ST Report: 16-Aug-91 #733

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Date: 08/18/91-11:58:52 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 16-Aug-91 #733
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:58:52 1991

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 > The Editor's Podium

     The most amazing result to come out of the recent flurry of activity
 concerning the reproduction of online messages from public message areas
 of GEnie's ST RT and whether permission is granted to use these messages
 is quite creative.  You see, as editor, I have instructed the Staff of
 STReport that; if in the event someone should completely deny the use of
 messages they post in GEnie's ST RT, paraphrasing is the order of the day.
 Creative license, in the world of publishing, is an absolute delight.  As
 for those from our favorite company who have denied the use of "their mes-
 sages" so be it.  But be prepared for some very eloquent paraphrasing.  To
 those very same "modern day, online mavins"... we say how very original,
 "self imposed censorship".  Another wonderful method of keeping Atari a

     The times are changing... the fall season is right around the corner
 and what do we find ... Once again Atari is ready for another landmark
 sales season.  After all, it was Atari who so confidently stated that we
 should plan on the opening of the new school semesters as the real
 marketing time of the year for computers.  Well dear hearts, here we go
 again...  Will all the well-stocked dealers please step forward and be
 counted among those dealers who are "oh.. so very excited".  The dealers
 are excited alright, almost to the level of civil riot!  They have been
 getting the old, familiar spiel.. "We will have plenty of product in two
 to three weeks"... ALL spring and summer long.

     Every year, the Atari community, dealers, developers and users, are
 dealt a real first class kick in the teeth when they're forced to witness
 Christmas season after Christmas season become a total and extraordinary
 sales flop.  Why?  Because the executive group at Atari seems to be
 incapable of delivering product at the proper times of the year and in the
 quantities needed to sustain a respectable dealer corps.  Sure, they can
 "show" all sorts of great things at Comdex etc...  But when it comes to
 getting product to the dealers?  Just in case somebody hasn't informed
 them.. Christmas IS a BIG sales time of the year.  Many of the dealers
 listened to the Atari "wizards" and swallowed the "New school year"
 premise only to find that there was NO PRODUCT at that time of the year
 too.  Yessir, it would certainly appear that the corporate heads out there
 are in the same place as the product, nowhere to be found.

     Recently, there has been a flurry of comments about how Atari didn't
 intentionally do this or that.  That's all well and good but eventually,
 the "buck must stop somewhere".  So WHERE is FSMGDOS?  Where are all the
 new STe and TT products?  Why is Word Perfect looking away?  Is it true
 the 520STe has only two Simm sockets?  Its a given that no-one at Atari is
 doing any of these things "intentionally or on purpose" with some devious,
 degenerate plan in mind.  But one must admit, the entire picture screams
 of sheer incompetence at the highest and most dangerous levels.

     Atari must re-examine their priorities and hopefully, they will come
 to the same conclusion most of us reached years ago.  They MUST advertise.
 They MUST keep the customer as their prime concern.  Being witness to a
 late night national TV commentary where Atari is proclaimed already dead
 for some time is a bit much and its ALL because NOBODY BUT NOBODY except
 its users KNOW THEY EXIST!  I blame Atari for this tragedy completely.
 Advertise!  Then, "God willing" , this will give us all the joy of
 watching the company go crazy trying to fill all its huge back-orders.
 And by some quirk of destiny we will see Atari begin LISTENING to and
 HEEDING its user's ADVICE for real.

     By now, it should be no secret that Atari's current methods of doing
 business are of little or no value and that the ultra "wuss-like" approach
 to the US market has gained them no respect at all.  The times are chan-
 ging... can Atari change along with them?  Only time will tell.

     On a sad note, the head of Atari Australia has submitted his
 resignation.  Best of luck to him wherever he goes or undertakes.

    The times and attitudes in the computer marketplace are indeed changing
 worldwide.  It appears that more than just those in Atari's US market are
 becoming "sick and tired of being sick and tired".

                               Thanks for your continued support!!


  (The "WOW, is My Face Red" Corner)

 In our STR732 editorial we stated, "there's also going to be times when
 we blow it, and we want our readers to let us know when that happens".
 Well, it happened in that same editorial.  We quoted a partial post from
 the ST Report fnet from Bill Merick and then said,

    The only comments that I made about either FSM GDOS or the XControl
    Panel were in the following editorial comment:

    "As  another  week goes by,  while most folks anxiously  await  the
    highly  touted new "Standard" FSMGDOS.  The XControl Panel is  here
    and  it is everything we were told it would be and  then  some.  We
    have reported that B.  Rehbock said FSM would be released August 1,
    1991. We shall see."

 Our memory and research were not good enough in this case. The STR730
 editorial that we quoted from did have another paragraph that discussed

    I have heard rumors that many folks already have a copy of FSM and
    that  its in widespread circulation in many "closed  circles".  If
    such is the case,  then why must the loyal users wait and wait and
    wait?  Especially  if they have BOUGHT programs that will  perform
    much  with  FSM in use?  If for no other reason that to  keep  the
    users informed, the least the powers that be could do is keep info
    about the progress of this puppy at hand for all to see.  Oh well,
    nobody said things would be easy.

 We want to thank one of our dedicated and long time readers, John Nagy,
 for bringing this to our attention. For you who don't know Mr. Nagy, he
 is the Editor-in-Chief of Atari User Magazine, and as a fellow editor,
 he knows that mistakes can and do happen.

                           TODAY'S NEWS ..TODAY!


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                WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (August 16)


     Traditionally, summertime has been  the slowest  time of  the year for
 online  activity   in  the   Atari  telecommunications   community.    The
 CompuServe Atari Forums would like to  help  boost  this  activity  with a
 promotion that just about anybody can win!

