ST Report: 19-Feb-93 #908

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/22/93-10:47:17 AM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 19-Feb-93 #908
Date: Mon Feb 22 10:47:17 1993

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (February 19)


 CompuServe Incorporated announced that it is  reducing hourly connect-time
 charges for  members who  participate in its Standard Pricing Plan for the
 CompuServe Information Service. Connect-time charges will drop as  much as
 37.5  pct  for  most  CompuServe  services,  including its popular forums,
 beginning Feb 28.

 Under the Standard Pricing  Plan, members  will now  pay a  monthly fee of
 $8.95 for unlimited connect-time use of 36 basic services, such as travel,
 shopping, investment  and games.  When using  CompuServe's other services,
 members will pay an hourly charge of $8.00 for access at 1200 or 2400 bits
 per second and $16.00 for 9600 bits per second access.

 Previously, members paid a monthly fee  of  $7.95  and  hourly  charges of
 $12.80  and  $22.80  for  access  at  1200/2400  and 9600 bits per second,


 The long awaited new Forum Software has been installed in all of the Atari
 Forums! Among  other things,  this allows longer messages and improvements
 in sending CompuServe Mail from within the forum.  Some  old commands have
 been dropped, and a couple of commands work slightly differently than they
 used to.

 Please see the file MSGFEA.DOC in  LIB  1  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for  details on the changes.  Don't hesitate to leave a note to
 SYSOP if you have any questions.


 Download file CENTPD.LZH from  LIBRARY  2  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for  an excellent shareware version of Centipede from Scotland.
 This game is FULL of bugs  (Spiders,  Flies  and  of  course, Centipedes!)
 Great sound, great graphics, great fun!  COLOR ONLY.


 Download file  SERFX2.LZH from  LIBRARY 2  of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) for Serial Fix 2 - RTS/CTS flow control with any  TOS.  This
 patch for  properly handling  RTS/CTS flow control in the ST's serial port
 works on all TOS versions  from  1.00  to  4.01.    It  also  includes the
 TOS14FIX.PRG  code  for  TOS  1.04  and  1.06  users.    Use  with Atari's
 eXtensible Control Panel (XCONTROL).


 Download file SAVER1.LZH from  LIBRARY 4  of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) for a package of 6 shareware screensaver modules for Warp 9,
 by John Dillenburg. Modules included  are  Freckles,  Pyro  Deluxe, Random
 Lines, Roaming Shapes, Random Shapes, and Fractal Symmetries.


 Download file  NEWPRT.LZH from  LIBRARY 11  of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN) for the New HP LaserJet 4, HP DeskJet 550c, HP DeskJet 500c, and
 PostScript printer drivers for Pagestream 2.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     STReport was  informed upsetting contacts were sent to the other major
 services about last week's issue  (STR907)  because  we  overlooked giving
 credit to  a certain  RT for  a few  messages we  re-printed from that RT.
 This was an honest oversight, a simple mistake.  For the last  2-3 hundred
 issues of STReport we've diligently attempted to ensure proper credits and
 by-lines were provided for  the items  appearing in  our humble offerings.
 The main area we focused upon was the reprints of messages from the online
 services.  After all, we feel that if that's where the action is.. then it
 stands to  reason the  readers deserve to know this.  The very best manner
 in which to make sure they do is to give proper credit to the  service the
 message traffic  came from.   Rest  assured, all credits will be given and
 special attention will be given to making sure this never happens again in
 the future.
     These are  amazing times.   The Falcon's arrival around March first is
 supposed to be a done thing, yet there is still no mention of an interface
 that will allow current, loyal Atari SLM Laser printer owners to use their
 Laser Printers with new Falcon.  Also, why haven't we heard anything about
 the  "alleged  overheating  and  case  bulge"  observations?    Could they
 possibly be 'too hot to handle'?

     Odd...  these  pertinent  points  of  information  seemingly  are left
 unattended by  the minister  of information but other _less than accurate_
 tidbits appear to be the main  focus of  his full  attention.   Who was it
 that said  they don't  play the  vendetta game?   It  sure looks that way.
 Also odd are the  copious amounts  of time  devoted to  political projects
 that are  apparently not  connected with  the release of the Falcon or the
 positive growth of Atari.  Time will undoubtedly prove the extracurricular
 activities of  the "beloved"  propaganda chief  were not in his or Atari's
 best interests.

     In the last few weeks, an apparent campaign to "silence"  STReport has
 been pursued  rather diligently  on more than one front.  Amazing that all
 these "actions" are on the heels  of each  other.   In any  case, STReport
 will be  here with  regularity telling  it like it is.  We shall persevere
 and withstand this latest onslaught of  those whose  sole desire  it is to
 silence STReport.
     It  must  be  repeated  many  times  over  and  repeated  it  will be.
 STReport's staff and publisher are not "down" on Atari hardware.  We _are_
 highly  suspicious   of  certain  actions  of  its  leadership  and  their
 designates.  Especially the perceived politics, head games  and ego trips.
 There is  no place  for this  sort of thing on this platform at this time.
 The best thing we  all  can  do  is  work  together  to  encourage Atari's
 leaders to  concentrate on  the growth  factor and  marketshare.  Atari is
 spending far too much time playing games with the userbase.  

     Another festering sore blemishing Atari's customer  relations image is
 this business  of "exclusives".  This is a major, major _ public relations
 blunder_.  It must  be avoided  above all  else.   The main  reason is the
 indirect message it sends to Atari's loyal users on all the major services
 and that appears to  be that  "if you  ain't where  Atari is...  you ain't
 there"!  Or, in plainer language, go where Atari wants you to go .... else
 you receive less than average online  support regardless  of the  fact you
 _paid the  asking price_  for your computer and software.  This is a plain
 and simple slap in the face to every user who must wait for the "cash cow"
 to be milked by Atari.

     One day...  maybe just  maybe... there'll be more than enough machines
 being sold to keep everyone busy.  In so doing, the sniping and backbiting
 will be a thing of the past.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "My new office, which has a better view than my old one, is so far
     quite satisfactory. And Richard Miller is in my old office.  The
     Forbes article was a mish-mash and misconstrued article full of half
     truths.  We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "We have not yet even given the machine to the FCC.  And we are only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to our "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

            "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
        make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $1.12 

                    CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...
                          FALCONS    ....anyone?

                 By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
            any... of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOPE!  NOT YET!



                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #08
                             By: John Deegan
    APPLE OFFERS IBM CONNECTION - Apple Computer Inc. this week unveiled 
 its 5250 emulator software package that allows Macintosh users to 
 access applications on IBM's Application System/400 computers.

    Apple officials as saying the software package also will be the first 
 Apple product developed under the Apple/IBM enterprise networking initi-
 ative and sold both by Apple and IBM. The package is set to be available 
 in June at a retail price of $345.

 after abandoning efforts to keep his company, Supercomputers Systems 
 Inc., alive, Steve Chen and former employees are back with a new idea.

    Chen's new company, called SuperComputers International, will draw on 
 some of the potential investors they located while trying to save SSI in 
 their continuing efforts to create the world's fastest computer.

    A prototype of Chen's SS-1 was built and operating and employees 
 claimed it could perform 51.2 billion calculations per second, three 
 times more than the top machine on the market.

 says it's shipping the Motorola Computer Group volume quantities of its 
 1.2GB 3.5-inch hard drive, the ST11200N.

    The ST11200N's Fast SCSI-2 interface and 5,400 RPM spindle motor pro-
 vide a 10MB per second data transfer rate and sustainable I/O transfer 
 rate of more than 4MB per second. The drive also features a 256K cache 
 and an mean time between failure (MTBF) specification of 200,000 hours.
 credit card-sized wireless receiver called NewsCard has been unveiled by 
 Motorola Inc., which says the device can store information and transfer 
 it to the new palm-sized computers and personal communicators.

    The $339 card, which incorporates a one-way modem and a 128K of mem-
 ory, "automatically can receive and store information such as electronic 
 mail, stock quotes, news updates and data files."

    Motorola officials said a user transfers the information by inserting 
 the card into an external slot on the PCs and personal communicators. 
 The company plans to begin shipping NewsCard in the second quarter, when 
 the new portable computing devices become available.
    HITACHI MEMORY CHIP BREAKTHROUGH - Hitachi Europe Ltd., has announced 
 a breakthrough that could lead to new memory chips with a vastly 
 increased capacity, but which would draw no more power than present-day 
 micro-chips. A number of Hitachi-sponsored scientists and British 
 researchers have been working on an advanced memory chip since 1989.
    Present RAM, or even more expensive but lower-power CMOS (compliment-
 ary metal-oxide semiconductors) memory, would draw many amps to power a 
 1,000 gigabyte (GB) memory, far more than is practical for any portable 
 or even most desktop computers. However, the newly developed "single-
 electron" memory would not only occupy about 100,000 times less space 
 than conventional memory, it would also draw proportionally less power, 
 making massive memories practical for even PCs.
    If such memory became possible to mass produce at reasonable costs, 
 it could eventually lead to a surge in interest in drive- less computers 
 which depend on high-speed memory to store information in RAM disks.
    Such computers are now in use and in the past, when hard drives were 
 expensive and slow, RAM disks were very popular. However, the cost and 
 power demands of memories running into the hundreds of megabytes are not 
 currently practical for most applications.
    As microprocessors increase in power, they place ever greater demands 
 on data transfer rates and memory size, leading to an ever increasing 
 requirement for massive and inexpensive memories. This latest develop-
 ment shows one way in which companies could meet the demands.
    ROBODOC INVENTER DEAD AT 59 - The 59-year-old veterinarian who in-
 vented the Robodoc, a robotic arm to help doctors in surgery, has died 
 of leukemia. He passed away at Stanford University Hospital in 
    Howard Paul intended his Robodoc to help in human surgery in such 
 areas as knee replacements, ligament repairs and the removal of brain 

    Robodoc is a five-foot arm with a high-speed drill and computer tech-
 nology designed to provide greater accuracy than a doctor's hands. It 
 was used for the first time in human surgery in a hip replacement in 
    SURVEY SAYS GUI'S EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH IT - A survey carried out by 
 the Microcomputer Management Association (MMA) says that the real cost 
 of moving to a graphical user interface (GUI) is high, but is worth it 
 in the long run.
    In a survey of 402 corporate information technology managers, the MMA 
 claims that it costs $3,600 per user to move to Windows on average. How-
 ever, of those surveyed, the majority said the move was a strategic one 
 to make their company more competitive in the marketplace.  Also, the 
 survey results offered evidence that increased productivity is offset-
 ting the cost of the move over time.
    Of the various graphical user interfaces on the market, the MMA said 
 that the usage of OS/2 2.0 is expected to increase. Apple Macintosh use 
 is expected to decrease, however. Mac users surveyed said they were ext-
 remely satisfied with their operating system, but that they didn't see 
 Macintoshes as playing an important part of their organization. However, 
 the number of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) computers and 
 Unix- based machines are expected to increase slightly.

    Microsoft Windows is the predominant GUI implemented in corporate en-
 vironments, despite the fact that most of those surveyed were IBM per-
 sonal computer users. Corporate America is expected to implement faster, 
 more powerful personal computers, replacing 286-based PCs. While 386-
 based PCs will remain in use, the survey said 486-based PCs are expected 
 to become predominant in the next 12 months.
    SURVEY SAYS COMPUTER LIT LAGS - A survey of 1,481 management informa-
 tion systems executives finds that, while three out of four believe 
 workers' computer literacy has a major impact on company operations, 
 most do not offer continuous training opportunities or even testing.
    Also, only 34% conduct hands-on exercises during pre- screening to 
 determine the computer skills of job candidates. Instead, most -- 66%, 
 according to the survey -- still rely on candidates' statements on 
 applications or during interviews.
    CIS LOWERS RATES - CompuServe has improved its Standard Pricing Plan 
 to lower online connect time charges for its subscribers effective Feb. 

