ST Report: 14-Feb-92 #807

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Date: 02/16/92-04:41:07 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 14-Feb-92 #807
Date: Sun Feb 16 16:41:07 1992

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                    ***** HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! *****


     Thanks to the programming expertise of our own Bill Aycock,  the Atari
 Forum  staff  are  pleased  to  announce  the  availablity  of  our VENDOR
 accessory datafile.  Download file VENDOR.ARC from LIBRARY 6 of  the Atari
 Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).

     This  package  contains  a  desk  accessory/program  (just  rename  it
 appropriately) VENDOR.ACC which accesses  a  standardized  format datafile
 named VENDOR.DAT.   With  this program  you can have instant access to the
 names, addresses, phone numbers, CompuServe  User  IDs,  and  some product
 names for vendors that support/service the Atari computer community.

     The  Atari  Forum  staff  pledges  to  update  and  expand the info in
 VENDOR.DAT on a regular basis.  The sysops have found this accessory to be
 handy in  our job  of answering user queries and now we'd like to share it
 with the rest of the Atari community.

          A little Valentine's gift from the Atari Forum staff...
                         to our wonderful members.


     In response to the increased sales of Atari's LYNX, the first handheld
 8-bit videogame  unit with  a color  LCD screen, multiplayer  capabilities
 and stereo  sound,  the staff of  the Atari 8-Bit Forum  has recruited the
 services  of two  well - known LYNX  gaming experts,  Jeff Kovach and Todd

     A new library devoted ONLY to LYNX files will include game maps in GIF
 graphics format,  help and  hint files,  and press  releases detailing new
 game introductions.  Kovach and  Ellering will  be online  daily to answer
 LYNX questions and will  host special  conferences with  playing tips. For
 more information, GO ATARI8.

                              NEW FROM ATARI!

     Atari has  uploaded the  latest version of their Hard Drive Utilities!
 Look for ATHDX5.LZH in Library 4  ("Utilities") in  the Atari Productivity
 Forum (GO ATARIPRO) for version 5.0 of these utilities.


 One week to the 24-hour online PORT-A-THON.....

 Will we be giving out software prizes?  Yes -- the latest releases!

 You want to win a PC CARD DRIVE or 128k RAM card?  Yes, we have those too!

 You want to win CompuServe gift certificates?  Of course!

 But  you  must  log  on  during  the  marathon  to win!  We have dozens of
 hardware and software prizes and HUNDREDS of discount certificates to give
 away to participants.

 How difficult is it to win??  (Hint:  Can you roll a pair of dice????)

 The PORT-A-THON starts Friday, Feb 21 at 2pm EST and ends Saturday,
 Feb 22nd at approx 2pm EST.  BE THERE !!!

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




   Issue #07

   Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- BBS Sysops in Kansas Near Agreement

 A dispute between Southwestern Bell and operators of computer bulletin
 board systems (BBS) in Kansas City concerning a new tariff plan that
 forces BBSes to pay business rates could soon be settled.

 The attorney representing the BBS sysops said the agreement in the works
 calls for BBSes to be exempt from business rates if they meet certain
 conditions.  One is that the boards must be located in residences. Exem-
 pted BBSes also must not charge for access, must not advertise and must
 have fewer than five phone lines.

 The last stumbling block in the agreement is coming up with a workable
 definition for "BBS" for the tariff language.

  -- Man Shoots Son's Computer

 Charles R. Hubbard, a 44-year-old resident of Spokane, Washington has
 been arrested for investigation of assault after he reportedly fired
 seven shots into his son's personal computer.  Hubbard was released
 after posting $20,000 bail.

 According to reports, Hubbard was irritated by the amount of time his
 son spent using" the PC and "appeared to be upset because his son was
 unemployed and all he did was mess with that -- quote -- 'stupid'

 The assault charge was for allegedly pointing a .45-caliber semi-
 automatic handgun at his son.

  -- Apple Sues Microsoft for $4.3 Billion

 Accusing Microsoft Corp. of infringing on its copyrights for the Apple
 Macintosh user interface, Apple Computer Inc. says it believe it is en-
 titled to $4.365 billion in damages from Microsoft.

 Microsoft claims that none of its Windows programs infringes on Apple
 copyrights, calling the damage amount "insupportable and speculative"
 and is attempting to get a dismissal of the almost 4 year old infringe-
 ment suit.

  -- William Hewlett Elected to Inventors Hall of Fame

 In recognition for his invention of the variable frequency oscillation
 generator, William R. Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Co., was
 elected this week into the National Inventors Hall of Fame and will take
 his place alongside the likes of Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi,
 George Washington Carver and Gertrude Elion.

 Hewlett's invention was the first practical method of generating high-
 quality audio frequencies needed in communications, geophysics, medicine
 and defense work. Eight of the machines were used to create the 1939
 soundtrack of "Fantasia."  Born in 1918, Hewlett is now director
 emeritus for HP's board of directors.

  -- National Semi-Processor Used In Fast Toshiba Laser Printer

 National Semiconductor has announced that its NS32GX32 32-bit embedded
 printer microprocessor has been incorporated into Toshiba's 300 dots-
 per-inch, 17-page-per-minute laser printer which is geared toward the
 corporate market.

 National Semiconductor describes the GX32 processor as specifically
 designed for computation-intensive applications and one that performs at
 three to 10 million instructions-per-second (MIPS).

  -- Wordperfect Expects 20% Revenue Jump

 Wordperfect Corporation says it expects 1992 revenues to be up about 20%
 over 1991 and its 1993 revenues to jump 40%.  Much of this increase will
 be due to the introduction of a new generation of its word processing
 program, Wordperfect.

 According to company president Pete Peterson, the introduction of WP for
 Windows helped the '91 results.  The company said that it had shipped
 more than 600,000 copies of WP for Windows by the end of January.  In
 addition to WP for Windows, the company says it ships about 150,000 WP
 DOS packages every month.

 Some of the reasons accredited to Wordperfect's success is the ability
 to move from one platform to another without having to buy all new
 Wordperfect programs. A company upgrading their DOS machines to Windows
 can upgrade for around $50 per upgraded machine rather than the $495
 cost of a new Wordperfect package.  This was possible because the user
 already is licensed to use Wordperfect on the DOS-based machines.

 Wordperfect also allows users to have a copy of Wordperfect loaded on
 two machines simultaneously, such as one office and one home or laptop
 machine, without having to buy two copies. The only stipulation is that
 both copies are not being used simultaneously.

  -- Apple Canada Cuts Mac Prices

 Vowing to continuing an aggressive pricing strategy, while at the same
 time admitting to being disappointed in the sales of the Macintosh
 Classic II, Apple Canada has announced price cuts on three low-end
 models, the Classic, Classic II and LC.

 Apple's representatives cited company policy and would not comment on
 rumors that two of the models might be nearing the end of their lives,
 that Apple plans to discontinue all computers using the Motorola 68000
 processor within the next couple of months.

  -- Lotus Appoints Full-Time Copy Protection Chief

 Claiming the first full-time appointment of its kind, Lotus Development
 Europe has appointed Harry Mallinson a full-time director of copyright

 Lotus figures that up to 50% of its users worldwide are using pirated
 copies of the company's software.  There are fourteen million users of
 1-2-3 world-wide, accounting for lost revenues running into the billions
 of dollars.

 According to Mallinson, "As an industry, we were slow to see the long-
 term damage to software developers of allowing copying to take place.
 Copy protection on disks curbed piracy in the mid-1980s but customers
 were unhappy with this and the protection was removed,".

 "The problem is that nothing since has been so effective. That's why
 we're now focusing on making users more aware of the law," he added.

 Mallinson added, "There's little doubt in my mind that copyright
 protection will become of *the* key issues for software developers this

  -- Cray Computer Cuts Back

 Development plans for a new supercomputer have been scaled back at Cray
 Computer Corp. after the young firm lost its lone customer, Lawrence
 Livermore National Laboratories. The Colorado Springs, Colo., company
 says it has started searching for a business partner.

 Lawrence Livermore decided to discontinue its business ties with Cray
 Computer after the company missed an important Dec. 9 demonstration
 deadline for its Cray-3 system. The lab then decided to buy a similar
 computer from Cray Computer's former parent and chief competitor, Cray
 Research Inc.

  -- Electronic Arts 2 For 1 Stock Split

 Electronic Arts has announced its board of directors has approved a two
 for one stock split of its common stock as of March 16, 1992.  The com-
 pany said that each shareholder of record will receive one share of
 stock for each share held on March 16, to be distributed on April 6,

  -- Zenith Cuts Prices 5-26%

 Zenith Data Systems has announced prices of 5-26% on 18 of its PCs.  The
 cuts on two notebook computers, the MastersPort 386SL and MastersPort
 386SLe, amounted to $1,050 and $1,000, respectively, reducing the
 probable retail price to under $3,000.

  -- AST Cuts Prices 18-31%

 AST Research Inc. has cut prices on several models of its Premium II
 486/33 and 486/33E computers by 18-31%.

  -- Everex Cuts Prices up to 32%

 Citing lower manufacturing costs, Everex Systems Inc. has announced im-
 mediate price cuts of up to 32% on its STEP and Tempo 486DX PCs.


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                   Welcome to the ST Roundtable

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                            February 12, 1992

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>

 On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to the
 CodeHead Technologies RealTime Conference.

 Before getting started, some business about how an RTC works.

 While the RTC room is in Listen-Only mode, you can only address our
 guest when I let you talk.

 To get my attention, just /RAIse your hand.  Just enter this from
 your keyboard: /rai

 I'll acknowledge your raised hand as soon as I can, but please be
 patient.  I -WILL- let you know when your turn is coming up.

 Some other RTC commands are:
   ?     -  Lists all RTC commands.
   /sta  -  Status (list) of everyone in
            the RTC room.
   /exi  -  Exit the RTC, but you remain
            logged onto GEnie.
   /bye -   Log off of GEnie directly from
            the RTC.
   /rai  -  Raise your hand.  Lets me know
            you wish to address our guest.

 And now, let's get started.

 CodeHead Software has been around churning out great utilities and
 system enhancements for the ST for quite some time and they've
 developed quite a loyal following.

 And justly so.

 Lately, Charles Johnson and John Eidsvoog have been taking the newly
 renamed CODEHEAD TECHNOLOGIES in added directions, which are are here
 to talk about tonight.

 So without further ado...

 John and Charles, thank you very much for joining us this evening.  Do
 you have any opening remarks to make before I start taking questions
 from the floor?

 (You folks can start /RAIsing your hands now.)

 Yes, I've got a file prepared...

 I'm afraid that it may scroll by quite fast...

 If you're ready, I'll let 'er fly.

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Folks can use CONTROL-S to pause it and CONTROL-Q to resume.

 Hello everyone and thanks for coming this evening.  CodeHead Technologies,
 formerly CodeHead Software, is proud to support the Atari community by
 continuing to release new products.

 Most of you know that we've provided a full line of utility software
 including G+Plus, MultiDesk, HotWire, MaxiFile, CodeHead Utilities, LookIt
 & PopIt, CodeKeys, and MIDIMAX.

 Last August we began releasing a line of graphics products including Avant
 Vector, Genus, MegaPaint, and the Cherry font collection.

 Our latest aquisitions are Quick ST and the TOS Extension Card and we'll
 soon be releasing MIDI Spy.  The TOS Extension Card is a hardware device
 that allows owners of older machines (520/1040ST and Mega ST) to upgrade
 to the latest version of Atari TOS, complete with a new and greatly
 enhanced desktop.

 Anticipating a few of your questions, we'll offer the following

 We are expecting to ship the first order of the TEC (TOS Extension Card)
 next Tuesday, February 18th, barring any unforseen delays <grin>.  The
 standard TEC lists for $139 and requires the soldering of 22 wires to your
 68000 CPU chip.  There are two solderless options available for $155 each
 if you have either a Mega ST bus connector or a socketed CPU (through the
 installation of a hardware accelerator or PC emulator).  All versions
 include the TOS 2.06 ROMs.

 We are also offering the TOS chips separately ($60) for STe owners, who
 can upgrade their machines by simply plugging in the new chips.

 The release of Quick ST is still a few weeks away, but we are in the final
 stretch, having squashed dozens of bugs and completely revamped the user
 interface.  Suffice it to say that Quick ST 3.5 will be a true CodeHead
 product, completely with the quality you've come to expect from us.

 Owners of Quick ST or Turbo ST may upgrade to version 3.5 by sending us
 your original disk and $20.  The upgrade will include a new manual.  The
 list price for Quick ST 3.5 is $44.95.

 MIDI Spy has been delayed almost two months from its original release
 date.  For this we are sorry, but we've had to attend to the more
 important projects of readying the TEC and Quick ST.  We thank you for
 your patience.

 Needless to say we are devoted to the Atari community.  We are now open to
 your questions.


                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Have you received any TOS 2.06 chip sets from Atari for the TEC boards

 Or is that one of the possible unforeseen circumstances?  :-)

 Yes, we received our first shipment yesterday.

