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From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 7-Aug-92 #832
Date: Sun Aug  9 01:35:49 1992

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                WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (August 07)


 We're preparing an update to the VENDOR.DAT file that works with the
 VENDOR.ACC utility.  (This is a quick and easy database of current vendors
 in the  Atari community  that runs  as a  .PRG or .ACC and written by Bill

 If you have any  additions  or  corrections  to  our  current information,
 please  post  a  message  or  send  an Email to Ron Luks 76703,254 or Bill
 Aycock 76703,406 as soon as possible.


 INVISION Elite is a black  and  white  paint  program.    It  has  been in
 intensive  development  over  the  past  year  and a half and is now being
 introduced  to  the  market  from  Power  Thought  Software.  Download the
 following files from LIBRARY 10 of the Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS):

  INVIPR.TXT - Announcement of INVISION ELITE, mono paint program
  INVDM2.ARC - Demo of mono paint program, part 2 of 2
  INVDM1.ARC - Demo of mono paint program, part 1 of 2

 Now  available  in  LIBRARY    17  --  the  newest Calamus SL demo.  A big
 download, but worth it.

 Also look in  Library  11  for  PG22B.LZH,  a  patch  for  version  2.1 of
 PageStream updating  it to  version 2.2B.   Brought to you by the folks at

 The folks from CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES have uploaded a series of  files that
 will enable  you to  print out  font charts of all the available URW fonts
 available for Calligrapher.  The files  are  now  available  for  most all
 printers in LIBRARY 16.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     What's there  to say?   The  turmoil is now incidental and calming way
 down.  The summer seems to be getting hotter.  I know,  forget the weather
 reports, tell  us about  what's happening.   Hmmmm, not much at all except
 the  Falcon  situation,  elsewhere  in  this  issue  we   have  some  very
 interesting overviews  of the  machine and its power.  Also, estimates are
 found in the "mailcall" which are relative to when we  may see  it and its
     There is  some disharmony  in the  FNET these days, it seems the Atari
 Online Conference is experiencing some operating difficulties.   Long time
 participating nodes  are disappearing.   Its  moderator is  busy trying to
 silence those who offer criticisms relative  to Atari,  its performance or
 lack  thereof.    When  will  people  learn  its  a disaster to attempt to
 'silence' critics?  Anytime, in recorded history, that  such attempts were
 made, the critics became ten times more vocal and highly visible.  Cutting
 nodes out of the network  is  not  the  answer  by  any  means.    It only
 engenders further friction of unpredictable quantities.
     GEnie, Compuserve  and Delphi  offer the most coverage and information
 access for Atari enthusiasts.   I'm  sure  most  of  you  agree  with this
 statement.  Then it only stands to reason Atari's key communicators belong
 involved in these telecommunicating environments.  Why is  it the Director
 of Communications  seems to  be spending almost twice the time in the FNET
 than with the all the majors  combined?    Something  is  wrong  with this
 picture, very  wrong.  I, like most other concerned Atarians must begin to
 ask that an end be brought to all games and flames.  Its time the energies
 of  all  the  key  individuals  in  this  arena  were  spent in informing,
 supporting and building for the future.
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

                           THE STORM IS BREWING!


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    Issue #32

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- New 3M Disk Holds Fourteen Times More Data
 3M Co. says it is ready to market a new "floptical" data-storage device 
 it says can hold up to 14 times more data than floppy disks. Housed in a 
 3.5-inch square hard plastic case like a floppy, the device combines 
 some of the technology found in compact discs.
 The new diskettes can be used only in a special disk drive that will be 
 available starting next month.  3M says the drive will be sold as an 
 attachment to PCs, costing about $300, and later as a built-in option on 
 some computers. The diskettes will have a list price of about $31 each, 
 compared to $3 or less for today's diskettes. But 3M claims they are 
 cheaper per unit of data stored that today's diskettes.
 (The name "floptical" arises because the disks combine the technology of 
 floppy diskettes and optically based CDs.)

  -- Apple Claims Four Million System 7 Users
 Apple Computer Inc says its research indicated that System 7, introduced 
 in May 1991, is being used by 50% of Mac owners, meaning that over four 
 million Macintosh customers are using its System 7 operating software.

  -- Motorola's 25mhz '030 Used in New PowerBook 145
 Motorola's High Performance Microprocessor Division announced this week 
 that its 25-MHz 68030 provides the processing power for Apple Computer, 
 Inc.'s new PowerBook 145, boosting the performance level of the midrange 
 offering in Apple's popular PowerBook line of notebook-sized computers.

 The new PowerBook 145 will replace the 16-MHz 68030-based PowerBook 140. 
 The PowerBook 145 incorporates all of the original features of its 
 predecessor while running 35% faster, a result of the higher clock speed 
 of the 68030. In addition to the clock speeds being increased, the price 
 has been lowered, boosting price/performance ratios. The PowerBook 145 
 is priced from $2,399. 

  -- AT&T Develops OP Disk Technology
 A new technique that eventually could increase the storage capacity of 
 magneto-optical disks by 100 fold has been demonstrated by AT&T Bell 
 Labs researchers.

 Though Bell Labs spokesman Guss Glover noted it is all experimental 
 right now and will take years to develop, The new technology could allow 
 a computer user to store the equivalent of two copies of 'War and Peace' 
 on an area of the disk the size of a pinhead.

 Today's magneto-optical disk drives use a laser light focused with a 
 lens, while the Bell Labs technique "involves concentrating the laser 
 through a probe made from an aluminum-coated optical fiber, which is 
 tapered to a tiny point."

  -- Fujitsu to Post 10 Billion Yen Loss
 Fujitsu Ltd. expects to post a consolidated net loss for the first half 
 of its fiscal year. The loss will be the company's first since it was 
 listed in 1949.

 The Japanese computer giant said it should have a net loss of 10 billion 
 yen, down from earlier estimates of 20 billion yen. A year earlier 
 Fujitsu posted net earnings of 10.3 billion yen.

  -- Digital Largest Mail-Order Seller
 Digital Equipment Corp., the world's second largest computer company, 
 has been dubbed the computer industry's largest mail-order seller by 
 Direct Marketing Magazine.  Digital moved up to No. 16 in 1991 from 32 
 in 1990 in the annual "Mail Order Top 250."
 Dell Computer Corp., which was the top computer mail order seller in 
 1990, dropped to 94 in the overall list in 1991.  IBM Corp. moved to the 
 21st spot from 43rd last year, becoming the industry's second-largest 
 mail order vendor with $900 million in mail-order revenues.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine            The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by Joe Mirando
 From the Atari Productivity forum.

 Ethan Mings encounters a problem that has become all too common in the ST

     "I am scared to ask the question.  Could tell me what happened to LDW
     Power?  I tried to call them regarding my spread sheet software and
     found the phone number,'no longer in service'.  In the last three
     months, I found the majority of people responsible for the software I
     use have vanished.  (For example, the upgrade for Superbase never
     happened.  I sent the disk and the money.  In return, nothing.  Dbase
     V from Versa Soft was, in short, a disaster.  The software was sent
     out with some interesting bugs in the report writer.  You could not
     print the complete memo fields to paper or disk.)  Any information on
     the status of LDW Power would be appreciated. I need to know whether
     to keep the software or dump it now.  I look forward to your answer as
     soon as possible."

 Steve Gold answers Ethan's question and adds his own experiences:

     "You can contact the new owners of SuperBase in the AtariVen forum the
     name of the company is Oxxi and their online rep is Pat Cummings.   As
     for VersaSoft I agree their handling of DBMAN version 5.3 has been
     awful.  I have called them several times about the update they
     promised and have been told it was on the way.  I am going to try one
     more time, before I send a letter demanding my money back from the

 Elsewhere, Rob Rasmussen asks about corrupted files:

     "I know that the more I write and overwrite to a disk, the more
     fragmented it will get, and the slower the access time will be since
     the sectors are no longer continuous. How can a file actually get
     damaged though? Could a file get confused with a previous file that
     was overwritten, and if so "rescue" it? I have a prg called UNDELETE
     which supposedly (never used it) saves files still on a disk that the
     OS thinks I erased. Two different ways of repairing, I guess."

 Carl Barron tells Rob:

     "It is possible through 'bombs' and resets to destroy a files fat
     list, create cross-linked files, etc. I know I have done it. HD Sentry
     finds these shorten,botched files and creates a folder of files of
     fragments so that the entire fat table is repaired without loosing any
     data at that point.  It will also reorganize partitions if desired. A
     'glitch' can do it even to floppy disks."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Advantage Magazine adds:

     "Changes in the power to your computer ... brownout and surges can do
     things. BEST (the company that makes uninterruptible power supplies)
     has a very detailed report that they can send you on how bad power
     problems can really mess up your data.  Also files can get
     cross-linked ... that is two files are allocated for the same space
     ... not fun.  Many of these problems go unnoticed for a long period of
     time until really strange things start happening on your hard disk."

 John Barnes adds his experiences:

     "BEST has been doing a fine job of bringing their units within reach
     of the consumer. I am seriously looking at one of their Fortress
     models for my systems. I'm going to try hooking up  the system at the
     lab and see what it draws (the Fortress unit has a handy pushbutton
     readout for the current load).
     The electricity where I work is really junky and it is nice to watch
     the UPS-protected stuff ride right through sags that last a couple of

     On the matter of cross-linked files: I have arrived at the point where
     I use Cleanup right away after a software crash.  One program in
     particular that seems to cause directory problems under this condition
     is dBMAN."

 As we all know, knowledge is just as important as hardware.

 Albert Dayes tells us:

     "Best had done the best job of just educating the consumer about the
     problems with general power.  An AT&T study found 83% of all power
     problems to be brownouts (sags in the power below the normal 110 or
     120 volts).  I was just viewing their demo on the PC and it really had
     quite a bit on information I would have never even considered.

     Their literature is first rate too ... also if you call them up their
     reps always are willing to explain every detail about how power works
     in general and how their UPS systems work.  I see BEST will also come
     out and runs tests on your power for a month or so to see what you
     need as well. Very professional company."

 What has quickly become known as "THE FORBES ARTICLE" is still a big topic
 of conversation.  The article, titled "Cheap Didn't Sell", basically said
 that although Atari makes some of the best hardware in the business, they
 don't advertise it enough to do any good.  Last week, conversation
 centered on why Atari merchandise such as the Lynx was less prominent on
 dealers' shelves.  The conversation continues as Greg Wageman says:

     "I think a lot of it is "availability".  Here in Fremont, I can walk
     into any of about a dozen (at least) computer stores, and buy software
     for PC's and Macs.  There is one vendor in Fremont that sells Atari
     software, and they are a surplus/liquidator/discount outlet.

     To find a real Atari vendor, I have to drive either to Berkeley, San
     Jose or Santa Clara.  Considering that Fremont is a city with a
     population of over 150,000 this doesn't speak well of Atari (whose
     corporate headquarters are closer to me than their nearest dealer!).

     The rest of the computing world wants to treat computers as just
     another appliance.  Atari computers do not conform to this mold, since
     Atari dealers are so few and far-between.  Unfortunately, Atari's
     cutbacks do not bode well for improving this situation."

 The ever-popular Charles F. Johnson of CodeHead Technologies sums up a
 feeling that a lot of people have:

 "Well, I can't say I really 'liked' the Forbes article.  So Forbes is
 doing a followup to this one?"

 Sysop Ron Luks replies:

 "I hear that a followup is under consideration as we speak."

 Along the same lines, an article in "Computer Shopper" is generating some
 interest as Albert Dayes of Atari Advantage tells us:

     "I noticed in Computer Shopper magazine (August 1992) they have a nice
     article on the future of GEM by STan Veit "What ever happened to ...
     the Mac killer: DRI's GEM"

 Ron Luks adds:

     "Stan Veit is running a series of "What ever happened to...." articles
     for CompuTer Shopper.  If you liked the one on GEM (I didn't read it
     yet), you'll probably like next months article "What ever happened to
     Power without the Price...."   Yes, its about the Atari marketplace."

 From the Atari Arts forum.