     We're looking  for new and interesting files for the file libraries of
 Atari ST Arts Forum  (GO ATARIARTS)  and the  Atari ST  Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO).   Twice  each month, during the months of July, August, and
 September, the sysops of the Atari Forums will award a $25 CompuServe con-
 nect  time  credit  to  the  individual  who  uploads the best new file to
 Library 1 ("NEW UPLOADS").  This $25 credit can be  applied to  *ANY* ser-
 vice on CompuServe, not just time spent inside the Atari Forums!

     What  defines  the  "best"  new  upload?    Factors in judging will be
 uniqueness, general interest (the  number of  downloads received), quality
 of graphics (if applicable), usefulness or entertainment value.

     All uploads to Library 1 ("NEW UPLOADS") will automatically be entered
 into this promotion.  Of course, uploads of files already  existant in our
 libraries do  not count.   (Although, new versions of previous entries are
 eligible.)   You do not need to be the  author of  the upload  to win, but
 you MUST  have sufficient  rights to  the program to make it an acceptable
 upload  according  to  CompuServe  operating  rules   (public  domain  and
 shareware programs are acceptable, for example.)

     In case  of duplicate  uploads of the exact same file, the sysops will
 accept files based upon time of the  first  uploaded  copy.      The first
 upload period  will run from July 1st thru July 15th (inclusive).  Judging
 will be done by  the  sysop  staff  of  the  Atari  Forums  (influenced by
 comments from  the membership,  so be  sure to let us know which new files
 you like and why!)

     One credit will be  awarded to  the best  new upload  in ATARIARTS and
 another  for  the  best  new  upload  in  ATARIPRO.     Please address any
 questions to  Ron  Luks  [76703,254]  via  CompuServe  Mail  (EMAIL)  or a
 message in any of the Atari Forums.


 The following  files are now available in LIBRARY 1 ("New Uploads") of the
 Atari ST Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS) courtesy of Forum member David Becker:

 BGAMMO.ARC - Online backgammon can be played over  the phone  lines with a
 modem. Many options including the ability to play the computer make this a
 fun and challenging monochrome game. Freeware.

 PAIGOW.ARC  - Las vegas style PaiGow poker.  Play against  the computer or
 over the phone line with a friend! Monochrome freeware.


 Download file  DCMSAV.ARC from  LIBRARY 13  of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN) for Double Click Software's program of the week.  DC Mouse Saver
 will turn  the mouse  cursor off after a defined time of no mouse activity
 and turn the mouse cursor back on with any mouse activity.


 Download file APFCAT.ARC from  LIBRARY  1  ("New  Uploads")  of  the Atari
 Portfolio Forum  (GO APORTFOLIO) for a complete catalog of files available
 for download for the Portfolio.

 BJ Gleason has uploaded PBASIC version 4.7 as file PBAS47.ZIP in LIBRARY 1
 of the  Atari Portfolio  Forum (GO  APORTFOLIO).  Many bug fixes and a few
 new features included.   Plus,  a compression  utility to  reduce the size
 PBASIC source code, and a menu driven sample program driver.


 The  CompuServe  Palmtop  Forum  will  cover  all  palmtop  organizers and
 computers other than the Portfolio, which  will remain  in its  own forum.
 Please drop  by and take a look around.  Type GO PALMTOP at any CompuServe
 service prompt.

                            HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #33

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  --Sunnyvale, California         ATARI SHOWS A PROFIT FOR 2ND QUARTER

 Atari Corp. today reported operating results for the 2nd quarter ended
 June 30, 1991. Sales for the 2nd quarter of 1991 were $49.2 million as
 compared to $84.9 million for 1990. During the quarter, sales were
 adversely affected by the company's transition to subcontractors for
 assembly operations, as well as poor economic conditions in Europe, and
 the adverse effects of exchange rates.

 Net income for the quarter was $30.4 million, or $.53 per share, as com-
 pared to $1.5 million, or $.03 per share, for 1990. During the quarter,
 the company sold the land and building of its Taiwan manufacturing
 facility, which resulted in a gain of $40.9 million after deducting
 certain expenses, including severance and land transfer tax, which were
 directly associated with the closure of the facility. The income
 generated by the sale of the facility is subject only to land transfer

 As a result of adverse exchange rates during the quarter, the company
 experienced a loss on exchange of $4.1 million as compared to an ex-
 change gain of $1.7 million for the same quarter of 1990.

 In the second quarter of 1991, interest expense net of interest income
 was reduced to $0.8 million as compared to $1.2 million in 1990 as a
 result of the company's repurchase of part of its 5 1/4 percent sub-
 ordinated convertible debentures.

 Since year end, the company has reduced inventories by $18 million,
 eliminated all short-term debt, amounting to approximately $28 million
 and has a current cash position of approximately $65 million. At June
 30, 1991, the company's current ratio improved to 4-to-1, compared to 2-
 to-1 in December 1990, and its debt to equity ratio improved to 0.8 as
 compared to 1.7 at December 1990.

  --New York, New York              COMMODORE EARNINGS SOAR;
    ------------------              ALSO PLANS NEW PHILIPPINE PLANT

 Bucking the recent computer industry trend to gloomy financial results,
 Commodore International has reported a more than 30-fold increase in net
 income for fiscal 1991. Commodore earned net income before extraordinary
 items of $57.4 million in the year ended June 30, up from $1.5 million
 last year.

 An extraordinary charge of $9.2 million having to do with settlement of
 a court case brought the final 1991 net income figure down to $48.2
 million. Commodore's annual sales rose 18 percent, from $887.3 million
 to $1.047.2 million.

 For the fourth quarter, Commodore reported net income of $3.3 million on
 sales of $216.5 million. The quarterly figure included a reduction in
 income tax accruals no longer required. Before that reduction, Commodore
 had a pre-tax quarterly loss of $4.3 million -- less than the previous
 year's pre-tax fourth-quarter loss of $14 million.

