ST Report: 22-May-92 #821

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/26/92-12:39:43 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 22-May-92 #821
Date: Tue May 26 12:39:43 1992

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                  WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (May 22)


 ISD has uploaded two new files to their library in the Atari Vendors Forum
 (GO ATARIVEN).  One is a Desktop Publishers TradeUP Offer and the other is
 a Calamus SL Printer Driver Generator. See the files TRADUP.TXT and
 PRNGEN.ARC in Library 17, ISD Marketing.


 SoftLogik announces a special upgrade offer!  Please read message # 26555
 in the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).


 A patch for Word Perfect users and an update for MultiDesk Deluxe (from
 ver 3.4 to 3.4a)  Now available in LIBRARY 16 of the Atari Vendors Forum

 Codehead Technologies also announces the availability of a new word
 processing program.  See the file CALLIG.TXT now available in LIBRARY 16
 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).

 A demo version of XBoot: the Boot Manager from Gribnif Software is now
 available in LIBRARY 8 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).


 We ask all members to read and respond to the keyboard survey message
 #32438 in the Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).  (This is a new thread, so
 even if you've discussed this issue previously, please re-post your votes


 Atari Developers please read message 60654 in the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) for information on how to get your products included in an
 upcoming software catalog.


 A dedicated 8-Bit mag?  Why NOT?? If enough people care, it could happen.
 See Message # 18446 in the Atari 8-Bit Forum (GO ATARI8) for more info on
 the "Campaign."  WE BELIEVE!!


 A Video Poker game now available for the Portfolio!  Check out PFPOKR.ZIP
 now in LIBRARY 4 of the Atari Portfolio Forum (GO APORTFOLIO).

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #21

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Sun Develops Powerful Computer

 Sun Microsystems Inc. introduced a line of powerful desktop comptuers
 that can use up to four "brains" and have built-in telephone technology.
 The Sparcstation 10 work stations, which are more powerful than personal
 computers, can use multiple central processing units to control machine
 functions, giving Sun the most powerful workstation on the market.

  -- Microsoft Ships Three Million Windows 3.1

 Since it's initial release six weeks ago, Microsoft has shipped three
 million copies of Windows 3.1.

 Not counted in the three million copy figure is the number of preinstal-
 led copies on customer computers by over 90 hardware manufacturers who
 are participating in the Windows 3.1 Ready To Run Program.  Eight of the
 top ten PC manufacturers are part of this program.

  -- Sony and Sega to Join Forces

 Sony Electronic Publishing and Sega of America Inc. announced this week
 they have established a broad alliance to produce Sega video games and
 interactive entertainment.

 Sony will develop and market video games for all Sega cartridge- based
 platforms, such as Genesis and Game Gear, and will become a primary
 publisher for Sega's CD- ROM Genesis peripherals, called Sega CD.

  -- NS Offers New Plug and Play Controller Boards

 This week National Semiconductor (NS) introduced a new family of cont-
 roller boards that makes possible off-the-shelf production of very low
 cost PCL5 and PostScript-compatible laser printers.

 Teh CG160LZ SWIFT-Start boards come in 15, 20 and 25mhz configurations
 and printers using the board will offer more than twice the performance
 of comparable Motorla 68000-based printers at the same system cost.

 The SWIFT-Start family is configured with the popular page description
 languages and interface from Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Available lan-
 guages include PCL5, PostScript and AppleTalk.

  -- TI Starts Shipping 16-MBIT DRAMS

 Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), a leading supplier of semiconductor
 products, announced this week that initial production shipments of 16-
 megabit (Mbit) DRAMs have begun.  TI's 16-Mbit DRAM is based on a tech-
 nology proven in TI's 1- and 4-Mbit DRAMs.

 Less than two million 16-Mbit DRAMs are expected to ship worldwide this
 year, with approximately 20 million units in 1993 and 330 million units
 in 1995.  By 1996, it is estimated that production of 16-Mbit DRAMs will
 outpace 4-Mbit DRAMs.

 A 16-Mbit DRAM can hold two million characters. A very large novel, such
 as "Gone With the Wind," could be stored on one 16-Mbit chip.

  -- Sierra Network Latest to Join Flat Rate Bandwagon

 Joining other major services, including Compuserve and Genie, The Sierra
 Network has established its own flat rate of $12.95 per month. This plan
 includes all the company's services, including games, conferencing, and
 electronic mail. Users are allowed up to 30 hours of game time per month
 during evenings and weekends with options for additional playing time.

 Also included are live chat services, conferencing, tournament play,
 electronic mail, and use of electronic bulletin boards with wide ranging

  -- One Gig 3.5-Inch Floppy Drive Announced by Fujitsu

 Expecting high demand from mid to high-end users, Fujitsu Europe this
 week announced it is supplying one gigabyte (GB) versions of its 3.5-
 inch floppy drive on request on its PCs.  The new drives offer improved
 access times and a mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) rate of 300,000
 power-on hours.

 Dataquest, the market analyst and research organization, predicts that
 around six million drives in the one to two GB data storage arena will
 be sold before the end of 1995. This values the market at around $4,500
 million, the company said.

  -- Survey Says Michelangelo only Hit 4% of all PCs

 According to statistics from a user survey that have been released by
 S&S International, the Michelangelo virus only accounted for 4% of virus


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                               ATARI ST RT
                         New Files in Your Library

   No.  File Name    Address     Description
  ----- ------------ -----------  -------------------------------------
  24177 EZ_TEXT2.TXT PDC.SW       Amazingly low priced DTP
  24175 DISKDIR.LZH  F.KOCH       HiSoft BASIC 1.23 Disk Directory
  24174 GLMPR221.LZH F.KOCH       Press Releases,Shows,For Sale,Wanted
  24171 KTEXT180.LZH D.PANKE      K_TEXT V 1.8.0: file reader...
  24170 ALLMAPS.DIR  WAYNED.      Dir of the files in Empmaps.lzh
  24169 EMPMAPS.LZH  WAYNED.      All my map files for Empire
  24167 RUFUS106.LZH J.WISNIEWSK2 Version 1.06 of Rufus
  24166 WORD400.ARC  J.WISNIEWSK2 Decent text editor Accessory.
  24165 DISKSAVE.ARC J.WISNIEWSK2 This will recover files from bad dsk
  24164 GPLIBS07.ZOO B.ZAWALSKI1  Sources for GPLIBO07.ZOO
  24163 UPDT213.ARC  S.SANDERS2   Update Newdesk Icon CPX to v2.13
  24162 BS.LZH       BENCHMARKSYS Benchmark Systems Mono Shareware
  24160 GPFBIN07.ZOO B.ZAWALSKI1  GPROFF, GNU's proff utility
  24159 KILLING.MOD  C.SAMOJLENK2 Killing Game Show re-done on ST!
  24158 TX2CNVT3.LZH D.HOLMES14   TX2 Converter: Supports latest AEO
  24157 TESTS03.ZOO  B.ZAWALSKI1  Test suite for LIBSRC80
  24155 CAL_FEAT.TXT K.MILLER69   20 page list of Calamus 1.09N/SL
  24154 SCRIPTTW.LZH S.SCHAPER    An 18 point script font for TW
  24153 ARKAN.MOD    C.SAMOJLENK2 Another MOD by Martin Bertrand
  24152 ENTERSAN.MOD C.SAMOJLENK2 EnterSandman by Metallica in MOD
  24151 SHEDEVIL.MOD C.SAMOJLENK2 Noisetracker MOD composed on ST
  24147 XPT1500C.LZH S.SAMUELS    Calamus SL HP500C Color Table
  24143 WORM_AMI.LZH REALM        Animation of a Worm!
  24142 HEIDSK19.LZH C.HAFNER     HeidiSeek File Finder 1.9 ST(e)/TT
  24138 W9_PC3_2.LZH OUTRIDER     GREAT .PC3 Pics for Warp 9!
  24137 W9_PC2_2.LZH OUTRIDER     GREAT .PC2 Pics for Warp 9!
  24136 W9_PC1_2.LZH OUTRIDER     GREAT .PC1 Pics for Warp 9!
  24135 PRINTGEN.ARC ISD          Calamus SL Printer Driver Generator
  24131 LATC55.ZOO   HISOFT       Lattice C 5.5 Description
  24130 HBSUBDIR.BAS HISOFT       HiSoft BASIC Sub-directory lister
  24129 LIBSRC80.ZOO B.ZAWALSKI1  Patch-level 80 sources for LIBOLB80

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > THE FLIP SIDE STR Feature  "... a different viewpoint

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 Again this week, we'll be visiting Delphi.


 Questions from CKORMOS...

   Any musicians out there? I picked up an Atari 1040st at a flea market
   for lowbucks and I am interested in using its MIDI port. I have a Korg
   DW8000 synthesizer and good computer background. However, does anyone
   know what software I need?  What hardware, translators, adaptors,
   plugs, cables, power supplies, and anything else I haven't mentioned?
   I would like to know exactly what to get to make it work 100% and a
   ballpark figure on expenses.

   Also how is the availability of sequences and preprogrammed stuff? How
   much of this is public domain, how much commercial. Any feedback is
   appreciated. Or should I just get an IBM compatible?

 Answer RMORROW...

   Does your Korg have MIDI in and out ports? If so, all you'll need is 2
   MIDI cables which can be bought at the local Radio Shack for about
   $10. Then you're into software. Notator, Midi Music Maker, and Cubase
   are the ones I've heard of. Prices are around $100 I think. Try MC
   Computers 310-867-0626

   That's it! You won't need any external power supplies, translators,
   etc. However, you will need a monitor....expect $350 for the color one
   (medium and low resolution only) and about $150 for the hi-rez
   monochrome. You may want a hard drive, new ones start at $400, but
   they are not absolutely necessary.

   Why buy an IBM when you already bought the computer that is almost the
   standard in electronic music?

 Reply from CKORMOS...

   Thanks for the info. My Dw8000 has Midi in/out/and thru ports, so I
   know it is ready. I have an RGB monitor, the Commodore 1702, does the
   ST run on it?

   And finally is all this software universal or is it keyboard specific?
   I can remember years ago some system that was "state of the art" but
   only worked on Casios?

 Answer from Bill King...

   Actually, the sequencing programs Notator and Cubase are more in the
   $579.00 range (retail price). They are both *excellent* programs,
   though. I use Cubase, myself. There are a ton of other sequencing
   programs that are available for the ST that are more affordable, if
   that is what you are after ($100 to $250). You should pick up an issue
   of Keyboard Magazine and check out the ads to get a good idea of
   what's available. A couple of developers that come to mind are Dr. T's
   Software and Hybrid Arts--both offer great programs for the ST at
   great prices.

   You might also consider, sometime in the future, acquiring a
   multitimbral synth module. If I remember right, the DW-8000 is not a
   multitimbral keyboard. With a multitimbral synth module you'll be able
   to create songs with full instrumentation (all sounds at the same
   time), whereas, with the DW-8000, you'll be limited to one sound at a

   Congratulations on choosing the best MIDI computer out there!

 Another response, this one from JGALLARDO...

   There are different kinds of software packages available. for the most
   part if they aren't fairly universal, they will say so (ie as to what
   synth they are for.) One program you should check out is a shareware
   one in the databases, I think it's in graphics & sound. It's name is
   ALCHEMIE, it works fairly well but needs a monochrome display, (It
   does run under the monochrome emulator known as monoware which is
   probably in one of the databases as well.) It is a very capable
   sequencer as far as I can tell.

   You might want to check out some issues of Keyboard magazine &
   Electronic Musician for more info as well as the Feb. 1992 issue of
   Atari Explorer.


 Question from CHUNK...

   I have just heard of a company that is selling 68000 at 12mhz.  Will
   this work on my 1040st and are there any Caviets that I should know
   about?  The price is not much over $15.00. I am told but this price is
   from a consumer (Amiga user) and not from the companies lips. I have
   ordered a catalogue so as to get a definate price. Any advice would be
   GREATLY appreciated.

 Reply from Norm Weirness...

   Make sure the 68000 is in the same package (DIP or PLCC) as your
   Atari. But, while the 12 MHz chip will work as a replacement with no
   problem, it will _not_ increase the speed of your computer! The
   average price I've seen for an 8 MHz 68000 is about $10.

 Reply from CHUNK...

   I know that I would need a degree to understand why but is there a way
   that you could explain the reason why it won't speed up my computer? I
   don't really understand the "guts" of the ST, I just understand the
   programs that I use.

 Response from Duane Charter...

   The speed of the processor is just how fast it is RATED to work at.
   There is an oscillator (a frequency generating device) inside the
   computer that actually determines the speed of your computer.

 Reply from LMCCLURE...

   ...lest you think you could simply change the chip and the oscillator
   and get more can't. To put it as simply as possibly, the
   CPU is not the only thing in the ST accessing the memory chips...the
   video chip does, as does the DMA chip. Change the CPU timing, and you
   would get colliding signals on the bus.

   That's why truly speeding up the ST requires a device like AdSpeed or
   the Fast Technologies' T-20...a device with a RAM cache that keeps
   external accesses to main memory at 8Mhz, while allowing code fetched
   into the cache to be handled at a faster speed.

 Another reply from Norm Weirness...

   The speed of the computer is determined first by a master oscillator,
   which is really the "clock" of the system. Then all the components
   have to be made to keep up with that clock. Those include the memory,
   the CPU (Central Processor Unit...the 68000) and all the support chips
   like the ones that talk to the screen, the modem, the printer, etc.

   Adding a faster 68000, or faster memory, doesn't change that "clock',
   nor any of the other chips. If you add an accelerator, like the
   Adspeed or the T-16, T-20 and the like, they contain a faster CPU
   _AND_ a faster clock _AND_ circuitry to let the other stuff run at the
   old speed...or else it wouldn't work. So you can speed things up, but
   not just by adding a processor that _is able_ to run faster, but you
   have to change that other stuff, as well.


 Hard drive Question from SANTOR...

   ...I'm having problems getting my hard drive online. It seems that my
   computer won't boot from drive A while I have my ICD interface plug in
   to my computer and turned on. A few things I have tried are leaving
   the power off and booting the computer but when I turn on the drive I
   cannot access any information on the floppy. I believe all my
   connections are correct. I've even tried removing the cable from my
   hard drive to my interface but was unsuccessful. I've also tried the
   Cntl/Shift/Alt key combo while booting the computer but no luck there
   either. I'm very anxious to get my drive up and running so any help
   will be much appreciated.

 Answer from Wayne Dunham...

   The problem you might be having is that all the later versions of TOS
   (1.2 and up) require that you press down the Ctrl/Left Shift/Alt keys
   AFTER the floppy light comes on as you turn the machine on.  In other
   words you have to turn the machine on and as soon as you see the
   floppy light go on you press the key combo.  This will boot your
   machine from the floppy instead of the HD. Just make sure you have the
   ICD disk in drive A and everything should go fine from there.

   It's sometimes tough to get that key-combo pressed at the right time
   especially if you have to contort yourself to reach the on/off switch
   for the machine. If you press and hold them down before the floppy
   light comes on the machine won't recognize them as being down, and if
   you wait too long after the floppy light comes on the machine will
   already be trying to boot off the HD.

   That should do the trick for you from the way you describe your

 Answer from MRBURKLEY...

   ...I have some suggestions that you might want to try. Try again the
   Cntl/Shift/ Alt key combo. Press this immediately after you turn on
   the power to your ST. That should do it. If you don't do it immedia-
   tely after you turn the power on often you will acecess the HD anyway.
   Of course, there is an exception to this! On some ST's you need to
   watch the Floppy light and only press the key combo after you see the
   floppy light turn on. Turn either of these. I hope they work.

 More questions from SANTOR...

   I did try waiting until the drive light went on but no luck. The
   manual mentioned that you could boot the computer with the drive off
   then run icdboot.prg would this give me the ability to format the

 Another answer from Wayne Dunham...

