Z*Net: 23-Jan-93 #9304

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/25/93-11:53:18 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 23-Jan-93 #9304
Date: Mon Jan 25 23:53:18 1993

 ##########(((((((((( ##########((( ##(( ##((((((( ##(((((((( ##########
 #################(( ####(( ####(((( #(( ##(( ##########(( #############
 ##############(( #####(((((( ##(( (( (( ##((((( #######(( #############
 ###########(( ##########(( ####(( #(((( ##(( ##########(( #############
 ##########(((((((((( ##########(( ##((( ##((((((( #####(( #############
 Z*NET: ATARI ONLINE MAGAZINE  Copyright (c)1993, Syndicate Publishing
    Volume 8, Number 4    Issue #488    January 23, 1993    File:93-04
  Publisher/Editor..........................................Ron Kovacs
  Writer............................................Michael R. Burkley
  Contributing Editor........................................Ed Krimen
  AtariNet Coordinator\Telecommunications...................Bill Scull
  Contributing Editor...................................Dr. Paul Keith
  Z*Net News International Gateway - New Zealand............Jon Clarke
  Z*Net News Service\AtariUser Magazine-Publisher\Editor.....John Nagy
 GEnie..............Z-NET  CompuServe....75300,1642  Delphi.........ZNET
 Internet...status.gen.nz  America Online..ZNET1991  AtariNet..51:1/13.0
        {*} The Editors Desk...........................Ron Kovacs
        {*} Z*Net Newswire.......................................
        {*} Calligrapher 3 From Codehead............Press Release
        {*} New Explorer Issue Released...............Anouncement
        {*} AtariNet Update............................Bill Scull
        {*} Perusing GEnie..............................Ed Krimen
        {*} Connect High Density Drive To The ST.................
        {*} Z*Net\AEO FNET Support Bulletin Boards...............
        {*} The Unabashed Atariophile.............Michael Burkley
        {*} Calamus Comparison...................................

 ######  By Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 There was plenty going on all over this week!  A new President took 
 office, Atari attended the NAMM show with great success, and the Z*Net
 BBS crashed!
 First let's start with the NAMM event.  We do not have a full report
 prepared for this edition, but one is nearly complete and not ready 
 until next week.  John Nagy attended and is working on it!
 However, in a discussion shortly before press with Nagy, he told me that 
 Atari received thousands of orders for Falcons at NAMM, faces from the 
 music industry like Thomas Dolby, Jon Anderson and a few others attended 
 and the overall feeling of a great show was apparent.  As stated 
 earlier, look for a full report on NAMM next week.
 Also this week, President Clinton took office with hopes of change for 
 our country, something I was personally pleased about.  It feels nice 
 having a change after 12 years!
 Lastly, if you are a regular caller to the Z*Net BBS, you may have 
 noticed the never ending busy signal.  We did have a crash this week, 
 and went to back-ups.  If you haven't been up to date on your own 
 backups, please do so today!  I had them, never thought I would use 
 them, and found them to be useful when needed!
 As always, thanks for downloading Z*Net!  If you have comments, please 
 send them along!

 ######  Industry Update
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Richard W. Miller announced this week that he was stepping down as
 chairman and chief executive officer of Wang Laboratories in order to
 facilitate the company's business plan and organization structure for
 emergence from Chapter 11 protection.  The board of directors named the
 three top executives of the company to lead Wang in a newly established
 corporate executive office.  The corporate executive office consists of
 Michael F. Mee, chairman and chief financial officer; Donald P. Casey,
 president and chief development officer; and Joseph M. Tucci, president
 and chief executive officer.  All three were executive vice presidents
 reporting to Miller.  Miller said, "I proposed stepping down because
 Wang is preparing to emerge from Chapter 11 proceedings as a much
 smaller company.  It needs to finalize a smaller and less costly
 management structure that will lead the company into the future.  I am
 comfortable about stepping aside now because the company's business
 planning process is well advanced and management and the creditors'
 committee are working on a joint plan of reorganization designed to lead
 to the company's timely emergency from Chapter 11."
 Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews,  authors of GATES: How Microsoft's Mogul
 Reinvented an Industry -- and Made Himself the Richest Man in America,
 the independent new biography about Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, will
 be on ZiffNet January 25-29 to answer members' questions and share
 opinions about their book and famous subject.  ZiffNet is an online
 community of more than 125,000 members with a common interest in
 personal computers.  New users who wish to access ZiffNet directly can
 call (800) 666-0330 for directions on how to log on and use the service.
 New users interested in joining CompuServe may call (800) 848-8199 for
 more information.
 IBM reported a record $5.46 billion loss for the fourth quarter and a
 loss of $4.97 billion for the year.  The world's largest computer maker
 said 1992 marked the second straight losing year for its businesses.
 IBM lost $2.86 billion in 1991 - the first loss ever for the company.
 But if not for a $1.9 billion one-time gain resulting from adoption of a
 new tax accounting standard, IBM's 1992 loss would have been a mammoth
 $6.87 billion.  While the vast majority of the red ink represented costs
 associated with massive staff reductions and corporate downsizing, the
 results for the 1992 fourth quarter included a $45 million operating
 loss - the first quarterly operating loss in IBM's 79-year history.  IBM
 reduced its payroll by more than 40,000 employees in 1992.  Since 1986,
 the computer maker has slashed its work force by more than 100,000.
 Revenues for the quarter totaled $19.56 billion, down 11% compared with
 $21.97 billion for the fourth quarter of 1991.
 Dataquest announced its preliminary 1992 worldwide application and
 operating system market share survey results.  According to the survey,
 the industry grew by 30 percent in 1992 and surpassed the $7 billion
 mark in factory revenue for the first time.
 ESTIMATES (Millions of Dollars)
                                1991 Revenue            1992 Revenue 
 DOS                               4,347.1                 3,756.7 
 Windows Applications                848.6                 2,873.5 
 Macintosh                           607.8                   932.2 
 OS/2                                 67.9                    72.1 
 Industry Total                    5,871.4                 7,634.5
 ESTIMATES (Millions of Dollars)
                                  1991 Revenue           1992 Revenue 
 Microsoft Corp.                     1,693.2                $3,378.9 
 Lotus Development Corp.               776.9                   894.7 
 WordPerfect Corp.                     451.6                   643.7 
 Borland International                 471.1                   493.9 
 Symantec                              123.5                   206.8 
 Others                              2,355.1                  2016.5 
 INDUSTRY TOTAL                      5,871.4                 7,634.5
 The top five vendors in 1992 controlled nearly 74 percent of the
 revenue, up from 60 percent in 1991.

 ######  Press Release from Codehead Technologies
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Calligrapher 3
 The Next Generation Of The Ultimate Writing Machine
 LOS ANGELES - CodeHead Technologies and Working Title US are proud to
 announce the release of Calligrapher 3!  If you're already familiar with
 Calligrapher, you know it's a powerful, intuitive, graphics-based word
 processor.  Now, Calligrapher 3 adds terrific new features, streamlines
 the installation procedure, is compatible with the Falcon030 and
 MultiTOS, and no longer uses GDOS!
 This document describes the enhancements and changes in Calligrapher 3,
 as well as the procedure for upgrading to version 3.  If you are
 unfamiliar with Calligrapher and its features, you can obtain an
 excellent overview by trying out the Calligrapher 3 demo package,
 available by calling CodeHead Technologies (213) 386-5735, or by
 downloading the demo from any of the popular online networks.
 o GDOS (G+Callig) and Line_Arc have been built into Calligrapher itself,
 so there is no longer any special startup disk and nothing is required
 in the AUTO folder.  This makes it much more compatible with other GDOS
 programs since there is no overlap, and also makes installation and
 setup MUCH easier and less trouble-prone.
 o If you have a hard disk and 2Mb, Calligrapher displays vector fonts on
 screen.  The new edition caches screen fonts more intelligently,
 speeding up the opening of documents and moving through documents that
 contain vector fonts.
 o Supports Esc-P2 printers (Epson Dot Matrix printers that support
 360dpi compressed mode).
 o Allows you to reduce the amount of memory taken by Calligrapher to
 make it compatible with multitasking operating systems such as MultiGem
 and MultiTOS.
 o A new easy-to-use fast install program supporting 1.44Mb disk drives
 and the new features of Calligrapher.  This program uses a GEM dialog
 box and is more intelligent; it reads in as many files as will fit in
 memory and then writes them to the hard drive, and requires a minimal
 amount of disk swapping.
 o Templates - documents with the extension CAT, are treated as base
 documents.  (Similar to 'stationery' documents on the Macintosh.)
 Calligrapher will prompt you to rename them when they are saved.  Also
 there is a default template that is loaded when Calligrapher is first
 started.  This allows you, for example, to save the ruler settings for
 your default ruler.
 o The FlexText module now allows you to USE ANY URW typeface, not just
 the included ones.
 o On a TT, Calligrapher now moves its code into TT RAM to run 30%
 o Import/export of Rich Text Format (RTF) files has been added to the
 import module.  These files allow you to keep the style and fonts within
 a document, together with any footnotes, when you transfer to other
 programs that support RTF.
 o The integral symbol and brackets in Calligrapher's mathematical
 formulae have been improved.
 o There are new commands in formulae to cover set symbols, and things
 such as products.  Equivalents have been added in the interactive
 formula editor.
 o When you adjust markers on the ruler (margins, tabs, etc.), a vertical
 line is drawn to help you gauge positions.
 o Mark a section and increase or decrease all font sizes proportionally
 (by the proportion 9/10ths or 10/9ths).
 o Keyboard shortcuts have been added to the interactive formula editor.
 o A new program allows you to change Calligrapher's internal setup.
 This allows adjustments to its memory, printer and other internal
 o The supplementary language disks have been improved.  Spanish includes
 a Catalan dictionary and a Spanish thesaurus.  German has a German
 dictionary and thesaurus.  Italian has a Catalan dictionary.
 o A triple click on a paragraph selects the whole paragraph.
 o When running under a multitasking operating system, the disk-based
 clipboard is switched on, allowing you to cut and paste text dynamically
 between applications.
 o Two printers are supported at the same time, allowing you to switch
 between them at print time.
 o A separation line has been added between footnotes and the body of
 o Calligrapher 3 remembers the pathname when inserting multiple graphics
 into a document.
 o There is a driver for the Ricoh 1200 laser printer at 400dpi.
 System Requirements
 o Calligrapher 3 Professional requires 1 Mb of RAM and a floppy disk.
 Calligrapher 3 Gold requires 1 Mb and a hard disk.  Version 3 requires
 more memory than version 2, so if your documents are at the limit of
 memory with version 2, you will be over the limit with version 3.
 New Fonts
 o There are 20 new URW typefaces available, number 67 through 86.
 o These new fonts will only work with version 3 of Calligrapher.