 Sysop Ron Luks tells us:


     We need some new GIF images.  In conjunction with the Graphics Forums,
     the AtariArts Forum is participating in the GO GRAPHICS compendium on
     a quarterly basis.  This compendium catalogues the best GIF images
     from a multitude of CompuServe Forums and is mailed to thousands of
     subscribers each quarter.

     While we have many, many great graphic images in this forum, we are a
     little short of GIF-format images.  There are utilities that convert
     Atari format files to GIF format available in library 14 and to entice
     you to upload GIF format images, the staff of the Atariarts Forum will
     be offering gifts of free access to Atariarts/Ataripro Forums to the
     uploaders of the best images. Details to follow in the days ahead.

     Any GIF images uploaded starting now, thru Labor day 1992 will be
     eligible for the first round of free access gifts, so don't wait to
     start uploading.
     Ron Luks
     Atari Forums on CompuServe"

 Pattie Rayl of AIM Magazine asks:

     "Does this have to be original artwork, or could I cheat and upload a
     gif version of a scanned pic or something?  (Naturally, I'd be sure
     about copyrights!)"

 Ron replies:

     "It doesn't have to be original artwork as long as its a 'legal'

 Lee Seiler of Lexicore Software tells Ron:

     "I will have ringo upload Gif files, How many do you need and what
     sort of subject matter? we have lots of 24Bit stuff we can convert to
     gif.  I  trust you want 256-16MK type files?


               BTW it will all be original art from my pen!"

 Ron replies:

     "That's great, Lee.  We are participating with the GRAPHICS forums in
     a regular quarterly cataloging project.  They've been publishing a
     catalogue of GIF images from 14 forums as a big, thick hardcopy book,
     available on a single issue or regular subscription basis.  The
     catalogue displays the actual image, a description, and information on
     the forum that features the image.  I'd like to give your stuff plenty
     of exposure and I think this is a great way to do this.

     The only requirement that the printer is going to place on future
     items is that the GIF image be available in 320x200 or 640x480
     resolutions. Number of colors is not a concern but the aspect ratio

     I'm happy that the AtariArts forum was selected to be in this
     cataloguing project, and while its too late to get new images into the
     catalog being prepared this week, I'd like to have a bunch of new
     goodies for the 4th Qtr (Christmas) catalog.
                              I appreciate your support."

 From the Atari Vendors forum.

 Boris Molodyi asks Nathan Potechin of ISD Marketing:

     "I've seen in your mailout that you have a sale on Vector Art library.
     Could you please tell what clips are in there. Right now I'm
     interested in a vector clip of the globe, but if there is something
     else interesting, I might take it anyway."

 Nathan replies:

     "Thanks for asking. This is an old GEM Metafile library from Europe.
     This is reflected in many of the clip art it contains. There are
     dozens of categories and approximately 800 different pictures.
     Personally I would use maybe 200 of them but I long since learned
     never to comment on art because something I consider junk, someone
     else probably considers the work of Michelangelo and vice versa. :-)
     For $30.00 you can't go far wrong."

     Well, that's about all we have time for this week folks, but before I
 finish I'd like to shamelessly plug the Connecticut Atari Fest which is to
 take place on the weekend of August 15/16 at the Sheraton Hotel at Bradley
 International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.  The show is sure to
 be a hit with many of the biggest names in the Atari Arena scheduled to be
 in attendance.  Be sure to stop by the C.C.C.C. user's group booth to say
 "hi" to me.

     Okay, okay, end of plug <smile>.  Tune in again next week to find out
 what they are saying when "PEOPLE ARE TALKING".


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe!

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     The sands are running down as the date for AtariFest '92 approaches. 
 August 15 & 16 are the big dates. Some new files with more show details
 are: CTPOR.TXT which describes a promotion and contest; CTUSER.TXT which
 describes discounts available to members of participating user groups; and
 CTUPGR.TXT describing demos of upgrades for 8 bit and 16 bit Ataris.

     Peter Bennett has uploaded another of his PowerBasic games. PATTRN.ZIP
 uses a grid with blocks of different patterns. The goal is to get the
 patterns into rows. is required and is also available for
 download.  HIDE.COM allows you to conceal a file from the command line. It
 can be reversed by repeating the same command.

     BSE is now represented online to answer all of your questions about
 their Flashdrive. Dan Shearer 75460,3367 is our new representative.
 Flashdrive is a portable hard drive which uses the parallel port of your
 Port or IBM compatible computer. FLASHA.ZIP contains the latest release of
 the drive  software for the Port. FLASH.ZIP contains descriptions ordering

     Those who are familiar with UNIX know the wc word count command. Now i
 t is available for the Portfolio. WC.DOC contains information. WC.COM
 contains  the program which will count the words in a document.



                            ZOCRA TECHNOLOGIES

 *"noun: dotted painting, giving gradation of shade."


     STipple is a  program  for  viewing,  translating  and  saving graphic
 images on  the Atari  ST, STE  and TT series computers. STipple supports a
 wide variety of graphic image file formats ranging from computer dependant
 formats such  as NEO,  Degas and  MacPaint to hardware independent formats
 such as GIF and CP8.

     STipple allows your ST to show graphics created on a PC, an  Amiga, or
 whatever, even  if the  original image  has more colors or pixels than the
 ST ca n display. Likewise STipple will load and display any ST  graphic in
 any resolution.  It also  allows you  to convert your Atari ST images into
 GIF and MacPaint formats for exchange with other systems.  

     STipple has a rich translation feature which will  translate between a
 number  of  graphic  file  formats  without first converting them to an ST
 resolution. This file-to-file translation allows conversion without a loss
 of image quality. Conversions include GIF, Spectrum 512, and AIM.

     STipple is  GEM-based and  operates in  all three  ST resolutions, and
 five of the six TT resolutions. When an image is  loaded it  can be scaled
 and then rendered with a variety of painting and dithering options. Images
 can be scale d prior to dithering for maximum picture quality. Once loaded
 and rendered, images are displayed in scrollable windows.

     The on-screen  images (rasters)  can be  clipped and  scaled and their
 colors can be edited. The resulting  image can  be saved  in a  variety of
 Atari and non-Atari formats. 


 o     Easy to Use!
       Simply select "Load Image" and select the file.  

 o     Color Dither!
       Images can be rendered in color either by painting or
       dithering. The color dither is slower but produces fantastic
       images in 16 color mode.

 o     Two Gray Dithers!
       Images can be rendered in grayscale using two dithering

 o     Edge Enhancement!
       Blurry images can be "sharpened" prior to any gray dither by
       selecting "edge enhancement".

 o     Arbitrary Scaling!
       Images can be scaled by arbitrary percentages, from 5% to
       500%. Individual horizontal and vertical scaling provided.
 o     Pre Dither Scaling!
       Scale image before dithering for maximum image quality.

 o     Color Editor!
       Edit image colors with a moveable menu!

 o     Full Screen Mode!
       Simply press "Escape" and the image fills the screen. Use
       keypad to scroll.

 o     Full Screen File Save Preview!
       Full screen mode shows clipping when saving NEO or Degas

 o     Resolution/Size Converter!
       A monochrome image can be converted to a 4 or 16 color image
       reduced in size. Likewise a 4 color image can be reduced to
       a smaller 16 color image.

 o     STE Support!
       Fully supports STE's 4096 color palette. 

 o     TT Support!
       Supports TT Medium and TT High. (TT Low not supported yet.)
       Additional image save options for larger screens. (.PI5 & .PI7)

 o     Overscan and large screen monitor support!.
       Full Support for non-standard resolutions.

 o     Includes BONUS UTILITY PROGRAM FixMac!
       Remove Mac Headers from Mac GIF files.
       Place Mac Headers on headerless MacPaint files.


       The following graphic file types can be viewed and translated:
       NEO, Degas, Degas compressed, GIF, PCX, IFF, LBM, MacPaint, Mac
       Startup screen, CP8, FastLoad (.FL), AIM (.IM).

       Images can be saved in the following formats:
       NEO, Degas, GIF, MacPaint, Mac Startup screen, FastLoad.

       Graphic files can be directly converted to the following file types:
       GIF, CP8[3], Spectrum 512 (SPU), AIM, CP8[1].

       STipple is  written in C and assembler using Borland International's
       Turbo C and Turbo Assembler.


       For a demonstration of  some of  the features  found in  STipple try
 ViewGIF 1.2,  STipple's shareware  predecessor. STipple  is more powerful,
 faster and easier to use than ViewGIF.
 ----------------------------- Clip Here ---------------------------------

 ORDER FORM - STipple 1.0 - The Atari ST/STE/TT Image File Viewer
 Includes STipple, 28 page users manual and bonus FixMac program.

 Remit To:
                            Zocra Technologies
                             4-319 MacKay St.
                               Ottawa, Ont.
                              K1M 2B7 CANADA

 Payment:    $35 US check or money order                     ______
             $40 CDN check or money order                    ______

             + 7% GST (2.80)                                 ______

             + 8% PST if in Ontario. (3.20)                  ______
             $2 US/CDN for shipping and handling.            ______
             ($4 US if outside US/Canada)
                                                   TOTAL     ______

             (Use money order or certified check for faster turn around!)

 Send To:





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 ST Advantage on DELPHI.  STReport readers are invited to join DELPHI and
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     There is no signup fee for joining the Basic Plan.  There is a fee of
 $39 when you join the 20/20 Advantage Plan, a one-time $19 signup fee and
 your first month's $20 fee.

     These connect rates apply for access via Tymnet or SprintNet (within
 the continental United States) during home time (7 p.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays
 and all day weekends) or via direct dial around the clock.  Telecom
 surcharges apply for daytime or international access via Tymnet or
 SprintNet.  See Using DELPHI online for detailed information on telecom

   For more information, call: DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005

 DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, Mass.

                         :IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:
                     DELPHI INTRODUCES THE 10/4 PLAN.
     Effective July 1, 1992, all Basic Plan members will be upgraded to the
 10/4 Plan and receive 4 hours of usage each month for only $10!  For full
 details, type GO USING RATES.  SprintNet home time to begin at 6:00 p.m.! 
 Effective July 1, 1992, you may access DELPHI via SprintNet beginning at
 6:00 p.m. local time without incurring a telecom surcharge.  To find the
 SprintNet node nearest you, type GO USING ACCESS.

                  *     Mark your calendars, folks!     *
                  !  We are proud to host Sam Tramiel,  !
                  *         President of Atari,         *
                  !   for a formal Conference here on   !
                  *  Thurs., August 13th @ 10 p.m. EDT. *
                  !  Sam will be officially announcing  !
                  *  the new Falcon 030 to DELPHI, and  *
                  !       discussing it with us.        !
                  *           Don't miss it!            *

