ST Report: 21-Jun-91 #725

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Date: 06/24/91-11:41:07 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 21-Jun-91 #725
Date: Mon Jun 24 11:41:07 1991

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 > The Editor's Podium

     Some weeks you just can't win no matter what you  do.   Two weeks ago,
 some of  our critics  accused us  of being  too sensationalistic and rumor
 mongering, then last week many of these same  people took  us to  task for
 not being sensationalistic enough.

     In last  week's STReport  (STR724), we referred our readers to a head-
 lined  item  in  the  San  Jose  Mercury  News;  "Ex-employee  sues Atari,
 Executive"   STR remarked; "Pratt has his own problems now, (Mercury News,
 San Jose, CA. (06-12-91).  The incident in  the San  Jose Mercury  News is
 SAD!  And may drag Atari into even more mud."  Even though Atari Corp. was
 also involved in this situation, a multi-million dollar  lawsuit, STR felt
 that many  of the  alleged accusations  in the lawsuit against Greg Pratt,
 president of Atari Corp., were of a personal  nature and  shouldn't be ex-
 panded upon.   At least, not at that time.  Since Atari Corp. was involved
 in the lawsuit, we felt it needed to be mentioned though.   If our readers
 wanted to know more, they could reference it themselves.

     Comments about  that brief  reference varied greatly.  Some congratul-
 ated us for not expanding on the subject and showing  self-restraint, some
 wanted to  know why  we printed  anything about  the lawsuit at all, while
 some wanted to know why we just printed a teaser and did  not give  all of
 the 'dirty'  details (amazingly,  it was some of these same folks who took
 us to task just last week about being  to sensationalistic).   One  of the
 other  on-line  magazines  even  felt  it  necessary to critique our issue
 (however, they only critiqued  about  300  bytes  out  of  a  139,000 byte
 issue).   One of their writers got so involved in the discussion that, ac-
 cording to his posted apology, "the powers above" had to  remind him "that
 derisive condescension  is not  appropriate" (I believe the phrase he used
 was "sycophantic slobber" in reference to  people who  paid to  get online
 and offer  positive support to STReport).  There were even some who had an
 opinion about the issue and hadn't even read it!!

     We read all of the comments with interest.  STR  appreciates construc-
 tive criticism.   However,  if we  had it to do all over again, we'd still
 print same information.  What some folks don't seem to  understand is that
 we can't  "hide our  heads in  the sand"  and pretend that bad news didn't
 happen or that it will simply "go away".  No matter how much we  might ad-
 mire a person, if he is accused of something that could cost him AND Atari
 millions of dollars, it has moved out of the personal arena and has become
 news.   While we  agree that a person's personal life should be his or her
 own, once that personal life overlaps  into the  public arena,  it becomes
 public and news.

     While we  will not  'try' this case in our publication, the reality of
 the situation is, the lawsuit was filed on  Monday, 06-10-91  in the Santa
 Clara County  Superior Court in the State of California by Atty. Mark Alan
 Fong on behalf of his client, Leslie Schmick.  The  reality of  the situa-
 tion is  that it  was reported  in a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, the
 San Jose Mercury News 06/12/91 on page 7f.  The  reality of  the situation
 is that in America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  Just repor-
 ting that there was a lawsuit filed does not make them guilty  nor does it
 make the reporting media sensationalistic or rumor-mongering.

     Also in  last weeks  STR, my  Quotable Quote said "WAY TO GO, GREGG!".
 Some folks know more about what I meant by that statement than I do.  Some
 are convinced  that the comment referred to the lawsuit against Greg Pratt
 and in no way could it be a  reference to  the good  things that  Greg has
 been doing  at Atari.   All  I can say is, I hope these folks don't try to
 leave their current jobs and start a "career" of mind-reading.   BTW, yes,
 I did  misspell Greg's  name in  last weeks issue - this was brought to my
 attention by Dorothy Brumleve.

     Now, onto more pleasant topics.  Last weekend,  Terry Schreiber staged
 a very  pleasant, well organized, weekend Atari show in Vancouver, Canada.
 From most all reports, it seems  that everyone  that attended  the two day
 show, (both  developers and users), had an enjoyable time.  STReport spoke
 with Terry about the show. He  said that  the attendance  was light, there
 was a considerable amount of sales enjoyed by the exhibitors.  The overall
 attendance was 750-1,000 for the two days with Sunday (Father's Day) being
 the slowest  day with  an attendance  of approx.  250 people.  Some of the
 exhibitors reported loosing money, while some said they broke even or made
 "a couple  of bucks" and there were a few who reported that they did well.
 Terry, a Znet correspondent, had six [6] ZNet  buttons made  up and passed
 them out  at the  show.  Terry did a fine job in staging this show, it's a
 shame the turnout was  so disappointing.   Elsewhere  in this  issue is an

                         Thank you once again, for your support!!


                           TODAY'S NEWS ..TODAY!


 > STReport's Staff              The regulars and this week's contributors!

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                             Ralph F. Mariano

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 The following new uploads have been added to the Lexicor libraries:

 Library 1 of the Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS):

    DINO2.LZH   --  TT Low rez PNT picture of a dinosaur skeleton.
    ALBERT.LZH  --  TT Medium rez PNT picture of Albert Einstein.

 Library 9 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN):

    GROUND.LZH  --  GroundWalker animation for the ST.
    HELCYL.LZH  --  Helicycle animation for the ST.
    SEAHRS.LZH  --  Awesome 3D Seahorse animation for the TT!

                     **** NEW ATARI CONTROL PANEL ****

     XControl is  the newest newest version of the Atari control panel.  It
 is designed to take  advantage of  features only  available in  the latest
 (>2.0) versions of the operating system.  It is released into distribution
 with the following notice.    Read  the  warning  in  Xcontrol.txt  in the
 archive.  Atari Corporation is not responsible for any damage that results
 from the use or misuse of this program.  Copyright 1991 Atari Corporation.
 It  is  now  available  in  Library  1 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO) under the name CPX.ARC.


     The new Michtron has uploaded a file containing their new  address and
 phone number  along with a price list on their product line.  See the file
 MTPRIC.TXT in library 3 of the Atari Vendor Forum (GO ATARIVEN).


