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Date: 01/04/92-04:05:43 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 3-Jan-92 #801
Date: Sat Jan  4 16:05:43 1992

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                WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (January 3)


 DO YOU HAVE THIS FILE?  TURBO BOARD  ST BBS.   A  shareware, full-featured
 BBS system  for your  Atari ST.   Featuring Doors, Crossnet message bases,
 and FNET Network message  bases.    Compatible  with  Binkley  Term, Fido,
 Fidodooor, QBBS and Fido Mailer.

 File: TURBO1.LZH in Library 2 ("Telecommunications").

 you to create your own menu, supports user-definable  background pictures,
 and operates in all three resolution modes!

 File: RUNNER.ARC in Library 4 ("Utilities").

 DO YOU HAVE THIS FILE?  The Church Treasurer - a complete software package
 dedicated to take care of your record-keeping needs.   Fully configurable,
 this  program  promotes  efficient  and  friendly  data entry and supports
 numerous screen and hardcopy options.  Many fun-to-use features included.

 File:  TREASU.ARC in Library 5 ("Applications").

 DO YOU HAVE THIS FILE?   CDBASE -  an easy-to-use  compact disk cataloging
 database.   It presents  your collection using a graphic format and allows
 you to view, edit, search and print lists.

 File:  CDBASE.ARC in Library 5 ("Applications").


 Rob Rasmussen has uploaded an incredible  little animation  that is really
 worth a  look.   It's in  French, and has a rather awkward ending, but its
 something that I found amazing in  such  a  small  file  (68k).    Try out
 AWORLD.LZH  now  available  in  LIBRARY  17  of  the  Atari Arts Forum (GO


 Some great new product announcements from Codehead Software  in LIBRARY 16
 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN):

     TEC.TXT    - Upgrade your 520, 1040, or Mega ST to TOS 2.06!
     QUICK.TXT  - CodeHead Software assumes support of Quick ST 3!
     MEGSLM.ARC - Patch to let MegaPaint print on US SLM804s
     MEGMOD.ARC - Package of external modules for MegaPaint Pro

                          NEW VERSION OF ARCSHELL

 Charles  Johnson  has  uploaded  his newest shareware version of ARCSHELL,
 version 3.1, to LIBRARY 4 of the Atari  Productivity Forum  (GO ATARIPRO).
 This  version  has  significant  new  features and supports all the latest
 versions of Questor's LHARC utility.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #52

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Low and Mid-Level Mac's Have a Successful Christmas Season

 Because of their popularity, the prices for the low and mid-level Mac's
 climbed during the Christmas season.

 The two most popular choices were the Mac SE Model 40 and the Mac Plus.
 Prices on both climbed $50-$60 during the Christmas season due to their
 popularity.  The Apple IIgs gained $45, while the Mac SE/30 jumped $100
 in comparison to their pre-Christmas prices.

  -- Super Nintendo Nearing the 2 Million Mark

 According to Nintendo of America, the Super Nintendo Entertainment Sys-
 tem, in four months of retail sales, is set to break the 2 million unit

 It is reported that Nintendo had set a goal of selling 2.2 million units
 this year and according to the company, "The Super NES will outsell all
 competitors close to 2-to-1 by the end of 1991,".

  -- Analysts Say Sega's Genesis Beat Nintendo in Christmas Sales

 Analyst John Taylor of L.H. Alton & Co said that Sega's $150 unit out-
 sold Nintendo's $190 unit by a 2-to-1 margin in the final week before

 Sega said it sold 1.6 million Genesis systems this year and that the
 company was sold out of product just prior to Christmas after having to
 air ship extra units in from Japan to meet demand.

 Sega President Tom Kalinske estimates Genesis has 56% of the smaller 16-
 bit market now while Nintendo holds 31%.

 Some analysts feel that Nintendo made a mistake in not making the system
 compatible with the existing 8-bit game unit.

  -- Nintendo Gets Monopoly

 Parker Brothers' Monopoly has introduced a version for Nintendo's Game
 Boy system. It will be demonstrated Jan. 9 at the Consumer Electronics
 Show in Las Vegas.

 The $29.99 game can be played by one to four people and the players can
 take on up to eight computer opponents, each with a different skill

  -- New Chip Speeds Battery Charging

 QuickSaver, a rapid charge battery controller chip from Integrated Cir-
 cuit Systems, is designed to recharge nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries
 safely in 20 minutes rather than a couple of hours.

 Nickel cadmium batteries are popular not only in portable computers but
 in cellular telephone, cordless power tools, and other devices.

 According to Integrated Circuit Systems, QuickSaver also enhances NiCad
 reliability, prolongs battery life, and ensures a full charge every

  -- "Stoned III" Virus Only on Novell 5.25" Disks

 According to a statement issued by Novell Inc., the "Stoned III" virus
 was accidently shipped on some of its Network Support Encyclopedia
 disks.  The encyclopedia provides technical reference information
 directly to network service organizations on a subscription basis and is
 not resold through distribution channels. It is available on CD ROM,
 5.25- and 3.5-inch disks. However, only the 5.25-inch disks were

  -- Cray Computer Looses Initial Contract

 Due to Cray Computer Corporation missing a December 9th demonstration
 milestone, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory cancelled its
 order for the initial Cray 3 supercomputer with Cray Computer Company
 and excercised its option to buy a Cray C-90 from Cray Research Inc.

 Because of this action, Cray Computer Corp. will not realize the appr.
 $30 million revenue on this 1992 contract and will be seeking another

 Cray Computer Corporation was spun off of Cray Research to develop the
 Cray 3 supercomputer with the parent company supplying the initial $98.6
 million funding.

  -- For the Man that Has Everything, a $54,000 Clock

 Hewlett-Packard's (HP) new HP 5071A, a $54,000 atomic clock, is being
 heralded as the most precise time piece in the world. HP says the clock
 will only lose a single second in a time span of 1.6 million years.

 The new clock is not totally foolproof. HP estimates one failure every
 ten years, and only warranties the clock for five years.

 Atomic clocks provide the accuracy necessary for astronomy, the space
 program, radio and television signals, and communication companies.

  -- Healthline Settles with SPA

 After a surprise audit by the Software Publishers Association (SPA) on
 August 6th, Healthline Systems has agreed to pay a cash settlement to
 Lotus Development, Microsoft, Symantec, Wordperfect, and Wordstar
 International, all SPA members.  Healthline also agreed to accept a
 consent decree barring illegal copying of copyrighted software.

  -- SPA Involved in Divorce Action

 After a divorce judge recently ruled that a man give copies of his soft-
 ware to his wife, the man contacted SPA for help in convincing the judge
 that this would be illegal, immoral, and unethical.

 SPA intervened and got the ruling vacated. However, the man is probably
 not too happy with the results, as the Judge changed his ruling so that
 the man had to turn over the originals of the software to his wife
 instead of the illegal copies.



 Excerpts from included DOC File;

 by Aaron Hopkins

 compiled by R.F. Mariano
 commentary by R.F. Mariano

     FreeZe Dried Terminal was written by a BBS (Bulletin Board System)
 addict.  It was written because the "best" of all available Terminal
 Programs just wasn't good enough for my use.  The original purpose was to
 write a more usable terminal program just for my personal use, but as it
 grew and developed, I gave it to a few friends and they enjoyed it so much
 that my goal became developing it enough to the point of perfection, at
 which time I would release it.  But as I worked on it, I discovered that
 it never could be quite perfect, and at some point I would have to stop
 and say "This is it, I'm going to release this if it kills me."  You see,
 I am a bit of a perfectionist.  FZT can never be perfect, and never will.
 There will always be things to change, new features to add.  I started
 FzDSTerm in mid-August, 1990 and it has taken me over a year to get this
 far.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I and my Beta-testers do.

