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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Atari Explorer Online: 6-Jun-94 #0309
Date: Wed Jun 15 11:14:47 1994

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                              Table of Contents

* From the Editors ........................ From One Generation to Another.

* Rare Gems ......................................... Quotes Worth Quoting.

* The Final Dateline: Atari! ................. Bob says "Goodbye" to Atari
                                                         faithful on GEnie.

* Jaguar Tackboard ..................... Development list - T-Bird's Quote.

* 64 Bits ................ "AEO at SCES 94" video order form - All Systems
                                  Go's Jaguar hard & software - Rumorville.

* Andreas' Den ..................... Andreas drops by Atari and looks into
                                             the future of Atari computing.

* Atari Artist ................... Pete and Fadi sing a LOGICAL song, look
                                         into the latest from Wizztronics,
                                                     and go European on us.

* "From a Saved Backup" ..................... Networking, to increase your
                                                       group's connections.

* The Unabashed Atariophile ................... PD and Shareware files for
                                                     _your_ Atari computer.

* Developing News .............................. MIST AtariFest VI
                                                 CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94
                                                 Musicom 2 Announced
                                                 Photo Show Pro CLUT
                                                 Atari Compendium Revision
                                                 Studio Convert From COMPO

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


 |||  From the Editors ....... Atari Explorer Online: The Next Generation
 |||  Travis Guy
/ | \ GEnie: AEO.MAG   Delphi: AEO_MAG   Internet:

The talking heads on televison today are correct; we owe our world
today to those men of yesterday. To those men, fifty years ago today,
who parachuted out of planes, who flew the planes, who sailed the
English Channel, who scaled the cliffs, who stormed the beaches, who
died, who lived - all to liberate a fallen Europe - we owe a debt to
maintain all they gave us.

Many of us are a generation removed from those men, and some of us are
removed two. For some who did not live through the Second World War
(the Russian's Great Patriotic War), the events shown on our
televisions over the past few days may seem trite, old and foreign.

But they're not. They are the rememberances of what we were. The
echos of what we are. Take a few moments to reflect on what was, and
what might have been... if fifty years ago today those young men who
dropped out of airplanes into the French night, those men who saw the
dawn of a Normandy beach, those men who all offered their lives for
their world and for ours, had failed.

We'll see you back here in two weeks.


 |||   Rare Gems
 |||   Compiled by: David A. Wright
/ | \  Internet:

The following are the "Rare Gems (sm)" selections for May 8 to 14,
1994. "Rare Gems" is a service mark (sm) of Rare Breed Noninc. and
David Alan Wright. (Internet: DAVE.WRIGHT@MAGIC.ORG) Compilation
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other publications, may not be distributed without further
authorization. All quotes covered by "fair use" of copyright law.
Some assembly required. --:Dave


   Truth never tranquilizes. The defining property of truth is its
      ability to disturb.  --Solomon Short

   God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.  
      --James M. Barrie

   Better over the hill than under it.  --Unknown

   Cream rises to the top.  But then, so does scum.  --Unknown

   I live in a world of my own, but you're welcome to visit.

   An unemployed court jester is nobody's fool.  --Unknown

   If you're big enough to push people around, are you big enough not
      to?  --Fox Kids public service spot

The following are the "Rare Gems (sm)" selections for May 15 to 21,
1994. "Rare Gems" is a service mark (sm) of Rare Breed Noninc. and
David Alan Wright. (Internet: DAVE.WRIGHT@MAGIC.ORG) Compilation
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   I wanted a perfect ending...  Now I've learned, the hard way, that
      some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear
      beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to
      change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without
      knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.
      --Gilda Radner

   Take it easy, but take it.  --Studs Terkel

   Nothing is better than music... It has done more for us than we
      have the right to hope for.  --Nadia Boulanger

   An antique is something that's been useless so long, it's still in
      pretty good condition.  --Franklin P. Jones

   The place of the father in the modern suburban family is a very
      small one, particularly if he plays golf.  --Bertrand Russell

   A great many open minds should be closed for repairs.  
      --Toledo Blade

   Never compose anything unless the not composing of it becomes a
      positive nuisance to you.  --Gustav Holst

The following are the "Rare Gems (sm)" selections for May 22 to 28,
1994. "Rare Gems" is a service mark (sm) of Rare Breed Noninc. and
David Alan Wright. (Internet: DAVE.WRIGHT@MAGIC.ORG) Compilation
copyright 1994 by same. All Wright's rights reserved. Each weekly or
monthly collection may be distributed freely as long as this notice is
retained. Multiple collections, such as CD-ROM, print, electronic, and
other publications, may not be distributed without further
authorization. All quotes covered by "fair use" of copyright law. We
are not responsible for stolen items. --:Dave


   Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become
      their property that they may more perfectly respect it.
      --G. K. Chesterton

   When I look into a girl's eyes, I can tell just what she thinks of
      me. It's pretty depressing.  --Bob Hope

   There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and
      another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another
      star in glory.  --I Corinthians 15:41

   We cannot command Nature except by obeying her.  --Francis Bacon

   My evening visitors, if they cannot see the clock, should find the
      time in my face.  --Ralph Waldo Emerson

   The eyes believe themselves; the ears believe other people.
      --German proverb

   The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.
      --Robertson Davies


 |||   The Final Dateline: Atari!
 |||   With Bob Brodie
/ | \  File Courtesy of GEnie

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                   Dateline: Atari! with Bob Brodie

                         Friday, June 3, 1994

                           Host - Lou Rocha

             "... all good things must come to an end..."

<[HoST] ST.LOU> This evening we gather for the final installment of
Dateline: Atari with Bob Brodie, Director of Communications for Atari
Corp. On this occasion we acknowledge Bob's service to all Atari
computer users and wish him the best in his new endeavors.

Bob Brodie was a prominent member of the H.A.C.K.S. (Hooked on Atari
Computer Knowledge Enthusiasts) user group in the southern California
area during the mid-1980's. That group included other prominent
Atarians such as RT Sysop Darlah J. Potechin and Glendale organizer
John King Tarpinian.

From such humble beginnings Bob assisted in many local events,
including the Glendale shows. Bob was a mainstay at COMDEX and many
Atari festivals during the heyday of the late 1980's and early
1990's.  User Groups across the land had the opportunity to welcome
Bob to their monthly meetings. He was initially hired by Atari Corp.
as the User Group Coordinator, eventually assuming greater
responsibilities and the role of Director of Communications in which
he has spent the last few years coordinating information among Atari,
the press, the dealers and the userbase.

These past two years Bob took the challenge of meeting the userbase
on GEnie each month. Given Atari's track record and history, this has
not been an enviable task. Nevertheless Bob courageously forged on and
refused to miss a session despite personal illness or lack of rest.
On several occasions Bob logged on from his hotel room after a full
day on the floor of a trade show or hoofing the beat to retailers.

Bob has been tremendously faithful to the users here on GEnie and has
done everything in his power to support the Atari community. He has
been prominent on local and international BBS networks. In addition
to being very knowledgable about Atari computers, Bob has rarely
declined an invitation to support users to the best of his ability,
freely giving of his time on and off the job.

Dateline: Atari was conceived during one of Bob's regular visits to
the STRT Monday Night DTP Conference. The excitement generated by
those conferences will be very hard to replace. In addition to the
timely information that Bob provided about Atari's plans, he gave the
users the opportunity to express their views. These encounters were
always handled in a courteous and professional manner for which he
deserves our appreciation and admiration.

On a personal level, I have enjoyed working with Bob at these monthly
meetings and will miss his camaraderie. I sincerely offer my best
wishes to Bob and his family on this occasion. Thanks for all the
great times. Over to you, Bob....

<BOB-BRODIE> Thank you for joining me once again, for the final time
at Dateline: Atari. For five years now, it has been my privilege to
serve Atari Corporation, and Atari owners as an employee of Atari
Corporation. With the conclusion of business today, that time came to
a close.

For me, this is a very bittersweet time. I have accepted an exciting
position as Director of Technical Support with GS Corp, a developer
of NeXT Step applications. This new position will allow me to spend
much more time with family, as well as provide me with a larger
salary. On the other hand, it is the conclusion of a job that in many
ways was a dream come true for me. I had the great pleasure of turning
my hobby into my vocation, something few people are ever permitted to

As an Atarian, I am honored that I have been permitted inside the
company. I have tried always to bring an end users perspective to the
company, and make sure that we always remembered that in our plans.
During the course of being here, I have made friends with people from
all around the globe!! And of course, within Atari I have a group of
people that have labored with me side by side on our products.

I am grateful for the people that have made my time as wonderful as
it has been at Atari. There are too many to mention in detail here
tonight, so I apologize if I have overlooked anyone. But I would be
remiss if I failed to acknowledge Darlah Potechin, head sysop of the
Atari RTs on GEnie, Dorothy Brumleve, President of the IAAD, Travis
Guy of Atari Explorer Online Magazine, Nathan Potechin of DMC
Publishing, the entire staff of the ST Roundtables on GEnie both past
and present, Lou Rocha, the best conference moderator on the
planet!!!, Rick Flashman and Dan Wilga of Gribnif Software, The
CodeHeads, Ron Kovacs of Z*Net, John Nagy of AtariUser, John King
Tarpinian of the Southern California Atari Faire, Bill Scull and Terry
May of AtariNet, Neil Harris (formerly of GEnie), Augie Ligouri of
Atari Corporation (the man who hired me at Atari!!), Sam Tramiel,
Leonard Tramiel, Greg Pratt (formerly of Atari), James Grunke, Don
Thomas, and many, many other people. Thank you all for making my time
here at Atari such a memorable one!!

During my tenure at Atari, things have changed dramatically in the
world around us. When I arrived here, Video Games for the home were
almost an after thought. We were hard at work on the STE computers,
and working on the Atari Lynx, the worlds first portable color gaming
system. Now, almost five years later, we're emphasizing the Jaguar,
the first 64 bit home game machine, and our computer systems are
taking a back seat to that business.

During my time here, we have witnessed the rise and fall of many
companies in the computer business. Indeed, one of the original
designers of the ST, Shiraz Shevji, went out and started up a pen
based computer company. The company was successful in the media, but
within six months of being featured on the cover on BYTE Magazine, the
doors were closed, and the company was out of business. We've seen
many PC companies come and go, some have fallen and managed to rise
again. Once worthy competitors like Commodore have closed their doors,
falling prey to the ever increasing competition in the PC hardware
market. In order to survive, Atari has focused their efforts on the
Jaguar home system.  And that strategy has been effective for Atari.
The Jaguar has been well received by the media, and consumer
acceptance has been wonderful.

But, this is enough of talk about myself and my time here at Atari. I
could go on, and on, and on about my time here. There are wonderful
memories, fun stories, and a few tears that have been shed over the
last five years. Thank you for sharing those times with me.

With that, I'm sure that some of you might be interested in Atari
related things other than me leaving, so let's open up the floor to
our guests tonight, Lou. One last time, let's talk Atari!

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks, Bob. Our first /raise comes from Nathan

<[Nathan @ DMC] POTECHIN> Between Lou and Bob's posts, I hope you all
read fast! ;-) Thanks Lou. Knowing Bob as I do, I cannot help but
visualize a large, ferocious, Grizzly type creature, hulking
possesively over a cracked and tattered, bruised and battered Atari
ST.  Picture Bob roaring into the wind, defying the assembled masses,
paw swiping, hair a flying. I've had the pleasure of listening to Bob
speak at shows across North America. I've even spent some time with
him at a show in Germany. When I say that Bob has been a credit to the
worldwide Atari community, it is no less than the simple truth. He has
been a positive force in the Atari community for all the years that
I've known him and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for
being himself. Thank you, Bob.

Nathan Potechin - DMC Publishing

<BOB-BRODIE> Nathan, thank you. Among the most wonderful things that
have happened to me in my tenure here has been making wonderful
friends. I have enjoyed our relationship, and frankly...I'm not ready
for it to end!!! I fully expect to go through about a two to three
month time frame of getting settled in the new job... and then be
back on here as "one of the guys".

Thanks for all of the time that you have spent with me, both in
person, and on the phone. You're a true professional, and a credit to
our industry.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Bob, our next speaker is fellow RTC Sysop, Brian

<[NSACUG PREZ] BRIAN.H> Thanks Lou! First I would like to say I am
deeply sorry to see you leaving ATARI Corp. Second, THREE users in my
club have already commented that this is the last nail in Atari's
coffin since you are leaving and no one, I repeat no one, is taking
your job. Can you give us some reassurance that they will hire
someone new?

<BOB-BRODIE> Brian, at this point no plans have been made to hire a
replacement for me. I have offered my suggestions about who
internally could do the things that I do. I have hope that most of
those suggestions will be followed. That would mean that my
responsiblities would be split up among several other people. However,
during a gathering last night, one of our staff members did indicate
some interest in taking over EVERYTHING... and he would be really good
at it. So I'm hopeful that will work out. But we'll have to wait and
see.  I have no control over this one.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks, Brian. On to Dark Chyld.

<[DarkChyld] R.HALL49> Tos 5.0?

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Bob, can you answer this question? :-)

<BOB-BRODIE> Regarding TOS 5.0, that would be the next upgrade to
TOS, however it has never existed.

<[Zombie] R.ANISKO> Just wanted to say "Good Luck!" Bob on your
future endeavors, have fun and enjoy them... And to keep the Atari
questions rolling, 2 quick questions: 1. Do you have any information
on whether AES 4.1 (which is rumored to solve the "sluggishness" of
MultiTOS) will be released any time soon? 2. Do have you had any
exposure to the "MiNT-Net" project that is going on in the land of

<BOB-BRODIE> AES 4.1 is in MultiTOS beta version 1.08, which has been
shipped to developers. At this point, I don't have a release date for
that product. And no...I haven't even heard of MiNT-Net... wish you
would have asked that while Eric was here saying goodbye! :)

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Bob, your old buddy, John King Tarpinian would like
the microphone....

<[ByeByeBob] JOHN.KING.T> T H A N K Y O U for E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! !
  ! ! (That pretty much says it for me.)

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Not going to let Bob have a breather, eh? :-)

<BOB-BRODIE> John, thank you! The Glendale Shows have been a
wonderful memory and I have appreciated your friendship both online,
and in person. I know that we will continue to be friends for the rest
of our lives.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> We have Dark Chyld again.

<[DarkChyld] R.HALL49> I'm confused...How can there be AES 4.1 and NO
new upgrade for TOS? Please explain to a humble Falcon owner if I
should consign my machine to the deep, dark, tunnel of total
abandonment? Also thought that the Sigma-Jaguar partnership is a
"PowerMOVE!..Now how about Jaguar-Falcon???

<BOB-BRODIE> The AES 4.1 that currently exists is in a BETA version
of TOS. That's how all software is implemented initally. As to whether
you should consign the machine... well that depends more on you than
anything that I can tell you. My new system at my job is a powerhouse
66Mhz 486-DX2 with 32 megs of RAM, and a 525 Meg HD running Next
Step.  My TT030 blows the doors off of it. I personally have NO
intention of abandonning my Atari gear. Calamus SL is, in my opinion,
better than Quark or Pagemaker. I do a lot of letter writing, and
Atari Works is great for that, and Speedo output is gorgeous. And for
telecommunications, well... I like Stalker. So I have no plans to
abandon my Atari gear. And I will be writing an article for AtariUser
Magazine entitled "Why You Should Use an Atari Computer".

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Sam Rapp is our next guest, Bob

<[:-(] SAM-RAPP> Well, Bob, I guess you realize that you are going to
be missed as GEnie's Atari mouthpiece. I can't imagine that anyone
could take your place, or that anyone else could stand up to so much
pressure. (Especially me bugging you about Jag T-Shirts!) Since this
will be my last chance I thought I would go for broke.....

You think you could smuggle an ABAQ or Jag Development system out of
there tonight? I'll email you my mailing address! ;-)

<BOB-BRODIE> Sam, I haven't ever seen an ABAQ to the best of my
knowlege. That product was done at Atari UK... might be one here.
I'll ask. :0 No chance for the Jaguar Dev system...they'd notice that.
But I do have a special piece of Atari history that I rescued from a
junk pile at the old warehouse.... an Atari 1450XLD. And it's mine. :)

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Bob, our favorite RT Sysop would like to add her

<DARLAH> Bob, what can I say... I will miss you but you have no
excuse not to check in. I know you types that work at home. You have
tons of time. Your kids will think you don't have a real job and even
the pjs can stay on. What a life....<wink>

<[HoST] ST.LOU> I am envious.......

<BOB-BRODIE> Darlah, I've been walking around the building telling
everyone that just because I'm leaving Atari, they haven't seen the
last of me yet. :) I'm looking forward to working at home. Maybe I'll
get a special pair of work PJs. :) :)

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK.... let's move on to Charles Smeton of NewSTar
Technology, home of STraight FAX.

<C.S.SMETON> Bob, congrats on the new job. Can you tell us a bit
about GS Corp, its products, what exactly Next Step is, what machine
it runs on etc.?

<BOB-BRODIE> Sure Charles. GS is presently selling technical
illustration and graphic arts products into corporate marketplaces.
As well as other related products, like scanner drivers and printer
drivers. NeXT Step is an object oriented operating system that
originated on NeXT Computers. NeXT Step has been ported by NeXT to
various other platforms, and NeXT has discontinued their hardware.
Currently, NeXT Step runs on a 486, and they are working on a port to
Sun, HP Workstations, RISC machines, and others.

<C.S.SMETON> Thanks Bob, is GS Corp related in any way to Goldleaf

<BOB-BRODIE> The principal owners are the same, but Goldleaf
Publishing Corporation sold all of the rights to their Atari products.
GS Corp doesn't own any Atari products. All of their products are NeXT
Step. In fact, I'm not even sure that Goldleaf Publishing is still in
business.  It might have folded.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks, Charles. Next is Sir Fransis....

<[Sir Fransis] K.DRAKE> Bob, there's a lot of wierd and wonderful
rumors spinning through the nets to the effect that Atari's got some
kind of big surprise in store for CES. Since this is your last chance
to drop some juicy tidbits, (be as vague as you like) I was wondering
if you could tantalize us! May your sails ever be filled.... Sir

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Do I sense a tidbit coming up? :-)

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Kenneth.... well I'm really not at liberty to say too
much about CES. I can tell you that we have about 35 stations planned
for the show, and each one will have a different title on display.
We're also creating some dazzling CD ROM demos. I can also tell you
that there are about 10 titles that are pretty close (30-60 days) to
being ready. As in, they are on EPROMS for preview to mags now.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Ken Helms is next, Bob

<[Ken] K.HELMS> Bob, I just wanted to echo "Good Luck and Best
Wishes" from all of us in the MidWest. We appreciate the trips you've
made to Chicago, Detroit, and Indy (and even Gurnee). Just curious as
to what you will be doing for GS (job title?)?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Ken... hey I've LOVED my trips to the midwest. Great
people, wonderful times. I'll miss the MIST gang!! I will be Director
of Technical Support for GS Corp.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Now we have the OTHER John K!

<[JOHN] J.KANTARJIAN> Sorry to see you go :( and I hate to ask but
when will the next game for the Jaguar be ready?

<BOB-BRODIE> The next title for the Jaguar will probably be
Wolfenstein 3D, and Brutal Sports Football is close behind it.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks. Tony Wetmore is next.

<[Tony] WETMORE> Hiya again, Bob. First off, congrats etc. on the new
job. Hopefully it won't require you to pack up and move the family or
anything. Next, do you have any feel for how far off Checkered Flag
is these days? [:-)

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Tony...nope. It's just on the other side of the
Golden Gate Bridge so we won't have to move. I'm sure that we'll be
showing Checkered Flag at CES. The last time I saw it, it was much
further along. I would expect to see it in the early fall.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Now we have the BirdDog!

<[BirdDog] C.BOURGOIN1> Are the Jaguars in Toys R Us Yet? If not,
when can we expect to see them in Toys R Us?

<BOB-BRODIE> They are in Toys R Us, but not nationally. I don't have
a date as to when that will happen.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Texas Time.... here's Pat Forister!

<[Pat] P.FORISTER> Bob, good luck in your new job. Can you tell us
anything about new software titles for the Jag? Will there be a Jag
Mortal Combat??? Any other news you care to share on the Jag? Will
Atari continue these RTCs?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Pat...thanks for your warm wishes. I truly appreciate
them. There are an amazing number of new titles in development for
the Jaguar. Atari has over 160 licensees and subcontractors at this
point in time. Everyone asks about Mortal Kombat until they see Kasumi
Ninja. I think that will be a game that will make everyone forget
about MK. But, to be more factual, Williams license with Akklaim runs
thru the end of this year. So unless Akklaim wants to do MK on the
Jag, it won't happen until '95. Re the RTCs... not at this point in

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Richard Brown is our next guest, Bob.

<R.BROWN30> I wish you good fortune. How are the new Jag games
coming, should we start to see a steady flow of games starting this
summer? What besides AvP will be system selling games? What's your
favorite Jag game in development?

<BOB-BRODIE> As I just indicated to Pat, there is a terrific number
of games in the works. I'm very excited by them. Kasumi Ninja could be
a system seller, or Wolfenstein. My favorite game in development?
Hmmmmmm.... Club Drive. It's a really unique title.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> I would love to see Club Drive myself. Next we have

<[EeEckyThump!] STEVE-J> No punches this time, I promise! <grin> What
is your opinion/impression of Atari's (i.e. the Tramiels') dedication
to computers? Obviously, Atari doesn't have the resources now to
pursue the computer side of things, but do you see the Tramiels
jumping back into computers as soon as the opportunity presents

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Steve. I don't see the Tramiels "jumping back into
computers" until the profitablity returns to computer hardware, or we
have a unique machine that everyone must have. I spoke with Jack
about this very subject back in January, before CES. He envisions
doing a Jag based computer at some point down the line, but as always
(and like all businesses), it must have profit potential. Look at all
of the computer companies that have fallen on hard times!

Unless a company can be profitable, they will die. Apple recently
shipped more computers in a quarter than they ever have in their
history but the profits didn't match the shipments. My personal
belief is that ALL hardware companies are in for a rough time. The
competition is cut throat.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Our next stop is the home of AtariUSER magazine and
publisher John Nagy....

<[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> The Z_Net/AtariUser/Bob Brodie connection
goes back more than six years, before Bob even imagined being the new
Sig Hartmann. He's been much more than a co-worker and colleague, he's
been a friend. We weathered many a storm together, survived STR-WARS,
and made the world a little safer for Atari owners.

I'm pleased to have had Bob offer to do a series of articles for
future AtariUser issues (!), which will trickle out in the coming
months if all goes better than it has in the last months. (We had
another 3.5 quake just 48 hours ago.) Thanks for everything, Bob, and
we all love ya. As has been said, your moving on marks the end of an
era for us all.

<BOB-BRODIE> Awwwwww, geez John.

<BOB-BRODIE> We have been through an awful lot together. I will never
forget the first time you and Ron called me about writing for you.
The first of many conference calls. It's been a wonderful time...

<[HoST] ST.LOU> On to Chris Krowchuk....

<[Chris @ Comp] C.KROWCHUK1> Gee Bob, I am sure that if you wanted to
work at home 2 or 3 days a week all you had to do was give us all
your home phone number, we would have called you at home on Sat. Sun.
and Holidays. Seriously tho', Best of Luck. GS is lucky to have
someone as committed as you. I left mail for you in regards to our
earlier conversations and I have one question tonite. Who is going to
replace you?

<BOB-BRODIE> Chris, I can hear the complaints from you guys if my
daughter answered the phone! :) Which of course assumes that you
would get through the phone line with three teenagers in the house!
And there have been times that I thought I should have been committed.

So far, a specific replacement has not been named. They're parcelling
out various parts of my duties to a number of people. There is a
possiblity that someone will take over the whole thing, but it's not

<[Chris @ Comp] C.KROWCHUK1> Will Atari be showing computers at CES?

<BOB-BRODIE> No, we will be showing entertainment products at CES, no

<[HoST] ST.LOU> On to James Vogh.