     DC Reserve, another program  of the  week from  Double Click Software,
 acts as a reserve tank of RAM.  It will save a predefined amount of memory
 when you execute a program that grabs all available RAM  for its  own use.
 See DCRSRV.ARC  in Library 13, Double Click Software, in the Atari Vendors


     Custom Base, a program to turn your Portfolio  into a  data collection
 device, is  now available  in LIBRARY  1 of  the Atari Portfolio Forum (GO

     A copy of the File Manager  program, distributed  by Atari  Corp. with
 all new  Portfolios is  now available  in LIBRARY 1 of the Atari Portfolio
 Forum (GO APORTFOLIO) for those who  purchased their  units before  the FM
 card  was  included.    File  provided courtesy of Atari Corp., all rights

     A new version of Don Messerli's PGSHOW and  STReport's Forum  Notes by
 Judy Hamner  are now  available in  LIBRARY 1 of the Atari Portfolio Forum

                            HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




   Issue #26

 Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 - Tokyo, Japan                    TOSHIBA TO LAY OFF 10% OF ITS US WORK
   ------------                     FORCE - CUTS PRODUCTION AND PRICES

 Due to the slump in the U.S. PC market, Toshiba says it will lay off 10%
 of its employees in the U.S. by the end of June.  About 200 out of 2,000
 employees will be laid off at Toshiba America in Irvine, California.

 Toshiba will cut production of its best-selling T3100 laptop computer by
 20% and has lowered the prices of PCs from 19 to 33 percent.  Currently,
 Toshiba has about a 2 percent share of the U.S. PC market.

 - Fort Worth, Texas               TANDY TO OPEN COMPUTER SUPERCENTERS

 Tandy Corporation has announced that it will open a new nationwide chain
 of  computer supercenters selling IBM,  Apple,  Compaq and  Tandy  brand
 machines at what the company described as 'low' prices.

 The  computer  supercenters will be called Computer City and  will  also
 provide repair service and training.   Each facility having about 20,000
 square  feet  of selling area,  a servie facility and  warehouse  space.
 Tandy anticipates opening as many as six supercenters in 1991.

 In  addition  to the supercenters,  Tandy said it  will  open  satellite
 stores  in each market.  The satellites will carry most of the  products
 sold  in a supercenter,  and will use a 'just-in-time' delivery  system,
 receiving product from the area supercenter.  The stores will also carry
 software,  peripherals,  accessories and supplies,  as well as  personal
 office equipment, and will provide training.

 - Tokyo, Japan                    MEGABYTE DRAM CHIPSET UNPOPULAR;
   ------------                          SALES ARE SLOW

 According to the Nikkei,  a Japanese daily newspaper, sales of 4 megabit
 (MB) dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips are slumping.  The reason
 for the slump is simple - U.S.  computer companies are cutting purchases
 of  the chips as the recession begins to bite.   NEC and Mitsubishi  had
 been  planning  to increase production of 4MB DRAM chips  but  have  now
 shelved those plans in the face of falling sales. NEC is considering the
 possiblity  of  switching  the bulk of its 4MB production  over  to  1MB

 - Austin, Texas                   MAC 68040 ACCELERATOR NOW SHIPPING

 Owners of the MAC SE/30 and the IIsi,  can now increase the  performance
 of their machines with the TokaMac SX. Fusion Data Systems manufacturers
 of  the  TokaMac  SX  says it is the  only  Motorola  68040  accelerator
 available for the Macintosh SE/30 and the IIsi, and the only accelerator
 compatible with Apple's new System 7.0.

 The  company claims that the accelerator will increase  the  performance
 well beyond the levels of the IIfx,  Apple's fastest Macintosh,  as well
 as the i486 based PCs and Sun's SPARCstation IPC. Applications which are
 floating  point intensive will obtain workstation-type processing  times
 up  to 300% faster than those of the Macintosh IIfx.  Users of  graphics
 and  desktop publishing applications are also expected to  benefit  from
 processing speeds up to 185% over the IIfx. Both these type applications
 are input/output intensive.

 The TokaMac has a suggested list price of $2,995 plus $50 for an 030 PDS
 adaptor card. The unit will be available in July.

 - Santa Clara, California         NATIONAL BRINGS 7 DRAM CONTROLLER
   -----------------------                 CHIPS TO MARKET

 National Semiconductor has just announced seven entries in its family of
 very large scale dynamic memory controller chips,  offering speeds up to
 33mhz.  Intended for 32-bit and high-performance RISC systems,  the  new
 chips will be used in mainframes as well as  workstations,  peripherals,
 imaging systems, and communications applications.

 Why the need for the new chips? As the industry moves toward much faster
 80386  and 80486-based systems (Intel is talking about 50- and  100-MHz.
 486 chips), there is a great need for faster memory access and the chips
 that can control faster memory, such as these just announced by National

 - Solon, Ohio                     TECMAR INTROS 1 GIGABYTE TAPE DRIVE
   -----------                                FOR PCS

 Tecmar has introduced 2 models of a one gigabyte (GB) quarter-inch  tape
 system,  the Proline 1000 and QT-1000.  The new units are believed to be
 the first gigabyte capacity systems,  and offer a data transfer rate  of
 14.4 megabytes-per-minute.  The company claims that,  in some  instances
 data transfer rates faster than those of the non-compressed drive can be

 The new units are compatible with IBM AT,  286,  386 and compatible sys-
 tems,  PS/2  systems and the Macintosh.  Tecmar provides a  SCSI  (Small
 Computer  System Interface) kit which includes a SCSI  interface  board,
 cabling, a user manual and software.

 - San Francisco, California          MICROSOFT & EVEREX WIN MS-DOS
   -------------------------              COUNTERFEITING CASE

 Microsoft Corp.  and Everex Systems Inc.  have announced a jury award in
 their  lawsuit against eight defendants responsible  for  counterfeiting
 the Microsoft MS-DOS operating system.  The jury "awarded Microsoft  and
 Everex damages that will exceed $4.3 million after the anticipated treb-
 ling provided by statute."

 Now that the trial of this case has concluded, Microsoft and Everex plan
 to  refer  the  matter to the U.S.  Attorney and the  FBI  for  possible
 criminal prosecution.

 - Dayton, Ohio                    COMPUTERS MAY HELP REDUCE FIRE RISK

 Mark Dietenberger,  a researcher at the University of Dayton (Ohio)  may
 save your life. Dietenberger has developed a computer model that he says
 can predict the spread of fire,  smoke and toxic gases on different fur-
 niture materials and designs. According to Dietenberger, most people who
 die in fires in their homes or aboard aircraft die from smoke inhalation
 -  that  is breathing in carbon monoxide or other toxic gases  that  are
 released when furniture burns.

