ST Report: 3-Apr-92 #814

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Date: 04/07/92-01:46:07 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 3-Apr-92 #814
Date: Tue Apr  7 13:46:07 1992

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     CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES announces the release of Warp 9,  formerly known
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    Issue #14

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Playboy Sues Over Playmate Scans on BBS

 Playboy magazine has brought an infringement suit against Event Horizons
 and executive James Maxey.  The suit alleges that Event Horizons allowed
 copyrighted Playboy photos to be scanned into its computer system and
 that it provided the images by modem to computer bulletin board systems.

 The suit also contends online users could download files to view Playboy
 images so clearly they substantially replicated the original magazine
 photographs and that Event Horizons also sold floppy disks that contain
 files of Playboy photographs.

 Playboy general counsel Howard Shapiro said, "Event Horizons never
 obtained authorization to copy or publish Playboy's copyrighted works
 and never has compensated Playboy for doing so, although it has profited
 from bulletin board user fees and disk sales.

 "In using the words 'Playboy' and 'Playmate' in image descriptions," he
 said, "Event Horizons has indicated its awareness of Playboy's ownership
 of the photographs. We are filing this suit because Event Horizons
 continued to use Playboy's photographs, after repeatedly being asked to
 cease publication of all Playboy-owned works."

  -- IBM Ships OS/2 Version 2.0 on Schedule

 Version 2.0 of IBM's OS/2 operating system began shipping this week. IBM
 hopes that OS/2  will compete head-to-head with Microsoft's Windows 3.1
 and officials say they plan to firmly establish OS/2 2.0 as the PC oper-
 ating system of the 1990s.

 The first version of OS/2, introduced in 1987, has been a commercial
 flop but IBM has high hopes this new program will bring the company
 software success. OS/2 2.0 is one of the most complex PC programs ever
 written and is being publicized as the first operating system to take
 full advantage of a computer's ability to process information 32 bits at
 a time.

 Sources say the updated system delivers three operating environments --
 DOS, Windows and OS/2 -- in a single package. IBM has set a special
 introductory price of $49 for Windows users to lure them to the new
 program, while DOS users can upgrade for $99.

  -- Dell Offers '386SL Notebook PC

 Dell Computer Corp. has announced a new notebook computer, the 25 MHz
 Dell System NL25 which starts at $1,999. Dell says the computer, built
 around the Intel 386 SL chip, weighs 6.3 pounds and measures 8.3 inches
 by 11 inches by 1.8 inches high. It ships next month.

 Two megabytes of system memory, expandable to 8MB, come standard with
 the system.

  -- Cyrix Prepares to Ship '486 Chip Next Month

 Cyrix Corp. says it will being shipping its 486SLC microprocessor next
 month.  The 486SLC is expected to go head-to-head with rival Intel's
 '486 microprocessors.

 Cyrix Corp. says the 486SLC is smaller, faster and cheaper than rival
 products and has the advanced technology of an Intel '486 chip, yet is
 one sixth the size.

 It will be priced about the same as Intel's lower 386 line, around $119
 which is less than half the cost of Intel's '486 486sx chips.

 The 486SLC runs at 25MHz and is only slightly slower than an Intel 486sx
 chip, but is 2.5 times faster than the Intel 386sx.  Also the Cyrix chip
 is said to have a low power consumer -- three volts -- making it attrac-
 tive for manufacturers hoping to extend battery life of their portable

 Although the 486SLC plugs into the socket for Intel's 386SX micro-
 processor, it more closely resembles the internal structure of the 486

  -- Intel Files Suit Against Cyrix

 This week, Intel Corp. filed suit against Cyrix Corp. in US District
 Court in Dallas, Texas in an attempt to prevent the small, privately
 held chipmaker from selling its new microprocessor that Intel claims
 infringes four of its patents.

 Cyrix denies that the chip, the CX486SL, violates any Intel patents.

 Cyrix is the third company, after Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Chips
 and Technologies, to produce a clone of Intel microprocessors. Intel has
 filed suit against all three firms.

  -- Japan to be Leading Chip Market by 1995

 A new study by the Electronic Industries Association of Japan (EIAJ)
 concludes that country will be the world's biggest semiconductor market
 in 1995, with annual demand of $32.6 billion out-pacing both Europe and
 North America.

 The three-year EIAJ survey found Japanese demand for semiconductors will
 increase as a proportion of world demand to 35.1% by 1995, from 33.5% in
 1989.  At the same time, North America will see its world market share
 fall to 33.1% in 1995, from 33.9% in 1989, the research suggests.

  -- Japan Fails to Meet Commitment

 US Trade Representative Carla Hills said this week that the failure by
 Japanese companies to meet their commitment to purchase more foreign-
 made semiconductors is posing a "serious concern" to the United States.

 Hills said that calculations made by the United States and Japan show
 that Japan's foreign share of chip purchases was 14.4% in the third
 quarter of 1991, which is up from 14.3% in the second quarter.

 According to the chip pact, special attention is also paid to the
 overall foreign market share. The US industry had expected it to hit 20%
 by year-end.

  -- Sun Micro Gets Four Apple Execs

 In an effort to make its desktops easier to use, Sun Microsystems has
 hired at least four Apple Computer Inc. experts.  The most recently
 brought in were two former Apple employees who are experts in human-
 interface design.

 Sun, which sells workstations used mostly by engineers, has been
 increasing its efforts in the area of human interface as the PC and
 workstation fields converge.

  -- IBM Cuts Prices on Two PS/2 Models

 IBM this week announced price cuts of 20-31% on its PS/2 Models 35 SX
 and 40 SX.

 The Model 35 SX is a small footprint, 386SX-based machine featuring an
 AT bus, three expansion slots and two storage bays. The Model 40 SX
 comes with an AT bus, five expansion slots and two storage bays.

 Both models feature 2MB of memory, expandable to 16MB on the mother-
 board, an internal 3.5-inch, 1.44MB floppy drive and 16-bit VGA.

 IBM said the price of the Model 35 SX-040 was reduced to $1,310 from
 $1,745, the 35 SX- 043 with 40MB hard drive to $1,610 from $2,255, 35
 SX-14X with Ethernet adapter to $1,441 from $1,820 and 35 SX-24X with
 Token-Ring to $1,905 from $2,425.


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                Welcome to the Atari ST Roundtable


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       *         *      *                    *
      *           *      *                   *
     *             *      *                  *
    *               *      *************     ***************

         This week, the eyes of the Atari world will be on Toronto!

             April 3rd - National Dealers' Meeting in Toronto

             April 4th & 5th - Atari Canadian Exposition, 1992
                           Saturday, 10am - 6pm
                         Cocktail gathering - 7pm
                            Gala Banquet - 8pm
                            Sunday, 11am - 6pm

   ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92 ACE'92
                     ACE '92 to Highlight "Atari Week"

     It hasn't been proclaimed by any  Mayor, but  this week  is definitely
 "The Week of Atari", with the focus on Toronto.

     On Friday,  April 3rd,  Canadian Atari dealers gather in Toronto for a
 national meeting.

     On Saturday and Sunday, April 4th & 5th, the best and the brightest in
 the world  of Atari  will come together at the Skyline Hotel in Toronto to
 share and  show  off  their  latest  creations.    New  programs, hardware
 modifications, seminars,  MIDI concerts,  graphics demonstrations, program
 updates, show sale specials, Gala Banquet, and Atari  celebrities all over
 the place!

          Saturday - 10am to 6pm
          Sunday   - 11am to 6pm (Clocks advance 1 hour on Saturday)
          Admission: $6 (free for 6 and under)
                     $5 for Any Atari club member (with club ID)

     If you're  not planning a trip to Toronto this coming week-end, you're
 missing the Atari Event of the Year!!

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission



                               April 1, 1992

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to the Atari
 Canada RealTime Conference featuring Geoffrey Earle.  Before getting
 started, some business about how an RTC works.  While the RTC room is in
 Listen-Only mode, you can only address our guest when I let you talk.  To
 get my attention, just /RAIse your hand.  Just enter this from your
 keyboard: /rai

 I'll acknowledge your raised hand as soon as I can, but please be patient.
 I -WILL- let you know when your turn is coming up.

 Some other RTC commands are:

     ?     -  Lists all RTC commands.
     /sta  -  Status (list) of everyone in
              the RTC room.
     /exi  -  Exit the RTC, but you remain
              logged onto GEnie.
     /bye -   Log off of GEnie directly from
              the RTC.
     /rai  -  Raise your hand.  Lets me know
              you wish to address our guest.

 Our guest this evening is Goeffrey Earle, Directing Manager of Atari
 Canada.  This is Mr. Earle's first visit to GEnie, but I hope it will not
 be his last.

 Before I turn the floor over to Geoffrey and to your questions, I'd like
 to lay down the foundation for this conference.  Like most other companies
 in the industry, Atari has a policy of not publicly discussing products
 and marketing under development until they're ready to issue a general
 announcement.  Unless I'm mistaken, we're not expecting any such
 announcements this evening (although I would welcome any surprises!).

 While I am as eager as anyone else to hear more about Falcons, Sparrows,
 MultiTOS, and whatever will happen with Word Up, these are probably going
 to be the subjects of future conferences, not this one.

 What I hope we can get out of this RTC is some background on Geoff's
 career, some insight into how Atari Canada handles their operation in
 Canada, how Atari is perceived by the public in Canada, how Atari is
 promoted in Canada, etc.

 Also, the TAF Atari Show takes place this weekend in Toronto, so we'll get
 to find out more about Atari Canada's participation in the show.  This is
 a major Atari event.  Atari Canada and the show developers and exhibitors
 are very excited.  As one who won't be able to attend the show, I look
 forward to this sneak preview.

 Enough of my yapping.

 Welcome, Geoffrey!  Thank you for joining us this evening.  And extend my
 thanks to Nathan Potechin for being there with you to help you deal with
 this confusing medium.  <grin>  If you have an opening statement you'd
 like to make, please go ahead.  Afterward, I have a few questions and then
 we'll open the discussion to questions from the floor.

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Thank you Jeff.

 As General Manager of Atari Canada I would like to take this opportunity
 to welcome all of the participants to the RTC this evening, to discuss the
 upcoming Atari Canadian Exposition.

 I would also like to pass along a HUGE thank you to the more than 50 Atari
 Developers who are supporting Atari in making this an exciting weekend for
 us all.

 This evening, please join me in welcoming Mr. Gary Weiner, Vice President
 of Marketing and Sales, Atari Corp. who has just flown in from Sunnyvale
 this evening to attend this roundtable and be present at the Canadian
 Dealer Conference scheduled for this Friday.  Gary will be available to
 answer a few questions as well, towards the end of this conference

 Atari (Canada) Corp. looks forward to 1992 with a strong feeling of
 enthusiasm for our products and the direction our Corporation has taken as
 a whole, worldwide.

 <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA> ga

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Please tell us about your background, Geoffrey.  What did you do before
 coming to Atari Canada, how long have you been with Atari Canada, and just
 what does the Directing Manager of Atari Canada do?  <smile>

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 I graduated as a technician and went on from there to various technical
 positions, then switched careers to sales management.  From there I went
 on to the organization, operation and part ownership of a chain of
 Audio/Video and Computer stores.

 From there I spent two years in software development from the marketing
 side and have spent the last for years, as of this past weekend, with

 In my position as General Manager, Managing Director :-), of Atari Canada,
 I am directly resonsible for all sales, marketing and operations as it
 relates to Canada.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 What kind of presence will Atari have at the TAF Show this weekend?  What
 will the Atari Canada exhibit consist of?  And here's the tricky
 question...are showgoers likely to be surprised by any new products or

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Atari Canada will have its large Corporate Booth equiped with all existing
 hardware products and will support all the Developers with their hardware
 requirements to assist them in presenting their product.  We will also be
 conducting a Talent Contest in the two areas of Graphics and Midi and
 presenting special prizes to the winners.  We will also be hosting a Lynx
 challenge with all proceeds being donated to Sick Kids Hospital.

 We will have Multi-TOS, Unix and the ST Book.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 MultiTOS!  Excellent!  Wish I could be there.

 Go ahead, Lou.

                              <[Lou] L.ROCHA1>
 I would like to commend Atari Canada for their wonderful support of the
 userbase.  My question to Geoff: Is there a way to network STBook to the
 ST/TT line of computers?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Lou, other than the transfer of information through ACSI, Serial and
 parallel ports, or A & D's Midi network, than are none that I am aware of
 at this time.

                              <[Lou] L.ROCHA1>
 Will Atari Canada be sponsoring any future initiatives in Education here
 in the Great White North?  My school would be very interested in hearing
 about such plans if they exist.

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Lou, YES, we will be agressively marketing to education in the later part
 of 1992 and beyond.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 That it, Lou?

                              <[Lou] L.ROCHA1>
 Thank you very much.

                         <[Bruce&Keith] K.BROOKS1>
 Hi Geoff!
 1) When do you expect the GE Service to be in place;
 2) When will the AJAX 1.44 FDD chip be available?
 3) What about TOS 2.07?
 4) What about multisync's for the Mega STE's? i.e. the PTC1426 adapted?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 1. The final details of the GE Service agreement is still in the works.
 Most likely, we will start with Lynx and Portfolio and will provide more
 details as they become available.

