ST Report: 09-Nov-90 #645

From: Kevin Steele (aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/24/90-08:48:51 PM Z

From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: ST Report: 09-Nov-90  #645
Date: Sat Nov 24 20:48:51 1990

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     - The Editor's Desk      - COMDEX Preview    - CPU MacNews
     - SEURAT 2.0!!!          - IBM PS/1          - STe RE-EXAMINED!
     - CODEHEAD UTILITIES     - Toshiba LapTop    - FIREFIGHT!!
     - WP Update 11/1/90      - CANADA SHIPS TT!  - STR Confidential

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     Ok, so  its  the  weekend  before  Comdex,  and  "not  a  creature was
 stirring,".. er  ah, wait!  Wrong story, wrong time of the year!  Is
 it really though?  Aren't all of us waiting ever so patiently  to discover
 what the  NEW is  going to be from Atari?  Granted, Christmas it isn't but
 the anxiety for some of us is just as high.  What with the "rumors" of the
 16Mhz Mega  STe with  a nifty,  built in  hard disk  and a  VME port being
 housed in a TT look-a-like cabinet being just a few of the neat "revelati-
 ons" coming our way from Comdex how can we not be excited?
     Could it  be the  Bundle discount  STe deal  is still a viable entity?
 Will we see the bottom end  of  the  line  in  the  discount  houses thus,
 ensuring and  rapid growth  rate in the userbase?  Hope so.  Maybe we will
 see that new neato 16bit fully dedicated game machine too.  Along with the
 new  monitors  and  SLM  605,  Atari  will have a very nice show going for
 itself at Comdex....
     My little birdie has yet to fail me, elsewhere in this issue  are SOME
 of the  new products  and their  prices (list).  Comdex will prove to be a
 very exciting show for Atari enthusiasts as it  will reveal  that Atari is
 alive and well.

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                  WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (Nov. 9)


 Please join  us in  welcoming MAXWELL  CPU to  the Atari Vendors Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN).  MAXWELL CPU will be occupying Message Section 6 and Library 6.
 You can address messages for MAXWELL to User ID number [75300,674]

 The following files are now available in Library 6 of ATARIVEN:

                 MAXWEL.TXT - Maxwell CPU Company Overview

            PROD.TXT   - A catalog of products from MAXWELL CPU

 We're also  happy to  welcome Double  Click software  to the Atari Vendors
 Forum.  Double Click will be occupying Message  Section 13  and Library 13
 in ATARIVEN.  You can write to them at User ID number 75300,577.


 ISD Marketing  has uploaded  CNTST.ARC to  Library 17 of the Atari Vendors
 Forum (GO ATARIVEN).  This file contains the  four winning  entries in the
 Calamus  Outline  Art  contest  and  a  fifth entry which earned Honorable


 Enter GO START to read over  this month's  edition of  START ONLINE.   New
 features include:  Software Shelf, articles on MIDI and the ST, User Group
 Listing updates, new reviews, and more.

 Lawrence Estep will be  continually  updating  START  ONLINE's  User Group
 listings.   Please send any updates and/or corrections to Lawrence at User
 ID number 71450,1050.


 We've established Message Section 16 and Library 16 in the Atari Portfolio
 Forum  (GO  APORTFOLIO)  for  New  Product  Announcements  relating to the




   Issue # 90

 by Michael Arthur

 CPU MacNews?


       Apple Corps. Ltd (the Beatles' recording company) filed  a trademark
 suit against  Apple in  February 1989,  charging that Apple had violated a
 1981 agreement between itself  and  Apple  Corps.    While  this agreement
 allowed Apple  Computer to  use the  Apple Logo (which had been previously
 trademarked by Apple Corps), it prohibited  Apple from  producing products
 that could synthesize music.  However, the Apple Macintosh is now a leader
 in the MIDI music industry, with Apple making  a MIDI  Manager Toolbox for
 its System  Software.   Also, the  recently announced  Mac LC and Mac IIsi
 have a built in  sound  digitizer  chip  that  could  easily  be  used for
 synthesizing music.

       Apple Corps.  is asking for an injunction against sales of all Apple
 computers that violate the agreement, and for royalties  on past  sales of
 such computers.   Apple  Computer has  denied Apple Corps' charges, saying
 that the lawsuit violates European  antitrust  laws.    However,  if Apple
 Corps wins  its lawsuit, Apple Computer may have to pay up to $200 million
 in royalties to Apple  Corps, and  may have  to stop  selling much  of the
 Macintosh line of computers.



       Motorola has  recently introduced an RF (radio frequency) LAN system
 that will allow wireless computer networks to be installed in corporations
 and businesses.  Called the Wireless In-building Network (or WIN), it uses
 radio signals to transmit data throughout a Local Area Network (LAN). With
 it, users  can connect  personal computers, terminals, and workstations to
 LANs without using cables.

       Conventional LAN  systems (like  Ethernet or  AppleTalk) use special
 cables to  link computers.  It is often expensive to install these cables,
 and "wired" LANs can't be set up as quickly as Wireless LANs.   Motorola's
 WIN  LAN  is  50  percent  faster  than the industry-standard Ethernet LAN
 systtem, allowing data transfer speeds of 15 megabits per second. Designed
 by Motorola's Radio Telephone Systems Group, this wireless LAN system will
 be shipping in the first quarter of 1991.

       Wireless LANs are very convenient for companies that currently don't
 have LAN cables installed, or sites where computer equipment is frequently
 moved.  However, some  industry  analysts  estimate  that  the  market for
 wireless LANs won't become feasible for several years....


      In a  series of  announcements, IBM  has introduced two products that
 could quicly establish dominant  standards in  the microcomputer industry.
 It is  now shipping OS/2 Version 1.3, which requires only 2 Megs of RAM to
 run 2-3 OS/2 applications.  OS/2 1.3's performance  is similar  to that of
 Microsoft  Windows   3.0,  and  IBM  is  using  it  to  revitalize  OS/2's
 popularity.  Many systems now running  Windows 3.0  should be  able to run
 OS/2 1.3,  and IBM  is marketing this version of OS/2 as an alternative to
 Microsoft's graphical environment.

       IBM has also announced the XGA Graphics Standard.  Part  of its PS/2
 Model  95  line  of  high-end  33  MHZ  80486-based  systems, the Extended
 Graphics  Array  (XGA)  standard  has  a   1024*768  resolution   and  can
 simultaneously display  256 colors out of a 16 million color palette.  The
 XGA Graphics Adapter also  acts as  a graphics  processor, handling screen
 displays without  the help  of the Model 95's 80486 chip.  The XGA Adapter
 is fully compatible with IBM's CGA, EGA, and  VGA graphics  standards, but
 is 50-90 percent faster than VGA when running DOS/Windows applications....