 o Previously purchased font disks can be re-installed to work with
 Calligrapher 3 by using a new install program included with the upgrade.
 o Font charts files will be uploaded to the online services, allowing
 you to print out sample displays of the new fonts on your own printer.
 o The new fonts are as follows:
 67 Goudy           72 Stencil      77 T-bird Cond.  82 Olde Towne No 536
 68 Grotesque No.9  73 Stop         78 Latin Wide    83 News Gothic
 69 Hobo            74 Serpentine   79 Murray Hill   84 Raleigh
 70 Nevison Casual  75 Thorowgood   80 Park Avenue   85 Romana Demi Bold
 71 Playbill        76 Thunderbird  81 Maxima        86 Stymie

 Items Removed
 Some things have been removed due to the changes in the way Calligrapher
 operates.  If any of these things are essential to your needs, you
 should not upgrade, or you should make sure to save an installed copy of
 your current Calligrapher.
 o Bitmap GDOS printer fonts are no longer supported.  Only URW outline
 fonts will be output to your printer.
 o Sizefont, Editfont, and Assign Edit have been dropped as they are no
 longer relevant.
 o The ability to print to disk in PTD format has been removed, along
 with DiskPrnt.
 o FlexText no longer runs as a separate program, due to the lack of
 GDOS/G+Callig support.  It must be run as a PAK.  Some changes have been
 made to reduce the amount of memory it consumes.  (It can run on a 1 Mb
 Upgrade Procedure
 When you upgrade to Calligrapher 3, you're also entitled to one FREE URW
 outline font disk (worth $34.95).  And since the new version of
 Calligrapher only works with the URW outline fonts, any additional font
 families that you purchase along with the upgrade are only $25 (a $10
 o The upgrade price from version 2 to version 3 is $45.
 o The upgrade price from Calligrapher Professional version 2 to
 Calligrapher Gold version 3 is $100.
 o The upgrade price (either $45 or $100) includes ONE FREE URW FONT
 DISK, worth $34.95.  Any one of the existing typefaces may be chosen,
 including the new fonts mentioned above.
 o The upgrade is available to anyone who owns the Working Title US
 (CodeHead) version of Calligrapher and has received a registered disk 5
 from us.
 o The upgrade may be purchased by phone or E-Mail by supplying us with a
 credit card number (including expiration date) and a shipping address.
 It is not necessary to return your original disks.
 o The upgrade may also be ordered by mail with a check or money order.
 o The upgrade includes five disks plus the free font disk and printed
 documentation for the new additions.
 o Additional URW font disks may be purchased with the upgrade at the
 price of $25 each.
 o Shipping and handling charges for the upgrade are $3 US, $4 Canada,
 and $6 overseas.
 Working Title US, a division of CodeHead Technologies, is the official
 US importer of Working Title products.

 ######  Announcement
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
             A T A R I   E X P L O R E R   M A G A Z I N E
 Volume 7, Issue 6       C O N T E N T S       November/December 1992 
    <> Atari Falcon030 - U.S. debut
    <> Migraph PS-400 Wand - A full range hand scanner with optional
       document feeder and the latest version of Touch-Up.
    <> G-Man v3.0 - GDOS setup and management has never been easier.
    <> The Link - Now ICD lets you connect SCSI devices to any ST.
    <> Gemulator v1.00 - Emulator runs ST software on an IBM PC.
    <> GenEdit v2.0 - Barefoot's powerful MIDI Editor/Librarian.
    <> Tune-Up your Hard Drive - a feature by feature comparison of
       the two best choices for keeping your data safe.
       -- Hard Disk Sentry v1.3
       -- Diamond Edge
    <> The Lynx Line - Clayton Walnum reviews Pinball Jam and Shadow
       of the Beast plus Electrocop hints and more!
    <> The Portfoilo Files - Answers to the most common Portfoilo
    <> Three Books for Coders - From GFA Assembly to the AES, these
       books cover it.
    <> The Atari Clipboard - How to best use the Clipboard in your
     <> Editor's Page         <> Atari World News
     <> Question Mark         <> Advertiser Index
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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 ######  Compiled by Bill Scull
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 So, you've heard about AtariNet.  This is a network for any BBS that
 supports the Atari platform of home computer.  There are already several
 bulletin board systems worldwide participating and more are joining.  If
 you are a Sysop and would like more information of would like to join,
 simply contact the Host that is nearest you.  If you're a user and would
 like more information, ask your Sysop to contact the Host nearest him. 
 A listing of the current BBS's that are participating and the echos that
 are available follow:
 Zone 51 AtariNet Headquarters
 Region 100
 Host 1 - Twilight Zone, Longwood FL, Bill Scull       1-407-831-1613
 4  - Steal Your Face, Brick NJ, Ed Lynch              1-908-920-7981
 6  - MySTery BBS, Goose Creek, SC, David Blanchard    1-803-556-9730
 8  - Alien BBS, Burlington NC, Mark Cline             1-919-229-4334
 9  - Z*Net Golden Gate, Sunnyvale CA, Bob Brodie      1-510-373-6792
 10 - Atari Base, Sunnyvale CA, Robert Brodie          1-408-745-2196
 13 - Z*Net News Service, Middlesex NJ, Ron Kovacs     1-908-968-8148
 14 - Information Overload, Riverdale GA, Ed June      1-404-471-1549
 15 - Flightline BBS, Minneapolis MN, Craig Peterson   1-612-544-5118
 Host 4 - Hologram Inc, Old Bridge NJ, Dean Lodzinski  1-908-727-1914
 3  - Assasins Grove, Oshawa Canada, Jeff Mitchell     1-416-571-6965
 4  - Aces High BBS, Matawan NJ, Richard Guadagno      1-908-290-1133
 5  - StormShadow, Pasadena MD, Robert Lovelace        1-410-437-0243
 Host 102 - Sunfox's Realm, Raleigh NC, Erik Williams  1-919-867-1844

 Region 200 - AtariNet Headquarters II
 Host 2 - AtariNet Nevada, Las Vegas NV, Terry May     1-702-435-0786
 4  - Sports Line BBS, Henderson NV, Nick Hard         1-702-565-5271
 5  - Left Over Hippies, Toronto Canada, Lesley Dylan  1-416-466-8931
 10 - STarship, Lake Charles LA, Rich Tietjens         1-318-474-9432
 11 - The Choice BBS, Las Vegas NV, Mark Woolworth     1-702-253-6527
 12 - Thunder Hold, American Fork UT, Todd Harrington  1-801-756-2901
 13 - Conqueror Connection, Fort Hood TX, John Curtis  1-817-539-1469
 137 - The VORTEX BBS, Fort Towson OK, Jim Jackson     1-405-873-9361

 Host 201 - The DarkSTar BBS, Salt Lake City UT, Randy Rodrock
 4  - The Halls of Asguard, Orem UT, Gerald Homeyer    1-801-221-1150
 5  - Acme BBS, Salt Lake City UT, Eric Nikolaisen     1-801-272-4243
 6  - Thunder Hold, American Fork UT, Todd Harrington  1-801-756-2901
 7  - The City Of Nimrod, SLC UT, Dave Marquardt       1-801-969-5485

