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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 6-Jun-93 #9318
Date: Tue Jun  8 00:12:07 1993

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 ######  By Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Attached to this edition are GIF captures of System Audio Manager, (SAM)
 software.  Please note however that these captures are of an older
 version.  Special thanks to Bob Brodie for supplying the material for
 this capture.  We expect to perform a review of the latest version as
 soon as it becomes available.

 ######  Atari News / Industry Update
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Atari has announced the launch of a revolutionary new multi-media
 entertainment system, the Atari Jaguar.  The launch will be supported by
 aggressive advertising, promotion and marketing efforts to be centered
 in the New York market in the fall, with a national roll-out of the
 product within one year.  The Atari Jaguar, housed in a futuristic
 casing, is an interactive multi-media system based on an Atari-designed
 proprietary 64-bit RISC processor.  The 64-bit system is four times the
 technology currently seen in the market today.  The Atari Jaguar
 features over 16 million colors in 24-bit true-color graphics and
 produces shaded 3-D polygons to be manipulated in a "real" world in real
 time.  The Atari Jaguar also has real-time texture mapping and creates
 spectacular video effects.  The sound system is based on Atari's
 proprietary, high-speed, Digital Signal Processor dedicated to audio.
 The audio is 16-bit stereo CD quality and processes simultaneous sources
 of audio data, allowing for very realistic sounds, as well as human
 voices, which are essential for future multi-media applications.  The
 Atari Jaguar is truly expandable and will include a 32-bit expansion
 port which allows for future connection into cable and telephone
 networks, as well as a digital signal processing port for modem use and
 connection to digital audio peripherals such as DAT players.  The unit
 will also have a compact disc peripheral, which will be double-speed and
 will play regular CD audio, CD + G (Karaoke) and Kodak's new Photo-CD).
 Currently, there are multiple software titles in development, which will
 be available on MegaCart.  Atari, known for such groundbreaking 3-D
 titles as "Battlezone 2000" and "Tempest 2000," will issue spectacular
 new versions for the Atari Jaguar.  New 3-D game titles will include
 "Cybermorph," "Alien vs. Predator," "Jaguar Formula One Racing" and many
 more.  Atari will license third-party publishers to join the Jaguar
 family.  "The Atari Jaguar system will revolutionize the state of home
 entertainment as we see it today," said Sam Tramiel, president of Atari.
 "The idea of a 64-bit system is earth shattering and kids and adults
 will be amazed at both the imagery and manipulative capabilities.  And
 we are proud that our entry into the multi-media entertainment category
 will be fully made in America."   The Atari Jaguar will retail for
 approximately $200 and will be available nationwide next year.  The
 Atari Jaguar packaged unit will include one software experience and a
 Power Pad Controller with a ten-key pad and other special features.
 The IBM Personal Computer Company and Walt Disney Computer Software
 introduced two new models of IBM PS/1 computers preloaded with Disney
 software.  Each of these new PS/1 computers will contain, in addition to
 the preloaded software that comes with the standard PS/1, 11 Disney
 software titles, fully integrated into a IBM PS/1 486 25 MHz computer.
 As with all IBM PS/1s, each system will come complete with everything
 the user needs, including a monitor, mouse and modem.  These products
 will be available beginning mid-July at approximately 6,000 retail
 locations, including department stores, general merchandise stores and
 membership clubs throughout the U.S.  The estimated price in the U.S. is
 expected to be approximately $1699.
 Judge Vaughn Walker of the U.S. District Court of Northern California
 ruled Tuesday in Microsoft Corporation's favor in the Apple vs.
 Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard copyright suit, ending 63 months of
 litigation of copyright infringement issues in the trial court.  In
 March of 1988, Apple filed suit against Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard,
 alleging that Microsoft Windows version 2.03 and HP NewWave infringed
 copyrights in seven Apple software programs.  Apple added Microsoft
 Windows 3.0 to the case in 1991.  Over the past five years, the court
 eliminated from consideration more than 200 allegedly infringed visual
 displays.  In its May 18 order, the court determined that the only
 copyright infringement question remaining as to Microsoft was whether a
 reasonable jury could compare Windows 2.03 and 3.0, each as a whole,
 with the Apple Lisa Desktop and find either Windows product to be
 virtually identical to the Apple work.

 ######  Captured and Edited by Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Edited Roundtable Conference held on June 4, 1993 on GEnie in the Atari
 ST Roundtable.
 <ST.LOU> Welcome everyone!
 What a crowd!  There are many newcomers tonight.  If you have not done
 so please use the /nam command so I can address you informally and save
 typing a few extra letters :-)
 Welcome to the June installement of Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie,
 Director of Communications for Atari Corp.  We are indeed privileged and
 appreciative to have Bob participate in this exclusive monthly
 conference with Atari users here on GEnie.  As June flowers begin to
 blossom, Atari users are posting news of Falcon purchases.  In the
 Bulletin Board there are daily messages from ecstatic new owners.  New
 Falcon topics are opening as software notes are shared and compared.
 There is a very definite upbeat mood in the Atari ST RoundTable now that
 the Falcons have arrived in large numbers.
 If that were not enough, we have heard that the 65 meg hard drives have
 been upgraded to 80 meg units at NO EXTRA COST!  I guess that is the
 reward  for being patient :-)  Tonight, Bob has returned to bring us the
 latest news on Falcon availability.  He will also give GEnie users the
 first official announcements about Atari's newest product.  Bob.... the
 curtain is rising.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Welcome to the June '93 edition of Dateline Atari!  Settle
 back into your chair for a few minutes.  Make sure you have your capture
 buffer turned on, or be sure to go to the library tomorrow morning to
 d/l the transcript from tonight's session;  I've got lots of info to
 share with you tonight!
 First, I'm pleased to announce that shipments of Falcon030s are
 continuing with units for dealers to sell at this point.  We presently
 have over 140 (yes, that is One Hundred Forty) dealers on board, in over
 40 states.  This is much better than where we were a year ago.  We're
 very pleased that our decision to go with the new dealer agreement has
 brought us leverage to bring on new dealers!  In fact, earlier today I
 got a call from one of our "holdout", older dealers that hadn't signed
 the agreement yet.  He's having a change of heart, and I'm looking
 forward to him carrying Falcon030s.  This is a very good sign!!!
 Also, we're pleased that we've brought on board another of our longtime
 partners, Pacific Software Supply, to be a distributor for the Atari
 Falcon030.  We will be working very closely with them to ensure that the
 dealers that they sign up meet all of the criteria that we have
 established for Atari dealers.  All of the dealers that Pacific Software
 brings on board will be signing the same dealer agreements as the
 dealers that we deal directly with.
 Of course, this means that Pacific is now also carrying a host of
 accessories for the Atari Falcon030 as well, like the sometimes elusive
 SCSI-II cables, a host of Falcon software, VGA monitors, and lots of
 other goodies for our dealers.  In short, the dealers are getting
 another terrific resource to work with!!
 Some of you may recall that I indicated in the last Dateline:Atari! we
 were still a ways off from being able to ship to SpeedoGDOS and MultiTOS
 to existing Atari owners.  Both of these products are shipping with
 Falcon030s.  Today we received the diskettes back from the duplicators,
 and the manuals arrived a couple of days ago, so we're actually ahead of
 schedule at this point!  We have begun assembling the packages so our
 customers will be able to purchase MultiTOS and SpeedoGDOS along with 14
 BitStream fonts within a couple of weeks!!!
 The manuals for Atari Works have still not arrived, which means that we
 are still ON SCHEDULE <grin> for that product.  Works should be in stock
 in approximately fourteen more days.
 The retail price for the products to current users has been slightly
 adjusted, and is now as follows:
 SpeedoGDOS - $64.95
 MultiTOS- $59.95
 Atari Works- $118.95
 We have also done an incremental upgrade to the Atari Falcon030 in our
 on-going efforts to provide our users with the best units we possibly
 can.  We have upgraded the Atari Falcon030 from a 65 meg internal hard
 disk drive to an 80 megabyte hard disk drive.  We were able to secure
 the new mechanisms at the very same price as the 65s, so there will be
 no increase in price to our customers!
 Currently, Atari Falcon030s are shipping with the following programs on
 the drives: MultiTOS, SpeedoGDOS, Landmines, Breakout, CalAppt, ProCalc,
 Talking Clock.
 They are also *supposed* to have on them  Atari Works, System Audio
 Manager, Audio Fun Machine, and FalconD2D.  A small number of machines
 got out the door without these programs installed on the drives.  We
 will be shipping a mail-in card to the dealers that got these machines
 a card for their customers to mail into Atari so you will receive these
 products via mail.  We apologize for the mistake.
 We are now in anticipation of another shipment of Falcons in about two
 weeks.  Included in this shipment is going to be a number of units that
 will not have hard drives built in, specifically the Falcon030 with one
 meg of ram and no hard disk, and with four megs of ram and no hard disk.
 These units WILL NOT come with SpeedoGDOS, Atari Works, or FalconD2D.
 They will have everything else, including the hard disk utilities in
 case you have your own SCSI hard disk.  We will be selling at a later
 date a hard drive upgrade kit, which will ship with Atari Works,
 SpeedoGDOS, FalconD2D, MultiTOS, etc. on the hard drive.
 Regarding applications for the Atari Falcon030, Bill Rehbock has passed
 on to me some information concerning products and availability.  Please
 understand that I am not professing literacy in all (or for that matter,
 any) of these products.  I am simply passing on some interesting
 information to our users.  I hope that this will prove encouraging, and
 help demonstrate that the interest for Atari Computers is continuing to
 grow.  In several cases, these applications will not only run on the
 Falcon030, but other Atari computers as well.  Where I have commented
 about who will be carrying the product in North America, this is based
 on the best information I have at this time, and is subject to change.
 Notator Logic, a music applications, by E-Magic Cubase Audio, a music
 application, by Steinberg Inshape, a rendering application by Roald
 Christesen, carried by Oregon Research TruePicture, a retouching
 application, by HiSoft, carried by Oregon Research Harlekin3, a utility,
 by HiSoft, carried by Oregon Research OverGenlock, video software by
 Overscan, carried by COMPO Screenblaster, graphic expansion by Overscan,
 carried by COMPO Overlay, a video application by Overscan, carried by
 COMPO DA's Vector, a graphics application by Digital Arts, carried by
 Pacific Software Convector 2, a auto vectorization application from
 SHIFT, carried by Gribnif Zoom, a icon editor from SHIFT, carried by
 Gribnif MusiCOM, a music application from COMPO MusiCOM 2, a music
 application from COMPO Digitape, a music application from Trade iT,
 carried by Codehead Falcon Speed, a PC board, from COMPO TruePaint, a
 graphics application from HiSoft, carried by Oregon Research Pure C, a
 programming language from Pure GmbH, carried by Gribnif Pure Pascal, a
 programming language from Pure GmbH, carried by Gribnif Studio Photo, a
 retouching application from Eurosoft, carried by COMPO Chagall, a
 graphics application from Trade iT, carried by Codehead GT-Look II,
 scanner software, carried by Pacific Software Interface, a programming
 tool, from SHIFT GmbH, carried by Gribnif.
 As you can see, there really is a lot going on!!!
 In addition to all of that, we've been busy on the game side of things
 as well!  We're ready to release three more titles for the Lynx: Gordo
 106, Lemmings, and Jimmy Connors Tennis.  I've seen eproms of these
 titles, and expect to have news on production in the near future.
 Also on the game side of things, as CES is going on in Chicago even as
 we speak, we've announced the Jaguar, our oft discussed new game
 machine.  For those of you who haven't had a chance to hear about the
 Jaguar, here is our press release:
          (The Press Release is Available in The Z*Net Newswire)

