ST Report: 24-Jun-94 #1026

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Date: 06/30/94-04:48:02 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 24-Jun-94 #1026
Date: Thu Jun 30 16:48:02 1994

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                   -* ALDUS ANNOUNCES PHOTOSHOP VER 3! *-
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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      The summer CES show in Chicago is roaring along right about now...
 All the fine new goodies, gadgets, stereos, TVs and of course, the game
 machines.  CNN has already had many spots where the Nintendo, 3D0, SNES
 and few others were shown in great detail.  From adapters to new high
 powered goodies just to play the new sophisticated game carts.  Now,
 according to CBS, who was also showing highlights from the show one may
 purchase a complete sit-in driving console for under two hundred dollars. 
 They showed the device and it had the steering wheel, pedals and a
 joystick.  They made sure the viewer understood the realism is
 unbelievably close to the real thing.  While being aware there are other
 game machines on the market, the major media coverage made them
 conspicuous, by their lack of being covered.  It would be nice to see the
 Jaguar gain 'real time' national coverage on more than one network. 
 According to our info it didn't happen on _any_ of the networks ..yet. 
 Hopefully, someone will experience a "wake-up call" and go find the
 network guys!  The Jaguar needs to get some "equal time" national network
      Next week, the PC Expo in New York City will be under way.  The news
 of new products and support programs keeps rolling in.  The major
 manufacturers are not allowing any "grass to grow under their feet".  They
 have learned over the years that the consumer comes first.  They're doing
 just about everything and anything to make that point abundantly clear.    

      Meanwhile, certain well known European enterprises are on the verge
 of hitting the old, proverbial "dead end".  It seems they've been waiting
 for the NT release.  In doing so, they are reportedly hoping to gain a new
 marketing foothold and financial stability by releasing their new products
 in the PC marketplace.  Now, with the news that both NT and Windows 4 may
 hit the streets in the latter part of this year, the wait may be too long
 and could possibly force dire results upon that particular marketplace in
 Europe.  Time will tell.
      Last week we mentioned we'd have the first part of a modems overview
 and review.  That is on hold until next week as we are in the midst of
 compiling the technical information on the modems.  The world of 28.8 is
 at your doorstep, if you find a good buy, don't hesitate the speed is well
 worth the investment.



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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #26
                         By: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                            ** NVN in Limbo **
      As of Friday, June 17, NVN closed its doors.  Whether it will return 
 is still subject to debate.  Sources say that 50% of the staff has been 
 laid off, the 50% that were involved in the actual running of NVN.  The 
 remaining 50%, reportedly approx. 17 people, are mainly software devel-
 opers who are continuing to work on a graphical front-end for NVN.  So 
 NVN may come up again, but probably not anytime soon nor in its original 
 text-based format.
                   ** Maryland Offers Free Internet **
      In July, Maryland will become the first state to offer its residents 
 direct and free connections to the Internet.  Reports say that any
 Maryland resident with a telephone, computer and modem will be able to
 connect free of charge for an unlimited amount of time to the state-run 
 gopher site.
      A project of the state's library system, the new, noncommercial
 service will be called "Sailor," in tribute to Maryland's navigation
 heritage.  While no time constraints will be placed on users at the
 outset, Sailor's organizers realize the service could be so popular its
 192 telephone lines could be overwhelmed and limits will have to be
      Maryland's Sailor also will offer additional services for a fee, such 
 as electronic mail for $35 annually and access to Telnet and the Usenet 
 newsgroups for $100 a year.
                  ** Microsoft Readies Disney Titles **

      Microsoft Corp. says it will develop, market and distribute three
 original programs based on Disney characters.  The titles will use
 animation licensed from Disney Software. The programs will be added to the 
 Microsoft Home series.
      The debut product will be Mickey's Carnival, Microsoft's first
 offering for children aged 4 and up.  Expected this winter, Mickey's
 Carnival will feature some of Disney's most familiar characters, including
 Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy, Chip, Dale and 
 Huey, Dewey and Louie. Featuring animations created by Disney artists, 
 the product will let kids interact with Disney characters in a series of 
 carnival ride activities, puzzles and games.
                  ** Timex Wristwatch Downloads Data **

      Reports say that Timex Corp. plans to launch a wristwatch that can 
 download calendar information from a Microsoft Corp. program.  The Data 
 Link wristwatch would go on sale at computer stores in the fall for a 
 suggested retail price of about $130.
      Scheduling information from the software is sent directly into the 
 wristwatch through a barcode system when the watch is held up to a 
 computer screen. According to Timex, the watch works exclusively with 
 Microsoft's Schedule Plus software.
                     ** IBM Unveils Color ThinkPad **
      IBM has announced the ThinkPad 510Cs, adding a color display, faster 
 processing, video acceleration and an array of software to its 4-pound 
 subnotebook computer. Powered by IBM's 50MHz 486BL2 microprocessor, the 
 ThinkPad 510Cs has a 200MB hard disk and is upgradeable to 20MB of RAM.
      IBM also has introduced the ThinkPad Dock II, offering ThinkPad
 notebook users a Plug and Play-ready desktop docking solution.
      The ThinkPad 510Cs is preloaded with PC-DOS 6.3, Windows 3.1, Lotus 
 cc:Mail, Lotus Organizer and several other software products.  Pricing 
 for the ThinkPad 510Cs begins at $2,399. The ThinkPad Dock II is 
 available now for $719.
                  ** Solar-Powered Case to Make Debut **
      Besicorp Group Inc. says it has reached a deal with Samsonite Corp. 
 to develop, manufacture and market solar-powered carrying cases.
      The cases will be used to power laptop computers, cellular phones, 
 portable video equipment and other products that ordinarily require 
 conventional electricity or batteries.
      Besicorp subsidiary Sun Wize Energy Systems Inc. will develop and 
 manufacture the photovoltaic power units and Samsonite will install them 
 in its cases.
                   ** Microsoft, Stac Settle Dispute **
      Microsoft Corp. and Stac Electronics Inc. say they have signed a 
 broad cross license agreement to end their disk compression patent 
      The agreement calls for Microsoft to pay Stac license royalties of $1 
 million per month for a period of 43 months. Microsoft will also 
 purchase $39.9 million of 4.0 percent non-voting convertible preferred 
 stock that matures in the year 2004.
                  ** Apple Readies PowerPC PowerBook **
      Reports say Apple Computer Inc. is looking toward a modular Macintosh 
 PowerBook based on PowerPC microprocessor technology.  The system,
 codenamed M2, will feature a PowerPC processor integrated on the main
 logic board, a 10.4-inch color screen and a removable storage bay where
 the floppy drive used to be.
      The M2 is expected to arrive next spring.  Apple had hoped to release 
 the unit this winter, but performance problems with the PowerPC 603 chip 
 running 68040 emulation has forced the company to wait for the faster 
 PowerPC 603+.
                  ** New Windows Gets First Big Test **
      Microsoft Corp. has announced that the forthcoming upgrade of the
 Windows operating system -- code-named "Chicago" -- has entered its 
 first broad testing phase.
      The software publisher notes that more than 20,000 customers,
 software developers and hardware manufacturers in more than 20 countries
 worldwide are expected to receive the beta product this week. Microsoft
 says the project's primary goal is to help ensure that the final product
 meets customer compatibility and stability requirements.
      Chicago is the replacement for MS-DOS and Windows. Its improved user 
 interface and support for Plug and Play are designed to make PCs easier 
 for all levels of users. Chicago runs MS-DOS and Windows-based 
 applications and device drivers, but does not require MS-DOS and is not 
 constrained by the 640K memory limitations of MS-DOS.
      Industry experts believe that Chicago will ship sometime late this 
 year or in early 1995.
                   ** Apple Launches Online Service **

      Apple Computer Inc. has launched eWorld, its new online service.
 The venture includes eWorld for Macintosh and NewtonMail, a messaging 
 service for the Newton personal digital assistant. Apple describes 
 eWorld for Macintosh is an `online town square' that provides a global 
 electronic mail system along with news, information and other services 
 from about 100 information providers.  Apple intends to have a version for
 DOS/Windows-based personal computers ready in 1995.
                    ** WordPerfect for Mac Upgraded **

      WordPerfect Corp. this week announced it is developing an upgrade to 
 WordPerfect 3.0 for Macintosh and will ship the new version this summer.
      Reports say that WordPerfect 3.1 for Macintosh will include features 
 and enhancements such as QuickCorrect, which automatically corrects 
 mistyped or misspelled words as soon as the space bar is pressed, as 
 well as enhanced merge data options, and a fat binary installation 
 option for network administration.
      The product will also include support for new Apple system
 technologies such as Quickdraw GX printing, Macintosh Drag and Drop, and
 Apple Guide.
      Retail price is $495 with upgrades available for $89. In addition, 
 users of competing word processors can upgrade for $99.
                    ** Apple Offers Education Line **
      A new suite of products and software designed to make computer
 technology easier for educators to use in the classroom has been unveiled
 by Apple Computer Inc.
      The new Apple Education Series includes software packages that
 provide integrated curriculums for business education, the Communications 
 Bundle and the AppleSearch Bundle for the Internet. The existing Apple 
 Education series includes hardware and software components as well as 
 targeted training and support.
                ** Microsoft Hotline Targets Switchers **
      Microsoft Corp. says it has established a dedicated telephone support 
 line to help users who are switching or are considering switching from 
 competitive spreadsheet, word processing and presentation graphics 
 programs to applications in Microsoft Office, the software publisher's 
 software suite.
      Microsoft says it established the new Office Switcher support line as 
 a result of the success of the WordPerfect Switcher line announced 
 earlier this year. Microsoft notes that it created the WordPerfect line 
 to assist the 1.2 million users who have switched from WordPerfect to 
 Microsoft Word for Windows as well as those considering making the 
      The line, and the new Office Switcher line, allows users moving from 
 competing products to speak with support engineers specifically trained 
 on the competitive products.


 > WINCIM 1.3 Released! STR InfoFile                  Good Stuff!!

                             WinCIM 1.3 UPGRADE

 This file contains all changes made in WinCIM from version 1.2 to 
 the 1.3 version.

 * A "Show Graphic Menus" preference was added to the General 
   Preferences dialog.  This controls if WinCIM will request/display
   the new enhanced menus that will appear in some services shortly.

 * The disconnect logic was re-ordered to avoid a GPF error.  This
   corrects a GPF error that beta testers encountered when marking
   and retrieving items.

 * Various internal changes were made to better support the enhanced
   menus/articles that will appear in some services soon.

 * A couple of references to ENS were changed to "News" (so the News
   desktop can be used for other services).

 * The buttons on articles have been placed back on at the bottom of
   article windows.

 * Added support for multiple palettes in graphic display dialogs.

 * The "trailer" information for filing cabinet objects is now 
   updated as users advance through filing cabinet articles.

 * When articles are filed into the filing cabinet, WinCIM will now use
   the "title" in place of the "header" if no header exists.

 * Some changes were made to better handle the setting of fonts
   (internal changes only).

 * A problem was corrected in the way WinCIM handled some failures
   when sending CompuServe Mail messages.

 * WinCIM will no longer cache the relationship between a volatile
   menu and its children.

 * A fix was made to the way WinCIM handles text in the conference
   window.  Users should now be able to see the complete text of what
   has been sent.

 * Additional functionality was implemented to enhance the support 
   for the CompuServe CD product.  These changes include:
      - Support for multiple recipients of messages
      - Better disconnect logic

 * Additional functionality was implemented to better handle the new
   style of menus that will start appearing shortly.

 * A debug switch was implemented (for WINCIM.INI) that causes 
   WinCIM to display (in the caption bar of a menu) if an item 
   is marked as volatile and/or session only.  The switch is 
   "Display-Flags" and the setting is either ON or OFF.

 * Move some strings from the WinCIM code into a string resource.


 A new "Connect" dialog has been implemented.  This new dialog allows 
 users to easily connect to CompuServe.  The dialog will appear when the 
 program first starts and can be disabled by un-checking the "Show at 
 Startup" option (located on the dialog).  Choosing the option to connect 
 causes WinCIM to access the What New Information.  The dialog can be 
 displayed (if it was closed) by selecting the "Connect..." choice on the 
 File pull-down menu.


 Support for enhanced styled menus has been implemented in WinCIM 1.3.  
 These menus will be used in some CompuServe services that will be 
 available soon.


 The Browse Services window has been redesigned to contain more 


 Carrier Detect (primarily used for modems) can now be enabled or 
 disabled by clicking the "More" button on the Session Settings dialog.  
 The default setting for this option is "ON".  If WinCIM is being used 
 with a modem that does not support Carrier Detect, this option can now 
 be disabled.


 The Send File dialog (under the Mail pull-down menu) now allows for 
 longer file names.


 The buttons on certain article windows (ie. AP Online, What's New, 
 etc..) have been moved to the right side of the window.


 Changes have been made in the way we handle the About Box.  They are:

      1. A "splash" screen is now displayed when WinCIM is first 
         started. box.  After displaying for a few seconds, the 
         dialog will disappear automatically.

      2. The WinCIM About Box will only be displayed if the 
         "About CIM" choice is selected from the Help pull-down menu.

      3. The General Preferences dialog box has been changed.  The
         "About Box" option has been removed from the "Initial Desktop"
         option.  There is no way to prevent the splash screen from
         showing at startup.


 A change was made in the way WinCIM handles an Int14 connection. 
 Previously, WinCIM would attempt to read a character and if the request 
 failed, it was thought that no characters exist.  WinCIM now checks to 
 see if there is a character available before it attempts to read it.


 The printer dialog is no longer displayed when users attempt to set 
 their fonts.


 There was a typo in the dialog that is displayed when a user attempts to 
 use a duplicate session settings name.  The word "Please" was being 
 displayed as "lease".


 Two items were resolved with how WinCIM initializes the modem:

      1. A default modem initialization string was not being used in
         the Modem settings dialog. This dialog is accessed by
         clicking the "Modem" button on the Session Setting dialog).

      2. The command "&D2" was included in the modem initialization
         string.  This should address a number of the problems that
         some users had during the disconnect process.


 A problem was fixed that caused unreadable characters to appear on the 
 status line.  This happened when users would attempt to "visit" a forum.


 WinCIM was not retrieving all of the information in certain menus if the 
 user moved the scroll boxes to the bottom of the scroll bar.


 A GPF error could occur under some conditions when WinCIM attempted to 
 view an address book that was created with CompuServe Information 
 Manager, DOS Version (DOSCIM).


 A problem with the use of the "break character" in the network scripts 
 has been corrected.


 A problem has been corrected that could cause a GPF error when mail 
 message of certain sizes would be forwarded to other users.


 A problem was fixed that could cause a GPF error with certain text Mail 
 messages when the options "High" importance and "Personal" sensitivity 
 were set.


 A problem that caused an "incorrect response packet" error message to 
 appear when retrieving marked messages (in forums) has been corrected.  
 WinCIM now disables talk/group "invitations" when it is retrieving
 marked messages.


 A problem was fixed that caused messages to not be sent from the Out-
 Basket if the "Do not retrieve" option was set for Mail messages that 
 were marked as "Postage Due".


 A problem was corrected with how certain edit boxes were being updated. 


 WinCIM was not displaying all of the available maps when using the 
 keyboard (down arrow). 


 The problem with sounds cutting off previously playing sounds has been 
 addressed.  If there is a sound playing and another sound event is 
 received, the second sound event is ignored - the second sound will not 
 be played.  


 A problem with reading certain "damaged" address books has been fixed.


 A problem was corrected with 2 color images when viewing them in 16 
 color mode.


 The new CompuServe-CD can work together .  Various changes were made so 
 that the CD product can launch and communicate with WinCIM (to handle 
 things like retrieving items "marked" from the CD).


 There were changes made to better handle the buffering of pixels when 
 viewing graphics that are stored on the user's machine.  This should 
 speed up the viewing of some images that have been previously downloaded 
 (and are already stored on the hard disk).



                            Integrity Master(tm)

  Integrity Master(tm) provides complete, easy to use, data integrity
  for your PC plus virus protection. It can also be used to provide
  file change management and security on your PC.  It scans for viruses
  like other anti-virus products but it also protects you against more
  than just viruses.