     Let me start out with the correct way to pronounce FzDS, the acronym
 for FreeZe Dried Software.  Whenever saying the name it is pronouced
 "FizzDizz and FizzDizz Software."  The software group is dedicated to
 bringing you the finest available programs with a reasonable price.  It
 was started by the authors of UBBS, Brian Hauer and Sean Price.  It was
 originally FDS Software, but when we were told that FDS is a brand of
 feminine hygiene products we promptly changed the name.

 A partial list of the powerful features offered:

 o Colorful, Intuitive non-GEM user interface with full mouse control and
   keyboard commands for most selections.

 o True 19200 baud input handling.  Use your high-speed modem as it was
   meant to be used.

 o VT-52, ANSI, UBT-Graphics, Instant Graphics, and more.

 o Any external protocol can be installed under easy-to-use shell:
   Currently installed protocols include Z-Modem Batch, Y-Modem Batch,
   Y-Modem G Batch, F-Modem Batch, X-Modem 1k, X-Modem CRC, X-Modem

 o Any protocol can be set up to Auto-Start receiving or sending.

 o Full Featured Auto-Dialer With 45 slots, redial, and chain dialing.

 o Auto-Logon Sequences for each BBS to get you on with few keystrokes.

 o Auto-Macros for each BBS to perform repetitive tasks for you.

 o 40 Macros with the ability to perform any script command or keyboard
   command, chaining macros, and much more.

 o 5 extra Macros for each BBS to hold your personal information, such as
   Handle, Password, etc.

 o Full Featured Capture Buffer, including block commands to save, ASCII
   send, etc. a block of text.

 o Full Featured Text Editor.

 o Flash!(tm) FULL Compatibility -> .DO Script Files.

 o Full Featured Disk Commands, including Format Floppy and an LZH/ARC/ZIP
   archiver shell.

 o 1000 Character Type Ahead Buffer.

 o Several built-in fonts and the ability to load standard .FED 8x8 Font

 o Affordable Registration Price ($25)

 o Fully usable Demo, with only non-essential commands disabled and no time

 o Complete In-Depth Documentation.

 FzDSTerm requires at least 1 Meg of RAM to run; I cannot say that FzT
 will even boot with under a Meg, much less function properly.  You will be
 warned if FzT cannot use the current resolution, and only resolutions of
 640 by 200(400/600/800) by 4(Mono/16) colors can be used at the moment.
 (To my knowledge this only includes ST Medium and ST High, and possibly
 some of the new graphics cards.)

 Why Do I Need a Good Terminal Program?

     Modems (short for MOdulator/DEModulator) are devices which allow one
 computer to communicate with another through standard telephone lines.  To
 use a modem, you will need a few things.  First, you need something
 capable of connecting to the modem to allow the user to interact with
 whats going on with the modem.  Also, you need a modem and appropriate
 connectors (RS-232 cable, etc.)  Lastly, and the most importantly, is the
 software to allow the modem to communicate with the computer and the user.
 This is referred to as a Terminal program.  You can have the most
 expensive computer and the fastest modem, but if you don't have a good
 terminal program you are nowhere.

     Many people have had a terminal program that they've been using for a
 long time, and that they're happy with.  They're happy, thats all that
 matters.  I was happy with my 8-bit for a long time, I was sure that it
 could handle all that I needed to do.  But then I saw an ST over at a
 friends house, and it could do all that I NEEDed to do, plus much more.
 It was faster with a better user interface, and had the extras that made
 computing easier and more interesting.  This same idea applies to Term
 programs, something else may work for your NEEDs, but does it do all that
 you WANT?

     There have of course are a lot of other programs out there and many
 have things about them that nothing else can touch.  But most, if not all,
 trade one feature for another.  If you want true 19200 baud
 communications, you might have had to sacrifice something else.  If you
 wanted IGS graphics, you would have had to put up with a completely
 featureless terminal.  If you wanted a feature packed program, you would
 have had to sacrifice ease of use or speed.  Its a trade-off.  But
 FzDSTerm has everything I or any of my beta testers have ever needed,
 wanted, or thought of, all in a very fast, easy to setup and use package.

 Your archive (or disk) should contain:
           FZDSTERM.PRG  The FzDSTerm Main Program (Demo versions are named
                         "FZT_Dxxx.PRG", where xxx is the version without
                         the decimal point.)
           FZDSTERM.DOC  This documentation
           REGISTER.DOC  Registration information
           PRINT.ME      Registration Form
           CONV2FZT.PRG  Converter for Interlink and Flash files to FZT
                         format CONV2FZT.DOC  Docs for Converter
           XYZ201.TTP    X-Modem, Y-Modem and Z-Modem protocals v2.01
           XYZ201.DOC    Documentation file to go with XYZ201.TTP
           FZDSXFER.TTP  Beta Test Version of the FreeZe Dried Protocols
           FZDSXFER.DOC  Documentation for the FzDS Transfer Protocols

 NOTE: Other, unlisted programs or documentation may be included for your

 It will also (eventually) create the following files:
           FZDSTERM.CFG  The configuration file
           FZDSTERM.NUM  The default autodialer directory
           FZDSTERM.MAC  The default macro set

     Next week, we will have more on this superb terminal program.  As we
 were going to press with this item, there are updates and modifications
 being conjured up to further enhance this powerhouse terminal program.  As
 a staunch Flash and Interlink user, I went to many different terminal
 programs that have been offered to the Atari marketplace but always went
 back to the "old favorites".  Folks, this terminal program has it all!
 I've changed over and am I ever glad I did.

     FZD has so many features and options that one can find something new
 most every time one boots the program.  You OWE it to yourself to check
 this terminal program out completely before you go for any long bux on the
 "fancy".  This baby is FANCY, STRONG, FLEXIBLE, FAST and... the author is
 available on all services and the FNET in the FZD conference.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

                       To sign up for GEnie service:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                     Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 GEnie costs only $4.95 a month for unlimited evening and weekend access to
 more  than  100  services  including electronic mail, online encyclopedia,
 shopping, news, entertainment, single-player games, and bulletin boards on
 leisure and  professional subjects.   With  many other services, including
 the biggest collection of files to download and the best online games, for
 only $6 per hour.

 MONEY BACK  GUARANTEE!   Any time during your first month of membership if
 you are not completely satisfied, just ask for your $4.95 back.

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     The ST Roundtable Staff  would  like  to  wish  all  of  you  the BEST
     upcoming year yet.

     Coming January  14th, the beginning of Lexicors Virtual Cinematography
     and Graphic Art classes.  The classes  will begin  at 10pm  Eastern in
     room 5. The first class will be FREE.

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > The Flip Side STR Feature      "...a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 Due to illness, STReport was not published last week.  So this week, you
 get two weeks' worth of my column. Here's some odds-and-ends in which to
 end the year.


 From Hal Dougherty on CIS...

    I just got Best Electronic's Catalog in the mail today. They have
    EVERYTHING for the ST. I have three broken monitors and the service
    manual was $40. That's high for the size of the book, but where else
    can you get one.  After I fix the monitors they will more than pay
    for the book.

    I have learned so much because I can't just take my stuff to the
    local repair shop and pay money to get it fixed. So far I have fixed
    everything on my ST's.