 2 & 3. Keith, I understand that we have just supplied you with the latest
 TOS 2.06 and I have no idea of TOS 2.07 availability at this time.

 The AJAX chip is another matter.  We are working diligently to assist you
 in this regard.  As we get more news we will let you know.

 4. I do not have any information on the multisync topic at this time.

                         <[Bruce&Keith] K.BROOKS1>
 No, the TOS was brought in for the UNIX developer, not us.  That was 3.06
 you sent but we want AJAX and 3.06 for our TT's.

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Keith, I'll see you at the Dealer show Friday and talk with you then.

                         <[Bruce&Keith] K.BROOKS1>
 Thanks for you help....looking forward to the show.  Need some of your
 time for BIG things

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Keith, you're a dealer in Toronto, aren't you?

                         <[Bruce&Keith] K.BROOKS1>
 New Horizon is in Calgary, Alberta.  Temp tomorrow is 22C...what

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Are you going to be exhibiting at the TAF Show?

                         <[Bruce&Keith] K.BROOKS1>
 Nope, just drooling!

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Well, I envy you.  Have a good time!

                             <[Paul] P.COLLARD>
 Hi Geoff...As TAF President and Exhibit Coordinator for ACE, I would like
 to Publicly thank you for all the help and support you have given TAF in
 putting on this cooperative event.

 Is there one Event this weekend that you are most excited about?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 I am most excited about your performance at the Talent Show.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Paul, best of luck with the show.  I know you've put in a lot of hard work
 on it.  Anything else, Paul?

                             <[Paul] P.COLLARD>
 Seriously is there one thing you are excited about and thanks again.

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 I am very excited that Atari will have the opportunity to support TAF once
 again in showing to the entire Atari community that we have the best and
 most active Atari Users of any SUB.  Paul, I like to especially thank you
 and the TAF Executive that you have already dedicated to making this show
 a success.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Before going on to Terry, I hope you'll forgive me, Gary Weiner, for not
 welcoming you earlier.  Welcome to GEnie and congratulations on your

                           <[Gary] ATARI-CANADA>
 Thanks Jeff. I'm glad to be here.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 I have a question that both you and Geoffrey might be able to answer

 Atari Canada and other non-USA Atari subsidiaries sell Atari products that
 we either don't get at all in the USA or reach the USA at a later date or
 in limited distribution.  For example, the MS-DOS compatible line of
 desktop computers and CD-ROM units never made it to the US market.

 Other products, like the Mega STE and TT030 were available in Canada
 before anyone could buy them in the US and even now, the TT030 is only
 available for non-residential use in the US.  This has frustrated Atari
 users, dealers, and journalists in the USA.  We Americans like to think
 that the rest of the world revolves around us <sarcastic grin>, so why
 doesn't Atari?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 I can't speak for any other SUBs, however, Canada presents a marketing
 plan as it relates to our market and the products for that market which
 are not necessarily the same as any other SUB i.e.; US.

                           <[Gary] ATARI-CANADA>
 Let me make a comment about Atari's view of the importance of the US
 market.  You should know that I have been with Atari for two months now
 and most of that time has been spent visiting with our Subsidiaries
 worldwide, many of their Dealers/Distributors and some hardware and
 software developers.  Without exception, everybody believes that a
 successful re-emergence of Atari in the US market is critical to all their
 businesses.  Over the remainder of this year and next we will be focusing
 heavily on addressing this issue in particular. I hope that adequately
 addresses your question.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Thank you, Gary (and Geoffrey).  Once again, welcome.  Hope to see you on
 GEnie some more!  Now, on to Terry...

                           <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 I have a 2600 game machine and its""  Really what I wanted to ask is if
 there are plans for a merchandising campaign on the lower end products and
 what can we expect to see?  Also what is Atari's plans on 4th quarter

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 As you have probably seen recently, Atari Canada is reasserting itself in
 the consumer market and aggressively campaigning for this market.  We will
 continue to do so through the balance of the year.

                           <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 Can we expect to see a $149.95 520STFM this Christmas?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 How many 520STFM's do you feel you could sell at that price, Terry?

                           <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 how about advertising more print naything eslse on the agenda?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Our print advertising in your market (B.C.) has been in the form of
 specialty, newsprint such as the Georgia Straight and the Computer Paper.
 It is our plan to continue with this type of print advertising.

                             <[Ron] R.GRANT11>
 My question is for Gary Weiner..... Gary, I'm interested in your being
 online with Atari Canada tonight, and in being at the Toronto show.  Is
 this a 'research' mission, or do we have stirrings of "Continental
 Subsidiaries" again?  Hmmm, gee that sounded paranoid...<grin>

                           <[Gary] ATARI-CANADA>
 I am here to support Geoff and the Atari community. As I mentioned
 earlier, I've been visiting with all of our Subs worldwide.

                             <[Ron] R.GRANT11>
 Is your position with Atari Corp (International)?

                           <[Gary] ATARI-CANADA>
 I'm working with all of the subsidiary General Managers to enhance our
 marketing and sales efforts worldwide.

                             <[Ron] R.GRANT11>
 Thanks for being here tonight, Gary.  I look forward to meeting you

                         <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Hey!  I'm really looking forward to the show!   We'll be crushed in
 between WizWorks! and the 'Heads.  I'll be strutting the stuff our new
 Multiplay has to offer.  And we have a major upgrade for Kidpublisher
 which will be offered to folks who bought it at the last TAF show for
 FREE!  ($5 for anybody else, upgrade-wise)

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 [ 'Heads = CodeHead Technologies ]

                         <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 I do manage to have a question...  I know Atari Canada participated in the
 international edtech conference, ECCO, last year.  Will you have a booth
 at the show this month too?

                           <[Gary] ATARI-CANADA>
 It is unfortunate that this year we were unable to participate due to
 other commitments that we have at that time.

                         <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 How 'bout next year?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Next year we will absolutely participate.  Would you care to join us?

                         <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Absolutely!  I'll remind you!

                         <[Bruce&Keith] K.BROOKS1>
 We just received a WordUp 3.0 from a CA supplier.  The back jacket cover
 says "for the Atari ST or TT".  Is Atari doing this since Neocept no
 longer exists?  Re-emergence - GO FOR IT!!! :-)

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 I am not conversant with the status of the WordUp project.  Please ask
 Bill Rehbock.

 On behalf of CodeHead Technologies, I'd just like to say that we're really
 looking forward to the ACE show.  We'll be debuting our new product WARP 9
 (formerly Quick ST) there and we'll also have the rest of our catalog for
 demonstrating, upgrading, and whatever.  We're looking forward to a
 terrific Atari-style party!

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Looking forward to having you there Charles.

                        <[David @ JMG] D.THOMPSON66>
 I've at least got a question before I give my plug.  :-)  Geoff... How
 many Dealers are expected at Friday's meeting and then staying for the

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 There will be approximately 60 Dealers from across the country.  As far as
 I know, they will be present at the show on Saturday.

                        <[David @ JMG] D.THOMPSON66>
 That's sound pretty good.  What percentage from outside Ontario?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 About 50% David.

                        <[David @ JMG] D.THOMPSON66>
 Thanks for the info.  Now for the plug... HyperLINK 2.0 (with new
 manual:-) will be released at ACE this weekend!!!  Lots of new features,
 (lots of sleepless nights this past week...)  Looking forward to the show,
 and see everybody there.

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Let me say Congratulations to all of you releasing new or upgraded
 products for the show.  This is great.  Thanks on behalf of us Atari
 people everywhere.

                           <[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM>
 Gee, David, I have a question first too <g>  Geoff, How can we verify if
 our product arrived that we shipped ahead?  Is there someone we could
 telephone tomorrow?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Please call Cathy Gallately tomorrow at (416) 479-1266 and she will check
 for you.  I know for certain that we received product from Fair Dinkum :-)
 and Missionware by the way. :-)

                           <[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM>
 Thanks!  I assume that the dealer's conference is over by 4:00 Friday?
 That's the earliest I could arrive.

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 The Dealers Conference concludes at 4:30 pm.

                           <[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM>
 Yeh, OK, no worries.  OK, now the promo...  Fair Dinkum Technologies is
 proud to be represented at the ACE show... our first!

 We will be debuting a brand new product, THE CRYPTOGRAPHER, as well as
 show specials on our regulars... CROSSWORD CREATOR II, WORD SEARCH
 CREATOR, PUZZLE PACK, etc.  Look for us there as we'll be looking for you!
 SHould be a great show!

                           <[George@JMG] JMGSOFT>
 Darn... I don't think I have a real question (grin), but...  First, with
 my dealer hat on, I'd like to say I'm looking forward to the Dealer
 conference.  I'll save all my tough questions for then (and I have a few!)

                           <[George@JMG] JMGSOFT>
 With my developer hat on, I'd like to say I'm really looking forward to
 the show and the release of Version 2 of our "earth shattering" HyperLINK
 product.  We have quite a set of demos. (Be sure to see it!)

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 I will be more than pleased to answer your "tough" questions at the Dealer
 show. :-) Good luck with your release.


 first, so I should bring around 50 dealer kits?

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>

 Second, is there any way we as developers (or just us) can help?  Need
 someone to get ice for the beer? *grin*

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Just by being there and enthusiastically supporting ACE 92 in your usual
 fashion Dave. :-) Thanks.

 That's no problem; I found the show wonderful years ago. Final question;
 may I ask how it feels on your end to be talking to all these developers?
 I'm just curious...

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Frightening but pleasurable. :-)

 In just the spirit of friendly curiousity, might I ask why?  I feel sort
 of intimidated talking to Atari Canada ... you know, with Capital Letters.


                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Blame GEnie.  They issued the letters.  To quote a famous friend of mine
 with the initials LT... no comment. :-)


 Thank you.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Dave...You'll be showing SST at TAF?

 You bet!

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Great!  It's a real show, folks!

 Hi Geoff, Are there going to be any music/Midi manufacturers displaying
 goods at the show? Not too loud this time I hope. <grin> I'm hoping to see
 some digital editting workstations (ala Digidesign's stuff or reasonable

                           <[Geoff] ATARI-CANADA>
 Todd, thanks for asking.  Korg, Fostex Canada, Steinberg, Musicware and
 Kaysound Imports as well as authorized Atari Music Dealers.  For your
 information, Kaysound is the Canadian Distributor for Hybrid Arts, Digital
 Master.  Last word in is that they will be showing their newest version.
 Other people have also voiced concerns on holding Midi demonstrations on
 the main floor so at this show, we have a special Midi Row located in the
 Crush Court just outside the main show floor.  Hopefully this solves the
 problem of loud demonstrations interfering with developer demonstrations.

 Whew! Sounds like a music party. (Not too loud I hope.) Grin.  My plug:
 I'll be a part of the Codehead booth giving away free font posters (v2.0
 of the posters).  The outside corridor should be great. I've been there
 before.  Thanks.

                             <[Paul] P.COLLARD>
 I would just like to add that those concerned with the music...  I have
 organized it so it is one hour on and one hour Quiet so that it is not too
 disturbing...but PLEASE if you have a problem with it please see me and we
 will try and work it out for everyone

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Thanks, Paul.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Geoffrey and Gary...

 Thank you for spending this evening with us.  I hope you will come back
 again.  Any closing comments?

                           <[G & G] ATARI-CANADA>
 I thank you all for attending the roundtable and for being gentle with me
 my first RTC. :-)  It was a real pleasure. I look forward to seeing you
 all at the premier show in North America ACE 92.

                                        Thank you for your support.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Best of luck with the show.  Thanks again.

   (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May
 be reprinted only with this notice intact. The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.

 > GEMULATOR! STR InfoFile           See it at TAF in Toronto!

                        UPDATE ON THE GEMULATOR...

 From Darek at BRASOFT

 Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Staff Editor

 All the following posts were from Darek @ BRASOFT and were compiled from
 Category 19, Topic 15 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 Post will be able to get your hands on Gemulator and try out
 your favorite software in Toronto, on April 4th and 5th at the Atari

 If you call the 206-885-5893 number, you will get an answering machine.
 Please leave your name and phone number. You will be put on the mailing
 list to receive information on Gemulator. New newsletters are being
 printed up

 Post #65...Don't worry about speed. I've already test a lot of ST
 programs on Gemulator and they all run just fine and quite fast. By the
 Toronto show I should have a list ready that lists all the Gemulator
 compatible ST software (as was done for PC Ditto long ago).

 Post #67...[Concerning which resolutions Gemulator will support]...all 3
 resolutions. Eventually I will put in support to emulate larger screen
 resolutions, kind of like a built in MonSTEr utility. This will let you
 take advantage of 800x600 and 1024x768 modes of SuperVGA cards. 1024x768
 is the same resolution as the ISAC card, so software such as Prism Paint
 which is written to take advantage of the ISAC will also take advantage
 of the Super VGA modes.

