ST Report: 28-Feb-92 #809

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/01/92-02:01:48 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 28-Feb-92 #809
Date: Sun Mar  1 14:01:48 1992

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 February 28, 1992                                                  No.8.09

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (February 28)


 The PORT-A-THON was an OVERWHELMING success!  Many thanks to  everyone who
 stopped in to participate in this historic event!

 Also, congratulations to the winners.  See, we told you that winning would
 be as easy  as  rolling  the  dice!    (Winners:  SYSOP*Ron  Luks  will be
 contacting you via CompuServe Mail within the next couple of days.)

 Once  again,  our  sincerest  thanks  to  everyone  who  helped  make  the
 PORT-A-THON a truly historic online event!


 Thanks to the programming expertise of  our  own  Bill  Aycock,  the Atari
 Forum  staff  are  pleased  to  announce  the  availablity  of  our VENDOR
 accessory datafile.  Download file VENDOR.ARC from LIBRARY 6 of  the Atari
 Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).

 This   package   contains   a   desk  accessory/program  (just  rename  it
 appropriately) VENDOR.ACC which accesses  a  standardized  format datafile
 named VENDOR.DAT.   With  this program  you can have instant access to the
 names, addresses, phone numbers, CompuServe  User  IDs,  and  some product
 names for vendors that support/service the Atari computer community.

 The Atari  Forum staff pledges to update and expand the info in VENDOR.DAT
 on a regular basis.  The sysops have found this  accessory to  be handy in
 our job  of answering  user queries and now we'd like to share it with the
 rest of the Atari community.

 A little gift from the Atari Forum staff to our members.


 The TEC board is now shipping.  For details of  a special  discount offer,
 see the  file TECREL.TXT  now in LIBRARY 16 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO


 In response to the  increased sales  of Atari's  LYNX, the  first handheld
 8-bit videogame unit with a color LCD screen, multiplayer capabilities and
 stereo sound, the  staff  of  the  Atari  8-Bit  Forum  has  recruited the
 services  of  two  well-known  LYNX  gaming  experts, Jeff Kovach and Todd

 A new library devoted to LYNX files will include game maps in GIF graphics
 format,  help  and  hint  files,  and  press  releases  detailing new game
 introductions. Kovach  and Ellering  will be  online daily  to answer LYNX
 questions and  will host  special conferences with playing tips.  For more
 information, GO ATARI8.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




   Issue #09

   Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Motorola Pays $15 Million to Settle Claims

 To settle claims it charged the government too much for computers and
 maintenance and sold rebuilt equipment as new, Motorola Inc. has agreed
 to pay $15.1 million.

 The General Services Administration ruled Motorola knowingly withheld
 information about maintenance discounts available to corporate customers
 and that the company gave discounts to some customers who bought
 computers they had been leasing, but did not tell the government the
 discounts were available.

  -- Matsushita Offers Color LCD

 According to the Kyodo Japanese news service, Matsushita Electric Indus-
 trial Co. has developed a laptop workstation with a 15-inch color liquid
 crystal display, which it says is the largest of its kind in the world.
 The development was made with its US subsidiary Solbourne Computer Inc.
 of Longmont, Colo.

 The display is of the thin film transistor type and the machine supports
 the Unix operating system. The laptop uses a SPARC central processing
 unit developed by Sun Microsystems of the United States.

  -- Intel to Introduce New Microprocessor a Year Early

 According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel Corp. will introduce its new
 generation microprocessor code-named P6 in late 1993, more than a year
 earlier than expected.

 Intel is now discussing specifications for the chip with personal com-
 puter makers. The company is also planning a future generation chip
 code-named the P7.

  -- Apple Offers Its 1st Trade-In Program

 In hopes of getting a greater share of the business and institutional
 market, Apple Computer Inc. has set up its first trade-in program to
 help customers upgrade their equipment.

 An agreement between Apple USA and Electro Rent Corp. E.S.D., allows
 Apple resellers to offer cash to customers who trade in selected
 Macintosh and MS-DOS-compatible computers and laser printers when
 purchasing new Apple equipment.

 Electro Rent E.S.D. will post a monthly price schedule via the AppleLink
 electronic mail system, which resellers can use to provide a quote for
 most transactions. The pricing schedules then can be used to quote
 trade-in values for between 10 and 100 units. For smaller or larger
 transactions, resellers must obtain customized quotes from Electro Rent

  -- Double Lifetime Warranty on Best Surge Protection

 Best Power Technology, a major supplier of top-quality power filter and
 uninterruptible power supply systems for small and large systems, has
 announced a new warranty program for its transient surge suppression

 Under the warranty, not only is the Best hardware guaranteed, but there
 will also be expanded coverage for up to $25,000 of physical damage to
 customer's own equipment hooked up to the Best systems.

