ST Report: 05-July-91 #727

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From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 05-July-91 #727
Date: Sun Jul  7 14:58:10 1991

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 July 05, 1991                                                      No.7.27

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 > The Editor's Podium

     Originally, this editorial, intended  for the  Fourth of  July weekend
 issue, was  going to  be a Clark Kent type offering.  You know, mild mann-
 ered etc...  In fact, I had quite a bit  to say  in this  week's editorial
 but at  the last  moment I  heeded the  advice of Atari Explorer's, editor
 John J. concerning the "power to ignore".  It works!  Thanks again John.

     In this issue, we have, as in the past three weeks, included  a number
 of letters  we have  received in  response to our request for the reader's
 impressions of Atari and its future.  Keep 'em coming  in!   We will print
 them.   Tell 'em  like it is... they don't 'read' it.  At least thats what
 they'd like you to believe. :-)

     The spoof of STReport, recently composed  and circulated  by a  few of
 our  northern  neighbors  was  hilarious!   Although it broke all rules of
 common decency (immature, incessant  personal  attacks)  and  US copyright
 violations, it graphically illustrated just how far reaching and effective
 STReport is.  When educated folks  must  resort  to  personal  attacks and
 slurs it clearly establishes  they have no  real rebuttal for the material
 they disagree with.  I suggest, if those who "re-arranged and edited" this
 ditty would  have spent as much time writing a rebuttal or essay/opinion a
 great deal more could have been accomplished.  In fact,  had they  done so
 and sent it to STReport, it might have been in this issue.

     Oh Well,  as David  Zucker said;  "When they  spoof you, its proof you
 have arrived!  It gives real legitimacy to you and your goals.


                           TODAY'S NEWS ..TODAY!


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     The  sysops  have  enabled  a  new  message  section for discussion on
 Peripherals (Section 11).

     A free hard disk driver for your Portfolio?  That's  right!   Steve of
 BSE, has  uploaded the  driver files  which allow you to setup an external
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 Please address  all correspondence  to Marty at 75300,1770.  A program for
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   Issue #27

 Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 - Cupertino, California                APPLE OFFERS CORPORATE SUPPORT

 To  further highlight the importance that Apple Computer is  placing  on
 its corporate installed base, the company has expanded its direct assis-
 tance,  fee-based support program and has made it available on a nation-
 wide basis.

 The company staffs the Technical Coordinator Answerline from 9 a.m. to 6
 p.m., customer's local time, and 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Hawaii.

 - Arlington Heights, Ill.            AMERICAN PEOPLELINK GOES OFFLINE

 PLINK  (American Peoplelink) has quietly and mysteriously gone  offline.
 At the same time,  its direct-dial voice and data,  as well as toll-free
 telephone lines, have been disconnected.

 Sources  close to the online system -- system operators (sysops) of  the
 various  special interest groups (SIGs) on the service -- have  reported
 that they are owed money for services rendered.   The evidence  suggests
 that  Plink's financial problems have caused the service to go  offline,
 both by voice and by data.

 One of the service's most popular SIGs has signed with  Portal,  another
 online service. According to Portal, CBM*Harv, the popular sysop who ran
 the  Amiga Zone area on Plink until its demise last Friday,  has  agreed
 with Portal to reinstall the SIG on the Portal computers.

 - New York, New York              PRODIGY MAY HAVE TO CUT WORKFORCE TO
   ------------------              SURVIVE, WHILE GENIE MAKES MONEY WITH
                                         1/4TH THE SUBSCRIBERS

 A leading analyst of the online market,  Joshua Harris of Jupiter Commu-
 nications, says that Prodigy may have to cut its 900-person workforce by
 at least half if it is to be a long-term survivor in the online  market-

 While  Prodigy  recently claimed to have 1 million subscribers  and  has
 added over 300,000 subscribers in the last year with heavy  advertising,
 much will depend on Prodigy's renewal rate.  According to Harris,  "They
 have got to make some major news.  You can't lose money every year based
 on  potential."  He added,  "With a bad economy it won't help --  people
 don't have much discretionary income, and this requires that."

 The  online  marketplace is presently undergoing a  shake-out  in  which
 small firms like Peoplelink are hitting problems.  But even large  firms
 like  Prodigy  are  under pressure to  earn  profits,  Harris  says.  In
 contrast,  Harris said, GEnie is making money, relative to the industry,
 with only about 250,000 subscribers.

 - Tokyo, Japan                          JVC AND SEGA DEVELOP CD-ROM
   ------------                                  GAME MACHINE

 Japan Victor Corporation (JVC) and Sega Enterprises have announced plans
 to  jointly develop a powerful game machine based on CD-ROM  technology.
 The  new games machine will be equipped with sophisticated  audio-visual
 features,  which will create extra clear pictures and quality sound. The
 new games machine will be a combination of Sega's upgraded game  machine
 and a CD-ROM drive developed by JVC.

 - New York, New York                       APPLE & IBM IN ACCORD

 Arch-rivals Apple Computer and IBM Corporation have announced that  they
 will form a joint subsidiary to develop object-oriented software to  run
 on a variety of operating systems.  Under the announced agreement, Apple
 and  IBM will create a "jointly owned and independently managed"  system
 software company. The software produced by this firm will be offered for
 sale for systems manufactured by IBM, Apple and other vendors.

 Specifically mentioned in the announcement were "Intel's x86, Motorola's
 680X0,  and  IBM's RISC System/6000 POWER architecture" as target  plat-
 forms. It also stated that Apple and IBM will "use object-oriented tech-
 nology in future product offerings, as well as in current operating sys-
 tems,  assuring that applications written for current operating systems,
 including AIX, OS/2, and Macintosh, will run in these new environments."

 IBM and Apple also stated plans to further integrate the Macintosh  into
 the  IBM world by jointly developing and marketing networking  and  com-
 munications  products to extend the Macintosh into the  IBM  "enterprise
 environment." Additionally,  IBM and Apple will develop an enhanced ver-
 sion of AIX,  IBM's version of Unix,  which will support both  Macintosh
 and OSF/Motif user interfaces.

 The IBM-Apple agreement is seen by industry analysts as a  counteraction
 to the announced Microsoft/Com-paq/Digital alliance former earlier.

 - Maidenhead, Berkshire, England   COMMODORE ANNOUNCES NEW CDTV FEATURES

 In what many view as an attempt to breath fresh life into the Amiga CDTV
 project, Commodore has announced several new features for its new multi-
 media computer.  All of the new features enhance the unit's video  capa-

 One new feature,  CDXL,  lets developers display video images from a CD-
 ROM disk on screen. CDXL can display about 12 frames per second, or half
 the  number  of frames normally used for full-motion  video  films.  The
 effect is reported by observers to be satisfactory until objects move at
 high speed across the screen.

 - Seelandstrasse, Western Germany    FIRM INTROS HARD DISK LIFE EXTENDER

 Generally speaking, hard disks fail completely after three to four years
 of  regular use.  Now a West German company called Eurocomp has come  up
 with  a method of spinning the drive life out still further --  turn  it
 off while not in use.

 Eurocomp's Diskwatcher hardware unit plugs into a PC  expansion slot and
 controls all hard disk accesses.  If there are no  accesses made  during a
 given period  of time,  then the disk is  switched off. When the hard disk
 needs to be  accessed again,  the hardware buffers the request and spins
 the drive back up to speed.

 - Denver, Colorado                 DISKS NOT HARMED BY AIRPORT SECURITY

 According to tests conducted on June 11, 1991 by Colorado TravelBank and
 the Denver/Colorado System Operators Association,  airport security sys-
 tems do not adversely affect diskettes.

 The  tests were conducted using 5.25" - 360k,  5.25" - 1.2  meg,  3.5" -
 720k and 3.5" - 1.4MB Dysan and 3M disks, each containing identical data
 files. Each box of disks was placed in a typical traveler's carry-on bag
 to  simulate  actual  traveling conditions.  Each box  was  then  passed
 through the security screening device from one to 24 times.

 After the testing, bit level file comparisons were made to determine any
 adverse effects on the disks. It was concluded the diskettes used in the
 test  suffered no adverse effect from repeated exposure to the  security
 scanners.  Not one bit on any diskette was damaged,  and conclusion  was
 that a traveler need not be concerned with damage from these scanners.

 - Bogota, Colombia                 COMPUTER EATS COLOMBIAN CONSTITUTION

 According to Sunday's Washington Post report,  after destroying all  (or
 what  is thought to have been all) preliminary copies of the new  Colom-
 bian constitution,  someone accidentally erased the only remaining  com-
 puter copy.  The report does not explain just how the files were deleted
 from  the computer but does point out that the person in charge was  the
 nephew of a member of the committee which drew up the new constitution.

 Changes to the political,  economic, and judicial structure of the coun-
 try  were  all contained in more than 400 articles of the  proposed  new
 constitution,  and  all of them were stored on a computer,  ready to  be
 presented  to the country's constitutional convention for a vote  before
 it loses its legal standing at midnight on July 4.

 - Fort Worth, Texas                TANDY CLOSES OUT COMPLETE PC FOR $199

 Tandy is offering the most remarkable bargain in entry-level computing -
 a  complete MS-DOS computer for little more than the cost of a  keyboard
 and MS-DOS. The Tandy 1000HX, a 256K, unified computer/keyboard provides
 entry-level MS-DOS computing in an eminently affordable  package,  comp-
 lete with MS-DOS,  keyboard,  CPU or central processing  unit,  and,  in
 short,  a complete computer,  minus only a monitor, for $200, while they


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     Good evening,  and welcome  to DELPHI's  ST Advantage.   Tonight we're
 pleased to have Jim Allen, of Fast Technologies, as our guest for a Formal
 Conference.   For those  of you  who don't about Jim, he is the creator of
 the T16  accelerator board,  which makes  your ST  run at  about twice the
 speed it  used to  before you  installed the  T16.  And he is busy working
 on two newer, faster accelerators, the T20, an even faster  version of the
 T16, and  a 68030  board, that  uses Motorola's  68030 chip to replace the
 stock 68000 chip.  (There is a great deal more involved, but  Jim can talk
 about that.)

        That said, is there anything you'd like to say first, Jim?

   Sure,  first  I'd  like to  say it's  nice  to be  on Delphi,  I kept
   messing up appointments but finally got here!!   Tonight, I'd like to
   answer questions about the TURBO20 and some about the  TURBO030  that
   will be announced formally in a few days.

