ST Report: 20-Dec-91 #750

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 12/22/91-12:04:48 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 20-Dec-91 #750
Date: Sun Dec 22 00:04:48 1991

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (December 20)


 DO  YOU  HAVE  THIS  FILE?    PRIME  personality  analyzer.    Reports  on
 compatibility  between  mates  and  partners,  describes a person's innate
 talents, inner desires, survival  tactics, how  others may  see them, etc.
 Produces lengthy and detailed reports.  Always fun but sometimes spooky!

 File: PRIME.ARC in Library 10 ("Program Demos").

 DO YOU  HAVE THIS FILE?  KDOODLER Degas-like drawing program. Supports all
 resolutions!  Features magnify, screen effects such as contrast, blurr and
 speckle,  and  handy  "undo"  command.    Four working screen with cut and

 File: KDLDR1.ARC in Library 5 ("Applications").


 Rob Rasmussen has uploaded an incredible  little animation  that is really
 worth a  look.   It's in  French, and has a rather awkward ending, but its
 something that I found amazing in  such  a  small  file  (68k).    Try out
 AWORLD.LZH  now  available  in  LIBRARY  17  of  the  Atari Arts Forum (GO


 Some great new product announcements from Codehead Software  in LIBRARY 16
 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN):

 TEC.TXT    - Upgrade your 520, 1040, or Mega ST to TOS 2.06!
 QUICK.TXT  - CodeHead Software assumes support of Quick ST 3!
 MEGSLM.ARC - Patch to let MegaPaint print on US SLM804s
 MEGMOD.ARC - Package of external modules for MegaPaint Pro


 Charles Johnson  has uploaded his newest version of ARCSHELL, version 3.1,
 to LIBRARY 4 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).   This version
 has significant  new features and supports the latest version of Questor's
 LHARC utility.


 Its finally here!   The  first  test  version  of  PortCIS--  an automatic
 navigator  program  for  the  Portfolio--  is  available  for  testing and
 comments.  See file PRTCIS.ARC now in LIBRARY 1.

 The second half of the forum programming marathon has begun.  In the first
 half, we accumulated 87 new files -- almost triple the original estimates!
 A big thanks to our three marathoners, BJ Gleason, David  Stewart, and Don
 Messerli, and  all the  other forum  members who  have participated in the

 Our intrepid programming marathoners need your  help!   We need  ideas for
 the team  to work  on.  If you've ever needed custom programming done, you
 know how expensive it can be.  Here's a golden opportunity for  you to get
 custom programs written for free!  Please submit any ideas you have to our
 programmers by posting a message in section 15

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #50

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Apple Develops TV Computer Series

 Apple Computer has developed a series of television shows that will be
 broadcast via satellite to universities, colleges and schools throughout
 the United States.

 The five programs in the 1992 Imagine The Apple Education TV Series will
 focus on how technology can be effectively integrated in education.
 Real-world examples of technology in the classroom, software demons-
 trations and a live, call-in question and answer segment will be
 included in the broadcasts.

 Topics to be covered include:
   -:- Innovations in Technology, Jan. 23, 1992, 10- 11 a.m. PST.
   -:- How Computers are Changing the Way We Learn, Feb. 20, 1992,
       10-11 a.m. PST.
   -:- Macintosh Solutions for Math and Science, March 19, 1992,
       10-11 a.m. PST.
   -:- Multimedia in Language and Literacy, April 16, 1992,
       10-11 a.m. PDT.
   -:- Client/Server Architecture and Information Access and Analysis,
       May 21, 1992, 10-11 a.m. PDT.

  -- AMD to Ship 2 Millionth AM386 Processor by Year's End

 In less than three months after shipping its 1 millionth unit, Advanced
 Micro Devices (AMD) says it expects to ship its 2,000,000th Am386 micro-
 processor by the end of the year.  The AM386 microprocessor was intro-
 duced last March.

  -- Fujitsu to Expand Overseas Production

 In a move to improve labor and site costs, Fujitsu Ltd. plans to open
 new chip assembly operations in Malaysia, Singapore and Ireland by the
 summer of 1992.  Both facilities will manufacture four-megabit DRAM

  -- IBM and Siemens Develop New Dram Chip

 Siemens and IBM have succeeded in jointly developing what they term the
 first 64-million-bit semiconductor chip model.  The firms, which have
 been cooperating in the work since January 1990, produced the first
 laboratory model of the 64-meg DRAM earlier this month.

  -- Mitsibushi to Export 1/3 of 1-Meg Chips

 One third of the one-megabit chips produced at Mitsubishi Electric
 Corp.'s plant in North Carolina will be exported with the remaining two-
 thirds distributed in the United States, the Japanese firm says.  The
 plant is currently producing a million DRAM chips a month.

  -- Toshiba Shipping New Notebook

 Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. says it now is shipping its
 7.25-pound T4400SX notebook computer, powered by the Intel Corp. 486SX

 The system costs $5,899 for a gas plasma display model or $5,599 for one
 with a black and white liquid crystal display. It has an 80MB hard disk
 and measures 11.7 inches by 2.2 inches.

 The system offers an 8KB internal cache running at 25MHz (upgradable to
 a 25MHz 486DX), 2MB of RAM (expandable to 10MB) and a standard 9.5-inch
 diagonal VGA-compatible screen. Other features include a 1.44MB 3.5-inch
 floppy drive, an internal dedicated modem slot, optional memory cards
 and a NiCd rechargeable battery.

 Thieves Nab $250,000 In Acer Notebooks

 According to reports, $250,000-worth of Acer 386 notebook computers were
 stolen on the way to the company's San Jose, California factory. The San
 Jose Police Department has already recovered about a quarter of the
 missing notebooks.

 Acer is advising potential customers to look out for "special" deals
 around the holiday season."

 The Acer 386 notebook lists for $2,395 and comes with four megabytes
 (MB) of RAM and a 40MB hard drive. The company maintains that buyers can
 expect a few hundred dollars off this price but no deep discounts.

 Additionally, the company also suggests that potential buyers only
 purchase the Acer 386 notebook from authorized Acer dealers, who are the
 "only sellers allowed to legally market these computers."

  -- Logitech Intros Way to Merge 4 Scans

 Logitech says it is more than "bridging the gap" between hand-held and
 desktop scanners by introducing "Virtual Page Scanning" capability for
 its Scanman modem 256 hand-scanner so a user can automatically merge up
 to four scans.

 Called Autostitch, this new feature intelligently adjusts image attri-
 butes to allow for seamless, transparent images.

 In addition, Ansel, the image editing software previously shipped with
 the Scanman Model 256 is being upgraded to include Autostitch (as well
 as other new features) and is being renamed Fototouch, Logitech said.