    The manual I got was just the service manual for the Goldstar
    Monitor. If you need a service manual for any ST product call Best
    Electronics at: 1-408-243-6950

    They have any Atari manual or part you might need. Be sure to get one
    of the new catalogs. It is full of pictures of Atari stuff that was
    only made in limited quanities.


 How safe is it to move a hard drive? - From Cat. 4, Topic 39, Msgs. 217,
 218, 222 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
 From Fred Koch....

    HDs can be safely transported. Just park the head, which should be
    done automatically when the power is turned off, and pack it in some
    cushioning, such as bubble wrap and a box, and take it along. I
    transported mine for a two day trip with no problems, and to and from
    user group meetings ocasionally with no problems. The greatest danger
    seems to be dropping one or otherwise producing a hard shock which
    might cause the head to hit the drive.

    After all, many portables have HDs in them and they are transported
    all the time.

 From Joe Meehan...

    Several people were I work were on the ill fated air liner that had a
    malfunction and the pilots had to try and land it without rudder
    control, they did great, but it still crashed, killing many people.
    Our employees made it out fine. Several months later we recieved a
    shipment, our laptop computer. It was a little ragged looking and had
    been fire damaged, but -it still worked- including the hard drive, we
    still had all the data.

    The moral of this story is, stay out of plan crashes, but if you are
    in one, don't worry about your hard drive.

 From Steve Johnson...

    I take my hard drive on a 80 mile road trip every now and then when I
    visit my parents with no ill effects whatsoever. And that's a HD
    where some of the internals are just lying in there unmounted (well,
    the host adaptor anyway!)! I wouldn't worry too much about it...or
    get a Stacy.


 Craig Beaumont - A happy ST owner on CIS...

    I have been using a 1040 ST over 20hrs/wk every week for the past 5
    years for business and music....

    I live in a rural coastal community 1.5 hrs from a well-stocked Atari
    store but I have done most shopping by phone/mail.  I have found so
    many stores selling/servicing Atari that I've always been happy with
    my choices.

    How much would you pay for a 4 Meg simm upgradable Mac or DOS
    w/Genlock, Stereo Digital sound, 4096 color palette w/mouse,
    joystick, light gun, Midi, printer, serial and HD ports?  Under $550
    for an STE...a low-end Atari.

    Lotus 123-using friends marvel at the speed and features of my LDW
    Power. Cost - slightly over $100. Keboard Mag's report on C-Lab's
    Notator, pg 122 Jan 92 issue "...isn't just the best Atari sequencer
    around. For ease of use and sheer # of features it outstrips just
    about every other sequencer we know about.".

    This doesn't sound like a machine that's " far too limited..expensive
    for the pitiful few features.."....My prejudice is obvious as I'm
    love with the "hobby toy computer" that helps me earn a six-figure


 How to upgrade your MegaSTe's hard drive - From Bob Brodie (Atari) - Cat
 14, Topic 40, Msg 157 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

    Look underneath the Mega STE where the hard disk is situated. There
    is a single screw under here that has to be removed in order for you
    to get to the Hard Disk. You can also access the roms, ram, and host
    adapter as well from this spot. Just lift up the hard disk and take
    it out of the case.

    Any standard 3-1/2" hard disk will fit in the bracket. I have a
    Seagate 60 meg unit installed in my demo unit. Before that, I had a
    105 meg Quantum. Both formatted fine with the latest version of Atari
    Hard Disk Utilities.


 Do you own a Moniterm monitor and want to know where to get it fixed?
 From Chris Kehoe - Cat. 4, Topic 25, Msg. 82 & 85 - from the ST Round-
 table on Genie...

    I've had my Moniterm Viking 2/91 for just under a year now. Just this
    last month it developed a blooming problem (that's where the screen
    display grows bigger and duller, then shrinks back down to it's
    normal size and brightness).

    When I called the people at Moniterm they told me they no longer
    service their monitors and gave me the name & number of ALX
    TECHNOLOGY in Mountian View, CA (415) 964-9365.

    Alex, the guy at ALX told me that Moniterm is going under and that he
    will most likily be handling all their west coast services. So I
    drove my monitor to his place and watched Alex check it out.

    Apparently my power supply was going bad. No big deal cause Alex had
    the parts on hand. Anyway, this guy had at least 20 or 30 large
    screen monitors, all being repaired in his shop and he seemed to have
    a good deal of spare parts laying around too. His card says "HIGH-
    RESOLUTION MONITOR SALES & SERVICE" and from the looks of his shop,
    he knows his stuff. As I was leaving his shop he mentioned the
    possibility of him buying out the rest of Moniterm's parts stock so
    if anyone needs their Moniterm serviced, I would think this is the
    guy to talk to. Check it out. monitor is still under warranty so I don't know his charges. He
    said if he billed Moniterm by the end of the year he should get paid
    but he also said that since they are under going a lot of changes
    there's always the possibility he won't get paid. He said, "Oh well,
    in that case I'll just eat the charges." WHATTA GUY!! He definitely
    made an impression on me. If I ever have to buy another monitor, I'm
    calling this guy first.

    Anyway, while I was there he explained what the possible problem
    areas were for my monitor's behavior. With the monitors cover cracked
    (taken off) he showed me two possible fixes. One was so simple
    anybody could do it if they knew what to do. It had to do with a
    connector not seated well enough. All he did was applied a little
    pressure on it and the screen started blooming....


 Comments about Powermonger from C.JANES1 - Cat 9, Topic 26, Msgs 24 & 26
 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

    A Warning to Anyone Interested in the "sequel" called "Powermonger"!
    Rumor has it that there is a sequel to Populous called "Powermonger."
    My wife and I purchased Powermonger for our AtariST and were
    disappointed with it in several ways.

    First, it is incorrect to think of Powermonger as a sequel to
    Populous. The game's play deals with guiding armies in mideval battle
    rather than in world creation and God vs. God conflict. There is no
    "raising land" here.  Of course, this is OK as a type of game in
    itself, but don't be mislead into thinking it's a more challenging
    version of Populous (which the both of us love).

    Secondly, we wish we could lower the programmers' salary $1 every
    time we had to battle with the game's interface while precious game
    time went by. Info windows would not close and the mouse click would
    often be interpreted as a request to open more windows (the routine
    to determine if the mouse was over the "close" box is very limited.)
    We once wasted five minutes (count 'em 300 seconds!) just duelling
    with these rebellious windows while our army was ambushed! Gee, what

    Other "playability" flaws included moronic minions who couldn't nego-
    tiate their way out of a paper bag let alone around lakes or streams.
    This is an important point to make because the game will eventually
    require you to control several separate armies via slow carrier
    pidgeons. This locomotion incompetence greatly detracts from the
    enjoyment of the game.

    In closing, we'd like to say that this is not (in our opinion) a
    "sequel" to Populous although, on its own, it is an interesting
    concept. Also, using Bullfrog's own words, "if the game ever stops
    the magic is broken." In this game, the battle you will have just
    trying to interface with the game kills any hope of creating "magic."
    Two thumbs down for Powermonger.

 Reply from Drew Kerr...

    "Powermonger" was never seen as a sequel to Populous (Populous II
    is). They may be spiritually related, and look superficially a little
    bit alike, but they are completely different games...I personally
    think it's quite something!...

    If you have some patience, there are some excellent strategies to
    getting around this game and conquering other armies....


 Comments about Knightmare from R.EIDAL - Cat. 9, Topic 9, Msg. 19 - from
 the ST Roundtable on Genie...

