ST Report: 6-Dec-91 #748

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 12/07/91-11:11:07 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 6-Dec-91 #748
Date: Sat Dec  7 11:11:07 1991

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 DO YOU HAVE THIS FILE?   The GEMINI version  1.20 replacement  desktop for
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 Version 2.42 of B/STAT is now available in  LIBRARY 5  ("Applications") of
 the  Atari  Productivity  Forum  (GO  ATARIPRO).  B/STAT is a graphics and
 statistical analysis program.  It requires 1 meg  minimum of  memory and a
 double sided  drive.  It will use GDOS if present but does not require it.
 B/STAT may not be distributed in FRANCE due to commercial availability.


 Thanks to everyone who participated in the first  Lexicor Online Animation
 Class.   The lecture and homework files will remain in the Lexicor Library
 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO  ATARIVEN) for  anyone who  missed them and
 would like  to continue to work on learning computer animation techniques.
 We'll post announcements when the next sessions are ready to start!


 Download file EDHAKD.LZH from  LIBRARY 2  of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO)  for a  full demo of EdHak version 2.25. This version can be
 used with the soon-to-be-released QuickCIS version 1.70. Craig Harvey (the
 author  of  EdHak)  has  also  announced a special discount for CompuServe
 members who which to order the full functioning version. Contact  Craig at
 User ID number 73047,600 for details.


 David Stewart has uploaded a demo version of a *hot* new graphics game for
 the Portfolio called "PortMan."   Check  out PORTMA.ZIP,  now available in
 LIBRARY 1 (and send comments to the author).

 The programming marathon continues with a Star Trek game, more animations,
 a keyboard macro program and  much,  much  more!    Check  out  the newest
 entries with the command "BRO LIB:ALL" from inside any library.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #48

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- IBM Establish's New Companies

 As part of its reorganization plans, IBM will start up a new company to
 run it's computer printer operations.  The firm will also seperate its
 disk drive division from its mainframe computer line.

  -- Lotus to Cut Workforce 10%

 Despite a revenue growth of close to 20% for this last year, Lotus Deve-
 lopment Company has announced it will cut its full-time workforce by
 almost 10%. Most of the cuts will occur at Lotus' Cambridge, Mass.,

 According to Jim Manzi, Lotus' president and chief executive officer,
 "We're spending too much to attain the revenue growth we're achieving
 and forecasting for next year. These efforts to reduce costs are
 necessary and reflect our understanding that the business model that
 worked in our first 10 years, may not apply in our next 10 years."

  -- Accolade Countersues Sega LTD.

 Games developer Accolade Inc. has filed federal claims against Sega
 Enterprises Ltd. and its US subsidiary, Sega of America Inc., in
 response to a trademark suit brought against it last month by Sega.

 As reported earlier, Sega sued Accolade on Nov. 5, accusing it of trade-
 mark infringement by developing and distributing software compatible
 with the 16-bit Sega Genesis game system.

  -- Adaptec Brings Suit

 Alleging copyright violations and misappropriation of intellectual pro-
 perty and unfair trade practices, Adaptec this week brought a federal
 suit against Hard Drives International, Insight Distribution Network
 Inc. and Insight Computers.

 Adaptec alleges illegally copying of its software and related documen-
 tation "in an attempt to sell products, represented as manufactured by
 Adaptec, to unsuspecting consumers and system integrators."

 The company seeks temporary and permanent injunctive relief as well as
 unspecified monetary damages.

  -- Commodore International Sells 3,000,000 Amiga's

 Commodore International Limited announced that it had sold three million
 Amiga's since the product line began in September, 1985.

 It took 3 1/2 years to sell the first million, another 1 1/2 years to
 sell the second million and only one year to sell the third million.

 The Amiga product line is comprised of the Amiga 500 and 500+ for home
 computing and the professional Amiga 2000 and 3000 series for video
 production  desktop publishing and multimedia office productivity.

  -- Australia to Loose 10% of its Computer Dealers

 According to market researcher Graham Penn of International Data Corp.
 (IDC), 10% of all computer dealers in Australia will close their doors
 in January, after the Christmas sales peak.

 Prices for PCs fell by 50% over the past year in Australia and dealers
 have also reduced their own margins in an attempt to hold part of their
 market share.

 Penn said, "The big companies, with the exception of Apple, are all
 suffering badly."

  -- Sierra To Move PC Games To Video Game Cartridges

 Sierra announced an agreement with International Computer Graphics (ICG)
 under which ICG will represent the company's computer software games to
 manufacturers of cartridge and hand-held entertainment systems.

 The distinction between a computer and a home entertainment system had
 already begun to deteriorate with the introduction of the CD-I, or
 compact disc interactive, a device that looks like a VCR but is really a
 computer and provides interactive home entertainment or education
 through connection with a television.

 ICG describes itself as a computer software licensing representation
 group specializing in the home entertainment field with clients such as
 Accolade, Konami, and Electronic Arts.

  -- FBI Investigates Computerized Child Pornography

 The FBI is investigating a complaint by an America On-Line user who says
 he was able to get several versions of child pornographic pictures sent
 to his private electronic mailbox after he subscribed to America On-Line
 computer service.

 Roger Dietz of Fremont, California, claims he subscribed to the America
 On-Line computer service to investigate a tip given him by a friend in
 Nevada that subscribers could engage in sexual conversations with teen-
 age users. He said he received the computerized photographs after
 engaging in electronic exchanges with other subscribers.

 According to a spokesperson, America On-Line, which has 150,000 subscri-
 bers and is based in Vienna, Virgina, is prevented by federal privacy
 laws from monitoring communications on the system, so it was unaware of
 the illegal traffic but is cooperating fully with the authorities.

 America On-Line's spokesperson said, "Clearly, our policy is that E-mail
 is a private area and we adhere to the privacy issues surrounding that.
 This child porn stuff was taking place in the E-mail. So we were not
 aware of it."

