Z*Net: 09-Aug-91 #9133

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/12/91-07:07:14 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 09-Aug-91 #9133
Date: Mon Aug 12 19:07:14 1991

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                  August 9, 1991          Issue # 91-33

                Copyright (c)1991, Rovac Industries, Inc.

                       Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs
                            Editor: John Nagy

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         Z*NET NEWSWIRE.........................................
         AEGIS PROGRAM A HIT...........................John Nagy
         ST-REPORT ONLINE CONFERENCE.......................GEnie
         FOREM DISCOUNT COUPON.....................Special Offer
         LYNX II REVIEWED.............................Jeff Payne
         WAACE ATARIFEST '91 UPDATE................Press Release
         Z*NET NEW ZEALAND WORLD TOUR - PART 2........Jon Clarke

                              Z*NET NEWSWIRE

 Atari ST User Magazine reports in it's August 1991 edition that Atari
 has secretly developed a version of the ST with a PC emulator plugged in
 and a switch to swap between operating systems.  Product Development
 Manager Richard Miller is quoted as stating "Absolutely no comment."
 Atari UK Chairman Bob Gleadow stated, "There are no plans to release
 such a product this year."  Gleadow did go on to state that new hardware
 was to be unvieled at the Hanover Cebit Show.

 Atari has scrapped plans to manufacture the Panther game console
 according to a report in the August 1991 edition of Atari ST User
 Magazine.  The product was axed because the Jaguar, a 64 bit console is
 under development.  An Atari spokesman is quoted as stating, " Atari
 has a policy of running development projects in competition with each
 other.  Neither Jaguar or Panther has been formally announced anyway.
 Both were development machines and were all supposed to be the subject
 of non-disclosure agreements.  It became obvious that Jaguar was going
 to succeed Panther very quickly.  A decision was made to drop Panther
 and put all resources into Jaguar."

 Atari is again attending GENCON, sponsored by TSR, the renowned leader
 of Dungeons and Dragons adventure gaming.  Last year, more than 12,000
 people attended the massive fest in Milwaukee's MECCA convention center.
 More are expected this year, and the MilAtari User Group in Milwaukee is
 helping to arrange and staff Atari's 2,000+ square foot area on the game
 floor.  More than 60 ST machines will be set up for play, with 32 of
 them in a MIDI-MAZE ring.  Last year, with something like 3,000 entry
 slots available throughout the show in the MIDI-ring multi-player
 shootemup, MilAtari SOLD all but 8 slots.  Many more availabilities are
 planed this year.

 Lynx machines will be featured well this year too, and the Atari
 portables are expected to draw more attention (and square feet of
 exposure) than the Nintendo and Sega offerings, which last year remained
 mostly on the smaller sale floor, and not on the more popular gaming
 areas.  Bob Brodie will attend GENCON along with the Chicago game
 division crew.  The show is August 8-11.  If you can, be there.

 Poqet Computer has announced an upgrade to the standard version of The
 Poqet PC.  Effective immediately, the PC will be packaged with a 512 KB
 PC Card for file and program storage and a Poqet Link cable for
 connectivity to other personal computers.  The PC Card and connect
 package are included with no increase in the $1,450 retail price of The
 Poqet PC.

 Toshiba announced the introduction of the MK-430 Winchester disk drives.
 The first product is the MK-438FB 1GB class 3.5-inch Winchester disk
 drive which uses eight platters to achieve an unformatted capacity of
 1GB in the standard 3.5-inch form factor.  The new drive also features
 SCSI-2 interface with Toshiba's "Virtual SCSI," 512KB of cache memory,
 a 12.5msec average seek time, a disk data transfer rate of up to 25Mbit
 /second and a SCSI bus transfer rate of 10MB/second.  Evaluation samples
 are priced at $2,295 and are available now.  Production is scheduled for
 the fourth quarter 1991.  For more information, contact: Toshiba, Disk
 Products Division, 9740 Irvine Blvd., Irvine, CA 92718 714-583-3000.

 Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator version
 4.0 for the Apple Macintosh.  This new version of the flight simulation
 software runs in color or black and white on all Macintosh models
 greater than the Macintosh Plus and includes new features such as
 state-of-the-art, three- dimensional graphics on both color and
 black-and-white Macintosh computers, choose from a fleet of aircraft,
 including Cessna 182, Lear Jet, Sopwith Camel and Schweizer 2-32
 sailplane, design and fly your own planes with the aircraft designer,
 and tinker with both the appearance and aerodynamics of their aircraft
 and test them against the physical laws of flight.

 A Sony spokesman said last week that it will produce notebook-size
 personal computers for Apple.  However, an Apple spokeswoman denied the
 article, saying that although Apple deals extensively with Japanese
 firms, no contract has been struck with Sony or any other company
 regarding the production of its computers.

 Toshiba announced a reduction in its suggested retail price for the
 T1200XE 20MB and 40MB hard disk drive notebook computers.  Effective
 Aug. 1, 1991, the new suggested retail price will be $1,999 for the
 T1200XE with a 20MB hard disk and the 40MB version will retail for

                           AEGIS PROGRAM A HIT
                               by John Nagy

 Thirty-five representatives from twenty-three separate dealers attended
 Atari's latest dealer education and assistance program, "AEGIS", this
 week in Sunnyvale.  Called by some of those who participated "the single
 most encouraging and invigorating event ever in Atari dealer relations",
 the Aegis program was a major hit.  The program was presented without
 cost to the dealers, and major distributors were also invited.