 Post #70...[will Darek take advance orders] advance orders. Like I
 said before, the Toronto show will be the first public demo of Gemulator
 and depending on people's reactions I will then decide whether to go
 ahead and market the product or not. (I probably will).

 You can get in line by getting on the mailing list. Just send email to
 BRASOFT and leave your name and mailing address.

 Post #73...Well, I thought I'd update everyone on the current list of
 Gemulator compatible software: GFA Basic, Neodesk 3, First Word Plus,
 Pagestream 2.1, Publishing Partner, Degas (and Degas Elite), Word
 Writer, MultiFile, Art ST, Microsoft Write, Word Flair, ST Writer/Magni
 Writer, Prism Paint, Gemini (desktop replacement), Hotwire, Multidesk,
 Turbo ST 1.8, Quick ST 2 and 3, GDOS and G+PLUS

 Post #76...[concerning game compatibility]...I won't make any guarantees
 about any disks that use copy protection, which games tend to do. I
 really haven't tested too many games yet, so I can't give you any sort
 of compatibility list for games at this time.

 Post #78...I had a chance to test out some more software. I"m happy to
 announce that Calamus runs just fine on Gemulator. I'll try to test the
 new Calamus at the Toronto show.

 As for games, I tried a bunch of Infocom stuff like Zork 3 and A Mind
 Forever Voyaging and they worked fine. Games like Hero's Quest and
 Codename: ICEMAN worked for the most part, but I need to fine tune a few
 things to make them 100% compatible. I'll find some more game players in
 the area come over and test out their software.

 Post #80...[what rom version does the Gemulator work with]...All ROM
 versions of TOS for the ST (1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, and 2.0) are supported.
 You can plug in either 256kb or 1 mb ROM chips (i.e. 6-chip or 2- chip

 Post #83...[what about 10-sector formatted floppies]...MS-DOS doesn't
 like some Atari ST formats like 10 sector disks or TOS 1.0 formatted
 disks.  Because Gemulator is running GEMDOS on top of MS-DOS, it can
 read the disks. 360K, 400K, 720K, 800K, and 1.44 meg ST formatted disks
 have all been tested and they all worked fine. Even some copy protected
 games such as Flight Simulator and Dungeon Master load up fine, which I
 have to admit surprised me. But that goes to show you how compatible
 Gemulator really is.

 Gemulator also supported the full 4096 color palette of the STE when
 emulating low rez and medium rez. I'll be demoing that and all of it's
 other features THIS WEEKEND at the Toronto show, so if you can bring
 some ST software and drop by.

 Gemulator will be on sale at the Glendale show in September and will
 probably ship long before that. The first few dozen units which will be
 going out the door in a few weeks to beta testers and magazine
 reviewers, and after I receive their feedback I'll start shipping the
 real things. That could take a month or two or it might take 4 or 5
 months, I don't know until I get their feedback.

                                   Hope to see everyone in Toronto!

                                                  - Darek


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 As a reader of STReport International Online Magazine, you are entitled to
 take advantage of a special DELPHI membership offer.  For only $29.95 ($20
 off the standard membership price!), you will receive a lifetime subscrip-
 tion to DELPHI, a copy of the 500-page DELPHI: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE and over
 $14 worth of free time.

  NOTE: Special offers can be found in your favorite Atari magazines:

              START             CURRENT NOTES         ST INFORMER
                          ATARI INTERFACE MAGAZINE

                          SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI
       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI

     1. Dial 617-576-0862 with any terminal or PC  and modem  (at 2400 bps,
        dial 576-2981).
     2. At the Username prompt, type JOINDELPHI.
     3. At the Password prompt enter STREPORT.

 For more information, call DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005, or at
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     Other telecom  services may  have additional charges.  Canadian Tymnet
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     For more information, contact DELPHI  at  1-800-544-4005  and  ask for
 Member Services.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > The Flip Side STR Feature        "..a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 From Bob Brodie (Atari) - Cat. 14, Topic 7, Msg 81 - from the ST Round-
 table on Genie...

   The first shipment of ST Books that came into the warehouse were all
   sold to developers. They were one meg machines with forty meg hard

   Currently, I expect to see ST Books in late April/early May.

   Personally, I'm waiting for the four meg units. Until they come out, I
   just borrow one for the events that I need to display one at. The
   machines are VERY nice though, and I believe will help open up new
   markets for Atari.


 From Mickey Angell in the Aladin-ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I have TOS 2.06 and we (GRASP [users group]) have installed 4 TOS
   2.06s in 4 1040STe. One of the STe's had soldered in ROMS. We had to
   purchase a socket and install it before we put the ROMS in. (By
   installing a socket we are making it for future upgrades). Probably
   99.9% of STe's have socketed ROMS.

   Installing the ROMS is a simple pull and plug operation. Two jumpers
   have to be moved. This will require a soldering iron and needle nose
   pliers to remove the jumpers and move them to their new locations. It
   is very easy.

   Also getting to the ROMS on an 1040STe is very easy. Remove upper case
   of your computer. Remove small shield over rear of the drive.
   Disconnect power plug and ribbon cable to your disk drive. Hold drive
   and remove 3 screws from bottom of computer that hold drive. Move
   drive out of the way. Pull old ROMS. Move jumpers. Put in new ROMS. I
   have video taped the process.

   When we receive the TEC boards, I will video tape installation in a
   520ST and a Mega2. (Guess who received an 8mm camcorder for

   Codehead will give discounts to Usergroups who order their minimum
   purchase. Also, they are giving discounts to users who send in
   alternate desktops such as NEodesk. User has to send in original disk
   formatted to get a $20 discount. As other have stated, check out the
   TEC board message base.

   I love TOS 2.06. ALT-a thru P will open the corresponding drive or
   partition. ALT 1 or 2 or 3 will take you to low res, medium, high res.
   So many features, lots of icons on the desktop. Take care.


 About the MOS Disk Utilities by Doug Johnson (MOS) - from Cat. 2, Topic
 47, Msgs 8 & 11 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   The MOS Disk Utilities are a set of programs which allow you to
   maintain and organize your files on both hard disk drives and floppy

   Many data recovery tools are included, such as an undelete program, a
   utility to recover lost folders and lost clusters, a utility to repair
   file allocation tables, a utility to repair damaged boot sectors, and
   much more.

   Other tools, not related to recovery, include a very powerful sector
   editor, folder sorter (for sorting any folder, not just AUTO folders),
   file defragmenter (a very fast one at that, not to mention the
   SpeedAccess feature which can make your hard drive seek times up to
   75% faster), bad sector marker (which by the way also will use
   proprietary techniques for recovery of data on bad sectors), a utility
   to view the technical information about any drive, plus a whole lot

   You may purchase it direct from us at:

   Maximum Output Software
   5510 Spanish Oak
   Houston, TX 77066

   Price of the disk utilities is $59.95.  We pay shipping.
   (TX residents add 7.35% sales tax)


 About the Hayai programs from Bob Arp (Machine Specific Software) - Cat.
 2, Topic 49, Msg. 1 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Hayai is a suite of 6 machine specific programs, 3 for mono-chrome and
   3 for color, designed particularly for fixed drive to removable drive
   backup and defragmentation. In addition, data transfers between two
   fixed drives and data transfers between two removable cartridges using
   a single removable drive are supported.

   Each program has been designed for optimal data transfer rates
   according to driver design and logical sector size. Furthermore, Hayai
   traps hardware defects using a unique copy verification algorithm.

   The data transfer rates are directly proportional to the data transfer
   rates of the drives involved--up to 30 megabytes/minute when data is
   copied from one Quantum partition to another Quantum partition.

   A review of Hayai appeared in the January 1992 issue of Atari
   Interface Magazine. Another review has been scheduled to appear in ST
   Informer--perhaps as soon as April 1992.

   All programs in the suite are available for $79.95 plus $3.00 s/h from

   Machine Specific Software
   278-1 San Tomas Aquino Rd
   Campbell, Ca 95008


   All Hayai programs are complete and guaranteed to be error free. No
   updates are planned. Nada. None.


 From 'Dr. Bob' (WizWorks) - Cat. 7, Topic 5, Msg 57 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

   Just a quick announcement:

   We'll be releasing a new modules disk shortly. Actually, it not much
   like the previous two Modules Disks; this has only one program (ok, 1
   major program). We call it 'the GIF disk'.

   Import GIF pictures into MVG. Smoothest grey scaling to mono you'll
   see anywhere. 100% assembly coded (no cheating was done with C, we
   tried to cheat but just couldn't get the C-sources to compile and run
   so we did what we know best: 68000 assembly language, the only way to
   fly! ;-)

   Reads the normal GIFs and the Interlaced ones too. Offers control of
   not only brightness but of contrast too.

   Your choice of either 'FLOYD' or Pattern-Dither.

   Floyd offers x1 and x2 sizing (x2 is best for work, x1 is better for
   viewing Dither offers x2,x4 and x8 with loadable patterns too.

   Dithering is much faster than Floyd (of course) but still produces a
   good image for 300 dpi use. (any larger printing like 150dpi or 120
   and the patterns detract from the picture)

   Available at the Toronto show! April 4/5


 Question by Rob Glover - Cat. 4, Topic 15, Msgs 58-59 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

   Does anyone have the schematics to the SM124 they could send me? I'd
   really appreciate it. I can't afford the SM147 or a multisync yet, and
   it will probably be several months before I can. Meanwhile, I really
   need to get this thing working. I have a friend that repairs radio
   station type equipment for a living, and he has all the necessary
   equipment and knowledge to do it, but he needs the schematics. I will
   gladly cover costs of mailing/copying, whatever.

 Answer from Dorothy Brumleve (Kidprgs)...

                             Best Electronics
                        2021 The Alameda Suite 290
                        San Jose, California 95126
                               408 243 6950


 From Paul Wu (Wuztek) about installing their 1.44 meg drive units - Cat.
 4, Topic 17, Msg. 87 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   On a STE or Mega STe, installing the HDrive is as easy as removing the
   old 1772, pop in the HDrive module, solder two wires to the mother-
   board and replace the disk drive.

   If you have an older computer, you'll need a trained technician to
   desolder the old WD1772 controller and replace it with the socket we
   provide and the rest is the same.

   P.S. We strongly recommand a dealer installation. Many things can go
   wrong when you solder and desolder a bunch of static sensitive


 Problem by Roy Irby - From Cat. 4, Topic 38, Msgs 100-102 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

   I am having an intermittent problem with my ST. Perhaps someone can
   help me out. My system is a Mega ST2 w/ 4 megs, TOS 1.04, AdSpeed,

   Quite some time ago the pointer would start leaving vertical lines
   behind it on the screen. The lines seem to be the same distance apart
   as when you use the Alt+cursor keys to move the pointer. The lines
   remain until the screen is cleared by an application.

   I have tried booting up with a completed bare system w/o the hard
   drive/modem etc. but the problem still eventually rears it's ugly
   head. Sounds like a hardware thing to me. The system has been 'cooked'
   once by a power surge. Had to replace the shifter and the rs-232 i/o
   chips. In fact, as I type this message, the lines have started
   appearing again. I've also checked for viruses. None to be found. Any

 Answer from George Richarson (Merlin Group)...

   Is your Blitter turned on? If so, I'll bet that it's the culprit.

 Answer from Tom (ICD)...



 A printer problem from Bill Storey - Cat. 4, Topic 38, Msgs 103-104 -
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I have a problem: I trashed my printer driver in my 1040 STe.
   (Probably had something turned on when unplugging. Dumb!) I want to
   replace it, but I don't know which chip it is. I have heard it is a
   YAMAHA sound chip. I have a YAMAHA chip near the printer port. Is that
   the one? #YM2149F? If that is the right one, I can get a replacement.

 Answer from Fred Koch...

   That is the chip. The ST is very, very sensitive to stray voltage,
   especially static. I recommend you install a socket for the chip while
   you are replacing it. Sometimes after the first chip is blown you have
   to replace it often. I was doing it about every 2-3 months on one
   machine until I replaced the mother board.

   By the way it will void your chance of getting a cheaper mother board
   if you replace the chip yourself. It was a difference of $200.00 when
   I went to replace mine, but that was before you could buy an STe for

   There is also a Radio Shack equivalent chip that is cheaper than the
   Yamaha chip, which appears to be only available from Atari. The Radio
   Shack chip may have been discontinued according to my local dealers

   By very careful when removing the old chip. The traces are easily
   lifted from the mother board if you use too much heat or are careless
   and try pulling the chip off with some solder still attached.


 From Joe Meehan - Cat. 5, Topic 10, Msg. 162 - from the ST Roundtable on

   Notice New Address:

                               Migraph Inc.
                      32700 Pacific Highway South #12
                           Federal Way, WA 98003


 From: David @ Ditek - Cat. 7, Topic 7, Msg. 54 - from the ST Roundtable
 on Genie...

   DynaCADD 3.00 is not currently available. After extensive discussions
   with everyone involved, the projected release date is 3rd quarter '92.
   I have no problem discussing the program and what it will include. As
   with all previous versions, the upgrade fee will be a small fraction
   of the total cost.