 Says Dietenberger,  "Using my furniture fire model, manufacturers may be
 able to evaluated materials that are developed to be safer or more  fire
 retardant  or to burn without the fire getting too big."  Dietenberger's
 research  is sponsored by the Building and Fire Research  laboratory  of
 the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

 - Spokane, Washington              SOFTWARE CUTS SOME JAIL COSTS BY 50%

 Pricor,  a private jail company headquartered in Tennessee has purchased
 the  JALAN  JAIL system.  The system will be installed at  the  Angelina
 County Corrections Facility in Diboll, Texas, with five other Texas fac-
 ilities to be installed in the future.

 According to Jan Robinson,  president of JALAN,  the system documents an
 offender's activity from the minute he is taken into the jail. It tracks
 court appearances, medical visits, personal belongings, funds, and other
 details.  Robinson says the system "practically makes paperwork obsolete
 and decreases booking time by 50 percent or more."

 JALAN's prosecutors system was recently recognized by the Western Region
 Government  Technology  Conference with its "Featured  Solution"  award.
 JALAN  says  it has installations of its specialized  software  for  the
 criminal justice field in 21 states and the Virgin Islands.


     One thing that the we forgot to include  in last  week's article about
 the refunds  for Masterlink  owners.  If you already sent in your disk for
 upgrading, you don't have to do anything else.  Intersect has all  of your
 information and will automatically send you your refund.

 However, there  is no  set date for when the refunds will be sent. It is a
 very time consuming job to write all of the refund checks.  So the re-
 funds will be sent out when they get the time.

                                                       Lloyd Pulley

                            Intersect Software
                              3949 Sawyer Rd.
                          Sarasota, Florida 34233
                            Work:  813-923-8774
                            BBS:   813-924-4590


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                         VANCOUVER - A FUN EVENT!

 by Edward F. Flanigan

     Stepping out  into the brisk air Sunday afternoon, I felt happy that I
 was able to attend the Vancouver Atari show.   By  now stories  have begun
 floating around, some saying that developers didn't do so well in terms of
 sale, others saying that most at  least covered  their costs  or did reas-
 onably well.  That's important because it sets the stage for future shows.
 It's the long term story.

     The short term story is about the Atari users that  went to  the show.
 I don't  think there were many that didn't have a good time or that didn't
 enjoy themselves.  It was truly a fun event.   And a  big round  of thanks
 goes to  all the  people that  worked to put it together.  Terry Schreiber
 dedicated much of his time to show production.   He's  the one  who pulled
 all the  pieces together.   And  even though the turnout of users was less
 than expected, that doesn't detract one iota from the good time had by the
 people that did attend.

     Walking into  the Stevenson  High School gymnasium, the first booth to
 greet me was JMG Software showing Hyperlink and selling it at a discounted
 price.  All I can say is wow.  George has got a winner on his hands.  Once
 he adds what he is planning on adding, it will be a top of the line Hyper-
 Card clone  (my opinion,  no hype or comparisons coming from anyone else).
 HyperLink was running beautifully on a TT (is it quick?!).

     To the right was  Canoe  Computers  selling  their  accelerator board.
 There wasn't  a machine  setup for  display, but it looked like sales were
 going pretty well.  They also had ST travel bags which looked quite handy.

     Right next to them was PDC Software.    They  had  a  bunch  of stuff.
 Starting from  the right was a Mega running the Stealth telecommunications
 program.  This really looks like  it has  potential.   I was  impressed by
 what I  saw and  am planning  on picking  this sucker  up real soon.  Next
 there were some Calamus Fonts (Mirthful!  Fonts, Fonts  by Guber)  and the
 Calamus Font  Resource Guide.  Not being a Calamus freak, the RAM upgrades
 caught my eye more -  unpopulated  to  2.5  megabyte  upgrades  and  STE 2
 megabyte upgrades  from Frontier.   On  another Mega there was the Monster
 Stereo Cartridge playing a TCB Tracker music demo.

     To the left was Dave Small showing off  the SST  and the  Spectre GCR.
 He had  a couple  of machines and had a small crowd about him while he was
 explaining his magical wizardry.

     About this time, a  fellow started  a music  demonstration that really
 impressed the  dickens out of me.  This guy was very good.  He was using a
 STacy laptop somehow to help him along in playing his music.   It was loud
 and enjoyable!

     Walking farther  along, there  was Double Click software showing their
 wares. These included DC Data Diet (DC Data Diet?  Who comes up with these
 names --  it's fine,  makes you  think...), DC  Utilities, and DC Desktop.
 Great stuff at a great price.  I know what's next on  my list  of software
 to buy!

     GoldLeaf was showing off WordFlair II, which is mighty impressive, and
 ProFlight, a great flight  simulation game.   They  also had  other HiSoft

     Gribnif was  next to  GoldLeaf and  they were showing their absolutely
 awesome NeoDesk 3 (if you don't have it, get it, now!)   They had  two bo-
 oths setup with demonstration units.

     Compo Software  came all  the way  from England to show their products
 which included That's Write, Write ON, and a great mouse.

     Remik Enterprizes was showing off MultiGEM,  a great  program that al-
 lows you  to multi-task,  in a  way, several  programs.   It worked fairly

     Soft Aware was showing Informer II, a database.

     SoftLogik had an impressive setup with  the latest  PageStream output-
 ting COLOR printouts of files.  They looked excellent.

     Zubair Interfaces had their Z-RAM upgrades.

     The Codeheads  were busy  selling their stuff, they appeared busy most
 all the time.  They had G+Plus, MaxiFile, MultiDesk, Lookit/Popit  and the
 rest of their line.

     Branch Always  Software was displaying the latest version of Quick ST,
 version 3.  It is a sped up version of the previous version and really did
 look quicker.

     GramSlam,  the  grammar  checker,  was  being  shown  by  Phil  Comeau

     Micro Creations was showing a graphical terminal and a Poker game.

     A & D Software had their excellent Universal Item Selector, a program
 which no one should be without.

     ICD was selling AdSpeeds  left  and  right,  as  well  as  their other

     There were several MIDI producers including Musicode Software and Mind
 over MIDI.

     Cherry Fonts had an impressive lineup of Calamus fonts available.

     And Atari had a very nice display up on center  stage.   This included
 several Lynxes  in the foreground.  In the background were at least half a
 dozen computers with such celebs as Nathan from  ISD showing  off Calamus.
 I even saw some of Atari's notable personalities floating by.

     In another  area there  was a  seminar room  with people  such as Dave
 Small, Gribnif, and Nathan of ISD giving lectures.  The eating area  had a
 stage also  where some  performances were  made and  where user groups had
 some tables
 set up.

     Saturday seemed pretty lively with people flowing in and out of areas.
 I decided to come back on Sunday to see how things were like and admitted-
 ly, they were rather bleak.   I even  saw a  few developers  leaving their
 booths to  chat with other developers.  In talking with some of them, most
 expressed satisfaction  with attending  the show,  even though  not all of
 them made money.  It seems some things are more important than that!


