ST Report: 21-Feb-92 #808

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/23/92-12:36:09 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 21-Feb-92 #808
Date: Sun Feb 23 00:36:09 1992

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (February 21)

                         PORT-A-THON IN PROGRESS!

 Enter Conference Room 1 ("PORT-A-THON!") of the Atari  Portfolio Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) to participate in this very special 24-Hour event.

 Multiple prizes  will be  awarded EACH HOUR from 3:00 PM (Eastern Time) on
 February 21st through 3:00 PM  February  22nd.    Winning  is  as  easy as
 rolling the dice...

 If  you  are  not  familiar  with  electronic  conferencing on CompuServe,
 please read files CONHLP.TXT and  CONCMD.TXT  in  LIBRARY  1  ("Forum Help
 Files").   Don't forget that you can type /HELP within the conference area
 at any time to receive assistance.  If you have  any questions,  feel free
 to ask - staff members will be on-hand during the entire PORT-A-THON!

 Some  more  information  on  rolling  the dice ... CompuServe supports the
 /ROLL command which will roll electronic dice and  display the  results to
 all users  inside the  conference area.   We  will be  using the /ROLL 6,6
 command to roll six 6-sided dice.  The highest total  will be  awarded the
 prize.   More information  about /ROLLing  and prizes will be discussed by
 the staff members while you visit the PORT-A-THON.


 Thanks to the programming expertise of  our  own  Bill  Aycock,  the Atari
 Forum  staff  are  pleased  to  announce  the  availablity  of  our VENDOR
 accessory datafile.  Download file VENDOR.ARC from LIBRARY 6 of  the Atari
 Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).

 This   package   contains   a   desk  accessory/program  (just  rename  it
 appropriately) VENDOR.ACC which accesses  a  standardized  format datafile
 named VENDOR.DAT.   With  this program  you can have instant access to the
 names, addresses, phone numbers, CompuServe  User  IDs,  and  some product
 names for vendors that support/service the Atari computer community.

 The Atari  Forum staff pledges to update and expand the info in VENDOR.DAT
 on a regular basis.  The sysops have found this  accessory to  be handy in
 our job  of answering  user queries and now we'd like to share it with the
 rest of the Atari community.

         A little gift from the Atari Forum staff to our members.


 In response to the  increased sales  of Atari's  LYNX, the  first handheld
 8-bit  videogame  unit  with  a color LCD screen, multiplayer capabilities
 and stereo sound, the  staff of  the Atari  8-Bit Forum  has recruited the
 services  of  two  well-known  LYNX  gaming  experts, Jeff Kovach and Todd

 A new library  devoted  to  LYNX  files  will  include  game  maps  in GIF
 graphics format,  help and  hint files,  and press  releases detailing new
 game introductions.  Kovach and  Ellering will  be online  daily to answer
 LYNX questions  and will  host special  conferences with playing tips. For
 more information, GO ATARI8.

                           ** NEW FROM ATARI! **

 Atari has uploaded the latest version of their Hard Drive Utilities!  Look
 for ATHDX5.LZH  in Library 4 ("Utilities") in the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) for version 5.0 of these utilities.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




   Issue #08

   Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- PC Shipments From Japan Fall 17%

 The Japan Electronics Industry Development Association (JEIDA) says that
 Japan's personal computer shipments, including peripherals, fell 17% in
 the last quarter of 1991 compared to the same period a year earlier.

 JEIDA also reported that exports were down 16%, total shipments of com-
 puters alone without peripherals fell 23%, and shipments of peripherals
 dropped 10%.

  -- HP Develops a Next Generation RISC Chip

 Hwelett-Packard Co. is planning on grabbing part of Sun Microsystems 40%
 market-share of the workstation market, a market which has $9 billion in
 annual sales, with its new next-generation RISC (reduced instruction set
 chip) microprocessor.

 HP says the PA-RISC 7100 is five times faster than rival chips and is
 expected to increase system performance by more than 50%.  They expect
 to start shipping the PA-RISC 7100 in computer systems starting late
 this year.

  -- Hitachi Claims World's Fastest Microprocessor

 Hitachi  has developed a 32-bit RISC type chip, based on Hitachi's orig-
 inal BiCMOS circuit, that it claims has a super-fast processing speed of
 one giga instructions per second (GIPS). This speed is comparable with a
 supercomputer, and is almost 10 times faster than existing workstations.
 This processor itself processes 250 million instructions per second.

  -- Fujitsu Unveils World's First Single-Chip CPU

 According to a Fujitsu Ltd. company spokesman, Fujitsu has developed the
 world's first single-chip CPU, a large scale integrated (LSI) chip, that
 is capable of driving a supercomputer.

 The LSI, which has 1.5 million transistors, can achieve a peak speed of
 289 million floating point operations per second.  It can be used as a
 microprocessor or as a co-processor operating with a reduced instruction
 set (RISC) or a conventional instruction set. This will allow the chip
 to be incorporated in existing workstations and systems.

 The LSI chip can process all kinds of calculations including addition,
 subtraction, multiplication, and division simultaneously. The size of
 the LSI chip is only 1.5 square centimeters.

 With the LSI, a "super-personal computer" can be produced in the future.
 It is expected that the LSI chip will be applied to a, so-called, multi-
 media computer in the near future.

  -- NEC to Start Shipping 200mb Hard Drives

 By the year's end, NEC Corp. hopes to be shipping samples of 2.5-inch
 hard disk drives that can store 200mb of data. The company claims this
 will have the largest memory capacity for 2.5-inch drives at present.
 Currently, the largest 2.5-inch hard drive produced by NEC is 181.3mb.

 NEC is anticipating the industry heading towards a 2.5-inch hard disk
 standard and has already decided to manufacture the product in quantity
 by mid-1993.

 Other major Japanese personal computer firms such as Toshiba have deve-
 loped a 130 MB 2.5-inch hard disk, and are reported to be trying to
 develop 2.5-inch hard disks with more memory.

  -- Microsoft Pressing Criminal Charges

 For the first time ever, Microsoft Corp. is pressing criminal charges
 for alleged violations of the California trademark law.  This is the
 first time Microsoft has invoked criminal laws to seek the arrest and
 prosecution of alleged counterfeiters in the US.

 Entech Computer Inc. in Los Angeles, a computer distributor belonging to
 the Ming Yu Group was raided last week and authorities confiscated 3,000
 counterfeit copies of the MS-DOS 5.0 operating system.  According to
 Microsoft, "The seized packages, imitations of software equaling about
 $200,000 in street value, were illegal copies of BEC-manufactured MS-

 Two men were arrested, Entech president Chi Ming Robert Liu and sales
 manager Karl Richard Schlicht.  If convicted, both could face prison
 terms of one year and the company could be fined $100,000.

 It is expected that business records and information from Entech emp-
 loyees will disclose most of Entech's customers.  Microsoft suggests
 anyone suspecting they might have purchased counterfeit goods should
 call its hotline at 800- NO COPYN (800-662-6796). Those who call will
 receive help from Microsoft in identifying if they indeed have a legal
 copy and can help Microsoft identify the source if the copy they have
 is illegal.

 Microsoft representative Katy Ehrlich said however, 800 number callers
 with illegal copies will not be pursued in any way by Microsoft as the
 company is looking for the sources of those illegal copies. Those users,
 however, cannot expect support nor can Microsoft guarantee the accuracy
 of those illegal copies, Ehrlich added.

  -- Comics Come to your Computer

 A new family of electronic comic books is being developed by a new com-
 pany called PC Comix Inc.  The company hopes to ship the first series,
 "Lance Stone" by March 2.

 "Lance Stone is a shy but handsome computer graphics artist in the year
 2091 who gets caught up in interplanetary genocide after meeting a
 beautiful woman on a blood-alcohol-sensing bar stool". "At the cliff-
 hanger ending, she has impregnated him with her lifeforce just before
 being blasted by the bad guys."

 The Ashland, Ore., firm says the $20 software includes 51 color frames
 plus sound effects, spot animation and a special feature for story

 "Branching plot lines," says a statement from the firm, let the reader
 "follow the action from selectable points of view, branching or
 returning to the main story line with the click of the mouse. Subsequent
 editions ... will recognize the presence of earlier issue numbers on a
 user's hard disk, and will automatically link to form ongoing books."

 The DOS-based software requires VGA graphics capabilities (color or gray
 scale on laptops), 640K RAM and occupies 2MB of hard disk space. The
 sound effects play back through the PC's internal speaker (though for
 better sound quality, company officials recommend using a PC sound board
 like the SoundBlaster Audio Board from Creative Labs Inc.).

  -- Leading Edge Adds AntiVirus Pack to Systems

 Because of last month's Michelangelo virus scare (CPU Report 5), Leading
 Edge Products Inc. says it has decided to begin providing free antivirus
 software to its customers.

 According to a company spokesman, buyers of the firm's desktop and note-
 book computers now will receive free copies of software designed by
 McAfee Associates, that can identify 1,199 variants of known viruses and
 remove them from infected systems.  The program will be installed on
 hard drive systems. A diskette will be enclosed for systems without a
 hard drive.


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 > The Flip Side STR Feature        "... a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

           There's more to life than just Atari ST/TT systems!!

 Now that I have your attention, I'll explain why I made such a radical
 statement.  On occassion I am sent some good general information posts
 that have nothing to do with the ST.  Last week's "diet" post was such
 a post. I'm going to be including a few of what I think are the better
 such posts in some of my columns.

 Most of these general information posts that I've printed in the past
 have been forwarded to me by Lloyd Pulley who spends a lot of time in
 the Genie Basic services.  But Lloyd is limited by time restraints as
 to how many of the RoundTables and how many services he can visit each
 week.  If you run across a general information post on any of the on-
 line services that you think might be interesting to my readers, fore-
 ward it to Lloyd or Ralph and they'll get it to me.


 Are you confused by the new modem standards floating around?  I know I
 am. The following are some posts from the Aladin ST Roundtable on Genie
 that might help you.

 Question from Rob Woodbridge...

   Anyone know the difference between v.32bis and v.42bis? I don't need a
   real technical description or anything, just a general idea.

 Answer from Tim Purves (Griffin Software - programmer for Aladin ST)...

     v.32,    is a  9,600bps modulation standard.
     v.32bis, is a 14,400bps modulation standard.
     v.42,    is an errorfree link protocol (like MNP).
     v.42bis  is v.42 plus LZW compression (like MNP5, but better).

   v.42bis, can be used on ANY connection.
   v.32bis is a modulation standard that runs at 14,400bps.

   I have seen 3000+ cps on a v32bis/v.42bis connection.

 Answer from Steve Yelvington...

   V.42bis is a data-compression extension to the V.42 standard, which
   covers error correction.

   V.42/V.42bis runs on top of any modulation scheme, such as Bell 212,
   V.22, V.22bis, V32, or V.32bis.

   (MNP is another, incompatible, error-correction/data compression
   standard. It, too, can run on top of any modulation scheme.)

