ST Report: 27-Feb-93 #909

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Date: 03/04/93-05:35:39 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 27-Feb-93 #909
Date: Thu Mar  4 17:35:39 1993

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 eXtensible Control Panel (XCONTROL).


 Download file SAVER1.LZH from LIBRARY 4 of the Atari Productivity Forum
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 by John Dillenburg. Modules included are Freckles, Pyro Deluxe, Random
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 Download file NEWPRT.LZH from LIBRARY 11 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO
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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

 March first is right around the corner, but what do we hear???  They'll be
 here by the third week in March!  And we're now told that's what's been
 being said all along!  Wow... talk about a smoke screen!  Oh well...
 excuses, slipped dates, missed objectives.  All in a day's work at Atari. 
 I'll simply be happy to see the Falcons really arrive.  I sometimes think
 that's the entire object.  Wear us down to the point where anything at all
 is acceptable.  Could be.....  we shall see.  
     Now then what about that advertizing campaign??
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "My new office, which has a better view than my old one, is so far
     quite satisfactory. And Richard Miller is in my old office.  The
     Forbes article was a mish-mash and misconstrued article full of half
     truths.  We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "We have not yet even given the machine to the FCC.  And we are only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to our "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

            "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
        make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $1.12 

                    CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...
                          FALCONS    ....anyone?

                 By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
            any... of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOPE!  NOT YET!


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                             PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by Joe Mirando

 Here we are again.  Another week, another handful of questions, answers,
 and advise.

 As the targeted March delivery date for the Falcon030 comes ever-closer,
 interest in this new machine is building.  I guess I'll have to go out
 and get one of them when they become available just so I'll know what
 everyone else will be talking about.  Heck, maybe I can talk Atari into
 donating one to me on the grounds that:

 A)  It would help STReport to get a first-hand view of the Falcon,

 B)  It would help to show the world that Atari really does want to make a
     good impression on as many people as possible, and,

 C)  I'm a heck of a nice guy and I deserve to get a Falcon without paying
     for it!  ;^)

 Well, let's get to the good part... you know, the questions 'n' stuff.

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Do you remember when you first started using a computer?  That's right, it
 took you a while to get used to it, didn't it?  Then you got a modem. 
 All of a sudden, you had to learn a lot of new stuff.  There was the
 terminal program, the commands for the bulletin board or on-line service,
 and even programs that you had to use before you could use the program
 that you just downloaded.  The troublesome and dreaded archive utilities
 seem at times to be the brainchild of some mad scientist bent on keeping
 us from enjoying our newfound hobby.  But after the second week or so, we
 got used to ARCing and unARCing, LZHing and unLZHing, and now ZIPping and
 unZIPping.  Just incase you've forgotten what those first few weeks were
 like, listen to Gordon Gooch:

     "I hate to sound so helpless, but how do I obtain an initial download
     , I mean archive/dearchive program if all downloadable versions on the
     bulletin board are archived.  Could someone please direct me to an
     archive/dearchive program that handles the .ARC format which does not
     need to be decompressed [Also, If you could provide a simple 1 or 2
     line explanation of how to evoke the program I would be most
     appreciative.  Thanks, sorry to be a nuisance."

 It sounds like the classic catch-22, doesn't it?  You need to unARC a file
 to be able to unARC a file.  Well, thank goodness for self-extracting
 archives.  Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Gordon:

     "That's a good question.  There is a self-extracting file (TOS
     program) that contains LZH and ARC format de-archive programs. 
     ARC_LZH.TOS is the name of the program I think.  The Sysops can tell
     you for sure!"

 Sysop Keith Joins adds:

     "ARCLZH.PRG is the name of the file Albert was talking about.  If you
     want just the ARC utility then ARC602.TTP is available in library 4."

 Never one to let things remain unclear to a new user, Sysop Bob Retelle
 tells Gordon:

     "That ARCLZH.PRG file that Keith mentioned is what's known as a
     "self-extracting" archive..  it's compressed, and has several
     different files and documents in it, but it doesn't need a special
     "de-compressor" to unarchive it..

     You just click on the file like any normal program, and it will
     uncompress itself.. (one thing to watch, be sure there's plenty of
     room on the disk the file is on, as it will probably more than double
     in size).

     Contained in the ARCLZH file is both the  ARC  and  LZH  compression
     utilities, and a Shareware "shell" program that makes running them a
     lot easier.

     You can run the utilities by themselves by typing in the commands, or
     use the shell program to make it as easy as clicking on a button...

     Be sure to read the documentation with the shell program to get it all
     set up correctly...  in particular, you need to tell the shell program
     where on your disk the two utilities are located.

     The "short form" commands for unarchiving files with the compression
     utilities is to put the utility and the compressed file on the same
     disk together, then click on the utility (naturally, use ARC for .ARC
     files, and the LZH utility for .LZH).

     Then in the dialogue box that pops up, just type in:

     x filename.arc     or      x filename.lzh

     That will extract all the files in the archive to the current disk.

     Let us know if you run into any problems.."

 Now THATS what I call a helpful Sysop.  Meanwhile, in a conversation about
 daisy-chaining hard drives (ie installing them on the same "line" from one
 to the next), Bill Gibson posts:

     "My hard drive doesn't have a through port. Can I add one by simply
     piggy-backing a cable and socket to the circuitry? I know which end of
     a soldering iron gets hot, so I could try this. Any ideas?"

 Tom Mynar tells Bill:

     "The first thing is the type of Host Adapter.  If you have a pre-built
     Atari old style (SH204/205, etc.)'re out of luck.  If you have a
     newer style like in the Megafile 44, you have a much better chance. 
     If you have a Supra or ICD, you are VERY likely to be successful.  If
     you have something like a Haba or other "hardly-well-known", it's
     unlikely.  Yes, you CAN add a connector to the outside to go to
     another SCSI device. However, you will probably violate your FCC
     regulations - so be prepared when your neighbor complains (I've never
     had this problem and we live in a wooden mobile home).

     You don't necessarily need to solder anything.  Flat ribbon 50 pin
     cables with multiple IDC connectors are quite common.  One goes from
     the Host Adapter to the drive and then the cable continues out the
     box.  You should replace this "end" cable with a 50 PIN Centronics
     type connector.  Now, when connecting an external device - you have to
     watch for cable termination.  It is likely that your internal drive
     has some little resistors plugged into it sorta in a socket.  Most of
     the time these are little blue or yellow guys that are single-in-line. 
     After you find them, make sure you remember where the little dot is -
     that's pin 1.  The device you plug in externally should have a
     terminator.  They also make terminators that plug into the 50 pin

 After Hugh Echols makes reference to the "MYTHICAL" Falcon030, Charles
 Smeton posts:

     "What is mythical about the Atari Falcon030 computer? Many developers
     such as myself have had Falcon030's for several months now. By putting
     these machines in the hands of developer's, Atari is insuring that
     there will be compatible software for the Falcon030 when it becomes
     available to the general public. It is already available in parts of
     Europe and is expected to be available here in the US in March.

     Stores should soon be getting Falcon030's for display and demo
     purposes also.  Toad Computers in Severna Park, Maryland has a
     Falcon030 on display for the public to see.

     One very positive sign that the Falcon030 is out there for developer's
     to use is that several Public Domain Falcon030 specific programs have
     started to appear on the various online systems. These utilities take
     advantage of the DSP and 16bit stereo sound capabilities of the

     As more Falcon030's become available I expect this trend to increase a
     great deal. Also, Atari's International Software Catalog is now out
     that lists many new programs from Europe that will be Falcon030

     The Falcon030 that I have has 14 Megabytes of RAM. It is very nice to
     have 2 Megabyte RAM disks, 1 Megabyte disk caches, 1 Megabyte Speedo
     GDOS font caches, etc. Multi-TOS, Speedo GDOS and Atari Works should
     also be available from Atari soon. The Falcon030 also comes with
     several nice programs such as System Audio Manager, ProCalc, Breakout,
     Landmines, Talking Clock, CalAppt, Audio Fun Machine, etc. The new
     Falcon030 TOS 4.0x and Multi-TOS have a 3D user interface that makes
     Windows look pale by comparison. The Desktop now has color icons that
     can change completely when selected, giving an animated look.

     If you can wait a little longer, I think that you will be impressed
     with this computer and know that there is no myth about it."

 And in another post, Charles offers these tidbits:

     "I have heard that there is a company working on a SCSI-2 to SLM
     interface box that will replace the current ASCI interface or work
     with it to allow the] SLM Laser printers to work with the Falcon030
     and future machines that lack the ASCI (DMA) port.

     I do think that once the SLM problem is solved, the replacement of the
     ASCI port with a SCSI-2 will be for the better in the long run. This
     will allow devices such as SCSI hard drives, SCSI scanners, SCSI CD
     ROMS and SCSI Floptical Drives to be used with out a host adaptor,
     just a simple SCSI-2 cable.

     A Floptical Drive could be connected to the SCSI-2 port to act as the
     second floppy drive and also provide the 21 Meg Floptical and 1.44 Meg
     High Density capabilities. It is also possible to buy plain SCSI based
     Floppy drives, but the price difference between a SCSI Floppy and the
     Floptical is probably not that much.

