Atari Explorer Online: 7-Nov-93 #0219

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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Atari Explorer Online: 7-Nov-93 #0219
Date: Tue Nov  9 22:59:17 1993

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                              Table of Contents

* From the Editors ............................. Atari - just off Broadway.

* Dateline: Atari! ........................ Bob Brodie and Ron Kovacs live
                                                  from New York in a post-
                                                   news event RTC on GEnie.

* Atari Artist .......................... What it was like at the NY media
                                            bash, plus the regular fare of
                                                      Video and Music news.

* 3DO, and facing Doom for the Jaguar ...... Tim Wilson gets hands-on time
                                               with a 3DO. Will the Jaguar
                                                 meet its Doom? We hope so.

* EdHak Review ............................... Albert Dayes goes over this
                                                   "can-do" ST application.

* The Unabashed Atariophile ................... New PD and Shareware files
                                                 for _your_ Atari computer.

* Dinolympics ........................... Tim Wilson reviews the Lynx game.

* Andreas' Den ........................ Headed home, Andreas speculates on
                                            new CPUs and Time-Warner/Atari.

* GEnie News ........................... New files & happenings on Atari's
                                                  Official Online Resource.

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


 |||  From the Editors ....... Atari Explorer Online: The Next Generation
 |||  Travis Guy
/ | \ GEnie: AEO.MAG   Delphi: AEO_MAG   Internet:

Greetings! Welcome to Atari Explorer Online, your window on events
happening in the World Atari.

Where to begin? Lead with your best, I always say. Paramount has
announced a new television series called, "Star Trek: Voyager" that
should be appearing sometime in 1995 as the backbone to Paramount's
newly announced television network. Star Trek: The Next Generation
will close out its television run at the end of this, its seventh,
season, and the crew of the Enterprise-D will transfer to the silver
screen. The first ST:TNG movie has been slated for release in the
Christmas 1994 season.

So what else is going on?

Atari pulled of a fantastic general introduction for the Jaguar this
past Thursday in the Time-Life Building in New York City. Quite
probably the most anticipated event in recent Atari history, the
Corporation pulled no punches in showing the 300+ assembled guests
just what the new 64-bit Jaguar Multimedia System can do. The
impressions made Thursday night will be long lasting. I think it's
funny - the "Kids," whom many held could do no right, now have the
ears of the industry.

First up in this issue (after I shut up) is the monthly Dateline:
Atari RTC, held just hours after the Thursday media event. Bob Brodie
and his special guest Ron Kovacs (how'd everyone fit into that hotel
room?) spent over two hours answering questions and taking the well
wishes of what many old-timers say was a near-record crowd for a
GEnie STRT Real Time Conference. Congratulations to the GEnie software
engineers also - there was no distracting slowdown in the conference
response time, and no annoying <disconnects> that I saw.

So what was it like Thursday night at the shindig inside the
Hemisphere Club? What are the new Atari TV commercials like? Read
Atari Artist. There's Brian Gockley's firsthand account, plus Pete's
eyewitness account of a real, live Atari TV ad. Pete and Fadi go over
the Video and Music happenings in the last month as well.

Tim Wilson, my Internet Editor sent me EMail late Friday telling me
that the Jaguar will meet its Doom. I mailed back, "No Way! Give me an
article." Tim replied, "Way! Here it is." As he said, the Jaguar does
appear to be facing its Doom, and we here at AEO hope it comes sooner
than later. Read Tim's "I played a 3DO (and lived to tell about the
Jaguar's Doom)" article for the whole story.

Atari COMPUTERS? Oh yeah, we remember them. Albert Dayes has a nice
review of EdHak - that "do it all" text/sector/RAM editor utility, and
Michael Burkley show off dozens of new PD and shareware files in his
Unabashed Atariophile.

We close out with our first Lynx review, Dinolympics, and Andreas'
last column before his return from Navy duty in the Far East.

Atari's stock has taken off to new heights, there's Atari ads on
television again. What? Did someone forget to post a freeze warning
notice for Hell? What else can happen? Well... there's going to be a
little (American) football tussle this Saturday in South Bend,
Indiana. It seems that the "always the bridesmaid, never the bride"
Florida State University Seminoles (maintaining their season-long #1
ranking) will visit the hallowed home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish
(sitting safe and secure at #2) to do battle on the gridiron. "Game of
the Century, 1993 II" we're calling it down here around Tallahassee.

I noticed that one of AEO's virtual neighbors in STReport Online
Magazine this week picked the Fighting Irish to triumph on the 13th.
Hmmm. "Typical," I thought.

In talking with Bob Brodie yesterday afternoon, I asked him, "Bob,
Randy Noak of STR is picking Notre Dame, you know I'm solidly behind
Florida State. Who do you think will win?"

Bob said, "Well, with a week off to prepare, and with the game taking
place under the Golden Dome in South Bend, I'll have to give the nod
to Notre Dame."

Atari's stock has taken off to new heights, there's Atari ads on
television again, Bob Brodie sides with STReport over AEO. Someone
DID forget to post a freeze warning notice for Hell!

That cinches it. Saint Bowden will overcome. FSU by 10. National
Champions in January. See ya!

Join us in two weeks - the Jaguar's on its way!


 |||   Dateline: Atari!
 |||   Captured and Edited by: Lou Rocha
/ | \  Courtesy: GEnie

(C) 1993 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables. May
be reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on
GEnie are *official* information services of Atari Corporation. To sign
up for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon connection
type HHH (RETURN after that). Wait for the U#= prompt.Type XTX99437,GENIE
and press [RETURN]. The system will prompt you for your information.


                       The Jaguar Rollout!
                           Nov. 4, 1993

                        Guest - Bob Brodie
                         Host - Lou Rocha

<[HoST] ST.LOU> This is the night we've been eagerly anticipating ...
the official Jaguar rollout from New York City with a live report on
the news conference held just two hours ago. As usual for our Dateline
Atari RTC's, our special guest is the Director of Communications, Bob
Brodie. Despite a very hectic and exciting day, Bob has chosen to give
GEnie users the first accounts of this evening's news conference.

Elsewhere in the Atari ST RoundTable there is growing excitement about
the Jaguar, the host of new game developers and the unbelievable climb
of Atari stock which hit a high of 12 1/8 today! Before we begin, a
special welcome to all new participants in the Real Time Conference -
and a friendly 'welcome back' to our growing number of regulars. This
evening's conference may get quite busy at my end so please be patient
and I will queue you for your questions and comments as soon as I can.
Now, without further ado, heeeeeeeere's Bob!

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Thanks, Lou. We have a very brief account of
the evening that we'd like to upload at this time, then we'll be happy
to take any and all questions from the audience. I'd like to express
how very excited Ron and I are to be here tonight on Atari's official
online service: GEnie!!! The size of the group here tonight is just
wonderful, and really helps to show the high level of interest in the
Jaguar. With that, here comes our prepared remarks.

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Welcome one and all!! We have just returned
from the jungle!! Atari has just rolled out the 64-bit home
entertainment system to a standing room only audience on the 48th
floor of the Time-Life Building in New York City.

I am joined here tonight with my wife Jerri, Ron Kovacs and John Gagne
of the Z*Net News Service. We are coming to you live from the
Paramount Hotel on 46th St in Manhattan. We invited the cast from Les
Miserables, but they were too busy to attend. :) They're just across
the street.

What we have witnessed tonight is a new era for Atari Corporation. The
introduction and announcement of release of the Jaguar, a 64-Bit home
entertainment machine. On hand at the press conference were Jack
Tramiel, sons Sam, Leonard and Garry, myself, Bill Rehbock, James
Grunke, Augie Ligouri, Terry Valeski, John Skruch, Susan McBride,
Purple Hampton, and many other staff members from Sunnyvale.

Major press agencies such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and local reporters
from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, entertainment and Atari
media were in attendance at the event. Heard from nearly ALL of the
attendees were WOW and shouts of excitement from the presentation
hosted by Sam Tramiel.

Guests were greeted by three male and female jet black leather and
vinyl costumed jaguar cats. Tropical foliage, flowering bamboo, moist
fog, blue and green tinted pin spots and animal cries, deep from
within the heart of the jungle.

Inside the concept changed dramatically, encircling the entire event
were Atari Jaguar and Lynx kiosks accented with blue neon rods, ice
blue pin spots and more tropical foliage. Positioned in two corners of
the room were wire cages with the jaguar-costumed dancers.

Sam gave a presentation, accompanied by video displays of the Jaguar
TV commercial, and sales videos for the retail stores. There was no
expense spared to convey the messages to the attendees that Atari is
serious about marketing the Jaguar. No less than 12 screens positioned
throughout the room carried the video, as well as Jaguar game play. 10
Jaguar kiosks were stationed throughout the room, each showing a
different video game title. John Skruch and other employees were also
prowling the crowd with pre-production EPROM carts in hand, ready to
show the visitors the future of Jaguar gaming.

Atari announced the signing of a number of new developers for the
Jaguar tonight, including Virgin, Interplay, Microprose, UBI Soft,
Gremlins Graphics, Millenium, and Accolade. Accolade will bring Bobsy,
Jack Nicklaus Gold, Al Michaels Announces Hard Ball, Brett Hull
Hockey, and Charles Barkley Basketball to the Jaguar. Atari Games
announced that they will be using the Jaguar as a board for their
arcade games. There will be a few other developers that will be
announced in a press release a little later on, as well as more
details regarding the specific titles that they will be developing for
the Jaguar.

Tonight, it was also brought to my attention that there are reports
circulating stating that we have stopped our computer business. I'm
happy to state that this rumor is 100% FALSE!

<[HoST] ST.LOU> YEA!!!!!

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Atari is not leaving the computer business,
we are still producing the Atari Falcon030. Just a few weeks ago,
James Grunke was here in New York for the Audio Engineering Society
Show, where Cubase Audio for Falcon by Steinberg was released. We feel
that the Falcon is just now starting to see applications tha take
advantage of it's unique capabilities.

With that, we're ready to take any questions about the event tonight,
Lou, or anything else that our users might like to ask either Ron or I

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks Bob... They're lined up and ready. First we
have Dave...

<[Dave] D.SHORR> Congrats on the Jaguar, Bob! I did have a computer
question but as I'm the first person at the mike, I'll change it;):
will I be able to use my Atari SC1224 color monitor with the Jaguar?

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Hi Dave, will be able to use youe
SC1224 or your SC1435 with the Jaguar. In fact, we'll be using the
SC1224 in the store interactive Kiosks that we're designing. It will
require you to have the optional RGB cable to use the SC1224 with the
Jaguar, though. It's a great picture. :) GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Next up we have Scott

<[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Bob, could you give us an idea as to when Jaguars
will be released nationwide? Also, is Atari going to put out a
promotional videotape like the one put out by Panasonic for 3DO? It
was really impressive. GA.

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> The Jaguar will be sold nationally next year.
If you live in an area where the Jaguar is not presently being sold,
but wish to purchase on, you can do so via our customer service
department. I'll pass all of the information on purchasing a Jaguar to
Atari Explorer Online so they can write it up for everyone. We showed
the videos tonight at the launch event, and they were very well
received. One of them is designed to be run as a commercial,
"sandwiched" around another commercial. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK... Grahan Norton is next. GA

<[Graham] G.NORTON> Bob can we expect the Jags in Canada Jan 1? Also
do you have any cheap Atari stock to sell! :) GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> I'm honestly not sure what timeframe we're
looking at for Canada, Graham :) Cheap stock? Not this week!! :) :) GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks Bob.... on to Nevin Shalit.

<[NevMan] NEVIN-S> Thanks. I have two questions. First, is the Jaguar
in production, or were you showing a prototype? Second, on a more
personal note, how did it feel tonight after years of struggling in
the computer market to get the press to pay attention to you, to have
them all there in that room? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Yes, the Jaguar is in production...but we did
show units from the pilot production run that was done first. Re your
second question, it was very nice. Especially nice was to meet so many
of the international press members that I have read about or
corresponded with over the years. I met with Steve Young of CNN today
and spoke with him before and after his filmed interview with Sam.
(Boy does he hate Windows!) Paula Richards of ST Format was also on
hand, and I really enjoyed getting to talk with her.

All in all, a really exciting experience. I know that Ron enjoyed
getting to meet the Tramiels. All of them, including Jack were very
happy to meet one of thier longest, and best known supporters. When
Sam was introduced to Ron, he spent quite a bit of his time letting
Ron know how much he appreciated his many years of service to the
Atari Community. I like him, too. :) Hope that covered it, Nevin. :)

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Whew.... so many people in the queue... new experience
:-) Thanks everyone for being patient. On to Ed Lin

<[Ed] E.LIN1> How do the initial Jaguar games compare to the 3DO in
terms of graphics?

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Ed, I have only seen Crash 'n Burn. It's a
different sort of game than we have done so far. We've provided a
number of screen shots that are available for downloading from the ST
RT library via Atari Explorer Online Magazine. Rather than Ron and I
giving you our opinion, why don't you download the Jaguar pics
yourself and take a look at them? I'm sure that you'll be very
impressed with them. Especially Crescent Galaxy! :) GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Sean Dougherty from Processor Direct, the newest Atari
magazine, is next...

<[Sean@TWP] P-DIRECT> Bob -- To change the topic a little, Atari may
still be producing the Falcon030, but with perhaps only a few thousand
units sold it is obvious something more needs to be done than make
them. <grin> Does Atari have plans to sell the Falcon030 through less
passive means? For instance, with the help of some enthused writers,
the Falcon030 has gained the interest of several special interest
magazines, and it seems this would be the perfect way to "sneak" into
a market, and at very little expense... GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Sean, at this point we have no such plans.
We're always interested in listening to proposals, though. I'd suggest
that you contact Garry Tramiel if you have some suggestions about
selling the Falcon030 via a unique means. :) GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks Sean. Rob Anisko is next

<[Zombie] R.ANISKO> OK (hope the buffer works here...) Bob, with the
Jaguar about to come out, and the Lynx available, is Atari planning on
releasing the same games on both systems - it makes nice cross-over
sales and advertising... (like Nint*ndo w/ the SNES and Gameboy)? GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> It worked! :-)

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Yes and no, Rob. :) There is no question that
there is some terrific opportunities to do EXACTLY what you've
described. However, on the other hand we know that the hand held
market is nowhere as big as the home console market. Plus, the Jaguar
makes possible things that cannot be done on ANY OTHER GAME MACHINE,
including the Lynx. So it's only natural, IMHO, that developers will
look to do something new and exciting to stretch the envelope with the
Jaguar. We do envision there being some titles that will be made
available for the Lynx as well though. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> We still have more than 20 in the queue... on to Dale

<[Dale] D.ELLIS16> Congrats Bob, Ron, John, Jerri. Jerri was Bob
really there or across the street at Les Miserables? ;-) Real
Questions: Have you thought about selling any of the products via TV
Shopping? Any TV shows about the Jag? Like Discovery or FutureWatch?

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Jerri says he was really there...thanks for
checking up on him. Now, on to the "real" questions, we are open to
all of those opportunities, but first want to get back into the
"regular" retail environment. We feel that it is important that
consumers be able to go into a store and actually see, and try out a
Jaguar to fully appreciate it. So we're very excited to be in stores
like Toys 'R Us, The Wiz, Babbages, Electronic Boutique Kaybee
Toys....and others. GA

<[Gary] G.STOLLMAN> Bob, I am interested in programming for Atari as a
developer. In your honest opinion, is this release the "do-it" thing
that will put Atari back in the forefront of computers,and why is it
taking so long for the Falcon to get software??? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Hi Gary. Yes, I think that the Jaguar is
going to be a very big product for Atari. If you hae aspirations about
developing for the Jaguar, I'm sure that Bill Rehbock would like to
talk to you. Re the Falcon...I think there are several reasons that
it's taking so long. #1 - Poor Sales. The economy in California where
we do much of our business, is MISERABLE. And it's true not only for
Atari, but other companies as well. One of the stock analysts that was
at the event tonight told me that Apple is now sitting on a HUGE
inventory of products. He said numbers that frankly, I had a hard time
believing. So, the computer hardware business is just really tough
right now. One of the other reasons it's taking so long is us: we've
reduced our company in size to such a small level that it is really
tough to be able to do everything that we would like to be able to do.
For example, there was some staff at the event tonight from ST
Informer. But I never had a chance to spend more than a few seconds
with them at a time. I hate that, frankly. And think that once we've
added some additional staff we'll be in a better position to do the
things that we need to do to properly support ALL of our products. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks Bob. Please welcome Delroy Blake!

