Z*Net: 21-Mar-92 #9212

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/26/92-02:13:57 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 21-Mar-92 #9212
Date: Thu Mar 26 14:13:57 1992

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 Hi, my name is Bill Whiteman, a long time friend of Ron Kovacs and
 filling in for him while he attends to funeral arrangements and
 pressing matters at his REAL PAYING job.  I work with him and late this
 week he asked me to do some of the editing and compiling while he
 worked on other matters.

 Since I am REALLY NOT sure what the heck this monster is about, I will
 babble a little bit and tell you more about what Ron Kovacs does at the
 "real job" a term I have seen a few times in the past.

 The Real Job is a Shop Manager for Maher Terminals in Port Elizabeth,
 New Jersey.  This company, where I also work is a stevedoring outfit
 that unloads container, lumber, steel, copper, pulp, paper, billets and
 numerous other commodities including car ships.

 What we do in our department is repair and supply equipment such as
 tractors, fork-lifts, stackers, top-loaders, straddle carriers, jeeps,
 cars, vans and empty container handlers.  We monitor over 1200 pieces
 of equipment.

 What Ron does specifically is manage a shop of 30 mechanics, the
 budget, repairs, equipment assignments and our newly transformed safety
 program.  Besides this he has to answer the phone about 400 times a day
 putting out fires.

 I work directly for him as an assistant and have to follow assignments
 and assist with the labor, the ILA mechanics who are a real joy to work
 with!  <grin>

 Well, I have babbled enough and when Ron get's done reading this, it
 might not even appear, but it is worth a try since I have seen this
 "real job" thing far too many times and NO explanation of what he
 actually does.

 This issue is probably the first and last appearance since I cannot
 afford the time required to put this together.  We have an Atari
 computer here that Ron "brought in" that is amazing and better than the
 DEC system we have.  Since he asked me to assist by writing and
 compiling the issue during my lunch hour(s) this week, which have all
 gone by while writing this, and three days of no lunch is enough for
 me.  Next time he better ask someone else, perhaps the secretary???

 The material received was processed and Ron is going to review it all
 before it is released.  As I understand it, he will do that over the
 weekend.  So, enjoy the issue.  It really was a lot of fun and
 something I am not looking forward to doing again.  I can see why he is
 tired sometimes, especially since I know he does MORE then just this.

 At any-rate, he better remember this in a few months when my review is
 do and give me a big fat raise for the effort!  :-)

 * THIS WEEK IN ATARI HISTORY                    Compiled by Ron Kovacs

 1986 - ATARI ANNOUNCES 2 NEW COMPUTERS  (From Z*Mag 3-19-86)
 Atari announces (6) new computers and a long list of peripheral
 hardware, and all a rock bottom prices.  Two Machines in the ST line of
 (Jackintosh).  The 130ST with 128k at a cost of less than 399.  The
 520ST with 512k at 599.  They are both 16-bit computers, which differ
 only in memory size, boast of graphics capabilities rivaling those of
 the $2,195 Apple Macintosh, thanks to a version of Digital Research
 Inc.'S (GEM (Graphics Environment Manager) operating environment, which
 works with the TOS(Tramiel Operating System.)  The ST machines will be
 sold with either Basic or Logo according to Craig Suko, Atari software
 design engineer.  Sig Hartmann, head of Atari's software efforts, vowed
 that there would be at least 25 to 30 software titles on the shelves
 when computers are shipped in early April.  Tramiel said that be the
 second half of the year, Atari will be producing 200,000 ST units a

 65XE (6502c cpu) 64k memory, 4 independent sound voices, built-in
 Basic, 22 Graphics modes, 256 colors, full-stroke keyboard w/graphic
 printed on the keys and a ROM Cartridge slot.  Although more advanced,
 it will be offered at the same price as the 800XL less than $120.
 130XE Exactly the same as 65XE except twice the memory for less than
 $200.  XEP is a Portable version with 64k memory that includes a 5-inch
 monochrome monitor, a 3 1/2" drive, and a ROM slot.  65XEM (Music
 Micro) which is the same as the 65XE except for its Amy chip.  This
 chip is so highly advanced that if you close your eyes, you can't tell
 if the music is coming from a piano or the computer, the XEM should
 retail for less than $150.00.  Tramiel said that the typical Atari user is
 16 to 26 years old.  To saturate that customer base, Atari will begin
 a national school computer program in March.  "Every educational
 institution that is eligible under our program will receive computers
 at no charge to the school.

 Antic Magazine's publisher Jim Capperell wrote to Detroit's M.A.C.E.
 to notify them that they had to remove any and all ANTIC programs from
 their BBS.  He reaffirmed that they are copyrighted, and to exchange
 them is piracy.  Despite previous "understandings" about such things,
 it now looks like ANTIC wants to play hardball.  Nothing was said in
 the letter about library inclusions of Antic material, but that is
 probably next.

 PBS program "Computer Chronicles", discussed the new Atari product
 "Folio".  Here is a quote from the show.  "Atari has introduced a new
 pocket computer that runs MS/DOS.  It's called the Atari Folio.  It is
 8"x4", weighs less than a pound, and features a 40-character 8-line

 Contrary to claims in the press that Atari Corp was to begin "closing
 Federated Stores", officials and managers at several Federated
 locations and headquarters in southern California told Z*Net that
 "business as usual" would continue at Federated Group locations.
 Managers and staff at several stores told us that they had been assured
 that most Federated Group stores were not going to be closed or
 affected by the reorganization or sale.  The stores will continue to
 carry ATARI as their "first line" of computer products, and no change
 in stock or policy is anticipated.

 World of Atari's Rich Tsukiji announced his plans for future shows to a
 group of Michigan club officers last month while planning his June 22-
 23 Detroit area show.  Annual shows will be held in four or five
 locations which may include Disneyland, Detroit, and Seattle.

 David Sullivan of Total Control Systems maker of the soon to be
 released GOE (Graphics Operating Environment) Cartridge, expects at
 least limited compatibility with the similar Diamond Cartridge (Alan
 Reeve, Reevesoft).

 Practical Solutions announced a move into a completely gutted and
 remodeled warehouse, providing 10 times the room they had before.
 More office space and a new R/D area.

 Vince Giammatteo, new Vice-President and General Manager of the Atari
 Computer Division, has passed along the following.  "Atari is excited
 about this year's Comdex show and will be introducing several NEW
 hardware items."  In early May, check your local listings for the
 television program "Computer Chronicles", Atari will be the subject of
 the telecast.  25 major cities across the nation will soon be viewing
 2 Atari TV commercials, one 30 second commercial on the 1040ST and one
 60 second commercial on Atari's DTP system, plus newspaper ads.

 Atari's Entertainment Division reported this week that February was the
 best sales month ever for its color portable video game system, the
 Atari Lynx.