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



      ///  A T A R I   A D V A N T A G E   M A G A Z I N E        ///
     ///            Contents  --  June/July 1992                 ///
  FALCON'030 REVEALED!  --  The next generation of home computer is
  """"""""""""""""""""      on the way and the Falcon'030 leads the
                            pack with power and features.
  FALCON'030 at a GLANCE:
   * Motorola 68030 Microprocessor running at 16MHz,
     multi-tasking capable
   * Motorola 68881 or 68882 16MHz Floating point coprocessor
   * Motorola DSP 56001 Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
   * 1 to 16MB of memory and 512KB of ROM
   * 16 bit BLiTTER Graphics coprocessor running at 16 MHz
   * Enhanced Broadcast TV quality Video
     -- "True Color" 320x200 resolution, 32,768 colors or 640x480
        resolution, 256 colors from a 264,144 color palette
     -- VGA or Video 320 or 640 by 200 or 400 resolution, 2, 16, or
        256 colors from a 262,144 color palette
     -- Standard STe video modes with a 4096 color palette
     -- RF modulator and VGA monitor connections
     -- Overscan support
     -- Genlock and multi-media capable
     -- Graphics overlay and video tiling
     -- Enhanced high speed 16MHz Blitter graphics co-processor
     -- STe horizontal scrolling
   * "CD quality" stereo sound
     -- Stereo 16 bit Analog to Digital inputs
     -- Stereo 16 bit Digital to Analog outputs
     -- Eight channel stereo DMA sound engine with 16 bit PCM digital
        record/playback with up to 50KHz sample rates
     -- Stereo 8 bit STe compatible PCM sound
     -- ST compatible 3 channel PSG sound
     -- Multiplexer to connect Codec, DSP and DMA sound engine
     -- Stereo microphone inputs and headphone outputs connected to a
        16 bit stereo codec
     -- DSP digital audio connector, up to 1MHz data transfer rate
     -- Built-in monophonic speaker
   * 1.44MB floppy drive
   * Built-in IDE 2 1/2" hard drive interface (drive optional)
   * SCSI II peripheral interface (hard drive, tape drive, etc.)
   * Mega STe/TT compatible local area network (LAN) interface
   * Enhanced modem/RS232 port
   * ST and STe compatible joystick/controller ports
   * Built-in "processor direct" expansion connectors
   * On board real time clock and battery backed up RAM
   * MIDI input and output
   * Parallel printer port
   * Enhanced keyboard controller allows 300 DPI mice
  CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW -- Atari expects to have over 80 Lynx
  """""""""""""""""""""""""    titles available and 2 million cats sold
                               by the end of the year.
  == Editors Desk ...... Just a few words from the humble staff.
  == Rumor City ........ What's new and what's not.
  == MIDI Notes ........ Discover the world of MIDI.
  == EuroGames ......... Reports from our European correspondent.
  == Lynx Line ......... Hints, tips, and reviews on those hot games.
  == New & Improved .... New and improved products announced
  == Briefs ............ Late breaking news
  == Events ............ What's coming up?
  == Arabesque Professional.. Powerful bitmap/vector illustration tool.
  == Multiplay .............. Math exploration, discovery and practice.
  == Blues and Jazz ......... Blues, jazz and rock keyboard skills.
  == MEGA Check ............. ST/TT finance management.
  == WARP 9 - v3.60 ......... Software screen acceleration to the max.
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 A closing note from Darren Meer:
 There is one area of transition that I need to tell you about -- that
 being the world of magazines.  This issue is not only historical in its
 content, it also marks the last issue of "Atari Advantage" Mike and I will
 be involved in.  We have been asked to join the "Atari Explorer" staff and
 bring our style of coverage and production values.  "Atari Advantage" will
 be left in the hands of a very capable and extremely energetic group of
 writers and users who will introduce themselves in next month's issue.  We
 are really excited about the opportunity to join "Explorer", and feel
 confident that the Atari market will be well served by both magazines for
 a long time to come.
 If any of you have any concerns as to how this affects your subscriptions,
 articles or advertisements, please don't hesitate to call or write us to
 express your feelings.  We want you to get your money's worth and will do
 what ever we can to make sure your do.
 And finally, we want to thank all of you who have waited so patiently for
 this issue to arrive.  Between the Falcon coverage and negotiations with
 Atari, our schedule got completely thrown out of whack.  Those things
 along with the intense Murphy field that has been hovering over our
 offices, combined to make this an especially memorable issue for us as
 well ( he said with a big twisted smile).
                                . . .                        RjR  8/92

 And now... abut the NEW Owners;

     Castle Publishing in  Houston,  Texas  has  purchased  Atari Advantage
 magazine from  Lamplight Publishing  in Oregon.   The new editor in chief,
 Neal Symms, promises that Atari Advantage will continue  to provide timely
 and informative  news and reviews and will keep its readers on the cutting
 edge of the Atari industry.

     Neal brings  with  him  a  staff  with  over  20  years  of journalism
 experience.   They are  quite enthusiastic  about continuing  to set a new
 standard for Atari magazines.

     When asked what to  expect  from  the  new  staff,  Neal  said, "We're
 striving  to  make  Atari  Advantage  the  voice  of  the  worldwide Atari
 community.  We'll be  promoting  the  greater  involvement  of  well known
 developers, user  groups and  sellers from  across the globe.  Our primary
 goal is to go that extra step so that our readers can  stay well informed.
 I think  the Falcon  series speaks for itself."  Neal also said that Atari
 Advantage is always glad  to receive  unsolicited articles  from the Atari

     The  August/September  issue  will  bring  more  exclusive coverage of
 Atari's Falcon '030.  Other upcoming  articles will  include more hands-on
 previews of  hot new  Atari products,  including the Gemulator from Branch
 Always Software.

     All current subscriptions will  be  honored  for  their  full  term by
 Castle Publishing.   The  June/July issue  (from Lamplight Publishing) was
 mailed on July 24th from Oregon.  Monthly publishing will resume after the
 August/September issue.

 Editor Note:
     Neal Symms,  of Capitol  Publishing, has  informed us they are already
 preparing the next issue of Atari Advantage.  Atari Advantage  is indeed a
 fine publication  that warrants  your attention.  They avoid the games and
 flames while sticking to the real interest getting stories.  
                            Capitol Publishing
                              P.O. Box 610121
                          Houston, TX 77208 0121


 > FALCON! STR FOCUS!    The new '030 system to be introduced by Atari!

                     THE FALCON - SOARING WITH EAGLES

 One Man's Opinion

 by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Editor of ST Report
     I think by now, most of STReport's readers have heard about the new
 '030 system about to be introduced by Atari - the Falcon.  It has been
 cussed and discussed on most online services, BBSs, ST Magazines (this
 month's Atari Advantage has a great article about it) and in STReport. 
 Since Atari hasn't _officially_ announced the Falcon yet, all we have to
 go on is rumors - but I'm guessing the latest rumors are going to be
 pretty close to the release version (Atari Advantage had a Falcon in-house
 to play with).
     This article isn't to discuss specific features of the Falcon -
 there's already enough articles that have done that - but to give you one
 man's personal feelings and thoughts about the Falcon.
     What do I think about the Falcon?  I think one word will describe how
 I feel...WOW!!!  For the first time in years, Atari has come up with a new
 system that not only impresses me, but one that I plan on buying!!  (The
 TT impressed me but was too expensive for my pocketbook.)  And this is
 from a person who just a few short months ago swore he would never buy
 another Atari product.
     Not only am I impressed, but I think the dealers will be also. My
 local dealer who dropped the Atari line several months ago - and swore
 he'd never have another Atari product in his store - called me the other
 night asking about the Falcon.  The Falcon is impressing him enough that
 he's thinking about bringing in 6-12 units - plus some ST hardware and

     IMO, if Atari handles the Falcon marketing and promotion correctly,
 the Falcon could be the system that resurrects Atari in the US, Canada,
 and European markets!  In its price range (approx. $800-$1,000 without
 monitor), there's nothing else on the market that can touch it.
     I feel that the Falcon is a cheap upgrade for most current ST owners
 who have been thinking of upgrading their systems to TOS 2.06, a T25
 and/or a 1.44 drive (all of which I've debated adding to my system). 
 Assuming the Falcon is priced in the $800-$1000 range - with is the latest
 rumor - you can buy a Falcon for very little more than what these 3
 upgrades would cost you.
     A TOS 2.06, 1.44 meg drive setup, and a T25 will cost you somewhere
 around $600.  Now let's say you can get $200-$300 for your old system. 
 When you add the two together, you have about the price of the Falcon. 
 You will have all of the features that you were going buy PLUS many new
 ones (more rez's, math co-processor socket, nice add-on slot, internal IDE
 hard drive and more) a brand new system, not an upgraded old one!!
     The only thing that might cost you a little extra is a decent VGA
 monitor and cable (I've been told that just about any good VGA monitor
 will work with the Falcon).  You should be able to pick up a good VGA
 monitor and cable for around $300.
     So for about $300 more than upgrading your current system, you'll have
 all of the Falcon's additional features AND a system that is faster than
 one upgraded to a T25 (according to Jim Allen).  No, it won't be as fast
 as Jim's or Dave's '030 board upgrades, but it'll be quite a bit cheaper
 (when you figure in all of the extra stuff you get).  You'll have a system
 that is upgradable to 14 megs of memory, has an internal slot that
 hardware programmers are already drooling over (I've heard talk of a '386
 emulator and a '040 add-on already).
     There are a couple of negatives (IMO).  One is that the Falcon comes
 in a 1040STe type of case.  I like the separate keyboard that my MegaST
 has.  Another is no one yet can tell me what SLM laser printer owners are
 supposed to do, the Falcon doesn't have a DMA slot (I'm sure that Atari is
 working on a 'fix' for this though).
     In spite of these two _minor_ negatives, I've already started saving
 my pennies, I plan buying one of the first Falcons' available to me (I'm
 sure that Atari hates to hear that <grin>) and I'd highly recommend one to
 any current ST owner...or potential ST owner!
     If you want to hear more about the Falcon and it's release, Sam
 Tramiel, president of Atari, will be in conference on the Genie ST RT on
 August 12th (a week before Atari debuts the Falcon at the Atari Messe show
 in Duesseldorf).  If you're a member of Genie, stop on over and hear what
 he has to say (if you're not a member of Genie...why not? <grin>).




                        MAXWELL C.P.U. MOVES EAST!

 Official Press Release

     Maxwell C.P.U., the developers of Silhouette,  Fractal Fantasy, Expose
 and Megstenders,  have moved  east.   Having resided in the great state of
 Colorado  for  the  past  four  years,  we  have  moved  to  Maryland  for
 professional reasons  - jobs.   My  wife and  I have  secured positions at
 Goddard Space Flight Center.  I am preparing the software needed to upload
 commands  and  receive  data  from the magnetometer instrument onboard the
 Mars Observer probe that is destined for Mars on a Titan IV booster.

     As it has been in the past two years, a full time  job does  take time
 away from  developing Silhouette,  but the  big advantage  is that Maxwell
 revenue can be refunneled  into the  business.   Silhouette has  reached a
 threshold  of  sorts,  and  it  has  shown  in  user enthusiasm and sales.
 Indeed, the enthusiasm and sales have kept my interest in Silhouette high.
 Version 1.5 is under construction and thoughts are turning to version 2.0.
  Participating in Atari computer shows have  been  a  great  boost  to the
 continued development of Silhouette.

     Atari  Corp.  will  begin  shipping  a  great  new  version  of the ST
 computer, the Falcon, at Dusseldorf this month and later this  year in the
 U.S. But  the ST  and TT  absolutely needs  more and improved software, so
 please help  me  in preventing  the unlawful  piracy of  Silhouette or any
 other programs.

     Moving to  Maryland is  offering some great opportunities for Maxwell.
 While having resided here only 3  weeks, we  have already  participated in
 two Atari  shows and are preparing to display at the Connecticut and WAACE
 shows.  Furthermore there is an abundance of Atari dealers in our area not
 the least  of which  is Toad  Computers.   Let me  add that the Asheville,
 North Carolina and Indianapolis  shows  were  outstanding.    Kudos  go to
 Sheldon Winick, Dan Ward and the people that supported them.
      Our new address is:

                                Maxwell CPU
                         1533 Meyer's Station Rd.
                             Odenton, MD 21113

                           Phone: (301)261-0637

 So the computers are unpacked and up and running. Maryland and vicinity is
 going to offer some new adventures unlike what  we had  in Colorado.   The
 humidity has eased up and Silhouette development is back on course.


 > FALCON OVERVIEW STR InfoFile    supports both VGA & broadcast monitors

                        FALCON PRELIMINARY OVERVIEW
                             REVISION No. III

 compiled by John Deegan

     From the  viewpoint of an application writer, the most important thing
 to understand about the  Falcon 030  is that  it is  an ST  compatible TOS
 machine.    This  means  that  software  written  to take advantage of the
 operating system features via operating system  calls of  earlier machines
 will  work  without  modification.    In  fact, a great deal of effort was
 expended to insure that a comprehensive  percentage of  software that runs
 on previous  machines will  continue to successfully operate.  The changes
 the user will see in  the  Falcon  over  previous  TOS  machines, involves
 greatly improved video and sound abilities.

 The video system has the following characteristics:

 1) The system supports both VGA and broadcast system monitor types.
    For this document "broadcast type monitor" means a TV as well as an
    analog RGB monitor such as the SC1224.

 2) The number of vertical lines can be either 200 or 400 (approx.)
    This is done by using interlace on broadcast monitors to get 400 lines
    and doubling each line on VGA monitors to get about 200.

 3) The number of horizontal pixels can be approximately either 640 or 320.