    Hey! Knightmare's out! I just got a copy of it last night and began
    playing it. Unfortunately I only had an hour or two to play, but so
    far I like it a lot. The interface is very similar to Captive, so if
    you played that game you'll have no trouble with Knightmare. The way
    you use weapons is a little different, some weapons have more than
    one way to use them.

    It's more of a quest game than is Captive, and there are four quests
    to solve. The graphics are better than they were in Captive, and
    although all my adventuring has been out of doors so far, the
    atmosphere is just as claustrophobic. Apparently there is a tele-
    vision show in England titled Knightmare, and this game has some sort
    of tie-in with it.

    I think this game is going to be pretty difficult. I'm stuck already
    - four trolls are after me and I can't kill them no matter what I do.
    At the beginning of the game it's VERY easy to die. Even the cute
    little rabbits hopping around are Killer Bunnies. Looks like
    Knightmare will have many, many hours of play in it.

    If you're having trouble finding it, here's the phone number for
    Mindscape (in England): 0444 246333. Perhaps they can help.


 Some interesting info about the STe/MegaSTe from Mike Drysdale (Team
 Computers) - Cat. 14, Topic 4, Msg. 47 - from the ST Roundtable on

    EVERY STe (again STe) is ready for TOS 2.06. Just remove the old TOS
    and plug in the new chips. No boards or modifications are needed.

    EVERY MEGA STe and TT (that's MEGAe or TT) is ready for a 1.44 (or
    2.88) floppy drive. Install the Ajax chip, a 1.44 (or 2.88) mech, and
    flip dip switch #7. Yes it will still read, write, format, 360K
    (single-sided) and 720K (double-sided) disks as well as other
    perverse and extended format disks (IBM, SPECTRE, Mac, Etc).

    If you have an ST or STe (the older stuff), adding a 1.44 floppy will
    will much more complex. AND MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE AT ALL.

    Owners of older STs (NOT e's) who want TOS 2.06, go directly to
    Codehead (do not pass GO).

    If you want to have some fun right now, MEGAe owners ONLY, flip dip
    switch #7 (it's under the hard drive) and go to format.


 From John J. (Atari Explorer) - Cat. 14, Topic 30, Msg. 54 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

    The "wonderful MIDI issue of Atari Explorer" will be released a week
    prior to the NAMM show (i.e. around January 10th) to a select group
    of music stores and specialty dealers. The rest of the MIDI issue
    will be released at NAMM and thereafter (which is proper, since it's
    a February issue).

    Meanwhile, on or about January 5th, the wonderful "Terminator" issue
    of Atari Explorer will be released. Issue contents include:

    "T2 Portfolio" -- a philosophico-technical exegesis of James
    Cameron's vision for high tech and moral responsibility.

    "Liquid Metal" -- an interview with Lee Seiler on Terminator 2 SFX,
    with a tutorial on how to create "liquid metal" weirdo-creepo sci-fi
    effects on your ST.

    Then, for you Star Trek, The Undiscovered Country fans, we have an
    interview with "Walter Koenig, Atari User". Way cool -- he's a bright
    guy and has had a really interesting career.

    And for music/movie fans, we've got extended interviews with Dave and
    Don Grusin (the former wrote the score for Bette Midler's new film:
    For the Boys).

    Tech folks will enjoy the premieres of TWO new programming series:
    The first, by BJ Gleason, on "Portfolio Programming" (*everything*
    you ever wanted to know ...), and another, by Steve Yelvington, on
    "Serial Programming," in which we'll eventually cover EVERYTHING on
    THAT subject.

    Also look for extended reviews of CardFile 3, Dorothy Brumleve's
    KIDPRGS, D.E.K.A., Data Diet, eSTeem PILOT, and P.A.M.

    And then, for you just general Atari tech fans, we've got THE MOST

    So relax, folks. Don't worry. Be happy. Sure, we've had some
    production problems, but they're over now.


 Some helpful hints from John Spande for you TT/MegaSTe owners - Cat. 28,
 Topic 2, Msg. 85 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

    I'd like to pass along a helpful hint to those of you who are
    concerned about putting heavy monitors on top of the TT/MSTE but
    haven't space to put it elsewhere. (I believe the Codeheads traced
    some problems with their TT to flexing of the motherboard due to
    weight on the case).

    I discovered a CPU Stand made by FELLOWES (stock no 40704) which I
    got a OfficeMax for $20. It is welded steel rod construction (like
    shopping carts) which is very sturdy and allows good access from all
    sides (large cartridges might call for a minor modification with a
    hacksaw). Best of all it clears the top of the computer by just 1/8
    inch so overall it would raise your monitor only about 1/2 inch over
    what it would be if you put it directly on the computer. Overall it
    is about 3 inches wider than a TT/MSTE.


 A person asked about 2.88 meg floppy drives for the ST.  Here's a reply
 from Norm Weinress - Cat. 4, Topic 17, Msg. 42 - from the ST Roundtable
 on Genie...

    2.88 meg drives are still very expensive and so is the media. It is
    not likely tht they will be competitive for at least a year. On top
    of that, there is no way to extend the capability of the older ST
    line to handle handle them. Maybe (if you have lots of money) you
    want a 20 MByte floppy (they exist), although at that point you've
    got a low capacity Syquest.


 Have you wondered what's happened to the '030 accelerator from Fast
 Tech?  Here's Jim Allen - Cat. 4, Topic 11, Msg. 83 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

    The marketing effort on the 030, other than some noise here on GEnie,
    has been concentrated on direct marketing to the most likely
    customers...professional Dynacadd and Calamus users. We've made an
    arrangement with ISD, and their registered customers get a big price
    break. But even with the break this kind of product is a serious
    purchase and has appeal only to those who can justify the expense. To
    folks using Calamus and Dynacadd in business, the savings of time,
    the 5-10 fold increase in productivity, can be translated directly
    into dollars.

    That's why we haven't been plastering ads all over, and whooping up a
    storm...that's not how you reach the intended customers.

    We have been shipping 030's, and have a healthy backlog, principly in
    Germany where we've gone after the lino-type houses with direct mail

    The big $1199 to $1999 board is just not a "mass-appeal" product. The
    Tiny030 will be, and I'm working with another company to make the
    board an Atari/Amiga device, with some cost reduction measures taken.
    It just takes time to get projects like this off the ground. I'm
    looking forward to the Tiny030 being a big hit, and filling in the
    space btween the $379 T25 and the $1199  T030-cache only.

    In this business, with an expensive unit like an 030, there are alot
    of folks interested, but only a certain percentage will actually buy.
    We're concentrating active marketing on the most likely customer

    But folks listening who need a T030 can have one ;-)


 Until next week.....


 > GEMULATOR? STR Spotlight             "Why emulate the ST?"

                       WHY DO I NEED THE GEMULATOR?

 Compiled by Michael Lee

 Here's a post about the Gemulator by Darek M. (Brasoft) - from Category
 19, Topic 15, Msg. 1 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   As many of you know, we are developing an emulator allow Atari ST
   software to run on PC clones.

   You may be wondering why this topic is in this category, why not in
   the PC roundtable. Well, considering that the whole idea of Gemulator
   was suggested to me by Atari ST users, and it will be used by existing
   Atari ST users to run ST software, it seems only appropriate to
   discuss it in an ST roundtable.

   Since only people attending my demo at the Chicago Atarifest got to
   see the 8- bit and ST emulators, a lot of rumors have been circulating
   about Gemulator. I would like answer questions people may have about
   it in this topic.

