ST Report: 16-Jul-93 #929

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 07/19/93-10:10:56 AM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 16-Jul-93 #929
Date: Mon Jul 19 10:10:56 1993

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                  WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (July 16)


This is a GREAT TIME for Atari-related announcements.  First, the alliance
between ATari and IBM for the new Jaguar, and now Gribnif Software
announces GENEVA, their new multi-tasking environment.  See the GENEVA
press releases in LIB 15 of the Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS) or go to
the Gribnif section/library in the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN) for
additional info.


With the announcement from Sunnyvale on the new JAGUAR Multimedia
Entertainment System, we've added a Message Section and Library to the
ATARI8 Forum. We invite you to join us in sharing news and views of what
promises to be an exciting machine. GO ATARI8 for Section 15 [Jaguar].


Download file 20Q_01.TXT from LIBRARY 15 of the Atari Arts Forum (GO
ATARIARTS) for the first 20 QUESTIONS file of questions submitted by the
members to Atari Corp and answered by Bob Brodie, James Grunke and Bill


Download file AGIT.ZIP from LIBRARY 2 of the Atari Arts Forum (GO
ATARIARTS) for Agitation.  Agitation is easy to learn, tough to solve. This
is the most indescribably difficult, infuriatingly impossible program you
could choose to run!

        * create custom puzzles
        * upload and share
        * point and click puzzle solving
        * multiple cheat, peek and help modes
        * watch the computer solve puzzles
        * custom graphics and dialogs
        * check out the other puzzles here online! mono freeware


Download file  BSTAT4.LZH  from LIBRARY 5 of the  Atari Productivity Forum
(GO ATARIPRO)  for  version   2.46  of B/STAT.     B/STAT  is a  shareware
statistical  analysis  and  business graphics   program.  It requires a  1
megabyte  machine and double  sided drive at a minimum.  B/STAT  makes use 
of GDOS or SPEEDO GDOS if installed  but requires neither. This is version
2.46  of B/STAT and  offers some   improvements  in  graphing over earlier
versions. B/STAT  may be registered online by GOing SWREG and selecting ID
# 263.


Message Section 12 and Library 12  have been established for online support
of Oregon Research's products.  Please read OREGON.TXT in Library 12 of the
Atari Vendors  Forum (GO ATARIVEN) for an overview of the company. Also, be
sure  to check out the other files  in the Library for in-depth information
on their entire product line.

Download file  FLAGS.LZH from  LIBRARY 11 of  the Atari  Vendors Forum  (GO
ATARIVEN) for Sample EPS (Adobe Illustrator) files of the new  Flags of the
World  clipart collection  now being  sold by  Soft-Logik Publishing.   The
archive contains four flags.
                           HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




> From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"
     This week's issue is rather large I'll admit but then we have a few
very large and equally foreboding matters facing the platform.  Rather than
editorialize here, I've included the message strings and comments from all
the "parties" involved.  You see for yourself and be sure to 'read' the
material not glance at it.  I wonder if you'll notice which are being
straight forward and of course, which are playing the "evasive games".

     Word Perfect Corp. is very busy these days... shipping a number of new
products including Word Perfect 6.0 and the new Presentations Package. 
This issue is done completely in Word Perfect 6.0.  It arrived here last
Wednesday.  The installation was a breeze and the program itself is
wonderful.  It simply has to be the finest word processor ever produced. 
Now, with all its additional features, its the best.  Watch for a series of
overviews in the next few weeks.
Now, for a guest Editorial:

by Dana P. Jacobson

     In last week's issue (#9.28), STReport published a letter from Lee
Seiler of Lexicor Software, an interview with Lee Seiler, and some
editorial comments based on the first two items.  A few days later, an
official response was issued by the IAAD's Dorothy Brumleve.  After reading
all of this material, and seeing subsequent discussions online between CIS
and Delphi, I'm more convinced than ever that the decision to expel
themembers of Lexicor Software from the IAAD was 1)reached hastily, 2)not
investigated thoroughly, 3)based, at least partially, on hearsay, and
4)arrived at guilt "by omission" (Seiler didn't defend himself).

     Once the IAAD response was issued, it was learned that one of the two
videotapes, held by Ron Luks of Compuserve, was never even opened until
after learning that Lexicor was expelled.  The other tape was received and
viewed by Bob Brodie.  According to the IAAD statement, the videotape
contained: "...the LEXICOR account logs on to GEnie and composes a letter
to me.  I actually had received this exact same letter from the LEXICOR
account, signed "Lee", on May 25, 1993.  The letter even states that the
session is being videotaped."  "...The videotape contains LEXICOR's account
number and password.  On the basis of this evidence, the Board voted
unanimously to discontinue Lexicor's membership in the IAAD.  We notified
Lee Seiler with the following message:

 As you are aware, a Charge of Violation has alleged that you 
 distributed your logon and password to non-members.  The Board of 
 Directors of the IAAD has determined that this Charge is
 founded.  Today, the Board has voted unanimously to expel 
 Lexicor from the IAAD."

     So, unless information is being withheld by the IAAD, Lee Seiler
videotaped his logging on to GEnie, entering the IAAD area, and composing a
letter to Dorothy Brumleve.  The IAAD has assumed that the logon sequence
included an active password; the logon name is inconsequential as everyone
is aware of the account name.  It's learned later, and many had already
surmised, the password was fictitious, used temporarily to actually log on
to GEnie, and summarily changed again.  The letter to Brumleve violated no
vows of confidentiality.  How could it, Lee wrote the letter!  He could
have as easily posted the letter in a public forum.  All that entire
sequence proves is that he logged on and entered the IAAD area.

     The issue of the videotapes raises a number of questions.  First of
all, Brumleve states that two IAAD members complained about this "violation
of confidentiality."  It would be very interesting to learn _who_ made
those complaints.  No, I don't mean to be able to shout "snitch,", but I
believe that the names would prove interesting.  Also, did the IAAD
governing board actually see the tapes?  We know from Luks' message that no
one other than he has seen his; and that occurred _after_ the verdict.
Was the Brodie tape seen?  Were the two tapes identical?  From Luks'
message, nothing of any confidential material was revealed on his tape. 
The password used was indeed a fake one.  And, neither Brodie or Luks
accessed the IAAD using the videotaped material.

     Why did Lee Seiler even make these two videotapes and send them to
Brodie and Luks.  Let me offer an opinion of the second question first. 
Bob Brodie is the director of communications for Atari, a most prominent
position.  Atari is the co-contract holder of the Atari RT on GEnie.  Bob,
as the most active of Atari personnel on GEnie, at least the most visible,
is a likely candidate.  He's also not a member of the IAAD, and an unbiased
candidate to review the situation that Seiler was attempting to unfold. 
Luks, the contract holder of the Atari Forums on Compuserve, is an expert
in his field.  It appears obvious that he would be another likely
candidate.  Like Brodie, Luks is also not a member of the IAAD and an
unbiased candidate.  If Seiler was looking to violate IAAD confidentiality
and show the innards of the IAAD area on GEnie, why didn't he send a
videotape to STReport?  After all, he has spoken to Ralph Mariano a number
of times answering questions.  He didn't because his goal was to show two
people, two "experts," who would be able to offer some suggestions or
insights into the matter being pursued.

     As to why a videotape, we need to go back to problems that Lexicor was
involved in a few weeks ago, and which STReport published as well.  As
youmay remember, Lexicor had had problems with its flags on GEnie; and
concurrently, claimed conflict of interest problems with the RT SysOps. 
Apparently, Lexicor wasn't pleased with the accounting of the flag problem,
nor its immediate attention.  Lexicor was convinced that there was a
problem while the ST RT managers claimed otherwise.  So, it appears, that
Lee Seiler decided to videotape the process to show that the problem
was there.  When you think about it, it was a unique thing to do. Lexicor
didn't feel dealing with GEnie was going to do much good, so he sent tapes
to Brodie and Luks.  Unfortunately, having done so led to Lexicor's

     So, if the additional information related by Luks is true; and the
IAAD's decision is based essentially solely because of the videotape, I
feel that this decision needs to be reconsidered.  Doing so, however, does
place both the IAAD and Lexicor in an unenviable position.  I believe that
the most logical process would allow both to come out of this with dignity
intact.  The IAAD should review the additional information received from
Luks.  If the IAAD confidentiality hasn't been violated, as has been
claimed by Luks, the IAAD can simply state that after further review of the

     In any case, I think that it's imperative that the IAAD hear Lexicor's
side of the story, in its entirety, from all three members of the company. 
Obviously, this would be up to Lexicor if they thought it would accomplish
something.  I also feel that if it's part of the IAAD commitment to its
members, it should play a role in helping Lexicor resolve its other

     I think it's vitally important that these types of problems are
quickly defused.  There are enough problems in the Atari community which we
are unable to rectify.

     To Dorothy Brumleve and the rest of the IAAD, I respect your
convictions and efforts to continue to remain a strong and viable
organization of strong Atari supporters.  I also feel that you all have a
sense of justice and fair play, and will ultimately do the right thing and
restore Lexicor's membership status.


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> ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
On CompuServe
compiled by Joe Mirando

Hidi Ho good neighbors!  Mother nature is cooperating this week (no power
outage), so I can type this by the soft natural glow of a GE 60 watt bulb.

Well, let's get to the good stuff.  You know, the hints, tips, and answers
to be found every week in the Atari forums here on CompuServe...

>From the Atari Productivity Forum

Tadas Klimas tells us:

"I'm thinking of upgrading my old 86 vintage ST and am torn between getting
a Mega, maybe with a Mac emulator, and one of those Mac LCIIs.  Any pros
and cons?"

Tim Myers tells Tadas:

"As a long term Atari and short term Mac user I might be in a good position
to give some advice. I would have to say that it depends on how much ST
software you have and how much it would cost to replace that software with
the Mac equivalent, bearing in mind that Mac software tends to be more
expensive than the ST stuff (although I would have to say that with the
exception of the Music software the software available for the Mac is
generally better IMO).

The Mac LCII is getting a bit long in the tooth but then a again so is the
Mega. The Mac emulator (Spectre) is a good piece of hardware/software but
it won't run Apples current operating system 7.

Overall I would say if you have a big financial investment in ST software
get a Mega with Spectre. If you don't then consider an LCII, but if I was
buying a Mac from scratch I would get an LCIII. There are no Atari
emulators for the Mac !

Alternatively you could wait a while to see if the Atari Falcon takes off.
There are a few PD utilities that greatly improve Falcons ability to run
existing ST software and the OS releases are reaching the point where it
should settle down soon. A version of Spectre for the Falcon is also
rumored to be underway."

Michael Robillard asks about a problem he's having with disks:

"I've experienced the following recently.  After copying programs from my
ramdisk to my floppy drive.  I opened the window for the floppy drive and
saw a bunch of folder icons with strange characters underneath (there were
no letters).  I scrolled the window and the normal files were still there. 
I took one of the alien files (that's what the file names remind me of)
andtried to open it the disk drive spun but nothing happened.  I tried to
delete and some message about the application not existing.  I then closed
the window and reopened it and a black rectangle appeared in the window.  I
then used fastcopy to copy the disk to itself but I lowered the sector and
track count because I had the disk originally set too high.  After I had
finished copying the disk to itself and exit fastcopy I opened the floppy
window again and it was pitch black.  I turned off the computer waited 30
seconds and turned it back on.  The alien files were still there.  I
attempted to erase another one but this time the whole disk was deleted (I
have a back up copy of the main programs so nothing important was lost).  I
just remembered another thing when the window was opened according line at
top I something like 122 files with over 100000000 bytes or some ridiculous
number like that.  Does anybody have any idea what happened and how I can
prevent from happening again?"

Mike Mortilla tells Mike Robillard:

"Sounds like you messed up a FAT (File Allocation Table) or something. I've
found that using 83 tracks when formatting is unreliable when it comes to
reading the disk again. Especially if you write to the disk more than once.

In general, I try to stay in the normal formats and haven't had a problem
like the one you experienced in quite a while. When I used higher # of
tracks, that would happen more often.

Others may have more technical insights..."

Sysop Ron Luks tells Mike Mortilla:

"Sounds like you diagnosed it correctly.  I always caution folks to stick
to normal disk formatting.  It just isn't worth getting a small percentage
increase in storage capacity and risking all the things that can go wrong
with non-standard formatting."

Robert Aries asks Mike Robillard:

"Had you opened the floppy drive icon on the desktop before dragging the
files from the ramdisk to it?  Older versions of TOS sometimes didn't
recognize when you changed a floppy.  For that matter, I'm not sure if even
the newer TOS's re-read the directory when one does the operation you

When I had TOS 1.0 in my 520st, I would _always_ close, then re-open the
floppy drive icon on the desktop to make sure the computer had the latest
directory in memory (the ST stores a segment of a disk's directory in
memory, to speed up disk access I think).  Pushing the <Esc> key to update
a floppy's window never worked unless the disk was write-protected.  Now
that I have TOS 2.06 (thanks to Codehead's TEC board), I notice that the
window updates whether the disk is write-protected or not.

Anyway, if you write to a disk while the computer thinks that there's a
different disk in there, you'll probably mess up the FAT and get the
results you describe."

Mike Robillard tells Robert:

"I'm not really sure if I opened the floppy disk before copying the files
but I probably didn't. I would like to ask you about the TEC you mentioned.
Does it just plug into your computer or do you have to be some sort of
installation expert? I have a MEGA2. I plan to use my computer until I
can't get anymore out of it. Do you feel it would be to my advantage to
upgrade to TOS206 (and make other changes to my computer to make it more
compatible the newer ATARI models) or should I just leave things as they
are until I need to buy a new system? I am not very good at taking things
apart and putting back together so I would have to have someone do it for
me. Are upgrades only feasible for the do ityourself?"

Robert tells Mike:

"There's a version of the TEC for your Mega that plugs right in.  I have an
old 520st and had to get the version that solders in.  It costs a little
less but you do need some electronic assembly skills to install it.  Yours
would pop right in there.

The decision to go with the TEC for me was academic; the latest version of
my most-used software (Dr T's KCS midi sequencer) had problems with my
older TOS (1.0), so I had to always use an earlier version.  The newer TOS
has several internal improvements & bug fixes, and a lot of newer programs
may not even be tested with older TOSs'.  If you continue to buy new
programs, my guess is that eventually you'll have a problem (especially if
you have TOS 1.0, although I think Megas have at least 1.2 or 1.4).

However, if all the programs you use work OK with the TOS you're currently
using, then it comes down to whether you'd appreciate the new desktop.  It
sure is nice, but it wasn't really _essential_ to me.  However, now that I
have it I can say that I'm very happy, especially the feature where you can
assign a program to run by just pressing a function key, no matter how many
folders "deep" it is.  If you have a hard drive you'll certainly appreciate
that (unless you already have a program that does that, of course!).  A lot
of the "patch" programs for the older TOS versions are unnecessary now."