 It is TOS 2.06, contrary to the rumors that Atari is holding off for TOS

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Yep, we just got our first shipment of chips today.

 Er, uh, yesterday.   :)

 All that remains for the release of the TEC is the completion of the

                          <[Brien King] B.KING8>
 Hi John, I own a TT030 and would like to know if Quick ST will run in TT


                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 I'm checking it right now on my TT.....

                         <[Brien King] B.KING8>
 Great Service! <grin>

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Quick ST definitely runs on the TT, but I don't recall running it in TT

                          <[Brien King] B.KING8>
 If it does run do you think it would make it any faster?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 I don't see why it shouldn't.  Yes, it should be at least marginally

                          <[Brien King] B.KING8>
 Ok, will this release work with FSMGDOS?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Yes, Quick TT runs in fast RAM.  No problems.

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Yes to FSMGDOS.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Yes, it's also 100% compatible with FSM GDOS.

                         <[Brien King] B.KING8>
 Ok, my disk and $20 will be on its way next month.  Thanks.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We have squashed virtually all known bugs and compatibility problems.

 This seems to represent an optimism about the Atari market that I did not
 detect last year about this time.  Do you guys feel that things are tur-

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 <grin>  Anything's possible.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 I will say that Atari seems to be taking more interest in the US market
 than I've seen for quite some time.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Maybe we have no choice, it's really hard to say.  <grin>

 The broader product base should make you, at least, more competitive.  I
 guess it's called "diversification".

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Or spreading oneself thin?

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 CodeHead is taking on products from overseas to market in the US.  Why
 have you decided to move in this direction?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 <grin>  That Japanese prime minister who said that Americans are "lazy"
 hasn't seen what's going on at CodeHeadQuarters lately.

 Jeff: one of the main reasons we started importing (and supporting)
 European products is because the ones we've chosen are excellent pieces of
 software, that deserve a market here in the US.

 Also because we wanted (and needed) to branch out into more
 "application"-type thingies, in order to stay in business.

                           <[Des Tang] D.TANG2>
 I think it's time to upgrade my Codehead software.  Can you post the
 latest version numbers somewhere convenient , maybe cat 1 top

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We have our own "versions" topic in Category 32.  I have to admit, though,
 that we have not kept it up to date.

                           <[Des Tang] D.TANG2>
 ok, I'll check it out.  Looks like I'll be buying some new software too

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 I'll try to get the latest version up there.  We've been making an effort
 to send out an info sheet with every order leaving our offices.

 Will the megapaint ever support color?  24bit etc.?  What I mean is being
 able to display full color on screen.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We've actually never specifically asked Tommy Software if they plan on
 doing a color version, although I've been meaning to do it.

 Of course, there are dozens of things I've been _meaning_ to do.  <grin>

 ok thanks I'll be waiting when it might come out.   :)

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Can you give us a brief description of MegaPaint and what distinguishes it
 from other graphic applications?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Jeff, it's almost impossible to give a "brief" description of Megapaint-

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 The program is so packed with features that the manual runs over 300

 John, do you want to list a few?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 One thing we especially like about MegaPaint is the "external module"
 feature.  It allows us to put our own signature on someone else's product.

 MegaPaint's main forte is its speed.  It's incredibly fast.

 Many of its functions outrun other graphics programs by a factor of 20

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 It works in which graphic file formats?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 It will load bit-map graphics in its own BLD format, PCX, PIx, PCx, TNY,
 and straight 32K files.

 It loads CVG and VEK vector formats.  Some of these formats are supported
 by our external modules.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 And vector graphics in CVG (Calamus) format, and its own VEK format.
 We've also done an external module that allows it to import Calamus

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We're talking about doing modules to support other formats as well such as
 maybe EPS, GEM3, and FSM fonts.

 As for graphics functions, it includes just about any kind of tool you can
 think of.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 There IS a demonstration version of MegaPaint in the GEnie library, if
 anyone would like a closer look at it.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Many of them are very CAD-like features, such as tangents and perpendic-
 lines to name a few.

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 And you've been making your add-on modules readily available via the
 onlines, haven't you?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 That's right, Jeff.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Yes, they're free.

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Very nice!

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 You're welcome <grin>.

                            <[Craig] C.ROSE4>
 My main question is compatibility.  I have a 1040st upgraded to 4 megs via
 Z-ram.  Will the extension card work?  And secondly, do you think it will
 all fit inside the shell?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We have not yet tried installing a TEC in a machine with Z-ram.  It should
 fit fine physically, although Z-ram has a history of causing problems in
 certain circumstances.

 I wish I could give you more concrete information.

                            <[Craig] C.ROSE4>
 Even so, if I would like it installed, where do I take my machine?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We will be compiling a list of dealers who are capable of the installat-

                            <[Craig] C.ROSE4>
 Great.  That's all I wanted to know.  Keep up the great work!

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 This will allow us to refer users to their nearest dealer.   What a con-

 John, many people have tried importing from Europe.  Some have not done so
 well, what are some factors that have to be considered?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 As Charles mentioned, the main requirement is that you have a knock-out
 product.  This is something that is a must for us.

 Avant Vector is without a doubt the best auto-tracer on _any_ platform and
 is well worth our attention.

 Do the Europeans demand big orders up front?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 The orders depend on the company.  We've been dealing with three different
 companies in Germany.  They all approach the US market differently.  Some
 expect a bit too much, but we must just be firm with our position.

 I have also found some really funky user interfaces on European products.
 Any comment?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 JD: not on any products WE carry.  THat's one of our MAIN
 requirements....that the user interface be up to CodeHead standards.

 Just to address the "user interface" issue a bit more, one of the most
 impressive things about Avant Vector (for example) is its absolutely
 incredible interface.  The more I use the program, the more I'm blown away
 by how _easy_ it is to use.

 As programmers ourselves, we really appreciate, and understand the issue
 of a powerful, yet transparent interface, and as I said, this is
 definitely one of our main considerations in deciding to import any

 Thanks, Guys.

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Would it be safe to say that part of the success (or failure) has to do
 with the people doing the importing?  If the importers are committed to
 the product and the market, that's also a plus.

 Look at Calamus and ISD, for example.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Yes, that's true.  If we do not support and advertise the product proper-
 ly, it will not do well.

 Yes, Nathan's done a fantastic job with Calamus.

                          <[Scott L.] S.LAPHAM1>
 Looking back to the first piece of software you guys released (what was
 it??) did you ever imagine you'd have as many products out as you do now?
 And do you see yourselves getting bigger (product-wise) and keeping up

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 It was G+Plus.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 No, I don't think we did anticipate the depth of our product line, way
 back when we introduced G+PLUS.  In fact, we were uncertain about whether
 to order more than 100 manuals for G+PLUS.  Events have a way of
 surprising you.  <grin>

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 G+Plus spawned from our own frustration with the slowdown of GDOS.

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 A.GERVAIS is up next.

 Hello! I would like first to congratulate all your formidable work!

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>

 My interest in mainly in music and software related to it like MIDIMAX and
 MIDI SPY, could you tell me more about this latter?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 MIDI Spy...yes...I'm sorry to say that this product has been delayed
 longer than we would like.  I'm still trying to find time to finish up the

 The idea of MIDI Spy is that you simply install it as an ACC.  You can
 then forget about it, but if you happen to play anything on your MIDI
 keyboard it will be recorded...without any forethought by you.

 It's for those times when you are not using your full-featured sequencer.

 Maybe you're in your word processor, or even logged onto GEnie.  If you
 happen to reach over and "get into it" on your keyboard, your ideas will
 not be lost.

 You can also load complete songs into it and play them in the background
 while you do other things.

 There's a demo in the library here, if you'd like to check it out.

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Followup, AG?

 That sound really interesting!  About compatibility, has it been tested
 with a sequencer like NOTATOR?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 I haven't fully tested it with Notator but it has a companion program,
 Captain Hook, that should allow it to get along with virtually any other

                           <[Ringo] R.MONFORT1>
 First it is very nice to have you here tonight.  Second I have a question
 about Avant-Vector, what is the current version and how much is it?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 The current version of Avant Vector is called Avant Vector EPS.  We have a
 special introductory offer that lasts until March 1st....$495.  After
 that,  the price is going to be $545.  And before everyone gasps at the
 price, please remember that Avant Vector is a serious professional
 application, that competes with (and beats!) similar products for the Mac
 or the PC.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 The new EPS version has even better EPS support than the previous Avant
 Plot version that sells for $895 !!

                           <[Ringo] R.MONFORT1>
 What file format does it support and will it support color in the future?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 It loads just about any kind of bitmap graphic available.  The bitmap
 importing is only for auto-tracing, and output formats are CVG, GEM3, and
 EPS.  It also loads those three vector formats.

                           <[Ringo] R.MONFORT1>
 Will the vectors be in color?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 There is no current support for color, but TradeiT's other product line,
 Repro Studio, has some very nice color capabilities for both vector and
 bitmap graphics.

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 We're going to pause in the questions here to let CodeHead Technologies
 give away a copy of MegaPaint Professional.

 We're going to do it a little differently this time...

 Charles is going to ask a CodeHead Trivia Question.  Then I'll give y'all
 little time (like about 10 seconds) to ponder the answer and get it typed
 in, and then I'll put the room into Frenzy mode.  Whoever's CORRECT answer
 shows up first, wins.

 Okay.  Charles, ask the question.  Then after about 10 seconds, get ready
 to hit your RETURN key, folks!  <smile>

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 OK...for a free copy of MegaPaint Professional....

 What was the SECOND product introduced by CodeHead Software?


                          [Ten seconds later...]

                ** <JEFF.W> Room is now in the talk mode.

                      Room is now in the talk mode.


                         <[Scott L.] S.LAPHAM1>


                            <[Zubs] SPECTER>

                            <[Joe] J.MIRANDO1>

                           <[Craig] C.ROSE4>
                             what is codekeys

                        <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22>

                          <[Gerald] G.NELSON16>

                         <[Brien King] B.KING8>

                          <[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM>

                           <[Dave] D.HAEFNER>


                       <[Martha Dycus] M.SUMMERS>
                        Little Green Item Selector



                          <[Des Tang] D.TANG2>

                            <[jim] J.MOSES2>



                  ** <JEFF.W> Room is now listen-only.

                    Room is now in listen-only mode.

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 We have a winner.

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 That was fun!

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 It was MultiDesk and Specter was first.

                            <[Zubs] SPECTER>

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Congrats, Zubs!

                            <[Zubs] SPECTER>
 (Lucky Guess)

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Zubs, send us your address in E-Mail and we'll send you a MegaPaint
 Professional as soon as we get more in stock <grin>.

                            <[Zubs] SPECTER>
 Will do and Thanks alot!

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Okay!  On with the RTC.  We're running long here, but there are plenty of
 folks with questions yet so as long as Charles and John can hold out and
 you folks care to stick around, we'll continue.

 Des is next.

                           <[Des Tang] D.TANG2>
 John, re: font support in MegaPaint, think UltraScript <hint, hint>

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 As we used to say in Hawaii, hele on, bradda.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Ultrascript?  Are you saying we should output Postscript?  That's one of
 the things we're considering...or at least EPS (encapsulated Postscript).

                           <[Des Tang] D.TANG2>
 No, just to use the fonts in the program, I have the PS35 font set.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We're considering methods for importing Type-1 fonts.  It may come in the
 form of a font converter....that _works_ <grin>

                              <[MARC] ACTOR>
 Is there any newer version of G+Plus?  Also I love Multidesk Deluxe!!

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 The latest G+Plus is 1.5.  We don't have plans to do a FSM G+Plus, if
 that's what you're asking.

                             <[MARC] ACTOR>
 How much to upgrade?

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 $10 plus your original disk.

                             <[MARC] ACTOR>
 No. I wasn't asking about FSM Gdos.

                          <[Gerald] G.NELSON16>
 I own Quick ST 3.3 and when I run realtime The smart editing screen is
 distorted, have you checked into this?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 The smart editing screen?  I'm not sure I know what you mean.

                          <[Gerald] G.NELSON16>
 Also is the TEC board socketed for further upgrades?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 What's realtime?

                          <[Gerald] G.NELSON16>
 Realtime is a wonderful little sequencer from DR. T.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 The TEC will accept all future TOS upgrades with a simple plug-in solut-

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Have either of you had experience with Realtime and Quick ST?

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 No, I haven't tried it.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Gerald: we'll have to take a look at that.  This is the first we've heard
 of a problem with RealTime.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We're quite confident that we've fixed all compatibility problems with
 Quick ST.  If not, we'll fix them shortly after the first release with a
 patch program, if at all possible.

 Hello. I have some questions about CodeHead Ed.  I understand it is based
 on micro emacs.  Does it use a mouse?  Is it GEM oriented (menus)?  Will
 my 3.9+ .emacsrc file work with it?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 CodeHead ED is based on EMACS, that's correct.  Your emacs.rc file should
 work just fine, as far as I know.