  This high performance assembly language program is written by the
  author of PC Magazine's PCdata integrity toolkit.  Integrity Master
  provides function and performance far beyond any other anti-viral or
  data integrity software, yet is easy enough for novice users.

  Distinguishing features:

 1) Integrity Master recognizes known viruses by name and will describe
    their characteristics and then allow you to (optionally) remove them.

 2) It can detect not only existing viruses, but also as yet unknown
    viruses.  Unlike other programs, which you must constantly update to
    keep ahead of the current crop of viruses, Integrity Master continues
    to protect you.

 3) Unlike other programs, it detects sectors and files which were damaged
    by a virus not just those that were infected.

 4) Integrity Master understands which files and areas on your disk are
    special and provides special specific diagnosis and recovery if these
    areas have changed.

 5) Integrity Master can reload system sectors on disks which are so badly
    damaged that DOS can no longer recognize them.

 6) Integrity Master detects any form of file or program corruption, not
    just that caused by viruses.  This makes Integrity Master a useful tool
    to provide PC security, change management and hardware error detection.
    Why spend your time merely checking for viruses when you give your PC a
    complete check out with Integrity Master?

 7) Integrity Master provides easy to use menus with context sensitive
    help plus a complete tutorial.  Integrity Master is designed so you
    you can start using it immediately -- no need to open the manual!

 8) Integrity Master is useful as an aid to PC security. If someone
    changes, adds or deletes any of your files you will know.

 9) Integrity Master is useful with disk diagnostics.  You can run your
    normal test programs to check if your disk drive is working OK right
    now, but was it working correctly at 3 PM yesterday?  Integrity Master
    will detect any disk errors which caused data damage earlier.

 10) You just restored your files from a backup.  Are all the files really
     OK?  Integrity Master will tell you.

 11) You just deleted *.BAT rather than *.BAK.  Integrity Master will
     tell you exactly which files you need to restore.

 12) Your hard disk is having problems.  Now DOS will not even recognize it
     as a disk.  IM can diagnose and then reload your partition and boot
     sectors to "fix" your disk!

                               What's new?

 New since Version 2.21a:

 1) When used with the /NE switch and checking boot sector viruses
    IM will require only one key-press whether a virus is found or not.
    (Needed by researchers to test boot sector viruses using SIMBOOT)

 2) The full report of boot sector viruses will be displayed even when the
    "/1" command line option is used.

 3) IM will consistently display a header before any checking even
    if only a boot sector or CMOS is checked.

 4) Modification to accomodate some non-standard CMOS memories and improved
    explanations with CMOS changes.

 5) False postives fixed: (V2P6 in CRACK.COM a game cheat program and
    mte in DECRYPT.EXE a program to use PGP in mailreaders).

 6) IM has been verified to detect all SMEG polymorphic viruses including
    the new version of SMEG (Pathogen and Queeg).

 7) IM identifies over 300 new viruses by name and characteristic

    3NOP, AMS, Abbas, Actifed, Adams family, Alchemy, Avispa, Baclab,
    Baron, Blender, Blood Sugar, Breeder, Bunny, CvWar2, DieYoung,
    Dinamo, Dracula, E.Digital, Ein_Volk, Error, F-Soft, Flash, Francis,
    Gippo, Goblino, Hermanos, Infector, J&M, Jack the Ripper, Jan800,
    Jericho, Lamer's Surprise, Misis, Mojave, Mudshark, Mut-Int, Muu,
    Mystic3, Npox2, PIAF, Particle man, Pator2, PatoruzU, Pizzolla,
    Platina, Poisoning, Projekt, RedTeam, Steeve, Succubus, Talon,
    Teknitov, Uriel, Warsaw, and ZigZag.

 Version 2.21a:

 1) Since many people are unaware that IM can be used as a simple virus
    scanner, IM will now offer the choice of scanning or initializing
    when it encounters a directory that it hasn't seen before.  This menu
    can be easily disabled.

 2) IM will now offer several options if it encounters a corrupted file
    (unless you have already told it what to do using the "Integrity
    Update" submenu). This allows you to easily verify that corrupted files
    have been correctly fixed.

 3) IM offers several new command line options:

    /F    - Forces full integrity checking.  This is useful if integrity
            checking has been set to "Quick update" as default.

    /NOB  - No Beep.  Turns sound off.

    /Q    - Forces "Quick Update" mode.

    /REPA - Report All. This reports all files scanned during a virus scan
            or all files added during an initialize.  This option is useful
            if you want to create a report showing all files and their
            check values or if you are testing a virus collection.

 4) IM's change command line option (/P) now allows you to include a disk

 5) IM now includes batch files to illustrate its use to automatically scan
    diskettes and new uploads.  SYSOP.DOC includes further information on

 6) We now offer registered users 12 months of free downloads of the
    registered version.

 7) We have eliminated false-positives with respect to Central
    Point/MicroSoft anti-virus related programs.

 8) IM will now terminate if a virus is found in memory. (This can be
    bypassed with the /B option.)

 9) IM includes a description (NET.DOC) of how to easily install and use IM
    on a LAN.

 10) We fixed a problem which would cause repeated or lost lines on the
     report file and another bug which could cause IM to halt when
     checking some Syquest removable media boot sectors.

 11) IM identifies over 350 new viruses by name and characteristic.


 > WildCat! 4 STR Spotlight               MUSTANG DOES IT AGAIN!!!

                                 WildCat! 4

 Pricing and Availability

 All of MSI's products are available through normal software outlets such
 as Software Etc. and CompUSA, however all upgrade purchases are only
 available through MSI direct.  Here is a schedule of our products and
                                                   NEW     UPGRADE
                                                 -------   -------
 WildCat! Single Line                            $129.00    $50.00
 WildCat! MultiLine 10                           $249.00    $50.00
 WildCat! MultiLine 250                          $499.00    $50.00
 WildCat! MultiLine Platinum                     $799.00    $50.00

 Wildcat! BBS Suite                              $999.00     ----
 (includes MultiLine Platinum, wcPRO, wcGATE, and wcCODE)

 wcPRO Utilities (with wcFAX)                     $99.00    $50.00
 wcGATE Internet/MHS Messaging Gateway           $149.00    $50.00 *
 wcCODE Custom OnLine Development Engine         $149.00    $50.00 **

  * wcGATE is $50 for anyone upgrading from wcUUCP or wcMHS only.  It is
    $149 for all new orders.
 ** wcCODE is $50 for anyone upgrading from an older copy of WildCat! BBS.
    It is $149 for all new orders.

              "Tell 'em you read about Wildcat 4 in STReport!"

                      WildCat! 4 Technical Information

                           User Account Management

 Maximum Number of User Accounts: 2 Billion
 Maximum User-ID length: 25 Characters
 Maximum Password Length: 14 Characters
 Maximum Number of Security Profiles per User: 1 primary and 5 secondary

 Each security profile can have its own:
   menu display set, security display file, maximum Logon time, daily time
   limit, expiration maximum up/down file ratio, maximum up/down K ratio,
   download warning action, maximum daily download files, maximum daily
   download K, upload compensation, ability to overwrite files, chat
   options, distributed mail, custom overrides.

 User Information Fields for:
   name, company, address(2 lines), city, state, zip, voice, fax and data
   phone number, screen width,  screen length, computer type, default
   editor, graphics support, date of birth, sex, language, comments (5
   lines), alias, title, Novell name, file display style, active
   conference, help level, file transfer protocol, message read mode, first
   call date, expire date, memo date, date and time of last call, date and
   time of last new files check, total calls, total messages written,
   numbers of uploads, number of downloads, total KB uploaded, total KB
   downloaded, current daily downloads, current daily KB downloaded, time
   left, account balance, netmail balance, wcMAIL settings, conferences
   scanned, user override toggles, security profile, secondary security
   profiles, conference toggles.

 Charge user accounts by:
  -File download
  -Netmail Message

 Special Features:
  -Sysop can determine which transfer protocols are available by security
  -Sysop defined default user profile
  -Wildcard user searches
  -Questionnaires can modify any field in user record
  -Duplicate user names allowed

                          Security and Menu Control

 BBS types:
  -Closed Comment
  -Closed Questionnaire

 Maximum number of security profiles:  1,000
 Maximum number of options per menu: 40
 Maximum number of menus: 650

 Menu Options can display a text file, select another menu, call built-in,
 global or wcCODE functions:

 Main Commands                    Sysop Commands
 -Bulletin Menu                   -Event Management
 -Door Menu                       -User Editor
 -Comment to Sysop                -Activity Log List
 -Page Sysop                      -Erase Activity Log
 -Show Hello Screens              -Files Editor
 -Questionnaire Menu              -Status of Databases
 -Find User                       -Node Management
 -Change User Settings            -Sysop Download
 -Display Statistics              -Sysop Upload
 -List Users
 -Display Newsletter              Global commands
 -Who is OnLine                   -Change Conference
                                  -Run Questionnaire
 Message commands                 -Expertise Level
 -Read messages                   -Display Help File
 -Search for messages             -Display Menu File
 -Delete message                  -Display DIP File
 -Check for Mail                  -Display Text File
 -Update scanned conferences      -Display Bulletin
 -Run wcMAIL                      -Logoff
                                  -Run wcCODE Program
 File Commands                    -Go to Menu
 -Information on File             -Door/Menu Hook
 -List Available Files            -Stack Commands
 -Download a File                 -Page User
 -Upload a File                   -Run wcCHAT
 -New Files Since
 -Search for Files
 -File Transfer Info
 -Personal File Stats
 -View a ZIP File
 -Read a Text File
 -Edit Marked List

 Special Features:
  -Define up to 1,000 sysop definable DOS hooks
  -Fully customizable menu structures
  -Ability to define any built-in or global option to any menu
  -Unauthorized commands, file areas, and conferences are hidden
  -Each menu can have its own RIP, ANSI, ASCII or dynamically generated
   display screen.
  -Support for stacked menu commands
  -WYSIWYG ANSI screen editor included

             Messaging Capabilities (Electronic Mail and Forums)

 Maximum Number of Message Conferences: 32,760
 Maximum Message Length: 64 KB
 Maximum Number of Messages per Conference: 65,520
 Maximum Number of Sysop-defined Distribution Lists: 1,000
 Maximum To/From User Field: 70 characters
 Maximum Subject Field: 70 characters

 Message conference types include:
  -Normal messages, public and private
  -Normal messages, public only
  -Normal messages, private only
  -Fido Netmail messages, private only
  -Internet E-Mail, private only
  -Usenet Newsgroup, public to ALL

 Special Features:
  -User name search when addressing messages
  -Sysop Snoop mode message reading allows sysop to quickly read messages
   updating message pointers
  -Integrated QWK mail interface (wcMAIL)
  -Message forwarding, carbon copies, return receipts, file attachments,
  -Conferences can be defined as Read Only, Write Only, Join Only or any
   combination of the three
  -Full screen editor for ANSI users with automatic word wrap and spell
  -Subject threading
  -Searches based on sender, receiver, subject, message text, message
   number, and conference.
  -Upload text into message using any file transfer protocol
  -Message attachments can be added download to queue
  -Prompt to delete message attachments based on
  -Originate new messages from Read mode
  -Automatically maintain messages by date or total number using wcPACK

                              File Capabilities

 Maximum Number of File Areas: 32,760
 Maximum Number of Files per Area: 2 billion
 Maximum Length of File Descriptions: 70 Characters standard, 15 lines by
   72 characters extended.

 Upload/Download Transfer Protocols:
   Zmodem, Ymodem-G, Ymodem, Xmodem-1K/G, Xmodem-1K, Xmodem/CRC, Xmodem,
   Kermit, ASCII, plus up to 10 Sysop-defined external protocols

 Special Features:
  -.GIF file thumbnail previewer
  -Multi-changer CD-ROM support
  -User-specified default transfer protocols
  -Duplicate file names
  -File list marking
  -File list format options for single, double or extended views
  -Searches by keyword, text in description, date, uploader with AND/OR
  -Password protected files with hide option
  -Auto-logoff option after transfer
  -Transfer prompting at logoff if files are still in download queue.
  -Option for indexing extended descriptions
  -Option for leaving message to file uploader
  -Option for running virus scanner after upload
  -File areas can be defined as list only, upload only, download only or
   any combination of the three
  -Built-in support for FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI

                       General/User Interface Features

  -Local sysop node in all versions (even Single Line)
  -Built-in support for RIPscrip graphical user interface
  -Auto-detect of RIP and ANSI at connection time
  -User selectable language at login or stored in user record
  -User selected graphics modes
  -User selected message edit modes
  -3 modes of menu operation: novice, regular and expert
  -3 modes of message display: scroll, clear screen, and keep header
  -Each conference can have it own bulletins, menus, questionnaires,
   display screens, help files, and attachment areas
  -Bulletins can be downloaded from bulletin menu or added to the file
   download queue
  -Customizable menus

  -Both single and multi-user door programs supported

 Chat Types:

 Chat Features:
  -Sysop definable channels
  -Sysop defined action Words
  -Channel specific action words
  -Profanity filter
  -Ignore/Unignore mode
  -Character by character private chat
  -Paging with 4 line message editor
  -Whisper mode

 Questionnaire facility:
   RIPscrip or text interface
   Maximum Number of Questionnaires: unlimited
   Maximum Number of Questions per Questionnaire: 100
   Maximum Length of Each Question: 64 KB
   Maximum Length of Each Answer: 65 characters
   Questionnaire answers are stored in ASCII file
                               Sysop Features

 All sysop maintenance functions are available from remote
 User activity audit trails recorded in activity logs

 Event Management:
   Maximum number of events: 32,760 per node
   Event types: hard, soft, flexible
   Event scheduler  hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

 Configurable console scrollback
   Console Security Types: none, passworded console access, no console
   Console View Types: 25 line, 43/50 line EGA/VGA, quiet (none)
   Status Line Styles: none, single line, two line, or full user account

                        Performance and Architecture

 Maximum DTE rate: 115,200
 Sysop definable connection rates

 Connectivity: Modem, LAN, X.25, FOSSIL*    (* MultiLine Platinum only)
 LANS Supported: Novell Netware and any network that uses DOS SHARE

 Maximum recommended simultaneous connections to Single 486-33 based PC
 using DESQview:

   Single Line: 1 + 1 local sysop node
   MultiLine 10 and 250: 4 + 1 local sysop node
   MultiLine Platinum: 8 + 1 local sysop node

 System Requirements:

   Wildcat Single Line

     Recommended Software:
     DOS 3.3 or higher

     Recommended Hardware:
     IBM AT or true compatible, 512K RAM, high density floppy, 15 MB hard
     drive space, RS232 serial port with external modem and cable or
     internal modem, voice grade telephone line.

     Typical Application:
     Entry level BBS for the small business person, hobbyist or special
     interest group.

   Wildcat MultiLine 10 and 250

     Recommended Software:
     DOS 3.3 or higher, DESQview 386, OS/2, for multiple lines on one PC.
     Network applications require Novell Netware or LAN software that uses
     DOS SHARE for file and record locking.

     Recommended Hardware:
     Multitasking on a single PC: 386-33mhz or higher with 1-2 MB RAM per
     dial-in node, hard drive.
     LAN connections: IBM AT or true compatible, 512K RAM, no floppy

     A serial port and external modem or internal modem and voice grade
     telephone line is required for each incoming modem connection.

     Typical Application:
     MultiLine 10:
     Multi-line public or private BBS running up to 4 dial-in lines on a
     single 386 PC, or a small business with a LAN for local logins, and
     one or more dial-in lines for customer or outside staff access.

     MultiLine 250:
     Medium to large sized LAN E-mail or corporate communications system
     requiring both local network access for more than 10 users, and only a
     small number of dial-up lines.

   Wildcat MultiLine Platinum

     Recommended Software:
     DOS 3.3 or higher, DESQview 386, OS/2 for multiple lines on one PC.
     Network applications require Novell Netware or LAN software that uses
     DOS SHARE for file and record locking.

     Hardware requirements:
     Minimum  486-33, 8-16 MB RAM, hard drive. Serial I/O boards required
     are to run 8 lines are PC/8e or PC/8i Digiboard with connecting cable
     or multi-port serial card that is FOSSIL compatible.  An external
     modem and voice grade telephone line are required for each incoming
     modem connection.

