Z*Net: 14-Sep-91 #9138

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/19/91-11:22:57 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 14-Sep-91 #9138
Date: Thu Sep 19 11:22:57 1991

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                           September 14, 1991
                              Issue #91-38

                      Publisher/Editor : Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy
                        PD Editor: Ron Berinstein

         * CompuServe: 75300,1642 * Delphi: ZNET * GEnie: Z-NET *
                 * Internet: 75300,1642@compuserve.com *


      THE EDITORS DESK...................................Ron Kovacs
      Z*NET NEWSWIRE...............................................
      CONNECTICUT ATARIFEST REPORT...............Vincent Patricelli
      GLENDALE ATARIFEST: FIRST LOOK......................John Nagy
      CODEHEAD SOFTWARE UPDATE........................Press Release
      Z*NET ATARIWATCH 1991 CALENDER...............................
      ZEN-ST GAMING NEWS...........................................
      THE AUTUMN 1991 ST-TT BULLETIN BOARD LIST........John Lockard
      Z*NET SOFTWARE SHELF...........................Ron Berinstein

                             THE EDITORS DESK
                              by Ron Kovacs

 The Glendale Atarifest is on as we speak.  Look for a live show floor
 update this Saturday at 7pm eastern time (4pm pacific) in Room #1 in
 the GEnie ST RTC.  John Nagy will be reporting live or via phone at
 that time and take questions from anyone interested.

 This is released on the 14th!

                              Z*NET NEWSWIRE

 Z*Net wants everyone to know that we have no elements of superstition or
 triskaidekaphobia in our staff.  We are releasing this issue of Z*Net on
 SATURDAY the 14th ONLY in order to include a first look at the GLENDALE
 show, in progress this weekend.  Really.  We're not afraid of a thing.
 Nope.  Not us.  Really.  Knock on wood!

 According to workers at Atari, testing is nearly completed on their new
 disk controller chip that will allow use of 1.44 meg disk drives in the
 new computers.  The old chip is socketed, so field upgrades will be
 easy: open, change the chip and the drive mechanism, and you have
 working 1.44 meg drives.  The older chip was made by Western Digital and
 would not operate fast enough to keep up with the ST computers at the
 higher density.  Atari's upgrade may at least at first be limited to
 Mega STe and TT computers, as it needs a 16 mHz clock signal to operate.
 The older machines and the 1040 STe run at 8 mHz, although there is hope
 that ways to tap another clock source within these machines will enable
 the new chip to be adapted to them as well.  Timetable for release is
 still unknown... but getting much closer.

 The first Stereo sound sampler for the Atari ST line of computers has
 been released by Michtron/Microdeal.  Stereo Replay is a new hardware
 cartridge that will sample true stereo inputs at 8, 12, and 16 bit
 resolutions.  It also has phono plug line outputs to allow any ST, not
 just STe units, to output the stereo CD quality samples to any home
 sound system.  Stereo Replay is now available for $179.95.  Replay 8 has
 been reduced in price to $149.95, and Stereo Replay Professional is
 offered at $249.95.  it includes a stereo editor program and offers
 remarkable cut and paste features even between samples of different
 formats (resolution and mono/stereo).  Michtron, 3201 Drummond Plaza,
 Newark, DE 19711, 302-454-7946.

 Atari UK Marketing Manager Peter Staddon has quit and taken a better
 job offer from RMT a computer supply firm.  Atari spokesman Peter Walker
 told Atari ST User Magazine that Atari does not have a policy of
 matching offers from other companies and regretted Staddon's decision.
 No replacement has been named.

 Atari ST User Magazine reports in the September issue that owners of the
 Atari STFM or STE's will soon be offered the operating system of the
 Mega STE as a 512K upgrade ROM.  The main improvement in TOS 2 is the
 desktop which s similar to version 3 in TT.  Sources told the magazine
 that a September release is expected but Atari refused to comment.

 In an interview with Europress, Sam Tramiel said that the Commodore
 Amiga and the STE are basically equal machines and the STE could look
 forward to an exciting 1992.  He also said that next year's CeBit show
 will be the launching ground for many new hardware products, and
 promised 4 new ST-based models next year.

 Wittich Computer of Germany has produced an adaptor for the ST that will
 enable VGA emulation on the ST.  The adaptor plugs into the Mega
 internal expansion port and supports up to 1280 x 1024 at 16 colors.

 Trojan recently released three software titles to support the release
 of their Lightgun for the ST.  The gun was initially released with two
 game titles and will be followed with two more by Christmas.  US Gold
 and Ocean are also said to be working on software to support the

 1992 will bring a cover story about Atari ST Desktop publishing to
 Personal Publishing Magazine.  Stay tuned for details!!

 Expressworks in the UK has a cable available now that will connect your
 TT to a Eizo Flexscan 6500 twenty-one inch greyscale VGA monitor.  For
 more information contact, Expressworks, 75 Hearth Lane, Upper Hale,
 Farnham, Surrey, England, GU9 0PX.  Phone 011-02520726255.

 Seen at Dusseldorf's huge Atari show was a new desktop publishing
 program calling itself "Timeworks Atari Desktop Publisher II", a
 completed and impressive update of the workhorse but outdated DTP system
 many of us still use and more of us began with.  At this time it is
 unknown how and when the program will migrate to the USA, or even what
 it will be called.  Timeworks, a USA company that marketed the original
 product (along with Word Writer and other titles), will almost certainly
 NOT be involved in the new version at all, and the name Timeworks was
 only on the pre-release version in order to clue viewers of it as to its
 heritage.  The new version builds on the easy features of the original
 program (by UK's GST Holdings), and includes multiple documents, FSM
 GDOS support, and more.  Based on the popular format of VENTURA
 PUBLISHER for the IBM series of computers, some users may find the new
 "Timeworks" package to be a good home compliment when Ventura is used at
 their workplace.

 A new compiler for Fortran is offered by Prospero of London, England.
 With performance speed increases of up to five times that of the ST
 version running on an TT, the new compiler has been highly optimized for
 the 68030 and 68881/2 math coprocessors.  An 800 page manual is included
 (!).  Price is 170 pounds, that's something around $400 US.  Contact
 Prospero, 190 Castelnau, London SW13 9DH, England, international phone

 Timothy Duarte offers Atari (and Sears VCS) 2600 game system owners a
 bi-monthly newsletter with play tips, historical trivia, classified ads,
 and fun articles all and only about the 2600.  Recent issues contained
 parts of a 26 page listing of all the carts ever released for the 2600,
 plus reviews of new (yes, Virginia, NEW) releases for the mini game
 system that started the whole craze over 13 years ago.  He's been at
 this for over a year now, and the Summer '91 issue was eight interesting
 pages.  Subscriptions are available for $5 a year.  Make Checks payable
 to Tim Duarte, 14 Blackburn Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719-4334, 508-997-

 A U.S. District Court Judge in San Francisco granted a request by Tengen
 to extend the stay of a preliminary injunction granted to Nintendo until
 ten days past completion of the appellate process.  The Court has not
 yet established a trial date for the $100 million anti-trust lawsuit,
 which was filed by Atari Games and Tengen in December 1988.  The lawsuit
 alleges that Nintendo has monopolized the U.S. home video game market
 through the use of an exclusive lock-out chip, punitive licensing
 agreements and other anti-competitive practices.

 Sega has launched a 25-shopping mall playtest competition where kids
 will decide which video game system has superior graphics and gameplay.
 Sega has created an interactive environment where its systems and
 software go head to head against industry rival Nintendo's and where the
 kids are asked to judge.  The Sega World Tour '91 is being presented by
 Nickelodeon and features a national sweepstakes contest where a child
 and parent can win a trip to Universal Studios in Florida.

 Nintendo has finally announced that its 16-bit Super Nintendo
 Entertainment System is now available in stores nationwide.  The new
 home video game system joins Nintendo's portable Game Boy and the
 Nintendo Entertainment System.  Nationwide commercials began on Sept 6.

 Apple announced that a federal district court judge has entered a
 favorable judgment of two former Apple officers -- A.C. Markkula, Jr.
 and John Vennard.  The ruling held there is no evidence that Markkula
 and Vennard violated securities laws in connection with a 1982
 announcement of a disk drive product.  This action overturns the jury
 verdict announced in May, 1991.

 U.S. Robotics has announced the filing of a registration statement with
 the Securities and Exchange Commission relating to the proposed initial
 public offering of 3.6 million shares of common stock.