   The modulation scheme governs the raw throughput. Modulation schemes

    Bell 103: 0 to 300bps
    Bell 212: 1200bps (North America)
    V.22:     1200bps (CCITT standard for the rest of the world)
    V.22bis:  2400bps
    V.32:     9600bps
    V.32bis  14400bps

   The data-compression and error-correction protocols can increase the
   real throughput.  When Tim mentions 3,000 cps with V.32bis/V.42bis,
   that's the equivalent a conventional modem sending 30,000 bits per

   Does this make sense?

   I have a 2400bps modem (V.22bis) that uses V.42bis for data compres-
   sion. It can move a theoretical maximum of 960 cps, depending on
   conditions. In real-world application, the best I've seen from my
   Supra 2400plus is about 700cps, which is equivalent to a 7000bps modem
   (there is no such thing, but you can imagine it).

   My experience with data compression (both V.42bis and MNP5) has been
   mixed. I've seen very good results with easily compressible files and
   Zmodem, but most of the traffic in and out of my Atari is either
   to/from GEnie (which does not support compression) or is transmitted
   via UUCP 'G' protocol. UUCP 'G' uses very small blocks that don't
   compress well, so I rarely see any measurable gain from having a
   V.42bis modem. Running V.42bis over a tcp/ip packet network isn't very
   useful, either. My main Usenet newsfeed is most easily reached through
   a tcp/ip terminal server, and I can't get V.42bis to work there are

   So, when evaluating whether V.42bis is right for you, consider what
   sort of data you're sending, what sort of connections you're using,
   and what sort of file-transfer protocols you have.

 Answer from Ron Hunter...

   Yes, just any old commercial, voice-grade, unconditioned, dial-up
   line. The V.32bis/V.42bis combination gives a 14.4k bps connection,
   and the V.42bis adds error-correction and up to 4:1 compression (works
   best with text data). The combination is capable of total theoretical
   throughput of 56k bps.

   Since V.42bis eliminates the need to send start and stop bits across
   the phone line, it can send one character for each 8 bits, and the
   throughput can do well over 3000 characters per second.

   Note that this is ONLY for data which will compress at the maximum
   rate (like lines of the same character), and your mileage will vary.

   Maximum usual rates for program data (compresses about 2:1) is about
   1700cps, or that is the best most users report. The line quality has
   some effect on the rate, of course, but most of the new modems do
   adaptive equalization, and automatically adjust to changing line
   conditions, even to the point of reducing the speed of transmission to
   assure data integrity.

   Note: There will be NO GAIN from data compression when sending data
   that is already compressed with LZH compression. Also, using a
   protocol, like xmodem, or kermit, with short blocks will yield only
   very slight improvement. Zmodem or ymodem-g are the preferred


 From H. Murphy (M.S. Design) - Cat. 5, Topic 2, Msg. 15 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...


   MS Design is proud to announce the imminent release of our Wheeler
   Quick Art Library on CD-ROM, for the ST, Amiga and MS-DOS.

   Our CD ROM's contain 3000+ 300 dpi images, in PCX, TIFF and IMG
   formats (9000 total files). These are all high-quality custom hand-
   drawn images done by professional artists. They are NOT scanned Dover
   PD images like you may have seen elsewhere! The price of this disk is
   $299. And, yes, I have them in hand as this is written!

   Tech stuff: the CDROM is an ISO 9660, mastered by Nimbus for Wayzata
   Technology. Current version is Volume 1, version 1.0.


 From Mike Mastaler - Cat. 14, Topic 21, Msg. 9 - from the ST Roundtable
 on Genie...

   Hi! Today I just bought the first SM147 at my music dealers. It looks
   great! It's not made by Atari (but has their logo). The dealer said it
   looks like a Goldstar. The owners manual ? says it's a "super VGA".

   I use Notator sequencer and it looks fantastic. It's a non-glare flat
   screen and has NO SPEAKER.  As I type this, it looks like I'm at a
   drive-in <G>.

   List is $259; street prices are about $210-$225 (I paid $225). These
   are the "real World" dimensions folks:

   This is the ACTUAL screen size, not the tube sizes:

   12" diag., 7 1/2 high, and 9 3/8 wide

   It doesn't sound big, but it looks great. Also, it has a tilted,swivel

   BTW, the box it came in had no Atari logo or anything, There's not
   even a mention of Atari in the manual, and I didn't get any warranty
   card. This is being built by a jobber, obviously. Anyway, it looks
   fine and I'm happy with it.

   Now I got to go, can't see spending $6 hr. selling Atari's products
   for them (even though they need some US marketing) (he-he). Come over
   to the *MIDI bb; we have an Atari Cat. there and it's free...Cat. 3
   Top. 6


 About replacement toner and kits for the SLM804 - Cat. 14, Topic 11,
 Msgs. 203-204 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 From R.DEAN3...

   I'm currently using an ABCO replacement in my SLM804.  Not only did I
   pay less than I did for the Atari replacement kit from Computronics II
   in Hawaii ($42 from ABCO), the kit includes everything you need to
   properly replace the cartridge (Q tips, a replacement for the waste
   toner bottle - not included in the Atari Kit) and I got it in less
   than a week. Check out any issue of ST Report, ABCO's add is the last
   thing Ralph adds in.


 From Mark (Joppa) - Cat. 4, Topic 24, Msg. 190 - from the ST Roundtable
 on Genie...

   Just a quick note from us. I'd like to say that we are planning to
   attend the Toronto AtariFest this April 4 & 5 and will be selling our
   NEW version of our software, complete with Send/Receive capabilities
   for Send/Receive modems.

   Existing owners of our products should be receiving something in the
   mail very soon from us, providing you've sent in the registration
   card. No details as of yet on the upgrade.

   This version will be sold as a stand alone product, that is to say it
   will work with 99% of existing send/receive modems out on the market.
   If you would like information call us at 717-428-3231 and will be
   happy to send you information when start to ship. Look for further
   details to follow.


 From John Eidsvoog (CodeHead Technologies) - Cat. 32, Topic 31, Msg. 275
 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   We thank everyone for the bug reports about earlier versions of Quick
   ST. I'd recommend at this point that everyone just hold on, wait a
   little longer, and get our first upgrade, 3.5.

   The CodeHead Quick ST 3.5 has been quite thoroughly revamped and so
   much has changed that there's not much point in us hearing any more
   bug reports about the old version that now seems quite foreign to us.
   Our beta-testers are doing a very thorough job of putting 3.5 through
   the mill.

   As of today, virtually every known bug has been squashed and we are
   now turning toward writing the manual. It could be ready in as little
   as two weeks. Thank you for your patience.


 A general information post from J.BYRD7 in the Home Office-Small
 Business Roundtable...

   For everyone wondering about fast food restaurant nutritional details:
   Most of these places have nice brochures that are yours for the price
   of a stamp or a phone call. Some will even send you coupons good at
   their restaurants if you write a nice enough letter! (I know, the
   temptation may just be too great to use that coupon for the big
   Wendy's double bacon Classic. But it makes a nice gift.) Here are few

   McDonald's Nutrition Information Center MMcDonald's Plaza Oak Brook,
   IL 60521 (708) 575-FOOD

   Burger King Corporation Consumer Relations, Mail Station 4S P.O. Box
   520783, General Mail Facility Miami, FL 33152 (305) 378-7320

   Wendy's International Inc. Consumer Affairs Dept. P.O. Box 256 Dublin,
   OH 43017 (614) 764-6800

   Pizza Hut Consumer Affairs Dept. P.O. Box 0428 Wichita, KS 67201

   KFC Corp. (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Public Affairs Department P.O.
   Box 32070 Louisville, KY 40232

   Arby's Inc. Ten Piedmont Center Suite 700 3495 Piedmont Road, N.E.
   Atlanta, GA 30305

   MY FAVORITE: Dunkin' Donuts Consumer Products Information P.O. Box
   317 Randolph, MA 02368

   American Dairy Queen Corp. 5701 Green Valle Drive Minneapolis, MN

   Go on. Call or write. It reminds them that there is consumer pressure
   for "better" fast foods, with more alternatives, less fat, calories
   and salt.

   I also have addresses for branded consumer packaged goods (Pillsbury,
   Kraft, Stouffer, etc) who also put out detailed and interesting


 Until next week.....


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  HotWire           3.0      1.3     2.3            $44.95  $10.00
  MaxiFile III      3.0      2.0     3.0 Addendum   $44.95  $15.00
  HotWire Plus (includes Maxifile)                  $69.95  $20.00
  MultiDesk Deluxe  3.3      3.0                    $49.95  $20.00 + $3 S/H
  CodeKeys          1.3      1.1                    $39.95  $10.00
  LookIt & PopIt    1.2/1.1  1.0                    $39.95  $10.00
  G+Plus            1.5      1.2                    $34.95  $10.00
  CodeHead Utilities  4              Release 3 & 4  $34.95  $10.00
  MidiMax           1.3      1.0                    $49.95  $10.00
  MIDI Spy          1.0      1.0                    $79.95
  Quick ST          3.5      3.5                    $44.95  $20.00

                                            (until March 1, 1992)
  Avant Vector (with EPS)           $545.00     $495.00
  Avant Plot                        $895.00     $845.00
  Genus Font Editor                 $175.00     $150.00
  MegaPaint Professional 4.0        $175.00
  Cherry Font Packs                  $42.95


  TOS Extension Card                $139.00
  TOS Ext. Card - CPU or BUS Bridge $155.00
  TOS Chip Set                       $60.00

 Check, Money  Order, Mastercard,  Visa, and American Express are accepted.
 Basic shipping charges are $3.00 to addresses in the US,  $4.00 to Canada,
 and $6.00  to Europe.   Some  packages, such as Avant Vector and MegaPaint
 require higher shipping charges.  Please call for exact rates.

                               UPGRADE POLICY
 MaxiFile updates are $15.00, which  includes  a  67-page  manual addendum.
 MultiDesk updates (to MultiDesk Deluxe) are $20.00 plus $3 shipping, which
 includes a new manual in  a  three-ring  binder.    Quick  ST  updates are
 $20.00.   Send in  your original  Quick ST  disk or  a Turbo  ST disk (any
 version).  Updates to  previous versions  of MegaPaint  are $100.00.   All
 other  updates  are  $10.00  each  plus  $5.00  extra  if  a new manual is
 required.  If you  are updating  HotWire and  have the  old red  and black
 manual,  you'll  need  a  new  manual.   To order any update, send us your
 original disk plus the appropriate payment.  Order are usually  filled the
 same day they are received.

         (Quick ST and MIDI Spy are not shipping as of this date)



                         REVOLUTION OR EVOLUTION?

 by Oliver Steinmeier

     Here in Germany, Signum!2 used to be one of the best selling software
 products for the Atari ST.  When the word processing package came out in
 1986/87, it surprised everybody with a yet unknown output quality even on
 cheap dot matrix printers.  This was accomplished by printing everything
 in graphics mode.  Hundreds of Signum! fonts are available  for only a few
 bucks, many even as public domain 'software'.  Signum!  was a quite
 expensive program, but the ability to include graphics into documents and
 to position every character at any position was needed and liked by many
 ST owners.