David Hagood asks Bob Brodie of Atari about his order for Atari products:

"I placed an order for MultiTOS/SpeedoGDOS about 3 weeks ago via
Compuserve, requesting second day air shipment and confirmation when my
order was processed. I have received no response nor have I received my
program.  I did not feel very good about E-Mailing my credit card number to
an employee rather than going through an established Mall store, but I did.
I would like some kind of response about my order. Generally, when I order
something shipped second day air, I expect the order to carry some sense of

Jim Ness jumps in and tells David:

"If I remember right, there's an explanation, of sorts, in the latest Atari
Explorer Online, in library 15 of ATARIARTS.  Shipments of MultiTOS are
delayed a bit."

David tells Jim:

"Well, that's a pisser, considering that I was quite clear and pointed in
asking if MultiTOS was available for immediate shipment (as I put it, "If I
order it Monday shipped second day air, will it be here before Friday?"). I
was told YES, and that was what I predicated my order upon."

Rob Rasmussen asks:

"I have Straight Fax and Degas Elite. I would like to try converting a
Degas into a Fax file, but it seems to only accept high rez Degas pics, and
I only have a color monitor. Same for high rez IMG files - I've never had
any since I can't use high rez. I downloaded some .P?3 Degas files and
loaded them in Straight Fax's window (they were pictures of Straight Fax's
main screen). I had to scroll the window to see the whole thing, yet it was
in color! I thought P?3 pics would be monochrome. Is there any way I could
save a Degas low or medium rez pc in high rez for use with Straight Fax?"

Charles Smeton tells Rob:

"FAX transfers under Group 3 are monochrome bit maps. DEGAS and DEGAS Elite
monochrome graphics (along with monochrome Image files) are supported. You
can convert Color DEGAS files to monochrome image files using a programsuch
as Touch Up or other paint type programs. The DEGAS file will be
usually be expanded in size as dither patterns are used to represent
different colors.

The resultant file will be too large to fit into a DEGAS HiRez file which
is limited to 640 x 400. The output should be saved in Image format which
allows any size image  (Up to 65535 x 65535).

P?3 Pics are monochrome at 640 x 400. ST Medium rez is 640 x 200. The DEGAS
picture is too tall to fit in a window on the 640 x 200 screen.

BTW, there are various algorithms for converting color to half tone mono
chrome. The result may not be satisfactory for FAXing purposes. In addition
dither patterns create the worst case type of bit map for the Group 3 FAX
compression and will result in large FAX files."

On the subject of networking machines, Thomas Hutchins says:

"You would think that there would be some software being developed for the
Falcon Localtalk capabilities..  It is something that they shouldn't leave
untouched.  I guess since the Falcon just came out, I should be patient."

Tony at GST Software talks about a previous message from Ron Luks about

"...we have stuff here which
allows us to put any ST onto our Novell network (which is primarily pc

That was all Ron needed to hear.  He asks Tony:

"When you say "we have stuff here which allows us to put any ST onto our
Novell network..." is it proprietary in-house software or is it
commercially available?

   Is it strictly for file sharing or could you execute an Atari program
that may reside on a network file server HD?"

No word from Tony yet, but we'll keep you posted on it.

>From the Atari ST Arts Forum

Gottfried Baumeier posts:

"For a private purpose I am looking for pictures of elephants, drawings,
also caricatural, no scanned photos, to use with software ARABESQUE PROF
and CALAMUS 1.09 N.  Who can tell me, where I could find those pictures ?"

Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Gottfried:

"You might try the desktop publishing forum on Compuserve.  They might have
something in the library.  (GO DTPFORUM)"

Greg Kopchak adds:

"We just took a roll of Zoo pictures last week. Got 4 or 5 elephants on
Photo CD. What picture format can you handle? I'll post them here in that

If you need a higher res image like 1500 by 1000 or similar, the files
would be too large to post (about 5 meg in true color)."

Albert Dayes tells Greg:

"I want the PRO formats 4,000 x 6,000 by 24-bit color. <grin>  Can
youupload those Photo CD pictures? <big grin>"

Lee Seiler at Lexicor Software tells Greg:

"There are several really good computer artist here in the Atari arts
forum. You might try asking one of them if "He" would just do the drawings
for you. I think that IMG,TIF,TARGA formats are available. I suspect that
"He" would do the work using the new NOVA card from Lexicor and the yet to
be released PrismPaint II to do the work, with GEMview coming in to do file

Just a suggestion :-)

Hint: you may find one artist who has been published on many soft cover
action novels, underground comix in the 1960's, been published in college
level zoology text books, and education al dinosaur animation films in the


Hal Dougherty tells Greg:

"I've used a 486-33sx with 8megs of ram and over 100megs of free disk
space, and I've not been able to load a 2048x3072 picture from the CD! 
Good luck with the professional size pictures!

  I'm upgrading my 386-16 to a 486 this week.  The 386 is way to slow for
photo work...

  The 384x256 pictures convert best to my STe, but 640x480x256 is the best
compromise between quality and file size on a VGA monitor.  I've got a 
picture that I converted to a hand outlined pastel print.  It looked so
nice, that I took the file to a publishing house and had it printed on
photo stock in a 20inches x 22inches size."

Greg tells Hal:

"You're right about a 386 and Photo Cd not mixing. On the PC, doing
true-color makes a considerable improvement over 256 color mode in

Jim Ness asks Nathan Potechin of DMC:

"How long does it take to print a Kodak photo?

My wife just got WordPerfect 6.0 and an HP 550C color printer, at work, and
says that printing .WPG color graphics at the highest quality setting takes

Like half an hour, for a nearly full-page graphic.  Fortunately, it's
faster, if she chooses "draft quality" or "medium quality" instead.  But,
at those settings, the dithering becomes more and more visible/annoying.

Does it work the same for Calamus?"

Nathan tells Jim:

"Nope. :-) As usual, Calamus builds up the entire image of the page in
memory and then sends it to the printer OR depending on the printer, breaks
up the page into a number of parts based on available RAM memory. In any
case, although I do not have a 550C in-house at this time, I'll guess that
it would take less than 5 minutes to print anything, including a Kodak
Photo CD image."

On the lighter side of things, Hal Dougherty tells Tony Barker of Moving
Pixels Software:"I never did find a way to freeze dry the snowball I was
going to send
you last winter! ;-)  I still have a few in the freezer if you need more
cold and snow.  It's almost 100 degrees here today!

   One of our department store chains (Wall-Mart) only charges $15.88 for
processing a roll of 24 photographs.  Or 88 cents a slide or individual
negative, with a 12 picture min. on each disk.  The price is the same if
you get multiple rolls on a disk, or if you get each roll on a separate
disk.  I've got both and I like fewer pictures on a disk because it's
quicker to find the one I want. (I'm using a clone for photograph work)
   I've uploaded several pictures to the outdoor forum (go outdoors) of a
trip my son and I took mountain biking on Bay's Mtn. just a few miles from
my house.  And I've sent some action shots from the Tour DuPont bicycle
race. I've used a shareware picture editor (Picture Man) on the clone to
convert one of the photographs into a hand outlined pastel drawing.  I was
Impressed enough to take the picture file to a publisher and get it printed
as a poster size photo."

Tony tells Hal:

"I waited all summer by the mailbox for that snowball :-)

I'm sure it's just talk at the moment but the Photo processing place I was
speaking with here said the $1.50 AUD offer ends in December and the price
will rise to $2.50 AUD :-O

I think they are just unsure of the demand and that will never occur but
I'll be real P***ed off if it does.

I'll check out some of your shots. I'm most impressed with the technology,
Greg Kopchak sent me a demo of the software they are working on for the
Falcon and it had a load of PCD snaps, the quality is excellent.

Here's a question for you, what's the cheapest PCD compatible, double
speed, multi-session, XA SCSI drive over your way, I'm in an upgrading mood
and I don't think the prices are all that cheap over here yet.

I use Picture man on the PC sometimes, not bad, have you uploaded the shot
you had printed? I'd like to see it."

Hal adds:

"It's hard to mail a snowball to Australia...  I was going to send an empty
pouch with a label that said. "Add Water and freeze!"  But, I didn't get
to it..."

>From the Atari Vendors Forum

Of course, the big news right now is the quickly approaching release of
Geneva, the MultiTasking software from Gribnif Software.  Rick Flashman of
Gribnif  posts a speed comparison between machines running with and
without Geneva:

"                   | TOS 1.2 | MultiTOS |  % Diff | Geneva |  % Diff |
 Math routines      |   16.57 |    27.60 |  60.04% |  16.67 |  99.40% |
 Memory fetch/store |   16.18 |    27.00 |  59.93% |  16.33 |  99.08% |
 Dialog box redraw  |   38.95 |    40.57 |  96.01% |  33.23 | 117.21% |
 Graphics           |  149.34 |   151.26 |  98.73% | 157.27 |  94.96% |
 Average                 100%               78.67%            102.66%   
"Ian Burton of Atari Music posts:

"My question is-how compatible is it?

I use DTP (Pagestream) music (Cubase and Notator SL) fax (Straight FAX!)
comms (Stalker/Steno) others (AtariWorks) and many other packages...

I know some of these aren't MTOS compatible, but how well do these packages
run under Geneva? (Yes, I am a skeptic, even though I know you boys at
Gribnif do a great job at programming). another dumb question (probably
shouldn't ask it, but anyway)-does Geneva work in a similar way to
E-magic's SoftLink, or Dr T's MPE or any other of the current
"multitasking" programs?

Just another curious cat..."

Rick Flashman tells Ian:

"We don't have any MIDI software, so I cannot comment on those.  Maybe you
can convince some of those vendors that us Gribnif guys know NOTHING of
music and would appreciate some software for testing.  We've never been to
successful at having MIDI developers send us anything.  And when they do,
they don't want to fix anything. Actual quote from a major MIDI developer
"We don't see a need to fix that as our customers will only use our
software on their machine.".  I must make exception with Dr. T. who has
always cleaned up their software and has been very easy to talk to.

Anyway, of the programs you mentioned, we've tested PageStream 2,
AtariWorks, Stalker, Steno, Straight FAX (well our beta testers did, they
said it works awesome in multitasking, staying in the background until you
receive a fax), and many other popular programs like WordPerfect, Calamus
1.09, 1st Word Plus, LDW Power, Tempus, SuperBase Pro, Flash (singletasking
mode), Data Manager, and so forth.  They all work great.

The key to Geneva is not as much as if it will work, but which of Geneva's
flags need to be set to make it work.  My big concern with MIDI programs is
that many tend to break the Atari programming guidelines (which means they
work great by themselves, but hate anything else).  We've only seen one of
the multitasking MIDI programs, and it was a terrible memory partitioning
program (ala revolver).  I don't know how the other ones work.

Rick @ Gribnif

P.S.  The goal in Geneva, was  to create a multitasking system where
current software was able to operate.  Not one where software could be
adapted to work in.

P.S.S.  One of our beta testers explained the compatibility issue best on
GEnie:  He said that he used Geneva ALL the time.  He used all the same
software.  If something didn't work right, he simply played with the Geneva
Flags until it did, and then kept going.  In the end he never had to change
what software he used or how he used it."

Bill Turczynski tells Rick:

"  Well, us MIDI user's are really getting anxious!  It's just the thought
of MultiTasking<g>.

  Do you know if any of your Geneva Beta group are MIDI user's?  Oh!  Wait
a minute, the beta release isn't until the 15th of the month, right?"

Rick explains to Bill:

"I know!  Wish I could test the stuff.  We already had a smaller beta
release during actual development, but none were MIDI users.  Hopefully we
will get some with the wider BETA release.  There are lots, so I imagine
wehave several. The next part, is I hope they actually REPORT problems with
info to find out what's wrong."

>From the Atari Portfolio Forum

Joe Lensbower posts:

"I just got the newest issue of STREPORT and guess what?  There's no
PORTFOLIO in it!!!  I was always impressed that this publication had a
"Portable Report" about the Portfolio, but it's not in this issue!  Has it
bitten the dust?????"

Don Thomas of Atari tells Joe:

"I saw that too. I assumed that since they dedicated so many pages in the
previous issue, they may have taken an issue off. <g>"

Sysop Marty Mankins asks Dan Shearer of BSE:

"Whatever happened to the 512K I/O interface?  You mentioned you were going
to get some pricing..."

Dan tells Marty:

"Well, I have good news and bad news. First: The BAD News. The cost for the
Universal I/O has gone up. Also, I am out of stock for 10 days. Price to
you is classified and I won't post it in the forum due to it being a public
place and all.

The Good news is we will ship it to you when we have stock in the next 10
days.  Normal pricing is now $119.99 for the 0 K and $269.95 for the 512 K

Well folks, that's it for this week.  Tune in again next week, same time,
same channel, and listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING



                                 TO DELIVER
                          ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS
                              MOBILE COMPUTING

Notable Technologies Inc., a leading developer and publisher of
applications for pen-based mobile computing, and Compsoft Services Inc. of
Greenwich, Conn., a developer of custom software and communications
products for Fortune 100 companies, today announced a technology and
marketing partnership that will bring to market new and expanded
communications software solutions for GO Corporation's PenPoint operating

     Under the agreement, Notable will market and distribute Compsoft's
PenNET line of new communications applications under Notable's Mobile
Access brand, as well as other products that are currently under
jointdevelopment with Compsoft.  In addition, Notable will be providing, in
conjunction with Compsoft, custom application development and project
coordination services for companies looking for assistance in their
mobile computing and communications piloting efforts.

     In coming months a series of powerful pen-based hardware
products will be shipping from such companies as:EO, Inc., IBM, Fujitsu,
Toshiba and NEC.  Notable is positioned to be the leading supplier of
communications-based software for this emerging market.  The company
has already announced Mobile Access Personal, a powerful
telecommunications package that links mobile users with various host
environments.  Compsoft Services will provide its significant
communications and networking technical expertise to help Notable
broaden the vertical and horizontal applications for the Mobile Access

     Notable and Compsoft Services are committed to staying on top
of the rapidly emerging pen-based mobile computing and personal
communicator technology.  Host connectivity is a cornerstone
application for this market, said Ronald J. Brown, president of
Notable Technologies.  Our agreement with Compsoft assures that we will
be the premier provider of this crucial communication capability.  In
addition, our relationship means that Notable will be in a position to
reach the market faster, with other new communications solutions and

     Dr. Trilok Manocha, president of Compsoft Services, Inc. added,
We believe that the combination of our experience in the development
of complex networking, application and system software combined with
Notable's significant marketing, distribution, sales and software
development expertise and close relationship with other mobile
computing technology companies will allow us to be leaders in bringing
this new technology to market.

     According to Brown, positive feedback from prototype application
sites and initial trade press technology reviews are good indications
that the era of pen-based mobile computing has finally arrived. 
Communications is one of the key factors that makes this class of
computing highly productive.  From the floor of major stock exchanges
to the field sales forces of international pharmaceutical companies,
business managers are realizing the competitive advantage that can be
gained by providing easier, more portable access to and from their
information warehouses (host computing infrastructures).