   Yes, if the key combo doesn't work. It should work by either holding
   them down either as you turn the machine on with early TOS's, or after
   the drive light comes on with later TOS's. With Tos 1.0 you MUST be
   holding them down as you power up the machine, and with later TOS's
   you MUST press them after the floppy light comes on. In either case
   once you do depress them you MUST hold them down for a period of time
   long enough for the computer to recognize it and bypass the HD boot. I
   usually hold them down until I'm 100% sure that the machine is booting
   off the floppy.

   At any rate you can fire up the machine with the HD off, I believe the
   ICD host card must also be unpowered (not sure though). Then after
   you're at the desktop you power up the ICD/HD and wait for it to be
   ready. This time can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 45 seconds
   depending on the drive. The drive needs time to spin up to speed and
   go through it's own internal startup check. On older drives you can
   hear this, but with some of the newer SCSI drives it's tough to hear

   Then run ICDBOOT.PRG off the floppy and your HD should be recognized.
   You can then run ICDFMT.PRG to format the drive.

   If you're still having problems after that, sit at the computer and
   call ICD's service # and they should be able to help you out.

 Problem solved!!  From SANTOR...

   Well, I found the problem. I had the cable from the computer to the
   controller connected to the out port instead of the in port.
   Everything is running fine now. Thanks for all your help.


 Question from JBARRERAS...

   I have an old ST.  If I get the TOS upgrade from the Codeheads, an
   memory upgrade from JRI w/the 4096 color chip, will my ST be the
   equivalent of an STE?  Don't I still need the hardware scrolling and
   the sound upgraded?  I know I won't have the blitter, but is there
   anything else I would be missing?

 Answer from MRBURKLEY...

   I asked the same question, and sorry, your ST will not be the same as
   an STe. I had hoped the same, myself. The hardware scrolling and sound
   are still not there in the old ST's.

 Answer from LMCCLURE...

   The JRI 4096-color mod has a slight artifacting problem with some
   types of screen displays that the STe does not exhibit. Yes, you'll be
   missing the hardware scrolling and DMA sound (and the extra joystick
   ports, if you care), but more importantly, a ST requires the TEC board
   to upgrade to TOS 2.06. An STe does not.

   Add in the cost of the TEC board, and the JRI board, and you could
   likely sell your current machine, buy a 520STe or 1040STe and come out
   even or ahead in the cost department, as well as gaining the features
   you would be missing in upgrading your ST.


 Question from LAMARTH...

   Does anyone know of a mail-order outfit who is a TT030 dealer? Not
   having any Atari mags recent enough that would advertise such dealers,
   and living in a town where the only computer store sports PCs I don't
   have any other sources to turn to. Right now I'm mainly interested in
   getting prices and information on the system - any help would be

 Answer from Gordie (Sysop)...

   I was told that Run PC, a Colorado store, has sold TT's via mail
   order. Their phone number is 800-326-2344, or 303-493-5565. The
   address is 524 W. Laurel #2, Ft. Collins, CO 80521. They had an ad in
   the latest AtariUser.

 Answer from TRAHERNE...

   There's Toad Computers in Severna Park, Maryland. Their phone is
   (301) 544-6943 or 1-800-448-TOAD. Ray, Dave and Jennifer are pretty
   nice folks, too! Good luck!


 Question from BENSONC...

   I have an internal modem in my PC, but do not have a modem on my ATARI
   520ST. I'm interested in downloading midi files for my ST and was
   wondering if it was possible to download to the PC and then somehow
   transfer it to the ST. If there is a method that can be used which is
   less expensive than purchasing an additional modem, I'd appreciate any

 Answer from LMCCLURE...

   If you have a 3.5" drive on your PC, simply write the files to it in
   standard 720K format (on a DSDD disk), and you can read them directly
   on your ST.

   You cannot use HD floppies on the ST unless you have a third-party mod
   kit, or a Mega STe or TT that is factory equipped to handle 1.44meg

 Answer from TRAHERNE...

   I think it should be possible if you have at least TOS 1.4 and use a
   double-density formatted floppy in your PC. I do the opposite
   (download to STE, transfer to PC) all the time.


 From Charles Johnson (CodeHead Technologies)...

   The first update to Warp 9 (which is coming soon) will fix the
   incompatibility with Notator, so that Warp 9 won't need to be disabled
   before running it. There was also a problem with Cubase -- Warp 9 had
   to be completely removed from the system or Cubase wouldn't even run -
   - and this is also fixed in the first Warp 9 update.

   The update has new features too, including support for scrolling in
   Word Perfect and other programs. Scrolling through text is about THREE
   times faster with the new version.


 Observation by HOWBAR...

   I was shocked that my Mega STe could format Double Density disks to
   1.44 Meg.  However, I was advised not to rely on the data stored on
   them. I bought a new box of High Density disks and finally have backed
   up my hard drive. :-)

   I wonder why no one knew about these disk drives being 1.44M. I called
   all around trying to find a 1.44M drive and Ajax chips before I
   finally used the built in formatter instead of my accessory formatter.
   What a surprise that I already had a 1.44M drive! I even called Atari
   trying to find out when 1.44M drives would be available. I am just
   glad that they are here now.

 Comments by RMORROW...

   The reason that your MSTe couldn't format the double density disks is
   that they lack the hole on the left side of the disk. This tells the
   drive that the disk is HD, *if* it can put it's feeler in/through the
   hole. If it can't, it thinks it's double density. (Write protect/
   enable works exactly the same way). You could make HD disks out of the
   DD ones, but like you said, that is not reliable.

 Comments from Ralph Mariano (ST Report)...

   I am afraid that's not quite right. Atari has not adhered to the "two
   hole" premise. Atari HD floppies will format a disk with or without
   the second hole.

   To clarify, it makes no difference if the second hole is there or not.
   Atari's HD formatter will do any disk in HD mode.


 Until next week.....


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 > CIS CODEHEAD CONF. STR Feature  The Codeheads on CIS in Conference


     Tonight's  guest   speakers  are   John  and   Charles  from  CodeHead
 Technologies.  They're back to tell  us about  their exciting  new product
 Caligrapher, and take questions on their other fine products.  If you have
 a question for John and Charles during the CO, please type a ? and  I will
 let you  know when  it is  your turn  to ask your question.  We are on the
 honor system to not talk until it's your turn to ask a question or  make a
 comment  to  Charles  and  John!  Welcome  John and Charles! Thank you for
 joining us! Do you have any opening remarks?

 John E CodeHead)
     Actually, I haven't prepared any opening statement (and  I don't think
 Charles has  either).   I do  have a couple of thing to mention though. We
 just got our initial shipment of  Calligraphers today.   And  we learned a
 few new things about it that we didn't know.  One thing is that there is a
 demo version (Hooray).  I  trust  everyone  has  read  our  press release.
 That's all.  Charles?


     Charles, do you have any comments?

     :)  So that means we're shipping Calligrapher now!

     Ok.. the first question goes to Keith Joins...

 keith joins)
     Does Calligrapher use GDOS? I'm a bit behind in my reading. :)

     Yes...Calligrapher  uses  GDOS...or  I  should  say,  G+PLUS.  It uses
 G+PLUS along with another AUTO program called LINE_ARC.PRG  which serves a
 function similar  to FSMGDOS  - i.e. it handles the scaling of the outline

 John E CodeHead)
     A special version of G+Callig is included.  I'd like to
 also mention that another thing we discovered today is that PostScript
 support is included in the Professional version.  You don't need to go for
 the Gold to get PostScript.  <grin>

 keith joins)
     So it (LINE_ARC.PRG) will replace the need for FSMGDOS as
 far as calligrapher goes?

 John E CodeHead)
     That's right.  FSMGDOS has yet  to be  officially released.   So we're
 very happy that we don't need it.

 keith joins)
     That's great news!

     Yes, and there is a quite extensive library of fonts available for use
 with LINE_ARC, at very low prices.

     Next question is from Bill@AIM HQ...

 Bill @ AIM-HQ)
     The  press  release  mentions  that  Calligrapher  can  do  Tables and
 Formulae...does this  mean it has some spreadsheet-like capabilities, too?
 Or just the ability to create mathematical equations?

 John E CodeHead)
     The formulae capabilities do not include actual calculations.. rather,
 you  are  able  to  enter  mathematical  equations  using  symbols such as
 "integral" and "root"  and  they  are  automatically  sized  to  fit their
 contents.  The tables can be created using tabs, via easy-to-use rulers or
 you can automatically create tables by entering vertical bars, e.g.
                         Col 1|Col 2|Col 3

 Bill @ AIM-HQ)
     Great! That's a feature I wish was in current DTP  packages. The press
 release also  mentions an "Outliner" built into the software. Can you give
 me some details on it?

     The outliner is great stuff.  It lets you graphically arrange a "tree"
 of idea  boxes, sort  in different  orders, manipulate the hierarchy, etc.
 It's very cool.  A little hard to  describe... but  when you  see it, it's
 like an awakening. "Gee, you mean, and outliner really can be useful?" :)

 John E CodeHead)
     The  outliner  looks  similar  to  a  flowchart, and you can paste the
 results into your document.

 Bill @ AIM-HQ)
     A well done outliner is a great tool  for's  another tool
 we haven't had on the ST until now. Thanks for the info.

 John E CodeHead)
     BTW,  Calligrapher  has  great  tab support... with leading, centered,
 left, right, and decimal tabs.

 Ok... Dazz Smith is up next...

 Dazzz Smith)
     With the release of Calligrapher Codehead Software has  a well rounded
 product  line.  Are  there  any  other  areas  you  intend to produce more
 software for? e.g. midi, comms, etc.?

 John E CodeHead)
     One of these days, I'll actually  finish the  manual for  our MIDI Spy
 program...The project  has been  pushed back many months due to all of the
 other new things we've taken on.

     And we're also still actively looking into FAX software.

 Dazzz Smith)
     With all these projects on the  go  how  much  time  do  you  have for
 updates to your current products?

 John E CodeHead)
     We don't  have too  much time,  but luckily everything else is perfect
 <grin>.  Seriously, Charles has been investing a lot of his time in Warp 9

     We just  updated CodeHead  Ramdisk, and  MultiDesk just  got an update
 too.  Eventually, I'm  gonna tear  into MaxiFile make  it more
 compatible (friendly) with Multi-TOS.

 John E CodeHead)
     Speaking of Warp 9, we're about to upload a free update to Warp 9 that
 gives everyone a lot of new  compatibility and  some new  speed increases,

     Thank you  Dazz!   I'd like  to jump  in here and ask a question... My
 question is about Calligrapher... you mentioned  GDOS and
 do you get them to mix?

 John E CodeHead)
 One of  the drivers  is a  PostScript driver.  So G+ is being used to send
 output to the PostScript driver, which creates a disk file.

     There are Calligrapher equivalents for many  of the  common PostScript
 fonts,  like   Times,  Helvetica,   Garamond,  etc.,   and  you  can  tell
 Calligrapher to substitute the PostScript names in the output.

 John E CodeHead) We've only tested some rather simple PS files...
 but the ones we tried printed well from UltraScript and CompoScript.

     Perhaps I'm a little confused...are you saying it's a two-step process
 to get GDOS fonts printed out on a PostScript printer?

     Pattie: no!  You _can_ print directly to a PostScript device too.  You
 can print either directly to a  PS device,  or to  a disk  file... for use
 with a service bureau.

 John E CodeHead)
     You might  want to  output to  a PS file and take it to a lino bureau.
 PS is very flexible and can be used in many ways.

     Ok... let's move on... Keith had another question!

 keith joins)
     What fonts come with it and have you set pricing on the
 the additional ones yet?

 John E CodeHead)
     The  included  fonts  are:  Zurich  (Helv),  Holland  (Times), Holland
 Italic, Math (Greek, Symbols), Ornaments (Dingbats) and Unitype (Courier).
 There are 64 other font disks available.  We haven't formally set a price,
 but I  believe it  will be  between $30  and $35  per disk.  These outline
 fonts are from URW, a very professional font foundry.

     Thanks, Keith!  Rob Rasmussen has a question...

 Rob Rasmussen)
     Midi Spy is listed in your catalog  as  being  for  sale,  but  when I
 called CH,  and from  what you  just said,  I get  the impression it isn't
 ready yet. Is it ready?

 John E CodeHead)
     I can't apologize enough for the delay on MIDI Spy.  If  you only knew
 how  much  (little)  free  time  I  have,  you'd  figure it will never get
 released. The program is basically finished, but the  manual has  not been
 finished.  The  original  release  date  was  December 16th.  Obviously, I
 missed it. <grin>

 Pattie) Dazz has another question...

 Dazzz Smith)
     How extensive are  the  spellchecker  and  thesaurus  (spelling?)   in

 John E CodeHead)
     The  spell  checker  has  160,000 words...with phonetic and alphabetic
 guessing. You can skip on or all occurences, and "learn" and so on.  Spell
 checking can  be done  manually on the document or automatically while you
 type.  The Thesaurus is very hip...It has 200,000 synonyms and maintains a
 word trail that you can use to back up.  It also has antonyms.

 Dazzz Smith)
 Does this mean that any manuals from Codehead will be typo free :-)

 John E CodeHead)

     Aren't they always?

     Thanks Dazz!  WE're back to Bill@AIM HQ...

 Bill @ AIM-HQ)
     The  Calligrapher  press  release  doesn't  mention  this, but I heard
 (somewhere) that the program  can set  text on  a user-defined  path (wavy
 line, etc).  Is this true? Are there any other neat-o features we have yet
 to hear about (and if so, what are some of 'em)? :-)

 John E CodeHead)
 That's a feature of Calligrapher Gold.  It's called Flextext.  <grin>

     Yes, that's the FlexText feature.   It's one  of the  external modules
 (known as  "paks").  And that, by the way, is one of Calligrapher's nicest
 features...  the ability to call  external modules.   This  means that new
 features, import/export  modules can  be added as needed without having to
 update the main program.

 John E CodeHead)
     Calligrapher Professional lists for $175.  Calligrapher Gold  is $250,
 and the Gold Extension (update from Pro) is $100.

     Ah! That's what you meant by "Go for the Gold!" :)

 John E CodeHead)
     Barcode  generation  is  another  feature.    There's  also  a grammar
 checker.  And an automatic timed save.   And a  label printer.   These are
 all features of the Gold version.

     Another thing that wasn't mentioned in the press release: Calligrapher
 has "paragraph tags" similar to Pagemaker  that  let  you  quickly  set up
 paragraphs  in  your  favorite  styles...    you  can  edit  the tags, and
 automatically update all paragraphs that use them.

 John E CodeHead)
     There are also  dictionaries  available  in  French,  German, Spanish,
 Italian, Catalan, and Dutch.

     What language is Catalan?

 John E CodeHead)
     Danged if I know <grin>

     Ya got me.  Some kind of Spanish?

 OK... If we can move off Calligrapher specifically for a second... I would
 like to know how you guys feel about all the software coming from overseas
 nowadays.  Is that good or bad?

 John E CodeHead)
     I think  some of  it's good  and some  of it's bad.  The software _we_
 import is good, and the rest is bad. <grin> But seriously, we're just glad
 to be  able to  provide the  US users with quality software that meets our
 high standards...even if we didn't write it.

     Some companies seem to  have  made  importing  their  entire business.
 We're still actively developing products of our own...such as Warp 9, MIDI
 Spy, Icon Juggler, and we're  keeping our  hands very  much in
 the development side of things too.

 John E CodeHead)
     And we've  also been  careful in  selecting imports that allow _us_ to
 write modules. We've already written seven modules for MegaPaint and we've
 got some great plans for Calligrapher.

