Atari Explorer Online: 07-Mar-94 #0304

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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Atari Explorer Online: 07-Mar-94 #0304
Date: Fri Mar 18 12:00:34 1994

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                              Table of Contents

* From the Editors ...................... Blooms abound in Atari's Garden.

* Digital Briefs ........................... Computer, communication, and 
                                                 video game industry news.

* Dateline: Atari ............ Tempest 2000 offer, new Atari personnel on
                                      GEnie and lots of questions for Bob
                                             from last Friday's GEnie RTC.

* Jaguar Tackboard .................... New sign-ons breath fire into the
                                               Jaguar. Cat Box announced.
                                                Official & confirmed news.

* Atari Artist ......................... Lots of Falcon hardware upgrades,
                                                 as well as MIDI software,
                                                        AND a look at NAMM.

* Andreas' Den ................... STe sellout, PowerPC supergiants, death
                                         of the Jaguar and other fantasies!

* The Unabashed Atariophile ................... PD and Shareware files for
                                                     _your_ Atari computer.

* GEnie News ........................... New files & happenings on Atari's
                                                  Official Online Resource.

* Developing News ........................... SAC Expo This Weekend
                                              Texas Atari Festival
                                              CD Audio Player Name Contest
                                              Cleveland Free-Net Additions

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


 |||  From the Editors ....... Atari Explorer Online: The Next Generation
 |||  Travis Guy
/ | \ GEnie: AEO.MAG   Delphi: AEO_MAG   Internet:

Things are going well in the World Atari. The weather is warming up,
and the first flowers are coming into season. Those who would have
you think you have been led down a garden path of withered vines
would do well to rub the crud from their eyes and take another look.
Their long and bitter fight has blinded them to anything positive.
Aye, they do live in a small world.

The first third-party hardware developer annoucement for the Jaguar,
released today, is inside. ICD will be marketing "Cat Box," an AV and
communications expansion box that provides industry standard ports for
the Jag. ICD has long held a stellar reputation for their line of
hardware and software products in the Atari arena and others. It's
great to see them supporting Jaguar also.

Atari has just today announced a new list of Jaguar developers and
licensees. Big names and bigger names are coming onboard, and as time
goes by, many of their products will help to redefine the video game
arena. (Have you played Atari today?)

This issue welcomes back Atari Artist. Pete and Fadi have a lot of
information about the Wizztronics 040 board for the Falcon and other
nifty products, as well as a look at MIDI products from the NAMM show.

AEO will be expanding into a few new areas in the next couple of
issues. We're looking to start a column on Atari user groups, and on
8-bit Ataris. Watch for them.

The robins have started their way back north. Winter is about to
loosen its grip on North America. Spring Break is underway here in
the Florida Panhandle. Drop by if you can!

Welcome to this issue of AEO.


 |||   Digital Briefs - Industry News
 |||   By: Albert Dayes
/ | \  CIS: 70007,3615      GEnie: AEO.1

//// Software Vendors STEP to it - STEP, the international standard
================================   for the Exchange of Product Model
Data has gained ground among several US and European computer
software makers.

"As a neutral standard to which all software can adhere, STEP will
enable users to digitally represent and exchange product information,
via computer, both between corporation departments and with
manufacturing partners and suppliers. The removal of barriers with
STEP- based software is expected to facilitate multi-enterprise,
multi-vendor, multi-supplier manufacturing efforts. The initial
release of STEP, approved this year as an international standard by
the International Organization for Standardization, addresses
mechanical design applications."

//// CompuServe in the Fast Lane - CompuServe recently announced a
================================   new promotion for its on-line
service for retail stores. "Get Into the Fast Lane on the Information
Superhighway" is the new slogan while also toting its new 14.4K access
speed capability. Over 1,000 retail stores are expected to participate
in the new campaign.

//// IBM has the Best Nose - IBM's research labs recently developed a
==========================   very sensitive instrument for measuring
heat. The new instrument can detect changes in temperature as small
as 1/100,000 of a degree. The device, called a calorimeter can be used
in a wide variety of chemical detection, observation, and analysis
applications. One such application is in drug design. A paper on the
subject was recently published in the Journal of Physics Letter.

//// Put a Cray Beside Your Desk - The new Cray EL94 can perform over
================================   500 megaflops (millions of floating
point instructions per second) which is at least double what Cray's
previous deskside computer offered. Each model (2 or 4 processors) has
6,000 megabytes or 21,000 megabytes as standard disk storage. The
product is binary compatible with the entire Cray supercomputing line.

//// Preemptive Chip Strike? - Intel has started shipping its 90 and
============================   100 MHz Pentium chips. In conjunction
with the new chips is a new multi-million dollar marketing campaign.
Many were expecting these chips in the summer of 1994, but the soon to
be released PowerPC Macs (running at 80MHz) probably spurred this new

//// H-P's Taligent Investment OK'ed - Hewlett-Packard's proposal to
====================================   establish an investment in
Taligent Inc. was granted full regulatory approval. Under the terms of
the proposal, HP will invest in 15 percent of Taligent and be granted
a seat on the Taligent board of directors HP. HP and Taligent will
license and use certain special technologies, each developed by the
other company.

//// Telecommunications

Motorola FLEXes its Muscle - Motorola's New FLEX high speed paging
==========================   protocol was used in a recent beta test
by Paging Network Inc.  Beginning in the summer of 1993, the test was
to determine how well FLEX would work to boost the capacity from
200,000 pagers per channel to over 600,000 pagers per channel. The
test was very successful and the best part is only a minimum change to
the infrastructure was necessary.

//// Reach out to Object - Object Design's database management system,
========================   ObjectStore, is being used by many
telecommunications companies worldwide. These companies include AT&T,
Ameritech, MCI, Siemens Telecom Public Networks, Telecom Australia,
Telefonica de Espana, as well as many of the Regional Bell Operating
Companies (RBOCs) for implementing mission critical applications.

One manager at a Regional Bell company stated "The previous
mainframe-based billing analysis took an hour-and-a-half, while the
ObjectStore-based system running on a PC took just 20 minutes." When
handling over 150 million phone calls per day, some of the tasks
ObjectStore handles include billing, system balancing demands and
detection of technical problems. AT&T in 1993 made an equity
investment in Object Design confirming its place in the industry. Neal
Douglas of AT&T said this of ObjectStore, "We believe ObjectStore is
rapidly becoming a de-facto industry standard in the telecommunications
market, and our investment helps make it available for a wide range of
AT&T applications."

//// New PDAs PDQ - Apple announced their newest PDA, the Newton
=================   MessagePad 100. This PDA improves on the design
based on feedback from customers. More memory, longer battery life,
letter-by-letter recognition, deferred handwriting recognition, easier
addition of new names to personal wordlist are some of the new

Sony announced new software titles for Motorola's Magic Cap based
personal wireless communicators. One title, Official Airline Guide
(OAG) FlightLine allows one to check current flight information and
pricing through OAG's extensive database which is accurate

River Run software announced telecommunications applications for
Motorola's ENVOY (personal wireless communicator) which allows for
access to host systems like IBM 370 and SUN host systems. All standard
file transfer protocols are also supported. The software can be
embedded with an existing application to provide transparent

//// In the Courts

[] A class action lawsuit brought by AST Research Inc. stockholders
against the company was filed in U.S. District Court in California. A
decline in AST profits appears to be the motive behind the suit.

[] Stac Electronics won a 120 million dollar judgement against
Microsoft Corporation. The judgement was due to claimed infringement
on Stac's software patent on data compression by Microsoft. Microsoft
has begun shipping MS-DOS 6.21 which does not include any of the
infringing software. An appeal by Microsoft is expected.

[] AT&T has filed suit against Spectra-Physics Scanning System. The
suit involves a bar code scanning patent held by NCR (a unit of AT&T,
which was recently renamed to AT&T Global Information Solutions). NCR
currently holds the number one position in the world, in the high
volume bar code scanning market.

[] A new standard v.34 was recently approved by the CCITT. This will
allow for modems to communicate up to 28K compared to the current
14.4K (v.32bis) standard. One possible problem is over the use of
patents held by some of the developers and how much of a royalty must
be paid for its use. Patent issues should be settled by that time of
the final vote in the summer of 1994.

//// Video Game News

//// More Jaguars in the Wild? - It's been long established that Atari
==============================   Games is looking into using Jaguars
in some of their arcade machines, but rumors that another leading
American arcade game maker has chosen to use Atari's Jaguar as the
heart for new arcade machines have been spreading recently. Spokesmen
for Atari Corp. have declined to comment on these new stories.

//// 3-D Arcade Video Game? - Japanese entertainment giants Sanyo
===========================   and Taito are combining forces to
develop 3-D arcade video games. Sanyo will be responsible for the
hardware, a 40 inch auto-stereoscopic LCD 3-D screen that is claimed
to not require special glasses for 3-D viewing. Taito will handle the
software side of the project, and will test the video game system in
Japan as early as this April. Commercial sales are to begin in the

Sanyo is eager to bring such a system into the home, however, reports
state that the company is still "feeling out" the home video game

//// Rate That Game - Jack Heistand, senior vice-president of
===================   Electronic Arts, is chairman of a video game
industry committee to set standards for rating sexual and violent
content in games. The first games to come under the committee's system
are expected to debut late this fall. As plans stand, games produced
prior to the adoption of the ratings standards will not be forced to
carry rating labels.

This committee was formed to head off proposed Congressional
legislation, forcing a ratings system on all video games produced and
sold in the United States. A spokesman for Sen. Joseph Lieberman,
D-Conn., the leading critic of violent video games, expressed the
sense that while the voluntary measures planned by the video game
industry were welcome, Congress was not ready to drop its interest in
the matter.

Heistand has said he expect broad support in the industry for the
rating system. Companies expected to submit to the ratings committee
include Atari, Nintendo, Sega and 3DO.

//// Sega Pres. Fears Legislative Ploy - Sega reacted strongly to a
======================================   recent Washington Post story
about Nintendo's attempts to damage Sega's reputation. Tom Kalinske,
president of Sega expressed surprise that Nintendo would attempt to
use legislation to play on parents fears of violence in video games.

"I'm really amazed that Nintendo would go to such lengths to target
Sega - seeking through the legislative process that which they seem
unable to earn through the marketplace process - and that they would
so irresponsibly drag retailers and the entire video game and personal
computer segments of the larger interactive digital media industry
through the mud in their efforts to slow our momentum.

"While we spent the last two years trying to implement a video game
rating system, Nintendo apparently spent that time plotting a
marketing ploy that would play off of parental concerns about
violence. I think they should channel that creativity into productive
pursuits like solving industry problems and creating great games."


 |||   Dateline: Atari!
 |||   With Bob Brodie
/ | \  File Courtesy of GEnie

(C) 1994 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables. May
be reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on
GEnie are *official* information services of Atari Corporation. To sign
up for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon connection
type HHH (RETURN after that). Wait for the U#= prompt.Type XTX99437,GENIE
and press [RETURN]. The system will prompt you for your information.

                     Dateline Atari with Bob Brodie
                              March 4, 1994

                           with Special Guests

                         Tom Gillen, Hank Cappa,
                        Joe Sousa, Faran Thomason

                            Host - Lou Rocha

<[HoST] ST.LOU>  Just before we open tonight's conference, I would
like to extend my condolences to the family of comedian John Candy who
passed away in his sleep this morning. John Candy was a talented
person renowned by many. He was also a Canadian, a Torontonian, and a
classmate of mine through high school. His talents will live forever
on celluloid but his magnanimity will only be known by those who lived
with the man whose heart was his biggest attribute.

Welcome to the March edition of Dateline Atari with Bob Brodie. With
the spring season almost upon us (thank goodness!), the national
rollout of the Jaguar is imminent. TT's have begun shipping again,
although in unknown quantities. Bob Brodie is with us and a number of
new Atari personnel have GEnie accounts and have begun to appear

I would like to thank Bob for his monthly meeting with Atari users
here on GEnie. Recent comments in the bulletin board indicate
appreciation for Bob's increased participation in the Atari topics, as
well. We hope that all is well with Bob and his family... both at home
and at Atari! :-) Let's get on with things..... Bob, your opening
comments please....

<BOB-BRODIE> Good evening everyone, and thanks for joining us once
again at Dateline Atari, here on our official online service, GEnie!
Tonight, I'd like to share a couple of special offers that we're
making to our friends online, and also introduce to you some of the
new faces that you'll be seeing online here on GEnie. In some cases,
you may have already "bumped into" some of these fine folk. Joining me
tonight for the conference is Tom Gillen (GEnie address TOM.GILLEN),
and yet two more of the staff that we'll be adding to our GEnie
support crew, Hank Cappa and Jose Sousa. Hank and Joe don't have
accounts yet, but we're expecting to have them online sometime next
week. After we finish up our opening remarks, we'll be happy to talk
about Jaguar titles to the extent that it's possible to...the guys are
working on a large number of titles, most of which we can't tell you
about tonight. But some of them we can! :-)

As most of you are aware, much of Atari's push right now has been with
the Jaguar. We've been criticized for not having more staff available
for online support here on GEnie. And rightfully so! So, we've added a
number of new accounts to our online staff. With that, I'll turn in
over to Tom, so he can introduce himself along with Hank and Joe.

<TOM.GILLEN> Hello everyone! My name is Tom Gillen, and I am the
Software Test Group leader here at Atari. I am thrilled about being on
GEnie, as this enables me to communicate directly with the people that
mean the most to me; the ones that support Atari! I have been with
Atari since the Warner days, and have always been involved with the
Software Test side of things, as well as a little bit of Hardware
testing. I have tested Software on everything from the 2600 to JAGUAR,
and I'm still not tired of it!! I love what I do, but there are other
people that help complete the picture, and two of them are here with
me tonight;

Joe Sousa and Hank Cappa are two of my testers, and let me assure you
that the Test Department here at Atari is quite a competent bunch! Our
testing procedure consists not only of "play testing" for program
bugs, but also providing the Product Managers and Developers with game
ideas and enhancement suggestions, many of which have made their way
into many different games. Our focus for quite a while now has been
the JAGUAR, but we are still testing LYNX games as well. As far as
FALCON software, the testing and development has been moved to the UK,
but I still have a great personal interest in seeing the FALCON
succeed. My computer setup includes a FALCON and a TT, both of which I
love, and am always hungry to do new things with (anybody seen the TT
VGA emulator for the TTM195?  WOW!!). I will freely admit that I am no
computer "know it all" that can recite all the specs at the drop of a
"chat", and have acutally learned many things myself by scanning the
ST message areas here on GEnie (love em!); but if and when I can help
out with computer related questions, I will! I would now like to
introduce Joe Sousa and Hank Cappa, both of whom will have their own
GEnie accounts soon, and are eager to help out with the Atari presence
in the message areas. Thank you for being there, and I look forward to
participating here on GEnie!

<JOE SOUSA> My name is Joe Sousa, and I am a game tester at Atari. My
first real project on the JAGUAR was designing levels for CYBERMORPH,
eight of which are in the game. I was also lead tester on RAIDEN, and
TEMPEST 2000. I am currently working as co-lead tester/game designer
for KASUMI NINJA, along with my partner, Hank Cappa.

<HANK CAPPA> Hi, I'm Hank, and I've been with Atari since last
November.  I've tested DINO DUDES, RAIDEN, and TEMPEST 2000. I am also
a co-designer and lead tester for KASUMI NINJA. I have also tested
many upcoming LYNX titles. I personally enjoy fighting games
(Dragonball Z 2), R.P.G's (Arena: The Elder Scrolls), Strategy Games
(Super Giant Robot Adventure 3), and DOOM.

<BOB-BRODIE> Also coming on-line with us tonight is Faran Thomason.
His GEnie mail address is F.Thomason. Faran would also like to
introduce himself to you all.

<F.THOMASON> Hello My Name is Faran Thomason. I am a former tester.

<BOB-BRODIE> You will also be hearing from Hans Jacobsen (H.JACOBSEN),
infamous as Mr. Dino Dudes and Mr. Dinolympics at Atari, Sean Patten
(SEAN.PATTEN) lead tester for Cybermorph who just had all of his hints
for Cybermorph printed in Video Games Magazine, and Ted Tahquechi
(TAHQUECHI), the producer for Kasumi Ninja. Ted couldn't join us
tonight, as he is in the UK working in person with the developer of
Kasumi Ninja.  Susan McBride, Director of Art will be online at here
GEnie address of S.G.MCBRIDE. As you can see, we're shoring up our
online presence to ensure that GEnie is the number one source of
information for Atari users everywhere!

In recognition of the support from our most avid users, we're pleased
to make a special offer to our online customers!

To celebrate the impending release of the award winning Tempest 2000
for the Atari Jaguar, we're offering a special price to our online
customers of just $40, plus $3.50 shipping and handling for a total of
$43.50. The suggested retail price of Tempest 2000 is $59.99, and
normal shipping cost is $4.95! You save over $21 on this terrific

Here's the deal: All orders must be received in GEnie mail to my
address of BOB-BRODIE by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, March 6th.
As a bonus, Atari will randomly select 10 (ten) names that will have
their cartridges shipped to them early next week. The balance of the
orders will be shipped when Tempest 2000 officially arrives. Orders
must be accompanied by a valid Visa or Master Card number, including
the expiration date of your card. Sorry, no COD's or checks.
California residents, add $3.30 state tax. We can only ship to North
American shipping addresses, no P.O.  Boxes for addresses please.
Please include a telephone number. All orders will be shipped via
standard ground services.

Orders from the Internet and other networks are also welcome: send
your e-mail to via GEnie's Internet bridge to: BOB.BRODIE@GENIE.GEIS.COM

Please feel free to tell your friends about this special offer, but
remember you must respond online. If we find you like this promotion,
and it helps to get everyone excited, we can do more online promotions
in the future!

