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From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
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Date: Sat Apr 13 18:29:23 1991

Also thanks to: Todd C. Miller and Ed Krimnen.

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     This is the week all the great info is filtering  back from  CeBIT and
 this year  is no  exception for getting good news, we have already had the
 coverage about the two new devices the Book  and Notepad.   In  this issue
 we  cover  the  new  Unix  Developer package, Hard disks, CD-Rom Drive and
 powerful memory expansion systems for the ST user.

     We have in this issue in-depth coverage of the show, its announcements
 and of  course, the  financial overview  of the  future.   Just for you in

     Atari's future is bright indeed, now with large  shipments of  the new
 machines in  transit (some  have already cleared customs) it won't be long
 before the market buzz word will be "hey,  how about  that Atari computer,
 you get one yet?"  Developers throughout the USA will finally begin to see
 a upward surge of activity they have long awaited.

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                      CODEHEAD ANNOUNCES MAXIFILE 3.0

     Codehead  Software  announces  the  release  of  MaxiFile 3.0, a major
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    Issue #12

 Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 - Boston, Massachusetts                    VDTS DON'T CAUSE MISCARRIAGES

 According  to  a  study done by the Ohio-based  National  Institute  for
 Occupational  Safety  and  Health,   there  is  no  additional  risk  of
 miscarriage  caused by exposure to video display terminals  (VDTs).   Of
 the  women  in the survey who were pregnant,  14.8% of  the  VDT-exposed
 women  and  15.9% of the non VDT-exposed  women  suffered  miscarriages.
 There  were no significant differences in miscarriages among  those  who
 worked  the terminals more than 25 hours a week or less than 25 hours  a

 - Hannover, Western Germany                          DAVE SMALL AT CEBIT

 The man who pioneered Macintosh emulators on the Atari ST,  Dave  Small,
 was  back  at Cebit this year with two new  product  announcements.  The
 MegaTalk board in the Mega ST expansion slot will allow it to connect to
 AppleTalk  networks  and  give  it  MIDI  and  Apple  SCSI  hard   drive
 capability,  and  is reported to be 100% Mac compatible -  hardware  and
 software.   The  second announcement was an upgraded version of  Spectre
 GCR which will now support non-American Mac keyboard drivers,  the Dayna
 DOS Mounter,  Apple File Exchange, Macintosh sound (previously a problem
 for GCR Spectre) and large display screens (including 1,280 x 960  pixel

 - Hannover, Western Germany                      THE THIRD TIME A CHARM?

 For  the third year in a row,  Atari has announced the launching of  the
 Atari TT,  a successor to the Atari ST.   Also,  for the third year in a
 row,  Atari announced that they would start shipping a Unix system  this

 - West Chester, Pennsylvania                           AMIGA PRICES CUT!

 Commodore  Business Machines cut the prices on its Amiga 2000 and  Amiga
 3000 personal computers by 10-26% in hopes that the Amigas will be  more
 price-competitive.  The Amiga 2000 has been reduced 16%, down to $1,599,
 the Amiga 2000HD has been reduced 26%,  down to $1,999,  the Amiga 3000-
 16/50 has been reduced 10%,  down to $2,999 and the Amiga 3000-25/50 has
 been reduced 12%, down to $3,499.

 The  company  has also announced CommodoreExpress  Gold  Service,  which
 provides 24-hour toll-free helpline service and next day on-site repairs
 to customers for a one-year period.

 - Fort Worth, Texas                 TANDY ANNOUNCES $199 MS-DOS COMPUTER

 According  to their latest sales flyer,  Tandy has lowered the price  of
 its Tandy 1000 HX computer to $199.   The 1000 HX is a complete computer
 with  MS-DOS stored in ROM,  built-in keyboard,  floppy  drive,  quality
 sound,  built-in Personal DeskMate 2 software,  a video controller.  The
 only thing not included is a monitor.

 - Palo Alto, California                HP & LOTUS TO PRODUCE A HAND-HELD
   ---------------------                            COMPUTER

 A  palm-top  computer that will contain the Lotus  spreadsheet  and  its
 electronic mail software in ROM is reportedly being produced by Hewlett-
 Packard  and  Lotus  Development.  The  HP 95LX  will  also  contain  an
 appointment  calendar,  calculator and software to store a directory  of
 phone numbers, and have a side slot for credit-card sized magnetic cards
 that  will provide storage and added software.   It will be able to  fit
 into a coat pocket and will cost $695.

 - Washington, D.C.                     SPA SAYS US SOFTWARE SALES UP 22%

 The  Software Publishers Association (SPA) reports that more  than  $1.3
 billion  in personal computer software was sold in the last  quarter  of
 1990 in North America,  up 22 percent from the year before.  SPA reports
 that  Windows  applications accounted for nearly 10% --  or  about  $100
 million -- of the domestic sales.   For the entire year,  sales were  up

 - Fort Worth, Texas                      RS OFFERS LOW-COST CD ROM DRIVE

 Tandy  becomes the first name brand to break the the $500  barrier  with
 its  $399.95  CD ROM drive.   The CDR-1000 CD ROM  drive  is  internally
 mounted  into  a five-inch disk bay on a PC and loads like an  audio  CD
 ROM,  into  a  tray that slides out to accept the disc.  No  `caddy'  is
 required,  as with other data CD ROMs. The data transfer rate is 150,000
 bytes  per second.   The price includes an eight-bit interface  adaptor,
 driver and player software, and all necessary connections.

 - Taipei, Taiwan                            NEW BOOK-SIZE AT AND 386 PCs

 Flytech Technology,  the Taiwanese PC manufacturer,  has launched a  new
 line  of 286- and 386SX-based IBM compatible miniature  computers.   The
 Carry-1 9000 series computers are about the size of a hardback book,  at
 240mm x 185mm x 45mm.    They  can  hold  up  to  4mb  of  RAM  on   the
 motherboard and come with a floppy disk drive and a 80meg hard disk. The
 keyboards  and  monitors are scaled accordingly and Flytech  claims  the
 computers are the smallest desktop systems produced.

 - Seol, Korea                        BAD YEAR FOR SOUTH KOREAN PC MAKERS

 As a result of failing to anticipate the trend for users to move  toward
 more up-market products,  South Korean personal computer exports dropped
 by 39.5% last year.  The largest personal computer maker in South Korea,
 Samsung Electronics, registered a 29.7% fall in sales for the year.

 - Tokyo, Japan                         MNP CLASS 10 MODEM TO BE RELEASED

 As part of a strategy to make the MNP Class 10 error-correction and data
 compression technology an international standard, Microcom has announced
 plans  to  license  its  MNP  Class  10  technology  to  Japanese  modem
 manufacturers.    Rockwell  International  has  already  licensed   this
 technology and is expected to release a V.22 MNP Class 10 modem as early
 as June.

 MNP  Class  10 has a high-quality data error correction  capability  and
 data  compression and de-compression feature.  It is said to  support  a
 highly reliable form of data transmission.



   Issue #003

 by Robert Allbritton

 > MAC NEWS?                                NEW FACTORY IN COLORADO SPRINGS

 ***     Apple to open new factory in Colorado Springs

     A former Data General plant in Colorado Springs  that had  been on the
 market since  1989 has been purchased by Apple computer in response to the
 increased demand for its new line  of low  cost Macintosh  computers.  The
 340,000 square  foot facility  will become  Apple's fourth  plant and will
 employ between 800 and  1,000  people.    Apple  currently  has production
 facilities in Freemont, California; Cork, Ireland; and Singapore.

     The State of Colorado had been courting Apple for quite some time, and
 the California based  company  received  several  incentives  including $1
 Million for  job training, a $500 state tax credit per employee, and a new
 interchange on Interstate 25  for the  plant.   This expansion  comes fol-
 lowing extending  the Singapore  and Cork plants to round the clock opera-
 tions and  airlifting Mac  Classics in  from Singapore  on almost anything
 with wings, including Aeroflot.

 ***     Spindler to take on more responsibilities

     In yet  another "evolution"  of corporate management at Apple, company
 president Michael H. Spindler will take over product  development from CEO
 John Sculley.  This is being viewed by market annalists as a natural chain
 of events as Apple attempts to  improve its  time to  market from develop-
 ment.  Chairman  Sculley  will  now  devote  more of his time to long term
 strategic planning and development,  while President  Spindler is expected
 to make  some further  consolidations of the departments he directly heads
 sometime in the near future.