 The Atari Corporation reported at the Hannover CeBit 1991 show that the
 turnover for the fourth quarter 1990 was 151.9 million dollars with a
 net income of 8.8 million dollars.  The sales for the financial year
 1990, which ended on December 31, 1990, were 411.5 million dollars.

 CAL-ASSISTANT, an online help accessory for use with CALAMUS DTP
 software, is a new release of Spar Systems.  Using a desk-accessory
 approach to provide Hypertext-like interface, Cal-assistant offers "tear
 off" style menus leading to text, icons, and pictures giving instruction
 and tips for using Calamus features.

 The fastest video digitizer available for the Atari ST has yet another
 version available.  Although it bears a release date in May 1990,
 version 1.29 of the Vidi-ST software has only recently been seen
 stateside, packed with new VIDI-ST carts.

       by Glenn E. Brensinger (America Online address - PC Glenn)

 In March of 1991, Quantum Computer Services of Vienna, Virginia
 released their newest software product - America Online for the PC.
 Since then the network has increased membership dramatically, and has
 featured conferences with such personalities as Michael A. Banks, Dr.
 Jerry Pournelle, The Norton Group, Digital Research, and most recently
 Steve Ballmer of Microsoft.  But - what is America Online?

 Quantum Computer Services was incorporated in 1985, and changed their
 name to America Online Incorporated in October 1991 to reflect their
 flagship product.  Through the use of proprietary software and
 partnerships with Commodore, Tandy, and IBM, they run two major
 networks - Q-Link for Commodore 64/128 owners, and America Online for
 PC, Apple, and Macintosh owners.  Quantum started as four separate
 networks: America Online (a Macintosh/Apple network), PC-Link (based on
 the Tandy DeskMate interface), Promenade (packaged with IBM PS/1
 systems), and Q-Link (Commodore computers).  In March 1991, America
 Online was merged with the two PC networks, and in less than a year has
 become the second largest interactive online service in the country.

 Since the merging of the systems, America Online has been adding and
 improving areas to better benefit the members.  They offer everything
 from online shopping to stock quotes to real-time communications with
 other members to computing support to shareware libraries.  There are
 11 PC Computing Forums, such as DOS, Hardware, Windows, Programming,
 Games, and specialized support for the PS/1 system (via the Promenade
 software included with the PS/1).  Each area has message boards and
 libraries to help out members, and each one hosts live meetings at
 least once a week.  The Company Support area has such names as Sierra
 Online, Microsoft, Digital Research, Maxis, Spectrum Holobyte, and
 more, with a lot of others coming soon.  The chat area, called "People
 Connection," allows members with similar interests to get together,
 talk, play games, or whatever.  They also offer real-time online games,
 such as a full-color multi-player casino, and the most recent addition,
 Neverwinter Nights, an AD&D multi-player game styled after the SSI Gold
 Box Series.  If you ever wondered what it would be like to play Curse
 of the Azure Bonds with real people, here's your chance.  And speaking
 of AD&D, there's an entire area devoted to Dungeons and Dragons and
 other forms of role playing, complete with live and message based

 The PC America Online software, or PC/AOL for short, is based on the
 Geoworks Ensemble interface, and uses a window-and-icon driven
 environment to make navigating the system fast and easy.  It will run
 on any IBM compatible system with an EGA or VGA card, hard drive, and
 a mouse, and will use extended or expanded memory if you have it.
 Because of the windowing, you can participate in a real-time conference
 and scan through message boards at the same time, rather than being
 limited to doing one or the other as with text based "command line"
 services.  Many of the areas have attractive front ends, with "push
 button" icon access to most sections, and navigating is done via
 graphical mouse-menus or keyword shortcuts.

 The membership rate for PC/AOL is very reasonable.  The monthly fee is
 waived for your first month, and you have 5 hours free to explore the
 system.  After the first month, you are charged a monthly fee of only
 $7.95, and your first two hours are free.  After those two hours, you
 are billed at the rate of 10 cents per minute, day or night.  There are
 no hidden charges; everything online is accessible for that 10 cents an
 hour.  You have the choice of charging it to your credit card or
 checking account, and there is no waiting period for credit
 authorization - you're online as soon as you complete the billing
 questions.  America Online uses Screen names instead of real names or
 a string of numbers - this name is yours; no one else can use that name
 while you have it.  (Unlike CompuServe, where screen names are on a
 daily first-come-first-serve basis unless you pay an additional monthly
 fee to reserve it.)  You have one master screen name that cannot be
 changed, and the ability to add up to four additional names that can be
 changed at any time to reflect your current state of mind.

 The PC America Online software can be run as a standalone DOS
 application, as part of Geoworks Ensemble or Geoworks Pro, or as a
 Microsoft Windows Enhanced mode application.  Future enhancements
 include 9600 baud access, Internet access (at no extra charge), and
 batch file transfers with crash recovery.  America Online is definitely
 the one to watch.

 To order a free signup kit, contact America Online at (800) 827-6364.


 This is a long story about the Atari magazines and me.  When I
 purchased my first Atari computer (800XL) the first thing I thought was
 that I needed some books or magazines to keep myself informed about the
 underground world of Atari computers.

 I started searching, and I found a magazine called COMPUTE!, great! It
 had type in programs and interesting info.  It looked like a serious
 mag, I bought several issues until I took the decision and sent my
 subscription form.  The only thing I had to do was wait..... when my
 first issue arrived, it included some news:  we don't support Atari
 computers anymore!  (argggg).

 Months later during a trip to U.S.A  I found two magazines, just for
 Atari; Antic and Analog.  Thinking about my experience with Compute! I
 wasn't sure if I should pay for a subscription.  By this time, I had
 changed my 800XL for a new 520ST, now those magazines had the
 respective mags for the ST computers START and ST-LOG.  That's when I
 decided to send my subscription card.......(guess what!)  I just
 received one ST-LOG and a letter saying those magic words:  "We're out
 of business, you can receive the START mag !!!!"  What !!!!  I got a
 START subscription too!  (relax, after meditation)  o.k., I will
 receive two numbers of START mag each month.

 But........I never received any single issue of START.

 Some time later, I paid two new subscriptions for ST-World and ST-
 Xpress.  I just received five numbers of ST-World, and (O.K., don't say
 anything)  those magic words again from ST-Xpress.

 At this time I had purchased a modem and I called some BBS's in the
 U.S.A., fortunately I found an on line magazine called Z*Net (fanfare!)
 and I started my weekly download.

 Last year I found Atari Interface Magazine in some bookstores (thank
 god it still exists) and in September I went to the Glendale Show, and
 I paid my subscription to ST Informer.  The first thing to arrive was
 just the disk of the November issue, the next issues arrived normally
 but I read some news in Z*Net (oh,oh, problems with ST-Informer) today,
 March 14th, I received the February number without disk.

 That's why I have decided not to subscribe myself to any other magazine
 ever again.

 But......I'm really excited with Z*Net, in fact I download every week
 and I immediately place the issue in the only Atari BBS in Mexico City.