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 > SFAN & ATARI!! STR Spotlight         SFAN travels in fine company!


               Science Fiction, Fantasy & Adventure Network
                   to use TT030 in its show productions!

 by R.F. Mariano

     According to  our sources, the Atari TT030 is the 'preferred' computer
 system of the SFAN Cable network.    The  TT030  is  intended  for  use in
 aiding all  facets of  product and  in particular  the graphical creations
 unique to the network and its various shows. In return, Atari will receive
 regular, ongoing  promotional exposure throughout the entire SFAN network.
 Can you imagine that?  At last, Atari will no longer be the Dangerfield of
 computers!    Lexicor  Software,  a  high  end  graphics  programming  and
 publishing house, is also heavily involved  in the  Graphical Productions.
 In this  author's opinion, there is no better compliment to the TT030 than
 Lexicore's very powerful software/hardware  combinations.    SFAN  is very
 close  to  launching  its  spectacular entertainment line-up and is merely
 awaiting the opportunity to tie up some loose ends.   Atari's Bill Rehbock
 has been  very instrumental  in securing Atari's commitment to supply sup-
 port for the SFAN project.

     Additionally,  in  a  move  guaranteed  to  generate  controversy  and
 speculation, Walter  Koenig and  the Science  Fiction, Fantasy & Adventure
 Network have chosen the STAR TREK 25th Anniversary Convention as  the time
 and place  to make  their affiliation public.  This decision has been made
 in consideration of the point of progress of  negotiations with  major in-
 vestors and the possibility for wide exposure as a result of news coverage
 of the Silver Anniversary Convention.

     In addition to the initial public revelation of SFA Network, Koenig is
 announcing  his  position  as  network spokesperson and host and executive
 producer of  an innovative  one-hour weekly  original program.   This hour
 will allow Koenig the opportunity to explore the entertainment industry as
 well  as   science,  science   fiction,  and   fantasy  through  prominent
 personalities in  those fields.   Respected and well-liked by those in the
 entertainment industry and those in the  areas of  serious Science Fiction
 writing,  Koenig  will  be  able  to  call  on his years of experience and
 knowledge of the people involved.

     Following meetings with some of the most famous members of the Science
 Fiction Writers of America and conversations with the current President of
 SFWA, Ben Bova, SFA Network enjoys their support.  In  addition, Arthur C.
 Clarke continues to lend personal encouragement.

     To guarantee the best possible programming mix for our audience, Kerry
 O'Quinn, founder and former publisher of STARLOG magazine,  is on-staff as
 advisor for  programming mix and scheduling.  In addition, O'Quinn will be
 actively engaged in the process of bringing his  Science Fiction anthology
 series,  Future  Tales,  to  the  Network  at  the earliest possible date.
 Future Tales, a fully-developed series concept, will consist  of half-hour
 programs with  scripts from  original works  of some of the most prominent
 Science Fiction writers.

     Other  positions  within  the  SFA  Network  have  been   filled  with
 experienced  executives  and  engineers  who  enjoy  the  respect  of  the
 entertainment industry.  Assembly of a team from  within the  ranks of the
 industry lends  necessary credibility  to SFA  Network.   In order to live
 down the general industry assessment of such a project and  the assumption
 that there  is not sufficient programming to support such an offering, the
 affiliation of well-established industry  professionals  was  found  to be

     SFA Network has chosen to follow established methods of developing its
 project, concentrating on the  tremendous  amount  of  work  to  develop a
 credible offering  and presence.   The  revelation of the existence of SFA
 Network at the Silver Anniversary Convention will require no apologies.

 An Open Letter to:

                              Atari Computer
                          Atari Developers (IAAD)
                                Atari Users
                 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Adventure Fans

     In somewhat awed reply to the phenomenal response from IAAD  and Atari
 Computer, I  have to  take this  opportunity to express our thanks and our
 hopes that we are all headed, hand-in-hand, toward a much  brighter future
 for the  Science Fiction,  Fantasy &  Adventure Network, Atari developers,
 loyal Atari users and Atari Computer itself.  There is really nothing more
 appropriate than  a "renegade,  outsider" project to be so fully supported
 by a "renegade, outsider" computer manufacturer and its developers.

     From the first moment I saw innuendoes, then hints, then  rumors, then
 pictures of  the TT030  I believed  that there was a place for it with the
 SFAN  project.    Once  I  saw  the  astounding  capabilities  of  LEXICOR
 Software's Prism-Paint  teamed with the TT030 I knew that a match had been
 made...and Lee Seiler (shy and retiring  gentleman that  he is)  seemed to
 "feel it  in his  bones" from the first time I called him and badgered him
 about what Prism-Paint could "really" do.  He  provided invaluable insight
 into dealing  with Atari on matters of this nature and effectively "strung
 me along" with siren  promises of  cooperation...and that  has become more
 than reality.

     This  week,  we  received  word  from  Lee  that he had wholeheartedly
 decided to participate as  much as  necessary to  make us  a success...and
 shortly after that word came that Sam Tramiel had decided to throw Atari's
 hat "in the ring".  Without a moment's hesitation, RIO  Computer jumped in
 with the promise of a second TT030 and open-end support...DoubleClick just
 checked  the  address  and  said,  "We're  not  sure  what  you  need, but
 everything  will  be  in  the  mail  today."    And today Nathan Potechin,
 President of ISD and IAD called to ask what we  need...Calamus Outline Art
 "on the way".

     When I track this back, I have to believe in luck...I've wound up with
 Arthur C. Clarke as a pen-pal (who admires  my "initiative  and persisten-
 ce"!!), the  chance to  get to know how bright and kind a gentleman Walter
 Koenig really is, the chance  to  meet  some  of  the  best  and brightest
 Science Fiction  Writers in  the country,  and the chance to find out more
 about Kerry O'Quinn and how he brought STARLOG  Group to  its stature, and
 the chance to find out what kind of support the IAD and Atari can offer.

     The  potential  really  is  here  to  get  the  word  into millions of
 households in the country  that  Atari  Computers,  their  developers, and
 their users  do more  than total  scores in  video arcades.  When we debut
 there will be consistent screen credit to Atari  and developers  for their
 contributions.   In addition,  we have  three original programs which will
 provide opportunities for exposure of Atari hardware and  software to dif-
 ferent degrees.   CINEMAGIC will concentrate on the world of movie effects
 and  illusion;  EXPLORING  TOMORROW  will  deal  with  futurism  and where
 computers and  man are  headed together;  and WIDGETS AND WHATCHAMACALLITS
 will offer the opportunity for the offbeat and the unusual to make its way
 into the nations' homes.