 We did not show the Jaguar on the floor of CES.  We have a videotape
 demonstrating the units capabilities that we are showing to developers
 and key retailers.  We have been shipping Jaguar developer units for
 awhile now, and are very excited at the reception of our new unit.
 Rather than invest in an incredibly expensive rollout at CES, we've
 opted for a "special event" kind of rollout.  We will conduct our event
 at a date to be announced in the fall.
 We are extremely excited about this project!!!!  It has been much
 awaited by all of us in Sunnyvale, and we forsee it as a product that
 will recapture the attention of consumers throughout the world!!  I've
 been pleased that already, in less than 24 hours after the press release
 has hit, a number of publications (even the foreign ones!) are calling
 in, and looking for as much information as possible.  For the most part,
 we're sticking with the press release at this time.  We will release
 specification sheets at a later time.
 One thing that I know the Tramiels are particulary excited about with
 this product, is that it will be an American product, manufactured in 
 America!  I hope that all of you share our enthusiasm for that!!!
 With that, I'm ready to filed any questions that our members might have
 tonight, Lou.  Let's talk Atari!!!
 <ARCHIVIST> Hi again Bob, thanks for being here.  A little question
 about the pricing of the new programs from Atari: You quoted Atari Works
 as having a price of $118.95, does this include SpeedoGDOS as was
 suggested earlier?  Or is Speedo extra at at the price of $64.95?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Speedo is included with Works for the users that purchase
 it....as a separate product, Charlie.  They will also get the fonts.
 <B.WELSCH> Will the manuals ship with the computers?  And can we get a
 copy of the Jaguar Video to show at the show?  And where can we get the
 Kodak CD drivers?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Bruce, as I indicated in my opening remarks, there were a
 few units that went out the door without the products, and the manual.
 The manuals for System Audio Manager, Works, Audio Fun Machine,
 FalconD2D are coming.  We will be providing those via mail for the
 customers that already have them.  Re the video, no...I'm sorry.  That
 is not available at this time.
 Re the Kodak Photo CD stuff, please send email to B.REHBOCK, he will be
 happy to fill you in on the drivers.
 <Y.SIU> What will be the RRP for the Jaguar?...oh, sorry brad ;-) no
 hard feelings? ;-)  And what price should the games be retailing at for
 the Jaguar?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Under $200.  And no pricing on the games at this point in
 <Y.SIU> And more importantly, Atari appears to have lost many of it's
 professional base in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  What will Atari
 do to regain those losses?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yat, the professional users that you are referring to are
 by and large DTP people.  We expect to be able to reclaim those people
 as more of the apps start to take advantage of the things in the
 Falcon030 like the DSP chip.  On the other hand, your question seems to
 imply that we have lost ALL of the professionals, which is simply not
 true.  We are GROWING a new, higher level, professional audio/sound/
 music class of users that recognize the Falcon030 as a world class sound
 system!!!  These users will continue to give credibility to the Atari
 line of computers.
 <B.SUSLOVIC> Bob, just wanted to say that I had no idea of the broad
 nature of the Jaguar.  WOW how does one develop software for the Jaguar?
 What immense potential!!!   go team     P.S. Thanks Lou
 <BOB-BRODIE> Brad, our developer support group here in Sunnyvale for the
 Jaguar is headed up by John Skrutch.  Please feel free to write him, or
 contact him via Bill Rehbock here on GEnie and tell them that you are
 interested in becoming a registered developer for the Jaguar, and we'll
 be happy to pass along the necessary info to you.  We appreciate your
 interest in developing for the Jaguar.
 <D.MUNSIE> First..Does Atari plan on having any regional reps to handle
 dealer sales regarding the Falcon?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yes, Dave, we have a team of over 16 regional reps in place
 <D.MUNSIE> ok, there are two two dealers in the Dallas/FT worth area
 with over 2000 users in this area, we are waiting for the Falcon to show
 up, any word on Megabyte and Computer Discoveries?
 <BOB-BRODIE> David, I really don't care to discuss each dealers status
 in public, as I think that it is unprofessional as a rule...but I will
 in this case say that we just got the app from Megabytes a couple of
 days ago, and we're still waiting for the rest of the package to come
 back from Computer Discoveries.  So, with that in mind, I'd also like to
 point out there are two dealers already selling the Falcon in the Dallas
 Metroplex area, they are both Guitar Center locations.  One is in
 Arlington, and one is in Dallas proper.  Would you like the address and
 phone numbers so you can contact them to purchase one?
 <D.MUNSIE> Maybe you could post it so I can pass it on to the others
 <J.FRENCH2> Is the Falcon a transitional machine??  Jaguar seems to have
 more advanced technology that would fit nicely in a full blown computer.
 <BOB-BRODIE> No, the Falcon is not a transitional machine.  They are
 100% different animals.  The Jaguar doesn't have many of the Falcon
 hardware "computer things", like SCSI, floppies and the other drawbacks
 and flaws! a monitor port, etc.  The Jaguar will have many other
 features that are more focused toward entertainment and multimedia.  But
 the Falcon is a versatile computer.
 <J.FRENCH2> Can you tell us about the video hardware by Compo?
 <BOB-BRODIE> The hardware is really by Overscan, not Compo.  Compo is
 going to be carrying it here in the US for Overscan.  It will allow
 greater screen rez, like 800x600x256.  It's shipping now in Germany to
 good reviews.  I don't have pricing at this time, and suggest that you
 email COMPO, or bring it up in one of their topics here in the ST RT.
 <J.WHITE99> Naturally most of my questions center on availability.  Will
 the forthcoming shipment of F030s be of a size similar to the last?
 When is peak production anticipated?  Did you mention D2D Systems in
 your application-compatible list?  It is naturally reassuring that there
 is going to be some sort of effort by corporate to promote some of their
 products.  Seeing that the Jaguar is only a consumer product and the
 Falcon really has a lot of direction to that market as well, what's the
 possibility of directing some of those efforts towards the birds as well
 as the cats.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Jeff, we never comment publically on the size of the
 shipments.  If you look at the marketplace as a whole right now,
 (computer hardware that is) there are a number of well known
 manufacturers that are being very cautious about their productions
 capacities.  Certainly, that is in repsonse to the still poor economy,
 where growth in the retail end is still quite small overall.  We have
 seen at Atari, a number of our "traditional" marketing partners
 disappear over the last few years, like the Highland Stores in the
 midwest, which were once gigantic, and are now closed.  So we will
 earmark production as the economy continues to slowly rebound.
 Re the sharing of the technology...I think that there is no question
 that there are things that can be used in future products (note the DSP
 stuff in the Jag) and we will apply those across all of our products.
 But the Falcon is a much different product than the Jaguar, make no
 mistake about it.  I hope I answered all of your question, Jeff.
 <E.NIKOLAISE2> Bob I was just wondering if you have contacted Sculptured
 Software about becoming a Jaguar Developer.  Also, can you tell us what
 video output the Jag. will have? SVHS
 <BOB-BRODIE> Erik, we'll release the spec sheet at a later time, not
 tonight.  And I'm not at liberty to say who are developers for the
 Jaguar are at this point in time, sorry.
 <K.BURKENHEIM> I have one of the new Falcons with the 80 meg hd.  I
 also am waiting for the software.  I LOVE the machine and am typing to
 you on it in High REz and In color.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Ken, that's great to hear, I'm glad you're so pleased with
 your Atari Falcon030!!!  We will do our best to get you the software as
 quickly as we possibly can.  We got another rev of SAM today and I'm
 told that it is solid, as well as D2D.  So, it should be just a question
 of getting the manuals done now that the software is *FINALLY* solid.
 <B.GOCKLEY> Hi Bob, Two Questions: Glad to hear you're on schedule with
 Falcon shipments.  Will there be any for sale at the CT show next week?
 We have three dealers attending who have signed their ADAs, but don't
 _yet_ have any product to sell.  We're looking forward to our best show
 ever, June 12-13 in Hartford, sorry you can't join us this year.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yes, the dealers that we have authorized to sell Falcons at
 the CT Atarifest are The Computer Zone of North Attleboro, Mass and East
 Hartford Computer Repair.  Both of them should have Falcons at the show.
 <C.CASSADAY> Bob, how does one go about getting apps like Talking Clock,
 ProCalc, CalAppt, Landmine, and Breakout?  I'm not going to purchase a
 Falcon030, but I will purchase MTOS as soon as it becomes available.
 Are some of these programs included with MTOS?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Chris, no those programs are not included with MultiTOS.
 MultiTOS and SpeedoGDOS both come with a text file telling every user
 how to sign up for GEnie, that I personally wrote! :)  Re the other
 programs, I don't know what to tell you right now.
 CalAppt is a comprehensive program, and requires (at least I required) a
 manual in order to use it.  The games....I don't know what to tell you
 yet about that.  I'll see what can be done.  They are written to take
 express advantage of the Falcon, but will work on other machines as
 well.  My wife is cutting into my computer time at home on the TT so she
 can play breakout. :)
 <B.STEVAN> Bob, From a dealers perspective will we get some sort of an
 upgrade from the 65MB HD to the 80MB as well as the other programs that
 were not shipped with the dealers units.  Also with regard to service
 parts we have been unable to get just about anything since Atari Canada
 closed up...what is the situation with that.  Also is Canada going to be
 getting any of those reps you were mentioning?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Stevan, No...there will be no upgrade from the 65 meg
 units.  It was intended to be an incremental upgrade.  Frankly, we were
 very surprised that it happened this fast, we thought that it would be
 longer before we got the newer drives.  Sorry.  Re the programs, I
 indicated in my opening remarks that there were a limited number of
 machines that went out the door without the programs that were supposed
 to be installed on them, and we apologize for the mistake.  We will be
 sending the affected dealer (s) post cards for them to provide to their
 customers so that the can get the programs mailed to them once the
 manuals are ready.
 Re the Canadians, we have signed on a rep for the music side, and I'm
 attempting to bring on one for the Computer side as well.  We'll see how
 it goes.  I know that parts are a problem right now and we're trying to
 correct it.  Right now, fax Shirley Taylor with your orders at 408-745-
 2088 and she will do the best that she can to help you with your parts
 needs.  Also, don't forget that there are other suppliers than Atari,
 like BEST Electronics in San Jose, that stock just about anything and
 everything for Atari products.
 <Y.SIU> Concerning the Central European market...there was much
 criticism about the fact that thre was no Falcon coming in a TT-like
 design, with a VME bus and/or '040?  How are the plans for such a future
 computer...and If not an 040...what about the 16Mhz....MTOS is still too
 slow in my opinion to run on a Falcon030....
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yat, I remind you of what I told you last month.  I do not
 work for Atari Corporate, or the Europeans.  I work for Atari US which
 also has Canadian responsibilities.  Not Europe.  I really am not in a
 position to comment on what the plans are Sorry...my question was not
 meant to focus on Europe, but on the future of maybe some probable
 Falcons..i.e. Atari Products... for specifically for our European
 markets.  I suggest that you take those issues up with Bob Gleadow, the
 GM of Atari UK.  I will be happy...IN EMAIL, to provide you his contact
 <P.FORISTER> Bob, when using a Falcon030 without MTOS loaded will I
 still get the 3D gadgets?
 <BOB-BRODIE> No, Pat.  The 3D gadgets are a result of loading a new
 version of the AES specifically designed for MultiTOS.
 <R.ANISKO> Bob, - are there any plans to release any special filesystems
 for MultiTOS in the near future?  I've heard good things about the Minix
 filesystem, for instance (in terms of speed, and breaking the 8.3
 filename limit), and would be interested in seeing MultiTOS take
 advantage of such things.  It would be nice to simply add a filesystem,
 and then pop in *any* disk format (like an Am*ga or M*cintosh formatted
 disk) and go from there.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yes, Rob...I have spoken with Eric Smith, and there is some
 new things in the works for the file system, espcecially the extensions
 to the MINT file system.
 <R.ANISKO> One other question - what would be your thoughts on maybe
 bundling some shareware titles on the Falcon's harddisk (like Gemview,
 ConNect, etc) that should already be suited to take advantage of the
 Falcons' capabilities?  I'm not sure of the legal stuff, but it would be
 nice for those folks without modems to get a look at some of these
 programs (actually, bundling a modem wouldn't be a bad idea either |-) 
 <BOB-BRODIE> I doubt if we'll bundle modems, Rob....not until we have
 our own DSP modem available.  Most of the time, I think including
 shareware diskettes are a good tool for a dealer to use to make the
 customer feel that he is getting a enhanced value for his purchase.  I
 got a ton of free software back when I bought my original 1040, and
 really felt good about my purchase.
 <SAM-RAPP> Hey Bob!  What were the factors that lead to the decision to
 market the Jaguar in the New York Area as opposed to a nationwide roll
 out?  Also, please elaborate on the Lynx situation.  What happened to
 the new games?  (2 a month!) -more-  What about the RPG's in specific?
 I can buy ST stuff easier than Lynx around here!
 <BOB-BRODIE> One of the major factors in the roll out in NY is that it
 is a densely populated area, with terrific media exposure that makes it
 easy to both sell and promote a product greatly, rather than doing a big
 rollout all over the US.
 Re the two games a month, right now it's been more like two games a
 quarter.  I suspect that part of the reason for that is the emphasis has
 been to get the Jaguar ready, and we've made some sacrifices in order to
 ensure that that happened.
 <SAM-RAPP> One more question... any pricing/availability on the 16(14)
 meg boards for Falcon?
 <BOB-BRODIE> I should know that, but I don't.  I know that we have a
 limited amount of them in stock right now, but I'm also told that Zubair
 is producing a 14 meg board, too.  So you might want to check with them,
 and see what they're doing.
 <CAN-ASST> Hi Bob! Part of one of my questions was already answered, but
 I called Atari a week or so ago to find out about Canadian dealers for
 pricing info and was told that there were only 2 authorized Falcon
 dealers in Canada...
 <BOB-BRODIE> Whoever told you that was mistaken.
 <CAN-ASST> I called the one in Toronto and they weren't sure of the
 <BOB-BRODIE> The pricing is posted in the BB here in the ST RT.
 <[Lou] ST.LOU> Connor, I believe Bob is saying that only US pricing is
 posted because of the fluctuating exchange rate. :-)
 <BOB-BRODIE> Actually, I can post it again right now if you would like.
 OK, Connor.  The prices for the Atari Falcon030 follow.  These are in US
 dollars, due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate that are presently
 happening.  All prices are MSRP, GST and Duty are additional
 Falcon030 1/0 814.98
 Falcon030 4/0 1018.98
 Falcon030/4/65 1324.98
 Falcon030/14/80 1936.98
 The price on the 4/65 is really for a 4/80, sorry.  Old habits.

 <J.WHITE99> Trying not to incur wrath and still be pointed is difficult.
 Marketing... Any retailer of any product will tell you it is easier for
 them to support a product people are asking for.  Why not advertise
 F030s as aggressively as Jaguars?  You had mentioned the 'futuristic'
 aggressive advertising for the Jaguar.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Tell me about the Jaguar commercials you've seen, Jeff? :)
 Well, Jeff.  It's like this...we recognize that we need to do more
 things to market the product.  The problem is to do it a cost effective
 way that is going to make sense, and not burn up hundreds of thousands
 of dollars in the process.  In looking at the most recent issue of
 Computer Reseller News, I see that for the top ten computer mfgs of
 desktop computer systems last year, there are only TWO that I recognize
 as doing any TV advertising for at all.  In fact, a couple of them are
 people that I don't remember ever seeing any advertisement for at all,
 So, on the one hand, building a demand for the product is a big item,
 but clearly, there are a number of different ways to go about it.
 Dealers always want to see you spending big, so they don't have to
 spend.  On the other hand, being from the Bay Area, you've seen how
 effective a good partner in promotion can be used like, Fry's
 Electronics.  Virtually NO TV, but major print and Radio ads.  And their
 stores are full...I know, I shop there, too.  So, we'll be looking for
 the Falcon at doing some cost effective things in conjuction with
 quality partners, both retail and developers. We want to resume doing
 things like the campaign we did with FOSTEX, Dr. T's, Steinberg, and
 C-Lab once before.
 <ST.LOU> I want to thank Bob for bringing so much information to us
 tonight in the longest Dateline Atari! session so far.  Given the
 numbers who attended, I am sure you realize how important these sessions
 are to Atari users.