Remember, I must have your order in my e-mail box by 11:59 PM Sunday,
March 6, 1994 in order for you to get this special price! Please mark
the subject of your email Tempest Offer to help me sort through the

We're also offering a special deal to attendees of this weekend's
SCORPIONS Concert at the San Jose Arena. You can get a free Scorpions
CD single when you purchase an Atari Jaguar! Concert goers will be
presented with a coupon upon entering the San Jose Area to fill out
and obtain their CD via mail. This special offer will expire on April
5, 1994. There are still good seats available for the Scorpions
concert available thru Bass-TicketMaster. The concert begins at 8:00
P.M., seats start at $19.

On the PR front, Atari's own Bill Rehbock has been invited to
participate on the syndicated radio program, "On Computers" with Leo
Laporte and Gina Smith which will air this coming weekend March 5th,
and March 6th. Leo Laporte is a well known Bay Area radio personality,
and Gina Smith is the Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Entertainment.

I urge you to tune to the appropriate station in your area if you can.
You may wish to call the station and let them know you like their
program content at those times. You may also consider writing a letter
to the station to share your views. In any case, I hope you can tune
it in in your area and will share your afterthoughts online!

Kudos to Dave Shorr, who previously uploaded a file to the libraries
of the Atari ST RT showing the times and stations that carry this
program!  This listing not only give you the station call letters, but
gives you the power of the station as well, just in case you haven't
tuned in to the show before:


 KENI-AM  ANCHORAGE  AK   5K   550  SAT  09P-12A
 WJHO-AM  OPELIKA    AL   5K  1400  SUN  10A-12N
 KWHN-AM  PT. SMITH  AR   5K  1110  SUN  12N-02P
 KOLW-AM  ARYO GRD   CA   1K  1300  SUN  10A-01P
 KNZR-AM  BAKRSFLD   CA   1K  1250  SUN  10A-01P
 KKTR-AM  FRESNO     CA   1K  1430  SUN  10A-01P
 KNCO-AM  GRASS VLY  CA   1K   830  SUN  10A-01P
 KORV-AM  OROVILLE   CA   1K  1340  SUN  10A-01P
 KFBK-AM  SACRAMENTO CA   5K  1530  SUN  10A-01P
 KFMB-AM  SAN DIEGO  CA   5K   780  SUN  10P-01A
 KNBR-AM  SAN FRAN.  CA  30K   680  SUN  10A-11N
 KVEN-AM  VENTURA    CA   1K  1450  SUN  10P-01A
 KGTW-AM  ALAMOSA    CO   5K  1450  SUN  12N-02P
 KFKA-AM  GREELEY    CO   5K  1310  SUN  11A-02P
 KCSI-AM  PUEBLO     CO  10K   590  SUN  11A-02P
 WRC -AM  WASH.      DC   5K   980  SUN  01P-04P
 WDEL-AM  WILMINGTN  DE   5K  1150  SUN  01P-04P
 WHNZ-AM  ST.PETES.  FL   5K   580  SUN  01P-03P
 KOU -AM  HONOLULU   HI  10K   760  SUN  06A-09A
 WOC -AM  DAVENPORT  IA   5K  1420  SUN  12N-02P
 KQAM-AM  WICHITA    KS   5K  1410  SUN  12N-02P
 WLXG-AM  LEXINGTON  KY   5K   720  SUN  12N-02P
 KPEL-AM  LAFAYETTE  LA   5K  1420  SUN  12N-03P
 WHDH-AM  BOSTON     MA  50K   850  SUN  01P-03P
 WPEP-AM  E.TAUNTON  MA   5K  1570  SUN  01P-03P
 WXYT-AM  DETROIT    MI   5K  1270  S/S  03P-04P
 WPNT-AM  FLINT      MI   1K  1420  SUN  01P-02P
 KMBZ-AM  KANSAS CI  MO   5K   980  SUN  12N-03P
 KFRU-AM  COLUMBIA   MO   5K  1400  SUN  12N-03P
 WQNX-AM  ABERDEEN   NC   1K  1350  SUN  01P-03P
 WBZO-AM  EDENTON    NC 2.5K  1260  SUN  01P-04P
 WNCT-AM  GREENVILLE NC  10K  1070  SUN  01P-04P
 KATK-AM  CARLSBAD   NM   1K   740  SUN  11A-12N
 KVSF-AM  SANTA FE   NM   5K  1260  SUN  11A-12N
 KRSN-AM  LOS ALAMOS NM   5K  1490  SUN  12N-02P
 WIIK-AM  CLEVELAND  OH   5K  1420  SUN  01P-04P
 WKRN-AM  YOUNGSTOWN OH   5K   570  SUN  01P-04P
 KTOK-AM  OKLAHOMA C OK   5K  1000  SUN  12N-03P
 KXL -AM  PORTLAND   OR   5K   750  SUN  05P-07P
 KYKN-AM  SALEM      OR   5K  1430  SUN  10A-12N
 WCMB-AM  HARRISBRG  PA   5K  1200  SUN  08P-11P
 KFON-AM  AUSTIN     TX   5K  1490  SUN  12N-03P
 WTAW-AM  BRYAN      TX   1K  1150  SUN  12N-03P
 KOBS-AM  DALLAS     TX   5K  1190  SUN  12N-03P
 WOAI-AM  SAN ANTON. TX  50K  1200  SUN  12N-02P
 KSRR-AM  OREM       UT   1K  1400  SAT  11A-12N
 KMOR-AM  SALT L.C.  UT   5K  1320  SUN  11A-12N
 WLVA-AM  LYNCHBURG  VA   1K   590  SUN  01P-04P
 WLEE-AM  RICHMOND   VA   5K  1320  SUN  12N-01P
 WFIR-AM  ROANOKE    VA   5K   960  SUN  01P-04P
 KING-AM  SEATTLE    WA   5K  1090  SUN  04P-06P
 KXLY-AM  SPOKANE    WA   5K   920  SUN  10A-12N
 WTZM-AM  LA CROSSE  WI   5K  1410  SUN  12N-03P
 WTSO-AM  MADISON    WI  10K  1070  SUN  12N-02P
 WCHS-AM  CHARLESTON WV   5K   580  SUN  01P-04P

On Monday morning, we will be releasing a press release annoucing a
total of 86 (eighty-six) developers that have signed on to develop new
titles for the Jaguar. Amount the 48 new partners that we're going to
be announcing are ReadySoft Inc., publisher of Dragon's Lair, Space
Ace, and Dragon's Lair II; Bullfrog Productions Ltd, developer of
Populous and Powermonger; Imagineer, publisher of Wolfenstein-3D
(SNES); Jaleco, a leading manufacturer of arcade games and home video
games including Super Bases Loaded and Pro Sports Hockey; and
Sculptured Software, developer of Mortal Kombat for Acclaim.

The remainder of the developers will be presented in the press release
on Monday. I will have that online as soon as possible.

With that, I think we're ready to take on some questions, Lou! Let's
talk Atari!!!!

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Whew! Bob, did you order a party size pizza for
tonight? We have 17 in queue.

<BOB-BRODIE> I'm goin' without...

<[HoST] ST.LOU> First, Sean Dougherty

<[Sean@TWP] P-DIRECT> Now that TT030's are available, dealer
restrictions have been eased, developers are selling tons of new
innovative hardware and software products, and Processor Direct is on
the press, what plans does Atari have to help continue the beginning
of this forward moving trend in the computer realm?

<BOB-BRODIE> We will continue to work proactively with our developers
to continue moving forward. We are placing a new co-opt program in
place to assist the dealers advertise. Congratulation on getting
Processor Direct to press. I look forward to seeing my issue soon.

<[Sean@TWP] P-DIRECT> Does that include TV ads?

<BOB-BRODIE> We are open to TV ads via local cable with our dealers,
it's certainly something that we've done before.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks, Sean. B.DUNCAN had to leave. He asked me to
ask for the first ten cities to get the ad campaign?

<BOB-BRODIE> The first ten cities are not public information at this
point, but will be announced soon.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK, on to Brian Harvey

<BRIAN.H> Hi Bob and all of the Atari personnel with new GEnie
accounts! What is the status on the patch for ATARI WORKS? I know
Atari is losing sales and, more important, respect, over this need for
a patch to solve the BPS (Black Page Syndrome). Is there anyway in the
meantime that users can get a lower version which does not have the
BPS? There has been a lot of talk in the Atari WORKS topic but nothing
substantial yet. I know Pradip is busy with the Jaguar but there are
even some people I have talked to that won't buy a Jaguar because of
the way Atari is presently handling the computer end of things. They
don't want the same thing happening to them later. (No offence meant

Also, any news about Atari products for Atari computers? Not third
parties? It is good news about the TT and the other recent
developments.  Unfortunately, there are some of us who never wants a
Jaguar unless it is TOS compatible and has a keyboard. Thanks Bob and
have a great RTC!

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Brian, I know that Pradip is deeply concerned about
the Black Page Syndrome and is hard at work on it, but you are is not his number one priority. I am in discussions with
my superiors at Atari to see if there is some way we will be able to
help our users obtain a lower version of Works.

     ([HoST Note] After the formal part of the conference, Bob posted
     this message: <BOB-BRODIE> Papa, Pradip stopped by tonight while
     we were RTCing...said he thinks he's got a fix but hasn't
     checked it.)

Re your friends that won't touch the Jaguar because of the way that
the computer end of things...I can understand that to a degree.
However, it must be clearly understood by all that the computer
hardware business is very cut throat right now on all fronts. We must
concentrate on the Jaguar in order to generate profits.

I also understand that many of our computer users don't care about the
Jaguar unless it has a keyboard and a mouse....and I believe that that
time will come. However, that is a ways off. At this point, we're
working with developers to ensure that they have the information that
they need to do after market products for the Falcon like the 040
boards that you have been hearing about. These will be products that
will have to come from the developers, and not from Atari.

<[Ken (Mar-Vel] K.STEVENS1> Hi Bob, I have four quick questions, well
maybe not so quick: 1. There was a rumour that IBM was having problems
with one graphics chip on the Jag and this was causing a slow down in
production. Any truth to this and has it been corrected? 2. Can you
give us an update on the release dates for some of the upcoming games?
How are third party games going? 3. Are there any third party items
coming out in the near future, by this I mean controllers, cartridge
cases, etc. 4. How is the production of Kasumi Ninja going? Some
people believe that AvP will be the system seller. I think that Kasumi
Ninja will appeal to the younger audience more and once the kiddies
have seen it, they will pester, uh, I mean, ask their parents to buy
the Jag for them.

<BOB-BRODIE> Just four, eh Ken? :-) IBM did have a problem with some
of the Jaguar sets that they built. That did cause some delays. They
are still a bit behind. Re the release dates for the games, Tempest is
due in, and we're working hard on Checkered Flag II, Alien vs.
Predator, and Club Drive. I understand that Microprose is very close
with GunShip And in general, we expect to see a number of titles in
the April-June time frame from the 3rd party groups. I haven't seen
any concrete info on the other accessories that you asked about, but I
know that we're interested, and that there has been interest from the
third party groups. RE Kasumi Ninja, Tom and his crew will answer
that. :)

<TOM.GILLEN> Kasumi Ninja is heavily into the development stage, with
the producer currently in England working with HMS, digitizing
characters for the game. Some of the characters that we are proposing
are an America Indian, and a Scottsman, and a Goth (Attila the Hun
type). We are intending this game to be a real gore fest, with lots of
blood and gore.  There are several testers that are looking very
forward to testing this game!

<FAIRWEATHER> My 2-year old STacy has been rendered nearly useless by
the same dim screen defect that several other STacy owners have
reported here on GEnie. TCN says new screens cost $600+ and are
unavailable anyway. Can Atari help me or am I SOL? Also when can we
expect to see a new Falcon TOS to fix the "memory leak"?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hmmmm, I hadn't heard about that before David. I'll be
speaking to Jim Jackson in our dealer service area to see what can be
done. $600 is quite high. I'm not familiar with the "memory leak" your
talking about...what's the scoop on it?

<FAIRWEATHER> Every time you open a window on the Falcon it uses up
quite a bit of memory that is not returned when the window closes.
Eventually you will bomb.

<BOB-BRODIE> I have never heard of that. Please send details (if there
are more) in email, and I'll get a hold of the software guys and see
what can be done.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks David and Bob... on to JL Battey, deep in the
heart of Texas!

<J.BATTEY1> Has Silicon Graphics ever worked on a Consumer Electronics
device before (to your knowledge)? Any and all please reply. [KGBS in
Dallas, not KOBS, but at least the BS part was easy] ?B^) Chances for
a Jag version ThrustMaster?

<BOB-BRODIE> Re Silicon Graphics, not that I'm aware of. I assume your
talking about Project Reality....Re ThrustMaster...personally, I think
$90 is kinda pricey for a joystick but anything's possible.

<[Dave] D.SHORR> Who makes the Jaguar chipset(Tom and Jerry)? Is
Phillips building the Jaguar's CD-ROM peripheral(I read this off of a
CD:))? GA.

<BOB-BRODIE> The makers of the Jaguar chipset and the CD is not for
public consumption at this time. Sorry.

<[Shadow] D.VANTREASE> What games are being developed for the Jag CD
and/or VR? Any Star Trek or Star Wars/X-Wing games in the works? And
THANKS for the GEnie-Tempest deal !!! (Also, why the delay on the
S-Video cables?!) :-)

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Shadow...I'll let Faran talk about the CD games.

<F.THOMASON> We are currently developing a Cyberpunk action adventure
game for the CD ROM.

<BOB-BRODIE> Re the Star Trek game, Spectrum Holobyte has the rights
to that title, and they are now the owners of they
kinda are devs for the Jaguar now. I know that they are interested in
doing the game for the Jaguar. The S-Video cables are now on the way
to retailers, we got them in and they went back out the next day! Glad
you like the Tempest thing...:) GA

<[Zombie] R.ANISKO> Bob, just wondering if Atari has considered
making a "Jaguar card" (and cartridge peripheral?) for PC's -this way
you could sell Jags and still take advantage of the PC market as well
- I'm sure some of the Jag's features would be quite palatable to
computer makers and owners for video games and other STuff....and of
course, a (VME?) card for us ST'ers would be nice as well :-) ga

<BOB-BRODIE> Hiya Zombie...yes, we've indicated almost since day 1
that we're considering doing a Jaguar card for PCs.

<[Barry] B.CANTIN> Hi, Bob - I don't have a Jag, but I DO have a LYNX.
Perhaps you or Hank Cappa could fill us in on what's upcoming for the
Lynx in the next couple months... Thanks!

<BOB-BRODIE> As Hank quivers before the keyboard....

<[hank] TOM.GILLEN> I recently have been looking at Battlezone, Missle
Command/Asteroids, Fat Bobby..... Also to come are Road Riot (2
player), Relief Pitcher, Full Court Press, and Heavyweight Contender

<[Tony] WETMORE> Hiya Bob, Tom, Hank, Joe and Faran! (hope I got
everyone) As it happens, I'll be out in California (Sunnyvale area),
in a couple of weeks. [;-) Any chance I'll be able to pick up Tempest
2000 and an s-video cable while I'm out there? Also, are you guys
still swapping s-video cables for the original (bad) RF cables, free?

<BOB-BRODIE> Tony, we'll see what we can do for you. I'm probably
going to be on vacation when you come to Sunnyvale....but I'll try to
have Don Thomas primed to help you out!

<[Fruitty] G.GEORGE3> Hi there you lucky guys at Atari! I want to ask
someone what the story is on a possible Lynx adaptor for the Jaguar? I
read in the Nov. '93 GamePro that "...A late breaking peripheral
announcement call for the Jaguar to be used as a main server and
support network Lynx multi-player games." If it isn't in development,
it sure ought to be! I gots me 10 multiplayer Lynx games and nobody to
play with!  Also, could someone give some details about Jaguar Blue
Lightning? I love that game!

<F.THOMASON> Jag Blue Lightning is being devloped by the guys that did
Cybermorph. It is slated to be a CDROM Game.

<BOB-BRODIE> Re the Lynx/Jag connection. Our developer staff is
anxiously working with ALL of the developers to encourage them to
build this feature into their games. With over 86 devs now, I think
that there is plenty of chances for that kind of thing to happen,
Fruity. :)

<[Thunderbird] D.ENGEL> Hi, Bob! Did you get a chance to peek at
Jaguar "Star Raiders" since the last RTC? Any info on this eagerly
anticipated title (by Rob Zydel?) would be great! If not, then tell us
about the latest features in AvP (30FPS Yet?)

<BOB-BRODIE> I haven't yet. My cohorts here haven't seen it either.
The primary developer/coder hasn't been in the building...we're
allowing him to work off site. Re AvP, we keep adding, and we also
brought in some of the game mags to allow them a preview of the game,
AND to give their input on the game.

Now there is more interaction with the charecters of the game, and the
Predator ship and the Alien ship have been added. Lots, and lots of
texture mapping going on... And you can physically map the mazes, even
automatically. :-)

<[Sir Fransis] K.DRAKE> Hi, Bob, and my new friends!! :) First to Bob,
any thoughts on a Jaguar "core" system possibility? Then a question fo
for everyone, what's your favorite feature of the Jaguar?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Kenneth...we're talking more about perhaps changing
the bundled before a core system. But the core system is certainly a

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Explain please: 'bundled'?

<BOB-BRODIE> My favorite feature is the INCREDIBLE sound that the Jag
has, when coupled with the Bose speakers at my house. Admittedly, I am
also impressed by it because I get to be at home when I play it. :)

<BOB-BRODIE> Lou, presently we have Cybermorph included with every Jag
that we sell. We're talking about possibly changing that down the
line.  Maybe we'll change when AvP comes out.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Ah... thanks. On to STEVE-J!

