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From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 05-Apr-91 #714
Date: Sat Apr 13 18:38:54 1991

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     A few weeks ago, STReport carried  an  item  relative  to  Borland and
 Turbo C/ST.   In  that article  we pointed  out that while Turbo C for the
 Atari ST was readily available in  Germany,  the  US  operation  would not
 hear of  instituting US distribution.  We received a letter from a Borland
 support person whom we openly addressed in the article.   STReport felt it
 only right  and proper  to share  that letter  with you.   From this point
 forward, STReport  places  its  full  support  with  Mr.  Jimenez  and his
 efforts to induce Borland to distribute Turbo C/ST in the USA.

 Category 26,  Topic 2  (STReport's Category)
 Message 61        Tue Mar 26, 1991
 J.JIMENEZ [Juan]             at 17:35 EST

 I'd like to  communicate that Mr. Mariano called me today, and we mutually
 agreed that  attacking each other in the media will  not achieve any posi-
 tive purpose, and that we should both work together to achieve the goal of
 seeing Turbo  C for  the ST  released and  supported in the USA by Borland
 International, Inc.  I have stated that I am more  than willing  to assist
 in this goal in any way I can.

                                             Juan Jimenez, President
                                             Micro Consulting Associates
                                             San Juan, Puerto Rico

     I received  a note  from a  reader that  made mention  of the "Borland
 Incident".  Incident was  far too  harsh a  description for  the article's
 appearance.   In fact,  the article  has brought a modicum of attention to
 the fact that Atarians across the USA wish to see Turbo C/ST  available in
 the USA.   And...  it united  myself and  Mr. Jimenez in pursuing a common
 goal.  To me, that's a far cry from an "incident".


     On another topic entirely, the atmosphere in the electronic communica-
 tions world  today seems  to be highly volatile and constantly near explo-
 sive conditions.  One of the more apparent  causes seems  to be  that most
 folks still  have yet  to grasp  the fact  that what  is said in this very
 moment in time is across the borders of every state in the union at almost
 the very same moment.

     Also, there  are those  who seem to "prejudge" most anything they feel
 is some type of silly "threat".  Good sense and experience will cure these
 ills.   But until  then, it is encumbent upon all of us to exercise restr-
 aint and try our very best to understand the next person's actions without
 immediately going ballistic.

     The other,  less obvious,  cause is the subtle formation of "cliques".
 Most of you know what they are and how destructive they can be.   The best
 comparison of  what they resemble is the old fashion attitude of "them and
 us" or, "insiders and outsiders".   The saddest  observation recently made
 was "electronic  lynch mobs".   Friends,  we (all  of us) do not need this
 happening, watch the online scene, if an individual disagrees with someone
 who's on the "in".  Almost immediately there appears the very same people,
 vigilantly attacking or defending, time after time, carrying  on a  mile a
 minute.  If only they could see themselves as others do.

     Cliques have  destroyed usergroups and all types of social and politi-
 cal clubs.  Most folks who  have  experienced  the  delitrious  effects of
 cliques are  quick to  spot them  and point  them out in hopes of avoiding
 headaches.  Although the Cliques  are  not  prevalent  on  all  the online
 services, they are there and must be nipped in the bud.  Thankfully, there
 has been some mention made relative to personal  attacks and  the curtail-
 ment thereof.   I  hope we  can put  an end to their obvious growth in the
 online scene......

                              Thanks again for your strong support,


 pssst;  the moaning and groaning behind the "green door" is already common

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                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (April 5)


 Charles F.  Johnson and Little Green Footballs Software bring you ArcShell
 2.4, the latest version  of this  fine program.   This  version provides a
 link to  MaxiFile by allowing you to call up MaxiFile from ArcShell's main
 screen.  See ARCS24.ARC in Library 1 of  the Atari  Productivity Forum (GO


 If you  don't know  what that  is (and I didn't either) then read the file
 MF30-2.TXT in Library 16,  CodeHead SoftWare,  of the  Atari Vendors Forum
 (GO ATARIVEN)  and find  out about  this latest  feature added to MaxiFile
 3.0.  A great program just got better!


 DC LEFTY ARROW is another PROGRAM OF THE WEEK from  Double Click Software.
 DC LEFTY ARROW is a supplement to their DC LEFTY program, it will give you
 a "left handed" mouse arrow.  Download DCLARW.ARC  from LIBRARY  13 of the
 Atari Vendors  Forum (GO ATARIVEN).  Also download DCSHWR.TXT from LIBRARY
 13 -- a Double Click Software press release announcing their new DC SHOWER


 DOTS AND  DASHES - This classy connect-the-dots strategy game runs in both
 color and monochrome.  Match wits with the computer or up to three humans.
 Play on one computer or compete by way of modem and a phone hookup.  Start
 with dots only or with some dashes in place.   To introduce  an element of
 luck, make  beginning dashes invisible.  Fun for all ages and IQs.  Built-
 in, printable instructions.  Available in  LIBRARY  2  of  the  Atari Arts

 The Modem  Games Forum  will be sponsoring a FREE PLAYING NIGHT in the MTM
 Gaming Lobby (GO MTMLOBBY) on Tuesday,  April  9th,  between  7:00  PM and
 12:00 AM Eastern Time.

 The MTM  Gaming Lobby allows you to play modem capable games interactively
 against other CompuServe members.  The  games that  are supported include:

 If you don't currently  own one  of the  above mentioned  commercial modem
 capable games,  many are  available for you to download from the Libraries
 of the Modem Games Forum (GO MODEMGAMES).  Some of our Forum members'
 favorites include:

     PC OTHELLO   File: OTHELO.ARC in LIBRARY 9  ("Board/Card Games")
     BATTLESHIP   File: BATTLE.ARC in LIBRARY 11 ("Other Modem Games")
                   (The above games are IBM Compatible.)

   DOTS-DASHES  File: DOTDAS.PRG in LIBRARY 11 ("Other Modem Games")
   for Atari ST users.

 If you've never played through the MTM Lobby, this is  a great opportunity
 to give it a try.  Instructions are available for download FREE OF CONNECT
 CHARGES from the CompuServe MTM Games menu (GO MTMGAMES).

 The MTM Gaming Lobby is available for use  twenty-four hours  a day, seven
 days a  week.  Forum staff members are there to help you out interactively
 on weeknights from 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM and weekends from 6:00 PM -  1:00 AM
 (Eastern Time).

 We hope  to see you on Tuesday!  Remember, CompuServe connect charges will
 be TURNED OFF while you are in game play mode!




   Issue #105

 by Michael Arthur


                   AT&T, THE OSF, AND THE COURSE OF UNIX

     In May 1988,seven of the most  influential Unix  Developers, including
 IBM, Hewlett  Packard, DEC,  and German  computer maker  Siemens Inc., an-
 nounced the formation of the Open Software Foundation, or OSF.  The stated
 goal of  the OSF  is to openly develop an alternate systems/software stan-
 dard for Unix.   The catch:   AT&T,  the owner  and licensee  of Unix, has
 refused to  join the OSF, and in fact, is developing a new version of Unix
 with Sun Microsystems.

     To understand  why these  large computer  companies (any  one of which
 owns a  significant segment  of the Unix market) are rebelling against the
 originator and principal owner of Unix, AT&T, it  is necessary  to go back
 to the beginning.

     Unix was  originally made  to be  a multiprocessor  standard, with its
 licensees having equal access to a growing operating system which would be
 managed and  improved by  AT&T to take advantage of the latest innovations
 in computer technology.

     But as time went on, AT&T  did  not  compile  such  a  good  record of
 keeping Unix up to date.  This resulted in Unix derivatives like Xenix and
 Berkeley Unix arising to meet these  needs.   These Unix  dialects weren't
 that compatible,  and Unix users were forced to fragment.  Things remained
 stable for a while, but as innovations in  user interfaces,  graphics, and
 Unix itself  emerged, the need arose for a new version of Unix which would
 both take advantage of these innovations and merge  these "Unixes"  into a
 cohesive, well defined standard.

     Seeing this  need, AT&T announced that it was making such a system, in
 Unix Version 5.4, which  would  merge  Berkeley  Unix  4.2/4.3,  AT&T Unix
 Version  5.3,  and  Microsoft  Xenix,  therefore establishing a solid Unix
 standard, and would also use a new graphic user interface for Unix, called
 Open Look.  One small detail: Open Look was developed by Sun Microsystems,
 and they alone are helping AT&T make its new Unix.  Meaning that Sun would
 become the most important Unix licensee (and the most profitable).

     Another thing  is that  Sun was  also developing the SPARC, a new RISC
 (Reduced Instruction Set Chip)  processor,  and  AT&T  had  mentioned that
 Unix Version 5.4 might take advantage of its special features.

     So faced  with the  problems of Sun being allowed to set the course of
 Unix in an exclusive partnership with  AT&T (thereby  becoming the leading
 Unix company), as a powerful, yet proprietary Unix lured users away, these
 leading Unix vendors took the only reasonable option.  Instead  of sitting
 passively by  while AT&T and Sun lived happily ever after, they decided to
 make their OWN Unix....

     Hence the Open Software Foundation, an  independent corporation funded
 by its supporters that would devise a comprehensive Unix standard covering
 the areas of graphical  user interfaces,  enhancements to  Unix, and other
 aspects of  Unix.  After development of their platform, the OSF would back
 it up with the things that  they  felt  were  lacking  from  AT&T.   These
 things included:

               1) Reasonable, stable licensing terms
               2) A vendor-neutral decision process
               3) Equal vendor influence in (and access to) specifications
               4) A hardware-independent Unix standard that would evolve
                  in a quicker, more rational fashion than AT&T Unix had.

     Also, when  the OSF's  alternate Unix standard has been developed, all
 of the OSF's member companies will migrate their entire Unix  product line
 to it,  in order to further support it.  And as each member of the OSF has
 a greater share of  the Unix  hardware market  than AT&T  (and the  OSF is
 quickly gaining new members), the united force of these Unix vendors could
 be great enough to wrest control of Unix away from AT&T.

     AT&T has not reacted  favorably to  this, ridiculing  the OSF's plans,
 and joining  other industry  analysts in  taking a very dim view as to the
 OSF could accomplish.    But  surprisingly,  Sun  Microsystems  itself has
 considered joining  the OSF.   In order to end all speculation about their
 chances of success, the OSF immediately began development on its Unix.