 Part 2 of 2

     Last week, we talked about some basic differences  between the  ST and
 the Mac, and how System 7 will widen that gap. This week we will dive even
 deeper into the new version of the Macintosh operating system.

     Finally the "look" of the Mac is catching up with the times.  While it
 was state of the art in 1984, the advent of color and greyscale screens on
 the Mac,  and their  standardization on  most IBM  systems and  the ST has
 forced Apple's  windows and  controls to  take on a more three-dimensional
 look.  Interestingly, this look  is  strikingly  similar  to  Windows 3.0,
 which could  have some  very unpredictable  effects on the current Apple -
 Microsoft suit over the "look and feel" of Windows 2.03.

     Aliasing is a feature that is little understood by most people, but it
 is quite  powerful and useful.  Aliasing allows the user to make a "clone"
 icon of a document or application.  This allows users  to "alias" commonly
 used applications  and then  place the  alias icon on the desktop, or in a
 more convenient folder so that they are easier to jump to and use.  I have
 been using  a utility  that duplicates this function on my Mac for quite a
 while now, and it is very nice to have.

     Show Balloons,  or "Help"  Balloons, is  another new  function that is
 built into System 7.  Users can now select "help" from the Edit menu found
 in most Mac applications and the mouse becomes a "help"  device.  Anything
 that the  user clicks  on will  display a  help dialog  balloon that looks
 similar to a dialog balloon found in the  Saturday morning  funnies.  This
 is a feature that programmers will have to modify their code to implement,
 but the  modifications are  not especially  difficult, and  many major ap-
 plications such  as PageMaker,  Microsoft Word,  Excell and others already
 have Show Balloons built into their current releases.

     Inter-application communications is  another  feature  that developers
 will have to modify their code for if they wish to use it.  Apple calls it
 Publish and Subscribe, and  it will  take cut  and paste  to a  new level.
 Think of  it as  a "live"  cut and  paste.  You are preparing a report for
 your company.  You run the figures in Excell and then "publish"  them. Now
 type up  the report  in Microsoft  Word and "subscribe" to your figures in
 Excell. Big deal, sounds  like cut  & paste  right? Wrong.  Every time you
 make changes  to your figures in Excell, they automatically get changed in
 your report in Microsoft Word as  well.   If that  is not  enough, you can
 also use  these features  over a  network.  You could subscribe to reports
 from the accounting department over the network and automatically, instan-
 tly, get the latest information put in your work.

     Speaking of  networking, it is built into System 7 as well.  Even bet-
 ter, you don't need a server.  Functions very similar to the  popular TOPS
 serverless networking  system are  now standard in System 7, including all
 of the security systems and access controls.

     Another major change in System 7, and perhaps its most famous feature,
 is the  way that  System 7 handles memory. At present, TOS on the ST has a
 limit of 4 megs of RAM, the Mac has a  limit of  8 Megs  of RAM.   This is
 regardless of  how much  memory is actually in the computer: the operating
 system can only "see" 4 or  8 megs  respectively. System  7 will eliminate
 that boundary.   Not only will the Mac be able to use all of the memory it
 has installed, but on Macintosh computers with a  68030 microprocessor, or
 a 68020  with a  PMMU chip,  System 7  will allow virtual memory to a hard
 disk.  What this means is the user will be  able to  set aside  a block of
 the hard disk that the computer will treat as RAM.  Operating systems such
 as UNIX have had this capability since their creation.

     All of this has a price.  System 7 will require 2 megs of  RAM just to
 run the  smallest of programs, and there will be bugs, lots of bugs.  This
 is the largest overhaul Apple has ever given the Macintosh,  and given its
 history of  growing pains,  many Macintosh  managers are nervous.  Perhaps
 System 7 can be best summed up by a T-shirt that is  growing in popularity
 in the Macintosh community:     "I'm waiting for System 7.1"

                            See you next week.



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 by John Szczepanik

     The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Federation Against Softw-
 are Theft (FAST)  have  dropped  allegations  of  software  piracy against
 Marconi Instruments following an amicable out of court agreement.

     Marconi,  which  has  consistently  denied the charges of unauthorised
 copying of software, is now working with the two organisations  to develop
 a programme to control the use of software in large corporations.

     The BSA  and FAST brought the charges against Marconi last December on
 behalf  of  four  leading  PC  software  companies,  Ashton   Tate,  Lotus
 Development, Microsoft and Wordperfect.

     The proceedings were the first part of a larger, pan-European campaign
 by the two organisations to curb software theft. The BSA is also  current-
 ly taking action against companies in France, Spain and Italy.

     The UK  dispute was  resolved when Marconi consented to work alongside
 FAST and the BSA, both in carring out a review  of the  company's existing
 software controls  and developing  a model  system for the use of software
 in other  major companies  throughout Europe.  A court  hearing in January
 had already been postponed because an agreement was felt to be close.

     "We believe  that this  aproach will ensure that our company continues
 to use legal products which protect  our computors  against possible viru-
 ses,  while  satisfying  the  software  companies that their programs will
 receive the protection they  deserve,"  said  Marconi`s  managing director
 Peter  Smith.

     Unauthorised copying is thought to be costing software companies about
  3 billion a year in Europe, but the BSA believes its campaign  is proving
 successful. It  reckons significant  rises in  software sales last year in
 Italy and Spain can be attributed to action it has taken.

     FAST believes that the Marconi case "has made a lot  of companies very
 nervous,",  according  to  Nick  Hayes  of  FAST.  He claims that over 700
 companies rang up with enquiries about the audit programme in  the wake of
 the original  news about  the charges.  He added  that FAST  would have no
 hesitation in taking legal action again against companies  it suspected of
 using pirated software, hinting that such new cases are, indeed, imminent.

     * As  part of  the audit programme FAST has developed a special Pirate
     Busting disk designed to seek out illegal copies of programs.   It can
     detect 730  of the  most popular  business programs in the country. If
     you  want to get hold of a copy,

 FAST can be contacted by phone ...  (UK) 628 660377.

 Extract From The New Computor Express (UK) March 1991
                                        Reported by JP.


 > BORLAND TURBO C STR Spotlight?       WHY no Turbo C in the US for Atari?


 by Ralph F. Mariano

     Below, the welcome screen from the Borland area on GEnie is presented.
 This is  here to  _accurately_ illustrate  the position  and duties of Mr.

                              Welcome to the
                           Borland International
                         Language and Application
                            Products RoundTable
                   A Forum Operated By and For End Users
                   To share ideas, discuss subjects and
                    exchange files related to Borland's
                             line of products.

                           -- Your Hosts Are --

                    Juan Jimenez     (GEmail J.JIMENEZ)
                     Kevin-Neil Klop  (GEmail K.KLOP)
                     Barry Erick      (GEmail B.ERICK)

                            -- Team Borland --

                     Neil Judell      (GEmail NJUDELL)
                   Steven Fischkoff (GEmail EOSINOPHIL)
                    Daniel Paolini   (GEmail DPAOLINI)
                      Kevin Hull       (GEmail KHULL)

                   RTC Sunday nights at 8:00pm Eastern!

                   Upload Contest Rules are available in
                   the file library in file CONTEST.TXT!

                   Borland Tech Support - (408) 438-5300
                   Orders/Upgrades ONLY - (800) 331-0877

     To the point, this past week a discussion  developed on  GEnie concer-
 ning the  lack of recognition let alone support on the part of Borland USA
 in regard to the Atari ST and the program, Turbo C.

     For some background, let  me point  out that  Gribnif Software imports
 and distributes  the program  via Borland  GmbH.   Of course, the docs are
 german but the program's drop down menus and help files are in english.

     A number of comments were made and certain  questions arose,  the main
 question being  why doesn't Borland US at least bring the program into the
 USA and make it available.  This prompted me to  point out  my impressions
 of the  situation and  as a result Mr. Jimenez felt it necessary to attack
 me personally and of course, attack  STReport and  its professionalism or,
 the lack thereof.

     First, the comments, verbatim, of a message posted by me....