<[delroy Blake] D.BLAKE> I have 3 questions for you. 1) What are the
specs on the Jag? - overseas news travels slow 2) do you intend to
market to the Army-Air Force Excange Stores? - lots of people with
money to spend and 3) What ever happen to UNIX FOR THE TT, GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Good evening Delroy, thank you for attending
our RTC tonight!!! Regarding your questions....WOW! :) I'll give you a
quick run down on the specs, but I'd prefer that you check out the
library here on GEnie in the ST RT for file AEO_SE1.ZIP That file has
full set of press releases including block diagrams of the entire
Jaguar system. The Jaguar is a full 64 bit system that has 5
microprocessors on three chips, including a 64 Bit RISC processor, a
32 Bit RISC processor, and a 68000. The bus is a full 64 bit bus. It
is capable of 32 bit color, with over 16.7 million colors, and 16 bit
stereo CD sound. BTW, I've just been informed by Travis Guy, Editor of
AEO that the correct file name is AEO_SE_J.ZIP :) Thanks, Travis. The
file will also have some Jaguar screen shots in it in GIF format. :)
Re the Army/Air Force stuff....not right away, but maybe next year. At
first we're doing a New York/San Francisco rollout of the Jaguar this
year, then we'll finish our plans for the rest of the US later.
Certainly, we want to find a way to provide the Jauguar to the
Military. Lastly, re TT UNIX, we cancelled the project because we
didn't feel that our version of UNIX was cost effective enough to be
chosen by a broad base of people. We did feel that Atari UNIX could
have been run as a text based UNIX on the Falcon, but we couldn't have
close to being able to support it properly, so we cancelled it. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Bob, there are over 20 in the queue and they are being
extremely patient with me as I try to keep up. :-) Our next speaker is
Chris Oates...

<[Chris] C.OATES2> Two questions: First, when might we see the first
Jaguar TV ads? Second, about how many Jaguars have been manufactued to
date? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Lou, in light of all the people in line, I
think we should restrict everyone after Chris to just one question til
we get through the queue.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> ... or you could just answer ONE question :-)

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Chris, in the areas that the Jaguar is going
to be sold (NY or San Francisco) you'll start to see teaser ads next
week. The "real ads" will start shortly after that. Re how many Jags
have been built, to be honest, I don't know. I'd need to check with
our VP of Manufacturing....he's not here. It's an incredibly small
hotel room. :) GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK... Sir Fransis is next

<[Sir Fransis] K.DRAKE> What do you forsee being the first network use
for the Jaguar (other than ComLynx) GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> I really don't know. :) I haven't had enough
time to think about that yet. For the most part, we've been looking at
the system as a game machine for the home to compete against Sega and
Nintendo, not so much as a network machine. I do know that Sam is very
keenly interested in interactive TV via cable. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Tony Wetmore is next Bob.

<[Tony] WETMORE> Bob and everyone: Bravo! You've all done an
incredible job! I have 2 questions, but they're related... (actually,
I have more) 3) Will I be able to mail-order a Jag from Atari this
month? 4) If not, when will retail stores in NY begin receiving Jags?

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Yes, and the week before Thanksgiving is when
they are due in. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Chris Cassaday....

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> Bob, can you comment about the possible Dallas
distribution point? Will the Jaguar be sold at the Incredible Universe
this fall? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> I've not been told officially that we're
going to be there, but I hear tell that we are, Chris. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Sam Rapp!

<[Sam030] SAM-RAPP> Hi Bob, Ron, (and others...) What are the
possibilities for a modem for the Jag? Is there an RS-232 on the
expansion port? Where is my T-shirt! ;-) GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Sam, Ron Kovacs is wearing your T-Shirt. He
looks great in it. So does John Gagne. We're also going to bring out
baseball caps. Black with a Jaguar logo, sort of like the T-Shirt.
Yes, there is an RS-232 on the expansion port, and we envision using
the DSP connection to be a modem. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks. I am sorry to say that I will have to cut off
any more /raises. There are still 20 in the queue who will be allowed
their questions. Dave Shorr is next

<[Dave] D.SHORR> Has Atari considered offering a cooperative
multitasking environment to its ST customers? Couldn't the
multitasking AES and Desktop contained in the current version of
MultiTOS be loaded without MiNT? GA.

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Dave, I'm just not techincal enough to
discuss that with you. The best solution that I can see now is to use
MultiTOS with Geneva from Gribnif Software. Sorry, GA.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Ron Hall is next, Bob

<[GOT FALCON!] R.HALL49> More than 1 question but only requires small
answers! :) I just yesterday got my base unit Falcon(yea!) when can I
get an official hard drive upgrade kit? Will Atari be able to
challenge CD-32 in Europe since they are producing 20,000 units a week
now? Tantalize me with visions of a Lynx II with the Jaguar chipset!!!
Final Question...Jaguar sales truly to be funneled to Falcon!!!
(hope,hope,hope) LOVE my Falcon BTW...thanx GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Don't know about the HD kit, get a SCSI-II
cable and go external for now. The drives are bigger and cheaper than
the tiny IDEs. We will not challenge CD-32 in Europe...we will defeat
them. Yes. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Kevin Houser...

<[Kevin Houser] PG.MUSIC> Bob, any hope for a Falcon based dev system
for the Jag &/or Lynx? Also, could I get a 'factory' direct Jag when I
go to Charlotte this weekend. <g> I'm interested in doing music
related Jag titles. Does it have a Midi port? <g> Kevin in Atlanta, PG
Music Atari development... BTW, all PG Music stuff (new) is written on
a Falcon030/14/120 <g> Good European sales too. :) ... GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Hi Kevin. Yes, there is a TOS based dev
system for the Jaguar now. I think it is quite logical to assume that
it will be ported to the Falcon. Sorry, IBM is not selling the Jaguar
Factory Direct at all. They build it, warehouse it, and ship it.
That's all. No MIDI port, but wow! It can make terrific music!! GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Charles Smeton of NewSTar Tech....

<[NewSTar Tech] C.S.SMETON> Bob, where (what stores) and when can I
tell my buddy in NYC to buy a Jaguar for me? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> The Wiz, Babbages, Toys 'R Us, Electronic
Boutique, Kaybee Toys, that enough Charles? GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Here comes Travis Guy from Atari Explorer Online...
the best source of Atari news!

<[FSU #1!] AEO.MAG> Thanks Lou! <blush> Evening sirs! It sounds like
everyone had a great time tonight. Bob, I think I can speak for every
Atarian in saying it's good to finally have Atari back on track to the
forefront - where we feel Atari belongs. Can you give us some specific
reactions from some of the crowd at the event? Paul Harvey mentioned
Atari and the Jaguar today in his radio show, and it was very
positive. Go Atari! (And I want a Jaguar cap!) GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Evening, Travis! It's great to see you online
tonight!! Ron sez Hi!! We at Atari are very grateful for the fine job
that you and rest of the very fine staff at Atari Explorer Online do
to support the entire Atari Community. If only all publications would
follow your excellent example of how to do an online mag! (Well, I can
dream, can't I?!?!?!) Today, USA Today ran a very nice article about
Video Games, and featured a full color picture of the Jaguar on the
LIFE Section of the paper. The San Jose Mercury News also ran a
terrific article on the Jaguar. Many of the people that were at the
event tonight were financial writers, or business writers. They to a
large degree, were not exposed to the Jaguar games until tonight for
the very first time. They thought that the games looked and sounded
great, as well as the pricing on the Jaguar for real consumers, rather
than the high prices that 3DO is charging for their player. Overall,
it was a very exciting night. Many people came to see how serious
Atari was about the Jaguar... they came skeptics and left believers!

<[FSU #1!] AEO.MAG> Wonderful!

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Look for a Jaguar cover on an upcoming issue
of Die Hard Game Fan, as well as 8 full color pages of coverage from
Die Hard! GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> I missed John Battey about 5 back so I will let him
into line here. Thanks to Scott for waiting a bit longer (and to
everyone else still in the queue).

<[J.Battey] J.BATTEY1> Was Ziff-Davis there tonight? (What, no coffee
mugs!) GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> I'd have to look at the final attendance list
to be sure. There is a list of people that did RSVP, but not all of
them made it. Not sure about Ziff, sorry. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Scott Corley

<[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1> Bob, why did Atari raise the list price of the
Jaguar by $50? Also do you have any idea of the price that Jaguar
games will sell for? Thanks. GA.

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> To cover the cost of the included game, which
was a bit more than we had expected it to be. The price of the games
will be in the 49-89 range, depending on the title, and the developer.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK.... On to Andy Smith.

<[Andy] L.SMITH70> Bob... First, Congrats!! Second, I heard the
following on the Internet... I heard the Jaguar has a 'startup'
sequence consisting of the Atari Fuji, a digitized roar, and a
rotating cube with a jaguar on each side. True? false? More info? :)
Also glad to hear you got Virgin! GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Andy, TRUE! When the Jaguar is first turned
on, the Red Jaguar logo comes on the screen, there is a digitized
roar, and then a group of letters spelling out ATARI drop down from
the top of the screen. Then there is a cube with digitized pics of a
jaguar that rotates while a quick version of "Have you played Atari
today?" is played. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Let's go on to Rod Martin.... Rod... GA

<[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> Bob, is Atari still earmarking $3 million
for the NY/SF release, and what is the $$$ for 1994 nationwide
release? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Yes. We are earmarking that much for this
year's release and we are finalizing next year's plans now. Part of
the planning is dependent on who our retail partners are. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Bob, we have a newsflash from Gene Windell.... <Gene
is typing like mad>

<[Gene] E.WINDELL> About 10 minutes ago, CNN Headline News described
the Jag's technical features as part of a larger story about new
computer graphics technology. Other than the Fuji logo, no pictures
were shown. I'm sure they will play it again.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks Gene. Rob Anisko just picked up USA Today and
found the story on page 1D. Thanks Rob. On we go....... Mike Lipson

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Gene, who was the CNN correspondent? Was it
Steve Young?

<[Gene] E.WINDELL> Don't know.

<[HoST] ST.LOU> GA Mike

<[Mike Lipson] M.LIPSON> Hi Bob and Lou! Does the Atari/IBM contract
allow IBM to license Jaguar technology for Big Blue's computers and is
IBM interested in having Jaguar expansion boards? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> No, the contract does not allow IBM to use
the Jaguar chipset for any of their products. We are having some
discussions with them about other possible uses for the Jaguar
chipset. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK... Frank Cuccia.

<F.CUCCI> Bob, did you let the cat out of the bag i.e. the BIG
developer that was to surprise all of us? and is the TT030 still alive
? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Which BIG developer??? Accolade, Virgin, or
Interplay? :-)

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Pick one!

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> And yes! (The TT is still alive) GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Tim at AEO is next.

<[Tim@AEO] AEO.8> On an earlier question about the Falcons, I happen
to know that Tecnation and High End will be selling Falcons as used in
Discos as lighting systems, with nifty video effects. anyway my
question: When is the Jaguar to be sold in Europe? (BTW, that product
is called Cyber V)

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Yes they are Tim, thanks for pointing that
out for everyone. We will be selling some units in the holiday season
this year in Europe. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks. Dave Freeland has been waiting a long time

<[David] D.FREELAND> Are there any plans to advertise the Falcon030 at
all? What can you tell us about new Falcon products such as DSP modem,
etc... It seems the Jaguar should allow Atari to push the Falcon more
than it has so far. Go Jaguar!!! GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Dave.... Plans to advertise the Falcon remain
unchanged. We will advertise cooperativly in the markets where we have
an advantage, such as music with partners like Steinberg, thank you!

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Lucky Seven left, Bob and Ron. Harj Nagra....

<[Harj] H.NAGRA1> What games will be available for the Jaguar this
year? (...just saw the Atari Fuji on CNN about 10 minutes ago!!!) You
should let Video Games magazine know that the Jag is truly 64-bit and
not 32-bit as they state in their latest issue. GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Bob is near death! :-) Ron typing

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Hehehehe...

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Hi Harj... Bob has already written a letter
to Video Games and will mail it when he returns to Sunnyvale. Your
right, they certainly made some mistakes! GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Jungle Jim!

<J.THORNHILL> Bob, can you tell us specifically what the Atari vs.
Sega suit is all about concerning the scrolling? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Jim Thornhill, other than the press release,
I have no other information to share with you at this time. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Were you going to list 4 games?

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> CyberMorph, Crescent Galaxy, Raiden and
Dynodudes. We expected Checkerd Flag to be ready but it's late! GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> OK.... James Vogh.

<[James] J.VOGH> How large are the areas (NY and SF) where the Jaguar
will be released. For example, will stores in Connecticut and possibly
Massachusetts also have the Jaguar? GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> James: I believe for the retail chains we are
talking metro NY and the San Fran bay area. Connecticut _MIGHT_ see a
few Jags but I really doubt Mass will except for our current Atari,
dealers. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Sandy from AEO Then Gregg from AEO

<[--Sandy] AEO.9> My 1st RTC. Can you tell us anything about how you
interact with Time Warner

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Sandy.. Welcome to your FIRST RTC here on

<[--Sandy] AEO.9> If not Love you all anyway GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> We have an arrangement with Time-Life to have
access to their vast library of film and sound clips to be used with
Jaguar titles. Other than that, they own about 23% of Atari. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Gregg... from Computer STudio?

<[Gregg] AEO.7> Well, yes as a matter of fact <grin>. I'm impressed, I
wish I could have been up there in NY for the show.... However, while
we're all hoping to see the Jag become THE dominate factor in the game
industry, I'm more Atari computer oriented and have to ask if you've
any idea how long it will be before we can expect to see the Jag's
fantastic graphics and audio made available in a TOS-based Atari
computer and/or on a VME card for the TT/MegaSTe line? Thanks, and
keep up the great work. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Thanks Gregg.

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Gregg, Nice to hear from you. At this point
in time, it's nearly impossible to project when that might happen. For
one thing... some of the developer tools for the Jaguar are still
maturing. Also, doing such an enterprise would require the addition of
even more staff to assure that it could be done properly. Let us get
the Jaguar properly launched, supported, and in the market place and
we'll see that we can do on the computer side. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> But we can sure hope for the future. Right, Gregg? :-)
Next we have Sir Fransis...

<[Sir Fransis] K.DRAKE> How many sounds can the Jag generate
simultaneously (3DO=8)? Where is the ComLynx port? Any CD titles in
development (7th Guest)? Thanks 4 coming! GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> The ComLynx port is incorporated in the
expansion port at the rear of the machine. GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> Final question comes from Tony Wetmore.

<WETMORE> A couple real quickies (I hope): Will the "accessory" cables
and such (S-Video, etc) be available at launch (ie. 2 weeks or so)?
Also, can we expect/hope for any Atari coin-op translations next year?
Such as: Hard/Race Drivin', Steel Talons, etc? And, again - thanks(!!)
for coming online and staying so long!

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Yes, there will be conversions of coin op
games, although not all of them will be Atari Games products. For
instance, Virtual Racing is one of the games that we are looking at as
a model for what will be done with at least one of the racing games
that we're working on. Re the cables, not 100% sure on that, although
they should be along quite soon. :) GA

<[HoST] ST.LOU> A record breaking night for Atari and Dateline Atari!
Record length, record number of questions, record number of attendees.
What can I say? Congratulations to Bob and his guest (and friend) Ron
Kovacs for their service above and beyond. GA

<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE> Lou, THANKS! It has been a really long day
for us here in New York. I'm very grateful to our official online
service, GEnie, and to our friends that staff the Atari RT's for
allowing us to share this very special evening for a Dateline Atari
Conference. While we normally do this on a Friday night, I will be up
in the air, on my way home to California when the conference will
normally be running. Thanks to GEnie for allowing us some slack in
scheduling this time. :) I'm also grateful that my very good friend
Ron Kovacs could be here to share his impressions of the Jaguar launch
event, as well as help with the typing tonight. A rare privilege for
me to hand over the keyboard and just give my answers without having
to type all night long!! :) Thank you all for coming. We had a very
enjoyable evening. And we look forward to our next session of Dateline
Atari with you next month, here on the official Atari online resource:
GEnie. I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the evening, and the
beginning of the holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Good

<[HoST] ST.LOU> You are most welcome, Bob. The pleasure truly is ours.
Folks, look for this transcript in AEO or in library 13 on Saturday
morning. Thanks to everyone for coming and have a safe drive home :-)
<Bob, get to sleep!!>


Watch the Club Door Banner on Page 475 for the upcoming RTC with
Cybercube Research to celebrate their North American release of
InShape - a very power graphics/rendering program. You could win a
free copy of InShape - a 359.00 value!