 CodeHead ED does not have a menu bar, but it does use the file selector to
 get filenames.

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 For those that don't know what we're talking about, we have an accessory
 version of Micro Emacs called CodeHead ED.  It's included in the CodeHead
 Utilities release.

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Followup, RC?

 Does it use a mouse?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 The only GEM orientation is the fact that it's an accessory and it uses
 the file selector.  There's no other mouse support.

 I'm not sure if your entire RC file will work, but it does support command
 files.  I believe it's version 3.9, but I'm not sure.

                            <[Dave] D.HAEFNER>
 I have a question regarding compatibility between your products and MIDI
 multitaskers.  Are they compatible, or do the systems hang?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Well, since many of our products are memory resident, there's is some
 system overhead involved.  The more utilities you have installed, the more
 likely the chance of a MIDI overflow.  This is caused by the fact that
 Atari uses the same interrupt routine for keyboard, mouse, MIDI, and

 I've written a program called Captain Hook which should help solve some of
 these problems.

 There will be a new version of Captain Hook that should go further toward
 solving these problems, but the current version has already solved the
 problem for a number of users.

 Captain Hook can be found in the library here, and it is shareware.  It's
 also going to be able to talk directly to MIDI Spy to allow MIDI Spy to
 co-exist with our many products.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Another important point is that many MIDI developers seem to exist in a
 complete vacuum, and couldn't care less about compatibility.  This is,
 unfortunately, a constant thorn in our sides.

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Followup, Dave?

                            <[Dave] D.HAEFNER>
 OK.  Next question: Will the LGF titles be moved up to commercial
 products, or will they stay shareware?  (Some of these are really
 commercial quality)

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 At this point, we don't have any plans to make the LGF shareware titles
 into commercial products.

                            <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Rod next, then Tomas.

                        <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22>
 RE: Avant Vector. I know it imports all manner of graphic files, but is
 it's exporting just as versatile?

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Avant Vector exports in CVG, GEM3, and EPS formats.

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 There really aren't many other popular vector formats.

                        <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22>

                              <[Tomas] MUSE>
 Howdy!  Are you writing anything special to go with your TEC package?  (as
 if I didn't know <grin>.)

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Anything special?  <grin>...

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 John, you wanna field this one?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Yes, we'll have a program called Icon Juggler which will allow you to load
 icons in any format and reorder them, sort them, and save them as a
 DESKICON.RSC file, which is the file used by NEWDESK to define its icons.

 This eliminates the difficulty involved with "juggling" icons with NEW-

 Icon Juggler will be available only with the TEC package and when you buy
 the TOS chips directly from us.

                              <[Tomas] MUSE>
 ANY format?  You mean NeoDesk, etc.?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Well...It will currently load RSC, ICE, ICN, and NIC files.

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Well, could be.  Maybe Neodesk too.  :)

                             <[Tomas] MUSE>

                        <[HappyCamper] R.GRANT11>
 Hi, guys!  I just got in.

                          <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Been camping?

                        <[HappyCamper] R.GRANT11>
 I hope you haven't been asked this already, but if so, I hope the reply
 was positive; are we going to be seeing any Codehead Fax software?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 We've been considering it, but there are no definite plans yet.

                        <[HappyCamper] R.GRANT11>
 Hmmm. Well, at least it's still being considered.  Thanks, and GA.

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 It's about time to let people stretch their legs or go to bed.

 My many thanks to John and Charles for spending this evening with us.  And
 congratulations to Specter for winning MegaPaint Professional.

 Thanks guys.  Any closing words?

                           <[John] J.EIDSVOOG1>
 Thanks everyone for showing up...and be sure to put in your orders for the
 TEC.  <grin>

                         <[Charles] C.F.JOHNSON>
 Yes, thank you to everyone who attended!

                             <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Thanks to everyone for coming and participating in this conference.
 Coming soon to an RTC near you will be an ISD/Calamus SL RTC and at a time
 to be announced later, an RTC with Atari's Leonard Tramiel!

   (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May
be reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.

 > The Flip Side STR Feature          ".... a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 Timeworks Upgrade info from NORMAN238 on Delphi...


   I received a letter from G|S|T Software Products today.

   Upgrades to Timeworks Publisher ST * * "WILL" * * be available in the
   USA.  For a dealer close to you call:

                          Pacific Software Supply
                            660 Tank Farm Road
                              San Luis Obispo
                                 CA 93401

                             Tel: 805-543-1037

   I talked to John at Pacific and as of 5:30pm eastern time [2/10/92]
   they had no firm information on what will be involved. Matter of fact
   it is not well known within PSS that they will be doing upgrades but
   he did find someone there who had some info on it. He suggest waiting
   2 weeks before making any more inquiries.

   Those who may be intrested GST had a little more than a week since I
   sent off my inquiry before I got a reply. Mailed it on a Friday and
   got a response on a Monday. I wish more companies were like this.


 About laser printers from Scott Sanders (SDS) - Cat. 14, Topic 11, Msg.
 167 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Basically, the Atari Laser Printer is a solid machine and a good buy.
   You do need to consider what I'd say are the advantages between let's
   say a SLM605 and a HP Laserjet IIp:

      SLM605 Advantages:

   1. Software support is almost unanimous among desktop publishing and
      graphic programs. Only programs with less printer support don't have
      drivers for the SLM.

   2. DMA Access means not tying up the printer port so you can also have
      a dot-matrix to do other less-important things.

   3. SLM605 toner is cheaper than HP toner.

   4. SLM print drivers are usually a lot faster than HP print drivers.

   5. You're supporting Atari directly.

      SLM605 disadvantages:

   1. Requires 1kbyte of computer memory when printing for its page

   2. If you ever change platforms, goodbye SLM.

   3. No emulation cartridges exist (though Postscript and Epson
      emulation are available through software).

   4. If you plan to write your own programs to use it, it can be a bear.

      HP Laserjet Advantages:

   1. Onboard fonts allow you to use fancier fonts with no more than a
      basic text editor.

   2. Onboard memory so no computer memory is required beyond that which
      the application wants.

   3. Customer support. HP has renowned customer support. I'd say the
      best I've ever seen in the industry.

   4. Change printer settings without software on front panel.

      HP Laserjet Disadvantages:

   1. Slower print drivers than the SLM since the parallel port is slower
      than DMA and a graphic page must be sent in strips rather than in a

   2. Less software support though it's been getting much better.

   IMHO this seems to be the case. In case you're wondering I own and use
   both an SLM605 and a HP Laserjet III. I like both and use which one
   gives me the best speed and quality for the job. Generally quality is
   comparable but the LJ III has resolution enhancement to 600x600 DPI.
   Hope this helps.


 About the T25 and the Spectre/GCR - From Dave Small (Gadgets by Small)
 and Jim Allen (Fast Tech) - Cat. 4, Topic 11, Msgs. 137-138 - from the
 ST Roundtable on Genie...

   On 25 MHz'ing Spectre, after looking over some code yesterday, it
   seems to me that asking you to "be cautious for a time" might not be a
   bad idea. Spectre 3.0 still uses timing loops, simply because there
   was not time to yank them out, and I am not confident they are "100%".
   I see some in the mouse on/ mouse off code for the GCR that scare me,
   and others in the laser printer driver that also kinda shiver me

   Could I ask that for the next couple of weeks you be especially
   careful to keep backups of anything that is not easily replaceable?

   I want to make *clear* that in NO WAY am I "blaming" or any such thing
   the T- 25. Spectre 3.0 was updated for the TT in a real rush (because
   so many orders were pending) and may be imperfect; we do on a 68030/TT
   at 32 MHz, there are reports of the floppies going marginal if the
   internal caches are all enabled on some machines. (Code heading into a
   68030 WILL RUN AT DIFFERENT SPEEDS depending on WHERE it loads; if it
   aligns on a 16-byte boundary (e.g., #0,16,32,48 ...) it will load

   My concern is that with the reports we've had, there could be a glitch
   somewhere in the about 1.5 megabytes of source code that make Spectre,
   and you might lose data. Something that worries me a LOT is that the
   hard disk routines, *particularly* "Turbo-SCSI" mode, are timing-
   looped, and it's not news that the hard disk system can be overrun.

   25 MHz is getting up mighty close to where the possibility exists in
   some of my nightmares.

   Hence, please, for your sakes and mine, please keep good backups until
   day to day use shows you that the setup is solid and Spectre isn't
   getting "weird" on you.

   I am definitely not saying you WILL have problems. I have seen many
   Spectres humming along at 32 Mhz on TT's with no sweat. But there are
   reports from time to time of glitches, and I don't want you to lose
   some data that's important.

   Please be particularly careful if you get ANY hard disk error
   messages. (And please let me know of any hard disk or floppy I/O; this
   25 MHz 68000 thing is relatively new, and I'd like to know how well
   Spectre does.)

 From Jim Allen...

   Those are very sensible words, I'd recommend anyone putting speed
   enhancement devices in their system keep good backups of HDisk data,
   until your system proves itself reliable at the high speed.


 From Bill Rehbock (Atari) about FSMGOS - Cat. 14, Topic 18, Msg. 59 -
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   The packaging is finally all done, the last revison of the disks is
   going to the duplicator Monday, February 3rd. Product should be
   showing up on shelves shortly. (Finally! :-)

   IMHO, one of the biggest drawbacks of the original GDOS was the lack
   of printer drivers that shipped with it, and the lack of developer
   understanding of the concept in general. "Back in those days",
   developers weren't used to the idea of a generalized Operating System
   service to handle all output functions. Developers were used to
   writing custom drivers for everything, and they thought they could
   roll their own driver better. (In some cases, they did.)  We didn't go
   with .CVG fonts, because they are inherently _un_hinted, and we wanted
   as close to the same quality as hand-tuned bitmaps as we could get.

   We didn't go with Adobe Type-1's, because it takes about 18 times
   longer to decode, calculate and display Type-1 fonts than QMS/Imagen
   FSM-9 fonts. There will be conversion utilities available to go from
   Type-1's to FSM-9 (from third parties).

 About surge protectors - From Sheldon Winick (Computer Studio) - Cat.
 14, Topic 22, Msg. 61 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   An after the fact recommendation -- everyone should have a "good"
   surge and spike protection device on all computer equipment. Those
   'cheapie' surge protection systems in the discount department stores
   (and unfortunately sold by some dealers as well) simply do NOT provide
   adequate protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

   There are several good ones available, but they are expensive (but
   still are much LESS that the cost of even the simplest of repairs!!).
   The better units offer complete surge and spike protection on both the
   master circuitry and individual protection on each individual
   connection, as well as protection for the phone line. <-- extremely
   important!!! We've seen more damaged units through the phone line than
   through the power line.

   I would highly recommend units such as the Isobar which come with a
   lifetime gold seal warranty that covers not only the
   repair/replacement cost of the Isobar, but also anything that is
   plugged into it, in the event of surge or spike damage! Our best
   selling unit is the Isobar CCI 6+ which is an under monitor style case
   with individual lighted on/off switches for each piece of equipment.
   (We sell one with nearly every system we sell and have never had any
   equipment damaged while connected to an Isobar. But we typically see
   4-6 fried systems every thunder storm season which were damaged by
   suges or spikes -- and almost all were connected to a 'cheapie'


 Chit Chat about Flash II - from J.TRAUTSCHOL - Cat. 8, Topic 2, Msg. 113
 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I am not developing Flash II myself. It's being developed by Paul
   Nicholls, who is a part of a company called Sunsoft System's Pty Ltd
   in Australia. I am writing the manual and will be handling world-wide
   distribution of the program.

   I must say though, that even though I'm not writing any code, I have
   had a *large* input into the program and what it will look like in
   it's final form. I've had an excellent relationship with the folks at
   Sunsoft, and I think the final product will show that.


 From M.FLEMING8 concerning why some ST's with an AdSpeed installed are
 experiencing 11 bombs on a reset and what can be done about it - Cat. 4,
 Topic 16, Msg. 224 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Just a quick note to say there is a FIX for the 11 BOMB problem on
   reset recently reported in message #206. I contacted Howard in Tech
   Support at ICD.

   Per Howard, it appears that a few AdSpeed boards for the Atari got out
   of the shop without a particular capacitor. The capacitor is needed
   due to a change in chip types on some boards. Howard was kind enough
   to send the needed part to my local Atari dealer, who then attached it
   to the board, and also switched the AdSpeed internally to boot-up in
   16mhz mode.

   I'm happy to report that my machine no longer places eleven bombs on
   screen when soft-reset. The *bad* news is that my Supra 52-meg HD
   still powers up with both the red and green lights on, and the Atari
   does not recognize it in this state and goes to internal floppy A
   (this all occurs on hard boot up of the system). Turning the HD power
   switch on/off a few times usually cures the situation. Oh well.

   Howard seemed to think this capacitor fix would cure the HD problem
   too, but perhaps my HD is just going bad? In any case, thanks to ICD
   and Howard for a very quick fix to the 11 bomb problem!