 Category 17,  Topic 13
 Message 37        Mon Mar 18, 1991
 ST.REPORT [Ralph]            at 08:07 EST

     Borland USA  's actions are typically why users hold many of the 'lar-
 ge, seeminmgly uncaring' software  publishers with  utter contempt.   Bor-
 land,  by  its  actions  concerning  Turbo  C, the Atari and the US market
 proves two points;  a) they are not the least bit interested  in the Atari
 platform and  b) the three piece pinstripes are oblivious to the wants and
 needs of lesser populated platforms.

     In a nutshell, Borland is the example  shown, ever  so typical of
 the US  corporation, dollar  conscious for  immediate time, and brain dead
 for the future.  Its no wonder they are "miffed"  with their  German coun-
 terparts.  Borland US has been totally outclassed by them and is in despa-
 rate need of NEW, intelligent direction.    Sorry Juan,  I've watched this
 Turbo C thing for over a year now, and Borland's attitude toward Atari and
 the US market is plainly put, pathetic.

                                     Ralph @ STReport
                                    Monday, March 18, 1991

     Now, we  present the  exact reply  Mr. Jimenez  provides, seemingly in
 defense of Borland.

 Category 17,  Topic 13
 Message 38        Mon Mar 18, 1991
 J.JIMENEZ [Juan]             at 13:42 EST

 Ralph, all  of that  because a company doesn't want to get into a specific
 platform, eh? Sorry, guy, but throwing  a tantrum  and calling  Borland an
 uncaring software  publisher full  of pinstripe executives is not going to
 solve anything (apart from the fact that it isn't true, I have  yet to run
 into a  pinstripe suit  in that part of Scotts Valley, and if Borland were
 uncaring you'd have to ask why they give away free products on the Borland
 RT every month, including a prize worth about $2500 last December).

 I wonder  how many here took the time to write to Borland and express your
 support for selling Turbo C for the ST in the US? I  also wonder  why Bor-
 land GMBH  has refused  two requests for eval copies of Turbo C for the ST
 to be shipped to two staff members of the Borland RT here on GEnie so that
 we could explore the idea of opening a support category in the RT?

 Next time  you want  to make  a statement  like that, Ralph, I suggest you
 inform yourself of the facts first. I assume by your statement of associa-
 tion with STReport that you are a journalist for that outfit. Ever head of
 gathering facts from BOTH sides of the story?



     Actually as a term of speech  the word;  'pinstripes' denotes  the TOP
 executives of  any corporation.   As is the case with most companies those
 at the top care and care a great deal but can, at  times, be  out of touch
 with the  troops in  the trenches...  that's what this entire issue is all
 about.  No sinister plot or,  in  the  least,certainly  not  a  mockery of
 someone's wardrobe.

     The free  products Borland  gives away,  do they  have _anything to do
 with the Atari ST?????  I cannot address the reasons why your requests for
 review copies of Turbo C/ST were ignored, perhaps a bit of Deja Vu?

     There is  no doubt  Borland USA's  support for  the PC market place is
 first class, but please don't use  the "PC  give-aways" as  an implied ex-
 ample of  Borland USA's  caring in  any way  about the  ST platform.  Face
 _real_ facts, those prizes have nothing whatsoever to do with the Atari ST

     Now, in  all fairness  folks, I  ask, where...  is the tantrum and off
 handed emotion filled outcry?  Plainly its in  Mr. Jimenez'  reply.  Then,
 as  a  parting  shot,  Mr.  Jimenez  proceeds to lower himself to personal
 attacks and name calling.

     At this time, please allow me to present an earlier post which further
 indicates the  consistancy of  Borland USA's  attitude toward the Atari ST

 Category 17,  Topic 13
 Message 33        Sun Mar 17, 1991
 R.FLASHMAN [Rick@Gribnif]    at 22:24 EST

 Actually, the gentleman in Borland GmbH used the "basic" as  an example of
 what they  would like  to do.   He  made it very clear Borland USA was the
 reason there was NO english language version.  Borland USA has NO interest
 in selling  Turbo C/ST  in the  U.S. and  seem rather unhappy that Borland
 GmbH developed an ST version.   We are  all out  right now,  but we expect
 another shipment  in the next week.  I will post a message here as soon as
 I get it.



     The bottom line, as always, is profit..  Is there  profit in releasing
 an english  language version?   Will the added cost of the support team be
 offset by the profits?  Is there enough  of a  marketplace to  support on-
 going development and support?  All very good questions.  All of which can
 be positively answered.

     Each of the above questions have very strong yes answers.  The  USA is
 not the limits of the english speaking world.  Without getting into actual
 demographics, this matter deserves to be fully re-evaluated.  The marketp-
 lace is  growing and  thus the  demand for  a first  class program such as
 Turbo C for the Atari ST must not go unanswered.

 a copy of this article was requested and forwarded via  FAX to  P. Kahn at
 Borland USA.


 > CALAMUS HELPER! STR InfoFile?                   Calamus Helper Accessory

                 ==============  CalAssistant  ==============

                          THE  ONLINE  HELP  ACCESSORY
                            FOR CALAMUS DTP SOFTWARE

    o  Help is just a mouse click away!

    o  The first online help   companion for   Calamus   DTP   software.
       CalAssistant is an accessory program that runs on top of Calamus.

    o  Using  efficient code  management and  overlay  swapping,  memory
       requirement is kept at 90K maximum.

    o  This  program  uses  text,  icons  and  pictures  to  illustrate,
       explain   and give tips for  commands and functions step by  step.

       Since the  Calamus interface  is very  icon  oriented, the  "Help
       Messages" function  under the  "Extras"  menu is used to navigate
       the user online.

    o  Complete page  referencing to  the  Calamus manual  is included.

    o  CalAssistant  user  interface is  taken from the  tear  off menu
       design used on the Amiga, TT and MAC computers.

    o  CalAssistant can  be called from the  accessory menu at any time
       while using Calamus, but we recommend 2 megs of  RAM to do this.

    o  A hard drive is needed  in order for  the  software to  function
       at full speed; otherwise  it is not required.

    o  The software supports monochrome mode only.

    o  CalAssistant is to Calamus, as  MicroSoft  Word 5.0 online  help
       screens  are to  MS Word 5.0, but  ours  is  better,  much  like
       HyperText in concept.

    o  Oh, you also  get a beautiful printed manual created  entirely
       with Calamus.

   The package will be shipped with CalAssistant online help accessory,
   in addition to tutorial CDK files, utilities and fonts. CalAssistant
   is now available at a suggested retail price of $34.95.

                      Mail Check or Money Order Only.

                                Spar Systems
                             381 Autumn  Avenue
                             Brooklyn, NY 11208
                               (718) 235-3169


 > STR Portfolio News & Information?                  Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Walter Daniel  75066,164

     See  message  #10258  and  replies  for  information on ROM cards with
 medical applications such as drug references.  Another  possible Portfolio
 product is  text adventure  games.  Ron Luks reports that Atari is looking
 at converting some existing games to Portfolio products.  For a comparison
 of the    Portfolio, Casio BOSS, Sharp Wizard, and Poqet PC, see the March
 1991 issue of Portable Office magazine.

     Have you ever noticed that your Portfolio screen  flashes every couple
 of minutes even though it is off?  As John Feagans pointed out, the screen
 flash is the Portfolio coming to life from  time to  time to  check if any
 alarms need be sounded.

     A message  thread in  the forum  about the effects of airport security
 gear on Portfolios, RAM cards, and floppy disks continued this week.  Some
 people say  X-ray machines corrupt disks and scramble memories; others say
 that this is a myth.  It turns out that X-rays are  not the  problem, it's
 the magnetic  fields from  the machines  that cause  trouble.  I think the
 safest thing to do is to hand your Portfolio, RAM cards, and  floppy disks
 to the  attendent for  visual inspection.   Just  remember to pick them up
 after you pass through the metal detector!

     The diagram of the Portfolio serial interface to Diconix printer cable
 has been uploaded to the forum as SERIAL.TXT in library 1.  Information on
 ordering the printed copy of  the  PBASIC  4.1  manual  is  there  as well
 (MANUAL.INF).  Shopping for a new home or automobile?  It helps to be able
 to compare various loans on the  spot.   That's where  INHOCK.WKS (I'm not
 making this  up!) comes  in handy.  This Portfolio worksheet file can give
 you information on up  to  six  different  loans,  including  options like
 "points" and  so on.   So  shock your  realtor or  car dealer next time by
 whipping out your Portfolio and getting the numbers first.!