 Basically the warranty covers damages due to defects in surge suppres-
 sion components in Best's FERRUPS, Fortress, Patriot, Citadel, and
 SpikeFree UPS and power filter hardware.

 For further information contact Best Power Technology, P.O. Box 280,
 Necedah, WI 54646. Phone 800-356-5794 or 608-565-7200. The warranty
 applies only to equipment produced for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

  -- New DEC Chip to Make PC's as Fast as a Cray-1

 "Alpha", Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) new superfast 64-bit
 micro-processor, will allow a desktop PC to run at about the same speed
 as a Cray-1 supercomputer. Alpha uses RISC (reduced instruction set
 computing) technology which simplifies the hardware requirements. RISC
 technology is commonly found in workstations.

 Currently, Alpha's main drawback is cost. Presently the chip sells for
 $3,375 in quantities of 1-100, and $1,599 in quantities over 1,000.

 Digital said it will license the chip to anybody who wants to buy it,
 including other chip makers. Digital is best known for its proprietary
 systems, but said Alpha and the software developed for it will be
 completely compatible with other systems.

 Digital said it plans to produce a broad range of computers based on
 Alpha, and by early next year plans to introduce systems ranging from
 workstations to mid-range computers using the chip.

 Cray Research has said that it might use Alpha in a new generation of

  -- Conner, Intel to Produce Flash Solid-State Disks

 Conner Peripherals and Intel announced the two companies have signed an
 agreement to design and market proprietary flash memory-based solid-
 state disk (SSD) storage products.

 Flash memory has the advantage of being able to remember information
 even after the power is off, unlike random access memory (RAM). It can
 also be erased and reprogrammed electronically while installed in a
 system, Intel added.

 The flash SSD storage products planned are geared toward the perfor-
 mance, size, weight, and low-power consumption requirements of the
 smaller size intelligent consumer and industrial electronics as well as
 notebook, pen-based, and hand-held computers.

 Under terms of the agreement, Conner will contribute expertise in disk
 drive electronics, IDE standard interfaces developed for hard disk
 drives, and drive manufacturing experience. Intel says it provides its
 flash memory design, process technology, packaging, and component
 manufacturing experience.

  -- HP & Yokogawa Develope a 1.05 Gigabyte 3.5-inch Hard Disk

 Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard, a joint venture of Hewlett-Packard and Japan's
 Yokogawa, has developed a beta version of a 1.05-gigabyte 3.5-inch hard
 disk. This represents the second largest storage in a hard disk
 following Hitachi's 1.4 gigabyte hard disk.

 The HP C2247, as it is called, sells for 400,000 yen ($3,200) in Japan.
 It has a standard SCSI-2 interface, and a 20-megabyte rotation speed per
 second. The seek time is 10.5 mm/s, which is said to be extremely fast
 compared with existing products. The hard disk is made up of seven hard

 The HP C2247 is an upgraded version of the firm's 422-megabyte hard
 disk. There are two more disks in this product, and the rotation speed
 is increased from 3,600 revolutions per minute to 5,400 per minute.

 Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard plans to mass produce these in April, and wants
 to ship 50,000 units the first year.

  -- Compuadd Jumps on Apple Bandwagon

 Effective March 1st, Compuadd will sell Apple computers for the 1st time
 in its history.  Until now, Compuadd has only sold IBM-compatible PC's.

 While the initial introduction will be in Compuadd's 16 Texas stores, it
 is expected that all 125 stores and their employees will be certified to
 sell Mac products and provide warranty support by the end of the third

 Toll-free technical support through Compuadd's Austin support center.

  -- Two Cornell Students Charged In Virus Attacks

 Two Cornell University students, David S. Blumenthal and Mark Andrew
 Pilgrim, have been accussed of planting a virus that locked up Apple
 Macintosh computers at Cornell, at Stanford University in California,
 and in Japan.

 Both students were charged in Ithaca City Court with one count each of
 second-degree computer tampering, a Class A misdemeanor.  According to
 a spokesperson, the investigation is continuing and additional charges
 are likely to be laid.

 The MBDFA virus apparently was launched Feb. 14 in three Mac computer
 games - Obnoxious Tetris, Tetriscycle, and Ten Tile Puzzle.

 MBDFA is a worm, a type of computer virus that distributes itself in
 multiple copies within a system or into connected systems. MBDFA modi-
 fies systems software and applications programs and sometimes results in
 computer crashes.

  -- IBM Exec's to Get Cut in Pay

 According to a company spokesman, IBM Chairman John Akers and the four
 other top executives will be paid some 40% less than they were the year
 before. The executives, and other senior people at IBM, will get smaller
 performance bonuses or no bonuses at all because IBM lost $2.8 billion
 in 1991.

  -- SPA Settles With West Coast Retailer

 According to the Software Publishers Association (SPA), Fred Meyer Inc.,
 a Portland, Oregon based retailer, has agreed to pay legal costs, take
 actions to prevent further illegal copying of software, and pay a fine
 in the range of $100,000 for improper use of software on some of the
 company's more than 1,000 computers.