    The monthly membership fee for unlimited use of more than 30 basic 
 services has been raised $1 to $8.95, but the hourly connect rate for 
 extended services, including forums, reference databases and multiplayer 
 games, has been significantly reduced -- as much as 37.5% less when con-
 necting at 1200 or 2400 baud.

    The new rates allow subscribers under the Standard Pricing Plan to 
 use CompuServe's extended services for an hourly connect rate of $6 at 
 300 baud, $8 at 1200 and 2400 baud, and $16 at 9600 baud.
 of the Ameriboard BBS at 412-349-6862, is rapidly building a massive 
 database of bulletin board systems (BBS) based in the United States and 
 he has made this monthly bulletin available free of charge for all BBS 
 users and for posting on other systems.

    As far as known, this is currently the only national general interest 
 BBS list being maintained in the US.  McIntyre said that he will also 
 build and make available "MISL," an international BBS list sometime 
 later this year.



                          COMPUSERVE LOWERS RATES

 (Feb. 16)

     CompuServe  has  improved  its  Standard  Pricing Plan to lower online
 connect time charges for its subscribers effective Feb. 28.

     The monthly membership fee  for unlimited  use of  more than  30 basic
 services has  been raised  $1 to  $8.95, but  the hourly  connect rate for
 extended services, including forums,  reference databases  and multiplayer
 games, has been significantly reduced -- as much as 37.5 percent less when
 connecting at 1200 or 2400 baud.

     The new rates allow subscribers under the Standard Pricing Plan to use
 CompuServe's extended  services for  an hourly  connect rate  of $6 at 300
 baud, $8 at 1200 and 2400 baud, and $16 at 9600 baud.

     Those who prefer the Alternative Pricing Plan will pay a  monthly rate
 of $2.50  plus an  hourly rate  of $6.30 for 300 baud, $12.80 for 1200 and
 2400 baud, and $22.80 for 9600 baud. However, switching plans could result
 in significant  savings even if you are online as little as two hours each

     Some of the more  than 30  basic services  that carry  no connect time
 charges  under  the  Standard  Pricing  Plan  are Associated Press Online,
 Accu-Weather Maps/Reports,  UK  News  Clips,  Grolier's  Academic American
 Encyclopedia,  Consumer  Reports,  HealthNet,  The  Electronic Mall, Basic
 Current Stock Quotes,  Travelshopper,  CompuServe  Mail  and  Directory of

   --Cathryn Conroy

 To Everyone:

     I am  pleased (thrilled)  to announce  that CompuServe is reducing the
 hourly connect rates for subscribers to its BASIC SERVICES plan.   Connect
 rates  for  these  subscribers  will  drop  as  much  as  37%  for most of
 CompuServe's services, including this forum effective Feb 28.

     Under the Standard Pricing Plan, members will now pay a monthly fee of
 $8.95 for unlimited connect-time use of 36 basic services, such as travel,
 shopping, investment and games.  When  using CompuServe's  other services,
 members will pay an hourly charge of $8.00 for access at 1200 or 2400 bits
 per second and $16.00 for 9600 bits per second access.

     Previously, members paid a monthly fee of $7.95 and hourly  charges of
 $12.80  and  $22.80  for  access  at  1200/2400  and 9600 bits per second,

     As per previous policy, the BASIC SERVICES plan  is not  mandatory for
 members, but  I think  you can easily calculate that these new lower rates
 will make it more advantageous for you to switch over to this  new pricing

     We expect that user activities in this forum will pick up with the new
 lower prices and CompuServe's resource management  department has promised
 to keep an eye on things to handle the increased load on the mainframes.

     If you  have any  questions about the new pricing option, please don't
 hesitate to ask the sysops.

                                                       Ron Luks
                                                       Forum Manager

 With this news the users speak up on CIS in the Atari Fora;

 #: 37271 S14/ST REPORT
     17-Feb-93  00:58:34
 Sb: #37261-Inaccurate Reporting
 Fm: carl barron 75066,3204
 To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254

   Very interesting!!
   Takes the wind out of a few sails, doesn't it?

   Can you(or someone else be more specific as to which court cases
 determine subscription telecom. networks not to be common carriers, and
 which specifically designates them as a newsstand. Thank you... Email is
 fine if need be....

   With these prices and software differences, genie will not be the
 cheapest even at 2400. Its software response is much slower... 9600 is no
 contest.  CIS WINS that one without any fight, even at Jan.1. prices.

 #: 37262 S14/ST REPORT
     16-Feb-93  16:42:18
 Sb: #37228-Inaccurate Reporting
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: Greg Wageman 74016,352

     No, calling GEnie the discount service is no longer as applicable now
 that CIS (just this morning) has announced the details of its rate cut
 (up to 37%) for subscribers of its BASIC SERVICES.

     If you haven't already read the details, I'll be posting them very


 #: 81100 S17/Community Square
     17-Feb-93  03:50:34
 Sb: #81059-News
 Fm: Domingo B. Alvear 74030,3254
 To: Jim Ness 75300,3155


 That looks VERY promising!  So for $8.95 I can have all the mail and other
 stuff I want?  And I don't get charged extra for 9600 baud?  So the ONLY
 time I get charged is when I am using the Atari Forums?  Is this TRUE?  I
 was considering just sticking with the 'Alternate' plan, but this looks
 VERY good.

 And now mail won't cost extra.


 #: 37283 S8/Hot Topics
     17-Feb-93  12:30:21
 Sb: #37271-#Pricing
 Fm: Sysop*Brad Hill 75720,540
 To: carl barron 75066,3204 (X)


     Genie will still be cheaper at certain hours of the day for 2400
 access.  But on average, CIS is now _less_ expensive, and is definitely
 less expensive at any hour for 9600 access.

     Last time I was on Genie I was finger-tappingly amazed at how slow it

                                                            -- Brad

 #: 37286 S8/Hot Topics
     17-Feb-93  13:43:24
 Sb: #37283-#Pricing
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: Sysop*Brad Hill 75720,540 (X)

 Its important to remember that the raw dollar/hour rate isn't as important
 as the calculation of bytes transmitted per dollar.  If you get much
 faster thruput on CIS, a slightly higher dollar/hour rate can still be
 more cost effective.

 #: 37300 S8/Hot Topics
     17-Feb-93  23:05:34
 Sb: #37286-#Pricing
 Fm: Sysop*Brad Hill 75720,540
 To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254 (X)

 Ron and BobR,

     You're both right about "real" cost-effectiveness.

     When I first came online, I had accounts both here and with Genie, and
 it took me exactly one month to dump Genie.  Explaining the move to
 friends and family (who of course are all INTENSELY interested in my
 every decision), I elucidated that CIs was twice as expensive, twice as
 good, and twice as fast.  So at the time it seemed that I was paying the
 same amount, effectively, for a better universe.  now, with these rates,
 there's no justifiable comparison between the two at all (showing my
 competitive nature, here).

     The February issue of PC Magazine has a comparative survey of online
 services, and CIS is the Editor's Choice... and that's at the OLD rates!
 They mention impending decreases, but don't give specifics.  So I think
 we can expect to continue to enjoy increased traffic across the boards of
 this particular universe....

      -- Brad

 #: 37299 S14/ST REPORT
     17-Feb-93  22:36:07
 Sb: #37285-#LOWER RATES
 Fm: carl barron 75066,3204
 To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254 (X)

     Funny this 'Atari customer' has been here longer than Tramiel's have
 been with atari. <grin>.   If genie is so 'cheap' why are the 'bills' I
 get awfully close to one another on a monthly basis now.  You guys can
 lower the price here all you want <grin> but don't dispose of the
 features of getting from one place to another in warp (compared to them.)

 #: 37316 S14/ST REPORT
     18-Feb-93  12:42:31
 Sb: #37299-#LOWER RATES
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: carl barron 75066,3204 (X)

     The only thing going down is the cost of our service-- not the
 quality.  Give us a couple of days when the new rates go into effect to
 effectively re-balance the system but after that, I'm sure you'll approve.

     In addition to new, lower rates, we are still improving the forum
 software, too.  Besides the new bigger 10k messages you see here, we'll
 be adding more features and increasing the sizes of our forums later this
 spring/early summer.

 #: 37317 S14/ST REPORT
     18-Feb-93  12:52:44
 Sb: #37316-#LOWER RATES
 Fm: Atari Explorer mag - AEO 70007,3615
 To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254 (X)

 When you say increasing the size of your forums are you talking about
 message categories (about 18 is the limit currently) and file areas which
 are about the same size also?

                              -- Albert Dayes @ Atari Explorer magazine

 #: 37332 S14/ST REPORT
     19-Feb-93  14:29:44
 Sb: #37317-LOWER RATES
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: Atari Explorer mag - AEO 70007,3615 (X)

   YEs, thats what I'm talking about.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                             PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by Joe Mirando

     Hidi-ho good neighbors and neighborettes!  You guessed it:   I've been
 watching "HOME  IMPROVEMENT" again  (grunt, grunt).   Just  think of me as
 "that guy behind the fence with the funny hat"... No, wait a  minute.  The
 guy behind  the fence always has a solution for his neighbor's problem, so
 I guess that the part should go to Albert Dayes.  Well,  at any  rate, I'm
 back again  and ready  to bring  you the questions and answers that you've
 been laying awake at night thinking about... well, okay, maybe  not.  Read
 on, and see if you find anything of interest.

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

 A cute note to John Amsler from Hal Dougherty:


    \\__________mmmmmmmm______          ______mmmmmmmm__________//
               ///////////////   \\//   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                       //////   //||\\   \\\\\\
                               //    \\
                              /|\    /|\

                      THE FALCON030 IS COMING!

   Keep the faith!"

 On the subject of the number of people using CompuServe, Mike Mortilla

     "As a "regular" it would seem that there is an increase in activity. I
     would imagine that Ron could hit a few keys and find out  exactly what
     the increase was.

     I've also  noticed more  User IDs  as well  as increased activity, not
     just the same members leaving more messages <g>."

 Forum manager (a fancy way of saying "Chief Sysop"), Ron Luks answers:

     "Yeah, our activity is up 'significantly'  in the  past 2  months, but
     CIS wont let me release exact specifics.  I can only say that activity
     is up across the boards from more than  just the  USA and  more than a
     small group  of members.   When  the new rates kick into effect on Feb
     28, it should get even busier."

 Dazzz Smith adds:

     "It has certainly increased in the past week or so, but prior  to that
     I thought  it had  just dipped  below the previous levels, rather than
     climbing from the normal levels."

 On the subject of standardizing programs Michael Smith tells Brian Gockley
 of ST Informer:

     "What WOULD be nice is if Atari laid out some rules for developers and
     everyone followed those rules, such as:

     Everyone supports  the Atari  Clipboard Everyone  decide how to exit a
     program (ALT Q, ALT X, CTRL Q, etc)  so that  from one  application to
     another, things are fairly consistent.

     Everyone  follows  the  same  rules  on  sounds:  Gemsound  is a great
     program, but with so many different events, you really don't know when
     a sound  is going  to pop  up.  Sometimes window_open and window_close
     are similar to other events so  when certain  windows are  open if you
     have as sound assigned to window_open, nothing happens.

     Sure, this  may be  in the  wrong area,  but I thought I'd take off on
     your request.

     We've got the best hardware and a great op system (a little faster and
     less overhead  than Macintosh)  but if you'll notice Apple laid down a
     few ground rules and since then, nearly all  Mac applications  work in
     harmony with each other."

 Alex Kiernan replies to Michael about standardization:

     "But they have, see the Falcon Dev docs."