 Other new features for Fototouch include; an audible beep to signal
 scanning speed is too fast; Autostop, which senses a pause in scanner
 head motion and allows the user to continue scanning anyway without
 manually terminating the scan and starting over, on-screen tonality
 control; and improved printing, Logitech said.

 The new Fototouch software will ship with Scanman Model 256 beginning in
 January 1992, at the same retail price, the company said. Users who
 already have Scanman Model 256 may upgrade for $49 and users of older
 Logitech scanners may upgrade for $79.

 Fototouch requires an IBM personal computer (PC) or compatible running
 Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher. Scanman Model 256 and Fototouch require
 1 megabyte (MB) of random access memory (RAM) and a hard disk, Logitech


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

                       To sign up for GEnie service:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
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 > 'TIS THE SEASON STR FOCUS            "Takin' a look around"

                           'TIS THE SEASON...!!

 by Dana P. Jacobson

     'Tis the season...  It's hard to believe (unless you look outside!)
 that the holidays are here.  1991 is about to come to an end.  This has
 been an interesting year for Atari.  There have been a good deal of new
 products that are more than vaporware.  The TT and MegaSTe are available.
 The ST Book is a reality, though not currently available.  TOS 2.06 will
 be available shortly.  Atari held its first co-sponsored show with the
 LCACE folks in the Chicago area.  Although the economy is still
 floundering, things appear to be looking up for Atari users.  Let's hope
 that '92 brings even more news and products from  Sunnyvale.

      Even on the developer front, there has been a lot of interesting news
 and product announcements.  Apparently the Dusseldorf show was a success
 for the U.S. developers because a number of them have acquired the rights
 to distribute European titles.  This is certainly a feather in the cap of
 folks such as CodeHead Software and Gribnif Software, to name just a
 couple.  Both companies are distributing some quality high-end graphics
 programs, and a few others.

      While on the subject of CodeHead Software, I must take a moment to
 tip my hat to the CodeHeads, John Eidsvoog and Charles Johnson.  These two
 guys have really provided the Atari community with a bunch of great
 software over the years.  Their support is tremendous.  Existing software
 keeps getting better and better over time.  John and Charles have proved
 over and over again their dedication.  Most companies might provide one or
 updates and then disappear into the woodwork; but these guys keep making
 their programs better.  That, and the many shareware and freeware programs
 that they produce, is a clear indication to this user that these two
 individuals are a unique entity in a dwindling group of Atari supporters.
 John and Charles deserve a lot of credit for their continued support.  It
 was nice to hear that at the Chicago show, they received one of the three
 MARC awards.  They should receive even more.

      Atari users had quite a number of Atari shows to visit this past
 year.  I hope that the shows continue to flourish into '92.  Usually, by
 this time we would know the dates for next year's Glendale and WAACE
 shows.  I hope these fine folks are just late announcing the dates!  It's
 still early to learn if LCACE will decide on another show.  It appears
 that Atari would like to co-sponsor three such shows in the future; per-
 haps all three groups are weighing that possibility.  Personally, I like
 the "flavor" of each of the shows as long as Atari can provide relatively
 equal support.

      We've seen the rise and fall of a few Atari magazines over the past
 year.  STart, ST-Log, and Atari Journal are gone, but AtariUser is here.
 Atari Explorer has been sporadic (again), but John Jainschigg says that
 the mag is here to stay.  I'm still waiting for my first issue since
 subscribing at WAACE, however.  But, Bob Brodie promised to send me the
 issues I may have missed, so I guess I can't complain too much (thanks,
 Bob!!).  Current Notes, ST Informer, and Atari Interface Magazine are all
 still doing an excellent job keeping us informed.  All three of the
 aforementioned magazines continue to improve the quality of their
 magazines, and it shows!  Congratulations to these fine people for their
 continued dedication!

      I guess that the only real sad notes to report during the past year
 are the continued decline of dealers, developers and user groups.  I guess
 it's indicative of the lack of real growth of Atari that plays a major
 role in this decline.  With the decline of an existing userbase, and
 little or no numbers of new users, it's easy to see why.  News from the
 Chicago show that there were quite a few non-Atari users in attendance
 shows that promotion works.  I hope that Atari realizes this and improves
 their promotion campaign.  It's obvious that they cannot just play up to
 the existing userbase; they must find a way to attract new users.  Without
 new "blood", existing users are finding it difficult to survive.  There
 are a number of examples to prove this predicament.  Read messages on the
 online services and local bulletin boards.  User group membership is
 rapidly falling.  Groups that used to have 40-50 members are lucky to have
 half that now.  Meeting attendance is even lower.  In the recent issue of
 Current Notes magazine, the Junkyard Pussycat (a.k.a. John Barnes) wrote
 an interesting article called "The Fourth Criterion".  I've told John
 online that I think this month's column has to be one of his best.  He
 describes the decline of the userbase quite effectively, although its
 focus leans toward putting on an Atari show.  Nevertheless, the reasons
 can be used to explain the decline for both problems.  Let's hope Atari
 can help provide the means for user groups to flourish once again.

      Will this Christmas season will a good one Atariwise?  It can be, for
 the users.  I didn't see much of a Christmas campaign this year (last year
 we saw a big Lynx promotion).  Economically, I guess it was a good
 decision not to market, but somehow it doesn't seem Christmas without
 seeing Atari advertised a little.  Let's hope that the economy gets better
 in 1992 (hey, it should, it's an election year!).  Let's hope that 1992
 brings an incredible amount of great news for Atari users everywhere.
 Here's to '92!!

      Until next time...


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 > The Flip Side STR Feature        "...a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 With Christmas next week, I might not have time to write another column
 this year, so this might be the last time this year that I have to talk
 to you. I want to wish everyone of you a very, happy holidays and thank
 everyone that helped make this column as successful as it's been. With-
 out the hundreds of people on-line who are willing to share their know-
 ledge and experience with us, this column would be very empty.

 Since this is the time of year for giving, how about giving something to
 your favorite shareware authors?  I know it's real easy to keep putting
 off sending in that check for $10-$20 but there comes a time when we
 need to stop procrastinating.  If we want to continue to recieve good
 shareware products, we need to pay for them.


 From Charles Johnson (CodeHead and Little Green Football Software) -
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Wow. I just checked the download count for ARC Shell 3.1 --and there
   have been well over 600 downloads in just four days! That's great!

   What's not so great: the number of names in my shareware database is
   not even close to that amount...and that's for ALL my shareware
   programs, not just ARC Shell. <SIGH> There sure are an awful lot of
   you folks out there using ARC Shell without paying for it; and I'll
   bet that a lot of you use the program almost every day.

   How about it, guys? It's Christmas -- a great time to pay the ARC
   Shell shareware fee, and get that off your conscience. I've gotta tell
   you -- if shareware payments don't start picking up, version 3.1 will
   very likely be the LAST version of ARC Shell. I simply do not have the
   time to devote any more energy to this program, if the majority of the
   people who use it won't bother to pay the very reasonable $15.00 fee.
   If you'd like to see further support of ARC Shell, you have to do your
   part too.

