ST Report: 24-Apr-92 #817

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/28/92-12:37:46 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 24-Apr-92 #817
Date: Tue Apr 28 12:37:46 1992

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     Oxxi Software  announces  that  registered  Atari  users  of Superbase
 Personal/2  and  Professional/3  can  update  to the latest version of the
 program.  Please read message # 25350 for details.

     CodeHead Technologies announces the release of Warp 9,  formerly known
 as  Quick  ST.    This  product  has  been  revamped for usability, speed,
 compatibilty, and  features.    See  WARP_9.TXT  in  Library  16, CODEHEAD
 SOFTWARE for a full description, availability, and ordering information.

     Oxxi, Inc.  has acquired  the Atari  Product line  formerly offered by
 Precision Software and has  begun development  on an  upgrade to Superbase
 Professional.   Oxxi is  interested in  your comments  on new features for
 this upgrade.  Please read and  respond to  message #  25112 in  the Atari
 Vendors Forum  (GO ATARIVEN),  or send  a message to Pat @ Oxxi at User ID
 number 76711,457 in Section 4 ("OXXI/Precision") of ATARIVEN.

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     We are now running a NEW CONTEST for  Portfolio Programmers.   You can
 submit any  program you  have written, in any language, in either compiled
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 28538 for complete details.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #17

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Atari UK Searching for Best Lynx Player

 Atari UK is using a national competition to discover who is the top Lynx
 player in the UK.  The winner can choose from a prize fund of UKP 3,000
 in the form of a holiday, electrical goods, and mountain bikes.  Runners
 up will receive bundles of Atari software, while finalists will be
 invited to win a day at an indoor go-karting track.

 Starting on May 9th in 60 computer stores, the competition will run for
 one week a month over a five month period. The 12 top scorers will will
 go to a grand final at Feltham, Middlesex, on October 10th.

 The competition is being held by Atari in conjunction with Game Zone
 magazine and the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers
 (NASCR). Plans call for Game Zone, a games monthly, to publish the
 results of the competition each month.

 According to sources, Atari's Lynx and Nintendo's Game Boy systems were
 fairly evenly matched a year ago but after releasing a large quantity of
 software, this year the Lynx appears to be beating the Game Boy.

  -- Intel to get Technology from IBM

 IBM has licensed to Intel Corp. its extended graphics array, or XGA,
 technology for improved screen graphics. Intel will design new chips
 incorporating the technology and plans to sell the chips to PC makers.

 XGA was designed to replace the current video graphics array, or VGA,
 also designed by IBM. IBM says XGA provides sharper graphics than VGA.

 IBM hopes to make XGA the next standard for video graphics on the PC.

  -- Asian Authorities Crack Counterfeit Ring

 According to Microsoft Corp., authorities in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China
 have broken up international counterfeiting operation that is believed
 to  be responsible for up to 75,000 illegal copies of MS-DOS and Windows
 operating systems.  The counterfeit software included manuals, packaging
 and forgeries of the distinctive hologram the company uses to identify
 its product as genuine.

  -- TI's new 1500 Multiprocessing Computer to be Powered by '040

 Texas Instrument's new 1500 MP (multi-processing) computer is reported
 to be powered by Motorola's 33mzh 68040 microprocessor.  The 1500 MP
 reportedly delivers three times the computing power of earlier MP
 models, and can support large enterprise-wide networks of up to 1,000
 users. That is twice the number of users supported by existing TI

  -- Rumors of Lotus/Borland Merger

 There are rumors on the street of informal merger talks between Lotus
 Development Corporation and Borland International.  These talks are
 still in the informal stage and might never reach formal negotiations.

  --Houston Firm Settles with SPA

 Burnett Companies, a Houston based firm, has reached a settlement with
 the SPA (The Software Publishers Association) on a copyright infringe-
 ment suit settlement.

 The SPA was tipped off on its toll-free anti-piracy hotline about the
 company using illegal copies of Aldus, Lotus, Microsoft, Software
 Publishing, and WordPerfect programs installed in training computers.

  -- Apple Drops Some Powerbook Prices 25%

 In the second reduction since its introduction, Apple has lowered the
 price of its Powerbook 100 by another 25%.  Also effected by the re-
 duction will be the Powerbook 140.  All together, Apple will be lowering
 prices on six of its Powerbook 100 and 140 notebook computers.

  -- Rumors of a Apple Handheld Computer

 Sources are saying Apple Computer Inc. will unveil a handheld "personal
 digital assistant" machine, code-named Newton, late next month and that
 it will be a pen-controlled device.

 The computer, which is said to be powered by a RISC (reduced instruction
 set computing) chip, "can organize data such as an appointment calendar
 and can communicate with other machines by dialing phone numbers and
 sending facsimiles. It is controlled by writing on its screen with a
 special pen instead of typing on a keyboard."

 The device is reported to be about 6-by-8 inches or a bit smaller. It is
 hoped to be shown during the Spring Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago
 May 28-30

  -- Intel Boosts "Flash" Memory

 Intel Corp. this week announced it has increased by five times the stor-
 age capacity of its "flash" memory cards for portable computers, making
 the credit card-sized product into what the company calls a viable al-
 ternative to disk drives.

 The card reportedly can hold up to 20MB of data and cas save information
 when a computer is turned off, acting as a storage device in place of
 hard disk drives.  Intel hopes to have a flash memory card capable of
 storing a half a gigabyte available by the end of the year.

  -- Samsung Debuts First Laser Printer

 Samsung announced today a new laser printer that represents no new
 technology but may offer the best value in features and performance yet.
 According to a company spokesperson, the $1995 Finale 8000 printer
 combines six resident emulations (including PostScript), the Intel I960
 16-MHz RISC processor, 2MB SIMM RAM (upgradeable to 10MB), and other
 benefits to provide a very attractive alternative for small- to
 medium-sized businesses.

 Perhaps the most notable feature of the new printer is that its eight page
 per minute print engine, manufactured by Samsung Electronics Company Ltd.
 in Korea, is the first to be manufactured outside Japan.  While no other
 printer using the Samsung engine has yet been released, Samsung expects
 other companies to offer models based on the engine later this year.
 Among the Finale 8000's features, users can choose from among six
 emulations for a wide range of software support; PCL 4 and 5, a PostScript
 clone, HPGL/2, and the dot-matrix emulations IBM XL24 and Epson FX-850. A
 proprietary scheme reportedly allows the printer to recognize and switch
 automatically to an emulation.

  -- Apple Computer and Sharp Confirm PDA Alliance

 Apple Computer and Sharp announced on Thursday in Osaka, Japan a joint
 license and development agreement for a new Personal Digital Assistant
 (PDA) product in the personal information device category.  Sharp is the
 first licensee of a new Apple software technology and will partner with
 Apple to develop the first commercial PDA product in this class, expected
 to ship in 1993.  Both companies have formed project teams and have begun
 aggressive product development efforts with a target product delivery date
 of early 1993.  Further product details were not made available at this

  -- NeXT to Announce 88110, RISC-Based Machine

 NeXT Computer is planning to announce in October a new RISC-based
 workstation that will be based on the Motorola 88110 processor, according
 to an anonymous source.  The new machine, currently codenamed NRW, will
 include real-time video compression to disk, and may also support FDDI,
 the source said. A NeXT representative, when asked about the machine, said
 the company will not comment on unannounced products.

  -- Kahn Issues Call for Freedom in Programming

 Borland International Chairman Philippe Kahn issued a call for freedom in
 programming languages and standards as a part of his keynote speech
 yesterday at the Federal Office Systems Exposition.  Kahn said that one of
 the results of Borland's purchase of Ashton-Tate will result in the dBase
 language being "free forever."  He also said that it is vital for the
 future of the computer industry to provide for programming languages being
 kept free from all copyright constraints.  Kahn received spontaneous
 applause when he said; "All programming languages must remain free to all,
 or it will mean the death of the industry."

  -- NEC Offers 85 MB In 1.8-inch Package

 NEC has taken the lead in the ultra-small hard disk drive race with a
 1.8", 85 MB drive.  This top Ministor's most recently announced 64mb 1.8"
 drive and a 40mb version announced a few months ago by Integral
 Peripherals.  The combination of small size and high capacity is important
 because of the growing sophistication of notebook computers.  Many 486
 notebooks are being used to run all sorts of office applications, this
 means they need disk space comparable to that of desktop PCs.  In
 addition, the hard disk is one of the largest, heaviest components left in
 a notebook PC.  Getting the weight down is important in the highly
 competitive market.  The new drive was designed for NEC by Aura Associates
 Inc. of Saratoga, CA.  Aura plans to market a version of the drive under
 their name.  Availabilty is planned for this summer.


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 Last Week's Top Downloaded Programs/Utilities:
 23662 ONTIME14.ARC             X T.SAVINO     920410   28032    236   2
       Desc: DA Clock/Date/Calendar,graphic WOW!
 23742 STWEL47.LZH (LH5)        X B.NOONAN     920416   32384    173   6
       Desc: ST Writer Elite v.4.7 Word Processor
 23708 JOUTE.LZH (LH5)LZH       X O.OKTAL      920413   19200    164   8
       Desc: 2 Players tank color game (ST,TT)
 23726 CAL62B.LZH (LH5)LZH      X V.PATRICELL1 920415   75520    160   2
       Desc: Cal 6.2b calendar accessory update.
 23725 BOOTYME2.ARC             X D.SIMPSON7   920415    6912    131   2
       Desc: Latest version of BootTyme.
 23703 HDINFO16.LZH             X M.MAXEY      920413   20864    117   2
 23667 FZP_B33.LZH (LH5)LZH     X S.PRICE19    920411   20480    106   7
       Desc: FzDS Protocols version .33 Beta

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 > The Flip Side STR Feature           "... a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 Question from Rich Thurow - Cat. 4, Topic 38, Msgs 107-108 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

   My problem: My mega ST2 (unmodified) is having intermittant and ap-
   parently random power offs. It only happens, it seems, when my mega-
   file 30 is on. The screen on both the color and mono mon goes black
   and the light on the keyboard goes off. The hard drive light stays on.
   Sometimes I have to repeatedly turn the power off/on to get it to
   reboot. My thoughts:

   1. The DMA cable
   2. The power supply
   3. A blown something else ( I am not up on ST internals).

   I had just installed a Wuztek mono/color switchbox and did a lot of
   switching with the power on (is this not recommended? There were no
   docs, other than installation instructions, with the box, purchased
   from E.A. Brown). Any help would be appreciated.

 Answer from George Richardson (Merlin Group)...

   Rich, when the light on the keyboard goes off, there can only be two
   things wrong, the light is bad, or the power supply is.

   Since the monitor goes black at the same time, I think we can rule out
   the light.

   You need a new power supply.


 From Scott Sanders (SDS) - Cat. 9, Topic 3, Msg. 56 - from the ST Round-
 table on Genie...

