ST Report: 6-Mar-92 #810

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/11/92-01:43:11 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 6-Mar-92 #810
Date: Wed Mar 11 01:43:11 1992

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                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (March 3)


 Thanks to the programming expertise of  our  own  Bill  Aycock,  the Atari
 Forum  staff  are  pleased  to  announce  the  availability  of our VENDOR
 accessory datafile.  Download file VENDOR.ARC from LIBRARY 6 of  the Atari
 Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).

 This   package   contains   a   desk  accessory/program  (just  rename  it
 appropriately) VENDOR.ACC which accesses  a  standardized  format datafile
 named VENDOR.DAT.   With  this program  you can have instant access to the
 names, addresses, phone numbers, CompuServe  User  IDs,  and  some product
 names for vendors that support/service the Atari computer community.

 The Atari  Forum staff pledges to update and expand the info in VENDOR.DAT
 on a regular basis.  The sysops have found this  accessory to  be handy in
 our job  of answering  user queries and now we'd like to share it with the
 rest of the Atari community.

 A little gift from the Atari Forum staff to our members.


 The TEC board, featuring TOS 2.06 for all machines, is now shipping.   For
 details  of  a  special  discount  offer,  see  the file TECREL.TXT now in
 LIBRARY 16 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).


 In response to the  increased sales  of Atari's  LYNX, the  first handheld
 8-bit videogame unit with a color LCD screen, multiplayer capabilities and
 stereo sound, the  staff  of  the  Atari  8-Bit  Forum  has  recruited the
 services  of  two  well-known  LYNX  gaming  experts, Jeff Kovach and Todd

 A new library devoted to LYNX files will include game maps in GIF graphics
 format,  help  and  hint  files,  and  press  releases  detailing new game
 introductions. Kovach  and Ellering  will be  online daily  to answer LYNX
 questions and  will host  special conferences with playing tips.  For more
 information, GO ATARI8.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #10

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Verbatim Corp. Clarifies Computer Virus Myths

 Publicity about computer viruses has led to a number of misconceptions
 concerning how they are transmitted. Verbatim Corporation, the world's
 leading manufacturer of computer image and data storage products, is
 clearing up those myths about computer viruses through technical
 bulletins and its on-line technical staff.

 According to Nicky Hartery, president of Verbatim, to date there has not
 been a single case of contracting a virus on Verbatim media as supplied
 by the company.

 He says that stringent security and audit procedures are in place to
 prohibit any introduction of a virus program to Verbatim's products.

 As a service to its customers, Verbatim provides the following infor-
 mation concerning viruses:

 What is a computer virus? -- It is an executable computer program
 designed to damage data, slow data processing, or display a message, and
 it may be hidden within other programs. A computer virus program is
 self-replicating and once present, it will copy itself to hard drives,
 removable media and network drives.

 How does it work? -- Automatically activated, it can be triggered by any
 parameter monitored by the computer, such as the internal clock. It can
 remain hidden until activated, remaining dormant for extended periods.

 How is it spread? -- A virus spreads by downloading through a modem, a
 file transfer, or disk access. The disk access can be write, read, or

 -- Users are typically unaware of the transfer. How do you detect and
    remove a virus?

 -- Viruses often are detected only upon activation. Detection software
    is available, such as Central Point Software Anti-Virus, Norton Anti-
    Virus, Virex, which can be loaded to prevent re-infection.

 -- Viruses are eliminated through virus-killing software programs. All
    memory, hard drives and floppies must be cleared of the virus.

 What else can I do to prevent a computer virus?

 -- Make sure your new computer disks are still in the shrink-wrapped

 -- Buy good anti-virus software from a well-recognized publisher and use
    it religiously on data transmitted to you by modem, through networks or
    by disks.

 -- Devise, and stick to, a backup schedule. Before backing up, make sure
    your data is virus-free. Recovery from virus is easier if you maintain
    good backup practices.

 -- Use only properly licensed software. Do not use bootleg or
    unauthorized software copies.

 -- Avoid borrowing or copying software from other users. Be cautious of
    "demonstration" or game software of uncertain origin.

 -- Make all software and media purchases from reputable retailers. Do
    not accept opened packages of any kind, or packages that have been
    obviously resealed.

 -- Use password protection for computer and application software.
    Contact Verbatim Corporation, 1200 W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, N.C.,
    28262, for more information.

  -- Hyundai First with "LIFETIME WARRANTY"

 As part of its "Get a Lifetime of Value" promotion, Hyundai Electronics
 America has become the first computer maker to offer a lifetime warranty
 on PCs.  The new warranty will be offered free to buyers of qualified
 Hyundai PCs between now and June 30.

 The warranty covers the motherboard and related components such as video
 card, floppy disk drive and keyboard. It will be offered in all the
 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii. Hyundai's lifetime warranty is
 limited to the original user of the equipment.

 Also in the promotion, customers can get software at discounts from PEED
 Corp., Borland International, Software Publishing Corp., Proteo, Aselco,
 Microspeed, Software Support and East Coast Software.

  -- Intel Announces new 486 DX2 Chip

 According to reports, Intel Corp. this week introduced the Intel486 DX2
 microprocessor that will allow computer makers to increase the speed of
 existing Intel 486 CPU-based systems.  The Intel486 DX2 offers a speed
 doubler technology that allows the chip to operate twice as fast as sur-
 rounding components so that systems using the 486 DX2 will perform up to
 70% faster than those with the first generation 486 DX.

 The same day as the Intel announcement, NCR Corp., Gateway 2000 and Zeos
 International Ltd. all introduced new computer models based on the
 Intel486 DX2 chip.

  -- More Jumping on the Intel486 DX2 Bandwagon

 Dell Computer announced its new Systems 486P/50 and 486D/50 and the
 PowerLine 450DE/2 and 450SE/2, ranging in price from $2,319 to $8,348.

 Radio Shack says it has started sales of the Tandy 4850 EP computer,
 which sells for $2,699. A multimedia PC version of the system will sell
 for $3,499.

 Wyse Technology announced its Decision 486/50DX2, available next quarter
 in four configurations. It also plans a 66MHz PC in the second half of

 GRiD Systems Corp., a Tandy Corp. subsidiary, has introduced two new
 desktop computers.

 The GRiD APT/450e, a $4,499 system that uses an EISA bus and comes
 standard with 4MB of RAM, seven 32-bit EISA expansion slots, five
 expansion bays, including one 2.88MB, 3.5-inch floppy drive, high-speed
 Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) hard disk interface, dual serial,
 parallel and mouse ports, a 16-bit VGA card with 512K video memory
 supporting 640 by 480 in 256 colors.

 The $2,599 GRiD MFP/450 that comes with 4MB of RAM, three ISA-based
 expansion slots, on 1.44MB 3.5-inch floppy drive, two free expansion
 bays and 16-bit VGA integrated on main logic board.

  -- Matsushita Might Join with AT&T and Electronic Arts

 Recent reports say that Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. is
 thinking of joining forces with AT&T and Electronic Arts Inc. to
 develop next-generation computers.

 Japanese financial daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported today Matsushita
 plans to set up separate joint ventures with AT&T and Electronic Arts.
 It said Matsushita and AT&T's planned joint venture will develop
 portable PCs by next year and will market the computers first in the US
 and then in Japan.

 That report also said Matsushita's joint venture with Electronic Arts
 will produce multimedia computer systems for home use, such as video
 games and that the new company will sell hardware and software for such
 systems in Japan starting in spring 1993.

  -- Seagate Announces Low-Power 214meg Hard Drive

 Seagate Technology has unveiled a low-power 214MB, 3.5-inch hard disk
 drive. The ST3243A, which is based on Seagate's ST3144 line, features an
 AT interface and an average seek time of 16ms.

 Seagate is aiming the ST3243A at the midrange to high-end and portable
 computer markets. The ST3243A has a suggested retail price of $395. The
 company said it will be available for sale during the second quarter.

  -- Toshiba Cuts Prices Up To 26%

 Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. has cut prices by up to 26% on
 versions of its T2200SX and T3300SL notebook computers.

  -- The Revolving Door Continues in "other circles.."

 William O. Grabe, IBM vice president and general manager of US marketing
 and services has announced he will leave the company.  Grabe is the 3rd
 IBM executive in recent weeks to leave IBM for outside jobs.  Grabe has
 30 years of service with the company and is joining a venture capital


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          March 11   Fast Technology/Turbo 16/20/25/30 Accelerators
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          March 18  (Tentative)  Ask Leonard Tramiel
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          March 25  Joppa Software/New Send/Receive Fax Software
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          April 1   Atari/Canada
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 > ISD's GEnie Conf. STR FOCUS         ISD & Calamus SL Conference

                               March 4, 1992

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to the ISD /
 Calamus SL RealTime Conference.  Before getting started, some business
 about how an RTC works.

 While the RTC room is in Listen-Only mode, you can only address our guest
 when I let you talk.

 To get my attention, just /RAIse your hand.  Just enter this from your

 I'll acknowledge your raised hand as soon as I can, but please be patient.
 I -WILL- let you know when your turn is coming up.

 Some other RTC commands are:

     ?     -  Lists all RTC commands.
     /sta  -  Status (list) of everyone in
              the RTC room.
     /exi  -  Exit the RTC, but you remain
              logged onto GEnie.
     /bye -   Log off of GEnie directly from
              the RTC.
     /rai  -  Raise your hand.  Lets me know
              you wish to address our guest.

 And now, let's get started.

 Calamus, one of the best (some say THE best) desktop publishing products
 available for any computer platform, has recently gotten even better with
 the release of Calamus SL.

 Here to tell us all about it and to answer your questions is Nathan
 Potechin, president of ISD Marketing.  ISD is the North American
 publisher/distributor of the Calamus family of DTP products.

 Let's get this rolling now...

 Nathan, thank you very much for joining us this evening.  Do you have any
 opening remarks to make before I start taking questions from the floor?

 (You folks can start /RAIsing your hands now.)

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Thank you for joining us tonight. I believe it fair to say I am no longer
 an unknown entity online, especially on GEnie, as I once was and I am
 pleased that you have all made time to join us. With me this evening is
 Mario Georgiou, ISD's own Graphic Artist with 12 odd years of experience
 (In Mario's case, I stress the term "odd") :-) and Lou Rocha, a local
 desktop publisher, Editor of the Calamus SL manual and a school Principal
 by profession.

 Since we began filling backorders on Calamus SL almost one month
 ago now, the action online in our Category 16, has become fierce. :-) We
 have all been used to seeing 5 or 6 or even a dozen questions a day on
 Calamus but NOW, 45 or even 60 new messages every single day. ARGGGHH!!!

 We hope to have the last backorder out the door by the end of this week
 and will finally begin offering the product for sale to the Atari Dealers
 throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand. I made a decision to
 satisfy our customers needs first, and now will spend the next week
 insuring that all appropriate Magazines, both Atari and generic DTP
 related, receive their review copy and the proper followup. So, first came
 the customers, then the press, then the dealers. I suppose I'll have to
 start advertising fairly soon too, judging by the telephone calls I have
 already received on this subject. :-)

 I imagine I did this sort of backwards but I must say I am very pleased
 that I was in a position to do so and I will certainly take this
 opportunity to thank all of our valued customers for all of their support
 of us and our products over the years. Thank you!

 How did that little bit of ASCII upload Jeff?

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 It came out fine, Nathan.  You done good!  :-)

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I have lots more, depending on the questions :-)

 Perhaps we can get a feel for the people that have joined us this evening,
 in terms of experience with or lack of...with Calamus.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 How about starting with a brief overview of Calamus SL and what makes it
 different from prior Calamus versions?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Sure :-)

 Calamus SL - The new direction in Pre-Press and publishing systems.

 Calamus SL offers a new concept in design and functionality providing a
 greater level creative control than other publishing systems.

 Calamus SL is a totally open system allowing for the addition of modules
 for specific tasks.

 Within Calamus SL, the complete world of desktop design and layout is
 placed at your fingertips. Calamus SL integrates the process of design and
 layout by standardizing the way you use different applications. Calamus SL
 is an environment designed to fulfill the requirements of anyone involved
 in the fields of Desktop Publishing, Prepress and Graphic communications.
 The system has been designed to allow full flexibility in terms of
 features, as such, Calamus SL is modular allowing the user to add or
 remove features to their application when they require them or to remove
 features when they have completed their work.

 Calamus SL has adopted a WYNIWYG philosophy, What You Need Is What You
 Get.  There are modules for autotracing, color separation and calibration,
 data and document handling, the production of multimedia presentations,
 image management and editing, and many others. The software's capabilities
 make it a digital chameleon allowing it to change to suite the environment
 it is used in.

 Calamus has support for output devices ranging from dot matrix printers,
 laser printers, color thermal, dye sublimation and Imagesetters and
 Prepress Systems and technologies.  Calamus SL's vector outline fonts can
 be scaled as large as required. Through the use of its own font rendering
 technology Calamus SL has true WYSYWYG allowing the user to know exactly
 what their documents will look like 100% of the time. This built in
 rendering technology uses the same font description for all display and
 output devices. Calamus SL has high speed document output through the use
 of its own powerful Page Description Language.

 Calamus SL has built-in support for 24 bit color. Calamus SL has support
 for RGB, IHS, CMY, HKS and CMYK color models and built-in Spot and Process
 color handling with a variety of calibration options.

 Up to seven documents can be loaded at the same time with interactive
 clipboard functions allowing the transfer of elements from one document to
 the another. Calamus SL also supports the import and export of industry
 standard text and graphic formats.

 Rotation of all Elements 360 degrees (Bitmaps are rotated 360 degrees
 through a module for image management.

 A user-definable autosave feature makes the complete loss of documents an
 unlikely event.

 Calamus's text capabilities include text alignment, kerning, tracking,
 vertical justification, rotation, flow around graphics, style tagging,
 widow and orphan control. A Text editing window allows for quick editing
 with functions for hyphenation and spell checking, search and replace,
 ruler and style definition, blocking functions with an undo feature.

 Calamus is capable of handling documents of unlimited physical size, with
 lengths up to 99,999 pages. This is enhanced with built-in virtual memory
 handling and File locking for the protection of various elements. Open up
 to 7 documents simultaneously while using the interactive clipboard for
 complete and easy passage of contents between documents.

 Calamus SL has approximately one thousand features with more on the way.

 How's that Jeff? :-)

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Let me anticipated that question?  <grin>

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I've anticipated a few others as well. :-) I've done this before

 I haven't even seen Calamus yet ...

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 We forgive you Elliot. :-)

 ...wondering about kerning - how much manual adjustment needed after Auto
 is done.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Elliot, in most cases, the automatic kerning features inherent within
 Calamus SL leave very little for manual adjustment.

 However, if you should feel the need, you may perform adjustments in 4
 directions, in 1/1000 of a point!

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Followup, Elliott?

 Suppose I do "cj", turn the j into a superscript; in Quark Express
 the letters would end up crashing.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 They would NOT crash in Calamus SL.

 Nathan, What support for 3rd party module add ons exist, i.e. Developer
 documentation for creating printer drivers, import file filters, etc.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Hi Charles.