   DynaCADD 3.00 is a complete rewrite. Indeed, version 2.0x will
   continue on it's own seperate upgrade path as a stand alone product.

   We are almost finished the latest revision of the manual. I expect it
   to be ready to go the printers within the next week. This manual has
   been upgraded to the current version 2.04.xx


 Until next week.....


 > EXPRESS BBS! STR Review      "Express is very user friendly"

                               BBS EXPRESS!

 by Mark McGowan

     After seeing many reviews for other BBS programs and running BBS
 Express! ST, I felt that more people needed to be informed about Express.
 Express is owned and supported by C & R Systems located in Waynesboro, PA.

     I think many people haven't seen the latest versions of Express.  It
 is currently up to version 1.74.  Maybe some of you remember the old
 Express version 1.30.  There have been MANY changes since ICD's last
 upgrade to 1.30.

     First, a little about Express.  Express is probably best noted for
 it's user friendliness.  The most novice BBS users are able to get around
 on Express with little or no difficulty thanks to the logical commands and
 dozens of help menus.  Behind the scenes, the SysOp has an enormous amount
 of flexibility.  Using it's own built-in Script programming language,
 there's virtually nothing that can't be accomplished by the SysOp (no need
 to wait for someone to write an external program for an option you
 need...write it yourself in Script!).

     The Script language makes Express more flexible than any other BBS
 program I've seen, yet.  Any feature or game you can think of can be
 accomplished with Script.  Basically, with Script, you can take over the
 BBS and make it do exactly what you want and in any order you want.  If
 you are not very good at programming, you can call the Express support
 BBSs and ask for help. There are literally thousands of Script files
 already in existence, so maybe what you need has been written already.

     The menus are all configurable for your own personal needs.  Write
 them in Script, or use the special Menu feature of Express.  Also, are
 there any prompts built into your BBS program you would like to change?
 Over 260 prompts that are built into the program are configurable to
 whatever you like.

     With the help of Script and\or other 3rd party programs, your choices
 for online games and any other BBS programs surpasses any other BBS
 program for the ST.  Most programs written for FoReM and ///Turbo will run
 under Express. Then, add all the programs written in Script by you and
 other Express have the largest selection of external programs
 available to any ST SysOp!  With all the selections available to the
 SysOp, this will individualize an Express BBS.  Two different Express BBSs
 could look completely different from one another.

     The message bases are truly the best!  Ever log onto a BBS and get
 lost in the long sequences required to do a simple option?  One key
 commands put you right where you want to be.  While reading the messages,
 the user has nearly every option he/she could want at the press of ONE
 key!  Some of the more useful [less known] options are:  back up a
 message, jump to the last message, GoSub to a message to remind you what
 you last posted, jump to any message you want or thread the messages
 through trees to see where the conversation originated from.

     The file sections are much like the message bases.  Express supports
 batch downloading and uploading.  The marking of files for downloading is
 the simplest I've seen.  While listing the files in a catalog view,
 pressing ONE key will mark the file for batch.

     Express has a user buffer that will allow the users to type ahead
 while some other operation is occurring.  An example of this is:  When a
 user selects [L]ibrary, he/she doesn't have to wait for the menu to be
 completed. The next several keys can be entered immediately and Express
 holds all the commands entered.  This is especially nice for expert users.

     Express directly supports ASCII, VT52 color/mono and ANSI color/mono.
 Only one menu is created in VT52 and Express does all the work from there
 for the other translations.  There are Script files available to aide you
 in using Instant Graphics, if you wish.

     All the built-in features of Express are part of the main program and
 it still operates on 512K machines!

     Finally, what most SysOps excellent support of their BBS
 program. Online at the support BBS is a Script written Suggestion Box
 feature.  SysOps use this feature to tell C & R what they would like to
 see in future updates. If your idea is popular among the other SysOps and
 it's workable, you can bet that feature will be added soon after the
 suggestion!  Surveys also have been sent out to Express SysOps to choose
 what they want to see right away and what can be put off until the first
 priorities are completed.

     If you want to see Express in action, call C & R's BBS and support
 line @ (717) 765-8623 and see for yourself.


 > HyperLINK 2.0 STR InfoFile  Debuts at Toronto's ACE Show this weekend!

 from GEnie's ST RT

                            ** HYPERLINK 2.0 **

 The long awaited HyperLINK 2.0 begins shipping this weekend at the Toronto
 ACE show.  The addition of many new features, as well as the re-working of
 existing  ones  makes  HyperLINK,  the  Hypertext  solution for your ST/TT


  -    NEW BUILDER BASE SCREENS (Customizable!)


  *    Decimal Support in Database
  *    Keyboard Shortcuts for Links & Buttons
  *    Improved TextLink capabilities, Error checking
  *    Transverter for adding fields to a database, etc.
  *    Expressions now fully supported on Report Printing
  *    More Versatile Multi Button Handling
  *    Report Builder Enhancements :
           - All features supported for field types, loading/saving
           - Better error checking, easier use
  *    Window Positioning Support
  *    Enhanced Parameter Passing, Expression evaluation, etc.
  *    Redone & enhanced Application Defaults Screen

 But wait, these are just the visible improvements  that have  been made to
 HyperLINK...  Many internal enhancements as well go towards to making this
 an even more powerful product than before!


  -    Internal Database More Efficient
  -    Compatibility problem with current version of Universal
       Network has been fixed (works around a bug in Univ Network)
  -    Better Network Compatibility (file sharing)
  -    Linking protocol considerably enhanced.  It is now backwards
  -   Internal support for Variable Blocks in HAP files added!

 If you haven't look at HyperLINK  before, don't  you think  it's time that
 you  gave  your  attention  to  the most flexible Database and Application
 Generator available for the ST?  And if you've seen older versions and not
 quite  understood  its  purpose...  Take  a  look  at  the  new HyperLINK,
 guaranteed to take the complexity out of database creation!

  HyperLINK is Distributed by:

                      JMG Software International,Inc
                          892 Upper James Street
                             Hamilton, Ontario
                             CANADA   L9C 6C2

               Phone : (416) 575-3201   FAX   : (416) 575-0283
               BBS   : (416) 389-9064   GEnie : JMGSOFT

 * Note for Registered HyperLINK owners : Some  upgrades will  be available
 at the ACE show this weekend (the manuals have been photocopied for this).
 After that, the manual will be going to Linotron which will take  a little
 extra time,  so you should expect to receive the new version by the end of


     In JMG Software's announcement  of  HyperLINK  2.0,  the  feature they
     refer  to  as  a  "Transverter"  is  in  no way related to the program
     "Transverter" which is distributed with the Spectre 128 & GCR.

     --Doug Wheeler, Author and copyright holder of "Transverter"



                           LEXICORE RIPPED OFF!


     Lexicor has determined and confirmed that it's former distributor and
 product manufacturer is making and selling PIRATE copies of Lexicor's
 software products.

     If you have purchased any Lexicor products from RIO COMPUTERS we
 suggest that you make the following tests to see if you may have purchased
 a PIRATED program.

       1. The first telltale sign is the "SERIAL.NUM" file on the disk.
          Check to see if its different from the serial number written on
          the label of the disk.  Another indication is the creation date
          stamp.  Check to see if this file carries a creation date stamp
          of 02/03/28.  Also, check the date stamp on the NUM file and see
          if it is the same as the one for the .PRG file.  If they are more
          then _a minute_ apart then you probably have a PIRATED program.
          Now, RUN the Program, if it is Prism paint or Prism Render then
          the serial number will be found in the "About" dialogue.  If
          these two numbers are not the same then once again, you probably
          have a Pirated program.

       2. All these numbers can be the same and you still may have a
          PIRATED copy.  We have been investigating this situation for some
          time and found a number of identical programs sold to more than
          one person.  In some cases the numbers match and in some cases
          they do not.

       3. What you should do if you suspect you have a pirate copy.

       4. First, call lexicor and tell us why you think you have a Pirate

       5. Next - if Instructed to..  send your Pirate goods to LEXICOR.

       6. If you have been one of the victims, we suggest that you file a
          complaint with the US Postal Service's fraud division and the US
          POSTAL crime detail.  You can get the information for your local
          postal crime unit at your local post office.

       7. Lexicor policy on these PIRATED goods: If we can determine that
          the software you have is stolen we will confiscate it for use in
          possible legal action and as evidence.  WE will, as a courtesy,
          replace your goods when we receive proof of purchase from RIO
          COMPUTERS or your Local Store. You should however, demand a
          refund from RIO COMPUTERS.  Lexicor cannot warrant any of these
          PIRATE goods.  If you have purchased any such product and you
          send it to Lexicor and you receive a replacement and a refund
          then you should send that money to Lexicor.  If you do, Lexicor
          will reinstate the warranty.

       I know that this all seems like a lot of trouble, and it is.  But
 neither you nor Lexicor created this problem.  There is no excuse what so
 ever for copyright infringement.  This does not happen accidently and is
 virtually impossible for anyone to accidently make illegal copies during

       Lexicor has ceased all business activities with RIO COMPUTERS and
 urges all Lexicor owners to buy from an authorized ATARI dealer or direct
 from Lexicor.

 We apologize for the inconveniences to any Lexicor customers and hope to
 have some new and exciting software for you soon.

                        Lee Seiler LEXICOR Software
                               April 2, 1992


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

                               EXTRA! EXTRA!

     The forum staff announces a new programming contest.  Any program in
 any language is eligible.  Programs must be submitted by midnight April 30
 lib 1.  See message #28538 for details.  Don't forget to include your name
 in the file description so I can give you credit.

     BJ Gleason has compiled an alphabetical listing of the files in the
 forum library.  FILES.ZIP is in Pkzip format.  FILES.TXT is in ASCII

     TAHOE5.ZIP is a five card poker game.  It will also run on other DOS
 machines.  SCRCRD.ZIP is a Pbasic program for scoring games.

     CONVER.WKS is a worksheet by Thierry Carmona to convert between metric
 and US measurement units.

     Ted Baynes has a checkbook reconciliation worksheet for the Portfolio.
 RECON.ARC contains the worksheet and documentation.  If you would rather
 avoid de-arcing look for REACC.WKS and REACC.DOC.

     BJ Gleason has uploaded ETA.BAS.  This is a Pbasic program for a trip
 estimator which was described in Take It With You.

     TMW.ZIP is utility which supplements the Portfolio's diary. It
 provides quick access to the current  appointments.

     Programmers will appreciate a new upload by BJ Gleason. PFTPU6.ZIP is
 an update of the Portfolio unit for Turbo Pascal 6.  It allows programs to
 access some of the special built-in functions of the Portfolio.

     PCT.ZIP is a program that displays the Portfolio's ASCII character
 table along with the decimal, hex and octal equivalents.

     BICON.ZIP contains a graphics program for the bouncing icon demo.
 Another graphics animation is in LATE.COM.  This one was uploaded by Don
 Thomas for David Letterman fans.

     APBTIP.TXT is a reprint of the hints and tips published in the Atari
 Peripherals Bulletin.  It also contains the directions to order a copy of
 APB.  PORTFA.COM is a corrected version of the frequently asked questions
 file in Pbread format uploaded by Tony Davids.


 > GBS HELPLINES STR InfoFile            Extending a helping hand...


 Compiled by Michael Lee

 All the following posts are from the Gadgets by Small Roundtable on

 From Category 7, Topic 49, Messages 98-103...
 Questions from Barry Broskowitz...

   I have two questions for anyone who can help:

   1. Is it possible to get 1.44 meg drives to work with Spectre on my
   Mega 4?

   2. I have a pair of drives (generic, Teac I believe) that work fine
   with Spectre with one idiosyncrasy - they don't sense a disk inserion
   if the disk is _not_ write protected. I seem to recall a simple fix
   for this. Something like jumpering 2 pins together on the 34 pin drive
   connector. Anyone have any details?

 Question from M.KOHL1...

   Hep me! Hep me! Since I got a Mega 4 STe, I'm not able to read Mac
   disks! I've heard through the grapevine that there's some sort of
   "fix" for this problem. Please enlighten me oh groovulous one. One
   other oddity: since my upgrade to 3. 0, it takes a full minute to run

 Answer from STACE (Sysop)...

   Barry...1.4 meg drives will not work with Spectre (as high density
   drives that is). I know Dave has discussed the possibility of adding
   1.4 meg drive support to Spectre. If and when that will happen is not
   known at this time.

   Sorry, can't help with the Teac write-protect sensor. Someone else??

 Answer from STACE (Sysop)...

   M.Kohl...I suspect that your STE has a high density drive mechanism in
   it. Some high density drive mechanisms appear to be having
   compatibility problems with Spectre GCR.

 Answers from Dave Small...

   Back when we hacked together 3.0, 1.44 drives were far away. There is
   -some- code in there, temporarily turned off. It is not THAT bad, just
   adjustments to sectors/track and stuff. It is MFM, thank heavens. Also
   it must self adjust to 68030 speed.