 Announcing the results, Irving Gould, Commodore's chairman and chief
 executive, said the results reflect the company's strength in Europe,
 which accounted for more than 85% of the company's total sales.

 Commodore said sales of all its products grew in the fourth quarter of
 fiscal 1991. Sales of the IBM-compatible line of PCs rose 35%, sales of
 the venerable Commodore 64 increased 30% and those of the Amiga line
 grew by 20%, the company said.

 Commodore will invest at least $9.1 million to set up a plant in the
 Philippines to assemble computers.  Reporting from Manila, the French
 Agence France-Presse International News service quotes a trade
 department spokesman as saying the plant will be set up in an export
 processing zone just outside Manila and will produce interface cards and
 also will assemble hardware.

 AFP says the company expects the plant to start commercial operations by
 next June, with the bulk of its output to be exported to Europe. It will
 be the first foreign firm to assemble computers in this country.

  --Mountain View, California       SUN MICROSYSTEMS EARNINGS GO
    -------------------------       THROUGH THE ROOF

 Sun Microsystems' workstation market share continues to increase as does
 its revenue -- a massive 31% increase in revenue for the fiscal year
 1991 over 1990.

 For fiscal year 1991, revenues were $3.221 billion, up 31% from the
 $2.466 billion reported in fiscal year 1990. Net income for fiscal year
 1991 increased more than 70% to $190.3 million, or $1.85 per share, from
 the $111.2 million, or $1.21 per share, of fiscal year 1990.

 Revenues for the fourth quarter were $942.5 million, a 35% increase over
 the $700.1 million reported in the like period a year ago. Net income
 for the quarter also increased 35% to $66.4 million, or 63 cents per
 share, from the $49.1 million, or 51 cents per share, for the corres-
 ponding period a year ago.

 The company says that it shipped 49,000 units in the quarter, with the
 SPARCstation 2 accounting for the most sales.

  --New York, New York              PC'S INCREASE, NOT DECREASE, WORK

 According to a national poll conducted by The Wirthlin Group of 1,000
 adults age 18 or over, 69% said that personal computers have not inc-
 reased their leisure time.  In fact, nearly 1/3rd think PCs actually
 have increased their workloads, causing people to work longer hours.

 The survey found that almost 40% of adult Americans use a personal
 computer, with work being its primary use.  Also, 79% use their
 computers at work; 47% exclusively at work and 32% at work and home.
 However, only 21% of PC users say that they use a personal computer
 exclusively at home, indicating that the PC has not been adopted by
 Americans as a purely recreational, educational or personal enrichment

  --Seattlel, Washington            1,800 TO ATTEND MICROSOFT DEVELOPER'S
    --------------------            CONFERENCE

 Microsoft Corporation says that more than 1,800 software developers from
 all over the world will attend a software developers conference which
 starts this week. Attendees are expecting to get an early look at the
 next version of Windows.  Microsoft says that extraordinary interest on
 the part of developers has jumped the attendance to three times what the
 company originally estimated.

  --Fort Collins, Colorado          THE EARTH WILL TALK TO YOU FOR $2
    ----------------------          PER MINUTE

 For $2 per minute, Mother Earth will tell you what you can do for her.
 Environmation Group has created the service, which mixes humor and
 simple hints to help the Earth recover from man's predation of her.

 The number is 1-900-988-0023, ext. 409, and a portion of the charges go
 to un-named national non-profit organizations involved in conservation.
 Sample topics from the line include motor oil recycling, diaper
 selection, cleaning products, water conservation and efficient lighting.

  --Los Angeles, California         PRODIGY "NO PEEKING" PRIVACY DISK
    -----------------------         OFFERED TO MEMBERS

 The Prodigy Interactive Personal Service, an electronic, interactive
 computer service, is offering a free software disk to fix member con-
 cerns more than anything else.  Prodigy is offering the disk to "...alay
 concerns that it was invading the privacy of people who use its elec-
 tronic information and shopping service," reported the Wall Street

 Prodigy users had discovered files created and accessed by Prodigy,
 specifically STAGE.DAT and CACHE.DAT on their hard disks contained
 information they had never offered Prodigy. Though the information was
 in pieces, users became alarmed.

 Prodigy says the problem is an unintentional one, and occurred because
 of a fluke in the operating system IBM and compatible computers use, and
 was not anything Prodigy had caused. The company vehemently denies it
 did or ever had any intention of invading the privacy of users.

 The free software disk is a program to erase any old personal infor-
 mation that might be in Prodigy files and to prevent new information
 from accumulating there, the company said.

 The Wall Street Journal reported Prodigy as saying the accounting firm
 of Coopers and Lybrand had audited the service, confirmed its privacy
 safeguards and has provided a letter to that effect.

 Prodigy said members can get information by calling Prodigy Membership
 Services at (800) 284-5933, or while on Prodigy, jump to TECHTALK.


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 > STR Portfolio News & Information           Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     The forum now has another new sysop.  Sysop has been added to my tit-
 le.  I look forward to being of service to the members.

     Sysop Mike Schoenbach has updated APFCAT.ARC to be current as of
 August 15.  This handy file contains a listing of all files in the
 libraries, with the exception of library 1 (new uploads).  B.J. Gleason
 has released Pbasic 4.7.  PBAS47.ZIP contains bug fixes and several new
 features.  One welcome goody is a utility to reduce the size of source

     T2.ARC reminds us again of the role of the Port in Terminator 2.  This
 file contains a listing in .adr format of the Terminator 2 collector's
 cards.  AP-ADR.ARC contains a very useful reference guide for the Port in
 .adr format. Tips, product info, and sources are among the entries. This
 one deserves a place on everyone's ram card.  AP-PGC.ARC contains six .pgc
 graphics screens. These are for use with PGSHOW which can be found in the
 graphics library.