     First on their agenda was a  standard Graphical  User Interface.   The
 OSF's  requirements  in  this  issue  were  that the interface be based on
 X/Windows, a  standard Unix  windowing system,  and that  the interface be
 completely hardware-independent.   The  OSF listed  26 organizations whose
 products it would consider as candidates.  Among the ones  considered were
 Hewlett Packard (New Wave), Digital Research (X/GEM), Microsoft (Presenta-
 tion Manager), Carnegie-Mellon University, and Sun Microsystems' Open Look
 interface.    It  finally  chose  to  create its own interface, called OSF
 Motif, by combining the Presentation Manager's "look and  feel" with feat-
 ures from other GUIs made by DEC and Hewlett Packard.

     The  OSF  then  considered  what  standard  of Unix it should base its
 operating system on.  After considering A/IX (IBM's  version of  Unix) and
 Berkeley Unix,  it finally  decided to  make its OS a combination of other
 systems.  While it  uses Mach,  a dialect  of Berkeley  Unix that supports
 multiprocessing, for  its main  kernel, A/IX is used for most system func-
 tions.  The OSF has recently been focusing on advanced distributed proces-
 sing (which  allows you to run one copy of the same program on two or more
 computers at the same  time),  and  has  been  considering  several system

     The OSF  estimates that it will have its alternate Unix standard ready
 for commercial distribution before 1992, and has already  sent beta copies
 of its  operating system to its member companies.  However, as AT&T is now
 shipping Unix Version 5.4, many computer  vendors are  choosing to support
 it  instead  of  the  OSF's  Unix.    Now  that AT&T has spun off its Unix
 Software Division  as a  separate, autonomous  company, AT&T  Unix is also
 beginning to  gain new  momentum in  the computer industry.  However, AT&T
 has not been able to rally much support for Open Look; even  the companies
 who use  AT&T Unix  are beginning  to back  OSF Motif  as the standard GUI
 (Graphical User  Interface) for  Unix programs.   With  both camps gaining
 support, the  question becomes  whether AT&T Unix will be able to hold off
 the OSF and dominate the course  of Unix,  or if  a group  of Unix vendors
 will be able to muster enough support to dethrone AT&T.

     With the advent of OS/2, the computer industry finally began to take a
 look  at  multitasking  operating  systems,  and  noticed  Unix,  with its
 powerful capabilities.   As  such, Unix  has become very important, having
 the potential of eventually  guiding the  microcomputer industry  into the
 21st Century.   Now the issue is if Unix not only can overcome the MS-DOS,
 Macintosh, and OS/2 alternatives, but can withstand the  dissention within
 its internal ranks to establish a standard worthy of such a feat....


      Issue #15

 Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 - Sunnyvale, California                         NEW ATARI PLANT IN ISRAEL?

 According  to  an announcement made by the Israeli  Trade  and  Industry
 Ministry, Atari will set up a new 150 million dollar computer factory in
 Israel.   Zvi Cohen,  general director of the ministry,  said that Atari
 and the government would share the costs and the factory will create 600
 jobs at first and could go to 1,000 jobs within five years.   Atari  has
 not issued any comments on the report.

 - Dallas, Texas                      WHO INVENTED FIRST MICROCHIP - TEXAS
   -------------                         INSTRUMENTS WANTS TO FIND OUT.

 Texas Instruments has fired the first salvo in challenging the patent on
 the microprocessor which awarded to Gilbert Hyatt of Cerritos,  Califor-
 nia  last summer and has asked the U.S.  Patent and Trademark Office  to
 determine  who  first invented the microprocessor  chip.   The  Patent's
 Office  proceeding  is called an "interference" and could  take  several
 years to decide.

 Until  Hyatt's patent was issued,  the computer industry had been  oper-
 ating  pretty much free of basic patent restraints.   There are a  large
 number of engineers who could have a claim in inventing an early version
 of the microprocessoR.

 Hyatt's patent took over 20 years to issue and was based on an  original
 filing claim in 1970,  which had to be re-filed in 1977.   TI's position
 is that its employee,  Gary W. Boone, invented the first microprocessor,
 the  4-bit TMS100 calculator chip.  Boone was awarded a patent on it  in
 1978 after filing in 1971.

 - Los Angeles, California                 HAS 1984 ARRIVED IN CALIFORNIA?

 Californians not only have to have their photos taken for their  drivers
 licenses,  they now have to have their fingerprints scanned also.   They
 are  then  stored electronically by the California Department  of  Motor
 Vehicles (DMV).   The scanner,  which is supplied by Fingermax, the only
 company which produces electronic fingerprint scanners, scans, digitizes
 and then stores the print in a database.

 One of the future products to be produced by Fingermax is a  fingerprint
 scanner for patrol cars.   According to a spokesman for  Fingermax,  "If
 the  police pull you over because they suspect you of some  crime,  they
 could  positively  identify  you there,  instead of  hauling  you  to  a
 station.   Patrol cars are already equipped with a computer monitor  and
 access to the National Crime Information Center,  it's just a matter  of
 extending  that system.  This could work as a protection of  your  cons-
 titutional rights,"

 - Sunnyvale, California                  9600 BAUD MODEM FOR UNDER $200

 By ignoring the current industry standards and establishing their own, a
 new  company  called CompuCom has come out with a 9600 baud  modem  that
 will retail for less than $200.  The "Champ" uses a proprietary protocol
 called  the CompuCom Speed Protocol (CSP-3) to achieve rates  of  38,400
 bits per second, when attached to another modem using the same protocol.
 This  is the same speed claimed by the V.32 modems using the V.42  data-
 compression standard.

 - Scottsdale, Arizona              'EVIL EMPIRE' IS THE NEW MS-DOS VIRUS

 A new MS-DOS virus,  dubbed the "Evil Empire" virus because of the  mes-
 sage it displays,  has been reported by RG Software Systems,  a maker of
 virus protection software.   The virus was found at an unnamed  Canadian
 university and displays a message condemning Western intervention in the
 Persian Gulf. Appearing at random, the message reads:

 "I'm  becoming a little confused as to where the 'evil empire' is  these
 days.  If  we paid attention,  if we cared,  we would realize  just  how
 unethical this impending war with Iraq is,  and how impure the  American
 motives  are for wanting to force it.  It is ironic that when Iran  held
 American  hostages,  for a few lives the Americans were willing to  drag
 negotiation  on  for months;  yet when oil is  held  hostage,  they  are
 willing  to  sacrifice hundreds of thousands of  lives,  and  refuse  to

 RG Software said the next release of their Vi-Spy,  scheduled to  appear
 in a few weeks, will be able to identify the new virus.

 - San Francisco, California                FEDS HAVE 96% CONVICTION RATE

 According to the Secret Service's Fraud Division, they have a conviction
 rate of 96% for persons arrested by the Secret Service for  telecommuni-
 cations  and  computer crimes.  This figure is  based  on  approximately
 10,000  arrests since 1985 concerning fraudulent use of  access  devices
 including credit cards,  automatic teller machine (ATM) cards, passwords
 for computer systems and frequent flyer codes.

 - Phoenix, Arizona                             ANOTHER "HACKER" ARRESTED

 Law  enforcement officials have arrested a 19-year old who they  say  is
 the  first to be targeted in a nationwide crackdown on illegal  computer
 "hackers".   Baron Majette, aka "Doc Savage" and "Samuel Savage" was ar-
 rested last week for alleged crimes uncovered in the joint federal/state
 "SunDevil" investigation.

 The  complaint alleges that Majette last year broke into computer  files
 and  made  unauthorized credit card charges from Citibank and  its  mer-
 chants exceeding $60,000.   Also, that Majette used a computer to divert
 the costs of two long-distance conference calls to a Toys "R" Us  retail
 store in March 1990.  The group which included 15 individuals from Cali-
 fornia,  Texas,  Nevada,  Connecticut,  Missouri,  Georgia, New York and
 North  Carolina  spent  $8,100  on  telephone  calls  according  to  the

 This is the first arrest resulting from the raids last May, when the Sun
 Devil  Task Force served 28 search warrants nationwide,  seized 42  com-
 puter systems and nearly 50,000 computer disks.

 - San Jose, California                         VIDEOPHONES IN OUR FUTURE?

 AT&T and Compression Labs Inc.  (CLI) will join forces to develop  video
 telephone  products.   CLI will contribute its expertise  in  compressed
 digital  video and very-large-scale integration of chips and  AT&T  will
 contribute its telecommunications know-how.

 - Redmond, Washington                            NUMBER TWO AND CLIMBING

 According  to figures released from the Software Publishers  Association
 (SPA),  sales  of  Windows-based applications rose 157% during  1990  in
 North  America and is second only to the sale of  DOS  applications.   A
 market research firm in Framingham,  Massachusetts predicts another 150%
 growth  during  1991 (from 1.5 to 3.8 million  units),  with  a  further
 doubling in 1992.

 - Los Angeles, California                    PRODIGY SUED IN LOS ANGELES

 A class action lawsuit,  on behalf of a Texas user doing business in Los
 Angeles  and asking for damages and injunctive relief,   has been  filed
 against  Prodigy  Services over the alleged  deceptive  advertising  and
 fraudulent  conduct in developing,  announcing and implementing  charges
 for electronic mail.

 The lawsuit comes just weeks after the launch of an investigation by the
 Consumer  Protection  Division of the Los  Angeles  District  Attorney's
 office  prompted by similar concerns.  An investigation  into  Prodigy's
 advertising by the Texas Attorney General resulted in a settlement  last
 December that included refund offers for some Texas users who said  they
 were misled by Prodigy's promotional campaign.


 > ICD & GRASP! STR FOCUS? "Would I buy another product from ICD, you bet!"

                       ICD & DOIN' THE RIGHT THING!

 by M. Angell

     GRASP BBS  is run  on a 1040ST with 4meg of memory and Seagate ST4144R
 hard drive(117.8 megs formatted)  using an  ICD Host  Adaptor and  an OMTI
 3527A controller.

     I started having problems with my drive.  All of a sudden, I could not
 access anything on the hard drive.  I rebooted and the system could not
 find a  hard drive.  I rebooted again from diskette using ICD's Host Adap-
 tor utilities.  The computer system  could not  find a  controller or Host
 Adaptor.   Since, I have an ICD Tape Backup unit, I decided I would try to
 see if I could format my drive.  The software went to format and came back
 about 4 minutes later saying error "check cable connections".

     I called  ICD and talked to Howard.  He advised me to check my cables.
 He tried to help me on the phone.  He told me I could send my setup to ICD
 and they  would check  it out.   I thanked him and said I would if I could
 not get it working.  I tried reseating all my cables to no avail.   I then
 decided I  would try swapping boards from my other hard drive which is the
 same setup as the BBS.  I was timid about  doing this.  I did  not want to
 have two  systems down.   I talked to a friend, Dan Grenoble about my sit-
 uation.  After checking my system out, we decided to swap boards.  I first
 swapped  my  ICD  Host  Adaptor  board and rebooted. Same problems. I then
 swapped OMTI controller boards and the system came up.  I then reinstalled
 the original  ICD Host  Adaptor board and the system came up.  Now, I knew
 my problem was the OMTI controller card.