                          by Vincent Patricelli

 I attended the Connecticut AtariFest Saturday and spent the entire day
 there.  I would guess there was about 200-300 total people who attended
 the show, so it wasn't very big, but nonetheless very exciting.  The
 following are the vendors that attended:

 Gribniff Software - Rick Flashman and company was displaying several new
 exciting programs.  They were taking advance orders on Stalker 3.0 which
 should be available in about a week....it is impressive.  He says it has
 the most extensive manual for a terminal program available for the ST,
 and the program operates as an accessory completely in the background,
 including Z-modem.  The companion program Steno, a text editor as an
 accessory, has been released and works with Stalker....looks like a nice
 combo.  Also, I saw a demo of a German import drawing program called
 Arabesque.  It combines all the features of Touch Up and Easy Draw and
 more in one program....and boy is it fast and impressive.  It should be
 available in about a month and will retail for $199.  Rick said this is
 the best selling program in Germany and the only thing holding back the
 US release is the manual.  Can't wait!

 Atari Explorer - John Jainschigg was there giving out free copies of the
 latest Atari Explorer mag.  He gave a seminar on publishing which I only
 caught the tail end of.  They have a special on subscriptions for all
 Genie and/or Atari user group members...$9.95 for one year (6 issues)
 Good deal!

 GFA Basic - John Barger was there displaying the latest version of this
 popular basic program and showing off the new IBM version on a couple of
 MS DOS portable computers.  Owners of the ST version can purchase the
 IBM version for 50% off list.

 Step Ahead Software - Nevin Shalit was showing off his latest version of
 Tracker ST, an impressive, easy to use database program.  I attended his
 seminar and he showed off 2 fantastic products, Retouche Professional
 and Didot.  These allow the ST/TT to do things I never even say a Mac or
 IBM do.  I was impressed!!  He is currently writing the manual for these
 products and they are going to be distributed by Goldleaf Publishing.
 Retouche allows full editing of black and white or full color photos.
 Nevin was doing some amazing things with this program.  Didot is a
 vector tracing program and more that has true bezier curves and allows
 you to set a path for text, type along the path, and do amazing
 distortions you wouldn't believe.  Each program comes in a professional
 version (big $$, $2000 retail for Retouche Professional and $900 retail
 for Didot) and a scaled down version (smaller $, around $200-300 each).
 This is a big step ahead for Atari!

 TidBit Software - Jeff Lomicka was demoing his program, the Good Backup
 Utility.  I also attended his seminar and he explained his philosophy
 for backups.  His program automatically deletes old data and updates it
 in the free space on incremental backups and is very reliable.  He said
 he has about 500 copies sold worldwide.  I have read favorable reviews
 of this program.

 Softlogik - Bill Caferelli was showing PageStream 2.1 and all the font
 sets and business templates for this fantastic program.  I got a chance
 to play with PageStream 2.1 on Bob Brodie's TT, WOW, is it impressive in
 high rez color, and fast, too!

 Taylor Ridge Books - Clay Walnum was displaying his book on C-Manship, a
 complete tutorial on learning to program in C on the ST, complete with a
 two disk set.  This is his excellent series from the defunct ST-Log

 Alternative Hardware - Leo Taylor was displaying several unique mutant
 ST's including one mounted in a wooden case!

 Atari Computer - The hit of the show was Bob Brodie.  He gave his usual
 honest and sincere seminars.  He said FSM GDOS was finished should be
 shipping by November.  The TT is in the lab and pending class B
 certification.  It has a 1.44 meg floppy in the newest version.  WordUp
 is being updated and Atari will distribute it under their own name,
 although probably not until next year some time.  The Hotz box has sort
 of been put on the back burner due to lack of interest in the product.
 New software is being developed for the Atari CD Rom player which will
 allow it to use data disks from other platforms.  The latest version
 will only have a SCSI interface and will require a host adaptor to work
 with the ST.  He spoke about the positive reception Atari is getting
 with the TT in the desktop publishing market and that Atari will be
 advertising a full page ad in Publish! magazine in next month's issue...

 Also, there was Computers Ect., the local Atari dealer offering specials
 on all software and hardware.  Paul, the owner, reported brisk sales all
 day.  Three user groups, STARR, FACE, and the Boston Computer Society
 were selling PD or used software at very good prices.

 Unfortunately, Jim Allen from Fast Technologies didn't make the show.  I
 heard he had a hard drive crash the day before the show.  Hope he had a
 backup :^)  I was really looking forward to seeing Turbo 20, oh well,
 maybe at WAACE.  Also, Darlah Pine from Genie was supposed to be there,
 but I guess she couldn't make it, either.

 All in all, it was a pretty good show.  It was small enough so you
 didn't have to fight crowds to talk to the vendors.  It was announced
 that this will be an annual event, so I am looking forward to going
 again next year.

                      GLENDALE ATARIFEST: FIRST LOOK
                               by John Nagy

 I just got home from the Friday night setup of the Southern California
 Atari Computer Faire, Version 5.0 (AKA The Glendale Show).  It opens
 tomorrow (Saturday) at 10, and runs September 14 and 15, to 6 Saturday
 and 10 to 4 Sunday.  About a third of the vendors have arrived and have
 set up at least part of their displays.  Lots of familiar faces made it
 fun, and everyone was busy either working or talking.

 At the Gadgets by Small area, the SST 68030 unit was being prepared for
 show.  Dave Small is without Sandy and the kids this weekend, but is
 being assisted by Mark Booth, who is once again offering buttons
 encouraging the (many) wearers to avoid a certain publication.

 Rod McDonald, publisher of ST INFORMER, was setting up a display of his
 UIS III and Universal Network.  He says he is about to close a deal for
 a network of ST's in Chile, to be used in a newspaper.

 Bob Luneski (Diamond Back II) promises to upgrade owners at this show to
 his new version that actually can back up a hard drive FASTER by using
 his new compression scheme than without!  He can compress the file size
 as much as by half, and do it FASTER than the new smaller file can be
 written.  So, the new version does a compressed hard drive backup on
 half as many disks and FASTER than the already fast "normal" backup.
 That's under a minute a disk... and 20 meg will go on 10 disks!

 I got my first look at ARABESQUE from Gribnif.  It integrates bitmap and
 vector graphics in one program and adds auto-tracing to convert IMG to
 GEM files.  Very, very nice.  STALKER II is also here, and looks like it
 is ready to take over as the terminal program system of choice.  A new
 "Backtalk" script language will let it do almost anything you can
 imagine.  Trish and Rick are here to show it, NeoDesk 3, and STeno too.

 Nathan Potechin of ISD will show Calamus SL in COLOR on a color
 projection screen for the TT in a 4 PM seminar Saturday.  He'll follow
 Bob Brodie (1 PM) and Dave Small (2:30).

 The Atari area (the stage of the large Glendale Civic Center) was
 bustling tonight as the display was set up.  Trouble erupted at the Lynx
 Kiosks... the new, thicker Lynx units won't fit into the brackets made
 for the older version.  Hmmm.

 The Computer Network, a Glendale Atari Dealer, and Mid Cities Computer,
 from Bellflower CA, appear to have brought their entire store with them.
 TCN even has built a full show wall and covered it in bargain software.

 GEnie's Sandy Wilson and Jeff Williams were seen tonight, and may be
 filing their own reports online.

 Look for a LIVE report from the show floor SATURDAY at 4 PM Pacific
 (that's 7 PM Eastern).  I'll be online in GEnie's ST RT conference area
 with Q & A from the show.  The mini-conference will be posted as a file

 That'll have to do for tonight, it's getting very late.  Let's hope for
 well over 2,000 Atarians this weekend!

 Admission is $6.00, children under five free.  Again this year, the
 Glendale show will be in the Glendale Civic Auditorium, 1401 N. Verdugo
 Road, Glendale, California, across the street from Glendale College.
 For a more specific map refer to page 25-E2 of the Thomas Brothers

 Developers/vendors include Atari Corporation, The Computer Network, Mid-
 Cities Computers, Goodman's Music, Musicode, Safari Fonts, Sliccware,
 Clear Thinking, Micro Creations, Rio Computers, Best Electronics, Branch
 Always, Michtron, ADG Productions, CodeHead Software, Omnimon
 Peripherals, Gadgets by Small, Zubair Interfaces, ICD, Grove School of
 Music, S.D.S., ISD Marketing, Soft-Logik Publishing, AtariUser Magazine,
 PDC, Beckemeyer Development Tools, RIMIK, JRI, McDonald & Assoc., Soft-
 Aware, JMG, Talon Industries, Z*Net News Services, COMPO, Soft-Aware,
 Phil Comeau Software, D.A. Brumleve, Gribnif, and Sudden, Inc.

 AtariUser Magazine will have their October issue available for all
 Glendale show attendees as a special pre-release bonus.

 Z*Net will have updates of the show Saturday and Sunday, plus a full
 eyewitness report next weekend.

                              Press Release

 September 12, 1991

 CodeHead Software Announces Avant Vector & Repro Studio!

 Automatic vectoring has arrived!

 CodeHead Software is releasing two powerful new high-end graphics and
 image manipulation packages for Atari computers -- Avant Vector and
 Repro Studio!  We're proud to bring these excellent state of the art
 products to North America.