     Don Thomas, Atari's Portfolio product manager has been a frequent
 visitor to the forum.  There have been some lively debates in Community
 Square over the cost and feasibility of memory upgrades.  The
 possibilities for 512K ram cards were also discussed.  Don also offered a
 tip on how to add blank lines to an address book entry using the
 clipboard.  Do you want to know how to see the developer's names?  John
 Feagans tells how in Community Square.

     Follow the "STbook" thread for some inside info on this new product.
 Mark Henderson of Xoterix announced that the 512K ram expansion has been
 withdrawn.  That leaves Megabyte as the major source for memory upgrades.
 Mark also indicated that the 20M hard drive has not gone into production
 due to a lack of orders.  Readers should note that all message references
 are current at the time of writing.  As a service I will insure that those
 of continuing interest are archived to the forum libraries. Look for the
 .THR extension in the library.

 Editor Note:



 > THE FLIP SIDE STR Feature     ".. different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 The ST Roundtable on Genie has recently had an interesting discussion
 about surge protectors, lightning strikes and more.  I hope you find it
 as interesting as I did.


 All Questions and Answers are from the ST Roundtable on Genie, Cat. 28,
 Topic 12...
 Message #1 - Question from Anthony Dipietro....
    I'd like to know if the following is a good practice:

    Since I use my computer almost every nite, I've decided to keep it
    running continuously. I shut off the monitor when not in use to
    reduce the heat. I shut down the whole system once a week to let it
    "cool" down. Any things I should be looking for? Does the computer
    attract more dust, etc. because it's on all the time? Should it be
    cleaned etc, more often? Anything to look for due to heat build up
    (ie, any chips that could fail faster due to being left on

 Message #2 - Question and answer from John Spande...
    I suspect that the internal hard drive in particular would last
    longer if you turned off the computer when it's not in use, however,
    others who know more will hopefully give you a more definitive

    I also have a question. I anticipate getting into a situation where I
    will want to operate my system without benefit of connection to the
    electric power company and would like to know if inverter (square
    wave) power for extended periods will shorten the life of computer,
    monitor, etc? Sine wave UPS's are available, but expensive.

 Message #4 - From Mike Dorman...
    Anthony--My 520 ST has been on constantly (i.e. down for periods of
    no longer than, say, 2 weeks, and that maybe once a year, while I'm
    home from school) for about the last two years. I haven't had any

    I *do* shut it off during thunderstorms, however, and I have a hefty
    power- strip/surge-suppressor.

 Message #7 - From Jim Allen (Fast Tech)...
    While I worked for a living, we had 12 HP9000 workstations, an HP3000
    business system, various lab equipment...usually HP or TEK...and in
    later years 10 Sun systems and a big server, and in 6 years we turned
    then off for 2 hurricanes and one Tstorm. No HP ever failed, in
    nearly 6 years of continuous operation.

    I've been gone for two years, and its all still working ;-)

    Guess I'd say leave it on.

 Message #11 - From Kyle Cordes...
    John, using square wave power (if it works, I haven't tried it) would
    probably at most only shorten the life of your power supplies, which
    can be replaced for much less than the cost of a whole computer. (Not
    being an EE, I couldn't tell you whether it will affect the supplies)

    Many many systems, St and otherwise, run continuously for years on
    end; they're called BBSs.

 Message #12 - From WAYNED...
    RE: Thunderstorms.....
    And I might add.... unplug......unplug......unplug.....

    When our lines got zapped I lost my modem, printer, and about $200
    internal damage to my Mega IV (Yamaha chip, IO drivers, 68000, trace
    on motherboard, etc). I wasn't home, the machine wasn't on, but it
    was plugged in. It also fried the 27" tv in the living room which
    also wasn't on, but was plugged in.

    Just an FYI for all of ya! Oh yeah, ALL the computer equipment was
    plugged into surge protectors which don't do diddly in even of a
    lightning strike. They're only for normal everyday voltage surges
    which happen all the time on most power lines.

 Message #13 - From Randy Walters...
    Wayne, I have to disagree with the assessment on surge suppressors
    not doing diddly for lightning. The type that I use not only protects
    the power line but also the phone line. This company will also
    GUARANTEE their suppressors and any equipment plugged into them from
    power damage, Including Lightning. They will replace the suppressor
    and pay for the repair of any of the attached equipment that is
    damaged. (unlimited dollar amount on attached equipment) This unit is
    an under the monitor type with a clock and several independent power
    switches. That way you never have to reach for the back of a machine

    It cost about $170 but that is a small investment compared to the
    damage that could be incurred using an inferior unit. If you would
    like any other info. I would be very glad to mail it to you. I do
    agree that there is a lot of garbage out there that is being sold and
    people are finding out the hard way. All that I am really trying to
    say is that "All surge suppressors are NOT created equal!"

 Message #19 - From C.GRIMSBY...
    Just a quick note here..."Surge suppressors" are not _designed_ to
    handle lightning. That doesn't mean that having one on your system
    won't protect the system from a strike only that they are not desig-
    ned to do so. Something on the order of using the "claw" on a hammer
    as a screwdriver. In _some_ cases it'll work.

    To protect from lightning you need a "Transient Suppressor." Tran-
    sient Suppressors cost significantly more than a surge suppressor,
    but if you live in an area that has frequent thunderstorms, they're
    worth the investment. It should be noted that Transient Suppressors
    are not designed to stop small power surges that surge suppressors
    are designed to to. You _need_ both if your equipment is in a
    thunderstorm area, and there are voltage surges on the line from such
    things as vacuum cleaners, intermittent fans, etc.

    With the growth of the computer industry, a few devices have shown up
    that are combinations of these two. So far, no name has 'worked it-
    self out' yet so make sure before you buy what you are getting! In
    terms of prices, Surge suppressors usually cost around $20, Transient
    Suppressors around $100 and combined units around $150.