 ######  Captured from The AtariArts Forum
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------

 We've taken a sort of panel discussion kind of approach to the questions
 here.  James and I have answered the bulk of the questions, and tried to
 drag Bill in as much as possible.  Due to the demands on our time here,
 we're much later than we would like to be with this file.  My apologies
 to your members for the delay.
 [From a US user]:
 What features do you think the Falcon030 has that would convince a FIRST
 TIME computer buyer to purchase this PC?
 From James Grunke:
 Clearly, the features that are going to sell units are the DSP, SDMA
 sound engine, the BLiTTER and graphics capabilities, MultiTOS, and MIDI
 ports.  As well, it will be key for us to showcase third party products
 that demonstrate elegant applications for this aggressive new hardware.
 Simply, what will convince the first time buyer to purchase this PC is
 the ability to do high end applications for a lot less money than what
 might be available on other platforms.
 From Bob Brodie:
 We've included Atari Works as part of the Falcon hard disk bundle so
 that customers will have quality productivity software right out of the
 box.  Other software included with the Falcon030 provides a good
 sampling of games, sound applications, and a high quality font
 technology in SpeedoGDOS.
 It really depends on what the consumer is looking for to be really
 honest with you.  Personally, I think one of the things that has helped
 sell DOS machines are some of the applications on them.  We feel that
 the Falcon030 represents tremendous capabilities of a musician!  To the
 point that it really is a professional level work station for music.
 For customers that are getting a computer for music, the Falcon030 is
 the clear choice.  After that, it gets much tougher.  We have a bunch of
 true color paint programs coming on board, and the voice mail
 application from DOA that is very interesting.  Also, there are about a
 large number of entertainment titles under development.  The Falcon will
 be a terrific game machine, too!
 Perhaps one of our best assets is the way in which you can run so many
 O/S's from the Atari.  Certainly, we're going to need other applications
 from our developers to address other areas of software where we are
 Personally, I think the thing that will continue to attract users is the
 simplicity and ease of use of an Atari Computer.
 [Another user asks]:
 Three and one half years ago I purchased an Atari STFM because I was
 excited about joining the world of midi and I felt that Notator and
 Atari provided the best platform.  As the hardware and software world
 expanded I went for all the Notator upgrades and one year ago bought a
 MegaSTE 4/50 for more RAM and speed.  I like my machine very much but am
 very disappointed that it became a fossil in 5 months with no support
 from Atari.  What can you tell me and others that will make us feel that
 this is not likely to happen to us if we purchase a Falcon for our Music
 and Midi computer now that there are other "030',"040", and "486"
 machines with good music and Midi support?
 From Bob Brodie:
 I'm not really sure what you mean by "fossil", other than the fact that
 it is no longer being manufactured.  Have you had specific support
 problems with the Mega STE?  It's really been one of our most reliable
 machines, and we have a qualified staff of technicians here in Sunnyvale
 that can fix just about any problem that you might have with the Mega
 STE (or any other Atari CPU for that matter).
 On the software side, we're supporting the Mega STE in many of the new
 software products that are coming out.  MultiTOS runs on a Mega STE,
 SpeedoGDOS works on a Mega STE, and so does Atari Works.  That hardly
 qualifies as "no support from Atari"!
 On the hardware side, we built the Mega STE to accept industry standard
 3-1/2" SCSI hard disk drives specifically so you would have an easier
 time getting the HD you want.  You should be able to upgrade to even a
 1.2 Gigabyte drive in your Mega STE.  It also comes with a VME port, so
 you can install one of the graphics cards to upgrade your video as well.
 Again, the support for the machine is there on the hardware side as
 Like all computer companies, we are constantly working on new
 technologies that will improve on todays products.  However, as long as
 the Mega STE that you bought continues to serve your needs, what is the
 problem?  With the Atari Falcon030, we've introduced a new family of
 computers with an additional set of apabilities.  It is a fact of our
 industry that what you buy today will be replaced by another machine.
 Check out how quickly Apple is bringing new machines to the market;
 virtually every six months!
 From James Grunke:
 Notator running on a Mega STE is still one of the most powerful music
 combinations in the world!!  A lot of records are being made with this
 duo.  As well as products from Steinberg, Barefoot, Dr. T's, and many
 If that's a fossil, how come it still eats 486s for lunch?   At home, I
 still use Notator on a Mega ST (with TOS 1.2), and even that will smoke
 a 486!  :)
 With the Falcon's new hardware, and our track record in music, I'm quite
 confident that the Falcon will remain a viable tool in your arsenal for
 many years to come.
 [Another US member asks]:
 Will ATARI still offer support for it's existing lines (ST , MEGA, TT..)
 or will all their effort be put behind the FALCON?
 From Bob Brodie:
 In terms of service, we will support all of the existing lines. However,
 I don't think you will see us bring out new products *specifically* for
 the older machines.
 We did created TOS 2.06 expressly so one of our strategic partners
 (Artifex) could produce an adapter board to allow owners of the ST
 series of computers to upgrade to the new desktop.  In TOS 2.05, the
 system would crash if it found non-STE hardware.  That was changed in
 TOS 2.06 (as well as some bug fixes) specifically so users of older
 machines could enjoy the benefits of the new TOS.
 I also indicated that our new software products, Atari Works, Speedo
 GDOS, and MultiTOS will also work on older machines as well.  You may
 want to consider upgrading an 8Mhz machine with an accelerator board,
 For several years now, we have said that the minimum hardware standard
 for computer users was an STE.  There will be some features on some
 products that will simply not work on an ST family computer because the
 hardware isn't up to the task (like not enough colors, no DMA sound).
 We will provide service for all of our products as long as practical.
 However, there are of course, limitations to that.
 We still get phone calls asking for repairs for the Atari 5200 (a
 product that stopped manufacturing over 8 years ago!)  We do sell joy
 sticks for it, btw.   Nothing will last forever, but we will support the
 machines as long as it is practical.
 [Multiple members ask]:
 Will the programs that run on the ST line run on the FALCON?  (What
 level of backwards compatibility can we realistically expect?  How does
 it compare to the TT compatibility-wise?)
 From Bob Brodie:
 The Falcon030 is much more STE compatible that the TT030 is.  We really
 feel that the STE is the correct compatibility barometer, not the ST.
 Again, this relates to the hardware capabilities of the machines.
 We expect Pacific Software Supply to release a study that they have done
 on software compatibility should provide a more concrete answer to your
 question.  They are the leading suppliers of Atari software in North
 America, so they have lots of products to test!
 As a rule, applications usually work fine.  Games tend to have the
 greatest area of drop-off in compatibility.  We found a few things that
 didn't work, but were mostly older products that hadn't been updated in
 a long time, like Microsoft Write.  Some utilities will also fail on the
 Falcon, too.
 [From the UK]:
 The decision to include MultiTOS on disk and not to commit to ROM might
 suggest a lack of confidence in that product on Atari's part.  Can we
 expect to see MultiTOS in ROM in the future (maybe switchable with an
 older TOS) or is multitasking seen as secondary to the future of Atari
 From Bob Brodie:
 We do not have a lack of confidence in MultiTOS, and regret that you see
 our decision as such.
 Many other OS's are disk based.  We felt that having MultiTOS on disk
 allowed easier updates.  We have TOS 4 in ROM for users that choose not
 to use MultiTOS.  It's not the same as a PC or a Mac where you can't do
 anything without loading the OS from disk.
 I don't see this as making multitasking "secondary" at all.  Rather I
 see it as another manifestation of our view that the Falcon030 is
 primarily a home computer.  We've indicated that there will be other
 products in the future that will aimed for the higher end.
 Multitasking will be an important tool for those machines, as well as
 any accelerator boards for the Atari Falcon030.
 [From the sysop staff]:
 Specifically, what software can the purchaser of a new Falcon030 expect
 to get with his purchase?  And if any of the items are not included with
 his purchase, when/how can he expect to receive them?
 From Bob Brodie:
 Specifically, users in North America get MultiTOS, SpeedoGDOS,
 FalconD2D, Audio Fun Machine, BreakOut, Landmines, CalAppt, Talking
 Clock, ProCalc, System Audio Manager (S.A.M.) and Atari Works.
 Falcon D2D is not shipping with the units at this point in time, and
 neither is S.A.M. (System Audio Manager).  Bugs in both products are
 preventing our shipping them.  These are not Atari in-house products,
 they are contracted from outside developers, so we're not in total
 control of this situation (i.e. Don't come out of your office unless
 it's fixed!).  We do expect the developers to rectify the problems to
 fulfill their contracts.
 Customers will be find cards in their Falcons so they can mail in to
 have these programs sent to them as soon as they are completed.
 What recording software is being bundled with the first shipments of
 Falcons?  What exactly can be done (with HD recording) right off the
 From James Grunke:
 Off the shelf, FalconD2D will provide stereo record and playback, with
 limited editing, such as cut and paste.  It does a great job of giving
 the consumer the ability to do intro level digital audio applications.
 For more advanced users, they should look to products from Steinberg,
 D2D, Digitape by Trade It,  Yamaha, and others.
 You can expect Falcon integrated MIDI/Digital Audio products to be some
 of the most aggressive on the planet in terms of features per dollar.
 From Bob Brodie:
 FalconD2D *should be* shipping, but is not.  As quickly as it is
 available, we will provide it to the owners of Atari Falcon030s.  We've
 always had the point of view that FalconD2D was an introductory
 recording package to give a glimpse of what was possible with Digital
 Audio with the Falcon030.  So while we're upset that FalconD2D isn't
 shipping, neither is it the end of the world for higher end users.
 On the HD recording front, there are other applications, like MusiCOM
 from COMPO Software that are excellent products.  When BYTE Magazine
 wrote about the Falcon030, MusiCOM was the product they used for their
 testing.  At less than $75, it's a real bargain.  Since it has
 additional capabilities not found in FalconD2D, MusiCOM is a reasonable
 purchase for many musicians anyway.
 What does the hardware audio interface currently consist of?  Was the
 bass boost scrapped?
 From James Grunke:
 The hardware interface on the Falcon uses mike and headphone mini-jacks,
 exactly the same as walkman-like products.  The 16 bit stereo CODEC is
 good quality Crystal product.  Yes, I'm pleased to say that the bass
 boost has been scrapped.
 As of last testing, current specs are:
 Signal to noise ratio 84dB
 Frequency response 20-20K
 Crosstalk -60dB
 Most outboard MIDI interfaces have multiple INs and OUTs for increased
 numbers of MIDI channels.  Are there plans to include multiple MIDI
 jacks on the Falcon (or future versions of the Falcon)?
 From James Grunke:
 The plans are to use third party outboard MIDI interfaces with multiple
 INs and OUTs.  Check with Steinberg and E-magic regarding their plans
 for products in this area.
 There are no plans to include additional MIDI ports.  On an interesting
 side note, we did, however, rewire our MIDI ports back to spec!  No more
 bastardized MIDI ports!
 Will there be a cartridge port on every Falcon (and future models)?
 From Bob Brodie:
 There is a cartridge port on every Atari Falcon030 made, and has been
 since the product was first shown.
 We have no comment on any specifications of future computer models at
 this time.  I know that isn't what you want to hear...sorry.
 It was recently announced that Atari Corp. licensed compression software
 from Cinepak.  Is this for the Falcon line or the Jaguar?
 From Bob Brodie:
 Actually, the name of the product that we licensed was Cinepak.  It is
 from SuperMac.
 We will use that technology on both the Falcon030 and the Jaguar.
 The Falcon is supposed to have the same extra joysticks ports that the
 STe has.  My question is, are there any plans to use these ports?
 (don't tell me about third party companies) I'd really like to be able
 to use IBM joystick/accessories.
 From Bob Brodie:
 The Falcon *does* have the same analog joystick ports that the STE has.
 Yes, there are plans to use these.  They are not the same pin outs as on
 IBM joysticks/accessories, though.  We have 15 pins, they have 9.  We
 showed, as early as COMDEX, a special controller pad that we are
 manufacturing for the Falcon030.  It will be used by a number of games
 coming out, like LlamaZap.
 The controller has a joypad similar to the Lynx's on it, pause and
 option buttons, three fire buttons labelled A-B-C, and a keypad with
 numbers 1-9 , plus * and # It's designed to be a two handed controller.
 Every game developer that is working on the Falcon has one of these
 controllers, and will use it for their games.
 Re your comment about "don't tell me about third party companies", OK...
 but keep in mind that we're primarily a hardware company, not a software
 company.  We try not to compete with our developers.  It's their job to
 come out with products that make use of the hardware.
 [A US developer/vendor asks]:
 Without any significant changes to the Atari corporate structure in the
 last seven years, why should Atari owners believe that Atari will change
 from its previous pattern of little (or no) marketing, late delivery,
 and short shelf life products?
 From James Grunke:
 There have been significant changes in the corporate structure of Atari
 over the last seven years; engineering, management, distribution,
 manufacturing, and sales.  This industry is incredibly dynamic.
 We don't need to repeat the stories of the US market.  However, we
 remind you that in Europe, we have always maintained a strong market
 position.  Sam has always made quite clear that when we have leapfrog 
 technology in good supply then and only then does it make sense to
 invest in marketing programs such as advertising and PR.
 As a developer, you should be aware that we have made a bold move with
 our dealer agreement to expand and strengthen our North American dealer
 base.  This approach is similar to successful companies such as Pioneer,
 Yamaha, and divisions of Sony.  What this means to the end users in the
 long run is more healthy, quality dealers in their area for them to
 choose from.
 Late delivery?  Call Microsoft!  This ain't the pizza bidness!!!  <grin>
 Short life products?  Why are dealers still screaming for 1040STEs that
 are four year old technology?
 Seriously, we are as frustrated as anyone by the product delays.
 From Bob Brodie:
 I get the feeling that when you speak about the corporate structure,
 you're really speaking about the Tramiels.  There seems to be a feeling
 among our userbase that they are incompetent, and all the European
 success is a result of good managers being far enough away from
 Sunnyvale to do what they want to do.
 I cannot let such a misconception continue.
 Atari is emerging from a period of about four years of when it's
 products were not technologically superior any longer, and where we had
 extreme problems in our engineering group.
 A little over four years ago, we lost most of the key staff members we
 had in our engineering group.  When they left, they left "no trails" of
 their progress on their work.  We had no idea what had been tried, if it
 had worked and if not, why not, etc.
 In short, we had no clue about what was happening with our products!
 So, first, we had to figure out what was going on.  Then we took steps
 to ensure that we would never be placed in this position again, which
 meant that we had to enact fundamental changes in the way we did things
 with our staff.  This was not an easy task, and certainly didn't happen
 on the first attempt.  Along the way, we had to acquire some new people
 that we could work with, too.  That didn't happen on the first attempt
 We also went through and took a long look at where we needed to be and
 where the market was heading.  It seemed to make sense to proceed with
 some projects that had been heavily invested in, like the TT.  You might
 recall that the TT originally was supposed to be a 68020 based machine.
 As our engineering situation evolved, the product did, too.  Other
 products that had been discussed were scrapped.
 We made decisions on what we needed to do product wise, and also took a
 good look at the economy.  About the point in time we were beginning to
 come out with some interesting technology, the economy was in a
 tailspin.  In fact, in California, it's still just awful!!!  To us, it
 doesn't make a lot of sense to aggressively market products that you
 don't believe it, or that the economy will not support.  In fact, it's
 pretty silly!  You can *waste* an incredible amount of money, truly
 _vast_ sums of dollars in this business if you aren't careful.  We've
 been very careful about what we've been over the last three years or so.
 This is not to say that we haven't made mistakes.  We put a lot of
 effort into the STylus, a pen based system that really looked promising.
 However, it looking at the pen based market, the products were simply
 not selling.  In fact, a company that was founded on a pen based product
 had a lot of our former engineers, Momenta, was born and died during
 this time frame.  The pen based systems still aren't selling well to
 this day.  We created the ST Book, based on the premise of long battery
 life for users, only to find that our US dealers insisted on a back lit
 screen that would have killed the battery life of the product.  We
 created the Panther game system, which would have competed against the
 Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis as a 16 bit game product.  We killed
 that project when it was obvious that we needed to leapfrog the
 competition again, and go beyond the 16 bit systems.  We know that we've
 been far from perfect.
 We have harbored our resources in preparation of a proper launch for two
 milestone products: The Atari Falcon030, and the Jaguar.  You will see
 us market those in an aggressive fashion.  And as the sales of the
 Falcon030 grow, you will see those sales fund additional efforts.
 So, in my view, the corporate structure that is in place is exactly what
 has kept the company afloat in contentious times where many of the
 hardware giants have fallen.  They had the vision to forsee the poor
 economy, and the wisdom to recognize the limitations of their products.
 They now have innovative new products in the queue that the marketplace
 will embrace.
 I think your comment about the last seven years is an exaggeration.  If
 you look back that far, you're in the hey-day of the 520ST and 1040ST.
 Atari made all the right moves in the US then, and we can do it again.
 In this day and age of extremely short 'windows of opportunity' to
 bring a product to market, Atari seems to be taking unusually long to
 ramp up Falcon production.  Is Atari having difficulty getting Falcons
 produced, are you deliberately keeping production runs small, or will
 large numbers (defined as thousands) of Falcons be arriving for sale to
 consumers any time within the near future (defined as 'within six to
 eight weeks')?
 From Bob Brodie:
 I don't agree with your comment about "the short window of opportunity"
 comment on the hardware side of the business.  On the software side,
 there is no question that it is an extremely small window.  On the
 hardware side...not so.  Witness the PC clones; all the innovation going
 on over there is just an ever faster microprocessor.  The real
 innovation is going on in software.
 With the Falcon030, we have innovative hardware.  The window of
 opportunity is quite large, and will be so for quite some time to come.
 We are keeping production runs small at this point, until the economy
 picks up.  This seems to be a trend in the industry right now with other
 companies as well, like Compaq.  We're certainly not the only hardware
 company that acting cautiously in regards to production right now.
 Globally, we will be shipping large numbers in the near future (in
 accordance with your definitions).
 From James Grunke:
 Production is ramping up, and we expect larger numbers to arrive over
 the summer.  The first waves of Falcons were gobbled up immediately, and
 there are more sell-thru units "on the boat".
 In the UK we have Falcon users with both TOS 4.01 and 4.02 and just
 starting to circulate round the comms scene is the falcon patch, there
 are claims that this patch doesn't fix all the bugs in those releases of
 TOS, can Bill spread any light on this? Also does the patch fix any of
 the known bugs in TOS 4.04 which is shipping on the next batch of
 machines (I presume?).
 From Bill Rehbock:
 FPATCH.PRG does fix issues with the serial port with bconmap()
 This applies to all versions of TOS 4 at this time.  TOS 4.04 is
 available for $60 US, although the policies and prices in the UK may
 The tweaks up to TOS 4.04 relate mostly to esoteric kind of things, like
 overlay bit control, and involves vset masks mode, although there are
 not that many applications that use it.  The other changes that FPATCH
 takes care of are connecting the audio system in such a fashion that STE
 and TT sound applications can make sound, and then bcomap() got changed
 going into TOS 4.04, but not enough.  So you will still need FPATCH for
 TOS 4.04.
 Overall, there are very few changes between 4.01 and 4.04.
 From Bob Brodie:
 Having bugs in your OS is just a fact of life.  Every single OS has
 them, bar none.  I think that it is unavoidable.  DOS 6 is taking a
 terrible beating over problems it has,  Windows 3.1 is far from bug
 free, and Apple's System 7 has had their share of problems, too.
 Windows NT is getting raked over the coals in the computer media severly
 because of it's bugs. (Granted, it's in beta form)
 This isn't to say that we're not looking to eliminate all the bugs, but
 that it's almost unavoidable that they will happen in some degree.
 Does ATARI plan on telling the general public (not everyone has access
 to an on-line service or a BBS) about the new FALCON or is it just
 between us?  Specifically, what are your advertising plans?  Which
 magazines? TV? etc.
 From James Grunke:
 Atari does plan to tell everyone about the Falcon.  However not until we
 have enough product to fulfill that demand.  Remember the Stacy ads that
 created a large demand, and then we couldn't fill it?  We don't want a
 repeat of that!!
 In terms of specific plans, the initial strategies will involve teaming
 up with key developers to attack niche markets, such as music, video,
 graphics, etc.. Typically, this approach would utilize print ads (both
 national and regional), special events (i.e. trade shows), and key
 referenceable accounts such as artist endorsements, cutting edge
 educational institutions.
 When general consumer applications (and I mean killer applications) are
 available and our production is tooled up to meet demand, only then does
 it make sense to do a national TV awareness campaign.
 From Bob Brodie:
 On a local level, we have a market development fund program in place
 with our dealers that is very flexible...almost like make us an offer,
 and let's talk about it.  We're certainly willing to work with dealers
 to help fund their well planned efforts.
 Even though our dealer sign up campaign is going along well, there are
 still some states that we don't have dealers.  In my mind, this
 precludes a national campaign at this point in time.
 I suspect that our primary media will be print, and as far as which
 publications, that really depends on what is the best deal at the time.
 Typically, you purchase a "media bundle" with a number of publications
 in it that fits the basic demographics of your target audience.  This is
 something that changes frequently (the media bundle that is) so it's
 impossible to tell what the publications might be at this point in time.
 Certainly, we'll continue to target the music publications.  But as for
 the rest of the mags, I just don't know the answer to that today.  Cost
 is an obvious factor in choosing which bundle that we would go with, as
 in how many people per dollar you get in the bundle.
 Television advertising is extremely expensive.  In looking at an
 industry trade publication showing the top ten computer (desktop)
 vendors for last year, only 2 of the top ten are companies that I
 recognize as doing television advertising; IBM and Apple.  Among the
 other companies, there are names that I recognize from their co-op
 advertisements with their dealers or chain stores, but not stand alone
 advertising on their own.  There are also names there (like Olivetti)
 that I don't think I have ever seen an ad for anywhere in the US in any
 One of the leading retailers in the San Francisco Bay area is Fry's
 Electronics.  I don't believe they do ANY TV advertising.  Very heavy
 print ads (multiple full page color ads in the newspapers) and hip,
 attention getting radio advertisments as well.  I guess the point that
 I'm getting at is that I know our users *want* to see us do TV ads, but
 I'm not so sure that TV is a wise investment for us.
 We had projected to be at a point in time to be ready to start our
 advertising campaign.  However, the continuing poor economy warrants a
 cautious approach.  Again, this is a part of the business where it is
 very, very easy to spend truly _VAST_ sums of money, and get very little
 return on the dollar.
 Previews of the Falcon have been spotted in many of the major music
 magazines, but the machine has yet to undergo a technical review, if I'm
 not mistaken.  Such reviews can greatly speed the acceptance of a new
 machine into the marketplace.  Are review units now being sent to these
 magazines (Keyboard, EM, EQ, Mix, H&SR), and when do you expect reviews
 to begin appearing?
 From James Grunke:
 Firstly, Keyboard, EM, and MIX are all located in the Bay Area, right by
 Atari.  I have travelled internationally with editors from KEYBOARD, I
 occasionally lunch with key EM and MIX editors.  As far as H&SR, Editor
 Lorenz Rychner was my advisor at the Grove School of Music.  EQ gave the
 Atari Falcon030 a Blue Ribbon Award at AES and continues to give Atari
 fair coverage.
 So the relationships are there.  In order to give an accurate technical
 review a writer requires a production machine.  Now, with the release of
 the Falcon, and TOS 4.04, developers require a short time to make sure
 that their products are solid on the latest rev.  I expect this to take
 30 days or so, at which time I will prepare evaluation units for the
 publications to hammer on.  With a lead time of 60-90 days, look for the
 coverage toward late summer/early fall.  We want to be well prepared, a
 bad review is just as influential as a good review.
 Now that the first wave of Dealer Agreements has gone out and been
 returned, what CONTINUING efforts are being made to expand the dealer
 From Bob Brodie:
 Actually, we're well past the first wave of dealer agreements.  The
 first wave consisted of the dealers that we were already doing business
 with.  We've been signing up new dealers (i.e. never carried Atari) for
 quite a while now.
 We've signed on a team of manufacturers representatives, that are among
 the best in the business to help us grow and train our dealer network.
 As they are regionally located, they are better suited to know who and
 what is available in each locale.  We are not looking for explosive
 growth at this point, though.  Once we get to a certain number of
 retailers, we'll cap our growth until we can support additional
 At this point in time, we have over 140 locations in over 40 states,
 which is dramatically better than we were doing a year ago.
 We've also made arrangements to ship Falcons via a single distributor,
 with the provision that he has the dealers sign up according to all of
 our requirements (real store fronts, etc.).
 To what degree is Atari pursuing music stores, and how much of the
 effort is directed at computer stores?
 From James Grunke:
 The initial demand from the music channel has been staggering!!!
 Following the path of least resistance, and emphasizing the fact that
 the music software houses are shrink wrapped and ready to go, we are
 aggressively attacking this side of the business.  Falcon030 opens up
 computer music to a whole new customer, including guitarists, vocalists,
 educators, etc..  We intend to grow this channel into a major
 distribution center for Atari.
 Our efforts in the music channel by no means downplays the regard we
 have for computer dealers.  Those Atari computer dealers that have been
 with us for a long time are a high priority in our allocations.  They
 actually benefit from the new music users who seek them out for support
 in non-musical applications.
 We are planning a drive for more computer dealers, but we need for the
 consumer software side, i.e. applications and entertainment software, to
 catch up with the level of the music software.  Ideally, we should be at
 a 25-75% music to computer dealer ratio.
 From Bob Brodie:
 In terms of the amount of effort, we're putting a lot more effort into
 signing on computer dealers than music dealers.  However, the music
 dealers are certainly a much easier sale.  They've been quicker to come
 on board with the Falcon030 than the computer dealers have.  So, the
 music side of the business is just growing faster than the computer side
 right now.
 I agree with James, in that this is primarily due to the applications
 that are available for the Falcon in music.  They are truly world class
 In a number of instances, having a quality music dealer in the area
 actually makes it easier for the computer dealer.  The music dealers
 typically carry MIDI specific products.  Yet, musicians are just like
 regular computer users....well, not quite regular, but almost! <grin>
 They want to play games, write letters, buy modems, printers, and all
 kinds of other peripherals that music dealers don't carry.  So a quality
 music dealer works well with a computer dealer in a symbiotic
 relationship.  The music dealer might sell the customer the Falcon030,
 but the computer dealer will have additional sales opportunities with
 the customer as well.
 What efforts, if any, will be made to have industry standard software
 (i.e.- Windows and Windows NT, Word Perfect) made available to
 purchasers of the Atari Falcon platform?
 From Bob Brodie:
 You're bringing up a couple of different things in your question;
 applications software (Word Perfect) and operating systems (Windows NT).
 First, we've had the ability for a long time to run different operating
 systems on our products.  We foresee that continuing into the future
 with the Falcon030.  COMPO Software is bringing a 286 board and a 486
 board to run DOS, and Windows 3.1.  I assume that since the board has an
 actual PC chip on it, will be able to run other things as well, like
 OS/2, NeXT Step, etc.  But I want to be clear that I haven't seen those
 things run on Falcon Speed.  I have seen Windows 3.1 run on Falcon
 Speed, and was impressed.
 Windows NT might be starting to ship just now, although Microsoft enjoys
 an excellent reputation, I can't in good conscience go along with
 describing it as industry standard at this point in time.
 As for Word Perfect, I think the only factor that they are interested in
 is a large installed base of users.  Once they see that, they will
 resume development for Word Perfect.
 What is the current status of the "other platform" hardwares emulators
 (PC and MAC) for the Falcon030?
 From Bob Brodie:
 The PC emulator is called Falcon Speed, and is being produced by COMPO
 Software.  You can contact their US office at 415-355-0862, or fax them
 at 415-355-0869.  At this point in time, we don't believe the product
 to be shipping.  We have seen it at several trade shows, and it looks
 very impressive.  The 286 board is something that you would expect to be
 wimpy, but with the very fast Falcon030 bus, it's pretty quick.
 The Mac board is a product of Gadgets by Small.  I haven't heard from
 Dave in quite a while, neither has Bill Rehbock.  We had hoped to see
 him at NAMM in January, but he wasn't able to attend.  I'm afraid that
 we're no better informed on this that you are.
 I can tell you that from our end, we got him one of the first Falcons in
 the US, so he could pursue this project.  We'd really like to see it
 Dave has an account here on CIS, so perhaps you can email him a request
 for an update on his product.