 According to Atari, "the AEGIS Strategic Partner program creates a
 unique relationship between Atari, its key resellers and its key
 developers.  This relationship nurtures the development of both vertical
 -market and cross-discipline solutions, resulting in a strong and
 effective national sales organization."  The first AEGIS Symposium was
 held August 5 and 6 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Sunnyvale, California
 and at the Cogswell Polytechnical College in Cupertino, California.
 Over 50 computer and music sales, third-party software, and Atari
 representative personnel were in attendance.  The program began with
 presentations by Atari President Greg Pratt, followed by other Atari
 notables such as Art Morgan, James Grunke, and Bob Brodie.  Even Jack
 Tramiel dropped by in the afternoon to shake hands and wish the group

 The keynote of the conference was "targeted selling".  MIDI and DTP were
 each singled out as the areas where Atari can and does excel, and these
 strengths were reinforced with sales techniques and technical insights.
 More than just an Atari program, the Aegis seminar featured key software
 developers, including:  C-Lab Software, Dr. T's Music Software, Hybrid
 Arts, Roland Corporation USA, Steinberg/Jones, Codehead Software,
 Goldleaf Publishing, Gribnif Software, ISD Marketing, Soft-logik
 Publishing and Step Ahead Software.

 Day two of the program split the dealers by their main product interest.
 The Music group went to the college at Cupertino for laboratory approach
 to their presentations, while the DTP group stayed at the hotel.  Both
 sessions featured comprehensive presentations of the products by the
 developers in attendance, involving the dealers in the software that
 they already have to sell.  By the dealers' increased understanding of
 the products and recognizing the power of the developers products, sales
 are expected to grow.

 A program of the "Professional Systems Group", the Aegis Strategic
 Partner Program was universally well received.  Mark Krynsky of The
 Computer Network in Glendale, California, said that he was encouraged
 far beyond his hopes by what he saw and heard at the seminars.  "I've
 already seen a significant effect on my store's sales after only a few
 days of implementation of what I learned at Aegis".  Dealers were also
 coached on how to approach the vertical markets with private
 professional seminar programs.  Many of the dealers are excited about
 the possibilities of these markets that they had previously not really
 considered.  Dealers were also cheered up considerably by the assurances
 of imminent arrival of large quantities of Atari hardware, including the
 much sought but back ordered Mega STe.

 Over and above the training function of Aegis' first sessions, the
 dealers and developers got to know each other on a much closer basis.
 A Monday evening party in Nevin Shalit's room (Step Ahead Software -
 Tracker ST) was attended by many, including Leonard Tramiel.  The social
 time was as valuable as many parts of the seminars to increase the sense
 of partnership in success in the Atari community... and offered an
 informal chance to discuss the hardware and software rumored to be
 forthcoming from Atari.

 Future sessions of the Aegis program are expected to be scheduled based
 on feedback and results of this first event.  They are expected to be
 similar, but topics will expand to include other high-potential areas
 like video as well as more DTP and MIDI applications.

                           Edited by Ron Kovacs

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Room is now listen-only.  ok Ray go ahead...  Sorry Ray...learning the
 commands go ahead..

 Why was there so much trouble when your issue was pulled and yet you can
 edit or delete messages in the F-Net?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 I never did such things and that question was raised well over a year
 and a half ago.  No one was ever able to prove that allegation in any

                          <[Larry Rymal] LRYMAL>
 Hi Ralph, what is the topic tonight?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Larry, I would like to go with current events pertaining to the Atari

                          <[Larry Rymal] LRYMAL>
 Ok, great.  Is there any word on product, including monitors, etc. for
 the ST and TT/s in the U.S.?  That would be a concern I'd like to see
 answer, especially with Christmas coming in a few months.

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Actually, I 'd like to see the market flooded with product for the
 holidays.  It would be wonderful.  From what I am privy to.. there is a
 ship due in about two weeks.  ga

                          <[Larry Rymal] LRYMAL>
 Do you know if it includes peripherals, such as the monitors?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Actually I have no particulars other than there is a great deal of
 goodies on board this vessel.  Thank God!

                          <[Larry Rymal] LRYMAL>
 Gosh, that is exciting, at least I hope.  Ok, Ralph.  I am through.
 Great job and great service that you provide to us.  On to some other
 user now.  GA

 Thanks for joinming us tonight, Ralph. Two questions....1) what ever got
 you into the electronic newsletter biz?  2) have you quit kicking your

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Answer to quwestion 1  is a double event.... Word Perfect and Ron Kovacs
 :-)    And I HAD to quit kicking the dog.  He's bigger than me!

 Current events - I understand you are currently receiving a pirate
 crossnet on your BBS.  Is this your way of supporting the Atari

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Ah yes... I was WAITING for this question.....  How nice of you to
 oblige.  Being in the business of gathering news, I am sometimes obliged
 to be in some rather unsavory places. ga

 Does this mean a crime reporter should go out and hold up a store?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Ray, get real, a crime reporter goes into the den of thieves for stories
 but that does not mean he commits a crime. ga

 Good Evening Ralph, Have you received any kind of cooperation from ATARI
 when you try to report on something?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 In most cases yes I do get cooperation to some extent.  However when it
 comes to sensitive matters I find I am left open to my own devices.
 Thankfully, I have some excellent resources who manage to get the
 'skinny' to me.  ga

 Can you give us any example?  Thanks Ralph, GA.