 Fred Meyer will also purchase a sufficient number of licenses to ensure
 that all computers are running legal copies of programs, and institute
 an employee education program aimed at eliminating any future
 infractions of the copyright laws.


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 > The Flip Side STR Feature         ".... a different view point.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 Due to an illness, Michael Lee's column will not be appearing this week.

 Editor Note ...  We recieved these posts and thought you'd enjoy our
 sharing them with you.

 Item    7541121                 92/02/09        03:55
 From:   S.C.
 To:     LEPULLEY                        Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Sub: ST Report

 I  can't  believe  the editorial I just saw in the latest  issue  of  ST
 Report  attacking mail order dealers and their prices...Has  Ralph  gone
 nuts...I  know  you've  never  had a problem  with  mail  order  dealers
 offering  lower prices judging from your messages here on GEnie  and  on

 Has  all the criticism you and Ralph have been receiving lately (I  read
 the  vicious attack on you in "Atari is Dead" topic in CAT  18)  finally
 worn  you guys down enough so that you would publish an  editorial  like
 that to placate your critics? I know the constant attacks on you & Ralph
 must be tiring but I had hoped you two were strong enough to stand up to
 them. DON'T turn ST Report into another sycophantic online magazine like

 I guess I should have seen this coming.  AMReport has always had a  Znet
 "happy news" tone to it and it's been getting stronger all the  time.  I
 should have known that that attitude was going to make itself felt in ST
 Report  sooner  or later.  The online publishing world  doesn't  need  2

 Item    1122628                 92/02/23        11:17
 From:   S.C.
 To:     LEPULLEY                        Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 Sub: ST Report on Fnet

 ....I  didn't  like the attack on you and your friend  in  Cat.  18  but
 frankly I didn't want to jump in for fear of the same treatment.

 Boy,  these  people who hate you and Ralph and STR really have a  pretty
 good intimidation ring going on.  Why do they hate you and Ralph so? And
 why does Darlah let all this go on?

 When  I  was on Delphi I never saw the personal attacks like  I've  seen
 here  on  GEnie.  Delphi  may be a much smaller  service  but  its  much
 friendlier  than GEnie and Clay and Gordie are much better  sysops  than

 Item    3627125                 92/02/24        01:33
 From:   S.C.
 To:     LEPULLEY                        Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Sub: ST Report on Fnet

 Reply:  Item #8003207 from LEPULLEY     on 92/02/23 at 13:27

 Sure Lloyd,  you can use my last two posts in STR.  And if you run into
 problems  with people thinking you wrote those posts,  like your friend
 Mark Kiel ran into you can also use my name.


 Until next week.....


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 > TAF SHOW STR SHOW NEWS                   Banquet Information


 John R. Sheehan, SJ
 TAF President - (416) 926-1518
 GEnie: J. Sheehan14
 24 February 1992


     One of the highlights of any convention is the chance to meet and talk
 with people who share interests. At  a major  international gathering like
 ACE  '92,  the  leading  creators  of  Atari software and hardware will be
 present and available. ACE '92, the Atari Canadian Exposition, to  be held
 on  April  4th  and  5th,  will bring together the outstanding dealers and
 developers in the Atari field for two days of seminars,  sales and showing

     Many  times,  however,  the  press  of  crowds  and  business makes it
 difficult to have the kind of in-depth talk one might wish. Developers are
 busy, crowds  make conversation  impossible, and  the schedule of seminars
 and special events puts pressure on  everyone. To  help people  spend more
 time  together,  a  Gala  Banquet  will  be  held  at the Skyline Hotel on
 Saturday night, April 4th.

     A cash bar will open at 7PM, where participants can  gather for drinks
 and conversation. Dinner will begin at 8PM, and will feature Filet of Beef
 Wellington with Madeira sauce,  accompanied by  Almond Beans,  Carrots and
 Cauliflower. The  Appetizer will be a Seafood Cocktail, followed by Tomato
 and Fennel Bisque. Dessert will be Fresh Berries Romanoff.

     Following dinner, the finalists in the ACE Talent Contest will present
 or perform their entries. Selected from presentations made during the day,
 the top 3 in the areas of MIDI and Graphics will show  off their creations
 on the  Atari computer. Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be Geoff
 Earle, General Manager of Atari Canada, who promises that the evening will
 also  contain  surprises  "not  advertised  in  advance". However, he also
 promises that the program will not be long, so that  people will  have the
 chance to  meet and talk and share their experiences. Following the formal
 proceedings, a special room has been  set aside  for ACE  participants, so
 that conversation and celebration can continue as long as people wish.

     Cost for the Banquet is $40 (Cdn) per person, which includes all taxes
 and gratuities. Tickets may be obtained  from  Atari  Canada  or  from the
 Toronto Atari Federation.