   The TURBO20 is our latest wonder,  it  is  a 20Mhz 68000 accelerator,
   that uses a 16Mhz chip and a 20Mhz oscillator,   and a number of neat
   tricks to get as much performance as  possible  out  of  the poor old
   68000 chip ;-)

   It has been ported to the Amiga (ouch) and Mac,  and will soon be THE
   premiere 68000 accelerator in the world.     We've received some good
   news, that many of our European competitors have  dropped  out of the
   speedup business, so the T20 on the Atari has a bright future.

   An overview:

   The TURBO20 uses a static ram cache, a small high speed memory,  plus
   the higher operating speed of a 20Mhz processor clock,  to  give your
   ST a boost to just over  2X  performance  in  most typical real world
   uses. It has the ability to switch back to true 8Mhz to allow the use
   of older speed sensitive SW,  and  also has cache on/off,  and  video
   board caching on/off controls. Our STE adapter is planned to have the
   same autoswitching setup as the  MegaSTE  so  that  speed  and  cache
   on/off will be controlled by the new  XCONTROL  panel  as if your STE
   was a MSTE.   The videoboard caching on/off is used when a board like
   the Maxon MGE card,  which has a coprocessor on it, is used.  Caching
   is not allowed when "other"  processors  might be  altering the  data
   without the T20 knowing about it.

   The board is as long as the 68000, and about 3/4" wider.  So it still
   fits everything, except the STacy is still a real pain... but doable.
   That's about it for features, we gave up on "fast rom" since the ROMS
   needed are just too expensive, and the speed increase isn't worth the

   Take it away Gordie...!

   Okay, anyone have any questions?  <grin>

   Well, I was wondering if a T030 would fit in a STacy?

   Very doubtful to no ;-)  But there will be a 520/1040 version of the
   T030 that will fit, it's about the size of a PCspeed.  GA

   When is it due out?

   Depending on how busy we are with the T030,   by August. I'd like to
   show it at Dusseldorf, and ship by Sept. GA

   ahh thanks. GA

   What kind of prices are you talking for a T030 or T20?  I don't need
   a rocketship, just a dragster..<G>
   The TURBO20  is $329,  the  STE adapter is $49,  and the TURBO030 is
   still in the air.

   The TURBO030 has two models,  both 40Mhz units, with 68030 included.
   The low cost model has cache only,  like the T20, but MUCH FASTER...
   it runs around 5X in speed improvement. It will retail for $849. The
   same board,  with the ram circuit populated,  has 4Megs or 16Megs of
   very, VERY fast  static column ram  (like the A3000) and will retail
   somewhere  under  $2000.   So,  it  will  be  competitive  with  the
   "competition".  It will also be quite a bit faster ;-)

   Can you grow the base model up to the high end model?

   The  cache-only model  can be  upgraded... by FAST TECH...  for  the
   difference in price between the two units. The board is 5"x5" and is
   all  surface mount design.  It has  seperate  CPU & FPU clocks,  the
   50Mhz 68882 option is $300.  The FPU operates at up to 75Mhz without
   any trouble!!  The TURBO030 also has a 68000 chip onboard so you can
   run any and all ST Software when you want...just flip a switch ;-)
   OK,  Jim,  business aside <<grin>>,  now  that the T16 is  no longer
   available with  a 520 w/ 2.5 megs,  what would you recommend for the
   user  who wants  that occasionally needed  extra speed running  such
   things as DTP, etc., and if I upgraded to a MSTE, would I be able to
   port the accelerator to the new machine?

   I'd buy a T20, Dana, and be very happy with it!!   Occasional use is
   NOT what the TURBO030 is targeted at, the T20 makes much more sense,
   and will make your life much easier...newsletter-wise ;-) GA

   hehe, would I be able to take the T20 out and move it to a MSTE?  GA

   Yes Dana, you can move it to an STE, the MSTE is already accelerated,
   I'd sell the 520/T20 combo  and get the MSTE  when upgrade time came.

   Thanks Jim.  GA

   What's the  difference between static ram and dynamic ram that you've
   been talking about?  ga

   Dynamic ram is really only half the ram chip.  The rest of the "chip"
   is made up of other ICs.  By throwing out a lot of functions, you can
   pack  many more bits  in the chip.   The downside is you need support
   circuits  to keep things ticking.   Also, simpler storage cell design
   saves space  for even greater increases in how many bits the chip can
   hold.   But refresh circuits that keep this simpler storage mechanism
   alive add to the over all complexity.

   Also,  all this  "off chip"  stuff slows down the  overall cycle time
   that a dynamic ram memory can have.  Static rams use advanced storage
   techniques,  and  have  everything  required to be a ram onboard,  so
   they're easier to use, faster, but much less dense.  So you use Drams
   for large memory systems, and little SRAM caches to make those  DRAMS
   look good ;-)   At least that's the way the world  works so far.   GA

   Wow...Thanks. GA

   I came in late, so I don't know if you covered this,  but why would I
   want to buy a TURBO030 board as opposed to an SST?  ga

   Simply because it's FASTER  and has  features that  set it WAY apart.
   Some of this I won't talk about yet,  but there  are some very unique
   aspects to the T030. I wouldn't have done it if I thought there would
   be any question as to choice ;-) GA

   Do you have benchmarks on both boards?  How about cost difference?

   The benchmarks will be released in a week or so.  I am licensing some
   software goodies for the roms that affect overall speed. Until that's
   settled, I don't want to go babbling numbers.

   I look forward to the info.  Could we get it put up online here?

   I can tell you  the typical access time  for ram is 75ns,  with 275ns
   bursts where appropriate. The TT runs about 400ns bursts.

   Yes!! I will make sure it gets up here same day  as GEnie... that's a
   promise. GA

   Thank You. GA.

   Jim, does  the T20 come with a math coprocessor for us Spectre owners
   <ducking :)> GA

   The 68000  chip uses the 68881/2 in a different manner than the 68030
   chip  does,  so having  one  wouldn't help,  unless  you had software
   specifically written for it. Dynacadd is an example of an ST app that
   is written FOR IT.  But you can get  a JRI 25Mhz FPU board and add it
   to the T20... or buy it from me that way... and get an FPU.  It won't
   help under Spectre though.  That gets real complicated,  SANE library
   stuff etc. GA

   Thanks Jim.  GA.

   The  speed  you  stated  above  for the TT?  Was that with or without
   TTRAM, and will you be doing any boards for the TT?   ga

   That's TTram... 400ns burst,  the ST ram  is 1 access (32bits)  every
   500ns time  period  just like  the ST.   Same as the ST,  just 32bits
   wide ;-)   I am waiting to see whether the TT will be pushed hard, if
   so I WILL do a combination TURBORAM/cache card for it.    TURBORAM is
   what we call the ram on the TT030 and it has some unique aspects  ;-)
   I believe Atari has done some  good  things to the TT  very  recently
   that will make it a much better product soon. GA

   Thanks, ga

   When you mentioned the ability  to change  the speed and caching,  is
   that software addressable, or is it a hardware thing?  ga

   The T20 is set up for it to be HW only, the STE adapter will have the
   software  control on it.   The board just would  have gotten  too big
   otherwise.  Most people will just use a  HW  switch  to go between 20
   and 8 at powerup.  GA

   Is that STe adaptor shipping real soon now?  <g>  Or did you actually
   get the info you needed?  Finally.  ga

   It is real soon now.  I'm still waiting for the info.  So I will just
   pull  xcontrol apart and  figure it  out myself.   I would have liked
   Atari to cough up the  "standard" but that's a waste of time I guess.

   That's too bad.  But...

   Are your  products compatible with  software accelerators  like Quick
   ST?  Is the effect additive?  ga

   Yes!!  In fact, TURBO20 is bundled  with TURBOST,  the super-duper SW
   accelerator.  And a  new  version of  TURBOST will be out this summer
   that is even better!!!  The effect is definitely ADDITIVE. GA

   thanks ga

   It's compatible with QuickST, but it comes with TST ;-)
   How does PC Ditto run on the T20?  GA.

   Good Question.  The Floppy code is too speed sensitve,  so I  haven't
   been able to find out yet   :-(   I have  someone working  on a patch
   program to slow down the loops and make it stable again. GA

   Thanks Jim, GA.

   I hate to be the one to ask blatant A or B questions, but I have been
   seriously looking at the ADSpeed from ICD...   Would you care to mark
   the two side-by-side?

   B...that's my favorite.  I don't like to cut into "other" products. I
   can  simply say  the T20  is  faster,  and we've  been at  this a lot
   longer.  GA

   How about $ comparison?

   The T20 is $329,  the Adspeed is around $249? I think,  but mailorder
   can have a drastic affect on price.  It's a case of $ for MPH ;-)

   Which do you  think  would  be easier for a person like ME to install
   or are both meant for a dealer to do?

   It's a tie  on the install.  Both  need the 68000 yanked, and that is
   NOT for the faint at heart. We sell through lots of dealers that have
   good techs for the install.  GA

   I am,  like Dana,  a serious  DTP worker...   and  the accelerator is
   guaranteed to work with big programs like CALAMUS with no :( ?

   It makes Calamus scream!!!  It's  only some  games  and really  speed
   sensitive utility software...  like floppy formatters...  that can be
   adversely affected....  and Spectrum of course ;-)

   :)   GA

   How about Pagestream?  ga

   Pagestream, too...  all the major apps  have never had  trouble  with
   accelerators. GA

   If we  bought  an accelerator from a  mail  order outfit that did not
   install, could we send it to you?  How much, how long?

   I have done this rarely.  It's not something we want to make a policy
   since it is  very time  consuming.  We can refer you to any one  of a
   dozen great dealers that will do fast turn around in the $50-75 range
   plus shipping. GA

   Sounds good.  GA

   STE installs WILL be user installations!!!  Just plug it in!!! GA

   So T20 STE installs are as easy as SIMM installs <grin>, how come? GA

   Not quite  as easy,  you need  to take off  one more shield,  but the
   68000 is in a SOCKET!!! Yeah!!! GA

   Really, Jim?  My 68000 is socketed?  Cool.

   So far ;-)

 .The Lone STacy>
   Well, back to the Stacy, the 520 T30, what is the  difference between
   this one and the two you mentioned <kicking dead horse>. GA

   The Tiny TURBO030  is a cache-only version  that is very tiny,  hence
   the name.  This is our finest effort  in minaturization, and even the
   ROMs with TOS 2.0X are little SMD chips! And the price will be around
   $599...don't hold me to it though ;-)

 .The Lone STacy>
   sounds...small :)  What will be the speedup?