 4) The number of bitplanes can be either one, two, four or eight.
 5) Characteristics numbered 1-4 can be mixed in any combination.

 6) The color palette is 262144 in 1, 4 or 8 bit per pixel mode and 4096
    in 2 bit per pixel mode.

 7) Overscan is available in all broadcast video modes.

 8) A 16 bit per pixel, true color mode exists that will operate in all
    modes except 640 pixel wide VGA mode.

     All of  these modes  can be  accessed via  the GEM VDI. In the case of
 true color mode there is no color palette to allow for changing the  color
 of pixels  that have  been already drawn. The GEM VDI provides 256 virtual
 pens to use for drawing. These pens act just like the physical pens in the
 other modes  except that once a pixel is drawn, it cannot be changed using

 The sound system has the following components:

 1) 56001 Digital Signal Processor

 2) DMA sound engine that can playback or record one, two, three or four
    16 bit stereo channels at 12.5, 25, or 50 Khz.

 3) 16  Bit stereo  codec allowing  both input  and output  of sound  via  
 built-in headphone and microphone jacks.

 4) An external port (DSP) that allows external I/O for a wide variety of

 Falcon 030 Hardware Reference Guide

  The Falcon 030 hardware specification can be summarized as follows:

 CPU: 68030, 16 Mhz

 FPU: Socket for optional 68881 or 68882 running at 16 Mhz

 RAM: Custom module. 1 to 16 Mbytes of RAM.

 Blitter: Graphics coprocessor running at 16 Mhz

               Resolution   BPL  Colors     Palette colors
               ::::::::::   :::::::::::     ::::::::::::::
 ST Low-res    320 X 200      4      16      4096
 ST Med-res    640 X 200      2       8      4096
 STHigh-res    640 X 400      1       2      4096

 True color    640 X 480      8     256      262144
               320 X 200     15   32768      N/A. 1 bit for overlay   
 VGA or Video  X:320 or 640 1,4    2,16               (Overscan 
               Y:200 or 400   8     256       262144   selectable)

 All modes  can also  be Genlocked,  to provide multi-media capabilities on
 monitors or televisions.  The  true  color  modes  also  directly supports

 An  on  board  RF  modulator  allows for direct connection to TVs. Monitor
 connector allows connection  to  VGA  monitors,  ST  monochrome,  or color
 monitors (via an adapter plug). 

 Horizontal scrolling is supported, compatible with STE.

 Built in stereo 16-bit analog to Digital convertor.
 Built in stereo 16-bit DACs.
 Stereo microphone input and stereo headphone output jacks.
 Internal speaker.

 Sophisticated multiplexer connects DSP, Codec and DMA.
 3 channel PSG sound (compatible with ST)
 8 channel 16 bit PCM digital record/playback I/O
 Stereo 8bit PCM sound (compatible with TT030,STE and MSTE)
 Digital Audio/DSP connector

 DSP: 56001 32Mhz Digital Signal Processor with 32Kx24 zero wait state SRAM

 Modem/RS232 port (9 pin)
 MIDI in
 SCSI II (50 pin connector) with DMA
 LAN Local area network (compatible with TT030 and MegaSTE)

 Two STE compatible enhanced joystick ports supporting four paddles a light
 gun, and up to 21 buttons each.

 1.44 Mbyte Floppy Disk Drive

 Internal (optional) hard disk mechanism on IDE bus.

 94/95 key keyboard (with  enhanced  controller  IC  which  supports faster
 keystrokes, up to 300 DPI mouse, and prevents overrun and underrun).

 100 DPI mouse supplied as standard.

          Real time clock with battery backed, non-volatile RAM.
                           Optional internal HDD
                       Internal expansion connector



                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

                       To sign up for GEnie service:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                     Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

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              |B33||B34.4||B35|| B64 |  |     C35.4132      | 
              |===||=====||===||=====|  |===================| 
                   Your SysOps: John Peters [GENIELAMP] 
                        & Jim Flanagan [JFLANAGAN]
               CHECK IT OUT!-->  PAGE 515 - TYPE: M515[RET]

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 The GEnie  Buddy Bonus  Program makes  your friends worth 10 bucks each to
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 31, 1992. If you and your buddy are still active subscribers at the end of
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 And there's more! GEnie will award prizes for the person who brings in the
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 Here's your  chance to  make your  friends REALLY pay off! Type *BUDDY now
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       |     ST Roundtable Realtime Conference Special Events     |
       |  August 10th     Peter Zalesak of ABC Solutions will be  |
       |  (Monday)        the guest speaker. Peter will discuss   |
       |                  Publisher 2 - the first major upgrade   |
       |                  for Timeworks Desktop Publisher.        |
       |                                                          |
       |  August 12th     President of Atari, Sam Tramiel, will   |
       |  (Wednesday)     give us an advance look at the Falcon   |
       |                  prior to its debut the following week   |
       |                  at the Atari Messe show in Duesseldorf. |
       |     All conferences begin at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time     |

 NEW FREE FILE - Select "Darlah's Treat of the Month"  on page  475, Option
 #9.  This month's file is MONOCHROME ONLY.

 This  demo  version  of  INVISION  Elite  contains  many  new features not
 included in the first  demo. Also  included are  sample pictures, ordering
 information, and  the INVISION Elite RTC transcript.  INVISION Elite.  The
 ultimate black and white imaging package. New from Power Thought Software.
 For more info and support, see Category 7,  Topic 6  ("Invision Elite") in
 the Bulletin Board.  Remember this file is FREE.

  Last Month's Top Downloaded Programs/Utilities:

 24702 LZH201L.LZH (LH5)LZH     X ST.REPORT    920701   71296    598  40
       Desc: ** LATEST QUESTER UPDATE 201L **
 24750 SPX18.LZH                X GRMEYER      920704    7040    317  28
       Desc: SPX viewer v1.18
 24834 LHX.LZH                  X S.JOHNSON10  920711   18048    223   2
       Desc: Damaged LZH file recovery program
 24957 SERFX1_1.LZH             X BPENNER      920719    8064    220   2
       Desc: Serial Fix Version 1.1
 24995 FREEFILE.LZH             X F.KOCH       920722    1792    208   7
       Desc: Aladdin script to DL free file
 24713 LABEL2.LZH               X N.BEDY       920701   10880    197   2
       Desc: A label maker for 3.5 disks.

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > ALL 'ROUND GENIE STR Feature          LOOKIN' GEnie OVER!

                             All Around Genie


 Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Editor of ST Report

 A few posts that I found interesting in my travels around Genie.  Most 
 are related to computers and/or the ST, some are not.  Today's posts are 
 all from the Jerry Pournelle RT.
 Some folks have left me E-Mail asking why I print so much from the Jerry 
 Pournelle RT.  The answer is simple, I hang out there a lot.  There is a 
 lot of discussion about 1,001 different topics going on over there all 
 of the time.  Discussions about politics, nuclear energy, politics, 
 medicine, computers - yes, the ST and TT are talked about there, along 
 with other systems - books, science fiction (usually Jerry's books) and 
 a little bit of everything else (the only two topics not allowed are 
 abortion and religion).
 Plus one of the best things about Jerry's area is IT IS FREE!!  Yes, it 
 is part of Genie's BASIC Services, so it's included in the monthly basic 
 Genie payment.  You can spend 20 hours a week there and it doesn't cost 
 you a penny (unless you d/l files).  Come on over and tell them that 
 Lloyd sent you.
 From Category 4,  Topic 40, Message 66 - D.JONES117 [Mobius]...
 For those who travel and have troubles...If you are in a Hotel room that 
 has no RJ11 jack Unlimited Systems 619-277- 3300

 They have a gizmo called a Blackjack, it screws into the mouthpiece of 
 the telephone and puts a standard RJ11 into it. $50.00

 And the Konexx plugs into the small jack for the mouthpiece for $100.00 
 this one works most of the time.

 Reply by C.IRBY1 [cirby]...
 For under $5, you can get two alligator clips and an RJ11 female and 
 clip into an open phone mouthpiece/earpiece...

 Some computer jokes from Category 4,  Topic 24...
 From D.MOELLER2 [DaveM] - From COMPUTERWORLD (with a little editing):
    A software salesman died and since the salesman had led a bit of a 
    mixed life, St. Peter decided to leave the decision of what to do 
    with his soul up to the dead man. St. Peter leads the guy to two 
    doors. Behind Door No. 1, it's party time--rock and roll, funny hats, 
    everyone having a ball. Behind Door No. 2, things are pretty quiet--
    pastoral scene, white robes, hymnal reading. The software salesman 
    says to St. Peter, "Gee, I'm a rock 'n roll kind of guy, I'll opt for 
    Door No. 1." So he goes in, St. Peter backs out, the door slams shut 
    and locks. Dead silence. Suddenly, in a cloud of sulfurous smoke, the 
    devil appears. The software salesman says, "Hey, what happened to the 
    rock and roll?" Devil says, "Ah, so you liked our demo, eh?"

 How many Wordperfect users does it take to change a lightbulb?

    101.  1 to do the 'CTRL-ALT-RIGHT SHIFT-L' command and 100 to write 
    books on how to do it.


 The Laws Of Computer Programming

  1. Any given program, when running, is obsolete.
  2. Any given program costs more and takes longer each time it is run.
  3. If a program is useful, it will have to be changed.
  4. If a program is useless, it will have to be documented.
  5. Any given program will expand to fill all the available memory.
  6. The value of a program is inversely proportional to the weight of
     its output.
  7. Program complexity grows until it exceeds the capability of the 
     programmer who must maintain it.


 Pierce's Law

    In any computer system, the machine will always misinterpret, mis-
 construe, misprint, or not evaluate any maths or subroutines or fail to 
 print any output on at least the first run through.

 Corollary To Pierce's Law

    When a compiler accepts a program without error on the first run, the 
 program will not yield the desired output.

 Osborn's Law

    Variables won't; constants aren't.


 Troutman's postulate

  1. Profanity is the one language understood by all programmers.

  2. Not until a program has been in production for six months will 
     the most harmful error be discovered.

  3. Job control cards that positively cannot be arranged in improper 
     order will be.

  4. Interchangeable tapes won't.

  5. If the input editor has been designed to reject all bad input, an 
     ingenious idiot will discover a method to get bad data past it.

  6. If a test installation functions perfectly, all subsequent systems 
     will malfunction.


 Weinberg's Second Law

    If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then 
 the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.


 Sattinger's Law

    It works better if you plug it in.

 Jenkinson's Law

    It won't work.


 Horner's Five Thumb Postulate

    Experience varies directly with equipment ruined.


 Cheop's Law

    Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.


 Rule Of Accuracy
    When working toward the solution of a problem, it always helps if you 
 know the answer.


 Westheimer's Rule

    To estimate the time it takes to do a task: estimate the time you 
    think it should take, multiply by two and change the unit of measure 
    to the next highest unit. Thus, we allocate two days for a one hour 


 Stockmayer's Theorem

    If it looks easy, it's tough.
    If it looks tough, it's damn near impossible.


 Brooke's Law

    Adding manpower to a late software makes it later.


 Finagle's Fourth Law

    Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it will only make 
    it worse.


 Featherkile's Rule

    Whatever you did, that's what you planned.


 Flap's Law

    Any inanimate object, regardless of its position, configuration or 
    purpose, may be expected to perform at any time in a totally 
    unexpected manner for reasons that are either entirely obscure or 
    else completely mysterious.


 From D.MOELLER2 [DaveM]

    How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
      None--it's a hardware problem!
    The canonical form of this joke is:

    How many hardware engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
      None, it's a software problem!
    How many programmers (software engineers, whatever) does it take to 
    change a light bulb?

      None, it's a documentation problem!

    How many technical writers does it take to change a light bulb?

      None, it's a hardware problem!


 R.DREWYOR3 [>>Rich<<]...
    Left brain people use PCs...
    Right brain people don't use computers...
    No brain people use Macs.

