ST Report: 13-Dec-91 #949

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 12/17/91-10:03:25 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 13-Dec-91 #949
Date: Tue Dec 17 22:03:25 1991

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (December 13)


 DO YOU HAVE THIS  FILE?    Proque  replacement  desktop  (similar  to many
 commercial desktop  replacement systems).   Proque allows you to designate
 over 100 programs which can be run from  its desktop  with a  single mouse
 click.   Also includes many useful utilities.  File: PROQUE.ARC in Library
 4 ("Utilities").


 Charles Johnson has uploaded his newest version of  ARCSHELL, version 3.1,
 to LIBRARY  4 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).  This version
 has significant new features and supports the latest  version of Questor's
 LHARC utility.


 If  you've  been  having  trouble  with  .LZH files reporting errors ("bad
 CRC"), or even if  you haven't  ... download  the NEW   .LZH  utility that
 will work  with files  compressed with  the newest  version of  LZH.   Get
 L_201I.LZH from Library 4 in the ATARIPRO Forum.


 Now available in LIBRARY 16 from CODEHEAD SOFTWARE -- a  textfile and demo
 version of  their exciting  new product  MIDI-SPY.  (Can my ST really play
 background music while I use my word processor?)


 Version 2.42 of B/STAT is now available in  LIBRARY 5  ("Applications") of
 the  Atari  Productivity  Forum  (GO  ATARIPRO).  B/STAT is a graphics and
 statistical analysis program.  It requires 1 meg  minimum of  memory and a
 double sided  drive.  It will use GDOS if present but does not require it.
 B/STAT may not be distributed in FRANCE due to commercial availability.


 Its finally here!   The  first  test  version  of  PortCIS--  an automatic
 navigator  program  for  the  Portfolio--  is  available  for  testing and
 comments.  See file PRTCIS.ARC now in LIBRARY 1.

 The second half of the forum programming marathon has begun.  In the first
 half, we accumulated 87 new files -- almost triple the original estimates!
 A big thanks to our three marathoners, BJ Gleason, David  Stewart, and Don
 Messerli, and  all the  other forum  members who  have participated in the

 Our intrepid programming marathoners need your  help!   We need  ideas for
 the team  to work  on.  If you've ever needed custom programming done, you
 know how expensive it can be.  Here's a golden opportunity for  you to get
 custom programs written for free!  Please submit any ideas you have to our
 programmers by posting a message in section 15 *WISH LIST*

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #49

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Analysts Says PC Sales to Increase

 Despite sluggish holiday retail sales in other areas, Roger Lanctot,
 research director at Personal Technology Research of Providence, N.J.
 says that "retail sales of personal computers and peripherals are
 exploding."  He added, "Sales in October were up 50% over last year and
 early figures indicate that sales kept pace in November."

 Lanctot said low prices and good availability are behind the brisk
 sales, but that another factor has been the poor economy of late.

 "A personal computer is an extremely practical gift that can be used to
 earn extra money or even help hang onto a job," Lanctot said.

  -- IBM Develops High-Speed Transistor

 IBM has developed a lateral bipolar transister that has triple the speed
 of conventional transistors.  IBM said the device could be used in high-
 performance, low-power, compact computers.

 IBM attributed the new transistor's speed to a lateral design, which
 decreases capacitance and resistance.

  -- IBM Predicts 5-8% Revenue Growth in 1992

 A Senior Vice President of IBM said that after the companies 1991 de-
 cline, thathe expects the company to post a revenue growth of 5-8% in
 1992.  However, the same executive noted that Taiwan, Korea and China
 will probably see double-digit growth in 1992.

  -- Lotus 1-2-3 Ships for Mac

 Lotus 1-2-3 for the Macintosh will be available within two weeks at a
 suggested retail price of $495.

 1-2-3 for Macintosh features in-cell editing, direct manipulation of
 worksheet elements and desktop customization. It is also file and macro
 compatible with other versions of 1-2-3, including DOS, Windows, Unix,
 VM, VMS and MVS. 1-2-3 for Macintosh can read and write Microsoft Excel
 sheet files and translate Excel macros.

 1-2-3 for Macintosh runs on any Apple Macintosh with a hard disk, 2MB of
 RAM under System 6.0.4 or later; or 3MB of RAM under System 7.0 or

  -- Telebit Offers Low-Price Upgrades

 Telebit has announced a new program called 'Loyalty Pays' where existing
 customers can buy the new V.32 T3000 modem for $499 and get an upgrade
 to Telebit's Packetized Ensemble Protocol (PEP) free.

 PEP is a proprietary scheme for dividing a phone line into 511 separate
 channel, increasing data carrying capacity, especially on poor quality

 Models that qualify for the program include the T1000, T2000, Trail-
 Blazer Plus, T1500, T1600, T2500, T3000, and QBlazer.

 The program runs through May 31, after which the T3000's price is due to
 rise to $949, with the PEP upgrade costing an additional $199.

  -- Quicktime Expansion Available This Month for Mac

 Apple Computer Inc. says the new $195 QuickTime 1.0 extension to the
 Macintosh System 7 software will be available this month.

 QuickTime allows third-party developers to integrate data such as sound,
 video and animation across all applications. The developer's kit
 includes software, third-party digitizer components and utilities.

  -- Magnavox Ships Inexpensive 20-inch Monitor

 Providing a real bargain for users needing a combination of high reso-
 lution and large screen size, Magnavox has begun shipping a low cost
 20-inch SuperVGA monitor

 The Magnascan/20 is a Macintosh and IBM standard compatible monitor that
 will automatically adapt to horizontal scan frequencies ranging from 30
 to 64 kilohertz and refresh rates from 50 to 90 times per second.  The
 dot pitch is only 0.31 mm, about average for a 14-inch monitor and
 impressive in a unit of this size.

 The maximum resolution of the new monitor is 1280 by 1024 in non-
 interlaced mode, making it compatible with VGA (video graphics array),
 8514/A, XGA, SuperVGA, and extended VGA modes. The power supply is
 autosensing and will run on AC voltages between 98 and 264 volts

 The Magnascan/20, with a list price of under $2,000, carries a one-year
 parts and labor warranty, boasts a 50,000 hour MTBF (mean time between
 failure) rating, which is much higher than the average large screen

  -- National Semiconductor Reports 2nd Quarter Profit

 National Semiconductor Corp. has reported net earnings of $5.9 million
 ($.03 per share) for the second quarter ended Nov. 24 compared with
 earnings of $3.5 million ($.01) for the same quarter in 1990. The
 company credited recent efforts to consolidate manufacturing for the
 boost in profits.

  -- Borland Stock Tumbles

 Following downgrading by two Wall Streen analysts, Borland International
 Inc. shares tumbled this week. After climbing from a 1991 low of $27.875
 Borland's stock had reached a high of $83.25 last week but dropped $2.25
 on Monday, $3.75 on Tuesday and $4.875 on Wednesday.

  -- Xerox to Cut Workforce by 2,400

 Xerox Corp., in an effort to reduce overhead, plans to cut its worldwide
 workforce by about 2,400 of it's approximate 101,000 employees before
 the middle of 1992.  The cuts will be made through normal attrition and
 both voluntary and involuntary layoffs.

  --Whistleblower BBS Debuts

 Government whistleblowers who spot instances of fraud, waste and abuse
 have a new way to tattle their tales: a computer bulletin board.

 Anyone with a computer and modem can call 202/225-5527 and tell Uncle
 Sam how his tax dollars are being squandered. Messages, which can be
 posted anonymously or with a name, can be left any day at any hour.
 Congressional investigators will read messages daily and check out

 The Whistleblower Bulletin Board allows investigators to keep in contact
 with the whistleblower. "The most important feature of the board is the
 ability to receive computer files and messages in an environment that
 permits continuing communications, while fully protecting the identity
 of those providing information," said Rep. Bob Wise (D-W.Va.).

 Even the private group that provides lawyers for government whistle-
 blowers who face retribution -- the Government Accountability Project --
 approves of the BBS. "I think it's an excellent idea, because most of
 the mechanisms within the executive branch are not working well," said
 Louis Clark of the GAP.


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 Join us in welcoming Fair  Dinkum  Technologies  to  our  ST  BB.  Two new
 products are  now shipping,  Crossword Creator II and Word Search Creator,
 "perhaps the  fastest, easiest  to use  and most  complete puzzle creation
 utilities ever  created for the Atari ST TT". Check out file #21790. Hutch
 will be supporting his product in Category 29 (ST and Education) Topic 4.