     Since I don't have an SLM Laser printer and also don't have an
     external floppy disk drive, I might not have the perspective of
     someone who uses these devices daily and depends on them.

     On the other hand, the Falcon030 does allow me to connect it to my VGA
     monitor, SC1224 Color Monitor, SM124 Mono Monitor, a television or
     Composite Video monitor. I can plug in Stereo speakers directly into
     it and Stereo Microphones to do audio recording and playback. I can
     hook my existing Syquest and Maxtor hard drives to the SCSI-2 port by
     using a SCSI-2 cable in place of the host adaptor, if I need more disk
     space than the internal IDE drive has (the IDE interface inside the
     Falcon030 can support large capacity 2.5" IDE hard drives available,
     such as 300+ megabyte models) available.

     As not every issue is black and white, I guess everyone has to weigh
     the pluses with the minuses and make a decision that is best for their
     own situation."

 Finally, the guy who started the conversation with the word "mythical",
 answers Charles:

     "Actually Charles, I'm impressed already!  I'd really love to buy one
     but it looks like I'll have to buy an airplane ticket to do it.  The
     nearest ATARI dealer (not counting 8-bits at TOYS-R-US) was over 2
     hours away in Atlanta. Guess what, he quit carrying both the ATARIs
     and AMIGAs because when someone ordered one he could never get that
     model from the factory.  I TRIED to buy a MEGA ST, but the best he
     could do was get one through Chicago dealerships (or resort to
     mail-order, which I could do.  I will refer to the Falcon as mythical
     until I actually see one on a shelf somewhere.  In a catalog isn't
     good enough (I have a sears business catalog with the equally
     well-distributed ATARI 1450xld 8-bit in it)."

 Who says that computers users are all serious?  Well, this next post, and
 the ones answering it, show that we computer geeks enjoy a good riddle as
 much as anyone.  Toli Vavaskos posts:

     "I know this is not the appropriate forum for a riddle, but I assume
     there are a lot of good thinkers among you. So here goes:

     You've got 12 balls. 11 of them weigh the same. One of them has a
     different weight but we don't know if it's heavier or lighter than the

     You've got a balance that you may use three times only. How do you
     find the different ball?

     This riddle puzzled me for quite some time and I still can't find the
     answer.  Reply if you know it."

 An interesting diversion, isn't it?  Being the light-hearted jokster that
 he is, David Hagood takes a stab at it:

     "The way you solve this is to realize that the scale divides the balls
     into three sets: those on the left of the scale, those on the right,
     and those that aren't weighed. What you do is assign each ball an
     "address" that is three trits (a trit is a trianary digit, analogous
     to a bit but it may take on three values). Number the balls 1-12, the
     addresses are:

               ball #  t1 t2 t3    ball #  t1 t2 t3
                1      A  A  A      7      B  A  A
                2      A  A  B      8      B  A  B
                3      A  B  C      9      C  B  C
                4      A  B  A     10      C  B  A
                5      B  C  B     11      C  C  B
                6      B  C  C     12      C  C  C

     Now, do three weighings: for each weighing place the balls with A's on
     the left of the scale, balls with a B on the right, and balls with a C
     don't get weighed. For the first weighing, use trit t1, for the second
     weighing, use t2, etc. For each weighing, record the result: A = left
     was heavier, B = Right was heavier, C = balanced. Now, try to match
     that to a result in the table. If you find a match, you're done (also,
     the ball is heavier than the rest). If you don't find a match, change
     all the A's into B's and try again (and the ball is lighter than the

 Does that David know how to have a good time, or what?

 Ah, the time of winter when the novelty of snow and cold has worn thin and
 a young man's fancy turns to thoughts  Peter Joseph sends up
 an electronic flare:


     Forty-two (42) inches of snow in three weeks time!!  I can't stand
     it!! I can't believe it!!  I can't SEE!!!  Seven foot snowbanks!! 
     Broken tree limbs!!  EVERYTHING'S WHITE!!!!!  What the hell happened
     to colors??!!

     Excuse me please, but does anyone know of a great golf game for the
     ST?  Something along the lines of 'Links' on the PC.  Thanks.

     < now where'd that damn shovel go? >"

 Hang in there, Peter.  Spring is on its way.  Philip Payzant tells the
 poor guy:

     "Sorry about your snow.  Here in Calgary it is minus 15 F, but there
     is only a skiff of snow.  I used to live in Nova Scotia tho', so I
     know about the BIG dumps!

     I've never played any PC golf games, but the best one I've played on
     an ST is MicroProse Golf.  The interface is very intuitive and
     non-invasive, and you could probably play the game after only a few
     minutes with the manual, despite it being huge!  I'm getting a little
     cabin fever myself, so maybe I'll go for a  round too!

     Actually, I just played 18 holes at one of those indoor golf places
     (where they project an image of your favorite golf course on a screen
     and you hit into it) and got a 78!  Not bad for an old duffer like

 Peter tells Philip about an interesting idea:

     "Interestingly, my cousin recently came back from an indoor golf place
     and we talked about going sometime.  With all this snow, that seems a
     lot more inviting.  I didn't know Microprose had a golf game.  That
     same cousin recently got Links for his PC and it's very realistic. 
     The manual tells how the writers spend months working on the courses,
     actual courses like Torrey Pines, Pinehurst, Dorado Beach and a bunch
     of others.  They take aerial photos and all kinds of measurements and
     stuff and the courses and gameplay are _very_ realistic; right down to
     the damn bird that occasionally tweets in the middle of your swing and
     throws it off completely.  You can shut off the background stuff too. 
     Only problem is, the game will hang up during screen draws sometimes. 
     Sometimes it happens more than once in one screen draw.  It always
     comes out of it in about fifteen seconds, but it really sucks, er I
     mean slows the game down a lot. Maybe it's because the game maxes his
     memory out or maybe it's just one of those PCrap things."

 From The Atari ST Arts Forum

 John Amsler asks:

     "Hasn't IBM thrown down the gauntlet and hamstrung itself with its
     insistence that each new computer maintain upward compatibility with
     the original IBM PC?  Given that, can they really knock off Apple,
     Atari, and Commodore over the next 20 years and end up the only
     computer around?

     Personally, I'm hoping that the future belongs to Motorola platforms
     ... even if that means that Atari will have to share the limelight
     with Apple.

     I've used Intel/MS-DOS/Windows platforms ... and I just don't like
     them.  I like Atari and TOS! (Especially with Warp 9! <g>)"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells John:

     "John, the "backwards compatibility" that has hurt performance in PCs
     up till now is finally beginning to become much less of a hindrance.

     The systems are so fast now, and have such tremendous resources
     available to them that it's less a matter of maintaining full
     compatibility, and more an "emulation" of the earlier machines.

     While there was no way a '286 could run an "8088/86 emulator", a fast
     '486 or Pentium could easily do that in software, with no need to
     "cripple" the system..

     From OS/2 you just open a "DOS Window" and run your old PC programs in

 John replies:

     "Huh!  That's juST like with TOS 1.0, 1.02, 1.04, 2.06, and 3.06! <g>

     (Have you heard anything about how things are coming along with the
     manufacture [& distribution] of the Falcon?  One of my friends -- a
     dyed-in-the-wool MS-DOSer -- would buy one NOW if they were available.
     All I did was show him the brochures from COMDEX and give him copies
     of extracts from the fora here ... and he's sold!)"

 Jim tells John:

     "I suspect we'll know more about Falcon deliveries after the 5th of
     March, when Bob Brodie makes his next "public appearance."  Watch ZNET
     for the transcript of his conference.

     Lots and lots of folks are starting to ask the question about March
     deliveries, so I am sure it will come up.

     No dealers have announced receiving their dealer demos yet.  Except
     Toad Computers, but they got theirs as a developer, not as a dealer. 
     The dealer units are supposed to ship first, followed by order

 Continuing a conversation about accelerated machines and Intel DX2 chips,
 Bob Retelle tells John Amsler:

     "The DX2 chips are just one CPU chip..

     It works like a MegaSTe..  you double the clock speed to the CPU chip,
     but run the rest of the computer at the old normal clock speed.

     Anything that runs inside the CPU chip and its RAM cache runs twice as
     fast, and anything that runs outside the CPU runs normally.

     Thus you don't end up with an overall improvement of 100%, but
     somewhere in the area of a 50% speed increase.

     A lot of how much speedup you see depends on how the individual
     program you're running uses the system.. lots of CPU activity means a
     faster execution, while a lot of I/O means less speed improvement.

     The business about 2 CPUs was the marketing "sleight of hand" with
     things like the Lynx..  it has 2 8bit CPUs in it, so they call it a
     16bit machine.

     (Maybe I shouldn't use "marketing" and "Lynx" in the same sentence... 