   P.S. Thanks very much to those of you who _have_ done the honorable
   thing and paid the shareware fee.


 Important news about the TEC, the new board being sold by Codehead
 Software that will allow all of us older ST owners to use TOS 2.06 -
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   A large number of people have asked us whether it's possible to use
   the TEC with _two_ sets of ROMs, and switch between them.

   Well...the answer is a big YES. All you need to do is get a switch and
   a little bit of wire (which we'll also supply for a nominal charge).
   It requires a little more soldering to install the TEC without
   removing your existing ROMs; the TEC manual will describe this in

   So if you're worried about compatibility with your existing software,
   don't be .... with the TEC, you can have the best of both worlds.


 Do you need a CPU Case?  Here's some info from R.SYKES2 - Cat. 4, Topic
 36, Msg. 229 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   To all interested, TECH SPECIALITES has a CPU CASES FOR 520/1040
   MEGAS. It comes with 150 watt power supply, a case for keyboard, and
   fits 5 drives. It is 18w x 12d x 8d made and made of steel. It costs
   249$. It also has a case to hold ST and PC in case, and a high speed
   bus to connect CPUs to same drives

      909 W.Crosstimbers Street
      Houston,TX 77022
      For a 35 page catalog, phone:
      fax 713-691-7009


 Question about floppy drive speed from GEORGECYR on Delphi...

   I downloaded and ran Disktest's speed.prg and discovered my B disk
   drive (Atari sf354) was spinning at 305-306 rpm!!!! Way too fast. It
   performs erradically at best, and now I know why!

   How do I slow it down? Is there an adjustment screw inside? Help! Any
   suggestions aprreciated. If there is a file here explaining how to
   correct this, let me know! Thanks.

 Reply from Norm Weinress on Delphi....

   George, 305-306 rpm is only 2% fast, and the magnetic recording
   techniques the floppies use can handle that. If your drive is erratic,
   it is much more likely to be a problem of alignment. The drives can be
   realigned, it's a mechanical process very similar to front-end
   alignment on your car, but you have to find a qualified repair place
   to do it. The good part is that it doesn't have to be an _Atari_
   repair place...

   But, it can also just be a dirty head, so try cleaning it before
   seeking further repair.


 PageStream question from Michael Brandon on CIS...

   As a steadfast user and proud owner of PageStream (Atari), as well as
   an occasional user of Calamus, I have a question about fonts.

   With the proliferation of font styles and formats, I have become
   somewhat interested in the various font 'converters' available. My
   question is this: What, if any, are the legal issues surrounding font
   format conversions? Are there copyright laws involved in say,
   converting DMF outlines to Calamus, or Calamus to Type1, etc.? What is
   Soft-Logik's stand on this issue? Or is this an issue? Just curious.

 Answer from Mike at Soft Logic...

   Font conversion legalities are an issue, but are pretty simple. You
   cannot take a commercial font in one format and convert it into
   another. You can take a PD font in one format and convert it into
   anything else you like, as long as you still give the original author
   credit, if known, and explain in a readme that it is converted from
   the original format. You can do the same thing with shareware as long
   as you retain the original author's shareware fee notice and all
   original files. (Unless the shareware notice specifically forbids
   this. Some will say no conversion. Some will say the files cannot be
   distributed in any other format than the current arc.)

   You can convert commercial fonts into any format you like as long as
   they are for your own use. For example, if there's a really neat
   Calamus font you like, but can't get for PageStream, you could buy it
   and convert it for your own use, as long as the converted and original
   versions are only used on one machine.


 Some interesting misc. information from Bill Rehbock (Atari) from Cat.
 14 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 Topic 7, Msg. 164...

   TOS 3.06 and the 1.44 meg drives have absolutely nothing to do with
   FCC Class B machines. The Class A machines with 3.06 and 1.44 meg
   drives have been shipping since the Chicago show.

   Right now, the expected schedule for delivery of Class B machines is
   Mid December to early January. There is no functional difference bet-
   ween the Class A & Class B machines.

   By the way, I was just looking at my PLI (Peripheral Land Inc.) Atari/
   Macintosh/Next 88 megabyte removeable Syquest drive, and guess what?
   It's FCC Class A

 Topic 18, Msg. 174...

   The "real" FSM GDOS will have Atari Packaging.  (Even if it is done
   with Crayons :-) I might get my nephew to help, although we'd wind up
   with Ninja Turtles on the packaging. <g>

   (Other than the packaging, there is no difference between the disks
   Goldleaf is publishing and the January issue)

 Topic 3, Msg. 168...

   ...Has anybody mentioned the very favorable write up on Atari, ISD,
   Softlogik, Codehead, and Goldleaf in the December issue of SEYBOLD
   REPORTS ON DESKTOP PUBLISHING? It is a 6 page article (out of a 50
   page issue) title "Atd, "Atari Makes Bold Push in U.S. Market" The
   response so far has been very good.

   This is a very good spring board for 1992 and proves that dollars
   spent on marketing were dollars well spent. It makes the last year
   worth it:-)

 Topic 4, Msg. 21...

   Just a few quick programming considerations so that software written
   can keep in step with product developments...

   1) Your user interface should always be made up of MOVEABLE windows
   and a MENU BAR. Static Dialog boxes are bad, very bad, and really
   really, really, irritate users on a multi-tasking system, because they
   generally take control, and leave the user with no ability to get at
   their other applications.

   2) If the window is not being used specifically for status output
   (such as the up/download status in STalker) or as a toolbox (the
   toolbox in PageStream or Touch-Up), you should allow the user to
   resize it, and supply the user with scrollers and arrows.

   3) For consistency, you should have at least Desk-File-Edit menu items
   in your menu bar. (unless completely unappropriate, of course :-)
   (It's ok to replace "Desk" with the Fuji.)

   4) The keyboard equivalents for Cut, Copy, Paste, and Print should
   ALWAYS be <CONTROL> (NOT <ALT>) X,C,V, and P, respectively.

   5) If your program has a status box for anything, like upload/download
   or printing progress, it should be in a window, and not continuously
   bracketed in a wind_update. Please use wind_update as little as

   (TOS 2.xx/3.xx gives the user 7 windows, future versions will have  no

   6) Make no assumptions on what type of system the user will have. Be
   able to deal with everything. There are many 24-bit color solutions in
   the works, going up to 1280x960. (As far as I know, but I'm sure
   bigger will be coming soon :-)

   There will always be monochrome systems also, so it can't be ignored
   either. The two third-party 24-bit VDI's that I've seen both
   virtualize the normal 256 color TT palette. That is, once a palette
   color is set, then used to draw with, changing the color of that
   palette register does not change the color on the screen. This keeps
   applications from doing palette-shift animation, (such as Neochrome)
   but does not effect any other color-oriented applications in an
   adverse way. (Calamus SL and PageStream and Chronos and Prism Paint
   should all be just fine.)