       NEC and Texas Instruments have announced significant progress in
 their efforts to ship the first 16-megabit memory chips.  NEC is now
 building a 40,000 square meter plant that will be able to produce over
 four million DRAM chips per month.  When completed in 1992, it will make
 both 4-Megabit and 16-megabit DRAM chips.  NEC has also announced the
 development of chip fabrication technology that will allow 64-Megabit DRAM
 chips (for 64 Megs of RAM per chipset) to be introduced in the mid-1990s.

        Texas Instruments  has begun sampling two versions of its prototype
 16-Megabit DRAM chips, and expects to begin low-volume  shipments of these
 chips in  late 1991.   However,  TI is  only now beginning to mass produce
 4-Megabit DRAM chips, while Japanese  companies  have  been  selling these
 memory chips  for several  months.   In 1990,  the market  for DRAM memory
 chips was worth over $6.6 billion dollars, and  Dataquest (a  major market
 research firm) estimates that it will grow to over $18 billion by 1994....


       IBM has recently settled a patent-infringement suit with Rodime over
 US patents on 3.5-inch hard disk drives.  In this agreement, IBM  will pay
 an undisclosed  sum to  Rodime, and both companies will cross-license each
 other's patents.  IBM also acknowledged that Rodime's patents, which cover
 a widely-used aspect of 3.5-inch hard disk technology, were valid.

       IBM's settlement  will greatly help Rodime, who is now involved in a
 patent-infringement lawsuit with Conner  Peripherals  (another  major hard
 disk drive  manufacturer).   Rodime is preparing to use the IBM settlement
 to enforce its patents (and get large patent royalties) from several other
 companies that make 3.5-inch hard disk drives....




 November 5, 1990 Urbana, IL

     In April  of 1990, an AtariFest was held in Pittsburgh, PA.  Following
 this show, there were numerous reports  in the  press regarding  piracy as
 allegedly  exhibited  by  showgoers.   Accusations of software piracy were
 lodged at a Pittsburgh user group, the Atari Elite.  A discussion  of this
 issue emerged  in the  ST RT  bulletin board  area on  GEnie, and  I was a
 participant in this discussion.

     Readers of my posts in this  regard may  have been  influenced to bel-
 ieve allegations  regarding the  Elite.   I would, therefore, like to make
 it perfectly  clear that  I have  absolutely no  first -  hand evidence to
 support any  allegations of  piracy on  the part of this group or its mem-
 bership.  I am  not acquainted  with any  member, have  never attended its
 meetings, and  did not  attend the Pittsburgh show.  I am very sorry if my
 unsubstantiated remarks have resulted in unwarranted  discomfort or embar-
 rassment or any  other kind of negative outcome for anyone associated with
 the Atari Elite.

     The discussion on GEnie  was  heated  and  emotional  because software
 theft is  a very  serious issue  among developers.  On the very weekend of
 the Pittsburgh show, an  online  magazine  published  an  article  I wrote
 about this  issue and  how it  affects the development of new software for
 the Atari ST and, consequently, reduces  the  value  of  the  hardware in-
 vestment of  each and  every ST  user.   Software theft  is not the _only_
 serious issue faced by  Atari and  its users  and developers,  but it _is_
 nevertheless a  significant threat  to the future of the ST.  The Indepen-
 dent Association of Atari Developers  (IAAD),  of  which  I  am  a member,
 considers this  issue of  such importance  that one  of its first acts has
 been the publication of  an anti-piracy  advertisement in  several magazi-
 nes.   These magazines, in turn, have considered this issue of such impor-
 tance that they have donated the space for this ad.

     I would urge ST users to take this issue seriously, also, and  to _do_
 something about  it.   You should  beware of (and report!) bulletin boards
 with "elite access" areas.  Please discourage software  sharing among your
 friends.   I would  urge users groups to take a clear public stand against
 software theft.  Those  who hold  commercial libraries  are urged  to stop
 circulating commercial  software; the very existence of a group commercial
 lending library is an invitation to software theft and gives  the appeara-
 nce of  condoning or  even promoting piracy, even when that group consists
 only of the most honorable individuals.

     One of the main themes of the post-show  discussion in  the GEnie bul-
 letin board  was the  apparent social acceptability of software theft.  If
 any positive outcome is to emerge from the  Pittsburgh show,  let it  be a
 universal condemnation  of pirate  activities.  The Atari ST and _all_ its
 users will be better off for it.

                                        Sincerely, D.A. Brumleve

 Copyright 1990 by D.A. Brumleve
 Permission to reprint without amendment or abridgement is hereby granted.

       In witnessing a  courageous  effort  such  as  Dorothy  Brumleve has
 exhibited  in  her  apology  to  the  Atari Elite Usergroup.  It is indeed
 refreshing and absolutely reassuring to find that there  is still  a sense
 of fair  play in  our Atari community.  Hats off to Dorothy for "doing the
 right thing!"  Ed.

     Atari  Elite's  J.  Karlovich,  expressed  that   he  felt   it  quite
 appropriate to  offer, "sincere  thanks and congratulations to Dorothy for
 having undertaken such a responsible and courageous task," he said.   "She
 has  won  our  admiration  and  co-operation,  of  this there is no doubt.
 "There is no shame in speaking the truth,"  Karlovich said.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.

               -> NOW!  GENIE STAR SERVICE IS IN EFFECT!! <-


 > WP 4.1 NEW!!!STR InfoFile?                     NOV 1, 1990 RELEASE INFO!

                     WORDPERFECT 4.1 FOR THE ATARI ST

 (Nov 1, 1990 Release)

 1.  Support for the large screen monitors  has  been  added.  It  has been
     tested on  a Moniterm 1280x960 monochrome monitor and an Image Systems
     (ISAC Board) 1024x768 16 Color Board  with a  multisync color monitor.
     Any incompatibilities should be reported to our customer support dept.

 2.  Some RamDisk  Software and other Desk Accessories would cause only the
     Directories to be seen in "List Files".  This incompatibility has been

 3.  Better FSEL  support has been added to correct display problems caused
     by using the System File Selector option.

 4.  The complete document path and name is now display in the window title

 5.  The window  positions and  sizes are automatically saved when you exit
     WordPerfect.  If this option is not desired then leave  the window the
     full size and no change will be noticed.  It is advised to reduce your
     window size on a large screen monitor to reduce the  time it  takes to
     update the screen.

 6.  If you  are using  a single  floppy system  and you should not use the
     drive B: option, due  to a  flaw in  the System  File Selector (FSEL),
     switching to  disk B will confuse the system and possibly garbage your
     disk. Most third party file selectors don't seem to have this problem.

 7.  The LOOK option in List Files has been changed to  use a  window to be
     compatible to the large screen monitors.

 8.  Options that  use a dialog at the bottom of the screen with the window
     resized now behave better when using the mouse.

 9.  Support for retrieving and  saving IBM  WordPerfect 4.2  files and IBM
     text  files  has  been  added  to the menubar as "Import/Export" under
     "File" and the "Text In/Out" option (C-F5).