    Recently, some articles have appeared questioning the ability of both
    suppressors working after a period of time. Small 'hits' to the units
    _tend_ to degrade the components that they use to protect your sys-
    tem. (I'm talking of both Surge Suppressors and Transient Suppressors
    here.) To date, the question still rages.

    In the lab however, it's been shown that after 5 years of 'normal'
    use, the units degrade to uselessness. In 'real life' experiences,
    the units have been shown to still be effective after 10 years in
    use. (One major strike will still take both units out however!) What
    this means to the consumer is that you _may_ want to replace your
    suppression units after 5 years, if you haven't suffered a strike,
    and if you want to be sure. Or you may want to take your chances.
    It's basically up to the user at this point. Personally, I've had
    units function quite well after 10 years, and some that are useless
    after a couple of months. I'm still not sure what to do myself...

 Message #20 - From DARLAH (RT Sysop)...
    I lost 2 modems to a surge of electricity. I was upset and the local
    electricity company told me although these surges were higher than
    usual, it was my problem that they bit the dust. I bought a better
    surge protector and never a problem afterwards. We did have surges
    after that but I didn't get the effect. Part of my problem was the
    way my house was wired. (I have since moved). Some electricians
    should be shot. They are as bad as some plumbers I know. <grin> Get
    yourself protected. It is worth it.

 Message #22 - From John Spande...
    Anthony, thunderstorms are not the only source of line surges and
    transients and your system is more vulnerable when turned on. If you
    use it 8 hours a day but leave it on always you have increased your
    chances 3X.

    Suppose your unattended system developed a fault that caused a fire?
    Extremely improbable yes, but not impossible and the consequences way
    out of proportion to undemonstrated benefits.

    Then there is the matter of energy stewardship. In the US we use much
    more energy per person while maintaining a slightly lower standard of
    living than western Europe and Japan. Conservation is vital and while
    a few computers may not make a big difference we need to start
    'sweating the small stuff' everywhere possible if we are to put our
    environmental (and economic) house in order.

    BTW, I think a hard drive will last longer running 8 hours (therefore
    with one power up cycle per day) each day than running 24 hours (and
    no power up cycle). You might want to check this with a manufacturer,
    but remember they rate them in MTBF (Mean TIME Between Failures) not
    mean number of power up/down cycles.

 Message #27 - From Mike Jenkins...
    Anthony, in my experience in the "mainframe" world (21+ years):

    If the area in which the computer resides is relatively free of dust,
    and has sufficient cooling (nothing sitting on the cooling vents),
    and has sufficient power protection (surge protector and "clean"
    electrical lines), has a low humidity (40%), then leave the machine
    and disk drive on. However, if excess heating occurs, turn the unit

    The only caveat I had, was from a DEC engineer: "The room temperature
    must be less than 85 degrees F with a humidity level less than 50%."
    Apparently, at 85 degrees, the temperature inside the computer would
    exceed 95 degrees and the components would begin to have problems. We
    (my old company) placed PC's, Mac's, DEC MicroVAX's, and DEC PC/
    Clones in the normal office environment for over 5 years. With the
    above suggestion, we never had a failure (I'm talking about 30
    MicroVAX's, several hundred (each) PC's, Clones, and Mac's!

    Personally, I shutdown whenever I'm done. And that's because I don't
    have an UPS, and living in one of the Midwest's "tornado alley"
    areas, I don't trust Mother Nature (the last lightning strike hit the
    Cable TV box--about 30 feet from my STe, which was off at the time. I
    do have a Surge Protector for all of the computer peripherals, the
    computer, and the phone lines. So far, no problem.

 Message #29 - From Randy Walters...
    Jonesy, I use the EFI EDP-2000 TLS Power Control Center. It has 6
    power outlets on the rear panel along with the RJ11 phone plugs.
    Thus, it protects the equipment from any spikes coming down the phone
    line. It also has a mode light on the front which is a three way
    indicator. If it is clear, then there is no power, if it is green
    then you have power and suppression is working, if it is red then the
    suppression is no longer working and you need to have the unit re-
    paired. It has front panel switches to control the rear power plugs.
    It also uses sine wave tracking and voltage smoothing to insure that
    clamped spikes do not distort the sine wave. A minor point , it does
    have a built in clock. Last of all is the warranty. They will
    replace/repair the unit and any of its attached equipment at NO cost
    to you.

    If you don't need the Power Control Center, there are other units
    which you can get. Those are power strips or wall units with just
    power protection or with Phone line protection, or with Cable TV
    protection, or with RS232 protection. They even have better diag-
    nostic lights, besides the codes that I described above, they also
    tell you whether your wall outlet is wired properly. i.e. inverse
    polarity, no ground and a few others. I have been installing these
    units now for 4 years and they have performed very well.

    I do agree that the best defense for lightning is to have the
    computer/cable tv/ phone lines all unplugged from every device!!!
    BUT, if you're like most people who do not do that, buy an EFI. If
    anyone would like pricing, I will post it. If anyone would like
    brochures, e-mail your address to me and I will send them. If you
    would like to buy one, I can help you with that too. I hesitated to
    go into this detail before because I thought that people would think
    that I'm just trying to sell the EFI. I am a CE, I have to fix the
    equipment that is damaged due to power problems!! Thus, I only will
    advise my customers to use things that will lessen their downtime.
    (Their downtime = My downtime)

 Message #31 - From Gary Gray...
    I regularly see ST system boards that are damaged. Here in Texas
    thunderstorms can occur for days in a row. I have only seen one ST
    that wouldn't run after damage by an electrical storm. But its
    failure mode was the same as all the others. They fail at the I/O
    ports. What happens is the 1488,and 1489 serial drivers get knocked
    out. Sometimes the MFP and sound chip also are damaged. Not in one
    case had the power supply failed. The typical failure is at the
    printer port card. We see these failure over and over. Lighting
    strikes push current all around a room, the walls, the floor, the
    desk, the air for that matter. Like Jim Allen said nothing you do if
    you get a direct strike will make any difference.

