ST Report: 1-May-92 #818

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/08/92-01:05:37 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 1-May-92 #818
Date: Fri May  8 01:05:37 1992

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     CodeHead Technologies announces the release of Warp 9,  formerly known
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 compatibilty, and  features.    See  WARP_9.TXT  in  Library  16, CODEHEAD
 SOFTWARE for a full description, availability, and ordering information.

     Oxxi, Inc.  has acquired  the Atari  Product line  formerly offered by
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    Issue #18

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- IBM and Time Warner Negotiating

 IBM and Time Warner Inc. are negotiating a global alliance to link the
 computer makers's technology with Time Warner's vast library of movies
 and TV shows as well as its cable TV systems, industry sources said.

 A venture between the world's largest computer maker and biggest media
 concern could accelerate what many experts see as the coming merger of
 home entertainment, computers and communications.

  -- Commodore Posts Profits for Third Quarter

 Commodore International Ltd. has posted earnings of $4.1 million, or 12
 cents per share, on sales of $194.6 million for the third quarter ended
 March 31.  This compares with net income of $1.4 million, or 4 cents per
 share, on sales of $246.3 million a year ago.

 Commodore says the decline in sales for the quarter was primarily due to
 the discontinuation of the unprofitable low-end MS-DOS range, and a
 reduction in C64 sales, due to economic softness in certain markets.
 This was partially offset by a 10% increase in unit sales of the Amiga
 line along with continued growth in the Professional PC line.

  -- IBM to Sell Computers by Mail

 In an effort to boost sagging sales, IBM has announced it will begin
 selling its personal computers by mail.  IBM plans to sell the units for
 $1,500 or less through an 800 telephone number. The company said it
 would begin mail-order sales of its 80386SX-based PS/2 Models 35 and 40
 within the next two or three weeks.

  -- PC's No longer Profitable?

 Press reports from Tokyo suggest some computer makers are "starting to
 say the personal computer business is no longer profitable" in the light
 of recent steep declines in PC sales.

 According to Tsuyoshi Miura, head of the management policy section of
 Laox Co., a mass-marketing shop at Akihabara, the last year-end selling
 season was the worst in recent years as far as PCs were concerned.

 The Japan Electronics Industry Development Association recently released
 figures showing PC shipments in 1991 dropped 8% in volume from the
 previous year and 3% in value.

  -- Apple-IBM Effort Proceeds

 Apple Computer Inc. could be selling a new generation of Mac's based on
 the latest in microchip technology by next year, according to infor-
 mation supplied by Joseph Graziano, Apple's chief financial officer,
 this week.  Graziano siad the joint venture with IBM to develope a com-
 puter chip set was ahead of schedule.

 The computers should be far more powerful than both Apple's current Mac
 family and IBM's PC, since the chip set uses a design called RISC (re-
 duced instruction set computer) that is faster than conventional sys-

  -- IBM Introduces Powerful PC

 IBM Corp. introduced a personal computer (PC) it says is among the most
 powerful available for use as a "server" connecting a network of PC's.
 The new machine will run at 50 mhz, three times faster than IBM's cur-
 rent top-end PC's in computer network uses, the company said.

 The PC also features an error-correction system that IBM says protects
 users from most memory errors.

  -- Microsoft Declares Stock Split

 Buoyed by a favorable court ruling, strong sales of a new product and
 continued investor confidence, Microsoft Corp. announced a 3-for-2 stock
 split this week.


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 > THE FLIP SIDE STR Feature          ".... a different viewpoint..."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 A question on installing TOS 2.06 from Rich Citti - Cat. 14, Topic 8,
 Msgs 54-55 -from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   What is the procedure for installing TOS 2.06 in an STe? My local
   dealer tried a straight replacement of the TOS chip and just got
   bombs. Is there a special adjustment to be made in the jump switches
   located next to the TOS chip?

 Answer from Frank Bell...

   In my machine there are (were) two jumper resisters, one called w102,
   the other call w104. Just unsolder the outside pin of both resisters
   and resolder it to the other side of the resister.

     |   -     -     -   |
     |  | |   |+-----+|  | old TOS 1.06
     |   -     -     -   |
       W104 (W102) before

     |   -     -     -   |
     |  |+-----+|   | |  | new, better, up-to-date TOS 2.06
     |   -     -     -   |
       W104 (W102) after

   If you're luckly, I wasn't, then all you have to do is switch/move a
   jumper. If you break the resister off, I did, then just replace it
   with short piece of wire (if you have a DOS PC then take the wire from
   there, any wire)


 Looking for an inexpensive MNP modem?  From Gordon M. on the Aladin-ST

   ...line noise problem is a problem, but its not everyones problem and
   its not a problem if you have an MNP modem.

   I was just looking throught a copy of computer shopper and there are
   many modems for around $100.  Here is a suggestion, I have ordered
   from them before and got good results,

     Midwest Micro-Peripherals  1-800-423-8215
     Infotel 2400XP modem with MNP-4 $75.00
     Made in USA and has 7 year warrentee

   The above modem comes with a plastic case but for another $3 you can
   get one with an metal case.


 From Cat. 6, Topic 11, Msgs 104-105 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 Question from Ken Olson...

   I am looking for a program to maintain Church Membership. I have dBMAN
   but would rather not do the programming required.

   I could use a program already written in dBMAN. I have heard that
   Hyperlink could be used for what I have in mind. Any ideas? Wednesday
   need to keep track of members and all the family relationships and
   church attendance and skills they have and etc stuff. The program
   needs to be in GEM (user Frendly) so that some clerk could use it with
   a min of training on a MEGA STe.

 Answer from Dorothy Brumleve...

   I think HyperLINK might be a good solution for you, but there is at
   least one existing application that is designed to do exactly what you
   have in mind. It's called Church Manager and it's from HiTech Advisors
   in FL. Don't have their address handy, but they are on GEnie.

   The program (at least the version I've seen) is _not_ menu-driven
   (GEM). It's a dbMan application and has that IBM look and feel. But
   it's fairly straight-forward. You press a letter (shown on a menu on
   the screen) to call up a certain segment of the database.

   HiTech's Church Manager is available in IBM and ST versions; if this
   kind of cross-compatibility could come in handy, you ought to
   investigate it. Otherwise, a customized database such as HyperLINK
   could provide would give you more flexibility to make sure you keep
   track of the info you want.


 Hard drive discusion - Cat. 4, Topic 39, Msgs 73-76 - from the ST Round-
 table on Genie...

 From Rob Glover...

   I've heard that Quantums are very hard to find. DC Drives, in Computer
   Monthly magazine, had the LPS120S listed for $369. When I called about
   it, they'd raised it to $429 because they're hard to get. Nothing like
   price gouging. I may just get the Maxtor 7120S instead, as long as it
   gets at least the 1025K/sec that someone mentioned they were getting
   from their 200 meg unit.

 From RANDYB...

   Try MegaHaus in Houston, TX. They were about $400 but like everyone
   else lately, they have raised their prices. I think they're up to
   about $429 now. Phone # is: 800-426-0560.

   I also called my usual parts distributor since they also sell Quantums
   (I run a repair facility), and they wanted $435 (dealer cost!). I
   guess it's just the law of supply and demand.

 From D.LIVINGST11...

   I got a Maxtor 7120 (7120SCS I think) a couple of months ago. Wanted a
   Quantum 105 or 120, but they were hard to get, and they suggested the
   Maxtor instead.

   The Maxtor works just fine so far. I'm real happy with it.

   ICD's RATEHD.PRG says:
                           Data Rate      Av Access
     MAXTOR 7120SCS          952 K/s        22 ms
     SyQuest SQ555           497 K/s        33 ms

   After formatting into 5 partitions, this Maxtor has 124250 clusters
   available for data. This is 124.25 Megs, or 127232000 bytes.

   The Quantums have a 32 K cache, which makes them faster. I think the
   cache helps most if you are frequently reading/writing small files.
   That's not really important on the Atari, unlike other systems which
   have to read the disk all the time.


 From Wayne Watson - Cat. 28, Topic 10, Msg 32 - from the ST Roundtable
 on Genie...

   This is from a dealer. According to this dealer, some problems on the
   TT with the 1.44 drives can be fixed by taking the power supply out
   and on the bottom in the middle is a screw. Remove this screw and
   place some tape over it. Now install the power supply back in and give
   it a try. You should also make sure the floppy cable is as straight as
   it can be and as far away from the power supply as possible.

   Supposedly the reason this will work is that the screw in the power
   supply causes the power supply to ground through the drive which
   causes RF Noise. Take it away and it grounds as it should and not
   through the drive.

   ****** NOTE: Do this at your OWN RISK. I am not responsible for what
   you do. I am just passing this along. ******

   I did not supply the name of the dealer for obvious resons. I found
   this message on the FNET.


 Is there any connection between NeXT and the Falcon? - From Cat. 28,
 Topic 3, Msgs 152-153 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 From Ed Krimen...

   Did I hear something about NeXTStep on the Falcon? :^) I remember this
   topic was brought up before on Usenet, but then trounced on and
   finally refuted. The following message brings up the issue again:

     Article 25284 (2 more) in
     From: (Nick Smith)
     Subject: NeXT & Atari marriage?
     Message-ID: <>
     Date: 23 Apr 92 16:06:00 GMT
     Lines: 19

     Next and Atari sleeping together is not such a far-fetched idea;
     Just got the summer issue of _NextWorld_ magazine and Atari and
     other familiar names pop up. First Ditek announces DynaCadd 3.0 for
     NeXT at CeBIT, along with AMG debuting Avant Vector and tms Cranach
     showing a beta of Cranach Studio for Next...

     In Lt. Sullivan's gossip column: re; porting NeXTstep - 'even Atari
     are being courted... Did you know that Atari's 68030 is beginning to
     nip at the heels of high-end Macintoshes... at half their price?

     Did you know as well that 68040 products due this fall will list for
     1/3 the price of Apple's Quadra line? Shrinkwrapped NeXTstep for HP
     and Atari machines would make sense for markets that are currently

     Is it no coincidence that mass storage vendor PLI is the NeXT's
     largest 3rd party supplier? That the next generation Atari machine's
     are likely to be in black boxes (like PLI's offerings and NeXT
     workstations)? That use of a 56001 DSP is rumoured.  Added all
     together, it doesn't seem so far fetched at all..

  * Origin: FlightLine BBS Mpls,MN USRdual 612-544-5118 (1:282/47.0)

 From John Townsend (Atari)...

  I will state it again.. To my knowledge, Atari has no business re-
  lationships with NeXT, Inc. Also, I have no knowledge of any port of
  NeXTStep taking place for the Atari line of computers.

  Nice rumor, but I know of not one fact in it.

  PS. I am not attempting to cast a negative view of NeXT in any way.
  Just attempting to keep the rumor mill in check ;-)


 From Ed Krimen - Cat. 4, Topic 34, Msg. 128 - from the ST Roundtable on

  ...I've been through three multisync switchboxes: :^)

  Talon Omniswitch: stay as far away from it as possible.

  IB Computers MultiSwitch: Not bad, decent box.

  Omnimon Peripherals' Omnix3: I'm keeping this one. Doesn't need a power
  supply for the STE/MSTE like the Multiswitch did. Output's a bit
  brighter in mono than the Multiswitch. Support is here on GEnie. Long
  cables that the Multiswitch has aren't necessary, and the Omnix3
  thankfully doesn't have them; saves space.


 Question from B.AEIN - Cat. 4, Topic 39, Msgs 125-126 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

  My friend took apart his Supra and there's a MiniScribe in there. The
  disk shaft spins, but the motor shaft locks up.  He can spin it the
  other way 2 rotations then it locks up again. He is taking off the
  motor to see if a gear has slipped or something that he can repair.

  If it is just the motor will he be able to get a replacement motor from

 Answr from Tom (ICD)...

  MiniScribe went Bankrupt and was bought by Maxtor 1 year ago or more. I
  doubt you will get any warranty work done and anything else is too much


 Some nice info from Leland Dumas - Cat. 14, Topic 3, Msg. 81 - from the
 ST Roundtable on Genie...

  I was a bit surprised to see in todays paper that the Syracuse school
  system had bought a bunch of Atari's and software last year and was
  planning to buy another $460,000 worth this year!


 From Chris (DRAGONWARE) - Cat. 13, Topic 4, Msg. 6 - from the ST Round-
 table on Genie...

                     For Immediate release 04-27-1992

  DragonWare Software Inc. is proud to announce the introduction in the
  U.S.of the FontKit Plus 3.5

  Now there is an easy way to import Fonts into the GDOS format from the
  Macintosh, IBM, Amiga and other ST/TT formats. FontKit Plus 3.5
  includes DragonWare's own G_MAN 3.0 program to install the fonts that
  are imported by FontKit.

  FontKit is GDOSFSM compatible and will run on all TOS based computers,
  including TTand ST.

  FontKit Plus includes a font editing program that will allow you to
  modify/create your own fonts for GDOS!

