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From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 26-Oct-90  #643
Date: Sat Nov 24 20:34:35 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     Here we are, reflecting on the success of another show, this being the
 New England Atari Fest 1990.  The numbers  of enthusiastic  Atarians never
 ceases to  amaze me.   Granted  the Atari  is the  very best home computer
 money can buy, but to see folks look to Atari for constant support and new
 innovative ideas  is great.   Where can anyone find such confidence in the
 thought and design process of any company?
     "The turnout was excellent for a one day event."  "They came  from all
 over  the  country  and  Canada."   "Everybody is buying something new for
 their computer."  These are but a few of the  statements overheard through
 the course of the day at this show.  All that needs to be said is the east
 coast is far from an "also ran" when it comes to enthusiastic  support for
 Atari Computers.
     Elsewhere in  this issue  you will find info on the new products to be
 released at Comdex, and of course, a few never before mentioned items that
 will fuel your enthusiasm. 

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 We've  established  Message  Section  16  and  Library  16  in  the  Atari
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 the Portfolio.   Files  will be forthcoming. ATTENTION DEVELOPERS - Please
 feel free to upload your press releases to this new area.


 Atari Corp. uploaded copies of their developer newsletters  from December,
 1989 thru June, 1990.  All are available in LIBRARY 7 of the Atari Produc-
 tivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).

 If you are a registered Atari developer and  do not  currently have access
 to LIBRARY  7 in  the Atari  Productivity Forum,  please send a CompuServe
 Mail message (GO MAIL) requesting access to User ID number 70007,1072.


 The transcript from the Lexicor conference held on October 18 is now
 available in LIBRARY 1 of the Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS) as
 LEXCO.ARC.  And is also available in STReport 6.42 available  in Library 1
 of the Atari Arts Forum.

                              LEXICOR ONLINE

 Please  join  us  in  welcoming  LEXICOR  Software  to the Atari Forums on
 CompuServe.  LEXICOR will be joining the Atari Vendors Forum  very shortly
 to provide  official online  customer support.  Until their debut   in the
 Vendors Forum, we've opened up Message  Section 11  and LIBRARY  11 in the
 Atari Arts  Forum (GO  ATARIARTS) for messages and files relating to LEXI-

        The following files are currently available in LIBRARY 11:

       LEXLST.TXT  -  ASCII Catalog of LEXICOR's Products
       BTRFLY.LZH  -  Butterfly animation by Lee Seilor
       NET.LZH     -  Ball and Net animation by Lee Seilor
       SPIDER.LZH  -  Spider animation by Lee Seilor

 Lee Seilor [76106,3024], Robert Birmingham [73637,1120], and David Ramsden
 [76703,4224] will be answering messages for LEXICOR.

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 We've  established  Message  Section  12  in  the  Atari  Arts  Forum  (GO
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 message section.

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   Issue # 88

 by Michael Arthur

 CPU MacNews?


       Recently, Apple  introduced a  new line  of Macintoshes that, unlike
 other "Mac Rollouts", are aimed at  bringing the  low-end of  the computer
 industry into the Apple fold.  Announcing them along with a new version of
 System Software (Version 6.0.7), and a new Hypercard  (Version 2.0), Apple
 is attempting  to seize  large segments  of the home/small business market
 that have previously been dominated by MS-DOS clones.  The  new systems in
 Apple's Macintosh line are:

       1) Macintosh  Classic:  Similar in appearance to a Mac SE, it has an
 8 MHZ 68000 (running at 7.83 MHZ), a SuperDrive 1.4 Meg Floppy  Drive, and
 a built-in  monochrome monitor.   It also has six ports, including an SCSI
 hard drive port, two serial ports, one ADB  (Apple Desktop  Bus) interface
 (for use by the keyboard that is bundled with the Mac Classic), and a port
 for an external drive.

       Cost:  Mac Classic w/1 Meg of RAM, no Hard Drive: $1000.
       ----   Mac Classic w/2 Megs of RAM and a 40MB Hard Drive: $1500

       Apple is targeting the  Macintosh  Classic  at  both  the home/small
 business markets.   Substantial discounts on the Mac Classic are now being
 offered to the educational market, which was once  dominated by  the Apple
 II line, but which has recently become dominated by IBMs.

     (Note:   At this  price, the  Macintosh Classic is only $100-$200 more
     expensive than a 1040  STe with  a monochrome  monitor.   In addition,
     Schools will be able to obtain them for the same price as a 520 STe.

       2) Macintosh  LC:   Having a  "pizza-box" case, the Mac LC uses a 16
 MHZ 68020 chip, and has a built-in 8-bit color video  chip that  allows it
 to control  a monitor  without an  additional graphics  board.  Unlike the
 Mac Classic, the Mac LC doesn't come with  a keyboard.   However,  it does
 have a 1.4 Meg Floppy Drive, 2 Megs of RAM, and these 7 ports:

    - SCSI Hard Drive Port    - One Sound Input port (for Sound Digitizer)
    - Apple Desktop Bus Port  - One video port (for Apple Monitors)
    - Two Serial ports        - One Sound Output port (for stereo speakers)

 Cost:  Mac LC w/40 Meg Hard Drive: $2500     - Apple Keyboard: $130
 ----   Apple 12" Monochrome Monitor: $300    - Apple 12" RGB Display: $600
        AppleColor High Resolution RGB Monitor: $1000

       With  the  Macintosh  LC  (and  the  Mac IIsi), Apple has included a
 sound digitizer chip that  allows  users  to  make  digital  recordings of
 voices and other sounds.  In order to encourage its use, Apple is bundling
 a microphone with the LC and  IIsi,  which  plugs  into  the  LC  and IIsi
 through the  "Sound Input  Port".   Apple has also created a Sound Manager
 Toolbox (found  in  Version  6.0.7  of  the  Mac  System  Software)  for a
 standardized  method   of  supporting  sound  in  applications.    Several
 Macintosh software developers, including Microsoft and  Farallon Software,
 have pledged to support the sound digitizer's features in their products.