 From W.EARL [Bill Earl]
    A hardware engineer, a software salesman, and a programmer were 
    driving a company car through the desert on the way to COMDEX. In the 
    middle of nowhere, they heard the THUMP THUMP THUMP sound of a flat 

    They pulled over and the engineer and salesman got out to look over 
    the situation. Sure enough, one of the tires was flat. The software 
    salesman said "Well, the company should have replaced these tires 
    with a new set a long time ago." The hardware engineer said "Nope, 
    they need to trade in the fleet for a better model. This car even has 
    one of those dumb emergency tires instead of a real spare."

    The programmer leaned out the window, looked at the tire, and said 
    "Well, it's not making any noise now; let's take it back out on the 
    road and see if it runs okay this time."

 From ROBERT.L...

    I heard a different punch line that I like better. The programmer 
    says: "Lets keep on driving and hope that nobody notices"


 > LEGAL RIGHTS V STR Feature                   "TRADE PIRATES"

                       ADAPSO AND SPA--TRADE PIRATES

 by Albert Silverman

 From the Mac RT on GEnie

 This is the fifth article in a series on "piracy"--with a reverse twist. 
 This series currently includes the following articles:

 (1)  Great Software Licensing Hoax    (LEGAL RIGHTS PIRACY1)
 (2)  Software Copyright/License Quiz  (LEGAL RIGHTS PIRACY2)
 (3)  Great School Copyright Robbery   (LEGAL RIGHTS PIRACY3)
 (4)  San Diego County--Truth Squad    (LEGAL RIGHTS PIRACY4)
 (5)  ADAPSO and SPA--Trade Pirates    (LEGAL RIGHTS PIRACY5)
 (6)  Aldus--Snaring a Pirate Chief!   (LEGAL RIGHTS PIRACY6)



     Meet the  computer industry's  major trade  association: ADAPSO, which
 originally   stood   for   "Association   of   Data   Processing   Service
 Organizations."   Its current  name is the "Computer Software and Services
 Industry Association," but who  can pronounce  CSSIA?   Since 1984, ADAPSO
 has  been  disseminating  a  creative and very imaginative little pamphlet
 entitled "Thou Shalt Not Dupe."  Claimed as its purpose is the "education"
 of the  computer software  user about the nature of the software copyright
 laws, and the effects of software "piracy."

     Apparently, however, it is only the software USER who shalt  not dupe,
 as the  software industry,  led by  its two trade associations, ADAPSO and
 SPA, continues to dupe  software  users  (about  the  true  nature  of the
 copyright  and/or  licensing  laws)  on  every  possible front.  In simple
 language, ADAPSO is  a  full-fledged  "legal-rights  pirate,"  among other

 The King of Disinformation

 Given below are three quotations from ADAPSO's engaging little pamphlet.

 Quote #1
 "Reproducing computer software without authorization violates the US 
 copyright law."

 The Purpose:

 To hide the fact that there are two circumstances in which you ARE 
 permitted to make unauthorized copies of copyrighted computer software.

 The Truth:

 (1) The making of backup copies of copyrighted computer software, with-
     out  the  authorization  of  the  copyright  owner, IS permitted under
     Section 117(2) of the copyright law.

 (2) The making of a copy of computer software, without the authorization 
     of  the  copyright  owner,  IS  permitted  for  the  selected purposes
     detailed in Section 107 ("fair use") of the copyright law.

 Quote #2

 "The money paid for a software product represents a license fee for the 
 use of one copy."

 The Purpose:

 (1) to attempt to convince you that your use of any commercial computer 
     program is controlled by a license agreement.

 (2) to inform you that your right to make copies of software is 
     controlled by a license agreement

 The Truth:

 (1) If you have not entered into a license agreement, you own the title 
     to  the  software.    And  if  you  own the title to the software, the
     purchase price is NOT (repeat: NOT) a "license fee."

 (2) In either case, your right to make and/or use copies of purchased 
     software is controlled by the federal copyright law and NOT (repeat: 
     NOT) by a license agreement.

 Quote #3

 "The developer trusts that the customer will make use of only those copies
 for  which  he  has  purchased  a  license, even though making additional,
 unauthorized copies."

 The Purpose:

 (1) to attempt to convince you that your use of any commercial computer 
     program is controlled by a license agreement.

 (2) to inform you that your right to make copies of software is 
     controlled by a license agreement.

 (3) to inform you that you may not use any more copies simultaneously 
     than the number that you have purchased

 The Truth:

 (1) If you have not entered into a license agreement, you own the title 
     to the software.  If you own the title to the software, the purchase 
     price is NOT (repeat: NOT) a license fee.

 (2) In either case, your right to make and/or use copies of purchased 
     software is controlled by the federal copyright law and NOT (repeat: 
     NOT) by a license agreement.

 (3) Copyright law may (under a "fair use" exception) permit the use of a 
     single purchased copy simultaneously on two or more computers.


 Meet SPA, which stands for "Software Publishers Association." Like ADAPSO,
 SPA  is  no  slouch  in  the  disinformation department.  As the Prince of
 Disinformation, it  can also  tell a  boldfaced lie  about the  law with a
 straight face.

 SPA has  published two  little imaginative  pamphlets, whose purpose is of
 course to "educate" the legally-ignorant software  user about  the salient
 features  of  the  software  copyright  laws.    One of these pamphlets is
 entitled "Software Use and the Law:  A Guide  for Individuals, Educational
 Institutions,  User  Groups,  and  Corporations."  The  other  is a little
 question and answer  session  (a  favorite  technique  used  by  those who
 dispense such disinformation) entitled: "Is it Okay to Copy my Colleague's
 Software?"  Let  us  now  scrutinize  the  honesty  of  SPA's  program  of
 user-education.   Here are  some imaginative  quotes from its publication:
 "Software Use and the Law"

 The Prince of Disinformation

 Quote #1

 "Title 17 of  the  U.S.  Code  states  that  'it  is  illegal  to  make or
 distribute copies  of copyrighted material without authorization' (Section
 106).  The only exception is the user's  right to  make a  backup copy for
 archival purposes (Section 117)."

 The purpose:

 (1) to hide the fact that there are exceptions, OTHER than for archival 
     (backup) purposes,  to the  copyright owner's  exclusive right to make
     and distribute copies, and
 (2) to convince the user that only a single copy can be made for 
     archival purposes

 The Truth:
 (1) The doctrine of "fair use" (Section 107 of the copyright law) grants 
     the right to make and use unauthorized copies for selected purposes, 
     which  are  unrelated  to  the  making  of  such  copies  for archival

 (2) Section 117 of the copyright law does NOT limit the number of copies 
     which can be made for archival purposes.

 Quote #2

 "The law..........................does  not give  users the  right to copy
 software unless a backup copy is not provided by the manufacturer."

 The Purpose:

 (1) to sell publisher-furnished ("pseudo-backup") copies of copy- 
     protected  computer  programs  as  replacements  for  disks  which are
     damaged during use.

 (2) to discourage the user from attempting to make a backup copy of a 
     copy-protected program

 The Truth:

 The copyright law permits the user to make copies of ANY publisher- 
 supplied program "for archival purposes." Whether or not such a copy is 
 labeled "archival" or "backup" is irrelevant, and such labeling cannot 
 abridge this basic user right.

 Quote #3

 "When a publisher provides a backup,........................there is no 
 defensible use for a code breaker on that product."

 The purpose:

 To  convince  you  that  it  is  unethical to make backup copies of a copy
 protected program

 The Truth:

 There is nothing EITHER ILLEGAL  OR  UNETHICAL  in  the  making  of backup
 copies of  a copy-protected  computer program.   On the contrary, making a
 backup copy of such  a program  eliminates the  requirement that  the user
 PURCHASE (from  the publisher or a distributor) a "backup" copy to replace
 an ORIGINAL copy which is damaged during use.

 Quote #4

 "Because Congress did not envision the growth of this sub-industry of code
 breakers, they are not mentioned in the Copyright Act."

 The Purpose:

 to  convince  you  that  the  Congress  might  have  written  Section  117
 differently, had it foreseen that there would be scoundrels out  there who
 would be  so audacious  as to  profit from  helping the software user make
 backup copies of copy-protected programs.
 The Truth:

 Congress  draws  no  distinction  between  unprotected  and copy-protected
 programs  since  such  a  distinction  is  irrelevant in the intent of the
 archival exception.  It grants the user the right to  make archival backup
 copies of  ANY computer  program, whether or not the publisher approves or
 disapproves.  Period.

 Quote #5

 "Public Law 101-650, the  Software  Rental  Amendments  Act  of  1990, now
 prohibits the  lending of  original copies  of commercial software without
 the express permission of the copy-right holder."

 The Purpose:

 to convince the user  that it  is illegal  to LEND  your original computer
 software, under all circumstances

 The Truth:

 In 1990,  Section 109  of the  copyright law  was amended  to prohibit the
 temporary transfer of computer software to  another party  for the purpose
 of direct  or indirect  commercial advantage.   Nothing  in this amendment
 prohibits the LENDING of software (to a friend, for example) when there is
 no profit motive.

 Here are some of the answers from SPA's other imaginative little pamphlet,
 entitled: "Is it Okay to Copy my Colleague's Software?"


 "So I'm never allowed to copy software for any reason?"


 "No, you are allowed to make one backup copy if one wasn't included in the
 box.   Copyright law  prohibits you  from making  additional copies of the
 software for any other  reason  without  the  permission  of  the software

 The Purpose:

 (1) to sell publisher-furnished ("pseudo-backup") copies of copy protected
     computer programs as replacements for disks  which are  damaged during

 (2) to discourage the user from attempting to make a backup copy of a 
     copy-protected program.

 (3) to convince the user that only a single copy can be made for 
     archival purposes.

 (4) to hide the fact that there are exceptions, OTHER than for archival 
     purposes, to the copyright owner's exclusive right to make and 
     distribute copies.

 The Truth:

 (1) The copyright law permits the user to make backup copies of any 
     original (purchased)  computer software,  without regard to the number
     of copies supplied by the publisher.

 (2) Section 117 of the copyright law does not limit the number of copies 
     which can be made for archival purposes.

 (3) The doctrine of "fair use" (Section 107 of the copyright law) grants 
     the right to make and use unauthorized copies for specific purposes 
     which  are  unrelated  to  the  making  of  such  copies  for archival


 "What happens when I receive an upgrade? Can I give my old version to 
 someone else to use?"


 "The answer  to this  question is  generally 'no.' Upgrading your software
 doesn't  give  you  the   right  to   sell  or   give  away   the  earlier

 The Purpose:

 to prevent  you from  transferring a publisher-furnished copy, even though
 you are NOT licensing the use of the software

 The Truth:

 Section 109(a) of the copyright law provides that  one who  owns the title
 to  a  computer  program  may  transfer  it  without the permission of the
 copyright owner.  However, one who does not own the title, but  is instead
 using the  software under  a license agreement with the publisher, may not
 legally transfer the software IF the  terms of  the license  prohibit such
 transfer.   A licensee  who violates this provision of a license, although
 not guilty of copyright infringement, is  guilty of  a breach  of contract
 and may be prosecuted in state court.

 It is very difficult to figure out what this particular question has to do
 with "copying your colleague's software," which is supposedly  the content
 of  the  material  in  the  little pamphlet containing this question.  But
 then, the industry's purpose  is to  muddle the  issues to  such an extent
 that the software user will give up the battle (understanding what the law
 is all about) out of frustration.  Nice try, SPA.
 Protecting the "copy-protectors"

 The use of "copy-protection" has not yet disappeared from the  scene.  One
 of SPA's  purposes is  to protect  the interests of those diehard software
 publishers who are still using copy-protection.  This  practice frustrates
 the  intent  of  Congress,  which  is  to grant the USER the right to make
 archival backup  copies.   Once again,  SPA sees  nothing at  all wrong in
 blatantly  LYING  about  the  law  in  order  to  achieve his desired end:
 preventing the software user from making backup copies of a copy-
 protected program.


 Read all about it in "THE COPYRIGHT GAME, ETC.--A Strategic  Guide for the
 Computer Software  User," by  Albert Silverman.   ISBN 0-9527435-1-8.  330
 pages in nominal 8-1/2"x11" format, softbound with an attractive cover.