 I did bring back serious docs on exactly that issue but they remain in
 German. That is a problem. :-)

 Another is that they keep adding to, enhancing and changing the code all
 the time presenting a moving target. :-)

 This is a big priority of mine as I am anxious to offer many interested
 North American developers, almost all of which are my friends, :-) to
 write modules!!

 Thanks Nathan

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Folks....there will be a giveaway later during the RTC.  A free copy of
 Calamus SL or a $500 font package (if the winner already has Calamus SL).
 So stick around.  :-)

                               <[Nathan] ISD>

                         <[Bad Doggie] C.F.JOHNSON>
 You mentioned that SL can do color separations -- I have 2 questions about

 1) does SL support the Pantone standard, and

 2) is there a service bureau in the US that can output these color
 separations at high res, on film?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 We have not yet finalized an agreement with PANTONE themselves although we
 do have the offer sitting in-house. I am once again faced with a quandary
 over IBM type prices for my Atari product :-) but we do indeed intend to
 be able to offer PANTONE as soon as possible. In the meantime, we do have
 a few other color tables available now, one of which is FOCOLTONE which I
 am told is VERY precise! So the answer to 1. is not yet.

 As far as service bureaus, the one bureau with an Atari workstation in San
 Francisco is Omnicomp and offhand I don't know if they have upgraded to
 Calamus SL yet or not. But they should have :-) so I will call them
 tomorrow. Obviously we need more service bureaus out there capable of
 handling the Calamus solution, which is something to which I will devote a
 great deal of effort in the coming months.

                          <[Bad Doggie] .F.JOHNSON>
 Is FOCOLTONE a German color standard?  I've never heard of it.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 FOCOLTONE originated in Britain 6 years ago. It is well known in Europe
 and is now getting established in North America. They are said to have far
 more precise color matching than ANY other color standards and are now
 available with those other well known DTP packages like Quark and
 Illustrator :-).

                           <[Scott L.] S.LAPHAM1>
 Since you seem prepared for common questions, could you please shoot us
 the upgrade info (cost, etc.) from 1.09N?  And since I've  only had 1.09N
 for a week, can I send in the upgrade cost with the 1.09N registration
 card to get SL?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Scott...ANY Calamus related questions are welcomed. :-)

 The cost is US $200.00 from 1.09N to SL but there are other options

 If you have access to a fax machine I will be happy to fax you our latest
 customer mail out. Please leave me email with the number and I will take
 care of it tomorrow. And yes, please do upgrade when you send in your
 registration card from 1.09N.

 There are 6 pages of info on the upgrade Scott, by the way. :-)

                           <[Scott L.] S.LAPHAM1>
 I just bought a HP DeskJet there a driver for it in SL?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 YES, there sure is. I love having the right answers for a change.


                              <[Jim] J.KUDRON>
 Nathan, are there any plans for releasing some "forms" ala Quickforms and
 the package that SoftLogik offers?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Hi Jim.

 There are a few up in our library #30 already but frankly although I have
 thought of it a few times, I have not had the time to put someone on it. I
 expect that we will eventually locate someone capable of preparing a
 proper forms package for us and then market it for them. :-)

                              <[Jim] J.KUDRON>
 Sounds like I've got work to do!

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Please!! :-)

 Nathan, SL arrived today.  My wife thinks I'm having an affair with all
 the OOOOOH's and AAAAAH's coming from the computer room.

 Now what!? Seriously, what an incredible package!  How soon for PS/EPS?
 See you at ACE?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 There is a market for Forms as you know.
 Are you using a GE Soft expansion board on your TT Keith? :-)

 PostScript and EPS will be made available upon the release of the
 Dataformer modules, which are next up for release actually. Lou needs to
 write the documentation so start bugging him. :-)

 Any word on the release of Studio to complete the package?

 No, Atari 4Mb...Bruce has the GE Soft board!

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 TMS Cranach Studio is supposed to have a completed manual on my desk last
 week actually. I think I'll make an angry phone call.  :-)

 Seriously, it should be within the next 4-6 weeks.

 Why are the flags set not to use TT RAM with SL?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Wrong, the default setting on the Calamus SL program automatically sets
 the TT RAM flags.

 Did this get switched somewhere along the line? Hmmm. I'll check.

                           <[james] J.ARMSTRON20>
 Nathan, What about the Functions that are disabled in SL. Like Spellcheck
 & Set Layout/Work Area.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 James, my apologies. There will be a new version following the completion
 of the upcoming CeBit show in Hannover that runs for 10 days starting next
 week. At the end of that time I expect many of the features that had not
 been activated will now be up and running. Spellchecking was absolutely
 100% promised to be one of those. These kind of inactive features will
 eventually all disappear at no cost to yourself, other than shipping and
 handling perhaps but no way I could delay the release of the product
 itself any longer without getting hung. :-)

                           <[james] J.ARMSTRON20>
 What about converting PD Postscript fonts and the "Illegal Font, Serial #
 does not match SL #"?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 If you have a program/utility that converts PD fonts to Calamus format,
 properly, it should work fine regardless of your serial number as they are

 not protected fonts, however, some PS fonts when converted may act as
 though they are serialized.

 Hmmm, I believe you also need to load them FIRST because if you load a CG
 font first, that serial number will already be in the system.

                              <[Drew] D.KERR1>
 First, congratulation and best of luck, Nathan.
 Could you please explain what PKS Write has over the text editor in 1.09?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Thanks for the congrats, Drew. The best feature that is now available in
 PKS Write is the ability to modify layout from within the text editor.
 This includes pre-tagging information on just about everything that you
 could imagine. Besides, it also includes more advanced block functions,
 ability to apply key bindings inside the editor, edit kerning information,
 hyphenation and rulers and on and on. Drew, its has LOTS more than the old


                              <[Drew] D.KERR1>
 I believe there are a thousand features in SL. You mentioned "many more to
 come." Could you reveal any of those "many more to come?"

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I will cover a few of the modules. I just happen to have the proverbial
 block to upload. :-)

 Coming Soon.....

 Type Art

 This package was specially designed for the creation and manipulation of
 Typefaces and Logos. This software facilitates control over a fonts global
 kerning characteristics and specific kerning pairs. It also allows for the
 autotracing of scanned lineart allowing Logo libraries and fonts to be
 created. The tools allow the use of primitives and the merging of
 component parts such as stems and serifs etc. Two fonts can be in memory
 at any one time allowing the exchange and editing of up to 256 characters.
 Type Art also has built-in digitizer plotter support. The tools are second
 to none including floating pop up tool menus and very powerful mapping
 functions. A transformation calculator allows the use of formulae while
 other functions include a text preview window for the contextual fine
 tuning of kerning information, magnetic snap to grid and guidepoints,
 online help, stamp, join and auto-outlining functions and clipboards. This
 is the perfect tool for the Typographic designer.

 Outline Art 2

 This product is for the creation of vector based illustrations using lines
 and bezier curves. It has tools for typographic manipulation and mapping.
 Outline Art 2.0 has 24 bit color support, allows type to be put into
 circles, to follow freely defined paths, to be graduated or mapped onto
 planes, and transformed or distorted. The use of intelligent clipboard and
 calculator functions make this a typographic special effects dream.


 Dataformer is a series of modules specially dedicated to the export of
 data from Calamus SL. The product allows the export of any element or page
 from a document in a variety of formats. The first of two Dataformer
 modules can export to the following bitmap formats  - GIF, IFF, IMG, PCX,
 TIF, TGA  and the following vector based formats CVG, EPS (with or without
 TIF headers), WMF, GEM, HPGL and DXF. More formats will be added in time.


 For music publishers the introduction of a package to convert an I.M.M.A
 standard MIDI file to a notated text file for inclusion in a document or
 for the publication of music sheets. The capability to prepare notated
 pages within Crescendo using polyphonic notation makes it a must for all
 music publishers.

 Job Manager

 This is a module designed for use by service bureaus or production houses
 to allow the queuing of jobs. It allows the specification of documents for
 printing and assignation of printing characteristics such as mirroring,
 inversion, page selection, multiple prints, scaling, resolution,
 pagination, color separation and output device selection.

 Mount and Print

 The specialist print module for Calamus.  This module controls the final
 output of your document.  Create left/right offsets for magazine
 production, collation, Imposition, tiling of pages, together with a host
 of other specialized functions to define your complete printing parameters
 to achieve optimum results.

 Multimedia Module

 This module is for the preparation of documents which include video and
 sound data for the purpose of preparing multimedia presentations.
 Purposely designed for the creation of product and advertising
 presentations, this module allows the specification of sound sampling
 rates of 6KHz to 50KHz. Video capabilities include control of playback
 speeds, Intensity, Hue, Saturation, Dissolves, etc,. Future Modules,
 specifications subject to change without notice, include:

 Paint & Draw : a raster and vector graphic editing module
 Curve & Line : an auto-tracing module for  Monochrome, Grayscale and Color
 Images, which will be an upgrade from Speed Line.

 Logo Art : a special vector editor for company logos and a Barcode
 generation module.  And about 95 others. It is my intention to release a
 few modules every couple of months without fail for the next few years.
 And I fully intend to meet that commitment!

                             <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 First, WOW!

 Next, thanks, Nathan and Jeff.

 I want to say that my testing on SL so far has been a delight!  It is much
 faster than I anticipated, even though I must suffer along at ST speed...
 so far.  ;^)

 SL is clearly a full-out professional grade package.  Which leads to my
 question... what about "CALAMUS S"?  Is it being dropped?  Will 1.09N be
 the monochrome home use standard for some time to come? It certainly
 remains as fine a product for 99.5% of the uses a person could have at
 home... and at the price difference (below SL), 1.09N remains the
 affordable choice... if it is offered.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Apparently, there will be a version called Calamus S. Until it is actually
 finished and in my hand, I will keep quiet on it. Once it is done and
 released, it will replace 1.09N without a doubt. In the meantime, Calamus
 1.09N remains an excellent desktop publishing solution that still shines
 proudly on all our Atari computers!!

                             <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 Better than excellent, Nathan.  Thanks, and keep at it.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Okay, folks.  We're going to pause long enough to give something away. to describe the prize options?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Nah, you do it. ;_0

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Thanks.  The winner receives a free copy of Calamus SL or if the winner
 already owns Calamus SL, an expensive font package.  Which one is it,

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 We will let the winner make that decision. The choice will be theirs to
 make; Calamus SL, complete, or equivalent value in CG fonts.

 If you haven't yet upgraded your 1.09N, you just saved hundreds.
 If you do not own Calamus, consider this an $800 value. :-)
 I am anticipating sheer pandemonium. :-)

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>

 Okay...Here is how we'll do this:

 I have an ISD Trivia Question.  The question is "Name 5 products
 represented by ISD Marketing".  You can include Calamus, but not Calamus
 AND Calamus SL.  :-)

 You know the question so get your answer typed in but don't hit RETURN
 yet.  I'm going to take the room out of Listen Only.  When I do this, the
 first person's correct answers will win.

 Nathan will be the judge.

 So, type in 5 names of products represented by ISD NOW.  I will give you
 all 15 seconds from now before taking the room out of listen only.

                            [15 Seconds Later...]

 Room is now in the talk mode.

                             <[Martha] M.DYCUS>
 Calamus, Outline Art,font editor,...oh rats!...sigh

                              <[Steve] S.GOLD6>
 Dynacadd,  MasterPlan, VIP PRO, ST Accounts, OUTLINE ART, CALAMUS FONT

 Calamus, Outline, ST Accounts, Masterplan, TMS Cranach Studio

                            <[john] J.E.DONOHUE>
 PKS Write  Calamus   DynaCadd   Outline   Fonteditor

 Calamus, Outline Art, VIP Professional, Calamus font Editor, DynaCadd

                           <[The King] ATARIUSER>
 Qutline, Font Editor, Guide to Calamus Desktop Publishing, DynaCADD,

 dynacadd,calamus,vip prof,st accounts,accounts 2

                             <[Duane] D.CHARTER>
 vip, calamus, dynacadd, outline, font

                          <[Doug Walter] D.WALTER7>
 MasterPlan, VIP Professional, Calamus, Outline Art, Vector Art Packages.

 calamus, outline art, font editor, tms cranach studio, cg fonts

                             <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 Font Editor, DynaCadd, Calamus, ST ACCOUNTS, Compugraphic Fonts, TURBO 030

 calamus,dynacadd,outline art,st accounts,fonteditor

 ST Accounts, VIP, Outline Art, tms Cranach Studio, FastTech 68030 board

 PKS Write, Dynacadd, VIP Professional, Outline, and the Calamus Font

                            <[Ringo] R.MONFORT1>
 Calamus, Outline, Fonteditor, DynaCADD, Softrip.

                              <[DOUG] D.HOPP1>
 calamus dynacadd font editor cg fonts outline font

                             <[David] D.NICOLAU>
 Calamus, outline art, Fonts AGFA, Turbo030,Fonts editor

 Outline Art Cal Font Editor Cranach Studio CG Fonts PKS Write

                         <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Kidpublisher Professional...

                         <[Bad Doggie] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Calamus, Calamus Font Editor, Dynacadd, Outline Art, VIP.

 MasterPlan, DynaCadd, STAccounts, Outline Art, Calamus

                              <[Rob] R.QUANCE>
 Calamus, Dyna CAdd, Fonteditor, Type Art, Cranich Studio

 Room is now in listen-only mode.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Dorothy -- Kidpublisher Professional?  :-)

 Okay, Nathan, who won?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Hmmm, who is eligible? If all are eligible, it seems that Steve beat Randy
 by a reflex.  Martha was first in but without enough answers. :-)

 I am making a judgment call on this one. Steve Gold already owns Calamus
 SL and will be happy to get his hands on more fonts and I won't hold the
 fact that he works as a REP for Atari against him but I think we'll also
 upgrade Randy for free to Calamus SL as he came a close second!!

 [Note from Jeff to readers of this transcript:  The reason for Nathan's
 deliberation over who is eligible is because Steve Gold (S.GOLD6) works
 for a marketing firm and Atari is one of his accounts.  In a wise and
 generous move, Nathan decided to let both Steve -and- Randy win!]

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 What a guy!  Congrats to both Steve and Randy!

 I think we'll want reviews for GEnie Lamp from both of you on the fonts
 and SL!  <grin>

 Now on with the RTC..

 Hi, Nathan.  Since I am a fan of Vector based graphics, any idea as to
 when .GEM will import properly?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Whoa, GEM Metafiles now import into Calamus SL better than they have ever
 done, including font import now for those fonts attached to the GEM file.
 We do import GEM 3 and have even imported a color GEM 3 file from Corel
 Draw as a test. Are you encountering a problem of which I am unaware?

 I think so.  No matter what size frame I draw up for import, whenever I
 import, the frame becomes full page size and only contains half to one
 quarter of the drawing.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 What is the source of these GEM files please?


                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Lou says he imports EZDraw files all the time, including earlier today.
 Lou here with Mario. Nathan is overwhelmed!

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Maybe this needs to be pursued further in the Bulletin Board?