     Because of the commitments to the caterer, tickets must be obtained in
 advance, and no banquet tickets will be available at ACE  '92. It promises
 to be  one of  the highlights of the week-end, but it will require advance

     ACE 92 will be held at  the Skyline  Hotel on  Dixon Road,  ar Pearson
 International Airport.  Further information, exhibitor's kits, advertising
 rates and advance ticket sales may be obtained by contacting:

                              ACE '92 c/o TAF
                       5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527
                        Willowdale, Ontario M2N 6M2
                       Contact: John R. Sheehan, SJ
                      (TAF  President) (416) 926-1518
                          TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318
              TAF InfoLine and Voice Message: (416) 425-3537.


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     The members of the Portfolio Forum made CompuServe history last
 weekend.  For 24 hours, the conference room was manned in a marathon
 on-line conference.  Don Thomas of Atari was on-line the entire time
 meeting users and answering questions.  Members from around the world
 joined in for the chance to have a live chat.  As soon as the staff has
 had time to recover, another conference will be in the planning stages.
 Please leave your comments for the forum staff.

     Don Thomas created a set of graphics images during the marathon.
 These were made available immediately to those on-line.  All of these
 files are for use with PGShow which is available in the forum library.
 WP.PGC is the WordPerfect logo.  PPERIP.PGC is the Practical Peripherals
 logo. BRLND.PGC is the Borland logo.  DISNEY.ZIP contains three files with
 images of Disney characters. MICKEY.PGC is an image of Mickey Mouse.

     BJ Gleason has complied a help file of answers to questions frequently
 asked by Portfolio users.  There are over 60 questions and answers.  The
 file will be updated as the need arises.  See PORT.FAQ for the best single
 source of user help.  BJ would welcome comments on the file.  Of course,
 your questions are always welcome on the forum.


 > MAST STR SHOW NEWS         Milwaukee Area ST User Group (M.A.S.T.)

     The Milwaukee Area ST User Group  (M.A.S.T.) has  just finalized plans
 for a  second show  in Milwaukee.  The date of the show will be June 14th,
 1992 at  Bowlero, Red Carpet Lanes in Wauwatosa, WI from 10:00  AM to 5:00
 PM.  The first mailing has already been sent out to vendors/developers and
 we're awaiting responses from them.

 The following vendors have already committed;

                             Compu-Seller West
                                Apple Annie
                                  SK Ware
                               Paper Express
                                 MS Design

 Ticket Prices will be 3.00 dollars, Check with your user group about
 advance ticket prices.

 Bruce Welsch
 President, M.A.S.T.

 PS:  If you're a dealer or developer and we don't know about you yet, you
 may obtain information about the show by contacting:

                          GEnie ID: R.CARPENTE18

                             US "Snail" Mail:
                               PO Box 25679
                         Milwaukee, WI  53225-0679

                           Phone: (414) 463-9662



                           CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES
                            TOS EXTENSION CARD

 by R.F. Mariano
 part 1

     The package arrived at about 10:30am on Tuesday.... in were a bunch of
 TEC cards assorted and TOS 2.06 chipsets.

     By 12:30pm, shortly after noon, the chipsets were installed in three
 STe machines and the TEC cards were in three Mega ST4 machines.  The
 installations were not difficult.  I repeat not difficult but one must pay
 attention to detail.

     The installation of the TEC card itself is made somewhat easier than
 most since it appears that most obstacles were examined and solved before
 the first TEC was ever shipped.  The only undocumented feature we found
 was in the installation of the TOS chips in the 520-1040STe.  The docs
 say the chips go like this:  U103 gets the EE chip and U102 gets the EO
 chip.  Well.... it really is the exact opposite.  The jumper instructions
 were perfect for all the machines.  The install was very easy.

 Now.... on to the installation of the TEC units themselves.  we installed
 the CPU versions and of course, that went very quick.  The T-16 fit is a
 little tight but we corrected that with a very fine file.  By filing, ever
 so slightly, both the edge of the T16 card and the edge of the ribbon
 cable connector on the TEC, the fit was made perfect.

 TOS 2.06

     First off, the operations of the New Tos are quite different from the
 older versions.  The older the version you are upgrading from.. the more
 dramatic the difference in performance.  When you first bootup, you will
 be surprised at seeing a large Fuji symbol on the left side of your screen
 and right beneath it will appear a "marching bar" that tells you its doing
 a memory check on the system.  Shortly thereafter, another bar appears
 that's doing a countdown for the hard drive to come up to speed.  Now
 enters NOROACH!  With Noroach installed, the receding bar is bypassed by
 the timing function in Noroach.  All very simple and neat.