     Typical application:
     Medium  to large sized LAN E-mail or corporate communications system
     requiring both local network access for more than 10 users, and up to
     eight dial-up lines per workstation. Large multi-user public or
     private BBS, with up to eight incoming telephone lines per

                       wcPRO Utilities for Wildcat! 4

   wcPRO is the professional system operator's secret weapon, offering
   FAX-on-demand, extended database processing and statistics capabilities
   to further enhance Wildcat! 4's already powerful range of function.

 wcPRO General Information:
   The wcPRO Utilities give you more flexible access to the Wildcat! 4
   user, file, and message databases.  You can set match criteria based on
   content of any combination of fields in the databases, and you can save
   frequently used match setups to disk for easy access and batch
   processing.  Browsing, listing, deleting, and changing functions all
   respect the currently loaded match criteria.

 User Database Functions
  -browse user database sorted by Name, Name & UserID, Security Profile,
   Expire Date, or Alias
  -edit any field in any user record
  -relational hooks to message databases allow you to write a message to
   user while browsing user database
  -list users to screen or file in comma delimited, fixed length, .DBF
   (dBase), or mailing label formats based on the currently loaded match
   criteria (i.e., print mailing labels to send information to all users
   who's first call was in the last 7 days)
  -globally change any field in the user database based on the currently
   loaded match criteria (i.e., add a comment to all user's records who
   have written more than 50 messages)
  -delete users based on the currently loaded match criteria (i.e.,
   delete users who have not called in more than 90 days)

 File Database Functions
  -browse file database sorted by Filename, File Area, File Date, or
  -edit any field in any file record
  -view any file or archive while browsing database (sysop can configure
   external file viewers and editors based on the extension of file)
  -relational hooks to user and message databases while browsing file
   database records allow you to jump directly to user database entry of
   person who uploaded file or write messages directly to uploader
  -list files to screen or file in single line, double line, full, or .DBF
   (dBase) formats based on the currently loaded match criteria (i.e.,
   create a list of all the files available for download from your BBS)
  -globally change any field in the file database based on the currently
   loaded match criteria (i.e., freshen the date and time fields of the
   file database entries to match the actual date and time of the file on
  -delete files from the database and/or disk based on the currently
   loaded match criteria (i.e., delete all files from the database which
   were on an old CD-ROM disk you no longer offer to your users)
  -report files without database entries and files in the wrong directory
   based on the currently loaded match criteria

 Message Database Functions
  -browse message databases sorted in forward or reverse order
  -edit any field in the message header and/or message text
  -copy or move messages to any other database while browsing
  -relational hooks to user database allows you to jump directly to user
   database entry of sender or recipient of message while browsing
  -list messages to file in single line,  header only, or full text
   formats based on the currently loaded match criteria (i.e., export all
   the messages written by a certain user to a text file)
  -delete messages based on the currently loaded match criteria (i.e.,
   delete all private e-mail messages more than 7 days old which are
   marked as having been received)

 Questionnaire Reporting Functions
  -create statistics reports and graphs for multiple choice questions
   process questionnaire answer data file into comma delimited, fixed
   length, or .DBF (dBase) formats
  -can be configured to maintain history files to track questionnaire
   statistics over long periods while still allowing frequent processing
   of the data files
  -can be configured to delete the raw data files when done processing
  -reports can be ASCII text, color coded .BBS files, and .RIP graphics
   filesStatistics Reporting Functions
  -can create the following tables: general statistics, average user,
   bulletin statistics, message statistics, questionnaire statistics,
   door statistics, area code statistics, top file downloads, top
   downloaders, top uploaders, and node efficiency
  -can create graphs based on baud rates, download protocols, upload
   protocols, logoffs, calls by day, and calls by hour
  -all of the reports can be based on any combination of nodes, file
   areas, and conferences
  -can be configured to maintain history files to track statistics over
   long periods while still allowing frequent processing of the activity
  -can be configured to delete the activity logs when done processing
  -reports can be ASCII text, color coded .BBS files, and .RIP graphics

 Batch Processing Functions
  -list, change, or delete users based on match files
  -list, change, or delete files based on match files
  -create reports of missing and unlisted files
  -list or delete messages based on match files
  -process questionnaires based on saved configuration settings
  -process statistics based on saved configuration settings

 wcFAX - FAX-on-demand application
 System Requirements:
  -Wildcat! 4 BBS (any version)
  -Class 1 or Class 2 FAX modem connected to a standard (UART) serial
   interface (user interface works with any serial interface supported by
   Wildcat! 4)

  -full-screen menu driven configuration program
  -up to 32000 different documents with up to 10 files per document
  -documents can be ASCII text, .PCX graphics, or a combination of the two
  -sysop configurable cover sheet
  -access to individual documents determined by caller's security profile
  -users can mark and queue up FAX documents in the same way as marking
   and queuing up files for download
  -FAX server can run as an additional DESQview or network task, as a
   post-call event, or as a timed Wildcat! event
  -sysop configurable dialing prefix and suffix based on local, metro,
   regional, long distance, and overseas phone numbers
  -FAX requests to phone numbers configured as toll calls may be
   scheduled for times and/or days when rates are lower
  -sysop can configure cost for each individual document and have wcFAX
   automatically deduct the assigned number of units from the user's
   account balance
  -FAX server will try up to 3 times to get the FAX through (up to 5
   times if the line is busy), but aborts immediately if a VOICE answer
   is received
  -support for RIP terminal emulation for point and click queuing of
  -color .PCX files are converted automatically to dithered black and
   white images when the document is rasterized prior to sending
  -user can enter FAX number of their choice (wcFAX automatically loads
   the user's FAX number from the Wildcat! 4 user database) based on
   their security profile
  -sysop can configure a list of bad phone numbers which wcFAX will not
   allow users to send to (i.e., 911, local time/temperature)
  -users (based on their security profile) may change the To: field name
   when requesting FAXes
  -FAXes are rasterized in normal or fine mode based on the user's
   security profile

           wcGATE - Internet/MHS Messaging Gateway for Wildcat! 4

 wcGATE gives you the capability to connect your Wildcat! 4 BBS to the
 world's largest network of computers - the Internet, as well as gate
 messages to and from your Novell MHS server.  Your callers will be able
 to send and receive Internet or MHS E-Mail, as well as read and post
 articles in Usenet Newsgroups.

 System Requirements:
  -Wildcat! 4 BBS
  -MHS gateway requires Novell's MHS server v1.5 (Global MHS not
  -Internet gateway requires a UUCP account with an Internet provider
   (lists of commercial Internet providers are available on the MSI HQ

 Internet Features:
  -import and export Internet E-Mail
  -import and export Usenet Newsgroups
  -uuencoded files arriving at your site are automatically uudecoded and
   transformed into message file attachments
  -files attached to outgoing messages are automatically converted to
   uuencoded messages
  -built-in support for both 12 bit and 16 bit UNIX Compress and
   Decompress archiving methods
  -up to 2 billion user name translations per host may be configured
  -support for up to 65000 direct downlinks and 65000 hosts
  -configurable "smart host" routing tables for each downlink
  -route mailing lists to public conferences so more than one user can
   participate in each list
  -support for moderated newsgroups
  -support for Pagesat and Planet Connect satellite Internet connection
  -creates bounce messages automatically if mail arrives at your system
   and the user does not exist in your user database
  -full Internet DNS addressing support
  -Wildcat! 4 user names are automatically parsed into valid DNS
   addresses without having to set up translation tables

 MHS Features:
  -route E-Mail to any MHS compatible product via a Novell MHS server
  -supports attaching files to messages
  -echomail support via MHS transport - echo message conferences with
   other MHS capable Wildcat! 4 BBSes

          wcCODE - Custom Online Development Engine for Wildcat! 4

 wcCODE is a powerful development tool for customizing your Wildcat! 4
 BBS.  The wcCODE programming language is modeled after the BASIC
 programming language and it includes wcIDE, a full-screen integrated
 development environment with robust editor and online context sensitive
 help system.

 The compiled programs developed with wcCODE may be run on any Wildcat! 4
 BBS, regardless of whether that system has the wcCODE compiler.  wcCODE
 developers need not distribute the uncompiled source code for their
 programs.  This feature makes wcCODE an ideal development language for
 third party applications.  No royalties to Mustang Software (other than
 the initial licensing fee) are required for applications developed with

 wcIDE - Integrated Development Environment for wcCODE
  -full-screen editor
  -pull down menus
  -full mouse support
  -open multiple files for editing
  -compile programs directly from within wcIDE via function key
  -search, search and replace, and search again functions
  -resize, tile and cascade windows at will

 wcCODE Programming Language
  -structured procedural language similar to BASIC
  -open files for input, output, append, binary, and random
  -built-in indexing functions
  -built-in sorting functions
  -data types include: string, byte, integer, long, real
  -support for user-defined data types (records)
  -floating point math functions
  -pre-defined Wildcat! 4 specific data types including:
   ModemProfileRecord, MakewildRecord, MasterRecord, NodeInfoRecord,
   ConfRecord, UserRecord, SecurityProfile, MessageHeader, and FileRecord
  -more than 180 built in functions (standard BASIC functions plus all of
   the Wildcat! 4 menu functions and additional functions applicable to
   the Wildcat! 4 environment)
  -built-in support for all RIPscrip v1.54 functions
  -support for masked input fields
  -built-in file sharing for use on multi-user systems

 Mustang Software Inc                           800-999-9619 (sales)
 6200 Lake Ming Road                            805-873-2500 (office)
 Bakersfield, CA  93306                         805-873-2550 (tech support)
                                                805-873-2400 (BBS)
 Att: Dep't. STR                                805-873-2599 (fax)


 > McAfee At Your Service! STR InfoFile

                             New Virus Alerts!!!
 The following viruses arrived too late to be placed into Version 116,
 however, enclosed are descriptions and external strings to detect them.
 To use the external strings, create a text file with one string per line
 and save it to something like VIRUS.TXT.  Then run VIRUSCAN by typing:
 You can replace "C:" with any drive letter or letters (each separated by a
 space).  To check all local hard disk drives, replace "C:" with the "/ADL"
 switch.  To check all network dsik drives, replace "C:" with the "/ADN"
 NOTE:  These strings are for VIRUSCAN Version 11X only, not the new
        Version 2.x series.
 Chill Touch
 Description: The Chill Touch virus is a memory-resident .COM file
 infector. When run, the virus installs itself in memory as a
 terminate-and-stay resident program and infects COMMAND.COM.
 Infection Method: Once in memory, the virus watches for the running,
 copying, and opening of .COM files and infects on these accesses,
 increasing the size of infected files by 544 bytes.
 Messages: The virus contains the message "Chill Touch . You can't touch
 these phantoms", however, the message is not visible within the virus code
 due to a simple XOR loop used to cipher the virus code.
 Detection: The virus can be detected by VIRUSCAN's /EXT switch with the
 following string:
 "C7 09 8B F7 AC 34 ? AA E2" Chill Touch
 Infected files can be deleted with the DOS DEL command or VIRUSCAN`s /D
 VIRUSCAN's validation and recovery codes option will also detect and
 remove this virus.
 Other: We have received two reports of this virus from the United States
 and one report of the virus from Europe to date.

 Description: The Junkie virus is a memory-resident multipartite (file and
 system area) infector.  The virus infects .COM files greater than 4,096
 bytes and the master boot record of hard disks.
 Infection Method: Once a virus-infected program is run, the virus installs
 itself in memory as a terminate-and-stay-resident program.
 On the system area of the hard disk, the virus copies two 512-byte sectors
 of code into the first track of the hard disk.  The virus then modifies
 the existing master boot record of the hard disk to read the extra sectors
 and execute them upon boot-up.
 For files, the virus monitors the system for attempts to run and open
 them.  When a file is run or opened, the virus checks it for a .COM
 extension on the file.  The virus modifies the begining instructions of
 the file to point to the end of the file, and adds approximately 1,024
 bytes of virus code to the end of the file.  The next time the file is
 run, the virus code will then be executed before returning control to the
 host program.
 Messages: The virus contains the text;
  "Dr White - Sweden 1994 Junkie Virus -

 Written in Malmo..._", however, this message is not visable within the
 virus code due to a simple XOR loop used to cipher the virus code.
 Detection: The Junkie virus can be detected by VIRUSCAN's /EXT switch with
 the following string:
 "26 81 34 ? ? 46 46 E2 F7" Junkie Virus
 Infected files can be deleted with the DOS DEL command or VIRUSCAN's /D
 VIRUSCAN's validation and recovery codes option will also detect and
 remove this virus.
 Other: We have had one report of this virus on one PC from Stockholm,
 While there have been multiple reports of this virus from the Great Lakes
 region of the United States, it appears that these are not reports OF the
 virus but reports ABOUT the virus from the U.S. distributor of a
 Scandanavian antivirus program.
 We have had no other infection reports of this virus from any of our 150+
 offices in 50+ countries around the world.
                               Aryeh Goretsky
                         Manager, Technical Support
                      End of Bulletin MCAFEE Technical


 > Symantec News Notes STR InfoFile


 Provides users or LAN administrators with a complete and easy -to-use 
 solution to secure valuable information and protect accessibility.

 * Offers three levels of graduated security:  password, file/directory
   locking and encryption.
 * Protects hard disks, folders and files from unwanted intrusion.
 * Unobtrusive, stringent access control.
 * Administrator version provides configuration and distribution for an
   entire network from a central location.
 * Offers a single vendor enterprise solution for cross-platform security
   and multiple licensing packaging.

 CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) announced The
 Norton DiskLock Series, a complete and flexible software solution that
 empowers individual users or LAN Administrators to secure not only initial
 system access but also the exact information they need protected.  The
 Norton DiskLock Series includes The Norton DiskLock 3.0 for individual PC
 use and The Norton DiskLock Administrator which includes multiple versions
 of the PC component, plus centralized LAN administration tools. Both
 products are available in either PC or Macintosh versions.

 "The Norton DiskLock Series offers a solution to all levels of computing
 environments and applications whether it's a user that leaves their
 computer unattended, shares their computer or works on a network," said
 Ken Felderstein, Symantec Peter Norton Group business unit director.  "For
 LAN Administrators, downsizing and the movement of a new level of
 information to the desktop has raised the need for PC security to an
 immediate priority. What was once seen as a potential security breach and
 daunting installation and configuration process is now easily solved with
 The Norton DiskLock."

 The Norton DiskLock Series provides three levels of graduated computer
 security: password protection against unauthorized system access,
 discretionary file locking and selective encryption. The programs offer a
 balance between airtight security by loading before the computer's
 operating system with an ease-of-use not generally found in the computer
 security market.

 The Norton DiskLock Administrator is the only access control product
 available to offer LAN administrators the ability to remotely distribute
 and configure from a central location as well as gather and view global
 audit logs.  In addition, Norton DiskLock is part of an extensive,
 evolving Network Series from Symantec and offers seamless integration with
 The Norton Administrator for Networks program.

 Easy, Foolproof Protection
 The Norton DiskLock Series sets up much faster than other password
 programs.  Rather than having to select each individual file, users can
 choose file groups or entire directories. The programs support file
 locking and two methods of encryption, including proprietary and the
 government standard DES specifications. The programs also allow the
 primary user/administrator to assign discretionary access to secondary
 users by granting full access or no access to files and directories.

 Users are assured of stringent security with the only solution available
 which loads before the system software, so unauthorized users can't boot
 up, even from a floppy disk.  An access log is maintained where all
 unauthorized entry attempts to The Norton DiskLock are logged and reported
 to the authorized user. The Norton DiskLock Series also provides
 autolocking which automatically blanks the screen and blocks access to the
 system after a set period of mouse and keyboard inactivity.  User
 productivity goes uninterrupted by offering background tasks such as
 printing or fax processing to continue and access to the system is easily
 returned to the authorized user via user ID and password.

 Network Security Solution
 The Norton DiskLock Administrator is an invaluable security solution for
 network users and LAN administrators. Based on Symantec's SymNet (TM)
 network management technology, DiskLock Administrator is the only solution
 available today to offer remote distribution of The Norton DiskLock from a
 central console as well as remote configuration of the program with the
 ability to set passwords and settings. In addition, the global audit
 capabilities of The Norton DiskLock Administrator allows LAN
 administrators to collect audit logs from the individual workstations on
 the network and store them in a central location.