 Brian adds another facet to the "gem":

     "Agreed, standards  can be  a real boon to the user, though at times a
     drag on evolution. What  my standards  are might  also not  be someone
     else's favorite, but I think I could learn to live with that."

 Beth Jane Freeman gives us the benefits of her "exploration" of TOS 2.06
 INF files:

     "I've been fiddling around with the desktop under TOS 2.06.  To make a
     long story short, I  crashed the  computer.   However, I  learned some
     interesting things  in the course getting the computer back to the way
     things were.

     First of all, if  you're going  to edit  the icons  or the NEWDESK.INF
     file, make a back up copy of each file.

     If  you  decide  to  use  different icons for the folders, drives, and
     trashcan icons on desktop, there is  a very  economical way  to do it.
     The HEX numbers are as follows

                         00 floppy disk drive
                         01 folder
                         02 trash can
                         03 program
                         04 text file (anything that's not executable)

     Replace each  icon with your customized icon, keeping them in the same
     order as the original ones.  If you are using ICON JUGGLE  (hat tip to
     Charles Johnson,  it's inventor), run the computer without NEWDESK.INF
     and DESKICON.RSC. This will bring the default icons  into ICON JUGGLE.
     Append your  custom icon  file to  this, and  move your icons into the
     appropriate places (setting the controls to  show the  HEX numbers for
     each icon).  Now, when you save this file as DESKICON.RSC and save the
     desktop, your floppy drives,  trash can,  folders, program  files, and
     non program  files will  be set the way you want it.  This saves a lot
     of space in the NEWDESK.INF file, and saves  you lots  of time setting
     things up.  Before you  leave ICON  JUGGLE, write down the HEX numbers
     for each icon in the file.  You'll need this later.

     When you want to customize icons for particular programs, or groups of
     similar  files,  use  the  "Install  Icon"  from the drop down menu on
     desktop.   However,  when  there's  a  group  of  related  files (like
     pictures,  resource  files,  or  spreadsheets), don't highlight one or
     more of the icons in the group.  Go directly to the  Install Icon menu
     and use  wildcard to  indicate the kind of file.  Select the icon, and
     click on "Install."  This is  much shorter  and keeps  the NEWDESK.INF
     file shorter.

     You can also directly edit NEWDESK.INF.  That is where the list of HEX
     numbers comes in.    You  can  add  more  icons  (or  delete  some you
     installed by mistake) by editing the NEWDESK.INF file.  First you need
     a word processor (or text editor) that allows you to  save ASCII files
     (or text).  Set the margins for Left 0, Right 80, and Top 0.  When you
     compare the list of icons to the listings in NEWDESK, you'll see which
     icons go  with which  sets of files or folders.  "#I" at the beginning
     of a line indicates a file icon, and  "#D" indicates  a folder.   Just
     make sure  that you  copy each  new line  exactly the way the existing
     ones are done, using all symbols and spaces.  DO NOT delete any of the
     information at  the top  of the  file.  All of this tells the computer
     where to put the icons, what  color to  make the  screen, and  how the
     control  panel  is  set  up.    You  do have to be careful not to make
     NEWDESK.INF too long, or it won't work the way you want it to.  I just
     have yet to figure out how many lines are too many.

     In  the  meantime,  have  fun,  but  be  sure  to  save  your original
     NEWDESK.INF and DESKICON.RSC in case anything goes wrong."

 Sysop Bob Retelle gives Beth some much-earned praise:

     "Beth... that's pretty terrific information about Newdesk Icons..!

     Would you mind if I copied your message into the Software Libraries so
     we can  keep a permanent copy of it..?  I'm sure a lot of people could
     benefit   from   your   experiences,   and   your    extremely   clear

 Have you ever noticed that you can be going along, minding your own
 business, when all of a sudden... WHAM!  Someone gives you a piece of
 information that makes you ask a bunch of questions?  Hey, let's face it:
 Asking  intelligent  questions  is  one  of the things that Atari users do
 best.   We bought Atari computers, didn't we?  John Michael Zorko posts:

     "I have a 4M 1040ST, stock 68000 inside.  I use it solely for  MIDI as
     a sequencer/editor/librarian.

     My question  is: What  is this  MultiTOS?  One can infer from the name
     that it is a multitasking extension to TOS, is this correct?   If this
     is true, I have the following questions:

     1.   Will it work on 68000s or should I get a bigger Atari?

     2.   How much disk space does it consume?

     3.   Are  there  any  cut-and-paste capabilities, a la Windows/OS2,
          between applications?  This question is important if i'm going to
          think of  running CuBase (Steinberg) and X-OR (Dr. T's) together
          and have them cooperate.

     4.   How is device contention  handled  (a la MIDI ports)?  Queued

     5.   Are  applications protected from each other if one should crash?
          I realize that this may need an 030 or 020 with the MMU chip.
     6.   Is it relatively compatible with the more popular MIDI
          applications? (i.e. Cubase, Omega, RealTime)

     I  would  not  use  it  as  a  multitasker  so  much as an application
     switcher.  I understand the timing  aspects of  MIDI and  realize that
     stolen CPU  cycles could  result in  degraded MIDI performance, and my
     music is very, very  important  to  me.  Another  reason  I  ask these
     questions is  that I also have a 33MHz 386-based IBM PS/2 at home, and
     have toyed with the idea of using it for MIDI work.  The only thing is
     that i'm  happy with  my ST,  just wish it could do some of the cooler
     things Windows and OS2 can do."

 Jim Ness, creator of QuickCis, and  all  around  fountain  of  info, tells

     "MultiTOS will work on standard STs, but it's very very slow.  To make
     it work  well, you  would really  want to  invest in  something with a
     68030 chip.   The system will be considerably faster, and will utilize
     the memory protection inherent in 68030s.

     All the ports on any ST are buffered, so device  contention should not
     be a  problem.   Incoming data is stored via interrupt routines, until
     the application is ready to receive.

     You are correct in being concerned about timing.  With a fast  cpu and
     minimal multitasking  (as in,  don't run  10 programs  at a time), you
     should be able to keep up with MIDI at full speed, and not have timing
     problems.  But, I emphasize FAST CPU.

     There are  also ways to adjust which program gets the most cpu cycles,
     just like Windows.

     The Atari products have had a clipboard spec in place for a few months
     now,  which  allow  appropriately  written  programs  to  do cut/paste
     operations.  So, it's all up to the programmer of the applications you
     are using,  to use  the new  spec.  This spec will see a lot of use in
     MultiTOS programs."

 John mulls over Jim's answer:

     "OK, so getting a bigger, better pooter is a given.   I  can live with
     that.  Now, the question is -- which bigger, better pooter?  Falcon or
     TT?  BTW -- how much are TTs going for these days,  and how compatible
     are they with ST MIDI applications?"

 Jim adds more to think about:

     "Well, for MultiTOS to work, I'd suggest the TT (basic 2meg with no HD
     goes for about $1300).

     But, for MIDI, I'd suggest the Falcon.   Slower than  the ST,  but the
     MIDI folks  are specifically  upgrading for the Falcon; something they
     definitely did not do for the TT.

     You might  want  to  consider  an  accelerator  upgrade  for  your ST,

 As is normal, Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine has more info:

     "Multi-TOS  is  Atari's  Multi-Tasking  operating  system  for running
     multiple GEM applications at the same time.  Even though it can run on
     a 68000  based machine I think it is somewhat risky.  Since the memory
     protection is only software  and not  hardware the  protection of each
     memory block  that each  program runs  in is  not as secure.  This can
     cause all sorts of problems.  I would think that  any 68030  cpu based
     Atari would  work much  faster and  safer since it has hardware memory

 I don't want anyone to think that I'm belittling Albert for having scads
 of information ready on almost any subject.  Albert is one of the busiest,
 most well-informed individuals around and always has something useful to
 say.  Thanks Albert!

 On the subject of chip versions (68000, 68030, and like that), Tim Rule

     "I have spoken to a Motorola employee who had some  involvement in the
     680x0 processors.   His  version of the story is that there was, until
     about 5 months ago, an 050 project which basically brought  the 68K up
     in line with intels 486 in performance and vastly improved the support
     for virtual memory and multi-tasking.  It was to have  the facility of
     connecting several  050s in parallel with each other.  The integration
     concept was carried forward to include a new  series of  MMU chips and
     slave processors  for the  68K (I think he meant the likes of DSPs and
     video processors).  Anyway, the 060 project was  also going  on in the
     background which  took the  concepts of  the 050  and, utilizing CRISK
     technology, made the whole lot much faster.  What happened was that it
     was decided the 050 would not be fast enough to compete with the intel
     P5 (586 at the time) and so the 050 was just scrapped so that  the 060
     would come  through sooner.  I assume that this lady knew what she was
     talking about."

 Howard Jones posts a good, old fashioned, want-ad:

     "Help for the visually impaired  wanted.  I  am  teacher  of computing
     studies in  a high school in Wollongong, Australia. We are using Atari

 Albert Dayes (see?  what'd I tell ya?), tells Howard:

     "You might want to  download MegaWriter  it has  a mode  that has very
     large letters  approximately 3/4  of an inch high.  One of the authors
     is an eye doctor  too so  he (Dr.  Bruce Noonan)  can probably provide
     with some good information on what is a good magnifier for the ST."

 From The Atari ST Arts Forum

 Jim Linton asks for help with his STe:

     "A  few  months  ago  I  purchased  a  Atari STE and I am having a few
     problems. I have several game programs that just won't work. I believe
     that the  STE has  TOS 1.6 or 1.62 and the standard ST had TOS 1.2. Is
     there a "patch" or other fix for this problem? I love the ST but there
     are several  hundred dollars  involved here  and I like to  try to fix
     this. Can you be of any help?"

 Mike Mortilla of ZNET Online tells Jim:

     "You might check the  Ataripro  lib  (maybe  this  one  too?)  for the
     keywords: fix,  patch and  TOS. There was a file recently which listed
     *ALL* the necessary  patches to date based on TOS version and machine,
     etc. Included  with the file are all the necessary patches! I know the
     STe had (has) some problems with certain programs (games and MIDI if I
     recall correctly), and I'm not sure all of them have been resolved.

     If  you're  having  problems  with  commercial software, check out the
     Atari Vendors Forum, too. There are some MIDI  vendors who  have areas
     in the  MIDI forums,  but they also lurk around here too. How many meg
     is your STe? If it's got more than 1 meg, there is  a prg  to trick it
     into thinking  it's only  got 1  meg. This will allow some programs to
     run which might otherwise bomb.

     I don't have an STe, so  i can't  help too  much more,  but maybe some
     kind    soul    will    jump    in.   If   you   name   the   specific
     prg/game/application that's giving you a problem,  you stand  a better
     chance of getting the answer that will help you."

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 Y'know how good you feel when you find a really great deal on something
 that everyone else around you is paying top dollar for?  David Hagood lets
 us in on his little piece of good luck:

     "I found  a place  selling SCSI CD-ROM's for $195 plus shipping. These
     are True Big Blue drives and  built  like  a  brick.  Unfortunately, I
     cannot seem to get it to work on my system. If somebody out there will
     help me, I will pass on where I got the drives (nothing  like a little
     blackmail...)    The  drive  ID's  itself as "TOSHIBA CD-ROM DRIVE:XM"
     using IDCHECK.PRG. I have it connected to my TT as  unit 14  (SCSI bus
     ID #6). I have an Insite Floptical at the end of the chain and have no
     problems talking to it. I am using ICD  PRO level  software at version
     6.0.x. When my system boots I get my Quantum and Insite logged in just
     fine, but not the CD-ROM (no  message at  all from  it). I  have tried
     making the  CD-ROM unit  10, no dice. I have kicked my max sector size
     up to 8K, no dice. I have installed MetaDOS, no  dice on  both the ICD
     CD-ROM  driver  or  the  Atari  driver  (device does not respond). I'd
     rather have a MiNT FSX for the CD-ROM than use MetaDOS.  Any ideas?"

