   Does anybody know if any company will carry the portfolio? Is there a
   possibility that I can buy one with memory expansion?"

 Larry Land tells William:

   "For $110 you can send your broken Port to Atari for a new (or factory
   repaired) one.  Sorry, I don't have the address but I'm sure someone
   will pipe in with it."

 Don Thomas, Ataris Portfolio Guru, tells us:

   "Atari U.S. offers an "out-of-warranty" exchange on the Portfolio
   computer to U.S. and Canadaian consumers. Simply send the Portfolio to
   Atari with $110 (includes $5 for return shipping) and a replacement is
   immediately shipped.
   Send to: Atari Computer Corp.
            390 Caribbean Drive
            Sunnyvale, CA  94088"

 On the subject of the Casio/Tandy Z-7000/Z-PDA, Luis Caprile posts:

   "I am a heavy user of the Z-PDA, I have downloaded quite a few files
   from your Forum the work very well...but I have a couple of questions:
   1- Is there an x-jack pcmcia Modem for the Z-7000 ?
   2- Which files can be compressed with the Compres it! program and

 Sysop Lloyd Wasser tells Luis:

   "Here are some answers that might help:
   << Is there an x-jack pcmcia Modem for the Z-7000 ?>>
   Not at this time.  The only modem that I know works 100% is the
   StarCard.  A number of users on this forum currently use that card to
   great success.
   <<Which files can be compressed with the Compres it! program and how >>
   I assume any application or data file that is not stored in the rom
   (i.e.  anything on the internal memory or external PCMCIA card).
   Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of compression software so I haven't
   tried this yet."

 When Jorge della Torre posts that he isn't sure about using Newton cards
 in the "Zoomer" because the one he tried formatted slowly, Jim Scheef
 tells him to...

   "Check the batteries to be sure they are fresh. I bought 2 cards this
   week and they both formatted as soon as I inserted them into the
   Zoomer. Now if we can figure out how to run Stacker on these cards to
   get more capacity..."

 Garland Wood provides the needed info:

   "I'm running Stacker 4.0 on my Zoomer.  The only performance hit that
   I've noticed is a slowdown in the DOS screen scrolling speed (GEOS
   screens update at their usual slow rate).  I haven't found any
   incompatabilities with the configuration that I use.  I'm Stacking only
   the PCMCIA card -- *NOT* the internal RAM disk.
   As always, this procedure works for me.  Your results may vary.  (Be
   sure that you have a backup of your data before attempting this
   Theory of operation:  During the Zoomer boot sequence, it looks for the
   file PENRIGHT.BAT on the PCMCIA card.  If found, the Zoomer runs that
   file.  Because Stacker needs to be loaded before GEOS, we use
   PENRIGHT.BAT to run Stacker, then continue with the GEOS boot sequence.
   I also use the batch file to invoke the File Transfer program before
   Stacker or GEOS runs -- if GEOS crashes, I can still get access the
   Internal RAM drive.
   The PCMCIA card is then also portable (as portable as any floppy
   copressed with Stacker) -- any DOS-based machine that can read the
   uncompressed card should also be able to access the data.  (You are
   also able to use the card in any other Zoomer -- even one of
   questionable configuration.)
   Operation in action:  To access the compressed volume: Put in the
   PCMCIA card.  Reboot the Zoomer.  That's it.  To get access to the
   uncompressed volume: Unlatch the PCMCIA card (observe GEOS warmings and
   wait for the files to close).  Reboot the Zoomer.  Once GEOS is loaded,
   latch the PCMCIA card.
   Theory of installation:  (Read your Stacker documentation for all the
   nasty details of how to create container files.)  Create PENRIGHT.BAT
   as listed below and get STACKER.EXE handy. Transfer PENRIGHT.BAT and
   STACKER.EXE to the PCMCIA card.  Create a container volume on your
   desktop machine named STACVOL.DSK that is the size of the remaining
   free space on the PCMCIA card.  Clear the attributes of STACVOL.DSK
   (not hidden, not read only, ...).  Transfer it to the PCMCIA card.
   Reboot the Zoomer.

   One could use the Stacker RAM drive device driver to create the
   container file on the PCMCIA card -- I found that shuffling all those
   utilities around and having to edit the Zoomer's CONFIG.SYS made that
   method pretty bothersome.
   On the uncompressed volume (C:)
   STACKER.EXE  - Stacker Anywhere
   STACVOL.DSK  - Virtual Volume Container
   PENRIGHT.BAT - Batch file usually used to invoke PenRight!
                  Pressed into service for a different cause.

   Contents of PENRIGHT.BAT -------
   a:\pccom /p:1 /b:19200     : Because I crash GEOS often
   c:                         : Switch to volume C:
   stacker c: /c a:\autoexec  : Load Stacker Anywhere and
                              :       rerun

      Well folks, that's about it for this week.  Hmmm... I think I'm going
 to use some of my vacation time to check out this new idea of using
 Stacker (a DOS program that compresses files so that they take up less
 room and are still executable) on my Zoomer.