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            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > THE FLIP SIDE STR Feature     "... a different viewpoint..."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 Some info about the ST Book - From Ed Krimen - Cat. 14, Topic 7, Msg 151
 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
    And here's a little info I picked up from Usenet about the ST Book,
    from the designer himself:

       Article 3023 (1 more) in
       From: trh@atari.uucp (T R Hall)
       Subject: Re: ST Notebook (was Re: help with info)
       Message-ID: <1991Nov19.183749.7331@atari.uucp>
       Date: 19 Nov 91 18:37:49 GMT
       Deferences: <fido_2_281/>
       <15823@uhccux.uhcc.Haw aii.Edu>
       Organization: Atari Corp., Sunnyvale, CA

    jww@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu (Jack W. Wine) writes:
    1) Was the Notebook ever operated from completely powered-up
    condition to zero power? How long did it last to go to both extremes
    and how did it behave during that time?

       Yes, it has; with _*NO*_ power management at all, with the Screen
       a highly detailed, dithered image, and with the hard drive
       spinning-up every five minutes and running for a minute [running a
       FlightSimulator Demo, if you want to know]...

       The STBook ran for over five hours, before fading away [because
       power management handles Save-and-Resume, it of course didn't

       With power management, the people at the Shows have been getting 8
       to 10 hours, and I still have a few tricks left to extend the
       power even further (just software, so y'all will have them in good

    2) Does the Notebook have a SCSI bus?

       No, but the ACSI/FDD (what I call Pseudo-ACSI) connector has all
       of the ACSI signals, so ACSI-to-SCSI convertors can be used.

    3) The 2.9 kg weight includes the weight of the battery pack?

       1.9 Kg, actually, and yes, it includes the Nicad-battery pack. The
       machine is some 200-300 grams lighter with an alkaline pack.

    4) Does the case have any mechanical weak points? I read that Toshiba
    made the Notebook for Atari and was wondering how well they did it.

       Toshiba is assembling units for us, but we did the design. The one
       area I would point to as weak is the cover "clasp" (i.e. that
       holds the unit closed). The "hinge point" for is is not the
       strongest, _and_ it doesn't move in quite the way you would expect
       (i.e. it barly moves at all). This cause excessive force to be
       used, and the hinge points can break. This is being worked on. It
       should be noted that the hinge has never been broken by those who
       knew how it worked; it has always been broken by some #$!#!@&*
       coming up, grabbing it, and yanking it open, saying some like
       "Here..Gimme...Lemme See.. Yeah, I know how..."


 The FPU part number from Ken Shafer on Delphi...

    The part# for the MSTE FPU is MC68881FN16B.  Thats a 16 Mhz fpu, with
    PLCC packaging.


 A thread from CIS about new systems from Atari in 1992 - From Bob Brodie
 (Atari) on CIS...

    Seriously, it's not a real big secret that we have a number of new
    machines scheduled for 1992. It's going to be a very exciting year,
    and we look forward to it. I was up in the lab with Greg Pratt, Bill
    Rehbock and Leonard Tramiel last week and got a glimpse of the
    future...and I like it a lot.

 From Jim Ness on CIS...

    The impression I got from the Greg Pratt speech was that new machines
    would not necessarily replace old machines (to paraphrase: he said
    that if you view the product line as a triangle, the older machines
    would continue to trickle toward the bottom as new machines entered
    at the top).

    His analogy was a good one, because it helps control the tendency of
    people to not buy today's machines, while they wait for tomorrow's.
    If today's TT remains a viable "mid-triangle" product, while
    tomorrow's 68040 machine is introduced, it will continue to sell.

    At some point, the 1040STE has to get back into Toys-R-US and similar
    outlets, so you can introduce more people to the bottom of the
    triangle. However, for that to happen, there have to be lots of games
    bundles, and a very very low price.

 Reply from Bob Brodie (Atari) on CIS...

    I think that you have paraphrased Greg intention quite well. Further,
    he did say that our goal was for the products to "cycle through" for
    a period of time. The period of time is a variable...perhaps 3-5
    years in my estimation.

    That lends credance to his remark that the TT will be the backbone
    for the next several years, just as the STE is today.


 Have you ever needed to replace your internal SF314 drive?  Here's a
 thread from Delphi that might give you some help.  From John Duckworth
 on Delphi...

    I have a quick question for anyone who can help.  I need to replace
    my internal drive on my 1040 STfm.  If I could find an Atari SF 314
    drive, is it exactly the same as my old internal?  In other words,
    could I just pop it out of the external case and replace my 1040

 Reply from Norm Weirness on Delphi...

    Atari used many different manufactuers to make the SF314 and they
    don't all have the same shaped disc slot. Your best bet is to pickup
    a new TEAC 3.5" floppy mechanism and use it.

    You will find that all the new drives are only 1" high, rather than
    1-3/4" like to old one. I have been able to add about 1/4" spacers
    (or a stack of washers) between the drive and the column supporting
    it, and the screws were long enough to reach. However, you'll likely
    have to alter the shape of the slot a bit.  Just cut a rectangular
    opening. The plastic is soft, and the new drives have a wide facing
    that can fit flush against the inside of the ST case.

    The TEAC mechanisms are double-sided - model FD-235F, and high-
    density - model FD-235HF. It may be impossible to find the old ones,
    they are all high-density now, but they only cost $50 or less, and
    yes they work.

    When you open the ST, you will see that there are two connections to
    the floppy, a small power plug and a 34-pin ribbon cable. The power
    cable is no problem, but in some models you have to twist the cable a
    half turn before connecting to the TEAC. Notice the one edge of the
    cable is colored, usually red, as opposed to the rest, which is gray.
    That edge is pin 1. Look on the PC board of the floppy, right next to
    the 34-pin connector, and you should find printing indicating where
    pins 1 and 2 are (the end furthest from the side plate). Just be sure
    the red edge of the cable connects at the pin 1 side of the mating

 Reply from GEORGECYR on Delphi...

    The 1040 ST fm uses a 1/3 height drive I believe, so be sure that
    whatever drive you use fits that, or maybe you can cut the posts to
    install a 1/2 height drive. But Be careful. Mine had a Mitsumi 3.5
    inch drive 1/3 hgt that was incompatible with the Epson drive in an
    SF354 drive. They wouldn't swap out.


 Some CD-ROM information from Bill Rehbock (Atari) - Cat. 14, Topic 28,
 Msg. 128 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

    We have done the generic CD-ROM driver that allows any Sony CDU-541
    compliant (I'm using an Apple CD ROM right now) CD ROM drive to be
    used with the TT via SCSI. To get all 8 bits of a SCSI command byte
    out ACSI, you need an ICD host adapter and a slightly modified CD ROM
    driver that shuffles the command byte across ACSI to the ICD H/A. We
    are working with ICD to make sure this becomes a reality quiclky.


 Some Flash/STalker information from Dan McNamee (Atari) - Cat. 17, Topic
 3, Msg. 41 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

    The reason that Flash doesn't have problems at higher speeds while
    Stalker does is that Flash has it's own custom RS232 routines that go
    directly to the serial port hardware, which can be a bad thing if
    anything there ever changes.

    Stalker, on the other hand uses standard GEM calls which, while
    slower, will always work. Since it is using GEM calls, the more TSRs
    and ACCs you have loaded, the slower the system gets, the faster the
    buffer fills and overflows and therefore the more characters lost.

    So if you are running at 9600, set it to use RTS/CTS (or both, which
    is what I use) and only have AUXINIT active in the auto folder, and
    only STalker (an maybe STeno) as accessories. On a TT or an acceler-
    ated ST you might be able to get by with more.


 Some misc. information from Bob Brodie (Atari) - Cat. 14, Topic 14, Msg.
 177 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

    Yes, the Mega STE-1 exists. Make sure that your dealer knows that you
    want to put in your own hard disk, so he gets the kit for you. Also,
    the disk in the Mega STE is a 3-1/2" mechansim. Make sure that you've
    got the same size of unit.

    The difference between a 1040STE and a Mega STE are significant. On a
    Mega STE you get a detachable keyboard (very nice one, too!) a LAN
    port, (works great with the Universal Network!), multiple serial
    ports, a VME Slot, and the New Desk top. The New Desk top is a major
    improvment over the old desktop, giving many more features, and
    adding a lot of functionality to the system.