  FontKit Plus 3.5 will sell for $69.95 U.S. and comes with a two hundred
  and eighty page manual and 4 diskettes.


 Until next week.....


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                  Transcript of a formal Conference held
                      Tuesday, April 28th, 1992, with
                    John Eidsvoog & Charles F. Johnson
                           collectively known as
                              the CodeHeads!

       Okay, things look fairly stable.  Let's get it started.

       Good evening everyone, and welcome to the formal Conference with
       the illustrious CodeHeads.  Being a formal event, we'll use the
       usual signals to let the moderator (me) know when you have a
       question.  That'd be a ? for anyone who's new tonight.  I'll keep
       track of who's got questions and call on you in turn.

       Before we get into questions, do either Charles or John have an
       opening statement of some kind?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Yes, I've got one.

       We're all ears!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Good evening, folks!  I'm John Eidsvoog, one of the owners of
       CodeHead Technologies.  My partner Charles Johnson and I are here
       tonight to talk about our line of products, answer any questions
       you might have, and also announce the debut of what is destined
       to be the definitive word processor for the Atari line of computers!
 More on this in a minute...

       We're pleased to say that the newest entry in our catalog, Warp 9
       (formerly known as Quick ST from Branch Always Software), has
       been very well accepted by Atari users!  Warp 9, the software
       accelerator, is proving itself to be the most compatible program
       of its type _ever_ for the Atari, while maintaining (and in many
       cases surpassing) the performance of its predecessor, Quick ST,
       and far exceeding the performance of its European counterpart,

       For those who don't know about Warp 9 yet, this AUTO folder
       utility intercepts GEM screen output and replaces the slow TOS
       routines with much faster, highly optimized assembly language
       code.  The result is a vastly accelerated screen display; windows
       snap open, graphics appear instantly, and text literally flies
       onto the screen.

       We're especially happy tonight to announce that we'll soon be
       providing the first update to Warp 9 FREE OF CHARGE, as a token
       of our appreciation of your support.  This update will be posted
       on the major information services, sometime within the next

       And now, I know many of you have been waiting for the unveiling
       of our rumored new product -- so without further ado, we're very
       proud to announce that CodeHead Technologies has made arrangements
       for the exclusive representation in the United States and Canada of:

       CALLIGRAPHER -- the next-generation document processor that takes
       you from first conception to final print!

       Calligrapher is the first word processor to meet CodeHead's
       exacting standards for user interface excellence and powerful
       features.  Some of Calligrapher's features include an editable
       dictionary and spell checker, a powerful outliner (the first
       really useable outliner we've seen!), footnotes and endnotes,
       hinted outline fonts for very high quality printed output, the
       ability to import both bitmap graphics and GEM metafiles,
       built-in graphics tools for drawing lines and shapes, infinite
       expandability through the use of "external modules," and a whole
       lot more -- way too much to list here.  In many ways, Calligrapher
       bridges the gap between a desktop publishing application and a word

       Calligrapher Professional includes these basic features plus much
       more.  Also available will be Calligrapher Gold which includes a
       grammar checker, label printer, bar code generation, automatic
       indexing, automatic save, mathematical equation editor, Flextext,
       Postscript output and more!

       Other options that are available are a catalog of 64 disks of
       very high quality hinted outline fonts, licensed from URW, a
       well-known type foundry and supplemental dictionaries for seven
       other languages.

       We're very excited to be able to offer Calligrapher, helping to
       round out our line of graphic tools which already includes Avant
       Vector for auto-tracing, MegaPaint Professional for bitmap and
       vector graphics design and the Cherry font collection.

       We don't want to forget to mention our full line of powerful
       utilities including HotWire, MaxiFile, MultiDesk Deluxe, Codekeys,
       LookIt and PopIt, G+Plus, CodeHead Utilities, MIDIMAX, and MIDI Spy.

       And last but not least we have the TOS Extension Card (TEC) which
       provides a means for everyone to use TOS 2.06, the very latest
       version of the Atari operating system, even if they have an older ST
       or Mega ST.  The TEC has been selling very well and together with
       Warp 9 it offers an unbeatable combination for supercharging your
       Atari computer.

       With all of these product we could probably spend all night in
       conference, so we'd better get down to some questions. Thank you
       for coming and let's begin.


       Well, I've got to say I'm excited!   And before anyone else asks,
       what kind of pricing are you looking at?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Let's say that we're not quite ready to announce the pricing yet,
       but the basic Professional version will be well under $200.

       Okay, close enough for me.

       Yes I purchased the ICD accelerator card, ADspeed that came with
       Quick ST and wondered how to get an upgrade without a disk? ga

 .John @ CodeHead>
       You can send us your AdSpeed disk and if you'd like it returned,
       just request that we do so.  The upgrade fee is $20.

       Will Warp 9 have any effect on the ability of some programs,
       particularly STalker 3 and to some degree FZDS Term, to handle
       higher speed operation at 9600+? GA

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Well, yes....because the main factor limiting modem communications
       at the higher speeds is how fast the ST can display the incoming
       text.  So Warp 9 will definitely help the screen display keep up
       with the data coming from the modem. ga

       How much memory does Warp 9 require compared to Turbo ST, and what
       are the hardware requirements for CALLIGRAPHER?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Whoops....looks like John got bumped off.  I'll answer that...

       I don't know exactly how much memory Turbo ST uses, but Warp 9
       uses a roughly equal amount.  Calligrapher will run on all Atari
       computers with at least 1 Meg of memory.  You'll need at least 2
       Meg, however, to use the SLM804/605 drivers provided. ga

       I'm back, sorry.

       I have a couple quick questions:

       1) Isn't "WARP 9" a Star Trekkie jargon you might get chased a bit
       for using?

       2) Have the problems with NOTATOR been resolved.

       3) How does Warp 9 maintain its maximum possible speed regardless of
          its position in the AUTO folder?

       That's All.  :-)

 .John @ CodeHead>
       The only problem that exists in Notator is with the display of slur
       lines.   It has not been fixed yet, but we're working on it.

 JBEAU> business is in creating PRINTED sheet music for studio
       work...and slurs are of course required...

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Everything else works fine, so if it doesn't bother you to see the
       slurs/ties look a little funny, then you can leave Warp 9 turned on.

       I don't mind...but clients, know!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       In that case, you can still leave Warp 9 installed, but have it
       automatically disabled while in Notator. GA

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       The printed output of slurs, though, should be unaffected.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Oh yeah, that's right.  Your printouts will not suffer.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       At least I think so -- I have not actually tested it.

       Are you saying the problem is display only?  My printouts with QST
       had garbage for slurs on printout as well.  Is this different for
       Warp 9?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Hmmm...perhaps not.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       From your description, probably not.  As I said, I haven't actually
       tested this.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We will eventually get it ironed out, but at least there's a

       I'd be happy to "beta" test that one for you!  ;-)

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Regarding your other questions...

       We did a trademark search on "Warp 9" and found only an after shave
       lotion <grin>...

       You can put Warp 9 anywhere in the AUTO folder, but the earlier you
       put it, the faster your bootup will be...   The accessory (Warp 9
       Control Panel) will tell Warp 9 to regrab its vectors so that it
       will run at optimum speed. GA

       Guys, first of all, congratulations on your continued success.
       You've both been terrific supporters for the Atari userbase!
       _IF_ you both get any time off soon for some rest, what's next from
       your little bag of tricks? GA

 Charles @ CHTech>
       Next is Calligrapher, as we mentioned in our opening statement.
       After that....who knows.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Well, some day I may actually finish MIDI Spy.  :^)   ga

       Anything that you've been wanting to do but haven't yet?

       Is PinHead necessary with Warp 9?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We'd like to cure the world hunger problem, but... who knows.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       PinHead and Warp 9 do completely different things.  Warp 9 doesn't
       replace it.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       You'll definitely want to continue using Pinhead.

       Great!  GA

       Will I be able to dump PageStream 2.1 and WordUp 3.0 in favor of
       Calligrapher?  I use PageStream for only very basic uses, and WUP
       is, well, buggy.  Will I be able to import .WUP files?  ga

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       The current version of Calligrapher doesn't explicitly import WUP
       files.  However, this can be added through its ability to call
       external modules.  If you do mostly simple DTP kinds of work with
       Pagestream, Calligrapher will probably suit your needs just fine.
       It's _not_ a DTP program, so if you have very complicated layouts
       in mind, you should use Pagestream, but for general text and light
       graphics stuff, it's terrific.  ga

       No, nothing too detailed being done here.  Thanks. ga

       This talk of external modules reminds me of MegaPaint Pro.  Is
       that a new concept, or is it TommySoft again?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Calligrapher comes from England.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Nope....Calligrapher was developed by Working Title in the UK.

       So, it must be a concept that was long overdue.

       You mentioned earlier when talking about Calligrapher, the
       use of SLM804/605 Driver, I'm rather new to Atari, and was curious
       about what this was.  ga

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       The SLM804 and SLM605 are Atari's laser printers.  ga

       Steve, they don't have any memory resident, so you need extra in
       your computer to handle the page set up, etc.


       When will Calligrapher be available, and will there be a demo
       version for us to play with?  ga

 .John @ CodeHead>
       That's a good question...we don't know, but I assume there'll be
       a demo version.  Another thing that we didn't mention is that
       there is also a Calligrapher Lite version of the program.  We
       don't have a price on this yet, but it will be under $100.

       We should have Calligrapher available within a month's time.  GA

       Do you feel that there is a market for extra, beyond 4 meg RAM
       upgrades?  What with Revolver, programs and all, I could use it!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       I think that Jim Allen of Fast Technology already has something
       like that.  GA

       I'll Check.  Thanks.

       Are you aware of Wes Newells "knockoff" of the TEC board?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We've heard about it...

       As I understand, it is quite a "hack", requiring that you cut
       traces on your motherboard, route wires all over the place, bend
       pins on your chips, and all kinds of other unruly things.  There
       may be those who are willing to do this to their machines, but
       this is a far cry from the clean design of the TEC.

       With the arrival of European programs by CodeHead Tech, are you
       "essentially" distributors...or are you able to "de-bug", re-work
       these programs to enhance existing software?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Absolutely not, Dana!  I just spent three months working on Warp 9,
       and I'm going to spend more time on it in the near future.  As far
       as input into the European programs, we're careful to choose only
       those programs that are already mature and problem-free.  <grin>

       No, really.

       Can you "add/change" them at all?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       With MegaPaint and Calligrapher, we're able to contribute to the
       programs (and we already have) by writing our own external modules.

       If you're asking "do we have access to the source code,"  no, we

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We've already done SEVEN modules for MegaPaint, giving it a LOT more
       power than it had.  We plan to do the same for Calligrapher.

       So you can produce add-ons, but can't alter the programs in any way.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       If our customers ask for features, we don't have to tell them that
       we're at the mercy of the authors...we can do something about it.

       That's what I was getting at, John - thanks.

 .John @ CodeHead>

       Speaking of modules, are there any in the works for MegaPaint?
       (Since it's a little early to ask about Calligrapher?)

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       We do have some stuff on the drawing board, but nothing imminent
       at this moment.  ga

       Charles, does Calligrapher provide drivers for the Deskjet 500?
       Support endnotes? Indexes? Table of Contents? Wordperfect files?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       There's a DESKJET5.SYS printer driver.  I assume that's for the
       500, but can't be sure.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Yes, to all of those, except the Word Perfect driver.  We expect
       to be able to come up with a WP driver rather quickly, though.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We have a lot to learn about Calligrapher and its options...but,
       if there are requests for features, we'll do our best to  make
       them available.

       Great Thanks

       OK...back to Warp-9....(sorry for the "reversion" in topics...but))

       I have Quick-ST 2.0 and a 1040ST with 1 meg ant TOS the
       speed worth the increase in RAM usage???

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Yes.  :)         ga

       How much faster IS it??  I havent seen any "hard" numbers.  ga

 .John @ CodeHead>
       "Hard" numbers don't really mean much...what means a lot is how
       fast you "perceive" the accelleration when you start using it.
       Everyone that's gotten the update is raving about it.  Maybe that's
       enough for you, maybe not <grin>.

       OK..last thing...I have Quick-ST 2.0, Is/are there any "concessions"
       if I upgrade?  GA

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Yes, you save $24.95 off the price and only pay $20

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Quick ST 3 was faster than Quick ST 2.  And Warp 9 is faster still.

       I assume I gotta send in my original disk of Quick-ST?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       That would be a good idea.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       That's right....send in the disk and a check for $20.00 to get the
       Warp 9 upgrade.  ga

       More on that faster subject too: the free update we'll be releasing
       soon will be even fact, scrolling in many GEM and non-
       GEM programs will be almost 3 times faster!

       As a Warp 9 user, I have to say that things are noticably faster
       than the older Quick ST's and Turbo ST.

       <grin>  I hope ya'll accept money orders, I don't use checks.  ;-)

       Will the CodeHeads perhaps do a Term program right?  I'm a bit
       peeved, spent over $500 on a spiffy modem, and the software all
       fall far short...