     With offices in Oakland and Foster City, California, Notable
is dedicated to creating easy-to-use, easy-to-learn software to empower
mobile professionals to more effectively communicate and interact, as
well as organize information efficiently.

Mobile Access as well as the Notable name and logo are all trademarks
of Notable Technologies, Inc. Other trade marks mentioned are property
of their respective companies.

                            Notable Technologies
                    1065 East Hillsdale Blvd., Suite 111
                          Foster City, CA  94404.

                         WordPerfect Presentations
                          WordPerfect Corporation

     So, you haven't gone Windows, but you want the latest and greatest in
presentation graphics? Well, there are a few indisputable advantages to
computing under a system-wide graphical user interface, and one
issimplified data import; you may want to jump through that open window,
after all. Still not convinced? Check out WordPerfect Presentations. It's
got most of what you're looking for, and in spite of running under DOS
probably will accept the information you already have sitting in your

     WordPerfect Presentations' advantages lie in who distributes it;
thanks to the dominance of their self-titled word processor, the folks at
WordPerfect Corporation have a presence in a tremendous number of systems.
WordPerfect Presentations is designed to take advantage of that fact, both
by accepting WordPerfect outlines directly, and because it can interact
with the word processor through a bundled copy of WordPerfect Shell,
letting you jump back and forth between the programs effortlessly.

     Current-generation presentation graphics products tend to follow a
common model; there's usually a slide sorter, an outline view taking the
visual form of ruled paper, and a single-image editor. WordPerfect
Presentations is true to this trend, and mixes in a proprietary interface
that in spite of a few quirks and disappointing speed manages to impress.
It looks a lot like WordPerfect for Windows (see figure), uses the same
type of customizable button bars and drop-down menus, and, we imagine, will
be all but indistinguishable from the forthcoming Windows version of the
product. What's quirky? File management under WordPerfect Presentations is
difficult even if you are familiar with the function key arrangements
common to WordPerfect's software titles, and in a product that includes as
many sample files and as much clip art as this one does, that's hard to

     You'll want to run WordPerfect Presentations on a fast machine we were
disappointed in its performance when run on a 386DX-20 with a 3.5 megabyte
disk cache and you'll need plenty of room for it (16 MB for a full
installation, and at least 7 MB in any event), but if those numbers don't
deter you and you fit the DOS-user with WordPerfect profile we've been
developing, WordPerfect Presentations is truly an excellent choice. It uses
several different types of fonts (and ships with a respectable collection
of both PostScript and Bitstream scalable fonts) handles both bit-mapped
and line-based art with aplomb, and recognizes the graphics and data files
of many popular programs. Drawing capabilities are impressive, charting is
even better, and although WordPerfect Presentations' ability to contour
text to fit the shape of other objects isn't on a par with products like
Corel Draw!, it's quite good. You don't even need to be too worried about
mistakes, because WordPerfect Presentations includes full-session
incremental undo.  You can create chalkboard-enabled runtime versions of
your work, transition effect junkies should be sated, and around sixty
high-quality slide show masters are included.

     If WordPerfect Presentations has any real faults, they lie less in the
abilities of the program than in how much this assortment of tools can do
in the hands of an expert; that is, while none of these tools are terribly
difficult to learn or use, and although the finished results will do you
proud in almost any circle, the package as a whole is difficult to master.
For example, the bundled copy of the popular PC-Kwik disk cache is all but
mandatory for decent performance, but there's nothing to make that clear to
people without a clear understanding of how disk caches work. Documentation
for most program features is copious, and there's a lengthy workbook-based
tutorial, but while the alphabetically-arranged main manual makes it easy
to get on the path to what you're looking for, that trail tends to meander
through too many see preferences. Internally, WordPerfect Presentations
handles text a bit strangely relative to other products of the genre, and
while it can share resources with WordPerfect, you'll be hard pressed to
figure out what this means.

     If this article seems a little disjointed, it's no accident.
WordPerfect Presentations is a fine product, but figuring out just what to
make of it is hard. We will say this: if you've grown tired of Harvard
Graphics or Freelance Plus, and are adamant about staying in DOS,
WordPerfect Presentations should be your next all-purpose graphics program.
No, it doesn't provide such niceties as multi-path presentations, or the
ability to generate handouts, but for quick graphic presentation creation
and assembly, no DOS-based software will beat it. And remember, the Windows
version is on the way.


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

     STReport International Online Magazine is available every week in the
ST Advantage on DELPHI.  STReport readers are invited to join DELPHI and
become a part of the friendly community of Atari enthusiasts there.

                          SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI
       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI

                Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
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     DELPHI's Basic Plan offers access for only $6.00 per hour, for any
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   For more information, call: DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005

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                        Try DELPHI for $1 an hour!

     For a limited time, you can become a trial member of DELPHI, and
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Then, just answer the questions and within a day or two, you'll officially
be a member of DELPHI!  
                        TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (7/14/93)                       
                        (1) STREPORT 9.28                                
                        (2) IBM TO BUILD ATARI JAGUAR                     
                        (3) AEO - VOLUME 2, ISSUE 12                      
                        (4) LHARC VERSION 2.20                            
                        (5) LED DRIVE PANEL                               
                        (6) WRAP 1.0 SCREEN SAVER                         
                        (7) MAGIC SHADOW ARCHIVER II                      
                        (8) BRODIE10.ARC                                  
                        (9) BUGS.LZH                                        
                     (10) ATARI UNITED!                                
   All of the above files can be found in the RECENT ARRIVALS database    
   for at least one week after the posting of this list.  Please Note     
   that in the case of online magazines, only the most current issue      
   in the database at the time of this compilation is considered for the  
   Top 10 list.  Also, for all files, a submission is eligible for the    
   Top 10 list for only four weeks after its original uploading.          

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


> TURBO030 COMPLAINTS STR Spotlight            "WILL IT EVER SHIP?"

                   USERS ASK: "WILL TURBO 030 EVER SHIP?"

#: 31492 S17/DMC Publishing
    10-Jul-93  11:05:08
Sb: Tiny Turbo
Fm: Richard Gunter 70117,2565
To: DMC Publishing 76004,2246


I'm a little bit at a loss as to what to do next concerning my old order of
a Tiny Turbo 030 board.  I originally placed the order more than a year
ago, by phone, direct to Jim Allen.  My credit card was debited for
$304.03, paid to ISD.  At this juncture, I don't really know how the money
was actually distributed.

On April 27, 1993, I sent Jim a letter requesting that he cancel my order
and return the deposit.  The letter was delivered and signed for (I'd sent
it with a USPS return receipt), but I've received no response, no refund,
and certainly no product.

For professional reasons I'm selling my Atari equipment, so I no longer
need the product, but I do need the refund.  I believe I've been more than
patient -- waiting more than a year without complaint.  In effect, I've
made an interest-free loan of just over $300 US to somebody, but have no
interest in turning that into a charitable donation or a bad debt.

I really do wish all the Atari developers well, and I don't want to bring
in the authorities in this matter.  I'm running out of options.  Can you

#: 31504 S17/DMC Publishing
    10-Jul-93  23:02:52
Sb: #31492-Tiny Turbo
Fm: Nathan @ DMC Publishing 76004,2246
To: Richard Gunter 70117,2565All money from all orders placed for
TinyTurbo's were all sent to Jim
Allen. If you'll recall, he used that money in order to purchase the parts
necessary to have the product built. I will check our records on Monday and
respond in private email once I verify your statement and issue a refund
against your credit card immediately. This is the first that ISD has heard
of your request for a refund. In the future you might want to send a
private message or pick up the telephone before making a public post in
this manner. Of course I can help and will do so on Monday.


Nathan @ DMC

#: 31505 S17/DMC Publishing
    10-Jul-93  23:04:22
Sb: #31498-Tiny Turbo
Fm: Nathan @ DMC Publishing 76004,2246
To: Jim Ness 75300,3155

I won't get "burned" Jim. Thanks for your help but I think I can probably
handle this now that I am aware of it.


Nathan @ DMC

Item    9549642                 93/07/14        23:46
From:   R.STEELE8                       Robert J. Steele
To:     J.MIRANDO1                      Joseph A. Mirando
cc:     ST-REPORT                       R.F. Mariano


Dear Joseph,

Tonight I downloaded from CompuServe STReport 928 (July 9th) and saw I
could sign-up for an e-mail subscription to ST Report. My GEnie mail
address is R.STEELE8.

As you may know, recently Dave Small had a GEnie RT conference. The
conference seemed pretty bad with the first two people up asking Dave for
money or their stuff.

About half-way through the conference, Jim Allen of FAST Technology asked
Dave a question. Dave responded that his attorney advised him not to talk
to him publicly since Jim Allen was an expert witness against him regarding
chips for SSTs.

I would like to know what that was all about! I own a Spectre GCR and also
I have been waiting over a year for my Tiny Turbo 030 from Jim Allen. (I
saw in another STReport about Nathan P.'s conflict of interest).

If this was covered in a back issue of STReport, would you know where I
could get a copy?

If you could put my name on that FAST Tech waiting list, I'd appreciate it.
I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Mariano about not flaming against
hard-working ST computer developers when all the facts are not known.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Steele
54924 19-MAY 19:45 General Information
     Fast Technology
     From: BCHOPICK     To: ALL

                          FAST TECHNOLOGY RIP-OFF!

   I would like to let all of you know the troubles I have experienced with
FAST TECHNOLOGY.  As you know, FAST TECHNOLOGY sells hardware accelerator
cards for the ATARI line of computers.  In APRIL of 1992 I ordered a
TINYTURBO030 for my MEGASTE.  The ad claimed 6-8 weeks delivery.  I waited
and waited and waited!  Of course the check was cashed immediately (APRIL
28th, 1992).  I called once a month and every time got the same thing.
DELAYS! DELAYS! DELAYS!  Finally in March of 1993 I was fed up with the
delay nonsense and demanded a refund.   Jim Allen said that he was having
financial trouble and could not issue a refund 'til the end of the month. 
thought nothing of it and figured that since I have waited this long for
the product, why not a couple of weeks for a refund.   Well.  Here we are
May 10th (2 months later) and no refund.   Calls to FAST TECHNOLOGY only
lead to frustration.  All you get is an answering machine and no return
phone calls.  It sure looks to me that JIM ALLEN does not know how to
handle a business.  And I feel sorry for all the other people he is
dragging along the same path.  Of course, I have already contacted the
Better Business Bureau of Pennsylvania.  They said that I would have to
fill out some forms and they will get right on it.  I am not happy with the
situation at all.   And for a man who keeps such a high profile in the
ATARI COMMUNITY, it is pathetic!

                                Robert A. Chopick


     The most important point to remember is the damage such inflammatory
posts can cause.  As Jim Allen of FAST TECH states;

"I remember, a few months  back, when a user..  not even a customer..  came
into the Fast Technology topic, and chastised me and complained that people
were  waiting for Tinys.  At that  point, 12 people cancelled their orders,
and  I  refunded  their  orders,  and  it  cleaned  out my  remaining  cash

     Folks, this is exactly how it occurs. The mere fact that mention is
made of possible problems can cause a "run on the company."  This can
possibly cause all sorts of problems.  But then, in this marketplace this
is nothing new.  A number of companies have suffered serious setbacks
because of these occurrences.  Both instigated and spontaneous.  There is
no need to name them as they've already had their time in the "Spotlight"
of public scrutiny.  

     When companies operate on shoestrings, usually they're on the "brink." 
The number of individuals affected by these occurrences can vary from 20 to
2000 or more.  In the case of high dollar amounts being involved, many
individuals are reluctant to go public in fear of losing whatever slim
chance they have at recovering their funds or gaining satisfaction.  This
type of incident is debilitating to the entire marketplace as it erodes
consumer confidence.  Especially when it becomes common knowledge that
certain of the participants who've been critical of other companies and has
instigated their public embarrassment are themselves involved in similar
     The next most severe incident is to find other, reportedly upstanding
companies doing others a "good turn" by allowing their electronic credit
card terminals to be used to post the sales of another totally separate
business.  This is a very serious offense in the eyes of the Credit Card
Industry and as a matter of fact clearly prohibited in each and every
terminal agreement executed.  

     Of course, the 'crafty and shrewd' types can always get around this
type of thing with cute "business arrangements".  These maneuvers can
however, backfire seriously if one or the other 'business' fails to
deliver.  The resulting credit card consumer complaints will result in
"charge backs" (Credits applied to the consumer's charge accounts).  

     It is the wise and prudent consumer who, upon discovering there are
problems with delivery of a prepaid order, immediately requests a refund
and credit to his credit card account.  Then, if the business in question
is, at some future date, capable of delivering said product and if the
consumer still desires said product, it can be re-ordered on a payment upon
delivery arrangement.

     The electronic banking services will drop the charging merchant's
credit card acceptance privileges because of too many "charge-backs"
(customer refund requests).  Not to mention the problems that can arise
when the charges to customer credit cards are made through other merchant
account terminals than that of the actual seller.  These problems can all
pop up at once when public complaints are made to the bank where the credit
card was issued.  

     The electronic banking services can spot a problem long before it
becomes a public spectacle.  They will act immediately if certain elements
and/or all clauses of the merchant agreement are not being followed as
outlined in the agreement.  Especially the clause prohibiting the posting
of sales for another merchant on a contract terminal unless of course, its
previously agreed upon.  All it takes is one customer complaint in this
type case.  It is a breach of contract and can cause immediate cancellation
of the accepting/charging merchant's terminal access privilege.

     Its really smart to use either email or all the patience one can
possibly muster in these situations as its in the best interests of all
other involved parties to do so.  It'll give the merchant the much needed 
additional time to satisfy his outstanding orders, while allowing the
merchant to continue doing business thus, helping the already meager cash
flow in this very slow marketplace.

     It makes absolutely no sense to try forcing the merchant(s) out of
business by making a "loud public outcry or spectacle" of the situation. 
Although, in recent months this seems to have been the unsavory and
despicable case.  As a result, some will be satisfied and others well..
they'll be satisfied but it will take more time than originally

     Hopefully, these matters will be dealt with swiftly and to everyone's
satisfaction.  The only recognizable problem noticed at this time, is the
viability of third party products designed and ordered over a year ago. 
Perhaps a systematic approach to refunding those users who ordered and
prepaid for product as opposed to trying to fulfill the "original" orders
would be the "right thing to do".  

     The Users who posted the messages above concerning their prepaid
orders have every right to be concerned.  But at the same time, due to the
slow marketplace and sluggish economy, reasonable delays should be expected
and tolerated.  STReport acknowledges the fact they've been more than
patient and should have at least been given a return call or two.  It seems
the strongest complaint was that they, like many others with similar
complaints, were not kept informed of the progress of their orders nor were
their telephone calls politely returned.

     As STReport continues to receive information relative to this
situation, we shall keep the userbase informed of the progress being made
in resolving the problem.  STReport adds, that we fully expect these and
the others who have registered complaints to be completely satisfied in as
short a time as possible under the present prevailing market and economic

     At the same time perhaps, you are among those who've been waiting and
have not registered with STReport, by all means do so.  Leave us email on
any of the major services, our own support BBS or any of the popular
private NetMail networks.