                       <[IAAD Member] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 If I understand your response re Z-Net's piracy charges you are
 comparing your board to a sting operation.  Is that right?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 No Dot you are 180 degrees out of phase... ga

                       <[IAAD Member] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 When will you report on what you have discovered in this den of thieves?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 You will know when you read about it.  :-)   ga

                              <[John] TOWNS>
 Yes, I was wondering..  How do you feel about the fact that a number of
 well-known and respected members of the Atari community (including some
 at Atari) have said that they don't read ST Report and don't recommend
 it to Atari owners that they come in contact with? GA

                          <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 What goes around comes around.  And.. STReport is for the users . :-)

                              <[John] TOWNS>
 Then why is it writen in such a criptic form most of the time?  They are
 things in ST Report that are so criptic that almost no one can
 understand them!  Are the users supposed to get these riddles?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 That sir..... is our style, such is life!   :-)  ga

                           <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 Ralph, if STR is for the Users, why do you not cover Glendale, Vancouver
 shows, and AtariUser mag>? Is it personal?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Actually John we had good coverage for the Vancouver Show, you must've
 missed it.  I'd be delighted to give Atariuser more coverage.  But I
 have to make arrangements to be sure it's ok.

                           <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 I mean, there are press releases from the tiniest places, run complete
 but noth anything close to ZNET.  I guess that will pass for an answer.
 Thanks anyway. Over. and out

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Thanks John and my compliments on Atari User it looks good!

 Some months back, you solicited permission from people to reprint
 messages from GENIE.  I denied permission for this, but a few issues
 back, you reprinted one of my messages from GENIE.  Please explain what
 the situation here is.

                            <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 I have insufficient informaton at this time, but as I am aware, you
 denied PARTIAL reprints to M. Lee.  Not I, take it up with him please.

 You are the editor, right?  Aren't you responsible for the contents?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 I am and the matter was partial reprints not a full reprint.  Your
 message was a full reprint and yes, I now have a copy of your request
 that no partials be reprinted.  The message you speak of was reprinted
 in full.  I followed all the requirements asked of us.  ga

 I said I might give permission for specific messages on a one-by-one
 basis, but that I wouldn't give global permission for reprints.

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 This can go on all night send me email and I will address this matter in
 its entirety.  ga

                          <[IAAD Member] DOUG.W>
 What is it that motivates someone to write for and publish an on-line
 magazine when no income is derived from it?  In your case, you are now
 publishing 4 such "magazines" (STR, PCR, MACR, and AMR) - what is the
 motivation for all that effort?  ga

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Have you got about two weeks of spare time to listen to my reasons?  It
 all boils down to one thing Doug, I enjoy doing it along with the other
 volunteer editors in our staff.  ga

                            <[Brien] B.KING8>
 Hi, I was just downloaded your latest STReport (731) and was wondering
 why ther e is so _little_ coverage of the ST in it?  It had more to do
 with the Mac, Amiga and IBM than the ST...GA

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 This last issue was sort of top heavy in other areas, but there was and
 is a reason....you see, there are new developments that are just
 happening in those areas that we've had and enjoyed for years now.  We
 intend to more on that to prove the grass is not greener elsewhere.  :-)

                            <[Brien] B.KING8>
 Well, I really dont see how most of what was in this STReport had to do
 with the ST... Maybe you could _cut_ the size of STReport and save us a
 few $$ in download costs if there isn't going to be much on the ST or
 maybe stick all the ST stuff at the top so we dont have to wade through
 all the other things to find the few articals on the ST.

                             <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Thats a suggestion worth looking into...  thanks  ga

                            <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS>
 I have asked you personally to come out and support the growing Anti-
 Piracy effort Z-Net is promoting in Fnet and you refused, can you
 ellaborate as to why you refuse to do so?? ga

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Ron, its not a matter of a refusal, its a matter of not being in that
 particular crossnet conference becuase Node 350 is not in your FNETLINK.
 DAT file.  ga

                            <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS>
 I fail to see the reason why that is important?  The Anti-Piracy effort
 needs your support too?  Why not support it!!!

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Simply put because Node 350 is not in the net you are talking about.
 You have not put 350 in there.  Thus we are unable to participate.  ga

                            <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS>
 You need not be in the conference to support it.  You can publically
 come out against pirating in FNET.  And I can add you if that is what it
 will take to get you out supporting it!

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Actually STReport is strongly against any and all actions that are
 illegal.   And yes.... Add Node 350 back in to the TWO conferences and
 we will ebe glad to support this effort. ga

                            <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS>
 Let me know what you want.  Pirates need to be crushed and we cant do it
 alone!  Hmmm Didnt know it was that easy!  Excuse me and look for node
 added soon!  GA

                            <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Ron you have a great idea and we support your efforts and will do our
 best. :-) ga

                          <[Z-Net] T.SCHREIBER1>
 Ralph - a new quarter is decending upon us.  Do you perhaps think a
 change is in order?  You catch more flies with buttermilk than vinegar.
 A strong support of the IAAD is in order as well as the people at Atari
 to make this happen. ga

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Terry that's a "paramount idea and suggestion"!  I think its definately
 worth a serious effort!  The IAAD is an asset to the community, of this
 there is no doubt and deserves our strong support!! ga

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Folks, its three minute of eleven pm here on the east coast...  and this
 old body needs its rest... so I'll take two more and say goodnight.

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 How come you keep insisting on right justification?  Even some of your
 best editors are getting away from it. <grin>

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 As you will notice in this last week's issue, we dropped the right
 justify as an experiment.  Lets see how it goes... :-)  ga

 hi Ralph... just wondered what may be in your future..any plans?

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 DD, right now its a tossup... There is a good chance of a hard copy mag
 in the near future, and of course we know J. Durre is "back in town".
 :-)  ga

 town? I'd hardly call it a 'town'...grin... ?? thanks for coming
 tonight... ga

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 At this time I would like to thank GEnie, and all the great participants
 in this CO, its new to me!  And I hope that, in the future, we will be
 able to come on here boasting about the GLUT of hardware out in the US
 market place...... and of course all the successful dealers.  I have
 enjoyed it and I thank each and every one of you for stopping by!!