 Message #32 - From Mike Hill...
    Darlah, don't forget that with modems the surge generally comes from
    the phone lines and not the electrical lines. Everyone should get a
    surge protector on the phone line too.

    I have had three modems since my 8-bit days get shot by surges. And
    not once did the phones in the house get damaged! One surge went
    through the modem and into my Mega ST. Blew the MFP chip and the
    RS232 drivers. Luckily I got an MFP sample from work and fixed all of

    Needless to say, I unplug the phone line from the modem whenever
    storms are near and when I leave for a long period of time. Ohio has
    some nasty storms this time of year. And they can come in very


 Until next week.....


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

                       To sign up for GEnie service:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                     Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 GEnie costs only $4.95 a month for unlimited evening and weekend access to
 more  than  100  services  including electronic mail, online encyclopedia,
 shopping, news, entertainment, single-player games, and bulletin boards on
 leisure and  professional subjects.   With  many other services, including
 the biggest collection of files to download and the best online games, for
 only $6 per hour.

 MONEY BACK  GUARANTEE!   Any time during your first month of membership if
 you are not completely satisfied, just ask for your $4.95 back.

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > MEMORIES STR FOCUS         Ah yes.... from earlier this year...


     As the room darkens and the thoughts of great things gets brighter and
 brighter...   The greatest feat of all.. the power of recall;

                 "Oh great power of recall for the Ages...
                 show the story for this year in stages..."

 How many recall the words of Sam;

                      "... A kinder, gentler Atari."

  -- First Quarter 1991:     CIS Online Conference with Sam Tramiel

       Encouraging quotes excerpted therefrom...

          "I cannot exactly tell you when the TT030 will be available Class
          B.  My educated guess is sometime in March."

          "Unix will be shown on March 13 at the Hanover faire in  Germany.
          It will be Unix  System V.4, X-windows, Motif, and a front-end
          named "Wish" and I'll ignore the "1991" comment."

          "We think that we have a very clear marketing direction.  We are
          trying to sell personal computers to people at the best possible
          price.  Of course, we consider back-up and service by our
          dealers, and we want to develop a good dealer network.  We do
          plan to sell customers like Circuit City [god willing].  We have
          no plans at present to sell at K-Mart.  The TT030 will definitely
          be sold through qualified dealers who can explain advanced com-
          puter use.  I cannot make any projections on new product from a
          hardware point of view, but we are definitely working on new por-
          table machines.  If I announce one now, and don't deliver on
          time, you'll kill me in STReport."

          "I assume that you are talking about Panther.  This is a 68000
          running at 16MHz game machine which we will probably ship in ear-
          ly 1992.  Software is now being written for the Panther.  It will
          even allow for Lynx to network with some games."

               How many of the above have come to pass?????

     After reading the most recent claims of profitability and "wonders of
 expert business achievement" proffered to the world by Atari's; Augie

     The following statement seems quite appropriate.  It would most cer-
 tainly appear that the Tramiel heirs of Atari have made a most wonderful


                    "SECRET OF MAKING A SMALL FORTUNE"
           in the highly competitive Wordwide Computer Business!

           "Its EASILY done by STARTING with a LARGE FORTUNE!!!"

                         ...from a group of long-time Atari Observers


 > FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER STR FOCUS     "The 1972 Linebacker Campaign"

                          FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER

     Spectrum Holobyte announced the release and availability of its new
 very popular Flight of the Intruder for the Commodore Amiga and the Atari
 ST computers.  The game, featuring A-6 and F-4 planes, brings to the
 computer Stephen Coonts' best selling novel by the same title, which is
 based on his experiences as a Navy pilot in the Vietnam War.

     Flight of the Intruder was also made into a major motion picture by
 Paramount last year.  The movie recently released on videocassette, stars
 Brad Johnson, Danny Glover and William Dafoe.

     Flying either an A-6 Intruder or F-4 Phantom in the computer simula-
 tion, players are sent into combat from their base on the carrier USS
 Shiloh.  The action takes place during the 1972 Linebacker campaign over
 North Vietnam.

     Flight of the Intruder features multiple missions in which the pilot
 is usually part of a larger operation undertaken by one of several
 sections of aircraft.  For example; a section of A-6 Intruders going on a
 bombing mission would be joined by a section of F-4 Phantoms to protect
 the bombers from enemy MiGs.  In such a mission, players might be assigned
 to fly either the bomber or the fighter jet.

     Typical enemy targets of these daily harrowing bombing missions are
 strategic bridges, power supply plants, docks and shipping facilities.
 To be successful, players must be prepared to run the gauntlet of both air
 and ground defenses.  Enemy fighters fly MiG-17s, MiG-19s and MiG-21s
 armed with cannon and Atoll heat seeking missiles.  Major ground threats
 are SAMS (Surface to Air Missiles) and Flak.

 Players may also choose to take on the role of Mission Commander.  In this
 multiple stage planning role, players select primary and secondary
 targets, choose weapons and other external stores, select waypoints for
 setting up their desired route and decide aircraft departure times and
 duties.  The Mission Commander can fly any aircraft in the mission and
 also switch aircraft mid-mission to keep up with the ever-changing action.

     Flight of the Intruder features full color graphics and sound support
 for both the ST and the Amiga.  The ST version requires TOS version 1.6 or
 earlier.  Both formats are available for a suggested retail price of


 > ATARIVILLE STR Feature        "...our little town is in trouble.."