 I called ICD and talked to Howard again.  I asked Howard to send me a list
 of the SENSE codes that the OMTI puts out.  He fax'ed the sheet to my work
 place. I told him my controller was bad.  He connected me  to sales.   The
 salesman was  very courteous  and gave me an Return Merchandise Authoriza-
 tion number and instructions to send it back  and he  would send  me a new
 replacement.   I am very pleased with the service and help I received from
 ICD and especially, Howard Peters.  Everything I have purchased  from them
 has worked  reliably and  as advertised.  Would I buy another product from
 ICD, you bet!

                              Mickey Angell,
                            president of GRASP.
                       SysOp GRASP BBS 804-744-8022


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.

               -> NOW!  GENIE STAR SERVICE IS IN EFFECT!! <-



   Issue #005

 by Robert Allbritton

 ***                             APPLE SHIPS //E EMULATOR CARD FOR MAC LC

         Over the past three  years the  greatest loss  for Apple  has been
 in the  educational market.  IBM PC  clones have been eating market  share
 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One reason Apple  has had  this  problem
 is because  it has  been stressing  its Macintosh line and de- emphasizing
 its Apple II line, yet a vast majority of Apple   educational  software is
 for the Apple II.

         Apple  is  now  trying  to  change  that by shipping the Apple //e
 emulator card for the Macintosh LC. The card  has a  built in  6502  micro
 processor and  its own  128K of  RAM as  well as joystick and  floppy disk
 ports. Up to one meg of the LC's memory and its video  display are used in
 conjunction with  the card  which will run 98% of  all Apple //e software.
 The card was originally announced in October  along with  the Mac Classic,
 LC, and  IIsi; however  it was  not expected  to be shipped before the 2nd
 quarter and is on time.


         Many people were surprised when Aldus shipped their  Freehand  3.0
 release  a  month  early!  The  update  includes many new features  and is
 available to registered Freehand  users  for  $50  directly  from   Aldus.
 Freehand 3.0  has a  retail price of %595. Pagemaker 4.01 is a  relatively
 minor update, mainly speeding up some functions.


         Late last week,  Apple  president  Michael  Spindler  said  he was
 "terrified  about  where  ...  Fiscal  1992  revenues will come from," but
 later claimed he was taken  out  of  context.  "My  point  was  that  in a
 dynamic industry  and economy,  that there  are no road maps or  histories
 that allow managers to make fail-safe  decisions," in   reference  to data
 base managers,  not his corporate outlook for  Apple, which remains bright
 with growing market share.

 ***                                 APPLE STOCK BREAKS 70 - FORTUNE 100

         This week, Apple computer stock hit a high of 72,  from a  low  of
 25 in mid October (just before the Classic announcement.) Of  other finan-
 cial interest, Apple was ranked #95, up from #96, in  the   Fortune 100 at
 $5.558  Billion.  Other  Fortune  neighbors were  Colgate-Palmolive (#94),
 Northrop (#96) and BASF (#99).

 > Unix MACREVIEW                                      Friend or Foe?

                           UNIX: FRIEND OR FOE?

         UNIX is like a  cult, everyone  wants it,  but not  that many know
 why, and  even fewer  really know  what it is.  Apple has it.  IBM has it.
 Even Atari has it on the TT.  Large computer customers like the Department
 of Defense  and large  industrial and  scientific  corporations demand it.
 But what is it?

         UNIX is more of an environment than anything else.   It is  one of
 the  few  big  mainframe  type  operating systems that is available on the
 micro computer level.  UNIX consists of several concepts that reads like a
 wish list  for all  other micro  computer operating systems including MS--
 DOS, Mac OS and  TOS: virtual  memory, networking,  standardized graphical
 interface,  huge  software  libraries,  and primitive multitasking. All of
 this may seem great, but it does have its drawbacks.

         UNIX was originally dreamed up at Bell Labs as an operating system
 to orchestrate all of AT&T's nation wide communications equipment.  Switc-
 hing all of those phone lines around required  a highly  complex multitas-
 king environment.  UNIX was  born.  Along with UNIX came C, as it was used
 to do almost all UNIX programming. This is  still true  today. The problem
 with this  is that  UNIX was developed as a programmer's operating system.
 It has a  very  complicated  set  of  mnemonics  (programmers  just *love*
 obscure codes)  and can  be a real pain to set up (ever tried to set up an
 Amiga with a lot of custom hardware? similar experience.)   There are also
 several  versions  of  UNIX.    The  TT will conform to AT&T UNIX System V
 release 4 while A/UX, Apple's UNIX, conforms up to release 2.2, with parts
 of release 3 (streams.)

         A/UX on the Mac is an interesting creature.  First of all, UNIX is
 a very disk based operating system.    Its  virtual  memory  system allows
 almost any  amount of memory to be declared, regardless of how much memory
 is actually in the computer.  The virtual memory is  then swapped  off and
 on the  hard disk  as required.   This  means that  UNIX (and A/UX) really
 should have  a large,  fast hard  drive to  work well.  Another problem is
 that the  Mac's file  system is  completely incompatible with A/UX, thus a
 hard drive must be set up with A/UX partitions that are separate  from the
 Mac OS  (this is  very similar  to the partitioning system used by Spectre

         A/UX does have one neat feature: you can  start the  Mac OS Finder
 as  a  separate  application  under  A/UX.  This means that UNIX code, and
 normal Mac programs can operate at once in  the same   machine.   However,
 A/UX requires  a fast Mac. There is a lot of overhead. Nothing slower than
 a Mac IIsi should  be used  (20Mhz   68030.)   The normal  Apple OS  has a
 memory ceiling  of 8  Megs of  RAM (similar  to the 4 Meg limit on the ST)
 but under A/UX that is lifted.  One side effect  of this  is that  all Mac
 programs that  you want to run under A/UX must be "32-bit clean." Most new
 applications are 32-bit clean, but some older programs that have  not been
 updated in  the past  3 years will have problems. In the environment UNIX,
 Mac and X Windows programs can all be running at once.

         X Windows is  that  standard  UNIX  graphical  interface  that was
 developed at  MIT, however  it is not central to the UNIX operating system
 and applications must be written specifically to take  advantage of  the X
 Windows environment.   This is similar in the way that not all ST programs
 use the GEM graphical interface.  To get the most  out of  A/UX, X Windows
 is a  must; as is Ethernet. A/UX got a bad wrap with version 1.0, however,
 the new 2.01 release  seems to  be a  winner.   Its compatibility  is much
 improved as are features.

         Who  needs  A/UX  or  UNIX?  Well, certainly not the average user.
 UNIX is a big can of worms that will not give you any advantages  over the
 normal ST or Mac environment.  However; if you currently work with UNIX in
 your job or through some other capacity, the ability to have UNIX  on your
 desktop will  have obvious advantages:  UNIX is set up to work in conjunc-
 tion with other UNIX systems.

         A/UX is not perfect.  It lacks a wide range  of tape  backup solu-
 tions (only  Apple's slow  DC2000 tape drive is supported) and the package
 itself is very expensive.  Additionally, none of  the Macs  currently made
 have enough horsepower to drive some of the most serious scientific progr-
 ams, but that is not necessarily a flaw (the TT will be no better) some of
 these programs  were written with high speed RISC workstations in mind, so
 you really can't expect  miracles from  a 25  Mhz 68030.  However, the in-
 tegration of  the UNIX  environment and  the Macintosh operating system is

         A/UX comes in several formats and  is *expensive*  An 80  meg hard
 drive with  A/UX pre-installed  will set  you back $2,395. On floppy disks
 or a DC2000 tape cartridge, A/UX  retails for  $995. CD-ROM  is $795. Man-
 uals are  $800 for  a complete  set and  the X Windows system is $350 with
 manuals.  This is *not* for the home  user.   However, Apple  has recently
 announced an  A/UX bundle  of a  Mac IIsi,  5 Megs  of RAM, an 80 Meg hard
 drive, NuBus adaptor with math  co-processor  and  A/UX  2.0.1  for $5,169
 retail could  be a  real bargain and a good way to break into both the Mac
 and UNIX at once. If you are a programmer / hacker, UNIX  is a  dream come
 true.  If you are a user - stay away, unless you like headaches.


 > CEBIT 1991 STR Feature?

                            DAVE SMALL AT CEBIT

 Courtesy GEnie
 Atari ST RoundTable
 Category 4, Topic 44

 compiled by Michael Lee

 ...CeBIT is past mindblowing.  I mean,  you could lose COMDEX inside  it
 quite easily.  Apple built a CASTLE out of cinder blocks and mortar  for
 their  booth (can you imagine the time that takes to build/tear  down?).
 It is such a huge show I can't imagine getting through it,  even in  the
 allotted 8 days.

 Sandy and I met a lot of people.  Seems the GCR is pretty well known  in
 Europe.  What blew me away was when a guy dumped a magazine on  me,  and
 told  me  that he just wanted to let me know that the  whole  thing  was
 produced on the GCR,  using PageMaker. It was a major magazine indeed. I
 was blown away -- it is so amazing seeing what people make GCR's do.

 Much interest in the SST accelerator.  I don't know how many people took
 pictures  of it in its 8 meg configuration -- *lots*.  I  imagine  it'll
 show up in a few mags.  We had endless technical talks with some  really
 on-the-ball  engineers about timing,  configurations (a 32 megabyte  SST
 really,  really lit their eyes up -- they *glowed*),  and so forth.  The
 interest  level  was really overwhelming;  I'd go back to our  place  at
 night and be asleep by 8 or so.

 I  did  manage  to "zap" myself with the Mega power  supply  heat  sink;
 there's  some  blasted  capacitor in there holding that  hot  even  when
 machine is off.  Dropped an SST full of RAM and almost dropped myself --
 that  one  hurt.  Which only goes to show software  types  should  avoid

 Sandy  managed to drop a very heavy multi-purpose tool as a  knife  into
 the  top of her foot,  where it "stuck".  It was as bad as the image  in
 your  mind.  We  made the acquaintance of the very  good  German  health
 system.   She's  got a cast (!!) on her foot and all is healed  up  fine
 now.  Everyone treated us great in the hospital, but it sorta tripped up
 our travel plans.