 At CodeHead Software we're quite selective about the software we use
 personally.  Not very many programs get a big "WOW!" out of us.  But to
 say that we found Avant Vector and Repro Studio impressive is a major
 understatement ... in fact, they blew us away!

  --==* Avant Vector *==--

 Avant Vector is an object-oriented graphics program, with sophisticated
 automatic tracing abilities which allow the conversion of bit-image
 graphics (such as IMG files or Degas drawings) to vector graphics
 consisting of lines, curves, and filled shapes.  Vector graphics have
 several big advantages over bit-image graphics; the most important is
 that once an image has been converted to a mathematical vector
 description, it can be scaled up or down to any size without losing
 detail or looking "blocky".

 Bit-image graphics can be imported into Avant Vector in many formats,
 including IMG, TIFF, IFF, and Degas (both compressed and uncompressed),
 and also vector graphics in the CVG (Calamus), GEM (GEM 3 metafile), and
 EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) formats.  You can save vector graphics in
 CVG, GEM, or EPS formats (in Avant Plot) for use in desktop publishing
 applications.  New drawings can also be created from scratch with Avant
 Vector, and up to seven graphics windows can be opened at once with cut-
 and-paste and merge functions.  The graphics created by Avant Vector can
 be imported into most popular Atari DTP programs, and can also be
 printed directly from within Avant Vector itself, with support for the
 Atari Laser, NEC 24-pin, and Epson 9-pin printers.

 In a recent review of seven auto-tracing programs for the Mac, PC, and
 Atari ST/TT in a European magazine, Avant Vector was rated the best of
 the bunch!  The reviewer gave Avant Vector high marks for its totally
 unique "manual tracing" mode, which snaps curves and points along a bit

 The most amazing thing about Avant Vector is its smooth, almost
 transparent interface and extremely simple, consistent operation.  You
 can learn everything you need to get around in minutes, and be creating
 extraordinary graphics in no time at all!

 There are two versions of Avant Vector.  The high-end version, Avant
 Plot, contains extensive plotter support for serious professional
 applications, and EPS file import/export features.  Both Avant Vector
 and Avant Plot are available immediately.

 --==* Repro Studio *==--

 Repro Studio is a next-generation graphics program with a dazzling array
 of professional features.  Available with or without a hand-held scanner
 (256 gray level), Repro Studio is the first ST graphics program to let
 you create and edit images with true grey tones, as well as standard
 monochrome or color images in many different formats.

 In Repro Studio the dots that make up your image can be set to a grey
 level instead of being simply on (black) or off (white).  If you have a
 standard ST monochrome monitor, grey scales won't be shown on screen but
 rather are displayed as fill patterns.  But you _can_ edit them and
 manipulate them with Repro Studio for use with DTP applications and in
 professional printing situations.

 In addition to its grey level capabilities, Repro Studio has an enormous
 number of powerful tools for working with bit-image graphics, including
 flexible cut-and-paste functions, many shape and fill options, bezier
 curves, lasso and masking functions, pixel prioritizing, raster
 "screens" for printing purposes, anti-aliasing and dithering, the
 ability to combine pictures in many ways, the ability to read and use
 GDOS, Calamus, and Adobe Postscript fonts, and much more.

 Repro Studio is able to load many different types of graphics files,
 including IMG, TIFF, Degas, Art Director, and Neochrome formats.  After
 editing, touching up, or scanning, images can be saved in any of the
 above formats, or as Postscript files.

 Repro Studio comes with or without a 256 gray scale scanner.  It is
 expected to be available by the end of the year, and like its companion,
 Avant Vector, will work with all ST, STe, and TT computers.

 --==* Pricing *==--

 Retail pricing for Avant Vector and Repro Studio is as follows:

    Avant Vector ............ $ 495
    Avant Plot ..............  1195

    Repro Studio ............   195
    Repro Studio w/scanner ..   895

 --==* Special Introductory Prices *==--

 If you place your order before December 31, 1991, you can purchase Avant
 Vector or Avant Plot for the following prices:

    Avant Vector ........... $ 445 (a savings of $50.00)
    Avant Plot .............  1095 (a savings of $100.00)

 Order directly from us before the end of the year and save!  (Most major
 credit cards accepted.)

 For further information contact:
 CodeHead Software
 PO Box 74090
 Los Angeles, CA 90004
 voice (213) 386-5735
 fax   (213) 386-5789

                      Z*NET ATARIWATCH 1991 CALENDAR

 September 14-15  (TAKING PLACE NOW)
 The Southern California ATARI Computer Faire, Version 5.0, also known as
 THE GLENDALE SHOW has been confirmed for September 14 and 15, 1991.
 Contact: H.A.C.K.S., 249 N. Brand Bl. #321, Glendale, CA 91203, or call
 John King Tarpinian, Faire Chairperson, 818-246-7286.

 September 20-22
 Atari Expo Benelux.  Organized by InterExpo and Media Holland, Phone:

 September 22
 The All Formats Computer Fair Venue.  City Hall, Candleriggs, Glasgow,
 England.  This is a touring show with plenty of bargains and features
 public domain software.

 October 12-13
 WAACE AtariFest '91, Sheraton Reston Hotel, Washington D.C./Virginia,
 contact J.D.BARNES, 7710 Chatham Road, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.

 October 21-25
 Fall COMDEX Las Vegas Nevada

 November 23-24
 Chicago Atari Computer Show BY ATARI.  Contact Larry Grauzas, P.O. Box
 8788, Waukegan, IL 60079-8788, phone 708-566-0671.  Administrated by the
 Lake County Atari Computer Enthusiasts (LCACE).

 December 5-8
 Computer Shopper Show at the Wembley Exhibiion Hall.

 February 7-9, 1992
 5th Annual International 16-Bit Computer Show.


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              A monthly guide to new and upcoming Atari ST games
                             Edited by Zenobot
                         A CyberSysTek Publication
                     Our motto: "MS/DOS, just say no!"
                          September 1991 Edition

                               Z Gaming News:

 New This Month:

 Not a thing...

 --Armalyte: The Final Run (Thalamus/Arc Developments).
 --Cap'N'Carnage (Energize/Golden Sector).
 --International Athletics (Hawk).
 --Maupiti Island (UBI Soft/Lankhor).
 --Mercs (US Gold/Tiertex).
 --The Rainbow Collection (Bubble-Bobble/Rainbow Islands/New Zealand
   Story) (Ocean).
 --Virtual Reality Volume 1 (Carrier Command/Starglider II/International
   Soccer Challenge/Stunt Car Racer/Midwinter) (Elite).
 --Winning Tactics (Anco) for Kick-Off 2.
 --Zone Warrior (Electronic Arts).

 Budget games and re-issues:
 --Cloud Kingdoms (GBH).
 --Creepy (Atlantis).
 --Head Over Heels (Hit Squad).
 --James Pond (GBH).
 --Kid Gloves (GBH).
 --Resolution 101 (GBH).
 --Sharkey's Moll (Zeppelin).
 --Shufflepuck Cafe (Respray).
 --Stack Up (Zeppelin).
 --The Games: Summer Edition (Kixx).
 --Thunderstrike (GBH).
 --Typhoon Thompson In: Search For The Sea Child (Respray).
 --Wacky Darts (Codemasters).

 Top Ten Selling ST Games in the UK, August '91:
 1) Hero Quest (Gremlin).
 2) Lemmings (Psygnosis/DMA Design).
 3) Pro Tennis Tour 2 (UBI Soft/Blue Byte).
 4) Armour Geddon (Psygnosis).
 5) Gods (Renegade/Bitmap Brothers).
 6) War Zone (Core).
 7) 3D Construction Kit (Domark).
 8) Life And Death (Mindscape).
 9) Winning Tactics (Anco).
 10) Manchester United Europe (Krisalis).

 Sierra Does The "Development Limbo"...
 Here's the last word on the "Sierra Situation":  I talked with Srini
 Vasan, Sierra's International Sales Director, and he stated that all new
 ST products were on hold for now.  He was quick to point out that they
 were not cancelled.  No word on a release date, though.

 ...And SSI Joins In...
 Some joker mentioned that SSI had released Renegade Legion Interceptor
 and Conflict: Middle East for the ST.  Don't you believe it!!!  Those 2
 games were released for the Amiga, no the ST.  I called up SSI and they
 said they had absolutely nothing planned for the ST as of now.  The last
 thing they released was Curse Of The Azure Bonds.  Gentlemen (and
 ladies), start your word processors!!

 ...While Lucasfilm Goes Half Way.
 As of now, Lucasfilm doesn't have any plans to release ST versions of
 Secret Weapons Of The Luftwaffe or Indiana Jones And The Fate Of
 Atlantis.  So, I have taken them off the guide for now...  However, they
 do have the Finest Hour Mission Disk and LeChuck's Revenge still on the
 drawing board!