<[James] J.VOGH> Bob, best of luck in the new job. Can you describe
Star Raiders 2000? (this question seems terribly familiar for some
reason :-) If you can't answer that, can you describe the current
status of AvP?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi James. I haven't seen Star Raiders yet. It's still in
the "code" part of the project. I would expect something along the
lines of what we did with Tempest 2000...take a very popular game,
and update it to reflect the capabilities of the Jaguar. Re AvP, we've
flown in two programmers from Rebellion to help finish it off here in
Sunnyvale, and have also pulled some of our other staff off other
projects to assist in finalizing AvP. It should be done by the end of
the month.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Our next guest is Dorothy Brumleve, President of the
Independent Association of Atari Developers. Madame President.......

<[Baaad Dot!] DABRUMLEVE> Bob, I want to thank you for the
friendship, assistance and support which has made business a pleasure!
Best of luck in your new endeavor! Are you taking that much-needed
vacation or jumping right in?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Dorothy, I took that much needed three week vacation
already. That's why I missed the last Dateline. Whatta guy...take
three weeks of vacation, comes back to work and quits!!! I'm going to
the new job right away. We have two trade shows to do in the next
three weeks. They will all be in San Francisco though, so I can stay
home! Thank you for your friendship, your wisdom, and your guidance
over the years. I will never forget you showing that very special
button at WAACE.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK, next we have Pat Hulse, without a button :-)

<[pat] P.HULSE2> VERY sorry to see you go Bob! The boys in Portland
wish you well! What will become of 319? Many of us depend on it for
direct connects to the FNET. ...and good luck!

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Pat. Well that's kinda up in the air. I'm typing on
node 319 at the moment. I have asked Atari to run the BBS for 90 days
to see how it goes. I have a very capable remote sysop in Bill Scull
who keeps it running in top notch shape. If they decide to take the
BBS down, then I will put it up. But my pockets are not as deep as
Atari's. :-( So that might be a problem for the FNET. I already left a
message in the sysops conference warning them of that.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Ken Helms has another question, Bob...

<[Ken] K.HELMS> (Pat asked my question so ...) How about the CD ROM
drive for the Jag? I love using one with my MSTe. And pricing? If 3DO
drops further, will the Jag come down?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Ken... the CD ROM development systems are now
shipping, and we will be showing it at CES. The price is approx $199.
I don't think you will see the 3D0 drop any lower. They have many
custom chips on board, and it's simply a more expensive machine to

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Matthew J joins us next.

<[Matthew J] M.SZEWCZYK1> Bob, any idea what will be packed with the
CD, when Kasumi Ninja ships and when can we look for the next Jag
cart on the shelves?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Matthew. We're building in to the Jag CD a cool light
show product that works with regular audio CDs, and we're talking
about including a CD of Tempest music with it. But that's not firmed
up. Kasumi is still in development and we all know that software
development is a less than exact science when it comes to timing. The
next Jag cart will probably be Wolfenstein 3D.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> On to Hassen then Davey

<[Hassen] H.HAMMOUD> Hi Bob. Kick some butt in your new job! Now that
Atari has over 160 licensees and subcontractors, will Atari try to
persuade them into making games and programs for the Lynx and Falcon?
Best wishes and good luck. BTW, how about sending a Lynx and Falcon
developer's kit to registered Jag developers. It couldn't hurt. :)

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Hassen. Some of the titles are under discussion for
the Lynx to be sure. Re the Falcon, I don't think so. Although I did
hear that Atari UK has lined up some European distribution for a
couple of new Falcon games... Dino Dudes, Steel Talons, and... darn. I
forget what the third one is. Sorry.

<[Davey] D.HAUPERT> Hi Bob! Sorry to see ya go. Anyway, while we
still have ya, a lot of people have been wondering what the deal was
with the AvP intro screen. It looked great from the DHGF pics but is
it an animation, stills, does it have voices, music, etc.??? Also,
when should it be done with testing?

<BOB-BRODIE> It's a still, Davey. The sound stuff is still being
finalized. And it's not in testing yet. Atari has flown two of
Rebellion's programmers here to Sunnyvale to get the project done so
it can go to test... and we're pulling staff of other projects to help
them. We hope that get's it done.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Sir Fransis returns...

<BOB-BRODIE> And why do I keep saying we? I quit!! :)

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Is it midnight Bob?

<BOB-BRODIE> Somewhere, Lou. Somewhere!

<[Sir Fransis] K.DRAKE> Has anyone there jumped on the idea of
getting the IAJD to put out demos on CD's on, say, a quarterly basis?
Kinda like an extended support thing! :)

<BOB-BRODIE> Sounds like a neat idea, but one for the IAJD to take up
with Bill Rehbock at Atari. Maybe THEY will do it. :)

<[EeEckyThump!] STEVE-J> Can you mention any notable (i.e.
recognizable) Jaguar developers that have just signed on (and haven't
been announced yet)? By the way, my Falcon030 IS an entertaining
product! <grin> Also, to follow-up my earlier question, is Atari
computer development COMPLETELY dead, or just scaled down to the
occasional TOS/MultiTOS 'update'?

<BOB-BRODIE> Re the developers, no. Sorry. I agree that the Falcon is
an entertaining product...very cool indeed!!! Re the computer stuff,
it's not completely dead, but it's certainly not the priority it once
was. For instance, the whole reason that topic on Works bugs got
started was because Leonard Tramiel wants to fix the problems. He
promised me that if we (meaning me, you, and the rest of the ST RT
members) help find the bug, he'll see it gets fixed.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Pat Forister is back......

<[Pat] P.FORISTER> Pacific Software is saying that the CD ROM Drive
will not be out until December. Any truth in that? What is the E.T.A.
of the CD Drive - how about VR Helmet? Thanks Bob...

<BOB-BRODIE> I don't know why Pacific is saying that... I was told
the end of summer. Re the VR helmet, no eta.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Now Rene House from CA

<R.HOUSE4> Thanks Bob for all the great memories. There's a rumor on
the BB's that Atari has either already or is willing to license
Falcon technology for further development. What do you know?

<BOB-BRODIE> The Falcon is not licensed to anyone. It is an Atari
product, and we are the sole producers of it. I am not aware of any
other license arrangements at this time, but Atari is looking into
the possiblity of developing a music workstation.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks, Bob. Remember Steve Elek? He's back!

<BOB-BRODIE> How could I forget Steve? He can't have my 1450XLD!

<[Steve@IMAGE] S.ELEK> Hi, Bob! 1. What's AW version up to! 2. Will
you be in South Bend for the opening of the national football hall of
fame next year?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Steve, the current version of Atari Works that is
shipping is 1.207 Re coming to South Bend...Hey, I'd love to be
there.  But with this new position, I'll have to see what their
schedule is.

<[Steve@IMAGE] S.ELEK> Bob, what is the future of Atari Users Groups
support by Atari Co.?

<BOB-BRODIE> Steve, at this point the user group program has been
shelved. There really isn't much activity by the groups at all. I
can't remember the last time a group called and asked for a visit.

<R.BROWN30> Has Atari considered using Jag tec to make a non-linear
video editing system like Avid or EMC?

<BOB-BRODIE> I don't believe so. Atari usually looks for their
products to appeal to mass markets.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Well Bob.... here's the last one.. Travis Guy of
Atari Explorer Online magazine.

<[*] Travis [*] AEO.MAG> Bob, there's a lot of people out there that
are going to miss your presence. Over the years, you have come to
symbolize Atari... to humanize Atari... for the average user. I know
that I will miss having you to pick on. All those phone calls to you
- "C'mon, Bob. What's really going on?"... but even more than that,
I'll miss these monthly get togethers that we all share here on GEnie.
All Good Things must come to an end, and tonight ends a Really Good

I hope I speak for everyone in wishing you and your family peace,
prosperity and happiness. We'll miss you; don't be a stranger.

Now onto the business at hand; I am honored to be the one to pose the
- final- Dateline: Atari question.... Bob, you've been there for some
five years now. So before you walk out that door and turn the lights
off one last time, could you share with everyone some of the
highlights... and lowlights of what you've seen, and maybe even pass
on a regret or two?

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Nicely done.

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Travis... wow, that's a doozie! We could be typin' a
long time on that one. The highlights include the user group shows...
Glendale would be the most consistently good show, I thought that ACE
92 in Toronto was one of the best shows that I've ever done. Of
course, I wish that our computer products had enjoyed more success.
It's been a real education to be here during the birth of products
like the Portfolio, the Lynx, the Falcon....

<BOB-BRODIE> On regrets... we in the Atari Community seem to have a
bit of a propensity to attract users that enjoy to <ahem> debate. Or
is flame a better term? :) I wish that the online wars hadn't been so
nasty as they were. Probably my biggest disappointment was seeing a
promising publication turn into a gossip rag. And then the same gossip
rag turn into a hate rag. And the hate rag turn into a front for mail
order advertising and the mail order advertising turn into, what is in
my opinion, mail fraud. And all of that cost me what I thought was a
friend. The Atari Community had a resource turn on it, take it, use
it, and then abandon it after it was stopped... (he) should be ashamed
of himself.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Bob, this has been a most enjoyable experience for me
to act as your host. Your timely visits were always an exciting part
of the monthly routine here in the ST RT and you know that these
transcripts were distributed to more than 10,000 BBS's around the
world  :-)

You have enjoyed the respect of your peers which is all that a person
can desire in their lifetime. I congratulate you and envy you. Visit
us when you are set up. I know you will remember us all as your
friends. Keep in touch.

<BOB-BRODIE> Lou, thank you for all of your support and help on each
of these Dateline: Atari sessions. I know that it has been very late
each time that you have hosted these... and I appreciate the
sacrifices that you have made to ensure that they have been
successful. These past two weeks have gone by far too quickly to suit

<BOB-BRODIE> I have so many friends that I wish I would have had the
time to call and chat with personally about my departure. And the
email that has come in to me from all over the globe has been
wonderful. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for
taking the time to send along their good wishes. I will still be
online here on GEnie, courtesy of Darlah Potechin. My email address
will remain the same. And although I will no longer be in the employ
of Atari Corp, I welcome the opportunity wherever possible to continue
to serve Atarians.

This brings to a close a wonderful chapter of my life. In a few
mintues, I'll walk out the door of Atari, and start a new one. Thank
you, one and all, for all the times that we've shared together. The
next job is going to be exciting, but I don't see how it can match
this. So for the last time, good night, from Sunnyvale! Thanks for
everything. And I'll be seeing you online here on GEnie! Goodnight!

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Take care, Bob. Goodnight.

/|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\

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 |||   Jaguar Tackboard
 |||   Confirmed information about Atari's Jaguar
/ | \  Compiled from online and official sources

//// Independent Association of Jaguar Developers

The IAJD (Independent Association of Jaguar Developers) has started
accepting members on GEnie. The IAJD is a private group where
confidential discussions can be freely held. (Category 64 of the ST
RoundTable is the IAJD meeting place.) Consequently, membership in the
IAJD is limited to Jaguar developers who are registered with Atari
Corp. To apply for membership, send EMail to ENTRY$ on GEnie (or
<entry$> if you're not on GEnie). Regular EMail
correspondence with the IAJD should be sent to IAJD$ (again, or
<iajd$> if you're not on GEnie).

//// Internet Jaguar Mailing List

Anyone with Internet EMail access can join the discussions on the
Jaguar mailing list. To "subscribe" to the list, send an EMail to the
following address: <>

Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the EMail, include this

             subscribe jaguar-l FirstName LastName

(Where "FirstName" is your first name and "LastName" is your last

To send mail to be read on the Jaguar list, address your letter to:
<>. It will go to the list server and be sent
to the over 200 readers of the list.

IMPORTANT: If your mail server charges you by the character or by the
letter, please be aware that the Jaguar list can generate dozens, and
up to a hundred EMails in a day.

//// Developer / Game List 1.12

//// Editor: The following developers, licensees and game titles have
been confirmed to the best of AEO's ability as of June 3, 1994. Entries
in the "S"tatus column reflects any "e"rrors, "u"pdates, "n"ew titles,
new "d"evelopers, "?"uestionable listings, or titles that are in
"P"roduction since the last AEO list. Titles in brackets (e.g.
[Cybermorph]) have been completed and are available in the US.

Expected dates are dates that have been provided by the developer.

                        Expected Date
                             or         Titles
S Developer/Licensee       Rating  under development
" """"""""""""""""""       """"""  """""""""""""""""
  21st Century Software      9/94  Pinball Dreams
  3D Games                    -    Rainbow Warrior
                              -    MORE
  Accent Media Productions    -    Varuna's Forces CD-ROM
  Accolade                    -    Al Michaels Announces Hardball
                              -    Brett Hull Hockey
e                             -    Charles Barkley's Shut Up and Jam
e                             -    Jack Nicholas Power Challenge Golf
  Activision                  -    Return to Zork CD-ROM
  All Systems Go            Q1/95  Hosenose and Booger CD-ROM
e                           Q1/95  Video Jukebox (cart multiplexer)
                              -    BIOS Fear CD-ROM
                              -    (IR controller station)
  American Laser Games        -    Mad Dog McCree
  Anco Software Ltd.          -    Kick Off 3 (for Imagineer)
                              -    World Cup
  Anthill Industries
  Argonaut Software           -    Creature Shock CD-ROM (For Virgin)
  Atari Corp.                 -    Battlezone 2000
                              -    Chaos Agenda CD-ROM
                              -    Club Drive
                             *5*   [Crescent Galaxy]
                              -    MPEG 1 and 2 carts
                              -    Star Raiders 2000
                              -    Tiny Toons Adventures
                              -    VR Helmet
  Atari Games Corp.           -    Arcade Games Using Jaguar
  Attention to Detail         -    Battlemorph: Cybermorph 2 CD-ROM
                              -    Blue Lightning CD-ROM
                             *7*   [Cybermorph]
                                   (For Atari)
  Audio-Visual Magic
  Bethesda Softworks
  Beyond Games Inc.         12/94  Battlewheels
                            Q3/94  Ultra Vortex
  Black Scorpion Software
  Bjorn Joos/Kris Van Lier
  Borta & Associates
  Brainstorm                  -    [x86 Jaguar Development System]
  Bullfrog Productions Ltd. Q3/94  Syndicate (For Ocean)
                            Q3/94  Theme Park (For Ocean)
  Clearwater Software
  Computer Music Consulting
  Delta Music Systems Inc.
  Dimension Technologies
  Domark Group Ltd.           -    F1 Racer
  DTMC                        -    Lester the Unlikely
                              -    Mountain Sports
                              -    (Miniature Golf)
  Eclipse                     -    Iron Soldier (helicopters)
  EZ Score Software Inc.
  GameTek Inc.
  Genus Microprogramming Inc.
  Gremlin Graphics Ltd.     10/94  Zool 2
                              -    UNKNOWN TITLE (racing) - MORE?
  H2O Design Corp.
  Hand Made Software          -    Kasumi Ninja (For Atari)
  High Voltage Software     10/94  White Men Can't Jump (for Trimark)
  ICD Inc.                    -    Cat Box (AV & comm expansion box)
  id Software                 -    Doom: Evil Unleashed
                              -    Wolfenstein 3D
d iThink                      -    (3D simulation)
  Imagineer Company Ltd.
  Imagitec Design Inc.       *6*   [Evolution Dino-Dudes]
                             *6*   [Raiden]
                              -    Freelancer 2120 CD-ROM
e                             -    Bubsy in Clawed Encounters
                                          of the Furried Kind (For Accolade)
                              -    Dino Dudes 2
  Interplay                   -    BattleChess CD-ROM - MORE?
  Jaleco                      -    Cisco Heat
                              -    Bases Loaded
                              -    MORE CD-ROM
  Krisalis Software Ltd.     6/94  Soccer Kid
  Limelight Media Inc.
  LlamaSoft                 *10*   [Tempest 2000] (For Atari)
                              -    MORE MINTER!
  Loricel S.A.
  Manley & Associates Inc.
  Maxis Software
  Microids                   1995  Evidence
                            12/94  Commando
  Microprose                  -    Gunship 2000
                              -    MORE SIMULATIONS
  MidNite Entertainment     10/94  Air Cars
                            10/94  Dungeon Depths
                            Q1/95  Assault
P Millenium/Teque            7/94  Brutal Sports Football (For Telegames)
  NMS Software Ltd.
  Ocean Software Ltd.       12/94  Apeshi- (working title)
                             1995  Lobo CD-ROM
  -unnamed-                   -    -unnamed-
  Phalanx                     -    (Title not available)
  Photosurrealism             -    Galactic Gladiators
  Pixel Satori
  PIXIS Interactive           -    Neurodancer CD-ROM
  Rage Software UK
  ReadySoft Incorporated      -    Dragon's Lair CD-ROM
                              -    Dragon's Lair II CD-ROM
                              -    Space Ace CD-ROM
  Rebellion Software Ltd.   Su/94  Alien vs. Predator (For Atari)
                            Su/94  Checkered Flag II (For Atari)
                              -    Legions of the Undead (For Atari)
                              -    Hammerhead
  Rest Energy
  Sculptured Software Inc.
  Sigma Designs             Q4/94  "Jaguar on a PC" PC card
  Silmarils                  9/94  Robinson's Requiem CD-ROM
  Sinister Developments
  Software Creations
  Team Infinity
  Team 17 Software Ltd.
  Tecnation Digital World
  Telegames                   -    Casino Royale
                              -    European Soccer Challenge
                             9/94  Ultimate Brain Games
                              -    Super Off-Road
  Teque London Ltd.
  Tiertex Ltd.                -    Flashback (for U.S. Gold)
  Tradewest                 10/94  Troy Aikman NFL Football
                            Q4/94  Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls
  Trimark Interactive
  U.S. Gold Ltd.
  UBI Soft International      -    RayMan
                              -    MORE (American Football)
  V-Reel Productions          -    Arena Football
                              -    Horrorscope
  Virgin Interactive
       Entertainment Ltd.     -    Dragon
                              -    Demolition Man
  Virtual Xperience           -    Indiana Jags (platform)
                              -    Zzyorxx II (vertical shooter)
                              -    Burn Out (m/c racing)
  Visual Concepts
  Williams Brothers
  WMS Industries
  Zeppelin Games              -    Center Court Tennis

Pts Stars  AEO Ratings
""" """""  """""""""""
 10 *****  GAMING NIRVANA!!! - You have left reality behind... for good.
  9 ****+  Unbelieveable GAME!! - Your family notices you're often absent.
  8 ****   Fantastic Game!! - You can't get enough playtime in on this.
  7 ***+   Great Game! - Something to show off to friends or 3DOers.
  6 ***    Good game - You find yourself playing this from time to time.
  5 **+    Ho-hum - If there's nothing else to do, you play this.
  4 **     Waste of time - Better to play this than play in traffic.
  3 *+     Sucks - Playing in traffic sounds like more fun.
  2 *      Sucks Badly - You'd rather face an IRS audit than play this.
  1 +      Forget it - ... but you can't; it's so badly done, it haunts you.
  0 -      Burn it - Disallow programmer from ever writing games again.

//// Developer's Quote

This issue's quote comes from Doug Engel <>,
GEnie's lovable Thunderbird. Doug shares his views on the 3DO vs.
Jaguar Holy Polygon Wars:

[] I haven't run any benchmarks one our latest polygon engine, but it
   should end up taking about 30-35% more time (assuming the same
   lighting model is used to shade the textures, and depth queue

   Not that I'd prefer a 100% texture mapped CyberMorph... after some
   of the stuff I've seen recently, it's painfully obvious that
   Cybermorph suffers from extremely poor use of the Gouraud shading
   abilities of the Jaguar. Cybermorph also suffers from very bad
   color choices as well. I'd really like to see a Cybermorph which
   tastefully combines Gouraud, Textures, and Flat shading where
   appropriate. Gouraud done right is gorgeous! Look at what it does
   for the T2K playfields! Combine gouraud with textured stuff, and
   you'll get killer effects.

   An interesting side note... Jez San recently spewed out some facts
   about how hard it is to translate points in 3D and that the 3D math
   was the limiting factor in the speed of his polygon engines,
   therefore "Pixels-Per-Second" didn't matter much. I have heard from
   several 3DO developers statements to the effect that the 3DO's cel
   engines spend most of their time idle, waiting for the ARM60 to
   pass them some translated points to render (this is further
   exacerbated by the fact that the ARM60 is stopped in it's tracks
   when a cel engine is working on a polygon). So, from a 3DO
   programming point of view, Jez is 100% correct.

   From a Jaguar programming point of view, Jez is wayyyyyy wrong.
   The Jaguar's math capabilities kick @$$ !!! Our 3D engine can
   stream off translated points faster than any Intel based PC clone
   currently out. Even with the Jaguar's 64- Bit blitter working it's
   butt off, (in 64-bit mode, running in parallel on the system bus,
   at full speed) we had to put in code to prevent it from getting
   backed up with polygon data from the GPU! The reason for this huge
   advantage is that the Jaguar's parallel architecture allows the GPU
   to be "doing the math" while the Blitter is rendering polys. Even
   if the PC had a Jag blitter, it wouldn't be as fast, 'cause the
   Jags math is indeed faster. The PC is further slowed by the fact
   that it has to move the pixels with the CPU, just as the 3DO's
   ARM-60 is 'offline' during a polygon render.

   Cybermorph was written using a very early polygon engine, which (I
   estimate) is about 1/3 the speed of the latest stuff (which can be
   improved upon if you're going to make it less 'generic').
   Battlemorph should rock!


 |||   64 Bits - Jaguar News
 |||   By: Tal Funke-Bilu
/ | \  GEnie: EXPLORER.5

Well, I'm back from a damn good Nightmare Doom session, and one long
day of BBQing Daemon Heads (read "ribs and chicken") to talk about
that sexy beast of a machine, the Jaguar.

Talk about exotic apparel! Atari has one heck of a deal going on right
now. You can own your very own genuine Jaguar Tee or Jaguar Cap for
only $13.95. I just received mine in the mail, and I must say Atari
did an EXCELLENT (please say in cool T2K voice) job. You've got the
Jaguar logo on the front, with a set of eyes and a large Jaguar logo
on the back. Way cool, especially for a night on the town. The hat is
also very nice. Apart from displaying the Jaguar logo (and Atari+Fuji)
prominently across the front of the hat, it also keeps your head warm
and your hair out of your eyes! A great bargain for slick black cotton
canvas headgear. If you are interested in either, just send $13.95 +
$4.95 shipping and handling (check, money order, Visa, or Mastercard)

        Atari Corporation
        P.O. Box 61657
        Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1657

(They also have Jaguar polo shirts for $19.95, if you're Yuppy

Be sure and tell them what you want and where to send it. CA residents
please add 8.25% sales tax. Prices are good (in U.S.  currency) for
North American destinations only. If you live outside of North
America, and want one of the above, please EMail me at
<> and we'll see if we can work something

But don't go out and spend all your money yet! Why? Let me allow
Travis to butt in here:

             <<<  AEO Summer CES 1994 Videotape Offer!  >>>

In two weeks, Tal Funke-Bilu will be travelling to Chicago to
experience the excitement of the 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics
Show. That's right, AEO's resident Jaguar Junkie will be in Chicago to
report to all AEO readers the happenings of the biggest electronics
show of the summer!

Here's Tal back, to fill you in:

Thanks Travis, for such a warm and spontanious introduction.

What does my getting to go to Summer CES 1994 mean to you? Well I
wish it meant that you could all come with me to play Kasumi Ninja,
AvP, DOOM, etc., but it just can't be done. I feel kind of guilty
having all that fun by myself (even Travis, our esteemed editor, will
have to sit at home and wait), so I'm going to have to give you the
next best thing.

First off, I will be responsible for uploading to Travis the AEO SCES
1994 SPECIAL EDITION. That's right, an entire issue of AEO dedicated
to the SCES. This issue will include everything I can find, not just
Atari news. You'll get reports from behind enemy lines, including
everything that 3DO, Nintendo, Sony, etc. are up to, for better or

But what else? I figured that you, the loyal Atari community, would
want more than just a special SCES issue... so, I'm going to bring
along a camcorder, a ton of battery packs, and I'm going to bring
along a ton of tapes. The final product? A NTSC-standard VHS
videotape (We'll be using the highest quality VHS tapes we can find)
containing approximately 2 hours of Jag-packed excitement. We're
calling it the "AEO at SCES 94" video.

I'm talking long (direct video, where possible!) clips of the latest
Jag games (over 20 titles are predicted to be there), interviews with
developers and Atari employees, cameos by industry giants, and MUCH
MUCH MORE. If he feels up to it, Jeff Minter might even make a guest
appearance from Sunnyvale, or quite possibly, from the sunny shores
of Cambria, CA. Not only that, but I've just gotten word that the
first 100 AEO videotape orders will receive a free Jaguar Bumper
Sticker! And, even later word tells me that by special arrangement
with Atari Corp., we should be able to include Atari Jaguar
commercials! (Why am I excited that we'll have commercials? Only
because many of you haven't seen them yet, and they're cool.)