 Our  Stacy regrettably was stolen the last day of the show --  was  gone
 when we showed up in the morning.  Old serial # 14 -- if anyone sees it,
 drop me a line,  ok?  Nothing really exciting on it (I mean, MacPlayMate
 on the Mac partitions) -- and they didn't swipe the 030 board right next
 to it.  Methinks it was someone who thought it was an IBM portable,  who
 is  in  for  a big shock.   Time to find out if  safeware  insurance  is

 Atari Germany could not have been more helpful. They bent over backwards
 helping us,  particularly Matthias Born and his underlings -- found us a
 fine place to stay, got us a 110VAC converter for our Mega with the SST,
 fed us lunch (I mean, people, the Atari booth had a full inner area with
 free Pepsi,  all you wanted,  for anyone who came in,  a full counter to
 pull  up  chairs too,  and stuff -- it was  mindblowing)  and  excellent
 lunches.  The  cook in particular made my day,  feeding one  tired  Dave
 Small -- you can bet he went home with some "I want my Mac ST" T-shirts.

 There was so much at the Atari booth,  so many developers,  I didn't get
 around to them all. (I need to get someone to wear my badge and work the
 booth  so  I can wear dark glasses and get around;  I  get  stopped  for
 questions otherwise).

 Matrix makes fine,  fine monitors.  There are all sorts of 24 bit  color
 monitors there,  beautiful pictures indeed.  TT's abounded;  shortage of
 fastRAM boards but that's changing.  Very nice booth layout, large area,
 and just flat crammed with people.  What impressed me the most were  the
 people  from  eastern  European  countries  who  came  --  people   from
 Czechoslavakia and so forth -- that knew the GCR.  There are  hot,  hot,
 hot programmers in Poland, that the borders are open maybe
 we will see more of their stuff.

 There's  a rewritten and optimized TOS callled KAOS-TOS out  in  Germany
 that's  a bit controversial (as it is a patched 1.4,  and  Atari  didn't
 condone it),  but wow is it fast.  Redraws are done correctly, all sorts
 of new options, and the speed gives Quick Index fits. Amazing stuff. The
 programmers  of it were great to talk to and really,  really knew  their
 stuff.  I mean,  how many people can you ask, "What bits enable the data
 and  instruction and write-allocate on the 030?" and have them tell  you
 from memory? I'm impressed!!

 There's  a lot more,  but I'm still a bit fuzzy and  don't  recall.  The
 Overscan -- autoswitch overscan -- is great. That's one Spectre needs to
 work with -- gives you LOTS more dots on your ST monitor.

 Checked out their UNIX Sys 5 Rel. 4. It seemed to work well. I "did some
 things"  to  it to check it out.  It has a very similar X windows  to  a
 machine  I've  used a long time,  so I was right at home  with  it.  One
 omission:  no "man",  online manual,  pages.  But that's no big deal  to
 install at all and I'm sure it'll be on the release version --  heck,  I
 installed  my own man pages on my unix box,  and as Dave Beckemeyer  can
 testify, I am the true devil to UNIX.

 The  performance was okay;  not great,  not bad.  I would guess  there's
 still some internal tuning and tweaking to do in the device drivers  and

 Scuttlebutt is that Sys 5 will ship on a 200 mbyte hard  disk.  There'll
 be  a version if you have a TT 030/8 (you need the  fastram!!),  another
 that includes the TT (which costs more, big surprise).

 The machine I played with was running X with the standard clock, X logo,
 X maze (I never got source to that one,  but it was working),  some file
 handling utilities,  and whatnot.  I played in a command-line window and
 the speed was very acceptable to me;  I'm used to a 20 Mhz 030 UNIX box,
 and  the TT version was definitely faster.  Did things like  LS -FRal  >
 /tmp/tempfile & to load the system and it held it well.

 The network was ethernet,  going VME, but there are also Mega cards that
 Ethernet so you can plug in remote terminals. I just assume that you can
 plug in remotes through the serial ports as well -- if not, I bet I know
 someone who could add it to the necessary /etc lists.

 UUCP  was in there,  with all the utilities,  but was not configured  on
 that system (System file was default,  for instance). No big deal there,
 that's easy enough to change. uucico and stuff were all there.

 It all looked very nice on the big monitor (the Viking-like one) and ran
 well.   I loaded it fairly well and it didn't bog badly. I suppose it'll
 have  to be benchmarked by some pros to get true performance values  but
 it worked fine for me.

 The ST Book was impressive.  And gee,  a connector on the side. I wonder
 if they want a Mac Book? *grin*.

 Welp,  My body is telling me it's time to go to sleep, and Eric wants to
 go  see  the sequal to the Mutant Turtles.  Time to  sign  off.  Hope  I
 managed to get some of the "feel" of CEbit across to you.

                 [Continued the next day in another post]

 Yeah,  jetlag  is insidious;  it takes a long time to really  get  over,
 versus  feeling  50% or 80% "with it".  Add to it a cranky  2  year  old
 making  sure that I don't get a night's sleep without interruptions  and
 it's enough to make me reveal the invasion plans -- perfect torture. Oh,

 I mean,  imagine Atari's booth.  Outside of the actual enclosed  2-story
 booth  area  are a pile of software developers,  as has been  done  many
 times at Comdex,  etc.  All are mobbed.  Inside Atari's booth is a  nice
 schmoozing  area  with Pepsi and so forth taps (for  free),  and  people
 talking all the time. Upstairs is a lovely view of CeBIT and another bar
 place  with snacks.  The cook at the Atari booth was most  tickled  with
 Jennifer  and  took  special care to get  me  lunches,  which  I  really
 appreciated.  (Jenny went to him after he'd handed out cookies and asked
 if she could get more "for her baby brother".  Riiiiight...  but it  was

 The exhibitor booths varied.  Mine was a cross-shape; each developer got
 one  "corner" of the cross,  with a divider on the cross lines.  One  my
 left was an outfit selling a 12 mb upgrade for your ST.  On my right was
 autoswitch  overscan,  a really cool overscan generator (I bought  one).
 Diagonal from me was Tom Harker, with women mooning over him constantly;
 now I have something to threaten him with. (Just kidding Tom!)

 There  was  none of this "pick up a book and read it  between  customers
 stuff".  I  worked  the Gadgets booth alone and was 5 deep most  of  the
 time.  All  sorts of questions,  from unbelievably good to  unbelievably
 bad.  Got interviewed by mags I had never heard of,  asked out to dinner
 by  about 58 distributors that want the SST board Real Bad (I  declined;
 Sandy  needs  a little adult companionship after a day of  watching  the
 kids;  she  and I switched off running the booth and watching the  kids.
 Equally tiring).  You just plain need more than 1 person at the booth  2
 or  3 is fine.  We gave away boxes and boxes of literature -- we'd  fill
 the literature trays, boom, they would be empty.

 Had many interesting talks with German developers,  people from  Prague,
 Hungary,  Poland. The sheer *energy* being displayed there was a buzz --
 it  was sort of like the ultimate world of Atari show.  Walking  around,
 there  were  24-  bit color boards that  looked  superb,  Matrix's  many
 monitor driver cards,  and much,  much more. I never got time to see the
 whole  booth  at all -- I would try to wander  around,  get  asked  "one
 question",  and  pow,  my time was up.  I need a Groucho Marx  nose  and
 glasses next time.

 The  *energy*  is  what  stays in my  mind.  Driving  from  Zurich  into
 Hannover,  which  is pretty much straight north through Germany,  I  saw
 awesome levels of construction -- cranes everywhere, buildings going up.
 Looks  like Silicon Valley on a busy year.  Definitely NOT like  Denver!
 Man,  their  economy  is going places.  Of course,  they just  got  East
 Germany  dumped on them,  which looks like it's in the 1800's (we  drove
 through several villages;  it is sad what was done to that country), but
 give the German people a few years to fix up East Germany, then wait and
 hang on.

 Berlin  -- totally crowded.  No unused cubic inch.  The Wall  was  GONE,
 totally razed; all that is left are the lights, and a bike path. All de-
 land mined and stuff.  I have a video tape of my kids playing where they
 would  have been machine-gunned two years ago.  The border is  the  only
 place I have ever felt that is like Mordor from Tolkien, totally evil.

 Drove  through  Austria  and back to Zurich (flew SwissAir  to  avoid  a
 Hussein present) in IFR conditions; 20 feet visibility. What Alps?


 The  Eastern  European  countries have little hard cash  and  little  to
 generate  any;  they buy Ataris because they are inexpensive.  Atari  is
 busy at this moment setting up distribution there.  Soviet Union is very
 slow  due  to bureaucracy (big surprise there).  But as the  lessons  of
 capitalism  sink in,  I think the countries will take off;  Germany  did
 after being totally levelled in 1945.

 The TT is very big there; already there are many VME products for it and
 others being developed. The Sys V was running VME Ethernet from a server
 of  sorts.  It worked,  although I could make it groan a bit if I  tried
 (but so?). I think the TT will go okay in Europe, maybe not be a killer,
 but  do ok.  In the US,  I have no "feel" at all,  especially after  the
 price drops.

 Learned a lot about the distribution system there.  Typically a  holding
 company  owns both a magazine and a software firm,  and you can  imagine
 what happens to reviews of the software and any competition.  There  are
 several  biggies,  and  they love the word  "exclusive".  I  don't  sign
 anything with the word "exclusive" in it,  so that wasn't love at  first
 sight,  but  we reached an understanding.  Accelerator boards  are  just
 settling  in  in Germany,  and the added 8 Megs of memory  was  quite  a
 popular thing; you could tell by the twinkle in their eyes. Pointing out
 the  timing charts showing that D-Ram outperformed cache systems in  set
 cases  really made my day;  there's too much popular belief that  caches
 speed things up, when that is not necessarily true.
 The HyperCache/030 is one example.

 Welp, I'm rambling -- still not unlagged yet, grin! -- so I'll sign off.
 Night all.


 > BLACKJACK! STR InfoFile?                         "REALISTIC CASINO PLAY"

     ** ** ** ** ** ** **      PRESS RELEASE      ** ** ** ** ** ** **

             "BLACKJACK PLUS 3"       by    MUSICODE SOFTWARE


 Realistic casino  play, plus  3 additional play modes using program- mable
 strategies.  More than just another  game, BLACKJACK  PLUS 3  can show you
 why you  have lost  in the  past and  teach you how to WIN in the future!
 Both new and experienced players will find this program equally valuable.

 Play with one to seven players.  Play with one  to nine  decks;   you  may
 specify  the  deck  dealing  depth  (when to shuffle).  Adjustable playing
 speed.  Card totals for each  hand may  be displayed.   Set  casino rules.
 Play and  enjoy, alone or with friends, using the mouse, keyboard or joys-

 All aspects of the game of blackjack are supported.   You always  have the
 option to:   Double  Down, Split, Double after Split, take Insurance (when
 the dealer has an ace up) or Surrender your hand.