     Do you  feel it's  a function of the small market now that developers,
 whether on this side of the ocean or  that, have  to think  globally to be

     Well, one  unfortunate side  effect of the small US market is that the
 "major" applications have not found fertile soil in  which to  develop.  A
 program like  Adobe Photoshop  or Illustrator  takes an ENORMOUS amount of
 time and money to  bring to  fruition, and  these kinds  of resources just
 haven't been  available to US developers. (With a few notable exceptions.)
 However, in Europe (UK and Germany in particular) the market has been much
 stronger and  consequently the software has had more of a chance to mature
 and develop.  There's still a lot of trash (after all, Sturgeon  said "90%
 of everything  is trash"),  but there is also some excellent stuff.  We're
 trying to separate the wheat from the chaff in our own efforts. <gasp>

     Thanks Charles! :) Enough of this... Dazz has a question!
 Dazz, you're up!

 Dazzz Smith)
     Is there any other software you've got your  eye on  overseas that you
 may want to import?

 John E CodeHead)
 Nothing interests us currently (as if we'd tell you here <grin>).

     No comment.

 Dazzz Smith)
     Do  you  feel  that  Atari  could  do more to help developers get good
 quality software to its overseas userbase?

     I feel Atari could do more.  Period.

 John E CodeHead)
     Well, Atari couldn't really do any less to help us export...

     (Because they do nothing.)

 John E CodeHead)
     but I'm not sure what else they could do.

     Rob Rasmussen has another question...

 Rob Rasmussen)
 Is that first shipment of Calligrapher is spoken for (Can I get  it NOW?:)
 Also are there still plenty of TEC boards?

 We still  have some left in the first shipment.  Yes, you can get it right

 John E CodeHead)
     BTW, during this conference I'm multi-tasking.  I'm  looking through a
 new  brochure  we  received  today,  and I'm learning even more new things
 about Calligrapher that I didn't know before.  Yes we've got TECs.

 John E CodeHead)
     One  thing  we  haven't   mentioned...Even  though   Calligrapher  was
 developed overseas,  our deal  is different  with Working Title UK.  We've
 set up another company called  Working  Title  US.    This  company  is in
 partnership with  Working Title  UK and we'll be manufacturing the product
 here.   This will  allow us  to offer  larger margins  to distributors and
 dealers, increasing the market share for everyone.

 Rob Rasmussen)
     And I can use it with a color monitor, correct?

     Rob: yes. :)

 John E CodeHead)
     Yes, Calligrapher runs in all resolutions except low (and
 TT low).

     Thank you  Rob!   I guess  I'm the lucky person with the last question
 before Charles and John get to make any closing remarks! :)   Can you tell
 us what  your thoughts are on the new system and what it could mean to the
 future of Atari?

     Gee, a loaded question, eh.

 John E CodeHead)
     It has some enormous potential.

     I didn't say I played fair! *huge grin*

 It's a killer machine.  But  they can't  delay for  too long,  or everyone
 will have them.

 John E CodeHead)
     Now  if  Atari  could  find  some marketing specialists that also have
 enormous potential, we'd be in business.

     Thank you for joining us's  your chance  to say anything
 at all by way of closing! :)

 John E CodeHead)
     Anything at all?  <grin>

     Always use paper!

 John E CodeHead)
     We've been really lucky to be able to sell the TECs here in the US and
 it's opened our eyes to  the  value  of  selling  hardware  as  opposed to

     Ontology recapitulates phylogeny.

 John E CodeHead)
     We've  got   some  plans  for  a  couple  of  other  hardware  devices
 also...surprise.  That's  all  I'm  going  to  say  right  now,  but we're

     Oh yeah....but we'll talk about that next time.

 John E CodeHead)
     Thank you all for coming tonight.

     Yes, thanks, folks!

     Great news! :)  I'm sure everyone reading this is salivating! :) Thank
 you Charles and John!  Thank you to  all the  users who  attended!  Please
 join us June 11th for a CO on FLASH II!


 > BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST STR SHOW NEWS    "The Summertime Atari Event!"

                         1992 Blue Ridge ATARIFEST

 Where: Westgate Shopping Center - Asheville, N.C.

 Take any  major highway  into Asheville  (US 19-23,  US 26 or I-40) to the
 I-240 loop, then  take  the  "Westgate/Hilton  Inn  Drive  exit"  into the
 Westgate Shopping Center parking lot.

                            When: 18, July 1992
                            Time: 10:am to 6:pm

 Points of contact:

               Van Estes, BRACE Pres.       Clifford E. Allen, V.Pres.
               704-685-8358                 GEnie: C.Allen17
                                            INTERNET: callen@UNCA.EDU

                              Sheldon Winick
                              GEnie: S.WINICK
                              Computer STudio

                 Come for the day or come for the weekend,
                      but do come and enjoy yourself.

 Great Smokies Hilton Resort  Hilton Inn Drive        (704)254-3211
                  Toll-free reservation phone number 1-800-733-3211

 Radisson                    One Thomas Wolf Plaza    (704)252-8211
                  Rate: $62.00 per room (1-4 people)

          ====== Additional Hotel / Motel Information ===========

 Days Inn                       I-26 and Airport Road     (704)684-2281
                                I-40 Exit 55              (704)298-5140

 Econo Lodge                    US 70 East, I-40 Exit 55  (704)298-5519

 Holiday Inn                    275 Smoky Park Hwy        (704)667-4501
                        Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-HOLIDAY

 Red Roof Inn                   I-40 and US 19-23 Exit 44 (704)667-9803
                       Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-843-7663

 Buget Motel                    I-40 Exit 44 (Enka-Chandler)
                                   West  Asheville  Exit      (704)665-2100
 Western Asheville Central  22 Woodfin St                 (704)253-1851

       ========= Local Bed & Breakfast lodging Information =========

 Aberdeen Inn                64 Linden Ave                (704)254-9336
 Albemarle Inn               86 Edgemont Road             (704)255-0027
 Applewood Manor             62 Cumberland Circle         (704)254-2244
 The Bridle Path Inn        Lockout Road                  (704)252-0035
 Cairn Brae B & B           217 Patton Mountain Rd        (704)252-9219
 Carolina B & B             177 Cumberland Ave            (704)254-3608
 Cedar Crest Victorian Inn  674 Biltmore Ave              (704)252-1289
 Corner Oak Manor            53 St. Dunstan                   (704)253-3525
 Cornerstone Inn            230 Pearson Dr                (704)253-5644
 Flint Street Inn           100 & 116 Flint Street        (704)253-6723
 The Lion and The Rose      276 Montford Ave              (704)255-7673
 The Ray House B & B         83 Hillside St               (704)252-0106
 Reed House                 119 Dodge St                  (704)274-1604
 The Wright Inn             235 Pearson Drive             (704)251-0789]

 A more  complete listing  of Bed  & Breakfasts can be obtained through the
 Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

 Reservations should be made immediately, as  July  is  the  height  of our
 tourist season.

                ===========  CAMP GROUNDS ================

           (reservations are a must during this time of season):

 Mount Pisgah:
     About 20  miles southwest  of Asheville  on the  Blue Ridge Parkway at
 mile post 408.6 (National Park Service).  690 acres.  Elevation 5000'. One
 of the  nicest campgrounds in Western North Carolina. 67 tent sites, 70 RV
 sites. For reservations: P.O.Box 749, Watnesville, N.C. 28786; phone (704)
 235-9109. No  showers. Groceries  and resturant.  Nature program.   14 day
 stay limit.

 Lake Powhatan:
     4 miles south of Asheville on  State road  191, 3.5  miles west  on FR
 806.  30  acres.  98  tent/rv  sites.  Reservation  available  thru Mistix
 1-800-283-CAMP.  Disposal   station.  No   showers.  Swimming;  lifeguard;
 fishing; nature trails; bicycles. 14-day stay limit.

     While in  the area,  you might  want to consider a little sightseeing,
 and include a visit to the Biltmore House  here in  Asheville (the largest
 single family  residence ever  built in the U.S.--its a "castle"). A visit
 to the Biltmore can be a full-day's activity as you will want  to view the
 house, visit the winery, and walk some of the grounds and gardens.
          The House 9 am to 6pm         The Gardens 9am to 7pm
                         Conservatory 9am to 5:30pm
          The Winery Monday-Saturday   11am to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

     Other areas of interest include; the Thomas Wolf home (adjacent to the
 Raddison), the Blue Ridge Parkway and Folk Art Center. A drive up the Blue
 ridge Parkway  to enjoy  the higher elevations and incredible views of our
 mountains. Perhaps a hike  up  to  Mount  Pisgah  and  look  back  down to
 Asheville(you  can  see  Mt.  Pisgah  from most anywhere in Asheville).  A
 short drive from Mt. Pisgah will take you  to Sliding  Rock (for  those of
 you  travelling  with  kids  who  are  still kids at heart), the Cradle of
 Forestry (first forest school in the country), waterfalls, trout hatchery,
 etc. For  the adventurous, white water rafting  on the Natahala River near
 Bryson City (approx one and a half hours from here).

     There's obviously loads  more  to  see  and  do  around  Asheville (in
 addition to  the Blue  Ridge AtariFest and a visit to Computer STudio :-).
 If any of y'all would like maps and additional tourist info of  the area I
 might suggest contacting the Chamber of Commerce:

                    Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
                            151 Haywood Street
                               P.O. Box 1010
                            Asheville, NC 28802
                      704-258-6111 FAX: (704)251-0926

                     BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST '92 BANQUET

 Prepared by:  Sheldon Winick
 May 15, 1992  Asheville, NC

     Computer STudio  has finalized  arrangements for an after show banquet
 at the Pisgah View Ranch.  This will definitely be somewhat different from
 the usual semi-formal type hotel affairs of the other shows, and will be a
 real down-home, country party in the mountains!

     Dinner will be served family-style....... as long as  you keep eating,
 they'll keep serving!  And check out the menu:

                               Tossed Salad
                                Country Ham
                               Fried Chicken
                            Cornbread Dressing
                              Rice and Gravy
                                Green Beans
                           Sweet Potato Souffle
                              Homemade Rolls
                             Homemade desserts

     After dinner,  there will be live entertainment in the air-conditioned
 barn, guaranteed to bring out he  'country'  in  everyone!    There's also
 volleyball  and  shuffleboard  if  anyone  still  has the energy after the
 excitement of the show.  Or  how  about  just  sitting  on  the  porch and
 enjoying our clean mountain air.

     Advance reservations are required for the Blue Ridge AtariFest Banquet
 as seating space is  limited to  100 people.   Cost  is $17.50  per person
 (children  under  6  are  half-price).    If you're planning on attending,
 please return the following reservation form along with  you payment check
 as soon as possible.

     Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  In the
 event we should receive  more reservations  than seating  space available,
 your checks will be returned.

                    cut here and return with your check


  Name:  _______________________________________________________________

  Address:  ____________________________________________________________

  City:  _________________________  State:  _________  Zip:  ___________

        Phone Number:  (       )  _________________________________

  Number attending:  ______  Adults @ $17.50 each     = $_______________

                     ______  Children under 6 @ $8.75 = $_______________

                     TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED ............ $_______________

   Banquet tickets and a map of directions to the Pisgah View Ranch will
              be mailed to those with confirmed reservations.

                reservation form along with your check to:

                              Computer STudio
                         Westgate Shopping Center
                       40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
                           Asheville, NC  28806

                    cut here and return with your check

     I'm  pleased  to  announce  that  John Cole will be attending The Blue
 Ridge AtariFest representing LEXICOR SOFTWARE.  He has advised us that the
 Lexicor booth will not only have loads of desktop video demos to show, but
 will also have Leonardo and possibly Monalisa (the 'NEW' stuff!!).

                              DON'T MISS IT!

                           Blue Ridge AtariFest
                 Saturday, July 18, 1992  ---  10am - 6pm
                Westgate Shopping Center ---  Asheville, NC


 > The UNTOLD Story! STR Spotlight  PITTSBURGH.... Finally, the TRUTH!


 by DC Signorini
 (c) 1991, 1992, 1992

 Author's Note:
     This series of articles were written over a  10 month  period from the
 summer of 1991 to the spring of 1992.  The original six articles, entitled
 "The Untold Story of Pittsburgh, PA"  contain information about the events
 that took place during a 3 year time period in South Western Pennsylvania.
 These events are to the best of my  knowledge true.  Some names  have been
 withheld to  protect certain  individuals.   The 2  sections, one entitled
 "Prologue" and the other "Epilogue", were written to  summarize the events
 that took place during later part of 1991 and early 1992.

     I  ask  that  anyone  reprinting  these  articles print all 8 articles
 un-edited either in a continuing series  or all  8 at  once to  ensure the
 integrity of the story flow.


     It is  with great  sadness and  frustration that I write this article.
 In 1990, when the  AUA came  to my  hands, I  was very  enthusiastic about
 molding the organization into one of power and respect.  I had listened to
 many people who offered advice on how I could achieve  this goal,  and for
 the most part, everyone was very helpful.

     When I  wrote the  following series of articles, back in the summer of
 1991 while on vacation, little did I know that the events that  would take
 place over  the course  of the  following year  would effect my life as it
 has.  I had every intention of publishing this article in August 1991, but
 instead, a  close friend  of mine, John Karlovich, asked that I wait until
 after the WAACE show 1991 to see just how the Atari Elite would be treated
 while at the show.

     It is  ironic that  not less than a year previous, the Atari Elite was
 being shunned by many in the ST community.  Those who joked and called the
 Atari  Elite  the  slanderous  names  that  they  did  are  no longer even
 participating in the  Atari  community.    They  have  gone  on  to higher
 platforms, or exited the computer arena all together.  The same people who
 caused 99  percent of  the problems  in the  Pittsburgh area  are not even
 around to read this.

     Now that things have taken a turn for the worse, I felt it was time to
 release my article on the  events  that  took  place  during  my  reign as
 coordinator of the Atari Users Association.  I do not know how many people
 will even know what I am talking about in my 6 part article, but for those
 who  have  been  around  long  enough  to  witness  the collapse of a once
 prominent computer  company, they  may find  some comfort  in knowing that
 things are bad all over.

     This will be my last official dialog with the Atari community.  Having
 been a long time Atari user, dating back to 1981, and even  earlier if you
 want to  count Atari's  Pinball game system, I am very unhappy of the turn
 of events that has left many people with  no choice  but to  turn to other
 platforms.    Atari,  when  it  announced  the  ST  line in 1984-1985, was
 destined to be the next Apple computer.  Power without the price,  I think
 was the  phrase back  then, and  a man  named Jack promised to be the next
 Steven Jobs.  Instead, the current  stock price  of Atari  on the  AMEX is
 below  $3.00  a  share,  more  than  300% less than what it was originally
 issued at, and after it enjoyed  a  high  selling  value  of  over $30.00.
 Funny how  a company  with so much potential was able to mislead consumers
 and convince them that the ST line was THE computer to invest in.

     Instead, today's ST survivors  have  to  drive  hundreds  of  miles to
 purchase software for their machines.  Sad.  Very, very sad.

     Now, almost  7 years  after the ST was introduced in the US, its 68000
 technology is dated and  slow.    Anyone  who  would  invest  in  an Atari
 platform computer  this day  and age  is crazy.   Especially  when you can
 barely find a dealer to handle the computer or its software.

     An ST BOOK?  Call me a skeptic, but I really doubt that the  BOOK will
 ever  become  a  reality  in  the  US.  Atari boasts a 8mhz notebook sized
 computer. Give me a break.  If it  takes as  long to  get the  Notebook to
 market as  it did the Stacy, those of you holding out for the Notebook had
 better invest in some Grecian Formula.  The Notebook is  a farce,  and the
 company behind it is a joke too.  If it sounds as though I am bitter, good
 assumption.  I am very bitter.  Probably more bitter than anyone  you have
 ever known  before toward Atari.  I used to fear those who would speak out
 against me or my ideas.   Now,  I  really  do  not  care,  because  I have
 projected myself above and beyond Atari.  I am not going to look back, and
 I certainly am not going to miss it.  I feel sorry for those who read this
 and condemn  me for  my thoughts  or actions, because I know that one day,
 most of you will experience what I am feeling today.