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The Jaguar stalks the media corridors of New York! Join us at the
video campfire as we regale you with "Tales Of The Jaguar" and fill
you in on the details surrounding Atari's official unveiling of it's
awesome new 64-bit RISC game system that's light-years ahead of the

Despite what seems to be a flurry of activity, everything seems to be
winging its way to us... but not quite here. Sequencer One Plus, and
Breakthrough, two quality products from Europe being distributed here
by Oregon Research should be in our hands in time to do a mini-review
for this column, and E-Magic has some exciting new stuff coming out,
but there again... they're in the mail.

What we do have, in addition to the latest Jaguar news, is an
intresting bit of info on flat screen video technology; news updates
concerning some preliminaries on some other Oregon Research products,
Clarity Falcon and Video Master Falcon; the latest from Wizztronics on
their Falcon rack-mountable cases and the final revised specs on their
video capture unit; word on the latest update and new distributor for
a popular universal librarian program, X-OR; more info on Cubase Audio
for the Falcon. And away we go...

    =                                                           =
   - -           -=-=-=-  [  JAGUAR NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-           - -
    =                                                           =

//// Tails Of The Jaguar:
//// The Awakening

Atari heralded the launching of their Jaguar 64bit RISC gmae system
this past Thursday evening, November 4th, at the Time/Life building on
West 50th Street in the heart of New York City. Over three hundred
people who were in attendence had to followed the trail of cats' paws
that lined the walls on the 44th floor and patiently filed in shifts
into a private elevator awaiting them at trail's end. The cab's panel
of floor numbered buttons had a black and yellow "64bit" sticker
covering one of the selections, a deliberate reference to Atari's
pivotal processing edge in the upcoming next generation games war and
a clear indication of which floor button would take you to the party.

The elevator doors opened on the 48th floor to the Hemisphere Club, a
large room done up in distincitve jungle-related decorations and
subdued lighting. Models in cat costumes and masks slinked, slithered,
curled and stretched both on the floor and around the room. A number
of cages were also set up with dancers who performed their own
seductively undulating floor show as guests milled about the huge
buffet and then wandered over to one of 16 kiosks, each of which had a
Jaguar unit and monitor featuring one of the hot new games developed
especially to show off the Jaguar's amazing capabilities. These were
augmented by a bank of 6 large monitor screens linked together on a
center stage, each showing scenes from individual games. Four big
screen 32" sets were positioned throughout the main room, also synced
and playing scenes from Jaguar games.

//// The Hunters Seek Their Quarry

Among the attendees were a number of buyers from such major and
prestigous retail stores as Toys 'R Us and FAO Schwartz. Major
corporate players such as IBM, Phillips, Motorola and Time/Warner also
had representatives present, and media coverage included People
magazine and New Media, while game publications included The Source
and Game Pro.

The entire Tramiel family, including Jack, Sam, Garry and Leonard and
their wives and children were there, as were Atari's Richard Miller,
Bob Brodie, James Grunke and Bill Rebock. Everyone wore black name
tags with yellow cats eyes higlighting their names in red. Sam Tramiel
addressed the attentive crowd on the dawning of a revoltionary new era
in networked cable computer-based multi-media tele-communications and
of Atari's committment to be at the forefront of a next generation
game explosion, one that would bring a level of graphic-powered
realism to veritable life on million's of TVs across the country and
around the globe.

//// Master Of The Hunt

A number of TV ad spots were shown, including the two 30-second teaser
spots, which are apparently designed to be played before and after a
newtork's choice of some other, unrelated thirty second spot. The
first part starts out with a professor-ish sort of Monty Python-like
character (a Guardian of Public Morality-type) telling viewers to hide
the kids, and stay tuned to hear more about an exciting new games
system unlike anything they've ever seen. There's a screen behind him
which is playing fast clips of different games, and in the second half
you can see more of these (one of them looks like graphics right out
of Babylon 5).

Halfway through his spiel, delivered in somewhat of a semi-mumbling
but understandable manner, an animated jaguar leaps from the screen
behind him, swallows him and the jaguar burps as he props one paw
under his chin and gazes out at the viewer with a very cat-like grin.
This is followed by a black screen with yellow eyes and a claw that
rips down the left side of the screen as the words Jaguar and 64bit
are prominently displayed on the right. The screen then is shredded to
reveal a shot of the actual Jaguar unit and CD ROM player, follwed by
the words "Atari".

Another 60-second spot has a bunch of kids gathered around a TV set,
with the level of conversation on the, "I love this game machine,
it's soooo cool!" level, with computer generated effects of them at
wild angles interspersed with shots of the TV screen and the action
game they're playing. Comparisons with Sega Genesis and Nintendo game
systems are made in the commercial, showing up the superior technology
of the Jaguar to these competing systems. Although no reference is
made in either commercial to that other, so-called "revolutionary" new
32-bit game system, Atari definately takes on 3DO with a vengence in
their press releases and promotional brochures, prominently displaying
detailed comparison charts between the two throughout.

Future commercials are already in the works at Atari - not much in
the area of plotlines has been revealed, but their soundtracks will
feature songs from the likes of Prince and the Scorpions. One new ad
may be dedicated to the theme of "I know what boys want."

//// Those Who Have Heard The Call

The names of a number of new game companies who had signed on as
Jaguar developers were also revelaed. Major players included
Activision, Virgin, Ocean, Interplay. Two Jaguar peripherals were also
announced. These cartridges, named MPEG 1 & 2, would allow CD
full-motion video to be played on the Jaguar system. The MPEG 1 cart
provides users with the added capability to connect their units to
cable phone networks and be able to play games in real time with
friends around the corner, in the next town, or across the world.

Atari expects to release the CD ROM unit somewhere around the first
quarter of '94, and a host of new cartridge and CD ROM games are
expected throughout '94. Attendeees got a look at a number of these,
but the two that seemed to get the most oohs and aahs were Trevor
McFur & The Crescent Galaxy, a Defender-like game whose graphics and
animations used rendered vector drawings to show asteroids flying at
you and big monsters appearing with an in-your-face kind of startling
real effect, and Alien Versus Predator.

AvP features polygonal, algorythmic-driven full motion chase scenes
that have the Alien chasing you as you're looking back and both of you
are moving at amazing speeds down corridors, zigzagging, changing
surfaces and heading down various side branches. From what we can
gather about this game, it's going to be a system seller.

//// And The Night Is Alive With a Thousand Sighs

Kudos are in definately in order to Atari and Cunningham
Communications for pulling off what everyone seemed to think was a
great start on the launching of a very impressive product. Special
thanks to Brian Gockley and to my editor, Travis Guy for some of the
information in this article. Stay tuned to Atari Explorer Online for
continuing Jaguar coverage throught the campaign.

    =                                                           =
   - -          -=-=-=-  [  VIDEO NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-             - -
    =                                                           =

//// Hang, Plug and Play

What's been happening on the video front? Not a hell of a lot. It's
all quiet on the western front, Atari-wise, although there's been some
interesting developements concerning technological advances on flat
High Defination television screens. Those AT&T football field-size
screen will eventually occupy that large empty space in your
den/family room - you know, the one that presently has the oaktag sign
that reads, "reserved for the future when it gets here" - but it's
still more than a few years away. What's bringing on-the-wall,
pictureframe-deep TV to a practically round-the-corner timeframe
(translation - five to seven years down the road)?

Seems like the techniques that originally heralded the birth of
synthetic diamonds have been turned towards meeting the practical
demands that will make flat TV not only feasable, but more
importantly, affordable. An emultion that, in part, contains the same
synthetic diamond elements holds great promise for being able to
display a video picture comparable to broadcast quality.

The big problem so far has been finding another medium which can even
match (surpass comes later) the capabilities of the old familiar
cathode display when the envelope is pushed past the present 10-12"
LCD active matrix display limitation that has become so popular with
the latest color notebooks.

This synthetic diamond-based emultion has the potential to literally
create hundreds (thousands for bigger picture screens) of receptors,
each of which will be able to function the equivalent of the standard
pixel. The fact that considerably more will be able to fit in the
same amount of space is an exciting bonus. The dichotomy of the
present inherent differential limitations fostered by this diamond
medium is expected to ironically end up compensating for some super
high-definition capabilities for these receptors, so that by the time
they reach the naked eye the final result will be fairly close to the
soon-to be released HD technology. (Whew.) Although scientists are
claiming there's still a number of major hurdles to overcome, they've
nevertheless expressed great enthusiasim at persuing further research
into developing the true potential for this sophisticated future
medium. I can just here Tom Selleck now. "Remember when I told you,
'You will.'? Well, I hate to be an I-told-you-so, but...."

//// Now, Even More Impoved!

Latest update from Wizztronics on their video capture board. On-board
RAM has been upped to a whopping 12 megs and the 32K cache has been
increased to 128K. These two improvements will provide an ample buffer
to allow full screen resolution redraw at true 30 frames per second
with no compression required. This also means that any image captured
will appear quite crisp with crystal sharp detail. A feature of the
accompanying software being developed will allow the additional option
of being able to scan and display up to four video image clips
simultaneously on screen and save them as a group at 640 x 480 true
color resolution. There will also be a 50-pin interface expansion bus
for built-in expandability to attach to the VES2000/3000 full video
editing system (target date 2nd quarter of '94).

For the time being, the PC emulation option has been put on hold until
the the video capture board has achieved full commercial release. The
amount of software / hardware R&D is more than the Wizz can handle
right now, what with the capture unit and their Falcon rack-mountable
cases under way towards actual production.

The cases will use approximately 3 to 4 rackspaces in height
(translation - between 4.25" and 6") and have a seperate sleek black
face plate which will attach to the front of the unit, with access to
the disk drive and a display activity light, Seperate keyboards will
be available in the standard Falcon grey or possibly TT-colored cream
(final color to be determined) and Wizztronics will also have matching
Toshiba 1 gig rack-mountable cased drives available as well, all at a
very good price.

The response to this product has been extemely positive. With 99% of
interested customers being Falcon owners however, it's not quite
certain that Mega ST owners (certainly those with Sound Tools units)
or 1040ST/Ste owners will also be able to take advantage of this
conversion kit. The possibility is still open, but may involve an
extra charge due to the specific templating of the case backplate to
accomodate the Falcon's port configuration. Contact Wizztronics, P.O.
Box 122; Port Jeferson, NY 11776; (516) 473-2507 for details.

//// Now Available On Your Computer Movie Screen

Oregon Research has announced the release of VideoMaster Falcon. The
package consists of a powerful video digitizing cartridge, complete
with software which will allow full screen video stills AND quarter
screen video movies with full 16-bit stereo sound!

Video input can be from any composite video source, while sound may be
recorded from any line-level source using the supplied Source-to-
Falcon audio cable. Color stills can be digitized from a video camera
using provided red, green and blue filters, and true color images of
either 320 x200 or 600x400 (in 32,768 colors) can be obtained on a
ST-styled monitor, or 320x240 true color and 640x480 256 color on a
VGA monitor.

Real-time grab rates can be up to 30 frames-per-second in 64 grey
levels, along with a sound track using the Falcon's own internal audio
hardware. Video and audio can be edited seperately, and the video
editor will allow pictures to be imported in to any frame within the
video. Full screen, low resolution 256 color pictures can be imported
to produce full color or mixed palette movies.

A powerful but easy-to-use audio/video sequencer allows up to 24
sections of video to be assigned to keys with a sound track, and also
offers control features such as frame rate, audio looping, also
assignable as status functions along with the start and end of audio
to the keys. Sequences are built up either by recording the sequence
in real-time from the computer keyboard, or in slow time from the
sequencer screen.

A separate sequence player is provided to allow the user to play their
stand-alone movies It's also possible to create auto-boot demos from
floppy disk. As an extra bonus, Highsoft's Truepaint Falcon paint
program and editor is also included.

Oregon Research also has Video Master, which can be used with any
1040ST/STe, MegaST/STe or TT030, and, although not as powerful as the
Falcon030 version, offers a number of similar features. For details
and pricing, contact: Oregon Research Associates; 16200 SW Pacific
Hwy, Suite #162; Tigard, OR 97224. (503) 620-4919. Fax (503) 624-2940.

    =                                                           =
   - -          -=-=-=-  [  MUSIC NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-             - -
    =                                                           =

//// The Ultimate Falcon Digital Audio
//// Production Suite Has Arrived!

Steinberg officially released Cubase Audio for the Falcon at the
recent AES (Audio Engineers Society) show held in New York city this
past Oct 14 to 16. Atari's James Grunke was on hand to field questions
from excited onlookers as Steineberg/Jones rep Ray Williams put the
program through its paces. The program is, in a word, amazing!
Steinberg really pulled out all the stops and apparently had a field
day taking advantage of all the features of Atari's incredible Falcon

On the digital audio end, the program offers 3 types of recording -
direct to hard drive with continous, simultaneous record/playback
capabilities; RAM-based playback of audio which has been fed directly
into RAM exactly like sampling (this expands your number of digital
audio sources for playback); a second sampler-based RAM playback
option with real-time trigger performance playback that allows you to
assign samples to a specific MIDI note.

There are 8 channels of equilization with 3-band EQ and independent
cue control. A reverb auxilary feature gives you send/return
capabilities for each track, with early reflection, time decay, and
cut-off filter assignable to all 8 channels. In addition, there's also
chorus effects with frequency and feedback sweeps. These features
allow for unprecedented control of the Falcon's powerful DSP chip
digital FX features.

A permanent mix-down feature allows you to take all 8 tracks and
condence them down to 2 stereo tracks. Use this to bounce your 8
tracks down to two, writing them to a totally different track for
complete, non-destrucitve mix-down, leaving you with six open tracks
to bounce down to another two tracks, etc. This gives you the
potential for an actual grand total of 20 digital tracks with full
automation for mixdown on all tracks, both digital audio as well as
(256) MIDI tracks!

In addition Cubase Audio offers the ability to stretch and compress an
audio file without changing the pitch of the piece! This is the first
featured release that lets a user take advanatge of the powerful
processing capabilities of the Motorola DSP5601 chip. Processing speed
is considerably faster over the Macintosh equivalent Time Bandit
feature for the Mac's version of Cubase Audio, which requires a sound
accelator card (Digidesign's ProTools, Soundtools II, Audio Media II).
Included tools for this feature of Falcon Cubase Audio allow this
aspect of time processing to be driven by either SMPTE, MIDI tempo or
directly changed by the number of samples!

Last but not least, you can synchronize directly to SMPTE via the use
of Steinberg's stand-alone SMPII SMPTE-to-MIDI interface, which also
has 4 MIDI ins, 4 MIDI outs and a large LED SMPTE display window. This
unit is a big improvement over Steinberg's Cubase-related Midex Plus,
letting you now access the Falcon's internal clock directly through
the Falcon's parallel port. Wow!!! Steinberg / Jones; 17700 Raymer
Street, Suite 1001; Northbridge, CA 91325.  (818) 993-4161.

There's a Falcon hardware modification that Steinberg says Atari also
highly recommends. It involves the removal of a couple of resistors
and capacitors which will: defeat Atari's factory-set bass boost (a
definate improvement to the over-all sound quality), reduce the
speaker amplifier gain, and also reduce the input gain by 6db. This
last improvement reconfigures the Falcon's input level to
industry-standard -10dbv. Although these adjustments will void Atari's
warranty, the results in improved audio response to the average
listener are quite impressive.

//// Powerful Digital Audio Stereo Editing Package

Oregon Research has also announced the soon-to-re-released Clarity
Falcon direct-to-disk digital audio recording package which will
includes a line-level-to-Falcon audio input lead for connection of
external CD players and other sound sources, for true, professional
quality 16-bit recording.

