Z*Net: 09-Feb-91 #9105

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/19/91-07:43:17 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 09-Feb-91 #9105
Date: Tue Feb 19 19:43:17 1991

         =========(( ===   -----------------------------------------
         =======(( =====        February 9, 1991    Issue #91-05
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         ==(((((((((( ==   Copyright (c)1991, Rovac Industries, Inc.

              Editor: Ron Kovacs   Senior Editor: John Nagy
             Assistant Editor: Terry Schreiber, Z*Net Canada
            Contributing Editor: Jon Clarke, Z*Net New Zealand
             Contributing Editor: Mike Schuetz, Z*Net Germany
              Contributing Editor: Dr. Paul Keith, Z*Net USA
                   Correspondent: Song Kim, Z*Net Japan

                     CONTENTS - SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE

        EDITORS DESK....................................Ron Kovacs
        Z*NET NEWSWIRE............................................
        MORE ON VIDI AND WHERE TO GET IT.................John Nagy
        GREG PRATT IN CONFERENCE.............................GEnie
        BILL REHBOCK IN CONFERENCE......................CompuServe
        ATARI IN BUSINESS...............................Frank Lowe
        APE NEWSLETTER...............................Press Release
        SEURAT VERSION 2.10..........................Press Release
        Z*NET ONLINE CONFERENCE...................................
        JRI BOARD PROBLEMS...................................GEnie
        TRACKER ST UPDATE............................Press Release
        COMPUSERVE GAINS PORTFOLIO SUPPORT...........Press Release
        ATARI ONLINE UPDATE - AROUND THE NETS...........Jon Clarke
        JERRY POURNELLE AND THE TT...........................GEnie
        ATARI USERS COUPON BOOK......................Press Release

 by Ron Kovacs

 The transistion is beginning to take place and your comments are
 appreciated.  If there is something you would like us to follow or
 report on, please let us know.  This is also a special double issue
 of Z*Net Online, enjoy!

 I am pleased to announce that we have finally received word from Japan
 and Song Kim.  Song will now be (hopefully) reporting on Atari
 happenings there.  He has notified us that there will be a short delay
 in his first report, but is pleased to join the staff.  Song commented,
 "Atari is alive and well in Japan and I am sure we can expand the
 communications and reporting and pleased that Z*Net has asked me to
 join.  Z*Net is available here and is looked upon as the real source
 for Atari News."


 We have been asked to assist those interested in getting their demo
 contributions to Atari.  If you cannot access the pay services like
 CompuServe and GEnie, Z*Net will assist by uploading your files for you.
 All you have to do is use FNET and the Z*Net BBS as your devices and
 will forward ALL contributions to Bob Brodie.  Incase you are not aware
 of this contest, here are the details.

 Atari is looking for demonstration programs as possible "show off"
 abilities of their hardware.  Atari wants demos that feature DMA sound,
 digitized speech, and advanced color graphics that will make people want
 to purchase the STe, MEGASTe and TT series of computers.  Your demos
 might include advantages of teh STe/TT color palette, show off of
 abilities with Cyber Series products, Deluxe Paint and others.  Demos
 along the lines of Cool STe and Tony Barker's demo.  Self running demos
 that a shopper is a store might interact with.

 Please note that all submissions to this contest will become the
 property of Atari Corporation with all rights reserved.  Judging will be
 done by Atari staff members in Sunnyvale California and all decisions
 will be final.  One winner and two runner-ups will be selected from the
 files uploaded.  Entries may also be mailed direct to Atari and
 postmarked not later then MARCH 26, 1991 and received in house by Atari
 by APRIL 5, 1991 to qualify.  Remember that Z*Net will assist anyone
 with getting your entry to Atari.

 Here is the prize list:

 FIRST PRIZE:    32Mhz, TT030/8-50
 1ST RUNNER UP:  16Mhz, MegaSTe/4-50
 2ND RUNNER UP:  Lynx and 2 Extra Games

 Atari Corporation
 Atari Demo Contest
 Attn: Bill Rehbock
 1196 Borregas Avenue
 Sunnyvale, California 94086


 Editor Tom Byron of START Magazine said this week that his magazine
 would begin a bi-monthly publishing schedule beginning immediately.
 Thus, the yet-to-be-released FEBRUARY issue will be the first to bear a
 two-month title, becoming FEBRUARY/MARCH.  Tom says the reasons are
 corporate-wide and not directly related to START's profitability.
 Computer industry advertising is down dramatically overall, and cuts are
 being made in several of START's parent company's lines.  AMIGA PLUS was
 discontinued altogether.  However, Tom says that he expects that START
 will return to a monthly schedule at some later date if the industry
 picks up again.  A sister publication to START specializing in PC
 computers shows signs of being a large financial success, and if so,
 START may be returned to monthly status soon.  Tom Byron adds that
 subscribers will get the number of issues they paid for, and that he
 hopes that each issue will be larger and feature more in-depth articles.

 Atari Canada will be out in force this year at the Alberta Teachers
 Federation this year scheduled for March 14th,15th, and 16th.   Murray
 Brown, reported to Z-Net that he has very high expectations for the
 educational market during the next year.  Murray formally the B.C. Atari
 Rep was promoted recently to Western Sales Manager of Atari Canada.

 With rising costs and dwindling memberships most clubs are unable to
 publish or maintain their own newsletter.  Puget Sound Atari News is a
 monthly publication by a group of more than fourteen users groups.  It
 is this joint effort that again makes the newsletter cost efficient and
 newsworthy.  PSAN is looking for more clubs to join in this venture to
 keep the news flowing and the costs down.  Interested parties should
 contact: Jim Chapman (206) 566-1703, P.O. Box 110576, Tacoma Wash.,

 Ziff-Davis announced this week the appointment of John Dickinson as
 editor-in-chief of Computer Shopper magazine.  Dickinson was most
 recently editor of Ziff's PC/Computing.  Computer Shopper is published
 monthly with a circulation of 325,000.  Dickinson replaces Bob
 Lindstrom, editor of Computer Shopper since 1989.  Lindstrom is
 returning to the west coast and will continue to write frequently for
 Ziff-Davis publications.

 Nintendo announced this week that it will work with Sony to develop a
 compact-disc player for Nintendo's "Super Famicom" video-game software.
 The development of a CD Player will help Nintendo introduce a new
 generation of video-game computers after "Super Famicom," which was
 introduced last November in Japan.

 A New York City Queens youth was arrested this week on charges of
 cracking a New York Telephone Co. computer, thereby allowing him to make
 unlimited free phone calls on a "900" number.  The 18 year old youth
 allegedly used a stolen telephone company credit card to get access to
 the computer system and was charged with computer tampering, computer
 trespass, and theft of services.

 On February 11th, starting at 9 pm Eastern Time, our very own Sondra Roy
 (S.ROY4) will be doing a live chat -- a Real Time Conference -- here on
 ShowBiz.  To get to the RTC area, come to page 185, then choose option
 2; it's best to show up a minute or so early.  Sondra is both an
 animator on THE SIMPSONS and a character layout artist; she's well
 informed about the workings of the show, and will be glad to answer any
 questions about it.  (Other than How Do I Get A Job There?)

 by John Nagy, Contributing Editor

 Interest has been high this week in the new color digitizing software
 for the VIDI-ST unit.  Our pictures, in Spectrum format, have been a big
 download item on the networks.  A week of experience with the system has
 done a lot to improve the pictures.  (Read the review in last week's
 Z*NET for more information.)

 First and most important, I need to admit that the "squat" pictures were
 my own fault, not that of the software as I indicated in my review last
 week.  There is an internal adjustment on the back of the VIDI-ST box
 that adjusts width for proper aspect ratio... and I either forgot it was
 there or never knew it.  Anyway, after a careful reading of the 44 page
 manual for VIDI-CHROME, I found a reference to the adjustment.  Minutes
 later, I had round rounds and square squares... like they should be.

 Next, I found that small readjustments in contrast and brightness make
 large changes in the quality of pictures.  While most pictures are good,
 some extra care can make them outstanding.  I have uploaded more samples
 for your inspection.

 Other Z*NET staff members have been busily comparing the ease of use and
 quality of color reproduction of VIDI-CHROME against COMPUTER EYES/
 DIGISPEC and other software.  They report that VIDI-CHROME wins hands
 down on repeatability and color accuracy... as well as being much
 faster.  We will have more on that comparison in a later issue.

 I called Pacific Software, distributors for the VIDI products, to see
 what the plans might be to start importing the VIDI-RGB device.  It's an
 electronic color splitter that replaces the use of the color filters
 over the lens, and should make even better pictures.  Mark at Pacific
 tells me that they may have the first VIDI-RGB units within the next 3
 weeks... I'll keep you posted.

 Meanwhile, we are being asked WHERE CAN I GET VIDI?  Most dealers can
 order software through Pacific, but if you can't find one convenient to
 your area, try THE COMPUTER NETWORK.  Z*NET has arranged a good price
 for our readers on both the VIDI-ST hardware and the VIDI-CHROME
 software.  VIDI-ST retails at $199, and The Computer Network will sell
 it to you for $155, shipping INCLUDED (domestic USA).  VIDI-CHROME,
 which requires Vidi-ST, is a $39.95 retail but only $35 (again, shipping
 included to US addresses) from The Computer Network.  Visa, Mastercard,
 and American Express accepted, call (818) 500-3900 during West Coast
 business hours and speak to Mark Krynsky.  Canadian and foreign orders
 available, call for pricing.  The Computer Network is at 1605 West
 Glenoaks in Glendale, California, 91201.  Mark assures me that he can do
 5-7 day delivery.  Be sure to tell him Z*NET sent you!