     At any rate, I am just about finished badmouthing Atari.   I  ask that
 you please  forgive my bitterness.  Perhaps I should have cooled off a bit
 more before writing this section.  But, I  guess there  is no  time better
 than the present.  Here is my story.

     After  one  and  a  half  years,  the  AUA  grew  from  a  100  member
 organization to one with over 1600 members.  AUA had become a  voice, in a
 very small  circle, but had never really caught the eye of the press or of
 Atari Corp. itself.

     The reasons for this are many.  First,  and Bob  Brodie will  deny it,
 but AUA  was a  threat to  him and  to Atari.  Mr. Brodie I believe feared
 what AUA represented, so his only way of dealing with the organization was
 to pretend  it did  not exist.   In one early conversation with Mr. Brodie
 when I  asked  him  to  officially  recognize  the  AUA,  he  stated, "The
 revolution  is  the  only  movement  that  Atari  Corp.  will  endorse  or
 recognize."  Never did I  ask  Bob  to  endorse  the  AUA,  but  simply to
 communicate  with  us  so  that  our  members would be heard.   In another
 conversation, when AUA was attempting to open communications lines between
 the users  and Atari,  Bob stated that he was too busy reading messages on
 GEnie and did not have time  for the  Fnet, a  network which  he has  on a
 number of  times denounced  as childish and immature.  Ironically, Bob now
 has his very own  BBS, and  is very  much active  in the  Fnet.   He never
 really made  an effort  to help  us, as I believe he feared that AUA would
 become a very large lobbying organization.

     Others feared AUA because of its  early affiliation  with Atari Elite.
 And,  after  I  was  able  to  convince  everyone  that  AUA was no longer
 affiliated with this Pittsburgh group, no one was willing to  even look at
 AUA.   Again, ironically,  Bob Brodie calls on the Atari Elite to help him
 route his BBS into the Fnet.   Association is a convenience, I guess.

     In late 1991, the Atari  Users  Association  launched  the Anti-Piracy
 Movement 1991.   We  published some  captures from  Pirate BBS's that were
 given to us, making the Atari public aware  that this  was going  on right
 under our  noses.   Piracy has reached paramount proportions in almost all
 computer platforms, and we felt that the AUA could help to ignite  a witch
 hunt on  those offenders  who were destroying the userbase.  Little did we
 know that the witch hunt was turned onto us.

     Shortly after announcing the  movement via  a text  file on  GEnie and
 Compuserve,  I  received  a  call  from  a  well known figure in the Atari
 Community demanding that I  "knock off  the anti-piracy  sh*t" and  that I
 "did not  know who  I was f***ing with..."  He went on to say that the AUA
 could never change what was happening with all  of the  Pirate BBS  in the
 USA and  that I  was wasting  my time.  I always had strong knowledge that
 this individual had very strong piracy  ties, and  what he  was telling me
 was that  I would  be facing  the wrath of the Pirate BBS sysops who would
 not like what I was saying.  I told my "friend" that  I was  not afraid to
 speak out  and that  I would pursue the Anti-Pirate movement.  Ironically,
 this figure has everyone believing that he is pristine, while he is one of
 the major Atari ST software pirates.

     Three weeks  after this  conversation, AUA  received its monthly phone
 bill.  During a two week  period, beginning  2 days  after my conversation
 with my  friend who  stated, "you  don't know who you are f**king with..."
 211 calls were placed to destinations in England, Germany, Israel, and all
 over the  United States  for a  grand charge total of over $1800.  Much to
 our dismay, we did  not make  these calls.   We  called the  long distance
 carrier to get to the bottom of the problem, and we were told that someone
 had placed all of the calls using the  AUA calling  card code.   The phone
 company insisted  that we  were liable for the calls, since from what they
 could determine, all of the calls were placed from the  AUA phone  at Tony
 Parry's home.   Tony  did not  make the calls, nor did anyone in his home.
 However, we were  responsible  for  the  calls  pending  an investigation.
 Ironically, all of the calls were placed to BBS's.

     Now, this placed us in a very difficult position.  AUA had around $800
 in the bank, and did not  have the  $1800 or  so needed  to pay  the phone
 company.   We also  did not  have enough  capital to  hire a lawyer.  This
 would take much more money that we  already  did  not  have.    What legal
 advice we did receive was to issue a complaint with the PUC, which we did.

     Our hearing, in late  October, was  the last  stake in  the AUA heart.
 After the  investigation, the phone company could not conclude that we did
 not make the calls  from the  AUA telephone.   Apparently,  the calls were
 made from  the Canonsburg trunk line, which according to the phone company
 can be done by only the most skilled  phone hackers.   However,  we had no
 proof that this was done by an outside person or party, and we were liable
 for the $1800 bill.  The phone company settled for a 50% payment and would
 close the  case.  We agreed, since the alternative would be a lien against
 Tony and his assets (since the  phone was  in his  name...).   We paid the
 phone company and walked away.

     That is  where we  are now.   The  AUA, for  all intents and purposes,
 still exists.  However,  there is  no money  in our  account to  even mail
 notices to  our members  concerning our situation.  The only assets we had
 were in the form of printed materials that have no resale value  and a few
 pieces of hardware that we sold off.

     It saddens  me to  see that  a harmless threat from who I though was a
 friend, turned into a flagrant attack  against a  productive organization.
 Why have  we let  piracy take over the Atari userbase as it has?  Could it
 be because of the  fact that  Atari Corp.  is poorly  run, and  that their
 support people,  such as  Bob Brodie  are in the wrong line of business or
 over worked?  And what about those people who ignored  the AUA  for a year
 and a half, are they happy now to see that the AUA is paralyzed?

     To all of our paid members, I apologize for the situation that we find
 ourselves in.  The last thing  I would  want those  who lost  their $15.00
 membership  fee  is  that  we  were  a  "ripping"  off the Atari community
 "again."  We are not what Avant  Garde  turned  into.    Instead,  we were
 attacked by someone in the Atari community who probably felt threatened by
 our Anti-Piracy movement and then left out to  dry.   Well, the individual
 who did  this to  us won.   The  friend who told me I was out of my league
 has won too.  People like Bob Brodie, John Barnes, and others  who were so
 against the idea of the Atari Users Association are all winners.

     A brave  sole, one  who has  complete dedication  to Atari and who has
 been with the AUA for a very long time, is  taking over  the group.   Eric
 Lambeth, founder  of the  ST-Exchange PD Software program will be stepping
 in to take over my position as Coordinator.  I have vowed  to help  him in
 every possible way to get on his feet with the AUA.  It will take a lot of
 work, but I am confident that he is  the right  man for  the job.   Please
 understand that  the fate of the AUA was left to a few immature people who
 wanted things their way.  What AUA is,  and what  it was  founded for will
 never change.

     In closing, I suppose this serves as my letter of resignation with the
 Atari Users Association.  I have sold the 1000 shares of Atari  stock that
 I held,  along with  most of my equipment and software.  The Atari ST is a
 dead end platform, and anyone who hopes to be productive  using a personal
 computer should explore Macintosh or Intel based machines.

 To say that it was fun would be a lie.

                                        Enjoy yourselves.

                                        Derek C. Signorini

                                  PART I

     [This is  part 1  of a  6 part story concerning the Atari arena in the
     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  You are encouraged to read all 6 parts
     in their entirety.]


     Next time  you are  in Sunnyvale,  gathering in the beautiful Southern
 California sun, stop in  Atari Corp.  headquarters, tell  the receptionist
 you are visiting from Pittsburgh, and make note of the look you get (as if
 you had a black patch over one eye...).

     Or, if you ever get a  chance, call  up an  Atari Developer   and tell
 them you  are from Pittsburgh and listen as the line gets quiet (as if you
 had perched upon your shoulder a parrot...).

     Try coming to Pittsburgh to buy  some  Atari  Software  or  some Atari will  be greeted  with a smile and the answer "You can only
 get software for the Atari from mail order, ah, I think."

     Give Patty Marshall or Paul Plants a call and ask  them how  plans for
 their show scheduled for the end of June in Erie failed and they will tell
 you they have suffered from frost bite (with Atari Teeth marks...).

     The story you are about to hear is one that I should have told  a very
 long time  ago and  one that I have been aching to get off of my chest for
 almost a year.  The current  state of  affairs within  the Atari community
 has prompted  me to  undertake this chore and to be honest, I simply could
 no longer  watch  on  as  once  "hardcore"  Atari  users  switch  to other

     I originally  wanted to  write one  large article, but instead, I will
 present the events surrounding the conditions of the  Atari marketplace in
 Western Pennsylvania  in several  installments.   This will make it easier
 for the media and usergroups to reprint without consuming pages  and pages
 in just one issue.

     During the  course of  my "ramblings,"  you will hear things that were
 up until now, secured  behind  closed  doors  or  forbidden  to  speak of.
 Everyone that I speak to realize that there is a problem within Atari, but
 no one wants to take the initiative to do something about it.  Maybe after
 reading my  story you will gain the urge to speak up.  I encourage any and
 all feedback to this story and you can  do so  by mail,  Email, in person,
 via satellite,  telephone, or  in the  next life while sipping a beer at a
 Hard Rock Cafe.

     What finally prompted me to undertake this task was a  conglomerate of
 several different  events, the  most recent  being the cancellation of the
 Great Lakes Atari Computer  Conference, GLACC,   to  be held  in Erie, PA.
 Also, the  immanent death  of the  Atari ST is upon not only the people in
 the Pittsburgh area, but also all over the  United States.   And  there is
 not a  doctor in  sight.   I happen to live in the Pittsburgh area, and am
 not willing to give up hope on the ST as easily as  Atari has  given up on

     Why  things  have  become  as  bad  as  they  are in this area is very
 complicated.  I am not an expert on marketing practices  and never boasted
 to  be.    Nor  am  I  fully  knowledgeable  on every single Atari related
 incident that has taken place in this area  since the  birth of  the ST in
 1985.  However, because I was very active in the local Atari community for
 nearly 6 years, I experienced  many  things  that  the  guys  at Sunnyvale
 simply did not.

     So, I  find that  it is  my duty to present these events that occurred
 here to the best of my ability.  The issues that I will discuss  are being
 submitted to the best of my knowledge and any incidents that are mentioned
 here that were presented to me by a  third party  are believed  to be true
 and accurate.   I have included real names of people surrounding events in
 some cases and only where I found it  necessary in  order to  preserve the
 integrity of  my story  and only  by permission.   I  will not  in any way
 assume liability for any information mentioned  herein that  was presented
 to me  incorrectly.   And lastly,  I am  writing this story of my own free
 will.  The opinions presented herein are my own and not of the Atari Users
 Association or  any other organization mentioned.  If any information that
 you find in the course of this story  is incorrect,  I apologize,  and ask
 that corrections be given to me so that I may make them public.

     Before I  begin, there  are a few facts that must be stated.  First of
 all, immediately after the PACE show in Pittsburgh on April  29th, 1990, I
 resigned my membership with the Atari Elite.  I broke nearly all ties that
 I had with the organization on the "advise" of several people in the Atari
 ring  and  have  only  kept  in contact with John Karlovich, president and
 founder of the Atari Elite, over  this long  time period  because he  is a
 personal  friend  of  mine.    Likewise,  I have kept in contact with Paul
 Plants of WACO as well as Bruce Markey of PACE simply because  I felt that
 it was  necessary to  demonstrate my  (and AUA's) neutrality in the issues
 that were being thrown onto the table.

     For many of you who are unfamiliar with the Pittsburgh story, allow me
 to quickly  sum the  situation up  in 100 words or less.  There are two ST
 groups in Pittsburgh.  One hates the other and wants  the other  to simply
 die and go away.  The other wants nothing more than to have the other pull
 together and knock off the hatred.  Confused?  Yeah, me too.   As  you may
 already  know,  I  am  currently  the  coordinator  for  the  Atari  Users
 Association, or AUA, a world  wide  not-for-profit  group  with  over 1600
 members in  22 different  countries.  I graduated from Duquesne University
 in 1988 with a B.S.  in  Pharmacy  and  have  a  B.S.  degree  in Computer
 Science as  well in  1989.  I am married (3 years) and currently work full
 time as  a pharmacist  and am  the Director  of Operations  for a computer
 business I  started in  1988.   My company  is registered under the  Atari
 Developer program.  I enjoy spending what free time I have golfing and hot
 air ballooning.  My wife, Deborah, complains that she never sees me, and I
 always tell her that it will make our  marriage last  even longer...(grin)
 Enough of the life history...

     Prior to  the April  1990 PACE  show, the only affiliation the AUA had
 with the Atari Elite is the fact that AUA used the Atari  Elite newsletter
 for their  own and  that I was a member of AE.  After the April 1990 date,
 AUA had NO affiliation whatsoever with the Atari Elite, or any other local
 group for  that matter.  This separation was necessary to demonstrate that
 the AUA was a  true  worldwide  organization  and  that  it  had  no local
 affiliation as you will learn further into this story.

     Secondly, I must also state for the record that of the 1600 members in
 the Atari Users Association, only 1% of them are from Western Pennsylvania
 -- a  low number  probably due to the deplorable conditions in this region
 concerning Atari Computer hardware  and software.   When  you walk  into a
 large software dealer in Pittsburgh and ask for Atari ST software, you are
 often asked "an Atari what?" or "is that 2600 or 5200?"

     Many of you may be wondering why now?  Why  does he  feel the  need to
 talk about  something that  everyone is trying to "cover up?"  Well, to be
 honest, now that the AUA is a great success, I  no longer  feel threatened
 by anyone  or any  group.   A year ago, the AUA was a fragile infant whose
 future was dependent upon the stability and purity  of its  image.   I did
 not want  the AUA  to be  in the  spotlight of controversy knowing that it
 would not endure such, so my best action was to  isolate AUA  and continue
 to promote  AUA positively  and professionally -- a move that has paid off
 now that the AUA ground is firm and un-threatened.

     In addition, I was hoping that the press would finally give the
 area what it needed:

 1) The Atari Elite the credit for not being involved in the "heavy piracy"
 that had been reported.

 2) The local dealers and users the promotion that could save the
 Pittsburgh userbase.

 3) Lastly  to point the finger at the real culprits in the area's dilemma.

     But, none of these events ever happened -- the press never published a
 single good  word about  the area or the people here.  And yet, I sat back
 waiting for that day while I watched the conditions in  Pittsburgh worsen.
 Sure,  things  may  be  bad  in  your town also, but Pittsburgh has always
 gotten the "bad rap"  and since  I have  been a  passive observer  to this
 "veil of  conspiracy" that  is draped  over the area I could no longer sit
 back and watch the Atari ST die a slow and  miserable death.   I  have too
 much time  and money  invested in  Atari, including my equipment, my small
 business, and stocks, to just let it all fall by the waste side.  But yet,
 I  am  afraid  that  the  conditions  not only here in this area, but also
 throughout the entire United States, has reached a  point of  no return --
 no  matter  how  much  Atari  says  they  are  "beginning a new aggressive
 campaign" and no matter how much great enthusiasts  like Ralph  Mariano of
 STReports,  all  of  the  Developers  who would sweat blood for Atari, and
 myself attempt to boost morale,  things  are  really  very  bad  for Atari
 computers and Atari computer users.

     Just as  an example, Word Perfect has recently pulled out of the Atari
 platform, and while I write this article using Word Perfect Version 4.1, I
 wonder how  much damage  this move  has caused and why Atari Corp. had not
 tried to stop them from making  this devastating  decision.   And if Atari
 did attempt  to block  this decision, why did they not let the public know
 that they at least tried.  I can not change the state of affairs currently
 being witnessed  in the community, nor can you -- single handedly!  But if
 enough of us join  together, then  we may  be able  to possibly  alter the
 outcome a bit.  This has always been a goal of the AUA, and will always be
 our first and foremost priority.