    On the Mega STE, ram upgrades are very easy, as are hard disk up-
    grades. Just open the hard disk bay, and you have access to SIMMS,
    hard disk, etc. No more taking apart the machine. :-)

    And of course, the Mega STE runs at 16Mhz with a 16k cache. Not too
    shabby at all. You can also slow it down to a true 8 Mhz to run
    timing sensitive software, like Spectrum 512.

    The 1040 STE does NOT have a VME slot.

    Among the products that take advantage of the VME slot specifically
    for Atari computers are a number of graphics cards. These cards will
    allow you to run in enhanced color modes, like 800x600 with 256
    colors. There is a catalog put out by the VME Trade Association
    (VITA) that list over 3,000 VME cards. The functionality of the cards
    varies from additional serial cards, to ram boards, to graphics
    cards, HPIB interfaces, and on.


 DeskJet Upgrade info from G.HAUER - Cat. 4, Topic 3, Msg. 22 - from the
 ST Roundtable on Genie...

    Here's the "official" info I took from an HP upgrade brochure I
    called for:

       Upgrade for DeskJet 500 :  $450
                   DeskJet Plus:   550
                   DeskJet         550

    All upgrades require that you send your machine to HP.  They DON'T
    upgrade your machine. Instead, they send you the new DeskJet 500C,
    which is fully IBM compatible. (The DeskWriter C is for Apple folk.)

    For more information, call HP at (800) 752-0900. (That number may
    refer you to another number -- I can't remember. It's been a few
    weeks since I called for the brochure.) The mailing includes all the
    paperwork for upgrading to the 500C.

    Soooo, for me the question is -- as always -- now or later? Should I
    take the upgrade route while it's available ('though HP has a reputa-
    tion for long-term upgrade availability) or should I wait until the
    street price gets low enough for me to have two of the critters?

    For anyone at HP reading this: it would be wonderful if the brochure
    included an actual printed sheet for the 500C.


 Some Good News and Bad News from ERSOFF on Delphi...

    Good News and Bad News ..........

    KEYBOARD MAGAZINE is giving away $30,000.00 worth of Atari gear (TT,
    STe, Mega STe, MIDI stuff, Hard Disk Digital Recorder by Hybrid Arts,
    software, etc.) in the January 1992 edition.

    And now the Bad News .........

    The drawing won't be until 10-31-92 (according to the contest rules
    in the magazine... oh well)

    Good Luck Everyone !!!!!!!!!


 Until next week.....


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 > Ma BELL STR Spotlight           Ma Bell is a MEAN MUTHA!

                       ABOUT THE C & P BELL MEETING

 by Neil Bradley

                           Compuserve 72337,146
                            BBS (804) 464-4994
                         (14.4K Dual-standard HST)
                             "FNET" node 564.

     A few observations of my own from last Thursday's meeting with C&P
 telephone.  As I said before, the C&P reps expected about 20-25 people.
 When they arrived, there were well over 200 people.  The reps were quite
 amazed to say the least.


 The host (a FidoNet Sysop) introduced the "speakers".

 The speakers were;
 1) 2 Reps from C&P, the Vice President in charge of Business Accounts and
    The president of the Norfolk Va C&P office.  The VP was the one that\
     sent the letter.

 2) 5 other sysops of local bbs'.  Three were "fidonet" sysops, one was a
    "PAY" bbs sysop, and one was a local non-networked bbs sysop.

     Each principle speaker was introduced and invited to give a 5 minute
 speech on what he/she wanted to say.  C&P was first.

     The first speaker was the C&P president.  He talked briefly about what
 the contents of the letter was about.  The letter was sent to 15 local
 sysops after C&P received an "anonomyous tip" that BBS's were running a
 business, and a list of 15 boards was enclosed in the letter.  That
 prompted the letter to be written to 13 of the BBS's.  (The other two were
 not in operation anymore).

     The speaker then went on to say that "We are not out to cut out the
 little guy, or to force people to shut down.  Additionally, the Newspaper
 article had several inaccuracies in it.  According to my computations,
 MOST of the local BBS operators will pay perhaps $3-$5 more than what they
 are paying now.  In fact, a large number of you probably would pay LESS!"
 He then stated that he expected 20-25 people, as all he brought were 25
 copies of the rate comparison charts between Business & Commercial Rates.

     The president then stated that the reason C&P was there was to "find
 out information" about what is going on.  He stated that both himself and
 the VP that were there HAD NEVER used a bbs, and were ignorant of what was
 going on.  He said that several Sysops had contacted him and that his
 knowledge was growing.  He then asked for some information from the
 crowds.  "I want to know what is going on, and who is here."  He called
 for shows of hands of people.

      (The numbers I give here are MY OWN estimates from what I saw.
                I have no idea what numbers he wrote down.)

 "How many people here are Sysops?"  ~ 200 (95%+ of the people)
 "How many people here use BBS's?"   ~ 250 (100% of the people)
 "How many of the Sysops here have 2 or less phone lines?"  ~ 200 (95%)
 "How many of the Sysops here have 3-5 lines?" ~ 10-20 (2%)
 "How many of the Sysops here have 6+ lines?" ~ 2-4 (1%)
 "How many of the Sysops charge NO FEE for their BBS?" ~ 200 (95%+)

     He then stated "These numbers are very interesting, thank you".  The
 VP came up and talked about why he did not return all the phone calls he
 has received.  He stated that there were just too many, and they were all
 asking the same thing.  He apologized and said that he would be
 contacting several BBS sysops and request that they put all the info he
 gives them on their boards for further dissemination.

     The audience was then handed 3x5 cards and told to put down any
 question that they may have for the panel (C&P), and that the questions
 would be asked by the host later in the session.  (Just about everyone
 returned a card to the moderator!)

     The next speaker was one of the FIDOnet sysops, who discussed about
 the users he has, how many calls he receives, the FIDOnet network system
 operation, etc.  He ended up by saying that if the business rates were
 given to him, he would shut down.

     The next speaker was another FIDOnet sysop, who is the "lead" of the
 "Handicapped Echo" message base.  He went on at great lengths about how
 the BBS and the FIDOnet "brought him out of his hole" that he was in
 because of his handicap.  He talked about several people that met through
 the BBS's, including a White Male/Black female who were quite surprised
 when they met face to face, and then realized that race didn't really mean
 that much after all!  He finished by saying that if they charge him
 business rates, even that small increase in costs could force him to
 shut down, which would deny him the "livelihood" of his existence and
 contact with the outside world.

     The following speaker was a sysop of a multi-line PAY bbs.  He said
 that he received the letter, and immediately took advantage of the
 REDUCTION in costs of his phone bill.  Because his board does NOT
 network and generate outgoing calls, he could reduce all the phone lines
 to the very cheapest business rate, even cheaper than what he pays for

     The next speaker was the last FIDOnet Sysop, and he expressed his
 concern that if C&P classified his BBS as a "business" for phone rate
 purposes, he wondered if that would generate a listing in the business
 section of the local phone book. C&P replied that it would.  He then asked
 how did the local city governments determine what a business was?  One way
 for sure was to LOOK IN THE PHONE BOOK!  That means, if his BBS was listed
 in the phone book, the city government would then get involved and try
 to make him get a Business Licence, and pay Business Taxes!  He then
 stated that, according to local laws, if if business lost money three
 years in a row, the city could classify it as a "hobby"!  What would C&P
 say then?  The speaker then asked the crowd "How many of you LOOSE money
 on your bbs?"  Just about everyone held up their hands and then clapped.
 The speaker told C&P that if he was changed to business, he would NOT
 continue as there was NO WAY he could afford to pay business taxes and
 get a business license.

     The final speaker was a non-networking 2-line BBS that generates the
 local "Free BBS List".  The requirements to get on this list are simple:
 All BBS's belonging to the list have to 1) Charge NO FEES to get FULL
 access to the bbs, and 2) Display on their opening screen that they are
 a member of the -=FBBS=- list.  He talked about his user base and the
 fact that he has over 1000 ACTIVE users (Active on his bbs being that
 the user calls at least once every 45 days).  He said that he personally
 runs a computer business, and that he has a bbs IN his business that he
 pays business phone rates for!  He said that his bbs in his house had
 nothing to do with his business.  He then went on about how could the
 Phone Company determine what a business was on the BBS except to get on
 the bbs and SEE!  The USE of the BBS was what should determine what the
 rate was, not the fact that there was a bbs or a modem on it!  (the
 audience clapped and cheered at this point).

   There was about a 5 minute break at this point.