 The Norton DiskLock Administrator also provides LAN administrators and
 network users the added value of  a common security interface across DOS,
 Windows and Macintosh computers as well as the added confidence of a
 single-vendor providing the enterprise security solution across all the
 network's workstations.

 The Norton DiskLock 3.0 is available at a suggested retail price of $129
 for either the single user PC or single user Macintosh version. The Norton
 DiskLock Administrator is available at a suggested retail price of $1161
 for the PC 10-pack or the Macintosh 10-pack.  As a special introductory
 offer The Norton DiskLock Series is available at a suggested retail price
 of $99 for single user versions and $891 for Administrator 10-pack
 versions through May 14, 1994.

 The Norton DiskLock 3.0 PC version runs on a IBM AT, PS/2 and 100%
 compatibles, requires MS DOS/PC DOS 3.3 or higher with 640K RAM, 4 MB disk
 space, and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1. The Norton DiskLock
 3.0 Macintosh version runs on Macintosh Plus or higher, and requires
 Systems 6.04 or later including System 7.x and 1 MB RAM.

 The Norton DiskLock Administrator PC version is compatible with the major
 network operating systems including Novell NetWare, Banyan Vines,
 Microsoft LAN Manager and IBM LAN Server and supports both DOS and Windows
 client operating systems.  The Administrator's console runs on a Windows
 management platform which requires an IBM 80386 PC or 100% compatible, DOS
 3.3 or higher, Windows 3.1, and minimum disk space of 5 MB. The Norton
 DiskLock Administrator Macintosh version requires an AppleTalk-compatible
 network and requires 4MB of RAM on the administrator's console.

 Symantec Corporation develops, markets and supports a complete line of
 application and system software products for IBM personal computers and
 compatibles, and Apple Macintosh computers. Founded in 1982, the company
 has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.
 Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling
 (800) 441-7234 toll free, or (503) 334-6054.

    Brand and product references herein are the trademarks or registered
                   trademarks of their respective holders.

              Norton DiskLock and Norton DiskLock Administrator




                             FOR DOS AND WINDOWS!

      Genus Microprogramming is now shipping GX Effects 3.0, a DOS toolkit
 for adding multimedia effects, animation, and sound to programs written in
 almost any language.  Genus is simultaneously releasing GX Effects 1.0 for
 Windows, for multimedia support under Microsoft Windows.  GX Effects
 allows developers to manipulate images with a variety of transitional
 effects, such as weaves, slides, and spirals.  By adjusting a number of
 parameters, the developer can literally create an infinite variety of
 effects.  Many animation routines are also provided for animating sprites
 (a sprite is a moving graphic object such as a flying bird or a walking
 man).  GX Effects makes it easy to move sprites across a background
 without any annoying flicker--a problem common to many sprite routines. 
 Sprites can be placed transparently to the display, or to off-screen
 virtual buffers.  Support for Autodesk Animator Flic files is provided as
 well, for seamless integration into a users program (DOS version only).

 Besides visual effects, GX Effects for DOS provides a complete music
 definition language and a Sound Blaster voice file interface, whereas GX

      Effects for Windows provides both MIDI and WAV support. This allows
 developers to add music and sound effects to their programs.  For example,
 developers are able to play music in the foreground or background while an
 effect or animation is performed.  GX Effects supports all display modes
 of the Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA and Super VGA display adapters up through
 1280x1024 in 16 million colors, including the popular Mode X game
 resolutions.  It contains a comprehensive set of compiler interfaces for
 C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran, Assembly, and Clipper, and any compiler
 supporting Windows DLLs.

      The price of GX Effects for DOS or Windows is $199 each, with source
 code available for an additional $200 when purchasing either package. GX
 Effects is available directly from Genus or through dealers such as
 Programmer's Shop, Programmer's Paradise, Programmer's ProVantage, etc.
 Inquires should be directed to Genus' toll free sales number 800/227-0918
 or internationally at 713/870-0737.

 For more information, contact:

                        Genus Microprogramming, Inc.
                               Terry Marshall
                            Marketing Coordinator



                          DATAPERFECTION IN DENVER
                     A Conference for DataPerfect Users

                                 * * * * * *

                            July 29 and 30, 1994
                             Friday and Saturday
                              8:30am to 5:30pm

                          Hyatt Regency Tech Center
                           7800 East Tufts Avenue
                              Denver, CO 80237


                            About the Conference

 Many of us who attended WordPerfect Corporation's 1993 DataPerfect
 Conference were unhappy to hear WordPerfect Corporation wouldn't repeat
 that in 1994.  Soon after hearing the bad news, I and a handful of other
 dedicated DataPerfect experts started phoning and EMailing each other with
 the single-minded purpose of putting together a 1994 conference

 Well, we did it!  This spectacular two-day event takes place on Friday and
 Saturday, July 29 and 30, 1994.  We'll offer classes on many topics--some
 for beginners, others for the more experienced.  And, just like the 1993
 Conference that WordPerfect Corporation put on, we'll offer some "show and
 tell" sessions, where some DataPerfect application developers demonstrate
 their wares.  Call us if you'd like to show off your stuff as well.

 Now, unlike the 1993 Conference, we're offering something new.  On a
 "first come, first serve" basis, we'll offer individual consultations for
 those with questions about particular problems they're having with their
 applications.  We'll offer up to two hours of "one-on-one" consultation
 with an expert in the field!  You'll probably have to call in advance for
 this, because I doubt we can offer a full two hours to everyone.  Let us
 know the problem you want worked out--as best you can describe it--and
 we'll line you up with the right expert, time permitting.  There's no
 additional charge for this, so get on the list right away if this
 interests you.

                                   Class Topics

 We don't have a firm line-up of who's teaching what, but we do have a list
 of topics we're prepared to teach.  Though we guarantee that beginners,
 intermediates, and the advanced will be well served in this conference,
 we're waiting to hear from you as to what you would like to learn.  Let us
 know your first five choices in order of preference (see the Registration
 Information Sheet on the last page of this file).

 To get some ideas, take a look at the following list of topics we're
 prepared to teach.  Some are clearly not for beginners, and others are
 clearly not for the advanced:

 - Defining a database on paper
 - Database design
 - Indexes, Links, and Lookups
 - Formulas
 - Menu creation, design, and management
 - Report creation and design
 - Report variables
 - Exception list indexes
 - DPDiagnostics
 - Importing and exporting data
 - Transaction logs
 - Understanding STE files
 - Protecting your database
 - DataPerfect with Windows
 - Printer control techniques
 - DataPerfect/Shell/WordPerfect integration
 - DataPerfect on LANs
 - Backup strategies & disaster recovery
 - Remote connections
 - Add-ons, accessories, utilities
 - Screen tricks
 - STE file editing
 - Developer needs
 - Office automation design
 - Special effects


 Transportation between the Hyatt Regency and Stapleton International
 Airport is $8.50 each way, via the Airport Limousine Service (about thirty
 minutes).  The Hyatt Regency also offers a complimentary shuttle on a
 "first come, first serve" basis, within a five-mile radius of the hotel.


 The Hyatt Regency at the Denver Tech Center has given us a very nice deal
 for conference participants.  To get this deal, though, you must reserve
 your room by June 28.  Here's what we got for you:

                            Single room      $65/night
                            Double room       65/night
                            Business Class    80/night

 "Business Class" rooms include things like a fax machine.  However, all
 rooms have data jacks on the phones, making it convenient to stay in touch
 with CompuServe after dinner!  Of course, maybe I'm the only one who does

 You can call Hyatt's toll-free national reservation service to reserve a


 When you call to reserve a room, mention the conference name: 
 "DataPerfection in Denver."  That should get you the discounted room rate. 
 You're responsible for your own room reservation.

                                 Hotel Amenities

 As well as wonderful rooms to plop down in after an exciting day with
 fellow DataPerfect users, this Hyatt offers an indoor pool,  hottub,
 exercise room, and an outdoor lighted tennis court.  For ten dollars,
 they'll transport you to the Greenwood Athletic Club, which has luxurious
 facilities, including racquetball, squash, exercise equipment, an olympic
 pool, running tracks, basketball and volleyball courts, etc.

 Also nearby is the Cherry Creek Mall, with galleries, fancy shopping,
 amazing restaurants, the "largest bookstore between Chicago and L.A." 
 You'll also find easy access to the Denver Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Museum of
 Natural History, Planetarium, IMAX, Children's Museum, Coors Brewery,
 Water World, U.S. Mint, and, of course, nice mountains.

                                 Faculty Listings
                               (alphabetical order)

 (The following is a partial list of instructors.  As the others submit
 their curricula vitae, I'll update this list.)

 RALPH ALVY, DC, is a chiropractor in Santa Monica, California, who runs
 his practice with a DataPerfect application he wrote.  He manages the
 DataPerfect section of WordPerfect Users Forum on CompuServe, and has
 authored numerous articles on DataPerfect in independent DataPerfect
 newsletters, including DataPerfection.

 JIM BRADLEY is a computer systems and management consultant in Ottawa,
 Canada, specializing in associations and non-profit organizations. He's a
 contributing editor on technology issues to Association Magazine and
 serves as the Executive Director of a large health organization.  With
 DataPerfect, he developed CENsys, an association management information
 system which includes donation, conference, and education modules.

 GAVIN CLARKSON is a Lecturer in Computer Science at Rice University and
 DataPerfect "poster boy" for the legal and governmental industry.  He has
 developed systems for law firms, corporate legal departments, and
 governmental relations offices.  His company, NationBase, is the world's
 leading provider of legislative management software.

 DON FRIEDMAN is President & CEO of PRS Data Systems and Professional
 Record Systems, Inc., of Pittsburgh, PA.  He's developed dozens of
 DataPerfect applications for a wide range of clients, including some of
 the largest known DP applications.  These huge applications are part of a
 voter profile system he maintains for Democratic candidates for office in

 DANITA HELLMUND is a network consultant in Englewood, Colorado.  Using
 WordPerfect Shell and Shell macros, she specializes in integrating
 DataPerfect with other products, including implementing DataPerfect as a
 secondary merge manager.

 MARK Y. NEPON, DMD, is a dentist in Winnipeg, Canada, and the developer of
 DENTALOffice(TM), a dental office practice management program based on
 DataPerfect, marketed by Telamore, Inc., Provo, UT.  Using DataPerfect, he
 placed third at the annual developers competition (87 teams worldwide) in
 November 1993.

 DEBBIE SHAFFER is the administrator of the Legal Department at Southwest
 Research  Institute in San Antonio, Texas. She's written unique multi-user
 applications with intricate tracking and reporting functions to manage all
 matters handled by in-house counsel. In addition, she's served as an
 in-house consultant to various research departments in planning special
 DataPerfect applications for use in research and development projects, and
 has taught numerous in-house classes on database development and report
 writing to departments seeking to substantially increase productivity.

 HEMAN SMITH is the publisher of DataPerfection, the DataPerfect User's
 Newsletter, as well as the developer of AdSales!, an advertising client
 management package, and SUBSCRIBE!, a subscription fulfillment package for
 newsletters and magazines.

 MICHAEL S. VICTOROFF, MD, is a family physician in Denver, Colorado, and
 Director of Medical Informatics for HealthONE, Colorado's largest hospital
 system.  He's the developer of ChartR, a medical record system based on

 TOM YUHAS is a trial attorney in Los Angeles, California.  Besides having
 developed a Case Management application used by four associate attorneys
 and fifteen staff members, he also uses DataPerfect to help with product
 defect litigation, by indexing, cross indexing, and managing
 manufacturers' document production, which often numbers more than 100,000
 documents for a single product.


 We expect that certain application, demonstration, and class materials may
 be made available to participants on disk.  We also anticipate you may
 request and/or allow a presenter to use your computer for demonstration,
 application help and like activities.  You are not required to allow
 anyone to use your personal computer, nor are you obligated to use the
 materials that may be provided.  No warranty is made regarding either the
 materials themselves or the disks.  If you choose to allow someone to use
 your computer or you choose to use a provided disk, you are solely
 responsible for any damage incurred thereby.  Before you or anyone else

 The sponsors of this event will make every effort to check the disks they
 provide using generally available anti-virus programs. There is no
 guarantee that our efforts will identify every virus, nor is there any
 guarantee that a virus will not enter distributed disks after we check
 them.  For your own peace of mind and financial well being, be sure to
 scan all disks before you use them.

 Should damages result to a computer or software as a result of any
 materials provided or any work performed or demonstrated using your
 computer, our liability for such damage is limited to providing a
 replacement disk, or repairing the mechanical or electronic components we
 physically damage.  We are not responsible for any other loss including
 damaged software, damaged information databases, loss of business
 information, business interruption loss and the like.

 The sponsors are not responsible for the security of your equipment. 
 Always keep your computer with you.  Never leave it unattended.  Neither
 the sponsors or the hotel can guarantee security of your belongings.  Some
 states do not allow the exclusion of or limitation of incidental or
 consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply
 to you.

 This warranty is void where prohibited.

                             Registration Information

 We're charging $350 for this two-day conference.  Heman Smith, our beloved
 publisher and editor of DataPerfection, has offered to collect the fees
 for this event.  Given that he has a DataPerfection merchant account, you
 can pay for this with a Visa or Mastercard over the phone by calling Heman
 at 208/357-5727.  If you're registering by credit card, and you get
 DataPerfection's answering machine (the message will clearly tell you that
 you reached DataPerfection's office), leave the following information:

      Day and evening phone numbers
      Credit card number
      Name as it appears on the credit card
      Expiration date on the credit card

 For those registering by check, make your check out to "DataPerfection,"
 and mail it to the following:

                             DataPerfection in Denver
                               1120 North 1200 East
                                Shelley, ID 83274
                          Attention: Registration Dept.

                                   * * * * * *

 I hope to see you there!

                              Sysop Ralph Alvy
                           WordPerfect Users Forum

                          REGISTRATION INFORMATION SHEET

 Whether paying by credit card or check, please fill out this sheet and
 send it to the following: 

                             DataPerfection in Denver
                               1120 North 1200 East
                                Shelley, ID 83274
                          Attention: Registration Dept.

                            PERSONAL INFORMATION

           Name           :
           Address Line 1 :
           Address Line 2 :
           City           :
           State/Province :
           Country        :
           Postal Number  :
           Day Phone      :
           Evening Phone  :
           Fax Line       :
           CompuServe ID  :
           Profession     :
           Job Title      :

                            CLASS TOPICS PREFERRED

           First Choice   :
           Second Choice  :
           Third Choice   :
           Fourth Choice  :
           Fifth Choice   :

                           YOUR DATAPERFECT EXPERIENCE

 Please describe your experience with DataPerfect, even if it's just to say
 you just installed it yesterday and aren't sure what a database manager

 If you've developed some applications, tell us about them.  Do you use
 them in your business?  If so, do you run them on a network?  How many
 work stations?  Do you plan on selling DataPerfect applications?

 You get the idea.  We'd like to know who's coming so we can plan our class
 offerings accordingly.  Feel free to simply use the other side of this
 page for this little essay.  We need your help in making this a wonderful


                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
             Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

        ___   ___    _____     _______
       /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/           The Macintosh RoundTable
      /____|/____| /__/|__| /__/                 ________________________
   /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/____                  Managed by SyndiComm
  /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GEnie users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > Adobe Photoshop 3.0 STR FOCUS!

                        ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 3.0 ANNOUNCED

                For Both the Windows and Macintosh Platforms
      New Release Provides Multiple Layers, New Color Correction Tools
                         User Interface Enhancements

 Mountain View, Calif. (June 20, 1994) (NASDAQ: ADBE)  Adobe Systems 
 Incorporated today announced Adobe Photoshopt 3.0, a major upgrade that
 adds new and enhanced composition, editing and production features to the
 industry leading image processing software. Version 3.0 offers identical
 features and cross-platform interoperability for the Apple Macintosh and
 Microsoft Windowst versions. The Adobe Photoshop 3.0 program is also
 designed to take full advantage of the recently developed high-performance
 Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. The product will be
 demonstrated publicly for the first in Adobe's booth, #4320, at PC Expo,
 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, June 28-30, 1994.

 The most significant new features are support for multiple layers and new
 color correction tools. The frequently requested multiple layers support
 allows users to manipulate elements of an image on separate layers, much
 as they would use separate sheets of acetate when using manual techniques.
 This feature speeds the creative process for image composition, gives
 users greater creative flexibility, allows them to make corrections more
 easily and enables them to experiment before committing to an image or
 design idea. 