     After the initial bootup you will enter a "TOS Wonderland" first, let
 me say that after extensive testing  FLOW CONTROL IS FIXED!  Its fast,
 smooth operating and sure footed.  Back to the program, This TOS has
 features on,in and under its features.  Its a real powerhouse.  The
 Booklet that comes with the TEC unit is well written and explains the TOS
 to a TEE.  The power of the Desktop is like nothing you've ever seen
 before.  As a teaser, the ability to scroll windows with files already
 selected is only one small user comfort afforded by this version of TOS.
 TurboST unfortunately can't help this version of TOS it says its there but
 alas, it really is sleeping.

     One very neat feature of the NEW TOS 2.06 is the "help key".  It
 really does work in this version.  It gives the user real help information
 when pressed.  The Drop Down Menus for the TOS are a treat in themselves
 for when each is viewed one will see new features on each and every one of
 them.  Of course, the main attraction of this TOS is the use of icons and
 color for both icons and windows.  This version will also accommodate the
 high density floppy drives once they are available from Atari.  You are
 also allowed more than 4 windows open at the same time... the built in hot
 keys are a very strong feature as well as the "select all" function.  Like
 I said, the features are far too many to mention them all in this small

     One thing is for sure, if you have any inclination to upgrade don't
 hesitate get this TOS upgrade its almost like putting a new computer in
 your cabinet.  Besides, this TOS will work with the new high density
 1.44mb floppy drive upgrade due appear from Atari shortly.

          CodeHead Technologies is pleased  to  announce  that the
          TOS Extension  Card is  now shipping.   The TEC lets you
          install the very latest Atari TOS (2.06) in  your 520ST,
          1040ST,  Mega  ST,  or  Stacy.   TOS 2.06 has many major
          improvements over older  versions  of  TOS,  including a
          totally  redesigned   GEM  desktop  with  custom  icons,
          redefinable  keyboard  commands,  and   many  other  new
          features and performance improvements.

          The  new  desktop  contains  most of the features of the
          popular "alternative desktop" programs  (and  a  few new
          ones too!),  but with  TWO big  advantages -- it doesn't
          gobble up large chunks of memory, and it doesn't need to
          load from  disk.   Just turn on your computer and you're
          ready to go!

          To make it easier for you to build  a library  of custom
          icons  to  use  with  TOS  2.06,  we've  developed a new
          program called "Icon Juggler,"  which  is  included with
          the  TEC.    Icon  Juggler lets you freely convert icons
          from ALL the current  ST  icon  formats,  including ICE,
          RSC,  ICN,   and  NIC.    Icon  Juggler's  interface  is
          completely GEM-based; it's  like  a  word  processor for
          icons,  with  cut,  copy,  and  paste features that make
          converting your icons a breeze.

                          SPECIAL OFFER FOR USERS

                        --==*** $20.00 OFF! ***==--

          With the release  of  the  TEC,  we're  also  offering a
          special  deal  for  those  who've  been using one of the
          "alternative   desktop"   programs   available   on  the
          commercial  market.    Take  your  Neodesk or DC Desktop
          master disk,  FORMAT IT,  and send  it to  us, and we'll
          give  you  a  $20.00  discount  on any model of the TEC!
          (Please  note  that  you  must  FORMAT  the  disk before
          sending it  to us.)   Here  are the  prices for the TEC,
          with and without the discount:

            Model              Retail Price      Price w/ Discount
            """""              """"""""""""      """""""""""""""""
            Standard version     $139.00             $119.00
            BUS Bridge           $155.00             $135.00
            CPU Bridge           $155.00             $135.00

          A brief description of the different TEC models:

          * The standard version requires soldering, and is for
            owners of 520STs, 1040STs, and Stacys which do not
            have a socketed CPU.

          * The BUS Bridge version, which plugs into the processor
            bus of the Mega ST, and requires no soldering.

          * The CPU Bridge version, for computers which have
            socketed 68000 chips.  This option plugs into the CPU
            socket, and requires that there be enough room above
            the CPU within the case.

          All versions  of the  TEC include the official Atari TOS
          2.06 chips.

          The TEC also has  an easily  installed option  that lets
          you switch  between TOS  2.06 and  your existing TOS, to
          circumvent incompatibilities with ill-behaved programs.

          TOS 2.06 FOR STE OWNERS
          CodeHead Technologies will also be offering the TOS 2.06
          chips separately,  as an  upgrade for  STE owners.  When
          you purchase the chips  from us,  you will  also receive
          our manual  describing the  features of the new TOS, and
          our disk  containing the  Icon Juggler  and other useful
          utilities.  The price for the chips alone is $60.00.

          The  new  TOS  and  the  TEC adapters are available from
          Codehead Technologies and their dealers, for  more info,

                           CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004

                             Tel 213-386-5735
                             Fax 213-386-5789

                      The TEC UNITS are shipping NOW!


 > ACE-HI STR SHOW NEWS        Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Hawaii

 On March 14, 1992, Honolulu will
 learn what Atari users have
 known for a long time...