 The FBI said computer bulletin boards are often used by child porno-
 graphers, but for communication purposes only, not for the actual
 transmission of the illegal material.

 However, the FBI admitted the same privacy laws that make it difficult
 for a company to monitor the traffic on its bulletin board will also
 make the FBI investigation very difficult.


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 11984 BB.HLP                   X DARLAH       890829   32760    251   1
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 10480 RAM_IGN.HLP              X DARLAH       890522    5040    296   1
       Desc: Read All Marked & IGNore PERManent
  9484 ARC_IT.ARC               X J.BELL6      890206    2520    116   1
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       Desc: This is a Ymodem Batch Help file
  7629 XMODEM.HLP               X DARLAH       880725   10080    866   1
       Desc: Help with Xmodem/Xmodem 1-K
  7272 ARCUNARC.HLP             X DARLAH       880619   10080    655   1
       Desc: Help on extracting and archiving
  4805 MAIL.HLP                 X DARLAH       871116    8820    244   1
       Desc: Help with Genie Mail
  4804 TEXTUPLD.HLP             X DARLAH       871116    6300    245   1
  4795 FILETYPE.HLP             X DARLAH       871116    7560    301   1
       Desc: Help on filetypes available Here
  4794 GENIE.HLP                X DARLAH       871116    6300    494   1
       Desc: Help with Navigating on Genie
  4790 UPLOAD.HLP               X DARLAH       871116   10080    112   1
       Desc: Help on uploading files to GEnie

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 > THE FLIP SIDE STR Feature    "... a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 Problems with a new SLM 605 laser printer by DRWARBEAU on Delphi...
   HELP! I just got my eagerly awaited new SLM 605 laser printer but when
   I hooked it up I got a fuzzy ghosting around the entire image.

   I have a 1040 STe and an ICD+ host adapter with a Quantum 52 drive. I
   tried resetting the SCSI ID's and running the laser thru the out port
   on the Drive, nothing worked. But as soon as I disconnected the hard
   drive from the chain the printer worked fine. I called Atari tech. and
   ICD but all they could tell me was there is nothing they can do about
   it and blamed each other for the problem.

   Joppa computer (where I got the drive and SLM) and ICD told me this is
   a common problem with the SLM/ICD/STE combination, ICD suggested I buy
   a DMA switchbox. Has anyone else had this problem or have any

 Reply from Bob Brodie (Atari)...
   Call ICD back, and ask for Howard.  They have a modification that has
   to be done to their host adapter.  The SLM-605 only has ghosting with
   ICD host adapters in the chain. We loaned them an SLM-605 earlier this
   year to make sure that they could locate the problem.

   And yes, I've seen it on my own system as well. I went up to visit the
   Sacramento ST Users Group a few months ago, and brought along my TT,
   both monitors, and an ABCO hard disk with a Syquest drive in it. The
   ABCO drive has an ICD host adapter in it.  When I printed using just
   the TT and the SLM, no problem. As soon as I had to hook up the ABCO
   drive with the ICD host adapter, GHOST City.

   I'm sure you just spoke to someone at ICD that wasn't really sure what
   the problem is. Ask for Howard, he knows the scoop.


 About the new Flash 2 from John Trautschol (Missionware)  - Cat. 8,
 Topic 5, Msg. 72 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   Yes, we did show Flash 2 at last weekends Chicago ComputerFest and the
   interest in it was just short of fantastic.

   We have not yet announced a release date. Earlier we had hoped for a
   release around the middle of December, but I doubt that we'll make it
   by then. Quite honestly, it's looking to be closer to the end of
   January...possibly February.

   The one thing we definitely want to do is to make as sure as humanly
   possible that there are no bugs floating around and that the manual is
   complete. We figure that you'd rather wait a few extra months than get
   a buggy product!

   And what Jonsey said is true...we've got a slew of beta testers
   banging away not only at the various emulation modes but at the basic
   program itself. We want to make sure that it runs on all ST/TT
   machines. (You ought to see my office...I've got a 1040ST, 1040STe,
   Mega STe and TT sitting here just trying to break the program!)

   Once the program is released, we'll open up a special topic for Flash
   2 to answer all of your questions. For now though, if you didn't
   attend the show and would like to latch on to the information we
   handed out about the program, I'd be more than happy to send you an
   information sheet. Just send me a SASE (self-addressed stamped
   envelope) and I'll get you the promotional literature as well as a
   form for latching on to our "show special"!

   Our address is:

     Missionware Software
     354 N. Winston Drive
     Palatine, IL   60067-4132

   BTW...the reason we haven't opened a topic on it yet is purely time.
   We are literally working around the clock trying to get the program
   ready and that leaves little time for answering questions. Thanks in
   advance for your patience. I will try to answer as many questions as
   humanly possible though!

   And for those that are curious...the program is a brand new program by
   a brand new author down in Australia by the name of Paul Nicholls.  He
   is a part of Sunsoft Systems Pty Ltd.  Missionware Software is writing
   the manual and will be handling worldwide distribution.


 Atari in Spain!!  From Norm B. (NORMAN238) on Delphi...
   I went to collect our clubs mail today and found a NEW magazine with
   Atari as the main subject. Now calm down don't get to exicted.

   This is a DTP specific magazine from SPAIN!!  It is printed in both
   Spanish and English, each article is in both.  I laughed when I saw
   not one but 2 adds taking up 3 pages for the Mac but I would say that
   the main focus besides being DTP is Atari, which is covered in a cover
   letter and the editors orum.  It has some nice DTP tips and a review
   of Calamus SL & S.  Also is a review on Notator and some small
   stories. I liked it...kinda cute.

   NOW for some nice stuff there is a picture of a TT030 in a tower
   case!! I will give all the details that I can.

   First it looks gold in color and looking at it, you see the number 33
   lit up on an LCD display.  The capition under it says that "This is a
   basic, elegant, TT030 tower, but with some improvements."