 Licensing Hit List:
 Mirrorsoft has negotiated the rights to Aliens III and will release a
 game on its Imageworks label sometime in '92.

 If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or suggestions, you can
 contact Zenobot at the O'Mayer V BBS (213-732-0229, 1200/2400/9600), the
 Jungle BBS (213-254-9534, 2400/9600), or on GEnie (ABITTON1).

 This article was taken directly from the latest edition of ZEN-ST and
 cannot be edited in anyway.  This reprint is provided for information
 and contains only the NEWS portion of the online magazine.  The full
 version is available on the BBS systems above and the Z*NET BBS.

                       Copyright 1991 John Lockard

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 .Prefix. codes are needed to reach the bulletin board.

 D/STCTY/ is outdial's name.  ST stands for state and CTY for city.

 |Baud Rates| are the baud rates available from the outdial.  Also listed
 below this is the baud rates for the bulletin boards.  Baud rates are
 shown as 3|12|24|96|192 or 6|12|24|48|144.

 Low                Medium             High              ISDN

 3 - 300 Baud     12 - 1200  Baud    144 - 14400 Baud    D - 16000 Baud
 6 - 600 Baud     24 - 2400  Baud    174 - 17400 Baud    B - 64000 Baud
                  48 - 4800  Baud    192 - 19200 Baud
                  96 - 9600  Baud    384 - 38400 Baud

 ISDN is direct digital connection to the phone companies switch through
 standard phone lines or fiber optic cable, available in 1992.  Standard
 phone lines will probably offer a rate of 2B+D.

 .Prefix. are the numbers you put in front of the board's phone number
 to reach the outdial's extended area.  For example, SCAT 231-7227 has a
 prefix of 1708, so the outdial command would be ATDT17082317227.  The
 prefix numbers have been placed in front of the listed bulletin board
 phone numbers for automatic dialing programs to use.

 City, State: locate the BBS within geographical areas, with City
 sometimes refering to the metropolitian area.

 Software is the current bulletin board program and version.  These are
 the board types that I can recognize, most of the time.

 1rst Base      BB/ST          Carina         Citadel        Express ST
 Forem ST       Fortress       Michitron      Sanctum        Stadel
 Searchlight    Spitfire       Starnet        Turbo          Wildcat

 Board Name is without the BBS at the end to save space.

 (203) D/CTHAR/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Hartford, Conneticut
 ..... 229-9833  3|12|24|..|...  Other.... 1.0a  Ultra Project

 (206) D/WASEA/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Seattle, Washington
 ..... 271-8613  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Budget Board
 ..... 854-0193  3|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 2.05  Baker Street

 (212) D/NYNYO/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  New York City, New York
 ..... 569-4118  .|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.7v  The Midnight Caller

 (213) D/CAGLE/  3|12|24|..|...  1213  Glendale, California
 1213. 461-2095  .|12|24|96|144  Michtron. 3.00  Code Head Quarters
 1213. 841-0347  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.7v  M.I.D.I. World Network

 (213) D/CALAN/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Los Angeles, California
 ..... 254-9534  .|..|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 1.0d  ST Jungle
 ..... 320-1541  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.10  Torrance Forem
 ..... 379-3796  3|12|24|96|192  UBBS..... 2.0f  Hitch Hikers Guide
 ..... 461-2095  .|12|24|96|144  Michtron. 3.00  Code Head Quarters
 ..... 634-8993  3|12|24|96|192  Express.. 1.30  Target Range
 ..... 841-0347  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.7v  M.I.D.I. World Network

 (214) D/TXDAL/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Dallas, Texas
 ..... 251-1175  3|12|24|96|...  Express.. 1.71  The Psychlo Empire
 ..... 264-2415  .|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Alien
 ..... 557-2329  .|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 2.05  The Melting Pot
 ..... 669-3144  3|12|24|96|...  Express.. 1.30  Professional Forum
 ..... 987-2494  3|12|24|..|...  Turbo ST. 1.00  The Best Of Both Worlds

 (215) D/PAPHI/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 ..... 677-9721  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Buffaloe's
 ..... 755-0166  .|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 2.05  The Bat Cave
 ..... 755-6743  .|..|24|96|192  Turbo ST. 2.05  ST World
 ..... 879-8886  3|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 2.05  Starlight

 (216) D/OHCLE/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Cleveland, Ohio
 ..... 228-7335  3|12|24|..|...  Search Lt 2.15  Computer Professionals

 (301) D/DCWAS/  3|12|24|..|...  .301  Washington, DC
 .301. 460-6030  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  The Eighth Dimension
 .301. 894-8516  3|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 2.05  Thieve's Guild
 .301. 924-3771  3|12|24|..|...  PC Board. 14.5  Hallucination

 (303) D/CODEN/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Denver, Colorado
 ..... 469-4954  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel... 3.3d  Four Wheeling

 (305) D/FLMIA/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Miami, Florida
 ..... 271-0688  3|12|24|96|144  Michtron. 3.00  A.S.I.M. Line 1
 ..... 598-2416  3|12|24|96|144  Michtron. 3.00  A.S.I.M. Line 2

 (312) D/ILCHI/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Chicago, Illinios
 ..... 334-7468  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.2r  Rune Quest II

 (314) D/MOSLO/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Saint Louis, Missouri
 ..... 275-2040  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Flash

 (317) D/ININD/  .|12|24|..|...  ....  Indianapolis, Indiana
 ..... 353-9326  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  ST Archive

 (404) D/GAATL/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Atlanta, Georgia
 ..... 425-2718  .|..|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Marietta
 ..... 521-0445  3|12|24|..|...  Fortress. 2.ad  Fortress R&D
 ..... 659-5720  3|12|24|96|192  Stadel ST 3.3d  Overmind

 (407) D/FLORL/  .|12|24|..|...  ....  Orlando, Florida
 ..... 381-5403  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.51  Top Gun
 ..... 658-1425  3|12|24|..|...  Simplex.. 1.04  Starship
 ..... 831-1613  .|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 1.00  Twilight Zone
 ..... 886-1632  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  McDonald's Computer
 ..... 896-5772  3|12|24|..|...  Quick BBS 2.66  Bullwinkle's Corner

 (408) D/CASJO/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  San Jose, California
 ..... 245-5827  .|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Online Club
 ..... 249-7916  3|12|24|96|192  Express.. 1.30  Realm Of Wonder
 ..... 255-6288  3|12|24|..|...  Fortress. 2.ad  The Paladin's Temple
 ..... 287-8399  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Crime Bytes
 ..... 353-4669  3|12|..|..|...  Michtron. 2.17  CompuCat's LazerBreath
 ..... 736-8849  3|12|..|..|...  Coherent. 3.10  The Rat
 ..... 745-2191  3|12|..|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Atari Base Line 1
 ..... 745-2193  3|12|..|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Atari Base Line 2
 ..... 745-2194  3|12|..|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Atari Base Line 3
 ..... 745-2195  3|12|..|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Atari Base Line 4
 ..... 745-2196  3|12|..|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Atari Base Line 5
 ..... 972-1548  3|12|..|..|...  Remote Ac 1.01  Top Gun
 ..... 986-0215  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  B.A.A.U.G.
 ..... 997-7352  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Dog House

 (414) D/WIMIL/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 ..... 278-5390  3|12|24|..|...  BBS PC... 4.20  P.S.A.

 (415) D/CAOAK/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Oakland, California
 ..... 376-8060  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Skeleton Crue
 ..... 452-0350  3|12|24|96|...  Remote Ac 1.01  Claw Marks
 ..... 526-6471  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  ST Synchronicity
 ..... 531-1576  .|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Pinky's House Of Horror
 ..... 638-2937  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Castle Black Thorne
 ..... 834-1707  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.51  The Enchanter
 ..... 845-1789  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.7v  Microworld (510 Area)
 ..... 939-2082  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Dragon's Weyr II

 (415) D/CAPAL/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Palo Alto, California
 ..... 361-1847  3|12|24|96|...  Wildcat.. 2.50  Emerald Lake (IBM Only?)
 ..... 438-9387  3|12|24|..|...  Carina... 0.05  W.C.S.
 ..... 745-7901  3|12|24|..|...  Search Lt 1.76  The Wishing Well
 ..... 782-4402  .|12|24|96|...  Michtron. 3.00  Stu's Place - Line 1
 ..... 785-5367  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Stu's Place - Line 2
 ..... 790-1375  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  The Tavern
 ..... 887-2158  3|12|..|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Stu's Place - Line 3
 ..... 965-3556  .|12|24|..|...  Spitfire. 3.10  The Zone
 ..... 965-9347  3|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 2.05  Bloom County ST
 ..... 967-8319  3|12|24|..|...  Wildcat.. 2.55  Trembler

 (415) D/CASFA/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  San Francisco, California
 ..... 531-1576  .|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Pinky's House Of Horror
 ..... 758-9326  3|12|24|..|...  Search Lt 2.15  Knight Court
 ..... 834-1707  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.51  The Enchanter
 ..... 878-9405  3|12|24|..|...  Galacticm 1.00  Computer Rock Line 3
 ..... 878-9522  3|12|24|..|...  Galacticm 1.00  Computer Rock Line 4
 ..... 878-9602  3|12|24|..|...  Galacticm 1.00  Computer Rock Line 1
 ..... 878-9604  3|12|24|..|...  Galacticm 1.00  Computer Rock Line 2

 (415) D/CASJO/  3|12|24|..|...  1415  San Jose, Calfornia
 1415. 438-9387  3|12|24|..|...  Carina... 0.05  W.C.S.
 1415. 965-3556  .|12|24|..|...  Spitfire. 3.10  The Zone
 1415. 967-8319  3|12|24|..|...  Search Lt 1.30  Trembler

 (503) D/ORPOR/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Portland, Oregon
 ..... 246-9712  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel... 3.3c  3cpu
 ..... 254-1754  3|12|24|..|...  Fortress. 1.ca  Missing Persons League
 ..... 297-6542  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.8t  S.T.E.P.