   In the Novemeber issue of the BraSoft News, there was an Emulator
   Survey which asked various questions about your potential use of
   Gemulator. A lot of good ideas and suggestions have resulted from this
   survey, and so I'd like to continue this by asking for your input
   regarding Gemulator.

   I'd like to start off by answering some of the most frequently asked
   questions about Gemulator.

   Q: why emulate the ST?

   A: from a computer junkie's point of view, my answer is, "because it's
   there". This was the same reason why I wrote the 8-bit emulator. it
   was a challenge in programming. With 5 years of experience writing
   6502 emulators, it was time to move up to emulating the 68000.

   There are real reasons from the users point of view why this is de-
   sirable as well. First, the PC clones of today in general have faster
   CPUs and better graphics and larger disk drives than the ST. After
   all, the ST has hardly been improved upon since 1985, while PCs and
   Macs have leapfrogged in power and dropped in price.

   Early attempts at making the ST and PC compatible, such as PC Ditto,
   didn't prove very successful. Software only emulation of the 8088 on
   the ST was slow, and the ST's graphics were unable to emulate EGA and
   VGA graphics, not to mention simple 80 column text mode.

   However, by reversing that, i.e. emulating the 68000 on a PC, you can
   take advantage of the PC's ability to emulate the 68000 in real time,
   and to emulate the ST's graphics without loss of quality. That is the
   whole idea behind Gemulator, and through email and at Atari shows
   people have been coming up to me and saying "you wrote the 8-bit
   emulator, why don't you do an ST emulator." And so I am.

   Q: is it hardware or software?

   A: Gemulator emulates the 68000 and the ST's hardware entirely in
   software. The only hardware required is a plug in card that contains
   two sets of sockets for ROM chips. You plug in one set of TOS ROMS, or
   two sets (i.e. two different versions of TOP), or, depending on how
   compatibility with Mac emulators goes, a set of TOS ROMs and a set of
   Mac ROMs.

   Q: wouldn't it be faster to put a 68000 chip on a card?

   A: yes, in some cases, but this would increase the cost of the
   product, as well as place a limit on features. By emulating the 68000
   in software you gain two big advantages. First, the 68000 can be
   emulated at full speed on a 386, and on a 486 emulation is at about
   double the speed of the 68000. As PC clones get even faster and
   cheaper, this will allow Gemulator to run even faster.

   Putting an 8 MHz 68000 on a card puts a limit on the speed. The other
   advantage is that if you run Gemulator on a multitasking OS like
   Windows, you can multitask several different 68000 programs at once.
   Again, a hardware implementation would mean only running one ST
   program at any one time, and you would have to use something like
   MultiGEM or Revolver to fake multitasking.

   However, a software implementation of the emulator has one drawback,
   which depending on your point of view is or is not a drawback.
   Gemulator requires a 386 or a 486 to run on. It will not run on an
   8088 or 286. The results of the Emulator Survey so far show that less
   than 10% of the respondants have such a machine. Everyone else either
   already has a 386 or is going to buy a 386. The 8088 died off years
   ago with 6502 based machines.

   Q: how compatible is Gemulator?

   A: that remains to be seen. It does not yet fully emulate all of the
   ST's hardware, so only some 68000 code runs on it right now. However,
   because the ST and PC have such similar graphics, and virtually
   identical disk formats, many of the compatibility problems that I
   faced with the 8-bit emulator will not exist. The problem with Xformer
   was that the 8-bit disks and ST disks were not compatible at all, and
   the 8 bit was also capable of generating better graphics with more
   colors that the ST, not to mention sound.

   Q: what about sound and MIDI?

   A: I am evaluating the Sound Blaster Pro card. It supports stereo
   sound and MIDI, and so PCs equipped with such a card would be able to
   emulate the ST's sound and MIDI capabilities. Like I said in the
   newsletter, I am not commiting to this yet.

   Ok, enough for now, I'll let someone else put in a few words.

   - Darek @ BraSoft


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 As a reader of STReport International Online Magazine, you are entitled to
 take advantage of a special DELPHI membership offer.  For only $29.95 ($20
 off the standard membership price!), you will receive a lifetime subscrip-
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  NOTE: Special offers can be found in your favorite Atari magazines:

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                              JOIN -- DELPHI

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     2. At the Username prompt, type JOINDELPHI.
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 For more information, call DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005, or at
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     Other telecom services may have additional  charges.   Canadian Tymnet
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     For  more  information,  contact  DELPHI at 1-800-544-4005 and ask for
 Member Services.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



                           CODEHEAD AND QUICK ST

 Compiled by Michael Lee

 Here's a post about Quick ST by John Eidsvoog (CodeHead Software) - from
 Category 32, Topic 31, Msg. 102 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   It seems that we need to spell out exactly what obligations we have
   regarding Quick ST, and what obligations we don't have.

   On January 1st, 1992, CodeHead Software will begin handling future
   development and support of Quick ST. This will include doing our best
   to fix all bugs and improve the software in any way we can.

   We will update previous versions of Quick ST and any version of Turbo
   ST for $20 and proof of original purchase. Send in your QST disk or
   Turbo ST disk with $20 and we will send you an update. If you do not
   have your original disk, contact us and we'll try to help you.

   The initial version of the program we'll be releasing will be 3.06.
   This version will be essentially the same as 3.05 developed by Darek,
   but will contain a couple of bug fixes to solve a crashing problem
   with FSMGDOS and Calligrapher. If is up to each individual to
   determine whether the upgrade is worth $20 to him.

   Future plans for Quick ST include follow-up bug fixes, further
   possible speed improvements, interface design, and possibly some other
   surprises. It is not known at this time how updates will be handled
   for those who update from 3.06. As always, we will attempt to be fair.

   CodeHead Software assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for losses or unfilled
   orders incurred while Branch Always Software was handling Quick ST.


   In light of the comments and attitudes we've viewed lately from some
   users, we've actually had some second thoughts about following through
   with the take-over of Quick ST. It seems that some of the customers of
   Branch Always are not aware of the way we do business at CodeHead
   Software. Perhaps this is due to the history of Quick ST, which
   started out as a shareware program and then was sold commercially at
   $19.95. Support for software often parallel its cost.

   Even at its current price of $34.95, Quick ST will be the cheapest
   program in the CodeHead catalog (along with G+Plus and CodeHead
   Utilities). But we will still treat it as one of our own programs,
   including accepting suggestions and bug reports and responding to user
   questions in a timely fashion and treating them with respect.

   In turn, we expect the owners of Quick ST to treat us with the same
   respect. Do not complain about previous experiences over which we have
   no control. If you have bug reports, offer them as factual, un-
   emotional, well-documented reports that will help us to determine the
   cause of the problem. If you have suggestions, let us know, in a
   polite way.

   If these simple guidelines are followed, I think Quick ST will have
   found a new and permanent home where it can grow to match the high
   standards of CodeHead Software.


 > SCANLITE STR Review          "...much needed and LONG overdue.."

                              SCANLITE V1.10

 by Doyle C. Helms
   (STReport STaff Editor)

     Scanlite is a much needed and LONG overdue program for the Atari ST/TT
 computers.  Before the advent of Scanlite, hand scanner users were limited
 to one major piece of software that would allow a hand scanner to be used.
 Touch-Up.  Sure, the 'other' hand scanner manufacturers included their own
 scanning software but it was limited at best.  With Dr. Bobs Scanlite
 accessory ALL the major hand scanners are supported in one package.