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 For a while now, some people have been having problems with getting ICD's
 THE LINK to access certain "floptical" drives.  Roger Nelson tells us how
 to beat the problem:

     "I found the solution.  ICD has an upgrade to their LINK floptical
     driver that allows you to partition and make bootable the floptical
     drive.  Once I was able to install spectre on a small C partition and
     my mac system software and a 20 meg D partition, using the Floptical
     was EASY!  Yes -- you can use the Floptical Drive with the GCR, Not as
     fast as a hard drive, but with a lot more room (hence a lot less disk
     swapping) than with a floppy only system.  Was it worth the money?  
     What was the question again? :^)"

 Meanwhile, over in CodeHeadland, Jody Golick tells CodeHead John Eidsvoog:

     "Just for the record, I'd like to see an auto-park function added to
     W9 too.

     ..And as always with gratitude for fine work and great support..."

 And Greg Mee tells CodeHead Charles F. Johnson:

     "I think I found a bug (feature?) in Warp 9.

     Bring up Laser C 2.0 Go straight into the RCP program Call the Warp 9
     accessory Load a screen saver module Get a laser C alert box saying
     "68000 exception 02" This requires a cold boot to restore the system.
     I did the above a second time to verify this.

     My system is: ICD hard disk bootware 5.2 Auto folder:
          g+, ICDtime, Warp 9, Hotwire 3.0, UIS 3.0 ACCessories:
          g+, multidesk 3.4a, UIS 3.0, Jet-on, EdHack 2.05, Warp 9 ACC 1.4

     Is this a bug? Does the laser C shell do weird stuff?"

 Charles tells Greg:

     "Unfortunately, the Laser C shell does indeed do some weird stuff;
     it's several years old and hasn't been updated/fixed.

     In any case, it's usually not a good idea to load/unload screen saver
     modules while inside a program.  Because of the way TOS's memory
     management systems work, when a desk accessory like the Warp 9 Control
     Panel allocates memory (as it must do when it loads a module), that
     memory is "owned" by the current active process -- in this case, Laser
     C.  When you quit Laser C, that memory will be deallocated but the
     Warp 9 CP won't know about it -- which means that a crash will be
     likely in the near future.  For this reason, we recommend loading and
     removing Extend-O-Save modules only from the GEM desktop or from the
     HotWire screen (if you use HotWire)."

 From The Atari Portfolio Forum

 Sysop and one-man program factory, BJ Gleason tries to tantalize us with:

     "It's coming...

     And it will be here soon!...

     Its Coming....

     How would you like to use a full size keyboard on your Portfolio?

     It's Coming....  soon...."

 Peter Bennett tells BJ:

     "Aaaargggh, I hate being kept in suspense!

     When, when, when, when, when!!!"

 BJ tells Peter:

     "Real soon now...

     Keep watching this channel..."

 Gee, I think that maybe BJ has been too involved in the Atari world... I
 guess I'll have to send him one of my special Pins with letters "RSN"
 (Real Soon Now) with a barred circle around them!

 David Stewart asks:

     "Really?  Can you connect it straight into the Port, or is it some
     kind of serial port connection, or what?  Tell us more, tell us more! 
     And soon (I've got a deadline coming up!)"

 BJ replies only:

     "Keep your eyes open...  It's coming soon..."

 While BJ chants his new mantra, Kriss asks:

     "... is the file manager PD or not??
     Can I copy it or must I be careful ??"

 Sysop Marty Mankins tells Kriss:

     "File Manager is NOT public domain.  It is a commercial program, but
     since it only works on the Portfolio, there's no real problem."

 Just to make it official, Don Thomas, of Atari Corp. tells Kriss:

     "The File Manager utility is not public domain, however, Atari
     encourages the distribution between Portfolio owners. Copying it is
     okay, but you cannot sell it."

 Well friends, that's about all the room we've got for this week.  Tune in
 again next week, same time, same station, and sit back and relax with your
 friends in the CompuServe Atari Fora (just a fancy way of saying
 "forums"). You'll pick up hints and tips, help, and news that make using
 your ST easier, faster, or just plain more fun.  So c'mon back next time
 and listen to what they are saying when...

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING



                           THE CT ATARIFEST '93!

                 JUNE 12 & 13, AT THE WINDSOR COURT HOTEL
                    WINDSOR, CT. (JUST ABOVE HARTFORD)

     Free Parking!
          Low Room Rates!
               More Vendors!
                    More Floor Space!

     Yep, that ACT Atari Group is running another major NorthEast computer
 event.  Last year's successful CT Fest had over 700 attendees, which
 merited a larger location, so we've moved a mile away (exit 42 on I-91)
 into bigger and better quarters.  We're just as convenient to reach as
 ever, and only two hours from Boston or New York! The new hotel has
 excellent room rates ($35.00 per room), free and plentiful parking, easy
 access from Interstate 91, I-95, I-90, I-84, I-80, an in house Sports Bar,
 a bigger ballroom and is located just 1 mile from Bradley International
 Airport (free shuttle service for hotel guests).

     We expect that an even greater number of vendors this year, surpassing
 the excellent turnout of the past shows.  We already have tentative
 commitments from A&D Software, Gribnif Software, Barefoot Software, Toad
 Computers, Computer Studio, Baggetaware, Derric Electronics, E.Hartford
 Computer Repair, MegaType Software, Wizztronics and GFA Software
 Technology.  Last year we had FOURTEEN user groups, this year we should
 have even more (We also expect an exciting 8 Bit contingent)!

     We'll have our annual New England Lynx Competition, with multiple
 Comlynxed competitions underway at all times.  Last year's winners took
 home prizes ranging from games to accessories to complete Lynx Systems!
 Bring your best player and join the fun.

     We'll have the Portfolio Corner, staffed with industry pundits and
 filled with every imaginable palmtop peripheral! Last year we had a few
 Portfolios disassembled at the booth, a real insight into surface mount

     For those of you with an eye towards seminars, we'll have them in
 abundance, last year's question and answer session with Bob Brodie drew
 standing only crowds! In addition, we had John Eidsvoog's walk through the
 Codehead graphic tools, Jeff Naideau of Barefoot Software showing off
 EdiTrack Platinum, Dave Troy of (Guess[ribbet]) Computers and many, many

     And to top things off, come out and see the Falcon 030 in all its
 glory.  By then we expect to see some rad new programs out and some really
 excitement!  All in all, we hope to have the best Northeast show yet, and
 we look forward to your participation.  Make your plans now for the most
 exciting Atari Weekend this spring!

     For further information, call Brian Gockley at 203-332-1721 or Doug
 Finch at 203-637-1034.  We can also be found on GEnie in Category 11 or on
 Compuserve in the Atari arenas.  E-mail can be directed to B.GOCKLEY or
 D.FINCH7 on GEnie or to 75300,2514 or 76337,1067 on CIS.


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     STReport International Online Magazine is available every week in the
 ST Advantage on DELPHI.  STReport readers are invited to join DELPHI and
 become a part of the friendly community of Atari enthusiasts there.

                          SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI
       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI

                Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
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               At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

     DELPHI's Basic Plan offers access for only $6.00 per hour, for any
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                        TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (2/24/93)

                               STREPORT 9.08
                              DAVE SMALL SEZ
                             Z*NET FEBRUARY 14
                                 AEO 0204
                            BOB BRODIE'S FEB CO
 All of the above files can be found in the RECENT ARRIVALS database for at
 least one week after the posting of this list.  Please Note that in the
 case of online magazines, only the most current issue in the database at
 the time of this compilation is considered for the Top 10 list.  Also, for
 all files, a submission is eligible for the Top 10 list for only four
 weeks after its original uploading.          

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > KC SHOW NEWS STR SHOW NEWS                    A Date Change..

                         KANSAS CITY ATARIFEST '93

     As we  had a  conflict of  dates with two other long running shows, we
 have moved our show date to  remove this  conflict. The  new show  date is
 listed  below,  we  are  sorry  for any inconvenience this has caused. The
 location is the same.  The location for the show is Stadium Inn, 7901 E 40
 Hwy., The  date of  the show  will be June 26th and 27th. Ticket prices at
 the door will be 5.00 dollars  each  day.  Advance  tickets  will  be 4.00
 dollars each, for advance tickets, please send 4.00 dollars per ticket to:
 Kansas City AtariFest, P.O. Box 1653,  Lee  Summit,  MO  64063  or  if you
 belong to  a user group please mail a request for a user group information

     To make room reservations  please  call  1-800-325-7901,  we  are also
 working with  a local  travel agent  to get special airfares for the show.
 You may call 1-800-874-7691 to take advantage of the special fares.

     For more information please leave Email  as follows;  GEnie, B.welsch,
 B.Frazier2,  J.krzysztow,  for  CompuServe,  Leave  for  Jeff Krzysztow at
 74027,707, for Delphi, Bobtrow or you can call (816)224-9021, or   mail to
 the address listed above.

     We hope  you will  join us to welcome the following companies; Cali-Co
 software, ICD, MissionWare  Software,  Fair-Dinkum  Software,  Systems For
 Tomorrow,  New  Dimensions  Computer Center, Electronic Spinster Graphics,
 Compu-Seller West,  ChroMagic Software,  Paul's Software,  The  Codeheads,
 Clear Thinking  Software, S.K.Ware, and a lot more!!  Watch for updates to
 this list or check our Genie topic (cat 11  topic 11)

                                        Bruce Welsch
                                   KCAC Special Events Coordinator


 > IDES OF MARCH! STR FOCUS!  An essay about the current times...