 From TOPNOTCH about VROOM - Cat. 9, Topic 6, Msg. 27 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

   Well, I just got a copy of VROOM and I thought I'd add my comments to
   the others.

   The game play is excellent. The car control is very precise. It would
   have been nice to have the joystick for championship mode but you
   wouldn't have two buttons for shifting which I find nescessary.

   I would have liked to see some handling adjustments options for the
   car. Not to the extent of Ferrari F-1 but something to control
   oversteer and understeer. I find that the car car understeers badly
   and I would like to dial in some oversteer. I would have also liked a
   few more tracks. The F-1 series uses 16 different tracks so I feel
   that any game that mimics F-1 should have close to that many.

   A few more comments as a race fan. I think only one of the real life
   tracks that the game uses still has F-1 competition. Though most of
   the tracks used did see use as an F-1 track some have not been used in
   15-20 years. I don't care for the changes in elevation and scenery
   that were added. IMHO the track should replicate it's full scale
   version. I just can imagine where that they got the idea that Watkins
   Glen in upstate New York is surrounded by desert and cacti.


 A special diet - From Florence Fried - Cat. 10, Topic 30, Msg. 702 -
 Home Office, Small Business Roundtable...

   ....In the meantime, if I can dodge the things that will be thrown at
   me, I'd like to show you the diet I've been on:


   1/2 grapefruit
   1 slice whole wheat bread
   8 oz. skim milk

   4 oz. broiled chicken breast
   1     cup steamed zucchini
   1     Oreo cookie
   1     cup herb tea

   Midafternoon Snack:
         Rest of the package of Oreo cookies
   1     quart rocky road ice cream
   1     jar hot fudge

   2     loaves garlic bread
   1     large pepperoni and mushroom pizza
   1     pitcher of beer
   3     candy bars
   1     entire frozen cheesecake eaten directly from the freezer

   Diet tips:
   If no one sees you eat it, it has no calories.

   If you drink a diet soda with a candy bar, they will cancel each other

   Calories don't count if you eat with someone and you both eat the same

   Food taken for medicinal purposes does not count. This includes hot
   chocolate, brandy, toast, Sara Lee chocolate cake.

   If you fatten up everyone around you, you'll look thinner.

   Snacks consumed in a movie theater do not count as they are part of
   the entertainment. For example: Milk Duds, popcorn with butter, red
   licorice and M&M's.

   Pieces of cookies contain no calories. The process of breaking causes
   calorie leakage.

   Late-night snacks have no calories. The refrigerator light is not
   strong enough for the calories to see their way into the calorie

   This is why I've gotten so fat. I've been under so much stress!

 Until next week.....


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 As a reader of STReport International Online Magazine, you are entitled to
 take advantage of a special DELPHI membership offer.  For only $29.95 ($20
 off the standard membership price!), you will receive a lifetime subscrip-
 tion to DELPHI, a copy of the 500-page DELPHI: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE and over
 $14 worth of free time.

  NOTE: Special offers can be found in your favorite Atari magazines:

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                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

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     1. Dial  617-576-0862 with  any terminal or PC and modem (at 2400 bps,
        dial 576-2981).
     2. At the Username prompt, type JOINDELPHI.
     3. At the Password prompt enter STREPORT.

 For more information, call DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005, or at
 617-491-3393 from within Massachusetts or from outside the U.S.

 DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, Mass.

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 Plan and  it features  20 hours  online for just $20 a month! The $20 is a
 monthly fee that covers your first  20 hours  online via  direct dial into
 one of  DELPHI's two  direct-access lines,  or via  a special Tymnet 20/20
 Access code.  It also gets you additional hours at  just $1.20  per hour.
 And  you  get  free  access  to  several services on DELPHI as part of the
 Advantage Perks.

     Other telecom services may have additional  charges.   Canadian Tymnet
 users have  an additional telecom charge.  Office Time access (7 a.m. to 7
 p.m., weekdays)  may have  an additional  charge.    And  of course, other
 restrictions may apply.  But this is still an amazing deal!

     For  more  information,  contact  DELPHI at 1-800-544-4005 and ask for
 Member Services.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > MPAINT 4.0 STR Review               MegaPaint  Professional  4.0

                        MegaPaint Professional 4.0

 by Tommy Software
 Distributed by CodeHead Technologies

 Reviewed by Doyle C. Helms
 STaff Editor @ ST Report

 Part 1

 What is MegaPaint Pro 4.0?

      MegaPaint  Professional  4.0 (hence forth called  MPaint  for
 brevity) is a monochrome graphic editing and creation tool for the
 Atari ST/TT computers.  The potential for art design and technical
 drawings are almost unlimited.  MPaint will work with BOTH  raster
 graphics such as,  but not limited to DRI's IMG format and  vector
 graphics such as GEM (DRI also) and CVG (Calamus Vector Graphics).
 MegaPaint 4 has the  potential for even more graphic import/export
 file  formats by virtue of its "modular" design.  MPaint has  MANY
 drawing tools unheard of before in ANY art/graphic design  program
 for  the  ST/TT.  The  array of tools  and  functions  are  almost
 staggering  to  the  beginning user.The included  manual  is  user
 friendly  (with  a  slight German accent) and covers  all  of  the
 program functions in a comprehensive manner. CodeHead Technologies
 has  already produced several modules already (free of  charge  by
 the way - thats is what I call support!) that enhance this program
 beyond its original strength.

      MPaint   requires  a  monochrome  monitor  of   the   640x400
 resolution.  The manual states that MPaint can handle a resolution
 up  to 8192x8192 pixels.  The manual states that  MPaint  requires
 900K  (at least) of memory free.  Higher resolutions  (640x400  +)
 require  more  and  in order to use  a  SLM804,  the  user  system
 requires  at  least 2 megabytes of  memory.  MPaint  supports  the
 Blitter chip effectively.  I have tested MPaint on a Mega 2 with a
 T-20 accelerator and TOS 1.04 and also on a MegaSTE4 with TOS 2.05
 at  all CPU settings (16MHz w/cache-16MHz No cache and  "standard"
 8MHz).  MPaint  can be used with a double-sided floppy  system  or
 (highly recommended) Hard Drive system. MPaint supports many types
 of printers. New printer configurations can be "programmed" by the
 user. New printer configurations are also planned for release.

      MPaint  is originally installed on your system by  running  a
 INSTALL.PRG.  The  INSTALL.PRG asks a few questions and  then  the
 INSTALL.PRG is automatically erased from the disk.  Be  absolutely
 certain  that  the info you enter in the installation  process  is
 correct before hitting/clicking on the "OK" button.  (Note:  rumor
 has it that several users did not execute the INSTALL.PRG properly
 and as a result they have had unquenchable cravings for warm prune
 juice!) So be careful!!

      The  INSTALL.PRG does not transfer files from floppy to  hard
 disk  as  some installation programs have been known  to  do.  The
 transfer of data is left solely up to the user.  Personally I like
 to do my own file transfers.  The manual is very clear about  what
 file goes in what folder for your installation process.

 Program Start Up
      Once  the user runs MPaint he/she is presented with a  screen
 that is GEM "like". You have you mouse and scrolling menu bars and
 of  course the ever present drop-down menus.  The drop down  menus
 have  a little "extra" touch that I have always enjoyed about  the
 "Mac" desktop,  I call them extendable-drop-downs (EDD for short).
 Let's  say you choose the SYSTEM options menu bar  selection.  You
 have of course the usual drop down but with an added treat. If you
 select  an item that may have more than one option  in  itself,  a
 little side menu pops out for a more precise selection.  This type
 of interface is similar in concept also to Calamus and its  multi-
 layered  icons.  About 9/10ths of the screen is the work  area  by
 default. The physical work area is however user definable though.

      The  bottom  left  of  the screen  is  what  MPaint  calls  a
 "spotlight".  This  "spotlight"  feature is a permanent  ZOOM  box
 showing a 7x7 pixel range around the cursor.  I like this  feature
 be  cause it allows me to work on the "whole" image and  also  see
 minute  details of my work area without having to switch back  and
 forth from a ZOOM screen to the actual work area.

       Next over to the right from the SPOTLIGHT is the COORDINATES
 box. This COORDINATES box reveals the x-axis and y-axis along with
 the position in the scaled units.  The measurements are based from
 the upper left corner of the work area.      Below the COORDINATES
 box  is the "FILL MODE" display.  This area displays  the  current
 fill mode such as FRAMED,  FILLED or BOTH.  The FILL MODE is  very
 similar  to  most other graphic  editing/creation  programs.  When
 FRAMED is selected and you draw an object is only framed. What you
 get  is  an object where the inside portion  is  transparent.  The
 FILLED selection shows you object filled with the selected pattern
 but  no  frame.  The BOTH option shows your  FRAMED-FILLED  object
 combination. All in all pretty straight forward.

      Next to the FILL MODE display is the DRAWING COLOR selection.
 The DRAWING COLOR is self-explanatory.

      The  LINE  PATTERN  selection is also included  in  the  same
 general area. The LINE PATTERN display shows the current line type
 and thickness.

      Most  of the right side of the selection/display area is  the
 "standard"  type fill patterns.  Of course the fill type and  line
 pattern can be user edited at any time.

      That  about covers the bottom of the screen  selection  area,
 now  let's  move  to higher ground and  explore  the  plethora  of
 options available there in the MENU section. When you see the MANY
 options  there,  you  will understand why this program  is  called
 MEGAPAINT!   But wait!  What? Already? I'm sorry folks but I'm all
 out of time for this week,  please join us next week when we  will
 find  out what Elvis has really been doing all these  years  since
 his  purported  death...  or if Geraldo beats us to  it,  we  will
 continue  with a look over of MegaPaint Professional 4.0.  In  the
 meantime  why  not grab the DEMO version from GEnie or  Delphi  ST
 Advantage or you local BBS/user group to find out first hand about
 this powerful program. Until next week...

        For more info concerning MegaPaint Professional 5.0
                       CODEHEAD Technologies
                           P.O. Box 74090
                       Los Angeles, CA 90004
                           (213) 386-5735


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

  There has been a lot of interest generated in the PC world by products
 which are designed to save disk space by compressing the size of files.
 Portfolio owners are especially eager to find new ways to save space
 because of the limited storage available. BJ Gleason has found a utility
 which allows several .com files to be combined into one large file. The
 individual files can still be run separately. This should save room on the
 card because of the overhead involved with the storage of files. You can
 also compact the file with products designed to work on .com files and
 save even more space.

 Don Thomas of Artisan Software continues his series of PGShow logos with

 Artisan Software has also uploaded ANIMAT.ZIP. This file contains four
 separate animations in a stand-alone format. These may be run from the
 command line or from within batch files.

 See FREE.TXT for an interesting offer from Atari Advantage Magazine.


 > TEC OFFER!! STR InfoFile          TOS Extension Card is shipping NOW!

 For immediate release
 Friday, February 14, 1992


          CodeHead Technologies is pleased  to  announce  that the
          TOS Extension  Card is  now shipping.   The TEC lets you
          install the very latest Atari TOS (2.06) in  your 520ST,
          1040ST,  Mega  ST,  or  Stacy.   TOS 2.06 has many major
          improvements over older  versions  of  TOS,  including a
          totally  redesigned   GEM  desktop  with  custom  icons,
          redefinable  keyboard  commands,  and   many  other  new
          features and performance improvements.

          The  new  desktop  contains  most of the features of the
          popular "alternative desktop" programs  (and  a  few new
          ones too!),  but with  TWO big  advantages -- it doesn't
          gobble up large chunks of memory, and it doesn't need to
          load from  disk.   Just turn on your computer and you're
          ready to go!

          To make it easier for you to build  a library  of custom
          icons  to  use  with  TOS  2.06,  we've  developed a new
          program called "Icon Juggler,"  which  is  included with
          the  TEC.    Icon  Juggler lets you freely convert icons
          from ALL the current  ST  icon  formats,  including ICE,
          RSC,  ICN,   and  NIC.    Icon  Juggler's  interface  is
          completely GEM-based; it's  like  a  word  processor for
          icons,  with  cut,  copy,  and  paste features that make
          converting your icons a breeze.

                          SPECIAL OFFER FOR USERS

                        --==*** $20.00 OFF! ***==--

          With the release  of  the  TEC,  we're  also  offering a
          special  deal  for  those  who've  been using one of the
          "alternative   desktop"   programs   available   on  the
          commercial  market.    Take  your  Neodesk or DC Desktop
          master disk,  FORMAT IT,  and send  it to  us, and we'll
          give  you  a  $20.00  discount  on any model of the TEC!
          (Please  note  that  you  must  FORMAT  the  disk before
          sending it  to us.)   Here  are the  prices for the TEC,
          with and without the discount:

            Model              Retail Price      Price w/ Discount
            """""              """"""""""""      """""""""""""""""
            Standard version     $139.00             $119.00
            BUS Bridge           $155.00             $135.00
            CPU Bridge           $155.00             $135.00

          A brief description of the different TEC models:

          * The standard version requires soldering, and is for
            owners of 520STs, 1040STs, and Stacys which do not
            have a socketed CPU.