 Print/Font Disks

 Instead of just a Print disk and a Font disk,  there are  now 4 Print/Font
 disks with  the printer  defintions and font definitions on the same disk.
 This should make printing a little easier with  not as  much disk swapping
 for single drive users.  We have broken them down as follows:

          Print/Font Disk 1
               Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel, Ink Jet Printers
          Print/Font Disk 2
               Laser Printers
          Print/Font Disk 3
               Postscript Printers
          Print/Font Disk 4
               Limited Support Printers

 All  of  the  utility  programs  (PRINTER.PRG, SPELLER.PRG, etc.) now work
 properly with the large screen monitors.

                            ATARI WORD PERFECT
                            MAINTENANCE UPDATE

    WordPerfect 4.1 for the Atari will begin shipping on November 5th.

                           ORDERING INFORMATION

 Registered WordPerfect Atari users may obtain the maintenance update for
 $15.00 (U.S funds) plus a $3.00 shipping charge  (Canadian shipping starts
 at $10.00) by calling:
                        (800) 222-9409 in the U.S.
                         (800) 446-4652 in Canada
                              by writing to:

              WordPerfect Corporation Atari Products Division
                     P.O. Box 731 Orem, UT 84059-0731

 Be sure  to include  a check or money order, your WordPerfect Registration
 number, and your preference of Print disk(s).

 The  additional  print  disks  are  available  for  $10  each,  or  for an
 additional $2.50 each, if ordered with the maintenance update.  Registered
 WordPerfect Atari users can receive technical support by calling:
                     (800) 321-3271 or (801) 226-8660.




               Spectrum Holobyte ships OPERATION: FIREFIGHT

 To enhance the award-winning FALCON F-16 fighter simulation

                          Category: Flight Simulation
                       Suggested Retail Price: $29.95

     ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA, September 28,1990-Spectrum HoloByte today
 announced the release of OPERATION: FIREFIGHT, the FALCON MISSION DISK II,
 for Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers. Like its predecessor, OPERATI-
 ON: COUNTERSTRIKE  , the program works with the company's award-winning F-
 16 fighter simulation, FALCON, expanding it to a  full campaign  with non-
 stop action.

     Twelve  brand  new  missions  comprise the game's overall campaign and
 present the player with all new challenges, strategy  and adventure.   The
 missions are  designed for  successive play  with the overall objective to
 defend the player's home territory against  ongoing land  and air invasion
 and to gain numerical superiority of tanks over the enemy.

     The original  Mission Disk  is an offensive attack on the enemy's bat-
 tlefield with primarily air to ground combat. In contrast, the enemy in
 Mission Disk II invades the player's territory and  ignites fierce air-to-
 air fighting. Both programs present different challenges and combat situa-
 tions and add new dimensions to the popular FALCON fighter simulation.

     A deadlier breed of air combat enemy confronts the pilot in OPERATION:
 FIREFIGHT.  Enemy  forces  include  three  types of air opposition- MiG-21
 Fishbed, MiG-27 Flogger, and  Mi-24 Hind  helicopter-and the ever-menacing
 T-80 tanks.  Players will  find the new Hind helicopter quick, elusive and
 challenging one-on-one. For even greater competition, selecting the "Extra
 Aircraft" option  will prompt  the enemy to send out a second set of airc-
 raft for the pilot to contend with.

     While defending the Headquarters sector and his plane  against assault
 from threatening  MiGs and Hind helicopters, the fighter pilot is asked to
 fly missions to destroy  the enemy's  pontoon bridges,  vital supply lines
 and T-80  tanks. Timing  and strategy are essential as each mission mounts
 an increased challenge. For example, as  enemy planes  approach Headquart-
 ers, the  pilot can  concentrate on fending them off, knowing that no hos-
 tile tanks can enter the territory because the  pontoon bridge  was destr-
 oyed in a previous mission.

     The  player's  F-16  is  loaded  with  today's state-of-the-art weapon
 systems. Two  new missiles  have been  added: the  AMRAAM (Advanced Medium
 Range Air-to-Air  Missle) for  long range attacks and the HARM (High-Speed
 Anti-Radiation Missle) for accuracy and power  against SAM  sites. Another
 effective  defense  is  the  ASPJ  (Advanced Self-Protection Jammer) which
 emits signals that jam the enemy's radar.

     Just as in the original FALCON,every  enemy target  destroyed contrib-
 utes toward  success, but  points are awarded for destroying specific tar-
 gets depending on which  mission has  been selected.  Five levels  of dif-
 ficulty, designated  by rank  from 1st Lieutenant through Colonel, are the
 same as in the original FALCON. Also retained is the awards system.

     Pilots who display sufficent merit may be decorated  with one  of five
 medals from  the Purple Heart to the Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor is
 awarded only for achieving numerical superiority of tanks  while flying at
 Major rank or higher (top three levels).

     The original  FALCON has  won numerous  awards, including three awards
 from the Software Publishers Association- Best  Simulation, Best  Action, 
 Strategy Game, and Best Technical Achievement.

     OPERATION:  FIREFIGHT,for  the  Atari  ST  and the Commodore Amiga are
 available through regular retail  channels. Each  version has  a suggested
 retail price of $29.95. The original FALCON program is required to run the
 new programs. 512K RAM is needed for basic  features and  one megabyte Ram
 for enhanced sound and graphics.


 > CODEHEAD UTILITIES STR FOCUS?               CodeHead Utilities Release 3

 A question  was asked  about CodeHead Utilities in the CodeKeys topic.  In
 searching this topic for message to which to refer, I  realized that there
 is no  information about  the release #3 update.  For complete information
 about the original Utilities package read message #1  in this  topic.  The
 following is a description of the release #3 update:

                     CodeHead Utilities Release 3

 In the  third release  of CodeHead  Utilities, nearly  all of the programs
 have been updated, most notably the CodeHead RAM Disk and CodeCopy.

  Features of CodeHead RAM Disk 2.0:

  o May be installed and removed from the desktop as many times as you
    like, while still maintaining its reset-proof security.

  o No double reset is required when installing.

  o Automatically re-installs itself on resets without having to run the
    program again.

  o Allows use of drive letters A-Z.

  o You can piggyback the RAM disk on top of an existing drive.

  o Automatically installs an entire drive full of folders and files in
    one quick operation. 

  o Automatically sizes itself to fit a previous setup, eliminating
    wasted memory.

  o Runs AUTO programs and accessories from the RAM disk for
    lightning-fast bootups. 

  o Reboots from RAM disk without reading hard disk or floppy drives.  A
    real boon to floppy users.

  o Four preset floppy sizes allow you to create images of floppy disks.

  o Command line options allow you to completely configure all features
    from a command line.

  o Optimized read/write routines for fastest possible operation.

  o Uses the blitter, if available, for even faster speed yet.

  o Intelligent sizing of FAT table allows RAM disks greater than 2 MEG.