STReport Presents:

                          FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL

     An  exclusive  followup  interview   with  Lexicor's  Lee  Seiler  was
requested by me.   The questions were carefully prepared  to facilitate the
illustration  of certain  perceptions  by Mr.  Seiler  and of  course,  his
responses to the public statement issued by the IAAD.

     I would like a follow-up interview in light of the IAAD response to
Lexicor's open letter and STReport's first interview?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     I am really very busy now.

     I think it is important to get your responses for the Atari community.

Lexicor's Seiler:
     I will answer your questions as long as it is clearly understood that
I have not sought you out and that you won't ask any questions about

     OK, if those are your only ground rules its fine with me.Lexicor's
     That's it. OK?

     Sure.  Have you read the IAAD's answer Lexicor's open letter and STR's
first interview?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     Yes I have. 

     What is your response?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     I think if you read the IAAD statement for content you will see that
the response confirms what I have said, that the IAAD, conducted their "so
called" investigation in secret, that they did not have any proof that I
had done anything wrong.  The response clearly admits this very fact.  As I
recall, the response mentions something to the effect that "they heard"
there was a copy and a copy of the copy of "so called evidence" in the
hands of non IAAD members and that this was the proof that I had passed out
access to the IAAD violating the rules and requiring expulsion.

     Do you now believe the Videotape mentioned is the sole evidence used
against you?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     No, their belief that the tape was access is what they claim was their
proof.  I get the impression from the response that no one at the
deliberations actually ever saw the tape mentioned.  So they had to have
something else.

     In other words, you think they came to a determination based on
speculation as to the content of the tape and possibly some preconceived

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Something like that. 

     I must ask did you actually make such a Videotape?

Lexicor's Seiler:

STReport: ---------
Are you saying you never made any Video tape?

Lexicor's Seiler: 

     You want to explain?

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Sure, what I did was make a video record of an online session with
genie using my computer and genlock. The purpose was to show in a way which
was irrefutable that I was being honest about the flag not appearing when
entering Page 475. The purpose was not to give anyone access to any
confidential Lexicor information.

     What do you mean Confidential Lexicor information?

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     I mean that Lexicor has it's own private beta test area not open to
the public or the IAAD. This is were the most secret of secret new software
is tested by Lexicor authorized beta testers.  Under no circumstances would
I ever expose that area to any one out side of Lexicor. It would breach my
contracts with my authors and compromise the very future of Lexicor.

     Well if that is so then why would you leave the login information on
the video tape, if you sent the tape to Mr. Luks and Mr. Brodie, they would
have access to your accounts.

Lexicor's Seiler: 
In the First place, if I had edited the master video tape, then that would
defeat the whole point of the tape, with out the account number, etc the
tape would not show the viewer every thing I see when I login to Genie.
After I made the tapes and before I even removed the video tape from the
VCR I changed the PASSWORDS back to the real ones. 

     In other words you changed the pass words to protect your self from
any unauthorized access to your own accounts.

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Yes that correct. 

     You are saying then that know one out side your self could have
possibly access your accounts using the video tape information.

Lexicor's Seiler:
     That was the whole point of changing them in the first place. 

     What about the issue of your refusal to cooperate with the IAAD by 
refusing to answer mail?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     Not true, I sent a letter to the president of the IAAD, in which I
explained that I had made a video tape, the reasons for the videotape and
offered a copy if desired to the President of the IAAD.  I also responded
to the IAAD through Mr. Cole who's job it is to take care of such matters.
As far as I am concerned, the IAAD did not request a video tape that proved
I was being honest about the flag problem.  The tape in and of it's self
proves nothing more.  All the IAAD had to do was ask me for a copy or ask
if the account information shown on the tape was valid at the time the
tapes were sent out.  The reason they did not respond to Mr. Cole's request
for information, and the reason they did not ask for a copy of the tape is

     Would you be willing to make a copy available now?

Lexicor's Seiler: 

     Why not?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     They have made it clear that under no circumstances will they change
their minds, no matter what the truth is.  In addition why should I
disclose any information to a group that has expelled Lexicor with out any
semblance of a fair hearing.  They had made up their minds they just need
some excuse to take action.

     What about some of the other issues raised in the IAAD response to
your open letter?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     It's as simple as one can imagine, The only issue of any merit is:
first.... did I do anything remotely approaching what I was accused of in?
Next:..... on what basis did the IAAD make their findings. How sincere was
their efforts to collect evidence, and what efforts were made to prove the
evidence? By their own admission they don't seem to have had any actual
Video tape I sent out. This means that their decisions were made based on,
at best, speculations as to the content and intent of the videotape, and at
worst on what some one told them was on a copy of a tape claimed to have
been sent out by me. 

     You made a comment earlier that I would like to go back to, you said
"irrefutable" record of your login?  What did you mean? 

Lexicor's Seiler:
     I understood that a Flash capture of a session was not proof that my
flags were not present. I understood clearly that the offer of any such
proof was not valid because I could have altered the content of the capture
with flash or any text editor. 

     You mean your were accused of submitting doctored proof that your
flags were not present?

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Something along those lines.

     So if you had been able to use a simple download capture, you would
never have had to make the Video tape is that correct?

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Yes, that's right. 

     I would like you to comment about some of the specific counter charges
in the IAAD response if you would please?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     I don't think doing that serves any useful end, It could easily be
twisted into personal attacks against one or more IAAD members. Because the
whole matter was conducted in secret there is no honest way for me to
respond. The fact of the matter is that the whole situation revolves around
the issue of credibility. if you go back a bit and follow some recent
events you can see what I mean. 

     Could you possibly state a "for instance or two"?

Lexicor's Seiler:
Yes I can, Lets start with the circumstance in which I had been mentioning
GEMview as a product I was supporting. At the time I already concluded a
deal with the Author, who was paid money up front. I had offered to pay the
Author up front for every copy I made in advance. The product was shareware
so if the user wanted to register with Lexicor he could or direct with the
author, in any case the author would no longer see his program being used
with out being paid by the users. At least not those I dealt with. Then
suddenly I get shut down because another company claimed it had an
"Exclusive" distribution deal. 

Comments were posted that made it appear that I did not have any right at
all to be offering a shareware program to any one. Now the issue became who
was telling the truth. Lexicor posted direct E-Mail of our deal in the
original language, then after a series ofback and forth claims and a demand
for production of Lexicor documents, which Lexicor refused of course, the
issue was settled by a sysop based on a private message from the author.
But then again there were letters from the author that pre-dated and post
dated a private E-Mail message used by the sysop to permanently close the
lexicor Gemview area with an admonition that any further reference to
Gemview in the Lexicor area would be removed. This private E-mail did not
match the E-mail letters from the author (which included request for public
posting) finally Lexicor had to post the full text of a message the author
asked be posted on Genie and on CIS. 

This is because that never posted on Genie after two attempts were
made to do just that. The impression left in the general public was that
the original claim of Exclusive distribution rights was still a valid
claim.  The fact is that this claim was never true, Lexicor never received
any modification to it's original arrangements. Yet even though all parties
received the same E-mail Lexicor was forced to post on CIS, no post from
the other company was ever made retracting the "Exclusive" claim?  The
whole situation could be considered an effort to embarrass Lexicor and cast
doubts on Lexicor Credibility. In the end Lexicor had no alternative but to
simply follow the generally accepted rules of share ware. This of course
hurt the author because now he only gets the fees that users voluntary send
in. Lexicor expects to ship 500 to a 1000 copies to it's vast user base, at
$20 a copy that could have reasonable return on all the effort the Author
put into GEMview.

     You mean that you have changed your mind about the prepayments?

Lexicor's Seiler:
No we haven't changed our minds at all, but in light of the last post in
which the author has passed collection of registration fees to the other
company we felt prepayment from us would not be appropriate. 

     Are there any other examples you'd care to share?

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Lets see more recently, Lexicor announced that there was a 15bit
support for calamus on the NOVA card.  I understand that this word
processor from DMC does not run on the Falcon because it is 16bit.  At
present Lexicor's foreign distributor was challenged on this announcement. 
My information is that the announcement is correct and straight from the
NOVA manufacture, who will be releasing it to us in person later this month
when Mr. Siu visits them in Europe.  Here again it seems to me that instead
of just normal exchange of information, it is always a case of Lexicor in
it's current expansion is challenged on every front. Attacked by the same
individuals, who just happen to be competitors, Genie sysops, exclusive
distributors for competitors. 

     Who are you referring to?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     Just read the post, the answer is self evident.

    I understand what you are saying but that brings another question to 
mind. I can see why you might send one of your video tapes to a third party
like Mr. Luks for expert advice?  But more importantly, why send a copy to
Mr. Brodie at Atari?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     My credibility at Atari is very important to them given the current

     You mean because of the dispute with the Genie Sysop and the IAAD?
Along with Atari's Co-contractor ship with the GEnie sysop?

Lexicor's Seiler:

     NO????, .....what then?

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Atari needs very much for my credibility to be accepted because I have
been subpoenaed and deposed as a witness in an up coming trial Atari is
defending. I sent the video tape so that Mr. Brodie could see for himself
that my then current claims about the Flag problems were truthful, and to
provide prior material just in case my credibility was challenged on that
basis in court by Atari's opponents. In other words, if he had a copy of a
tape I had the original of then Atari could easily establish that I was
truthful about the flags at the time and could still be believed about the
issues that applied in the trial situation.

     Are you now stating the Video tape had no relationship to the IAAD

Lexicor's Seiler:
     Right, the tape contents shows that I have the ability to make the
tape and I had notified the president of the IAAD, a professional group I
then belonged too, that the problem with genie was not just an angry
response to the gemview problem. The tape was sent long before the IAAD
indictment and shows that the IAAD was fully informed about the flag
problem, knew about the video tape all along. 

     Therefore the interpretations by the IAAD of what they were told about
the tape and its contents are, in your mind, wrong.

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     Certainly....are you surprised by this?  With out the original and
with out asking any questions, how would they know any thing about
it?...other than my letter to the IAAD president. That and the lack of any
proof that any one what ever had any access to account information, is what
I have been stating all along.'s not the content of the tape that
isgermane, it is that I was able to make the record and that I could back
my claims.

STReport: What do you think about all the furor surrounding this

Lexicor's Seiler: 
     If you mean the unfairness of Lexicor treatment at the hands of the
IAAD? I think that the general perception is quite self evident.  The
general criticisms of the IAAD are what they are. I have already said what
I have to on that issue. I seriously doubt that you will ever see even the
slightest admission of error  from the IAAD.  Here again the reasons are
self evident and all to obvious.  

     Do you have any comments or news about your claim of conflict of

Lexicor's Seiler:
     Only that the investigation is moving forward and an announcement or a
public information release will appear if and when that becomes

     Any closing comments?

Lexicor's Seiler:
     Yes!  Lexicor has some wonderful up grades and new programs in the
wings, as Lexicor fills the user base with the NOVA card there will be more
and more 24 bit applications available. As of now Mr. Siu will be returning
to Europe in a few weeks to preview some new and exciting software now
being reviewed for US release. In addition Lexicor at this years SIGGRAPH
on the Silicon Graphics-Craphics work station. With lexicor releasing SGI
applications in mid to late fall, and if all goes well ports of these same
applications to the SUN platform beginning in the spring of 1994. This
depends a bit on the Support of X-GL and OSMotif by SUN.


> BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST'93 STR SHOW NEWS    "The Summertime Atari Event!"

                         1993 Blue Ridge ATARIFEST


The Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and Computer Studio
invite you to participate in the Fourth Annual Blue Ridge AtariFest
inbeautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  Show dates and times are:

                   Saturday July 24, 1993  10am - 6pm
                   Sunday   July 25, 1993  Noon - 5pm

Just as in previous years, we have arranged for FREE Booth space for Atari
developers!!  (We're only requesting the donation of a door prize).

We can promise both developers and show-goers an energetic and exciting
show with as enthusiastic a crowd of Atarians as you'll find anywhere, plus
the support of Computer Studio in the mall.

We're once again taking over the Courtyard Shop (mall) area at Westgate
Shopping Center for the show (location of Computer Studio), plus the use of
vacant store spaces for seminar sessions.  Seminar sessions will be 45
minutes in length, and developers are welcome to conduct a seminar on their
product line or approved topic of their choice (seminar sessions are
limited, so first come, first served).

This year's show dates also coincide with Asheville's annual Bele Chere
street festival, when downtown Asheville is closed to vehicular traffic and
becomes what must be one of the largest street fairs in the country. 
Westgate Shopping Center is one of the primary Park-and-Ride shuttle
centers for transporting people to and from downtown, and we've arranged to
have the shuttle service pick up at the front entrance of the mall and drop
off at the rear entrance, so everyone taking the service from Westgate WILL
walk through the AtariFest exhibition area sometime during the day.  This
will be a great opportunity to showcase Atari and Atari related software
and peripherals, and introduce them to people who aren't already Atari
owners.  Bringing in NEW blood is the key to the growth of this platform,
and this will be our opportunity to begin that process with a captive

Additional discussions of the show, as well as confirmations of your
participation, are welcome in GEnieMail and in the Blue Ridge
AtariFest topic 13 in Category 11 here on GEnie.

                         HAPPY ATARI COMPUTING.
                                   IT'S HAPPENING IN ASHEVILLE!

Where: Westgate Shopping Center - Asheville, N.C.

Take any major highway into Asheville (US 19-23, US 26 or I-40) to the
I-240 loop, then take the "Westgate/Hilton Inn Drive exit" into the
Westgate Shopping Center parking lot.

                            When: 24-25, July 1993
                          Time: 10:am to 6:pm SAT
                               12 Noon 'til 5pm SUN

Points of contact:


                  Come for a day or come for the weekend,
                      but do come and enjoy yourself.

Great Smokies Hilton Resort  Hilton Inn Drive        (704)254-3211
                 Toll-free reservation phone number 1-800-733-3211Radisson  
                 One Thomas Wolf Plaza    (704)252-8211
                 Rate: $62.00 per room (1-4 people)

          ====== Additional Hotel / Motel Information ===========

Days Inn                       I-26 and Airport Road     (704)684-2281
                               I-40 Exit 55              (704)298-5140

Econo Lodge                    US 70 East, I-40 Exit 55  (704)298-5519

Holiday Inn                    275 Smoky Park Hwy        (704)667-4501
                   Toll-free reservation phone number    1-800-HOLIDAY

Red Roof Inn                   I-40 and US 19-23 Exit 44 (704)667-9803
                   Toll-free reservation phone number   1-800-843-7663

Budget Motel                    I-40 Exit 44 (Enka-Chandler)
                                  West Asheville Exit    (704)665-2100

Best Western Asheville Central  22 Woodfin St            (704)253-1851

       ========= Local Bed & Breakfast lodging Information =========

Aberdeen Inn                64 Linden Ave                (704)254-9336
Albemarle Inn               86 Edgemont Road             (704)255-0027
Applewood Manor             62 Cumberland Circle         (704)254-2244
The Bridle Path Inn        Lockout Road                  (704)252-0035
Cairn Brae B & B           217 Patton Mountain Rd        (704)252-9219
Carolina B & B             177 Cumberland Ave            (704)254-3608
Cedar Crest Victorian Inn  674 Biltmore Ave              (704)252-1289
Corner Oak Manor            53 St. Dunstan               (704)253-3525
Cornerstone Inn            230 Pearson Dr                (704)253-5644
Flint Street Inn           100 & 116 Flint Street        (704)253-6723
The Lion and The Rose      276 Montford Ave              (704)255-7673
The Ray House B & B         83 Hillside St               (704)252-0106
Reed House                 119 Dodge St                  (704)274-1604
The Wright Inn             235 Pearson Drive             (704)251-0789]

A more complete listing of Bed & Breakfasts can be obtained through the
Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Reservations should be made immediately, as July is the height of our
tourist season.