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>

 Another one bites the dust!

                              <[Nathan] ISD>
 Glad you decided to attend Ralph

 Thanks for hosting this party, Ralph.


 Please join us when GEnie's Hot Summer Nights hits the ST Roundtable
 this upcoming Wednesday (Aug. 7th).  The Lexicor Software Realtime
 Conference featuring Lee Seiler will be FREE!!!  Lee will be talking
 about all the fantastic graphic and animation products be offered by
 Lexicor Software.  The show begins at 10:00 p.m. Eastern / 9:00 p.m.
 Central, / and  7:00 p.m. Pacific.  Please join us!

 I never got to ask my question! What a bummer!  I hope I was
 intentionally overlooked!

 Ralph, it's no secret that more and more people in Sunnyvale are
 objecting to your constant slamming of Atari throughout ST Report.  You
 are among the most disliked people in the entire Atari Community.  You
 have more enemies that anyone, which is quite a reach!!  What are you
 doing to improve your relations with developers and Atari?  Have you
 sincerely considered Dave Small's suggestion to retire?  You really
 should!  ST Report has deteroiated into nothing more than an electronic
 scandal sheet.

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 this is a question???

 Bob, everyone is entitled t an opinion, even you!

 I'd still appreciate a real answer to a very sincere question.

                              <[Nathan] ISD>
 Yes, Bob has earned the right to offer his opinion!!

 If you didn't get it all, I can u/l it again.

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 I have it captured

                          <[Glenn] G.FOLLWEILER>
 Ralph, what do you mean about J. Durre' being back in town.  I haven't
 seen him since I moved from Miami..

                              <[Nathan] ISD>
 As a follow-up to Bob's kind words, allow me to add that you have
 managed to alienate an amazing amount of Atari Developers.  Was their
 some constructive purpose in doing this?

 Ralph, I'm still waiting for an answer to my question.  You invited me
 to ask, I have, I'd like an answer

                           <[Ralph] ST.REPORT>
 Bob the press is NEVER liked  by those reported about.  Especially if
 its not happy press!  Goodnight all    <[Ralph] ST.REPORT> has left.

 <[John Nagy] Z-NET> COP OUT TIIME!!
 <[IAAD Member] C.STANFORD> Enquiring minds want to know!
 <[John@GE_Lamp] ST-GUEST> don't leave mad :-)
 <[Bad Dog] C.F.JOHNSON> Whoosh!
 <R.SKIBO1> Quitter!!!
 <[Glenn] G.FOLLWEILER> Pretty rough tonight...
 <MIKE-FULTON> Bang, zoom, to the moon!
 <[Bill@Atari] B.REHBOCK> With his tail between his legs. :-)
 <[Ron] R.GRANT11> It's no wonder he hosted his own conference....
 <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS> hehehehe
 <[Nathan] ISD> Quitter is right.
 <SANDY.W> can dish it out, but....

                       <[IAAD Member] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Gee, I like ST Informer, AIM, GEnie Lamp, AtariUser, Z-Net, PSAN, Atari

 <BOB-BRODIE> Sniff, Sam never ran out on anyone like that.
 <[The King] ATARIUSER> The Ralph has has left the theatre...

                          <[Lauren ] WORDFLAIR>
 I guess he thought the heat was too high in the kitchen.  Shoot, just
 when it was getting interesting.

 <[Nathan] ISD> Ah Lloyd's here :-)
 <[John Nagy] Z-NET> OH! Raalph is gone, but his mouth remains...

                            <[Ron] R.GRANT11>
 Lloyd, you seriously expect us to believe that 'grass in not always
 greener' horsewash?

 <BOB-BRODIE> Hi Lloyd. But at least he stood and took the heat

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 Yeah Nagy...Ralph don't like pig wrestling...I do

 Lloyd, to his credit: he just called and said Goodnight to me.  Of
 course, he then hung up on me, too!  Quite amusing actually

                              <[Nathan] ISD>
 Let's see what we've learned tonight. Did Ralph admit that he frequents
 pirate boards?

 <[IAAD Member] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Sort of.
 <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS> Yes...
 <[Ron] R.GRANT11> Yes.
 <[IAAD member] J.ALLEN27> He did?
 <[That Rob Guy] R.QUANCE> Wow! What a happy bunch <ducking>

                       <[IAAD Member] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Ron, in last week's issue, you named ST Report's support board in
 conjunction with the pirate thing, but I don't understand all the stuff
 about its role.  Could you explain it?  I thought you meant Ralph's WAS
 a pirate board. No?

                           <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 Ralph admits to being a permanent part of a well established pirate
 information system.  He says it is a news function.

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 No...Ron has no prove of that...all Ralph did was join all the nodes
 which included the Elite nodes.

                            <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS>
 Dot... There are private conference in FNET not permitted viewing by the

                           <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 But what news?  Have we EVERY heard any thing from Ralph on this?  HOW
 LONG does he have to be in it before it gives news amoung other things
 <[IAAD Member] C.STANFORD> Ha!

                            <[Z-Net] R.KOVACS>
 which are ELITE conferences and discussions pewrtain to pirating
 software amoung other things.  Ralph is in these confrences.

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 I've seen references made to stuff in the Elite conferences in his

 Lloyd, I realize that Ralph is probably pissed at my question.  But I
 don't think I was unfair, nor did he answer it properly.  Don't you guys
 feel a tension amongst devs and yourself and Atari employees.