 ###### Schedule of Shows, Events and Online Conferences
 ###### ----------------------------------------------------------------
 ###  June 5-10, 1993
 Special Libraries Association 84th Annual Conference & Info Exposition.
 Cincinnati Convention Center, Cincinnati  OH.  Special Libraries
 Association, Alisa A. Nesmith, 1700 Eighteenth St. NW, Washington DC
 20009 (202)234-4700, (202)265-9317 (fax).
 ###  June 12-13, 1993 
 CT Atarifest '93 at the Windsor Court Hotel in Windsor Connecticut.
 This year the Atarifest has relocated to a new hotel with excellent room
 rates ($35.00 per room), free and plentiful parking, easy access from
 Interstate 91, I-95, I-90, I-84, I-80, an in house Sports Bar, a bigger
 ballroom and is located just 1 mile from Bradley International Airport
 (free shuttle service for hotel guests).  Tentative commitments from A&D
 Software, Gribnif Software, Barefoot Software, Toad Computers, Computer
 Studio, Baggetaware, Derric Electronics, E.Hartford Computer Repair,
 MegaType Software, Wizztronics and GFA Software Technology.  For further
 information, call Brian Gockley at 203-332-1721 or Doug Finch at 203-637
 -1034.  E-mail can be directed to B.GOCKLEY or D.FINCH7 on GEnie or to
 75300,2514 or 76337,1067 on CIS.
 ###  June 15-17, 1993
 Multimedia '93 - Earl's Court 2, London England.  Blenheim Online, Cat
 Maclean, Mktg Mgr., Blenheim House, 630 Chiswick High Rd., London
 England; +44 (0)81 742 2828, +44 (0)81 742 3182
 ###  June 22-23, 1993
 Lap & Palmtop Mobile Computing Expo at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim,
 California.  Exhibitors will show the latest in mobile computing,
 software, pen, peripherals and communications from the industry's
 leading manufacturers.  In conjunction with the exhibits is the Mobile
 Systems Solutions Conference series.  Featuring over 80 leading industry
 experts speakers, the conference provides vital information needed to
 build or improve your world of mobile computing.
 ###  June 23-26, 1993
 Digital World '93 - Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills CA.  Seybold
 Seminars, 29160 Heathercliff Rd., Suite 200, PO Box 6710, Malibu CA
 90264-6710; (800)433-5200, (310)457-8500, (310)457-8599 (fax)
 ###  June 26-27, 1993 
 The Kansas City AtariFest '93.  The location for the show is Stadium
 Inn, 7901 E 40 Hwy.  Ticket prices at the door will be 5.00 dollars each
 day.  Advance tickets will be 4.00 dollars each, for advance tickets,
 please send 4.00 dollars per ticket to: Kansas City AtariFest, P.O. Box
 1653, Lee Summit, MO 64063 or if you belong to a user group please mail
 a request for a user group information pack.  To make room reservations
 please call 1-800-325-7901, we are also working with a local travel
 agent to get special airfares for the show.  You may call 1-800-874-7691
 to take advantage of the special fares.  For more information please
 leave Email as follows; GEnie, B.welsch, J.krzysztow, for CompuServe,
 Leave for Jeff Krzysztow at 74027,707, or you can call (816)224-9021, or
 mail to the address listed above.
 ###  June 29 - July 1, 1993
 PC Expo-NY - Javits Convention Center, New York City.
 ###  July 24-25, 1993
 The Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and Computer STudio
 host the Fourth Annual Blue Ridge AtariFest in Asheville, North
 Carolina.  Saturday show time is from 10am - 6pm and Sunday show times
 are from Noon to 5pm.  Free booth space is available for Atari
 developers.  This Atarifest will be taking over the Courtyard Shop
 (mall) area at the Westgate Shopping Center (location of Computer
 STudio), and also plan on using vacant store spaces for seminar
 sessions.  Seminars will be 45 minutes in length, and developers are
 welcome to conduct a seminar on their product line or approved topic of
 their choice (seminars are limited, so first come, first served).  For
 additional information, please contact: Sheldon Winick on GEnie -
 S.WINICK or at the Computer STudio at (704) 251-0201 or contact the show
 coordinator Cliff Allen on GEnie - C.ALLEN17 or call (704) 258-3758.
 ###  August 3-6, 1993
 MacWorld Expo at the Boston World Trade Center, Bayside Exposition
 Center and sponsored by MacWorld Magazine.  This event is titled Boston
 ###  August 23-27, 1993
 Interop '93 (#2) at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco, California.
 ###  August 25-29, 1993
 ONE BBSCON '93 at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This 
 is a four day exposition presented by BoardWatch Magazine.  There will 
 be three days of educational services, a trade show exhibit area with
 over one-hundred vendors on hand.  For further information on this event 
 and for registration information contact: Peg Coniglio at ONE Inc.,
 4255 South Buckley Road, Suite 308, Aurora, Colorado 80013. Voice: (303)
 693-5253; Fax: (303) 693-5518; BBS: (303) 693-5432.
 ###  August 31 - September 2, 1993
 Fed Micro '93.  Fed Micro CDROM and Multimedia Conference & Exposition.
 Washington Convention Center, Washington DC.
 ###  September 18-19, 1993
 The Glendale Show returns with the Southern California Atari Computer
 Faire, V.7.0, in suburban Los Angeles, California.  This has been the
 year's largest domestic Atari event, year after year.  Contact John King
 Tarpinian at the user group HACKS at 818-246-7286 for information.
 ###  September 20-22, 1993
 The third MacWorld Expo, titled Canada '93 at the Metro Toronto
 Convention Centre, sponsored by MacWorld Magazine.
 ###  September 21-23, 1993
 Unix Expo '93 in New York City, New York at the Javits Convention
 ###  October 4-8, 1993
 Image World New York, Javits Convention Center, New York City.
 ###  October 5-7, 1993
 NetWorld 93, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas TX.
 ###  October 7-8, 1993
 Lap & Palmtop Mobile Computing Expo at the Chicago Mart/Expo Center in
 Chicago, Illinois.  Exhibitors will show the latest in mobile computing,
 software, pen, peripherals and communications from the industry's
 leading manufacturers.  In conjunction with the exhibits is the Mobile
 Systems Solutions Conference series.  Featuring over 80 leading industry
 experts speakers, the conference provides vital information needed to
 build or improve your world of mobile computing.
 ###  October 19-21, 1993
 PC Expo-Chicago, McCormick Place East, Chicago IL.
 ###  October 27-29, 1993
 CDROM Exposition at the World Trade Center, Boston MA.
 ###  October 27-29, 1993
 EDA&T Asia '93.  The Electronic Design and Test Conference Exhibition
 at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan.  Exhibit space
 is still available.  For more information contact: Betsy Donahue,
 Chicago, fax: 708-475-2794.
 ###  November 1-3, 1993
 Online/CD-ROM '93, Washington  DC.
 ###  November 7-10, 1993
 GeoCon/93, an international conference and showcase for software
 products developed outside the U.S. at the Royal Sonesta Hotel,
 Cambridge, Mass.  The conference program will include three days of
 workshops on topics of interest to overseas developers entering the
 U.S. market.  Workshop presenters will discuss such issues as how to
 negotiate distribution and licensing contracts, setting up a business in
 the U.S., manufacturing and fulfillment, technical support, packaging,
 research sources, and how to market through direct, retail, and catalog
 channels.  For additional information, contact Tom Stitt, associate
 publisher, Soft letter, 17 Main St., Watertown, Mass. 02272-9154;
 telephone 617-924-3944; fax 617-924-7288, or Colleen O'Shea, director,
 Soft letter Europe, 2 um Bierg, 7641 Chirstnach, Luxembourg, telephone
 35.2.87119; fax 35.2.87048.
 ### November 15-19, 1993
 COMDEX Fall '93. Las Vegas Nevada.
 ###  June 4-11, 1994
 GEC '94, Milam ITALY.  Centrexpo, Sheila Palka/Delia Associates, PO Box
 338, Route 22 West, Whitehouse  NJ 08888  (800)524-2193, (908)534-6856
 If you have an event you would like to include on the Z*Net Calender,
 please send email via GEnie to Z-NET, CompuServe 75300,1642, or via
 FNET to node 593 or AtariNet node 51:1/13.0.