                ===========  CAMP GROUNDS ================

           (reservations are a must during this time of season):

Mount Pisgah:
     About 20 miles southwest of Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway at
mile post 408.6 (National Park Service). 690 acres. Elevation 5000'. One of
the nicest campgrounds in Western North Carolina. 67 tent sites, 70 RV
sites. For reservations: P.O.Box 749, Watnesville, N.C. 28786; phone (704)
235-9109. No showers. Groceries and restaurant. Nature program.  14 day
stay limit.

Lake Powhatan:
     4 miles south of Asheville on State road 191, 3.5 miles west on SR
806. 30 acres. 98 tent/rv sites. Reservation available thru Mistix
1-800-283-CAMP. Disposal station. No showers. Swimming; lifeguard; fishing;
nature trails; bicycles. 14-day stay limit.

     While in the area, you might want to consider a little sightseeing,
and include a visit to the Biltmore House here in Asheville (the largest
single family residence ever built in the U.S.--its a "castle"). A visit to
the Biltmore can be a full-day's activity as you will want to view the
house, visit the winery, and walk some of the grounds and gardens.


          The House 9 am to 6pm         The Gardens 9am to 7pm
                         Conservatory 9am to 5:30pm 
          The Winery Monday-Saturday   11am to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

     Other areas of interest include; the Thomas Wolf home (adjacent to the
Raddison), the Blue Ridge Parkway and Folk Art Center. A drive up the Blue
ridge Parkway to enjoy the higher elevations and incredible views of our
mountains. Perhaps a hike up to Mount Pisgah and look back down to
Asheville(you can see Mt. Pisgah from most anywhere in Asheville).  A short
drive from Mt. Pisgah will take you to Sliding Rock (for those of you
travelling with kids who are still kids at heart), the Cradle of Forestry
(first forest school in the country), waterfalls, trout hatchery, etc. For
the adventurous, white water rafting  on the Natahala River near Bryson
City (approx one and a half hours from here).

     There's obviously loads more to see and do around Asheville (in
addition to the Blue Ridge AtariFest and a visit to Computer Studio :-). If
any of y'all would like maps and additional tourist info of the area I
might suggest contacting the Chamber of Commerce:

                    Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
                            151 Haywood Street
                               P.O. Box 1010
                            Asheville, NC 28802
                      704-258-6111 FAX: (704)251-0926

The Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and Computer STudio
invite you to participate in the fourth annual Blue Ridge AtariFest on
Saturday, July 24 and Sunday July 25, 1993.  The show will take place in
the Courtyard Shop area of Westgate Shopping Center in Asheville, North
Carolina (Home of Computer STudio).  We are still signing up additional
exhibitors, but those who have already made a firm committment to attend
include (Alphabetical Listing):

 Atari Corp/Applied Audio Marketing . Atari's Southeast Regional
                                      Representatives will be on hand
                                      to let you know what's going on
                                      in the Atari world, especially
                                      here in the Southest U.S.

 Accusoft-ST ........................ PD/Shareware Software (Desktop
                                      Publishing Clip Art Libraries)

 Barefoot Software .................. Professional MIDI Software
                                      applications (SMPTETrack,
                                      EditTrack Platinum, GenEdit, EZ
                                      Score Plus, etc.)

 Binary Ink ......................... David St Martin will discuss his
                                      own desktop publishing business
                                      and conduct informative seminars
                                      on "Marketing Your DTP Skills"
                                      and "Newsletter Desktop

 Codehead Technologies .............. Productivity software &
                                      enhancements (G+Plus, MultiDesk       
                                      Deluxe, HotWire, CodeHead
                                      Utilities, Warp 9, Calligrapher,
                                      MaxiFile, Lookit & Popit, Avant
                                      Vector, MegaPaint, TOS Extension
                                      Card, etc.)

 Computer STudio .................... Visit a 'real' Atari Dealership
                                      in the mall (Atari computer
                                      systems, software and

 DMC Publishing ..................... Desktop Publishing System
                                      Solultions (Calamus/SL, PKS
                                      Write, Outline Art, Invision
                                      Elite, tms Cranach Studio, etc.)

 GEnieLamp/GEnie .................... Telecommunications and
                                      Electronic Publishing

 JV Enterprises ..................... Developers of low-cost
                                      license-ware software and games.

 Lexicor Software ................... Professional animation and
                                      rendering software (Prism Paint,
                                      Phoenix Render, Meridian, etc.)

 MagicSoft .......................... Entertainment Software (New
                                      products unveiling!)

 Missionware Software ............... (Flash II, lottODDS, Printer
                                      Initializer, etc.)

 STReport Online Magazine ........... Electronic Online Magazine

Showtimes are 10am - 6pm on Saturday, and noon-5pm on Sunday.  Seminar
sessions will be scheduled throughout the show.

Since this year's show coincides with Asheville's annual Bele Chere Street
Festival, we are not having a Saturday evening banquet, but are instead
encouraging guests to hop the shuttle bus at the front entrance of the mall
and spend Saturday evening downtown enjoying the outdoor festivities (live
entertainment, food booths of all types, dancing, etc.).

Advance registration is only $3; or $4 at the door.  Additional information
about the show and Asheville's Bele Chere festival will be mailed to all
who pre-register in advance.  Door prize winners will also be selected from
registered guests (you need not be present at the time of the drawing to
win).  Advance registration checks should made out to "COMPUTER STUDIO" and
mailed to:

            Computer STudio
            Westgate Shopping Center
            40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
            Asheville, NC  28806

 For additional information, please contact either:

     Sheldon Winick                     Cliff Allen, Show Coord.
     GEnie:  S.WINICK                   GEnie:  C.ALLEN17
     Computer STudio                    Internet:  CALLEN@UNCA.EDU
     Westgate Shopping Center           phone:  (704) 258-3758
     40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
     Asheville, NC  28806
     (704) 251-0201 
   |                                                                 |
   |       """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""        |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Name:  ______________________________________________________  |
   |                                                                 |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Address:  ___________________________________________________  |
   |                                                                 |
   |                                                                 |
   |  City:  ______________________  ST: ______  ZIP: _____________  |
   |                                                                 |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Telephone:  (_______) _______________________________________  |
   |                                                                 |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Please enclose a separate registration form  for each person,  |
   |  and  return to us  at the  following address  along with your  |
   |  check in the amount of  $3.00 per person  ($4.00 at the show)  |
   |  made payable to "COMPUTER STUDIO":                             |
   |                                                                 |
   |        Computer STudio                                          |
   |        Westgate Shopping Center                                 |
   |        40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D                            |
   |        Asheville, NC  28806                                     |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Alternate Credit Card Payment Method:                          |
   |  """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""                          |
   |                                                                 |
   |  __ MasterCard   __ VISA   __ Discover    __ American Express   |
   |                                                                 |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Credit Card Number:  ________________________________________  |
   |                                                                 |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Expiration Date:  ___________________________________________  |
   |                                                                 |
   |                                                                 |
   |  Authorized Signature:  ______________________________________  |
   |                                                                 |


                           THE NOVA GRAPHICS CARD


It's  me again  Yat Siu from  Lexicor Software  Europe. I  have a wonderful
announcement to make!

Lexicor Software is glad  to announce that they have  acquired distribution
rights to  the NOVA Card.  The Nova Card  comes in essentially  5 different
versions. Lexicor Software Products that run on the NOVA Card are:

XENOMORPH-3D  (works 100%)  all  functions Cyber  Colour  (works 100%)  all
functions Prism Paint (works 100%)  v.1.1, 1.5 and the soon to  be released
2.0  CHRONOS-3D Newest Version (works 100%) You  can even RENDER in any rez
at 8bit GENESIS (works 100%) Render 24 (works 100%) 

Utility Disk (?) I haven't checked all the utilities but nearly ALL
appear  to  work.    And since  it  has  an  own  VDI  Driver,  most  Atari
Applications that  are written  cleanly should work  just fine. Now  to the
availability  and the  prices,  Lexicor  users get  a  special  price as  I
understand and for those who buy our  Software bundled, they too will get a
special price. I have listed  them into Lexicor and Non Lexicor  and listed
the price respectively below. I hope the formatting works now! :)

Type of  NOVA Card          Prices: LEXICOR  User       Prices: NON-LEXICOR
of CARD:
NOVA Mega 32K            300 U$D                  360 U$D
32,768 Colors for any Mega ST BUS

Nova Mega 16M            400 U$D                  490 U$D
16,7 Million Colors for your Mega ST BUS

Nova VME 32K             429 U$D                  560 U$D
32,768 Colors for any Mega STE or TT VME

Nova VME 16M             529 U$D                  699 U$D
16,7 Million Colors for any Mega STE or TT VME

Super NOVA               999 U$D                 1199 U$D
Excellence and brilliance! Requires a VME Bus Mega STE or TT

If  you own  an ST  or a  regular STE  (eg.1040, 520)  then with  a special
adaptor you can connect the Mega BUS versions on your ST, STE. Price of the
adaptor however is to date not known.

Transport is not included, add another 30-40 dollars depending on how quick
you wish to have a delivery.

Prices are Subject to possible change but unlikely.

To the specs of the Card now: All the NOVA Cards, 16M, 32k VME or Mega  BUS
have this in common:

1.Max Pixeltakt:        90 Mhz

2.Video RAM             1 Megabyte

3.Ramtype               DRAM

4.Has Virtual Resolutions

5.Automatic Rez Switch

6.Upgrade Possibility

7.VDI for its Colors (16M have 24bit VDI, 32k have 32K VDI)

8.All have a Videomode Generator

9.All go up to 1024*768 in 72Hz in 2/16/256 Colors

The Max rez  in 16,7  Million colors  for the 16M  VME is  640*480 and  the
MegaBUS  is 640*400.  The  Max rez for BUS version  is 1024*768 and for VME
version is 1088*832 at 70 Hz. The Max rez at 32k colors for BUS  version is
768*512 and VME version is 800*600.

The SUPERNOVA is a dream Card for a dream Price!!!Max Mhz is 135 MHZ with
16,7 Million colors at 800*600, 32k colors at 1024*768, Absolute Max at 256
Colors max is 1280 * 1024. Ram type is VRAM unlike the NOVA standard DRAM
and has 2 Megabytes of VRAM.  It has everything that regular NOVA's have
AND has a hardware speedup, making it even quicker!

Naturally, Virtual Resolutions possible!

This is  a  very, very  fine  card and  is  to  my knowledge  the  cheapest
available Graphics Card for your Atari. The Crazy Dots which we so promoted
before is still a fine card, but proved to be less compatible than the NOVA
making for Lexicor Software the NOVA Card be the preferred choice.

Please, as this is  a service of Lexicor  Europe which needs to  import and
may  run  out of  stock,  consider  a maximum  delivery  time  of 6  weeks,
depending  on  your  preferred choice  of  delivery  (Ground,  Air, UPS  or


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> LEXICOR & THE IAAD STR Spotlight                "FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL"

                      JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!


To Whom It May Concern:
This past week, Lee Seiler of Lexicor posted a message on CompuServe
concerning his company's expulsion from the IAAD.  That message was
repeated in this weekend's issue of ST Report along with an interview with
Mr. Seiler and an editorial on the same subject by the publisher, Ralph
"Is this the sort of thing Atari needs in the public spotlight at this
time?" Mr. Mariano asks in that editorial.  Certainly, the IAAD does not
think so, and we would never have embarrassed Mr. Seiler with a public
discussion of his situation if his post and interview had not demanded a
public response.  Mr. Mariano continues: "The time has come to 'clear the
air' and bring an end to the innuendo, claims and counter claims."  We
All applicants to the IAAD sign a vow of confidentiality upon admittance to
the organization.  The private nature of our posts allows us to be candid
about our opinions, the conditions of our companies, our visions of the
future.  It allows us to test out ideas on an audience of peers.  It
establishes a bond of trust between members which can lead to cooperative
projects, exchanges of technology, etc. even between direct competitors. 
Some of our discussion involves matters covered under our non-disclosure 
agreements as registered Atari developers, and thus we have an obligation
-- not only to each other, but also to Atari -- to keep these exchanges
confidential.  Lee Seiler of Lexicor has signed a pledge of
  As Mr. Seiler indicated in the STR interview, the IAAD had experienced a
breach of confidentiality in early May when John Cole of Lexicor sent a
letter to an Atari employee which related the content of one of my own
confidential messages.  Lee Seiler subsequently held a lengthy phone
conversation with the same Atari employee, who later reported to us that he
had learned more about our private posts during this conversation.  Our
bylaws would have allowed Lexicor's expulsion on the basis of the letter 
or phone call alone, but the Board was not willing to take such drastic
action, and no charges were brought against either member.  Instead, I
posted openly in the IAAD Category concerning these violations and asked
Lee Seiler and John Cole to respond, which they both eventually did.  The
Board was satisfied with Mr. Cole's response and no further action was
deemed necessary.
Our openness about this situation had an unexpected result.  That very
weekend, ST Report reported that the IAAD had "dropped" Lexicor.  This was,
of course, inaccurate, and so I issued a correction.  I assumed that the
matter had been resolved.
Then, in late June, yet another instance alleging a violation of
confidentiality came to the Board's attention.  Lee Seiler of Lexicor was
immediately sent the following letter (John Cole and John Stanford were
copied on the letter):