     After the break, the moderator told the crowd that due to time
 constraints, there would be only 3 people from the audience allowed to
 speak and they would be limited to 2 minutes each.  After that, the
 moderator would read some questions from the numerous cards.  He said that
 all the cards would be given to the C&P representative, and their answers
 would be made available on the local bbs's here.

     The three speakers were all from local computer groups, and they all
 basically said that the loss of the bbs's would be a detriment to the
 industry and hobby as a whole.

     After the 3rd speaker was finished, the President of Norfolk C&P stood
 up and stated that "I am suspending all further action on this matter
 pending more research."  At that point, the president was given a 2-3
 minute standing ovation from the crowd.  He further said that, "I will
 have the VP contact each of the sysops that received a letter in order
 to arrange switching back to their previous service without charge".

     The moderator then read several of the questions from the cards he
 received.  One was from a 16-year old Sysop asking how could he be running
 a business on his C-64, he didn't even really know how to run one!

     At that point, the meeting was forced to end due to the closing of the
 meeting room (in the public Library).

     The moderator and C&P representatives both stated that they would be
 working with the local sysops on this subject, and that all would be
 kept informed.  Additionally, the President of the Norfolk C&P was offered
 and accepted the use of a modem to hook up to his computer to use! He
 would then call several of the local BBS's to see for himself what is
 going on!



 1.  I will be receiving a verbatim transcript of the meeting from another
     bbs later this week.  I did NOT take notes, so all the above is from
     my memory, and there very well could be inaccuracies in what I am

     Please do not take all the quotes as exact until I get the transcript.
 I submitted this article now as I feel that people want to know what I
 remember hearing, and the impact of the meeting.

 2.  The way I see it, the two big impacts on this are;
    A.Business licenses - how would this fit in?

    B.Fidonet/other "Networking" boards. They are the hardest hit.  The
     business rate for 'unlimited local calls' is ~$55.00/month compared to
     ~$20.00/month.  Boards that do NO networking, or only call out long
     distance would SAVE money, as the 'measured' rate for a business is

   C.The determination of what is a "business" and how does the telephone
     company qualify what a "business" is.



 For immediate release
 Thursday, December 12, 1991



 As of January 1, 1992, CodeHead Software will be taking over
 worldwide development and distribution of the popular Quick ST 3.0
 software accelerator!

 Darek Mihocka, the original creator of Quick ST, is selling the flagship
 product of Branch Always Software in order to spend more time developing
 a PC based Atari ST emulator.

 According to Darek, "The response to my emulator demo at the Chicago
 Atarifest was very positive.  In order to bring the emulator to market
 in a timely fashion, it became clear that I couldn't do that while at
 the same time trying to develop new versions of Quick ST.  Both products
 would ultimately suffer.  In the capable hands of CodeHead Software,
 Quick ST will continue to exist and be improved upon, and ST and TT
 users can look forward to a long life for the product that speeds up
 their machines.  It's a win-win situation for everyone."

 Quick ST 3 is a program that intercepts GEM's screen output routines,
 and replaces them with highly optimized assembly language code that is
 much faster.  Windows pop open, graphics appear instantly, text zaps
 onto the screen at high speed, and everything you do with your computer
 takes less time.  It's an indispensable utility for all owners of Atari
 computers, since the built-in screen output routines are written in
 slow, inefficient C code.

 CodeHead Software is well-known for their line of utility and
 productivity solutions (and now graphics software as well), and Quick ST
 is a logical extension of that line.  Charles F.  Johnson, co-owner of
 CodeHead, said, "We're quite excited about Quick ST, and are looking
 forward to supporting this excellent product; and since we've purchased
 the source code, you can also look forward to further development of the
 program."  Quick ST is now the only US-made screen accelerator that is
 still being actively supported.

 CodeHead will also be handling updates from older versions of Quick ST.
 You can upgrade to the latest version by returning your original Quick
 ST 2.x master disk to CodeHead Software along with a check or money
 order for $20.  Owners of Softrek's Turbo ST (any version) may also
 upgrade to Quick ST 3 by sending in your Turbo ST master disk and

 The retail price of Quick ST 3 is $34.95; to order, contact your local
 dealer or call the CodeHead order desk at 213-386-5735.  Mastercard,
 Visa, and American Express accepted.


                     A BRAND NEW COMPUTER FOR $140 --

 How would you like to have a BRAND NEW COMPUTER, with system software
 that makes it the equal of anything else on the market ... for less
 than $140?

 Well, now you CAN!

 CodeHead Software is proud to announce the TEC -- the TOS Extension
 Card!  This amazing little circuit board, developed by Germany's Artifex,
 allows you to use the very latest version of Atari TOS (2.06) in your
 existing 520ST, 1040ST, or Mega ST!

 That's right!  Now, you can have the same excellent new system software
 that owners of Mega STes and TT030s are enjoying, without spending
 megabucks for a whole new computer system.  In fact, the price for this
 upgrade, including the board, is only a little bit more than the price
 to upgrade from TOS 1.0 to TOS 1.4!

 The TEC is a tiny card that will fit in ANY model of ST computer,
 regardless of design.  It is compatible with existing upgrades, such as
 monitor interface boards or processor cache cards.  The low price
 includes the ROMs containing TOS 2.06 -- and there sure are lots and
 lots of new goodies in those little chips!

 What TOS 2.06 Can Do for You

 TOS 2.06 is a MAJOR upgrade to the ST's operating system; it's a vastly
 more significant upgrade than from TOS 1.0 to TOS 1.4 (Rainbow TOS).
 The most noticeable change is the new desktop, which has many of the
 features of the popular commercial alternate desktops (and some unique
 features too!), but with two BIG advantages: it does not use large
 amounts of RAM, and it does not need to be loaded from disk.

 Some of the features of the TOS 2.06 desktop:

   o Programs, files, and folders can be placed directly on the desktop
     and started with a double click.

   o Up to 20 programs or documents can be assigned to the ST's function
     keys and started with a single keypress.

   o Data files can be "dragged" and dropped on program files, which
     starts the program and automatically loads the document!  Some
     programs even support multiple document files in this manner.

   o Each file on your disk can have its own unique icon, or you can use
     a common icon type for each type of file.  New icons can be created
     and added to the system.

   o Keyboard commands for almost everything!  And not only can you
     control the new desktop with the keyboard (as well as the mouse),
     you can also redefine any of the key commands to suit your own

   o A powerful file search function, that lets you find and select files
     that match your specified criteria.

   o Window management is considerably enhanced; scrolling has been sped
     up, and selected files can remain selected even if you scroll the
     window to a different area of the file list.

   o Up to seven desktop windows can be open at once, and you can open
     directory windows with simple key presses -- even change a window to
     show a different drive without closing and reopening it.

   o The "View" menu now has an "unsorted" option, for showing the actual
     order of files and folders in a directory.

   o Any character in the "upper half" of the ST's font can be typed in
     by holding the Alternate key and typing its ASCII number on the
     numeric keypad.

   o Many of the special functions of the desktop (like copying,
     renaming, etc.) can now operate in "batch mode", to let you quickly
     rename or show info for a group of selected files, for example.

   o The bootup sequence now includes a graphic display of the Atari Fuji
     logo, and a memory test, and a configurable bootup delay that allows
     hard drives time to power up.  It's also possible to bypass the AUTO
     folder entirely by holding Control during bootup.

   o Internal changes in the TOS program code result in very noticeable
     performance improvements in many areas.

   o ...and of course, lots more.  This list barely shows the tip of the
     iceberg, in fact.

 The TOS Extension Card

 Because the new TOS 2.06 is located at a different address and requires
 more space in the ROMs, you can't simply pull out your old ROMs and plug
 in the new ones.  This is where the TEC comes in!

 The TOS Extension Card can be installed in any model of ST within
 minutes.  Its size is a mere 2.5" x 2.5", and its unique design allows
 it to be placed almost anywhere inside the case of the computer.  This
 means that it will even work if you have a hardware accelerator, MS-DOS
 emulator, or graphic card already installed.  Some simple soldering is
 required to install the base model of the TEC; any authorized dealer
 should be able to handle it easily.

 There are also two other configurations of the TEC that are 100% plug-in
 solutions, requiring no soldering:

   o The TECbridge BUS card, which plugs into the processor bus of the
     Mega ST.

   o The TECbridge CPU, for computers which have socketed 68000 chips.
     This option plugs into the CPU socket, and requires that there be
     enough room above the CPU within the case.