                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 There have been a series of messages this week indicating success at
 importing GEM files WITH fonts.

 Why can't the Germans translate the code and stuff as they go? :)
 Is it just too much to deal with at once or what can be done so that we
 get what they get :-)

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 This is Nathan again.

 Shaun...they have 20 people on staff. They have something like 30,000
 registered Calamus owners and an estimated 100,000 PIRATED customers of
 Calamus :-) and tend to concentrate on their immediate needs and leave the
 rest to me to get done. :-) If I waited for them, it would never get

                              <[Steve] S.GOLD6>
 Hi Nathan, Will Mario be getting his own account?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Ah, I hadn't given it much thought Steve. Why do you ask?

                              <[Steve] S.GOLD6>
 Will you post the names of the 3rd party vendors in Germany that have SL
 Modules that you will not be importing? And has anyone else reported SL
 bombing in PKS?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I will be importing ALL viable Calamus SL modules, of course!  We have not
 had reports of bombs in PKS Write and we have been using it ourselves

                              <[Steve] S.GOLD6>
 The reason I ask is that Mario would be a good online resource and would
 relieve you and Lou of some of the BURDEN!

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I agree re: Mario but he needs to be attached to a ball and chain. :-)

 My copy of SL shows the _run_ in TT RAM on but _use_ not set.  Yet, in SL
 I do show 5.9Mb available under 'Statistics'.

 See ya at ACE in Toronto, Nathan..... love SL!!!

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I don't know why Keith. Calamus SL certainly accesses all available RAM in
 the system and then some. It has been known to stand up and boot out
 unnecessary accessories without a qualm.


 I'm done ... thanks!

                              <[DOUG] D.HOPP1>
 I have ver.1.09.6 and overscan the text editor does not work in overscan.

 Is this corrected in 1.09N or SL?

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I am sorry, Doug. I cannot be responsible for the response of Calamus
 product with Overscan. I believe that it is compatible with 1.09N but I
 literally have no idea if it works with SL or not as I do not have
 myself. Sorry.

 Nathan, I've had visitors in my office on and off during the CO, so my
 apologies if my question was already asked.  Garry says Hi, BTW.

 Would you please comment on the various color boards that are available
 (or that are known to be in development) and their compatibility with
 Calamus SL?  IE Crazy Dots, Matrix, etc. Any specific recommendations?
 What capabilities are available for our users ie rez, colors, etc.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 I have just been told that Overscan works with Calamus SL.

 Hi Bob. Hi to Garry.

 I am personally aware of the Leonardo from Jay Craswell, the Crazy Dots
 board represented by Gribnif, the ISAC/AlberTT combo by Jay again I
 believe, the Matrix cards and the Cybercube cards. I cannot imagine any of

 those products NOT working with Calamus SL and have personally seen both
 the Matrix, the ISAC and the Cybercube Sunrise up and working. One of my
 close associates just /sent me a note stating Calamus SL has been tested
 and performs nicely on the Crazy Dots board as well.

 Calamus SL has 24 bit color built-in. It will handle any variation of same
 without a hitch. I do recommend that if anyone starts doing serious color
 work, both on screen and output that they either purchase a TT or an
 accelerator board like the TURBO 030 from Jim or Dave's SST.

 Thanks, that pretty well covers it. Congratulations, Nathan!

                             <[Martha] M.DYCUS>
 I have the very first version of Calamus released. Can I upgrade or do I
 have to start over?  I don't remember the version #.

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Ringo just informed me that he is about to receive a Leonardo board so he
 will test Calamus SL with it shortly.

 Hi Martha.

 You can certainly upgrade and I strongly recommend that you do. From the
 initial release of 1.04 to 1.09.6 we never even charged to update. 1.09N
 cost $30. So, you can go from whatever you have to 1.09N for $30.00 or
 directly to Calamus SL for $230.00.

 <[Martha] M.DYCUS> Great!!!...Thanks!

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 With that, we'll draw a close to tonight's RTC featuring Nathan Potechin
 and Calamus SL.  Nathan, do you have any closing remarks and or prepared
 texts that you haven't uploaded yet?  :-)

                               <[Nathan] ISD>
 Hmmmm let me check .... :-)

 I would just like to take this opportunity once again to thank everyone
 that has supported us over the years and a sincere thank you for attending
 this evening and listening to what one die-hard Atari Developer has to
 offer. :-)

 Thank you.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Many thanks to Nathan for his generosity of time and for the giveaways.
 Thanks, Nathan.  And thanks to all who attended and participated.

 Remember, next week is the Fast Technology RTC with Jim Allen.

 You DTP folks might like accelerating your DTP workstation!  :-)

 Thanks again everyone.

 P.S.  The Leonard Tramiel RTC is coming...March 25th!

  (C)1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May be
  reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.

 > The Flip Side STR Feature        "...a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 A tip from Sheldon Winick (Computer Studio) - Cat. 14, Topic 40, Msg 235
 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   For those of you who haven't see Bob Dobbs picture in Atari's
   character set, here's how to get it:

   With any text editor that will display Atari graphic characters
   (Flash's capture buffer will do just fine)...

   Hold down the SHIFT and the CONTROL keys while you press the comma (,)

   Then hold down the CONTROL key while you press the equals (=) key.

   Press RETURN to go the next line.

   Then hold down the CONTROL key and press the six (6) key

   And then (while still holding down the CONTROL key) the minus (-) key.
   There he is!


 Some info about the ST Book from Mark Jansen - Cat 14, Topic 30, Msg 154
 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I was talking with Tracy Hall, designer of the ST Book, and I have a
   correction to my earlier message -- adding a backlight to the ST Book
   would not halve the battery life. It would reduce it by _five sixths_!
   The ST Book uses about one Watt on average, and the best backlight
   system he's found uses five Watts, bringing the system total to six

   In other words, you'd increase power usage sixfold! Further, you'd
   _have_ to use the backlight if you had it, because (I also verified
   with him) there aren't LCD screens that work well both backlit and
   unlit -- it's one way or another.

   Tracy would be "thrilled" to find a backlighting system that uses far
   less power -- if you can help him make the product better, he'd love

 Question from R.WILSON36...

   Just a thought, which I am sure has come up before. IF Atari wants the
   book to sell to non Atari owners (which hopefully they do or they will
   not sell many) it would be nice if there was built in software to pass
   files to a PC and also if there were such items as a word pro and
   calendar and spreadsheet on the hard drive.

   I saw in Byte where one of the Japanese companies showed a 2.2 pound
   full keyboard and full screen unit at the Tokyo show. The price was
   not bad, no hard drive, sort of like a giant portfolio.

 Answer from John (Atari Corp.) Townsend...

   The machine does have file transfer software built in. It will also
   ship with a Desk Accessory Calculator and a Calendar Application that
   will keep track of important events, phone numbers, notes, etc.

   I understand that we will have PC transfer software that will talk to
   the STBook's transfer software soon.


 About Computer Third Reich - Cat 9, Topic 4, Msg 1, 6-11 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

   I just purchased Computer Third Reich for the ST. It's a terrific
   simulation war game for the computer. It is also a faithful re-
   creation of the old board game 3 Reich....

   As the name implies it is a World War II (European Theater) simula-
   tion. It based on the old board war game which is about 20 years
   old. The map covers all of Europe and North Africa and the units are
   corps size, the turns are 3 months game time.

   One or two players, game save feature, several scenarios. Lots of fun
   for us old war gamers starved for this kind of game!!

 From Tom McComb...

   There is a full page ad for it in the March issue of Computer Gaming
   World. Avalon Hills 800 order line is 800-999-3222. The game is only
   $34.95 plus shipping.

   If you don't already own the board game, you might want to order a
   copy of the rules to the board game version too, it explains things in
   much more detail than the computer edition of the rules. A copy is
   only $5. They also sell something called a Gamers Guide for Third
   Reich that is $8. I have no idea what's in that.

   The cat number for the ST version of 3rd Reich is 45958.

   It requires 512K ram (min), double sided drive and color monitor (it's
   in med res.) Single sided disks available upon request.

 Comments from Chuck Davis...

   It does have problems

   1) I doesn't run with or from my hard drive.

   2) It doesn't allow for you to quit the game back to the desktop.  It
   requires a reboot.

   3) For 3rd Reich players it's missing Beach heads. Invasion hexes
   don't stack any differently from other hexes. The Axis minors are set
   up at home in 44 scenario not on the front. And axis minor builds are
   built in Germany which can be a problem.

   4) The Computer AI is abysmal.

   It is still a good simulation of 2 player 3rd Reich (the manual needs
   help bigtime, especially if you don't already know 3rd Reich. It is
   still worth buying.

 Comments from Ted Evans...

   Just got the game 2-day. Went over to my brother's (bought 2-games
   BTW) and played it, awesome.  He has an 1040STfm with a 2.5 meg
   upgrade. Everything worked fine. Came home fired up my STe 4mb and I
   get to the 1st map screen where the computer moves and 1-move and
   locksville... Freeze time... Reboot same thing.... Bare machine.. Same
   thing.... Oh woe is me.....

   Anyone else having problems? I hope its not my STe? This machine has
   so many problems with games, shudda kept my old plain vanilla 1040!
   Maybe I just got a bad disk huh? I am depressed... Was gonna play the
   game ALL day 2-morrow...:-(

 More comments from Tom McComb...

   Same here... I have a 4Meg STE and it only runs up to the point where
   it asks for the copy protection "word". Locks Solid....

 Help from Ted Evans...

   Just got off the phone with a Mr. John Huff of Avalon Hill Game
   Company. It seems that THIRD REICH *WILL NOT* run on machines with TOS
   1.6 or higher...That is why the game ran on my brothers 1.2 1040, and
   not my STe...

   According to him they just found out about it! He promised a fix in a
   couple of weeks... It's a shame, I played it on my brothers machine
   and it is super..Just like the board game with a couple of exceptions.
   I am so depressed, I'm just sitting here looking at the box... He
   offered a refund but I'm willing to wait awhile....

   Sooo, you higher TOSer's may want to hold off for a couple of weeks
   before you buy the game.. I'm telling you, it will be worth the

   Just thought I try and save some of you a little aggravation.


 Comments about the Zoom V32 Turbo modem from Gerry Cross - Cat 8, Topic
 10, Msg 48 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I recently purchased a Zoom V32 Turbo modem. I may have made a
   mistake. That old saying that if the price was too good to be true, it
   usually isn't come to mind here.

   After only a couple weeks of use I'm having nothing but problems. I
   though this was just an isolated case, but several messages on the
   local FidoNet tells me that several other users are having the same

   This modem is being sold for around $300 from several sources. For a
   high speed modem this sure is a good price, but you had better buy it
   from a dealer who will not give you a bad time if yours is defective.


 About the TinyTurbo 030 board - Cat 4, Topic 11, Msg. 228 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

 Question from GUNNER...

   So what's up with TinyTurbo 030??? Got a press release coming soon?? I
   certainly hope so...

   Getting ready to start selling of STuff to afford an accelerator for
   the second ST and TinyTurbo has my interest up...

 Answer from Jim Allen (Fast Tech)...

   ...I'll give you a sneak peek.  The Tiny will be available for the ST
   (520,1040,Mega) and a second PCboard layout will be available for the
   STE/MegaSTE. The list price will be $999, but we will have a VERY
   attractive introductory time...of $LESS!!! It will be
   a 40Mhz unit, running at 40, 42, perhaps even 46Mhz standard!! Will
   have a spot for the 68882 with separate oscillator, and will have a
   Virtual Memory option which includes an upgrade to a 50Mhz 030. This
   design has been in circulation for a year, and has been thoroughly
   debugged, as a subset of the Turbo030 board. The official blurb comes
   out this week, and we have an RTC coming up in a couple weeks to talk
   about it.


 More on the new SM147 monitor - From R.BROWN30 - Cat 4, Topic 15, Msg 48
 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   SM124 Blues can be cured forever with the new SM147, made by Quadrant
   Components in California.

   FULLY adjustable screen size (to 7 1/2 " H x 9 3/4" W, or 12" diagonal
   measure when tweaked to full screen height). This is 180% larger than
   a stock SM124 screen. Full brightness, contrast, image height,
   horizontal phase (left/right positioning), focus, and subcarrier
   brightness controls provided.

   AMAZING BRIGHTNESS: It is "Paper White", measuring 2 f-stops (via
   professional photographic meter) BRIGHTER than max brightness
   (measuring "white") on an SM124. That's 400% BRIGHTER, folks.

   The only caveat: the SM147's manual reveals the truth - it's an IBM
   Super VGA monochrome monitor... and remember, without spending the
   dollars for sound, IBM's are generally SILENT, save for the annoying
   "beep" tone in the CPU case. What does this mean? The SM147 has _no_
   volume control, and therefore, _no_ speaker! It makes no noise!

   I have to attest: this was surprising, and took as much time to get
   used to as it took to type this sentence.

   Goodbye, SM124, and rest in peace. The SM147 ushers in a new age for
   Atari Monochrome. Dealers should price it from about $210-$230, maybe
   more, maybe less, but it will change the way you view your ST forever.

   I have a 147 and a 124 on simultaneously (2 machines), and every time
   you stop to look.... WOW! What a DIFFERENCE!


 Why are we limited to 4-meg?  Cat 14, Topic 14, Msg 316 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

 Question from Gerald Nelson

   I just saw an add for a Mac powerbook 100 which uses the 16mhz 68000
   it stated that its ram was expandable to 8 meg, since the Mega STe
   uses the same processor is it possible for it to also access 8 meg of
   ram? Or are there a couple different versions of the 16 mhz 68000
   which allow different access amounts.

 Answer from John Townsend (Atari)...

   It isn't the CPU that limits the amount of memory in your system. It
   is the Memory Management Unit or MMU for short. This chip is designed
   to handle a maximum of 4 Megabytes.


 Comments and questions about the T25 accelerator from Fast Tech - Cat 4,
 Topic 11, Msg 231-232

 From Tim Rosenquist...

   I just got the T25 installed and running. What a speed demon! A great
   blast for the buck. So far there have been no problems and Notator
   works perfectly as well. This is one very impressed Canadian.

   A couple of questions before I go. First, is the Cache option on the
   board valid? If so, can the Cache be toggled off and on like the 8Mhz
   mode? Notator will apparently run on an accelerated system without a
   Cache, so I would like to give that a try. Secondly, is there enough
   power coming off of the 8Mhz switch line to drive a LED? I'm thinking
   of putting a Turbo light in;-) What is the status on switching modes,
   still best only on reset?

   If the Cache option is viable, I will probably hook that into the
   Yamaha chip, I have the 8Mhz on a toggle switch.

 Answer from Jim Allen (Fast Tech)...

   Tim, I'd put the 8Mhz on the Yamaha, it allows on-the-fly controller,
   also if you want an LED, you need to connect a 4.7K res to VCC,
   connect the other end to the LED and to the "S", connect the other end
   of the LED to ground, this way when you're in 25Mhz mode, the LED has
   VCC on it, but when you switch to 8Mhz mode the VCC on the LED is
   shorted out so there's 0 volts across it. That will work.