     Well, I guess the best place  to begin  would be  the "beginning."   I
 thought about  making this article a two or three part series, but decided
 that it would be best to write my novel and  let everyone  read it without
 interruption.   If the  media wishes to break up this story into sections,
 you are welcomed to do so as long as none  of the  contents of  this story
 are changed.

     The purpose of this narrative is to show why I believe the Atari Elite
 had received no benefit of the  doubt  in  the  incidents  surrounding the
 April 1990  PACE show  and to  express why  I feel  the Atari community in
 Pittsburgh has died.   I also  would like  to demonstrate  why they (Atari
 Elite) may have been a scapegoat for Atari Corp.  and also to display that
 Pittsburgh would have been a great marketing asset  if someone  would have
 pushed the  right buttons.  I must again stress that I am writing this out
 of my own  free  will  and  hope  that  you  will  be  able  to  base your
 conclusions on  what I believe to be the truth instead of fabrication that
 has been seen in the past years.

                               THE BEGINNING

     As far back as I can remember, dating back to  1985, this  area really
 never had a very strong Atari marketing or advertising venture for the ST.
 The 800 was popular, and in the early 1980's, it  was common  to walk into
 almost any  retailer and  find an  800.   This shows  me that  the 800 was
 marketed well and widely accepted here in the area.  What went sour?

     When I first purchased by Atari 800 in 1982, I had several  choices at
 the time.   I could go to several toy stores in the area, Sears, Kaufmanns
 or a few computer dealers.  Actually, I never had  a choice,  since it was
 my parent's  money and  decision and they elected to spend their cash at a
 place  called  "The  Toy  and  Gift  Mart"  --  a  small  local  dealer in
 southwestern Pennsylvania,  not more than 10 minutes from my house.  I can
 remember after receiving my 800 for Xmas, going to the TGM (for  short) to
 browse and  see what was new in the way of Hardware and Software.  Since I
 did not have a job and was still in high school, my money was  scarce, but
 I did  what I  could and spent nearly all of my money on computer supplies
 from Harry, the owner of TGM.  I spent a lot of  time at  Harry's over the
 course of  the next 5 years, and at one time, was considering working part
 time for Harry on weekends to earn some extra cash.  But,  my parents were
 a little  protective and  could see  no reason  for me to work since I was
 given almost everything I needed when I needed it.  (note:   this attitude
 changed  when  I  went  to  college  and my parents saw how much a college
 freshman could spend per month...)  At any  rate, it  was here  that I met
 guys  like  JG,  John  Karlovich,  and  Steve  Kotula  --  all local Atari
 enthusiasts, and also members of the only Atari organization in Pittsburgh
 at  that  time  --  PACE.  (note:  WACO,  or  Westmoreland  Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts) has really never  been considered  a Pittsburgh  group, since
 they were  some 50  miles away  from the  suburbs of Pittsburgh and a good
 hour drive from the center of the city.)

     It was through Harry and his store that I met these PACE people, and I
 ended up  going to  some PACE  meetings and  meeting people  like Mark G.,
 Steve B., and a  few others.   I  had a  great time  with PACE,  but never
 joined as  a member.   Why  I never  joined I don't really know -- lack of
 money, lack of time, lack of motivation.  I figured that I could go to the
 meetings for  free and would simply not receive a newsletter as did paying

                       LATE NIGHT HACK SESSIONS --

 Let us skip ahead a bit...

     At this point in time, around 1985 or so, I  never really  gave the ST
 much consideration.   I did not have nearly enough money to spend on a new
 system (being the poor college  student  that  I  was),  and  I  could not
 justify a  new system  since the old 800 was doing what I needed it to do.
 I was programming heavily in BASIC (had written several programs  that are
 still being used today at my old High School physics class) and had put up
 a 24 hour BBS in my dorm room run on my 800.

     Now that was a crazy time, having to convince my roommate that  it was
 necessary to  use the  phone for the BBS and that no one of any importance
 was calling on the phone anyway, so why not put  it to  good use. Besides,
 if his  girlfriend or  mine had to get through, they simply had to let the
 phone ring once to let us know they needed to chat.   We stayed  up many a
 nights until  5 AM  playing video games, when we should have been studying
 for exams  or sleeping  (note: sleeping  was rare  in college...).   I can
 remember times when John Kacvinsky, my roommate then, would look at me and
 say, "Time to go to PT -- see you when I get  back..."   "PT" was physical
 training --  for the  ROTC --  that takes place every morning on campus at
 6:00.  By telling you this, I am  stressing that  I was,  and still  am, a
 true   blue    computer   hacker.      (note:   hacker   is   defined   as
 programmer/enthusiast, not  government  computer  raider)    Ask  my wife,
 Deborah, about  when I  met her  and stated, "My computer will always come
 first...."   I meant  it, and  my wife  has accepted  it.   Even today, my
 parents tell  me that I spend too much time at the computer and not enough
 with the family.  Call me a computerholic, I dunno.

     Anyway, my roommate had an Apple II, I had the 800.   The ST  had just
 hit the  market but  I had  no money.  This is around the time that I made
 first contact with the  Atari Elite.   I  was running  BBS software called
 FOREM XL  for the  8-bit and  had bought  it from a guy named John Graham,
 whose nickname was/is "The Boss."  I spent  many hours  on the  phone with
 John, getting  the board  set up  and learning  the "ins  and outs" of the
 software and the fine art of being a Sysop.  Little did I know there was a
 revolution going  on --  the ST  was born,  and everyone  was eager to get
 their hands  on it.     At any  rate, The  Boss ran  a BBS  using the same
 software that  I bought  from him,  so he  knew what  he was  doing.  John
 Graham was the first "hard core" Atari user that I had ever met and I have
 a great deal of respect for him because of his knowledge of computers.  To
 this day, I have never met anyone quite like him.  At any  rate, I  had to
 get an  update to the BBS software from him and was invited to meet him at
 a computer fair at a mall here in Pittsburgh instead of him  mailing it to
 me.   The Atari  Elite had  a booth at the fair, and he would be there.  I
 agreed and was anxious to finally meet the guy.

     John told me about the Atari Elite for  the first  time while  I spoke
 with him  on the  phone.  He said that there were a few guys in Pittsburgh
 who just got ST's and were forming a  new organization.   I  remember that
 day vividly,  because he  was talking to me while he tinkered with his new
 ST that had just arrived.  He was  describing the  VT-52 emulator  and the
 control panel  to me  (the only  software that  he had at that time, which
 was exciting to him  and to  anyone for  that matter)   Any  way, the only
 catch was,  attendance to  the Atari Elite meeting was by invitation only.
 That was sort of neat, I thought at the time.  Sort of made it seem  a bit
 mystical and made me feel important.  I told him I was interested.

     Later that  week, I  went to  see my  friend Harry  at TGM, and he had
 caught wind of the new group  called Atari  Elite.   He called  them snobs
 because their  membership was  by invitation  only and that he would never
 tell anyone to support them as  long  as  their  doors  were  closed.   My
 question at  this time  is, first,  who told  Harry about the Atari Elite?
 And second, if he  was so  against them,  why did  he later  attend one of
 their meetings?   To  me, this  was a stupid attitude for a dealer.  If he
 were smart (and I  am not  accusing him  of being  stupid) he  should have
 jumped at  the opportunity to promote his business to this "up and coming"
 organization.  But instead, he must have heard something from  someone who
 was attempting to discredit the Atari Elite and elected to be close minded
 instead.  Well, I went to the show at the mall that  friday night  and met
 John Graham  for the first time.  I also saw John Karlovich there, as well
 as Jim Laux and Dan Sullivan  -- other  founders of  the new  Atari group.
 The Atari  Elite had a 1040ST on display, and that unit was supposedly one
 of  only  15  in  production!    Seems  that  John  Karlovich  had  a good
 communication line  with Sig  Hartman and John talked Sig into sending the
 unit for the show (they had  to give  it back,  of course...)  Let me tell
 you, Harry  found out about the 1040 and was furious because "a punk group
 had the unit before he, a dealer, got  to see  one."   So, I  am under the
 impression that  Harry got  a bad taste in his mouth about the Atari Elite
 because of the 1040 and that  a PACE  person must  have "filled  him in" a
 little about  Elite. This  I believe  was the beginning of conflict in the
 area which I will get into more detail later. At any rate,  I had  a great
 time at  the fair,  met a  lot of  Atari people, and laid eyes on an Atari
 1040ST for the first time.  Most importantly, I was  invited to  attend an
 Atari  Elite  meeting  at  the  Marriott  the first monday of the month of
 April, 1986.

                          MY QUEST FOR THE 68000

     While I did not have enough  money for  an ST  quite yet,  my roommate
 decided to  sell his  Apple II  to get  an ST.  That was great, at least I
 would have an ST to tinker with while he was in class!   Since  he was not
 an Atarian,  he looked to me to guide him in the right direction so I told
 him about  Harry at  TGM, and  he took  my advice  and bought  a 520 color
 system from him.

     Now that  John had  an ST,  the Atari  Elite gave him an invitation to
 attend their meeting in April "since he  was  a  friend  of  mine."   Now,
 anyone reading this up to this point would have to conclude that the Atari
 Elite had a "mafia" type air, or a "mystical" reputation.  You had to know
 someone  to  get  in,  and  as  you  will see later, just because you were
 invited to a meeting, did not necessarily mean you were accepted.  Sort of
 a fraternity of types.  But John was happy, I was envious, and the meeting
 was a few days away.

     I attended a PACE meeting in the mean time, and had a great time -- as
 usual.   It was  good to  see so many people with similar interests in one
 place having a great time and learning about the 8-bit.  Note that at this
 time, I  knew nothing  of the  break-up that  had occurred in the board of
 directors and  officers of  the organization  as you  will read  later.  I
 remember that PACE meeting in particular because someone from PACE spent a
 great deal of time telling me  that the  Atari Elite  had formed  and that
 they had a  "rental library" that only members could borrow from.

     I can  not at this time recall who that person was, but I sensed a bit
 of jealousy in his tone and  a bit  of resentment.      You  see, the PACE
 organization finally  had membership  competition --  something they never
 had to contend with.  What  I did  observe was  that they  were still very
 much 8-bit  oriented and  appeared to be content to be so forever, and for
 me that was great because I was still heavily in love with my 8-bit.  This
 was of  course, until  I began  tinkering with  my roommate's ST and found
 that the ST was a much better machine.  I realized that  I had  to somehow
 find a way to get one to "keep up with the Jones."

     The day  had finally  come for  the un-veiling of the Atari Elite.  My
 roommate and I attended the meeting at the  Marriott (the  same place that
 PACE met),  except in  a much smaller conference room.  We were greeted at
 the door by Brian Kotula (Steve's son) with a smile  and a  handshake, and
 further in the room, we were greeted by Graham, Karlovich, Laux, and a few
 other local ST people.  They made us feel very at home  -- they  wanted to
 know us  on a  first name  basis.   There were  about 15 people there that
 night and the star attraction was a guy  from Hybrid  Arts demonstrating a
 DX-7 Droid  program.   This was great!  I got to see the ST in MIDI action
 for the first time and was quite impressed.   There  was also  a guy there
 who demonstrated  how to  hook up  a 5.25"  drive to the ST.  This too was
 very impressive.  Hard-core hacking stuff.  Really technical.  I could see
 that these guys went out of their way.  My roommate and I agreed, this was
 the place to be so we asked  to  join.    Jim  Laux  accepted  us  and our
 checks, and we were members 13 and 14 in the organization.

     I found  out a  few years later that my now business partner who I met
     through Elite was  denied  membership  to  the  group  his  first time
     around.   Why he  was not  accepted we  really do  not know.  Possibly
     because he attended a meeting without  invite, or  that he  looked too
     much like Mr. Spock...(sorry John...))

     From here  on out,  I am in no way degrading the PACE organization.  I
 am simply relating those experiences that  happened to  me as  best that I
 can recall.  My first experience with the Atari Elite was a great one.  My
 last experience with PACE was a bad one.  What happened next  was ironic.
 Up until  this time, for about 2 months previous, I was an assistant SYSOP
 for PACE on their BBS.   Their SYSOP, Jeff W., asked me for my help, since
 I had  SYSOP experience  and was very knowledgeable in telecommunications.
 The experience of being and asst. sysop would be great and I could not let
 it go  by.  So, here I was, with special privileges on the PACE BBS, and a
 member of the Atari Elite.  Remember, I was not even a member of PACE, yet
 they entrusted  me with this job.  In May of that year, someone broke into
 the PACE BBS while Jeff was  on  vacation  and  literally  destroyed their
 system password  file and  left some  pretty blatant  messages on the BBS.
 You probably know what was coming next -- I was blamed for  this break in.
 Sure, I  was the most probable suspect.  I had access, I was a young cocky
 college student, and I was computer wise smart.  Last but not least, I was
 a member  of an  organization that was looked upon as a threat to PACE.  I
 was blamed, and was told by Jeff that "they" were watching me.  I was also
 told that  a phone  trace was  placed on  the BBS and he advised me not to
 call.  I agree that I was  a  suspect,  however,  I  knew  nothing  of the
 incident and did not care for the way I was treated.

     You see,  there were  a few  people in the PACE board of directors who
 did not care for me.  They did not like the fact that I  used a  handle on
 BBS called "Carbon 14" and asked that when on their BBS that I use my real
 name instead of a handle.  An officer  of PACE  at the  time is  quoted as
 saying, "the  use of  handles denotes  piracy."   I argued with PACE about
 this conception, asking if CB users were thieves  just because  they use a
 handle on  the radio?  It was a ridiculous accusation, and I was in no way
 involved in any type of "Piracy" as they felt my use of  a handle denoted.
 I really  did not want to argue with them, and I simply quit calling their
 BBS.  After all, I was  known by  that handle  by many,  and wished  to be
 known as such.

     School was  out for  the summer, and I had a buyer for my 800.  I also
 had an unsuspecting bit of financial help from my grandparents  who wanted
 to see  me get  a new  computer, so  I was ST bound.  About a month later,
 after selling the 800 to a friend who was going to give  it to  his 9 year
 old son  for games,  my 520ST arrived.  (Ironically, I spoke to this guy a
 few weeks ago and he told me that the 800 is running just fine...)  As you
 probably think,  I visited my friend Harry. He was happy to see me, and he
 was very helpful in answering my  questions.   However, I  did not  buy it
 from Harry, because money was tight, and Harry wanted almost $300 more for
 the system than did MicroTyme, a mail order firm from  Ohio.   So, I broke
 Harry's heart  and ordered mail order -- a move that I do not regret since
 I would go on to purchase many more things from MicroTyme.   Yes, I  was a
 "mail order  child" that  Atari Corp.  did not  like.  They abolished mail
 order ST purchasing around 1988 saying that it was unfair  competition for
 local dealers.   My  only comment to that is that they sold more ST's then
 with mail  order and  ask where  are all  of the  local dealers  now?  For
 people like  myself, mail  order was the way to go to save money!  Dealers
 like Harry had to charge such  a high  price because  Atari did  not offer
 much of a profit margin for dealers.  Really not fair if you ask me...

     At that  time, I knew only a handful of ST users.  We were rebels in a
 way, venturing into unexplored  territory.   Information about  the ST was
 everywhere, and  I consumed  all that  I could.   I  kept in touch with my
 friends from PACE for a while.  Some of them did not get their  ST's until
 a few  years later, and from what I am told, a couple never did move on to
 the 68000.  They will always be my friends, but it is  unfortunate that we
 have been placed on opposite ends of the battle grounds in the war you are
 about to learn of.


   Permission to Re-Print is granted as long as no part of this work is
     changed in any way and credit is given to the Author and the AUA.