 By FREDTUT (in the Delphi library)

                               My Hometown

     I'd like to tell you about the little town I live in.  It's called
 Atariville.  It's a nice, small community, out a ways from the better
 known, and bigger, cities of Macopolis and Big Blue City.  But it's a nice
 little place, with quite a bit to offer its citizens.  We have stores to
 shop in, clubs to belong to, and even politics to get involved in, should
 we be of that mind.

     But, our little town is in trouble, folks, and I want to tell you
 about it.

     Our town fathers, who have run the place since it began, rule with an
 iron fist.  Well, they try to, anyways.  They come up with all kinds of
 particular ways to make the town into what they want it to be.  But, being
 independent sorts, someone always seems to come along and do it some other
 way.  We can feel the heat coming from town hall, and sometimes even hear
 a cuss word or two, but folks here like to think that they have some
 brains, too.  And that just maybe, the town fathers don't always know
 what's best for Atariville.  And judging from the way our community has
 diminished, that may not be wrong.  I guess problems happen when you don't
 listen enough to the citizens, and make up rules without regard to what
 they want, or need.

     I won't even go into the rest of the political situation.  Like
 anywhere, most of the politicians are in it for themselves, and rarely
 represent the actual interests of the citizens.  We got crusaders, out to
 save us from ourselves.  We got good ol' boys, set in their ways and not
 about to change for nobody.  We got sheep, who follow the town fathers
 wherever they get led, even if it is to the slaughterhouse.  But mostly,
 we got a bunch of folks who just want to live their lives, the best they

     Now, if the community was strong, and healthy, we could withstand a
 lot of that politics stuff.  But that just isn't the case, and all that
 politicin' just makes things worse, sometimes.  If those folks'd spend a
 little less time trying to get in good with the town fathers, and a little
 more time trying to help the community, we'd be in a lot better shape.  We
 just can't afford any more petty bickering amongst ourselves.   Atariville
 is losing folks all the time to the lure of the big city, and our
 storekeepers have been hurting for quite a while.  We've lost too many of
 the good shops already.  And there just aren't that many left.

     Now, I don't want to make it sound like our little downtown isn't
 worth a visit now and then.  We may not have as many stores as the cities,
 but the ones we have sell pretty much everything we need.  Oh, the selec-
 tion isn't as varied, but what there is is well made, and lasting.  The
 kind of stuff folks used to call 'good value'.  But that doesn't seem to
 help sell enough to keep all the shops in business.  You see, our local
 shopkeepers need new blood in town, so they can do enough business to keep
 their families fed.

     Of course, the town fathers keep coming up with ideas to bring new
 folks into town.  And even their most vocal critics here in town have to
 admit that some of those ideas are pretty good.  But with the way they've
 handled things in the past, it might be a good idea if they'd just let
 someone who knows what they're doing implement the ideas.  A while back,
 for instance, they tried to get a bunch of musicians to move into town.
 Quite a few did for a while, but the town fathers got rid of the guy who
 was running the effort.  And as a result, the influx had slowed down in
 the last few months.  Now, the town fathers are working on getting some
 renewed interest from musicians.  And, you know, I'll bet it works.

     Here recently, their big push has been in trying to get a big printing
 plant to move into town.  Most of the printing plants are already in the
 big cities, and it's going to take a lot to get them to move way out here
 in the sticks.  But a lot of folks agree with the town fathers that a
 printing plant will help things out.  And are working on making it happen.
 If it all works out, it'll be nice.  But that's a big if.  There doesn't
 seem to be a lot of energy left to work on other things that might help
 our little community, so I hope things don't slip by because the town
 fathers are too busy with this 'pet' project of theirs.

     And then I wonder just how many folks a printing plant is going to
 really bring into town.  Sure, there'll be some, but I don't think it's
 going to be enough to help our storekeepers.  Some will do real well, but
 the kind of folks that a printing plant will bring in are already used to
 big city ways, and a lot of our smaller shops probably aren't going to see
 much new business.  It's too bad, because some of those small shops have
 been among the strongest supporters our town has.  It'd be a damn shame if
 they don't get some benefits from all the effort the town fathers are put-
 ting into that printing plant.

     It's really a sad thing when our local stores close up.  It means the
 rest of us aren't going to be able to get the things we need.  And some
 are going to leave town, so they can find what they need in the big
 cities.  And our little community will be a little worse off.  And a lit-
 tle closer to dying out altogether.

     But what really sticks in my craw, is that the town fathers don't seem
 to want to do some really basic things that would bring folks into town.
 We don't have enough lots for people to build their houses on.  There are
 folks out there, who would build homes, and nice homes, if they could only
 get a lot to build it on.  But, the town fathers just don't make the lots
 available.  There are some rumors that they own land in another county,
 and are making lots available there, so they don't need to do that here.
 That's just silly.  It's two different places.  Why does one have to grow
 at the expense of the other? Why not help both of them grow?

     Of course, there are all those empty homes that are left from folks
 who've moved to the big cities.  We could get people to move into them,
 but that wouldn't help as much as getting a bunch of new houses built on
 some new lots.  When you're building a new house, you need to spend a lot
 of money getting things comfortable.  When someone buys an already exis-
 ting house, there is only minor remodeling to do, and a lot less money
 gets spent.  And as bad as some of our shopkeepers are doing, the more
 money that gets spent, the better.

     Another thing that really gets me is how our town fathers change their
 minds all the time.  Just when something starts rolling, they decide to
 concentrate on something else.  I don't know why, and most of us in town
 just sit here and scratch our heads in amazement.  Is a little consistency
 too much to ask for? One time, they even built a whole new building, a
 beautiful place, and for some reason, couldn't get it to pass the building
 inspection.  Oh, some folks used it anyway, but now, the town fathers are
 building another beautiful building, and aren't going to do anything about
 getting the first one fixed.  The old one is just going to sit there, and
 eventually rot away.  I sure hope the new one passes the inspection.
 Before they change their minds again, and start another project!