     When Application Systems Heidelberg (ASH), the distributor of
 Signum!3, announced a new version at the Atari fair in Duesseldorf last
 fall, many people couldn't wait to get more information about the new
 program.  Then in November, I had the chance to visit ASH in Heidelberg to
 attend an exclusive demonstration of the abilities of the nearly finished
 program.  And it's absolutely true that the new Signum!3 is the most
 impressive piece of software that I have seen for quite a while.  It's
 more than just a new version, owners of Signum!2 will have problems to
 recognize their old buddy...

     Application Systems started shipping the program in December, and
 again I had the chance to get the first official version for a review for
 Atari Journal, a German ST magazine.  Whenever there is a new program
 being released nobody is surprised if the first versions are still full of
 bugs.  Signum!2 had the reputation of being nearly bug-free, and Signum!3
 is following the example of its predecessor.  Even with the first version
 of Signum!3 it seems to be impossible to cause a crash, and there are
 hardly any obvious bugs to be found.

     To use Signum!3 more than one MB RAM is needed, and a hard disk drive
 is recommended as well.  Even though the program does not provide a GEM
 user interface it works properly on any monochrome screen.  The standard
 color resolutions (including TT VGA mode) are supported as well.

     When I said that Signum!3 does not come with a GEM user interface I
 did not mean that it is a TOS program.  Instead of using GEM windows,
 menus, and dialogs the programmer of Signum!3 developed a complete set of
 their own routines to allow Signum!3 to have the best user interface I
 have ever seen on the ST.  One problem that might result from the
 non-standard GEM interface is that chances are good that Signum!3 won't
 like MultiTOS too much (whenever there is a MultiTOS, of course).

     Signum!3 is able to handle up to four text files at the same time.
 Each text is displayed in its own window.  There are more windows for
 other purposes; for example to display fonts, text components, etc.
 Following the concept of Signum!2 the new version uses its own fonts (not
 GDOS fonts!) which now can contain up to 255 characters.  The maximum size
 for a character is about 2 centimeters (0.8 inch).  The use of old
 Signum!2 fonts is possible; the new fonts, however, provide Signum!3 with
 information about kerning distances.

     Of course, Signum!3 provides nearly all functions for word processing
 one can think of.  It is no problem at all to include pictures into
 documents.  They can be placed anywhere in the text.  A graphics module
 now also allows the use of vector graphics elements.  The printer driver
 prints vector elements with the highest possible resolution, and that
 ensures that diagonal lines are not zigzag lines.  Signum!3 comes with
 lots of printer installations for most printers used with the ST (dot
 matrix, ink jets, laser printers).

     Signum!3 is more than just a word processor.  It allows the use of an
 unlimited number of columns per page.  The layout of each page can be
 defined without restrictions to where columns start and end.  The text
 formatting in accordance to these definitions is done automatically.  This
 is an ability that used to be included in DTP programs only.  The
 automatic compilation of a word index and a table of contents is one of
 the features that makes Signum!3 very convenient for authors.

     It really isn't easy to describe Signum!3 in a few words. It may be
 "the best document processor that I have ever seen on the ST" is an
 appropriate statement.  If you have a chance to get a demo or see the
 program at your local (?) dealer, don't miss it! Signum!3 costs 550 marks
 ($350), a lot of money, but it's worth it if you have the need for a good
 word processor.

                            NEWS FROM GERMANY

     In addition to Signum!3, there are a few more programs that have been
 released or will be released really soon here.  Tempus Word, Signum!3's
 most important rival, will be updated in February.  The new version 2.0
 comes with a new (GEM) user interface, and some functions have been added.
 I haven't seen the program yet, and therefore I can't provide details.

     Application Systems Heidelberg is expected to release the new version
 of Phoenix.  Phoenix is said to be one of the best databases for the ST,
 and version 2.0 will have a lot of new functions.

     Compo is shipping another data base called ComBase.  CoCom is a new
 user interface from Compo.

     Artifex makes everybody happy with its TOS Extension Card (TEC) that
 allows the installation of TOS 2.06 in all STs.  CodeHead Technologies is
 the US distributor of TEC.  Also from Artifex is a new desktop
 replacement called Ease.  DC DataDiet is available here in Germany  now.
 Artifex is the distributor.

     The CeBIT show in Hannover opens on March 11.  Everybody is expecting
 something new and exciting from Atari, nobody seems to know what they will
 be showing there.  In my eyes it's not that important what new products
 they announce at the show.  A lot more important is that they get the
 stuff to the dealers without delay.  The ST Book was shown at CeBIT
 exactly one year ago, and where can you buy it now?

                             Oliver Steinmeier
                        Email: uk14@dkauni2.bitnet
                               Atari Journal



                       = THE NEWDESK ICON CPX V2.0 =

     Software Development  Systems is  proud to  introduce THE NEWDESK ICON
 EDITOR CPX Version 2.0,  the latest  upgrade to  this popular  icon editor
 available for Atari computers with TOS 2.05 and above.

     NIC, which  runs using  Atari's Extensible Control Panel (available on
 GENIE or at your local dealer), uses only 1k of system memory  when not in
 use and  can be  conveniently called  from any  GEM menu bar.  In addition
 users with a TOS version less than 2.05 can still  utilize the  32x32 icon
 editing capabilities  for use  in HYPERLINK  and any resource construction

     NIC can load and save GEM .RSC, DC .ICE, .ICN, and .XIC files (our own
 icon format).   Convenient  functions such as flips, shifts, rotate, fill,
 and more are  all  readily  available  within  our  graphic  toolbox.   In
 addition, icon color, character position, and title may be modified.

     Version 2.0  completely supports  the Atari  Clipboard for interaction
 with other  programs that  support this  standard.   Our clipboard support
 writes  .XIC,  .ICN,  and  .IMG  files  for manipulation from within other

     Preview mode is included  to allow  you to  see your  icon as  it will
 appear on the desktop.

     Version 2.0  now completely  manages the  DESKICON.RSC and NEWDESK.INF
 files. We've even  added  an  expanded  install  feature  from  within the
 program that lets you assign one icon to many different file masks for the
 greatest flexibility.

     As if that wasn't enough the  package  also  includes  .XIC  Print, an
 application to  print your  icon files to any GDOS/FSM GDOS device, and an
 icon convertor to convert PD icon files to .XIC. We have also put over 600
 PD icons on disk.

     The Newdesk Icon Editor Version 2.0  is available  now for  the retail
 price of $29.95 + $2.50 S & H.  Owners of earlier versions can upgrade for
 $10.00 + $2.50 S & H.  Contact your local dealer for information or order
 direct from SDS:

                       Software Development Systems
                           996 Redondo Ave. #404
                           Long Beach, CA 90804
                          Orders: (800) 237-4SDS
                           Info: (310) 595-9799
                             GEnie: S.SANDERS2

                  (COD's accepted, but no credit cards.)

        Please note that the above phone numbers will not be active
        until around March 1st, 1992 due to phone service changes.


 > FREEZE DRIED!! STR InfoFile         FZT VER 2.11 ** ST. PAT'S SPECIAL!

                          Freeze Dried Term v2.11
                          Saint Patrick's Special

 Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Staff Editor

 From Category 8, Topic 6, Messages 59-60 on the ST Roundtable on Genie

              ________       _____          ____
             /                   /          |   \
            /___ ____ ____ ____ /     ____  |    \  ____ ___ ____ ___
           /    /   //__  /__  /     /__    |     > |  '  |  |__  |  \
          /    /    /    /    /     /       |    /  |     |  |    |   >
         /    /    /___ /___ /____ /___     |___/   |    _|_ |___ |__/
                _____________      /oftware
                '     | ____'____ _    _ ___ _   _    _    _
                      | |    |  ' |\  /|  |  |\  |   / \   |
                      | |--  |    | \/ |  |  | \ |  /---\  |
                      | |___ |    |    | _|_ |  \| /     \ |____


            S A I N T   P A T R I C K ' S   D A Y   S P E C I A L

   If you take advantage of this offer, you can get this HOT shareware
   item for 30% off the normal shareware fee of $25. That's right, you
   get FreeZe Dried Terminal v2.11 for $18!

                              __    _
                                \  / \  O /
                               _/ |   |  /   OFF
                                \ |   | / O
                              __/  \_/

   If you have been using FzT but haven't gotten around to registering
   yet, DON'T HESITATE. You won't see this kind of discount again for a
   long, long time.

   Have you been not registering because of all the new versions coming
   out, and you don't want to hassle getting the upgrade through me?
   Worry no more; included with your order is your personal .KEY, which
   allows you to "unlock" the features of future demo versions. So all
   you have to do to use the latest demo is to download it from a local
   BBS, and put your .KEY in the same directory as it.

   When I receive your order, I will put your disk in the mail within 3
   days, if at all possible. I will be stocking up on disks and mailers,
   so this should not be a problem. Your registered version will be
   shipped via US Postal First Class Mail, so it should be at your door 2
   to 5 days after I drop it in the mailbox, depending how far you are
   away from me.

   How it works:

   1) Get your hands on a copy of the Demo (any version), and print out
      the file 'PRINT.ME'.  Fill in all necessary information. (If you
      don't have a printer or for some reason you can't print out the
      'PRINT.ME', get an  8 1/2" x 11" peice of paper and put your name,
      address, phone number, and any comments on it.)

   NOTE: The serial number of the demo you use to obtain the 'PRINT.ME'
   does not matter, as the $5 commission ("Thank You") is not valid with
   this offer.

   2) Go to your local bank/post office/mini-mart/whatever and get a
      MONEY ORDER for US$18. (NO Personal Checks for this offer!)

      Make it payable to "Aaron Hopkins".  (I will send your order within
      3 days, which is a bit of a bonus.)

   3) Dig through your desk and find an envelope and appropriate postage.
      Write on the front:

                     FzDSTerm St. Patty's Day Special
                             c/o Aaron Hopkins
                            1213 Walnut Avenue
                      Manhattan Beach, CA  90266 USA

   4) Put the money order, necessary paperwork, etc in the envelope.
      Close the envelope, lick the stamp, and stick it on.

   5) Run to your nearest post office and drop it in on or before March
      17, 1992 (Saint Patrick's Day.) I will not accept any orders
      postmarked after March 17.

   6) Bug your postman daily about a little cardboard envelope until he
      gives  it to you.

   NOTE: This is good for US and Canadian orders only, and MUST be a
         Money Order in US Dollars, and MUST be Post-marked on or before
         March 17, 1992. If not, this offer is invalid and your order
         will be returned to you.

   This offer may be reposted at will, as long as it is complete and
   UNALTERED in any way.