   For those TT owners who have bought Populous II, it is possible to run
   the game off the hard drive and at a reasonable speed. Here's how:

   1. Following the instructions, use INSTALL.TOS to install the files on
   your hard drive.

   2. INSTALL.TOS does not copy 60MHZ.PRG and you do need it so copy it
   to the same directory as your newly installed game.

   3. To run the game first disable any screen savers (they will engage
   and be impossible to turn off after their time limit has expired) and
   then run 60MHZ.PRG. Next, turn off the CACHE (unless you want to play
   at a psychotic pace. Lastly, run POPII.TOS and enjoy. It takes a
   minute to load even on the hard drive but this method has been working
   for me for a while now.

   EA makes the only games I'd be willing to go through this much to


 Some information from Doug Walter - Cat. 4, Topic 34, Msg. 91 - from the
 ST Roundtable on Genie...

   For those of you still looking for multisyncs, there are at least 3
   companies listed in the April Computer Shopper that are offering used
   or factory refurbished & warrantied NEC 3Ds. And JDR Microdevices
   (among others) has an add that still lists new 3DSs. Might be worth a
   call to see if they really do have them?

   pg. 834 - TREDEX (CA.), 1-800-338-0939 3D/$399, 4D/$599, 5D/$1299
   pg. 728 - IME (MA.), 1-800-999-1911 3D/$399, 5D/$1499
   pg. 725 - Vision Remarketers (MA.), 1-800-242-5224
                                       (1-800-2USED-PC inside MA.)
                                        "call for price"
   pg. 858 - JDR (CA.), 1-800-538-5000  3DS/$589, 4DS/$1195 (both new)
   pgs. 480 & 588 have "call for price" adds (new units)

   BTW, I recently attended a Northgate Computers factory warehouse sale
   and they were offering refurbished 3DS models for $325 (S= reduced
   emissions). At the end of the sale there were some left. Perhaps they
   would sell them. Northgate Computers (MN.) 1-800-345-4633.


 An interesting conversation about TT memory - From Cat. 28, Topic 2,
 Msgs. 29-xx - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 Question from Bill Willis...

   Okay, let's say that (hypothetically) I've finally decided to purchase
   a TT030 system. I'm currently using a 4meg 1040ST, so I'd like to have
   at least as much available memory on the new system as I have now.
   What combination of TT RAM / ST RAM do I need on the TT030 to give me
   this result? What about monitors? Is there one TT030 monitor that will
   display the three current ST resolutions (plus, I assume, the two TT
   color resolutions)?

   I guess what I'd like to know is, what's the minimum TT030
   configuration that will allow me to do everything that I'm currently
   doing on my 1040ST? (Of course, I'm willing to accept that some ST
   software may not work on the TT. Most of my major applications should,

   Any advice?

 Answer from Sheldon Winick (Computer Studio)...

   A TT030 with 4 megs of ST-RAM (2 megs on the mother board, and 2
   additional megs on the TTSRB2 RAM upgrade board) will give the TT030
   the equivalent RAM capacity of your current 4 meg 1040ST. That's where
   the similarity ends though --- the TT030 zips along a 32MHz and sports
   Atari's new TOS 3.06 operating system and 1.44 meg high density floppy
   drive as well as a host of additional ports and features.

   Monitor-wise, Atari's 14" PTC1426 Multisync will display all three of
   your current ST resolutions (ST low, ST medium and ST high) in
   addition to TT Low and TT Medium color resolutions.

   Check one out at an Atari dealer or AtariFest show nearest you.

 Answer from John Cole...

   It is very simple, you will need a TT, a ST ram expansion, and a TT
   color monitor. Thats it. You will get 4 meg of ST ram, the TT and a
   monitor that will handle the 3 ST rez and 2 TT rez. Where and when you
   can get that, well, there are others who know more on that :-)

 More questions from Bill Willis...

   J.Allen, you're suggesting that I load up with only 2 megs of ST RAM
   and 4 megs of TT RAM. Will I still be dealing with as much free RAM
   space as I am now? I recall reading that truly TT compatible software
   is written to take advantage of the TT RAM; if it isn't written to do
   so, does it only recognize the ST RAM?

   Sorry if these questions are bordering on the obvious, but I'm one of
   those people who *loves* using the system, but *hates* putting the
   pieces together. Actually, one of the two main reasons that I bought
   an ST is that it was the only computer available that didn't need an
   external MIDI interface.

 Answer from Jim Allen (Fast Tech)...

   Bill, yes. The TT needs the fast ram to get some speed. You'll have
   6Megs of free ram, and SW that can use the fast ram will, the stuff
   that can't will use the ST ram. You set all this up by using the
   PRGFLGS utility provided on the disk.


 From A.BITTON1 - Cat. 9, Topic 17, Msg. 3 - from the ST Roundtable on


   Some copies of Grand Prix were shipped with a defective Disk 3.  Side
   2 of Disk 3 is corrupted. You will notice it when you back up your
   disks with the built-in utility on Disk 4.  You need to get a new
   copy, or do what I did:

   I want back to the store I bought it from and, after checking that the
   other copy had a good Disk 3, I used the Disk 4 backup program to re-
   copy the good Disk 3 on my defective Disk 3.


 One users' comments about HAYAI - From Dorothy Brumleve (Kidprgs) - Cat.
 2, Topic 49, Msg. 76 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I've got a MegaST4 with TOS 1.2 hooked up to a Supra 85meg fixed hard
   disk drive and a brand-new Toadfile (SyQuest) 44meg removable media
   drive. I bought the SyQuest because a very sad experience last year
   taught me to make backups of my most precious files. In my case, this
   usually means my .DOCs, .GFAs, and .CDKs. I've been making backups of
   selected files from the desktop, simply dragging the file from one of
   my fixed disk windows to a SyQuest partition window. This is a slow
   and laborious process, and it does nothing to defragment the fixed
   disk. Accessing that disk is becoming slower and slower as more and
   more fragmented files are written to it, deleted, and written again.

   So it was that HAYAI caught my attention. It's tailor-made for just
   this kind of setup as it backs up one partition to another. I don't
   really need the copy benefits right now, since making selected backups
   has become a habit. But I very much need to defragment my hard drive.

   Earlier this evening, I put HAYAI to the test. The first step turned
   out to be selection of the _correct_ backup program (there are six
   programs, three each for color and mono monitors) for my setup. I am
   not well-schooled on hard drive technology. I knew I had a mono
   monitor, so that narrowed my choices down to 3. ;-)

   Anyway, it turned out that what I needed was HAYAI512.PRG. Identifica-
   tion of the proper program was the hard part. Once I loaded HAYAI512.
   PRG, the process was so simple even I could do it. There are some
   online help dialogs and the menu options are obvious in any case. You
   simply choose the destination and origin partitions from a dialog
   format and go. I set the program to both copy and compare the
   partitions, and it did this at 9-13 megs/minute, much, much faster
   than I could ever hope for with file copying on the desktop. To
   achieve the defragmentation benefits, once I had copied a fixed disk
   partition to a SyQuest partition, I copied the SyQuest partition back
   to the fixed disk. This defragmentation process effectively doubled
   the time I spent in copying each of 6 partitions. Even so, the process
   was quick enough that I did not become bored. I didn't have time to go
   get a snack or something between partition copies.

   All in all, I spent less than 1/2 hour from the time I opened the
   package to the time my Supra was completely defragmented. I can tell
   that success has truly been achieved because: (a) my files are all
   still there (whew!) and disk access on my Supra is much faster than
   before! ;-)

   I do have three suggestions which would be especially useful to novice
   backer-uppers like myself. The program comes with some documentation
   on the disk; I read this (and printed it), but it assumes more
   knowledge than I have, and that's why it took a while to identify the
   correct program. It would also be helpful to have an alert box come up
   after you initiate the copy process, something asking: "Do you really
   want to copy Drive D to Drive K?" I know that everybody tends to
   ignore these little alerts, and many times I wish programmers would
   _omit_ them, but it would really be disasterous to choose the wrong
   drives. An alert could avert disaster for folks who would bother to
   read it (I would!). And lastly, I miss bells and whistles. ;-) A nice
   feature would wake up the weary backer-upper after the two- or three-
   minute copy process is over. A little ping perhaps.

   Neat program! Great speed! Consistent results! ;-)


 More games reviews from Shamus...

                    MORE SHAMUS REVIEWS --- VOLUME III

   HYDRA - Hydra is an arcade conversion of a game with the same name. In
   the arcade, this game has gone relatively unnoticed. There is good
   reason for this. Hydra is essentially a car racing game on the water.
   You control a speed boat through various tight spots. Well, you can
   just imagine this game. As a conversion, the game is about average.
   The sprites are well drawn but the animation is chunky and could be
   faster. The weakness of the game is with the arcade original. GRADE:

   ATOMINO - It is always refreshing to see a game with a new idea. There
   are a few games which use the idea of building molecules such as
   VAXINE and ATOMIX. Both of these games are very inventive and a lot of
   fun to play. Not only is there a lot of cerebral activity involved,
   but trying to beat the clock requires fast reflexes and a study hand.
   Atomino takes a completely new perspective and many distinctive
   elements to make this game an original. There are not any detailed
   graphics which you might witness in other PSYGNOSIS games, but the
   graphics are very well drawn and more than functional. Overall, people
   who like a "mind challenge" will like to give this game a whirl ...
   others should try before they buy. GRADE: B

   SHADOWLANDS - I will not pretend to be to upmost authority on
   adventure games. In fact, the closest I have ever come to role playing
   were the old TEMPLE OF APSAI games. This role-playing game was
   programmed by TEQUE. It does not take an adventure fan to tell a
   quality piece of programming. This game features isometric graphics
   which are almost identical to U.S. GOLD's SHADOW SORCERER. Fact is,
   this whole game is an awful lot like SHADOW SORCERER. This is not
   necessarily bad since both games are quite good in their own right.
   This game is not for all adventurers as these games are not similar to
   the very popular SIERRA-type adventure. Regardless, the role playing
   adventures carry a following of their own. Although it is hard to
   choose, SHADOWLANDS edges out the competition. GRADE: B+

   RACE DRIVIN' - HARD DRIVIN' was one of the first vector graphics games
   in the arcade. With the tremendous speed of the arcade machine's
   hardware, the game proved to be very playable and very powerful. Many
   people looked forward to the conversion from the arcade because it was
   done by the same group at DOMARK which converted the remarkably
   accurate STAR WARS arcade game. Unfortunately, HARD DRIVE was just too
   slow and the controls were too dodgy to be much fun. Regardless of how
   short HARD DRIVIN' came up from a technical point of view, the game
   was a commercial success. To cash in on this success, DOMARK released
   an unofficial sequel called HARD DRIVIN' II: DRIVE HARDER. Basically,
   HARD DRIVIN' II had a track editor but was the same worn-out
   conversion. RACE DRIVIN' is an official conversion of the HARD DRIVIN'
   sequel. Fortunately, many aspects of the game play have been cleaned
   up. The updating of the graphics is much faster and the controls allow
   you to adjust the sensitivity to your liking. Best of all, a computer
   link-up mode is the strongest aspect of this conversion. Many new
   tracks have been added to hold your interest longer. It would be
   unfair to compare this game to its arcade counterpart but as a game on
   its own, it is a good game for driving fans. Unfortunately, there is a
   good chance that this game will be overlooked because of the far