          * The BUS Bridge version, which plugs into the processor
            bus of the Mega ST, and requires no soldering.

          * The CPU Bridge version, for computers which have
            socketed 68000 chips.  This option plugs into the CPU
            socket, and requires that there be enough room above
            the CPU within the case.

          All versions  of the  TEC include the official Atari TOS
          2.06 chips.

          The TEC also has  an easily  installed option  that lets
          you switch  between TOS  2.06 and  your existing TOS, to
          circumvent incompatibilities with ill-behaved programs.

          TOS 2.06 FOR STE OWNERS
          CodeHead Technologies will also be offering the TOS 2.06
          chips separately,  as an  upgrade for  STE owners.  When
          you purchase the chips  from us,  you will  also receive
          our manual  describing the  features of the new TOS, and
          our disk  containing the  Icon Juggler  and other useful
          utilities.  The price for the chips alone is $60.00.

          (Note: this  press release is being prepared slightly in
          advance of  the actual  shipping date;  the TEC packages
          will begin going out the door on
          February 18, 1992.)

          For  more  information,  or  to order your TOS Extension
          Card, contact:

                             CodeHead Software
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004

                             Tel 213-386-5735
                             Fax 213-386-5789


 > DATABASE? STR FOCUS                        Where is THAT file?

                      WHERE DID I PUT THAT DARN THING

 by Doyle C. Helms
 STaff Editor @ ST Report

      If you are even a casual user of your ST/TT you probably have
 amassed  a  large collections of files from PD/SW  and  commercial
 sources.  If you are like many users I know, you probably have the
 majority of these files "arc'ed" away somewhere. If you don't have
 an  Arc'ed  database  of files,  then you are wasting   A  LOT  of
 precious  money  and disk space.  One of the major draw  backs  to
 having  a lot of these arc'ed files is that many have the same  or
 similar  name,  even  though their function/use  may  be  entirely
 different. Let's give a short example: SHIRLEY.LZH. Is SHIRLEY.LZH
 the Spectrum 512 pic file you had or is it the TINY pic file?  One
 way to find out is to locate SHIRLEY.LZH (both of them) and either
 do  an  extraction of the files or do a VERBOSE list of  the  file
 contents.  That route is not too bad if both files lie on the same
 disk.  If  they  reside on different disks then it  is  twice  the
 effort.  This is going to lead somewhere so please hang with me  a

      Let me assume that you have not consolidated your "arc" files
 into  an organized group.  I will give a short tutorial on  how  I
 maintain over 150 meg of LZH'ed files.  Granted there are many  of
 you  that have considerably more than I,  but I have  culled  MANY
 megs of files I do not need or use.

 1> Have plenty of preformatted disks on hand.

 2> Execute your particular archival program.

 3> Once you have finished archiving a program/data file,  give the
 file name a unique extender to signify the TYPE of program or data
 arc this particular file is.  Example;  DEGAS.LZH could one of two
 files,  one could be that it is Degas,  the other could be that it
 is a Degas picture file. If you give the extender a ".DGH" (here I
 am  assuming you are using LZH) extender then the file in my  book
 would  be  a DeGas picture file.  If you gave it the  extender  of
 ".GXH", I would consider this file to be a GRAPHIC APPLICATION.

 NOTE:  I  altered my LZH program with a disk editor to  display  a
 ".??H" extender instead of the ".LZH" when asking for a file  name
 to arc or un-arc.

 4> Place the finished file on archival (LZH.001) disk #1.

 5> Repeat the above steps until finished.

 6> Once you have archived several disks of data,  then execute the
    disk database program and begin to load the disk info.

 NOTE:  One reason I have for giving the extenders unique names  is
 so  I do not have to enter info about each and every file  in  the
 disk database to determine the contents of that arc.

      The  following is the extenders I use to segregate  different
 file types.

      EXT. |  FILE TYPE
      CDH  | CAD FILES

      The above list is not complete and can easily be modified  to
 accept your own preferences.  I only presented the examples to try
 to give a better understanding of my system.

      If  I need a menu maker GFA program and I am not sure of  the
 name  under which I arc'ed it, all I have to do is a search  under
 "*MENU*.GFH".  If  I  left off the GFH extender I  would  also  be
 including any other file with the name "MENU" in it.  The result I
 want  is to filter out all unwanted file types.  If I want ALL  my
 GFA (source) programs listed, I would simply search under "*.GFH".
 Simple huh? Until next time...


 > TAF SHOW 1992! STR SHOW NEWS                 SHOW NEWS & UPDATES!


 CONTACT: John R. Sheehan, SJ
          TAF President - (416) 926-1518
          GEnie: J. Sheehan14

                               + + +

     On April 4th and 5th, Atari  Canada and  the Toronto  Atari Federation
 will host  what may  be the  most exciting Atari event in North America in
 1992.  To be held  at  the  Skyline  Hotel  on  Dixon  Road,  near Pearson
 International  Airport,  ,  ACE  '92,  the  Atari Canadian Exposition will
 feature the most outstanding developers in  the Atari  world with  some of
 the latest  programs and  program updates.  Local dealers will exhibit the
 latest hardware and peripherals,  and user  groups from  across Canada and
 the United  States will  be on  hand to  share Public Domain and Shareware
 programs and exchange knowledge.  Door prizes throughout both days  of the
 show, special  show prices  and several major door prize packages will add
 to the excitement.

     Facilities will include  a  22,000  square  foot  convention  area, an
 additional 7,000  square foot  display and  exhibit space,  and 7 separate
 meeting rooms that will host a wide range of seminars,  demonstrations and
 mini-concerts.   On Saturday evening, a formal banquet will bring together
 local users with major figures in the present and future  course of Atari.

     This is  the third  major convention that the Toronto Atari Federation
 has hosted in recent years.  As one of the largest user  groups in Canada,
 if not  all of  North America,  TAF has consistently helped bring the best
 and  most  contemporary  computer  technology  to  Toronto  users.    With
 membership of approximately 300, TAF will provide the core volunteers that
 make an event like this possible.  However, other user groups will also be
 invited to  participate, to  help stimulate  exchange of information among
 the various Atari groups in this region and  to help  broaden the  base of
 support for this special event.

     Atari  Canada  General  Manager  Geoff  Earle has said that this April
 event  could  easily  surpass  the  recent  Chicago  convention,  both  in
 attendance and  participation by developers and programmers.  Basing their
 participation on the successful  Chicago model,  Atari Canada  will assume
 many  of  the  initial  commitment  costs,  including  facility  costs and
 advertising.  TAF will coordinate activities  and provide  volunteer help.
 TAF President  John R.   Sheehan, SJ noted, "The enthusiasm of our members
 is the reason we felt this was a good time  for a  show.   So many members
 had been  asking about  a show,  and volunteering  to help that we felt we
 really could present a spectacular two-day  event.    We  couldn't  try it
 without our  volunteers, but with their help, this April will see the most
 exciting Atari show Toronto has ever seen!"

     Packets for dealers and  developers are  being prepared  and should be
 mailed by  the end  of January.   Information packets for user groups will
 be available at around the same time.  The Skyline Hotel will  be offering
 special room  rates to  participants, and special travel plans should also
 be announced shortly.

     To be placed on  the mailing  list for  Convention information, please
 send your  name, address,  and affiliation (developer, user group, dealer,
 etc.) to TAF's mailing address, 5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527, Toronto, ON
 M2N 6M2 or leave a message at (416) 425-5357.

                        ATARI TALENT SHOW ANNOUNCED

     As  part  of  the  Atari  Canadian  Exposition,  ACE '92, April 4/5, a
 special talent competition has  been announced.   To  demonstrate the many
 ways  that  Atari  computers  can  be  used in creative entertainment, two
 divisions will be open for submissions.  The contest is open to  all Atari

     Since Atari has long been an industry leader in MIDI applications, one
 division will be open for applications of sound and music.  Entries may be
 live  performance,   combination  of   live  and  pre-created  or  totally
 pre-created arrangements of music and sound.  Entries may be original
 compositions or adaptations of  existing  material.    (Initial submission
 must  be  made  on  cassette  tape;  if  accompanied  by  visual  effects,
 appropriate disk program or description must also be included.)

     Since Atari  can  manipulate  over  sixteen  million  separate colors,
 visual arts provides another rich field for creative work.  In this field,
 entrants may submit animated segments, or graphics displays.   Submissions
 may include "slide shows" of created works, demonstrations of works being
 created, or  animated creations  of any type.  Entertainment value will be
 the criteria for judging.

     Individual presentations should last no more than 10 minutes.  Entries
 will go  through preliminary judging, and those who are accepted will make
 public presentations or performances throughout the day on Saturday, April
 4th,  at  ACE  '92.    Performances  will  be  open to those attending the
 Exposition at no charge, and judging of finalists will take place prior to
 4PM.    Winners will attend the evening banquet as guests of Atari Canada.
 Each contestant will present their entries or performances  at the evening
 banquet,  at  which  time  they  will  be judged a second time, and prizes
 awarded.  Judging will be on the basis of creative use of the computer and
 entertainment value.

 FIRST PRIZE  in each  division will  be a $700 gift certificate from Atari
 Canada, good towards the  purchase of  any Atari  product, and  a one-year
 membership in the Toronto Atari Federation.

 SECOND  PLACE  WINNERS  will  receive  a  $200 gift certificate from Atari
 Canada, and their choice of 10 disks from  the TAF  Library.   Third Place
 Winners will receive a $100 Gift Certificate, and their choice of 5 disks.

                       For an entry form, contact:
                             ACE '92, c/o TAF
                       5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527
                           Toronto, ON  M2N 6M2
                                 Or call:
                            John R. Sheehan, SJ
                               TAF President
                              (416) 926-1518
                      leave a message on the TAF BBs
                              (416) 425-0318.

                     ACE 92 TO FEATURE GAMES AND 8-BIT

     ACE '92,  the Atari  Canadian Exposition,  will be  held in Toronto on
 April 4th and 5th.  As part of the many different events scheduled for the
 two-day exposition, two separate games areas will be set up with equipment
 provided by Atari Canada.  A nominal charge  of $1.00  will be  levied for
 admission to  each area,  with all funds raised here to be donated to Sick
 Children's Hospital in  Toronto.    Admission  to  the  Games  Area  is in
 addition to the regular admission charge.

      Area  1   -  THE   LYNX  CHALLENGE.  The  $1.00  contribution  admits
 participants to a timed game  playing  session.  The  high  score  in each
 session is  registered. At  the end  of each  day, a special prize package
 will be awarded to the high  score  of  the  day.    The  package  will be
 provided by  Atari Canada  and will include: One Lynx machine, AC adaptor,
 and a collection of games.

      Area 2 - GST AREA  (Games  -  Sampling  and  TryOut)  $1 contribution
 admits the  participant to  sample one game cartridge.  A variety of games
 for the Lynx will be available,  but  each  "Tryout"  requires  a separate
 admission to the area.

     Many of  the dealers  present will  be offering special discounts on a
 wide range of game for different  Atari machines,  as well  as significant
 savings  on  games  cartridges  and  games  programs. Although most of the
 exposition will feature more "serious" applications on the Atari platform,
 there will  be a good selection of games available, and serious players to
 share hints and help.

     There will also be a special area for 8-bit dealers  and developers, a
 place for  the dedicated  XL/XE user, those who still have and use the 800
 and 400 machines. Although commercial programs are getting harder to find,
 many  clubs   will  have  their  public  domain  and  shareware  libraries
 available,  and  dealers  who  still  have  8-bit  material  will  have it

     ACE 92 will be held at the Skyline Hotel on Dixon Road, near
 Pearson International Airport.

 Further  information,  exhibitor's  kits,  advertising  rates  and advance
 ticket sales may be obtained by contacting:

                              ACE '92 c/o TAF
                       5334 Yonge Street, Suite 1527
                       Willowdale, Ontario M2N 6M2.

                       Contact: John R. Sheehan, SJ
                              (TAF President)
                  (416) 926-1518. TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318
             TAF InfoLine and Voice Message: (416) 425-3537.


 > Comeau PR STR InfoFile                GramSlam and Grammar Expert

                     Phil Comeau Software, division of
                         Wintertree Software Inc.

                              Press Release

                          For Immediate Release

 Phil Comeau Software, division of Wintertree Software Inc., publishes both
 GramSlam and  Grammar Expert for the Atari computer line. Judging from the
 many calls  and  letters  we  have  received,  there  appears  to  be some
 confusion about the purposes of these two products. We would like to clear
 up that confusion.

 GramSlam is  a  grammar  and  writing-style  checker.  GramSlam  looks for
 problems  and  potential  problems  in  your  writing. Although it isn't a
 spelling checker, it works in a similar way: GramSlam scans your document,
 word by word, looking for and reporting problems as it goes. You typically
 use GramSlam at the same point in the writing process  you use  a spelling
 checker: when the writing is nearly finished.