 Ctsy GEnie ST RT

 This is an edited version of the captured conference by Terry Schreiber.

 Sysop JEFF.W:  Welcome everyone! Thank you for coming back!  We have
 with us this evening, Greg Pratt, General Manager of Atari Computer
 Corporation.  Last week's conference was complicated by a number of
 problems so Mr. Pratt has been kind enough to visit us tonight to set
 some things right.  Hopefully, we will have much better luck system-wise
 than last week. Mr. Pratt, Do you have any opening remarks before we
 start taking questions?

 Greg Pratt: Good evening everyone.  I am happy to be with you here
 tonight, and hope that we will have better luck this time in sharing our
 thoughts with one another.  I'd like to start out by telling you a
 little about myself.  I have been an associate of Jack Tramiel's for the
 past twelve years.  During that time frame, we went through the most
 explosive portion of the home computer growth with the Commodore 64.  I
 was President of the US operations for Commodore during that time frame.
 After Jack left Commodore, I came with him, and was part of a new start
 up company called Tramiel Technology.  This was the beginning of the
 company that ultimately purchased Atari.  I am one of the six people in
 the management team that came in when Jack purchased Atari.  Since that
 time, I have held a number of positions with the company, the latest one
 being the Chief Financial Officer for Atari Corp.  I'd also like to fill
 you in on some of the current happening here at the US subsidiary.  We
 will use our Strategic Partner Program, where we will be working with
 approximately 100 key dealers located throughout the US.  These dealers
 will be especially qualified to provide high end customers with the type
 of support that they require.  As part of the Strategic Partner Program,
 we will be working with key developers in each of their areas of
 application.  We will be using distributors as a secondary method of
 distributing our products.  The Lynx, the Portfolio, and the STEs are
 all in distribution now.  The only products that will be held back from
 distribution will be the TT.  We feel this will enable us to have a
 greater penetration throughout the US market.  We have lowered our
 suggested retail prices on our machines.  The new prices are as follows:

          1040 STE       $599.95
          Mega STE      $1699.95 (2mb), $1849.95 (4mb) - both w/50mb HD
          TT030/2-50    $2399.95
          TT030/4-50    $2799.95
          TT030/8-80    $3799.95
          Megafile 30    $599.95
          Megafile 44    $899.95 w/cart.
          Megafile 60    $799.95
          SLM605 Laser  $1295.95

 L.SMITH70: By this time, most of us are aware of the existence of the
 Lynx II.  Two questions: 1) Is it in fact smaller? 2) If so, How in
 relation to GB?

 Greg Pratt: The basic unit is smaller, but the screen size remains the
 same and has all of the functionality of the original unit.  Versus the
 GameBoy, the unit is approximately twice the thickness of Gameboy.

 W.VARGAS2: My question is: is ATARI really aware of the state of its
 market and the condition of the third-party companies that support the
 ATARI computer.  For example: START magazine is going bi-monthly,
 Practical Solutions, Michtron and many others are gone.  Companies that
 we all thought were here to stay...now are history.  That should mean

 Greg Pratt: Atari is very aware of the condition of third party
 companies.  We are initiating a Strategic Partner program whereby we
 will work very closely with important developers to help with current
 conditions... Our understanding is that Michtron has been sold, not gone
 out of business, and that Start is re-evaluating its decision to go
 bimonthly and that we are actively soliciting bundle proposals from
 developers, so that we are no longer just working with them to build
 customer bases, we have become a customer ourselves.

 Mark STACE: The possible introduction of a Mega STE with only 1 meg and
 no HD confirmed by Sam last week.  Couple questions. #1:  Retail price?
 #2: Will this unit require extra hardware (other than the HD itself) to
 add a HD to it? IE, host adapter..etc?

 Greg Pratt: The retail pricing is not final, and we haven't made a
 decision about adding the HD host adapter.  Any thoughts on that?

 UNICORNPUB: I'd like to ask what form the advertising for Atari's
 computer line will take.

 Greg Pratt: Advertising will take the form of mainly print media,
 specializing in computer magazines, however with some general, broad-
 based coverage.  We would anticipate being in Magazines like INC.,
 Forbes, Money, Home Office, Newsweek, Omni, etc...

 STEVE C.MORTIMER: How are you planning to target the Mega STE
 considering it is $200 more than a similar but less powerful Mac
 Classic.  Also, do "stable supply lines" mean that shortages of product
 will be substantially reduced?

 Greg Pratt: First of all, the Mega STE is a 16MHz machine, not an 8MHz
 like the Mac Classic.  It also has color capability and is more easily
 expanded.  Our machine with no HD will be extremely competitive to the
 Mac Classic, according to the feedback from the Pacific Rim show in
 Vancouver.  Stable supply lines means shortages of product will be
 substantially reduced in 1991.

 STEVE C.MORTIMER: Still just being a Mac means a lot and it has much
 more software than the Atari.  Anyway, will the Mega STE be the main
 thrust in the general market advertising to go against IBM and Apples?

 Greg Pratt: In my opinion, a Mac Classic without a HD is not a usable
 machine, while a Mega STE without a HD is very usable.  Apple has a
 problem, in that their developers are not making software geared for the
 68000 anymore.  They are now writing mainly for the 68030 machines.

 Mike-Z*Net Germany: I have two questions : 1.) Can you give some
 specifics about the Unix system announced last week by Sam?  2.) It was
 said that Atari would announce two new biggies at CeBIT in five weeks.
 Will the 2nd one be the new Portfolio ?

 Greg Pratt: 1) The Unix is based on System V.4 using the Motif standard.
 We have no final information right now on price and availability,
 further comment will be made at CeBIT.  2) No comment... Sorry.

 LRYMAL: Greg, any push into the schools?

 Greg Pratt: We are currently in the process of recruiting an educational
 marketing specialist.  We continue to work very closely with Computer
 Curriculum Corporation, a major Integrated Learning System marketeer.

 LRYMAL: That is great!  Apple succeeded largely by investing in the
 future of America, its students.  Can't we begin the same?  MIDI music
 labs, DTPing, etc.

 Greg Pratt: In 1991, we will focus on specific market segments where we
 have an advantage.  We will aggressively prospect in new markets when
 the new machines in quantity.

 ST.REPORT: In light of the terrific success of the Lynx and Portfolio,
 are similar promotional plans in the works for the computer lines?  How
 soon for full distribution of the new computers & related goodies in the
 USA?  The market disparately NEEDS a strong shot in the arm now.

 Greg Pratt: I'd refer back to my opening comments.  We are overhauling
 the distribution network.  We believe that within the next 30-60 days,
 we will have a very effective network of very highly motivated dealers.
 Our Strategic Partner program is in effect our implementation of the
 "shot in the arm" so desperately needed in the USA.

 NEVIN-S: Thank you for coming tonight, Greg. I have two questions.  The
 first is, does Atari have any plans to go mass market with the 1040?
 Commodore has been very successful getting the Amiga 500 into Software,
 Etc and other chains which creates a nice userbase which developers can
 survive on.

 Greg Pratt: Yes, the 1040STE is our mass-market machine.  We are
 targeting that machine to go into mass market retailers now.  I agree
 the additional software base is important, and we have not overlooked
 that segment.

 NEVIN-S: My second question concerns public relations.  Ever since Neil
 Harris left Atari, the ST has become the "invisible computer" as far as
 the US press is concerned.  Jerry Pournelle of Byte magazine said on
 GEnie that since Neil left, he had not heard a peep from Atari.  Does
 Atari have any plans to hire someone to be the point man for the press
 or do you feel this is not necessary.

 Greg Pratt: Jerry Pournelle received a TT030-8/50 from us about three
 weeks ago.  If there are other key people you are aware of who should
 receive a  machine, please advise us of them.  Contact Bill Rehbock
 about that.  As far as the "point man for the press" goes, we have Sam
 Tramiel :->

 Sheldon S.WINICK: Bob mentioned in a message this week on GEnie that
 there are now 4 classifications of dealers.  Can you explain what those
 different classifications are?

 Greg Pratt: In order to simplify matters, we are in the process of
 reducing the types of dealers to one.  This will eliminate all of the
 confusion, paperwork, and hassle associated with prior plans.  As
 mentioned in my opening statements, we intend to have a number of
 dealers with whom we will work directly.  The remainder of the business
 will be put through distribution.

 Sheldon S.WINICK: Perhaps in this light then, you should expound a
 little on the "Strategic Partner" program that you mentioned earlier.
 Is this the current program of only one dealer category?  And does that
 mean the concept of the Business Computer Center is a dead issue?

 Greg Pratt: The dealer program will the subject of a separate
 conference, where in we will discuss the various market segments.  Your
 dealership is the kind of dealer that will qualify as a Strategic
 Partner.  For us, you are in a strategic location, catering to the CAD
 and MIDI marketplace.