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?                   "....a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 A  few fast comments on how I edit this column.   I don't claim to be  a
 professional editor,  so through trial and error I have developed my own
 ways to edit the posts I publish.

 1) I  try to keep the posts as close to original as possible but I  will
 correct some of the more obvious spelling,  punctuation and  grammatical
 errors just to make the posts easier to read.

 2) If there are several posts on a certain subject by one  author,  I'll
 usually re-compile them into one post.  This keeps them shorter as there
 is  usually a lot of duplicate information in the posts and   easier  to
 read and follow.

 3) Whenever you see a "...",  that's where I've take something out of  a
 post.   It's  usually  not relevant to the topic being discussed  or  is
 duplicating what has already been said (in a compiled post).  But in all
 cases,  I keep the authors original meaning and intent intact!!  (So far
 I haven't had any complaints of quoting out of context.)

 4) If  I  feel  it's necessary for me to insert  a  comment  to  clarify
 something, it will be in brackets [ ].

 5) Finally,  I have to watch the size of this column.  It started out as
 a 4-5k column and has grown to 14-15k.   If I don't watch out,  it could
 easily grow to 20-30k.


 From Geoffrey Hansen on the Gadgets by Small RT on Genie...
   This  Xmas,  I purchased a great deal of software for the  variety  of
   machines  that  I have and use...Of the twelve software  and  hardware
   purchases  I made at Xmas,  only two companies have responded  to  the
   mailing  in  of  registration  cards.   Hewlett  Packard  sent  me   a
   complimentary  Windows  3.0 driver for my Deskjet 500 and  Gadgets  by
   Small  sent  me  a  FREE  upgrade (to  3.0)  for  my  newly  purchased
   Spectre...I  must commend Gadgets for beating out Microsoft  and  many
   other software companies to provide the best service...Thanks Gadgets.


 From R.Monfort on the Soft Logik RT on Genie...

   I have the new TouchUp 1.65 program with the new update to the manual,
   and it is great!  If you have an ATARI with 1.2 or 1.4 TOS.  you  will
   only get 8 shay of gray from the program but if you are using an ATARI
   STE  or the new TT030 computers you will be able to use 32  shades  of
   gray.  You can save them to the IFF/ILBM format for PageStream and  do
   color separations!


 Two posts from Genie concerning one users hard drive that has started to

 From John Stanley...
   Don't trust it any more than you have to. With prices for 20meg drives
   so  cheap,  treat the drive you have as though it were going  to  self
   destruct  in  two minutes...Once the bearings start to go  on  a  hard
   drive,  you can count the remaining life in months (if lucky) or hours
   (if  you're not).  I'd get a new one asap and only keep the old  drive
   in-use long enough to transfer the data to the new drive and then  put
   the old one on the shelf.

   How  much  would you loose if your drive  stopped  running  today?  So
   little that you would not mind loosing any of it or enough that  you'd
   kick yourself into the next state for not spending the $150-$200 a new
   drive would have cost?

 From Larry Rymal...

   Be  aware that much of the screeching heard on drives is  simply  lint
   between  the  shaft  head and ground strap  (both  are  uncovered  and
   exposed).  If  a user can get to these,  simple cleaning with  a  soft
   brush will remove the lint.

   The  screeching  is not always indicative of bearings  going  out.  Of
   course it is an almost-requirement to have a drive backed up;  I do it
   weekly.  But  with  hard  drive fans sucking dust  in,  a  hard  drive
   mechanism  will be covered with dust after only a few months  of  use.
   Users complaining of "drives going out" due to screeching should first
   check to see dust is the problem on the shaft and ground strap.

   Usually dust can be diagnosed by the nature of the screech.  If it  is
   alternating  in  noise  (screeching and  then  quiet,  screeching  and
   quiet), then most likely it is dust.

   Always  assume the positive on these things or one is liable to  worry
   himself to death.


 Does the Mega STe come with the same Analog joystick ports as the  STe?
 According to Greg Zepka on CIS...

   ....I'm  reading from...a sales brochure (a very slick  one)  entitled
   'MEGA  STe Business Computer'.   On the back page  under  Input/Output
   Ports  it states "* Controller/Joystick/Light gun ports:  2 x  15  pin
   high-density  D  connectors"...also in the brochure  it  mentions  the
   ability to let six players challenge each other.

 Answer from Pat Augustine on CIS...
   ...All  the reviews I've read didn't list them.  As a matter of  fact,
   the first review made a point of commenting that the Mega STE did  not
   have them,  and they felt that that pretty much tolled the death knell
   for anybody supporting them.

 Answer from George Richardson (Merlin Group) on CIS...
   ...the Mega STe does not have the new ports.


 Question from J.E. Donohue from the Soft Logik RT on Genie...
   ...rumor has it that the new version of PGS for the ST will allow  for
   onscreen  PS  fonts  (ala ATM/Macintosh).  What  font  files  will  be
   required  for  this?  Will present fonts work,  or will some  kind  of
   conversion be necessary?

 Answer from Jay Pierstorff (Computer Safari)...
   All  existing fonts work with improved performance!  Softlogik  fonts,
   Fontability,  Safari,  Dennis Palumbo's and everyone elses contain the
   same  files...No conversion required!  Existing fonts  are  ready...In
   addition,  you will also be able to use IBM Type 1 fonts.  These  will
   also use their outlines to draw the screen representations!


 Question from Bob Stephenson on Genie...
   Does  the DJ Plus or DJ 500 print in landscape  mode  (sideways)?   Is
   there a driver (or whatever) to make it possible to use GDOS with  the

 Answer from Lorne Budnick on Genie...
   The DJ Plus and the DJ 500 both print in landscape mode. Also, you can
   order a good DJ GDOS driver from Migraph.


 From Michael Loader on the Soft Logik RT on Genie...
   PageStream 2.1 Atari will be a similar upgrade deal to 2.0 Amiga. That
   one was $75 for a limited time, then eventually $100. For this amount,
   you get the program, the quick reference card, the program manual, the
   tutorial  guide and the Compugraphic font license (10 fonts  included)
   ...When  PageStream 2.1 Atari is ready,  you will receive  an  upgrade
   brochure/newsletter in the mail with full details.


 From Terry (OUTRIDER) on Genie...
   I  had a rather interesting experience while reformatting  my  Seagate
   ST277R  with  OMTI controller the other day...[it  formatted  out  to]
   nearly 68 megs...My drive is rated at 65 megs and has never reached as
   high as 63 with my OMTI controller.

 Answer from Tom (ICD) on Genie...
   ...Howard figured out how to push more capacity out of the format with
   Omti  controllers  recently.  That is why you are  getting  more  disk
   space.  Just an example of the many changes and benefits our  software
   updates give you that you will never hear about.


 From Dave Shriver on CIS...
   I have been playing DM and CSB forever. Now I want to go ahead and get
   a hint book(s). But I don't know which one(s). Any suggestions?

 From Bob Retelle (Sysop) on CIS...
   The  official FTL "Chaos Strikes Back Adventurers' Handbook" was  just
   released.  It  should be available in computer dealers  soon,  or  you
   could call FTL direct.  (619) 453-5711

   On the other hand, for Dungeon Master, there's an even better hintbook
   available than the "official" one..."The Lost Scrolls of Mount Anaias"
   and is available from E.  Arthur Brown or direct from the  publishers.
   It  might also be at a "local" Atari dealer...  [Bob wrote  both  hint

   For all Dungeon Master fans,  FTL has released an audio CD of  Dungeon
   Master background music to set the mood for those long sessions in the
   Dungeon.   It's  a sort of "new wave" style,  somewhat reminiscent  of
   Tangerine Dream.

   Sample  titles  from  the tracks:  "Into  the  Dark",  "The  Adventure
   Begins", "Choose Your Fate", and "Chaos!"

   "Dungeon  Master,  the Album" is $15 from Software Heaven,  6160  Lusk
   Blvd., Suite C-206, San Diego, CA 92121


 From Mike Fulton (Atari) on Genie...
   There  are  three places to add ram to a  TT030.  Therefore,  you  can
   configure RAM on the TT030 in the following ways:

   1) On Motherboard (all machines have this as minimum)
     -- 2 megabytes

   2) ST RAM daughterboard (required)
     -- 2 megabytes
     -- 8 megabytes

   3) TT RAM daughterboard (required)
     -- 4 megabytes, using 4 1mb SIMMs
     -- 16 megabytes, using 4 4mb SIMMs

   Adding up the maximum amount from each location gives us:

   2+8+16 = 26 megabytes


 From Tom (ICD) on Genie...
   In case you didn't know, thew ATW has been or is being discontinued by
   Atari.  This information came from Atari GmbH (Germany).