 You will lower or eliminate the casino's odds by practicing the game.  See
 why you have lost, and how to win next time!

 Set up  and try any playing, betting or counting strategy.  All strategies
 and program settings may be saved to disk.

     Each player may be individually set to one of four playing modes:

      MANUAL - you play the game, just like in the casino
        AUTO - play is automatic, according to chosen strategy
    FEEDBACK - play manually, you are informed of mistakes in play
  BACKGROUND - test strategies quickly (100 hands in 8 seconds)

      Practice different strategies to see how to improve your game.

 A log may be kept which shows all play action  for every  hand! Statistics
 are tallied for each session and may be displayed on  the screen.  The log
 and statistics may be printed for evaluation.


         Check out the self-executing demo in Library #10 (DEMOS):

                       # 18758   BJP3DEMO

           Ask your dealer to order it for you, or contact:

                          MUSICODE SOFTWARE
                         5575 Baltimore Drive
                            Suite 105-127
                         La Mesa, CA    91942
                            (619) 469-7194

                         RETAIL PRICE:  $89.95


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?                   "....a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 Recently  there  has been some controversy on Genie  concerning  whether
 posts  in  the ST Roundtable are copyrighted,  whether they can  be  re-
 printed without the posters and Genie's permission and whether they have
 to be printed in full or can be edited.   I have always felt the purpose
 of  this  column  was  to spread needed  information  to  the  whole  ST
 community and not get involved in any controversies but in this case,  I
 feel I and my column have become involved, if only indirectly.

 As I've stated before,  when necessary,  I do edit posts for clarity and
 brevity and do not always print them in their entirety.   Since I am  on
 all three major networks and capture hundreds of posts,  (of which, only
 about one in ten are used), working many times until the last minute, it
 is  impractical  for  me  to get in contact  with  each  network  asking
 permission  to  use each post,  let alone each individual who  posted  a

 I  feel  until  this issue has been clarified,  I will not  be  able  to
 include any posts from the ST Roundtable on Genie in my column unless  I
 have time to get permission from the person who posted it.   I hope this
 situation can be resolved and will allow me to continue as before,  as I
 feel there is good information from all three networks for our readers.

         RE-PRINTING OF GENIE MATERIAL (Revised September, 1990)


 Individuals  wishing  to reprint articles,  bulletin  board  topic  dis-
 cussions,  or other information on the GEnie service may make a  request
 to the GE Mail address: GENIE. We will review the request and forward it
 to the appropriate information provider for action. No material found on
 GEnie  is to be re-printed without the express written permission of  GE
 management. Re-printing is intended to be a community service to civic &
 non-profit  organizations  for infrequent  and  special  situations.  We
 reserve  the right to cancel such re-prints at any time.  Such  requests
 should  specify  the specific material to be  re-printed,  the  intended
 purpose  of  the re-printed material,  and the  media,  circulation  and
 duration of the re-print.


 Press  articles may include excerpts to highlight examples of the  GEnie
 service.  However,  Press  articles  including such excerpts  should  be
 cleared  through  GEIS'  Press  Relations Manager  (using  the  GE  Mail
 address: STEVEPR) before the article is published.

     In the interests of fairness, the matter of  the rules  and guidelines
 for GEnie  has been  resolved, the list of rules appears elsewhere in this
 issue.  STReport feels the new rules and guidelines are  fair and unencum-


 Question from Bob Britton on CIS...
    Can anyone tell me if it's possible and how I can transfer data files
    from an Atari St floppy disk to an MS/DOS machine?

 Answer from Pat Augustine on CIS...
    It's EASY,  if the DOS machine has a 3 1/2 inch drive. The ST and MS-
    DOS  use the same 3.5" drive format (720K).   ST's prior to  TOS  1.4
    don't write an MS-DOS compatible boot sector,  but that's no problem.
    Either format on the IBM (which the ST will have no trouble reading),
    or use a utility (like DC Format) that writes a DOS boot sector. Then
    treat it like a normal ST disk. Copy files to it like normal. The DOS
    machine should have no trouble with reading them back.


 A similar question from Cavit Alev on CIS...
    I'm  an  IBM'er  with  no  Atari  experience,  so  please  excuse  my
    ignorance:  I need to obtain text for a newsletter from a writer  who
    does the writing on an Atari 520ST, in Wordwriter. I would rather not
    re-type  all the text from printed output;  modem connection  is  out
    because  the writer is a beginner,  so I need to get her to  put  the
    text  on  a disk that I can read on a PC...Could anyone  here  please
    spell out the steps required for me so I can forward it to her. All I
    need is text, no formatting.

    Remember, I'm an IBM'er and she is a real beginner. So don't skip any
    steps 'cause we sure won't figure them out.

 Answer from Hal Dougherty on CIS...
    The  quickest  way to move ST files to an IBM disk is to  format  the
    disk on your IBM. If you have a 1.44 meg drive just use the command.

      format a: /t:80 /n:9

    It  works  even if you only have a normal  density  720K  drive.  The
    format switches select 80 tracks and 9 sectors per track. The ST will
    read and write to this disk just fine. Just have your friend save the
    file  as ascii text and you can import the text into almost  all  the
    IBM word processors.

    Good luck transferring the files.   I use my ST to transfer files  to
    the pc at work all the time. There are other solutions...


 Some  posts  (compiled)  from Delphi concerning  experiences  with  hard
 drives, backing them up and the DVT hard drive VHS tape backup system

 From BLACKICE (Matt)
    ...I  had  a  hard drive mishap a while back...and  after  my  backup
    utility  (Flashbak) failed to restore [my backup disks] I  ordered  a
    new backup system and went into morning for my loss.  With DLII I was
    able  to recover all my files,  but now I have to go back and try  to
    figure out what they are, since DLII only gives the files numbers and
    not  names.   But  at  least I didn't completely lose  two  years  of
    animation and pictures thanks to that program.

    ...the reason for this post is that I ordered DVT, the hard drive VHS
    tape  backup utility and I would now like to sing its praises.  At  a
    cost of only $109 delivered it was fairly reasonable. I backed up and
    restored  my drive three times with the DVT and it worked  flawlessly
    every time,  no matter whether I was backing up the entire hard drive
    or just single programs.   I even copied the VHS tape to another tape
    with the VCR and used the copy to restore with no problems...I'd have
    to  say  that  to  date  (2  weeks)  the  restores  have  been   very
    reliable...The one and only big disadvantage of this program is time.
    It  took  me about two hours to back up a 40  meg  (full)  drive.  Of
    course  the  advantage is no floppy frisbee and you can  back  it  up

    ...All  in  all I think this is a really nice backup system  for  the
    money and would recommend it to everyone.  Speaking from  experience,
    do  not wait to get a backup utility (any brand),  it's like  playing
    Russian roulette by yourself with no prizes.

 Comment from COSTERD3...
    I hate to say it,  but I am under the impression that restores are  a
    bit,  umm, "Dicey", or unreliable. Don't hold me to this, but I think
    I heard something along these lines.

 Comment from Norm Weirness..
    I  think it depends how you do the backup.  Matt likes the  DVT,  but
    I've heard that they are unreliable.  I have a tape cartridge  backup
    system made from "common clay",  i.e,  a standard SCSI tape cartridge
    mechanism hung on my ICD host adapter with the hard drives.  The only
    tricky part is the software...I understand that Berkeley Systems, the
    ones that make host adapters, sells such software, separately.


 Comments  (compiled) about the new AIM color covers done by  Lee  Seilor
 and  the  programming team at Lexicor Software by Ron  Luks  (Sysop)  on

    I just got the new issue [of AIM] in the mail today, and congrats are
    in order. The magazine just gets better and better each month and the
    cover artwork is superb...The cover artwork on the magazine has  been
    way above average for a while,  but lately it's been superb.  I think
    this one by Lee Seilor is one of the best I've seen...[By the way], I
    don't  mean to withhold any credit from Lee's programming  team,  but
    Lee still has to accept the credit for a wonderful artistic touch!

 Comments from Pat Augustine on CIS...
    Are you SURE that cover was done on a computer?  That's  amazing,  no
    jaggies, no computer artifacts at all. Very nice work, Lee.

 Reply from Lee Seilor (Lexicor Software) on Cis...
    Thanks for the compliment,  but all the credit goes to Dave  Ramsden,
    Robert Birmingham and Paul Dana. Without their many hours of work and
    dedication to detail,  I would never had the tools to do the  artwork
    ...the cover was done using one of our new highres, 24-bit boards and
    programs. Coming to an ATARI screen near you soon.

 Reply from Pattie Rayl (Atari Interface Magazine) on CIS...
    Thanks Ron! That's high compliments coming from you! Lee did a really
    nice job on the artwork,  all we did was give it to a graphics  place
    to have it color separated,  then give those seps to our printer!  So
    Lee deserves the credit on this cover!

    PS-- The April issue will also feature Artwork from Lee...more  along
    the lines of a cartoon graphic this time!


 Question from Ted Cain on CIS...
    I  would like to know if there is an emulator for the Atari  ST  that
    will run Prodigy and if so, what sort of hardware is required.

 Answer from Hal Dougherty on CIS...
    Prodigy  will run with the Spectre Mac emulator [GCR from Gadgets  by
    Small].   I use it [Prodigy] at work with an IBM 386.  I thought  the
    Mac  version  was a lot slower than the IBM version,  but  it's  only
    because  the screens are graphic and not text.  The IBM version  runs
    about  the  same  speed in high res VGE  color.   Low  res  has  some


 Question from Willie Pelzer on CIS...
    Can anyone give me ANY info,  good or bad,  on the Maxtor LXT100 SCSI
    hard drive?

 Answer from Jay Craswell on CIS...
    An opinion.  Maxtor made some really fine high density drives. We had
    some at CPT corp and they were the biggest/best gadgets. Expensive as
    I recall.

 Answer from Jeff Lamb on CIS...
    I'm using a Maxtor LXT50S,  and am very pleased with it!! At work, we
    just bought a Maxtor LXT200S. That is the best 200 MB drive I've ever
    seen! It is extremely fast, quiet (you can't even hear it), and seems
    to be very reliable. I wouldn't hesitate getting another Maxtor.

    I  chose  the Maxtor LXT50S because it costs less than  half  of  the
    LXT100S.  Also,  it  is a little bit faster on the access  time.  The
    transfer  rate  I'm getting out of the 50 is about  300  MB/S.  We're
    getting more than a Meg/Sec out of the LXT200S. That might be because
    it's  running  on  a  386-25 with a  high  performance  Adaptec  host


 Question from Brian Campbell on CIS...
    Has anyone out there used Notator/Creator 2.2 with TOS 1.4? After the
    upgrade,  I noticed a few quirks in the system,  like I can no longer
    double-click  on  a track to name it,  and I can't put a name  on  an
    unrecorded track using the [esc] key.