 CodeCopy 1.2  now has  complete command  line control,  allows drives A-Z,
 aborts a  command line with Alternate key, and a bell pitch of zero offers
 silence with no pause. 

 CapsLock now includes two versions, CapsLeft  and CapsRight,  allowing you
 to  start  from  either  side  of  the  screen.    Both versions are still

 ArtGallery now accepts a command line  so that  you can  install it  as an
 application and simply (double) click on the picture you wish to view.

 Auto  Organizer,  ZeroDisk,  and  Lens  have had minor enhancements or bug

 CodeHead Utilities includes the  latest  shareware  versions  of ArcShell,
 Desk Manager,  Little Green  Selector, and  PinHead, although the price of
 CodeHead Utilities does  not  include  any  shareware  payments  for these


 > SEURAT 2.0!! STR InfoFile?             Superb Grafix editor....

                        SEURAT VERSION 2.0 UPGRADES!

   SKWare One PO Box 277
   Bunker Hill, IL 62014
     Now, the Best Bargain in Atari ST Graphics Programs just got Better!
      SEURAT Version 2.0 has added a host of new features, improvements,
             and image power to what was already a great deal!


 * Create and Edit Degas, MacPaint and GEM IMG files (any size!)  Largest
   workspace onto IMG's of ANY program! (reqs. mono mon.)  Now, you can
   use the full resources of SEURAT to create and edit images for your
   Desktop Publishing, using powerful raster tools and working in a fami-
   liar Paint Program environment!  Enjoy the best of both worlds!

 * THE FASTEST Multi-Ratio Zoom (2X to 8X) there is for the ST!  SEURAT
   Vers. 2.0 is 121 times faster than V. 1.0 and TWICE as fast as Degas!

 * System, Degas and GDOS fonts on-line for text (with no GDOS.PRG
      required!)  You can Scale, Style, Color and Rotate Text!

 * Automatic Smooth-Curve Spline Drawing Tools! Let your ST draw for you!

 * EIGHT Image Buffers available on a 1-Meg ST!

 * SlowMouse! Variable-Speed mouse makes Drawing Easier!

 * Anti-Alias (and it's goof-proof)! Powerful Palette Editor with video-
   like color controls! Modify whole palettes with a single mouse stroke!

 * Loads and Saves Compressed & Uncompressed Degas, MacPaint, and GEM
   IMG files; IFF (Degas) and GFA blocks; fill, brush and palette files.
 * There's also 11 block shapers & twisters to modify image blocks
   (now full-screen, too); 92 color & mono fill patterns; 42 brushes
   including user-defined and multi-colored; 4 graphic write modes &
   21 block & mask write modes; circle, ellipse & filled disc in free,
   repeat & concentric modes; round- & square-cornered rectangles &
   solids; rays; airbrush; clear-circle & clear-box; vertical, horizon-
   tal & free lines; polylines & polygons in line-edge or spline-curve;
   area & seed fill; user-set clipping ("invisible windows"); color
   remap; mirror; screen shift, flip, invert & rotate; fill editor;
   brush editor; line editor; gobs of great disk functions like Format
   and a Super File Directory; and a hundred or so other features
   there's no room to mention here...  whew!

 * INDISPENSIBLE for GEM IMG graphics for your Desktop Publishing!  More
   graphic tools and operations for creating and editing .IMG files than
      ANY OTHER PROGRAM (no matter how much it costs)!
    * DON'T BE MISLED by SEURAT's low price!  VERSION 2.0 is a POWER TOOL
      that out-performs the "big-name" programs!
   BUT NOW...
              THERE'S MORE GOOD NEWS!
                                        DID YOU KNOW THAT...?
 * NEW! Now, SEURAT PRINTS TOO! With built-in Print Drivers for Epson-X-
   compatibles and HP DeskJet (LaserJet & HP-compatibles like the Epson
   EPL-6000). The DeskJet driver outputs at 75/150/300 dots-per-inch in
   BOTH Portrait and Landscape orientation, and it's positionable to the
   dot! You get DeskJet-quality printing from both the Color and Mono ver-
   sions of SEURAT.  Of course, the DeskJet output is great, but the SEURAT
   Epson-X driver at 108 dpi offers the best nine-pin output ever seen,
   superb print quality for a dot-matrix, using a completely new algorythm.

 * NEW! Not just Bit Maps, Either! Load low-resolution Color (.P?1 files)
   DIRECTLY into the MONOCHROME program, converting them into GEM.IMG files
   with stretched-histogram dithers in 16 gray-scales. You can also perform
   this conversion  to .IMG files in the COLOR program, print your color   
   pictures, or save them as .IMG files! SEURAT re-scales lo-rez pix to    
   correct for  monitor aspect ratio, automatically reproducing the true   
   proportion of color images. No more squashed conversions!

 * NEW! Bezier Curves! Flexible, repositionable controlled curves can
   produce a virtually infinite variety of natural-looking curved lines.
   Quick and easy-to-use, they really speed up your drawing!

 * NEW! Load MULTIPLE .IMG files! Now, SEURAT lets you to load ALL EIGHT
   Paint Screens with .IMG files of any size (if you have the memory!)
   Even on 1-Meg. ST, at least two big (1280x800) .IMG files can be
   edited simultaneously!

 * NEW! Improvements Everywhere! Circle drawing emulates object drawing
   programs: drawn circles follow the mouse before being pasted down; new
   key commands speed operations; and --- yes, I admit it: a few bugs got
   shaken out! Still, a way was found to make the color zoom about 15%
   faster, and 26,000 bytes were added to the color program code but the
   color program ended up only 1400 bytes bigger!
                Now, for a limited time, you can purchase
                           SEURAT VERSION 2.06
                at a special, pre-mass-distribution price
                               ONLY $35.00!
           Two-disk set, with 34,000-word User's Manual on-disk;
                 includes BOTH Color AND Mono Programs
                 and 191 utility and application files!
               (Requires 1-Meg ST with doublesided drive)
                         MasterCard/VISA accepted
          SKWare One / P. O. Box 277 / Bunker Hill, Illinois 62014
 Also available: a self-collating  two-sided printing  routine for printing
 the  34,000-word  User's  Manual  on  the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet in draft
 mode.  (You just print the LEFT.DOC, put the stack  of paper  back in wit-
 hout re-arranging  it, print  the RIGHT.DOC,  and end up with a col- lated
 copy of the User's Manual printed  on front  and back  sides, ready  for  
 binding. If  you want a copy of the self-collating printer routine, just  
 ask for the "DeskJet DOC PRINTER Disk" and include an additional $3.00.
 OK, Ok, you KNEW that  price  increase  was  coming  someday!  (Bought any
 gasoline lately?)  But, you get THAT MUCH MORE for your money (not so with

 AND, to all of you who had the  wisdom to  have already  purchased SEURAT,
 your FREE upgrade to Version 2.06, will arrive within the next 30 days!
 AND, all  pending orders  will receive  the upgraded  SEURAT Version 2.06!
 DON'T kick yourself because you didn't buy your copy of SEURAT sooner!