 Host 202 - The Wylie Connection, Wylie TX, Wes Newell 1-214-442-6612
 7  - Aaron's Beard, Dallas TX, Troy Wade              1-214-557-2642
 13 - The Wylie Connection, Wylie TX, Wes Newell       1-214-442-6612
 20 - Outland Station, Ft Worth TX, John Stiborek      1-817-329-1125
 21 - Psychlo Empire, Irving TX, Mark Corona           1-214-251-1175
 30 - The Foundation BBS, Azle TX, CR Hamilton         1-817-444-0155
 Host 203 - AtariNet Midwest, Indianapolis IN, Bill Jones
 1  - The Zoo BBS, Indianapolis IN, Bill Jones         1-317-356-5519
 2  - The Music Station, Webb City MO, Chris Richards  1-417-673-4926
 3  - The Maligned ST, Urbandale IA, Mike O'Malley     1-515-253-9530
 4  - The Crawly Crypt, Joplin MO, Jim Collins         1-417-624-1887
 5  - BLAST BBS, Bloomington IN, Steve Johnson         1-812-332-0573
 6  - Bear Swamp BBS, Marysville OH, Mark Antolik      1-513-644-0714
 7  - The Dugout BBS, Independence MO, Brient Leslie   1-816-373-9589
 Region 300 - AtariNet Headquarters_III
 Host 3 - The Space Station, Canyon Country CA, Tony Castorino
 3  - Atari ST Connection, Fresno CA, Brian Watters    1-209-436-8156
 4  - Autoboss Atari Elite, Bunola PA, John Graham     1-412-384-5608
 5  - The Yakima Atari ST BBS, Yakima WA, Pat Moffitt  1-509-965-2345
 6  - FIDOdoor Support BBS, Vandenberg AFB, Bryan Hall 1-805-734-4742
 7  - cyberSecT BBS, Cheney WA, Chuck Aude             1-509-235-4875
 9  - The Mosh Bit, Vancouver WA, Mark Wallaert        1-206-574-1531
 10 - Target Range, Paramount CA, Alan Dietrich        1-310-634-8993
 11 - Sanctuary From The Law, Inyokern CA, Sean Price  1-619-377-3611
 12 - MASATEK, Torrance CA, Valeriano Meneses          1-310-518-9524
 13 - The Mind Keep, Citrus Heights CA, Jeff Fehlman   1-916-723-1657
 15 - ST-Keep, Citrus Heights CA, Andrew Studer        1-916-729-2968
 16 - H.B. SMOG, Huntington Beach CA, Jim Thingwold    1-714-969-5486
 17 - Acey BBS, Yakima WA, Dick Grable                 1-509-966-8555
 18 - Dusty Atcic, Riverside CA, Rodney Bennett        1-909-656-3707
 Region 400 - AtariNet Headquarters IV
 Host 5 - The Brewery, Ajax ON Canada, Don Liscombe    1-416-683-3089
 3  - Rather Digital, Sudbury ON Canada, Steve Barnes  1-705-560-3115
 Region 500 - AtariNet UK
 Host 6 - AtariNet NW England, Stockport Cheshire UK, Daron Brewood
 2  - STun NeST Central, Stockport Cheshire UK         44-61-429-9803
 3  - DigiBBS, Nykobing F Denmark, Flemming Nielsen    45-54-858385
 4  - System ST BBS, Leicester UK, Mark Matts          44-533-413443
 5  - Black Cat Penarth, Penarth Wales UK, Mark Butler 44-222-707359
 Region 600 - AtariNet Headquarters VI
 Host 601 - AtariNet Germany, Koeln Germany, Frank Brodmuehler
 8  - Apolonia, Essen, Peter Kaszanics                 49-201-237509
 Hub 100 - Hub AC, Aachen, Benedikt Heinen             49-241-408593
     101 - Firemark BBS, Aachen, Benedikt Heinen       49-241-408593
     102 - Dao-Lin-H'ay, Luegde, Joerg Spilker         49-5281-79372

 Region 700 - AtariNet Headquarters VII
 Host 701 - Peace Counter Computers, Fort ST John BC Canada

 2  - Prime BBS, Fort ST John BC Canada, Bill Marsh    1-604-785-7098
 Host 710 - Temple of Doom, Edmonton Alta Canada, Barry Torrance

 2  - Bill's BBS, Edmonton Canada, Bill Butler         1-403-461-2222

 Region 800 - AtariNet Headquarters VIII
 Host 801 - Znet South Pacific, Wellington New Zealand, Chris Thorpe

 2  - Waikato Amiga, Hamilton, Barry Blackford         64-7-846-6918
 3  - Southern Vortex, Dunedin, Chris Pheloung         64-3-454-3900
 5  - Cyberlink 2, Palmerston North, Dean Richards     64-6-359-2658
 12 - Wizards Lair, Wellington, Shane Storey           64-4-233-8538
 21 - InterAction One, Hamilton, John Lawrence         64-7-855-0293
 22 - Ice Cave, Hamilton, Vaughan Irwin                64-7-846-7236
 31 - Jail Break BBS, Invercargill, Willy Hemopo       64-3-216-2042
 32 - Lands End, Invercargill, Ken Sutton              64-3-214-1021
 40 - On Line Support, Christchurch, John Clarke       64-3-366-7324

 Host 802 ACE BBS, Coogee NSW Austrailia, Ian Mackereth    61-2-898-0873
 102 - OGRE BBS Mercy College, Koondoola WA,Craig Valli    61-9-247-1249
 106 - That Which is Not, Adelaide Sth Aust, Michael Smith 61-8-232-5722

               |||   AtariNet Message Echo Backbone   |||
              / | \  Compiled by Terry May @ 51:2/0  / | \

                        * EFFECTIVE 28-Dec-92 *

 -> The following echo is _required_ for ALL AtariNet sysops.
 -> ONLY AtariNet sysops may have access to this echo.
 Echo Name        Description                    Moderator
 A_SYSOP          AtariNet SysOps                51:1/0  - Bill Scull

 -> The following echoes are _required_ for AtariNet moderators
 -> and hosts, but may be picked up by ANY AtariNet sysop.
 -> ONLY AtariNet sysops may have access to these echoes.

 Echo Name        Description                    Moderator
 A_ECHO           AtariNet echoes discussion     51:2/0  - Terry May
 A_TEST           AtariNet test echo             51:1/0  - Bill Scull
 -> The following echoes are available to all interested AtariNet sysops.
 -> These echoes can and should be accessible to all users and points.

 Echo Name        Description                    Moderator
 A_4SALE          Atari products for sale/wanted 51:102/1 - Erik Williams
 A_ATARI          Atari general discussion       51:2/4   - Nick Hard
 A_BBS_ADS        Atari supported BBSes          51:2/0   - Terry May
 A_BBS_DOORS      Atari BBS doors (externals)    51:1/6   - Dave Blanchard
 A_COMMERCIAL_ADS Atari commercial ads           51:102/1 - Erik Williams
 A_DTP            Atari DeskTop Publishing       51:102/1 - Erik Williams
 A_EXPLORER       Atari Explorer Magazine        51:1/13  - Ron Kovacs
 A_FDS            AtariNet FDS announcements     51:203/0 - Bill Jones
 A_FIDODOOR       FIDOdoor support               51:3/6   - Bryan Hall
 A_GENERAL        General discussion             51:2/4   - Nick Hard
 A_GRAPHICS       Atari graphics                 51:2/0   - Terry May
 A_MAXI_SUPT      MaxiDoor/PhidoQwk Support      51:5/4   - Shawn Smith
 A_PROGRAMMING    Atari programming              51:5/0   - Don Liscombe
 A_SOUND          Atari sound/music              51:2/0   - Terry May
 A_TECH           Atari hardware tech talk       51:202/0 - Wes Newell
 A_BINKLEY        BinkleyTerm ST support         [* Gated from Zone  1 *]
 A_FIDO_ST        FidoNet ST discussion          [* Gated from Zone 90 *]
 A_IOS_HELP       IOSmail Support                [* Gated from Zone  1 *]

                     AtariNet File Distribution System

 The following file areas are either currently on the AtariNet FileBone,
 or are awaiting approval.  If you'd like to receive one of these areas,
 please contact your host.  Hosts are not required to carry all areas,
 however all areas will be available from 51:203/0.
 Current File Echoes:

 FileEcho     Description                          Origination at
 A_NODES      AtariNet node administration         Bill Scull, 51:1/0
 ABBSUTIL     BBS-Related Utilities                Bill Jones, 51:203/0
 ABBSGAME     BBS-Related Games (Doors)            (open)
 ABBSOTHR     BBS-Related other software           (open)
 AFDOOR       FidoDoor Updates (includes ST-QWK)   Bryan Hall, 51:3/6
 AUTILS       ST Utilities                         (open)
 AGAMES       ST Games                             Rich Tietjens, 51:2/10
 ANETWORK     FidoNet-Related Software             Bill Jones, 51:203/0
 AZNET        Z*Net On-line magazine               Ron Kovacs, 51:1/13
 AOTHER       Other ST Software                    (open)
 AGRAPHIC     Graphics and related programs        Terry May, 51:2/0
 ASOUND       Sounds, samples and related programs Terry May, 51:2/0

 Any questions or comments should be directed to me at 51:203/0.
 Bill Jones, AFDS Coordinator

 ######  Compiled by Ed Krimen
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
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 Message 134       Thu Jan 07, 1993
 F.BELL1 [Frank @ Home]       at 13:33 EST
 The first Falcons (not pre-production or 'first' production machines)
 are being delivered to dealers in Germany.  Some were even sold and in
 the hands of end users before Christmas. :-)  Many dealers are or have
 increased their earlier orders beleaving the first few batches will be
 completely sold out and that at suggested Atari retail prices.
 Message 182       Mon Jan 11, 1993
 B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 02:09 EST
 One of the great things about Falcon is the fact that unlike the Mac or
 PC, no expensive composite solution is needed.  Atari is manufacturing
 an adapter block similar to the VGA and ST blocks that will be
 available.  The block has two RCA connectors on it, the yellow supplies
 composite video and the white has a left and right mix-down of the
 stereo output of the sound system.
 It is set up so that people can get their animations and graphics, in
 living color, completely overscanned out to video tape as easily as
 In Europe, we will have a Peritel/SCART cable available to do the
 equivalent video stuff over there. :-)
 Message 81        Sun Jan 17, 1993
 S.JOHNSON10 [Steve]          at 02:13 EST
 Here's an interesting message I came across in comp.sys.atari.st:
 From: sanders@sci.kun.nl (Sander Stoks)
 Date: 13 Jan 93 15:32:01 GMT
 Organization: University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
 Message-ID: <C0sttE.3wn@sci.kun.nl>
 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st

 This is a list I got at a Falcon party. It's a preliminary list of
 hardware and software for the Falcon030, dated 7 december 1992.  It's in
 Dutch, but I'll try to translate it.  Note: I didn't assemble the list,
 I only pass it through.
 Das Buch zum Falcon
 Data Becker
 is being sold

 Voice-mail package

 Falcon Speed
 ready for production
 IBM-emulator based upon a '286. Bigger versions under development.
 Price indication: about f400,- (about $230)

 Llamasoft, Jeff Minter
 almost ready

 Space Junk
 Mirage Technologies
 under development
 Space adventure with 100 digitized full color characters

 Road Riot 4WD
 plan: jan-jun '93

 Steel Talons
 plan: jan-jun '93

 plan: jan-jun '93

 Cyber Assault
 plan: jan-jun '93

 For all systems, including Falcon030, processes TIFF, PCX, IMG, XIMG.