 J.ALLEN27: I have 3 questions:  Will the UNIX be available for 030'd STs
 in general or TT only?  What mass market outlets are being looked at,
 type, etc.?  There is a rumor about the addition of an "ATspeed" like
 appendage to the 1040STE, can you comment at all?

 Greg Pratt: To be honest, I don't know about Unix on other machines than
 the TT.  We are having discussions with consumer electronic stores,
 regional department stores, and computer superstores.  Re: ATspeed
 rumor, do you think it's a good idea?

 M.HILL13: When the TT gets class B certification will Atari start
 shipping a large quantity of them to the US or will Europe be the market
 to be pushed?  And in the Electronic Engineering times there is an
 article that Atari's TT will be marketed towards CAD/CAM.  Is this your
 major focus for the TT Line?

 Greg Pratt: We will start shipping large quanities in the US immediately
 upon FCC Class B approval.  The CAD/CAM market is an important market
 for the TT, as we are positioning it as a low-cost graphics workstation.

 Sheldon S.WINICK: With essentially the entire line of Atari products
 going into general distribution, how do you propose maintaining minimum
 standards for Atari dealerships or do you now feel that any retailer or
 mail-order discounter should be able to market Atari computer systems?

 BOB-BRODIE> The TT product line will not be available through
 distribution, and as you know, the TT is our crown jewel.  On the other
 hand,the 1040STE is a mass market machine and we want to have it sold
 everywhere.  The real concern, then, is how to manage the mid-range MEGA
 STE product.  We will make sure that our Strategic Partners receive
 priority shipments, priority allocations, market development funds, to
 enhance their profit opportunity.  We will be very selective in
 appointing distributors.  We also are installing a system which will
 enable us to track serial numbers which will allow us to identify the
 path a machine took to the user.

 James J.VOGH: What types of VME products do you know of that work with
 the Mega STE and TT (TOS and UNIX)

 Greg Pratt: The Green Springs computer products INDUSTRY-PAK 3U cards
 (octal serial port, ram expansion, A/D - D/A converters) all work quite
 nicely, however, they are a bit pricey.  There are over 3000 VME cards
 on the market.  Contact B.REHBOCK via EMAIL for more specifics on which
 ones work in the TT.

 D.A.BRUMLEVE: Atari UK has enjoyed some success with power-packs
 featuring the 520ST and 520STe bundled with various commercial software
 offerings.  Are there any plans to bring the 520STe to the US market?
 Are there plans to continue to sell the 520ST?  It seems to me that
 these machines would be more appropriately mass-marketed than the
 1040STe. Well, I see your point, but...

 Greg Pratt: We are currently discussing bringing over certain packages
 from the UK.  With the recent price reduction on the 1040STE we feel it
 is a very affordable machine for the masses.  The utility of a 520STE in
 the US market is suspect.  The differential in price due to RAM is
 minimal, therefore, we prefer to give more.

 M.WEILERT2: Gregg, with the unification of Europe in '92, how do you see
 Atari's dominance in Germany and positive track record on the continent
 fueling Atari USA's growth in a business platform?

 Greg Pratt: While we will be the recipients of some positive press due
 to our German success, a major re-education program must be initiated in
 the US in order to create the proper environment for Atari to be
 accepted as a business machine.  We feel that the next generation of
 Atari machines will once again establish us as a platform offering
 incredible capabilities at reasonable prices.  These machines will be so
 powerful, so fast, with such great graphics that we will grab the
 attention of the computing world.  These products will be available in

 Ctsy CompuServe Atari Forums, Ron Luks

 Pattie: Welcome to the CIS Thursday Night CO!  Tonight we have Bill
 Rehbock, Atari's developer coordinator, with us.  Bill joined the Atari
 staff a few months ago, and is an avid Atarian in his own right!

 Welcome Bill Rehbock, and thank you for joining us.  Before we take
 questions, please tell us a bit about yourself and any opening remarks
 you may have.

 Bill@Atari: Thank you Pattie.  My title is actually Director of
 Technical Services.  I have been with Atari since September of 1990.  I
 have been an Atari user since the 400 & 800 days... When I worked
 security at McCormick place in Chicago at CES when they were unveilied.
 I have been a registered ST developer since July of 1985 when I
 purchased my dev kit with 520 ST for ~$4000 :-)

 Jim Ness: Hi, Bill.  I have seen a lot of Bob B...and even some John T.
 here lately... Can I dare to hope that this could mean that non GEnie
 services will be getting a larger share of time from you folks? Or don't
 you know?  ga

 Bill@Atari: After I get fully settled in here in CA (I'm going back to
 Chicago next week to help my wife finish up with getting things ready to
 make the 'big move') I intend to keep up a little more here.  Keep in
 mind that my primary responsibiltites are to get the Software tap open
 again so we have something to do with the machines we've spent our
 pennies on.

 Ron Luks: Bill:  Speaking about the PORTFOLIO for a minute....There are
 a large number of machines in the users hands now....but they are all
 based upon a non-industry standard memory card.....Has ATARI made any
 decision whether to keep supporting.... the current format card or
 somehow switch over to the new industry standard?  (and will this affect
 any software now under development)

 Bill@Atari: It _is_ possible to do a JEIDA-BEE CARD adapter so that one
 can use the JEIDA cards with the Portfolio.  Atari was involved on the
 PCMCIA committee that came up with the JEIDA standard, and obviously we
 are looking at supporting the standard we were instrumental in creating.
 HOWEVER, there is nothing stopping a clever third party enterpreneur
 from beating us to the punch and building an adapter. :-)

 John Barnes: Bill, could you please elaborate on the role of "Technical
 Services and the personal experiences that brought you to your current

 Bill@Atari: The positition is actually a new one for Atari, my
 predacessors all worked for Atari Corporate... and my role is much, much
 more closely situated to the sales side of things...

 John Barnes: Are there plans for further enhancement of developer

 Bill@Atari: Yes, we have instituted a two-tier developer program...that
 will enable _anybody_ to purchase the software developer documentation
 with periodic updates. for $125.00.  The Tier-1 developers _do_ have to
 have a commercial product on the market, or must submit a plan that
 describes what they are working on.

 Bob Retelle: Bill, we get a lot of questions here on CIS from people who
 would like to become registered developers.. the "top tier", I guess it
 would be under the new program...  usually we just refer them to Gail
 Johnson to get the details, but could you briefly elaborate a little on
 what qualifications are necessary, and what the benefits to the
 developer are?

 Bill@Atari: The main reason for instituting the two-tier plan was simply
 that the commercial developers whose living depended on Atari needed _a
 lot_ more support than they've ever received...  In the past, most devs
 couldn't get answers very often...  Because I've been a beta-tester for
 so many products and an Atari user so long, I can't help take advantage
 of the position to get all the things I need fixed fixed and to get the
 software I need (and you need :-) written.

 However, I'm a flexible guy and realize that there are some cases of
 devs that don't produce commercial products, but still are invaluable to
 other developers...programming tools, etc) and they can be Tier-1 also.

 Ron Hunt: Bill> I was wondering if there were any other advantages for
 tier 2 developers besides the updates, access to developer areas, breaks
 on hardware etc.

 Bill@Atari: We intend to set up a Tier-2 dev area.  Do you think that
 the Tier-2 'hobbiest' developers shouldn't support their local dealers?
 In the past, one of the complaints of developers was that the old
 program simply gave people a way to spend $250 to get $500 off on a
 piece of hardware.  That must stop now.

 The documentation is pretty expensive to reproduce and Alan Pratt's
 debugger is a very nice piece of software.  The kit by itself is
 _definitely_ worth $125.  It also comes with the Resource construction
 set, Alcyon C compiler, etc.

 Ron Hunt: then "regular" developer areas won't be open to Tier 2 people?

 Bill@Atari: I need a place to communicate (with a high degree of
 confidentiality) with the commercial developers whose mortgage is at the
 mercy of the next turn Atari takes.

 Most querys a Tier-2 developer would have should be able to be answered
 E-mail, don't you think.  (This is one of the most difficult issues I
 wrestled with during construction of the plan :-)

 Anthony Arnoldi: Well Bill, me and a friend were discussing Atari and
 how these new systems are being released by Atari.  This would mean that
 alot of new software would have to be written over for the new systems.
 Will this effect the regular users of the ST of companies abandoning the
 ST.  Because with the new hardware features in the new systems new
 software is needed.  Will the ST lose support or will it continue for us
 regular users?

 Bill@Atari: No, by no stretch of the imagination.  Easy Draw worked
 perfectly and took advantage of everything the new video of the TT had
 to offer because it was written correctly.  The system software is
 written (and is being written) with backward compatibility in mind.  One
 of the main things that I have to do is to keep developers on track so
 that when they want to do 'enhancements' that at one time was considered
 breaking the rules, they do it in a way that will make life more
 pleasureable for all of us :-)

 Bill Rayl: First, Bill, thanks for coming to visit us... For the past
 couple of years, most developers have found it increasingly difficult to
 keep going.  What plans, if any, does Atari have to turn things around
 for them?  Is it going to get better or still get worse?

 Bill@Atari: I think the best thing that Atari can do is get product back
 out in the market.  It's one of the reasons that I am _very_ closely
 tied into pricing decisions, etc.  I truly believe that things are
 headed in the right direction.  The 1040STE is now available to dealers
 through distributors...