   Well, here it is, the FreeZe Dried Terminal v2.11. A few things to

   FzT and the protocols now use the most reliable method for sending
   data to the serial port (although not the fastest.)

   A few minor cosmetic bugs in mono have been fixed, along with many
   other bugs.

   It now processes input from the modem in a different way. It is much
   faster, and should be more stable.  I hope I have finally cured the
   bombing problems. (If the serial port locks up, ALT-I now resets it
   along with the modem.)

   XYZ.TTP is now used only for Z-modem and X-Checksum... The default
   setup now has FZDSXFER.TTP handling everything else. If you have any
   problems with the protocols, I can give you instructions on setting
   XYZ up for X-CRC, X-1k, and Y-Batch for send and receive. Soon, I hope
   to get rid of XYZ entirely!

                                Aaron Hopkins
                      Author, The FreeZe Dried Terminal


 > MEGAPAINT 4.0 STR Review    PART TWO    "The Professional Solution"

                        MEGAPAINT PROFESSIONAL 4.0

  -- Part II

 by Tommy Software
 Disturbed by CodeHead Technologies

 Reviewed by Doyle C. Helms
 STaff Editor @ ST Report

      In  the  last issue we covered an introduction  to  MegaPaint
 Professional  4.0  (MPaint)  and did a quick  tour  of  the  lower
 display  portion of the screen.  This part will cover some of  the
 more powerful aspects of MPaint and hopefully will give you enough
 information  so  you can decide as to whether you  need/want  this
 program for your personal/professional needs.

                         ** THE MENU BAR **

                        -- SYSTEM CONTROL--

      On the far left of the menu bar selection area is the SYSTEMS
 drop  down  menu selections.  THe menu item are  shown  in  normal
 script/font except for the ones that are "undo-able",  they are in
 bold script. More on the innovative UNDO function later.
      The  first  choice on the SYSTEM menu is of course  the  INFO
 selection telling the version and authors. One of the first things
 the  user  will notice about this drop down is there  is  no  Desk
 Accessories shown. Not to worry though, there is a route to get to
 them  via  the  MODULES  selection.  If a  menu  item  as  an  EDD
 (Extensible  Drop  Down) the item will have a small arrow  to  the
 right of the menu name.

                         -- SCALE UNITS --
      The SCALE UNITS selection allows the user to select the  type
 of  measurement  system they desire.  Centimeters,  Inches  or  64
 Pixel are the available scale unit choices.

                         -- SCALE SIZE --
      The SCALE SIZE option allows the user to configure the screen
 display to show the OUTPUT size.  If you set the SCALE SIZE option
 to 180x180 (common 24 pin printer resolution) the screen will also
 show  the  180x180  resolution.  The available  options  for  this
 selection include 150x150,  180x180,  200x200,  216x240,  240x216,
 300x300,   360x360,  400x400  and  600x600  DPI.  The  higher  the
 resolution  the  more  memory is required  to  show/work  with  an
 image/object. Let's say I have a 1040STe and I wish to work with a
 180x180  DPI  object.  This should present no problem.  But  if  I
 decide  to  work  with an object of equal  physical  size  but  at
 300x300  resolution,   that  may  present  some  memory   shortage

                         -- DISPLAY SIZE --
      The  DISPLAY SIZE selection lets the user determine the  size
 of the work area in relation to its physical size.  This option is
 similar  to other program that allow the user to show a FULL  PAGE
 or NORMAL/ACTUAL or ZOOMED mode. MPaint allows selection of 5:1 to
 1:5.  The 1:1 selection is default of course. The speed of zooming
 in on an object is incredible to say the least. This also goes for
 going to full page display also.

                          -- SET ORIGIN --
      The  SET  ORIGIN option allows the user to shift  the  ORIGIN
 point,  default is the upper left corner of the screen,  to  where
 ever  he/she  desires.  When  the ORIGIN  point  is  shifted,  the
 COORDINATES  info  display  will then show  the  current  position
 relative to the new ORIGIN vice the upper left corner.

                        -- PROGRAM STATUS --
      The  PROGRAM  STATUS selection calls up a  large  dialog  box
 asking/displaying information about MAXIMUM PIC SIZE in pixels and
 shows  the memory usage relative to the chosen pic  size.  CURRENT
 PIC  SIZE shows the current picture size and memory used  for  it.
 MAXIMUM  BUFFER  SIZE shows the current size of  the  buffer  data
 area.  CURRENT BUFFER SIZE shows the user the buffer size which is
 now being used.  The remainder of the PROGRAM STATUS display shows
 memory  info  on RASTER FONTS and SYMBOLS and VECTOR  OBJECTS  and
 SYMBOLS.  The  bottom  of the PROGRAM STATUS box  shows  remaining
 memory after the above info is taken into account.

                         -- UNDO ON/OFF --
      This  is an old idea with a slightly  innovative  twist.  The
 UNDO  function  on  the ST has been around  and  used  in  graphic
 programs  since  DEGAS.  This  UNDO feature  allows  the  user  to
 immediately see/determine if the about to be undertaken action  is
 "undo-able".  With  this UNDO ON/OFF the user selects  whether  to
 highlight  the options that are "undo-able" or not.  I  like  this
 feature  because  not  all actions are  recallable.  I  have  used
 graphic programs that have undo options available, but when I make
 a mistake in certain areas,  the UNDO feature does not work  there
 and  then I am stuck with my mistake.  If I had  known  beforehand
 that  a  certain action was undo-able I would have  been  careful.
 MPaint  SHOWS  the user whether the action is recallable  or  not.
 Very nice feature indeed.

                         -- CHANGE SNAP ---
      The CHANGE SNAP option allows the user to set the X-axis  and
 Y-axis  snap  options  independently of each other.  Also  in  the
 CHANGE  SNAP  selections  is the SNAP  DISPLAY  option.  The  SNAP
 DISPLAY  of  the X and Y axis is configured  for  the  measurement
 system  chosen in the SCALE UNITS selection previously  listed  in
 the SYSTEMS menu.  A nice touch to this option is that if you have
 SNAP turned ON,  you can hold the shift key while positioning  the
 cursor/tool  and  the SNAP option is put on hold.  This  is  great
 because the user does not have to go back and turn it off for only
 positioning  a  one time object that would be incorrect  with  the
 SNAP being ON.

                        -- CHANGE POP UP ---
      The manual explains the POP UP MENU as "... a small graphical
 menu containing 60 icons.  They are allocated at two levels, which
 overlap each other." This last statement means that the two  menus
 that appear are stacked on top of the other one.  If the mouse  is
 moved over the underlying menu, then it is brought to the top. The
 icon that the mouse is over is displayed in textual manner at  the
 STATUS  LINE box at the bottom of the screen.  The user  can  then
 select the option they wish with a mouse click. The POP UP MENU is
 activated by a right mouse click anywhere in the work area of  the
 screen.  If  you change your mind and do not want the pop up  menu
 after you have call it, just click the right mouse button  again.
      The option CHANGE POP UP allows the user to redesign the look
 of  the  POP UP MENU.  MPaint allow the user to alter  or  totally
 redesign the look of the icons.  The icons can be loaded in MPaint
 itself  for editing.  The manual is quite explicit in  describing
 the process of icon editing.

            -- LOAD POP UP MENU and SAVE POP UP MENU --

                   This selection is self explanatory.

                       -- CHANGE SETTINGS --
      The  CHANGE SETTINGS selection allow the user to  adjust  the
 allocation of memory usage between the the RASTER option and  the
 VECTOR option.  This selection also includes the configuration  of
 the paper sheet size,  A4,  DIN A2 and such.  The maximum  picture
 size in pixels can be configured here also.  The number of picture
 buffers are also an option of choice.  The bottom of the selection
 box a display of used memory vice remaining is shown.

                -- LOAD SETTINGS & SAVE SETTINGS --
      The  settings  and configuration of MPaint can be  saved  for
 future  use and reloaded at will.  The user may have one  type  of
 setting  for RASTER graphics for their 24 Pin printer and  another
 for their SLM804.  This option saves the settings under a filename
 chosen by the user, not the program.

                             ** FILE **

                 -- LOAD PICTURE & SAVE PICTURE --
      The  LOAD  PICTURE  option  contains one  of  the  many  EDDs
 (remember  what  that is?  Extendable Drop Down).  When  the  user
 selects the LOAD PICTURE option the little EDD shows several  type
 of file formats that can be loaded into MPaint.  The default  file
 format  is  .BLD.   There  are two versions of  this  file  format
 selectable,  compressed or uncompressed. The next listed format is
 the ever present .IMG format.  next comes the .PCX format that  is
 very common in the PC Compatible world. CodeHead Technologies have
 already released a couple of MODULES that allow the importation of
 TINY pics, Calamus CVG files and Calamus PAGE format.
 The MODULES are free to all OWNERS of MPaint. The SAVE PIC file is
 of course the reverse of the LOAD PIC file.

                   -- DELETE FILE & DIRECTORY --
      The  DELETE FILE option allows the user to choose a  file  on
 disk  to delete.  The DIRECTORY option allows the user to  view  a
 directory  of their choice via the built in file selector.  Now  I
 know  I can here some grumbles about "OH NO!  I can't use  my  XYZ
 brand of file selector?" The file selector that is used in  MPaint
 is  better than most default selectors built into  some  programs.
 This  one is very useable.  CodeHead Technologies is working on  a
 MODULE to allow the user to use their own chosen File selector.

                       -- FORMAT DISKETTE --
      The  format  option here allows formats of  either  360KB  or

                   -- LOAD/SAVE DEGAS PICTURE --
      This  option  allow for the DEGAS format picture file  to  be
 either loaded or saved.  The DEGAS pic will only include what  can
 be shown in the physical work area.  In other words 640x400 is the
 maximum pic area can be saved from within MPaint w/SAVE DEGAS PIC.

                    -- LOAD/SAVE STAD PICTURE --
      The  STAD  format picture file can be loaded and  saved  from
 within  MPaint.  Maximum  resolution of a STAD pic is  limited  to
 640x400 pixels also. STAD file extender is .PAC.

                            ** PRINT **

                          -- PRINT PAGE --
      With the PRINT PAGE selection under PRINT, the entire page is
 printed  in  one of two  directions,  LANDSCAPE  or  UPRIGHT.  The
 UPRIGHT printing is started relative to the upper left hand corner
 of the screen and then downwards. If the screen width or length is
 wider  or longer than  the printer can  output then the page  will
 be clipped at that point.

                        -- PRINT SECTION --
      The  PRINT SECTION allows the user to define what portion  of
 the  page that desire to have printed.  The options here are  also

                        -- PRINT MULTIPLE --
      This  option allows the user to select the number  of  copies
 they  wish to have printed.  The quantity is adjustable between  1
 and  999  copies.  The user is also allowed to list via  a  dialog
 screen the names of the file(s) they wish to have printed. This is
 a nice feature wherein you can do several pic files and then  when
 finished, just inform MPaint that you wish for them to be printed.
 It  saves  from having to stand-by and choose the  next  print-out
 after the current one finishes.  This is reminiscent of the  print
 out  list from Easy-Draw Output program.  MPaint does not  require
 the  user  to exit the program and return after  printing  as  did
 OUTPUT.PRG  did.  By the way,  16 files is the maximum  number  of
 files that can be listed in this selection.