   Something like a menu option is necessary, but I need to learn more
   first about HD drives. I'll ask Dave Troy; the man is a wizard of
   knowledge about them! See his Current Notes articles.

   There is much being done *right now* to upgrade Spectre. It has not
   dropped in a hole; it just task-suspended during the SST crunch. We
   already had the MegaTalk crunch, only minor things to go on it. So
   much to do, so few hackers to do them with.

   It's on the list, seriously, and it is a priority item.


 Question by Al Beverstein - Cat. 7, Topic 60, Msgs 147-148....

   My friend had a 2Meg Mega STE. It would not read,format, or write to a
   Spectre disk. It worked fine in Atari mode. It was running at 16 Mhz
   with the Cache off. WE even tried at 8 Mhz with the same results. The
   only way we could get it to work was to access an Atari formatted disk
   before we booted Spectre from the Hard Drive. It then worked 100%. It
   will lock up when the mouse is moved during floppy access. The floppy
   drive was an Epson ??380 I think. I wonder if it is a High density
   drive and Spectre is confused somehow?

 Answer from Jim Allen (Fast Tech)...

   Apparently when NO DISK is inserted in a MegaSTE equipped with a 1.44M
   floppy mechanism, the floppy control circuit "thinks" there is an HD
   disk inserted...a hole in the disk _or_ no disk look the same. Try
   putting a normal DD disk in the drive till you hit "return" on your
   way to Macland, then pop it. In fact, try just pushing the disk in,
   but not al. the way, to break the light beam on the HD detect

   It doesn't seem to be 100% predictable either. Be nice if Atari would
   inform developers how the MSTE flopppy stuff functioned, so it could
   be dealt with.


 Question by Patrick Carmack - Cat. 6, Topic 11, Msgs 113-114...

   How's System 7 coming along? I really don't like it too much, but I'd
   love to tell my Mac friends that I can run Sys 7 faster than they can!
   More power to ya...

 Answer from Dave Small...

   I've been working my tail off on it. Inch high printouts. Cups on cups
   of coffee and Diet Pepsi. Night hours (somewhere after midnight here).

   WOW are they doing weird stuff in there!

   Ever heard of a Mac running in USER mode? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Anyway, it's "coming along". I keep fixing things, rebooting, and
   hoping it will get to the desktop. It's still on Welcome to Mac, but
   it stays there *forever* on a real Mac Plus (which I have) while

   Personally, I kinda feel there is something inherently wrong when a
   slow SCSI drive has time for the light to go out during booting.
   Doesn't do that on an ST!

   There are now "updates" to System 7 I have been trying to make sense
   of. Woooo ... bigtime fun.

   We are DEFINITELY past the "Out of Memory" crash you used to see. It's
   just a matter of they've rewritten huge chunks of the ROMS and patched
   the ROMs out; I have to teach Spectre to get along with the new RAM

   I'll let you know when it comes up, believe me. You'll hear me.

   p.s. SST development necessarily put Sys 7 on the backburner, but now
   I've got the ST plugged into the Zax, the ST's CRT, the ZAX's CRT, and
   the ST's debug CRT all glowing at me. Wow, X-ray heaven.


 Questions from Jim Hand - Cat. 8, Topic 2, Msgs 175 & 178...

   I know that you are currently busy w/ many things, but I was wondering
   what the status of the MegaTalk board was? I understand that you were
   having problems w/ some PALS, but you did mention that you had this
   covered, so I was wondering what was up.

 Answer from Dave Small...

   I'm re-testing some MegaTalk software that I'm a teensy concerned
   about to make sure it can ship. The boards are ready; the PAL's have
   been swapped. I need to polish up some documentation (Sandy definitely
   wants some interludes in there, I don't want to write 'em -- GRIN!)
   But manuals take little time.

   So, basically, it's looking good.

   We planned on having it OUT long ago ... except the PAL thing and the
   CMOS SCSI chip thing and this thing and that thing made its timeframe
   interfere with the SST, and the SST had to get priority.

   Now that SST is shipping, back to work.


 Question from Vern Hutz - Cat. 9, Topic 2, Msgs 163-164...

   I ordered SST through my turn through his distributor.
   (SE Pennsylvania)  As of yet no show. Would you suggest I just hold on
   to my 'glu chips' or IF I Can cancel how soon would I Be in the "Chain
   of Request" ? I am anxious and besides look like a fool shooting off
   my mouth about my faster-than-yours Atari!

 Answer from Sandy Small...

   1. As of right now, we are backordered until May-June, depending on
   the parts suppliers (I'm not counting on parts until I can see the
   whites of their eyes).

   2. Distributors will start getting SSTs around the end of March, so
   Dealers will get them around the first part of April (more or less).

   3. We tested Supercharger last year at CEBIT, and it ran fine then.
   However, I do not know what version it was, and I don't remember if we
   might have changed something since then.



 > Aladdin News STR InfoFile         "All the news that causes fits"

                      THE ST ALADDIN ROUNDTABLE NEWS

                      "All the news that causes fits"

 Well, the month of February was  pretty mild,  only heating  up toward the
 end  with  a  resurgence  of  arguing  over Arc versus LHarc and some more
 "discussion" about the Connect History not  being as  good as  the Billing
 History. The Billing History has just been replaced in PC Aladdin with the
 Connect History we know and love <g>, so now we will see what's what!

 Here are some new files in the library. These are ALL worth a look!

                #183       STSMU21. LZH        J.LUBIN
                 182       DOWNLD12.LZH        F.KOCH
                 181       BILLIN13.LZH        F.KOCH
                 180       4SCRIPT2.LZH        F.KOCH
                 179       SFTSCRPT.LZH        D.MCNAMEE
                 176       SEARCHER.LZH        CHERRY.FONTS

 Here's some discussion of cool programs to get more from Aladdin:

 F.HENSE [FRANK]              at 23:53 CST

 I haven't seen any mention of the program  DATENAME.TTP. This  was written
 by J.Eidsvoog1 and if you run it each day before you log on it will rename
 your message file to a dated  file name  such as  ST_IN_01.08, ST_IN_01.15
 etc... sure keeps them from getting to 500k.

 Another program  I use  frequently is  MSG_ARC.TOS which  takes an Aladdin
 message file such as  ATARISTR.msg and  breaks it  out into  folder called
 ATARISTR.AMD with  individual topics in files such as 01_12.AMF, 01_17.AMF
 which means cat 1 topic 12, and 15 etc..  It will append to the  exisiting
 file if  you keep running it. However it adds to the end not the beginning
 so you have the messages in ascending order and the latest will be last.

 Then you can  use  MAXIfile  to  quickly  scan  them  and  with  about two
 keystrokes change  the extension  to AMV  so they  will all collect at the
 bottom of the directory and you can easily delete the ones you  don't want
 to keep.


 JEFF.W [ST RT]               at 11:25 EST

 Mike - MSG_ARC.ARC if file #90 here in the ST Roundtable Software Library.

 GRMEYER [Gordon Meyer]       at 17:53 MST

 I use WAIT_TIME with Aladdin.  Wait_Time is a small program that accepts a
 command line containing a time in 24 hour format.   It simply  waits until
 the specified time has elapsed, and then exits. You can abort the process,
 and the  display shows  current time,  time specified,  and time remaining
 until it exits by itself.

  How do  I use  it with Aladdin?  I have Wait_Time 'chained' to Aladdin in
 my HotWire menu.  The time I pass  to Wait_Time  is 18:05,  or 6:05pm That
 way Wait_Time  'intercepts' (so to speak) any attempts to run Aladdin, and
 subsequently enter GEnie, before  non-prime hours  have gone  into effect.
 If  I  want  to  go  into  Aladdin anyway, pressing the space bar bypasses

 If Griffin ever decides  to allow  Aladdin scripts  to be  passed from the
 command line,  and allows script to exit to TOS, Wait_Time will be of even
 more value to Aladdin as it will allow you to run a script, then  exit, at
 a specified time.

 Wait_Time,  from  DO  NOT  STAMP  Software,  is  freeware.  It's in the ST

   Gordon R. Meyer
   DO NOT STAMP Software

 J.ZORZIN [Joe]               at 06:27 EST

 Over in the Genie Users RT I asked  about future  Aladdin support  for Fax
 Mail. Several  people replied that it is already present!  This may be old
 news in this topic but for those unaware of this all you  do is  use Genie
 Mail but on the top line do the following:

 TO:  Receiver's name / 1-123-456-7890@FAX#

 I suggest mentioning this "hidden feature" in the next manual.

 STARFALL [Alan]              at 09:53 EST

 Yep,  GEnie  supports  FAX  mail.    Please note that it's billed at GEnie
 Professional rates, not GEnie*Basic like  regular  email.  There's  a rate
 schedule on page 205 (keyword FAX).

   /  *  /  Alan
  *     *

 Hope you  found something useful.  February's a short month, it gets short

 See you in the RT.


 > TEC REVIEW STR Review     In Depth Review  **   TOS 2.06 FOR ALL

                             TOS 2.06 FOR ALL


 by Joe Mirando

     Back when Rainbow TOS (1.04) was released, I plunked my money down on
 my local dealer's counter for it.  It was a respectable upgrade to the
 operating system that we've all come to know and love but there was, at
 least in my opinion, room for still more improvement.

     Then Atari announced their new machines; the TT and the Mega STe.
 These machines contained a new TOS version.  This version had many
 features and bug fixes.  ST and Mega owners began to ask if they would be
 able to use this new TOS on their computers.  "NO" came the answer, "the
 new operating system uses larger chips than the old TOS.  There is no way
 to fit the new chips into an older ST."  Dejected users began to come to
 terms with the fact that anything newer than Rainbow TOS would be forever
 beyond their reach.

     Well, now there is an interface that allows ST, Mega ST, or Stacy
 (soon) users to easily install Atari's newest TOS version (2.06).

     The TOS Extension Card (TEC), manufactured in Germany and distributed
 in North America by CodeHead Technologies, fits in any ST/Stacy/Mega and
 allows the use of TOS 2.06.

     The TEC board itself measures a mere three inches square and holds the
 TOS 2.06 ROM chips as well as a few other necessary pieces of circuitry.
 Attached to the TEC board are two ribbon cables.  One cable attaches to
 the computer's ROM socket.  The other cable, depending on which ST version
 you own, attaches to either the 68000 microprocessor, or to the Mega bus

 A Version For Everyone
     Although the standard version of the TEC board can be attached to any
 model ST, Mega ST, or Stacy, there are two versions of the board that make
 installation in certain circumstances even easier.

     For Mega STs the Bus Bridge version plugs into the (what else) Mega
 Bus Bridge.  For computers that have a socketed CPU (these are usually
 computers that have accelerators or internal MS-DOS emulators), the CPU
 bridge model simply attaches between the socket and the 68000 chip.

     If you have a Mega or an St with a socketed CPU the bridge versions
 are the easiest way to install TOS 2.06. If you do not have either a Mega
 or an ST with a socketed CPU, the standard version is for you.  The
 standard version TEC board is attached to the CPU via a ribbon cable that
 must be soldered to the CPU.  Because soldering to any silicon chip can
 cause damage if done incorrectly, this is not recommended for novices.

     Once the installation is complete, the metal RF shield can be replaced
 (Yes, that's right, unlike other upgrades, the TEC board fits in all model
 STs without modification to the case or RF shield), the case put back
 together, and you're ready to rock and roll with the latest, greatest TOS

     "OK, mister reviewer person", I hear someone saying, "what will this
 wonderful new device do for me"?

     Aside from giving the user the great feeling of having the newest
 version of Atari's operating system, TOS 2.06 does provide many long
 awaited enhancements and bug fixes.  What follows is a short explanation
 of some of the new features of TOS 2.06.  It is very seldom that a
 reviewer gets the opportunity to actually enjoy the product that he or she
 is reviewing.  TOS 2.06 has been one of those rare moments for me.

     While this is by no means a complete listing of all of TOS 2.06's
 functions, it does provide an overview of what you can expect. Upon
 boot-up, you are now greeted with a Fuji symbol in the upper left-hand
 corner of the screen.  At this point, the new operating system performs a
 test on all available memory.  The test may be aborted simply by pressing
 any key.  After the memory test, a bar appears beneath the test results
 and begins to shrink from right to left.  This is a delay indicator.  The
 delay lasts for 90 seconds to give your hard drive, if present, a chance
 to "get up to speed".  This allows you to turn on both the computer and
 hard drive at the same time.  If you try this on an earlier TOS version,
 the hard drive will not have the time to initialize so the computer will
 not know that the hard drive exists.  The delay can be aborted in the same
 way as the memory test:  by pressing any key.

     Another option is to install Atari's NOROACH program on a floppy disk
 and use it as a boot disk.  NOROACH can be configured for any delay time
 between zero and ninety seconds. NOROACH, as well as other useful programs
 are included on the disk that comes with the TEC board.

     The first, and most obvious difference between TOS 2.06 and any other
 available for the ST is the new desktop.  Called NEWDESK, the new desktop
 allows you to do several things that older versions do not.