The package consists of both software and hardware. The hardware
portion consists of a unit which plugs into the Falcon's DSP port,
allowing direct access to the DSP 56001 and provides capabilities for
recording at both 44.1 and 48kHz sampling rate. In addition it also
provides additional clock speeds, which allows you to sync to
alternate mediums, such as CDs and DAT.

The software consists of a suite of programs: Memory Based editor,
Hard Disk based editor, MIDIPlay and Drumbeat. Loaded samples/sound
files for Memory and Hard Disk based editors initially appear as icons
in a GEM based editing environment, and clicking on an icon opens a
window to display the sample's waveform. You can perform "free-flow"
editing between multiple sample/sound file windows, and Tools include
cut, copy, paste, insert, delete, overlay, fade in/out, cross fade,
analyze and filter.

The MIDIPlay program provides multi-timbral voice output under the
control of an external MIDI keybaord or sequencer, with capabilties
for mapping up to 128 different samples across a 9-octave keyboard
range.  pitch shift control is automatic, but samples may be further
tuned or transposed as required.

Drumbeat is a sampling sequencing system with full internal or
external MIDI sample control. Whole songs are constructed using
rhythmn patterns to build the structure. Clarity Falcon is set to be
released this the late fourth quarter of '93.

//// New Home & Update For Universal Editor/Librarian

X-Or, the powerful universal editor/librarian developed by the
original programmer of the popular Caged Artist individual synth
editor series, has moved from the stable of impressive ST-related
music programs handled by Dr. T over to Mark Of The Unicorn. X-Or 2 is
being announced as a major upgrade, adding a number of new features in
addition to over 20 new instrument profiles.

The biggest addition is multi-port support for Phantom as well as
Export (with or without Softlink ) and Unitor (needs Softlink).
Anything X-Or now does can be recorded in Notator.

Window displays have been improved and scrolling speed has been
increased, cursor keys can now be used to navigate Bank libraries and
Performance windows. An added windows menu lets you switch between
all open windows, and every menu item across the board now has an
equivalent key command.

A MIDI monitor window, which shows MIDI send/receive info, as well as
the data for the current patch or internal Data Bank. Pop-up sliders
are now used to edit parameters in the Instrument and SetUp windows.
New profiles include the Kurtzwiel K-2000, Roland JV-80/880 and
MKS-50, Emu's Vintage Keys, as well as Mackie OTTO Mix and Sony DPS-D7
and R7 efects processors.

Upgrade is $129.95 plus shipping to registered owners of earlier
versions of the program. Contact: Mark Of The Unicorn 1280
Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138; (617) 576-2760.

Well, that's it for this edition. Next time we'll take a look at the
new E-magic products that are about to be released and have a first
look at Sequencer One Plus and Breakout, European music imports
distributed here by Oregon Research.

Until next time, this is Pete Donoso & Fadi Hayek reminding you

   =                                                                 =
  - -   [ "Today is the Tomorrow you dreamed about Yesterday." ]    - -
   =                                                                 =


 |||   I played a 3DO (and lived to tell of the Jaguar's Doom)
 |||   By: Timothy Wilson
/ | \  Internet:    GEnie: AEO.8

//// 3DO, Competition for the Jaguar?

Ah the much vaunted 3DO is finally here, made by Panasonic, and called
the 'R.E.A.L' Multiplayer. REALly expensive is what I can say first
off. I tried the R.E.A.L. at a local "The Good Guys" store, where it
had a price tag of $699.99. Having known people on the internet that
rushed out to buy one sight unseen, I suppose the high price tag won't
stop everyone. So lets get on to the machine itself.

The pack-in game, Crash & Burn was already in the drive. So, I pressed
the button on the controller (A square, much like the square that you
see to stop VCR's and CD's, is the symbol for the start/stop/restart
key), the game reset, and displayed a interesting animation of CD's
floating through what looks like the rings of Saturn. (Lots of rocks
and debris orbiting a planet.) It turns out, this is the Crystal
Dynamics title sequence. From there you can watch a short demo of
"Total Eclipse" or play Crash &Bburn.

I watched the Total Eclipse demo first. By the look of the demo, yet
another "rails" game. By that I mean that the ship you control flies
forever forward, turning around isn't an option. The demo is just a
animation spooled off the disk, but is still impressive. I watched
the whole thing, and then started Crash & Burn. Crash & Burn starts
with a nuclear blast and a city getting thrashed by the shockwave and
firestorm. There is then a pan across a futuristic complex, that ends
on a race track. Then, there is a shot from behind a driver (the same
as from the CBS This Morning clip), followed by the two cars coming
around the corner, with the leader skidding sideways and exploding.
(with a little help from the pursuing car :) Again, this is the same
clip everyone saw on the CBS This Morning segment.

I then got to choose a driver, each of them is accompanied by a
"rant," in which the driver (a small video clip and voice), explains
his or her philosophy/strength, or whatnot. This was done ok, the
actors must have been amateurs, the accents were poor, but, who cares,
this is a video game, not the Oscars?. I choose the first big n' burly
guy with the big gun. I selected the "rally" mode first, which lets
you try out 1 of 4 tracks (I don't know if more tracks are availible).
I selected the first track. As usual for racing games, you are placed
in the very rear of the starting lineup. Not a bad position, since
your car is equipped with forward mounted guns. Rally mode also gives
you full ammo loads (for weapons that use ammo). Availible were a
light cannon, laser, mines, and a missile launcher.

About now I got aquainted with the controller, its a hybrid of a Sega
controller and a SNES pad, three thumb buttons a "cross" joypad, and
two "shift" buttons workable with your index fingers. To move, you
hold down the "C" button, that's full throttle, and there really
isn't any reason to go any other speed but full speed. The first thing
I noticed was the noise the car engine made sounded horrible. Kinda
like my electric razor, ugh.

I noticed that I was outside of my car, looking down on it and the
road ahead. The car only pivots left and right a few degrees, it does
not appear to be a 3D object. When you take heavy damage, this view
will show smoke and fire spewing out of your car.  I switched to the
"driver" view, the HUD and instruments are availbile here, so I
continued playing from here. As I raced around the track, there was
ice ( maybe water?) for a long strip, more pavement, and then a dirt
section. The road twists and turns convincingly, as well as up hills
and through tunnels. You can see other portions of the track in the
distance, it gives a good sense of "big".

Just to try it, I stopped. I then noticed the nasty pixelation from
the texture mapping. It's hard to see when you are barrelling down the
track - except when climbing a hill, the view points up toward the
sky, and the clouds also exhibit this effect.

I also listened to the music, I don't know if the music changes, but
it was the same tune through the whole track that I played. It lasted
for about 5 minutes before repeating. The music was good, not SNES
tinny crap.

Since the 3DO owners on said to try the game in
tournament mode, I exited the rally and started a tournament. I
started on the first track, (the one I just tried on rally) and there
is now a "track champion". That's one of the other driver/characters
that is the one to beat. I placed second, and still made it to the
next level though.

I really got to playing it then, no longer scrutinizing the graphics.
but trying to see if the gameplay was there under all the flash. In
tourney mode, I started with 30 cannon shots and a laser, my missiles
and mines were empty. After I finished the race, you have the option
of buying new equipment and ammo, provided you have the money.

I decided to pick a car and start blasting. A green triangle moves on
the screen, and turns red when it "locks on" to a target. After about
30 seconds of using the cannon and the laser, the car exploded. But
not skid-left-into-a-barrier-and-fly-apart-in-a-grand-explosion
explosion, but a simple flame burst, and the other car simply "dimmed"
- the colors were darker - and it stopped moving. Since I was still
moving, I rammed into it. The dead car was knocked to the
'side-lines', while I roared(whined is more like it) past.

I didn't even know that I had killed it, (expecting a huge shrapnel
spewing explosion), until the final results for the race were posted.
3 other cars had, somewhat unknowst to me, been killed.

After the race, I got to buy weapons and equipment. Each item had a
little video clip associated with it. Guns fired, new items rotated,
etc. all prerendered and spooled off the CD.

"Eh," was the final verdict for C&B. It might be worth 20-30 bucks,
and it sure didn't make me want to buy a 3DO machine on the spot.

The next thing I tried was the 3DO sampler disk, I was amazed at the
presentation. It was a very well put together demo. There wasn't just
simple text for a menu, there was a 3D room to walk around in. It had
a bare woodfloor with some pictures on the wall, by walking up to the
pictures, they would animate, and I could then preview upcoming
titles. All of the ones I viewed were stills, no running demos or
animations. I didn't have the time to sample all of the areas, so I
went to another part of the demo disk, the "Diversions."

Diversions is a collection of neat things to do. The most impressive
was 5 minutes of "Heart Of Ice", A clip from the Batman animated
series. This had full screen video, and decent audio. Up close, you
can see some of the pixelation, but stand back at a normal viewing
distance, it looks fine. The CD was constantly on during the demo
(natch). Rumor (and Usenet) has it that it used CinePak (which Atari
also has licensed). Also, cartoons are easy to compress, do to there
large areas of static color.

Thats just my first look at it, I spent about and and hour and thirty
minutes playing with it. I hope to have similar time on a Jaguar soon.

Some other tidbits about the 3DO that I've picked up. The box claims
640x480 screen resolution. Well, the 3DO uses special built-in
hardware to interpolate up to that resolution from 320x240... which is
the "true" resolution of the 3DO.

The AT&T unit will be a rebadged Panasonic-built OEM unit with a

Also, even though now the 3DO is seemingly a games machine, I don't
think thats where they want to go with it. The point being, it's a
$700 box, aimed at a CD general use market. The Jaguar, definately a
games machine is $250. They are two different markets, much like a
Ferrari 348ts, and a Nissan 300ZX Turbo. Both can be great fun, go
fast and look good, but are aimed at different markets. They have
different engines, but produce about the same power. Just one is
$100,000 cheaper than the other. :)

Will that stop the mud slinging? Nope. But I tried.

//// Other gaming news

o Jay Wilbur of Id software recently posted to r.g.v.m that Id and
Atari both want to create "Doom" for the Jaguar. Jay notes that
nothing is signed, but it looks like it could happen. The SNES version
of Doom is no longer planned, but the Wolfenstein port is still going.
"Doom," is a succesor to Wolfenstein 3D, and is one of the hottest
titles around. In Doom, you control a space marine with plenty of
weapons, in a struggle for survival as your base is suddenly infested
with strange demonic beings. Computer Gaming World calls them "Satan's
Soul Stewards". Doom features texture mapped walls, floors and
ceilings. Walls are no longer alwasy solid, and not fixed to 90 degree
angles. Neater still is that you are no longer limited to a constant
height. In Doom, you can look out across a wide room from a ledge far
above and see what's below. The current MS-DOS version of Doom will be
networkable, something that could really take off on the Jaguar! Hold
onto your whatever you hold onto - this could get hot.

o The Jaguar controller may look big, but *really* is easy to
hold.  I have one in my grubby mitts right now. My left thumb has
access to Pause, 7, and 4. My right thumb can hit A,B,C, 9, and with a
little stretch, Option and 6. They are not made out of lead, and
aren't heavy at all.

o The green holographic head in Cybermorph is named Skylar.

o To the people wondering about who does what in the Jaguar:

Rob Nicholson ( a Jaguar developer
(Hand Made Software) has this to say about the Jaguar:

"...there is no primary processor in the Jaguar. It's up to *ME* which
I decide to use depending upon the task. Such is the flexibility of the

o A Jaguar commercial was spotted in NY, during Batman:TAS on Friday
the 6th. I hope to see them here in the SF bay as well. I'll keep you
all updated.


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--                                                                       --
-- To sign up for CompuServe service, call (voice call) (800) 848-8199.  --
-- Ask for operator #198. You will be sent a $15.00 value CIS membership --
-- kit for free.                                                         --
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 |||   EdHak v3.02 - The Super Editor from Clear Thinking
 |||   Review by: Albert Dayes
/ | \  CIS: 70007,3615    GEnie: AEO.1

Program author: Craig Harvey

This program/desk accessory called EdHak is an amazing product that
just keeps getting better and better. First and foremost the program
is a standard text and binary file editor, in a movable and resizable
GEM window. Unlike other editors the size of RAM is not a factor when
editing files. A binary or text file may be of any size, and can still
be edited regardless of the amount of RAM available.  The second is
the Hacker layer.  The defintion of a Hacker is, a person who enjoys
learning the details of programming systems and how to stretch their
capabilities, as opposed to most users who prefer to learn only the
minimum necessary. With this lethal combination of EDitor and HAcKer
one has a very powerful tool called EdHak.

//// The Program Layers

Beyond the realm of file editing are other layers to be explored in
one's computer. These layers include RAM, ROM, disk and
telecommunications.  In telecommunications one can use EdHak as the
standard editor with certain telecom programs. These programs include
STALKER 3.x by Gribnif software and Jim Ness's QuickCIS (A Compuserve
navigational program).

//// The Editor

The editor lies within a standard GEM window. In the title and info
lines of the window are the following:

  a) A menu bar (for accessing EdHak options with a mouse).
  b) The name of the file currently being edited.
  c) Current line (row) the cursor is on.
  d) Current column the cursor is on.

For almost every menu option there is a key equivalent. By pressing
the help key, one is given a short list of most of the key equivalents
and what operations they perform.

The editor itself has two basic modes of operation and two modifiers.
The modes include normal and hack mode. The modifiers include
character or hexadecimal. The hack mode is different from the normal
mode because it displays some unprintable characters (e.g., Carriage
Return (CR) and Line Feed (LF)). Another thing that hack mode shows is
the hexadecimal value of the character under the cursor. The modifiers
affect the way the contents of the buffer, are viewed. With the
character modifier each character is displayed as it ASCII or extended
ASCII value. With the hexadecimal modifier, each character is shown as
its hex value (which is defined by two digits which have a value of
0-15 (0-9, A-F). And where the combined value of the two digits is
equal to 255 (decimal) or FF (hex)).

Most operations can be performed by either the mouse or keyboard
including block operations. Most editors can only select complete or
partial lines but EdHak can do better. One can select a rectangular
block anywhere in the buffer. For example, one can just select
everything between lines ten and fifteen, and only include columns two
and three. Special operations can also be performed on the first
column, of a block. One can add a space, quote ( ">", which is useful
for BBS users) or delete, the first column.

Since the file being edited can be of any size, it is easier with this
version of EdHak. In earlier versions an alert box came up everytime
one was accessing the next part of the file. The reason being the
contents of the buffer were cleared to edit the next section. This has
been eliminated and makes it much easier to work with large files.
When I say a file this can also be applied to RAM/ROM and disk sectors
as well.  Also most operations can be reversed by pressing the UNDO

Other special features include:

a) Insert the Current Date (at the current cursor position).
b) Insert Bytes (at the current cursor position).
c) De/Encryption of the file/buffer using a single or multiple password
   keys .
d) Text Macros using the Function keys (now allow for NULL byte).
e) Up to 65,000 columns for large data files.
f) Use of any of the 3 system font sizes in most resolutions.
g) Save/load a block to the clipboard or paste buffer.

//// Search Options

The search (or search and replace) options include text, decimal or
hexadecimal values. Any character in the Atari character set can be
used for text functions. For binary files/data one can use the
hexadecimal or decimal options. When it comes to editing/viewing
RAM/ROM one can use the very same options to search for a string in
memory. Once the string is found that block of memory will be loaded
into the buffer. Or one can type in the memory address and read the
contents into the buffer. The process can be reversed so editing ram
can be written back into memory. This can be dangerous, so be careful
when you use this option. This also applies to physical sectors on the
disk as well. One just opens a file but leaves the file name blank, to
start the process. These sectors are read from the current partition
(logical drive letter (i.e., A,B,C,D...). So sector values are
relative to the drive letter and not an absolute value.

//// Communications

There are several ways to communicate with other programs. One can use
EdHak as an editor for telecommunications programs, as stated earlier.
One can also use the clipboard option, to move data between different
programs. This is true if running under MultiTOS or running EdHak as a
desk accessory. One can also upload the contents of the buffer, to
either the serial or midi ports, with ease.