                       -- SET COLOR PRINT --
      Yes,  that's right,  COLOR PRINTING!  Of course you will need
 the  appropriate color printer to accomplish this  feat.  The  SET
 COLOR PRINT option allows up to four colors at the same time to be
 printed.  The  colors  are assigned to  different  active  picture
 levels. When SET COLOR PRINT is chosen a dialog box appears asking
 for  the color to assign to which picture level.  The  choices  of
 BROWN.  I  do not have access to a color printer so I  cannot  not
 comment on the quality of the printout concerning this option.

                     -- EDIT PRINTER DRIVER --
      The EDIT PRINTER DRIVER permits the user to define the set-up
 for  their individual printer if it is not already  configured  in
 the  included drivers.  The manual is very helpful in helping  the
 user to "walk-through" a printer driver set-up.

                     -- LOAD PRINTER DRIVER --
      This  option allows the user to load another type of  printer
 driver  other  than the one that was loaded at  execution  of  the
 program. the user does not have to load a printer driver upon each
 use MPaint.  The chosen printer driver is saved as MEGA.TRB, which
 is loaded at MPaint boot up.

                  -- INTERFACE: SCANNER TYPE --
      The  manual states that MPaint has a default scanning  device
 handler built-in.  The three types of scanners MPaint is capable of
 Professional scanner 2.  MPaint manual gives some information that
 will  aid  third  party  individual/developers  in  producing  the
 necessary  scanner  drivers.  CodeHead  Technologies  has  already
 released  a  MODULE that will allow multiple hand scanners  to  be
 used via SCANLITE ACC from Dr. BobWare.

                             ** PIC **

                          -- ERASE PIC --
      This   option  under  the  PIC  menu  bar  item   is   fairly
 straightforward and self-explanatory. The entire picture is erased
 from the screen.

                          -- INVERT PIC --
      This  option  is  also  self  explanatory.   The  picture  is
 INVERTED, Black become White and vice versa.

                         -- REFLECT PIC --
      In the submenu you can choose whether reflection should be by
 the x-axis (in this case:  horizontal center line),  by the y-axis
 (in this case:  vertical center line),  or whether it should be  a
 spot   reflection   relative  to  the  center   of   the   picture
 (corresponding with a 180degree rotation).

                          -- CENTER PIC --
      The  CENTER PIC option allow the user to choose one of  three
 ways of centering the picture within the work window.
      -  HORIZONTAL: The entire contents of the picture window  is
                     shifted  so  that  there  is  equal   distance
                     between  the left edge of the picture and  the
                     right  edge.  Upper and lower  boundaries  are
                     left unchanged
      -    VERTICAL: Same  as above except that the  centering  is
                     based  on the upper and lower portions of  the
                     work screen. The left and right boundaries are
                     left unchanged.
      -        BOTH: The picture is centered top to bottom and left
                     to right.

                         -- COPY PICTURE --
      COPY  PICTURE  is for the action of copying  one  picture  to
 another in MODE OR.

                         -- SHOW PICTURE --
      The  SHOW PICTURE selection not only allows the user to  view
 the  pictures  that are presently in memory/pic  slots,  but  this
 selection allow the user to "fade" pictures together.  The  manual
 gives a good graphic example of this option. The user can view the
 different planes of a drawing without the concern of changing  the
 contents of any of them. VERY NICE feature indeed!

                          -- INTENSITY --

      The  INTENSITY feature is an option that allows the  user  to
 select the "intensity" of the picture being shown. This feature is
 very  useful when the user is showing differences between  two  of
 more levels of a drawing. This is the feature which is used in the
 SHOW  PICTURE  option and allows the "fading"  of  pictures.  This
 option is definitely a plus for technical drawing when you need to
 show various levels of the same object.

                       -- WINDOW POSITION --

      The  windows  of  different planes of  the  pictures  can  be
 positioned "in sync" with each other or independently.  This is  a
 feature  that  will be welcomed more so by the  professional  user
 than by the casual user.  Regardless,  it is a very nice option to
 have available for the hobbyist or professional.

                          -- FULL VIEW --
      The FULL VIEW option is very similar to full view options  in
 other programs.  The biggest difference with MPaints full view and
 other programs full view is the SPEED - SPEED - SPEED !!!

                        -- PICTURE BUFFER --
      The  PICTURE  BUFFER  is  similar  to  other  graphic  design
 programs  buffer option.  The picture can be stored and  exchanged
 with current buffer contents.

                            ** BLOCK **

                         -- ERASE BLOCK --
      The ERASE BLOCK function also works like most other  programs
 erase block functions,  upon selection of this option the contents
 of  the  selected  block  assume  the  background  color.   Erased
 essentially. This function has NO UNDO capability, so make sure of
 your choice before executing it.

                         -- INVERT BLOCK --
      The  INVERT BLOCK selection performs the same as  the  INVERT
 PICTURE option except this ONLY INVERTS the selected block.

                          -- COPY BLOCK --
      The COPY block function allows the copying (of course) of the
 selected block.  A sub-menu appears asking which of three  options
 of the copy block function you wish to execute.  The first  choice
 in  the sub-menu is NORMAL.  The NORMAL option is like  most  copy
 block functions of other programs in that the copied block follows
 the  cursor so the user can place the block where they  wish.  The
 copy  block  function retains the original image in  the  original
 spot.   The  LASSO sub-option of the copy block command allows  the
 the  user  to  define an irregular definition of  an  area  to  be
 copied.  Normally  the  copy block function only  allows  for  the
 square-to-rectangular  definition of a copyable  area.  The  LASSO
 option  allow the user to "free-hand" the area they wish to  copy.
 The  AUTOSCAN sub-option of the COPY BLOCK function is related  to
 the LASSO option in a lot of ways.  Once the user defined  contour
 is determined,  the object within the defined area is "scanned" by
 MPaint  and the object contours are determined and the smooth  and
 exact  object  is used instead of the "rough" user  defined  area.
 This sub-option has got to be seen to be believed! It is amazing!

                          -- MOVE BLOCK --
      The  MOVE BLOCK option is the same as the COPY  BLOCK  except
 that the original object that was defined is literally MOVED.  The
 original defined object is moved to the newly designated location.

      I think I will use that last option from the RASTER drop-down
 menu selections as a segue to close part II of the mega  MegaPaint
 Professional  4.0 review.  Next week I will pick-up here and  MOVE
 into the powerful Vector Graphics portion of MegaPaint Pro. If you
 are considering the purchase of MPaint,  don't wait on the rest of
 this  "mega" review,  call the CodeHead Technologies  NOW!  I  can
 comfortably recommend the purchase of this excellent (don't forget
 the operative word:  POWERFUL) program at this point.  The program
 has  ALL of the tools a professional would need to  complete  just
 about any task.  The beginner will find MPaint both a challenge(in
 a positive way) and a graphic manipulation program that will  more
 than  fit their need.  With MPaint there is no need for a user  to
 purchase applications such as Easy-Draw(excellent program!) and or
 Touch-Up(another winner from MI-Graph). MPaint combines the powers
 of  each  with a LOT more thrown in for the price of  ONE  of  the
 "others".  What are you waiting on?  Go on, give Charles or John a

                       CodeHead Technologies
                           P.O. BOX 74090
                       Los, Angeles, CA 90004
                           (213) 386-5735
                C.F.JOHNSON [GEnie] -- CFJ [Delphi]
              J.EIDSVOOG1[GEnie] -- EIDSVOOG [Delphi]


 > PUBLISHER 2 ST STR InfoFile      "...everyone can be a publisher"

                              PUBLISHER 2 ST

         ABC Solutions has been appointed the Canadian distributor
         Publisher 2ST (successor to Timeworks Desktop Publisher)
                             First Word Plus.

     Publisher 2 ST is  the  successor  to  the  popular  Timeworks Desktop
 Publisher (version 1.12) from GST Software of England.

     With  Publisher  2ST,  everyone  can  be  a publisher. This versatile,
 value-for-money  program  gives  you  the  power   to  design   and  print
 professional quality  documents at  truly low  cost - and with no need for
 previous design or computer experience.

     Publisher 2ST's friendly graphics  user  interface  makes  it  easy to
 learn and  use, with  on-screen 'help' to guide you. Using drop-down menus
 and powerful page design tools, you  can build  your publication on-screen
 exactly the  way you  want it.   You can use master pages and templates to
 create and save standard  layouts and  design elements  on each  page, and
 standardize  styles  for  your  text  so  that  all  similar elements in a
 document, such as picture  captions, subheads,  headlines and  so on, will
 appear in the same typeface and point size.  It supports an extended range
 of text  and graphics  imports from  other popular programs.  When working
 on-screen, you can view your page in six different sizes.

 A partial list of features includes:

 *   same features as PC version and more; exchange files with
     PC version and with ST version 1.12

 *   full WYSIWYG

 *   GEM interface; quick keys

 *   999 pages per document; master pages & style sheets;
     paragraph tagging; custom page sizes; page numbering

 *   multiple frame operations

 *   wide range of text imports; retains styling

 *   text export

 *   more graphics imports: Degas, NEO, GEM, IMG, EPS, PCX, IFF, PIC

 *   auto/manual text flow; irregular shape wraparound; search &
     replace; tables; word processing mode; auto hyphenation

 *   9 typefaces in a variety of sizes & styles (Autumn,
     Brushwood, Courier, Diamond, Sage, Sans, Serif, Bullets)

 *   bullet paragraphs; manual kerning; control over
     justification, leading, word & paragraph spacing, indents

 *   graphics toolbox; scaling, cropping, editing tools; 36 fills

 *   improved tab handling

 *   autosave, and auto creation of .BAK files

 *   1 Mb recommended, colour or mono

 *   TT compatible in medium or high ST & TT resolutions

 *   wide range of printers supported including Canon BubbleJet
     and HP DeskJet; have up to 4 printers installed at once.

 *   completely new manual

     The upgrade from Timeworks Desktop Publisher to Publisher 2 ST is $89.
 You must  send in  the original  Master Disk 1 and the cover page from the
 manual with your order.  The non-upgrade price  is $219.  Add $10 shipping
 and handling.

     A maintenance release of First Word Plus which takes owners of version
 3.xx to version 3.2 is now available.

 The major features of this upgrade are:

 *   full TT support;
 *   choice of steady or flashing cursor;
 *   enhanced hyphenation control;
 *   clipboard retained on program exit;
 *   long pathnames handled by file selector;
 *   improved footnote handling;
 *   direct document loading by clicking on document from the
 The upgrade price is $20. You must send in the  original Master  Disk with
 your order.   Add  $5 shipping  and handling.  Owners of versions 2.xx may
 call or write for special order details.