 Answer from John (ST Informer) on CIS...

    ...I'm  using Notator 2.2 with TOS 1.4,  and don't have the  problems
    you  mentioned.  Notator  does seem pretty sensitive to  AUTO  folder
    programs - do  you  have anything in your AUTO folder that  might  be
    causing conflicts?  I know weird stuff happens when I run TurboST  at
    the same time - the screen doesn't always get redrawn when it should.

    I'm running on 4 meg - if you're only running on one meg,  you  might
    try  booting Notator out of Creator,  and see if memory might be  the


 Until next week.....



                       CENSORSHIP, A TOOL OF TYRANNY

 by R.F. Mariano

     Webster's defines  censorship as:  the institution or practice of cen-

 The actual definition of censor is:

     As a Noun; a person empowered to suppress  publications or  excise any
 matter in them thought to be immoral, seditious or otherwise undesirable.

     Military definition; An official who examines letters, papers etc.. to
 make sure they contain nothing that could interest the enemy.

     Sub applications; any of various officials in British Universities.
 Any person who supervises the morals and conduct of others.

     Freudian;  the  psychological  mechanism  which  prevents  distasteful
 unconscious ideas and memories from coming into the consciousness.

     Roman History;  one of  two magistrates charged with taking the census
 of citizens, regulating taxation and controlling public behavior.

     The act of v.t.; to examine (letters, literature  etc..) in  the capa-
 city of  a censor  || to  delete (judged offensive material) from these or
 ban (a work).  Critical faultfinding.

     There is no doubt, that when the power of censorship  is in  the wrong
 hands it  soon becomes a tool of absolute and complete tyranny.  It is the
 very same thing as forcible silencing  of  an  individual.    The ultimate
 outcome realized in every case of proven censorship has been the utter and
 devastating downfall of those  not  only  practicing  censorship  but also
 those advocating  and/or justifying its use.  When censorship is employed,
 a red flag of warning immediately is  raised.    This  flag  warns  of the
 hiding  of  information,  the  deliberate  removal of information from the
 public eye and the ultimate suppression of all  views except  those of the
 censors and their supporters.

     In the fast moving electronic information age, the word censor and its
 implementation is perceived (in most circles)  as an  invitation to disas-
 ter.   Last week,  many folks, myself included felt censorship was in full
 bloom when STReport issue 7.13 was  held back  from release  to the users.
 It was  more a  case of "extreme" caution being excercised because a sysop
 felt something  'questionable' was  possibly contained  in that particular
 issue.  Unfortunately, the sysop who makes the decisions was truly 'out of
 pocket' for a few days... thus  unable to  assess the  matter in  a timely
 fashion.   Ultimately, the problem was detailed as being two messages that
 were partially displayed (excerpts used) and comments presented concerning
 the displayed  messages.   The outcome  was that  as soon as the sysop was
 able to completely review the matter, the file was made available.

 Below, we present the article in question;

 REPRINTED from STReport 7.13 verbatim:

   CONDEMNED? STR Spotlight             "We've been somewhat premature!"

                      ALL THINGS MUST BE CONSIDERED!

 by R. F. Mariano

     Recently, a situation has  developed  that  deserves  our  sincere and
 unbiased attention.   The reason this matter deserves the attention of the
 users is because it depicts a  very  typical  problem  in  our  small, but
 highly communicative  computing community.   It  appears that a young man,
 Anthony Hall age 27, a new and upcoming developer, decided  to announce an
 exciting new  desktop accessory.   Below,  we present  for all  to see the
 exact announcement of this new program.

                 ==============  CalAssistant  ==============

                          THE  ONLINE  HELP  ACCESSORY
                            FOR CALAMUS DTP SOFTWARE

    o  Help is just a mouse click away!

    o  The first online help companion for Calamus DTP software.  CalAssis-
       tant is an accessory program that runs on top of Calamus.

    o   Using efficient code management and overlay swapping, memory re-
       quirement is kept at 90K maximum.

    o  This program uses text, icons and pictures to illustrate, explain
       and give  tips for commands and functions step by  step.  Since the
       Calamus interface is very icon oriented, the "Help  Messages" func-
       tion under the "Extras" menu is used to navigate the user online.

    o  Complete page referencing to the Calamus manual is included.

    o   CalAssistant user interface is taken from the tear off menu design
       used on the Amiga, TT and MAC computers.

    o  CalAssistant can be called from the accessory menu at any time while
       using Calamus, but we recommend 2 megs of RAM to do this.

    o  A hard drive is needed in order for the software to function at full
       speed; otherwise, it is not required.

    o  The software supports monochrome mode only.

    o  CalAssistant is to Calamus, as MicroSoft Word 5.0 online help  scr-
       eens are  to MS Word 5.0, but ours is better, much like HyperText in

    o  Oh, you also get a beautiful printed manual created entirely  with

     The package  will be  shipped with CalAssistant online help accessory,
     in addition to tutorial CDK files,  utilities and  fonts. CalAssistant
     is now available at a suggested retail price of $34.95.

                      Mail Check or Money Order Only To:

                                Spar Systems
                             381 Autumn  Avenue
                             Brooklyn, NY 11208
                               (718) 235-3169

     As a  result of  this announcement,  both STReport and Z*Net were men-
 tioned in a "less than positive" manner.

     "Now I could stop here but  I have  another comment  about this entire
     issue in that thanks to ST Report and Z-NET, the entire communications
     network is aware of this product to some extent and  who do  you think
     will be asked about whether it is a good product or not?"

                excerpt from message 112, Cat 16, topic 2
              posted on 03/25/91 @ 17:03 EST by ISD [Nathan]

     "Sounds like the guys at Z-Net and ST-Report may have jumped the gun a
     little in publicising a product that may very  well be  of a question-
     able nature."

                 excerpt from message 127, Cat 16, topic 2
                posted on 03/26/91 @ 07:47 EST by S.WINICK

     STReport &  Z*Net are,  indirectly, being  urged to  gain some type of
 approval from some "higher  authority"  or  in  fact,  are  actually being
 encouraged to allow some ridiculous type of censorship of their publicati-
 ons.  This, I assure you, simply will not ever happen.

     Knowing Nathan of ISD as I do, I am certain  this is  not what  he in-
 tended or  even remotely  alluded to.   I do feel however, that the entire
 situation was  in  its  extreme  premature  stages  and  the  questions of
 validity and/or  legality should've  never been  brought up or made public
 until such time as all the facts were known and verified.

     To further shed light on this matter, STReport contacted Mr.  Hall and
 asked about  obtaining the  program and docs, he in turn consented to sen-
 ding STReport a copy of the  program for  review.   STReport is  sending a
 copy of  the program  and our findings to Z*Net for further evaluation and
 opinion.  At the same time, STR inquired  about the  serial number  of the
 version of  Calamus that  was being  used by  himself and his assistant in
 facilitating the interface of  CalAssistant and  of course,  Calamus.  The
 number he  gave is:  300524.  Presumably, the outcome will be another fine
 software offering for the ST community to enjoy.  And as an added benefit,
 a greater  number of  Calamus programs  will be  sold as  a result of this
 helper program.

     Now to the real "meat" of  the subject.   Far  too long  we have stood
 idlely by  while observing obvious "overreactions" to different happenings
 and comments  made in  passing on  the electronic  services and  in the ST
 community  in  general.    To  condemn Hall's program to obscurity or Hall
 himself is an outrage.  When this occurs,  every precept  of the Constitu-
 tion of  this country is cast aside.  Anthony Hall should not and must not
 be accused, tried, convicted and punished of anything  without irrefutable
 proof of  wrong doing.   Although  all the "accusations were implied, they
 were still accusations that were unproven and actually only assumptions at
 best.   Yet, we  find there are now those who are ever so quick to jump up
 to "condemn and punish."


     "Well...... from  what you  said about  Spar Systems,  it's not likely
     that their  software will  be gracing  the shelves  at Computer STudio
     anytime soon alongside Calamus,  Outline Art,  Font Editor,  etc.!  Of
     course,  there's  always  the  remote  possibility  that this guy just
     didn't bother to send in his  registration  card  and  is  paranoid by
     nature.    But  that  doesn't  sound  like the kind of developer whose
     software I would want to purchase either.   And I  definitely couldn't
     recommend such a product to my customers under these circumstances."

                 excerpt from message 127, Cat 16, topic 2
                posted on 03/26/91 @ 07:47 EST by S.WINICK

     Mr. Winick has stated his impressions and it seems like denying access
 to the program for his customers and thus  is punishing  both Anthony Hall
 and his  (Winick's) clientele is the order of the day.  Certainly, this is
 not the right thing  to do.   The  bottom line  is simple,  if the program
 meets the  necessary criteria, then the decision should be up to the users
 regarding its acceptance in the ST community.  Never, ever should a retail
 outlet practice  selective marketing  unless, of  course, the product is a
 poor seller.


 Now, for  further clarification.  We present  the entire  messages the ex-
 cerpts were obtained from.

 Category 16,  Topic 2
 Message 112       Mon Mar 25, 1991
 ISD [Nathan]                 at 17:03 EST

 I'll give you some information Ringo and I am glad you asked....

 Spar Systems and the product they sell, was news to me as of last Friday
 when their advertisement appeared in ST Report and Z Net. I did some
 checking, being naturally curious about anything  having to do with Cal-
 amus and discovered that none of my people had ever heard of this company
 or product. Hmmm, this is strange. Then I learned the name of the contact
 person at this company, Anthony Hall, and checked the registration cards.-
 ..nope, not a registered owner of Calamus. Hmmm, stranger still. After
 all,  usually anyone does anything for Calamus they actively seek out my
 assistance and help, or even just a good word about their product. I had
 never encountered a circumstance before where someone had done something
 Calamus related and didn't even bother to let me know about it. So I
 called the number indicated in the ST Report advertisement and ZNet press
 release. And I'm still trying to figure out what happened from there.

 Basically, the end result is that Anthony flatly refused to send me a
 package. He spent almost the entire conversation telling me in no uncer-
 tain terms that he was not in violation of anything or infringing on any
 copyrights. He was telling me this as soon as I said my name. I told him I
 had no idea if he was doing anything wrong or illegal. I was just natural-
 ly curious about any new Calamus product and would like to see it. And
 listened to another long paragraph or two on how he wasn't doing anything
 illegal. Like I said, bottom line is that he refused to send me his produ-
 ct. I'm still scratching my head in puzzlement wondering where this person
 is coming from. At this point, what conclusion would you draw?