                    PLEASE, NOT ON THE IDES OF MARCH!!

 by Dana P. Jacobson

      Don't ask me where  I came  up with  that title;  it just  came to me
 after recalling  a message  I read  on my  BBS asking  when in March Atari
 planned to release the Falcon.

      March 1st is around the corner.  Bulletin  boards and  online service
 are buzzing with anticipation, and hesitation.  My nearest Atari dealer is
 asking users, trying to get some clue, how many people will be  buying the
 Falcon030 when its available.  Perhaps he's trying to get an idea how many
 to pre-order?  Response, surprisingly, hasn't been overwhelming (locally).

      I haven't been around in the pages of STReport for a number of weeks.
 Things  have  been  hectic  at  work,  a  few  story  ideas  fell through,
 distractions on GEnie with regard to  STReport,  a  few  online  debates -
 those kinda  things.   My mind hasn't been into much writing lately.  But,
 time goes on...

      So, when do you expect to see/hear Falcons available?  I have 
 no idea, except sometime in March.  What dealers will have them.  Will all
 existing  dealers  have  demo  machines?   Again, my nearest dealer hasn't
 heard a peep  from  Sunnyvale.    It's  a  well-kept  secret  which really
 shouldn't be.  Who is Atari aiming to market the Falcon?  MIDI users?  New
 computer users?   Existing  Atari userbase?   Unsatisfied  IBM, Mac, Amiga
 users?   All of the above?  None of the above?  Is there a marketing plan,
 just waiting to be  sprung on  the general  public and  surprise everyone?
 The anticipation is driving many crazy!  We're all hoping for the best
 but cringing at the possibility of "business as usual."

      Many people,  all current  Atari users, that I have talked with since
 the first of the year are non-committal about the "fate" of Atari  and the
 Falcon.   Will they buy one?  Not right away, 99% of them have said.  Why?
 They're taking a "wait and see" attitude.  Is it  apathy for  the company?
 The machine?   No, apathy is really too harsh.  Most would characterize it
 as hesitance.  They want to see what happens in the first few months after
 the Falcon  is released.   Will there be any marketing?  Will there be new
 dealers all over the country?  Will there be more developers with programs
 ready to launch soon after the Falcon is released?  Will there be support,
 in  general?    People  I've  talked  to  just  aren't committed to make a
 commitment with a new  machine from  Atari, not  any more.   We're talking
 anywhere from  a $800  - $1500  investment on  a company that hasn't truly
 supported  its  userbase  for  the  past  few  years  with  any  degree of
 seriousness.    These  people  aren't  willing  to  take another chance on
 something they're  not sure  Atari is  prepared to  go that  extra mile to
 support.   Not with Atari's past performance record.  Not with the economy
 still shaky.

      It's really disheartening to hear so many former devout Atarians talk
 like this, myself included.  I _want_ to get a Falcon; I'm still using two
 upgraded 520 STs, vintage 1985.  I want the extra power of the Falcon; and
 I cringe  at the  thought of  possibly putting more money into my existing
 systems to get more  speed and  memory.   But, I  then think  about having
 MultiTOS and  up to  14 megs  of RAM  - my  mouth waters.  And, then think
 about all of the other goodies packaged with the Falcon!  Take  out all of
 the audio and video enhancements I'd have with the Falcon, since I'm
 not planning  to really  take advantage  of those  features.  What's left?
 Well, still quite a  bit.   But, do  I really  want to  make this  kind of
 investment at  the present  time?   I wish  that I did.  Again, I and many
 others want to see what happens.    We  want  to  see  some  of  that same
 enthusiasm that  Atari garnished  back in  1985 when  the ST came out.  We
 want to see the Falcon succeed  by having  new users  get a  taste of what
 we've experienced  with the joy of owning Atari computers all these years;
 and have that excitement generate a lot of positive things.   I'd  love to
 see the  Falcon help  generate some  revitalization of  user groups again.
 Atari  magazines  with  plenty  of  willing  advertisers.   Multi-platform
 magazines with Atari coverage.  Dealers!  Software!  Developers!  Service!
 The list can keep on growing.

      I will do whatever  I can  to promote  the Falcon  and Atari  with my
 continued  activity  in  STReport.    I will continue to write about Atari
 machines in my user group newsletter,  and at  user group  meetings.  I'll
 continue  to  purchase  new  software  as  the need (and product) presents
 itself.  But, I will hold off on  my Falcon  purchase until  Atari and the
 Falcon shows me that this time, it's different.

      Speaking  of  "this  time  it's  different",  I  wanted to make a few
 comments about the possibility of MultiTOS being released to the public as
 freeware/shareware/whateverware.  I want to applaud the efforts of Atari's
 Bob Brodie and Bill Rehbock for wanting to try and get MultiTOS out to the
 users, free,  one way  or another.  This is  certainly a positive track to
 take, allowing  the userbase  to get  a hands-on  feeling for  some of the
 power available  on the Falcon without having to buy one first.  It's true
 that most  users  won't  get  the  feel  of  the  full  potential  of this
 multi-tasking system, but some feel is better than none.

      The thing  that does  bother me  is the _possibility_ that it will be
 free, but exclusive to one online service (initially)  and then  on to the
 others.  It's true, GEnie is the official Atari online support area.  It's
 true, Atari would gain some revenue from the downloads.   It's true, GEnie
 users would most likely find answers to questions and/or problems on GEnie
 a lot faster than another service.  I'm not impressed.

      Before you start to say "Oh, he's just mad because STReport is banned
 from the  Atari RT,"  or "Oh,  he favors another online service over GEnie
 and would rather get it there"  - that's  a lot  of bunk.   This  is not a
 STReport/GEnie issue,  nor is  it one service over another issue.  What it
 really is, is why aren't all Atari users given the same opportunity at the
 same time?   If  most users  prefer GEnie,  they'll download the file from
 GEnie.  It's more politics, pure and simple.

      Now is not  the  time  for  Atari  to  segregate  the  userbase; it's
 splintered badly  as it is, with support hard to come by these days.  What
 a perfect opportunity for Atari to do something extremely positive for the
 Atari  community;  what  an  incredible  public  relations coup this would
 create.  Brodie has the right idea: give it to them.  But go  all the way:
 give it  to _all_  of them,  and at the same time.  Why play around with a
 1,2,3,4-week potential exclusive?  Why  make  those  who  don't  use GEnie
 wait? It  may make sense to some at Atari and GEnie, business-wise; but it
 will _not_ make sense to many Atari users who don't have access  or may be
 able to download it faster, cheaper, more conveniently from other sources.
 Yes, that would mean private bulletin boards as well.

       Of course, all of these opinions (shared by many other  than myself)
 may all be for naught.  Nothing has been firmly decided yet.  For all I or
 any of us know, MultiTOS may become a commercial product.  I hope not, but
 it is possible.  But, I feel that since the possibilities exist for a free
 release and restricted to one service for x-amount of time  because of the
 discussions I've  seen on all three service; it's important that the users
 have a right to speak their opinions out loud to give Atari  some feedback
 how we feel, about any topic that seems relevant to our needs, wishes, and
 views.  It's certainly something to  think about  until we  learn what the
 final distribution  plan might  be.  Wait and see seems to be the norm for
 the moment...

      Since I mentioned earlier the problem  of STReport  being banned from
 the Atari  RT area  on GEnie;  and not much has been discussed about it in
 STReport lately, let me put in  my 2  cents worth.   Actually,  it's not a
 problem _for_ STReport, but for the users who actively looked for STReport
 weekly in the RT.  All that  STReport  and  some  of  its  editorial staff
 "lost"  were  its  free  flags,  a  support  area for our GEnie readers to
 discuss various topics, and an active distribution outlet.   The  Atari RT
 lost some  revenue through  lack of  download time;  and it also lost some
 members to other services.  Is this loss  significant?   I have  no way of
 knowing.  I would surmise that no business wants to lose any business, but
 it happens daily.  I'm sure  that it  was a  calculated risk  on the Atari
 RT's part,  and deemed  acceptable. STReport has been expendable for quite
 some time, and finally it happened.

      I'm sure that the "final  straw"  was  the  ABCO  problems, seemingly
 compounded because  of the weekly ad in STReport.  Was it the only reason?
 Of course not.  The Atari RT has been at  odds with  the editorial content
 of STReport  for years.  It has been at odds with the publisher for years.
 This has been shown in both public and behind the  scenes activity.   What
 has been  pointed out to me on numerous occasions, by many people, is that
 no one has to agree with the contents of STReport, editorial or otherwise,
 at any  time.   What they  do have  to agree  on is the right for it to be
 said.  For STReport to be banned from the Atari RT opens  up the  door for
 other online  magazines, or even users, from being banned for the contents
 they  present,  or  the  opinions  that  they  express  online.    Is this
 discriminatory?   You bet.  If STReport isn't allowed to have an editorial
 stance, why should any other online  magazine?    Just  because  the other
 magazines don't ruffle any feathers as much as STReport?  Just because the
 others don't  fight back  when they  see an  injustice with  regard to its
 content?   Many times  I have  heard someone say: "I have the right not to
 agree with what you have to say, but I'll fight for your right to  say it"
 (yelling  "FIRE"  in  a  crowded  theatre  excluded).  So, take away Ralph
 Mariano's views and how he presents them, editorials and the  like; what's
 left that's causing problems with the Atari RT?  The ABCO ad.