       Will Calligrapher work well with the new font scaling used in the
       newer Epson Printers, I think it's called ESC-P....

       Scrolling is the least enhanced currently, so that will make it
       much improved!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Maybe we should just give everyone a free copy of everything we
       have <grin>.

       Sure, and we'll send you blank signed checks and Visa charge
       slips...  <G>

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Sounds like a fair trade to me, Gordie!  :-)

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We actually got a blank check from a guy yesterday.  He said he'd
       trust us to fill in the right amount <grin>.

       Have Codekeys, would love one long macro instead of the several
       short ones... could be an easy rewrite any chance?  Plus...

       How about a group price for all your software?  Say $300-400...

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       You can already chain macros together to make one long one if you
       want, in CodeKeys.  About a group price, we have talked about this,
       and we may do it....but we haven't settled on anything yet.

       Had most problems in my old copy of Fleet street you guys have
       that to test.  Version 3.0

       For the keys the problem is you have to break and start a new macro
       all the time.  ga

 .Charles @ CHTech> do have to start a new macro and it takes some planning.
       When I get time to return to CodeKeys, I'll think about this.

       About AP7's telecom question --- we don't have a telecom program
       in the works right now....but who knows?  ga

       Oh one last thing know I will get blasted but could use you guys
       on the IBM, they don't know how to write software there.

 .Bruce from MAST>
       So are you bringing a truck load of product to the Milwaukee show?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       We'll have an ample supply.  :)  How many people do you expect...?

       Is there a limit on how fast Warp 9 can be (of course there is!).
       How close are you now?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       We're _very_ close to the limit right now.  The new update will
       be right about at the edge, and it may not be possible to squeeze
       any more cycles out of the machine after that.  ga


 .John @ CodeHead>
       Our efforts have been more geared toward compatibility.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Right.....we're as fast as you can go, while still retaining maximum
       compatibility.  An important distinction.  It would be possible to
       make some operations faster, but it would entail breaking rules or
       taking shortcuts.  We prefer to be solid and dependable, AND as fast
       as possible.

       Any similar incentive to cash in my copy of Turbo ST in exchange
       for Warp 9?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Yes, you can send in your Turbo ST disk and get the same upgrade
       deal -- $20.00.  ga

 .John @ CodeHead>
       The regrabbing of the vectors has gone a long way toward getting
       every last ounce or speed out of the system.

       I'll do it

       What about the newer Epson printer's ability for font scaling?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       I don't know.

       HPGL5?   IOW, does it support the high end HP laser driver?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Yes, there's a printer driver called HPL150 and one called HPL300

       The one with variable size dots.  Hmmm, shame.  PageStream said
       they couldn't make a driver for the HPIII taking advantage of HPGL5

 .John @ CodeHead>
       It's really a bit early for us to know every tiny detail about the
       way Calligrpaher will operate with every printer available.

       As per making a term program, CAN RTS/CTS be fixed, at any cost?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Get TOS 2.06

       I've heard it don't fix it, and since I will be getting a Mega
       STe 4, I understand the 1.44 driver dont work.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       I think you heard wrong.

       Turbo-ST dont work. Not in TOS 1.2, on my computer.  STR had a nice
       explanation of the problem.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Perhaps you should reconfigure your modem.  There are a lot of
       factors involved in getting optimum performance at high speed.

       I think there is a hardware problem with the RTS/CTS part.  And I
       don't think any software will fix it properly.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       It takes more than just one piece of magic.

       Charles and I are sending stuff back and forth daily at high speeds
       and have no problems whatsoever.

       I use Hotwire, Maxifile, Pinhead, and LGS.  What will TOS 2.06 do
       for me?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Mrainey, TOS 2.06 offers about 10-15% speedup over TOS 1.04 in the
       Gem dialog test.

       Anyone else have question about existing CodeHead products, or

       I just got here.... Did the CH's leak anything about the new WP?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Nope.  <grin>

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       What new word processor?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Yes, Wayne, it's Calligrapher.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Oh, THAT one.

 .John @ CodeHead>

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Ten demerits, Wayne.

       I won't have them repeat it, but it will be in the transcript.

 .John @ CodeHead>

       I'll take two!

       Hey, I said I just got here. :-)  <off to the corner W/Dunce cap)

       Are those SUGAR Free push ups :-)

 .John @ CodeHead>
       That'll teach you to be get down and give me 50.

       50 pushups?  I hope you guys have some time on your hands.  :)

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Time?  Why, we have nothing but free time these days.  ...NOT!

       Any chance I could get someone to add the button fix to MaxiFile?
       I don't always use MultiDesk Deluxe.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       That seems to be a common request.

       I suppose I could just run BUTTNFIX, though.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We don't feel it's fair to duplicate code in memory for the vast
       number of people who do use MultiDesk Deluxe.

       That makes sense, John.  I'll add BUTTNFIX back into my AUTO folder.

       John or Charles, how did you come into contact with the authors
       of Calligrapher?...

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We've been talking with Working Title about Calligrapher for almost
       a year now.  Plans got pushed back as we took on other products from
       Germany, etc.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       They originally contacted us, to license G+PLUS.  G+PLUS has....
       been included with Calligrapher for about 2 years now.

       Did you aproach them concerning the possibility of an import? or
       did they seek you out in hopes you would be interested... because
       of your well deserved reputation?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We asked them to send us a copy of Calligrapher out of curiosity
       about why they wanted to use G+Plus.  Charles then suggested we ask
       them about importing it.

       They didn't want a standard export deal, but rather wanted to
       establish a US company specifically for Calligrapher.  So we have
       formed a division of CodeHead called Working Title US.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Wayne, I haven't been this excited about a word processor in a LONG
       time.  Calligrapher is an EXCELLENT piece of work.
       What are your hours and telephone numbers for tech support?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Monday-Friday 9AM to 1PM  (213) 386-5735

       Those are Pacific times.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       And the mailing address (for the sake of completeness) is:

                         CodeHead Technologies
                         PO Box 74090
                         Los Angeles, CA 90004

       I'm not familiar with Calligrapher, but it must be tops for CHTech
       to add it to their list of products.

       Does Microsoft Word (15 meg on your hard drive) do a whole lot
       that Calligrapher doesn't?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       I haven't used Word, so I can't really answer that.

       I have Word Charles. Come over!

       Is/Will there be a demo version available?  I'm curious as to what
       would light the CHtechie's fires so much!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We will be asking them about a demo...dunno.   <grin>

       Speaking of disk space, how much does it require?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       It depends on how many modules you use.

       The dictionary and thesaurus take up a lot of disk space.  The
       program itself is 306K.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       It also depends on how many fonts you want to install.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       A fairly full setup takes about 4 meg.

       I would think they would be flattered to be associated with the best
       looking logo on any platform!!!

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       You mean our logo, David?  Thanks!  That's the work of Gregg Rodgers
       who wrote the Genus font editor.

 .Vic> that 306k on disk space...or operation

       And a few more operation details on the wp program...if you would

 .John @ CodeHead>
       306K of disk space.  I'm not sure how much memory it uses.

 .Ron <ym>
       I came in late, and missed a full description, but briefly, what
       does Caligrapher NOT do?  (like Mega Paint doesn't do color, etc.)
       What feature is NOT included that people may ask for but you will
       have to tell them "It isn't in there and probably won't be"   ga

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       That's an odd question -- I don't really have an answer.   So far,
       Calligrapher has been more than capable of everything I've asked
       it to do.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Well, it won't allow editing of individual vector points.

       It doesn't do 3-D rotation <grin>.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       That's true, John.  Didn't think of that.  It also doesn't know
       a good recipe for buttermilk pancakes.   ga

 .John @ CodeHead>
       It's really not a full desktop publishing program, but rather a
       high-end word processor.   Or should I say, document processor.

       It uses outline fonts.

 .Ron <ym>
       So it's a step up from Regent Word II (which I currently use) but
       won't replace PageStream (which I also use).  Thanks.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       And graphics can be integrated...or drawn within. (hmmm...maybe it
       does allow vector point editing).

       What kind of output formats will it do?  Like full portrait, full
       landscape, paginated 5.5x8.5?  That kind of thing?

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       All of that, Gordie.

       Projected price range?  For us latecomers.

 .John @ CodeHead>
       The basic "Professional" version will be well under $200, the
       "Gold" version will be over $200, and the "Lite" version will be
       under $100.   Prices are not yet firmly established.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       It's light years beyond Regent Word!

       Since Wayne ask half of what I wanted, :-) When will it be availble
       and what are the differences to the three versions.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       It should be available within a month.  John just mentioned our
       tentative pricing.  ga

 .John @ CodeHead>
       The Gold version will have Postscript, barcode generation, Flexible
       text effects, grammar checking, automatic save, equation editor,
       label printer, dictionary, thesaurus...

       Grammar checking, that I NEED!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Actually, some of that is in the Professional version, too.

       This has probably been asked and answered, but what kind of import/
       export modules exist. So that I can edit documents created on other
       platforms?  GA

       Is the documentation up to your usual high standards?  Is it written
       for the "Brits"?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       I haven't really fully read the docs <ducking>.  It's a British
       manual for sure.  :^)

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       It is British....but believe me, that's a lot better than translated
       German!  The manual is quite good, actually.  (I _have_ read parts
       of it.  Ahem.)   :)    ga


       How about the spell checker?  You know the British can't spell....

 .John @ CodeHead>
       There are dictionaries available in French, German, Italian,
       Spanish, Catalan, and UK English, and Dutch.

       And Charles is Hawaiian spelling champ!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       As for import/export modules...what does not exist can be added
       later as demand dictates.

       Hate to switch streams........

 .John @ CodeHead> the middle of the horse.

       What date are you up to with the Warp 9 Updates.   ga

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We are less than a week behind right now.  We sent out about a
       hundred today, and should completely catch up tomorrow.  GA

       Ok, the postman gets mad when I search his vehicle every day.  :)

       You too?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We stuck yours in a pie and lobbed it.

       Quite a lob from CA to CT!  Sign em up for the Olympic Pie Toss!

 .John @ CodeHead>
       It's easy at Warp 9!

       I was just looking throught the April issue of ST Informer

       Is the review of Calligrapher Professional in there of your new

 .John @ CodeHead>

       Will it still be distributed through A & D Software?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       At the time that was written, Rod Mcdonald had taken the initiative
       to order some Calligraphers directly from the UK...   He didn't
       realize we were negotiating directly with Working Title.  We've
       talked to him since, and the next issue should at least have a
       small statement about the fact that it will be available through us.

       Just to give me some perspective on the ST market, how many copies
       must you sell to consider the project a success?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       That's a good one...I don't know if there IS such a thing as a
       "success"... These days, just about any amount of sales can be
       considered a success, although things have definitely been looking
       up lately.  GA

       It's been a couple of hours now.  Dave Shorr, you'll have the last

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Time's fun when you're having flies.    (says Kermit)

       PostScript output: does this mean I can print to a file and print it
       out on a LaserWriter/LaserJet instead of my nine-pin Atari grafx

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Yes, or you can take to a lino service bureau.

       Thanks for fixing that CAD-3D problem with Warp 9 so quickly!!! GA.

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       Dave: yes, exactly.  Or you can use Ultrascript.  There are
       equivalent fonts for most popular Postscript fonts available for

       Do I have to worry about special font files?   Only the Gold
       version has this?  <grin>

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Calligrapher can use standard GDOS fonts, or you can outline fonts
       by using any of the 64 disks full of fonts available separately.
       (use outline fonts)

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       The Calligrapher font library is of _very_ high quality, by the way.
       Many fonts are licensed from the famous URW type foundry.

       What will the font disks cost? approximately?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       We don't have a price on the font disks yet.

       Well, I want to thank the CodeHeads for taking the time out of
       their busy lives to talk with us this evening.  We appreciate it,
       and everything else you've done for the Atari market.

       Any closing comments?

 .John @ CodeHead>
       Thank you all for coming and thank you for supporting (and BUYing)
       CodeHead Software and Hardware.

       Buy??  You want me to buy??

       The check's in the mail

       THANK YOU!


       Thanks for a entertaining evening.

       Thanks, gentlemen, keep up the good work.

       Thank you for being here and for being there....

 .Charles @ CHTech>
       You're welcome, folks.  It's been a pleasure.

       This CO is formally closed!

       Once again, I'd like to thank JBEAU for his work in getting this
      transcript into some kind of intelligible shape.  This one turned
               out to be rather readable.  Thanks!    --Gordie
    This conference  transcript is  the exclusive  property  of the ST
    Advantage on DELPHI. Permission to reprint is granted only if this
         notice is included and the transcript is left unchanged.


 For immediate release
 Friday, May 1, 1992

 CodeHead Technologies is proud to announce our exclusive representation in
 the United States and Canada of:

        CALLIGRAPHER -- the next-generation
                document processor that takes you from
                        first conception to final print!

     Calligrapher is the first word processor  to meet  CodeHead's exacting
 standards for  user interface  excellence and  powerful features.  In many
 ways,  Calligrapher   bridges  the   gap  between   a  desktop  publishing
 application and a word processor.