   Buy SEURAT  now, before  STe-support and  COLOR .IMG  support are added,
           SEURAT VERSION 2.06            GET YOUR COPY NOW!!              


 > Stock Market ~ STReport?                And the Band Marches On....

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

     The price  of Atari  stock stayed  the same on Monday and Tuesday.  On
 Wednesday, the price of Atari stock  went down  1/4 of  a point,  but went
 back up  1/4 of  a point on Thursday.  On Friday, the price of Atari stock
 stayed the same, finishing up the week at $2.25 a  share.   On November 2,
 the price of Atari stock was at the same price that it was on October 26.

       As of  November 2,  1990, Jack  Tramiel's 36 million shares of Atari
 stock are now worth approximately 81 Million dollars....

     Apple Stock was down 1 3/8 points from Friday, October 19, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was up 1/8 of a point from 10/19/90.
                 IBM Stock was down 1 point from 10/19/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 10/22/90 to 10/26/90

 STock|   Monday   |  Tuesday   | Wednesday  |  Thursday   |    Friday    |
 Reprt|Last    Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last      Chg.|
 Atari|2 1/4   ----|2 1/4   ----|  2     -1/4|2 1/4   + 1/4|2 1/4    ---- |
      |            |            |            |             |  31,700 Sls  |
  CBM |6 1/2  + 1/8|6 1/2   ----|7 3/8   +7/8|6 7/8   - 1/2|6 3/4    - 1/8|
      |            |            |            |             |  57,400 Sls  |
 Apple|29 7/8  -1/8|30 3/8  +1/2|30 3/4  +3/8|30 1/2  - 1/4|31 3/4  +1 1/4|
  30  |            |            |            |             |1,326,900 Sls |
  IBM | 106   - 5/8|106 3/8     |105 3/8  - 1|107 1/4      |108 3/8 +1 1/8|
 10658|            |        +3/8|            |       +1 7/8|1,790,300 Sls |

  '#' and 'Sls' refer to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.


 > CODEHEAD CALLING..STR OnLine?         Setting the record straight....

                       DOING THINGS A DIFFERENT WAY?

 Frank Sommers Editor of Current Notes

     We are writing to clarify some incorrect statements which were printed
 in your  October 1990  issue regarding our software.  The article in ques-
 tion is  called "Doing  Things A  Different Way"  and is  a description of
 three  of  our  software  products  by  J. Andrzej Wrotniak.  Although the
 overall tone of the column is positive, we must contest some of the misin-
 formation that the article contains.

     The first  and most damaging error occurs when our program, MultiFile,
 is referred to as freeware.  This is totally wrong.   MultiFile  is a file
 utility which  is included in our CodeHead Utilities package, a commercial

     This can be verified by simply opening the "More" box where it clearly
 states  "Copyright  1989  CodeHead  Software, Part of CodeHead Utilities".
 MultiFile has never been  released as  freeware or  shareware and  one can
 only guess as to how Mr. Wrotniak came to be mistaken about this.

     The  article  goes  on  to  explain two minor complaints about HotWire
 which are both unfounded.  Mr. Wrotniak wishes that there were an  icon to
 call the File Selector directly from HotWire's main screen (to access some
 alternately available disk functions).  In  fact, there  are many  ways to
 call  the  File  Selector.    The  easiest way is by simply pressing F7 or
 clicking on the "running man" whereupon the File  Selector will  appear to
 let you  choose a program to run.  The File Selector can also be called by
 pressing F1, F2, by clicking on either  the  Load  or  Save  icons,  or by
 clicking on  any blank  entry in  the HotWire  menu.  It's amazing that he
 didn't stumble on at least one of these methods.

     Mr. Wrotniak next explains  how selecting  either the  MaxiFile or the
 MultiDesk icon  allows it  to be  run as  a program if it is not currently
 installed as an accessory and that HotWire allows you to  locate it  if it
 cannot be  found in  the default  directory.   But he complains that these
 locations are "not saved with the settings file".  In fact, you can locate
 the programs  in this manner or by using the appropriate selections in the
 "HotWire System Paths" box.  Either way that you specify  these paths, the
 locations ARE saved when you save the "Configuration Settings".  The paths
 are saved directly into the HotWire program.

     There is one other comment that we take acception to and that  is "you
 will not  find much  (if any) use for [HotWire] on a floppy-based system".
 This is just not true.  We have  many users  with floppy-only  systems who
 love HotWire.   In  fact a  floppy user may actually save more time than a
 hard drive user since he no longer must double-click on floppy drive icons
 and wait  for a  window to  open up.  He can simply insert the disk in the
 drive and hit a key to run the couldn't be simpler.

     As mentioned above, the overall message  from the  article is positive
 toward our software (even though Mr. Wrotniak shows his bias by repeatedly
 referring to competing products).  But we feel  we must  refute statements
 which are (unknowingly) false.  We are quite able to accept just criticism
 of our software and often take advantage of  these suggestions  to improve
 upon it. 

     However, it  is very  frustrating to  read complaints  about a lack of
 features which we have actually taken the time and effort to implement.

                                             John Eidsvoog
                                             Charles F. Johnson
                                             CodeHead Software


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?           "...from a different viewpoint."

                     A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

  by Michael Lee
  There's  been  a lot of exciting new things happening in  the  ST  market
  recently and with Comdex just around the corner,  I think we're going  to
  see even more.  This could _really_ be the Year of Atari...

    From Nevin Shalit on Genie:

  ...YOWZA!  I just discovered CodeKeys!...You see folks, I was supposed to
  be  a beta tester of this product,  but I was very busy and never  really
  got  around  to I decided to check  out  the  last  beta
  version I received to try to automate my program,  Tracker/ST.  All I can
  say  is WOW!  I made one macro which automatically prints a  QuickLetter,
  turns off the LaserBrain emulator,  prints a single label to a dot matrix
  printer  (for mailing) and changes the recipient's version number from  2
  to 2.03! CodeKeys is GREAT for this kind of thing.

  ...I  think  I  am going to add a plug for this  program  in  my  Tracker
  newsletter...This  way users can switch from Rolodex cards to 3x  labels,
  etc, with one key press instead of a bunch of mouse clicks and typing...
  Way to go.  Now I have to call Joppa to order the real copy...

  Have you wondered why the new TT won't be coming with a 1.44 meg drive?