     Like I said, Atariville is hurting, like many other communities in
 this great big land of ours.  Others have done what they need to do to put
 themselves back on the road to recovery.  I hope the town fathers will
 wake up to the facts, and get Atariville on that road.  That's the kind of
 thing that everybody in the community can get behind, and help make a
 reality.   But we'd better get on that road soon, or we're going to be so
 far behind, that Atariville is going to just wither up and blow away.


 > MULTI-DESK DELUXE! STR InfoFile      "A Sneak Preview From CodeHead!"

  Friday, August 16, 1991


    A Sneak Preview From CodeHead Software...the Rebirth of MultiDesk

    CodeHead Software will shortly be releasing an amazing, totally
    revamped version of MultiDesk called:

                        *                      *
                        *  MultiDesk Deluxe!!  *
                        *                      *

 We're not yet ready to present a full press release describing all of
 MultiDesk Deluxe's features but we _can_ tell you a little bit about its
 unique break-through in versatility, offering previously untapped
 computing power.

 MultiDesk Deluxe gives you the flexibility of Atari's XControl Panel, but
 with the ability to reuse your current accessories rather than limiting
 you to current CPX availability and feature limitations.

 While it will retain the resident accessory loading features that have
 always existed in MultiDesk, MultiDesk Deluxe will give you an additional
 area for accessories to be loaded from disk whenever you need them.  These
 non-resident accessories will all share the same memory area, allowing it
 to be reused without limit!

 The final result of MultiDesk Deluxe is that you can now use LESS MEMORY,
 boot up FASTER, and use MORE ACCESSORIES!

   o No longer does your MultiDesk buffer need to be large enough to hold
     those accessories which you seldom use.

   o Non-resident accessories are only loaded when you need them so only
     a split-second is required at bootup time for MultiDesk Deluxe to
     read the names of the available accessories.

   o MultiDesk Deluxe now lets you use up to * 96 * accessories while
     consuming only a fraction of its former memory usage!

 We're off to Germany to attend the Duesseldorf show, but we'll be back to
 tell you all about MultiDesk Deluxe!  Projected release date for MultiDesk
 Deluxe is September 14th.  You won't be disappointed.


 Dispelling a nasty rumor...

   CodeHead Software *IS* Developing a New Product For Atari Computers

 The recent August issue of Atari Interface Magazine included feature ar-
 ticles and reviews of many of our products.  We'd like to thank Bill and
 Pattie Rayl for a very well-done issue which accurately describes many of
 the basic as well as the advanced features of our software.  But as great
 as this exposure was, it seems many people have focused an one small
 paragraph in the issue.

 "Now, the bad news." That's exactly how the paragraph in "Editorial
 Ramblings" started out.  This editorial went on to point out that the
 CodeHeads are registered Macintosh developers and that "While the
 CodeHeads will continue to support their current products in the Atari
 market, they 'currently have no plans to release any new products for the
 Atari market.'"

 While these statements are true (or were true when they were made), they
 have been grossly misinterpreted by many readers.  We've had several com-
 ments from people who say "I'm sorry to hear you're abandoning the Atari
 market."  Nothing could be further from the truth.

 We'd like to make it clear that we in no way blame Bill and Pattie Rayl or
 Atari Interface Magazine for this misunderstanding.  They accurately
 reported the quote as well as confirming with us on the phone before prin-
 ting it.

 We've made the statement about not planning any new products several times
 and are only beginning to realize what a mistake it is to say this.  It
 just doesn't make good business sense for a number of reasons:

   o There are probably only a few (if any) Atari developers who ARE
     currently planning any new releases, but they don't publicize this

   o We've always stated in the same breath that we will continue to
     support our existing products as long as there are even a couple of
     inches of the Atari ship above water, but this is usually ignored.

   o We made the same statement (about no new products) before releasing
     our CodeKeys program a year ago but it didn't stop us from writing
     and releasing this useful tool.

   o We ARE currently planning a new release for the Atari market!!!

 We're not ready to present a full press release yet, but we are
 developing a MIDI recorder called MIDI Spy.  It is an accessory which
 records and plays back MIDI data in the background.  It's always
 recording so you'll never lose another valuable musical idea.  Full
 details about MIDI Spy will be released in an upcoming press release.

         This is something musicians have been waiting for!


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile          ***** ABCO SUMMER '91 SPECIALS! *****

                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

               Deluxe 2 bay Cabinet w/65w auto-switching PS
                   TIME PROVEN to be the most reliable!
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          479.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   5.25"   Y          549.00
            SGN2055     105mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          789.00
            SGN1296     170Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y         1019.00
               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!


        >> ABCO is now taking orders for 1040 & MEGA STe Computers! <<
                Call for VERY special Introductory prices!

           If you don't see what you want listed here, call us.
                Odds are we have it or, can get it for you!
                        AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE!

                 "We service what we sell. (IF necessary)"

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) >> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - SYQUEST 44 MB DRIVE         - ICD ST ADSCSI PLUS H/A
          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.
                --->> SPECIAL! NOW ONLY __$ 645.00__ <<---
                   **** SCSI UNITS -> ONLY $585.00 ****

                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<
                    Cart and Utility Software Included!

                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  74.50
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 349.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1019.00 **
                         Includes TWO cartridges!

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

             50mb SQG51   $ 819.00     85mb SQG96    $ 1019.00


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                      *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

            * SLM 804 Replacement Toner Cartridge Kits $42.95 *
                       * Toner Starter Kits $49.95 *
                       * Replacement Drums $183.95 *

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



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         "Atari Corp. is one of the largest companies in the world
      manufacturing and marketing personal computers and video games
            for the home, office and educational marketplaces."

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