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 > TT Compatibility STR FOCUS  Listing update of Compatible Software

 This is an update to a list from about 7 months ago.
 OS under Comments means OTHER SOURCE. I myself did not run, or see it
 run. There are over 500 titles on the list now. I can be reached by
 E-Mail on Delphi- Username: Schuylar


             Title             Run                  Comments
  10th Frame                    Y  Bowling game.
  24Bit.prg                     Y  Fixes some programs.
  3-D Grapher                   Y  OS
  3-D Pool                      Y  OS
  3D Graphics                   Y  by Abacus
  A.G.E.                        Y  OS
  AAARGH                        N
  APA                           Y  American Personality Test
  APB                           N
  ARCX.TTP                      Y  Very fast. Runs in TTRam also.
  AVS Sequencer                 Y  OS
  Advantage Tennis              Y  OS, Too fast.
  Afterburner                   Y  Fast.
  Alien Blockade                Y  OS
  Alien Syndrome                Y
  Amaze.prg                     Y  A maze program.
  Animate 4                     Y  OS
  Another World                 Y  OS
  Arabesque Pro.                Y  Demo
  Areacode.prg                  Y
  Arena                         N
  Arkanoid                      N
  Arkanoid, Revenge of DOM      Y  OS
  Army Moves                    N
  Arrakis Advantage             Y  ST Scholastic Series, Lots of titles.
  Art Gallery                   Y  ST res. only.
  Artic Fox                     Y
  Artura                        N  OS
  Autosort                      Y  OS
  Avantvector                   Y  Demo
  Axe of Rage                   Y  Runs, but color funny.
  BEST Business Manager         Y  OS
  BGAMMON.PRG (public domain)   N
  BMVGTEFF.prg                  Y
  BMX Simulator                 Y
  BStat                         Y  OS
  Baal                          N
  Babel                         Y  OS
  Baby Jo                       Y  OS
  Bad Cat                       Y  Sound from RCA jacks, not internal.
  Balance of Power              Y
  Banner Maker                  Y  OS
  Barbarian (old)               Y  OS
  Barbarian II (old)            Y  OS
  Bards Tale                    Y  Runs, but a little funny.
  Base Conversion               Y  OS
  Batman-The Movie              N
  Battle Chess                  Y  No sound from red side.
  Battle Hawks 1942             Y
  Battlezone                    Y  Fast.
  Bellum                        Y  OS
  Better Dead Than Alien        Y  Good game.
  Big Sky                       Y  OS
  Bio Challenge                 N
  Bionic Commando               N
  Bitstrip                      Y  OS
  Black Lamp                    N
  Black Tiger                   Y  OS
  Blaster                       Y  OS
  Blasteroids                   N

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  BlockBuster                   Y  A little fast.
  Blue Angel 69                 Y  Good game.
  Blue Max                      Y  OS
  Boink                         Y  OS
  Bomb Jack                     Y  Fast
  Boulder Dash Constr. Kit      Y  Fast
  Bratacus                      N
  Bubble Ghost                  Y
  Burgur Man                    Y  OS
  Buzzword                      Y
  CP/M 80                       Y  OS
  Cadenza Astrocal              Y  OS
  Calamus 1.09                  Y  STRam and ST High res. only.
  Calamus Assistant             Y  Works in TTRam also.
  Calamus SL                    Y  Demo
  CalcPlot                      Y  OS
  California Games              N
  Captain Blood                 N
  Captain Fizz                  Y  OS
  Cards                         N  by Michtron.
  Certificate Maker             Y
  Character Combat              Y  OS
  Chronoquest                   N
  Chrystal Castles              Y
  Clean Up 2.2                  Y  ST med or high res only.
  Club Backgammon               Y
  Code-Name Iceman              Y
  Colonels Bequest              Y
  Colorado                      Y  OS
  Colorbook                     N  OS
  Composer                      Y  OS
  Compute Your Roots            Y  OS
  Construction Estimator        Y  OS
  Cracked                       Y  Fast
  Creation TT                   Y  OS
  Crime City                    Y  OS
  Crissle                       Y  OS
  Crossword Creator             Y  OS
  Crunchtime Football           Y  OS
  Custodian                     N
  CyberCAD 3D                   Y  by Tom Hudson v2.03
  DC Format                     Y  OS
  DCBoot It                     Y
  DOS Menu                      Y  OS
  Dark Castle                   Y
  Data Diet                     Y  HD compression program
  Datamanager ST                Y  Runs in TTRam and TTMed res also. Fast.
  Day of the Viper              Y  OS
  Death Bringer                 Y
  Death Sword                   Y  Fast
  DeathBringer                  Y  OS
  Defender of the Crown         N
  Degas Elite                   Y  OS
  DejaVu                        Y
  Deluxe Paint                  Y  OS
  Diablo                        Y
  Digibase                      Y  OS
  Disciples of Steel            Y  OS
  DiskCat                       Y  OS
  Diskstat.APP                  Y

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  Dive Bomber                   Y  Sound is wierd.
  Dogs of War                   N
  Dominator                     N
  Donald Duck's Playground      N  On copy protected disks.
  Double Page IV                Y  STRam only.
  Drip                          Y
  Dungeon Master                Y
  DynaCADD                      Y  Demo
  ESTeem Disk Labeler           Y  OS
  EZ Text                       Y  OS
  EZ Track Pro                  Y  OS, Demo
  Eagles Rider                  Y  OS
  Ear Trainer                   Y  OS
  EasyDraw ver 2.30             Y  ST High res. only. No TT Med. res.
  EdHak 2.3                     Y  OS
  El Cal 2.0                    Y  OS
  Empire Strikes Back           N
  F-15 Strike Eagle II          Y  OS
  F-19 Stealth Fighter          N
  Falcon                        N
  Falcon, V.1.2 or higher.      Y  OS
  Fantasia Demo                 N  Sound, but no graphics
  Fast Lane                     N
  Faster (Disk Magazine)        Y
  Ferrari                       N
  Fiendish Freddy's Bigtop O'   N
  Fighter Bomber                N  Won't run on ST w/T16 either.
  Final Approach                Y  OS
  Final Assault                 Y
  Financial Cookbook            Y
  Fireblaster                   N
  Flash ver. 1.6                N
  Fleet Street Pub. 3.0         Y
  Flight Simulator II           Y  OS
  Flight of the Intruder        Y  OS
  Flintstones                   N
  Floyd the Droid               Y  OS
  Forgotten World               Y  OS
  Fujiboink                     Y  OS
  Full Metal Planet             Y  OS
  Fun Face                      N  OS
  Fusion                        N  Loads to title screen only.
  Future Wars                   Y  Very fast.
  G+Plus ver. 1.2               N  Newer version works.
  G+Plus ver. 1.5               Y  Runs perfect.
  GFL Football                  N
  GIFCOLOR.TTP                  Y
  GIFSCALE.TTP                  Y
  Garfield                      N
  Gateway                       Y  Runs, but text is funny.
  Gato                          Y
  Gauntlet                      N  Hard on disk drive.
  Gauntlet II                   N  Title screen loads, then bombs.
  Gemview 1.1                      Y   ALL res  graphics viewer.TT  low 256
  Genesis                       Y  OS
  Ghostbusters II               N
  Ghouls & Ghosts               N
  Gilbert                       Y  OS
  Gold Rush                     Y
  Golden Path                   N  Runs only in TOS 1.0

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  Goldrunner                    Y
  Goldrunner II                 Y  Too fast.
  Grapher                       Y  OS
  Graphic Artist                Y  Demo, very fast.
  Great Giana Sisters           N
  Gunship                       Y
  H.A.T.E.                      N
  Hacker II                     Y
  Hard Drivin                   Y  Runs fast.
  Hard Drivin II                Y  OS
  Heavy Metal Heroes            Y  OS
  Hero's Quest                  Y
  Heros of the Lance            Y
  Hex                           Y
  High Roller                   Y  Sound from RCA jacks. Renamed Stike F.H.
  Hippo Almanac                 Y
  Hippo Jokes & Quotes          Y
  Hole in One Golf              Y
  Hollywoood Poker Pro          N
  Home Accountant               Y
  Hostages                      N  Disk 1 runs, Disk 2 crashes
  Hoyles Cards I                Y  Runs in TTRam also. Fast.
  Hoyles II                     Y  Runs TTRam also.
  Hypercopy 2.0                 Y  OS
  Hyperlink                     Y
  I-Ball                        Y  OS
  Ikari Warriors                Y
  Ikari Warriors                Y  OS
  ImageCAT                      Y
  Impossamole                   N
  Impossible Mission II         Y
  Indiana Jones                 N  Arcade Version
  Indiana Jones                 Y  Graphic Adventure
  Indy 500                      Y  OS
  Infobase                      Y  OS
  Interlink                     Y  OS
  International Soccer          N
  Intersect Rambaby             Y  Runs TTRam, TTLow & TTMed res. also.
  Into the Eagle's Nest         Y  A little fast.
  Invaders                      Y  PD Space Invader game
  Iron Lord                     N
  Jet (Sublogic)                N
  Joker Poker                   Y
  Joust                         Y  Almost too fast.
  Karate Kid II                 Y
  Kid Piano                     N  OS
  Kidswolf                      Y  OS
  Kings Quest IV                Y
  Klondike                      Y  OS
  Knicker Bockers               Y
  Knights of the Sky            Y  OS
  LDW Power                     Y
  LHARC.PRG                     Y
  Leaderboard Golf              Y  Fast. Swing indicator is odd.
  Leathernecks                  N
  Leisure Suit Larry I          Y  Origional floppy gives a fit, but works.
  Leisure Suit Larry II         Y  Runs in TTRam also.
  Leisure Suit Larry III        Y  Runs in TTRam also.
  Lemmings                      N  Hard on disk drive.
  Little Computer People        N

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  Loan Analyst                  Y  OS
  Logic Lab                     Y  OS
  Look It Pop It                Y
  Lost Dutchman Mine            Y
  Lotus Turbo Challange II      Y  OS
  Lowswitch.PRG                 Y
  MDISK60                       N  Ramdisk. Use Intersect Rambaby.
  MVG                           Y
  Maccel3                       Y
  Madam Librarian               Y  OS
  Major Motion                  Y  A little fast.
  Make A Date                   Y  OS
  Makin Whoopee                 N
  Mandelshow                    Y  OS
  Manhunter                     Y
  Manhunter II                  Y
  Marble Madness                Y  OS
  MasterCAD 3D                  Y
  Mastertracks                  Y  OS, Demo
  Mathtalk                      N  OS
  MegaPaint Pro.                Y
  Menace                        N
  Metal Mutant                  Y  OS
  Miami Vice                    Y
  Mickey Mouse                  N  Tries to load into TTLow res?
  Microscope                    N  OS
  Midwinter                     N
  Mig 29 SuperFulcrum           Y  OS
  Millipede                     Y
  Min Cal 1.4                   Y  OS
  Monopoly                      Y  PD Version, Use 24bit.prg
  Monty Pythons Flying Circus   N
  Mr Heli                       N
  Mug Shot                      Y  OS
  MultiDesk                     Y
  MultiGEM                      Y
  Music Studio 88               Y
  NMB.PRG (speed tester)        Y  Runs TTRam&STRam, TTmed. res. also.
  Navy Moves                    N
  NeoDesk 2.0                   Y  OS
  Neochrome                     Y
  Nevermind                     N
  Nickelodeon Five              N
  Night Shift                   Y  OS
  Nightwalk                     Y
  Ninja Mission                 Y  OS
  North & South                 Y  Good game, but too fast.
  Nova                          Y  OS
  OO-Topos                      Y
  Obliterator                   N
  Off Shore Warrior             Y
  Oids                          Y  Sound likes RCA jacks best.
  Operation Neptune             Y
  Operation Wolf                N
  Outline Art                   Y  ST high res. only. TTRam & STRam.
  Outrun                        Y  Runs faster and smoother.
  P47                           N
  Pacland                       Y
  Pacman                        Y  OS
  Pacmania                      N

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  Pagestream                    Y
  Paladin                       Y
  Paperboy                      N
  Paula.acc                     Y  Good .MOD player
  Payroll Master                Y  by Royal Software
  Peggammon                     Y
  Perfect Match                 Y
  Perry Mason                   Y
  Phasar 3.0                    Y  Get Ver 4.0, much improved!
  Phasar 4.0                    Y  Runs in TTRam and TTMed res also. Fast.
  Photon Storm                  N  OS
  Pinochle                      N  OS
  Pipe Mania                    N  OS
  Platoon                       N
  Plutos                        Y
  Pokersqr.prg                  Y  Runs in TTRam also.
  Police Quest II               Y
  Populous                      N  Too bad, hope fix comes!
  Power Drift                   N
  Powerdrome                    Y  Almost too fast.
  Powermonger                   N
  Printmaster                   Y
  Pro Tennis Tour               N
  Publisher ST                  Y  TTRAM-SLM804 1" trash at top!
  Puffy's Saga                  N
  Q-Ball                        Y
  QINDEX 2.2                    Y
  Quartet                       Y  OS, Demo
  Quizam                        Y
  Rainbow Islands               N
  Rampage                       Y
  Recovery                      Y  OS
  Red Heat                      N
  Red Storm Rising              Y  OS
  ReplayPro Ed                  Y  OS, Demo
  Return Of The Jedi            N
  Road Raider                   Y  Fast, wait on disk access.
  Road Runner                   N
  Roadwars                      N
  Robocop                       N  Loads to title screen only.
  Rocket Ranger                 Y  Very fast.
  Rolling Thunder               Y  OS
  RomRam.prg                    Y  TT Roms into Ram. Speed up!
  Rubicon                       Y  OS
  SDI                           N  Sega-Activision Version
  SDI                           Y  by Cinemaware
  ST Accounts 2.0               Y  OS
  ST Karate                     N
  ST Pool                       Y  by Shelbourne Software
  ST Wars                       Y  Very fast. Sound from RCA jacks only.
  ST Wrestling                  N
  ST Writer 4.0                 Y  OS
  STCopy                        Y  For Navarone FB Scanner.
  STEPLAY.TTP                   Y
  STESOUND.PRG                  Y
  STScan                        Y  For Navarone FB Scanner.
  ST_TYPE.TOS                   Y
  Satellite Prediction          Y  OS
  SciPlot                       N  OS
  Score ST                      Y  OS

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  Scrabble                      Y
  Script 1.0                    Y  OS
  Scruples                      Y  A little fast.
  Seconds Out                   N  Tries to load into TTLow res?
  Sex Olympics                  Y  OS
  Shackled                      N
  Shadow of the Beast           N  OS
  Shadowgate                    Y
  Sheet 2.0                     Y  OS
  Shufflepuck Cafe              Y
  Sierra Software               Y  Any that will install on HD will run.
  Silent Service                Y
  Silent Service II             Y  OS
  Sim City                      Y  Fast
  Skyfox                        N
  Slayer                        N
  Sleuth                        Y  OS
  Soldier Of Light              Y  Almost too fast.
  Space Ace                     N
  Space Cutter                  N
  Space Harrier                 N
  Space Invaders                Y  OS
  Space Quest I                 Y  OS, use 24bit.prg
  Space Quest II                Y
  Space Quest III               Y
  Space Race                    Y  OS
  Space Racer                   N
  Space Station Oblivion        N
  Spanish Mastery               Y  OS
  Spectre GCR                   Y  Ver 3.0, STRam only.
  Spectrum 512                  N  OS
  Speed Buggy                   Y  Fast
  Speedball                     Y                  Y  German speed tester.
  Spinwheel                     Y  OS
  SpiritWare Concordance        Y  OS
  Spitfire 40                   Y
  Spitting Image                N
  Stalker                       Y  OS
  Star Base 1.1                 Y  OS
  Star Blaze                    N
  Star Raiders                  Y
  Star Trek                     N
  Starblade                     Y  OS
  Starglider                    N
  Starglider II                 Y  Fast!
  Starquake                     Y  A little fast.
  Starwars                      Y  Very fast.
  States                        Y  OS
  Stats.prg                     Y
  Steel                         N
  Steno                         Y  OS
  Stock Market The Game         N
  Stratego                      Y  OS
  Strider                       Y  OS
  Strike Force  Harrier              Y  Renamed from High Roller. RCA sound
  Strip Poker                   Y  Origional Version
  Stunt Car Racer               N
  Stunt Track Racer             N
  Sub Battle Simulator          Y