 Thank you Z*Net.

 My name is Jaime Motta Aviles, and I'm one of the two Sysops of the
 only Atari oriented BBS in Mexico City, "La Cueva de Atari" (The Cave)
 is running under FoRem ST and we are the node # 650 of the Fnet.

 AS soon as we receive our new 14,400 bps, modem from Supra.  We'll
 start to operate the node.

 I'm also the president of the only Atari users group in all the country
 and we're in operations since 1985. We're going to publish our own
 news letter, and I would like to include some of your articles
 translated to spanish.

 Thank you in advance, and I hope you continue supporting the Atari

 Greetings from Mexico City.

 Sincerely yours,
 Jaime Motta A.

 Editors Note:  We encourage message reprints in any Atari User Group
 newsletter.  You simply need to follow the instructions at the end of
 every issue.  Only articles that are specifically stated NOT FOR
 REPRINT or others that require additional directions.

 * PERUSING COMPUSERVE                           by Michael D. Mortilla

         "In this world there are only two tragedies.
         One is not getting what one wants, and the
         other is getting it."

                -Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde [1854-1900]

 This fits quite nicely into the "blunder of the week" by yours truly.

 We reported last week about problems extracting LHARC-ed and LZH-ed
 files, including the text of ZNET Online!  We were not the only one's
 with this problem, as we read messages from other members with the same
 malaise.  Alas, the problem was "user error."  We were trying to
 extract from within the ARCSHELL.PRG but failed to select the "Questor"
 button.  We selected the LZH and checked the alternate TTP as being
 correct, but that one little Questor button wasn't "pushed."  And this
 on the heels of our tirade about reading instructions in shareware.

 Moving right along...

 Some insight was offered this week on the technical structure of CIS
 forums.  This was prompted by a comment on the ATARIFF (Atari File
 Finder).  A member was unhappy (and rightly so) that the files were not
 automatically updated as files were added, deleted or otherwise made
 "unavailable."  Ron Luks explained that forums are limited to 18
 message sections and 18 libraries, and that is the reason there are
 three ST forums instead of just one.  As far as the file finder goes,
 Ron states:

 "One reason for the "non-linking" between the forum libs and the file
 finder is that they reside on different host computers and disk
 structures.  Linking is just not a simple task.  It may be easy to
 'kludge' something for the Atari Forums, but for the PC and MAC file
 finders, the situation gets a lot more complicated.  At least with the
 ability to search across all libs in a single forum, the need for an
 Atari file finder is greatly reduced."

 In visits to other forums, we see Category 0 and thus a full 18 (0-17).
 All the Atari forums are numbered from 1-17, giving us only 17 items.
 Maybe they're saving that last category for something special?  Maybe
 it's invisible to all but the SYSOPs?  Well, we have our hands full
 with 17 for now, but it is interesting to note the 18 item limitation.

 The buzz on the Freeze Dried Terminal program is that it's quite
 something.  No complaints except it's lack of the CIS B protocol.  But
 it's Ymodem-G implementation is said to be "excellent" according to
 SYSOP Keith Joins.

 Neil Burton replys: "If you can obtain the CIS B protocol you could
 install it as an external protocol with FDT... It's so versatile ..."

 Just a little aside here which may save you a phone call to Best
 Electronics.  Their 50 page catalogue of ST and 8-bit supplies is
 available for $2.00 plus $1.67 shipping. send a check for $3.67 to:

 Best Electronics
 2021 The Alemeda-Suite 290
 San Jose, CA  95126

 If you must phone them, the number is (408) 243-6950.  So when the old
 power supply goes, you'll be ready with the part number...

 Copyright is one of those words that just can't be mentioned in a
 thread without "slings and arrows" going flying around.  "Who said
 this," "Who said that," "Your not a lawyer," "I'm not a jerk."

 CALM DOWN KIDS!  It's only a discussion for Pete's sake.  The issue
 this week was prompted in none other but the Emulators area, on the
 subject of "STemulator for IBM?."  The basic exchange went something
 like this:

 "Owning a copy of the ROMS doesn't give you the right to a disk copy".

 "Ah ..... but it does.  You do NOT have the right to distribute _any_
 copy of the ROMs.  You may copy it though, for your _own_ use.  This is
 according to the US Penal Code on Copyright, Title 17."

 "I told you the facts about copyright and fair use laws.  Its your
 choice to seemingly question the law or interject supposition as part
 of this discussion that is totally irrelevant and obviously intended to
 distract or sidetrack the main topic of this discussion.  Which, by the
 way, is whether or not the copying of ROM Chips is legal or not when
 one _owns_ an original set of said ROMS."

 It was mostly downhill from there. Comments like "my ignorant one" "You
 had to be completely ignorant" and other comments do not do much to
 maintain an open dialogue (assuming that is what we are after here).  A
 note of caution:  If you are going to downright insult someone in a
 public area, remember that there are laws against slander as well as
 copyright infringement.  And if you are a vendor, remember your
 potential customers are probably reading your words too.  We wouldn't
 want to have to deal with this type of hostility in a customer service
 situation!  Would we?

 ...Now while the above comments are extracts from a larger thread,
 this type of exchange is fairly common in several other forums as well.
 We do not include them here in support of either view, but as an
 example of how a thread can change direction and how that change of
 direction might anger a participant in the discussion.  Again, we won't
 offer "Rules" to telecompute by, but it seems that more and more, we
 are getting "in your face - up close and personal" when involved in a
 supposedly friendly, or at the very least "professional" discussion.
 We also will not say whether this is a good or bad way to conduct
 oneself, but we are reminded of Sir Richard Steele's comment in "The
 Spectator," No. 49 [April 26, 1711]: "When you fall into a man's
 conversation, the first thing you should consider is, whether he has a
 greater inclination to hear you, or that you should hear him."

 We think that Boris Molodyi sums up the whole issue of conduct quite
 succinctly: "I fully understand your position.  This thread looks more
 like a war path ;-)" He continued later in the same message: "There are
 lots of questions to be asked about ...[omitted].  Alas, all we had
 seen was bashing of those who do not agree with some people's views."

 Thanks Boris!

 Over in the Atariarts forum, the discussions stayed somewhat more
 "casual" but no less exciting.  Piracy was discussed and it was
 (obviously) felt that it should be discouraged.  We heard the term
 "schoolyard piracy" for the first time, as well, and know that all the
 honest forum members will agree that piracy is bad for all of us!  An
 acquaintance from South Africa once told of a "friend" he visited in
 the states (who happens to be a very well known software programmer
 -non  Atari- and this programmer "gave" him copies of unprotected
 software.  Lots of it!  We are amazed that the same person who has
 openly written that piracy is a bad thing would distribute copies of
 programs!  Maybe he felt bad that the prices in South Africa are high?
 But the guy was able to fly here!  Even though he didn't "charge" for
 the programs, it was still illegal and unethical for him to give him
 copies!  We really have to work to stop this abuse.  It's a petty act
 and in the end could crush the market for quality software!