 From Ed Riddle on Genie...
   I talked to Lee at Lexicor today and he said that the product is done!
   They  are  waiting on the printer to finish printing the  manuals  and
   boxes.   Lee  also told me about this 24-bit color board from  Germany
   called MATRIX.  It has resolutions from 320 X 200 w/like 256 colors to
   4096 X 4010 w/4 Colors (Or something REAL close to that). He said that
   the  Lexicor stuff works great with it!  It does require a  TT  though
   because  it is a VME card.  Lexicor's 24-bit color board is  scheduled
   for release around June with a price tag of around $400.00.  For those
   of  you  that  can't wait,  Lee said the MATRIX VME  Board  is  around


 From  Mark  Dodge on Genie about connecting a third party  floppy  drive
 into a SF354 case or a ST (compiled from several posts)...
   ...The problem with the SF354 is that the connector on the back of the
   floppy drive mechanism is not a standard 34 pin shugart style.  So  it
   would  be  necessary to re-wire or manufacture an  adapter  that  will
   allow  the  replacement drive to interface  properly.  A  second  con-
   sideration  is  the  faceplate.  A small  amount  of  modification  is
   required so that the drive light can be made visible.  Also access  to
   the eject button. This is not a difficult task. It just requires a bit
   of time and patience.

   If you are considering a third party drive,  I highly recommend  TEAC.
   The drive seems to hold up well and is very quiet.  The track to track
   performance  is the best I've seen and pushing it beyond the  standard
   40 or 80 tracks is no problem.   It plugs right in [to a Mega ST] with
   absolutely  no  wiring modification.   It uses very low power  and  is
   probably  one  of  the  most compatible  with  the  ATARI  ST  lineup.
   Depending  on  the style of Atari drive that is  in  your  Mega,  very
   little modification to the faceplate of the CPU case is required.  Try
   to  find a computer dealer that includes wiring instructions and  more
   than half of your work is done.

   Unfortunately,  the  only  company that I am aware of that  makes  the
   parallelogram eject button is ATARI.  Modifying a third party drive to
   accept  the button is next to impossible.  Modifying the CPU  case  to
   accept  a third party drive is very easy.  And it really doesn't  look
   bad.  Most of the opening is "filled in" with the faceplate of the new


 From J.ROY18 on Genie...
   SimEarth will be out in early summer,  and SimCity II will be released
   in about a year.  They are currently taking any suggestions you  might
   have  on how to make Sim City II better.  If there is  anything  you'd
   like  changed or added,  be sure to write Maxis and tell  them.  Also,
   don't forget Populous II is going to be here in late summer as well!

 From Pat Augustine on CIS...
   The  article  mentioned  that Sim City II would involve  more  of  the
   realities  of  City Management,  like School Zones,  and  sewer  lines
   (apparently  you can go to an underground view and change  underground
   in addition to above ground).  You are also supposed to be able to  go
   to an upper level and build skyscrapers and designate various types of
   residential  areas.  Due  for release in mid  1991,  according  to  ST
   Format.  Architecture  Disk 1 and 2 are due for release  "This month",
   according to the same source.


 From T.Johnson (Cherry Fonts) on Genie...
   Cherry  now  has  unofficially  released  FONTPAK  #7  which  is  Mark
   Crislip's  latest wonder.  It is 4 styles of Cherry  Benjamin  Gothic;
   Book,  Italic,  Demi,  Demi Italic.  It looks GREAT!!  It's priced the
   same as all other Cherry FontPacks at $42.95 US or $49.95 CDN. In case
   you didn't figure it out, it's our version of Franklin Gothic. Get it?
   Benjamin.. Franklin? Aw.. never mind. :-)

   Slightly  off  the topic:  I've received  Linda  Peckham's  ELECTRONIC
   SPINSTER  GRAPHICS CATALOG and I'm IMPRESSED!!  If you're looking  for
   great clip art at AMAZINGLY LOW prices,  send for her  catalog.  There
   must be thousands of IMG files there. Everything you can imagine!

   Her address is:
                       Electronic Spinster Graphics
                           2345 Ridge Court #39
                            Lawrence, KS 66046


 Until next week.....


 > Monitors! STR Review?                        THE OMNIMON RAINBOW MONITOR

                            ME AND MY OMNIMON!

 by Dana Jacobson

      If you were like most kids, whenever you saw a  new toy  at the store
 or on  television you  had to have it.  If you were lucky and got it, that
 thing would keep your  attention continuously  for days,  or weeks.   But,
 after the  initial thrill  was gone  it would most likely end up under the
 bed or buried under your other must-have toys in the  closet.   There were
 few and  far-between toys  we had to have which kept our attention for any
 length of time.  Eventually, we became bored  with it,  especially if ano-
 ther toy took its place.

      I was  that way,  like many  of you.   The problem was that it took a
 little longer for me to outgrow that behavior.  I've always been  a "gadg-
 ets" person.   If  an item  did something just a little different than its
 conventional counterpart, I had to have it.  The good  thing is  that I've
 finally  learned  to  be  more  attentive  to my needs rather than just my
 desires.  I revert back, on  occasion, but  for the  most part  I can dif-
 ferentiate between necessity and "I gotta have it!"

      My computer peripherals are also included in this category.  A couple
 of months ago I wrote an  article for  STReport about  the Omnimon Rainbow
 monitor.   It was  suggested that  I write  a subsequent article after the
 "thrill" wore off and  see if  I still  felt the  same about  the monitor.
 The  thrill  hasn't  worn  off,  but  the initial excitement has certainly
 diminished.  The monitor has been  "broken-in", and  I've had  a chance to
 run it  through its  paces.   The Rainbow multisync monitor has been added
 to my list of very important  major computer  hardware additions.   It has
 become a necessary tool rather than a frivolous toy.

      In case  you didn't read my original article, let me give you a brief
 summary as to why I got rid of my Atari color monitor and replaced it with
 a multisync  monitor.   First of all, the color monitor served its purpose
 for most of the things that I wanted to do with my ST.   I could  run most
 of  the  productivity  software  I  owned, do some graphics, and play some
 games (okay, a LOT of games).  But, as I became more of a  serious user it
 became apparent  that there  was software  available to me that I couldn't
 use, or use well, without a monochrome monitor.  One option open to me was
 to add  a monochrome monitor to my existing set-up.  I actually own a mono
 monitor, but it's on the BBS I run and it's a lot  of trouble  to swap the
 monitors around  whenever I needed to do so.  Also, I just didn't have the
 space to add a second monitor  to   my existing  system.   So, the obvious
 answer was  to get  a multisync monitor.  Why a multisync?  In case you're
 not aware of this type of monitor,  it  allows  you  access  to  all three
 resolutions in  just one  monitor.   All I have to do is touch a switch to
 change from medium or low resolution to high.

      I needed high resolution  because  of  my  increased  use  of desktop
 publishing software.  I was alright using Timeworks' Publisher ST, but our
 user group newsletter was being made  over by  the Dave  Anderson, our Art
 Director/Layout Artist,  and he  preferred using Pagestream.  I have Page-
 stream, but up until now, I rarely used it, preferring  Publisher instead.
 After a  month of  working with  Pagestream in  color, I  found it near or
 impossible to view text easily in medium resolution.   I  needed high res-
 olution if  I were  to maintain  what sanity  I had  left.  The newsletter
 looked great in its new format that it was foolish  to suggest  we go back
 to Timeworks just to keep me happy.  And, there were other programs that I
 was aware of and would like to use, but needed high resolution.

      So, in order to have access to both  "worlds", the  multisync monitor
 made the  most sense.   My  knowledge of these monitors was severely limi-
 ted; and so were my finances.  From what I had seen or heard,  a multisync
 monitor was  not going  to be cheap.  I had also heard that the choice for
 use with the ST was limited, and most  would require  special cable/switch
 boxes in order to use on the ST.  What I needed was a monitor that I could
 just buy and plug in and use.  Ironically, I read an issue of  ST Informer
 a few  days later.  In it was a review of the Rainbow.  The review pointed
 out that this monitor fit all of my  requirements, and  needs.   There was
 also a $50.00 discount!  Needless to say, I got one.