     From Bob Brodie (Atari) on Genie:
  ...We  built  the  support  in for the  1.44  Meg  drive,  but  the  disk
  controller won't handle the speed of the bus.  The WDC 1772 doesn't  come
  in a 16Mhz or higher speed chip.  We're looking into another  controller,
  that is compatible with WDC 1772 specs, but faster.
  Here's some new stuff that is coming for the SuperCharger,  probably  one
  of the premier PC emulators available for the ST....
      From  Michael P.  Odegard (Technical Assistant Talon  Technology)  on

  ...There will be a 286 upgrade board for the SuperCharger. This should be
  available Dec-Jan.  Price is NOT set yet.
  ...The  80286  upgrade will be a daughter board that  replaces  your  V30
  processor chip on the SC motherboard. This will keep the cost down on the
  upgrade, but still leave enough room for the VGA card...The VGA card will
  have its own port to connect to the monitor.  (You cannot connect through
  the ST port!).

  ...The  80286  board  will  probably have a socket  for  the  80287  math
  coprocessor,  because  it doesn't look like the 8087 will  work  properly
  with the 80286.

  ...Talon  is considering adding a small speaker to the 286 board,  so  at
  least the SuperCharger will have the 'standard' ibm sound.

  ...if you have an Atari Monochrome monitor (or a multisync),  the  Super-
  Charger's  monochrome mode is True hercules (720x350).  Since  the  Atari
  monochrome is only 640x400,  the other 80 pixels are shiftable,  from the
  right side,  off the screen, to the left side, off the screen. You simply
  press  '/'  from  the numeric keypad to flip left and right  side  to  be

  ...You  may  buy or make a db9 switch box to switch between  the  ST  and

    Question from P.Gulch on Genie: 

  ...I  have recently purchased a Stacy model 1124 with 1 meg ram and a  20
  meg hard drive...when I boot the system up from the hard drive, the light
  indicating activity for the floppy drive (drive A in my case since I only
  have 1 floppy drive) stays lit until I put a disk in it.  Now if I  don't
  need to put a floppy in it,  the light stays on all the time...Any  input
  here would be greatly appreciated?

  ...Also,  what is the resolution of the Stacy screen? Is it equivalent to
  medium  resolution on an SC1224?  Can or should the back dust cover  over
  the  ports be removed completely or do you have to always fold  it  under
  where it seems to be quite unstable?
    Answer from Jim Tittsler (Atari) from Genie: 

  ...It is normal for the floppy disk light to stay on until 6  revolutions
  after a disk is inserted on all STs/STacys/TTs.

  ...The Stacy LCD resolution is 640x400,  the same as the ST's  monochrome

  ...The dust cover can be removed from the back of the Stacy,  but I  find
  it useful to slightly tilt the machine toward me.
    Answer from John Townsend (Atari) on Genie:

  ...You  should boot with a disk in the drive.  This will stop  the  drive
  from  spinning.  This  is  a normal  occurance  with  all  ST/MEGA/STE/TT
  computers, Stacy included.

  ...The resolution of the Stacy screen is the same as a High Resolution ST
  Monitor: 640x400. It is higher than Medium Resolution (640x200).
  ...I would recommend leaving the dust covers intact. They help to protect
  the various Stacy ports during transport.

    Question from Alan Hamiliton on Genie:

  ...A week or so ago while I was using the drive it made a thunk sound and
  <Sense $14> appeared on the screen.  It hasn't recurred. What does a code
  of $14 signify?

  ...If my drive is idle for a long period of time,  it will do a seek,  or
  at least it sounds like that.  Is this normal?
    Answer from Tom (ICD) on Genie:

  ...Most  embedded SCSI drives do a head reposition every 5 or 10  minutes
  to retension the stepper bands.

  ...I think a $14 is a timeout or something.  I would guess the drive went
  off into lala land for a few seconds.
  Until next week....


 > ONLINE TODAY  STREPORT ONLINE?            The wires are hummin'!

                        POKIN' AROUND ON COMPUSERVE

 by Oscar Steele

     There's a  lot of  interesting material  in the  message bases.  I en-
 courage you to follow up on  the messages  and even  enter into discussion
 with questions  that you  have.   It's a  great way to meet new people and
 whatever you'd  like  to  know  there  are  many  knowledgeable  people on
 CompuServe.  Let's take at some recent message topics:

                         DUNGEON MASTER... ALBUM?

     Just in case you missed it, you can pick up Dungeon Master: The Album.
 It's a compact disk filled with music inspired  by the  game.   Users have
 labeled the  music as  similar to Tangerine Dream.  Games inspiring music,
 interesting concept...

                               NONSTOP FLOP

     There's a great discussion of the ins and outs of  floppy disk drives.
 It deals with a problem Peter Joseph had with reading/writing to an inter-
 nal disk drive without a disk.    The  comments  cover  various  topics of
 floppy drive  operation, such  as whether  it is or isn't safe to insert a
 disk when  the drive  is spinning,  etc.   If you're  interested in floppy
 drives take a look.

 Thread begins with #37864 S1/Forum Business

                               GOOD COMDEX?

     From all  indicators, it  seems that  there will  be some sort of turn
 around by Atari at  Comdex, whether  it be  attitude, sales,  or whatever.
 Bob Brodie  said, "Re  the TT... they are being shipped in just a few wee-
 ks."  Sounds good to me.  And when Bob Brodie spends a day "beating up" TT
 units for  Comdex, you  know he  ain't foolin' around!  Also, according to
 Bob, the TT's VME bus already has a German card cage available for it.  It
 allows users to connect more and larger VME cards. It supports 4, 8, or 20
 VME cards.

 Inside scoop from Bob: messages #38611 and 38614 in S6/Hardware specific

                          INTERSECT RESURRECTED?

     Contrary to some people's thoughts that Intersect has bought the farm,
 Jeff of  Intersect is  fairly active  on CIS.   Recently he mentioned that
 there will be a TT version of Revolver that "will  be 1/3  the size and...
 much more reliable".

 For more info see: message #38524 in S6/Hardware specific

                         WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO...

     Frank Cohen?   A CIS user was recently trying to get in touch with Mr.
 Cohen, who formerly operated Regent Software.  According to Ron Luks he's,
 "now working  for Peter  Norton as manager of MAC utilities."  Now we know
 where all of those former ST developers are heading, eh?

 For more info see:  message #23893 in S17/Community Square

                             8-BIT CONVERSION

     Ballblazer, a major hit on the 8-bit Atari computers, is  being resur-
 rected  by  Rainbow  Arts,  a German software manufacturer, and Lucasfilm.
 The 8-bit version extended programming limits  to the  maximum by offering
 graphics and  fluid movement that were something to write home about.  The
 ST version, tentatively titled Master Blazer, is said to allow up to eight
 players to  participate (most  likely a mixture of human and or computer).
 If as Harjinder Nagra expects, MIDI ports are used, it will be  the second
 game that  does so (the first being MIDI Maze).  It could very well be the
 replacement for MIDI Maze at many ST shows in the future.