   I hope this points people a little bit better in the right direction.

   There is a lot of neat stuff coming down the pipe from third parties
   for the TT and MegaSTE in 1992. We would like to avoid the kind of
   compatibility problems that people had when the Moniterm first was
   introduced. When multitasking hits, there is no reason whatsoever that
   applications written today shouldn't work immediately with it.

 Topic 7, Msg. 172...

   STBOOK has a CMOS version of Yamaha's PSG, the speaker is located
   under the keyboard, around the <return> key.

   Registered developers have all received the pin-out for the expansion
   connector. It is a super-set of the MegaBUS that was in the MegaST2 &

   The first, logical thing that should appear for it should be a ST
   Cartridge Port Adapter. I would expect somebody like Paul Wu from
   Wuztek to jump on this right away. The adapter is totally passive;
   just connect one one pin to the other. I was showing a prototype
   adapter at the Chicago show and using it with the Migraph Hand
   Scanner. The adapter is an absolute no-brainer for a third-party to
   build. Originally, we had considered doing one, there were a few
   developers that said that Atari should leave that market for third
   parties to make money on, and we listened.

   Other possibilities for the expansion port include: Networking, Color
   Video expansion, and data aquisition.

 Topic 11, Msg. 113...

   The GDOS Laser Printer driver requires about 1.25 megs of free ram to
   rasterize the page. You may have to trim back the number of installed
   fonts and desk accessories. Wordflair itself is about 500K, not
   including document size. I strongly suggest that you think about the 4
   meg upgrade.


 Some comments about Falcon 3.0 from No.19 (Holobyte) - From Cat 9, Topic
 34, Msg. 67 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Unfortunately, there are 2 barriers for doing FALCON 3.0 on the Atari
   ST. The biggest is just economics. It just would cost us too much to
   develop FALCON 3.0 for the ST considering the size of the market. The
   2nd problem is the technological problems. FALCON 3.0 requires a 12MHz
   80286 minimum and takes up 11MB of hard disk space. To run
   comfortably, you nee d a 20MHz 80386, 4MB RAM, a fast 16-bit VGA card
   and a fast hard drive.


 From Dave Small (Gadgets by Small) - Cat. 4, Topic 44, Msg. 220 - from
 the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Sorry for being quiet, folks. Mah kids brought home something extra
   from school. (You parents out there know the true purpose of schools
   is for kids to swap diseases to take home).  Got sicker than a dog,
   had to cancel on the Chicago show at last minute. Gee, almost got
   myself stuck on an IV for dehydration.

   SST is WAY closer than Real Soon Now. Probably if I had not have
   gotten the current version of the biological warfare test virus it
   would have shipped already.

   Recently we got in hundreds of defective GAL chips from those good,
   kind, virtuous raving idiots at National Semiconductor. They "spike"
   unexpectedly. Our sales rep was good enough to let us know about this
   well, complete disaster AFTER we had programmed and installed every
   $%^#$%^$#%&*^&*%^&* one of the chips.

   This entire problem is now past-tense. (Humorous: They just sent us
   400 more of the bad ones ... AFTER notifying the world of how to
   figure out if they were bad. I mean, like, duh. Let's walk down to the
   stockroom of the distributor and pull the National parts.

   Of course, all we did was check the chip's lot number and send them

   Lessee. Software is looking good; I have a couple minor changes to
   make (it doesn't look "neat" enough in low res while booting, okay).
   Manual is looking good, Sandy is digging out the final few typos in
   it, even my Mom read through it and understood it -- and my mom prides
   herself in not grokking computers. (She's a good draftsman, though).
   The packaging is ready, the packaging *place* knows any ol' day now,
   and I am NOT going to say Wednesday because if I do, Murphy's Law will
   bite me, and something ELSE will have to be fixed.

   Many an SST board hanging around the office begging to be shipped.
   They've been tested. They murmur at night, keeping the dog awake.

   I really look forward to this, because independent, skeptical people
   getting their hands on the SST is what's needed to let readers know
   it's real and does what we've always said it would do.

   And I've already got the next software cut outlined!


 From Bill Loring - Cat. 4, Topic 6, Msg. 23 - from the ST Roundtable on

   I've got the Gravis MouseStick that you talked about.  It is the only
   controller I know of that will give you the kind of performance you
   want (and need) in a flight simulator. The MouseStick is GREAT in
   Falcon. I'm sure it will be good in FOTI, and F-19 as well.

   I remember a controller for FS-II, that was quite expensive, but I
   don't think it's around anymore... I forget the name.


 From Dan McNamee (Atari) - Cat. 9, Topic 47, Msg. 119 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...

   According to the Maxis rep over in Scorpia, SimEarth for the ST is on
   it's way. No release date set yet.


 About the Migraph hand scanner and other Migraph prorducts from MUSE -
 Cat. 5, Topic 10, Msg. 4 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   The introductory special price for current customers (for the next 45
   days) is $229.00 if you have a scanner. Suggested retail will be
   $299.00 for the software alone, "half the price of comparable packages
   for the PC."  Similar savings are available for nearly all other
   Migraph products.

   Migraph OCR software utilizes an Omnifont engine. Additional
   characters, sizes and typefaces can be "learned" by the software.
   Files are saved as regular ASCII. IMG and TIFF files created with
   other scanners can be imported into the program. Graphic regions can
   be saved in IMG and TIFF formats.

   Requires at least 2 megs and a hard disk. Runs on ST/Ste/Mega/TT. The
   package requires a hardware dongle which will be eliminated with a
   free update after 5000 units have been sold.

      Migraph 1-800-233-3729     FAX 1-206-838-4702


 A mini-review of VROOOM from C.GEEROMS - Cat. 9, Topic 5, Msgs 1&3 -
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Here's my review of VROOM:  Buy it.  It's fantastic.  No, really...the
   best driving game on the ST bar none.  Sound, graphics, control,
   sensation of's all there folks.  Arcade mode, competition
   mode, modem link, mouse or joystick mode.

   Manual is typically European and sparse. But WHAT a game!

   Examples: realistic engine noises which aren't irritating; passing
   noises, both cars and objects along the side of the road when you pass
   a sign; zeplin moves across the sky; Mt. Fuji backgrounds; you hit
   something and a wheel flies off your car; sometimes you hit a roadside
   object and it throws you INTO THE AIR with a convincing engine revving
   sound as you lose the friction with the ground. A totally realistic
   feel to the whole game (didn't this guy do Stunt Driver?)