 Dear Lee,
 In accordance with our bylaws, a Charge of Violation has been 
 brought against you by two members of the IAAD.  The Charge 
 alleges that you have distributed your logon and password to a 
 person who is not a member of our organization.  This is a 
 serious allegation; if it is proven founded, your company could 
 lose membership in the IAAD.
 Because the Charge involves your GEnie account, your access to 
 the IAAD's private Category has been temporarily denied pending 
 the completion of an investigation by the Board of the IAAD.  The 
 Board's paramount obligation in this matter is to protect the 
 confidentiality of our members' messages.
 If you wish to respond to the Charge, please reply to PERMIT$ via 
 GEMail.  You will be informed of the outcome of the Board's 
 investigation when it has been completed.
 D.A. Brumleve, President
 Independent Association of Atari Developers
In the STReport interview, Mr. Seiler is quoted as saying: "We were never
given an opportunity to defend against the charges..." However, as my
letter above indicates, Mr. Seiler was indeed encouraged to respond to the
charges, by sending a letter to the PERMIT$ account (a direct link to the
Board of the IAAD).
In the interview, Mr. Mariano asks Lee Seiler if he had asked to be heard
on the charges.  He responds: "Well I did not, but only because Mr. Cole
was/is responsible for all Atari related matters.  Since this was an
obvious Atari matter I instructed him to take care of the problem."  
John Cole did indeed write a brief letter to PERMIT$, but Mr. Cole was not
charged with any violation and had no first-hand knowledge of the matter. 
Mr. Cole explained in this letter that he could not respond on Mr. Seiler's
behalf, saying: "I cannot answer for Lee on this, since all I can say is
that I have not allowed anyone access to any of Lexicor's passwords or
account #'s.  I will relay this by phone to Lee for his attention."
In Mr. Seiler's post on CIS, he writes: "As far as we can determine, we
were summarily charged, suspended, then executed and removed from the IAAD,
excluding from this process the most important people, the defendant,
Lexicor Software."  But it is not the IAAD who excluded Mr. Seiler from the
process; it was, in fact, his own _choice_...
Instead of writing to PERMIT$, Mr. Seiler responded to my letter by sending
me a _personal_ letter.  He stated in that letter that I should _not_ share
it with the Board.  He also stated very clearly that he would not attempt
to defend himself.
Since Mr. Seiler had no intention of mounting a defense, the Board saw no
need to risk another incident of botched reporting of our proceedings in
online magazines by revealing further details of the evidence against him. 
Per Mr. Seiler's instructions, I did not share his letter with the Board,
so the Board had to make a decision regarding this matter on the basis 
of the _physical_ evidence alone.
That evidence was a videotape purportedly made by Mr. Seiler.  It came to
us from a non-IAAD member who reported that he had received it in the mail
and that he'd also discussed the tape with another non-member who had
likewise received a copy.  In the videotape, the LEXICOR account logs on to
GEnie and composes a letter to me.  I actually had received this exact same
letter from the LEXICOR account, signed "Lee", on May 25, 1993.  The 
letter even states that the session is being videotaped.  There were also
some public exchanges on CIS about this same videotape.  We therefore have
very good reason to believe that the videotape is not a forgery, but rather
a recording of a genuine online session.
The videotape contains LEXICOR's account number and password.
On the basis of this evidence, the Board voted unanimously to discontinue
Lexicor's membership in the IAAD.  We notified Lee Seiler with the
following message:

 As you are aware, a Charge of Violation has alleged that you  distributed
your logon and password to non-members.  The Board of  Directors of the
IAAD has determined that this Charge is founded.  Today, the Board has
voted unanimously to expel Lexicor from the IAAD.  It would be
unconscionable to place John  Cole and John Stanford in a position in which
they must keep  professional secrets from you.  Therefore, all three
Lexicor accounts have been permanently barred from our organization.
 D.A. Brumleve
 President, IAAD
In his post on CIS, Mr. Seiler states: "We have not been informed of any
limitations to our 'expulsion' from the IAAD, whether there is a time limit
or if it is permanent."  I don't think the Board can make itself any
clearer on this point than it has in the letter above.
Mr. Seiler did not request any further clarification upon receipt of this
Membership in the IAAD is a privilege.  It can be a great benefit to
individual members, but it is not an essential right; there are, in fact,
plenty of developers who have been successful in this marketplace without
participating in our organization.  Admittance decisions are easy, but
expulsion decisions are _not_ taken lightly.  A charge of violating
confidentiality is most troubling to all involved.  We deeply regret losing
the insightful participation of John Cole and John Stanford as a result of
Mr. Seiler's actions.  We will miss them a great deal.  No one can be happy
with an outcome of this kind, and we most certainly are not; at the same
time, we do stand by our decision.
Our Board is made up of very distinct personalities with very diverse
opinions.  I would like to make it clear that all decisions in regard to
the handling of this matter, including the publication of this letter, have
been unanimous.
                              D.A. Brumleve, President
                              Independent Association of Atari Developers

Editor Note:
     While there is no disagreement in principle, a number of questions
need to be addressed;
     a) - Who.... is PERMIT$??  Name names, who are the people who see      
          anything sent to this address on GEnie?  Aren't ALL GEnie sysops
          in the STRT also able to view any mail sent to this GEnie         
          address?  If so, why then should Lexicor send their defensive     
          statements to this address and expect fair treatment?
     b) - Did the IAAD (Its board of Directors) actually view this tape     
          recording or did they rely upon hearsay?  If it was hearsay, how
          can anyone possibly have faith in anything further the IAAD has   
          to say or do?
     c) - Why is the IAAD so secretive?  Name Lexicor's accusers and      
          judges.  Let the rest of the Atari community know who is actually
          involved and to what extent.  After all, if "knowing your         
          accusers" is good enough for the USA, it should be good enough    
          for the IAAD.  Besides, its a Constitutional Right in the USA.    
          If foreign "developers" wish to do business in the USA, they 
          should abide by our laws.
     d) - Nathan Potechin of ISD/DMC, Darlah's Husband and admittedly 
          on the Board of Directors of the IAAD; Did he or did he not "sit
          in judgement of Lexicor" and if so, why didn't he voluntarily 
          abstain from participating in the proceedings since he is in
          direct competition with Lexicor?  After all, this too could 
          possibly constitute a further escalation of the "Conflict of
          Interest" charges already levied.


> ATARI UNITED! STR InfoFile            "Support for everyone!"

Mountain  View,  California--July  13,  1993--In response to  a  growing
demand  for a centralized information source regarding  users,  vendors,
and  developers,  several  Atari TOS computer owners have  formed  ATARI
UNITED!  to  fill  that need.   As the Atari market has gone  through 
aperiod of decline in recent years, many Atari computer owners have found
themselves  out of touch with the remaining Atari community.   That  has
created  a widespread problem of isolated Atari users,  who have  little
contact with other Atari users,  or with the developers and vendors  who
could  best  help them with their software and  hardware  needs.   ATARI
UNITED!  has been organized to end that isolation,  and bring the  Atari
community closer together.

--User Group Support--

The  first  task  ATARI  UNITED! faces is  the  creation  of  a  single,
comprehensive  database of all Atari TOS computer  owners,  vendors  and
developers.   A  progressively  more aggressive outreach  campaign  will
begin  with  contacting  every known Atari User Group  in  the  USA  and
soliciting  their  members to register with ATARI  UNITED!.   From  that
foundation,  ATARI  UNITED!  will work with those user groups  to  build
their  memberships  through  the  use  of  inexpensive  advertising  and
marketing techniques.   That relationship between ATARI UNITED!  and the
user groups will be developed into a basic network for the two-way  flow
of information and news.   The Atari User Groups have always been a rich
source of expertise and talent,  and ATARI UNITED!  wants to insure that
such a resource is maintained.

--Confidentiality Assured--

As the database grows,  ATARI UNITED!  will offer its information to the
developer  and  vendor communities for use in better reaching  the  user
community.    That  information  will,   however,   not  be  sold.   The
confidentiality  of  the  user  community will  not  be  compromised  by
allowing the data to leave the direct control of ATARI UNITED!.  Vendors
and developers will be required to provide ATARI UNITED! with prestamped
mailing materials.   ATARI UNITED!  will then afix the specified  labels
and mail them.  Additionally, when an Atari TOS computer owner registers
with  ATARI  UNITED!,   they  will  have  the  option  of  having  their
information witheld from any external marketing efforts.

--Disk Magazine Planned--

ATARI UNITED! plans to issue a quarterly disk-based magazine, with press
releases,  program reviews and previews, program demos and as much other
information  as will fit on the disk.   Individuals who wish to  receive
the  disk magazine will be charged a minimal subscription fee.   As  the
Atari  market  grows  in response to wider  distribution  of  the  Atari
Falcon030,  it is expected that future issues of the disk magazine  will
occasionally be multi-disk issues.

--Future Expansion--

Other  projects  for ATARI UNITED!  are in the  discussion  stages,  but
future  plans may possibly include the establishment of a User  Feedback
service,  where members will be given an opportunity to provide feedback
to  companies  in  the Atari community by  participating  in  nationwide
surveys.   In addition, ATARI UNITED! is investigating a 24 hour hotline
for members interested in locating users groups,  dealers, developers or
even other individual users in any specific area of the country.


The overall focus for ATARI UNITED!  will be to locate and bring support
to the isolated owner,  and to build a network for the mutual support of
Atari  user groups across the USA.   ATARI UNITED!  intends to have  the
ability to provide Atari Corporation, Atari dealers and Atari developers
with solid information about Atari users,  to help them better meet  the
needs of the the Atari community.

Atari  TOS computer owners who wish to register individually with 
ATARIUNITED!  may do so by contacting their local user group,  or by 
sending the following information to:

P.O. Box 691
Mountain View, CA  94042-0691

If your local user group has not been contacted by us,  please give them
this news release and encourage your officers to register the group with
us to benefit from our growing network!

ATARI UNITED! fully encourages all Atari computer owners to join a local
user group.  There is nothing like local support!


Name (Last, First, MI):  _________________________________________
Mailing Address:         _________________________________________
City, State, Zip:        _________________________________________

Computer Model:          ___ 520 ST     ___ 520 STe    ___ TT
                         ___ 1040 ST    ___ 1040 STe   ___ F030
                         ___ Mega ST    ___ Mega STe

Computer Serial Number:  _________________________________________

User Group (if a member):_________________________________________

For further information, contact:

Patti Barbiero                               Gordie Meyer
P.O. Box 691                                 P.O. Box 1982
Mountain View, CA 94042-0691       or        Ames, IA  50010-1982
(415) 903-9787                               (515) 232-1627               


> STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

Messages from Delphi about the Lexicor/Nathan/IAAD matter

56856 9-JUL 21:42  CPU/STR Newswire
     Lexicor saga
     From: DPJ          To: ALL

 I must admit that although I'm really not surprised to read it, I am
 shocked to learn of the alleged expulsion of Lexicor Software from
 the IAAD.  What is going on in today's Atari market when developers and    
 major supporter are attacking and "punishing" each other??
 Obviously, there is more to this story than we've seen so far
 online and in STReport.  But, to accuse, try, convict, and hang
 someone without "due process" seems more like McCarthyism than
 the U.S. in the 1990's!

 It appears that Lexicor was expelled for supplying someone with
 the Lexicor password to access GEnie, and specifically the
 private IAAD area.  Maybe it's just me, but if someone wanted
 to see what was going on in the IAAD area on GEnie, an IAAD
 member could have just as easily have supplied a capture rather
 than give out access.

 It "appears" to me, as came out in the Seiler interview, that
 this is more a business/political expulsion than anything.
 With the ongoing problems involving certain parties on GEnie
 (and involved with the IAAD) with Lexicor; this seems to be a
 continuation/acceleration of those problems and a seemingly
 foolish resolution - an unfair one at that.

 I, for one, want to learn more of this and I feel that IAAD
 representatives who were involved in this decision process
 make the facts public.  I believe that the userbase has a
 right to know why these things are occurring.  Is Lexicor
 being scapegoated?  Have they committed transgressions?  What
 is going on here?

 Dorothy, as president of the IAAD, can you provide some
 answers for us?

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine
             (sadly disturbed by apparent lynch-mob acts)

56880 10-JUL 01:14 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56856)
     From: NORMW        To: DPJ

The IAAD does not "gang up" on another Atari developer.  You have my word
that what was done was for good and solid reasons, and that's all you are
entitled to know.  Sorry, Dana, but you are making wild accusations based
solely on what one person has said to you.


56888 10-JUL 10:12 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56880)
     From: DPJ          To: NORMW

I would hope that what you've said is true, Norm, as far as "ganging up"; I
don't think that the IAAD did that as it sounds.  I'm not sure what "good
and solid reasons" signifies, but it does sound as if Lexicor has no clue.
I'm basing my opinions on the open letter written by Seiler, and the
interview in STReport.  I have not talked with anyone about this, if you're
implying that I've talked solely with Ralph.  I do have some thoughts on
the matter, but without anything solid, they'll remain just thoughts.  I
do, however, think that the Atari public does have a right to know about
this matter.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

56916 11-JUL 01:45 CPU/STR Newswire     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56888)
     From: NORMW        To: DPJ

No, Dana, my implication was that you had only spoken with Lee.  I assume
that Ralph's information would have also come from Lee.


56936 11-JUL 12:56 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56916)
     From: DPJ          To: NORMW

Nope, I've spoken to no one about this up until now.  I did talk briefly
with Ralph this morning (he called to see if I had melted yet!), but really
didn't discuss any specifics, just generalized stuff.

But, to try and continue this conversation, let me preface my opinions with
the fact that I am not a personally big fan of Lee Seiler, the person.  I
don't know him, but I was raked over the coals quite a bit some months ago
on another network because of his problems with ABCO.  In my attempts to
help smooth things over, I was accused of many things.  So, there is
absolutely nothing in this current matter that affects me _personally_ - I
have no reason to support him other than I feel an Atari developer is being
dealt a raw deal.

I admit to not knowing all of the facts; in fact, I just know Lee's side of
it.  But, there seems to be a lot of smoke being released meaning that
there's fire.  Isn't it ironic that a few weeks ago we reported Lexicor's
expulsion from the IAAD, and now it's happened?  Perhaps the "groundwork"
for this was "laid" those few weeks ago and finally came about.

My opinion is that there was/is a major problem between two IAAD members
(or more).  It also appears that Lexicor is/was taking quite a bit of heat
for publicly voicing opinions about this problem on the onlines (and
subsequently reported in STReport).  Could this possibly be a "violation"
of IAAD "conduct" rules and Lexicor ultimately booted because of it? It
sounds to me that Lee and possibly others at Lexicor are standing up for
what he/they believe in and being punished because of it.  If I'm even
partially correct in my assumption, I think this stinks.  I'll repeat my
earlier opinion: we don't need to see Atari developers involved in these
kinds of problems, especially among themselves.  The market is bad enough;
we can't afford to lose support people through "in-house" fighting!

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

56941 11-JUL 14:08 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56936)

I can agree with one thing.. Atari can't afford to lose Lexicor's support,
and maybe the IAAD takes itself a little too seriously, but, like everyone
else, I don't know the details. I hope this won't affect future offerings
from them.  (And I guess STR gets credit for figuring out that there were
problems a while ago! :)  ).


56961 11-JUL 18:51 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56950)
     From: CMILLAR      To: DPJ 

 While this is certainly an "interesting" situation, I really don't foresee
 Lexicor dropping Atari support.  Even if the IAAD were to "black-ball"
 Lexicor, which I highly doubt would happen, Lexicor remains too important
 to Atari.

 It doesn't take much effort to see that Lexicor and Atari have apparently
 worked together very closely for some time.  Thus, they will most likely
 always have Atari's support.