     The included documentation is about the shortest and most concise set
 of instructions I have seen in a commercial piece of software.  The
 program disk comes in a glossy folded piece of cardboard with the
 instructional documentation printed inside.  Is the Dr. Cheap?  NO!  The
 required instructions are ALL there and it would be a waste of good paper
 to have included anymore verbose documents.  There are some included
 graphics that point out essential menus and options with their appropriate
 uses.  A few extra notes and hints are included on the disk as "README"


     The program performs as advertised.   This program/acc is not a
 do-everything-under-the-sun nor is it advertised as one.  This prg/acc is
 a accessory that allows a user to use a hand scanner and then save the
 image for further manipulation in a DTP program or whatever.  Scanlite
 does not have any editing abilities (ergo- ScanLITE).  Scanlite allows
 hand scanning from the MIGRAPH hand scanner, DATASCAN, GENSCAN and the
 GOLDEN IMAGE scanner.

     Once Scanlite is invoked (either as an ACC or proram) the user is
 presented with a selection menu which allows the choice of the DPI to scan
 with.  The choices are 100, 200, 300 and 400 DPI.  The user also has the
 option to begin the scan, save the scanned image, exit the program or go
 to a configuration menu.  The configuration menu is really important when
 you first install Scanlite.  After the initial set-up the configuration
 option is rarely used.  Important note; you MUST use the configuration
 options the first time or you will experience severe emotional problems
 that may require psychological help to avoid further hair pulling.

     Let me digress for a moment.  My first encounter with Scanlite was not
 a joyous occasion.  Upon opening the newly acquired software package in
 which I received THE Tray and COALESCE(ah, but that is another review...).
 I slipped the disk in drive A and copied the appropriate files to my hard
 drive.  I then rebooted (to install Scanlite as an ACC) and thought I was
 well on my way to scanning nirvana.  I called up Scanlite and then hit the
 "SCAN" selection on the menu and nothing happens.  The scanner does NOT
 even grunt or twinkle.  Hmmm...? I then try again and again and again.
 Nothing.  Where did I put Dr.  Bobs phone number? I then go to old
 faithful (Touch-Up) to ensure my scanner was still operational.

     Everything worked fine.  Gotta be a bug in Scanlite!  Right?  Wrong!
 I then got out the neat little documentation that accompanied the program
 and began to read.  The doc's mentioned the configuration and setting up
 the PROPER scanner for proper operation.  If the proper scanner is not
 chosen then it will not work!  Simple enough.  Well after clearing the
 hair from the keyboard which I had removed from my head moments before I
 called up Scanlite and selected the configuration menu.  The default
 scanner was set for Golden Image.  I then set the selection for Migraph
 and returned to the main menu.  I selected SCAN and viola!  Positive
 results.  Moral: ALWAYS READ THE DOCUMENTATION FIRST! I'm one of the
 brightest and most intelligent people I know (barring Carl Sagan of
 course) and I let this happen to me.  Ashamed is an understatement.  If
 you believe the last statement please call me at 1-800-BUY-SWAMP here in
 Florida anytime.

     Now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself and shown my inability
 to read the simplest of instructions... allow me to continue.

 The configuration menu also includes selections for the following:

 1.  Save the scanned image in compressed format or use the
     standard format.  I haven't used a program yet that requires
     the "standard" format.  All programs so far have been
     compatible with the compressed format.

 2.  Time out setting.This allows the user to set the amount of
     time the scanner will allow for inactivity before switching
     off.  The timer setting is based on a 8Mhz speed.  So if you
     have a 16Mhz machine, a 30 second setting will be in reality a
     15 second time out value.  I think you get the flow of reason.

 3.  "W" or "B" setting.  This setting allows for the user to select
     the background color of the scan, White or Black.

 4.  "O".  Video plane setting to display the image scan on
     multiplane (color) systems.

 5.  Lastly, you choose to save these settings for use the next
     time Scanlite is called.

     There is also a second configuration program that is run external of
 Scanlite.  The program is called SL_PREP.PRG.  This program is for
 configuring the memory buffer that is used by Scanlite.  The user is NOT
 required to use the buffer set-up, but many applications use up all
 available memory and none is left for Scanlite ACC.  In other words the
 buffer set-up will set aside a predetermined amount of memory that
 Scanlite will reserve for itself regardless of what the "other"
 applications may do.

     I have found the program to be extremely useful for general scanning
 for pleasure and for serious DTP applications.  I have found NO flaws
 (bugs).  I have been using the program for several weeks with many
 applications.  Dr. Bob is to be commended for this fine piece of
 programming.  Scanlite has special hooks to allow communication with a
 sister program "COALESCE".  This "hook" allows COALESCE to receive the
 scanned image from Scanlite, whether called as an ACC or program for use
 in combining to half-scans
 into one seamless image.


      Rating: 10 (out of 10).
      Recommendation: Buy it! (if you have a hand scanner)

     The program/ACC was tested on a Mega St 2 w/TOS 1.4 and on a Mega STE4
 w/ TOS 2.05 - Note for MSTE users, TURN OFF the cache if using the 16Mhz
 mode.  This applies not only to Scanlite but to Touch-Up and COALESCE

                                Dr. Bobware
                           180 N. Hazeltine Ave.
                         Campbell, OH. 44405-1024
                              (216) 743-4712


                               P.O.  Box 45
                            Girard, OH.  44420
                              (216) 539-5623


 > STR Portfolio News & Information            Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     BJ Gleason has uploaded ver 1.1 of his Pbread program. PREAD1.ZIP
 offers searching and a built-in help screen. ALICE.ZIP, also uploaded by
 BJ, contains the complete text of Alice in Wonderland in Pbread format.
 David Stewart has uploaded UFOREA.ZIP which contains two more Pbread files
 for the entertainment of UFO fans. Another entertaining offering comes
 from BJ.  OPCODE.COM is in Pbread format and gives some amusing variations
 for three letter machine codes.  This should be a hit with assembly
 language fans.

     Also on the light side is a fortune cookie program from BJ Gleason.
 COOKIE.COM will give you a dose of wisdom every time you re-boot if placed
 in your autoexec file.

     PFDIAL.ZIP is a dialing queue manager written by Robert L. George.
 This program will allow you to dial and edit telephone numbers.

     CRYPT.ZIP by Don Messerli will be a boon to Port users who carry
 sensitive data.  The file contains editor hooks to encrypt and decrypt
 documents.  It uses passwords and is more secure than the previously
 uploaded CODE utility by David Stewart.

     In response to a user request, we have TIMECA.ZIP.  This worksheet
 will do running calcualtions of time in minutes and seconds.

     PowerBasic users will appreciate BJ Gleason's POWED.ZIP.  This file
 contains an editor for PowerBasic.  It allows editing and compiling of
 Portfolio programs on the PC.

     If you are looking for old gold in the forum libraries, LIBINF.TXT
 could help.  This file is a list of the most popular files in the library,
 based on download count.  Also included is a scorecard of the most
 prolific uploaders in the forum.

     Several useful programs have been uploaded recently.  SCRMOD.ZIP by
 David Stewart will display your current settings for external and internal
 screen modes.  TIMESE.COM is a PowerBasic program which will dial the
 Naval Observatory in Washington DC and set your system clock to the
 correct time.

     WORLD.ZIP contains a world map in PGC format and a Pbasic program to
 display the map and print the current system time.  ALARM.ZIP is an alarm
 clock for the Portfolio.  This program by BJ Gleason will keep the Port
 running until the user exits it.  JOG12.ZIP by Tim Salami does simple
 calculations for joggers.