   Actually smaller than the  PC Speed board.   It has  to be to fit all
   models. GA

 .The Lone STacy>
   Will it give say 3x my prsent speed? GA

   The worst case on the cache-only board is 3X...  actually 60% in pure
   memory movement like QIndexs scroll test... but 5X in most real world
   stuff,  like scrolling  or redrawing  in Calamus, etc.   Surprisingly
   quick actually. GA

 .The Lone STacy>
   WOW!  Could make a real handy portable. Thanks. GA

   Will the Tiny TURBO030 work with the STe's.  ga

   That's the idea Gordie, to fit in all ST(e)s and work. As an example,
   load a 300K 7,000 line file into Tempus...already quite fast... an ST
   takes 22 secs to  scroll to the end of the file, the cache-only T030s
   take only 4.5 secs!!! It's scary from such a small setup.

   Great.  Another way to get a headache with my ST.  <grin>

   Will owners of T16's be able to upgrade to T20's, like Atari Canada's
   8-bit-for-ST deal? ga

   Yes,  the current T16 owners  get $89 off  he T20 price, the offer is
   extended to Sept 30th... since there are few mags to get the word out
   in...and you get to keep the T16 ;-) Just send it back to be "marked"
   Only one upgrade per T16 ;-)

   There will be such a deal on the TURBO030 board also!! More $$ off of
   course ;-)  GA


   Jim,  the Tiny Turbo is a cache-only board;  does this mean the  only
   diff between that and the T20 is the 030 and TOS 2.0X chips.  Does it
   still use 32K of cache memory?  The 030 speeds it up that much, wow!!

   Yes Dave,  the Tiny T030 adds the 030... still has a 68000!!  And the
   TOS ROMs, and adds just $270...don't hold me to that ;-)

   Thanks Jim, see you at Atari Day!  GA.

   Hi Jim, I'm slightly confused. Is the Tiny T030 upgradeable on memory
   like the Turbo030?  ga

   No,  it has no  DRAM  memory, it just  speeds up  your ST using cache
   memory.   The whole  DRAM system uses far  too much space  to squeeze
   under the hood of a 1040 ;-) GA

   Okay,  so you're saying you  have 4 products.  The Turbo20,  the Tiny
   Turbo030,  the naked Turbo030,  and the full-dress Turbo030.  Is that
   right?   And  the  approximate  prices  are,  $330  for  the Turbo20,
   tentatively $600 for the Tiny Turbo030,  $900 for the naked Turbo030,
   and under $2000 for the Full-dress Turbo030?

   That's about it. GA

   Jim, is it possible to add a 68040 to the ST or at least to a TT?

   It is possible.  I  have  made  arrangements  with a  Mac accelerator
   company to license  their ASIC chip for the ST market.  It would make
   an 040 daughter board for the T030 a much simpler job. But it will be an
   expensive  proposition for a few more  months.   I would expect Atari
   themselves to be working on such a thing for the future.  Let's hope!
   ;-) GA

   How much would it cost?  Will we see it anytime soon?  GA

   Chips  like that don't cost a lot,  the 040 costs   ;-)  I won't even
   start to worry about it until fall,  but the T030 is definitely setup
   with that in mind for the future.  GA

   What about a RISC Chip, like the 88k or Sparc?  I've heard that there
   are 68000 emulators for them.  GA

   Won't happen, software is the trouble. There is always Sun though ;-)
   Yes, an emulator  would do  the job,  but the machines cost $$... $5K
   minimum. GA

   Thanks. Jim.

   Well, Jim, it's getting pretty late, so I'll try to wind this down.

   Okay by me. GA

   Would you  say something  about how  you  perceive  the future of the
   ST/TT's here in North America?  ga

   Not if my life depended on it ;-)


   Actually, the  ST is still a  good value, it does the job... whatever
   the job is... and so as a purchase I'd  recommend it.  But if you can
   afford a Mac, it's mighty tempting ;-0 GA

   Yes, reality does intrude at times, doesn't it?


   Well,  that about wraps it up.   I'd like to thank Jim for joining us
   here on Delphi, and I'll see about getting him here on a more regular
   basis.  If the rest of you don't mind, of course.  <grin>


   Any closing comments, Jim?

   Nope,  just  thanks a bunch  for inviting me,  I  really  enjoyed the
   visit.  I'll  try to make it by more often,  and will put up the T030
   intro when I do GEnie!!  Bye folks!!!

   This CO is officially over.

 Again,  thanks to JBEAU for doing most of  the gruntwork in editing
 this transcript.   His work saved me a couple of hours of  staring into
 my Omnimon.  My eyes appreciate it! <grin> --Gordie (aka BIBLINSKI)

 This conference transcript is the exclusive property of the ST Advantage
    on DELPHI. Permission to reprint is granted only if this notice is
             included with the transcript and left unchanged.

 > TURBO 20!! STR Spotlight    "The Turbo 20 board is a VERY solid!"

                        THE T-20 IS FOR EVERYBODY!

 by Doyle C. Helms

     I know  in my  "Real World BenchMarks" article a couple of weeks ago I
 said I would let the numbers do the  talking for  the the  TURBO-20 (T-20)
 accelerator because  they could be much more eloquent than I in describing
 the fine product from FaST Technology.  Well to hell  with eloquence, I've
 got to  tell you some more about this excellent product I've used over the
 past several weeks!

     The Turbo 20 accelerator board is a VERY  solid and  dependable add-on
 from ANY  ST/MEGA. I  have used this unit for several weeks now and I have
 experienced NO difficulties with software crashes and etc.   I  now wish I
 had acquired  a T-16 board when they first came out.  I had read and heard
 from various sources way back then that the  T-16 was  an improvement, but
 was that increase worth the money?

     The  comments  I  saw  and  heard  was that unless you were a hardcore
 DTP'er or CAD user it really wasn't  worth  it.    Well  let  me  tell you
 friends, those  people that said and wrote those comments are no longer on
 my list to buy anymore swampland in Florida from <wide grin>!

     The T-20 is for everybody!  Normal  everyday  use  of  the  ST/Mega is
 GREATLY ENHANCED.   The  Desktop windows update so quickly that I have hit
 the update (Esc) key again to update the window because I didn't  think it
 had done so when I first did an update keying when I changed disks.

     Using the  ST/MEGA with  T-20 installed  is like it was going from the
 ol' 800 to the ST/MEGA as  far as  the perception  of the  speed increase!
 Granted that  there is  more to  an ST  than just the speed increase (e.g.
 Desktop, mouse and etc.) Speed of process is definitely a factor.

     Let me clarify at the juncture that not  all programs  are accelerated
 by this or any other 68000 accelerator.

     Games, most  of all  graphic games  are not "speeded up" as in getting
 from point A to point B any faster.   Take  Falcon for  example.   I was a
 little ambivalent  about flying Falcon at twice the speed and getting shot
 down twice as fast <g>.  Well, the speed increase with Falcon as with most
 games is  not in overall speed increase but with smoother animation. These
 games and some other programs like WordWriter, rely on the system clock to
 carry out  instructions.   So even if you ran Falcon on a TT you would not
 get from home base to the target any faster.

     Applications such as WordWriter, the scrolling of the  cursor with ar-
 row keys  would not  be 2 times the speed. This is because the programming
 is set up to control the speed of this operation.  Check out Tempus if you
 want to  see what releasing the cursor to full speed can look like! Paging
 in WordWriter, (clicking in the scroll bar) would show an increase though.
 Search and replace functions and such are greatly increased also.

     GFA Basic  Editor shows  almost no increase (it is already FAST!). The
 programs, either  run from  the editor  or compiled,  shows an appropriate
 increase  in  execution.  The  compiling  of  programs  is  also increased


     Calamus program loads from disk very quickly (the  disk access  is not
 speeded  up,  just  the  execution  of  the code after normal disk loading
 time). If you read my real  world  benchmarks  in  STReport  724  you will
 notice a decrease in time to load a LARGE CDK file and display it in 20Mhz
 mode vice the 8Mhz mode. 49 Secs to load and display in 8Mhz is not a LONG
 time you say. No it isn't for just a one time load. The "small" difference
 between the 8Mhz L&D(Load and Display) time and the L&D of the 20Mhz is 26
 seconds.   You save  more time (26 seconds) in 20Mhz the it actually takes
 to L&D in 20Mhz vice 8Mhz. Confused? As started before, L&D in  8Mhz is 49
 seconds, 20Mhz  L&D time  is 23  seconds. This  comes to  a  savings of 26

     The screen redraws when scrolling around a document is VERY  fast com-
 pared to  8Mhz.Think about  doing this  and other L&D's over the course of
 many hours and you can begin to see the finger  tapping factor  is greatly
 reduced!  The  other  functions  in  Calamus is GREATLY (close to twice in
 most cases) reduced. Again reference the ST Report 724 T-20 benchmarks.

     The same can be said for PageStream (1.8) in execution times  of func-
 tions  and  L&D's.  The  bigger  difference  of  speed  increase   between
 PageSTream and Calamus is the printout time. PageSTream  print time is cut
 by a larger margin that the one in Calamus.

     Touch-Up is  one of  the programs that GREATLY benefits from the T-20.
 The MAJOR gripe I had with Touch-Up was the excessively slow load  time of
 IMG files.  The average  L&D for a 66K IMG file is 49 seconds for 8Mhz and
 22 seconds for 20Mhz mode. The T-20 was/is a godsend for Touch-Up users!

     MVG. Well this program is already a fireball  when it  comes to speed.
 The same 66K IMG file L&D time for MVG is 4 seconds for 8Mhz and 2 seconds
 for 20Mhz.  The difference of L&D is still about  half, but  to the human-
 (and my sometimes sub-human<g>) mind the difference of 2 seconds is almost
 imperceivable. Reference the function times in  MVG. A  90 degree rotation
 time of  20 seconds  in 8Mhz  vice 8  seconds in  20Mhz. See  even MVG can
 greatly benefit from T-20.

     Now for one of the driest and probably most often performed operations
 on the  ST/Mega is archiving. Be it either ARC or LZH or whatever, this is
 a boring and time consuming operation.