 ######  Press Release - June 3, 1993
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 The Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and Computer STudio
 invite you to participate in the fourth annual Blue Ridge AtariFest on
 Saturday, July 24 and Sunday July 25, 1993.  The show will take place in
 the Courtyard Shop area of Westgate Shopping Center in Asheville, North
 Carolina (Home of Computer STudio).
 We are still signing up additional exhibitors, but those who have
 already made a firm committment to attend include (Alphabetical Listing)
  PD/Shareware Software  (Clip Art Libraries)
 Barefoot Software
  Professional MIDI Software applications (SMPTETrack, EditTrack
  Platinum, GenEdit, EZ Score Plus, etc.)
 Codehead Technologies
  Productivity software & enhancements (G+Plus, MultiDesk Deluxe,
  HotWire, CodeHead Utilities, Warp 9, Calligrapher, MaxiFile, Lookit &
  Popit, Avant Vector, MegaPaint, TOS Extension Card, etc.)
 Computer STudio
  Visit a 'real' Atari Dealership in the mall (Atari computer systems,
  software and accessories)
 DMC Publishing
  Desktop Publishing System Solultions (Calamus/SL, PKS Write, Outline
  Art, Invision Elite, tms Cranach Studio, etc.)
  Telecommunications and Electronic Publishing
 Magic Software
  Entertainment Software (New products unveiling!)
 Missionware Software
  (Flash II, lottODDS, Printer Initializer, etc.)
 Showtimes are 10am - 6pm on Saturday, and noon-5pm on Sunday.  Seminar
 sessions will be scheduled throughout the show.
 Since this year's show coincides with Asheville's annual Bele Chere
 Street Festival, we are not having a Saturday evening banquet, but are
 instead encouraging guests to hop the shuttle bus at the front entrance
 of the mall and spend Saturday evening downtown enjoying the outdoor
 festivities (live entertainment, food booths of all types, dancing,
 Advance registration is only $3, or $4 at the door.  Additional
 information about the show and Asheville's Bele Chere festival will be
 mailed to all who pre-register in advance.  Door prize winners will also
 be selected from registered guests.  Advance registration checks should
 made out to "COMPUTER STUDIO" and mailed to:
 Computer STudio
 Westgate Shopping Center
 40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
 Asheville, NC  28806
 For additional information, please contact either:

     Sheldon Winick                     Cliff Allen, Show Coord.
     GEnie:  S.WINICK                   GEnie:  C.ALLEN17
     Computer STudio                    Internet:  CALLEN@UNCA.EDU
     Westgate Shopping Center           phone:  (704) 258-3758
     40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
     Asheville, NC  28806
     (704) 251-0201

 or the Blue Ridge AtariFest topic on GEnie (Atari Roundtable,
 Category 11, Topic 13).

 ######  Press Release
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 2800 JOHN STREET, UNIT #10               TEL: (416)  479-1880
 MARKHAM, ONTARIO                         FAX: (416)  479-1882
 CANADA L3R 0E2                           GEnie: ISD or POTECHIN
                                          Compuserve: 76004,2246
                                          Delphi: ISDMARKETING
 In conversations held on both GEnie and Delphi, we have been approached
 to offer existing Pagestream customers the ability to upgrade to Calamus
 SL.  As many of you are aware, we have long-since made available Calamus
 1.09N to anyone that owns any other existing desktop publishing software
 on the Atari.  It became clear that it was time to broaden that offer
 slightly to include the option of upgrading directly to Calamus SL from
 Specifically, I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, DMC
 Publishing will offer those of you that currently own Pagestream 2.0 and
 above, the option of also obtaining Calamus SL. You keep your copy of
 Pagestream, while expanding your possibilities with Calamus SL.
 Our thousands of Calamus customers worldwide, continue to insure that
 the Atari version is improved, that new modules are added and that we
 persist in pushing the envelope on the Atari platform.  And yes, Calamus
 SL is Atari Falcon030 compatible.
 If you choose to participate in the DMC upgrade offer, you will receive
 a complete package of Calamus SL, be automatically fully registered and
 eligible for any and all future upgrades.
 This offer will run until August 31, 1993 so order your copy of Calamus
 SL today.  You will be really pleased that you did.
        Pagestream 2.0 and above to Calamus SL for only US $200.00
 Simply put, I am offering you the exact same upgrade price that I
 offered to my own Calamus customers.  I think you'll agree that I cannot
 do better than that.  Please take advantage of our offer.  You will not
 be sorry.
 To place your order, send DMC a photocopy by mail or fax of your
 original Pagestream program disks, your name, address, telephone number
 and a listing of the computer equipment that you own, PLUS the upgrade
 fee of US $200.00, $250.00 CDN. and $10.00 for shipping and insurance,
 within the United States and Canada only.  Payment made be made by Visa,
 Mastercard or Money Order.
 Note: DMC recognizes that you can become comfortable using a program.
 Further, we acknowledge that there are many excellent features in
 Pagestream which may be of value to you.  We do not ask you to trade in
 your original disks.  Use them both.  You'll never look back!
 Here's what you get:
 Calamus SL
 As was anticipated, the new modular design of Calamus SL has become the
 centre of a powerful and ever-expanding universe of desktop publishing
 We are proud to include our Macro Keyboard Template, free!  Done under
 the auspices of our USER to USER TIPS program, Mike Valent's
 contribution - 250 key bindings - has been produced to sit above your
 keyboard.  It will be included, at no charge, with your Calamus SL
 Our Printer Driver Generator is also included, at no charge.
 As a Calamus SL owner, you will be able to purchase modules to suit your
 specific needs.  Development continues on many additional modules.
 WYNIWYG - "What You Need Is What You Get"
 DMC brings "WYNIWYG" to desktop publishing.  The modular concept means
 that you purchase exactly what you need today, with the knowledge that
 additional modules are available when you require them.  Your choice is
 now easier and more economical, since you will be purchasing specialized
 modules, rather than entire packages.
 The standard Calamus SL upgrade package contains: with twelve standard
 NOTE: The above, along with the main Calamus SL shell, contains over
 1,000 features!
 For those of you familiar with Calamus 1.09N, new features and powerful
 enhancements from Calamus 1.09 to Calamus SL include:
 |!| Above all else, the ability to accept modules, internal or third
 |!| The ability to process and pre-process large passages of text with
     speed and precision.
 |!| Extended raster control with freely definable raster angles and
     widths.  Intensity and contrast can now be corrected, while an
     integral histogram allows you to optimize an image for your output
 |!| The PKS-Write Module provides standard wordprocessing functions plus
     the ability to edit layout information.
 |!| The addition of Cache and Virtual Memory speeds up and extends
     memory-dependent functions.
 |!| Create hundreds of macros, each assigned to a definable key binding
     which can be saved and automatically installed in each work session.
 |!| Open up to seven documents at a time.
 |!| Cut & paste to our new scrolling clipboard.
 |!| Create and assign master pages (style sheets).
 |!| Create and save text style lists.
 |!| Expand, compress and skew text.
 |!| Rotate and mirror frames, including group frames.
 |!| Control frame placement and size to (7) seven decimal places.
 |!| Print parts of pages (tiling).
 |!| Define more than 16 million colours and save in colour lists.
 |!| Set units of measurement for pages, fonts and lines.
 |!| Choose from three frame display modes: Transparent, Opaque and
 |!| Align frames to other frames.
 |!| Define vertical alignment settings.
 Currently, more than a dozen modules and scores of drivers are available
 for use with Calamus SL.  We will publicize the availability of new
 modules, drivers and upgrades through our normal Customer Support
 channels, as well as through periodic mailings to our registered users.
 Here is a sampling of some of the external modules optionally available:
 Our color separation module allows you to define separation filters,
 including the definition of undercolor removal (UCR) and adornment (spot
 color).  This module allows the use of CYMK, CMY and IHS systems, as
 well as the capability to support new systems such as FOCOLTONE.  You
 must own this module to print in color.  Your cost is US $50.00 or CDN
 Speed-Line provides monochrome autotracing in Calamus, converting
 illustrations to vector graphics. It automatically creates vectors,
 utilizing Bezier curves, lines and areas.  The simplified user interface
 offers several optimizing functions to enable you to define line, angle
 and pixel correction together with conversion options for Bzier curves
 and line art.  The Speed-Line Autotracer converts a raster graphic to a
 vector graphic within seconds.  This can then be modified by any of the
 existing Calamus drawings tools, particularly those contained in the
 Vector Graphic module.  Your cost is US $50.00 or CDN $60.00.
 Our Vector Graphic Module allows the creation and editing of monochrome
 or color vector graphics, editing of polylines for irregular text flow
 and much more. See snap shots of the many features below.  This is the
 perfect modular tool for editing autotraced graphics.  You can join sub-
 paths, distort and freely rotate all elements or even apply different
 colous to every vector graphic part, including those created in Outline
 Art.  This module goes hand in hand with Speed-Line.  Your cost is US
 $100.00 or CDN $125.00.
 |!| The Dataformer module comes in two parts: Dataformer Raster and
     Dataformer Vector.  As the name implies, each part works on the
     respective type of frames.  The essential use of Dataformer is to
     convert Calamus graphic frames or pages to other file formats for
 |!| Dataformer Raster will export to Degas (PI?), Doodle (PIC),
     NeoChrome (NEO), STAD (PAC), GEM Image (IMG), Enhanced Simplex
     (ESM), Block (BLK), PC Paintbrush (PCX), IFF|ILBM (IFF), TIFF (TIF),
     Targa (TGA), Calamus (CRG), and GIF87a (GIF).
 |!| Dataformer Vector will export to Calamus (CVG), GEM Metafile (GEM),
     Autocad (DXF), HPGL Plotfile (PLT), PostScript (PS) and Encapsulated
     PostScript (EPS).
 |!| Dataformer has an array of options that are specific to each export
     file type.  In all formats the output can be frame or full page
     size.  The graphic can be exported according to the original size or
     according to a user-selectable size including A5, A4, A3, B5.
 |!| In some file formats, there are choices of saving with Monochrome,
     Grayscale or Color; in others you can specify ALL or STANDARD (VDI)
     colors and FILLED or OUTLINED fill patterns.
 |!| There are also options to save 1-, 4- and 8- bit grayscale or 8- and
     24/32-bit color.
 |!| For PostScript files, the options include FILLED or EMPTY fills and
     you may choose to save an image with the file.  For EPS you may
     choose to attach a TIFF with the converted file.  Your cost is US
     $100.00 or CDN $125.00. (Note: At this time not all frame types
     convert 100% successfully to PS or EPS.)
 Mount is a newcomer to the array of Calamus SL modules.  Mount allows
 the user to print more than one page on each sheet of printed paper.
 Paper sizes must be two or four times the size of the working page
 format.  For example, if you are working on half-size pages (5.5 x 8.5)
 you could use Mount to print two pages on each piece of letter size
 paper.  You can also print multiple copies.
 The Mount module is "smart".  It can collate and mount your pages
 automatically.  For example, a 12 page booklet (half-size pages) can be
 printed in camera-ready order: 1/12, 2/11, 3/10, 4/9, 5/8, 6/7, thus
 eliminating the need to paste up your work.  You can also choose to
 print consecutive pages or multiple pages on the printed page.  Your
 cost is US $50.00 or CDN $60.00.
 The Brush Module is a raster graphics editor that looks and works like
 any of the basic external modules.  It has two command groups - the
 first allows you to select from a palette of 20 brush sizes and shapes,
 including one that is variable.  The second command group accesses the
 same color table that is available in the other modules.  This means you
 can now color your raster graphics!
 To use Brush, you must have a raster graphics frame selected.  The frame
 must contain data from one of the Calamus import formats - IMG, STAD,
 NEO, PI?, PC?, RAW, CRG, CRD.  Your cost is US $30.00 or CDN $35.00.
 There is much more available for the Calamus family of products.  Our
 latest customer mailout was over 10 pages of product information, many
 of them new products or modules just released.  For further information,
 please do not hesitate to contact us.  Place your order now.
 Nathan Potechin
 President - DMC Publishing