 The Price

 The retail price of the TOS Extension Card is $139.00.  This price
 includes the TEC board, Atari's official TOS 2.06 ROMs, a disk
 containing the official Atari system utilities (including the new
 XCONTROL Control Panel), and a manual describing the installation of the
 TEC and the new features of TOS 2.06.  The TECbridge BUS and TECbridge
 CPU options are priced at $155.00.

 The TEC will begin shipping on January 10, 1992 (maybe even sooner,
 depending on how long it takes to translate the manual); advance orders
 are being accepted now.  Of course, we won't charge your credit card or
 cash your check until your order has been shipped.  To place an advance
 order for the TEC, call the CodeHead order desk at 213-386-5735.
 Mastercard, Visa, and American Express accepted.

                             CodeHead Software
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004

                             Tel 213-386-5735
                             Fax 213-386-5789


 > STR Portfolio News & Information           Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Don Messerli 72500,1671

     The underlying theme in the forum for November and December is the
 programming marathon.  As the original three programmers: BJ Gleason, Don
 Messerli, and Dave Stewart uploaded a program a day between them, a
 momentum began to build. Many programmers and creative forum members have
 uploaded programs, text files, pictures, and animations.

     The marathon has been a tremendous success.  However, as they come
 into the home stretch, our faithful marathoners need your help to get them
 to the finish line.  THEY NEED IDEAS.  Many great ideas have been
 submitted.  Of course, not all can be done in short order.  Rest assured,
 these "more involved" programs will probably be completed after the
 marathon is over.  So, let's hear your ideas and wishes for Portfolio
 programs.  Don't let the marathoners "hit the wall".

     The much anticipated PortCIS Compuserve Navigator has arrived.  Jim
 Ness has written a communications program that logs onto CompuServe, reads
 your mail (or the mail you specify), and captures the descriptions of any
 new files in the libraries automatically.  This is all controlled by a
 script that you write using a simple scripting language.  An example
 script is  included to get you up and going.  This program, besides from
 being very useful, has accomplished a couple of firsts in the forum.  It
 is the first full application written in PowerBASIC, which was recently
 released.  Jim also sought out and received quite a bit of user feedback
 in the Message area BEFORE the program was released.

     This is a good example of how Portfolio users can influence the
 products they will ultimately use by dropping in on the Message section on

     A largely untapped source of programs for the Portfolio is BASIC
 programs written for other computers.  PBASIC is the most popular public
 domain program for the Portfolio.  PowerBASIC brings the power of a
 compiler to the scene.  Programs written in BASIC for other computers are
 all over CompuServe.  These programs can be ported with relatively little
 effort. A good example is WCA.ZIP, uploaded by BJ Gleason.  It was
 originally written for the Tandy Model 100 and was found hiding in the
 AVSIG Aviation Forum.  It is a simple flight computer.  This week BJ also
 uploaded CDRIVE.ZIP, a program to detect the presence of a Flashdrive,
 8088.ADR,   an Address Book file that's a quick reference to 8088 assembly
 language instructions, RUNPB.ZIP, a program to run PowerBASIC from within
 the Portfolio's Editor to compile the program you are currently editing,
 and DATEFN.BAS, date functions for PBASIC.

     Also uploaded were INTL.ZIP (by me, Don Messerli), a database of
 international telephone access codes for use with DBSHOW, SHO.ZIP
 (uploaded by Henry Hahlbohm), shows disk space used in a bar chart format,
 BANNER.ZIP (by Dave Stewart), a program to display large text banners on
 the Portfolio's screen, PGCPCX.ZIP (by Don Messerli), to convert PGC
 pictures to PCX files for importing into your favorite PC-based paint
 program, and PARC.ARC (uploaded by Adrian Simonian) a collection of ARC
 archive related programs that run on the Port.

     One continuing topic of discussion has always been the use of
 different modems with the Portfolio.  Will it work?  Will it drain my
 batteries?  Is it small enough? Howard Blumenthal has uploaded a file,
 NEWMOD.TXT, that discusses the new Hayes Pocket Edition modem.

     What do we do to top the marathon, there are already a few things
 rolling around the minds of the forum's SYSOPS.  A PGfliX animation
 contest has been briefly discussed.  Now, it looks like there will be a
 24-hour online conference marathon.  They are still trying to nail down a
 suitable time and date,  we'll keep you posted.  That reminds me of a
 movie.  I think it was called, "they shoot SYSOPS, don't they?".

                             Camera!  Action!


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            4th Saturday, 11 A.M.
  BBS: (312) 422-4476

  PO Box 66583
  AMF O'Hare IL 60666-0583

  President: Gerry Fied

  (See ClAUG North and ClAUG South above for more information)

  PO Box 8788
  Waukegan IL 60079-8788

  (312) 623-3815
  Python BBS (312) 680-5105

  Dues: $20/yr per family
  Meetings: 2nd Saturday, 11 A.M.
            Warren-Newport Public Library, 244 O'Plains Road, Gurnee,IL

  Newsletter : LCACE News Journal

  c/o Michael Burkley
  PO Box 55
  Viola IL 61486

  (309) 596-4152

  ST Information Group*
  c/o Joe Lambert
  1116 Woodlawn Ct
  Pekin IL 61554

  c/o Robert Handley
  1920 E Croxton Ave
  Bloomington IL 61701-5702

  (309) 828-4661

  c/o Hank Vize
  2425 Crislisa Dr
  Alton IL 62002

  (618) 465-0342
  BBS (618) 254-6077

  INDIANA  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  c/o Dan Ward
  1752 Alimingo Dr
  Indianapolis IN 46260

  (317) 254-0031
  ST Archive BBS (317) 353-9326

  GEnie contact: D.WARD10

  c/o Bill Loring
  PO Box 1111
  Bloomington IN 47402

  (812) 336-8103
  BBS  (812) 332-0573

  GEnie contact: W.LORING1

  c/o Jeff Coe
  PO Box 10995
  Merrillville IN 46411-0995


  Midwest Atari Group-Iowa Chapter*
  c/o Gordie Meyer
  PO Box 1982
  Ames IA 50010

  (515) 232-1252

  KANSAS  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  PO Box 3233
  Fort Leavenworth KS 66027

  PO Box 1415
  Lawrence KS 66044

  Robert Drake  (913) 842-5961

  Midwest ST Atari Resource*
  c/o Gary Leach
  7213 Mastin
  Merriam KS 66203

  c/o Marilyn Merica
  501 Trotter
  Maize KS 67101

  (316) 722-1078


  PO Box 34183
  Louisville KY 40232

  President: William "Doug" Lampert

  Atari Scene! BBS (502) 456-4292

  Dues: $20/yr per family
  Newsletter: $3.50/yr w/membership (mailed), $8.75/yr non member mailed

  Meetings: 2nd Saturday, 11:30 A.M.
            Central Jefferson County Government Center
            7201 Outer Loop

  DC (8-bit) Sig meetings 1st Wednesday, 7:30 P.M., Leader: Rich Link

  ASTRO (ST) Sig meetings 4th Wednesday, 7:30 P.M., Leader: Jan Wilt

  Location for DC & ASTRO Sigs: Bon Air Library
                                2816 Del Rio Place


  c/o Dave Porter
  PO Box 73236
  Metairie LA 70033

  (504) 887-7505

  MARYLAND  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  c/o Bob Johnson
  1616B Forrest Avenue
  Ft Meade MD 20755

  PO Box 7761
  Silver Spring MD 20910

  Steve Duggan (301) 890-3889

  Maryland Atari Computer Club*
  c/o James Hill
  8591 Wheatfield Way
  Ellicott City MD 21043

  (301) 461-7556

  Frederick Atari Computer Enthusiasts*
  c/o Buddy Smallwood
  923 N Market Street
  Frederick MD 21701

  MASSACHUSETTS  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  c/o David Scarpa
  285-A Gates Street
  Palmer MA 01069-9617

  BBS (413) 589-1382

  c/o Ray Wallace
  PO Box 456
  Maynard MA 01754

  (508) 534-0699

  1 Center Plaza
  Boston MA 02108

  Jerry Feldman (617) 244-3025
  BBS (617) 396-4607

  PO Box 129
  Boston MA 02136

  Norman Boucher (617) 361-0590

  c/o Computer Zone
  28 E Washington St
  N Attleboro MA 02760

  Contacts: Joe Heroux/Secretary (508) 533-2619
  GEnie address: JOE.HEROUX
  Bob Levetin/President (508) 699-0430

  Meetings last Tuesday except July and December at the Computer Zone on
  Route 1 in North Attleboro.