     How many time have you gotten the LYNX out to play a game while the ST
 is doing  some hardcore  arcing? Ever  go to  put on a pot of coffee while
 your waiting? No more of that with T-20!

     Lets look at LZHing  with Quester  1.1319 and  the amount  of time YOU
 will be saved from this tedious task.

     10 files  with an  average size  of 219672 are to be moved into an ar-
 chive. The 8Mhz time is  16  minutes.  20Mhz  time  is  6  minutes  and 47
 seconds!!!  Savings  of  *TEN*  (10,  count 'em, 10) minutes! I could walk
 around the block in 10 minutes! To UNLZH these same files with  Quester is
 4 minutes at 8Mhz and 2minutes at 20Mhz.

     ARC 6.02  time for Moving the same files into an arc is 13 minutes and
 37 seconds at 8Mhz and 5 minutes and 43 seconds at 20Mhz. A savings of 7.9
 minutes! Well, so much for playing that LYNX game.(NOTE: Although the time
 for ARCing is faster  than the  LZHing, the  compression ratio  for LZH is
 much greater.)

     That about  wraps it  up for this installment. Next I will look at the
 benefits of T-20 with  alternate Desktops,  various disk  utility programs
 and Databaseing.  Until then, Speed on the computer dosen't kill, it saves
 large amounts of hair from being pulled...

                              D.HELMS [GEnie]
            STARTWO [Delphi- The ST Advantage! Check it out...]

     P.S. I am in NO WAY associated with FaST Tech.  I receive  NO "perks",
 special attention or any other enumeration for these articles! I paid FULL
 price for my T-20 and have the canceled  check to  prove it!  I am  just a
 very satisfied  user/customer that is willing to share some good news ver-
 sus writing a gripe letter when things are wrong and NEVER a good one when
 they are right.


 > The Flip Side STR Feature       "...a different viewpopint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

     The summer's just begun and already it seems to have been three months
 long.  With vacations, normal summer outings and holidays, some unexpected
 illness in  the family  and other  things, I haven't been able to log onto
 all of the on-line  services as  much as  I'd like  to.   In fact,  I just
 caught up  with CIS  and Delphi  and have  been afraid  to even try Genie.
 Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with the Genie posts in a week or two.
 So with  apologies to  Genie, most  of the posts in this weeks  column are
 from CIS.


 Some very interesting comments from Loic Duval, the chief editor of the
 French magazine, "Atari Magazine". This section was compiled from 3-5
 different posts. Also, I have left the posts mainly as-is to keep the
 French 'flavor' in the posts - from CIS...

   I am Loic DUVAL, the chief editor of the french mag: "Atari Magazine".
   I can give you all the information  you want (or need) on the european
   market & products...What can I say about the french and European mar-
   ket?  hummmm... Atari is the European leader in the home market, with
   45% of this market.

   There are:

   400,000 ST (STF/STE/MEGA) installed in France; 600,000 ST (maybe more)
   in RFA [Germany]; 400,000 ST (maybe 500 000) in UK and also many ST's
   in Belgium, Netherlands, Danemark, etc.

   The Mega STE is selling very well in France (we are out of stock) and
   the TT very well in Germany.

   ATARI France is hoping to sell between 100,000 & 150,000 STE in 1991.
   I think it will be the same thing in UK. It is a strange thing, but it
   seems that Atari is now more a European company even if all the deve-
   lopements are made in USA.

   The professional market is very important in Germany (Atari is the
   leader of this market in this country). In France professional part of
   total Atari sales is between 15 & 20%.

   Oh, do you know that Atari UK is developing a new add-on for STF/STE
   based on a transputer T800. This add-on known as STT would be avail-
   able in Europe at the end of 1991 and would have some amazing graphic
   capacities. The price would be around 850 $ (US).

   You have to understand that the European market is very different than
   yours. The Mega STE is doing so well in our countries that Atari can't
   supply everybody.  For example Atari France has installed a direct
   airlift between France and the factories to receive machines as fast
   as possible.

   Sales of the TT and MEGA STE are pretty good in Europe. The slowdown
   is on the home market. The 1040 STE is selling well, but the 520 STE
   meets some little drop due to economical difficulties and the strong
   attack of the game systems (NES, Geo Neo, Lynx...).


 About the Migraph Hand Scanner from Wayne Dunham on Delphi...
   ....I'll let you all in on a nifty little Item I just got for my
   Migraph Hand Scanner.  It's called SnapGuide. It's a small piece of
   plastic that snaps right onto your Migraph scanner giving you a
   straight edge on both sides of the scanner. This makes it MUCH easier
   to scan a straight line by simply drawing the scanner along something
   straight. A short straight edge similiar to a ruler is included in the

   The piece of plastic that attaches to your scanner just snaps on
   without the need to take anything apart. It goes right into the slot
   between the top and bottom halves of the the scanner. It 'grips' the
   scanner in 4 spots. One on each side at the location of the selection
   switches, and 2 others near the cord.

   It works GREAT!!! Now I can scan straight images easily.

   I bought it from a place called Thunderware Inc in CA. Here's the

                             Thunderware  Inc.
                               21 Orinda Way
                             Orinda, CA  94563
                            Tel. (415) 254-6581
                            Fax  (415) 254-3047

   It cost me $14.95 + $6 shipping and handling.


 One person who was IMPRESSED with Prism-Pain and Chronos-3D - from Bill
 Rayl (Atari Interface Magazine)
   Having now had a few days to "play around" with both Prism-Paint and
   Chronos-3D, I have to tell you I've *very* impressed. Chronos is sim-
   ply amazing...I can't believe how easy it is to create animations with
   this package.

   First, I have to say that I'm not coming from an animation background.
   I took a look at CAD-3D and all the Cyber stuff, but was turned off by
   what I saw as its over-complication of the process. Some people pro-
   bably liked the "programming" aspects of it. I only wanted to "goof
   around" and make "simple" animations easily. Chronos-3D sure fits the
   bill! I can see there's been lots of thought put into the design.
   After running through the tutorials, I was off creating my own simple
   animations and experimenting.

   And, from the looks of it, Chronos has the power to do some pretty
   neat, heavy-duty stuff. I'm looking forward to the fun I'm going to
   have getting into computer animation. Thanks for making animation
   software that makes the process seem more like play than work! I can't
   believe how much fun this is.

                 Bill (a very impressed novice animator) Rayl

   PS: Using Prism Paint to play around with the FLM animations created
   in Chronos is a blast! Prism Paint is one heck of a nice paint pro-
   gram, but don't tell Robert B. I said so. It'll just go to his head!


 Ron Luks (Sysop) just got a new addition to his family, a Supra Modem
 9600 - From CIS...
   My SupraModem 9600 just arrived and I've been playing with it all
   afternoon. It hooked up perfectly right out of the box and I was up
   and running at 9600 baud in a matter of minutes.

   The DOC's are very complete and I'll read it after the excitement of
   the new modem wears off a bit. Fortunately, just the info in the first
   chapter is all thats needed to get going.

   ....2400 baud seems so slow now!

   BTW, I found one definite problem with the new Supramodem 9600. The
   wife came into my office, took one look, and wants one for herself.
   Sigh! (I should have had it sent it in a dented case so it didn't look
   so d**n nice!)

 Some folks asked how they could upgrade their Supra 2400's - From John
 (Supra Corp) on CIS....
   We have several different programs for you to trade up to the Supra
   Modem 9600. Please call our sales department at 1-800-727-8772 to get
   all the details.

   The upgrade [from a normal Supra 2400] to the Supramodem 2400 Plus
   costs $125 if you return a working Supramodem. We can ship you the new
   modem and then credit you for the difference when you return the old
   one. Call our sales dept. at 1-800-727-8772 if you want more info.


 Information about REVOLVER from Jeff Rigby (Intersect Software) - com-
 piled from two posts - on CIS...
   Revolver will not work on a STE or TT. Although Revolver is TOS in-
   dependent, when the hardware registers change or the method of add-
   ressing those hardware registers change then Revolver won't work.

   At this time we are still deciding whether to rewrite Revolver for the
   STE...The programmer [who wrote Revolver] is very disappointed at the
   sales volume for the ST, it was a specialized program and we expected
   (projected) about 5000 copies sold during the life of the program. So
   far total sales are slightly over 1000 for two years. ** He is paid on
   a percentage. ** STE Revolvers based on ST sales would be less than
   400. With projected sales like that he isn't willing to touch it.

   There are several companies writing Multi-Tasking OS "patches" for the
   TT, we may not get into that arena unless they drop the ball.


 A Spectre GCR problem experienced by Alicia Dana (Lexicor Software) - on
   I've been having problems moving files between the Mac II and the
   Spectre GCR. If I format the disk on my Spectre, I can read it on both
   the Mac II and the GCR.  But if I write to a disk using the Mac II
   then I have a problem reading the disk from my spectre. I sometimes
   get "this disk needs minor repair" errors and sometimes it just fails
   when I am trying to copy a file onto the GCR that was written by the
   Mac II.

 Help from Mark (Gadgets by Small) - on CIS...
   I've seen a problem like this before and it usually occurs for one of
   two reasons:

   1) The Mac II is equipped with a "SuperDrive" and it seems that these
   drives (due to their tighter tolerances, etc.) are somewhat
   problematic (with Spectre) when they are used to format the Mac disks.
   The solution here is to always format your Mac disks on Spectre or
   with a Mac that doesn't contain a SuperDrive.

   2) One of the drives (Mac II or ST) has read/write heads that are
   slightly out of adjustment. This is something that must be diagnosed
   by a service tech.

   You didn't say if your Mac II had a SuperDrive but I would guess that
   it is the most likely possible culprit here. Always format your Mac
   disks under Spectre and you *should* be OK.

 Another Spectre GCR question - from John La Marsh on CIS...
   We have a 4 meg TT....The problem is that we are unable to get Spectre
   to recognize any of the GEM partitions so we are unable to format them
   ...Does anyone know what the problem could be?

 Again, Mark (Gadgets by Small) to the rescue...
   Spectre does not currently support the TT's internal hard drive, nor
   does Spectre currently support the TT's external SCSI port. To use a
   HD with Spectre it must be an "ST Compatible" external HD attached to
   the TT's DMA port.

   Dave tells me that version 3.1 of Spectre will fix this limitation.