      Once again,  let me  express my  sincerest thanks to Atari, the Atari
 Developers, STReport and the Atari users I hope to count  among my viewers
 and fans.   And  especially those  users on CIS who helped in every way to
 get these wonderful events to occur.

     If 20 hour days seven  days  a  week  for  better  than  two  years is
 glamourous, then welcome to the world of glamour!

                     Michael (Mike) Kelley, President
               Science Fiction, Fantasy & Adventure Network


 > STR Portfolio News & Information           Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     There is a new feature in the forum. Threads which are deemed to be of
 continuing interest will be saved in the library. Look for the .THR exten-
 sion. New  this week  we have P2ST.THR which discusses connecting the Port
 to Atari ST computers.  Also, PPPMDM.THR  describes the  comands needed to
 use Practical  Peripherals Pocket Modem with the Port.

     APFCAT.ARC, found  in Lib 1, gives a listing of all files available in
 the forum libraries. This listing includes file descriptions in a new for-
 mat and is  current through June 15.

     B.  J.  Gleason  has  uploaded  a  new  version  of  Pchess.  Look for
 PCHESS.ZIP. It offers a better looking board and does not  require special

     See message  #13042 for  Harry Watts' report on Comdex. Of special in-
 terest is an external 512k upgrade from Autobyte Products.

     Comparison of the competing  palmtops is  inevitable. This  week there
 are two  interesting threads  in progress.  One discussing the features of
 the Poqet and the other discusses the utility of the HP95LX.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 Continued from last week...

 About loyalty and the future of Atari...
 from GEnie
 Category 14,  Topic 31
 Message 165       Sun Jun 16, 1991
 R.COVERT1 [Richard]          at 20:31 EDT

     Well, the subject of me being a Developer has been brought up.   And I
 have several  problems that  asking Atari for help might not resolve.  For
 one, just how much can Bob Brodie or  John Townsend  do?   I ask  them for
 reasons why  the TT  isn't Class  B certified, and they can't asnwer.  OK.
 They aren't in a position in Atari to know.

     But, the poor USA market makes it hard for me  to justify  spending my
 TIME (i.e  money) developing  ANYTHING for  the ST/TT.  And I am sure that
 many other developers feel the same way.  So, just what can Topics such as
 "FEEDBACK  TO  ATARI"  do?  I  don't  know?  But, there are many progr ams
 lacking for the ST/TT  that could  be written  but won't  be. For example,
 there are  NO FLOWCHARTING  programs for the ST/TT. There are many for the
 PC or the MAC.  A smart programmer could write such a  program in  a short
 time. But  why would  he do it for the ST/TT?  There isn't even a national
 magazine to advertise your product in  anymore.   So, that  is what  I ask
 Atari.  What are they going to do to reverse the market here?

     And *WHEN*  will the  TT Be Class B Certified?  Ever?  the STacy never
 did become Class B certified, and now it  has be  dropped and  replaced by
 the ST Notebook.  Which of course, isn't Class B certified either.

     What a mess. Makes MS Windows 3 or X windows look better and better to


 Category 14,  Topic 31
 Message 166       Sun Jun 16, 1991
 N.KABACINSKI                 at 23:40 EDT

     I've been trying to  support you  guys and  keep Atari  alive but this
 recent 1040ST that I bought will probably go up for sale before the end of
 the year.  And that's really  ashame  guys,  considering  I've  been using
 Atari computers  for many years now.  I started with a Atari 400 w/16K and
 since then bought a 130XE and now a 1040ST.

     All that a software developer has to do these days  is log  onto GEnie
 and the  ST roundtable and determine that they will not support Atari just
 by seeing all of us HOUNDING Atari to get their **** together.  Looks real
 good to these developers when they see that the very users that "invested"
 in an Atari can't even get the company to support  them.   And you  see it
 happening more and more everyday.  How much longer does Atari plan to stay
 in business when software companies everyday  are anouncing  that they are
 dropping ST  support?   Do you  know how  many times I wrote Atari letters
 looking for technical support and never ever heard a word  or peep?   Some
 way to treat people that generate YOUR PAYCHECKS!!!!!

     All I  can say now is if I can't get a decent IBM emulator for the ST,
 I'm selling out for IBM where I don't have to  drive 150  miles to  find a
 gosh darn  dealer!!   Its too  bad that  its gonna  end this way. I really
 liked the ST.....

                                 N. Kabacinski
                       Average Atari User Since The Atari 400


 To both Mr. Covert and Mr. Kabacinski;

     Elsewhere in this issue is an article about  the very  things you dis-
 cuss; the shape of the Atari market and the message Atari seems to be sen-
 ding out.  Along with the obvious negative results many  of the  users are
 witness to.  This vertical market thing and the "groupies" orbiting around
 it and cheerleading seem to have "clouded" Atari's  vision of  the future.
 Keep up the noises, sooner (hopefully) or later, someone out there in Sun-
 nyvale who makes real  decisions will  come up  with a  profound discovery
 that there's  more to  computing than a narrow, bicycle spoke thick, slice
 of the entire market!  Atari had better pay attention to the entire market
 instead of just a minuscule segment.    And FAST!

 from the FNET...
 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 18966  Lines: 14  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 19, 1991  at 10:44 AM
 To   : ALL
 From : Sean Price at MASATEK (213)518-9524 Fnet#429
 Subj : Atari

     If Atari  keeps with  their current practices in the US, they will not
 even exist here, let alone be a force  in the  computer industry.   I sell
 Atari computers  and products, and deal with the largest Atari distributor
 in the US.  I've been trying to get Mega STEs for over two  months with no
 success.   Atari keeps promising delivery on a certain date, and when that
 date comes around it's "Oh, Sorry.   There  were only  5 Mega  STEs on the
 ship that  just came in.  It looks like about two more weeks.".  This is a
 ridiculous way  to sell  computers.   You can't  expect the  public to buy
 computers that  aren't being  delivered.  It really angers me because I've
 been an Atari computer user for  12  years,  and  believe  that  they make
 excellent computers.  Unfortunately it's hard to make other people believe
 they are great computers if they never see one.