      The thrill  of the new "toy" was dashed almost immediately once I had
 it hooked up.  It didn't work right  on my  system.   All I  could use was
 high resolution,  but it  had a  fuzzy green  tint.   I couldn't switch to
 medium or low resolution no matter  what I  tried to  do.   What did  I do
 wrong?  Did I have a defective monitor?  I was devastated.  Calls for help
 on the local boards and Delphi resulted in bewilderment.  Send it back was
 the common  reply.  Unfortunately, I had received the monitor on a Friday,
 so I couldn't call WuzTek, the company where I bought the monitor.   I had
 to suffer all weekend not knowing what the problem was.  I had the monitor
 all repacked and ready to ship back.  I called WuzTek on Monday, described
 the problems,  and was  told immediately  that the problem wasn't with the
 monitor, but with my 520 ST.  I was confused.

     Before I ordered the monitor, I  asked if  it was  compatible with any
 machine and  was told  yes.  Well, it appears that it does NOT work on all
 early models of the 520.  Was I stuck with an expensive and useless  toy -
 no, there  was a  solution but  I had  to modify  my ST.   WuzTek was kind
 enough to  FAX me  the instructions  necessary to  modify my  machine so I
 could use  the monitor.   Fortunately,  I knew of someone who had the abi-
 lity to make those changes for  which  I  am  eternally  grateful (thanks,
 Joe!).  By the way, in my original article I included WuzTek's suggestions
 and Joe's  solution for  those of  you who  may interested  in getting the
 Rainbow but  may be  intimidated because  you have an early 520.  Don't be
 intimidated, the mods can be easily  done  by  a  competent  Atari service
 center or someone knowledgeable with the inner workings of the ST.

      After a  few months  of using  this monitor, I can readily state that
 it has provided me  with all  of the  uses I  had hoped  for and   needed.
 Pagestream can  now be  used without  squinting to  read the   text.  I've
 found some of those old programs that I used before  I switched  from mono
 to color  two years  ago.   I've found "new" programs that I always wanted
 to use, but couldn't because of  the resolution  limitations.   Some prog-
 rams just  "look" better in one resolution rather than the other.  Desktop
 publishing and working with  DTP graphics  programs were  made to  be done
 with high  res.  Editing on either is just so much easier now in monochro-

      And the great thing is, I don't have to change  monitors when  I want
 to go  from color  to mono  or vice versa.  With just a touch,  I can make
 the switch "painlessly".  I have one monitor without the  clutter of over-
 sized switch  boxes.   I even  have sound,  with the speaker conspicuously
 hidden under the shelf above my keyboard.  It's certainly the best of both
 worlds wrapped up in one.

      Do you  need a  multisync monitor?  If you want to be able to use the
 diverse selection of software available to  you, then  perhaps.   Adding a
 second monitor  may be  a better option, if you have the room for one.  If
 you do, you can easily pick up a secondhand monitor at a good price.   But
 on the  other hand,  having just  one monitor  seems to make better sense.
 Another plus for the multisync is a larger screen. almost  two inches more
 diagonally.  The resolution is equal to the Atari monitors.

      I've found  that, like  most of  my major  purchases for my system, I
 don't know how I managed to be productive without them.  Everything before
 these purchases  seem almost  primitive when  I remember  what it was like
 before.  If you don't believe me, remember what it was like  running soft-
 ware from  floppies and  moving on to a hard drive?  Remember getting that
 1200 or 2400 baud modem and marvelling at the speed  difference?  Remember
 what it  was like  using a dot matrix printer before that laser?  Remember
 only having 512K?

      Like most major purchases, you have to justify the need   rather than
 rationalize.   If you  don't need  a multisync,  then it   would just be a
 frivolous and expensive purchase that you  would    get  bored  with after
 awhile.  But, if there's a need for the  benefits of a multisync, I highly
 recommend you check out the  Rainbow.  It's put out by  Omnimon.   You can
 get one directly, or  I'd suggest WuzTek.

      Now, if I could only remember where I saw that combination mechanical
 pencil, fountain pen with the built-in flashlight and penknife......


 > GOOD BACKUP STR FOCUS       "The Backup Utility with THOUGHT behind it!"

                            GOOD Backup Utility

 From Jeffery Lomicka, a few thoughts and update information about the GOOD

     My name is Jeffrey Lomicka, (pronounced Low-Mike-Ah). I started marke-
 ting the GOOD Backup Utility in October of 1989 under  the Tidbit Software
 label.  The current version is 1.11. If you have an older version, upgrade
 to 1.11 is free.  If you are a registered user, you should have  gotten it
 sometime last  August.  If not, send me mail.  I'll need the serial number
 and version number from your original disk, and your mailing address.

     The GOOD Backup Utility is a utility that maintains a shadow of a hard
 drive partition  on another drive, either in a pile of floppy disks, or in
 another drive partition.   There are  several key  features that  make the
 GOOD backup utility different from the others that are out there:

 - Backups  are incremental.   Each run of the utility will remove from the
 back up all files that have been removed  or modified  on the  hard drive,
 and then  re- use  that space,  as best  as it  can, to  store all the new

     Because of this feature,  each backup  update takes  very little time.
 The more often you update, the less time it takes.  This encourages you to
 update your backups frequently, which gives you the  best possible protec-

 - The  program is  completely interruptable.  If you get tired of watching
 it run, just hit the space bar, and in a few moments you will be given the
 option to  quit or  continue.   If you  quit, you  write out the program's
 index file, and next time it will pick up where it left off.

     This means you don't have to devote a full hour to getting  your first
 backup done  - you  can do  a little  bit at  a time as you have the time,
 until the entire partition is done.

 Some other notable things:

 - 100% immune to any 40 folder limits, on any TOS version  (Tested on 1.0,
 1.2, 1.4,  1.6, 1.62.)   GOOD bypasses GEMDOS for all disk I/O, and there-
 fore bypasses all of GEM's disk buffering code.  The advantage -  GOOD can
 ALWAYS restore  your files,  no matter if you have enough POOLFIX, FOLDER-
 XXX, or any other fixes installed or not.  (The  disadvantage -  you can't
 back up  METADOS partitions  or MAC  partitions with  it.)  GOOD does work
 fine with BGM partitions of any sector size,  in case  you were wondering,
 and the  backup disks  are fully TOS compatible.  You can still read their
 contents with the regular GEM desktop or other standard utilities.

 - In  most cases,  you can  convert you  existing backups  to GOOD backups
 without starting  over, as long as the backup disks are regular TOS format
 disks (not image backup  disks), and  preserve the  original file creation

 -  Backup  disks  are  filled  to  the brim without splitting files across
 multiple disks.  Progressively smaller files are backed up until  there is
 only 1K or 2K left.  Files are only split if they are actually larger than
 a single floppy disk.

 - A disk verify function checks and warns you about any file that has been
 corrupted since your last backup!

 - Built-in disk cache for high speed I/O.  Built in formatter, exclusion/-
 inclusion list, context sensitive help, etc.

     In the eight months since version  1.11 was  mailed out  to all regis-
 tered users,  and with  hundreds of users out there worldwide, (I have the
 stack of return postcards to prove it), there are a total of 3 bug reports
 on version 1.11.  Count 'em.  Three.  They are:

 1.   The final "ED" from the word "EXTENDED" is not erased from the screen
 when cycling through the disk format menu.  No effect  on the  function of
 the program.

 2.   If you  do more  than one  backup in  a single run, some small buffer
 somewhere is left allocated  between runs,  and fragments  the free memory
 pool, so if you use large disk caches there isn't enough contiguous memory
 on the second backup to allocate the disk cache. Work-around:  if you have
 this problem (most users's won't), exit GOOD between each run.

 3.   If you  lose your  backup data  disk (GOOD  keeps an  index file on a
 separate disk), and perform  the  step  that  re-creates  the  index file,
 sometimes,  in  circumstances  that  the  two users who saw this could not
 reproduce, GOOD will re-initialize the disk before writing  the data file.
 Work around: To be on the safe side, give GOOD a blank disk as the saveset
 data file disk when recovering a lost data file.