 What is the purpose  of this  book? Replacing  the legal  Mumbo-Jumbo with
 plain  English,  it  provides  an  all-inclusive,  detailed, and impartial
 explanation of the computer  software  copyright  laws,  using  past court
 cases for  clarification of  obscure language in the written letter of the
 law.  Since there  is NO  commercially-generated distortion,  it is likely
 that  you  will  find  some  surprises;  i.e.,  which  run contrary to the
 industry's self-serving "interpretation" of the law.   Thoroughly debunked
 is the  industry's attempt  to pirate  your legal  rights by  the use of a
 phoney "licensing strategy."   Included  is  a  detailed  and entertaining
 analysis of  several leading Software License Agreements.  In summary, you
 are provided with sufficient and  accurate  information  (i.e.,  the legal
 FACTS)  to  permit  you  to  handle  your  computer software in the manner
 intended by  the  U.S.  Congress,  while  safely  ignoring  those industry
 perversions of  the law  which seek to gain for it an unfair advantage--at
 YOUR expense.

 Exposed in great detail is the outrageous software industry piracy  of the
 legal rights  of unsophisticated  software users  (directed by unconcerned
 educational administrators) within the California public schools.  For the
 first  time  ever,  this  well-hidden  scheme  has  been  unearthed  (with
 supporting and incriminating documentation from my extensive research into
 the inner  educational sanctum)  and is  being made public.  Although this
 ongoing effort is particularly  well-organized in  California, the premier
 "computer state,"  it blankets  the entire  nation, leaving no educational
 level uncovered.

 The disastrous result of this exceptionally cozy relationship  between the
 computer software  industry and  the California Department of Education is
 explained.  If you are at  all  concerned  about  the  way  in  which this
 illicit  educational-commercial  "partnership"  affects  the  integrity of
 computer education in your public schools and drains  away your  tax money
 to  line  the  software  industry's pockets with unwarranted profits, this
 book is essential reading.

 What will NOT be found in this book? Since its  sole purpose  is to ensure
 that  you   understand  precisely   what  conduct  is  required  for  your
 (simultaneous) compliance with federal  copyright law  and state licensing
 law, there  are no  sermons about  your "moral"  or "ethical" obligations.
 That is, it is  only  your  hard  and  fast  LEGAL  obligations  which are
 addressed.  The industry's "moral suasion" is most often an attempt to get
 the software user to obey the  law;  i.e.,  it  is  a  substitute  for the
 economically-unfeasible  prosecution  of  small-  scale  violations of the
 copyright law.  On the other hand, there may also  be a  piratical attempt
 to make  an end-run  around the law.  That is, when there is NO ground for
 legal action against the software user, the industry may seek  to gain its
 own  way,  either  by  shaming  the  user  with  claims  of immoral and/or
 unethical conduct or  by  the  use  of  a  phoney  (and  usually coercive)
 "license." This book sorts it all out for you.

 The price  of $19.92  (check or  money order) includes $4.50 for handling,
 shipping by UPS, and  sales tax  if shipped  to a  California address.   A
 street address  is required for shipping purposes.  Off-the-shelf delivery

                             INTELLOGIC PRESS
                               P.O. Box 3322
                            La Mesa  CA  91944


 Any questions? If you want information  about the  subject matter  of this
 article, or  if you want more information about my book, send me a message
 by GE Mail.  My GEnie mail address is A.SILVERMAN4.  Or  you may  write to
 me at  the above address, enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope if
 you would like a reply.


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Cupertino, CA                       APPLE ANNOUNCES NEW MAC LCII

     Apple has plans to  come out  in the  fall with  a new  version of the
 Apple Macintosh  LCII.   This new  unit is  codenamed Brazil.   The Brazil
 will include a 68030, a CD ROM drive, color monitor  and Apple's QuickTime
 multimedia architecture  prebundled.  This Mac is due in October'92 though
 consumer outlets priced around $1000.00.  Also due out in the fall  are at
 least  2,  possibly  3  new  PowerBooks  w/145meg  HD  and 4Meg ram.  Plus
 several System 7 upgrades and enhancements.


     B.Dalton bookstores, has began tests at selected outlets  that will be
 carrying  computers  software,  mainly  games  and educational.  Among the
 systems they  plan  to carry  titles for  is Radio  Shack, IBM,  Apple and
 Atari.  The move is viewed as a response to Walden's "Waldensoft".

 - Boston, MA                     COMPUSERVE EXHIBITED AT MACWORLD

     CompuServe  exhibited  at  the  MacWorld Expo in Boston, 4-Aug through
 7-Aug.  CompuServe representatives will demonstrate the latest  version of
 CompuServe  Information  Manager  for  Macintosh (Mac CIM Version 2.0) and
 CompuServe Navigator for  Macintosh  (Version  3.1),  as  well  as provide
 information and helpful tips.

 - San Francisco                            SEYBOLD DEBUTS ON ZIFFNET

     To celebrate its debut on ZiffNet, Seybold, a newsletter publisher and
 trade show company, is extending a special offer to members  attending its
 Fall  Publishing  and  Communications  Expo.    Sign  up  for  Seybold San
 Francisco between now and 21-Aug, and receive free  admission to  the Expo
 (a $30  value).  The Expo runs from 23-Sep to 25-Sep and features exhibits
 from more than 250  vendors, plus  Gutenberg's Garage,  a special hands-on
 training center,  and the  Seybold Art Gallery.  Also on ZiffNet, look for
 articles from Seybold's three  newsletters: Digital  Media, Seybold Report
 on  Desktop  Publishing  and  Seybold  Report  on  Publishing Systems.  To
 access Seybold within ZiffNet or ZiffNet/Mac, GO SEYBOLD. From CompuServe,
 GO ZNT:SEYBOLD.  To sign  up for the Expo, just GO SANFRAN from within the
 Seybold area, and choose Register for Seybold San Francisco. ZiffNet  is a
 part of CompuServe's extended services. 


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

                   Messages * NOT * EDITED for "content"

 From CIS
 (A correction & clarification....)

 #: 33698 S1/Forum Business
     06-Aug-92  13:24:13
 Sb: Corrections
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: All

     This message is being posted to make a correction and a clarification
 to comments posted by me in a message earlier this week.

     In my message I stated that Atari Canada had been closed.  Talking to
 Atari Corp this morning (Bob Brodie), it was pointed out to me that the
 Atari Canada operation had not been totally closed, but had been turned
 into a satellite sales office, with many of the other administrative
 functions being consolidated into Sunnyvale.  If you call Atari Canada,
 the phones will be answered.

     In my earlier message, while discussing the open market repurchases of
 company stock and debentures, I had made the statement that this was
 "probably not illegal as long as it was done right....."  My message was
 intended to be a public explanation about the concept of company
 repurchases, and the specific comment in question was made with the intent
 of saying that Atari Corp.'s actions along these lines were NOT illegal. 
 In fact, its a fairly common action taken by many companies when such
 stock and bond repurchases can be made at strategic times.

     I certainly did not mean to imply in any way that the actions taken by
 Atari Corp. or the Tramiels were illegal (or even improper) in any way.
 Quite honestly, I was surprised to hear that my message had been misread
 to give such an impression and I quickly *volunteered* to place this
 clarification online the moment I heard about the misunderstanding.

     I publicly apologize to Atari and the Tramiels for anyone who might
 have taken such an inference from my message about their actions.  I have
 always enjoyed honorable dealings with Sam and family and it was never my
 intent to imply otherwise.  In fact, such repurchases in the open market
 tend to give support to the stock price.  While I'm sure myself and other
 shareholders would have preferred a higher support price ($8/share would
 be nice. [grin]), I applaud Atari Corp for showing faith enough to make
 any repurchases.
                                                  Ron Luks

 From the FNET

 (An international opinion)

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 20946/20959  Lines: Extended  Read: 2
 Sent : Jul 09, 1992  at 6:01 PM
 Recv : Jul 09, 1992
 To   : Gerry Mon @Fnet 504
 From : Steve Taylor
 Subj : Re: Wars

 In a message of <07 Jul 92  08:49:00>, Gerry Mon @Fnet 504 (100:2/0)
 - Previously Spider-man wrote: 
 - As the Director of Communications for Atari Corp. don't you think that 
 - B owes it to Atari and to Atari's users to be unbiased and even-handed 
 - in treatment of various software developers.  It's not as though 
 - Atari I never understood this "unbiased" argument.  I feel that this is 
 - impossible.  We are all human and we all have biases.  All businesses 
 - form partnerships with other businesses. 
 - Finally, this is America.  I would like to think that Bob Brodie is 
 - entitled to having personal preferences in certain third party 
 - software. 
 Well sure, Bob Brodie is entitled to his *personal* preferences but when
 he uses Atari Corp. to bolster his biases it does not leave them a great
 deal of credibility.  Not everybody can get free TTs, laser printers,
 Falcons etc. but it seems like a bit more than chance is involved. 

 Finally, this is the UK and it affects us here as well when this sort of
 bias has a negative effect on the Atari community of which we are all

 Ridiculous favoritism is no way to run a successful company... 
 ATB, Steve. 
  * Origin: Steve Taylor's Point on <<<InterNet--- (100:100/0.11)

 From GEnie's ST RT

 Category 18,  Topic 25
 Message 102       Fri Jul 31, 1992
 R.NOAK                       at 01:14 EDT
 Did you read the Forbes article?  I've come to a startling conclusion! The
 author of the article, is really Lloyd Pulley writing under one of his
 many nom de plumes!  Think about it.  Have you ever seen Lloyd and Dyan
 Machan (the alleged author) together at the same time?  I thought not.  We
 all know that only ST Report would print such an article which is proof
 in, and of, itself.  Also, Lloyd has been accused of being about 3 or 4
 other people and no responsible person would make accusations like that
 without something to back them up.  Come on Lloyd.  Prove to us that you
 and Dyan Machan are not the same person.

 Randy @ Southlake, Inc.


 (Uh oh, the jig is up!)

 Category 18,  Topic 25
 Message 103       Fri Jul 31, 1992
 LEPULLEY [Lloyd Pulley]      at 02:50 EDT

 You caught me out.  Yes, I'm Dyan Machan.  ST Report has infiltrated
 Forbes and is planning on using it for our hidden agenda.

 Lloyd <grin> Pulley


 Category 18,  Topic 25
 Message 104       Fri Jul 31, 1992
 ISD [Nathan]                 at 10:03 EDT
 Now that is really funny Lloyd!


 (ah yes.... from the funnybone)

 Category 18,  Topic 25
 Message 105       Fri Jul 31, 1992
 R.NOAK                       at 23:23 EDT
 I thought so.

 Hey, now that you mention it, has anyone ever seen Malcolm Forbes Jr. and
 Ralph together?  I didn't think so!

 Randy @ Southlake, Inc.


 From the FNET

 (Interesting Position....)

 Conf : Atari Explorer On-Line
 Msg# : 55/44  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Jul 26, 1992  at 5:45 PM
 To   : Ron Kovacs
 From : Robert Guadagno at Fnet Node 133, Hologram Inc. - 133 - O.B., NJ
 Subj : Atari, and other Myths

 In a message of 25 Jul 92  09:27:00, Ron Kovacs wrote:

    I have done much in the past few years, I have fought long and hard
    FOR Atari.  Stood up for a machine whilst I watched friends and co-
    workers surpass me with  their home computers.  I have seen quartly
    reports from IBM, Compaq,  and Apple showing strong sales and large
    market share (note: sales were weaker that previous years, but good
    for current conditions). And on the other hand I had Atari,  once a
    proud company, fighting to reach some success, now I see her asleep
    on the job, whilst others look on her and spit. This hurts me, alot
    more than anyone can know. I have a major investment with Atari and
    not just will a few hundred shares of the company, I have a MEGA ST
    4 with a AdSpeed ST 16Mhz board, a color and mono monitor, an extra
    floppy drive,  an Atari MEGAFILE 60,  and a supra FD-10 for storage
    plus the Migraph Hand Scanner, and the Navarone Sheet-Feed scanner,
    as well as the Atari SLM804 Laser for "professional looking" prints
    when my Panasonic KX-P1124 needs a rest. TONS of software, NAME IT!
    I most likely have (or HAD) a PURCHASED COPY!!! (I own TWO (2), YES
    TWO copies of WordPerfect).