A very handy feature is called KWIKSEND. This allows one to send a
block through the keyboard buffer. Why is this useful? When using a
program (such as a database, spreadsheet, or word processor) that does
not allow merging of text/data from another file, just call on EdHak.
This also useful for users of on-line services such as GEnie, CIS,
Delphi or any BBS. One can quote previous messages and then use
KWIKSEND to paste the contents, into the current message being

//// Configuration

There are several options that can be changed by the user. These are the
defaults used by the program. Most of these options can be changed at
anytime during the editing session, except for the buffer size.

a) Insert or Overwrite mode
b) Left and Right Margins
c) size of tabs (in number of spaces)
d) date format MM/DD/YY (ie 12/2/1990) or Day Mon Year (ie 22 Oct 1933)
e) automatically word wrap (on or off)
f) default font size
g) automatically load a file upon starting the program
h) save backup automatically (on or off)
i) Auto Indent (on or off) -- useful for source code editing
j) location of the clipboard (complete pathname)
k) Printer Initalization
l) buffer size (default is 10K ... must exit and restart, to take affect)

//// Things to do

EdHak can be used for many different things. I have used it for
editing binary files and examing large database files. Others use it
for note taking, source code editing, editor for a telecommunications
program, data recovery from damaged files, or hard disk partitions,
repair of RTF (Rich Text Files), editing RAM, looking at ROM, etc.
There are so many uses for this Super Editor is quite amazing. And for
$29.95 it is a real bargin.

//// Conclusion And WISH LIST

The program EdHak is very useful and does not have any any bugs that I
discovered. I have been using it since version 2.2 and this version
(3.02), feels rock solid. There have been many revisions since the
program's shareware days and its close to perfect. Well almost I still
have some suggestions.

There are several things on my wish list for EdHak. Including
dissasembly of RAM/ROM/buffer option. Display the byte offset from the
start of the file, multiple GEM windows with cut/copy/paste between
windows. At the back of the manual there is a nice quote "If there's a
feature you want or a bug you've found, please don't sit there
frustrated -- contact Clear Thinking ... "

Craig Harvey (the author of EdHak) is a very easy person to talk to,
so do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions. You can
find contact information at the end of this article.

If one is still not convinced this is a good product they should get a
demo of the product. Then one can try it out for him/herself. Demos
are available on GEnie, Compuserve (CIS), major BBSes and directly
from Clear Thinking. The demo limits the buffer size to 4K, while the
commercial version does not have that limit.

Clear Thinking
2753 Plymouth Rd, Suite 137
Ann Arbor, MI  48105

GEnie e-mail:  c.harvey
GEnie EdHak/Diary support area:  CATegory 2, TOPic 40
CompuServe e-mail: 73047,600
Modem (Clear Thinking BBS):  313-971-6035   3/12/2400
Fax:   313-761-3299  (NOTE: You must write the following voice number on
                      any fax sent to me so I will be notified of it.)
Voice: 313-971-8671  (non-business hours are best)

EdHak $29.95 (desk accessory or program by changing the file extender)

ST/STe/TT/Falcon030 and MultiTOS compatible in all resolutions
NOT Copy Protected


 |||   The Unabashed Atariophile
 |||   By: Michael R. Burkley
/ | \  Delphi: MRBURKLEY    GEnie: AEO.4

Well (a deep subject!), a lot is happening in the world of Atari
lately. The Jaguar has been officially released. It's good to see
people paying serious attention to Atari again. It's been too long a
time. I expect that the Jaguar's success can only help all of Atari in
both the short and the long run. I'm anxious to see a Jaguar myself
(and my son is volunteering all his birthday and Christmas money
towards one), but I'm still looking forward to buying my Falcon030

Another exciting idea on the scene is the Atari United! Nationwide
Usergroup. What an excellent idea; well planned and implemented. I
just received their special Glendale Show edition of their new disk
based magazine. When I first read about it I thought that $16 for a
quarterly disk magazine was too much (I must think I'm living in the
time of five cent candybars!), but after seeing the magazine I've
become convinced of the error of my thoughts! What a deal! It's full
of interesting articles, reviews (including one by some guy called
"The Unabashed Atariophile" - seems to me I've heard of him before!),
and files. Contact Gordie Meyer (BIBLINSKI@DELPHI.COM) or Patti
Barbiero (ABARBIERO@DELPHI.COM) for more information on getting a
subscription. I recommend it to you.

Another thing that has been coming up recently (again and again) is
the price of Atari Corp. stock. I share a wish with many Atarians
recently. I wish that I had bought Atari stock when it was less than a
dollar a share! Just imagine all the money we would have made! To me
the price of Atari's stock is a good metaphor for the entire company.
I remember when people just badmouthed the stock price and bemoaned
the demise of the whole company. No one is saying that now (well, some
might be <grin>).

What does all of the above have to do with PD and Shareware software?
I thought that I would search through my files and pick up some of the
programs geared towards the Stock Market and finances. There are quite
a few of them, but I'll just pick out a few for your review. These
won't be new files, but you can still find them, especially on Delphi
and GEnie (two EXCELLENT online services!).

o STSTOK40 is the STock->Smart v.4.0 demo by Mark Cawthon (the author
of GOGO->ST). STock->Smart is a stock charting program with a
portfolio spread sheet. Up to four chart windows may be displayed at
any time, along with one portfolio window. A terminal program, which
allows easy access to GEnie's FREE daily quotes, and a daily to
historic quote converter program are part of STock->Smart. Chart
high/low/close, closing only, volume, weekly-daily, moving averages,
etc. All daily quotes are converted to the historic format used by
GEnie's QUOTE$ historic database and appended to the previous records
for each stock you choose to track. Download past price history on any
security in the GEnie QUOTE$ download format and instantly see the
chart. Use the line drawing feature to highlight trends and help make
price forecasts. Lines are retained when the chart is resized and may
be saved with a chart for later update! This demo version of
STock->Smart has been rigged to track just five set stocks and only 12
transactions per portfolio, but all other features are 100%
operational. ST/STe/TT compatible (with at least 512 K of RAM). Color
or mono. It seems to be a high quality program. I only wish I had
enough money to buy enough stock to make it useful to me! 297K

o STOCKS is STocks & Bonds v.3.0 is the ALF Engineering version of
Avalon Hill's Stocks & Bonds. For those of you unfamiliar with Stocks
and Bonds, it is a game (NOT a simulation) based on the fast-action
stock market. Play the Stock, Bond and Commodities Markets, buy, sell
and trade. Play by yourself or with multiple players. Color or mono.
Docs included.

o STOCMRKT is a program simulation of the Stock and Bond markets by
Anthony L. Fisher. Make your millions right here as practice for the
real thing! Detailed instructions on how to play and modify the game
are included.

o WALLST by Tony Lovell is a stock trading game that is a lot of fun!
You start with $10,000 and try to make your fortune on the Stock
market. Buy and sell, watch the trends, listen to the conflicting
recommendations of Cautious Charlie and Wild Eyed Willie, receive
dividends and more. You can watch the history of your stocks (and
those not yours) on a ongoing graph. Each game is different. Can you
make yourself a millionaire? Try it and see! Color only.

  Now for some programs that can help you to manage your Non-stock

o BIGBUX14 by Thom Rechak of Krystalware is a new version of a good
financial program. If you need to know how much money you will end up
owing on a loan, or how much you can afford to borrow, this program is
for you. Just about every financial question you might have can be
answered by this program (except where to get the money!) SHAREWARE.
Color or mono. Docs included.

o MICROCHK or MicroCheck ST by Clayton Walnum Copyright 1989 by
Clayton Walnum, the author of the famous 8 bit Microcheck. This
program will do everything that you need done with your checkbook at
home (except arrange to have more money deposited.) A classic program
that has not lost its edge. Sometimes you will find this file with
docs included in it and you can find the docs separately. Shareware.

o MONEYMAK is "How to Make Money With Your Micro" by Steven Howlett
and Alan J. Beards. This program is basically a disk based newsletter
that gives you many practical and encouraging ways to make money using
your ST. Have you ever seen those "Make a Million Dollars in Your
Spare Time Next Week" ads? This isn't one of those "programs." It
tells you right from the start that making money is hard work, and you
don't make a lot right from the start. It gives you hints on how to
use your ST in WordProcessing, Video work, advertising, and many more
ways. I found it very interesting to read. Color only.

    Now on to _some_ (I have about 100 more!) of the files I've
    downloaded this past week or so:

o AEOPJ2 is the October 16, 1993 issue of the AEO Programmer's
Journal. I'm glad to see this second issue of this needed resource.
It's also something to remind me of how much I don't know... and how
much I can still learn! Here's some of what you can find there (I'm
putting in the whole listing because it has something for practically
every programmer - great work guys!):

* Editorial
* Meet the Authors ............. short biographical notes on the authors
* What is in this issue of AEO-PJ
* A note from the IAAD .............. They want to help Atari Developers
* 68K Column ................. Some Assembly Required by Damien M. Jones
* C Column ....................... First steps to learning C programming
* Advanced Computing ..... Carl Barron explores a practical side to Flex
* Hard Core .... Interview with Charles Smeton author of STraight Fax! 2
* Dabbling in PASCAL ......... Kris Gasteiger explains Pascal and Sherry
* Practical DSP .................... Programming the 56001 by BrainStorm
* LIB [ new file(s) ] ................. X11R5 and GNU CD-ROM disc review
* Periodicals ......... The Atari Compendium reviewed by Damien M. Jones
* OBJECT::ATARI ............... Warwick Allison examines C++ and GEM VDI
* In the Trenches ............ Solving "real-world" programming problems
* Language Watch ................... Current versions of developer tools
* Bad Example ........................... Do you really want to do that?
* On the Networks ...................... Interactive programming on-line
* Network Sign-up Information
* User View ............................................. by Ron Whittam
* Brain Stem rotator ..................... A true programming challenge?
* Glossary of Terms
* ATARI DEVELOPER INFORMATION ..... Where to get the official Atari Docs
* Sources of Information ..................... References for this issue
* Post Increment ................... What is coming up in the next issue

o AGTSHELL is the Adventure Game Tookit Shell (AGT-Shell, posted by
the author on Oct. 23, 1993) v.1.0.0 by Dan Panke (the owner of ST
PLUG). The AGT-Shell is actually two programs used in conjunction with
THE ADVENTURE GAME TOOLKIT (by David R. Malmberg and Mark J. Welch).
The original AGT programs are a bit of a pain as they require the
source code and compiled code to be in the same path as the AGT
program files. AGT-Shell corrects this problem. As well, AGT-Shell
allows the user to select the programs to compile or run via the file

o AMPDEMO2 is a demo of the Atari MIDI Processor v.2.1 by Steven
Lashower (dated October 31, 1993). This is said to be a very easy to
use, powerful, step-entry sequencer for use with all ST--Falcon
computers that can be used as a stand-alone step-entry program or in
conjuntion with any sequencer that can load and save standard MIDI
files. This version now includes the including a new multi-colored
karaoke lyric display (neat!).

Actually, this demo is a demomstration of their player routines that
allows you to play (over your MIDI keyboard or synth on channel #1)
the five included music files ("Honky Cat" by Elton John, "Come Sail
Away" by Styx, "Orinoco Flow" by Enya, "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles,
and "The Brady Bunch" by Weird Al). The previous demo AMP_DEMO had
five classical music files included (you can download that, too). This
demo contains online docs that tell you in detail the capabilities of
AMP. I like the care with which this demo has been set up. The
functions are clearly seen and described and easily accessed. ST
medium or high rez only.

o AMS++LIB is the Atari Machine Specific library (AMS) by Warwick
Allison (dated 1992). The AMS library is a collection of C++ classes
and functions that gives access to many features of the Atari
computers sytems that are not normally found in general-purpose C++
libraries. Docs (for people who know what they are doing!) are
included. 382K uncompressed.

o BANNER by Craig Baltzer is a PageStream document file that is a
birthday banner he created for a collegue at his workplace. Drawn on
the Birthday Account and void if "Over the Hill," this is an
interesting banner! Directions for printing it out are included.
PageStream required!

o BISN119B is the Bison parser generator v.1.19b. Bison is a parser
generator in the style of yacc. It should be upwardly compatible with
input files designed for yacc. Only the diffs, executable, and
supplemental files are packaged in this archive. I know this has
something to do with programming but other than that I am completely
in the dark. Does anyone want to clue me in?

o BLRMIDI6 is a set of 45 original midi files created by bud
rasmussen, v. 6 (dated October 12, 1993). Created on a 386/40 (!)
using Music Printer Plus, a Sound Blaster Pro card, and a Casio CT-700
keyboard/ synthesizer, these files are briefly described in an
accompanying text file. Well done. Found on the CodeHead BBS.

o BOOKS is an ASCII file from Purple Mountain Computers that lists
1000's of computer books they have for sale (at 50% or retail price).
Ordering information included.

o BOP_UTIL is the ROBO BOP Utilities v.1 by Frank Vuotto of F10
Software (dated 1993). This file contains two utilities that you can
use to make your Robo Bop program even more useful. The first,
BOP2BIAB is a program that will convert Robo Bop drum files to Band in
a Box .STY files. The second is MIDI2BOP, will convert MIDI files to
Robo Bop patterns. This will work with all versions of Robo Bop from
1.4 and up, including the demo. Docs included.

o CLOCKSET is ClockSet v.2.05 by Todd R. Thedell (dated March 1990 but
just uploaded Nov. 4, 1993). This archive contains two programs that
will allow you to set the internal clock in your ST/STE. One allows
you to do this from the desktop (GEM based) and the other will run
from the AUTO folder and prompt you for a response (with an automatic
continuation if there is no response after 20 seconds). Color or mono.
Docs included.

o COMA_130 is the demo version of Coma v.1.3 by the SOFTB
(dated Oct. 14, 1993). This is a .ACC/.PRG Shareware fax send and
recieve software package from Germany. This is limited in that only
the top 500 lines of any FAX will be sent. Simply by clicking a button
in the program you can switch between English or German versions of
the program. Docs (German) included. Lots of features, but you are
going to have to check them out.

o CONCEPT is an amusing Extend-O-Save module for Warp 9 version 3.8x
(from CodeHead Technologies) by Tom McComb (dated Oct. 17, 1993).
Watch the wriggling sperm chase after the huge eggs! The uploader says
that it's a return to our original concepts (a bit of a pun there!).
But I doubt it because I watched for quite a while and didn't see any
chance meetings along the way! You can put this in the demo mode (for
all of you non-Warp 9 v.3.8x types out there) by re-naming the .EXT to
.PRG. Note: This module will work in my 25 MHz mode (using my T-25).
It works fine at 8MHz.

o CYBERWOM is a .GIF picture of a cyber-woman (one of the characters
in TRON by Disney?). The view is of her head looking up. Most of her
head (except the front of her face) is covered by mirrored metal.

o DALEKEOS by Daniel W. McAndrew is his second Warp 9 Extend-O-Save
module, and was created with Image Swap. This module requires Warp 9
version 3.80 for use as a screen saver, but it also can be run as a
standalone program to see what it's like. This module was created with
Doctor Who fans in mind. This time the Doctor is in serious trouble!
Check out who is chasing him across the blackness of space and time.
Found on the CodeHead BBS.

o DEALERS2 is a text file that lists 38 Atari dealers that Steve
Kiepe of Current Notes magazine has collected. Some I recognize from
magazine ads and online support, others I haven't heard of before.

o DSP_DOTS is a nice demo for your Falcon030 that shows a transparent
spinning globe that is composed of a large number of dots. I assume
from the name that it uses the DSP chip to do the animation. A Falcon
owning friend liked this one. From the CodeHead BBS.

o EKO_DEMO is the Eko Demo for the Falcon030. It is a fairly small,
but decent demo which utilizes the DSP for its visual magic.

o ERRATTA is the Errata Sheet #1 by Scott Sanders, the author of the
new book, "The Atari Compendium" (TAC). Dated Nov. 1, 1993 this Atari
Works (and duplicate ASCII file) list the errors, omissions, and
clarifications to infomation contained within the Compendium. If you
are a programmer you will very likely drool over this book. It is
truely an "everything you wanted to know about the Atari" book in
relation to the operating system and hardware of all Atari TOS

o FMAIL11A is the TripLink File Mail v.1.01a by Jared Addington (dated
Sept. 29, 1993). This program allows for TripLink users to send files
privately from user to user with descriptions attached using various
protocols. File Mail 1.1a is compatible with both the 32 and 64 bit
versions of TripLink BBS. It also updates v.1.1 in several cosmetic
changes and with more efficient internal operation. Shareware. Docs

o FPATCH 2 is an official patch from Atari that fixes two problems in
the Falcon BIOS (TOS 4.00-4.04). The first is the problem that causes
the Sound to not initialize properly and the second is the fix for the
Bconmap() which doesn't work. Run this from your AUTO folder. If you
have FPATCH1 use this instead. It fixes the problems much more
usefully (see the docs).

o GEM++1.8 is the GEM++ : C++ libraries for GEM/AES/VDI v.1.8 by
Warwick Allison. These files require the GNU C++ compiler and Bammi's
GEMLIB patchlevel 30 or better or MiNTLIBS patchlevel 34 or better to
be useful. Docs included.

o GRAMRIAN is Grammarian v.1.0.1 by Dan Panke (the owner of ST Plug,
the sole <legal> commercial distributor of Budgie UK Software in North
America). Grammarian is an easy-to-use (I don't see how it could be
any easier - it's downright simple!) program designed to look at text
files and check for word usage, spelling problems, and some
grammatical rules. Grammarian may not be right in everything it finds
but it does present some good reminders. This version is only
different from the one before in that it will tell you if you try to
install it in a resolution other than ST High or Medium. It also is an
attempt to fix a small bug that sometimes only allows a partial
display of the gramatical comments on a phrase (this still isn't quite
right, but it really isn't a significant problem). Docs included.
ST-TT compatible (at least). (Uploaded by the author on Nov. 3, 1993.)

o G_ORACLE is GEnie Oracle v.1.02 by Paul Lefebvre (dated Oct. 20,
1993). If you have STalker and you use GEnie, then you should have
this BackTalk Script that automates GEnie. If you have a Falcon030 be
sure to get this version as it is fully Falcon030 compatible (Aladdin
isn't). Using this script you can get and send GEMail, messages,
read and reply to BBS conversations, and download files... all in the
background, and all while you are asleep in bed (if you wish). If you
have STeno (another excellent program) this script will take full
advantage of STeno's power.