   The cache control on these is only for manufacturing test, I don't
   recommend it for anything but getting past the sub-
   4Meg memory test in Spectre. Otherwise don't diddle it. The next rev of
   the T2x will handle the cache on/off differently and do what you want.


 From Oscar at PDC - Cat 8, Topic 19, Msg 144 - from the ST Roundtable on

   Ok, everyone, just wanted to let you know that we have not abandoned
   Stealth, in fact, we've been setting up groundwork for the new
   version. It WILL be supported -- it's not a dead product. Right now,
   we'd like everyone to post bugs (if you've already posted please do so
   again with the following info: 1. the bug, 2. what did you do to see
   it, 3. your system type) and recommendations. These will be taken care
   of shortly.


 Question about the 68010 - Cat 4, Topic 16, Msgs 237-239 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

 Question from Rob Glover...

   I was thinking... what would happen if I were to plug a 16MHz 68010
   into my AdSpeed?

 Answer from DOUG.W...

   Using TOS 1.62 or later, it would stand a fairly good chance of
   working except for the fact that 68010s have never been made for 16
   MHz. You might also run into some software incompatibilities, and the
   speed increase with a 68010 is very minimal.

 Answer from John Townsend (Atari)...

   I doubt that it would work.. depending on what TOS version you have.


 About the Stereo Reply cartridge - From Gordon Moore - Cat 10, Topic 6,
 Msg. 12 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I recently purchased a Stereo Replay cartridge and I have to say I am
   pretty disappointed in it. Having no local dealer I had to buy it
   sight unseen. The first piece of documentation I find in the package
   is a note stating that they put the input/output sticker on backward,
   and if I want a correct one to contact the company. The manual looks
   as if it was photocopied and stapled together, and for some reason is
   in three booklets (maybe the stapler couldn't handle all of the
   pages?). One picture is unreadable.... one has to wonder why they even
   bothered to put it in. It has good information in spots, but other
   portions are cryptic and don't really explain what all of the menu
   options do.

   It does work, although their claim of "STE Support" seems pretty close
   to false advertising. It can't record at the STE frequency, and it
   can't convert from a Stereo Replay frequency to a DMA frequency (at
   least I haven't been able to get it to. It will let you play it back
   over the DMA chip, but of course it sounds like a 45 rpm record played
   at 33.

   I was also disappointed that it could not do real-time effects, such
   as applying echo as you record. I saw a Digisound cartridge which
   could do this and was really impressed. And, maybe it's just me, but
   the software seems incredibly slow. It may be because I'm running with
   4 megs, but it looks like some optimization could be done somewhere.

   But, it is the only digitizer I've seen that can do stereo
   digitization, so I am writing a program to get around the STE problem.
   It will convert from any sample rate to any other sample rate you
   choose, in stereo or mono.

   Pink Floyd's "Welcome To The Machine" is pretty awesome playing on the
   STE when booting up in stereo...


 About Diamond Back from Bob Luneski - Cat 2, Topic 42, Msg 71 - from the
 ST Roundtable on Genie...

   The current version is V2.42. I will be posting patch files to patch
   V2.41 & V2.41a to V2.42. Otherwise upgrades from earlier versions are:

   From Version     Upgrade fee
   V2.20 and above   $10+$2 S&H
   V2.11 or earlier  $15+$2 S&H includes new manual


 Coming up on Computer Chronicles - From P.LOUIE1 - Cat 14, Topic 3, Msg.
 168 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I saw the MIDI episode and the first feature of the show was Atari at
   NAMM. They showed Notator 3.1, Digital Master, the Hotz Box and other
   stuff that I can't remember right now. They interviewed Mike Pinder of
   the Moody Blues and Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. I don't remember
   any other familiar faces except Chester Thompson, drummer for Genesis
   and Phil Collins. They didn't show any Atari people though. I couldn't
   tape the show here because the local cable company doesn't carry the
   channel that shows the Computer Chronicles. (My VCR is hooked up to

   Ron: The MIDI show will be on the next episode.


 Question from Ken Vandellen - Cat 14, Topic 32, Msgs 142-143 - from the
 ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I saw a message elsewhere in this category regarding TOS on disk being
   illegal and possibly a source of problems. I have a MEGA STE, and I
   like to use Maps and Legends from ANTIC (I wrote a review of it that
   made the cover of an educational magazine a few years ago), but it
   needs TOS 1.0 or whatever the first TOS on ROM was. That TOS was
   originally released on disk, and I wonder if it would be legal and
   possible for me to use it on disk to run this program. Or is there a
   better way? Or do I need to ask somewhere else?

 Answer from John Townsend (Atari)...

   I don't think TOS on disk (older versions) would even work on your
   MegaSTE. The hardware is more than a little different.

   The correct solution is to have the author of the program update the
   program so that it works correctly. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem
   to be possible in this case. I wish I had an answer for you.


 Until next week.....


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                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > MIHOCKA SHOUTS BACK STR SOUND OFF      "'Setting the record Straight"

                            GEMULATOR IS REAL!

 From CIS

     Hi. It seems that in my absence over the last few months a lot of
 people have sent me email about Gemulator and there are also a few bogus
 rumors flying around about it. So why don't I clear things up.  If you
 have any questions about Gemulator, ask them here and you'll get a reply
 right from the horse's mouth.

     First of all, I ran out of the newsletters that I started distributing
 at the Chicago show.  I am preparing a new newsletter now, which gives
 more accurate information.  Since the Chicago show, Gemulator has become
 functional.  Most ST software already runs, including AUTO folder software
 that takes over vectors like Quick ST.

     The first public demo of Gemulator will be on April 4th and 5th at the
 ACE show in Toronto.  Drop by the Branch Always Software booth and touch
 and see Gemulator for yourself.  I even invite people to bring their
 favorite ST software to try out.

     The Toronto show will decide the future of Gemulator.  Like I said, a
 lot of people have expressed interest in Gemulator, but before I go and
 spend a lot of money to market a product I want to make sure people will
 actually buy it.  So please, if you can, come to the Toronto show and
 check it out.

     If you would like to be put on the mailing list to get the next
 newsletter, send PRIVATE email to account 73657,2714 here on Compuserve
 and you'll be added to the list.  If you don't hear anything for a few
 weeks, don't worry.  I just read email, capture it to a buffer and merge
 it into a mailing list. I don't reply to each email.  You should expect to
 get the newsletter before the Toronto show.

     And to settle any rumors, Gemulator is not vaporware.  I have already
 demo'ed it to other ST developers.  It exists. it works.  It runs software
 at full speed or faster than full speed on a 486 based machine.  On a 386
 based machine it's slightly slower but you can make up for that by
 running, what else, Quick ST!

     In side by side comparisons, a PC running Gemulator looks and feels
 like an Atari ST.  At the Toronto show I will have a side-by-side
 comparison set up, so again, drop by and take a look!

                                             Darek Mihocka


 > TAF UPDATES STR SHOW NEWS             Big doin's going on here!


     The Atari Canadian Exposition, ACE '92, to be held in Toronto on April
 4th and 5th, will be the site of a number  of new  programs for  the Atari
 computer, as well as the first time users in North America will get to see
 new Atari hardware and peripherals that have long been under development.

     Although specific details are not presently available, Atari  has long
 promised that  any new  hardware that  will be shown at the upcoming CEBIT
 Show in Hannover Germany (which opens on March 11) will  also be  shown in
 Toronto. Atari  has not  yet released  specific details  of what that will
 include, but at a February 20th meeting of  the Toronto  Atari Federation,
 both Atari Canada General Manager Geoff Earle and Atari U.S. Director of
 Communications  Bob  Brodie  indicated  that  there  will  be exciting new
 computer products to be shown.

     One definite star will  be  the  Atari  ST  Notebook,  a  small laptop
 computer with  a 40  meg harddrive  and an  estimated battery  life of ten
 hours on a single charge. One was available at the recent TAF  meeting for
 users to try out, and it created great excitement.

     But  Atari   won't  be  the  only  company  making  announcements  and
 demonstrating new developments at  ACE  '92.  ISD  Marketing  will  host a
 workshop  at  which  features  of  the  new  Calamus  SL  will be not only
 demonstrated but taught, and  FLASH  II,  the  long-awaited communications
 program will  be available  for purchase,  as well as being the subject of
 demonstrations. ABC  Solutions  promises  that  not  only  will  they have
 upgrades for First Word Plus and Timeworks Desktop Publisher, they will be
 releasing a new CAD program by a local Toronto developer.

     Darek  Mihocka  will  be  present  to  demonstrate  his long-discussed
 GEMulator,  the  program  that  will  let  Atari programs run on DOS-based
 machines, and Dragonware will be showing (and selling) an internal battery
 modification for  the STacy.   Additionally, this new company in the field
 of software development will be showing off 5 programs, including one that
 manages GDOS  and FSM-GDOS  set-up. Joppa has hinted that they will have a
 new program, as has WizWorks, and Fair Dinkum has definitely  announced it
 will have Cryptographer ready for public demonstration and distribution.

     Dorothy  Brumleve,  rightfully  famous for her children's productivity
 programs, has announced that  MULTIPLAY,  a  brand  new  program  of "Math
 Exploration, Discovery,  and Practice"  will make  its debut at ACE '92. A
 math program for ages  5-11,  it  is  adaptable  to  the  child's  age and
 ability, and  features games, drills and puzzles. Additionally, there will
 be an upgrade for KidPublisher to version 6.4.  (The upgrade  will be FREE
 to those who bought 6.1 at the last TAF Show in 1990.)

     Clear  Thinking   will  not   only  have  EdHak  2.3,  but  will  have
 Metapsychology Primer  available. And  speaking of  new things, Advantage,
 the new  Atari magazine,  will not  only have 6 subscriptions available as
 door prizes, 1,000 copies of the new publication  will be  available at no
 charge to the first 500 people entering the show each day.

     Press  releases  and  announcements  are  still coming in, but ACE '92
 seems to be the place  to  make  announcements  and  show  off  what Atari
 developers and creators have been doing over the winter. To see what's new
 and exciting in the  world of  Atari computers,  ACE '92  is obviously the
 place to be!

                         PRIZES, PRIZES EVERYWHERE

     ACE '92, the Atari Canadian Exposition to be held in Toronto  on April
 4th and 5th, will not only  feature the  latest in  software and hardware,
 demonstrations and  training sessions, but those who attend will walk away
 with thousands of dollars in prizes and awards.

     All who purchase an admission ticket to either  day of  the Exposition
 and submit  a filled  out stub will be eligible for Door Prizes throughout
 the day they are  attending. Although  a complete  list of  door prizes is
 not available  at this  time, prizes will include software, hardware and a
 wide range of accessories. A  sample  of  the  kinds  of  prizes available
 includes  four  copies  of  the  Essentials  Set,  a  5-disk collection of
 accessories and   programs  that all  ST Users  should have,  from the TAF
 library.    And  once  each  day,  a full year's membership in TAF will be
 awarded.  A hard  disk has  been donated  by ABCO  Computer Consultants in
 Florida.   Dorothy   Brumleve   has   donated   a   copy  of  KidPublisher
 Professional, and Sudden Inc.  is  offering  four  copies  of  the student
 version of  Sudden View. A Lynx II game and cartridge is the gift of Click
 Here, and Mission  Software  is  providing  copies  of  Flash  II, Printer
 Initializer,  and  lottODDS,  a  lottery  selection program. Fair Dinkum's
 Crossword Creator II,  Word  Search  Creator,  and  Cryptographer  will be
 given away,  as will  EdHak 2.3  and Metapsychology  Primer. The list goes

     Besides making the entrant eligible for  Door Prizes,  each filled out
 stub will also be part of the Grand Prize Draw, the last event of ACE '92.
 The Grand Prize package is a complete computer set-up, including:

     1) a Mega2 STe with a 50 meg hard drive and mono monitor,
          contributed by Atari Canada.
     2) a Stow-A-Way computer table, a 30"x42" computer desk with
          a height adjustable base that fold for storage and an adjustable
          stool. Donated by Pi Precision Importing Inc.
     3) The new Calamus SL, the outstanding Desk Top Publishing
          Program for the Atari. Donated by ISD

     The ACE  Talent Show  is a  featured event  that will  let Atari users
 display their creative skills in Graphics and the field of music and MIDI.
 From  those  demonstrating  and  performing  on  Saturday,  April  4th,  3
 finalists will be chosen in each division.  They will be invited to attend
 the Gala Banquet on Saturday evening as guests  of Atari  Canada, and will
 again present  their creations  to the assembled banquet guests. A special
 panel of judges will then award the three prizes in each division:

     1st Place - $700 Gift  certificate  and  one  year  membership  in the
 Toronto Atari  Federation (TAF).  2nd Place - $200 Gift certificate and 10
 disks from the TAF Library. 3rd Place - $100 Gift Certificate and  5 disks
 from TAF Library.

      One of  the Games Areas that promises to be busy throughout both days
 of ACE '92 is the  LYNX  CHALLENGE,  where  dedicated  games  players will
 compete against  the computer,  and where each day's high score will win a
 complete LYNX system, including AC Adapter and a  selection of cartridges.
 All proceeds  from the LYNX CHALLENGE as well as the GAMES TESTING AREA go
 to support Sick Children's Hospital,  so  in  this  area,  truly everybody

      ACE '92  is co-hosted  by the  Toronto Atari  Federation, a volunteer
 computer club. Over 100 volunteers will  donate their  time and  energy to
 make this  exposition and  all its  many activities  take place, and Atari
 Canada has established a  special  prize  for  which  only  volunteers are
 eligible. All who work at least one shift for ACE '92 will be entered in a
 special draw for a 1040 ST with a color monitor that will  be awarded just
 prior to the Grand Prize Draw on Sunday evening.

      For an  up to  date list  of those attending, exhibitor kits, display
 advertising rates, Talent Show entry forms  or any  other ACE information,
 contact ACE  '92, c/o Toronto Atari Federation, 5334 Yonge St, Suite 1527,
 Willowdale, ON M2N 6M2.  For faster  response, call  Paul Collard, Exhibit
 and  Volunteer  Coordinator  (416)  477-2085,  or John R. Sheehan, SJ, TAF
 President, (416) 926-1518. GEnie J.Sheehan14. TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318, TAF
 InfoLine and Voice Message: (416) 425-3537.


 > DONATIONS BY ATARI STR FOCUS    Interesting comments about donations

                              ATARI DONATIONS

 Compiled from Posts on the ST Roundtable on Genie
 By Lloyd E. Pulley, Senior Staff Editor

 All posts are from Cat 11 and Topic 5...

 From Steve Johnson...

   I've always found it strange that Atari hasn't/doesn't donated any
   machines to ANYONE (well, maybe a FEW). The only one's I know of are a
   small handful that have been awarded as door prizes or prizes to
   contests...and the recent Keyboard giveaway in which they're giving
   away 4 systems (Boy! Do I WANT that TT!!). Anyway, it would be nice if
   Atari could donate some systems to schools and for various other
   things such as the BCS "Resource Center."