    Now I feel cheated, cheated becaue Atari is doing everything wrong!
    Releasing product I know she'll never support with any strong back-
    ing,  and that will not likely  BE supported by software companies.
    So here  I have my last say,  my ability to let off some collective
    steam, Why?  because Atari has hurt ME for one last time.
 RK> The "Year of Atari" was something coined from ST.REPORT.

     I never stated the origin of the phrase,  but STR was not the ONLY
     magazine to use it, I recall Z*NET, Current Notes, AIM, as well as
     ST Informer. Plus I can recall Atari telling us 1990  was going to

 RK> And if you think about it,  there are plenty of other cute quotes that
 RK> slip out of the mouths of the editors.

     Yes, I know. However, my message was NOT about STR.

 RK> The problem with it all is just your type of message. Not the content,
 RK> but the perception of things.

     Ron,  please I thought you knew me better than that. What I wrote
     came from  many-a-month after Bobs reply to me after I wrote that 
     he was WRONG about  Atari making money FY '91.
     On top of the  fact that the report I received now tells me I was
     2-Million off,  Atari did not lose 12-Million  First Quarter '92,
     They lost 14-Million!

 RK> If Atari were to constantly release product to the public there
 RK> wouldn't be any support for it.

     I understand that,  IF Atari was a "normal" company but lets take
     your statement one part at a time. First Atari has yet to release
     a NEW product,  the STe was not  "new"  it was a correction of an
     original developers error, lets face it. The TT is new,  but it's
     OLD Technology,  and is still  limited because  Atari  has YET to
     THINK that people would like to EXPAND (not just memory!).

     Second.  Even if the Falcon does come out, I will repeat IF! does
     anybody really THINK they will be supported!  and if so by WHO!?!
     Tell me one, only ONE software publisher that will support it and
     CodeHead, ISD, ICD, Gribnif, SDS, ATARI, SoftLogik, GoldLeaf  (as
     well as the rest of the Professional Systems Group), and ALL MIDI
     software companies CAN NOT BE INCLUDED!

 RK> The STe and TT were released to developers and they have continued to
 RK> develop for it.

     Give me NAMES!, WHO???  Daffy Duck!  what company is "looking" at
     the Falcon? and don't give me that  "I am not allowed"  garbage!!
     I know full-well  "Why" Bob Brodie is "unwilling" to provide that's because all the names are the SAME! no one new
     on the list!  tell me I'm wrong!!!! and then PROVIDE PROOF!!! :^)

 RK> The NEW machine is close to release to developers who will hopefully
 RK> create more product.

     YES! I agree, from CodeHead, ISD, ICD,  etc. etc. etc. (I wonder
     if PaineWebber will be opening an office in Germany?).

 RK> There aren't too many companies having great years right now because
 RK> of the economy.

     Again, I agree, but that's the 1991-1992 excuse, what about 1987-

 RK> We all have to cut back.  Until things change, what else can be done.
 RK> You cannot spend money, like TV, Radio etc... with low income.

     You have to SPEND money to MAKE money, and Atari has done: C) None
     of the above.

  * Origin: Aces High BBS ~ Matawan, NJ ~ AtariNet 51:4/4 ~ (1:107/662.0)

 From the FNET, a few of _47_ messages recently posted by Brodie
 wish we could see as much Atari participation on the majors....

 ("Public Relations at its _very_best!")

 Conf : Atari Explorer Online 
 Msg# : 245 Lines: 16  Read: 6
 Sent : Jul 20, 1992 at 6:12 AM
 To   : Mark Kovarski
 From : Bob Brodie at Z*Net Golden Gate - California (Node #706)
 Subj : Statistics

 In reply to:

  - Since Atari Corporation and its representatives lack professional
  - business matters, I will tell you and the rest whatever I feel
  - necessary to be known to you and the rest. If you don't like it, just
  - ignore my messages.
 Mark, I'm getting an awful lot of complaints about the posts you and your
 brother make. Please stop.
 It's not your place to post whatever you feel is necessary. You and your
 brother are becoming VERY annoying, AGAIN. If you care to discuss Atari
 Computers with regard to your usage of them, and any problems that you
 might have in using them, we're glad to help.
 Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

 (The "analyst" speaks)

 Conf : Atari Explorer Online 
 Msg# : 245 Lines: 20  Read: 6
 Sent : Jul 20, 1992 at 6:39 AM
 From : Bob Brodie at Z*Net Golden Gate - California (Node #706)
 Subj : Re: <24500> Open your eyes

 In reply to:

 - Oh another thing, Mark Kovarski is by NO STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION an
 - Atari basher.  He does not have "contempt" for Atari.  He, like me,
 - wish that Atari were in a much better position right now.  He simply
 - doesn't want to be mislead.  He wants the facts out on the table where
 - he can see them.  Isn't that what we all want?
 You could have fooled me, Shervin. I think he does have contempt for
 Atari. Frankly, I'm not even sure if he owns an Atari ST/STE/TT right now.
 I'm not asking for apologists in this conference. This is a place to
 discuss, and get help with Atari ST/STE/TT Computers. You are free to ask
 questions on almost any topic related to our product line. However, I get
 more complaints about the Kovarksi Brothers than anything else, and that
 includes our failure to advertise!!!  
 Approach is everything online. They come across as arrogant. Most of the
 users are reacting negatively to that, which is to be expected.
 (Somebody else; "Saying like it is")

 Conf : Atari Explorer Online Crossnet
 Msg# : 21295 76  Lines: Extended  Read: 5
 Sent : Jul 21, 1992 at 3:37 PM
 To   : Bob Brodie
 From : Mark Kovarski at The Bre(/\)ery _ Ajax_Canada _ (Node #66)
 Subj : Atari

 Replies: 24801 

 Mr. Brodie,
 I am not certain if you are still trying to answer my questions regarding
 the three 'bugs' or you are just ignoring them because you don't know the
 answers. Thank you very much anyway.

 I would like you to answer the following question. You have pointed out
 that at Atari Corporation there are many projects which are worked on
 under different code-names. This leads me to the so-called "Panther". You
 have not denied the existence of this particular piece of hardware, but
 you also have not confirmed it. I am certainly interested in the fact that
 Mr.  Grove's Company (CEO of Intel Corporation) has a PC workstation with
 the name "Panther", which is based on the new 586i microprocessor, which 
 customers will be able to licence. Titles and slogans can be protected to
 some extent by federal trademark law and by state laws against unfair
 competition and misappropriation; a title, for example, will be protected
 by those laws if it has acquired such a reputation in the public mind that
 the use of it by someone else would amount to taking a free ride on the
 first user's/companies popularity. I seriously doubt that Atari
 Corporation will be running a lawsuit against lawsuit hungry Intel
 Corporation. However, there is a very high probability that it will be the
 other way around once this issue will be put on the desk of Intel

 Also, a benchmarking test completed by Sanford C. Bernstein & CO.,
 Integrated Circuit Engineering Corp. shows that under the CISC category
 the Intel 486 microprocessor is ranking first with a SPECmarks of 19 while
 the Motorola 68040 is second at 11 SPECmarks. Needless to say, both
 processor are exceptionally fast, however the winner is the Intel

 I have obtained from Intel Corporation some Data Sheets that discuss their
 future plans with their new designs. In a recent interview with CEO Andy
 Grove, he pointed out that Intel will be pushing the new designs hence
 Intel will release every two year a new microprocessor. The Data sheets
 confirm it as well. Intel has started the 586 Design in 1989, publicly it
 was shown in 1992, and volume shipments will start in early 1993. The
 chip is rated at 100 Mips. The design of the 686 have begun in 1990, 1994
 will be shipment day and 1993 will be the public unveiling. Rated at 175
 Mips, it will be almost double as fast as the 586. The 786 due in 1996
 (volume shipments) will be rated at 250 Mips. It is obvious that PC
 manufacturers will adopt this chips in their computers. Since Atari
 Corporation is  planning to release the Falcon next month , and 1993 will
 be the volume  shipment year of the Intel chips, what are the plans of
 Atari Corporation with the Motorola Corporation and their designs? It
 seems that Motorola has fallen behind in the design of microprocessors but
 they are promising to come back with the 68060. Are there any plans to
 switch to the Intel based microprocessor, unless Motorola will be shipping
 its microprocessors equivalents during the same timespan as Intel does? By
 the time the Falcon will be on the market for a few months there will be a
 microprocessor that will be as much as 16 times faster than the current
 one in the Falcon. Are there any concerns at Atari Corporation at this
 point and time?

 IBMnet: Mark_Kovarski@40:649/313 
 Opinions expressed are my own.

 (Who said ....that!)

 Conf : Atari Explorer
 Msg# : 24710  Lines: 10  Read: 4
 Sent : Jul 22, 1992 at 4:47 AM
 To   : Steven Scavone
 From : Charles Berlinguette at TEMPLE OF DOOM BBS (Node #595)
 Subj : Re: <24570> THE NEW MACHINE

  Previously Steven Scavone wrote:  
  - I beleive the Falcon will  be like a Honda..... It will sell tself.

 If the Falcon would be like a Honda, the US government would charge Atari
 with unfair business, like dumping or not having enough American content.
 The government would STOP anything if special interests are not being
 served. Just like this message base, this should be an open forum without
 the need of a PRO-ATARI cop force.

 Sorta reminds me of Mcarthyism of the 50's.  I'm communist because I run
 an IBM! Ha ha.

 (Oh no!  More of the love it or leave noise..)

 Conf : Atari Explorer On-Line
 Msg# : 17/3  Lines: 15  Read: 3
 Sent : Jul 31, 1992  at 7:28 PM
 To   : Charles Berlinguette
 From : Duke Kish at Fnet Node 610, The Songwriter's Den
 Subj : FALCON

 Charles, get serious.  How many conversations do you dive into...where you
 are the subject and the negative comments are dripping.  Oh yeah, I dove
 into two of those conversations about an hour ago and six of them early
 this morning.   Oh yeah..I REALLY loved getting my butt kicked around.
 Are you REALLY for real.  You lambast the guy and you want him to jump and
 smiling and say "Charles, Charles, my friend, it's a wonderful day, how
 goes it with you?"  There is only two ways to handle someone like you and
 one is ignore you.  That's the civilized way.  I've read your posts and
 have yet to see anything positive and really constructive in them. 
 Perhaps you'll shock me and the others on this conference who happen to
 believe in this company and its' representatives.  No...I'm not on the
 payroll, not a personal friend, not anything but a user.  Lately, I'm
 starting to feel "used" by people like you.  Grow up, or get off the

 (Yup! If ya don't like what they're sayin' SILENCE 'EM!)

 Conf : Atari Explorer On-Line
 Msg# : 328/4  Lines: 15  Read: 4
 Sent : Jul 28, 1992  at 9:04 AM
 To   : Tim Steed
 From : Bob Brodie at Fnet Node 319, Atari Base USA
 Subj : FALCON

 TS>  And I do hope that you are honest and include yourself in the
 TS> bunch you mention above...
 TS>  If you don't like the conference, you are always free to leave.

 Just start using MaxiMiser, Tim. Put him in the TWIT list, and you'll
 never see messages from him again. 
 Bob Brodie 

 Bob Brodie 
 * MMST 2.09 #: 97 

 (Not nice! .... Bad mouthing those not here to defend themselves.)

 Conf : Atari Explorer On-Line
 Msg# : 3/2  Lines: 15  Read: 5
 Sent : Jul 28, 1992  at 9:10 AM
 To   : Ed Krimen
 From : Bob Brodie at Fnet Node 319, Atari Base USA

 You're wrong about FoReM not having a kill file like UseNet. FoReM
 uses an offline reader called MaxiDoor that allows you to set up a
 TWIT.LST which will kill off all those messages that you don't want to
 read. It's just a simple ASCII file with the names of those people
 that you don't want to hear from. 
 It took a little bit of experimentation, but I've got it down now. On
 UseNet, our guys have kill files for the Bob Retelle, Richard Coverts,
 Chris Mauritz, and the like. Here, I have a twit list for Edward
 Kovarski and a few other people. 
 Silence really can be golden! <grin> 
 * MMST 2.09 #: 97 

 (The fear of who?  What?)