 For more info see: Message #23634 in S2/Games

                              ATARI DOES GOOD

     Press releases are an interesting breed  of mail.   I've  read through
 many; some  were boring,  some were stupid, and some just plain were.  The
 one that I received  a few  days ago  could be  neatly placed  into one of
 those categories.  Had it not been for something special about it, I would
 have read it, muttered "That's nice", and dropped it in the can.

 Hmm... that special  something.    This  press  release  could  have said,
 "Caution: Dogs  may have  fleas", and  I still  would have been impressed.
 You see, it was an ATARI  PRESS RELEASE.   I  have not  seen one  of these
 beauties since  April 1990,  which is  when a  slew of  generic "This is a
 Lynx", "This is a Stacy" press releases were sent out.

 The fact that Garry Kasparov uses  a Mega  2 for  chess training  might be
 worth mentioning, but I have a feeling that the press release was sent out
 to get people in the mood for Comdex and many revelations.   I, and almost
 every  ST  user,  have  had  doubts  about Atari's intentions in the North
 American marketplace.  But  I think  that Atari  knows that  we know... if
 they don't  do something  now, it'll  just be  too late, plain and simple.
 I'm tellin' ya, this is a sign.  Comdex is coming, Comdex is coming!




     Atari's recent computer exhibition on a train, ie; visiting key cities
 throughout  the  UK  attracted  approximately  21,000 visitors. The unique
 whirlwind tour was a great success, according to Peter Staddon, Atari UK's
 sales  &  marketing  manager.    "We  were  surprised and gratified by the
 extraordinary response to the pledge we've made this year to reach out and
 meet our  all our users, new and old alike. The tour more than doubled the
 estimated  attendance  figures,  which  really  pleased  our  third  party
 developers who were also exhibiting on the train." 

     The enormously  successful "WHISTLE STOP TOUR" was heralded as a "FES-
 TIVAL OF COMPUTING  EXPERTISE."    The  entire  show  was  a  free visitor
 attraction fully  paid for  and supported by Atari.  Special displays were
 built into  six  train  cars  which  visited  Bristol,  Leeds, Manchester,
 Newcastle, Glasgow and Birmingham, during the Fall school recess. 

     The success  of the  whistle stop  tour could possibly be a savior for
 Atari UK computer users.  While other  computer manufacturers  are cutting
 back on  their promotional  budgets in  the face  of a possible recession,
 Atari UK is actually increasing its  budget for  promotional efforts aimed
 at the coming year. 


     Seems,  we've  lost  another  vendor.  In  a recent mailout from Micro
 League Sports (makers of Micro  League  Baseball)  relating  to  their new
 offering, Micro League Football.  When called to place an order, they will
 inform you that it was available ONLY for IBM, Commodore,  Amiga, and Mac.
 When inquireies  were made concerning the ST, they (Micro League) replied;
 "It will never be available for the ST".  'Tis  a shame  for this  type of
 software for  the Atari  is really  quite popular.   If  you would care to
 help, send off a letter to Neil Schwartz  requesting that  the support for
 the ST is a good idea that can be profitable.
 The address is:
                               Neil Schwartz
                            2201 Drummond Plaza
                               Bld 2 Suite 2
                              Newark DE 19711


     The  Software  Publishers  Association's  General  Counsel,  Mary Jane
 Saunders, relates that the fruits of a five year effort are finally  to be
 enjoyed in the USA.  The passage of a bill, sponsored in the House by Mike
 Synar (D-Ok.) and Carlos J. Moorhead (R-Calif.) and in the Senate by Orrin
 G. Hatch  (R-Utah.) and  Dennis DeConcini (D-Ariz.), makes software rental

     The "SOFTWARE RENTAL  BILL"  was  finally  passed  and  now  awaits an
 anxiously expected  presidential signature.  Once signed, the bill will go
 into effect immediately thus, making  it  illegal  for  companies  to rent
 software.   The bill,  which was  attached to a judicial appointment bill,
 makes such rentals a copyright violation.    Although  at  this  time, the
 practice of  software rentals  for profit  is not  a large  problem in the
 U.S., the passage of this bill is viewed  by many  as a  strong preemptive
 measure against what was becoming a popular marketing trend. 

 - Orlando, FL                              MEDUSA FOR THE AMIGA IS COMING!

     A German  company has  a hardware/software combination called "Medusa"
 for the  Amiga which  plugs into  the parallel  port and  accepts Atari ST
 ROMs; similar to the way the Spectre and A-Max devices operate.  Emulation
 is at about 95%, including copy protected games (the Amiga disk drives can
 read/write Atari  disks) and speed is reported to vary from 85% to 150% of
 an 8 MHz 1040ST, depending on the application.

     The company was scheduled to show  this product  at the  recently past
 World of  Amiga in Chicago (or was it AmiExpo in Anaheim?  Both shows were
 on the exact same weekend...) but  was "advised"  by Atari representatives
 that  they  would  have  their  pants  sued  off if the "Medusa" was sold,
 displayed or discussed  formally  in  the  U.S.    Needless  to  say, they
 withdrew from exibition at the Amiga show immediatly, but vowed to ship in
 the U.S., claiming that  the "Medusa"  was perfectly  legal, and  used the
 same technology  and design  that allows  both the  ST and the Amiga to so
 successfully emulate the Macintosh.  The product is currently available in
 limited  quantities  in  Europe  and  the  company  is  looking for a U.S.
 distributor.  Look for a release of "Medusa"  for the  Amiga near December
 1990, amid  much posturing  and threatening from both Atari and the German
 manufacturers of the emulator.

 - New York City, NY                          THE IBM PS/1 - A CLOSER LOOK!
     Stop by a local  Sears today  and see  this thing  for yourself.   The
 display for  the PS/1 is awesome they, (IBM), cut no corners in presenting
 this device  to the  buying public.   For  an extremely  mediocre piece of
 hardware, the  display/marketing is Excellent.  Easily, most inexperienced
 computer users will walk away impressed.  There is no doubt, the experien-
 ced computer  users who look this device over will marvel at just what the
 unknowing public  are presented  to buy.   The  machine is  an entry level
 device, but  becuase of  the hype  and slick  promotion, they are going to
 sell huge quantities of them to John Q Public.

     They have a very nice digitized  color VGA  demo on  screen.., it's an
 eye  catcher.    They  have  huge posters displaying the MANY options. And
 after each one, the prospective buyer  is told:  "Installs in  minutes! NO
 TOOLS NECESSARY SLIDES IN (or snaps on or plugs in)".  Options like expan-
 sion box with 3 more slots, hard drives,  3.5 drives,  5.25 drives, memory
 etc etc  all pop  on/off in seconds.  That's tremendous benefit that takes
 much of the 'fright' out of  1st time  buyers.   Advertising and Promotion
 coupled with slick marketing gimmicks and wala!   Big Sales!

 - Tokyo, Japan                         TOSHIBA UNVEILS SPARC-BASED LAPTOP!