<[DrHfuhruhurr] STEVE-J> Pardon the antagonistic tone of the following
question, but... Obviously, Atari doesn't have the resources to give
the Jaguar the backing it really needs. What is Atari doing to fix
this shortcoming? (Besides slowing the Jaguar's roll-out down to a
crawl, that is!) You don't REALLY believe this isn't a problem, do you
(and if not, WHY)?

<BOB-BRODIE> Steve, you antagonistic???? Who would've believe it????
In a recent interview conducted by the San Francisco Examiner, Sam
Tramiel stated that we plan to go to the equity markets to raise cash.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> (I hope Sandy Wolf is here) Take note, Sandy.

<BOB-BRODIE> We had stated in numerous interviews with financial
publications that we knew that we would have to raise cash this year,
and was a very open topic during the November launch
event which was populated by Wall Street types. I think I met every
broker there personally. If not, it sure felt like it! :) I take
exception to your assertion that we might bring the roll out to a
"crawl", we do have plans.

<[Parrot Head] C.CASSADAY> Bob, when exactly is the national roll-out?
And a question to one of the game testers: Since I don't buy game
magazines, can you reveal the level codes to the other hidden levels
in Cybermorph?

<TOM.GILLEN> We do not have the level codes down here with us, but you
can call our 900 line - 1-900-737-atari, and find out everything you
need to know there.

<BOB-BRODIE> We also have given many of the codes to AEO, and I
thought that they had published a number of them already.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> 1-900-CHEAT :-)

<BOB-BRODIE> Re the National Roll out...we've gone National with our
print ads already in the game mags, and Electronic Boutique and
Babbages are now carrying the product Nationally.

<[Parrot Head] C.CASSADAY> Also, is there any chance Atari can donate
a Jaguar, or shirts, or hats or WHATEVER to this years Texas Atari
Festival on June 4th and 5th in San Antonio, TX?

<BOB-BRODIE> I'll be happy to consider this Chris. Please contact me
in email.

<C.KROWCHUK1> Bob, is it true that 4 meg 80 Falcons with Software
bundles are not being produced anymore? If not, can you give us some
idea of delivery date, time?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Chris! At the present time, the largest demand is for
Falcons without HDs. Most of our customers don't find that an 80 meg
drive is sufficient for their needs. With the prices of Hard Drives
dropping seemingly daily..... It just doesn't make sense for us to
attempt to compete with a built in hard drive. Also, many of the
Falcons are going to musicians, who want to do direct to disk
recording with 1.2 Gigabyte HDs!!! And that isn't cost effective for
us, either. So for the time being at least, Atari US will stick with
the no HD machines.

<[Sparky] K.BURKENHEIM> All the kids (and adults) that have used my
Jaguar have loved it!! I am still disapointed when I go into a store
(Good Guys) and find the Jag OFF or with no controller and the sales
people knowing nothing about the Machine! Is anything being done about
this situation??

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Ken, we have made trips to our local retailers. There
is no doubt in my mind that we need to do follow up work with our
retailers to ensure that there staff is properly trained. However, we
also have to recognize that most of the stores are in a similar
situation on all products. They don't have extensive product
knowledge, they are there just to sell.

I will speak to Garry Tramiel and pass along your remarks about The
Good Guys. They are an important west coast retailer, and we'd like to
see them handle the product in the right way.

<[Andre] A.FOSTER7> Any chance of Atari porting TOS over to the Power

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Love to see that!

<BOB-BRODIE> Hmmmm, interesting question. After today's announcements
by Intel about the Pentium, are you sure that's the way you'd want us
to go?  We're very interested in that chipset, and we're going to
watch the computer side of the business very closely.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> What announcement, Bob?

<BOB-BRODIE> I don't have the article in front of me, but basically
Intel announced that they were going to update the Pentium and lower
the price significantly.

<[!] FSU #1 [!] AEO.MAG> Thanks, Lou. You do a terrific job as host of
the RTCs - as always!

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks, Travis

<[!] FSU #1 [!] AEO.MAG> Good evening Bob, it's always nice to get
together with you here on GEnie. My question for you and your guests
there tonight: What is the most amazing "it knocked your socks off and
left you on the floor speechless" thing you've seen or heard done so
far in any of the Jaguar games? Answers from everyone, please.

<BOB-BRODIE> The proposal to do a "Jaguar Babes" game, based on the
roll-out event. :)

<TOM.GILLEN> My current favorite is Tempest 2000. In my office, I have
the Jaguar hooked up through a nice, loud, stereo, and the music
combined with the VERY exciting gameplay knocked off more than just my

<F.THOMASON> I think AvP and Kasumi Ninja are both looking great.

<TOM.GILLEN> Joe and Hank are very into Kasumi Ninja, and that is
starting to look incredible, really!!

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Does Sam ever come down to your floor, Tom?

<TOM.GILLEN> Actually we are on the same floor, and just today, he
stopped me in the hall to ask my opinion of a new Jaguar commercial.

<BOB-BRODIE> Seriously, I'm really impressed with Tempest. The gang at
home loved it, too. I had a real pile up of skateboards and bikes in
front of the door for quite a few nights, with the stereo pumping out
the sound. Fortunately, the cops were impressed, too. Nice guys. :)

<F.THOMASON> Checkered Flag is looking like a Virtua Killer and club
drive is a pretty innovative driving game.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Anyone else want to comment?

<BOB-BRODIE> Tom's still typin....

<TOM.GILLEN> Also, Sam, Leonard, Gary, and Jack have all been into my
office to see Tempest 2000!!

<BOB-BRODIE> That's it from us..

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK... Richard Brown!

<R.BROWN30> Bob, are things still on track for Alien Vs Pred in April
and National advertising in early May? Does Atari send out stock
reports to share holders? Any new info on the 040 board for the F030?

<BOB-BRODIE> We expect to have the game done in April, but we're
really anxious to include as much as we can in the game. Also, we have
to factor in manufacturing, too. We are trying very hard to get it out
in April, though. Re the ads, the print ads are running nationally
now.... Re stock reports, only the quarterly reports go out to the
shareholders. We don't do a separte publication. I spoke with a couple
of retailers that told me they are getting in different boards from
Germany with both 040 boards, and faster 030s with TT compatible ram.
Check with Steve's Software and other fine dealers regarding these

<[Internet.Tim] AEO.8> I've heard about AvP for the Lynx, first does
it exist? and second will it be a beat'em'up (like the other console
and arcade) or first person like the rebellion version? who is doing

<BOB-BRODIE> Tom will answer your question, Tim.

<TOM.GILLEN> Yes it does exist, and is currently being developed by
Images, and it should end up being a fist person perspective, and
should be similar to AVP for the Jaguar.

<FALCONER> Thanks, Lou!! :) Forgive me if I am redundant here, but I
came in AFTER the RTC started!! Anyway..... better late than never,
and last but certainly not LEAST......Items!! 1) Will there be an
Atari presence at the STAR show next weekend, here in Sacramento?? 2)
What have we to look forward, re SOFTWARE or HARDWARE for the

<TOM.GILLEN> I might go if I can swing it (STAR).

<BOB-BRODIE> I don't believe that we have an official presence at the
Star Show, like a booth. I know that a number of our employees are
planning on attending the show. Re Hardware, there are a number of
products that are coming out, and I happen to know that they will be
on display at the STar Show by several dealers, including Steve's

We already discussed some of those tonight, so rather than go over
them all again, please refer to the transcript later on. Thanks!! ga

<[Mike] M.LIPSON> I have the same STacy screen problem that David
has. If I send ATC my Stacy, will it be fixed?

<BOB-BRODIE> As I mentioned to David, I will need to discuss this
with Jim Jackson of our dealer support. I regret that I cannot give
you a firmer answer at this point in time, Mike.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Well, Bob... The March session is now history. And a
historical session it was! This is the first chance we have had to
meet some of the new people at Atari and we are very happy you brought
them to GEnie first!

I know that Tom Gillen has been in the RTC's a lot lately and his
presence has been greatly enjoyed. I hope Joe and Hank drop in from
time to time and don't forget to teach everyone how to use the
Bulletin Board!

<TOM.GILLEN> Thanks very much for having Joe, Hank, and myself here
tonight, it was a real fun experience for all! Look forward to
continued correspondence on GEnie!

<F.THOMASON> It was a great experince I hope to do more Conferences.

<BOB-BRODIE> Lou, thanks again for a stellar job of moderating the
Dateline Atari. It was a real "baptism" for my colleagues here at
Atari.  I know that everyone on GEnie will join me in welcoming them
to our online ranks, and support them as they "learn the ropes" here
on GEnie.  We're looking forward to getting everyone active as quickly
as we can.  Thanks should also go to Dan McNamee for teaching them
Aladdin to help them get online quicker! Thanks to everyone else for
attending tonight...Good Night!

/|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\

Our next session of Dateline Atari will be held on Friday, April 1st
at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Real Time Conferences in the Atari ST
RoundTable are held every Monday (Desktop Publishing and Graphics) and
Wednesday (Open House) night at 10:00 p.m. and a HelpDesk is available
evry Sunday at 9:00 p.m. On the first and third Thursday there is a
Programmer's RTC at 9:00 p.m.

If you miss a conference, transcripts are made for all formal RTC's
(where there is a special guest) and the programming RTC. You will
find these transcripts in Library 13 - Atari Archives.

Please send your questions, suggestions and comments to RTC$ via
GEmail. Thank you.


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 |||   Jaguar Tackboard
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//// Independent Association of Jaguar Developers

The IAJD (Independent Association of Jaguar Developers) has started
accepting members on GEnie. The IAJD is a private group where
confidential discussions can be freely held. (Category 64 of the ST
RoundTable is the IAJD meeting place.) Consequently, membership in the
IAJD is limited to Jaguar developers who are registered with Atari
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//// Developer / Game List 1.5

//// Editor: The following developers, licensee and game titles have
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Entries in the "S"tatus column reflects any "e"rrors, "u"pdates, "n"ew
titles, or new "d"evelopers since the last AEO list. The "?" entry
represents developers or titles that once were confirmed, but are now
in questionable status. Titles in brackets (e.g., [Cybermorph]) have
been completed and are available in the US.

S Developer/Licensee            Titles under development
" """"""""""""""""""            """"""""""""""""""""""""
  21st Century Software       - Pinball Fantasies
  3D Games
d Accent Media Productions
  Accolade                    - Al Michaels Announces Hardball
                              - Brett Hull Hockey
                              - Busby in Clawed Encounters
                                       of the Furried Kind
                              - Charles Barkley Basketball
                              - Jack Nicholas Golf
  Activision                  - Return to Zork CD-ROM
  All Systems Go              - Hosenose and Booger
                              - Jukebox
  Anco Software Ltd.          - Kick Off
                              - World Cup
d Anthill Industries
  Argonaut Software           - Creature Shock CD-ROM
                                (For Virgin)
  Atari Corp.                 - Battlezone 2000
                              - [Crescent Galaxy]
                              - Club Drive
                              - MPEG 1 and 2 carts
                              - Star Raiders 2000
                              - Tiny Toons Adventures
                              - VR Helmet
  Atari Games Corp.
  Attention to Detail         - Battlemorph: Cybermorph 2
                              - Blue Lightning
                              - [Cybermorph]
                                (For Atari)
d Audio-Visual Magic
d Bethesda Softworks
  Beyond Games Inc.           - Battlewheels
                              - Ultra Vortex
d Black Scorpion Software
d Bjorn Joos/Kris Van Lier
  Borta & Associates
  Brainstorm                  - [x86 Jaguar Development System]
d Bullfrog Productions Ltd
d Clearwater Software
d Computer Music Consulting
d Cybervision
d CyberWare
d Delta Music Systems Inc
  Dimension Technologies
d Domark Group Ltd.
d Duncan Brown
d Elite
d E-On
d EZ Score Software Inc.
d GameTec Inc.
d Genus Microcomputing Inc.
  Gremlin Graphics Ltd.       - Zool 2
                              - UNKNOWN TITLE (racing) - MORE?
d H2O Design Corp.
  Hand Made Software          - Kasumi Ninja
                                (For Atari)
  High Voltage Software
d Hisoft
d ICD                         - Cat Box (video & comm expansion box)
  id Software                 - Doom: Evil Unleashed
d Imagineer Company Ltd.      - Wolfenstein 3D
  Imagitec Design Inc.        - [Evolution Dino-Dudes]
                              - [Raiden]
  Interplay                   - BattleChess CD-ROM - MORE?
d Jaleco
  Krisalis Software Ltd.      - Soccer Kid
d Limelight Media Inc.
  LlamaSoft                   - Tempest 2000
                                (For Atari)
  Loricel S.A.
d Manley & Associates Inc.
  Maxis Software
  Microids                    - Evidence
                              - Commando
  Microprose                  - 3D Gunship 2000 - MORE SIMULATIONS
  Midnite Software Inc.       - Car Wars
                              - Dungeon Depths
  Millenium Interactive Ltd.
d NMS Software Ltd.
  Ocean Software Ltd.
? Park Place Productions      - UNKNOWN TITLE (American Football)
  Phalanx                     - Phong 2000
d Photosurrealism
d ReadySoft Incorporated      - Dragon's Lair CD-ROM
                                Dragon's Lair II CD-ROM
                                Space Ace CD-ROM
  Rebellion Software Ltd.     - Alien vs. Predator
                              - Checkered Flag II
                              - Legions of the Undead
                                (For Atari)
d Rest Energy
d Sculptured Software Inc.
  Silmarils                   - Robinson's Requiem
d Software Creations
d Team Infinity
d Team 17 Software Ltd.
d Technation Digital World
d Techtonics
  Telegames                   - Brutal Sports Football
                              - Casino Royale
                              - European Soccer Challenge
                              - Ultimate Brain Games - MORE?
d Teque London Ltd.
d Thrustmaster
  Tiertex Ltd.
  Tradewest                   - Double Dragon 4 - MORE
  Trimark Interactive
  U.S. Gold Ltd.              - Flashback
  UBI Soft International      - Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis - MORE
e V-Reel Productions          - Arena Football
                              - Horrorscope
  Virgin Interactive
       Entertainment Ltd.     - UNKNOWN ("Movie title")
e Virtual Xperience           - Indiana Jags
                              - Zozziorx - MORE?
d Virtual Xperience
d Visual Concepts
d Williams Brothers
d WMS Industries

//// Atari Announces New Signees - PR

Atari Announces Total of 86 Developers, Publishers and Licensees for

48 New Partners Include Creators and Publishers of Dragon's Lair,
Mortal Kombat, Populous, Pro-Sports Hockey and Wolfenstein 3D

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- March 7, 1994 -- Atari Corporation (ASE: ATC)
announced today that its award-winning Jaguar 64-bit game system has
attracted 86 top developers, publishers and licensees since its
introduction in November 1993.

Among the 48 new partners announced today are ReadySoft Incorporated,
publisher of Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II and Space Ace; Bullfrog
Productions Limited, developer of Populous and Powermonger; Imagineer,
publisher of Wolfenstein 3D (SNES); Jaleco, a leading manufacturer of
arcade games and home video games including Super Bases Loaded and
Pro-Sport Hockey; and Sculptured Software, developer of Mortal Kombat
for Acclaim.

"The innovative technology unleashed by Jaguar challenges us to change
our approach to developing software," said Glen Williams, technical
director, Williams Brothers Development, one of the newly signed
software developers. "With Jaguar, game developing is no longer a
matter of working within the machine's capabilities, but of living up
to them."

Since January 1, 1994, Atari has signed 48 new partners. These are:

Accent Media Productions        HiSoft
Anthill Industries              ICD
(ASG) All Systems Go            Imagineer Company Ltd.
Argonaut Software Ltd.          Jaleco
Audio-Visual Magic              Limelight Media Inc.
Bethesda Softworks              Manley & Associates Inc.
Bjorn Joos/Kris Van Lier        NMS Software Ltd.
Black Scorpion Software         Photosurrealism
Borta & Associates              PEXIS INTERACTIVE
Bullfrog Productions Ltd.       ReadySoft Incorporated
Clearwater Software             Rest Energy
Computer Music Consulting       Sculptured Software Inc.
Cybervision                     Software Creations
CyberWare                       Team Infinity
Delta Music Systems Inc.        Team 17 Software Ltd.
Domark Group Ltd.               Technation Digital World
DTMC                            Techtonics
Duncan Brown                    Teque London Ltd.
Elite                           Thrustmaster
E-On                            V-Reel
EZ Score Software Inc.          Virtual Xperience
GameTec Inc.                    Visual Concepts
Genus Microcomputing Inc.       Williams Brothers
H2O Design Corp.                WMS Industries

"We are pleased the industry's most innovative, successful software
companies continue to join the Jaguar team," said Sam Tramiel,
president of Atari. "Jaguar is the world's most powerful multimedia
video game system. Consequently, this platform offers leading
developers and publishers unprecedented creative and commercial

"Atari has used cutting-edge technology to push Jaguar's system
architecture beyond the industry's next natural stage and leaped ahead
of its competitors in the process," said Lou Viveros, president of
V-Reel and Viveros and Associates, a leading video game consulting
firm. "Our games will require creativity and flexibility in the
development process and outstanding system performance during game
play. Consequently, the decision to develop for Jaguar was an easy

V-Reel will develop and market Arena Football exclusively for Jaguar.
This represents the first license of the Arena Football League for
home video game systems. V-Reel also plans to develop Horrorscope, a
Jaguar fighting game based on the 12 characters of the Zodiac.

Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home
entertainment system and is the only video game system manufactured in
the United States. Jaguar was recently named the industry's "Best New
Game System" (VideoGames Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game
Informer), and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (Die Hard Game
Fan). Atari expects to deliver its Jaguar CD-peripheral mid-year at a
suggested retail price of $200.