 The "It takes $20,000 to be an Atari dealer" crap is gone...and the new
 pricing is right.

 On the developer side... I need APPLICATIONS.  Nothing against anyone,
 but we've got more darn utilities than Peter Norton would ever know what
 to do with ...:-)

 If the effort was spent in developing application software, the world
 would be a better place.

 Bill Rayl: As a followup, are there still plans to release a SoftSource
 CD ROM disk to dealers (and possibly user groups) filled with developer
 demos?  If so, any specific dates?

 Bill@Atari: SoftSource is Dan MacNamee's puppy, and he works for
 corporate, SoftSource is definitely alive and well.  We are waiting for
 the entries to come in from Austrailia... and the rework of the CDAR504
 to be finished.  Chinon discontinued the mechanism that we were using in
 the 504, but we WILL have a replacement very soon.

 Until then....there is no reason why developers can't take advantage of
 MetaDOS (the device driver for things like CDROM players, CDROM Juke
 Boxes, etc.) and do software for anybodies CDROM drive.  SoftSource
 should be live withing 30 days by the way.

 John Barnes: Bill, I applaud your sentiment about APPLICATIONS.  I would
 personally like to see a port of something like Kaleidagraph and a good
 LaserJet emulation for the Atari Laser printer.  Is there any prospect
 that Atari could seed such things?

 Bill@Atari: I've got some good Presentaion Graphics in the pipeline
 (Atari will not be selling or marketing it, a well known developer
 will:-) and UltraScript is going back in full swing.  TT-compatible, one
 version for everything, etc... FSM (FontScalingModule) GDOS is really,
 really great, and will solve a lot of problems for everyone.

 Ron Hunt: Bill> just a short followup to what I asked before.....first
 of all.  I think the two tier developer system is very positive.  Also,
 I didn't mean to suggest that tier 2 people receive all the perks of the
 top line guys, however, in light of the current Atari software market
 thought that perhaps some "extras" might entice developers on other
 systems to give the Atari a try.

 Bill@Atari: Extras such as?

 Ron Hunt: small......tiny (grin) price breaks on hardware.

 Bill@Atari: What developers from other platforms are we talking about?

 Ron Hunt: I was speaking in general.

 Bill@Atari: Microsoft has been _GIVEN_ lots of hardware and it's gotten
 us nowhere :-)  Seriously, the thing that will entice COMMERCIAL
 developers to write for the Atari is sales figures, the 1040STE going
 back into wide distribution is ALREADY making that a reality...

 We can't afford to damage dealer sales any longer with the developer
 program.  The amount of equipment purchased is sooooo out of line with
 what is being written, it's ridiculous.  Any other q's?

 Anthony Arnoldi: Bill,  I was wondering what's going on about the STE
 demo contest right now?

 Bill@Atari: I'm glad you asked that question.  We have received many
 responses from here and on GEnie.  Some have been quite good, and I can
 hardly wait to see what the demos that are coming look like.  It seemed
 like a neat thing to do, I mean GIVING AWAY the most sought after
 computer of the decade :-)

 The dealers are very hungry for demo software and I saw the contest as
 a good way for Atari to give the STE & TT some attention, and an excuse
 for getting the STE DMA sound & scrolling documentation released to the
 public so that software can be written for the machine.  :-)  (in the
 past, as you know it has been difficult:-)

 It should be in the Software Library here on CIS, btw.  The information
 from upstairs (SW Engineering) is flowing rapidly and Leonard and the
 rest of the guys have neat stuff in store for all of us.

 In closing... Keeping the computers in stock is a very high priority
 now, the dealer program for the first time in 4 years makes sense, dnd
 if I'm crazy enough to relocate from Chicago to Sunnyvale (I _really_
 like pizza :-) you should all hang in there just a little longer to see
 how Atari performs.  There are no promises this time, just action :-)

 The TT runs rings around a 386 with Windows-3, Microsoft is starting to
 get the 'emporer has no clothes' press it deserves, and Macintosh dealer
 margins are falling.  We could suprise a few people very soon.  Thank
 you very much.

 ===================================== A CHOICE BETWEEN IBM, MAC & ATARI
 by Frank R.H. Lowe

 Yes, we had a choice.  It was not an easy decision to make because all
 three contesting systems gave us the same end result.

 We are a Canadian distributor of Commercial 2-way radio products that we
 market through a dealer network and directly to the Federal and
 Provincial Governments.

 Our 2-way radio supplier is an American organisation called Icom and
 they have been producing their price catalog using a Mac computer and
 DTP.  They would normally send us a copy of the file and we would farm
 it out to a local Mac Entrepreneur who, in turn, would change all
 pricing to our standard mark-up in Canadian dollars as well as minor
 changes to certain products.  For reasons unbeknown to us Icom have
 decided to move from the Mac Platform to the IBM machine and the
 corresponding DTP program.

 This gave us three choices.

 1. Utilize our IBM 286 accounting computer (which would greatly
 interfere with all our invoicing procedures) as a DTP system, add
 windows and buy an incredibly expensive DTP Program then train an

 2. Convert the file to Mac and continue with our local person.

 3. Buy an Atari ST system with Calamus and do it myself.


 We purchased a 1040 ST upgraded to 2.5 Megs; a 20 Meg SH205 Atari Hard
 Drive, Printer, Modem and Interlink, Calamus 1.09N, Word Writer ST and a
 few odds and ends for fun.

 I did forget to mention that I am an avid ST user and love playing with
 Calamus in my spare time at home.  I convinced all concerned that we
 would be more comfortable with Atari and Calamus simply because there
 would be no learning curve as I would do the job myself.

 On a cold and wet Monday morning I made my first mark on page one of the
 1991 Price catalog.  I designed the layout for each and every product
 (all were different, unfortunately, resulting in a great deal of design
 work).  By Thursday I had completed the whole catalog except the actual
 prices that will be available for Jan 1, 1991 and should take no more
 than one days work to enter.  I actually spent less than 16 hours on the
 job and grew to love and hate Calamus.  The love grew with understanding
 and the hate faded as I learned the finer points of the program.


 I can now add a new price page in a matter of minutes.  Special offers
 and the introduction of a new product can be achieved "In-House"

 We also have a second business that distributes Marine and Avionics
 equipment; guess who will be doing the price catalog for them?.  You may
 ask, where will I find the time to do all this extra work that I have
 created for myself.  Well, our winter months are normally quiet thereby
 allowing me time to take care of a project or two.

 Apart from DTP we will be training staff to use Word Writer St and
 Interlink.  One for Form letters and the other for our daily
 communications with our Federal bidding system in Ottawa (which I used
 to have to do at home).

 When IBM was introduced into our organisation no one was interested, but
 ten minutes after the ST was fired up I had to fight to maintain any
 semblance of order around my desk.  Even Margaret, our dyed in the wool
 computer hater admits that the ST is a different kind of machine and
 that the funny little 'rat thing' (mouse) sure moves around quickly and
 the buzzing bee looks quite attractive.

 In one hour on a Friday morning I produced a new expense account form
 and a new order control form.  Looks like the system is paying for
 itself already.


 FRANK R.H. LOWE (604) 271-0361
 4291 Fortune Ave.
 Richmond B.C.
 Canada V7E 5P6

 ==============                            Press Release

 The Lynx is very hot and getting hotter thanks to new games and the
 forthcoming release of the low cost Lynx.  But where can you turn to
 keep up to date on the Lynx?  Certainly not any of the major video game
 magazines.  Since the majority of their readers own the NES, Gameboy ,or
 Genesis, that's what they concentrate on.  They may have a review or a
 news tidbit on the Lynx, usually a page and sometimes not even that

 You want more than a page!  And that's what the APE (Atari Portable
 Entertainment) Newsletter provides.  Pages full of the latest Lynx news
 and information, hidden secrets in Lynx games (many provided by those
 aces at Star-Linx BBS), and in depth tips for the latest Lynx releases.
 APE is currently published 4 times a year (maybe bi-monthly soon,
 depending on how things go) by me, Clinton Smith, an avid Lynx

 Would you like to check out an absolutely free copy!  If you're up on
 the GENIE service, you can leave me a message (my E-mail address is
 C.SMITH89) or drop a line in the APE Newsletter topic (ST Roundtable
 BBS, Category 36, Topic 17).  Give me your mailing address and I'll send
 you out an issue along with subscription info.  Or you can send your
 mailing address to me at:

 CHICAGO, IL 60639

 If you're already convinced and want to subscribe, send your check or
 money order for $6 to the previously mentioned address.  Be sure to
 include your mailing address (I can't send it to you if I don't know
 where you are).  Along with the 4 subscription issues, you will also be
 getting 1 issue free (just as if you had requested a free issue).
 Please make checks and money orders payable to Clinton Smith (my bank
 gives me funny looks when I try to deposit ones made out to APE).

 Don't be a banana!  Subscribe to APE (ok, ok, I'll work on it)

 ===================                      Press Release

 The Best Bargain in Atari ST Graphics Programs just keeps on getting
 better!  SEURAT Version 2.10 adds more Image Power to what was already
 a great deal!!