 Didot Professional
 Digital Arts
 Available for demonstration since june 1992, is being still further

 Art package working in True Color mode. A.o. TGA, TIFF.

 almost ready
 True Color drawing package

 Trade iT
 Art package for various graphic boards and Falcon. Can handle 16.8
 Mcolor. A.o. TIFF, PCX, IMG. Price: DM 699,-

 DA's Vector
 H3-Systems/Digital Arts
 Vector-based animation program (images can be filled with IMGs).
 Price: DM 298,-

 Application Systems
 Art package for all systems and Falcon VGA mode. A.o. XIMG, Doodle,
 STAD, Degas, NeoChrome, MacPaint, IFF, GIF. Price: DM 198,-

 Rendering/animation package.

 4096 color digitizer

 A.o. use of overlay bit. Price: DM 699,-

 A.o. use of overlay bit and chroma-keying. Price+ $599

 Under development
 True color digitizer, currently 2 img/s. A realtime-version is being
 developed. Price: DM 698,-

 Zubair Interfaces
 Memory board for low profile SIMMs, memory expansion to 4 or 16 MB.

 A/D64x audio interface
 D2D Systems
 Audio interface for direct linking of CD-player to Falcon030 DSP port.
 The D2D-Edit software uses this interface.

 D2D Systems
 Expansion for DSP port for 4 (stereo) track record/playback. Needs
 4T/FX software. Price: $599

 D2D Systems
 Digital interface for DSP-port for D2D-Edit software for recording at
 44.1 and 48 kHz. Ideal for CD or DAT recording. Price: $299

 Effects such as delay, echo, flanger, Karaoke (80% reduction of voice
 in recordings). Price: about Fl 120,-

 Trade iT
 Multiple-track digital recorder, with Echo and Hall, harddisk
 recording, time code sync with videotape possible. Price: DM 198,-

 Cubase Audio
 under development

 D2D Systems
 Stereo direct-to-disk recording/editing software. Price: $299

 D2D Systems
 Multitrack recording/editing software, needs the 4i/4o hardware.
 Price: $599

 DSP Debugger
 Brainstorm/Atari Corp.
 Almost ready
 Developers are already working with it. Price: $80

 Kobold v2.0
 Kaktus Software
 Multitasking copying program. Price: DM 129,-

 880x608 in 256 colors on SVGA-monitor or Multiscan. Driver in
 AUTO-folder + external hardware between machine and monitor. Price:
 DM 149,-

 Title generator with effects such as animation. Price: DM 199,-
 Some software houses have adapted existing software for the Falcon030,
 such as
 Application Systems (a.o. Signum 3)
 TMS Germany
 Steinberg (Cubase 3.1 works)
 HiSoft UK

 Sander SToks
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 Message 155       Sat Jan 09, 1993
 D.A.BRUMLEVE [kidprgs]       at 18:54 EST
 In my opinion, the _best_ news of last night's Dateline Atari!
 conference was that Concierge, a.k.a. ST Sutra, has now tentatively been
 renamed Atari Works.  That's a great name, a name folks will understand
 right off the bat.  It translates very neatly into other Germanic
 languages with the use of direct cognates, and everybody can pronounce
 it.  Bravo!
 Bob indicated that Atari Works would most likely be included (bundled)
 with new hardware sales and sold as a separate package to current
 owners.  The program is said to work with machines from the Falcon on
 down, and I'm very much looking forward to using it myself.  Some folks
 using the beta version were highly praising it last night.
 Message 174       Sun Jan 10, 1993
 B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 22:12 EST
 A few notes... Sutra is really named Atari Works, not just tenatively.
 :-) Sutra actually did make sense, but it did take way too long to
 explain it; Concierge was the most ridiculous, especially considering
 that "Concierge" literally in French means janitor or housekeeper. :-)
 I am very excited about Atari Works getting ready to ship, it really has
 been worth the wait.
 I personally think that most people that are using Falcon030 in
 productivity-oriented situations will use a standard VGA monitor running
 in 640x480x256 color mode.  If they want interlaced true-color, they
 will probably be running an animation or rendering package and want
 composite output to a VCR.
 Atari's 16-bit dithering of 24-bit PhotoCD pictures on Falcon is likely
 to be the best you'll ever see.  It was designed by ColorConcepts, the
 same company that did much of the color handling in Calamus SL.  Many
 people at Comdex that saw PCD running on Falcon said the output was
 vastly superior than what they saw on any 16-bit true-color PC or Mac.
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 Message 155       Sun Jan 10, 1993
 G.LABREC [Greg @ Atari]      at 15:39 EST
 I know this is a LYNX topic, but since the subject of 7800 games came up
 I figured I'd post this list of 7800 games available direct from Atari
 in case anyone is interested.
 7800 CARTRIDGES ----------------------------------------------------

 ACE OF ACES         CX7846  29.99   JOUST              CX7806  14.99
 ALIEN BRIGADE       CX7855  29.99   KARATEKA           CX7822  19.99
 BALLBLAZER          CX7815  19.99   MARIO BROS         CX7850  19.99
 BARNYARD BLASTER *  CX7859  29.99   MAT MANIA CHAL.    CX7863  29.99
 BASKET BRAWL        CX7880  29.99   MEAN 18 GOLF       CX7847  29.99
 CENTIPEDE           CX7801  14.99   MELTDOWN *         CX7875  29.99
 CHOPLIFTER          CX7821  14.99   MIDNIGHT MUTANTS   CX7889  29.99
 COMMANDO            CX7838  29.99   MOTOR PSYCHO       CX7852  29.99
 CRACK'ED            CX7836  29.99   MS. PAC MAN        CX7807  14.99
 CROSSBOW            CX7844  29.99   NINJA GOLF         CX7870  29.99
 DARK CHAMBERS       CX7837  29.99   1ON1 BASKETBALL    CX7824  19.99
 DELUXE ASTEROIDS    CX7802  14.99   PLANET SMASHERS    CX7868  29.99
 DESERT FALCON       CX7811  19.99   POLE POSITION II   CX7808  14.99
 DIG DUG             CX7803  14.99   R.S. BASEBALL      CX7834  19.99
 DONKEY KONG         CX7848  19.99   ROBOTRON:2084      CX7809  14.99
 DONKEY KONG JR      CX7849  19.99   SCRAPYARD DOG      CX7879  29.99
 FATAL RUN           CX7854  29.99   SUMMER GAMES       CX7826  29.99
 FIGHT NIGHT         CX7851  29.99   SUPER HUEY         CX7828  19.99
 FOOD FIGHT          CX7804  14.99   TOUCHDOWN FOOTBALL CX7823  19.99
 GALAGA              CX7805  14.99   TOWER TOPPLER      CX7856  29.99
 HAT TRICK           CX7829  19.99   WINTER GAMES       CX7831  29.99
 IKARI WARRIORS      CX7862  29.99   XENOPHOBE          CX7858  29.99
 JINKS               CX7857  29.99   XEVIOUS            CX7810  14.99
              * Light Gun required

 7800 ACCESSORIES ----------------------------------------------------

 7800 POWER SUPPLY    CX7800PS   9.95
 7800 COMPLETE UNIT   CX7800    69.95
 PROLINE JOYSTICKS    CX24       9.95
 SWITCH BOX           CX262      6.95
 PADDLE CONTROLLERS   CX30       9.95 **
 JOYSTICK CONTROLLER  CX40       6.95 **
 TRAKBALL CONTROLLER  CX80      14.95 **
 LIGHT GUN            CA200132  19.95
          ** To use with 2600 Video Computer cartridges.