   THIS IS THE ONE YOU'VE been waiting for. Lankhor makes it and it runs
   on my Mega 4st with TOS 1.4. Digitized sounds, of course, no dinky
   plinks here. Got the picture here?'s a really good game. and
   I've only just started playing it...about $40 at a dealer near you,
   hopefully. Also, on box "save option available for championship

   Like the guy in the gameboy commercial says when he learns that he's
   missed his flight: "COOL!" and goes back to playing his game....

 More about VROOM from Gary Gray....

   This game is the best driving game I have ever seen. I have sold nine
   copies. If I had a game like this to sell 3 years ago when the market
   was so much better I could have sold 200 copies during the Christmas
   period. As it is I will still sell 20. This is the hit of the season
   make mo mistake. Heh I don't even play games. But with Vroom I was
   hooked the minute they put the joystick in my hand. Won't work on the
   TT. If it did it would be way too fast to deal with anyway. I ran it
   on a early T16 equipped Mega, it had a harware switch. The game would
   not load at 16 mghz but you could switch after the game was running. I
   would suggest a lot of practice at 8 mghz before trying 16 Vroom.....


 Some information about the new FAIR-DINKUM products - Cat. 29, Topic 4,
 msgs. 21-23 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Crossword Creator II is a utility designed to allow the user to
   quickly and easily create crossword puzzles <surprise> on any ST, STE,
   or TT (in ST medium or high res mode). It meets a fairly wide audience
   in that educators, newsletter editors, and puzzle nuts seem to enjoy

   You can create really large puzzles up to 30x20 in size and up to 100
   words, though most puzzles will use far fewer words. Puzzles and
   puzzle solutions may be saved in DEGAS PI2 or PI3 format and the
   latest version may save clues as an ASCII text file for easy
   incorporation into most desktop publishing apps (I'm sure that Calamus
   accepts DEGAS files). Puzzles and solutions may be output to any
   printer that supports screen dumps but we also include a FINAL quality
   print mode for all Epson compatible printers...makes a _really_ nice

   There is a wide range of options and features including manual or
   automatic word placement, move/delete/undelete/relocate words,
   symmetrical templating, interactive or a _fast_ word list entry
   method, etc, etc. "Feature Laden", I believe, is an overused term
   which is probably appropriate in this case.

   We've tried to keep the price really low so most anyone could enjoy
   it. Even so, we still include a 12 page, illustrated manual (I _hate_
   software which makes me print my own documentation!).

   Word Search Creator is the companion to Crossword Creator II.

   WSC allows the user to easily create true word search type puzzles
   interactively from the keyboard or via a _fast_ word list method (may
   use the same word lists with Crossword Creator II as well). Puzzles
   may be up to 24 x 13 in size with up to 100 words.

   As in CWCII, you may save puzzles as DEGAS files for use in page
   layout programs. Many other features are supported such as
   relocate/delete/ undelete, etc. And of course, you may print puzzles
   and solutions to most any printer and the solution puzzles feature
   circled words, just like you find in the magazines and puzzle books.

   As in CWCII, a comprehensive manual adds to the on-line help within
   the program. And oh yes, both CWCII and WSC permit the user to input
   most commands with the mouse OR keyboard.

   Elementary school teachers should find Word Search Creator of great
   help in encouraging students to study their vocabulary words. It can
   also be used in Sunday School classes and one of our customers used it
   for a class reunion icebreaker.

   Ooops, I almost forgot...

   PUZZLE PACK is a specially priced bundle of both CROSSWORD CREATOR II
   and WORD SEARCH CREATOR for those who want both puzzle utilities.


 Until next week.....


 > STR Portfolio News & Information            Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     2TIC.ZIP is a 2 player TicTacToe game by BJ Gleason. The game is
 played on two Portfolios connected via their serial ports. BJ hints that
 there may be more to come.

     Jim Ness has uploaded two samples of source code for PowerBASIC.
 PRIMES.BAS will find all prime numbers between 0 and 30000. COM.BAS is a
 simple terminal program that demonstrates stripping of the 8th bit and
 flow control. Robert Kelsoe also has uploaded terminal source code.
 TERM.ZIP  contains two programs designed to contact DTC DUAT which may be
 modified for other uses.

     Craig Davis has uploaded MET_IM.WKS, a worksheet for metric
 conversions. RPN.ZIP is a reverse Polish Notation calculator by BJ
 Gleason. Adrian Simonian has modified BJ Gleason's FTI.BAS for PowerBASIC.
 FT2IN.COM adds, subtracts and figures area and volume. A number cruncher
 of a different sort is VCARD.ZIP by BJ Gleason. This little program will
 check the validity of a credit card number.

     Card numbers are coded for Visa, Master Card, Am Ex. There is also a
 routine for formattig designed to detect simple errors such as number

     David Stewart has two versions of his banner program. BANNER.ZIP will
 scroll small letters across the screen. BIGBAN.ZIP uses larger letters to

     The programming marathon is producing a variety of useful utility
 programs. MUTE.ZIP by David Stewart lets you mute (or unmute) the
 Portfolio  from the command line rather than going through the menus.
 DRIVES.COM by BJ Gleason will list the disk drives that are active on the
 system. This will be useful to those who use several configurations.
 WHEREI.COM is a small file finder uploaded by Marty Mankins. It will
 accept wildcards. QT.COM is a time program with a different twist. It
 spells out the current time in words.

     A new version of PGfliX has been uploaded by Don Messerli. This
 version includes the ability to set the number of repeats of the animation
 sequence from the command line. Other features include embedded repeats
 and random delays. PCSHOW.ZIP also by Don, will run PGC graphics on a
 desktop PC.

     BJ Gleason has created a program to compress text files and convert
 them to .COM format for reading. PREAD.ZIP will help save disk space.
 PBDOC.COM is a PBREAD example containing the docs for PBasic.

     SPELL1.ZIP is a spell checker which runs on the Port. Uploaded by Pete
 Bennett, this program uses an external dictionary file and thus it can be
 customized by the user.

     I would like to express my thanks to Don Messerli for filling in as
 reporter while I was on vacation last week.


 > ZEPHYR STR Spotlight                         Is this for real?

                      Zephyr/ST Plus - Friend or Foe

 By Staff Editor: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 Our last issue (STR749) contained a partial listing of product sources
 for the ST.  ST Report does not necessarily endorse any of the companies
 that were contained in our product listing.  The listing was just that,
 a listing of product sources.  It is up to each user to investigate each
 product and company before investing their hard-earned money.

 Included in our product list was a major ST dealer and mailorder house,
 Zephyr/ST Plus computers. Zephyr/ST Plus advertises in many of the major
 ST magazines (i.e., Ataru User, Current Notes).  It has been brought to
 our attention that Zephyr/ST Plus is not an "AUTHORIZED" Atari dealer and
 that there have been a lot of complaints posted on Genie about Zephyr/
 ST Plus.