   FORMULA ONE RACING - If you want to play one of the best racing games
   on any system, with some of the most detailed vector graphics and some
   of the fastest vector updating, you have to buy FORMULA ONE RACING.
   This tremendous game is the culmination of a lot of hard work from the
   creator, Geoff Crammond. Not only can you view the game from your own
   cockpit, you can view the race from any cockpit and various camera
   angles and towers. There are many options including over a dozen
   actual race tracks from around the world. There are also some
   excellent options. For example, you can turn off some of the
   background and detail to make the game play even faster. Tie all of
   these great points with some excellent regular graphics and this game
   is a real sparkler! If there is anything to criticise, the sound
   effects are generated by the sound chip and the usual limitations
   apply. This game may cost a bit more, but dollar for dollar, this game
   is a steal!  GRADE: A+

   NO BUDDIES LAND - Let's face it. There is no shortage to the great
   platform games on the ST. NO BUDDIES LAND is another such game. This
   game is a real challenge! The graphics are nothing short of
   tremendous! This game is very comparable to the cream of the ST
   platform games such as ENCHANTED LANDS. This game is very playable but
   also very unforgiving. For example, the screen scrolls up but not
   down! Your character is constantly being chased up by water but if you
   fall down to the bottom of the screen, you lose a life. Although there
   is nothing new offered in this game, if you are a veteran action
   gamer, you will really dig this game! GRADE: A

   VIDEO KID - Video Kid is the latest game from the masters of graphics,
   GREMLIN. This game is much in the same vein of cartoonish titles such
   as Impossimole, Rick Dangerous and Switchblade. The graphics are
   extremely colourful but the game is somewhat hollow. Everything about
   this game is well done, but there is something missing which makes you
   want to come back for more.  GRADE: B-

   ALCATRAZ - In the early days of INFOGRAMMES, they always had some nice
   graphics with some interesting approaches to games but the animation
   was always very weak and not very addictive. Ever since the cartoon
   fun of STIR CRAZY and the unusual strategy/action game NORTH AND
   SOUTH, this company is all about quality. One of my favourite games is
   ADVANTAGE TENNIS and I would recommend that tennis game as the best
   tennis on any system. This is basically an action combat game. The
   simultaneous two player action is terrific. The backgrounds are mainly
   dark and create an excellent atmosphere to this game. There are
   various sections to the game but one of the most interesting is
   searching out the buildings with a first person perspective armed with
   a machine gun. There are so many innovative aspects to this game and
   far too many to speak about in a short review. If you are interested
   in any type of action game, you will enjoy this game. Set your
   difficulty level so the game remains interesting. GRADE: A

   HOT RUBBER - Hot Rubber is the latest entry into motorcycle racing.
   Unfortunately, this game plays quite smooth but the graphics are
   tiresome and the gameplay is quite boring. There are too many good
   racing games to really seriously consider paying a lot of money out.
   As a budget game, this game might be worth a second look. GRADE: C

   HARLEQUIN - This is another game which has come out at the same time
   as VIDEO KID.  Unlike VIDEO KID, this game has a lot of value and
   originality to offer.  Firstly, this platform game actually mixes in
   some very nice vector explosions.  The play area in this game is
   enormous! The sprites are extremely well drawn and animated to a very
   high standard.  This game would look great on any 16-bit system, but
   the ST is glad to have it. In my opinion, this game will match NO
   BUDDIES LAND in quality pixel for pixel. This is another game with
   some terrific atmosphere created by the patented colourful GREMLIN
   graphics. Anyone who enjoys a good platform game with some excellent
   puzzle elements will enjoy this game! GRADE: A


 Until next week.....


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 ST Advantage on DELPHI.  STReport readers are  invited to  join DELPHI and
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                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



                            GEMvelope! Ver. 2.6

     This program was created to fill a long time need - to print envelopes
 with an ATARI LASER  PRINTER.   Laser (and  most other  printers) will not
 feed  an  envelope  in  the  standard  horizontal orientation for printing
 across it.  GEMvelope! allows you to print  an envelope, fed the long way,
 on almost  any printer.   This  includes virtually  all laser printers and
 most dot matrix  printers.    GEMvelope  uses  GDOS  because  it  has font
 rotation built  in and there are nice fonts available, especially now that
 Atari's FSMGDOS is semi-available.

 GEMvelope features:

  -  Import allows extracting an address from a letter in almost any word
     processor format.
  -  Load-able and save-able addresses and configuration.
  -  POSTNET bar code printing. (This will save you 2 cents per letter in
     the near future according to the US Post Office!)
  -  Adjustable positioning for different size envelopes.
  -  Mail merge allows printing many envelopes, each with a different
     address imported from a database or text file you create.
  -  Fully compatible with FSM and bitmapped GDOS fonts.
  -  A desk accessory version.

     You must have some  form of  GDOS (Atari  GDOS 1.1,  G+PLUS, FSM-GDOS,
 but not  FONTGDOS 2.0  as there  currently is  a bug  in it which prevents
 it's use  with  GEMvelope)  there  is  currently  an  incompatibility with
 FONTGDOS)  a  printer  driver,  and  fonts  for  your printer.  If GDOS is
 already installed on your system, no  further  setup  in  required  to use
 GEMvelope.   If GDOS  is not installed, then if you have any other program
 that uses GDOS, you have  all  you  need  to  use  setup  your  system for
 GEMvelope. The Atari laser printer comes with a GDOS driver and a nice set
 of fonts.  Other  GDOS  programs  such  as  Easy  Draw,  Timeworks Desktop
 Publisher, WordUp,  and Wordflair  come with  the drivers and fonts needed
 for other printers.

     All of the controls for GEMvelope  are located  in the  dialog box you
 see when you run the program.  The horizontal position of both the  return
 and the main address is adjustable in half inch increments.   In addition,
 the  main  address  is  also  adjustable  vertically.   There are a set of
 adjustment buttons with arrows in them and reference lines that  show what
 they adjust.   Note  that the main address horizontal position is measured
 in relation to the return address position.   This is  so that  the return
 address horizontal  position may  be adjusted to the length of an envelope
 and the main address is just an  offset  from  the  return  address.   The
 default position  for the return address is 8.5 inches from the right side
 of the envelope and 0.25 inch from the  top   of the  envelope.   This top
 position may  not be changed (if you would like to have it adjustable, let
 the author know!)  The main address default  is 3  inches offset  from the
 return address  and 2  inches from  the top of the envelope.  Printing the
 return address is optional.  Clicking  on the small square box to the left
 of  "Print  return  address"  will  toggle  it  on or off.  Two additional
 settings are "Envelope Size" and "Offset".  Envelope  Size is  only needed
 if  the  POSTNET  bar  code  is  printed.   Offset allows the "top" of the
 envelope to be shifted.  For the SLM804, Offset should  be set  to 0 since
 you feed an envelope all the way to the left of the manual feed slot.  For
 the SLM605, and some other  laser  printers  that  center  a  manually fed
 envelope,  the  Offset  should  be  set to compensate for how your printer
 feeds the envelope.

     You can't imagine the pleasant surtprise  I  got  when  I  booted this
 jewel.   GEMvelope is  a first  class utility.  Contained herein are a few
 highlights of the program and as soon as the upgrade  is received,  an in-
 depth review  will appear  here.   At this  point this program has already
 earned a "must have" badge of honor.

 To obtain your registered copy send $30. to:

                              Roger Richards
                             Synergy Resources
                            754 N. Bolton Ave.
                          Indianapolis, IN  46219

        The latest version of GEMvelope will be mailed immediately.
    You will be notified of any updates with new features or bug fixes.
      If you need support, it is best to write or use GEnie EMail.
                  My GEnie EMail address is:  R.RICHARDS2


 > BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST STR SHOW NEWS    "The Summertime Atari Event!"

                         1992 Blue Ridge ATARIFEST

 Where: Westgate Shopping Center - Asheville, N.C.

 Take any major highway into Asheville  (US 19-23,  US 26  or I-40)  to the
 I-240  loop,  then  take  the  "Westgate/Hilton  Inn  Drive exit" into the
 Westgate Shopping Center parking lot.

                            When: 18, July 1992
                            Time: 10:am to 6:pm

 Points of contact:

               Van Estes, BRACE Pres.       Clifford E. Allen, V.Pres.
               704-685-8358                 GEnie: C.Allen17
                                            INTERNET: callen@UNCA.EDU

                              Sheldon Winick
                              GEnie: S.WINICK
                              Computer STudio

                 Come for the day or come for the weekend,
                      but do come and enjoy yourself.

 Great Smokies Hilton Resort  Hilton Inn Drive        (704)254-3211
                  Toll-free reservation phone number 1-800-733-3211

 Radisson                    One Thomas Wolf Plaza    (704)252-8211
                  Rate: $62.00 per room (1-4 people)

           ====== Additional Hotel-Motel Information ===========

 Days Inn                       I-26 and Airport Road     (704)684-2281
                                I-40 Exit 55              (704)298-5140

 Econo Lodge                    US 70 East, I-40 Exit 55  (704)298-5519

 Holiday Inn                    275 Smoky Park Hwy        (704)667-4501
                        Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-HOLIDAY

 Red Roof Inn                   I-40 and US 19-23 Exit 44 (704)667-9803
                       Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-843-7663

 Buget Motel                    I-40 Exit 44 (Enka-Chandler)
                                   West Asheville  Exit       (704)665-2100
 Western Asheville Central  22 Woodfin St                 (704)253-1851

       ========= Local Bed & Breakfast lodging Information =========

 Aberdeen Inn                64 Linden Ave                (704)254-9336
 Albemarle Inn               86 Edgemont Road             (704)255-0027
 Applewood Manor             62 Cumberland Circle         (704)254-2244
 The Bridle Path Inn        Lockout Road                  (704)252-0035
 Cairn Brae B & B           217 Patton Mountain Rd        (704)252-9219
 Carolina B & B             177 Cumberland Ave            (704)254-3608
 Cedar Crest Victorian Inn  674 Biltmore Ave              (704)252-1289
 Corner Oak  Manor               53 St. Dunstan               (704)253-3525
 Cornerstone Inn            230 Pearson Dr                (704)253-5644
 Flint Street Inn           100 & 116 Flint Street        (704)253-6723
 The Lion and The Rose      276 Montford Ave              (704)255-7673
 The Ray House B & B         83 Hillside St               (704)252-0106
 Reed House                 119 Dodge St                  (704)274-1604
 The Wright Inn             235 Pearson Drive             (704)251-0789]

 A more complete listing of Bed  & Breakfasts  can be  obtained through the
 Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

 Reservations  should  be  made  immediately,  as July is the height of our
 tourist season.