It is very easy to set up and configure.  This Shareware program is
worth getting (and registering - the very first time I used it I
decided to register it! I did so and received the registered version
in the mail in just a few days, along with a nice letter. The
registered version has even MORE features). Oracle requires STalker
3.0x or higher (and since STalker works on a Falcon this should as
well). Detailed docs included. Oracle is fully compatible with Geneva
(I think Geneva from Gribnif software is fantastic!) and MultiTOS in
their multitasking environments. See Oracle for the Delphi version of
this wonderful Script.

o HEADCODE by Tom McComb (dated October 21, 1993) is the HeadCode
Extend-O-Save module (.EXT created using IMG_SWAP) for Warp 9 v3.80.
It shows an animated (turning side to side and with glittering eyes)
CodeHead Technologies logo (many of them) traveling down the screen.
An occasional "Warp 9 from CodeHead" is shown as well. He presents it
with apologies to the CodeHeads! Run as a demo by renaming the .EXT to

o HPDJ_PNT is two printer drivers adapted from those included with
DynaCADD so that they now will allow the HP DeskJet printer to print
out in US Legal size. One driver is for 150 dpi while the other is 300

o INFOCOM is really three files found on Delphi. Together they make up
the complete (source code, programs, and game file) Infocom PD Game
Interpreter. Infocom has created some wonderfully detailed text
adventures. Some have been ported for the ST, but mostly they have
been for other systems. But now with this interpreter all you need it
the STORY.DAT file from any Infocom game disk and you can play that
game to your hearts content (or frustration as the case may be!).
There are some inexpensive collections of Infocom games out there now
(remember, you can read those IBM disks!).

o INV_PAIN is a two game set from Sinister Developments. The first
game is Space Invaders and the second is Painter. Both of them are
the "I'll try it _one_ more time" variety games. Space Invaders is a
faithful copy of the original (and it's difficult to blast those
little beasties before they land!). Keyboard controlled. The
download description file says that you need a 50/60KHz toggle program
for North American machines, but it works fine on my STE without one
(though I did need one to set the screen back to 60KHz when I quit
unless I rebooted). Painter is a game where you need to maneuver your
player to completely traverse a grid ("simple" at first, but of
increasing difficulty with each higher level). As you move about each
block you "paint" it. There is a little nasty that keeps chasing you
though, and you DON'T want to let it catch you. You run through the
grid, using the keyboard (keys selected at your preference). One
saving item is that you can drop bombs to block the nasty's movement
and hopefully even trap it away from you. Both games are color only.
Any ST-STE. Not TT compatible (and accelerated ST/E's must be in 8MHz
modes. Docs included. Recommended SHAREWARE.

o JAWS_II is an excellent Extend-O-Save module for Warp 9 version 3.8x
(from CodeHead Technologies) by Mick Poche'. Watch the chomping
sharks swim across the screen after some tiny little fish. I watched
for quite a while and didn't see any shark get a meal. Too bad for
the sharks but very nice for the fish! You can put this in the demo
mode (for all of you non-Warp 9 v.3.8x types out there) by renaming
the .EXT to .PRG.

o LASEDZOM is DES LASERS ET DES HOMMES (Lasers and Men) by Christophe
Mallard and Arnaud Linz, two wacky Frenchmen. This self-extracting
file is a pre-preview beta release of a shareware game for the Falcon
which models itself after Castle Wolfenstein 3-D, a game available on
the DOS compatible platform. The object of the game is to shoot as
many enemies (men) with your weapon (laser) as possible before you are
eliminated. Although it doesn't sound too exciting so far, the main
feature of this game is its graphical representation.

The game features excellent 3-D simulation in true color mode and is
extremely fast. The object graphics included with the demo itself
aren't particularly impressive and there are no sound effects thus
far, but the author makes sure to note this is a very early version of
the game and future versions will include: Better graphics, nice music
and sound effects, multiple levels, improved presentation, DSP
utilitization, level editors, and networkability. Needless to say, of
the few (almost none) shareware Falcon games released so far, this
beta release is the most impressive display of the Falcon's power and
is also the best game. With the improvements the author mentions, the
resultant product should be even more impressive, so please download
it and let the author know you are interested! This game requires a
Falcon030 in VGA or RGB mode and works even under MultiTOS! 2 meg

    (My thanks go out to Jay T. Millar on Delphi for the above
    excellent review.  Since I don't have a Falcon he wrote the
    review for us all!)

o LCKYLT_C is Lucky LOTTO Numbers v.4.1 by Barney Poston (dated Oct.
10, 1993). This program will allow you to record and analyze lottery
data for just about any state (Texas State Lottery info included) or
regional lottery (ranges of 1 to 9 winning numbers out of a
possibility of 15 to 60 numbers), and then print out numbers for you
to "play" (on all sorts of printers). I'm amazed that there is a
market for a program such as this. Analyzing random numbers to predict
a future random number is a waste of time. I would welcome anyone to
show me differently. If a lottery isn't random, it's fixed, and you
certainly won't know about it! As the author's say, "Don't forget the
quote from Forbes magazine 'Your chances of winning the lottery are
the same whether you play or not!'" Now Color or Mono (though the
author recommends that if you want mono get v.3.2 - LCKYLT32 in many
databases). Mark Matts' GUI-4-GFA Construction Kit was used to create
the source code for the excellent interface screens. Detailed docs
included. ST--Falcon compatible. In any case, it's a well written,
easily interfaced program.

o LINES32K is a demo program that will draw lines to the Falcon030 32K
Truecolor mode. Includes Pure "C" source code. Line draw routines
writes directly to video ram. Author unknown.

o MDIAL10E is MultiDialog (GEM-Dialogs in Windows), the English
version, by Helmut Neukirchen (dated April 4, 1993). MultiDialog is an
AUTO folder, .ACC, or standard program that puts nearly any
GEM-dialogbox into a GEM-Window. The result is that you can access the
menu-bar or other applications while a dialog is running. This means
that you can leave MultiDesk, Maxifile, or hundreds of other dialog
based programs and accessories in their own windows and continue to
access other files! This is especially VERY useful for multitasking
TOS-releases (such as Multi-TOS and Geneva) in that it allows some
non-MultiTOS compatible programs to work in a multitasking
environment! It allows you to configure the program for maximum
compatiblity with your system. Though MultiDialog was designed to work
with Atari's MultiTOS it runs with all other TOS versions, too (i.e.,
TOS 1.0 - 4.xx and multitasking enhancements like Geneva, MultiGEM or
Magix. This version now comes with both English and German versions
and with English and German docs. Color or mono. I recommend this to

o MDRW110 is MyDraw v.1.1v3 by Helmut Neumann (dated October 2, 1993).
MYDRAW is a Drawing program for the Atari and closes the Gap between
the pixel-oriented programs and the unhandy and expensive
CAD-Programs. Using GDOS or SpeedoGDOS, MyDraw allows you to create
and modify GEM metafiles (vector graphics like the kind produced by
Easy Draw).  It allows you to create and save objects, rotate them,
insert text, draw freehand or with a multitude of tools, and many
other functions (wow things like Bezier polylines and polygons. I
recommend this program. SHAREWARE. Mono or large screen monitors only.
Requires GDOS (or a GDOS clone) or SpeedoGDOS. Program and docs in
German. I recommend a previous version (MD_ENGL v.1.06g) for which the
docs have been translated into English by Mike Valent.  ST--TT

o MINZ_EXT is four Extend-O_Save modules for Warp 9 v.3.8x. They are
from "the Minz." They are of: A couple are just in time for Halloween,
another features dolphins having some fun with a submarine, and the
last is a variation on Minz's old "dunking bird" animation. With
plenty of aloha. No docs. Description taken from the GEnie file

o MMST299 is MaxiMiser*ST v.2.99 by Shawn Smith (dated October 1,
1993). MaxiMiser is a program that will allow you to read and respond
to messages that you have downloaded from BBS through a QWK compatible
door (eg.Qmail for PC Board or Maxidoor for FoReM). You just take
your favorite terminal program, call the BBS that you wish to download
your messages from (they must have a QWK compatible Door), enter that
door (Have the SysOp point you in the right direction if you can't
find the right Door), configure the program to your liking, download
your messages and logoff. Sign-on at a later time to send off your
replies. Save lots of money! This version uses GDOS if available.
Docs included. He has been _regularly_ improving this product.
SHAREWARE (slightly limited until registered). This works best with 1
meg of RAM or more, but will work with less. ST/STe/TT compatible.
Color or mono. 373K uncompressed.

o MOVIE1 is a file containing two Digital Arts Movie demos. I had a
friend of mine review them for me (since I don't have a Falcon). The
first is DAVIDEO (2.65 meg uncompressed). He told me that this is a
short movie, about 40 seconds long. He was impressed with this view of
"something" like the prow of a Viking ship traveling over the sea.
The orangish color and patterns are beautiful and quite arresting. On
the other hand, VORSPANN (1.26 meg uncompressed) is, he said,
relatively disappointing. The display looks like deep space with a
solar system in the background. Rather crude block letters form from
the background (in German) and that's that. Run these in True Color
mode. This is a LARGE file to download - nearly 1.07 meg of compressed

o M_QWK118 is Mountain QWK v.1.18 by Mountain Software and Anthony
Watson (dated Oct. 18, 1993). Mountain Software has provided us in
the past with some of the prettiest, most functional programs around,
and this time is no exception. This program, now compatible with
GDOS/SpeedoGDOS (though not needed), MultiTOS and Genva and with
improved window and mail handling over previous versions is a QWK
reader/mailer with just about every feature you could wish for.
Reading all your mail online can add up to a bunch of money! That's
where Mountain QWK can come in handy. Using the QWK format available
on many BBS's, message bases are collected, compressed, and tranferred
out to you. You can search through them for specific messages or read
them all offline (i.e., saving Money!) and reply to them off line as
well, using your favorite editor as an external program if you wish.
Everything you need (except the compression programs--and a computer
setup with modem!) is included. This demo is limited (by even less
than in previous versions) in the number of messages it can capture
and the replies you can send (plus some other minor irritants designed
to get you to buy the program!). Clearly written docs (Yeah!) are
provided. Requires at least one meg of RAM (more is better) and an
ST--Falcon computer. The author provides excellent and active support
of his shareware. Contact him with a problem and he will fix it!

o NIXPUB is a listing by Phil Eschallier of Open Access UNIX (*NIX)
Sites that you can access, sometimes for a fee and sometimes free.
This list dated Dec. 12, 1992 also contains some phone numbers that
will allow you to access the NET. Found on the CodeHead BBS (and the
GEnie Science section, category 5).

o NOSTRAM is an excellent Shareware game by Dan Walton of Powerfist
Productions (dated Feb. 11, 1993). Powerfist has brought us Henchy
2010 and Snott (what a name!). Your task (and you've already decided
to accept it) is to collect the five crystals hidden in the Nostram
Tower, that place of evil and death left by evil beings when they
created the Tower before they left earth. You travel about the the
tower's rooms and collect all the treasures, food, and other items you
find there (but make sure you don't collect any of the monsters - or
let them collect you!). The colors, graphics, and sounds are
excellent. Joystick controlled. I recommend this one to you. Requires
1 meg of RAM. STE compatible (at least).

o OMEGDEMO is the Omega II demo disk from Dr. T's Music Software
(dated July 16, 1993). This disk includes demo versions of the
Keyboard Controlled Sequencer, and the Tiger, Song Editor and Mixer
MPE modules. The Keyboard Controlled Sequencer is the main recording
module of the system, and also provides Event List editing. The other
modules should be started from within KCS using the MPE menu or the
MPE box. Tiger provides piano-roll editing of track and sequence data.
The Song Editor allows KCS sequences to be combined into songs. The
Mixer provides automated mixing. A tutorial file is included. I think
all of these will run on a one-meg machine, but if you have two or
more a shell is included which will allow you to run them all at once!
Color or mono. ST-Falcon compatible.

o PACMAN_E is PacMan on E's by Stuart Innes of Digital Dreams (dated
1993). There are a lot of PacMan clones wandering around being chased
by ghosts these days, but PacMan on E's is different from any of them.
The colors are brilliant, the joystick control is smooth and easy.
There is also nice sound and a number of little "extras" that make the
game interesting (things like 20 levels, stereo sound at 25 or 50 KHz,
and more). One thing I like is that when PacMan swallows one of his
pills the ghosts don't slow down, but PacMan speeds up. You can really
zoom around the screen. Requires an STE with at least 1 meg of RAM. If
you register you will get a two player version with LOTS more
features. If you like PacMan, I recommend this program to you.

o PENTAGON is Pentagon's "Pentagonia" demo for the Falcon030. This is
a large multipart demo with some very impressive screens! Works on
RGB/TV, and I don't know if it will work with a VGA monitor. The main
program is 829K long and has been PFX packed (before packing, it was
over 2.5 megs!).

o PLASTIC is a demo for the Falcon030 called The Plastic Demos. It
will only work in the TV mode on your Falcon. I've been told it is
pretty good for a demo of its relatively small size (271K
uncompressed). I don't have a Falcon yet to check it out! The archive
comes with a separately attached file advertising the BBS of Zaphod
Beeblebrox. I wonder if this is the same Zaphod from the IAAD expose'
on Software Pirates (see PIR_BBS). Now I know where not to call

The following is a series of .PNT pictures which could very well
interest you Falcon owners out there. They are 640x480x256 color
pictures which will work nicely with the SlideShow EOS module and Warp
9 v.3.80 (and a VGA monitor, the SC1224 won't do, but I imagine a
multisync would work, too).