 Reply from D.A. Brumleve (Kidprgs)...

   Actually, not a lot of brouhaha is associated with it, Steve, but
   Atari _does_ indeed donate computers to worthy individuals and

   Our neighborhood school was given 9 of their 11 STs courtesy of Atari.
   One of my school customers is a teacher who was given a Mega. There
   was an article in STart about a college to which Atari donated STs.

   With such a low profit margin on their hardware, Atari has to be
   careful about making such donations wildly, but they do indeed donate.

   I would urge anyone interested in pursuing such a possible donation
   (or a reduced price or other assistance) on behalf of a worthy
   organization to write to Sam Tramiel. What's the worst thing that
   could happen? Well, he might say "no, sorry". No different result than
   if you hadn't written.  What's the best?  Your wish might come true!

 Reply from John Cole...

   While Atari may not donate machines too freely, they do support
   important events! I am happy to say that Atari donated a Mega 2 STE
   w/HD to the Huntsville Atari User Group for a door prize at the 1992
   IEEE fair this past weekend. Atari supported us 100%!!! Banners,
   Flyers, and most importantly Ralph Rodriguez of the Atari SVR4 Unix
   group WITH his Unix machine! All of the credit MUST go to Bob Brodie
   for his unending help in getting this for our fair.

   Again we had the Largest display of over 100 Companies and had a good
   time showing off Atari computers. Our new local dealer was very
   impressed with Atari's support and the level of enthusiasm in our user

   Don't be too surprised if the Boston UG is able to get a computer from
   Atari for the Resource Center! Atari is doing many thing right
   recently and I think you will really see a change in atari's view of
   the US market.

 From Jeff.W (ST sysop)...

   A few years ago, there was an article in one of the ST magazines (it
   may have been Analog or ST-Log...or maybe not) about how a physically
   challenged gentleman was earning his livelihood at home using his ST
   computer and doing desktop publishing for others. I believe that Atari
   donated a hard disk drive to him.

   It's not prudent to make unwarranted assumptions about things just
   because you haven't heard any facts pertaining to the subject. These
   kind of donations are not the kind of thing that a company should be
   issuing press releases about and tooting their own horn over how good
   they are. Naturally, you're not going to see much, if any, coverage
   about such things. That is as it should be.

   The BCS situation might be a very good place to install some Atari
   systems and this upcoming show might be the ideal occasion to do it. I
   wonder if anyone from BCS has suggested this to Atari previously?

 Reply from John Townsend (Atari)...

   Well, it would be nice to donate machines to every worthy cause, but
   there are far too many worthy causes out there! Me for example! <grin>

   Each case is considered individually. We have donated to quite a few
   organizations in the past.

   PS. Trivia Note: Did you know that there are some STs in the
   California Prison System for use by Prisoners. I used to get a lot of
   mail in Technical Support from Prisoners who were learning to write
   programs in ST Basic. Interesting, eh?

 Reply from Bob Brodie (Atari)...

   Atari always gets far more solicitations for donations that we could
   possibly respond to. Sometime, simply because of the huge volume of
   mail that we have, things slip through the cracks.

   In the case of BCS, I personally visited the BCS Resource Center a
   little over a year ago. While seeing that many computers in one place
   was impressive, I was disappointed in the fashion that they were
   displayed. Elie Kenan stopped by briefly, and shared my view. However,
   I'm told that BCS has moved, and the resource center has changed
   dramatically. So, we'll have another look at it this year.


 > D.A.BRUMLEVE - NEW GOODIES! STR InfoFile  "..absolutely new product.."

 compiled from:
 GEnie ST RT

 D.A. Brumleve will debut a completely, absolutely new product at the Atari
 Canadian Exposition on April 4th and 5th:



 MULTIPLAY is a math program for ages 5-11, list price: US$40.

 Although it has rote drill components, it's a rote drill program the likes
 of which the world has never seen!  MULTIPLAY is unique in  the freedom of
 choice given to children, its open-endedness, and in its opportunities for
 creative thinking and expression.   Using  MULTIPLAY, children internalize
 math concepts  while discovering those concepts for themselves.  Built-in,
 self- motivating games help children commit math facts to memory.   Like a
 deck of  cards, MULTIPLAY also serves as a tool for playing games invented
 by the children who use it.

 Like all commercial kidprgs, MULTIPLAY can be configured to meet a child's
 current needs,  and the configuration can be changed as the child grows in
 skill and confidence. Parents and teachers can decide whether a child will
 work with  multiplication, addition,  or both  -- and whether the elements
 0-9, 0-19, or 0-29 will be involved in the child's equations. There's even
 a  choice  of  the  symbol  to  be  used  for the multiplication operator!
 Children choose their own game  questions  and  can  even  make  their own
 pictures for  a puzzle  game. This  program is stimulating and challenging
 for the beginner and the math  wizard  alike!  The  mathematician  in your
 child will *love* this program!

   A Desktop Publishing Program for Young Writers

 We'll  also  be  offering  an  upgrade to KIDPUBLISHER PROFESSIONAL at the
 show!  At the 1990 TAF Atari Users Convention, we sold version 6.1 of this
 program.   Shortly thereafter, a major upgrade became available (6.2), and
 it is this version that has been sold  ever since.  6.2 added  a number of
 features, including:

   * 10-page documents (this option requires a 1040 or greater)
   * ability to scroll through pictures, fonts, fill patterns in
     sequential or reverse order
   * LOAD option
   * Installation Program to allow parents and teachers to choose options
     appropriate to the child's needs
   * automatic provision of an appropriate autobooter for your ST
   * improvement of the already kid-friendly interface
   * full support of International and UK keyboards
   * memory-handling enhancements

   Our new upgrade, 6.4, adds two more oft-requested features:
   * mirror-imaging function on the drawing screen for horizontal or
     vertical mirroring or both
   * date on the title page in US or European format
   * additional memory-handling improvements

 Version 6.4  will be  given *free*  (at the  show *only*)  to our Canadian
 friends who purchased it at the  TAF ATARI  USERS CONVENTION  IN 1990! (We
 know who you are...You don't have to bring your disk to qualify!)

 KIDPUBLISHER PROFESSIONAL  version 6.4 has a list price of US$40.  Version
 6.4 will also be available for purchase by  those few  who don't  yet have
 the earlier versions!

 We'll be  offering our complete line of commercial programs with a special
 discount for purchasers of 2 or more items. All kidprgs  require any color
 ST/STe. We've  learned how  to cope  with cross- the-border MasterCard and
 VISA charges, so you can use that plastic with confidence!

 We're out to show North America that the  ST is  *the* computer  of choice
 for use with young children! The Atari Canadian Exposition is the computer
 show of choice for kids, too! *Don't* leave those young'uns at home!

 For more information contact:

                               D.A. Brumleve
                          "Creative Applications
                           for a Child's World"
                           607 West Illinois ST.
                             Urbana, Il. 61801
                 GEnie: D.A.BRUMLEVE  -=- CIS: 71451,1141


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     The prolific Don Thomas has a new crop of graphics animations for us.
 Each uses Don Messerli's software tools to create a self-running .com
 file.  LIVE.ZIP is the logo for the T2/Live Home Video, another Terminator
 tie-in.  There is a humorous theme this week. HP.ZIP pokes fun at the
 competition by showing an HP95LX being smashed. LIPS.ZIP is for those who
 want to impress their friends. Finally is the triple X-rated XXX.ZIP. If
 you liked the Portfolio flight simulator, you'll love this one.

     NUTIPS.ADR is a database of information for new users of the
 Portfolio.  The file is in address book format so you can keep it handy.
 Everyone is invited to contribute their own tips.

     PFICON.ZIP contains a few Windows 3 icons which depict the Portfolio.
 These can be used for your Port-related PC programs.

     There have been requests for a compilation of the files in the forum
 libraries.  FILES.TXT contains an alphabetical listing.  There is also a
 compressed file FILLST.ZIP which lists the files in short form
 alphabetically.  In order to unzip FILLST.ZIP you will need to download
 PK193.EXE.  This is a pre-release version of the latest update.  PA10.TXT
 is issue #10 of Portable Addiction magazine.



                             MIST Atarifest IV

 Mid-Indiana ST  (MIST) is  pleased to  announce confirmed  dates for their
 fourth annual  Atarifest, to be held on Saturday, July 25, 1992.  The show
 will run from 10:00am  to 5:00  pm.   MIST Atarifest  IV will  continue to
 build on the successful formula of our previous three shows.

 MIST Atarifest IV will be held in the same quality location as last year's
 show,  the  Castleway  Conference   Center  at   6385  Castleplace  Drive,
 Indianapolis, Indiana.   This  air-conditioned and fully carpeted location
 on the north side of  Indianapolis  has  ample  parking  and  is  close to
 several major  highways, many fine restaurants and hotels, and the largest
 mall in Indianapolis.

 MIST Atarifest IV will be an excellent opportunity for you to buy and sell
 hardware and  software.   Public admission  to the  fest will be $3.00 and
 will include a raffle ticket to win one of the many hardware  and software
 items  donated  by  attending  vendors  and developers.  Additional raffle
 tickets will available for purchase.  Last year  over 50  items were given

 Vendors may  purchase booths  (8' x  8') at  $50.00 each.  User groups may
 purchase booths for $10.00 each.  There will be a  limit on  the number of
 user group booths available.  Plans are underway to offer seminars as well
 as our ever popular Midi-maze and Lynx tournaments.

 Last year over 500 individuals and 30 vendors attended MIST Atarifest III.
 We anticipate similar success this year.  Packets will be going out in the
 next month with more information detailing MIST Atarifest IV.  However, if
 you wish  more information  now or  want to  insure display  space at this
 year's show, contact Dan Ward via GEnie (D.WARD10) or give  him a  call at
 (317) 254-0031.

              We look forward to seeing you on July 25, 1992!


 > STACY BATTERY! STR InfoFile   "..two part upgrade for the Stacy.."

 compiled from:
 GEnie ST RT

                          DRAGONWARE SOFTWARE INC
                               announces the
                          STACY INTERNAL BATTERY!

 This two  part upgrade  for the  stacy is 2.2 pounds!  The "Dragon Battery
 kit" will include a dealer installed cable and jack and  one 2.2  amp hour
 battery.   On a  stock Stacy  this will  give over two hours of use on one
 charge.  The kit also includes a fast charge option  that will  charge the
 battery in  about two to three and a half hours while you use the computer
 or sit it on a shelf.  If  you  use  the  standard  Stacy  power  jack the
 battery will  be kept at top charge at all times after an initial fourteen
 hour slow charge or a quick charge!  The Dragon  Battery Kit  will have an
 SRP of $94.95.  The Dragon Battery alone will have an MSRP of $74.95

 For more information on the Dragon Battery kit for the Atari Stacy write:

                         DragonWare Software Inc.
                               P.O. Box 1719
                            Havre MT 59501-1719


 > STraight FAX! STR InfoFile    " send/receive FAX program.."

 compiled from:
 GEnie ST RT

                        JOPPA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

 From C.S. Smeton

 The new  send/receive FAX program from Joppa Software Development, titled:
 "STraight FAX!", will work with Class 2 compliant  send/receive FAX modems
 and SendFAX modems (in send only mode).

 We will  be premiering  this product  at the  TAF show in Toronto on April
 4-5, 1992. Also, we have been  tentatively scheduled  for an  Online GEnie
 conference on Wednesday, March 25, 1992 at 10:00 PM in the ST Roundtable.

 The FAX/modems  that we have tested so far are the new Supra 2400/9600 and
 the Zoom 2400/9600  FAX/modems.The  Supra  9600/9600  and  14400/14400 FAX
 modems should  also work when they are released. We will be posting a list
 of known modems that work with our software, as the list grows.

 The thing to check out  is  the  manufacturer  of  the  chip  set  and the
 revision of  the firmware,  while there  are only a few chip manufacturers
 actually  making  the  chips  and  firmware,  there  are   many  FAX/modem
 manufacturers that use these chip sets. The Zoom and Supra FAX/modems that
 we have tested use various chip sets and firmware available from Rockwell.
 Sierra chip  sets should  also work  with out  any problems.  Here is what
 anyone can do to see if a FAX/Modem is compatible with our software:

   From a terminal program at 2400 baud...

            AT+FMFR? (followed by a carriage return)
            The response will indicate the chip manufacturer.

            AT+FREV? (followed by a carriage return)
            To determine the firmware revision.

            AT+FMDL? (followed by a carriage return)
            To determine the modem model

            AT+FCLASS=? (followed by a carriage return)
            to determine what protocol Classes the FAX/modem supports.

   If the response is:       0,2       Then the modem supports Class 2
                             0,1       Then the modem supports Class 1
                             0,1,2     The modem supports Class 1 & 2

 Currently STraight FAX! does not support  Class 1,  but support  for these
 FAX/modems may be added if there is sufficient demand. Most new FAX/modems
 will support Class 2.

          You can also type:
          ATI4 (followed by a carriage return)
          To determine the manufacturer.

 Also if the response to any of the above is ERROR, then the modem does not
 support the feature that is being checked.

 Anyone can  send the  terminal program  buffer capture  of the above typed
 commands to our GEnie  mail address  (JOPPA-SOFT) and  we will  attempt to
 determine if the modem is supported.

 Joppa Software Development.


 > DATABASE? STR FOCUS      Where is THAT file?   "I don't know !"

                      WHERE DID I PUT THAT DARN THING

 by Bruno D. Puglia

      I am going to provide information on an alternative to Mr. Helms'
 database filing system (STR 8.06).  I have a few comments I would like to
 make first.  Mr. Helms' DATABASE information made very made interesting
 reading, but more importantly, rather than it being in a selected category
 or topic on a service network that you or I may never see, STR presented
 it to many telecom STR readers.  STR provides a good platform for Atarians
 to come forward and share information with other Atarians.  Thanks Ralph !

      Having a different reference point from Mr. Helms, I am going to take
 advantage of the STR platform and attempt to present another alternative
 for a file system based on the use of carefully  selected directory names
 which I will refer to as Folders.

      The system is based on the use of folder names in which files are
 kept.  File names and extensions are left intact and your utility and
 other programs can be used without any alteration. This expanded folder
 system requires some consideration to be given to folder names and will
 make use of folder names which are broken up, coded, numbered, setup for
 sorting, and wildcarding.

 There are 6 main parts to the system:

 1 - Single line cataloging which has normal file information, plus
     folder/s and disk name on each file line.
 2 - Custom coded folder names setup for wildcarding, column
     sorting and numbered too.
 3 - Coded disk names used to indicate the floppy, platter, HD, tape
     etc. storage device.  I refer to this as volume name referencing.
 4 - Catalogs can be saved to disk or printed, edited, merged,
     searched (with multi wildcards or multi textfinds), and lists
     may be compared in several ways, etc.
 5 - You will need support programs like an append/merge, multi-level
    "SORTER", multi-level TEXTFIND, and program like CAT3 as starters.
 6 - Custom programs you write, others have, or might write and release.
     I will speak about multi-selected drives, multi-Folder/file/EXT
     wildcarding programing later on.