     RAM:8mb (4mbfast ram); up to 26mb, 256kb in ROM, max 512kb.
     Fast and silent hard-drive Maxtor 3.5"; 213mb 15ms, 64kb Cache
     Floppy TEAC 3.5, 1.44mb and 5.25" 1.2mb - 100% compatible AT
     standard (it also works in 720kb and 360kb)

   You start it up with one single key, the same key that also allows you
   to make sure nobody else can use your TT030 without your permission =
   key. AND it has also space to grow.

   There is no address or company name saying where you could get this
   nice little "TOY" and looking at the spanish description it looks like
   there is also a color card. I will type it in as best as I can and
   someone out there can decifer it.

   *Enchufe de salida est'ereo de 2x10 watios de sonido*.

   In the cover letter he mentioned a seminar held in Boston Oct. 10-12
   sponsored by the Society of Newspaper Design (SND). He states in his
   letter, "And I was recently at the SND seminar in Bosotn only to
   become even more convinced that Atari hardware and professional
   software would be a good choice even for some of the biggest
   newspapers and magazines. But nobody bothers to tell them. So whatever
   Atari Corporation does (or, especially, do not ...) when it comes to
   offering information,  lets try to make our own "network" work. For
   fun and utility"

   The letter was sign by Natalia Kim, Publisher.

   They are offering a 4 issue subscription for $10. American.

   Their address and phone #s are as follows:

     A DTP autoedicion & ___
     Editorial Zona 10, S.A.
     Bruc, 65 3o 2a [the o and a are underlined]
     08009 Barcelona Spain
     Tel. : 34-3-488 36 09
     FAX  : 34-3-487 66 65

   BBS work days from 8pm to 9am and 24 hours on weekends 34-3-301 66 59
   this number will change next year to 34-3-488 26 37.

   They use Michtron BBS system up to 2400 baud, and is called BBS de A


 Questions about the math co-processor and socket in the Mega STe by
 Allan Gus on CIS...
   Where can I find out the details of what the add ons will do for me?
   For example, If I install the co-processor, what will that give me?
   Faster? Can I get the co-processor anywhere? I would love to load up
   my STe.

 Reply from Jim Ness on CIS...
   One of the reasons that the coprocessor is not very well-known is that
   there is very little software written to use it.

   Mostly heavy-duty graphics/CAD stuff, where math speed is important.
   If you run that type of software, you will notice a speed increase;
   otherwise, no.

 Reply from Bob Retelle (sysop) on CIS...
   ...the "PAL" chip is just extra circuitry needed to make the co-
   processor work in the ST. I guess Atari figured there was no reason to
   put it in ALL the STs if only a few people were going to need it for a

 Replies from Bob Brodie (Atari) on CIS...
   The math co-processor will only make a difference if the software that
   you're using is written to take advantage of it. So far, only a hand-
   ful of programs do that: Most of the Lexicor Software, and DynaCadd.
   Other than those products, having a co-processor will add ZERO to your

   The socket that you've noticed is indeed for a math co-processor chip.
   It also requires a separate PAL to go along with it. Your dealer can
   order that as a part from Atari.

   The nice thing about the Mega STE is the expansion that it offers. You
   can replace the HD with just about anything...I'm running a 60 meg
   Seagate in mine. It's very fast, and super quiet. And the price was
   right, too! (I was handy when the Seagate rep came schmoozing around
   that day! :) )

   In addition, the VME bus will handle a whole new world of expansion
   for you. There are graphics cards that will go into that bus that will
   allow you to go to a higher rez with your Mega STE. Here at Atari,
   we've gone to 640x480x256 on a Mega STE, using a TT color monitor.
   Really nice looking!!

   Also, with modem prices as cheap as they are right now (2400 baud
   <$100), it's possible to hook up more than one modem to your Mega STE
   and using STalker 3 you can actually call two (or more) places at
   once!! Really nifty!


 Sales information about Flight of the Intruder by No. 19 (Holobyte) -
 Cat. 9, Topic 34, Msg. 44 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   Believe me, the UK version might have come out a week before the US
   version but that's it :-) The main problem is that most dealers didn't
   order for us directly even if they were in the US :-(

   Almost all our software is sold to distributors which then in turn
   sell to dealers. As far as I can tell, not one of the major distri-
   butors carry Atari ST software. That means it's up to the individual
   dealer and almost all of them went to England instead of to us.

   Let's see, I have the sales figures around here somewhere... Oh, here
   they are!

   We've sold just over 700 copies of Flight of the Intruder for the
   Atari ST. That includes direct sales as well. Alas, that's not even
   enough sales to cover the cost of testing the program let alone the
   development costs. Of course, it sold much better overseas than here
   in the US. If I find out those numbers, I'll let you know.


 Some general information from Bob Brodie (Atari) on CIS...
   The prices quoted for the TT are the same at this time: no difference
   between Class A or Class B machines.

   The reason that we made the ST Book with a 8 Mhz 68000 rather than a
   68030 was two fold: First and foremost: BATTERY LIFE! Using the 68030
   would reduce the amount of time that this unit could operate by a
   significant amount. One of the selling features of the ST Book is it's
   long battery life: up to 10 hours! That got the attention of every
   journalist that I spoke to at COMDEX.

   Re the marketing campaign: we have a number of new products that will
   be coming out in 1992. When those products are launched, I think you
   will start to see a major difference. Prior to that, most of our
   efforts will be focused via print ads done co-opt with
   dealers/developers/VARs. We're having some good luck in bringing on
   some heavy hitting dealers. Their primary motivation is very simple:
   money! The profit margin on clones is almost non-existent. Apple has
   scaled back their margins tremendously, and we've been raising ours.

   Couple that with good dealer training (gotta schedule another AEGIS
   Symposium soon!) and an increasing flow of new products from our
   developers. It all adds up to a pretty promising picture.