o AFTRGAME is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of grown man holding a
small sleeping boy wearing a baseball cap. All sorts of warm fuzzies
with this one! I viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o ALL_LIFE is is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of... something. It is a
painting entitled, "All Life in a Day" and dated March 24, 1993. I
really can't make much sense out of it other than it seems to depict
some sort of cyclic idea of life (partly deduced from the title and
partly from the picture!). I wouldn't say that this is the picture's
fault so much as the inability of my STE to show more colors at a
higher resolution (I would like a Falcon!). I viewed this using
PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o BIG_BANG is is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of a painting by Angel
Studios (dated 1992). It shows a central explosions shooting out in
all directions. Blobs and streaks of light, and of darkness
predominate in this picture. The colors are black, white, dark blue
and muted red. I viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o BONJOUR is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of the head of a woman
looking out at you. She's not smiling and is looking rather quiet. I
viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o CENTRCAL is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of a Central California (?)
landscape. This picture shows a grassy meadow with a small grove of
trees off to the left and in the background. An overgrown rutted road
meanders through the meadow. The mountains in the background and the
blue sky and clouds above form an important part of the picture. I
viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o CODE_QTS is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture that shows the following
text: "You are watching a slide show presented by Warp 9 and the
Extend-o-Save Screen Saver. The CodeHead Technologies logo is shown
at the bottom. Oh yes, a picture of a woman (identity unknown)
wearing a few feathers (and a strategically placed forearm!) adorns
the side of the picture. I viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST
Low Res..

o CROSSOVR is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of a worn and cracked set
of stone steps. At the top of the steps you can see a person's bare
calves and feet stepping off into the air and continuing the climb up
the (now invisible) stairs. I viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in
ST Low Res..

o ELCAPITN is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture that gives you a view of El
Capitan, a large peak in Yosemite National Park. The view is from the
meadow near the main lodge (It's been 13 years since I was there and
I'd like to get back before another 13 years goes by). Beautiful. I
viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o FROSTY is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of what appears to be a giant
sculpture made out of ice and melting in a dry cracked desert. It's
an interesting painting by Dan Farmer, but I'm not sure that I've
described it nearly correctly (the ol' "computer can't display those
colors and resolutions" trick, eh). I viewed this using PicSwitch
v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o KAUAIPLM is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of a view looking up at a
number of large palm trees. The viewpoint is interesting (those trees
look big), and the scene is peaceful. I viewed this using PicSwitch
v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o LIZARDS is a Prism Paint (.PNT) sketch of a large number of humanoid
reptiles exiting a spaceship and attacking two humans. The man is
fighting them off with a ray gun while the 95% naked woman looks on.
I viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o MARIKO is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture by Martinique of an oriental
woman painted as an antique Japanese-styled silk painting. While the
style appears antique the model's face and carriage seems too modern
to be an authentic/old painting. I viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01
in ST Low Res..

o MUSICIAN is a Prism Paint (.PNT) picture of an acrylic painting by
Billy Dee Williams of a group of musicians (not photo-like but rather
"Van Goghish". I viewed this using PicSwitch v.1.01 in ST Low Res..

o ORACLE is Delphi Oracle v.1.00 by Paul Lefebvre (dated Sept. 14,
1993). If you have STalker and you use Delphi, then you should have
this BackTalk Script that automates Delphi. Using this script you can
get and send mail messages, read and reply to BBS conversations, and
download files...all in the background, and all while you are asleep
in bed (if you wish). It is very easy to set up and configure. If
you have STeno (another excellent program) this script will take full
advantage of its power. This Shareware program is worth getting (and
registering - I have). Requires STalker 3.0x or higher (and since
STalker works on a Falcon this should as well). Detailed docs
included. (See G_ORACLE for the GEnie specific script).

o POLYFILM is Polyfilm by Martin Brownlow (dated June 1, 1993).
Polyfilm is a SHAREWARE Raytracing/Animation program with it's own
built-in editor. This program has a zillion different options, far
too many for me to describe, especially when I know next to nothing
about the necessary details of Raytracing & Animation. It is a very
easy to control program with the ability to set lightsources, place
and rotate objects (MANY varieties), and view your raytraces/
animations. Basically, I can say that I really like the included
animations in this program. I think you will, too. Color only. Docs
included. This demo is limited that you can't save your objects in the
editor and a similar limitation in the player. Works on my STE (I
imagine others as well, but I didn't see any mention of them).

o RPHEAD by T. Hebel is a .FLM animation file entitled: "The Original
Robot Parrot Head Animation." This is a TTLOW 256 Color animation
file. Requires a TT030 and a color monitor. 555K uncompressed.

o RUNDOWN is a WordFlair document by Bob Saldana that he uses as a
rundown sheet with his Cable show. Print it out (using WordFlair),
mark it up, and pass it out to keep all of those engineers and
directors happy!

o SCRIBE is the Scribe BackTalk script for STalker 3.x by Jon Emery.
Scribe will record an online session, conferance, or anything else
that is received by STalker. You can send the Text you receive to
your printer, a disk, or to STeno. Docs included. Also included is a
plug for Paul Lefebvre's BackTalk Script, Oracle. I agree: get
Oracle, and while you're at it, get this file, too!

o SPECFALC is a program that will allow you to display Spectrum
pictures on your Falcon030. At least that's what I think "Spectrum
Emulator For Falcon" means. No docs separate from the program. I
don't know what is in the program itself. 104K uncompressed.

o SPINDRY1 by Damien M. Jones is his corrected Spin Dry Extend-O-Save
module v.1.01. This module will spin your desktop screen around as if
it was in a running clothes dryer! If you don't use 16- or 256-color
80-column displays (i.e. you have an ST or STe) then the original file
(if you already have it) will do you fine. Otherwise, get this
excellent module from the author of SoundLab v.1.11 and View II (among
many others). To run outside of Warp 9 v.3.8x rename the .EXT to .PRG.
Docs included.

o STACYOFF is the STacy Screen Killer! v.1.0 by Gregory A. Whelchel
(dated Sep. 26, 1993). This program (running from the desktop or AUTO
folder) and .ACC will allow you to completely turn off your STacy
screen when you are using an attached Mono monitor (the OS does that
automatically when you have a color monitor attached). This saves
your STacy screen from a lot of wear and tear, and saves your ears and
nerves, too (How's that? The STacy screen gives off an annoying 15KHz
squeel that you don't really notice 'till it's gone). Docs included.
STacy required! From the CodeHead BBS.

o STORM100 is Storm v.1.00 by Alan Page (the author of the original
Flash! telecommunications program). Alan Page has continued and
expanded the programming tradition he began with Flash! and has
produced the long-awaited Storm. Storm is a shareware GEM-based
terminal that operates in a window (with pull-down menus and hotkeys).
Custom font and text routines make this program zip along! You will
find multiple editing windows (with word wrap!) and your capture
buffer windows are moveable and resizable. With MultiTOS or Geneva
the number of windows is limited only by available memory.

It comes with a powerful script language (an interpreted BASIC, with
lots of sample files) with a full- screen editor, online help, and
command extensions for telecommunica- tion. You will find a lot of
up-front power in this program, but there is a lot going on behind the
scenes as well. Things like background file transfers that don't
require a reset-proof RAMdisk, background dialing, multiple terminal
emulations (presently TTY <built-in>, VT100, and Vidtex), and MUCH
more are all supported. You can transfer files using Ascii (built-in),
BPlus, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem. Storm even supports the extra
serial ports on TT and MegaSTE as well as Falcon serial ports. Color
or mono. Docs included. SHAREWARE (with an interesting incentive to
register!). Wow!

o STSAVE24 is the Soft-Sci Screen Saver, v.2.4 by Michael Crisafulli
(copyrighted 1993). Now fully compatible with CodeHead Technologies
Warp 9 Screen accelerator program (and more!), Soft-Sci is an
excellent screen saver. This version fixed a bug which caused the
balloons (see below) to stick on one side of the screen under certain
conditions. This screen saver doesn't only save your screen - it lets
you have a fun time doing it! When it is active it displays a black
screen with a small picture bubble or balloon which moves
continuously, bouncing off the edges of your screen. That bubble can
be different every time you boot your computer (and now you can select
the "bubbles" you wish to display by using the Warp 9 control panel).
Color or mono. Docs included. SHAREWARE. With your shareware payment
you get a stand-alone version of Soft_Sci (not requiring Warp 9), a
program that allows you to edit the pictures bouncing around on your
screen (and more). TOS 1.0--1.62 compatible (at least, and only
compatible in ST resolutions). Requires Warp 3.7 or above. Found on
the CodeHead BBS.

o TARDIS by Daniel W. McAndrew is an Extend-o-Save module created
using the Image Swap program for the Warp 9 version 3.8x screensaver.
It is especially useful for all of you Dr. Who fans out there. Check
out the top of the Tardis and look for something in the center of the
spiral galaxy. You can see this module in demo mode by renaming it's
extension from .EXT to .PRG.

o TOMLWAIT is a 256-color GIF from Robert Altman's SHORT CUTS, which
has opened to excellent reviews throughout the country. This image is
a photo of Lily Tomlin and Tom Waits, who play Doreen and Earl Piggot
in Short Cuts. I found that I wasn't all that excited about this
image. Yes, it is pretty good, but it just shows the two of them
reading the comics page together. Found on GEnie.

o T_TERM2 is Teddy-TERM v.2.00 by M.J.Matts (dated Oct. 23, 1993).
Teddy-TERM v1.x originally started life as a simple shell program to
allow you to use external protocols such as XYZ.TTP and Jekyll easily
from within Vanterm, but since then it has grown and developed into a
fully functional (no crippling) Shareware communications terminal
program. It is simple enough that first time modem users can navigate
their way through it, and yet adaptable enough for the power user as
well. Mouse and/or keyboard controlled (both for all functions).
Contains a nice capture buffer, features auto logon features (with a
feature that allows T-Term to learn your own logon information and use
it in the future), runs external programs, access installed .ACC, and
much more. Requires XYZ201 (by Alan Hamilton) and Jekyll for
transfers using those protocals. Extensive docs included. Color or
mono (extended res. cards, too). ST-Falcon compatible.

o VISUSORT is the Visual Sort Demo routines (Basic source code only)
by Anthony Watson, Blake Arnold, and Don Ravey. There are many sort
routines for use by computer programmers (and anyone else). This
program (actually three different programs by the three authors)
provides you with a visual display of four different sorting methods
(Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, ShellSort, and QuickSort), and provides
with with time differences which show you their various efficiencies.
Very interesting. Docs included. Color or Color and mono (more than
one program, remember).

o WARPDISK is a Degas .PI3 picture of the Warp 9 Disk and label.  Warp
9 from CodeHead Technologies is a screen acceleration program (and
much more) that I would not willingly go without. You can use this
picture as a background pic for your desktop, and, as the uploader
says, "you'll never forget why your system looks so fast?

I have to go to bed! Good Night!

Take care,


All of these files can be found on one or more of the following
on-line services: GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The CodeHead
BBS (213-461-2095), Toad Hall (617-567-8642), and The Boston Computer
Society's Atari BBS (617-396-4607) (Michael R. Burkley).  Drop me a

Michael lives in Niagara Falls, NY. He is a former Polyurethane
Research Chemist and is presently the pastor of the Niagara
Presbyterian Church.


--       --==--==--      Delphi Sign-Up Information      --==--==--      --
--                                                                       --
--  To enroll as a Delphi subscriber, modem call 1-800-365-4636. Press   --
--  [Return] once or twice, and type IP26 [Return] at Password:          --
--                                                                       --
--  Answer all of the questions, and you'll be cleared for Delphi        --
--  access in a few days. If you have questions about Delphi services,   --
--  give a voice call to Delphi Member Services at 1-800-544-4005.       --
--                                                                       --
--       --==--==--      Delphi Sign-Up Information      --==--==--      --


 |||   Dinolympics
 |||   By: Timothy Wilson
/ | \  Internet:    GEnie: AEO.8

Type: Puzzle
Developed By: Imagitec Design
Comlynx: Nope, one player.

Called "Humans" on just about every other platform out there,
Dinolympics requires the player to move white bearded cave men around
in a large scrolling area to achieve the task set before you by the
chief. These tasks range from very simple: "Let's get the Spear", to
hard: "Feed the god". To accomplish these tasks, your cavemen must
work together. Whether it be boosting other cavemen up, or throwing
required equipment to your pal, cooperation is at the heart of this

At the start, cavemen can "Support" (enable another caveman to climb
on the supporters' shoulders), and "Summon". Summon lets you create
an object, at the expense of one tribe member, of which you only have
ten to start. Ten is fine, as the first few levels only require 3 or
4 cavemen to complete. Summon also may not always be availible, and
since it kills a tribemember in the process, is used only as a last

The objects that one can use are:

o Spear: guarding, pole vaulting, and killing
o Wheel: ride like the cavemen in the comic strip "B.C."
o Fire: Light fires, and ward off animals
o Rope: Help cavemen up to higher cliffs.

As the cavemen aquire new objects and tools, they also gain the
abilities associated with the object. So, after you pick up a fire
brand, the caveman will be able to set fires to trees that get in the

The first level is extremely easy (get the spear), and gets you
aquainted with the controls. The buttons are easy to use, and soon
you'll be climbing, vaulting and wheeling away with no problem. The
second level is a good progression upwards in difficulty, you have to
use the spear (which is now placed right at the start) to get the
burning torch.

The caveman currently controlled stays at the center of the screen,
while the foreground scrolls in a slightly jumpy manner around him.
The background features a bit of parallax, but nothing breathtaking.
If you change cavemen, the screen slowly scrolls to the next caveman
and puts a flashing arrow over the new one, to give a visual cue as to
which caveman you now control.

The icon box that displays what skill is currently selected and ready
for use (climb, throw, etc) will move out of your way if the caveman
approaches the edge of the level, and the screen stops scrolling, a
thoughtful touch. The cavemen are drawn simply, but are easy to pick
out in the scenery. I keep saying "cavemen," but "caveclone" would be
more apt, as each one is identical to the last. I feel a few more
sprites could have been drawn to at least add a sense of character to
each "caveperson." Between some levels, there are pictures which show
a caveman in doing something from the level (riding a wheel, holding a
torch). As far as I could tell, they didn't repeat.

Sound is nothing to write home about. A few different musical tunes
play (it changes every level), and cartoony sound effects ("sproing"
when jumping for example) that don't really add much, started to grate
on my nerves. Levels with dinosaurs or other large beasties have a
constant "crunch crunch crunch" noise as the dino walks back and
forth. Music you can turn off, but the sound effects can't.

When I first started to play the game, it was hard to put down. The
first few levels kept me busy enough to keep my interest. But I feel
the game has a SERIOUS flaw, you aren't given a password for every
level, just every 4 or 5. So if I kick the bucket on level 4 (a nasty
little level, I keep running out of time), I must go back and "get the
spear", on level 1. This really became annoying, I abruptly stopped
playing with it, maybe twice a day, mainly because I had to work
through some time consuming levels, (5 & 6), before I ran out of time
on level 7. I compare it to Chip's Challenge, which had passwords
every level. Even though the level might have been hard, I sure didn't
have to back up and play through previous levels again. Also, if you
run out of time in Dinolympics, thats it, game over, time to enter
that password again.

In order to review the game, I grabbed the passwords from the
internet, and played around at the higher levels, to which I can say
that they are extremely difficult. Some levels must be completed with
exact timing, not only for positioning a caveman, or jumping, but in
that the clock is always ticking, if you divert in the wrong
direction, even for a second, your chances of completing the level are
significantly reduced.

Verdict: Try before you buy. If you have the patience, and don't mind
repeating levels alot, this game might appeal to you. My 10 year old
cousin tired of it quickly, he didn't want to read the manual, let
alone bother with helping each caveman across a pit.

Ratings:    ***** Really cool
             **** Neato
              *** I raised an eyebrow
                * This Bites... burn it.
              ' ' I'd pay people to take it.

Sound:    *     I swear I've heard some of them from "Gauntlet III"
Music:    **    Ok music, at least it changes every level.
Graphics: ***   I can see stuff fine, but the scrolling is kinda jumpy
Gameplay: ***   Its really a neat concept, but it gets hard fast.
Controls: ****  Near perfect, sometimes too touchy.
Overall:  ***   The lack of starting at any level really sucks.


 |||   Andreas' Den
 |||   By: Andreas Barbiero
/ | \  Delphi: ABARBIERO   GEnie: AEO.2

//// Assault on the Computer Monarchs:
//// Will Atari Find a Place in the Shuffle?

(Patti's Note: Due to the lack of timely delivery of this article
(written weeks ago) from Japan, Andreas may be a bit behind on some
current events in the following article. I felt that the point he
wants to make is still relevant, so I am leaving it untouched! The
good news is that he will return to the US on November 15 and will
begin writing with a renewed frenzy on all the new stuff happening in
the industry!)