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  Sub Cal                       Y  OS
  Sun Times Crossword           Y  OS
  Sundog                        N
  Super Hang On                 N
  Super Huey                    N  Not worth running anyway.
  Super Ski                     N  Loads to disk B, bombs.
  Super Space Invaders          Y  OS
  Super Sprint                  Y
  Super Wonderboy               N
  Superbase Pro                 Y  OS
  Supercharger                  Y  OS
  Supercharger ver. 1.2         Y  (for EasyDraw)
  Switch Blade                  N
  Table Tennis Simulation       N
  Tanglewood                    Y  Fast
  Tank Attack                   N
  Tass Times in Tonetown        Y  Runs fine.
  Team Yankee                   Y  OS
  Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles  Y  OS
  Terrorpods                    N
  Test Drive                    N  Runs some, but crashes.
  Test Drive II, The Duel       Y  OS
  Tetris                        Y  Too fast.
  Text Filter                   Y  OS
  Thai Boxing                   N
  The Grail                     Y
  The Last Duel                 Y  OS
  The Light Corridor            Y  OS
  The New Aladdin               Y  Disk Magazines
  The Newzealand Story          N
  The Pawn                      Y  Runs fine.
  The Running Man               N
  The Schedule Maker            Y  OS
  The Secret of Monkey Island   Y  OS
  The Ultimate Ride             Y  OS
  The aSTronomer                Y  OS
  Their Finest Hour             Y
  Thunderblade                  N
  Timebandit                    N
  Torvak The Warrior            Y  OS
  Total Eclipse                 Y
  Total Recall                  Y  OS
  Touch-Up Ver. 1.56            Y  Runs in TTRam, No TTMed res. Fast.
  Tracker ST                    Y  OS
  Trail Blazer                  Y  A little fast.
  Transputor                    Y
  Trivia Challenge              Y
  Turbo Cup                      N   Disk A  loads titles  & music,  Disk B
  Turbo Outrun                  Y
  Turbo ST 1.8                  N  New version is due out, should work.
  TwinWorld                     N
  Typhoon Thompson              N
  UIS ver 3.3                   Y  Runs TTRam also.
  UNLZH172.PRG                  Y  Works in TTRam also. Very fast.
  Uninvited                     Y
  Uniterm                       Y  OS
  VKiller.PRG                   Y  Ver. 3.84, runs in TTMed res too.
  Vegas Craps                   Y
  Vegas Gambler                 Y
  Violators                     Y  OS

                      TT Software Compatability Test 5/17/92

             Title             Run                  Comments
  Virus                         Y  Too fast.
  Vixen                         Y
  Volifed                       Y  OS
  Wanderer (1st version)        N  Starts to run, but bombs.
  Warhawk                       Y  OS
  Warp9                         Y  Great prg., Buy it!
  Warrior                       Y  OS
  Warzone                       N
  Whatis60.PRG                  Y  TTmed res. also
  Wicked                        N
  Willow                        Y  OS
  Winter Challenge              N  OS
  Winter Games                  Y
  Word Writer ST                Y  Use 24bit.prg to fix Spell checker!
  Wordflair (Demo)              Y
  Wordup 3.0                    Y  OS, use 24bit.prg
  World Darts                   N
  World Games                   N
  Xevious                       Y
  Yahtzee                       Y  PD version
  Zak McKrackan                 Y
  Zany Golf                     Y  Faster than normal.
  Zero Gravity                  Y  OS
  Zest Keno                     Y  TTRam
  Zest Poker                    Y  TTRam also.
  Zest Poker Squared            Y  TTRam
  Zoomtest.PRG                  Y  Works in TTRam also.


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     This week  marks my  first anniversary as Portfolio Forum reporter.  I
 hope you have enjoyed my attempts and "keeping up to date".  I'm doing an
 informal survey and I would like  to  know  what  your  favorite Portfolio
 program is.   Please email your nominees for the "user's choice".  I would
 also like to extend a special thanks to everyone who has uploaded files to
 our library  over the  past year.  There has been a never ending stream of
 excellent software to report on.

     Gerd Arnold is a  German Portfolio  programmer.   He has  uploaded his
 file transfer  program.   This works  with the parallel port and is faster
 than the Atari transfer program.  See ARLINK.ZIP.

     Mike Delugg has devised a method  for  marking  text  in  the built-in
 editor to  be formatted  when imported  into WordPerfect  5.1.  Using this
 method you can mark  text  for  such  attributes  as  bold,  underline, or
 Italics.  TXT2WP.ZIP contains a description of the technique.

     PFPOKR.ZIP is a shareware version of a video poker game. It is said to
 be very addictive, but you can take consolation  in thinking  of all those
 dollars you  saved by  not going  to Vegas.  Just keep  spare batteries on


 > CHANGING TIMES STR FOCUS        The KINDER, Gentler... Joke!

                         WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE?

 by R. F. Mariano

     Atari lost the Nintendo Court Case plain and simple.  Although I would
 have enjoyed seeing Atari win the case.. they did not, in any way, win.
 Ordinarily,  I'd  simply  ignore  all  the  apologetic rhetoric we've been
 seeing lately by well meaning Atari supporters.   A realistic  approach is
 far more  appropriate but  this apparently  is too much to ask for.  Atari
 lost the case.  Pure and Simple.  There is  no room  for "well  they this"
 or, "the  judge said...."   The  bottom line  is the case WAS LOST!  Lock,
 stock and barrel.  In the courts, there is no  consolation prize.   Unless
 one cares  to consider the privilege of paying the winner's costs a prize.
 In this case a whopping seven figure remittance.  The  presiding judge did
 say, in no uncertain terms, there is no loop hole and no further action is
 warranted nor is it anticipated.  In fact, the judge added that the action
 itself was "frivolous".

     On the  other hand,  Atari should  be _concentrating_  on getting real
 product out the door, winning friends  and devoting  its full  energies to
 promoting its  business and  goodwill.   If one  were to carefully examine
 their current activities, one  would see  a company  with no  obvious real
 guidance or  direction.   For example They've been considering a grandiose
 scheme about publishing magazine(s), one for  each of  its platforms, with
 the goal being to profit from doing so.   They seem hell-bent on punishing
 their adversaries, crushing their  critics etc....  seems they  forgot all
 about their  loyal users and potential new customers in the process.  They
 have infinite energy to devote to vendettas and  head games  from coast to
 coast.  But apparently, no resources to advertise and promote the company.

     It has  been stated  that Atari's show rep and minister of information
 has made "noises" to certain show organizers that if a 'favorite' magazine
 editor were  to be  in attendance and acknowledged or have a seminar, they
 (Atari) would only provide minimal  support.    Apparently,  the obsession
 continues.   These hateful  politics are doing Atari and its users no good
 whatsoever.  In fact, Atari's credibility is in the toilet as a  result of
 the  despicable  activities  of  these  people.    Actually,  Atari's mid-
 management is proving to be its own worst enemy.  By their  actions alone.
 As an example, its been discovered that certain requests were made of some
 show organizers  that were  absolutely ludicrous.   A  certain Atari plebe
 wanted a  "vote" on  this organization's  board of  directors!  Now that's

     Will they have the "new secret  weapon" available  in time  to salvage
 the Atari  marketplace?  Who knows.  Will they finally take full advantage
 of the Christmas Holiday Sales?    Doubtful.    They've  managed  to toast
 dealer after dealer at Christmas time...  year after year.  Will they ever
 learn that Christmas is THE BIG SALES time of the year?   Highly doubtful.
 Will we  see Atari's typical "big splash" and bag of promises at Comdex in
 the fall only  to  wait  until  the  following  spring/summer  to  see the
 products on  sale in the USA?  That is.. if the FCC isn't made a scapegoat

     All the "NEW" dealers they've claimed to have  signed on..   Where are
 they and are they really happy campers??  Do they have product or are they
 too, clobbered by the "backorder  blues"?    The  Atari  userbase  has had
 promise after  promise "thrown"  at them only to see the promise dissipate
 into cold, stale air.  The TT030.. it  was supposed  to be  the epitome of
 machines it  would do it all yet its rumored that there were pitifully low
 numbers of them produced  and a  large number  of the  early ones  took up
 residence in  a landfill.   Were  they that disappointing?  Try getting an
 answer to  the big  question; How  many TT's  were actually  sold?  Please
 don't get  me wrong, the TT is a very well made machine.  Its a powerhouse
 performer but....

 Where is:

               o  -  FSMGDOS            o  -  The STBOOK
               o  -  FontDos            o  -  The STylus
                         o  -  MetaDos

     The 'promise' of things to come is getting old fast.  FSM  has been an
 on again off again "standard" for what seems like _time and eternity_!  If
 one didn't know better...  the whole  magilla is  reminiscent of  who's on
 first".   The people  who use the hardware, on a daily basis are the first
 to say the hardware is the  nicest to  use and  is by  far the  easiest to
 learn to  use, are plentiful but... try to find the same numbers of people
 who will readily praise the company's leadership and policy makers.

     Why are there serious problems with  the "in  the field"  upgrades for
 Mega STe  users wanting  to go  to the  HD floppy drive, Ajax Chip and TOS
 2.06??  Why all the mystery?  Could it be  the very  same situation that's
 plagued  Atari  for  quite  some  time?   "The old, _too many motherboard_
 revisions" syndrome?  Please don't offer the "go  to your  nearest dealer"
 advice... that's  non-sense.   We all  know that  dealers are very few and
 extremely far between.   Its time  Atari got  off it  dead rump  and began
 delivering to its loyal suffering customers.  These people supported Atari
 through its tight times, now, its really time Atari reciprocated.


 > Lattice C v5.5 STR InfoFile               Essential overview

                           Lattice C Version 5.5

 Lattice C Version 5.5 is an  extremely versatile  and powerful development
 system for  the popular C programming language, adhering extremely closely
 to the ANSI standard.

 The system is characterised by a truly flexible  environment together with
 the attainment of a very high speed of object execution.

 In  the  development  of  Lattice  C  5.5  for  the  Atari  range of 680x0
 computers, the emphasis was on producing  a  package  that  could  be used
 easily by the novice to the language as well as by the seasoned expert.

 Freedom  of  choice  for  the  user  is  essential if such a goal is to be
 attained and this has been achieved at all levels of the development cycle
 resulting in  a flexible, easy-to-use and extremely powerful collection of
 programming  tools  -  probably  the  ultimate  C  system  for  the  Atari

 The Compiler
 The Lattice  C5 compiler  is one  of the most advanced compilers available
 for 680x0 machines, having already been established on the Atari and Amiga
 computers for over two years.

 There are  two phases  of compilation (LC1 and LC2) with an optional third
 phase, the Global Optimiser.

 The code produced by the compiler is compact and executes as fast  as that
 produced by  any other  compiler that is currently available for the Atari

 In addition  to  producing  excellent  code,  Lattice  C5  also  gives you
 tremendous  flexibility  through  more  than 100 compiler options, some of
 which are listed below:-

 *   choose between large/small/mixed code and data models
 *   backward   compatibility    modes    for    nested   comments/pre-ANSI
     pre-processor etc.
 *   full xref and listing control
 *   error/warning  message  control  -  switch  messages  on  and off on a
     per-error basis
 *   full code generator optimisation control - turn on/off as required
 *   optimise for time/space
 *   pre-process only option
 *   full prototype extraction facility
 *   default  int  to short or long option
 *   define symbols on the command line
 *   full native 68030 and 68882 code generation

 All these options (and many more) can be  set from  within the  editor, in
 the program or on the command line.

 The compiler  supports pre-compiled  Header Files so that the header files
 for a project may be compiled  separately and  the resulting  symbol table
 saved to  disk, ready  for re-loading by each compilation, saving valuable
 time since the header files do  not then  have to  be read.  There is also
 support for compressed header files to save disk space.

 The ANSI  compliance of  the compiler  is strict and complete as far as we
 know including support for Trigraphs, Float as a native type  and flexible
 keyword ordering.

 Language Extensions

 The  package  supports  all  of  the ANSI keyword extensions: const, enum,
 signed, void, volatile.

 Trigraphs, float  as  a  native  type  and  support  for  flexible keyword
 ordering add to the ANSI compliance.

 There are  keywords to control how functions are called with parameters on
 the  stack/in   registers:   __asm,   __interrupt,   __regargs,  __saveds,

 Several  built-in  functions  provide  fast,  high quality inline code for
 common simple library functions:
 abs, max, memcmp, memcpy, memset, min, strcmp, strcpy and strlen.

 There is also support for direct access to the instruction stream through:
  __emit, getreg and putreg.

 Inline TRAPs and Line-A usage are achieved via  #pragma inline  - tell the
 compiler how to call the operating system and it does this
 inline without a  stub .

 In addition,  you can  use anonymous unions, C++-style // comments, signed
 and sized bit fields, zero length  arrays, pragmas  for listing  and error
 control and cast values are modifiable.

 As with most parts of the package, the compiler can be invoked from within
 the editor provided or from within a command-line  shell.   When using the
 screen editor,  there is  full interactive error reporting, allowing swift
 and easy correction of your syntactical mistakes.

 The Linker
 Lattice C5 comes with a fast,  high-performance linker  (typically linking
 in less than 5 seconds) with many powerful features such as:

 *   pre-linking -  make several  files into a partially linked object file
     ready for further linking
 *   automatic link vectors (ALVs)  for attaining  the benefits  of a small
     code model  (16 bit  jumps) without  the limitations  of a 64k maximum
 *   definition and aliasing of symbols from the command line
 *   full DR and HiSoft symbols can be included in the executable
 *   TT program flag options
 *   Common Block support
 *   complete map file printing and format control
 *   fast, compact library format including a librarian.

 The Editor

 Included in the Lattice C5 package is a complete, multi-window  (up to 7),
 GEM-based  screen  editor  which  fully  integrates  with  the rest of the

 The editor is fast, easy-to-use and friendly with a full range of search &
 replace and  block commands together with powerful menus that allow you to
 control and invoke all of the other tools in the Lattice C5 package.

 All compiler, linker, debugger, assembler  and  librarian  options  can be
 accessed through easy-to-use dialogs.

 You can  also customise  the Tools menu to run your own programs (up to 20
 of them), which will return to the editor when they terminate.

 There can be up to 7 windows open at any one time with the ability to move
 blocks of text between them and to use small fonts for up to 54 lines on a
 standard monochrome monitor.   The editor  works in  any screen resolution
 that allows 80 or more columns.

 Project Manager
 Integrated  within  the  editor  environment is a powerful project manager
 which allows efficient building  of all  types of  program (GEM,  TOS, DA,
 etc.), libraries or pre-linked object files.

 All source files (be they C or assembler) are tracked, together with their
 include dependencies and there is support for recursive  making of project

 Additional libraries,  object or  WITH files can be specified and compiler
 options may be set on a  per-file  or  per-project  basis.    All  this is
 controlled from an easy-to-use graphical project editor.

 The Shell
 For  the  traditional  user  who  may  prefer  to work from a command line
 environment, we provide a powerful MS-DOS style shell supporting:

 *   line editing with full command history
 *   support for batch files with optional parameters
 *   command re-direction
 *   full support for environment variables
 *   over 25 built-in commands

 The Debugger
 The highly-acclaimed MonST2 low-level debugger is  supplied, complete with
 extensions for supporting source line debugging.  You can single-step, set
 conditional  breakpoints,  search  memory,  move  memory  and  much  more.
 Multi-windows  allow  you  to  inspect  the  processor's registers, memory
 locations, disassembly and C source code, using line numbers to debug your
 C program.

 The Resource Editor
 The  resource  editor  supplied,  WERCS,  is  a  full  featured editor for
 designing menus and forms and includes an integral  icon editor.  It has a
 number of advanced features not found in other resource construction sets,
 such as 16 character object names, automatic naming  of objects, searching
 for strings, and no limits on the numbers of objects in a tree.