      Is GEnie  and/or the  Atari RT responsible for existing and potential
 problems of ABCO customers?  I don't think so.   Have any  of the existing
 ABCO problems  occurred because  a GEnie user placed an order specifically
 because they downloaded an  issue from  GEnie, saw  the ad  from that same
 issue, and  decided to place an order? Have the ads been false, or is this
 a case of goods  being ordered  and not  delivered?   How is  GEnie or the
 Atari RT  possibly responsible?   If  I buy software from a dealer and the
 disk is bad, is  it the  dealer's fault?   Should  all software  from that
 dealer be  tossed out  because of  the possibility  that more disks may be
 defective?  Should the dealer be ostracized because  a bad  disk was found
 at his  store?   Fine, if  the dealer  wants to  warn his customers that a
 disk(s) have been found to be defective, be  forewarned it  _might_ happen
 again,  and  it  might  not.    There  are ABCO customers who have not had
 problems with orders, so there's no guarantee that every order will result
 in  poor  results.    If  the  Atari  RT is overly concerned, then issue a
 statement or disclaimer.   Obviously you  cannot say  _not_ to  order from
 ABCO, but  you can say that there have been _some_ problems and that GEnie
 and/or the Atari RT is not  responsible  for  _any_  advertising  online -
 whether  it  be  in  magazines,  messages, or the classifieds areas.  That
 should take any responsibility  off of  GEnie's back.  Post the disclaimer
 within the  sign-up information  so it's  seen the  first time  a new user
 signs up.

      So, where does this all  lead  us?    Probably  nowhere.    It's _my_
 opinion that  this entire  issue is  more personal,  but covered up with a
 perceived over-reaction to a problem that can be easily rectified.   Smoke
 and mirrors  - is  that the  preferred terminology  for these  actions?  I
 think so.  Why else would  STReport be  banned from  one service  and _no_
 mention  of  it  not  being  supported  on _any_ other service or bulletin
 board?  The games continue...

      Well, enough of this.  I'm looking forward to some other projects for
 these pages  rather than discussing things that have been going on for too
 long.  Have you seen the game OXYD from Dongleware yet?  It's been  on all
 of the  online services  for some time now; it was even a "Darlah's Treat"
 on GEnie (free download)  a  month  or  so  ago.    A  representative from
 Dongleware appeared  at our local user group meeting a short time ago, and
 I finally got to see the game in action even  though it's  been sitting on
 my hard  drive for weeks!  I was sold - I bought the manual right then and
 there and haven't been disappointed.  Look for  a review  of OXYD shortly.
 I also  hope to be doing some other reviews shortly, as well as some other
 projects I've been working on.

      Until next time...


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      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
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      1132 DPATOOL2.GIF             DPA Toolkit Full package Proof
      1128 V6I7.ASC                 The Teleputing Hotline (Vol. 6, #7)
      1115 BBR0293.ZIP              Feb, 1993, The Bell Business Report
      1109 SEE.EXE                  "SEE" File Utilities
      1108 GARLIC-MAGIC.ZIP         "Garlic Magic" - by George Knoblauch
      1107 EFORUM11.ZIP             Electronic Publishers Forum - #11
      1106 ANSIMOUS                 ANSI Editor for Macs (SEA)
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      1099 DPANEW12.ZIP             REXXCOM version of "News" for 2/93
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 > VIRUS?? STR Feature                              New Virii??

                       NEW VIRUS STRAINS IDENTIFIED!

 From the Jerry Pournelle RT on Genie

 By Dave Moeller
 Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 Several new computer viruses have been identified:

 Never calls itself a "virus," but instead refers to itself as an
 "electronic microorganism."  Infected computers immediately stop
 processing and display "computationally challenged" as an error message.

 Nothing works, but all your diagnostic software says everything is fine.

 Especially insidious, this virus comes in two versions, each version
 replacing the other at random intervals.

    Under Version 1, the computer locks up, screen splits erratically with
 a message appearing in each half blaming the other side for the problem.

    Version 2 runs every program on the hard drive simultaneously, but
 doesn't allow the user to accomplish anything.

 Divides your hard drive into hundreds of little units, each of which does
 practically nothing but all of which claim to be the most important part
 of the computer and therefore requires additional resources.  When
 detected, attempts to invoke Version 2 of the Congressional virus.

 Attempts to allocate non-existent resources to hard drive partitions
 created by the Bureaucrat virus.  Upon failing, passes control to the IRS
 virus which locks up the entire computer and seizes its assets.

 You're in Dallas, but your data is in Singapore.

 Helps your computer shut down whenever it wants to.

 This revolutionary virus warns you of impending attack-- once if by LAN,
 twice if by C.


 > STR Editor's Mail Call        "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             Editor's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 To our readers;
     Mr. Cross  decided to resurrect an old and very tired matter about the
 FCC and Atari with  his outrageous  claims that  STReport didn't  have the
 facts, was  blowing smoke,  etc..   STReport's contention is its Mr. Cross
 who's very busy "blowing smoke" in an attempt  to cloud  the entire matter
 for some  unknown reasons.  One can only wonder who or what is "prompting"
 him.  The information STReport obtained  from  the  FCC  is  obtainable by
 anyone caring  to take  the time  and initiative  to seek  it out.  Anyone
 doing so will soon discover STReport did indeed present the whole truth.

     It was even more amazing to  find him  "proclaiming" that  we couldn't
 reproduce his  accusatory post  to us  without his  "permission".  Oh well
 thank fully, you can deduce the 'gist' if  his latest  limp thrust  by the
     In the  meantime, we  welcome anyone's input in this matter.  In fact,
 we would be pleased to assist anyone caring  to verify  the information by
 providing the telephone numbers in Washington D.C. and in Laurel MD. where
 the individuals are located.  Mr. Cross, in the ever  so usual  litany, is
 demanding  we  reveal  our  "sources"  within the FCC.  How very original.
 Simply put, STReport will not, as always, comply with such  requests.  Our
 sources are just that.... OURS!
     Mr. Cross continues to accuse and bleat nonsense about the accuracy of
 our presentation relative  to  the  FCC  and  the  events  surrounding the
 certification of  Atari computers  and in particular, the Falcon030.  Rest
 assured, STReport would not  dare to  misquote the  Federal Communications
 Commission.   Extreme care  was exercised  in composing the reports and we
 guarantee accuracy in their presentation.

 Below, is an answer to his "allegations"....

     To refresh your memory, this is  an excerpt  from message  37, Cat 18,
 topic 26 in the ST RT posted on Feb 07, 1993 at 11:05 EST 

 -> D,D.,

 -> "They didn't like anyone questioning the FCC approval date.."

 -> I was the one who questioned his reporting, and I was the one who
 -> proved Ralph was blowing smoke.  He still has not admitted he was
 -> wrong, and he is still passing around lies about the FCC
 -> certification.

 ->  "I  seldom,  if  ever,  saw  a  common  down  to earth, everyday Atari
 -> user and Genie customer post a complaint about what they read."

 -> What am I, a potted plant?


 To which this reply appeared in STR907...

 Editor Note:

     Jerry, we've known each other for quite some time and I must  say your
 insistence upon  this tack  of my not having the real facts concerning the
 FCC is ludicrous!  The information was dictated to STReport  and presented
 verbatim in  STReport 902.   No embellishments, nothing but the facts just
 the way we got  them from  the Engineer  in Charge.   You  proved nothing,
 absolutely nothing  except that  of an  attempt to build a facade of smoke
 and mirrors.  The Falcon was class B certified on January 8th.   Since the
 previous certification  with its requirements were appealed by Atari, that
 certification was rendered invalid.  You  failed to  understand that point
 of information.
 About  the  potted  plant...  what  type  of  fertilizer  do  you prefer??

 And now in reply to your continuation in post 5,  cat 12,  topic 5  of the
 GEnielamp RT.