 Some final comments about the Chicago Show from Bob Brodie (Atari) -
 Cat. 11, Topic 10, Msg. 389 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   I think I've just about recovered from the kinda fatigue
   that you can have! :)

   We could not have done an event of this scale without the able
   assistance of our good friends at LCACE. Mike Brown and Larry Grauzas
   are the masterminds are orchestrating all of the local support, much
   of the local advertising, and provided the much needed leadership in
   coordinating all the local user groups that were willing to lend a
   hand in this event.

   They had to do much of this on their own, as I frequently had my hands
   tied up with other activities, like Glendale and WAACE! In order to
   make sure that no one show was promoted by Atari over another, I
   waited until virtually the last moment to really throw our support
   behind this event. (Ok, so there was this little wing ding in Las
   Vegas called COMDEX that took some of my time, too!) On our end,
   everything that Atari did was made possible by the great enthusiasm of
   our President, Greg Pratt. Greg didn't blink when I showed him our
   list of personel going to the show, and actually *ADDED* more hardware
   to the list to take to the show! That's a first for me, folks...and
   I'd hate to count how many shows I've filled out these forms for.

   I'm very grateful to the community wide support that made this such a
   successful event. It was the vision of some of our key developers that
   led us to attempt the training seminars. This was a significant FIRST
   for any show.

   Feedback from both attendees and *other developers* lends credence to
   the idea that there are a lot of folk that would have liked to attend,
   but found the classes full. In addition, I have already had feelers
   from other developers that want to do some seminars for the next
   show!! We appear to have a trend in the works, folks!!

   It is a matter of record that both Glendale and WAACE have large,
   loyal followings that look forward to the event being held in their
   areas each year. We're very, very pleased that our first attempt at
   MidWest support was so well recieved by such a very diverse crowd. The
   post-show reports from users and developers alike lend a strong
   feeling that this may turn into an annual happening.

   While the weather may have hampered our attendance, I found it an in-
   teresting change. Why does it snow sideways in it because
   there is less gravity around O'Hare?? :-)

   For a first event, we're thrilled! Now, I'm gonna start resting up for
   1992. But first, again, my thanks to LCACE, MilAtari, Eastside Atari
   Users Group, MAST, and the many others groups that arrived to help
   out. Your "what can we do to help?" attitude made for one of the
   nicest setup/teardowns I've ever experienced. It reminded me of the
   well-oiled machine that we have down in Southern California! (That's
   about as good as it gets!) John Jainschigg sheperded the assembly/
   upgrade of a number of TT030s with hard disks and ram boards, Joe
   Julian from LCACE did the same with the Mega STEs in the DTP training
   rooms. WOW...what cooperation!!

   My apologies to anyone's contributions that we may have overlooked in
   any fashion. There was *so much* going on!!!!


 Until next week.....


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 As a reader of STReport International Online Magazine, you are entitled to
 take advantage of a special DELPHI membership offer.  For only $29.95 ($20
 off the standard membership price!), you will receive a lifetime subscrip-
 tion to DELPHI, a copy of the 500-page DELPHI: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE and over
 $14 worth of free time.

  NOTE: Special offers can be found in your favorite Atari magazines:

              START             CURRENT NOTES         ST INFORMER
                          ATARI INTERFACE MAGAZINE

                          SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI
       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI

     1. Dial 617-576-0862 with any terminal or PC  and modem  (at 2400 bps,
        dial 576-2981).
     2. At the Username prompt, type JOINDELPHI.
     3. At the Password prompt enter STREPORT.

 For more information, call DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005, or at
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 DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, Mass.

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     Other telecom  services may  have additional charges.  Canadian Tymnet
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     For more information, contact DELPHI  at  1-800-544-4005  and  ask for
 Member Services.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



 An article from;
 The Virginia Ledger Star (04 December 1991)
 Virginia Beach, Va

 compiled by Neil Bradley


     Computer bulletin board operators who help Hampton Roads residents
 swap everything from bad jokes to family trees, all for free, say the
 telephone company is unfairly raising its rates and could force them to
 shut down.   C&P Telephone says the bulletin board service, commonly
 called BBS's  are a business use, not residential, and should pay higher

     The new rates would boost the operators' phone bills $50.00 to $100.00
 a month.  They take effect this week. "There's nothing being done on my
 computer that could remotely be called a business," said Dennis Ricketts,
 34 a Virginia Beach firefighter who helps run a service called Fidonet,
 with more than 1,600 members in Hampton Roads. "I do not charge anyone a
 fee," he said.  "I don't see how they can  justify this except that
 they're gouging consumers for more money." Deborah McKay of Virginia Beach
 has used the boards to trace her family tree back to 17th century England,
 and to help others do the same for  free.

     She and others estimate that 8,000 to 12,000 Hampton Roads residents
 use the services.  Some computer bulletin boards are part of a "telephonic
 Pony Express," as one operator put it, but they are far less visible.
 They hand off messages from one computer user to another, state to state
 and continent to continent.

     "This is one of the last frontiers where I can truly exercise free
 speech," Ricketts said.  The operators will be meet at 7 p.m. Thursday
 (05 Dec) in the Virginia Beach Central Library, 4100 Virginia Beach Blvd.
 They plan to swap gripes, discuss strategy and hear from telephone company
 officials about the new policy.

     Clarence Perry, the C&P manager responsible for enforcing the
 company's rates, declined to comment Monday.  Other C&P officials could
 not be reached.  Perry sent letters to the operators last week, informing
 them of the change.  The letters offered no way to appeal the decision,
 but two of the operators have filed appeals with the State Cooperation
 Commission. Operators say they use phones no more than many households,
 and sometimes less because a computer is transmission may take minutes or
 seconds.  McKay said her computer used the phone for less than four hours
 most days.

     William Billings, a senior utilities specialist with the SCC, said
 there has been debate over whether a BBS is a "normal use." "At what point
 does it become a business use rather than residential?" he said.  "That
 has never really been defined." The operators say the policy is highly
 selective because the phone  company doesn't know how a phone is being
 used. Billings agreed.  "People can say they're adding a line for a
 teenager, and as a practical matter there's no way for the phone company
 to tell the difference."