 * Create and Edit Degas, MacPaint and GEM IMG files (any size!)  Largest
   workspace onto IMG's of ANY program! (reqs. mono mon.)  Now, you can
   use the full resources of SEURAT to create and edit images for your
   Desktop Publishing, using powerful raster tools and working in a
   familiar Paint Program environment!  Enjoy the best of both worlds!

 * EIGHT Picture or .IMG Buffers on a 1-Meg ST! Instead of having to work
   on only a single .IMG file in a single image window, with SEURAT you
   can edit and exchange between up to eight .IMG files at the same time!

 * FASTEST Multi-Ratio Zoom (2X to 8X) there is for the ST!  SEURAT
   V2.0's zoom is 121 times faster than Vers. 1.0 and TWICE as fast as

 * SEURAT PRINTS TOO! With built-in drivers for Epson-comp. 9-pin and HP
   DeskJet (and LaserJet & all HP-compatibles). DeskJet driver outputs at
   75/150/300 dots-per-inch in BOTH Portrait and Landscape orientation,
   and it's positionable on the page to the dot! But that's not all.

 * NEW! GDOS OUTPUT with the PRINTIMG.PRG (it's included with SEURAT)!
   Unlike other GDOS outprint programs, PRINTIMG.PRG offers virtually the
   same capabilities (for a single image) as desktop publishing programs
   like PAGESTREAM and CALAMUS.  File images can be scaled to ANY size,
   from full-page printing down to "thumbnail-sketch" size.  Images can
   be re-proportioned, stretched or squished to fit any rectangular
   shape.  The printed image can be placed anywhere on the page you want
   it, and PRINTIMG.PRG will generate either portrait or landscape
   oriented output on any printer for which a GDOS driver exists, whether
   the printer has a landscape mode or not! (GDOS program not supplied
   with SEURAT.)

 * Besides loading/saving Compressed & Uncompressed Degas, MacPaint, and
   GEM .IMG files; IFF (Degas) and GFA blocks; fill, brush, dither, and
   palette files, SEURAT will load lo-rez COLOR pictures directly into
   the MONO program and convert them to GEM .IMG files!

 * PRINT CONVERSIONS! Convert low- and medium- resolution color pictures
   (.P?1 and .P?2 files) into .IMG files with stretched-histogram dithers
   for superbly detailed printing of color images! SEURAT re-scales color
   pix to correct for monitor aspect ratio, automatically reproducing the
   true proportion of color images. No more squashed conversions!

 * TEXT Options: System, Degas and GDOS fonts on-line (does NOT require
   GDOS.PRG).  You can Scale, Style, Color and Rotate Text!

 * Automatic Smooth-Curve SPLINE DRAWING Tool lets your ST draw for you,
   and flexible, repositionable controlled BEZIER CURVES produce a
   virtually infinite variety of natural-looking curved lines. Quick and
   easy-to-use, they really speed up your drawing!

 * SlowMouse! Variable-Speed mouse makes Free-hand Drawing Easier!

 * ANTI-ALIAS (and it's goof-proof)! Powerful Palette Editor with video-
   like color controls! Modify whole palettes with a single mouse stroke!

 * SO MANY FEATURES! 11 block shapers & twisters to modify image blocks
   (now full-screen, too); 92 color & mono fill patterns; 42 brushes
   including user-defined and multi-colored; 4 graphic write modes & 21
   block & mask write modes; circle, ellipse & filled disc in free,
   repeat & concentric modes; round- & square-cornered rectangles &
   solids; rays; airbrush; clear-circle & clear-box; vertical, horizontal
   & free lines; polylines & polygons in line-edge or spline-curve; area
   & seed fill; user-set clipping ("invisible windows"); color remap;
   mirror; screen shift, flip, invert & rotate; fill editor; brush
   editor; line editor; gobs of great disk functions like Format and a
   Super File Directory; and a hundred or so other features & tools that
   there's no room to mention here...  Whew!

 * INDISPENSIBLE for GEM .IMG graphics for your Desktop Publishing!  More
   graphic tools and operations for creating and editing .IMG files than
   ANY OTHER PROGRAM (no matter how much it costs)!

 * DON'T BE MISLED by SEURAT's low price!  VERSION 2.10 is a POWER TOOL,
   with fast compact code, that out-performs the "big-name" programs!

 You can still buy SEURAT VERSION 2.10 at its pre-mass-distribution price
 of ONLY $35.00!  Two-disk set, with 38,000-word User's Manual on-disk:
 COLOR AND MONO Programs! You Get BOTH!  Plus 195 utility and application
 files (fonts, fills, etc.)!  (Requires 1-Meg ST with doublesided drive)
 MasterCard/VISA accepted.  THE ONLY WAY to get a copy of SEURAT is send
 your check, money order, or credit card info to:

 SKWare One / P. O. Box 277 / Bunker Hill, Illinois 62014 USA

 SHIPPING: SKWare One pays postage on all USA AND CANADIAN orders.  For
 overseas orders (not on North American continent), include an additional
 $3.00 for surface mail or an additional $4.00 for air mail delivery.
 (All prices are in US dollars.)

 DeskJet DOC Printer Disk Also Available: You can print out a self-
 collating two-sided copy of the 38,000-word User's Manual on the
 Hewlett-Packard DeskJet in draft mode with this print package.  (You just
 print the LEFT.DOC, put the stack of paper back in without re-arranging
 it, then print the RIGHT.DOC, and end up with a collated copy of the
 User's Manual printed on front and back sides, with staggered margins,
 ready for binding.  If you want a copy of this print package, just ask
 for the "DeskJet DOC Printer Disk" and include an additional $3.00
 ($4.00 overseas air mail).

 UPGRADE POLICY: All Upgrades Are Free For Six Months From Date of
 Purchase!  (We don't try to hit you up for another $5.00 every six
 weeks or so...)

 UPGRADE HOTLINE: Okay, all you SEURAT users know the Vers. 2.06 up-grade
 promised for December, 1990, didn't arrive.  (Shame on you for all those
 negative thoughts!  You were sure this upgrade policy was too good to be
 true, weren't you?) The upgrade to Version 2.10 HAS BEEN SHIPPED to all
 SEURAT owners, whether they were previously upgraded or not.  Any SEURAT
 owner who has not received his/her upgrade disk by February 15, 1991
 (this includes all SEURAT owners in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia,
 the United Kingdom, and Costa Rica), or any owner who has changed his/
 her address since purchasing SEURAT or the last upgrade mailing, should
 update their current address with SKWare One / P. O. Box 277 / Bunker
 Hill, Illinois 62014 USA.

 Captured from the Z*Net Online BBS


 Conf : General - Local Conference
 Msg# : 189  Lines: Extended  Read: 13
 Sent : Feb 3, 1991  at 2:47 AM
 Subj : AUA Article in New Z*Net


 Regarding the AUA article in the new Z*Net issue, I think that the
 author has made a serious mistake while querying his CD-ROM.

 I'm not sure which CD-ROM search engine he's using, AND I admit that I
 am not familiar with many, but I think it is painfully obvious that he
 is mistaken...

 Why?  Because Byte is correct.  Byte covers Atari *at least* every other
 month.  As the form letter stated, Atari isn't covered with big, splashy
 cover stories, or anything like that.  But essentially, they were

 I read Byte every month.  Jerry Pournelle's Computing at Chaos Manor
 column is one of my favorite columns.  Mr. Pournelle owns and writes
 about IBM, Mac, and Atari machines.  In the past year, Mr. Pournelle has
 covered the state of Atari in the Soviet Union (where he visited during
 the summer, I believe), the Spectre-GCR, several Atari ST shareware
 products, and a few other things that do not immediately come to mind.
 He consistently mentions his Atari ST and the products he uses with it.
 Sure, there aren't any full-page photos or cover shots.  But Byte WAS
 correct: They DO cover Atari, at least to some limited extent.  And the
 word Atari has appeared in the magazine numerous times in 1990.

 Also, the author should have realized that something was wrong when he
 saw that IBM came up in his search only "several" times.  IBM should
 have appeared HUNDREDS of times, considering that the words "IBM
 Compatible" appear in almost every article!  And they certainly appear
 in the dozens of reviews of actual IBM products (such as the PS/2 Model
 70-486, Models 90 and 95XP, the newest IBM laserprinter, etc.) that have
 appeared in the pages of Byte during 1990.  IBM references should have
 been overwhelming.

 I'm not saying his cause is wrong (trying to get Byte to cover the ST
 more aggresively), but his comments about Byte -- and his disclaiming of
 Byte's comments in their reply -- are unfounded.

 Thanks,   ///Mike

 P.S.: Just in case anyone reading this wants some proof, here's a
 typical example...

 "Finally, there's a game, Perestroika, for the Atari ST."  A description
 follows.  Page 73, Byte August 1990.  Jerry Pournelle's Column

 Conf : Z*Net Online Conference
 Msg# : 1793  Lines: 8  Read: 7
 Sent : Feb 5, 1991  at 4:47 PM
 To   : All
 Subj : Major MIDI developers to drop Atari support!

 Hey everyone out there ... I have the latest rumour ... this is
 unconfirmed but comes from a reliable source!  Apparently, in the next
 few weeks a couple of major MIDI developers are going to announce that
 they will no longer support the ST and will discontinue all development
 of their ST lines of products!  Just pay attention and take NOTE and it
 won't take a MASTER to TRACK down the truth!