 Some of Calligrapher's features include:

   o Runs on all versions of TOS in all resolutions except Low.

   o Standard GEM interface includes a complete desktop, with moveable
     icons for your documents

   o Powerful structured online help (one of the nicest help functions
     you've ever seen!)

   o Pop-up menus for maximum convenience

   o Configurable, reassignable keyboard commands

   o Editable dictionary and spell checker

   o   Abbreviations   (for   example,   type  "CH"  and  Calligrapher  can
     automatically expand it to "CodeHead")

   o Tables and formulae

   o Mail merge with personalizing and conditional selectivity

   o Automatic pagination with selectable style and linked chapters

   o Insertable automatically updated date function

   o A powerful outliner (the first really useable outliner we've seen!)

   o Paragraph style tagging

   o Embedded codes can also be affected by search and replace operations

   o Headers, footers, and footnotes

   o Selectable graphic or text-only modes when printing

   o Hinted outline fonts for very high quality printed output

   o Import both bitmap graphics and GEM metafiles

   o Built-in graphics tools for drawing lines and shapes

   o Import .DIF files

   o Import 1st Word Plus documents

   o Infinite expandability through the use of "external modules"

 In addition to these features, Calligrapher  contains all  of the standard
 features expected  of a  powerful word processor, like search and replace,
 global and conditional case conversion, word count, cut,  copy, paste, and
 cursor control.

 Powerful ruler  features include  indent, outdent,  multiple columns, left
 align, right align, center align, left tab, right tab, center tab, decimal
 tab, leader tabs, line spacing, vertical lines, and justification.

 Preview options  give you  a graphic view of your document as it will look
 on the printed page, with single or multiple pages selected from different
 parts of the document for comparison.

 Calligrapher supports  a number of printers, including 9-pin, 24- pin, NEC
 P6, HP Laserjet+, Laserjet II, Epson  GQ3500,  and  Atari  SLM804/605.   A
 print-to-disk feature allows you to easily print documents in batch mode.

   Calligrapher Gold

 Also available will be Calligrapher Gold, which includes all of the
 features listed above plus:

   o Grammar checker

   o Powerful thesaurus with word trail and distinction between
     verbs, nouns, and antonyms

   o Automatic indexing with cross referencing

   o Automatic save

   o Interactive formula editor

   o Flextext text effects for bending text around paths

   o PostScript output to disk, or directly to a PostScript device!

   o Label printer

   o Bar code creation

   Calligrapher Extras

 We will be offering a catalog (64 disks) of professional quality hinted
 outline fonts licensed from URW, an internationally renowned type foundry.

 We also have supplemental Calligrapher dictionaries for seven other

 We're very excited to be able to offer Calligrapher, helping  to round out
 our  line  of  graphic  tools:  Avant  Vector  for auto-tracing and vector
 graphics editing, MegaPaint Professional for bitmap and vector graphics
 design, and the Cherry font collection.

   Pricing and Availability

 Retail prices for Calligrapher will be:

                       Calligrapher Professional    $175
                       Calligrapher Gold            $250
                       Gold Extension               $100

 Calligrapher will be available on May 15th.  Contact your local dealer or
 order directly from CodeHead Technologies at the address below.

 Mastercard, Visa, and American Express credit cards are accepted.  For
 shipping, add $3 US, $4 Canada, and $6 overseas.

                           CodeHead Technologies
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004

                           Phone: (213) 386-5735
                       (Mon-Fri 9A-1P Pacific Time)
                           FAX:   (213) 386-5789
                           BBS:   (213) 461-2095


 > ADSCSI ROM UG STR InfoFile      AdSCSI ROM Upgrade for Amiga Computers

                            ADSCSI ROM UPGRADE

 For Immediate Release

     ICD, Incorporated, designer and manufacturer of innovative
 enhancement products for Amiga computers, is pleased to announce the
 release of a totally new ROM release of its AdSCSI hard disk driver  for
 its Amiga 2000 SCSI hard disk interfaces.  AdSCSI 3.0 offers these

   o  The AdSCSI driver has been completely rewritten.  The intelligent
      buffering that has made the AdSCSI 2000 and AdSCSI 2080 the best
      performing host adapters on the market has been notably

   o  Faster transfer rates will be seen with all buffer sizes on all
      CPUs.  Enhanced intelligent buffering yields better results than
      before and better over all performance than any other host
      adapter on the market.

   o  Transfers to and from odd addressed buffers have been
      dramatically increased.  You'll see transfers up to 30 times as
      fast as the competition from odd-aligned buffers.

   o  Free CPU time during disk access has been increased.  You'll have
      more CPU power for your multi-tasking applications.

   o  The AdSCSI driver takes advantage of enhanced processors.  If you
      have a 68030 or 68040 processor with 32 bit RAM, you'll see up to
      three times the transfer speeds of a stock 68000-based computer
      and even more free CPU time.

   o  Installing the new driver is simple: just replace the ROM chip on
      AdSCSI 2000 or AdSCSI 2080 boards with a new one.  No special
      tools are needed.

 Current owners of AdSCSI 2000 and AdSCSI 2080 host adapters in the United
 States can receive an upgrade ROM for the new driver by sending $25 to

                            AdSCSI ROM Upgrade
                             ICD, Incorporated
                             1220 Rock Street
                         Rockford, IL  61101-1437

       It is not necessary to send in old ROM chips for the upgrade.
                  Installation instructions are included.

 For further information, contact:
 ICD Customer Service at (815) 968-2228.


 > BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST STR SHOW NEWS    "The Summertime Atari Event!"

                         1992 Blue Ridge ATARIFEST

 Where: Westgate Shopping Center - Asheville, N.C.

 Take any major highway into Asheville  (US 19-23,  US 26  or I-40)  to the
 I-240  loop,  then  take  the  "Westgate/Hilton  Inn  Drive exit" into the
 Westgate Shopping Center parking lot.

                            When: 18, July 1992
                            Time: 10:am to 6:pm

 Points of contact:

               Van Estes, BRACE Pres.       Clifford E. Allen, V.Pres.
               704-685-8358                 GEnie: C.Allen17
                                            INTERNET: callen@UNCA.EDU

                              Sheldon Winick
                              GEnie: S.WINICK
                              Computer STudio

                 Come for the day or come for the weekend,
                      but do come and enjoy yourself.

 Great Smokies Hilton Resort  Hilton Inn Drive        (704)254-3211
                  Toll-free reservation phone number 1-800-733-3211

 Radisson                    One Thomas Wolf Plaza    (704)252-8211
                  Rate: $62.00 per room (1-4 people)

          ====== Additional Hotel / Motel Information ===========

 Days Inn                       I-26 and Airport Road     (704)684-2281
                                I-40 Exit 55              (704)298-5140

 Econo Lodge                    US 70 East, I-40 Exit 55  (704)298-5519

 Holiday Inn                    275 Smoky Park Hwy        (704)667-4501
                        Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-HOLIDAY

 Red Roof Inn                   I-40 and US 19-23 Exit 44 (704)667-9803
                       Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-843-7663

 Buget Motel                    I-40 Exit 44 (Enka-Chandler)
                                   West Asheville  Exit       (704)665-2100
 Western Asheville Central  22 Woodfin St                 (704)253-1851

       ========= Local Bed & Breakfast lodging Information =========

 Aberdeen Inn                64 Linden Ave                (704)254-9336
 Albemarle Inn               86 Edgemont Road             (704)255-0027
 Applewood Manor             62 Cumberland Circle         (704)254-2244
 The Bridle Path Inn        Lockout Road                  (704)252-0035
 Cairn Brae B & B           217 Patton Mountain Rd        (704)252-9219
 Carolina B & B             177 Cumberland Ave            (704)254-3608
 Cedar Crest Victorian Inn  674 Biltmore Ave              (704)252-1289
 Corner Oak  Manor               53 St. Dunstan               (704)253-3525
 Cornerstone Inn            230 Pearson Dr                (704)253-5644
 Flint Street Inn           100 & 116 Flint Street        (704)253-6723
 The Lion and The Rose      276 Montford Ave              (704)255-7673
 The Ray House B & B         83 Hillside St               (704)252-0106
 Reed House                 119 Dodge St                  (704)274-1604
 The Wright Inn             235 Pearson Drive             (704)251-0789]

 A more complete listing of Bed  & Breakfasts  can be  obtained through the
 Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

 Reservations  should  be  made  immediately,  as July is the height of our
 tourist season.

                ===========  CAMP GROUNDS ================

           (reservations are a must during this time of season):

 Mount Pisgah:
     About 20 miles southwest  of Asheville  on the  Blue Ridge  Parkway at
 mile post  408.6 (National  Park Service). 690 acres. Elevation 5000'. One
 of the nicest campgrounds in Western North Carolina. 67 tent  sites, 70 RV
 sites. For reservations: P.O.Box 749, Watnesville, N.C. 28786; phone (704)
 235-9109. No  showers. Groceries  and resturant.  Nature program.   14 day
 stay limit.

 Lake Powhatan:
     4 miles  south of  Asheville on  State road  191, 3.5 miles west on FR
 806.  30  acres.  98  tent/rv  sites.  Reservation  available  thru Mistix
 1-800-283-CAMP.  Disposal   station.  No   showers.  Swimming;  lifeguard;
 fishing; nature trails; bicycles. 14-day stay limit.

     While in the area, you might  want to  consider a  little sightseeing,
 and include  a visit  to the Biltmore House here in Asheville (the largest
 single family residence ever built in the U.S.--its  a "castle").  A visit
 to the  Biltmore can be a full-day's activity as you will want to view the
 house, visit the winery, and walk some of the grounds and gardens.
          The House 9 am to 6pm         The Gardens 9am to 7pm
                         Conservatory 9am to 5:30pm
          The Winery Monday-Saturday   11am to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

     Other areas of interest include; the Thomas Wolf home (adjacent to the
 Raddison), the Blue Ridge Parkway and Folk Art Center. A drive up the Blue
 ridge Parkway to enjoy the higher elevations and  incredible views  of our
 mountains.  Perhaps  a  hike  up  to  Mount  Pisgah  and look back down to
 Asheville(you can see Mt. Pisgah from  most  anywhere  in  Asheville).   A
 short drive  from Mt.  Pisgah will  take you to Sliding Rock (for those of
 you travelling with kids who are  still  kids  at  heart),  the  Cradle of
 Forestry (first forest school in the country), waterfalls, trout hatchery,
 etc. For the adventurous, white water rafting  on the  Natahala River near
 Bryson City (approx one and a half hours from here).

     There's  obviously  loads  more  to  see  and  do around Asheville (in
 addition to the Blue Ridge AtariFest and a  visit to  Computer STudio :-).
 If any  of y'all would like maps and additional tourist info of the area I
 might suggest contacting the Chamber of Commerce:

                    Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
                            151 Haywood Street
                               P.O. Box 1010
                            Asheville, NC 28802
                      704-258-6111 FAX: (704)251-0926


 > TOS 306 STR FOCUS             "...  the latest and greatest..."

                              TOS 3.06 & AJAX

 by Clemens Chin

     I'm the type of person who always wants the latest and greatest when
 it comes to hardware.  When I heard that Atari had upgraded the TT030's
 TOS, floppy controller and floppy drives, I wanted it!  However, no one
 seemed to have it.  I was promised it would appear "next week" for several
 weeks by one dealer and got fed up.  This was when I decided to give Best
 Electronics another try (they didn't have it yet on my first attempt).
 They had it!  I had it shipped blue label and received it the following
 Tuesday (since I placed my order on a Friday night).  The UPS delivery man
 was looking at me quite bizarrely due to the permanently affixed smile on
 my face.

     I tore apart the box that it came in to get at TOS 3.06, AJAX and high
 density drive.  Then I proceeded with taking apart my computer.  Having
 done these sorts of upgrades many times and examined the TT's mother
 board before, I knew exactly what had to be done: remove the old TOS,
 drive controller and drive and stick in the new ones.  One extra step is
 to change one of the DIP switch positions.

     Everything was finished in about 20 minutes and naturally, the first
 thing I did from there was boot up the system to make sure everything was
 working right.  The system booted up and I was greeted by the new TOS with
 Atari's Fuji in all its glory and a new memory test.  When the desktop
 came up I immediately tried to format a disk in high density. Everything
 was working beautifully, now I wanted to try some software with the new
 AJAX controller and HD drive.  Magic Shadow came to mind. I .MSA'ed a disk
 then tried to un.MSA it and the system returned an error to me!  I tried
 again and again and it yielded the same result everytime.

     After further testing, I realized that while the drive read and wrote
 in 360K, 720K and HD, it would only format in HD.  I thought perhaps I had
 done something wrong in the installation.  Back tracking proved I didn't.
 I called Best Electronics they told me that my problem may be a product
 of RF noise.  I did a number of things to eliminate as much possible noise
 as I could, still didn't work.  Then I thought that maybe it was due to
 the drive controller board that is part of my tower case.  I disconnected
 the controller and connected it directly to the TT mother board, I found
 the problem!