 The following is the Thread from the ST Roundtable on Genie about the
 problems that some users experienced with Zephyr/ST Plus. This thread
 is being printed as information only.


     STReport offers no opinions in this matter and presents this
     information strictly for informational purposes.  STReport does not
     encourage or discourage the readers from patronizing this, or any
     other establishment so listed herein.


 Category 18,  Topic 3         Wed Sep 25, 1991
 G.ANDERSON42 [GA]            at 22:45 EDT
 Sub: Zephyr Computers

 Has anyone encountered problems with Zephyr Computers? They are also
 known as Microworld and ST Plus. If so, please share it with us here.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 1         Wed Sep 25, 1991
 G.ANDERSON42 [GA]            at 22:50 EDT

 I have ordered a TT030 from Zephyr Computers (used to be Microworld) and
 I have been given the royal runaround.  First they said Atari wasn't
 shipping.  Then after I had already given them $1700, a rep told me they
 have never handled the TT!! Will anyone help me out on this? Has anyone
 else had problems with these people?

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 4         Thu Sep 26, 1991
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp]      at 20:12 EDT

 Zephyr Computers does not purchase directly from Atari.  The only way
 that they would be able to purchase a TT030 is if they purchased it from
 another Atari dealer, and then re-sold it to you.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 5         Thu Sep 26, 1991
 R.STUTZMAN2 [RUSS]           at 22:36 EDT

 I also ordered a TT from Zephyr back in July. I used my VISA card which
 they charged without shipping any product. I went around and around with
 them until Sept 6.  At that point I requested my credit reinstated and
 was told as soon as Atari gave them their money back I would get mine
 back.  They told me next week which I've heard for two months. Every
 phone call they said TT's next week. Well I filed papers with my bank
 and they got my VISA money back.

 If you paid by cash or check I think you better get a lawyer. I under-
 stand they have charges of credit card fraud and suspicion of software
 piracy already pending. I feel bad for anyone who has dealt with this
 company. I mistakenly blamed Atari for not providing before I found out
 the truth. I do hope things work out for you, if I can help just leave a

 To All

 STAY AWAY FROM ZEPHYR! ! ! ! ! bad news company.

 It's a shame that companies like this are around and can continue to do

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 6         Fri Sep 27, 1991
 D.BECKEMEYER [David @ BDT]   at 03:09 EDT

 While I have no evidence to back up their claims, I have had customers
 tell me that Zephyr has a habit of charging to credit cards semi-
 randomly. In other words, if you bought something from them, watch your
 VISA/MC statements for charges to any of the Microworld companies!

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 7         Sun Sep 29, 1991
 DARLAH [RT~SYSOP]            at 08:56 EDT

 Remember that unless you can substantiate your claims, do not post.
 Hearsay etc can be considered libelous unfortunately. I want to hear
 about your personal problems/and or success with the company above.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 8         Sun Sep 29, 1991
 D.BECKEMEYER [David @ BDT]   at 14:44 EDT

 Darlah, of course you can get sued whether the person has a leg to stand
 or not. Just because you can substantiate your claims, doesn't mean you
 won't get sued, but it MIGHT mean you won't lose the case. And you can
 always counter-sue. Of course, there are seldom any "winners" in such
 cases, except for the lawyers.

 I have copies of the letters which I based the statements in my posts on
 and I know who the people are that sent me those letters. I quoted
 representations from those letters and I said so in the posts.

 I do have direct experience with one Zephyr incident which I will
 (perhaps stupidly) describe here.

 It amounted to them selling a Micro C-Shell package ($49.95 MSRP) with
 pirated MT C-Shell disks ($129.95 MSRP) as a legitimate MT C-Shell
 package. The disks were hand labeled and serial numbers were incorrect
 for an MT C-Shell package; parts of the MT C-Shell documentation were
 completely missing. We had to give the customer the benefit of the
 doubt, since it is unlikely that they were in on it. So Zephyr buys a
 $49.95 MSRP product, copies a few disks, and sells to the unsuspecting
 customer as a totally different $129.95 MSRP product. The customer has
 to hassle trying register the pirated copy, and in the long run, I eat
 the cost of it.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 11        Sun Sep 29, 1991
 GRMEYER [Gordon Meyer]       at 18:03 EDT

 I spent a couple of months in the Bay Area, and visited the MicroWorld
 store a few times while I was there. Lots of product, some stuff you
 wouldn't find elsewhere, but a strange staff. My experience was one of
 frustration and amazement that they managed to sell any hardware at all.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 13        Sat Oct 05, 1991
 T.YURICK [T.YURICK]          at 11:14 EDT

 I had a bad experience with ST-Plus about two years ago. I called and
 ordered a software package that they assured me was in stock.  After
 waiting about a month, I called and was told that it was backordered,
 and that they would ship it RSN. I waited another two weeks and got the
 same runaround.

 When I told them that I wanted to cancel the order, they suddenly
 weren't so friendly and told me that I couldn't cancel. I called my
 credit card company (that had been billed and had paid ST-Plus already)
 and told them that I never received the product. They told me that I was
 not the only complaint that they had received about this particular
 retailer, and that they would take care of it. The full amount was
 credited on my next bill. Needless to say I haven't ever felt the urge
 to patronize them again.

 Just my own experience, but it does seem to be a common one.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 14        Mon Oct 07, 1991
 E.KRIMEN [Ed Krimen]         at 10:01 EDT

 I was in Microworld/Zephyr/ST-Plus/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it a couple
 of months ago for the first and only time. I wanted to see what the
 store was like. After I asked him about TT030s and Mega STEs, Bill
 Yerger, the owner, proceeded to explain to me that Atari was going out
 of business, the TT was a piece of junk, and that 486s were the best
 thing on the market. I looked around his store for a bit -- while he
 told me Atari software was 10% off -- and then I left. What a scam.

 Strangely, while he has written a two part article about the history of
 Atari in the last couple of issues of Current Notes, his bio at the end
 of the articles mention that he's in litigation with Atari. Wonders will
 never cease.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 15        Mon Oct 07, 1991
 ISD [Nathan]                 at 10:41 EDT

 I suspect that it is entirely possible that Current Notes was unaware of
 the reputation Mr. Yerger has earned for himself in some circles.  Mr.
 Yerger's store was cut off by Atari before they went the distribution
 route. Now that they are again using distributors, Mr. Yerger can buy
 from anyone that carries the product. I have heard it said that he is in
 litigation with Atari but I have no idea if this is in fact correct.
 Regardless, as we clearly see from the above posts, any "history of
 Atari" by Mr. Yerger must be taken with a grain of salt. :-)

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 21        Wed Oct 09, 1991
 E.KRIMEN [Ed Krimen]         at 10:09 EDT

 Microworld is in Berserkeley, California on University Avenue.