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., manufactures and
markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems, video
games and personal computers for the home, office and educational

//// ICD Announces First Jaguar Hardware Add-On - PR

Rockford, Illinois, March 7, 1994 -- Black Cat Design, a designer of
computer peripherals and accessories, and ICD, today announced Cat
Box, the complete interface adapter for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit game

Cat Box plugs directly into the AV/DSP ports on the back of the
Jaguar. Its custom case measures just 6 x 1.5 x 1 inches and perfectly
accents the sleek Jaguar design. Cat Box provides all of the standard
connections that Jaguar customers desire. Standard ports include:
S-Video, Composite Video, Left & Right Audio Out, Dual Stereo
Headphones, Analog RGB Video, RS-232, ComLynx, and DSP. All connectors
are "industry standard".

Standards are a big part of Cat Box and connectivity is the key. The
RS-232 port will connect to standard modems. The ComLynx port will
join other Jaguar and Lynx game systems for multi-player games and
other networking ideas. Black Cat Design is actively working with game
developers to ensure support for these ports.

An imaginative, well thought out design includes flexibility for the
future.  Internal expansion connectors for future add-in cards ensure
that Cat Box will be as useful then as it is now. Future products
under consideration include a MIDI interface and an internal modem.

ICD has licensed Cat Box from Black Cat Design for exclusive
world-wide distribution.

Thomas Harker, president of ICD, explained, "This product is an
unbelievable value. I wouldn't be surprised if all Jaguar owners buy a
Cat Box. My family is really thankful for the headphone jacks when our
twin boys are playing Raiden. Finally, peace and quiet again in the
game room. The boys can't wait for the next generation of multi-player
games to arrive. Imagine, dual Jaguars head to head. Cat Box will help
make this possible. It makes so much sense, I don't know why it wasn't
done before."

The Cat Box will begin shipping early next quarter at an MSRP of
$49.95. ICD is taking orders now with shipments expected in May.

For further information, contact ICD Public Relations in the United
States by phone (815) 968-2228 extension 222 or fax (815) 968-6888.

Cat Box is a trademark of Black Cat Design. Other trademarks are those
of their respective holders.

//// Jaguar NewsPhrases

(    Byte:  8 bits
     Word: 16 bits
 Longword: 32 bits
   Phrase: 64 bits )

KASUMI NINJA is receiving special attention inside Atari. The nine
fighters in KN still haven't been finalized, but at press time, the
line-up reads like this: Ninja Warrior, Yeti, Amazon Queen, African-
American streetfighter, Goth, British pugilist, Scottish Highlander,
and American Indian. (Yes, that's only eight.)

- The fighters in KN are digitized from live actors, and with the
design work taking place at Hand Made Software in Manchester, UK,
there's not a lot of American Indian actors in the local talent pool
to choose from. Atari Corp. was concerned about the ethics of casting
a non-American Indian in the role, and decided upon flying Lawton, OK
native Gene Sovo (Lonesome Dove) to the UK, where he will be digitized
into the game.

TEMPEST 2000 was the focus for a special online promotion from Atari
the weekend of March 4-6. T2K, normally priced at $59.99, was
available for direct EMail/fax order for $40. (A reduced shipping &
handling charge brought the total savings to over $20.) Response was
far heavier than anticipated - "We're overwhelmed," said Bob Brodie
Monday afternoon.

//// Jaguar Quotes

First up, here are some additional quotes from the post-Dateline: Atari 
free-for-all on GEnie last Friday night.

About Club Drive:

   <F.THOMASON> Club Drive should be ready by Mid Spring

About Checkered Flag II:

   <F.THOMASON> There is much more depth in Checkered Flag than Virtua
   Racing. The player has control over many elements in the game. The
   player can choose weather conditions, tracks and [to] upgrade your

   <TOM.GILLEN> Dont know the exact quanity of tracks, should be about
   10 or more.

   <F.THOMASON> There are still graphic enhancemenst and code
   optimization still being made to Checkered Flag so the exact fps
   rates are not final.

   <F.THOMASON> will be able to turn around and drive off the

About Alien vs. Predator:

   <BOB-BRODIE> ... It's gonna have about 150+ megs compressed.

   <F.THOMASON> There are facehuggers roaming about - they actually
   jump on your face!

//// Don Thomas <> has announced that the
first shipment of S-Video cables has come and gone:

[] Everyone might like to know that the first shipment of S-Video
   cables has left our warehouse this afternoon. I understand we are
   backordered for all shipments through April 1, so I will not be
   able to accept direct orders until closer to that date.

   If you were looking for an S-Video cable, visit your retailer
   within the next 7 to 10 days as they begin to infiltrate the retail
   distribution channels.

As for the long anticipated national advertising:

[] Please be aware that the current New York cable TV schedule will be
   expanded to network stuff there and in San Francisco in about 2
   weeks. Los Angeles will begin about the same time too. A nation-wide
   cable buy is set to start around March 21st.

   Stay "Tuned"!

[] Advertising in New York for the Jaguar has been turned back on.
   San Francisco will soon follow. Within 30 to 45 days, ads (TV) will
   begin appearing in LA, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Dallas, Detroit
   and Atlanta. The "barf" commercial will be used. I was not
   permitted to argue with statistics that showed clearly that that
   commercial worked! Then again, I don't personally approve of blodd
   and guts games EXCEPT that seems to be what sells and I am MORE
   FOR providing the consumers what they want.

   This information and list is subject to change pending final media
   buys, scheduling, market changes, etc.

   BTW, there are MANY reasons for the selection of markets. For
   instance Radio Shack (Incredible Universe) is located in Dallas/Ft.
   Worth. It only makes sense to offer them a local feeling of the
   impact. Marketing is a strategy that involves numerous levels... we
   don't only sell to end users, but to the distribution and retail
   channels too.

And how can people go about buying Jaguars direct from Atari again?

[] I've posted it many times, but I'm always eager to post it again.
   If you cannot get Jaguar or Lynx related items fast enough from
   your local dealer, call 1-800-GO-ATARI during normal business hours
   M-F; Pacific time. You may also place orders with me in E-Mail OR
   fax your MasterCard/Visa info to 408/745-2088 24 hours a day. I am
   backordered on Jaguars about 3 to 6 weeks, but they are shipping
   daily. Priority IS to the dealers at present, but some people like
   knowing one is reserved ASAP for them.

   BTW, I can ship to any North American property only.

//// Scott Legrand <> had this to say about
the exciting world of Jaguar development:

[] We've been developing for the jaguar for just over 3 months now...

   You have to be persistent in contacting Bill Rehbock, but he can be
   reached. He's a very very very busy man. Companies like Capcom
   and Acclaim are understandably going to get more attention because
   they can potentially bring in the big bucks just by signing on
   without even releasing a title. it took us a couple of months to
   get the ball rolling, but once it did, things went very smoothly.
   It may have helped that all of us were ST people from way back and
   our names were all at least somehwat familiar.

   We're developing on Falcons, STs, and clones (oh my)... We didn't
   even bother with a TT as a) we sort of wanted to have a falcon to
   screw with, and b) it works with the development system and has the
   cool sound chips built right in. We have some majorly cool sound
   FX already that only took us a night to make on the Falcon.

   As another posted stated, it's dang cheap to get into Jaguar
   development as opposed to other systems and you have a wide choice
   of development platforms. In fact, I'd hazard to say it's the most
   flexible system of all.


 |||   Atari Artist
 |||   By: Peter Donoso & Fadi Hayek
/ | \  GEnie: EXPLORER.2

    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [  ATARI ARTIST  ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

After a far longer than originally estimated - and, I might add, very
reluctant - absence, I'd like to start off by saying that it's great
to be back here at AEO! I spent all of January packing (it still
amazes me just how MUCH stuff can be accumulated after being in one
place for 20 years) and then UNPACKING! Hey, wait a minute... I think
I just caught a glimmer of light comin' through the cracks between
them thar cartons!

As those of you out there who have taken that perilous leap towards
moving in with your "significant other" may have already discovered,
trying to restore their space to some semblance of order as soon as
possible is an absolute imperative! At least, that is, if you want to
successfully restrain those spiraling feelings of regret taking the
deadly step from a mere mental groan into the potentially disastrous
verbal ozone! Numerous attempts may also have to be made in trying to
explain that "moving" is a two-way word; the other person has to also
be open to re-organizing, consolidating and otherwise disposing of
their own stuff. These often may result in unannounced time-outs which
can sometimes lead to a half-serious rumble over who gets to keep
their old, on-the-way-out toaster (she does) and who decides what art
work gets hung on the walls (she does). Who says women don't get to
have it all?

Of a more personal nature, among my more triumphant moments recently
was discovering where I had buried my modem. I could have sworn I put
it with the rest of my computer-related hardware, and I wasn't quite
sure just how I would be uploading this column without it - not to
mention catching up on my E-mail and all the latest on-line news! In
this issue we'll be:

    []  Giving you a brief run-down of the recent NAMM (National
        Association of Music Merchants) winter show at Anaheim, CA.

    []  Updating you on the latest developments on Wizztronics' new
        products for both the Atari Falcon 030, as well as the rest of
        the Atari line of computers.

    []  Discussing the latest news on a number of music programs,
        including Cubase Audio, Notator Logic, Musicom II and
        Digitape & Digitape Lite .

Having made our return entrance, we do fully expect to be back up to
regular speed by our next installment, which, as you may have
previously noticed, normally appears on the average of once a month,
or every alternate issue of AEO.

    =                                                           =
   - -            -=-=-=-  [  SHOW NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-            - -
    =                                                           =

//// Atari Struts Their Bird! 

The winter NAMM '94 show had a strong turn-out despite the earlier
earthquake in Northridge, which was no more than 90 miles northwest of
downtown Anaheim. Although attendance was somewhat lower than had been
predicted, the weekend turned out a large, enthusiastic crowd. Atari
was originally scheduled to exhibit at the Motorola booth, along with
Wizztronics, Steinberg and a number of other Atari developers, but
unfortunately Motorola cancelled at the last minute, and Atari held
court at their suite located in the Anaheim Hilton, directly across
the way from the convention center.

Garry Tramiel and James Grunke were on hand to showcase Atari's Falcon
030 and the hot new Jaguar. Wizztronics' Steve Cohen riveted the
attention of suite visitors as he pointed out the features of his
Falcon rack case and then wowed them with a visual prototype of his
040 accelerator board. Although finished boards were not available for
installation and demoing at that point, the first actual debut of a
fully-working model is due to be unveiled at an upcoming Club Cubase
meeting on March 9th in NYC. More on this later on.

/// Controllers Reign!

The show itself seemed to debut few surprises, with most manufacturers
showcasing improved models of their respective existing technologies.
Alternate MIDI controllers seemed to have captured the most interest.
The most novel one was the WALKABOUT, a wireless MIDI percussion
system suspended by a somewhat cumbersome-looking strap-on harness
that allows a drummer the freedom to move or dance around with a
complete trap set - including cymbals - suspended in front and around
them. The basic unit includes a 12 pad MIDI trigger pad, remote 16
input MIDI interface, MIDI wireless system, and 2 rechargeable 12-volt
batteries. Options include: an add-on, back-mounted extension bracket
which extends out over your head to a comfortable distance in front of
you at chest level where you can mount two MIDI cymbals; special
"trigger shoes" - available in your particular shoe size - which allow
for creating bass pedal and high hat (or even double bass!) effects.
If you think this description sound bizarre, you're right! I musty
admit that the demo I caught was pretty impressive - now if they could
just add a MIDI washboard and MIDI Edsle horn it would be a real

Another very interesting controller was a striking, futuristic-
looking strap-on keyboard controller, called the Riday T-91. Its
keyboard was also a radical design, offering a clever alternative to
the old, familiar linear white-and-black tiered arrangement of keys.
Instead it offers 7 rows of 13 single-tiered keys, colored white,
black and gray. These 7 rows are in an offset related position to each
other; starting with the second row, each successive row begins 5 keys
from the previous one. The closest visual image I can think of is the
way the right aisle seating in an auditorium looks as you walk down -
angled as the hall moves towards the stage. Although it seems daunting
at first to learn a whole new technique for playing, I found I could
do five octave runs amazingly fast after only five minutes of playing

The concept of note arrangement is somewhat like a guitar neck - the
same note in the same octave appears in a number of places on the
fretboard (row of keys). The white keys correspond to those on a
piano. What are normally the black keys are color-coded so that the
first two black keys which traditionally appear immediately after C
are also black, while the remaining group of three black keys which
follow F are colored grey. When you do a run on a regular keyboard,
you need to cross your thumb under your right hand usually after the
third finger (on your left hand it's usually after your fourth).

This particular method necessary for playing a traditional piano
keyboard, combined with having to adjust your finger height in order
to hit the black keys, can take years of practice to be able to
fluidly move your hands across the instrument. The RIDAY T-91's
alternate arrangement allows you to play five keys in a row and then
transfer to the next row to continue your one-handed run. A small
foam-covered brace attachment positioned between the back of the unit
and your hip or waist allows the unit to sit at an angle comfortable
for two-handed playing, and a versatile shoulder strap arrangement
makes the unit adjustable to fit your frame and playing style. When
you start to think about it, the possibility for otherwise impossible
fingered chords and new playing techniques are quite amazing!

//// The Digital Audio Scene

Despite having had their offices trashed by the earthquake, Steinberg-
Jones still managed to make it to the show with working models of
their products on all three computer platforms. They had crowds of
people oohing and aahing at a Falcon running Cubase Audio Falcon at
their booth. Both Fadi and I were impressed with their responses and,
needless to say, we both can't wait to get our Falcons going with this
monster music program!

The rest of the computer world does seem to trying to catch up.
Windows-based digital audio systems are still card dependent, and that
added cost puts their overall system price above a Falcon. The release
of Macintosh's new multimedia Quadras, with built-in DSP and 040
processor have made it possible for products like OSC's DECK II to
offer up to 8 tracks of digital audio on the 660AV and 840AV models
WITHOUT an additional sound card (sound familiar?) PLUS sync
capability with a DECK II environment-provided Quicktime video editing
window for creating AV post production sound tracks.

There are, however, some definite hurdles to still overcome: prices
start at around $3000 for a 660AV system; limited backward
compatibility with most existing programs and a number of operating
system bugs make purchasing OSC's METRO sequencing software
practically a necessity...and METRO ain't no Cubase! All in all the
Falcon with Cubase Audio and an 040 accelerator board still ends up
being the best buy AND with the imminent release of Wizztronic's
040-compatible VES video system later on this year (see VIDEO NEWS),
the Mac system looks like it will remain outclassed and outpriced.

    =                                                           =
   - -         -=-=-=-  [  HARDWARE NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-           - -
    =                                                           =

//// Barracuda 040 Accelerator Board & RAM Expansion Board

Wizztronics' Barracuda 040 accelerator board is set to start shipping
by March 31st. The standard configuration is driven by a 68EC040
microprocessor running at 16MHz with an 8k internal cache. Options are
available for purchasing either a EC33MHz or 33MHz version. The
letters EC signify no FPU (floating processor point) co-processor is
present. 16 MHz owners will be able to upgrade to the 33 MHz version
at a later date. The 33 MHz version will offer software that will
enable on-the-fly speed switching between 16 and 33 MHz without having
to reboot.

The optional 32 bit Memory Expansion Card, which plugs directly onto
the Barracuda 040 Accelerator card, will be able to handle from 1 to
128 additional megs of TT compatible Fast RAM operating at zero wait
states. All memory is burstable for faster CPU operation. The
Barracuda plugs into the Falcon's expansion buss and while assuming
control of all the Falcon's 030 main processor functions while working
seemlessly in conjunction with all of the Falcon's other processors -
and it's fully backwards compatible.

The timing problem inherent in earlier releases of the Falcon (Atari
is shipping current Falcon 030 models with the fix installed) is
already built in to the Barracuda, with a spot allocated for
installing the 74F08 chip fix. Installation of the accelerator and bug
fix is available through Wizztronics.

Due to the amount of available space and power afforded by the
Falcon's case, the Barracuda will NOT be able to be directly installed
within a standard Falcon. Wizztronics is offering an alternative
3-space rack mountable case (see below).

    Prices are as follows:

        Barracuda 040 16MHz accelerator board with 68EC040  - $650
        Upgrade to 68EC040 33MHz                        - add $150
        Upgrade to 68040 33MHz                          - add $300
        RAM Expansion Card w/memory management controller     $300
        Switch Kit                                      - add $  5
//// Falcon Rack

The Wizztonics' Falcon Rack is now ready to ship. In addition to the
floppy disk drive cut-out and power switch, the front plate now also
features a cartridge port cut-out, mouse and joystick ports, keyboard
connector for a standard Atari Mega ST/STe/TT keyboard (with optional
PC keyboard interface port) and 1/4" stereo headphone jack. The rear
panel looks similar to the back of the Falcon case with the addition
of MIDI in/outs, cartridge port cut-out (for optional rear mounting)
extended db15 connectors, 1/4" stereo input and output jacks (rear
output jack is automatically disconnected when front-panel 1/4" stereo
headphone jack is used) and optional 50pin centronics SCSI
connector(s) (2 needed for internal SCSI hard drive installation).

Rack dimensions are 19" wide by 15" deep by 5 1/4" high. These
dimensions support accommodation for additional upgrades and future
expansion, including a 3 1/2" SCSI hard drive, 200 watt UL power
supply, Barracuda 040 accelerator board, RAM Expansion board, Video
Funnel and VES Video Editing System.