 Atari Corp. was online again this week, and had some insights into
 their marketing philosophy.  John Barnes (not from Atari) prompted the
 "confession" by saying:

 "This time around I would hope that Atari shows us that they have faith
 in their product by getting the FCC work done before the "introduction"
 and by having plenty of machines on hand for sale to end users.  This
 business of trotting out a product and seeing how people react to the
 prototypes before going into production has got to end."

 John Townsend at Atari responded: "Actually, its a case of users here
 in the United States being well connected to what is happening in
 Europe.  See, in Europe.. the regulations concerning FCC type stuff
 aren't quite as strict as the FCC regulations are.  This allows Atari
 to ship product to Europe fairly quickly after a product is off the
 drawing boards and pass the prototype stages.

 If we commit R&D dollars to something, we are usually pass the point of
 seeing whether or not it is worth making.  Now granted, not in all
 cases, but in most cases this is true.

 Besides, what would you do if you were Atari?  If you could show a new
 product in Germany and be shipping that product to the German market in
 60 days, and it was going to take another 60 days to get the product
 pushed through the FCC process, are you going to hold the product from
 Germany's shelves?  I don't think so.  Especially when you stop to
 consider that the major share of Atari's business is in Europe.

 Now seriously, don't think like an Atari owner in America.  Think like
 you owned Atari and your main concern is to keep the company in
 business and profitable as well as keeping the majority of your
 customers happy.  I think you would do exactly the same thing."

 This thread opened up an international discussion ranging from driving
 on the left or right side of the road, vodka, after shave, mushrooms,
 megaphones, communism, beer festivals, Aztec weight systems and the
 metric system.  But nobody seemed to mind that the subject had been
 changed.  Perhaps someone might make a killing publishing these
 stories?  Or is that what we're doing?

 Those MIDI forum members were up to there usual "unusual" discussions.
 There are a few PD programs for Atari and *other* platforms used to
 create random "music" based on certain parameters.  There are also
 mainframes dedicated to the same thing, and while the process is
 somewhat more complex and "programmable" in the bigger machines, the
 end result is frequently the same.  Random noise (to the average

 I'll step out of my "reporter for ZNET" shoes long enough to tell you
 that in my "real" life, I am a full-time composer/musician, with a
 floor to ceiling MIDI rack, two 4 meg Ataris (an ST and a Stacy) and
 enough work in the way of commissions and productions to keep me busy
 for about the next three years.  I am celebrating my 30th year as a
 musician and have numerous film, theatre and other productions to my
 credit.  I will be Music Director for an NPR production in May and
 regularly accompany silent films using acoustic pianos as well as full-
 blown MIDI systems for realistic orchestrations.  I am not asking you
 to accept what I have to say about music because of the above, but I am
 speaking from a somewhat knowledgeable position.  Now back to the "new

 Even to the experienced musician, music created in this manner (also
 known as "algorithmic" composition or technique) can be very boring,
 but the process is quite fascinating.  The "fractal music" thread in
 the MIDI forum was chocked full of tid bits like:

 "I haven't seen fractals but I got a demo of music played from the
 patterns of DNA molecule patterns.  They could have used the phone book
 and gotten about as nice a pattern to play."


 "How would we feel about a hypothetical program called "Fractal Speech"
 that simply mapped fractals into strings of phonemes from many
 different languages (e.g. American English, Hindu, Tagalog, French),
 with fractally generated stress patterns and pitch curves ?  [ Well,
 *there*'s a project: I'm sure it'd sound hilarious...  8=]

 Great thread topic, btw;"

 Of course, there was some defense of the fractals idea. Larry Troxler
 offered these encouraging words: "I think that the use of computers to
 facilitate composition is still in a sort of research and development
 phase.  The fact that the stuff that is being done now does not always
 work, does not imply that good music can never be made this way.  I
 think that the use of algorithms like fractals in composition must be
 thought of as simply another tool to be applied where musically useful,
 and with the appropriate subtlety.  Obviously an entire piece of music
 based on a simple fractal algorithm will probably not come across

 Another thing to remember is that composers have always used
 algorithmic techniques.  For example, a canon is an algorithmic
 technique.  But this does not mean that any Joe Schmo can compose a
 musically viable canon."

 This thread went on to discuss some republican presidential candidates
 (in relation to the fractal speech item), and it was mentioned that a
 fractal speech program exists and even appears on a CD somewhere.

 While not exactly Atari specific, a MIDI member was successful in
 adding a 4 meg upgrade to his sampler for about $30!  The upgrade
 usually goes for several hundred, but it's a very big risk to do it
 yourself.  It would be the equivalent of an ST owner going to Radio
 Shack, picking up $30 worth of chips, etc., and bringing his ST up to
 4 meg in a matter of hours!

 I always feel like I'm ending this column without telling you the
 "good" stuff.  Like the thread in the MIDI forum this week under the
 subject: Whacking Gear to Fix it!

 Oh well, tempus fugit. Oscar Wilde's final words on his death bed were
 reported to have been: "This wallpaper is killing me, one of us has got
 to go!"  And in the words of Groucho Marx: "Hello. I must be going!"

 See 'ya next week.


 Specifications and Features of ~ RATSoft ST ~
 January 27th, 1992
 Revised March 6th, 1992

 RATSoft ST was conceived, designed, and written by Rat Master.  It is
 NOT a modified ANYTHING.  RATSoft is the property of R0dent Labs, Inc.
 This text file may be freely passed around, in UNMODIFIED form!

 ~ RATSoft ST ~ and all R0dents Labs Products Support and Information

 The Rats Nest Bbs
 (714) 989-3381
 US Robotics Dual Standard
 730 Megabytes Online
 Located in Southern California
 Voice and East Coast support will be added at a later date

 --- NOTICE! ---

 This is by no means a complete list of the specifications and features
 of RATSoft ST, it is merely intended to give you an idea of what
 RATSoft can do, and requires in order to run.

 RATSoft ST and RATSoft PC are products of R0dent Labs, Inc., and are
 Copyright (c) 1991 - 1992 R0dent Labs, Inc. California.

 System Requirements:

 - Atari ST, Atari STE, or Atari TT030 with at least 1 megabyte of RAM.
   For 1 meg machines, unnecessary DA's need to be removed to free up as
   much memory as possible.

 - Hard Drive of at least 20 megs or greater.  I have included no floppy

 - Hayes Compatible Modem


 - Printer for BBS logs, user log lists, file lists, etc.

 Features of RATSoft ST:

 - It's a snap to install and use! Click on "RATSOFT.PRG", the BBs takes
   care of the rest.  It will create your necessary paths as it goes.
   No ".OPT" files to edit.

 - Speed - a big thing.  It's extremely quick.  EXTREMELY.