       The  Mac  LC  has  a  single  expansion slot (called the "020 Direct
 Slot"), which isn't compatible with NuBus Expansion cards used by  the Mac
 II line.   However, Apple is selling an Apple IIe Emulator card that works
 ONLY with the Mac LC.  Using 512K of on-board RAM, the Apple IIe  Card can
 run IIe applications which aren't copy-protected.  Like most Emulators, it
 uses the LC's monitor and keyboard.  Apple is marketing this board towards
 the Educational  market, saying that schools will be able to use their old
 Apple II software while "moving towards Macintosh power."

       However, there are several factors weighing  against the  success of
 this Apple  IIe Card.   It is only compatible with programs that run under
 ProDOS (an Apple IIe DOS-type system), and needs an additional  5 1/4 inch
 floppy disk drive in order to ACCESS any Apple II programs.  Since Apple's
 5 1/4" Disk Drive costs $200-$300, the total  cost of  emulating the Apple
 II with  a Mac LC will be at least $500.  For that price, an Apple II user
 can buy a new, COMPLETE Apple II clone  made by  Laser Inc.   Furthermore,
 many Apple  II users  have expressed the sentiment that the Apple IIe Card
 is just an expensive way  of  coaxing  II  Users  into  buying  a $2500.00
 Macintosh.   More significantly,  a majority of these II Users see the IIe
 Emulator as Apple's  way  of  slowly  abandoning  the  Apple  II computers

       3)  Macintosh IIsi:  This computer has a 20 MHZ 68030 microprocessor
 (with a slot for a 68882 floating point math chip),  an 8-Bit  color grap-
 hics chip, an Apple 1.4 meg floppy drive, and the seven ports found on the
 Mac LC.  Like the Mac SE/30, the IIsi has a single expansion slot that can
 handle either NuBus Expansion Cards or "030 Direct Slot" cards used by the
 Mac SE/30.  However, in order to USE this expansion slot, you  have to buy
 an additional Slot Adapter.

       Macintosh IIsi with 2 Megs of RAM and a 40 Meg HD: $3800
       Macintosh IIsi w/5 Megs of RAM and an 80 Meg HD: $4600
       Apple Extended Keyboard: $230
       Mac IIsi NuBus Adapter Card: $250
       Mac IIsi 030 Direct Slot Adapter Card: $250

       Similar to  a Mac  IIcx in  appearance, the  Mac IIsi is intended to
 replace it (and the Mac SE/30) as the entry-level system  in the  high end
 of the  Macintosh line.   This is shown by the fact that, unlike the other
 Mac II computers, the IIsi does NOT come with a floating point  math chip,
 and requires  a "slot adapter" to be expandable.  However, the Mac IIsi is
 in the SAME price range as the  Amiga  3000  and  Atari  TT,  and  is only
 slightly slower than the 25 MHZ A3000 and 33 MHZ TT.

       More importantly,  it seems  that for  the first time, Commodore and
 Atari will have to compete directly  with Apple  in a  specific segment of
 the computer  industry.  In the past, Commodore and Atari were able to get
 small niches in the marketplace (like the MIDI and Desktop  Video markets)
 by competing  on the  basis of  having a comparable product for a superior
 price.    But  now,  they  will  have  to  compete  with  the  Macintosh's
 reputation, Apple's  planned multimillion dollar advertising campaign, and
 the extensive sales network that Apple has established in the business and
 educational markets.   With  such an  arsenal, Atari  has a  tough task in
 making the TT a minor standard  in the  US marketplace.   However, Atari's
 long-term  survival  (read:  after  Portfolio  sales  decline)  depends on
 succeeding in the microcomputer marketplace....


       Apple Computer, in its recent Financial  Report for  the 1990 Fiscal
 Year, announced that its net revenues for the year were $5.558 billion, or
 a 5  percent increase  over its  1989 net  revenues.   This is significant
 because it  is Apple's smallest revenue increase since John Sculley became
 Chairman of Apple.   Interestingly, International  sales accounted  for 42
 percent of  Apple's net  sales in 1990, while they were only 36 percent of
 Apple's revenue in 1989.

     Apple Financial Stats         1989                 1990
     Annual Net Revenue:         $5.24 Billion       $5.58 Billion

     Net Income:                $454.0 Million      $474.9 Million

     Earnings Per Share:           $3.53                $3.77

     International Sales, as
     Percent of Total Revenue:   42 Percent           36 Percent




       Daniel Faries, a convicted murderer from Florida, has pled guilty to
 charges of  using a  modem and  computer for  running a  credit card fraud
 operation from prison.  Faries  says  that  he  used  this  operation (and
 incidentally,  other  people's  credit  card numbers) to buy over $500,000
 dollars worth of expensive gifts like:

       - Flowers and jewelry for his wife.
       - Diamond-Studded false teeth for a fellow inmate's mother.
       - Cases of wine, limousine service, and gold coins for relatives.
       - Rolex watches and snakeskin boots for several guards at Miami's
         Dade county Jail (in exchange for being allowed to use a computer)

       After he pled guilty, Faries asked the judge  presiding on  the case
 to give him the maximum jail term so he can return to prison and "think up
 a new scheme".  Interestingly, he is already  under life  imprisonment for
 committing a  Florida murder,  so any  additional "penalties" don't mean a
 thing to him.  The  Secret  Service  has  found  $500,000  worth  of goods
 purchased by Faries' operation. However, it estimates that over 125 people
 were involved in his ring,  and  that  these  people  "could  have charged
 millions of  dollars other people's credit cards."  Furthermore,
 it will  be very  difficult to  prove that  those who  received gifts from
 Faries knew how he actually bought them....