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 Bob, I _know_ that Ralph tried to get you when you raised your hand
 that was the time when about 3-4 minutes went by without anything

                           <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
  Ralphs answers tonight were the exact kind that he blasts as
 irresponsible week after week in his mag

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 What Atari employees?  Oh yeah, there's still some left.  <grin>

 I honestly wish that you guys would make an attempt to make peace with
 the devs and Atari.

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 Bob..._I_ have...but we won't 'kiss butts' either.

 No one wants you to kiss butt. But you could try acting like

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 There's differences of opinions as to what is a 'professional'

 Instead of the cryptic crap that goes into Quoteable Quotes

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 John...you're right...to bad the 'consensus' doesn't agree with what
 'professionals' say.

                           <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 I especially appreciate the screaming phone calls followed by messages
 of how I screamed at him... the man can't deal with others as he deals
 with them.

 I just wished he wouldn't have ignored me during the formal time I never
 ignore him

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 Bob...I know he tried to get you...I was on the phone with him.

 I raised a bumch of times.  Never got a send once telling me to ga

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 You notice, he didn't 'dodge' any of the other tough people...he wanted
 to get all of them...including you

                           <[John Nagy] Z-NET>
 "Professionals" have laughed at STR for several years now, LLOYD.  But
 for those of us who LIVE in the Atari Community, it is more serious.
 Fouling the nest.

 Did he have my job number wrong Lloyd?

                       <[IAAD Member] D.A.BRUMLEVE>
 Did he have questions that weren't tough?  Oh, yeah, right justify.

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 He even asked me to do a /sta to make sure you were still on line.

 I was here the whole time, Lloyd. I've got witnesses

                        <[Lloyd Pulley] ST-REPORT>
 Dorthy...he didn't know if the questions were going to be tough he just
 EVERY one in line

                          Clip Out And Print Off

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 (clip here)

                         ATARI LYNX II - REVIEWED
                              by Jeff Payne

 Jeff Payne is the SysOp of The -=Rad=- BBS (209) 636-2723 located in
 Visalia,  California.  Voice number is: (209) 636-2274.

 On Monday, August 5, 1991, at approx. 3pm pacific, the U.P.S. man
 finally delivered my Lynx II unit, after several months of waiting.  In
 January, I first heard about a newer Lynx unit which was smaller,
 lighter, and overall better than the original Lynx.  I was ready to sink
 $180 into a Lynx I unit, but after hearing (and reading) several good
 things about the newer model, I decided to go for the model II.

 I called Atari Customer Relations the very next day and spoke with one
 of the reps there.  The gentleman told me that the Lynx II units would
 be shipping "next week".  I was delighted, so I placed an order for a
 Lynx II unit on my credit card.  A couple weeks later, I noticed that
 the U.P.S. man hadn't delivered my "portable color video game you can
 get away with" yet, so I gave the Customer Relations Dept. another call.
 The fellow told me that they wish to move the rest of the original Lynx
 units in stock before they start shipping the original unit.  And you
 can't blame them.  The new unit has sooo many benefits over the original
 model, that if both were available at the same time for the same price,
 the model I would not move at all in sales.

 I'm the type of person who likes to wait for better things.  Many of you
 know me for my STE and the collection of STE software which I have
 distributed.  Back when I was ready to sink a few hundred dollars into
 an ST computer, I heard about the STE.  I heard so many good things
 about it compared to the ST that I decided to wait.  To this day I'm
 glad I waited.  Today I wish I had a TT030, and if I budget myself
 accordingly, I should be able to have one shortly.

 Anyhow, this is the part of this text file which you've been waiting
 for; comparisons between the Lynx model I and the Lynx model II:

 The first thing I noticed was the obvious difference is overall design
 and appearance.  Basically every general area of the unit is the same
 color (dark grey with black controls.  The model I has a joypad that's
 round with a cross in the middle.  The model II is just a cross, but in
 my opinion has a more responsive and better feel for game play.

 The B-A buttons on the model I are round with a round groove in the
 center.  The ones on a model II are square with a round groove in it.

 On the model I, the option buttons (on, off, opt 1, pause, opt 2) are
 all horizontal.  On the model II, they are verticle, and slant
 accordingly toward the screen, similar to a ( ) effect.  This adds to
 what all made this model more compact than the original.

 The screen is no differnt in size or appearance.

 To the top left of the screen on the model II is a little amber colored
 light indicating that the unit is on.  When the unit's batteries are
 low, this light blinks rapidly.  The power light was intended to remind
 you that your unit is on if you choose to turn the back light screen,
 which I will explain on the next paragraph.

 Directly under the on/off buttons debuts a new button labeled
 "backlight".  When pressed, it allows you to toggle between having the
 screen light on, or off.  This comes in use full if you decide to pause
 a game for a long period of time, and if it's running of the 6 AA
 alkaline batteries (not included), not as much power will be used up.

 On a model 1, if you do not make a move for approx. 5 mins., and  you're
 using batteries, the unit will shut off automatically.  On a model II,
 the unit will only shut off if you press the off switch, or if you let
 the batteries run down.  This is where the new backlight compliments
 that fact that there is not "time out" feature on a model II.

 The built-in speaker on the right hand side looks cooler on a model II
 that a model I (in my opinion.)  On a model one, the speaker looks like


      On a model II, it sort of looks like


 It's hard to describe on a text file like this.

 Here's a cool part.  On a model I, if you plug in stereo headphones, you
 will hear your games in monophonic sound.  But on a model II, you will
 hear STEREO sound, depending of course upon what game card you have in.
 I have Klax.  When I hear the initial music, I hear it in stereo.