 Somehow the conclusion that I arrive at, is when I finally happen to come
 across this package someplace, I'm going to get real upset with the con-
 tents. What do you think?

 Now I could stop here but I have another comment about this entire issue
 in that thanks to ST Report and Z-NET, the entire communications network
 is aware of this product to some extent and who do you think will be asked
 about whether it is a good product or not?  As I said, ST Report just ran
 an advertisement.  Z-Net's was more like a press release.  And what am I
 supposed to do now?  I read the ad after it was brought to my attention
 and was mostly curious about a new product relating to Calamus that might
 have been of some use, that I had never heard of.  After the telephone
 call, I suspect my thoughts have taken a different direction. (sigh) Like
 I have nothing more important to worry about.

 I think I'll get back to work now, and concentrate on selling and promo-
 ting the Calamus Desktop Publishing solution to the best of my ability, as

 Category 16,  Topic 2
 Message 127       Tue Mar 26, 1991
 S.WINICK                     at 07:47 EST


 Well...... from what you said about Spar Systems, it's not likely that
 their software will be gracing the shelves at Computer STudio anytime soon
 alongside Calamus, Outline Art, Font Editor, etc.!  Of course, there's
 always the remote possibility that this guy just didn't bother to send in
 his registration card and is paranoid by nature.  But that doesn't sound
 like the kind of developer whose software I would want to purchase either.

 And I definitely couldn't recommend such a product to my customers under
 these circumstances.

 Keep us informed as this develops further.  Sounds like the guys at Z-Net
 and ST-Report may have jumped the gun a little in publicising a product
 that may very well be of a questionable nature.  Given the attitute that
 many Atarians have that they MUST have the newest and greatest things
 immediately, its unfortunate that this guy received any coverage at all
 before anyone actually even saw his product and all the facts were known.

   Sheldon (Computer STudio)


     To all our readers, at STReport, we try  diligently to  ensure that if
 portions of  a message  are presented, they must be presented with none of
 the original 'flavor' or  'intent' of  the original  message not apparent.
 In  this  particular  case  we  feel  we did the posters of the messages a
 positive service.  For example, the first message (#112) carries  a number
 of statements  that could very possibly be vague accusations of any number
 of acts of wrongdoing.  While I have the utmost respect for  the poster of
 this  message,  it  must  be  made painfully obvious that the object (Spar
 Systems) of these posts was wrongfully taken to task and done so primarily
 through assumption  and supposition.   In  the United States of America an
 individual is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

     The first paragraph, points to the possibility that Spar used  an "un-
 registered" copy  of Calamus.  Why should this have been mentioned at all?
 To make a point?  What point? That Spar systems didn't register  a copy of
 Calamus, didn't  have a  stamp?   Or was  this an effort to discredit Spar
 Systems?  Also, its mentioned that,  Spar Systems  didn't seek  out either
 the help  or assistance of the author of the message.  We say.... So what!
 What's the big deal?  Its still a free country if Mr.  Hall and  Spar ele-
 cted  to  develop  the  program  independently then more power to them for
 having the gumption to do so without seeking out a crutch.

     The second paragraph gets even better!  A  private telephone conversa-
 tion was  publicized in  such a  way as to induce the reader of the public
 message into drawing a derogatory conclusion concerning the content of the
 phone conversation.   In  fact, such a conclusion is made by the author in
 the third paragraph.

     Then to add icing to the cake, in the fourth paragraph the  two online
 magazines are  taken to  task for  having made mention of this new product
 and its author.  We already addressed the heat thrown at the online magaz-
 ines in  last week's  article presented above.  Elsewhere in this issue is
 our first impressions of this product and its usability.

     Then comes Mr. Winick's (milk of humanity) message...... it speaks for


     As a  result of this matter coming to a head, the head sysop of the ST
 RT & GEnie have brought forth a set of guidelines  by which  all magazines
 either hard  copy and/or  electronic, wishing  to reprint public messages,
 are expected to abide by.

     For the record, STReport feels that the resolution of this  matter has
 brought about a positive conclusion to a previously clouded issue.

 1. Prior permission to reprint partial messages must be obtained from the
    author of said message, and with the knowledge of the RT Staff.

 2. All requests and approvals must be done in GE-mail.

 3. The  RT staff will copy or forward requests and approvals/rejections to
    each of the message authors involved.

 4. At all times the GEnie signup information must be included in the
    magazine or  newsletter as well as the source of the material whenever
    anything is duplicated.

 5. At all times it must be noted where the information came from as in the
    name of our service and the category, topic and message number.

 6. Anyone posting in the Roundtable may request in GEmail or a designated
    topic in Category one that NONE of their messages will ever be  repri
    nted in whole or in part.

 7. Messages may be taken in their entirety without express permission of
    the author,  GEnie or the Roundtable Staff unless stated by the author
    that NONE of his messages may be duplicated ever. To do such,  you must
    post your request in Category 1, Topic 12 and in GEmail.

     This topic  will remain  closed. If you wish to discuss any or part of
     this, feel free to create a  topic in  Category 18.  Just type  SET 18
     then type STA <-- You can then follow the prompts.



 > STR Portfolio News & Information?                  Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Walter Daniel  75066,164

     Did you  know that over 250,000 Portfolios have been sold worldwide as
 of January 1991?  With numbers like that,  more developers  should be get-
 ting interested in the machine.

     BJ Gleason,  Portfolio programmer  extraordinaire, is looking for your
 wish list of Portfolio software.  Send your ideas to him at 73337,2011 and
 you might  find your dream program in the New Uploads library one day.  My
 personal wish is for a mathematics program so my Portfolio  can replace my
 scientific calculator.

     Palmtops, including  the Portfolio,  are popular  with Macintosh users
 (including me, for example).  There has been  so much  PALMTOP activity in
 the  Macintosh  System  Forum  that  the  sysops there have opened message
 section 16 and library  16 as  "PALMTOPS &  MACS."   Remember that message
 area 10  and library  10 in the ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM are dedicated to the
 "Mac-to-PORTFOLIO" topic.

     Here's a bit more information on John Feagans' software for the Portf-
 olio to  use a Tandy Portable Disk Drive 2 (PDD2).  The drive communicates
 at 19.2 kbaud, so it should  back up  a 128  k RAM  card in  just over one
 minute.   Over in  the Model  100 Forum  (M100SIG), there  are programs to
 connect a PDD2 to both Atari  ST and  MS-DOS computers  (how about Macs?).
 Keep in  mind that  the PDD2 uses a special format that is NOT MS-DOS com-
 patible.  Still, 200  k of  storage on  each floppy  is much  cheaper than
 buying another  128 k  RAM card.   John's  utilities will read, write, and
 rename files and read a directory of files on a floppy.  Send orders   and
 questions to  John Feagans,  2681 N.  Rodeo Gulch  Rd., Soquel, CA  95073.
 California residents must add the dreaded 7% sales tax.

     Most of the files uploaded this week were utilities.   CHKCRD.COM is a
 small program  for use  in batch files that will check if a memory card is
 in drive A.   TRS.ZIP is  a time  recording system  for tracking  hours on
 different work items.  GSTOUT.ARC contains both PBASIC and EXE versions of
 a program to calculate the very confusing new GST taxes in Canada.  (While
 I play ice hockey, enjoy Molson, and say "eh" a lot, I'm glad I don't have
 to deal with GST!)


 > CalAssistant! STR Review?                    "The Online HELP Accessory"


                        By:   Derrick Anthony Hall
                            from: Spar Systems

 by Ralph F. Mariano

     Before I get into the overview itself, I'd like to  point out  that on
 the second  page of the very nicely done manual are the "Product Copyright
 and Trademark Notices giving full acknowledgment  and credits  to all men-
 tioned.   By all  indications, every requirement has been met in the lega-
 lese found in  every  manual  accompanying  software.    Very Professional

     You may  ask why did I go into that?  Well, since the author of CalAs-
 sistant is relatively new  to that  Atari arena  and was  without a doubt,
 given a  rather "unfriendly"  welcome (to say the least), I am am going to
 try to be overly meticulous.  In all fairness to him and  Spar Systems, we
 are covering  as much  of the  nits that  were picked in the last ten days
 concerning this matter.

     Calamus is a very powerful and complex DTP program.  Its many features
 and powerful  abilities will  unfold only  to those who spend the required
 time to learn.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a user who is  ready to learn,
 is equipped  with CalAssistant  installed, Calamus  and the Calamus manual
 will become veritable mavins in no time at all.  The manner  in which this
 new program guides, teaches and induces the use of the Calamus manual as a
 learning tool is marvelous.  There is no doubt that a great  deal of plan-
 ning and effort went into the creation of CalAssistant.

     The Design  of CalAssistant provides an extremely friendly user inter-
 face where the user is able  to  fully  employ  its  fine  features almost
 immediately.  CalAssistant uses the the "Help Messages" menu function from
 the "Extras" menu to navigate the user while online.  When one  passes the
 mouse pointer over an icon, the actual function or command will be visible
 at the top right of the screen (menu  bar right).   The  user then employs
 this message to move about in the main and sub-menus of CalAssistant.

     CalAssistant  is  very  efficient  with memory because of its built-in
 overlay code.  It occupies 90k of ram when loaded.  At this time  only the
 monochrome mode  is supported.   This  is expected  to change with the new
 releases planned that will work in all the TT resolutions and with Calamus

     Installation is  simple, I  placed the pertinent files in a new folder
 created in the same partition and folder as  Calamus.   I then  placed the
 .ACC program  and its  files in  the area  I use for all my desktop acces-
 sories.  After that I ran a program called path.prg.
     When you boot up path.prg, you'll be greeted with a dialog box, within
 this dialog  box are various buttons which are used to configure CalAssis-
 tant's path names.  All very easy.......

 A few examples of the excellent help screens presented to the user:

          Extras Menu

          Save Settings

          Used  to  save all settings  made  within the "Set Path",
          "Miscellaneous   Settings"   and   "Scan"   dialog  boxes
          under the "Extras" menu.

          To use:

          Select  menu  function  to save path  information to  the
          Calamus "CALAMUS.SET" filename.

          Refer to page XVI-6 in the Calamus manual.


          Font menu Menu Box

          Skip backwards
          Go to selected font
          Skip forward
          Text color 1
          Text color 2

          Used to  select  installed   fonts.  All fonts
          loaded  with  the  "Load  Fonts"  command from
          the "Extras" menu will be shown here. Only one
          font name can be selected  at  a  time  within
          this menu box.

          You  can  scroll  installed  fonts  using  the
          three arrow icons above. Font color is set  by
          selecting the  color(black or white) icons  at

          Fonts changes  in text frame will only  update
          if the "Restyle text"  icon is selected  while
          text  frame or  block is highlighted.  See the
          "Font  Size &  Style" menu  box in the  "Text"

          To use:

          Click on the font name.