 Whether this has an adverse effect on the IAAD or its members remains to
 be seen.  In the meantime, while the situation is somewhat un-nerving,
 I hardly feel that it is something to worry about all too much.

 - Chris

56971 11-JUL 21:32 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56961)
     From: DPJ          To: CMILLAR

How can you possibly say that the situation is un-nerving and then in the
same breath feel it's nothing to worry about?  Are you saying that this is
something so insignificant that we should all forget about it?  What about
the folks at Lexicor?  Should they not be concerned?  If Lexicor is too
important to Atari, why can't the same thing be said about their
relationship with the IAAD?  Neither Atari, the IAAD, nor Lexicor needs any
potential adverse effects from this.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

56983 12-JUL 00:11 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56971)
     From: CMILLAR      To: DPJ

 I say it is un-nerving because it is relatively easy to fantasize
 about all the potential "bad things" which could occur as a result
 of what happened.  But, _because_ of Lexicor's close ties with Atari,
 I feel that Lexicor's support of the Atari computer line will not
 miss a beat.

 - Chris

56989 12-JUL 07:51 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56983)
     From: RMARIANO     To: CMILLAR


    They said the same things about Word Perfect, Mark Williams C
UltraScript, TIMEWORKS etc.  sheeesh.....  The Lexicor matter is quite
serious.  It proves many things.  As for truth.. one can call truth as such
but of course, it depends upon the "source of truth" and what that source's
connection into the matter is.


ps; those companies/products mentioned all were involved in
    controversy of one type or another.... they soon left the
    platform following their respective incidents.

56992 12-JUL 08:15 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56936)

You will be pleased to learn that you are not even partially correct Dana.
Look for a factual statement from the President of the IAAD shortly.

Nathan @ DMC

56993 12-JUL 08:17 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56950)

Your earlier story was wrong so naturally it was discredited.

Nathan @ DMC

56999 12-JUL 10:39 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56972)
     From: DPJ          To: BRYEDEWAARD

Actually, I wasn't looking for a pat on the back for STReport.  I was just
pointing out that STReport had taken some grief for the earlier story and
it turns out that we were indeed correct.  I have no idea whether or not
Lexicor has "done something" wrong or not.  The point is that unless it was
something utterly disastrous, I don't think the punishment "fits the
crime."  I realize that the IAAD has its rules and whatnot, but it appears
that this was carried out all too swiftly, without Lexicor's ability to
relate their side.  I also hope that we'll learn the whole truth soon.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57000 12-JUL 10:42 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56983)
     From: DPJ          To: CMILLAR

How about Atari's close ties with the IAAD?  Is it possible that one set of
ties will override the other?  Obviously I'm hypothesizing here, but the
potential for damage is there.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57001 12-JUL 10:46 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56985)
     From: DPJ          To: NORMW

I don't mean to put you on the spot, Norm.  I realize that you're limited
to what you can say by your obligations to the IAAD.  It is this obligation
which leads me to believe that this is part of this current problem.  By
Lexicor's standing up for what it believes, and saying so, it may have
"helped" lead to their expulsion.  If so, I think the expulsion was
overkill.  Just my opinion...

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57003 12-JUL 10:50 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56992)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING

That's what I'm waiting to see, Nathan.  Actually, I wish that I wasn't
going to see any statement, from either party.  This event doesn't bode
well for the Atari market, in any case.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57007 12-JUL 12:45 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57003)
     From: DABRUMLEVE   To: DPJ

I have uploaded a file (LEX_RESP.LZH) to serve as a correction to this
week's coverage in STR of Lexicor's expulsion from the IAAD.

57012 12-JUL 19:07 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57007)
     From: DPJ          To: DABRUMLEVE

Thank you for posting the IAAD side of this issue, Dot.  But please, if you
read the "coverage" in this past issue of STReport, you realize that all
that was published was a statement by Lexicor and an interview with Lee
Seiler.  Before I make further comment, I'd like to read the other half.
Again, thank you.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57024 12-JUL 20:23 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: IAAD response
     From: DPJ          To: ALL

 After reading both the IAAD response and the message from Ron
 Luks on CIS, I have to agree with Ron by stating that a more
 complete account is called for in this.  It's my opinion that
 this entire situation started because of the "conflict of
 interest" story STReport reported a few weeks ago.  It is
 also my opinion that Lee Seiler did _not_ violate any rules
 of confidentiality by his use of a videotape showing his
 lack of access to GEnie (you know what I mean).  It appears
 that Seiler used a fake password while taping his online
 session.  He sent two tapes to two reputable members of the
 Atari community: Bob Brodie and Ron Luks. One of them didn't
 even look at the tape!  It seems that Seiler was doing whatever
 he could to prove to people that his statements about losing
 his flags, etc. were reality.  What better way to do so then
 to show it?

 As to why he hadn't replied in the fashion that the IAAD
 requested, I'm really not sure.  Perhaps he felt that he
 got nowhere before with his allegations, so why would it
 help now.

 In any case, I seriously feel that nothing confidential was
 revealed to non-IAAD members.  I also feel that not only should
 the entire story be told, from start to now; and
 that this expulsion should be rescinded.  I also feel that
 there needs to be a private conversation between Seiler
 and Dorothy so that Lee can present his entire side of the
 story, if he hasn't already.

 As I mentioned many times earlier, the Atari userbase is
 small enough already without these kinds of reactions.  We
 need to remain unified on all fronts.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57053 13-JUL 07:25 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 56999)

I guess you misunderstood the first time. At the time that STReport
carried that earlier story that Lexicor was no longer in the IAAD, the
story was FALSE! I don't think I can make that any clearer. Please read
Dorothy's response.

Nathan @ DMC

57055 13-JUL 07:26 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57000)

Not to worry, the relationship between Atari and the IAAD has not changed
at all.

Nathan @ DMC

57056 13-JUL 07:28 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57001)

You are entitled to your opinion, even when it is wrong Dana. "Lexicor
standing up for what it believes"? PLEASE! What ARE you talking about? Read
Dorothy's response.

Nathan @ DMC

57057 13-JUL 07:29 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57003)

I believe you Dana. I'd never accuse you or Ralph of making an issue out of
someone else's misery or misfortune.

This event was about Lee Seiler and the IAAD, not about Atari. Please read
Dorothy's response.

Nathan @ DMC

57059 13-JUL 07:31 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57007)

Thanks Dorothy. Between Lee Seiler, last weeks STReport and Dana, a
correction was certainly necessary.

Nathan @ DMC

Enter FOLLOW for related Message(s).

57060 13-JUL 07:38 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57059)

Correction???   Try RESPONSE!

57061 13-JUL 07:50 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: IAAD response (Re: Msg 57023)

For what its worth...

     Of all the messages posted in this string relative to the IAAD
expulsion of Lexicor Software, this message is "the one" Nathan felt
compelled to prohibit from reprinting in any way shape or form.  As a
result, we are forced to resort to paraphrasing this particular message of
Nathan's.  He must've been "ashamed" of his behavior.  tsk, tsk.
     To commence with the proceedings, Nathan starts off by thanking Dana
in a cynical manner for having reposted Ron Luks' message from CompuServe. 
He then goes on to state that he feels its him that Mr. Luks refers to when
talking about a competitor of LEXICOR.  He then refers to a Cyrel video
card as something he offers for sale.  Thus, he admits he's in competition
with LEXICOR.  However, he makes no mention of the problem item that
started all this.  GEMview and its arrangements with the German author. 
This matter then blossomed into the full blown situation at hand with the
"CONFLICT OF INTEREST" charges being levied against Nathan and Darlah of
the now infamous "Nathan & Darlah Show" on genie in the STRT.  He then
states that he's been on the board of the IAAD since it was founded.  But
then.. does that really matter?

     At this point the perceived tone turns rather ugly and snide. 
Authoritive mention is made of the "slow" message bases in the Atari areas
on CIS. (TOTALLY PROVABLY FALSE) He then makes the "learned demographic"
representations of which services are more active than others. 
Disrespectfully dragging in CompuServe, Delphi and of course, genie where
his wife is a sysop and contract holder.  (HOW VERY CONVENIENT)  Needless
to say, he states that genie is by far the superior of all services
mentioned.  (SAID ON DELPHI NO LESS!)
     Speaking of bias, Nathan seems to have made sure to accuse Ron Luks of
being 'biased' for posting such a message.  In an obvious attempt to
amplify and support his baseless banter.. he raises a number of questions
of whether Luks is  "trying to hurt genie?"  Or, Nathan himself and then he
amazingly jumps, eloquently and totally, from the ridiculous to the
sublime.  Incredibly,  he suggests that it may be possible that Luks is in
cahoots with Seiler and STReport??? (A REAL CLASS ACT HERE FOLKS!!)

     At this point, Nathan seems to attempt casting Mr. Luks in a position
of being more than a sysop (SORTA LIKE THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE NAMES,
HOW MANY HATS DOES NATHAN WEAR WHEN NEEDED?).  Nathan seems to conveniently
forget its him and his wife Darlah, (Both sysops on genie in the STRT, she
the co-contract holder with Atari Corp.), against whom the charges of
Conflict of Interest have been placed.     Nathan blithely calls the
"Nathan & Darlah Show" a bogus allegation
nice to say this but who really believes this.  It appears Nathan is the
victim of a roaring case of amnesia.  There is over fifteen megabytes of
captures available to refresh his memory if need be.  From categories like
24, 26, 15, and 18.  That clearly demonstrate just how "entertaining" the
Nathan & Darlah Show really is.  Not to mention the ever present clique. 
All of which can clearly be substantiated by the captures including the
message numbering changes etc..

     Hilariously, he stated that STReport doesn't "like" him or Darlah
anymore since she "had enough" of STReport.

Editor Note:
Its really the other way 'round as far as we are concerned, we had had
enough of her intervention, manipulation and crude attempts at dictating
the content of STReport.  We decided enough was enough and resorted to
ignoring her and the clique.  Her reaction was more than self evident.

   Oddly enough he "tries" to say STReport is not available on genie when
in fact it is.  (So much for truth and accuracy.  STReport is sent to 331
users every week in genie Email and... I might add the subscriber list is
growing.  Oh! almost forgot... she also triumphantly did what she is ever
so famous for doing.. she killed the STReport Free Flags for her area.  But
that happens so often and to so many different people trying to support the
Atari platform that one is left to wonder who is really doing the platform
more harm;  her or, Nathan with his acidic posts.)
     Let's see now ah yes we are getting to the close of diatribe from our
friend, uh oh... now he's accusing me of being biased.  Gee... its sad to
see he feels the whole world is biased, he's accused me, Ron luks, Dana,
Lee Seiler and a host of others.  Isn't there a name for a person who
thinks the entire world's population is against him?   

Editor Note:
     I must apologize for any inaccuracies in this paraphrase of a rather
dubious post from Nathan... he refused permission to reprint it.  I tried
to offer the perception I noted as I read the original message.  I must
admit I was aghast at the tone.  To all the others its much nicer to be
able to reprint a message in its entirety as it promotes accuracy and good

57062 13-JUL 07:56 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: IAAD response (Re: Msg 57024)

Gee, it is really unfortunate that you and Ralph and Ron Luks and Lee
Seiler aren't on the board of the IAAD, then none of this would have

For the record, the expulsion of Lee Seiler form the IAAD had nothing
whatsoever to do with the bogus claims of conflict of interest published in
ST Report magazine. There was no conflict of interest, plain and simple.
There was definitely grounds to expel Lee from the IAAD. He was expelled.
End of story.


Nathan @ DMC

57063 13-JUL 07:57 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57033)

"Witch Hunt" tactics? What are you referring to please? Have you read
Dorothy's response?


Nathan @ DMC

57065 13-JUL 09:19 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57033)
     From: DPJ          To: SCARPAD (NR)

 I agree that Lexicor is a large contributor to the Atari
 community, Dave.  I also agree that the IAAD
 should reconsider its actions.  However, I feel that they
 over-reacted rather than call it a "witch hunt".  I think
 "due process" was hastily arrived at rather than give Lexicor
 plenty of time to respond.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57068 13-JUL 09:30 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57053)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING (NR)

Right, I read Dorothy's response.  The first time, Lexicor was not expelled
from the IAAD, just temporarily banned from the At that time, I feel that
Lexicor had every right to think they had been expelled, having no access
to the IAAD area.  The story may have been technically false, but the story
between the lines was essentially true.  The process leading up to
Lexicor's expulsion had started.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine 

57069 13-JUL 09:31 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57055)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING

And Lexicor's relationship with Atari and/or the IAAD?

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57070 13-JUL 09:36 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57056)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING

 Why am I wrong, Nathan?  Lexicor believes that there is a conflict
 of interest.  Please don't pretend that you don't know that
 problem still exists.  This conflict is the basis for all that has
 happened to Lexicor.  When I stated that "Lexicor standing up for
 what it believes" I am referring to Lexicor's attempts to prove to
impartial people (Bob & Ron) that there were problems with
 Lexicor's GEnie access.  The videotape was made to attempt to
 prove that.  The videotape contained a few innocuous messages
 to show that the tape wasn't "rigged" or whatever{  My opinions
 stand, like them or not, Nathan.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57071 13-JUL 10:04 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: IAAD response (Re: Msg 57061)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING


      You're really showing off your true colors now.  Remind me to go
 back to another earlier message that you accused me of underhandedness;
 I chose not to reply to that message but now I feel that I shall, along
 with this one.

 I re-posted Ron Luk's message because it was germane to the ongoing
 discussion here and I thought it brought out some good points.  You
 re-read the message and show me where it contains any biases.  Yes,
 I did so for "altruistic" reasons, to inform the userbase as is my
 role with STReport.

 Let me take a minute to respond to your off-topic nonsense comments.
 You mentioned that the Atari Forums on CIS are almost non-existent.
 You must have half the areas turned off because I call every day and
 have plenty of messages to read!  I call both Delphi and CIS at the
 same time period each day; I can certainly say that there are more
 messages there than on Delphi.  I don't mean to belittle Delphi; it's
 _my_ preferred online system of choice.  The message counts aren't
 that far off, however, on most days.  I can't verify GEnie's
 activity, nor do I really care.  I would guess that there are more
 messages there, however.  So, what were Ron's reasons for leaving
 that message?  How about the fact that he was the one that received
 one of the _two_ tapes that Lexicor sent out.  After viewing that
 tape, only yesterday, he made some observations about th HR,cC}vow
 -y{NOT! {Up until that pointoki], he had been fairly
 quiet about the whole thing.  But, you wouldn't be paranoid, would
 you?  Hmmm, Ron Luks and Ralph Mariano are going to hurt GEnie.  Do
 you mean that they are trying to hurt the Atari RT?  Sorry Nathan,
 you're doing a fine job of doing that yourself.  The politics that
 go on in that RT are simply amazing.