     The appeals will be reviewed by the SCC staff and may go to the
 commission.  In other states, Billings said, the matter has been resolved
 by compromise.   An operator with two or three lines pays residential
 rates; those with more pay business rates. Operators fear telephone
 companies are about to go into the bulletin board business and want to
 squeeze out some of the competition first.

 Editor note:
     This particular situation has been cropping up all over the country
 lately.  Apparently, AT&T is still "calling the shots" even though
 Congress neutralized the 'so-called' communications monopoly it had over
 the USA and the World.  In the past three months, there has been anywhere
 between thirty and seventy calls per week coming into our office
 pertaining to this very thing.  Local phone company reps all doing the
 same thing!  Trying to raise the rates of hobbyist BBS system operators to
 that of a commercial enterprise.  The FCC is bound to become involved in
 this matter sooner or later.  If this situation becomes your situation, I
 strongly recommend that you file an informal petition with the FCC
 requesting an investigation.  Send copies of this request to your
 congressman along with a strong letter of protest.


 > MIDI SPY! STR InfoFile             A Unique MIDI Sequencer

  For immediate release

  Friday, December 6, 1991

         :                                             :
         : CodeHead Software announces MIDI Spy!       :
         :                                             :
         :       A Unique MIDI Sequencer That Records  :
         :                                             :
         :             And Plays In The Background!    :

 With MIDI Spy installed, you'll never lose another valuable musical idea
 because your sequencer wasn't ready to record -- MIDI Spy is always
 listening.  You can call it background operation or you can call it MIDI
 multi-tasking, but what it gives you is freedom and power!

 Whether you're a professional musician or a music hobbyist, MIDI Spy is
 the recorder you've been waiting for.  As a musician, it's never easy to
 remember to push that button BEFORE you start recording.  Many times
 you'll just start playing without realizing you're about to create
 something you should capture.  Plus, there's always that stigma attached
 to the "red light" that tends to inhibit your talent.

 With MIDI Spy, you can forget about these things.  You don't have to be
 a recording engineer.  You don't have to anticipate your moments of
 inspiration.  And you won't feel the pressure of the red light.  In
 fact, you'll even forget MIDI Spy is installed, until you're ready to
 replay your creations.

 Even if you aren't in a creative mood, MIDI Spy can make your day.  You
 can tell it to play a list of MIDI files in the background while you
 continue to use your computer for other tasks like word processing,
 desktop publishing, telecommunications, or file maintenance.  Now you
 don't need to waste time while waiting for an upload or download through
 your can be working (playing) with your MIDI equipment!

  Feature List

  o Runs as a program or a desk accessory in all resolutions on all Atari
    ST, STe, and TT machines.

  o MIDI data can be recorded or played back at any time -- from the
    desktop or from within GEM or TOS programs, whether the MIDI Spy
    dialog box is open or not.

  o Up to 999 songs can be recorded, played back, loaded, or saved.

  o GEM dialog box provides control with the mouse or keyboard.

  o Load and save single songs or sets of songs in MIDI Spy format.

  o Load and save single songs, sets of songs, or multitrack recordings
    in ALL of the current MIDI standard formats, allowing you to exchange
    recordings with any other sequencer supporting MIDI standard files.

  o Definable "record gap" automatically divides your recordings into
    individual songs for easy retrieval.

  o Recordings may be layered through overdubbing and merging of songs.

  o Timing resolution is equivalent to 96 ticks per quarter note at 120
    beats per minute and background operation is not affected by the
    current foreground task -- MIDI Spy is rock-solid!

  o Hot keys are always active, allowing control of MIDI Spy from
    your computer keyboard at any time.

  o MIDI Spy functions can be assigned to MIDI commands to control
    operations directly from your MIDI keyboard -- without even touching
    your computer.

  o Autoload a song or set of songs and even have MIDI Spy start playing
    automatically when you boot up.

  o Song information, including copyright notice, can be entered and
    saved with your songs.  Song and track names from MIDI files will
    appear in the song information box.

  o Chain songs together for continuous "juke box" type of playback --
    unaffected by the current operation of your computer.

  o Uses only about 30K of memory plus as much or as little memory as you
    wish to use for recording.

  o Thermometer bar display of memory usage shows memory available and
    memory used, by the current song as well as the whole set of songs.

  o Tempo can be adjusted from 10% to 300% of the original tempo.

  o Fine tuned for non-interference with your other programs.  Special
    hooks provide communication with the included program, Captain Hook,
    which helps eliminate MIDI overflow.

  o Software selectable THRU option.

  o Customize your MIDI Spy configuration by saving it directly into MIDI

  o Special MIDIMAX mode allows you to actually record your MIDIMAX
    output.  (MIDIMAX is CodeHead's real-time MIDI performance tool
    featuring chord maps and MIDI macros).

  o 100% assembly language, complete with all of the quality you've come
    to expect from CodeHead Software.

    Try the free MIDI Spy demo for yourself to get a taste of this
    amazing new concept.  Don't let your computer tell YOU when to be
    creative...with MIDI Spy you're always ready.


 Projected release date for MIDI Spy is December 16, 1991.  A demo
 version is available now on all the major on-line services as well as
 the CodeHead BBS.  Suggested retail price is $79.95.

 For more information, contact your local dealer, or:

                             CodeHead Software
                               PO Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004
                            Tel (213) 386-5735
                            Fax (213) 386-5789
                            BBS (213) 461-2095


 > UK NewsWire STR Spotlight      "Jaguar and Falcon not Games but..."

                         INTERNATIONAL ATARI NEWS

 Compiled by Terry Stevens

 ST-User issue 70

 Jaguar and Falcon not Games but.........

     Reports claiming that Atari's Jaguar (tentative debut -> Spring CES)
 project is a combined home computer and games system have been dismissed
 by the firm (Atari U.K.) as "pure speculation", but Atari UK has confirmed
 that a new super TT will be released next year.  One merely has to know
 Atari's"codename" game... Birds = computer projects, Cats = Game machines.