Prices are as follows:

    Level 1 - #WT-ARK941 bare case                          $250
    Level 2 - #WT-ARK942 includes keyboard interface        $335
    Level 3 - #WT-ARK943 includes internal power supply     $320
    Level 4 - #WT-ARK944 includes internal power supply &
                         keyboard interface                 $395
Additional Options:
    200 watt UL power supply (recommended for Barracuda 
       33 MHz accelerator board and RAM Expansion board)       $ 70
    Internal hard drive mounting kit                           $ 20
    SCSI cable kit with IDC 50 and dual centronics connectors  $ 35
    PC keyboard interface for use with XT or AT keyboards      $125
    Input/Output patch cable kit for use from original Falcon
        housing to Falcon Case                                 $ 20

Near-Future* Options:

    1040/Mega ST rear plate                                 $ 55
    Mounting adaptor plate for Mega ST                      $ 20

    * 3rd quarter '94

//// PC Emulation Board

Wizztronics has decided to definitely proceed with development of
their 486sx PC emulation board. A 486 board running at 33 MHz will be
able to plug directly into the Falcon expansion bus of the Falcon's
factory case. Compatibility will be also be assured with a spot
provided for plugging Wizztronics' 040 Barracuda board into the 486
board, but alternate housing will then be required with the addition
of the Barracuda 040 board. Expected release for PC emulation board
is late fourth quarter of '94.

    =                                                           =
   - -           -=-=-=-  [  VIDEO NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-            - -
    =                                                           =

//// Video Funnel

Release date for Wizztronic's Video Funnel is set for April 30th. The
Video Funnel will enable single frame video frame grabbing, with 12
megs of on-board RAM a 128K cache. The Video Funnel will provide an
ample buffer to allow full screen resolution redraw at true 30 frames
per second with no compression required. Accompanying software will
allow the additional option of being able to scan and display up to
four video image clips simultaneously on screen and save them as a
group at 640 x 480 true color resolution. The Video Funnel also has a
50-pin interface expansion bus for built-in expandability for
integrating fully with Wizztronics' forthcoming VES Video Editing

Orders are being accepted for the Video Funnel and will be shipped on
a first-come, first serve basis when accompanied by a check or money
order for the amount of $600, which represents full payment. Those who
purchase a Video Funnel system now will receive a substantial savings
on Wizztronics' VES system, which is on schedule for a 4th quarter '94

Software development is nearing completion on Genlocking and Titling
aspects of the system. Negotiations are presently underway for
integrating VES with a 3rd party rendering package.

    =                                                           =
   - -           -=-=-=-  [  MUSIC NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-            - -
    =                                                           =

//// Steinberg's CubaseScore

Steinberg's CubaseScore 2.0 is scheduled for a May release. This
version features a host of impressive additional scoring features and
capabilities while managing to make the potentially complicated
process of computer music scoring amazingly simple. First off,
CubaseScore has been impressively been streamlined - all of its
windows refresh and update with simultaneous, blinding speed. Up to 32
staves per page (8 voices per polyphonic per part) are possible.

One of the most impressive features is its optional ability to move
any score elements, including rests, without affecting the MIDI
sequence. Additional capabilities: cross-staff beaming, nested time
signatures (i.e., 3+3+2/4), grace notes, sizable small and big staves,
automatic layout with page numbering, floating or one syllable-
per-note text insertion, definable MIDI symbols and advanced drum
notation. Users will also be able to import, export and save a variety
of scoring templates. Templates will be able to range from and affect
anything from individual elements to an entire piece - very cool!

In addition, a number of new sequence-related modules will also be
included. The Arpeggiator module offers a host of directional-
configurable runs, as well as such effects as guitar-emulated strums
and picking patterns for some pretty realistic effects. An expanded
Sysex Editor module and General MIDI module will also make working
with your MIDI data and patches easier to manage. All told,
CubaseScore 2.0 is a truly awesome sequencing/scoring package running
within one unified, totally integrated environment.

//// New Cubase Modules

Steinberg has already released a number of other Cubase modules, all
of which are accessible under its M-ROS multi-tasking environment. The
Studio Module universal editor/librarian ($199 list) allows control of
all your modules' load/send/save features, with total recall of your
setup for any song and macro editing capabilities for individual as
well as groups of both synths and FX modules. As if this weren't
enough, Steinberg has bundled this with CueTrax, which can be used for
seamless matching of audio to visual cues on film and video, syncing
Cubase to live music or tape, restoring lost sync tracks and mixing
music along with any tempo-based events!

The StyleTrax module ($149.95 list) offers full-featured accompaniment
capability with conversion of any arrangement consisting of up to 8
tracks into a variety of Styles in real time. Up to 15 styles with 64
different variations can be switched by velocity, randomly or directly
from your keyboard controller. StyleTrax's real-time features offer
killer live- performance possibilities as well, including the ability
to create harmony tracks and then slave the selected Style to them.

//// Steinberg's New Cubase Hardware

For those of you out there who have been frustrated by the inability
to use their MIDEX+ - Steinberg's SMPTE time code synchronizer, MIDI
expander and copy protection key expander - good news! The new SMP II
($1299 list) is a single rack space computer-controlled MIDI interface
module containing 2 MIDI ins, 4 MIDI outs and both reads & generates
all common SMPTE formats. It also features a large, 8 digit SMPTE LED
display window for keeping track of your exact location instantly.
"That's great, but that still doesn't solve how I'm gonna be able to
run Avalon alongside Cubase, or switch to my Spectre GCR Mac emulator
without having to always be pulling one cartridge out in order to put
in another?"

No problem - you can use Wizztronics' Cartmaster multi-cartridge port
extender - and they offer a cartridge ribbon extender so you can place
their Cartmaster in a remote location! There's even a side-positioned
port for large cartridges, like scanner and video interfaces... or a
Spectre GCR! Software is included for activating one of the four
ports. Rebooting is not required, and you can even set up your
computer to auto-boot with a selected active port. Selling your old
MIDEX+ should bring in some extra dough, and for a limited time
Steinberg is bundling Cubase Audio Falcon and the SMP II for $1800
MSLP - or around $1100 street price.

Steinberg also has released their Falcon Digital Interface ($599 list)
which features SPDIF in/outs as well as optical in/outs for connecting
with AD/DAs on your DAT machine. Included software lets you back up
any number of folders containing digital audio files, sequences - even
your entire hard drive! Storage capacity is 1.2 gigs with a 120 minute
tape, and you can use the marker feature on your DAT to restore
specific folders!

//// Other News

Yamaha's CBX-D5 has finally made it to the marketplace. Although
Yamaha initially launched the unit with extensive advanced
advertising, they now seem to be laying back with their ads - a rather
strange approach now that the unit has finally landed at the stores.
Although sales have reported to be off to a sluggish start,
Steinberg's Cubase CBX-D5 for Atari has also been released to coincide
with the unit's availability.

//// Rumored For Future Release

There's more excitement rumored to be ready for late '94 release.
Avalon, Steinberg's unparalleled sample editing environment will
supposedly be updated to integrate alongside Cubase Audio Falcon. Hard
disk-based digital audio processing, such as time stretching and pitch
shifting will now be possible in addition to all of Avalon's many
incredible sample editing features. Rumor also has it that automatic
3-part harmonies as well as chromatic or diatonic key shifts/micro
adjustments will also be possible without any change or loss in
quality of the digital audio recording. Although Steinberg's recently
released Time Bandit for the Mac performs a number of these functions,
Avalon will take these capabilities a step further and offer the added
advantage of full-blown sample editing.

[] Although fully documented, most people may not know that Motorola's
56001 DSP chip - the very same one that is in every Atari Falcon 030 -
has the theoretical capability of doing 8 STEREO, or 16 mono, channels
of digital audio - the only requirement to break the 8 channel barrier
is being able to use lots of RAM! Wizztronic's soon-to-be-released 128
meg RAM expansion board for their Falcon Studio rack module may soon
test the very limits of this chip!

[] Version 2.0 of Cubase Audio Falcon is also under development. Rumor
has it that the next update will incorporate a number of features
similar to Digidesign's SoundTools/ProTools, as well as improved and
expanded digital DSP effects handling. Stay tuned right here for more
on this new update.

//// E-Magic's Logic Audio Falcon to be Released

E-Magic plans to release the Atari version of Logic Audio at the
upcoming Music Messe held in Frankfurt, Germany at the end of March.
The first release of Logic Audio for the Mac has met with some rave
reviews. Digidesign's Audio Media II, SoundTools or ProTools are
required however. No word yet on how Logic Audio will take advantage
of the new Mac AVs, but it will be interesting to see how much of
Atari's Falcon 030 capabilities E-Magic will be able to take full
advantage of. Will they include an integrated sample editor, as in the
Mac version? The Falcon has the ability to compete with Digidesign's
DSP card. We'll let you know.

As an interesting aside, after marveling at the striking similarity in
interface between Cubase and Logic, what is even more amazing is that
the overall functionality of a program would not be subject to the
laws of copyrighting - it isn't! It is equally interesting to note
that the complete overhaul and subsequent metamorphosis of the
original Notator program (which so many devoted Atarians had come to
know and love) should emerge onto multiple platforms in its
transformed state as Logic, affording E-Magic a whole new additional
following of users. Although there are some differences between the
two programs (unlimited tracks, grouping sections into "folders",
Environment graphic objects processor display) the arrange, hyper,
matrix, event and score windows are remarkably similar. New and
improved - or merely a carbon copy? We'll be delving in for a closer
look in a future column - look for it soon!

//// Compo's Musicom 2 Soon To Be Released

The original release of Musicom served to showcase some impressive
DSP-related features of the Falcon 030, but its functions were
somewhat of a departure from the usual GEM interface - features were
accessible through a number of separate radio-button dialog-boxed
screens, and parameters were somewhat limited. The anticipated release
of Musicom 2 will offer even more features, with a whole new facelift
to boot.

There is now a full range of drop-down menus and an on-screen set of
toolbox icons that trigger the main functions. A full range of
sampling frequencies are available using either the Falcon's internal
hardware as a clock source. Alternately you also have the option of
inputting external CD or DAT clocks through the DSP port. Each clock
source offers a different range of sampling frequencies, from the
Falcon's own 49.2kHz to a DAT's 48 kHz and a CD's 44.1kHz.

An improved hard drive management tool has been also added to allow
for smoother execution of digital audio. Additional capabilities
include full sample editing, on-screen signal levels, spectrum
analyzer and a Playlist feature for seeming various sound bites
together. Also include is a powerful Pattern Editor, which allows for
total control over sequencing of samples in any order. Price has not
been set, but is estimated to be around $150. If you purchased the
original Musicom, you'll be able to upgrade to Musicom 2 for somewhere
around $65. Look for it soon.

//// Digitape Released

CGS ComputerBild's Digitape ($699) and Digitape Lite ($229) have been
released in Europe for the Falcon. Digitape offers up to 32 virtual
tracks of digital audio, although only 8 tracks can be played back
simultaneously. The program features the familiar tape transport
window, but uses the rather interesting approach of offering 9 module
"slots" for loading a variety of functions. Along with the expected
Record and Playback modules are a number of DSP effects modules,
including a 10-band graphic EQ, 12 types of reverb, vibrato, flanger,
distortion and a noise gate, as well as a number of Playback modules,
including a Karaoeke module.

Once you have recorded on a track, you convert the record module to a
playback module for checking on the results. This may seem a bit
cumbersome at first, but it reportedly takes no less time than hit a
"play" button, and once you're satisfied with the results, you can
replace them with permanent playback module. Since effects can only be
applied during playback getting eight tracks of digital audio plus
processing more than one track with DSP is not directly possible
without employing a somewhat clumsy method for getting around this
limitation by calling up additional modules. You have to "hide"
existing modules and insert other modules on top of them (huh?) - not
too practical a way to work.

The Edit system includes a sample editor, although the lack of the
usual "cue sheet" playlist capability is glaringly absent. Other
features include an Effects On-Line Rack, which processes incoming
signals in real time, a Tape Label window for labeling track names and
entering notes, and a Frequency Analyzer which can also double as... a
guitar tuner?! Digitape Lite has fewer tracks, less features and no
edit capabilities. Word has it that Codehead Software has been in
negotiation for the rights to distribute Digitape here in the US, but
it looks like the price will either have to come down or the features
will have to be much improved - in addition to fixing some of the more
clumsy functions, how about adding: time stretching, cross fades,
automated mixdown and a playlist! Although this program has great
potential, for now the price does not seem worth the level of

//// Coda 

Well, that's it for this edition. Next time around we'll take a look
at some of the exciting new graphics,animation and graphic rendering
programs for the Atari Falcon, along with all the latest music and
video related news in the world of Atari. Until next time, this is
Pete Donoso & Fadi Hayek reminding you that...

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 |||   Andreas' Den
 |||   By: Andreas Barbiero
/ | \  Delphi: ABARBIERO     GEnie: AEO.2

The STe computer has really been a sellout over the last quarter of
1993! No fantasy here, but in Atari-land UK, the sales of the STe have
not been at their height, but then again ~10,000 units sold is not
ignorable. Software sales have not been bad, either. There are a lot
of budget re-releases out there, and let's face it, most of those game
titles are not worth more than the budget prices that they are going
for. Several compilations are also bigger sellers, usually packing two
or three great games in with several mediocre ones.

To put it in perspective, in past years Atari has sold close to
300,000 computers a year in the UK, which is about 1/10th of the
numbers of STfms sold in the late 80's. In 1993, the sales figures of
a computer based on an 8MHz 68000 breaking 50,000 a year is
astounding. On the modern side, the Falcon seems to be selling less
slowly as specialized Falcon030 applications come along to drive sales
up. Cubase Audio has caused sales of the Falcon up about five time
over the old rate according to some music stores, and does an
admirable job standing up to $3500 setups based on Macs. Now all we
need in an I/O multiplexer for those 8 DMA channels!

//// Power to the PC?

I have seen dozens of statements on the message boards claiming that
once the PowerPC arrives, there is nothing Atari or anyone else can do
but to give up. The PowerPC is a powerful chip, and should cause the
computer industry to move from the monolithic Intel/Microsoft duality
into a same computer/multiple OS market. Bill Gates has repeatedly
stated that he is working to do the opposite, a multiple computers/one
OS world is what he sees. This sounds just as good, but it isn't.
Having Microsoft decide the way my operating system will work, and
hence dictating the way my applications will work, is not what I want
to see. Being able to own a PC, Mac, Atari, or a computer that can run
a combination of applications won't make Mr. Gates much more money,
but will serve the computer user.

//// Mac the Giant killer.

Just because Apple decides to produce PowerPC (PPC) based computers
does not mean that magically you have a box that will be able to run
all Mac, PC, and Windows applications with ultimate speed. The Mac OS
is not known for its streamlined coding, and the problems that occur
with trying to run PC programs on the Atari will still show up on the
PPC Mac. IBM compatible versions of popular games and some
applications will not run directly, as they are looking for PC cards
and may not take kindly to a software implementation of Intel code.
These limitations may not hold for long, but the road to establishing
a MAC based multi-computer, even with a PPC chip, is going to be a
long one.

The ideal thing is for software developers to develop programs that
will run on the PPC natively. WordPerfect has opened the way to
recompiled applications by announcing the shipment of a version which
will run on the PPC Mac without any software interpretation. How
successful this will be is all up to how many people get their
independent pieces together. If you can run Windows in a window,
System 7, and DOS simultaneously then you will have a great system,
and might even be affordable in a few years.

Will Atari be killed by this? I don't think the PowerPC can do more
than everything else to prohibit future Atari hardware, or hurt TOS.
If Atari could come up with a PPC running at 80MHz, with decent DSP
implementation and at least a modicum of Falcon030 and STe compatible
internal hardware, then all the 3rd party guys developing the tools to
ensure that Windows binaries will run on a PPC Mac will be unwittingly
creating same thing for Atari users!

//// Jaguar skinned?

The Jaguar, despite some low ratings for Crescent Galaxy, is gaining
momentum. The ad campaign is back on, and by this time, you should be
seeing Jaguar ads in San Francisco and New York and soon in other
cities in the USA. Alien v. Predator is going to be THE game for the
Jaguar (at least for the near time), and like Dungeon Master sold STs
in 1986, AvP will sell Jaguars to the Sega crowd. Rumors abound with
the sign-up of developers like Domark, LucasArts, and Origin.
Personally, I am confident of these three being for real, and the name
LucasArts is enough to get my blood pumping!

We fought for X-Wing to get ported to the Falcon030, all to no avail,
but there is a chance that now we will see it in all its glory on the
Jaguar. Maybe those endless calls I made rang a bell when the Jaguar
was introduced to them! Maybe not. The Jaguar is not dead, and should
be getting more national attention as supplies continue to arrive in
distributors' warehouses. When dealing with big chains like Toys-R-Us,
Atari does not deliver machines to individual stores, but the chain
itself supplies the individual storefront. Toys-R-Us has only two main
warehouses, one on the East Coast (in NJ, I believe) and one on the
West Coast. Deliveries of the Jaguar will be held here until they
decide to deliver them to the retail shelves. As long as Atari makes
the shipments, any delays in deliveries is due to the store!

//// The Atari Compendium

I meant to give this book its own review, but unfortunately I cannot
give it the space it deserves, for now. If you are a programmer, even
in the most casual way, this book is indispensable. I was personally
looking for a book along the lines of the old DE RE ATARI, and Your
ATARI Computer, which were the two best books back in the 8-bit days.
They talked about every aspect of the computer from using DOS and
formatting floppies to giving you old Atari basic programs. The Atari
Compendium does not do this, BUT it does give a truly complete
description of GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS, hardware for all Atari computers,
AES, VDI, Line-A calls, the desktop, XCONTROL panel, and formal GEM
User Interface guidelines. (Whew!)

You will find a complete listing of all system calls, MiNT, and the
most complete memory map around. I am frankly amazed at the effort
that Scott Sanders put into this book, and if I had the money, I would
send it to every Atari software developer in the book. I would then
have to buy a gun to make them read it! Not because the book is hard
to read, but because as evidenced by most of the commercial software
coming out of the UK and Germany, there is little more being done than
porting of existing code. With a decent reference like this, taking
advantage of the custom Atari hardware and properly utilizing TOS
would result in much better software being produced. Simply stated, if
you program, BUY IT AND READ IT.