 Bill has a couple of big trucks with "Atari," the Fuji logo, and
 "Microworld" splashed all over it.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 23        Sat Oct 12, 1991
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp]      at 13:30 EDT

 If you have any further questions about any of the issues concerning
 Zephyr, I suggest that you contact Adron Beane, General Counsel of Atari
 Corp. He can be contacted at our many corporate address: 1196 Borregas
 Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1302

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 24        Sun Oct 13, 1991
 JNEWTON [john newton]        at 22:21 EDT

 Hmm...and to think I drove 30 miles through rush hour traffic to buy my
 1040ste from these guys just so I could support a local dealer. They did
 seem a little strange but I personally didn't have any problems with
 them. I don't think I'll be back though.

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 25        Sat Nov 23, 1991
 E.AUGUSTINE                  at 08:42 EST

 Well, guys, add my name to the rapidly-growing list of dissatisfied
 Zephyr customers. To state my case in a nutshell, I ordered Deluxe Paint
 ST and was charged $100+. I received my product in a box that looked
 like it had been tampered with, wound up waiting 3 weeks for my credit
 card order(!), and to make matters worse, discovered that I had been
 charged twice for it! All Zephyr patrons, beware.

 (By the way by, is anyone else as saddened as I that Computability has
 stopped selling Atari software?)

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 26        Mon Nov 25, 1991
 P.CARMACK [CASMOCK]          at 01:14 EST

 Add me to the list of severly disatisfied customers, too. I ordered a TT
 back in the summer and paid for it up front (like a fool!). I kept
 getting the run around and excuse after excuse. They said Atari wasn't
 shipping them TTs because the order had been screwed up or Atari was
 going to ship them, and on and on.

 I finally got fed up with them and decided to find out who they really
 are. They are known by at least 3 different names (Zephyr, MircoWorld
 and ST Plus). I also called Mike Groh(?) at Atari and found out that
 they are NOT Atari authorized dealers and understand that they sell
 pirated software. I also understand (heresay) that they are locked in a
 lawsuit w/Atari and another computer company in the bay area (ATY
 computers). Not to mention numerous credit fraud suits. Note: all of
 this is heresay.

 I do know that I won't EVER deal with them again. One time I called them
 and got a secretary that said that they never were getting TT computers
 and were not Atari dealers anymore. That's when I started to really
 worry about my money.  After several threats (mail fraud, ect.), they
 finally coughed up a TT (runs nicely too, I might add).

 Category 18,  Topic 3
 Message 28        Sat Dec 14, 1991
 P.LOUIE1                     at 17:37 EST

 An interesting event happened recently to this store. They seems to have
 expanded into a second store! Now they have two stores in the same city
 and this new store is only a couple of blocks from another Atari dealer.
 I wonder where this place got the money to open up a new store with all
 these complaints in this topic. Amazing...



 > X-Boot STR InfoFile

  NEWS RELEASE                                            Gribnif Software
                                                              P.O. Box 350
         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            Hadley, MA 01035
                                                       Tel: (413) 584-7887
                                                       Fax: (413) 584-2565

                       =                          =
                      =  XBoot - The Boot Manager  =
                       =                          =

     Gribnif Software has announced for imminent release the amazing new
  "XBoot - The Boot Manager" program for the Atari ST, TT and compatible
  personal computers.

     This program has been designed to let the user regain control of the
  increasing number of AUTO folder programs, desk accessories, and
  configuration files that are used when booting the Atari computer.
  Running as the first program in the AUTO folder, it lets the user
  independently control each AUTO folder program or desk accessory.  XBoot
  also lets you configure special setups, which allow you to customize the
  system for different applications, all at the click of a button.

     Unlike any other program of its type, XBoot has a true GEM-like
  interface, which is available directly from the AUTO folder at bootup.
  You work with a real mouse pointer, dialog boxes, scroll bars, buttons,
  and alert boxes, just as if you were in a regular GEM program.  Its
  numerous features include:

   o Complete GEM-like interface with dialog boxes, scroll bars, mouse,
     and buttons.

   o Fully controlled from either the mouse or keyboard.

   o Automatically runs in 80 column mode (on a TT color display, it runs
     in TT Medium).

   o Often used setups (for different purposes) can be saved as a SET.

   o The execution order of AUTO folder programs and desk accessories can
     be changed at will.

   o The programs and accessories can be listed as sorted or unsorted.

   o The system date and time can be set. It can even optionally prompt you
     for this information whenever it runs.

   o Even without a battery backed-up clock, maintains the correct time and
     date after a system reset.

   o Configuration of DESKTOP.INF & NEWDESK.INF options, such as key-click,
     keyboard-repeat, RS-232 parameters, etc.

   o Installation of any info file (like ASSIGN.SYS, DESKTOP.INF, etc.) can
     be changed on the fly.

   o Autostart any GEM program, regardless of TOS version.

   o Ability to copy, delete, and rename files, create & remove
     directories, check for files, and execute TOS programs from special
     command scripts.  Useful for setting up ramdisks or directories.

   o A password can be specified to prevent unauthorized access to the

   o Includes a complete, easy to read, illustrated manual.

  XBoot will carry a list price of $39.95.  A special introductory price of
  only $29.95 is currently available, on orders placed directly with
  Gribnif Software.  Shipments will begin the first week in January, 1992.
  To place an order, or for more information, please contact Gribnif
  Software directly.

 ==========[ XBoot Order Form ]=========[ US and Canada Only ]===========

  Name: _________________________________________________________________

  Address: ______________________________________________________________

  City: ______________________ State: _________________ Zip: ____________

  Please send me ____ copies of XBoot at the low intro price of $29.95

  Also enclosed is $3.00 to cover all shipping and handling costs.

  I've enclosed the following payment:        [ MINI INVOICE ]==========
   [  ] Check
   [  ] Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa only)   XBoot Special .... $29.95
                                               S & H ............ $ 3.00
  Card# _______ - _______ - _______ - _______                     ------
                                               Total (Pay this).. $32.95
  Expiration Date: ____ / ____
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     Ole St. Nick will be making the rounds a few days from now.  The one
 thing I always enjoyed watching was the glow of anticipation on the
 children's faces.  Undoubtedly, the warmth from their expressions is far
 more a delight than any roaring hearth.  While all of us are enjoying the
 pleasantries of the holiday season, I hope we find a moment or two to
 consider the plight of the men, women and children caught up in the
 vicious cycles the economy has been taking.  When one finds folks without
 a roof over their heads who, just a scant 6 months ago, were seemingly in
 relatively good shape financially speaking it gets scary .. real scary.
 These times remind me of the horror stories my father told me about the
 so-called "Great Depression".  While many of us are in good shape, it
 would be neat if we made it our business to find a way to lighten the
 heavy hearts of the homeless in each of our communities.  This year is
 unique in that there are many more families with children involved.