                ===========  CAMP GROUNDS ================

           (reservations are a must during this time of season):

 Mount Pisgah:
     About 20 miles southwest  of Asheville  on the  Blue Ridge  Parkway at
 mile post  408.6 (National  Park Service). 690 acres. Elevation 5000'. One
 of the nicest campgrounds in Western North Carolina. 67 tent  sites, 70 RV
 sites. For reservations: P.O.Box 749, Watnesville, N.C. 28786; phone (704)
 235-9109. No  showers. Groceries  and resturant.  Nature program.   14 day
 stay limit.

 Lake Powhatan:
     4 miles  south of  Asheville on  State road  191, 3.5 miles west on FR
 806.  30  acres.  98  tent/rv  sites.  Reservation  available  thru Mistix
 1-800-283-CAMP.  Disposal   station.  No   showers.  Swimming;  lifeguard;
 fishing; nature trails; bicycles. 14-day stay limit.

     While in the area, you might  want to  consider a  little sightseeing,
 and include  a visit  to the Biltmore House here in Asheville (the largest
 single family residence ever built in the U.S.--its  a "castle").  A visit
 to the  Biltmore can be a full-day's activity as you will want to view the
 house, visit the winery, and walk some of the grounds and gardens.
          The House 9 am to 6pm         The Gardens 9am to 7pm
                         Conservatory 9am to 5:30pm
          The Winery Monday-Saturday   11am to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

     Other areas of interest include; the Thomas Wolf home (adjacent to the
 Raddison), the Blue Ridge Parkway and Folk Art Center. A drive up the Blue
 ridge Parkway to enjoy the higher elevations and  incredible views  of our
 mountains.  Perhaps  a  hike  up  to  Mount  Pisgah  and look back down to
 Asheville(you can see Mt. Pisgah from  most  anywhere  in  Asheville).   A
 short drive  from Mt.  Pisgah will  take you to Sliding Rock (for those of
 you travelling with kids who are  still  kids  at  heart),  the  Cradle of
 Forestry (first forest school in the country), waterfalls, trout hatchery,
 etc. For the adventurous, white water rafting  on the  Natahala River near
 Bryson City (approx one and a half hours from here).

     There's  obviously  loads  more  to  see  and  do around Asheville (in
 addition to the Blue Ridge AtariFest and a  visit to  Computer STudio :-).
 If any  of y'all would like maps and additional tourist info of the area I
 might suggest contacting the Chamber of Commerce:

                    Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
                            151 Haywood Street
                               P.O. Box 1010
                            Asheville, NC 28802
                      704-258-6111 FAX: (704)251-0926




 By Bill Pike
 review version 1.05

     What does OCR from Migraph(tm) do?  OCR has one purpose and that is to
 change a IMG or TIFF(IBM format) monochrome format picture of a page of
 text back into computer data files of the text.  Currently the only output
 available is ASCII text, almost every wordprocessor will accept this file
 type for import.  How does it work?, it works very well.

     The manual isn't kidding when it tells you to disable all auto
 programs and accessory programs, this program does use all the memory that
 it can get, also on general principles (this is something that I routinely
 do with a program that uses all the memory) don't set the fastload bit,
 telling the program to fastload.

     The system requirements for this program are: #1. some way of getting
 a picture of the page into the computer. (some type of a scanner either
 flatbed, page, or hand)  #2. Two or more megabytes of memory.(the more the
 better)  If you don't have enough memory for the document OCR will use
 "Hard Drive Caching" to store the extra data but it is slower than using
 the existing ram.  #3. A hard disk. #4. near $300.00 for the program.

     You are probably asking your yourself who needs this program?  People
 that are doing extensive Desk Top Publishing work need this program.  OCR
 allows the operator to scan in text from ANY hardcopy and make a file out
 of it that can then be edited, spell and grammar checked, reformatted, and
 output to a printer.  What about the poor forgetful person who is writing
 the Great American Novel and didn't make floppy disks backing up the text
 that they have saved to hardisk, the hard disk crashes, Oh, @#%%#@!  Now
 they have to retype the entire thing.  If they have hard copy they are
 able to scan it in and recreate the original files with a little effort, a
 LOT less effort than retyping the original.  Anywhere you need to transfer
 something from a written page to a computer text file.

     OCR already recognizes: Artisan, Bookman, Brougham, Caroll Pica,
 Courier, Courier italic, Delegate, Elite Modern, Helvetica, Herald Elite,
 Letter Gothic, Lori, Lubin, OCRB, Pica, Prestige Elite, Prestige Italic,
 Prestige Pica, Times, Titan, and Title typefaces.  If the document you are
 scanning isn't one of these, by renaming the .ALD file (from the control
 panel, OCR will create a dictionary of the typeface you are using and save
 it for you to use the next time you scan a similar document, if you
 forget to rename the dictionary just rename it after you exit the program,
 no problem.  OCR also creates a dictionary for letters it doesn't
 understand within these typefaces, this dictionary is overwritten the next
 time you use OCR if you didn't rename it.  I would strongly suggest that
 you create your dictionaries by the type of document you are working with
 rather than by typeface.  For example ST-Informer(tm) rather than Times,
 Computer Shopper(tm) rather than Times and so on.  The typefaces aren't
 consistent enough to allow full recognition of all characters from one
 publication to another.  The dictionaries are around 100k long.

     Let's get down to the nuts and bolts.  Migraph's OCR will take direct
 input from any of the following Hand Scanners: Migraph(tm) (you know that
 it would support that one didn't you?), AlfaData(tm), and Golden
 Image(tm).  OCR also accepts IMG and TIFF (IBM format) monochrome format
 graphics files, for those that have page or flatbed scanners.  There is a
 problem in using a hand scanned image and that is the scan is only 4 or so
 inches wide.  So if you are trying to scan large areas of text there is a
 problem.  Needless to say Migraph(tm) has a cure for that.  They recommend
 scanning directly into the OCR program and processing each scan
 independently.  OCR will then construct the text file for the first scan
 and append the later scans to it.  There is also a scanning frame
 available to facilitate scanning.  If you are scanning with a flatbed
 page scanner you must first save each page as a IMG or TIFF file.  You
 then load the file into OCR.

     Now that you have a image in the program you are ready to start.  Not
 quite yet.  You need to define what is text (that you want) and what is
 graphics (if you want to save out the graphic as a file), this helps the
 program to keep things on track.  If the text has been "flowed" around
 graphics you can use a polygon to define the text area, you aren't stuck
 with a rectangular area.  If the text is broken up all over the page you
 can define a number of text areas and tell OCR what order you want them
 processed in.  If you got the scan kitty corner (that is a little bit
 catty corner) OCR will perform very minor rotation of the image so that
 imperfections in the scanner are taken into account.  If there is to much
 rotation you will need to rescan the document.  Also OCR will perform
 major rotations in 90 degree increments you can even scan something
 sideways or upside down.  You can also scan white text on a dark
 background OCR doesn't care.  Sometimes it may be advantageous to work
 from an black-white inverted image, the program will invert if you
 request it.

     Text from 10 to 18 point sizes are accommodated directly, letters of
 larger sizes also work ok, scans of smaller sized text are also taken into
 account by setting the smaller text option.  I have found that a
 150-200dpi scan is adequate for 12-18 point text and 300dpi is ok for
 10-15 point text.  It is recommended that 400dpi be used for text smaller
 than 10 point,  I have been able to use 300dpi for 8 point type without to
 much trouble.

     Once you have scanned the hard copy, loaded the image into OCR,
 rotated the image as needed, defined the graphics (if you wish to output
 the graph only, otherwise you only need to define the text areas) and text
 areas, set the output file for the dictionary (if the typeface isn't one
 that is already recognized by OCR), and set the text output file.  By the
 way if you forget any of these OCR will muddle thru on its own and get
 things pretty right (idiot proofing).

     Now you can tell OCR to "go for it".  It checks out the typeface
 against its dictionary, then runs the text thru 25-100 odd linguistic
 tests, as needed, and checks it, then goes thru what it has and asks for
 help on specific letters and letter groups.  By the way if it doesn't
 recognize the type face it will ask for help then and move onto the checks
 later.  It checks for English, German, Dutch, and French letter
 combinations, according to your settings (you may only have one linguistic
 base at a time active but may have all the various bases on the drive),
 this has to do with the words, letters and types of letters it is
 expecting to find.  OCR also does a very good job at differentiating
 between 1 and l, also 0 and O, one of the things that it does very well is
 keeping numbers separated from letters.  OCR can even be trained to
 recognize Handwriting if the letters are consistent.

     One thing that does cause OCR to have fits is printed copy that
 doesn't have all the segments of the letters connected such as a copy of a
 copy that is to light and the letters are fragmented or if the scan is to
 dark and letters are not separated.  This is due to the method of
 character recognition, that of using a mathematical description of the
 letters rather than a bit map.  The mathematical method picks up letters
 that bit mapping chokes at however it needs the complete form of the
 letter to work from.  Of course bitmapping the letter is even touchier
 with what it will accept.  The point of this whole discourse in to make
 sure you have a good printed image to scan from and that you have a good
     A way around this is during the "Interactive Learning Stage" when OCR
 sees letters (usually a,u,o,b,d), most fonts have thin and thick sections
 to the letters, the thin sections will sometimes be broken, where lines
 are broken it will try to make letters out of the parts it sees.  There is
 no way of combining these parts back together.  Define the most
 characteristic portion of the letter as the letter then, either delete the
 second section each time it occurs (Interactive Learning Stage) or let the
 program do it's thing.  Take the output text to a spell checker and do a
 spelling check, correcting the errors as you go, this will take care of
 99.999% of the errors.  Or if you are braver just do a global search and
 replace from a word processor for the letter pairs eliminating the
 incorrect letter for the replace.

     The installation of the program couldn't be simpler.  You put the
 first disk in the floppy drive.  Click on the install.prg. Then tell it
 what hard drive partition you want installed on and what language to use
 as a default.  It does all the rest of the work.  It also deletes the
 install program at this time so only work from your work disks (the work
 disks should be full disk copies, not file copies)not your backups.

      I am using a 4meg 520st, a Canon page scanner, and hard drive.  I
 would suggest a monochrome monitor (OCR also works in Med res. if you
 don't have access to a monochrome), it just looks nicer to me.  The only
 problems that I have had are ones of my own impatience while in the
 learning phase of the program, pushing the button to fast.

     Early versions of OCR had a bug involving the paragraph setting for
 output (earlier than version 1.05).  Migraph automatically ships you the
 upgrade to 1.05 when you send in your registration card.  Later versions
 of the program will incorporate support for direct input from various page
 and flat bed scanners. The program is quite goofproof and well done.  The
 manual is small but it doesn't need to be big.  Everything is covered in

     If you have a need for this program I would strongly suggest the
 purchase of it.  The program is excellent.  However near 300 smackers is a
 lot just to have sitting on the shelf.

 review copy loaned by:
                               IB Computers
                      9244 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
                               Beaverton, OR


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

                               EXTRA! EXTRA!