 A disk of printer drivers from GST is  also available.  Among the printers
 included are  the Brother M1109, HR15, HR25; Canon BJ10, 300; Epson GQ3500
 & 5000,  LQ500, SQ;  HP LaserJet,  PaintJet, DeskJet;  Star LC/NL10, LC24;
 Citizen 1200;  Panasonic 1081, 1124; NEC 2200 and others. Call or write if
 your printer is  not  listed.  The  price  is  $30.  Add  $5  shipping and

 Ontario residents  add 8%  PST; all  Canadian orders add 7% GST.  To order
 send check or money order to:

                               ABC Solutions
                           4040 Creditview Road
                                Unit 11-151
                            Mississauga Ontario
                              CANADA  L5N 5L3

 We may also be contacted at:
                              (416) 824-8484
                              GEnie: ABC.SOLN

     ABC Solutions is a new company  specializing in  productivity software
 for Atari  ST/TT computers.  We also represent RPM Software's First Graph,
 the first professional graphing  package for  the ST/TT.   Watch  for more
 exciting announcements in the coming months.

                 "ABC Solutions ... We don't play games."


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     The Portfolio forum Marathon starts Friday, February 21 at 3 pm
 Eastern Standard Time. The Marathon runs for 24 hours through 3 pm
 Saturday.  Don Thomas of Atari Corp. will attempt to be online for the
 entire 24 hours.  Will he make it????  GO APORTFOL to find out. There will
 be prizes given away every hour during the marathon. This is an excellent
 opportunity to meet with other Port owners.


 > LAN TECH STR Review           "...easy to use networking system.."

                            EXCLUSIVE RE-PRINT
                          Atari Explorer Magazine

                          LANTECH LT-101 NETWORK

 by Joe Mirando

     When a business goes looking for a computer system, one of the first
 requirements is often the ability to network.   Networking allows multiple
 computers to share files, access the same peripherals (such as printers,
 hard drives, backup systems, and modems), and take advantage of
 electronic-mail and other "network aware" applications.

     Atari's TT an Mega STe systems come equipped with a LocalTalk
 compatible -intermediate speed- network port, and permit interfacing (via
 the VME bus) of Ethernet and other network cards.  But the ST series has
 no such option.  Though "network" products have appeared that employ the
 ST's MIDI and other bidirectional ports, all such solutions are limited by
 data- transfer speed.

 Enter Lantech

     Luckily, Lantech Systems of Billerica, Massachusetts has developed a
 cost-effective, efficient, and easy to use networking system for all ST
 series computers.  Lantech's LT101 network interface measures a mere
 4-3/4" X 2-1/4", and can be installed in the cartridge port of any ST,
 Mega, or STe computer with TOS versions 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6/1.62.  Con-
 nections to other computers in the network are by co-axial cable.
 Installing the LAN software is made easy with the Lantech programs
 provides.  Despite the programs lack of the usual GEM "bells and
 whistles", it is easy to understand and use. Using the software, the
 network can be configured to access a hard drive connected to any other
 computer in the network.

     Running LANCONFIG.PRG presents you with a series of menus that allow
 you to select hard drive partitions from other computers in the network
 for use for each computer.  The person configuring the network may elect
 to allow workstations full read/write access to partitions, or read-only
 access, on an individual basis.  After assigning partitions, you can
 define which "Node" you wish each computer to print to.  This is an ideal
 option when not every computer on the network has its own printer
 attached.  Once this information has been entered, the configuration
 program creates a program (LANTECH.PRG) that can be run either from the
 desktop or from your AUTO folder.  Once this program is running on every
 node, the networking process is mostly transparent.  LANTECH.PRG takes up
 approximately 10 K- bytes for a five computer network with eight hard
 drive partitions (two drives with four partitions each).  In addition to
 remote hard drives, each computer in the network may have its own hard
 drive attached in the normal way.  The only thing to keep in mind is that
 any partition on a hard drive that is attached to the computer must come
 before partitions from the network.

     Transfer rate of data over the network compares favorably to similar
 systems for IBM compatible computers.  That DOS systems typically cost
 much more makes Lantech an exceptional value.

 Lantech Accessories

     Also included with the configuration software are two accessories
 which make using the LAN easier.  The first is an accessory which allows
 you to send messages to another computer in the network.  The other
 accessory allows you to temporarily change where printing is done.  Both
 of these accessories are accessible from the desktop and from within any
 program that allows the use of Desk Accessories.


     Although the Lantech LAN is a very solid system, there is one major
 problem which must be acknowledged.  TOS, which was not originally
 designed for networking, does not provide features for resource-locking
 and file sharing.  Additionally, because TOS does not consider that the
 disks it is connected to may be updated by other systems, it does not
 always automatically re-read File Allocation Tables before commencing
 write operations.  Disk caching programs, because they store not only the
 FAT, but actual disk sectors, in RAM, pending intermittent updates further
 complicate this problem.

     As a result, STs connected to the Lantech LAN (under the control of
 its own, simple, disk-server software) can, under certain circumstances,
 end up writing simultaneously to the same partition, or writing to a
 partition as dictated by an outdated FAT.  In both cases, data may be

     Lantech offers several ways around the problem.  By preventing
 individual computers from accessing, or writing to, given partitions, a
 certain degree of absolute protection can be built into the network
 configuration.  Another way of protecting yourself is to force your
 software to re-read the directory of a partition (i.e., by reading a file)
 before writing data.  But neither method is entirely secure or
 particularly flexible.

     The problem is best resolved by installing software such as A&D's
 Universal Network, which provides the missing "network aware" operating
 system features.  The Universal Network is fully compatible with early
 versions of Lantech's product, and an upgrade to support the next
 generation of Lantech's hardware (LT201) is promised soon.  In terms of
 sheer throughput, Lantech's simpler disk-server software is faster than
 the general-purpose Universal system, however; so potential buyers should
 assess the risks and rewards of running either product, before making a

     We have not noticed any incompatibilities between Lantech's products
 and commercial software (although the network's message-sending accessory
 does not function from within non-GEM applications).  Overall, the Lantech
 LAN is a fast, economical way to network ST systems - one that is
 remarkably easy to install and use.

                              Lantech Systems
                               12 Shedd Road
                           Billerica, MA  01862
          Startup Kit (2 Lan adaptors, software, manual) $379.95.
                       $179.95 per node thereafter.

          (c)1992   Atari   Explorer   Magazine,  all  rights
          reserved. Reprinted with  the  permission  of Atari
          Explorer   Magazine.   This   article  may  not  be
          reproduced, in whole or in part,  without the prior
          written   consent   of   the   publisher  of  Atari

          Atari Explorer Magazine is published six times per
          year by;

                       Jainschigg Communications
                  29-05 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106.

          $14.95 (six  issues) $39.95  (18 issues)USA. Canada
          add  $5.00  (US)  postage  for  six  issues.  Other
          foreign add $10.00  (US)  postage  for  six issues.
          Checks must be drawn in US funds on a US bank.

          Send orders (check or M/O) to:
                            Atari Explorer
                    P.O. Box 6488, Duluth, MN 55806
                     VISA/MasterCard orders call:
                            (218) 723-9202.



                          THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
                                 13 Feb 92


                            Richard B. Schmitt
                 Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

 SAN FRANCISCO-13 Feb 92-The Wall Street Journal

     For  years, U.S. video-game companies complained  bitterly that they
 couldn't compete effectively with industry leader Nintendo Co.  Now, one
 of them thinks the Japanese company may finally be vulnerable--in front of
 an American jury.

     The  protagonist is Atari Corp., whose lawsuit against the creator of
 the Super Mario video-game hero went to trial this week in federal court
 here.  The outcome may well have implications for the rest of the $4
 billion video-game market and beyond.

     The issue is whether Nintendo employed licensing and marketing
 practices that violate U.S. antitrust law.  Atari, based in Sunnyvale,
 Calif., alleges that Nintendo illegally carved out an 80% stake in the
 market and cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in overpriced
 video games and gear.  For its part, Atari says that between 1986 and
 1990, it suffered $160 million in damages, an amount that by law could be
 tripled if it wins its antitrust case.

     "We think the evidence is absolutely overwhelming that Nintendo
 deliberately and willfully monopolized the home video-game market in the
 U.S.," William Jaeger, Atari's lawyer, said in his opening statement
 Tuesday.  "Competition was not simply hurt.  It was obliterated."

     Nintendo, meanwhile, says Atari "tried to compete on the cheap" and
 lost out because of its own miscalculations, according to John Kirby, a
 New York lawyer representing Nintendo.  During opening arguments, Mr.
 Kirby noted that a predecessor company, Atari Inc., turned down a chance
 to introduce the Nintendo system in the U.S. in 1983.  He also noted that
 Nintendo is itself being seriously challenged in the market for the
 latest video-game technology by a machine from Sega Enterprises Inc.

     The trial, which is expected to last 10 weeks, is significant because
 it is the first time that a jury has examined recurrent allegations of
 anti-competitive conduct by Nintendo.  The U.S. district judge in the
 case, Fern Smith, is also presiding over other cases that accuse Nintendo
 of monopolizing the market for game cartridges and accessories.  Last
 year, without admitting any wrongdoing, Nintendo settled Federal Trade
 Commission charges involving pricing of its game consoles, but Judge Smith
 has ruled the accord inadmissible in the Atari case because of its
 potential for biasing the jury.

     "There is a fair odor of sour grapes in the Atari claim, and yet there
 are indications that Nintendo was noncompetitive, predatory, and
 monopolistic," says Bob Kleiber, an analyst at investment banker Piper
 Jaffray & Hopwood in Minneapolis.

     Judge Smith specifically admonished both sides to avoid the issue
 during the trial, and during jury selection, she sought to uncover any
 prejudice, asking potential jurors whether they would have a problem with
 a Japanese company owning an American baseball team--which top Nintendo
 officials proposed to do just last month.  In contrast to the thumbs down
 given the idea by organized baseball, none of the prospective jurors was

                          HARDBALL MARKETING

     Nonetheless, "there is no question that Nintendo uses very effective
 hardball marketing strategies, and it will be interesting to see how an
 American jury reacts to a Japanese company," says Boris Feldman, an
 antitrust lawyer in Palo Alto, Calif., specializing in high-tech issues.
 "If I were representing a Japanese company, I would not want to go in
 front of an American jury."

     Atari's main objections involve the way Nintendo has enlisted
 independent software producers to write the video games that run on its
 Nintendo Entertainment System consoles.  Until December 1990, Nintendo
 prohibited licensees from making their games compatible with competing
 systems, such as the ones that Atari was trying to develop and popularize,
 for a period of two years.

     Antitrust lawyers note that such exclusive licensing arrangements
 aren't necessarily illegal and indeed are common and desirable in certain
 industries.  But Atari's complaint is that they became illegal because of
 the market clout that Nintendo possessed.