 Stop the presses!!  MAC roms found!! From Cabell J. Fearn on CIS...
   We have 128k Macintosh System ROMs for Spectre or other emulators in
   stock at the moment for anyone in need of them. You one
   of these addresses:

      FEARN                         FEARN
      519 W. Taylor #114            Roemerstr. 21
      Santa Maria                   7000 Stuttgart 1
      CA 93454                      W. Germany

      Tel (805) 925 6682            Tel. 0711 602489
                                    FAX  0711 649 3711

 We also provide other products for use with Spectre and Macintosh such
 as the SLM 804 INIT which is a 300 DPI printer driver for the Atari
 Laser printer, Stalk, the AppleTalk compatible SCC card for the ST under
 Spectre, and The Patch Kit which provides patches for the few programs
 that don't want to run properly with the emulation. (We sell all the
 Gadgets products too.)

 We have a lot of experience with Spectre and Macintosh emulation in
 general so if you have problems feel free to contact us.


 Information about Sierra games - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
 From Fred Oliva - Cat. 9, Topic 32, message 91...

   About Sierra and the ST; just wanted to remind all out there that they
   are upgrading two classics: Kings Quest I and Mixed Up Mother Goose.
   These two will support the Roland sound modules and have a higher
   resolution than their predescors.

 From David Holmes - Cat. 9, Topic 32, message 92...
   Yes, the upgraded classics will be out soon. Although, I don't know if
   they will be updating anymore of their games, since Space Quest I and
   Leisure Suit Larry I will be VGA only for the IBM.

   Sierra games have continuous music now. I recently finished Space
   Quest IV, and there was non-stop music, most of it very appropriate to
   the scenes. (I think Conquests of Camelot had almost continuous


 Fax machines seem to be the popular rage.   Here are some posts from CIS
 telling  how to use your ST as a fax machine - many of the  replies  are
 compiled from 2-3 posts...

 From Pattie Rayl (Atari Interface Magazine)...
   I suggest the Joppa Faxmodem. It's really good, and I use mine all the
   time both with Flash (As a modem) and PageStream (as a Fax machine).
   You can contact Joppa Computers at (800) 876-6040.  They are the ones
   who created the software for the Joppa Fax. The cost, last I knew, was
   $169. I could have been lowered recently.

   Joppa Fax can take text, pics or documents out of PageStream and
   Calamus.  It connects to your ST just like a regular modem does. It's
   really very simple!

 From Bob Retelle (Sysop)... expand on what Pattie said about the Joppafax modem system. The
   software included with the modem converts a disk file into a fax com-
   patible file which is then transmitted by the modem..

   The original file can be an ASCII text file or a Pagestream document
   (among other types), and the receiving end will get an exact duplicate
   of the file. That means you could do up a fancy page with fonts and
   graphics, and send it by faxmodem, and they'll get it just as if you'd
   laser printed it for them.

 From John Davis (Sysop)...

   Believe it or not, I primarily use JoppaFax for that very reason - I
   can print a PageStream document to disk and xmit it to my Fax faster
   than I can print it on the printer! Pretty useful when I've got one of
   those particularly complex files that takes *forever* to print

   I use a NEC Pinwriter - it takes about 20 minutes to print a full
   page. Printing to a disk file is much faster and I can send it to the
   FAX in just a few minutes.

   The resolution isn't as good - my printer is 'supposed' to be 360x360,
   but it appears less than that. I believe the FAX is somewhere in the
   200's. The blacks are much blacker, though, just like with a laser, so
   it actually looks better than the dot matrix for some types of


 Some intertaining travel stories from Bob Brodie (Atari user group co-
 ordinator) - on CIS...
   My Stacy has been x-rayed many, many times. No problems. With many
   airports they don't care if you x-ray it or not, they still want to
   check it out.

   The toughest one has been Dulles International Airport in Washington,
   D.C.  One time I screwed up there, and forgot to charge the batteries,
   or pack the a/c adapter with the case. I couldn't power it up at all
   ...ended up having to have the representative from United Airlines
   come over and sign a waiver for me to get through.

   At Charlotte, N.C. they didn't care about the Stacy...they noticed the
   Portfolio on X-ray. They wanted to check it out to see what it was. Go
   figure. All the airports are different.

   Many of the security people don't really know what they are looking
   for. I remember hand carrying a Mega 4 CPU that had just been upgraded
   with a T-16 on to a flight. They asked me to turn it on. I told them I
   would be happy to....and then asked them to provide a monitor. They
   looked at me kinda funny. I supppose the thought of someone hand
   carrying a fragile item never occured to them before!  <grin>

   PS- More travel stories available on request!


 All of us have run into CRC errors sometime or the other.  Bob Retelle
 (Sysop) tries to explain what these mysterious CRC errors are - from
   ...CRC means "Cyclical Redundant Checksum".  That means when a file is
   ARCed or tramnsmitted by modem, the program doing it will "add up" all
   the bytes and store the result with the file, or transmit it along
   with the block of file being sent by modem.

   When you unARC the file, or your terminal program receives the block,
   it "adds up" the bytes again, and compares the result it gets with the
   result the original program came up with. If the two numbers match,
   the chances are very good that the file is exactly the same as it was

   If the two numbers do not match, something went wrong along the way,
   and the file is corrupted somehow... (it's a little more complicated
   than that, but that's essentially how it works..)


 Until next week.....


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


                            WHAT'S NEW ON GENIE
                               July 05, 1991

     The GEnie ST Roundtable really has  some exciting  activity.  Activity
 is high  in the  libraries and  the message bases. Check it out.  You will
 see what I mean.

     David Becker (D.BECKER6) has agreed to  share  some  of  his  very own
 programs.   I confess  that I  had to  twist his  arm but not too much so.
 Type M475;3 and select option 3.  Enter his GE Mail address to do a search
 on the wide variety of programs he has uploaded.

     With all  the discussion on what compression methods we should accept,
 do yourself a favor  and download  file# 20027  called XSHELL.LZH.   Ralph
 Mariano (ST.REPORT) should be thanked for sharing this do all shell.

     After doing so, be sure to tell us what compression method you want by
 posting in Category 1 Topic 23 in the message base.

     Interested in DeskTop Publishing?  Every Monday night  we hold  a con-
 ference at 7pm western - 10 pm eastern in room 3 of the ST Roundtable con-
 ference rooms.

     Are you an expert in Midi?  Interested in hosting  a weekly conference
 for us?   Send mail to DARLAH  <-- we will be adding a new midi conference
 by August 1st.

                                        Till next time...........

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > The FUJI ZONE STR Feature        "traveling through another dimension"

                               THE FUJI ZONE

 by Joe Mirando

                You're traveling through another dimension,

                  a dimension  not only of bits and bytes

                but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land

                 whose boundaries are that of imagination.

                       That's the signpost up ahead.

                             Your next stop...

                               THE FUJI ZONE

 Submitted for your  approval,  the  theory  that  time  is  but  one track
 running  parallel  to  many  others that, under most circumstances, cannot
 meet one another or exchange events.

 Enter one Harrison Dearson.  A young man intent on making his  mark on the
 computer industry.   Since  Harry has  no talent  in either programming or
 systems design he has decided to make his entree by becoming indispensable
 to the upper echelon of one of the larger computer companies.

 In our  current time-line Mr. Dearson has just gotten a job with the Atari
 Computer Corporation.  By not rocking the boat and telling his bosses only
 what  they  want  to  hear,  our  young  traveler  has  indeed ensured his
 continued employment.  He has also, however, ensured  that the  Atari Com-
 puter Corporation  will remain  in very low popularity by the very lack of
 support of and agressive marketing in the U.S. that have  made him  a suc-
 cessful "Corporate Warrior".

 In our  proposed alternate  time-line, however, Mr. Dearson's Taxi encoun-
 ters a rather disagreeable telephone  pole  on  it's  way  to  Atari head-
 quarters which  makes the  traveler an  hour late for his interview.  This
 does not sit well  with  his  prospective  employer.  Harrison  Dearson is
 forced to seek other employment.

 The young  man that  does get  the job  in this new time-line is concerned
 only with expanding the product line  and the  well-being of  the company.
 Because of  this, Atari becomes the premier computer manufacturer and out-
 distances all other computer companies.  A sampling of the  events of this
 time-line bear out this conclusion:

 July, 1989:

 Atari introduces their Stacy portable computer.  The music industry quick-
 ly embraces it as the best MIDI computer around.   The Stacy  also becomes
 quite popular with businessmen on the go who are tired of all of the "com-
 mand-line nonsense".  Atari's  careful  attention  to  detail  permits the
 Stacy to  pass FCC  testing quickly while the company's renewed commitment
 to advertising and support in the American market provides U.S. users with
 enough machines to cover the huge demand.

 January, 1990:

 The introduction  of the  STe continues the rise of Atari in the home com-
 puter market.  Although the machine  can still  show a  maximum of sixteen
 colors  at  a  time,  the  new  pallet (with a choice of 4,096 colors) and
 stereo capabilities  make  the  machine  a  favorite.    Dealers  now have
 machines  in  stock  and  do  a  brisk  business  in  Atari  computers and

 May, 1990:

 Atari's new TT computer system based on the  Motorola 68030 microprocessor
 running at  32 megahertz  takes the small work- station industry by storm.
 With improved speed and graphics capabilities,  the TT  becomes a favorite
 for  desktop   publishing,  desktop   video,  and  all  other  multi-media
 applications.  With a price well  below those  of comparable  machines, an
 Atari becomes the computer of choice in this area also.

 January, 1991:

 The long  awaited ATW  (Atari Transputer  Workstation) impresses medium to
 large sized businesses.    With  parallel  processors  that  can  reach an
 appreciable  percentage  of  super-computer  speed,  the ATW shows Atari's
 determination to succeed in  the american  market and  the continued "more
 bang for the buck" philosophy.

 February, 1991:

 Atari strikes  a deal with Paramount Pictures, Inc. to supply computers to
 be used in production and post-production  sound and  graphics work.   The
 computers include  the STe,  the TT and the ATW, as well as Portfolios for
 the production staff and executives (the  executives use  it only  for the
 pong game which is included with the machine).