     The forum staff announces a new programming contest. Any program in
 any language is eligible.  Programs must be submitted by midnight April 30
 to lib 1. See message #28538 for details.  Don't forget to include your
 name in the file description so I can give you credit.  The clock is
 ticking ....

     Hugh J. Campbell has jumped in with several contest entries. WSH10.BAS
 is a database for architects and builders.  There are 187 steel shapes
 with with information on depth, width and thickness for each W section.
 CSH10.BAS contains similar information for C sections with information on
 30 different channels.  STAIR.BAS is a program to calculate design
 requirements for stairs.  It will help determine the number of risers and
 treads required for a given floor-to-floor height.  It can also handle
 multiple-run stairs.  Pbasic 4.91 is required for all of these programs.
 Pbasic is also available in the forum library.

     In a lighter vein, Hugh has an electronic golf scorecard.  SCARD.BAS
 is also a Pbasic program.  It will keep score for a foursome and display a
 statistical report.

     Don Thomas has produced a new tool for graphics fans.  VPORT.ZIP is a
 shareware program that will display Portfolio graphics on a VGA desktop
 PC.  The formats supported include PGC, PGF, PGX, and compiled COM.  All
 files with these extensions will be displayed in sequence.

     STOCK.ARC is a spreadsheet for tracking and evaluating a portfolio of
 securities.  You can price the securities and compute capital gain, annual
 yield and total return. Uploaded by Ted Baynes.



                         GEMFAST V1.8 BETA RELEASE

 From BIX

 From: (Ian Lepore)
 Subject: GemFast v1.8 pre-release announcment (long)
 Date: 21 Apr 92 19:41:08 GMT
 Organization: Nyx, Public Access Unix at U. of Denver Math/CS dept.

     Well, GemFast v1.8 is very near its beta release.  I've dropped  a few
 hints about  things that'll  be in  it, and  now I've  been asked for more
 details, so I decided to put together a little summary.  GemFast  v1.8 has
 more changes and new things than any version of GemFast since v1.0.  I put
 away the metaphorical microscope I've used in working on previous versions
 and added a lot of new high-level functionality.

     The changes  start with appl_init(), a logical starting place.  It now
 initializes a new group of global variables which  are then  available for
 reference in  your code.  I found that every GEM program I write has calls
 all over the place to get  the system  desktop rectangle  and other common
 values, so  I decided to just get all the common values once and make them
 globally available for reference at runtime.   There  are also easy-to-use
 new  interfaces  that  open  and  close  VDI  workstations without all the

     A group of new medium- and low-level object utilities have been added.
 This ranges  from simple things like dealing with extended object types to
 complex functions that implement new  types  of  objects  you  can  use in
 dialog  boxes.    For  example,  there is now a thermometer-display object
 type, G_THERMO, which lets you easily use this type of  progress indicator
 in your  dialogs.   There are also several new types of buttons, including
 CUA/Windows3 style buttons and rounded-corner radio buttons.

     Some miscellanious changes were  made to  extend the  functionality of
 existing AES  functions.   Certain aspects  of the GEM GUI make it hard to
 write 'blackbox' library routines which  are  independant  of  the current
 state of the main applicaton.  For example, GEM doesn't allow you to query
 the current  shape  of  the  mouse  cursor,  so  a  library  routine can't
 temporarily change the mouse to an arrow then change it back.  Under v1.8,
 the graf_mouse()  call returns  the old  cursor shape  when you  set a new
 shape.   Likewise, the  standard wind_update()  function isn't so hot: any
 number of wind_update(BEG_UPDATE)  calls  can  be  cancelled  by  a single
 END_UPDATE.  Now wind_update() works like turning the mouse on and off; if
 you made 3 BEG_UPDATE calls, you'll  need 3  END_UPDATE calls  to actually
 release  control  of  the  window  semaphore.   This lets library routines
 aquire and release the window and mouse semaphores  without disturbing the
 state of the main application.

     There are  new high-level  functions for  blitting areas of the screen
 easily, using your memory  buffer or  allocating one  for you.   There are
 some new  rectangle calculation  functions, such as creating a scaled copy
 of a rectangle, confining  a rectangle  within the  boundaries of another,

     But by  far the  biggest changes  are in  the forms  library.  The old
 forms library consisted of a single function, frm_dsdial().  Now there are
 25 functions,  and I'm  still thinking  of new ones on a daily basis.  The
 heart of  the  new  forms  library  is  the  frm_dialog()  function, which
 conducts  dialogs   for  you.     Basically,   it  does  the  form_dial(),
 objc_draw(), form_do(), and so  on.   But, it  does a  lot of  extra stuff
 along the way, including handling the following options for you:

     - Saving and restoring the screen via blits instead of redraw

     - Dialog boxes are moveable; the user can drag them around to anywhere
       on the screen.

     - The mouse can be forced to an arrow shape during the dialog then
       restored to its prior shape.

     - The dialog can be centered within the screen, or made to pop up
       centered over the the current mouse location.

     - It supports both standard dialogs and menu dialogs, in which the
       objects highlight as the mouse crosses them, like dropdown menus do.

  Here's a summary of the new dialog functions:

    The functions which help you conduct your own dialogs are:

      frm_confine     Confines dialog to rectangular area.
      frm_defaults    Sets default options.
      frm_dialog      Conducts your standard dialog.
      frm_menu        Conducts popup menu dialog using your object tree.
      frm_eflag       Reports error made by user in a dialog.
      frm_enableblit  Enables screen save/restore via blit.
      frm_mkmoveable  Makes your dialog moveable.
      frm_desktop     Installs your custom desktop.
      frm_sizes       Calculates dialog's on-screen sizes.

    The basic dynamic dialogs are:

      frm_dsdialog    Automatic text dialog - hard to use.
      frm_dsmenu      Automatic menu dialog - hard to use.
      frm_nldialog    Automatic text dialog - easier to use.
      frm_nlmenu      Automatic menu dialog - easier to use.
      frm_printf      Formatted text dialog, like printf().
      frm_error       Formatted error reporting.
      frm_vprintf     Alternate form of frm_printf.
      frm_verror      Alternate form of frm_error.
      frm_progress    Formatted text with thermometer progress display.

    The quick-and-easy dynamic dialogs are:

      frm_qchoice     Formatted text and choice of 5 buttons.
      frm_qerror      Formatted error reporting.
      frm_qmenu       Automatic popup menu (like dropdown in a box).
      frm_qtext       Formatted text display.
      frm_question    Formatted yes/no question.

     The other  big change  in GemFast v1.8 is the documentation, it's been
 completely rewritten.  It now resembles the library  reference manual from
 a commercial  compiler or  graphics library.  It includes cross references
 to related functions, a  complete  table  of  contents,  a quick-reference
 chapter and  detailed explanations  of functions in separate chapters, and
 in general it's easier to use.  Printed out, it's 100+ pages long; there's
 certainly  no  lack  of  information  on  how  the  functions really work.
 ::grin::   As usual, v1.8 will be  released with  full source  code.  I've
 taken major steps towards portability, but it's not there yet.  I hope for
 v1.9 to be the  true  portability  release,  with  source  code  that will
 compile on all ST C compilers, including GNU and other 32-bit compilers.

                              < OK TO PORT >
                        This information comes from
     the conference on BIX(r), the BYTE Information Exchange.

                For additional information about BIX call;
                       800-695-4775 or 617-354-4137


 > DUNGEON TIME! STR Spotlight              ...STILL A KILLER!

                         RESURRECTING OLD MEMORIES

 by Dana P. Jacobson

      When I first bought my 520ST back in '87, most of the software that I
 saw for it, and made any real "sense", was games.  I did buy some
 application and productivity software back then, but just the basics.  I
 didn't buy my ST to play games, but I did realize that the possibility
 existed that I'd eventually wind up playing some.  The dealer that I
 frequented usually had at least one customer playing one game or another,
 so it was easy to get a look at new game titles before actually buying
 them.  After seeing many new games, I was eventually hooked on playing
 games along with doing other things with my computer.  Game titles started
 to become the bulk of my total software.  Okay, the ST was a good machine
 for games.  Sound and graphics were done very well back then; and I didn't
 care if the machine was considered a games machine or not then, I was a

      My tastes for games wasn't too broad then.  I liked some of the basic
 shoot-em-up games the most.  I wasn't crazy about racing games, sports
 games, or flight simulators; they just didn't appeal to me, and still
 don't.  The Dungeons and Dragons craze was peaking about that time, but I
 wasn't too interested in those types of games either.  Give me something
 like Missile Command or Megaroids, and I was contented for hours (when is
 that dual-game version coming out for the Lynx???).

      I was "gamed-out" after awhile, usually wearing out a game for three
 months and moving on to another one.  Finally, I just didn't buy anymore
 games, I had plenty to choose from already.  Then one day I walked into
 that very same dealer's store and heard this "WHOOSH"!  I looked over at
 the machine where that sound emanated, and saw a huge "FTL" on the screen.
 Shortly after came the suspenseful "Welcome to.....Dungeon Master".  Hmm,
 another of those D&D games.  But, since I had no specific plans for that
 Sunday afternoon, I sat down to watch.  I was very surprised to see it
 wasn't a typical D&D game; or at least what I envisioned one to be.  The
 player was somewhere in the early stages of the game.  He was "shooting"
 at these monsters and alternately "fighting" them.  My interest was
 piqued.  The graphics and sound effects were great, as well.  I think that
 I watched this game being played for two straight hours, and I was
 enjoying it.  I took a few "turns" at it, but I was "killed" fairly
 quickly.  The enjoyment faded rapidly, and I left.

      On my next trip to the dealer, Dungeon Master was again on one of the
 demo machines.  It was loaded, but no one was playing.  I sat down an
 started.  Someone else came into the store, and we both worked on the
 game.  Once we realized what we were doing, with a few helpful hints from
 others who happened by, my interest in it grew again.  The only real
 problems we discovered was that neither of us had a great sense of
 direction; we were constantly getting lost.  But, playing along with
 others to provide tips made those problems a lot more bearable.   We let
 someone else demo something else; after all, it _was_ a store and the
 machines couldn't be tied up _all_ of the time with game-playing!