                                                  Sean Price

     Hang in there Sean, we see  where a  very "highly  informed" source of
 "irrefutable"  information   has  stated   publicly  that  Atari  will  be
 delivering upwards  of 200,000  machines per  month.   While its extremely
 difficult to  believe such  figures, its likely that with the sub contrac-
 ting just beginning we shall see  nothing but  improvement.   My guess is,
 and its  just a guess, we'll see decent improvement but nowhere near those
 dream city figures.  Atari is trying.....

 from CIS....
     17-Jun-91  00:57:51
 Sb: #27032-#STR 724 ATARI NEWS 1ST!
 Fm: Charles Hill 76370,3045
 To: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454 (X)


     While I do not own an Atari computer, I enjoy reading ST  REPORT as it
 contains a lot of interesting information.  I only have one real complaint
 it's to darned big!

     I d/l STR from CompuServe and thus incur line charges  proportional to
 the time  spent online.   Hence,  the bigger  the file the more I pay. The
 latest issue was 71097 bytes long (arced) and that is pretty darned big.

     Now, I admit I don't know that much about Atari  file compression, and
 it may be CIS Forum policy to accept only .ARC files, but I could've sworn
 I saw some others.  In doing my own tests,  I dearced  STR724.TXT and then
 recompressed it  using ZIP v1.02 and LHARC v1.20 on an Amiga.  The results
              ORIGINAL TEXT (Uncompressed) .... 139,561 bytes
              ORIGINAL TEXT (ARCed)............  71,097 bytes
              RECOMPRESSED TEXT (LHArced) .....  60,655 bytes
              RECOMPRESSED TEXT (ZIPped) ......  57,375 bytes

     Best case (ZIP) resulted  in a  savings of  12,722 bytes!   This would
 significantly decrease d/l transmission time and possibly boost the number
 of d/ls since the smaller size would make the file more attractive.

     Arc, ZIP, LHArc and Zoo are available on  the Amiga,  and I  have seen
 all of  them except LHArc on an MS-DOS system.  I know I have seen Arc and
 ZIP for the ST and I was under  the impression  that LHArc  was originally
 written on an ST.

 Is there any possibility of changing compression schemes?

     OTHER  ----In  the  latest  ST-REPORT  (724)  there  was an article on
 upgrading a Mega ST to TT capabilities.  The article stated that  an 80 Mb
 hard drive was $625 even though the ad for drives at the bottom of STR was
 in the $500 range.  Heck, I purchased a Seagate  ST-296N (80  Mb SCSI) for
 $350 mail order!  Granted, it was a 5 1/4" drive, for the price difference
 you can get an external case w/power supply.

     The article fails to point out  the major  advantage of  upgrading the
 Mega as  opposed to selling it and getting a TT -- it can be done a little
 at a time, making it MUCH more affordable.  The TT would  be a  major cash
 outlay, not  to mention  the delay  between the time you sold the Mega and
 actually got in the TT.  (As I understand it, they are scarce in the U.S.,

     Finally,  is  it  possible  to  put  the words ST-REPORT or STR in the
 KEYWORDS section on CompuServe?  If I miss an issue then I  have to BROWSE
 through a weeks worth of uploads to find the one I missed. Boring when you
 don't have an ST.

 Thanks for a great online mag!


     Mr. Hill, Thanks for the input and reading STReport.  We did,  not too
 long ago experiment with LHARC but it became obvious that ARC was the only
 way to go.  Maybe, at some  time  in  the  future.    As  for  the upgrade
 article, I  can see  the wisdom  of the  writer and of course, your points
 also.  However, I might point out a decent case with a power supply  and a
 blower is  approximately $100.00, a host adapter $90.00, the ribbon cables
 $25.00 now, if I add that to your figure of  $350.00 its  not too  far off
 the mark.   I  think the real point the writer was trying to make was that
 upgrading an older device can become  more expensive  than buying  a newer
 model.  In any case, thank you for caring to write and and thanks for your
 support.  As for the key words, consider it done.



 > AMWAY CONTROL SYSTEM STR Review      This program is dedicated to Amway

                          COMPUTER ORDER PLUS ST

 by James Nolan

     So, you're  sitting at  home in  your office  on order  night when the
 phone  rings.    As  you  answer  it  and  find out who the distributor or
 customer is, you bring up their record on the computer  and start entering
 their order.  When you're done, you print out a copy with all the totals -
 PV, BV, and cost.  All of this is done WITHOUT filling  out a  BA1 or SA1.
 Next you  start adding  this to  your group  order.   Then the phone rings

     Rarely does a program package come along that  can really  get someone
 excited  and  keep  them  that  way.    Then after prolonged use, the same
 program prompts the user to keep asking himself while giggling, "How did I
 ever survive  without this  jewel?"   These are the feelings I experienced
 while using the fine product "COMPUTER ORDER PLUS ST" written by Robert Re
 of  Pacifica,  California.    This  program is strictly dedicated to Amway
 distributors who are building  a multi-level  marketing business.   Yes, I
 said AMWAY,  the 3.2 billion dollar MLM giant out of Ada, Michigan.  So if
 you're not involved in the best of two worlds, meaning  "Power Without the
 Price" teamed  with the time leveraging/income diversifying advantages the
 Amway opportunity provides, this article really  may not  light your fire.
 If, however,  you are  one of  those rare networking entrepreneurs with an
 Atari ST looking for a way  to speed  up your  business, this  is IT!   If
 you've been considering buying the networking software from Amway and run-
 ning it in the IBM mode, hold your keyboard until you've checked  this one

     The program, comes on 2 disks with complete docs in a handsome binder.
 It is readily evident that a lot of time and  effort went  into making the
 docs simple and easy to read and follow.  the same conscientious effort is
 evident in the development of the program.  It's hard to explain in detail
 all of  the great features that this program has to offer but I will touch
 lightly on most of them.  C.O.P.   ST is  very user  friendly.   It can be
 installed  on  the  hard  drive  or  run from floppies as program and data
 disks.  If you're using disk drives, C.O.P.  ST will prompt  you   when to
 change data  disks.   It will  also number  the disks itself to ensure the
 right one is in use.  I tested the program on a  monochrome system  but it
 also runs  in medium  resolution and allows you to set the colors for each
 of the different screens within the program.   An especially  nice feature
 is the security code access.  This is helpful if the system is set up in a
 warehouse environment.  The code can be changed or bypassed.