 If you would like to order anything you can leave me E-mail with the
 usual -- Name, address, phone, MC/VISA#, exp.date  Add $5.00 shipping
 and handling -- Add tax where applicable
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 Message 64        Sun Jan 17, 1993
 JOHN.KING.T [JOHN KING T]    at 00:01 EST
 NAMM 1993
 This year's showing by ATARI at NAMM has been the biggest and best ever.
 Things have been so busy, this is the first chance I have had to breath
 and get something posted here on GEnie.
 ATARI has a private room this year.  The room is about 1,000 sq. ft.
 There are sixteen developer stations.  The Developers inside the ATARI
 booth are D2D Systems, Cho-Magic, CodeHead Software, Barefoot Software,
 Thinkware, Dr. T's Music, Compo Software, MGI, On Stage, Hotz 
 Technologies, Digital F/X, Oktal, Steinberg/Jones and Yamaha.
 There is also a performance stage where five demonstrations are being
 given each day.  The likes of Chester Thompson and Jon Anderson have
 been seen on stage.
 The attendees have been very upbeat.  I have taken FALCON orders for
 their retailers and I am just a nobody at the show who is not supposed
 to being doing stuff like that.  But, the ATARI staff have been having
 back to back meeting from 9:00 am 'til closing, and beyond.
 The FALCON is the star of the show.  EQ Magazine awarded ATARI Product
 of the Year for the FALCON.
 There is much that I have left out.  My feet hurt and I can barely
 think.  I will post more as my head clears.
 John King Tarpinian
 Assistant Editor
 AtariUser Magazine
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 Message 56        Thu Jan 14, 1993
 HOLOBYTE [The Cat]           at 20:06 EST
 Not a big surprise to me.  What with SO MANY different TOS versions, the
 folks in England that developed Falcon Atari ST just got to the point
 where they could not keep up.
 Now, Falcon Atari ST is in the hands of Digital Intergration over there.
 It will be a matter of time before we find out if they update it for the
 TOS's that it presently does not work on.
 Oh, something you might try (if those two bombs are any indication) is
 to turn off any CACHE RAM (if any) and any other FANCY configuration
 options that the original TOS 1.0 machines did not have.  That MIGHT
 I still have outstanding reports of some TT owners that got it to work
 fine under TOS 2.0.  But no details on how.
 If anyone out there has it working on a TOS other than 1.0 to 1.6, do
 let me know, and let me know how you got it to work for you.
 The Cat
 Spectrum HoloByte Customer Support
 Message 57        Fri Jan 15, 1993
 MIKE-ALLEN [NM~SysOp]        at 04:08 EST
 Hey Cat, I don't believe that anyone has gotten Falcon or FOTI to work
 under TOS 2.0x.  This is the Mega STe TOS.  There have been reports of
 folks making them work under tos 3.0x, which is the TT TOS.
 So many versions of TOS?  1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.62, 2.05, 2.06, 3.05 and
 3.06 are the common ones.  There might be some earlier versions of 3.0x
 floating around.  Of course, now there is 4.0x, the Falcon030 TOS, to
 worry about.  (What could be more natural than running Falcon on a
 Falcon?)  How many versions of MSDOS, PCDOS and DRDOS are floating
 I believe that you will find that the problem with Falcon and FOTI is
 not really TOS, but 'cheats' used by the English programmers that were
 finally caught in tos 2.0x.  The old use of undocumented 'features'
 trick. <g>
 Sure is good news about Digital Integration now handling the Falcon
 Atari ST.  I know my son would dearly like to get back into Falcon and
 I'd like to try FOTI some more.
 BTW, at one time someone from Atari, it may have been John Townsend
 (TOWNS), suggested that Atari might be interested in helping S-H fix
 Falcon and FOTI.  Anyone at S-H contacted Atari?
 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 9,  Topic 34
 Message 58        Fri Jan 15, 1993
 T.ZENTHOEFE1 [Tom Z.]        at 08:11 EST
 The TT's have TOS 3.0x not 2.0x.
 When we tried to run Falcon on the Falcon 030 we used a VGA monitor in
 ST Low, there might be a difference if we had used a regular ST color
 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 9,  Topic 34
 Message 59        Fri Jan 15, 1993
 HOLOBYTE [The Cat]           at 20:24 EST
 NM~SysOp: I never said that anyone succeeded in getting it to work.
 Just that I had heard rumor of a guy with TOS 2.0 that got it to work on
 a 1 MB Mega STe... don't ask me how, the guy that claimed it never did
 send in any info on HOW.
 Yeah, there are a large number of MSDOS's (and 'compatible' DOS's) but
 things like Falcon 3.0 for the IBM will ONLY run on MS-DOS 5.0 and
 dos'es that are compatible with it.  If TOS 2.0 was truely compatible
 with TOS 1.0 - 1.6, then Falcon Atari ST would most likely work on it.
 Don't ask me the whys and there wherefores, I really don't know.
 As to 'English programmers', if you mean U.K. Programmers, perhaps.  As
 ALL the versions of Falcon Atari ST (and Amiga) and FOTI ST (and Amiga)
 were done by Rowen Soft in the UK.  (Which I think might have gone under
 with MirrorSoft... I don't know.)
 I, too, am glad Falcon and FOTI (both Amiga and Atari ST versions) are
 in the hands of Digital Integration.  Hopefully I will finally be able
 to play my own copy of Falcon Atari ST again on my own Mega STe.
 Das Katze

 ######  Captured from CompuServe Atari Forums
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 This document outlines the steps necessary to connect a PC High Density
 drive to the ST.  It will allow somebody with a basic understanding and
 experience of electronics and the ST to go ahead and do the mods, but it
 is not a step by step set of instructions.
 The upgrade is not difficult but you will need some knowledge of
 electronics and the inside of your ST.  Think about it carefully because
 you're on your own if it goes wrong.
 Connecting a standard 1.44 MB drive to your ST is not a problem.  You
 will simply need to buy an HD drive and put it in the place of your
 internal drive.  The problem?  Well it will only be able to read/write
 720K disks.
 The floppy disk drive controller chip for the ST is the WD1772 chip.
 This chip has a clock input on pin-8 of 8 MHz to provide the correct
 stepping pulse for DD floppies.  This will also work with DD floppies in
 HD drives.  However, high density disks require double the stepping
 pulse and therefore the clock input needs to be changed to 16 MHz in
 order to read and write them.  When a HD drive is using a DD disk
 though, it still needs 8 MHz clock for the controller chip.
 What needs to be done, to provide a means of detecting whether the disk
 is high density.  If it is, then the standard clock input must be
 doubled to 16 MHz.
 High density drives detect whether the disk is a high density by looking
 for the extra hole.  If the disk is, then the HD detect line, connected
 to the drive is set low (high for DD).  This HD detect line is pin-2 on
 the 34 way drive connector cable.
 This means that if we have a 16 MHz clock generator, we can use the HD
 detect line to select either our new 16 MHz clock and apply it to pin-8
 of the floppy disk controller, or use the existing 8 MHz clock.  To do
 this we need a couple of CMOS (must be CMOS to operate at 16MHz) logic
 chips and a multivibrator.  Pin 8 of the disk controller must be
 carefully de-soldered and lifted off the track.  A jumper wire is then
 attached to the track to get our 8 MHz input.  The lifted pin should
 then be hooked up to the output of our circuit.  A suggested logic
 schematic is represented below.
 16 MHz    -----|--------|
                |  NAND  |-----------------|
 HD detect -----|--------|                 |
            |                              |---|-------|
            |---|--------|                     |  XOR  |--- Pin 8
            |   |  NAND  |--|              |---|-------|  (WD1172)
            |---|--------|  |--|--------|  |
                               |  NAND  |--|
 8 MHz   ----------------------|--------|
 The WD1172 chip is only designed for 8 MHz operation and so, inevitably,
 some will fail at 16 MHz.  There is no way of telling if yours will work
 beforehand.  If the chip does fail you will have to order an STE Ajax
 chip from Atari.  This new chip does work at 16 MHz and will replace
 your old failed chip.
 If you have two floppy drives then, unless you make other alterations,
 they must both be HD as DD disks will not work reliably with 16 MHz
 Lifting the pin on the disk controller chip is a delicate job and there
 is a high risk of damage to the pin, chip or track.  You should
 definitely use a heat sink clipped onto the pin to prevent heat damage
 to the chip.  Perhaps it would be easier to de-solder the whole chip and
 insert a doctored socket to plug it back into.

 ######  Compiled by Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 *SOME* systems have not been listed as they were NOT included in a 
 recent FNET information date file.
 The following systems are part of the AEO/Z*Net Online Conference in the 
 FNET.  These systems participate in the conference which receive the 
 latest editions of Atari Explorer Online Magazine and Z*Net Atari Online 
 magazine weekly.

 Node SysOp                   BBS                   Number
   8  Jeff Bath               Universal ST          414-496-0724
  45  Mike Hawkins            The Prairie Chip ][   307-632-7958
  66  Don Liscombe            The Brewery           416-683-3089
  68  Shawn Smith             CFB Atari             Toronto, ON, Canada
  72  Russell Schwartz        STEP BBS              503-297-6542
  74  Lamarr Kelley           H.A.U.G. BBS          205-722-0900
  94  Jerry Cross             Facts Line 1          313-736-3920
 123  Rick Berry              EastSide BBS          618-254-6077
 133  Dean Lodzinski          Hologram Inc.         908-727-1914
 168  Bob Dolson              C.C.B.B.S.            609-451-7475
 181  Brett Hainley           NovelConcepts BBS     713-729-7555
 182  Gary Mcallister         Hillside              206-362-2317
 204  Steve Rider             The Closet Door       408-736-8069
 224  Dick Pederson           Flash BBS             314-275-2040
 287  Walter Hudson           Starlight BBS         215-879-8886
 304  Bill Scull              The Twilight Zone     407-831-1613
 307  Norstar                 PayBax BBS            302-836-4816
 319  J. Townsend             Atari Base            408-745-2196
 390  Joe Burke               Bear's Den            803-574-6738
 410  Smitty                  ACE Information       513-233-9500
 423  White Seeker            BILINE BBS            303-791-2592
 462  Brian Watters           Atari ST Connection   209-436-8156
 467  Robin                   Sherwood Forest       718-522-0768
 478  Dennis Mcguire          Spectrum Atari Group  814-833-4073
 504  Quartermaster           Media 2000            410-360-1356
 523  Lesley-dee Dylan        Leftover Hippies BBS  416-466-8931
 546  Mark Antolik            Bear Swamp BBS        513-644-0714
 576  The Scottsman           The Loch BBS          818-766-5277
 592  Drazil Reptillian       The O-Mayer V BBS     213-732-0229
 593  Ron Kovacs              Z*Net News Service    908-968-8148
 595  Barry Torrance          Temple of Doom        403-436-0328
 596  Jay L. Jones            Super 68              206-630-1261
 602  Bruce Faulkner          Cartoon Haven BBS     719-574-7406
 610  Frank Kish              The Songwriter's Den  908-859-5999
 619  Milt Boren              Tron 2 BBS            416-336-1236
 623  Shawn Zweers            Radio STation         416-934-6801
 632  Clueman                 London Smog BBS       714-546-2152
 633  Randy Rodrock           The Dark STar BBS     801-269-8780
 642  Wiz                     Hero's Haven          304-525-3339
 647  Tom Allard              E.H.C.R.              203-528-7693
 648  Waltzer                 The Mosh Bit          206-574-1531
 652  Mr. Pengo               PengoLand             818-708-8576
 655  Roger Allman            Wizzard's Castle      803-469-6988
 657  Scott Haynes            The Round Table BBS   513-528-5833
 658  Scott Haynes            Cin'Tari OnLine       513-528-7463
 669  Al Peterson             Dateline: Atari BBS   Brooklyn, NY
 670  Martin Crommie          Puddle City           503-289-9429
 675  Stan Sharp              Eleventh Hour BBS     706-796-3805
 678  Kim Stahn               A.C.O.R.N.            219-744-1396
 685  Gary Gorski             JACG BBS              201-690-5224
 689  David Barker            Speedy's Raceway      513-353-4098
 690  Kerry Bowman            Progressive Atari ST  503-686-3276
 693  Chris Thorpe            Z*Net South Pacific   644-4762-852
 701  John Curtis             Conqueror Connection  817-539-8228
 702  Long John Silver        Mother of All BBSs    416-332-5810
 706  Bob Brodie              Z*Net Golden Gate     510-373-6792
 729  Adrian Gruber           **StarBase1**         407-381-2610
 734  Max Denebian            Alternate Eternities  503-649-7915
 746  Bill Butler             WORLD SPACE           604-420-2647
 754  Dave Lloyd              Skyline BBS           303-457-0320
 755  Bob Smith               InnerCore             407-294-5183
 756  Joseph Wilson           Hidden STar Services  503-463-9022
 757  Tom Denison             CHAOS BBS             517-394-6852
 758  David Scarpa            W.M.A.U.G Junction    413-786-3870