     MKPG12.ZIP contains a new version of the PGX creation program by Don
 Messerli.  The program creates animations to be viewed with PGfliX.  Among
 the new features are partial second delays, random delays, and repeat
 features.  We have several new animations uploaded this past week.
 TREE.ZIP by Don Messerli is a simple Christmas greeting.  Don Thomas has
 re-done his EYES.ZIP, PM.ZIP, and T2.ZIP to take advantage of the latest
 features of MKPGX and PGfliX.

     David Stewart has written CGASHO.ZIP to allow those with CGA monitors
 to view .PGC and .PGF files on their desktop machines.  PA08.TXT contains
 issue #8 of Portable Addiction, uploaded by BJ Gleason.

     The programming marathon has finally ended. Congratulations to
 marathoners BJ Gleason, Don Messerli, and David Stewart for an excellent
 job.  They exceeded the goal of having at least one program added to the
 forum library every day in November and December.  As a result, the forum
 library now contains over 600 files.

     RESET.ZIP is a utility by David Stewart which will allow you to reset
 the default file for one application without having to delete permdata and
 lose the other applications'.  PSSWRD.ARC is a password security for the
 Port by Jim Ness.  It will require a password to exit once the program has
 been started.  This will restrict access to the Port.  It can be run from
 the autoexec.bat to protect in the event of a reboot.

     PLIB.ZIP by BJ Gleason is a collection of PowerBasic routines that
 allow access to special Port functions.  ASCII.ZIP is a code table which
 would be of use to programmers.

     The collection of PGC graphics files keeps growing.  TARGET.PGC is a
 humorous composition by Don Thomas of Atari. PATTRN.ZIP and PATT2.ZIP are
 collections of background patterns by Don Messerli. ASL.ZIP is a Pbasic
 program from BJ Gleason to show the letters in the American Sign Language.
 Don Messerli has also provided a collection of animal pictures in

     Don Messerli has created a new version of PCSHOW to view PGC files on
 your desktop. PCSHO1.ZIP supports CGA as well as EGA and VGA. Atari ST
 owners will be able to adapt Degas images to the Port with STGRAB.ARC. The
 program will also display PGC images. STCHEK.ARC will check the PGC files
 to see that they are clean and optimally compressed.

     From the workshop of BJ Gleason comes SF.ZIP. Showfile 1.0 is a file
 viewer which serves as a front end for PREAD.  This stand alone version
 can be used for viewing normal text files on the Port.  There is a good
 library of files available in Pread format.  BJ has uploaded DOSINT.COM, a
 DOS interrupt listing.  PEMPIR.COM is a Space Epic.  DICT2.ARC is a Pread
 compressed version of the spelling dictionary, POORSPl.ARC. SNARK.COM
 contains Lewis Carroll's "Hunting of the Snark".  "Through the Looking
 Glass" is in GLASS.ZIP. Both uploaded by BJ Gleason.

     On a humorous note, MURPHY.ZIP contains Murphy's laws applied to
 computers and HIST.ZIP is a history of the world as told by students'
 test papers.  Both were uploaded by Don Messerli.  George Campbell has an
 introduction to DOS in DOSDOC.COM.

     Two new games arrived this week.  Hangman is contained in two files:
 HANGEM.COM and HANGEM.TXT.  The text file can be edited to create your own
 word lists. FINDME.COM will appear to fans of "Where's Waldo".  You have
 to seek out the unchanging letter out of 128 on the rapidly changing

     David Hayden's comparison of 5 Palmtop computers from the December
 Mobile Office is available. PLMTOP.COM is in Pread format.  PLMTOP.TXT is
 an ASCII version.  Marty Mankins has also uploaded a comparison of several
 palmtops.  See COMPLM.TXT for his opinions.

     Robert Kelsoe has uploaded DISPTM.COM, a PowerBasic program to display
 the current time and give an audible countdown to each minute.  This is a
 useful companion to the time setting program TIMSE.COM which will set the
 Port from the Naval Observatory's atomic clock.

     RLE.ZIP is a viewer for RLE weather maps by BJ Gleason.  Another
 program of interest to pilots is WCA.COM.  This is a PowerBasic version of
 his flight computer.

     David Stewart has written a trig program.  TRIG.ZIP will give the
 sine, cosine and tangent of an angle.

     If things get a little too quiet, HORN.ZIP will play the Sailor's
 Hornpipe through the Port's speaker.  To really impress people in the line
 at the gas station use your Port with LOTTO.ARC to pick the winning
 numbers for your ticket.


 > STReport's Editorial Page             "Saying it like it really is."

  From the Editorial Dep't.

                         Toasting in the New Year

 by Dana P. Jacobson

     It's hard to believe that 1992 is here already.  I hope that the start
 of this new year finds everyone healthy; it seems that most of the
 STReport staff has been down and out with the flu lately.  I think that
 last week was the first time in ages that an issue didn't see the light of
 day.  I initially wanted to make a few predictions for the new year, but
 somehow I couldn't see myself come up with too many.

     I'm sure we'd all like to know ahead of time how Atari will fare in
 1992, how the users will fare, what we can expect, etc. etc.  Maybe my
 optimism has waned a bit; or I've adopted a wait and see attitude - I
 really don't know yet.

     So, what I thought appropriate at this time, instead, was to take a
 few topics from last year and make some recommendations or observations so
 that perhaps a new year can help to provide some insight as to how things
 can progress smoother.

     Throughout this past year, there has been a lot of public and behind
 the scenes controversy about some of the content of STReport.  STReport
 will continue to be for the Atari user.  If this means that controversial
 editorials continue, then that's what will be done.  Some readers will
 call this Atari-bashing, but it really isn't.  _Someone_ has to bring
 controversial issues to light; it's pointless to attempt to maintain a
 rose-colored attitude.  I find that controversy is an effective means to
 affect change.  It might not happen right away, but it will happen.
 There has already been some behind the scenes attempts (mostly positive)
 to try and affect some changes in STReport.  I'm sure that we'll hear a
 lot more as time goes on - we do listen!

     Perhaps our editorials will take on a slightly different tact, but I
 doubt we'll see a 180-degree turnaround.  In an editorial earlier in the
 year, I explained the attitudes dealing with "killing the messenger".
 We'll continue to report, and editorialize" about those events, people,
 etc. that we find to be informative to our readers.  Let's hope that the
 news for 1992 will be all positive so STReport can write it that way!

     There was a lot of discussion in the past year about user groups, and
 user group shows.  I hope to learn in the near future that we'll see a
 resurgence of user groups and user group activities.  I hope to hear that
 Atari finds a way to free Bob Brodie up enough so that he can help out in
 this area.  Last I heard, Bob still had that "role", among his many
 others.  Perhaps Bob can initiate an "official" Atari user group
 newsletter on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to keep user groups informed
 of current topics related to user groups.  Or, another idea might be
 a regular column specially  directed for those user groups who might want
 to include it in their regular newsletters.  Before Start magazine folded,
 I believe Bob had started a regular, albeit short-lived, column.  Maybe it
 can be resurrected for user groups.  I expect that I'll get some E-Mail
 from Bob thanking me for adding on a few more "duties" to his already
 jam-packed schedule!  Sorry, Bob.

     User group shows are probably one of the biggest events that the users
 have come to depend.  The prospects for 1992 need to be addressed so
 planners know where they stand and they can begin the early stages of
 putting on another event.  So far, I haven't seen any public messages that
 any show for this year has been tentatively scheduled.  The user group
 show has always been a successful event where users and developers can get
 together and talk, sell, buy, meet, party, etc.  Let's hope that this
 trend continues this year.