     From what I can see, anything you could do before can now be done with
 the  program  (and  much  faster).    This includes but is not limited to:
 generation of orders, optional  inventory  control,  back  order tracking,
 catalog  updating,   performance  bonus   statements,  year  end  reports,
 add/delete new distributors, "family trees", and  sort &  print orders ac-
 cepted by  the RDCs.   There are separate programs for database utilities,
 generating year end reports  and for  ordering from  the Personal Shoppers

     The data utility module allows you to create new or fix old databases.
 With it  you can  move, copy  or merge  different groups  in your network.
 This  is   extremely  useful   when  your  group  reaches  close  to  1000
 distributors and  you want  to set  different databases  for each  leg.  I
 really  like  this  feature  because  as your business grows, the software
 doesn't slow you down.  Year end reports information such as group  or in-
 dividual bonuses, PV/BV totals, orders and sales tax, bonuses received and
 total cost PV/BV totals are generated giving you some excellent  tax stats
 for your IRS returns.  You shouldn't rely solely on these reports for your
 tax return but it can help tremendously.  You will also be  able to deter-
 mine if you need to submit a 1099 form for any of your distributors.

     At present,  the Personal  Shoppers module only contains items handled
 by the RDCs but other items can be  added up  to a  total of  2000.  Other
 features of C.O.P.  ST include single unit pricing, editable printer codes
 from within  the program,  the ability  to jump  between functions without
 exiting the  program -  ie.   jump out  of a distributor's order screen to
 update an item in the  catalog  and  then  back  again,  auto  creation of
 folders  for  new  months,  ghosting  of unusable options in the pull down
 menus, saving of payment info right on the SA1 (date & check#) and setting
 of state  sales tax and shipping charges.  You can even set variable char-
 ges on retail for your customers as % increase, % decrease or flat rates.

     Another nice speed feature used throughout the program  is the  use of
 ALT keys  for various  functions such as catalog item find, printing, sor-
 ting orders, totals, RDC credits, back order marking and SCO charges.

     That's all we'll cover this issue.  Next time we'll  go more  in depth
 into the main program and all of its abilities.

                         "COMPUTER ORDER PLUS ST"
                                written by
                                 Robert Re
                               501 Ebken St.
                        Pacifica, California  94044



                      IS ATARI "ON THE RIGHT TRACK?"

 by Ralph F. Mariano

     What is this 'vertical market' thing?  Is it or does it serve the best
 interests of the entire userbase?  A vertical market is a "slice" (usually
 a very  narrow slice)  of the  overall marketplace a company targets as an
 area in which to sell its products.

     Consider this;    In  the  entire  USA  computer  marketplace, DeskTop
 Publishing holds  approximately (3%) of the total computing userbase.  Two
 years ago, one of the more  popular publishing  magazines did  a survey to
 see what  type machines  were in  use in  DTP.   They found, at that time,
 Apple had 71% of the DTP  market, the  remainder was  categorized "other".
 Recently, they  re-did the  survey and  found that IBM & Clones had 53% of
 the market and that Apple had 41%.  That left a GRAND TOTAL OF  6% for the
 remainder of  machines to enjoy.  Now, lessee.... 6% of 3% is, in reality,
 just how many users in the USA?  Maybe 25,000 or so,  perhaps a  few more.
 This is  the 'Phoenix'  Atari is  trying to chase??  Who sucked Atari into
 this debacle?

     What about all the loyal users being left  behind?   Most industry ob-
 servers agree  that Atari has perhaps 200,000 (min) machines in use in the
 USA.  Now, of these how many of  these users  can afford,  consider or are
 even interested  in the  high end  DTP vertical market?  Can you say maybe
 2%?  Yes, those  who have  been buying,  selling, upgrading  and enhancing
 their Atari hardware, release after release, since the introduction of the
 520 are the real backbone.  Where are they headed?  What  future have they
 in the  current scheme of things?  Sure, we have heard the expression; "Oh
 well, they'll have to change their  way of  thinking, they'll  have to pay
 the  price."    "Oh  really????"    Take a GOOD look around, who is really
 PAYING THE PRICE at this time?  The ENTIRE USERBASE is, thats  who.  Atari
 INCLUDED!    Honestly,  there  is  nothing  wrong with pursuing a vertical
 market as long as the remainder of the market is  not seriously neglected.

     The  Atari  computer  is  a  terrific  machine that will do many, many
 things for the user.  While all the players, including  the US Government,
 readily recognize  the Cottage  Computer Industry, (computers used at home
 for business or business  conducted from  home using  computers), Atari is
 roaring off in what appears to be a totally different direction.  The very
 sad thought  is three  years ago  certain people,  including Sig Hartmann,
 recognized the  enormity of  the Cottage  Computer Industry.   Once again,
 Atari had a golden opportunity.  He was "up" on  working this  area and in
 fact, had  excellent demographic  studies that  pointed to its vitality in
 the future.  That can be an integral  part of  Atari's future  but only if
 someone out there realizes that NOT EVERYONE IS INTO THE HIGH DOLLAR DESK-
 TOP PUBLISHING ARENA.  There are literally tens of thousands  of users out
 there who  could care less about a $10,000 - $230,000 '17 speed' "hell" or
 Lino devices.  They want a choice of a top drawer word processor, a spread
 sheet, an  accounting system,  a point of sale setup w/bar code reader, an
 entertainment variety, telecom,  utilities,  and  most  important  of all,
 solid support from both Atari and the developers.

     Now, it  appears a  LOUD and  CLEAR message about Atari's niche market
 selectivity and preferences has been sent  to the  users, retailers, MAJOR
 software developers  and publishers  by Atari's  actions alone in the last
 two quarters.  This impression must be dispelled and darn fast if Atari is
 to survive let alone grow in the overall computing arena.

     'Tis a  shame but  if one ponders about how many of the major software
 houses are  STILL fully  supporting the  Atari computer  with full program
 upgrades, NEW  VERSIONS not  "maintenance support", right now - this year,
 as opposed to two years ago  it gets  scary.   In addition,  check out the
 number of  FULL TIME  - ATARI ONLY DEVELOPERS, whose sole source of income
 is from development in the Atari arena, there are in this marketplace.  Go
 ahead, I  dare you!   Now,  query the very same developers about the plat-
 forms they are quietly adding to their development business or  flat plan-
 ning to  move to.   The alarm bells are ringing louder than they EVER have
 in the past.  Come on Atari.... WAKE UP!

     Reality suddenly  becomes shocking.   SOMEBODY  DROPPED THE  BALL!  In
 both the private sector and at Atari.  What happened to full developer and
 dealer representation?

 For example;
     Monitoring the target markets and overall market trends,  advising the
     devs, Atari  and other  manufacturers of market swings and fads, etc..
     Of course,  the most  important responsibility;  Continued ongoing en-
     couragement of  Major third  party players in the industry to continue
     support of the Atari computers, (why wasn't MIGRAPH at CEPS?).