 ######  By Michael R. Burkley
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Listening to the radio today I was totally surprised to hear "President"
 Clinton mentioned.  I'd gotten used to hearing "President Elect" for
 such a long time that not hearing "elect" caused me to do a double-take.
 As a U.S. citizen I'm proud of this country (I'm also angry sometimes at
 what is done here, but that's another story!).  Think about the peaceful
 transition of power we have just seen.  How easy it would be to try to
 hold on to power by citing a crisis here or disorder there.  That might
 happen in other parts of the world, but it would be unthinkable in the
 U.S.A..  We are committed to maintaining the rule of law as embodied in
 our Constitution.  I for one am very glad of that!
 I downloaded over 45 files this week, but the first on the list today
 was the one that gave me the theme (starting theme, at least) for this
 week's Unabashed Atariophile.  Read on!
 PRESDNTS is two .PC2 scanned pictures of Presidential Campaign buttons
 -------- and signs from previous elections.  In honor of the new
 President of the United States by Albert Baggetta.   We have had many
 elections in the past; may we have many more in the future!  This file
 also includes a listing of various programs available from him.
 USA is a 400 dpi .IMG drawing of the 48 contiguous United States (Canada
 --- and Mexico are not shown.  Created by Wally using Invision Elite
 (dated January 18, 1993).
 The next three files are not new uploads, but ones that I have had for
 awhile.  They are appropriate, though.
 PRESQUIZ is the U.S. Presidential Succession Quiz created by Terrapin
 -------- Enterprises (dated Jan. 18, 1991).  This color only program was
 originally distributed as a commercial package and is now being
 distributed as SHAREWARE (Shareware is STILL a commercial package so
 make sure to send in your registration fee!).  This is the second in the
 Terrapin Schoolhouse series.  If you home school or have children who
 are learning about the U.S. Presidency (or even for your "review"), then
 this program is for you!
 STATES20 is perhaps the most user friendly program I have seen that
 -------- attemps to teach you facts about the States in the U.S..  The
 program begins with a map of the States with an arrow pointing to one of
 the States.  At the bottom of the screen the names of three States
 appear.  Clicking on the correct state earns an encouraging blurb and
 and several lines of information about the state (name, nickname,
 population, and capital).  You can also learn the state capitals as
 another game option.  Color only.
 USCONSTIT is the text of the US Constitution in ASCII format.  Have you
 --------- ever really read it?  Do you know what the 1st Amendment
 really says?  Check it out!
 Now for a listing and description of some of the other files I
 downloaded this week!
 109N_S is a text file from DMC publishing that will tell you the
 ------ differences between Calamus 109N and Calamus S (with some brief
 notes on Calamus SL).  If you haven't seen Calamus, check out the demo
 widely available.  What a capable program.  It really is not that hard
 to learn either.  To save yourself a download, look for this file 
 included in this edition of Z*Net.
 ADJUST is a program by Tony that will allow you to adjust the master
 ------ volume, bass, treble, and left & right sound levels independently
 on your STe's output.  Mouse/slider controlled.
 AEO_0202 is the January 16, 1993 issue of Atari Explorer Online.
 AGG_0193 is the January 11, 1993 issue of the Atari Gaming Gazette, the
 -------- online magazine full of the latest Lynx news and reviews.  If
 you are a Lynx player, then this file is for you!
 CAL3DEMO is a new and excellent demo of Calligrapher 3 from CodeHead
 -------- Technologies and Working Title US.  Fully working (except for
 printing) this program has been much improved (mostly in new features)
 over v. 2.  It no longer requires GDOS to be installed.  It is now
 MultiTOS compatible, displays vector fonts on-screen (if you have a
 least two meg of RAM and a Hard Drive), supports 1.44 meg floppies, and
 much more.  This is a FAST, complete word processing package that allows
 you to include multiple columns, create tables, insert rulers, place
 pictures and much more throughout your documents.  You can use various
 styles and sizes of fonts, print using  your own printer fonts (include
 pictures in your documents even when using your standard printer
 fonts!), output to a PostScript printer and much, much more.  (I could
 go on about the ability to preview your printout on-screen, do booklet
 printouts without paste-ups, outlining, mailmerge, spellchecking,
 thesaurus, flextext, and more, but I won't--I don't have the room!)
 This will run on a one Meg floppy based (or more) ST/STe/TT.  This demo
 will only run in mono, but don't dispair if you only have a color
 monitor--just read on!  An additional note on Codehead:  Read all about
 the new release of Calligrapher 3.0 in this edition of Z*Net.
 CAL3MEDM is the files that you will need to convert the mono only
 -------- version of the Calligrapher 3 demo to a version that will run
 on a color monitor.  Just follow the directions included and type away
 in color!
 CD_AUDIO v.1.2(demo) by Nima Montaser (dated January, 1993) is a stand-
 -------- alone program that plays audio compact discs from a CD-ROM
 drive (presently the Sony DCU541 and the NEC machines [not yet tested]).
 It will allow you to Play, Pause, STop, and Eject your CD (gracefully,
 of course).  This version now allows you to enter the correct SCSI
 commands that your DC ROM player wants if they are not already supported
 (just use a text editor).  This demo is fully functioning, faster than
 ever before (but several delays are incorporated in this demo to urge
 you to register--only $12).  This version only allows playing in the
 foreground, but the registered version will allow you to play while
 running another program.  GEM based, ST/TT compatible, this program will
 work in all resolutions.  SHAREWARE.  Docs included.
 CWC_II is a demo version (dated January, 1993) of The Crossword Creator
 ------ II (v.1.5) by Fair Dinkum Technologies (I bet they have read R.
 Heinlein!).  It is billed as the fastest, easiest to use, and most
 complete crossword program ever developed for Atari ST, MegaST, STE,
 MegaSTE, TT computers!  The demo is fully functional and quite similar
 to the full release version except for a maximum word limit of 5 words.
 On-line helps, manual or automatic word placement, save files as Degas
 pictures, puzzles up to 30 x 20 in size, color or mono, and much more.
 If you like crossword puzzles you might like to check this file out!
 The company also markets a word search puzzle creator as well (see
 below).  On-line help included.
 WSC_DEMO is a demo (dated January, 1993) of Fair Dinkum Technologies
 -------- Word Search Creator program (v.1.05).  This demo has all the
 features of the complete program except is is limited to only five
 words.  It's easy to create word search puzzles for fun and educational
 uses.  It works on all ST/STe/TT computers and supports both mono and
 color monitors.  It you like word search puzzles, this program will
 allow you to create, modify and solve them to your hearts content.  If
 you like crossword puzzles check out CWC_II, Fair Dinkum's crossword
 creator demo.  The complete program is packed full of features and is
 quite inexpensive (especially if you purchase the crossword creator at
 the same time!).  On-line help included.
 DINKUM2 by Gary A. Allen, Jr. v.2.3 (dated January 5, 1993 and compiled
 ------- for the ST by Chris Herborth on Dec. 30, 1992) is a shareware
 text adventure in the tradition of Infocom's classic games.  Full "C"
 source code as well as an Atari ST executable are included.  MiNT
 compatible.  Search for treasure in the Australian Outback!  Live
 dangerously and have a Foster's!  This version has a few bugs fixed and
 more "Australia content."  It also has a type of "Save" feature that
 allows you to play the game but not to "win" when using it (the author
 feels that since you can't restart from a saved game in life you
 shouldn't in his game either!).  The game understands quit a bit of
 plain English, and will let you know when it can't make out what you
 typed.  The only problem with this game that I see is that the closing
 screen scrolls by too quick to read.  You only miss a bit though (use
 SILKMSE3 to fix this problem!).
 DNTDRIVE is a .SEQ animation by John Brenner created using Cyber Paint.
 -------- It is part of an advertisement that runs in a Montreal bar on
 their closed circuit TV system.  It is used to promote NOT drinking and
 driving.  Interesting!  Color only.  Use ANIMATE4 to view.
 ELFBACK (I reviewed BACKUP, a former version several weeks ago) is a
 ------- hard drive backup program that comes in a form useable on any ST
 and one particularly adapted to take advantage of the TT.  Backups of
 your hard drive are _critical_ and so any program that makes the backup
 process simplier and more efficient is worth a look.  This program
 supports the use of the Archive bit (so when you make a new backup you
 don't need to back up your WHOLE drive but only those parts that have
 changed).  It compresses the file using LHARC 1.13c or better.  This
 program can keep you safe from the terror of a hard drive crash.  It