 Gaius @ Fnet 523 -- Toronto!

 Conf : Z*Net Online Conference
 Msg# : 1786  Lines: Extended  Read: 9
 Sent : Feb 4, 1991  at 6:00 PM
 To   : ALL
 Subj : Atari Canada on the Move!

 I called Atari Canada today, again!  This time I asked all the right
 questions.  I spoke with Mark Cambell and asked him why the layoffs.
 He said the layoffs were in the Accounting Department and that will be
 handled by Atari U.S. from now on.  This streamlines operations (for
 some reason or the other).  I asked him when they will advertise for the
 STE/TT and he said that the TT is a more specialized machine and will
 not be as heavily advertised as the STE line.  He said that as they
 recieve more shipments they will gradually begin advertising.  He also
 mentioned that a company in Markham is now responsible for translating
 all the shnazzy software from Germany and France and introducing it into
 the North American market.  Atari Canada also has a consultant from
 Germany here to help them with their marketing (Atari Germany that is).
 He mentioned some of the VME cards coming out for the TT/Mega STE from
 Germany and also said that Atari is planning to introduce 8 or so new
 machines in the next 2 years!  One will be a stripped down version of
 the TT with optional hard disk and 2 megs, 16 Mhz 68030.  They will be
 introducing 68040 and RISC based computers.  I was quite surprised at
 all this.  He took my address down and I will soon be recieving info on
 the TT and Mega STE.  I also told him about the letter I wrote to Greg
 Pratt two months ago and I got no reply.  He suggested I mail the letter
 again and he said he would make sure it got to him.  I think if anyone
 else here has any concerns, this is the time to address them.  All this
 made me realize that Atari is not going down by a long shot.  They are
 just reorganizing.  They may not be doing as well as some other computer
 companies but they are taking almost all the right steps.  They are
 going to be introducing new computers and software from Europe.  This
 should not be taken lightly.

 Ctsy GEnie ST RT

 February 5, 1990

 TO: Potential Buyers of the JRI ST4096C 4096-color Board

 After reading all the glowing comments about the JRI ST4096C 4096-color
 board in Category 4, Topic 6 of the BBS, I felt compelled to give the
 following account of my experiences with this device.  I hope this will
 help people to make an informed decision on whether to upgrade their ST
 or buy a new STe or TT.

 In March of 1990, I bought a "pre-owned" ST4096C for $50.  After several
 hours of work (because my shifter chip was soldered in!), I had the
 board installed and working in my Mega ST4.  The JRI demonstration
 program (DEMO4.PRG) worked fine, and showed a nice vertically scrolling
 rainbow display.  The 4096-color versions of NeoChrome (NEO4K05.PRG) and
 the control panel (CONGO.ACC) supplied with the ST4096C also worked
 well.  But, the main reason I bought this product was to give my ST a
 true 16-grayscale capability for use with digitized images.

 When I began to convert 8-grayscale images to 16, I noticed that small
 (~1-pixel) artifacts appeared between adjacent gray levels.  Further
 investigation showed that these defects only appeared between horizontal
 grayscale transitions (within one scan line.)  The vertical transitions
 (between scan lines) were smooth.  To study this effect, I drew several
 concentric ellipses using adjacent colors from a 16-grayscale palette.
 This image produced several unsightly "islands" and other artifacts when
 viewed with my Mega4/ST4096C combo, but it displayed perfectly on a
 dealer's STe.  (GEnie users can see this effect by downloading file
 number 18148, "JRI_TEST.LZH").

 When I first discovered the ST4096C display problem, I thought there
 must be something wrong with my computer or my installation.  I tried 4
 different shifter chips and also put the unit in my club's 1040, but the
 problem remained.  Therefore, I concluded that the fault must lie in the
 ST4096C itself.

 On June 5, 1990, I sent a letter to John Russell Innovations (JRI) which
 described the problems mentioned above.  About a week later, John
 Russell called me (at his own expense) to discuss the matter.  He said
 that my unit was not defective, because all of his boards displayed
 similar behavior.  He said that he would have had to include much more
 expensive hardware in the ST4096C to prevent this.  He also said that he
 had a software patch to correct the problem, but he had decided not to
 release it because of conflicts with the monochrome display.

 I thanked Mr. Russell for supporting a second-hand owner of one of his
 products (not every developer would do as much) and I offered to pay him
 for the software patch and take my chances with the monochrome display.
 However, I never got a reply to this offer.

 CONCLUSION: Until and unless the software patch is actually released
 (and proven to work), I believe that the ST4096C is to the STe that it
 gives you an idea of what to expect, but it isn't as good as the real
 thing.  Of course, I only have "first-hand" knowledge (so to speak) of
 3 of these 4 items (can you guess which?).  If you are willing to accept
 some display glitches, the JRI board may be worth the money.  However,
 if your shifter is soldered, I hardly think it's worth the trouble.


 Ray Perry (GEnie address R.PERRY6)
 Director - Atari Special Interest Group
 McDonnell Douglas Recreational Computer Club
 St. Louis, Missouri

 ==========================                    Press Release

 Step Ahead Software is pleased to announce TRACKER/ST v2.5, the latest
 update to our popular mailing list/mail merge/person tracking software.

 Version 2.5 of Tracker/ST incorporates many of the suggestions we've
 received from our registered owners.  Here is a summary of some of the
 more important improvements we've made to our program:

 * Tracker/ST now supports WordFlair II! - The biggest change to Tracker/
   ST is that our program now fully supports WordFlair II, the exciting
   new document processor from Goldleaf Publishing.  Now you can use
   Tracker/ST to print mailing labels and keep track of people for
   business or home needs, and then export your names from Tracker for
   use with WordFlair II's powerful merging capabilities (which allow you
   to incorporate various fonts, images, and dynamic graphic and
   calculated regions).  The combination of Tracker/ST and WordFlair II
   just can't be beat!  Of course, Tracker still has its own powerful
   mail merge system for those times when you don't need the features of
   WordFlair II.  WordFlair II owners: look for a SPECIAL OFFER coupon
   for Tracker/ST in your WordFlair II package.

 * Tracker/ST now supports the Atari TT in all resolutions! - We've just
   finished new screens for the Atari TT's new higher resolution color
   screens (640 x 480 in 16 colors).  The new screens are beautiful!
   Tracker/ST runs perfectly on the TT and at a much faster clip.

 * Tracker/ST's convenient Quick Letter has been improved! - By order of
   Bill Rehbock at Atari, it is now possible to add a template while in
   Tracker's Quick Letter area, and not just from the Power Station.
   Also, the Quick Letter now makes use of the offsets you've selected
   for a mail merge.  This makes using Quick Letters with printed
   letterhead even faster than it was in the past.

 * Tracker/ST now incorporates the Country field in mail merges and Quick
   Letters! - Bowing to the will of our international users, Tracker/ST's
   automatic Merge and Quick Letter functions now include the Country

 * CodeKey files included free of charge! - We've worked overtime to
   create a bunch of nifty CodeKey files which make Tracker/ST even
   faster to use.  Now, by purchasing CodeKeys from CodeHead Software and
   using our TRACKER.KEY files, you can string together a series of
   Tracker actions so they'll run with a single keypress!  No, we don't
   get a commission on CodeKey sales, but we do think it's a nifty
   program and one which makes Tracker/ST even more wonderful to use.
   CodeKey files are included for every single resolution (Monochrome,
   ST Medium Res color, Moniterm and TT Hi Res, and TT Medium Res), and
   separate files are included for floppy and hard drive users.

 In addition to these changes numerous tweaking has been done to our code
 to make Tracker/ST sleeker and more solid than ever before.  The update
 is completely finished and we will begin shipping v2.5 on Wednesday,
 February 13th, 1991.  Best of all, Tracker/ST's suggested retail price
 remains only $79.95.


 After 2 free upgrades, we will now begin charging a very small
 processing fee for new versions of Tracker/ST.  Registered users may
 upgrade by sending a check for $7.50 along with their name, address and
 daytime phone number (phone number required), along with their Tracker/
 ST serial number, to:

 Step Ahead Software
 Tracker/ST Upgrade
 496-A Hudson Street, Suite F39
 New York City, NY  10014

 If you wish to upgrade and have not sent in your registration card,
 include your card with your upgrade order.

 Those who have purchased Tracker/ST in the past 30 days will be upgraded
 free of charge.  Please enclose a dated sales receipt, filled in
 registration card, and your phone number with your free upgrade request.

 Tracker/ST is the leading mailing list/mail merge/person tracking
 software for the Atari ST and TT series of computers.  Ideal for home
 and business use, the program features an unlimited number names in its
 mailing lists, unlimited notes for each person in those lists (notes are
 not limited to a few words), label printing to all dot matrix, daisy
 wheel and laser printers, a built in mail merge system, a unique "almost
 form letter" Quick Letter function and much much more.  For a demo disk
 or for answers to any questions about Tracker/ST please contact us at

 Nevin Shalit
 President, Step Ahead Software, Inc.
 February 7th, 1991

 ========================================               Press Release

 In recognition of the wide ranging support for the ATARI PORTFOLIO
 computer system, ATARI Corporation has designated the PORTFOLIO FORUM on
 the CompuServe Information Service as an OFFICIAL SUPPORT SITE for
 PORTFOLIO owners.