     I needed to connect my drives to this board because it allows the
 connection of two floppies to my tower case.  So, I decided to give System
 Solutions (the people I bought the tower case from) a call.  This was the
 first time they'd heard about the problem.  Great.  We stayed on the phone
 trying to talk out the problem and he pointed out that the board didn't
 make all the connections of the ribbon cable that connects the drive.  We
 agreed that it may be a good idea that I try to connect the ones that
 aren't there to see if that would alleviate the problem.  He suggested Pin
 2.  Five minutes after hanging up with him I had the system working
 perfect harmony.

     It took me almost a week and a half to figure out the problem and
 about 5 minutes and about 2.5" of wire wrap to fix it...  Well, at least
 everything is working now and I'm a happy camper.  TOS 3.06 is nice, AJAX
 and the HD drive are now working great.

 Some things to remember if you are planning to upgrade:

 1.  If only certain programs don't recognize your 1.44 floppy, try
     running a program set the correct seek rate, some systems seem to
     have problems detecting it correctly.  SETSEEK.PRG from Codehead
     does this well.  Set it at 3 for standard 360K or 720K disks and
     6 for 1.44 megs.

 2.  In some cases, it is required that you flip the ribbon cable that
     connects the drive.  Otherwise, try to keep the ribbon cable as
     flat and neat as possible.

 3.  On Mega STes and TTs, remember to flick switch 7 on the DIP switches.
     Leave the others alone.  This will let you format in high density from
     the desktop.

 4.  From what Best Electronics told me, some users are experiencing
     problems due to RF noise.  Try your best to insulate the drives and
     its ribbon cable from the power supply and the power cables.  (If you
     have an internal hard drive, don't forget its power cables.)

   * One possible way to reduce noise, is by removing the screw in
     the middle of the underside of the power supply (Mega STes and TTs
     only) and covering it up hole with electrical tape.  This screw
     supposedly causes the power supply ground to goto the floppy, by
     removing it, you remove noise.

 5.  If you've got a Lighthouse tower case, the multi-board needs to have
     Pin 2 connected in where the drive ribbon cable is connected.  A bit
     of wire wrap works like a dream.


 > SPRINGTIME! STR FOCUS       "flowers" are sprouting their blossoms

                           SPRING IS IN THE AIR

 by Dana P. Jacobson

     I don't know what the weather is like in your part of the country, but
 here in the northeast it certainly doesn't "feel" like a typical New
 England Spring.  Still, the temperature is slowing climbing to "tolerable"
 levels; and the sun even shines brightly on occasion!

     Speaking of Spring, it certainly appears that a lot of new "flowers"
 are beginning to sprout their blossoms with regard to products for Atari
 machines.  It's certainly starting to look like a banner year.

     Rumors of Atari's new machines are all over the place; and I certainly
 hope that these aren't of that vicious "weed" variety that everyone wants
 to rid their yards of them.  We've heard of the new "030" machines with
 various cross-breeding.  Will they be in 1040-style cases, or the
 "wedding-cake" variety?  Will they have detachable keyboards, or one-piece
 units?  Will they have networking capabilities, UNIX, etc. and become a
 new breed of Atari products?  It's hard to say, as Atari has taken a
 "can't say" profile within their "breeding greenhouse".  So, we're left
 to our imagination as to what these new machines might look like, but
 that's okay.  We all prefer to look at a flower in full bloom anyway...

     The new Supra 9600 modems are shipping and all I've seen is praise for
 them, fax capabilities and all.  Flash II is shipping and it seems to be
 receiving "middle of the road" feedback so far. By that I mean not great,
 not bad.  Although I haven't seen it yet, word has it that it's basically
 the old program, with a few enhancements.  I hope that there's more
 discussion on it soon (and perhaps a demo) so "non-Flash user diehards"
 can learn more about the program.  I hope to see the new Flash receive the
 same kind of accolades as its predecessor.

     The "flowers" that seemed to discover an early Spring and have bloomed
 already are from CodeHead Technologies.  That California sunshine must be
 a major factor!!  Anyway, CodeHead's TOS Extension board seems to be an
 incredible success.  Warp 9, the new breed of QuickST, is receiving
 blue-ribbon treatment everywhere you turn.  Charles Johnson really did a
 great job going through the old program and improved it.  This is all
 second-hand knowledge, as I've just recently sent in for my own upgrade.
 Can't wait to put it on my own system!!

     If you're a Delphi user and happened to log on to the weekly scheduled
 conference this past week, you know that both John Eidsvoog and Charles
 Johnson were the guests.  Not only did they talk about the aforementioned
 Warp 9, but they also announced a newly-acquired program from Europe which
 will enter CodeHead's growing family of great products.  They've been
 teasing us about this new program for months, and we've finally heard some
 specific info.  The product, an impressive word processor program, is
 called "Calligrapher".  If you were present during that Delphi conference
 you were able to learn first-hand some of the capabilities.  If not,
 you'll see the transcript of that conference in this issue.  Check it out
 because this sounds like an incredibly impressive and powerful word
 processor.  It sounds like Calligrapher is going to make Word Perfect look
 like an overgrown capture buffer/text editor!!  What's even better,
 CodeHead has stated that there will be four versions of the program,
 depending on how powerful a program you require.  That, and additional
 modules make Calligrapher a sure-fire success. Read the transcript, and
 see what I mean.

     While on the subject of CodeHead, these two guys should receive all of
 the awards and praise possible.  Never have I seen the dedication to
 perfection and support that both Charles and John provide.  Sure, we've
 all seen this kind of support on a short-time basis, or in spurts; but
 they always seem to go out of their way to help out in any way possible.
 Others should take lessons from these two guys!!  We'll learn a lot more
 about the CodeHeads in an upcoming issue, so stay tuned!

     As you may or may not have learned yet, Z-Net is no longer being
 offered.  In its place, and making its debut this weekend, will be Atari
 Explorer Online Magazine.  All of us at STReport wish the folks at AEO the
 best of luck in their endeavors and looking forward to the premier issue.
 Break a finger, guys!!

     So, Spring is here and I apologize for all of the metaphors. I'll just
 blame it on Spring fever and hope I can get away with it!  It's always a
 great time of year; and we all seem to look forward to it arriving.  With
 all of the portents for Spring in the air in our Atari environment, it
 looks like we're going to have a banner year!

                                   Until next time...




        STAccounts is a double-entry integrated Accounting Package

 STAccounts handles:
     Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control,  and General
 Ledger, all  totally integrated  allowing full and immediate communication
 within the program.  Batch invoicing  and Order  Entry for  both Sales and
 Purchases  are  handled  by  the  system  and  all printed output from the
 computer can be altered, amended, or entirely reconfigured by the  user to
 suit  their   specific  needs   utilizing  the  powerful  built-in  Report

     STAccounts was designed for the first time user of a business computer
 system.    It  is  written  totally within the "GEM" Operating Environment
 fully utilizing the graphics and mouse capabilities providing on-line Help
 in every transaction.

 STAccounts is fast, powerful, fully integrated and easy to use.

     "STAccounts  is  a  friendly,  simple  to  use, no nonsense integrated
 Accounting package and with an Inventory Control it  represents Good value
 for the money." STUSER

 Partial List of Features

    Accounts Receivable - Integrated with A/P, G/L and I/C.
  * Number of Customers depends entirely on available disk space
  * Customer file contains names with bill to and ship to addresses
  * Invoicing/Credits
  * 10 Tax rates
  * Immediate account access
  * Backorders
  * Reports include: Sales Turnover, Aged Receivables, Customer Statments,
    Invoices and Packing Slips.

    Accounts Payable - Integrated with A/R, G/L and I/C.
  * Number of accounts depends on available disk space
  * Supplier file contains name with bill to and ship to addresses
  * Check writing
  * Remittance advices/statements
  * Immediate account access
  * Reports include: Purchase Turnover, Aged Payables and Supplier
    Mailing List.

    Inventory Control - Integrated with A/R, A/P and G/L.
  * Number of items depends on available disk space
  * 10 product groups
  * Turnover by quantity and value
  * Items stored alphabetically
  * Directly linked to both A/P and A/R

    General Ledger - Integrated with A/P, A/R and I/C.
  * up top 256 G/L accounts
  * Immediate account access
  * Account details including budgets
  * Variance percentage for budget against actuals
  * Period/Year End
  * Reports include: Income Statement, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, List
    of Accounts and Audit Trail.


     STAccounts provides  you with  on-line help throughout the program, no
 matter what you are doing.  If you become uncertain of your actions during
 the course  of running  the program,  just click  the left mouse button on
 Teddy and a help  screen for  that particular  section of  the system will
 appear full of useful information for inexperienced users.


     STAccounts  Report  Generator  is  a powerful tool integrated into the
 system.  It will allow you to reconfigure reports using any of  the system
 information.   Provided with  the system  are a  number of default reports
 which can be altered, amended or entirely reconfigured for your individual
 company's needs,  or create  new reports  as to your company requirements.
 Data fields and heading can be added and moved around the page; under full
 mouse control,  even printer control codes can be inserted at any position
 on the report form.


     STAccounts is designed to be used on ST/STE/TT with at  least 512K and
 either  a   color  or  monochrome  monitor.    STAccounts  is  hard  drive

                               ISD Marketing
                         2800 John Street Unit #10
                             Markham, Ontario
                              Canada L3R 0E2

                         (416) 479-1880 Telephone
                            (416) 479-1882 Fax


 > CHECKMATE! STR Review               CHECKMATE is GEM-based

                          CHECKMATE - AN OVERVIEW

 by Kevin Miller

     CHECKMATE, distributed by Interplay Productions, is, in my opinion,
 one of the most powerful chess programs written for the 68000 series of
 microcomputers.  The Atari ST version offers many advanced features
 unavailable on competing products, and is simple enough to learn to use.
 It is also STE-compatible.

     The program runs in both color and monochrome, and installs easily
 onto hard disk for ease of use.  CHECKMATE is not copy-protected, but
 requires you to input a particular move from one of ten classic games
 included with the CHECKMATE manual before the program will finish loading.

     CHECKMATE is GEM-based, with a very comprehensive menu.  You may load
 and save games, give yourself a name (instead of the generic "HUMAN"), and
 print moves.  You may also set certain default values, such as 2D/3D
 display, board orientation, opening book control, your name, thinking
 control, and aggressive/normal play.  Once set, each time you load the
 program, these default values will be automatically set for you upon

     The default set of chess pieces is of the standard variety, though you
 can choose from several different sets available from within the program.
 Colors of the board and pieces can also be changed to your liking.  If you
 wish to play the black pieces, you can set the board orientation to
 display the black pieces at the bottom of the board, or even the top or
 sides of the board!

     Piece movement is rather versatile as well.  You have several options
 here.   You can have the pieces "snap" to their new squares, or you can
 opt to have them slide to their new positions.  You can also click on the
 "TO" square and the program will indicate the piece that it thinks you
 want to move to that new square.  If it is incorrect (which is rare) you
 may click once on the correct piece and that piece will be moved.

     You may, of course, swap sides at any point in the game, which is
 handy if you find yourself losing and wish to have the computer try to
 salvage your game! The program will also play a game against itself,
 referee a game between two humans, and replay an entire game.  If you're
 in a hurry, you can interrupt CHECKMATE's thinking process and have it
 move immediately.  CHECKMATE will also allow you to take back moves if
 necessary.  A special "rewind" feature will take back all moves to the
 start of the game, and "fast forward" will play moves forward from the
 beginning of a game until finished or until you press the Escape key.
 CHECKMATE thinks about its next move on your time, thus greatly increasing
 its strength, but you also have the option here of turning this feature
 off if you wish.  Hints are available from CHECKMATE, as well as chess
 clock displays, score of the position, move number, and a list of captured
 pieces.  If you want to set up a specific position for the computer to
 analyze, this is easily accomplished through the "alter board" command,
 allowing you to clear the board and select and place the pieces you need
 for the analysis.  You may set an infinite number of strength levels to
 have CHECKMATE play at, by setting normal/aggressive play and time
 controls, such as 40 moves in 2 hours.

     The Opening Book Library is very comprehensive and versatile.  Through
 compression techniques, the program contains a list of established opening
 moves - over 300,000 moves! This compares very favorably with any other
 chess program available on the market today.  You may set the computer to
 choose opening lines at random, or by strength, or by popularity.  You may
 also force the computer to play the line you want, if it is contained in
 its opening library.  If it isn't, no problem.  CHECKMATE allows you to
 add to the opening library by using any word processor in ASCII mode!

     If you have the "Learn" option selected, CHECKMATE will add any
 opening moves that it discovers and considers to be strong to its own
 opening library, thus increasing its own potential strength in future

     Two unique features deserve to be mentioned here.  The first is a
 feature that will allow you to grade your own overall chess strength.
 After choosing your time control, you are presented with a series of
 twenty-four chess problems, and you are rewarded with an approximate chess
 rating based on your performance.  You can also use this feature to rate
 the computer's chess strength at various time controls.  Chess ratings are
 given in ELO points, which is an international system used to rate chess
 players.  In the United States, the United States Chess Federation system
 is used.  A player's USCF rating is generally 100 - 150 points higher than
 his ELO rating would be.