 Grammar Expert,  on the  other hand,  is an  online reference for grammar,
 punctuation, and  effective  writing.  Grammar  Expert  is  not  a grammar
 checker. Neither  is Grammar Expert a better version of GramSlam. It won't
 find problems in your writing. In fact, it doesn't read  your documents at
 all. When  we say  Grammar Expert  is a  "reference," we mean it is like a
 reference book. Grammar Expert is a  storehouse of  rules, guidelines, and
 advice about  grammar and  writing.  Like a book, the more you use Grammar
 Expert, the more you get out of it.

 Grammar Expert works as a desk accessory, so  you can  easily refer  to it
 while you  write.  For example, if you are unsure about whether you need a
 comma in a particular sentence, just pop up  Grammar Expert  and click the
 mouse on  the word "comma" in Grammar Expert's Table of Contents.  Grammar
 Expert displays the rules regarding the use of the comma.   You  then find
 the appropriate rule and apply it.  Grammar Expert backs up the rules with
 plenty of example sentences, so you don't need to be a "grammar expert" to
 understand it!

 Does it make sense to own both products? We think so. GramSlam and Grammar
 Expert improve your writing from two points of view. Grammar  Expert helps
 you to  write correctly  and well  the first  time. GramSlam helps to make
 sure that you did.

 GramSlam's price remains at  $39.95, and  Grammar Expert's  price is still
 $59.95.  Both  products  are  available  from  your  local Atari dealer or
 directly from Phil Comeau Software (division of Wintertree Software Inc.).

 If you would like to know more about GramSlam or  Grammar Expert,  call or
 write us at the addresses or number listed below.

                     Phil Comeau Software, division of
                         Wintertree Software Inc.
                               43 Rueter St.
                              Nepean, Ontario
                              Canada K2J 3Z9
                              (613) 825-6271
                             GEnie: P.COMEAU1
                              CIS: 72060,3056


 > SST SHIPPING! STR Spotlight                           SST, GCR, MEGATALK

                             SST Now Shipping

 Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Staff Editor

 Since the SST from Gadgets by Small is now shipping, I thought I'd com-
 pile some of the more interesting and informative posts about it, the
 3.1 version of the GCR software and the new MegaTalk (not shipping yet).
 All posts are from the Gadgets Round-table on Genie.

 From Dave Small - Category 1, Topic 6, Msg. 1...


  We're all really pleased to announce that the SST is NOW SHIPPING; all
  types went out today, bare board, Option A, B, C, C&D! This marks the
  end of a long wait for the SST, and it's our third product as Gadgets.

  We'll be shipping to catch up on the backlog for a little while, I
  rather expect! :-)

  We had a couple of "unexpected holds" at about T-mimus 2 minutes when
  our printer shop couldn't get the toner to stick on the solid black
  regions of the manual, only on the backsides. (Weird! -- never seen
  that before).

  Already in the works is SST software rev 2.0 (current is 1.86), which
  will extend the SST in ways that I'm going to have a fun time with. I
  have always enjoyed getting new hardware after pretty thoroughly
  exploring the old.

  This also enables me to drop the 200% effort on the SST back to some-
  thing within the realm of "sane" and to taskswitch into 3.1 and fixing
  a snag in MegaTalk I caught during testing; it looks to be a straight-
  forward software fix.

  [GCR software version] 3.1 has been proceeding along quietly; I've been
  hacking at Sys 7 when I absolutely couldn't bear to look at another
  68030 chip, and TT SCSI is in the works, to let people use internal
  drives. It'll just take some time.

  There are so few times in one's life that you get to announce that the
  new product is wrapped and OUT THE DOOR -- this is a neat day for me
  and everyone here.

  Thanks for everyone who was very, very patient about the SST. We had
  some really frustrating delays in our pipeline, and outright defective
  chips, but George & all of us persevered. (The 450 line note
  chronicalling the fun we had is in the last issue of ST Report.)


 From Category 4, Topic 44, Message 44 in the ST Roundtable...

  SST shipped today in quantity in bare-board, Option A, B, C, and C&D
  configurations. Since some of them went via warp-drive shipping I
  expect you'll be hearing owner comments RSN.

  In the days ahead we will be shipping more (we have this backlog, see),
  and getting ready for software rev 2.0, which will add some interesting
  capabilities to the SST. Now that the platform is there, I can have
  some fun. (*chuckle*)

  The SST's manual is the hardest I have ever worked at a manual, and I
  hope you enjoy it both for the facts and for the interludes, which also
  were the hardest ones ... I had to do a Current Notes article after
  writing many Interludes and I found myself nearly empty. Sandy did the
  manual edit and layout in Quark X*Press on her IIfx; near the end, it
  became apparent we were straining even the 40 Mhz FX on the complex
  stuff (diagrams and so forth).

  If you see a box with an SR-71A Blackbird on the cover at the dealer,
  that's the SST.

  Oh, yes. Overseas shipments also started today.

  I felt that the best way to answer any questions on if the SST would
  ever ship that came up last week was to leave this message; at the
  time, we were fixing a problem at the printer (toner not sticking to
  the back side of a page ... now that's odd), checking out the release
  disks, disk labels, and all that last-minute stuff.

  This is the third product from Gadgets by Small; MegaTalk will ship
  pretty shortly, as soon as I fix a software snag I ran into (better now
  than after shipping!) and finish the PAL replacements (10 minutes), and
  that'll be # 4.

  If you've read a spec sheet on the SST anytime, you know about it; we
  haven't changed our specs (no need to). If I might borrow a phrase from
  Sculley, it's "wicked fast". To my knowledge it makes your Atari ST
  into among the fastest ST's in the world (depending on how much Mhz and
  how few Ns RAM you put in, and where wait-states stabilize.) Since
  there are other SST's out there, I can't say you will have THE fastest
  ST in the world, but you can sure try.

  I suppose it's time to mention that a design change to the SST logic
  sped up the SST. Figures on its performance are now out of date in the
  most pleasing way.

  Anyway, it's out. The champagne is upstairs and it's time for some;
  this has been as hard a haul as getting the GCR to format a disk, which
  was a killer.  I expect that Darlah is going to be a bit irritated at
  all the skid marks on the floor of the RT as people fire up their
  SST's...sorry 'bout that. And keep it throttled back in the middle of
  conferences, okay?


 From STACE (Sysop) - Cat. 9, Topic 2, Msg. 69...

  Several people have asked about SST pricing. I haven't checked with
  Dave or Sandy to see if these prices and/or product combinations are
  still correct but here is what I have:

  68030 SST bare board (w/ 20mhz and 33mhz oscillators)
   - the bare board does NOT include a CPU, FPU or any memory -     $599.00

  Option A: 16mhz 68030                                             $200.00

  Option B: 16mhz 68030 and 4 1-meg SIMMs                           $460.00

  Option C: 33mhz 68030, 68882, and 4 1-meg SIMMs (80ns)            $800.00

  Option D: 4 additonal 1-meg SIMMs (80ns)                          $260.00

  Please understand that none of the above options (A thru D) include the
  bare board.

  Also understand that you can put together a full-blown SST for yourself
  for less than these prices. (I've seen 1-meg SIMMs as low as $30 each!)

  Finally...and again... I am not 100% certain that these prices are
  still in effect. In fact, I am not 100% certain that these options are
  all still being offered.

  Please contact Gadgets directly for further information.


 From Dave Small - Cat. 1, Topic 20, Msg. 30...

  Hiya folks. It's 3:22 AM so don't expect TOO much coherence, but I'll
  try. Been testing SST's all day.

  The MegaTalk board plain should have been out by now, ok? You know it
  and I know it and we all know it. Something went wrong, and it's
  driving me batty ... because honestly there is nothing more satisfying
  than shipping.

  We had some difficulty getting MegaTalk PC boards (past the basic
  protos). The PALs got real tricky; there were 3 of them. There were
  interactions there, where if I recall right (this was awhile back) if
  you'd take one step forward on one PAL, you'd take two back on the
  others. Remember this is really tricky stuff; you're syncing up the
  Apple MHz clocks with the ST bus, and everything has to be in sync
  before the chip can twang.

  So some incredible absolute moron ships us CMOS main chips when we
  wanted plain old boring ones, too. (Said "NO CMOS" on the slip, too.)
  So we gotta return them, which is slow, because parts companies hate
  returns, and if they make it a pain, you won't bother. Right? (Sort of
  like insurance companies hassling you with paperwork before paying up.)

  Out come the CMOS chips. In go the right ones, which we special
  ordered, UPS red. (Look, we WERE trying to hustle, okay?)

  Because I saw out of the blue, into the black, the prospect of the SST
  and the MegaTalk shipping at the same time, something we had gone to
  GREAT LENGTHS not to happen, because there are not enough humans here
  to do both.

  Let me be painfully honest. Gadgets, financially, is doing fine (knock,
  knock, as always! *grin* But GCR keeps rolling along). Barb left us in
  November to set up her Scuba shop in Jamaica.  Dan Moore left to go to
  Oregon to work for Supra.  Suddenly all these people I had depended on
  more than I knew were ...*gone* ... and it was Sandy and I.

  Christmas happened (deck the halls) and I start testing MegaTalks.
  Serial I/O is completely $%^#$%^#$%'d on them. Nothing in Atari or Mac
  modes -- Appletalk down, MIDI down. Call George. Try PAL this-that.
  Everything starts working. Result: many many many bad PALs stuffed into
  MegaTalk boards gotta be ripped out, thrown out, new ones gotten,
  programmed (a little like EPROMS), and plugged in. Available labor: 0.

  At this point, the SST was taxing my sanity with its blasted disk
  problems (buffer overlaying code, it finally turned out -- with about
  88 blind leads!) This was precisely what I did not want, to do two
  products at once.

  In the meantime, someone puts their autodialer onto the Gadgets phone
  every 20 seconds (we know because we had to shut off Call Waiting); I
  mean, you put that phone down, RING!, you pick it up within 3 sec. You
  want to know why you can't get through? Because someone who is the sort
  that shoves into lines uses an autodialer.

  (Off the hook? HOOT !! I wish! You know how fried I am after a day on
  the phone?)

  But I think it's inevitable we will have to replace Barb. I would like
  to wait until this shipping insanity ends, until SST and MegaTalk are
  out there and stable, because anyone new will just hand tech calls to

  So I VERY carefully construct a cardboard protective box around the
  "Old Sparky" Electric Chair power supply of the Mega-ST, and ask my
  daughter if she would like to make some money. Key word: money.


  I went through it with her, with a checklist, a few times. And as she
  found a few bad boards, I felt better about it; she wasn't skipping
  steps if she found a MIDI-down all else okay board. We used an Adaptec-
  4000 with 40 meg drive (Adaptecs gen termination power) for SCSI, the
  LocalTalk (tm) network in the office for parallel, or printer, and MIDI
  for serial. Then we checked it out in all modes, making sure TOPS
  worked and MIDI, and that in ST mode the ports could talk. (There is
  not YET an ST-mode SCSI driver, but hold your breath).

  I did the PAL swapping; George got me a zillion new PALs to replace the
  bad serial I/O PAL. (Aren't you glad I checked?)

  Jenny hung in there like a trooper, checking boards, and got most of
  them done. Then I discovered something interesting.

  If you put the MegaTalk ST driver in the AUTO folder, as usual, with no
  MegaTalk -- you crashola, meester. Bug. Easy to fix; save A7 and bus
  error, point bus error downstream, restore them. Oh, well, no one
  thought of it.

  I also considered the relatively new BCONSTAT stuff where serial port
  can be mapped around to different devices like MegaTalk. Would it work
  with Mega-TOS (1.2) or would 1.4 be required? Or, oh joy, 1.62?

  So I have a little software tinkering to do. The boards is about set in

  That's MegaTalk.

  I know, I know. I did not want to ship it at the same time as SST. The
  Screwup and Delay division of Raving Idiot Chip Supply synced up really
  nicely there, dropping it on us. I am *surrounded* by SST boards in
  their packaging here, folks; I tested 'em all day. (Ever tried to track
  down a flakey FPU?)

  But that is how it happened. If I had full time on it MegaTalk would be
  out now.

  Good News: I think I'll get ahead on SST's shortly (Sandy is falling a
  little behind on the papewrwork) so I can get the software mods in and

  I explained about the phones. Ever got an inch of FAXes?

  That means you spend all day answering them -- and at the end of the
  day, you have another inch of FAXes. No kidding.

  (You can see what I mean about getting help; I never quite realized how
  much Barb did. But that is awfully dangerous with this bad an economy,
  folks; I don't want to fold and leave you high and dry.)

  ...Getting a product out is like a huge AND gate. And if ONE part
  messes up (in SST, literally EVERY supplier screwed up at least once,
  no kidding -- thought Sandy would have a stroke!) ... then nothing
  ships. Like the CMOS chips or PAL.