     This is an election year, so I would imagine that the economy will
 make a miraculous "recovery".  If this happens, perhaps we'll see more
 dealers and more (and new) products in the near future.  Perhaps in its
 infinite wisdom, Atari will find the means to let the general populace
 know that the Atari line of computers does exist, and that it's a very
 worthwhile investment.  I also hope that our developer base remains
 successful, and grows.

     Speaking of developers, one thing that I would like to accomplish this
 year is to inform our readers who our developers are.  And in addition,
 who the people at Atari are.  I know that most of you know the names and
 most of the products, but do we know _who_ these people are?  If it can be
 arranged effectively, I plan to talk with various developers, people at
 Atari, magazine editors/staff, and some of the highly visible vendors who
 you may want to learn more about.  Wouldn't it be interesting to learn
 more about such folks as Jack Tramiel, Bob Brodie, the CodeHeads, Jim
 "Fast Tech" Allen, John Barnes, and more?  If there's someone you'd like
 to learn more about, let me hear your suggestion.  The only stipulation
 that I have is that this person(s) must be an active (and "visible")
 member of the Atari community.  I can reached on Delphi (DPJ), on GEnie
 (D.JACOBSON2), Toad Hall BBS (617-567-8642) or the Bounty Atari ST BBS
 (904-786-4176).  If all else fails, drop me a letter to STReport at the
 address listed at the top of this issue!  I think we'll all find these
 "series" interesting.

     Most importantly, I hope that we all find 1992 to be an interesting
 and fruitful year, both personally and Atari-related.  We at STReport will
 continue to strive to keep you informed of all the news and events,
 directly and indirectly Atari related, for the coming year.  I hope that
 you'll join us and make this a joint endeavor.

                                            Until next time...


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for folks to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From the FNET Network

 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 25140/25170  Lines: Extended  Read: 2
 Sent : Dec 26, 1991  at 9:33 AM
 Recv : Dec 28, 1991
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : Top Gun at TOP GUN SYSTEMS #1-NODE #475
 Subj : Re: <25070> TRUTH!

 In reply to:

 - Sure! Atari NEEDS to sue.  Atari SHOULD sue.  In fact, Atari should
 - clobber _anybody_ who has, does and might bad-mouth them.  Yup, that
 - type of thinking falls right in line with the "overall" perception the
 - computer marketplace has envisioned of Atari...  Sour Grapes!  Darek
 - Mihocka has been supporting the Atari platform from the very beginning.
 - He has been a strong holdout in our area... as opposed to other devs who
 - "bailed" early etc..

 WOW RALPH!... What a guy! Been around since God was a child in the ATARI
 arena...been an ATARI CLUB PRESIDENT back in the 8 through the ST days...
 Been a developer with them... been to just about all the shows (COMDEX)
 here in Vegas since I can't remember how long... and I want to add a VERY
 BIG 'DITTO' to your comments... I have some inside information I received
 at the show this year...

 1. - Yes, Atari has apparently been out to butcher the little guy
 (dealer/user/and all) since TRAMIEL's took over the company.  Didn't use
 to be that way when Nolan Bushnell started the company, but is definitely
 true today.

 2. - Atari has been after the $$$ since Tramiel took over and remember the
 first thing he did when he purchased the games division?  Fired 800
 people!  SAD huh?  Oh well $$$ is the key.

 3. - Atari moved systems hardware sales to the Europeans because of the
 strength of the $$$ over there, while promising to release NEW hardware
 into the US market (ya right!), and then when the hardware wouldn't pass
 FCC, the promises went out the window and the hardware went to Europe.

 4. - THIS YEAR'S PROMISES FOR NEXT YEAR!  In addition to the new graphics
 gamers, Atari SAYS they will be introducing the 040 as well as about 3
 more NEW machines still "on the benches".

 5. - Atari is DYING for DEVELOPERS for the NEW stuff, and guess where they
 are probably going to get them... (remember ya gotta have hardware!),
 that's why they are psuedo pampering the US market developers, in hopes of
 trying to bring this market back up, while still pumping in Europe.

 6. - Sad thing is that I don't believe the users (LONG TIMERS) can stand
 much more of this, because we are NOT STUPID!  The real downside to this
 is that we have one of the FINEST machines EVER built in ANY arena, just
 look at the overall architecture... and we have to be held captive by the
 very entity WE CREATED with OUR support systems... not through any grace

                        I AM AN ATARIAN 'FOREVER'!
                     ... but can someone do something
                   about the CORPORATION?  <little grin>
           TOP GUN SYSTEMS #1-LAS VEGAS (NODE #475) 702-363-6066

 From the FNET Network

 Conf : Atari Technical
 Msg# : 9089/9092  Lines: 10  Read: 2
 Sent : Jan 02, 1992  at 11:59 AM
 To   : Scott Standiford
 From : Electron Beam at Bloom County 75 Silicon Valley

 In reply to:

  - Am I being overly optomistic or un-realistic?  Possibly, but so what?

     Yes you are being overly optimistic and unrealistic.  And the 'so
 what' comes down to simple behavior modification.  By apologizing for and
 ignoring Atari's mistakes you are rewarding their incompetent management
 for their behavior.  You, like all of us, want them to improve.  The only
 way we can contribute toward that end as individuals is to not reward them
 for their incompetence.  They need to learn from their mistakes.  And if
 nobody points them out they never will...

 From Delphi Atari ST Area
 31-DEC 00:12 General Information
 TT RAM boards

 Hi folks,

     Last month at the Chicago Computerfest, I bought a TT, but did not
 take it home with me because I also bought extra RAM for it (2MB of ST RAM
 and 4MB TT RAM), and the dealer said he would not be able to get the
 daughterboard(s) until after the show.  Well, I still don't have my TT.  I
 talked with the dealer today (actually my wife did because I have a bit of
 laryngitis), and he says that he still does not have the boards.  He also
 said that some Atari sales guy said that they have the boards.  Why aren't
 they shipping them?  Does anyone know?  Have these boards been in short

     'Course, with the amount of clutter around here, I don't know where I
 could set up the TT anyway :-/  (I have computer desks on order - yes,
 even for the old 8-bit, my wife will be happy...)



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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL        "Reporting ABOUT Atari...not FOR Atari!"

      * "Rumors - Tidbits - Predictions - Observations - Hot Tips" *

     Mr. Supersnoop has been buzzing all 'round the west coast during the
 past two weeks.  Most of what he found were indications of an "obvious and
 strong rebirth of Atari."  He was told by one dealer in the SF Bay area;
 "The product flow has been greatly enhanced."  "The selection of computers
 available would satisfy even the most demanding customer."   "Dealers are
 once again becoming abundant nationwide and are well stocked."  "The
 bundles (package deals) of software and hardware are moving quite well",
 he heard from a number of satisfied dealers.  He also noted that while he
 was testing a new program on a brand spanking new class B TT, the TV
 across the room was carrying a NEW, never seen before, highly animated
 Atari advertisement for the "Atari Family of Fine Computers" where they
 emphasized "A computer for every budget!"  Hmmm.. that was on a National
 Network TV channel!  He gleefully noticed.

     As the ad proceeded, a loud bell began ringing in the background.  Our
 snoop dutifully struggled to turn the TV sound down.  As he reached for
 the control... he woke to the familiar sound of his trusty old alarm
 clock.  Well.. some people do have "nice dreams"!  Let's, all of us, hope
 this dream comes to pass.


 > A "Quotable Quote"


                                       ....Ziggy "The Zigster" Zircon
                                             (Homey's best buddie)


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