 Your comments at the end of your message about Lee Seiler were
 textbook perfect. I'm not surprised; you're probably elated at the

 I echo your closing sentiments, Nathan - I am disgusted as well.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57072 13-JUL 10:09 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57060)
     From: DPJ          To: RMARIANO

I'm glad that you said, not me,  Nathan appears to be a tad defensive these
days.  "Methinks he doth protesteth too much."

57073 13-JUL 10:13 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57068)
     From: DABRUMLEVE   To: DPJ

Dana, the "first time" (John Cole's letter, Lee's phone call) did not
result in Lexicor's suspension.  All three accounts had continuous access
to the Category at all times until the tape incident.  Even while STR was
reporting that Lexicor had been "dropped" from the IAAD, all three accounts
were current, having read the latest messages in the Category.  The story
was false period.

57074 13-JUL 10:15 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57057)
     From: DPJ          To: ISDMARKETING 

Right Nathan, we should just ignore this issue and let it be quietly swept
under the rug.  Sorry, but the lump that it'd leave would be so large that
anyone could tell _something_ was there.

This is an unfortunate event.  We take no pride in Lexicor's misfortune.
However, we won't ignore it.  It's ironic that you seem to point to
STReport when these kinds of issues exist.  It's also ironic that your name
seems to crop up as well.  Oh, I forgot, STReport is dogging you.  My

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

57075 13-JUL 10:16 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57073)
     From: DPJ          To: DABRUMLEVE

According to Seiler, his accounts were flaky at that time. That's what was

Ugh, line noise is terrible.....sorry.

57076 13-JUL 10:19 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57075)
     From: DABRUMLEVE   To: DPJ

In order to serve to show that Lee's flags were inoperative, he would have
had to enter page 475 on the tape.  At that time, a flagged account would
see the announcement "Entering Free-Flagged Area".  There's no such
announcement on the tape -- because the tape stays on page 200 the entire 
session and never is an attempt to enter a flagged area shown.

57077 13-JUL 11:42 CPU/STR Newswire
     RE: Lexicor saga (Re: Msg 57076)
     From: DPJ          To: DABRUMLEVE 

Have you seen the tape, Dorothy?  I understand that there are two tapes
involved, are they identical?  Didn't I read in the IAAD statement that
there were captures from the IAAD area on the tape; and that was partially
the basis for the confidentiality violation?

Can you tell me the process that was taken leading up to the vote, and how
this was undertaken?  I don't mean to put you on the spot, but as the
official spokeswoman of the IAAD, you're the logical person to ask.

             Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine
>From CIS about the same topics....

#: 41160 S8/Hot Topics
    12-Jul-93  18:03:27
Sb: #IAAD statement
Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
To: All

    After reading the explanation provided by the IAAD for Lexicor's
expulsion from that organization, and after having talked to Ms. Brumleve,
the current president, I feel there is a need for further detail to present
a fairer picture of what has happened in this situation.

    Perhaps, 'fairer' is not the right term to use.  More complete may be
the proper way to phrase it.

    After reading the file posted in LIB 15, my interpretation is that
LEXICOR was thrown out of the IAAD because Lee Seiler had made a videotape
which showed his GEnie logon (with password) and distributed it to some
non-IAAD members.

    The purpose of the videotape was to show that Lexicor's free flags on
GEnie were not functioning and after conversations with Mr. Seiler today,
it was confirmed that copies of this videotape had been sent to only 2
parties: Bob Brodie (Atari Corp) and myself.  As many of you may recall,
this situation was under discussion approx 1 1/2 months ago during the
furor of a conflict of interest situation between Lexicor and a Genie
sysop.  The tapes were sent to Mr. Brodie as a representative of Atari Corp
(the co-contract holder on GEnie) and myself as an independent party with
an expertise in telecommunications.  My shrink wrapped copy of the tape
remained shrink wrapped until a few hours ago, July 12th.  The purpose of
the tapes was to show that Lexicor's free flags were not functioning and
NOT to divulge any confidential IAAD material.

    According to the IAAD statement, Lexicor was finally expelled from the
IAAD because they had made their password available to non-IAAD members. I
think it is important to note that no claims were made that a non-IAAD
member *had* accessed the IAAD area.  Just that it would have been
*possible* for someone with the tape to do so.

    After reading the IAAD file, I unwrapped and viewed the videotape (of
the GEnie logon session) and noted that it clearly showed temporary
passwords set up by Mr. Seiler for the purposes of making the videotape.
(The password used was "noflags" which is hardly a typical password,
confirming Mr. Seiler's claim over the phone that he used temporary
passwords when making the video and that he changed them immediately

    My tape did not show him accessing any IAAD material or violating any
material which would by any stretch of the imagination be considered
confidential.  (And as I noted, I did not view my tape until today).  Since
I would not have been able to access the IAAD area, in my opinion there was
no breach of confidentiality.

    I called Ms. Brumleve and explained this to her and asked if the IAAD
would reconsider its vote based upon this new information since it was
clear to me that there was no violation of a confidential relationship
between Lexicor and the IAAD.  She declined this and said that the IAAD
statement stood as posted.

    Personal aside:  I want to make it very clear that I have nothing but
respect for Dorothy Brumleve (and her software) and that in our discussions
she was "Wearing the hat of the IAAD president" and she may not have hadthe
freedom or latitude to reverse any votes of the IAAD board of

    Furthermore, I'm not sure that the IAAD board had a copy of the
videotape in question in their possession when they voted unanimously to
expel Lexicor or that they knew who else had copies of the tape.  After my
conversations today with Ms. Brumleve and Lee Seiler, I am of the belief
that only two copies of the videotape in question were made and that I have
one of them.

    I *know* that I didn't unwrap and view my copy until a few hours ago. I
*believe* that the other copy sent to Bob Brodie did not result in ANY
breach of confidentiality of IAAD material or conversations.

    I am aware of the charges of conflicts of interest that have been made
by Lexicor about a Genie Sysop whose business competes with products sold
by Lexicor.  Furthermore, I am aware that this person is also a member of
the IAAD board of directors and the logical assumption would be that this
situation is an extension of those same charges.  I would caution all
readers of this message to remember that these charges are still unresolved
and unproven and not to jump to any unfounded conclusions.

   Although I am not a member of the IAAD, based upon the information I
have at hand, I would strongly urge the IAAD to reconsider its decision
regarding Lexicor's status.  Given the state of the Atari software
marketplace (in this country and worldwide), I personally believe it is in
the best interests of the user community to support all the viable
developers still supporting the platform.

   Ron Luks

#: 41320 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  13:42:55
Sb: #41275-IAAD statement
Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
To: Dana P. Jacobson 71051,3327

   I'll go you one better.  I don't think its necessary for the IAAD to
admit that they are wrong.  I think its simply a matter of reconsidering a
decision now that additional information has been made available.  That was
certainly the intent of my messages and phone calls to the IAAD.  Simply
that perhaps they didn't know the entire story.  (Since I was one of the
two people holding the videotape and I hadn't told anyone previous to this,
its pretty obvious that they didn't know the full story.) 

   I don't see any 'shame or embarrassment' in reconsidering a decision
based upon additional information.  The charge of having made 'too hasty a
decision' is so trivial that only the thinnest of egos would object to it.

    But again, *we* may not know the entire story and *we* may be the ones
with the wrong impression.  That's the danger of doing things behind closed
doors. Not everyone has all the information.

#: 41327 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  14:39:18
Sb: #41296-IAAD statement
Fm: - Dazzz - 70374,2241
To: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466

Shame on you to be so disparaging about a group of hard working Kangaroo
Farmers!  :-)

#: 41303 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  07:38:21
Sb: #41187-#IAAD statement
Fm: Rick @ Gribnif 75300,1131
To: LEXICOR Software 75300,763 (X)


You raise a very good point about the Cyrell vs. Nova cards.  I must admit
it is rather compelling.  However, I am not sure if I agree with your
conclusions.  The loss of "12" video card sales is almost nothing.  We've
sold that many Crazy Dots in one month.

Additionally, you have to remember that one of the big reasons the Cyrell
card (not that I am defending any of their actions either) is so expensive
is that it has substantial dealer margins worked into its dealer price. 
This is necessary to allow the dealers to sell the cards at a reasonable
profit (I should know, we have to maintain decent dealers marketing on our
$799 Crazy Dots II too).  As developers, I believe we have a fundamental
right to support the few remaining dealers.  They are key to our business,
especially when it comes to selling an expensive and complex product as a
video card.

Rick Flashman,
Gribnif Software

P.S.  I hope you see my serious attempt to discuss this matter as logically
as possible while staying neutral.  I personally admire you Lee, as you
know.  However, I feel that the best way for me to discuss this entire
matter is to approach it from a neutral standpoint, as it involves some
rather complex issues.

#: 41309 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  08:44:43
Sb: #41303-IAAD statement
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Rick @ Gribnif 75300,1131


      Just a few comments....I think you mis-read my post? I said at the
time 12 DOZEN  that's 144 cards @ $1,500 each. That's serious money in
any one's book I think.

      Next I actually agree with you, but I really don't know what else
we/I could have done. We did respond on the same day we were notified. We
asked for specifics and got a no response, response. I think that it may
seem that we objected to private hearings and private information staying
private.  What we objected to was "Secret" proceedings against us. Such
conduct is simply wrong. What possible excuse could any one have for such a
thing other than the obvious?

      This whole deal is not about rules and privacy, it is about right and

      I have much the same views about you as you have of me "a great
deal of Respect" and I am warmed by the knowledge that you do not
approve of the actions of the IAAD.  I don't know but I suspect that had
the Lexicor matter been dealt with in a fair and honest manner by the whole
IAAD, Lexicor would still be a member in good standing.

      As I mentioned before I really don't see how any member can look any
one else in the face and support such actions in this day and age. A bit of
News you will be happy to hear...We have combed out a few more bugs that
make us more compatible with CrazyDot cards, and I think we might be able
to do more. You loan of a card was just what the doctor ordered. Cole18
will fill you in about this shortly....:-)


#: 41321 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  13:48:57
Sb: #41303-IAAD statement
Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
To: Rick @ Gribnif 75300,1131


   I can appreciate and endorse your desire to say 'out of the fray' on
this matter.  Its bad enough that some of us are being drawn into it
involuntarily.  There's no reason to jump in needlessly. [g]

    You may have misread Lee's message, though.  He wasn't talking about
having sold 12 Nova cards, but 12 *dozen* NOVA cards.  A more substantial
amount of money.

   On the other hand, its GREAT to hear that you've sold over a dozen CRAZY
Dots cards last month.  Combined with your upcoming blockbuster product
(GENEVA), its encouraging to see some Atari vendors prospering! (Okay,
maybe 'prospering' is too strong a term, but you get my point.)


#: 41310 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  08:47:02
Sb: #41300-IAAD statement
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Tony Barker 75300,2630

I am afraid that you are all too right, but the fact is the other reasons
are so shameful I simply can not post them here. It has nothing to do with
any thing Lexicor ever did inside or outside of the IAAD. If you must know
drop me E-Mail......


#: 41304 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  07:38:39
Sb: #41160-#IAAD statement
Fm: Rick @ Gribnif 75300,1131
To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254 (X)

As one of the founding members of the IAAD (I helped draft the original
constitution) I feel I must say something.  However, I am not currently
active in the IAAD as I do not have the time available to keep up to
date with its happenings (haven't participated in IAAD discussions for over
a year now).

All I can say, that I think it shows a lack of professionalism from all the
parties involved (the IAAD for behaving so secretly without including Lee
in their review process, Lee for not making serious attempts to communicate
privately with the IAAD) and the manner could have been handled MUCH

It seems clear from the evidence, if what Ron Luks has said is true, this
matter could have been resolved in such a way that was agreeable to all
parties and without the public mayhem that is now happening.

If the facts as stated are true (and they very well might not be, but it is
all I have to go by) I do not see the reason or logic for the expulsion. 
However, now that the matter is public in such a matter, it seems that both
parties are stuck "between a rock and a hard place".  I doubt either side
is willing to budge.  This is sad, as it seems if things had only been
handled a little better, this would never had taken place.

Lexicor is a legitimate developer.  Sure, some developers might have gripes
about other developers.  But its beyond that point.  We are professionals
here to do a serious job.  It is not a game.  That I think is key.  If the
IAAD had problems with "Lee" it should have considered asking Lexicor to
have another employee represent Lexicor in the IAAD.  I do not see the
logic of removing an entire company due to the actions of one employee.

Rick Flashman,
Gribnif Software

#: 41307 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  08:13:52
Sb: #41304-#IAAD statement
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Rick @ Gribnif 75300,1131


      I appreciate your point of view, but I don't really understand your
comment about my being unwilling to budge? I don't know what more I or my
company could have done? We did respond and on the same day! We ask for and
did not get any answers whatever. As I posted a bit ago, We / I did
absolutely nothing wrong what ever. The entire situation is the making of
"secret" witnesses and "secret" processes which did not include Lexicor at

      But I understand what you are saying and agree for the most part. In
Fact I agree that even if I did not agree with you, you should be able to
stand up and say so, More to the point even if I did not like a stand you
might take, I a should be willing to treat you with respect and do business
as might be beneficial for both of us.

      The fact is that this is not what happened, it is also clear that
even if the matter had stayed a secret, there is no way in the world that
the key members of the IAAD would ever admit they were...well you fill in
the answer.


#: 41323 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  14:13:27
Sb: #41307-IAAD statement
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: LEXICOR Software 75300,763

   You're right in saying that this could have been handled better.  I did
send several Email's to Dot, and Lee explained that I would be handling the
matter for Lexicor (Hey, it's my division, I should be able to run it?
Right?) But I never even got a response when I told them that they had a
really bad leak, and that Ralph of STR had found out about all this almost
before I did (and I was the first Lex person to find out)  I sent
severalmessages.  I did try to communicate as was my job.  I almost take it
personally that the parties involved chose to ignore me.  Lee said he
wasn't going to do anything about it, but he also said that I would handle
everything, and that is just what I wasn't allowed to do by the IAAD.

   Do you think there is a way for me to budge?  I honestly don't see
anything I could have done different or do now.  Seriously, if there is
something I missed I would like to hear about it.

   Your insights do mean a lot to me, and I appreciate you sharing them.
Thanks, John @ Lexicor

Read action !

Editor Note:
     They ignored you alright John, do you suppose they had a special
agenda they were following?  hmmmm.

#: 41326 S8/Hot Topics
    15-Jul-93  14:22:38
Sb: #41304-IAAD statement
Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
To: Rick @ Gribnif 75300,1131

   Thx, Rick.  All my public posts were meant to do was to ask the IAAD to
reconsider their actions based upon all the evidence now available. I'm not
a member of the IAAD and as such, have no standing with the organization.

   It can be debated whether or not the matter should have become a public
issue or not, but since it HAD been made public, I wanted to add the
information I had available to the situation because I felt it changed the

    Personally, I'd like to see the matter ended, and I suspect that one
way or the other, it wont be a big item of discussion in a very short
period of time.

The only question will be "Which players, if any, will be walking away from
the affair with black eyes?"

   Now, back to the business of supporting Atari computers and developers
and (most importantly) Atari users.


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