  MICHIGAN  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  PO Box 2785
  Southfield MI 48037

  President: Ed Hanson (313) 675-0044

  Meetings 3rd Tuesday, 7:30 P.M. at:
  Southfield Civic Center, Evergreen & 10 1/2 Mile Rd

  c/o Mike Lechkun
  4801 Martin Rd
  Warren MI 48092-3491

  BBS  (313) 978-7363

  Great Lakes Atari ST Support*
  c/o Byron Johnson
  PO Box 99737
  Troy MI 48099

  PO Box 16132
  Lansing MI 48901

  President: Leo Sell
  BBS (517) 394-6852

  Meetings 3rd Saturday, 10 A.M. at Capitol Federal, 250 E. Saginaw

  c/o Ron Schultheis
  PO Box 321
  Marne MI 49435-0321


  PO Box 120016
  New Brighton MN 55112

  President: Nathan Block

  BBS  (612) 488-5973

  Meetings 2nd Friday, 7:30 P.M. at Falcon Heights Community Center, 2077
  W. Larpenter.


  c/o Lowen Overby
  PO Box 5098
  Biloxi MS 39534

  (601) 388-1515

  MISSOURI  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  ACE St. Louis*
  PO Box 6783
  St. Louis MO 63144

  Joan Ryan  (314) 645-6431

  7837B Wornall Rd
  Kansas City MO 64114

  (816) 363-2814

  Meetings at Baptist Medical Center, 66th and Rockhill Rd. on first


  Rattlesnake ACE*
  c/o Tom Tucker
  PO Box 9457
  Missoula MT 59807

  (406) 626-4410
  BBS (406) 777-3992


  O-ACES (Omaha - Atari Computer Enthusiasts)
  PO Box 723
  Papillion NE 68046

  Peter Killian (402) 592-542 or (402) 294-6232 (day)
  CompuServe User I.D. [72017,72], GEnie: P.KILLIAN

  Meetings on second and LAST Wednesday (except Nov/Dec when only 2nd Wed.)
  at La Vista Recreation Center, 8116 Parkview Blvd., La Vista, NE 68128

  Dues: $18.00/yr (AIM included in dues)


  PO Box 2152
  Sparks NV 89432

  Michael O'Masey (702) 972-3659


  c/o Don Peters
  51 Cheyenne Dr
  Nashua NH 03063

  (603) 883-0347


  PO Box 5206
  Newark NJ 07105-0206

  (201) 241-4554

  NEW YORK  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  Atari Computer User's Group Of Westchester*
  4 Charlotte St
  White Plains NY 10606

  Roland Herman (914) 946-4134

  c/o Richard Bloch
  29 Riverglen Dr
  Thiells NY 10984

  (914) 429-5283

  PO Box 92
  Islip NY 11751

  PO Box 511
  Delmar NY 12054

  Joe Boggard (518) 785-4071
  BBS (518) 237-1232

  ACE Of Syracuse*
  204 E Patricia Ln
  North Syracuse NY 13212-3218

  Kenneth Wickert (315) 458-6077

  Backstairs BBS (315) 458-0118

  ACO Of Rochester*
  PO Box 23676
  Rochester NY 14692

  Bruce Nelson  (716) 334-5513

  NORTH CAROLINA  (Sorted by ZIP Code)

  c/o Donald Nelson
  Rt 3 Box 760
  Hillsborough NC 27278

  (919) 942-2764

  PO Box 1073
  Greensboro NC 27402

  Meetings are on the last Wednesday of each month (except July and
  December) Folk Recreation Center, 3910 Clifton Road, Greensboro NC 27402

  Dues: $15/yr
  President: Danny Hartman (919) 722-9902
  Co-sponsored by the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department.

  c/o Sheldon Winick
  40 Westgate Parkway #F
  Asheville NC 28806

  (704) 251-0201

  c/o Mary Anne Terminato
  19 Alpine Way
  Greenville NC 29609

  (803) 292-2690

  OHIO  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  PO Box 93034
  Cleveland OH 44101-5034

  John Savarda

  c/o Doug Novak
  5538 Pearl Road
  Parma OH 44129

  Doug Novak (216) 845-6260
  BBS (216) 582-1904

  PO Box 14959
  Cincinnati OH 45214

  Roger Miller (513) 367-6842
  Meetings 2nd Saturday

  PO Box 24221
  Dayton OH 45424

  Joe Lovett (513) 847-3970


  c/o Steve Balch
  PO Box 161
  Nicoma Park OK 73066

  (405) 340-9233


  PO Box 1692
  Beaverton OR 97005

  David Moore (503) 240-1913

  PENNSYLVANIA  (Sorted by ZIP code)

  230 Clairmont St
  N Huntington PA 15642

  Keith Krause (412) 834-5678

  PO Box 10562
  Erie PA 16514-0562

  Earl Hill (814) 833-9905
  BBS (814) 833-4073

  PO Box 11446
  Harrisburg PA 17108-1446

  Richard Basso (717) 761-3755

  PO Box 2830
  Lehigh Valley PA 18001

  (215) 868-4856

  PO Box 18150
  Philadelphia PA 19116-0150

  Allan Zaluda (215) 677-6751
  BBS (215) 677-1370


  c/o Steve Dunphy
  192 Webster Ave
  Providence RI 02909

  (401) 621-5359


  c/o Kenneth Kayl
  902 Virginia Ln
  Rapid City SD 57701

  (605) 343-7289

  TENNESSEE  (Sorted by ZIP Code)

  PO Box 80101
  Chattanooga TN 37411

  Phil Snider

  c/o John Cole
  9109 Parktop Ln Apt C
  Knoxville TN 37923

  (615) 691-4435
  BBS (615) 691-0113

  c/o Robert Pecora
  280 Capshaw Dr
  Cookeville TN 38501

  (615) 528-7116

  TEXAS  (Sorted by ZIP Code)

  PO Box 852016
  Richardson TX 75085-2016

  Gary Sewell  (214) 727-6567

  PO Box 851872
  Richardson TX 75085-1872

  Rachel Duke  (214) 429-6134

  PO Box 79-1426
  San Antonio TX 78279-1426

  Al Sherrill (512) 492-6633

  Atari ST Club of El Paso*
  c/o Tim Holt
  10953 Yogi Berra
  El Paso TX 79934

  (915) 821-2048

  VIRGINIA  (Sorted By ZIP Code)

  PO Box 4076
  Merrifield VA 22116

  Earl Lilley (703) 281-9017

  13408 Marumsco Dr
  Woodbridge VA 22191

  Ron Dunn (703) 494-4260

  c/o Thomas Marvin
  1420 Yale Ave
  Richmond VA 23224

  (804) 233-6155

  c/o Buck Maddrey
  5425 Shenstone Cir
  Virginia Beach VA 23455

  (804) 464-2100
  BBS (804) 495-3905

  WASHINGTON (Sorted By ZIP Code)

  PO Box 70097
  Bellevue WA 98007

  Joe Mraz (206) 747-2433

  c/o Ralph Plaggenburg
  904 N 33rd Pl
  Renton WA 98056

  (206) 228-5303

  c/o Steve Drake
  8307 27th NW
  Seattle WA 98117

  (206) 782-3691

  PO Box 845
  Oak Harbor WA 98277

  Mike Barret  (206) 675-7167

  c/o Tery Schreiber
  Box 2037
  Point Roberts WA 98281

  (604) 943-4786

  PO Box 2333
  Bremerton WA 98310

  Bill Penner  (206) 373-4840

  c/o Nick Berry
  Box 110576
  Tacoma WA 98411-0576

  (206) 759-1473

  PO Box 1515
  Vancouver WA 98668-1515

  Allan Cokes
  BBS  (206) 574-1146

  Atari Association Of Desert Dwellers*
  c/o Rick Raymond
  Rt 1 PO Box 5296
  Richland WA 99352

  WISCONSIN  (Sorted By ZIP Code)

  c/o Peter Schefsky
  2714 South 11th Pl
  Sheboygan WI 53081

  PO Box 14038
  West Allis WI 53214

  Linda Heinrich  (414) 421-2376

  PO Box 25679
  Milwaukee WI 53225

  Bruce Welsch  (414) 463-9662

  c/o Thomas Ptak
  217 S Schmidt Ave
  Marshfield WI 54449

  (715) 387-4512

 To add your user group to this listing, please send the following
 information to Lawrence Estep at the online service addresses listed at
 the top of this file, or on the Atari Scene! BBS (502) 456-4292.  Your
 information will be confirmed via Electronic Mail, and will be added to
 the listing when the next update is made:

 Group name

 Name and phone number of contact person(s) Online service id(s) (if
 applicable) of contact person(s)

 Meeting time(s)/location(s)

 Support provided for which computers (8-bit, ST, etc.)