       Interestingly,  Faries  was  STILL  able  to  continue  running  his
 operation after the Secret Service had transferred him to a Federal Prison
 in Chicago  to face  the credit  card fraud  charges.   He tapped into the
 prison's phone  system, and  used a  digital watch's  tones (which sounded
 similar to those of a touch-tone telephone) to call out of the prison....

 - Gaithersburg, MA                 NIST CONSIDERS FORMING ANTI-VIRUS GROUP

       The  National  Institute  of  Standards and Technology (NIST) is now
 asking for comments and  suggestions on  a proposal  for forming  a "virus
 defense" consortium.   This organization, which would receive both federal
 funding  and  support  from  computer  industry   groups,  would   aid  in
 coordinating efforts  to fight  computer viruses.  NIST is now operating a
 BBS for spreading information  about the  symptoms and  effects of several
 computer viruses.   This  BBS (which  operates at 300-2400 baud) is also a
 source of information about the virus consortium proposal.  To  access its
 virus information database, one can call the NIST BBS at 1-301-948-5717.

 - Cambridge, MA                    LOTUS WINS LAWSUIT AGAINST 1-2-3 CLONES

       Lotus  Development  Corp.  recently reached out-of-court settlements
 with Paperback Software and Mosaic Software for a  dispute over violations
 of copyrights  on Lotus 1-2-3's command structure.  Paperback Software has
 agreed to take its VP Planner spreadsheet program  off the  market, and to
 pay  Lotus  $500,000  in  royalties.    Also,  Paperback Software won't be
 appealing the US District Court ruling on the  Lotus/Paperback case, which
 said that  it had  illegally copied  substantial elements of Lotus 1-2-3's
 User Interface....

       Mosaic Software Inc. has also reached  an settlement  with Lotus, in
 which it  concedes that  its spreadsheet  program (called "The Twin") also
 illegally copied  1-2-3's User  interface.   Mosaic Software  will also be
 taking "The  Twin" off  the market.   Among  other things, the settlements
 reached by Paperback and Mosaic Software means that Lotus will  be able to
 use the  US District  Court's rulings on the scope of the 1-2-3 copyrights
 in its case against Borland's Quattro  Pro spreadsheet.   As  in the other
 cases, Lotus  is alleging  that Quattro Pro (which is now overtaking Lotus
 1-2-3 in the DOS  spreadsheet  market)  also  infringes  on  Lotus 1-2-3's


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?                 From a different viewpoint!

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

  by Michael Lee

  Occasionally  I'm asked  which of the three major on-line  services  I 
  like best:  CIS,  Delphi or Genie.  To me, that is one of those really 
  difficult questions,  on par with "Which do you like best,  steak, ice 
  cream  or potatoes".   All three are foods but there are times when  I 
  like  each  one "best".   It's the same with the three  major  on-line 
  services;  each one has a different flavor and texture,  and there are 
  times when I think of each one as "best".
  CIS  is  the  grandpappy  of the  on-line  services  and  has  several 
  different ST areas.  It's the most expensive of the three services but 
  it offers the same price 7 days a week, 24-hours a day.  The other two 
  services  charge  you "an arm and a leg" if you want  to  call  during 
  prime  time  (usually 7am to 6pm) but CIS charges the same  no  matter 
  what  time  you  call.   There's usually plenty of  sysops  and  users 
  available to answer any questions that you have.
  The  ST area on Delphi is probably the smallest of the  three  major's 
  but  it's growing rapidly.   Much of that rapid growth is due  to  the 
  casual atmosphere in the message base;  people seem to let down  their 
  hair  and  just  chat.   Also,  the recently  implemented  20-20  Plan 
  probably  has  had a lot to do with it's recent  growth.   For  $20  a 
  month,  you can call 20 hours (non-prime time) and you're not  limited 
  to just the ST area.  All of Delphi is available for that $20.
  Last, but certainly not least, is Genie.  It's the "newest kid" on the 
  block but in just a few short years,  it has grown to be possibly  the 
  major on-line service for ST users.   Besides the ST Roundtable, there 
  are  also 4-5 other individual ST product  support  Roundtables.   Not 
  satisfied with the success they've  had,  Genie recently came up  with 
  Star Services.   With Star Services,  you pay one small monthly fee (I 
  believe  it's  $5.00) and your 1200 and 2400 on-line  times  are  only 
  $6.00 per hour (non-prime time).   Plus,  with Star Services there are 
  many of the Roundtables which are free!!  That's right, free!!
  This week,  Genie added the coup de grace..ST Aladdin!!  Written by T. 
  Purves of Griffin Software,  ST Aladdin  is a  front-end program  that 
  automates  all  your GEnie Roundtable and GEmail  functions  for  you. 
  Once  you  get it setup properly (I'm still working on that)  it  does 
  everything for you.  ST Aladdin log's you onto Genie, captures all the 
  new messages and file listings (from as many Roundtables as you wish), 
  and then logs you off.  At your convenience, you can read and reply to 
  the messages and mail,  and pick out which files you want to download. 
  It will then go back on-line, send your replies and download the files 
  you want.   It does a lot more (I'm still learning) but that gives you 
  the basic idea behind it.  It speeds up your on-line time, thus saving 
  you money.  ST Aladdin is a very well written program (what else would 
  you expect from Tim) and is heavily documented.   The price?  Just the 
  cost of downloading it!!   That's right,  it's another "freebie"  from 
  That  will give you a brief synopsis of each service.   Each  one  has 
  dedicated sysops who will try to make your time on-line as pleasurable 
  and  enjoyable as possible.   Each one has interesting message  bases. 
  Each  one  has  a  good file area (though  Genie's  seems  to  be  the 
  largest).   You will find many of the same users frequent two or  more 
  of them,  so no matter where you go,  you'll find friendly faces.   So 
  which one should you join?  Do like I did, join all three!!
  I  just  want to thank ICD for an excellent design with  the  internal 
  Mega HD adaptor/mount. Last Friday, while leaving my office, I managed 
  to DROP my Mega 4 off my desk.  As it bounced off my chair on its  way 
  down, I stood transfixed and watched until it hit the floor.
  I have a carpeted floor so the case wasn't broken but when I picked it 
  up something rattled. I figured the HD mount had let go or the Seagate 
  had broken apart.  THAT is one miserable feeling!
  Got home suicidal and took the Mega apart. Everything looked OK except 
  that  my T-16 had come out of its socket.  Put it back in the  socket, 
  booted with trepidation... everything worked fine!
  The T-16 was in a bastard socket - I'd used the original socket in  my 
  old sold ST.  Here's to Atari's designers for coming up with one TOUGH 
  computer,  to  Jim Allen for solid design of his  accelerator,  and... 
  particularly  to ICD for designing a perfectly-fitting,  strong  mount 
  for their internal HD kit! Thanks to all for protecting this user from 
  (From Mike Valent on Genie.)
  Until next week....