 December, 1991:

 Paramount Pictures  releases Star  Trek VI after the shortest post produc-
 tion schedule since computers entered the  movie industry.  The success of
 the  movie,  which  relieves  executives  and  saves  the contracts of the
 actors, is credited to the abilities of the  new computers  purchased from

 Rambo VI,  which is  released by  another studio  at the same time, is not
 well received by the  public or  the critics.   The  washed out  audio and
 lack-luster visual  effects are widely considered to be the reason for the
 films demise.   As  a shining  example of  the effects  problems, one post
 production worker  says "The  reason that  this movie is titled 'Rambo VI'
 instead of 'Rambo V' is that the titling software on our computers  was so
 difficult  to  use  that  we  didn't  even notice that it was titled wrong
 until the Premier.  Damn! I wish we had used an Atari!"

 And what of our young traveler you may  ask?   Mr. Harrison  Dearson, upon
 the  unsuccessful  completion  of  his  inte{view  in  Sunnyvale, promptly
 secures a job with IBM (which,  by virtue  of Harry's  tactics, ceases the
 manufacture of personal computers ten months later).


 Editor Note:

 It would be nice....


 > WAACE/FALL'91 STR SHOW NEWS         "The Premier East Coast Show!"

                    Blast Off With AtariFest WAACE '91

     East Coast  Atari fans  will get  their best  chance for a look at all
 that is new in the world of Atari on Saturday and Sunday  October 12th and
 13th.   The Washington  Area Atari  Computer Enthusiasts will hold the 8th
 edition  of  their  WAACE  AtariFest  at  the  Sheraton  Reston  Hotel and
 Conference Center in Reston, VA.

     This  all-Atari  blast  will  begin  with special diversions on Friday
 evening as an added bonus for those who arrive early.  The event will move
 into high  gear at  10 am  on Saturday with the opening of the 7000 square
 foot vendor area, 8 demonstration rooms, a special  seminar series,  and a
 swap room.  These activities will run until 5 pm.

     A poolside  cocktail hour starting at 6:30 pm will be a prelude to the
 annual WAACE banquet.  The remarks by this year's banquet speaker are sure
 to be  in the  best tradition  of Dave Small, Sig Hartmann, and Charles F.

     Some fest goers will be sure to find things to  occupy themselves into
 the wee hours of the morning socializing with fellow Atarians.

     On Sunday  the mercantile  activity, the  demonstration rooms, and the
 seminars will again run from 10 to 5.

     The word from those who were there was that WAACE '90 was  perhaps the
 most successful  of all  US Atari shows during 1990.  With new Atari tech-
 nology and new offerings from hardware  and software  developers, the 1991
 event has all of the ingredients for similar success.

     The WAACE team recognizes that the people are just as important as the
 products.  That is why they offer this show as a complete experience, with
 plenty of  opportunities to  learn, to  buy, to socialize, or to celebrate
 one's Atariness in other ways.  The Sheraton Reston Hotel is a comfortable
 and  pleasant  facility  located  in  the  close-in  Virginia  suburbs  of
 Washington DC.  The hotel room rates are moderate, at $59 for  a single or
 double room  and $65  for a triple or quad.  Get your room reservations in
 early to avoid the scramble that  many people  experienced when  the hotel
 filled  up  three  weeks  ahead  of  time last year.  Call 703-621-9000 to
 reserve.  Be sure to mention WAACE AtariFest to get the special rate.

     Computerphobes in the family can find plenty to  do since  the DC area
 is  one  of  America's  leading  tourist  destinations  in  its own right.
 Transportation is simple, with access by  air,  rail,  and  highway.   The
 hotel runs  free shuttle  buses to  and from Dulles International airport.
 Public bus service is available to the Metro for trips downtown.

     Advance commitments from retailers  and  developers  are  coming along
 nicely.   Everyone who  is anyone  in the world of Atari is planning to be
 there.  Come aboard and join the fun.  Keep  your eyes  on this  space for
 participation updates, banquet details, ticket pricing and other minutiae.

     The officers  of WAACE Inc.  wish to take this opportunity to publicly
 remind users of the past support that Ralph  has given  this event through
 generous donations  of hardware  from ABCO Computers.   Ralph has also ex-
 pended a  good deal  of blood,  sweat, and  tears on  our show  and we are
 grateful to him for that as well.

 We hope to see all of you there to participate in the ongoing Atari saga.


 > NEOCHROME WHA?? STR Feature                 NEOCHROME ... PD?

                      STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES' MOUTH

 Issue #3

 By Lloyd Pulley

 There's been a lot of discussion recently on CIS as to whether Neochrome
 .09 and Neochrome 2.x are in public domain/shareware as both have been
 found floating around the nations BBSes.

 Whats Neochrome 2.x?  It's a program that the British Magazine 'ST USER'
 recently distributed on their cover disk. This is a 'hacked' version of
 Neochrome 1.0 and is more commonly called Neochrome Master. According to
 the information supplied by the person who modified it, he did it with
 permission from Atari. Users of Neochrome Master are either supposed to
 send shareware payments to him or directly to Dave Staugus (the original
 programmer from Atari).

 Well, it seems that he wasn't telling the truth.  The following are some
 posts from CIS that are "Straight from the Horses' Mouth" and should
 clear up this situation.

 From Atari Interface Magazine:
 "I called Atari and spoke with Leonard Tramiel himself, and he stated
 that he never gave out the source code to NeoChrome. Further...the only
 PD version of NeoChrome is 0.5, with 0.9 being not pd but 'it got out'
 and Atari's not worrying about because it has 'limitations'."

 From Bob Brodie, Atari's User Group Co-ordinator:
 "What happened is a group of guys disassembled NeoChrome and added a
 bunch of features to the product. Then they gave a copy of it to Allan
 Pratt at a German show (Cebit? Dusseldorf? I don't remember!) and wrote
 a letter to Dave Staugus asking his blessing of their efforts. They even
 offered to share their shareware payments with him."

 "This overlooks the fact that Dave programmed NeoChrome as part of his
 employment at Atari...and that all the code he generated is Atari's pro-
 perty, not Dave Staugus'. While Dave was quite flattered that someone
 went to all that effort, he was not in a position to authorize or deny
 such a request, so it went to Leonard. Leonard said no. (Surprised? :)"

 "To my mind, the biggest problem with this is the derivative work issue.
 If we set a precedent by freely allowing copyright software to be modi-
 fied, it could cause a lot of headaches. So, we simply don't authorize

 From Bob Brodie, Atari's User Group Co-ordinator:
 "I have checked on NeoChrome Master with Leonard Tramiel, VP of Software
 for Atari.  Our position is that NeoChrome Master violates our copy-
 righted software, NeoChrome.  NeoChrome Master is a derivative work of
 NeoChrome that was released without the consent of Atari Corporation.
 Our position is that it is a pirated version of NeoChrome."

 "FYI, we are indeed still selling NeoChrome.  And we will continue to
 enforce our copyrights on it."

 "Please do not distribute NeoChrome Master, nor post it on any bulletin
 board or online service."


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From CIS, another editor's perception......

 J#: 27407 S8/Hot Topics
     01-Jul-91  10:52:15
 Sb: #27342-#STR 724 ATARI NEWS 1ST!
 Fm: Atari Explorer [John] 76004,1616
 To: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466 (X)

     As an  official mouthpiece  for Atari,  I feel  obliged to answer that
 last message -- though not, I should add,  in any  official capacity (it's
 only 10:30  AM, and  I worked all weekend, so I'm on 'free time' now). Two
 replies, actually. First, I  don't quite  see how  Don Thomas 'Revolution'
 can be  seen as  self-serving. Officially, Atari has given it only limited
 nods  of  support,  and  the  Revolution  Handbook  was  produced entirely
 out-of-house,  without   any  direct  or  indirect  financial,  equipment,
 distribution, or other  support  from  Sunnyvale.  Nor  can  Don's Artisan
 Software interests really be held as more than incidental benificiaries of
 the Handbook. From where I stand,  he'll ve  very lucky  to come  close to
 breaking even  on sales.  In fact,  I perceive  the Revolution Handbook as
 something almost unique in American marketing history: an  almost entirely
 altruistic gesture by a true fan of Atari systems.

     Second, w/regard  to ST  Report, they're  free to write what they want
 (as long as it isn't libelous or slanderous), and others are free  to read
 it or  not, as  they wish.   Atari's response to ST Report is also "okay,"
 when considered in the light of  typical subject  responses to unfavorable
 news media  coverage. I mean, it would be a *little* disappointing if they
 just rolled over and took it, right?

     However -- there is a certain  kind of  problem with  'relevance' that
 has yet to be discussed.  American journalism tends, from time to time, to
 get into a bizarre kind of waltz with its subjects, where everybody dances
 a perverse  three-step to  the music  of the Bill of Rights, while readers
 look on and wonder at the degree of  ego-involvement that's  being expres-
 sed. My  question, in sum, is that I wonder how healthy such a high degree
 of ego-involvement can be.   From  time to  time, the  media's tendency to
 dwell on  juicy gossip, and subject's tendency to conceal (or seek to con-
 ceal) such gossip verges on what I'd call  a 'codependent'  dipole ... oc-
 casionally even  surpassing codependency  and going  over the  line into a
 kind of mutual paranoia.  Ultimately, a certain kind of news has very lit-
 tle to do with the price of beets.

 J#: 27443 S8/Hot Topics
     02-Jul-91  13:55:42
 Sb: #27412-STR 724 ATARI NEWS 1ST!
 Fm: Atari Explorer [John] 76004,1616
 To: LLOYD PULLEY 72637,745 (X)

     Don published the Revolution Handbook out of his own pocket, and earns
 a flat salary from Atari, so it's hard  to see  how he's  "losing money in
 one place only to gain it in another." The two are functionally unrelated.
 Nor do I see any relation between the Revolution Handbook and Atari's for-
 mal marketing efforts. As I mentioned, the Handbook got only small nods of
 acknowledgement from Atari's Marketing Division, and can in no way be con-
 sidered as  related to,  or originating  from, Atari Corporation. What Don
 Thomas does on his own time is, one assumes, Don Thomas' business.