  On your side you have Jenny, who is deft fingered, thrilled to be
  making money Like Dad Does (*chuckle* ... *sigh*), and who tests the
  devil out of the MegaTalks, checking off each thing to test. She's
  caught some subtle bugs -- told her to ask me if ANYTHING looked wrong.
  "Gee, dad, the screen stays black when I turn it on."

  Eric (10) burned the SST's EPROMs and did a fine, fine job. That is one
  dull job, but with the help of comics and a Walkman with the Turtles
  tape, he made it through.

  So I'm saying,it's the final hours, hang in there. Joe, I am tempted to
  hand- deliver.

  (Or at least let me get my Kevlar before you start shooting!)

  Finally, financially -- the amount of money we had to put into SST
  boards far, far, far exceeds MegaTalks. We actually had to use credit
  (*gasp*) for some things -- them 030's is EXPENSIVE, beaucoup bucks. We
  had to focus on SST's to ship first from where we were.

  Dod'z the truth, folks. SST is shipping as fast as I final-check them
  (they already been through the mill, this is a paranoia check), and
  MegaTalk awaits a little software, and a little research, I 'spect.

  I'm sorry to those who have had to wait so long. I hope when you get
  your packages that what we put in them makes up for it a little. It's
  very good to have such loyal customers, and the notes and calls of
  "hang in there" have made a big difference.


 George Richardson (Merlin Group) - Cat. 9, Topic 6, Msg. 1...

  I've fielded quite a few questions on the ability of the ST power
  supply to handle the load of the SST, so I figured to answer some
  questions and kind of place a little ad here at the same time. :-)

  An ordinary Mega supply is *usually* quite capable of handling the
  extra load of a 33mhz SST with 4 megs of fastram. We've only seen one
  failure, and that supply was in a machine that was flakey anyway, so it
  was probably on the edge. Chances are that if your machine was
  functioning without trouble before, it'll be fine up to 33mhz/4 megs
  with an SST.

  The 8 meg configuration is more difficult to gauge. We haven't had
  problems, but the noise level on the supply does rise, even though
  there really isn't that much of an extra load on the supply. Due to
  it's design, the DRAM only draws heavy current when it's being
  accessed. Since only one bank of 4 SIMMs is accessed at a time, the
  total current draw only increases by the small amount that the DRAMs
  draw when idle. This is still pushing it. So the bottom line on 8 megs
  is: If it works, fine. Don't be suprised if it quits though.

  If you've got some other add in besides the SST, like an ISAC, Moniterm
  or Megatalk (soon), You've fallen over the edge. Even if it runs, it
  may be flakey. These boards all draw a considerable amount of current
  on their own, and adding the SST is like handing an anchor to a
  swimmer. Down she goes!

  We've had this in mind for some time, So I've been looking for a
  solution, and I've got one. I'd like it to be cheap, but unfortunately
  it's not. It is however, not bad compared to the installed price of a
  new Atari or Best supply.

  If you want it you can send me either your machine, or just the power
  supply out it (*including the metal chassis*). I'll pull the power
  supply board off, mount the new supply, which requires some
  modifications to the chassis, and send it back to you for $100.

  The specs on the new supply are pretty good. The old Atari & Best
  supplies are 35 watt units, good for between 3-4 amps on the 5 volt
  line the CPU uses. This new supply is a 45 watt unit, good for 5-7 amps
  on the 5 volts.

  It also can run on voltages from 90-265 volts AC or 120-364 volts DC.
  It'll take line frequencies from 47-63hz. All this without changing
  swtches or jumpers.

  It's got UL, CSA, IEC, FCC class B (Atari take note! *grin*), and VDE

  It's also got a one year warranty.

  Just so you know, if you need it, we've got it. The only gotcha is that
  we've got to mount it. It doesn't pay to design new brackets for the
  thing, it'll just drive the cost up.

         George Richardson
         Merlin Group, Inc. Power Supplies "R" Us division

  P.S. The $100 price should be stable for a couple of months. After
  that, I'll see how much money I lost and possibly revise the price. :-)


                  STReport International Online Magazine
                              EDITORIAL PAGE

 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     Many times I've rejoiced in being able to accomplish the things I do
 with my computers.  The pride, the exhilarating sense of accomplishment
 and of course, the gratification.  I can remember the days when I obtained
 my first ST the 520.  My oh my, was I in hog heaven.  Truth was at the
 time, I was intimidated by it and what it could do... for about 20
 minutes.  The ST was and is STILL the easiest machine to learn how to use.
 Yet in those days, it was indeed on the cutting edge of consumer computer
 technology.  You were able to walk in most any computer outlet and
 overhear people heaping praise on the "JackinTosh".  Everyone either
 wanted one or was sorry they bought brand X.

     Perhaps all of us have come to continue to expect Atari to provide us
 with computer technology that's on the cutting edge of tomorrow at
 affordable prices.  Maybe its possible maybe not.  I know one thing, I
 like having a computer that can do exactly what I wish.  I only hope the
 future holds as much promise as the past held satisfaction.

     For once I cannot be held accountable for resurrecting the "Old
 Osbourne Harp".  Seems someone else has made an announcement about new
 machines being put on 'display' in March and then twice in April.

     Atari is moving forward in the right areas.  Of this there is no
 doubt.  As Jim Allen would say; "Go Atari!"

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine
                 "Reporting ABOUT Atari, not FOR Atari!"
                 Friday, February 14, 1992 - 5:54:58 pm


 > STReport's Guest Editorial       OBSESSIONS CONSUME FASTER THAN FIRE!

                       Cooperation?!  At What Price?

 by Dana P. Jacobson

     Over the past few months, and probably much longer, there has been a
 cloud of animosity between a some at Atari and STReport.  Most of that
 bitterness has been because STReport does not ignore the darker issues
 with regard to Atari.  STReport does, and will continue to do so, report
 on more than just the issues that some at Atari want to see publicized.
 Most of our readers have come to rely on STReport's independent reporting
 and editorializing; and as long as our readership maintains that desire,
 so shall STReport.

     Predictably, certain Atari personnel will cringe when they read some
 of the items contained within these pages from time to time.  But also,
 there are many items within each and every issue that show Atari in an
 extremely favorable light.  STReport does _not_ seek out negative
 information for the purpose of antagonizing a select few at Atari or,
 their supporters.  But, news does come our way from time to time that does
 contain differing viewpoints.  Should STReport ignore that information?
 Should STReport present only information and news pertaining to Atari that
 maintains an upbeat appearance?    ...Of course not.

     There's been a continued onslaught of emotion filled "debate" on the
 FNET recently between STReport and Z*NET supporters.  Competition is one
 thing, but the abusive hatred this editor has seen propels the situation
 well beyond competitiveness.  Competition is a good thing.  It forces each
 of us to improve ourselves.  Both STReport and Z*NET are needed in today's
 current market.  Both magazines are important because each provides a
 different perspective.  On the FNET, it is more than just apparent that a
 large majority of instigation for the "friction" between STR & ZNET is
 emanating from one major source.  (Not either editor)  To purposely pit
 STReport and Z*NET at loggerheads is a totally non-productive, senseless
 obsession.  It will serve no useful purpose to all parties concerned and
 especially those 'very special' few at Atari.  There's an on-again,
 off-again attempt to smooth out differences between the publishers of both
 magazines.  Will there ever be a total "truce" between the two?  Hopefully
 there will be, but not with outside instigators using one magazine as a
 platform to belittle others.  Naturally, there will always be those
 occurrences when each magazine takes a stand completely opposite that of
 the other.  But that too is fully expected and its a very healthy
 situation that will only benefit the userbase.

     One side effect that does present a serious problem is obvious
 favoritism.  To the best of our knowledge, no other Atari publication,
 whether it be Atari's own, Atari Explorer or an online magazine, receives
 special consideration directed at Z*NET.  Playing favorites is not
 something new in our society; it happens all the time.  That fact simply
 does not make it correct by any measure.  Its true, Z*NET has earned many
 of the "rewards" granted them.  But (there's always a but!) for some of
 Atari's personnel to blatantly throw that favoritism in the face of other
 support-media is totally unprofessional and absolutely uncalled for.

     Last week, STReport carried the account of how Atari will be unveiling
 their new machine(s) at an upcoming Boston Computer Society general
 membership meeting.  This is a major news event, as any new product
 announcement is.  The article related how this editor provided certain
 information which expedited Mr. R.G. Brodie's contact with the BCS.  What
 started as a casual conversation (Mr. R.G. Brodie had promised to send out
 the recent issues of Atari Explorer and Atari Artist and lost my
 address).  I then brought up a cryptic message Mr. R.G. Brodie left on
 Delphi months earlier about a "major event" to be held in Boston in early

     Mr. R.G. Brodie finally elaborated some details about the BCS meeting;
 and that he was in the process of contacting the president of the BCS to
 set up a "meeting" with Atari in attendance.  Knowing that the BCS was
 currently leader-less, I offered Mr. R.G. Brodie a contact which would
 make things easier for him.  This was not something done with the hopes of
 getting something in return.  It just came out naturally.  After all its
 only the right thing to do.

     Most people, having the same information, would have done exactly the
 same thing.  It is a coincidence that I'm a staff editor for STReport;
 and that the contact that I provided for Mr. R.G. Brodie is an occasional
 contributing correspondent.  Neither of us, at the time, acted as STReport
 staff, but as Atari users/supporters.  Anyway, the date, etc. has been set
 for the unveiling, and I've heard little else since this conversation
 other than the interview providing STReport with the article last week.
 To the best of our knowledge (we haven't heard to the contrary), only
 STReport and Z*NET has reported this show; and only Z*NET has been
 provided any specific details from Mr. R.G. Brodie, initiated by Mr. R.G.
 Brodie.  See any specific pattern here yet?

     It's still fairly early to start inquiring of Mr. R.G. Brodie
 concerning details of this upcoming meeting.  Specifics are probably
 still somewhat sketchy, so no one from STReport has called or been called
 by Mr. R.G. Brodie.  Since Mr. R.G. Brodie is still signing his messages
 with his title of "Director of Communications", it would appear logical
 that FORMAL PRESS RELEASES would be forthcoming for ALL media and in a
 timely fashion.  Well, favoritism raised its ugly head once again.
 Apparently, Mr. R.G. Brodie feels that he must blatantly show his
 obsession with STReport by posting _public_ messages in the FNET and
 offering Z*NET staff almost total access to the events of this upcoming
 meeting, and more.

     Below, you'll see what I mean.  These are two messages that are
 posted, in public, to Ron Kovacs of Z*NET.  I sincerely apologize to Ron
 for including comments contained in these messages pertaining to his
 grandmother's ill-health.  My sincere best wishes for her speedy recovery.
 I included everything verbatim so that I would not be accused of doctoring
 the messages in any way.

 Conf : Z*Net
 Msg# : 8092/8101  Lines: Extended  Read: 4
 Sent : Feb 09, 1992  at 9:00 PM
 To   : Ron Kovacs
 From : Bob Brodie at Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California
 Subj : Boston Meeting


 On April 22, 1992 we will be unveiling a new machine at the general
 meeting of the Boston Computer Society. I would like to let me know what
 arrangements I need to take care of in order to have both you and a couple
 of your staff members there. I expect to be hosting a pre-meeting dinner
 0for the computer media. We would be honored if you and your staff would
 attend, naturally we'll be picking up the tab for the evening.

 Ideally, I'd like it if both you and John Nagy could attend. I've also
 heard that Jon Clarke might be in the US at that time. Of course, Jon
 would be welcome as well. From what the Boston Computer Society tells me,
 we can expect between 600-700 people to be in attendance at this meeting.
 Many of the members of the Boston Computer Society are well known experts
 in computing, others are famous for their writings, like Stewart Alsop,
 editor of InfoWorld Magazine. Of course, we need to impress people like
 this with the new computer that we'll be unveiling. But we will not forget
 the loyal Atarians that have stood by us through the years, either. So
 let's start planning a schedule. I want to be sure that you have sufficent
 access to key Atari staff at this function (or well in advance of it) so
 that you can be certain to have accurate information. (Richard Miller, VP
 of Technology and Leonard Tramiel will be there the day before, we can
 probably arrange a luncheon interview for you) With that thought in mind,
 I'll be faxing you a non-disclosure agreement tomorrow. Please sign it,
 and fax it back to me ASAP for my files.

 Review units will be made available shortly after the meeting, but I
 believe that there will be one available at the meeting that you will be
 able to have on an extended loan. Our typical loan agreement will apply.

 I expect that we'll be staying at the Park Place Hotel in Boston, and
 we'll be happy to have you as our guest there as well. Just be sure to
 give me an idea of what type of accomidations you'll require. Boston is a
 bit pricey, but the Park Place is just a short walk from New England Hall,
 where the presentation will be made. I have a favorite resturant there as
 well! <grin> I expect that there will be a post-meeting gathering there,
 and Atari would like you to attend that as our guest as well.