 - Unlimited translation support.  All translation codes are SysOp-
   definable!  RATSoft will mask out foreign translations on the SysOp's
   screen to avoid garbage, as well as filter color on monochrome
   systems. (And yes, you may add Instant Graphics without any trouble!)

 - Multiple welcome screens and optional separate text files for each

 - Full color support in messages!  4 color VT52 with reverse and 16
   color ANSI with reversed text.  Any translations foreign to the
   computer or to the caller online will be masked to their respective

 - Modular capabilities.  The size of the BBS is not limited to memory
   limitations, just how much free disk space you have!  It will retain
   most environment information throughout all modules including user
   information, color codes, bbs pointers and data.

 - Full Screen chat for ANSI and VT52. In ANSI, it uses VT52 on the
   SysOp's side, and translates it into ANSI on the caller's side.  Also
   incorporates a "normal" chat feature with word wrap.

 - Up to 10 conferences.  Each conference has it's own set of message
   bases and file sections.

 - Ultra quick new message and new file scans. It takes less than one
   half of one second to determine how many new messages or files a
   caller has, no matter how many messages or files are on the board.

 - Up to 50 message bases and file sections on the board.

 - Message options: Two reply modes - normal reply, and "Reply with
   Include" (which will include the parent message), also an option to
   view the parent message and return without starting a complicated
   trace.  A user may also send E-Mail to the sender of a message
   without exiting the bases and going to E-Mail.

 - SysOp-definable main menu commands, responses, and all commands may
   be bit-masked.  Allows a SysOp to add functions and modules to
   RATSoft, along with creating their own command set.

 - A full scheduler which shell to programs or process batch files.
   There may be an unlimited amount of entries in this scheduler.  This
   may be used for things such as automatically backing up your data
   files, running the mailer, online game maintenance programs.  It's
   very flexible.

 - Supported Protocols: Zmodem, Ymodem-G, Ymodem Batch, Fmodem, 1k
   Xmodem, Xmodem CRC, and standard Xmodem.

 - You may add or delete any protocols.  Just tell RATSoft the name of
   the protocol, the file to shell to, and the parameters, and it's off!

 - Will run doors made for FoReM ST and ///Turbo Board, including Space
   Empire Elite.

 - Files may be defined as being "free" or "offline" in the file areas.
   A maximum of 2,147,483,647 files per section.  Yes, that's two
   billion.  Each file may have it's own path, it is not mandatory to
   have, for example, all your Application programs in a folder named

 - Advanced file options, including ARC Utilities, ZIP Comment support
   (it will add a BBS ad for your system to any ZIP file), view text
   from within archive, offline file list creator.

 - RATSoft supports LHARC, ARC, ZIP and ARJ archive formats.

 - Smart*Batch Uploading.  If a user fails to enter descriptions, the
   BBS will immediately ask for them upon their next call.

 - A user does not receive any credit for their upload(s) until it has
   been reviewed by a SysOp. This does away with those that upload
   worthless material only to receive credits to download.

 - Universal batch marking.  A user may mark files ANYWHERE in the BBS
   and download them all at once... this includes database files, files
   attached to messages, and file-mail.

 - More than one file may be attached to any message or F-Mail.

 - Conditions.  One may add conditions to various sections of the BBS
   including the message bases and news files.  These conditions set
   criteria which must be met in order for the user to have access to
   the information.  Some of the conditions are the 3 levels, time
   limits, area code (if you wanted to post a news bulletin to locals,
   or post one to everyone except locals, for example).

 - User definable message macros.  Macros may be chained with each
   other or with message functions.

 - Search options for files and messages, both of which are fast.  It
   takes under a second to scan 250 messages.

 - "Canvas" E-Mail and F-Mail.  Up to 15 people may be sent one message
   or F-mail at once.

 - Each message base and file section may have it's own Sponsor, that
   sponsor being able to preform limited SysOp functions in their
   appropriate areas.

 - Any text file the board reads may be turned into a database file, or
   Info-Form (Questionnaire) and attributes may be set for each file.
   (Such as no Control-C, mandatory page break, environment variables
   on/off, conditions, etc).

 - Variable commands that may be used ANYWHERE in the board.  Over 125
   of them!  Variable commands may be used to insert information about
   the user in text files, etc.  Similar to Express, only a lot more.

 - Upload to Download Ratio, Upload K to Download K ratio, Posts to
   Calls Ratio, and Database Upload K to Database Download K ratio.  All
   ratios are treated as percentages rather than numbers.  A "25" file
   K ratio would signify that a user must have uploaded "x" K equal to
   25% of what he's downloaded.

 - Port Locking, for maximum throughput.

 - Low Speed lockout.  A user below "xxxx" bps (SysOp definable) must
   enter the low speed password in order to access the system or file

 - ( You were looking for this )   Crossnetting!  It will interface with
   BinkleyTerm, but we recommend using the RATSoft specific mailer.  It
   has not been finished at this writing, but it will be done soon.  It
   will incorporate a new, more efficient method of crossnetting
   including true bi-directional crossnetting.  In addition, much more
   may be passed through the net than just messages and E-Mail, such as
   data files for online games.

   When RATSoft PC is released sometime in late 1992, its mailer will be
   compatible with the ST mailer, opening up a world of choices for
   crossnetting your message bases.

 - I will release frequent updates at no charge.  I will also promptly
   fix any bugs that should arise.

 - Most Importantly: I am willing to work with every SysOp to make
   RATSoft the best there is!  Unlike some other ST BBS authors, I'm
   open to suggestions and comments.

 - An ADVANCED SCRIPT LANGUAGE! Includes decision making commands (IF/
   ELSE IF/ELSE/ENDIF and REPEAT/UNTIL), supports array variables, and
   powerful input/output routines which allow you to create quality
   script programs for your users!

 Again, this is only an overview of a few of the options RATSoft~ST
 incorporates.  It can be yours for only $50.00, too!

 To do any BBS program justice, you must see it in action!  If you are
 at all interested in running a BBS program you can shame your PC
 friends with, check out RATSoft ST on the R0dent Labs Support Board at
 (714) 989-3381.

 Thank you!                                                (o1/28/92)
                                                       rev. o3/o6/92


 Well, in case you missed the notice last week, Ed Krimen is on vacation
 for the next month or so and this column will not be appearing on a
 regular basis until his return.  However, here is a QUICK capture of
 the GEnie welcome screen.

      Atari's Vice President of Software, Special Guest Speaker
                Wednesday, March 25 @ 10:00pm EST

      Featuring Geoffrey Earle, General Manager (Atari Canada)
               Wednesday, April 1 @ 10:00pm EST

        Welcome    ******  ********                        ** ** **
        To the    **         **                            ** ** **
        GEnie    ******     **  ST                         ** ** **
        ATARI       **     **  Roundtable                  ** ** **
               ******     **                              **  **  **
                                                         ***  **  ***
 The Official Online Resource of Atari Corporation     ***    **    ***
    Regular Open Conference every Wednesday night, 10PM EDT,  7PM PDT
           DTP conference every Monday at 10PM eastern in room 3.