 The new color correction controls improve the process of getting color
 fidelity when adjusting images for CMYK output. For example, selective
 color correction lets users specify precisely the amount of ink in a given
 color plate, saving time and money on unusable film. The improved user
 interface provides many enhancements, including redesigned floating
 palettes, a new Commands palette and a new drag and drop feature, all of
 which allow users more control over their workspace.  Additionally, the
 product has been enhanced to offer a more intuitive interface for
 increased productivity. 

 "Adobe Photoshop 3.0 delivers the features most requested by our
 customers, from the new image layering capability to the more accurate
 control of color and creative effects," said Bryan Lamkin, senior product
 marketing manager for Adobe's Application Products Division. "The major
 objective of this product release was to improve and streamline the
 creative process and enable users to fully explore their creative options
 through innovative user interface and functional design."

 New Feature Highlights
 The new Layers palette allows users to quickly composite multiple images
 and to draw, edit or use effects and filters on different layers. Users
 can quickly try different combinations and placements of graphics, text
 and special effects, without discarding image data, until the desired
 effect is achieved. Users can also attach a single 8-bit alpha channel
 mask, called a Layer Mask, to any layer. A Layer Mask lets users apply
 effects to a layer, vary the opacity of a layer and use channels
 calculation commands on a layer without destroying layer data.

 Adobe Photoshop version 3.0 also includes a number of user interface 
 enhancements that give users more control over their workspaces. The
 redesigned floating palettes can be combined and arranged in any order,
 and the new Commands palette lets users create custom command buttons that
 provide quick access to the most frequently performed tasks. To save time
 when using filters, users can preview the effect of a filter before
 actually applying it to the image. The new drag-and-drop feature lets
 users quickly copy and paste images between documents or layers without
 using menu commands. 

 New color correction controls:
 -Selective color correction lets users specify precisely the amount of ink 

 -The Replace Color feature lets users create masks based on specific
 colors and correct color by adjusting hue, saturation and brightness

 -CMYK Preview provides a "soft proofing" capability that lets users
 preview their results in CMYK without first converting the image.

 -Gamut Warning highlights any areas in an image that are out of CMYK
 gamut. Users can then bring colors back into gamut for correct color
 separation output.

 New Filters enable new lighting effects, facilitate image restoration and 
 encourage development of new special effects:

 -The Lighting Effects filter lets users apply a variety of lighting
 effects to an image via multiple light sources, with a range of colors,
 intensities and angles.

 -The Dust & Scratches plug-in allows users to remove dust and scratches
 from scanned images to facilitate retouching and photo restoration.

 -The Filter Factory plug-in allows users to create and name new Adobe
 Photoshop plug-ins.

 Other new features include: 
 -Color Range lets users easily build feathered masks by selecting colors
 in images.

 -The Sponge Tool allows users to interactively saturate or desaturate
 colors. This tool is particularly effective when used with Gamut Warning
 to bring colors into CMYK gamut.

 -IPTC support lets users add file information to an image, such as the
 photographer's name, date and location the photograph was taken, photo
 caption, and other information required by the worldwide IPTC newspaper

 -For the first time, Adobe Photoshop 3.0 will include a Deluxe CD-ROM at
 no extra charge. The Deluxe CD will include Adobe Photoshop 3.0, Adobe
 Acrobat Reader, user tutorials, stock photography and a digital art show. 

 The CD-ROM will also include a sample collection of third-party plug-ins
 that take advantage of the program's cross-platform plug-in architecture.
 A second CD-ROM with Adobe Type On Callt is also included.

 New Operating System Support
 The program runs native on the Power Macintosht computers and provides
 excellent performance on 680x0-based Macintosh systems. The new 32-bit
 Windows version of Adobe Photoshop 3.0 achieves optimum performance on
 Windows NTt by supporting symmetric multi-processing, and maintains full
 functionality and responsiveness on Windows 3.1.

 "Experienced users who try Adobe Photoshop 3.0 on a Power Macintosh or
 Intel Pentium system running Windows will discover a new and exciting
 level of performance," Lamkin said. "And we are also maintaining our
 commitment to feature parity and interoperability between the Windows and
 Macintosh versions. All in all, we believe version 3.0 will strengthen our
 leadership in both the Windows and Macintosh markets."

 Price and Availability
 Adobe Photoshop 3.0 is expected to be available from Adobe authorized
 dealers in the third quarter of 1994. The suggested retail price is $895
 for either the Macintosh or Windows version. Product packages include both
 diskette and CD-ROM media.  Registered owners of any previous full version
 of the Adobe Photoshop program may purchase a version 3.0 upgrade directly
 from Adobe for $149 plus a small handling fee.  Anyone purchasing Adobe
 Photoshop version 2.5 after June 15, 1994, will receive a free upgrade to
 version 3.0. Customers with Adobe Photoshop LE editions may upgrade to
 version 3.0 for $199 plus a small handling fee. For more information,
 customers should contact Adobe at 1-800-833-6687.

 System Requirements: Macintosh
 Minimum system requirements for the Adobe Photoshop 3.0 Macintosh include
 68020 or higher processor, Apple System Software 7 or greater, 6 megabytes
 of RAM available for the application, and hard disk with at least 20
 megabytes of free hard disk space.

 For better performance, system recommendations include a 68040 or Power 
 Macintosh, Apple System Software 7.1.2 or greater, 8 to 16 megabytes of 
 application RAM, a hard disk with at least 50 megabytes of free disk
 space, a color monitor with a 24-bit video card and acceleration products
 bearing the "Adobe Charged" logo. 

 System Requirements: Windows
 Minimum system requirements for the Adobe Photoshop 3.0 Windows version
 include an Intel 386, 486 or Pentium processor, DOS 5.0, Windows 3.1 or
 Windows NT version 3.5, 8 megabytes of RAM (16 megabytes of RAM for
 Windows NT), at least 20 megabytes of free disk space, a color VGA display
 adapter and compatible color monitor, and a mouse or other pointing

 For better performance, system recommendations include a Pentium
 processor, DOS 6.1 or greater, Windows 3.1 or Windows NT version 3.5, 16
 or more megabytes of RAM (32 megabytes of RAM for Windows NT), at least 50
 megabytes of free disk space, a color display adapter and compatible color
 monitor, mouse or other pointing device and acceleration products bearing
 the "Adobe Charged" logo.

 Adobe Systems Incorporated, founded in 1982, is headquartered in Mountain
 View, California. Adobe develops, markets and supports computer software
 products and technologies that enable users to create, display, print and
 communicate electronic documents. The company licenses its technology to
 major computer and publishing suppliers, and markets a line of type and
 application software products.  Revenue for fiscal 1993 exceeded $313


 Acrobat, Adobe, Adobe Charged, the Adobe Charged logo, Adobe Photoshop and
 Type On Call are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated, which may be
 registered in certain jurisdictions. Power Macintosh is a trademark, and
 Apple and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
 i386, i486 and Pentium are trademarks, and Intel is a registered trademark
 of Intel Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trademark, and Windows and
 Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

 For More Information, Please Contact:
                              Patricia J. Pane
                         Adobe Systems Incorporated
                               (415) 962-2967
                                 LaVon Peck
                         Adobe Systems Incorporated
                               (415) 962-4430


 > STAC & MS Ready to GO! STR FOCUS!

       STACKER NOTE                                         STACKER NOTE
        Deal marks new era of cooperation;Includes equity investment in
                               Stac by Microsoft
       STAC FAX  1122 (06-21-1994)
       Redmond, Washington, June 21st 1994 -  Microsoft Corporation and
       Stac Electronics announced today that they have signed a broad
       cross license agreement to end their disk compression patent
       dispute.  The agreement also includes an equity investment in
       Stac by Microsoft to provide a framework for future cooperation
       between the companies.
            Under the agreement, Microsoft and Stac will cross license
       all of their existing disk compression patents, as well as any
       future disk compression patents that either company receives over
       the next five years.  In addition, Stac will receive a license to
       Microsoft's preload technology in MS-DOS 6 and Microsoft will
       receive the right to license, for a royalty, all of Stac's
       existing patents unrelated to disk compression, as well as any
       new patents that Stac receives over the next five years.
            "Together we resolved this dispute so we could end the
       inconvenience the recent judgment has caused customers
       worldwide," commented Paul Maritz, senior vice president, systems
       division.  "This agreement means our customers, resellers and
       OEM's worldwide can sell and use all versions of MS-DOS without
            Said Gary Clow, chairman and CEO of Stac Electronics,
       "Today's agreement immediately ends our conflict with Microsoft
       and ushers in a new era of cooperation between the two companies.
       Having Microsoft as our ally will help us with new business
       opportunities and be a far better situation for our company.  It
       puts and end to our burdensome legal fees, creates a royalty
       stream, puts money in the bank and, most importantly, aligns
       Microsoft's interests with the interests of Stac."
            The agreement calls for Microsoft to pay Stac license
       royalties of $1 million per month for a period of 43 months.
       Microsoft will also purchase $39.9 million of 4.0% non-voting
       convertible preferred stock which matures in the year 2004.  The
       preferred stock has a conversion price of $9.00 per share and is
       convertible into a total of 4.44 million common shares.
            "We look forward to working with Stac as a technology and
       business partner.  Stac has invited us to attend their board
       meetings and we intend to identify areas for possible future
       cooperation," commented Greg Maffei, Microsoft's treasurer.  "As
       an equity investor in Stac, we have an economic incentive to seek
       opportunities that can enhance their business."
            Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MFST") is the worldwide
       leader in software for personal computers.  The company offers a
       wide range of products and services for business and personal
       use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more
       enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of
       personal computing every day.
            Stac Electronics (Nasdaq "STAC") is a leading supplier of
       high-performance data compression products for personal
       computers.Implemented in software and silicon, Stac's products
       are sold direct from the company and through retail and OEM sales
       distribution channels worldwide.

                       Copyright 1994 Stac Electronics

                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

   STReport International Online Magazine is available every week for your
 reading pleasure on DELPHI.  STReport's readers are invited to join DELPHI
    and become a part of an extremely friendly community of enthusiastic
                            computer users there.

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                   DELPHI services via a local phone call

                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                 When connected, press RETURN once or twice
                At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

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      Advantage Members have always enjoyed the lowest DELPHI access rates
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      Who is eligible to take advantage of the plan?  Any DELPHI member in
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      It's easy to join. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can
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      The $20 charge will be billed to you at the beginning of the month to
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 Then, just answer the questions and within a day or two, you'll officially
 be a member of DELPHI!  

         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

  From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      Well, the summer's CES is now two days into the show, and the
 news, simply put, is exciting!  This is the time of the year that
 Atarians, especially the Jaguar owners, have been anxiously waiting.
 The summer CES is _the_ place to be for the newest in electronics.  For
 Atari, this will be the time to shine.  Here's where the developers,
 the investors, the buyers, and the press will be for three days.  The
 Jaguar _will_ be the highlight of the show.

      This week's issue, specifically the Atari computer section, will
 be short to accommodate the pending news from Chicago's CES.  The focus
 on this show more than merits the coverage.  In subsequent issues,
 we'll also be likely to continue coverage of the events from CES in an
 effort to keep you up-to-date with all things Atari.

      So, let's get to it!

      Until next time...

                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
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      *(2) AEO NEWS! #4                   (7) GEMRAM V.1.6                  
      *(3) STARBALL                       (8) FIGHT OFF THE MUTANT TOMATOES 
       (4) TETRIS/BITRIS/COLUMNS          (9) WYRD WAYS                     
       (5) DATELINE ATARI JUNE 94       *(10) XAES-NEW LETEMFLY             
                             * = New on list                                
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   out-performing every other file in the databases.                      
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT #10.25)               
       ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 9)     
         Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.         


 > CT AtariFest STR InfoFile!  -  ACT Show Update!

   **           O U R   F O U R T H   A N N U A L   S H O W ! ! !       **
   **                        /-----------\/------------/                **
   **                       /                         /                 **
   **                      /    CT ATARIFEST '94     /                  **
   **                    ,/                         /                   **
   **                  ,/  __________/|\___________/                    **
   **                 /__,/    ** BRIDGEPORT **                         **
   **                                                                   **
   **   CONNECTICUT ATARIFEST '94       10 am - 5 pm Saturday 8/27/94   **
   **   August 27-28, 1994 at the       10 am - 4 pm Sunday 8/28/94     **
   **   BRIDGEPORT HOLIDAY INN                                          **
   **   Bridgeport, CT                   Sponsored by                   **
   **                                   ACT Atari Group                 **
   **                     (AUGOGH,CCCC,DBUG,FACE,MACH1,STARR & WMAUG)   **

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For More Information, Contact Brian Gockley at

      Space Set Aside at CAF '94 for Weird Science Projects, Better
 Mousetraps BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (June 24) - You've developed the world's
 first computer-controlled navel warmer or a revolutionary robotic device
 that picks ripened fruit from your backyard peach tree. By all rights, the
 world should be beating a path to your door in search of this proverbial
 "better mousetrap," but the public doesn't know about it and exposure
 is costly. Don't fret - Connecticut AtariFest '94 wants to help you
 show off your product.

      Organizers of the largest East Coast Atari event are shaking things
 up this year by setting aside some space on the exhibit floor and in the
 seminar room for "Amazing Discoveries," unusual and interesting
 applications of Atari computers or systems in the real world. The
 possibilities are limited only by the imaginations of Atari users;
 exhibits could include a student's project for a science fair, an
 inventor's marketable innovation or an aspiring software developer's
 pioneering breakthrough.

      CAF '94 Chairman Brian Gockley says ACT Atari Group, sponsor and
 host of the two-day event scheduled for Bridgeport, Connecticut on
 August 28 and 29, is prepared to offer "grants" by reducing exhibitor
 fees, waiving them altogether or providing modest stipends to qualified
 applicants whose unusual exhibits or workshops are designed to educate,
 entertain and excite CAF '94 visitors.

      "As happy as we've been with past Connecticut AtariFests, we thought
 it was time to shake up the line-up a little, get our exhibitors into a
 competitive frame of mind about being the 'Best in Show.' We want this
 show not only to be a place were consumers can buy Atari gear at great
 prices, but where exciting new products are unveiled for the first time
 and home-brewed applications get folks talking about what they can do
 on their own computers." To achieve that goal, the group is soliciting
 proposals from would-be "amazing discoverers."
      Grant applicants are invited to submit proposals outlining the basic
 features of their home-grown product or application and how it might be
 demonstrated at a trade show. Proposals ought not to exceed 500 words,
 although applicants may enclose supplementary documents, such as drawings,
 photos or promotional literature. Applications will be judged for
 originality of ideas and feasibility of presentation at CAF '94 and
 must, of course, operate using Atari-compatible systems. Special
 consideration will be offered to students and small entrepreneurs whose
 projects have not been developed commercially, but could be aided by
 the public exposure.

      Connecticut AtariFest will be held at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn,
 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 27 and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday
 August 28. Single-day adult tickets are priced at $6 ($3 for children
 under 12); two-day passes are $10. An all-you-can-eat, buffet dinner on
 Saturday is available for an additional charge.
 The event is sponsored by ACT Atari Group, a consortium of computer
 clubs from Bridgeport, Danbury, Hartford, New Haven and Wethersfield
 areas, Central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

      For more information about submitting a grant proposal or other
 aspects of the show, contact Angela or Brian Gockley, ACT Atari Group,
 18 Elmwood Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605, (203) 332-1721, or Doug Finch
 at (203) 637-1034. E-mail the Gockleys at 75300,2514 on Compuserve, or via Internet; Finch via 76337,1067 on
 Compuserve, D.FINCH7 on GEnie or or via Internet. (Consult your on-line
 service for proper E-mail protocols.)


                               JAGUAR SECTION

 In a nutshell, the Summer CES!!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' It Like It is!

      Well, the time that all current Jaguar users and the "fence-
 sitters" have been waiting for is upon us.  The summer CES in Chicago
 is almost over, but the news and excitement is rampant!  If all goes
 well with our CES correspondents, Paul Charchian and Craig Harris, we
 should have some exciting information for you straight from the show.
 Also, there are a number of press releases of announcements from CES by
 Atari included in this issue.