 Also supplied  are utilities  for converting  Neochrome and Degas files to
 Icons and for using the name files used by other  resource editors, making
 upgrading to WERCS a snap.

 The Assembler
 The Lattice  Macro Assembler is a full 68040/68881 assembler which handles
 the complete set of  Motorola 680x0  instruction mnemonics  as well  as an
 extensive set of assembler directives and a powerful macro facility.

 It  can,  therefore,  be  used  to  develop  complete  systems in assembly
 language. Nonetheless,  it  is  provided  primarily  to  supplement  the C
 compiler  and  has  not  really  been designed for large assembly language

 For such tasks a full assembler package, such as DevpacST,  should be used
 giving  more  power  and  greater  documentation  on the assembly language

 Global Optimiser

 Available as an optional third phase of compilation  the global optimiser,
 GO, allows  you to  hone the object code according to criteria of speed or

 Some of the optimisations performed are as follows:
 *   register  assignment  -  commonly  used  auto,  formal  and  temporary
     variables are automatically assigned to registers
 *   dead  store  elimination  -  stores  of values which are never fetched
     again are eliminated
 *   dead code elimination - code whose value is not used is removed
 *   global common  sub-expression merging  - recalculation  of values that
     have been previously computedis eliminated
 *   hoisting of invariants out of loops - a calculation performed inside a
     loop whose value is the same on each  iteration of  the loop  is moved
     outside the loop
 *   induction variable transformations - loops containing multiplications,
     usually associated  with  indexing,  have  the  operations  reduced in
     strength to addition
 *   constant propagation  and folding - references to variables whose only
     definition is a constant  are replaced  by the  constant.    Often the
     definition is  eliminated if all references are replaced.  GO performs
     constant folding to propagate new constants further
 *   very busy expression hoisting - code  size  is  reduced  by  moving an
     expression computed  along all  paths from  a point  in the  code to a
     common location
 *   strength reductions  - associative re-ordering  of additive operations
     involving constants, to reduce the operation count
 *   control  flow  transformations    - perform various transformations to
     eliminate unreachable code or  useless  control  structures  Plus many
     other powerful techniques.

 The Lattice C 5 Tools
 Lattice C5 helps the programmer in his sometimes complex task by providing
 a number of useful  utilities designed  to complement  the main  tools and
 increase the  general ease-of-use  and speed  of development.  Reset Proof
 RAM Disk

 A  full-featured  auto-loading  reset-proof   ramdisk  with  configuration

 Header file compressor

 The utility for compacting header files so that you can build your own.
 Object Module Disassembler

 A disassembler for examining the output of the compiler/assembler.  Useful
 for hand optimisation  or  for  eliminating  those  obscure  bugs  in your

 Object Module Librarian
 A full  featured auto-ordering librarian (i.e. hand ordering of modules is
 not required) for building libraries ready for linking.

 Symbol Strip Utility
 A fast utility for  removing  the  symbol  and  debugging  tables  from an
 executable program to remove the
 need to re-link.


 DERCS  is  a  utility  for  turning  a  WERCS  resource file into a set of
 initialised data structures (OBJECT,  BITBLK, ICONBLK  etc.) which  may be
 compiled to produce an embedded resource file in your program.

 This is  advantageous when  creating desk accessories since DAs should not
 call rsrc_load(), and is  essential for  writing Control  Panel eXtensions

 DERCS supports  the generation  of both C and assembly language structures
 unfortunately the initialisation support available from other languages is
 not  sufficiently  rich  to  allow  the representation of general resource
 files and so, if a language of anything  other than  C is  selected, DERCS
 will generate an assembly language file.

 The Libraries
 Lattice  C  5.5  has  an  extensive  set of library functions for all your
 needs. Here is a selection of what is available:
 In addition  to standard  UNIX library  functions, there  are many Lattice
 extensions and a full range of ANSI functions.

 Full support  for all  of the standard Atari GEM, AES and VDI functions is
 provided and, in addition, there are functions for GDOS, FONT GDOS and FSM
 GDOS, including bezier curves.
 The TOS  library includes all the GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS and Line-A functions
 together with support for  the new  OS calls  in the  MegaSTe and  the TT.
 There are also Cookie Jar functions, even for early-ROM machines.

 Four different  real math  packages are  supplied - a TT68882 library (for
 best performance), an I/O-only library (for a MegaSTe or SFP004  card), an
 auto-detecting library for portability and a software library.

 There are CPX, Program, Desk Accessory and Resident libraries.

 The Package
 Lattice C5.5 is supplied in attractive, rigid, protective packaging with:
 *   Multi-volume documentation  - the  User Manual  describing the use and
 function of each element of the package, the Library Manual  detailing the
 generic Unix, ANSI and Lattice libraries and the Atari

 Library Manual which deals with the ST/STE/TT-specific GEM, AES,
 VDI, XBIOS etc. libraries.

 *   An  Installation   Guide  for   easy  setting  up  on  various  system
 *   7 double-sided diskettes in an quality disk wallet.

 1Mb+ of memory and a hard disk are recommended if you wish  to use Lattice
 C5.5 to its full potential.

                              The Old School
                                 MK45 5DE

     Please,  see  Cat  3  Topic  14  on  GEnie  in  the  ST RT for further
     information & ordering details.


 > ///TURBO BOARD BBS VER. 2 STR Spotlight


 Turbo Board ST Version 2 is a total rewrite of  our original  BBS program.
 Over a  year's work has gone into the total rewrite of Version 1, and Bill
 Miller has really outdone himself this time!  We think we have a very good
 BBS program indeed!

 The ///Turbo Board  Support bbs is running at bps rates from 1200-14400 if
 you would like to give us a call, the number is 416-274-1225

 Our F-net number is node 18,  if you  are calling  from an  ST bbs  in the

                                        John Miller, Bitblit Systems

 Turbo Board Version 2's NEW Features
 -Expanded User privileges and Bitmaps for Passwords
 -KByte/File Ratio System
 -Smart Batch uploading & User File Description Editing
 -Ymodem-g uploads for HST users
 -BBS Handles/Real Name system
 -Full User File Editor
 -Masked Sysop commands (For Co-sysops)
 -Many NEW Sysop Functions, including new File Editor and Password Editor
 -Execute files from Main menu commands
 -Sysop definable Menus and Prompts
 -Main Menu commands and functions fully programable (also Submenus)
 -Many New Copy and Save Functions for Fmail, and other files
 -Quick help edit prompt in message editor
 -Modular BBS, (Main Module only uses about 80K of memory) for greater
  free memory -lots- when running Binkley (Fido Mailer)
 -NEW Database, you can use  archives, and users can easily upload new
  database entries, entries have access levels
 -BBS handles line answering instead of modem
 -NEW SIG system for grouping message bases, fully configurable by Sysop
 -Quick Chat and DOS keys from local console
 -NEW Turbo System Generator with expanded features
 -UPDATE program for Turbo V1 and Forem ST Sysops to convert to V2
 -New Version 2 Manual (addendum for Version 1 Turbo Owners)
 -And many other new small features not listed here that are improvements
  over our Version 1.0

 Additional Features of Turbo 2.1

 Version 2.1 running Version 2.0

 New features include:

 -New Gem BBS Executive Version 3.0 Totally rewritten and enhanced version
 -QWK compatible Qmail system in Message Bases
 -Integrated Full  Screen Editor, with Merge and Copy file features for
 -Binkley Mailer may be run as front door, or from BBS
 -New Event Scheduler for all batch files
 -Many smaller enhancements

 Under Developement

 We have been promising this for a long time, and the Next version of Turbo
 Board will  contain  -fully- Fidonet Compatible message bases.  No need to
 run Fifo, or Fidodoor.  This new version is presently under developement.

 $89.95 US - USA and International List price for new Sysops
 $69.95 US - Special price for Current BBS Sysops (Supply current BBS
             number and information)
 $29.95 US - Special Update offer for Registered Turbo Version 1 Sysops
             (Turbo 2 addendum instead of Turbo 2 manual)

 Write or call for more information.

 In Canada:              The USA:                         Europe & UK:

 Bitblit Systems         ABCO Computer Consultants       L.B. Van Bokkem
 1580 Liveoak Dr         PO Box 6672                     100 Broughton Ave
 Mississauga, ON         Jacksonville, FL                Aylesbury, Bucks
 Canada  L5E 2X6         USA  32205-6672                 England  HP20 1QB
 bbs#                    bbs#                            bbs#
 416-274-1225            904-786-4176                    +44-296-395935



 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     Once again we are on the threshold of a new Atari era, if only we can
 see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Time will tell if we are to see
 that or any other 'lights'.  In any case have a great Memorial Day weekend
 enjoy yourselves and please don't drink and drive.



  STReport's Staff                      DEDICATED TO SERVING YOU!

                            Publisher - Editor
                             Ralph F. Mariano

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          Roger D. Stevens    Charles Hill             R. ALBRITTON

  STReport Staff Editors:
          Lloyd E. Pulley Sr. Dana P. Jacobson         Michael Arthur
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 2 - If price were a consideration, how much more would you spend for
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                            C- $150.00 (or if price is no object)

 ****   RESULTS      A - 30%
        """""""      B - 65%
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 3 - Would you prefer (or be satisfied) with a connector that allowed
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     or TT style computers (the keyboard being an extra cost item)?

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 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 14
 Message 81        Sun May 17, 1992
 E.KRIMEN [Ed Krimen]         at 15:14 EDT

 I vaguely remembered that there was some discussion about the 1.44meg
 drives a while back, so I went back and read past messages (because I've
 been having problems with my recently-installed 1.44meg upgrade kit).

 Wayne's info and Jim's addendum has been great.  Another testament to the
 wonders of networks and its users -- but I'll save the romanticism for
 another time. :^)  Thanks guys, though.

 I popped open my Mega STE once more, yanked out the power supply (as if it
 was really that easy! :^) , and found the screw I've grown to hate.  But
 there's absolutely no way I'm going digging in the middle of that
 death-trap to unscrew that sucker and add some tape or high dielectric
 plastic (of which I have none).  I actually thought three times about
 doing it; I successfully talked myself out of it all three times.  My
 computer and I have too much to live for. :^)  (Is it really that
 dangerous in there?  I've been real careful, and don't intend to change

 I'm willing to dive back in there, but must I remove the =middle= screw?
 Can't I just remove and add tape to one on the corners?

 Moreover, I can't BELIEVE I've gotta do this to get my damned computer to
 recognize HD disks!  What a %*&#ing pain!!

 Now, Wayne, the god-send that you are :^) , you said recently that there
 are some jumpers on the drive that don't need to be there.  I noticed that
 my drive had quite a few jumpers.  Do you have any other information about
 which ones should or should not be there?

 BTW, I have one of the "old" MegaSTEs.  I bought it in July of last year,
 and who knows how long it was on my dealer's floor.  It had TOS 2.05.

 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 14
 Message 82        Sun May 17, 1992
 R.WATSON15 [Wayne Watson]    at 16:14 EDT

   If the middle screw is on the power supply, then you WILL need to remove
 it. The main thing you have to worry about is if you have it plugged up
 still. :-). Just a little care and you will be ok. Just grab the board by
 the sides where there are no traces. This is also a good idea because of
 static electricity. If you are uncomfortable with this procedure (which I
 can't really blame you. I am used to working around HIGH voltage), then
 get a friend that will do it that knows of such things or get your local
 dealer to do it. I can assure you that the MIDDLE screw will help clear up
 your problem, unless you also have the address line problem.

   I am not saying go for it, the last thing I need is the headlines
 saying, "Killed by a computer" and my name be mentioned. :-)  No, really,
 it will need to be done. Again, I am NOT responsible. You do this at your
 own risk.  It really isn't as bad as you think.

   No, I don't have any information on the jumpers. I just remember some
 people saying that some of the drives come with jumpers and that some may
 need to be removed. Call Toad Computers, they may be able to tell you.

 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 14
 Message 83        Sun May 17, 1992
 KWERNER [Kurt]               at 19:26 EDT


 Where did you hear about the 'address line' problem?  I removed and
 insulated the middle screw from my Mega STe with change to my 1.44M floppy
 problem.  I am very comfortable hacking around inside a computer and am
 willing to try anything to get this working!


 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 14
 Message 84        Sun May 17, 1992
 E.KRIMEN [Ed Krimen]         at 20:03 EDT

 Thanks again for the help, Wayne.

 I removed the screw and put two pieces of electrical tape on top of each
 other, just enough to cover the hole and the small metal area around it so
 it wouldn't make contact with the post.

 That didn't work.  The drive still doesn't recognize HD disks. :^(

 Then, I played with the jumpers on the drive a bit.  0, I, and H are
 selected.  I removed 'I' and it didn't rec. HD disks.  I removed 'H' and
 it didn't rec. HD disks.  I put 'I' back by itself and it didn't rec. HD
 disks.  I kept '0' selected the whole time because the DD drive has it
 selected.  So basically I'm back where I started.  I'll probably give Toad
 Computers a call tomorrow and see what they say.  Do you have any details
 on the address line problem?

 ATARI, this is really a pain!  I SHOULD NOT have to go through all of this
 to get a damned 1.44meg drive to work!  This reminds me of the FPU
 shenanigans!  This is what I get for supporting Atari early on and buying
 a Mega STE soon after they are released.  Thanks a lot.

 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 14
 Message 85        Sun May 17, 1992
 DOUG.W [ICD RT]              at 21:02 EDT

    I seriously doubt that Atari considers this a "user-installable"
 upgrade, so it's not really appropriate for you to complain to Atari about
 the problems you are having.


 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 14
 Message 86        Sun May 17, 1992
 E.KRIMEN [Ed Krimen]         at 22:25 EDT

 Thanks Doug.

 The dealer I bought it from said it was easy enough for me to install it
 myself.  It sure was easy, until I found out that I had to go poking
 around the power supply.  Even if the dealer had installed it, he wouldn't
 have known about the "removing the PS screw" fix, the "jumper settings"
 fix, or the "address line" problem.  So what's a customer to do?  Without
 GEnie, I'd have absolutely no hope of getting this 1.44meg drive upgrade
 to work.

 And I'd prefer not sending my computer to an out-of-state dealer.  I want
 to use the computer, not ship it around the country until I find someone
 who can get this $170 upgrade to work.  I didn't even buy the upgrade from
 the same local dealer that I bought the computer from; that dealer doesn't
 have a clue about anything that's available from Atari.

 I'm sorry, Doug, but I think I have every right to complain.  Let's just
 call the 1.44meg drive B.S. a mighty-big spark, okay?

 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 36
 Message 6         Sun May 17, 1992
 D.BECKER8                    at 15:55 EDT

 Bob Beauchea recommended a power supply fix May 2, Cat 14, Topic 14
 Message 37   This fix has helped other MegaSTE users but has not helped
 me. My inability to format high density continues though I discovered by
 accident before trying Bob's fix that I can read and write to SOME pre
 formatted IBM high density disks. This is an erratic feat and is SLOW as
 can be. Things just keep geting weirder! I have contacted Atari service
 directly through Compuserve and I hope to do the same today through GEnie

 I find I am not the only one with this problem, Kurt Werner has had this
 problem for weeks and is really fed up. He also tried Bob's fix but it did
 not help.

 Atari, here is what we need:

 1. The proper pin configuration for the high density drives,
    maybe some of the pins are set wrong on the drive mechanism.

 2. Is there a motherboard problem. If so what serial numbers are

 3. Can Atari or one of there service centres (Toad Computer?)
    please advise us on the missing trace problem or any other
    fix that they have had to do.

 I don't mind sending my MegaSTE back to Atari for a while, heck I'm even
 willing to pay a dealer to fix it "if someone will admit that there is a
 problem" and someone "really knows what that problem is"!

 Maybe the difficulties are confined to a very small percentage of early
 MegaSTE machines. If I sound frustrated, you are right,

                               I am.


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