     Atari believes that the provision "locked up the entire capacity of
 each publisher to make hit games," according to Mr. Jaeger, and "the
 thing that did Atari in was they couldn't get the hit games."  Moreover,
 Atari says, deals that Nintendo  cut with major retailers like Toy "R" Us
 for valuable shelf space further hurt competition.

                          LIKE APPLE PIE

     Nintendo's Mr. Kirby defends the licensing deals as "a way of
 marketing ... as normal as apple pie" and a reasonable way to ensure

     Atari's problem, he says, was underestimating the extent to which the
 video-game market would bounce back from a disastrous plunge in the early
 1980s, and deciding to concentrate instead on making personal computers.
 Atari Corp. was created in 1984 when former Commodore Computer Corp. guru
 Jack Tramiel purchased some of the assets of Warner Communications' old
 Atari Inc.

     Atari Corp. delayed the introduction of a key machine for nearly two
 years, giving Nintendo a chance to establish technical superiority,
 according to Mr. Kirby.  He says internal Atari memos show that the
 company skimped on marketing and software development, and he cites one
 case of a major eruption over a $20.00 overnight delivery bill.

     Analysts say that the results of the case will be closely watched by
 other dominant high-technology companies, including Intel Corp., the chip
 maker, and software giant Microsoft Corp.

     Among those expected to testify are Mr. Tramiel and Minoru Arakawa,
 the president of Nintendo of America  Inc., Nintendo's U.S. unit, based in
 Redmond, Wash.  Hiroshi Yamauchi, president of the Japanese parent, was
 deposed for eight days by Atari attorneys in Japan and his testimony was
 set to be read into the court record starting yesterday,  although the
 attorneys were involved in a last-minute translation dispute.

 Meanwhile, computer paraphernalia, including a seven-foot-tall Nintendo
 demonstration console, was creating such a hum in the courtroom when the
 proceedings began Tuesday that Judge Smith said she was worried that she
 might not be able to guarantee a clear transcript of the proceedings.
 "There is a very loud interference," said the judge.

        [Reprinted without permission, under the "REASONABLE USE"
                interpretation of the 1976 Copyright Act.]

                        Compiled by John J. Amsler


 > SEYBOLD BOSTON! STR SHOW NEWS  "....not your average computer show.."

                         Goldleaf Publishing Inc.
                         "SEYBOLD DTP SEMINAR '92"

 by Harry Steele

     The Seybold DTP Seminars is not your average computer show that I am
 used to attending.  I'm more used to those such as WAACE and the
 AtariFests held in Boston.  But, I was impressed with this particular
 show.  Seybold is geared to the Desktop Publishing professional looking
 for solutions for their DTP business or needs.  I was amazed to see that
 there were over 100 DTP vendors who participated in this 3-day event.

     Goldleaf Publishing was the only vendor in attendance who was using an
 Atari computer, the 68030 TT machine.  Goldleaf demonstrated its Goldleaf,
 ComputerBild Publishing System, designed around two software programs.
 Didot Professional, a full-featured, color page layout, illustration, type
 design, and auto-tracing program was one.  The other was Retouche
 Professional CD, a 24-bit color photo  retouching and digital lithography

     The heart of the Goldleaf-ComputerBild System, the Image Speeder, is
 an Atari 68030 TT motherboard, an accelerated graphics display card, large
 storage devices and a special hardware screening card that allows for
 real-time rasterization and output to imagesetters from Linotype-Hell.
 The Image Speeder serves as a design workstation to run Retouche
 Professional CD or Didot Professional, and as a cost-effective generation
 of plate-ready film.

     As mentioned earlier, Goldleaf was the only Atari representative at
 Seybold.  Most of the vendors were using Apple Macintosh computers.  Apple
 Computers had its own area with about 12 Macs in use demoing software from
 many of its developers, with a representative at _each_ computer for
 attendees to get a hands-on tryout of the DTP software.  I, being your
 average Atari ST user, was overwhelmed by all of the different vendors
 displaying their DTP solutions to the DTP professional.  I really hadn't
 realized that so much is now available for the desktop publishing
 business professional.

     Where was Atari, who alleges they're trying to make a bold push into
 the DTP market?  Where was ISD and Calamus-SL?  Where was SoftLogik and
 PageSTReam?  They were nowhere to be found at this Seybold show.  The only
 Atari oriented representative was Goldleaf Publishing Inc. At least they
 bothered to attend and they did a _fine_ job of representing Atari,
 themselves, and their products.  Many show attendees marvelled at what
 Goldleaf had to show for their DTP solutions.

     Atari tells us that they are going to make a strong bid to capture
 some of the DTP market, yet they didn't bother to attend.  Bob Brodie
 tells me that Atari wants to "showcase" its developers.  Where were they?
 They weren't at _this_ Seybold show, that's for sure.  Atari is scheduled
 to unveil to the U.S. its latest computers at a meeting at The Boston
 Computer Society on April 22.  Atari could have whet the DTP appetite of
 Boston-area computer users this week at Seybold.  Hopefully, Goldleaf's
 fine showing will be enough to accomplish this monumental task.


 > STReport's Editorial Page               "SAYING IT LIKE IT IS."

  From the Editor's Desk

     In last week's issue, STReport 8.07, therein appeared an excellent
 guest editorial by Dana P. Jacobson, it was, no doubt, hard hitting,
 accurate to the letter and bound to draw a great deal of "self righteous"
 reaction from those whose "outrageous actions and doings" it exposed.  At
 this time, allow me to state that myself and the entire staff of STReport
 are in full agreement with Mr. Jacobson's editorial and stand behind it
 and him completely.  As for any debate concerning this editorial, there
 will be absolutely none.  Its accuracy and detail is above reproach.
 Incidently, I have read the so-called "rebuttal" recently circulated and
 have decided to leave the composition of a reply, if any, to Dana P.
 Jacobson even though the "rebuttal" was a full fledged attack on myself,
 STReport and its staff members.  To carry the matter further will only
 serve to lend undue credibility to the "rebuttal" and its author(s).  The
 "obsession" grows.  <sigh>

     Now on to brighter topics.  The new Atari SM147 monitor has begun
 arriving at dealers.  It is nice, and its a true SVGA Monochrome Monitor.
 It has no audio circuits thus, no speaker.  I usually use my system with
 the volume turned down so it really does not bother me.  The quality of
 the picture is really quite good.   Its sharp, clear and the very slight
 pin cushioning can be eliminated entirely by adjusting the vertical
 height.  For the money.. it is a vast improvement over the SM124.  For
 those in the market for a high quality, economical, monochrome monitor for
 the Atari, this is definitely the way to go.  SM147 - Good Stuff!

     TAF is looming ever larger on the horizon, on April 4th and 5th, Atari
 Canada and the Toronto Atari Federation will host what may be the most
 exciting Atari event in North America in 1992.  To be held at the Skyline
 Hotel on Dixon Road, near Pearson International Airport.  I, like many
 others, have made plans on attending this show.  In fact, Nathan has
 threatened me with my life if I don't make it there!  :-)  TAF is a fine
 Usergroup that fully deserves the support of every Atarian capable of
 attending this event.  So please, mark your calendars.  We all look
 forward to meeting you there.

                     Thanks once again for your strong support!

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine
                 "Reporting ABOUT Atari, not FOR Atari!"
                 Friday, February 21, 1992 - 6:17:36 pm


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 - From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 21
 Message 17        Sat Feb 15, 1992
 J.ZORZIN [Joe]               at 08:38 EST

 But I wish Atari would come out with a higher res. mono.  We'd all love to
 own a Moniterm but few can afford it.  What happened to "power without the
 price."  Don't get me wrong, I'm still a loyal Atari ST user but Atari
 should be honest and change the motto to "less power for more money" but I
 think the world already knows this which is why the ST is slowly sinking.

 A friend just bought at SAMS a full 386 clone, 120 meg drive, super VGA
 color, etc., etc., etc. for $1,900!!!!!!  Isn't that about the price of a
 Moniterm?  I'm think I'm typical of ST users in that I'm really getting
 ticked off that Atari has let us down.


 - From GEnie

 Category 18,  Topic 9
 Message 169       Fri Feb 14, 1992
 DITEK [David]                at 16:41 EST

 If Atari added a lot of the standard tools found on some of the other
 popular OS's, more developers would take advantage of the tools. It just
 doesn't make sense to have every developer spend extra time to reinvent
 the wheel such a a text-editor, menu popups, subordinate menus, etc...

 Maybe programmer's could have done more, but so could Atari.



 - From GEnie

 Category 4,  Topic 3
 Message 56        Sat Feb 15, 1992
 R.BROWN30                    at 22:14 EST

             Atari and the Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500C
                     An End-User's Perspective
            by Richard Brown, a GEnie Lamp _ST_ Columnist

 As an ST fan and supporter, I purchased and have owned the 500C for some
 time now, running it in both color and black cartridge modes, and can

 PageStream 2 Driver (FOR COLOR): almost, but no cigar. Intended colors
 _do_ print, but only _sort of_. Totally predictable faults include:

 1. Image "echoes", where an admittedly interesting smeared pattern is
    printed, somewhat matching the tones of the actual image almost like
    a color histogram.

    This effect always occurs, destroying the remainder of the page to
    the right of the image(s). The effect exactly matches the vertical
    height of the main image(s).

 2. Below the main image, other printed artifacts will follow, usually
    consisting of a series of fine "bar codes" and large, often VERY
    large, solid black boxes. These inexplicable boxes and lines
    generally use the entire printable width of the page.

 The Funny Part:

 3. Where portions of the page (the intended portions) print
    correctly, the colors are _spectacular_. No errors of any kind
    intrude upon the intended printed objects/images.

 4. Pantone colors, _especially_ in percentage tints, are "Miami Vice"
    art deco _great_! Beautiful color pastels, thank you. (However, the
    inevitable echoes and black box problems mar up the page.)

 5. Using the Spectre GCR, and the excellent shareware offering
    "Imagery" by Jeff Lewis (available here in the Gadgets by Small
    Roundtable Library), I have converted some Atari Spectrum 512
    images from Atari's SPU to  _TIF 5.O Color_ files.

    Where a Spectrum picture is comparatively unuseable other than
    on-screen (no convenient or powerful manipulations possible), the
    TIF conversion makes a world of possibilities available to the
    Atari user.

    Such as processing the color TIF in Mac's PhotoShop: one blur
    filter pass, edge enhancement, manual smoothing and smudging, some
    contrast and brightness manipulation, and a reduction of color
    saturation can do wonders. Take the edited TIF back to PageStream
    for printing ("transverted" from the Mac back to the ST as TEXT
    with _no_ linefeeds added for PgS to read it) and...