 > NE AtariFest STR SHOW NEWS?      New England Atari Fest Overviews...

                        NEW ENGLAND ATARI FEST 1990

 by Ralph Mariano

     The show  was.... in  so many  words excellent!  After arriving friday
 afternoon to what seemed to be "super frigid weather", I  was met  by Dana
 Jacobson at  the arrivals gate.  After waiting for the luggage, we retired
 to the lounge for a few moments to see if anyone else would show up.  Dana
 gave me  many 'sights'  to behold  on the way to his lovely home.  Most of
 them translated into some of the reasons why I left the northeast 30 years
 ago, almost  all traffic related!  Aside from the freezing cold, the traf-
 fic ate up close to an hour in getting from the airport to Dana's that's a
 trip  that  normally  takes  10-15  minutes.  After arriving at Dana's and
 getting settled in, we  headed out  to the  show site  to help  set up the
 area.  My immediate impression was extremely positive, "these folks really
 wanted to stage a super successful show".  
     The following morning came mighty fast, I was at the show site at 7:am
 helping with  last minute  preparations.  It was, as always, quite a treat
 to see all the familiar faces from the past shows I've attended.  The best
 part of  all though, is meeting the new folks and those whom you have been
 "typing to" but had never met.
     Once the doors opened to the public, the dam was  broken.   From about
 15 minutes  after the  doors opened, it became very apparent that this one
 day show was on its way to a resounding success.  Meeting the faces behind
 the names  took on  a whole  new meaning  when I finally met Bruno Puglia,
 Bruno is not at  all like  you would  expect after  reading the  volume of
 posts he  has sent  in the ICD areas.  Bruno has had his share of problems
 with hardware, but in reality, he knows what he is talking about.  Between
 him and Joe Mardo they could very well solve many of the annoying problems
 found.  It was indeed quite a sight to see  Bruno in  the ICD  booth for a
 short  while.    The  vendors  and exhibitors, one and all, expressed that
 they were satisfied with their results at the show.
     The STReport seminar produced a number of excellent questions from the
 users, the  main theme of which embodied the basic apprehensiveness of the
 future.  The single biggest point most all agreed upon is that  Atari must
 advertise, Atari  simply must let the whole country know they are here and
 in the computer business.  The  majority of  the users  expressed a strong
 desire  to  see  Atari  continue  and  do well despite the presence of its
 obvious ongoing problems.  Since the  departure of  Elie Kenan,  the stock
 has dipped  below the  2 dollar  mark and rose again to a little above two
 dollars.  The latest revelation that G. Pratt  has been  appointed to take
 Kenan's place  seems to  be receiving mixed reviews and impressions.  Time
 will tell.. this is the most optimistic and generally heard opinion.
     Getting back to the show, I had the  opportunity to  meet Steve Rider,
 Bill Turner  and Matt  Singer of  Forem BBS  fame.   We enjoyed a pleasant
 discussion about Atari, its  future  and  a  number  of  other interesting
 matters.   The only  downside to the show was the incidents involving Dar-
 lah's wallet disappearing the night before at dinner and the  satchel full
 of hardware that grew legs on saturday morning.  
     I'll certainly be ready to fully support next year's New England Atari
 Fest.  In fact, I'd be the first to recommend they go  to a  two day show.
 The level  of enthusiasm and participation I witnessed gives every indica-
 tion that  a two  day show  would simply  be outstanding.   The attendance
 figures for a one day show were very impressive, the combined number (paid
 and non-paid) were well over 800.  A two day show with a dinner,  (maybe a
 dinner/dance? -hint-)  on a saturday evening would do very nicely to round
 out a really good affair.  What  follows  are  a  number  of  online posts
 concerning the show that were written by various attendees.


 T.MCCOMB posts;
 Well I just returned from the New England AtariFest '90!

     I had  a good  time.   It was  a long  drive up from Staten Island New
 York, but I had never been to Boston (or through  Conn., RI  & MA)  so the
 drive was interesting.

     This is  the second  Fest I have been to, I was at the Allentown one a
 few years ago. (all the others _always_ fall on a weekend that is/was com-
 mitted to something else).

     The turn  out was pretty good for a show this size and everyone seemed
 pretty enthusiastic.  It looked like sales were  pretty brisk,  so I think
 the dealers/devs  that showed up weren't disappointed.  I picked up a 2400
 baud modem, 2  replacement  mice,  some  blank  disks,  a  copy  of Clay's
 C-Manship book and some other sundry items that slip my mind.

     The seminars  were well  attended, although  I only  had time for one,
 Nevin Shalit's Color PageStream/Tracker  ST demo.   The  color output from
 PageStream was  fantastic and  Tracker ST  is a well thought out, well ex-
 ecuted program.  If you are  in need  of something  to maintain  a mailing
 list/keep track  of customers/do mail merges this baby will put a smile on
 your face.  Apparently alot of people agreed, they were  snatching them up
 at the show special price.