 During game play, when a tile comes tumbling down the center column, a
 sound of the tile tumbling down comes out of both speakers equally,
 making it sound like it is coming down right in front of you.  But if
 the tile is tumbling down the far left column, the sound of the tile
 tumbling down only comes out of the left speaking, making it sound like
 the tile is tumbling down to the left of you.  Same goes respectivly for
 the right hand side.

 This is one of those things that make you go...  Hmmmm.....

 Klax came out before the Lynx II did.  Did the makers of Klax for the
 Lynx anticipate of having stereo sound for the Lynx at a later date?
 Quite possibly!  Nice investment, guys!!!  (boy, typing this part was

 On a model II, both the Brightness and Volume knobs are located at the
 top, same as where the headphones, comlynx, and power ports are located.
 On a model I, one knob is on the bottom, one on top.

 New on a model II is a rubber grip on the bottom of the unit.  I like
 it, and a read in the latest issue of the Atari Portable Entertainment
 newsletter that the editor likes it as well.  It makes grabbing onto the
 Lynx feel better.  The rubber on the bottom boosts your self estime
 (just kidding, but it's a neat thing to have.)

 As I look on the back of my Lynx II, I see two things which appear to be
 slots where you can slip some sort of strap into, which I would assume
 would allow you to carry around your Lynx unit via a strap which is
 attached to these two things which are sticking out on the bottom of the
 Lynx II unit.  I'm not sure if the model I has this, or anything like

 Battery life span of a Lynx I is approx. 4 hours.  On a model II it's
 approx. 5 hours (ooo, and extra hour!!)  If you want, you may want to
 take time to build a D-cell battery pack.  I will be getting some
 instructions of a guy who has done this.  It lasts considerably longer
 with D batteries, as opposed to AA batteries.

 Weeeeell, I believe I've pretty much proved my point that the Lynx II is
 definately better than the Lynx model I.  And I don't need to go into
 how both Lynx models far exceed the Sega Gear, TurboExpress, and that
 other Lame Boy thing.  Not just that Lynx costs the same now as Lame Boy
 does.  Not just that all Lynx games are designed for a 3.5" screen,
 unlike the TurboExpress, all games of which are designed for a full
 sized television.  Not just that the Lynx runs at a whooping 16 MHz, a
 speed the Sega Gear will never reach.  Heck, that's even faster than my
 STE!  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the Lynx's speed is faster that any
 other home video game system out there (except for maybe the Atari
 Jaguar, which is still in the distant future.)  Faster than Neo Geo,
 Super NES, and even the Genesis.

 Well, it was fun writing this article.  If you've any questions, give me
 a call.  My voice number is at the top.  By the way, as of this writing,
 my BBS (-=Rad=-) is down for a little while due to hardware problems,
 but should be going back up soon.  I'll be posting on all Atari boards
 when that is.  I'm also in a program called Advanced Marketing Seminars,
 which I believe is a great business opportunity.  If you'd like, call me
 sometime and I'll tell you more about it.  The model number under the
 Lynx II unit reads "PAG-0401" or "PA 3201".  You may need this info to
 gain "full Lynx access" on certain BBS's.  I'm aware of three Lynx only
 publications: A.P.E., On Target, and GameMaster.  You'll also find good
 Lynx coverage in AtariUser, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Atari Explorer,
 and I'm sure there are a few others.  Call me and I'll get you info on
 these mags.

 Cheers, and happy Lynxing!  See you at the Atari shows!

                        WAACE ATARIFEST '91 UPDATE
                              Press Release

 This posting is an attempt to answer some questions that have been
 posed in recent weeks.  Hardcopy vendor packets will be sent out around
 the 15th of June.

 WAACE, Inc. AtariFest '91 Dates:

 The Fest is scheduled for 12 and 13 October '91.  The show hours are
 from 10 to 5 both days.  We also expect to sponsor some special events
 on Friday evening.

 The show will feature a full round of seminars and demonstrations.
 There will also be a swap meet.  There will be a cocktail party and a
 banquet on Saturday evening.


 The Fest will be held at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in Reston, VA, which
 is within 20 minutes of downtown Washington, DC and within 5 minutes of
 Dulles International Airport.

 This is the same location we used last year.  For those who did not make
 the '90 event let us simply say that this is a pleasant, spacious
 conference facility located in a parklike suburban setting with plenty
 of free parking.

 Hotel Rates:

 Hotel rates are $59 per night for single or double occupancy, $66 for
 triple and quad.  These rates are valid from October 10th through the
 13th.  Virginia hotel tax (4.5%) must be added to the above prices.  In
 order to obtain these rates you must mention WAACE AtariFest '91 when
 making your reservations.

 Admission Prices:

 The admission price has not been determined yet except to say that show
 visitors who are guests of the hotel will receive a free ticket for each
 night that they book (limited to two tickets per room per day).
 Registered show workers will also receive free two-day passes.

 Members of non-WAACE Atari User groups may register as show workers and
 receive a free two-day pass.  Please contact the WAACE representitives
 below for details on registering as show workers.

 Vendor Information:

 The basic rate for a single booth will be $500.  There is a 30% discount
 for vendors who reserve their booth space before 31 July (by including a
 50% deposit with their reservation).

 The booth payment is for a single 8 x 8 ft booth.  Pipe and drape
 decoration, electrical outlets, tables, and chairs are provided.  Prices
 for multiple booths are as follows: 2 - $850, 3 - $1100, 4 - $1350.

 A one half page ad in the WAACE Atarifest '91 Program is included in the
 single booth price.  Vendors may upgrade the half page ad to a full page
 for $75.  Standard full page ads may be purchased for $125.