 Albert Dayes asks David:

     "Does metados (or the version you have) only work with  CD-ROM devices
     on the  ASCI side  after a  host adapter  like ICD?  Is it supposed to
     work with the SCSI bus on the TT?  Also  what type  of Toshiba  is it?
     Is it a 3301 or and older 3201 or 3101?"

 David tells Albert:

     "Its a Toshiba 3232 drive, and MetaDOS does work (sort of) on the SCSI
     bus. I can now pull a directory of the disk, but any attempt to access
     a file  larger than 10K kills the drive. I think there is a bug in the
     MetaDOS driver. The guy at ICD told me that there  was a  MiNT FSX for
     CD-ROM but I don't know were to get it. Does Atari have a BBS anymore?
     Perhaps the CODEHEAD bbs, but I don't know the number."

 Albert keeps the ideas coming:

     "I would think your best bet would have been ICD  or Atari.   How many
     directories deep can you go on the CD-ROM drive?  Is it only when you
     access files  does it have problems or does it also have when you move
     around the disc."

 David replies:

     "It doesn't matter how deep I am: root  or six  deep. I  have an extra
     thousand folders  added so  I don't think its the 40 folder problem. I
     think its just the Metados driver going south...

     I got MetaDOS to (kind of) work: I can pull a directory of the ROM now
     but accessing a file larger than about 10K kills the drive. I did pull
     the term packs on the drives, and the connectors are all Centronics 50
     pin connectors,  not 50  pin headers, so it is impossible to plug them
     in wrong. (plus, I am an electronics engineer and I  know how  to plug
     headers in,  and to  check that  I did  it right  if something doesn't

 Stephen Hebditch posts:

     "My old Seagate ST238R disk drive recently died and I've just replaced
     it with  a Mitsubishi  SP-MR535 drive I got a good deal on. I was told
     by the company that sold it that this had 5 heads and  971 cylinders -
     there wasn't  any documentation with the drive unfortunately. However,
     when formatting it with the version 6.0.6 of the host software I got a
     sense error $90 during the formatting stage.

     Dropping this  down to  a lower  number of cylinders I was able to get
     past the format stage, however it then came up with  a load  of sector
     errors while  partitioning... So  I reduced the number of cylinders to
     870, formatted okay, had only a  couple  of  extra  bad  sectors while
     partitioning, but  then got  a "Drive timeout while trying to reassign
     bad sector: sense code $FF".  Have I  been given  the wrong  number of
     cylinders for  this drive?  Is it  faulty? Could  it have been damaged
     while trying to format it with the wrong number of cylinders?"

 Geez, maybe I should change the name of this column to "Albert Says".
 Albert tells Stephen:

     "You might try the most current version of  the ICD  software which is
     6.07 and its in the library.  Also for the specs on your drive try the
     IBM hardware forum (GO  IBMHW).    Several  people seem  to have their
     books on  hard drives open and can usually give your heads, cylinders,
     etc information without too much of a problem."

 Stephen checks around and tells Albert:

     "Thanks for that tip about the  IBMHW forum  - I  found a  useful file
     there listing  the specifications  of just about every drive that ever
     existed. It  confirms the  details my  supplier gave  me. It's looking
     like the new drive is faulty. :-("

 Last week, Charles F. Johnson, while explaining why CodeHead Technology's 
 WARP9 Screen accelerator would not speed up a FALCON030 much, he said
 "MTOS is sluggish because of its internal code."  This week, Alex Kiernan
 tells Charles:

     "Sadly I'll  second that, MTOS has some real goofy code in the AES :-(
     Roll on MTOS 2.0."

 Charles replies:

     "Goofy" is the word, all right."

 From The Atari Portfolio Forum

 Aren't PORTFOLIOs the best fun ever? (insert Dudly Moore cackle here).
 The thing that I've always found annoying about them is that they are not
 indestructible.  Evidently, Thomas Wallentin has found that out also.  He

     "Where can I find parts for Portfolio? I need the flat cable that goes
     from the keyboard to the screen,and the LCD display."

 William Osburn tells Thomas:

     "You need  more than  the flat cable.  The keyboard is a membrane-type
     keyboard with an integral cable  built  into  it.    Actually,  it's a
     flexible printed  circuit board.   Obviously,  you've had trouble with
     the material rubbing off the end of the connector from opening/closing
     the PORT  many times.   You will need to find someone with a dead PORT
     and replace it like I did or send it back to Atari for $110  and get a
     new one.  Is the Sharp PC 3000 constructed similarly?
     Does anyone know?"

 Aidan Heritage asks:

     "Has anyone  had experience in getting a port repaired?  Mine has gone
     down on me this  week -  makes funny  beeping noises  if you  move the
     screen, and  won't switch  on -  unless you  tilt the screen to almost
     shut, press the cold boot switch and fiddle with it.   But  even then,
     as soon  as you  press the OFF switch, it STAYS off!  I popped down to
     the local electrical shop and picked up a new one  for just  under one
     hundred pounds sterling - which I suspect is going to work out cheaper
     than getting the old one repaired!"

 Peter Bennett tells Aidan:

     "I get the impression that you  are in  the UK  which is  where we are
     based. We've  been trying  to find  someone who  will repair Ports and
     have just managed to locate somebody. If you are interested,  leave me
     an email message and I'll give you his number."

 Aidan replies:

     "yes, I am in the UK - and would love to have the number!  That way, I
     can have one port in the office and one at home - or one on and one in
     the wash!"

 Peter chuckles:

     "Ok will do...hmmm - one in the wash!? ;-0"

 David Stewart asks:

     "Has anyone  out there  used the Becker and Partners 256K RAM cards or
     the 512K RAM cards?  I have heard negative reports about the 1 meg and
     beyond cards  that they  produce, but so far nothing about the smaller
     cards.  I have an application that might do well with a 256K RAM card,
     but I need to be sure these are stable ... and also, do they require a
     device driver to run? (I.E. do they take up any of the Port's internal
     memory?)   I'm mostly  interested in  the regular-sized  card, not the
     so-called "memory module" devices."

 BJ Gleason, 'foliomeister, and all around good guy, tells David:

     "I used one of the 256k memory cards in germany  during a  trip there.
     As far  as I  am aware,  there was  no driver, but the cards were very

 David replies the way any self-respecting Portfolio junkie would:

     "Please tell me more ... in fact, tell me every detail about the cards
     that you can.  I called Germany for details, but it is a bit difficult
     to get too technical since I  don't speak  a word  of German  (B&P was
     nice enough  to find someone to speak English to me, but I didn't want
     to tax their patience too much).

     You just put the card in  the Port  and started  working with  it?  No
     extra software  or special  gimmicks?  Was the entire card drive A: or
     was it split into two drives  of 128K  each?   Did it  "look and feel"
     exactly like a regular RAM card?

     Sorry, you probably don't know much more than you already told me, but
     I'm very interested in these cards.  I hope that I can  import some to
     offer over  here, but  the prices  are steeper  than the Optrol cards.
     RAM has some advantages over FlashRAM,  though, and  FlashRAM has some
     advantages over RAM ... I'd like to be able to use both! <g>"

 Well folks,  that about  wraps up  this week's  goodies.   C'mon back next
 week, take your shoes off, kick back, relax, and listen  to what  they are
 saying when...

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 You may call 1-800-874-7691 to take advantage of the special fares.

     For more  information please  leave Email as follows; GEnie, B.welsch,
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 the address listed above.

     We hope you will join us to welcome  the following  companies; Cali-Co
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 Clear Thinking Software, S.K.Ware, and a lot more!!  Watch  for updates to
 this list or check our Genie topic (cat 11  topic 11)

                                        Bruce Welsch
                                   KCAC Special Events Coordinator


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                           GEMULATOR VERSION 2.1

                       NEW FEATURES AND IMPROVEMENTS


                        INTERNATIONAL AVAILABILITY

                          SEE IT AT THE SAC SHOW

                             LOWER U.S. PRICES

     Branch Always Software has just released version 2.1 of the Gemulator,
 the Atari ST emulator for DOS and Windows compatible PCs. Gemulator allows
 a 386 or 486 based PC to directly run most  Atari ST  software (except for
 games and music software) and supports all versions of TOS, four different
 screen resolutions, and can  provide  up  to  8  megabytes  of  RAM  to ST

 Gemulator 2.1  is now  available from computer dealers in Europe and North
 America. In the U.S.  and Canada,  the list  price is  now only  $229 U.S.
 which includes  the Gemulator board, emulation software, and U.S. TOS 2.06

 Gemulator 2.1 is now also available  in  the  U.K.,  France,  Holland, and
 Germany.   The versions  sold in  each of those countries contain TOS 2.06
 ROMs appropriate for each country, and all documentation  and software has
 been fully translated.

 Gemulator 2.1 will be shown at the upcoming Sacramento Atari Expo on March
 13th and  14th  in  Sacramento,  California.  Come  by  the  Branch Always
 Software booth and see Gemulator for yourself!

 Version 2.1 has the following new features and improvements:

  - the separate 386 and 486 versions of Gemulator have been combined into
    one single convenient version which is just as fast (or even slightly
    faster on some machines) than Gemulator 2.0.

  - the ability to create a virtual Atari hard disk partition on any size
    DOS partition means that you can now safely read and write Atari files
    anywhere on your PC's hard disk and even over the network, without
    having to reformat or repartition the hard disk as before.

  - a 4 megabyte PC can now emulate a full megabyte of ST RAM (up from 512K
    before). Gemulator can emulate up to 8 megabytes of ST RAM, double the
    4 megabyte limit of the real Atari ST.

  - Pagestream and some other programs now print up to 10 times faster. The
    actual speedup will depend on the size and contents of the Pagestream
    document. A full page 8.5" x 11" 300 dpi Pagestream document prints out
    in about 3 minutes on an HP LaserJet printer.

  - the real-time clock in the ST keyboard is now emulated. This allows
    TOS 2.06 to boot up with the current DOS time and date. 

  - the  "missing keystrokes" bug from Gemulator 2.0 and other bugs are    

 Gemulator already has several features not found in the real Atari ST, and
 in many ways it is much better than a real ST:

  - the ability to emulate up to 8 megabytes of ST RAM (described above)
    makes it  ideal when using a lot of GDOS fonts, running the new        
    MultiTOS or, editing very large Calamus and Pagestream documents.

  - the ability to emulate TT medium resolution (640x480 16 colors) allows
    most GEM based Atari ST programs to run with more colors and with      
    better graphics than is possible on the real ST.

  - switching  from color to monochrome (or vice versa) is as simple as    
    pressing one key. Forget having to use two monitors and swapping cables
    all the time!

  - each  Gemulator board can hold up to 4 sets of TOS ROMs and you can    
    easily switch from one version of TOS to another by just pressing a    
    few keys.   This allows you to use the supplied TOS 2.06 with most of  
    your ST software, but switch back to TOS 1.0 or TOS 1.4 for running    
    earlier software not compatible with TOS 2.06.

  - due to the ever increasing speed of PCs and the availability of the
    486 DX2 clock doubler chip, you can easily upgrade your 33 Mhz 486 PC
    to a  66 Mhz PC and run Atari ST software up to 3 times faster than a  
    real ST. That's faster than a Mega STE, faster than a 20 Mhz           
    accelerator, and In many cases, as fast as the Falcon.