     Have no  fear, your  message will  not be  used as  you wrote it.  Its
 indeed  your  perogative  to  place  any  restriction  you  wish  on  your
 "messages".   I am  sure you  realize that,  once this is done, it becomes
 almost impossible for  you  to  respond  to  any  commentary  appearing in
 STReport however,  I must  politely remind  you its also our perogative to
 paraphrase any such  message  or  happenstance.    As  for  the fertilizer
 remarks.   YOU began the topic with your humorous comments over whether or
 not you're a "potted plant".   Thus, you  sir, opened  the subject  not I.
 Please re-read  your post ... the one I responded to.  I also see you very
 conveniently ignored the smiley.  Still playing to  the "destructo" agenda

     As  for  the  FCC,  STReport  was  _not_ arguing with _you_ but _your_
 methods of trying to make an invalid point.  Especially  since your "smoke
 and mirrors  game" of  casting dispersions on our factual reporting of the
 issues  and  events  surrounding  the  question  on  certification  of the
 Falcon030 failed.   Your  continual claims  of STReport  and myself as you
 say; "blowing smoke" is absolutely ridiculous!  STReport was NOT  wrong in
 any way whatsoever concerning the FCC, Atari and the Falcon030's FCC Class
 B certification.  In fact, we presented the *_TRUE_* FACTS * DIRECT * from
 the Federal  Communications Commission.   We  quoted the  FCC comments and
 remarks _verbatim_ in STReport's Issue # 902 (No interpretations, just the

     Atari indeed  had certification in late November 1992 for a very, very
 short time.  Counted in days.  Once  the appeal  over the  special monitor
 cable was  made, the  certification was gone.  Gone at the time we brought
 the matter to the attention of  our readers.   Gone  until the Falcon030's
 re-certification on  January 8th 1993.  In fact there was no certification
 at all during Comdex Fall'92  it  was  only  _applied  for_.    You cannot
 possibly have any idea of when STReport or myself first contacted the FCC.
 Yet, you try to give the readers the illusion you  do.   The fact  is this
 allegation is  pure fantasy on your part.  Another of your many statements
 made with no basis in fact.  You see, STReport was in contact with the FCC
 from the time period right after Comdex Fall'92 when the first indications
 began surfacing about the Falcon030 having  NO FCC  Class B certification.
 STReport  stayed  in  close  contact  with the FCC relative to this matter
 until such time as we posted the most recent certification (01/08/93).  As
 for sources,  we simply ignored your repeated feeble attempts at confusing
 the matter by demanding we (as usual) reveal our sources of information at
 the  Commission  and  elsewhere.    In  a  nutshell; In late November, the
 Atari did  not gain  Class B certification for the Falcon030 until January
 8th 1993!  And now, that certification may be in question also.   How many
 times must  this 'minor'  fact be  illustrated to  you before it _finally_
 sinks in?????  

     STReport's source(s) at the  Commission  are  STReport's  business not
 yours  or  anybody  else's  for  that  matter.  As you good and well know,
 STReport will only release  a source  ID if  that source  approves of such
 action.    But  then,  why  should  those sources be revealed?  To make it
 easier for others to obtain info?  STReport's sources at  the FCC  are not
 at  all  in  question  _except  in  your  mind_.    You  can stand on your
 interpretation all you wish.  However, facts are  facts and  history bears
 that out  to the tee in this matter.  As for you giving me your sources at
 the FCC, all you gave me was, incredibly, a FIRST NAME!  Again, you try to
 color the  truth with  your interpretations of what you think you 'heard'.
 Stick to the facts.  They will, as always, prevail. 

                                        R.F. Mariano, STR Editor


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

     National Videotext Network (NVN) has recently added an  Atari ST Forum
 to it's  growing lists of available services.  The Atari ST Forum is ready
 and waiting for you!

     The future of NVN will be one which continues to  remain sensitive and
 responsive to market needs. Additional services and advances in electronic
 information will continue to be added,  to provide  unique and interesting
 services on an on-going basis.  

     NVN service  offerings can  be broken  into three  categories:  Basic,
 Premium, and Premium Plus.

                **         9600 BAUD acious!          **
                **  For users with 9600 baud modems   **
                **     SAME PRICE AS 2400 BAUD!       **
                **       TRUE on line savings!        **

  Basic Services
      Most of the Basic services are available 24 hours a day with no
  connect time charges beyond the basic membership fee. However, a select
  group have functions for which transaction fees are charged. Basic
  services are accessible through a flat rate charge of $5.95 per month.

  Premium Services
      For Premium services, Members pay connect charges for the amount of
  time spent in  a  particular  service.  Premium  services  are accessible
 Monday through Friday for a connect time charge of $9.00/hour from 8 am to
 6 pm, and $6.00/hour from 6 pm to 8 am; and on  Saturday and  Sunday for a
 connect  time  charge  of  $6.00  all  day  (6 pm Friday til 8 am Monday),
 central time zone.  9600 Baud access is  available at  no additional cost!
 Think of the advantages of downloading at 9600 baud for 9.00 hr Prime Time
 or 6.00 hr non-prime time!

     Order an extended NVN  Membership of  6 or  12 months,  pay for  it in
 advance and   receive  a bonus  in connect  time at  no additional charge.
 Choose from two  subscription plans:

 6-Month Membership
     Pay just $30 for a 6-month Membership and receive a  usage credit that
 entitles    you  to  $15  of  connect-time in the Premium services of your
 choice. Your total savings using this plan would be over $20!*

 12 Month Membership
     Pay $50 for a full year's  Membership  and  get  even  more  free time
 on-line. We'll give you a $25 usage credit to use in your favorite Premium
 services or try out new ones. You could save as much as $45.*

     For more information about either of  these plans,  give us  a call at
 1-800-336- 9096.

     *Both extended  Membership options,  including free  usage credits are
 nonrefund-able/nontransferable. Members are  responsible  for  all Premium
 charges over the  $15 or $25 usage credit.

     You  can  join  NVN  one  of  two ways.  By voice phone 1-800-336-9096
 (Client Services) or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.   You will  be issued
 an Account  # (usually  within 24 hours) National Videotex Network and the
 Atari ST Forum will be waiting for you.


 > BABYLON 5? STR FOCUS!       A plea for help...

                          BABYLON 5  AYE or NAY?

     The following is uploaded with the request that,  if you  support what
     appears below, it be further uploaded to other BBSs...local, regional,
     national...relay nets and networks.

      It's generally recognized that there  would  not  have  been  a third
 season  of  the  original  Trek  series  had it not been for the action of
 science fiction fans  across  the  country  who,  seeing  in  that program
 something they  liked, wrote  to the  network to keep the show on the air.
 Their voices were heard, and the show  stayed  on  the  air  for  one more
 season.   That's the part everyone knows.  What's not generally considered
 outside the Television Industry  are  all  of  the  ramifications  of that
      At  two  seasons,  a  little  over 50 episodes, there were not nearly
 enough episodes to go into general syndication.  At two  seasons, the show
 would have  been bought  as a package by fewer stations, would have popped
 up far less often on television  sets subsequent  to the  original series'
 cancellation.  It's altogether possible that it might not have shown up at
 all, and been consigned to the NBC vaults  on the  grounds of insufficient
 episodes for  syndication marketing.   (It  happens; how  many episodes of
 Captain Nice have you seen lately?)
      With that third season, there were finally enough episodes on hand to
 go into  general syndication.   And  it was  in syndication that Star Trek
 gradually  built  up  the  viewership  and  the  popularity  that  led  to
 conventions, that  resulted in  a generation  of viewers  to whom the term
 "klingon" was not some obscure reference  but a  part of  American popular
 culture.   Without that third season, the Star Trek phenomenon would never
 have had a chance to grow.
      There would have been no new  novels,  no  animated  series,  no role
 playing games,  no Star  Trek I,  II, III,  IV, V or VI.  There would have
 been no Next Generation or any other subsequent series.

      All of that...ALL of that...happened because concerned viewers took a
 moment to voice their opinions to those who were in  a position to listen,
 and to act upon those opinions.  

 Now...  what does this have to do with Babylon 5?
      Some of you have seen it.   Many  more of  you are  about to  see it.
 Throughout  the  year-plus  that  I've  been  talking  about  this show at
 conventions and on the computer nets, I've emphasized a number of agendas:
 our desire  to Get It Right; to avoid shilling and lying to fans, as is so
 often done by producers eager to cash in on *SCI-FI*; and our intention to
 do intelligent stories with interesting characters.
      And there's one other item: I've said, time and again, not to believe
 any of the hype,  but rather  to trust  to your  own considered instincts.
 And it is that subject which is the point of this essay.  You now have the
 opportunity to judge our efforts for yourself. 
      Babylon 5, as it stands in its present form, as a pilot, is the first
 time that  the crew, the cast, the director and others have come together.
 Four weeks of shooting,  two  days  of  rehearsal,  and  a  budget roughly
 *ONE-FOURTH*  that  of  DS9's  pilot.    As  has been stated from the very
 beginning, it has all  the flaws  you would  expect of  a new  project, in
 which people  have to act together for the first time, sets may or may not
 be all perfect, and the bugs are still  being worked  out.   That's what a
 pilot is for, to try things, see what works, adjust, and move on.
      The fundamental  question behind Babylon 5 comes down to this: do you
 like what you see?  Does it make you want to see more?   Have we  kept our
 promise as far as what was actually *delivered* in the pilot?

      Because there  *is* more to come.  There has always been a plan for a
 series to  follow.    If  anything,  that  was  the  point  of  the entire tell a story.  To create a novel for TV that would span five
 years, for which the pilot is the opening  chapter.   Having now  seen, or
 about to  see the  foundation for  that story,  and before  being asked to
 lend support to that series, you have a right to  some sense  of what that
 series would  entail, and  what you're being asked to support.  One should
 never sign a blank check on  the bank  of one's  conscience.   So here's a
      You will find out what happened to Sinclair, for starters, during the
 Earth/Minbari war.  For nearly 10 years, Sinclair  has worked  to convince
 himself that  nothing happened to him on the Line other than what seems to
 be the  case: that  he blacked  out for  24 hours.   He's  just managed to
 convince himself  of this.  Now, suddenly, someone comes into his life and
 with seven  words --  you'll know  them when  you hear  them -- completely
 unravels the  self-deception.   He knows then that something DID happen to
 him, that someone DID mess with  his mind...and  he is  going to  find out
 who, and why.