     I agree that a degree of  ego-involvement is  important in maintaining
 the balance  of power  between media  and its subjects.  I simply question
 the degree of involvement that I see in certain cases.   I'd  also like to
 clarify that  I am in no way criticizing Ralph Mariano, or any other Atari
 journal in a specific way.  In fact, I've never read anything too terribly
 variant from  gospel truth  in STR  -- when Ralph reports a rumor, he says
 it's a rumor, so the presence of rumor in STR's  content is  perfectly ac-
 ceptable  according  to  any  journalistic  code  of ethics with which I'm

     All  I'm  trying  to   say  is   that  occasionally,   a  hypothetical
 journalist's ego  involvement with a subject becomes excessive -- that is,
 it becomes charged with a dynamism that has  its roots  in obsession. When
 this happens,  the journalist  always runs  the risk of writing bad stuff,
 and/or committing one of a variety of ethical indiscretions.   The kind of
 bad journalism  I'm talking  about involves  the relation of things to one
 another that are essentially  irrelevant,  such  as  "personal"  gossip to
 "business" gossip.  And it  always seems  to result  from one  of two (and
 usually both) desires on the journalist's  part.   First is  the desire to
 appear   superior/important/well-connected/heroic   with   regard  to  the
 subject.  And second is the desire to  exercise control  over the subject.
 These two desires are classic components of what has come to be called, in
 therapeutic circles, the "codependent" etiology.

     As journalists, we should try to remind ourselves that the role of the
 media in  reality always  differs from that proposed in theory. That while
 we'd all like to think of ourselves as working to "inform an  audience ob-
 jectively," it  is impossible  to do this given the practical realities of
 language, thought, opinion, and the market. Really, what  we're most often
 doing (and  this is  in IDEAL circumstances) is laboring to write material
 out of our own knowledge, opinions, and preconceptions,  that is primarily
 factual in  content, in  a form  acceptable to our audience, who -- let us
 remember -- has their own agenda  of knowledge,  opinions, preconceptions,
 and appetites.  Given this already hard-to-navigate psychological terrain,
 it's all too easy to allow pathology to creep in.

     I find that when I'm writing "real" journalism (as opposed  to content
 controlled marketing  communications type material), it's useful to remind
 myself that I am always writing from a point of  view, and  that the point
 of view  I should  seek to  adopt is  that of my average reader, as he/she
 would like to consider themselves in ideal terms.  I  also like  to remind
 myself that  being "smart"  isn't my  object, so  much as it is to make my
 reader "smarter" in the process of reading my piece.  And finally, that my
 role isn't  to control  my subject  by calling  down the wrath of a justly
 inflamed audience -- their inflammation is their business, not mine.

     It's also  cunning  to  ask  oneself,  on  a  case-by-case  basis, the
 following  question:  "Would  my  subject appreciate this coverage (bad or
 good), as opposed to the possible alternative of  *no coverage.*"    What-
 ever the  answer turns  out to  be, in  a particular case, it serves as an
 object lesson that the greatest single power the  independent media wields
 is, after all, the power to ignore.

 Editor Note:
     John, My compliments!  You have provided a viewpoint I can agree with.
 Although I find it very difficult at times to ignore  the "corporate gnats
 and the  gnat brigade",  it does  make good  sense.  Your comments, unlike
 many of those eminating from the west coast, have made  your point without
 undo emotional  involvement.   I thank you, ever so much, for providing an
 excellent example of calmly  approaching  the  situation  and  offering an
 intellegent, well thought out opinion in a highly professional manner.

 from Delphi....
 29-JUN-1991 00:28:55.53
 Subj:   STR726

     Quoting  DeSade  (end  of  STR726)  seems  an  appropriate response to
 Atari's dealer price increases (among other stupid moves).  We all must be
 masochists to  endure the sadism Atari keeps inflicting on it's own users.
 I've had at least 3 friends who wanted an ST after seeing  what mine could
 do. Being honest, I had to tell them how users in the US (probably Europe,
 too) are constantly  being  screwed  by  Atari's  "Let  The  Buyer BEWARE"
 attitude toward  their products  (at   least the  ones they aren't pushing
 'this week'; MIDI one day, DTP  the next,  and now  we have  a WORKSTATION

     Atari should  focus on  these applications  ALL AT  THE SAME TIME, not
 with the fickle,"Let's follow the market"  philosophy that  has been their
 downfall ever  since the  beginning. It  must be one hell of a tax shelter
 for the Tramiel's, why else would  they keep  trying to  run their company
 into the ground.  I would like to crate up my ST and ship it to Sam, along
 with a letter telling him what he can do with it (if he can find room next
 to his   head).   I  can't though.   My  ST is too valuable to me, and Mr.
 Tramiel has proven again and again that he  doesn't know  what to  do with
 one.   Thank you  for ST Report. I just hope that there's always an ST (or
 TT) there for you to report ON.



 From GEnie...
 Item    4296593                 91/06/23        07:41
 From:   M.KOHL1                         Michael  J. Kohl
 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano

 Sub: Non-Atari Articles


    I am  writing  in  support  of  the  "non-Atari"  content  of STReport.
 Although I  love my  new Mega4STe, I work with Macs and PCs at the Univer-
 sity where I'm employed.  No computer group  is an  island, and  it's been
 very helpful to know what the rest of the computer world is talking about.
 Atari  users  and  developers  need  to  know  what's  happening  on other
 platforms so  they can  say "my  computer can  do that just like the other
 computers can, for less money!"

 From CIS....
 J#: 47163 S1/Forum Business
     21-Jun-91  10:18:10
 Sb: #47161-Insult to Atari ST users
 Fm: Jim Johnson 75300,353

     I used to program professionally for  the ST.   I  did this  for about
 three years,  spending many  hours combing  bookstores for the pittance of
 info available on the machine, and watching the magazines slowly disappear
 from the shelves.

     Finally, I  had a  technical problem  with my  computer - and, in this
 city of 1.6 million people, could not  find  a  soul  to  fix  it!    So I
 reviewed the  quarterly royalties  I was receiving on my programs (another
 pittance), and decided to kiss it off.  Now, I program on  the PC.   I can
 make a living at it, and there is no shortage of info on the machine.

   I wish  I had  started with  the Amiga. It _might_ have a future. The ST
 does not.


 from the FNET...
 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 18717  Lines: 18  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 9, 1991  at 4:03 PM
 Recv : Jun 10, 1991
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : Dave Malcom at The O-Mayer V 592: Los Angeles
 Subj : Re: <18574> Atari's future

     I hear of rumors about soon to be released CD Rom units for the Atari,
 but what have you heard about OCR capabilities for the Atari?  As the bus-
 iness community progresses toward the paperless  office with  OCR scanning
 at the keystone, where is Atari?

     I too  don't see  them lasting  more then,  lets say five years at the
 present rate.  The IBM's and MAC's already  have the  software market, IBM
 clones have already closed the price margin Atari use to comercialize, and
 the ease of use margin is rapidly being consumed also.   In  the new tech-
 nology market where does Atari stand?  Where is the high density disk dri-
 ves that have been avalible for  quite some  time now?   Where  is the OCR

     Where is  the CD Roms that have been out for quite some time now?  You
 now have third parties spending millions  of dollars  in R&D  to capture a
 specific audience in the IBM/MAC market.  Can Atari hold on?  For how long
 can Atari hope to keep their clients happy by making  them wait  and watch
 what the  other companies  on the  cutting edge are doing and trying years
 down the road to make the technology avalible to their clients when it has
 become absolete.

                              Dave Malcom



   Issue #012

 by Robert Allbritton

     First off,  I must  apologize for  my absence. About a month ago I set
 off for a quick (10 day) trip to Japan, well that turned into a month long
 round the  world tour, which while interesting, is not the big news of the
 week. Lets get on with it.

          --==<< IBM and Apple Computer Announce Agreement >>==--

     Apple Computer Inc and International Business Machines Corp. announced
 on Wednesday  their intentions  to jointly create and develop new software
 products. The letter of intent, signed by the  two computer manufacturers,
 covers four basic areas:

  -  A new joint venture company will be formed. Its management will be in-
     dependent of Apple and IBM, but it will be given charge for developing
     a next generation operating system.

  -   The integration of Apple's Macintosh environment and operating system
     into IBM's long term strategy.

  -  Apple will use the RS/6000 RISC processor in a new line of workstation
     products. The chip will be manufactured under license by Motorola Inc.
     In addition Motorola and IBM will design and manufacture a  new family
     of microprocessors.

  -  The two companies will bring forth common platforms and encourage wide
     spread industry support for these new technologies.

     This agreement has been one of the worst kept secrets  in the computer
 industry for many months now, but it is surprising in two respects: First,
 that it occurred at all, and second, that  it was  more comprehensive than
 expected. The  two manufactures  have been rivals for quite some time, but
 politics, and business, make odd bedfellows.

     There are several theories floating around  as  to  why  and  how this
 shotgun marriage  came to  pass.  One popular line of thinking claims that
 the two companies basically forced  themselves  into  one  another's arms.
 IBM and  Apple were being surrounded by the Advanced Computing Environment
 group (ACE) led by Microsoft, Digital, and Compaq.  The intent of  the ACE
 group is to lead the way in the development of the next generation of per-
 sonal computers  and workstations,  and until  Wednesday they  had no real
 competition.   Some have  gone as  far as  to say  that Microsoft, and its
 chairman Bill Gates, had formed ACE as a  unified front  so that Microsoft
 would be  guaranteed development  of any  next generation operating system
 while other ACE companies would be left to  design the  hardware (Digital,
 Compaq, et al.)

     The IBM  / Apple pact forms a similar team that represents between one
 third and one half of all of the small computers sold in America.  The IBM
 /  Apple   joint  venture  is  being  seen  as  a  threat  to  MS-DOS  for
 microcomputers and, to a  lesser extent,  UNIX on  workstations.   The two
 companies bring a considerable amount of already developed technology into
 the new venture as well.  IBM has  been working  with its  version of UNIX
 (AIX) for quite some time, and Apple brings the new technology it had been
 working on for its next generation operating system  called "pink."   What
 this next joint venture will attempt to bring forth is a product that will
 be compatible  with many  different families  of microprocessors including
 IBM's  RS/6000  RISC  chip,  Motorola's  680x0  family,  and Intel's 80x86
 family.  Apple will lend its expertise in user interfaces,  while IBM will
 lend its  experience with compatibility and connectivity.  Much of the new
 operating system will rely  on "object  oriented" programming  that allows
 the operating  system to  do much  more of the work than current operating
 systems allow, thus it makes it much easier to port programs from computer
 to computer.  In short, it could well be "UNIX for the rest of us."