     Got to finally see the Stacy (nice!), TT(great screen/colors/speed but
 that case just KILLS  it) and  the LYNX  (I want  one! Xmas  is coming, if
 anyone needs my address to ship me one I will provide it, just ask).

     I saw  alot of  people that  I knew as a name before, like Bob Brodie,
 Darlah, Jim Allen, John Eidsvoog (sp?).   It's  always interesting  to see
 the real  face after  creating an  image of  your own of how they "should"
 look!  I didn't always introduce myself because I fear I may  be a persona
 non grata  around here since I am always  "picking" on Corporate Atari and
 it's royal screw-ups (no matter how you sugar coat it,  the ST  debacle in
 the USA still stinks).

     BTW this  is the  second time I've seen Darlah (I did introduce myself
 in Allentown) and I must say she is like a fine wine, definitely improving
 with time.  Lookin' good Darlah!

     Well that's  about it, I'm pooped- got stuck in traffic at a construc-
 tion project in Brooklyn for over an hour on the way home. ARRRGgghh.

     (oh, one down side, apparently  the  personal  hygiene  of  some Atari
 users leaves something to be desired- there were a few (more than a coupl-
 e!) of real stinkers at the show!  I suggest Atari come  out with  a water
 proof ST so some of these people visit a shower more often! Wow! Whew!)


 D.JACOBSON2 posts;
     Well everyone,  I can  finally say that I've rested up enough to relax
 and reflect about the New England AtariFest  '90  show.    As  one  of the
 organizers, and  participants with my own user group, this show was simply
 fantastic.  The participation by  the  vendors,  developers,  user groups,
 AND attendees was wonderful.  I didn't see one unhappy face or empty hands
 leaving the show.  The vendors were happy  with the  turnout, and everyone
 did well.   It was great to meet many people behind the names, here and on
 other services.  A  great time  was had  by all,  and I  just want  to say
 thanks for all of your participation.

                                                  -Dana Jacobson

 D.ANDERSON22 [Equinoxx] posts;


    The "name  tag" thing  was a  definite oversight. It didn't occur to me
 myself until  just before  the doors  opened, even  though I  had seen the
 badges about two weeks before the show. If we do this again next year (and
 I know myself well  enough to  realize that,  no matter  how loudly  I may
 proclaim NOW that I'm not going to get involved with another one of these,
 the second the planning starts, I'm going to jump right Nevin said
 in his  seminar, "I'm  a masochist."),  that's one  of the kinks I'll per-
 sonally see to working out. I do know that a few folks  worked around this
 by  just  putting  a  business  card in a badge holder...Ralph Mariano and
 Nathan Potechin come immediately to mind.

    Finally, my own observations on the show. Although  I didn't  have much
 of an opportunity to just walk around and enjoy the show as a spectator, I
 would be lying if I said I didn't have a  good time.  Much of  my time was
 spent making  announcements of  seminars, door  prizes and  the like (yes,
 that's right, I was the official  "Voice of  New England  AtariFest '90"),
 although I  did get a few chances to hobble about on what Mr. Mariano took
 to calling my "rubber crutches" (the  sooner I  can get  rid of  them, the
 happier I'll be) to see what was what.

    I was  very pleased with the turnout, both from the standpoint of being
 one of the show's organizers, and simply as  an Atari was
 just great  to see  that many  people come out to support and see what was
 new with Atari. The factor of coming just three weeks after "The Big Show"
 down in  DC didn't  seem to hurt our attendance, or theirs, by any notice-
 able degree. I'm told that  the  preliminary  attendance  figures  hit the
 projection almost dead- on.

    The exhibitors  we talked  with were  happy...the people came, and they
 came to buy. One vendor told me they were "raking  it in  hand over fist".
 Several, like  the WizWorks!  contingent (Chet  Walters, Dave  Rudie & Dr.
 Bob...not to drop any names <grin>) said they look forward  to coming back
 to Boston. We'll definitely do our best to make it worth their while.

    This is  not to  say that  everything went as smoothly as we would have
 liked. Darlah, for example, was just not having a great  day. The infamous
 Mr. Murphy  decided he  wanted to  hang out  with her,  and it seemed like
 there was no good luck charm  strong  enough  to  ward  him  off. Somehow,
 though,  she  managed  to  keep  smiling  through it all. Nevin Shalit was
 having a slight problem with the Mega he  was using  in his seminar...some
 problem with  memory (don't anyone tell him it was MY machine, okay?). The
 SyQuest Nathan Potechin brought over from Toronto with  him came  up blank
 when he  tried to  boot it,  so he had to show Calamus and Outline RUNNING
 OFF OF FLOPPIES(!!), on top of which, halfway through his seminar, we were
 informed that there was a class scheduled in the room we were using (natu-
 rally, the University didn't think it was necessary to tell  us about this
 when they  gave us  permission to  use the room in the first place), so we
 had to move to an alcove just off  the main  show floor  (we finally moved
 back to the room for Bob Brodie's talk).

    On the  other hand,  there were great moments, too, like: seeing the TT
 (and John Eidsvoog's reaction when we finally came  up with  a monitor for
 it  <grin>);  Nathan  Potechin's  donation  of  a COMPLETE Calamus package
 (i.e., Calamus, Outline Art, the Font  Editor  and  The  Calamus  Guide to
 Desktop  Publishing  --  over  $700  worth  of software!) as a door prize;
 watching Ralph Mariano help set  up  tables  the  night  before  the show;
 seeing Bruno  Puglia hanging out with Cliff Terry in the ICD booth; dinner
 at Legal Seafood's Saturday night, where  Chet Walters'  son Chris ordered
 -- and  GOT --  a pizza(!);  just seeing  the sheer numbers of people come
 streaming through the door; and, of  course, Darlah's  smile, in  spite of
 her phenomenal  run of  bad luck  (and I'm not going to be the one to tell
 you about it).