 The forum staff, managed by head sysop Ron Luks, provides online support
 via an interactive message board, conferencing facility, and extensive
 data libraries with over 200 public domain and shareware programs and
 files for the PORTFOLIO computer.  In addition, representatives of ATARI
 Corporation can be contacted onine tghrought the forum facilities and
 CompuServe's Electronic mail network.

 Topics covered in the forum include, COMMUNICATIONS, DATABASE
 more.  The data libraries include programs for TELECOMMUNICATIONS,
 updates to the ROM-based operating system, UTILITIES, programming
 examples and tutorials, and a wide variety of games including chess and
 casino games.  A special area has been set up for new hardware and
 software press releases and online representatives of most of the
 popular PORTFOLIO developers are available to answer questions on their

 The PORTFOLIO Forum is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week at
 regular CompuServve connect time charges.  There is no surcharge for
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 Compiled by Jon Clarke, Contributing Editor

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 From: tony@tacky.cs.olemiss.edu (Tony Reynolds)
 Organization: University of Mississippi, Dept. of Computer Science

 Okay, as long as the PC has a 1.44MB disk (haven't tried with 720K), and
 the disk has had an IBM boot sector written to it, you can read/write
 twister formatted disks!  You can add a line like:

 drivparm=/d:1 /n:10 /t:82

 This makes a new device at boot time, drive x: (x is one letter greater
 than the last drive that was installed), assumes your 1.44 is drive B:
 to start with, and sets the new drive up as 10 sec/track and 82 tracks/
 disk.  When Mess-Dos comes up, it will say something like:


 (I just tried it with MS-DOS 3.3 and it  said "Unrecognized command in
 CONFIG.SYS," but I know it works with DOS 4.01)

 Then you can type "dir d:" and the computer will say
 "Put disk for drive D: in drive B:"
 You slip it the disk, and bingo, r/w twister disks, no problems.

 Note that I make no guarantees that this'll work; I had no problems, and
 used it AT MY OWN RISK.  Please consult your Mess-Doss manual for
 information on DRIVPARM.  I have not tried it with the disks produced by
 FORMAT11, as my system cannot reliably r/w these disks.  Sorry.

 Also note that there is NO E in DRIVPARM! It stung me three times!

 From: wolfram@cip-s06.informatik.rwth-aachen.de (Wolfram Roesler)

 larserio@IFI.UIO.NO (LarsErikOsterud) writes:

 >Does any one have a program to tranfer files to/from Portfolio using
  the parallell port on an Atari ST ???  If NOT - Does any one have
  enough info on the Portfolio paralell transfer protocol and on the St
  centronics interface to make such a program?

 There is a program for parallel communication available in Germany, but
 I don't know the name or where to obtain it.  Sorry, but keep looking.
 There is however a program for serial communication using xmodem.  It is
 very small (about 2K) but useful program.  It can transfer text (thus
 turning the portfolio into a serial terminal) and binary files.  All you
 need is a terminal program on the ST (Uniterm works) and a serial cable.
 The program comes from Holland and is part of a book called "Das
 Portfolio Praxisbuch" which is available in Germany.

 From: wright@hpcc01.HP.COM (Jeff Wright)

 Here is a summary of information I got from a question a few months ago
 (sorry to take awhile; didn't get the feeling anybody was too
 interested).  Basically the question was "what key sequences does GEM
 respond to?":

 "Classic" GEM keys:
  alt-help                           screen dump
  esc                                re-read disk for active window
  mouse left + shift                 select additional files

 TOS 1.4 GEM keys:
  mouse left + ctrl                  move instead of copy
  ctrl-alt-del                       warm reboot
  ctrl-alt-shift-del                 cold reboot
  dbl-click+shift on back window     run program with cwd == top window
    (no tos1.4: cwd == back window)
  click+shift                        toggle selection

 Show file keys:
  space                              page forward
  return                             line forward
  q                                  exit show

 From: ekrimen@ecst.csuchico.edu (Ed Krimen)

 - I think I soon will need a CD-ROM.
 - So please everybody having knowledge and/or experience about
 - CD-ROMs + ST, please answer.
 - What drives available? Where? Prices? Compatibility?

 I've seen the Atari CD-ROM.  It's strange seeing the Atari logo on such
 an exotic device.

 Computer Rock in San Francisco advertises them in ST Informer, but they
 haven't had them or have been able to get them for months and months.
 I overheard the tech saying to a customer on the phone that Atari is
 redesigning it or something.  (How's that for a big fat rumor? :^)  I'm
 sure you can get them over in Europe better than we can here, but then
 you probably knew that already.

 I guess you don't need to know about prices (around $600) and
 compatibility (I think High Sierra and ISO-something-something -- the
 major ones) since they're difficult to get.

 From: gaudreau@juggler.East.Sun.COM (Joe Gaudreau - Sun BOS Software)

 Since there has been a lot of interest lately in the Mega/Ste line, I
 figure it's time to add my two cents worth.  Being a developer, I really
 wanted one of these machines, so I went for it and the machine arrived
 on the 22nd of January.  A day to remember fondly :-)

 Gregory Carter has recently given a good overview of the hardware and
 hopefully, he'll tear his machine apart and let us know more about it.
 Since software is my main bent, I'll describe the new desktop features
 of TOS 2.05.

 General details of the machine include a "wedding cake" box (it's not a
 pizza-box).  The case is the standard Atari grey which matches the SF314
 floppy drive and the new SC1435 stereo color monitor.  The CPU box is
 really quite attractive and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.
 In all ways that I'm familiar with, the Mega/Ste looks just like a TT.
 The only details that may differ are: Color of letters on the keyboard
 is dark Navy blue (TT is reported to have green keys) and the mouse ball
 is grey (TT has white?).

 Other details:  The keyboard is excellent.  It is somewhat like the new
 keyboards found on Sun Microsystem's Sparcs.  Pretty nifty since I use a
 Sparcstation daily.  The CPU box has a nice fan which isn't too loud and
 hopefully will keep things cool.  The top of the case is WELL ventilated
 as is the HD section.  I should point out that the smaller part of the
 CPU box contains the HD, which is supposed to be a Seagate 157N, 48.6
 MBs.  No known specs on ms.  Atari has recently upgraded the HDX
 software to version 402.  While the Mega/Ste HD is shipped formatted,
 partitioned and ready to go, mine didn't come with the HDX utilities
 (you still need to install the HD), so I had a few days wait to get them
 from Atari.  The tech support crew were very helpful in this regard.

 The VME port is vacant on my machine although the slot cover has been
 used to add the serial 2 connector.  Something would have to be done if
 ever a card is added...  The serial 2 and the LAN port are one and the
 same, even though there are two different connectors, I'm told that they
 cannot be used simultaneously.  Hmmmm.

 Right now, the desktop.  Looking from left to right, the pull-downs are
 as follows: Desk, File, View, Options.  There is also the new control
 panel under Desk and the help key menu.

 Desk -
 Desktop Info...
 ...various .acc as usual

 File -
 Open [O]
 Show Information... [S]
 Search... [L]          Searches thru all selected devices for filename,
                        wild cards work.
 Delete Item [!]
 Create Folder [F]
 Close Directory [B]
 Close Top Window [C]
 Bottom to Top [W]
 Select All Items [E]
 Set File Mask [X]
 Format Floppy Disk

 View -
 Show as Icons [9] *
 Show as Text  [0] *
 Sort by Name
 Sort by Date
 Sort by Size
 Sort by Type
 No Sort
 Size to Fit
 Set Color & Style

 Options -
 Install Icon           Select your choice of icon for device, file, etc.
 Install Application... Install an application to desktop (&/or func key)
                        path names, auto boot, tos/ttp/gem/prg, args, doc
                        type, default dir, parameter (full or local file
                        name), etc.
 Install Devices
 Remove Desktop Icon [R] Includes anything you can drag onto desk top. It
                         is quite cute to have emacs on the desktop, drag
                         a file on the icon (which looks like a pencil &
                         paper - thanx to TOS 2.05) and edit it.  Emacs
                         knows to install application default dir.
 Set Preferences...        Confirmation for delete, copy, overwrite, and
                           of course, low, medium, and high.
 Read .INF File...         Allows for multiple .INFs for different rezs,
                           work styles, and projects, etc...
 Desktop Configuration [M] Global settings for default dir and parameter
                           (these are overriden by install application),
                           Function key assignments (view or edit from
                           install application, or whatever you like),
                           Define single keystrokes for anything that is
                           on menus...  Change, clear, etc., show free
 Save Desktop [V]
 Print Screen

 * ==> Keys that I assigned (ie not default).