The Atari Compendium
SDS Publishing
996 Redondo Ave. #404
Long Beach CA 90804

USA     $49.95 SRP
UK      #39.95
Canada  $69.95

This book can be ordered in the USA from STeve's Software 
(1-800-487-7753) at below SRP!

That is all I have time for, and I should have two NEW reviews for you
by April, God and the Navy allowing!


 |||   The Unabashed Atariophile
 |||   By: Michael R. Burkley
/ | \  Delphi: MRBURKLEY    GEnie: AEO.4

Another two weeks have flashed by! I tried to stay away from modeming
about as much as possible, but I wasn't successful. If you remember, I
said that I was going to spend the last two weeks just sorting through
all my old PD files, organizing them, and describing them. Well, I
tried doing that and all I succeeded in doing was completely filling
up my 1.2 gig hard drive. I had all these archived files lying about
here and there on this partition and that, and so I uncompressed them
all (or rather I tried to uncompress them all - and succeeded about
1/2 way before I ran out of room!). Now what do I do?! Write
descriptions! I am actually to the point where I am having to offload
files to my 44 Meg SyQuest carts to make room to download some more.

Before I make this file too much bigger (I won't have room to save it
- just kidding! - actually I want to go to bed since it's 2 a.m.!)
I'll get on to the files I have described since the last issue. Take

[] 109N_SL is a text file uploaded by Nathan Potechin of DMC
Publishing, the Calamus people (and much more). It is a list of the
enhancements of Calamus SL over Calamus 1.09N. Calamus of whatever
version is a wonderful desktop publishing program. I use it all the
time, and I recommend it to you.

In light of the plug for Calamus I would also like to mention that
Soft Logik, the makers of PageStream, are in the process of deciding
whether or not to upgrade the Atari version of PageStream (currently
at v.2.2b) to PageStream v.3.0. Patti and Andreas Barbaro, of the
nationwide Atari User Group, Atari United!, urges us all, PageStream
users or not, to send Soft Logik a letter urging that they continue
the development of PageStream for the Atari platform. As a PageStream
user I sent my letter off last week. Maybe you could do the same!

[] 4WINS is two games by Christoph Zwerschke for your ST/STE (maybe
other Atari's, too). The first is a simple Othello-type game (in both
.ACC and .PRG versions) and the second is a slider game in which you
try to slide the tiles about until they are in numerical order. The
Othello clone is playable in color or mono while the slider game is
mono only. The program is in German, but that doesn't really matter.

[] BANNERS is a series of 40 different copyright free banners scanned
at 200 dpi by Ben Brackett. The banners, fancy and plain, are well
done and varied. You can use them with any DTP program. Included also
is a TimeWorks Publisher ST file which is an example of an award
certificate. Recommended.

[] BLRMID16 is a set of 82 original midi files created by Bud
Rasmussen, v. 11 (dated February 24, 1994). Created on a 386/40 (!)
using Music Printer Plus, a Sound Blaster Pro card, and a Casio CT-700
keyboard/ synthesizer, these files are briefly described in an
accompanying text file. Tested for Atari compatiblity with CodeHead's
Midi Spy. Almost 20 files added from the previous version. Well done.
I found this on the CodeHead BBS (a lot of other files are there,

[] BULLDOZ is Bulldozer 1.0 by Elmar Meyer zu Bexten (dated 1993).
Bulldozer is an integrated Copier for use with MultiTOS (works with
Geneva as well using my TOS 1.62 STE). This is a seemingly very nice
and full-featured copy program (it has tons of options). Unfortunately
for me the program is all in German. On line helps and a very easy
interface would make this a program which would be easy to learn. It
works in Color, but it is really designed for mono.

[] CHAOS_AD is CHAOS A.D. v2 by  M!ck/DNT Crew (dated Feb. 1, 1994).
This Falcon only demo features 50 images per seconds in every effect,
50 Khz 16 bits stereo soundtrack, about 10 minutes of real
brain-crash, full real-time calculation, and 384x256 or 768x512
overscanned screen in 16,256 or 65536 colors. As with most Falcon
demos, I can't tell you much about it. At least this programmer
included a brief doc. I wish more would do so! Hard drive or floppy.

[] CONNE246 is the Connect v.2.46 demo (dated Feb. 27, 1994). Connect
by Wolfgang Wander is a very full-featured GEM based
telecommunications program for the ATARI ST/STE/TT series, which will
run under (nearly) any resolution. Compatible with TOS, MultiTOS,
Geneva, and probably any TOS enhancement, Connect will allow you to
use all serial and midi ports on your computer - even at the same time
(multiple modems downloading from different services!). It has
well-done emulations of VT52, VT100, VT102/ANSI, VT220 and TEK4014
Terminals. The program has a very powerful internal command shell name
COSHY which will allow you to do all sorts of things automatically.
The program and many of the docs are in English (the rest in German).
Excellent online docs.

I have heard many people rave about this program. I would say that
this program might be difficult for some to learn to use (me
included), but when learned would be powerful indeed. Shareware (a 30
hour limit of use before Connect starts limiting itself). The docs
mention that HSMODM02 (a serial port expander and enhancer - see
below) is included in the archive. Unfortunately, it's not there.
Fortunately, you can find it in many places online.

[] HSMODA02 is the most recent version of HSMODEM by Harun Scheutzow
(English translation on Jan. 1, 1994). This package of utilities
(several different utilities are included for your specific machine)
that is a serial fix/serial port accelerator for all ST(e)/Mega
ST(e)/TT/Falcon machines/MultiTOS/MagX!/Geneva. Put this program in
your AUTO folder and you will find that you no longer have a problem
your serial-port speed limitations on Modem Port 1. The author claims
a reliable speed increase to 38 kbps on an 8-mHz ST and much more on a
Mega STe and TT. ZOOM! The docs are in German, but the author has
included his rough English translation.

[] CURRENTN is four ASCII files that provide some basic information
about "Current Notes," an excellent Atari 8-bit, ST/TT/Falcon computer
magazine. Some basic ads and guidelines for submissions to the
magazine. Do you want to be a published writer? Then read this, work
up an article, and hope!

[] CVDI0194 if a file which contains the 256 color and True Color VDI
drivers for the CyReL SUNRISE M16-1280 True Color High Resolution
Graphics Cards from Cybercube. Version 1.38 Release Jan. 1994. No

[] CVTRAN20 is the CV-Translator - ST Machine Language Translator
v.2.0 by Carlos Varela (dated Jan. 30, 1994). The author of
German-To-English (GER2ENG3) has now produced CV-Translator, the GEM
based update to GER2ENG3 that can now help you to quickly translate
text between different languages. It currently supports English,
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese (minimal
dictionaries included). It appears to be much faster than GER2ENG3,
and while it doesn't make any attempt to translate language concepts
or grammer, it will make a word or word translation of a text file
which will allow you to begin to puzzle out its meaning. ST/STe/Mega
STe/TT/(Falcon?) compatible. SHAREWARE (register and get a 30,000 word
English/German dictionary, plus other available dictionaries). I would
also recommend that you get ALFRED_E, a German/English dictionary by
Mike Valent. That file will also work with this program (as will
dictionaries from the previous versions of his program) Recommended.
Support Shareware authors!

[] DICTDATA started life as a set of supplemental spelling dictionary
files for use with the dbWRITER family of programs by David Becker.
Along the way someone stripped out the dbWriter specific files and
documentation and left just the dictionaries. Included in this archive
are the following dictionaries:

    MEDICAL.DAT      medical dictionary 
    PHARMACY.DAT     pharmaceutical dictionary 
    LEGAL.DAT        legal dictionary 
    BIBLICAL.DAT     biblical words and names 
    COMPUTER.DAT     names, terms and words used in the computing field 
    NAMES.DAT        all sorts of different names, boys and girls
    MATH.DAT         mathematical dictionary 

You can add these to your favorite spelling checker or just use them
as reference works. They are in straight ASCII format so you can read
them or add to them using your favorite word processor.

Since I just mentioned David Becker I thought I would refer to some
more of his excellent work. David has written some excellent freeware
and shareware programs which I recommend to you.

[] DBWRTR18 is dbWRITER v.1.8 by David Becker. This is his excellent
and very full-featured word processing program for your mono ST. It
uses a fast custom graphic user interface that closely resembles GEM.
It will run on any ST (while it works with a .5 meg machine it works
best with one meg of RAM or more). It includes a clipboard that allows
multiple entries! Keyboard and mouse controlled. Imports various
commercial wordprocessing files automatically! This program and its
accompaning dictionary file (DBW_DICT, and DBWACC) and Thesaurus are
well worth getting! It's amazing that something like this is free!  If
you have a mono monitor, I recommend this. Docs included.

[] DBWACC is the dbWRITER Dictionary and Thesaurus Desk Accessory (or
.PRG) v.1.0 by David Becker. This .ACC will allow you to:

 * Search the 40,000 word dbWRITER dictionary from within any GEM 
 * Access the dbWRITER 30,000 word thesaurus from within any GEM
 * Use many different search and seek options including a recursive
 * Scroll through the dictionary page by page. 
 * Print out text from the dictionary or the thesaurus. 
 * Load and use custom supplemental dictionaries. 

It contains a built-in help function and written docs. Mono only, Hard
disk required. Use with version 1.8 of his dbWRITER word processor.

[] DBW_DICT is the dictionary file for dbWRITER v.1.4 by David Becker.
See DBWRITER for more information about this excellent, free,

[] DBWTHESS is the Thesaurus files for use with the dbWRITER dictionary
and Thesaurus .ACC/.PRG (see DBWACC) and dbWRITER v.1.8 and above (see
DBWRTR18) and text processor (version 1.8 of the text processor and
up).  Having a Thesaurus is great (do you know that the word
"Thesaurus" is a Greek word meaning "Treasure"?  Words _are_ a
treasure to use wisely!).

[] ZEST16 is ZeST Desktop Applications v.1.6 by David Becker. This
program is an amazing alternative interface for the ST! It looks like
the NeXT desktop with "sculpted" buttons and more. ZeST16.PRG includes
a paint program, calendar, typewriter and database in a desktop
enviroment, and now, a corner digital clock AND the ability to run
other programs right from the ZeST desktop! Each program is fully
functional, and useful! This guy is amazing. He keeps producing
wonderful, free programs. Also included is the GFA3 source code so you
can expand on this idea yourself! Docs included. MONO Only.

[] ANCIENT is the The Ancient Art of ASCII v.1.0 by David Becker (dated
July 24, 1992). This program will allow you to take any mono DEGAS
picture and convert it into another picture created solely by placing
small and large alphabet characters on the screen (or on paper). This
is ASCII art, which is a "picture translated into text". By placing
small and large characters of the alphabet in spots corresponding to a
pictures light and dark areas, you can trick the eye into still
perceiving the original image, now converted entirely to text! Toss
the Polaroid camera, you can send printed ASCII pictures of the kids
to Grandma! You can also load a custom text file of your choosing to
use (this doesn't work as well for faces, but works fine for geometric
shapes. Docs included. Mono only. This works well! Sample pictures

[] CRISCROS is CrissCross by David Becker. It is a hybrid of Gomuku, Go
and Othello. You play against the computer on a 20x18 grid of 360
squares. You and the ST take turns putting down coloured markers and
trying to get five in a row. When one of you is successful in getting
five diagonally, vertically or horizontally then you will score 1
point and the five markers are removed from the grid. The first player
to get 10 points will win the game. You play black. This is another
experment with the ZeST alternative interface (that gives your ST a
NeXT look). For all STs. Mono only (well, it will run in color, but
it's not as nice). Docs included.

[] ABC is The Alphabet Monkey by David Becker. This is a fun monochrome
learning game in which a monkey asks you to "press a key" (its lips
move as it speaks!). When you press a letter key the monkey speaks
that letter, not using synthesized voice but actual sound samples so
the quality is excellent. SHAREWARE (I've registered). At least one
meg of RAM required.

[] SHASHA is "Mathematics with Shasha" by David Becker (Shasha is his
Siberian Husky dog). This Monochrome learning game will help your kids
practice multiplication (the docs say addition and subtraction too,
but I haven't figured how this happens other than through the cats and
levels - see below). Every time they answer correctly, an animated
Sasha barks and gives them a "cat" (and a live one at that!). If they
give the wrong answer, Sasha whines. Six cats equal one level and
every five levels a new surprise animation and digitized song appear.
There are five surprises and then the winner gets to see Sasha's puppy
(a real puppy and a real scanned photo!) Sasha does not penalize your
child for wrong answers. After three incorrect answers Sasha will let
your child peek at the correct number. Parents can also configure
numbers used in the times tables. SHAREWARE (I've registered). At
least one meg of RAM required.

[] PAI_GOW by David Becker is a computer poker game with a twist. You
are dealt 7 cards from which you must choose a two card and a five
card hand. To win you must beat both of your opponent's hands. Play
against the computer or with a person via modem. Mono only. Docs

[] COYOTE is Coyote Dave's Poker v.1.0 by David Becker. He's done it
again, folks!  He's gone and made a great game. Sit down with this
program and you'll find yourself grabbing a chair, choosing a table in
the saloon and sitting down for some five card draw poker. You'll
have a chance to play against some of the most treacherous, conniving
and smoothest characters north of the Rio Grande! I'm not talking
about two dimensional computer simulations!  These are real folks,
just like your irritating neighbor across the street. So pour yourself
a drink (watch it though!), relax and let's separate the real poker
players from the cattle rustlers!  Mono only. Excellent sound,
excellent poker playing, and all sorts of fun (like when you're
losing, buy the other players some drinks and see what happens!).
Detailed docs included. Online helps. Recommended.

[] ZESTPOKR is ZeST Draw Poker by David Becker. He wrote this fun
little program to show off the ZeST Alternative Desktop (a NeXT
look-a-like).  Deal, draw, bet, check your winnings (we won't talk
about the other possibility - probability?). This game can even turn
into a slot machine! Docs included. Mono only.

[] SEARCHME is Search Me by David Becker. Search Me is a puzzle
generator creates word searches just like the ones in the newspaper!
You can use the dbWRITER dictionary (see this category), the
dictionary included in this file (a very down-sized version of the
dbWriter dictionary), your own custom dictionary, or your own list of
words. You can save and load puzzles to disk, print them out, save
them as DEGAS pictures or play them right on the ST! You will need a
monochrome monitor. Word length can be from 2 to 15 letters with up
to 50 words per puzzle allowed. GEM based, this program is very easy
to use. Docs included. Thanks to D.B. for another great program in a
great series of programs. 123K uncompressed.

    Speaking of searches, David has written a long list of other
    programs, and I recommend that you search them out. Go to just
    about any BBS or online service and you'll find them.

[] DSP32 by Keith Lord is v.3.2 of of Digital Signal Processing
program.  Uploaded on Feb. 22, 1994 this program is a "bug fix" update
of his DSP v.3.0. While no new features have been added, a window
redraw bug in TOS 1.4+ machines has been squashed and color displays
and large sample files are now handled a bit better. The author is
good at making a good program even better! This file only contains the
program itself (no docs or anything). If you want the complete package
you must also download DSP30. See below for a more complete
description of this program.

[] DSP30 is DSP v.3.0 by Keith Lord (dated Dec. 3, 1993). This is a
Digital Signal Processing program which allows you to create High
pass, Low pass, Bandpass and Notch digital filters, and use them to
process your favorite digitized sound samples. The author wrote the
program to try to get rid of that annoying "warp drive rumble" that
seems to be in the background of all Star Trek TNG audio samples. You
can modify your sound samples any way you wish. Although DSP was
written to process audio samples, it's really a general purpose
digital filter program, so you can use it on any digital information.
GEM based (and I like his moose mascot!). This file includes a
built-in sample playback feature that will now work with files stored
in memory rather than just those on disk (David Baggett's Play Program
v.3.0), a graphic filter display, and a beep to let you know when it's
done. The signal processing routines have been recoded in assembly and
are about 4 times faster than in the previous version! You can access
your .ACC in this version. Filter files from previous versions may or
may not be compatible with this version (it depends on the filter).
Color or mono. Docs included. ST/STe/TT compatible.

[] D_ORACLE is Delphi Oracle v.1.30 by Paul Lefebvre (dated Jan.24,
1994). If you have STalker and you use Delphi, then you should have
this BackTalk Script that automates Delphi, and so can save you lots
of time and money. Using this script you can get and send mail
messages, read and reply to Forum conversations, and download
files...all in the background, and all while you are asleep in bed (if
you wish). It is very easy to set up and configure. This version fixes
one bug and makes sending messages even easier! If you have STeno
(another excellent program) this script will take full advantage of
its power. This Shareware program is worth getting (and registering -
I have, and I use it all the time). Requires STalker 3.0x or higher.
ST-Falcon compatible. Detailed docs included. (See G_ORACLE for the
GEnie specific script).

[] EASYD120 is Easydat v.1.20 by Marco Feikert (dated Jan. 1994). This
GEM based shareware database will run on any ST--Falcon and in any res
640*400 or better (ST mono). It runs in either English or German and
has a pile of different features, including import and export and
printing of files. The docs are still in German. NOT Geneva

[] EULER is Euler, The Numerical Laboratory, v.3.04 (compiled May 13,
1993) by Dr. R. Grothmann. This is an amazingly detailed program which
I could certainly have used going through college chemistry classes
(math, too). As an added bonus this archive has an excellent ASCII
text editor program by the same author. It has a PILE of features, is
fast, and is seemingly well written. I would recommend getting this
file just for the editor! But Euler is far more than a text editor.
EULER is a complex GEM based program with the following features:

- Interactive evaluation of numerical expressions with real or complex
  values, vectors and matrices, including use of variables.
- Built in functions that can take vectors as input and are then
  evaluated for each element of the vector or matrix.
- Matrix functions.
- Statistical functions and random numbers.
- 2D- and 3D-plots.
- A built in programming language with parameters and local variables.
- An online help.