 3/18/92   Full Moon: FoReM Support BBS

 Thanks to Bob Brodie at Atari Computers Ive had a chance to use one of
 the latest and greatest models of the Dual Standard on my BBS for a few
 days.  This gave me a golden opportunity to document a set of
 recommended options for this modem when used with FoReM.

 When using a high speed modem both the modem and the BBS program should
 be set for fixed link operation.  This requires that you run a patch
 program in your autofolder to fix CTS flow control.  I have found the
 program TURBOCTS.PRG to work with any version of TOS.  Some folks use a
 different CTS fix program with TOS 1.4.  It is essential that you run
 *some* CTS fix program when using fixed link.

 Included also are a sample FOREM.OPT file. a sample of the top portion
 of my FNETLINK.DAT file and a sample MODEMDAT.TXT.

 NOTE:  WARNING: CAUTION: DANGER: In the stored options in this modem I
 have auto answer turned off (S0=0).  The idea is that if there is a
 power failure and my BBS does not reboot the modem will not answer
 incoming calls, possibly saving long distance callers some money that
 would be wasted.  If you do this also you *MUST* have the following
 command in your MODEMDAT.TXT -------> S0=1     Otherwise your modem
 will never answer incoming calls.  Note that I also put S0=1 in the
 node 0 area of my FNETLINK.DAT so the modem will answer incoming calls
 during the nightly mailer run.

 OK, here is a capture of the options I have settled on for this modem.

 USRobotics Courier 16800 HST Dual Standard Settings...

   B0  C1  E1  F1  M0  Q0  V1  X7

   &A1  &B1  &C1  &D2  &G0  &H1  &I0  &K3  &L0
   &M4  &N0  &P0  &R2  &S1  &T5  &X0  &Y1  %R0

   S00=000  S01=000  S02=043  S03=013  S04=010
   S05=008  S06=002  S07=020  S08=002  S09=006
   S10=007  S11=045  S12=050  S13=004  S14=001
   S15=000  S16=000  S17=000  S18=000  S19=000
   S20=000  S21=010  S22=017  S23=019  S24=150
   S25=005  S26=001  S27=000  S28=008  S29=020
   S30=000  S31=000  S32=001  S33=000  S34=000
   S35=000  S36=000  S37=000  S38=000


 Here is my FOREM.OPT

 HST                     BAUD
 ON                      HARD_DISK
 OFF                     RESET_LOG
 CDKIJEFGH               DRIVES
 G                       DRIVE TO PLACE DISK LOG
 ON                      REMOTE_SYSOP ACCESS
 OFF                     GRAPHICS
 1                       COM_PORT (IBM ONLY)
 OFF                     MT_CSH
 ON                      ADDRESS FILE
 ON                      CHAT
 0600                    CHAT ON TIME
 2357                    CHAT OFF TIME
 ON                      LOG_TO_DISK  (NO PRINTER)
 OFF                     GUEST
 OFF                     ACCOUNTING
 OFF                     ACCOUNT_NUMBERS
 ON                      GET USER AGE
 OFF                     NEW_USER_SURVEY
 ON                      EMAIL_DELETE
 ON                      SYSOP_EMAIL
 OFF                     UPLOAD_SYSOP
 ON                      BULLETINS
 ON                      UPLOAD_NOCHARGE
 1200                    NO_300
 ON                      USE_UL_DL_RATIO
 12                      UL_DL_RATIO
 150                     IDLE TIMEOUT
 28                      FMAIL_DELETE
 \FOREM\                 MAIN_BBS_DIRECTORY
                         ALTERNATE DIRECTORY FOR .DAT FILES
 ATDT                               RINGBACK DIALING CMD (LOCAL CALL)
 ATH0                             RINGBACK DIALING CMD (LONG DISTANCE)
 0100                    CLEANUP TIME (Email cleanup and Run FMAINT.BAT)
 ON                      FNET ENABLED
 0100                    FNET START TIME
 0210                    FNET END TIME
 204                     FNET NODE NUMBER - MUST be assigned by Node 3
 Full Moon: FoReM Support                     FNET
 6                       Message base for NON - FMAIL FNET transfers
 11                      Message base for temp storage of "VIA" messages


 Here is the node zero area of my FNETLINK.DAT

 Verbose disk log

 Reset Summary log
 Sum log "I:\FOREM\FDBASE\DB008.001"
 Main log "I:\forem\fdbase\db008.002"
 Fast Hangup
 No beep
 request routes
 fixed link
 baud 19200
 Maxtime 0300
 Send "AT Z"
 Pause 3 seconds
 Send "AT X7 S7=55 S0=1"

 Here is my MODEMDAT.TXT

 AT S7=15 E0 V1 S0=1 X1 H0

 I hope this information is helpful.
                STeve Rider
   Full Moon: FoReM Support BBS
                Sunnyvale CA
                (408) 736-0563

 * THE SOFTWARE SHELF                                 by Ron Berinstein

 CodeHead Quarters  BBS
 1610 Vine Street
 Hollywood, CA  90028

 Good day to all... but is it?  No doubt for some there is much to be
 happy about and for others, and maybe for all of us, there is much to
 fear.  For example, the TV news anchor last night announced that every
 day 90,000 checks bounce!  That's right, ninety thousand.  And when I
 stop and think about it, I wonder why at first that sounded high.  This
 week one of my companies issued a worker's compensation premium based
 on a rate of over $15.50 per hundred!  Another paid for the required
 fire permit.  It cost $255.00!  The ABC license that the restaurant has
 costs over $650.00 per year, the police permit to have entertainment
 cost about that as well this year.  Then there is the health license,
 employer taxes, and even a fee is due in order to permit the radio or
 tape cassettes to be played in the restaurant.

 I find it repulsive that insurance companies have to charge a rate that
 in part must be charged in order to support all of the false claims
 submitted.  Certain radio stations advertise almost at every moment the
 desires of lawyers willing to sue employers on behalf of clients that
 indeed may be asking for damages because of stress on the job, injuries
 that happened mysteriously without being reported months if not years
 ago, that suddenly pop up after the employee has been fired, and other
 injuries that the supposedly happened.  Of course I do not take issue
 with legitimate claims, but with regard to the many false ones, that we
 all tend to end up paying for in one way or another, I feel that we as
 individuals, and the insurance companies concerned should crack down
 and just plain say "NO MORE!" and mean it.

 It is this person's opinion that costs are just plain getting out of
 line.  And after thinking about it, I have to conclude that 90,000
 people not having enough money to cover obligations today is not
 surprising at all.  As far as what happened today in history one might
 refer to TODAY196.LZH   A bug in TODAYS v 1.95 causes it to think that
 the day of the week is one day later then what it really is.  This
 fixes that.  This is *NOT* a complete release of all the files you need
 to make TODAYS run, only the program.  Download TODAYS195.LZH if you
 don't have the other files.