      The first problem is to get around folder names which are different
 than the normal folder names.  In my system, Folder names for filing
 always start with an under_score, "_". I have custom, and PD programs,
 plus selective wildcarding that do use this "_" as a "hook" to indicate
 filing or archive folders.  The rest of the folder name would carry the
 information needed to create a custom filing system.  Other folder name
 rules were also  set.  The folder name should always be normal ASCII
 characters and be full-length folder names with extensions so the ASCII
 catalog list/s could be merged and be multi-level column sorted.

      The disk name reference (3001Dgs2.o15) in the list below may  look
 strange to you because it is my custom "volume name reference"  for an ICD
 tape system.  This is NOT part of ICD's tape catalog  system.  In the
 catalog below, the files on the tape are all on the  same tape, part
 number, and drive letter.  The "+" is also used to show that file is
 located on a tape archive. The other disk  name shown below is the HD 16
 meg partition "E".  This edited list  only shows some of the 'magazine'
 folder names used in this system,  They will give you a general idea of
 how to create folder names of  your own filing system.

          Filename       Bytes          Volume name   Folder name

          CAPMID_1.LZH   15167+11/14/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_MX_.213\
          DSKAZEEN.LZH   29095+06/13/80<3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_DK_.213\
          FEST90  .LZH    9548 01/14/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_ST_.613\
          GELMP101.LZH   23962+09/25/90 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_GE_.513\
          GELMP339.LZH   39980 01/04/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_GE_.513\
          GELMP340.LZH   46268 01/17/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_GE_.513\
          GLMPR101.LZH   26748+03/30/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_GL_.113\
          GLMPR207.DAX     362 02/15/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_GL_.113\
          GLMPR207.LZH   22528 02/15/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_GL_.113\
          PCR001  .LZH   10660+07/11/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_PC_.753\
          PD_Q1_01.LZH   22304+04/14/90 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_MX_.213\
          REVIEW  .LZH   21892+12/16/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_MX_.213\
          STARTMAY.LZH  351363 05/03/90 HARD____.E16 \_MDK_E__.913\
          STARTOCT.LZH  249447 08/30/91 HARD____.E16 \_MDK_E__.913\
          STR005  .LZH   18405 02/07/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_ST_.613\
          STR010  .LZH   22054+02/22/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_ST_.613\
          STR750  .LZH   36042+12/23/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_ST_.613\
          STR801  .LZH   32894 01/04/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_ST_.613\
          STR807  .LZH   57688 02/15/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_ST_.613\
          STZMAG53.LZH   27028+12/25/85 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_ZM_.953\
          ZMAG200 .LZH   19923 01/12/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_ZM_.953\
          ZMAZ030 .LZH   22488+10/12/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_ZM_.953\
          ZNET9206.LZH   33431 02/09/92 HARD____.E16 \_MAZ_ZN_.813\
          ZNETPC08.LZH   41071+06/08/91 3001Dgs2.o15 \_MAZ_PC_.753\

          | name  .| | |-----|*|      |*|       .  |  |          |

      47,48,49 indicate a MAZ and 51-52 the actual magazine. ST = STR etc.
 Later on, you'll see other folder names.  If I had multi-level sorted the
 list at columns 47-58 and 1-12, I would have a list sorted by folder names
 'magazines' STR, GLMP, etc and then the actual Arc_ed or Lzh_ed magazines.

      You can use various combinations of letters, numbers and the
 important "_" to indicate archive folders.  There must be an overall
 scheme used when creating the folder names.  You should be able to sort by
 columns but still have a little bit of common sense for the coded folder
 names.  All "ST" for STR magazines, etc. There are hidden features or
 "tricks" you can create in your system.  A scan for extensions of ?13 and
 ?53 would find all "M"-related files.

      Below is a SL_CAT (Editor's note: SL_CAT is Mr. Puglia's 'single line
 catalog program) of some ARC/LZH/SFX files I am going to put on tape.
 This is an edited list of multi drives, sorted catalog, with a "find" mask
 of for all _???????.??? folders.  The catalog only shows the "_" archive
 folders and the other files and folders on the drives do not appear in the

      A sequence of 27 folders for numbers (#) to Z files does exist in my
 system, .000 to .026. The first file 144UTIL2.LZH below is in the numbered
 0 to 9 folder.  Other subject folder names like BAS, GAM, PAS are also
 shown.  The single letter "D" is for PD, "M" is PD and commercial mixed,
 and "E" is commercial.  I should have put "S" for shareware in the
 original system.  I have edited into the cat below some key words for the
 coded folders  names. 'A number' means a file which starts with a number 0
 to 9.

                                                           Key word
 144UTIL2.LZH   46604 06/17/91 HARD____.K32 \_____D_1.000\  A number
 1STASCII.LZH   12278 10/08/90 HARD____.I19 \_WRD_D__.223\  Word
 2DXXCUBE.LZH   13770 09/09/91 HARD____.J32 \_GAM_D__.207\  Games
 2JOYSTIX.LZH    3072 03/16/91 HARD____.O16 \_STS_M__.919\  STOS
 2_COLUMN.LZH   30350 10/13/90 HARD____.J32 \_BAS_D__.802\  Basic
 3REZ    .LZH    2894 09/23/91 HARD____.K32 \_____D_1.000\  A number
 9600_HYS.LZH     918 02/27/91 HARD____.I19 \_TEL_D__.420\  Telecom
 A68     .LZH   17501 10/13/90 HARD____.K32 \_LAG_D__.812\  Language
 ABCD    .LZH   18075 01/03/91 HARD____.J32 \_KID_D__.811\  Kids programs
 ACCOUNTS.LZH    6853 10/13/90 HARD____.L16 \_VIP_M__.322\  VIP
 ACCS1   .LZH    1095 03/10/91 HARD____.K32 \_____D_A.001\  Letter "A"
 ADAPTEC2.LZH    1096 02/27/91 HARD____.K32 \_____D_A.001\  Letter "A"
 ADOBEFNT.LZH  201216 10/04/91 HARD____.O16 \_PS2_M__.576\  Pagestream 2
 AIRWAR  .LZH   89711 09/08/91 HARD____.J32 \_AIR_D__.401\  Air Warrior
 ALADOC10.LZH   75519 04/29/91 HARD____.J32 \_GEN_D__.407\  GEnie
 ALAD_DOC.LZH   84943 10/19/90 HARD____.J32 \_GEN_D__.407\  GEnie
 ALARM   .LZH    2326 01/29/90 HARD____.J32 \_CLK_D__.733\  Clocks
 AMIGAEML.LZH   22086 11/23/89 HARD____.J32 \_EMU_D__.405\  Emulators
 AMS2MS  .LZH   13176 11/23/89 HARD____.I19 \_MUS_D__.413\  Music
 ANAT_ECT.LZH  130591 10/19/91 HARD____.L16 \_EDU_E__.305\  Education
 ANTIBOMB.LZH   12950 11/23/89 HARD____.I19 \_TOS_D__.820\  TOS
 ARC2LZH2.LZH    7317 09/08/91 HARD____.J32 \_ARC_D__.501\  ARC programs
 ASTRO   .LZH   63685 11/23/89 HARD____.I19 \_PAS_D__.816\  Pascal
 AUDIOLIB.LZH   23236 11/23/89 HARD____.J32 \_BAS_D__.802\  Basic
 STSFIX16.LZH  189440 11/03/91 HARD____.O16 \_STS_M__.919\  STOS
 TINYVW2 .LZH    5111 11/10/90 HARD____.I19 \_TNY_D__.320\  TNY Pix
 TINY_DOX.LZH    6886 08/01/90 HARD____.I19 \_TNY_D__.320\  TNY Pix
 UNLZH172.LZH   16058 11/18/90 HARD____.I19 \_LZH_D__.212\  LZH programs
 UNLZH17D.LZH     722 12/02/90 HARD____.L16 \_LZH_E__.503\  LZH programs
 UNZIP20 .LZH   11731 12/01/90 HARD____.I19 \_ZIP_D__.426\  ZIP programs
 USR9600 .LZH    6784 06/26/90 HARD____.I19 \_TEL_D__.420\  Telecom
 VDU3_MCA.LZH   32401 12/09/90 HARD____.I19 \_VIR_D__.222\  Virus
 VER_SYS .LZH   19456 04/27/90 HARD____.K32 \_____D_V.022\  Letter "V"
 VGIF    .LZH   69504 11/08/91 HARD____.J32 \_GIF_D__.607\  GIF pix
 X_WING  .LZH   30052 09/24/91 HARD____.J32 \_3D2_D__.200\  3D2 sequence
 YARD900P.LZH     498 04/17/90 HARD____.I19 \_RAM_D__.218\  Ram Disk
 ZIPSHELL.LZH   22016 07/03/91 HARD____.I19 \_ZIP_D__.426\  Zip programs
 ZOO     .LZH   59264 03/22/90 HARD____.I19 \_ZOO_D__.726\  Zoo programs

      Think about your list of names and allow for expansion or changes.
 As an example, I did not start with  "S" for shareware, just the D, M, or
 the E.

      Think about the storage devices you have and the volume names you
 will use for the disks.


      Disk names can also be packed with all kinds of data as in the
 example of a tape backup volume name reference string.  Here is an


      Tape 30, part 01, drive D, Gem (512 bytes),  standard file mode
      Tape pgm Ver 2, optimized mode , 15 megs of storage.

      You should use a formatter which puts a volume name on the disk, or
 use a volume-name program to create or change the volume name.

      The disadvantages of such a system is mainly ATARI and the way it
 "does not" handle large amounts of folders (ala 40-folder fix) and I have
 had trouble with more than 255 files in a folder.  If you have TOS 1.0,
 you might have serious problems when limits are reached.  From what I
 hear, you might even have troubles with 1.4. In addition, some programs
 simply do not handle empty folders at all.  Cat3 and the ICD tape backup
 program never see empty folders. You may have to keep the master list of
 empty folders on a floppy backup.  Additional problems could also occur
 when attempting to  merge folders/files from storage to existing folders
 on a drive.  Serious crashes might occur if the folder and file merging
 routines do not handle the merging correctly, or limits are reached.  If
 you get folders with the same name, back to back, you may crash the drive.
 Another problem is memory and disk space.  Merging large catalog files,
 editing them, and sorting or resorting them may take a lot more memory
 then you have.  In the old 8-bit days, programs like append, sort/merge
 (with input and output keys) and editors were written to handle files
 larger than available memory. This is generally not the case with the ST
 ATARI programs.  Assume 80 characters per file line (times the number of
 file lines) to  get the total number of bytes for a catalog file or free
 memory  required to handle a singleline catalog.

      While a catalog of 'verbose' type archive folder/s and files is  not
 shown here, I do have some; and once they exist, than another  phase of
 "The SL system" comes into play.  Part 6 of the SL_CAT  system includes
 large scale multi-folder/file/ext and full  wildcarding. File databases
 using ASCII files can be helpful;  and you can design your own system/s.
 When multi-drive,  multi-folder, multi-file, multi-.EXT wildcarding is
 used, the  system can be very powerful. I am talking about a wildcard scan
 of  as many as 20 folders, 20 files, or 20 extensions with options to
 include root directory (or not), do it on a single or on all  drives  and
 scan for 'ALL' selected wildcards in a single pass.

             Selected drive/s    : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
                up to 20 Folders : ????????.???   or ............
                up to 20 Files   : ????????.      or ........
                up to 20 Exts    :         .???   or          ...

      I prefer the alternate or "." format since I do not need to keyboard
 shift to get the "?".  In a SLV_cat (single line verbose  type de_arc
 lzh_ed catalog), I may want to scan drives D,E,G,I or a catalog for
 "_..........." archive folders for files with .EXTs of .3D2, TN., and PI,
 all in a single pass.

      I assume most programmers and users will not think much about this
 type of programing, but please don't knock it until you tried it.

      The program ideas for Single line catalogs goes back to pre-1985,
 8-bit days of (SWTPC-FLEX) and programs dealing with single line cats were
 placed in PD many years ago.  If you programmers see anything that you can
 use, be my guest.  As far as my "SL_plus" with SL_cat, SLV_cat, SLT_cat
 (an ICD cat conversion),  etc. is concerned I am not a real programmer and
 SL_plus is worse  then an alpha program!  It will not be released.  I
 think of it more as my live notebook and it allows me to play with single
 line  catalogs and other programming ideas.  Programs like SL_plus, real
 multi/wildcarding, fast append/merges, a sort merge package with  input
 and output keys, etc. are programs which all work with files  larger than
 available memory and will have to come from _real_  ATARI programers.

      I do have another section of SL_plus which deals with using single
 line catalogs made from various BBS and GEnie file listings which puts
 them into a common format which matches the catalog listings shown above.
 The volume reference carries the BBS code, file number (if used), and sig
 or Library information.  Maybe next time I'll cover that subject and other
 items like those "READ_ME" file names.



                               RADICAL TYPE
                     The Amiga and Atari DTP Magazine

 Radical Type is the only magazine dedicated to Amiga and Atari Publishing.
 Each issue has tutorials  and hints  for PageStream  and Professional Page
 beginners and experts.  Radical Type has reviews of fonts, clip art, books
 and other DTP related products, plus  the latest  Amiga and  Atari desktop
 publishing news.   Whether you use PageStream, ProPage or Saxon Publisher,
 you'll find help in Radical Type.

 Subscription Rates: 1 year (6 issues)
   USA:           $18.95 US
   Canada:        $21.95 Cnd (includes GST)
   International: $24.95 US (sorry, no checks for international orders)

 I-KOEN DESIGN GUIDE TO PAGESTREAM 2   ---   Available March 20

 The complete reference guide for PageStream publishing.   Reference charts
 for fill  styles, halftone  screens, line styles and object effects at 300
 and 1200 dpi.  Samples of PageStream fonts and standard  PostScript fonts.
 Character   set   comparison   charts   for   Soft-Logik,  PostScript  and
 Compugraphic fonts.  Keyboard reference  charts  for  Dingbats  and Symbol
 fonts.  Text  size,  style,  tracking  and  leading samples. Reverse type,
 baseline shift and other text effects.  Plus a guide to writing macros and
 keyboard equivalents.  The I-Koen Design Guide to PageStream is printed on
 durable stock in a 20 page letter-sized booklet.

   USA:           $6.95 US
   Canada:        $7.95 Cnd (includes GST)
   International: $8.95 US (sorry, no checks for international orders)

 IDEA FORMS ONE   ---   Templates for PageStream

 Idea Forms One is a personal productivity package for use with PageStream.
 Idea Forms  includes over  200 templates  and forms  for personal or small
 business use.  The templates are divided into  11 design  series, allowing
 you to  maintain a  uniform appearance for a range of documents.  Requires
 PageStream 2.1 or higher.  Includes 3 disks and a 24 page manual.

   USA:           $39.95 US
   Canada:        $45.95 Cnd (includes GST)
   International: $45.95 US (sorry, no checks for international orders)


 Send orders to:

                               I-Koen Design
                               P.O. Box 107
                                Lazo, B.C.
                              V0R 2K0, Canada

 Pay by check, money order or Visa. Sorry, MC, Amex and Discover are not
 accepted at this time.