      The ramifications  of that  discovery will  have a major influence on
 the series, on his relationships, and the future of not only his character
 but many others.
      You will  see what a Vorlon is...and what it represents.  And what it
 may have to do with our own saga, and a hidden relationship to some of our
 other characters  (watch the  reception scene  carefully).  We'll discover
 that there are MANY players in this game.  You'll  find out  what happened
 to Babylon  4, and  it will  call into question what is real, what is not,
 and the ending of that episode  is one  that you  have not  seen before on
      We'll find  that most  every major  character is  running to, or away
 from  something  in  their  hearts,  or  their  pasts,  or  their careers.
 Garibaldi's  checkered  past  will  catch  up  with him in a way that will
 affect his role and make him a very different character  for as  much as a
 full season,  and have lasting effects thereafter.  Lyta will take part in
 a voyage of discovery that will very much change her character.   She will
 be caught up in a web of intrigue and forced to betray the very people she
 has come to care for.

      We will see wheels within wheels,  discover the  secret groups behind
 the Earth  and Minbari governments who suspect, with good reason, that one
 of  the  B5  crew  may  be  a  traitor,  who  sold  out  Earth  during the
 Earth/Minbari war.
      Some of  the established  empires in  the pilot will fall.  Some will
 rise unexpectedly.    Hopes  and  fortunes  will  be  alternately  made or
 destroyed.   At least one major race not yet known even to EXIST will make
 its presence known, but only gradually.   Some  characters will  fall from
 grace.     Others  will  make  bargains  whose  full  price  they  do  not
 understand...but will eventually come to realize, and regret.
      At the end of the first  season, one  character will  undergo a MAJOR
 change, which  will start the show spinning on a very different axis.  The
 first season will have some fairly  conventional stories,  but others will
 start the show gradually moving toward where I want it to go.   One has to
 set these things up gradually.  Events in the story -- which  is very much
 the story of Jeffrey Sinclair -- will speed up in each subsequent season.
      Someone he considers a friend will betray him.  Another will prove to
 be the exact opposite of what  Sinclair believes  to be  true.   Some will
 live.   Some will  die.   He will  be put  through a  crucible of terrible
 force, that will change him, and  alter  his  destiny  in  a  profound and
 terrible way...if  he goes  one way, or the other, will determine not only
 his own fate, but that of millions of  others.   He will  grow, and become
 stronger, better,  wiser...or be  destroyed by  what fate  is bringing his
 way.  In sum, it  is  a  story  of  hope  against  terrible  adversity and
 overwhelming odds.

      Each of  our characters  will be  tempted in  a different way to ally
 with a dark force determined to once and for all destroy the  peace.  Some
 will fall  prey to  the temptation, others will not, and pay the price for
 their resistance.
      The homeworld of one of our major characters will be  decimated.  War
 will become  inevitable.   And when  it comes,  Babylon 5  will be forever
      That, in broad brush strokes, is a little of what  I plan  to do with
 the series.   It  is, as  stated, a  novel for television, with a definite
 beginning, middle and end.  The point being this:
      If you genuinely approve of what  you see  in Babylon  5, if  what we
 promised is  what we  delivered, if  having seen  the prologue to the five
 year story that is  Babylon  5  you  now  wish  to  see  the  rest  of the
 story...if,  in  short,  we  haven't  lied  to  you, and you like what you
 see...then I ask that  you voice  your opinions.   Space  Rangers has been
 canceled; the  fate of  other SF  shows is in question because studios and
 networks just aren't sure that there's a market for another SF series.
 How can YOU help?

 By doing the following:
 1)  Write or fax the program director  of your  local TV  station, the one
     that aired  Babylon 5,  telling them  that you  want to see the series
     which follows Babylon 5, and why.
 2)  Send another letter, or a a copy of that letter to Dick Robertson, Sr.
     Vice  President,  Warner  Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, 4000
     Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, 91522.
      If, on the other hand, you think we  blew it...then  let the  show go
 the way  of the  trilobite.   I've railed  more than once against the idea
 that "Bad SF is better than no SF," and won't  back off  of that  now that
 it's my  own child  on the railroad ties, waiting to see if a Mountie will
 untie it before the incoming train does its grisly business.
      It's your choice, and your voice.  And if you  don't think  one voice
 matters, think of the long history of a certain other show that would have
 long ago been consigned  to the  vaults of  television history  had it not
 been for involved and interested viewers.
      We made  the show,  and did the very best that we could.  Now it's in
 your hands...

                                             J. Michael Straczynski,
                                              Creator of Babylon 5


 > SUCCESS? STR Spotlight               Success at Whose Expense?

                        SUCCESS - AT WHOSE EXPENSE?

 compiled by R. F. Mariano

    The following series of articles are factual, with the actual facts,
 research material and documents being supplied by the participants in this
 situation.  STReport gave you an inkling of its enormous proportions last
 year as the reports began filtering in.  Now with the preponderance of
 data in our hands, we will attempt to illustrate the facts surrounding the
 cause of the preliminary reports last year and the results to date with an
 unbiased, factual approach.  This article will comprise the actual
 documents and comments by the individuals involved. 

 Documentation and Information supplied by Mark Dalldorf.

     I, Marcus E. Dalldorf, owner and sole proprietor of San Jose
 Computer, do solemnly swear that the following is true and correct to the
 best of my knowledge.

 The first item, a letter from Goldleaf to Mark Dalldorf of San Jose
 Computer, forwarded to STReport by Mark Dalldorf, pretty much illustrates
 the situation.
 Dear Mark:

 This letter will summarize our financial arrangements.  Goldleaf owes San
 Jose Computer the following sums:

 1)  $15,400 refund of the purchase price of the ScanMate drum scanner.
      **["Acknowledgment of owing scanner to San Jose Computer."]

 2)  $ 1,258 credit against San Jose's purchase of a Fujitsu 520MB hard
     drive to complete the Image Speeder.  (New Fujitsu pricing is $1050
     from La Cypress.

 3)  $  200 credit for an upgrade to a high density disk drive.

 4)  $  155 credit against the purchase of an 88mb Syquest mechanism.  (A
     44 MB unit was delivered with the system and is now standard on all
     Image Speeders.)

 5)  $ 1,259.97 refund of the purchase of an Epson scanner which was later
     purchased from a distributor due to Epson delivery delays.

 6)  $ 1,600 in rental fees for the ScanMate scanner.

      **["Sold to another individual without San Jose's permission."]

                    TOTAL OWED TO SAN JOSE COMPUTERS: $19,872.97

 San Jose Computer owes Goldleaf the following sums or items:

 1)  $  320.92 for one copy of GT Scan Software (This represents the
     difference between the Goldleaf level one dealer price of $1,260 for
     the Epson and the $938.75 each San Jose paid a distributor for the

 2)  San Jose Computer is storing or using four PTC 1426 color monitors and
     two 2 MB TT030's for use as customer loaner units.  The agreement was
     that San Jose was to repair the TT's and then could use them as
     loaners for prospective qualified customers to try Retouche CD and
     Didot Pro.  Atari will repair or replace motherboards per the
     agreements Goldleaf made with Atari through Mike Groh to fix San
     Jose's inventory problems.  Total collateral value of approximately
     $4,496.00 after repair of two TT's.

 3)  Polaroid 4 x 5 camera and 545 film loader.  SRP of $750.  Level one
     dealer price of $450.00.

 4)  Invoice #8576 credit for $259.94.


 In order to resolve the debt of $19,292.11, Goldleaf will deliver the
 following additional collateral:

 1)  An Image Speeder.  Current price list is $19,995 for 26 MB of RAM, a
     44MB Syquest, 520 MB Fujitsu hard drive and the hardware screening and
     accelerator boards.  Level 1 dealer price of 40% discount is
     $11,997.00.  The unit to be delivered does not have a Fujitsu drive so
     an additional credit of $1,258 will be applied since that is what San
     Jose paid for a second drive (new price is $1,050).  It also has 20 MB
     of RAM, including 16 MB TT RAM and 4 MB ST RAM.  Additional credits of
     $422 for the 26 MB RAM board's difference.  Total collateral value is

 2)  Two copies of Retouche Professional CD.  SRP is $1,999.95.  Level one
     dealer price is $1,199.97 each.  Total collateral value of $2,399.94.

 3)  Three copies of Retouche Professional.  SRP $999.95.  Level one
     dealer price is $599.97.  Total collateral value of $1,799.91.

 4)  One copy of Didot Professional.  SRP is $999.95.  Level one dealer
     price is $599.97.  Total collateral value $599.97.

 5)  Four copies of CompoScript.  SRP is $349.95.  All Compo products are
     sold at a 35% discount.  Dealer price is $ 227.47 each.  Total
     collateral value if $909.88.