     Jaguar will use a 32-bit 68030 processor and a 32-bit graphics and
 sound processor simultaneously, and cartridges will be used for storage.
 But when asked whether the machine will be ST-compatible a spokesman
 replied: "I doubt that you could stick a 3.5in disk in and it work."

     He described the Jaguar as a next generation console and said it "will
 be much further up the games playing ladder".   Atari would like to sell
 the Jaguar for less than 100.00 UK ~ $180.00 US but the technology
 involved is likely to lift its price nearer to 200.00 UK ~ $360.00 US).

     Future STs are likely to take advantage of Jaguar's much improved
 graphics and sound processor although there are still no signs of Atari
 working in this direction.

     ST Marketing Manager Darryl Still (Atari U.K.) says that Research and
 Development division have been looking at new products for ore than a
 year, but was not willing to reveal further information about plans for
 the ST.

     He did, however, confirm that the Texas R&D plant are working on
 the Falcon project, a highly improved TT.  The current machine's 68030
 processor will be swapped for a faster 68040 (TT040) to make it up to five
 times faster than today's model.

     Falcon's TT should have broadcast quality 24-bit graphics with 64-bit
 access.  On reports claiming it will have a CD-ROM drive Atari said:
 "There are various projects in the States."


     Power computing announced an optical drive with 128 megabytes of
 storage capacity.  It is an external drive which enables information to be
 stored on fully-rewritable 3.5in optical cartridges.  Manufactured by
 computer giant IBM it has a seek rate of 60 milliseconds and plugs
 directly into the ST's DMA (ACSI) port.

     It has it's own power supply and built in fan and costs $1,199.00 UK
 $2158.20 US.  Cartridges can be bought for 36.00 UK each ~ $64.00.

 ST-Format issue 29


          Period Units Sold

                    Sept'85 (Launch) - Dec'86 30,000
                         Jan'87 - Dec'87  70,000
                         Jan'88 - Dec'88 120,000
                         Jan'89 - Dec'89 150,000
                         Jan'90 - Dec'90 150,000+
                         Jan'91 - Dec'91 180,000 est.

                    Total ST's in U.K.   700,000+

 Publisher 2 ST

     GST/Electric distribution is upgrading Timeworks Publisher to version
 2 ST..  cost 110.00 UK ~ $198.00 US for new users, cost 34.95 UK ~ $62.91
 US for existing users.
 Contact: Lorri Marton, Electric Distribution, Meadow Lane, St. Ives,
 Cambridgeshire PE17 4LG ** telephone 0480-496666 ** upgrade line 0480-496-
 575 ** fax 040-496189.

 Also note that 1st Word Plus has been upgraded to version 3.2..


     PLI makers of hard-drives for the Apple Macintosh, MS-DOS computers,
 Atari ST/TT, and Commodore Amiga, will be producing Floptical drives for
 the above computers using the InSight floptical 21 megabyte disk drive.
 No price yet.

     The SuperBase database program will be marketed by a new company to
 the Atari market Oxxi Inc..  Oxxi Inc.  previously dealt with Commodore
 based machines.  Oxxi, purchased Precision Software's Atari ST, Commodore
 64/128, Commodore Amiga versions of SuperBase about week after Precision
 Software was sold to PC software house SPC makers of Harvard Graphics.
 Current versions of SuperBase on the MS-DOS platform remain with SPC.
 SuperBase 4.0 (available on the MS-DOS platform) was rumored to be in
 various stages of being tested for the Atari ST.  Oxxi Inc.  also received
 in the deal Precision's distribution house in the U.K...
  for more info:
                                 Oxxi Inc.
                           1339 East 28th Street
                           Long Beach, CA 90806.
                         telephone (213)427-1227.

 Atari (U.S.) Computer Corporation has a new independant sales
 representative for the SouthEast United States (Georgia, Alabama, North
 Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee).  He is Steven Gold
 of NorthStar Marketing, Steven was formally the rep.  for Atari in Florida
 under contract to Crescendo Assoc.  (who remains the representative in
 Florida).  NorthStar Marketing can be reached at (305)862-7522.  Crescendo
 can be reached at (305)922-9553.


 > STR Portfolio News & Information           Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     If the pre-holiday stress gets too overwhelming, we have the answer in
 our library. ELIZA.ZIP is the classic computer psychiatrist.  BJ Gleason
 has also uploaded FLIP.BAS, LETTER.BAS, and RUSSIN.BAS, all classic basic
 games.  Another classic in the towers of Hanoi game. HANOI.ZIP is Don
 Messerli's solution for the puzzle.

     The new graphics animation program, PGFLIX is inspiring the budding
 artists in our membership. T2.ZIP has a Terminator theme, uploaded by Don
 Thomas.  PM.ZIP is a Pac Man theme, also by Don. HH.PGC brings us Atari's
 holiday wishes.  Hugh Campbell brings some fun of his own with MACS.ARC,
 an animation of a Macintosh screen. Other offerings from Hugh include
 FISH.PGX with a swimming fish and DOG.PGX with a little dog trotting
 across the screen.  Craig Davis has offered CARPGX.ZIP, his first attempt
 at graphics. EYES.ZIP by Don Thomas is a guaranteed attention grabber.

     Don Messerli has uploaded the official PCX file specification which
 was created by him and BJ Gleason.  This will be of interest to anyone who
 wants to incorporate PGX support into their programs.  David Stewart has
 created ESHOW.ZIP which offers multimedia and hypertext with your editor
 and graphics files.

     Alan Ogden has responded to a few items on the wish list with a suite
 of useful programs. METRNO.BAS is a Pbasic metronome. BESTBU.BAS is a tool
 for comparison shoppers offering help in choosing the best buy. ASC.BAS is
 a utility  to help determine the ASCII code for each key.