 I will be sending out annoucements to other members of the Atari specific
 media as well, but wanted to be sure to let you know first how much we
 appreciate your support. I look forward to seeing you in Boston!

 Director of Communications
 Atari Computer Corporation

 Conf : Z*Net
 Msg# : 8188/8189  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Feb 10, 1992  at 10:37 PM
 To   : Ron Kovacs
 From : Bob Brodie at Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California
 Subj : Re: <8144> Boston Meeting

 In reply to:

  - With ALL of the personal problems I am having at the present time, a
  - short vacation would be welcomed.  I will let you know more and
  - appreciate you offer.  Thanks again!
  - Talk to you soon!
  - Ron

 I hope that your Grandmother isn't any worse...I know that has been
 weighing on you greatly in the past few weeks.

 We'd love to have you attend the Boston meeting. As soon as the
 non-disclosure agreement is signed, we'll start providing you with the
 details that you need to write an ACCURATE assesment of the new
 computer(s) that we'll be showing in Boston. I will do everything possible
 to ensure you the best possible information on this matter, including
 making high level design staff available to you for interviews.

 This is just our way of saying THANK YOU for all of your superb support!!!

 Director of Communications
 Atari Computer Corporation

 now, to continue...

     Now, it's obvious here that these messages are an attempt to belittle
 and do harm to STReport and support Z*NET for being the "ever.. so
 cooperative" medium.  Truly, these messages are the type that were meant
 to be discussed by phone.  On top of which, who ever heard of having the
 press sign "non-disclosure" agreements??  By allowing STReport staff and
 readers to see them in public can only be viewed as an act of obsessive

     A few months ago, Mr. R.G. Brodie told Ralph Mariano that cooperation
 from STReport (i.e. Ralph) was a prerequisite to cooperation from Atari
 (i.e. Mr. R.G. Brodie).  Roughly translated, change your editorial stance
 and be totally cooperative and so will I.  This is not "communications",
 it's a directive, an ultimatum.  Corporations do _not_ dictate to the
 media what to print and what editorial stance to take on certain issues.
 They provide information, as much as humanly possible, and look forward in
 hopes the information will result in positive, supportive stories.  Each
 involved member of the media will make their own judgments and act
 accordingly.  To ignore one publication while fawning and fussing over
 another most certainly cannot and will not have a positive reaction.  Yet,
 these situations continue to occur for all to see...

     Apparently, these above messages are some sort of immature 'payback'
 directed toward Ralph, STReport and its staff.  In reality, please think
 of the impression made upon editors like Rod MacDonald, John Jainschigg,
 Patti & Bill Rayl, or Joe Waters?  Not to mention the users in general!  I
 wouldn't call a publication such as ST Informer "the opposition"; and
 Atari Explorer is Atari's in-house magazine.  By going out of his way to
 bait and antagonize Ralph and other STReport personnel with his praise of
 one group of journalists, Mr. R.G. Brodie fully endangers his credibility
 with all of the rest!  Although STReport is not a full, commercial
 venture, the other aforementioned publications rely upon Atari to make a
 living.  It's obvious that Mr. R.G. Brodie doesn't hold the other
 magazines in the same light.  Yes, Mr. R.G. Brodie did state he'd be
 sending out announcements to other publications as well.  When?
 Credibility is something that Atari doesn't seem to enjoy having an
 overwhelming abundance of.  Can they can afford to lose even the
 slightest bit to this fruitless obsession?

     Regardless of whether or not STReport receives similar treatment, the
 BCS meeting will be highly attended by STReport staff.  Fortunately, my
 living in Boston will make this easier, as well as other STReport
 contributors.  With the type of cooperation and favorable reporting
 (because it's warranted, not required) that we do attempt to accomplish,
 we feel more communication would have already been held.  STReport, albeit
 indirectly, provided some of the steps to initiate this meeting.  This
 cooperation was done with no strings attached.  Personally, I did feel
 that Boston area user groups would hear more.  Also, as an editor of
 STReport and a piece of the puzzle, I feel that I would have received some
 more information which would enable us to provide a comprehensive report
 of this important event.

     Let's hope that Atari, via Mr. R.G. Brodie, decides to have a change
 of attitude and offers the same cooperation that has been provided them.
 It's time for Atari to maintain a non-biased cooperative with all of the
 Atari publications, and let the chips fall as they may.


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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Sunnyvale, CA                  NAMM SHOW PRODUCES SUPER RESULTS!

     The level of sales volume, the number of new dealers signed on and of
 course, the response from the professional entertainment world has been
 acclaimed the highest, most positive since Atari's acquisition by the
 Tramiels.  By any standard of measure, J. K. Grunke, Corporate Director,
 International Music Markets, has brought to Atari a level of
 professionalism, recognition and enthusiasm the likes of which have not
 been enjoyed in a number of years.  This year's show marks a quantum leap
 in the proper direction for a soundly producing division of Atari's
 Professional Systems Group.

 - Jacksonville, FL            PORTFOLIO TO STRUT ITS STUFF FOR FUZZ!

     In an upcoming convention, Charles Hill will be demonstrating the
 power of the Atari Portfolio to the Nation's Police Chiefs.  Hill, whose
 company provides a large segment of the software used throughout the
 nation's Law Enforcement community, plans to demonstrate the powerful uses
 the Portfolio can provide to the "cop on the beat".  He plans to emphasize
 the versatility of the Portfolio when used in taking Crime scene reports,
 Accident Reports and all other memo book entries.  The ram cards used with
 the Portfolio are recognized as ideal for storing pre-prepared forms of
 all types.  Hill also mentioned the graphical capabilities they were
 interested in, he said they wanted the ability to show suspect's
 "mugshots" to crime scene witnesses before the real vision faded from
 their memory.  When coupled to the home precinct via telecommunications,
 the officer could be "patched through" and have the entire "NCIC system"
 in either his pocket or the compartment in his clip board.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From Delphi...

 J35957 14-FEB 00:36 General Information
      RE: Gregg Pratt Resignation (Re: Msg 35929)
      From: SMHALLACK    To: BOBBRO (NR)

 Not to disturb you or anything, but I am still blitterless.  I don't know
 what to say...  I am really frustrated about this.  I do understand that
 you are a busy person, but I believe that if you made an effort you could
 mail a blitter to me.  I have sent private e-mail with my address to you
 and have never recieved a reply!  Do you realize that it has been nearly a
 year now since you told me that you would send one out?

 I have been using Atari computers now for over 11 years, and this is the
 first time that I have questioned whether I should have bought one or not.

 Editor Note;
      Michael Hallack has had a defective Blitter Chip in his 1040 STe from
 the day he bought it.  Over a year ago, he was promised a replacement.

 From GEnie....

 Category 4,  Topic 11
 Message 173       Fri Feb 07, 1992
 A.DEFFENDERF [ALAN]          at 22:54 EST

  Jim, I need some help out of a jam.  The guy who is installing my T20
  needs to know what to do with those funky blue trace wires that came
  out stock with my Mega 4.  You see, in the process of jerking out a
  stupid boot delay gizmo on the motherboard these four or five little
  blue wires got yanked too.  I believe all of them were connected to the
  68000 and to a little chip near the edge of the board.  I need to know
  where they connect on the 68000 and on the other chip.  I've posted a
  message on the Atari Corp catagory.  I thought since you must have
  installed hundreds of T2X's that you might be familiar with these
  nasty blue wires.  I would reaaly appreciate your help...
                                                  Alan Deffenderfer

  BTW: I think both Dave Small and Jim Allen have produced excellent
  products for the ST/TT market.  I am really satisfied with Jim's T2X's
  and with Dave's GCR.  The speed and the emulation at 'low' costs are
  what keeps me with Atari.  All the bickering back and forth just shows
  that both Dave and Jim....and you too George....are really concerned
  for 1) the customer 2) their products 3) Atari.  We all wake up human
  every morning and we all we have our own perspectives and biases.
  Whether we kill each other because of them is our choice, but I think
  the disagreements lately just show the hard work and concern for not for... concern by Jim and Dave and George.

  Wow! And I thought I had enough philosophizing in my Intro to Philosophy
  class this morning.  Whew!  If my prof could see this he'd flip.


 From CIS

 Read action !
 #: 30936 S2/Games
     11-Feb-92  17:44:26
 Sb: #30895-#Falcon 3.0
 Fm: Spectrum HoloByte 76004,2144
 To: Andrew Johnson 70374,2144

 Dear Andrew:

 Unfortunately, we have no plans right now to develop FALCON 3.0 for the
 Atari ST.  There are number of different reasons (including the technical
 difficulties), but certainly one of them is the dismal ST market.  We
 released Flight of the Intruder late last year, and only sold about 760
 in the U.S. Obviously, there's no way we can afford to develop games for
 such a small market.


 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 7
 Message 44        Wed Feb 12, 1992
 DRAFTERY                     at 23:01 EST

     First let me explain that I am a loyal Atari enthusiast. I purchased a
 ST when they first came out. I have been using it productively and
 upgrading it ever since. Last year I purchased a Portfolio and I am very
 happy with it also  - I am typing this message on my Portfolio. I also am
 a shareholder of Atari  stock so I have an additional financial incentive
 to see Atari do well. I am not involved with Go Corporation, developers of
 PenPoint; I just think it is a  great idea.

     I believe that Atari should license PenPoint for use on the ST Pad
 instead of using TOS. Atari is following the same route with pen computers
 that Microsoft is doing. Microsoft has developed Pen Windows as a layer
 over DOS so  they can run existing Windows SW on the future pen based
 computers.  Atari is  doing the same with TOS/GEM to use existing ST
 software.  Go Corporation has  developed an entirely new OS called
 PenPoint. It is based on a 32 bit  microprocessor. This new OS is object
 oriented for ease of application  development and code reuse; it is an
 open system which  can be added to in the  future. Major SW companies
 including WordPerfect and Lotus have started  developing SW for PenPoint.
 All pen base computers running PenPoint would be  able to run these
 applications. That is why it is so important for Atari to  adopt Penpoint
 and get in on the ground floor of this new technology and way of using
 computers. It is time for Atari to get into the mainstream; we will never
 get the major sw companies writing for us if we don't. Let's face it,
 Lotus and WordPerfect are never going to write SW for the ST Book.

 The PenPoint OS contains the following built in features:
     Automatic networking (you can plug the computer into a network at any
     time and PenPoint will automatically send Faxes and E-mail, as well as
     receiving any mail which may be in your mailbox)
     High resolution display which adapts to any screen size
     Outline based fonts which can be any point size
     Handwriting (printing) recognition engine
     Virtual Keyboard which can be popped up to enter text
     Object oriented approach
     Hypertext linking capability within any application
     Applications can be imbedded within each other
     (you can be typing a letter in a wordprocessor and start a
     spreadsheet or drawing application and put the spreadsheet or drawing
     within the letter. No more importing of graphics from one program to
     another is required.)
     Support of pen gestures to control user interface
     Notebook User Interface with active icons

     I believe most people have the following misconception about the use
 of pen based computers: that all data will be entered and manipulated with
 a stylus. For the vast majority of computer literate people nothing could
 be further from the truth. Most data entry into a pen computer will be by
 means of a conventional keyboard, since most people can type at least as
 fast as they  can print. If Atari doesn't have a port for an external
 keyboard on the ST Pad, then they better get one fast even if it means
 using the serial port to plug  into. The stylus will be used when you are
 travelling in a car or standing on  the factory floor or by people who
 can't type and are scared of computers. There have also been comments that
 handwriting recognition must be 100%; people are worried about printing
 DIR and having the OS translate it as DEL. This  can't happen with
 PenPoint. To delete an object be it a word or a document, you draw an X
 thru the object. To get a directory, you look at the first page of  the
 Notebook User Interface and you see a table of contents (directory).  The
 PenPoint handwriting recognition module uses a built-in spell checker to
 correct the majority of its errors. Imagine, an OS with a built-in spell

     Those interested in learning more about pen based computers should
 read the following articles:

     BYTE February 1991 pg 211-221
     PC/COMPUTING November 1991 pg 215-228
     PC WORLD March 1991 pg 83-86
     Dr. DOBB's Journal November 1991 pg 14-28, December 1991 pg 107-113
     PC MAGAZINE January 14, 1992 pg 415-418

     I think Atari should treat the ST Book as interim product, which can
 run all ST software. The ST Book is roughly the same size as the ST Pad,
 so it  can be used as a powerfull computer to take with you on the road
 and by the music community. Atari should take the necessary time to make
 sure the ST Pad makes full use of a pen based computer's capabilities:
 this means running PenPoint.

     I have waited for a Hypercard like application for the ST for a long
 time.  With the arrival of Hyperlink, we at last have a hypermedia product
 for our favorite computer. But if the st pad runs PenPoint, it will have
 a hypermedia system built into the OS and available in any application.
 This is the best way for Atari to go with the ST Pad.

 Dave Raftery


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