      Be sure to tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be
 ready to listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

   """"""""""""""""              ALONG WITH STRAINED COPYRIGHT HOLDINGS

      A few weeks ago, STR reported there may be some real problems in
 Germany relative to DMCGMBH and its programmers of Calamus for NT as well
 as the split-off programmers (Adequate Systems) of Calamus for the dying
 Atari Computing niche area.  Amid the ruckus and lamenting from one
 "offended" party who obviously has very special interests, STReport was
 accused of inaccuracies and embellishments infinitatum by this
 party.  We present the original report and the substantive report from
 Germany along with the source and and a reader verifiable published
 source.  (A published interview in distribution throughout Europe.)  

 Our original report from issue 1024:

 - Chicago, IL                         NEW "LIFE" for CALAMUS SL??

      According to our sources in the European marketplace... Calamus SL,
 long recognized as a premier DTP package in Europe, is to be supported by
 a new company, Adequate Systems, having been formed by a splinter group
 composed of the original programmers responsible for the Atari modules and
 code.  The group broke away from DMC GMBH recently after the announcement
 made at this year's CeBIT that DMC GMBH would no longer support Calamus SL
 for the Atari marketplace.  It was further reported that DMC GMBH has put
 all their efforts in the making of the Windows NT version.  At CeBIT of
 1994 the following happened. DMC GmBH has told their Atari customers,
 because of the market situation and Atari, we recommend that you buy a
 system capable of using Windows NT.

      This upset many Calamus customers both present and future.  Concerned
 customers switched to the Mac, which was fast becoming less expensive due
 to repetitive discounting by Apple.  Since NT had, so far, proved very
 disappointing to DMC Germany's expectations, especially after Microsoft
 announced that it will NOT market the product on a wide scale.  NT was NOT
 the OS to replace windows for your everyday PC and PC Clone.

      It was further reported that Adequate Systems, unfortunately,  does
 not hold any of the copyrights to Calamus or SL or any portions of the
 code contained therein.  At this point DMC GMBH is not willing to
 relinquish any (c) holdings.  However it is rumored that Dr. Reidhl, newly
 appointed to the board of Directors of DMC GMBH and marketing manager,
 formally of Atari GMBH, is attempting to reach an amicable agreement with
 the newly formed Atari SL programming group's company Adequate Systems.
 Hopefully, another Chagall-like episode is not in the wings.

 And now, a few weeks later.....

 Received: from by
 (8.6.4/5.940406sam) id OAA28677; Mon, 18 Jul 1994 14:50:44 -0400
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 for; Mon, 18 Jul 1994 20:50:47 +0200
 From: henry koechl <>
 Message-Id: <>
 Subject: STComputer  7/8 - 94
 Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 20:50:47 +0200 (MET DST)
 X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.4 PL21]
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 STComputer Magazine Issue 7/8 - 94 In Germany, Juergen Funcke had an
 interview with Adequate Systems, the Company that went it's own way from

 STComputer: Wie ist der acktuelle Stand der verhandlung zwischen adequate
 systems und DMC zur gemeinsamen Weiterentwicklung von Calamus und weitere

 English: What is the current status of the negotiations with Adequate
 Systems and DMC regarding the development of Calamus and other products?
 (both current and future)

 Adequate Systems: Die Verhandlung, wie sie jetzt gefuerht worden sind,
 gehen im prinzip auf Gesprache zurueck, die wir schon gefuerht haben, als
 wir noch fuer DMC gearbeitet haben. Wir wuerden nach wie vor eine solche
 Zusammenarbeit begruessen. ZU solchen Verhandlungen ist natuerlich ein
 beiderseitiges Interesse notwending. Im moment stellt sich fuer uns die
 Situation so dar, das DMC and einer solchen weiteren Zusammenarbeit kein 
 interesse aussert.

 English: The talks, as of now, are the same as they always were... no
 agreement - no progress.  When we were working for DMC, we would naturally
 welcome to work together as we used to, however in such negotiations both
 parties need to be interested, as of now, DMC has shown no interest at all
 in working together with us. (shortcut version)

 Raimund Thiel has also said that "NT ist im moment ein sehr kleiner
 Nischenmarkt, und es ist noch nicht abzusehen das sich das anedern wird."

 Translated it means;  NT is still a very small niche market, and it does
 not look like that will change.  I only included these parts of the
 interview as I can't copy all of that interview, if you wish, I can send
 you a German Copy which you may or may not wish to translate, these
 however are tidbits of info you may like to know directly from the
 horses mouth.

 The Interview was from Juergen Funcke who interviewed Raimund Thiel and
 Klaus Garms, business partners and owners of Adequate Systems.

 Editor Note;
 STReport has requested a full copy of the interview.  In any case, our
 original story stands verified and corroborated.


      A week and a half ago I was offered a job at Atari Corp. and
 subsequently accepted. My position will be in Jaguar Developer
 Support and as primarily a Technical Writer. I have nothing to do
 with TOS or the powers that be so please don't ask me to comment (I'm
 too new to stick my neck out :)
      This does _not_ affect SDS in any way except that our address and
 phone #'s will change shortly (I'm moving to Sunnyvale later this
 week). Our current addresses and phone # will be good for a month or
 two more. I am still, as usual, reachable by E-mail (though don't
 expect a response this week).
                                              -Scott @ SDS


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