 Note: Small vendors that wish to pool their resources and share a booth
 space may do so, but must elect a single point of contact with WAACE for
 vendor business transactions.

 Misc. Information:

 In addition to participating as a vendor at the AtariFest, WAACE
 provides additional areas for Atari developers and User Groups to

 Seminars : One hour long presentations of topics of interest to the
 Atari community.  Interested seminar presentors should contact the
 General Chairman below to reserve a seminar slot.  Please indicate the
 topic of discussion as well as a preferred time slot.

 Demo Rooms: On going demonstrations of special interest topics (i.e.
 MIDI, DTP, Games, MAC & IBM Emulation, Productivity, Swap Room).  Any
 Atari User Group or individuals interested in helping out in a demo room
 should also contact the General Chariman.

 Demo rooms also feature periodic demonstrations by Atari Developers of
 the latest hardware and software.

 Fest Program: Features articles written by many popular magazine authors
 in the Atari community.  Interested authors should include a brief
 summary of their article to the General Chariman.

 Further Information:

 For additional Information please contact either of the following:

 General Chairman                      Vendor Coordinator
 Charles S. Smeton                     John D. Barnes
 P.O. Box 0122                         7710 Chatham Rd
 Columbia, MD 21045-0122               Chevy Chase, MD 20815
 GEMail: C.S.SMETON                    GEMail: J.D.Barnes
 CIS: 73047,2565                       DELPHI: JDBARNES
 FNET: Charles Smeton, Node 500        Internet: JOHNBARNES@ENH.NIST.GOV

 WAACE Inc. 1991 AtariFest Vendor Price List

 Booths   Ad Pages    Standard Price        Discount Price **
  0        1/2            $75                   $53
  1        1/2           $500                  $350
  2        1/2           $850                  $595
  3        1/2          $1100                  $770
  4        1/2          $1350                  $945

  0         1           $125                   $88
  1         1           $575                  $403
  2         1           $925                  $648
  3         1          $1175                  $823
  4         1          $1425                  $998

 ** To qualify for the discount price a 50% downpayment must be received
 with the reservation by July 31, 1991.

 Payment may be in the form of check or money order for all payments made
 by September 12, 1991.  Payment after this date must be in the form of
 money order, travelers check or cash (sorry, no exceptions).

                  Z*NET NEW ZEALAND WORLD TOUR - PART 2
                              by Jon Clarke

 New York to London

 After all the flying and the body going cold turkey due to lack of
 cigarettes we landed at Newark Airport in New Jersey.

 For some several months now GEnie Dan McNee of Atari had been asking for
 rain as it has been a little dry there in California.  I told him on
 many occasions he should just fly me in and it would rain.  Well to
 prove this point to Dan and to others who have been reading the Z*NET
 section of the GEnie BB.  The day I arrived in Newark there was twelve
 inches of rain.  Now Dan I rest my case.

 After 30 hours of travelling I finally made it to New York.  I arranged
 for Ron (Mr Z*NET) Kovac's to pick me up from the airport and we would
 spend some time together for the day.

 Hmmm how do you spot a New Zealander newly arrived in Newark?  This is
 what I asked myself as I didn't even know what Ron looked like other
 than a few .PI1 files I have seen of him.  Its not hard to find him when
 he is carrying an "ATARI" bag I guess, as Ron came up and said "Hi Jon.
 How was the trip?".

 Ron ushered me off to the car park.  With all the bags stowed away we
 were off to Hotel in uptown New York city.  Well not quite, ( I have to
 laugh at this every time it comes to mind) I went to hop into the car
 as I normally do on the passengers side.  When Ron said "You going to
 drive as well?"

 I didn't dawn on me till then I was getting in the wrong side of the
 car.  You see we like most of the world drive on the left hand side of
 the road not the right hand side like yourselves.  Anyway we were off
 heading for Wall Street in New York.  What a great trip, roads flooded,
 rain everywhere and low cloud you could not even see the top of the
 World Trade Centre.

 On the way to the hotel Ron gave me a very informative tour of New York
 city and their driving habits.  Talk about a personality change when we
 drove out of the Hudson Tunnel into the city.  I guess it is true the
 "Yellow Cab" company runs the roads in the city.  I would not have been
 as cool as Ron was for sure.  We drove up Broadway, Park Ave, 5th Ave
 and all the other famous streets and had a little look around.  Then we
 headed off to the hotel.

 They had Valet parking so they took the car and we took the bags.  Now
 checking into a hotel in the USA proved to be fun.  "How will you pay
 for this Sir?" the receptionist asked.  "By cash", I replied.  "Pardon
 Sir, we do not except cash, do you have a credit card?" "Yes but I want
 to pay cash".  To cut ten minutes of entertainment to a minimum they
 took travellers cheques (which is cash) and we headed off to the room.
 One little observation I made here was as follows.   What is this date
 12/07/91 ?  What is this date 07/12/91  and what is this date 12JUL91.
 Stop laughing Ron!  You see we also do our dates back to front and the
 hotel staff thought I wrote the Travellers Cheques out for December
 rather than July, so if all else fails revert to 12JUL91.  It is the
 little things you notice.

 Leaving the hotel behind Ron and I headed off to see New York city for
 a social hour or two.  After a quick stop at a friend of Rons in the
 city we were motoring our way off to the country and the Z*Net Head

 I must say even with the rain New Jersey is a lovely place and very much
 like some of the areas here in Auckland city with the motorway (freeway)
 running though the towns and the farms.  After what seemed an age we
 hit Ron's town.  Hit well not quite but what a neat place.  So close to
 New York and yet this is a rural paradise just a few miles north of the
 city.  Ron stopped so I could get some "nugget" and a few bits and
 pieces.  "Nugget" well it was like pulling teeth trying to explain this
 one. In simple terms "Shoe polish".