 Conf : Atari Expl OnLine
 Msg# : 9/3  Lines: Extended  Read: 4
 Sent : Aug 01, 1992  at 7:56 PM
 To   : Robert Guadagno
 From : Richard Guadagno at Fnet Node 133, Hologram Inc. - 133 - O.B., NJ
 Subj : Atari

 In a message of 31 Jul 92  21:29:42, Robert Guadagno wrote:

 RG> Thank you ALL for your time!

     Please let this be the last message on the subject.  Anytime someone
 says anything remotely negative about Atari, the Roaches come out of the
 woodwork and make it very hard to continue to read these conferences.

     In fact there are about 3 roaches still insisting on causing
 trouble,and because of their constant put down of Atari, it made your
 message look bad because it appeared to most people that you were jumping
 on the bandwagon.
     What is making matters worse is there are more and more people saying
 the same things, but because of the few who will not let up, nobody is
 allowed to say anything bad about Atari or they will:

     A. Be placed on a twit list.
     B. Be told to sell the Atari and buy ...pick a computer...
     C. Told they "work" for ST*Reports.

 And automatically be considered a "bad seed", "troublemaker"....whatever.

  * Origin: Jokers' Wild ~ Matawan, NJ ~ (1:107/662.1)

 From the FNET

 (More.... about the FALCON)

 Conf : Atari On-Line
 Msg# : 9/3  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Aug 01, 1992  at 12:39 PM
 To   : All
 From : Dan Aylward at Fnet Node 596, Super 68+ Kent, WA
 Subj : Atari Advantage is Here!

 Guess what I found in my mailbox this morning?  Yep!  The waiting is over.

  It looks as if AA will remain in publication.  A new firm is taking it
 over; not Atari Explorer.  The Falcon article was excellent!  There were
 pictures...  Looks just like a 1040 STe but darker, yellow letters on the
 keyboard (yuck), and different ports.  It'll work with any VGA monitor; no
 multisync needed!  One part said a math coprocessor was included, and
 another said there is a slot for one...  TWO processor direct slots; one
 for a motorola-based expansion (such as a Mac emulator) and one presumably
 for an Intel-based expansion, such as a clone emulator.  Max number of
 pixels are 640X400 256 colors out of 32,758, but supposedly the built in
 overscan will give a 5% larger screen in any resolution...  I don't know
 what that means...  scrolling, maybe?  This is a disappointment compared
 to earlier rumors; I hope later versions will sport 24 bit graphics!  Most
 of the other rumors appear to be true.  Oh, it says 2 megs of RAM are
 reserved for the OS (MultiTOS), Which is curious, because it will
 supposedly be available in a 1-meg version... and the internal IDE drive
 is optional.  They did not mention the price, but from what I've heard
 before, $700 would probably be the 1-meg version with no hard drive.  Oh,
 also there's a new keyboard controller that supports faster typists :) and

 300 DPI mice.  And a 1.44 floppy with an Ajax chip that is rumored to
 support 2.88 meg floppies.  No external ACSI or floppy drive port.
 Bi-directional parallel port, and the serial port is the 9-pin type (like 
 TT and Mega STe).  It also has LAN port and DSP port and SCSI port &
 stereo in/out port, headphone jack, internal speaker, etc, etc...

 Oh, remember the "THE STORM IS COMING" ad in the last AA?  Guess what. 
 There's another ad by the same company in this issue.  It says "THE STORM
 IS BREWING!" with no explanation.  But this time it's in the advertisers
 index.  The advertiser is....  "The Storm"!  Yippee skip.

 From CIS
 (and More.... FALCON INFO)

 #: 68498 S8/Hot Topics
     07-Aug-92  08:49:44
 Sb: #68435-Forbes Article
 Fm: INTERSECT Software 76004,1577
 To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254 (X)

     Again, rumors that I have heard suggest that there will be a new
 mid-line computer, probably named "Sparrow."  There will be a 68040
 machine sometime in the future.

     Just a guess but I expect Atari to continue to sell the STE, as the
 low end computer ($300.00), a mid line computer...Sparrow with 68030 and
 an optional internal HD ($700) and Falcon with 68040 and extended graphics
 to support Xwindows ($1,400).

     The names may change but the positioning will remain the same.
 The current specs for what we are hearing are to be in the Falcon would
 not support Xwindows and a message here on CIS from a Unix person in Atari
 suggests that Atari won't release Unix until a 68040 machine is available.

 The TT can only support Xwindows in a 19 inch Monochrome monitor.


 From the FNET

 (....More * REAL * Casualties...)

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 21347/21360  Lines: 12  Read: 1
 Sent : Aug 03, 1992  at 1:59 PM
 Recv : Aug 04, 1992
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : Flemming Nielsen
 Subj : Re: Atari Canada Closed?

 ATARI closed it's office in Denmark last spring, and has closed it's only
 remaining office in Scandinavia August 1st. 

 I am an ATARI dealer, but have no idea as to where I am going to get the
 computers from now. (Probably Germany) There has been absolutely no
 warning to the dealers here.  I can still get the machines I need, but for
 how long?  I don't want to help start an avalanche, but ATARI does seem to
 have a problem. 
 Flemming (Digisoft) SysOp @ DigiBBS 
  * Origin: DigiBBS Denmark (The Danish ATARI Connection) (100:105/3)

 (From a very well-known and popular Canadian BBS)

 Message : 3239 [Open]  7-31-92  9:59pm 
 From    : Gordon Lawson 
 To      : All 
 Subject : ATARI Canada 
 Sig(s)  : 1 (Text Files) There are 2 replies

 Have just learned that ATARI CANADA has closed its doors.  In fact, if you
 go to their building in Scarborough on tues Aug 5, there will not even be
 a sign on the door.  All repairs are now being shifted to private
 companies around the country.  Where does that leave us? Will ATARI U.S.
 still be around in a year?  Any information sure would be appreciated. 
 How could such a great system be run by such fools......?

 [N]ext [J]ump [R]eply [A]gain [Q]uit Next

 Message : 3241 [Open]  7-31-92 10:19pm 
 From    : Tom Watts 
 To      : Gordon Lawson (x) 
 Subject : #3239 ATARI Canada 
 Sig(s)  : 1 (Text Files) There is 1 reply

    Closed its doors?    Thats odd!   Why would Atari U.S. not mention that
 they were closing the Atari Canada building?   Maybe Atari has gone
 bankrupt and they're selling everything while they can.


 [P]rev [N]ext [J]ump [R]eply [A]gain [Q]uit Next

 Message : 3244 [Open]  8-01-92  4:19pm 
 From    : Richard L Rosado 
 To      : Gordon Lawson 
 Subject : #3239 ATARI Canada 
 Sig(s)  : 1 (Text Files)


 That is very odd.  There is no message like "Now located at..." or
 anything remotely similar?  That's rather frightening.  I mean, what
 _else_ is going to be happening to Atari in the near future?  While I
 don't want to start any rumors, if they simply moved that is the worse
 possible way of handling it.


 (Who said its NOT CLOSED?)
 Msg# : 6/3  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Aug 03, 1992  at 21:54 PM
 To   : All
 From : David Pischke at Fnet Node 523, LEFTOVER HIPPIES 523 1:250:744

 This message was originally posted to the TAF BBS.  I am reposting it
 for everyone here.

  Conf : Open Forem
  Msg# : 2904  Lines: Extended  Read: 2
  Sent : Aug 3, 1992 at 12:28 PM
  To   : ALL

  On Friday July 31st, 1992, Atari Canada has closed its doors.  This
  comes in a move of several layoffs beginning through mid July, and was
  part of planned cutbacks since early this year.  The closure, however,
  does not reflect the folding up of Atari as much as it marks the
  beginning of the new marketing strategy for the Falcon line.  Atari
  Canada distributed and supported Atari hardware since 1985.  Prior to
  this, Atari in the pre-Tramiel days contracted its hardware
  distribution to the Irwin (electronics) Toy company in Toronto.  It is
  suspected that Atari will be going back to doing the same thing (but
  not the same contractor).

  On Friday, dealers calling Atari Canada were told that a new service
  centre and sales representative will be appointed shortly.  Atari
  Canada has itself been using the GE service centre in Toronto for the
  past three weeks.  It is suspected there will be a sales rep appointed
  to each province which will take orders to be filled from a central
  warehouse.  If this warehouse is in the US, prices for hardware are
  expected to fall due to lower shipping costs in the states.

  Atari Canada was never able to make enough sales to meet its salary
  expenses, even though staff was already minimally paid and cut back
  to the bare essentials.  It is not expected that prices will rise
  through contracted redistribution.  Atari has been criticized in the
  past for its poor in-house distribution network in America.  Using
  existing third party networks may be the fastest way to bring a
  network that is almost to none-existent back to working order.

  Atari Canada's Sunnyvale North was also closed.  This unique BBS had
  an active node on the datapac network providing a means to connect the
  country together for free.  Any user in Canada could call up their
  local datapac number and talk to users across the country.  This
  service will be sorely missed.
  It is not known what happened to the remaining staff at Atari Canada,
  but it is suspected they lost their jobs (rather than being
  re-assigned or re-located).  More will be brought as soon as it is
 * MMST 2.09 #: 12

 (Phone # is the same, but the address ain't?)

 Conf : Atari Explorer
 Msg# : 54/83  Lines: Extended  Read: 3
 Sent : Aug 04, 1992  at 12:22 PM
 To   : All
 From : DAVID PISCHKE at Fnet Node 523, LEFTOVER HIPPIES 523 1:250:744
 Subj : Atari Canada -- Update

 This is an update on the Atari Canada situation.

 It started with a call from an Atari Canada employee to a local dealer
 last Monday.  The employee said that it looked like Atari Canada was
 closing up, because they were moving stuff out and getting rid of
 staff quickly.  A high-level Atari Canada employee also told the
 dealer the week before that he might be leaving Atari Canada.  When
 the dealer called Atari Canada back, the dealer learned from the staff
 there that the high-level employee was no longer with Atari.  However,
 he resurfaced on the Wednesday before the closing (it closed Friday
 July 31) without any explanation what he was doing.  Technically, he
 wasn't with Atari Canada anymore, or at least that's what was told to
 the dealer's staff when they actually went to Atari Canada to pick up

 On Friday, dealers officially learned that Atari Canada was closed
 through a tape recorded message on the service phone number.  The
 message said that a sales representative would get in touch with them
 and that an alternative service centre would be appointed.  It sounded
 like Atari would now maintain a sales rep in separate regions, but now
 it's starting to look like Geoffe Earle will remain with Atari, but as
 the service rep for all of Canada.  It is also believed that Atari
 will set up a warehouse in the Eastern US to distribute stock for
 eastern North America.  The role of the service rep will be to drum up
 orders and new customers who would then receive stock shipped directly
 from this warehouse.  It's believed this will be the direction because
 shipping through US companies is cheaper, and some are even offering
 free one way shipping to Canada.  This doesn't mean, though, that
 contracted distribution will not be considered, as was done before.
 There is suspicion that Atari may have already obtained a distribution
 contract.  This is not an unusual situation, and may in fact be quite
 beneficial.  ICD currently markets its products this way, as do many
 other companies.  Its also thought this move is the first step in
 FALCON marketing.
 I cannot take credit for the contents, I was given the information by
 a local user who had sources within Atari Canada.


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"


          "Should you have occasion to write stories that are
          highly critical of Atari,  etc.,  stories  that may
          prompt  vulnerable  leaders  and supporters to ask;
          "whose side are you on?", by all means remember the
          ONLY valid, honest answer...

                               ...THE TRUTH!"

                                        ... a wise old man


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        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                          (TWO Toner Carts Incl.)

                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
           Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facsimile
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **

                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$186.95 *

               ABCO is  PROUD to announce the acquisition of
               the exclusive U.S.A. distribution  rights for
               ** Bitblit Software's ///Turbo Board BBS. **
               This  fine  Atari  ST BBS system software and
               user support is available through ABCO to all
               Turbo customers in the USA.  Call for current

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)
                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!
                   Personal and Company Checks accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service  
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat




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