     A very innovative piece of programming for use in home computers is in
 use here in CHECKMATE.  Transposition tables (or hash tables) have been
 used in the top-level dedicated mainframe chess monsters for several
 years, and now CHECKMATE has this feature incorporated into its program.
 Let me get a little technical here.  When a computer considers a move, it
 looks at literally hundreds of thousands of different lines of play!
 However, many of these lines lead to identical positions, and each of
 these positions has to be individually evaluated and scored.  With
 transposition tables, a section of memory is set up to store many of these
 "end positions" as the computer continues its search for the best move.
 If an identical position is reached, the program merely has to "look it
 up" in the table and see what score it had already assigned to the
 position.  This saves a great deal of wasted time and allows CHECKMATE to
 search more deeply in a given amount of time - all of which adds up to
 trouble for you! CHECKMATE will configure its transposition size according
 to your machine's available memory.  On an unexpanded 1040ST, this will
 normally be 512K.  On my own machine, which has a little over 2 meg
 available (ignoring my 1 meg ram disk), a 1 meg table is set up.  If I
 eliminate my ramdisk, my table size is 2 megabytes!

     I have tested CHECKMATE against the Novag Super VIP, which is a
 portable dedicated chess computer rated at approximately 1950 USCF rating
 points (2000 points is candidate master level).  In ten games at 30
 seconds per move, with a win counting as one point and a draw as half a
 point, CHECKMATE took the match at a score of 7-3, with no losses to the
 Novag machine! The makers of CHECKMATE estimate their program's rating at
 about 2050 ELO, which, based on my own subsequent testing, seems a
 reasonably accurate assessment.  This program is no slouch, folks!

     CHECKMATE recognizes all the rules of chess, including en passant,
 castling, and draw conditions.  However, I suspect a bug in the "draw by
 repetition" routine, in which a draw is declared if an identical position
 occurs three times in the course of a game.  It seems to declare a draw
 before it should, though in normal play this is rarely a major obstacle.

     In summary, CHECKMATE is a very well-written program which
 concentrates on chess strength, not just "look and feel." Programs such as
 BATTLE CHESS are very cute and pretty, but the actual chess program leaves
 a lot to be desired.  CHECKMATE is a serious entry into the home
 microcomputer chess market.  Those of you lucky enough to have accelerated
 machines will have an even stronger program in CHECKMATE, since it will be
 able to search much further in less time! I have recently had the T25
 68000 accelerator board installed in my machine and should reasonably
 expect an improvement of around 100 points USCF.  I highly recommend
 CHECKMATE for serious chess players who also happen to own ST/STEs!

                           Interplay Productions
                        3710 South Susan, Suite 100
                            Santa Ana, CA 92704


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     The deadline has passed for the Portfolio Programming Contest.  Make
 sure to check in next week for the announcement of the winners.

     Multimedia for the Port? BJ Gleason has uploaded a program found in
 England.  VOICE.COM brings speech to the Portfolio.

     There were some nice application programs written as contest entries.
 Tom Showers has submitted LISTER.ZIP.  This list processor will create,
 save, and retrieve lists for viewing.  Text files can be imported into the

     One of my favorites is DU1.ZIP, a diary utility.  This program links
 directly with the Port's diary and allows TODO notes to be included in the
 diary.  The author is encouraging suggestions for future improvements.

     BJ Gleason is back in action with a program to work with the built-in
 address book files.  FNDADR.EXE will search all address files for a
 particular phrase.  This was high on the wish list of those who had to
 split their data into multiple files due to the file size limit.  Our
 forum's programmers do an amazing service by turning users wishes into
 working software in record time.

     Pete Bennett has entered a recipe conversion program into the contest.
 RECIPE.ZIP is a Pbasic program to scale a recipe for times when you need
 more or fewer servings of your favorite recipe.  Another Pbasic program by
 Pete translates Roman numberals.  Whip out your Port and fire up ROMAN.ZIP
 next time you can't decipher a cornerstone.  Pbasic by BJ Gleason is also
 available in the forum library.

     PRTBIB.ZIP is a collection of address file templates by Pete Bennett.
 They show you how to collect bibliographic references in standard medline
 or psychlit formats for later importing into databases.

     Don Thomas has uploaded an enhanced shareware version of Viewport.
 VIEW.ZIP contains the file which will allow Port graphics to be displayed
 on a PC clone.

     In the graphics library we have some new animations. REPORT.EXE is the
 Re:Port logo by Dave Stewart.  BDAY.EXE is a birthday animation by Dave.
 Pete Bennett uploaded DRAGON.PGC which contains (you guessed it!) the
 image of a dragon.

     GAME OF THE WEEK: Hugh J. Campbell has uploaded GOLF10.ARC.  Nine
 holes of golf are now available in your Portfolio.  Give Hugh a little
 encouragement and the back nine will be coming soon. Requires Pbasic to


 > THIS WEEK! STR Spotlight             A WEEK WE'LL NEVER FORGET!

                     JUSTICE IS "BLINDFOLDED" ALRIGHT!

 by R. F. Mariano

     What a week!  Codehead announces they will be bringing in three levels
 of Calligrapher, John Eidsvoog becomes an "eyewitness" reporter to the Los
 Angeles disgrace.

     Speaking of Los Angeles, the "City of Angels", it has a great deal to
 be ashamed of.  A totally reprehensible verdict was announced in Los
 Angeles.  I've followed this Rodney King case rather closely and I too, am
 absolutely amazed at the audacity of the jurors in coming forward with
 such an absurd verdict.  I must admit however, I was not surprised.  After
 watching the superb "legal maneuvering" in getting the case moved (change
 of venue) to the little "Bedroom Community" of Simi Valley, whose
 population is predominantly made up of LAPD officers, (both retired and
 active), their families and many other civil service employees.  When the
 jury was selected from this environment and overseen by the local "Judge"
 the astonishment was complete.  The trampling of true justice was never,
 ever to be so complete as was perpetrated here.

     Thankfully, the US Attorney General's office has reopened the entire
 matter.  The change of venue is sure to be a focal point of the
 investigation.  The verdicts themselves are indeed atrocious but the
 thought process behind the verdicts is far more important.  As a society,
 we must discover the true meanings behind these verdicts.  Are they merely
 the product of "taking care of the boys"?  Or, are they indicative of
 something many people throughout the USA have been trying to bring to the
 forefront of everyone's attention in every State in the Union.  That
 being; "Those given the authority to govern and enforce are, in many
 instances, either allowing and condoning these abuses by non-professional
 officers or, the internal problems of this type are deeper and more far
 reaching than anyone has ever imagined.

     In our lifetimes we have, in this country, been expected to "believe"
 without question, the Chappaquidick "accident", the Kennedy Assassinations
 (both), the Hostage Release Delays (Sink Carter), the Iran Contra Affair
 (The Ollie & Ronnie Show), the stated causes of Desert Storm, not the Real
 underlying causes of "Desert Storm" (ask the "early retired" US Iraqi
 Diplomat, she was truthful).  Of course, now we have the disgraceful
 manner in which this verdict in Los Angeles was arrived at, (everything
 stated to have been done in an "irreproachable manner").   The stark,
 truthful observation is revolting.  The "Change of Venue in this case was
 a travesty of justice.  No, that's too mild a description it was an actual
 rape of the justice system and what it stands for.  The citizens of this
 country have long been looked upon by our political, legislative and
 judicial leadership as "gullible sheep", ready willing and able to swallow

     Unfortunately, the real victims of this verdict are all of us.  The
 level of respect for the justice system in this country is now at an all
 time low.  The trust of Law Enforcement Organizations all across the
 country is virtually non-existent.  Police Chiefs and department heads
 around the nation have been warning their officers to be very careful
 about the manner in which they conduct themselves in public.  Once again,
 it surfaces that the actions of a few "CowBoys" in Policeman's Uniforms
 paints the entire Law Enforcement Community in disgrace with a very wide
 brush.  Training, Professionalism and pride in one's career is totally
 lacking in these cowboys, they must be weeded out and dismissed from all
 public service.  They are a disgrace to the "TIN".

     I know this essay has nothing to do with computers but the bottom line
 we are all citizens of this great nation first and computer enthusiasts
 second.  All that occurs in our country reflects upon all of us.  We must
 make sure our representatives in government know we are tired of the
 course of current action and affairs.  The riots throughout the nation and
 in particular in Los Angeles are unforgivable.  The senseless loss of
 lives is, by far, the most tragic by product of the whole affair.  Anyone
 who would try to veer the revealing light of responsibility for the
 current events away from the Rodney King Case, The Change of Venue in the
 Rodney King Case and the final insult.. the NOT GUILTY Verdict, is guilty
 THEMSELVES of gross irresponsibility.

     As an individual, I was very active in the sixties trying to affect
 change in government from the 1930's (pre-war) way of thinking and doing
 things.  After witnessing this "King Travesty", I must admit our
 generation wasn't very successful.  My heart goes out to every cop out
 there, uniformed or plainclothes, who is trying to do the right thing.  In
 time... the hurt, mistrust and general ill will abate.  But not for a very
 long time.



     In light of this being an election year, we at STReport felt we
 should bring you a list of our Senators and Representatives along with
 their FAX numbers.  The Representatives.

 From Jim Wells on the Jerry Pournelle Roundtable on Genie...

     In consideration of the performance of our Congressmen, I thought a
 list of their FAX numbers might be handy...Drop them a line and tell them
 _exactly_ what you think of them; good or bad...