      News from Atari's recent stockholders meeting brought some info
 that many Jaguar owners have been longing to hear: new games!!  The
 next game to arrive from Atari will be 'Wolfenstein 3D', in limited
 "pre-release" quantities.  This should happen in a couple of weeks with
 normal distribution of the official carts occurring in about six
 weeks or less.  We've been told that these pre-release carts are no
 different than the official ones coming out later; they've just been
 rushed through production to get some out to the stores and rental
 facilities such as Blockbuster Video.

      There was also news of the Jaguar's voice modem, Jeff Minter's
 Virtual Light Machine, the CD-ROM player, and much more.  All of these
 items are discussed in articles below.

      It's going to be a jam-packed CES and Jaguar issue, so let's see
 what our correspondents have learned and brought back for you!!
      Until next time...


 > Summer CES Video Cassette STR FOCUS!          The REEL Deal!

                         POINTLESS PRODUCTIONS LTD.
                              Proudly Presents
                           The Generically Titled

                          SUMMER CES VIDEO CASSETTE

             All the fun of Chicago's Consumer Electronics Show
             wrapped up in a single, 7.5"x4" VHS video cassette.


 So you can't make it to the show, eh? Not open to the public? No problem.

 Why wait 2 months for a publication that can only offer blurry snapshots
 that could be mistaken for the latest Elvis sightings. This tape will
 bring you footage of games on a format they belong...on VIDEO.

        For the amazingly, affordable low price, you get these features:

        - Video cassette complete with plastic casing, cardboard box, and
          magnetic tape wound on plastic spools. Label included as a
          special bonus!

        - Professionally edited 2-day footage of all the popular
          systems and games. Not-so-popular systems and games included as
          a special bonus!

        - Quick will be available 1-2 weeks after the

               All this for $ can you possibly go wrong?

               Shipping is included.

                 If interested, send cash, check or money-order to:

                                Craig Harris
                         Pointless Productions, LTD.
                             14 Harrowgate Drive
                            Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

              (Make Check and Money Orders out to Craig Harris)


 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -  What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""     coming out.

    Current Available Titles

    CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

     J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
     J9001  Trevor McFur/
            Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.

     Available Soon 

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

            CatBox               $49.95             ICD
            Wolfenstein 3D        TBA      id Software/Atari Corp.
            Brutal Sports Ftball  TBA             Telegames

     Hardware and Peripherals

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

     J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $249.99        Atari Corp.
     J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
     J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
     J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95      


 > CES & Atari! STR NewsFile!  -  Atari Releases News at SCES!

 For more information, please contact:

               Bill Rehbock, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2000


                      JAGUAR(TM) CD-ROM UNDER $200
           Atari(R) reveals CD-ROM and outstanding CD software

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today plans to ship the anticipated
 CD-ROM to stores in ample time for Christmas shopping. The CD-ROM is a
 hardware peripheral compatible with any Jaguar 64-bit system and will
 sell for $199.95 (MSRP). It enables the Jaguar to play a new
 generation of impeccable CD-based video games and play audio compact
 discs. ROM-based software in the CD-ROM allows the user to easily
 manipulate audio tracks and numerous custom selections when playing
 audio compact discs. The module includes state-of-the-art technology
 to play the audio and video portions of CD+G encoded discs. It also
 provides its own cartridge port so some applications may use the
 cartridge and CD at the same time.

 Mr. Richard Miller, Vice President of Engineering for Atari
 Corporation, observed, "Compact Discs offer well over 700 Megabytes of
 raw data storage and many times that number when the data is
 compressed. The massive storage capacity of a CD provides enough data
 space to incorporate complex digitized images, full motion video
 sequences and CD-quality audio soundtracks into games. These things
 are far from being fully utilized on home platforms and the Jaguar is
 the perfect system to do just that."

 Such complex images, sound and color are integrated parts of the
 numerous CD software projects currently underway. Blue Lightning(TM),
 scheduled for Christmas release, is a realistic high speed aerial
 combat experience aboard your own fighter jet. It features high
 quality sequenced graphics of landscapes and enemies within 36
 separate levels. Using an optional cartridge, game players may save
 and retrieve statistics such as mission status, high scores and
 character information for their Blue Lightning missions. Similar
 information for other CD software titles may also be saved on the same

 Another of the planned CD releases for Christmas is Battlemorph(TM); a
 true 3-dimensional experience in over 50 all-new virtual worlds.
 Player chooses at will between fighter, tank or submarine with
 complete 3D movement. The many features include texture mapped enemies
 and structures. Play inside caves, underwater, on land and in the sky.
 Work with the resistance to bring down the Pernitia Empire.
 Anyone who enjoys a round of golf will love Jack Nicklaus Cyber
 Golf(TM). This CD package includes True Color photos of Murfield Golf
 Course with access to CD quality voice to help with each hole. Study
 Jack Nicklaus' golf swing to improve your own game with full motion
 video of him and other golfers. Also look  for the CD titles;
 Highlander(TM), Creature Shock(TM), Demolition Man(TM) and an assortment
 of third party products that will begin shipping fourth quarter 1994.

 Thanks to the many talents of Mr. Jeff Minter; author of the
 award-winning Tempest 2000(TM), Atari's new CD-ROM includes the Virtual
 Light Machine(TM) (VLM). No other game system has VLM. VLM literally
 looks at audio compact discs as they are played and spontaneously
 produces a spectrum analysis of every incoming sound. This information
 is assembled in a frequency map of the music and assigned complex
 visual equivalents. Advanced 64-bit data processing makes it possible
 for the translation to take place almost faster than the ear can hear
 it so images are in perfect tune with the sound as it is played. The
 result is a stunning light show. VLM is perfect for parties and every
 other listening environment where audio compact discs are enjoyed.
 Jaguar owners will enjoy VideoCD full-motion movies with an optional
 MPEG video cartridge. No other home system offers simultaneous access
 to cartridges,  compact discs and a 64-bit multimedia platform.

 The ability to do so much more is another key reason major developers
 are turning to the Jaguar. Mr. William Rehbock, Vice President of
 Third Party Development, states, "Our success to attract more than 150
 Jaguar licensees is due, in large part, to the tools we are able to
 provide them. There are basic development tools and there are
 peripheral options. Developers  are drawn to these elements. CD is
 another option for them that enables them to choose the best media to
 distribute each product. Ultimately this gives the consumer more
 choices too."

 "We have spent a lot of time to make certain we have packed the CD-ROM
 full of technologies that our developers can grow into while keeping
 the platform affordable for the consumer," affirms Mr. Sam Tramiel,
 President and CEO of Atari Corporation. "It was important to keep the
 price as low as possible. It was important to include all the features
 of CD-ROM that developers need most to please their customers.
 Finally, it was important to remain faithful to our 'Made In America '
 foundation. The Jaguar is manufactured by IBM in the U.S.  The CD-ROM
 will be manufactured in the United States by Philips.

 "Based on feedback we have had so far, consumers want to support an
 advanced gaming company that makes what it sells at home, " concludes
 Mr. Tramiel. "We're going to give them what they want."

 The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia
 home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software
 titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement,
 design and innovation.

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
 or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 For more information, please contact:
               Bill Rehbock, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2000


                      JAGUAR(TM) CD-ROM UNDER $200

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today plans to ship CD-ROM to stores
 in ample time for Christmas shopping. The CD-ROM is a hardware
 peripheral compatible with any Jaguar 64-bit system and will sell for
 $199.95 (MSRP). It enables the Jaguar to play a new generation of
 impeccable CD-based video games and play audio compact discs. The
 module includes CD+G technology and it provides its own cartridge port
 for applications that may use both cartridge and CD at the same time.

 Look  for the CD titles; Blue Lightning(TM), Battlemorph(TM), Jack
 Nicklaus Cyber Golf(TM), Highlander(TM), Creature Shock(TM), Demolition
 Man(TM) and more that will begin shipping fourth quarter 1994.

 Atari's new CD-ROM includes the Virtual Light Machine(TM) (VLM). VLM
 literally looks at audio compact discs as they are played and
 spontaneously produces a spectrum analysis of every incoming sound.
 The result is a stunning light show. An optional MPEG video cartridge
 will allow access to MPEG full motion video.

 "We have packed the CD-ROM full of technologies that our developers
 can grow into while keeping the platform affordable for the consumer,"
 affirms Mr. Sam Tramiel,  President and CEO of Atari Corporation. "It
 was important to remain faithful to our 'Made In America ' foundation
 too. The CD-ROM will be manufactured in the United States by Philips.

 "Based on feedback we have had so far, consumers want to support an
 advanced gaming company that makes what it sells at home, " concludes
 Mr. Tramiel. "We're going to give them what they want."

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
 or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 For more information, please contact:
               Sandy LaBrec, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2000
          Bill Nicholson, Phylon Communications, Inc. (510)656-2606


                    New System Based on Simultaneous
                 Voice & Data Communications Technology

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that playing Jaguar games with
 opponents over a single telephone line will be a reality in the 4th
 quarter of 1994.  New technology, developed by Phylon Communications,
 Inc.; leaders in advanced fax/modem/voice technology, permits two
 users to play Atari Jaguar video games against each other. Utilizing
 the same phone line, they may speak to each other as they play. The
 game experience is truly shared by the two gamers although they may
 be miles apart from each other.

 The Jaguar Voice/Data Communicator uses headsets for the players to
 hear each other speak as well as listen to the stereo benefits of the
 game being played. Users will also have call waiting indications, both
 at local and remote ends, to pause and resume a game due to an
 interrupting call in the middle of a game. Thus, this product can be
 enjoyed by the players without being a nuisance to others in the home.
 "By offering our voice-plus-data technology to leading OEMs and
 systems manufacturers, like Atari, Phylon is pioneering multimedia
 communications technology on the dial-up network," noted Dr. Hamdi
 El-Sassi, President and CEO of Phylon.

 The first games planned to exploit the features of the Jaguar
 Voice/Data Communicator are Doom(TM), Club Drive(TM) and Iron

 "Reports I have been receiving from Jaguar owners is that they are
 ready for this technology. We have it and we are going to offer it
 this Christmas," announced Mr. Sam Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari
 Corporation. "By reviewing each game we have in development, we have
 been able to make certain each one integrates every bit of power we
 can put into it."

 The Jaguar Voice/Data Communicator is compatible with  Atari Jaguar;
 the world's first and only 64-bit interactive multimedia home
 entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software titles
 have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design
 and innovation worldwide. The Jaguar Voice/Data Communicator is packed
 complete with stereo headset and is engineered for user friendly, plug
 'n' go operation. Future software options will enable the Jaguar
 Voice/Data Communicator to access existing and upcoming online
 services on the Information SuperHighway.

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
 or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 For more information, please contact:
               James Grunke, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2000


      Atari(R) Announces Audio Compact Disc of Cartridge Soundtrack

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that the popular soundtrack of
 Tempest 2000 has been re-mastered for a new special edition audio
 compact disc to be made available in the third quarter of 1993.

 "A lot of people ask if Atari would ever consider releasing the
 incredible soundtrack from Tempest 2000," states Mr. James Grunke,
 Director of Music and Audio for Atari Corporation. "The music has wide
 appeal to the large dance and rave audiences who love the techno style
 of the Tempest 2000 music."
 Although some of the specifications are being retained for the formal
 release in a few months, Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will include new
 versions of the music used in the actual game cartridge PLUS bonus
 tracks of previously unreleased material. Tempest 2000 is Atari's
 blockbuster 64-bit video game title compatible with the Atari Jaguar
 game system.

 Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will be available through Atari retailers,
 select music stores, or directly from Atari's own Customer Service
 Department. For more information, contact Atari by writing: Tempest
 2000 Soundtrack, Atari Corporation, P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA
 94089-1657. Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will be priced under $15.

 The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia
 home entertainment system. The Jaguar and compatible game titles have
 been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be
 trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 For more information, please contact:
               Sandy LaBrec, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2000


      Atari(R) Announces Networking Games Available 3rd Quarter '94

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that Jaguar owners will be
 connecting their systems together and playing networked games within
 the next 4 months. The network technology on the Jaguar can support up
 to 32 simultaneous game players depending on the software. Networking
 and Atari's new Voice/Modem for the Jaguar are two innovative ways
 Jaguar owners can play complex games against each other with multiple
 systems by Christmas '94.

 "We are extremely excited about all of this," said Mr. Richard Miller,
 Vice President of Engineering for Atari Corporation. "Now 64-bit
 gaming can be an exciting multi-player experience as well as an
 individual pleasure."

 The Jaguar networking package enables network compatible Jaguar games
 to be played on different systems up to 300 feet apart from each
 other. The system uses standard RJ11 phone line cable and implements
 reliable differential-pair  technology. The first network game
 published by Atari will be Doom(TM).  Many other titles will be
 announced soon thereafter.
 The Atari Jaguar is the world's first and only 64-bit interactive
 multimedia home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible
 software titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical
 achievement, design and innovation worldwide.

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be
 trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 For more information, please contact:
                Greg LaBrec, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2000


             JAGUAR(TM) HITS ROAD WITH E.G.M. SuperTour '94!
            Atari(R) Wows Serious Gamers With 64-Bit Energy!

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that it has hit the road with a
 summer long exhibition of the Atari Jaguar in many popular shopping
 malls across America. The SuperTour '94 is the second annual tour
 co-sponsored by Electronic Gaming Monthly (E.G.M.); an excellent
 source of information covering the explosive world of video games. The
 show tour is also sponsored by Hero Illustrated; the number one name
 in comic guides.

 SuperTour '94 offers an opportunity for merchants and enthusiastic game
 players to see, feel and hear the newest innovations in gaming
 entertainment including the Atari Jaguar; the world's first and only
 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system. The Jaguar
 and compatible game titles have been awarded multiple awards for
 technical achievement, design and innovation worldwide.

 "We want gamers to compare our system with others," states Mr. Sam
 Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari Corporation. "The E.G.M. SuperTour
 encourages those comparisons with side-by-side competitions and
 demonstrations. Comparisons always sell more machines for Atari."

 The E.G.M. SuperTour '94 is scheduled through September in shopping
 malls from Charlotte and Orlando  to Los Angeles and Seattle; with
 cities like Chicago and Denver along the way. The show attracts gamers
 and comic collectors with a wide variety of contests, games and prizes
 including a full-size professional pinball machine.

 "We are getting flooded with calls," notes Mr. Donald Thomas, Director
 of Customer Service for Atari Corporation. "Gamers want us to know
 that they saw the Jaguar at some of the preseason shows and their
 nearest store sold out already. They want to know where to find more."

 The SuperTour '94 show schedule may be found in the most current issue
 of Electronic Gaming Monthly. The announced tour stops include the
 following cities:

    June 24 - 26         Lincolnwood Town Center      Lincolnwood, IL
    July 1 - 3           Rosemont Convention Center   Chicago, IL
    July 8 - 10          Northlake                    Atlanta, GA
    July 15 - 17         Atlanta Hilton and Towers    Atlanta, GA
    July 22 - 24         Aurora Mall                  Denver, CO
    July 29 - 31         Plaza Bonita                 San Diego, CA
    August 3 - 7         San Diego Convention Center  San Diego, CA
    August 12 - 14       Del Amo Fashion              Los Angeles, CA
    August 19 - 21       Glendale Galleria            Los Angeles, CA
    August 26 - 28       Vallco Fashion Center        Cupertino, CA
    September 2 - 4      Eastridge                    San Jose, CA
    September 9 - 11     Southcenter                  Seattle, WA

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
 or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 For more information, please contact:
               Bill Rehbock, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2000


               Expanded List Includes Prominent New Names

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that the number of signed
 licensed developers for the Atari Jaguar has surpassed 150. According
 to Mr. William Rehbock, Vice President of Third Party Development for
 Atari Corporation, "Each signature represents another developer that
 is serious about the desire to develop Jaguar compatible peripherals
 or software. Although a few may be focused on highly specialized
 applications, the majority are in the business of dazzling video game

 "The newest list," adds Mr. Rehbock, "includes names such as 20th
 Century Fox Interactive, JVC Musical Industries, Inc., Time-Warner
 Interactive and Electro Brain Corp. These are exciting names to have
 shown support in the way that they have. We welcome them and look
 forward to accommodating  their needs as they intensify their Jaguar
 development interests with us."