    Interestingly, the once Spectrum / now Color TIF file prints
    (SLOWLY even with FPPRINT over the parallel port) just as if it
    were some high-end 24 bit truecolor file. Excellent tonality,
    excellent skin tones, subtleness of texture, shadow detail, 300 dpi
    resolution -- in short, a poor man's answer to the big expense (and
    need for special hardware) of a color flatbed scanner. All you need
    is a Spectrum pic and a GCR / TIFF editor (like PhotoShop or some
    of the new, powerful ST offerings).

    Of course, ALL the problems previously mentioned: smeared
    ghosting to image right, parallel lines and black boxes below. All
    problems are OUTSIDE main picture area, which is _beautiful_.

    This is not to say that it's the same as the highest end stuff...
    It's simply very adequate to the needs of the average newsletter
    publisher or hobbiest. Very adequate.


 As a three color system, it has strengths and weaknesses, mainly in its
 handling of BLACK. Still, it is very good. I have a PaintJet, and there is
 really _NO_ conmparison. The PaintJet is just TOO LOW RESOLUTION to be
 taken seriously. Suggesting the PaintJet might be more vibrant may only be
 due to the kludginess of the PainJets HUGE pixels.

 -The GFA Run Time Package and the 500C -

 As for the GFA program for printing color separated files from PageStream:
 NO BLACKS PRINT. I did a _BEAUTIFUL_ print of a page for a presentation
 where the quality was astounding. Fabulous blues, reds, greens- but the
 black type? Invisible. Not there... Nothing.

 -The 500C Vs. the Canon Bubblejet BJ10e-

 It's not a battle over color (-at least not yet-), just a matter of how
 good they are in black and white...

 I do own both (I have a LOT of printers!) and can report:

    o The 500C "oversprays" severely next to the BJ10e, wasting ink
    o The BJ10e is _definitely_ superior for straight type, simple
      lines, and unfilled boxes. Much cleaner and crisper overall.
    o The 500C does a better job at filled areas and graphics printing,
      but only because the BJ10e tends to exhibit "printhead pass
      striping" in graphics and fills. The _dot_ quality is still
      superior on the Canon. The difference may only exist due to the
      "overspray" of the HP.
    o Remember, we're comparing a PORTABLE printer (the BJ10e) that
      DOES run off batteries to a DESKTOP, AC powered printer (the
      500C)... Maybe the _desktop_ Canon is superior still?

    Soon, the 4-COLOR Bubblejet will become commonly available. Watch
    for it...

 -Finally, How Does the 500C Behave in Mac-mode Under Spectre GCR?-

 So far, I've only used the Black cartridge, but can report that, using T-
 Script (a Mac DeskJet _PostScript_ emulator), the DeskJet 500C (IN BLACK
 MODE) prints superbly from Adobe Type Align, Quark Express, TypeStyler,
 and Photoshop at 300 dpi. Actually, printing is first to PostScript disk
 file, then uploaded into T-Script. The only trick: the DeskJet must be
 connected to the SERIAL port using a NULL MODEM cable for it to work at
 all. This is painful when you see it fly while connected to the parallel
 port (in PageStream with black cartridge using FPPRINT in your auto

 I mention the SERIAL NULL MODEM cable in that I blew $60+ for HP's version
 (still in its box) of the $10 cable I'm _actually using_ (off an old laser

 * WARNING * It is not recommended to _ever_ hook up the serial and
 parallel ports simultaneously, as the DeskJet could become one _very_
 pricey FUSE, ready to BLOW should data be received in both ports at the
 same time.


 - From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 21
 Message 29        Tue Feb 18, 1992
 J.ZORZIN [Joe]               at 05:12 EST

 Bob: Well I hope you're right about Atari not slipping.  I'm using my 3rd
 ST and have invested a vast amount of money and time on this system.  But
 in my area of western Mass. I've seen dealers dissapear and users sell
 their systems.  I'm 1 of the very few ST fanatics within 100 miles of the
 Mass./NY state line.  And I have to live with the usual "game machine"
 bull which I laugh at.  But thats because I love to always be part of the
 "fringe" element.  Always have and always will.  But when I saw my friends
 $1,900 clone it got me tempted to get a haircut more than once a year and
 buy a clone.  It was vastly beyond the ST system (if fully loaded) and it
 cost less cost!  I don't think that the buggy whip manufacturers ever
 admitted that they were slipping either.

 Smokey: my friends clone came with super VGA which makes the Atari color
 monitor look sick.  Especially if hooked to a CD ROM! (One of the many
 Atari products that never got off the ground).

 Maybe Atari should just face it: "Power without the price" is history.

 Don't get me wrong- I'm an Atari fanatic! and have been since 1985- but it
 is tiring to always hear such a glowing, rosey picture of Atari affairs
 when we all know better.  This is the ploy of the U.S. auto companies.

 The ST was revolutionary product in 1985.  Now its just old hat.  A little
 honesty about this fact might win some friends.  And the TT? If there is 1
 within 100 miles of Pittsfield, Mass. will someone please let me know so I
 can go and look at it- before I succumb?

 I might add that since I have had my system I have talked 7 people into
 buying ST's.  Most have since droped it.  The last person that came to
 look at my system I told him to buy at SAM's.


 - From the FNET

 World Sysop's Conference
 Msg # 3143
 Date:  02-18-92 (08:50)
 Well, you seem to work so hard to discourage people to even look at our
 software, as stated in your previous messages, about how you "convinced"
 the Lynx developers not to run our shareware version, and to run Forem.

 (Question:  Did you buy Forem ST (at the list price), or did Steve Rider
 give it to you as a means of promoting Forem ST?)

 Also  you seem to hold the Znet conference and Ron Kovacs in high esteem,
 by publicly giving them preferencial treatment over other publications.
 (RE: Last issue of ST Report, Dana Jacobson's editorial)

 Why don't you leave messages in the ST Report News Conference?  Other than
 flames?  Why can't you seem to give us information there?

 (I know, you want me to ask you in the Znet Conference right?)

 Your title with Atari is Director of Communications right?  Why are you
 being so partisan with Znet?  Your association with a man (Ron Kovacs),
 who has stated on numerous occasions that he will attempt to remove ALL
 Turbo Board nodes from this Fnet, if he can do so, makes me wonder about
 your "impartiality".

 I will tell you what it looks to me from this end:

 You have a grudge against ST-Report, and ST-Report is VERY BIG in this
 Fnet.  You have made a deal with Ron Kovacs, that you will give him
 unlimited support, as long as he jumps through your hoops. You will
 attempt to discourage people from taking the ST-Report conference, as it
 is not the "official" Atari Fnet Support Conference.  You have already
 attempted to "pursuade" the UK nodes to join the Znet conference  and
 route via your node unsuccessfully.

 You have also realized, that node 350 is a major hub in this network, and
 have made several behind the scenes attempts to buy out people from VIAing
 through node 350, and route (for free) via your node.  To me it looks like
 Atari (through you) is willing to spend some money on this Fnet, as long
 as they:

 A) Control this network and flow of information.
 B) Remove ST-Report from this network as any threat to them.

 Of course, I could have you all wrong.  But I am watching your actions
 closely, along with many others.

 *Origin: Fnet Node 18, ///Turbo Board Support BBS

 - From CIS Atari Forum

 Read action !
 #: 31192 S2/Games
     21-Feb-92  04:00:12
 Sb: #30940-Falcon 3.0
 Fm: Spectrum HoloByte 76004,2144
 To: Pat Augustine 73670,2200

 Dear Pat:

 Alas, it doesn't look too likely for Flight of the Intruder to be
 updated. for the newer versions of TOS :-(  I have contacted the original
 developers, Rowan Software, but their resources are extremely limited and
 they don't have the financial werewithal to update the program.


 - From CIS Atari Forum

 Read action !
 #: 31193 S2/Games
     21-Feb-92  04:01:47
 Sb: #30957-Falcon 3.0
 Fm: Spectrum HoloByte 76004,2144
 To: John Damiano, Transierra 74575,60

 Dear John:

 Let me take a look at my sales records...  According to our latest sales
 numbers through the end of January, we sold about 40,000 IBM FOTIs, 6,300
 Amiga FOTIs and 760 ST FOTIs.  As you can see, the numbers tell their own
 story :-(


 - From GEnie

 Category 11,  Topic 3
 Message   6       Fri Feb 21, 1992
 ISD [Nathan]                 (Forwarded)

 Last night, for example, I spent my time at a TAF meeting, which is my
 local user group here in Toronto. In attendance was my famous wife DARLAH
 :-), along with Geoff Earle, General Manager of Atari Canada and Bob
 Brodie, Director of Communications for Atari Corp.....along with
 approximately 200 attendees. The meeting was thoroughly enjoyable, the
 mood was upbeat, the TAF show coming up in April looks to be a great
 success, especially as it will result in the first Canadian Atari show
 display of some of the new machines. It was very heartening to attend.
 There was energy in that room, dare I say "enthusiasm". And that, my
 friends, is the kind of NEWS I like to read every now and then. Oh yes, as
 expected, Bob was a first class speaker.  If anything, he's gotten better
 over the past year or two.

 Now back to your regularly scheduled whatever. :-)

 Nathan @ ISD


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     Of note, from the LCACE newsletter, listed in the minutes of the
 General Meeting posted in their February, 1992 issue, it states;

     "All bills  have been paid for the Computerfest, Hybrid Arts still has
     yet to pay the club the $425.00 it owes from  the Computerfest.   This
     is the  only bad  debt from  the show.  The Club is still short the TT
     system promised us by Atari.  It may  never be  delivered.   Larry has
     said that  Bob Brodie  has talked  of LCACE  doing another show at the
     same location in July or August of 1992.  We shall have to receive the
     TT and  resolve other issues prior to discussing a future show.  There
     was a lengthy post mortem of the Computerfest.  It seems everybody had
     something to say about the show both positive and negative."

     Why?  Why must so successful a show be marred by the obvious "dropping
 of the ball" at Atari?   Who were  the key  liaison personnel  involved in
 organizing the  show.   Perhaps, by  this time next week, "Mr. Usergroups"
 can make sure LCACE,  a  very  active  Usergroup,  is  taken  care  of and

 - San Francisco, CA                    ATARI AND NINTENDO SQUARE OFF!

     Atari, as related elsewhere in this issue, is about to go to trial in
 a matter involving Nintendo over the video game business.  Although the
 particulars of the trial, charges and counter charges are rather involved,
 the point Atari is making is very clear and well understood.  Atari is
 depicting a monopoly and freeze-out in the game market put together by
 Nintendo.  In this case, Atari has our full support and blessings.  Trust
 busting should be a number one priority for a large number of US
 corporations who are being strangled by offshore big bux interests.  The
 very economic life of the USA is being steadily drained away by these
 interests.  Kudos to Atari for bringing this serious matter to a front
 burner for the nation to see.  The offshore cartels have all but destroyed
 the US steel industry and many others are on the verge of extinction due
 to the "economic war" waged against the USA.  This particular trial
 demands close observation as it will certainly set a precedent for seeking
 relief on the part of many other, long suffering, US corporations.


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