 also saves on the number of floppies you have to use through the
 compressing of the files.  GEM based and fast.  Several improvements
 over the original version.  Color or mono.  Docs included.  SHAREWARE.
 FRACLAND is FRACLAND v.1.2, a Fractal Landscape Generator by David
 -------- Billington (dated October, 1992).  This program will allow you
 to created realistic models of fractal mountains.  It goes beyond
 producing the data which describes the landscape and allows you to shade
 it, produce three dimensional views and even generate animation
 depicting journeys through your fictitious mathematical worlds.
 Excellent program with excellent docs.  Color or mono.  I like the
 custom mouse cursor!  ST/STe/TT compatible.
 GUNFIGHT is a detailed AVS/.SEQ animation by Dan Bordonaro.  This
 -------- animation is a shoot-out between Sheriff Atari and Kid Amiga.
 It takes place in a small town, with the Sheriff standing in front of
 the saloon and the Kid in the street.  I really like the expressions on
 their faces!  It includes AVS sounds and the AVS player.  Requires at
 least one meg of RAM and a color monitor.
 GVIEW213PI is GEM View v.2.13 (dated December 2, 1992).  It is an
 ---------- amazing picture viewing program!  With this program you can
 view MANY different picture formats inside a GEM-Window.  Supported
 picture-formats are:  *.GVW (the author's own format), *.GIF, "GIF 89a
 Images, *.SUN, *.PAC, *.IFF, *.BMP, *.RLE, *.IMG, *.GEM, *.NEO, *.ART,
 *.PIC and P(123), *.TN[123Y], *.DOO [640x...], *.SPU, *.SPC, PC
 Paintbrush (monochrome *.PCX), and *.XBM.  Grayscale dithering supported
 for 4, 8, 16, 64 and 256 colors.  Support MacPaint, PBM-Pictures,
 ImageLab, JPEG-Images (the first ST viewer that really works--or so I've
 been told), true color BMP and color .IMG files, and more!  This version
 loads "TIFF"-Pictures--"uncompressed, Hohe Packungsdichte, PackBits Mac-
 -RLE) and NeXT--RLE.  It saves GIF87a and TIFF pictures, too.  It runs
 under MultiGem with no problems (get ready for the future!), and runs as
 an accessory or a program.  Includes excellent monochrome support --
 even for GIF pictures -- and is very fast.  Now you can keep in memory
 more than one picture at a time. This version has been adapted to allow
 for even greated compatibility with the TT and STe, and some other
 "bugs" were fixed as well.  Can now be run as a .PRG or an .ACC.  The
 interface has been improved and expanded.  The program version now
 allows access to accessories.  This program does so so much more than
 even this long description includes.  Highly recommended.  SHAREWARE by
 Dieter Fiebelkorn.  The program is in English and Docs (German) are
 included.  Color or mono (and high color and true color boards).  ST/STe
 /TT/Falcon compatible.  Requires at least 1 MEG of RAM.  Uncompresses on
 to TWO floppies!
 KURZSET is a Remote Channel Changer for the KURZWEIL 1000 Series by
 ------- Dmitri Fedorjaczenko (docs and additional presets by Mark
 Bombard.  This .PRG/.ACC can make working with the Kurzweil K1000
 keyboard or PX1000 module a lot easier.  It will enable you to switch
 channels ON or OFF by using your mouse, as opposed to using the buttons
 on the unit's front panel.  In addition you can save six frequently used
 combinations and access them with a single mouse click.  It may or may
 not work on the GX,HX and SX modules and the 1200 or 2000 series.  Docs
 PAYX_V21 is the Payroll Expert v. 2.10 by Randy Blain. Payroll Expert is
 -------- a powerful GEM-based payroll program (with keyboard alternates
 for almost all the commands) that has all the features neccessary to
 handle large or small payroll applications.  Everything is accessed via
 the standard GEM interface, so very little instruction is needed in
 order to use the program.  Also included in this package is ACC-Time,
 his shareware time-clock accessory, since Payroll Expert allows
 importing of the time-clock data to facilitate easy payroll computation
 for all employees.  Payroll Expert now supports state tax deductions for
 2 states, or if you prefer, 1 state and 1 city tax deduction.  You can
 easily pay all of your employees without ever touching the keyboard.
 Complete reports (printed to disk or paper) are available at any time to
 make all your federal and state taxes easy to compute and file (of
 course, it doesn't make them any easier to pay).  It will allow you to
 print on any style of checks.  It also includes a perpetual calendar.
 Up to 64 employees are supported (mark them active or inactive for long
 term record-keeping) in the registered version (only two in this demo).
 Floppy or hard drive.  Automatic backups (encouraged!) ST/STe (at least)
 compatible.  Any RAM configuration.  Color or mono.  Docs included.
 PHNX_TUT is a series of useful tutorials from Lexicor Software that is
 -------- designed to demonstrate some of the most important features of
 using the Phoenix Object Renderer Demo (see PHNXDEMO).  If you get the
 demo (very nice!) you should also get this tutorial.  It will make the
 demo shine!
 SCI_PHYS is the Dec. 30, 1992 compilation of Science/Physics Frequently
 -------- Asked Questions taken from the Intenet.  Very interesting
 questions and answers on all sorts of scientific questions.  Some are
 popular/technical and others are just more popular science.  Questions
 which are answered are "Does hot water freeze faster than cold water?"
 (Answer:  Yes, sometimes, but only when you use a wooden bucket!); Does
 the direction water runs around a drain depend on what hemisphere you
 are in? (I'll let you find out!); Just what is the Top Quark?; How do
 you get an 80 foot pole in a 40 foot barn?; Why are Golf Balls Dimpled?,
 and many more.  Recommended.
 SMOUSE1C is v. 1c of the CyReL Serial Mouse Manager Utility from
 -------- Cybercube Research Ltd, Canada (dated January 18, 1993).  This
 set of utilities allows you to use any Microsoft or Mouse Systems
 compatible serial mouse with your ST (TOS 1.2+)/STe/TT.  Additionally,
 you can use your Summagraphics MM series (or compatible product)
 graphics tablet as a replacement for your original mouse (or continue to
 use your original mouse at the same time!). There is a very nice .PRG/
 .ACC screensaver and mouse accelerator included (I like the graphical
 manner in which the acceleration parameters are shown).  The ability to
 configure and use the serial port and more are all included.  This demo
 version is limited in use, but you can see how it works.  Color or mono.
 Extensive docs and compatiblity chart included.
 SYQ_BACK is the SyQuest Backup and Restore system by Larry D. Duke
 -------- (dated Jan., 1993).  This is an incremental backup and restore
 system for the ST/TT (and probably Falcon 030) and your SyQuest and
 Fixed Hard Drives.  Mouse controlled.  It will allow you to easily
 backup one or more of the partitians on your fixed drive on to one or
 more SyQuest carts.  Requires at least one meg of RAM.  Color or mono.
 Docs included.  GFA Basic source code included (.GFA).
 WILSONS is a series of .SEQ animations of futuristic space battles and
 ------- fighting robots done by Timothy Wilson.  Created using Cyber
 Studio and Cyberpaint, these animations have been compressed into one
 file.  They are excellent!  The colors, animation, and activity all
 recommend themselves.  Use ANIMATE4 to view.  Color only.
 And to save the best for last, a program I highly recommend to you:
 SILKMSE3 is SilkMouse v.3.0 by Mark Slagell.  It is a uniquely smooth,
 -------- fast, well-behaved mouse accelerator that also incorporates a
 great two-stage screen saver.  Run from the desktop or the AUTO folder,
 SilkMouse allows the most usable, most highly configurable mouse
 accelerator available.  Have you ever found that when using a mouse
 accelerator that you can no longer use the Alt-arrow key combination to
 move your mouse pointer about?  SilkMouse doesn't interfere with that at
 all.  The two-stage screen saver is one that darkens the screen after a
 set period of time (fully configurable), but which allows whatever is on
 the screen to still remain visible.  After a longer period of time the
 screen completely darkens.  I like that feature.  The accelerator may be
 configured through a CPX module or an .ACC (both supplied).  One (of
 many) new feature is that you can make any program hold its final screen
 before exiting.  This is very handy for those programs which flash a
 screenful of text before you in one-tenth of a second and expect you to
 read it!  This is SHAREWARE (I've registered, and I will not use any
 other mouse accelerator!).  Color or mono.  ST--TT/MultiTOS compatible.
 I HIGHLY recommend this program.  I think that if you try this for an
 hour you will never want to use any other mouse accelerator!
 SM30UPGR is the file all of you registered SilkMouse users should get,
 -------- and get in a hurry.  Packed full of new features, faster,
 smoother, even better than before (which is saying something!), this
 upgrade is a "must have."  If you don't know what SilkMouse is you're
 skimming this article too fast!  Back up one file and read just what
 SilkMouse is all about (and then go out and get it!).  Registered owners
 get to save their own personal configurations--everyone else has to use
 the default settings (which are what most people would want anyway!).
 That's all for now.  Take care everyone!