 Gemulator now has smaller hardware requirements. Your PC need only have
 the following:

     - a 386 or 486 CPU
     - 4 megabytes of RAM
     - a 720K 3.5" floppy disk drive
     - a VGA card and monitor
     - 1.7 megabytes of hard disk space
     - a mouse is optional but recommended

 Gemulator consists  of a  PC board  which plugs  into any  8-bit or 16-bit
 AT-style slot. The board is used to install TOS ROMs  which are  needed to
 run Atari ST software on a PC. The emulator itself is simply copied to the
 hard disk and run from the DOS prompt or a DOS window just like  any other
 PC program.

 The speed  of Gemulator's  emulation is affected by the speed of your PC's
 processor, hard disk, video  card, and  other factors,  but it  is usually
 proportional to  the speed  of the  processor (the 386 or 486 chip). Below
 is a table of various processors  and the  APPROXIMATE speed  of emulation
 compared to a standard ST (which of course has a relative speed of 1.0):

    386/16    - 0.3
    386/33    - 0.6
    386/40    - 0.8
    486/25    - 0.9
    486/33    - 1.2
    486/50    - 1.8
    486/66    - 2.4

 386 based computers running slower than 33 Mhz are not recommended for use
 with Gemulator due to the relatively slow speed  of emulation.   Gemulator
 emulates  the  68000  chip  entirely  in  software  and  so  a fast 386 is

 The Gemulator package comes with a set of TOS 2.06  ROMs, but  if you wish
 to use  your own ROMs, the board and emulator can now be purchased without
 any TOS ROMs for $179, a $50 savings. You must  of course  supply your own
 TOS 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 or 2.06 ROMs before being able to use Gemulator.

 In the U.S. and Canada, Gemulator is distributed by:

                      PMC (Purple Mountain Computers)
                    15600 N.E. 8th Street, Unit #A3-412
                        Bellevue, WA  98008, U.S.A.

    For ordering information, call 1-206-399-8700.

 In Europe (including the U.K. and Germany), Gemulator is distributed by:

                           ACN / Atari ST Nieuws
                               Postbus 5011
                              2000 CA Haarlem
                              The Netherlands

    For ordering information;
                          phone 011-31-23-351100
                           fax 011-31-23-351444.

 To upgrade from Gemulator 1.0 to Gemulator 2.1, send $49.95 is U.S. funds
 and your Gemulator registration card directly to us:

                          Branch Always Software
                     14150 N.E. 20th Street, Suite 302
                        Bellevue, WA 98007, U.S.A.

 Users who  last year  upgraded to  Gemulator 2.0  have already been sent a
 free Gemulator 2.1 upgrade  disk.  If  you  upgraded  to  2.0  but haven't
 received the  2.1 disk,  please contact us and make sure that we have your
 latest mailing address in our records.

 Here is a sample of what Gemulator users are saying about Gemulator 2.1:

      I've been using Gemul8r 2.1 on a GW 2K 486-66 Local bus video and IDE
 controller.  I have the virtual HD on a Stacked partition, resulting in a
 55+ meg capacity (I think).  I am primarily using ST mode to access some
 of my terrific ST software, including Avant Vector, Migraph OCR,
 Pagestream, MegaPaint, MugShot, MVG, and many associated DA's, utilities,
 and applications.

 2.1 is a *terrific* improvement over earlier versions.  I think the
 virtual HD is a good functional solution to HD access, and runs
 flawlessly (as does everything else I've tried.  This has got to qualify
 as "Hack of the Year"!

 At this point, I think Gemul8r is a SOLID, FUNCTIONAL system.  It's easy
 to use, very SW compatible, and gives me continued access to my best ST
 software. Nice job Darek! Thanks for a great product at a fair price...

               - Marty Klein, Gemulator 2.1 user


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

     National Videotext Network (NVN) has recently added an  Atari ST Forum
 to it's  growing lists of available services.  The Atari ST Forum is ready
 and waiting for you!

     The future of NVN will be one which continues to  remain sensitive and
 responsive to market needs. Additional services and advances in electronic
 information will continue to be added,  to provide  unique and interesting
 services on an on-going basis.  

     NVN service  offerings can  be broken  into three  categories:  Basic,
 Premium, and Premium Plus.

                **         9600 BAUD acious!          **
                **  For users with 9600 baud modems   **
                **     SAME PRICE AS 2400 BAUD!       **
                **       TRUE on line savings!        **

  Basic Services
      Most  of the  Basic  services are  available 24  hours a day  with no
  connect  time charges  beyond the basic membership fee. However, a select
  group  have  functions  for which  transaction  fees are  charged.  Basic
  services are accessible through a flat rate charge of $5.95 per month.

  Premium Services
      For Premium services, Members pay connect  charges for the  amount of
  time spent in  a  particular  service.  Premium  services  are accessible
 Monday through Friday for a connect time charge of $9.00/hour from 8 am to
 6 pm, and $6.00/hour from 6 pm to 8 am; and on  Saturday and  Sunday for a
 connect  time  charge  of  $6.00  all  day  (6 pm Friday til 8 am Monday),
 central time zone.  9600 Baud access is  available at  no additional cost!
 Think of the advantages of downloading at 9600 baud for 9.00 hr Prime Time
 or 6.00 hr non-prime time!

     Order an extended NVN  Membership of  6 or  12 months,  pay for  it in
 advance and   receive  a bonus  in connect  time at  no additional charge.
 Choose from two  subscription plans:

 6-Month Membership
     Pay just $30 for a 6-month Membership and receive a  usage credit that
 entitles    you  to  $15  of  connect-time in the Premium services of your
 choice. Your total savings using this plan would be over $20!*

 12 Month Membership
     Pay $50 for a full year's  Membership  and  get  even  more  free time
 on-line. We'll give you a $25 usage credit to use in your favorite Premium
 services or try out new ones. You could save as much as $45.*

     For more information about either of  these plans,  give us  a call at
 1-800-336- 9096.

     *Both extended  Membership options,  including free  usage credits are
 nonrefund-able/nontransferable. Members are  responsible  for  all Premium
 charges over the  $15 or $25 usage credit.

     You  can  join  NVN  one  of  two ways.  By voice phone 1-800-336-9096
 (Client Services) or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.   You will  be issued
 an Account  # (usually  within 24 hours) National Videotex Network and the
 Atari ST Forum will be waiting for you.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 From GEnie's GEnielamp RT

 Topic 1         Fri Feb 12, 1993
 GENIELAMP [John Peters]      at 12:40 EST
 Sub: STReport International Online Magazine 

 STReport International Online Magazine
 9 message(s) total.
 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 1         Fri Feb 12, 1993
 ST.REPORT                    at 23:34 EST
   02/12/93 STR 907   "The Original * Independent * Online Magazine!"
   - The Editor's Desk      - CPU Report       - PORTFOLIO NEWS
   - K & R C DEV system     - DELL CUTS $$$    - COMPAQ TO EXCEL IBM!

                  -* NeXT DROPS HARDWARE VENTURES! *-
                      -* FALCON DUE MARCH 1st *-
                          -* FALCON SPECS *-

              Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

  FILE # 1098

 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 3         Mon Feb 15, 1993
 D.D.MARTIN [Swampy]          at 19:42 EST
 Hi All!

 Gee, It's nice and "friendly" over here.  <g>

 I want to say thank you to John Peters and GEnie management for providing
 GEnie Atari users a place to obtain STReport as well as a discussion area
 here in the GEnieLamp area.

 Rest assured that there are many folks who _do_ want to read STR and
 didn't want to have to go to other services to obtain it.  I'm sure that
 much of the "politics" will now be removed from the discussion area and we
 can proceede to proceede.  %^)

 Thanks again John and GEnie!  Ya done GOOD!


 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 4         Mon Feb 15, 1993
 D.JACOBSON2                  at 20:21 EST
 D.D. - I second that "much obliged"!!

 Ralph and/or Joe,

 It may be a good idea that one of you send out a general mailing to all of
 those users who sent us requests to GE-mail the past issue or two that we
 are now located here and that they can once again download STReport. Some
 of them may not have seen the last issue or two and may be still
 expecting to find it in their mailbox.

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 5         Mon Feb 15, 1993
 C.KLIMUSHYN [-Chuck-]        at 22:26 EST
 Dear Ralph, Joe, and Co.

 Thanks so much for the E-mailed issues while the storm was a going on. 
 Rest assured John Peterson will get a thank you letter also.  Do you have
 an exact E-mail address for him?

 Best All, -Chuck-

 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 6         Tue Feb 16, 1993
 GENIELAMP [John Peters]      at 02:08 EST
  D.D., (all),

  My product manager has asked me to hide the file and to put
  everything on hold until the behind the scenes stuff can addressed.
  Until I hear something from GEnie, I am (thank goodness) "out of the
  loop" on this issue.

  In interest of my own personal sanity, :) I will not respond here on
  anything that concerns STReport until then.

    John Peters
    GEnieLamp Online Magazine
    Member, Disktop Publishing Assoc.

 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 7         Tue Feb 16, 1993
 D.D.MARTIN [Swampy]          at 20:11 EST
 JOHN --

 I understand, and didn't mean to put you "in the middle", but just wanted
 to express my thanks to the "powers that be" for offering readers of
 STReport a home.

 It's comfortable over here.  %^)


 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 8         Wed Feb 17, 1993
 NEVIN-S                      at 23:09 EST
 John, I do hope that you will be allowed to carry ST Report. I have always
 enjoyed it, and hope to see it have a home here.


 Category 12,  Topic 1
 Message 9         Thu Feb 18, 1993
 D.D.MARTIN [Swampy]          at 18:56 EST

 Gee... I like the friendly faces over here! <g>


 Topic 5         Sun Feb 14, 1993
 ST.REPORT                    at 08:32 EST
 Sub: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                  

  STReport Online Magazine                   LETTERS
  """"""""""""""""""""""""                     TO
                                           THE EDITOR
 4 message(s) total.
 Category 12,  Topic 5
 Message   1       Sat Feb 13, 1993
 S.CORLEY1 [SCOTTJ]           (Forwarded) 
 Ralph, nice to see you and STR back on GEnie. I do have one complaint
 though.  The quality of STR has really gone downhill since Lloyd left. 
 Where's the product reviews, the guest commentary and editorials, etc?
 Its seems nowadays most of STR consists of filler, with Ralph grabbing any
 online text file he can get his hands and putting it into STR. Its better
 to put out a good but small online magazine than to take a few good
 articles and pad them out with filler to make the magazine larger.

 You seem to have lost a lot of your editorial skills while Lloyd was
 senior editor, Ralph. The difference between the Lloyd and post-Lloyd STR
 is huge, as is the difference between the STR of 5 years ago (pre-Lloyd)
 and the STR of today. Oh well, at least even if the quality of STR keeps
 going downhill it will be a long time before it reaches the utter depths
 to which Z**** has sunk to.

 Category 12,  Topic 5
 Message 2         Sun Feb 14, 1993
 ST.REPORT                    at 08:38 EST

      Its nice to be back.. I am constantly trying to improve STReport
 so rest assured your comments are well received and appreciated.  I
 must admit ... that will all the distractions of late certain features
 of STReport have been obvious by their absence.  Steps are being 
 taken to enhance our humble offering.  Thanks for voicing your
 opinions and reading STReport.

              Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 Category 12,  Topic 5
 Message 3         Sun Feb 14, 1993
 J.NESS [Jim]                 at 11:31 EST
 I'm glad to see that STR has found a new home on GEnie.  Maybe in a few
 months you'll be able to lure Lloyd back.


 Category 12,  Topic 5
 Message 4         Sun Feb 14, 1993
 D.JACOBSON2                  at 12:54 EST

 With all of the recent distractions online and personally, things have
 been hectic.  Personally, I haven't dome much for the magazine due to the
 renewal of changes at work that has kept me busy.  As Ralph has
 mentioned, look for things to get back to normal once everyone is
 settled. I have a few things in the works, and a few ideas forming for
 other articles.  You, and the rest of our readers, won't be disappointed.