AEO is flexible! Feel free to EMail me as to what you would prefer to
see covered outside of the Atari news (i.e. would you prefer to see
more 3DO coverage as opposed to Sony PSX info or vice versa, etc...)
and I will be sure and incorporate your suggestions into the final
video. On GEnie, EMail me at EXPLORER.5. For Internet users, I can be

Order Now! Get the lowest rates! You'll see Atari in Chicago.

//// The "AEO At SCES 94" Nitty Gritty

//// Amount

So here's the scoop. The cost of the video will be $12.50 if you
order before the SCES begins on June 23, and $17.50 if you order
afterwards. Shipping and handling will be $2.90 (Priority Mail) if
you live in the U.S.; $4.00 for Canadian and Mexican orders; $7.00
for European orders; and $9.00 for orders to Australia.

California residents will need to add 7.25% sales tax.

All prices quoted are in U.S. dollars. We cannot be responsible for
lost or misdirected mail. The first 100 videotape orders received
will get a free Jaguar bumper sticker in addition to the tape.

This offer expires July 31, 1994. After that date, orders for the
"AEO at SCES 94" videotape will be filled at a higher rate.

//// Payment Methods & Where to Order

Only personal checks drawn on U.S. banks in U.S. currency; cashiers
checks drawn from U.S. or large international banks in U.S. currency;
or money orders payable in U.S. currency (Preferred!), will be
accepted. Make all instruments of payment payable to Tal Funke-Bilu,
and send them to:

                AEO SCES Video Offer
                c/o Tal Funke-Bilu
                597 Huntington
                Cambria, CA  93428

//// Turnaround and Shipment

We anticipate as quick a turnaround time in producing and mailing the
videotapes as possible. Orders paid via personal checks will incur a
slight delay as the check must clear your bank first. If you provide
a valid Internet mailable address, we will be able to confirm receipt
of your order, and shipment of your tape.

The postal authorities promise prompt delivery (U.S. orders will be
sent via Priority Mail), but all we can guarantee is that the tapes
will be put in the mail promptly. All foreign orders must go through

      Here is an un-snazzy order form to help you on your way:

 ----------------------------- > clip > ----------------------------

   Name: ________________________           Phone:___________________

Mailing  ________________________   Internet
address                             address: ________________________
         ________________________              (For Confirmation)

                                     #9# # # # # # # # # # # # #
           City:_________________    #
                                     #  Mail this order form to:
 State/Province:_________________    #  AEO SCES Video Offer
                                     #  c/o Tal Funke-Bilu
    Postal Code:_________________    #  597 Huntington
                                     #  Cambria, CA  93428
        Country:_________________    #
                                     # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

   Please send me ____ copy(es) of the AEO SCES 94 video
        at $12.50 each if postmarked before June 23, and
           $17.50 each if postmarked on or after June 23.... $ ___.__

                US Shipping & Handling:  $2.90 per video
Canadian & Mexican Shipping & Handling:  $4.00 per video
          European Shipping & Handling:  $7.00 per video
        Australian Shipping & Handling:  $9.00 per video.... $  __.__

                California residents add 7.25% sales tax.... $  __.__

                                                   Total.... $ ___.__

                               Make all instruments
                               payable to: Tal Funke-Bilu

Important Notice: AEO wants to provide our loyal readers with the
                  best possible coverage of Atari Jaguar events at
                  Summer CES 1994. Every effort will be made to
                  attend, record and distribute the video as offered.
                  However, you should know that no instrument of
                  payment you send will be deposited or cashed before
                  the production begins. In case of accident,
                  illness, or an Act of God or of Fate, all orders
                  will be returned.

 ----------------------------- > clip > ----------------------------

OK, enough advertisements... let's get to some real news. I've been
itching to sit down at my keyboard and type in all of the Very Good
Things I have dug up over the past week since the release of the AEO
Jaguar Special Edition #2.

[] Let's start off with some news I'm sure every Jaguar owner will be
sure to enjoy. It looks like the 6th Jaguar game to hit the shelves
will be brought to you from the kind folks at Telegames. That's right,
Brutal Sports Football has entered production. Get ready to use
weapons, hurdle fire balls, and do just about anything to get by your
opponent and score. Production usually takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks
depending on the methods used, so it is safe to expect this title
anytime in July.

[] I had the opportunity to talk with some VERY nice people at ASG
(All Systems Go) last week, and am sure you will enjoy the results.
Many of you have seen their adds for their VJ (Video Jukebox) in
various mags and have been quick to point out that they mention the
Jaguar as one of the versions being made. This was quickly confirmed,
but with a slight hitch. It seems they expect the Jaguar VJ to be
completed by Christmas. That is fine, although they plan on
distributing it to distributors only, most likely for use in
Jag-kiosks for store displays. What about the end user? ASG mentioned
that when the time comes, the die-hard end user could most likely
order their own personal VJ from ASG directly. The MSRP will most
likely be $49.95.

[] ASG's hardware doesn't stop there. Following the VJ, ASG plans to
release the Jaguar control station. ASG described this working wonder
as "The couch potato's dream." A small infared receiver will attatch
to your Jaguar's joypad ports allowing remote communication with the
"station" itself, situated a certain distance away (most likely 15' to
20', but don't quote me on that <g>). If you haven't already figured
it out, your JagJoypads will plug into the station allowing an
extended playing range, but the fun doesn't stop there. The station
will enable you to activate various game playing features such as
rapid fire, slo-mo, etc., without having to buy another special

Sound too good to be true?  There's more...the station will come with
a universal remote control that will support the VJ, control station,
and a wide range of TVs and VCRs! Look for this in early '95.

[] Moving on to software, ASG keyed AEO in on their upcoming Jag game,
Hosenose and Booger. Keep in mind that ASG is primarily interested in
doing polygonally rendered games in real time. When asked why they
chose to do Hosenose and Booger in the first place, they said "It was
too funny to pass up." They described it as an action platform
adventure. You will do battle with all sorts of human fluids,
substances, products, viruses, etc, all inside Hosenose's infested
body. While it may sound rather humorous, H&B is being taken very
seriously by ASG. H&B was in design for over a year before any code
was even written. They are committed to making H&G the Jaguar's Sonic
or Mario. They emphasised superb gameplay and unreal comical graphics
as two key features in H&B not to mention the downright gross
creatures you come across throughout the game. H&B is definately
planned to be out before Christmas, in fact, ASG reported that they
were hoping for a late fall release. I can't wait!

[] Just when I thought it was safe to say goodbye, they bombarded
with me with more information, this time regarding BiosFear. Here is
where their polygonal rendering comes into play. ASG developed their
own polygonal rendering software on the PC and are currently porting
it to the Jaguar. This custom software helps the user create virtual
polygon worlds. When asked about the terms used, ASG used a simple
comparison to explain the complexity of BiosFear. To sum it up,
Cybermorph, StarFox, Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter... all crap
compared to BiosFear. They kept pretty quiet about the main details of
the game, but made sure that they would keep AEO updated as time

I won't let ASG hog my entire section, so let's move on....

//// Rumourville

Interesting Rumour--Sega has yet to ship out 32X development systems.

Good Thing--No new reports of AvP delays.

Not So Good Thing--AvP hasn't made it to production, though.

Good Thing--Clear Club Drive screenshots in the latest Die Hard

Good Possibility--Imagineer reported that Kick Off 3 shouldn't be
                  expected until Christmas. After talking with them, I
                  got the impression that they wanted the Jag version
                  to take advantage of the system's capabilities,
                  rather than just being a clone of the other

Good Thing--Checkered Flag II (The name "Redline Racing" has been red-
            penned) has hills and banked turns.

Good Rumour Gone Bad--It's been said that Time-Warner Interactive
                      (Tengen) may be signed on and working on STUN
                      Runner and Steel Talons. A phone call to
                      California shot that down.

Good Rumours Under Wraps--A multi-multi-platform beat'em up will rise
                          its head on Jaguar though. Another Jaguar
                          developer has picked up the gauntlet of
                          challenge. More cryptocity in the next AEO.

Good Thing--My new Tempest 2000 high score is 3,796,325 - reaching
            level 72 in Beastly Mode from level 1.

Great Thing--The Knicks are in the NBA finals.

Funny Thing--Jaguar game boxes are the same size as the original 2600
             game boxes.

I know I promised you an interview with Juli Wade, but after she had
answered all of our questions, she quit her job at Atari, making the
interview "cold". I can assure you, though, that you will have one
with an Atari employee next issue....

And with that note I leave you with these final words sent in by alert
reader Lewis Johnson from the Nov. '92 EGM:

"...Yours truly has finally zeroed in on the developer of
the super secret Atari Jaguar project! As the Q-Mann pegged
previously, the system is being designed in Europe by a
company contracted by the Tramiel Trio. The 64-Bit (Yeah,
right) miracle machine supposedly uses RISC-based technology
to produce shaded polygon images like those found in
Virtural Racing (deja vu)! The hardware house responsible
for Atari's last gasp is called Flare. Look for a debut
around the Summer '93 CES where Atari hopes to have 20
titles ready to go! 20 Games with no development staff? No
way Hans, no way..."


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 |||   Andreas' Den
 |||   By: Andreas Barbiero
/ | \  Delphi: ABARBIERO     GEnie: AEO.2

//// Views and news from the heart of Atari.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Atari in Sunnyvale and
instead of the chance to get a sneak preview of all things Atari, I
was confronted with the bad news that Bob Brodie has resigned.
Looking back on it, I saw that it is bad news more for us than for
Bob. During my face to face time with Bob I realized that he has gone
through a great deal of soul searching to reach this decision, and
being a father myself, I realize that the ability to spend time with
my family is more important than just about anything else. Bob's
decision to go was not driven by any impending doom at Atari, but from
what is best for his family. I can respect that. For everything you
have done, thank you Mr. Brodie.

Another thing that I wanted to see for myself was the climate at Atari
for the production of computers. Many people laugh at the concept of
Atari making it big in computers again, but then do they really need
to? If they can keep the users happy with new technology (or at least
Atari technology), who cares? A million or so new units sold worldwide
can keep the new software coming and generate sufficient revenue. Does
Atari realize this? I think they do. Can they offer the jaded computer
community anything? Yes, they still have a few cards to play that
could give greater value to an Atari built system than the
mass-produced clone machines. Not only does Atari have the Jaguar
chipset to use, but there is rumor of an enhanced chipset that runs
about 2X the speed of the current, while still maintaining

A small two piece case with this type of hardware could entice even
the hardest heart back to Atari. A real 32bit bus, 40MHz '030, PCI
card slot, and 4 MB of RAM would be really nice. Heck, with a 55 MIPS
or better graphics system, who needs a 100MHz PPC601? Well, maybe
someone does, and with the killer PPC604 chip arriving soon prices of
the 601 series are due to drop. Waiting to make a powerhouse computer
may not be a bad idea; having a few JagCD games, a cheaper PowerPC
chip, and a solvent Atari may make the difference between victory and
defeat. Microsoft is releasing its OS in multifarious forms, further
confusing the marketplace, there are TWO Pentiums, three PowerPC chips
and at least 3 new Pentium clones on the way.

In a world of CD-ROM sized operating systems and 30 megabyte word
processors, the simplicity of TOS 5 will be all the more welcome.
Right now the major emphasis for Atari is getting the Jaguar CD-ROM
system out the door. Products on time and on the money is what is
important to maintain the impetus for the Jaguar, and all hands are
standing to on this project. I am confident that work on TOS 5,
SpeedoGDOS as well as AtariWorks will be continued as soon as time and
business sense allows.

Before we start screaming for a more powerful computer, (YES! They
would love to make your dream Atari come through!) there are other
things to consider. Think about the possibilites of IBM making a
PowerPC chip with an 80X86 core to remove any software emulator
bottleneck and the porting of a TOS-compatable OS to the PowerPC
allowing TOS programs to run natively. Drooling, aren't you? Rumor has
it that an established Atari developer is doing just this. Still, for
the meantime we have inexpensive ways to get a 48MHz TT030 and a 32MHz

The CaTTamaran from Cybercube is shipping. This tiny add-on is plug
and playable for TT030 motherboards with a revision "G" or later, and
only requires about two soldering connections on older boards. The
increase in clock speeds from 32MHz to 48MHz will provide a 150% to
200% increase in application speeds for only about $99. Take a look at
the cost of Intel OverDrive chips and you will see what a bargain this
is. I have been promised a review unit from Cybercube, and as soon as
I get it, some serious testing will occur.

There has been a confusing number of Falcon030 add-on boards promising
everthing from 32MHz clock speeds to 68040 chips. The simplest, and
cheapest one so far is from System Solutions in the UK. Called the
Power Up 2, this tiny module relies on the fact that most 16MHz '030
chips can be driven to 32MHz without a problem. Installation is not
for the technically dis-inclined, but is not difficult if you have the
basic skills. There are eight wires to solder to various points on the
motherboard and one resistor to remove.  Without adding RAM to the
system separate from video contention (video will demand RAM clock
cycles from the CPU when they are needed, slowing down the computer's
ability to access RAM and consequently run programs), or adding cache
RAM, there is no real way to speed up the Falcon beyond what the
standard RAM will allow. Compared to any other Falcon accelerator,
this is the best for the money.

For the ST owners out there, the first accelerators were the
accelerators that ran the 68000 at 16MHz. This wasn't enough for some
people, so then came 20MHz, and 25MHz versions. Not to be outdone by
the likes of Jim Allen, System Solutions in the UK are marketing 28MHz
and ultimately a 36MHz 68000 with 64K of external cache. These are not
readily available in the USA, but may be available from some dealers.
Ultimately I would like to see the PAK/3 boards make it to the USA.
These German cards are quite cheap and allow for inexpensive 68020 and
'030 chips to be run at high speeds. Rumor has it that there will be a
Fast-RAM version as well as one which will allow MegaBUS video cards
to be added to any ST/STe. I have heard of people who run 64MHz '030s
in a otherwise stock STfm!

There are other ways to speed up your computer, and as informationg
comes in, I will be sure to pass it on to you!  Next month I will
discuss a few more ways to speed up your Atari computer with a full
article on as many as I can learn about.

Looking back on the past, I see a glimpse of the future. Commodore
spent big bucks a few years ago advertising on TV, and everyone said
that Atari should have done the same. Well, unfortunately Commodore is
no more; but Atari is still here. Jaguar commercials are on cable TV,
and an extensive print campaign has the market targeted perfectly.
Glance through any videogame magazine and there is an amazing Atari
presence with a great deal of cover-time for the Jaguar and the Lynx.
3DO is also spending money on ads - big money. I doubt that their
return on the ad dollar is as good as Atari's, and after reading about
financial dealings with 3DO, for a while there, I would have ventured
to say their fate may be right behind Commodore. There are a bunch of
new games in progress for the Jaguar, and these are real games, not
video demos with a bit of gameplay to fill up the empty spots.

Atari Explorer has made headway with getting review ROMs, even working
our way into getting EEPROMs that are not 100% complete. This will
allow us to give an advanced look at new games and give you an idea of
what is to come. The software doldrums should be over this month and
the Summer CES should premier at least twenty new games for the
Jaguar, and that will definitely spur sales.


 |||   Atari Artist
 |||   By: Peter Donoso & Fadi Hayek
/ | \  GEnie: EXPLORER.2

    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [  ATARI ARTIST  ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Well, so far this first half of '94 has turned out to be a seismic
movement of events! First, the demise of Commodore Electronics Ltd.
and Commodore's U.S. operation, followed by Commodore International
having also gone to voluntary liquidation. Though talk is rampant
concerning their divestiture of Commodore's still valuable and
feasibly marketable computer line to a third party so as to reduce
their outstanding debt, apparently Commodore Business Machines
Ltd.(UK) (a separate entity?) is purporting to "continue trade as

Most recently, having been faced with family concerns that required
that all-too elusive commodity of the corporate world - the luxury of
one's own time - long-time Atari associate and Director of

Communications Bob Brodie made a tough decision and came to the
reluctant conclusion that he had to leave Atari so as to be able to
spend more time with his family.

As far as concerns Commodore, though neither of us personally own
Amigas, both Fadi and I nevertheless have watched with admiration,
respect and even the occasional expression of awe as we've seen some
really amazing things done with Commodore's "videoputer." No one can
argue that the impact of such third party applications as the Video
Toaster made video production an affordable and viable offering for
small independent producers everywhere. Certainly, the entire west
coast/LA community would have sunk into the ocean long ago without
their Amigas.

Amiga owners have had the good fortune of two Mac emulator products to
choose from, both of which run System 7 in full color. On the Amiga
4000, they're both able to maintain a pretty impressive rate of
processing speed in comparison to their real-life counterparts. The
graphics used in the original Babylon 5 two-hour premier episode were
largely Amiga-generated, and Nutek just recently decided to go ahead
and release their Video Toaster Flyer product, which now offers a
non-linear editing environment on an Amiga 4000 for seamless video
mixing and editing.

Ironically it was Jack Tramiel, CEO of Atari Corp. who co-founded
Commodore and put them on the map with the PET, Vic-20, and the
legendary Commodore 64. Atari's restructuring and radical down-sizing,
though certainly a shock to the Atari community at the time, has in
the long-run been certain to have saved them from falling to a similar

Though some Atari users called them "arch-enemy", especially in
Europe, the truth is that the demise of any major platform affects all
computer users everywhere. Both Fadi and I personally work each and
every day with what we consider to be the three major personal
computer platforms out there: Atari, Mac and Windows/DOS. We find each
has their strengths, though we obviously both have a special place in
our hearts for Ataris and all the things that they can do... and do
incredibly well!

We both have had numerous run-ins with those who view their chosen
platform, be it any and every which one out there, akin to a having
been swept up in a somewhat religious fervor. Viewed in this context,
the "my computer rules and yours sucks!" vernacular seems perfectly
understandable. But we like to think of computer users in a much
larger and integrated sense as a world community; certainly the
opening of the Internet to the greater number of regional networks and
bulletin boards has shown that any user with a CPU capable of
generating ASCII text can communicate without regard to processor,
speed, programming language or interface.

Indeed, the time is soon approaching when users will be able to
successfully run multiple platforms using a single CPU, thereby
inviting outsiders to join any number of "digital congregations"
without fear of either crash or binary reprisal..As for now, we're all
viewing our world from a common monitor.

On the departure of Bob Brodie, we are sad to see him go and wish him
all the best at his new position, where he'll be doing what he always
has gotten a thrill out of: working with computers and being online.
Unfortunately as of now we understand that Atari has no plans to bring
someone aboard to try and fill Bob's shoes... a decision we hope they
will reconsider.

As Atari's representative both on-line and off, Bob provided Atari
Corp. with a link to the greater Atari community, one which proved to
be of value to all concerned.


And now, the news....

This issue, we've got the latest news on E-Magic's LOGIC & LOGIC AUDIO
FALCON, an update on Wizztronic's products due for a July official
release, as well as some new and exciting products from third-party
European developers. And away we go....

        =                                                           =
       - -          -=-=-=-  [  MUSIC NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-             - -
        =                                                           =

//// E-Magic To Release LOGIC AUDIO FALCON

Having successfully evolved the popular Notator/Creator MIDI sequencer
and sequencer/scoring packages (formerly developed by C-Lab) into the
totally revamped and much improved Notator Logic (often referred to
simply as LOGIC), on both the Atari and Mac platforms, E-Magic
proceeded to develop a digital audio version for the Mac. Those
long-time Atari Notator users have been frothing at the keys for
E-Magic to port their successful digital audio version of LOGIC over
to the Falcon.

Now, at long last... the wait is over! LOGIC AUDIO FALCON has indeed
arrived, and boasts an impressive list of features which take full
advantage of the Falcon030's DSP capabilities.

//// Makin' Tracks

With a full-blown 14MB of RAM aboard the Falcon030 and an external
hard drive with a minimum of 8 millisecond access time, LOGIC AUDIO
FALCON can handle up to 8 tracks of digital audio. Using the Falcon's
internal 80 meg hard drive (alternate internal drives up to a half gig
are also available from third parties) with the same 14MB of RAM will
yield 2 to 6 tracks, depending on the size and number of audio

The number of possible audio tracks can vary because short audio
regions are cached in RAM, bypassing the need for any SCSI DMA direct
access to a hard drive. With the standard Falcon 4MB of RAM, LOGIC
AUDIO FALCON is capable of yielding up to two tracks when using the
Falcon's internal hard drive - while the number of tracks increases to
between 2 and 6 tracks of digital audio when using an external
fast-access hard drive, again depending on the number of audio

//// Main Features

[]  You can play back 6 tracks and then mix down to 2 tracks along
    with MIDI in real time, as you listen. The program offers an
    "ultra-fast Mix-Down mode" to allow merging of more than 8 virtual
    audio tracks into one stereo or mono file for unlimited digital
    bouncing of multiple audio tracks.

[]  DSP support includes Panning and Volume, as well as Time
    Compression and Expansion, and Pitch Shifting, all of which can be
    applied to an audio track in one pass.

[]  On-board DAT backup is included for any DAT player utilizing a
    AES/EBU or SP-DIF interface.

[]  Support for TOS hard drive partitions, allowing access to any hard
    disk, including the Falcon030's internal hard disk. Digital audio
    files are written in a contiguous format to assure error-free

[]  Large monitor support, including the use of virtual screens as
    applied by the "Screen Blaster" and "BlowUp" video enhancement

[]  Support for using Steinberg's Soundpool digital I/O interface,
    which will enable the use of any standard DAT or Apogee converters
    to obtain optimal quality sound.

//// Still To Be Implemented

Unfortunately, as of this current debut version, LOGIC AUDIO FALCON
does not offer a host of the Mac version's more amazing digital audio
tricks of digital legerdemain. Some of LOGIC AUDIO MAC's most unique
and intriguing features - capabilities not found on ANY other digital
audio platform that I know of - include:

[]   AUDIO TO SCORE STREAMER - Accurately transcribes velocity, note
     duration and pitch from a monophonic digital audio file into a
     MIDI sequence in realtime. Sequence can be printed out as an
     actual score.

[]   AUDIO TO MIDI GROOVE TEMPLATE - Quantize a digital audio file
     using a MIDI quantize template.

[]   GROOVE MACHINE - Digitally "re-groove" an audio file. You can,
     for example, convert your favorite Barry Manilow soundtrack into
     a slammin' House version! (Is this a wise thing to do??? Who's to
     say? That's just the LOGIC of it all.)

Back when Digidesign developed Sound Tools for both Atari and Mac,
users would look to the latest version of one release to see what
would eventually be incorporated into their platform's next update.
For quite a while the Atari version had a number of features that the
Mac version kept on promising to implement.

Could this be a return to those days of bated anticipation and
rivalry? It will remain to be seen. E-Magic has no set plans to
implement these features in the next update, but that could very well
change as their popularity grows on the Atari platform.

Just as an aside, sadly (and I might add rather foolishly, in my
opinion), Digidesign decided to stop developing their product for the
Atari platform; a great loss, considering how really smoothly it runs
on my Atari Mega ST. I know. I've made my money back, and then some,
using Digidesign's Atari Soundtools. Hopefully the large previously-
established Atari Notator user base will warrant continued support by
E-Magic for the Atari platform.

Cost of the upgrade for registered owners of NOTATOR LOGIC to LOGIC
AUDIO FALCON is only $149.00. The complete program retails for

//// Notator Logic - Version 2.0

E-Magic also announced a new version of NOTATOR LOGIC on both Atari
and Mac platforms. LOGIC 2.0 will be shipping around the 3rd week of
June; they're just waiting for manuals to arrive from the printer.
New features have been added to a number of areas of the program:


[]    Freely-definable and transposable guitar tabulature - also
      handles 5-string bass.
[]    Transposable chords and symbols
[]    Multiple Bar Rests allows you to print only what you need from
      any section.
[]    Local formatting of sections, with a compliment of new tools to
      facilitate easy layouts.
[]    Grace and independent graphic notes.