     There's a demo of version 1.8  universally available,  or you  can get
 the 1.11 demo from anyone that owns a copy of 1.11.  (If you have a Monit-
 erm monitor, get the 1.11 demo.)  There is demo folder, separate  from the
 actual program,  included on the 1.11 distribution disk that can be shared
 with your co-workers, friends, or club members.

         - Puget Sound Atari News, Nov 1990, Page 17
         - Atari Interface, August 1990, page 21
         - ST-Informer, April 1990, page 16
         - Current Notes, December 1989, page 46
         - STReport (by Bill Baugh)
         - ST-Plug, ACORN Kernel, & Others (I don't have dates handy)

     List price is $29.95, distributed to dealers through American Software
 Dist. in the US, and Braden Ray Software in Australia.

     If you  can't get it locally, you can always get it from "The Computer
 Bug" in Hadley, MA.  (412) 584-7722.  Watch for  the ST  Connection coupon
 book for a special offer!


 From:   J.LOMICKA                       Jeffrey A. Lomicka

 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano

 Sub: Att: Letters to the Editor

     I read  with interest  the March  1991 article by Steve Leibson on at-
 taching gargantuan disk drives to the ST, and in particular,  the problems
 this brings  in performing  backups.   My suggestion  to Steve is that for
 backing up such a  large data  store that  he consider  the combination of
 Tidbit  Software's  GOOD  Backup  Utility, a Syquest 44MB cartridge system
 (easily attached to the same host adaptor), and a stack of about 24 cartr-
 idges.   After formatting  each cartridge as a single 44MB "BGM" type par-
 tition, he could perform backups in the same way, and with the  same ease,
 as the  owner of  a 20MB  disk does  with about  the same number of floppy
 disks.  In this situation, the incremental backup  capability in  the GOOD
 Backup Utility would be indispensable.

     Using advertised  costs in  the same  issue of  ST-INFORMER, this will
 cost: $17 for software, $469 for the drive mechanism, and $1896 for cartr-
 idges.   While that  may seem  like a  lot of money, it is not totally un-
 reasonable to spend a little over $2000 to backup a disk drive  that costs
 over $3000.   Also, this number of cartridges would be adequate to back up
 a gigabyte of disk full to  the brim.   He  wouldn't have  to get  all the
 cartridges at  once, as  I'm sure it will take a while to fill each of the
 256MB partitions.  He could start with just five cartridges,  one for each
 partition, and work his way up as the gargantuan disk filled.  Please tell
 Steve that if he  would like  to try  this approach,  I would  be happy to
 provide the software.

                         - Jeffrey A. Lomicka
                           Tidbit Software Engineering Co.
                           25 Wood Lane
                           Maynard, Massachusetts 01754

     Its just  great to  be able to say that Jeff's interest in the ST com-
 munity is so high, in fact his attitude should set  an example  for all of
 us.  Jeff I am sure Steve will take you up on your offer.



 - London, UK                                       NEW PROXIMA DTP PACKAGE

     A new  DTP package  for the  ST,TT and  MAC is  due to  be released by
 Network News Services this autumn.  Proxima 2 is claimed  to offer  all of
 the features  found in high level DTP programs.  Not only is color support
 offered, but DTP industry standard PostScript fonts can also be displayed.
 The program  further allows  for files  created using  many major Computer
 Aided Design (CAD) programs to be incorporated without losing any of their
 individual attributes.  Priced at under  200 ($400  US), Proxima  2 can be
 obtained from Network News Services on TEL 375 859103 (UK).

 - London, UK                              REFLEX MONOCHROME GRAPHICS BOARD

     JOACQUIM  Software  and  Peripherals  will be selling the Reflex Mono-
 chrome Graphics Board in the US.  Currently available in the UK only, this
 superb video board will enable MEGA ST users to display 1024x800 pixels on
 a standard SC-124 monochrome  monitor.   As an  added benefit,  the REFLEX
 board permits the use of a STANDARD PORTRAIT MONITOR.

 (Quote from Titan Designs, Ltd., developer of the Reflex board)

 "Virtually all  Atari ST monochrome software is compatible with the Reflex
 card, including Calamus, Fleet Street Publisher,  Timeworks DTP, DynaCADD,
 Superbase, Kuma  K-Series of programs and even utilities such as Quick ST,
 G+Plus, Neodesk, etc."

     Currently, the Reflex board is only available for MEGA STs, an adapter
 is being  developed for  non-MEGA STs  that should be coming out soon.  In
 the UK,its MSRP is  199!  USA price  is about  $370.00 plus  shipping. The
 Reflex board  offers a  strong alternative to the Viking monitor and at an
 appreciable savings.  Announcements  concerning  availability  and pricing
 will be provided for our readers as we receive them from JOACQUIM Software
 and Peripherals.

 - Sunnyvale, CA                          ATARI POSTS INTERESTING STATEMENT

                             Atari Corporation
              Condensed Consolidated Statement of Operations
             (in thousands of dollars, except per share data)

                              Quarter Ended       Year Ended

                              Dec.31    Dec.31    Dec.31    Dec.31

 Net Sales:                 $ 151,883   170,646   411,471   423,606

 Net Income:                    8,798     5,797    14,874     4,017

 Earnings per common and equivalent share:
                                  .15       .10       .26       .07

 Number of shares used in computation:
                               57,744    58,366    57,739    58,079

     Statement of the Atari Corporation for the fourth quarter 1990 and for
     the financial year 1990.

     Hannover.   The Atari  Corporation has  reported that the turnover for
     the fourth quarter 1990 were 411.5 million dollars.   That corresponds
     to a  decrease of  3% compared to the same period in the previous year
     (423.6 million dollars).   The net  income for  1990 was  14.9 million
     dollars as  against 4.0  million dollars for 1989.  Due to the general
     weak state of the economy and  consumer concerns  in the  light of the
     events in  the Persian  Gulf, the  sales dropped by 11 % in the fourth
     quarter of 1990 compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

     During the fourth quarter of 1990,the company made  significant inven-
     tory  reserves,  including  those  of  its traditional US manufactured
     video games, in order to reflect the current market value.

     In addition, the company repurchased part  of its  5 1/4% subordinated
     convertible debentures.  This led  to an extra-ordinary credit of 14.2
     million dollars (no tax effect due to the use of loss carryforwards).

     Sam Tramiel, president of  Atari  said:  "Although  our  sales  in the
     fourth quarter  of 1990 were understandably disappointing, the company
     continues to strengthen its balance sheet.

     The Atari STE and TT/030 computer line, based on Motorola's  68000 and
     68030 micro-processors, still remain the mainstay of our business, and
     we are  taking measures  to ensure  its continued  growth and success.
     The  Mega  STe,  which  was  introduced  in  December  1990,  was well

     This product, along with the STE and the  TT all  with improved graph-
     ics,  sound  and  speed  -  strengthened  the position of atari in the
     market for personal computers".  And further, "On the most recent show
     for consumer  electronics, Atari  announced a new retail price for the
     Lynx, the world's first handheld  color  videogame.    The  new price,
     together with  an extended  range of software programs, makes the Lynx
     one of the most important competitors on the market for portable video

 - New York City, NY              ATARI @ CeBIT BOASTS OF SUPER NEW GOODIES

     As an  added bonus for the large number of ST users, Atari was showing
 at CeBit 1991, several new hard drives.  Different models  shown offered a
 range of  capacities from 83 to 676 megabytes.  At the same time, the ave-
 rage access time was a blazing 12-15ms.  For the flagship of  the ST fans,
 the  TT,  new  memory  expansion  modules were shown: they extend the main
 memory to  a total  of 26mb.   Enough  to be  able to  keep today's memory
 hungry applications  programs, such  as those in the DTP & CAD, largely in
 main memory.

     Of course, not to be outdone or left behind, the  Atari TT/030  is now
 being offered  in a Unix development environment.  The Developer's Package
 V includes; in addition to Unix V Rel 4.0 a graphical user interface based
 on X/Window and OSF/Motif and the software tools GNU C, C++ and XFacemaker
 2.  They offer  powerful possibilities  for developing  graphical applica-
 tions.   Shown at the fair was the NEW 19" monitor TTM 194, a high resolu-
 tion of 1280x960 pixels  and a  frame repeat  frequency of  70Hz, which is
 characterized  by  a  particularly  low  electro-magnetic radiation.  Also
 exhibited at  the fair  was Atari's  NEW CD-ROM  drive.   Having a storage
 capacity of 500mb, the Cobra retrieval software for the ST will efficient-
 ly manage the data on the CD-ROM.