 I dunno, I bet that Lloyd is enjoying his "retirement" and may want to
 keep it that way!!  <<grin>>  Still, I know what you mean.

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine


                                 SAY WHAT?

 48652 15-FEB 13:27 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48151)

 I don't dispute anything you're saying.  I'm just trying to point out what
 Charles said.  Actually, it came to you here second-hand through Norm and
 he may not have phrased it the same way Charles said it a couple of years
 ago.  Both Charles and I are heavily into studio work here in L.A.

 Yes, there are some "RABID Atari musicians" out there.  I don't contest
 that. It's just that the majority of the professionals that Charles and I
 associate with in the music business seem to choose the Mac these days.

 This does not mean that the Atari is not a great machine for professional
 music applications.  It does not mean that there aren't any professional
 studio players using Atari's (there are plenty of them).  It is not
 intended to put Atari fanatics on the defensive.  It's simply an
 observation -- an observation that I personally wish was not true.

 It's one thing to be completely devoted to a machine.  I know that's true
 of me and Charles -- we're blindly devoted to the Atari.  Otherwise, we
 wouldn't continue trying to hold a losing business together in hopes that
 Atari might start selling enough computers for us to start making a

 But it's another thing to let that blind devotion inhibit one from seeing
 the truth and reality.  That's one of the problems with the management at
 Atari. They don't seem to realize how the rest of the computer world has
 been progressing while they've been marching in place.

 Atari is very lucky that the major MIDI developers continue to support the
 Atari versions of their software, even though they are more heavily
 concentrating on the other, more profitable platforms.  I'm actually
 surprised they continue, with the way the Atari market continues to


 48653 15-FEB 13:43 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48162)


 Now that message is exactly what I'm talking about when I mention
 "blindness".  You're implying that because a few very respected and famous
 musicians use Atari computers and have purchased them by choice, that it
 means Atari is "king in music".

 So you also think that, because Apple "GIVES its stuff to the big names"
 that it means fewer musicians _choose_ to buy Mac computers.  Do you
 realize how flawed this logic is?

 I'm not saying that Macs are better for music than Atari computers.  I'm
 saying that they are more popular among musicians and that more Macs are
 sold and used for music than Ataris.  Why do you refuse to believe this or
 admit it?  Do you have sales figures to dispute this?

 I'm also not saying that Apple or IBM are committed to the music niche,
 either.  They probably didn't see a need to appear at the NAMM show. They
 didn't need to because their presence was made very clear by the support
 of the music developers.  There were far more Macs visible in NAMM booths
 than Ataris.  And there were far more "clones" visible than Ataris.

 I'd prefer not to have to point these things out, myself.  But your
 illogic has forced me into the situation.  I personally think that Atari
 computers are "best" for MIDI applications.  And I'd love to say that
 Atari is "King of Music", but unfortunately that's not true.  I'm sorry
 you forced me to reveal it. 


 48654 15-FEB 14:12 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48277)

 The Hotz box releases "raw creativity of the musician"?!?

 Sheesh, that couldn't be further from the truth.  What it does is
 _restrict_ his creativity.  It imposes a "template" upon the musician,
 strictly defining which notes he may or may not play.  It's the musical
 equivalent of paint-by-numbers, a concept that probably holds as much
 water among true artists as the Hotz box does among true musicians.

 Dream on.


 48655 15-FEB 14:57 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48345)

 That's a very astute observation.

 The difference where the Hotz box is concerned is that by the nature of
 the instrument, it imposes a set of rules that are defined by _someone
 else_. That is, either you spend an incredible amount of time learning how
 to program and set up the Hotz box yourself (possibly more difficult than
 the process of learning music -- the process which one is trying to
 avoid), or you simply use the preset configurations that are included with
 the Hotz box.

 These preset configurations are "templates" or "overlays" which limit the
 range of actual notes you are able to use.  I hardly see this as an
 expansion of the creative process, but rather an inhibiting.  When I play,
 I don't want to play notes that are defined by someone else, I want the
 freedom to play any note I choose.  There's no such thing as a "wrong
 note" and I defy anyone to tell me I can't play a particular note.

 As a professional musician, I am naturally going to have a very snobby
 attitude where a device such as the Hotz box is concerned.  The enticement
 of the Hotz box goes to the very core of human nature -- man's desire to
 get something for nothing.  If people think that they can become overnight
 musicians without learning anything, they'll naturally become excited by
 the prospect.  It's similar to the chord organ, or a spirograph, or a
 paint-by-numbers set, or as Norm mentioned, a karioke machine.  It's the
 equivalent of "politically correct" music -- "musical fascism" -- "you
 vill play only zee correct notes!"

 This is not to say that the Hotz box is not a valid product.  It has its
 place, just as the chord organ has its place.  But the perception that
 some people seem to have about it is incorrect.  It doesn't expand one's
 creativity or generate any talent that is not already there.  Instead it
 restricts true talent while possibly synthesizing to some degree a false
 impression of talent.

 I have nothing against Jimmy Hotz personally.  I've met him on several
 occasions and consider him to be a friend.  He is definitely a very warm
 and caring human being.  He's also very forgiving, too, if he's ever heard
 my views in the past about the Hotz box, because it's never diminished his
 congeniality.  <grin>


 48660 15-FEB 16:11 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48655)
 From: ANALOG4      To: EIDSVOOG

 To tell you the truth, I don't know too much about the Hotz box, never
 even touched one. Your description of it is interesting, since I didn't
 realize that it allowed you limit the notes to be played, presumably to
 keep a person from playing something "off key." But as you pointed out,
 it's not the notes you play, but how you play them. I'm not much of a
 keyboard player, but I played guitar in local clubs for almost two
 decades. Some of my favorite riffs are comprised of notes that, if phrased
 wrong, would sound like barf.  It's one of those things where, after you
 learn the rules, you learn how to break them. Obviously, the Hotz box
 won't teach a person that skill.


 48661 15-FEB 19:31 General Information
 RE: Printer Drivers (Re: Msg 48658)

  I want to tell you that I got my Calligrapher Gold 3 upgrade the other
 week. I finally got a chance to install and use it late last week (I'll
 clarify that I got it about a week & a half ago).  I must say that I'm
 impressed. I like how you can select from two printers, how the new
 installation program works, the new "change setup" utility, the general
 bug & aesthetic fixes, and the built in G+plus.  I want to thank you and
 Charles for supporting the ST and for your timely service in getting the
 upgrade out to me. (I did this here in the forum to give a plug for
 CodeHead from a satisfied user  <G>  )


 48736 16-FEB 17:28 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48561)

 Having two OS floating around could cause some problems, imagine all the
 software that would have to be written for both systems!

 Dungeon Master for XWINDOWS???


 48737 16-FEB 17:32 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48652)

 Well, I guess I learned a lesson.  Never start a topic talking about 3rd
 hand info on who said what to whom.  If Atari can ship some Qantities. If
 they started providing more machines with more dealers, there should not
 be any reason to have a musician use anything BUT Atari.

 I think the main problem is since the whole F030 broke last year, its
 kinda hard to set up new dealers and sell something that isnt shipping.

 After the F030 starts shipping, then they can work on getting some more
 people buyng the damn things! Not to mention selling.

 (hear that norm!  Old info got me in trouble! Thats the last time I listen
 to the crusty old guys!  :-)


 48738 16-FEB 17:38 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48653)

 I did not FORCE anyone to say anything here, I am trying to make the point
 that the salient features that we all love about having and using Atari
 computers is still valid.  Just because certain people state sweeping
 remarks about how this is bad, or how that is awful does not change the
 basics here.

 Atari is respected in the field, those MACs and clones are used because
 there hasnt been decent fielding of the Atari units in the past.

 Dont take what I have said out of context :-)  Atari is not the king of
 all computers, they have a niche which can be exploited nicely and can
 then become a bigger influence on the rest of the computer scene.

 If Atari dealers were as prolific as they were, say 3 years ago, VERY few
 people would have a clone for music work!


 48739 16-FEB 17:53 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48654)

 The Hotz system does for music what DTP does for layout.

 It removes some of the impediments from manipulating the medium.

 Hotz systems are designed not to create a concierto, but to allow access
 to notes and sounds in an environment where how the sounds are triggered
 are not limited to a static keyboard arrangement, or linear soundpads.

 Sets of sounds can be arranged in a manner to allow the user the ability
 to combine and organize these sounds according to his needs or wishes.

 It does not replace a piano or full keyboard, it does not replace years of
 music training.  It does attempt to remove the mind-numbing physical
 training that most intruments require to manage keys/levers/holes etc, and
 actually have a coherent noise emerge.  Some musicians love it.  Some HATE
 it. I think that it is a step in the right direction.

 DTP software can take all the hassle out of arranging text and graphics on
 a page, and allow someone to set things up without having a huge stack of
 paper on a desk, with glue, pens, and scissors scattered all over the
 place or limiting the page to what keys can be cut and placed on a press
 to then duplicate a letter, book, or encyclopedia.

 DTP software will not supply the talent and graphic arts skills to produce
 professional documents.  That is up to the individual.

 Jimmy Hotz cannot make a classical muscian out of someone who does not
 have a clue how music is made, but he is trying to provide the world with
 a better interface!


 48975 18-FEB 21:27 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48739)

 I'm sorry, but you've got your analogies confused.

 The musical equivalent of a DTP program is a software sequencer/notation
 program, _not_ the Hotz box.  A DTP program offers non-restrictive tools
 that enhance the composition of the document.  A sequencer program does
 the same for the audio portion of a musical composition and a notation
 program does it for the visual portion of a musical composition.

 If there were an equivalent of the Hotz box for DTP (actually it relates
 more to word processing and writing), it would be some sort of a hybrid
 tablet.  This tablet -- the interface you speak of -- would contain
 overlays of words grouped by style and meaning.  Only a certain subset of
 words would be available at any one time, but the writer could rest
 assured that all of the words were spelled correctly so he wouldn't make a
 spelling mistake.  Not only would he be unable to improperly spell a word,
 he would not have to worry about selecting an inappropriate word either,
 because the available words would be pre-determined to fit within the
 context of the group containing them.  The writer could either spend a lot
 of time himself in grouping the words into what he considered to be usable
 sets, or he could take the easy way out and just select existing templates
 based on someone else's idea of how to write.

 Once the writer selects his group of words, he can easily select them very
 quickly with no fear of stepping outside of the bounds that confined the
 subset of words.  He's truly free -- NOT!!

 Maybe you and others can relate to this concept when it is applied to
 something you know more about -- words.  If this concept sounds absurd to
 you, you may be beginning to understand why the Hotz box is limiting to

 Once again, this is not to say that the Hotz box does not have a place in
 creating music.  It's just that you seem to misunderstand it.  It's a
 wonderful tool for hobbyists who want to tinker around with music without
 making an effort to learn anything about it.  It restricts.  Why not tear
 off all the black notes from a piano.  That would make it easier to play.
 But what makes music good?  Ease of creation?  Or aural beauty?

 I'm not against alternative musical interfaces, but let's not delude
 ourselves into believing that restricting our resources is equivalent to
 releasing creativity.


                              DELPHI & ATARI!

 48359 11-FEB 04:07 General Information
      Atari Corp & DELPHI
      From: BIBLINSKI    To: ALL

 Well, we've been working on it for a while now, and it's finally reached
 the point where we can quit hinting around about it, and make an

 DELPHI and Atari Corp. have reached an agreement that provides Atari Corp.
 with 5 new accounts here on DELPHI.  Atari Corp. will be using those
 accounts to provide better support to the DELPHI online community.  Just
 how those accounts will be utilized is still being developed by Atari, but
 the new Atari Corp. usernames provide a general idea of the eventual
 utilization.  The usernames are:


 One of the first things that will be happening with one or more of those
 new usernames is a formal Conference about MultiTOS and the Falcon030. 
 The expected Atari personnel are John Townsend and Eric Smith.  There is
 nothing finalized about that CO yet, but watch for announcements _real
 soon now_.