[]    A brand new look with full color support and sizable menus.
[]    A group of new environment objects to add: fader variation
      knobs, switches and vector-based objects.
[]    MIDI Remote Control for key command functions via MIDI
[]    DNA Grooves Q-Strength,Velocity and Length, and unlimited number
      of grooves.
[]    Freely-definable Sys-Ex faders & knobs.
[]    Enhanced MMC (MIDI Machine Control) support, including Alesis'

Version 2.0 is available FREE to all registered users. For further
information, contact E-Magic at (916) 477-1052 voice - 738-1668 fax.


Steinberg's next update of CUBASE AUDIO FALCON is said to be in its
final stages of beta-testing. Reports are that it is now rock-solid,
recording up to 16 tracks of digital audio. Release is scheduled
between the end of July and the middle of August.

        =                                                           =
       - -         -=-=-=-  [  HARDWARE NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-           - -
        =                                                           =

//// Wizztronics Announces Deka2

Wizztronics has bought all rights to the original Deka PC keyboard
interface, which allows the use of a PC keyboard with your Atari.
They've completely redesigned the inner workings of the unit, and
fixed the previous bugs - the major one being a tendency for the
keyboard to intermittently spit out erroneous characters.

Deka2 (Detachable Extended Keyboard Adaptor) will still be housed in
the same 3"x 4" by 1" high unit, with a standard PC keyboard 5-pin DIN
input alongside a standard Atari RJ-45 keyboard interface plug, both
located on the same end. On the other end are two standard 9-pin
joystick ports for your mouse and joystick. The unit is totally
plug-n-play, and will allow any and all Atari ST/TT/Falcon models to
use a PC XT/AT keyboard. The Deka2 is proudly made in the USA. List
price will be $99. Orders are being taken now.

//// Falcon Cases Finally Ready

Orders are now also being accepted for the July release of
Wizztronics' Falcon Rack Case. Specifications have remained the same,
with the exception of possibly adding a stereo 1/4" input jack on the
front panel for plugging in a guitar or keyboard or CD player. A PC
board assembly containing the Deka 2 will be onboard as standard in
the Falcon Rack Case.

Prices have been somewhat simplified. The Falcon Rack Case, which
includes a 200 watt internal replacement power supply & the Deka2
keyboard interface will sell for $395.

    Additional Options:

      Internal hard drive mounting kit                           $ 20
      SCSI cable kit with IDC 50 and dual Centronics connectors  $ 35
      Input/Output patch cable kit for converting stereo
        mini-plug from original Falcon housing to Falcon Case    $ 20

Those users who want stripped-down alternate configurations without
power supply and keyboard interface will still be able to opt for
them, and should call Wizztronics for details. 1040 and MegaST users
may have to wait a little while longer, as the additional cost in
adapting these models to a rack case housing will have to be assessed.

//// Barracuda 040 Waiting For Atari Corp.

After successfully troubleshooting some annoying and often frustrating
technical obstacles the Barracuda 040 accelerator is nearing
completion to be ready for production. At present the only remaining
obstacle concerns working out some last minute details with Atari Corp.
in regards to licensing TOS. According to Atari Corp., their legal
department should have the necessary paperwork done by June 10th.

It's been a long, hard road, and Atari users have been more wound up
than a four year old on Christmas Eve in expressing their "can't wait,
can't wait, just can't wait" excitement, with more calls coming in to
the Wizztronics' office from all over Europe every day. Perchance the
recent major Atari shows held in Birmingham, Manchester and Norfolk,
England and in Glasgow, Scotland may have something to do with the
sudden surge in interest.

Brad Koda from Best Electronics was there touring the show with his
assortment of parts, peripherals and everything Atari. Steve Cohen
gave Brad an actual finished board to display at the shows, and got a
lot of eager responses.

If Atari keeps to their estimated timetable, Wizztronics will finally
be ready to roll for as soon as a possible end of July release, and
will begin to take actual deposits for orders by the end of June.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly on
Atari's end.

//// Medusa 040 64MHz

A recent peek into the Medusa TT 040 (running at a blistering 64MHz
clock speed) has revealed an architecture which touts both a number of
smartly-designed improvements over the original TT alongside some very
interesting hardware options.

Capable of running at up to 15 times the speed of the original TT, the
Medusa's 68040 board is snugly nestled beneath some rather formidable
looking heatsink fins. 4 special EPROMs contain the somewhat modified
licensed version of the TOS 3.06 operating system. (Editor: At this
time, AEO is not aware of final Atari Corp. approval of this license.)
The rear of the housing will accommodate 72-pin SIMMs for an optional
total of 128 megs of additional RAM.

Taking a cue from the PC and Mac world, the major new innovation is
the addition and implementation of a number of both 16 and 32bit
slots. These forward additions afford this "Super TT" the ability to
take a very open, modular approach to hardware add-ons. Possibilities
include multiple VME as well as other standard busses, such as the
industry standard PCI format, for incorporating video, graphic and DSP
cards for digital audio.

Rumor also has it that the existence of numerous, older MegaST
bus-specific cards still in circulation are being considered as
warranting the additional ability to incorporate these cards into the
Medusa as well. This would mean that older hardware, such as
Digidesign's Atari Sound Tools card, as well as a number of Mega
ST specific graphics and video cards could be successfully installed
in the Medusa to take advantage of greater processor speeds. No firm
word on this yet.

////  ICD Releases The Link 2

ICD has announced an update of their popular external DMA-to-SCSI host
adaptor. The Link 2 features the addition of an LED indicator to
signal the user as to whether the connected SCSI device offers enough
power to disable its parity - a handy addition which can save a user
the hassle of trying to figure out whether they're needlessly
disabling the parity option.

Additional and updated drivers are also included, although owners of
the original Link can download these off of the ICD BBS or obtain them
directly from ICD. There is no offer for upgrading from The Link to
the newer version.


In addition, ICD has also released an update, Version 6.51, to their
Pro Utilities. New features include the ability to load Auto programs
and desk accessories from any boot partition. Enhanced CD-ROM support
is facilitated by a new MINT driver.

////  European/German Hardware

Atari's popularity and strength is clearly evidenced by the numerous
new and updated products soon to be available on both the German and
European markets. While Atari users back here in the US would often
greet these announcements in the past with a mixture of envy and, "So
what, I can't buy it here anyway!" response, European developers are
starting to eye the entire North American market with increasing

Popular European/German companies such as Steinberg (Cubase) DMC
(Calamus SL, DynaCADD) and Digital Arts (DAs Vector Pro, DAs Picture)
have made modest inroads into both US and Canadian Atari markets. It
would seem that these companies are starting to view North America
more and more as a promising foreign market, offering additional
revenues at a minimum of expenditure.

Though a number of problems inherent in overseas distribution pricing
have yet to be resolved to the satisfaction of North American
distributors, this has not seemed to dissuade dealers from
distributing European products. Companies like Russ Jones Marketing,
Pacific Software Supply, Gribnif, Compo Software Corp., Oregon
Research and Cybercube, to name a few, have entered into cooperative
distribution arrangements that acknowledge a foreign distributor's
need to operate on a economically feasible profit margin while saving
the developer the expense of opening their own North American

Few distributors rely solely on European products as a major source of
their income. For some companies, imports serve to augment primary
income generated from in-house products. Others wisely obtain
distribution rights to products produced by domestic software or
hardware companies. Such diversity hopefully helps to offset import
duties, fees and the fluctuating value of the dollar against changing
foreign currency markets.

The bottom line is that the declining Atari US developer base is
creating a gap in the market which seems to be looking more
attractive to European developers. Fortunately, North American Atari
users stand to benefit, with continued product for both their new and
existing Atari machines.

We'll briefly mention some new products which could very well end up
in the roster of some American distributors' product line. New
software will be mentioned in their respective categories. And now, on
with our Euro bulletins....

[]  A multi-function hard drive controller for all STs, TOPLINK
    features a SCSI controller which supports CD-ROM drives a well as
    most SCSI drives. Support is also included for removable media
    drives such as Syquest and a number of Optical-magneto drives.

[]  ComText announced their Atari to Novell network cards and adapters
    for hooking up your MegaST/STe or TT. Also shown were their SKUNK
    030 accelerators for the Falcon. They'll be offering either a
    32MHz or a 36 MHz version with a socket for a math co-processor.
    Prices and availability to be announced at a later date.

[]  Tower kits for converting practically any Atari into a unified
    case are becoming more wide-spread, with prices varying according
    to quality and options. Prices range from around $300 US for
    either a Mega ST/STe, TT or Falcon version to around $335 for a
    ST/STe case, all complete with keyboard converter kits. General
    SCSI kits run an additional $200. No definite US distributors yet,
    but kits could easily be adapted to accommodate US power

       =                                                           =
      - -          -=-=-=-  [  VIDEO NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-             - -
       =                                                           =

////  Chroma Studio 24

In its final stages of beta-testing, the Black Scorpion Software
developer group is poised to release Chroma Studio 24, their powerful
image editing and manipulation program. Capable of importing and
saving to all the major picture and animation formats, the program
features some very fast routines for virtual redraws, and also
supports a virtual screen for working on larger-than screen-size
files. Screen Blaster and BlowUp will also be supported.

All ST/TT/Falcon resolutions are supported. One of the really wild
features is the ability to switch between resolutions without exiting
the program, though you are required to first save the work-in-

ChromaStudio 24 takes full advantage of the Falcon's versatile DSP
graphic features, offering an amazing variety of tools and effects for
both drawing and animation, including 3-dimensional texture mapping,
morphing and distorting. All tools and functions are available,
regardless of the level of magnification. Clever routines allow for
amazingly fast rendering and super-efficient memory management.

Scheduled for an early fall release, look for it here in the States,
along with such hardware-compatible add-ons as Titan Designs' Graffiti
Genlock and Expose digitizer, in the final quarter of '94.

//// DAs Movie

Digital Arts will soon be releasing their latest visual software
package, appropriately entitled DAs Movie for the Falcon 030. With the
ability to mix, blend and merge both live and still video images, with
titling and hundreds of "Video Toaster"-like effects, DAs Movie looks
like the first in a wave of sophisticated video editing packages for
the Atari platform.

Although quite capable of performing some impressive feats on its own,
working in seamless conjunction with DAs Vector Pro's professional
vector-based paint and animation program and DAs Picture's impressive
digital photo processing and manipulation program - both of which have
just recently been released - DAs Movie will be able to offer the
combined power of a total image processing and complete video
production studio at an affordable price.

////  Matrix Screen EyeRendering

Team Company recently announced their Matrix Screen EyeRendering video
software suite for the Falcon. This program boasts a complete set of
painting, morphing and texture tools for creating full-fledged video
animations and artwork video overlays. Hardware add-ons will
integrate with the software's built in interfaces to provide full
PAL/NTSC and SMPTE support, along with genlocking. The program's
modular approach will facilitate the release of additional software
modules in the future to add even more features and capabilities, as
well as importing and exporting from a number of animation and video

        =                                                           =
       - -           -=-=-=-  [  GRAPHICS NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-         - -
        =                                                           =

//// Arabesque 2 Nears Release

The original developer of Arabesque is in the final stages of
completing their follow-up to one of the most impressive mono paint
packages ever available for the ST. Distributed here in the US by
Gribnif Software, the original Arabesque Professional combines the
ease of use with an impressive array of tools and effects in both
bit-mapped and vector modes.

Arabesque 2 promises to take that same approach to a full-color
version with a totally redesigned and much improved (if that's
possible) interface that will produce the kind of results comparable
to anything produced by such competing products as Corel Draw for the
PC or Aldus Freehand and Adobe Illustrator for both the Mac and PC
platforms. This will include complex color gradations, sophisticated
bezier curve manipulation, texture mapping and distortions, as well as
a host of mind-blowing effects. Most features will be available on all
STs, though a number of more processor-driven capabilities will only
be possible on the Falcon. Look for a future update right here....

//// EZ-Art Professional

Specifically oriented towards ST/STe and TT models, EZ-Art Professional
is an easy to use paint program which will deliver sophisticated
results without having to fork over your entire wallet. The program is
the result of over three years of analysis of the best features from
all the ST and Amiga paint packages.

The program offers a host of tools, over 20 different block effects -
such as shatter, skew and soften - and comes with its own supply of
fills and fonts. 16-color fills are possible, and the STe's full color
palette is supported. You can even edit an STe-palette picture on an

Pseudo raytracing effects for creating different light sources and
three dimensional extrusions can also be applied to objects created
with the program's 21 different supplied shape. 18 drawing tools and
modes give unprecedented control over your picture, and the list of
supported import picture formats include Spectrum 512, Tiny,
NeoChrome, Degas, IMG and Crack Art, as well as Amiga's IFF and a
number of other popular cross-platform formats.

The interface features a graphic icon tool palette, somewhat similar
to CrackArt, and there's also a convenient built-in on-line help
feature, which can be accessed for any tool or icon selected.

Well, that's it for this edition. Next issue we'll have more of the
latest in all your favorite subjects.

Until next time, this is Pete Donoso & Fadi Hayek reminding you

   =                                                                 =
  - -   [ "Today is the Tomorrow you dreamed about Yesterday." ]    - -
   =                                                                 =


          ==                                              ==
        --          C    R    E    D    I    T    S         --
          ==                                              ==

ATARI ARTIST endeavors to bring you the latest news on what's
happening in areas that involve the ARTS. Music & MIDI, video, and a
host of graphic categories covering drawing, painting, animation,
graphics, raytracing & texture mapping as well as related
graphic-editing & rendering programs, all of which are either new
arrivals or soon to be released both here and in Europe.

We keep a somewhat loose publishing schedule, which roughly translates
to around once a month. ATARI ARTIST's staff consists of myself, Peter
Donoso, and my partner, Fadi Hayek. We both live and work in New York

////  Peter Donoso

An Atari owner since 1985, I've written numerous software reviews for
a number of publications, including ST Log, ST Informer, and Atari
Explorer magazine, the latter of which I also had the pleasure of
serving as Managing Editor under the stewardship of Editor/Publisher
John Jainschigg. Apart from writing, I also freelance as a DTP layout
and graphic artist, and find my Atari computers an absolutely
essential tool in my passionate pursuits of both musical performance
and composition.

I use a number of both acoustic and MIDI-related instruments, including
keyboards, guitar, flute, sax, percussion, vibes, as well as MIDI
guitar, wind-controller, MIDI vibes and percussion controllers.  I've
been a New York city resident for more than thirty five years.

My setup includes:

[]   An original 1040ST, used mostly for playing games.

[]   A Mega ST / 8 megs RAM / Digidesign DSP-driven Sound Tools card,
     TOS 2.06 / TALON Omni-switch for Princeton Ultra 16 multi-sync
     monitor / Cartmaster multi-cartridge port expander / Spectre GCR
     Mac emulator / ICD Link.

[]   A Falcon 030 / 14 megs RAM / 65 meg internal hard drive/
     Barracuda 1 Gigabyte external hard drive / 88 meg Syquest
     removable cart drive / NEC 4FG 15" multi-sync monitor / Cubase
     Audio Falcon.

////  Fadi Hayek

An equally long-time Atari owner, Fadi Hayek is a MIDI/computer
specialist for the SAM ASHE chain of music stores in the northeast
United States. He is their resident Atari expert, and helps run the NY
chapter of Club Cubase.

Fadi does a good deal of MIDI consultant work, and handles such
prestigious clients as Manhattan Center Studio, a thriving multi-media
business which boasts one of the largest orchestral studio for film
scoring on the entire east coast.

Founder and, along with myself, co-owner of Amethyst Studios, a modest
recording/post-production studio in Brooklyn, Fadi's years of music
and computer training have served him as an excellent foundation for
his many talents. A graduate of the Audio Engineering school, he's
worked in a number of well-known east coast studios. Engineer, artist
and video enthusiast, he is also an accomplished composer and drummer,
guitarist, bassist and percussionist.

Fadi's setup includes:

[]   A Falcon 030 / 14 megs RAM / 65 meg internal hard drive/
     Barracuda 1 Gigabyte external hard drive / NEC 4FG 15" multi-sync
     monitor/ Blow-up Hardware Video Enhancer / Cubase Audio Falcon.


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning anything related
to the contents or subjects mentioned here in ATARI ARTIST, you can
leave E-Mail for either Fadi or myself on GEnie at EXPLORER.2, and
we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.


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--  To enroll as a Delphi subscriber, modem call 1-800-365-4636. Press   --
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--  Answer all of the questions, and you'll be cleared for Delphi        --
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--  give a voice call to Delphi Member Services at 1-800-544-4005.       --
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 |||   "From a saved backup...."
 |||   By: Ron Whittam
/ | \  GEnie: EXPLORER.4

//// Get it together

In this column I hope to foster communication and support for 8-bit
and ST computer owners... presenting a positive and directive
approach. This will help to strengthen the users group base and
encourage the executive element.

A year ago, I accessed the online service of GEnie for the first time.
I had spent many years of using the Atari computer without any concept
that support and help was just a phone call away. In the last year I
have often wondered how I made it as an Atari computer owner with out
contact beyond my local area. Online services, like GEnie, can bring
Atari computer owners into contact with others. I was truly amazed at
the huge amount of Atari computer owners that used the computer like I
did. I was awestruck at the number of people who used it as their
primary business computer. But more importantly, I was gratified for
the support and assistance I received and passed on the the members of
my local users group: Announcements of new products, upgrades, fixes,
and work-a-rounds. People helping people use the one computer they all

In professional circles there is a concept called networking. This
networking has nothing to do with computers, cables, Ethernet, token
ring, hardware ports, peer to peer, or client/server. This networking
has to do with making and maintaining contacts with people who are in
your occupational sphere. While you may not directly benefit from such
a contact, they might know someone, who might know someone, who can
put you in contact with someone, who will help you. These networked
contacts do favors for each other hoping to someday call in the favor
to get a particular resource (normally not available without "inside"

In the occupational circle of computer technicians and hobbyists, this
has a different name (with different motives). This concept would more
correctly referred to as "community" when applied to this realm. The
motive is not profit; but rather support, cooperation, and assistance.
This community shares freely what it has to benefit others (novice and
experienced alike). This is also true of the Atari community.

//// "The Atari Community"

This is a phrase I have encountered recently. Some have objected to
the term. They seem to think it implies something less then
professional. To me it is something more. Both the words "community"
and "communicate" come from the same root. Its a social word of unity.
Without communication there would be no community, and this is
particularly true of the computer world.

Although you may own an Atari computer you may not be part of the
Atari community. Being part of this community requires communication...
interaction. While Atari owners have no dealer or retail outlet in
many cities to congregate at, the Atari community exists nonetheless.

The Atari community exists here in three locations. The first and most
visible location is the local users group meeting place. Once a month
Atari computer owners (8-Bit, ST, TT, Falcon, and GEMulator) meet for
interaction, sharing tidbits of information, getting help, watching
demonstrations of new products, and the social experience of being
with friends who share a common interest.

The other two locations reside in "cyberspace" on the electrons of
telephone circuitry and distant computer systems. Many users groups
have a Bulletin Board System (BBS) program running on a computer for
the support of the Atari community. Features include technically
advanced EMail systems, message areas, database areas, and real-time
conference areas that provide an environment for the growth of the
Atari community on a local level and the Atari community world-wide.
Local Atari owners can communicate information and files (often free
of charge). Atari owners can download the Atari Explorer Online
magazines, and its companion AEO Programmer's Journal (as well as
other online periodicals. This active communication will provide a
sense of community.

The last location in "cyberspace" is the paid information services and
the INTERNET. GEnie, General Electric's Information Service Network,
probably hosts one of the largest of the Atari communities. [Note:
The author is a subscriber to GEnie and has no experience on the other
quality services like CompuServe, Delphi, or American On-Line]. A
large group of Atari Computer owners have chosen GEnie as their
information resource. Programmers, writers, mathematicians, computer
hobbyists, and others gather here to share helpful information on DTP,
utilities, and writing; or to just "talk." The INTERNET is an emerging
media. It is touted by the press and government alike. Some systems
are becoming overburdened with the multitude of users jumping on the
band wagon to see what the INTERNET is all about. The INTERNET is a
great media to contact others with similar interest and to get the
latest news and reviews on your favorite topics. For the Atari there
are Usenet newsgroups:  - Atari ST "binary only" postings
 comp.sys.atari.8bit     - Atari 8-bit computer information
 comp.sys.atari.advocacy - Atari computers debate and discussions       - Atari ST computer information  - Atari ST computer technical discussions

The INTERNET also has file archives for the Atari ST using the
INTERNET "Anonymous FTP". The Anonymous FTP allows you to log in to
another system on the INTERNET and copy files to your local system.
The atari archives contain files for all Atari computers including the
8-bit, ST, TT, Falcon, Lynx, and Jaguar. These files contain programs,
source code, sound bites, pictures, documentation, and magazines:

    ADDRESS: PATH: /systems/atari/*
    ADDRESS: PATH: /atari/*

Joining the Atari community, whether on the local level or on a world-
wide scale, is worthwhile. Whether you use the computer for games or a
full scale business, the sense of community is redeeming. Take the time
to make contact with other Atari computer owners. You will learn that
the Atari community is a very active group.

In the future we will cover Membership (methods of increasing it),
Networking with other users groups, etc.; and I will share from my own
exploits as a users group president; the frustration and the elation.
Stay tuned.


Ron Whittam is a Customer Support Specialist for a small software firm
in Boise, Idaho; and the President of the Atari Boise Users Group. He
can be contacted on GEnie (EXPLORER.4), on the Internet at
<>, or on ROVER BBS (208-362-2243).


 |||   The Unabashed Atariophile
 |||   By: Michael R. Burkley
/ | \  Delphi: MRBURKLEY    GEnie: AEO.4

I've been BUSY this week, 17+ megabytes of compressed files totally
148 files busy. I'm trying to catch up with all the files I've
downloaded, but I've only been partially successful. I'll have another
big pile of file descriptions for next issue, too. Well, since I'm
late in getting this to Travis, and since it will already be a huge
article, I'll not run on with my usual fascinating <g> chatter. Until

Here are just some of the files I've downloaded recently:

[] 3D_SKI is a STOS game written by Andrei Ellman (dated March/June
1989). The basic premise of this game is that an absent-minded glory
hungry robot is racing down a crazy ski slope (along with two computer
controlled opponents). The problem you are faced with is that this
robot oftentimes forgets to look at the slope, expecially at the
start! What that means is that you can't see how to use your joystick
to guide the robot. Until you get the hang of the course, you crash a
lot. After awhile the robot forgets the crowds and remembers to "look"
where it's going and then the going gets a lot easier for you!
Joystick controlled. TOS 1.0--1.62 compatible (at least). Docs

[] ACP12 is "Another Crude Player" v.1.2 by Energy of The Chaos Engine
(dated sometime after March 12, 1994). This Falcon only .MOD file
player doesn't seem too crude according to the directions! It has lots
of features and uses the DSP chip and so doesn't cause much of a
system slowdown at all. Designed for use with MultiTOS (I've been told
it works with Geneva and Mag!X, too), this player will allow you to
play MOD files in the background when any of those three programs are
active. It will also play without them installed, but only as a
foreground application. Docs and a MOD file included.

[] AEO_JAG2 is the May 27, 1994 Jaguar Edition #2 of Atari Explorer

 ~*~ Bob Brodie Resigns! ~*~ Jaguar Tackboard - Developers & Titles ~*~ 
   64 Bits - Specs on Double Dragon 5 and Troy Aikman NFL Football
                ~*~ AEO at Summer CES Video! ~*~
              CatNips from Atari Customer Service 
            ~*~ Free Jag Bumper Sticker Offer! ~*~

I've heard of these guys before. They put out an excellent magazine!

[] AFK_FALC is Art For Kids, Falcon030 version by Tony Barker of
Moving Pixels of Australia. This is an EXCELLENT painting program for
the younger set that makes use of the advanced graphics and digital
sound capabilities of the Falcon (TT and STE versions are available
separately). Art For Kids combines lots of whacky paint effects with
crazy sounds (I REALLY like the sound effects of drawing, erasing, and
all sorts of things!) and animation to create just the right
atmosphere for children to create their own masterpieces. Included in
this demo is a whole range of crazy brushes to create and experiment
with, there's also hidden pictures that magically appear, special
stamps ready to use and a whacky blender to mix up your art in
hundreds of ways. There's even fun ways to clear your picture and
start again. You can run this from a hard drive or floppy drive (hard
drive is faster, obviously!). I really like the demo (a few features
here and there are disabled and I recommend it to you. VGA monitor

[] AFK_STE is Art For Kids, STE version by Tony Barker of Moving
Pixels of Australia. This is an EXCELLENT painting program for the
younger set that makes use of the advanced graphics and digital sound
capabilities of the STE (TT and Falcon versions are available
separately). See above for a more complete description. Color only.