    All in all, a positive experience.  I want  to go  on record  and thank
 EVERYONE who  was involved  with the  show in  any way...the folks who ex-
 hibited, those who gave  seminars (and  those who  didn't get  to, due to,
 shall  we  say,  "Circumstances  Beyond Our Control," Darlah? <grin>), the
 other organizers,  the volunteers,  the University  of Massachusetts staff
 and campus  police, the  AMAZING staff  of waiters and waitresses at Legal
 Seafoods, and especially, the good folks who lined up to  buy tickets, and
 made the show such a success. Thanks, everyone. It meant a lot.


     I have to start off to say that this was a great show. I was impressed
 with everyone that was involved that I dealt with. When you say  bad luck,
 I had  it royally.  I think  it is  finally hitting  me. <smile> Yeah I am
 still smiling but that is thanks  to all  those that  cared. It  meant the
 world. I had my wallet stolen the 1st night in town then the second day my
 hard drives and my keyboard vanished. Yes folks, I forgot about the keybo-
 ard. <sigh>

     I was  faced with going home and not being able to work. Thanks to Jim
 Allen for making calls and most of all  Mr. Champagne  for allowing  me to
 take his  keyboard and  mouse home till I get one fedexed to me out tomor-
 row. The generosity, I  can't believe  it and  it warms  my heart.  I mean
 that sincerely. For all those that tried to find out where the HDS went to
 to taking me to the police station to just listening and lending  me their
 equipment, what can I say but my deepest thanks go out to you.

     For those  that said  nice things  about me an my appearance, what you
 have done to my ego. I needed that  tonight. :-)  I felt  like I  looked a
 mess. I sure felt it. 

     I did  get around  and look at some of the booths. Joppa was so packed
 you couldn't even get near the booth. The show was  busy all  the way till
 the end. I was impressed with the way the show came off. The appearance of
 the booths, the friendly atmosphere (minus the person who has my equipment
 of course.  :-) >  I enjoyed  talking to everyone that stopped by and said
 hello. Till tomorrow.......I am  off to  rest and  regroup. Again, thanks.
 Great show! Great people!

 PS: Can  I please  have an  address to  ship the  keyboard back to? I also
 would like to have an address  for each  and every  person that  helped me
 out. Please  appease me  and send me it in mail. Thanks!! Oh that is GEnie
 mail of course. Night all. :-)


 ISD [Nathan] posts;
     Allow me to also take this opportunity to  say thanks.  I enjoyed mys-
 elf, it  was a great show, attendance was good and the atmosphere was very
 positive. I listened to Bob's seminar without nodding  off more  than once
 or twice :-), wiped out my files,  commiserated with Darlah on the loss of
 her wallet and harddrives ate  at  a  few  excellent  restaurants, enjoyed
 seeing David  Anderson again  hobbling around  and actually pronouncing my
 name correctly over the P.A. (thanks David) :-) and have  just now arrived
 back home.  We'll have  to do this again sometime. My thanks to all of the
 organizers and volunteers for a great show.


 D.JACOBSON2 posts;
     It's nice to hear that everyone  enjoyed the  show.   All I  can do is
 echo Dave's  comments earlier  - I  couldn't say  it any better.  It was a
 very  enjoyable weekend, from the standpoint of being one of the organize-
 rs, user  group participants,  and as a "customer".  I had the best of all
 three worlds!!  It  was great  meeting everyone  that I  missed meeting at
 WAACE. Everyone  was great  to talk  with, and  that included the party at
 Legal Seafood afterward (Darlah,  where were  you??).   Looking forward to
 next year for an even better show!!




                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.

               -> NOW!  GENIE STAR SERVICE IS IN EFFECT!! <-


 > A REAL DEALER! STR Mail Call?                   Letters to the Editor

                         A RARE COMMODITY INDEED!

     The following  letter was  sent to me via GEnie by the owner of one of
 the better Atari Dealers in the southeastern USA.  I had asked;  if neces-
 sary, would they be willing to support users via the mails?  The answer is
 below and after I read this, I felt it was an absolute  necessity to allow
 our readers  to enjoy  the positive,  upbeat viewpoint  of a dealer who is
 obviously satisfied and embarked on  a  true  course  headed  for complete


 We will  of course be glad to provide support to out of town customers who
 don't have a local dealer.  In fact, Computer STudio has become a regional
 "local"  dealer  for  western  North  Carolina and northern South Carolina
 because, as you mentioned, a lot of loyal Atarians do  not have  a "local"
 dealer.   Fortunately, a lot of our customers are within a few hours drive
 and frequently car pool over on a Saturday or holiday  to visit  and shop.
 And when  they want  or need  something and  can't wait for the next trip,
 we'll of course ship to them.

 Being located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains,  one of  the great
 vacation areas  in the  eastern U.S.,  we also get the opportunity to meet
 quite a few Atarians from all over the country who  stop in  to visit with
 us when they're vacationing in the area or travelling through.

 But we  do not consider ourselves a "mail-order" dealer. That name has, in
 my mind, the image of the type of dealership I do not  want to  be associ-
 ated with.  Computer STudio  is a  full-service dealership where customers
 can get personalized attention, try out  hardware and  software, get same-
 -day service repair work, or just stop by to visit and socialize.  We also
 maintain a large PD/Shareware library which is available  for free copying
 anytime by our customers.

 While  we  will  always  endeavor  to  provide our customers with the best
 possible pricing, we will NOT sacrifice  our high  quality of  service and
 support for the sake of cutting our profit margin too thin.  Our customers
 understand that we are also entitled to a fair margin of profit and do not
 expect us  to compete  with those "mail order" firms who provide little or
 no support.  We have grown in our  first two  years and  developed a loyal
 following  of  customers  because  of  our  quality selection, service and
 support. I am proud of that high level of cooperation  and support between
 ourselves and  our customers that has enabled all of us to much more fully
 enjoy our Atari computer systems.