 ######  Cross Platform Information
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 3G Graphics, Inc.                    800 456-0234 U.S. & Canada Orders
 114 Second Avenue, South, Suite 104  206 774-3518
 Edmonds, WA 98020                    Fax 206 771-8975
 EPS Images With Impact, separable complete components; some human
 figures with repositionable limbs.  $99.95 - $189.95, CD-ROM $499.95
 ARRO International                   201 746-9620
 P.O. Box 167                         Fax 201 509-0728
 Montclair, NJ 07042                  613 591-1406 Canada
                                      Fax 613 591-3642 Canada
 ARROGLYPHS Environment Collection: pollution, recycling, life on Earth
 EPS, black and white, 200 images editable to 400+, Mac & PC.  Brochure
 Environment 1 Sampler U.S. $10
 Artbeats                        800 444-9392
 Box 1287                        503 863-4429
 Myrtle Creek, OR 97457
 Background collection (Marble & Granite, ???), 40 high-resolution and 40
 medium-resolution color images CD-ROM $349.  Special laser printer
 images on 3.5" disks $99.95
 ArtRight Software Corporation
 1130 Morrison Drive             613 820-1000
 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2H 9N6      Fax 613 820-2651
 EPS and other
 Baseline Publishing
 1770 Moriah Woods Blvd., #14         901-682-9676 (voice)
 Memphis, TN 38117-7118               901-682-9691 (fax)
 FM Waves 400 dpi TIFF cartoons, several subjects
 C.A.R. Inc.                     800 288-7585
 7009 Kingsbury                  314 721-6305
 St. Louis, MO 63130             Fax 863-7212
 CLIPables: The EPS Graphics Library.  Over 1400 images, 18 major topic
 areas, Mac/IBM, 3-1/2" diskette and CDROM; $39.95 per topic, $299.95.
 Dream Maker Software            800 876-5665
 925 W Kenyon Aveue, Ste 16      303-762-1001
 Englewood, CO 80110             Fax 303 762-0762
 Cliptures EPS Electronic Clip Art, Mac & IBM
 Dynamic Graphics, Inc.               800 255-8800
 6000 N. Forest Park Dr.              309 688-8800
 P.O. Box 1901                   Fax 309 688-3075 
 Peoria, IL 61656-1901
 Subscription art service.  Clipper (paper) $32.50/month + s&h 70 camera-
 ready images on paper; layout, copy, and design ideas; Clip Bits
 magazine of layout and design; pictorial index.  Electronic Clipper
 $67.50/month + s&h Mac 800K, PC 3.5"/5.25" diskettes; 60% TIFF, 40% EPS,
 some layered); Options, monthly supplement of electronic how to tips &
 ideas; imageQUEST electronic indexing system; printed pictorial index.
 Electronic Clipper CD-ROM $67.50/month.  Each subscription includes
 custom storage binder, 5-year Clipper index to select and order low-cost
 camera-ready from entire library DeskTop Art, EPS ...
 Image Club Graphics, Inc.            800 661-9410 orders
 1902 Eleventh Street Southeast,      403 262-8008
 Suite 1902                       Fax 403 261-7013
 Alberta, Canada T2G 3G2              CIS 72560,2323
 24 volumes of DigitArt EPS Clipart; PS & TT fonts.  CD-ROM of unlockable
 fonts and images $99 (includes $400 credit).
 Innovation Advertising & Design           800 255-0562
 41 Mansfield Avenue                       802 879-1164
 Essex Jct., VT 05452                      Fax 802 878-1768
 EPS for Mac or IBM; logos and trademarks, other; CD-ROM available
 Islandview/MGI  (Marketing Graphics,Inc)
 6502 Dickens Place                        804 673-5601
 Richmond, VA 23230                        Fax 804 285-7822
 4401 Dominion Blvd., Ste 210              804 747-6991
 Glen Allen, VA 23060
 PicturePak, CGM, PCX, color and black and white, $59.95? per pak.
 Letraset                             800 343-8973
 Fontek DesignFonts.  PS Type 1 and TrueType fonts for both PC & Mac; six
 collections, 75-100 images, $89.95 each.
 Masterclip Graphics, Inc.            800 899-4448
 5201 Ravenswood Road, Ste 111        305 983-7440
 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312            Fax 305 967-9452
 CGM, SYM/SY3 (Harvard Graphics?)
 MediClip                        800 998-8705
                                 310 315-3470
 Medical anatomy and art library for Mac or IBM, EPS & other major
 formats.  $99 per volume of 100 images, save on multiple volume

 Metro ImageBase, Inc.                800-525-1552
 18623 Ventura Blvd, Ste 210
 Tarzana, CA 91356
 EPS?, Mac and IBM.  18 categories, 100 or more per package, $74.95 per
 package.  2,000 image  CD-ROM $149.95
 Cartesia (formerly MicroMaps Software)    800 334-4291
 P.O. Box 757                              609 397-1611
 5 South Main Street                   Fax 609 397-5724
 Lambertville, NJ 08530
 IBM: EPS, CGM, PCX; Mac: EPS, Pict, Paint; NeXt: EPS.  MapArt EPS, 4
 world maps, 12 world regions, 25 countries with states and provinces
 $179.  Global Perspectives 18 globes $49.  U.S. by County, 50 state maps
 $99.  25 U.S. Metro area maps $49 ea, all $299.  High Detail country
 maps, by region $49, 12 megions $299.
 New Vision Technologies
 38 Auriga Drive, Unit 13             613 727-8184
 Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2E 8A5      Fax 613 727-8190
 Presentation Task Force clip art, 3,500 color CGM images $199 U.S.
 One Mile Up                     800 258-5280
 7011 Evergreen Court            703 642-1177
 Annandale, VA 22003             Fax 703 642-9088
 7 collections, Federal, military, aerospace, EPS.  Free brochure
 Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation    800 829-8608
 11131F South Towne Square            314 894-8068
 St. Louis, MO 63123                  Fax 314 894-3280
 The currently available volumes are: 3D Flags of the World (Mac, PC,
 Amiga) (Illustrator 88 EPS): 190+ international flags.  Amiga Computer
 Art (Amiga only) (Illustrator 3 EPS): 75 Amiga computer and peripheral
 Coming in June: Real Computer Art (Mac, PC) (Illustrator 3 EPS): 75 Mac
 and PC computer and pheripheral illustrations.
 Coming soon: Real Technology Art (Mac, PC, Amiga) (Illustrator 3 EPS):
 75 illustrations of office equipment and other equipment.
 RT Computer Graphics            800 245-7824
 602 San Juan de Rio             505 891-1600
 Rio Rancho, NM 87124            Fax 505 891-1350
 Santa Fe Collection, Native American & Southwest Clip Art for Mac & PC
 500 EPS Images $129, 125 EPS Borders $99, Both $179, with Santa Fe font,
 EPS slide viewer, mousepad, free s&h, Free brochure.  EPS Sampler $15
 Taco Clipart Company                   1-800-233-TACO (8226) voice/fax
 1208 Howard Street
 Omaha, Nebraska 68102
 Taco Clipart Company supplies custom clipart in formats for PC and
 Macintosh.  Macintosh images available are AI, EPS (illustrator), TIFF
 bitmap, and rasterized EPS.  PC bitmap formats available are TIFF, PCX,
 BMP, TGA, GIF; vector formats are CDR, DRW, AI, WPG, CGM, DXF, GEM, GRF.
 (Coreldraw, Designer, Illustrator, WordPerfect Presentations, Computer
 Graphics Metafile, AutoCad, Micrografx Graph).  Taco Clipart Company
 also supplies interface designs and ICO and BMP buttons to Windows
 Software Developers.  Packages available in Vector and Bitmap formats:
 European Landmarks Collection, Business Collection, Ethnic Business
 Collection 1, Ethnic Business Collection 2, Ethnic Business Collection
 3, Holiday Collection, Relaxation Collection, Food Collection, Icon
 Collection, Misc Collection, Cellular Industry Collection, Factory
 Collection, Money Collection, Court Related Collection, Animals
 Collection, Hands Doing Things Collection, Pizza Collection, Background
 Collection, Aquaculture and Fish Collection, Compuserve "You asked for
 it, you got it".  $39.95 base price, added charges include electronic
 delivery through Compuserve Mail which we basically pass the surcharge
 on if over $2.00 for us.  Taco also has an extensive collection of
 Public Domain images that range from borders to shovels to landscapes,
 to exotic people.  Taco supplies clipart collections to Software
 Companies as an added value product, therefore many times, if a person
 is looking for a particular image, Taco will send free if easy to
 create.  A newly created collection custom made for a customer costs
 $212.00 for about 20 images. 
 T/Maker   Company                    800 395-0195 orders
 1390 Villa Street                    415 962-0195
 Mountain View, CA 94041              Fax 415-962-0201
 EPS ClickArt collections, packages of varied numbers of images $129.95.
 Color Graphics for Presentations WMF, EPS, PICT2 $149.95.  Bitmapped
 ClickArt collections (72 dpi, MacPaint, PCX) $59.95.
 TechPool Studios                     800 777-8930
 1463 Warrensville Center Road        216 291-1922
 Cleveland OH 44121              Fax 216 382-1915
 LifeART Collections - over 2000 medical and health images, full color &
 black & white professional medical illustrations.  Anatomy, Emergency,
 Super Anatomy, Health Care, Dental Format not stated in ad, however,
 TechPool Software, 216-382-1234, publishes Transverter and Transverter
 Pro, and provides, per ad in June 98 Publish Magazine, a "free file
 translation " utility" which "provides files for all Windows, Macintosh
 & DOS graphics applications."  $89 for 150 images
 Totem Graphics Inc.
 6200-F Capitol Blvd.            206 352-1851
 Tumwater, WA 98501-5288     Fax 206 352-2554
 18 Collections, high-resolution color bitmap art, Free brochure
 Volk Clip Art                        800 227-7048
 P.O. Box 347                         
 Washington, IL 61571-0347            Fax 309 688-5873
 Paper clip art by subscription; Clip art books -- 4/month or 48/year,
 each a complete subject category with a variety of art on one popular
 theme; strong on everyday siutations of people of all ages, at home, at
 work, at play.