[] AFK_TT is Art For Kids, TT version, by Tony Barker of Moving Pixels
of Australia. This is an EXCELLENT painting program for the younger
set that makes use of the advanced graphics and digital sound
capabilities of the TT (Falcon and STE versions are available
separately). See above for a more complete description. VGA monitor

[] ALIENATE is Alienation by Andrei Ellman (docs dated Jan. 9, 1994).
I really liked this game. It was an "I'll try it one more time" game
for me. This is a remake of the 8-bit game Mr. Robot. To run it
requires a joystick, mouse, color monitor, and at least one meg of
RAM. You control a robot which collects "pills" lying about on the
multi-leveled ground. Simple, right? Well, it would be more simple if
it wasn't for the up-to-nine aliens chasing you about the game. Watch
out for the treadmills, bombs, escalators, energisers, ladders,
teleports, poles, and more. Sometimes they're good, and othertimes
they can get you into trouble! A level designer is also included
(along with 15 levels already). STOS, and now works on all TOS up to
2.06 (maybe higher?). Docs included.

[] ART_MODS is a press release (dated March 31, 1994) by Cybercube
Research detailing the availability of the new Artis 3/Prism Paint II
Module-Packs designed by Dieter Fiebelkorn, author of several popular
Atari utilities (GEMView, for one). These Module Packs contain several
add-on modules that allow Artis 3 or Prism Paint II to load or save
(depending on the module) a multitude of today's most widely used
graphics image formats (all that I recognize!). If you have either of
these programs then check out this file!

[] ATARIFAQ is a text file of Frequently Asked Questions about Atari
ST--Falcon computers. Dated April 2, 1994, this file is full of
interesting information that is up-to-date and useful. Here are some
of the topics covered: How do I deal with Archived files (.ZOO, .ARC,
.LZH)?; Some info on Magic Shadow Archiver; What Command Line
Interpreters are available?; What does TOS ERROR #s mean?; What GNU
software is available for the ST?; Where can I find Ham Radio software
for the ST?; Is MINIX available on the Atari ST?; Is there a version
of XWindows for the ST?; Why won't demo x run on my machine?; Where
can I get Public Domain/Shareware software?, and much more!

[] AUD_CD is a text file describing the release of Audio CD Master
v.3.0 through It's All Relative Software. Audio CD Master allows you
to use all audio CD's with your computer's CD-ROM drive. Just place
your standard audio CD in your CD-ROM drive and click on Play from the
handy desktop accessory. Custom controls let you play selected tracks
in the order you want to hear them, play a range of tracks from a CD,
or play the entire CD.

[] AVERY is a text file describing the offering by Graphic Effects,
the author(s) of the book, "The Atari Font Resource Guide," of their
Avery Plus(sm) collection. Avery Plus is a collection of templates for
Avery/Dennison's line of Specialty Labels. These templates are
compatable with Pagestream and all versions of Calamus..including
Calamus NT! Using these templates is an easy and efficient way to
produce professional looking labels with graphics from virtually any
printer and includes preset layouts for Avery laser products.

[] AWFAXFRM is the AtariWorks Fax Order Form Template by Gordon Meyer
(dated April 17, 1994. You can use the enclosed spreadsheet and word
processor templates to help automate the process of faxing orders to
suppliers and retailers. Just enter your data in the spreadsheet and
AtariWorks will automatically do all the calculations. Then port it
over to the word processor. Then call up STraight FAX! and send it out
using its Speedo driver. Save ten cents per FAX over the cost of
mailing it USPS!

[] AWTLDEMO is a demo of DataBasements Shareware windowed text library
by Erin Monaco. This demo presents you with a windowed Pop Up menu
with several selections available. Click on one and get a message
concerning your choice. The author states, "This is be NO means an
easy way to implement Pop Up Menus :). But the reason I did this demo
was to show you JUST how versitile these libraries can be!" Since I
know Erin to be a competent programmer I'll take his word for it! C
source and docs included.

[] AW_CN_93 is a series of four AtariWorks databases providing
information about that excellent magazine, Current Notes. They are:

    1) a complete index of all the articles, reviews, tutorials, press
       releases, letters, etc in CN during 1993;
    2) a database of Atari vendors with addresses, phone numbers,
       email, and products;
    3) a database of Atari retail stores;
and 4) a short database of CN columnists mailing addresses. Docs

Atari Works required to view these.

[] A_D_WEED is The Aladdin .DAT file Weeder by myeck waters (dated
May 13, 1994). This is a utility that allows you to search through the
.DAT files created by Aladdin, the GEnie front-end/offline-reader/
file-downloader/bottle-washer etc., and manually eliminate unwanted
files. This will save you lots of time (in the end) and lots of disk
space (you can eliminate all the want ads and other files you never
want to see again). You need an ST and a color or mono monitor (at
least some Graphics cards as well) to use this program. Mouse or
keyboard controlled. Docs included. Once you are done picking and
choosing, you can save the file. The .DAT Weeder will not save a file
that has all or no entries deleted. Geneva compatible. Gift Of
Time-Ware. Oh, you have to have ST Aladdin (v.1.62 or higher?
recommended) and GEnie access to make any reasonable use of this file,
but that's no hardship as GEnie is a pretty neat service to be on!

[] BATBOT is a Falcon Videomaster animation of a flying Bat Robot
attacking a woman astronaut. Digitized by Barry Summer from the movie
Arcade. The Falcon player program is included. Uncompresses to a bit
more than one meg. Requires at least four meg of RAM in your Falcon.

[] BATFAXVE is BatFAXVe v.1.00 from BATSoftware (dated 1994). This is
an .ACC by which will allow you to display STraightFAX(tm) FAX files
on an STE medium res system using the STE horizontal and vertical
video scrolling hardware. You scroll throught the document using your
mouse without having to use the "View" feature of STraightFAX(tm) (it
works great!). Docs included. If you have STraightFAX(tm) I recommend
this to you.

[] BATINV is version 2 of BatSoft's Bat Invaders, a Space Invaders
clone (dated 1994). Controlled either with the keyboard or joystick,
this color only program is simple and fun to play. The reason this
version came about is that there was a bug in level 8 that caused a
crash. That's been fixed. TT compatible only when using 24BIT.PRG.
The name of this file is the same as the one with the level 8 bug, so
unless you see that it is the fixed version in the upload description
you won't know what version you have - until you play it and get to
level eight!

[] BATTLE is New Core's Battletris, a very nice implementation of
Tetris for all Atari computers (well, not the 8-bit line I suspect!).
TOS 1.0 through Falcon, though if you only have an old ST you will
miss out on the pleasing digitized stereo music. Joystick or keyboard
controlled, this game is easy to play and pleasing to your ears and
eyes. One very nice feature is that you can play it against another
player using a null modem hookup with another computer. A preview
option is included so you can see which block is coming next, and plan
accordingly. Docs included. Greetingware (send them a postcard). Exits
cleanly from my hard drive, and is Geneva compatible. Color only. 321K

[] BATTLEHM is the song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" as arranged by
B. Bencivenga. He used Band in the Box, and Cubase Lite to sequence
this MIDI file on a Roland SC-155 sound Canvas.... This is GM/GS

[] BBALL94 is a program by Scott Burrington which allows you to
display the play schedule of the Major League Baseball teams for the
1994 playing season. You can run it to see what teams play on a
specific date (the default is "todays" date), where they play, and
what major station is carrying the game (and when). The data is mostly
accurate through the middle of the season, but after that the TV
station data is not available (it depends on what teams are doing
well). The "C" source code is included.

[] BBSX9405 is the complete listing of registered BBS Express! ST
BBS's as of May, 1994.

[] BERZERK by David Munsie (the author of the Majic Arcade Graphics
Engine), is a clone of the old Arcade and 8-bit game Berzerk (dated
May 4, 1994). This program presents you with a screen filled with
walls and alien robots, both of which are dangerous. Don't run into
the walls, and don't get in the way of those bullets the robots keep
shooting your way. This game remains true to the original in both
graphics and voices. I like the "Stay and fight like a robot" and
"Intruder Alert!" robotic voice! Joystick controlled. Docs included.
Shareware (support shareware authors!). ST--Falcon compatible. Color

[] BLRMID19 is a set of 74 original MIDI files created by Bud
Rasmussen, v. 19 (dated April 9, 1994). Created on a 386/40 (!) using
Music Printer Plus, a Sound Blaster Pro card, and a Casio CT-700
keyboard/ synthesizer, these files are briefly described in an
accompanying text file. Tested for Atari compatiblity with CodeHead's
Midi Spy. Well done. I found this on the CodeHead BBS (check out the
change in phone number, below). There are 1,000's of other files there
as well.

[] BOOTXS is the demo of BootXS v.2.00 by Christer Gustavsson (dated
April 9, 1994). This program comes in two parts, the first of which is
a completely GEM based utility which will allow you to select which
.ACC's, .CPX's, and AUTO programs should be loaded at boot up and to
save any number of them as bootsetups which can then be selected
during booting using the second, AUTO-Folder based portion of this
program. This will work on any ST--Falcon, and with MultiTOS and
Geneva. The only limit this demo has is that you can save only three
bootsetups to it. That certainly gives you an idea of whether or not
this would be useful to you. Support Shareware authors! Docs included.
Color or mono.

[] BTPACK05 is a utility by Jan Leveren which will enable you to use
Bermuda's Pack, Import and Scan with the mailer Binkley Term 3.01a and
upwards in a (the author hopes!) an easy way. Docs included. See
PACKCNV2 for a similar utility.

[] CAIN0594 is the May 17, 1994 issue of CAIN, the Central Atari
Information Network of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG. This
newsletter covers the Atari 7800/XE/XL/800/400,FALCON030/ST/TT/ST(e),
PORTFOLIO,LYNX,JAGUAR. Wow! This is an interesting read. There really
is too much here to tell you what is here (and I don't have the
TIME!). I recommend it! One note is that I couldn't uncompress it with
DC Xtract v.2.2b, but it worked fine with ArcShell (shareware by
C.F.Johnson) and Roger Burrows LHA_210.

[] CASSETTE by T. Dunbar is a remake of an old PageStream document
(now in PageStream 2.x format). For use with Avery Audio Tape Laser
Labels #5198, this document allows you to print out a whole sheet of
cassette labels at once (the original document was only one label).

[] CDBROW13 is CDBrowse v.1.3 by Keith Lord (dated March 20, 1994).
CDBrowse is a program that will read CDs that use the ISO9660
(including the ISO9660 Rock Ridge Extensions) or High Sierra file
formats. It can display the CD's volume descriptor information (such
information as the CDs author, publisher, creation date, copyright
info, etc) as well as the CDs directory structure. It can also display
text files stored on the CD. This version now allows automated
searches through your CD, makes copying much easier, and includes the
ability to display hex files. It is NOT a CD-ROM driver, and doesn't
integrate your CD into the Atari file system!! It does allow you to
poke around your CDs and see what's there.

CDBROWSE.PRG requires a CD-ROM drive, of course. It does not use any
SCSI-2 commands, so it should work with most CD-ROM drives. Toshiba
and Sony drives work without a problem. The program also requires an
ICD host adaptor (it probably won't work with ICD's early STHA
adaptor). CDBROWSE does NOT require MultiTOS or any other form of
CD-ROM driver software. Docs included. Shareware.

[] CEA00150 is the first edition of the CyReL Electro ADs. This is not
your plain ol' ASCII ad. No sir! It is a 150 dpi .IMG file (a large
one uncompressing to 143K) which will introduce you to the news and
developments about their growing family of innovative computer
products. I use Calamus to view the ad (so I can zoom in on parts I
wish to view), but PageStream would work just fine, too, or any .IMG
viewer with scaling capabilities. Docs included.

[] CEA03150 is the fourth issue of the CyReL Electro ADs (dated May
20, 1994). This issue tells you about the CyReL CaTTamaran TT030
Accelerators that will boost the performance of your TT up to 48 MHz
(150%)! Oh I wish I had a TT! (And a Falcon, and....)

[] CID_1_04 is the CallerID .ACC v.1.04 demo by Paul Lyon (dated March
29, 1994). If you have Caller Identification enabled through your
phone company this .ACC will provide you with the number of the phone
used to call you (and a person's name if you supply it in your
database), the ability to hang-up on "Blocked" calls if you wish
(great idea!), a way to keep track of the number, time, date of calls
received, and much more - and all in the background, too!. Designed to
work with the Supra FAX modem with Caller ID, it might work with other
modems with Caller ID capability (are there others?). Docs included.
This looks like a pretty neat utility!

[] CLEMORTE is a small program which will allow you to place accent
marks over the letter you wish. The title of the program comes from
typewriters. Clemorte is a key that allows you to type something but
which does not move the typing head or the carriage (the key is
"dead," hence the "morte" from the Latin word for dead). The result is
that an accent is typed, and the letter to be accentuated is typed on
top. (ie, ^a would give you a circonflex a ().) CLEMORTE.PRG does the
same thing. When you type one of the accents on your keyboard, it
waits for the next typed character and accentuates it if possible. If
is not possible, it types both characters side to side. No docs (you
just read them) and the program is not TT compatible.

[] CN_APR94 is a real treat! It is the April, 1994 issue of that
excellent magazine "Current Notes" (CN). CN supports the ST--Falcon,
8-bit, Jaguar, and Lynx line of Atari products. This issue is designed
to allow you to "test the waters" of CN before you subscribe. I
recommend a subscription to you. It's an excellent magazine. You miss
out on all the advertisements, graphs, and illustrations in this ASCII
version (and believe it or not I like to look at the ads!), but you
get the full content of each article. What a deal! I HIGHLY recommend
that each of you purchase a subscription to Current Notes. It is only
$24 for six issues.

[] CPXMAKER is the MAKE CPX program v.1.02 by Noud van Kruysbergen
(date May 18, 1992). This program will allow you to easily add to your
potential CPX files all the information that Atari's XCONTROL.ACC
expects to find at the beginning of any CPX file. The doc file tells
you all that you need to add, and the program takes all the
information you provide it and sticks them all together. From the
docs, this seems to be the program to have if you intend to create CPX
modules for the ST--Falcon. Color or mono. ST--Falcon compatible
(supposedly). Postcardware.

[] DAPIC is a .TIF file created using DA's Picture. It shows the
words, "DA's Picture" in front of several layers of flowing patterns.
Since this was made completely in DA's Picture, and in only 30
minutes, you can use this to see how capable that drawing program
actually is. I used GEMView to view this.

[] DARKLORD is DarkLord v.3.10 by Dr. Steve Pedler. This is a
programmable, extensible screen saver for the Atari series of
computers (dated Feb. 26, 1994). This highly configurable screensaver
is ST--Falcon, MultiTOS and Geneva, and any res. compatible (it can
use SpeedoGDOS if installed, too). I really enjoyed playing around
with this .ACC/.PRG screensaver! Right now I usually use the
screensaver integral with Silkmouse (get that mouse accelerator and
more!), but that's just plain and simple, with not much much fancy at
all. I also use the Extend-O-Save feature of Warp 9 for a wide range
of vivid and fun screen animations as screen savers. "Before Dawn" is
excellent, too.

Unlike those screensavers, DarkLord uses the VDI for screen output,
and external screensaver modules can be written in C, as well as in
assembly. This should make the production of external modules much
easier and provide a much wider range of different effects.  Almost
all the features of the VDI are available. Docs, source code, and a
DarkLord Construction Kit program are included. Seven screensaver
modules are included. My favorite is the one that allows me to put the
message bouncing around the screen, "I love Susan Burkley" (or other
appropriate messages!). EXTENSIVE docs. I recommend this program

[] DAWN125 is Before Dawn v.1.25 by Arne Rudolph (dated Aug. 26,
1993). Recently uploaded on GEnie, this is not a new version but one
repackaged to include 22 "movie" files for use with this screensaver
(see below). This name of this .ACC screensaver just might have some
distant relation to a well-known screensaver in the Mac (and now
Windows) world, but who can really tell! This version offers three
modules, each of which may be customized using a wide choice of IMG
files (flying Toasters, and LOTS more included. I especially like the
"searchlight mode) and, if your computer has DMA sound, .MOD files.
The program and the docs are in English (or in German - the resource
file and docs are in both languages). This version includes an
Animation Editor so you can even more easily change your screen-saver

I like the fact that this .ACC can interface with the .MOD
player Paula (when Paula is run as an .ACC outside of MultiDesk).
Color or mono. ST/STE/TT/Falcon compatible. SHAREWARE. As I
indicated, archive contains over 730K of "Movie" files for use with
this screensaver (written by people other than the author of Before
Dawn). You can find these same files (and many more) in two files
available as a separate download under the names MOREMOVI and
MOVIEPAC. Dawn v.1.25 is also available by itself (under the same name
but much smaller - only about 150K. As this file has recently been
uploaded it 471K and uncompresses to 1.04 megabytes!

[] DB3DEMO is the long-awaited demo of Oragon Research's new hard disk
backup and restore program Diamond Back 3 (dated April, 1994). A
completely new icon and drop down list driven, full GEM windowed, user
interface provides unparalleled ease of use. This excellent program
now allows you to use removable media drives, do multitasking
background backups with any version of TOS (Wow!), and provides full
support for ANY SCSI tape drive!. Color or mono. TOS 1.0--Falcon. Docs
included. This demo does everything the full program will do except
copy the backup data to the tape, floppy or hard disk (oh well, it IS
a demo after all!).

[] DBICONS7 is the seventh in a series of icons for the Falcon desktop
(.IB3 via ICDRAW now at v.1.4). These 24 icons have been converted
from Windows ICO files. Some are slightly reworked to make the 2nd
color icon and the mono, while others are more heavily edited. By Dr.
Bob (W.Parks).

[] DEMENTIA is an excellent Falcon030 interlaced 16-bit True Color
demo with overscan from the French coding group, Avena. That means
that you can only see it by using a TV/ST RGB monitor (you VGA and
Super VGA guys are out of luck!). I've been told that this is demo
well worth seeing, with nice graphics and sound, detailed texture
mapping and shading, and an all-around good look (even the ending
credits are well done!). As the uploader on GEnie said (it's on
Delphi, too) "You've GOTTA see the rotating tunnel!!!" Probably
requires 4 meg of RAM to run, but since it uncompresses to just(!)
609K it might run on a 1 meg Falcon, too. Reboot to quit.

[] DINODUDE is a text file by Dave Vantrease (aka Shadow) which will
provide you with the complete codes for all 88 levels of the Jaguar
game, "Evolution: Dino Dudes." The upload description said that you
can't read this from the desktop due to lack of line feed characters,
but I could read it fine from my bare desktop!

[] DISH2 is a 24-bit 640x400 Targa (.TGA) created by J. Dewell and
rendered by the Persistence Of Vision raytracer. It shows a radio
telescope pointed to the sky. The base is green, the dish is red, and
the reciever is blue. It took his MegaSTe about 3 hours and 10 minutes
to render this picture, even when using a 68882 FPU! This 37K
compressed file uncompresses to 770K!

[] DJNR_TYM is a series of three drivers which will allow users of
Quidnunc's Stalk the Market v.2.01 (only) to download stock quotes
from Dow Jones News/Retrieval's //HQ data base when accessed through
Tymnet. The three drivers allow you to download either the 12 most
recent quotes, all available quotes (about a year's worth), or monthly
quotes. This update was required due to a recent change in DJN/R's
dialog which rendered the old drivers non-functional. Docs included.

[] DODECAHE by K Fanning is a Cyber Control .CTL and .3D2 files of a
dodecahedron (a 12 sided figure). I think you need Cyber Studio or CAD
3D to view.

[] DT_2025 is the Digital Tracker v.2.25 demo by Emmanuel Jaccard
(dated April 4, 1994). Upgraded again, this program is a SoundTracker/
NoiseTracker/Fasttracker, FLT8, x9CHN, FA0x, and CD81 compatible MOD
editor/ player for the Falcon030. It will play and edit four, six, or
eight voice MODs (and play 16 bits). It even has a Falcon specific
Soundtracker playing 24 voices at 16 bits/50KHz! An .ACC player is
included which will allow you to play MODs in the background (now with
an improved GEM interface and optimized K7 mode). It contains tools to
manipulate blocks, tracks, and patterns of notes, and will search and
replace notes as well. Multiple buffers and multiple zooms are
supported. Include sampled sounds at 8, 16 Bits and 12.5 to 50 Khz.
The docs are almost all in French and since I don't have a Falcon....

[] D_CALC11 is Delay Calculator v.1.1E by Carl Lofgren (dated April 8,
1994). This .PRG/.ACC helps you with various calculations in different
music situations. You could probably do these yourself (if you were
listening to your math teacher at school!) but when you make music,
you likely will want to make music and not do calculations. The
program is divided into three parts: The Delay Calculator (takes the
BPM and calculates the tempo in miliseconds); the Hertz Calculator
(takes the BPM and converts it to Hertz (cycles per second), and the
Beats per Minute (BPM) Calculator (input a beat by pressing the space
bar in time, and and this will tell you its BPM). Docs included. Color
or mono. TOS 1.0--Falcon compatible. Shareware.

[] EDOSPERF is a text file detailing the performance of Roger Burrows
ExtenDOS v1.1 as compared with regular TOS or with MultiTOS and
ExtenDOS or MultiTOS and the Atari XFX Driver. ExtenDOS looks pretty
good! I'm looking forward to getting a CD-ROM drive. There is a lot of
stuff out there available now, and more coming out specifically for
the Atari all of the time!

[] EDOS_002 is a patch for Roger Burrows excellent CD ROM driver
program, ExtenDOS v.1.1. It will update it to v.1.11. This patch fixes
a bug in ExtenDOS v1.1, modules UNIDRIVE.DOS and UNI_BDDS.DOS. The
problem causes an erroneous error message 'device not responding'
during initialisation if the 'B=' and/or 'P=' parameters are omitted.
This results in the drivers not being installed. Docs included. You
must have the original ExtenDOS v.1.1 disk (or the v.1.0 disk updated
using ECOS_001).

[] EDOS_V11 is a text file detailing the features of Roger Burrows'
ExtenDOS v.1.1. Now available, ExtenDOS is a low-cost extension to the
standard Atari operating system that provides support for reading
CD-ROMs in ISO9660 format (the industry-standard). ExtenDOS now
supports the Falcon030 in addition to the ST, STe, Mega, and TT030.
ExtenDOS has also been tested on the NEC 74 drive (the external
version of the NEC 84), and works without problems. The list of drives
that ExtenDOS is known to work with is: Atari CDAR-504 Panasonic
(Matsushita) CR-501 NEC 74/84 Sony CDU-541 Toshiba 3401 It is also
expected to work with any SCSI-1 or SCSI-2 compatible drive. If you
are thinking about getting a CD-ROM drive for your computer, then this
text file is for you (of course you could just go out and buy
ExtenDOS, and not miss out at all!).

[] EIFFELTW is a JPEG format picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The
Tower is seen from below with the French Flag in the foreground. The
blue sky and white clouds in the background and the trees at the
Tower's base pleasingly sets off the picture. Other pictures of this
type are available on a CD ROM disk advertised at the bottom of this
picture. I viewed this using GEMView v.3.03.

[] ENGPAD24 is Pad v.2.4 by Heiko Gemmel (dated Oct. 13, 1991). This
mono only (rather res. greater than 6402400) drawing program is now in
English with English docs. This shareware program is full of features
that aren't found in many other drawing programs. It has an easy to
use (non-GEM) icon interface, which I like. I can't do more than begin
to describe the features. You can create your drawings using the wide
array of solids, fills, lines, pencils, bezier curves, picture merges
and rotations, and more. There is a PILE of sample pictures included.
Save them in Degas (.PI3), Screen (.PIC), DIN A 4 (.PIC), Monostar
(.OBJ), STAD (.PAC), Image (.IMG), Bitmap Block (.RSC), and Stad
Sequence (.PAC). Load pictures in a wide variety of formats, too
(including Printing Press graphics and .IFF). Store up to 100 images
and switch between them at will (with 4 meg RAM, less with less RAM).
Animate your drawings with 1-100 frames. Include text in your drawings
using the included Signum fonts. Print out your pictures using 9-pin,
24-pin, and HP laser printers (DeskJet, too). ST--TT compatible (at
least). Your shareware registration gets you a complete manual and
either a free upgrade to Pad III or a discounted one (the docs and the
program seem to say different things). A mono emulator is included
with the package. Recommended. 762K Uncompressed.