     What is REALLY happening with Word Perfect?  Is the relationship still
 alive?   Is there  ongoing discussion about new releases?  Has this really
 been done and if yes, where  are the  results?   How can  this possibly be
 achieved now?   Atari  has dumped  Marken, a fine PR and promotional firm.
 The entire Atari market  is in  shambles!   The proof  is in  the pudding!
 Dealers are  upset, Product  Rep firms  are ready to drop Atari from their
 support lists.  I am afraid the report card for  Atari this  year, so far,
 is an extremely dismal disappointment.

     It appears, on the surface, that only one area of the market was given
 any substantial attention and  promotion.   That area  folks, is  Desk Top
 Publishing.    STReport  uses  DTP  programs  for many things yet we still
 realize the vital need to pay attention to  the entire  market.   Desk Top
 Publishing is here to stay but it is most certainly not a means to an end.
 Oh! excuse me, its now called  "Direct  To  Press"    yeeech!    For three
 years, Desk  Top Publishing  clearly indicated the area in which a program
 was designed to perform.   All  of a  sudden, that's  all "old fashioned".

     Perhaps, its time for some re-thinking.  Like.. Its time to go back to
 basics!   Forget all the hype and hoopla, stop trying to make a silk purse
 out of a sow's ear.  The YUPPIE era is dead and so is the thinking of that
 era.   The leadership  at Atari must wake up and promote Atari for what it
 is, not what a few "dreamers" would like to think it is.   Atari  must get
 back to  basics.   Advertise the  greatest, most affordable machines made.
 Build to meet the generated demand.  Sell these great  machines to satisfy
 the generated market.

     The 1040STe,  MegaSTe are  the backbone of this company.  The TT030 is
 far more than just a Graphics Work Station (as some would LOVE to have you
 believe) but  until software is written and released expressly for the TT,
 that takes full advantage of ALL its power, is in place at the user levels
 it only  has the  "potential" of  being anything more than a decent "front
 end" to a few Desk Top Publishing programs.  For  this end,  must the com-
 pany sacrifice all other avenues of revenue generation?  The time for real
 change is at hand.



                             CODEHEAD SOFTWARE

                         LATEST VERSIONS & PRICES


     HotWire             3.0       1.3           2.3            $44.95

     MaxiFile            3.0       2.0           3.0            $44.95

     HotWire Plus (includes Maxifile)                           $69.95

     LookIt & PopIt      1.2/1.1   1.0                          $39.95

     G+plus              1.5       1.2                          $34.95

     CodeHead Utilities  3         n/a      Release 3           $34.95

     MultiDesk           2.2       2.0                          $29.95

     MidiMax             1.3       1.0                          $49.95

     CodeKeys            1.3       1.1                          $39.95


      Shipping & handling charges on the above items are as follows:

                      Addresses in USA         $3.00
                      Addresses in Canada      $4.00
                      All other Addresses      $6.00


                              UPGRADE POLICY

     MaxiFile updates  are  $15.00  (which  includes  the  67-page addendum
 manual).  All other updates are $10.00 for each disk and $5.00 per manual.
 If you are updating HotWire and have the old red and black  manual, you'll
 need the  newer manual.   If  you are updating a version of MultiDesk less
 than version 2.0, a new manual is mandatory.   These charges include ship-
 ping and  handling.  You must send in your original disk plus check, money
 order, or credit card number (with exp. date) and we  will make  every ef-
 fort to send your upgrade back to you the same day we receive it.

     It's a good idea to give us a call before sending in an upgrade order,
 so we can let you know about any special offers or charges that may occur.
 We reserve  the right  to change  any of the information contained in this
 product list at any time without notice.

                             CodeHead Software
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004
                            Tel: (213) 386-5735
                            Fax: (213) 386-5789



 Application for ///Turbo Board Ver 2 Upgrade         ___________________
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         ___________________

 SYSOP'S REAL NAME       :_______________________________________________
 STREET ADDRESS          :_______________________________________________
 COUNTY/CITY             :_______________________________________________
 STATE/PROVINCE          :________________
 COUNTRY                 :________________
 ZIP/POSTAL CODE         :________________

 PRESENT SERIAL #        :________________  (Both lines of TURBOKEY.DAT)

 VOICE PHONE NUMBER      :________________
 BBS PHONE NUMBER        :________________
 BBS NAME                :_______________________________________________
 FNET NODE #             :________________
 FIDO NODE #             :________________

     $29.95  Version 2 Turbo Key Registration,  Printed V2 Addendum
             and Version 2 Release Disk

  __ $ 6.00  Air Mail to USA
  __ $25.00  Express Mail to the USA or Canada Only
  __ $12.00  Air Mail International

     $__.__ Total

 - USA and International - All prices in US Dollars ($)
 - Canadian Residents, Use CDN $ instead
 - Ontario Residents please add 8% PST  (No GST unless you want to add it)
 - Canadian Packages sent 1st Class Post
 - USA and International sent Ground, unless Airmail or Express paid


 Please make out your Certified Cheque or Money Order payable to:

                         BITBLIT SYSTEMS

 Send your Completed Order Form with payment to:

                              Bitblit Systems
                              1580 Liveoak Dr
                              Mississauga, ON
                              Canada  L5E 2X6

 American and Foreign  residents, remember to check for correct postage.


 -------------------------------Cut here ----------------------------------


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile       ***** ABCO PRICE CHANGES! *****

                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

               Deluxe 2 bay Cabinet w/65w auto-switching PS
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          479.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   5.25"   Y          549.00
            SGN2055     105mb 17ms   3.5"    Y QUANTUM  699.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          789.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1019.00
               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250w PS
             PLEASE NOTE:  The above is partial listing only!


        >> ABCO is now taking orders for 1040 & MEGA STe Computers! <<
                Call for VERY special Introductory prices!

           If you don't see what you want listed here, call us.
                Odds are we have it or, can get it for you!
                        AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE!

                "We service what we sell. (when necessary)"

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) >> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - SYQUEST 44 MB DRIVE         - ICD ST ADSCSI PLUS H/A
          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.
                --->> SPECIAL! NOW ONLY __$ 645.00__ <<---
                   **** SCSI UNITS -> ONLY $585.00 ****

                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<
                    Cart and Utility Software Included!

                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  74.50
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 349.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1019.00 **
                         Includes TWO cartridges!

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

             50mb SQG51   $ 819.00     85mb SQG96    $ 1019.00


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                      *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

            * SLM 804 Replacement Toner Cartridge Kits $42.95 *
                       * Toner Starter Kits $49.95 *
                       * Replacement Drums $183.95 *

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



 > A "Quotable Quote"

                   "HIDING ONE'S HEAD IN SAND, TO AVOID



                                                  ....Zircon Zagnut

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