>From all sides, the existing status quo of computer manufacturers and
software providers is changing. And even the roles of such companies
like Apple and IBM are taking interesting twists with strategic
business alliances and promoting alternative hardware and software.
The next generation of long promised high technology is providing to
be less than advertised when compared against products from other
sources. In 1993 not only have we been waiting for the arrival of
things like the Jaguar and the Falcon030, but the industry has been
trying to predict the impact of the PowerPC and Pentium, the onslaught
of the Personal Digital Assistant, new operating systems like NeXTSTEP
and Windows NT, and the effect of the Norwegian bandy-legged macaques
on IBM's manufacturing facilities. (Well, maybe not so much the bit
about IBM's monkeys, all the apes seem to be in management and not on
the assembly lines.) Good old Atari is making a big noise with the
announcement of the Jaguar. Even over here in Japan, the guys I work
with have mentioned the Jaguar to me. Expect the industry to start
watching the Fuji again!

Apple is in a liminal state, the recent drop of stock and investor
confidence is not dimming the interest in the GUI based computer.
Lower Mac prices might scare Wall Street, but sales seem to be doing
well, even in the face of super cheap Windows machines. The long
promised Newton personal digital assistant (PDA) is expected to
actually make an appearance this summer, and while the features are
expected to be highly sophisticated, they have been beaten out to the
punch by other companies. There are few PDA style machines available,
and they tend to run in the $3000-$4000 range. Now, of course this
price range includes cellular communications and other neat toys, but
most of what the PDA promises to a user is contained in units like
Amstrad's PDA. Simple handwriting recognition and its other features
make it much more than a glorified paper Daytimer, and the Newton may
offer more, but other than being chic, it may not be priced right to
penetrate the mass market.

Too bad we don't have a STPad to gauge these machines against, even an
Atari notebook portable would be nice. But I cannot complain too much,
the Falcons are shipping in quantity, and the Jaguar is simply an
amazing machine - 55 MIPS of 64bit processing power should be able to
finally break the home market open to a console unit that will be able
to run everything from virtual reality style games to interfacing a
whole world of cable served interactive entertainment.

Apple has also been busy with the PowerPC project. This microprocessor
also known as the MCP601 is the product of Apple, Motorola, and IBM.
The initial chip will be made by IBM, (who is also manufacturing the
Jaguar!) with the follow on next generation chips being manufactured
by good 'ol Motorola. This chip is in direct contention to the much
hyped Pentium (P5) chip, and from first looks, the PowerPC should be
able to beat it out easily. The most important factor in all computer
technology is the price, especially in this commodity marketplace.
Not only is the PowerPC almost half the price of the P5, but with the
.6 micron architecture, the size and power requirements are much lower
than the .8 micron P5. How much of a difference does this make?

The MCP601 consumes at the worst case 6.5 watts at 50MHz or 9 watts at
66MHz. The 5 volt P5 chip will consume an average of 13 watts (16
watts peak) at 66MHz. Talk about making heat! All the extra
engineering going into the dispersion of Pentium's thermal output
should not be needed on the PowerPC. Apple's contribution to the chip
was Mac compatibility. Even though the MCP601 cannot run 680X0 code,
certain parts of the Mac OS has been implemented and a 68040 emulator
has been included with the PowerPC system.

It might be interesting for Atari owners to understand the prospects
that this gives us. We may not need the Mac Application Services (MAS)
built into the chip, but the openness of this chip to accept 680x0
code could allow for some interesting possibilities. There are many
cross compilers and recompilers on the market targeted for the
PowerPC, allowing everything from Windows/DOS to System 7 software to
be reworked to run on the PowerPC natively.

It is not impossible to see the GEMulator recompiled to run as a DOS
program in a native mode on the MCP601, maybe even TOS could be
converted in this way allowing for an Atari computer based on the
MCP601 or even the big brother MCP604 chip. With a 64bit datapath and
32bit addressing, knowing how Atari places customized technologies in
concert with each other, there may be a PowerPC based Atari machine
based on the Falcon/Jaguar principle of combining such things as a DSP
and digital codes to create a computer that can do far more than a
single CPU could do alone, even with add on cards.

//// Time-Warner and Atari - The Boys are Back in Town??

As was previously released, Atari has obtained the rights to
Time-Warner Entertainment's library of copyrighted multimedia clips,
which should allow the Jaguar, and possibly the Falcon to have some
amazing games and interactive entertainment. But we all know the aims
of Atari - its the aims of Time-Warner that is interesting to me.
Time-Warner has stated previously that within 5 years they expect to
have full interactive systems rolled out via fiber optics including
full motion video, on demand movies, and interactive videogames.

Now, what is needed for this is not just the entertainment titles
(which they have) and the cable lines (which they have) or the future
fiber optics (which they are getting through relationships with
telephone companies) but the hardware that will allow a user to easily
control all the options he is faced with. Typically a home computer
would be the thing to use, but by the vast majority of people who own
things like a VCR and cable TV, don't own a computer. Computers, are
not appliances yet, and for the average person who doesn't want to
learn anything more complicated than how to use a phone or a VCR, the
implementation of a computer into the interactive entertainment
market will scare people away.

Videogame consoles, on the other hand are more appealing, as they have
been in homes for years, and a console sophisticated enough to perform
the tasks of a interactive entertainment controller, will sell. This
is what the Jaguar will be perfect for. Considering that Time-Warner
still has a hand in Atari's stock, a strategic alliance could take
place, placing a Jaguar, or modified Jaguar, at the heart of
Time-Warner's system. For those of us who are more sophisticated, the
use of a full computer like the Falcon030, or any future 040 machine
to interface the possibilities of wide bandwidth fiberoptics will
afford a wealth of options only glimpsed at with the meanderings of
cyberspace writers.


 |||   Atari ST RT News
 |||   By: John G. Hartman
/ | \  GEnie: J.G.H.

Atari RT Weekly News 11.1

       -- STraight FAX 2.0 and Toad Computers Holiday Festival RTC --
       On November 10 at 10pm EST JoinCharles Smeton and Dave Troy to
       discuss STraight FAX! 2.0 and the upcoming Toad Computers Holiday
       Festival, to be held on December 4th & 5th at Toad Computers!
       Don't miss this: a FREE copy of STraight FAX! 2.0 will be given
       away as a door prize! For more information on STraight FAX! 2.0,
       go to the Atari bulletin board CATegory 4, TOPic 24.

       -- "The Atari Compendium" and Software Development Systems RTC --
       Scott Sanders will discuss the new Atari programming bible,
       "The Atari Compendium" in an RTC on November 24th at 10:00 pm EST.
       You'll also get the latest scoop on new products from SDS
       including the new color icon editor. A copy of the Compendium
       will be given as a door prize. For more information go to the
       Atari bulletin board CATegory 2, TOPic 39.

       Storm version 1.00 is now available for downloading, file # 30602.
       This is a shareware telecommunications program from Alan Page,
       original Flash program author. Storm features include multiple
       editing windows with true word-wrap, Basic script language,
       loadable file transfers and terminal emulations and background
       dialer. Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem and BPlus file transfers. VT100,
       Vidtex and TTY terminal emulations. Documentation included. Join
       the discussion in Category 8, Topic 2, STorm!


          30622 BRODIE15.ARC   -  The Jaguar Rollout from New York




30603 JV_RTC.ARC               X MIKE-ALLEN   931104    8704     29  13
      Desc: JV Enterprises RTC 3Nov93
30240 BRODIE14.ARC             X ST.LOU       931002   12800    368  13
      Desc: Jaguar Fever
30232 FDMISSON.ARC             X BRIAN.H      931001   11008     67  13
      Desc: Fair Dinkum/Missionware 29 Sep93 RTC


30517 MW_SALE.ZIP              X J.TRAUTSCHOL 931025    3712     84  14
      Desc: Missionware Software Autumn Classic
30513 IS_DEMO.LZH              X CYBERCUBE    931025    3072     76  14
      Desc: InShape DEMO now available
30512 INSHAPE1.LZH             X CYBERCUBE    931025   11520     63  14
      Desc: InShape Modeler&Shader now available
30453 TOADSHOW.ZIP             X TOAD-SERV.   931020    6272    229  14
      Desc: Toad Computers HOLIDAY FESTIVAL '93!
30448 SILH_PR.TXT              X TOAD-SERV.   931020    2688    100  14
      Desc: Silhouette Colortrace To Be Released
30435 TOADMODM.TXT             X TOAD-SERV.   931019    4608    170  14
30432 BAREFOOT.TXT             X C.FLUEGEL    931018    1152    145  14
      Desc: Barefoot Software Specials! Read it!
30425 AW_BOOK.TXT              X M.HEBERT1    931017    1408    112  14
      Desc: Papa's Grafik Guide to AtariWorksWP
30403 APE93ADD.TXT             X C.SMITH89    931015     896     81  14
      Desc: Info on APE Newsletter
30359 CLASSDOC.ARC             X G.WREN       931011    3072     32  14
      Desc: Overview of CLASS_45, gradebook
30319 EASY_UP.TXT              X J.EIDSVOOG1  931008    2048    361  14
      Desc: Easier Upgrade Policy for Warp 9!
30318 GLMPR334.LZH             X R.FAULKNER4  931008   28672    107  14
      Desc: GEnieLamp Press Release #3.34
30309 RS20F_PR.TXT             X N.BAKER4     931007    5632     61  14
      Desc: Version 2.0F of RATSoft Released!
30308 GEMVW248.ZIP             X CYBERCUBE    931007    4992    148  14
      Desc: GEM-View 2.48 Press Release
30208 TRB_SALE.TXT             X C.WALNUM1    930930    4224    121  14
      Desc: Big discounts at Taylor Ridge Books!


30563 MDRW110.LZH              X M.HEBERT1    931030  131968    104  10
      Desc: MyDraw Ver. 1.10 GEM Drawing Prg
30556 ZOAT.ZIP                 X F.LIEW       931030  385152     88  10
      Desc: awesome new game!!!
30554 CACHE277.ZIP             X D.C.GOUTHRO  931030   30720     50  10
      Desc: Master Cache V2.77
30506 IS_D100B.LZH             X CYBERCUBE    931025  110720     60  10
      Desc: InShape DEMO Version 1.00 Pt. 2
30505 ISD_100A.LZH             X CYBERCUBE    931025  264576     65  10
      Desc: InShape DEMO Version 1.00 Pt. 1
30459 EZT_PRO.ZIP              X M.HEBERT1    931021  299392     45  10
      Desc: Easy Text Professional DTP
30454 TDSPCTRM.ZIP             X TOAD-SERV.   931021    5888     62  10
      Desc: True Color Spectrum Demo for Falcon
30426 WR_V134.LZH              X ATARI.BENLUX 931018  131328     54  10
      Desc: Winrec 1.34 Falcon030 HD recording
30374 GEN2DEMO.ZIP             X G.RODGERS2   931013   80640     59  10
      Desc: Version 2 of Genus CFN font editor
30331 M_QWK117.LZH             X A.WATSON6    931009   81408     55  10
      Desc: Mountain QWK Offline Reader (1.17)
30249 THRONE11.LZH             X J.EIDSVOOG1  931002   25088    276  10
      Desc: Flying Thrones 1.1, New Version


30464 XCTRLDOC.ZIP             X MIKE-FULTON  931022   11648    258   1
      Desc: Documentation for XCONTROL
30447 MODEMTST.ZIP             X TOAD-SERV.   931020   26112    208   7
      Desc: Modem Testing Utility from Toad Comp
30410 CLOCK11A.LZH             X CODEHEAD     931016    6656    201   2
      Desc: EOS Clock Module 1.1a
30495 MDTST102.ZIP             X TOAD-SERV.   931024   28160    184   7
      Desc: Toad Modem Test Util. - Ver. 1.02!
30413 CONCEPT.LZH              X T.MCCOMB     931017    7936    169   2
      Desc: Concept #1 Extend-O-Save module
30532 GRAMARAN.ZIP             X D.PANKE      931027   17280    168   2
      Desc: Grammar Checking Program
30415 TARDIS.LZH               X D.MCANDREW   931017    8320    167   2
      Desc: Warp 9 v3.80 EOS Module
30424 ICU_1.LZH                X T.MCCOMB     931017    7680    150   2
      Desc: ICU Extend-o-Save module
30484 VOL_UTIL.ZIP             X E.MONACO     931023   13696    146   2
      Desc: NEW! Superb volume label utility.
30452 TREK_TOP.ZIP             X J.TORRES17   931020    9984    143   5
      Desc: Star Trek TNG desktop for Warp 9


30254 STTALKCL.ARC             X E.BAIZ       931003   15872    306   2
      Desc: Talking clock acc for the ST.
30399 LIQPIXEL.LZH             X J.EIDSVOOG1  931015    4992    285   2
      Desc: Liquid Pixels Extend-O-Save Module
30329 GEMMULTI.ZIP             X T.HOPPER     931009   15488    277  21
      Desc: Improved desktops for all TOS vers.
30249 THRONE11.LZH             X J.EIDSVOOG1  931002   25088    276  10
      Desc: Flying Thrones 1.1, New Version
30362 LHARC230.LZH             X L.SMITH70    931011   72704    266  40
      Desc: LHarc 2.30 - October 9, 1993
30464 XCTRLDOC.ZIP             X MIKE-FULTON  931022   11648    258   1
      Desc: Documentation for XCONTROL
30394 JAWS_II.ZIP              X M.POCHE      931015    8576    233   2
      Desc: Updated Extend-O-Save module.
30337 FISHES.ZIP               X M.POCHE      931009   11392    226   2
      Desc: Warp 9 3.80 Extendo-Save module
30447 MODEMTST.ZIP             X TOAD-SERV.   931020   26112    208   7
      Desc: Modem Testing Utility from Toad Comp
30410 CLOCK11A.LZH             X CODEHEAD     931016    6656    201   2
      Desc: EOS Clock Module 1.1a


30560 INET70.ARC               X DARLAH       931030   32768     31  48
      Desc: Interner October 30, 1993
30557 INET69.ARC               X DARLAH       931030   31872     22  48
      Desc: Internet October 30, 1993
30540 INET68.ARC               X DARLAH       931028   20992     38  48
      Desc: Internet October 28, 1993
30514 INET67.ARC               X DARLAH       931025   36480     32  48
      Desc: Internet Oct 25, 1993
30479 INET66.ARC               X DARLAH       931023   16640     34  48
      Desc: Internet Archive Oct 23, 1993
30463 INET65.ARC               X DARLAH       931022   45056     34  48
      Desc: Internet October 22nd, 1993
30434 INET64.ARC               X DARLAH       931019   10496     30  48
      Desc: Internet Oct 19, 1993
30429 INET63.ARC               X DARLAH       931018   29568     33  48
      Desc: Internet Oct 18th 2nd edition
30427 INET62.ARC               X DARLAH       931018  230144     22  48
      Desc: Internet Oct 18, 1993
30314 INET61.ARC               X DARLAH       931007   43008     36  48
      Desc: Internet October 7, 1993
30285 INET60.ARC               X DARLAH       931004   23936     29  48
      Desc: Internet - October 4, 1993
30258 INET59.ARC               X DARLAH       931003   39552     31  48
      Desc: October 3 - Internet


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I'm sorry this issue arrived late. Due to external circumstances
beyond my control (and ken), AEO will no longer run Z*Net Newswire
material, and will no longer retain Ron Kovacs as News and Features
Editor. This decision has been reached after a period of painful
questioning and requestioning, and is one that I take with the utmost
regret. When I informed Ron of my decision, his response was, "After
founding AEO, I am truly disappointed in being forced out of its

I'm pleased to be able to offer the many readers of AEO who can only
access us via the Internet a chance to obtain AEO through a
subscription service. If you have an Internet connection, drop Greg
Lindahl a request at <>.

We welcome feedback from all of our readers; feedback both positive
and negative. Whatever you think of our efforts, we sincerely would
like to know. Our EMail addresses are sprinkled throughout each
issue - with the new Internet gateway into GEnie, you can reach us
through the Internet also. Append "" to any of our
GEnie addresses.

Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
Your Editor
Travis Guy


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