 (516) D/NYHEM/  .|12|24|..|...  ....  Hemptead, New York
 ..... 433-3309  3|12|24|..|...  Fortress. 2.ad  Byteways
 ..... 791-4556  .|12|24|96|144  Express.. 1.30  Mega Party Place

 (516) D/NYNYO/  3|12|24|..|...  1516  New York City, New York
 1516. 433-3309  3|12|24|..|...  Fortress. 2.ad  Byteways
 1516. 791-4556  .|12|24|96|144  Express.. 1.30  Mega Party Place

 (602) D/AZPHO/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Phoenix, Arizona
 ..... 242-3686  3|12|24|..|...  1rst Base 2.05  ST Base Express
 ..... 285-9246  3|12|24|96|...  ST Base.. 2.05  Ompher's
 ..... 938-8288  3|12|24|96|192  Stadel ST 3.3d  Next Generation

 (612) D/MNMIN/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Minneapolis, Minnesota
 ..... 426-8627  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Source Machine
 ..... 544-5118  3|12|24|96|144  Forem Pro 1.0b  Flight Line
 ..... 782-9845  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel ST 3.3d  MIDIapolis

 (617) D/MABOS/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Boston, Massachusetts
 ..... 328-9230  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Question Mark
 ..... 391-6745  3|12|24|96|...  Michtron. 3.00  BCS Line 2
 ..... 396-4607  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  BCS Line 1
 ..... 567-8642  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Toad Hall
 ..... 891-7338  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel... 3.3d  Blade

 (703) D/DCWAS/  3|12|24|..|...  .703  Washington, DC
 .703. 250-7303  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Merlin's Litterbox
 .703. 425-5824  3|12|24|..|...  PC Board. 14.5  Hallucination
 .703. 450-3910  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  A.R.M.U.D.I.C.
 .703. 941-8471  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  T.A.S.K.

 (708) D/ILCHI/  3|12|24|..|...  1708  Chicago, Illinois
 1708. 213-9299  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Northwest Passage
 1708. 231-7227  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  S.C.A.T.
 1708. 250-0968  3|12|24|96|144  Forem TT. 2.7v  The Graveyard
 1708. 310-9014  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Outpost
 1708. 423-1568  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Midwest Connection
 1708. 456-6875  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  ST Center
 1708. 457-2219  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.71  Blue Moon
 1708. 680-5105  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Python (L.C.A.C.E.)
 1708. 789-3610  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Code One
 1708. 830-6387  3|12|24|96|192  Forem ST. 2.8u  ST Scruncher
 1708. 894-9241  .|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 2.05  Software Syndicate

 (713) D/TXHOU/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Houston, Texas
 ..... 333-1273  .|12|24|..|...  Tag...... 2.5g  Musicians Deep Insanity
 ..... 339-2995  3|12|24|96|192  Turbo ST. 2.05  Megaboard
 ..... 480-9310  .|12|24|96|144  Forem ST. 2.8s  Atari-Oh!
 ..... 729-7555  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8q  Bit Bucket #1
 ..... 776-3699  .|..|24|..|...  Spitfire. 3.00  Bit Bucket #2
 ..... 827-8041  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  The Floppy Wizard
 ..... 921-0550  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  H.A.S.T.E.
 ..... 944-0108  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Double Click Software
 ..... 992-3939  .|12|24|96|192  Forem ST. 2.8p  The Metal Shop

 (714) D/CACOL/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Colton, California
 ..... 688-3204  .|..|..|96|144  PC Board. 14.5  Starlink Line 1
 ..... 688-8427  3|12|24|..|...  PC Board. 14.5  Starlink Line 2

 (714) D/CASAN/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Santa Ana, California
 ..... 650-7779  .|12|24|..|...  Turbo ST. 1.00  B.A.T.S

 (718) D/NYNYO/  3|12|24|..|...  1718  New York City, New York
 1718. 522-0768  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.51  Sherwood Forest
 1718. 833-0828  3|12|24|96|144  Forem ST. 2.7v  Dateline

 (801) D/UTSLC/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Salt Lake City, Utah
 ..... 967-8738  3|12|24|96|...  Express.. 1.30  The Repair Shop

 (815) D/ILCHI/  3|12|24|..|...  1815  Chicago, Illinios
 1815. 834-1914  .|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Rick's Cafe

 (908) D/NJNBR/  .|12|24|..|...  ....  New Brunswick, New Jersy
 ..... 525-9305  3|12|24|..|...  TBBS....  2.10  S.A.B.B.S.
 ..... 727-1914  3|12|24|96|...  Turbo ST. 1.00  Hologram Inc.
 ..... 968-8148  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8u  Z*Net Online

 (916) D/CASAC/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Sacramento, California
 ..... 487-2819  3|12|24|..|...  Sanctum. 0.98  Cold Winter Knights
 ..... 638-9923  3|12|24|..|...  Express. 1.60  Axolotl

 (919) D/NCRTP/  3|12|24|..|...  ....  Research Triangle Park

 Boards that could not be reached by the network as of the last list.
 About 10% of the boards cannot be reached or have gone down at the time
 that I check the numbers.  Most of the problems are with the Telenet's
 network, false RINGING and FAILED CALLS are common.  BUSY is okay, but
 NOT CONNECTED usually means that the outdials modem isn't working or it
 isn't connected to a phone line.  I usually give these numbers four or
 five tries on different days and times before putting them down here.

 I check these phone numbers again three months to see if it isn't a hard
 disk or other failure.

 (201) 298-0161  3|12|24|..|...  BB/ST V99 1.20  J.A.C.G.
 (206) 745-4077  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Gas ST
 (214) 278-6180  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Vortex
 (216) 582-1904  .|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  ST Nerd
 (303) 757-8452  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8p  White Runes Of Tinuviel
 (408) 255-7725  3|12|..|..|...  BB/ST.... 1.20  Dimensions Of Insanity
 (415) 351-1385  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8s  The Grid
 (415) 758-9326  3|12|24|..|...  Search Lt 2.15  Knight Court
 (415) 581-1787  3|12|..|..|...  Starnet.. 1.24  Foster And Son
 (415) 587-8062  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  A.B.C.U.S.
 (516) 295-3827  3|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 1.00  Modem Madness
 (516) 867-5654  .|..|..|96|192  Turbo ST. 1.00  The Shire
 (612) 784-8643  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel... 3.3d  *** POOF ***
 (619) 225-9571  3|12|24|96|144  Forem ST. 2.32  ST-Net
 (708) 529-2375  .|..|24|96|...  Turbo ST. 1.00  Dark Castle
 (708) 695-8617  3|12|24|96|144  Turbo ST. 1.0d  Dragon's Egg II
 (713) 261-0556  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  The Atari ST
 (916) 351-0607  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Pork Chop Express
 (916) 339-0726  3|12|24|..|...  ST Keep.. 1.90  ST Keep

 Boards Outside Of PC Pursuit's Exchanges.

 The numbers for these boards aren't repeats from the numbers in the
 `Boards Inside Of PC Pursuit's Exchanges' so to reach those numbers, use
 the (Area Code) instead of the .Prefix. slot beside the bulletin board's
 number for each board and then follow the standard phone book dialing
 directions below.

 If your within the city just dial the phone number, if you are outside
 the city but within the area code just dial a 1 before the phone number,
 if your outside the area then add 1 plus the area code plus the phone
 number.  There is an exception to this rull for cities like DC, where
 some local calls have the area code in front of them.