 Additional information if available
  (Bulletin Board System number, newsletter information, yearly dues,

 Thanks for helping to keep this listing as accurate as possible.

 -Lawrence Estep

  CompuServe contacts: Lawrence Estep [71450,1050]
                       Bill Marcum [72750,476]
  GEnie contacts: L.ESTEP1 (Lawrence Estep)
                  R.LINK1 (Rich Link)


 > SANTA'S HELPERS STR InfoFile       Where to get those goodies!


   ATARI CORPORATION                     Computer Studio
   1196 Borregas Avenue                  40 Westgate Parkway
   Sunnyvale, CA. 94086                  Asheville, NC 28806
   (408) 745-2000                        (800) 253-0201
   Mft. Hardware/Software                Authorized Atari Dealer

   ABCO Computer Electronics             Gribnif Software
   P.O. Box 6672                         P.O. Box 350
   Jacksonville, FL. 32221               Hadley, MA 01035
   (800) 562-4037                        (413) 584-7887
   Full Line Dealer & Mass Storage       NeoDesk-Turbo C-Stalker-Steno

   Rising Star Computers                 Horizon Computers
   P. O. Box 20038                       695 S. Colorado Blvd., #10
   Dayton, OH 45420-0038                 Denver, CO  80222
   (800) 252-2787                        (303) 777-8080
   Full Line Dealer                      Authorized Atari Dealer

   A & D Software                        ISD Marketing Inc.
   226 NW 'F' Street                     2651 John St., Unit #3
   Grants Pass, OR 97526                 Markham, Ontario, CA *L3R 2W5
   (503) 476-0071                        (416) 479-1880
   Universal Item Selector               Calamus, DynaCadd etc...

   Alpha Systems                         L & Y Computers
   1012 Skyland                          13644c Jefferson Davis H'wy.
   Macedonia, OH 44056                   Woodbridge, Va.  22191
   (216) 467-5665                        (703) 494-3444
   16 and 8 bit Support                  Atari products and Software

   ASDE Inc.                             Maxwell CPU
   151 Rue Jolicoeur                     2124 W. Centennial Dr.
   Hull, Quebec Canada J8Z1C8            Louisville, CO  80027
   (819) 770-7681                        (303) 666-7754
   Geography Tutor etc...                Expose - Silhouette

   Atari Interface Magazine              Step Ahead Software Inc.
   3487 Braeburn Circle                  496-A Hudson Street Suite F39
   Ann Arbor, MI 48108                   New York City, N.Y.  10014
   (313) 973-8825                        (212) 627-5830
   Atari Magazine and Monthly Disk       Tracker ST

   B&C ComputerVisions                   Mars Merchandising
   3257 Kifer Road                       1041b St. Charles Rd.
   Santa Clara, CA 95051                 Lombard Il.
   (408) 749-1003                        (817) 589-2950
   Atari Products & Supplies             Atari Products & Accs.

   Branch Always Software                Lantech
   14150 N.E. 20th St.                   PO Box R
   Bellevue, WA 98007                    Billerica, MA  01821
   (206) 885-5893                        (508) 667-9191
   Quick ST, Software                    10 Megabit Local Area Network

   Best Electronics                      Migraph Inc.
   2021 The Alameda Suite 290            200 S. 333rd St.
   San Jose,  CA  95126                  Federal Way, WA 98003
   (408) 243-6950                        (206) 838-4677
   THE Atari parts source & Supplies     Top Notch Graphical Products

   Computer Garden                       MicroTyme
   WestSide Mall                         4049 Marshall Road
   Edwardsville, PA  18704               Kettering, OH  45429
   (800) 456-5689                        (800) 255-5835
   Discount Software                     Discount Hardware & Software

   Carter Graphics & Computers           Practical Solutions Inc.
   914 W. Sunset Blvd.                   1135 N. Jones Blvd.
   St. George, UT 84770                  Tucson, AZ 85716
   (801) 628-6111                        (602) 322-6100
   Atari Products                        Atari support products

   CodeHead Software                     Prospero Software
   P.O. Box 74090                        100 Commercial St.
   Los Angeles, CA 90004                 Suite 306 Portland, ME 04101
   (213) 386-5735                        (207) 874-0382
   Software Products "Codekeys"          Software Products

   Comput-Ability                        Rio Datel Computers
   P.O. Box 17882                        3430 E. Tropicana Ave., #65
   Milwaukee, WI 53217                   Las Vegas, NE 89121
   (414) 357-8181                        (800) 782-9110
   Atari Products & Distributor          International Products

   CompuServe Information Service        San Jose Computers
   P. O. Box 20212                       640 Blossom Hill Road
   Columbus, OH 43220-0212               San Jose, CA 95123
   (614) 457-0802                        (408) 224-8575
   Online Services                       Atari Products

   D.A. Brumleve                         Seagate Technology
   607 West Illinois Street              920 Disc Drive
   Urbana, IL  61801                     Scotts Valley, CA 95066
   (217) 337-0674                        (800) 468-3472
   High Quality Kiddie Software          Hard Drive Mechanisms

   Debonair Software                     Sideline Software
   P.O. Box 521166                       840 NW 57th Court
   Salt Lake City, UT 84152              Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
   EL CAL The Math Machine               (305) 771-9035
   Atari Support Products                International Software Source

   Zephyr/STPlus                         SofTrek
   P.O. Box 1197                         P.O. Box 5257
   Berkeley, CA. 94701                   Winter Park, FL 32793
   (800) 759-1110                        (407) 657-4611
   Atari Support Products                TurboST "The Software Blitter"

   Double Click Software                 ST Informer
   P.O. Box 741206                       909 NW Starlite Place
   Houston, TX 77274                     Grants Pass OR  97526
   (712) 977-6520                        (503) 476-0071
   Software Developer                    Monthly Newspaper

   Duggan DeZign Inc.                    Strata Software
   16 Oak Ridge Dr.                      94 Rowe Drive
   West Warwick RI 02893                 Kanata Ontario Canada K2L 3Y9
   (401) 826-2961                        (613) 591-1922
   "Designs with Fun in Mind!"           Stalker/Steno TeleCom

   Fast Technology                       Talon Technology
   P.O. Box 578                          243 N. Hwy. 101, Ste 11
   Amdover, MA 01810                     Solana Beach, CA 92075
   (508) 475-3810                        (619) 792-6511
   16Mhz 68000 Accelerator               Supercharger IBM Emulator

   Gadgets by Small                      Zubair Interfaces
   40 W. Littleton Blvd.                 5243b Paramount Blvd.
   #210-211, Littleton, CO 80120         Lakewood CA. 90712
   (303) 791-6098                        (213) 408-6715
   Spectre GCR MAC Emulator              Ass't Atari upgrades

   Goldleaf Publishing, Inc.             Omnimon Peripherals Inc.
   700 Larkspur Landing Circle,          One Tech Dr. Bldg. 1E, #301
   Suite 199  Larkspur, CA 94939         Irvine, CA 92718
   (415) 461-5703                        (714) 753-9253
   WordFlair Document Processor          WuzTek Atari support products

   Dr. Bobware                           Wiz Works!
   180 N. Hazeltine Avenue               P.O. Box 45
   Campbell, OH.  44405-1024             Girard, OH.  44420
   (216) 743-4712                        (216) 539-5623
   MVG & Modules  Graphics               Image Cat - MugShot!