 You don't have to be like everybody else to be good.

     The  Atari  Computer  Enthusiasts  of Hawaii are hosting an Exposition
 that will showcase the  capabilities  of  the  powerful  Atari  ST  and TT
 computer systems.   We'll demonstrate Desktop Publishing at its finest and
 make incredible  music controlled  through the  Musical Instrument Digital
 Interface (MIDI).   You'll  discover why the ST is the perfect computer to
 manage your club or association, and you'll see demonstrations of Computer
 Aided  Design,   Home  &  Business  Management  software,  Desktop  Video,
 Educational software and  more  on  this  powerful  and  yet  easy  to use
 computer system.

     Don't think  we've forgotten  how to have fun.  We'll introduce you to
 MIDI-Maze; multi-player entertainment with no equal on any system.  You'll
 discover just  how far  high-tech gaming has come with the latest software
 releases, and you'll have the  chance  to  test  drive  the  Lynx, Atari's
 amazing Portable Color Entertainment System.

     When  the  day  is  done  you  won't walk away empty handed.  We'll be
 awarding exciting door prizes all  afternoon,  and  the  biggest  prize is
 yours for  the taking:   An  introduction to  the power and performance of
 Atari Computer Systems.

     I've posted this notice here as an open invitation to those who may be
 coming to  Hawaii during  March.   This Expo  is a first for ACE-HI and we
 hope to make it an annual event.

     ACE-HI has approximately 80  members  and  we  have  maintained steady
 growth for  the past  two years.   We  conduct monthly meetings, publish a
 newsletter (ACE-HI Info) and operate a 2400 baud  BBS (808-622-2533).   We
 are committed to keeping the Atari presence strong in Hawaii.

     If you  have any questions or suggestions, please respond to R.BEATTY3
 on Genie or 70317,3045 on CIS.


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     Ah yes!  Another week and by golly, another editorial.  Get ready for
 this folks... I've decided to embark on a new, interesting and creative
 venue.  Sometimes it takes a hard head like mine to realize that head-on
 collisions don't always pay off for either contender.  Therefore, the
 "perceived war" between STReport and Atari are declared a non-event.  By
 none other than Me!  Fact is..Atari is very much alive and well, and if
 you haven't noticed they are starting to bring forward all the new goodies
 we have been "crying" for.

     TOS 2.06 is a reality and that's good.  In fact its better than that!
 This new Tos is a "knock your socks off" upgrade.  To put it mildly, as we
 said at one time that TOS 1.04 was a "Quantum Leap" remember?  Well, my
 friends this new TOS pales any image you had of _any_ previous version.
 Well done Atari.

     Now, for Mr. Brodie... I will admit your rebuttal caused a stir, but
 more importantly the stir it did cause had a positive, creative effect.
 It brought forward thoughtful plans for the future.  A few of which have
 been implemented beginning this week.  Most of these plans will not be
 seen in a dramatic manner.  You will however see the results of these
 plans through the positive creativity and sincere change taking place over
 the course of the next few months.

     Seems there's "belt tightening" going on all over.. As was done not
 too long ago on CIS, our readers will notice that in an effort to
 streamline GEnie's ST RT the magazines are going to be combined into one
 Category (#15) this is good.  Perhaps, the close proximity will breed a
 new era of tranquility and cooperation.  I certainly hope so.  This Atari
 userbase is one of the most loyal, steadfast group of fine people the
 computing world will ever know and as such, my hat's off to all of you.
 Those who enjoy our humble offerings each week and also to those of you
 who find us "barking up the wrong tree".  In any event we appreciate all
 of you for if we weren't criticized, we'd never learn how to improve.
 Therefore we must be doing something at least half way right.

     We've been likened to the "Inquirer" and many other forms of news
 media... we thank you for that too.  You see, we realize it takes a
 certain amount of "reach" to stir the depths of the human mind into
 thinking and then into reacting.  This is good and if we can do it in a
 small way, can you imagine if we tried harder and aimed our efforts at
 getting the thought process to work toward the ultimate goal??   The
 growth of Atari and its userbase?  That could be the start of something
 good!  Shall we try?  You can bet we are.  That doesn't mean we're going
 "wowie - zowie" it means the news will be just that, NEWS.. without the
 "zinger embellishment factor" and it will be kept free from our "well
 known" editorial prowess.

                         Thank you all for your strong, sincere support!

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine
                 Friday, February 28, 1992 - 7:03:16 pm


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From GEnie
 Category 16,  Topic 20
 Message 532       Tue Feb 25, 1992
 M.PRAZOFF1 [Mark]            at 21:38 EST

 Here are some first impressions of Calamus SL.  The manual cover and box
 are very professional and exude class.  The manual itself is great.
 Thanks to Nathan et. al. for a job well done.  It actually goes well
 beyond the usual describe every feature style and actually tells you how
 to use the darn thing.  To wander through Calamus SL is to experience a
 land once familiar (much like the 1.09N of childhood), yet around every
 familiar corner is a new doorway full of pleasant surprises.