 ######  Capture from GEnie ST RT
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Thank you for your interest in purchasing this product from DMC
 Publishing.  This file is adapted from the Introduction to Calamus S in
 the Calamus S manual.
 The development of Calamus, its graphic interface, and its related
 products bring you to the forefront of desktop technology.  Calamus
 supports state of the art color technology, printers and graphic boards.
 Functionality and modularity allow a step-by-step expansion of the
 system, customized to your needs - WYNIWYG (What You Need Is What You
 Get).  New developments are easily integrated and guarantee
 Calamus S and Calamus SL are based on the same graphic user interface.
 That is the reason we offer the same documentation for Calamus S and
 Calamus SL.
 The remainder of this information highlight differences between Calamus
 1.09N and Calamus S.  You will notice many important advances.  A list
 of the differences between Calamus S and Calamus SL is presented at the
 end of this section.
 Comparing Calamus 1.09N to Calamus S
 Both Calamus SL and Calamus S are color capable.  Up to 16.7 million
 colors can be accessed from the various color display and output
 Calamus S uses technically correct screens that are automatically
 defined by the printer drivers for true WYSIWYG.
 The calculation precision of Calamus S can be adjusted and is set to
 1/10000 mm.
 As with Calamus SL, Calamus S incorporates a number of basic internal
 functions and standard elements and modules.  Add to these an increasing
 number of optional modules.  This concept guarantees flexibility as
 Calamus products continue to be developed.  True WYNIWYG!
 Magnifying Glass
 The magnifying glass makes it possible to zoom in on any part of the
 Multiple Documents
 You are able to work on multiple documents (up to 7) at the same time
 and exchange data between them by using a scrolling clipboard.  The
 number of clipboard items is limited only by available RAM.
 Double Pages
 Calamus S has a true doubleQage mode. Double page documents are
 displayed and can be edited in the doubleQage mode.
 Floating Submenus
 The command areas of Calamus S can be moved anywhere on the screen.  You
 can also create and display multiple command areas simultaneously.
 Design a command area configuration for your desktop based on your own
 Improved File Selector
 The file selector box has been expanded and improved.
 Editable Macro Keys with Macro Recorder
 A command sequence can be recorded with the help of the Macro Recorder
 and then assigned to a key (macro key).  This allows you to configure
 Calamus S to your needs.  The assigned macro keys can be edited later.
 Virtual Memory
 Calamus S contains virtual memory management that allows it to create
 documents that are larger than available RAM.  This is achieved through
 the use of free space on your hard disk drive to page parts of your
 Master Pages
 Instead of the header/footer frames, Calamus S has a fully implemented
 master page management system which can handle repeated elements with a
 great degree of flexibility.  Master pages can also be saved and used in
 any document you wish.
 Improved Caching
 Calamus S can cache all frame types unlike the vector only cache in
 1.09N. This dramatically speeds up screen redraw.
 Pulldown Menus
 Import Drivers
 Calamus S can import more formats than 1.09N.  Since all import drivers
 are separate modules, they can be loaded or deleted at any time.  You
 can also save selected drivers in your setup file.
 Multicopy with Offset
 Besides the ability to select a frame copy type as Virtual or Physical,
 you now have the option to enter the number of desired copies as well as
 x and y offset from the original.
 Lock Document
 To prevent a new/different format at a different workstation or service
 bureau, documents can now be locked.  This option also allows you to
 automatically remove empty pages, unused fonts, text styles and color
 lists from a document when you save.
 Expanded Setup
 The system default CALAMUS.SET file has been expanded.  All settings of
 Calamus S are saved now.  Additions include the unit of measurement,
 text style and ruler settings.  The CALAMUS.SET file contains over 200
 user selected parameters.
 Clipboard functions are now more flexible.  In addition to frames, you
 can copy vector objects, text and text rulers to the clipboard.
 Data Exchange between Documents
 Document limitations have been removed.  Both text and graphics can now
 be copied between documents using the universal clipboard.
 Unlimited Entries
 The number of entries available on the clipboard is now limited only by
 the amount of available memory.
 Page Module
 The units of measurement in Calamus S can be adjusted more precisely
 than before.  When importing a document from Calamus 1.09N, you may
 adjust your work to the more precise standards of Calamus S.
 Master Page Control
 Master pages have their own command field in the Page module.
 Frame Module
 Handling of proportional frames has been improved.
 Text can now flow around any vector object.  The outline of a vector
 graphic is considered as the flow border and not the frame itself (as is
 the case with bitmapped graphics).
 The handling of textflow chains has been dramatically improved.  You can
 now connect different textflow chains as well as insert one chain in
 another and insert frames into an existing textflow chain, before or
 after a selected frame.
 Control Lines (Gradient Curves) for Images
 Since you are now able to load more than just bitmapped images (gray
 scale and color), you can adjust the gradient curve for any picture
 format.  This includes the ability to control intensity, contrast and
 color levels.
 Page Parts Print Option
 The page part print option (known as Tiling) allows you to define an
 area of your document for printing.  You can frame any part of a page
 and print it.  This function is helpful if the printer cannot print the
 entire page.  In this case, only those parts of the page enclosed by a
 user definable frame will be printed.  Further, the tiling frames can be
 configured to spread across the entire page, with definable overlaps, so
 that your complete work page is printed in a series of tiles.
 You can also now define the vertical and horizontal overlap for each
 tiling frame.  The size of each tiling frame may be user defined or may
 be automatically set to represent the maximum possible print size of the
 selected printer.
 Frames: Write Mode/Mirror/Rotate
 Frames can now be rotated, mirrored and named.  Further, you are able to
 set the write mode (transparent, opaque, inverted) for every frame.  The
 rotate function also now applies to any frame.
 Calamus 1.09N made it possible to name pictures.  This is now possible
 with all frame types, thereby allowing many people to work on one
 document.  The layout person can define which file should be imported
 into which frame.
 Magnetic Help Lines, Grids and Frames
 Magnetic Frames have been added to existing magnetic help lines and
 grids.  This allows the accurate positioning directly on frame borders.
 Definable Origin Point for Layout Ruler and Grid
 The point of origin for the layout ruler and grid can be defined
 anywhere on the x and y axes.
 Improved Frame Display
 All frame types are now accessible and can be moved in their inactive
 Text Module
 Calamus 1.09N allowed you to insert time and date stamps into text via a
 macro.  Calamus S allows you to recalculate these values, allowing more
 control in your document.
 Spelling correction is possible with the help of the spell checking
 Keyboard Layout
 Variable commands and command sequences can be tied to a definable key
 binding.  These definitions can be edited at any time.
 A scroll bar has been added to the character set command group.
 The complete tabulator (tab) concept of Calamus 1.09N has been
 redesigned.  Depending on the position of the tabulator in the text, the
 orientation is either centered, left aligned or right aligned.  The
 mouse may be used to drag indents and tabulators.  The command fields
 Set Tabulator and Delete Tabulator must be deactivated in order to use
 this function.
 Text Functions
 Justified text has been improved.  Space width can be assigned a minimum
 and maximum value.
 Text macros can be assigned to any key (like the key commands).  The
 text macro key must be pressed in conjunction with a key command,
 activating the text macro function.
 The efficiency of the layout editor has been improved.  Text corrections
 and changes can be handled more easily and quickly.  Screen redraws are
 localized to the current display.  No more waiting for the whole
 document to reformat!
 Text Style Module
 The management of text styles has changed dramatically.  You should take
 some time to study this part of the manual.  The degree of control is
 now remarkable:
 Font calculation can be changed to values based upon em, versal, and
 designer height.
 Predefined character heights can be edited.
 The definition of kerning can be calculated differently.  Proportional
 Text, Esthetic Kerning, and Numbers in Block can be selected via on/off
 Until now, you could only affect interDharacter and word spacing using
 the text ruler.  These can now be achieved with the text style options.
 Outline, underline, shadow percentage and character body can be adjusted
 separately.  This also applies to color selection.
 You are able to achieve global change in the text layout with the help
 of the text styles.  Until now, settings for font, character size,
 character attributes, and character color had to be entered separately.
 These can now be set or changed for each text style.  Text styles are
 kept in an editable list which can be used in any document.
 Raster Area Module
 The radius of corners of raster areas can now be changed.
 New Modules
 Text Editor Module
 PKS-Write is the new builtJn Text Editor.  It is specifically designed
 to maximize the functionality of Calamus. 
 Focoltone Module
 Focoltone is a new color system which is based on Process Colors (CYMK)
 and specifies 763 spot colors.  All spot colors can be reproduced with
 the help of the four standard colors from the most difficult pastel tone
 to the brightest full color. 
 System Parameters Module
 Default system parameters can now be set within the System Parameters
 module.  Parameters include the font directory tree (fast accessing of
 Calamus fonts), screen resolution, minimum memory requirements, screen
 rasterization, system memory and much more.
 Color/Grayscale Module
 The color/grayscale module allows Calamus owners with 8- or 24-bit color
 cards to switch to grayscale mode.
 Additional Information
 Raster Generator
 The Raster settings are contained in the Calamus S printer drivers.
 When you load a new driver, the output on the screen will be in rastered
 format, but only for a limited range of screen resolutions.
 Color Separation
 These settings are also dependent on the printer driver and cannot be
 Optional Modules for Calamus S

 Brush Module
 Speed Line Module
 Mount Module
 Dataformer Module
 Mask Module
 Toolbox Module
 and more..
 Calamus SL functions inactive in Calamus S
 Common spot colors
 Set Raster (Page module)
 Set Color Separation (Page module)
 Set Layout/Work Area (Page module)
 Anchor Picture (Frame module)
 Preferred text runaround left/right (Frame module)
 Convert Picture Type (Frame module)
 Histogram in control line dialog (Frame module)
 Access the Use function in the control line dialog  (Frame module)
 References (Text module)
 Prevent Hyphenation (Text module)
 Leader Tabulator (Text module)
 Set Hyphenation Rules (Text module)
 Vertical Text Alignment (Text module)
 Italicize fonts (Text Style module)
 Compress/Expand fonts (Text Style module)
 Write direction from right to left (Text Style module)
 Transparent outline (Text Style module)
                                # # # # #
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