 Please include the following information:

                   Name (if VISA, include name on card):
                         Billing/Mailing Address:
                          Visa # (if applicable):
                               Expiry Date:
                        Signature for Visa orders:


 Providing us with this information helps us to tailor Radical Type and our
 other products more closely to your needs.

 Computer Type and Model:
 Printer Type (9 pin, 24 pin, inkjet, laser, postscript):
 Scanner Type (hand, flat, color):
 Desktop Publisher(s) Used:
 Paint/Draw Software Used:
 Word Processor(s) Used:
 Experience (novice, hobbyist, professional, service bureau):


 I-Koen Design  will be  moving to  the United  States in May 1992. Radical
 Type publication will be interrupted after the March/April  1992 issue for
 two months.   It  will resume  publication as  a monthly magazine with the
 July 1992 issue.  A new address  and  new  rates  will  be  published when

 The last date we can accept Canadian funds is April 30, 1992.  After April
 30 orders must be paid in US funds.

 Write for information on  other products,  including the  I-Koen Design PD
 Font and Clip Art library. Orders are accepted via GEnie mail. Send
 orders to M.LOADER1.


 > ICD HAS OWN RT! STR Spotlight         ICD offers MORE Support!

 3 March, 1992

                     ICD Launches RoundTable on GEnie

 Rockford,  IL  -  ICD,  Incorporated, a leading innovator in microcomputer
 peripherals was incorporated in January 1984 for the purpose of developing
 and manufacturing computer software and hardware.

 Since its  inception, ICD  has focused  on the  production of a variety of
 add-on peripherals, although  several  software  packages  are  offered as
 well.    The  peripherals  include  printer  interfaces,  memory expansion
 boards, internal and external hard drive  storage systems,  streaming tape
 back-up  systems,   accelerators  and   associated  products.    From  the
 beginning, ICD established a reputation for  offering unmatched  levels of
 price/performance, technical support, and quality.

 ICD  primarily   sells  its  products  through  distributors  and  dealers
 throughout North America and Western Europe.  ICD  products are  also sold
 in   Eastern   Europe,   South   America,   Australia,  New  Zealand,  the
 Philippines, Japan, and other areas.

 To satisfy the tremendous overseas demand, ICD created a new division, ICD
 Europe GmbH,  in Frankfurt  to provide  sales and support for ICD products
 throughout Europe.

 ICD is now taking another step forward in  providing technical  support to
 its many  customers by opening a product support RoundTable on GEnie.  The
 ICD RoundTable will be  hosted by  Douglas N.  Wheeler. Several  other ICD
 employees will also frequent the RoundTable sharing their own expertise.

 The ICD  RoundTable can be found at page 1220 or accessed with the keyword
 ICD from any GEnie page prompt.



 > PDC NEWS! STR InfoFile            PRODUCTS GALORE!! for 1992!


 PDC has reduced the price of  the  very  popular  Xtra-RAM  Deluxe upgrade
 board which  uses SIMM chips to upgrade your ST up to 4 megabytes!  Due to
 price reductions on components and a larger purchase we are  able to offer
 the board  for just $99.95, that's a $40 savings!  And even though UPS and
 the post office have increased their rates, we have been  able to maintain
 the same  $6 shipping  cost.   The money back guarantee is still in effect
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                             The Text Processor

 Tired of  plain-vanilla text  files?  Do you need to write a quick letter?
 TX2 is the answer.  TX2 is an advanced, yet  easy-to-use text  file viewer
 and editor.  It offers a variety of features:

       ~ Special effects (bold, italics, colors, sizes)

       ~ Use pictures in your text!

       ~ Compatibility with all ST/TT's

       ~ Resolution independent (even works on Image Systems 24" monitor)

       ~ Fast smooth  scrolling

       ~ Bookmarks

       ~ EDM or GEM menu selection

       ~ Keyboard Alternates

       ~ Context sensitive help

       ~ Word wrap

 TX2 is a tried and proven program, having undergone a lot of beta testing.
 It has also been used for  quite  some  time  by  GEnie  Lamp,  GEnie's ST
 magazine. A  full manual  and help  system are  available directly via the
 program; you can look up instruction in seconds  via the  Search function.
 You can  create your  own printer  driver to  print the special effects to
 your printer.  Easily install TX2  to act  as a  file viewer  from the GEM
 Desktop or  an alternative  desktop (such as NeoDesk).  Combine Neochrome,
 DEGAS, or  PUT graphics  in your  text file  to produce easy-to-understand
 documentation for your own programs.  David Holmes, the program author, is
 very active on GEnie and is planning on updating TX2 as often as necessary
 to satisfy  users.   So get  rid of  the old  used editor you're using and
 start fresh with TX2^P, the best in text processing for only $24.95!

                              Online Special
                        Order before March 31, 1992
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                              KUMA QUALITY SOFTWARE

 PDC is the exclusive distributor for the Kuma Software (for Atari ST,
 Amiga, and IBM) and Book (Amiga and Atari ST) line.

 Atari ST products include:

 K-Data - $79.95

 This is a Powerful and Professional database.  It has an easy-to-use GEM
 interface and:

        ~ 32 MegaByte maximum file length
        ~ 6 simultaneous open windows
        ~ comprehensive printer configuration package
        ~ compatible data with K-Graph 3, K-Spread 4, and K-Word 2

 K-Word 2 - $69.95

 Looking for a beginning word  processor?  K-Word  is  an  easy-to-use word
 processor that fully uses the GEM environment.

 Features include:

       ~ spell-checker
       ~ mail merge
       ~ compatibility with a wide range of printers
       ~ 4 simultaneous windows open
       ~ definable function keys
       ~ on-screen Help menus
       ~ headers and footers
       ~ multi-copy printing

 K-Resource 2 - $69.95

 This is the perfect resource editing utility. Built in functions include:

      ~ Icon/Image editor
      ~ Simultaneous edit of any number of resources
      ~ Output files for C, Pascal, Modula 2, Fortran 77
      ~ Auto Snap and Size

 K-Graph 3 - $79.95

 Ready to  produce some  outstanding great-looking charts?  Do it the quick
 'n easy way with K-Graph 3.  A graphic desktop-like environment allows you
 to  easily  produce  line,  scatter  and area graphs, pie charts, stacked,
 horizontal, 3D and normal bar charts, and XY graphs.

 Features include:

      ~ Statistics
      ~ Math and Logical expressions
      ~ Auto Axis Scaling
      ~ Log Scales
      ~ IMG or Metafile output for use in other programs

 K-Roget - $79.95

 This Thesaurus makes full use of GEM as a desk accessory.   Access it from
 any GEM word processor or program.  Express yourself more clearly by using
 a variety of words.   The  comprehensive dictionary  contains over 150,000
 words  and  phrases.    Phonetic  misspellings  are  trapped and corrected
 alternatives are suggested by K-Roget.

            Order before March 31, 1992 and receive 50% off the
                            prices listed above!

                     Budget Desktop Publishing Program

 It's easy to get  swept away  just by  looking at  $300 Desktop Publishing
 programs  with  features  like  auto-kerning  and  vertical justification.
 However, there are a lot of people out there that don't need  that kind of
 sophistication and don't have the money to spend.

 Enter EASY TEXT PLUS, a new entry-level Desktop Publishing program for the
 rest of us.  At  just  $69.95,  EASY  TEXT  PLUS  is  a  no-frills Desktop
 Publisher that  still offers  good quality  output on  9 pin,  24 pin, and
 laser printers (including the Atari SLM804 and HP Laserjets).

 EASY TEXT PLUS comes on  two  double  sided  disks  (single  sided version
 available) and  will work with all configurations of Atari ST's right down
 to a color 520 ST with 1/2 meg.  Clip Art and text (ASCII  and First Word)
 can be  imported.   A complete 88 page printed manual is included. Support
 is  top  notch  from  a  desktop  publishing  expert.  EASY  TEXT  PLUS is
 completely GEM  based utilizing  the menu bar, dialog boxes, and a host of
 GEM functions.

 Some features include justified text, word wrap, 36 different graphic fill
 patterns,  clip  art  can  be  clipped  to  size,  and keyboard equivalent
 commands. EASY TEXT PLUS is available  at finer  Atari dealers  across the
 North  American  continent,  drop  by  your  local  dealer for a demo.  Or
 download a functional demo  of your  local BBS  or online  network (GEnie,
 Compuserve, etc.)

               AT A GLANCE:

      ~ Import graphics and text
      ~ Keyboard alternative commands
      ~ Text editing with word wrap
      ~ Undo functions
      ~ Full graphic drawing functions
      ~ 9-pin/24-pin/laser printer support

                   Online user special: $25 off!!

      Yes, get EASY TEXT PLUS for only $44.95, this offer ends
                   March 31, 1992, don't miss out!


  When ordering specify printer type:

 [  ]  HP Deskjet/Laserjet
 [  ]  Bubblejet
 [  ]  NEC P6
 [  ]  Atari SLM804 Laser
 [  ]  Atari SMM804 Dot Matrix
 [  ]  Epson Compatible 9-pin Dot Matrix
 [  ]  Epson Compatible 24-pin Dot Matrix

 Disks  are  double  sided  (add  $5  for  single sided disks).  Add $4 for

             4320-196th SW  Ste. B-140   - Check/Money Orders
                            Lynnwood, WA  98036

              206/745-5980 - Questions/Visa-MasterCard Orders
                            206/347-8766 - FAX

                               GEnie: PDC.SW
                           CompuServe: 72567,302

 Excerpts from:

                              EASY TEXT PLUS

 by Charles Michael
 in Atari ST User

 "It's easy to get carried away and look  only at  DTP's costing  well over
 the  [translates  to  $200  US]  mark,  comparing  esoteric  features like
 auto-kerning and vertical justification.   However,  there  are  plenty of
 people who don't have that kind of money and who don't need that degree of
 sophistication in their page  layout.   There's something  for everyone in
 the ST  world though,  and Easy  Text Plus  has lots  to offer  for a mere
 [translates to $69.95 US].  The product of  one man,  Easy Text  Plus is a
 no-frills DTP which can still offer reasonable quality output to 9 pin, 24
 pin and laser printers.  The working methods may vary from traditional DTP
 - if  such a  new work area can have a tradition - but the end results can
 often be much the same.

 The program comes on a double disk and is less than 100K long.   You see a
 mainly blank  screen with  a GEM  slide bar  down the right and a menu bar
 along the top.  The program is frame-based, but with  a slightly different
 philosophy from  most others  - I suspect mainly for ease of programming."
 "Graphics can also be importer, though only in  Degas format...  Lines can
 be given  varying widths,  styles and ends and any of 36 fill patterns can
 be used on graphic or text  frames.   Also frames  can be  square or round

 Typography is reasonable, with facilities to adjust leading and kerning
 globally.  Text can also be flushed left or right, centered or pushed to
 both margins.  User-sized guide frames can be placed on the page for
 aligning columns, and column widths can be carried from frame to frame for
 easy matching.

 Easy Text  Plus works  under GDOS  and can  therefore use GDOS fonts, it's
 able to display text up to 36 point high and apply bold  and italic styles
 to it.  Versions are  available to print to 9 pin and 24 pin printers, but
 you can also use the Atari Laser..."

 "Most of  the foregoing  comments on  Easy Text  Plus are  those you would
 expect in a review of a [translates to $300 US] product.  Considering that
 this program is a mere [translates to $69.95  US] it  certainly represents
 excellent value for money.  It's being continually developed..."

                        4320 - 196th SW Ste. B-140
                            Lynnwood, WA  98036
                              (206) 745-5980

                               GEnie: PDC.SW


 > SUDDEN VIEW! STR InfoFile     The release version is shipping!

                                SUDDEN VIEW

 compiled from:
 GEnie ST RT

 For immediate release:

 Sudden View In Final Release
 Reno, Nevada - March 1st, 1992

 According  to  Rod  Coleman  of  Sudden Incorporated, the final release of
 Sudden View has just  been shipped  to dealers.   After  several months in
 Beta  test,  126  changes  and  enhancements have been made to produce the
 final version for the  Atari ST.   It  now supports  Moniterm and  TT high
 resolutions, as  well as  8 X 8 font on monochrome monitors.

 Sudden View is remarkable for its fresh approach  to editing fundamentals.
 It uses  something called  Virtual Control,  which allows the user to have
 the feeling of virtually touching his text as he edits  and arranges  it.

 Sudden View's  most obvious  feature is  its ability to dynamically scroll
 text and move text  blocks.   These functions  occur in  real time  and in
 direct response  to the  user's movements.   The  program responds quickly
 enough to move the text as the user moves his hand.

 Even  though  Sudden  View  only  edits  ASCII  files, they are internally
 indexed so that the user can display any part of the file  instantly. This
 is true  whether the  file is  two Kbytes  or two  megabytes long. Another
 difference is  that  Sudden  View  has  no  "Insert"  or  "Replace" modes.
 Editing  action  is  cursor-position  dependent, allowing the user to just
 place the cursor and type.  If the cursor is over a  space to  the left of
 any text, it will insert; otherwise it will replace.

 All deletes  and changes are kept in a twenty-element buffer stack so that
 the user can restore something that  was  deleted  some  time  ago.   This
 buffer  stack  also  works  in  concert with Dynamic Text Arrangement as a
 scratch pad.

 Sudden View  has no  margin bar, yet can support as many different formats
 as the user wishes.  Each line is  its own  format. Therefore,  the format
 conforms to  the user's actions, and not the other way around.  It is also
 very flexible in setting and adjusting word-wrap.

 The Power Menu is  another  unique  feature  of  Sudden  View.    It  is a
 multiple-level menu system that can be keyboard- or mouse-activated.  Even
 though it  is as  fast as  normal power  key combinations,  it requires no
 memorization.  Learning it is very natural.

 Quick Find  in Sudden  View allows  the user  to do  a partial-key dynamic
 search for  any character  string.   It searches  as the  pattern is being
 entered at  over 100,000  characters per second.  Normally, the string is
 found before the user completes the pattern entry.

 Sudden View's  copy, cut, paste, and move features are its real strengths.
 It defines four different types of text blocks  which can  be selected and
 manipulated  without  using  any  menus.    The block types are Character,
 Sentence, Field and Line.  They  allow  for  a  very  direct  and powerful
 arrangement of text.

 The  user  can  drag  a  Sentence  through  a  paragraph as it dynamically
 re-formats in real time.  A group of Fields or a column  can be  deleted,
 replicated or moved as the user directs.  The text becomes an extension of
 the user's thoughts; control is virtual.

 Since Sudden View presents a significant number of new concepts, a Student
 version  is  available  at  $24.95  suggested  retail.   It has all of the
 standard  features  and  complete  one-hundred  page  manual  as  well  as
 occasional study  breaks for  learning the program.

 The Master version has several extra  features for  the advanced  user but
 no study  breaks.  Owners of the Student version can upgrade to the Master
 version for $40.00, or both versions  can  be  purchased  initially  for a
 suggested retail  of $64.95.  Sudden View files are not copy protected.