 PD, Shareware, and Freeware software authors are doing their part to
 help keep costs down.  I believe others would do well to follow in
 these footsteps.  And with regard to stress, STRESS, Freeware program,
 allows you to test your STress level and wellness.  This a product from
 DragonWare Software Inc.  Hopefully you will not blame any bad results
 on your employer though.

 For those who definitely need a loan to handle some of those costs for
 services that yield no direct immediate positive benefit you might
 consider referring to LOANSUM.LZH.  LOANSUM is a unique loan calculator
 that displays both input & output in a SINGLE dialog box.  Provides for
 quick results when you wish to "play" with the APR & the other
 variables.  Computes the interest saved when extra payments are applied
 to the principal.  An amortization table (which shows the balance &
 accumulated int.) is sent to a window, printer or disk file.

 For others, and particularly for those who just want to know what time
 it is...

 SDSZEIT.ARC  This is a short 9k accessory which was written quickly,
 but the author feels that several may benefit from it.  It keeps a
 constant clock display in the upper right corner of any GEM display.
 It allows you to toggle it on and off with a hot key as well as
 displaying the date by pressing right shift.  It is FREEWARE from SDS.

 ZESTCLOK.LZH  ZEST16  ZESTCL.LZH  Here is a stand-alone version of the
 new ZeST digital clock included with the ZeST desktop which is also
 available in various databases.  Monochrome freeware.

 HIT_TIME.PRG  Turns your ST into an Expensive Clock, though it doesn't
 work with a TT.  MONO/COLOR.

 Games that people play...  <smile>

 STARNUKE.LZH   has Starnukers, a two player, two computer starship
 combat simulator.  Plays on two ST's linked via modem, or null modem.
 This is a complex game with many features.  And, it has a single player
 practice mode.  (Perfect for me..) Color monitor required.

 CROSSWORD   allows you to create crossword puzzles that will amaze and
 annoy your friends!  You control the size of the puzzle, the answers,
 the clues, and even the fonts.  (Sounds like a game I could win... with
 enough practice!) <grin>

 BLOX 2.0   Aside from good ol' addictive game play, Blox features:
 stunning art-deco graphics, crisp, quick animation, vibrant digitized
 sound, sampled at *11 kHz* for better fidelity, crystal-clear sample
 playback on Hippo and ST Replay digitizers, and more.

 YAHTZEE  is just a normal yahtzee game.  It runs in low resolution.
 Written in GFA Basic.  For one player, two players or you against the
 computer.  Bug fixed from first upload.

 TRIPLES  Triples is a game of matching three-of-a-kinds and solving
 Rebus type puzzles.  From 1 to 3 players may play.  LOW-REZ color only.
 1 MEG needed.  Written by the author of the public domain Jeopardy

 NETHACK V 3.0F  NetHack version 3.0f PathLevel 3.  In the genre of
 Moria, Omega, Rogue, and, er NetHack... This file un-lharcs to 878K.
 Floppy users beware! (P.S. This is serious STuff folks!)

 ARCADEM.ARC   ARCADE MANIA  Arcade Mania is a mono shoot-em-up game,
 yes, mono.  Very challenging at 16 Mhz:).  For ST High Res.

 For those home and office accountants out there who would like to know
 for sure how well they are or aren't...

 MEGACHEK.LZH  A bug got into 1.21, and this version 1.22 fixes it.
 From previous versions, 1.22 offers several nice enhancements as well
 as MUCH IMPROVED compatibility with most desk accessories (including
 CodeHead Technologies Maxifile (tm)).  This is a demo.

 HOMEACC2.LZH   is Home Accounts 2 Demo, which won a Format Gold rating
 of 90% from ST Format magazine.  It is an excellent, easy to use home
 accounting package.   "HOMEACC2.TXT" needs to be read for a full
 description of the features.  Color or mono, 1 Mb recommended.
 ST/STe/Mega/Mega STe/TT.

 TM_SHEET.LZH   TIME SHEET is designed to quickly handle the daily point
 of sale transactions for a recording studio or other business that
 charges an hourly rate, time for a technician and vends a limited
 amount of items.  TIME SHEET calculates transactions, keeps track of
 balances, prints receipts and custom forms and does a variety of

 Here's a list of programs that have graphic descriptions, and are still
 legal to download!

 KTEXT170.LZH   KT170.LZH   K_TEXT file reader Version 1.7.0: Now
 displays pictures of any resolution, in any resolution.  Also allows
 user to view pics in JAMPACK 4's LZH,LZW & ICE formats.  Read text with
 ease and incorporate pictures, XBIOS 32 sound, and append other text
 files.  Examples included.

 GOGODNCR.LZH  Here is a desktop accessory that shows a Go-Go dancer

 TOS2_06M.LZH (LH5)LZH   has several screen snapshots in high rez Degas
 format showing various menu items and features of Atari's NewDesk and
 TOS 2.06.  These screens were snapped on a Mega 4 ST.

 FLENCH.LZH  Load FLENCH in any resolution and you'll be able to load
 and shrink a Degas to any desired size (re-save as well).

 TEX (DVI) TO ASCII  This is a utility that converts TeX (DVI) files to
 plain text (ASCII) files.

 DMJGIF3.LZH  DMJ-GIF Version 3.0 -- Far superior to version 2.0.  Much
 faster, more features, etc.  By Damien M. Jones, founder of DMJ-Soft.

 G_MAP.ARC   GMAP is a program that generates a graphical representation
 of the data contained on a hard disk or floppy disk.  It shows how your
 data is arranged physically on the disk.  It also tells you if your
 drive needs optimization  (de-fragmentation).  That is, it tells you
 whether you should consider buying Hard Drive Sentry, Beckmeyer's
 commercial optimizer.

 CEDIT3D2.LZH   is 3D Object Colorizer V2.0.  It is a utility to recolor
 individual faces of CAD-3D objects.  Works in all resolutions.  (Color
 recommended)  TT Compatible in all resolutions.

 QSS_100.LZH   has a GEM shell for Quick Ray Trace (QRT).  Supports the
 following command line features: X rez, Y rez, aspect ratio, focal
 length, and adds output redirection.  This allows the output file
 '.RAW' to be written to a different directory or drive than the input
 file '.QRT'.  [v1.0]

 CV2IMG12.ARC   Version 1.20 of Convert to IMG program. SHAREWARE.  It
 converts almost every ST paint program format (written in '89) to an
 uncompressed IMG file loadable by any program that can use IMG files.
 It allows rotation of the images at 90, 180 and 270 degrees.  Most
 formats can also be saved as DEGAS hi-res files.  A 'Clipping' window
 is provided to select only a portion of a con'd image.

 Dealing with organization!