These features make EULER an ideal tool for the tasks such as:

- Inspecting and discussing functions of one real or complex variable.
- Viewing surfaces in parameter representation.
- Linear algebra and eigenvalue computation.
- Testing numerical algorithms.
- Solving differential equations numerically.
- Computing polynomials.

A really nice demo function can be accessed and used in demonstrating
the capabilities of the program (and my ignorance of mathematics!).
This version includes "C" source code (twice in the file I
downloaded!). Color or mono. Docs included. ST--TT and Geneva
compatible and requires at least one meg of RAM. Freeware.

[] FTPSCRIP is Ducky's Fabulous Delphi FTP Site Auto-logon Script for
use with STalker 3x. This script has one... and only one purpose, to
make logging onto atari FTP sites through the Delphi Internet gateway
easier. The script knows almost all of the best atari sites... so you
no longer have to memorize the site address or directory structure.
That surly makes navigating around the InterNet even easier! I find it
amazing that Delphi offers everyone complete access to the InterNet,
sending and receiving messages _and_ files for only their standard
$1/hr connect fee (if you've signed up for the Atari Advantage
program). There isn't even a surcharge for 9600 baud access! Well, as
I've said before, if you've not signed up for both GEnie and Delphi
you're missing a lot! (I imagine the same goes for CompuServe, but I
just don't have TIME!).

[] GBELL is GemBell the GEM action audio effect device v.1.0 by Gard
Eggesb\oe Abrahamsen (one of the editors of the Scriba Communis
Responsi disk magazine). GBell (dated Jan. 1994) is a small and
effective program for the STE/TT/Falcon which hooks up to the GEM trap
vector and looks for identifiable system calls, like window_open,
window_close, drag_bar and so on. When a system call has been
identified, an appropriate sample is selected, loaded (if not already
present in memory) and replayed by the soundchip. The sound sample
format supported is 6.25-50.07kHz signed or unsigned 8-bit mono
sample. One limit to this program is that it can only load one sample
into memory each time, so you should use a hard drive unless you want
to wait a lot for each sound to play. Docs included.

[] GEMAR2 is the GEM-Archiver v.2.0 by Steffen Engel (dated October 15,
1993). GEMAR is program which will allow you to use a SCSI Tape backup
system on your ST--TT. Shareware (if you register be sure to send him
German Marks rather than American dollars because his shareware
registration fee is twice as expensive in dollars as Marks). This
version is in English with very useful English helps (though the full
docs are still in German). According to the docs this program is
compatible with a large number of tape drives. Quite adaptable and
capable. GEM based, this program allows you file by file backups or
automatic full disk backups, dual data index for fast _and_ accurate
data recovery, the ability to compress files using an external packer,
and more. Fully working now, but with registration you will get a
version which has even more features (like the ability to backup
non-TOS partitions). This program is MiNT, MultiTOS, MultiGEM, Mag!X,
and Geneva compatible). Color or mono, but the program display is much
more suited to mono work (color is a bit messed up and it doesn't work
with Geneva in color).

[] GRAPHIX1 is two Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) graphics, one being
the silhouette of a saxophone and the other a silhouette of a
clarinet. Illustrator compatible for PageStream previewing or print
out. Very nicely done.

[] GSZRZ228 is the GSZRZ GEM based XYZ modem transfer protocal by
Michael Ziegler. Compatible with the ST--TT this set of programs and
accessories will allow you to use X, Y, or Zmodem to transfer files
(up or downloading allowed) when used with any telecommunications
program that allows external programs to be run. It seems simple to
use, but the docs are all in German. I've not tried this other than to
see that it runs because I use STalker from Gribnif which already has
these functions built in (most modern telecommunications program -
like Flash II - already have these functions built in). Shareware.
Color or mono.

[] HUMANS is the Humans demo for the Falcon. It is a preview of an
upcoming game (variously known as Evolution-Dino Dudes, Dinolympics
or another name or two). Supposedly it is a nice graphics and sound
demo. The demo requires an RGB monitor (or a multisync in RGB mode).
It is Huge, comprised of four large archives totaling nearly 2.6 meg.
I would also apprecate it if you would send me a description!
Requires STZIP24 and a hard drive to extract.

[] IJCTSILU is "I just called to say, I logged you!" v.0.50 by Michael
Hill (dated early 1994). What does IJCTSILU do?  Well it is a TOS
program that once run, will watch result codes coming back from your
Caller ID capable Supra FAX modem. When someone calls it will "speak"
out the phone number of the caller using included sample sounds (the
author speaks!). On neat thing is that you can customize specific
announcements for specific phone numbers called (when your Mom calls
you can sample your voice saying, "It's your Mom calling, hurry up!"
The program logs all calls dates, times, and numbers to a log file. It
will also hang up on private calls or all calls if you set it to (so
you can get some work done phone free). Color or mono. Docs included.
ST--Falcon included.

[] JPEG is the JPEG decoder from Atari. It runs only on Falcon
computers, since it uses the DSP. It's small, and fast. Just put it in
your AUTO folder (before or after MINT.PRG), or just double-click on
it. This archive also includes an .ACC by Brainstorm which is a sample
application using the DSP decoder. This .ACC will allow you to decode
several JPEG pictures at the same time whether under TOS or Multi-TOS.
It will even let you continue to use your favorite application while
the picture(s) is decoded! Three JPEG pictures are included.

[] KEYCLEAR is KeyClear v.1.0 by Carl J. Hafner, "Uncle Carl" (dated
Feb.  23, 1994). KeyClear is an AUTO folder program which will attempt
to clear the keyboard buffer. Why...? Certain programs, at bootup,
require keyboard input. Occasionally the keyboard input from one
program will "stick" in the keyboard buffer and be passed onto the
following program.  The result is that the following program (if it
looks for keyboard input) will initiate options based on "left-over"
information input from a previous program. This program is a winner in
my book! It's found a permanent place in my AUTO folder.

[] LSRBRN14 is LaserBrain the Epson Emulator for the SLM804 (and
SLM605) laser printers (v 1.42 dated Sept. 1992). With this .ACC you
can make your Atari Laser think that it is an Epson dot matrix
printer, and yet still keep all your high quality output. GREAT! From
Atari Germany. Not supported by Atari USA. The .ACC is in German, but
I have included English docs from a previous version. Mono only (to
configure, but you can run it in color). ST-TT compatible (TT
compatibility is the biggest fix of this newest version). Uncompresses
to over 760K so you will need an extended format disk to uncompress

[] MARGA is the Marga Demo for the Falcon030 from Germany. There are no
docs included in this HUGE archive 1.43 meg compressed!. The keywords
in the file description are Graphics and Music. I would expect that
with a file that big you would end up with some excellent Graphics and
Sound (you had better!). Anyone who will give me a better description
will be greatly appreciated!

[] MAUSWIND is Maus-Window v.1.25 by Thomas Binder (dated Feb. 5,
1994).  This .ACC/.PRG will allow you to "top" a window (bring it to
the top of all the other open windows and activate it) simply by
moving your mouse pointer over it. When run under MultiTOS,
Maus-Window allows you to automatically raise the priority of the
process with the topmost window. This very nice feature makes working
with MultiTOS even quicker and easier. This version now allows either
German or English to be used. The program is very configurable,
allowing you to choose just what conditions must be met for a window
to be topped. A "lite" version (only 25% the full size) is included
(with some limitations, obviously!). English and German docs included.

[] MODEST is the demo of MODEST, the Module Organizer v.0.8 by Great
Dane Software (out of Denmark). Modest is a program that will allow
you to organize, categorize, and play a wide variety of differing
formatted MOD files (Noisetracker/Soundtracker (with 15 or 31
instruments), Esion Tracker, Protracker, Packed Protracker. TCB
Tracker, STOS/AMOS Tracker, and maybe four other voice formats [the
docs say "maybe"!]). It will load and examine your MODs and tell you
their title, and filename, size, composers, and compare them to a
previously saved list (to check for duplicates). You can even play
your MOD files from within the program. I do need to mention though,
that while you can load and examine your MOD files in this demo, that
is just about all you can do. It's a demo! When you pay the modest
(pun intended!) shareware fee you will get the whole program. The demo
shows you what the program can do, but still encourages you to
register. Support Shareware authors!  ST/STE--Falcon compatible.

[] MODIC13 is "The Modem Dictionary" v.1.30 by R. Scott Perry (it used
to be called The Telecommunications Dictionary). This version now
defines over 650 words ranging from everyday words like "modem" to
more exotic terms like "LAP-M". This file is filled with clear and
helpful explainations of terms and concepts you hear about every day.
Reading through this file is an eye-opener! I found it interesting!
Check it out! SHAREWARE. Uncompresses to 140K.

[] MONO25 is the Monochrome PUT Maker And File Converter/Merger v.2.5
by Thomas Hopper (dated March 5, 1993). This SHAREWARE program loads
Degas mono images as well as GFA PUT and Screen files, and cuts
portions of them with a GEM rubber box. It will then save the cut
portions of these images in a GFA PUT file. It will also save any of
these imported images to a disk file in either GFA SCREEN or the
uncompressed Degas format. Lastly, it will merge a PUT file from
either the memory or the disk to the image currently in memory. This
comes as a GFA Basic (.BAS) file with the GFABASRO.PRG included. Mono
only. Docs included. I found this on TOAD Hall.

[] MOVIE_14 is the offical release of Movie madness v.1.4 by Christian
D.  Carroll (dated Aug. 19, 1990). This ST BBS (Express?) Doors game
is fully configurable by the SysOp, and friendly to the user. Movie
Madness v1.4 puts you as a big-time movie producer. You are given a
choice of 3 scripts and $15 Million to hire 3 actors/actresses and to
cover production and advertising costs. Your movie is then critiqued
by Hollywood's most prominent movie critics (Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert,
Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine, & USA Today). When the public
votes through attendance, the Academy Awards are all awarded, and the
dollars are all in, you see you see your success - or lack of it! And
now... Lights... Camera... Action! Prepare for MOVIE MADNESS!!

     Another similar BBS game is...

[] PRODUCEM is a Michtron BBS game in which you play a big time movie
producer. MCL source code included, so you can add this online game to
your own Michtron 3.0 BBS.

[] MULTI is Multi-Bricks (Multi-briques) demo version 1.00 by Arnaud &
Julien Lemaitre. This "Break Out" styled game for the Falcon030. The
program is in French, but supposedly is not hard to figure out. I
don't know just what the "Demo" label means as there are no docs other
than an English language file detailing the keyboard and "joypad"
controls. Uncompresses to 790K.

[] NOVELLA is "Movies At Night" v.1.1 by Anthony Watson (dated Dec.3,
1993). I have no idea where the file name NOVELLA came from, because
when the author uploaded this same file he named it MOVIE11. This
Extendo-Save Module For Warp 9 v.3.70 and above will now randomly
select a MOVIE to play at each reboot, or when you reload the module.
Up to 255 MOVIES are supported for random selection. Two movie files
are included (a buzzing bee and a walking man). Excellent animation
right on your screen in the form of a screensaver! This works in ST
Medium or low only. Shareware from Mountain Software (which also
distributes Mountain QWK, the Recipe Box, and numerous other software
packages). The only problem I would see with this file is that the
animation stays in the same place without moving across the screen.
That defeats the purpose of the screensaver! Oh well! Maybe next

[] PAPA_WAS is a Falcon demo from E.K.O Productions (Alexis Naibo) that
is huge! The compressed file is nearly 1.04 megabytes! From Germany,
the title of this demo is "Papa Was a Bladerunner." It won at the 1993
Intermedia Convention. I have NO idea what this is about, but I've
been told it is excellent!  It will only display on a TV/RGB monitor
(no VGA) and in an ST compatible resolution.

[] RGON is a pretty program that doesn't do anything other than look
pretty! By Greg George, this program will cover your screen with
colorful animated polygons. It's not a screensaver because to see it
you need to run it from the desktop. The programmer allows for you to
customize the display by pressing a few keys. Color only (obviously,
since mono isn't all that colorful!). Docs included. ST--STE
compatible (at least), BUT... when run from my STE on exiting it locks
up the machine (not a good idea!).

[] SLARTR13 is Slartris v.1.3, the Tetris clone by Thomas R. Schmidt
(dated July 28, 1993). This .PRG/.ACC, GEM compliant, Multi-TOS and
Geneva friendly game works off of a floppy or hard drive in both color
and mono modes (and exits cleanly, too!). It has a number of different
options, and in scoring it follows the lameboy (oops, GameBoy)
standard of awarding more points when more than one level is cleared
at once. Perhaps the best part of this game is that you can play it
with a partner via MIDI cables! Keyboard or joystick controlled. Docs
in German, but I used CV Translator v.2.0 by Carlos Varela (see above)
and that worked well enough.

[] SPACGLOB is a .TGA image of a globe rendered using Lexicor's Phoenix
2.0. I checked this out using GEM View (oops, I still haven't turned
in my registration!) and it is quite amazing. I would love to see it
on a Falcon. Anyone care to donate one?  The archive also includes a
press release about Phoenix 2.0.

[] SPINSUIT is a huge (1.35 meg compressed!) 16 bit True Color
Animation created using Lexicor's Phoenix 2.0 on a Falcon. You will
need Lexicor's FLIPLAY.PRG and a Falcon, Nova, or Crazy Dots II card
in 16 bit modes (I imagine a Cyrel Graphics card would work, too) to
view this animation. It shows a spinning cube with the cube faces
covered with pictures of swimsuited models. The archive also includes
a press release about Phoenix 2.0.

[] STOSUP26 is the Sept. 1, 1990 update of the STOS Language, Compiler,
and ST Fun School II disk so that they will be compatible with the TOS
1.62 STE's. Use this file to update STOS Language and Compiler to
v.2.6. Since Fun School II was written is STOS Basic v.2.4 you need to
update it as well. Once you update your STOS disks you can upgrade any
programs you write to newer versions of TOS by using STOS Fixer
v.2.7a. This file comes to you by the creators of STOS.

[] SYSINFO is SYSINFO v.1.51 by David Troy of Toad Computers (dated
Jan. 1994). Formerly MODEMTST, this program will check out your modem
for compatibility with STraight FAX! available through Toad Computers.
Now even compatible with more modems than ever before, SysInfo has
moved on to new realms of testing. Now it will inspect and report on
your entire system configuration - everything from your TOS version to
your GDOS version to your AUTO folder, some obscure TSR's and cookies
(in the cookie jar). The program will save the results of all these
texts in an ASCII text file. ST/STE/TT/Falcon/Gemulator compatible
(MultiTOS and Geneva, too). Color or mono. One final point... I forgot
to mention that Toad Computers is another one of those dealers with a
strong online presence. Thanks to them for providing wonderful service
both online and off!

[] TAKETHIS is TakeThis v.1.3 by Daniel Tauschke/Capricorn ISS (dated
1993). This program (either .GTP or .PRG) will act as a universal
shell for all .TTP programs. It allows you to store the commands each
.TTP program uses, select files and destinations using the mouse, and
more. I have to be honest here, I haven't used this and am relying on
the rough translation created by the German to English program by
Carlos Varela. But that's what it seems to say. Actually, the docs how
to install it are much clearer than just what it does! So try it and
see (write a cleared description and send it to me!) It will work on
any TOS version, including Falcon TOS (multi-TOS not yet supported).
For any res. 640x400 or above. Shareware.

[] THRIL_NT is an excellent Mono only game!  Thriller (N.T.) from "Two
Men at Work" ( M. Hintzen und J. Verwohlt) is a joystick or keyboard
controlled game in which you move a rolling ball along grooves that
trail across the screen. Collect all the little hearts and then make
your way to the exit. Simple, right? Wrong! There are these other
little balls that follow you about and try to roll over you (hint:
don't let them do that or you die!). The docs are in German, but you
can figure it out. This is one of those "I'll try it just one more
time" games. It was a lot of fun, and my hands were sore from gripping
the joystick after I was done!  Register this game and you will get a
book which gives you secret access codes allowing you entrance to
levels hidden in this version. Recommended. ST--Falcon with at least 1
meg RAM.

[] WHATIS66 is the WHATIS File Identifier v6.6 by Bill Aycock (dated
Feb. 13, 1994). WHATIS is a simple program that will identify over 160
different types of files (why bother listing them - if you have them,
this program will likely identify them!). It is mouse-driven and is
easy to use; everything is done from a single dialog box. Why use
Whatis?  Let's say you're on your local BBS, and download a file
called SIMPSON.ARC. You fire up your favorite Arc Shell to get the
file, and it says "I don't know how to handle this file!". Whip out
Whatis and take a look, and you find out the file is really an LHarc
archive - the uploader used the wrong extender! Just rename the file
and you're all set.

Another, darker scenario...a virus sneaks into your system and erases
your hard drive's directory. Fortunately, you have a program that can
recover your files - unfortunately, it names all the files FILE0001,
FILE0002, and so on! Spend a little time with Whatis, and you may not
figure out each file's original name, but at least you'll know which
are programs, which are .PI1s, which are Calamus docs... a real help
if you need it. It runs as either a .PRG or .ACC (just rename it) and
will work with any ST, STe, or TT. Do you wonder what in the world
that .??? file is? This program can tell you! Any ST/TT res. Docs

[] WINGLORD is a demo of WingLord by Victor Bruhn (dated 1993). This
game is reminiscent of Joust. Designed with DMA sound in mind, this
game will play on any ST--Falcon, but if played on an ST loses out on
the DMA sound. WingLord has the player in control of a knight mounted
on a flying unicorn. Using the joystick you control the wing flapping
rate and hence the speed and height of the knight. Destroy your
enemies through crashing into them with your lance (just make sure you
hit them from a higher level - don't let them get above you!), or
shooting them with your gun. Watch out because at the higher levels
they shoot back! One or two players with a computer controlled demo
available. Excellent text and online animated documentation. Shareware
(registration allows you to progress past level 19 and some other
perks here and there). Color. This is another one of those "I'll try
it one more time" games.