      A few days later, I noticed a few new uploads to my BBS.  On looking
 closer, I noticed that the file names were DM_MAPS.  Being curious as to
 what these maps entailed, I didn't bother to wait for one of my SysOps to
 check it out, I did.  I printed the first couple of maps out and looked
 them over.  They appeared to be pretty complete.  Included in one of the
 archives was a spell list as well.  Hmmm, this is starting to appeal to me
 even more!  That weekend, I bought Dungeon Master and a couple boxes of

      Everywhere you went that had any "connections" with Atari, there was
 talk of Dungeon Master.  Call your local BBS, and there were constant
 message threads of questions about the game.  How do I do this, where do I
 find that, what's the answer to this riddle, and more.  And what was so
 great was that there were people who were able to give you the answer, or
 at least provide useful hints so you could manage to resolve the answers.
 Having the maps seemed to be cheating, but for me, it provided the help I
 needed.  After all, I still had to battle the various monsters and solve
 all of the various puzzles presented throughout the game.  I still had
 to get my "team" to various levels of competence while making sure that
 they didn't starve to death or die of thirst; not to mention battle the
 many monsters and traps along the way.

      Our user group meetings were the same: where are you on Dungeon
 Master?  That far!, I'm only on Level "X"!  Although I didn't frequent the
 online services back then, I was aware that similar discussions were going
 on there as well; I still have a capture of messages from one of the
 onlines on my BBS dealing with discussions and tips.  Dungeon Master was

      Well, after playing for quite awhile, I grew weary of being routinely
 "beaten" on the Knights level.  If I didn't get killed off by the knights
 or other monsters, I starved.  I missed one important key which would have
 enabled me to get back to that infamous Screamer Room for more food and
 water.  I finally gave up and went on to something else.  I made a few
 futile attempts from time to time to pick up where I left off, but it
 became hopeless.  That was over 3 years ago.  Even when the long-awaited
 sequel, Chaos Strike Back, was released, I didn't resume playing, although
 I did buy Chaos on-sale!  I didn't even open the package, though.

      Well, these last few months I've been seeing messages on the onlines
 and local bulletin boards discussing such games as Captive and Knightmare,
 and probably a few others.  Comparisons were being made of them and
 Dungeon Master.  Even though I don't own any of these newer games, I read
 the messages with interest.  All of the discussion reminded me of the same
 interest being paid to Dungeon Master, albeit not as much, yet.  Well,
 knowing all too well that I haven't finished Dungeon Master, or even
 starting Chaos, I wasn't about to get really involved in yet another D&D
 game!  And, all of the sudden there was some discussions again about
 Dungeon Master on the local boards that I frequent.  More of the usual,
 what do I do, types of messages.

      I decided to give it a try again, and get hooked once more!  But this
 time, I decided to forego resuming where I left off, and I started from
 the beginning.  Damn, I was regretting having to face those purple worms
 again without anyone sitting beside me to guide me when I veered off
 track!!  Naturally, when I initially encountered the worms, I panicked.  I
 left messages on my BBS and on a couple of the onlines; I tried to
 memorize the map of that level in the hopes that I could outrun the worms
 - nothing helped once I got cornered!  Finally, I managed to get through
 with half of my party intact.  I made it!!

      I've learned to build up my characters' abilities and skills.  I can
 now wield the fiercest of fireballs and learned what some of those special
 weapons can do to make things _much_ easier.  Currently, I'm somewhere
 early on in Level 8, The Arena.  You remember that level, the one where
 the Banshees (green ghosts), Skeletons, Mummies, and Thieves roam around!
 Even more troublesome is that incessant "transported" fireball coming at
 you from all directions.  I had to stop early on, or I'd never get
 anything done, _especially_ this little retrospective article!!  Actually,
 I can't wait to finish this so I can resume playing.  Hmmm, the weekend is
 almost here....!!

      I think that Dungeon Master has to be rated one of the all-time best
 games that ever came out for the ST; it has to be one of the top 5
 sellers, if not the top one.  It's one of those games that doesn't lose
 interest (patience, yes!).  I don't remember seeing any ads in which
 someone was selling it, or looking to trade it away.  Another good
 lasting-point for the game is that after people finished the game, they'd
 start it over again.  Then, they'd attempt the game with fewer players,
 and eventually trying with one player.  I hope that I'll make that attempt
 as well.

      If you don't have Dungeon Master yet (is there anyone?) I'd highly
 recommend that you get it, it's still available.  For those "newcomers" to
 the Atari line who might be starting out with Knightmare, etc., try
 Dungeon Master as well.  For those of you, like me, who gave up playing
 due to lack of patience and/or frustration, try again.  There's nothing
 like going back to the purple worm area again and blowing those suckers
 away with a high-level fireball like it was nothing!!  It feels good to
 get even with them, finally!

      I remember reading way back when, that FTL had considered another
 sequel to Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back.  It was also rumored that
 there were going to be additional "scenario" disks.  I never heard, or
 don't recall, whatever happened to those ideas.  Heck, I don't even know
 if FTL is still around anymore!  If anyone has any information on these,
 please let me know on the onlines somehow.  I'd be interested in hearing
 any news.

      It's nice to go back to some of those favorite games that are
 probably collecting dust somewhere in those stacks of disks, but somehow
 we all forgot about over the years.  I intend to go through mine once I
 complete Dungeon Master and Chaos (and I will complete them this time!).
 I already have a few ideas as to what I will attempt next, and recapture
 that enjoyable retrospective appeal once more.

      But, for the present, it's time to get back into the dungeons!!  I'm
 outta here!


 > TT030 TOWER STR Review     "Installing the TT into a tower case..."

                              TT TOWER REVIEW

 by Clemens Chin

     Even though there seemed to be quite a few people who didn't like the
 way the TT (and Mega STe) case looked, I never had any problems with it.
 As a matter of fact, I thought the case looked pretty nice.  When I got my
 TT a year ago and placed my monitor on top of it, the case actually bent!
 Since then I've wanted to put it into another case.  The number of cables
 behind my desk were multiplying with the addition of a second floppy drive
 and SyQuest drive.

     One day, I just decided that it was time to put all of this into a
 tower case.  Instead of buying a clone case and have to drill holes to
 mount the mother board and relocate the multitude of ports that us
 ST/STe/TT owners have gotten so used to, I went with a case especially
 designed for the TT from a company in London (it is made by a German


     When I finally received the case in the mail, I was ecstatic!  I
 immediately went to grab my tools and began disassembling my TT.

     Installing the TT into the tower case was pretty much straight forward
 and self explanatory (luckily since the english documentation wasn't
 complete and I had half of the english docs and the german docs)... The
 case includes a board that allows users to connect additional floppy
 drives easily, adds an additional reset button to the front of the case
 and monitors the thermosensor (which continuously monitors the system for

     Towards the front of the case there is a bay for the original 3.5"
 hard drive (this bay is hidden, therefore, removable media will not be
 suitable for this bay).  There are also 3 exposed bays.  Here is where I
 put my two floppy drives and SyQuest mechanism.  All bays are vertical.

     Installing the SyQuest was as simple as removing the old 50 pin ribbon
 cable and replacing it with a longer one with an additional IDE plug for
 the internal hard drive.

     The power cable and ribbon cable that used to goto the internal floppy
 drive is now connected to a pc board that controls any other floppy drives
 you will connect to the case.


     Though everything is working flawlessly after running this set up for
 four days non-stop, the power supply concerns me.  Everything is powered
 by the original TT power supply.  It is rated at 64.6 watts (not much at
 all).  Still, it seems to be handling everything nicely; two floppies, a
 hard drive, a SyQuest, an ST RAM board and a TT RAM board.


     This case definitely has room for upgrading.  The manufacturer of the
 case even has an option for an internal VME card cage (with its own power
 supply), Octobus (adds ability to drive up to four floppies, monitor
 switching, bi-directional printer buffer and system protection) and power
 outlets for 4 additional external peripherals (sort of like having a power
 strip on your tower, no power surge suppression though).


     The fit and finish is EXCELLENT.  The holes for the TT's ports in the
 rear are a perfect, virgin fit.  Access to the Lan prt, Midi port,
 Cartridge port and original reset button are not lost as opposed to going
 with a clone case.  Adding any of the above mentioned upgrades would
 require prying off of part of the metal casing.

     At 20" high x 6" wide x 16" deep, this case is not small.  But it has
 reduced to footprint of my original set up considerably (as well as
 reduced the number of cables and power cords behind my desk).  Also, the
 case is very sturdy.


     None!  Installation went perfectly, the most difficult part being,
 trying to align the drives so that the face plates are flush with the face
 plate of the case!

     Having done things like installing a T16, TOS upgrades, etc. this was
 a relatively easy upgrade to do, especially since no soldering is required
 (I love those).

     I am also happy to announce that there is absolutely no visible RF
 interference with the monitor as I had with the original TT case.


     Everything is performing as it should, no problems anywhere.  Even
 after continuous use (without powering down for four days), no heat
 problems, no power problem, nothing.

     The case was flat out expensive.  It cost 145 pounds (1 pound=$1.70,
 estimate).  Was it worth it?  Well, I'm in love, so, I say "YES!" (You
 don't know how long I've been trying to clear the clutter and cables from
 my desk!)  That original bending case always did get me a bit nervous.

     Interested in the case?  (ST/Mega/STe/MSTe versions available)
                             System Solutions
                            19 Sumner Workshops
                              80 Sumner Road
                            London SE15 6LA  UK

                         Phone: 011-44-753-832212




     Lexicor  Software  has  learned  of questionable versions of Rosetta &
 Prism-Render being sold as legitimate copies of our software.  Due to this
 fact, Lexicor  is recalling  all versions of Rosetta and Prism-Render sold
 by RIO Computers.    Rosetta  is  a  file  translation  program  which can
 translate  various  3D  objects  between  platforms  and  Prism-Render  is
 Lexicor's ray-tracing program which allows reflections  and other features
 to be added to an animation from Lexicor's key-frame animator, Chronos-3D.
 Only Rosetta and  Prism-Render  are  included  in  this  recall!    If you
 purchased  your  copy  from  RIO  Computers  or  your  copy  of Rosetta or
 Prism-Render has a RIO  stamp on  the disk  or in  the 'ABOUT'  dialog you
 should send in your ORIGINAL to:

                             Lexicor Software
                     ATTN: Rosetta/Prism-Render Recall
                              58 Redwood Rd.
                             FairFax, CA 94930
                           Phone: 1-415-453-0271

     All recalled copies will be examined for authenticity.  If it is found
 that you purchased a legal copy of the program, you will be  returned your
 disk as  well as  a coupon  worth $25 off any Lexicor product as well as a
 special utilities disk.  If we find that you purchased  an illegal version
 of our  software, that  disk will  be confiscated  under (Title 17) of the
 Copyright code.  However, in return  for  your  cooperation,  you  will be
 given a legal courtesy copy of the software, as well as the utilities disk
 and an option for either a  full warrantee  and upgrades  for the courtesy
 copy or  the $25  coupon for  Lexicor software.  Lexicor has tried to make
 this as fair as possible for its loyal customers and we regret any and all
 inconvenience this may cause.

                                        Lexicor Software Corp.



 In light of this being an election year, we at STReport, felt we should
 bring you a list of our Senators and Representatives along with their
 FAX numbers.  This week the Senators, next week the Representatives.

 From Jim Wells on the Jerry Pournelle Roundtable on Genie...