  * NP means Not Published

  REP ABERCROMBIE =1-202-225-4580        REP ACKERMAN    =1-202-225-1589
  REP ALEXANDER   =1-202-225-6182        REP ALLARD      =1-202-225-8630
  REP ANDERSON    =1-202-225-1597        REP M_ANDREWS   =1-202-225-4210
  REP R_ANDREWS   =1-202-225-6583        REP T_ANDREWS   =1-202-225-9065
  REP ANNUNZIO    =NP                    REP ANTHONY     =1-202-225-3646
  REP APPLEGATE   =1-202-225-3087        REP ARCHER      =1-202-225-4381
  REP ARMEY       =1-202-225-7614        REP ASPIN       =NP
  REP ATKINS      =1-202-225-5588        REP AUCOIN      =1-202-225-2707
  REP BACCHUS     =1-202-225-9039        REP BAKER       =1-202-225-7313
  REP BALLENGER   =1-202-225-0316        REP BARNARD     =1-202-225-1873
  REP BARRETT     =1-202-225-0207        REP BARTLETT    =NP
  REP BARTON      =1-202-225-3052        REP BATEMAN     =1-202-225-4382
  REP BEILENSON   =NP                    REP BENNETT     =1-202-225-9635
  REP BENTLEY     =1-202-225-4251        REP BEREUTER    =1-202-225-1148
  REP BERMEN      =1-202-225-5279        REP BEVILL      =1-202-225-0842
  REP BILBRAY     =1-202-225-8808        REP BILIRAKIS   =1-202-225-4085
  REP BLILEY      =1-202-225-0011        REP BOEHLERT    =1-202-225-1891
  REP BOEHNER     =1-202-225-0704        REP BONOIR      =1-202-225-1169
  REP BORSKI      =1-202-225-4628        REP BOUCHER     =NP
  REP BOXER       =1-202-225-1004        REP BREWSTER    =1-202-225-9029
  REP BROOKS      =1-202-225-1584        REP BROOMFIELD  =1-202-225-1807
  REP BROWDER     =1-202-225-9020        REP BROWN       =1-202-225-8671
  REP BRUCE       =1-202-225-9810        REP BRYANT      =1-202-225-9721
  REP BUNNING     =1-202-225-0003        REP BURTON      =1-202-225-0016
  REP BUSTAMANTE  =1-202-225-3849        REP BYRON       =1-202-225-6159
  REP CALLAHAN    =1-202-225-0562        REP CAMP        =1-202-225-9679
  REP B_CAMPBELL  =1-202-225-0228        REP T_CAMPBELL  =1-202-225-5944
  REP CARDIN      =1-202-225-9219        REP CARPER      =1-202-225-1912
  REP CARR        =1-202-225-1260        REP CHANDLER    =1-202-225-7762
  REP CHAPMAN     =1-202-225-7265        REP CLAY        =1-202-225-1783
  REP CLEMENT     =1-202-225-1035        REP CLINGER     =1-202-225-4681
  REP COBLE       =1-202-225-8611        REP T_COLEMAN   =1-202-225-4799
  REP R_COLEMAN   =NP                    REP B_COLLINS   =1-202-225-6645
  REP C_COLLINS   =1-202-225-8396        REP COMBEST     =1-202-225-9615
  REP CONDIT      =1-202-225-0819        REP CONYERS     =1-202-225-0072
  REP COOPER      =1-202-225-4520        REP COSTELLO    =1-202-225-0285
  REP COUGHLIN    =1-202-225-1238        REP C_COX       =1-202-225-9177
  REP J_COX       =1-202-225-4744        REP COYNE       =1-202-225-1844
  REP CRAMER      =1-202-225-4392        REP CRANE       =1-202-225-7830
  REP CUNNINGHAM  =1-202-225-2558        REP DANNEMEYER  =1-202-225-1755
  REP DARDEN      =NP                    REP DAVIS       =1-202-225-3588
  REP DEFAZIO     =1-202-225-0694        REP DELAGARZA   =1-202-225-2534
  REP DELAURO     =1-202-225-4890        REP DELAY       =1-202-225-5241
  REP DELLUMS     =1-202-225-9817        REP DERRICK     =1-202-225-5383
  REP DICKINSON   =1-202-225-1916        REP DICKS       =1-202-225-1176
  REP DINGELL     =1-202-225-7426        REP DIXON       =1-202-225-4091
  REP DONNELLY    =1-202-225-5841        REP DOOLEY      =1-202-225-9308
  REP DOOLITTLE   =1-202-225-5444        REP DORGAN      =1-202-225-9436
  REP DORNAN      =1-202-225-3694        REP DOWNEY      =1-202-225-1275
  REP DREIR       =1-202-225-4745        REP DUNCAN      =1-202-225-6440
  REP DURBIN      =1-202-225-0170        REP DWYER       =1-202-225-1553
  REP DYMALLY     =1-202-225-6847        REP EARLY       =1-202-225-3181
  REP ECKART      =1-202-225-1514        REP C_EDWARDS   =1-202-225-0353
  REP D_EDWARDS   =1-202-225-9460        REP M_EDWARDS   =1-202-225-1193
  REP EMERSON     =1-202-225-9621        REP ENGEL       =1-202-225-5513
  REP ENGLISH     =1-202-225-8698        REP ERDREICH    =1-202-225-1751
  REP ESPY        =1-202-225-5898        REP EVANS       =1-202-225-5396
  REP FASCELL     =1-202-225-0724        REP FAWELL      =1-202-225-9420
  REP FAZIO       =1-202-225-0354        REP FEIGHAN     =1-202-225-1230
  REP FIELDS      =1-202-225-6899        REP FISH        =1-202-225-0962
  REP FLAKE       =1-202-225-4169        REP FOGLIETTA   =1-202-225-0088
  REP FOLEY       =1-202-225-7181        REP H_FORD      =1-202-225-9215
  REP W_FORD      =NP                    REP FRANK       =1-202-225-0182
  REP FRANKS      =1-202-225-5085        REP FROST       =1-202-225-4951
  REP GALLEGLY    =1-202-225-0713        REP GALLO       =1-202-225-0658
  REP GAYDOS      =1-202-225-1335        REP GEJDENSON   =1-202-225-4977
  REP GEKAS       =1-202-225-8440        REP GEPHARDT    =1-202-225-7452
  REP GEREN       =1-202-225-2786        REP GIBBONS     =NP
  REP GILCHREST   =1-202-225-0254        REP GILLMOR     =1-202-225-1985
  REP GILMAN      =1-202-225-9636        REP GINGRICH    =1-202-225-4656
  REP GLICKMAN    =1-202-225-5398        REP GONZALEZ    =1-202-225-1915
  REP GOODLING    =1-202-225-1000        REP GORDON      =1-202-225-6887
  REP GOSS        =1-202-225-6820        REP GRADISON    =1-202-225-0758
  REP GRANDY      =1-202-225-5796        REP GRAY        =1-202-225-2995
  REP GREEN       =1-202-225-0840        REP GUARINI     =1-202-225-7023
  REP GUNDERSON   =1-202-225-6195        REP R_HALL      =1-202-225-3332
  REP T_HALL      =1-202-225-6766        REP HAMILTON    =1-202-225-1101
  REP HAMMERSCHMIDT =1-202-225-7492
  REP HANCOCK     =1-202-225-7700
  REP HANSEN      =1-202-225-5827        REP HARRIS      =1-202-225-0175
  REP HASTERT     =1-202-225-0697        REP HATCHER     =1-202-225-1117
  REP C_HAYES     =1-202-225-7571        REP J_HAYES     =1-202-225-8976
  REP HEFLEY      =1-202-225-1942        REP HEFNER      =NP
  REP HENRY       =1-202-225-5144        REP HERGER      =1-202-225-0996
  REP HERTEL      =NP                    REP HOAGLAND    =1-202-225-4684
  REP HOBSON      =1-202-225-1984
  REP HOCHBRUECKNER=1-202-225-0776
  REP HOLLOWAY    =1-202-225-6252        REP HOPKINS     =1-202-225-1413
  REP HORN        =1-202-225-1378        REP HORTON      =1-202-225-5909
  REP HOUGHTON    =1-202-225-5574        REP HOYER       =1-202-225-4300
  REP HUBBARD     =1-202-225-1662        REP HUCKABY     =1-202-225-2387
  REP HUGHES      =1-202-225-1108        REP HUNTER      =1-202-225-0235
  REP HUTTO       =1-202-225-5785        REP HYDE        =1-202-225-1240
  REP INHOFE      =1-202-225-9187        REP IRELAND     =1-202-225-6944
  REP JACOBS      =NP                    REP JAMES       =1-202-225-1727
  REP JEFFERSON   =1-202-225-1988        REP JENKINS     =NP
  REP N_JOHNSON   =1-202-225-4488        REP T_JOHNSON   =1-202-225-2427
  REP JOHNSTON    =1-202-225-8791        REP B_JONES     =1-202-225-8675
  REP W_JONES     =NP                    REP JONTZ       =1-202-225-5870
  REP KANJORSKI   =1-202-225-9024        REP KAPTUR      =1-202-225-7711
  REP KASICH      =NP                    REP KENNEDY     =1-202-225-9322
  REP KENNELLY    =1-202-225-1031        REP KILDEE      =1-202-225-6393
  REP KLECZKA     =1-202-225-0719        REP KLUG        =1-202-225-6942
  REP KOLBE       =1-202-225-0378        REP KOLTAR      =1-202-225-0526
  REP KOPETSKI    =1-202-225-9477        REP KOSTMAYER   =1-202-225-5060
  REP KYL         =1-202-225-1143        REP LAFALCE     =1-202-225-8693
  REP LAGOMARSINO =1-202-225-3096        REP LANCASTER   =1-202-225-0666
  REP LANTOS      =1-202-225-3127        REP LAROCCO     =1-202-225-1213
  REP LAUGHLIN    =1-202-225-8943        REP LEACH       =1-202-225-1278
  REP R_LEHMAN    =1-202-225-5274        REP W_LEHMAN    =1-202-225-5274
  REP LENT        =1-202-225-0357        REP LEVIN       =1-202-225-1033
  REP LEVINE      =1-202-225-6975        REP JE_LEWIS    =1-202-225-6498
  REP JO_LEWIS    =1-202-225-0351        REP LIGHTFOOT   =1-202-225-6973
  REP LIPINSKI    =1-202-225-1012        REP LIVINGSTON  =1-202-225-0739
  REP LLOYD       =1-202-225-6974        REP LONG        =1-202-225-8810
  REP LOWERY      =1-202-225-7383        REP LOWEY       =1-202-225-0546
  REP LUKEN       =1-202-225-2293        REP MCCANDLESS  =1-202-2251040-
  REP MCCLOSKEY   =1-202-225-4688        REP MCCOLLUM    =1-202-225-0999
  REP MCCRERY     =1-202-225-8039        REP MCCURDY     =1-202-225-7946
  REP MCDADE      =1-202-225-9594        REP MCDERMOT    =1-202-225-9212
  REP MCEWEN      =1-202-225-0224        REP MCGRATH     =1-202-225-3826
  REP MBHUGH      =1-202-225-1799        REP MCMILLAN    =1-202-225-8995
  REP MCMILLEN    =1-202-225-8099        REP MCNULTY     =1-202-225-5077
  REP MACHTLEY    =1-202-225-4417        REP MANTON      =1-202-225-1452
  REP MARKEY      =1-202-225-8689        REP MARLENEE    =1-202-225-1558
  REP MARTIN      =1-202-225-4614        REP MARTINEZ    =1-202-225-5467
  REP MATSUI      =1-202-225-5467        REP MAVROULES   =1-202-225-8023
  REP MAZZOLI     =NP                    REP MEYERS      =1-202-225-0554
  REP MFUME       =1-202-225-3178        REP MICHEL      =1-202-225-7723
  REP C_MILLER    =1-202-225-5132        REP G_MILLER    =1-202-225-5609
  REP J_MILLER    =NP                    REP MINETA      =NP
  REP MINK        =1-202-225-4987        REP MAOKLEY     =1-202-225-7804
  REP MOLINARI    =1-202-225-1272        REP MOLLOHAN    =1-202-225-7564
  REP MONTGOMERY  =1-202-225-3375        REP MOODY       =1-202-225-1396
  REP MOORHEAD    =1-202-225-1279        REP MORAN       =1-202-225-0017
  REP MORELLA     =1-202-225-1389        REP MORRISON    =1-202-225-9293
  REP MRAZEK      =1-202-225-7215        REP MURPHY      =1-202-225-4772
  REP MURTHA      =1-202-225-5709        REP MYERS       =1-202-225-1649
  REP NAGLE       =1-202-225-9104        REP NATCHER     =NP
  REP R_NEAL      =1-202-225-8112        REP S_NEAL      =1-202-225-4060
  REP NICHOLS     =1-202-225-9415        REP NOWAK       =1-202-225-3523
  REP NUSSLE      =1-202-225-9129        REP OAKAR       =1-202-225-0663
  REP OBERSTAR    =1-202-225-0669        REP OBEY        =1-202-225-0561
  REP OLIN        =1-202-225-9623        REP ORTIZ       =1-202-225-1134
  REP ORTON       =1-202-225-1233        REP M_OWENS     =1-202-225-0012
  REP W_OWENS     =1-202-225-3524        REP OXLEY       =1-202-225-1160
  REP PACKARD     =1-202-225-0134        REP PALLONE     =1-202-225-9655
  REP PANETTA     =NP                    REP PARKER      =1-202-225-5866
  REP PATTERSON   =1-202-225-7664        REP PAXON       =1-202-225-5910
  REP D_PAYNE     =1-202-225-4160        REP L_PAYNE     =1-202-226-4160
  REP PEASE       =1-202-225-0066        REP PELOSI      =1-202-225-8259
  REP PENNY       =1-202-225-0051        REP PERKINS     =1-202-225-1411
  REP C_PETERSON  =1-202-225-1593        REP P_PETERSON  =1-202-225-1586
  REP PETRI       =1-202-225-2356        REP PICKETT     =1-202-225-4218
  REP PICKLE      =1-202-225-1103        REP PORTOR      =1-202-225-0157
  REP POSHARD     =1-202-225-1541        REP PRICE       =1-202-225-6314
  REP PURSELL     =1-202-225-4094        REP QUILLEN     =1-202-225-7812
  REP RAHALL      =1-202-225-9061        REP RAMSTAD     =1-202-225-0140
  REP RANGEL      =1-202-225-0816        REP RAVENEL     =1-202-225-4340
  REP RAY         =1-202-225-1598        REP REED        =1-202-225-9580
  REP REGULA      =1-202-225-3059        REP RHODES      =1-202-225-0985
  REP RICHARDSON  =1-202-225-1950        REP RIDGE       =NP
  REP RIGGS       =1-202-225-5577        REP RINALDO     =1-202-225-5679
  REP RITTER      =1-202-225-5248        REP ROBERTS     =1-202-225-5375
  REP ROE         =1-202-225-3071        REP ROEMER      =1-202-225-6798
  REP ROGERS      =1-202-225-0940        REP ROHRABACHER =1-202-225-0145
  REP ROS-LEHTINEN=1-202-225-5620        REP ROSE        =1-202-225-2470
  REP ROSTENKOWSKI=1-202-406-4225        REP ROTH        =1-202-225-0087
  REP ROUMEKA     =1-202-225-9048        REP ROWLAND     =1-202-225-7719
  REP ROYBAL      =1-202-225-1251        REP RUSSO       =1-202-225-0292
  REP SABO        =NP                    REP SANDERS     =1-202-225-6790
  REP SANGMEISTER =1-202-225-4447        REP SANTORUM    =1-202-225-7747
  REP SARPALIUS   =1-202-225-6142        REP SAVAGE      =1-202-225-8608
  REP SAWYER      =1-202-225-5278        REP SAXTON      =1-202-225-0778
  REP SCHAEFER    =1-202-225-7885        REP SCHEUER     =1-202-225-9695
  REP SCHIFF      =1-202-225-4975        REP SCHROEDER   =1-202-225-5842
  REP SCHULTZE    =NP                    REP SCHUMER     =1-202-225-4183
  REP SENSENBRENNER=1-202-225-3190       REP SERRANO     =1-202-225-6001
  REP SHARP       =1-202-225-8140        REP SHAW        =1-202-225-8398
  REP SHAYS       =1-202-225-9629        REP SHUSTER     =1-202-225-2486
  REP SIKORSKY    =1-202-225-4347        REP SISISKY     =1-202-225-1170
  REP SKAGGS      =1-202-225-9127        REP SKEEN       =1-202-225-9599
  REP SKELTON     =1-202-225-2695        REP SLATTERY    =1-202-225-1455
  REP F_SLAUGHTER =1-202-225-1044        REP L_SLAUGHTER =1-202-225-7822
  REP C_SMITH     =1-202-225-7768        REP LAM_SMITH   =1-202-225-8628
  REP LAW_SMITH   =1-202-225-9816        REP N_SMITH     =NP
  REP R_SMITH     =1-202-225-3129        REP SNOWE       =NP
  REP SOLARZ      =1-202-225-9469        REP SOLOMON     =1-202-225-1168
  REP SPENCE      =1-202-225-2455        REP SPRATT      =1-202-225-0464
  REP STAGGERS    =1-202-225-2962        REP STALLINGS   =1-202-225-2393
  REP STARK       =NP                    REP STEARNS     =1-202-225-3973
  REP STENHOLM    =1-202-225-2234        REP STOKES      =1-202-225-1339
  REP STUDDS      =1-202-225-2212        REP STUMP       =1-202-225-6328
  REP SUNDQUIST   =1-202-225-2814        REP SWETT       =1-202-225-0046
  REP SWIFT       =1-202-225-2608        REP SYNAR       =1-202-225-2796
  REP TALLON      =1-202-225-2857        REP TANNER      =1-202-225-1765
  REP TAUZIN      =1-202-225-0563        REP C_TAYLOR    =1-202-225-0519
  REP G_TAYLOR    =1-202-225-7074        REP C_THOMAS    =1-202-225-0726
  REP L_THOMAS    =1-202-225-6922        REP W_THOMAS    =1-202-225-8798
  REP THORTON     =1-202-225-9273        REP TORRES      =1-202-225-9711
  REP TORRICELLI  =1-202-225-0843        REP TOWNS       =1-202-225-1018
  REP TRAFICANT   =1-202-225-3719        REP TRAXLER     =1-202-225-3046
  REP UDALL       =1-202-225-1176        REP UNSOELD     =1-202-225-1176
  REP UPTON       =1-202-225-4986        REP VALENTINE   =1-202-225-1539
  REP JAGT        =1-202-225-9058        REP VENTO       =1-202-225-1968
  REP VISCLOSKY   =1-202-225-2493        REP VOLKMER     =1-202-225-7834
  REP VUCANOVICH  =1-202-225-2319        REP WALKER      =1-202-225-2484
  REP WALSH       =1-202-225-4042        REP WASHINGTON  =1-202-225-6186
  REP WATERS      =1-202-225-7854        REP WAXMAN      =1-202-225-4099
  REP WEBER       =1-202-225-0987        REP WEISS       =1-202-225-6925
  REP WELDON      =1-202-225-5990        REP WHEAT       =1-202-225-5990
  REP WHITTEN     =1-202-225-4328        REP WILLIAMS    =1-202-225-1257
  REP WILSON      =1-202-225-1764        REP WISE        =1-202-225-5325
  REP WOLF        =1-202-225-0437        REP WOLPE       =1-202-225-8602
  REP WYDEN       =1-202-225-8941        REP WYLIE       =1-202-225-7548
  REP YATES       =1-202-225-3493        REP YATRON      =1-202-225-5548
  REP B_YOUNG     =1-202-225-9764        REP D_YOUNG     =1-202-225-9288
  REP ZELIFF      =1-202-225-4370        REP ZIMMER      =1-202-225-9181