 The ATARIMUSIC username will probably be used by interns working with
 James Grunke of Atari.  With the recent NAMM showing, the music market is
 hotter than ever, and having Atari music staff here should bring a little
 bit of that excitement to DELPHI.  So, if you're a musician, or just
 interested in using your Atari for musical purposes, watch for ATARIMUSIC
 to join us soon.

 AEO_MAG will be used by staff writers for Atari Explorer Online.  Andreas
 Barbiero may utilize the account occasionally, but maybe he'll let some of
 the other staff members get a taste of DELPHI, too.  <G>

 AEXPLORER will be used by the staff of Atari Explorer magazine as a
 doorway into our little community here.  Hopefully, we'll see Mike Lindsay
 or Darren Meers drop by occasionally, to see what life online can be like
 without all the information overload some of the other services can have.

 Please make the newbies feel welcome here.  They're here to provide
 support, and that's something many in the community have faulted Atari for
 not doing enough of.  Let's take advantage of that support, instead of
 wasting their time with pointless questions about things they can't
 discuss yet.  Patience is a virtue, or so they say.  When they're ready to
 talk about something, I'm sure they'll be happy to give us all the
 information we want.


 48669 15-FEB 21:04 General Information
      RE: Atari Corp & DELPHI (Re: Msg 48359)

   Great news Gordie.  We can't wait to "see" the new accounts online. 
 Looks like this wheel (Delphi) must have been squeeking a bit louder to
 get some "grease" from Atari.  :-)


 A real tempest brewing here...

                       AT WHAT PRICE? -> EXCLUSIVE??
                             BOON OR BLUNDER?

 48662 15-FEB 20:03 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48312)

 RE: MTOS GEnie specific.....

     I see and understand your point about allowing MTOS to be GEnie only
 as a way of ironing out any last minute bugs before it goes into mass

     I'm not however saying I agree with it.  The more hands you get it
 into, the quicker you'll find all the bugs.  The largest reason however
 is as I stated....With Atarians being such a fractured group now with
 vast numbers of owners having no dealer, user groups, or magazine access
 within easy reach only putting it on GEnie will severely limit the
 percentage of the user base that Mtos is seen by.  For every 10 Atari 16
 bit machines out there, I'd wager that at least 50% of them languish
 either unused, or running in the exact same condition as they were over a
 year ago.  By "same" I mean that the owner hasn't bought anything new
 either hardware or software in taht (that) period of time.  It may not be
 that they don't want to buy anything, it's just with our isolation from
 even our "Sibling Atarians" they may not know of any new stuff, or where
 to buy it if they did know about it.

     We need to SCREAM Mtos, Falcon, and any other positive bit of
 information from the highest and most numerous mountaintops possible. 
 Screaming it only from GEnie (aka Mt. Everest) will only reach those
 within earshot of the Himalayas.  Sad for us "Mt. McKinley" folks.


 48312 10-FEB 20:11 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48305)

 I would agree with you 100% except for one thing.

 I am helping out with the MTOS roll-out with writing about it and all, and
 I look forward to GEnie getting it for ONLY ONE REASON...

 GEnie is the 'official' site of Atari support, and if there are ANY
 unforseen last minute bugs in the ointment, I would rather see people who
 had recourse to immediate help find the problems out first and then make
 sure that there is an errorless product for everyone else to get.

 Atari will be getting a bigger presence here, hey, Bob does his best, but
 with the others we would like to be bringing online, some major support is
 about to come on in.  Think of GEnie getting it first as a last minute
 mini beta test!!


 48364 11-FEB 07:14 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48312)
 From: OCS          To: ABARBIERO

  - GEnie is the 'official' site of Atari support, and if there are ANY
  - unforseen last minute bugs in the ointment, I would rather see people
  - who had recourse to immediate help find the problems out first and
  - then make sure that there is an errorless product for everyone else to
  - get.

 There will never be an errorless TOS... software engineering tells you
 that it is basically impossible get get _all_ bugs out of a piece of
 software with this size.


 PS: Well, the KBS operating system might be the exception to this rule <
 ducking>  Read today's issue of c't magazine for the second part of a
 three-part series about KBS (gotta get this plug in here <grin>)

 48690 16-FEB 01:59 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48662)


 One way might be to flood Atari's new Delphi Accounts with EMail
 requesting that if they choose to distribute it by uploading it on GEnie,
 to also do so here on Delphi.


 48696 16-FEB 03:08 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48663)


 To be truly useful, MultiTOS must be run on either a TT or a Falcon.
 Believe me when I say it sucks on a regular 8mHz ST.  Too slow to be of
 much real use. So, the limited, temporary, proposed distribution on GEnie
 isn't as bad as it might first seem.  Why get everybody excited about
 something they'll end up disgusted with?  (Those with TTs will probably
 not be disgusted.  No, they most definitely will NOT be disgusted.)  And,
 if it is distributed, for a limited time, on GEnie, it will generate a
 little revenue for Atari, something they need probably worse than most of
 us.  If they do decide to distribute it freely, and that's still an if at
 this point, I have no problem with them starting with GEnie, their 'home'
 service, first.  I doubt that the short period it's exclusive there will
 make much difference in how widely it gets distributed.  (If it does get
 distributed that way, of course.)  And, since this whole thing is pure
 supposition anyway, I have to throw in that it might very well be possible
 that we can work some kind of deal with Atari to get it up here as quickly
 as possible, especially now that they have some accounts to use for tech
 support.  <g>


 48719 16-FEB 06:58 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48662)
 From: OCS          To: WAYNEDUNHAM

  - I see and understand your point about allowing MTOS to be GEnie only
  - as a way of ironing out any last minute bugs before it goes into mass
  - comsumption.
  - I'm not however saying I agree with it.  The more hands you get
  - it into, the quicker you'll find all the bugs.

 Hundreds of betatesters (official and unofficial ones) have had MTOS for
 almost a year now.  If it still isn't functioning decently, it is not a
 matter of bugs not being found, but of getting them out of the code. I
 don't really buy this "last minute bug" argumentation...


 48722 16-FEB 14:20 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48696)
 From: OCS          To: BIBLINSKI

  - To be truly useful, MultiTOS must be run on either a TT or a Falcon.
  - Believe me when I say it sucks on a regular 8mHz ST.  Too slow to be
  - of much real use.

 Gordie, I have used it on my 8 MHz ST, and it is _not_ useless.  Of
 course, the CPU doesn't provide the power to allow you to work comfortably
 while having a compiler running in the background (at least not with
 MultiTOS/GEM, with KBS it does work due to a smart scheduling algorithm
 that gives interactive processes all the time they need).  But it is a
 very comfortable way to switch from one program to another without having
 to leave one application and start the other one.  I have used the
 MultiFinder quite a few times lately, and while I never needed to really
 run more than one program at a time, I found it extremely useful to be
 able to switch from one program to another by just clicking on it's
 window.  Why do you think was MultiGEM so successful (on STs!) even though
 it was much worse than MultiTOS?

 Oliver (I want MTOS!!!!)

 PS:  If it is limited to GEnie, can someone provide me with a copy on
      disk?  Would that be legal?

 48740 16-FEB 17:55 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48662)

 IF Atari decides to put MTOS out as a GEnie only thing... and nothing has
 been decided... then 7 days on GEnie will not kill anyone.

 I am coordinating a formal CO here with J.Townshend and E.Smith for Delphi
 soon.  I will let you all know what happens!


 48746 16-FEB 19:21 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48662)
 From: DPJ          To: WAYNEDUNHAM


 I left a similar message as yours on GEnie.  I got a bunch of crap because
 of it.  I was given the reason that as a business, it's to Genie's
 (Darlah's) best interest as a business to have an exclusive "edge".  I was
 also told that the other services have done this in the past, and will
 continue to do so in the future.  By the past, they are of course
 referring to exclusive files from both Antic on CIS and Analog here on
 Delphi.  I replied that back _then_ when the market/userbase was much
 larger, that kind of activity may have been acceptable, but today, it just
 isn't so.  Plus, it's a _little_ bit different when it's software from
 Atari than magazine PD software.  I don't like the idea of exclusive files
 anywhere, as it is not fair to those who can't get it for one reason or
 another. Oh well....

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

 48747 16-FEB 19:28 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48684)
      From: DPJ          To: MRBURKLEY

 The limited time that the file(s) will be on GEnie will be so that the
 Atari area there will have "x" amount of time to have users download it
 and make some money for that Atari area.  Atari has how many new accounts
 here?  CIS has Atari accounts also.  All three services having access to
 these programs will enable even more feedback and possible bug reports.

 I don't think that this should be restricted (by time or officialdom) to
 any service - whether it be Delphi, GEnie, or CIS.

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

 48748 16-FEB 19:38 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48696)
      From: DPJ          To: BIBLINSKI

 I agree that the ST and STe users aren't going to get a whole lot of use
 and speed out of it, but to be able to have it to play with and see the
 potential will help to sell the Falcon.  Not only to current Atari owners,
 but perhaps to friends of Atari users who see it and can realize what it's
 capable of doing (on the right machine).

 I have 2 STs.  I know MTOS isn't going to help _me_ much, but I certainly
 want to check it out and see what it's all about.  Like most Atari users,
 when I know of a new program that's heralded as a great one, I want it as
 fast as I can get it!!  <<grin>>  Having it be exclusive to one service or
 another is going to cause a lot of resentment (albeit for a short(?)
 period of time).  If it's money that Atari is interested (and I don't
 think it is), then they should sell it to anyone who wants it for a
 nominal fee.

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

 48758 16-FEB 21:07 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48740)

   If the GEnie exclusive is only 7 days then I don't have a problem with
 that. In the past most GEnie exclusives have been at least 30 days which

     I must say however that 7 days of exclusivity would pretty much shoot
 down the "find the bugs" excuse.  7 days is nowhere near enough time to
 find bugs, nevermind get the fixes coded and re-uploaded.  Not that I'm
 advocating a longer exclusivity, I'm definitely not!  :-)


 48759 16-FEB 21:15 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48746)
      From: WAYNEDUNHAM  To: DPJ

     I totally agree Dana.  Services negotiating exclusive contracts with
 magazines, PD authors, etc isn't the same kettle of fish as trying to
 browbeat the userbase into joining their service or lose all manner of
 contact with Atari.  I'm liking GEnie and their attitude less and less all
 the time.

   Harkens back a few years when I cancelled my subscription to CI$ over
 very similiar circumstances.

   I sure hope Atari knows that Atarians as a group are non-conformers who
 don't follow the crowd or buy into something just because it's the most
 popular.  We're much more discriminating in our choices.  We aren't
 lemmings waiting to follow the gang over the cliff.  The more someone
 tells me they are the "Best" the more I realize that they aren't the
 "Best" for me.

   When you're at the top you forget how you got there, what it felt like
 being stomped on by the top dogs as you tried to climb up.  Basically you
 just get complacent and forget about what got you to the top.  I'll take
 someone in the middle of the pack every time.  They try harder, and
 generally treat you nicer.  Microsoft is the #1 software company, while
 the CodeHeads probably aren't in the top 100.  I'd MUCH rather deal with
 the CodeHeads, one look at Windoze and it's easy to see Microsoft has lost
 touch with reality. :'\


 48761 16-FEB 21:18 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48722)
      From: BIBLINSKI    To: OCS

 Re-read my message, Oliver.  I didn't say it was useless, just of little
 real use.  I tried running Interlink with MTOS, and I had to type at about
 2 cps to get Interlink to accept the input.  My typing isn't that good,
 but I can get going a bit faster than that!  I haven't played that much
 with it, but given the incompatibilities of so many programs, and the lack
 of memory protection with the 68000, I wouldn't want to trust it most of
 the time. (Of course, I only have a beta version of MTOS, I can't say how
 the final version will be.)