[] ENVIRON is a text file from the Evangelical Environmental Network.
The first portion of this file is "An Evangelical Declaration on the
Care of Creation," and the second is a paper on land degradation from
human activity. In 1967 Lynn White, Jr., (The Historical Roots of Our
Ecological Crisis) blamed those following the Judeo-Christian
tradition for many of Earth's environmental problems. While Christians
have had a hand in causing many of the environmental problems of
today, so have many others. What many people do not know is that there
is a clear biblical mandate to care for the created world and the
people in it. This paper makes that clear. I recommend it. I found
this on the GEnie SPACERT file # 4338.

[] EPSXCVG is EC Verter v.1.0 (dated Aug. 6, 1993). This program is
listed as the "ultimate" EPS/AI convertor for all Atari ST machines by
Haokon Eines of Eines Computing (dated 1993). This Shareware program
will convert all Adobe Illustrator 88 format EPS or AI files, both IBM
and Mac to Calamus Vector Graphic (.CVG) files. The reverse conversion
also works (.CVG to EPS). The docs say the program is compatible with
all "ST's" but it mentions that it works with TOS 2.00 and up. Color
or mono. There are A LOT of EPS/AI files out there. Get crackin'!
Geneva compatible.

[] ERIK2 is a Phoenix 2 rendering of Erik, that short and fat Viking
with a too big horned hat that slips right over his eyes down to his
very red nose. This time you can see Erik laid over a -very- nice POV
raytraced background of marble columns, a green large cat, and an even
stranger cat/serpent. This is a 640 x 480 x 256 color GIF file (which
took about 40 minutes to render on Barry's Falcon with FPU and Phoenix

[] EVER_E33 is Everest v.3.3E, a "simple and genial" GEM ASCII Text
Editor by Oliver Schmidt (dated April 30, 1994). The author keeps on
updating this already excellent program! This version includes several
new features and enhancements over previous versions. Everest is
compatible with all ST--Falcon computers and most if not all graphic
cards and resolutions (except ST low). I found this program very easy
to use and very fast as well. Using a standard GEM interface, this
editor will allow you to edit large files (>300K) blazingly fast with
no problems, uses either the mouse or keyboard shortcuts for every
function, and even uses mono spaced GDOS fonts if available! Text
scrolling is smooth and easy on the eyes with no "jumps".

There are several other nice features as well: Everest employs dynamic
memory allocation to leave the maximum possible memory for other
applications (great for MultiTOS or Geneva!); it takes advantage of
the GEM Clipboard (a feature I use all the time in STeno!), uses GDOS
if available, has the ability to create and use an extensive
abbreviation dictionary (wonderful), and allows for up to ten files to
be loaded at one time (even more wonderful!). Keyboard and/or mouse
controlled (even the dialog boxes can be accessed from the keyboard!).
Everest can also accept a command line so you can call it from a shell
if you wish. Shareware. Check this one out!

[] F030BLOW is a demo of Blow UP, a user-friendly resolution enhancer
for the Falcon030. This is an alternative to the more familiar (at
least to me) Screenblaster. BlowUP030 allows you to configure the
video-parameters of your system with great freedom. You can set the
vertical and horizontal screen-position, the interlace-mode and
pixel-clock and more to get the best out of your monitor. The best is
amazingly good! BlowUP now includes a "Screen-Saver" mode which speeds
up the Falcon's video display up to 70% (depending on the Color-mode
and resolution). This demo includes SUPER_78, a program which will set
your screen frequency to 78Hz and allow you to do higher resolutions
without that very annoying flicker. Ordering information for the
complete BlowUP system is included.

[] FALCICON is two icons(.IB3) for use with the Falcon and ICDRAW14.
The first is for Aladdin, the GEnie online navagator, and the second
is for MIDI programs.

[] FANSI100 is FANSI v.1.00 by  This program is the first and so far
only 16 color, 80 Column ANSI Editor for the Atari line of personal
computers! Features Custom 3D Interface, Boxes, Lines, Frames,
Cutting/Pasting and more! This Shareware program from Tail of the
Comet Productions has some feature disabled in this unregistered
version, but you can still save your files! Docs included. Color only.
ST--Falcon compatible. Now for the bad part. I can't get the
installation program to work! It keeps telling me that the drive I am
attempting to write the files to does not exist. The trouble is, it
does exist! No matter how I try, floppy, RAM disk, or Hard drive, I
can't get it to work. I tried the version 1.01 update (FNC_101
available online), but that supplies a file to replace one in the
already installed v.1.00. I haven't gotten that far. Oh well, I know
that some have. My STE, TOS 1.62, 4 meg, T-25, color system won't!

[] FBC_101 is the patch program to upgrade FANSI v.1.00 to v.1.01. A
couple of rather serious bugs have been fixed. Docs included. If you
can get FANSI101 to work then you need this file.

[] FBTEAMS is a set of .IBI Falcon icons for use with Dr. Bobware's
ICDRAW program (now at v.1.2). This set (originally imported from
MS/Windows ICO's) consists of 28 football helmets with team logos (a
small and a larger set for a total of 56). Use ICDRAW to place on your
Falcon Desktop.

[] FLYBY is an excellent ST Low res. .FLM animation of a space-going
battleship approaching your position, turning on a (large) dime, and
going off into the distance (the animation ends before it goes too
far). The 3D and colorful model is very well done with lots of detail.
Gun turrents bristle over the ship. A huge radar antenna stands on
top. Launching pods for small fighters are ready at the side. 1.25 meg
uncompressed so you will need a hard drive and at least 2 meg of RAM
(player program included). I did have a problem with uncompressing
this file. No matter what I used I kept on getting a "This file is
damaged message." Even though I got that message once I uncompressed
the file it worked fine. Go figure!
[] FPLIB2 is the Floating Point Co-Processor Interface for the Atari
ST line of Computers. These routines where tested with a Atari Mega
STE and a 68882 FPCP. These C language routinies should work with any
Atari ST with a 68000 processor and 68881 or 68882 Co-Processor. This
code was written to be used with the Megamax 'C' Complier. But should
be usable with any complier that uses the IEEE (754) Double Precision
Real Numbers. Single, Extend, and BCD real numbers are not supported.
This code will not work with the more recent processors (68020,
68030,...) since the interface is not under software only control.
Freeware. By Robert W. Stiles (dated 1992).

[] FRONTSAV is a series of 11 saved games for the Gametek/Konami space
battle and trading game Frontier Elite II as released for the Atari
ST--Falcon. These games, as played by L.W.Benjamin, are taken
chronologically and represent the rise of a character from "nothing"
to the point where "he" owns one of the largest ships available in
Federation Space. Now you too can see what it is like to be one of the
giants in Frontier Elite II - and without the trouble to taking all
the time to get there! Docs included.

[] F_GAMES is a text file by Heiko Hartmann (dated April 30, 1994)
describing 616 ST series games (and some Falcon specific games as
well) and how they run on a Falcon (or not!). All the settings you
need to get these games to run are included (CPU speed, cache,
Backward ST Emulator compatible, etc.), and whether or not they will
run on a Hard Drive. This is an excellent resource (This continues a
series of text files named FAL_GAM1 - FAL_GAM4, and F030COMP).

[] GEMAMIGO is GEMamigo v.1.0 by Warwick Allison (now there's a famous
Atari programming name!). This game is a computerized version of "GO"
(in one Chinese language "Go" means "War.") with a lot of options. You
can play human to human, human to computer (with an intelligent
computer opponent), or computer to computer. It has the standard GO
board set up. It runs in any resolution, including high color and True
Color on the Falcon (and you can easily configure screen colors), is
TOS 1.0-Falcon (TT compatible in ST res only), MultiTOS and Geneva
compatible and can run from a hard drive or floppy. It should also
work with just 512K of RAM. There aren't really any docs, but if you
are at all familiar with the game then you don't need them. If you
aren't, just try to surround your opponent with your counters (and
avoid having that done to you!). You'll catch on! G++ and GEM +++
sources are included.

  Here are some other GO games available in the P.D....

  GO is an excellent computer adaptation of this ancient Chinese game
  of War. If you have ever played GO this one is for you.  Excellent
  and very detailed documentation by Brian Dunn included.

  GOBANG by Uri-Soft is a two player game (either a person or the
  computer can be your opponent). You play by placing a stone of your
  color on the board/grid. The player who first makes a row of 5
  stones of his color wins. A row can be horizontal, vertical or
  diagonal. Hence, while playing you have to make long rows yourself,
  but, at the same moment, block rows of your opponent. 6 levels of
  computer skill. Mono only. This game gives you a good challenge.
  HAVE FUN! On-line docs.

  GO_BOARD v.4.0 by Richard Farrell of Sente Software is a
  full-featured (and I mean that!) GO game. Save and load your games
  and opening moves, set handicaps, play by modem, switch sides, take
  back moves, set time limits and more. Comes with 7 saved games to
  analyze. Color or mono. Docs included in program.  SHAREWARE.

  GRIDWARS is an excellent computer adaptation of this ancient Chinese
  game of War. If you have ever played go this one is for you.
  Excellent and very detailed documentation by Brian Dunn included. If
  you every enjoyed a game of chess you will probably like GRIDWARS.
  This version is different than GO.PRG found elsewhere.

[] GEMRAM16 is GEMRAM v.1.6 by (\/) Martin Osieka (dated Oct. 15,
1993). This program installs GEM into RAM. This takes up some of your
precious RAM (I have 4 meg and I wish I had more!), but it gives a lot
back to you in turn. GEMRAM is necessary if you use patch programs
like WINX, ARROWFIX or SHBUF. GEMRAM supports TOS 1.0-4.04 in US and
German versions (probably others, too). You can use GEMRAM to set the
environmental variable in GEM. GEMRAM is compatible with MiNT. Docs

[] GEMTARGA is GEMTarga v.0.05 (dated April 11, 1993). This GEM based
viewer for 24-Bit and 16-Bit Targa Format pictures by Christoph
Wissing will work on any ST--Falcon (with the Falcon it uses the DSP
chip) computer and with Graphic cards as well (or so the author
hopes!). I say that this should work thus because of this phrase in
the docs, "allen Rechnern der Atari 680x0-Serie, jeder TOS-Version und
jeder Graphik-Karte (hoffe ich...)" but I haven't gotten it to work on
my STE with Geneva, but then again, I can't really read the German
docs! It works as either a GEM Takes Parameters program (.GTP), an
.ACC, or a "drag-and-drop" program on those versions of TOS (or
NeoDesk) which support that option. This file is found on Delphi. Can
anyone help me with a better description?

[] GENEVSEC is the Secrets of Geneva, Part 1 by Al Fasoldt (dated Jan.
24, 1994). This is an excellent file for all of you Geneva
multitasking/AES replacement utility from Gribnif (I think it is
absolutely fantastic, and use it all the time). This file is full of
Tips, tricks, and things that should be obvious but may not be! Al is
a competent writer who knows how to write a useful software manual (he
wrote the Geneva manual itself!). This article is by no means intended
to be a replacement for the Geneva manual. It refers to the manual
quite often and depends on it in many ways. So... it's no good for you
pirates out there (support Shareware AND Commercial developers!).

[] GE_DJNR is a series of three drivers which will allow users of
Quidnunc's Stalk the Market v.2.01 (only) to download stock quotes
from Dow Jones News/Retrieval's //HQ data base when accessed through
GEnie. The three drivers allow you to download either the 12 most
recent quotes, all available quotes (about a year's worth), or monthly
quotes. This update was required due to a recent change in DJN/R's
dialog which rendered the old drivers non-functional. Docs included.

[] GMNI_ENG contains two files by Eric Chapman (dated March 18, 1994)
to update Gemini 2 (GEMINI2 online), the desktop replacement program
from an older English version to a more complete English translation.
You will need the complete Gemini 2 package to make use of this file.
Docs included.

[] GOODGOD! is a text file entitled "THE BIBLE OF GOD THE GOOD, as
revealed to the prophet/poet JULIAN LATHAM in the year zero minus
five."  I have a little bit of a bias here (or perhaps more than a
little bit), I must admit, but I think this is a bunch of pseudo
Christian/Eastern pantheist thought that seeks to elevate humanity to
godhood and delegate God to the status of a wimp. Ideas are presented
in brief poetic lines that often set up traditional Christian ideas
about God in "strawmen" type fashion and then proceed to knock them
down (not in what would appear to be an attack, just a kind statement
of "what is"). I found it interesting to read just to see how much the
Church has failed in communicating orthodox theology as something
interesting and relevant to life and thought today. It's time for me
and other Christians to get to work! I would recommend C.S. Lewis'
"Mere Christianity" as a thought-stimulating and interesting tonic to
the sophistry found in this document. I told you I was biased! I found
this on the CodeHead BBS.

[] GOOFFY12 is Gooffy, v.1.2 by Patrice Bensoussan (dated April 20,
1994). This Shareware program will allow you to print out your ASCII
text files like the GEM desktop, but without tying up your computer,
even when printing very long files. If run as a program it will allow
you to do background printing when used with MultiTOS or Geneva. When
run as an .ACC it will allow background printing under ALL TOS! One
nice feature (when using MultiTOS) is that Gooffy, unlike MultiTOS'
LPR.APP will not freeze all of your applications if the printer is not
ready. It won't freeze up when you're NOT using MultiTOS, either. Docs
included. SHAREWARE.

[] GRAMR152 is Grammarian v.1.5.2 by Dan Panke (dated Feb. 6, 1994).
Dan is the owner of ST Plug, the sole <legal> commercial distributor
of Budgie UK Software in North America. Grammarian is an easy-to-use
(I don't see how it could be any easier - it's downright simple!)
program designed to look at text files and check for word usage,
spelling problems, and some grammatical rules. Now Grammarian includes
comment lines that teach you some about the errors made. I really like
how the author allows your checked documents to be shown on screen or
saved (with the comments) to a disk file. Grammarian may not be right
in everything it finds but it does present some good reminders. This
version updates the Grammer compiler to deal with some specific
problems in your edited Grammer.TXT files (which is the means by which
you add your own preferred grammer checks). It also adds even more
entries into your Grammer.INF file. Docs included. ST--Falcon
compatible (I think). Color or mono. PostCardware (send him a
postcard telling that you use this program - only six people have done
so thus far!). That isn't that hard, is it? Send in those cards!

[] GVIEW303 is GEMView v.3.03 by Dieter Fiebelkorn (dated sometime in
March of 1994). If you have a picture file, this program will likely
show it (about 35 _basic_ formats with support for variations within
formats)! Previous descriptions of this program have run over a page,
but this time I'm just saying, "Get This!" if you work with images of
any type. GEMView now comes in a modular format allowing you to
customize GEMView to view the pictures you normally encounter (saving
memory and loading time). It's now faster and will allow you to load
and display pictures in a variety of graphic formats (including JPEG
pictures!) in any desired resolution and virtual size (BigScreen) on
the ATARI ST/TT/Falcon series of computers. Most Graphic cards work,
too. GEM-View is either an .ACC or .PRG (just rename it). If your
machine can't handle the colors in the picture (ST Low doesn't have
256 colors to display a GIF file!) GEMView will massage the picture
until it fits. You can also adjust contrast, brightness, colors shown,
cut and paste, and more, all to make the picture look even better. Do
you want to convert a picture from one type to another?  GEM-View will
do that, too. I'd better quit! I've registered this Shareware program
(just today!), and I recommend that you do, too. A Zillion other
features and utilities are included (WinX 2.10, GEMRAM v.1.5, VIDFIX,
GEMView, and more). Color or mono.

[] HECTOR is Hector vs. The Mutant Vampire Tomatoes from Hell, by Pete
J. Whitby (dated 1993). This game, which can be run from floppy, RAM
disk, or Hard drive, has a simple objective - to keep Hector alive as
you guide him around the levels destroying all the tomatoes that are
hopping/crawling around. You control all of Hector's movements by the
joystick. Move up or down, climb ladders, jump, move side to side, dig
holes and fill them up again. Make sure to pick up the weapons that
lie about. You'll need them. Those tomatoes are intelligent vegetables
who come after you when you least expect it. This is a fun game with
sound and fast animation. Color only. Docs included. TOS 1.0--1.62
compatible (at least). Runs fine on even a 520ST. Not Falcon

[] HORSMAN is a Ken Kelly painting of an ax-wielding, pointed-helmeted
knight on his battle horse. The picture is displayed sideways.
Digitized using VideoMaster on a Falcon. The picture is not
wonderfully clear in 16 color low res., but it's OK. I viewed this
using GEM View.

[] HPDJ550C is an English translation by Greg Correll of the latest
(as of March 28, 1994, at least) HP DeskJet 550C driver for use with
Calamus SL (and if I remember correctly, all SL drivers will work with
Calamus 1.09N - you just need to change the extension name). All boxes
and alerts have been translated. That makes it a lot easier to
understand the options that you have available!

[] ICDRAW14 is the Icon Editor v.1.4 for the Falcon030 (and TT with
MultiTOS or Geneva to get the 16 color icons) by W.D.Parks, aka, Dr.
Bobware (dated April 25, 1994). This version comes with a fantastic
set of improvements. Now not only can you create and edit new and
interesting color icons for your Falcon's Desktop, but you can also
add to the number of icons available for you to access (RSCXPAND
v.1.01 dated May 7, 1994). Using this utility you can now access up to
199 icons!. It also includes his ICONPAGE program (v.1.02 dated April
26, 1994) which will allow you to view your icons on any ST or Falcon
in a least a 16 color display. A separate display program is included
to show the ICO files available from Windows systems (which can be
imported into ICDRAW with no trouble). ICDRAW can read a TOS v.4 .RSC
file and edit any of the color icons therein. This program will allow
you to create and edit icons that are the normal 32x32 pixels (both
mono and 4-plane [16-color] icons). Some of the tools you can use are
line/frame/box/circle/disk, insert/delete row/column, dark-light, and
more. Over 100 icons are included to give you a start in your work.
Detailed docs included (including a truely amazing "standard
disclaimer" which is a riot!). Shareware.

[] ICONEDV1 is the Icon editor, Falcon version 1.00 by B Dines of
Carbonsoft UK (dated sometime in May, 1994?). This program will allow
you to edit your Falcon's Deskicon.RSC file and modify the colored
icons it contains. You can't add any new ones to your .RSC file, but
you can completely change the ones that are there. Also included in
this program is a floppy formatter which will allow you to format high
density disks to around 1.6Mb. It will also now do fast formatting and
put a virus guard on the disk. Lots of keyboard shortcuts and helps.
Brief docs included. Shareware (register for the full version - 
scheduled to be completed June, 1994).

[] ILLUM is a beautiful 24-bit 640x400 Targa (.TGA) created by J.
Dewell using the Persistence Of Vision raytracer. It shows a glowing
pyramid of eleven mirrored and colored balls resting on an infinite
multi- colored and reflecting plain. A blue sky flecked with clouds
stands in the background. It took a MegaSTE with a 68882 FPU 28 hours
and 7 minutes to render! 770K uncompressed.

[] INSHPICS is a group of five JPEG pictures created by Oliver
Weingarten using the InShape Intro v.1.0 raytracing program on a
Falcon030 with FPU. I viewed them all using GEMView 3.03. They are as

  TOWERS is a 736x512x16.7 million colored scene of a set of
  futureistic towers set at various distances from the viewer and with
  the view dampened by a thick fog. This took seven hours to render!

  PHOTOS is a 640x576x16.7M colored picture of two 35mm film cases,
  one upright and the other laying on its side with lid off. Blue sky
  and clouds. This one took eight hours to render!

  STREET is a 640x400x16.7M picture of two streetlights bending and
  curving towards each other and looking at each other in a romantic
  way! It took 9 hours!

  TABLE is a 668x512x16.7M scene of a table with a picture frame
  sitting on it, a cup and saucer, a candle stick with a lighted
  candle, a pencil holder with the word "Inshape" printed on it and a
  rainbow swirl of color about its base, an open book and a fountain
  pen. 12 hours!

  MARBLE is a 320x200x16.7M colored scene which shows objects which
  are using paths and splines; three light sources were added, high
  reflection- and high mirror parameters. This one took 15 hours to

[] ISBN is an .ACC and a .PRG by Mark Brinkworth in which he does it
again (dated May 31, 1994)! He wrote VERICARD which tells you whether
or not a credit card number is valid. Now with ISBN2 you can tell is
the ISBN #'s in the front of every book is valid or not. I've tried it
with several books and they all come back as valid numbers (when would
you ever find an INvalid number?). Anyway, it's interesting to find
out that there is an interrelationship between the numbers in an
ISBN#. Color or mono. Geneva compatible. Docs included.

[] LALOPE37 is LaserLope v.3.7, the HP LaserJet 4 envelope printer by
Barry Poston (dated May 22, 1994). This program allows you quick and
easy access to the scores of internal fonts of that printer. You can
also set the size of those fonts, within basic limits. This new
version has several bug fixes and a new screen to allow evaluation of
your envelope's attributes prior to printing. Three common envelope
sizes are supported. You can even save your favorite configuration
(actually up to four set-up may be saved!). LaserLope will run on
ST--Falcon computers in ST high and medium resolutions. It will work
with HP LaserJet III, LaserJet IIIP, and LaserJet 4 printers. It looks
like this will do just about anything you want! I guess that I'm going
to have to download v.3.6 again though, because I erased it before I
checked in this file. Docs are NOT included in this version, though
they are in previous versions. ST--Falcon compatible.

[] LAMBGOD is the "Lamb of God" praise song from the Maranatha Praise
singers as arranged by B. Bencivenga. He used Band in the Box, and
Cubase Lite to sequence this MIDI file on a Roland SC-155 sound
Canvas...This is GM/GS compatable. This is a good advertisement for
their records!

[] LAZER is the Autowaschen Verboten v.0.9 demo for the Falcon030.
This 2.36 meg compressed file uncompresses to nearly 6 meg of hard
drive space. This is no ordinary demo! Requiring at least 4 meg of RAM
and a TV or ST RGB compatible monitor, this demo runs in 640 x 400
interlaced True Color mono. Lasting about ten minutes, this demo is
full of texture-mapping and polygon shading, stereo sound, and lots of
other graphic effects. I'd love to see it, but I don't have my Falcon
yet (it's flying around somewhere "out there"!). (Found on Delphi as
"FALCON03 MEGA DEMO" and on GEnie as "LASER1" and "LASER2")

[] LCKYLT42 is Lucky LOTTO Numbers v.4.2 by Barney Poston (dated April
14, 1994). This program will allow you to analyze lottery data for
just about any state or regional lottery (ranges of 1 to 9 winning
numbers out of a possibility of 15 to 60 numbers), and then print out
numbers for you to "play." A complete history of the Texas Lottery
winning numbers (current as of the program date) is included. BUT, the
included TX database is flawed. You will need to download TX_LOTTO to
get the corrected list (this was the second fix to this database the
author uploaded, and now it's correct!). I'm amazed that there is a
market for a program such as this. Analyzing random numbers to predict
a future random number is a waste of time. I would welcome anyone to
show me differently. If a lottery isn't random, it's fixed, and you
certainly won't know about it! As the author's say, "Don't forget the
quote from Forbes magazine 'Your chances of winning the lottery are
the same whether you play or not!'" Color or Mono (but mono is not so
hot, according to the author. He recommends v.3.2 [LCKYLT32] for mono
users). This program uses M.J.Matts excellent GUI-4-GFA to produce a
beautiful and usable interface. Detailed docs included. ST--Falcon
compatible. Shareware (If you win piles of money send him half!).

[] LEDPAN25 is LED Panel v.2.5 by Christoph Zwerschke (dated early
1994). The basic idea of "LED Panel" is to make any access to BIOS
drives (floppy, harddisk, RAM disk etc.) visible and that
distinctively between drives and kind of access (reading or writing).
As extra options this handy little program can show the state of the
CapsLock key as well as the actual date and time (with a variety of
options). All informations are shown in the upper right corner of the
screen (normally you can only see the blank right end of the menu
title line there). ST--Falcon compatible, except that the LED Panel
will not work with most sorts of graphic cards and "true color".
That's because LED Panel is a "TSR" program and therefore cannot use
VDI graphics but writes directly to the screen instead. The LED
configuration is in German, but the author has provided English docs
with detailed explanations of the German terms (so it doesn't
matter!). Freeware.