 In light of the performance of our Congressmen, I thought a list of
 their FAX numbers might be handy...Drop them a line and tell them
 _exactly_ what you think of them; good or bad...


  * NP means Not Published

  SENATORS         FAX numbers       SENATORS      FAX numbers
  SEN ADAMS       =1-202-224-0238    SEN AKAKA     =1-202-224-2126
  SEN BAUCUS      =1-202-224-4379    SEN BROWN     =NP
  SEN BIDEN       =1-202-224-9516    SEN BENTSEN   =1-202-224-1863
  SEN BINGAMAN    =1-202-224-1810    SEN BOND      =1-202-224-7491/8149
  SEN BOREN       =NP                SEN BRADLEY   =1-202-224-8567
  SEN BREAUX      =1-202-224-975/2435
  SEN BRYAN       =1-202-224-1867    SEN BUMPERS   =1-202-224-6435/6437
  SEN BURDICK     =1-202-224-1193    SEN BURNS     =1-202-224-8594
  SEN BYRD        =1-202-224-8070    SEN CHAFFEE   =1-202-224-7472
  SEN COATS       =1-202-224-1966/8964
  SEN COCHRAN     =1-202-224-9450/3576
  SEN COHEN       =1-202-224-2693    SEN CONRAD    =1-202-224-7776
  SEN CRAIG       =1-202-224-2573/1006
  SEN CRANSTON    =1-202-224-8128
  SEN D'AMATO     =1-202-224-5871    SEN DASCHLE   =1-202-224-2047
  SEN DECONCINI   =1-202-224-3464/2302
  SEN DIXON       =1-202-224-5581    SEN DODD      =1-202-224-5431
  SEN DOLE        =1-202-224-8952    SEN DOMENICI  =1-202-224-7371
  SEN DURENBERGER =1-202-224-9486
  SEN FORD        =1-202-224-1144
  SEN EXON        =1-202-224-5213    SEN FOWLER    =1-202-224-8227
  SEN GARN        =NP                SEN GLENN     =1-202-224-7983
  SEN GORTON      =1-202-224-9393
  SEN GRAHAM      =1-202-224-0587/6843
  SEN GRAMM       =1-202-224-6843    SEN GRASSLEY  =1-202-224-0473
  SEN HARKIN      =1-202-224-9369/3254
  SEN HATCH       =1-202-224-6331
  SEN HEFLIN      =1-202-224-3149    SEN HATFIELD  =1-202-224-0276
  SEN HELMS       =1-202-224-1376    SEN HEINZ     =1-202-224-8167
  SEN HOLLINGS    =1-202-224-4293/3573
  SEN INOUYE      =1-202-224-6747
  SEN JOHNSTON    =1-202-224-2501    SEN JEFFORDS  =1-202-224-1507
  SEN KASSEBAUM   =1-202-224-3514    SEN KASTEN    =1-202-224-7700
  SEN KENNEDY     =1-202-224-2417    SEN KERREY    =1-202-224-7645
  SEN KERRY       =1-202-224-8525    SEN LAUTENBERG=1-202-224-9707
  SEN LEAHY       =1-202-224-4797    SEN LEVIN     =1-202-224-5908
  SEN LIEBERMAN   =1-202-224-9750    SEN LOTT      =1-202-224-2262
  SEN LUGAR       =NP                SEN MACK      =1-202-224-9365
  SEN MCCAIN      =1-202-224-8938    SEN MCCONNELL =1-202-224-2499
  SEN METZENBAUM  =1-202-224-6519/8906
  SEN MIKULSKI    =1-202-224-8858
  SEN MOYNIHAN    =1-202-224-9293    SEN MURKOWSKI =1-202-224-5301
  SEN MITCHELL    =1-202-224-6853    SEN NICKLES   =1-202-224-6008
  SEN NUNN        =1-202-224-0072    SEN PRESSLER  =1-202-224-1630
  SEN PRYOR       =1-202-224-8261    SEN REID      =1-202-224-7327
  SEN RIEGEL      =1-202-224-8834    SEN ROBB      =1-202-224-8689
  SEN ROCKEFELLER =1-202-224-7665    SEN ROTH      =1-202-224-2805
  SEN SANFORD     =1-202-224-7406    SEN SARBANES  =1-202-224-1651
  SEN SASSER      =1-202-224-9590
  SEN SHELBY      =1-202-224-3416    SEN SEYMOUR   =1-202-224-8438
  SEN SIMON       =1-202-224-2223
  SEN SIMPSON     =1-202-224-1315    SEN SMITH     =1-202-224-1353
  SEN SPECTER     =1-202-224-1893    SEN STEVENS   =1-202-224-354/1044
  SEN SYMMS       =1-202-224-5893    SEN THURMOND  =1-202-224-1300
  SEN WALLOP      =1-202-224-3230    SEN WARNER    =1-2023 202-224-6295
  SEN WELLSTONE   =1-202-224-8438    SEN WIRTH     =1-202-224-1933
  SEN WOFFARD     =1-202-224-8187


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     The news is slim these days... or, is it?  I think there is plenty
 going on out there.  For example, the minor layoffs at Atari, the
 departure of Simon Westbrook and Gary Weiner to the "joint venture" of
 Atari Explorer and znet.  (A marriage made in heaven?)  Which brings me to
 the point of wishing John Jainschigg, Ron Kovacs and every one else
 involved in this project all the success possible in their new endeavor.

     With this news, in particular, in mind, it now appears STReport will
 be the sole, truly independant, Electronic Magazine remaining.  Being such
 is quite a responsibility and to that end, we pledge to be unbiased and
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 - Sunnyvale, CA.                THE REVOLVING DOOR IS ALIVE AND WELL!

     Recent development have found Gary Weiner, Intn'l Sales has left
 Atari.  His old office, beneath JT's has been dubbed the "office of
 death", has once again fulfilled its ominous reputation as being the last
 stop at Atari.

 - Sunnyvale, CA               EXPLORER & ZNET JOIN IN ONLINE VENTURE!

     Atari's Explorer Magazine and ZNET online will undertake a joint
 effort in producing an online newsletter.  According to our sources, the
 current editor of Explorer will oversee the operation.  Ron Kovacs will
 assume the duties of editor of the new online newsletter.  Frequency of
 publication is expected to be bi-weekly.

 - Sunnyvale CA.                          ATARI ACQUIRES HUMAN DYNAMO!

     Atari has signed on Bernie Stolar.  This fellow come with impeccable
 credentials in the "Can do" dept.  Formally with the Village Voice in
 Manhattan, NY,  Bernie brings a level of promotional expertise the likes
 of which Atari has yet to experience.  Mr. Stolar's official title will
 be; Director of Business Development.    Best Wishes & Good Luck to you!


     Marpet Developments took over all rights to the product range
 previously manufactured and distributed by Frontier Software - the trading
 name of Arben Electronics Ltd, on Wednesday the 8th of April.

     Marpet Developments is a new business formed by Atari specialists
 Martin Walsh and Peter Franklin.  Both have a long involvement in the
 Frontier product range.  Commenting on the new set-up Marketing Manager
 Martin Walsh said "We are both very excited about this deal.  We have
 received tremendous backing for our move both within the industry and from
 our bankers.  Marpet will continue to supply products to existing Frontier
 dealers both here in the UK and throughout the world." He then added,
 "Recently dealers have not been getting as much product as they ordered
 creating a worldwide product shortage.  Marpet will ensure that both users
 and dealers find it much easier to get our Frontier products."

     The product range includes the market leading Xtra-RAM and Xtra-RAM
 Deluxe memory expansion boards for the Atari ST range, Forget-Me-Clock and
 the low cost expandable Printer-Q-buffer.  Other products recently
 launched or soon to be released include the Xtra-RAM A500+expansion board
 for the Commodore Amiga A500+, a sophisticated disk duplication system for
 Atari ST owners and a range of electronic products for the agricultural

     Development of new products for 16 bit computers including a new
 memory product for Atari ST owners will continue.  Product Development
 Manager Peter Franklin said, "Marpet sees a real need for new, innovative
 products and we will be actively developing for the ST and Amiga markets.
 We are committed to keeping up the reputation Frontier products have for
 reliability and easy fitting.  This deal also means that support for
 existing users will continue to be available through Marpet."

     Over the past three years over 15,000 memory expansion boards have
 been manufactured and distributed by Frontier to Atari ST owners.  Many
 owners of the recently launched Xtra-RAM Deluxe range may be interested to
 learn that Marpet are prepared to take on the remaining warranty on these
 units.  For an inclusive handling charge of 4.99 Xtra-RAM Deluxe owners
 can register their product with Marpet and receive a written warranty and
 details of special offers.

                            Marpet Developments
                             Meadowfield Farm
                              Pateley Bridge
                         North Yorkshire  HG3 5ET

 Marpet can be contacted:
                          Tel 0423 567140/530577
                              Fax 0423 522874

 Martin Walsh also gave these contact numbers:
                    Tel 0423 711671 (office hours only)
                          Fax 0765 603646 (temp)


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From GEnie

 Category 4,  Topic 11
 Message 149       Fri Apr 17, 1992
 J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 00:55 EDT

 I've decided to let people who want 50Mhz chips for sure go get them from
 a mail order source. We'll knock $95 off the Tiny030 price for those who
 supply thier own 030 chip. We'll also test your chip for you right away so
 you know you got a good one. Just buy it...$130? great...and send it in,
 we'll test it immediately, then put it aside for your unit. We'll also
 cover the unit including the chip under the normal warranty. How's that
 for flexibility?

 All 50Mhz 030 equipped units will ship at 50Mhz, we've thoroughly tested
 the design now at 50, so away we go!!

 Further tuning report...Turbo030 running at 40Mhz:

    NBM mem = 1.78
        math = 2.23
        dial = 5.05
        graf = 10.83

    QI 2.2
    memory   1110
    reg      1024
    div      1268
    shf      4457
    txt      1084
    str      5053
    scr       160
    draw     1792

    Dynacadd 3D cup.... 30 secs

    Nevin's Pagestream test:
      8Mhz ST.........161 secs
     32Mhz TT..........31 secs
     40Mhz Turbo030-4..20 secs
     50Mhz Turbo030-4..16 secs

 I still need to get the blitter talking to the 32bit ram, page mode turned
 on, and the 32bit video turbocharging on. Also need to test my "rom-ram"
 utility. Should be a long weekend ;-)

 From GEnie

 Category 4,  Topic 11
 Message 166       Tue Apr 21, 1992
 J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 22:22 EDT

 Hi Folks,
    Just a quick update on the Turbo030-4Meg board.  We've got it up and
 running at 50Mhz!! Still no page-mode or blitter, but here are the

    NBM v1.2

    Math       1.67   986%
    Memory     1.42  1136%
    Dialog     4.53  1067%
    Graphics   8.87   904%

    That is an average 10X...TEN TIMES... the speed of an ST, on the
 toughest benchmarks around. Benchmarks other speed wizards hold sacred ;-)

    QIndex 2.2

    Memory      1249%
    Register    1303%
    Divide      1584%
    Shift       5395%
    Text        1506%
    String      6519%
    Scroll       160%
    Draw        2021%

    The above were running in ST Mono, with QuickSTE 3.04, with everything
 running in 32bit ram.