 (201) 362-8966  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 2.10  Greystone
 (201) 390-9782  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Hackers Hotline
 (201) 627-6880  3|12|24|96|192  Forem ST. 2.8j  Ghost Hackers
 (201) 793-0492  .|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 2.17  Atlantist
 (201) 840-4463  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 2.10  The Palace
 (201) 929-9351  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Coastline
 (205) 244-1991  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  The Telly-Phone
 (205) 461-7893  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  H.A.U.G.
 (208) 587-7603  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  RattleSnake Station
 (209) 732-8520  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 2.0d  The Vace Base
 (215) 942-3874  3|12|24|96|192  Forem ST. Pro.  Threshold
 (219) 674-9288  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  M.O.U.S.E.
 (301) 969-1138  3|12|24|96|144  Turbo.... 1.0c  Bit Haven
 (305) 344-3644  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 3.1c  B.U.B.B.A.
 (313) 582-0888  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Bloom County
 (317) 842-7564  3|12|24|96|...  Stadel... 3.3d  Devnull
 (403) 288-4481  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel... 3.3d  Poopsi
 (415) 458-3659  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Little Lulu's Playground
 (416) 479-2169  3|12|24|..|...  Remot Acc 0.49  Atari Canada (Toronto)
 (504) 749-3624  3|12|..|..|...  Starnet.. 1.33  Epsilon Noe
 (505) 525-0388  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.32  Atari C.A.L.C.
 (505) 897-4306  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Asylum
 (516) 399-4252  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Star Scan (L.I.A.U.G.)
 (516) 643-4963  3|12|24|96|384  PC Board. 14.5  Bandits Hideout
 (609) 451-7475  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.8o  Cumberland County
 (619) 619-7962  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.00  Computer Plus
 (619) 689-8157  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  S.D.A.C.E. Line 1
 (619) 689-8397  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  S.D.A.C.E. Line 2
 (702) 363-6066  .|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Top Gun
 (707) 528-4259  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 3.00  Decatur Galaxy Class
 (707) 576-7352  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel PC 2.3b  Time Arts
 (707) 642-4636  3|12|24|..|...  Teligard. 2.5i  Gamer's Guild
 (707) 792-2572  3|12|24|..|...  Michtron. 2.10  Star Trek
 (707) 823-3052  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel PC 2.6b  Interface
 (714) 247-3888  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.32  The Vortex
 (717) 765-8994  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Sarge's
 (717) 788-5665  .|..|24|96|...  Turbo ST. 1.10  Time Warp
 (803) 576-6212  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. 2.8b  Hyperspace I
 (804) 379-4156  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.30  Midnight Express
 (805) 987-3524  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.30  Cajun's Corner
 (808) 261-2184  3|12|24|..|...  Wildcat.. 2.15  Muskrat's Den
 (809) 752-8713  3|12|24|96|...  Quick BBS 2.64  Midiland
 (813) 397-5335  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel.ST 3.3d  The Darkest Realm
 (815) 968-2229  3|12|24|..|...  Express.. 1.50  I.C.D.
 (817) 295-8400  .|12|24|96|...  Express.. 1.30  Shade Tree Express
 (818) 881-0738  3|12|..|..|...  Forem ST. 1.13  Port Royal
 (818) 993-5516  3|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. 2.51  The Software Bank
 (902) 434-1482  3|12|24|..|...  Stadel ST 3.3d  B.A.U.D.
 (916) 723-1657  3|12|24|..|...  Sanctum.. 0.98  The Mind Keep
 (916) 729-2968  3|12|24|..|...  ST Keep.. 2.00  ST Keep
 (916) 791-4549  3|12|24|..|...  ST Keep.. 2.00  Merlyn's Realm

 Busy, Old, And Unchecked Numbers. This section will to be changed in

 (301) 732-2501  .|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Palace of Gods
 (405) 691-0244  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....
 (804) 464-4994  3|12|24|96|144  Forem.ST. ....  P.B.M. Gamers
 (908) 290-1133  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  ACE's High
 (915) 751-7837  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  ST El Paso
 (416) 274-1225  .|12|..|..|...  Forem ST. 2.10  Yellowbeard's Treasure
 (416) 648-8359  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  19th Hole
 (416) 683-3089  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  The Brewery
 (416) 875-3000  .|12|..|..|...  Forem ST. 2.10  Dragons Layer
 (519) 455-1589  .|12|..|..|...  Citadel.. ....  Hotel London
 (613) 733-4081  .|12|24|..|...  Stadel... 3.3a  CA

 New Numbers

 (203) 274-7803  .|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. ....  Billboard
 (203) 656-0134  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Terripin Station
 (209) 683-4463  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Sierra
 (209) 832-0835  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  The Zoo
 (215) 750-9065  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  ST Emporium
 (215) 791-2304  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Intentional Intellect
 (215) 945-0262  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Star Station
 (216) 369-3888  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Cleaveland Free Net
 (301) 544-6999  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Toad Computers
 (301) 853-7682  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. ....  Aftermath
 (301) 961-4463  3|12|24|..|...  QiuckBBS. ....  Creative Images (916)
 (305) 868-0211  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Atari Star
 (312) 974-3123  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Night Net
 (408) 965-9347  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  The Pyre
 (415) 827-9193  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Electronic Playground
 (516) 791-2156  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Cloak-N-Dagger
 (609) 346-1224  .|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  J.A.C.E.
 (609) 584-1950  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Paranoia
 (702) 644-8857  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  The Revolution
 (703) 641-9769  3|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. ....  Galifrey
 (713) 785-5367  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  *
 (714) 361-1112  .|12|24|..|...  Turbo ST. ....  Argonaut's
 (718) 714-1423  .|12|24|..|...  Forem ST. ....  Midgard Serpent
 (812) 332-0573  .|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  B.L.A.S.T.

 Canadian Numbers From The 1987 Hot-List.

 (205) 837-2025  .|..|..|..|192  Forem ST. ....  WRB IG
 (207) 668-3631  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  MFS Computing
 (213) 518-9524  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  M.A.S.A. T.E.K.
 (214) 247-1210  .|..|24|..|...  ......... ....  Atari ST (817 also?)
 (214) 494-4774  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  Fort Collins (817 also?)
 (216) 758-0285  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  MGV Parks
 (313) 775-3957  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  The Wave
 (408) 353-8466  3|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  CompuCat
 (408) 848-6032  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  SCAUG
 (415) 782-8862  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  MAC Technical People
 (415) 839-4295  .|..|..|..|144  ......... ....  Sword In Stone
 (505) 891-8814  3|12|..|..|...  Forum.... ....  Collector's Forum
 (607) 692-2498  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  The Enterprise
 (612) 472-6582  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  M.A.S.T.
 (615) 339-0235  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  PC Junction
 (615) 478-2890  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  PC Junction
 (618) 344-8466  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  The Garage
 (703) 350-6933  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Programmers Anonymous
 (707) 554-4048  .|..|..|96|...  ......... ....  Gene Pool
 (718) 241-4223  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Intensity
 (719) 390-9337  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Last Call
 (719) 574-7406  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Cartoon Haven
 (814) 833-4073  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  SAGE
 (815) 968-2229  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  ICD
 (817) 573-4190  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Barsoom
 (817) 690-1993  .|..|24|..|...  Michtron. ....  Lone Star
 (817) 778-2506  .|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Telephone Company
 (904) 282-3623  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Final Frontier
 (904) 441-0929  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....
 (913) 589-1382  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  W. Maug
 (403) 281-9623  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Pipeline
 (403) 436-0328  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Temple Of Doom
 (403) 460-2868  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Bill's
 (403) 489-9757  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Last Call
 (416) 431-9848  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Dragon  Breath
 (604) 944-4848  .|..|24|..|...  Express.. ....  Babble West

 International Bulletin Boards Listing.

 If dialing from the United States put 011 in front of these numbers
 before dialing.  Costs are around $1.00 to $2.00 per minute, tho.
 Most of these numbers are untested, so I don't know if they are running.

 (0532) 55 7739  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Stealth  (UK)
 31 .1751-13128  3|12|24|96|...  BB/ST.... ....  The Dutch Connection
 34 .1 652-0287  3|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  Ataricom (Sevilla Spain)
 34 .3 430-5653  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Ikaria
 34 .54 76-7288  3|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Microduendo (Sevilla)
 34 .1 733-4983  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Proxecto Galileo
 39 .2 619-3757  .|12|..|..|...  Citadel.. 3.2a  ST Log (Italy)
 44 296 395 935  .|12|24|96|...  Forem ST. ....  Internet  (UK)
 44 81 788-0884  .|..|..|..|...  ......... ....  Twighlight Zone (London)
 46 ..494-12997  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  Kisa Monitron (Sweden)
 46 ..470-22183  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  Sorman Information
 46 .0340-51117  .|12|..|..|...  ......... ....  First Star (Sweden)
 46 .8 79-39172  .|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Star 1 (Stockholm)
 46 .8 79-39174  .|12|24|..|...  ......... ....  Star 2 (Stockholm)
 47 2-13 26-59.  .|12|24|96|...  ......... ....  A.B.K.
 49 22 139-4976  .|12|..|..|...  Forem ST. 2.10  CREAM II (West Germany)

 A Note To Sysops.