     You can select icons for programs and folders to be displayed on the
 desktop.  This allows you to run the file, or open the folder, right from
 the desktop without having to "dig" through a all of the files on a disk.
 These desktop icons can be removed by either accessing the options menu or
 by simply dragging them to the trashcan.

     You can move files from one to place to another in one easy step.
 With older TOS versions you had to first copy the files to the desired
 location, then delete the old file from the original location.

     If you have ever had installed a new accessory or AUTO folder program
 on your hard drive only to find that it is conflicting with another
 program or accessory, then you will appreciate the ability to bypass auto
 programs and accessories. By holding down the control key while booting,
 TOS 2.06 does exactly that.  This allows you access to your disk so that
 you can disable or remove the offending file.

     A search function and file masks are now provided. Using a file mask
 allows you to view only files that fit a certain criteria.  For example,
 *.PRG will show only files that end with the PRG extension, M*.PRG will
 show files that begin with an M and end in PRG.

     You may bring windows from the "bottom" of the desktop to the "top" no
 matter how many other windows are present on the desktop (TOS 2.06 allows
 7 open windows as opposed to 4 in earlier versions).

     In addition to the familiar sort options, No Sort has been added.
 This allows you to view items in the directory as they were added.  This
 is especially nice when sorting out which AUTO program should be run
 before or after others.

     By using the Size to fit option, Icons in a window no longer go past
 the right side of the window.  All available drives can now be installed
 from the options menu.  In earlier versions of TOS, you had to install
 each drive icon one at a time.  Although this option is not often
 necessary once the desktop information has been saved, it makes installing
 drive icons much easier that with earlier versions.

     Keyboard commands are now available for most menu options. Keyboard
 commands are executed by using either the control or alternate key and an
 alpha-numeric key.  Most of these combinations are configurable by the
 user.  The function keys can also be used as "hot keys" to run

     The HELP key now displays a listing of keyboard commands. While this
 may not sound like an earth-shaking feature, it makes using the keyboard
 commands much more usable.

 Documentation & Other Comments
     Although compatibility between TOS 2.06 and earlier versions is fairly
 high, there are certain types of programs that will not work with 2.06.
 Most of these are AUTO programs and Accessories that make certain
 assumptions about TOS.  I have noticed that some types of ramdisks will
 cause the system to crash.   Also, some types of boot sectors have the
 same effect. One very bright note is that at least one virus, Signum/BPL,
 will cause the computer to crash.  While this is annoying, it does keep
 the virus from spreading to other disks.

     Certain operations have been optimized in 2.06, making them faster
 than before.  I noticed one example of this while converting a DEGAS image
 from one resolution to another.  If you have ever done this, you know that
 it is a time-consuming task. Under TOS 2.06 the operation is not
 instantaneous, but it is much faster than under any other ST TOS version.

     I have often found that the documentation that comes with a product is
 as important as the product itself.  Luckily, CodeHead Technologies has
 put together an excellent manual that explains in detail not only the
 installation of the TEC board, but also the features of TOS 2.06.
 CodeHead also has an excellent reputation for customer support.  This is
 also an important extra.

     While it has been said that TOS 2.06 will eliminate the need for
 commercial desktop replacement programs, I find that the two go well
 together, and I plan to continue using my desktop alternative program in
 conjunction with 2.06.

     Needless to say, I am very impressed with the combination of Atari's
 TOS 2.06 and CodeHead's TEC board.  Together they represent a vast
 improvement in the ST operating system.  The combination does everything
 it says it will, easily and relatively inexpensively.


                           CodeHead Technologies
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004
                           Phone (213) 386-5735

                  Standard TEC version         $139.00 US
                  CPU Bridge TEC version       $155.00 US
                  Bus Bridge TEC version       $155.00 US
                  TOS 2.06 Chips only          $ 60.00 US

 by John Eidsvoog of Codehead Technologies:

     So far, we have not been able to install a TEC in a Stacy.  I believe
     it's possible but there are a couple of obstacles in our way.  I've
     found a place where the board will physically fit, but the ribbon
     cable needs to be longer and the header needs to be rewired to match
     the 32-pin ROM socket (instead of a 28-pin socket).



                          ST PROGRAM REVIEWS # 2

 by The "Shamus"

     This game is a cute parody of the  classic martial arts game, IK+.
 The animation and graphics are decent  but come nowhere close the smooth
 and attractive graphics of IK+.  As a budget game, this may be worth
 about $10, but paying more would be a waste of money.  The game uses  page
 flipping instead of scrolling and playability doesn't make you  want to
 have another go!  Kids might like the game, but your best bet is to let
 this one go!  GRADE: C-

     Poker Dice is written in STOS.  Don't let this turn  you off because
 it is the type of game which works well in this programming language.  The
 idea is not very demanding.  Poker Dice is a very simple game and it is
 basically like playing poker ... since there  are only 6 sides to a dice,
 the cards range from tens to aces only.  Digitized sound is used very well
 in  this little game and the effect of the dice coming out of the way is
 extremely nice.  Everything which  could be done to enhance the game of
 POKER DICE has been done ... alas, the shortcomings of this program are
 all due to the shortcomings of the game itself and not the program.

     I have been watching the ads and reading the reviews waiting on this
 game with baited breath.  I have not been disappointed.  If you are
 interested in a very playable solid 3-D vector game, this is the very best
 of it's genre to date.  The speed of the 3-D is stunning to say the least.
 The program rarely slows down even the slightest bit.  In other action
 games which have attempted to use solid filled vector graphics, just when
 the screen is getting filled up with "evil-doers" the program starts to
 slow down at a time you can least afford it!  This program does not have
 that problem.  It is frustrating to me that such a fine program would have
 use a film license of ROBOCOP just to make people take notice of this
 game.  Maybe software companies should give the game buying public a
 little more credit.  There are 5 totally different scenarios to choose
 from ... all have different objectives.  You also have the choice of
 having the "action" version or the "movie" version.  The movie version is
 more like an adventure with little bits of newscast to tie all the
 sections together.  This is a masterful example of the vector graphics the
 ST can display.  Lets see if the upcoming "BIRD OF PREY" or "EPIC" can
 knock this game from its perch!  It is also worth noting that the crew
 "MANIACS OF NOISE" who did the sound for RUBICON, also do the sound for
 this.  The SOUNDTRACKER music is terrific and makes full use of the STe if
 you have one!  GRADE: A

     This is another quality product from  MICROPROSE.  As this game hints,
 it is a  biplane dog-fight simulator.  The intro to the game is very
 inventive.  It rolls the credits and a little animated sequence on what
 appears to be an old film screen.  The credits include all the crackling
 and lines down the screen you might expect from an  old movie as well.
 The graphics are very nicely drawn but perhaps not quite as  nicely as
 some previous MICROPROSE  simulations.  There is some interesting  mixes
 of regular and vector graphics for  some very unique effects.  Of course,
 all the action is the skies can be witnessed  from any view in the
 cockpit.  Overall, this game is very nice but perhaps does not take us
 quite over the top like MICROPROSE offerings have in the past.  GRADE: B+

     This is a game based on the little bottle cap on top of the 7-UP
 bottles.  It is a fun little tie-in for the company,  and no doubt an
 extremely good advertisement.  This game plays very much like the ball
 game only it is set up  something like a checkerboard.  The object of the
 game is to have more of your colours than your opponent when the board is
 filled.  The computer is an excellent opponent or you can play against up
 to 4 players.  This is a real bonus in my book ... and if you have an STe,
 you can take   advantage of the extra joystick ports.  Admittedly, the
 controller of choice for this game is the mouse because it  is easier to
 point and click.  The game itself is  extremely simple to catch onto but
 there are many board configurations and options which can keep the
 interest  level of the game up.  I am a big fan of this game and so is
 NINTENDO.  In case you didn't know, SPOT is also  available on the
 NINTENDO and the GAMEBOY.  If you like a thinking game like OTHELLO or
 checkers this is a game for you.  Another big plus of this game I almost
 forgot to mention are the cute animated sequences of your player moving
 from square to square.  He does pole vaulting, flips, flops and drops.
 Has to be seen.  RATING: B

     Don't ask me what it is about trivia, but I enjoy a game now and again
 as long as it is not too difficult.  For a child, trivia can also be very
 educational.  Okay, now that I have sold you on trivia, what about BOFFIN
 BROS???  The graphics on this game are very whimsical and cartoonish.  The
 sound-effects are also quite funny, especially when you  hear the word
 yelled out at you, "WRONG"!  I like this game and the difficulty of the
 questions is quite good.  The questions in  first two sets which I tried
 out were aimed more at entertainment then subjects like  science or
 something in that field.  One  criticism I have is that there is no way to
 create your own questions ... so the 1500 or so which are included, may
 get used up pretty quick.  There are a number of good trivia  programs,
 and this is another one.  GRADE: B-

     If I was asked to name the company who consistently  released the
 worst software, I would say TITUS!  Games like FIRE AND FORGET and CLASSIC
 GAMES and CRAZY CARS I  made me want to write them off forever.  The ploy
 was  simple!  Make a game with spectacular graphics, paste some
 screenshots in magazines and on the back of the  box and sell what they
 can until word gets around that is it garbage.  The graphics in most cases
 were very good but the games we almost completely unplayable.  The
 animation was almost non-existant!  In games like FIRE  and FORGET which
 required a good 3-D effect to work, it was virtually impossible to tell
 when a missile was going to smack into you.  Ever since the release of
 CRAZY CARS II, Titus seems to have turned things around!  BLUES  BROTHERS
 was a very nice platform game and LAGAF is  another game which is
 extremely well done.  It has no great new creative ideas but it is a very
 playable and extremely well drawn platform game.  This company has
 definitely come full circle.  If you are interested in a nice platform
 game with some extremely colourful graphics, this is a game to pick up!

     Well you can guess what this game is based on just  from the title.
 Basically, the game is a copy from the highly successful BITMAP BROTHER'S
 classic  "SPEEDBALL I & II".  Of course, those games were  based on ideas
 from the old movie "ROLLERBALL".  The movie is not really much to look at
 now, but the  idea behind it is still quite good.  This game is an
 attempt to cash in on the popularity of SPEEDBALL and if people play this
 game first, they will not waste their money on buying it.  Killerball is
 set up in a much different perspective and there is no "killer" for this
 ball game in sight.  Even as a two player game, it is not very fun because
 it fails to be  spontaneous enough.  GRADE: D

     The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a very popular cartoon which was
 transformed into a very popular arcade game.  The player takes control of
 his favourite characters and takes on the evil on the way the final
 conflict.  There is nothing at all new to this game.  It can be said that
 the conversion of this game has been done quite well. This game is far
 better than the complete pap which was released by KONAMI just to cash in
 on the Turtles a little more.  The first Turtles game on the ST was a
 total disaster featuring animation which looked like it came from the dark
 ages and graphics which looked like they were ported over from a VIC-20!
 There is quite a bit more to like about this game, but it is only an
 average  platform game and there are too many good ones already out there!

     Thanks for all of the positive feedback from the first reviews!  More
 on the way!


 > SILHOUETTE 1.36 STR Review            "...a welcome addition.."

                          SILHOUETTE VERSION 1.36
                      FROM TIM REYES @ MAXWELL C.P.U.

 by Doyle C. Helms -- STaff Editor

     Silhouette 1.36 is a welcome addition to the growing Atari 16/32 bit
 graphic/DTP editing library.  Silhouette is a Raster, Vector Graphics and
 Auto-Tracing program.

     Silhouette has had a relative slow start in the Atari community since
 it's introduction last year.  In all honesty, the earlier versions of
 Silhouette was somewhat cumbersome to use and quite finicky about memory
 requirements and memory usage.  The earlier versions of Silhouette
 REQUIRED the use of GDOS or its' equivalent (G+PLUS from CodeHead
 Technologies).  Version 1.36 no longer requires GDOS if the user is not
 going to be using the GEM file format saves.  I also found the earlier
 versions of Silhouette had some problems that has now  been addressed by
 Mr. Reyes and now the program seems to headed for stardom in the Atari
 computer graphics arena.  The computer interface between human and program
 are greatly improved and much more intuitive.

 The Manual --

     The documentation for Silhouette is in the form of a 3-ring
 boxed-binder.  The manual is 88 pages in length.  The manual describes
 each function operation carefully and concisely without bogging down in
 frivolous details.  The manual contains a table of contents, but no Index.
 An appendices is in three parts which cover Quick Key Combinations, Tricks
 and tips on editing and Auto-Tracing and finally a terminology reference
 for the more novice user.  The overall flow of the logic and instructive
 text is very good to excellent.  Mr. Reyes and Mr. Stewart are to be
 commended for the excellent authorship of the Silhouette manual and clear
 relative graphic illustrations.  The first chapter of the manual contains
 a short explanation of the philosophy of Mr. Reyes for the creation of
 Silhouette.  This is also very concise and to the point, 3 pages in
 length.  The second chapter deals with the installation of GDOS and
 associated ASSIGN.SYS files.  The section covering this task is very easy
 for even the most novice user to follow and install correctly the infamous
 GDOS program.