     J.A. Turnquist offers a simple chess game.  GCHESS.ARC has a nice
 display and is fast and easy to use.  Robert Kelsoe has a new addition to
 the set of flight programs for pilots.  AUTODU.COM is a communications
 program to connect with DTC DUAT to obtain weather briefings.  The
 briefings can be viewed with the built-in editor.

     PBE20.ZIP is version 2.0 of the Pbasic editor by BJ Gleason. This
 editor  will work on your PC and features Portfolio emulation.  This means
 that "Port specific" programs can be run on your desktop.  The file also
 includes Pbasic version 4.91 which was modified to take advantage of the

     AUTOEX.ZIP is a utility uploaded by Craig Davis to allow you to choose
 what programs to loadat boot time.  HEX.ZIP by Don Messerli will do a hex
 dump of any file for you.  PSHELL.ZIP by Tom Showers is a handy program
 that will list the executable files in your directory and let you select
 one to run.

     In the miscellaneous category are a pair of neat programs by BJ
 Gleason. DIPMAT.EXE will aid the cloak and dagger fans to decipher the
 coding on  diplomatic license plates.  It will tell you the country and
 embassy position of the owner. QA.ZIP is an expert system like auestion
 and answer program.  It includes a demo.

     Craig Davis has compiled a directory of files in our library in ADR
 format. This will make it easy to keep an up-to-date listing.

     David Posey has created a mortgage calculator.  This Pbasic program
 will calculate principal, interest, payments or the number of periods when
 the other  three terms are provided.  John Feagans offers several useful
 math and statistics programs in MATH.ZIP.



   Friday, December 6, 1991
   For immediate release


   Recently, CodeHead Software became the exclusive representative in the
 USA and Canada for MegaPaint Professional, an extraordinarily fast and
 feature-packed painting/drawing program developed by Germany's

   Now, CodeHead has added support for several popular scanners to
 MegaPaint Professional, through communication with Dr.  Bobware's new
 low-priced ScanLite desk accessory.  ScanLite supports the Migraph,
 Geniscan, Golden Image and Daatascan scanners -- and now, so does
 MegaPaint Professional!

   Charles F. Johnson, co-owner of CodeHead Software, said, "When I
 spoke to Dr. Bob at the Chicago Computerfest, I was excited to discover
 that he had built into ScanLite the ability to communicate with outside
 applications.  As soon as we returned from the show, I wrote a small
 external module for MegaPaint Professional that calls ScanLite and tells
 it to scan straight into the MegaPaint picture area."

   Once you've scanned an image, you can then use MegaPaint's impressive
 array of drawing and painting tools to retouch it, enhance it, transform
 it, or anything else you can imagine -- all at incredible speeds!  In
 operations such as loading an IMG file, or rotating a block, MegaPaint
 Professional has been benchmarked at speeds almost 200 times faster than
 its closest competitor, Migraph's Touch-Up.

   According to Mr. Johnson, "MegaPaint's ability to use 'external
 modules' means that it is the only ST/TT graphics package that will
 never go out of date."  Programmers interested in writing MegaPaint
 modules should contact CodeHead Software for more details.


                          Product: MegaPaint Professional
                              Retail Price: $175
                      Available from: CodeHead Software
                                       P.O. Box 74090
                                    Los Angeles, CA 90004
                                      Tel 213-386-5735
                                      Fax 213-386-5789
                                 Product: ScanLite
                               Retail Price: $20
                         Available from: Dr. Bobware
                                    180 N. Hazeltine Ave
                                   Campbell, OH 44405-1024
                                      Tel 216-743-4712


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

     Christmas is right around the corner and STReport will begin its
 "Santa's Helpers column next week for all to use as a handy reference for
 that 'last minute' Stocking Stuffer Shopping.

     On to an even brighter event!  The brightest spot of the week belongs
 to Nathan Potechin and Darlah Hudson Pine.  These fine folks exchanged the
 Vows of Matrimony this week.  In the true spirit of friendship and honor,
 STReport, its Publisher, Staff and Editors wish a wonderful, joyous and
 healthy life of wedded bliss for Nathan and Darlah.

     Keep your eyes open for a fantastic contest coming soon to GEie's ST
 RT.  The "Grand Prize" is gonna be the "Cat's Meow"!  Also watch here for
 exciting news about TOS upgrades and the circuit boards needed to bring
 your older ST in the 21st century in a New York second!  Big 'tings are
 "a-brewin' fer sure. :-)

                               Hang tuff kiddies, we're on a roll!



 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From GEnie;
 Category 6,  Topic 2
 Message 62        Wed Nov 27, 1991
 HCOLLINS [H-MAN]             at 00:57 EST


     I don't know what they told Gary, but I do know what they told me
 after I had just upgraded to their latest version.

     Before upgrading I gave them a call to find out if their latest
 version supported the TT platform (Not being specific about TT Medium Rez
 that is) and they assured me that it did, so I ordered.

     When I got my upgrade in, I immediately loaded it in and to my
 surprise I found that it somewhat supports TT med. Rez but it shades the
 protected cells making it almost impossible to read.

     I immediatley called Logical Design Works and asked to speak to the
 salesperson I had ordered from. That person was busy and he/she would
 return my call as soon as they were free to do so.

     After 4 calls I asked the receptionist for the presidents name so that
 I could send him a letter of dissatisfaction. Having explained the problem
 to the receptionist the last three calls she knew who I was and asked if
 she could give it one more try. In 10 seconds the salesperson was on the
 phone and I explained to him/her what the problem was. By the way these
 calls were 2 to 3 days apart.

     His/her response was that I would have to use the program in ST Med.
 or ST Hi rez because LDW had no intentions of doing any more upgrades for
 the "ST" line of Computers because the market share was just to small to
 warrant any more development for it.

     When I tried to explain that I had only upgraded to get TT med rez
 support and my previous version had no problems with it and if I had known
 that then I would not have upgraded because there was no need he/she
 stated that the upgrade fee stood and thats the way it was.

                       This is getting discouraging.