          Refer to pages IX-22, IX-23  in  the  Calamus manual.

     In closing, I reiterate, there is  no way  this program  could be con-
 strued  to  be  anything  but  a  compliment to both Calamus and the Atari
 users.  It is well written and  is  an  absolute  bonus  to  every Calamus
 owner.   The experienced  Calamus owner will now have the tools to 'exper-
 tly' teach the finer points of Calamus to  "newfies" with  ease.   The NEW
 Calamus owner  will find  this program an indispensible aid in learning to
 use Calamus to the  umpteenth degree.   Its  almost like  having a teacher
 standing there waiting to help you over the rough spots.

     My reccommendation is to make every effort to obtain this program ASAP
 as it will make your Calamus DTP activites so much better.

 For more  great news,  Spar Systems  is also  preparing to  release a help
 system for  Pagestream too.   Its  a pleasure to welcome and support a new
 developer in the Atari arena.

     The package is shipped with CalAssistant online help accessory,  in
     addition to tutorial CDK files, utilities and fonts.   CalAssistant is
     now available at a suggested retail price of $34.95.

                       Mail Check or Money Order To:

                                Spar Systems
                             381 Autumn  Avenue
                             Brooklyn, NY 11208
                               (718) 235-3169


 > CODEHEAD NEWS!!! STR InfoFile?         "Great Deals from the "Good Guys"

     *                                                               *
     *  Once Again...                                                *
     *                                                               *
     *  CodeHead Software Announces MaxiFile 3.0 - The SuperTool!    *
     *  ---------------------------------------------------------    *
     *                                                               *
     *                                                               *

  Dateline: Friday, March 29, 1991



     After weeks of resisting attempts to put an end to further
     enhancements to MaxiFile, Charles F. Johnson has finally been
     brought under control.  It looks like the worst part of the siege
     is over.  His source code has been seized and is being held in
     abeyance in order to complete the release of this long-awaited
     product.  Mr. Johnson himself is currently in quarantine where he
     is being examined for possible damage to his overworked neural
     center and digital extremities.  Further reports on his condition
     will follow as they become available.


  A short time ago we announced the release of MaxiFile 3.0.  Due to
  circumstances beyond our control, MaxiFile's release has been postponed
  by run-away feature-itis.  Since our last report, MaxiFile has
  undergone even more major changes:

          |                                                |
          | Announcing the feature most often requested... |
          |                                                |
          |      ERGO-DUO-BIOPTIC DISPLAY MODE!!!          |
          |                                                |
          |      or, Simultaneous display of               |
          |      source and destination directories!       |
          |                                                |

 The new dual display mode now features two side-by-side listings showing
 filename, size, and date.  Unique scroll bars appear between the
 listings allowing you to easily scroll either listing by using standard
 window gadgets and sliders.  Special arrow buttons provide simultaneous
 scrolling of both lists at the same time.

 Keyboard equivalents give you complete control of scrolling, paging,
 selecting, and "starting" of files without even using the mouse.  This
 allows you to do such things as run programs or start documents even
 from the destination directory.

 The Ergo-Duo-Bioptic Display Mode is such a major addition to MaxiFile
 that it's impossible for us to describe all of its usefulness in this
 document.  You'll have to see it and use it to believe it!

 The following features were also added since our last notice:

  o New GRAPHIC DISPLAY of disk space including "thermometer bar" of
    space used, total bytes available, bytes used, bytes free, percentage
    used, and percentage free for each available drive as well as totals
    for all drives selected.  Includes keyboard equivalents for all
    operations.  This feature is GREAT, and FAST, too!

  o Directory listings can be output to printer or a file on disk.

  o Any printing operation may now be sent to the serial port.

 Here's a brief synopsis of some of the new features of MaxiFile 3.0 that
 were mentioned in our previous press release:

  o New ICONS for all main screen functions.

  o HUNDREDS of NEW KEYBOARD COMMANDS provide full operation with either
    mouse or keyboard, including selecting and opening files and folders
    and full keyboard control of ALL dialog boxes!

  o Greatly enhanced FILE VIEWING provides very FAST SCROLLING forward
    AND backward through a file complete with forward/backward searching,
    configurable tab settings, help screen, and optional half-height
    text (in hi-res modes).

  o Speedy "Safe Deposit" RECOVERABLE DELETE function insures against
    accidental erasure of files -- and Maxifile does it LEGALLY, without
    messing around with direct disk access.  Keep your files AND your
    file structure safe!

  o An AWESOME SEARCH FUNCTION has been added -- version 3.0 lets you use
    MaxiFile's unique 'FILTERS' in a search, allowing you to find FILES
    AND/OR FOLDERS with multiple masks and extensions, or even search
    according to archive bit and time/date stamp!  MaxiFile maintains a
    list of the last 20 "matches" and lets you instantly jump to a
    directory, selecting EITHER all files that match the filter settings,
    or just the one file you select!

  o WILD CARD RENAME function lets you rename all files with a given
    extension to another extension, in ONE action.

  o New HELP SCREEN shows keyboard equivalents for the main screen and
    'More' box.  Other keyboard commands are displayed in their
    respective dialog boxes.

  o Full COMPATIBILITY with all Atari computers in all resolutions,
    including the Atari TT.

  o TRUE MS-DOS DISK FORMATTING creates disks compatible with any PC
    system, including those that are particularly floppy-fussy.

  o Disk formatting starts at end of disk to help RECOVER FROM ACCIDENTAL
    FORMATTING of the wrong disk.

  o File/Folder Info Boxes have 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons (and key
    commands), allowing you to easily browse the details of all files and

 See our previous press releases for a general listing of all the
 features MaxiFile has always had.


 MaxiFile can purchased and used separately, or you can enjoy its
 increased power when linked up with HotWire by purchasing HotWire and
 MaxiFile packaged together as HotWire Plus, AND save yourself $15 at the
 same time.

 As a current owner of MaxiFile, you can obtain an update by sending your
 original MaxiFile master disk and $10 to the address listed below.

 Suggested retail price for MaxiFile 3.0 is $39.95, or you can get
 HotWire Plus - - HotWire packaged together with MaxiFile -- for $69.95,
 a savings of $15.  CodeHead Products are available from your local Atari
 dealer, through mail-order houses, or directly from CodeHead Software:

  Friday, April 5, 1991

  WE BLEW IT !!!

                  AND YOU SAVE !!!

                                 ...BUT YOU MUST ACT FAST !!!

  The CodeHeads have no one to blame but themselves.  They couldn't just
  release a normal update to MaxiFile worth $10.  Noooo...they had to
  keep adding this and that nifty gadget and inventing new features that
  just couldn't be left out until MaxiFile was transformed into a JEWEL
  worth far more than they're charging.

  As it turns out, the printed addendum to MaxiFile is almost equal in
  size and content to the original MaxiFile manual.  Unfortunately, the
  CodeHeads can't afford to continue offering upgrades to MaxiFile
  including the addendum for the advertised price of $10.  On May 1st,
  the price for the MaxiFile 3.0 upgrade will be increased to $15
  including the addendum manual.  At that time, the purchase price for
  MaxiFile will also be increased to $44.95.

  HOWEVER ... our loss is your gain!

  Those who have already ordered their MaxiFile update and those whose
  orders are placed (or postmarked) before May 1st will still pay only
  $10 for the upgrade, or $39.95 for the full package! So hurry -- send
  back your MaxiFile disk today for upgrading (see below) and you'll
  receive the complete MaxiFile upgrade package, including the printed
  manual addendum, and save yourself $5.00 at the same time!

  See our previous press releases for an impressive listing of all of
  MaxiFile's features.


  MaxiFile can purchased and used separately, or you can enjoy its
  increased power when linked up with HotWire by purchasing HotWire and
  MaxiFile packaged together as HotWire Plus, AND save yourself $15-20 at
  the same time.

  As a current owner of MaxiFile, you can obtain an update by sending
  your original MaxiFile master disk and the update fee to the address
  listed below.

      Product           Before May 1st   After May 1st
      MaxiFile Update      $10.00            $15.00
      MaxiFile 3.0         $39.95            $44.95
      HotWire              $44.95            $44.95
      HotWire Plus         $69.95            $69.95

  CodeHead Products are available from your local Atari dealer, through
  mail-order houses, or directly from CodeHead Software:

       CodeHead Software
       P.O. Box 74090
       Los Angeles, CA 90004

       Phone: (213) 386-5735
       FAX:   (213) 386-5789
       BBS:   (213) 461-2095

  CodeHead Software accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, as
  well as checks, money orders, and cash.  Shipping charges are $3 US, $4
  Canada, and $6 elsewhere.  The is no shipping charge for updates.

  Current office hours are Monday-Friday 9A-1P Pacific time.  Prices and
  hours are subject to change without notice.

  Thank you for your support!


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?        TAX TIME SPECIAL OFFERINGS!....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!
                     >> INCOME TAX REFUND SPECIALS <<
                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

                           Conventional Shoe Box
                 ADD 35.00 for 4 BAY TURBO Cabinet w/250w PS
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN3038      31Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          419.00
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          479.00
            SGN6277      62Mb 24ms  5.25"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          549.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN1098     100mb 25ms   3.5"    Y          719.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******
              ---- FOR USE IN MEGA, MEGA STe & TT030 SYSTEMS ----

    >>>> 100mb SCSI HARD DRIVE Mech 25-28ms 3.5" ...ONLY $349.00!! <<<<

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                     (500 - 600k per sec @ 16 - 33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!


       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

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                 --->> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$ 685.00__ <<---
                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  74.95
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 349.95

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1329.00 **

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
             50mb SQG51   $ 939.00      30mb SQG38    $ 819.00
             65mb SQG09   $ 969.00      85mb SQG96    $1059.00


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                      *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
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                          Replacement Drums; CALL
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

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                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



 > A "Quotable Quote"?

                             Laughter the BEST MEDICINE......

     "Two bears  are walking  through a path in the woods.  The second bear
     stick his nose into the first bear's behind.  The first bear stops for
     a second  but decides to ignore it.  Two minutes later the second bear
     sticks his  nose in  the first  bear's behind  again.   The first bear
     turns around  and clubs  the second bear in the head.  The second bear
     looks at the first and says,  "Sorry.   But I  just ate  a lawyer this
     morning and I'll do anything to get the taste out of my mouth."

 Question:          What  do  you  call  1700  lawyers at the bottom of the

 Answer:            A good start.

 Alternate Answer:  Pollution.

 Question:          Why won't sharks eat lawyers?

 Answer:            Professional Courtesy!

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