     A "laptop"  machine typically  weighs 5  to 10 pounds, but that narrow
 range apparently is too tight for  Toshiba.   It refers  to its  SPARC LT,
 AS1000/L10,  as  a  laptop  engineering workstation, despite its weight of
 nearly 18 pounds.

     The product results from May 1989  agreement giving  Toshiba rights to
 develop  and  manufacture  computers  based on Sun Microsystems' SPARC ar-
 chitecture and the SunOS operating  ssytem;  it  incorporates  a processor
 rated at  13.2 MIPS.   Toshiba expects the computer to be used in CAD/CAM,
 desktop publishing systems and in software engineering.

     Other than this misleading market positioning  (Apple wisely refrained
 from  calling  its  15  pound  MacPortable a laptop), the machine, itself,
 appears to be a technical tour de force.  The SPARC LT comes with 8- to 40
 Mbytes of  RAM, 180  Mbyte disk  storage, monochrome  12" LCD display with
 1152x900 resolution and a 3.5" floppy disk drive.

     Marketing has already begun in Japan; shipping will start in mid-July.
 Price: 1.98 million yen (roughly equivalent to $13,000 at current exchange
 rates).  Marketing outside Japan is  still to  be determined.   Contact at
 1-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105, Japan; (03-457-2104).  

 - Fairfax, Ca                        ATARI FRANCE & AUSTRIA VISIT LEXICOR!

     Mr. Eric Cabedoce Directeur Technique Representing ATARI FRANCE 
 and Alister Campion Technical Director Representing ATARI AUSTRIA 
 met with  top officials of LEXICOR Software at the Fairfax Headquarters to
 review the new Phase-4  Software series,  for consideration  as Officially
 recommended software in their representative countries.

      Both ATARI  Directors were  treated to  the full dog and pony show at
 Lexicor.  They first saw the foundation programs then were  treated to the
 first viewing of the 68030 256 Color display programs under the production
 TOS ROMS for the TT release in the USA.  They watched  the 700K animations
 being loaded  and displayed  in LEXICOR'S  new and powerful .FLM file for-
 mats, at a blinding  (1.2seconds).    They  then  watched  the  very first
 display  of   High-Res  animation  previews  specifically  for  the  ATARI
 computer, in both 2d and 3d formats singly and in combined demonstrations.
 Using LEXICOR'S exclusive Device independant programming.

      During the  demonstrations Alistair  commented that  he had never ex-
 pected that the programs would be  as  powerful  as  they  obviously were.
 Also, Lexicor  made a point of noting that all the promised technology was
 present.  And that in six months, it  should be  the single  most stunning
 and powerful  graphics programming system and combination released for the

      Both ATARI Directors return to their  respective countries  with pro-
 duct  demonstrations  and  LEXICOR'S  new  and incredibly fast .FLM format
 utilities, 35mm  screen shots,  and preliminary  marketing commitments for
 the international ATARI markets.

      Initial  distribution  negotiations  were opened and the availability
 of 24 bit color hardware for the ST and TT were also  covered in  the days
 proceedings.  The  day  was  capped  off with a sneak preview of LEXICOR'S
 Photoreal paint show in GIF and .PNT file formats, followed  by a delight-
 ful oriental feast.

 - Toronto, Canada                        ATARI CANADA SHIPS 12 TT030 UNITS

      The TT030  computeras are in Canada now.  Atari Canada had 12 of them
 yesterday.  They scattered them to  their  pet  dealers  across  the cold,
 Candian country.  Only 12 folks, but at least its a start and the flow has
 begun.  This is not to indicate that the supply side of the TT030 units is
 sparse, it  means that Atari is attempting to make sure that those dealers
 who have the expertise and where-with-all will have the units  to Demo for
 all to see and "believe in Canada.

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               TT030-2mb ram/50mb HD...............$2995.95
               TT030-4mb ram/50mb HD...............$3495.95
               TT030-8mb ram/80mb HD...............$4299.95

     The NEW STe offerings...

               2mb with 50mb Hard Drive............$1799.95
               4mb with 80mb Hard Drive............$1999.95


 > STe & GAMES STR Feature           " can't believe all you read"


  by Jim Keho  PHAST

     After reading STReport #644  11/2/90  issue.    I  first  was  sort of
 surprised at  the rather  long list  from ST Action mag. of the games that
 don't work on the  STE.   But you  know you  can't believe  everything you
 read,  right?    If  these  were  tested on a 520STE that's  probably why.
 Because at least three of the  games DO  work on  my 1040STE  (1meg), they
 are: Carrier Command, Operation Wolf, and Paperboy.  It must be the memory
 and I wouldn't doubt if there's more on the list that really  DO work with
 an STE  w/1meg!   Just like with the ST, there's some games that need more
 than 512k!

     I agree that most games that don't work  with TOS1.60  also don't work
 with TOS1.4 with the exception of Populous which does work with 1.4, there
 may be more too.  There are also games (that I do  have) that  were on the
 list that  don't work  (I won't re-list them to save space).  Here's a few
 that are not on the list that don't work with  my STE/TOS1.6:  Gold of the
 Realm, MathTalk,  World Games, and the STOS Basic language  (maybe they'll
 come out with a patch for STOS like  for TOS1.4?  hint hint)  One reason I
 first hesitated  in buying an STE was ALL I heard  was most software won't
 run, hard drives won't work!, etc.

     I'm sure you've all heard this.  About the worst  I heard  was "1/3 of
 the software  doesn't run  on the STE" and "half of them won't work with a
 hard drive".  Boy, things can  sure get  blown out  proportion!   I'd just
 like to say (for all those out there that are hesitant) that it's not that
 bad!  The best guess I've heard is  about 98  percent of  the software al-
 ready out  there work's  on the STE.  I think that's pretty accurate.  And
 for the new extras the STE has, I think I can give up a few of those older
 games I  never really played anyway, and get the newer and better stuff on
 the way that won't work on the ST with the features of the STe anyway.

     I  know  it'll  take  time  for  STE  featured (ie:stereo,colors,etc.)
 software to arrive, there's already some out there!  Remember there wasn't
 a whole lot of stuff out there for the ST back in  1985 when  the ST first
 came.   And not  really being  much of a game player anyway, I'm just glad
 all the  utilities I used work fine on the STe, and I haven't heard of any
 utilities that  don't.   Also I'm  using one of the "old" Atari SH204 hard
 drives with NO problem!  I  guess there  was some  DMA problems  with some
 (few) of  the first  released STE's,  but from  what I've  heard all STE's
 shipping now are cured of the pesky DMA problem.  

     So, in closing, I'd like to say Thanks  Atari for  keeping the  STe at
 least 98  percent   compatible!  And if you're thinking of an STE for this
 Christmas, DO  it!   Don't hesitate!   I  think you'll  like it!!   And if
 there's any  other STE'ers  out there with more software that does/doesn't
 work, or any STe info, It'd sure be interesting to hear about it! 


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            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


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