     Well I hope they change their minds and decide to do further upgrades
 and also more great programs such as LDW Power.


 Date:  01-Dec-91 20:28 EST
 From:  Requested that Name be witheld (A highly visible developer)
 Reply to: "Your impressions"


     I think that the three shows that Atari proposes to support, Chicago,
 Glendale and WAACE, are a 'cheap way' to appease the remaining user base
 in N. America.  Greg Pratt's most revealing statement was that, Atari and
 certain third party developers are now offering some very powerful DTP -
 MIDI - GRAPHICS solutions and that 'we' fully expect these systems to
 trickle down to the common users over a two year period.  He referred to
 this software and hardware solutions as a pyramid - best and most
 expensive at top the least expensive and powerful at bottom. My
 interpretation of this was that Atari's effort is going into 'professional
 solutions' and not into applications for the common user.  Atari's effort
 means incentive to developers, development support and financial support.

     It seems clear to me that Atari is trying to crack into the high end
 market at the expense of the common user base that was attracted by 'Power
 without the Price'.  Their worst mistake was buying the Federated Group.
 It left them without the capital for real development.  Since the
 Federated fiasco, the Tramiels have been running Atari like a "Mom and
 Pop" corner market.  The computer industry is a high stakes market that
 requires heavy investment if one is to grab a meaningful share and
 maintain a firm grip upon it.  Mom and Pop book handling that leads to a
 few dozen monitors or computers shipped at a time simply doesn't cut it.


  STReport's Staff              The regulars and this week's contributors!

                            Publisher - Editor
                             Ralph F. Mariano

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          Robert Retelle      Charles Hill             R. ALBRITTON

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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL        "Reporting ABOUT Atari...not FOR Atari!"

      * "Rumors - Tidbits - Predictions - Observations - Hot Tips" *


 Read subscription article (Usenet)
 /Gateways/Usenet/comp/sys/atari/st/tech/Atari docs
 16355.3.1737.1 Atari docs
 11/30/91 10:43 29/1222 (Iain Laskey)
 Lines 1 to 14 of 29 (48%)

 A few people have asked for more info on the release by Atari UK of the
 programming docs.

 They have been released as 5 books.

 [1] Programming Guides GEMDOS/BIOS & general programming. 238 pages #29.99
     gemdos ref manual, pexec cookbook, hitchikers guide to bios, AHDI,
     Still Another Line A Doc (SALAD), Intelligent keyboard protocol,
     chkdsk3 docs, midi assoc address sheet.

 [2] Programming Guides New machines. 184 pages #29.99
     Rainbow TOS release notes, STE developers addendum, STE TOS release
     notes,- TT030 TOS release notes, TT030 hardware ref manual, VME
     expansion for TT & Mega STe. Includes 2 disks of utilities, examples,
     xcontrol, & docs.

 [3] Programming Guides - GEM VDI

 [4] Programming Guides - GEM AES - Combined books. 514 pages #49.99

                       All the above together #99.99

 [5] Hardware and Chip Specs. 228 Pages #29.99
     Engineering hardware spec, ACSI, MC6850, 68901, ay3-8910, wd1770,
     blitter Monitor & cartridge port. Also schematics.

                         Atari UK Software Support
                            Atari, Atari House
                              Railway Terrace
                               Slough, BERKS
                          United Kingdom. SL2 5BZ
                              Tel 0753 533344 (Jack W. Wine)

Subject: Atari Israel
3-DEC-1991 18:59:16.51 N

The Special Advertising Section in the November '91 BYTE magazine has an
article called "Israeli Computing" by Ud Gundar.  His first paragraph
provides information about Atari's manufacturing venture in Israel:

If you are in high-tech business, watch out for what is going on in
Israel.  Take this week, for example:  the government just granted Atari
$20,000,000 to starta project in Israel.  Atari will invest no more than
$5,000,000--and will own 66% of the shares of a $25,000,000 firm.

It seems like the Tramiels should be in the construction business too!

- San Francisco, CA.                       MIHOCKA SELLING QST!
Darek Mihocka announced Tuesday night, during the regular DELPHI weekly
CO, that QuickST is 'for sale.'   Mihocka said if anyone has any bugs to
report, they need to get them in NOW, as he will only be supporting the
program for a few weeks more.  Mihocka intends to work full-time on
developing the GEMULATOR, a software/hardware package that allows ST
software to be run on a PC.  He expects that QuickST will be picked up
soon by another ST developer for future support.


 > A "Quotable Quote"

          "FRANK AND EXPLICIT -- that's the right line to take...
              when you wish to conceal your own mind and....
                      confuse the minds of others..."

                                       ....Benjamin Disraeli


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                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
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                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)
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               Deluxe 2 bay Cabinet w/65w auto-switching PS

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            SGN4951      51Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          439.00
            SGN6277      65Mb 28ms   5.25"   Y          469.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 28ms   5.25"   Y          549.00
            SQN2055     105mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          599.95
            SQN1296     210Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          879.00
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      o  Better density the OEM Toner under all testing conditions.
         (AVG 1.40-1.50)

      o  Formulation completely compatible with the OEM initial toner and
         supply toner.  This replacement Toner may be added to the Laser
         Printer along with OEM initial toner or supply toner.

      o  The NEW replacement initial toner will maintain a high level of
         quality "much longer" using the replacement toner.

      o  Much smaller drop in density is realized when printing in the
         continuous mode.

     Test Pattern:
                     10 graphic pages
                     1000 text pages  (3 alternating pages)

     Time Schedule:
                     330 prints continuously
                     1 hour pause, 3-4 times a day
                     normally 1000 copies a day
                     maximum 1400 copies a day

                   OEM                        ABCO'S NEW STANDARD
                   ---                        -------------------

     Density       1.30 - 1.40                        1.40 - 1.50

     Yield         92.1 g/1000 copies                 95.3 g/1000 copies

     Waste toner   20.3 g/1000 copies                 14.3 g/1000 copies

     Transfer Rate       78%                                85%

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