 Goosh, I make it sound like Dungeon Master SL...  The real strength of the
 program lies in the number of features which can be customized by the
 user.  Yet these numerous defaults are also what presents such a challenge
 to the new user.  Please share your experiences of "set-ups for SL that
 work".  So here are my first questions:

 1) How functional is SL in 2 Megs of memory?  I tried virtual memory, and
 when I went to print a one page document, the darn thing spent 10 minutes
 writing hundreds of little files to my ever so slow Megafile. With no
 virtual memory, the same file spit out with the usual Calamus speed.  How
 do I set the defaults to get virtual memory only when required? (e.g. do
 the virtual memory size or available memory settings help?).  Does memory
 get saved or things speed up if one saves a monchrome colour setting file?

 2) Which of the three defaults did 1.09n use to measure its fonts?

 3) Screen size on my SM124 was bang on with 1.09N at 1:1; with SL it is
 about 20% too small.  A problem or something to set differently like
 screen resolution in the system parameters?  What should "minimal system
 memory" be for a Mega 2 STE?

 4) Does it now take two steps to make outline text?  First make text
 white and then add a black outline?  Or did I miss something?

 5) Shouldn't the first priority be to make an Outline Art export driver
 (OL.CXV) rather than a CVG driver?  Wouldn't that make Speedline function
 as advertised.  Doesn't OL Art work better with its own format rather than
 CVG.  Either export driver soon would be great. Well that covers questions
 for now...back to the program and the oh so wonderful manual.  Happy
 exploring to all.


 From CIS
 #: 57405 S5/Networking Ataris
     23-Feb-92  21:10:47
 Sb: #57398-#Atari network software
 Fm: INTERSECT Software 76004,1577
 To: john barnes 73030,2307 (X)

 John, Atari has announced that all future machines and currently designed
 models (Mega STE and TT) will have industry standard SCSI ports. ASCI is
 being phased out as non-professional.

 The printer port is just that, a printer port and Atari shouldn't be held
 accountable for non-standard applications using the printer port.

 The serial port does not have a "crippled serial port interrupt
 structure".  Thru use of an inexpensive 68901 MFP chip the maximum baud
 rate to Keyboard, Midi and Serial Port is limited to something under 31K
 baud.  Now that inexpensive V.32bis modems are available k baud or higher
 serial port setting is a potential FUTURE problem.

 There are certain niches that need to be filled by Atari since the
 potential market is too small to justify a third party involvement (at
 reasonable end cost).  Networking in one of these, the CDROM driver
 software which Atari has addressed (released on this and other networks )
 is another.

 Ron can, using CIS access the German users who appear to be much more
 knowledgeable since the Atari is serious machine in that country. I
 beleave that was what Gary was talking about.


 From CIS
 Read action !
 #: 57410 S5/Networking Ataris
     23-Feb-92  23:02:32
 Sb: #57405-Atari network software
 Fm: john barnes 73030,2307
 To: INTERSECT Software 76004,1577

 Dear Jeff;

      From your message I judge that my feelings of heartburn over ACSI
 are have been recognized as valid.

      If other vendors, particularly printer manufacturers, make use of
 the parallel port in ways that Atari's implementation does not support
 then I beleieve that Atari should be held accountable.

      My source for the "crippled serial port interrupt structure" is a
 reliable one.  I am told that the interrupt showing that the CTS has
 changed state is lower than it should be for proper functioning.  Modems
 are not the only devices that can operate at high baud rates.  I notice
 that my STe does not perform as well at 19,200 baud when used as a
 terminal to a VAX as do my older machines. The speed limitations are with
 us in the here and now.

      The use of the sound chip to control all manner of other devices
 including the parallel port, the floppy disks, and part of the serial
 port was an engineering decision that haunts us to this day.

      One issue that has come up in this discussion is the meagerness of
 the interrupt repertory on the Atari.  This directly affects the ability
 of thrid parties to implement hardware to fulfill useful functions like

      We have seen technological pi**ing contests between Atari and others
 in the past in which Atari seems to be taking a "third parties be damned"
 attitude.  The problems with the DMA port on the STe are a fine example.

      As a bit player in the computer market Atari cannot afford to hire
 its own band.  They have to learn to march to the same drummers as other
 people are following. If they want their voice to be heard their machines
 will have to talk to the whole world.

      The casual observer might interpret your references to Atari's
 evolving new standards in hardware design as indicating an attitude that
 says "If you want modern, industry-standard capabilities in an Atari
 machine, dig into your pockets and upgrade to the new hardware."

      More members of the user community may do this once they get a
 feeling for the hardware and software capabilities of the new machines.
 Any responsible consumer advocate would have to counsel his readers to
 hold off until there is an informed consensus on those matters. Any
 dealer who wants his customers to come back had better be prepared to
 help them through some teething problems.