 Names found among the recently inked pages include:

      20th Century Fox Interactive   Acid Software
      Alfaro Corporation Limited      B.S.A.
      Bando Svenska AB                Beris
      BitMotion Software              Bizzare Computing
      Brandlewood Computers Ltd.      Cannonball Software
      Celebrity Systems Inc.          Condor Software
      Cross Products Ltd.             DAP Developments
      Data Design                     Denton Designs Ltd.
      Diskimage                       Electro Brain Corp.
      Electrom                        Extreme
      Factor 5                        Flair Software Ltd.
      Frankenstein Software           Funcom Productions a/s
      Human Soft Ltd.                 i-SPACE
      iTHINK Inc.                     JVC Musical Industries Inc.
      Kungariket Multimedia           Lost in Time Software
      Malibu Interactive              Media Technology Scandinavia
      Merit Industries Inc.           Michton Inc.
      Miracle Designs                 Nebulous Games
      Neon-Buttner                    Network 23 Software
      NMS Software Ltd.               Odyssey Software Inc.
      Orion Technologies Inc.         Phoyx
      Rage Software Ltd.              Rainmaker Software Inc.
      Riedel Software Prod.           Scangames Interactive
      Selgus Limited                  Shadowsoft Inc.
      Sigma Designs                   Silmarils
      Sinister Development            Soft Enterprises
      Softgold Gmbh                   Software 2000
      Software Development Systems    Spaceball Technologies Inc.
      Steinberg Soft-und Hardware Gmbh
      Tantalus Entertainment          Tantalus Incorporated
      Twilight                        Time-Warner Interactive
      Visual Sciences Ltd.            Wave Quest Inc.

 "Once again," observes Mr. Sam Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari
 Corporation, "as I check with our developer support people I find that
 they are assembling more batches of Jaguar development packages. It is
 an extremely promising sight because these systems represent a lot
 more consumer products in the months ahead. All of these people are
 working hard and they sure are busy...

 " they should be," adds a smiling Mr. Tramiel.

 The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia
 home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software
 titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement,
 design and innovation.

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
 trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
 or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


 For more information, please contact:
                Greg LaBrec, Atari Corporation  (408)745-2015
               Scott Stern, Norscot Group, Inc.  (414)241-3313


             Releases Atari(R) Jaguar(TM) Specialty Catalog.

 CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
 Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today a new full-line gift catalog
 especially for Atari Jaguar gamers. The catalog, shown publicly for
 the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Chicago,
 features nearly 20 popular consumer items fashionably adorned with the
 licensed Jaguar logo. The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit
 interactive multimedia home entertainment system and is the only
 system of its kind manufactured in the United States. The Jaguar has
 been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and

 Effective July 1, 1994, consumers throughout the world may order
 products exclusive to the new Jag-Ware collection. Items range in
 price as low as $2.95, but no item is more than $100 and include
 watches, T-Shirts, waist packs, caps and more.
 "We have been bombarded by Jaguar users asking for items they can wear
 or give as gifts with the Jaguar logo on it," explains Mr. Greg
 LaBrec, Director of Creative Services for Atari Corporation. "The
 traditional and new Atari consumer has fallen in love with the Jaguar
 and wants to show everyone that they've already moved up to the world
 of 64-bit entertainment technology."

 Offering apparel and gift items is new for Atari and is a reflection
 of the growing popularity of the Jaguar system and Atari's commitment
 behind it. The items selected in the 8-page, full-color catalog have
 been carefully chosen by Atari with the advice of Norscot Group, Inc.;
 suppliers of Corporate namesake specialty catalogs for nearly a
 quarter century. Each item was chosen on merits of popularity,
 durability and practical application. All items are protected by a
 100% satisfaction guarantee and typically shipped within 48 hours as
 long as they are in stock.

 The Jag-Ware catalog will be mailed to existing Jaguar owners
 registered with Atari Corporation within the next 120 days. Those
 wishing to obtain a copy sooner may request one by mail by writing:
 "JAG-WARE Catalog", Atari Corporation, P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA
 94089-1657. Catalogs will also be supplied with new Jaguar systems.
 Additionally, modem users will find text based copies of the catalog
 distributed in publications such as Atari Explorer Online and Silicon
 Times Report.

 Those wishing to place orders may call 1(800) 653-3313 toll free.
 International orders accepted by calling (414) 241-3313. Faxed orders
 accepted by dialing (414) 241-4904. Orders may be mailed to: Norscot
 Group, Inc., 10510 North Port Washington Road, Mequon, WI  53092.
 Money Orders, MasterCard, Visa and American Express accepted. Dealers
 and Distributors should place their fall orders now.

                                 # # # #

 Jaguar and Jag-Ware are trademarks of Atari Corporation. Atari is a
 registered trademark of Atari Corporation.

                                Bill Rehbock
                              Atari Corporation
                               (408) 745-2000

                         ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY
                      9700 South Cass Avenue/Bldg. 900
                        Argonne, Illinois 60439-4832
                           Office: (708) 252-5765
                             FAX: (708) 252-5128
 For Immediate Release


 Argonne National Laboratory, a Laboratory funded by the Department of
 Energy (DOE), is evaluating the use of Atari's 64-bit multimedia
 Jaguar technology as part of its work in the AMTEX program's Demand
 Activated Manufacturing Architecture (DAMA) project.  The AMTEX
 program, the American Textile Partnership, brings together the entire
 industry involved in textile products, from fiber to retail, with the
 National Laboratory system. It is a technology transfer program
 intended to increase industrial competitiveness. Argonne is tasked
 with evaluating technologies in the broad area of Information  Access

 Argonne's exploratory studies of multimedia technology are a direct
 response to the need to provide better and broader access to computer
 generated information.  Manufacturers such as Atari have been
 particularly successful in providing visual interfaces to computer
 interactions.  These interface technologies can provide alternative
 methods for accessing the information highway, even displacing the
 traditional computer keyboard. Retailers and small manufacturers have
 little time to learn complex computer systems.  The DAMA project needs
 to find new ways for these companies to take advantage of the
 electronic market information being generated by the larger companies.
 Using this information American companies' can use agile manufacturing
 and fast response as the key to regaining a competitive edge in the

 The Jaguar technology's ability to recreate realistic visual images
 combined with its price performance make it a natural vehicle to
 explore new interfacing concepts.  The same 64-bit technology that
 renders images at high speed can display high-fidelity renderings of
 fashion lines at slower speeds. One application area is business
 product marketing, where small retailers can view the work of American
 designers, accessing it via home entertainment equipment. Another area
 being explored is a FAX-based interface to DAMA for small businesses.
 The goal is to eliminate the keyboard interface.

 Technology transfer is very active at Argonne, "we are looking for
 ways to utilize the research performed at Argonne by combining it with
 the work done by industry" said Peter Korp, Assistant Scientist at

                    ** Game Ratings System Planned **

      A voluntary ratings system for computer games is the goal of a new
 joint project by the Software Publishers Association and four major
 associations of independent software developers.

      The SPA will work with the Association of Shareware Professionals,
 the Educational Software Cooperative, Shareware Trade Association and
 Resources and the Association of Shareware Authors and Distributors on
 what they are calling "the first joint effort to develop a ratings
 system for the entire personal computer software industry."

      Says the SPA, "While the vast majority of personal computer
 entertainment software is suitable for children and adults of all ages,
 many developers and publishers have urged SPA and others to help develop
 a voluntary ratings program."

      The statement from Washington noted, "Personal computer software
 companies have expressed concern that the ratings scheme proposed by a
 group of large video game companies, the Interactive Digital Software
 Association, may seriously threaten the competitiveness of personal
 computer software developers and publishers."

      To this, Karen Crowther, a personal computer game developer and the
 representative of the groups, added the software publishers are
 "concerned about placing control of any ratings program in the hands
 of an association controlled by a handful of very large video game


  ** Spectrum Holobyte Reaches Agreement With Eight Principal Actors **
               ** From 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' **

       Actors to Provide Voices of Characters In New CD-ROM Based
                      On Popular Television Series

                                 Holly Hartz
                              Spectrum HoloByte

                                Jenny Roelle
                           Bender Goldman & Helper

 ALAMEDA, Calif., June 7, 1994 Interactive software developer Spectrum
 HoloByte, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBYT) has signed each of the eight leading actors
 from Paramount's Emmy Award-winning Star Trek: The Next Generation
 television series to contribute their voices on Spectrum's CD-ROM
 interactive adventure based on the series, it was announced today by
 Gilman Louie, chairman of Spectrum HoloByte.

 The eight actors are Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathon
 Frakes (Commander William Riker), Gates McFadden (Chief Medical Officer
 Dr. Beverly Crusher), Levar Burton (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge),
 Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi), Brent
 Spiner (Lt. Commander Data), and Majel Barrett (voice of the computer).

 "The addition of Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis and the
 rest of the talented 'Star Trek' cast will blast this CD-ROM to an
 entirely unexplored world," explains Louie. "Spectrum's agreements with
 these actors are prime examples of Hollywood and Silicon Valley
 'converging' for the purpose of transforming the entertainment
 experience into an interactive one."

 features an originally written and produced story that takes its players
 to interstellar worlds in an interactive space adventure.  It is
 scheduled for release in the current fiscal year.  The CD-ROM delivers
 brilliant 3-D graphics rendered in high-resolution with music, sound
 and characterization faithful to the television series.

 In 1991 Spectrum HoloByte entered into an agreement with Paramount
 Pictures which provides Spectrum HoloByte with the license to produce a
 specified number of computer and video games using the name and
 characters from the hit television series Star Trek: The Next Generation
 for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System, Super NES and IBM compatible
 and other personal computers.

 Spectrum HoloByte's first Super NES game entitled STAR TREK: THE NEXT
 GENERATION "FUTURE'S PAST" was released in April of this year.

 Star Trek: The Next Generation is produced by the Paramount Network
 Television Division and is distributed by the Domestic Television
 Division of Paramount Pictures. Paramount Pictures is part of the
 entertainment operations of Paramount Communications Inc., which is a
 majority-owned subsidiary of Viacom Inc.

 R&C 1994 Paramount Pictures. All rights Reserved. Star Trek: The Next
 Generation is a Registered Trademark of Paramount Pictures.

 Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. is a developer and publisher of interactive
 entertainment software for use on CD-ROM and floppy-based personal
 computers. The company also develops software for cartridge-based video
 game machines manufactured by Nintendo and Sega.

              ** Spectrum Holobyte Issues Clarification **

 ALAMEDA, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectrum HoloByte (Nasdaq: SBYT)
 today issued a clarification in response to the June 13, 1994 issue of
 Newsweek article entitled "Lost in Cyberspace," by Nancy Hass.
      Gilman (ChopStick) Louie, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of
 Spectrum HoloByte said, "Our company is committed to developing products
 for 'Star Trek: The Next Generation(R),' under its license from Paramount
 Pictures.  We've just launched a Super Nintendo product and expect to
 launch a CD-ROM product prior to the end of the fiscal year."
      He continued, "Part of Spectrum HoloByte's product strategy with
 respect to its 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' license is to develop
 and introduce additional Star Trek products on other platforms.  We
 currently intend to continue allocating resources toward developing
 'Star Trek: The Generation "A World for All Seasons"' for use on the
 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System(R).  When this product is completed
 to our satisfaction, the company would introduce it for use on the 3DO
 Interactive Multiplayer System or any other viable platform."
      Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. is a developer and publisher of interactive
 entertainment software for use on CD-ROM and floppy-based personal
 computers.  The company also develops and publishes software for
 cartridge-based video game machines manufactured by Nintendo(R) and
 Sega(TM).  The products are available nationally and internationally
 through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants.
 6/9/94 /CONTACT:  Holly Hartz of Spectrum HoloByte, 510-522-3584;
 or Jenny Roelle or Dean Bender of Bender, Goldman & Helper,
 310-473-4147, for Spectrum HoloByte/(SBYT)
 CO:  Spectrum HoloByte Inc. ST:  California IN:  CPR SU:


 > Jaguar Retail Survey!  -  What does the average customer want?

                         WHAT THE CUSTOMER SAYS:
                 A report from the retail environment on
               what customers think about the Atari Jaguar

 by Marty Mankins

 All of us that own Atari Jaguar game systems are sheltered.  We don't
 really care what others think of our decision to buy a Jaguar.  We
 already know it's the best game system on the market for its price range.
 It provides us with hours of entertainment, even with the few games
 that are out there now.  But, what about the customer that is looking at
 going to another game system?  What do they know about Jaguar?  I
 decided to take a trip to 5 different stores here in my home area of
 Salt Lake City, Utah and ask customers several questions pertaining to
 game systems and the Jaguar.  Here are the questions:

 1. Do you own a video game system?

 2. If yes to question #1, what game system do you own?

 3. Are you looking for a new video game system?

 4. What are some of the newer game systems that you have heard
    of lately?

 5. Have you heard of the Atari Jaguar?

 6. If yes to question #5, where did you hear about the Jaguar?

 7. If yes to question #3, have you considered the Jaguar?

 8. If you are not considering the Jaguar, what is the main

 9. If have looked at the Jaguar, what is the best thing you like
    about it?

 10. Have you compared the Jaguar to other systems (i.e. 3DO)?

 So, with these ten questions, I visited 5 separate stores that carried
 video games: Babbage's, Toys R Us and The Game Peddler, Software Etc.
 and Fred Meyer.  Only three of them carried the Jaguar (Babbage's,
 Toys R Us and The Game Peddler).  The other two (Software Etc. and Fred
 Meyer) carried Sega and Nintendo game systems (Super NES, Sega Genesis,
 Game Boy and Game Gear).

 For those who are not familiar with the stores I visited (yes, I got
 permission before I conducted my survey), here is a run-down.  Babbage's
 is a store that sells computer software and home video game systems.
 They now sell the Super NES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, 3DO and
 Jaguar.  Toys R Us should be known by all as the place to buy toys.
 They also sell the same systems that Babbage's sells minus the 3DO.
 The Game Peddler deals only in games and carries them all, including
 some NEO-GEO and Super Famicom games (special order only).  Software
 Etc. is owned by B. Dalton Bookseller and carries computer software and
 two game systems - Super NES and Sega Genesis.  Fred Meyer is a
 KMart-like store that sells the same systems as Software Etc.

 The reactions were varied, depending on who I talked with.  I did not
 ask for ages (maybe I should have) due to the many different people I
 talked with.  I must have talked to over one hundred people in a 6
 hour period of time.  Out of these people, there were only 14 that had
 not heard of the Jaguar.  I was amazed as I expected that number to be
 greater.  It was also shocking to hear how many people were looking for
 a new game system.  Most of the people that were looking for a new game
 system still had the original Nintendo NES system.  There were three
 people that still were using the Atari 2600 system and one person was
 using a ColecoVision.  They had finally decided to break down and buy a
 new system.

 And were most of them shocked to find out what a new system would cost
 them.  Even the low price of the Super NES with one game was over $100
 and they felt that was a bit too much for how long the system had been
 out.  The same was true about the Sega Genesis.  At the stores that had
 the Atari Jaguar, where there was a demo game playing, normally seated
 next to the Super NES,  When they heard the price of the Jaguar was
 $250, almost everyone said they agreed that the price was worth it for
 the awesome graphics and game play.  The demo game was Tempest 2000 (is
 there any doubt?).

 As far as a run down of the questions that were asked, some interesting
 answers came back.  One woman, who appeared to have three children with
 her, answered that her children had been bugging her about Jaguar
 (Question #3).  She finally was able to see a Jaguar commercial on TV
 and they bought the unit a week later at Babbage's with Tempest 2000
 and Dino Dudes.

 Another person, a teen of about 18, said he really liked the 3DO, but
 said that the Jaguar was cheaper for the kind of game play it had.
 (Question #10).  A couple of 12 year-olds were happy with their Super
 NES and 12 games, but said the graphics were not as good as what was
 on the 3DO.  Their dad wants to get another game system (Question #3)
 but wants to make sure they make games that he wants to play, as well
 as the kids.

 At Toys R Us, I spoke to five mothers who were shopping without their
 children.  All five owned Super NES systems but had heard of the Jaguar
 (Question #5).  As far as the dads go, there were eight that I spoke
 with.  When it was determined they had considered the Jaguar, but
 decided to go with the 3DO system, I asked them why (Question #8) and
 they responded, "MORE GAMES!!!"