 Besides, I can't deal with the slow speed of the 8mHz when I'm using
 Pagestream anyway, so having it even slower would kill me.  <G>


 48791 17-FEB 07:10 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48761)
 From: OCS          To: BIBLINSKI

  I am currently logged in using my old betatest version of MTOS (which
 dates back to March 3, 1992).  Of course, Uniterm doesn't work, so I am
 using an old version of Rufus (the famous German telecom software).  I
 don't have any background processes at the moment, and the 6*6 font (for
 some reason I don't have a larger one, guess I would need GDOS to get a
 readble larger font) slows the screen output down, but I can type as fast
 as with Uniterm and single-tasking TOS.



 48805 17-FEB 10:20 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48740)
      From: OCS          To: ABARBIERO

  - IF Atari decides to put MTOS out as a GEnie only thing...  and nothing
  - has been decided...  then 7 days on GEnie will not kill anyone.

 Are we talking about a 7 days "exclusive distribution period" for Delphi?
 Considering that it will probably take me a whole day to download the file
 from Delphi (with the slow d/l via Kermit and Internet) I can live with
 that.  Two months, for example, would be totally unacceptable. Then again,
 do you really think that a week is enough to get bug reports and reactions
 on those by Atari?  After all, MTOS has been betatested for several months
 now, and those bugs that haven't been found during that time will hardly
 appear in a week.

 BTW, please make sure that MTOS is not being uploaded to Delphi in one
 large file, otherwise a breakdown of the line to Delphi (happens to me all
 the time lately) means that everything downloaded so far is lost. And I
 can guarantee you that my line will break down at least once within every
 200 KB.

 Oliver48815 17-FEB 11:15 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48305)
      From: BOBBRO       To: WAYNEDUNHAM


 Thanks for sharing your opinion with me. I appreciate the time and expense
 that you went to do share it with me.

 The reality is that we have had, and continue to have, a contractual
 arrangement with GEnie.  It requires that GEnie be at the forefront of all
 of our online activities.  As you've no doubt noticed, Delphi is now more
 interested in a greater role with Atari as well.

 First, you need to understand that the idea that ANY of those file be
 uploaded is only under discussion.  There are forces that feel that they
 should only be sold, not uploaded under any circumstances.  Part of the
 rationale in my plan to upload to GEnie first, then the other networks is
 based on the fact that we share in the revenue generated in the Atari
 areas on GEnie.  I hope that this will be persuasive in convincing the
 management to upload MultiTOS to GEnie, and then to the other networks
 once we've generated some dollars from the GEnie uploads.

 We don't have similar arrangements with Delphi and CIS. They both give us
 free access to support our mutual customers online, but that's it. No
 dollars are shared between us.  This is an important fact to keep in mind
 in our decision making process.

 While I respect your opinion, and surely understand your desire to see the
 files uploaded on all networks at the same time, it just isn't practical.
 If the decision to upload the files is made, it will be on GEnie first,
 then after a period of time, the other networks. You will not be denied
 access to the files by choosing Delphi. You're access to them will only be
 delayed for a period of time (probably a month).

 best regards,

 Bob Brodie

 48847 17-FEB 19:02 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48762)
      From: DPJ          To: BIBLINSKI

 The point is, that you _are_ paying for it, albeit online time rather than
 a straight purchase.  Why should an Atari user, screaming for support,
 have to wait a month (or whatever) to be able to get a file just because
 they aren't a user of a particular service?  It seems that neither Atari
 or GEnie has learned anything from past history on this kind of thing.  It
 didn't work well for the users before, and it won't this time either.

 48834 17-FEB 17:37 General Information
 RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48758)

 Days weeks or months.... the whole exclusivity thing is moot.

 Fortunately or unfortunately Atari and GEnie have a special relationship
 with accounts and direct support being transferred.  Many other companies
 do this and it is not a bad thing.  Any time period is still arbitrary as
 no one has told me how, where, whom, why, or, when MTOS will be released.

 If there are any BUGS in MTOS it will only be BUGS in the sense of product
 support and the immediate release information.  MTOS has been widely
 tested and should work as advertised for everyone with a 030 machine.

 It will work on an ST/STe, but the results can be less than stellar :-)

 When something as big as MTOS is going to be released, someone out there
 will find a way to install, use, run it wrong. The F030 version will be
 shipped with the computers, and appropriate documentation will be
 IF MTOS is released out on the nets, then naturally the support for it
 will not be the same, as there is no pre-printed docs, no dealer from whom
 the software was purchased, and all levels of user sophisication to

 The way I look at it, my job it to help get Atari answers on Delphi,
 someone else, a while back, got that same job done for GEnie, and in
 return allows them to make a buck or two on the service they provide. 
 Atari wont hurt anyone by this,  and I will be excited to see something as
 important like MTOS given out for free.... would microsoft do this? 


 48663 15-FEB 20:09 General Information
      RE: Lynx ad! (Re: Msg 48318)

   Because there are those of us like myself, and several others who do get
 on multiple services.  Many times I've played middle man between a user
 here, and a developer or support person over on another network.

   We (Atarians) are so fractured a group that simply shouting from the
 town square (GEnie) will not reach a major portion of our "tribe".  We've
 got to send out messengers in all directions (yes, even CI$ I suppose) in
 order to get the word out.  It's not going to be easy to mainstream the
 Atarians back into the fold who've either gone on to other platforms,
 (while still owning an Atari), have no dealer/Usergroup/magazine access,
 or who've just given up.  We need MASS distribution, and only giving Mtos
 out via GEnie isn't going to come anywhere close to filling that bill.


 48687 16-FEB 01:00 General Information
 RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48651)

         By the way....
                 The Falcon 030 is featured in the March 1993 Electronic
     Musician magazine.  By featured, I mean it is on the info line on the
     top of the cover and  on the spine!  Its only a three page article,   
     but  it is very upbeat.  It may not offer you any additional          
     information; if you have been following the saga online here for the  
     last -few- months, but I learned a few things.  For instance, did you 
     know that the Falcon has sampling rates which range from 8 kHz to     
     50kHz ,-but- that it skips the 44.1kHz rate used for CD preparation   
     and the 48kHz rate used by DAT machines?  It seems like a very        
     strange -feature- to exclude the most useful rates for professional   
     musicians...(am I right)?  Apparently these rates will become         
     available from third parties who will have to implement the correct   
     crystals in external hardware devices.

                  If you see it on the newstands, spend a few minutes and  
     read the article--or spend the $3.95 and read it at home.  It may     
     become a collector's item....:)

 48694 16-FEB 02:52 General Information
      RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48687)

 According to my Falcon Hardware manual, the 44.1 and 48KHz modes are both

 48990 18-FEB 23:32 General Information
      RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48902)

 This is what the manual says, it's kinda vague.
 The bit clock is taken from from the master clock divided by a
 programmable value of 4 to 24 (in increments of 4). The Sample rate is
 then the bit rate,  divided by 128:

  - -> Divide by n -> Bit Rate -> Divide by 128 -> Sample Rate

  Since the bit rate is 128 times the sample rate, there is room for eight
  16-bit samples per second period.
  Master Clock    Divisor(n)  Bit Rate      Sample Rate
  25.175MHz          4        6.29375 MHz   49.17KHz (50KHz)
  22.5792MHz         4        5.6448  MHz   44.1KHz  (CD)
  24.576MHz          4        6.144   MHz   48.0KHz  (DAT)
  32.000MHz          4        8.000   MHz   62.5KHz

  The internal 25.175 MHz clock is used to support STE compatible
 50KHz,25KHz and 12.5KHz sound sample rates.

  The internal 32MHz clock is useful since it can be used to provide an
 8MHz  bit rate (or 1MB per sec.) which is the maximum transfer rate for
 the DSP  SSI interface.

  The external clock comes from the DSP connector. It can run up to 32MHz.
  Some useful external clock rates are shown below:

            22.5792 MHz gives CD rate of 44.1 KHz
            24.576 MHz gives DAT rate of 48.0 KHz ..........

      This sounds to me like these rates WILL have to be external after

 About "loyalty" and consumerism.....

 48700 16-FEB 04:18 General Information
      RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48456)
      From: ATARIO       To: NORMW

 --> Take a look around, Steve. You, Andreas, Chris and AP7 are the
 --> Every one else sees Atari with a less enthusiastic view.

 I'd say that list above leaves out Oliver, since he at least plans to stay
 with Atari and still thinks it's a good machine, and also Gordie, for
 obvious reasons.  And as for who's "on the other side", I'd say you, Dana,
 and Ralph.

 --> I have made a lot of friends in this Forum over the last seven years,
 --> and we are holding a wake for an old friend...the ST.

 If you think the machine is dead, why do you bother to attack it and/or
 attempt to kill enthusiasm over its resurrection?

 48725 16-FEB 14:21 General Information
      RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48700)
      From: OCS          To: ATARIO

 > Take a look around, Steve. You, Andreas, Chris and AP7 are the diehards.
 > Every one else sees Atari with a less enthusiastic view.
 > I'd say that list above leaves out Oliver, since he at least plans to
 > stay with Atari and still thinks it's a good machine, and also Gordie,
 > for obvious reasons.  And as for who's "on the other side", I'd say
 > you, Dana, and Ralph.

 You are right, I still like my Atari, but that doesn't mean I am a
 die-hard.  I see Atari (the company) with the less enthusiastic view Norm
 mentioned. As a matter of fact I never saw them with an enthusiastic
 view... all I want is a good computer, and it doesn't really matter if it
 is made by Atari, Commodore, or you name it.  In other words, I do not
 stay with Atari, but with my Atari computer, because the computer still
 serves my needs.

 There is a difference...


 48749 16-FEB 19:45 General Information
      RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48700)
      From: DPJ          To: ATARIO

 I think that "diehard" can have a number of connotations.  I'll probably
 use Atari hardware for as long as I can get one that will continue to
 work. But, I'm no longer a "blind" Atari user anymore.  I used to think
 that Atari could do no wrong and whomever said otherwise, I was ready to
 "do battle" with them to prove otherwise.  Not any longer.  Reality

 On one hand, the diehards are those who will use Atari computers until
 they cannot any longer because they aren't available; and there are those
 diehards that will continue to blindly praise the machines _and_ Atari
 until neither exists any longer.  Take your pick.  Norm's example were
 probably grouped into the second, while yours are in the first.  <g>

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

 48778 16-FEB 23:55 General Information
      RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48749)
      From: NORMW        To: DPJ

 Fair enough, Dana.  I have no confidence in the company or its future, but
 I have three full-up Atari's in operation here.  But I also have two other
 computers, and can see no purpose in continuing to design product for the


 49025 19-FEB 08:04 General Information
      RE: Rumor (Re: Msg 48700)
      From: RMARIANO     To: ATARIO (NR)

 Look Steve, pay careful attention... I am a diehard Atarian.  Repeat that
 three times and then hear me out.  I am a diehard Atarian but I will not
 fall into to the trap of telling people in so many words that Atari can do
 no wrong or, make myself very, very busy making apologetic statements
 every time Atari pulls off another magnanomous PR blunder like this
 current issue of the MTOS release.  No doubt... I'll be using an Atari for
 a very long time.  But at the same time, I'll not yield to the pressure,
 back room politics, and head games.  STReport will continue to point out
 _both_ sides of the coin.  You see, there is no other side... we are all
 folks who enjoy using an Atari.  There's simply some of us who refuse
 march to the beat of certain blunder drummers and zealots.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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