       I also have to disagree with your views on the role of third
 parties in the networking arena. The issue that is being discussed in
 this thread is ethernetworking on older machines, Megas, 1040's, etc.  It
 seems unlikely that Atari would be interested in undercutting the
 rationale for buying new machines by undertaking such development.

      Third parties have done well by us in providing such products as
 Universal Network, BioNet, Spectre GCR, and ADspeed, to mention only a
 few that I use. The great preponderance of hard drives on STs are from
 third parties. The proper way to deal with these companies is to
 encourage them by collaborating and by providing well-engineered machines
 that are both backward and upward compatible (within reasonable limits).

     This discussion on networking has turned out to be as interesting as
 it is because the technical issues touch on so many points. I hope that it
 focuses Atari's and the user community's attention on the whole range of

 From Delphi
 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit>
 J36184 24-FEB 22:08 General Information
      RE: Hey All You Developers out there! (Re: Msg 36141)
      From: BOBTROW      To: GEORGECYR (NR)

 Speaking of Dealers:  I just found out tonight 02/24/92 that our only
 local dealer is closing THE COMPUTER ROOM.  I knew he wasn't becoming a
 rich man from the store but didn't have any idea that things were getting
 that bad.  So the whole Atari community in K.C. is in mourning.  So if
 anyone is in close proximity to K.C. everything (software?) is 50% or

                                   Bob Trowbridge, K.C.A.C.

 From GEnie
 Category 9,  Topic 23
 Message 103       Wed Feb 26, 1992
 F-D-PERCIVAL [Fred P.]       at 06:23 EST

 Are there any Captive players who haven't bought Knightmare? I got it a
 week ago and am having a ball with it. The game is a real fusion of
 Captive and the FTL dungeon games. It even has the fireball room from
 Dungeon Master!  I've been fascinated to see how the game elements have
 been transmuted into puzzles in the FTL style.

 Some examples: In many places you HAVE to push a rollerwall more than
 once.  Instead of clipboards, you find keys.  Transporters are in the
 game, both visible and invisible. You still have the four characters, and
 you feed them instead of recharging them.  Weapons have multiple options,
 again like DM.  Spells are options on wands, which are handled like
 another weapon.  Characters advance more or less like the FTL characters,
 both in physical attributes and 'professions. 'Cross-training different
 specialties results in advancement in secondary skills, again like the FTL
 system. The most dramatic change is that the combat is much less
 predictable. The opponents here not only move randomly, they can sidestep!
 This makes it much tougher to choreograph your fighters, and makes a
 scuffle a lot more interesting!

 All in all, the game is a perfect clone of DM/CSB with the Captive
 interface and graphics.  It comes closer to the FTL 'atmosphere' than any
 other game I've tried, even Bloodwych. Heartily recommended.



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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Boston MA.                            SPECIAL BCS SHOWING POSTPONED

     According to our sources, the upcoming Atari unveiling at BCS in
 Boston, scheduled for April 22, 1992, has been cancelled due to Marketing
 Materials not being ready for the auspicious occasion.  The showing is
 tentatively been planned for a later date.. sometime in either May, June
 or July 1992.  Also it was mentioned that the machines to be unveiled at
 the future BCS event will not have been seen before they're shown in

 - Los Angeles, CA.                          TEC Sales are Brisk

     From the reports from a few dealers around the country, the TEC cards
 offered by Codehead Technology are selling quite well.  In fact, most are
 set to re-order and are very pleased with the public's reception of both
 the cards and TOS 2.06.

 - Jacksonville, FL.                    PORTFOLIO JOINS THIN BLUE LINE

     Feeling right at home, nestled among the very latest in Law
 Enforcement hardware and technology, the Portfolio had its chance to
 "strut its stuff" this past week.  Technology was applied to the Port for
 the ID systems in graphical areas.  Ie., the sending of digitized photos
 and fingerprint ID via modem.  Direct "in the field" connections to NCIC
 via telephone.  The entry of reports on memory cards that could be sent to
 the central station via acoustical modem.  Or dumped via a PC card reader
 at central.  The reception for the Portfolio was better than anyone
 expected.  In fact, Law & Order Magazine will have a spread in its next
 issue about the Portfolio "with a Badge"!  Three major municipalities and
 two State agencies in the northeast are very interested in equipping their
 plainclothes forces and select uniforms with the Portfolio.  The other
 very important points covered were its size, "more than perfect", its
 versatility, "outstanding" and surprisingly, its rugged "look and feel".
 Its overall report card was a very strong A+.


 > A "Quotable Quote"                 "....a sign of the times"

                     AFTER THE MOST SEVERE OF STORMS!"

                                           ....Murray Weathermap


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                        ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
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                SQN2055     170Mb  3.5"      Y       689.00
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