 At The Game Peddler, the owner was very happy with me.  He had four
 Jaguar units in stock and by the end of the hour I was there, he sold
 all four units, plus two copies of Tempest 2000.  The people there were
 mostly kids between the ages of eight and sixteen with some 20 adults
 coming in.  Of these 20 adults, they all felt that there should be
 better games than what the Super NES has to offer.  One gentleman who
 brought his 12 year-old son in to shop for a birthday gift, found out
 about the Jaguar and said it was the best of all the game systems he
 had looked at, 3DO included (Question #10).  When asked what game
 system they owned (Question #2), they were still using the original
 Atari 2600.  It was time.  They passed up both Nintendo models and the
 Sega Genesis to wait to see what was new with the 3DO and Jaguar.
 Jaguar got the nod for its quality of games and the lower-than-3DO

 It was very interesting when I reached Fred Meyer.  Since this is a
 department store, hardly anyone had heard of the Jaguar.  I only talked
 with 10 people in the 45 minutes I was there.  There were at least 8
 people who refused to talk to me, afraid I was going to sell them
 something.  Even after I assured them their name would not be mentioned
 in any article or that since I was writing about the Jaguar, I could
 not even offer them a demo of the game (Fred Meyer was one of the stores
 that did not sell the Jaguar), they still refused.  Go figure.  Anyway,
 the people I did talk with, two of them heard of the Jaguar and wanted
 to know where they sold them in Utah (I promptly told them).  The
 other eight people wanted to know what the Jaguar was, since they had
 never heard of it.  After telling them, they were interested.  One
 person asked how many games were out for it and how long the unit had
 been out.  After informing this person there were only five games out,
 but the unit was less than 9 months old, they felt that was fair, but
 would want to see more than 20 games out by Christmas.

 All in all, this was a fun survey to do.  I love to talk to people and
 hear how they view the market and how they feel about the current crop
 of game systems available to us.  All of these results are true with
 no bias alterations towards the Jaguar.  So it proves that the Jaguar
 is getting some recognition already with the help of all of us making
 it known to the rest of the world outside of our on-line community.

 Let's hope that more and more Jaguar games come out to win more converts
 from other game systems.  The Atari Jaguar should have a future with
 more games releasing and a better name recognition to boost.  Who knows?
 Maybe "Atari" could be a household name again.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by
  Joe Mirando

      Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Another week has come and gone.  You
 can rejoice in the fact that you'll see nothing in this column (other than
 this one reference) to O.J. Simpson.  Hey, I'm as captivated as everyone
 else by the circus that's come into being, but I think that its become a
 bit much.  That having been said, let's get on with the information
 available every week here on CompuServe.  Its real information, not second
 or third hand rumor.  Let's take a look...

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Every once in a while someone asks about cross-platform data transfer.
 Paul Richards posts:

   "I wonder if anyone could help. I need to transfer some material on
   Atari-formatted floppy disks (3.5) to a PC. Is there any software
   around that will make this possible, bearing in mind the material is
   all in ASCII?"

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Paul:

   "Try DC Format, in the Utilities Library (LIB 4) here, which can make
   a small change in the disk that will make it usable in PCs.  The disk
   won't have to be reformatted."

 Sysop bob Retelle asks Paul:

   "The first question is...   do you still have access to an Atari ST..?
   If you do, then it's a lot easier.  If you don't, then it gets a little
   more complicated.
   Later versions of TOS on the STs would format a disk that should be
   readable directly on a PC with no modifications.  Have you already
   tried to use the disks in the PC..?
   Earlier TOS formatted disks aren't 100% compatible, and need to be
   modified as Jim suggested.
   There IS an IBM program called  ST2PC  that's supposed to let you read
   files from Atari formatted disks on a PC, but I still haven't had a
   chance to check out how it works myself.  The program should be
   available here on CompuServe in the IBM forums."

 Paul tells Bob:

   "Thanks for your prompt and helpful advice. I do access to an Atari,
   520 ST (upgraded to 1MB). However, it does appear that the A drive on
   my PC can't read the floppies created by the Atari. I will definitely
   try the software you recommend.  I will get in touch if I have any
   further questions, if that's okay."

 Bob tells Paul:

   "Since you still have access to an ST, probably the safest method of
   moving the files over to the PC would be to format some new floppies
   on the PC (thus guaranteeing that they'll be compatible), and copying
   the files from the Atari disks to the ones formatted on the PC (using
   the ST to copy them).
   The problem with using any of the programs that "fix" the Atari disks
   is that there's always a chance of something going wrong and losing the
   files entirely.
   I always figure it's better to be safe..!"

 Yet another Sysop, Dan Rhea, tells Bob:

   "ST2PC works like a champ. I've been using it for several years (3 is
   several isn't it?)."

 Meanwhile, Rob Rasmussen asks:

   "Does anyone know how I can get a copy of System Audio Manager for the
   Falcon?  The HD in my Falcon came with lots of demos, picture files,
   etc, but not SAM.  There are a lot of ASR sound files which I think
   were meant to be used with SAM, but I have no way of hearing these or
   playing with the Falcon's digital recording capability."

 My pal Brian Gockley of ST Informer tells Rob:

   "I would drop a line to Toad or COmputer STudio and find out what the
   status of these programs is. THey might be commercial, or they might be
   free to you? I'd like to see them released as system software for all
   users, SAM and the Calender (CAL/APPT) pprogram,and a few others would
   be enjoyed heartily by the end users."

 Rob tells Brian:

   "Well, the Calendar/Appointment prg was included on my Falcon's HD,
   but now I've learned that the system I got with a 240 meg HD was not
   one of the Atari bundles. I guess that would have been the 65 or 80 meg
   HD Atari was selling it with, which was the only way to get S.A.M. I
   also missed out on getting the Audio Fun Machine prg, so I can't play
   with the DSP or see how the real-time effects work. Funny how they did
   include all the AVR sounds on my HD, which I presume are for assigning
   to selected keys. I was told that S.A.M and the others cannot even be
   bought separately. Very strange. So I'm looking at Musicom or some
   other digital recording program."

 Terry Cano tells us:

   "I recently picked up a virus and had to reinstall WordWriter (running
   from floppies)  I get a prompt after booting that says "No printer
   installed" The installation program tells the installation is
   fine...there is the STAR.CFG on the boot disk...I even tried putting
   the CFG file in an Auto folder any suggestions?"

 Jonnie Santos tells Terry:

   "You need to have the file PRINTER.CFG in the same directory as the
   Word Writer program.
   My directory looks like:
   GRAMSLAM     directory
   PRINTERS     directory
   WWDICT       directory
   WWDOC        directory
   WWHELP       directory
   WWTHES       directory
   So you need to double-click on the WWINSTAL.PRG and go into the
   PRINTERS directory.  Pick your printer and then do a SAVE AS to the
   PRINTER.CFG file.
   Or you can keep the name of the printer info (ex: STAR.CFG) but you'll
   have to still do a SAVE AS so you can relocate it OUT of the PRINTERS
   directory and into the same directory as the Word Writer program is
   located in.
   Unless you pick the STAR configuration from the print menu your system
   will attempt to default to the PRINTER.CFG file which sounds like you
   are missing and that's why you're getting the love note saying "Printer
   Not Installed."
   I use the PRINTER.CFG as my default and then I made a couple of others
   I use occaisionally that can be accessed easily from the PRINT menu."

 Marty Mankins asks about a hard drive problem:

   "I have an Atari 1040ST F with TOS 1.02 (1.2) and a Megafile 30 hard
   drive.  The problem is that the drive is not able to be reformatted.
   I am using the Atari HDX 5.0 utility and it gets the the point of
   actually formatting the drive, when I get the notice that the drive is
   being reformatted and I get two bombs on the screen and the HDX program
   quits and takes me back to the desktop.  At this point, I cannot do
   anything with the mouse or keyboard.  It's locked up and I have to
   reset or shut down and boot back up.
   I've looked at the WINCAP file, which had some information missing
   (which I supplied from the HDX 3.01 ARC file) and still no go.  I even
   tried the HDX 3.01 with the same results.
   On the back of the drive it has a sticker that says SEA 5 031.  What
   does this mean?  Is there another driver that I should try that
   corresponds with this number?
   Any help to get this thing running would be appreciated."

 Mike Mortilla tells Marty:

   "Try "zeroing" the logical drives first, then formatting. If you're
   getting the same message with several versions of the HDX, then the
   file is probably OK.  Maybe the drive is busted?"

 Marty replies:

   "I'll try the zero option.  I hope it works. <crossing my fingers>....
   Nope.  Doesn't work.  There are no logical drives setup.  They are all
   greyed out.
   Besides the drive being busted, any other suggestions?"

 Mike has another possible fix for Marty:

   "... but turn on the computer with the HD off. Then turn on the HD and
   try the HDX software. It may work, but if not, re-boot the computer but
   leave the HD on this time. Then try HDX.
   The only other thing I might try would be to check the driver ID#. It
   should be 0.
   Otherwise, I'd imagine it's time for the repair shop!"

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Marty:

   "Try leaving a message to Tom at ICD who make system software commonly
   believed to be better and more versatile than Atari's HDX.
   He should recognize what's wrong, and may recommend one of his own
   packages to resolve the problem.  Or he may tell you to trash the hard
   drive.  Best place to talk to him is in CIS Mail, since he does not
   seem to visit his vendor section in ATARIVEN daily."

 Marty tries one of the HDX options and tells us:

   "If I choose SHIP from the HDX 5.0 menu, it works.  Or at least it
   reports it works.  As I run it, the activity light comes on and does
   actually blink on and off as if it's working.  Is this is good sign?"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Marty:

   "The SHIP program working is a good sign, as it indicates that commands
   are getting through to the drive, so the interface electronics are all
   likely to be good.
   On the other hand, it does lend weight to the thought that the media is
   bad at the critical 0/0/0 location, since it eliminates most everything
   except the drive mechanism itself.
   (The drive can execute a PARK command without having to read those
   first sectors)
   Does the drive activity light seem to blink in a pattern when you try
   to format it..?  Some drives will actually report errors by blinking a
   pattern of long and short blinks when they have a problem.  There might
   be a list of Seagate drive error codes available in the IBM Hardware
   Forum, or someone there might know how to get hold of one...

   One thing that's kind of a long shot, and not an easy thing to do, but
   would at least tell you if the drive itself is OK or not, would be to
   pull the hard drive mechanism out and take it to someone with an IBM
   system who could try to format it for you.
   The problem would be that the Megafile 30 used a Seagate 30 Meg RLL
   mechanism, and it might be difficult to find anyone still using that
   old of an interface on a PC. (The PC would have to have an RLL hard
   drive card in it.)
   Another thought would be to take it to an IBM repair facility and have
   them try to verify if it's OK.  A repair shop is more likely to have
   the proper interface cards, although they'll certainly charge you to
   check it out.
   That number you posted isn't the drive model number... unfortunately I
   don't recall the actual Seagate model number from the Megafile 30.
   The symptoms you described sound as if HDX is encountering an error
   when it tries to format the very first cyl/track/head, which would be a
   fatal error as that location on a hard drive CANNOT be bad.  I don't
   know why it would fail so inelegantly as to bomb at that point instead
   of telling you what the problem is though..."

 Bill Devonshire posts:

   "I would like to get some opinions on the use of the Jaguar as an
   upgrade path for ST/TT/Falcon users.  The high speed serial port could
   be used to allow TOS computers to control the Jaguar.  (i.e. with a Jag
   cartridge designed to control communications with the Jag and an
   external host). The graphics and processing power of the Jag could be
   harnessed by a host thru this serial port.  Even to simply allow mouse
   control, expanded joystick interfaces etc.  Imagine the graohics
   programs that could be written.  The Host could use its hard drive and
   disk drive media for program storage.  Not all Jag games would have to
   be cartridge or CD based (which helps lower the cost of games a bit).
   A Raytracer utilizing the Jag's power would be very fast.  You could
   operate two monitors simultaneously, the ST control panels displayed on
   the 1224 and the Jags output to whatever you want it to go to. For
   Music, the ST could control the playback of music while syncing the
   graphic playback on the Jaguar (especially if the Jag is equipped with
   a CD). I know that someone is working on a PC card version of the Jag -
   but I am more interested in seeing this power offered to the TOS world.
   Please, lets stay away from the Atari as business people topic, I would
   like to keep this topic pointed towards developing the Jag interface
   as an upgrade path for TOS users! What do you think?"

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Bill:

   "Yes, I think it would be possible to develop a single cart which has
   ram and a basic operating system in it.  The OS could interpret serial
   data for keyboard and/or mouse input (the same way the ST/TT uses a
   serial link for its keyboard and mouse).
   This would allow an external computer to dump a program into the Jag,
   for rendering or whatever, and for the computer to directly key
   commands into the Jaguar."

 Bill Willis asks a question about displaying CompuServe weather maps
 with FLASH II:

   "I haven't been able to get Flash II v2.2 to display Compuserve's
   weather maps. I am using Vidtext emulation, and I'm running in TT
   medium resolution.  Should it be working?"

 John at Missionware Software tells Bill:

   "Yes, Flash II most definitely will display CompuServe's weather maps.
   Before I can help you debug your problem though, I'm going to need a
   bit more information.  You need to make sure you've got CompuServe
   options set up right for your account.  Do a GO OPTIONS and check FILE
   TRANSFER/ GRAPHICS.  GIF and RLE support options should be set to YES.
   Once that's done, assuming you are in Vidtex emulation and the rest of
   your terminal options in Flash II are set up properly, everything
   should work.
   Let's start with the suggestion above first.  Check to make sure
   OPTIONS are set up right.  Then do a GO MAPS and try it again.  If you
   get any error messages or what-have-you, please post here again and let
   me know what happens.  As the data comes in, your screen will clear
   itself first, then slowly start building up the image."

 Bill tells John:

   "Okay, it works now. I have no idea why it didn't work before. The
   maps aren't quite as pretty as on the Windows-based system I was using
   yesterday, but they are readable."

 John puzzles over the difference:

   "Gee, it shouldn't matter what system you use for viewing the maps.
   they are all plain GIF files.  F2 should display them the same as
   Windows- based software.  Could you explain what the difference is
   Anyway, I'm glad you've got it working."

 Bill wonders aloud:

   "I'm reading the maps in TT-medium resolution, and I'm getting a
   simple black & white display. It looks like different fill patterns are
   being used to differentiate different areas of the map.

   When viewed on a Windows-based system, the maps showed up in full
   color -- it looked like at least 16 colors.

   I also saved the portion of the capture buffer that contained the GIF
   data, and loaded it into several paint programs. It didn't come up as
   color there either, so this is probably not Flash II's fault."

 John also wonders aloud:

   "I wonder if, when CIS communicates with it's own Windows navigator (I
   assume that's what you are using on your PC, right?) it sends a
   different picture than what it would normally send.  There used to be a
   time when I got color pics too, but sometime last year that went away.

   It's entirely possible that something has changed in the way the F2
   communicates with the forum, thereby getting a different picture.
   It's also possible that specific options need to be setup for the forum
   (which I'll check into).  It's possible, I suppose, that F2 is only
   asking for the RLE version of the map instead of the full color GIF
   Can you save the weather map you get from the Windows version and
   email it to me?  If so, please let me know which map it is.  I can then
   compare that map to what F2 gets to see what the difference is.  If
   there is a difference, I'll go bug Paul Nicholls (F2's author) to check
   into this."

 Sysop Jim Ness tells John and Bill:

   "As a user enters the Maps area, an inquiry is sent by CIS asking for
   the specs of the term program.  There is a standard response format
   which tells the name of the term program, version number, and what
   graphics format it supports.
   Maybe this has somehow gotten messed up in recent versions of F2.  I
   know that it used to work just fine, as long as the user is in VIDTEX

 Well folks, I'm still not even close to getting caught up with all the
 stuff left to do since my wedding (I hear my wife calling me to help
 with the thank-you notes as I type), so I'm going to have to leave off
 here and promise to get to the Palmtop and Video Publisher's Forums next
 time around.

 So check in again next week (same time, same station) and be prepared to
 listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


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