 ######  Member Listing - June 1, 1993
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 The IAAD is an organization of third-party hardware and software
 developers supporting the Atari ST family of computers.  Unique in the
 industry, the IAAD works to provide its membership with help in
 marketing, packaging, technical matters, and other issues of interest to
 third-party commercial developers.  This listing has been prepared to
 familiarize the public with our members and some of their products.  We
 hope you will find it useful.
 Each entry has the following format (when applicable):
 Member Name
 Company Name
 Mailing Address
 Product Names
 The listing is provided below in ASCII format.  An additional file is
 available in CardFile format.  Please note that the product listing is
 not comprehensive nor detailed, and new products are continually
 released.  Please feel free to contact individual members for
 information about their listed products.  For more information about the
 IAAD, contact any Board Member.
 IAAD Board Members:
 Dorothy A Brumleve, President
 James C Allen
 Nathan Potechin
 Nevin Shalit
 Chet Walters
 Member Listing:
 James C Allen           FAST Technology
 14 Lovejoy Road
 Andover MA 01810 USA    508 475 3810 (fax)   508 475 3810
 Albert Baggetta         Baggetta_Ware
 P.O. Box 759
 Agawam MA 01001 USA
 Eliemouse Complimentary Coloring Book/The Comic Book Collector/The
 Mis-Adventures of Eliemouse/Shakespeare: The Sonnets
 Judith Baumgardner      Anthill Industries
 P.O. Box 361
 Mt. Vernon OH 43050-9998 USA    614 393 1524
 David Beckemeyer        Beckemeyer Development Tools
 P.O. Box 21575
 Oakland CA 94620 USA    510 530 0451 (fax)    510 530 9637
 Hard Disk Sentry/Hard Disk Toolkit/SCSI Tape Kit
 Robert M Birmingham
 13630 SW 101 Lane
 Miami FL 33186-2814 USA  305 385 1942
 Dorothy A Brumleve      D.A. Brumleve
 P.O. Box 4195
 Urbana IL 61801-8820 USA  217 367 9084 (fax)   217 337 1937
 Kidpublisher Professional/Super Kidgrid/Kidpainter/Multiplay/Telegram/
 Creative Discovery Packet/Learning Games Packet
 John Buckner            SuperSoft
 731 North Clinton
 Grand Ledge MI 48837 USA  517 627 6965
 TeleView Tele/TeleView BBS/D.A.M.I./The Fisherman
 John Cole
 Lee Seiler
 John Stanford           Lexicor
 1726 Francisco Street
 Berkeley CA 94703 USA   510 848 7621 (fax)     510 848 7613
 Chronos-3D/Prism Paint/Phoenix Object Render/CyberColor/Prism Render/
 Jim Collins             chro_MAGIC Software Innovations
 516 North Jackson
 Joplin MO 64801 USA     417 623 7393
 Guitaristics/Pianistics/Pianistics Encyclopedia/Pianistics Professor
 Phil Comeau             Wintertree Software Inc.
 43 Rueter Street
 Nepean ON K2J 3Z9 Canada  613 596 1575 (fax Attn)     613 825 6721
 The GramSlam Grammar and Style Checker/Grammar Expert/Spelling Sentry
 Brad Cox                Barefoot Software
 19865 Covellow Street
 Canoga Park CA 91306 USA  818 727 0632 (fax)     818 727 7143
 SMPTETrack/EditTrack/GenEdit/EZ Score+/Hybriswitch
 Manfred Doewich         Cybercube Research Ltd.
 126 Grenadier Crescent
 Thornhill ON L4J 7V7 Canada  416 886 3261 (fax)     416 882 0294
 CyReL SUNRISE M16-1280 True Color High Resolution Graphics Card/CyReL
 SERENADE M16-1280 True Color High Resolution Graphics Card/CyReL
 VidiMix8 Desktop Video Module/CyReL Serial Mouse Manager/CyRel Palette
 Paul Dube               Elan Software
 550 Boul. Charest Est
 P.O. Box 30232
 Quebec G1K 8Y2 Canada   418 683 9189 (fax)     418 692 0565
 John Eidsvoog
 Charles Johnson         CodeHead Technologies
 P.O. Box 74090
 Los Angeles CA 90004 USA  213 386 5789 (fax)     213 386 5735
 G+Plus/MultiDesk Deluxe/HotWire/CodeKeys/CodeHead Utilities/Warp 9/
 Calligrapher/MaxiFile/Lookit & Popit/MIDIMax/MIDI Spy/Avant Vector/
 MegaPaint/Cherry Fonts/Genus Font Editor/TOS Extension Card
 Robert Engberson        Compo
 104 Esplanade Avenue Suite 121
 Pacifica CA 94044 USA   415 355 0869 (fax)     415 355 0862
 That's Write/Write On/C-Font/CompoScript/That's Address/Musicom/PC
 Speed/AT Speed/AT Speed C16
 Lauren Flanagan-Sellers Goldleaf Publishing Inc.
 700 Larkspur Landing Circle Suite 199
 Larkspur CA 94939 USA   415 257 3515
 WordFlair II
 Rick Flashman
 Dan Wilga               Gribnif Software
 P.O. Box 779
 Northampton MA 01061 USA  413 247 5622 (fax)     413 247 5620
 NeoDesk 3/NeoDesk CLI/STalker 3/STeno/XBoot/CardFile 4/Convector
 Professional/Arabesque Professional/XBoot III/Crazy Dots 8/Crazy Dots
 David Fletcher          Ditek International
 2800 John Street Unit 15
 Markham ON L3R 0E2 Canada  416 479 1882 (fax)     416 479 1990
 George Geczy
 David Thompson          JMG Software International, Inc.
 892 Upper James Street
 Hamilton ON L9C 3A5 Canada  416 575 0283 (fax)     416 575 3201
 Tyson T Gill            GT Software
 12114 Kirton Avenue
 Cleveland OH 44135-3612 USA   216 252 4272
 CardFile (distr. by Gribnif)
 Tom Harker
 Doug Wheeler
 Hans-Peter Labude       ICD, Inc.
 1220 Rock Street
 Rockford IL 61101 USA   815 968 6888 (fax)     815 968 2228
 The Link/AdSCSI Micro ST/AdSCSI ST/AdSCSI Plus ST/AdSpeed ST/AdSpeed
 STe/FA-ST Hard Drive Kit/FA-ST Tape Backup/Cleanup ST/ICD Professional
 Hard Drive Utilities/ICD Tape Backup Software/Advantage Micro ST/
 Advantage ST/Advantage Plus ST/STHA/Personal Pascal
 Doug Harrison
 P.O. Box 66236
 Baton Rouge LA 70806-6236 USA
 Opus (shareware)/Lookit & Popit (distr. by CodeHead)
 Craig Harvey            Clear Thinking
 2753 Plymouth Road Suite 137 
 Ann Arbor MI 48105 USA  313 971 6035 (bbs)     313 971 8671
 EdHak/Metapsychology Primer
 Harlan Hugh             Power Thought Software
 116 Sumach Street
 Toronto ON M5A 3J9 Canada  416 594 9355 (fax)     416 594 9355
 INVISION Elite (distr. by DMC)
 John 'Hutch' Hutchinson Fair Dinkum Technologies
 P.O. Box 2
 Los Alamos NM 87544 USA    505 662 7236
 CrossWord Creator II/Word Search Creator/Cryptographer/InfoDisk/
 Cyberdrome: The Hoverjet Simulator/Puzzle Pack
 Gene Kane               Xerox Corp 
 101 Continental Blvd. M/S ESC1-257
 El Segundo CA 90245 USA    310 333 2707
 Printer Drivers For Xerox Printers
 Deron Kazmaier
 Mark Wetzel             Soft-Logik Publishing
 P.O. Box 510589
 St. Louis MO 63151-0589 USA  314 894 8608 or 800 892 8608
 PageStream/ImageClub Clip Art/ImageClub Fonts/Business Forms
 Alex Kiernan
 David Link
 Dave Nutkins            HiSoft
 The Old School
 Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE England  +44 525 713716 (fax)
 +44 525 718181
 Devpac 3/HiSoft BASIC 2/Lattice C/HighSpeed Pascal/FTL Modula-2/WERCS/
 Harlekin 2/HiSoft C/ProFlight/K-Spread/K-Comm/K-Word/K-Data (HiSoft
 products distr. by Oregon Research Associates)
 Gregory J Kopchak       It's All Relative
 2233 Keevan Lane
 Florisant MO 63031 USA  314 831 9482
 It's All Relative/BookMaker/Forecaster3/AbbreviatorST/PhotoCD Conversion
 Marshall Lake           TEAM Software
 P.O. Box 7332
 Washington DC 20044-7332 USA  703 538 4598 (fax)     703 533 2132
 A Day at the Races/A Day at the Races Companion/3 Days at Gettysburg
 Bob Luneski             Oregon Research Associates
 16200 S.W. Pacific Highway Suite 162
 Tigard OR 97224 USA     503 624 2940 (fax)     503 620 4919
 Diamond Back II/Diamond Edge/Knife ST/Ultimate Virus Killer/DevPacST 3/
 DevPacTT/HiSoft BASIC 2/Lattice C 5.5/HiSoft C/HighSpeed Pascal/FTL
 Modula-2/Tempus 2/WERCS/Harlekin 2/True Paint/ProFlight
 Henry Murphy
 Carl Stanford           MS Design
 611 West Illinois Street
 Urbana IL 61801 USA     217 351 6412 (fax)     217 384 8469
 FontPak 1 & 2/Wheeler Quick Art CD-ROM/Wheeler Quick Art Image Disks
 Tom Nielsen             eSTeem, inc.
 72 Shades Crest Road
 Hoover AL 35226-1014 USA  205 987 9208
 Mark T O'Bryan          Paradigm Software Products
 1369 Concord Place Suite 3-B
 Kalamazoo MI 49009-2201 USA  616 372 5972
 Omni-Banker ST
 W. David Parks          Dr. Bobware / Wizworks!
 P.O. Box 45
 Girard OH 44420 USA     216 539 5623
 ScanLite/MVG: MultiViewer Graphica/MVG Modules Disks 1, 2, & 3
 Frank Pawlowski         Straight Edge Software
 P.O. Box 6407
 Nashua NH 03061 USA     603 672 8150
 William Penner          Medical Designs Software
 3235 Wright Avenue
 Bremerton WA 98310 USA  206 479 2157 (bbs)     206 373 4840
 Mario Perdue            M.P. Graphics Systems
 P.O. Box 501289
 Indianapolis IN 46250-6289 USA  317 335 3775
 Nathan Potechin         DMC Publishing
 2800 John Street Unit 10
 Markham ON L3R 0E2 Canada  416 479 1882 (fax)     416 479 1880
 Calamus 1.09N/Calamus SL & modules/Calamus Font Editor/The Guide to
 Calamus Desktop Publishing/Outline Art/INVISION Elite
 Roger Richards          Synergy Resources
 754 N. Bolten Avenue
 Indianapolis IN 46219 USA  317 231 4158 (fax)     317 356 6946
 GEMvelope!/SynthView DW-8000/SynthView K1
 George Richardson       Merlin Group, Inc.
 96 Hoyt Street
 Kearny NJ 07032-3311 USA  201 998 0932 (fax)     201 998 4441
 Tony Ridley             Canoe Computers
 11006 150 Street
 Edmonton AB T5P 1S1 Canada  403 487 6838
 FrankenSTein/Warp 16 Accelerator/Tiny Ram
 Chris Roberts           DragonWare Software Inc.
 P.O. Box 1719
 Havre MT 59501-1719 USA 406 265 7300
 G Man/Satellite Locator ST/Smoke Art/Dragon Battery/Battery.ACC/Omikron
 Basic/FreeWay/DBRS ST/D_Graph ST
 Eric Rosenquist         Strata Software
 94 Rowe Drive
 Kanata ON K2L 3Y9 Canada  613 591 1922 (fax)     613 591 1922
 STalker & STeno (distr. by Gribnif)
 Nevin Shalit            Step Ahead Software, Inc.
 496-A Hudson Street Suite F39
 New York City NY 10014 USA  212 627 5830
 TrackerST/Tracker For Windows
 David M Small           Gadgets by Small, Inc.
 40 West Littleton Blvd. #210-211
 Littleton CO 80120 USA  303 791 0253 (fax)     303 791 6098
 Spectre GCR
 Charles Smeton          NewSTar Technology Management
 P.O. Box 122
 Columbia MD 21045-0122 USA  410 544 1329 (fax)     410 544 6943
 The STraight FAX!
 Josh Snyder             Cali-Co. Superior Software
 P.O. Box 9873
 Madison WI 53715 USA    608 255 6523
 Mah-Jong Solitaire
 Gene F Sothan           Sothan Software
 9395 North Wall
 Portland OR 97203 USA   503 283 4566
 IB Harddisk Backup and Restore/Autosort/Writeboot
 John Trautschold        Missionware Software
 354 N. Winston Drive
 Palatine IL 60067-4132 USA  708 359 9565
 lottODDS/Printer Initializer/Flash II
 Melinda Turcsanyi       MUSICODE Software
 P.O. Box 1109
 Oakhurst CA 93644 USA   209 642 2380
 Clayton Walnum          Taylor Ridge Books
 P.O. Box 78
 Manchester CT 06045 USA 203 643 9673
 C-manship Complete/ST Assembly Language Workshop/GFA Basic Toolkit/
 VDI Quick Reference/AES Quick Reference/TRB Shareware Companion
 Chet Walters            WizWorks!
 P.O. Box 45
 Girard OH 44420 USA     216 539 5623
 Image Cat/Mug Shot!/Coalesce Image Merger/Ma Hubbard's Cupboard/Mug Shot
 Sterling K Webb         SKWare One
 P.O. Box 277
 Bunker Hill IL 62014 USA  618 462 2171 (evenings)
 Norm Weinress           Weinress Consulting
 3236 Velma Drive
 Los Angeles CA 90068 USA  213 876 7704
 James D Yegerlehner     Apprentice Software
 22205 Swan Road
 South Lyon MI 48178 USA 313 437 0526
 Neural-network Construction Set