 In the outdial areas it costs me about $0.10 a year to verify a board,
 so on a quarterly basis I can check all the boards in PC Pursuit areas.
 However, for boards outside the outdial areas it costs me about $1.00,
 so I can only check about eight of these boards per month.  Canadian
 and international boards, naturally, are not called because of cost.

 If your a sysop and want your board listed.  You can leave a message on
 Atari Bases (408) 745-2196.  Be sure to include Board Name, Phone Number
 plus Area Code, current Bulletin Board Software, and available Baud
 Rates.  Alternatively, you can send me a post card with the same
 information to:

 John K. Lockard
 4 Red Oak Circle
 Johnson City, TN 37604-7616

                           Z*NET SOFTWARE SHELF
                            by Ron Berinstein

 September! Again.. Yes, the summer is almost over.  Well, we here at
 Software Shelf have declared that it isn't over yet!  So, rather than
 being concerned about getting new clothing for school, buying those new
 books, registering for classes, paying for your kids to do so,
 celebrating the holidays, or receiving those credit card bills from your
 yearly vacation last month, we here at the Shelf say: "Cheer up, get out
 your computer, and let's get down to some serious STuff!"

 Well for finding out about all the serious things that are around, you
 came to the right place for the, "right STuff!" So, arm yourself with
 paper and pencil, or better yet, just open up another window, and type
 in some of the following filenames.  That way when it's time to start
 downloading the new files, and it's also time to do the dishes, time to
 take out the trash, time to write the checks, or time to walk the dogs,
 you can say to your spose, "Gee, I just can't do it right now honey, I
 sure am busy at the computer!"

 Well, so that you won't be spending your computer time aimlessly, and
 since this meeting has been called to order, let's proceed with the new
 business at hand.

 Word processing has always been one of the most important computer uses,
 and when one thinks of PD word processors one thinks of ST Writer.
 Well, as everyone knows it was upgraded some time ago in order to
 accomodate the new TT technology.  The author said it was to be the last
 upgrade.  But, STWEL43.LZH has been posted!  A screen re-draw bug
 present in all previous versions after 4.0 has now been fixed.  Of
 course it works on all TOS's, and any ST or TT.  It is GEM based, and
 compatible with all other previous ST Writer files.  The "Help" function
 on edit screen provides useful information.

 And for viewing text files without a word processor...

 MINI_TX2.LZH  Mini_TX2 is short version of the TX2 viewer.  This is a
 Freeware viewer for viewing TX2, ASCII, and picture files.  It supports
 level four TX2 files.  As many of you may know the regular TX2 viewer is
 shareware.  TX2, by the way, is that foramt which allows more "graphic
 creativity" to be included in text files, making them appear to be more,
 "magazine compatible."

 TX2FORMT.LZH  by the way, is a complete description of the TX2 format,
 levels 2 through 4.  It lets everyone in on adding support for that file

 ORIBIN.ZOO  Origami is a powerful text editor that combines a GEM
 interface, a macro programming language, folding features like an
 outline editor, or idea processor, and the ability to filter the edit
 buffer through outside programs.  It's an adaptation from Unix source.
 You can reconfigure the key bindings to make Origami act like most any
 word processor.

 And while on the subject of word proccesing...

 COMMTOOL.ARC  has John Eidsvoog's new program for allowing you to deal
 realistically with Mictron Version 3 BBS message areas.  As anyone who
 has ever sent a message on that popular BBS format might recall, editing
 those messages was never easy.  NOT ANY MORE!  Commtool automatically
 detects the service to which you are connected (it will work on GEnie,
 Delphi, CIS.) and allows you to edit messages and mail using a full
 screen and the standard text editing features.  Full documentation is
 included.  I cannot tell you how much I suggest this program.
 (So I won't try!  <smile>)

 ABBREV.ARC has the new demo of Abbreviator ST from CorCom Software
 Products.  While on the subject of making typing easier I thought I'd
 mention this, as the program expands your abbreviations as you type,
 saving time and keystrokes, and reducing typos.  This is a fully
 functional demo except that it is limited to nine abbreviations at once.
 (So, it might not be so, "FULLY" functional!) <smile>

 And we might as well talk about printer drivers...

 L_JETII.ARC  is a set of HP L-JETII emulation printer drivers for
 Word Writer.  The printer the author has is a Epson EPL-7000 with a UDP
 65-1 cartridge.  He hopes that you will find this file useful.

 IBMLASER.ARC  The author might be the only ST user with an IBM Laser
 printer.  In the remote chance that he's not, here's a little program
 that will allow you to set the emulation mode (either postscript, HP
 Laserjet, HPGL, or IBM) without using the front panel switches or
 turning off and on the printer.

 And let's DUMP the following on you too!

 HP_HIREZ.LZH   This is a fast screen dump driver for the HP DeskJet
 series printers.  HI-REZ ONLY!  It should also work fine with HP
 LaserJets.  This driver replaces the normal Alt-Help function and
 automatically "revives" the DeskJet if necessary.  Screen dumps can be
 aborted at anytime by pressing Undo.

 JTDUMP.ARC  Allows you to send a screen dump to a diskfile (rather than
 to a printer when you press ALT+HELP)  It does not utilize the GEM menu
 bar so the dump to disk can often be performed from within a non-GEM

 PRSAVE.ARC  is a screen dump utility for owners of laser printers that
 don't have Epson emulation compatibility.   It also allows you to send
 a screen dump to disk.

 And how about a BONUS program, a system font organizer!

 LVANTE.ARC  This is a system font editor for all 3 resolution character
 sizes and an accessory to use those fonts while in a GEM text editor
 (Word Writer, Flash, etc.).  It allows you to create foreign characters
 & symbols for your screen.  It's not GDOS.  The font editor has Russian
 menus, but is pretty intuitive.  Comes with a Cyrillic font.  See the
 companion program LVAPRN.ARC for printing.

 And for those that have a hard time reading anything!

 ZOOM.LZH  ZOOM zooms in on a small part of a monochrome screen.  The
 magnified image is contained inside a non-resizable window, and the
 image changes when you move the window.  MONO ONLY - TT or ST mode.

 EYEDROP.ARC  Eye Drops claims to be an amazing program that will cure
 you of eye fatigue!  Based on a Mac program called "Eyelixer," this
 program's description says it will relieve your stress after a long day
 slaving away at the ST!  It has different levels of "eye washing" -- see
 if you can find the secret message!  Also, contains another neat
 surprise.. from KRYSTALWARE and 100% free!   Mono only.

 Now onwards for our monthly section on shells and compression formulas..
 [I wonder if they have any filed up peanut shells?] :)

 EDMSHL11.LZH  contains EDM Shell version 1.10.  A new, easy-to-use ARC/
 LZH/ZIP/ZOO shell with configurable command lines.  It uses the new EDM
 interface.  Shareware.

 ZOOSHL05.ZOO  This is the author's "first cut" at producing a GEM shell
 to make it easier to use ZOO.TTP.  This is a beta-test version of
 ZOOSHELL; your comments (email to him via GEnie) are being solicited.

 ZOO21.ARC  is version 2.1 of the ZOO archiver, packed with old-fashioned
 ARC.  ZOO 2.1 has all the portability and directory handling features of
 the earlier versions, plus it has an optional high-compression Lempel-
 Ziv routine for smaller archives than the tested versions of LZH.

 LZH201D.LZH Quester LHarc program, version 2.01d.  This is the most
 complete, lh5 compatible program for the ST!  It works fine with
 Arcshell 2.6A, allows recursive directories, it's very fast, and is
 suppost to generate the smallest archives of any of the compression
 programs on the ST (at this time).  It probably is a must have for the
 serious telecomunications person.

 And for all of you who like to keep up to date, I'll bet you'll like

 TELEBA18.LZH   TELEBASE is a fully GEM-based phone/fax number manager
 for ST, STe and TT computers.  It aids users in storing and retrieving
 phone/fax numbers, dialing the numbers (modem required), and keeping
 important notes with each number.  This is an easy program to use as it
 places on one screen simple to read boxes, each one containing a name.
 They may be organized into group screens as such.  It has some nice
 features and a user friendly interface.

 PUMPUP.LZH   This is a little Diskformatter from Claus Brod (who wrote
 the book "Scheibenkleister" about Floppies and Hard Drives for ST) Runs
 as an ACC, or as a PRG, various formats supported (incl. 1.44M) the docs
 and the program are in German.  They are relatively easy though to
 figure out.