[] LINECRAS is Line Crash by Andrei Ellman of Wacko Software (date
April 17, 1994). This color only game can be played by up to EIGHT
Players at once(!) using a parallel port joystick interface and two 2
joystick adaptors for the STE (the 8 player option is only for the STE
and docs are included on how to do this). If you remember the movie
TRON, and the light cycle game they played there where the players
left glowing trail, which, if run into by the other players (or
themselves) caused them to be destroyed, then you will know the plot
of this game. You try to leave lines which other players will be
forced to cross, thus eliminating them from the game. If you are the
last one alive, then you win, otherwise you die (well, really only in
the game. At least that's all that's happened to me so far!).
Numerous ways to configure this game are included. If you have less
than four people playing there will be computer players included. Now
fixed to run on all machines up to TOS 2.06 (at least, maybe Falcon
since it was fixed with STOSFIX3?).

[] LOGO is a 640 x 480 x 256 color GIF of the STart magazine and CAD
3D logos by Barry Summer. Created using Phoenix 2.0 these logos were
created by hapharzardly applying a few different textures to the
logos. The results are interesting if not overly exciting.

[] MAINSHIP by Barry Summer is a 640 x 480 GIF of a mainship. What's
that? It's a space vessel rendered with Phoenix 2 and with a SCAPE
(see the description of SCAPE later in this review) generated space
background (the background of a large moon overlooking a mountain
strewn landscape is very nicely done, too).

[] MARSPELB from Marcel Software is the spelling dictionary for the
Marcel Word Processor which has been modified for British spelling.
Directions for installation are included. Marcel, a formerly
"store-bought" commercial product is now shareware. I recommend this
full-featured word processor to you. It's excellent and inexpensive!
[] MB44_BIN is MasterBrowse v.4.4 by Michel Forget of Electric Storm
Software (dated May 4, 1994). This is an EXCELLENT text file viewer
for any ST--Falcon. I highly recommend it. Completely replacing the
desktop's SHOW routine, MasterBrowse (MB) will allow you to load
multiple files into itself (restricted only by available memory),
search, mark blocks of text, cut and past, take advantage of the Atari
Clipboard, print out your selected text(s) in a multiplicity of ways,
and piles more features (in part the docs are so extensive simply
because there are so many features! If you want a text file viewer to
do something, this probably already has that feature!).

MasterBrowse can be configured to call an alternate viewer for special
types of files, such as pictures or sound files. It is _Fast_ and
smooth, and can take full advantage of GDOS/SpeedoGDOS, the features
of MultiTOS, MultiGEM, Mag!X, and Geneva, as well as the alternative
desktops such as NeoDesk, TeraDesk, and Gemini. Another nice feature
is that MB supports Peter Seitz' View Protocol, which allows other
programs to instruct MB to display a file instead of using their own
default viewers. A REALLY nice feature new in this version is that MB
will emulate the TOS 1.4 Item Selector for all of you TOS 1.0 and 1.2
users out there. Keyboard or mouse controlled. It has an easy-to-use
installation program. Shareware ($15). SUPPORT SHAREWARE AUTHORS! (If
you register this program you get a $5 credit towards... well, read
the docs and find out!). Color or mono. This will work on floppy or
hard drive systems.

[] MDBB1194 is the Medical Information Network BBS listing (dated
March 3, 1994). It is a list of medical, fire/EMS, science, recovery,
Parents, AIDS and disABILITY related bulletin board systems. Toll free
government BBS's and hundreds of other phone numbers. I'd like to call
some of them myself! I found this on Toad Hall.

[] MINIDRAF is MiniDraft v1.10 by J.H.Taylor (dated Oct. 1992).
MiniDraft is a basic drafting package written in assembler for the
ST/STE (at least, but the upload description said that it will work
with all Atari 32-bit computers; i.e., the TT and Falcon). It is
designed for use with a mono monitor, but it will run (barely) in
color as well (and with "enhanced screens" too). This program comes
with extensive docs and online helps. Create, edit, save, load, and
print out your drawings (print out huge posters of them through
pasting strips of printer dumps). I've been told that this is a very
powerful program, and it looks like it! Lots of drawing and sample
files included. Geneva compatible.

[] MOUNTALE is a Talespin adventure created by a group of 3rd - 5th
grade students from the Leal Elementary School. Run this adventure
(using TELLTALE) and find yourself inside a magic mountain battling
giant spiders, monsterous dragons, and much more. If you make your way
through all the barriers you will get out alive. If not... well....
The kids wrote the story line, created the art using KidPainter (by
D.A. Brumleve) and the whole package was combined together using
TaleSpin. Color only. TOS 1.0--1.62 compatible (at least).

[] MPEGPLAY is the Falcon only version of the MPEG Video Software
Decoder (v.2.0; Jan. 27, 1993) from the Berkeley Plateau Research
Group. Re-written by Gary Arakaki to run on an Atari Falcon 030 in 16
bit color mode. This version currently plays at about 1 frame/second
for 160x100 MPEGs. It automatically switches screen resolution from
320x200, 384x240 overscan up to 640x400 interlaced. Only 320x200 mode
is possible on a VGA monitor, but it is not tested. After it is
finished playing the mpeg it will give you some stats and the number
of frames/second. Docs included.

[] MPYDSP56 by Robert W. Stiles is the freeware DSP 56001
microprocessor source code for a 48bit (2^24.2^-24) real number
multiplier. Some modification are required if you wish to make this a
program sub-routine. It's currently written to run as a program.
Created with Hisoft DSP Assembler Version 1.0 on April 17, 1994.

[] M_AWORKS is a text file and .IMG screen shot describing the program
Mastering AtariWorks from Spar Systems (dated April 9, 1994). The
creator of .ACC Hypertext Personal Training Guides for Calamus and
PageStream, Spar Systems has now released a similar program for
AtariWorks (including support for all three modules, Word Processing,
Database, and Spreadsheet). This .ACC will provide help for both the
novice and advanced users. Get your own private tutor here! Ordering
information is included.

[] NEO2PC1 by W. Troy of BATSoftware is a simple program which will
convert NEOChrome files to DEGAS PC1 file format (dated 1994). You
simply enter full .NEO file name and full output .PC1 file name (you
have to remember both names as the program doesn't use the Item
Selector) and in a few seconds you have your converted picture.

[] NEOCOM is Neocom v.2.42b Multi by Michael Lundgren and Ulf Ronald
Andersson (dated Dec. 18, 1993). This is a GEM based terminal program
for the ST--Falcon. The author says that it is for those of you with
some experience in telecommunications, but there are detailed docs,
and it doesn't seem all that hard to me! Shareware. Here are some of
its features (according to the docs):

 * Excellent ANSI emulation.
 * Mouse-handled Macro functions.
 * Online Help
 * Keyboard and/or mouse controlled
 * Advanced Window handling.
 * Variety of screen fonts available
 * 7 or 8 bit ASCII/VT52/ANSI Emulation.
 * X, Y, and Z dowloads supported (includes Alan Hamilton's XYZ201)
 * A NEW BBS-menu interface (BMI)  Click on a character on-screen and
   it will be sent to the modem.
 * Capture buffer 
 * Logfile for all calls.
 * External Protocol handling.
 * Runs external programs.
 * ASCII Uploads.
 * Separate Macros for every BBS.
 * Separate INIT/PREFIX/BAUDRATE/NAME/PASSWORD etc for every BBS-entry.
 * Echo (Normal or BBS)
 * Cost Counter.
 * Multi-language.
 * and much, much more. 724K uncompressed.

[] NERTZ_D is the Nertz Demo by MajicSoft, Inc. Nertz is a solitaire
type game which you can play by yourself or with up to nine total
players using MIDI and Modem linkups (both at the same time, too!). I
like multi-player games and MajicSoft seems to have gone all out on
this one! Nertz runs on all ST--Falcons from Floppy or Hard drive.
It's Geneva compatible, color only, with piles of features (including
an eye pleasing interface that is easily accessable. Mouse and/or
joystick controlled.

This is not only a thinking solitaire game, but a race to win against
your opponents, so you better be prepared to move!  Kids (of all ages)
can access a slower level (whew! Thanks!). Online docs, but I didn't
find them very helpful. So I called up the company and asked! Your
Nertz pile is a set of cards (face up) near the bottom left. Below
that is your other 26 cards face down. You attempt to play your Nertz
cards to the slots at the right (in normal solitaire order) for one
point each. Above is a series of slots where you play any of your
cards (from the two piles or from the slots to the right) in a low to
high order. Your opponents can also play their cards on yours there!
It's a free for all! You get two points for those cards. After hearing
this Nertz is a lot more fun! Nertz is scheduled to be available June,
1994 (and it will be inexpensive, too!). This demo is limited in that
you can only play one short game (only about 30 seconds) before it
dumps you back to the desktop (cleanly, of course!).

[] NO_LIMT8 is No Limit v.1.08 by Andreas Kroeber, Harald Bender, and
Patrice Petong (dated March 10, 1994). This Shareware Pinball game
will work with any ST--Falcon in any resolution (except with big
screen monitors). Use the SHIFT keys to control the paddles, SPACE for
nudge - not too much!, and ALT to pull the plunger. While the controls
were easy to use I found it impossible to get the ball to the upper
left of the screen - it just wouldn't go no matter how I timed the use
of the paddles. Maybe you can do better! I do wish that the playing
field would have been bigger somehow - there just wasn't enough for
the ball to do. Overall though, this is a nice pinball game with good
graphics and digitized sounds. I wish there was more than one pinball
game included, but the one that is is OK (more are coming!). Geneva

[] OCR125E is OCR v.1.25 by Alexander Clauss (Dated May, 1994). This
freeware program will allow you to load in a scanned image of a text
and train the software to recognize the letters and transform them
into straight ASCII text. This program has a lot of features, and now
that the documentation (and program) has been translated into English
I can figure out a lot more of them! Create font dictionaries for each
of the fonts you regularly experience and save them for future use.
That way you don't need to "train" the software each time. ST--Falcon
compatible, color or mono, and requiring at least 500K free RAM, this
program seems to work as advertised. It certainly works well on the
supplied text image file (which looked like a regular hand scan, i.e.,
pretty cruddy). Of course, you will need a scanner to create the
images to convert in the first place (or know someone who has one!). I
recommend this file to you. Of course, it's not as good as MyGraph's
OCR software, but it's free (voluntary contributions are most

[] OIL_PUMP by Kevin Fanning (dated May 1, 1994)is a series of .3D2
files used in creating a Lufkin Pump Jack (the kind you see in the
small oilfields of PA and other oil producing states). He has also
included a .PC1 background picture and a .ctl file for use with Cyber
Control and CAD 3D-2.02.

[] OUTSDEMO is the Outside v.3.2 Demo by Maxon Computer GmbH of
Germany (I don't know when this version is dated, but I downloaded it
in May of 1994). This is a virtual memory manager for the TT, Falcon,
and PAK/3 equiped STs (the PAK/3 is a 68030 board, so perhaps this
will work with other 68030 boards as well). It will add two megabytes
of virtual memory to those machines (the full program can add 512
megabytes!). MultiTOS and Mag!X compatible (I assume Geneva as well,
but I don't see it mentioned in the docs). The documentation is all in
German. This program will help the TT (and Falcon) to be more
compatible with some programs that presently crash on them, will speed
up your TT's ROM access by 30% (by copying it into RAM, but only a 7%
speedup on the Falcon), and much more. The full version will add more
(hey, it's a demo!). A previous version of this demo (OUTSIDE, v.3.0)
has been translated into English and was distributed through Lexicor.
Perhaps this new version is distributed by them as well.

[] PACKCNV2 is Packconv version 2 by Erno Meffert and Theo Runia. This
archive contains two utilities to make the Bermuda mail utilities
compatible with Binkley ST. The Bermuda utilities mentioned are the
new version of Import and Pack and the new program Scan. They are
quite a bit better and faster then the old The Box mail utilities.
Docs included. See BTPACK05 for a similar utility.

[] PFXPAK31 is PFX-PAK v.3.1beta by Thomas Quester (dated Feb. 26,
1994). This program (or ACC) will allow you to compress your program
and .ACC files to about 1/2 of their original size and still run them
as before. This can result in a tremendous saving in disk space, and
even in loading time when used with a floppy drive (the smaller file
loads in so much more quickly that it more than makes up for any loss
caused by the uncompressing of the files in memory). Also included in
this archive is the most recent version of his AFX (Automatic File
eXtractor v.2.2) which will allow you to compress and uncompress all
of your data files transparently to your applications. Now that will
allow you to save BUNDLES of space on your drives! All your data files
(wordprocessing, Desktop Publishing, spreadsheets, etc.) all
compressed, and still usable!

This shareware program is all in German, but I didn't have much
problem in using it. It has some problems with Geneva, the
multi-tasking AES replacement from Gribnif (what a Wonderful utility
that is!). Programs compress and run fine when running under Geneva,
but .ACC bomb out when compressed and then run (at least STeno crashed
when run as an .ACC in Geneva - and I love STeno!). Some other
difficulties (INFO causes the program to crash) are also evident under
Geneva. Nevertheless, this is an excellent program!

[] PHX2DEMO is the demo version of Phoenix Object Renderer v.2.0
distributed by Lexicor Software (released April, 1994). This is the
68000 version which will run on any Atari ST/TT/Falcon and Graphics
Board, however there is also a 68030 with FPU support (see PHX2DFPU).
I've seen some fantastic pictures rendered through Phoenix 2. It's
amazing the list of features this program has _added_ to the already
impressive Phoenix 1.

Phoenix now runs completely under MultiTOS, allowing you to render
your images in the background while you do something else with your
computer (wonderful!!). Phoenix 2 allows you to view and save images
as 512 color Spectrum SPC files, 2 to 256 color GIF files, or true
color (24bit) Targa files at any resolution. This demo is limited in
that the animation features of the program have been disabled, and any
rendered images will be created with numerous blank horizontal bands
through the image. One EXCELLENT thing about this demo is the included
Tutorial. Phoenix is a complicated program, and without this tutorial
I would suspect that it would be useless to most people, but with
it...great! A minimum of 1 meg of RAM and a DS drive is required (a
hard drive is much better!). Docs and descriptions included. Geneva
compatible. 750K uncompressed.

[] PHX2DFPU is the demo version of Phoenix Object Renderer v.2.0
distributed by Lexicor Software (released April, 1994). This is the
68030/68882 FPU _required_ version which will run on such equipped TT
or Falcon with or without a Graphics Board. There is a version
(PHX2DEMO) which will run on any ST--Falcon but without the tremendous
speedup provided by the FPU. See PHX2DEMO above for a more complete
description of this program. 653K uncompressed.

[] PONG2001 is a text file and InShape rendering files by Michael
Robinson showing how he created the Atari Explorer Online April Fool's
joke picture "BattlePong 2001." Using these files, and InShape, you
can view this picture (check out the April 1, 1994 AEO issue) and see
just how it was done. Interesting.

[] RDD320 is The Revenge Document Displayer v.3.20 by Stuart Coates
(dated March 26, 1994). The Revenge Document Displayer provides you
with a text viewing utility that is both powerful and easy to use. I
recommend it to you. It will allow you to load, display and print out
any ASCII document (either by simply double-clicking on the program,
running it as a TTP program, installing it as an application, using it
as an alternate text viewer in NeoDesk 3, or, with TOS 2.0x or higher
<or one of the variety of alternate Desktops that support this>, just
dropping the text file on the program icon). When you load a document
(up to 200 at once!) any control characters will be automatically
stipped out so that it is more readable. (This in itself makes this
program worth getting...but there's more!).

RDD allows reading of ASCII text compressed with Pack Ice 2.4 (not
included in the archive), which can save you a PILE of space on your
drives. Scroll up and down the page using the arrow keys, create tabs,
move up and down a page at a time, go to the beginning or end of your
document, automatic pagination (with selectable page breaks), search
for specific text, set bookmarks (up to 100), mark blocks for printing
(and print!), dump hex files, execute external program with a single
keystroke (have up to 20 configured for automatic running), set the
scan rate between 50 and 60 Hertz, view Degas pictures, and much more.
Mouse and/or keyboard controlled. Docs and online help included. I
like the interface of this version much better than previous versions.
It seems much easier to control. ST--Falcon compatible (in non-ST res,
too!). There is an excellent installation program that make installing
RRD simple and easy to do. A 68030 version is included which is even
faster for those of you with 68030 CPUs. Unfortunately, this program
is not compatible with DC Right Click, a utility I often use to
simulate a double left click with a quick right mouse button click. Oh
well, I guess we can't have everything!

[] REZ_FOOL is Rez Fooler v.1.2 (and Rez Fooler Controller v.1.0) by
WtP of NewSection One (dated May 15, 1993). Rez Fooler is an AUTO
Folder/ Desktop program that (hopefully) will fool your Falcon and
make it think you've got another kind of monitor connected than the
one actually connected. This is mostly because some demos won't run on
a standard TV, although it should (from the programmers point of view,
there is no difference between a standard TV and a RGB monitor).
Another way of using this program might be if you've got a multisync
monitor, that can do RGB & VGA monitor modes, then you can probably
use this program to quickly access all the different resolutions by
the set video (this means that you can change monitor type and then
set video to use all video modes almost instantly). A simple-to-use
configuration program and Docs are included. I saw this program quite
some time ago now, but it was recently uploaded again, and I wrote a
more complete description, so here it is... again!

[] RUGCROSS is the hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross" as arranged by B.
Bencivenga. He used Band in the Box, and Cubase Lite to sequence this
MIDI file on a Roland SC-155 sound Canvas...This is GM/GS compatable.

[] SDI is a Talespin adventure created by a group of 2nd - 5th grade
children at Leal Elementary School. Load this up (using TELLTALE in
the KIDS category) and you will find yourself stranded on a desert
island. Choose to be any of 10 different characters, each with
differing abilities and weaknesses. After choosing your persona you
battle your through a series of adventures on the island and finally
(hopefully!) reach the rescue ship. The story line was created by the
children, the graphics were drawn using Kidpainter (from D.A.
Brumleve), and the whole was combined together using Talespin. TOS
1.0--1.62 (at least). Color only.

[] SILKBT2E is SilkBoot v.2e by Mark Slagell (uploaded on May 30,
1994). Mark is the author of the justly famous SilkMouse (v.3.2 is
the newest version of that must-have utility) as well as numerous
other programs. This program is a revision of SilkBoot 2 done
especially for STe and MSTe users. It installs an executable boot
sector on a floppy disk that can speed up your boot up dramatically by
bypassing the normal boot delay and memory test. It also automatically
allows STE users to install an extra 0.5 meg of RAM into their 2 meg
STEs (something the operating system doesn't normally allow). The
method it uses to allow this extra RAM has been 100% reliable on
several STE systems (something that SIMMFIX and perhaps STE2_5 which
attempt to do the same thing are not). Docs included. Color or mono.

[] SKULLFC by T.HAWKINS is a GIF of a Ken Kelly painting. The upload
description goes, "From the pages of Robert E. Howard comes Skull
Face. A man chained to his doom by the demons." Actually, I wouldn't
give much chance for those demons in the end. That guy doesn't look
defeated yet to me, bound, yes, but defeated, no! This GIF was created
using VideoMaster on a Falcon.

[] STABLE by Matt Chandler is a text file detailing how he turned a
Wico Trackball into... STablemouse! This fix uses inexpensive parts to
create a stationary mouse that (the author says) is smooth and very
easy to use. The directions make the conversion seem easy as pie.
It's certainly cheaper that other trackballs available for the ST

[] STAN_1 is the first editon of STeve's AtariNotes. This is a combo
electronic newsletter/CATALOG that I enjoyed reading through. I expect
that you will have the same reaction. STeve is STeve Kipker, the owner
of STeve's Atari Sales, and an active online presence on both GEnie
(S.KIPKER) and Delphi (ATARISALES). This newsletter is full of
interesting material about the Atari world and about the BBS sponsored
by STeve's store, the SOARing STar BBS.

[] STARWING is STARWING v.2.02e by Lothar Meier (dated Dec 17, 1992).
This mono-only space combat/trading simulation games will work on any
1 meg or better ST/STE TOS 1.0--2.06 (at least) machine. This looks
like a very interesting and challenging game. The only problem is that
it is in German, docs and program alike. I'd like to see it in
English, but until then I can't do much with it. Well written in that
it allows access to .ACC while playing the game and exits cleanly.
Anyone up to translating this? Uncompresses to 595K (compressed about

[] STE_2_5 is a program by I. Hussain of Jazzbox Inc which will allow
STE owners to install 2.5 meg of memory on their systems. Normally,
the STE Memory Management Unit chips will only allow 0.5, 2.0, or 4
meg of RAM (as opposed to ST's which also allow 2.5 meg upgrades).
With this utility, which must be run from the AUTO folder EVERYTIME
your STE is booted, you can use those extra 256K SIMMS you have left
from your original STE and use them with your 2 meg of SIMMs chips.
Docs and C source included.

[] STEAMDM2 is Steam v.1.1 by Douglas Samuel (dated 1994). Steam is a
computer based saturated steam table which performs the same function
as both temperature and pressure oriented saturated steam tables.
STEAM automates and reduces the effort involved with using steam
tables, particularly as it pertains to interpolation. Just plug in the
numbers and out pops your answer! Steam only runs in ST high
resolution (640 x 400). A full working copy with manual costs $20.
Make sure you get Steam v.1.1 if you are looking for it, as Steam 1.0
had some problems.

[] STOS1 is the STOS BITS v1.0 disk magazine the The Happening Boiz.
Formerly a Budgie UK release (available from ST Plug), this STOS
programming magazine (and lots else) is now available freely to all.
Finished in Dec. 1990, this magazine is cramed packed with demos, PD
program reviews, music, graphics, STOS programming hints and piles of
STOS program listings for you to use. It is compressed using ST ZIP
and Magic Shadow (use the Magic Shadow Archiver to uncompress - I
recommend MSA_2_32). Requires a DS disk.

[] STOSSHOW by Andrei Ellman is v.1.04 of his STOS (compatible through
TOS 1.62 at least) slideshow for low-res Degas or NeoChrome pictures.
Now only does it display the pictures (stored on disk or in memory for
faster access), it will also display them with all sorts of special
effects. Rolls, slides, fades, color changes, etc. all go into making
this a nice slide shower. Docs and sample pictures included. Color

[] STZIP26 is STZip v.2.6 by Vincent Pomey (dated April 27, 1994).
This version fixes a number of bugs that crept into v.2.5, so get this
file! This is one fantastic compression utility, and he keeps on
making it better! ST ZIP is cross plaform compatible with PKZIP 2.04
(from the MS DOS world), and the Unix Info-Zip programs Zip 1.9/Unzip
5.0. Using an excellent GEM interface (with keyboard hotkeys), it
compresses as well or better (!) than the newest LZH utilities. This
version is MultiTOS and Geneva compatible, allows up to 65536 files in
a zip (given adequate memory), allows you to extract files to a
corresponding folder automatically, now supports Unix's Info-Zip, and
much more.

This file includes a program that creates self-extracting archives,
and a small, stripped down version (a real memory saver) that is
accessed only through a command line interface. I highly recommend
this program for any of you who deal with .ZIP files. Docs included.
Color or mono. ST--Falcon compatible. Here's my bug report: I find
that even with 2 meg+ of free RAM some large archives with multiple
files fail to uncompress. I get an "insufficient memory" message. The
trouble is that this is not consistent from file to file! Some huge
files uncompress file while some others don't (it seems more to do
with the number of files in the archive than in their size alone). If
I reboot to get almost 4 meg of RAM free I never have this problem.
When that happens I generally use DC Xtract v.2.2b (DCXTR22B) to
uncompress the file or I uncompress it bit by bit (which is a pain).
Nevertheless, I think this is a "must have" program. PostCardWare
(Come on! Brag a bit and send him a postcard showing the sights of
where you live!)

[] TIMESAVR is another new idea from Cybercube. I really do like to
register shareware, but I never seem to get around to it (I used to
have a "Round Tuit" but I lost it!). This file is a "Time$avers" .IMG
picture which you just need to print out, fill out, and send it in to
register any Shareware programs Cybercube represents. I've finally
done it! I printed it out, wrote out the check and mailed off my
registration for GEMView! Finally! Maybe you need to check out this
file, too!