 ######  By Michael R. Burkley
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 I'm a bit behind in my reviews this week.  I have 105 files which I've
 downloaded and not yet described for you.  There's not room in this
 article for 105 descriptions!  So I think I'll do some condensing of my
 reviews.  Here's an example:  "All the recent .PCS pictures I've found
 (on Delphi and GEnie) are excellent!  Get them if you like stunning
 color pictures on your ST/STE!;" and,  "You already know that I think
 that any program David Becker writes is great.  Well, he's done it again
 with AGITATION, SEARCH ME 2, and Talking Mumbo Jumble (all on GEnie).
 Agitation is an amazingly difficult picture puzzle program, Search Me 2
 is a superb Word Search generator, and Talking Mumbo Jumble is a mixed-
 up word puzzle that talks.  Excellent!"  "Albert Baggetta has released
 a new working demo of his Eliemouse Complementary Coloring Book v.7.0
 with an astounding list of fun features."  "A new demo of 'Buttonz
 Awari' from Majic Soft has been released.  It stretches my mind, an
 excellent game."
 You might notice that I will often be telling where you can find the
 files I review.  Often times you will be able to find a file in multiple
 places, but sometimes you can't.  I've been asked (thanks for the
 letters) to let people know where I find the files.  Well, your wish is
 my command!
 Here's just a sampling of the rest of the files I have (whew!)...
 ALFRED_E is the Alfred_E (What, me worry?) German-English translation
 dictionary compiled by Mike Valent (dated May 1, 1993).  It is designed
 to be used with GER2EN19.PRG or GER2EN21.PRG.  This dictionary has a
 limited purpose: to make possible (I didn't say easy) translation of
 German Atari related writings.  This includes program documentation, on-
 disk magazine articles, and German .RSC file text.  That's how he
 compiled this file--by translating computer-related publications (which
 means that you have 500K of useful stuff here!).  A good companion
 program to use with GER2EN19 (or 2.1, or now 3.0) is MULTLANG, the
 single word translator.  Docs included (they tell you how to do the work
 of making your rough translation readable.).
 AQUADUCK is a .DLT animation by Kevin Fanning that demonstrates some of
 the advanced animation techniques which he has developed.  This is an
 animation of an angel fish swimming around in an aquarium, trying to get
 out and not succeeding.  So it tries something different!  It changes
 into a duck and flies off!  After a bit it returns to the water and
 changes back into an angel fish.  It is very smooth, and quite good.
 Color only.  REQUIRES ANIMATE 3 or 4 program to view.  GEnie.
 ATAX by Tom Barker of Australia is a very nice vertically scrolling
 "shoot'em up.  You are a freedom fighter seeking to overthrow an
 oppressive dictatorship.  You have a high-tech ship that you fly through
 various environments (ice craigs, jungles, columns, etc.) as you blast
 away at the bad guys.  There are numerous levels (I haven't gotten to
 the end yet!).  Joystick controlled.  Color only.  This game now resides
 on a floppy to be used by my kids...and by me!  STe compatible.
 AUD_CD20 is CD AUDIO v.2.0a by Nima Montaser (dated May 20, 1993) is an
 .ACC that allows you to play audio compact discs from a CD-ROM drive in
 the background while working at another GEM application (if you wish!).
 The code for the Sony DCU541 and the NEC machines is already included,
 but you can now enter the correct SCSI commands for your CD ROM player
 just by using a text editor (you have to know what they are though!).
 It will allow you to Play all, Choose the track to play, Pause, STop,
 and Eject your CD (gracefully, of course).  This version has been
 improved with several functional and cosmetic changes.  It is also now
 fully working, with an option to upgrade to a newer and even more
 powerful version on upgrading.  GEM based, ST/TT MultiTOS compatible.
 This program will work in all resolutions.  SHAREWARE.  Docs included.
 BLRMIDI2 is v.2 of a set of 41 MIDI files created by bud rasmussen.
 Bud's a nice guy, and you can tell that he put a lot of feeling into
 these pieces.
 CHEMTEX is a set of Tex Macros relating to printing out chemical
 formulae using Tex.  These files refer to specific reference works that
 I don't have available.  I think it's part of someones thesis.  Even
 though I'm usually interested in Chemistry-related materials, I'm not
 keeping this file.  Delphi.
 COCATGIF is the CO-CAT GIF Demo from Dr. Bobware (dated May 6, 1993).
 This is a working pre-release version of CO-CAT, the Cataloger for color
 graphic files and CVGs.  This demo will allow you to catalog your color
 GIF files and print them out on your HP Laser or Desk Jet, or your Atari
 Laser printer at 3x4 or 4x6 images per page (or save it to an .IMG
 file).  It works in any ST/TT resolution, ST-Falcon compatible.  2.5 meg
 of RAM recommended, and more is better.  Co-Cat presently supports GIFs,
 SPCs, and PNTs, and in the future will support TIFs, TGAs, and BMPs.
 Docs included.
 DSP_ASM is a DSP56001 Assembler by Quinn Jensen (dated Dec. 14, 1991).
 It's in English and I have no idea of how to use it!  Delphi.
 DTMT101 is the DeskTracker MultiTask .ACC/.PRG v.1.01 by David Oakley
 (dated April 22, 1993).  This .ACC for the STe/TT will allow you to play
 NoiseTracker modules in the background with an animated graphic display
 of the tune.  It operates like a CD player allowing you to load, play,
 reset your tunes, set up a playlist, and more using the 3-D buttons or
 keyboard controls..  You can play at 6, 12, 25, or 50 KHz (50 KHz is
 only available on accelerated machines).  This did a good job of playing
 in the background.  While it slowed up my 8 MHz system (I'm getting my
 T-25 installed soon!) it was still possible to do other work.  Docs
 included.  SHAREWARE.  I recommend this one.  Delphi.
 DUPFIND is the Duplicate File Finder v.1.08 by STeve of ///Reachout.  If
 you have a Hard Drive you likely have duplicate copies of the same file
 scattered about.  This program will allow you to scan all of your HD
 partitions at once and output your files to either the screen, a file,
 or the printer. (Z*Net BBS)
 EDDA is a simple .ACC text editor by Passport Designs.  It features cut,
 copy, paste, mouse control, print, search, and replace.  SHAREWARE.
 ELVIS fans!  There are four recent 300 dpi .IMG scans of Elvis on GEnie
 (scans of pictures that is!).  All the files are rather dark, but good
 FD327UD is a file that will update your FidoDoor files to v.3.2.7.  By
 Bill Jones, FidoDoor is the door program that allows you to access
 Fidonet, and similar technology networks such as AtariNet, NeST, and
 others from your BBS.  The update consists of making the program more
 compliant with FTS-001 standards and with JetMail v. 0.84beta and newer.
 This version limits you to access only up to 5 Fido message bases on
 your BBS until you register your copy of FidoDoor.  Once it is
 registered, you will have access to up to 128 message bases on your BBS,
 across various networks!  Works with ST Keep BBS, FoReM BBS, Turbo BBS,
 QBBS, and BBS Express!  ST--Falcon compatible (MultiTOS compliant).
 Docs included.  GEnie - Z*Net BBS.
 FRACJRNY is a "Fractal Journey into Outer Space" by Johan Karlsson of
 Magical Science.  This program will enable you to create those
 mathematical pictures called Mandelbrot and Julia  fractals.  The
 program is very fast and only requires a couple of seconds to create a
 standard full screen fractal.  You may also create some nice animations
 which uses real time unpacking, this provides space for more frames in
 memory than usual.  Some other nice features are the real-time scrolling
 and the possibility of making 24-bit color pictures (.RAW) for use with
 Photochrome.  Delphi and GEnie.
 GER2EN30 is v.3.0 of Carlos Varela's German to English translator (May
 18, 1993).  This program will take a German ASCII text and translate it
 into English.  This version's German/English dictionary is over 550K in
 size!  Plus you can add as many German/English words as will fit on your
 disk.  I would recommend ALFRED_E, a German/English dictionary by Mike
 Valent.  This program has been speeded up, a GEM interface is now used,
 and the program is now compatible with Quick ST and Warp 9.  A previous
 version included automatic background music and the ability to display
 text in 20 different fonts.  This version doesn't.  I'm glad!  Color or
 mono.  Online Docs.  This program really works.  It still leaves some
 untranslated but it does enough (about 70%) that you can do a lot of
 puzzling out of what a doc file is really talking about.  ST/STe/Mega
 STe/(TT?) compatible.  SHAREWARE. Recommended.  560K uncompressed.
 GLORLOVE is a a very nice .MOD file, "The Glory of Love" from Karate Kid
 2.  The lyrics are included in a separate text file.  I'm using DTMT101
 (see above!) so I can enjoying listening to this as I type!
 GREECE by Stefan Brausch is a Tetris-type game (dated Summer, 1989).  It
 is controlled by the mouse, which makes control very difficult for me.
 I found that I was constantly overshooting the mark and stacking the
 blocks where I didn't want them to be stacked.  Color.  STE compatible.
 Since there are so many excellent Tetris clones available I would
 recommend that you pass on this game.
 GUI4GFAD is a demo of the GUI-4-GFA@ Construction Kit v.1.1 (formerly
 named FRONTEND) by M.J.Matts (dated Oct. 11, 1992).  GUI-4-GFA@ is a
 collection of GFA v3.x routines which allow you to create impressive
 graphical interfaces (3-D buttons, slider bars, all sorts of neat
 things) for you own programs with the minimum of effort.  It also
 includes a Construction Kit program that allows you to easily (that is,
 if you know what you are doing!) create your own routines.  This demo
 shows the variety of effects that can be produced (moveable dialog
 boxes, defineable response buttons, all sorts of neat things) _AND_
 shows the small bits of code that is all that is needed to do it.
 Ordering infomation included.   For an example of the FrontEnd interface
 in action see JCLABL12 in the LABELS category.  Color or mono.  Docs
 included.  This file can be found on both Delphi and GEnie.
 HIRES is a demo for the Falcon030 that allows the Falcon to put out a
 1600 by 600 resolution with 16 colors.  It will display fifteen 320 by
 200 Neochrome pictures on your screen at one time!  It requires an
 SC1224 color monitor.  I wish I could see how this works, but I don't
 have a Falcon--yet!  Delphi and GEnie.
 INSIGNIA is really two files in one.  The first is Insignia and the
 second it Tri_Mod v.2.5.  The Insignia Tri-Sound Sequencer v.1.0NL by
 "Visible Perfexxion" and "Wiz" and "Mig" is a midi compatible (it also
 plays through your monitor speaker), three voice sequencer that allows
 you to edit and create sound files for use in your programs, or just for
 plain fun.  It allows you to mix samples and YM sounds (whatever they
 are!).  Unfortunately, it is not STE compatible.  Color only.  Brief on-
 line docs.  TriMod v.2.5 by Eagle of Sentry is a SHAREWARE program that
 allows you to take your Tri-Sound music files and easily insert them
 into your games.  This program is STE compatible, and allows you to
 convert the Tri-Sound files so that they play through the STE DMA chip
 (upon which they don't take up ANY processor time!).  Since I'm not too
 musically oriented, I'm not too sure if I've gotten this description
 correct.  If not, let me know!  590K uncompressed!  Delphi.
 MAGI is a french program wich may make your games work on Falcon030.  It
 allows you to control the Falcon030's cache, cpu speed, STe DMA sound
 emulation, trap catching, and other goodies.  If you set these to match
 older ST machines, software compatibility on the Falcon030 increases
 tremendously.  Source code (.S) and English docs included.  Z*Net BBS
 MGDPK212 is Mega Depack v.2.12 by Mike Watson (dated April 22, 1993).
 This .PRG/.ACC (just rename it) will uncompress/unpack just about any
 packed with a zillion different packers (actually 53 packers supported
 with 89 different file formats, including DC Squish, Pack Ice, Pompey
 Packer, PFX and MANY more).  Mouse or command line controlled.  Batch
 processing available.  This is a very "intelligent" and versatile
 program which I highly recommend.  Color or mono.  TOS 1.0--Falcon
 compatible.  SHAREWARE (I've registered).  Docs included.  GEnie.
 MOUSE2 is a program from Germany (with Germany Docs) that will allow
 you to use a serial mouse with your Atari.
 MTQWK11C is the microTalk QWK-Reader v.1.10c by Wolfgang Zweygart (dated
 May 2, 1992).  This program will allow you to read and reply to messages
 that you have downloaded from a BBS through a QWK compatible door such
 as Qmail for the PC & Turbo Board ST or Maxidoor for Forem.  Message
 bases of your choice are scanned on the BBS, compressed and, after
 downloading the prepared QWK packet can be read and replied to offline,
 resulting in not only considerable savings both in time and costs, but
 also the added convenience of replying at leisure without the time
 constraints in force on most Bulletin Boards.  The microTalk reader is
 feature packed, making full use of GEM and has such features as multiple
 windows, allowing instant movement from one message base to another,
 user defined Macro menu, standard block commands, Clipboard, full mouse
 or keyboard operation and much more.  This version has corrected the
 bugs that were found in previous versions.  Color or mono.  Docs
 included.  CodeHead BBS.
 NH311GEM is NetHack v.3.1.1, the Graphical GEM version of this
 astoundingly detailed dungeon and dragons type game for Atari Computers
 by Warwick Allison.  This port of NetHack 3.1.1 gives you full-color
 graphics, plus a completely GEM user interface.  This game gives you
 16x16 pixel, 16 colour graphic icons for EVERY OBJECT IN THE GAME -
 that's about 850 different icons.  But that power comes with a price--
 it only really works with 16 colors and at least 640 by 480 pixels.
 That leaves most of us out (for now!).  You need a TT, a Falcon, or a
 color board.  You can run it in ST-medium to see the basic interface
 (but lose the detailed graphics), or in ST low to see the excellent
 color graphics (but lose the playability since the controls don't fit on
 screen anymore).  This version also requires a hard drive and at least 2
 Meg of RAM: the program itself is 1.15 meg, and the graphics consume
 350K.  It is similar in style to ROGUE, but NetHack is much richer in
 character.  The game includes multiple dungeons that branch off the main
 dungeon at different locations, monsters (who can read scrolls and cast
 spells, wield weapons and fight!) and highly varied magic.  The
 motivation in NetHack is to descend through the dungeon to find the
 Amulet of Yendor, then return to the surface.  It's not so
 straightforward as all that though.  You have to complete all sorts of
 tasks in the various dungeons before you can undertake your main goal.
 As you travel you will meet various creatures (most of them nasty), find
 objects (some having magical properties), and experience many hazards in
 the dungeon itself.  Docs included plus lots of helps files.  Mouse and/
 or keyboard controlled.  If you want this file, but don't have the
 equipment to run it check out NETHAK31, on GEnie and Delphi.  That
 version, which doesn't include the GEM interface and pictures, will run
 on any color or mono 1 meg machine.  2 meg uncompressed!  GEnie.
 NOFRILLS is the No Frills Label making program v.1.02 by Ron Weldin.  No
 Frills is not a fancy label program.  It is designed to get the job done
 as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Most options are selected by a
 single key stroke.  Although the program is Not GEM it does use the GEM
 File Selector to make it easier to load that file you just forgot the
 name of <smile>.  You can create, edit, save, load, and print out your
 label files (on a 9-pin printer), as well as several other options.  ST-
 -Mega STe compatible (perhaps more, too).  Unfortunately, this program
 is not compatible with UIS 3.3.  Color or mono.  Docs included.
 CodeHead BBS (I think Delphi and GEnie, too).
 NSP_DEMO is the No Second Prize motorcycle racing demo.  It is an
 excellently playable demo.  Mouse controlled, this demo allows you to
 race against computer opponents, select your race track, use automatic
 or manual transmissions on your bike, and more.  I really like it.  The
 animation is smooth and "realistic."  The mouse control is not jumpy at
 all, and mouse sensitivity is adjustable.  This looks like a winner of a
 racing game.  Docs included.  Color only. At least one Meg RAM required.
 STe compatible.  GEnie.
 NVRAM1_1 is a .CPX by Richard Short that allows you to easily configure
 the NV-RAMS of your Falcon or TT.  It also contains a utility to restore
 your original configuration.  SHAREWARE.  German docs (see GER2EN30 for
 a translation utility).
 PAULA22A is Paula v.2.2a (dated Feb. 20, 1992) by Pascal Fellerich (one
 of the authors of TURBOASS, a fast Assembler).  This .ACC is an Amiga-
 MOD-file-player for the Atari TT & STE.  Paula doesn't claim to be the
 only or the fastest MOD player available forthe Atari, but it certainly
 is one of the best.  It has an excellent GEM interface along with a
 Large number of features.  Updated to make the program even more Falcon
 compatible.  This file also includes a utility that allows you to "fix"
 some damaged .MOD files.  Normally Paula is only usable on STe or TT
 machines, but this archive includes PETRA by Christian Limpach.  Petra
 v.1.0 (dated Aug. 20, 1992) is a software sound driver which allows all
 ST's (the program docs say ALL ST's while the uploader said TOS 1.4 and
 above) which don't have DMA sound to still run Paula.  Just trust me on
 this one.  If you want to listen to .MOD files just get this program.
 Color or mono.  Docs included.  SHAREWARE.  GEnie.
 RAYSH402 is Rayshade 4.0.2 compiled for the Atari TT and MiNT (you must
 also have a C pre-processor called cpp for this to work).  Rayshade is a
 capable Ray Tracing and animation program.  Example files and TEX docs
 included.  Delphi.
 RUNLOW10 is Run Low v.1.0 by Anthony Watson of Mountain Software (the
 author of The Recipe Box and other fine programs).  Run Low lets you run
 low resolution programs directly from the medium resolution desktop!
 Run Low will run approximately 70% to 80% of your low resolution
 programs.  Many others will run, but those that use the AES (GEM
 Dialogs, Fileselector, etc.) generally don't work too well.  Any program
 which avoids the AES will probably do well with Run Low.  Run Low saves
 your current desktop colors, switches to low rez, and runs your program.
 When you leave your program, Run Low switches back to medium and
 restores your desktop colors.  ST--Mega STe compatible (at least).  Docs
 included.  GEnie.
 SCOOK212 is the Cookie CPX v.2.10 by Andreas Mandel (dated Feb. 7, 1993)
 I'm not really too sure of what this CPX does.  It seems from the German
 doc file that it will list the "Cookies" available in your system, and
 tell you their contents.  Any resolution and TOS 1.04--TT compatible
 (Falcon?).  Requires Atari's XCONTROL.
 SPOFLT26 is the Speed-of-Light, High speed GIF (87a) viewer v.2.6 by
 Stuart Denman (dated May 25, 1993).  This is a fast (according to the
 author, the fastest) GIF viewer for the ST--Falcon, but it allows you to
 display 256 colors at once (even on an ST) and allows a color palette of
 tens of thousands on an STe/TT.   This program provides excellent
 contrast in colors.  It even allows you to convert your GIF's to
 Grayscale images for viewing. Lots of options to "fine tune" your
 pictures.  This version incorporated several bug fixes over versions
 2.1/2.5, *increased* drawing speed, interlaced picture display, and
 other inhancements.  Low Rez color on ST/STe, TT medium, and all Falcon
 resolutions, too.  Docs included.  SHAREWARE.  Z*Net BBS.
 STARPLAY is PLAY_340 program, a simple .MOD-player with nice graphics by
 Ninja III.  It is compatible with all ST (at least that's what the docs
 say, but it doesn't work on my 1 meg TOS 1.0 ST), STe (at least that's
 what the docs say, but while it "runs" on my TOS 1.62 STe, it doesn't
 play and the controls don't work), Mega STe (though a user said he had
 some problems with his Mega STE and this file), and Falcons (TT, too?).
 On running the program you see a simple point-and-click interface.
 After selecting a .MOD file you see the online directions flowing on the
 screen and the .MOD files name waving about.  I think you could safely
 pass this one by!
 STONES v.1.0 by Carsten Kauschmann is a program that I can't say much
 about since it would not run on my STe in color or mono and on my ST
 TOS 1.0 in color (I didn't switch over my mono monitor to check there).
 I would suggest that you pass on this one).

 TARGAVIW by Bjvrn Brauel is a program that will allow you to view 24-bit
 color Targa files.  STE, Falcon and MultiTOS compatible.  German docs.
 Z*Net BBS.
 THRILLER is Thriller PD by Martin Hintzen and Jurgen Verwohlt (dated
 1990).  At first this mono-only game was very frustrating because I
 couldn't read the online docs and so I had no idea what to do.  But I
 figured it out in the end, and the game got very interesting and
 challenging.  A small ball is moved about a track using the cursor keys.
 The object of the game is to pick up all the hearts scattered about the
 track in little alcoves.  Unfortunately there are several little guys
 out to get you.  They roll around the screen and try to catch you (in a
 mindless sort of way).  You have to move into an alcove, getting the
 heart, and then waiting there until the bad guys have passed.  What
 makes the game interesting is that you can't enter all the alcoves in
 any order.  You have to do it in the order the game wants, but it
 doesn't tell you!  You have to find that out for yourself, and with the
 bad guys rolling down on you you don't have much time!  STE compatible.
 TOXIC is the Toxic Disk Magazine #4. This is a huge set of files (four
 Magic Shadow archives totalling nearly 1.2 megs of LZHed files!).  But
 I'm glad I downloaded it. It is full of graphic demos, .MOD files, a
 music sequencer, numerous games, contest entries in writing entertaining
 programs 3.5K or less long, and lots more.  Color.  A few of the
 programs are in French, but most are in English.
 VIPER2 by Dan Bordonaro is a nicely done .AVS animation with sound that
 shows a set of three "colonial vipers" flying by.  You see them
 approaching from a distance, zoom by, and fade away.  The sounds are
 appropriate for the animation.  Created with Chronos and Cyber paint.

 WARPFNT2 is a collection of 113 Warp 9 font files (.FNT) that you can
 use for all three standard ST screen resolutions.  Some of these fonts
 work in all resolutions and some don't (Warp 9 itself will tell you
 which ones will work and which ones won't).  383K uncompressed.  GEnie.

 WINREC13 is WinRec v.1.3 by Andreas Binner and Harald Schvnfeld (dated
 May 1, 1993).  WinRec is a direct to disk recording program for the
 Falcon computer.  One enhancement (and it seems to be a big one) is that
 this version will allow you to record and playback in the background.
 One minor way you can use this program is to amuse yourself (or rather
 your friends!) is by doing Karaoke with a mike!).  Supports real-time
 sample packing which can be unpacked during play.  The pack rate is 50%
 and the loss of sound quality is VERY small.  From what I can see in the
 docs this is an excellent program (now I wish I had a Falcon to test
 it!).  Requires a Falcon.  SHAREWARE.
 WINTRIS is a very nice .ACC Tetris-type game.  There is no author or
 date attached (programmers--identify yourselves!).  Keyboard controlled
 (and you can adjust which keys to use), color or mono, STe compatible.
 This game doesn't have a whole bunch of bells and whistles, but I like
 it.  Delphi.

 WRAPMOUS is Wrap-Mouse v.1.5 by Richard Kurz (dated 1993).  This
 SHAREWARE .CPX will allow you to use a serial mouse with your ST--Falcon
 AND to use your Joystick to emulate your mouse!  You can program the
 third mouse button on your serial mouse to do a specified common action
 for each program you use.  MultiTOS compatible.  German docs.
 That's a pile of files, and yet it's less than half of the files I've
 downloaded.  Keep it up, you programmers!  I don't need to sleep or
 anything like that, after all!  Talk to you next week.

 All of these files can be found on one or more of the following on-line
 services:  GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The CodeHead BBS
 (213-461-2095), Toad Hall (617-567-8642), and The Boston Computer
 Society's Atari BBS (617-396-4607) (Michael R. Burkley).  Drop me a

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