     The next section of the manual covers the LOADING and SAVING of the
     various file formats allowed by Silhouette.

     This option allow the user to choose from 5 different types of RASTER
 image files.  These formats include DEGAS, DEGAS ELITE, MacPAINT, TINY and
 of course IMG.  The author states that an upcoming version/update will
 allow for the importation of TIFF files.  TIFF is a very important format
 for the future compatibility with other computer graphic/DTP applications
 and their raster image type files.  IFF format would also be a welcome
 addition IMHO.

     This option allows the user to load two different vector file types,
 GEM (1.1 and 3.0) and the proprietary SGF format.  The GEM file format 1.1
 is common in the ST/TT world relative to EASYDRAW program from MI-GRAPH.
 The GEM 3.0 format is primarily from the IBM compatible DTP programs such
 as Ventura.  GEM 3.0 format allows the loading of bezier curves contained
 within GEM 3.0 files while 1.1 GEM format does not.  The SGF (Silhouette
 vector Graphics File) allows the importation of vector files saved from
 Silhouette that contain "special effects" such as gray scaling.  Maybe the
 SGF format could evolve into the Atari equivalent of EPS (Encapsulated
 PostScript).  Here I wish Mr. Reyes would allow the importation of DXF
 and EPS as well as GEM and SGF.

     These options allow the user to save a raster image file in IMG
 format.  Here again I wish the program could save raster images in the
 same formats as they were loaded in, DEGAS, IMG, TIFF and MacPaint to name
 a few.  Allowing Silhouette to save the raster images only as IMG is
 crippling to a program of the power this one promises.  The SAVE RASTER
 option when chosen will immediately save the raster window contents to the
 same file name and path, thereby overwriting the original file.  Many
 cases this is a valid command, but it can be dangerous to the uninformed.
 The SAVE RASTER AS will prompt a file selector (the "standard" selector or
 a custom selector such as LGS or UIS, thank you Mr. Reyes for allowing
 the file selector to remain as the user wishes!) and the user will be
 allowed to enter a different filename and/or a new file path.  Here I wish
 there were a key-command equivalent for this commonly called option.

     These options are similar in use as the SAVE RASTER/SAVE RASTER AS
 options.  A very important difference in the SAVE VECTOR/SAVE VECTOR AS
 commands lie in that the user is allowed a wider range of file save
 formats.  The four formats allowed at present (1.36) are SGF, GEM, DXF and
 EPS.  The virtues and shortcomings of GEM and SGF have already been
 explained.  The DXF format is a universal format used in ALL major CAD
 programs regardless of the system.  DynaCadd and AutoCadd may ring
 familiar to most Atari users.  EPS from Adobe Systems is fast becoming, if
 not already, the "standard" DTP file format for DTP applications across
 the various systems.  The author states that a update shortly to be
 released will include the ability to save CVG (Calamus Vector Graphics)
 files for use in Calamus.  This option, SAVE VECTOR will save the file
 immediately back to disk under the same name/path AND EXTENSION of which
 it was loaded! Very good option! Still, user beware that this command will
 overwrite the original file.  The SAVE VECTOR AS...  option allows the
 user to choose which of the four formats he/she wishes to save the vector
 window contents as regardless of the import format.  The user is also
 presented with the option to save the CLIP defined area or the entire work
 window contents.  Bravo!

      Conclusion and opinions for Silhouette 1.36-- Part 1

     Silhouette 1.36 is a professionally written application with very
 strong, impressive points that could propel it to the forefront of the
 Atari graphic computing arena.  So far, Silhouette doesn't have really
 weak points as much as just some missing features that could push it past
 it's much more expensive competitors.  I feel that the MAXWELL C.P.U.  and
 the author Tim Reyes will address these missing points in future updates
 of Silhouette.  Silhouette has export file functions not found in other
 programs of this type.  The EPS file format save function is a definite
 plus for a program of its price and power.  I will reserve comparisons
 with other programs of the same type like MegaPaint, Arabesque and Avant
 Vector.  I have only used the demo for Avant Vektor (hint-hint-nudge-nudge
 Charles and John ;)) and I am awaiting the review copy of Arabesque from
 Gribnif.  Hopefully I will be able shortly to give a fair and equal
 comparison of these fine high-end graphic editing programs.  Next
 installment I will cover some of the more exciting options of Silhouette
 and the neat tools that Mr. Reyes has concocted for your enjoyment and
 use.  Until then, G'Day.



                              THE ST RT GENIE
     Library: 30 - ISD Product Support - USER to USER TIPS Forum Files

 Number: 23491  Name: MACROS1.LZH
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920331
 Approximate # of bytes: 3072
 Number of Accesses: 5  Library: 30
 This file contains a new CALAMUS.CKT macro file and a short text file
 and table of key bindings. Several new key bindings have been added to
 the default set shipped with SL.

 Number: 23489  Name: 50GRAYS.LZH
 Address: S.SAMUELS1               Date: 920331
 Approximate # of bytes: 27392
 Number of Accesses: 4  Library: 30
 This file contains 2 CDK's and a CFT (color table) along with some
 excellent information on color differences among different output

 Number: 23464  Name: DIALOGS.LZH
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920329
 Approximate # of bytes: 68992
 Number of Accesses: 12  Library: 30
 This file contains a README and a CDK document. The CDK contains a
 45"x26" poster of the Dialog Boxes in Calamus SL. It comes already
 tiled. The README contains printing instructions and suggestions for
 using the chart.


 Number: 23389  Name: NEW_LIST.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920324
 Approximate # of bytes: 11904
 Number of Accesses: 29  Library: 30
 This CDK contains information about starting a new text style list
 from scratch. This is useful for trying to load some public domain
 and converted fonts. Included is the file START.CSL which is a blank
 text style list that can be used to replace your current list.

 Number: 23381  Name: DYN_LINK.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920323
 Approximate # of bytes: 63872
 Number of Accesses: 40  Library: 30
 This CDK contains information about the dynamic linking feature in
 Calamus SL. The pictorial tour of 5 frame types and many frame
 functions illustrate the possible ways to use dynamic linking in
 Calamus SL.

 Number: 23379  Name: SLCOLUMN.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920322
 Approximate # of bytes: 3200
 Number of Accesses: 49  Library: 30
 This file contains 3 master page (*.CSS) files that can be applied to
 any document to create 1, 2 and 3 column layouts. More information is
 found in CAT 16, Topic 7, Message 15 for creating/using Master Pages.

 Number: 23378  Name: UNDRLINE.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920322
 Approximate # of bytes: 65024
 Number of Accesses: 48  Library: 30
 This CDK contains a tutorial on creating underline text styles as
 well as a sample page that can be used to edit the list of text
 styles. There are 31 underline text styles in a CSL file that are
 ready to apply to any CDK. These styles demonstrate underlining,
 strike through, color, and overhang features of Calamus SL.

 Number: 23376  Name: MASTERPG.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920322
 Approximate # of bytes: 50304
 Number of Accesses: 45  Library: 30
 This CDK contains a tutorial on creating master pages with guidelines
 and using master pages in documents. There are also 17 CSS files that
 are ready to apply to any CDK. These files provide rows/columns
 layouts that automatically adapt to any page dimension or orientation.

 Number: 23350  Name: BASESTYLE.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920321
 Approximate # of bytes: 512
 Number of Accesses: 8  Library: 30
 This little file can be used as a very basic style list with Calamus
 SL. It uses CG Times and CG Triumvirate and is properly set up for
 font sizes using only the R0 G0 B0 color. This is a good file to use
 for creating text styles because there are no style names, fonts or
 other attitributes to cause a conflict as you start creating. You can
 also SAVE SYSTEM SETUP so this becomes your default.

 Number: 23316  Name: SL_MKEYS.TXT
 Address: A.VALENT                Date: 920319
 Approximate # of bytes: 2560
 Number of Accesses: 22  Library: 30
 This ASCII file explains how to assemble and use the SL_MKEYS


 Number: 23284  Name: SL_TIPS.TXT
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920317
 Approximate # of bytes: 4096
 Number of Accesses: 50  Library: 30
 This file is a copy of Message 1, CAT 16, TOPic 7. It explains the
 USER to USER program and how ISD will award points for discounts on
 their products to users who write tips to help others.
 The file gives a full explanation of the program, style guides, point
 awared structure and upload information.

 Number: 23282  Name: PATTERNS.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920317
 Approximate # of bytes: 512
 Number of Accesses: 60  Library: 30
 This file contains a color list with 36 fill patterns for use in
 Calamus SL. If you require instructions and samples, then download
 the file FILLPATT.ARC.

 Number: 23281  Name: FILLPATT.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920317
 Approximate # of bytes: 60416
 Number of Accesses: 41  Library: 30
 This file contains a CFT color list with all 36 Calamus fill
 patterns. There are also 2 CDK's in this ARC. One explains color
 lists and has a tutorial for creating them. The second CDK has a
 unique way of displaying SL's fill patterns. If you only want the CFT
 file then download PATTERNS.ARC.

 Number: 23277  Name: K_100.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 1408
 Number of Accesses: 46  Library: 30
 This file contains K_LONG.CFT, a color list with 100 settings for the
 K Color Table. This file has no DOC. Please download K_LONG.ARC if
 you require a CDK to explain this file. You may also download
 K_SHORT.ARC which has the same information as well as a sample page
 to print out.

 Number: 23276  Name: K_LONG.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 33792
 Number of Accesses: 40  Library: 30
 This file contains two files - K_LONG.CFT is a color list with 100
 settings ready to use. K_LONG.CDK is the USER to USER file that
 explains the CFT.  If you have already downloaded K_SHORT.ARC, do NOT
 download this contains the same information. There is
 another file called K_100.ARC which has the K_LONG.CFT without the
 CDK file.

 Number: 23267  Name: K_SHORT.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 37248
 Number of Accesses: 39  Library: 30
 This file contains a Calamus SL color list (K_SHORT.CFT) and a CDK to
 explain its use. The color list gives 17 K color settings for use in
 lines, raster areas and text effects. This list may also be merged
 with other CFT color lists in Calamus SL.

 Number: 23266  Name: K_SHORT.TXT
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 1664
 Number of Accesses: 38  Library: 30
 This file is an ASCII version of the information in K_SHORT.ARC. It
 describes the use of K color settings in SL.
 The ARC file contains the color table file, a sample page, and
 illustrated instructions for loading and saving color lists.

 Number: 23265  Name: PANTONE1.TXT
 Address: D.SIMMER1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 7296
 Number of Accesses: 41  Library: 30
 This file contains information about the Pantone Color system and
 a color table file which the user can load and apply in Calamus SL.
 PANTONE1.ARC contains the same information in CDK form as well
 as 2 of 4 color palettes. This TXT is part of a Level 4 project
 in the USER to USER TIPS Forum.

 Number: 23264  Name: PANTONE1.ARC
 Address: D.SIMMER1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 32128
 Number of Accesses: 41  Library: 30
 This file contains two SL color palettes matching the Pantone Color
 System. Two more will be released shortly. This is a Level 4 USER to
 USER project but contains no graphics (at this time).

 Number: 23260  Name: DBL_3.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 14720
 Number of Accesses: 25  Library: 30
 This CDK is a level 3 project in the USER to USER TIPS Forum. It will
 tell you how to convert a 1.09 CDK with double pages into SL format.
 This CDK does not have illustrations. If you want pictures, download

 Number: 23259  Name: PG_NO_3.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920316
 Approximate # of bytes: 12032
 Number of Accesses: 34  Library: 30
 This is a CDK file showing a workaround to do page numbering in SL.
 This is a level 3 project in the USER to USER TIPS Forum and contains
 no illustrations.

 Number: 23221  Name: TEMPLATE.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920314
 Approximate # of bytes: 29568
 Number of Accesses: 46  Library: 30
 This archive contains 4 files - TEMPLATE.CDK, README.TXT, TIPS.CSL
 and TIPS.CSS.
 A 6 page README file in CDK format which will load the two required
 fonts (TIMES and TRIUMVIRATE), style sheet and master page. You just
 import your text, tag text blocks and insert graphics.

 Number: 23215  Name: SL_MKEYS.LZH
 Address: A.VALENT                Date: 920314
 Approximate # of bytes: 15616
 Number of Accesses: 81  Library: 30
 Print out and mount Calamus SL keyboard template showing keyboard
 os. Enjoy!

 Number: 23210  Name: RULERS_4.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920314
 Approximate # of bytes: 28544
 Number of Accesses: 67  Library: 30
 This is a CDK file showing how to adjust margins and indents in the
 text rulers in SL.  This is a level 4 project in the USER to USER TIPS
 Forum and contains illustrations.

 Number: 23209  Name: RULERS_3.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920314
 Approximate # of bytes: 14080
 Number of Accesses: 59  Library: 30
 This is a CDK file showing how to adjust margins and indents in the
 text rulers in SL.  This is a level 3 project in the USER to USER TIPS
 Forum and contains no illustrations.