[] WINSTALL is Winstall v.1.00 (dated Oct. 1993) from WinterTree
Software (the makers of GramSlam, Grammer Expert, and Spelling Sentry
among other fine products). Winstall automatically installs software
packages by copying files from one or more source diskettes onto your
customer's system. Winstall simplifies the installation process and
reduces the chance that your customer will incorrectly install your
software package. Winstall is useful for software developers and
publishers, shareware/PD distributors, and user-group librarians.
SHAREWARE. The only "limitation" is that a shareware plea is
occasionally displayed on screen. Register and you get your company's
name placed there.

[] WORDLIST is an ASCII listing of 2,700 words by Eugene Gorelik
(dated Feb. 24, 1994). You can use this file to teach your spelling
checker a thing or two (or is it, "Ewe Cann Ewes this vial two teach
ewer spelling checker a thin oar too."). Merge this as is into your
spelling dictionary (or since it has a lot of personal and place
names) sort through it and discard words you won't likely need.
Directions on how to merge this file into some common spelling
checkers are included.

That's it for now! I'm ready to fire up my modem and send this file
off. Send me some mail! Until next time.

All of these files can be found on one or more of the following
on-line services: GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The CodeHead
BBS (213-461-2095), and at Toad Hall, now the official BBS of the
Boston Computer Society (617-567-8642) (Michael R. Burkley).
Drop me a line!

Michael lives in Niagara Falls, NY. He is a former Polyurethane
Research Chemist and is presently the pastor of the Niagara
Presbyterian Church.


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    Desktop Publishing RTC is held weekly on Monday nights at 10:00 pm
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    General Atari RTC is held weekly on Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm EST
    in the RTC at page 475;2.

    Help Desks RTC is held weekly on Sunday nights at 9:00 pm EST in the
    RTC at page 475;2.



32053 PRGRTC07.ARC             X MIKE-ALLEN   940223    6784     29  13
      Desc: Programming RTC 17Feb94
31915 PRGRTC06.ARC             X MIKE-ALLEN   940211   16256     43  13
      Desc: Programming RTC 3Feb94
31865 BRODIE18.ARC             X ST.LOU       940205   17152    618  13
      Desc: TT's, Falcons, Jaguars and more...
31796 CD_ROM.ARC               X ST.LOU       940129   12928    321  13
      Desc: Latest Developments for Atari CD ROM


32107 TAF94DV.ZIP              X R.HELSEL     940301    4736      2  14
      Desc: Developer/vendor info for TAF '94
32101 TAF94UGR.TXT             X R.HELSEL     940228    2688     36  14
      Desc: User group info about TAF '94
32069 GLMPR351.LZH             X R.FAULKNER4  940225   48000     78  14
      Desc: GEnieLamp Press Release #3.51
32039 F030MAIL.ASC             X TOAD-SERV.   940221    2048    204  14
      Desc: Falcon's via mail order from Toad
32023 SACE_DIR.TXT             X R.NABITY     940219    1152     30  14
      Desc: SAC Expo info for out-of-towners
32019 GCCHANGE.TXT             X C.FLUEGEL    940219    1152     92  14
      Desc: Please Read! Changes at G.C.
32000 TRANS_PR.ASC             X R.WATSON15   940219    1792     70  14
      Desc: Transcendence BBS Press Release
31992 GLMPR350.LZH             X R.FAULKNER4  940218   28672    120  14
      Desc: GEnieLamp Press Release #3.50
31965 SAC_EXPO.TXT             X R.NABITY     940216    3456     71  14
      Desc: Press release for SAC Expo '94
31919 CROMA_24.TXT             X V.VALENTI    940211    9472    102  14
      Desc: Found more info on CromaStudio 24
31906 SONIC32.TXT              X A.YU         940210    1280    142  14
      Desc: Sonic 32 installation ...Falcon030
31891 MARCEL.TXT               X MARCEL.CA    940208    3200    223  14
      Desc: Marcel WP new version press release
31886 94PRICES.TXT             X A.WATSON6    940207    2688    205  14
      Desc: New Mountain Software Prices!
31879 EDOS_V11.TXT             X R.BURROWS1   940206    2048    189  14
      Desc: Press release for ExtenDOS v1.1
31878 EDOSPERF.TXT             X R.BURROWS1   940206    2560    128  14
      Desc: ExtenDOS: performance measurements
31861 GLMPR348.LZH             X R.FAULKNER4  940204   49792     93  14
      Desc: GEnieLamp Press Release #3.48
31859 NEWDRVRS.ASC             X M.SLAGELL    940204    1664     33  14
      Desc: hope for QMI & EI/O tablet owners
31858 PDIRECT4.ASC             X P-DIRECT     940204    1920    133  14
      Desc: Info for Dealers, UserGroups, more
31852 CN.ZIP                   X P.LEFEBVRE   940203    4608    149  14
      Desc: Current Notes Information
31820 LPSAMP.TXT               X J.P.C.       940131    4096     66  14
      Desc: ASCII file describing LABEL PLATES


31928 FRONTIER.LZH             X E.BAIZ       940212   73344     48  10
      Desc: A very nice demo to Elite II...


31970 MEMWATCH.ZIP             X DMJ          940216   36480    305   2
      Desc: How fragmented is _your_ memory?
32038 MKM_II.ZIP               X CODEHEAD     940221   90112    296   2
      Desc: New shareware from Charles Johnson
31967 ZIP24QWK.ZIP             X PARADIGM     940216    4224    252   2
      Desc: Zap 5 sec startup delay in STZip 2.4
31991 LEDP_230.LZH             X GRMEYER      940218   18688    170   2
      Desc: LED drive access panel v2.30
32047 WINGLORD.LZH             X A.WATSON6    940222  155776    168   8
      Desc: Winglord Game (A great Joust clone)
32075 MEMWTCH1.ZIP             X DMJ          940226   17152    149   2
      Desc: Do you have fragmented memory? v1.1!
32079 BCOLORS.ZIP              X A.FASOLDT    940226    2816    147   2
      Desc: Background Colors CPX from Atari.
31973 CB_III.ARC               X P.BEERY9     940216  114048    135   5
      Desc: Paint Program multitos compat.
32077 VENDORS.ZIP              X J.BRENNER1   940226    8704    128  15
      Desc: A list of Atari related people
31995 MB35_BIN.LZH             X H.LESTER1    940219  117504    128   2
      Desc: MasterBrowse 3.5 by Electric Storm
31929 DESKFX.LZH               X E.BAIZ       940212   20352    127   2
      Desc: Change your desktop around...


31970 MEMWATCH.ZIP             X DMJ          940216   36480    305   2
      Desc: How fragmented is _your_ memory?
32038 MKM_II.ZIP               X CODEHEAD     940221   90112    296   2
      Desc: New shareware from Charles Johnson
31967 ZIP24QWK.ZIP             X PARADIGM     940216    4224    252   2
      Desc: Zap 5 sec startup delay in STZip 2.4
31892 MARCEL22.LZH             X MARCEL.CA    940208  277760    230   6
      Desc: Marcel Word Proc. v2.2--shareware
31787 SHOCKER2.ZIP             X D.DREIBELBIS 940129  480384    214   8
      Desc: great mono shareware game
31991 LEDP_230.LZH             X GRMEYER      940218   18688    170   2
      Desc: LED drive access panel v2.30
32047 WINGLORD.LZH             X A.WATSON6    940222  155776    168   8
      Desc: Winglord Game (A great Joust clone)
31782 GBNCH330.ZIP             X GRMEYER      940129   97024    158   2
      Desc: GEMBench v3.30 benchmark program
32075 MEMWTCH1.ZIP             X DMJ          940226   17152    149   2
      Desc: Do you have fragmented memory? v1.1!
32079 BCOLORS.ZIP              X A.FASOLDT    940226    2816    147   2
      Desc: Background Colors CPX from Atari.


32057 INET94.ARC               X DARLAH       940223   83840     30  48
      Desc: Internet February 22, 1994
32025 INET93.ARC               X DARLAH       940220   15232     36  48
      Desc: Internet Archive Feb 20, 1994
31950 INET92.ARC               X DARLAH       940215   32384     46  48
      Desc: Internet Archive Feb 15, 1994
31943 INET91.ARC               X DARLAH       940214   67072     29  48
      Desc: Internet Feb, 14, 1994
31874 INET90.ARC               X DARLAH       940206   50048     40  48
      Desc: February 6, 1994 Internet
31808 INET89.ARC               X DARLAH       940130   53248     33  48
      Desc: Internet January 30, 1994


 |||   Developing news!
 |||   Items of interest from TOS platform developers and supporters
/ | \  -------------------------------------------------------------------

//// SAC Expo '94            This Coming Weekend       March 12-13, 1994

 /===================== ANNOUNCING ========================\
|                                                           |
|               Presented by STAR User Group                |
|           <Sacramento's Total Atari Resource>             |
|                                                           |
|                    March 12 - 13, 1994                    |
|                10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Saturday)                |
|                 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Sunday)                 |
|                                                           |
|                  at the Towe Ford Museum                  |
|           2200 Front Street - Sacramento CA 95818         |
|             (One mile south of Old Sacramento)            |
|                                                           |
|        Admission: $5/day (includes museum admission)      |
|                   Children under 12 free                  |
|                                                           |
|                                                           |
|       * * * * * *  PLANNED  EXHIBITORS  * * * * * *       |
|                                                           |
|             A & D Software                                |
|             Barefoot Software                             |
|             Branch Always Software                        |
|             BRE Software                                  |
|             Codehead Technologies                         |
|             Compo Software                                |
|             Gribnif Software                              |
|             JV Enterprises                                |
|             Oregon Research Associates                    |
|             ST Informer Magazine                          |
|             STeve's Software                              |
|             STAR User Group (SAC Expo sponsors)           |
|                                                           |
|    Plus several Northern California Atari User Groups:    |
|    DACE - Diablo Atari Computer Enthusiasts               |
|  NC ACE - Northern California Atari Computer Enthusiasts  |
|    RACE - Redding Atari Computer Enthusiasts              |
|    SLCC - San Leandro Computer Club                       |
|     YAC - Yolo Atari Club                                 |
|                                                           |
|    *  DOOR PRIZES!  *  FALCON RAFFLE!  *  SEMINARS  *     |
|            *  DEMONSTRATIONS  *  MUSIC/MIDI  *            |
|         *  EMULATORS  *  SOFTWARE  *  HARDWARE  *         |
|                   *  GAMES ARENA  *                       |
|                                                           |
|    For more information about SAC Expo '94, contact:      |
|                 STAR User Group                           |
|                 P.O. Box 214892                           |
|                 Sacramento, CA  95821-0892                |
|                                                           |

//// Texas Atari Festival                              June 4-5, 1994

Greetings Atari Fans!!

I bring you good news and salutations from south central Texas.
S.A.L.S.A. (ST Atari League of San Antonio) invites you and your
friends to join us at the Texas Atari Festival '94 Computer Show! This
amazing amalgamation of technology and wonder will take place June 4th
and 5th from 10AM to 5PM on the campus of St. Mary's University.

This is a fantastic chance to see the newest software and hardware in
the world of Atari as well a great excuse to come to San Antonio and
take a little weekend vacation!

What can you do?  Well I'm glad you asked! S.A.L.S.A. is targeting the
general public, not just Atari or other computer users. Because of
this we want to show off the multitude of things that can be done with
computers and Atari computers specifically.  That is why we are asking
users and user groups who attend to bring some of their vast knowledge
and experience and share it with us. If there is a program or area of
computing that you have expertise in, we'd love to have you or your
user group do a one-time demonstration. This is the best way to help
others learn what you've learned as well as a great way to draw
someone into our world of Atari. If you'd like to come spread your
knowledge around, please let me know ASAP. We are beginning the
schedule of events and the sooner we hear from you the better.

One other request for help from you. We are working from a small list
of user groups and developers/vendors. If you know of anyone who would
be interested in attending TAF '94 or might like to display their
products/services at the show please pass this information along to
them. We appreciate your support!!

Lest I forget, there are a limited number of rooms available for
lodging on the St. Mary's campus. One night single occupancy is $20.
One night double occupancy is $16 per person. Now these rooms aren't
fancy but they are CHEAP and only a short walk from the show building.
We need to have your reservations AND your money by May 25th. Also
admission will be three dollars and fifty cents at the door but each
ticket will be eligible for one of many door prizes!

If you'd like information about our many tourist attractions just drop
us a line and we'll get you the info pronto. We may not be the biggest
computer show you'll ever go to but we plan on having the most fun!!


R. Scott Helsel, Event Coordinator
13938 Brantley
San Antonio, Texas  78233
GEnie mail - R.Helsel
InterNet mail -

//// It's All Relative CD Audio Player

Category 30,  Topic 9
Message 58        Sun Mar 06, 1994
GREG                         at 02:30 EST

Win FAME, FORTUNE, and a FREE COPY of a CD Audio player for the Falcon....

Looking for a creative name for a CD audio player for the Falcon 030.

The player will also run on the ST/STe/Mega/TT series too.

You can channel sound directly to your stereo or pipe it through the
Falcon's mic in and audio out using DSP modifiers in the process if you
wish. Mix CD audio with DMA sound too.

Had a lot of fun playing with a beta version today. The Cyborg version of
Woodie Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" was quite different to say the
least. I can sing along better with Jefferson Starship when I drop Gracie
Slick down half an octave. Does the White Album by the Beatles really have
secret messages on it?

Running a light musical background behind Photo Show Pro narrations ties
the presentation into a smoother flowing show without the need for
complicated audio edits and merges.

You can even just play a CD in the background while you work.

For all the "I love Photo Show Pro but hate MultiTOS" critics out there,
NO MULTITOS is required, but the player will run under MultiTOS.

Seriously, we don't have a name yet. If your name is selected, we will
give you a free copy of the final version.

In a totally unrelated tribute to DMJ, he managed to do, in 24 hours, more
than a multi-national Fortune 500 company accomplished after two years.
Knowing Damien, he's most likely trying to cut the time down to 18 hours
next time. :->

Post your name here. In the event we go with our own name, first reply on
GEnie, Delphi and CIS each gets a copy of the software. In the case of
duplicate entries, earliest time/date wins. Your mileage may vary.

To shy to post your name in public. Leave me e-mail.

//// Editor: For Internet replies, send EMail to <>

//// Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Additions

Cleveland, OH--February 25, 1994--In an effort to bring professional
support to Atari users at absolutely no cost, the Cleveland Free-Net
Atari SIG has released a new version of its SIG. The main goal of the
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is to offer the most support possible to
Atari users. The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOps feel that this new
version is comparable to that of Atari SIGs on pay systems.

The additions to the Atari SIG include:

o Direct access to Atari related International Usenet newsgroups.

o An enhancement of the already popular "8-Bit Computers Support
  Area" which now includes ALL the issues published of Z*Magazine and
  a new and improved Technical Forum for 8-bit programmers and
  hardware hackers. While other online systems are decreasing support
  for the 8-Bit Atari, the Cleveland Free-Net is increasing its

o A restructured "16/32-Bit Computers Support Area" which now
  includes more information text files than ever before. The support
  area includes a large list of files that can be received from
  popular FTP sites like Over 400 online
  magazines are included online with every issue of Z*Net & ST Report
  from 1989. All issues of Atari Explorer Online are also available.

o An improved "Lynx Support Area" which includes invaluable
  information text files that are maintained by the readers of
  Usenet's These text files include the Lynx
  FAQ, cheats, record high scores, comlynx users list, reviews, and
  more! The support area also includes a unique game card rating
  system where Lynx players vote their opinion of each game.

o A new "Jaguar Support Area" which was created to be the best online
  information source available for Jaguar players. The support area
  includes: news, summaries, reviews, information text files, game
  ratings, press releases and articles, and online publications. Many
  of the Jaguar information text files are also maintained by readers
  of Usenet's

o An "Atari Library" that is truly a library for Atari users. The
  Atari Library includes: many information text files and documents, a
  "Time Capsule" for old, but important information, online
  publications, Usenet newsgroups, CAIN Newsletters, and Atari SIG
  logs. The Atari Library also includes the Atari SIG's "Who's Who in
  the Atari Community" e-mail address directory.

o An area for the construction of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's
  monthly CAIN Newsletter. "CAIN Online Newsroom" is where editors,
  staff, and contributors meet to share information that goes into
  each newsletter. Anyone interested in helping to put together CAIN
  Newsletter should visit CAIN Online Newsroom.

The Cleveland Free-Net Community Computer System is a multi-user
system that supports hundreds of users online simultaneously.
Internet users may access the Cleveland Free-Net at the following
telnet addresses:,,
( or

The Cleveland Free-Net is accessible via modem by the phone number:

If there is a Free-Net in your city, the Cleveland Free-Net is
accessible through the "Teleport" option.

The Cleveland Free-Net is not just a local community computer system.
Atari users from all over the world access the Atari SIG on the
Cleveland Free-Net daily to participate in bulletin board
conversations and to contribute news and information.

Atari conferences are usually held once a month on the IRC (go irc).
If interested in participating in these conferences, check the
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's General Bulletin Board for time and
date information.

If you would like to be a guest speaker at one of these conferences
or have any questions or comments about the Cleveland Free-Net Atari
SIG, please write:

 |||  Shutdown ............................ Power off, EXIT, BYE, Logoff
/ | \ ------------------------------------------------------------------

We welcome feedback from all of our readers; feedback both positive
and negative. Whatever you think of our efforts, we sincerely would
like to know. Our EMail addresses are sprinkled throughout each
issue - with the new Internet gateway into GEnie, you can reach us
through the Internet also. Append "" to any of our
GEnie addresses.

Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
Your Editor
Travis Guy


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