 The [HELP] key gives you two boxes of text:
 [ALT]+Open Folder - Open new folder into a new window
 [CTRL][?] - Replace top window with drive ?
 [ALT][?] - Open drive ? into a new window
 arrows - Scroll window contents
 [ESC] - Update top window
 [HELP] - Show help menu
 [UNDO] - Stop any file operation
 [CTRL][ALT][RSHIFT][DEL] - Cold boot
 [CTRL][ALT][RSHIFT] - Warm boot

 [CTRL]+Drag Files - Move files
 [CTRL][ALT]+Drag Files - Move and rename files
 [ALT]+Drag Files - Copy and rename files
 [ALT][HELP] - Screen dump to printer
 [ALT][1..6] - Change resolution [No the Mega/STe doesn't have 6 rezzes
                                  normal 3, extra 3 for TT :-(]
 [CR] - Deselect all items
 [>] - Print top window contents

 The Control-Panel is pretty slick.  It has the following features:
 o Shows time and Date
 o Options/About
 o Options/Setup - 12/24 hour time display, # cpx slots, cpx dir
 o Color Setup - RGB sliders define what color you have for this rez on
   the desktop (2/4/16 for high/medium/low).
 o Configure CPXs - Text/Icon color, RAM resident or not.
 o General Setup - Status TOS version 2.05, TOS date 12/05/1990, free
   ram//  Set response rate, Set repeat rate, Set mouse click speed,
   blitter on or off, CPU speed (8, 16, 16 w/cache).
 o Mouse accelerator & screen saver/black-out (with modem activity
 o Modem stuff - the usual.
 o Sound - L/R balance, bass, treble, volume
 o Window Colors - 16 color windows in low - anything about window can be
   set, only 4 colors in medium, but it looks cool, change the color and
   pattern for almost everything.  No more icky Atari green.  There might
   be a way to set individual colors for each icon on the screen but I
   haven't figured out how (yet).  Anybody?

 Disk operations seem a lot faster than what I was used to with TOS 1.4.
 The disk copy operation (I tried it once, okay? :-) reads the whole disk
 into memory before writing it out.  File copies are read file by file
 but the whole file is read.

 With this "new" TOS/desktop, I have to wonder why I'd want to run a
 replacement desktop (that's not to say that they aren't handy for some).
 TOS now functions in a way that is useful, which is a treat to say the
 least.  F10 has Gulam-*07 hooked into it for any shell things I want to
 do, F9 is hooked into Emacs 3.10s (which is also pretty cute) and also
 tied in as a desktop icon.  I suppose I'll put Turbo-C onto F8.  With
 the new key mappings and such, you don't have to touch the mouse if you
 don't want to.  Being used to Emacs, using keyboard accelerators is
 quite natural and desired.  Nice move by the Atari programming crew.

 Now only if I could run Star Raiders...  Oh yes, as far as problems with
 TOS incompatibility, I have run across a few programs that don't play
 nice, but overall I'm not worried by it.

 From: erc@radon.berkeley.edu (Eric Ng)

 For information on the list format and on submitting your ratings, see
 the end of this posting and the article entitled "ABOUT THE VIDEO GAMES
 RATINGS REPORT" in the newsgroup rec.games.video.


 New  Distribution  Votes  Rank  Title
      ..00111120      41   7.0  Blue Lightning
      0.01113100      54   6.3  California Games
      ..00001221      44   8.0  Chip's Challenge
      .00112110.      36   5.7  Electrocop
      0.0002121.      37   6.4  Gates Of Zendocon
      0.0123200.      39   5.7  Gauntlet III
      ......0134      30   9.1  Klax
      ..1..1.6..       6   6.8  Ms. Pac-Man
      ..1.4.13..       9   6.0  Paperboy
      ......2422       5   8.4  Rampage
      ....0.0520      12   8.1  Roadblasters
      ..1.2212.1       9   6.4  Robosquash
      ......55..       2   7.5  Rygar
      ...0013110      27   7.1  Slime World
      ....002121      17   8.0  Xenophobe
      ......1152       8   8.9  Zarlor Mercenary

 New Distribution  Votes  Rank  Title
      .........*       1  10.0  A Day At The Races
      .3.....3.3       3   6.7  Airball
      ..22.5....       4   4.8  Arctic Fox
      ....3.33..       3   6.7  Arkanoid
      ....*.....       1   5.0  Artura
      ........*.       1   9.0  Baal
      ....5..5..       2   6.5  Barbarian
      .......*..       1   8.0  Bard's Tale I
      .....*....       2   6.0  Batman
 *    .......*..       1   8.0  Block-Out
      ........*.       1   9.0  Blockbuster
      .....5...5       2   8.0  Blood Money
      .......*..       1   8.0  Bloodwych
      *.........       1   1.0  Breakers
      ........*.       1   9.0  Cadaver
      .......135       6   9.3  Chaos Strikes Back
      .....*....       1   6.0  Demon's Winter
      ......*...       1   7.0  Dogs Of War
      .......135      13   9.4  Dungeon Master
      .....*....       4   6.0  Empire Strikes Back, The
      .....1142.       7   7.9  Falcon
      ......4.6.       5   8.2  Flight Simulator
 *    .......*..       1   8.0  Full Metal Planet
      .........*       1  10.0  Gold Of The Aztecs
      ..2..422..       5   6.0  Goldrunner
      ........55       2   9.5  Gunship
      ......*...       1   7.0  Heroes Of The Lance
      .....*....       1   6.0  Jinxter
      ...1..313.       6   7.3  Joust
      .....55...       2   6.5  Leisure Suit Larry I
      .....5.5..       2   7.0  Leisure Suit Larry II
      .......*..       1   8.0  Lombard Rally
      .....5.5..       2   7.0  Mean 18
      ........*.       1   9.0  Microleague Baseball
      ......3..6       3   9.0  Midimaze
      .....55...       2   6.5  Mission Impossible II
      ..*.......       1   3.0  Moebius
      .*........       1   2.0  Nine Princes In Amber
      .......*..       1   8.0  Obliterator
      ..22.2.2..       4   5.2  Pawn, The
      ........*.       1   9.0  Phantasie III
      .......521       7   8.6  Populous
      ........*.       1   9.0  Pro Tennis Tour
      ........*.       1   9.0  Questron II
      .....244..       5   7.2  R-Type
      ....424...       5   6.0  Return Of The Jedi, The
      .....*....       1   6.0  Rings Of Zilfin
      .11..131..       6   5.5  Roadwar 2000
      ......*...       1   7.0  Rocket Ranger
      ....2242..       5   6.6  Rogue
      ...5..5...       2   5.5  Rolling Thunder
      ....*.....       1   5.0  Shadow Of The Beast
      .....2242.       5   7.6  Shanghai
      .....2222.       4   7.5  Silent Service
      ......2.52       4   8.8  Simcity
      ..*.......       1   3.0  Sorcerer Lord
      .....63...       3   6.3  Space Harrier II
      .......*..       2   8.0  Space Quest III
 *    .......*..       1   8.0  Speedball II
      .....55...       2   6.5  Star Wars
      ...1.51.1.       7   6.3  Starglider
      .......*..       1   8.0  Starglider II
      .....5.5..       2   7.0  Sundog
      .......*..       1   8.0  T.V. Sports Football
      .*........       1   2.0  Terrorpods
      ...*......       1   4.0  Tetris
      .....513..       6   6.8  Time Bandit
      .........*       1  10.0  Ultima IV
      .....55...       2   6.5  Wargame Construction Set
      .......*..       2   8.0  Wayne Gretzky Hockey
      ...3...3.3       3   7.3  Xenon
      .......55.       2   8.5  Xenon 2
      .5..11.1..       6   4.2  Xevious

 In this list, games have been rated on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the
 best and 1 being the worst.  For each game, the total number of votes,
 the average rating, and the vote distribution are shown.  New games are
 indicated by a "*" before their entry.  If a "(C)" appears after the
 title it means that the game is a CD-ROM or disc system title.  If a
 "(J)" appears after the title it means that the game is currently only
 available in Japan.

 The general guideline for ratings is:

 8-10 worth buying at full price
 6-7  worth buying at a discount, or if you're particularly interested
     in this kind of game
 3-5  only worth renting
 2    only worth playing for free, and only for a few minutes
 1    worthless

 The vote distribution uses a single character to represent the
 percentage of votes for each ranking.  The following character codes can

 "." no votes cast        "3" 30-39% of the votes "7" 70-79% of the votes
 "0"  1-9%  of the votes  "4" 40-49% of the votes "8" 80-89% of the votes
 "1" 10-19% of the votes  "5" 50-59% of the votes "9" 90-99% of the votes
 "2" 20-29% of the votes  "6" 60-69% of the votes "*" 100%   of the votes

 Please consult the article entitled "ABOUT THE VIDEO GAME RATINGS
 REPORT" in the newsgroup rec.games.video for more details, including
 information on how to vote.

 Questions, comments, problems, and errors should be directed to the list
 maintainer at either of the below addresses:

 Ctsy GEnie JERRY RT

 Category 4,  Topic 15 Message 1         Tue Feb 05, 1991  JERRYP

 There will be a short writeup of the Atari TT030 in the May BYTE.  My
 first impressions of this machine are very favorable.  It's fast and
 smooth.  What I don't have is a lot of Atari software.  Somehow nearly
 my entire collection has vanished: business software and games alike.
 Alas, even Sundog and Dungeon Master seem to have found their way into
 the Chaos.  (Please do not infer that I consider the Atari tt030
 primarily a games machine.  It isn't, and I don't.)

 Anyway, I will be colleting Atari software for the next few months; let
 me know if you've got something you think I should look at.

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