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     I guess Spring is finally here...  Just think a whole summer of acute
 speculation is ahead of us.  Ain't that grand?  Atari has some neat things
 in the wings.  Goodies and plans that are tuned to take all the rough
 edges off the past.  I want to believe it and see it all come to pass.
 After all, it is my machine by choice and will remain so.  The Sparrow..,
 The Falcon and other nifty products are sure to put a gleam in any
 Atarian's eye.

     Codehead has brought more good NEWS to us check their item elsewhere
 in this issue.  What Crew!  As Jimmy Durante would've said; "DA BEST!!"

     On another front... the $500,000,000 lawsuit against Nintendo was not
 decided in Atari's favor.  That story is covered in STReport Confidential.

                  Thanks for all your wonderful support!

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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Sunnyvale, Ca.                  ATARI LOSES LAWSUIT WITH NINTENDO

     Courtesy San Jose Mercury News
          05/01/92 14:47:38

     Atari Corp. was unsuccessful in its antitrust suit against Nintendo of
 America.  The jury found in favor of Nintendo.  The jury did however, find
 that Nintendo did have  monopoly power  in the  videogame market  but that
 Nintendo did  not monopolize  that market.   The  jury was  also unable to
 reach  a  decision  on  two  other  points  regarding  monopolization  and
 restraint of  trade.   During the  10 week  trial, Nintendo claimed it had
 only engaged in vigorous competition and that its exclusive had legitamate
 business justifications.

     "We are  disappointed the jury did not understand the negative impacts
 Nintendo's exclusive  contracts had  on competition  because of Nintendo's
 power  over  its  suppliers  and  customers,"  said William Jaeger, senior
 partner,  Khourie,  Crew  &  Jaeger,  the  San  Francisco  law  firm  that
 specializes in complex business litigation and represents Atari.

     "The consumer  also loses  from this result because the antitrust laws
 have worked very effectively to maintain a strong  competitive environment
 with lower  prices and  better choices  for consumers.  This decision will
 seriously weaken those vital laws."

     "In this  case, it  was clear  that Nintendo's  practices violated our
 antitrust laws  and thwarted  Atari's ability to compete.  Atari should be
 compensated for its substantial damages.  This award is also  necessary to
 send  a  strong  message  that  our  antitrust  laws protect and encourage
 healthy competition -- no more, no less."

 - San Jose CA.                            POWERHOUSE POWER SUPPLY

     Best Electronics  is coming  out with  a replacement  power supply for
 Mega STe/TT  owners.   This UL  Listed power supply is rated at 64.1 watts
 but supposedly, can handle 80 watts.   Development  was ramped  up about a
 year because  Best Electronics thinks that some of the problems that users
 are experiencing from TOS/AJAX/1.44 floppy upgrades are due  to the anemic
 power supply  that ships  in certain  Mega STe/TTs.  It will fit perfectly
 where the original  power  supply  was  installed.    They  hope  to start
 shipping in 4-6 weeks.  The power supply should sell for approx. $125.00

 - Bridgeport Ct.                    ATARI USERS ANNOUNCE UPCOMING SHOW

     Local  Connecticut  Atari  computer  user groups are joining forces to
 stage a  spectacular two-day  computer show  later this  year in Hartford,
 Conn.    An  umbrella  organization  representing Atari users in Fairfield
 County and the Danbury and New Haven regions has announced  dates and site
 for Connecticut  AtariFest '92.   The event is scheduled for August 15 and
 16, 1992 at the Sheraton Hotel  at Bradley  International Airport, Windsor
 Locks, Conn.

     The show  is being  sponsored by the ACT Group [Affiliated Connecticut
 (CT) Groups], an  umbrella  organization  comprised  of  these  Atari user
 groups: F.A.C.E. (Fairfield County); S.T.A.R.R. (New Haven area) and D-BUG
 (Danbury  area).    To  date,  the  following  exhibitors  have  agreed to
 participate  in  Connecticut  AtariFest  '92:  Atari Computer Corporation,
 Atari Explorer  magazine,  the  Boston  Computer  Society,  GEnie, Gribnif
 Software, GFA  Basic, Joppa  Computer Products,  Sam Ash  Music Inc., Step
 Ahead Software, Soft-Logik-Publishing,  Tidbit  Software,  Toad Computers,
 and  ICD  Inc.  Organizers  say  the  show  will showcase the latest Atari
 products and services, and will include seminars on desktop publishing and
 video  production,  hands-on  instruction  from manufacturers and software
 developers, MIDI demonstrations, giveaways, a swap room and much more.

     The ACT Group has just announced that there will be an exciting dinner
 dance  Saturday  evening  featuring  luminaries from the Atari market. The
 core band will be composed of Atari Explorer's  John Jainschigg  and Peter
 Donoso, as well as Sam Ash's Fadi Hayek.  Interested musicians are invited
 to sit in. At the cocktail hour, during the buffet,  and between  the live
 sets,  pre-recorded  Atari  produced  synthesized music will be played for
 your listening pleasure.  With a spacious dance floor, cash bar and plenty
 of room for schmoozing, this should be a wonderful and fun evening.

     With  a  spacious  dance  floor,  cash  bar  and  plenty  of  room for
 schmoozing, this should be a wonderful and fun evening.  With some  of the
 best names, latest products, and top vendors in the Atari market, we think
 you'll find the CT Fest to be both thrilling and educational. With a major
 emphasis on  the musical side of the ST/TT (via major vendors like Sam Ash
 and Manny's Music). we'll  have non-stop  performances by  live and studio
 musicians both  days.  Of course, other aspects like DTP, graphics, video,
 telecomm, etc.  will be equally represented.   Raffles, door  prizes, swap
 rooms, hands  on DTP  classes, desktop  video classes and more!  Smack dab
 between New York and Boston, this may be the highlight of the summer!

           For more information about attending or exhibiting at:

                         CONNECTICUT ATARIFEST '92
 Please contact:
                         Brian Gockley Chairperson
                             18 Elmwood Avenue
                           Bridgeport, CT 06605
                          [Phone (203) 332-1721]
                          Doug Finch, Chairperson

 - Vancouver, Wa.                             SPARROW SPECULATIONS

     Among Atarians, the guesswork and speculation  about new  and exciting
 machines  has  always  been  a  "fun  thing".    The latest info about the
 Sparrow, a new machine coming in the Fall, is here for you to enjoy.

                   _Multi-Tos_ will be for all machines.

 -  Uses Ram Cards  512-5mb             -  Super small motherboard
 -  Operates @ 16-20Mhz                 -  Has VGA Quality Rez
 -  Will have Standard Joystick Ports   -  Possibly No RF Adapter
 -  VME Port (possible)                 -  Integrated Keyboard
 -  NO DMA Port                         -  SCSI 2 Port
 -  2.5" Built-in Hard Disk 40-50mb     -  1.44 mb floppy
 -  Internal connections provided for third party goodies

         MSRP: 1199.00 -- Anticipated retail cost 700.00 - 900.00

 - San Francisco Ca.                           AJAX HAS ACHILLES HEEL?

     According to sources close to BEST Electronics, the  Ajax upgrades are
 not  in  stock  and  they  will  not  stock  any more of 3.06/AJAX/1.44Meg
 upgrades until a recently discovered problem is found and corrected.  When
 a SCSI  internal Hard  drive is  installed in  the TT030 and access to the
 1.44meg  is  attempted,  the  system  does  not  acknowledge  the  Floppy.
 However, if  one uses  a different power supply for the SCSI drive, all is
 fine. They said.  Also, they  said there  may be  a problem  with the AJAX


 Since STREPORT reaches many private BBS systems, we decided to participate
 in a joint survey with CIS and will  publish the  final results.   To keep
 things extremely simple, it was decided to have the survey address one and
 ONLY one issue;


 The Keyboard Survey questions are:

 1 - Would you prefer a single case (1040 style) unit or a Mega ST/TT style
     unit with detached keyboard?  (pick one or the other only)

 2 -  If price  were a  consideration, how  much more would you spend for a
     detached keyboard:

                         A- $50.00 or less
                         B- $100.00 (approx)
                         C- $150.00 (or if price is no object)

 3 - Would you prefer a connector like that used  on the  Mega/TT series of
     computers  on  the  new  machine  to allow connecting a keyboard if so

     Thats it  for the  first survey.   Just  3 SIMPLE  questions with EASY
 limited responses.   We  will add up the online responses and comments pro
 or con, along with all the BBS responses  and pass  the results  on to you
 and Atari  Corp.   If the  survey is  a success,  we can come up with more
 questions in subsequent information gathering surveys.

     The reason for the survey is to see just what the users feel about the
 new machine  coming along with only an integrated keyboard.  Fifty million
 clones have been sold successfully worldwide, the Mega/TT  series of Atari
 computers have  been widely acclaimed as having very comfortable keyboards
 that have a good "feel".  Now Atari is going back to  a "1040  style" case
 and keyboard?  Let's hear from you!

 - Sunnyvale, Ca .               ATARI VOICE MAIL HITS THE REVOLVING DOOR!

     In an  apparent attempt at streamlining communications, the "infamous"
 Atari voice mail system has been shut down.  User abuse (storing too much)
 has been  cited as the cause for abandonment of the system.  As fate would
 have it, most folks around the country were caught off  guard and  many of
 Atari's callers found themselves listening to many rings and an unanswered
 phone call.  The old answering machines are slowing coming back online.


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

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                                        ....ZIGGY "LIVINGSTONE" ZAGNUT
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