 KILL113.LZH  is version 1.13 of Maxi*Kill, the program that allows you
 to easily kill those used up QWK/REP files from your favourite QMAIL
 reader as well as kill any other file that you care to define.  The
 only real changes from v. 1.12 is a cleaner display and a more obvious
 prompt for killing a file.

 GERMAN TO ENGLISH TRANSLATOR 1.8 is version 1.8 of the German to
 English translator.  New features include -Fixed scrolling - no need to
 use change.prg anymore - uses only one big external dictionary saving
 200Kb of memory..

 THRASHER.ARC  This program completely "zeroes-out" a files contents
 before deleting from your directory.  Great for protecting sensitive

 HD ACCESS PASSWORD PROTECTION    Password Protection for Atari Hard
 Drives...  This program will put a two stage password access program on
 your hard drive.  Instructions are included...

 "new version!"  WHATIS 5.8 identifies over 100 file types - ARCs,
 LHarcs, PRGs, pics, ACCs, animations, etc... no more "what kind of file
 is this?" problems!  Runs as a PRG or ACC or a TTP - like program on
 any ST/TT in any rez.

 UNCLRA.LZH   UncleRam II is an "alert" PRG\DA which reports the largest
 block of Free RAM, your TOS version and date and gives you the _option_
 of either a warm or cold reboot.

 TOOL19.LZH  ST Tools version 1.9 now with FAT editing, touch and
 undelete files, old features such as file, sector and memory dumping/
 editing/searching.  Also two optimization options, no delete of null
 files and move directories to the front of the disk.

 DFIND2.LZH   DIAMOND FIND  Here is an update to Diamond Find that adds
 compatibility with all versions of TOS and machines.  Flexible general
 purpose file finder that supports standard ST wild cards and well as
 full support for UNIX wild cards and regular expressions with output to
 screen or file.  Auto detecting file that can be run as either a
 program or a desk accessory.

 HEIDSEE2.LZH   HIDSK2.LZH   HeidiSeek searches ALL directories of any
 drive from A-P for either regular or HIDDEN files, which match a USER
 DEFINED search string ! -WILD CARDS ARE SUPPORTED- will allow you to
 DELETE those cleverly hidden files!  PRoGram or a DA and can be
 repositioned most anywhere on the screen.  Use UNLZH16.PRG or
 XLHARC.TTP to extract.

 HEIDIFIX.LZH  HIDFIX.LZH  If you plan on using HeidiSeek as a resident
 DA or a GEM DA, then d\l this file.  If you ONLY plan on using it as a
 Program or as a non-resident MDX DA, then you DO NOT need this file.
 latest version of UNLZH to extract (or XLHARC.TTP)

 DBIIDEMO.LZH   DIAMOND BACK II DEMO  This file contains a demo ver. of
 the hard disk backup & restore program Diamond Back II.  Fast,
 flexible, and reliable.  4 years of development have yielded V2.42.
 With Diamond Super faST compression backups are even faster!  Faster
 backups using 1/2 the disks..

 V241_242.LZH   This file will patch Diamond Back II V2.41 to V2.42

 V241A242.LZH  This file will patch Diamond Back II V2.41a to V2.42.

 The Sound of Music..

 SOUNDLAB  Soundlab, a neat new sound editor.  It works much like the ST
 Replay editor, only far superior, and MUCH, MUCH faster.  Lets you add
 effects, like echo and fade, etc.  Shareware.

 MIDINOT2.LZH  MIDINO.LZH  MIDINOTE, which runs as a program OR a DA,
 displays incoming MIDI notes, channels, pressure, PRG change, pitch
 bend and sustain.  It can also be repositioned anywhere on the screen
 so as not to conflict with data you may need as a referent.  GREAT for
 determining MIDI data you'd normally have to record to find out.  Use
 UNLZH16.PRG or XLHARC.TTP to ext.

 MIDIFIX.LZH  MIDFIX.LZH   If you plan on using MIDINOTE as a resident DA
 or a GEM DA, then d\l this file.  If you ONLY plan on using it as a
 Program or a non-resident MDX DA, then you DO NOT need this.  FILE DOES
 of UNLZH or XLHARC.TTP to extract.

 Extractors..  the new and the old!

 LH201J.LZH  LHA210J.LZH  Latest "Questor" .LZH archiver.  All docs are
 in German.  This archiver uses the Lharc -lh5- method of compressing
 files.  To date, no other Atari program is capable of decompressing
 this type of file though there are MS-DOS versions that will compress/
 decompress these files.

 LZH201K.LZH    LZH 2.01k  (optimized version) - by Thomas Quester - The
 changes are minor bug-fixes, enhancements and of course, speed
 optimization.  The file's description states that the normal 1.13
 compression was almost 4 times faster than the original Atari version.
 The new LZH 2.01k is almost 30% faster than previous versions.
 LZH 2.01k is fully compatible with ARCSHELL by CFJ.

 UNSQEG.PRG  An extractor program for files created with the SQUEEZE
 program from Quack Computers.  Popular format before ARC and LZH became
 prevalent.  Files which have been SQUEEZed have the middle character of
 the extension set to 'Q'.

 Efficiently.. and other worth wild subjects!

 BLITSIM.PRG  This program simulates a blitter on a regular ST without
 one or a TT.  Resolution independent, and should work on an SST but it
 isn't tested on same yet.

 STICKYMOUSE  From Damien M. Jones, this TSR utility will allow
 physically challenged (handicapped) people to more easily use the mouse
 or a mouse stick.

 AUTOFAX.LZH  has AUTOFAX  which allows the reception of FAX signals as
 transmitted on the shortwave frequencies with your ST computer.  A
 simple tone detector connects your short wave receiver to your ST's
 serial port.  I've been unable to test this program.

 DFORMAT.LZH   DIAMOND FORMAT  This is an update to Diamond Format that
 adds full compatibility with all versions of TOS and machines.  Diamond
 Super faST format is supported as well as high density disks and many
 other extras.  Auto detecting to run as either a program or desk

 32LPCM.CRI   by making the filename CALAMUS.CRI and placing this in
 Calamus SL's MODULE folder you get a 32 lpcm 5x5 Raster Generator
 module setting that looks smooth printed at 300dpi.  Can also be placed
 in the COLOR module without renaming, and be used as an alternate.

 The above files were compiled by Ron Berinstein co-sysop CodeHead
 Quarters BBS (213) 461-2095 from files that were either directly
 uploaded to CodeHead Quarters BBS, or downloaded from GEnie,
 Compuserve, and Delphi online services.

 * CLOSING COMMENTS                                       by Ron Kovacs

 This week's edition was compiled by Bill Whiteman, a co-worker at the
 "real job".  There was a death in the family LATE this week and caused
 some havoc with my schedule.  We are also very busy right now at the
 "job."  Who said the economy isn't turning around!

 Some material planned for this week has been put on hold for the next

 Thanks for reading!

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