   GEnie Information Services            Taylor Ridge Books
   401 N. Washington Street              P.O. Box 48
   Rockville, MD 20850-1785              Manchester, Ct.  06040
   (800) 638-9636                        (203) 643-9673
   Online Services                       Cmanship  'C' programming

   Hayes Microcomputer Inc.              US ROBOTICS INC.
   705 Westech Drive                     8100 No. McCormick Blvd.
   Norcross, GA  30092                   Skokie, IL  60076
   (404) 662-7100                        (800) 982-5151
   Modems - TeleCom                      Modems-BBS Sysop Program

   ICD Inc.                              Soft Logik
   1220 Rock St.                         11131F S. Towne Sq.
   Rockford, Il. 61101-1437              St Louis, MO  63123
   (815) 968-2228                        (314) 894-8608
   Hardware Peripherals                  PageStream 2.1 DTP Software

   Innovative Concepts (I.C.)            Hybrid Arts Inc.
   31172 Shawn Drive                     8522 National Blvd.
   Warren, MI 48093                      Los Angeles, CA  90232
   (313) 293-0730                        (213) 841-0340
   Full Service Dealer                   Software for the Musician

   Mirrorsoft Ltd                        Supra Corp.
   118 Southwark St.                     1133 Commercial Way
   London, UK SEI OSW                    Albany, OR  97321
   011-43-928-1454                       (503) 967-9075
   UK Software Dev.                      Modems - Hard Drives

   GT Software                           Word Perfect Corp.
   12114 Kirton Avenue                   1555 Technology Way
   Cleveland OH  44135                   Orem, UT  84057
   (216) 252-8255                        (801) 222-5800
   Sofware Dev.                          Word Perfect wp

   Spectrum HoloByte                     STR International.
   2061 Challenger Dr.                   PO Box 6672
   Alamedo, CA  94501                    Jacksonville, FL 32205
   (415) 522-3584                        (800) 562-4037
   Falcon F16 Software                   STReport Online Magazine


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     "Tis the season to be jolly...." well Christmas is almost upon us.
 Are you ready?  I know I am not.  It appears that most of the country is
 in a deep recession.  But.  Its just not happening in Florida.  I don't
 know what's happened, but I'll tell you this much... I cannot keep enough
 product in stock.  Atari computers, they're amazing!  I can sell all I can
 get.  I hear from dealers all over the country and the majority are
 running under very tight conditions.  One said that no matter what, after
 this holiday season, he was going mail order only.  He said he was tired
 of the massive overhead and cut throat lowballers that are seemingly
 "allowed" to clobber the real value in the entire Atari line.  I
 sympathize with the man but I am overjoyed that he has seen the light.
 Mail order is the way to go if the value is to be enjoyed by both the
 dealer and the consumer.

     Its true there are still a few low ball artists left in the Atari
 arena.  They too, will fall. Everyone thought Griffin's deals were too
 good to be true, they were!  They cut the margins so tight they choked.
 Why am I writing about this?  Its easy, in the Atari world, there are some
 very good dealers, including mail order, who are fine, upstanding business
 people in the Atari community.  These dealers are continually faced with
 the prospect of investing in inventory, in hopes of serving the Atarian,
 only to have its value trashed by some "wiseguy" looking to turn a quick
 buck. You know the kind, they'll undersell anyone and seem to take a
 sinister joy in doing so.  According to our information, Atari knows about
 the few left in this arena who are very busy viciously lowballing.  Of
 course, the other dealers are getting the impression that Atari is
 helpless in this matter.  The real reason could possibly come under
 "restraint of trade" or so some would like us to think.  Here is a
 positive tidbit, there are a number of dealers who have recently formed an
 alliance in hopes of crushing the lowballers by "beating them at their own
 game".  It should get very interesting.  At least the users will enjoy the
 'learn a lesson sessions'.

     In this issue we have the FANTASTIC ANNOUNCEMENTS BY CODEHEAD
 detailing more of the superb support the y afford the userbase.  TOS 2.06
 for everyone!  And the continued support for Quick ST.  CODEHEAD IS SURE

                                     Happy Holidays!



 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for folks to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 17272/17274  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Dec 12, 1991  at 9:01 AM
 To   : Rob Danskin at Fnet Node 1046
 From : Ralph Mariano
 Subj : Re: <17251> Software Standards

  In message 350/3/17251, Rob Danskin writes:

     Has anyone noticed lately, that software, in particular games
 software, seems to be falling in it's general quality on the ST?  At the
 recent Computer Shopper show in London, I bought Deuteros, as I was a big
 fan of Millenium 2.2 - Yesterday I started playing the game in earnest,
 and about 3 hours into it, I was treated to a complete computer crash,
 where it looked like the game dropped into 'debug' mode...

 Lucky for me I had recently saved my position, but it looks like a bug
 that only occurs when you try to land colonists onto the Moon.

 I've noticed other games recently that have lower standards than usual,
 take Railroad Tycoon, I spent 35 pounds on that, ( about $65 ) - then I
 find that it won't work correctly on any ST over 1mb in size... at least
 Microprose have produced a fix program that stops the game from producin
 two bombs when the mouse pointer hits the bottom of the screen display!

 But I am beginning to wonder whats happening on the ST scene... standards
 seem to be dropping, I'm of the pinion that some companies don't even t
 their software through before releasing it anymore..

 Has anyone else experienced problems like this with ST software ?

     Please be advised, the symptoms you are observing are indeed the the
 actions of companies who have lost a great deal of regard for a 'given
 platform'.  This type of behavior on the part of many third party
 suppliers and developers has been symptomatically evident throughout the
 electronics industry, especially with calculators & computers.  This only
 seems to occur when a given marketplace is in the process of "imploding".

     In most recent observations of other "brand name" computer collapses,
 this is a most familiar "early warning" sign.  The next 6-8 months will
 carry the inevitable "tale of the tape".  Atari must make some very
 serious and widespread changes in the manner in which it does business in
 the computer world.  Else, the "handwritin is on the wall".  It sad.. but
 oh... so true.

     The three Tramiel kids have made a blistering shambles of the company
 through the years.  Hopefully their "learning curve" is behind them.  I
 think not.  It is still quite evident that the politics and vengefull
 retaliation perpetrated by them upon _any_ entity or person critical of
 them is still the "order of the day".  Unfortunately, as long as their
 energies and efforts are misguided in these "dead end" directions they are
 doomed to utter failure.  Will they ever wake up?  Hard to say.   Even the
 plummeting of the value of Atari stock to 1.58 per share has done nothing
 to give rise to visible improvement.

                                    Ralph @ STReport
                          Thursday, December 12, 1991 - 8:59:26 am

 13-DEC-1991 00:35:33.24

 From: a Delphi User
 Subj:   bug in TOS

     I got wind of a possible bug in TOS (no versions given, though I
 assume 1.0 - at least 1.62) that gives STalker and other term programs
 fits.  I would appreciate it if you could include this in an upcoming STR
 to prod Atari into doing something about it.  They barely will acknowledge
 it's existance, though it was pointed out to them in 1987 or 88 by the
 author of some programs for the ST, who even wrote a short program that
 reproduced the problem with 100% accuracy.

     The problem, in STalker 3.0 anyways, is a flashing menu bar.  It's
 caused if the STalker user has the sounds set to off, because STalker
 wanted to sound the bell but isn't allowed to.  The bell is to tell you
 that STalker isn't ignoring you, it's just busy at this time.  (this
 happens if you are typing or doing other things while STalker is
 uploading).  It sometimes happens if you're just moving the mouse or even
 doing nothing!  The reason for the 'phantom typist' is the TOS bug - a
 conflict between some of the interrupt handlers; particularly RS232 output
 and possibly vertical blank (VBL).  Atari has yet to even try to address
 it and will barely acknowledge that it even exists, yet many users have
 continuously had this problem at one time or another.

     STalker is particularly susceptible to this because it it GEM-based
 and leaves the mouse on.  Other programs like Flash and XYZ could have the
 problem if you could get the mouse pointer to stay on.

     I ask that you print this in hopes of getting readers to email Atari
 and urge them to do something about it.  I also ask that I be referred to
 as "a Delphi user" or something like that.  Thanks.


 Mr. User,

     It appears that the new 2.06/3.06 should have these aggravations
 corrected in them.  The upgrades are available now to everyone, even
 owners of older ST comouters.  Elsewhere in this issue the details of the
 upgrade are explained fully.  Hopefully, your problem will be addressed
 and corrected.  If not, please let us know.

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     This week our "super snoop" sent in that the revolving door is busy,
 once again, at Atari.  Seems David Harris has left.  As has Simon
 Westbrook who recently came here from the UK with his wife and four
 children.  Seems the words "family operation has a special meaning at
 Atari as there is an ever increasing number of husband and wife teams
 working together at Atari. The Millers and the Boconnis. Also, it seems
 the ever elusive 520 STe units are now in the warehouse.  At the same time
 we are told the new bundles that are shipping are, to some dealers, a
 letdown.  They are complaining the software is all version 1 or original
 carrying copyright dates of 1985.  ... more next week


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