[] TOOLLOPE is the LaserLope Tools by Barney Poston (the author of
Lucky Lotto). These tools are a collection of files used for working
on the LaserLope program itself. (LaserLope is the LaserJet 4 envelope
printing utility) A utility to determine the most effective line
spacing for the various font sizes; a program which will printout a
nice wall chart containing a sample of every typeface available in the
LaserJet 4 which may be used in conjunction with LaserLope; a sample
database in ASCII format created using Data Manager ST for you to use
with LaserLope, and a program will draw outlines of the various
standard envelope sizes as well as other non-standard outlines on
8-1/2 in. x 11 in. paper (You can then print sample address formats on
the pre-printed paper to determine how your envelopes will look, prior
to actually printing on an envelope.) are all included (along with
their respective docs).

[] TOS4TRAP is TOS4 Trap v.1.0 by Keith Gerdes of Trace Technologies
(released April 4, 1994). Trace Technologies produces Data Diet v.2
(++), a realtime file compression system; Data Rescue, a complete
realtime data recovery solution; Squish II (++), an executable file
compression system which save you a tremendous amount of storage space
by compressing your programs and accessories and yet still allowing
them to be run, and Load Aladdin, a shareware program which allows you
to use GEnie's ST Aladdin on your Falcon030. Keith has produced
another excellent utility here. TOS4 Trap is a Falcon-only AUTO folder
utility which monitors certain GEMDOS calls to make passed parameters
"TOS4 GEMDOS compatible". Using this program will enable Falcon owners
to more efficiently use STalker, NeoDesk 3, MaxiFile, DeskManager, and
probably other programs as well. Docs included. Shareware.

[] TOS_CREW is a True Color texture mapping on a spinning globe
representing the earth. Coded on the Fried Bits 2 Party in Bremen by
Mr Ni! (the Great) of the TOS-crew. Start the demo in 320x200 in true
color mode. Directions for controlling the demo are included. Falcon

[] TOTH is a 640 x 480 x 256 colored .GIF picture created with
Phoenix 2.0 by B. Devonshire of a skull wearing sunglasses and a top
hat. The background and foreground is of glowing, flaming colors. As
the upload descriptions says, "Martha was suspicious of the old Top
Hat from the start, but John purchased it from the travelling salesman
anyway. After the pyrotechnics explosion during the Victoria day
celebration, it was confirmed!!"

[] TOWERMAP by F.D.Percival is a series of 15 Degas .PI2 maps of all
15 levels of the dungeon game, Towers. The maps included lists of
objects (both hidden and visible). You must register your copy of the
game to make full use of this file. The maps are well done. 492K

[] TOWERSMP is a set of five Degas high rez compressed pictures of the
first five level of Towers, the new Dungeon (or Tower!) game from JV
Enterprises. This also includes a file with the 12 spells he has found
to work with Towers. Now he says that he needs to get the manual so he
can keep on playing! 107K uncompressed.

[] TWRPTCH4 is an archive which will allow you to patch any version of
Towers, the 3D One or Two player Dungeon Game from JV Enterprises to
version 1.4. Simply copy the files from this archive to your Towers
disk. People have asked, and JV Enterprises has listened... and
worked!  You wanted to play Towers over the modem, and now you can! If
you have a Hayes AT command compatible, 14.4k Error Correction modem
or better. Get ready to play Towers (ver.1.4) over the phone. This
feature does require a 2 meg machine (actually 1.1meg) to play either
the null-modem, MIDI, or modem games. Towers 1.4 even includes a
simple text routine so you can communicate with your partner without
two lines!! It also improves the game saving by allowing you to use
numbers in game descriptions. You can register Towers through JV
Enterprises or through: Suzy B's Software; STeve's Software, and B&C
Computers. In the UK you can register it through Goodman
International. Wow! 183K uncompressed.

[] TRONSEQ is a Videomaster animation for the Falcon by Barry Summer.
It is a TRON-like race of nice computer animation. Use the included
Falcon TTP player program to view... just slide the tronseq.con file
to the TTP icon. This one was done with a PIP (Picture in Picture)
type view.

[] UPABOVE is a GIF by B. Devonshire created with Phoenix 2. It shows
a shuttle astronaut in his MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) standing
behind a desk composed of "Earth-from-space" colors embedded in a
transparent plastic. The desk is resting on the Earth far below. A
golden arch passes over the whole. A long-stemmed glass and a wine
bottle sit unopened on the table. The caption reads "Houston, we have
a problem,..."

[] VERICARD is Vericard by Mark Brinkworth of Australia. This .ACC is
fascinating to me. I never realized before I saw this that credit card
numbers have a certain logic behind them. Just any number won't do.
Credit card numbers have a certain pattern to them, and this .ACC will
check any number you put in to see if it is a valid number. I tried it
on all the credit cards I could get ahold of and they all were
confirmed as valid (boy, was I glad!). I then changed all of the
numbers by a digit in various locations and this .ACC told me that
they weren't right. Amazing! Docs included. Color or mono. Geneva

[] VIPER is a 640 x 480 x 256 colored GIF picture by Barry Summer of a
Viper Spacefighter (from Battlestar Galactica?) created with Phoenix
2. A starfield covers the background. I thought this was well-done,
especially including the "teeth" at the front of the viper!

[] VIPERS by Daniel W. McAndrew is a Warp 9 Extend-O-Save module (his
sixth). Load this file into your Warp 9 v.3.80+ (or change the
extender to .PRG for a demo) and watch the Vipers attacking the Cylon
base star (shades of Battlestar Galactica!).

[] WAVEFIX is a text file (dated March 29, 1994) which lists both the
incorrect code in the GENEDIT Korg Wavestation/AD SEND segment
configuration and the correct code. Previous to this fix, only the
wave "A" parameters were properly sent. Docs are included.

[] WINEANIM by C. Probert is an FLM animation of a wine glass filling
and emptying with red wine. Created in RRTRACER on a 1040ST, this
animation uses 48 frames. That would only take awhile to do right?
Right! Only about three hours of rendering time...per frame! Yikes!
Use Prism Paint or the Lexicor FLMPLAYR to show this animation.

[] WINX22 is WinX v.2.2 (dated Oct. 17, 1993). See WINX23G for a more
detailed description. Even though this version is older I have kept it
here because of the English docs it includes as well as the CPZ
configurer. Those are included in this program and not in v.2.3G. I
recommend them both, though you really only need WINX23G (the English
docs from here are included there as well.

[] WINX23G is WinX v.2.3g Beta by (\/) Martin Osieka (dated April 5,
1994). WinX is basically a replacement (i.e.: big upgrade) for that
part of the GEM Desktop that controls your window displays (and more)
for all TOS 1.0-4.04. First, in order to use WinX you must load GEM
into RAM using any of several utilities available (actually, if you
have TOS 1.04 or lower you can access some of WinX's features without
doing this). I recommend GEMRAM v.1.6 (see it's review above). This
only loads GEM into memory which is much more efficient than loading
all of TOS into RAM as some programs do (such as ROMSPEED). There are
no English docs with this version, so I have included the docs from
WinX v.2.2 (dated Oct. 17, 1993). They don't cover everything, but
they are better than nothing! Here are just a few things WinX will do
for you (believe me, this is not nearly all!):

  Windows will move with the mouse, rather than an outline. Windows
  will resize with the mouse, rather than an outline. The scroll bar
  updates as you scroll through the window's contents. You can jump
  to the top or bottom by right clicking on the arrows. You can jump
  to a specific place on the scroll bar by right clicking there. You
  can shrink a window to just its top by right clicking on the top.
  Fixes the lost memory bug in Falcons. (Every time you open a
  window, memory is used. Unfortunately, when the window is closed,
  you don't get the memory back, but now with WinX you do!)

This program is fully configurable, and I recommend that you play
around with it. I have!

[] WOLF3D06 is a preliminary test version of Wolf 3D v0.60 (dated
April 26, 1994) by Apollo of the New Power Generation (what a name!).
Keyboard controlled, this VGA/TV/RGB compatible game doesn't do much
as of yet (from what I can tell from the docs), but it does show
promise. It looks like the author is passing this out just to try his
3D engine on a variety of machines (he includes a "Help" program which
will yield useful information for him if the program crashes your
system). Not MultiTOS compatible. (note: the game's name on Delphi is
WOLD3D06...I think the "D" crept in there by accident replacing the
"F" in the archive name, but perhaps the name switch was intentional).
256K uncompressed.

[] XAKRESET is the Reset-Box v.1.00 by Konstantinos Xonis of
XAK-Design. This simple program will allow you to cause your ST/STE
(higher?) to execute a WarmStart (just as if you pressed the reset
button) or a ColdStart (like shutting of your computer with the
powerswitch). This in itself it not that great (after all, most of us
can just reach around to the back of the computer and do it
ourselves!), but another feature of this program IS neat. It allows
you to select a memory size to be simulated after bootup. If you have
a 4 meg machine and you wish to test if a program will work on a 520ST
machine, just click on the 520ST button and when your desktop appears
you will have 0.5 meg of RAM! Other memory configurations can be
selected as well. It's too bad that it doesn't work the other way - I'd
like to take a 0.5 meg ST and convince it that it is a 4 meg ST! Docs
included. Geneva compatible.

[] XSPFIGHT is a 640 x 480 GIF file created using Phoenix 1.0 of a
group of three Viper spacefighters fighting three Cylon craft. I hate
to say it but the Vipers are getting wiped. Two are damaged and about
destroyed which the third fights on.

Whew! That's enough for now. I still have lots of files to go, but
it's time to stop (have your eyes gotten tired yet!). Take care, and
may God bless!


All of these files can be found on one or more of the following
on-line services: GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The CodeHead
BBS (818-980-0237, a new number - it's moved!), and at Toad Hall, now
the official BBS of the Boston Computer Society (617-567-8642)
(Michael R. Burkley). Drop me a line!

Michael lives in Niagara Falls, NY. He is a former Polyurethane
Research Chemist and is presently the pastor of the Niagara
Presbyterian Church.


 |||   Developing news!
 |||   Items of interest from TOS platform developers and supporters
/ | \  -------------------------------------------------------------------

//// MIST AtariFest VI                                    July 23, 1994

Here's the detail on MIST AtariFest VI.  Please relay it, print and
post it wherever you can:

    MIST AtariFest VI:
            Saturday, July 23, 1994, at Indianapolis, Indiana
            Best Western Waterfront Plaza Hotel
            on U.S. 136 off Interstate 465 (Speedway Exit)

Mid-Indiana ST Atari Users Group announces its 6th annual MIST
AtariFest will be Saturday, July 23, at the same northwest
Indianapolis hotel as last year.

Commodore Amiga users also are invited to take part in swaps, sales
and trades at MIST AtariFest VI -- one of the first "computer fests"
since the Commodore company announced plans for liquidation.

MIST AtariFest VI begins at 10am Indiana and Illinois Time (11am for
Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky visitors), and continues until 3pm (4pm

    MIST is comprised of three central Indiana Atari groups:
      *  ASCII (Atari ST Computers in Indianapolis)
      *  BL.A.ST (Bloomington Atari ST)
      *  PAUG (Purdue Atari User Group)

All Atari computer users -- 8-bit as well as 16/32 ST and 32/32 TT --
are welcome to attend and/or put out equipment, software, etc., for
sale, trade or swap.  Commodore Amiga users also are invited (C=64
users won't be turned away).

Table space that has been reserved AND PAID by July 8 is only $50 for
commercial vendors/developers; $15 for user groups plus ticket fees
for each person.  Add $10 a table if paid after July 8.  Solo tables:
$10, space permitting.

    Mail reservations and checks to:  MIST AtariFest
                                      c/o Charlie Sears
                                      551 Mooreland Dr,
                                      New Whiteland, IN 46184

Location is the Best Western Waterfront Plaza Hotel on Ind.  136, just
minutes north of the Indianapolis International Airport (complimentary
transportation from the airport).

If driving, exit at "Speedway" from Interstate 465, the "ring" road
around Indianapolis.  Special AtariFest rates for rooms are $53
single, $59 double.  Special facilities are available for the
handicapped, for non-smokers, and for guests with small children.  For
room reservations, call Best Western national number 800-528-1234 or
317/299-8400 x393.  Mention the MIST AtariFest VI to get special rates
(or "ASCII Atari Computer Show" if "MIST 'Fest" doesn't the ring the
reservations desk's bell).

    For more details:

         FidoNet 1:231/310.0,  AtariNet 51:203/8, or  SBE Net
         Crossroads BBS:  317/878-4069 (Southside Indianapolis)
                          317/780-5473 (West & Northeast Indy)
         BL.A.ST BBS:  812/988-1069 (Bloomington/Nashville Area)
    Voice:  ASCII Secretary Charlie Sears  317/535-4829
            BL.A.ST Secretary Stu Huffman  812/988-7558

//// CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94                             August 7, 1994

                       Central Atari Information Network
                          C.A.I.N. Atari Fun Fest 94
                      August 7, 1994 / 10:00AM to 5:00PM
                           Knights of Columbus Hall
                               7637 Chardon Road
                              Kirtland, OH 44094


                                Free Admission!

                              What to See and Do!

                          The New Jaguar Game System!
                          The LYNX handheld game unit
           Bring your LYNX and games to COMLYNX with other players!
                        The Falcon Multimedia computer
              Gemulator (IBM emulator running Atari ST Software)
                         8-bit computers and products
                       16/32-bit computers and products
                          Portfolio palmtop computer
                         Meet the editors of C.A.I.N.
                 Classic game systems 2600/5200/7800 and games
               Catalogs and brochures for Atari line of products
                   Atari products for sale / Plus Much More!

                        Table pricing per 8 foot table
                        $10.00 per table no electricity
                       $15.00 per table with one outlet
                     For more show or lodging info contact
                                  Fred Horvat
                                 P.O. Box 493
                          Chesterland, OH  44026-0493
                   Internet ID :

//// Musicom 2 Announced

Musicom 2 is the complete solution for digital recording. Now special
effects previously only possible in a professional music studio can
now be achieved with the Falcon.

Feed your Falcon with 8 or 16 bit mono or stereo sampled at between
8.2 and 50 kHz; Musicom will eat all that directly from a microphone
or audio device plugged into the Falcon.

Take a Michael Jackson song from CD and sing in his place. With
Karaoke you can mask out the lead vocal from most recordings. Move
your living room into the Alps; using Digital Delay will make you
sound like you're talking from the top of the Matterhorn. And that's
just the start - with special effects like flange and harmonize at
your disposal the possibilities for creativity are limitless.

The harmonizer lets you take one voice and manipulate it to sound like
harmony - just imagine three of you singing at the same time! And with
a 10 channel equalizer only a mouse click away your voice can go from
Soprano to Bass.

Everything may be recorded directly to your hard disk, and from there
you can assembly your masterpiece. Use the Cutter to display your
recording, and edit it. You can zoom in on portions of the sample,
mark blocks, cut and paste blocks, set markers (and give them
meaningful names), and apply any number of special effects.

You can combine recordings and sort them by name. Insert pauses and
set the tempo, snapping blocks to the tempo to create songs. Play the
whole recording or any portion of it, or loop it for repeated
playback. You can even use oversampling to change the recording type,
from 16 bit stereo at 50 KHz to 8 bit mono at 8KHz, or anywhere in
between. Finally, you can save the assembled recording as a single
recording or as a play list.

It's all very easy with the Cutter display and tool set. When you've
assembled recordings into a song, you can select Jingles mode to load
a group of songs, and play them back in any order, or consecutively,

Musicom 2 supports the Digital Box, which provides your Falcon
computer with digital audio inputs and outputs (Optical and Coaxial
S/PDIF), as well as clocks for sampling CDs and DATs directly (44.1KHz
and 48KHz). You can now have a completely digital recording studio at
a fraction of the cost of other systems!

-- New in Musicom 2 --

- Multi-windowed GEM interface, with tape deck-style controls
- Real time Peak Level meter with input adjustment
- Real time Spectrum Analyzer
- Intelligent hard disk analysis - shows available recording time
- Jingles List - load groups of samples for individual or group playback
- Looping for continuous playback of any number of samples
- Waveform display, with position and status indicators during playback
- Variable zoom of waveform display Cutter module for editing samples
- Pattern mode for combining samples
- Block marking in samples, with loading and saving of blocks
- Effects can be applied to samples and blocks during or after recording
- Up to 64 markers (with names) can be placed in a sample, during or
  after recording
- Markers can be snapped to blocks, and blocks snapped to markers
- Tempo controls for maintaining tempo when combining samples
- Pauses can be inserted into patterns
- Oversampling allows samples to be converted between 8 and 16 bit,
  mono and stereo, and different sampling frequencies
- Digital input and output through the Digital Box
- External clocks in the Digital Box (44.1KHz and 48KHz)

Musicom 2 is available now for $99.95. Upgrades from original Musicom
cost $40.00.

The Digital Box is available for $349.95.

For more information, contact COMPO Software!

COMPO Software
104 Esplanade Avenue Suite 121
Pacifica California 94044
Tel: 415-355-0862
Fax: 415-355-0869

//// Photo Show Pro CLUT

Some 1224 monitors, when used with the Falcon, lack brightness. We
have just installed a CLUT (Color Lookup Table) for Photo Show Pro
that can, among other things, improve the color range of images on the
1224 monitor. The 1224 CLUT brightens the lower range of color
intensity on a sliding scale as not to clip the upper ranges of

If you use a 1224 monitor with Photo Show Pro, we can update you to
the version of Photo Show Pro with gamma correction for $5.00 to cover
cost of disk and mailing. It's like getting a new monitor.

In particular, if you suffer from a dark monitor, your images will be
improved to near the quality obtained from a VGA monitor.

Write: Randall Kopchak
       2233 Keeven Lane
       Florissant MO 63031

//// Atari Compendium Revision

Software Development Systems (aka SDS Publishing) is proud to announce
the release of the first revision to the highly successful
programmer's reference guide, "The Atari Compendium" by Scott Sanders.
The new revision adds 60 pages of new material bringing its total size
to a whopping 920 pages of facts, tables, and diagrams useful for any
level of Atari computer programmer.

The new revision has also been redesigned to be slightly thinner and
was bound with a lay-flat binding for easy use. In addition, the cover
is now coated to prevent fingerprints and aging.

Building MiNT Device Drivers and File Systems
The XBRA Protocol
Programming the IKBD Keyboard Controller
An Expanded Style Guide
More Memory Locations Documented
Programming the Internal FM Sound Generator

Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Introduction to Atari Programming
Chapter 2:     GEMDOS/MiNT
Chapter 3:     BIOS
Chapter 4:     XBIOS
Chapter 5:     Hardware
Chapter 6:     AES
Chapter 7:     VDI
Chapter 8:     Line-A
Chapter 9:     The Desktop
Chapter 10:    XCONTROL
Chapter 11:    GEM User Interface Guidelines
Appendix A:    Functions by Opcode
Appendix B:    Memory Map
Appendix C:    Native File Formats
Appendix D:    Error Codes
Appendix E:    Atari ASCII Table
Appendix F:    IKBD Scan Codes
Appendix G:    Speedo Fonts
Appendix H:    The Drag & Drop Protocol
Appendix I:    The Programmable Sound Generator

Each chapter contains an Overview listing the practical uses of
available system functions as well as a Function Reference which lists
the features and bugs for each OS function. Programming examples are
given in 'C' and Assembly depending on which is more appropriate and
examples are given to allow 'C' programmers to use Assembly bindings
and vice-versa.

Most importantly, this revision of the Compendium contains a named
constant for almost every practical function parameter and return
value. Use of constants is consistent with those documented by Atari
and major compiler manufacturers. A TOS.H/TOSDEFS.H set of include
files for major compilers is available from SDS to complement the

"The Atari Compendium" was edited by several members of Atari's TOS
development group and is now recognized by Atari as Official
Developer's Documentation.

Binding: 9" x 7" Lay-Flat Binding
Cover: UV Coated/Four-Color
Pages: 920
ISBN: 0-9638331-1-1
Library of Congress CIP: 94-66014
SRP (U.S.): $49.95

"The Atari Compendium" is available for purchase worldwide at all fine
Atari Dealers and direct as follows:

USA/Canada/Mexico/South America
Software Development Systems
996 Redondo Ave. #404
Long Beach, CA 90804

Voice: 310/430-0364
Fax: 310/987-2205
Compuserve: 71461, 3645

Pricing: $49.95 US + S & H (Check or money order only please.)
         We will gladly refer you to a local dealer for credit card
         orders. Shipping and Handling is $4.00 US, $6.00
         Canada/Mexico, and $12.00 outside of these countries.

         Existing owners wising to upgrade to the first revision
         should send the old front cover and $39.95 US + $4.00 S & H.
         TOS Header File/Examples Disk is available with book purchase
         for $10.00 + $2.00 S & H (All countries).

The Old School, Greenfield
Bedford MK45 5DE

Voice: +44 (0) 525-718181
Fax: +44 (0) 525-713716

Pricing: Contact for pricing and availability.

Paragon Computers
17/5 Short St.
Perth 6000

Pricing: Contact for pricing and availability.

//// Studio Convert From COMPO

Studio Convert is the ultimate image conversion tool for Atari
computers. Studio Convert uses a 24-bit color palette on all Atari
computers, regardless of video display. It will always adapt to
whatever display is used.

Supported Image Formats

Studio Convert loads the following formats:

SEF:    Studio Effects Format (.SEF). 24-bit format used by Studio

TIFF:   Tagged Image File Format (.TIF). 24-bit format developed by
        Aldus and Microsoft; standard true color format.

GIF:    Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF). 256-color format
        developed by Compuserve for the exchange of image files on
        public networks.

Targa:  Texas Instrument Graphics Architecture (.TGA). True color
        format designed for interfacing between Texas Instrument

PCX:    PC-Paintbrush (.PCX) 256-color format.

IFF:    Interchange File Format (.IFF). 256-color format. Standard
        image file format on Amiga computers.

DEGAS:  Image file format of DEGAS (PC1, PC2, PC3). 16 colors.

NEO:    Image file format of NEOCHROME (.NEO). 16 colors.

JPEG:   Joint Photographic Expert Group (.JPG). A CCITT/IS standard
        which uses an algorithm for compression and decompression of
        color or gray scale images. True color (16 million colors).

PCD:    Photo CD. Image file format from Kodak (.PCD). 16 millions

XGA:    eXtended Graphic Array (.XGA). Capable of 65536 colors (same
        as the Falcon030's True Color mode).

ART:    Image file format of ART DIRECTOR (.ART). 16 colors.

DOODLE: Image file format of Doodle (.DOO). 640 x 400 pixels in

IMG:    GEM Image file format (.IMG). Monochrome.

STAD:   Image file format of STAD (.PAC). Monochrome.

DALI:   Image file format of DALI (.SD0, SD1, SD2). Maximum 16 colors.

OTHERS: Allow you to load a large number of image file formats if you
        know their dimensions and header.

RAW:    Image file format in 16 million colors (.RAW).

MTV:    Image file format in 16 million colors (.MTV).

DIS:    Image file format of DKB or POV in 16 million colors.

CRANACH: Image file format of CRANACH (.ESM) 16 millions colors.

SPECTRUM: Image file format of SPECTRUM (.SPU). 512 colors.

SUN RASTER FILE: Image file format of SUN.

Studio Convert can save images in the following formats:  SEF, TIFF,

//// Image effects

Studio Convert displays all images, adapting to the display mode. It
can invert and mirror images. It can also dither and print images.
Studio Convert has twelve dithering patterns, with three possible dot
sizes, for a total of 36 dithering options. Dithering is displayed on

//// Printing

You can adjust image brightness for optimum print quality, and freely
resize images before printing (from 1% to 999%). Images can be
automatically aligned on the page, and tiled for printing posters of
umlimited size.

Printing from Studio Convert requires SpeedoGDOS (available separately
from COMPO Software).

Studio Convert is compatible with all Atari computers. It includes the
famous Brainstorm DSP-JPEG routines for very quickly decompressing
JPEG images on Falcon030 computers.

Studio Convert is available now for $39.95. For more information,
please contact COMPO Software.

COMPO Software
104 Esplanade Avenue Suite 121
Pacifica California 94044
Tel: 415-355-0862
Fax: 415-355-0869


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You can now send EMail to the entire AEO staff at once - use our new
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Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
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