 We are also proud to sponsor our local Atari User Group (Blue  Ridge Atari
 Computer Enthusiasts)  and provide them with a meeting location and use of
 our computer equipment.  In fact, I am a past  president of  the club (be-
 fore opening Computer STudio) and am currently the newsletter editor.

 But in  answer to  your question.  Yes, I'll be glad to ship to a customer
 who doesn't have a local dealer.  I  will provide  fair pricing  -- we are
 generally competitive  on software and hardware, but not always the lowest
 price.  But we set our pricing so that it  is fair  to both  our customers
 and ourselves based on the level of service and support we provide as part
 of the sale.

 Any specific requests for  product availability,  pricing, etc.  should be
 sent through E-mail to ourselves or any of the other Atari dealers here on
 GEnie who will, I'm sure, also be glad to work with an Atarian who doesn't
 have a local dealer.


                                             Sheldon Winick
                                   Computer STudio (Asheville, NC)


 > Stock Market ~ STReport?                ATARI STOCK HOVERS @ $2 A SHARE!

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

     The price  of Atari  stock went down 1/8 of a point on Monday, and was
 down 1/4 of a point on Tuesday.   On Wednesday,  the price  of Atari stock
 stayed the same, but went down 1/4 of a point on Thursday.  On Friday, the
 price of Atari stock went down 1/8 of a point.  Finishing  up the  week at
 $1.875 a  share, the price of Atari's stock went down 3/4 of a point since
 October 12, 1990.

     As of October 19, 1989, Jack  Tramiel's  36  million  shares  of Atari
 stock are now worth 67.5 Million dollars.  Interestingly, this is the same
 amount of money that Atari bought the Federated chain of electronic stores
 with 2 years ago....

     Apple Stock was down 3 1/8 points from Friday, October 12, 1990.
          Commodore Stock was down 5/8 of a point from 10/12/90.
               IBM Stock was up 7 3/8 points from 10/12/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 10/8/90 to 10/12/90

 STock|  Monday   |   Tuesday  |  Wednesday  |  Thursday   |    Friday    |
 Reprt|Last   Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last      Chg.|
 Atari|2 1/2  -1/8|2 1/4  - 1/4|2 1/4    ----|  2     - 1/4|1 7/8    - 1/8|
      |           |            |             | 123,300 Sls | 100,300  Sls |
  CBM |6 3/8  -1/8|5 7/8  - 1/2|5 7/8    ----|6 1/8   + 1/4|5 7/8    - 1/4|
      |           | 57,200 Sls |             |             | 107,700  Sls |
 Apple|27 3/4 -1/2|25   - 2 3/4|26 1/2 +1 1/2|28 1/2    + 2|31 3/8  +2 7/8|
      |           |2,725,300 # |             |             |8,336,900 Sls |
  IBM |99 1/4  - 1|99 3/8  -1/8|100 3/4      |105 3/8      |107 5/8 +2 1/4|
      |           |            |       +1 3/8|       +4 5/8|2,658,600 Sls |

  '#' and 'Sls' refer to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.


 > LCAC V 2.0  STR SHOW NEWS?           Chicago AtariFest V2.0

                   **** Chicago AtariFest V2.0 ****

     Lake County  Atari Computer  Enthusiasts are proud to present "Chicago
 AtariFest" to be held November 11th (Sunday) 1990  at the  American Legion
 Gurnee Post  located at  W. Grand and Il. Rt. 21 (just 1 mile east of I-94
 and the "Great America" theme park). The show will open  to the  public at
 10:00 AM  and will  run until  4:00 PM. General admission will be $2.00 in
 advance, $3.00 at the door. Children under 6 will be admitted free  with a
 paying adult.

     All paid admissions will have a chance at one of several valuable door
 prizes  to  be  awarded  at  various  times  during  the  day.   For  more
 information on  advance ticket  sales and general show information, please
 contact LCACE at P.O. Box 8788,  Waukegan, IL  60079-8788. A  special show
 message base  is available on the Python BBS, (708) 680-5105 300/1200/2400

                   ------ Exhibitors/Developers --------

          CodeHead Software                 DataQue Products
          P.O. Box 74090                    P.O. Box 134
          Los Angeles, CA 90004             Ontario, OH  44862
          John Eidsvoog                     Chuck Steinman

          Brumleve Software                 M-S Designs
          P.O. Box 4195                     611 W. Illinois
          Urbana, IL  61801-8820            Urbana, IL
          D.A. Brumleve                     Carl Stanford

          Reeve Software                    Atari Interface Magazine
          29 Old Farm Lane                  3487 Braeburn Cir.
          Warrenville, IL  60555            Ann Arbor, MI
          Alan Reeve                        Bill and Pattie Rayl

          Atari Portable Ent. Magazine      ICD, Inc.
          2104 Kostner                      1220 Rock Street
          Chicago, IL  60639                Rockford, IL
          Clinton Smith                     Tom Harker

          Compuserve Information Service    WizWorks!
          P.O. Box 20212                    P.O. Box 45
          Columbus, OH 43220-0212           Girard, OH  44420
          R. Retelle                        Chet Walters

                     GEnie Information Services
                     Rockville, Maryland
                     Jeff Williams

                    ------- Vendors/Dealers ----------

           Mars Merchandising                Computer Cellar
           15 W. 615 Diversey                220 1/2 W. Main Street
           Elmhurst, IL  60126               St Charles, IL  60174

           Paper Express                     H and H Computer Supplies
           P.O. Box 1036                     824 Grafield Ave.
           Moline, IL  61265-1036            Aurora, IL  60506

           Kolputer Systems                  CSA Limited
           18 Burgess Dr.                    P.O. Box 567530
           Glendale Hgts, IL                 Harwood Heights, IL  60656