 Number: 23208  Name: PG_NO_4.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920314
 Approximate # of bytes: 31488
 Number of Accesses: 61  Library: 30
 This is a CDK file showing a workaround to do page numbering in SL.
 This is a level 4 project in the USER to USER TIPS Forum and contains

 Number: 23207  Name: DBL_4.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920314
 Approximate # of bytes: 30848
 Number of Accesses: 54  Library: 30
 This is a CDK file showing how to convert 1.09N double page CDK's to
 SL format. This is a level 4 project in the USER to USER TIPS Forum
 and contains illustrations.

 Number: 23206  Name: SL_MAP.ARC
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920314
 Approximate # of bytes: 81152
 Number of Accesses: 81  Library: 30
 This CDK is a chart of the command groups in SL along with function
 listings and chapter manual references. It will be necessary to
 use "Tiling" to print this poster size graphic.

 Number: 23172  Name: RULERS_1.TXT
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920313
 Approximate # of bytes: 1408
 Number of Accesses: 77  Library: 30
 This text file can be read online or captured. It explains the basic
 methods for adjusting margins and indents in the text rulers of
 Calamus SL. This file is a level one project in the USER to USER TIPS
 Forum project sponsored by ISD.

 Number: 23171  Name: DBL_PAGE.TXT
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920313
 Approximate # of bytes: 1920
 Number of Accesses: 56  Library: 30
 This text file can be read on-line or captured. It explains a
 workaround for converting double-page 1.09N files into SL format.
 This is a Level 2 Project in the USER to USER TIPS Forum sponsored by

 Number: 23170  Name: PG_NUMBR.TXT
 Address: L.ROCHA1                Date: 920313
 Approximate # of bytes: 1280
 Number of Accesses: 65  Library: 30
 This text file can be read on-line or captured. It explains how to
 activate automatic page number in Calamus SL. This is a sample file
 of a Level 2 project in the USER to USER SL TIPS Forum which is
 sponsored by ISD.

 Number: 23067  Name: PSKMACRO.ARC
 Address: A.VALENT                Date: 920307
 Approximate # of bytes: 2176
 Number of Accesses: 89  Library: 30
 Translation of the default PKS Write macros.  Lotta shortcuts available.
 Find out what they are!

 Number: 23021  Name: GRAYS_SL.ARC
 Address: A.VALENT                Date: 920304
 Approximate # of bytes: 18176
 Number of Accesses: 98  Library: 30
 SL version of a Calamus CDK which prints a 0-100% O-Line generated
 raster. Very useful for experimenting with SL's raster generator
 settings. I apologize for not remembering who uploaded the old
 Calamus version.

 Number: 23016  Name: 32LPCM.CRI
 Address: A.VALENT                Date: 920304
 Approximate # of bytes: 1024
 Number of Accesses: 107  Library: 30
 Change filename to CALAMUS.CRI and place in Calamus SL's MODULE
 folder. Gives you a 32 lpcm 5x5 Raster Generator module setting that
 looks smooth printed at 300dpi. Can also be placed in the COLOR
 module without renaming and be used as an alternate.

 Number: 22995  Name: CHAP5_11.LZH (LH5)LZH
 Address: ISD                Date: 920303
 Approximate # of bytes: 19840
 Number of Accesses: 90  Library: 30
 This file contains a Calamus SL document covering the new
 Systems Module now available in Calamus SL, for those of you
 that received the module before the documentation had been
 implemented. All questions are being handled in Category 16 as
 usual. This file is specifically for those of you with SL that
 did not receive the file.


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     TAF's ACE '92 "The Atari Canadian Exposition" is a "go" for this
 weekend.  According to all indications it should turn out to be a
 resounding success.  There are a number of new products and serious
 upgrades to familiar products being presented this weekend.  John Sheehan
 and his entire crew have made a superb effort to bring about a first class
 event for the benefit of the entire Atari Community.

     Warp_9.. Codehead's revamp of QST, is really a totally new fantastic
 rendition that is not in the least quarrelsome as its predecessor was.
 Its fast, sure footed and reliable.

     With all the talk about the NEW Atari hardware we shall be seeing by
 the year's end or there abouts, the excitement levels among everyone
 (including me) is amazing.  I find myself feeling like a youngster on the
 eve of a big event.

     Calamus SL is now "out and about".  Its a serious, high quality, DTP
 solution.  Would you believe there are those who are griping about this
 fine program too??  There are all kinds of solutions to these 'so called'
 problems.  It usually boils down to; "read the manual carefully" and of
 course, "do the tutorial exercises".  Calamus SL is the epitome in
 software technology written expressly to take full advantage of the Atari

    Atari is turning the corner... Atari _is_ about to embark on that
 journey of positive re-direction.  Let's all give 'em a chance to shine.

                                        Thanks for the support!


  STReport's Staff                      DEDICATED TO SERVING YOU!

                            Publisher - Editor
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 From CIS

 #: 25305 S16/CodeHead Software
    31-Mar-92  13:14:52
 Sb: #25254-#This is probably a fr
 Fm: gary gray 76505,2440
 To: Simon_Jones @ GST 71351,332 (X)

 Simon are we soon to see FSM support for the Publisher?

 There is 1 Reply.

 #: 25335 S16/CodeHead Software
    01-Apr-92  11:17:16
 Sb: #25305-This is probably a fr
 Fm: Simon_Jones @ GST 71351,332
 To: gary gray 76505,2440

 I'm afraid that the company line is that FSMGDOS is not a commercially
 available product; GST will not support an unreleased product; WHEN Atari
 deliver me a set of _released_ FSM master disks then I'll announce that we
 have FSM support.

 We currently feel that too many things are in flux to stick our necks out
 and state that FSM is supported.

 (We do have 'working' versions in house but having seen developers' get
 their fingers burnt in the past...)

 If I was feeling sarcastic I would have replied, please ask Atari if we
 are soon to FSM.
                                                  Simon @ GST

 [Walks off muttering dark things under his breath and cursing the phrase
 'six weeks']

 From CIS

 #: 25313 S16/CodeHead Software
    31-Mar-92  16:59:52
 Sb: Warp 9 Benchmarks
 Fm: Charles F. Johnson 76004,2232
 To: All

   Here are some benchmarks I did with Quick Index yesterday afternoon, on
 my Mega ST4 with TOS 2.06 (thanks to the TEC) and a T16 accelerator.

   These benchmarks give an impression of the differences you can expect
 to see with Warp 9 installed.  The system used for testing had a fair
 amount of TSRs (AUTO programs) and desk accessories installed, such as
 HotWire, MaxiFile, and MultiDesk Deluxe.

   There are four columns of numbers, representing the Quick Index

   1.  With Warp 9 as the last program running in the AUTO folder, but
       without the Warp 9 Control Panel accessory.  (Which uses an
       extra 18K.)

   2.  With Warp 9 running early in the AUTO folder (right after
       PINHEAD.PRG), and the Warp 9 Control Panel installed in
       MultiDesk Deluxe.  (This configuration outperforms all others.)

   3.  With Turbo ST 1.84 installed in MultiDesk Deluxe.  (NOTE: Turbo
       ST is not compatible with TOS 2.06, and will be deinstalled
       after running any program; so these results were taken
       immediately after loading Turbo ST in MultiDesk.)

   4.  With Quick STE 3.04 as the last program running in the AUTO

   Note that Quick Index does not directly support TOS 2.06 (yet?), so
 these numbers are obtained with the "TOS 1.4" button highlighted.

   These numbers are not intended to be taken as gospel.  Your mileage may

                       WARP 9 QUICK INDEX BENCHMARKS

              Warp 9 Last        Warp 9
              in AUTO Folder  Early in AUTO  Turbo ST 1.84   Quick STE
              Without Warp 9  Folder, with   Loaded into     v3.04 Last
  Test        Control Panel   Control Panel  MultiDesk       in AUTO
  ----------  --------------  -------------  --------------  ---------
  TOS Text         351%            456%           468%          332%
  TOS String      1907%           2001%          1854%         1889%
  TOS Scroll       133%            137%           134%          131%
  GEM Dialog       394%            417%           404%          397%

 - Charles

 from the FNET

 Msg # 2001 ( 4 of 10 ) Date:  03-31-92 (15:18)
 Subj: UNIX
 In reply to:

  - TS-  Ok, so what about disadvantages? Lost of Hard drive space
  - TS- required? Is it difficult to use??
  - Yeap, as I understand it, it is a pig as far as Hard Drive space goes.
  - Think the rule of thumb is "don't run it unless you have 100 Meg",
  - although I believe it chews up about 40Meg of that.

 Our UNIX systems ship with a minimum of a 200 meg drive. I'd say that
 qualifies as a hard disk pig, alright. :-)

 Of course, the more stuff I keep getting for my TT system, the bigger the
 drive I'm gonna need, too. Right now I have a Quantum 105, plus a Megafile
 60, and a Megafile 44. I like to think that's because I'm a power user,
 but every once in a while, I confess that I don't really need all that


 Bob Brodie

 *Origin: Fnet Node 319, Atari Base USA

 from the FNET

 Msg # 2324 ( 57 of 100) Date:  03-31-92 (16:22)
 Subj: CD-ROM
 In reply to:

  - I don't think it should be removed.  I have seen it all over the place
  - lately including CompuServe a few weeks ago.  I will have to check to
  - see if Ron has it up on this system.  Nice question since if it was
  - released perhaps it was done by Ralph like chkdsk3 was!  hehehe
  -                                    Bill

 Yes, it does need to be removed. It is an incompete arc of the program,
 and not the latest de-bugged version.

 Sorry for the confusion.


 Bob Brodie

 *Origin: Fnet Node 319, Atari Base USA

 [Editor Note]
 The file being discussed here is Metados, it has been uploaded all over
 the USA after being downloaded from Atari Canada's BBS.  Then withdrawn
 for being "incomplete and broken".  The second file mentioned is checkdisk
 3.  The accusation is Pure rubbish.  Nothing like "making the news" with
 fabrications..  <sigh>

 from the FNET

 Msg #28697 ( 59 of 134) Date:  03-31-92 (07:54)
 If you had been around when the term was coined, you'd know that "Atari
 Apologist" doesn't mean that people should apologize for owning an Atari,
 it's a dig at those people who think that the management of Atari Corp can
 do no wrong.

 The Megas were a year late -- "Delays, but now Atari has improved!"
 The laser was a year late -- "Worth waiting for, and Atari is changing!"
 The TT took ages to be certified -- "Darn that FCC!"
 No US distribution network -- "They're changing that, hey what's your
 Poor software support -- "There's one of everything, what more do you need
     besides, Atari is doing so much better in Europe."
 Five years of waffling over the CD ROM -- "Atari did that to protect the

 And so it goes...

 *Origin: Fnet Node 66, The Bre(/\)ery _ Ajax_Canada _

 from the FNET

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 19477/19547  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Apr 02, 1992  at 6:51 AM
 Recv : Apr 03, 1992
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : Wen Hsieh at Fnet Node 669, Dateline: Atari BBS
 Subj : Re: <19436> The Leonard Tramiel Online Conference

 In reply to:

  - After reading it, what do you think of the conference?
  - Was the conference what you expected?
  - Would you have liked it to go any other way?
  - Do you have any suggestions for future conferences of the same type?
  - Did you learn anything from the conference?  If so, tell us about it.
  -                                              Ralph....

 Was it what I expected?  Yes and no.  Tell you the truth I expected more
 stuff to leak... but it didn't.  It turnout to be very uninformative also,
 as FSM GDOS was passed right over.  Nothing a very informed FNet-er don't
 know already.

 I would have liked more new stuff discussed.  Suggestions... why even hold
 a conference if it's going to turn out to be a yes/no type conference.
 Like it would have been better if they held off until Atari was more
 prepared to release something to the public and discussion it.

 STR itself...  tell you the truth, I don't mind questioning of the
 FSM/GDOS type.  It happens to be what is happening.  But looking into the
 motives of why its not out yet, is looking too much into it.  This was not
 in STR, but was mentioned here in the conference.  Some great articles
 too, the one about advertising was great (sorry I forgot the author's
 name), keep up the great work.

 Question, why is the editorial not in the beginning?

 from the FNET

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 19487/19547  Lines: 18  Read: 1
 Sent : Apr 02, 1992  at 5:51 PM
 Recv : Apr 03, 1992
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : John Miller at Fnet Node 18, ///Turbo Board Support BBS
 Subj : Re: <19436> The Leonard Tramiel Online Conference

  Previously Ralph Mariano wrote:
  - Well now, in STReport 813 are four online conferences.  One of which is
  - the long and anxiously awaited Leonard Tramiel conference.
  - After reading it, what do you think of the conference?
  - Was the conference what you expected?
  - Would you have liked it to go any other way?
  - Do you have any suggestions for future conferences of the same type?
  - Did you learn anything from the conference?  If so, tell us about it.

 I think your new Format is Super!

 Re: Leonard's conference.  To me, he sounded like Ollie North at a Senate
 Investigation.  He didn't really say anything about anything, and didn't
 tell anyone anything that we already don't know.  There were many
 references to Email replies to some of the questions, I guess he just
 didn't want to devulge any information.


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