     I know, you're thinking this isn't Ralph talking, but it is.  I swore
 to myself that I'd never allow STR to get into "real politics" but this
 year is a cornerstone in world history.  Aside from the wars around the
 globe, Desert Storm, the collapse of USSR, the admitted failure of
 Communism and of course global warming many families in the USA will long
 remember being "Bushwhacked".

     Christmas 1991 is going to be long remembered for many things.  In
 this household, it will mainly be remembered as a golden opportunity to
 begin thinking about the needs of others.  Brotherly love and goodwill to
 all men.  Try it folks... you'll find its the only way to real success.

                              Merry Christmas to one and all,



 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for folks to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 14-DEC-1991 03:58:53.32
 Subj:   Tos 2.06

     Would you please post a complete listing of the advantages of TOS
 2.06... Of greatest interest to me is:

 Does it fix the Flow Control (RTS/CTS) problem?

     Will it directly support 1.44 meg floppies, and does it offer expanded
 formatting options, such as up to 83 tracks and perhaps 11, but at least
 10 sectors per track?

 I appreciaty your help, and thanks for your great newsletter!!!


 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 17301/17305  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Dec 11, 1991  at 11:40 AM
 To   : Bill Merik
 Subj : Re: <17158> ST Software

 In reply to:

  -  ST software is not be coming out in the quantities that stuff for the
  -  MAC and DOS boxes (don't call 'em IBMs, less than one in five sold is
  -  made for big blew) but it is coming out, and it's generally better and
  -  cheaper than stuff for other OSes.  Do you ever read the STReport
  -  magazine on this base?  Tucked in among all the non-Atari news and
  -  press releases are occasional announcements about ST software. Just
  -  look!  And then please go away. We more than enough people on here who
  -  get their kicks out of announcing their preferences to us like they're
  -  doing us a favour. Do you think ST users

     I have found a way to solve that problem.  I keep getting offers for
 good software.  But it is all PC.  The publishing companies are
 persistant, so I devised a way to get to them.  I received an offer for a
 legal advice program last month.  I sent the offer back (in its postage
 prepaid envelope) with a letter stating that I need their offering and
 would love to purchase it as soon as they come out with an ATARI ST
 version.  They have since sent me three more offers on different software.
 And each time I send it back telling them I will the ATARI ST version when
 they publish it.  Not only does it hopefully garner ATARI ST support BUT
 it hits the DOS and MAC only publishers right where it hurts, THE WALLET.


 Item    0029156                 91/12/15        02:06
 From:   J.RISKIN                        Jacob Riskin
 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano

 Sub: Phantom Typest

 In your last issue of STreport (749). A user wrote about the problem with
 STalker and other programs that use GEM causing keyboard problem while
 uploading.  I personally have a TT with TOS 3.01 and the bug has NOT been
 fixed and it gets UNBEARABLE at high speed!  STalker 3.0 works great on a
 TT at high speed and with two modems I like being able to D/L on my HST a
 and call a local Chat board to talk at the same time.  Unfortunately thats
 almost impossible to do because if you touch the mouse it loses the
 complete mouse messages and what you end up with is your system pinging to
 death or sending many ESC characters.  Unfortunately I'm not sure if this
 even can be ever fixed.  But it definately is a limitation. I would
 appreciate it if you brought up this issue and find out where Atari truly
 stands on this point.

 Another similar and probably related point is that ALL ST/STe/MSTe/TT
 computers lose time while uploading.  The system time "skips beats" and
 that is why you will get weird looking CPS rates like 2200CPS, when the
 TOS only supports 19.2K which translates into 1920CPS max. (1 start bit, 1
 stop, and 8 data bits = 10bits, divide 19,200/10 = 1920CPS).

 Please try and address these important issues.


 Category 36,  Topic 5
 Message 30        Sat Dec 14, 1991
 M.CARTER9 [Mac]              at 23:06 EST

 T-Bird knows what he is talking about!  ERIDDLE and I worked (past tense)
 for one of the biggest Atari dealers on the East Coast and have been
 spreading the "Word of Atari" for about 10-15 years.  I finally got tired
 of talking to myself until I turned blue, so I did like everyone else and
 sold my TT030 Graphics Workstation and all other one million pieces of
 Atari equipment and bought and IBM.  We know all the "SAD" stories from
 Atari, and I just got tired of defending them without getting any help
 form Atari to back me up. The only thing I own now is the LYNX which is
 doing good.  I hope Atari makes it big one day, but I doubt if that day
 will be in my lifetime.

 Mac Carter @ Home


 15-DEC 01:16 8-bit Atari
 RE: TC8 Update? (Re: Msg 33772)
 From: 2LYON        To: TO: DATQUE (NR)

     I am pleased that the chicago fest was profitable enough for you to
 make trans & expenses. It was pretty slow in the 8-bit room. We were
 wondering how you vendors did. The fest was successful in spite of many
 difficulties, but was not profitable for LCACE.

     Ask the officers in six months if they want to sponsor another Chicago

     Yes, I'm still a beginner 8-bitter, but it seems to be the most active
 sig at our monthly meetings. Lawrence Sr is a good sig sys, and most
 helpful to anyone. Dick. 2 Lyon. LCACE.


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      * "Rumors - Tidbits - Predictions - Observations - Hot Tips" *

     The Beat Goes On... Rumors coming out of Europe are not very
 complimentary of Sunnyvale ... seems the German subsidiary is down
 to a very lean crew.  This move seems to have sent shock waves throughout
 the European Community.  How extensive?  Time will tell.

     It appears the "wizard of the telephone" is still busy at work.  (this
 individual taught STR how to use the phone effectively)  A certain mid-
 atlantic states dealer received a call from this "wizard" griping about an
 article that appeared in a particular show program.  It seems this program
 had a few articles in it that were not very complimentary of Atari and
 ruffled a few feathers among the whigs at Atari.  They didn't like what
 they read.  The truth can, at times, be ugly but quite helpful.  Perhaps
 Atari needs to rethink its objectives.  If the folks out east saw things
 the way they wrote about them, then Atari needs to re-work its image
 making process.  The vendettas, politics and schemes must be brought to a
 screeching halt before irreparable harm is done to the overall Atari
 Community.  STReport has repeatedly offered to 'bury the hatchet' but it
 seems we no sooner do so then another caustic comment appears in a post
 somewhere.  Once again, in the true spirit of cooperation and a hope of
 building toward the future, we offer the olive branch at this time of the
 year when we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.

     Time for an atta-boy!  Seems a fellow needed a motherboard for his
 mega4, when he called Atari for one they had none.  Instead they offered
 him an exceptional deal on a MSTE4/50.  To make a long story short,
 Atari's Greg Pratt intervened to expedite matters, and the customer was
 pleased as punch with his new machine.


 > A "Quotable Quote"


                                   ....Ziggy "The Zigster" Zircon


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                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
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