 I had left Auckland in the middle of winter and here we were at 28
 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity.  Needless to say the buckets of water
 were flowing from the forehead again.

 We arrived at Rons house after a tour of the local country side.  You
 guessed it.  All computer people love coffee!  Out came the daily fix of
 caffeine and I was alive again.

 The set-up Ron has would be the envy of most users out there.  Well I
 fe lt right at home and seeing the BBS I thought I had walked into home
 of a few years ago.  Ron runs the main Z*NET BBS on the FoReM software
 with a Mega ST, harddisks were everywhere along with a new V32 modem.
 So Jon being Jon I was into the BBS for a quick tour and see what the
 local BBS scene was all about.  I was not disappointed, there were
 oddels of messages, files and here was the latest Z*NET ready to read.
 You see I too used to run FoReM at home when I lived in Wellington in a
 similar configuration to Rons.  We now have the multi line MBBS system
 up and running in Auckland.

 I spent an hour or so reading the mail, popping onto GEnie and dropping
 my flatmate a note to say "Hi , I have arrived in the USA".  Then we got
 onto the subject of BBS's and I explained about the "GEM" desktop
 emulation we have running on STaTus BBS via the IGS software written
 by Larry Mears.  Well when I told Ron you can log onto our BBS and see
 a GEM Desktop rather than plain old ASCII he had to see it.  Out came
 IGS215.ACC and we were dialing STaTus here in Auckland.  We logged on
 and the BBS automatically recognises IG if you have IGS turned on.
 There was my saved desktop ready to use and allot quicker than ASCII.
 I guess all that has to happen now is for Ron to do the same in FoReM.
 There is a demo of the BBS desktop on GEnie which we uploaded some 6 odd
 months ago.  We grabbed this and it is on Z*NET BBS now as well for you
 to have a look at.  The file is called IGS_STAT.ARC .

 Ron was not going to let me out do him here so we called the "Full
 Moon" BBS to have a look.  Great stuff, as I had not been on here for
 over 3 odd years and it was great to see where it is today.  I left a
 note on here for the sysop of my old BBS in Wellington, Chris Thorpe.
 That will get him going I thought. (It did,he got it when I was in
 HongKong.  More on this next week)

 I guess Ron could see by now I was quite taken by the US BBS scene and
 he was leaving the best to last.  Next out came all the User Group
 magazines and newsletters.  WOW.  I guess those three letters say it
 all.  I have not seen quality like this anywhere.  To the User Groups
 out there keep the exceptional work.  I took several copies (30 kilos)
 of magazines with me and proceeded to spread them around in my travels.

 Time like all things on a trip like this is far to short.  It came time
 for Ron to drop me back into the city.  I must say it was a breath of
 fresh air meeting Ron and his family.  Thanks Ron for the hospitality,
 even if you do speak with a funny American accent (as I duck for cover
 saying this)

 (NOTE:  It seems the people in the US have a little problem with our
 accent.  If they can not understand you do this.  Break into a bad
 Southern accent and they are with you all the way, I say AMEN, I said
 A-----MEN) Yarn, it was Sunday morning at 11am and I was waking up after
 my first decent sleep in three days.  11am hell that is 3am Monday at
 home, no wonder I was tired.  Time to explore the city I thought.  Where
 is the .45 ?  I might meet a Ralf in the back streets.  Heck I did not
 have a .45 , who cares I decided lets go and see the Big Apple.  Seven
 and a half hours later I had walked from one end of Manhattan Island to
 the other.

 Being a nosey sort of a chap I ended up in some weird places and one
 that got the juices flowing was down by Central Park where you can
 purchase "Terminator 2" on video for $20.  Along with piles of software
 for rates ranging $5 upwards.

 Hey what is the story here?  I was told there are no Atari resellers to
 be found.  In Chinatown there were the 2600 games machines all over the
 place along with the cartridges.  Just off Broadway I found an oasis in
 the IBM wilderness.  J&R Computing . (no this is not an add).  Being an
 owner of several IBM clones I decided to pop in and have a look at the
 prices of the equipment.  God, $375 for a XT clone with a 40 megabyte
 disk drive and EGA running at 16Mhz.  This was like a dream come true.
 The more I looked the more the old pocket book was trying to jump out of
 my pocket into my hands.  I listened to sales person explaining the
 advantages of "Lan-tastic" over Novell when I was a TT.  I rubbed my
 eyes and thought I was seeing things.  NO, I was not.  Maybe it was
 heat stoke.  No it was not.  There sitting in the middle of the store
 was an Atari TT, Mega ST, and a STe.  They were all running demo's.  So
 I thought I would play "Bait the salesperson". (ever played this? Yes
 sure you have) "Excuse me.  Can you tell me a bit about these machines?"
 Oh dear, I thought 15 minutes later this chap had done his homework.  I
 explained who I was and how these were so cheap compared to New Zealand
 prices. (A TT030/50 will cost you over $NZ7000 and a 486 will cost

 My hat is off to J&R computing for the great job they are doing.

 After another two days of work (the real reason for this trip) it was
 time to bid farewell to New York and the USA and fly to London.  London.
 Well I arrived on the red eye direct from Newark.  What can I say.  I
 was asleep when I walked into the office.  But more on this next week.
 Next week London, Dosseldorf, Frankfurt.  Then onto the computer mecca

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