           Apple Annie                       ReCharge It
           1005 S. Hamlin                    866 Tower Rd.
           Park Ridge, IL  60068             Mundelien, IL  60060

                      -------- User Groups ---------

           L.C.A.C.E.                              S.C.A.T.
           Lake County Atari Computer Enthusiasts  Suburban Chicago ATari
           P.O. Box 8788                           8702 Osceola
           Waukegan, IL  60079-8788                Niles, IL  60648

           MilAtari                                M.A.S.T.
           Milwaukee Atari Users Group             Milwaukee Atari ST 
           P.O. Box 14038                          P.O. Box 25679
           West Allis, WI   53214                  Milwaukee, WI  53225

           G.C.A.C.E.                              R.A.C.C.
           Chicago Atari Comp. Enthusiasts Rockford Atari Computer Club
           P.O. Box 6706                           4658 Black Oak Tr.
           Chicago, IL  60614-6706                 Rockford, IL  61103

           L.A.U.G.                                T.U.G.
           Local Atari Users Group                 The Users Group
           1N361 Ridgeland Av.                     P.O. Box 66583
           W. Chicago, Il 60185                    AMF O'Hare. IL  60666



 - SAN RAFAEL, CA                                      NEW LUCASFILM GAMES!

     Lucasfilm  Games,  a  long-time  supporter  of  Atari  computers,  has
 recently released  THEIR FINEST HOUR: THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN.  The new game
 is similar to BATTLEHAWKS 1942 and,  in  fact,  is  authored  by  the same
 programmer.   THE BATTLE  OF BRITAIN  is an action/simulation which allows
 players to fly German and British missions in historic confrontations.  As
 evidenced by the many messages on the online services, this new air combat
 simulator has been long anticipated by  many  users.    And  best  of all,
 according to Brandy Wilson, of Lucasfilm Games, a third game in the series
 titled SECRET WEAPONS OF THE LUFTWAFFE  will most  likely be  available by
 the end of this year (the IBM version is tentatively scheduled for release
 on October 15, 1990).  Additionally, the world famous 8 bit game BallBlaz-
 er, is  being ported to the Atari ST Computer lines.  It is expected to be
 announced by both Lucas  and  the  software  firm  undertaking  this joint
 effort and released within the next 90 days.

 - Boston, MA                  TT030 SHIPPING TO CANADIAN DEALERS AS DEMOS!

     The  TT030  will  begin  shipping to Authorized Canadian Atari dealers
 AFTER the Toronto show.  It is emphasized though, that  these machines are
 not for  sale.  They are intended for display and demonstration only.  The
 "for sale" units will  not become  available until  after Comdex,  (end of
 November).    Atari  is  trying  to  make  the release of the TT a general
 release in North America and not allow split  releases in  Canada and then
 USA as has occurred in the past.  


                            3285 Lapeer Rd West
                          Auburn Hills, MI 48326
                   Phone 313-377-8898  Fax 313-377-2550
                             October 23, 1990


     MichTron is going to have a Grand Clearance sale.  Please, be advised,
 we are not totally going out of  business.    What  is  happening  is that
 Creative Computers  in Delaware  is purchasing  most of  our stock and the
 name MichTron, and will continue to sell and support MichTron software.

     The building we are now in has been sold and the new tenants are going
 to move  in shortly.  So we  have to  clear it out. Nine years of Computer
 goodies are going on sale!

      On Saturday.. Nov 3, 1990, [10AM to 4PM] we are  going to  have a big
 Garage sale!    We are going to be selling anything and everything.. There
 will be software for the Atari ST, The Commodore Amiga, and IBM PC's. This
 will include  MIchTron, Microdeal,  HiSoft, all  the brands we carried and
 lots of third party brands that we purchased for our own use,  or was sent
 to  us.  Games  for  $1,  word  processors for $10 and desk top publishing
 packages for $40. The deals of the century.

     We will be selling new and  used disks.   (.30  for 3.5  inch disks) ,
 Cables, computers  Ataris, Amigas and PC Clones.. New and Used.. Monitors,
 hard drives, mice, printers, printer stands, Metal shelves,  Pallet Racks,
 everything in the building must be sold.

 This is  a great  time to  stock up on Christmas Presents for the kids and
 that new software to while away the winter.

     Take I-75 to Lapeer Road Exit (exit 81) Turn RT going SOUTH  on Lapeer
 Rd (towards  Pontiac) at  First Street,  turn RT again (just past the used
 car lot) Go around the corner and we are the  first driveway  on the left,
 the building  on the  right.   The address is on Lapeer Rd but we are on a
 private Industrial subdivision 1/2 mile south of the Palace.

 - Sunnyvale, CA                                      MEGA STe A REALITY!

     The long awaited Mega STe will be a reality in the USA.   It  is to be
 announced at  Comdex and  begin shipping shortly thereafter.  The Mega STe
 is reported to be 16Mhz, have a VME buss connector, be in  a TT look-alike
 cabinet and  be priced  right.   No mention  was made of whether or not an
 option of an internal hard drive would be  available.   Certainly the cab-
 inet has  the room.   The  familiar metal  shields will no longer be used,
 instead the spray-on metallic  film will  be used  as it  is in  the Lynx.
 This unit will also offer upgradable memory.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?                Affordable Mass Storage....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                           Conventional Shoe Box
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          619.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95
                        MEGA ST Internal Hard Drives

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!
                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                 --->> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$729.00__ <<---

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1339.00 **

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1079.00           30mb SQG38    $1039.00
          65mb SQG09   $1119.00           85mb SQG96    $1129.00
           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


 > A "Quotable Quote"?

            "The more time they waste trying to disparage...."
            "The less time they have for their own endeavors!"
                        "NO TRUER FOOLS ARE THEY!!"

                                        Ziggy's Zircons from the Zagnut

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