 > TURBO BBS! STR InfoFile        ///Turbo Board ST written with TURBO C/ST

 ///Turbo Board ST BBS Update                                 Jan 20/91

 ///Turbo Board ST is a FoReM ST bbs replacement program.   We  have pretty
 well finished  the coding  on the  first release  version, and we think we
 have a very good BBS program indeed!  ///Turbo Board IS Shipping!!

 - The ///Turbo Board Support bbs is running at bps rates from 1200-14400
   if you would like to give us a call, the number is 416-274-1225

 - Our F-net number is node 18, if you are calling from an ST bbs in the
 - ///Turbo Board is only available through Bitblit Systems in North

                              Bitblit Systems
                             1580 Liveoak Dr.
                             Mississauga, Ont.
                             Canada   L5E 2X6

                   ///Turbo Board's GREAT NEW FEATURES:

 -Conference Fmail (in any message base)
 -Ability to View, and Type Fmail arc files
 -Improved Message Editor (also R-emacs support if you so desire)
 -ARC(V6.02) LHARC, and ZIP verbose listings
 -TYPE a text file from any ARC or LHARC file
 -LZHdl.LZH  in the ARCtools  (ZIPdl.ZIP still under developement)
 -Integrated  MSDOS style CLI/BATCH shell for running Batch files
 -FULL BinkleyTerm mailer support (Pcommand not needed)
 -Much easier when editing User Passwords
 -Local Sysop Inactivity Timer
 -Keyboard Lock feature
 -Option to set Snoop mode on bootup
 -New Scan file commands, does all the List commands + more!
 -External program hooks, Executive, Chat.prg, Survey.bat, Syspas.bat,
  Fmail.bat, Logon.bat, and many other new batch files
 -Backup command in Email base while reading Messages
 -Greetings message can be entered at logoff by registered users.
 -Sysop can now have a No-window VT-52  option if he chooses
 -Help key for Function key assignments displayed
 -Undo key will attempt to abort any file transfer in progress
 -Any alternate CHAT program can be used by the sysop if he so chooses
 -Improved (greatly) paging control ( *More?(Y/N/C) prompt)
 -Ringback working for long distance callers
 -Many bugs  that were  present in  FoReM ST 2.3 are eliminated in this pro
 gram  (you sysops know what they were...)
 -MSH program NOT needed for the Doors programs
 -Program size approx 200K, saves memory, and doesn't loose any!
 -Faster execution than FoReM ST on initialization, and operation
 -Smaller Window Size, frees up 2 lines on the Window
 -Mixed Case User Names

 -PLUS all the features of FoReM ST, including  FULL  F-net and Crossnet
  support (+ Conference Fmail support, Forem 2.3 doesn't have this)
 -Fidonet message bases, are under development, but Binkley and Fidodoor
  work just fine. Also the FIFO program is Fully Compatible with our BBS.

 -This board is FoReM ST data file compatible, meaning that all the data
  files that you use for FoReM will work on this board.  Please Remember
  that ///Turbo Board ST ver 1.0 is only a start.

 Future Features (Ver 2.0) will include:

 -Expanded User privileges and Bitmaps for Passwords
 -KByte Ratio System
 -Batch uploading & User File Description Editing
 -Ymodem-g uploads for HST users
 -BBS handles/Real Name system
 -Full User File Editor
 -Masked Sysop commands ( For Co-sysops)
 -Many NEW Sysop Functions
 -Execute files from Main menu commands
 -Many New Copy and Save Functions for Fmail, and other files
 -Quick help in message editor
 -Modular BBS, (Main Module only uses about 80K of memory) for greater
  free memory when running Binkley (Fido Mailer)
 -User definable Prompts, and menus (v 2.1)
 -Fidonet Compatible Message bases (v 2.1)

 -and many other new small features not listed here that are improvements
  over our Version 1.0

 -Version 2.0  is now  running on  our support  bbs, and  will be available
 soon.   It is  a free  upgrade for people running our version 1.0 program,
 although written docs will be an extra small charge if desired.


            ///Turbo Board ST ORDER FORM       Rev. Jan 12,1991

                                              Ser#  ___________________

 SYSOP'S REAL NAME:_______________________________________________

 STREET ADDRESS   :_______________________________________________
 COUNTY/CITY      :_______________________________________________
 STATE/PROVINCE   :________________
 COUNTRY          :________________
 ZIP/POSTAL CODE  :________________

 VOICE NUMBER     :_______________________________________________
 BBS NAME         :_______________________________________________
 CURRENT SOFTWARE :_______________________________________________
 BBS NUMBER       :_______________________________________________
 FNET NODE #      :________
 FIDO NODE #      :________

 Amount  Enclosed: ____ $85 Canadian Dollars (+ 8% PST if Ontario resident)
                   ____ $85 US Dollars
                   ____ 45 Pounds (UK price includes Air mail delivery)

 Delivery Options: ____ $5  for Airmail delivery (other than UK)
                   ____ $20 for Express Mail delivery (North America only)

 Support Fees:     ____ $25 yearly Update support fee (after first year)
                         (UK price 15 pounds)

 Mail in update:   ____ $5 handling (first year and yearly support fee)
                   ____ $15 fee after first year, (no yearly support fee)


  * Canadian Residents - DO NOT PAY GST!! (We don't make enough money on
    our software sales, so we don't have to collect it for the Feds.)


 Please make out your Certified Cheque or Money Order payable to

 Send your Completed Order Form with payment to:

 American and Foreign  residents, remember to check for correct postage.


 -------------------------------Cut here ----------------------------------

 ///Turbo Board Update Policy Information                  Rev. Jan 12,1991

 Turbo board comes complete with Manual, System Generator and all the files
 needed to get you up and running.

 We have our Crossnet TECH SUPPORT Conference and our Support BBS at 416-2-
 74-1225 for product support, and you may call up to  download free updates
 for a period of ONE YEAR from your date of purchase.

 All pre-release customer's purchase date is assumed to be July 1,1990

 After one  year, you  may get  updates for $25 per year, either by calling
 our BBS, or from our Tech Support Conference

 All Customers may join our Tech  Support conference  FREE for  a period of
 ONE YEAR from date of purchase.  After that, you can continue to enjoy the
 Support Conference ONLY if you have paid your yearly update fee.


 If you choose to mail in your Turbo Disk for an update,  please enclose $5
 for handling  (certified cheque  or money  order).   After a period of one
 year, please  add $10  (for a total of $15) for an update fee.

 Our Policy on Software Piracy

 We reserve the right NOT to support any  Turbo Board  Owner found pirating
 our software.   If  we have  obtained proof  that a person has done so, we
 will no longer support them.  Turbo Board is sold on a SITE basis, meaning
 that you may run the software on more than one machine, ONLY if the machi-
 nes are physically located  at the  same site  (Same Street  Address).  If
 not, you  are running your software in violation of our Piracy Policy, and
 we reserve the right  to discontinue  product support  and possibly report
 such conduct to the appropriate federal authorities.

                                   John Miller , ///Turbo Board Support


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?                 TAX TIME SPECIAL OFFERINGS!....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!
                     >> INCOME TAX REFUND SPECIALS <<
                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)


                           Conventional Shoe Box
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN3038      31Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          419.00
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          619.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN1098     100mb 25ms   3.5"    Y          719.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******
              ---- FOR USE IN MEGA, MEGA STe & TT030 SYSTEMS ----

    >>>> 100mb SCSI HARD DRIVE Mech 25-28ms 3.5" ...ONLY $469.00!! <<<<

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                     (500 - 600k per sec @ 16 - 33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!


       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                 --->> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$ 719.00__ <<---
                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  74.95
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 439.95

                           (NO Hidden "extras")

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1329.00 **

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
             50mb SQG51   $ 939.00      30mb SQG38    $ 819.00
             65mb SQG09   $ 969.00      85mb SQG96    $1059.00

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                      *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
            * SLM 804 Replacement Toner Cartridge Kits $42.95 *
                          Replacement Drums; CALL
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


 > A "Quotable Quote"?

                "The EARLY BIRD not only gets the goods....
                        it usually LEADS the pack!"

                                        Stretch Everlast

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