 6)  Four copies of That's Write.  SRP is $199.95.  Dealer cost is $129.97. 
     Total collateral value of $519.88.

 7)  Four copies of MacRead.  SRP is $49.95.  Dealer cost is $32.47.  Total
     collateral value of $129.88.

     TOTAL GOLDLEAF COLLATERAL:          $22,044.46
     TOTAL DEBT:                         $19,292.11

     These items may be sold by San Jose Computer at suggested retail
     prices but never less than the collateral value.  Delivery of these
     items does not release Goldleaf from its obligation to resolve the
     monies owed San Jose Computer within 30 days from the date of this
     letter.  San Jose Computer agrees to keep Goldleaf informed of any
     such sales on a weekly basis and will issue a credit memo to the
     account upon each sale.  Goldleaf agrees to keep San Jose Computer
     informed on a weekly basis of its efforts to secure a cash refund or
     offsetting equipment sale of a film processor or scanner acceptable to
     San Jose Computer.

     **["The above never happened at all."]

     Goldleaf, San Jose Computer, Mark Dalldorf, Lauren Flanegan and John
     C. Fox agree to keep the terms of this agreement confidential.  As
     long as these arrangements are kept confidential, and as long as San
     Jose Computer refrains from making negative or derogatory remarks
     about Goldleaf to any third party, Goldleaf will continue to provide
     sales and technical support to San Jose in the form of leads,
     referrals, demonstrations and training.  Mark Dalldorf will contact
     the dealers and vendors that he has discussed this matter with to
     inform them that we have resolved the matter without revealing the
     terms of the agreement.

     **["Forget the truth, what support.  San Jose won't lie for anyone."]

     Goldleaf is committed to resolving this matter within 30 days and to
     helping San Jose Computer achieve success as a level one Goldleaf
     Computerbild System House dealer.



     Lauren Flanegan-Sellers


     John C. Fox
     Vice President and COO

     Receipt of goods acknowledged and terms agreed to:

     BY:    (signed)   4/14/92
          Mark Dalldorf, Owner

 ** comments noted in documentation are hand written in by Mr. Dalldorf.


 The following fax, according to Mark Dalldorf was given to him by Goldleaf
 with instructions to fax it to:

                    Amy Salmons
                    Alan Greene (Click Publishing)
                    3K Computerbild
                    Scanview (Samir Lehalf in Denmark)
                    AGS Us & Canada


 April 23 1992


 TO:      Alan Green
          Click Publishing
          FAX # 717-374-7195

 FROM:    Mark Dalldorf
          San Jose Computer

 RE:      Goldleaf Publishing

 Dear Alan:

 The purpose of this letter is to clarify the situation between Goldleaf
 and San Jose Computer.

 There was a dispute between our two companies which is rather complicated
 and which came about due to miscommunication and misunderstanding among
 several parties.  What is important is that we have resolved the dispute
 to our mutual satisfaction.  Our two companies are working closely
 together again to achieve success in the publishing market.

 There are a number of damaging and untrue rumors circulating about
 Goldleaf.  It is my hope that this letter will help quell those rumors so
 that we can all refocus on our respective businesses.


 Mark Dalldorf

 1278 Alma Court San Jose Ca 95112
 Voice 408/995-5050 Fax 408/995-5083

 Editor Note:
 Mark Dalldorf included a hand written note pertaining to the above FAX
 claiming it was not composed or written by him but by Goldleaf.  "At
 first, I refused to send it 'cause it was just plain ridiculous.  But, I
 figured you could use a laugh around now."  he wrote. 


 Another letter....

                                         DATASTREAM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC.
                                               360 East Vine Street
                                            Lexington, Kentucky 40507
                                                Business Partner
 June 11, 1992
 Mr. Mark Dalldorf
 San Jose Computer Store
 San Jose CA.

 Dear Mr. Dalldorf:

 I am sending you this letter to confirm our phone conversations concerning
 Goldleaf Publishing.  Datastream ordered a Scanview drum scanner in
 December of 1991. We received the scanner in February of 1992.  The
 scanner never worked correctly.  Upon meeting the manufacturer at a trade
 show, multiple overseas phone calls and letters we came to discover that
 the serial number of the machine that Goldleaf sold me and the serial
 number of their demo unit that Goldleaf had purchased and never paid for
 matched.  In the interim, I found out that San Jose Computer also had paid
 for the same scanner sold to me.  Scanview and AGS, another distributor
 for the scanner supplied me with a new scanner and I shipped the original
 back to Scanview in Denmark.  I have enclosed copies of the checks that
 were paid to Goldleaf for the scanner.  I can only conclude that Goldleaf
 was paid twice for the same scanner and that as far as I know, I have
 never paid Scanview for it.  I cannot stress to you enough the problems
 and expense this has cost my company.  I will never have any future
 dealings with Goldleaf publishing.

 If you should need any further information, please do not hesitate to call
 on me.



 Amy C. Salmons



 The following letter was sent on an 'official' Atari Letterhead.

 Atari Computer Corporation
 1196 Borregas Ave.
 Sunnyvale, CA 94089
 May 29, 1992
 Mark Dalldorf
 San jose Computer
 1278 Alma Ct.
 San Jose, CA 95123

 Dear Mark:

 The purpose of this letter is to reinforce our strong support for Goldleaf
 Publishing Inc.

 Goldleaf Publishing is one of Atari Computer's strategic business
 partners.  We very much appreciate Goldleaf's skill and hard work to
 create new markets for Atari Computers in the traditional prepress,
 desktop publishing and photographic markets.

 We have worked closely with Goldleaf in conceiving and implementing a
 publishing market strategy for the Professional Systems group of Atari
 Computer.  Some results from our work together include the Direct to Press
 Brochure and Direct to Press public relations campaign.  Additionally,
 Goldleaf has been among our select group of strategic business partners
 invited to exhibit in our booths at important shows like CEPS, COMDEX and
 Seybold Fall.

 Goldleaf has expended significant effort and spent substantial dollars to
 build new markets.  They have recruited and trained dealers, advertised in
 national publications such as Publish!, Business Publishing and Color
 Publishing magazines, and exhibited at numerous national trade shows such
 as Seybold Spring and Seybold Fall, NCGA, Gutenberg, Digital 92 and the
 Photo Market Association.  Goldleaf's marketing Plan included continued
 advertising and trade show activity to expose Atari Computer products to
 new customers.

 Goldleaf has sent thousands of leads to their authorized resellers as a
 result of their marketing activity.  They have conducted seminars and gone
 to local and regional shows in partnership with their authorized
 resellers.  We respect Goldleaf's commitment to building a reseller
 channel.  We are grateful for their support of Atari Corporation and
 frankly, we wish we had more software publishers like them.



 Robert G. Brodie
 Director of Communications


     Presented by Mr. Dalldorf in support of all the above includes; notes,
 detailed information, statements, copies of cancelled checks, letters and
 corroborating material that bears out his statements as being reliable
 accounts of what actually occurred.

     Mr. Dalldorf further asserted; "how could he possibly sell merchandise
 represented by Goldleaf as collateral as he knew it was on loan to
 Goldleaf from Atari."  (the TT's and monitors).  He said.  Dalldorf also
 relates his conversation with Chris Muller of Mitsubishi Corp. about the
 two printers from Mitsubishi.  "The Dye Sub printer (my cost $7,700.00)
 and the Wax Thermal printer (my cost $3,022.00) both were purchased from
 Goldleaf on invoice #8443 and payed for by check."  Dalldoorf further
 asserted that Muller told him; "Basically, Mitsubishi loaned Goldleaf
 these printers for use in a trade show.  Then Goldleaf claimed they were
 lost in shipment somewhere."  Dalldorf said.

 Sources of Verification:

          John Canham, Hocus Focus ------- 408-739-1465
          Monty Fortune, Sales Rep ------- 414-534-5683
          Amy Salmons, Datastream Inc. --- 606-253-6686
          Samer Lehalf, M'ftr., Denmark -- 011-45-44-536108
          Barbara Benson, Atari Corp. ---- 408-745-2034
          Larry Fin-Welch, Polariod ------ 617-577-3447
          Chris Muller, Mitsubishi Corp. - 714-236-6164


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 - New York City, NY                 BABBAGES DROP ATARI LYNX LINE!

     From our  roving reporter  who spied  this message;  "According to the
 manager of the Babbages where I buy most of my Lynx games from... It looks
 like the chain will  be dropping  Lynx games  too!   That means  now the 3
 major Lynx  sellers, Toys  R' Us,  Software Etc, and Babbages have dropped
 Lynx from their stores.   Gee,  its getting  hard to  find titles  for the
 doggone thing!  Another one bites the dust....  THANKS ATARI!

 - Sunnyvale, CA                               FALCON040 AGAIN CONFIRMED!

     Bob Brodie  recently stated; "I've been very plain about the fact that
 we have an 040 in the works.  Do we have an  040 in  the works?   You bet!
 Is it  a "Falcon040"?  Or is it an EAGLE?  Or a Hawk?  My point is that we
 must not begin persuing more vaporware that is not the result of any Atari
 announcement, but rather the result of a lot of wishful thinking and rumor
 mongering by the userbase.


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