 The Student version is  available  from  Atari  ST  dealers  now.   Either
 version can  also be  ordered directly from Sudden.  For more information,
 contact Rod Coleman, Sudden Incorporated, 5081 South McCarran Blvd., Reno,
 Nevada, 89502, or call 800-421-4228 for orders or 702-827-2996 for support
 or other questions.


 You have probably notice from the last message that Sudden View is  now in
 final release.   Beta  and final  test copies will no longer be supported,
 nor their copying or downloading encouraged.   All  final release versions
 may not  be copied  except for  use as  backup of the original owner.  All
 Sudden files are copyrighted but not copy protected.

 What this all means  is that  I would  like to  encourage everyone reading
 this  to  get  a  final  release  copy  of  Sudden  View.  If you bought a
 registered Personalized beta version,  relax; you  should be  getting your
 free  final  release  upgrade  shortly  (we  have already started shipping

 If you paid $9.95 for a  registered Demo  copy of  Sudden View,  you're in
 luck.   You can  now upgrade to the Master version with complete hard copy
 documentation for only $40.00 (it used to cost $49.95).

 Call 800-421-4228 and make sure you mention the registered Demo copy.

 If you  downloaded a beta Demo copy or got a copy from a friend, RUSH down
 to you local dealer and pick up a final release Student version  of Sudden
 View NOW!  If there  is no  dealer close, just call 800-421-4228 and we'll
 help you out for $24.95.

 For those of you who don't rush out and get a final release copy of Sudden
 View, be  forewarned!   The beta and even final test versions have several
 major bugs!  Most are not common, so you may  not notice  them right away,
 but  they  are  there,  and  they  will  not be supported.  These bugs can
 corrupt your text files and in the case of saving a file  to a  full disk,
 the directory may be corrupted.  We recommend that you destroy any beta or
 demo copies of Sudden View immediately.    We  will  not  answer questions
 about any versions other than the Final release.

 Some other  reasons to  get the  Final release  of Sudden  View are listed
 below.  This is not a  complete list  of enhancements  since many  of them
 were subtle.


          One  hundred  page  manual  with  index  which has been
          largely rewritten.
          The AutoSave feature now defaults to off due to several
          requests.   It can  be set  on under  the Filer Options
          menu or  configuration.   Control Codes  other than CR,
          LF, TAB,  FF are imported and exported passively.  They
          can also be Copied, Cut, Pasted and Moved.  You can now
          search for  the first  20 characters  of the last block
          selected.   This is  to support  control code searches,
          and  to  make  some  other  searches  more  handy. (see
          There is now an "Un-wrap"  All  feature  in  the Master
          version to  support exporting into publishing programs.
          There  are  fewer  study  breaks  (commercials)  in the
          Student version  than commercials  in the Demo version.

          "Move one word left and right" as well "move one screen
          up and down" have been mapped into their own power keys
          for more direct use.  See the help screen.

          "Move one word left  and  right"  also  now  tracks the
          paragraph  as  the  power  cursor  keys  do  (you final
          testers haven't even seen this one).

          Sudden  View  will  now  autoload  a file called AL.TXT
          instead of SV.RSC.  This was a trick  to get  people to
          read the documentation.

          Sudden View  will now  accept a  command line parameter
          for the personalized  version.    It  can  therefore be
          "Installed" and activated by selecting a data file from
          the GEM Desktop.  A file  type of  TTP also  works with
          some limitations.

          Another  useless  side  effect  was the display at boot
          time.  It no longer occurs.

          If the repeat rate is not  configured, the pre-existing
          rate will be used instead of using the default.

          The  Moniterm  monitor  is  now supported, but it slows
          things down on a standard ST.

          Atari TT high res along with  ST med  and high  res are
          now supported on the TT.

          Small  (8  *  8)  font  is  now  supported  on all mono
          displays (SM 124, Moniterm, or  TT  high  res)  for the
          Master version only.

                           For more information
                         Rod Coleman 800-421-4228


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk
     Atarians the world over are waiting anxiously to find out just what
 the "new" machines will be and when they will become available.  Also, the
 stories abound about the "Book" shipping.  We shall see.  in any case, its
 a neat idea to think things are really getting better.  You know, they
 really are!

     Atari's presence is still being felt in the computing world both in
 terms of practical applications and high tech super stuff.  Seems the TT
 is well suited for use in the super secret NASA labs for graphical
 representations.  Not bad.  I am going to keep this editorial short
 because this issue is packed with all sorts of neat info.  New product
 announcements galore!  Not to mention the features we have for you.

     So enjoy, read away and think of the good things, times are changing.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine
                 Friday, March 6, 1992 - 5:34:22 pm


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                            Publisher - Editor
                             Ralph F. Mariano

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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - San Francisco, CA              ATARI HELPS NET GRAMMY NOMINATION!

     The music award, The Grammy, known worldwide as a symbol of musical
 excellence and accomplishment, is about to be awarded to this year's fine
 artists.  Scott Gershin has been nominated for a Grammy in recognition for
 his superb music in the movie JFK.  He used Atari equipment to compose the
 musical score.

 - Ashville, N. Carolina              BLUE RIDGE AtariFest ANNOUNCED

     The Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and its sponsor,
 Sheldon Winick & Computer STudio, recently announced the 3rd Annual BLUE
 RIDGE AtariFest to be held in Asheville, N.C. on Saturday, July 18, 1992.
 After last year's terrific festival, there is no doubt attendance will be

 - Chicago, IL.                               LISTENING CAREFULLY

     The (Sparrow & Falcon)(68030-68040) are rumored to be announced
 sometime in the second quarter.  Atari Corp is very tight lipped when
 asked about performance stats, but the word is these machines are hot!  In
 fact, most "learned ears" say they will sport true SCSI ports and not
 ASCSI ports.  Hopefully the new products will be ready to ship soon after
 their initial showing.  Rumor also has it that a few Books have already,
 or are about to ship.  Good news sure feels nice.  In addition, the ABC
 line of clones are being given serious attention and could possibly be
 enhanced and priced competitively.  1040STe units seem to be in very short
 supply, while the MSTE units are doing very well.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From GEnie
 Category 4,  Topic 25
 Message 175       Wed Mar 04, 1992
 V.HUTZ                       at 23:14 EST

  Remember, "You're all adults here!"

                           Pin #1 blue to #4TT
                           Pin #3 green to #13TT
                           Pin #4 red to #14TT
                           Pin #6 white to #15TT
                           Pin #7 braid to Body of TT
                           Pin #8 black to #10TT
                           Pin #9 brown to #9TT

 Suggestion: wait for a couple days for someone else to try this and screw
 it up!  Just kidding but Jim did suggest some boards may need a little
 tweeking and/or if something goes wrong with your experiment I am an
 expert woodworker (viewed in 60,000,000 homes daily) but know little more
 than the hobbyist about electronics and my intent is not to open up a can
 of electric worms for baiting....master or not!  Your own risk please, I
 just heard this somewhere and am posting to see if it may be correct?
 Although my source is both brilliant and honest!

 By the way, if your colors are different......well then you will just have
 to fly with different colors.
 Later, Vern

 From Usenet:

  Article 22931 (33 more) in
  From: trh@atari.uucp (T R Hall)
  Subject: Re: Additional STe ports on left
  Message-ID: <1992Feb27.200212.12128@atari.uucp>
  Date: 27 Feb 92 20:02:12 GMT
  References: <1992Feb20.162033.21346@irscscm.UUCP>
  Organization: Atari Corp.,
  Sunnyvale, CA Lines: 115 (Neil Forsyth) writes:

  --.....  They're 15 pin female ports.  What are they for?

  - Nothing. They don't work. Nobody knows how to make 'em work either.
  - But I'm all ears if someone does.

  - ! Neil Forsyth                      JANET:

 Oh? Perhaps you don't like to order and/or read developer documentation
 (of course you are in the UK, and I am aware of the problems they have
 getting doc's out...)

 I quote from the STE Developer Addendum:


  FF9200  0000 0000 0000 xxxx
                         |||- Fire Button 0
                         ||-- Fire Button 1
                         |--- Fire Button 2
                        ---- Fire Button 3

          |||| |||| |||| ||||
          |||| |||| |||| ---- Joy Stick 0
          |||| |||| --------- Joy Stick 1
          |||| -------------- Joy Stick 2
          ------------------- Joy Stick 3

 Four new joystick ports are added. These ports are controlled directly
 by the 68000. The current state may be sampled at any time by reading the
 above locations.

 Joy Stick 0 and Joy Stick 2 bits are _*read/write*_. If written to, they
 will be driven until a read is performed. Similarly, they will not be
 driven after a read until a write is performed.

  FF9210  0000 0000 xxxx xxxx     X Paddle 0

  FF9212  0000 0000 xxxx xxxx     Y Paddle 0

  FF9214  0000 0000 xxxx xxxx     X Paddle 1

  FF9216  0000 0000 xxxx xxxx     Y Paddle 1

 One pair of paddles can be plugged into Joystick Port 0 (Paddle 0).
 A second set can be plugged into Joystick Port 1 (Paddle 1). The current
 position of each of the four paddles is reported at these locations. The
 fire buttons are the same as for the respective joystick. The triggers for
 the paddles are read as bits 1 and 2 of FF9202 (JOY0 L and R).

  FF9220  0000 00xx xxxx xxxx     (X position)
  FF9222  0000 00xx xxxx xxxx     (Y position)

          Light Gun/Pen
 A light gun or pen can be plugged into Joystick Port 0. The current
 position that the gun or pen is pointing to is reported by these

  The position is accurate to within (X direction only):
          4  pixels in 320x200 Mode
          8  pixels in 640x200 Mode
          16 pixels in 640x400 Mode

 Accurate to 1 pixel in the Y direction in all modes. Accuracies do
 not account for the quality of the light gun or pen. Note that the X
 position is given in pixels for 320x200 only. In order to get correct
 results in 640x200 mode this number needs to be shifted left one bit; in
 640x400 mode, shifted left two bits.

          Controller Pinout

                   5   4   3   2   1
                    10   9   8   7   6
                  15  14  13  12  11

  Joystick Port 0                 Joystick Port 1
  1       UP 0                    UP 2
  2       DOWN 0                  DOWN 2
  3       LEFT 0                  LEFT 2
  4       RIGHT 0                 RIGHT 2
  5       PAD 0 Y                 PAD 1 Y
  6       FIRE 0                  FIRE 2
  7       VCC                     VCC
  8       n/c                     n/c
  9       GND                     GND
  10      FIRE 1                  FIRE 3
  11      UP 1                    UP 3
  12      DOWN 1                  DOWN 3
  13      LEFT 1                  LEFT 3
  14      RIGHT 1                 RIGHT 3
  15      PAD 0 X                 PAD 1 X

 from GEnie
 Category 25,  Topic 13
 Message 84        Thu Mar 05, 1992
 N.STEEL                      at 01:54 EST

 To All,

 Last summer I ordered and paid for the complete Phase 4 package, and  I
 must admit to having several doubts.  My first doubt was wether I should
 buy from RIO/Datel, as I had previous dealings with Datel, back in
 England.  My second doubt was about the future of Atari in the US market,
 or the world.

 I shall not comment about my first doubt, and I get the feeling that Atari
 may finally be getting it's act together.  They still have to dispel the
 'Game Machine' image though, it still lingers.  Lexicor are about to help
 them. (Along with ISD, Ditek, Goldleaf, & Codeheads. Sorry if I missed

 The Phase 4 software, from Lexicor, is reaching maturity, and it shows.  I
 recently purchased the informal demo video from Lee, and I must say I was
 very impressed.  If you make allowance for the fact that the tape was
 copied on a standard VHS deck, then I think you will agree that Prism
 Render, along with the Leonardo board, do produce 'Professional' quality

 If you haven't already bought this video, or are wondering if the Leonardo
 boards quality, is doubtful, then I strongly urge you to cough up twenty
 dollars and get it.  As I said before, the actual video quality is not the
 best, due to it's reproduction, but the still images and animation
 segments are truly great.  Various companies and individuals have helped
 to show off the Leonardo's capability.  These include PIXAR, Silicon
 Graphics, and the JPL labs.

 I cannot thank Lee Seiler enough, his enduring patience with my endless
 phone calls, have often pushed him to his limit.  He has been battling
 against very great odds, to bring this software to the Atari community,
 and people leaving the Atari platform do not make this any easier.

 The very fact that companies like this exist, convinced me to buy an Atari
 TT, instead of the 486 I was looking at.  I sincerely hope that those of
 you who read this continue to support Atari, Lexicor, and all the other
 hard working publishers and importers of software for our machines.

 Yours at length,


 ps. I am not, have not and probably never will be, employed, related
     or in any way associated with any of the above mentioned
     companies or people.  I am also not responsible for any spelling
     or grammatical errors that may be found in this letter.  That is
     entirely the fault of too much caffeine.


 > A "Quotable Quote"            " hope of a better time"



 > ABCO SPECIALS! STR InfoFile      * NEW 1992 Prices!  MORE Products! *
   ===========================        --------------------------------

                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                 NOTICE:  ABCO will BEAT OR MATCH * ANY *
         Advertised or Invoiced price *  We will NOT be undersold!

                        ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)
                      - Available for all Platforms -



                  WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!!!  >UPS!<
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               Deluxe 2 bay Cabinet w/65w auto-switching PS
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                Model      Description    Autopark    Price
                SGN4951      51Mb  3.5"      Y       439.00
                SGN6277      65Mb  5.25"     Y       469.00
                SGN1096      85Mb  5.25"     Y       549.00
                SQN1055     105mb  3.5"      Y       599.95
                SQN2055     170Mb  3.5"      Y       689.00
                SQN3055     240Mb  3.5"      Y       939.00
                SQN4055     426Mb  3.5"      Y      1610.00
               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              EXOTIC TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!

               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              EXOTIC TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!


     >> ABCO proudly offers the fabulous 1040 & MEGA STe Computers <<
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                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******


          - SYQUEST 44 MB DRIVE         - ICD ST ADSCSI PLUS H/A
          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.
                --->> SPECIAL! NOW ONLY __$ 645.00__ <<---
                   **** SCSI UNITS -> ONLY $549.00 ****

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
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                    Cart and Utility Software Included!

                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  69.50
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 339.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                     SPECIALLY PRICED ** $995.95.00 **
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         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

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           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                    *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

                Atari SLM 804, SLM 804PCV Laser Toner Kits
                            Memorex 2108, 5287
         Oasys Laserpro 5287, 5308, Express 830, Express Series II
                       Silver Express, Gold Express
                      ** $41.95 shipping Included **

                      Atari SLM 605 Laser Toner Kits
        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                          (TWO Toner Carts Incl.)

                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
           Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facsimile
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **

                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$186.95 *

               ABCO is  PROUD to announce the acquisition of
               exclusive  U.S.A.   distribution  rights  for
               Bitblit's ///Turbo  Board BBS.  This fine BBS
               program and user support is available through
               ABCO to  all Turbo customers in the USA. Call
               for current pricing.

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

                 CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



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