     Yet it  is important  to note  that an undertaking of this nature will
 take years to  fully  develop.    No-one  is  expecting  to  see  this new
 operating system  before the middle of the decade.  However; what make the
 letter of intent so interesting is that it is even more comprehensive than
 this  extensive  joint  venture.    In  the  short  run,  not only has IBM
 legitimized the entire Macintosh  line to  corporate America,  but IBM may
 actually wind  up marketing  Macintosh.  In a similar move, Apple may wind
 up marketing IBM's RISC workstations.   This should  not be  confused with
 the new  joint venture,  and it  is mainly meant as a short term situation
 until the new machines are on-line.

     There are several other key issues involved here as well.  The Apple /
 IBM pact will also begin immediately sharing technology on multimedia sys-
 tems. Most of this technology flow will go from Apple to IBM (IBM has been
 very interested  in Apple's  new QuickTime extensions that allow real time
 compression, decompression, record and playback  of  video  in  a window).
 And Apple and IBM will join forces in development of their own versions of
 UNIX (IBM's AIX and Apple's A/UX).  But most ironic was the  blow dealt to

 IBM  and  Motorola  will  also  join  forces  to  develop  a new family of
 microprocessors based on IBM's POWER RISC 6000 technology, and share these
 new microprocessors with Apple.  This completes a triad of Motorola, Apple
 and IBM with a firm agenda for the future against the ACE  group of Intel,
 Compaq, Digital  and Microsoft  with a  more lose  agenda.  It also leaves
 workstation manufactures like Sun Microsystems in a bind.   Sun's software
 base gives  it strength,  but its  weak architecture leaves it vulnerable.
 Sun may well be faced with a choice of join the ACE  group or  suffer los-

     Several legal  eagles have  pointed to the recent FTC investigation of
 Microsoft for potentially unfair business practice and say  that the Apple
 / IBM  pact may be headed for similar trouble, but so far Apple has denied
 it, emphasizing that the  two companies  will continue  to market machines
 separately.    While  the  Justice  Department here in Washington is still
 reviewing the proposed pact, several experts  have expressed  their doubts
 that it  will be challenged.  Additionally it should be noted that the ink
 is only drying on the letter of intent,  and no  formal contract  has been
 signed (which  should occur  later this year,) but these two companies are
 an absolute clash as far as corporate identity goes.  IBM has always main-
 tained  the  image  of  professionalism:  buttoned  down white shirt, dark
 suit, dark tie.  Apple's definition of formal means that  socks are requi-
 red.  This can cause problems when hammering out a major alliance, but ap-
 parently the two companies really feel the need to work together.  The two
 companies went  so far  as to  take IBM  corporate jets to unusual meeting
 places such as Austin,  Texas to  avoid detection.   Yet  in spite  of the
 precautions, this  deal has  been one of the worst kept secrets in the in-
 dustry.  It is also growing apparent that  the deal  is the  brainchild of
 the number  two men at IBM and Apple: Michael Spindler, President of Apple
 USA, and IBM's president for personal computers.

     This announcement is only two days old, and  in spite  of it occurring
 right at  the Fourth  of July  holiday, it  has still  managed to cause an
 uproar in the computer industry.   Some have  compared it  to a  merger of
 Ford and  General Motors,  other have  said it  is like England and France
 joining to attack Germany.  Whatever the case, more fallout  will occur in
 the next week and we will have a follow up report at that time.


 > VIEWPOINTS STR FOCUS                 "May be a better way........"

                              ONE MAN'S VIEW

 Issue #1

 by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 Last  week,  ZNet (issue 91-27) told us about a 'smoking' deal  on  1200
 baud modems.  DANMARK (a company that specializes in selling over-stock,
 close-outs,  bankruptcy stock,  etc.) is offering the Atari SX-212  1200
 baud modems for only $29.99. I think that ZNet did the entire Atari com-
 munity (not just the ST owners) a great service by telling us about this
 great deal.

 One  of the major 'names' from Atari came on-line on Genie to tell  ZNet
 how  much  he appreciated their picking up on things like  the  sale  of
 SX212  modems  and to make sure that they told the eight  bitters  about
 DANMARK selling the modems.

 I started thinking.   If he and Atari were really so concerned about the
 Atari users,  and wanted them to know about this great deal,  why didn't
 Atari offer it to their users first before going to DANMARK.

 If DANMARK can sell the units for $29.95,  then Atari must have sold the
 units to DANMARK for $15-$20 (just a guess) or less! If Atari was really
 so concerned about their long suffering,  loyal users,  they could  have
 offered  us  a  chance to pick up one of the SX212  modems  for  $20-$25
 first. Several positive things could have resulted from this action...

 1) Atari could have made more money per unit.  Who knows how many  100's
 of  thousands of dollars they already lost on the SX212 fiasco  (another
 case of "a day late and a dollar short"),  and this could have helped to
 keep the losses to a minimum.

 2) All  Atari  users could have gotten even a better  deal.  Instead  of
 $29.95,  they could have gotten a SX212 for $20-$25.  That $5-$10 spends
 better in the users pockets than it does in DANMARK's.

 3) Atari  could have used it as a way to say "thank you" to all  of  the
 remaining Atarians, especially the 8-bit users who haven't seem much new
 from Atari in a long time.

 ...I'm sure that someone will say that Atari is not setup to handle  in-
 dividual orders.  Well,  that is wrong.  They have the mechanism already
 in place from the Portfolio.

 Others  might say that it was easier and cheaper for Atari to just  dump
 the SX212 modems all at one time.  I might have to agree with  them.  If
 you figure everything with a cold-hearted,  'dollars and cents' attitude
 (aka 'Horray for me, the heck with thee attitude'),  that was the proper
 business  thing to do.

 But I feel if Atari was _truly_ concerned about their users,  especially
 the  8-bit  users,  they would have displayed a little more  'warmth  in
 their  hearts'.  After  all,  they had probably already  lost  100's  of
 thousands  of dollars on this fiasco,  what's another few bucks to  keep
 good customer relations?


 > STR Portfolio News & Information            Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     Since the  HP95LX has been released, several Portfolio owners are lus-
 ting after 512K memory.   Megabyte  Computers has  a 512k  upgrade for the
 Port. See  message #13355 for Craig Davis's report on his experiences with
 the upgrade. Message #13420 and 13421 contain comments  from Atari  on the

     David Stewart  73770,2021 is accepting orders for his preliminary ver-
 sion of the 60 column by 10 row terminal program.

     Have you ever wished that the Portfolio's Apps were available for your
 desktop?  DIP has the software.  Contact Atari to express your interest if
 you want to help make them available in the US.

     DESIGN.ZIP is a new upload this  week.    This  graphic  demo produces
 designs on screen.  Does the thought of using del with wildcards fill your
 heart with terror? VDEL.COM is a program just for you.  This handy utility
 will prompt  you for  confirmation before deleting each file name matched.
 For those looking for external storage  PDD1.ZIP has  programs to  let you
 read and  write to  the Tandy  PDD1 disk drive. Windows for the Port?  Not
 quite, but PRTCRD.ZIP offers a Windows 3.0 cardfile and utilities  to con-
 vert between .CRD and .ADR files.

     It's vacation  time for  this columnist.   There will be no report for
 the next few weeks  as I  head into  the sunset.   Look  for a  "catch up"
 report late in July.


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL                   "ATARI NEWS & EVENTS!"

 - New York City, NY                  NOTEPAD (STYLUS) - BOOK; DELAYED

     It seems  the LCD screens used in these devices are in very short sup-
 ply.  Worldwide, many  palmtop  manufacturers  have  been  receiving their
 screens but  only small  portions of their orders.  The "Palmtop" rage has
 taken off with such gusto the entire industry  has been  caught off guard.
 The three major LCD screen manufacturers are swamped with orders.  Atari's
 "Stylus" is reported to be ready  for FCC  inspection, it  only awaits the
 arrival of  LCD screens.   The  delays for  general release could possibly
 range from 3 months to a  year.   Industry analysts  predict these events,
 the short supply - high demand, will force pricing to remain high for some
 time to come.

 - Dusseldorf, Germany               EVERYTHING ON HOLD 'TILL BIG SHOW!

     Unix is predicted to rule this show, system 5 will debut here  in Ger-
 many, (what  else is  new?) and orders will be taken at this time.  Accor-
 ding to our sources, most all new releases and launches are being  held up
 for debut  at this  show.  Calamus SL is receiving "rave" reviews by those
 over there who been fortunate enough to 'play  with it'.   Atari  has been
 offering 'free' booth space to US developers in a strong push to gain bet-
 ter US developer participation in European shows.

 - Sunnyvale, Ca                                        CD ROM WHEN?

     Maybe by the time Comdex rolls around.  What?  We must wait that long?
 Yes bunkie,  thats if  it all  goes well.   Even though Meta-Dos is there,
 thats all thats there.   Oh  well  so  much  for  more  "on  time" product
 availability.   Insiders feel  the CD  ROM, the  new model,  may just be a
 pleasant dream to be hoped for and talked about long after the  "smoke has
 cleared" and the vision of the dream has faded.

 - New York City, NY                        IBM & APPLE MAKE IT FORMAL!

     In an  expected announcement,  IBM and Apple corps. have made a formal
 announcement confirming an agreement detailed here  last month.   Industry
 observers  further  mentioned  that  the  agreement  was also induced by a
 rather sluggish computer marketplace in  the  USA  due  to  the recession.
 While announcing  the co-operative  agreement both  IBM and  Apple made it
 clear that the emphasis would remain on the  continued lowering  of prices
 for the  computers they  offer.   Analysts further  concluded that Apple's
 Classic sales have been better than expected and as a result, have induced
 the company to agressively persue a larger marketshare in this area.

 - Orlando, FL                        BRODIE TO VISIT THE SUNSHINE STATE

     July 14,  1991 is the day, the location is; 2pm United Telephone Buil-
 ding Altamonte Springs, highway 436, west  of I-4.   Interested  folks may
 call Bob  Smith, president  of Mid-Florida Atari Computer Club at 407-299-
 5374 for further information.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile          ***** ABCO SUMMER '91 SPECIALS! *****

                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

               Deluxe 2 bay Cabinet w/65w auto-switching PS
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            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
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            SGN6277     120Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          789.00
            SGN1296     170Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y         1019.00
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         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

             50mb SQG51   $ 819.00     85mb SQG96    $ 1019.00


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           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

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       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

            * SLM 804 Replacement Toner Cartridge Kits $42.95 *
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               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
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 > A "Quotable Quote"

               "He who sacrifices one small bit of Liberty,
                     in the cause of Law and Order...
                  will have neither, and will lose both!"

                                             ....Thomas Jefferson

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