    Dhrystones....12,004 ;-)

    I'm not kidding, Calamus 1.09N looks just like TEMPUS2 when using the
 scroll arrows!!!  You load the PRINTER.CDK file, and it's on screen in 2
 seconds flat (an LPS105 Quantum helps a bit ;-)

    The Dynacadd 3D CUP is a cool 24 seconds!!!  And Nevin Shalit's
 Pagestream test is 16 seconds flat (the TT takes 30 seconds)!!!

    I can't tell you how happy I am that my design, nearly a year old, has
 proven to be right on target.  With out question the right way to go

    See ya- Jim

 From the FNET

 Msg # 4305 ( 4 of  4 ) Date:  04-16-92 (12:54)
 To  : ALL
 SO ... what is everyone verdict of FLASH II???  It is a real let down for
 me.  The main problem I have with it is that it seems very slow.  When you
 turn the capture on or even without it, it is slower than the original
 FLASH!  Also: DON'T forget, silent line works with all of the protocols
 except Z-MODEM ... I have heard a few people say it does not work ... but
 it does.  Overall, I am sticking with FLASH ... I find the long distance
 charge calculation too much of a pain in the a$$ to set up.  In fact,
 entering all the boards and configuring this program is a huge pain in the
 a$$!  Usually a program defaults to the most common configuration ... this
 is certainly not the case with FLASH II --- let's hope a better terminal
 program comes out soon!

   /\/\/\/\ the Shamus /\/\/\/\

 *Origin: Fnet Node 38, AArdvarks From Mars #38 (EE)

 From the FNET

 Msg # 37 ( 3 of 10 ) Date:  04-14-92 (21:06)
 Subj: UPL
 In reply to:

  - John.. I have learned one thing over the years.. You cannot please
  - everyone no matter what you do.  Be fair and that is all anyone can ask
  - for.  I think your efforts are appreciated!
  - Ron

 Yeah, but just let him list your board and mine as ST Report support sites
 and we'll see how much we appreciate him!!!! <grin>


 Bob Brodie

 *Origin: Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California

 From the FNET

 Msg # 431 (  6 of  11) Date:  04-14-92 (21:23)
 In reply to:

  -     I've been playing with a new toy today.  It's a TT030 with
  - eight megs of RAM and a hi-res monitor, oh a laser printer too!!!
  -     Gosh, those people over at Atari sure are NICE folks!!! And
  - that TT kicks butt.
  -     Chances are that I'll be putting the BBS on it in a few days.
  - It seems like FoReM may run a wee bit faster on a 32MHz machine.

 Glad you like it STeve!! But I sure hope that your message doesn't make
 Bill Turner start accosting the UPS man looking for HIS system!!

 Again, my thanks to you for your assistance in making Node 319 a success!

 *Origin: Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California

 Msg# : 3353/3358  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Apr 18, 1992  at 8:28 PM
 To   : John Miller
 From : Jason Alexander at Fnet Node 736, The MIDI Clinic BBS
 Subj : Re: <3322> Znet messages

 All I can think of saying is that Atari US should smell the coffee and get
 looking and become more educated with ///Turbo BBS, as it is in my
 opinion, MILES ahead of the others.  The other software out there just
 doesn't stack, up.  As I have told you before, (John), I have had many IBM
 members on my BBS inform me that your software is VERY frindly, FAST, and
 efficient, and is much better than the currently available and popular
 Maximus software.  If that isn't a good enough indication that ///Turbo is
 a hit...I don't know what is.  I for one would be EXTREMELY UPSET if you
 left the ST world, and it would almost FORCE me to pick up an IBM...which
 wouldn't be bad...but still!  Please don't be too hasty on abandoning us.
 As for Atari and Ron....I can see how a hasty move such as doling out two
 complete TT systems could affect your spirit, but don't let the spirit of
 the hundreds of happy ///Turbo owners vanish!  We are strongly supporting
 you and your brother's software.  Also, don't forget, ...we must have had
 high praise for your software, since we have paid for it, in hopes that
 you would continue and make the terrific package that you have started.
 Don't be afraid to show this to Mr. Brodie at Atari.  I hope he opens up
 his eyes and understands that ///Turbo _IS_ the definitive BBS software
 for the Atari!

                              Jason Alexander - MIDI Clinic BBS -
                                 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

 Msg # 42 (  3 of  14) Date:  04-22-92 (08:42)
  Previously Bob Brodie wrote:
  - This is starting to get a little bit out of hand...
  - We *loaned* stuff to the FoReM developers upon request. Same courtesy
  - we offer all of our registered developers that are working on projects
  - that require specific hardware.
  - Dee's comment was in jest. Right, Dee? <grin>

 Does this mean if the Turbo developers register and work on projects that
 require this hardware, they will get them too?

 *Origin: Fnet Node 686, THE SEWER RATS DOMAIN @686

 Msg #12246 ( 41 of 131) Date:  04-17-92 (10:34)
 To  : ALFA
 In reply to:

  =[RK>> The only rights allowed here are those I permit.  This is my conf
  =[RK>> and I want the rules followed.  Reprinting of messages from thi
  =[RK>> conference consitutes crossposting
  = Ahh, you just violated the most basic principal we live by
  = ************ F R E E D O M   O F   S P E A C H ***********
 First of all, it's Feedom of Speech, not SPEACH. Sheesh. Ron has a lawyer,
 and we have staff attorneys at Atari as well. I've discussed this with our

 You're blowing smoke, in their opinion. However, since I pride myself on
 being a fair man, I will acknowledge that if there is one thing that
 lawyers agree on, it's agreeing to disagree. Yours may think that ours are
 all wet. I'll stick with our guys anyway.  At least they spell correctly.
 And somehow, I have a hard time believing that the Human Rights Commision
 patrols BBS looking for behavior that needs to be corrected. They are much
 too busy in Uganda, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Lenannon, Eithopia, and anywhere
 else some penny-anny dictator is inflicting real human suffering.

 have a nice day,

 Bob Brodie, Director of Communications, Atari Corporation

 *Origin: Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California

 [Ed Note:]
 pssst.... Its FREEDOM not "feedom" and its COMMISSION not "commision"
 Hmmmmmmm!    Who is......  _REALLY_ "blowing smoke"?

 Msg #12 ( 4 of 13 ) Date:  04-17-92 (11:11)
 In reply to:

  -    There is a saying I enjoy that applies here.  "Freedom of Speech
  - belongs to the man who owns the presses".  I personally am all in favor
  - of freedom of speech.  You can stay outside of my home and say anything
  - you want to say and I will support your right to do so.
  -    My BBS is a slightly different story.  It is MY PROPERTY, a part
  - of my home.  I lay down the rules.  Anyone who does not like my rules
  - can call some other BBS, or start their own, or stand on a soapbox

 Well said, STeve. And tell them to make an appointment when they come
 over. That way a few of us will have time to help you "discuss" this with
 The guy is blowing smoke. I checked about this with our staff attornies
 long ago, and again after reading his message. At least with our lawyers
 on staff it didn't cost me much, just another trip to Spoon's! <grin>
 (Favorite eatery in the Sunnyvale area, gang)

 *Origin: Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California

 Msg #12 ( 59 of 13 ) Date:  04-15-92 (22:35)
 In reply to:

  - Wasn't MultiTOS shown at a show recently?
  - Andreas

 Have you noticed all these messages about MultiTOS which have
 WINDOG (intentional mis-spelling) as the message subject ?

 If you would like to see MultiTOS live in person call me voice,
 I'm local.  You could see a really messy apartment at the same time!

 Anyone want to buy some empty cardboard cartons ?

 *Origin: Fnet Node 204, Full Moon: FoReM Support

 Msg #12342 ( 6 of  9 ) Date:  04-16-92 (08:16)
 To  : ALFA
 In reply to:

  - But how great  is it? Are there any performance  test results we/I can
  - see?

    It's great!  Hmmm, how great ? --- Better than MS-Windog by a long

    Faster, more user friendly, more transparent, equipped with very
 useful tools for debugging and monitoring performance.  The other night I
 was dialed out into another BBS on one of my serial ports while a user was
 logged into my BBS, then I logged off that board while he was still on
 and started editing files on my system while he was using it.  I doubt
 very much that he noticed a thing.

 *Origin: Fnet Node 204, Full Moon: FoReM Support

 Msg #123 ( 3 of 9 ) Date:  04-18-92 (09:39)
 And yet I know another developer (personally, but he's not from right
 around here) who also has it and he is having problems getting it to run
 anything..........on his TT that is......

 *Origin: Fnet Node 168, C.C.B.B.S. - Bridgeton, N.J.

 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 8
 Message 55        Sun Apr 19, 1992
 F.BELL1 [Frank @ Home]       at 13:10 EDT


 Gee, If your dealer doesn't know how to install TOS 2.06...
 Anyway, in my machine there are (were) two jumper resisters, one called
 w102, the other call w104.  Just unsolder the outside pin of both
 resisters and resolder it to the other side of the resister.

     |   -     -     -   |
     |  | |   |+-----+|  | old TOS 1.06
     |   -     -     -   |
       W104 (W102) before

     |   -     -     -   |
     |  |+-----+|   | |  | new, better, up-to-date TOS 2.06
     |   -     -     -   |
       W104 (W102) after

 If your luckly, I wasn't, then all you have to do is switch/move a jumper.

 If you break the resister off, I did, then just replace it with short
 of wire (if you have a DOS PC then take the wire from there, any wire)



 Category 14,  Topic 8
 Message 56        Sun Apr 19, 1992
 T.MCCOMB [=Tom=]             at 14:57 EDT

 My friend, who bought his roms from his local dealer (he's lucky, he HAS a
 local dealer, and is interested in supporting him) was in the SAME

 Atari ships the ROMs in a piece of black anti-static foam WITH NO

 He was at his dealer when the package arrived, so it's not some line of
 bull.  Atari Corp is really amazing at times.

 How much time/effort/money would it take to type up the info in my
 previous message and Xerox it and send a copy out with _each_ set of

 Gee, if they were REAL slick they would have printed the info right on the
 (c) sticker on top of the ROMs.




 Category 14,  Topic 10
 Message 92        Sun Apr 19, 1992
 T.MCCOMB [=Tom=]             at 14:42 EDT

  Chip EE goes in U102
  Chip EO goes in u103
  W102 -> Jumper 1 to 2
  W103 -> Jumper 2 to 3
  W104 -> Jumper 1 to 2

 The above info is for an STE

 In a MegaSTE
  EE -> U206
  EO -> U207

  W201  1 to 2
  w202  2 to 3
  W203  1 to 2



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