 SPEEDMET.LZH  is a benchmarking program that runs as either a desk
 accessory, or a GEM program (APP).  The documentation and the dialog box
 is in German, but the program is very easy to use.  To exit, hold down
 the ALT, CONTROL, or either SHIFT key.  Results are shown graphically
 and numerically with a bar that goes from 0% to 1200% of a normal ST,
 where 100% is normal.

 CHKHD81.LZH   is a thorough hard disk checker, like RATE_HD, from
 Germany.  The (extensive) docs are in English; the dialog boxes are in
 German. There are a few different features than RATE_HD.

 And for this week's edition to the wonderful revolving world of the
 games people play...

 CASINO.ARC  is a new Black Jack game for the Portfolio.

 POKERSQR.ARC  is for those of you who like solitaire and enjoy poker as
 well.  Poker Squared runs on any ST with a monochrome monitor.  Uses the
 ZeST interface for the NeXT desktop look.  Freeware.

 KLATRIX.ZIP  is a Tetris clone made in STOS by Mats Hogberg from Sweden.
 Runs in Color.

 DMLTN_13.ARC  is DEMOLITION MAN 1.3, a new version of the puzzle game by
 Clayton Walnum.  The following changes have been made to the program:
 runs in both color and monochrome - Squares can be marked with question
 marks as well as flags, and the - DEGAS format screen has been replaced
 with smaller data files.

 NOIDS_75.ARC  is a newer version of NOIDS which supports ALL ST family

 For another "angle" on the ST computer:

 LEXICOR.LZH  contains a transcript of the Lexicor Conference held on
 GEnie recently.  Download this if you are interested in the Lexicor
 Phase4/Antic Cyber STuff...

 QRTST.LZH   QRT-Raytracing program for the ST. Ported from the Amiga.
 It outputs RAW 24-bit files, and has a Spectrum covertor.

 TOY_CAD.LZH  is a new CAD designed to allow graphic animations to be
 included in your own programs.  Also an essay describing a new
 environmental solution to some common problems.

 QSTHARD.LZH   QRT sample pic of a metallic ball in brick room...

 AMAZE.ARC  This is a port of the neat maze demo that makes such a great
 gee-whiz on high end workstations.  Also, impressive on the TT.  It
 draws and solves mazes in a self running random demo.  Added are
 extensions to allow you to try to solve the mazes yourself, and you can
 compare your score with the computer's solution.

 FPLANET.LZH  Allows you to generate a landscape with fractals, and then
 view it as a planet's surface.  Fast generator, and the planet function
 is pretty good.  Also allows you to save the landscape as a Degas

 And now for the long waited for section: BITS AND PIECES (for program
 files that don't seem to fit in anywhere else) <smile>

 SCANCODE.LZH   Scancode is an .ACC thats reads the keys you press and
 gives you the ASCII code and other info.

 LONGTUT1.ARC  is now revised. The 240 character filename extender
 program or desk accessory as such has now been reposted.  ASCII text and
 increased speed are mentioned in it's description.  Demo

 RS232BUF.LZH   This file contains a GFA 3.5 .LST file that will show how
 to set the RS232 buffers.  It also contains an ASCII file that talks a
 little bit about the RS232 buffer and how to re-size them.  Both files
 show how to set the buffer.  The ASCII file also explains a little bit
 about the use of the RESERVE command and the MALLOC command.

 CARDMAST.LZH  Card Master is a shareware sports trading card database.
 It keeps track of all your cards, prints several reports including a
 "want list".  It has a couple of small quirks, but it works pretty well.

 FRMDO12D.LZH   FormDoIt alters the way that dialog boxes and alerts
 behave in most programs.  This file is yet another revision.

 XCONTRL1.ARC  is not a program, but rather questions, answers and
 discussion about XCONTROL, the new control panel from Atari.  These
 messages are from June 23 through August 5, 1991 and are from GEnie.

 ARGUS.LZH   ARGUS and XARGUS (both contained in the archive) display
 verbose disk information, such as reads and writes, in the upper-left
 corner.  They intercept the RWABS BIOS call.  Assembly source code

 WINTOOLS.ARC   This is a library of GEM windows functions that make
 writing applications with multiple overlapping windows simple.  No more
 walking rectangles, setting clip rectangles, calculating slider sizes
 and positions... it's all done for you.  Comes with the MWC object and
 include file, and man-pages.  Also comes with a demo program.

 UNITS.LZH   This program transforms 28 categories of units from one
 measurement system into another.  Easily switch using the arrow keys.
 This DEMO shows how the program works.  Ordering information is included
 in the LZHed file.

 COPILOT.ARC  COPILOT is a runtime version of eSTeem PILOT.  eSTeem PILOT
 is an easy-to-learn,easy-to-use authoring language for creating
 tutorials, drills, tests, interactive scripts, games, simulations,
 device control programs, and interactive laser videodisc programs.
 COPILOT will run any PILOT module which contains a valid runtime code.

 ST_KEEP.LZH  is a full featured BBS. Requires only 512K RAM, hard drive,
 modem.  Allows 32000 users, 32000 rooms (SIGs), 32000 messages per room,
 255 floors, 255 doors (on-line games, other BBS's), and 15 Groups.
 Xmodem CRC & 1K, Ymodem, Zmodem, and a download ratio.  ANSI, VT-52,
 ASCII graphics support.  Runs on color or mono monitor.  Numerous user &
 sysop configuration options.

 GEMV109.LZH  GEM-View lets you view various picture formats and
 manipulate them in a GEM window.  Can be run as a program or a desk
 accessory.  Version 1.09.

 SCSIWAIT.LZH   Do you have PROBLEMS BOOTING your hard drive?  Do you own
 a SCSI EMBEDDED hard drive?  Do you have to press the reset button so
 that your HD will boot?  If the above be true... this program's author
 feels that this is for you!

 WAITTIME.LZH   Wait_Time ST -  A small utility to delay or schedule
 programs to be executed at a later time.  Use it, for example, to run
 unattended programs at night.  Designed for use with HotWire, but will
 work with any shell or CLI that allows programs to be executed in
 sequence.  Freeware for the Atari ST/STE/TT computers.

 DIVERT.LZH   Version 2 of the Drive Diverter allows "floppy only"
 software to be use from hard disk - now even works with the desktop.

 Want to "make time?"

 MCLOCK.ARC  This corner clock displays in 12 and 24 hour formats as well
 as metric time, where each hour (or hur) is 1/100 of a day.  Contains
 source code.

 CLOCK17E.LZH   This desk accessory clock has the option to be analog,
 digital or both, including the time and date.  It can also have an alarm
 (I never did get that alarm working, though).  The docs are in German.
 You can also resize the clock a little.  It resides in the upper or
 lower right corner of the screen.

 And for the X-Rated section...

 HOTOUCH.LZH   is another of the uploader's, "hand-picked" nude pictures.
 Full color, captured with ComputerEyes and Digispec (with some high tech
 help) to knock your socks off!  A World Premier in uncompressed Spectrum
 SPU format.

 FACTS.LZH   This little program was written after the author compiled
 certain "facts" from a text file he had.  It is possibly a comical
 approach that informs us of a certain amount of statistical info. sexual
 intercourse.  This is of an ADULT nature, and may be viewed as

 GODANCER.LZH A Monochrome animation of a go go dancer!

 And for just a bit of DTP (Rusian style, -since Russia is in the news

 MOSCVA.ARC  Sans-serif Cyrillic font for Calamus.

 MOSKVA6.ARC   This is the newest version of Moscow Regular, sans-serif
 Calamus Cyrillic (Russian) font.  There were a couple of characters
 backwards in v.05.  Hopefully this will be the final version.

 And for this week's mini music section...

 Q_PLAYER.LZH   QUARTET MUSIC PLAYER: Includes one song.  Easy to use.

 4_SONGS.LZH   Four QUARTET songs with VOICE set.  You can listen to
 these tunes if you own QUARTET or have downloaded Q_PLAYER, or Q_PLAY2.

 DISCPLAY.LZH  This program will play large sound files (up to 910K) on a
 512K machine.

 The above files were compiled by Ron Berinstein co-sysop CodeHead
 Quarters BBS (213) 461-2095 from files that were either directly
 uploaded to CodeHead Quarters BBS, or downloaded from GEnie, Compuserve,
 and Delphi online services.

 To sign up for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon
 connection type HHH (RETURN after that).  Wait for the U#= prompt.  Type
 XJM11877,GEnie  and  hit  RETURN.

 To sign up for CompuServe service, call 800-848-8199.  Ask for operator
 198.  You will be sent a $15.00 free membership kit.
 Z*NET  Atari Online Magazine is a weekly publication covering the  Atari
 and related computer community.   Material contained in this edition may
 be  reprinted  without  permission  except  where  noted,  unedited  and
 containing the issue number, name and author included at the top of each
 article  reprinted.   Opinions  presented are those  of  the  individual
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 Z*Net   Online.    This  publication  is  not  affiliated   with   Atari
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